22 Ekim 1855 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

22 Ekim 1855 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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?f ? '? ' f :J THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. #v?94. MORNiNG EDITION?MONDA 7, OCTOBER 22, 1855. PRICE T=M> CENTS. ADVERTISEMENTS REBKWIil' hVKRt i?3f THE LIQXOli UitALEIl!) AYJ> THE ClM STITlTlOlCAt. H1);HTS t'AMTY. f|lUK ACTION OK TDK COMMITTRF - A 111' Cleneral 1'ou.inliUeu meat* a' Iaiumanv Hall till< evening for the i>ur)>ofte of can varying the proprlc - of f i?Jrj" *?lth the hanl i.im c of the?'Piurai ru'lr puity Ai .on- ibe aitony aiguinerj:* advanced by the opponeii h of thla uiuou in the as Her!ion that the aofa wro Actuated l?y an lQ*?u-e aeltUhur^ that it U their boant uerer to have * hh.J. ?c.-n a caruJiUtc? t? ua ciaimtoj! ihe txumutabiiity of u^.igea i * u?r than 'iia of Pnpciplct. These are lucre *Wrttot)K, am) we feel eontldin'. that toe action oi the Genera! l?onitnt tee.< iN a veiling will <l!s ahuse the public taind respecting t?ucu;.?? ,? There are ?arwavi* petf \ and ir-cai < men Hon- anting 10 ?li tract the ir>oio public (pinion on i**ue? of paramottnt I moo -t.irtce uu I 1 would bo ridiculous to .uppn.e i| ?? ? ?f even . though united on a subject of d'Al interest. lould code u? ?tther without Kouit'Ullnp like dUeem, ?ju follo .V uu dlirUHton. "".M"1"111! of union will, we doubl nut, harmonize even .oonlllctlna element*; and we may ej| i? iud lie uaO.mil men of all Mltlr.ne ar.d nil p?rtle- untie |n hit. ell. .-tin* * re h oraMcc of what they believe o be the priori plea of true de tnocracy 1 * ii ""T IjokYt presented by the I.I juor Dealers' end Cons'ltu Monet Kt^bii Couvcnuone is made up by man belonging toth various political or iaobtaUons rd' the .ley, ' i you' r.-g*..! lollie Abstract alms or interests of either, It being tha' the pilncip'ee of conrtltueionil end pei?>i.?l liberty Involved in' the question whlrh Is to be .lec.de I at the approicb Ing election, 1* paretnonnt to all others That lb - mnortiyof the names on tleb-ticket should ho taken fnun eidio. branch *ol tie? democratic pariy, Is readily explained In the >.t -t ihut in these parties alone c "iild be fo ind a decided opposition to th it Pruhilutrry Liquor law, which thry agree 111 regarding as mi Uut and tyrannical. The republican p..r>y rndonuul die Maine law In aresolutlon, although tlicy cautiously eiciulod it I,-om their i latfo-m, and utilvd wl ti the *o called 1 whig'' parly who remained silent on the que. Ii.-i The ?ni rlean part y re flu?J to take nny definite eland In rolmlon'n the l.itv, and In. I. the fusion and Am. rlcnti candidate) refused to answer the In terrogations respectfully etihm. ted to them by the Liquor Dealt rs'Stale Lcmudltee. This mi late wa- also inula oy some candidates ol each branch of the demo l .i'lc parti, th"V having ret tired to answer the IdIci rogation-, or doing so in an onautMactory manner. The notnina'lon of ibis ticket, then, was an ttnpern'ive nece'slty. It was so regarded by both coove' tioos which have no. pnuiinuied any cai.d du." who did not answer In a decided manlier the in'errutration-, with the ex ception of the Judges of the Oourt o' Appeals. It n w remains for those true to the cardinal principles oi democracy m give to this ticket their unqualified support, l.o s oy vo-co and ac lion TICKET OF THE LIQUOR DKALRRH' AND t ONSTITU TUTIONAL Kli_.HH i'AHTIBA -Judges Court Appeala?I.onit torin. ,8am.i.-l , M. n democrat. Khort tcrut .tfldioles Hill, soft dem. geeretsry of fitale War I hard Jem .Comptroller la-mud ?>et.oii Widem. Treasurer los M. Lyon, hard dam. Attorney (l.-neinl ? atnuel I'ldeii, sof dem. State Knglneir John D. Kay, hard de-n. Cannl Coinmla-looer Fred. Fo'leit, bard dem. State Pr'?ou Inspector Fat 'k II. ig m. soft dem. In this connection we giro the leMiluiior.s wli'ch were ununl tnoudy sdopte.i by the Liquor llhal. rs' titale UonvetiUoti: Whereas. Tbla coovenuon could not, c not.Vntiv with the plat term adop'ed by the l.lquor Dealers' Kale < ouvntl >n held at Sjrtcus- on the K'.ii ot August Is t, nomluaui cindl date* for office or endorse any of another unrty unlc . it shall tie neciusary to defesi the election of esndtns>'es man a.perl by the pnrlyol coercive prohll.lilools's, or those tu lavuroi these principles. In which case the strougest carrti la es who m iv be opposed to any prohibitory liquor law v.Ualever shu be tibml tuued or endorse I without legerd tu their par y po. iUlc-; a.id whi reap, boUi sections of !uc demoer ilia rap it ll * in party hare. In their respi otlye pla'tornis. frinkly, rncquieo -allv nod vnqiialltiedly exprassel their ippn-ltlou in ill prohibitory liquor laws whatever; and whereas, the repubd an neiyliave endorsed the prefeut prohibitory liquor lnv ac I odie.- parties Imp been silent thereon; and w bare as. some oi tlu -anutiia of the rsidoits political parties have nliher miswcred in li.tcr rogatories u;a*iisineujrlly. or refused to answer th?m; il.eie fore, Resolved. That w e nomlnnte Ilie fnllowln ? candidates for the ?uppo rt ol the liquor dcBle.'i and uli other w in nro op iusoJ ?? Hie coercive prohilillloD of the exercUe of the in.ilieoablc and natural rtght of the people to govern theh on n private atlalrs, aoela) habits,domestic economy and moral dl-rdpl.n?, ui th y have all answered i atisf.irtorllv t' e Iti'er-orato.-lc propound ?d to them, evrept tl.e ean.il la', s for the imrt oi App-a.s from whom thoi <? have been no r.-pli.- - roeen e I. Kuch ta our ticket., ma le up of men tdeiiTtled with the prin ciples for which we are entering Mil* contest, an I tf the na tional men of all parties are fultbrul io b.tir professions aq.l resolutions, they will now troll tb..mseivc.qj,' the opportunity effordrd them They will stand nrniiy by that constitutloh and that Union which ihev profess to believe in leopli'dy, end ensure the guccchsIuI perpetuation of their principles at " c.ming election. They will deal a l.lnw n. Hie for ion of Called heward dlsorganlcers, and at.l by their best e.To -.s ?lemming thai tide, or radical atmlltlon ? Tl which thsy bellnyc Ihrratens to engull'our govemmen' an I Instpiitotis In the wild sea cf fanatical leelclatlon and hopeless civil warfare. In abort, they will sinud by that p;?uu-in endorsed hv tht Liquor Dealers' Society and t'0"s.iint!meil Bl ;hta (lonvenUon, as ihe only plsl.orm which th.rse wtio style ri.einseives the friends aiiu upholder) of the LfaSrk n s1 cm. tiu'tou r*n ctio ?1stly occupy?(lie only shield r...- v?l in lefer.cs of that an lent falita of deinorrscy which, gun in* . o ?>.? tec .neat eltixcn of our republle the safety of Ids pror. *r v is,q the fill 1 enjoy m at of his legsl and constitutional ris ' / TIIK JCDICIAKY AND PCDPLE. There appeals to bo ill crvststov * .aosadon or the views entertained by the opponents o: ?!. ? 'A?Mt torv I.lqu.ir law. respecting their Interrogation of ?Usran*** candidates for 111 -county offices aiiu the judlalary. v .. .nv.,r i ieir Intcnlio to cast even t! e hisiuu idon of a .lo^S tin, >u those gentlemen, aa regards their pmfncaiiuul acqutre a or jtrivi,!,- honestv Tbey are perfectly wPilug to adra* ? profound kno? !cdg and spotle s purity wlilc., cha. acter'/e mesa gendemrn as body. Hut, In the cause which, aa a political parly, thev have pur ?tied, snu the tcik u (hoy have taken, It hv '.eon, and at ill re mains. Ihtlr pui pose to expose to the ,;re:.t mafCH ot tint pco pie, the b il.ueoe.w which ere brought to I.nor up >n the public office aid the bench of lusuce; and loetpliln to these otitic tnsases the impr-rbicce of tl.e rcla'lons r italinc between tlicrn sunt every officer to be elected, from the high.* to ho lowest, tut more esnecullv with respect to the candidates for Indl -la! Weva'lon. It Is nut alone that the judiciary am proioundl) learned In tb? lawr. aud honeal In It* administration; for tliey may be all Ihl-, and t ct fanatics In tl elr po i'ir il principVs sad anti republican In their views of government; an I %m wc ivoul 1 not elevate to ofltce ' honest " monarch t* or 'c-m lenttoui'1 kUruntontsts, we can scarcely consider It sat'* to elect iurtgss who entertain opinions In Uvor of the policy of a Inw which ti so despotic In lta character mi subversive of the Inalienable rights ot the people, and dm aacrednoas of properly that 11 could not be Introduced under die most abject despotism In F nrope without causing the overthrow of the government oy revolution. There were some elm hollared In the honesty of pur|>o?e of a Jellrlea?the purity of motive of a Nortrury?l.nt tve vrr>' much doubt if there are Bny person' sufficiently mad as tin vleslre that aueh men. or tlielr emulator., should he chosen to d. ctde upon the rights ami liberties of a republican people! AN EXPLANATION. A few of thoec gentlemen who returned un?a-isf*rtory answers to the questions a?koi of them by the OonstlMi Jitlial Rlgb'i party have thought It expedient to pub Hah their replies, f.om m itlves which urc sufficiently evl dent The committee, however, dc lr> it to be understood that they will not publish any communication, *nls.'ar'osy or ?'herwtae, at, in tact, they do nut regard it as being always poltcy to give publicity to the lucubrations of their opponents, it la not, of course, to tie expected that a large and respectable class of ettixeuscao. under any clrcams ances, nominate or endorse candidates who refuse a reply in Inierroguiorlns re specttally submitted Disrespectful treatment is not >rnera.I . regarded aa the bed claim io conatd*ratton The Liquor Dealers' Convention wld meet at the Cooper House on Monday, the 22d Insi., at 3 o'clock i*. M. Uuaiuess Of Importance will ho brought before the meeting. IJqUDK DKAI.EKK. ATTK.NI ION. Rally this evening to the head quarters. Odd Fellows' Hall, M bnamess of the utmost Importance will be laid betore the ?odety. MEETING TO-MORROW NIGHT. The liquor dealers of the city of New York will meet at their respective wards, at the snnie places In which their e actions were held for delegates to the last Liquor Dealers' Ktate Con ?entlon, (unless the place be rhanged hv >b * ward,) on Tues kMy evening, the 2M Inst .atT'j o'clock I*. M., for be ou"po<c of nominating or endorsing candidate, for charter offices, and In those wards constituting an Assembly district there shall be ruminated or endorsed a rand id blue for the office of Ansa n Dlyman. at the same lime and place; also, to nominate live dele gates to aucb Assembly districts as contain more than one ward, to endorse or nominate candidates therein I'nr members of ?Assembly; also, to elect Utn a delegates from each Liquor Dealers'Ward committee as representative to the respective RenaMMial Conventions, to endorse or nominate candidates i,?r Senators tat accordance wtlh ihc buiowlng fourth article of the ?1*1^111, adopted at the Uqiior D'-ai'T-' c'.i(e i itti, cnbua h"id i thectty offlyracuse on ttte Sl'idsvof Input lav wntchex ?ready prohibits the nominudon of a'nv candidate orcyudidyb s ttnlese for the purpose of def -aUng some aodHnteorran.il dates nominated In opposition to our constitution mid personal lights. 'No Ptale, County, Town, Viilag.- or Ward Convention or Organ Its Moo, vhall gioni!i.**o candldatre for office, or endorse Say of another party, unless it shall he ncc-Mary to defeat the election of candidates nominated by tl, ? parti of 'oerclve pro biblMonlste, or those In th . or of their prlnctphw; In wnlrh ease, the strongest eandtdalas who may be opposed to snv p rrdilbltorv liquor law whatever shall be uomtraieil or endorsed wphout regard to his party politics." The following are the plae is sppnln'rd for holding the reaper dive Hanetorial and Assembly Conventions The e dcdgn itej for the Assembly are In those districts which comprise one or more wards. ABSSaSLY. (Which mrrts on the rvening of Fridar. the 2tith lust.) First dtatrlet?No 10 lleckman atro< t. Merond district?No. 77 Hobioaon street. Tenth district Buruham's. Fourteenth dtstrtei?MIDaman's Hall. ftUteenth dlstrlrt- 11. Hmlth's. BXMATOSVAL. fWhich mee'n on the evening ot Wednesday, the Zglt las'.) Third district?Cooper House Fourth dlsDtot??. Dean, corner of Kssrx and De lancer streets. Fifth dtrtrlet?Fo f.# Vandain street. Hlxth district- II. Health's, corner of Twsnty-oaveath street and Fourth avenue The I doner Dealers' Central < "nnveriUon w B meet at Natmna! Hall, on Thursday. Ibe 36'-h lust. Ml TJfoVlotffi, F. M . for he purpose of endorsing or rotnliiaU'ig < audalves for county offices and Ihr judHsrt for lbs ci v and county of he r York, In accordance with the four ha'tU-V -1 thaatoresai t plaifosm. to ha presented to the liquor Dealers' -toeietj far its cossHsrau tn. IMIILIPW ri*DH. Chairmw P 'I. Moist tu FY, Vice Chairman. Cnuirrtaa W iigAFFr.it, Kecrctary fOUTHliu AMKBICAIIH TO THK RRSCUl.-TtfOSR r.V FAVOR of Amort, an right*. American prlrrtpMM and American nrn, tfcrntiglout the rite, are cordial'/ invited to join with ih* anvportera of the Aiwrlnui rtw in ih? Tenth ward, on tutu (Monday) oyenlng. ol 7S <> rlork, nn the rear of bM M u * M cornerof (fraud and l.udlow -treeta, to respond to and ratty iho nrmlnalloM ol (bo Ainer.? an par'y of the ward Eminent rrrakrra hare I iron Incited, and arc expc- ted to attend Should tb? weatbrr prove unfavorable thle ecemng the in-' ing will be fioetponcd until the firm plcaaant erentng ther .alter. DEMOCRATIC RKPrHI.KMN CNJO* MOMINATION ? Third r'enatortal IMatrtc',?At aa adjourned mooting ol the A at tonal Ileatoeratie Vinton OgMWMMk, lor llda denaiortai ?Uatrlct held at Beebr'a, ltd Weal Broad war on naturiar eeim ing ?Ui Octolier. loa'atit. IIANIKI. R. HIOKI.BS wat uoanl mn'ialg nominate.) aa the demor ratio randidat ? for fa'r Sena tor On motion the following re*olnt|ona were adopted.? ReaolTrd. That a joint committee of ar.anvemenw, to eon atat of one from eaeh ward, he appointed with ike etew to lie organtmlloilof thla (teuaie dlrtrVt and lo ro operate with a like committer Inn the organlxatloo of Tammany lUi tn making arrangement* for a ratification meeting Heard red Thai thla oodcentlon now adjourn 'o inert the e.io e ration In aMton at hhak?pear? lintel, In order to unite with ihecn ta tendering the iinmlnauon to the catubdaia ot oar joint *The??"halr appointed 'he following ?ommmee under th Rim resolution-Xlfaara. M. Ilurna of the ITrgt, T Marnoey of the leero>d H. Kelley of die Thirl. J- '? KmltJi of the Fourth. *. Walton of'he Fifth and P tfnlllnaof .to dgth warda. The ooOTOnfoo iben joined the delegate* in/in tlie Umutaa, llall rot.eentlra. at the Van. on 11> .??, where U ? r inlnali. .war frittered lo Mr. Rtrklda who algriifled hla aetsptanro of Uae "*For Seoatrr Third iMetrlrt- I at, ?t M. ?h ?lh Mi war U ? 1>A ftI hi. h.M''k !>-->. T. n*BT, i P U. C8(jl.EV. Pm lew. M. Bonne, J ?"?*?**?? qth O Ji COUTWAb. J TO WARD.?TBk FOLLOWING NAMEDOK*IXKMKN J i:r* the only auiAotl/cd person* ..(.pointed a? ? I'mari ? t < n.iri: ?e lor il.e National Hwimwlf Ueguisr N?*Wm'o4 ticket rtihe f ourth ward, vis : tieorirc Klee. PtMek tlrnn Hep! en Evnili Wlllla/x Phillip*, Fe'er thvia.i Frmi'-i- ej-un Mil Cnri Andrew I wrick Jnlu ikmi* ?elegou-* a; tie ;e ? II.mum /itzgeiald, JtAu T. VV are and KMhard Joyce. WM.LIAM miUAPrf, Ah.urmav Imk!: ??*** l8?w1tUrte? WARD?FIFTY8K(TtlfMT COMfCTT, DISTRICT-* JOHN J. IUIaDI.KY. boa boed UMnlmowtJ' nomma-d !?> (he l.uru*, no?if ai.fl hull Mvellt tor Councilman of UiUJi. rH'i. AMvin E. HaTFIF.D. Ctudrovia Ja VMk McCoiieica, Kccrelar/. I /XIII W A Rl>?AMERICANS MEET AT I'OVI NTIO% It) Hull. II# W*o*l*r ? rtiel, every MisidnyandThurodif evening. at7)j o'oieck Hon fcraetna ltrookv nniT Kboreuvi. nent speaker* will address ibe incetlng.i. OOP WARD. TAMMANY DAUi, RBtHTI, ?. R DKMO uZI cratle republican nomination:?For Aldermiw. Hon Si hmaa SesgiIhI; opposed ui ilie Maine law, oud the .versing iaii'i i lend. He was unanimou-.lv notruuiue'Il>y acclamation by Use committee. HKNIIY ROltNOKR, tJhniriuna AKaM LI.T.I JOHN /.IMMHR, SecrHarv, JACOH HI,RICH. 90D WARD.?REGULAR DEMOCRATS' UNION U4U Tirtui1:? '. or Aldcrtoon Thorn** McJorlcy. Oiinclltnan?BPth district. Own MtKo-.im AtFi'Moni Francis Campbell, Frederick I.-nurtu. School Oenim'till?r Patrick Tracy Si bom Trustee* I,.me* WhIbIi, Francis vJroeala. School Inspectors Daniel Dradly, Jobt Feu Coustahle* Thouia* Hushing, John Guirtn. Inspectors of hlecllon? 1st tislricf Jetnei Ketnpbie, Chart** iMIospte 2d dla'rtct. Jidbm 1 #*iriri, James Jl'dttihty ?<t district Michael Tracy, Patrick Hi i iuiao. 4th district Jobn Knlly, . James Hughes. Wli.T.M, THORNTON, OksAnr.au. Patkicr Mallow, Srcrctury. TOTH ASfiEMHT.Y DISTRICT, FOURTEENTH WARO 1 ? lingular whig nniulnaiioii for Assembly, BENJAMIN W. It 1 < H A K 1>S. 1 bliull b? guided by the ennatiititlon of nor ra public, and by Ibe principle* <>( tbe Immortal Clay and \Yol>. er. -J7Tn WARD, FIFTIETH OOI'Nt'II. DI8TRICT.-AT V II mart meeting of ibo democratic republican elector" of il.e Fiftieth Council district, heveuleeuth ward, hoid at bii First avenue, October IB, foe .tbe purpose of reconciling tlic dlti'.v recce ? cabling among the yartnue randidaiee for CounoiltnaiL w i-h Hip view to pbiec belore Ibe people 11 nominre who would rrconelle all ecctfoiiaof Ibo partv, Mr. H.Cainpltell wnnrallod to the ( lialr, end Mr. T. MeOormlck appolmcd hecretarv h vvim on motion, reanlvad, 'Uiat caeb eaniUdn'nla tliedla trh t l.p ic jueeu il tu bcml two tb legale*, clioaon by lum. elf, toa ? nnvi ntlnn, 10 meet nl 17 Flret avenue, 0.1 Saturday 1 .enlng, Oct. t'O, for the purpose of uelooting one of tbe namcn pro ?enled lor ( otnudlmaii. In nccordance with Hie foregoing re 'du'lon, the mnterAicned corn mil lee dici nt 1 Do place dr-igimled and uneniueeivly nomt listed UlObAEb SMITH nt the y.eople.*' ran I date for 1 Si in cI'.ii mii 01 the untied democracy of Hie EHHeth Council district. Wllilnm lturk. James. Suundcra. Michael Suilth, John O'Keefe, Itcrnnfd Newman. John Mcl.arney, K1 ward MrtJiiir*. Kecnard Kelly. Thomas Mums. James UBIagher, John Mechnn. JAMES SAUNDKHS, t'bairman. Mn 11 all McDomaui, So rotary. 91ITH WARD.?AT A MEETI.Vfi OF THE UWION" II \R ?' ' mi ny Independent Democratic Conrenth n, held at the Sun I odtc, comer of MHi Biicel ?nd TenHi avenue on Salur day eyrnlng, tietobec aitb, IMS, Mr. I!AH'lHtll.KMY DOYI.K. was miauliin usly ni mlnaiel Uonncilaian of Hie Fifty first t'ouncll district. THOMAS IIIi.L, Chairman. Maiitzn I'iiKi.Tiss, Seen'ary. OI> >hNATOiiTAI, DISTRIOT-KIRST, SECOND. TIlIRj) O lourtli Hull aad bli'ti wnitls ?Ai an adjourned meel ng ot 'lit Regular Democratic Republican scoaUirUl C mven'l in, hold it MoiitgMnerj''.*, No. IS Deck man strnel, on Saturday evening. Oct. 20, R. C Montgomery In the chair, and I. II irrf nn Sm'th and Win II. Rohulne. Sperctsrleis. 1*. O. Mnlonev, Chairman ol' top Committee of ?onf-rencs, rtpw cd dim the yolnt roir.u itteo on bclialfot tbla Con.en ton and tbe I nion ConvcMlon had agreed to present the name 01 Daniel K. Sickles, of the Thin, ward, as a sullaole can 11 Jute for tbi nomination oi Fenalor. ( n motion of fleo'ge It. Furser, of the Fourth ward a ballot wn? ordered. The lollnwine gciiHemon wereU en put in nonii natlcni?Thcraia.). Barr. of tlic sixdi; .lame. Kngluh, ot 1U0 Third, nud Daniel K. Sickles, of the rhlrd wnrdc ! 11 convent on then went Into .1 ballot for the candidate. .1# M'li I,. Fmith, 01 the First, ni l 1". f). Malum v, of tbo Third wsi la. were appointed le'Ier*. On the ftrsi ballot. Daniel E Siek'is received ecreuuen votes; Thomas J Harr received nine volcn; Jamce Kngld-h on ? vote; L. II. Smith ouc vote, au 1 Si. French one vote. Thereupon the Ghalrman flannunccd 'he re-ull of the bullot, and dcrlurerl tha'.llBrJcl K, OioklcB rf lha TMfd ward havlug received the votes of a majrrl'y of all ihe rnembers era pcati'.t ibe coiivemion, was the democratic republican candt dire 'or Senator In the Thirdrttatrlci. t n unvtion ot 1 homa* Ryrte a, of the First ward, the nunitua lb n ct Mr. Mi k e wa declared unanimous, all '.ho member* of ibe convention tO'lng i v he ?n rmstlve. < 1. u.otlen of Jacob I . Smith, of the First, ward, a cmnmiHsc of i ne irom eiilN .vurd w?s appointed to wait upon Mr. Sickles and trader bin Hie nomination. On mot km of D. Ilahrn of ibe Second ward, a committee of m e from each ward wax nppoUPcd 10 cull a ratification meet Ir.g ami nuike nrrangtnreoU for the >?ma. nald commbtc ? lo inei'i a' Montgomery'a. on Monday, On. 22, at 7 o'< P. M. Per ? recr*?, 'he ciaeti.l'tre nppolnted to wnlt upon Mr. Mekle*. reported lhal ibey tad, oa behalf 01 the oesivt utioD. lendeied live nmitna" iv 10 ;h.t' geuticmui, whnacecpte-.1 the seine. T1 c convendon ibrn gave three cheers for the nominee and 00 too: Ion adjoin red. P. C. MONTGOMERY, Cliulrman. !.. Hubiii.ox Sh'th. )-?i.. Wvi.H Koaaist. ^ecicmnas. America.!r i>emocra< y. lull AT,<KET COMHI.V.IOKKR. J. MKKCH HSVRY. pAED.-TO THE CH AIRMAN AND MKMHE'l.-' OF " the Third Ward Dev. o. ratio. WM^ ."barter Committee? Gentlemen:?The unilrreiKnr.l having entered Into hwrincea eiiuiMiemi'ul* which will initiire hi* attention ft ont the city ci Net. York during the coining aiimmer, beg* Ic.ive to decline ' e t,animation tor Councilman for the Fourth Oou'ril Datrlrt, Third wotd. WILLIAM PATTEN, PIFH WARD?EIGHTH COUNCIL DISTHMM. HARO. tut and half eht 11* itintu'l For Councilman, Rteblb die tile' JAMKS L WACOM. FA WD MASS RATIFICATION VT COUNTY MBKTING At Tahna.ny II tlx. 1 he demoi rft'tc republican elector* ol the city and county ot New York ?.e ronuertcd to MEKT IN MASS. ()S TMMMr Kvr.M .tt, Pit A'j, tTT'J O'Ci.txn, AT TAMRANY HALL By order of the Committee of Arrangetnenli. PAMKI, K. OKI/A VAN, t'hnlrman. L L F. HAKRtaON, I B, i, ? IlJ.fAi.it, -jetrrctoHcs. Mas* ratification sikktino or t it to NATIONAL DEMOCRACY!!! * The democratic e!e.tore ci the city end county of Nw York Anti AnoLmONtBT I Ami Maine I.awl a.nti Know NorttiA.;! ere tfotti-Tt.il to Ah.t?ml>tc In M a HH MEETING at the METROPOLITAN THKATRE P.r?.iidwav, opnodtc Band atrcet. on MONDAY HVXNlNO, Oct. 21, it helf poet aevea 0'clock, to retifv the PKMocttAtii: ht.te Timet heeded OKNERAL AARON WARD, end tito Nition.u. Pruorn irtr OlTT and County Tn.-irir. Fmtnen' apeakera will a>l. tree* the meeting, a l!?l ot whom wtli be put.ii.ihei in the pep ere of the dey. l.j order of 'be Committee of Arren/jcmenUi of the Judicial end City and County < 'ouventjoo . HENRY U. MO It AN.IK, Cheirtnaa. At ex C. Morto:i, Pecrctery. Municipal reform?peoplr*r ticket.?at a large and enthn J an ? meeting nf lite legal v iter* of ho Mxdi ward?irrespective ol party?held at Urn. >n Kelt, Helen tlree!, Sou'h Brooklyn butt evening. George C. Hudr, Km., 11 ed tie wa.- ralltd lo the ( lw.tr, an I Mnrguu Cray wan appoint. The 01airmen atAted the object cf the meeting to he 'he ?e lection of a nuNabla ward ticket, lo he aupported at the ?p prom liing election. A motion woe made and carried to appoint a comrnluec of three in report reaoluttooa expr< ?? Ive ofihe aenae of the meet Ing. i?a?c I), Carlo. J. Muat.y, and Charien Kimwelny, were appointed rnrh emi.oil'tce, who reported the following preamble* and reenliplnti* Wlierea*. the avatem ot tanking nomination a for thevartooe i'iti ai.d ward nlUef. In ^rimarv meeting!, under the ooutrol o'currup' and impr'.o. tiyM (".luteal lUuiiagugiiex aa^ha. .. en Uaed hy U.e varloua poBcteal portlea, the prime u fhll. In ?.vntd, we believe lo neatibvenlve of the heat Interna.* of of the rornmnn.'r and n-irt'e>ilarly of that (.ortinti wh > are "or the anppor' of inertly i tared for the anpr.nr' of therlly govemnten', and Wl.eieaA, we tiel.e.i the ahuaea to which tula caamontly hare tmeii >uoyeei,d, tn the. uneappropt ullon of tins :und* ol the county, aa ehown hy the pre..eni action of the Hoard of Pnperrhor*, l* hn' the reantt of w M-ilem of PCmary Slrito ? HomUWuna by which political nockatera, or Oielr and tAl.er<aa; we coaetdar e nninatlona emanating trie . a ?ourre ro cort upi to he eattrely unworthy the anpport, orceenofthe tarornble aooaiderattoo ut the rotcra of tht. ward? bedewing, oe We do that a'l pnnilgallaiia lo oflh ?a of Irual ami . e?po .?? blllty villi. I Id tc made t.y tlir legal ?otrr? of t e ward, Inatead I,r n l? w a>|ilrtng ptHtttil taiwlerrand their eo adpsh mwlhori K. anlvad. That the vo?rra ?f iho Slith ward. IrrevpecUre of party?tlunw nq aa.dn rll a.loglonee lo the parttea wltti which We oave| or III. I y aettd. tfr the porpocd in endearoring to irr' c: >ou?e of lie inauy doRUcoI abunew whh-l. hare 00V tod thl< eoti.tr.iintl ?do rer i t a e all nominethma that have been n mle !>?? any of the ji..,iu. .1 partlea, for war-1 oflin-*, in u.c^ ? pr m ?ry m.i t.nc> ' Itcrolved. That a eon.ndtteo oT alt he appolo'wl to pro; ?a lo ihta maetlag n aultohle wa.4 ticket, lo he aopjmrwal at >*i apt rowhing elect ton. Raaolred, That tk'? ticket b? known aa the 'Picph 'aTh kea," aad -bat we ium aa honorable mean* lo ventre Ita elcr'iou. Th.. reurlui'ona were irneulminMljr adip'od. I >n n.oilon the tinli.v insr mmmun o au .pjiotn e I to. ATjihwii Mr ti.a veeond refutation Mea?ra. M. II ray. Wlfliiani Ala era. Wit Ham Mi *e k, Ji'ho 1 iiwi-li, J. Uuaby, and J. LuddlnKtoc-t who ri pi rtrd the followUtg ticket:? Cot AMirman . ratnea O tripiamaon. Whig. , SuperaMr .Ttarlea R. fMtom IVowkiwi. , ( ohetahle .. W W. Ron-.oil, Whtv. In?| oeu,c? of Klectinri Ktrai Idatriel? John I'. Allwoa, In-Uioeta. Nbthoa Lane. WhRg LtAPOMei* ol Kkctioo. be- ? .ud DWtr: ,? EtiHer Chapman. Democrat. L?e?e. Rkhlmore, Wing im mat! m *1 Ich waa aerondwl and carrleak, the ticket waa npbi tmnoaly adopted, and ;? fowintUea of three. M**<ra. l'owell, Nnywa and LutdtOgtoO were appointed ? Inform ttt> gi ti lemen of U.etr nnnunation, and neioaal Ihokr acceptance 0 the eatne. A motion to pel.Hah the pp> aadhtga ?f the in?e'itur in ih. New York llera'd the "f? Y. rk Krp-em, ami 'he flrcobljri Karle and Star, wee carried. TV mo-tlng afer gtrln? d,gwe '?hi-era [or the re>olBtl'ma. a ret three ' I IT.IW three for the ? oaneee of'he twite., ad.:ourti-d to I It or allay a veo law, U tober tt, at U.e 'eme litre and plane, lire klyu, October lk, VIA.). fir/?R1E C. BLAIR, CWrmau V. ni:an UaAT,Neeretary. R KOtLAR IIRMCCRITIC NOMINATION F'lR OORO ner, Or JOnRFIi HF.INK ,TOtSO M/X d DEM'','RATIC NATIONAL CLI'I ? J Th?> mnn.t. a i,; -1, ... will ii.ee % m-.it ..m w.*, "iwdway, farao. my llatl.l on Mnpdi event .y nc a' 7 I # W| tc attew t the raiMceiioti maoMafm kg heil a- the Xe I 'IT>V tear. Theatre on that eveotrg KI.IJAll WARD Prctd'c, I .I'.na B. XOOBHTY, >- .. I 010 hid iJr??F.I state POLITfCS. _ wHir* *tate contention. 1 "V whig fe*.(-. Cj 11^.' (hi* 1 W thief I) Cffe .jf ii.ii nf ' ylh^,u-*y- U". ling a Stole t-utivs'Mi the loH/apoh. it not * ud hha ni . WHIG hiATK t>OKVXNTT<M ? let, n *1 "v.''lt>r*Vc*?^*lD,^l,lnT """ W<Md #?'? C<H?Rm <1111111* Asiuttjr nit 'i'ufMi'xr u?''0 '.'u r,>0"',<'i ??? .I: .r&ttefjjEi !"hm,,pj u *" It n n.. WmiTtBt. H (V "? y .'aoiii .'tror'kj. ??"'Ill'twvm, W. F. .fccLunn' i, t1i'- w'T." , '* c'of lutiomU wliff*, ?U*I ewardllea, auU-rcpubllco?, nniiaboUliotoaw. H.WI) AND/OPT SHELL CORRPESOND'IffcR TO JBH e,?T0K OKriK ItKHALD H?l:_ A lefter mf ...0.1 U N'K)* Oc t. 'JO, ISM. nti ieu t,v 'm f 1 Jou *>?*<?? itii reoeivo n tM>j nm, uhg loot twfcrred to, p.-TSo,,aUy, on Mondhy < nrl'oHco le't tfr'fnm"li'fIud",n 'h" ?"?WM. t Itod tb. ?rArb,w"n'thV-mrzszxz liud witliijiHwn i Cliixiirltilc for tin* a?< .. r'riiM.n'?.' W o^r ?er ofMdw^Tl""T "" ?'?' lot* i. < 4? .1. 7 ' <*?wt remraut my??4f from .or 1 ft < , .i" >??t l?" oulr point Z wit Tu Mr T'wen'n letter conriat* in tJ.?>:-JLKfret in ? cooI irflJi.V Mr? m:srf n,t w,ioi,> rViM,',!frnl, "*"?'* hu,'h I'O'vr-ion ohm ex M. l.ii! for not answering my irj e, ii.,* >Ull tkei "? f"r ? '???"? "f 'lie two ,^?2..M',< Ia!'ll,l"r?,nt>re. nnrdoe it t.rotm.e i <? ?U. ifl i "mr' If "(lKT",,?,,l of ,h" c"ndlt|on, ?r, *ny mtleuTr .' y. lu:U'n- Mr- HUei, mean* a eosgteuic. " ,?-?! principle* for tl.e -,.ke of *7,Cee <a ffle? I um epp to fusion?but if t,v ? ,u V "uin.' ne,',r.;; xsxrr, ,in \'^KZrnoK u.:n'teid^o x & -;v>rinn""r, .t it, . >' 1 n,n ,f? wvor i>t tusi in Um* ' "i I Miow offer Governor S'cnn,i?. a t. Hi lildcn htul returned 1<i IUt .leino. n ir mrte ^ riphToti ^ ?.y letter cnl.'eil (or no eotlon Irom Ulm 11 collet .imelr tor toe opinion* lor my ncUnn. ' 'imply mn'VA-.' ke' "! aili 1,e "I'SWliHVf npokcn out I tbink "Tniummiy" cuKht to make Uim ?p?.?k 1 ruiy .t our., jmA? ^r,iK!{|jAN?). ' xllv v ?K M-M' PrTm'Pl' AM) TO tut T1LCKN. Ntu \ (t?u in, .'8 i liruiidw.y, Octoboi 1' 1613 lW.I r;"'K>' !<".>?My Itenr'sir- It i. rj-w i nion tliould hi1 ut? "*} of the Unnrtlimi,? ami of ^i?, ? l11 '""rKBtl in the meie lhiuoi uuMtion n Ncu v'lirh^wl'o ,U ' if }h? f ofWuteif jvn i orl. ?to art united in principle nkonlii not We at, opportunity n' the c ??l,^ eieeUon to eh ,w their con.ervttUye eheuglh upon inure thunonooHii.il I we. in n.ins ed for 'he ofti e of A'tomey Oenera'of ' w".^th!Tt!:")dti0n "f ,b' ,i'n"'cr',,|r i'?r-! "I the na', ,i fo; 11 e .iii n J1?*' V'U UW""' i,ul>*c'lu?'itljf I.oml .V. I'"' t.i.iC ijlic l.ythit porti.r. or .cction o' the dimocintut party called the to<*t. I unon'to ah'.! ."T P"l"e<l Pnb" hH by the convent r, V i ;?,y,"' ;-J ?nr? "' which I 1.1 re VI h eiiclo-e , ?> truly, emph.iUcally and uiie ,uiyoc.lly lr J i?* 8'*'' I itiieiplc* of 'he nnt. mal dem >c f ?u -rtho eonstltution. rh,. third ie?,!ut|n? , ,f. will ""iTO, firmly enunci.itey the aroat dou. ri. 1 Im lr e ; lint tt.hould ho left t, fhe -eTTof ? In ; "'fmiue Tor tV.eintu Ire. all local uuemlon. iniiurt'iR he .ul'ject or elayerv," It eypre^ea aJ.o I c'1 uuhvranco ta the uu " MImwI ^ 10 f I > Jtiu o k upon thc?i? r?-Ko!uti,?n? fi. truly au-1 faith r, 1 y , xpreeslntr prim I; !e. of the .t: P?| eoio vucv ' ( ? ?I tl?r tu nii|ti|f|, u ? ,*i Lo ; on appr. re of n n.l f ndor w thewi r ? ojlm inn. 1,1 ''au-i'-Xoiira-KH hill, ?U| 0f . XI*,,.|,,f"c,iJ'- ' ' 'be e.VchjM.e <-"R.li!itti'itMl rl-?t , . ' , , r,f ,'1" 1 erritorle. on tb" .uHjeet ot ? 1,.very thcrehy e(fitmod? J Po win behere thai In the .)i*,.nl/i?lou of future T-r , , Ml. . "i' " -'T" U0 ti/h' OT t"""*" 'itider :h ? *i , n" 1 n" w ,0 prohltl* or prevent "i* in rhi' ^':r- '' ?'"-wy In ".ell Ter rl oiItt B ii dome*, or territorial in.il'ntlon; that the .-oe. ion end enhyect of .laverv a* d m- 'I ? ... ...r Ilteni, I not lint lot, |? the e'wo.-c of any eyprot. pro. r I I, n or i Im.e of the ennerlfutlon gitin-! -itch i:rh n 1 I no. i ( "iifrr iy will end Tn-i't ol neri-ii.ily be] injr - J ejo.lvely to the po? pi- of ouch TerriioHe?of n?!ur?l |f iioi , r. netitulh nul right and that the .,?:r fo-,,tpu ttojpl end legitimate wny in whi h . cltiren of ? -? el.ui ctte ?r of New Voikcan interfeie with ni r that <i?""tion i. hy exeicWiif hi. undoubhd rigi,i to Iiiore iotlie lerrilety ?|,ere the i|ue.ti" i it re-ndiug nml t I baeeme a eiti.en OI re.i lent thereof Are you oprm?e.| ?o the o-p.nlr.ed polith-ai, reri.al "hl.ck refuel Icon fnnatic. and dem.?. of if. of the North who ""'Djf Word, fur thin?., ?j pose thlii Rie il principle, an.i J 'f-'nrallnn of the "Mi-, mri rompromi-o line*" Arc ron op,o-cd th? Sto'e ticket lately pilt In nomi n?t"n n ihi. > are hen led Prerton Klig an I to the'le e . Pt loci pie* and ground, upon which that ticket wa* ii' n.iiiveu* Iw. w u'\n!"nu: I'r"r':*'?b n-, or principle., which w ,ld to impli.d by ntltrp.a'ne an.wr *? to the forgoing iur ii,,n? aja ey to me te he , l.inly ex. re...: I ,.r m. -eMadly ?n f u the reaolutiona ef the Convention which pot me Co""' ' an'' ' ' "hich you herewith reeetre a l i.aeenn.rer thr*e ijuctlou* hy le'ter ,t tl.e ^rlie*l Iwi i 7 "V: V "n"'",r 'hem in the afllrma'lye, | , V* if' plen.ure in immediately laying your lit er W.re the Stat? t.'r mmltt'e of the party which not me In pop Inntien nnd .h*l) at ti e yanie time Intonm that eandT.'at7 ' ""J '"D8, r ?? - <? -n.idere | ? I wUI no' .<nnd in the way of a u- r of the democratic I ai?v ol thl. Stoic upon pHnclpK ?- r?u*tltation nd .belnioiinow need the united f, rev of th-democratic ' 'hi* State for their protection, w nil the mo?t elncere defi'e to prorn .te ?uch a on on n that jurty and with high regard fmyoVeelf ^"".n ally, I hare the honor to be your obedient -errant J Or] All -CTHt.RI.AVf>. RKf OLCriOS8 KKCl.OsKD in THE 1'RECEDIMO I.KTTEK. le.'olveii. lh?t the national democralk parly of Sew hereby rfoeaeit their adhmenca and devotion to 'l'."K:1l i' * "l 'he no' ' toil ileinocrocy i n 1. f the r n (tUution; II,1.1 they adhere to an.l .uaUlr>, in the .ry . n I practice, the resolutions ,,f the Denx,erotic National Cm yeotlon. of 18J8 an I 18.VJ .a* conUining the , a. Il.-ird 'i <v* deniocra'ic party of the I tdon. T' ey rradtpt tbem with hearty goodwill, bclieviiig that time and rxjeruncc iiaye demon*:rate i tlieir purity and the,-,.?D^ "ec'K.ity lor * atiict adherence oH-'kMii!'"11 !h" O"' father, of democracy : "?"un'"J lo thenndnUtration ofpub lie ulnnrr. ami that we adh. re to th?in a* unduiiag oiti clew ol deaie. rotlc faith. <u"?-K em I'cardred, ffc?t we Inrlot. on an article of o?r ere-d. ujHintbe weh eotebllaMed democratic do- trine of .-hat, it ,Y' 1 J con-trucilou of the conetitutlo.i. and tl ? pilncijl. of * n luteirentu n iifon al d,*ne*tlc Sr it ? T^"''a,"r;;n.'! v, iat r''*5? *rt'l quW of the country on aod-h.t It.hould be left to the people of khw Terrf. trrie*. a I It jcrtain to the people of the Slat... t , deter ci.re tor 'berir?lr?? all heal que>.torn, lorludliw tlie eut'jcct o'i la.cry, to the end that n ehjc t ro dl-tTrbiiw l?? It- BA4Uft ?Bi) HirtueritB !,).?J )+ w)ti.\)y f?*t ffu??? the action of the government of the I'nton; are! tlmt la furtherance ofrbce pinriplea, w our unr|ualt..?.i adherence ?? the Kan*a?-f?ebra?: a trTl and oppoM ?,r clT< >t to r?.e*t*b!l?h the Mi?*oui| prohibition. b'eeolted, Tnattbe national d' n..*racr I* f?y, f, all ecrre. pnltRael arv-tctie*. and thrA the fir<t prlncit ie . ot a free g. ye.i re, r?t demand o|*n and unre.1riet?( cu.ao n in al: matter* of public concern thai tb- yuar an tee of freedom of rehginaa faith and wor?hle ooatai ,od ii cur Stale and federal con.tttu'?.n? lla at the found* 1 on our national %rj i;r<Hr*?rity, that iv attempt to atoi.jge the priailege new granted to alle w Ot Iwc. n.lng rlliien* an<i owncrr rf 'he -oiiam,.ng tu or to affect the right , .d a-V.ptrd ei*a??? V. a full and ?. ?*al foyticlpai.on In g, y . nioent tJtorn a* dc3i,ed by U.e c nai.tut'a.n, ovght to t? re-let ?i *? anu* ni>tical t'i the KM.iua et rreotdiean InatftnUown and that we, ?? dwnu e at. luc.uinire wteaideocr 4 fidellly *T merit no dla I In. Hon Of but], oc religion* creyl. la-'iertng Ii 1* tb? irU?-"1 .. n of Hie dcuuKjucy to procloiiu and maintain tlMgre., doctriioee of ciyi. awl reiigioua liberty, and to opliLAian I rut,ree the c aeAtutioo tn la MtbUn* pr,n<lplea ol in ice ar.,1 eoua .ity. r ' I'ceolvcd, That weregarltha ITctobitnry U,#oraef ,a? ad by il>a togiaU'.ore of ttiia >?tata at Ita U-! OMeion' " 0. t only A Tbdatbiu < > the c< oatituti. u rntaJo, ?. -uoyc-aiye of prrwmal l.herti and the lighta of prtrate ! pieperty and 1 hat it* iap*Ji? u our opini'jo inie-i. *1.' ly riewiOlidao r l,k"' *""*,* P""eit, e upon the 1 ?reding I,ui,t. day, ahould act togclher, re. ffir. lT if 2" ,r??"'"II?C7 in wtl" ?*"* mAb 'n the doctrine* her- enenPa 'ed, regiordlea* of fwmcr aaewMwIiou? to i*ite with 11* in 'rg/.ltlog ttoru upon the pohcy of the cevntry but t I. upon principle *lon* that we Invite , unb>n W# do nvuute all roattlioua of tb?*e b?l<iiag hoatlie Kaatio.eut. ?m uoprtscipbd aad dcimean/.ing. 1.11 TER Of MR. TIARRR TO MR. 3t THKRL V*U . ? .. k'aw fax <><4. ia |mca ItAa toa?I baye iwirwl your b ??er, 'db-itnr <* ne am condltiao*, lo tend your .la*ieiu*,u v. the -JU . n niitt. e ,,f i),? party b, which yo., war- aom.aa.ed with my leller of crwipiUoc ami to open fo ?? the r> per'unity of ri.nmg tfa.e that ,> .??teo Pr rtorir m miaaUm in iba vacancy. 1 tbioa thai, on r?t!?rt.o* y< o will *?* '.hat It I* imp,?ailde lor ma to ea'e-.aia any I'^ouat ion r-r durum any nwe.lltlen. for. f?.| .? ?f , ol the two Hate tickets ** pr .p<ead by r.u^.f ,,f.h? entire ticbet, a* prepomd in otW duarter- ?dl I-,* ran I initiate nuci. an arrangement lot n.y indirei a*! .1 ran'afe, lr-r. peel It# Of the "fhergentlemea ^,.0,11 ? 1. , ?h< ' d'twi' me aad wh. h, ev. I' ?, < at- n"e-s S MWI p, rpo". Way re..,]| mgig m???fttum lot* Utr^ote ronrwi'Mrpwa. *. <o fi,* t?o,t bllity j ri j ric'7 or term* of Key tmlon of OV dwu tieke'i, belt tip n> i to jur, h'jt to the pnry which nowftretnrl oie, Or i'i- authorised 1 t?pi poerrtatives. The ool/ oWBtt Mitre f lotsi.f fn any event giee t" the *iippt ?'f'T*'# >old be in totiili p tnyeel', ?ci not In being made inntioniioti tat: or ?ven .1 party I , rutmlny *thenr to tin /*??- PnC-e who h*T* done me the honor to rr*?l;e mF theircwudo ?tn know hvt no ton nrd mo neef ro*tr*Li tlin 0 fi cm m ythttig of this no.tutr wlrnb fhvr tWnk it iulvi,c> bib i.'i'o. fo r ii rnottfuilr. jmii obedient ewrvnrti. t*. t. TUAJUkV. '/V ITnn . /. S. JJl*THrtT.Aff!? Kit II MONO COUNTY Wni? JtOMf* VTHWE. Ihr whig- turned out in nut~H o? S.vt urrW y evening. tJ | tono (ftlopntoM to tlio state Omveotioti to be on the "id inmid t'? uuiniuite n county ticket. Hubert A. I West am! |,i.t ('. < \irk. mrr ?pte. ted ;?> iloloiriitoK to the onuretit. en. unit '.h.vidh.ielng' tnunty idl'icera W*re no ?i Out ml f niluty Jtiigi' , ifcnry li. Mfclcal/. An* mhlwrm John.II HiHyitr. Mb i 111 TitWi.it llutler, Cmhii y t.'lert lumen Oubrrly. lilthiiK uil fouuty ailbertoto the old conservative priw di leant ilm whig putty, mid ho* utterly repudiate*! tlie areiwpted traa-ler to th< Hark rrprsblie io*. Sewinuil clique within tin4 Quarantine waive, who receive their hrou.i from the official* at Alln.ny. there in ncaroely a re publican iu the tounty. City FblltlH. TP IK It bEtfATOWAb III8TUICT?ITIWO* PbATKCKM? HAtF H1IKU. VKOOllAMMK. The Hrlf Shell end regular Tammany K ill Convention* having on Saturday evening united in iinmit. Uing Mr. I). F. rit liWe, of the Third ward, a* b democratic can didate for Senator, the de'cgatou?nunc i. Ay in nuinticr? iiftrrwatde neiamble-1 nt the Madsinn Hkni.se, where Mfurt, Jamb I,. Smith and P. (1. Cmly, o? behalf of the toft nhellu and half shell* respectively, addrneaed the candidate in approprlatelerma, Umderiug the nomination. Mr. Sitk'e-' icma'ka in rc|ily, inuy be regarded as luili ea.iug the programme of tha new Union movement, ami w< Nocordiuglr give a synopsis of them:? GK>TiEMk>?The nomination you hare ungenerously tl-udeini to iiir run only he reganleu as a tribute to tie" real vitii which I lieve endeavored to promote the union et the deinoeiatfo parly of New tor* u|mn sou ml ta il tial principle.-. In aocepih.g a nominatioa, accord ed with Bin ft ron.aikable unanimity, hy two cmiveie li t n repre*< nliog hitherto hostile accthia* of the pirty, I .'hull en'ci upon the iiu:va-.s a* u national democrat, in lavr of tho Ui.liu . f the parte upon the philforui ot Ik,','. iUu-lralod in tin- Kama- .Nebraska hill. The divi sion that oci'unrd ,n Ihc year foltowlug tlutt luaueirahh' tiiuniDi ?b< Foe tlie introduction of the Kaneon Nebrat -ka 1.ill?-did not oiiginate in any diirerence of priiiclfih' upon nni of lie lrudiog .|ue-tloiui of tin- time. It h?i been pei (.ol uuted eilhout re i sou, wlill<t great Uauoi have ml.. < n upon whirh the democracy U a unit. Mr. . t iinnl hi.a pic-. ute l a startling i.--ue to tha country? ''No more Slav.' tutu. ' lliu. mean* no mure Stater. It meuue no more progiesa; no.- tunie emigration; that the Ufpenpleil licit shad remain u wil.lnr'ruesB; that the communities now formiug there are to tie ri eluded Iroin the I'nlon uud dooiue-l to colonial vassalage tl.ii* tic country h llulshe.1 .md miiBt n.w tm ?'fenc.el h.'' hy th< abi.llti Ulit . fiuch a priuelplc, adopted by tfci Nojtli, preclude* for ever the honorable ?o,|ul-Itlon vt Cuba, w.th all its C'Cum rolal, poUtiaa'. ami military advantages I' would force one portion of the l utoii tn'o an unnatural nd fatal imill.-i .n with theother. The .JrmocrBcy r? York ecrepts this issue, tienllenton I rhull in <'flV upon in v banner ' I'r.'giess nod Jualice ? na icetii'dTuu upon wio inlmias u of new State* aaV? II nl wbbb the constitution Impose?a tepublicun for III ? l poveininent; no tests upon the enjoyment of political ijih'u, t>mi >d upon dUtioetlon. uf hlrth or re llgiotiN cre< d; no legislation na-ailing ttio rigli's of pi. pioty a M.croeejiing u)hoi in llviduai ldierty.' In ctat' politics wp are a.Itooniahe.1 by the reck his* et tmv.apui C" < t thi I.irt I*Hiil?ture, and tlie control exiw rised ou r P gt lotion by a da tng a ml un crupulous lob* V; that or. oi.lj . ?lety lies In a ret "n to the maxims ot th" I t.ancial poll.y eanc<ione<l by the [Uustrious Wliglil, ut. . eugiaftid by the people uism the CoiMtltu tin. ot Mil. Tlie inlici cntjeul .i-y of pi ofusc expen.ll ture 1< at 1?- utways elm.ac cihswd the demoo'atic party, nl.or''. a gunrir.tj that its snec-.? soiild check tl a' pro f'ipulity : t d wa. tcfuU??ss which lire tlie sources of *o t'lnycills nnd Insure that econ .tnlcal administration of public uttu.r- so long tiopeo f.rln vulu f out ot tier I ?. o-r. Its piinciplCB incoehu ilv coud 'P to economy . t.d i .nru .pi. nt h.*r taxation. In muni -iiml ailatra, it will U' my i.tm to pretro.:e ?;irh afneu'inpn*4 of the p'. etit etiurte. anu the lau - elating to the city, a will ranosp fiom our 1 eel sr.te?i of govsrn.iient tl e al surd :.ad I'isastr. u ? ale malv . f an ere mtlvc uu th. rify divided fiito oeverel lodepei drnt 'tit Irre-ponsl t.le i ead and al*o to relieve the metropo l* from those un..|..*l oppip ive and enorinoua lAt'lons impos" ! up ' r. .. by a ty : ini.ical niajm f ty In 111 ? unfulr ay at. ? in of tiisatlnn adopted to supply the State Treaaury and mair.*aiti onr beneficent, bu n.l i ui .iiagnd, Hommon '.lio.il system I leg you gni'irnen to convey my thank,i to the Convention* you re. .??#?, f..r the honor ?lev lav, conferred upon nm I hill go to the d?rao , m i' elector* of thin Senatorial dietilet u* the opponen of ? very rm.n * ho i- hostile to the unh.u of the leniocrat |c | ally ,1 N"w dor*. I ahull ask for the sulfiuge. of th'ae who approve ot It* pr'ne'ple* and d-sire It* ?uc rc??, and ip'-civing these, 1 rliall lie triumphantly elcctid. TO TBK miTOH OF THE IIEIt.ll.ll Intheperu-nl et your pujer y?iter lav I observe my r,i, me ?s * candidate for mem l.'-r!. A-semhly I lie <*ld pub licati' ii ie wfthoul my knowledge or con cut, as I am not a cumMb'c fi i aDy ofli.e whatever. DAVIl) KISSNUH. Hmoliljn Oily Politic* Tf MrKK Atft'K LKMUE NOMINATION*. Tie temperance men of Brooklyn agreed in c?ucu?, I.<M on ratunloy night lilt, to aupport tin- following to kei:? ; i-n?'< r Cyme!" Smith, K.M.,?hig rheiilT Iluidett Strykrr, t-p. whig. < onnty Jui gp John IHkeioan, K.N' , whig. I'eghtir Tho?. K. Merrein. rep. wlilg t'm nty Hark John J 1 eny. d"tn. I "iot.i i A. Ilrg'tnnti, <lom. hnjeiinleiident of I'oi r i.eo'-ge.l Lott, whig. Ammoly? lit I Jut i id V. I), daft, K. S\. whig. " '.'il " Chandler Starr. K.N.. whig. " I'd " Sam. Booth.antl U.S.,whig A mooting a to l>e hold tbla evening. wh"n the above ni'minotiona will be hmnght tip for confirmation Hie eandlrfatei a hove mmH for Senator, County J <lgo and As-embly, hint dl?frlct. are il"i the whig no irllioiw. Ihr'"inaioirrg 'anoldaton wfili the exception if tin ? lor Aioembly in the Pc?on.t ia<l n?tr.l iil?tHrt? lave been to minatoii by the repaid" ana I?he repnbil ran have n> ruinated punch Jaeoba f ,r police Juntioo of 'h" Fourth district. Arret* or nit Baax Frm .va.?We Ami by the Maori tin* ,n.t.'i" I that th? con lirt of fleorge if. Karnum I mj , tin I nitrd .-talea Conau) at I'ort Inula, in relieving am) !? rwarcipg to Australia t;ie craw ami part u( the [. tsvcrgera of the I'nlted ."'atca l.ark I'eytona, who w?r? 1?Ipie Ijr thrown on liia han.! torn* time ago, by certain vcxaU us "legal pr< reading* at that [>or? ha met wkh ti. - ri-tion uik) approbation that I* nierli"<l. ("rider an (j . tlon merit by Congress rtr bili.t diawn by him i tl.tr I eparttnent of elate, amounting to It Hot ho mi l wliich wete to generously raehed by Niters Hlyth, Hro ti.era it Co., I ngllh merchaota at I'ort Louis. bar* a*-n all |iti>), and Mr. Varnum In aihhtion to the .atl faathm ot Lia owa ot.naienre In aitiing hl? liatre-sed country men h- - the gMtllhatl n ?f Bu ilt g that ha UaJ n t counted tun.takingly on '.tia juatlm and patrlot.aan of CoBgrena. In* Ak-itbi :i Cuaavro- ?>**<?* or rrm Itattf*.?Wa 1 >tr rtcHTtd a l?1t?r fr -m ? p"iaoo ? igmrig hlmo-lf Hat.ry F'lwut'l K#?r, all'I ?**'??I tlrwtol, rnglant't ?n'-lrn i,g ? a l"fig |.1 iot'-J ritract frori> )?-r MaJ? ty'a land Krv?n?* Kwnn?? in r*Uk?u.n to ?*rtniu cool tnln?v n wl ii-h 'hr lu'lrnr aac hlr f?!h?r >.wlm to ba i?t?r#?t? 1 and to' 'lv?tly :K|ti? Htim it? in"#rtinn, in tha hoy that it may *<a?t ttao ayn of hi# ?Hi'l f*tb#T mho f ?ij.p<??l t > t # I itin* wmrtH.nf in tl:?? cotiatry. Tib . .? hut on* "ut of rhoala of urmlar afifli ration* with which ?? *f <1 * Ingacl from tlm?' to tint* from aJl pat taaf tha world. I mm ta to ihin't that tho tmwn<o4 of a nrwipapar * on* of unreitigM*<l philanthropy. at' that J.nirna'wta l.ave aotbli g I'- do hut to rfna-ly ??..*. aod in Uvula*) sf.a>*? fln<i lo*t ruUt.on" ?. ! ? .tiwtj "itau'lon- ?i*?!o /l for ail aart* of pn.fi*. Ti.r T?"t i'.iiruu rr ?TjU jar; ***ta? to ho La a lair n> it raalnt* tba ca>'u?Uou f III laaadtrt. ?>??? hum)!*! ja l ?li?7 thou .ral ilar* ut- a|r#*.)y t.luaribad I>f thtettarot nClj jf. wad in <"t#a to obtain .lit icinalbdar of Ut 'apitrd lawaaiary 'thV.UQO I It i* pn pr a#.| ',* Mill >vaatar>hif* *?cn a* to th? ?ub?/>rib#r? tha fra? tuition aI th*ir auuam f?r t?m? of yaar* varying arcorltng h th? am? .at of tl a aabaerlptlM. Tha ait* aaaarnd far tb? uaivanity r. n ?' > of vo.at 'fcirty ?l* MTN oi gv-.tml #11 Mount Ida, a*, t ?.! 'h* "iky af Ttny. It aituBtiiib a b#*nitful country, aw'. i> at tha atma lUna >!tuat?<l ao'.wa .-f,' ly mar tba ta*n Whrra wrr* thr Pallr> T TO TUB Rt'tTOH or JBl tltHAl V A - Mvrr, oai K Hydnay, ?* -ward ot th* .hip Kii<*m wn# wailing w|ih bat rttyartabit ?,??_. <\ *' joa t t?am? who had ran** t> -?? hlity?all act** and rp<< t thr?* rrnitia* ruah*d agaloat tham. da**r? n*l to gat Ufa t"W wltbotit ahy ran**. W* ar want on trv^og to g t i I,t of thalr way, tmt war* l>' ? w?l * tn* ? " wb aurrwwbdad n? at tha k?%.l of lan? ? >- ing th? "WlT itaa mt m <t lb tb* arowd w*. tha *>i*??at tl*'!* of atlrki kkaa If la*' f*V '?* f hi* ???*! 1 *?l*l ??' ?hll? ?t ? Hog J ? J ? bat r?v#ral "iiuvtir inJarWol la hi* l*^?lf. hot tbwy *)?? ?b . M tin r***h?it h ? .hip *'l* ftfVw ? ? ji'?< h*rd ?'iii Wo naU ta mi ' ' i Nr* Vo ?, titltt kJt#;tr ? a, <>Jl, W Ornmntlr attti fliulcul M'l.IK 4At'IlRL IX JittW YOik?HMKIOOaWftf' ?AT TJ1K CITY TTBK A VU K-.?MK. KO l*V.T AT YI1K ItHDADVAr?A llmt'TANTK AT 'W'AM.Ai'* N ?MACAUt-.lMfWH--ITEMS, *TC., KT*J. MadkMiWuk IU <iki cloned lt?* fceWn WOikA' flirr' nieut at Ik* *l0tri>p<*{?tjiu lliealre en r-.itiw.lujr (WaaiiiT, M'l li ft for lliwtow via New Knvi'ii' 1< ' i evening at *iar d'etaak. I kfadanioiacUv llaehel (Vm* to Antat tea ubdjr peouli vr | eTsBniilance*. A To * a"*? great ileal k ktrl^Mt, Ami 0 (f?eat deal agaiot lrer. the lir?t p aee, out magi iTA-v n?4 aoiiie of t/* journal) W1 lieen U.Vl with >ii)rf?^? abjut brr piliule ?fe. Acrrvding to noou a'rtt'-i* r iraa life Meaaalina tbo Aapatia, the Noll I.w.awiO ol Sb ninet awith tvntury. Arte" am* no liurnum to turow ?? eaintl) >i*ilo, auoli ai i"Bti rated.Ntnny Lind, a.tiaad thM brow of tf'lle jKaclial, and'a great r.'nny ladierf *>Ai they really c?l<f d??t think ?f j'atronlrtn'r tueh a yar?.1u. Timt wha Xkt' tlW Arkant-w > unto" who tnlhei NvfcijB ' patroniafitpf a"rail*rne. 1' y had t? miwitUatblt, anil were thxWiel Ww oalriul vd Agsin, ihe Vin-ri-ran public * r. y J*?tln*U- jm| Mi am! It refuse* to tube a Km <pcwi i,,;.(?< >i ? crtter ?u of merit. N,,? n<;*, rDlillltt e#rul|t ^ ,y ?,,eri<> ,hay did judge M'lle IHacfcelfer tlsaoiM *ves. Th--eerdict Ih-Icm "? her furor n,iik.v"ber triumph ?.< much -be great*, the great djffi, ulty 6fva was iu tli ?f<vt that til* publi ws? unueed t- th? k vncli tri.gs-ly, read to a f.-t ?s? extent uaaequuintad with ,h'e F.aucb Lingley-wri.9 hut that there are more Ne Worker,, who .pmk Frtaara Uiati there are Undone?, Ivu it was necessary t? ull the home here tluit twice a# many |>*r.un? should ft- ?uA elenfly interested in tt? 7,hsy to pay th.ra ot I. -?? tUJ1(. the regular price of adnnfeion. Well, all this ha. beeii.lone; M'lle 111 lie! I-.,, n%r rf eelved more anywl.i-.#, i? the same ?pac,- o' tun-, fl.an .fie Im* taken l.eie duttlsg the put w eek, ,-h* hns g;een twenty-four peid-rmanc,-- *?,| two r-e ?.( ags Its Sept,gisvetl.h *..*? f, groaa receipt* amounted to tfJJiill, of which MT I efsal receive.! *15,too. g flslc ? ha ,'ieyad thbven time., aui the race :pu have been about fi'd*) making a total of *S?,fc?4, ofwhi. Ii M'lle H , -h..|, inrhe'ir xtbepi,,cee.t. ot the benefit * ;0 000. Tie ... i.^:r-*. give the L*?t Idea of her au. ee.., which i- ,,ui'.. H. , , hi* to New Yorker* 11 It must Iv gratifying to her 'l re quire* a 1. flaw,| taste 1 p-oj er)y appr-cl ,'e M i;,. and that tbi* taate !iu been cultln'e ! we inter r ?,. i ? fact that ti>?audience, have been ni.u h larger derlog ) * latter fvrtorstance- than they were at tint. M'I'e 1 t chrl came to ua ?? a good aaniori, when the barret w >? Immense ari money plenty. 11,e II; ur. ha prophesied that her mere,- would beg,,-at and it. pre diction* hare been more than realized. I i ,? j-,,., t eeuaioa we may expect some extraordinary and ponderous CrltlcUm*. '1 hey are remarkable p-ople, some of tho?. A henhtn witters. I'uilrg M'lle Nacbei's etg,.gemetjt h-,e -tie has played the following named pa'U, and h.-r repertoire 1. not Uu exhausted Camille i'hed.e Adrienne Herml .ne f An-lro maque;) Koxan*. (BaJ./ef,) (a Tisbe Marl.. ,s-Jlr. I'auHne (I olyeuc'e,) .te?nue d' Arc . f'?l, V e hope m n to have her with us ?gj|: t 'I he ? dlnwlmr enrd Irt m llr. Felix, sp.uk* for I'.aell^? * XII Ttia ID :H>R Of TVS; BXl'At >. , , ,, , , N'** V'.ax ... -JO in*-, I should he indeed ungra'efu l( >vt. _,,al ,?p_ ' '' ,r"1 '"'if )"U to HC' through'the columns o you. os.lmabln Journal a. my tuterprete. to tl,. put.Hr p., ,17 ;,"r, , 11 *' ?*?srt..lij|j a groat el tm.-ifon f ,r tt'll ii*. 1 "K'ochlev. 1 . lelllUnt a ?? .,t, I,,. hiatrmmphat.dthl, distlndl. ,a.feh,.ul t l e ascritM-d w. the ah wrlcan puhlie whtdh anit.-t u, , ., duto them In soaliikl.g a man ne U ... ? ... tl,.. u.e aits t.ooiish no le.s on tills than on tin. .the .Id.,,,. t' a < rear., and M,*- f|?y win ||n,, j,?r(, H,( nQ , pr, teeth u In the nam* of rur Immortal nuts a. - ?" ?? 1 nan ? 01 M'llehwrhol an ; ..f ?:? .,! .. who's, an.jany her, I once more tlx< ;.uU.. .1 SVW t 01 k, awl let ma n hl the . ond iclor. of th-n-e.. wt, , are at the same irr e the evp. n.-nts an I direct c, of th? opir o n of that public. k?. my ..wn |?.rt it lematn. for me lo<xcua#mys#if dnr?rely to the numerous .r-m 1. whom | n e 1 <] ti.e tl. TO r to re, ..|... at :b? Metiopoij. rtie , tre. ft.. Irt.gularltiws which ha t, oec.nel,!. n ysojo,,,,, here. They were only the ? y Ndng an enthe s'raiger In It,I- eouni' V ? n ? ft ' volt T ,1 this 1,-radon 'or the first time, 1 and of ti'tsnce ?.t VMit-hahit# at") ,..*g. . | tru-t that this will vurtiri.ritiy i?s?i ln my favor, and that tb- , ih writ fi rp. t any IiUJe anuoyam e. wh . hthey hav sufr.-rn l aiid will always arcot.) to me their pow-rful and kindly patronage. Accept the aa-uranres. f mvh.'g', ie-,' lUhiJ.vEh rrjjx. AI tl.e BnoabWiv Tiikat.ii Mr. I'orr-St I,,, 1,.. , p . ing Met* mora during the week, to), -.-arrow ,((? cxeraa. The piece wh eh fa not a parllcula-ly brilUnt literary e|f,,rt, was never 0 wall do,.e l,? l?f AH the |?rta ware well acted and the ,e?n?ry was msgnlu rent. J,r. W It. |t!,ke the direct"- h,- Initlatad ? *? ro.hlu reform iu th, uu?un<-r ... mount,-,g p. la thl. thi atrn. Air. | 11,rest's engagerueat will p..--T,T, ir cb>? nsxt Hatorday ev-nlng, and w* gl .. -he p: ? the week *0 that at lias wh, de-Ire t>, ... hit;, ui y make their arrangements for any nigbr Monday The < India tor Tuesday Maehath ." W.-ine t*y " .1? k ?a-.e; fhuracay, ' CorloUnua," Friday, 'I>*inn an 1 f-aturday, '-The Iaidy of I.yons." Mr lor re. , ,* succeeded by Mr. and Mo. Ilarnay WiUlam* the n,?t best stars to bun, in a 1-ecuDiary point of v.. ? At fit BTOX'a TiijuTKB ths- novelties ot th* w..-a wsre the revival of a mnalrul drama | ;n<l.-l on UoltU -u's ojs-r* John of 1 ail" " and a pl>|uant Uttle piee* aalk-l The 1 lc Nfc I'arty " The business has lean a. gool is usual. For thl* evwiin.- th* chief attraction Is the ;-.pu rar comedy "HUI Wsters K-.n Ikww;. " it Is anuounc .1 to I* playe for the U't time, at'.er a prosperous run of tlilrty night*. At Witrai *'< TiiSatt-.i a new comedietta, " Mrs. John st n or tvkat . ln * N?u,s' ' j.as been successfully pro duerd. It Is the work ot Mr Wa-.- fi, wti w* two *c! pif.e, '? Heart- a* Fault, wa- so sue-*a.sf> i last year. The p/e-.nt pi ce I, rather Frwn-b/ In eon etructlon. ant these I" but ori" very s,l/ot Inct dent fbr a plot. Mis lli.ry Was vsry elever in Die pert of a J?ab?i* wl'e who Is ft,.! ,w.o/ up her husband on a wrong sc?nt and Mr. H. 11*11 ga e im a ?ery eff. rtive theugl, as mewhat h ghly rob.rwd p. t?ra ./ "lie of ! *e Imlgnvnt o.d ftg.e wie m one always ?*s on the stage, but never n.es-te with anywnare The t."l for to r igh' Ineiucsw a 'IM M.-a Usrargto* H -bs.ri said t?, V/? a very pretty woman, a el*v-? ?stress srvt ^,1 fill v. ral!>( makes her flret appwaran * here, and plays < , n be piece calle.1 A-modem All d-soog New Tori. " will tu at*e,t on this -rsi,: r?. Tver* srth-r p.,pu!ar pi.ee, make up a very nice fill!. At the n wiuir Tmuw* Mrs. Ihirtlel I ha* pWyed an ?tigsgement wf six nfgbta. fth? ltd not nmrt .rtth ?(,# auf f -rt to vhlah he eminent abUitl'- entitled 'wv It seems e little slog lar that In these .Jays of v..:??? native p.*)ud -? patriotic epeech-s and .'.ow>,-*0 mas* maet.ngs a native artist who |s rea'iy i-ve- ?h . ill ajfaiel ,n vma ft r the->ipp.irt of her , , Thl? <vonhi|r at tl? flowery anew pe.te w, rating -. twu. j t' pcl ' t# ann- onced, with new sonery, ? , p. Ac Ur J.J I'rlor plays the pr n p.I ,sul- A. ti. . Is tlw krst play fennded ? n the war whirls lews ye| rr prrclnewl here there wilt d-> b"ea?, be --wtwl bows* At Nieur's bsaieu tlw ,,pe., .4 1 On,brwi . will ha giv.a Vh ? evrsjng with Mlas I* sm I'ynw in toe r, , dpal part 1 <* piee* is a ?'jrecsi? I alwayw Mar 41 t.>Txa la drawing crowd* to Xadiaak . .ii! s 4T5I Br?edway. Ilia e/trfci assays/-. ? are the p-e ai-te evwaings w* know of a?l In be lia- ho 1 -be h-*? * hav* ryer seen. A new blQ t* night. Mr. l> uxw has gtvea eevesnl ooneeee- et * soon M. f?t twese. The psbMr verdket has Swevagf*** Ip i, I* '**oV ami His sue caws ie e*rlntn The pr gransos ft-r this a eolrs* is faali of gwte< ilto k s M.utus V sa?Wr.*lv> and Swctiey's IM Hr-edway, eice'den* | fsssssss. a"- a-sus o-i-?1 fix this evwni^f Mr. Mat/iex kiTxiha, Its* welt known tr*h -win *0) anths.r ar.n?, .nae* f'.a' Be w l sh'o- J give a series of ivmlisgs la irt ael.' fa tl.te - ty Mr R^naoml has keen Isigbly sBereselel lb' <?ghout tj# - mksy Mrs. Cite thas el >ed h*f sj-e tslarrea's bete aa ! gae oe a fouatfy tour, VST*."? .i-ts ' Tsswrua ? Thas ee kabttehwaent he* Wen rented ft-r a tew nig* '? hy ewsrv 1 lovase. the see '?? ?f .be as ?b tr , .pe -f -teiscers nodwahper tlwst th 1h?r 'h- egrsp. e r.fsr?e?tet, -w* a grea* at?m*s,.ai wtU be a,, ed by the wetl com Mae . a?e.. lam a >* aswo *a sestad V' '* St. -i eai.nant ran r Ilk, Mme Vtel'i est Meea-s Vs ran, a tret rata ' Art tone. ?f -be p ..al t, we're of I?f a, an feraslo, the celebrated !?,* lev*.." -at I-- ' ' is, * da.\t of merit, an I a poptl of r?gw*<n * ,a> e??k* ?,n tha- sttmsi 'h< .- a;, en-a -a ?i tb'e ?<ty. *r * IM'U, tm f*i A* * it ?.Till* ? ? >>* t* t4 ' e. t sf-lr> 1 -? La* I' "reg a t - ;??; ds f. 1 i?-< til>n with oiiirh lie !?' e?nr?rt t.>uc throughout the |<?10 -:11>, cltive to ",u ' ?' ?4? ln> ofg n^l intention to %>?tr ln? 'M tu li .? titj. fe?t rUt Ii iej,?rTat> |i?rc? ei auiuarnwiit being ui at . (??? cut, b- burnt it I.- ToiMUle t?. i? 'Ui' ? ?nil.bli ' pl.V" to rnrr) >ut th f gi. fumequ '*?'? lie wtH I | r ecH .<rmo I*le'? to 1J,- .*t f. ??!. 1'^ovi- net-. * I tod 1 ul, n*?lotT I' nr1' KaVm r.'wi -ii-gtor, Ion I f hr.nl, >n ' Montreal >ftfr whirl- he will ret mi t?>' Krw V.tf k and ftti* ??eife? o' cnn -'ft bin-, no d > </' the nie?t hrilUaM thatmi htrae had ei* ill" retirement o the fteftt N> ??"Kinn. H.? cotti-cfcy coivb-t? of M ile .aOjW/> Marian-, -ign*r Manucvh . term, ami llrrr I'c.lll, pl.iniet Koto, t' .'ijn.-.tti Kt?*r- i It- ? ' " (fine to Meat CO by w . t <*' I in i r.**l.. Mr. W. Pita, - aflor fin. lting an oi .UHfiiu'at at tfraiil' <1 .ad I<>nn-?, 0. \f , comtnwni <?< at Columbia, Ohio, M'iniS'f, Oct. -1 M A-ni. tux iT t.r. ?'n?i4v? irwhoa* tinr hat loi),"V*e:i tiocnrably aaaociah-d with tlo-ltali^n jpom in <hl? r.enfttrr ar.tlntint ?-ia Inn ? ? undwrwtand, jll t C'in?pleti |J V? lltue^C ?' n IK ' Opera, the f ill.jartwj S??"v wr,-#forhtalhf ,V " """en' ??"?? ,0 -ajc..'a,Tuw1^rr.?r u,, ,?U1, ln,.on .^^J; ha iV ?'"* " ""Mt" *> ;"*?f ManrtU H.O ta-?<?rii.ti?u . %beta* pt. or H? TO., rft?u^ tautijr cL rte J 1*1 .L?,r\+?t V ?*?<' of hla bb.att,., ? Too Hp,- of K? Zr9 ,i,t 7 '* '? to t.?,u<o * ,,r"' "? TI,,,m' ?'"? Vr- wort Mr ti. t th '" " r ^ rt!If.,tl, oralM ht,wir ?r J ? . "f uir,?i, for . mM???opra<la * * - i.??,.. ^..'Xv! "" "? i"?. Ifw,. " * *W *' tnf ?*?Hal i? Uf'opara i wlih.Ii ?llliuu^i) ViitlMu n ?'If itiai Mt-'Ir ?<f | ? r fi i ru?n i? Ih. ? ,,r,kln*l> tM Iji Irt of tb<1 tiu '? Tii(. ? . , m - i*. .it, ??..*? u.cVmh kfUr m. ji,,.,)!" 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