23 Ekim 1855 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

23 Ekim 1855 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO 1M95. MORNING EDITION?TUESDAY, OCTOBER 23, WW. PRICE TWO CENTS. 4WKITISEMEKT3 EElfl1 Whli MY ioth assembly wsTRirr, fourteenth w \nn? LdU Regular ?hl | nomination for Assembly, BENJAMIN If, l ' nftll bt ftfdtd bv the constitution of our re* ?;?iblic i d by the principle# of the Immortal Clay an d Webster. hfiTH WARD-FORTY FOURTH OOCWCli. DISTRICT. IX*-' ?Regular democratic republican nomination for Conn oilman:? ' S\MUhL OSGOOD. 1'kieii Ualpin, Scoreftry. JOHN DDL AN, (li?umio. iww wapo. fiftieth coin n, di?trict.-at a ? , n)*s.H lh0 "IniuooraUn republics:! doctors of KM r Hn I otuiou district, Heveuieeoth ward, bold a! 1?7 First livemm, October PJ, lor the purpose of reconciling the dtiT?. ? rW* exuding among the various candidate- li.r Councilman I with iho rust in plana before the people ? nominee who would ?racancue nil section* of the party, air. it. Camnbell ?? itallcil I to the Chair. anil Mr. '1'. Mot(irmiok appointed s? retai , I II win. <m mm,nil, resolved, I'lie' csoh candidate In Oie dla Itriet i.e re<|tiH4ed to fend two delegates, t iim.cu by himself, loa J.'(iiivcittt' ti. tp meat at ln7 Kirs' at tnue, on Saturday evening, Itict. :t) lot t ic purpose 01 selecting one of the names pre (sen tad for Ootutollmaii. In accordance with the fnrog'dtig rnttoluilon, the undersl.rned "'imtniitPi' mi ' at the place designated, ami unanimously noml friatad IhGJIAKL SMlTH an the peoples' candidate far l our. ?rtlaian ot the united democracy ol lite FitUota Council district. I ,,7-""nm ';u|k. James Saunders, Mlchaul SmUfc, mm lO'Kcidc, Bernard Newm-in, John Mcl.nrney. KJwird ?MoQulre, Bernard Kelly, Thomas BurnsJames Gallagher, ?John Mrrhnn. JAMKS ftAl'NDKRS, t halrtuau. Minuet. Mr Donald, Ho, rotary. Ion? WARD.-AT A MEETING OF TUB UNION 1IAR l*i" mouy Independent Demc'ratlc Convention, held at the |Nun I odge, corner of 27th street and Tenth avenue, on Motor Idny evening, October 20th, lfiftft, Mr. HARTHOLEMY DOYLE, Iwas im.-.nimmiHly nominated Councilman of the Kitty tirst ?Council dlt-'rirt. THOMAH HILL, Chairman. Maktun PltetiTiBS, Secrtlary. OTH WARD DEMO' RACY UNITED.? lot: M.nntMAN. WILLIAM MuCuNKBY. By order J.Tas. Aepell, Chairman, Edward Linnen, Chairman, IW. Simp eon. Secretary. John Dovle, Secretary I Tammany Committee. Stnyvemmt Committee. IOATH WARD.-A GRAND MASS MEETING OK THE IZlU Tvven loth Ward Democratic Union Association. will lie l-teld this evening, at fnntinen'itl Hall, earner Eighth avenue 1 ind Thirty fourth 1 reel. Bminent speakers will attend. My order, TBOMAS MAN SON, Prusldout. J. K. Fa<un, Vice President. Wm. Rkwath, ) Jou.v Young, J Secretaries. OATH WARD?AT A MEETING OF THE UNION \?\J Democratic Republican Convention of the Fitlv third It'aunoU district, held at the houai ol P. Gulf, corner ot Thirty 1 Bflh street and Eighth avenue, on Monday evening,' Ictober 22, I TIMOTHY WATERS, Jr., waa nominated unanimously tor I Councilman for lie Fifty third Council district. JOHN McCLAVR, Chatrraan. Wilujam Buchanan, Secretary. Edward Bropby, John Keleh. Rotiert McAdoo. ODD WARD, TAMMANY HALL, REGULAR DEMO <?t?i cratlr republican iioinluatlnn:?Fur Alderman Hon. Nicholas Heugriat; opposed to the Maine law, and the working man's friend. He. was unaolmou tlv nominated by acclamation Wv Ihn nnmmlttau UWKlUV ?*? ' I ( RI l\U lJ (''lislsnim |hy theuommtttee. HENRY SC1INOKR, Chairman. ADAM LULY, JOHN ZIMMER. Secretary, JACOB ULRICEL [ ()OD WARD.?REGULAR DEMOCRATIC UNION \ AL Tiekc :? Tor Alderman Thomas MoSo-ley. I.Coiincilman?Mlh district Owen McKcnna. I Assessors Francis Catupbe.ll, Frederielc Leporln. I N--hool t'omitiissinner Patrick Tracy. I School Trustees lames Walsh, Francis Crossin. PSchool Inspectors Daniel Drad.ly, Julia Enst. | (''onstables ThomasOtuhlng, John Cttrrin. | Inspectors of Eiec'-iun? lstcisirict lames Kempiilc, Charles Ollleiple. 3d district Tames Dunn, James Delsney. .Id dtatriet Michael Tracy, Pntrlck itrcunan. 4th district John Kelly, James Hughe* WILLM. THORNTON, Chairman. Patrick Mallon, Secretary. American union club.-tiik independent electors of the city and county of Neiv Yoi-k arc- Invited 1 meet with the above 'Club, In mo.- meeting, on Tuesday, or. I tuber 3PX at 7J? o'clock, to res[ioud to the nominations m nle by | them, lone, come 1 W, at 7f, o'clock, to respond to the nom nations nude oy Tltb numos of the candidates v. til short ly appear. Cout i line all. By order, CI I.AS. FRENCn, Chairman. Alix^ Law a* nck, ^ Secretaries. American democraoy. roa 8T:j?fT oomftssioxER. J. MEF.CH HENRY. Grand mass ratikicathin COUNTY MEETING At TrMs.tsr Hau.. The democratic republican electors ot the city and county ot few York are requested to MEET IN MASd On Thuusdat Kvksi.vo, Oi-r 25, it 7>j O'Clock, AT TAME ANY li ALL. By order of tbe Committer of a'-ran remen's. Daniel e. di-x.avan, chatrmxa. L. T Haurison, 1 H.J. Cahii, [ Secretaries. IWDKPBNDEXT CANDIDATE FOR HTUKET COMMISSIONER. ISAAC T. COX NEW YORK. OCTOBER 20, 1855.?AT A MEETING OF the Hard and Soft Committee', held at Mr. Belaet's, 13.' Kssexftreet, both bodies conven.-d and gave the unanlmoui nominauott to John Jacob Utehl fur Councilman of the I7tb district of the Seventeenth ward. E O. BK1NKT, t'hairman of SoftCommlttee. JOHN MARTIN, Chairman oi Hard Committee. ?WTOTIUE ?THE WHIGS OF THE FOURTH COUNCIL AN District ot the Thtrd ward, are hereby invited to attend a meeting on Weiincsday evening 24th inst., at 7Jt o'clock, a' lay and Yesey streets, for the purpose of nominating a eandr date for Councilman. Hj order 01 II. CKOSlElt, Chairman pro tetn. October huh. iwa?john host. e*qr..?dear Sir :?At a meeting of the Central Committee of the American Demo-racy, held tills evening, your name was presented by the lltli"division and duly approved by it untnl Dtons nomination tor the ofllce you now All. to wit: Councilman of ibr Thlrtv second dlstilct. IRA B. DA VIS, Chairman, J. Mr.nrn IIknkt, Secretary. I ltave much pleasure in adding, that your vast services In Javor oi the laboring men and mechanic' met that cordial ap proval that such disinterested motives always deserve. Very respecttullv. your friend, t-'HARLKfl SMITH, Secretary, pro tem. R KQULAB DEMOCRATIC NOMINATION FOR CORO ner, Dr. JOSEPH URINE. Democratic republican general committee. ?A special meeting of this committee will be hoi J at Tammany Hall, on Tuesday evening, Oct. 23, at 7 ^ o'clock. J'unctuaf attendance I* requested. ROBERT KELLY, Chairman. James I.. Bmiedict, } .. ALriutp CiiA.tfrixoB. J Bocretmrlaa. Tammany hall?county meeting.?the com milter of Arrangement- are requested to meet this (Tue< day) evening, Oct. 23, at 'J o'clock, ai Tammany llall. DANIEL K. DEL WAN. Chairman. rE BROADWAY HOUSE WHIG GENERAL COMMIT tee.?The commiitcc organized with 'he usual ollcer*, Oen. Win. Hall presiding Christian W. Si-halfer, of the Mtth ward, offered the following pieamhle and resolu'lona:? Whereoa, It ho* been reported that the whig delegates of the Sixteenth Assembly district, comprising the Eighteenth and Tw enlv-first wards, have failed to moke a nomination lor Aaaem'jlr, and hare adjourne<l sine die. thus rirt'iatly disf.an cblsing the whlgs of that district who desire to support n whig nominee; and whereas. In the judgment of this committee It is desirable that a whig should he put In nomination In that dls trlct, therefore Resolved, That the chairman of oald convention be request Vd to call said convention together, at Ine t arllt-st practicable moment. In order that a whig may be put hi nomination for sold district: snd It' ths event tlutt the chairman ot sal-l coo vrntirm shall decline to act, thai then the delegates to said eon vsntton, or a majority thereof, have power to re organize aud mates a nomination for Assembly for sold district. Th9 delegates to the Mite, m th Assert bly Ids'rtc.l Whig Con ventlon are hereby ordered to meet on Monday. 16th Instant. ?' 7H o'clotk F. m., at Thompson's Halt. Sll'telf of Twenty ?eventk street and Fourth avenue, lo perfect the buslnesi for which tbev were elected. By order of the Democratic Whig OeneraJ Committee. WM. HALL, Chlrmau. C. ^T^pr?Vt,,, Broadway House, New York, Oct. 12, 1863. HizTscnrn Assrnsi.r Distkict?Eighteenth and Twenty first wards.?In pursuance of sn order issued by the Whig General Committee at th" Headway House, the Whig Asaoinltly Convention held a meeting on Monday even Ing.Oei l. 13, at Thomson's nail, on Ihr co wer of Twenty sc renth street and FourUi avenue. Upon I alb,Uug for a delegate W large. Hon. W. S. Gregory waa chosen: whereupon the on Teotlon proceeded to ballot for a candidate for Assemble, t'pon the first Itallot Ttieod'-re B. Yoorheos, Ks |., ret?Ived ths nomination It was then motel to make die nomination una nlmous, which was carried by acclamation WM. BaKI.. 18th Ward, chairman. Jaroa Butltmy, 21st Ward, Horrriarv. Wm. Apats. I* Ward, I t,.,. Chai P. Mii-ua. 21st Ward, jTe"er*' rNION DEMOCRATIC REI't RLD'AV COMMITTEE ? ThU Committee will meet Utls (Tueoday) evening ai 7'J o'clock at W. John's Hall corn?r of Howery an t Delancey street. for the transaction ot Important ousln'sa Hy ordar, JOHN it. WILLIAMS, Chairman. PATW f ? | Serre'ar e i. Jiim C'ArraAT. I ?txTTno state convention.-the committee of TV Arrangamenta Tor the Whig Siate C >nvenflon wl i be In nttendance at the Metmpolltan Hotel, ror.m 17, during .Hon lay nod Tneadav. where they will be happy to receive the dele j itea elect to said rocven'lon. t'OtSSUTft*. O. R. Dean, n. W. Gene', II. C Miles A. J. Williamson. James Brooks, P. (,'. Male, W. f. Jtckson. Iirnio NOMINATION.-FOR COUNCILMAN FORTY TV third dlairn t, Ntneenlh ward, AUGUsTl'H C. HojK A KM. -TITORK IMGMKWB PROVISIONAL COMMITTEE.?A RE TV gular meeting of the Worklngmen's Provisional Com ?minor will he held sit the Cooper Hou-?, on Wednosdsv eve-j Inc. The unnnoe Committee ts comiwised of W. orbutbwot D. C. Henderson. R. B. Collins, I). Itowly and James Qtilnn. W Art-dUm"' i oilector. By order, W W AkltUTHNOT, Chairman. D. 0. n?sr?iteoit, Secretary. OLITICAL PRINTING AT ALL HOUR* -PHAlR A CO are prepared to print p wtera, handbills, circulars, lletota, Ac., of any sire. In any uua'itlty, at any hour, a Hie lowest rate-, for cosh. PHAIK A CO, ? B-wkm .n rreet. Jib-patch building. FIR BALE- A DOUBLE-SEATED PATENT( 1 SiIIiiSEO wagon (Wood A Co's iata-i ?'y e> has hern three months, and Is equally as good as new I was built to order tor a private yen')r man, who Is rotng to trove and has tif> mnrr u*<* for It; ? wf4 ttf harr>**?*, kx>a<1'' bf OU>?o#i in the neatest iiylc, to cornier del w 'h the above, ' an he seen *t TIIOMA8 NORKLVS, Atcadl fJt ?, lid ' roa place, KtgbU. Ml ce'. THE NATIONAL DEMOCRACY IK MtTHOl'CUTlBf. TURATUE. --- ? COIMV RATIFICATION PUSS MEETING. Biwilnlloni ngnliint Kfislnu, Alwaliu'lum, Know NoIIUukikiu unu M?ln? liuw ni.d In Fnvov ol Ntnrnnk* 11 in. Iiili-riuil Improvement* Litters from Daniel S. Dickinson, Ui,or?e 0. Dallas and Job Pimou fipmhn ?( Horace F. Clarke, Judfft- Botrae, Judge Capron and Mr. K?sr, DEFINITION OF THE RELIGION OF AMERICA, THE WHIGS IN THE FIELD. Ac., ftc.. An A ins** mef-ting of the National, or Lard "hell "tripe of the democratic party, was lull lust evening at the Me tropolltan theatre, pursuant to the following cull:? Mass ItATini ATior- Meeting orriu. National Dkmiwhac t.? Tilt democratic elector" of tl.e cttv tnr ccunty of New York, an tl alolitit met, null Mnine Uw nod nntl Know homing nru re quested to nascmhle In inn*s meeting at the Metroim iuin Theatre, Broadway, opposite bondstreet, en Monday evening, on 22. at hab past "even o'clock, to ratify the doriineratle ttrket, head ei ttereral Aaron Ward, and the National democratic city and cminty ticket. Kminent speaker* will ad IreRs tlio m-eilng. a lift ot whom will puhllshrd tn the papcrii of Die day. By order of tli# Committer of Arn ngeineut* of the .Indicia] and (Sty and County Convention*. 11 K Mi Y II. MOKAMIK, ctialnnan. Atax. V. Morton, Secretary. A hand of music wag Motioned on the tir*t fl ior of the Metropolitan theatre building, which discoursed *weet music tor an hour or two. and gathered -He tcrowd ?ut. side, no well at added considerably to the n'imbera inside. Uieie was a huge posse of police tn attendance, although we did not leuru that tliete was any disturbance antici pated. Over the stuge boxes and on the scenery at toe hsrk of the stage weir affixed atiipgof canvass hearing the following Inscriptions:? f i~v * THE Kioirr;' or the statics; ft,. NO C.TKRPKKKM.T. "I THE UKSl'.IMI. UOVERMfEiCT. } WE HOLD THE INTEGRITY OS DEMOCRATIC I'Rl.M IIMJH $ ? PARAMOUNT * > j TO At.t. (ONH IIERATHINS OR PUkCE OR POSITION. J At the hour appointed?half-past 7?there were gome 1,500 or 1 800 persons present, who exhibited their Im patience for th>- commencement of proceedings by stamp ing of feet and the other usual demonstration*. In the course of the next half-hour the audience increased con siderably, and finally there may hare becu some 11,000 persons present. The meeting was called to order at ten minute* to 8, I'. M., by the nomination ot Wm. C. Wei mo re, as Presi dent. The nmninatitn was affirmed by acclamation. Judge Morton then announce 1 that the Committee on Invitations had received replies from the following named persona, in addttiou to thus? which he would now rend - Lyman Tremaln, Albany; John I). Fay, Rochester; Col. James 1 age, Philadelphia; Hon. X>hn Willard, tsura ti pa; Hen. Janus R. Whiting New York; Jonas B. Phil lips, Kgq., New York; Hon. John C. Mather; William 0. Jliyin, Esq.; Col. J. L. Curtis; R. W. Hughes, Esq., editor of Richmond Kraminer; Cleu. Elijah Ward; Hon. If. A. Clover, Missouri; Hon. H. W. Rogers, Harmon S. Cutting, K*q.; lion. John A. Lett; Kx-(!ov. 1'uvldTod, Ohio; Hon. Uavid L. Fejtnour. At tlii. juuclurc two men drew orer the gt.age an im niense placaid, recommending Harry Howard a* the democratic republican regular nominee for Street Com missioner. This feature was received with intense satisfaction, end a voire shouted, ".Shore that one side, Hsrry? you're all light." Judge Morti-n then proceeded to read the full -wing letters from Daniel S. Dickinson and others {ROM EX-TICK PRESIDENT GEOKOK M. DALLAS. Philadelphia, Monday, Oet, IS, I.HJ5. (IrNTi rvr.N?I am honored by your communication of the 10 It Insient. Inviting my attendance at a mass meeting ol the national democratic party o' New York, on Monday next; and were It reconcilable w ih other Inexorable engagement#, I ilionld feci much pleasure in setting this nppor: unity to greet many cherished friends, valued alike for their public and their personal worth. "n ihe causes and character of democr#'tc divisions In your i.ol !e t -ate. It would be unbecoming In me to express an Inter meddling sentiment. They will douhtiesa be extinguished in pood time, oy your-elves, but I cannot retrain from saying thu' lu tbedevotlon, on cardinal and fundamental point*, of Dm nut.on*! dcniocrut" of New York to the constitutional union, there have bee* displaced m srdor Mnserhy sod haasss ceuninlynot exceeded in anv pert of our couutrv. and justly Inspiring general If not uuitcrwl admiration and respect. I am, gcnllewon, your trleud, aud most obedient acrvuot, O. M DALLAA. To Alex. C. Morton, L. P. Clover, E. W. tllovtr.Wm. Sin clalr, John Ktrg. FBOM TUE UON. DANIEL 8. DICKINSON. Hi .uimmtok, Oct. 20, IW, OEtfTLEvtrv?Your fhvor ot (he lu-ii. Inviting me to attend and aildreva .i ru'lliretlor m*'. meeting of the nnTonal <b-mo i racy ol the cln and oounty of New Vork, at die Metropolitan theatre, on the 22d Inst., I* before me, and I regret to a id that engagement* In our t.tret.It Court, now ai ting, and Illufly to ooniinut through tb? neat week, will not permit me to lie ah aent for an hour; nor have I time to *p?ak In becoming term* oft he Importance01 the campaign-Ofthepmud andelevated po rltlon which v o hold In thla day of political degeneraoy and til* prace. not of the lilpli peiaonul and political character ot our candidate* Let every true pattlot read the addre** and reao In'ton. of tire rational deiuocr u y. adopted at Syracuae on the 2S.I ol A ugtia! lf-t, and eoutempia'e the character of the earidl du'e* there nominated and rejoice. Let "fin Ion." wi'h her prim concomitant*, tremble a* ?he plow her treaantt, and ?oeke to hulld up her pcrtldloo* strength upon national dla turhance and tho rnlna <,f the eonftllu'lou ; and, abore ad, let that prei-tou* hand of bread ruid butter patriot* rerrveuibm that the people have ap, t inted a day for their faatinp and hit mllkti'on. With ku< h n platform of round OonattUiUnnal principle* we de- c-rve ancee*e. With a ticket eompoaed of ha' item ,furk*o nlou democrat, Aaron Ward, and hi* wor.hy a*noela'e?. one nod all. wit oupht to attain it. It ha* loop been ohvlotw that the and-alavery element w,,u]d be drawn top, h r by the attri.-.lon i I aggregation, and would Wake common c*it*e against the democracy. That even' baa at la*t r.tnnd eon?ummati.)n In 'he finion of whip* and free will cr* n* "repuhiicana," Hie leader* In the Buffalo movement of UKA. have already mostly pone?a few are yet haouucUn* at the table epraad for them by tho na'tonal ailtiualaUwtlun. hill they will leave mo, a* eton a* tite repeat I* over. In the mean time the na'h.nal democracy inurl contend with their heredita ry foe, and It* reertil'a frmn th> free roll rank* end Maine law votaries, wt-h lh? Know Nothing or vrnertcan party and 111 proftcrlptire creed, and la*t In order, and leaei In number*, with the ron*" or mlminU'ratlon party who are In the Held wth a th-k-t mule up trom Buffalo free roll, r* of 1M." *'at ling openly and tMPortonaly upon a Wbnio' mm lee platform rnui.rdated by the State (kinreo lion which pla. e I tlioni In nomlnai on. ' an auch thing* be I The .oft* and tree antler* deeerve aevere r.-pr.-hentton for their treailnenl ol the a ImitueU-.i'kui and the txubarraeamerr Ihey tunc occasioned Iri'-nd*. They proponed a haah of free if and nati, nati'v ?? a tea* on ot toe year when tuned lliahdd ' tally dan are proverbial!) (hngerou* and loroed a ohnue between the free eotl and *"11 wp.g*, ?)>on tho*<* who t'ould have been eery happy wl'b either. Were 'li.ther dear, tanner awav It I* some consolation however'o reflect that the separation ofiboae branehea of ari affectionate famtiy I* not Anal. They will meet again. Hut their meeting will be like iboae of the wild cat nt.d the coon, at tin- batter'* (bop. Be of good che-r. my national democratic brethren. Let lite 'log end Magog of aim slavery elomanla euorreitate their force*. It will aronae all ihc patriotic eonaervaU?m Of the country In one powerful anlagooiam, under the lutnner of u> ttonai deiiioersrv. at. I the iptriia of Jackson, aodUallvmn, and t "ay, and Webster will ar mate It In the hour of haute. and pi e*idr over It In th* moment of Ttctory. I). 8 DICKINSON. The reaimp of Mr. Dickinson'* letter wa* reeelved with cheer* and other demonstration* of approval. Clamorous request* hum the gallery "hiate Harry a little higher up *o a* ?? can look at him." Mr. H. J. Intro.* then ollcted the fell owing reaolu tlon* Itenolved, That the Territories Ut tho r to led State*, pur rh*i*< by the common blood and trea-ureof the whole peopaw are the c mnvon property of the people or the aeveral stale* of Ihl* confedera-y, and all are entl'ied to tnolr full, free ami c.ptai n,/,)mnit. Tb?l the <onstltut.on baa not conferred Upon Confre** Ibe rlirht, either to eatahllch or prohibit dome* tie vlavery In tLe Stats* or Terrltoriea. and any acemp* toitn p....- tne Wumot I'tovb-o upon the orgar.iut.on of Utrrtlurtnl government* i*a *ro.? usurp.'I n K> way* offenalvw to the democracy, and a violation of 'ho rlgh i* of the people ol the *ei eral Slate* Kent-red, That the Congrtwe of f ^ fnlel Uo.U? ha* the rlpht *o delegate in the pe .ple of the r.-rrttorle* the power of wtf gov ert.meut, aoi.jec only to th e constitution of tin* I'ntted Slate*. tb*t the recoinl't-.n ol thi* pov ,-r In the per.pia o: N* l,ra*?H and Kauaae following It* . established pruv- pie* of ih* rillll|Hu*nla? U)e*#iirea of In.'*). ' , a wiae and aalu'arv uvea ?ure. c nal-tetit with the ronaf ,iution. ai?l - alewlaied o allay and Anally eiUngut*h the a# |?atkm o' born pro atavery and antl ?!avery deraagomw 'hr ougbou- the r'a'ea. Revolved. That tbe f.,rmaf ,on of the "repuntk-ao" party, torn p.aed of tree ami -leinorrV *, nntl slavery whig* an.1 of every ether element -f Nor'herfan*lk-t?iri. I* a lUrorernu* and por lent one event ealculate j t? eiet-e the- alarm anddl?mu) of e .crr patriot. Wo rr >lr| i; -be . opaummatioo of the o-b ou* 'hreat ot Van Bp rrn In lf-t* to ea'at Huh 'he i-rewt anu ?laiery par'y m tbe North. Bated tiron * geoyrapMeal inc. ami at w*r with 'hr itl(titt|tjnna of the Southern entev. Pa tmr f> *a would lie thr gnell ot Udi Cnktn, and tt.e leearurVloo 'if the talrnel fabric pf government wWeh the pa:riott*m of man OlVVtfda Re?t>rvM. n 0n- optrtoo, for our own wr* lA'ie* ,f^g( ih#? ti'rinu#nt %iimS?ai?iir???* n lor the n ff'jrr ami |r rmth </( Uim nf* piriy. Br ih# #?ort* wu. h ?i m*4# tn tiw yr*mUIn I'trrrr Pr#?H?ot of b* I'wIiM k"'i ? finKkbm of tr#r not', w%* r#bnlici4 nrt* HuwMKl^ jjtjt tlH? \?lf? ar?<l *il! of f fJJSJr mift'.ntry, ft fr rvm. - ,* ?hhhm4 t' H0/. tbt rerj ft4?ent of hu tJmtftuHrt'.KHi / Inn a clo?e affiliation wi'h (be sctloJwvn-t *?l<alnm of tSdfl, ?i 1 t* r< ntjoiling the ennvanitana ami elections of Uil- hovc reign thin w, by ihr un-orupii/vtn ah tin of patronage md II"' Hill I- iiiflao violence w> that V... H)lul erganOaituii ?r our parly ha* ticioiuc tfeuorali/ed, Mr principles I'd eiuat I, Tret* achialn UU'i tIt*- Uittinil I'rirvuw, Oil Ilia motion nt Mr. \ an Itiiri n. folly endorsed by the adraini-tri tion muveuHon hr!<l hi orrartise on ibe gwht -,( ,1 upukl Iwt. Hose arc vIolaHun* of prnrip'.ea which jun ity our a.-uars Holt, an-1 rlentji'U tb< frown or a irur and generous bttt In aU.It'll democracy lit on i d, That the enlargement of tin Krie (.'anal la an ob ji elt.r paramount imparlance to Hip eon mere ? of iM? ."tate, Bi d Hihiln ptoill rumple on, with vlgor-alIt eiotiorw) In lie cxpei dllore mid adc-iusto pruMrieii lorifcodi .t necesoardy IniUrred, ?>. now ie.|i;lrtd Uv tl.e conaltin Ion an' laws, la and over 1 au been nil crc"d 01 lint p id iotic and anligtucued mem bora ot lie ccmci rate pari'. i t -oivrd Thai whHtythe domocrarilc pat") has alwnys op iw.-oi mi indiscriminate "system of Internal imnrovenaent <> I i d.e national govertimeni, embracing work . of merely c i iiopoi tunep, the,, linn e?er been In favor of ail th judh loais ux I? od. bi i-ii a? Hen nceded for the inipruvetneni and groat*' ? rm by ol lb" i ivlgable wiaiers of ihn United fHatefc which are m e l\ nai ouai in their character lie oVrd, lbs' ivc arc opposed to Know Nnthlngtsm In al lb bit| ' f, phase" and objtp la. ae bojtllp lo Ibo apirlt tf Aixierl -an lt,e i'u t. iia urd the geniuaof American llbeny be-olved. Thai wp are opposed to Ibe Maine law, and al oil er attempt* al legislation 81 Ibe i .tunc tpicdm which prupoaa If roarer It e aoriaj luibpa of l/e people by the eleouit anno lb<- law 'l'bey are unconstitutional, beyonn Ibe jurtsflWsw o (.?ovymuieiit, and lend lo aggravate cvlla Ibey were vainly lu londed lo suppress He-olved. t hai ire approve, ratify and confirm the reaolu lions of ihr Democratic nutc C'onvantton h. Id al .Syracuse on ll o 2.'<t day of August laal, and Ibe nomination* of that and ol ibe county convendor*, aa fiiltnw*. In wit:? l or cerrelari of Stale?Aaron Ward For f'omptrotler? 'thin ivb it. Mttetifl. For Treaaurcr?.toseph M l.you. For l.'anal C'omnHasioner?Frederick FolleU For Inspector of For Attorney ileurml?Jn-epli Stat* Frtaoo?Dnihw dark. ... Mnherb nd. For stele l-.nglneer and Surveyirr?Inhn 11 Fay. For ilulgpa of tlm ('our; of Appeal* ?samual I,. Seldau, (long lerm, eight years;) John Willard (short term, to Oil va iaairv.) KorJuaUreot Ibe Supreme Faurl lor the Firm ludl rial Iiistrlct?Jauie* It. Whiting For .lineice* of Hie Superior toun ol tb" City of New Yoi k?Mieh-iel t'.ahociler; Jonat II. I'hilllpa. For Judge of the Court ot Common I'leaa?lolin K. Jir nd). For J uetn e of Ibe Marine Court?George F. Aldan. For Sherltl-William N. Melntlre. For County Clerk - lticliard It. Conmilly. For Coroner*?llleronyroits N Wtl I..'.in btlaord 1). ( onnery, Hubert (Iambic. Thomas Wheelan For I omptroller Philip W. Knys For Sireet Commlasloner ? lleni .i II Howard. For ConiinicHloner of Kepaira and Sup plica- NaHinriel S. Si-lab. For City Inspector?Alexander r Vart ~ i he For Iniinaal lo Ibe Corporation ?.1 obn It. liaakln. F'oi Governor ol lire Almabouee?(*. Godfrey Gnnilier. We reropnl/e lu Ibcae eandldatea fearb'sa, faithful and true deiniH-rate, and are proud lo preaeut lo Uie people audi aland aid bcarere at Uie ensuing election. K*s"lv?d, That ?c itivpe nil who cherlah our prln-lplea to unl'c wl'li ua in ihelr support and lo all sii"b. regardless of Unl'e wl'h u* in ilielr support and lo all sil' b. regardless of ti rrai r it.ilsloti*. we cordially lender the right hand of fellow ship, dial mi y mav make rommini cause with lis ngabisi those whulhreaten. by a sectional urgaol/ailwn. Uie deslruclian of free principle# and a frue conaUtuiion logelher. A genib man lining in the crowd?Mr.Cliairnitn.be fore thine resolutions are put I want to know whether nny of these nominees have anything to do with ihe hn<w Nothing paity r rh' Utsi'f "Shut up, dry up." The i|ueatiun ?a* taken, and the ihsolutiona wece ..dopfed by acelamntiun. Then tliere wore shout* for Clark, Brady, Ice., and lu respi n-o to the call Mr. Hotuo* F. Cijirk eaine forwrard ji d addressed the ineeltng. He said : My tidli w i Itirena : We have come up here to night to latUy the uoiniiiationa of our party, an i t<> renew, in (lie piesence of each other, our adherence to our organi zation and our devotion to its principles. (Applause.) to adAreas ) have been umriinnod by your committee to adAreas you on the various i|U?atlon>t involved in the approaching election, and in liew of all the circumstances width aur rouDd us. I I ave not felt at liberty to decline. I am one of those who have come to the conclusion that a time has arrived in our a flairs when eu-ry citizen who cares for tho lepublic uiuat come to its reaenn, ami that It will not nn-wer for those who would preserve It to keep back while there ar? thousands active and eager to destroy. (Applause.) Strange events ham transpired since, now two years ag< , the great democratic party of the State of New York, to whom the spoils and patronage of ofliee seemed of less importance iIikti the maintenance of their principles, fleet folltacd a dietiactlrc orgamxation. For two h og ionr- have we loaintaine I that orgsnication. without liie aid of the alluremriita of office ; we are now asai-ndded upon the eve of mi important State olec'lou, ami, thus leecabM, WV present to our political adversaries the same unbroken front as in tlie (lrst hour when we unfurled our banner. (Applause.) And we are still the same. Our prlnoiples arc the same; our end* and purposes the same. Our object is the same ?end that l?. the establishment and maintenance of those political doctrines which have elevated tlie Aiueri can tuition to the tr<,-nt tank among nations. Another of our purpose" is the utter condemnataon of those dogmas el fanaticism and iuU leratice which threaten our civil and relifrfnus literiles. (Applan?e.) Sucli are the pur "gOHMMV pr-.es and objects of tin- democratic party: such they hive ever been, ami sucli they will lemain. llow is it with our political adversaries? Alas' how changed! The great whig i ar'y i* no more. It* leaders have dbbimdod Ft. like Aateou. It lias leien devoured by Its own d< g?. Thore principles which Its leader* avowed, and for which its masses so long und so ardently struggled, have been repudiated a* unworthy of a great party, it* leaden have met In solemn conrlave, and after serious and calm consideration, unmindful of tlie nismorios of the past and of tl e pri'.?|?cts ol the duture, have with almost entire unanimity, consigned their party to a grave from which there is do resurrection. (Applause.) A nations! bank, a high tariff, the regulation of commerce internal improvements by the general government al! these are themes no longer worthy of discussion ami objects no longer worthy or contention. They are gone' i euro be to their aahesl (laughter and applause.) With heuitlelt joy the gieat democratic party of the nation anya amiu.' (Renewed applause.) muoli for tha whig party. Howls It willi tliat portion of the dema crntic par'ty who clung to the administration when that ad nth, . I all n abandoned the national democracy f \Yhci? a e they? They too are disbanded, except as !n lew and dispirited clusters they still hover around the bole-, where they ar# provided with executive jialronAge and plunder. (Applause aud laughter.) The ma*sea are disbanded; thoee < f them who were honest, but who, through mistake or Ignorsoco, confounded Tammany with democracy, are with ua heart and soul. Of Its leaders, some few still cling to the wreck. I Hiking about for acme convenient platform upon which they may ? jump with snlety. Their positions and proapoct* sr? pitiable Indeed, others of their hauler* have baldly tl rown olf the mu.-k. and are united, heart and lu with conrplraUir* against th* American I num. Ha abolltlonlata drarrt a pa**lng notice. Tliat parly I a* alwti' A appeared about tliettmeof imr auuuul eleeUow. ami ha* atrmed like a Hmall ilark cloud u; a , our political horiton. Tliey ton aia dUbwnu-if unlike other*, they have not abandon"! their princit<f , nor have tliey abandoned their deign*. Tnoys ? merely almniloneil their organisation to beoow* | ut ?l another, erected upon a larger wale, with now leech f( with more uti?crtipilou* men at their head, and iii'ifr |fl(^ fTi m them nniy In the amount of political and: pee* >na| profligacy, and alao In reapert of tho rwckh-iwiw.ia wltl| which tliey wage war ngnltmtthe Internet* of the 1 il(l)n (Applaoee.) All these elem nt* are now oomMotuh .,n,|er the name of "itepub'lcan." What a name' W/ie lnj. tewed aaeoclutlon" rlii'ter around it' llowr it hit# *fip?h the cooaccititcd nioni..ri*-< of the pa at! lb ,j R1? our I'Demler, end we are to meet and to over- uca* them, tthlle the watere af the political firmament Ita UllM beer. broken up. another party ha* arlnen, which (le-ervo* I erliapa more "ban a pa?*lng mention. i viui* teipiire* that I abnuld not attempt t.i diruiti.rh '.heir '* ij, .rtance in ?i**pir* the strong apprehcmiioii- which I fa ?i re. guril to tliern. I refer to the organisation mi under the name of Know Nothing. (Apple* lWi mllj under toe name of "American*," wliak Jajj jj,,, 1)t>. Jeota or their oigauiratl n, ?o far a* we >*? , p,irn any thing ahou' tbem, ere anti American- (|?ud ap plau*?.) Tlieir purponee are *ecrot; I he(f ?rhr?nl teflon i? concealed their leailera * ? ,,a|tnnwn to the puUie end unknown t-? ot^r_ V i\T para by another*. by ?ign* ami by I *ml>.,bi y aiecla-.itl.-d >-y degree-. They emerge ?.(,tn darkn* * only to lie neigned to greater and mure utter da. ?iw*t hy the deu.ocratic party. tChrera.) 7 hrJ. fjr*t emorg ei! from 'he gloom of tin Ir creation tarn year* ago, aud wore euppcrted by the whig party, ?? a frmn the time r.f it* oiigioal orgnniiation haa ever m an ready to aur r- nder Itr men and itn principle* lu obtain one aingle victory. Kor a *hort period they waf ? triumphant The neighboring eity of Philadelphia w* |jj,, ae.ene #,f their principal exploit. A riot au<^n \um* u-re lllnatrntel their principle*, and they ngaia rrtroe'.id to the utter dark ner? Item whence they bed ?pr".e ^ (Appleu.ae.) Kor ten long rear* have they ulumtiw*' , from that darkno** they haye recent If again a* .erged and In one of our We*t?rn 'Hie* e new na ,-aacrc ha* lllu-treted their rewrrectli n. (I/md ?pgib ,,a*.i It I* not *trang? thet In the general breaking,>1$.< f p<,| itienl partie-i which tlie 1**1 eighteen month* haa w* neaaed they *hould hay* acnuired ??me atifogtl.. Ibae* i* among*t tb? rria***< of t for bid them ?, ? ... all can dor, that I wa? urtorii"li?4 ?? , n at our lact *no ial *ler tien I found that they ne?h? -red 100.000 vote*, chanie tr, the pwopl* of the *M ta of New Vorkl ("heme to 'he d< moeracy of th* !*t ate of New Yr^k. that tliey ? h' uld pwr?)U a party ap?.n whrwe barguw < ivil ami po litical proecriptlon, aud nothing elan, i* lawiib-d or ran Bcnuired ?,me atitugir,. iuwa? i* among-1 th* rna* our people * atrongjeurh aity M da atrong kwiging fo rieri and myataiiiiua thing* f oat *plrit lute given rnurh at length but 1 leelrwng trained to any, In all be ipHcrihed. to tvvinewl uieh a rota rlaiud applauae.i lili" diagrace la your* the dUgrac* )? ram* let u?, wnh i o* common and vt^nrou* effo I, parreat It t<, be a<> a" Irnger in th* HtalaufNew York, fllneewi-l applatue.) W1 at are their JfHnelplea ? Whnt the object* of their nrgaaiiatlnnT W? cannot epjar tho cell* whern they hold their convention*, for ti.<a,.g 'mI. we are not 'up plltd with -talk Un'eTie r od ail tliad we can kno,*t,about it em 1* What we ean 1 *rn I / irvjulpy. What do we learn )<y that ib<|tiliy ny ot tbem aav* belonged to the kale wh'g < rgacitation, tti, I hawli to any. ibat mm (ew hate. In time* paat. twrnrdpoj to th* detnor ,ra*ie par'y. They tell u* that America mint be ruled by Am'-nain*. Arc ha* It not alway* hwe ruiel hy Ameri -*oa ' When tell rr.e. when waa A an ion ruled by t/y otli*r than American* t And. All mm, i? it gosalhle thr.l the tine will ever v me ?'in America will bo rutod by aught but Anierirenat (Shentanf "Nr," anduppk*) I-there any .laoge-to be awwrte<ir Na. If ibe rrv.?*e? , id to t know it. toe leader, ot that faction well knew Ihet th* f-late and nutione.1 eooatltoUon* provide th*t th* country nin?l ha r>vw?*l and nontr I'M hy Amerlcm ritlien*. Hut ttwy tell u? emigration mu?t be ehocked Why* I wi*k I bud. before m* m M.ilienee .f 1).* inr-rt ir.iellireut the meri who hev. lit thi* fl.in* ?( i 'ri' dlcocoa, i wjr .'l %>k them, why ehock emlg a'ion whir'. **ea.ly ha pw.pled nur wtkle with a vtg -ou meuhocr " out.I you rulract the invite'i n wl.feo we have -ii?n'.?4 to the w-ild an ! win h kei eei.He'e) / C e? h a tr.c r. rvllkr eil eaylnin of the op -*.-e I an ' le fuyr- 1 e I cf all mifImm whatever ther may m). th* iVu'fa'ic |r.?ty ny nf (Applau ?.) ti-ir uat'-aul l.oep'.ieUty *ja# uihertc b*?a our anti-oal h??t jr.1 Cttl ,.up teVr't-l fT'fmtt l?, la no ctsu 1 I- ilegrie, nMrfbti'e.l ta fir unparalleled (.Mi* -i { lioepHali'* .'?hrHtliit iK-fi'miilltil to tew. ia ha | bip.e of titer r Thr democratic party nay, wl'h one It>d I i??j.iiun , m. But they say furthir. that tin* tathct ?* r?tgion pit-milt in U'necoufl^iin ofthe OH Worllfrrrp I w'tu h 111 ?no ?migrant ? com*. uad that it is u?t our mil ? (I.to. Whict-h.ouriefcfii.nl. {Cbeeiirand a ary of "the I ciae.") 1V?t * us? it 1 believe in hf I ,*nv b nrt ( c.n de line the leligii a of America f I hKI toll you whet It is? ii refer right of lorry inau. wom.tr nnd child in AiiHMton. to wowhip (;<?! according. to thi* dictate* ol his ? i her nr.i ainimlh-d mi ,-tence (1'rwm-ndsu* apptouse.) A d o?u'limeii, it I; ore if the nltrttiulc- ? < that rcogi- s. ih.it it. under nrr rirsuinatwices, permit* any |nooi:ii 4ioi. in h vet to !!/> form ol religious isegahip l.i' genne of Ami *i m iiin?i ty admits of no pmjaivlptloii in ii'r|.-f to tlio mode in which ca di indii-Mhial stall v?i rsi i|. S?i* (ioii. I Appiao-t?.) l iyil pros, liptien, t**i, is in nil i t shape irvnnsiftobttrltli the sp'rlt ?nfl geoisi of Alnoifewi inetilu V.it?. I ?,?. it in a.Ii seriousness twv i tUM1 I 1 *? Unit 11** subject- is pregnant with danger. A political pav-y that ??o*? rush bigotry, that organism Hint lives red nu vi ? in secret < ami.it I. ok esl?t in tin.' liiewir Hinl under the pun .kins of Amsr.ca. f Ohs-era |. in tint Ungr'age of tb.-4 political magicianf at the touris nt wlioei' ? not the wl?g party '?*? >ti.appeared tor ever, 1 -ay, "lot iho- Know Nothings pass." (Laughter iin'i a,-, luti-e ) 1 liivt now given you n brief survey of the |.at ties oci'iipjimg the pcPtlrul liehl The line* are dnwo mill there |S no lunger any (lsuftrr that if 111* conflict which is to etsui, friends mid foes can be lnuna-red burial Ideal. (Applause.) Our antagonists are the repuPiltanf, but the Atneilrjn-p.iopliv are apposed to the motisoa which inspire tbero, and'to the danger* that threaten all we have, and alow* desire to | elect. (Applause-.) t deem, tliim unworthy.to-ba ri.llet " lepuditcuns," but I giy tin ni the name with wid'h their bla> pliemous leaders haie ehilstened tltiuo. (Applause.)- And here let uw? olltnti ret.-r to the desperate proclivity of the whig party lacatub hold ol acy-ism vblrh utay produce a momentary aurora*. You all tr ieoil.. r)how, a lea years ago, tliey ran afiei na ilv Americoni'm. "l*wi camewnti-reniijtn. .votaiiiietiuid inp the pure and paAriottr men who have at Uinea at tie h.ul 1 lietnaeiyes lo tlioir oiganiiaiion, you all know l...w lipht has tveen the tenure by wtii:h. they luid their principles, how Uiiie ih. ir urofwaniona aruli how* desperate tlieir plana. I rogiut for tlie sake of their own honor, niri that of our common country, that they have not paused and considered loop before uniting .hontiM-lvea to a-paity wiio-c avowed olject tsa.l pui pu.e it la to put tinv violent, death, Anie lcan slawery, and to put to deatS the American conaiituiiou, if it Htuiida intlieirway. (Applsuaa.) I accord to it this ) if ltd* surer touali mei it?that if it is au' iusislul, it will be the grei eat {Hilitical utiike 06 thia or any other age. That is all Oiat lil?toiy will write of it. I hU century and this yrcr will tie referred to a? a time \wbcn, iu coiisc^ueoccof the eeue-.il drnioraiiiutliMi ot th r pnldi - mind- in lubUion to lurtt' iu I uue.tioiis, a great poHticul party tliaA hail poierried the t'ui >n lor years i^rautted itself to let trans '?m ie.1, holy atid sou!, t?i anwkia, whose sole aim iwtil ob ject was to destroy tha InioiL (Appluuiwt. I It i* my )ui|? that the natl-'uaJ ileayierMy will, to thoir otwiuui honor, put tiieir soiieme to a violent death. ( jU-newvL applause.) Hut we atuat u?- t them where t try haan arisen. 'Ihcy luivft amuagat. their nuuijer abli-apeak.era and writers, and I r-si'iid it a* itnporwutt IW. tins lus to nal democracy of tha city and eovjity of Now Y'e.k should iiiiderat uid the poinds in ijtmw. isjsat hIumiM know moie or leas of thraiy (icJiUi-al w'.enta in the liialory ol- tha country -whuh. havw gt->n rise to tho oigaiiiroUon, and which uusy give them a temporary vie tory ?for temporary victories ate all that such ntwii want, while thw nationnl de inoar?cy want nothing but ? 'idoiics that alutll last for ever. "(Applause.) The sot,' *ct to wldoh 1 pnr'icularly wish to iovite your aUnntiiu , b the subject of slavery. wish to iiivre your atlnnuar , b. the subject ol slavery. Y'ou all know that the repu bli an parly have orfoniaed on the platform ot anti slav ery. You all kn-.w that the ery. auiject i f slavnry was eon net-toil with the iormation of tin-American Coustltutior . | shall ri-ler lis In telly ?s I can to that issue, and all) ,ougU the subjeit is one which possesses liut lilt's, inter est to any other loan the stu dent of political history yr, the time lias arrived wlie i the national 'himocrsc; had got to atrugy!- with "i fjueatiiin, and, aerhina t j the struggle nisy t come thsir eru roes or be overc.-in" thu t plauae.) Rel-aiing ti , the (.ettod when V Cotistitntlon was orga rdwil, cur opponents , ill Constitution not not recognlrs slavery. 1 l a u is Inlse. It did. It r cognue.1 it in in..ro lorms tuaii one. It rocognli'-d it not name - w.u the I ve of tree, darn ot tlio. > w bof ,lUKht t .tties of the Revolution and who lrid the f? lU?datto: ilint syatein which these men now *t?k to ? destroy, tl i hey u.-o<l not the terra ? slave." Hut thi y lecngnirc l - ry in more than one, ill more t!iair two ?n,i )? ,?0..- than throe distinct forma. They rceoonrwd it by the limited powers they gave to the geneeal)s.vf niient-, tlo-y re<-.giii?e-t it by the raaer vation t sthsSt ,tea of all Oilier powers than those ?po citically,*. start (hey recogolrisl it bv rcpresmitatio-. and tax U'wu U lindi-d upon slaves; and they rec .gutted -t hv the. mw.vl .p,,, for tbe aurren.ltr of fugitive -laran who 'Wgjit ? (Moue from one ftate Into another? The natitaal democracy entertain as high a respect aim! vrneratiara f? r the constitution and the great men ?<tio foriru-1 it *a any republican or Know Nothing. TUey^tad "t"'"I 'ty A jn ((s darkest hours, and would staud Lg it to tli?.'a*l. (Appiatiao.) At that period of our history ion of I he constitution?' he common, sen' I ?tha/trm I, i Ion of the eonstltutioi mint >r?b e American nation was in far .r ot freodom. toMri ig was tho love of freedom th-n that thf desire wa uu-wf er.ai iliat the blot ol elan ry ah-.uld be removed as is,%t , lt coui,j (>r. Hint is a fact which every atu dei.t iiatory must rec.wnite. The province of Virginia a law res'.iicting slavery, and the llrlt'ah govern mi af-p ejected (t. Virginia, wl'unutrewsrd, without term* or 'par H gave to the general government thogreat north w?%* q Teiritory, claiming nothing more than that th-f tat.-a which wou.d irt* foririi-d out of It, should ' ?* y nutted to the I nlon, nrov d. d they ht I republican tuiions. (A voice?"three cheers tnr Wise .") How ?>-w ,| this have been If the sentiment of Virginia was not ?*.' avor ot freedom ? I venture to say thai there are men ?' v attached to the republican party who live upon es " ..-a that are the Iruit of the inlvrual trntlic to the * ast Of Africa. It was a Virginia nan who Intr.elnceit ' c pTOporitl. n into the const.tutb-n that the slave tra.l? ' liould era- <? iu 1MR, and th<- republic in* of tha* 'lay ? p pond it. c lav try 1* a gieat evlL It Is a great iujuali. e slid opprnsaion to the slaveowners; hut It is a goat tdessicg ? to tho.e four million* of people wli are the ?uhjecte of It. (Ap^.lau?e.) As time I pawed on tin importation of slaves cease 1. and up to that time ih?r? wa* no 'abolitionist* In the I uited State*; no republicans to Internet tlunMl'i* lor that race, of whom It must bo said, tliat the wrong was not to loop thorn Iri slavery, but to put them there nn I that wwng waa I utile tad more by the North than than by the-t.ulh. In 18'JM, I/iubunna wa* purchased from Future, anil there were then no remonstrance* about the slave trade. Ifu' olmut thirty year* ago there sprung up at the North thl* abolition party. Tliey nuk 1 "slavery 1* no longer profitable to ua, and we will begin and prac tine philanthropy, an long a* wp can do an without loaa to ourrPiTi'*." (Applao?e.) About 1819, th" Sta'e of Miseourl ap|lied for adnil*alou Into the American Union Slavery wa.* her local law: and she mine In with out the clause whi-h prohibitory slavery. The North 0| p'*/c<l her *dnii?*l"H on that account, although th* f eople of the State of New Vork might by their c uutl'u lion establish slavery to-morrow. The South protoited against that opp" Ition and that th* South had an e^ual light there with the North. They ?aid that t/iui/iana w*? purchased by the common treasure and theConiitl tut ion of the I'nited State* protected them In their aa ??r'h n. k Inally, It waa agreed that the compromise line />f 3fi deg. 30 inlii. *butthl be e-tabli*he l. That, perhaps, v i* tlii fatal error of /-cUbliahing a geographical line In a r/ unt/y whoae Interest* from north to outh, from ea?tto we*'. are identical. And now the republican party of the North -;ry not that th* law aholiahing that c mipr unl*e line shall be repeate<l, but Dial no more sieve -tatea ah ill b* ailmtttrd into the I hion. The (Jueatlon of slavery I* with the | c/.ple of the South a question of properly. Supp*?e 'he /juration wa* reversed. Suppose that In reaped. to ti e coniim n territory of the I nion, the people of the South should ray, " We will go there with our slaves, but you ahall not go there wt?h your cattle or your mo ney, ' bow would we not cry out on tha lojuatl e of that' kvery time the ijueatl/in of admi**ion ot a Mate comae up, this -ame fell aptrlt 1* put in agitation, and the ex leten/i /.f the t'nion ending/red In l*b<i, the t'nlon pasted compromise measure* and on that the aitlontl democracy now stand We ?ay that the |/*nple of th-** Terntorlea liave a perfect right to aay whether slavery /hall exist there. Ilani/h the ev Ming oua-tlon. an t let ua go on prospering and to prosper united and iridlvl?l hie. I thank you for your attention In listening to a speech which wa* much longer than that 1 originally In tin/'ed to have nddrcMed to ynu. Mr. (laike retire/1 air.i/l applause, and there were cries for Ilrady lit arty. Inateed ot Mr. itrady. Judge IViwar. of tttaego, ??/ Introduced to an/I a/i dressed the meeting, lie aald?lie hut vary rarely had an opfiortunlty //f a id/ee-log a New York audience but this was an oreeaton when any true democrat could say an/I do something for the good of the cause A dc mncrat on an / reaaion like tlii* who lovae his cans*, though he were dumb as the a** yoken of in Scripture, vet could he open til* mouth. Tne lime for argumeat for reason ha* g na by N/>w is the time for action Ynu have I wen naught by recent ob/w-rvatl .u that tha great democratic party are bow confronted by new eua in lea, or rather by combinations of old foee The time has been when we met the oM whig party Aa foetrea wnrhj of mm siee' And wa have come owt roequeror? but now It la wttb 'hem a mew bat aa It waa with the enemies wt/Vh tha I ilg/tm katbera met with Instead of ?|*n war it waa stratagem*, midnight ma**acr*- t/u/hai and la/amlHret. ' o now tha whig | arty disbanded aoitc<l again with /ha * 1/oUtienla**. They rome tagsllwi and|fur vtsal1 Were It Bierely for the pu pose e< masts/ing tha 4ams*-r?Ue party wa need Dot than have entertained so much fear. ut the time has come when treason t*> th a I nk?i *UUs abroad at mld-<tay. A short time ago tie mho wouM have / are/1 to imp a word against this f oi -n wnail have teen lhaaed and /coated, out now la openly pv claimed ?sir, and from the pulpit too?fhia*ew/?tha Use-LiMon ? libel alon or the emancipation of slaves (lit***/ ) II ta high lime that ewery democrat sto aid be ewske sn/l est. I sit action take tne aie/e of talking What might have been / Or condition had our ane/tsWs e/ia'snlst lbern*al?ea with meeting together and paaatng rweoi ill es while the enemy were tn the land.' We w-, ,W btve >*en in vaeaalsge still. Is rtvd and ratlgt <us ityr; ta danger* Yon hate i*en total how that i* already Y Lavs bad emphatically. Moee. and tha Piaph-U art Id y/ u do not bear thetri neither wo ltd yo it h**' n* ?hough he should rise from the feel, (art any rnso o-l-*:ng th* danger In/-tvtl and r?Mgi -us h'serty s at the | .event and look at Uie pact I was h ?<? an t ? rat/da 1 .maker and read of til# paraec kmi 'ha Maker* f/r their retlgi vs otsint/gae? w dp-, bvi I impiT naaea! and scwllnid* Well, If .bey *?? p tie t e'b lie* t.ow *by may they not et-o per*#- it? *k I el the Mwk repuhUe*h* a* Ihey are eat ->1 p "1 r f iMiUt/'eie't and traa eeitrrr, Leva th* pose- n tfiMiirt tWy ivt cut Ahi* I ntm a* under, * ii i*ve? .*ry to ratty c?M their at hcnci* of Wf*???r?;'ati"U'' Tlwy an- no*, t" !>? IrtiKtM, Who irt tiiMi Iciitcritl1 fTid. Dougla*4 (I ) Hi I uii y?m that I reel, will lot hi* litih army t*U?p wlta It ? hi* grbkivwl tbwriotry kupmp mm,' (A tuW?The lr(?' loitn l.avr juhu*<ft fht*fU>n& * of lautMcr ) Think yti* that tl?*y wil' ntpe a m/tmiflt in their nt+d cjux i N? , their h-tntf i? raUcd, wud the ; ??] 1w *1**1*11. [aiioiiicrit <>ftOg?'r i? nj ,piwa?di j:g, uJWl ?' With# mr\e oi Hi* | rty to at ay thi* thduft* of agitation. lioa did you ac^uiro vaur Hber tyv ^ c?u -Athriiteei it from th<? liiour- of thr r?r? lution, who pmth.tMil it ai'li their blo'xL Aral J ark, *li?Il we be diy*cu?rate ioua of n ?hlr *ira? fSkail aoyiwld our libcrtiiM uuv No, ftdlna cltlxen*, I twJU not helirwit. I* t ur Hake up to action and redeem liar lunfsre Htatc from the Land- i f mm who would pol lute h?r lair eocutchron. ( Applauoe.) Could 1 Ur up one *1*1. man to a reuae ot bin duty here t<? nirUt, I ehoiatf .leet amply repaid lor Irawellinif two or thri e bun d'(Mi nil Ir* to be Willi you en thin ocra*ion Imeon your frit utenanee. (hut you tare awake, and road/ to (?" to wn^. li?t in,, <>? I ? inan,.w week, loll <> talc fiat bhall pt< * id ckwr our frleDda tu oTrrr pari of our riort ou? hainti go. 1*1 u? ah"W the Noui\i that they tmve uiadeoa* mlitaki' in turning their hack upmi u-. r.UUfig ut tin i.e-.?? le, embracing (Siir oil rocnuM midn- ur leering -^ ><? iioilera. And What hare they got S'.ung. (la inUr, 1 They bare no byni|iathy from ma now. Hut ihei i tj are open; they lagiu to a.>e who it L, that Ktand in '1* ? eoii-tltntiioi, ami they la-gin tube anafam? tnn l-'ri nil In I'ierce h.rertlT?for thi triumph of our parly. 1 #? not want to wy a hard word Of lfraak.ttn 1 iotie. fa h ia got irl'i 'Mid company and gr-l badly whipped > r it, ukcpooi il"f Tray, fA yotee? ?" Three groana fe?r j him.") II ?r ore faclh nlaU, vre will bo largi l'"d> at taotiouht*; an ! to doubt our tlnal aue^Ch ? woul <1 he fa d'liiht th< j'li iirt irffhrnitpftfmoo f n uili rrubli.,'1 to a?i 1i will ii.e again; r* ? eternal > m*th (,1'ikHl are lien. (Applaufte )j In o<m< Ui??ion, Mr. paid a t to liciicrtl WiH <h* can<h4at'? at th?? Jmud of th ? ticket. With aut'h at ie.kt t in the le 1?1 th? y ?JoM*rv<*'i aaceMH, and with t.iipfeffort* <*P the f?*n ty the/ nhnol l btm* it. (Applaud^.p He did not like to upo ik liar-ii ?y r?f the dead. Theiir | oor ?ofi frlen in wer?* dead. If thoy hud no tdU?-r eneni # 4 oy ti ?pht ?.it at tlieir can But they had a roruhitmtxi'fi ? ?f p?-eJi ?** rt pnul thern. And u the end they wouli. a v?" li the lepuldioa/i party ^Iuhouk flzale. (lard hter.) 'Ihey hu t akf to ti^r.ti'< thehnow Nothing*. Tli ey )ir?ii enit/iif^ m front, an't>wdik<><kaierMl ^eoit in Winii nxtoo?4'ii? iii>h in Uie rear, to- fl.augli trr.) It i... the duty of dt-nine ret a to t'? ?r way through, and t tiiou fit rictiin may not jieroh on ?ur hau arr* in till ra nipazjpy, tn? jay will a**ure?tiy came when ?*jr liilmrH aa<i oui elTerlr will be ievrardt<tk (Applwum*.) Judge Movrt ?? n t\ t inir mAui^'I to the tiu*?vl?ny Judge < Ai-w % ,* Hi v n who Maid?*Thv very able. Iwuned and ftjll Tetimike oi my friend* wh? firruMMted ??. ilt^t iHiCUuik thaoiltll grmini, TlU'V Orifen tk* aitvi into tiiei?M)ft ti of <vm? pnddical opponent*, mo it only remain* to r?e uw tt, adnaii it. (lAughU'i ) Who ea?? *ey to-night fha thg inlfieel demoufny of N??? Vork i? deadV who wiM' not ^ tliai they .? a w/af my. e?iuii.|?e?t wfih raooliiUkn and determi^l t? wiirrh to the field ta?-u rr ov\ vetk to conouect' Ckppiau*e ) I* i* plan* It le, 1 r raid, Ui* great and g'ar.'ouK .**iste of Sew York will ntd cUn to too gun tired t cut VUglnin an nouncing vlct k"%it "iiiul tho Nape <A BU?v>ai*tig'tii!o net be wide to ttM.tuuoe the country 'bat rrj?a\ir,i m i? killed1!' Win . rouW red th* iBU* & IW?U(< foi tned he twem the aVdiilioiwi.t* and ai.ig* r\ Syrea?." atxl not drop a tear a. the ai?>?nory of Web.dor ana* Clay . It iw for you, uiy jUow rAin?n-. to di iv , ' a Ji *Aw Invader* of your eoutiiiy-bt tiyjtf,*,! au i e*taiiLuh, u tw*i tiun* t*? emne the right* *>*'a freei^it ina hlaowt eufl 2 1 iru?t the day ha* cou e Vut wiX eh ?* these 1hM the national democracy *t tht?-o<j*inUy are deb ri;tiU(V- to nu?*erve tli* c??ftitIttttUiQ ot Ctelr ttt'herN.niii,' >**. >.m ail' ikOff four Soulhcii, liiiu^. that you are rvaoiw?4 to protect tXj? I Dion t?: the emgrcoe* of the S ?uth ^ball !??.!??, and the grariie h?W'? <?f the North *haK ' ioo'jvr and de? ay. r't told an O|uto<kt|e of a Vunk * divine who m#!i-cUh1 the text of Nla ?.w>n t<*t?ui tie* ? \ ltd .a and found thnt ! i* nrgun .Ueiame into eontli : with th n?*a reyelii 'jn. Well my fHeuds i v nwon ?ni* rub.'^wt to dUf? v|i\i', Mi f .e<l Iif>r?]. (frAyhtcr.) And said Mr. t u, ! am * i.'ihg, *?? admit th ? tW' Jam 11)?' an*nt:Ice foiik;t-an tfal? divlnu Ud of rMO'vtiv I i.M nut will U? admit that Uig here l< i proHumpth Ai* lj?> won't n </ Itth- about th'*?r, fi?*nd*, the . din. (A ><?;??, 4<Tno soft a tibjKrt.") He diu nut think <b* hottn worthy t< hv trusted, and he w<*ihl t lorehoe tell hlit f t-nd* the liquor diab .1, that he watt ecury he couh\not vote for the? irfo I lit**!. lie hoped that. c?n Tuesiuy mat, Ilia natioirat oenaairacy would teach tli??ir e?ji ?.. *?? hat A i?er ? u:i* ? t th: ?? in i? cratis etamp air to ; t'o Ai?eriea, nt? 1 no*.f i?ke. ft rl"* f? r fkady Mi .-tow. Howgru and rttai fitwo*.] The CKAiSxar n'jr.w'jnu *d that uoue of 'dtp ? nouUdra?*n aeic ptenbC hut 'idinduced klr Kom*. A \ Oil %? Who j. be? Mr Hoar?Th#* miy iespon*e that csg* '>* giren i* tliat he i* a netlount lemocrmt. (Hravo.) Vpp^uriug in thh hall deroted tufadu#, he would '.hi ux^u ** ! fir feeling somewhat ahai bel; but ho Ik IIcti<itha' thedr tyinpathiio tod g#>"d a i*Me w*ahl atlood oti ? l Mia*. th*y had to *i*r. 1b#y atw^i to-night In the Mfdat of an i nexrinpled ci hi*. I riof pi*s hare hen awiiiUMlio thi. r.uuu'.rjr which might .karll* Ilia fraa* Wold from Ihci. gru. . In guar I tlic (lowrif.ll il nil that I- /'???at ami uulc in uxnklnd. (Appl iuj.; lb> 'iclicvi.il tli if. In the eoiiu;j??*n<;ei" of th ?w,|"n'l him h? aw the Nplrlt wbi?h I'rovl.laooe had be.towcl on th ii^tbara (if tlia rciiuMie. (i|i)'?ilN.) 1 hi y li.i 1 K?iir<l 1 ere te-nlgut frum >uen itrtllad and %?j,ieit In 'ha uemocratie camp, the* worln uf expcriewtn mil wiwleji which were to them "ii lb i pain f > ti - lery For him llu re an, l??it i ne '>ng I" ex;ei ? 'bat ol the ju .ug (fuilcnt rf Amrruao hliterjr. they bad lieea callad nprm a* Aneriaan cltln to prwrili. ,ni| di.iiwn a portion of tb? Amerl-io nail ma'.I j. 11. uuew Del what it wa. to |ir .?rll?i hia fellow 11. n f*?r difference uf UrgiiNg.', "f rrrrginn Or of rn. . i a ? ? only the principle of traa democracy, and lint ; 'j ? lie la* lirred to Ire Ms?> aaimatuig pi U of Ii , w'lttl i?d lie bed l.*en 'aught to r> ver.-neu T In hi. /oath ? re erf ailed It brrr to night Hn' lie wwi el a a,. ri'an to ?a/ thnt under the r natttutum and t'i .jd.,' I e araa to proart Iba ble felloe man tor '.T'eren ml r? ?? creed, la IhU the I oiee o' uII '.e I ? a/u ? | |l,,( tha v.dea of our modern ed Ulralton ? on ? aery l. i of thi" land. In ti*ij Talley, an 1 by every ma-ahnre there la one ?lng'e danlal til It. No, tPe AtmrlcMi la the nuil i Lfreetorn thelAinariian w id" han' inlifte-l the rliMMTof fr?*4<?n? and lore tU. (Appiauac ) Jl<- ha<l trH?ellre| In ftrd/n ' #n?i il n* mi unattended. II* had bean ir< M?i?i in lb* cotter'* cabin ? ' tight, a rid met nothing but frien lahlp, ktnlne ?, an 1 ?l?a? all lnt*re?t to know lie wa* an A tor i(ran Ami when that word wa* nMar*-l It waa a ap*ll to open th* r*?ki t of In?* ami allwt'nn In tli* human It mm?l welcome tn their heart* an I flrerl la*. < ftutd he forget that' Could he fefif' that ontba mo .n talna ol ."wilier Ian I, in the -utinp clime of I'aljr, and un der tin- tioj el.adnw of the capltol a' Rom, U* hid n rehred rueh welcome aid klndn* ? - lie -? ul-lnot (Ap nhiu-e ) Who atood true to AtMlon and the!- ,n tltuit m In the ilaiigioouo dm ?? of the r*T -lotion' Who ?ipo.-d the con-| (racy tel<ial?? Hgulnat Waahington? Min wbn e 'Icennrlaift* an now to n* found In the i ink. of the n? Bona! d*n>e>crwi-p. The firet nam- - en th* ' uinent t poring It, arc timet of Al*? md- r Hamilton ?n-l lafk/etU' (Applaud- ;JM* denounced the liaortiamnOM ami -n we rttp of abolltloalata. To Atreignrt !i? -at I?git* m th principle? of 1h* true national demoer**?, and w* ell if1?i- pot) a la mi Meal red bp all Boink I ml (Applaud*-) An-th* a?plratlon? of?Iw t-lrri?of all oatt a? untrue' fhall lr*lan-l for *?*r ait bp ?) # Wt villa a t* gga ?-I Rachel? (No, no.) til?# vn tlrtorj and ?? ! more * will gl?e pou a boon mora jrm i? an n I -a-1 ;* (Ap plana* ) A itap map con* win u ? . -,f tl, Crime* map appear on our ?oil am! >U? *r- w- if w? hat-- not th* ?j inpatliti? of th* people of Europe a lib u?" Hut tb?r* will com* up th*n a t it ? fr o ti.-- heart of Hiiiije. raping to ??? Brother., ? ,f g -| . h-e- ?? are with pou. (frte*t aptltu ? / II* j f>la< Mlinth* triumph of the national aentr* acp to a'.telomeM of that acaj* of trulh Jurtloe an-l free ! n -hen tliep ?ho old be to bumanltp True a* you circling .nherna to n*' ue lan, Atul man tl>? brother fi?? th* fried I of -.-o Afte r Ibree- rh**r? for th* nallee.al partj threw gr-MW for the Ami lean parte A- tie* maeting at to II M., aepara'ed. Dr?orrtelle Whig fenntp Meeting at tk< Rroadwap Uoaee, A meeting < f th* trh /? in faeor of t'.e n miner* i? th* e Hp, eouotp and judicial ti*ket? wa* belt la*' night at the- Broadwap II nee- In reapon** to the following rail > Dsn or Hi TV- VaM CncwTf MnwTlltn -Ut ??* <in Off At I " A*oo?a.- lb* Whig* of h* re-; ami ? 'Mil/ of M'W York will n,-?t ?* weea? *' 'h# Peoa4?*r Me ?*, ?, Hero lay ? vdntng neet. di " i, or ' *k Tie* rrw-o-1. eg u.* *i ? cnoatf diet jod-lal naMaaaa ami an *b ?* to '??t <? r? i#or',o,<ot n On - r( ? ore* of u* dtp |i> *i rvium reform in * aln, , duration of lit* pabMe htredue if ue* cttp. deal la taewe if ? er'log rood man te> ofbe* *r? eeraeiui AtW tee tv praaei.i iiti tvec' -p*ak*r* wQI aebtreiaa the era* In* < nit I WN II Aid.. 'balrnwn lie -e* -i.er.aeee, JAW II WKI.i 'I fbairtoan Yonhg Mrr, <<l*o-i? ? - . ->r* A band tie "-fag*'! for the 'clear a ant en! renal tie* prora??itnga bp lb* p*rformann# of aoen* ??'p g ?*l alra In addition b- thl* and U?# oth*i attraetion* w I- b are to b* found at all political a?awInge th*r- w** a largw Unfit* nppewtta tb* ho'taff hi brand *irw < b? n tl'/ th* public that aometl ing wee going on Ina-t* fh? toorP >*( notwlthatandlr.g all tl,i? *?? aot a- a. -r-ua*. might ha?* I*<W ei/nM, tut thee wiv- t-d at'ed were fwJ of an the- a*m ami b'-t* f"? U, ? .r-w'ong -rente*t At bail pn?t aa^er, . r! k |t? ?*!/ Ing W#e ealvad to order bp ton Wet. Hal who morn natdd Aider tnan I wnot t v.?ea?t* for I rewbto t Ta? nowel natf a war nnaolrnotaajp a/pr- ?*?! aft*? which the fed p.wir-g g*o'*u*t> wer? m **jt?l a ti, a raonretdta ? tapben Wbhan* lleweyan M???* It.- * |**w^ Jr , j pbi.tp rte*.i?. <!*? it W w? hni r lM?rmi. Kot*?t J"W*? thfdt? IMartmlp Joo f (Ywemia. A i gdiaelanf l*nwk w.,*t Pen* II. Maetareen Jaiece be If, '?*? * ueioiad, Juee A**lg*r? fat Head/. *?*??' h Oenra* ' *<? Jrebr. I <ef<we. Tt-"?p.* v* It*'**. J-w*?. W (!*/?.*? g H?.b*. O*. f A~- i ? . |f- . | j If ft/.* a#* llaee Tber* ae ge*.? *dp, ft V Atade-eie p*lwae*t Y Pr'.v* f ha* M HrrTAaerp I Ar, ft***e--*e j.tnpe.r.a A> at M leawrerev e Inberl. |>*>. -rtf at r.? ta .?" ?*. ?'*>piv*?i'etn<te?*v r it Hi'.vtmt ||o ti I. I toaa Or-, J taricll, Je.r , J . eae V rr i fra'APt S 1 !!?*?#?, fie* II P?a4h!''>> I-,., ft tang M*a Aden?. Ami* 'I *.*???! f,.r. tearre'*eev?*e IV ?e H lama he*-* Hr?.W*-|b ee-., ? - Vo-raer* leAee, W Pear*-* wh A War*! ? . Ha? Uti th -arena J *>. M Ibt-oe-t. j*-.- v ! ,m. FT !MT* P? J, J,, fv. . tM ee fw? t iu-wp. '*?* ? ?kV' -PMWb llii't .lotting gentlemen weie led OkblhTtlllJl. J< hn fc lh liber, Wdiam li h?oi;dill, John KcUock, I. wl* iiniiki i (iilit11 I hiker, 4uc I. liruwu, .1 l i in ut Mint dame* M; (omnia, o?m Jl to .wrr Whhttrkt ( ?? ?? K. i ,ft 1 ay I i.. (ha. <?. li nn. Jfremkik I'cuy, Jim H. Mar-hatl, Jrtiti H Mliouh, Join A. f'regler, J a (iiilUAl-T, It knit After Ihe anopUor of the torvyr hip otluer* the f '(law log preamble ninl if 'lutlnn* ware ti vl by Jtnliw Welch, ot tin ITniil (KtUr j-rtUtrlQl, arid utiaritui itialy a topic I ? Wlirr. aa. ihe whig parti. thrm^iti III regularly co?i??iiut*4 nomtna'lai: i onyr attune. tuu. lira u nion IU candldaic* for Om nana! city mi! coin it ofllrr* at flu appmanhiu,! ubtrUon; kmI wherca*. aalil ? aiiilldfiiea will coUipue utile I (avoraely In ?* pcrtriicr rnpahlllly nr. i char o " r <ti li thmic pot f ire *r t Up any of llii* Bihar j aitma, aiul. whrr l ie, in now Ijf the n)iuU|>li city if caiutl'lalci- ami id ufor ma, tlm -I .cuma cry of " Na parly and reform " tattle mlnr'I H' ol matter* foreign In Jl inunn !|in! r ipcoi ne, thai r i? n pu eppralicnel'iB tied the rler ? lorn may he amliari "?m*i and dcltalod In tlm y?*rrtee of aa lumcai Iratiekiw?111 Talari', ltcMihrd, 1 luii, i.? whig*, wn hare a ticket ta xupparl, of which trii may jue'ly lie rmtnl; an.l, aa fttUena, hattny a d.ap Interval to lh?eWecU-rof mtr uuntiet?. tnaeeomeel, we duly aiiprcclate the e?iu rtcraca, aMdti am lafcgrti y -I lite nointiwwa nn that nrkri, and will ?itc them an Viic-i and tiawgcUr any |iori at the in id. Kewilvcl, T6ut wtlh each i.ame" n Uohrrl T . Ilawc*. Wn. K Pake, Tlieo I' Tmultuvili anil tlcdr eaaorl.v'ci, I In whig parly can enter upon Ihe approaching itfc'tlim wn li mnfldeiioB, that the expert ??re. Inlail igi n -e au round lodgment of lie > amlidale* will ISivnvaMy m ouinoSi I Hum In a' ilu-cnada airing to are Ibo tajinna dn|iartiiienl uf the cliy tp,i rl utnewi lioncetly and falUilully conducted. Kciolinl, '! I nil na rcunccta the an nailed reform party, whatever credit may kat r Imam due r?> their lonner m Uiwta a* rei'anla Ihe rtitinlnljial utlalra ut our etir, their r? rant i onduel in nulling Ihenantlvm wVh thai port! ??* the hvuto-o party. alviaye Iraet au*po?lri| of any iDa(toe!Uiui or luotlve t*i reform Ihe lliiADrea ami moral* of the ci!> goverwieul. i a uioat mm* clualvc relnlatloti nl their titeleiu tone (at no purty and relnrra. lie ulrisl, Tlial Ut J plana. In ll.e oid w Idg pla'lirrni are attl aouml and that die plnUorm etlll atar.da, irqulrttig nn piming ItOr patching?loll alIe?VUig ampin rora lor all who would aeu around ami runaunirai edmliuelraU-.a ut i lie ally atlalra and url'e to iiliieln IU Krmnvrd, Thai aeearuitetlv Invoke the Uitoeaalnc rtpllt whin ele<fur. In k.M'plnr our city, raumly ami Judical hrhe heti ur ihe neap la. la adupilnj all neiaaaai y mean, of Iiiiiiuumc ? ell. I ill ? I| ; voir In I r|? III IIIi; , nl. aupply of la krtaak the ni llmani taklrw every other uu uni t to aoenre lamr ? andldau > a inun, pliant alert ion Mr. Iniai.icn h' mi Ihrn plilnarml U>g wrUn|. Hw cimrtiien'ml by nlltidlnf to the pie i wt (tate ol partie-, and aaid tlint li'i cwjinld. red it Itfa diife.tji tin- condition #T polilli ? arvt tdii> n untry to roioe fjuea<<i tod (Ire Ma rupper! to the prlnolph of the whJj: parly and to the Hon of ita caadldatee to nlNca lie < Uallei.ne.1 any man to e ijr ufco'lu r the candidal'* who were o uiiinatatf by that p irty ? rrc nut ami ag the be?t pryu nted tor Uw ? uHrajfee oi the people The r .i.vvolioua by whi ft tbaf wric n' -ainatrd wi re ron<tiiet<"t l y man of < Uameter, win ?e Hold dee I re wan to present n.eu ?h i they tMilleraa wen-w .rtljT of the couftdeuee of the party and of tka I uhllr I Me nita tiny vra. ealt'd to intnaluee tho?a mew to tliu darttire ae evi i y w ay il wai i lug of their auopart. The nihil aba l.rada li e li krJ, acid Mr. H.. U tloberl T. H in. (A{i| I'lime ) 'Hie rrrponac you (rlrt to bin nam i, Ita n uffnue.1 exemU any prelac I r. .u hentow. lie a a aaeieliatit of tin- fi^heat io'eyrily, and aa A nierrU>er of the Common f'.'oiiirll, in fort oat day?, ha pint i?t thv hljth i . ?coni of ,i.t who knew I.lip, f ir 16a lo. ii 4r, the impartiality, and the feailraannee wftb wl'ith he performed the i aliee of Ilia nflt a Hi la aot infeteated In keeplny up any Mate otvtnl atlop tlk?? Un? eciMiratrd reyeney which myanir an uotorlr ur I ir fte our ?ppllon f A( | In11*<- ) fe hair nomlryfrd iinolbd* '?ah of timllai illlla t'? br Ilia iilllre of Sliei^fT, a niaa who wO! devote all hU |r iwcre end ahilitiia to tic rluana ira of the Auifenn e aula in the liaaematit nf thnOtar Hal1. I need are" cl- .ePI anything nffaln tavor of UtU 0' x-nallon loit I i w ?ay, he la a ir ,n who wwuld mother lie yullty I. p. mf Lor allow lli't* t.'pi ari-urijav III ua to I O (TOilly ' I r'tothii. To Jtteo/I- laalge. C*ndl dafc lor I'onimiaal'.an" of itepnli l>e. John I m?, IM t'uroier and .lame />? wry lot Htrrc' < ipmlra oner, fe* paid the raini V d'1 ?"?mpllfiienta. '.to fliew l.t yonng am and Ihe old, ali 'he uiemiieir ei the *Hidp*rty aliould kitc th? i cordial aupport He. ntuit luoeendnB to r|enU of the < vi udate. for the Jcireiary, Vf irrnr Muff nmiii and leap. II WimdrulT. for tie Mtperiot IVynrtj Hdward I' f'uhw for the Supreme Onit CetrddUye lav Inyaton for Vh ? ik/Mtion I '? a , Cluu.ea f. Hintrah lor Ihn Marine f'ou it Tiiai lore f. Totullnroe 'or fan petition Canrt ael, all of wk.ui. iiwelnal a warn #ul>wt?m both for tWafr private and nubhr rharaeler, t'<elr ahilltlra ?< lawyer*, and the ?a *?co? who h ther ha i y??rforine i for (' _ Utepndlf. W heii he h w! done full Jurtlro in fhea.-1 andtdnle. be tonh a In II I V..? ol the b a'ory of Ine party, anil prog ii'intiratwl Iioim their | aat an uj 1 and t i 41 preaoot pron I eel a pweP'ti" tilumnh III the laturn In re?ie.iua4Mk, he >f<ik i of the print Iplea o " th > |a?rty m the praaent e>? teat w'wCh he atnteil eiiiii'ated of n Ubwrivl an t Jnat bwd iii|r tin.*i d cur adi pted rltiteti* ?b' : lii# aiicng ua Willi larnu fid? and Juat tntenl ai a rlyh honorable Ammima teehe] ever toaua'ain our own catt'iy. o?r n*n hiaau taetaraa. and t.ur inrti wrn i? prelaranrc to ail othera M knti tliey adlu red to thyme tinonple* antl were 'vti t* eajicthar lie l ad ii" fecr <if '-frw? Th" ipnc ratie party w ei *11 ? plit up and t Je;e w *a a 'laeir* amon^ the member* p.'. the whiir o ntv ai unite .!?'? vive thefr V"!e< for the ?wn who weie pe riled hy tie- ?rh!y eonV'-nllon and wh* ?l? iriapable of wlbery or t lTi Ul iswrui thm Alth iugb lu aueli a eit? aa iliia. Ibrra muM he no I'ral m ywt H ntuat he admitted that they mere nnpnaed to n.r n'r* at n of alaiery W till tlieae prlnri; le. they b lyht fw into ti n e utewl, aure of aatd tiif another to their iweny victoria* If '6*y ? ere only united In the word* of thetr i elidirittail leader, they miy*t ' awake, krone* am iliak* olT the dew drop* ihe' ylifered on UiHr g i-nmnU " At the aauehialon of Mr ' rnlth'* remark* Mr Ti" "M* I Timn? *"* Ihe eaadldete for ( "uri*. | to the r'.oporm Hon. eawie fi iward la re<pon*" to the unariUa?u?e call of the iriftilny. lie la-yen hy diawl ig a'ph fore of (he pr* cut ida'a ol the 'Hunoerati parly, Who h h' ?ald. warn ei aipietaly routed. e*un liyfore (be battle i ii iiiu iuuM Adawautliiee ar ft ahelia ami all were In a Vtp?l*ea I claw o! dt' o l i ?n?! in lliel *. r.m, ? f. ["isriia | plan ler had forip t|rn what little ptinelplc they fo'tnerly | "? c.*ar|. lo.Vlny'o I h? whig party, h* .all, no mat <e wb ' might Icavait. he wa* deleriuined to keep In fbe ? 14 'imk* and to <tan l there ?o c ng a* the ?.| l bannar waved above loin (Ahplau.e.) To ll.e Abi'-rlmo party ha aonld *ey, I am An' r*a'i ervuifh ' r }"'t Ity thra n ainory of r .ir fhth' i*. ha pio<e- a.1 t ile l?rr I am a* K "d an American a* itea'i on tl i< hroad > uritiy. Na whip, he rowtinueil ' ai! o ilk r e . .pi.; I am not Aioerlean ewocgb to le eiullli-d p. hi* ? injaift I ao> Ml faror, he cii:timed of fulfl'l ng our du'.le*. aaril rena, lo the r niMtuiu li iif ih li i" are I*. ? < I" rlr* aa tt a ftijiltiTa altknugti I III) 11'rl ln r> u an rnr thai nitrorat* r,1 iUtfii ' Hi I ? ii k?r# Wi ?)?? tha truth ? lafplauaa ? ? ill ahrn ar.y oritur 'u 'li* - ?tr or llouaa ray tbi? i? iw.t In tha. < n,]*'-'. h? la n< t n?ut. rot ai,.I lit* aigtitoat.l la fal-a | wulat air (/? t!i? '?tataa, too ha?a ronplrll r-ntrol al'hlo your oan limit#, but t br In ill./fla. hrlor jr to tha faftit.llr not I. for ?M, would not b??? Ihaoij jw Tlatad with th. r?.i.i~i of tha -Ian-. jA|/flail|r ) I <?r loth* alata HV?l? fi I *a?t to jnar Inati'atV'i)#?haw n?' mora to with th#?* than aHh tfm aarMorn of Ii - - ?? , right for y?a ahara at tl-a puhli" lamia. fgbt ft It It* - aa wilt ft if tit Ior f (f ntliii. I?at|r at,|.J iurr ) AI'I I ray In r-gar't In aw rnt rorlatla-a if any una haa t*.?n any oath that hta "an arlanm will not *u tain h!m In kaylng tba> i ?i?ai ha lakra )??! trirta tlir lia"af I at in* ?l of >!)?' ! aw hafnr* the jwojil. an I that I o"W ln-'iyia'r tha a'arnw ? Tatrtli, (111 rhklhl.f nmfrtlting In th' ? ty of Vr? folk. Mr. Tomllnaa/fi faia duiio hart hit# to th? rw U iman, who ha ronalala aat, a -a taw Airtat .?(?!, aivt ?a awnwal mo?# authority la |a!tM-* 'ban thar ?r ta rotitlawf to. /la, for una, aro hi not an'.ail' t -h-tatl n from I'rtn* (*oo| a-r or th' aaa ilb * ? r I ? a - ?< '? ??, ! I. > h?i that it W aa to tba rar.ot of II a pa (,la tha' ha hwo a*1 f,r lUffMt In Ibla aanifa rn Altbamih thry had takao tha nai,).-of ratrnaii, that ? ra no Wttar than anytrady alaa and tbry fa-, tt?o<a4 than- .Iraa iinw o' TOf t| lolli *u|.i-:t by allowing t> * Tamt.-.iny Ilatl forty t# and t ham by 'Rr naaw. 11 aa (J| I *nt m an to aa.r '??? Wt4 aga.nrl tlia niaai wlm Iwtonyr to that fwrty, but h> W nil4 aay that ha aonl-1 not ??lo,!t to 'hta'lti ffan any ? no, an<t ha waa rnritmt to go la' ra th# fO"f>l'i on loa own tnarlta ahatiwrr fi.art'a l,a r *M fa ? ? lApylaaaa.) Mr Mltf/M* ow*t *aV! ?aa?4 tha naattnf arwt In tha Itf. ngart l*rn.iof fir alaa .if th- '# ra-lt !*ta> < ? 'ha whig t Irk at. wblah all ti o" a H'g" h" "alaarah Ml* doty to auyf-.rt Mr. lathr 'III Hw Tit .ta'a.J that a rlr?ut?r had '.nan aant to th ? Who war# Inrlaaat fa a MR la'# a# V a J'rant itwlr ?n't "wratfilaa making >n> h of thoa %a n /tat not nlah to aaitt in Mi'k ar.jwj.ra or who 'ltd ? .t wtafb tbalr nam-a to ba aaM f?a la lifj bl' i at ht? Mta* al* o'etork lh*t fHua'ay; aaro.ny II- avan# ,'la*| by la' tllif that tha'laaoka "t t|v - .aUn( ha nnaoittt nalg tan'larad to tfca Jla.n. I'a<ar f V*orbl? aai l k'< *" -"Utaw, r?t? t)w<. i -waa an4 'I ??? ? ? la> a "4 a tka for wblrh It ha4 baa-ta raila J i awMta.n waa ,nai >- naaly aataigt-l arcl tha t.aaatlng aoai, aftar */Ji.?r?ial I rtlfaaf kfata* IMatrfrf ('??it. Hafof- ll ? Jwtf* tngaffcall. crams or rirrtko ot*r a v** gi. yi* rut alatb r* adr (a t J; _ yo,, / avi/a'f AlilfO If #1?arl htaarV ? T't* <tafafw'?h! In thla a aaa la 'laargwl wl'h hating, In Fahro *ry I AAA -'(uiffa-t am) otbafwla* ? rayaraM lh? a-bo- oar Maty Jaaa f a/k. at tba faort M Maw Torb. lor tha fir (* <a of aar yfoylng that rawa4 in tba trVla ami Itn ???> -a Erwaiihag iff"" niaiattoaa or prroat of who from a raign |<if t on tha r/aaai Af-l-a to la v II aa flarar tar hai>t ta. K? It*a In tha Ulabt of (.*ba, 7h# - a *t hawing i?rn -alUA Tba I' atfiaA Attrarnay a'atawt It* waa rat If -a !>? part of th* t altaA mat** Wat..? (?<awr<t anA fhit< ny ani l that If. a?hlar'a tba rr 'f th?#r angaganra - la tbry aa uH r -1 lw ahta t/? Uy Um 'aaaa* ta. Aa * Mr < u'tlag aaa aafwM la an -tlaor hi ana h Of thla ( toll a?l Mr l.rrnr l la lb# D parlor 'inrt Tha iRclrlart Atta.-ory atatw. that ha ?? **tna atitloma to brtag thta anoa* to trial aa >t ??a ? /InrlotM thai raaaala ha-l taan ht'a "Wt la th.aywl, *a?A tho4 Whin * tow yarn rr t?>t ' - ha-i roaaon to ?/???'* ? orgMR waaawla hart aallaw! ton. thl. fort In tarn nr aatha to ?w awa niaryaaf In tha alata t.aAa anal ao ha , ?at haaw frfaR fa r that aiRaaaa It oaa -to# to faatir# .Rnt (bora afcowl* la# no A*tat Thraa *ar? -arwrral roaaaot in tha aawn, any i*a of wl ? -a wa? no-; to lafkn'. tha ?naa far i.aaai't rati that t .? ' i?til, th? Vrwkont Aaafrarf rrr r ma-b ta baaa t'?r -a?* trlart hat atwVr th# nrrraa a'an'a <4 tba argar* ant ag Mr l otting afvt h maalf H ?a.Hai a?'?l"r to trial v. lay that b# w*ni4 try th# 'attar ?<? TharaAay anaana ha waa ot-Hgart ta aaahn aa ayy I attow to fwtpao# in a. waaaif nan? of th* aiaawnon uf riiaararat. Th# J irlfa th' wght |t rmnonaht* that an *4>wern*weA ? ' A ba fnotaf aa I-Ah roar mat aar* nwtfM .af rrMVlarlf a# ?? *4 thai a waa ' * gag* 4 in ivf liar aath of t| ? warl Ttw tar* ??? 'kurfnt if, .ra#R. TT?a '-i ng*>rn M ' >**<) ha' hwirfw' tb* aa-,' af J t ?wv r* M fr*a^mUni ctflfaft U

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