23 Ekim 1855 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 3

23 Ekim 1855 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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jgjgjBjjgW E8HEWCT gTllT PIT. ?ALKB AT AUCTION. A LBKhtT H, NIOOLAY, AUCTIONEER.?BTATIOiNBRY ?fj; ?"? IfP* hangings.-Trade sale.-On Tuexday, Oct. 23d ?SfS ne 5?.!' ? ^aps,11 auction room, 11 Broad street, AIBertH.NIkJlay ? line regular semi annual trade sale, coo ?jsungof bulk hooka, stationery, papers, bookbinders' mate and papr bauglngs, will lake place as shore. The cau logue will eifcrec e an unusually attractive oollection, both of Sf6 r yucxtlc fabrics, wLtch are well worthy the alien ^ i ^ viuv, b?Bu. uu.v rrcmuy inr awn button, sod csn be obtained at the office, So. 4 brood street and at the ?lwi oom. AC. ffJTLE, AUCTIONEER?OFFICE 94 BROAD ? wa^?Peremptory sale of .tonev goods, gold watches diamond pd sold jewelry, perfumery, Ac. Also. 30 1'arUtan mantillas40 Jozen French kid gloves, by order of attigueee. A. C. Tut**'" ?1'" on Tueedav, at I0VA o'clock at 214 Broad way (up istrnl, near Fulton street, a large and valuable as sortment* gold watches, diamond mid gold jewelry, Ac., being the siociof a retailer. Also, fancy goods, perfumery, bushes, Ac.; lrlart, MO dozen French soaps, y.y dozeu genuine Farina OolotOi, combs, brushes, opera glasses, Ac.; ulso, I'M) pair PnAch porcelain vases, some v?r> tine. Also at 12 o'clock .'gPariaan manUllaa, 40 dozen French kid gloves, assorted oo brs. Tie whole to he sold without reser re, t,y order of as signed. br cash. Caialoguee on the morning of talc. AC. tUTTl,K, AUCTIONEER?OFFICE 91 BROAD . wa/.e-I^rge and peremptory sale of fashionable first cl.n, Cu^tSl urv\ el5B ^ S00!1 of the old i - abllsh d firm of ?c?*,w y aBrndorph, 45S Broadway.?A TutUo will sell <ju Thirsday al lo>4 o'clock, at the extensive and long estab Bchadfarenoma "r *?Uraw A Allaodorpb, 45S Broadwav, wltboit resen-niion, a large and valuable assort men! of ele ganttrstClaai turulture, ol their own manufacture, and war ranld In every respect. They ha,dug fully d? s-rmlned to give up I* business, an opportunity will he ottered of obtaining n*at lags goods at extremely low prices. The stock comprises, in pet. elegani rosewood parlor stills, in best quality?broca *"?? u*" and haircloth; tete a leles, sideboards, etegeres. ?eor?!rlea 1111 bookcases; con1 re, sofa and extension tables; lauteiU, rocking and Idtt chairs, Elizabethan and QoUtlc bed Mat, bureaus, washslands, Ac. Also, mahogany, oak. wal "it ad enamelled cottage chamber furniture or superior stylos and blsh The wliole forming an elegant assortment of the beiijaasof worluosnablp and materltls, and to he sold with out IservBlion. Catalogues on the morning ol sale. Terms Umr 1200, cash; over g'Jtsi and under WOO, ninety days; over WOC tiur months, approved endorsed notes. AWHONY J. BLEKCKKR, AUCTIONKRR.-rULTOX and Church street property.?Anthony J. Bleecker A Co. will all at public auction, at the Merchants' Exchange, on Tuetav, Ootober 30, at 12 o'clock, the valuable lot known as the grthwest corner of Fulton and Churuh streets, containing .13 fat 4 Inches on Fulton street, and 75 feel 2 Inches on Church streg being the premises at present occupied by Mr. 8. Burk halts. Terms, which will be liberal to the purchaser, and -othei particulars, may be obtained of the auctioneer. Sale poeike, the owner being about to leave for Europe. ktiTHONY J, ULEECKER A CO., No, 7 Broad street, A#nONY J. BLEECKER A CO. WILL CONTINUE he sale, this nay, nt 12 o'clock, at the Merchants' Ex chajgr, ot the very valuable lota on the trael ot W. W. Vnn Wagner, Esq.. opposite to the site of the Catholic church, iu the wet central and deelrable part or Clifton, Htatcn Island. Sale peremptory, without reserve and without restrictions. Thcfrropcrly Is sold to close a trust. Auction notice?crockery, olass, ciiina. ac.? By J. 8. 11. BARTI.ETT, Auctioneer?Tuesday, Oct. 23, at 0 o'clock, at 2HI Pearl street, In Iota irom the shelves, a larje assorimcut best W. G. blue and all kinds common ware, lUOpackagcs glass, china tea sets, Brltanula ware, staiiouerv, Ac. ftale peremptory, and floods well packed for shipping. AUCTION NOTfOE.-SPKCIAL SALE OP DIAMONDS, J3l Jewelry and watches, to close a concern. KDWaKI) SCIENCE wilt tell nt auction, this day. at liBjj o'clock, at his aalttrooin, 16 Wall street, a uiagriiUceir. assortment of diamond jewelry and watches, being the whole oi ihe stock of an Import ingbouse declining business, consisting lit part ol gold hunting andopen faced wftches, by Breting, Freres, Lagler, Jos. Jotnaon, Cooper. Dent, Bugeman, and other distinguished Enilisb and French maaecs; elegant diamond bracelets, pin-.. ?ar.ings and rings, Including clusters, three stones and slu gle itones, iu elglitecu carat gold settings, Florentine and Ru mas mosaic bracelets, pins and earrings; cameo do; guard and vest chains, pins, rings, Ac. Also, twenty-lire double barrelled guns. Hale positively without reserve, lor cash. Auction notick -exbcutoh's haekof a large stock of choice groceries, w inogjaliq tiers JKL?ToJie Hold nt auction on Tuesday, Ootober 23, at Jb.'ho'clockrfljf HENK Y B. BERTS, Jr., auctioneer, at bis xahtlfooni.* No.'.6) j Pine siren, comprising In part fine green an'ie)> lac vices, whole and ground coffee, white and brown sugfar*, spires, 'preserved fridta, olive oil, sardines, anchovies, sauces,' pickles, soap, starch, candles, flour, choice Havana sogers, old l.oadon dock, port and sherry wines, Irlgb and Bcotch whiskoy, London cor dial, Holland gin, London porter, Scotch ale, olds Hennessey, Otard, Dopey, I'lnet and other brandies, In pipes, idem(johns sod cases, rot dials, liqueurs, Ac., Ac., well worthyylie atten Uonofthe trade. By order of attorneys for executors. Auction notice.-household furniture, ao. JOIIN F. KU88KLL, auctioneer.?By Day, Russell A Oo . this morning Tuesday, at 10U o'clock, at the salesroom', 86 Nassau street. A large collection or super lor household fur niture, comprising rosewood parlor suites, spring seat sofhs, and parlor chairs, marble lop ami plain dre. ping bureaus, book eases, rosewood and mahogany bedsteads; pute hair mattress es, palbasars, enamelled cottage chamber furniture, hinge beds, mirrors, oil paintings, superior extension dining tables, wardrobes, Iron brdsteads, arm chairs, marble top tables, side boards. fancy tables, marble top and plain waihstands, saloon tables, card tables cane seat chairs, Ac.. Ac Put chasers on of the city can have (hetr goods carefully packed on the pre, mixes by experienced packers. Hale for cash ouiy. No post ponemeul. ; Auction notice.?this day, at iox o'olock, rain or abtne, will be sold, at store 60 Cortlundi street, corner of Greenwich, all the lnrnltnre of a dealer, removed ior convenience of sale, comprising twenty mahogauy and wal nut marble top bureaus, 10 do. washstands, and a large quan thy of second band furniture, In very good order; also, mat tresses. pillows, comforters, palliasses, safes, tote a-teles, hat rleks, one splendid suit of chamber furniture. I will afford a tare opportunity for (tellers, as evnry article must be sold. D. C. DAVIS, Auctioneer, by W. W. BOWLES. Auction notice.?j. booart. auctioneer, by 8. Bogari.?This dsv. at 10'a o'clock, at the auction rooms corner of Frankfort and William streets, household furniture mahogany chairs sofas, lounges mahogany rocker, mahogany dining tables "new and second band carpets, olclotb, large lo of bedsteads, mm a hotel, feather tieds and mattresses, piano stool, wardiohes. bureaus, haistand. rroekery, fancy articles vaaee, clocks, stoves; ulso < onstable's sale of a theatrical ward robe, also oue light wagon, lot segars, Ac. MICHAEL POPPY. Constable. Auction notice ?wm. topping a co? 32 broad street, will sell this day, at their salerooms, a very larg and desirable as.ortirent ot ready made clothing, of superto quality just til it. lied for this season's trade, consisting of over coals, frock, drc.s slid business coats, of all styles and quail ilex; also a handsome lot of pants and vests, all new goods an I in regular size, and well worthy the aucniiou of the trade ( a a ogues and samples now ready. Auction notion.?thomas bklj., auctioneer.? By Bell A Hush.?To boksellera sud sulonery dealers. On Wednesday, at 10'* o'clock A.M., will sell a Sno stock of slu tlonery, blank books, paper, dressing eases, ladies' hoses, do minors,mathematical instruments, wallpaper, oU paintings, In S.-lit frames: hoo various blank books, pencils, 200 volumes printed hooks, Ac Tbnradsy, at 10' i o'clock. In our salerooms, the balance stock of a jeweller and silver smith: forks, spoons, >aakeui, Ac ; also, three large show rases, and other line articles In the line. Auction noticte.?m. doCOhty, auctioneer will sell, this day at 10>i o'clock, at the store, a large ami general assortment of parlor, chamber aud dining room fuini tun*, viz., mahogany eofk* and tete-a-tctcs. parlor, easy and ris king than *, bureaus, washstsnds, toilet sets, mahoganv French and cottage bcdalemU; bookcases; centre, card, ex tension and dining table*; china, dinner and tea seta; divans, tapestrv and ingrain carpets, Ac. Also, a good assortment of second-band mahogany furniture; Jb Stove*, a large lot o. pipe; ti dor., spade*, and crockery. A''., by virtue of an execu Hon; worthy the attention of dealers ami housekeeper*. BAB F1XTURB8?THIS DAY, AT 12 O'CLOCK, at 57 Dey street, corner oi Greenwich, counters Move, sink*, drains, sign,! bottles, decanter*, demijohns, rand| casks, champaigns, pumps, palls, measures. glasses, tiers, beer pump, pipes, stools, Ac. W. A. CARTER, Auctioneer. BUOINK B, FRANKLIN, AUCTIONEER.?BY FRANK LIN A NICHOLS, a1 ibelr sale-room, 79 Nassau street, sear Fulton.?To morrow. (Wednesday,) Oct 21, at ID'; o'clock, cabinetmaker'* slock at stic lon.?Messrs. F. A N. wdl sell as above the entire rock ofa city m tnofaetorer, to which they In vite the partlea ar attention of the trade and housekespera generally. The eatalogue con*l*ts of elegant curved roaewood and mahoganv parlor furniture, en suite, covered la the riehest and most laswonable style* off rcneb satin brocaiel. green and crimson velvet plash, English haircloth, Ac ; osk and ros-woo.1 sideboards, elaborately embellished with curving* of lrul; and game; etegeres, with glsas door and back; book ande truer stands, wardtobes. secretary book cases, thick Frontb plate mirrors, marble lop pier, side and sola tables: rosewood snd mahogany marble top bureaus and washstsnds; F'renchbeJ steads, hair insttrewe*. paillasses, bolsiera aud jillows, Ac.; together with a tine assortment of ' hamber, dining room, hall wild reeeptlon room furniture. Also, a'-ms 1 invoice of cognac brandy, vlnuge HAM), In small cSsOS. Every la IlUyolIered merchants for shipping. EI IAH COMBS. AUCTIONEER -THIS MORNING, AT 10*^ o'clock, a' No. ritj Na-sau struct a large and spieolld ?aortment of furntiure, carpeting, *1 ver wave mirrors, oil paintings, Ac.. Ar , to he so d to pay advances, consisting of roaewood and mahoganv parlor-ui's. in a'l klr.du oi covering; niao, rosewood, mahogany and black walnn' dressing bureau*, wardrobes, bookcases, and a variety of carpeting*, together with a large a?*ortment of silver ware, segai *, Ac , Ac. OBOROK COOK, AUCTIONEER. WILI.SKI.L1 HIS I)AY. October Zld. at 10', o'clock. at the sales rooms No. 117 Nassau street, a large and splendid stock ol furniture, oil paint ings, mirrota, tusiuesaes, palliasses, Ac., including parlor, chamber and dtolog room tuties; wardrobe*, sofas, chairs, rockers, side hoard*, bedsteads, bureaus, washsutndd. lounges, swtensmn dining tanles. centre, side and sofa do., Ac. Uafta loguea en morniug of sale. Boxing and shipping at Usual charge. GF.OROK COOK, AUCTIONEER.- PI PERIOR HOl>E bold furnM tire, at die private residence Ids Ka*' Elgh ieenth street, near Heoond avenue, on Thursday. O"ober2& nt los o'rlork. constating of one very e'egant i use wood parlor suit, coattSM; rosewood plaoolorto, lounese. centre tablce. mirrors. chandeliers, urns, vaaeaof alabaster, elegant mantel clock, 3D nil paintings, lapctary. -anieu rhaunter furniture, dining room do., bail do., and such ruber anf leu as are nau Ally found In a very genteel residence, being the property ot a gentleman declining housekeeping, and bu: iltue u*e<L Hale positive, t atalogucs on il.e morning "i sale. OEOROHCOOK. AUCTIONEER?STORE H7 NASSAU ataeet ?Assignee's sale of a Urge stock of'superior per fumery, bljoulerle and toilet articles, at 5*7 Rrrvlwsy, comer if Prince atrcct.?H. L. Hull, assignee, will sell as above, at 10 c'clock.on Ft'layOc'oher 3d, the endre suvs of useful and decorative arm ies ottutned In that splendid store: onosHng of cologne* exiracu, pomanim. comb* brushes, viaos p'asses Ar. Also, the entire stork ot raw materials, estentlal oil*, Ac.. Ac , Decenary for an extensive manufa- :unng bud l.ta*. Also. *how ruses, mirror*, fixture*, Ac. The w hole to It poaitlvciy sold to <be highest bidder for cash. /i ?. HORTON. AUCTIONEER.?ON WEDNEHDAT, AT IT. I0'i o'clock, at 9* Faat Forty nlti'b atrcet, near Tb -d avi nue. handsome furniture, mad* to order, sn.l but little ton I. rot slating ol tapestry. Ingrain carpets, mahogany cha rt, F trnrh bedsteads.bedding, mantel urnautettis. aud kitchen; tr lie ure. Ac, GKOCERIKR. SEWING MACHINE. STOVE, LIQUOR 4f ?'This day. at lu.t* o'clock, at 57 Hey atree*. coru r a, Oreeowtch, tea*, toffee soap, mackerel, raisins, figs, mutter J. pepper, olive oil knlve*. fork*, spoons, scissors. r?ror*. <ast lilsne*. chisels, thrt, clocks, coau, resui, pants, collars. W A. t AH I KK, A it Mlon'dr. HI, LEEDS. Al'f TIONKER?MORT iAOE HALE OF ? gen'.ec 'hmiss hold furnUur*.?H T. I^eeds will S'li on Wednesday, ononcr 2i. at 10 o'clock, a large and vamble quantity er rosewood, black walnul and mahogany furni ure contained In the large houae corner of Prince, and Hull van street* consisting of two rich parlor tubs, In brocade and rel get, auperVot tonesood pianoforte, stool ami cover, up .?iry mtid other carpet* -osewood mirror front etegere, two large French mirror*, rosewood centre and pier ubie#. elegant mlrrnr front acrre-ary. book case, rich mantel vsaesand .-11* taenia, oil pslrptngs, roaewood snd milioxaiii sofas, ru kers and arm chair*, ronewnod and mahogany bedsteads, twelve fin* heir man esse*, feather beds, blankets. ??ooni*ri>*'i ?? cottage heds' sytta with mattresses tofit. macblelop washstsnds loflet sctn gilt su*I mahogany mirrors, Ac , with a largevsrletj g>f Chamlter sod basement furnllnre. two walnut extension kab'es. rhtos. g ??*?* are si'verts are, t Ul'.rry stove an 1 tiuwe* Ml claih. spring ?(0I and Olhgr Ohoira, A No porpo ismen ; gaiaiogue* ryuf r a?t>. H mai AT APtllWH. GO. HOBTON, AUCTIONEEH.-TIU8 DAT, AT 11 ? o'clock, at 13Hlxth avenue, furniture: two handaomegas ciundeUer*. (or whom It may ooucern; one light w ,gon. Henry h. leeds, auotionker.-ry h. a. leeds A Co., Wednesday, Oct, 34. Household furniture? At 10,1 j o'clock, at 180 West street, between Rig tub and Ninth are nues. the property of a gentleman removing from the city, eon sotting or Brussels carpets, rosewood pianoforte, mahogany sofs, chairs, Ac.,covered In hair cloth: utarble ornaments tallies, mirrors, marble top pier tables, 4r Bedroom furul lure? Krench bedsteads, mahogany dressing bureaus, marble top w a "lists nils, tlirec ply Ingrain carpets, Notl hall stone Willi marble slab poriablo slone, oil cloths, hall stand, kitchen waie, Ac. Henry t. leedb, auctioneer.?magnificent household furniture, plauotorte, mirrors, Ac., by H. T I.I.EDS A CO.. on Tuesday, Oct. 23. a> tins Bve story residence 68 Eout teciuh street, between Fifth snd Slith avenues, euu sb ling of one elegant rosewood plnuotorie made by (Thicker tog. Iloston. fully wnrranied. and baa only been used a few ti .'Oil s, coat $400, two elaborately carved rosewood parlor sulis covered in rich satin brocade, lai ge roeewood side snd corner ciegcrcs, mirror from and back: over 200 yards English mi l linn els carpeting, one French plate pier glass with slab, roet ?110: splendid ga? chandeliers throughout the house about 1.10 yards English oilcloth, 4110 do. good Ingrain carpets on '.iie upper issuns, oue solid pluck walnut esleu.dno dining ?all e, 26 leet draw, rosewood and mahogany ElUabe'han bedsteads, pure curled horse hair mattresses, pallias.-es. ma hogeuy uiar hie top bureaus and washstands, also rosewood ceiurc. ride and sofa lublos, rosewood and mahogany spring peal rhs!rs. do. sofas, easy chairs, roekers, Ac.. Ac also gilt ! i curb plate and oval mirrors, oil paintings, rich china v.tsi s and leu sets, sliver pissed lea services, eroekery. cutlery, Ac The above fur ulture was all manufactured to order by lies! Li pud way niakcrs, and Is well worthy the attention of the trade and private purchasers for their own u-.e, as the mini ture will be positively sold wh! mt any reserve whatever. Wi shall require a esah deposit from all purpli tsers. The wood and coal laid hv tor winter's use will also be sold. Catalogues can be bad on iiie day of sale at the house. V HENRY 1'. LEEDS, Auctioneer, 36 Beekman street. EKBY T. LEEDB, AUCTIONEER.?FURNITURE AT m ? aiietloii.?Will be sold at auction, on Thursday, 23th, 10'. o'clock, the targe and valuable stock of furnttorr nowcontatned In the furniture store, corner of ("har es snd Hudson s'reets, consisting of a general assortment of fine and elegant farm ture The stock will be sold without reserve toi Ibe login1, bidder, and Is now ready for Inspection. Those desirous, cuu now purchase at private sale, at cost prices. JL. VANDKWATER, AUCTIONEER.?LARGE AND ? special sale this day. To the trade and n'hers. Tins day, Tuesday, Oct. 23d, at 10J4 o'rlock, at the sales room, 12 Maiden Lane R<ch and splendid fancy goods. There will lie sold, peremptorily, to close out the entice stock, (by order of consignment,) the whole of which being removed to the since for convenience of sale, a large and ricn assortment of elegant French and other fancy goods, consisting In part of handsome Inlaid sndn and rosewood work boxes, furnished and unfur nlshrd: backgammon, chess auil^hecker boards, variously inlaid: furnished reticules; portable writing desks, china, gilt aud ruby jewel stands, haake'a, Ac.; card receivers and watch stands: rich Inlaid boxes, of all sorts: numerous figures, groups. Superb china vases and mechanical lamps, and candlesticks, In bronze, gilt, Ac.; rich tortoise shell, gilt, and china; pearl and Bohemian articles, and orna ments for the toilet anil mantel; elegant gill and marble mantel clocks; bronze do.: candelabra*, vases and figures; china tete a tete sets, Ac.; a variety of portmonnales, so nar cases, beautiful paper weights, and rich fancy work boxes. .Magntdrent, Imported mantel clocks, elaborately wrought In marble. In valuable bronze, and In the richest styles of ormolu gilding, surmounted by elegant classical figures and groups of the richest gilding and In the hnest bronze; aliadrs. stands. Ac.; superbly gilt and deeoraled ehlua vases and mechanical lamps, Ar.; a I of Ihese being from the great exhibition of the Crystal Palace, and to be sold on this oc casion. according to announcement, peremptorily. TJ. WALDBON, AUCTIONEER.?FRENCH CIIINA^ . ctockery and glass, trom the abelvea, in tots to suit our chasers.?Ou Tuesday. Oct. 23. at 10 otulock, at 92 Pearl street, Henry (J. Evans will sell a targe assortment of French china en sets, vases, card baskets, toys, Ac.; also. w. g. e. e. and all kinds of common warn, glassware, Ac. Oooda carefully packed o r shipping. Sale poaltive. Hales every Tuesday TOHX HOUQ1I, AUCTIONEF.R?PEREMPTORY SALE O of rich and elegant household furniture, pianoturtc, French plate mirrors, carved rosewood parlor sulta, tapes try carpets, oil palntl igs, mantel statuary, Ac.?J. Hough will sell, wlihoul reservation, this day, (Tuesday,) at II o'rlock A.M., the entire ooutenta of ihn elegantly furnished residence, 70 Murray street, near College place. A part list Is herein contained:?Two carved rosewood sub*?one In crim son and green, the other In clarot and green hw-atel. each consisting of one sob. one easy chair, four medallion bark rhalra and one Gothic reception chair; rosewood ^ octave pianoforte, of beautiful tone, in a highly llnishod case, and fully wan anted by the maker ; Aubiiaaon and tapestry velvet car Kcts, Axuilnster rugs, lady's escrutolre, beautifully lulaiil iroughout, wiili mirror doors; elegantly carved etegeres, m.r ror front and bark; papier macho and I'arls Inlaid tables, carved rosewood centre tables, with sta'uary marble loss; large French plate pier and oval mirrors; rosewood side, sola snd pier tables; rosewood book shelves, corner etegeres slid stands, rich Hevres vases, parian marble and bisque sla luary, a choice collection of oil paintings, umbra.-tog frun, ma rine and game pieces, by well known ariisis. also, some very One portraits and landscapes on porcelain, rosily lace window drapery, gilt cornices, decorated shades. Ac. In the cham bers?Roeewood suit in brocatel, mahogany do. In haircloth, Brussels and Ingrain carpels, roeewood and mahogany bu renus, bedsteads aud wasnsiand?, china toilet sets, ?aay and rocking chairs, mahogany spring seat chairs, heavy hair mat tresses, French counterpanes, gilt mirrors, bolsters and pil lows, lace and muslin curtains mahogany centre aud work tables, cane seat chairs, Ac. Inning room?China dinner set of 130 pieces, deeoraled tea sets, sliver service, salvers, cas tern, cake baskets, forks, spoons, Ac.; cut glass ware, ivory cutlery, dining and tea tables, mahogany sofas, dining clialrs, Ac., Ac. The sale will be positive, and without regard to tvraiber Catalogues can be obtained at the home, or at the vfllce of the auctioneer. No. 76 Beekman street. House to let? possession given Immediately. JOHN W. SOMEKINDYKE, AUCTIONEER-WILL HKLL, I 111 day. at the salesrooms. No. 20 North William streei, at ill)j o'clock, household furniture, Ae., consisting of mahogany rluilrs, tables, divans and show eases; hair maUre-ses, bed steads, ent? stores, carpets, looking glasses, A>-.; also, ahou lo.wxi good segars; lot Chinese soap, boxes herrings, beans. A' .. A'-. JMORIARTY, AUCTIONEER, WILL SELL, TIII8 . day, at 10)i o'rlock, at 173 Chatham sniuire, a nice assort men' of furniture from a family leaving for California; also, from oilier families, various artle'es of furniture; also, feather beds, iarpels. Ac., Ac : also, a nice assorimcnt of fancy dry goods, Ac.. Ac. MN. CROFT. AUCTIONEER?CROFT A CO. WILL sell on Wednesday, llie 24th lnsb, at llH, o'clock A. M., a large and varied assortment of new and second hau l furnl lure, consisting ot parlor and chamber suits, chairs, tables, bit rraus. English oilcloths, glass, shoivea-es store de-ks and tables, a lot of ofllce railing, shelf curtains A'-. Terms cash. Current funds PAWNBROKER'S SALE.?THIS DAY. OCTOBER 28, AT Ul'i o'clock precisely, .1 MORTIMOE, atore is; ('hat bam vtreet, a large aarorttuent of fall and winter eloihlng fur ladlee and Rentletnen. vU.: Milk velvc' and cloth coat", anil maimilaa; -ilk ami delaine Irock, allk. brocba, an I woollen idiawln: qullta, blanket', dry good*. Talma, clouka, frock and o\ n roata, vnai* and iJiuiUklooiH, with other gc*?l? too n Utile lO'ia M) mention. LOUIS LEVT 431 Grand at. RUSBF.LL W. WESTi OTT, AUCTIONEER.?HOU8B MltV genteel Pornlmre?To morrow. Wedneaday, a' loy^ o dock, embracing the entire conteuta id a bntiae In Kt fnih a ve nue. lour door* from Fourteenth alreet, whtoh in sirhi-liwl throughout In i oaenood anil maino-any, a>l in lit, ? order, liar lug been hoi Utile naed. Stye will be po-liive rain or ?h!,ie, among wbl< !i are tapeatiy and other ,-arp" *, one eleg tnt i> ?'? wood parlor ault, la brocade one do. In reive', ro ew,iol m r ror troni otrgere. roaewood and mahogany drenalng bureau, roaewocd and mahogany bedateade, anperlor roaewood pf-toc fin te, atool nnil cover, u-ed but aii mou'ha. Urge frcafr pier mlrrora. with alaba, loaewir di cturvaml plnr table*. rich man tel vn?e*. cli ck*. ro,wood ami mahogany -uia .trio and re reptlon rhalra, curtain* and abade?, 10 lino hair rna re*sea feather bed*. blanket*. counterpane-. Ac., wi l, a'I tlm nirnl lure, dr., ol 16 room', walntit extonnion table, i-bina. ah,a ware, aiiierware, spring aeai an I o'ber cbolra, fro. (.atalo guea now ready. CJAMCEL F. BaRTOL, AUCTIOXEElt.-TO BE SOLD. O thladay, bf Sairuet K. Hartoi A Co.. at 101, o'dek. ?t the aaieaiuom. No. :tt*j Pearl-tree1 a lot or tea* brandlea vegar", ei rdlala 20 cave-of brandv, Ae. On Wednesday, a aplendkl lot of vaaea, crockery, gla-- and fancy good*. OuThuraday, an Ail! Knee*' -ale of a amk of groeertoa; and on Friday. a Block m wine* and brandic- Fo. particular*, look In Adver iu,er. Font and Courier. SPI I 1 11. AND ATTRACTIVE AUCTION SALE. THIS day. ut SI N,'*-?au mrret. eommenriog at lu', o'clock ire olaely, the quality atidatyieoi rieh and plain f irnlinreih un tl.ine iii want of catb), wi n exianatve varleiy, inc tiding roe wood parlor ant In ooierel -atln beocatel and h Or ?".i lot, wt buinhogany parlor ml to, chamber furniture of roae.vnoI. enamelled, b'at-k walnut ami mahogany dining ro m'a lei and bookctiMW, wardrobe* drevetng and j lain hinevn I lunge*. n?a late e-tatea, eaay and roeung chalra, ro*ew-",,d bur' uu* at. , wawhatanda, rich liedateada, p ire hair ma tram, *, comer and book ataoda, with all 'hail* re-tniaitr lu m. nlahina In iu jlne. A' I., magnificent Frenchplaie,pter and mantel mirror*. ova1 lataea, large var> > ol oil paiutlnga, from foreign utd Arner.can er'1*'-: rich decorated china, toilet ?c,?. oldlng bed a cad-, three do/en bench"* gold jewelry, plate 1 gooda, Ar Every attenuou to boxing lor ahlpptn r. TL'NI.n .MO It It ELL iMlniH. C BARKER, AUCTIONl ER?ASSWVKK'H SALE, BY I- order Of Jamci i arc and Otlberi Mi ler, awdgnec# ot Pullman A Lorkw.*>d, at the manufactory. Waul 71 FhW aveauc. on Friday. Or'ober 88 at Id o'clock, on ibe preim*-* a a;gr quantity ol trunk nianu actiirtng ma er!*,?. oomprtdni article* uaed in the manufacturing of trunk*, euial-'lngoi trunk hardware, tea l,*r. bu-? w*h1, t,d , ut board", oolB, benche-, Ac., all of which will be add to the high-- bidder. For ca'aloguea and particular* apply to ibe a i joneer. 14 Pino atrcei. ILL!AM IRVIHO, AUfTIONRVR.?T<1 THE TRAIlR and mhet a.?lattgc and dttatrable ? nckof fancy gigela, toya, Ac ?WII.LIAX IRVIXti A CO. will -ell, a. auc ion.ou Tttciday and WClueaday. October API and 24lb. a Id1, o*stock, a' the anlearoon.a, No SPiceairee'. by oricr' i at guana. "IB piece- bronze candelabraa, eandle?clEta, llgurea. aelt ami Ii.a'cb atand-. inkatauda. atatlMtMa, paper welgbta, Ac ; cloihea Aid hair bruahr*. carda, sc.ar and aper Ughia, co o, ne, ehe w w draim and londDi ea, card boxen, copper wb e, copper cake and jelly ti.outda. :t0 doz. table ball', nei-klace", .'jd ta'l -mall ea graving", e'eel and gill re-'cbatna, naich tiaaaea, (aacjr win do* palnllnca, ci.raet". Oerman prayer hooka, cri it.iea red rutea. dire, el) doz. billiard ha,U. anuEboiee, '.tepie. and Ubtua Cgtitea, oil palnUnga, p.,rle mont.ale?, fancy ; oln'ing" on allk, a{ od. rear tea' weighta. dlea, boxe,, crayon- awl color?. aciaaora, miletle glaaiea, wattle trona and bellowa. Ivory ban lie ktdvee ard fot ki. clocka, black a, nnt etegerva. rovadea, .-athedrala church rirnamcnt", work boxea and HtUiiga. chaodeliara, whtat rouirerz, pendla, teieaeoM, caoea, prayer hooka, 11. ito.na ?J engravlnga, Ac. Toya ? sham fl*h ?. lancy fancy era d.e?. w liipa, augar toy, bath?. hu< keta. por, eiatn doilt hl daln cave" toy kitchen implement", e egrrea, flwlaa cooagea. ault a toy parlor furniture covered in vejve'. trump at a. g una, wae,t?. hedgteada. chelrv, watche,. dog bo uvea, fame" be ; and liato m> r, anlmala. Eugllah U iu -. uarbeu, Ac., toy t.ann lortea wrarerobea. IA "MKIJ.OR. AUtTKi.vEKR ?BY HOI MIIT05T A MKLL'tR. Thui -day. *jet. 'J&, at lo*% rTnlnttr 'm two Bocrajr -aletiom 118 Na-?? i alreet, near the aid Blbie houae -ecnnd fall trade ?a> of elegant ,?l,lnet furniture, bttnz a large amouM on whwh we bave made advance,, and tiivtoK ?old by agreement of partlea. We invMe ihe trade and r-artma al out refurnphtng to view the arilclea prev> u< lo aale and tliey can reat a?"ured tba' every lot will be abac, Mely void. Altogether lorn,log ibe largevi ueotdmeot and rbiiew aollec t,on 'bat Law been cdTared at auctlnn thl- fall, viz.:?tlur.ed rtwewt^ parlor. drawlntt,?irc. dtntng rtecm. library aud che0,1 er fiirnliure. of modem and anil'iue ^ylea; fifteen roae wc?l parlor mlt?, covrre l in gu>n hroaetoll itlutt and hair c o b twenty rrwewced centre >ahlea. "evemy five tete-e tetna at.d ?o(ka, twenty > iien>tc,e d,r,lag toblea, fourteen toe* kmg. marble top etegere*, mirror doora and back*. rt< hit carved beautev*. in ro?ewood, mabogant. oak and walnut; oak library chair", library and acrretary bookcase*, fifteen 'Mewo^xl bed "?eat.'a bureau" and waahatanda, to match, twen'y rlcaiv 4e> o rated and etiamrbed rhaml er anha. -mne of which cow to nianiifactoref.no fl/n e*?y and Voltalr" chaira. thirty d.,ze? ? prlng aeat parlor cluilra dltetent vtviea. ten aol?he,l^ea,la, rich wnrdrcAiea, In ro-ewoo-l. meleiaaii) and walnut: twenty p atn hook, aae- ^ vera I ae a ,uar eve t*l lea, twenty marble lop fancy, pier aide and card tablet Aiao, Sc>ulh American for "c bafr matt>eaaea, pailiaaat a. A' The *aie wilt naimcia e with the medium emtta fnrnlMtre. In the upper *ai,'-im Flrai floor will be devoted - t atvelr ut elegant lumlttire an I rtebaittelea At 12 o', l>? a >e . era anperlor nmed roaeaced and 7 nrt?ve nlat.of.g'ea. New Y,ut aad R,?,'on make, t, 'ate ot eliph cna> Mlifi rrvdr by Wtr: I inde nan A Son (illy warran'el. Alan, an Involve of thick French plate juerand nva: mltrora. in ricblt ornamenied frame-, wcyeral chcw-ofi painling*. Ar. ttr r RK?tXI?. AUt f lONEFR. wn,l, SEI.I. Af^L't vT ?' on on he premtae- nor'liweat corner ?S Fortr d-*, air#e' and Ninth avenue. >? Ti;?adnr. Oet 2.1 a' It1, o', irk the entire alw k td grwecie r< inprlatng the uvial am ? "weni cm, . II.,?.1, a brat eta-air?e. aurv, toge'her wUh a ocs awri mea'.o! bouaenokl (uiu. ure. ?AX.KS AT ACOTMWI. WILLIAM H. FBAXKLIN A SON WILL SKJ.L ON F?I day, October IB, at 12 o'clock, al the Merchant*' Ex change. a valuable Harm on Htalen Inland, oontalnlng 25'4 aore*. about 1*4 utile trom Fort Richmond ferry. on the corner of the Richmond etage road, near 1). (J. Cocberan'i More, and oppo site the fhrma of Wreeland. Mr*. Tyson, and J. Martin, roll property la eligibly situated for building alto* and farming, being In the Immediate vicinity of churches. schools. ard the New York market*. There la no building on thl* farm; It con tains a small quantity of young wood, and the rest Is tillable land, all of tbe beet quality. The ferry boats lor Port Ktchmonl 1 leave New York sli Umes a day. The map and plan can be aeeu at the auctioneer '* office. No. J Bmad street, or at the 1 Merchants' Exchange $000(100-: dry goods, Ac,, Ac.-, or an.* a. Nci ax.. <fcftnn nnn -*?<>net to loan on diamond*. ?jPUUl/.AM/U. watches, jewelry, dry good s, aegara, Ac., or bought for cash, stocks, notes, mortgages. Ac., negotiated. Holiness eontUlenila! and prompt Hy THOMPSON A OO., brokers and rotnuilaslou merchants, I UK Naaaati street. corner o! Ann, room No, 2. second tloor. ?MONEY LOAN Ell ON DIAMOND*, waklio* jewelrv, seaars. pianofortes, or the saiuc can he wild tor a tali price, iiusine-* promptly and confidentially etecnU-d. Apply althe Agency, bb Ann street, near Na siu. nnn TO M?-VN?ON WahIiKX, DIaMONM. lb ' 4 ."UU jeweley, egera sod everv description u? rahiahle property, or bought for cash, by JfM K. IHAAtJ ease 1 cut tubce II ( haaibers s set froa 9Ui'S ttusiuaat piouip' and connieiitisi Did gold and sl'yar bought, N. 9 - No 1 u* jess 'raasactad 00 Saturday. <?0 nnn TO isOAN-AT six per cent, on first 4Pt'?UUt' < lass dctvn ">wn )>roperiv also several sums at sc. ca out 65, '*bJ, thi ee of h-M**). cue o't gin two, _ WAI.KErt A CO., 247 Broadway. A 1 i,nn tanted-^tor a teem or years, for qp-T.e' which amp *? -ecurlty and a very liberal per teuiage will be given Address, with real name and address, J. M. II.. Herald (thee. Svnn -WANTED, Tllr. LOAN FOR H MONTHS OF "" tbe above :im, by a widow la iy, for which a llbe. ral per rentage will lie paid anil good sec'irlty with the best of relet em e given, and If agreeable a furnished room will be let III first c a-s bouse two blocks from Hioadway. Address Our I elta. Hi midway Post office. a NY AMOUNT OF CASH LOANED, OR PURCHASED ft al sigh' for lair prloes. on diamonds, watcher, rich jewel ry plai". merchandise. and valuable personal property guita rs:'?, by p.. WOOD, IS# Fulton etreet, second tbs.r, front room, A0111 y A. hi. 10 5 P, M. A LADY. FOR THE LOAN OF $70, WOULD HE HAPPY to hoard a genlleineli. or a gentleman slid bis family, for the nerommtKlalioii; good iu'eieai will be paid, an I the UbexrepUotiaWe reference given. Address II. V. It , Herald office. Monet liberally advanced ox household furniture, piano*, gold aud silver walcbea, jewelry, musical, surgical, and nautical Instrument ? horses wagons, harness, dry good* hardware and mm liaudise, and personal property of every deacrlpilon. ou satisfactory tenus, or saaie puichased for caul 1. Apply al McCAFFKaY aud WALTERS' auction and commission store, 20 Catherine st. OFFICE OF THE COMMISSIONERS OF THE OONHOLI dated debt ol' New Orleans? New Oi leans. August 1. 1866. ?It) virtue of the ihlrly sevcnlh seedon of iho act of die Legislature ol the Slate ol Louisiana, entitled "Aua-lto omi woUdate '.Ue city ol New Orleans, and u> provide f->r the g tvertt mcnt and admlnlstradon of Its affairs," approve 1 the 23d oI February 1862. and of the llfib section of the act suppleinnn tary therein, and providing for the Incorporation of the clly of IjiIivii ?? with 1 lie r,ty ol New Orleans, approved ou the same day. and of the lldi dseclion of an act entitled "An aci supple mrntary to an sri to consolldat c the city of New Orleans am" to provide for Uie government and administration ol Its af fair*, ' approved March 11 1862. and for the purpose of meet ing allohligailoiis of the old corporation, and ol die Iaie First. Second and Third municipalities, aud elty of lufayette. ina luring during the year 1865. Sealed proposal* will he rceeived it this office from this date until Thursday, October 25. 1866, at 12 o'clock M., lor the purchase 01 a series of four hundred aud fitly bonds ol one thousand dollars each, said bonds to In- dsled the" llrsi ol October, 1865, payable In thirty seven years, at die office of the treasurer of tbe city, wtch Interest coupons attached thereto, at the ra'e of sis per centum per annum, payable senu annually In die rliv of New York, on (he that of April and tha first of Octobu In each year. rnMaalt ui be amlantd "Hid* lor die purchase of bond* of the cl'y of New Orlcaiu " ami addressed lo the "Commissioners of din Consolidated Debt ol New f Irleaua," die bonds 10 he adjudicated to die highest bidder, the Commissioners reserving die right lo reject any or all bids. Terms of payment rash, or I11 any obligation* ot lb* old city, the late municipalities or city of Latayette, maturing iu 1 65. COMMISSIONERS. JOHN L, LEWIS, Mayor. OVIDK DeHOYS, Comptroller. W. H. OA KLAN11, Treasurer. E. H. DL'KF.l.L. tlialrmaii Finance Cominlilce Hoard of Alderman. J. EAOEK, Clialrman Finance Committee Hoard of Asslstaal Aldermen. C. 8. Lax, Secretary. OFFICE OF THE CLEVELAND AND TOLEDO RAIL road Company, 18 Wflllam atieet, New York, Sept. iff 1866.?Dividend.?A dividend of four (4) per cent on the capita stock of this company has been dec Is red out of die profits of di# lasi sli months, payable at the office of the company, 011 sod aller die 26th tfetuber. The trausfer books will be closed Ira* the 20th lo the 28th October. Hy order of thr Hoard uf Dir-w tecs, E B. LITCHFIELD, Treasurer. OFFICE OF THE NEW YORK AND NEW IIAVEN R All. roa l Company, No. 1 Hanover street.?Notice to bond holders. Holders of seven per cent bomlc of tbe company are hereby nolilled dial In pursuance of an a" of lb" general Assembly of (he btale of Connecticut, passed at tie last M tv session, the Trea*urer Is auihorlaed aud prepared to eichatig* for ihe outsiandtng bond* bearing seven per cent Interest, and not secured by mortgage bonds authorl/.ed by the before men lloued ad bearing *11 per cent Interest, and secured by an only mortgage on the rimtpany'a road, franchises A ? Said ej rhungc will be made at this office unill further notlr Hy order ol the Director*. WM. HKME.NT, Treasurer. New York,Oct. 19, IM6. TV ANTED TO MORROW- FROM *1 00<) TO $2,000 ?ONE vv wanting to borrow ihe above sum, will pay a vcrv line rsl bnnti*. and give satisfactory secnrRy fur panctual repay, incut. Ti uly an exeellrut cbanoe 10 prr> ore * large premium without rl-li. Address, with name and real,Icnc", Freemason, Herald office. Frlnclpa1* only will be treated with. A IIORSKM, CARKIAGKR, M. SADDLE HORSE WANTED.?AJIY04Nn,KMAN WHO bo - a gentle, found saddle hone wbiob he doee not wmh to keep through tlie winter nnd wtll eellhlm at a low urt' e tr,ar i n.I a purchaser by calling at 17 VI .iter at., truio 10 to '1 o'clock. BI.ACK HORSE, MIX VI ARM OLD. W IlAMW HIGH, warrantedloond, good htb-ggyor ? lll<- with buisy and bait r" Sold low to clnee the e ate. ('an tie teen at li corner of Union ami Thirteenth atrrca. Black tbottiko iu?rhe for kalis.?a vkiiy haudrctue 7 year o il. sound ami kind, tinning hoi e. B!a<kblrd; l.e to guaranteed In iro- a lulle ,u i IS. au i will he ?old a bargain, the owner leaving the ely. Aj'j.ly atb- ill atal -tea, 2 I'nlveralty piece. /TARKIAfiEH?AN A Set lit I MI .7 of OCR OTVN V ii.r ke, comprleingererjr Hi ie of ii-li at 11? ?? nto. m> in \t hearse made to order. AI*-. some acond i.iml roaches dfi'uia' pbmlona bu iris ? ?a .ia, in; 1' s. tUnn", for an!' very low for e??h orn.ortit- : MAJOR 1 IIOMPsON a CO., .'0 Wooau hi near t .to . L^OR HALE? ABKAUTirU!. OP.AV M A UK, FOi RTEKM 1 and a I... lihauo-high. au tab ? fora di-enr or holy ? -ml do- bora. . ban lieeo u-t d an aucb: run irol a n. ?? lo I m'tiu ? ? i d will atand without tying. Apply to VVM. KOINTON, ll'i Fulton Mree'. Can be wen at Kiiuh.i a Bon'a liver, tube, Reade meet. IjlOl SALE-A FINE BAY MORSE. EIGHT YEARS I old. wairail ed root.d ind kind In .Ingle or double bar i.eaa. App y at tbe liable. tK5 Greenwich "t, In the rear IilfiR BALK?A FAIR 01 BAY, LORO TAILED CAR nave hornH, Morgan hired, very atyllah, abotr 14), bandahigh, can trot In Stl.1 o ih? ill.,' , wOrrante-l round and kind .a tingle or doob rU i.e.-,. t an lie torn at ibo Grainer cy atablr. &90 llroadway. For HALE-A BB0W> H'tR-E, ABuCT I: HANDS high, aeven year* old. ? ml. kind and gen ?? In ever, re-pert. Apply at atnMe lb ? i ? ti ? aeieiiii ? :r >m '.i ??! 11 A. M . .n il iif'i r . P. V. fi?OR SALE-A BLACK HORBK, Ml ITAill.M FOR A f doctor. eipie.HUiafl. or car'ntac. ?ound ?nd kin ) In id i ait.eea: ?onl tor want of uee; very eultable lor funb.r i-e Cen beeern at 149 Vandant ree- nearYalck. Aim a wagon and hart,are Mltablolor a jrwi-rt urwikmau can be (ecu a1 120 Vers i< - re<??. Pro o < t v agon i?nd i a.. . t (" T?0R SALE?A t.KAV HO KM I I.V. II \ Mrs HI'IM fi P .earaold W?rranted round and k'nd ?? ry r ? i y ill iiatelier will ataud vrbboat id. -opt for wan o i e Fot furili'-r y.a. lcular*. appi) ?t l-? A'wrick rtree 1,4011 RALE-TWO DROWN HOBsEfS. 5 AMI ? i r.AI'.s r old, totiiid and kind In ?:l name-- lir n - gr?ery " ??. or r of Thl.4 aver. ie and Tweoiy .. t rrtOR HALE?A PAIR OF HANDSOME 1IAY Ml!" . F 1.', hauda high. 4', year. old warranted wund aw. kibd are He 1 ma'rhed and good travallerr. Alao, a ribo'd tided rockaway wdb ihtfilna font, andaarpiara ten rcy wagon. Apply at Tboui. ?ot)'. rtab.e 110 Ha ? Thlr.e :u l> "reer {' I! AY IIORHE FOil HAI.E-HE IH 15', HANDS III'III \1 r g inane and tatl.au yeara old. v?i > powei i! and . -I i ndid ditver. waiianted round and kind, ami whipm a fan.t. tot a family o, dot-tor'- bnrae: eaoaot be beat. Can V teen M tba ?ale ? abler 1 I i.ue. -i-i j'-a-S;. f'FHE FOR S ALE -A FIVE BAY HORHF. ?t\ TEtHH d, about 14', bande iilgb. a Sne aoima Apply a H 040, ooont H'i aanoa man. a one i I of h rtable, Xo?. ii and il We- F. b HuRHF WAGON AND HARNESS FOR HALF TERY rbeap tlkSfor the wholoito attl'ad for the oountry. and r,c binae a lay. 14', hand* high, ao ind and kind, ie wo u a l.e an m y. Apply at the rale atabiea, 2 I nlrei ai y p a- e N'V.W YORK TATTERHAI.LS, sixth AVESl E >R ner Thlry-nlnlh airen.?Thi* dav, li o'rii*li ?? n . n twniy l4?m?a. by ca alotue. Alao, the endre ee a -oni a fendetnen leaving town con-.ating of two hor??H on'- , ? nh wagon and harneaa or tnp.eie. rw aaway < u - ba. neaa. Ac., a great variety of new aen-i a t naml en and harn?<e, kereey and woollen biar ge-?, a,- A- '-it -a eimi ern, three aeeood bark earrUg'- net . ? n-ii a mile In 2 55, wltb wagon and harnea- l< '? > ul -on no nee with the uaual variety of nw.perfy ? e.t a. . >: ? r ne<kJy aale". OIOWK I LlvMi A .-uoneer. liaaar Pautgn, Halerrnan <T bp BOLD?a iTnifr box body waoov per _ fectly new, of flr-ieia?. '? ? '? IA be-.,I 'heap Apply to I?r. Cl'KTff- Ri i.ug - . a ?o lane lane Brooklyn, L. 1. IX'antbd-tn exchani'I: r<>p a vai.i ahi. avd TV sal alt tear Old mare a gwel driving ?.?rie ot good Hat lor faroil) ore. The tiure i, g>wl in barneaa an I etoallaHt under -a-ldic. Apply ai Up I'.i scl. love a;' II. o c lyn.L. I. ANTED?A PAIR of ~ - n"\ ~~ ' 15H lianda high not oi ? ?r- o.d.n i o> a .l.e T W logetlier In inlnoiea or le. EXTIIA TAT. Ij?XTIU TAY?NAYY RpLSTY LAND AM) / <TRA j Eay " ' 'IBi e?Land wfrr..rr. * en a pay and baktnceg van -long of wage* due all CaHad Mniea navy aajiora. In a ?n ? I'gtl, their wtdi.wa and helm, pi njplr oOiaWed and paid, all ktada of Ratara agafot lha United state* -eeove, -i hy EDWARD MI-sKEI Agent, iMPMrO.g. hav, >rd Aluiraej and OaaneafVw rllae er Wall??*??? imntAt k. E'N/MiWME.STM?THE HP.l.Hir OfiHMRRI I \L IIHI j ranee fVm.paay grant, em-.? n.? . a , ?. - . on at atmng the age of twenty no. UO ln> ,ra , ? in a In anrhva. 45 Wall street. New Y.--? Ofc'Wik M KKKYITT. Agen' MFCHANICW rtRR INHI R > Nt E COMPANY t AP tai W"<) !?#? ?Ofliee J"1 Rreg-te., . .. n- of CVam'te ' ? I-e will I ? MO I,,, tjgoor Pre . - Hrgkg B, Dgwty.v 4?mury, BOaJUHMi- ACT) UMM1HO. 173 14 Q7C BBOADWAY-MBS KKMU1.E BAH ROOMS FOR 0 I O families and single persons, with or without board, In the two splendid bourn looking upon Modiwu wiuare. b<-lwent Twenty-fifth And Tweutj sink streets. QAQ BROADWAY, UNION HQUARK.?IIaNIMOMIC OUO suite of rooms, on the Ur?t tloor. 10 let, with private table. or on the European plan, to a selwt family or gentle man, together or separate, hu other boerdaar FJliO BROADWAY. BKTWEP.N EIGHTH AND NINTH ? DO street*.?A hau.Uutue.y lurulshcd trout p.iioi and bedroom, with bnlJi room adjoining to let to gentlemen, with or without boaid. Private table. For furlher parth.ulara ui. e as above. 7?l BROADWAY.?TO I.FT, AN ELEGANT HttirK.OF 1 ? /u turi,ahfd apai'Uin uls to fatuities or jungle gentlcineu, with or without private t-ible. The Louse t? first rlaa? and oou tatbe all the modern uuiTovemeuts. 7T| BROADWAY.-A SUIT OE FURNISHED ROOMS 111 and 'wo -deeping 100me. to let, a few dooia troin New York Hotel. Mriik'nst and tea It dealrod No Ouarders 1 1 the house. lla'h ga ,tc References required i)()A (illllKNK STRLBT, NEAR THE CORNER OF e-w'I Fur ntslied rooms to let, to gentlemen w 1 or wiihout hoard; l<a'h and gas in the house 111 : SON STREET.?ROOMS FOR FAMILIES OR single gentlemen, wt'h hoard Mr TWELFTH STREET, NEAR SECOND AVENUE ? *) k . m >. oard, urnlsbedo un'm msiied. la a nrl > a'e intnlM. Single gentlemen or a rentirtnon and Wife rarj find desirable at rnmmodatinnH on tlie scond tloor. Limlied number taken. Near the rant and stage- Location idea .not. with mo tern improvements. k NINTH STREET -SUITS OF HANDSOMELY l) Mr mebed rooms to let, on second and third lloont. t > fanitlte*. with private t.ible If desired House tlrs'clas, and conveniently located In Ninth street, near Broadway. 1A O RIGHTII STREET, OPPOSITE THE MERCANTILE ' ??? ) Libr.try.?A lailv atel giui'letnau, or severa' gentle men, may have a plenum; sot well-furnished room, ivltli board. 1 n NINTH STREET, THIRD DOOR EAST OF BROAD J.T.1 way.?Handsome furnished room). In suite or single, wttk breakfast it required. Also, at No. 6 Collage place. EIGHTH STREET, OPPOSITE MERCANTILE LIB rury.?Pleesunt looms, with hoard, may be lial 1*?-| m.RKCKKK ST IIKET. Til P. EE. lll.tn'K.s WE- 1 OF AOl ltruadway ?Room* can be had in subs, or alngln. trait r ent or permanent: wl.L board, at moderate prices, in the above flrst elsnt house., with all the modern Improvements, lintin, gas, Ac. 1*)l I FRANKLIN STREET, CORNER OF VARICK-A ?)A? plea-snl room with lull or pnrtlnl board, suitable for a gentlemen and hie wife, 01 lor single ladlea or gentlemen. 1HH FOURTH AVENUE.?A FINE AM) ELEGANT Js/ll furn. lied Irom nnd ha-k parlor, w'lh bedrooms a> bxliod. In a brat ela-. houae with all the modern Improvements and eouilorta. to let with board, to gentlemen and tlietr wives. Also, a few a ngle gentleman ran ha arenmmoda'od wiih rooms and board. References given uud reipilrad. (Iff TWELFTH STREET, ON THE SECOND BLOCK ?."U tri m Broadway; u gentleman and wile ran find tlrst clu?? nr.. 1111. isJ.iilon- In ever, particular, with bouid; room* eonta 11 liot and'-old water; bath room adjolnlrg; room" are tutlushed very baud-oniely. Teiins iin.b i.or (ii fr 1 bob st u eft, roi'H doobi wnior no ad ./J way?Aparlmenis. with board, suitable for genileoien and their wives, or single gentlemen llou*e llrsl class. hand somely fin nlshrd, with iiatiis ami gas. tl to low priced urcoui uiodsnons lor single gentlemen Location very pleasaut. Ul BAST TWENTY THIRD STREET.?A LARGE PAR Ql lor and bedioom, elegantly fiirnlaliad, on the 1st tloor, and one larje roJ inon'he MTond II Kir. ran he obtained, to gether or separate, with board, In a first class bouse. Apply as aoove. 135 rji* Wl>T IWKV'I YHIXTH HTRKKT.?TWO GKNTI.K i U men or ? ct*otl< uuiit anil hi# wife ran be no ommo datfri withboMni ini first claas hou*e. when* but few bonrler* will be accommodated, within a tew hiep* of a car aud siage route. 7 | FRANKLIN* BTflKKT, TUIIID POOR FROM I 'l ilroadwnv.?Sin?!e and ^pieiouM rooma and jiartori, wilt board. Houni' conialin ail modorn tiii|>roveinrnUi. Pin nor at one o'clock. Term* toodora'e. 7 1 KAFT TWKNTY THIRD hTRKKT.?ONE OR TWO I Mnait faudltea. ur Mttiaie KWi'iempn, ran bo ac ?>iomo daU-d w ith fine room* and ooard In the above brat clnnM l?'?u*e, ptia iai f looitedbaAwaen IwrtiMdUihgtwimiHi 7 A WKHT TWKNTY TfllRP HTRKHX-TWO ORIfTI.K I'l men and tbrtr vrlvoi xdmj obtaiii v?ry danirable roonsa, with fulJ or partial board, in a hoitte conUinin/ all I bo modern Improvement*, leucation, four tloura ti oin Hixvb avenue. rjt\ WIST TWKNTY THIRD KTHKKT.?ROAROINO.? I ' f Room onllrnf and third Iloor* fm n'sbe I or unfurnialMul, with lull or partial board, in a lirst cluan houae, witii k<tm. bulb, A'*. Rcicreticeis excimu^ed. 7 A fBAKKUB 8TEBVT, FIE8T B0U8K WWI 01 I w ib o?id'*a) i,' i:." ? room bodroomai I pan trv attached, on the aecund tloor. io let to one or two aociFeinen, fieakia??tserved If renum d. Alao, aiufpe and double roon ">d. lu'i'ii; neatiy Itirnialied. Impilre a* above. r i BI.KKC KKH HI REI T ?ROOMS To LKT, WITH 4?!i iJT without board, to y utlemen and thoir wive* also mini I roubiM for single gentiemeD ; ga? and baili In the houae. Apply ap above. I ( | Ml PRAY HTR KET.?BOARDING FOR F \ Ml LIBS *1 ?) Mi.tl rtn/; c kcit )euicn The bonne ha* ail the modern linprovtincou. Furnidied room* to let without ioard. O I NINTH . TRKRT ?A FKW HINHLR OMNTLF.MKN 0"T ran obtam bnlidH>nielv turni^ln'd rooinj, with fu.I or partial b<>ard. In a xtrtetly prijfH'e family, at the aboveiiauiad jilacc; a!*o, a suit of nofurnlnhi d ro*?m?, unliable lor a gentb* man and lady. Thefaiouae en'n eJy new, and ha?* every mo dern Improv inent. Appl) a* above. Ai t TANTON RSI I TO LSI I LABOR FS0S1 ' ' room, furnlnhrd. on ????cond floor, tollable for omq ??r ' vf?? g'-nticutcti. Apply to Mi t. <J. K. IIOWPKN. 17 JOSK8 STREET ?A s' IT Of L MS ? H J I hat danmrly ra>i>I'l '1! pat lore, wt'h bedroom, an I in h 11 ? -nn a I iicli'U; ii I -o, bcili ix'tiia u> let to gciirciuen Wi bou beard. * GENTLEMAN \ N D W IFk7~ OR TWO BINOU: <il \ JV tltrmen can bcaocomxnodnt'nl with a idua m" room .u'h ? ? .' ml tb.ir i f hour" .Nn.Tl (oh! So te*i weet Twi-nir aae md ? 11i?liuiue 'ouiain. the modern unprovein eoia, amila ouoiebl' ullo car* and linger 4 I. 1 RUE FRONT ROOM. WITH mrillKf-- AND MO TV ill u en... mil ?" a and iiim'l.-tmn; lii *r'l lor .lie lady only AiMier- A. M., I ttliu I'tarel'ik. ulT.ee. A~FEW H.VOI.K 'iF.nTiISknT AN HAYS i OMFORT aV able r<en.- v ih or ulihotit i ? . ?.. !,?? . a te.peni aO.e private :?tMI;. ; terma ruaaoiia'le, rdarei' P. m I'lired ur v i.iild rem il e mc< *1 Ito.r fttmMicil, bar big two i .rlnraand bejiunn atia< l.ed, aery amiable for a phyilruut. Apply at eg t'loal y I reel <~. ,ii"roi llrixmie. VI. A DY WANTS OMR OR TWO t'NrURNHHEI) rooiua. with or without plain hoard, In the fatally of -'.me w in* ady, where ilitre ?r? no u'ner t order.; w., p.y ior .ii" ?an.e in adranre. Addreaa Mr*. Ila ???? 1 lay, He:ell c.ttiie. 4 .F.MI.I.MAN W,\\. A II :.M-1' I > HOoM IN V J\ I ? a << .1. all inii'ir ii liiipriivemeo '. r.?e a:.' . i ? - ? ) i.i pel For great aeeitriiiixla iiifir In ? |.riva?e fanny fie would i rii ,? li'iMWl prlc Addrc-e w.'li ] it toula.n. He iry Ma" it, li?:a.u oil.' - \ FKIV.V 1 K I AMII.Y. IIAV1NO MORE 1SOO.M TIIVN j.V -r'piln*ii id ?f i"i" . i*'. |i .ii rc.t'ii with hoard. 1 ha bullaeplea.ai.:l, lOCntrd A u*a v u.h Ac Apply ai 115 Waal Te eni? accord . ntfl , between n.Hb end biiMi 1. aveuui .. Reference) repaired. A M SOLE GENTLEMAN, OF GOOD PO-MTIO" CAN .\ i r , id"o i. i. 'mrd hi 'lie ho " '< i pby - ? ? ; ?? in Willlaniaborg; bedroom of good aire. fn .u11" n il*e urn; mere, corner oi Fourth and south IS.si a.r?c ? W.. lane i \ ghatlf.van Tndwifk, <orT tiTn~si.viir.fi J\ Hi ii "ii ?lil fliul p raaaat ri.'in ".in ti..rd, .n a bo o ii : ev r? convealeiire end deiialnitily .iiuen lupiovrn l n '.mi... i i- mail, end nlll ;akc a few boai .n i n!? n il u a i r? i ? ' . 1 ? Apjili ' I. Weai T .'r y-ee<?< d :ei ?cneea Rro*dn?y M.d Flnb ru n A UW vol Ml M V I 11 HR A' ' (iM'IOOAT r? v. lik' .' I'd and air, i .? u.-, a nil Ilipl) I Wre"t, ii ueeii/Ufdeaplace. l Hi MIS OWE 11 '.*l*Hia> FRONT Ro ' ON -K A i Aid floor, to let, tu a prlraie bouae. with <11 the tcaMa im ro.einenw a'?" a ali.kle loom, *. b i t. lid . ? i. Il A i j y a: 1'ilrn e fleet, abo. door) we? o: llrua< ?a.. 4 Of.NTI.KVUN tW MH WIFE, ?? ?: TWO s V ,|.f: il i"i. etnen, raa be accommodated will . I.V1 Wool Hi i ci , Ike bow I" new. and con ai < ait ne ri ?|ern ua I rotimei ?; urei ep . nab e rafereoce re-|Oued and gl.ett. 4 f.'I.V Av 11 OKNTI.F.M IN Wf-H p" i:M in .\ t en. iu a ama.I prftrhie tksilly, where ihey "a tu ? .. mi. .... a home wuhlnard far lb# lau- Addreea loime dm I- '. to O O , Brra i*<y ro I ofllre 4 f.ADV Of- ' 1 HIT H\RIf i ' V v olil AJN HOARD I.Y a\ ?> ri i -v wtere 'bere are nut lew boarder j applying ?' fix.11.* .ret* Mire:, near Ma?en. VCOl VUR of YftfMO I,\DHSIAN M. AI I 'MM'I. . dated "lib boerd ba e prlraie faaali). wbere there ere no i,'.: >.?. iHtdrtwKj 1'ben.bera afreet. Board ?sf.i.e< t familirh or im.i.e iikNii.K n en may Heere plea'am r on ?u>'? or etng e, w k ward far the ara.oo. a IP8 atal !>?' Kae 1 r ? ia? Bmtare ?re dc. ral'.y leested, I.o'i it -h d. a in. ? I ?11, all tbe Bt'idnin 1?| iw-n.er,-. A ? rw, ... c or! -?i :!*? re ). ? n'e? RcMrepcee escham. 'd. fJOARIV-AFRORTjROOM ASK R I Ml ?'? ? ? .0 JJ noor, ta eiwphboard , > o n ..*e up a pi. *>a|i! atinly I ? >i i" e?mPiri?of a pale) S.cate in a remd '??/??? ** reeeroa *ar? changed. Rh|itueal Ifl Ea?< Umad .?< a- at.d in bcuiw. BtMRii ?a I'luTv rr FAVit.Y. ri pifito at~i? " e?i i wtaty ?*? ? ;.d neef, i d.x r f u*. b. wnl a parlor end rranntwr, . it* ? ? .1 ? r ? i. ml "? the ?. of.d to r, o a gealh moa end III. u te. c < I ' I w ? r.g e if'i.iiem'Ti aleo, UntbM laeu.' nr. ? f.'.-d I - .'I,1 The i otue hoaail the modem unprti.ca. le. o. i iterate. R-erer, ?-?! lacfed. Board-a HD.III.Y nf>r*r" u t: .: aif if ij, rresi.i.g in Weei TwefitiA'b i i.e.rl ea--e wCHuo he erfiimg la let * parlor id c'r-m ? niM ?o a .nagie gen e?r.a, ur b- ewluO ? ?? ?* par.is hirer b'droem., a t.? k- h> ? 'bed o a f ari) of Iwo or il.reo g?n'i?i?er. wi h ? reahfa?< Poaorxf br e i > i arm. will be 'almri "! be ,r> #? ? I ? 'eWtty. aad wll in* U a. a ra pr ma ?Hr- a Z. A 'ftiee t< the Jooriia. . 1 r ? - > ? ( ? . e . -. new may be had TIOARD -HARWOMia.T t R' t: u M- 1"C J> lum.r ii Wr . Ma* ro i a^e '? ? ' . or ? ir(le gentlemen I* lib nil or f a- ml tma'A one eornaloa ?lie an drrn uaproreirienta. reference, 'urbaneed. Board - a larokfi rmpiird if >? o t i ' ? .an be bad. wpb of I afc'i ? par'lat '? *? ' ? +> a 41" rota <? Ww ''randa'reel ISi? t..<*4 *?? i.rueA .?? |Vti VRD?WASTRH, A HOOD mzfh (ffftinmp If ran an ? raip w,tk ??. a a . r!*? e am. y, by a tin armo and ? ? ? at pre ? rd erma not o nnet pi jmr ?.'? la ' bti. r' i',l ga Ad'lim I. ? * . C.| llrra. I ..d, ? Board.?a widow LADY Havix. 4 iio< -r ??> pinawwhall -b? r*"t" Il ? >aaM be r a | arSot oa Arm baar and a ' - aa "I' 1 or I ? ? res m ', arid ? t'e ? r rng'e *'.? r.an f"?'er*aee-ea baet ,.i Apf 1 at laa Fee' Tnall .. ?!. oamd-a op.Nri.ma". anh *ii* < >. ar ai oi, tnnt a ed *Hh a pa' Inr and .? leai "i ww ml 1a"? * Oat raeba. ' tcwaoaa. .tO"?? B I rrin-?ed. App'y ai S? W?>t 1 wee, ?OMUNRO ABD UHMffla. B >OAitI>.-Aii A PUt AM A NT AND CUMPORTAHLK ?> bomr i- h Btkitrr of M<ine rnnvllnml lotl to nv-.1 people, tb*j run obtain ludi, lugeUwr wnb ftnr rnonu, i>> a plytn, at S* Pout Ihkveaur TU. loti-.* m rmxtcru xot w llocntad, kii t rather drorabl* beUijj acceaalbir to All part* ,r the city. In ma model at.'. Board -thkkk (jkntlkmkn can uk Aivomco ilatnl with plniaant room* and pai Uai t>o?nl, m a private family, where there ta K?reeabl? aocietjr. Apply at II Poplar a rre>. our luluutu'a walk from Pultou or wall aire t ferrle klao, it liaieJaome tmfUmUhe.1 pAr'or to let Board down town, wiih a pmvatk kamii.t Can be had by two iwiInrm daWrMeot ObhWni a food. plinti, i-omturtable home. No o her l.,i?r<lrr? taken lionutoa lirnllhr and ttleaaaiit, op llroadwar. near Wall atreet Teton tuodnule Aadreaa I'latn t oinlort. lterald ofllee B OAKD DOWN TOWN ? A GENTLEMAN AM) HIS wtfe And t vo nr three gtotlfropii. run br ao uunod Bed hoard a' 1*2 Puaoe street, near H'tdiioo, oPfKMitc Dnane ?ei pat k Board in bri.oiclyn ? a small family, and two or three fin, ?? gentlemen ? an be *rco?iumsd'?u* I with board ?n a quiff family wMu a few othr. boarder* at SI Hfilwj place, oetween JorcilMuon and >tatc only a tew tain uU'fc waik fr< id Wall Hirer and South fcnca Board in Brooklyn, an entire floor, on second atory hand* >r?ely (?trnfabed, (bouse brat c'aaa.Mo 1ft, tl'her wparau ly or lu unit*, on reaitofiabla terun Uaii give brrt reference. Within five mtou'oh walk of AUarttt or Wall At. ferry?2bS Houry *k, between Amity mwti mgroaa. Board in Brooklyn.?a lady andgkntlkman, ft; tw? single Men'. ?iil*,i?, < i?.i Im* ,ir< omiiindatctj WPh good hoard, with n Cliife nunutu*' walk of U?e South terry. Apply at the corner ot Htrka ami Aittky at reel*. Board in Brooklyn.?to lkt?a large front tuomun t-ho second Moor, well turmahed, amiable I u a gentleman and hi* wtfe, or two gentleman almi, a tialt bed room, In i tie ot tin* beet location* In Brook'vn. Apply at 8b Clln'ou aUcct, between Wall and ALuu'te iirriea. Board in Brooklyn.?a gentleman and wife or two single gentlemen ran be a ?inrnodiitrd wl'li i ulnceD f uncalled rutm. on atuMind or third floor*. In an Anie nt tin family, at 43 I'ltaevet pUbce, beweeu Dagraw and liar naon streets; hath, gas Ac. Board in Brooklyn.-one or two singlkgkn? tlrincnran he accommodated with a pleasant t'ront room and partial board bv applying at Hi lllgn ati aot. Reference* exchanged. Board in ho* n< Brooklyn.?a priyatk fa mi Jy, residing widiin a few tntntite*' dtatuioeof the Sotitii ten *, would be happy Ui receive aw tnuiate? lor the winter, a gentleman and b < vife or two frtemla. Pliunir hour, six o'clock. Apply at 3? Tai die at., lii xikiyn. between Henry and ILck*. Board wantkd?in a frivatk family, by a gentleman wtfe, three chl'dren and uurne. (ikw>d ar comififMiattotia te<|tttied, for which a liberal price will he pal l, between Fourteettth and Thirtieth ?*treeui and Fourtii and Sixth avenue- preferred. Addrea^ ? W. g , Herald office. Board wantkd?in jkrsey <tty or robokf.k. near the ferrv. by a lady with two childeen (glrU),fl aO?i 7 years old, Iti a highly ie-ne 'table private UinUy, at r?* iv?ria ble rates, I rirxttepconahle refer* neea given and reqnlrwl, Addiesa A D. C., ye raid office, giving partn ultra ot loaUon, price, ?tr. B OARD W A NTKD?BY A YOt WO LADY, FROM TIIK J3 country, where only female* are taken. Addug^ *'atiDu term*, whuh must be inodeiate, A. II. W . MHrm Herald oiiu Board wantkd?by \ gf.ntlkman, wiff. and child. In h prlvaie fnmilv A aeeond tlrs?r ns?in and bwi room or pantries between Fourteenth and Foitieth tin eta, wet* side. Termi mil at be easy. Addie*-, with lull partteu lata, L. A. B., box !3o Herald office Board wantkd?a yocno lady of ttik urofi est reapertKhly would like t<? ofuatn !???*?? d tn a tauu'y Hie would te.ich two or Uiree children, or give lea-on- on the pinno as equivalent; would he both cofupauionahlc and agree able. Address Mis- H. P., Melropoli an Boat office, Bible tiouir. Boarding, a front room with bedroom at inched, on the ncoud floor, tmfurnlahel, with hoard, to let to a gentleman and ht* wtfe, in a private family, wt?er? there are no other hoarders. Reference* (which muni ho ua exceptionable) exchanged Apply at 101 Second avenue. B OARWirO.-TO I,FT, A FROVT U'XfM, NKATUT .J finm.li.'l Willi gruix nnd pmnr >?, -uiiHble or ? umiUenuta .Ml wlfr or two griiUrmi-ii; ?!.o two ^u^lr room, m 4b? pliw K.ntlj fliuut.-d Ikkiw Ti .NoiUi Hour.' ?ti??l. ItkUt. Ill tb? tKHui B OARDINO.?A LAROK BACK I'ARIAIR. ON TIIK firs' floor ot a Drat r'.it* private honi". with :a* hatha. . ami partial board, to 'wo -Ingle gentlemen; aU??, n very l Mingle room on the second floor T? i neat alngfe room on the second floor Terms very uuslci ate to deMirnbie pert lea Apply at 222 Hulllvan aneet, neai li'eccker nnd Amity. Boarding. ? plkabant rooms with either lull or partial board, ran be obtained upon application at S'2 White atnet, a few ihfora from Broadway. BOAKDING-ON BROOKLYN flKDIHTS, BKTWKKN Fulton and Wall alreet t?irrt?a, for gentlemen, with par Hal limid and dlnitri mi Sunday-, in a prtvnte family. The bouse iimu gM*. arm la d drably aititated. fmiu* irom gi u> |>l per wn h Address, witti real name, W. Andrew, Herald office. Utfereocai uueiccptPmabte. OARDINO?A PRIVATE FAMIfkY, OCt'CPYING A tit ?i claaa hou *e, wFh a lew i>oard?ra; an opportunity for a| i< rabie arrnngettieri nrldom to l?e in *i with. Apply a' w ho. 170 Weal Twenty aetotkd avie?*i, near Seventh avenue. IIOARDINO.? NO. CA VARIOK STREET, BRTWEt J* 1.night nnd < ati'il tieiit!?*men and 'heir wives, or ?tn; gentlemen, can be accommodated w ith full or partial hoard reasonable b iti.a Thin loraUon Letug down town is vr convenient to Ibe hualne?a portion ot tbt; city. Kefertn< ?xclianged. Boarding in newvork wamed-hya oknti.e limn and wile, furnlphlng their own Hparunerit*. fuel uiel ligli'M. nr.** Urge front room With rnall i -jin athf h?*d nrc ?erred. Addredencrddiig room and rmrnlngthe berrns. which louat be nmdi iata, A. Y., Herald olJn e. Reierenco given aigl required. BOA KI>1 NO IV RBoOKLYX?A LADY A Mi OPVTM? runii. or one or iwo Mingle gentlemen wh?. rn? . n iff honril, will fh d p)' 0**m wommimMUii*'*. I ii iiifAimi ?? in) ll}Mi?h? fl. Whfl'' Mrh tl|6 ('Slfflton ' u. A ilfllJI*' lti-1 v In! ffftlil' ). ' ?lrplj*n|f rtl bond* bio fiiifiui?"?' w**ik frutu Fultun forty K? fetenreo ? *? lounged. Boaki?inc; kxciiawok, so. 4 a*toh pla?e.?okhi r?M?* fcmording Midi lodging ?r<ownM?d*inm? in vortom I i-r*? olu * r,ty *n 1 br ?>kl?n may n* of Uinnd by ftppMnu; hi*;? A .I r* ?|ii ? it?? !? ?n?Atn.i? grotl*. M?>r wooer, if y?>'i a ?h eolrnlle boarder* tilta la ;be piece*' ?rl? 'h von rooy pro* 010 ih'tn. J'KM A Khn! A JIAHHr. I. UHOOhLYN IIKMilll TWO LAKOK AMI Kf.KOAXT rfjf-nu upon tin- -'m otmI .a?f, to let with ? iw?nj, in tb*' d* llu b* t ui fir * c!m<* reeldeoee ?*2 Kem*ftfi R'reet, wf liio'for** 11 imitee' w??k ??{th* W *: ;r*H, mil uv*? .?! the S<*$th tarry AIao rooit a upon the U* rd floor. Rtiiiftbie forg ??trie men. iHoaei *f "?!*. Relereio c* ex?;.*jifC'I. ?>v* 'he *>eeoiwl floor, wnboul bo*rd, in ? pris.?*% f*?i.bv r*f?r # r re* given Hfifl required, App.y it ill (?r?Min*kh ?'/? h? Apply of 4V Or- i.*<d ??ff f \\ IJL'AlltTO-B* T*' -1NOI. TV mh? ami MM ap'lair r'-a 1.1 (.r.jiti.r.*!!*. two it.:r> hunts* Rm n AAfV.a I T. I* P. W" I IAM-IM - A OfcXTLFaMA* A*D *fFf Of. 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WfTIf f? out board, r .* '..'t iii a Morll iuivai?* fvmtly vr*irr?* e father prrehl**, near llroailea^ him! ?.)< above )i:Vd*niii w given auU rvo ilr?*tt A-tireaa Krfereoce, lieta ii i tfb r WANTKI) TO III It K?KOI* R K(H?M< IN A i F..\TRAI? ff pert of the ritv fm ,? f.tmllv of itiiff grown tienfHM Kept ii.Dtlfru f. Addrt u V. If boi i??l llera'ulofli re, ?UiJitg price, loretton. \\rAM H) TO IlKNT A HToHR ON IRK WFAT W|DR ff ui Itnadwiv, lipinst ii Carial alien anil tlcai ? ihtiicli, lent not to rn wd IM 0* u. TU-aae apply at I7H Nprtog eirtwt. In the aiore. HVBWAMm tja/j ?IIANJO TATOIIT IX MIX KAHYI.KXHOWM TKKRR tpU? !?? 'n ftdvuir ? I'upita t?\ my nieUit?4 learn very pilnk. Itwnioa $| rg) t?? fir. glvi-n <tay eri'l eventug I Mi thriftily Air ?ban>o learber tn Nrw York taadiea taugkA at their reeulenrea h. It .1A * *4 >11*4. IUiijot?>. |lu<Jwm?t. AllAKOAIN, \> AlTlalKI) rOR IMMKDlATKLV.-R beati'lful 7 octave rosewood piano euperlor Uni<* a?a4 In.lab, in petted or<t?M tor Mtle, wttii atteil an t rover, aii-lt fine solerllofj of c|*M?i#-nl mo?b' liewly bo net. U> be ?eeo fti ;iS4 f-ourth atieet, from II till 2 o'clock. Alt A K K MAKOAIN.?A NUPRRIOR 7 O TAVR, fit# nMewuud piano forte lor ftale for RJJU, aa the owner uiunt leave loan. I erlcrt every way, elimit tone, tiiodern lin piovnnrnte; hua been In uaa rmly three ui'?ih?; fully warraaat e<i. t ail at &d Veaey atreet, from It) tiil X o'< kick. AOKKMAN I.ADY-KI IXY Qb'AliirtKI) TO OIY? Inairnefton In her native language t? de?troua of a attua* boo In ftome hoarding ?rhool or private faintly. wHare ber I/'anl vvoiiid be ? oiiMitertHi a < ouiio iiftloii for iea< hiug two or Uu id hour* a dny, referencra AfhlreMi Mra t'rrua W. Ktehl, Ht kftBt y|i*t it., care of Mi. Morti'lHirarhfak!. \i', Mae.hiugai at. V|I'MCAI. ?A LADY KXPKItlKXt'KI) IM TKAflllNtl lv| wleht-a to obtain a f<-w it mra pr?i lU for the piano. Tbeaw rojulrtiig the mvtw* ol a ?ouu?eu*m leartier may ?emure thean upon initio <lU'e upple a'km io \lual? 1 eai tier, IM Oieeue atreelt near Hpring tern* moderate MI HIC-A YOI XO I.ADY, IM I'll, Of TIIK MOMT C7R tehratrd vwal and Instrumental jicrforinera that War a m . < ! Ibe I Iii'evl Male* ai.>! | ?.--/???u g grea nftttuai aoitnieo f<?r (lottructinK other?, will give i??mnh u. UitVea at Iter ram dance. No. 122 Weal Jlitrlv tifUi mreet. bet ween Kigleh and Niiitn a van uea, oi will ai ?'ii?l i*? 'iosii re*l4#nod*?. Three moathe will prove Niittt'tent I ?rrnv a* cor<i,ng u? *he umev Dm Italian At)' lr of NtDglng taught Mi mic?a Yomo lady, lxpi kiknckd in oivixa lo ah uc; I ton on piano mil recrite iwooi thiee m ire pnpi?* mi lor ieftlilct.ee, at two dollar a per month, witb prtM>geaf piaittcc. I'linliv fttictj'lsii *! tbmr reat<l**ri< ? ?, ten diollara |MV" ijiinrtcr Afiplvai 77^ eighth avenue, between Twenty ec"*u4 and Twenty third ??reet*' Ml HD AI. A RAMRO AND TlNOK, OK MK V KR A !? yeare cipcriciee in teaching and clear k ailiiig. wiftk to *lng In oi lead rlmira. Tenor atnpa u? If rtat, with <Heai regiator. AiUlre-e Suffer I A ' err, */** Kourb atreet rro amatki'Ri* ?mm w iinor hkoh to ( am. at I tfi.tkm to hm t?rw aod h* Mi*, of i? iw ntu< Uao l> nr.hlttrv, by ilmvoumh knowffdjf* of tl?a w ?#??<?# a# nwii and f?j?i 1 .no in ?J. - itr?N| M ii. Mr. l-iiwl ? tin* h<jf'.e?t '-Himmi*j* a* Kr ? harm* i*r , | /o.i ' ai i it) and /#frr In inmn <*,' M? w(hi l?avn. niflir 1 ? r.?fi? ini'dcm*. t>? . .><??? xkHfui t?-rf??rt??#i ? aw tbr piano, iu hnli ?i.o Uf/iO n*n?llr r?''i*Jlrrif for Uia< ?n4 jjiAScm - rom iikai urnpkvk* oi-tatk i*iaro I tor i* a f. r.?- ?<!,. 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C' & I I f kf 11 I A I'AlU sKK W aMI'U In TMR IX*M VI ' '' -A l> S 'II " lit* * ? | fw?r'?n,t ? for tuAMitig mm* u r * Ur*#, lb# ad v ?' m> n? * r? ho/#rr#?l a- 't#f *.# .f?? w#?4 iao4 tw ti " '"tiii i to fittmoo imtn f otfi iUrn an* ??iiia Ac. AI'I'i) " MO A V H a r n?)J l-?|> K M Aaa?ao WMWi. (|(|(| - I'AHI KK WamKH in A \KRr i.it ?. t - 'If pt r ? wi'A f "l> aaJ? ? ?' ' a - r#?, ? ? an rnt#r?ww iw r'??/\ . # < r.' of ii? inmijY a<iran*?w ma lMd*#d a abort r. i , iijir. r*J n .) ?' r, r Hi Ht.ll/f A MiMf Ki>^. A ? Hi?^4*a> iv ib >?? w 1 hhn * ?rvn ? man who Tifoioi fiin.r ?. ? '/? t r aM . ? ('n.mtrr , '?// /At a kuMAOB air? .i*?J ar t ?? i#ao o?f-H few moAO a**. * or a ?r/rar. #. a I, raaU r.atoa I. A., Iitbii ott?r#, abrk lUI ba rricily cuciMaHAl. 4 " M(U I - * , u ' ' WITH rKiiM ?? a -a'i? iaab ooaroaaa, (bcl W | ay a fan l'A? | ' r ? ea Al'lfm * H. 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