30 Ekim 1855 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 3

30 Ekim 1855 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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IMEITMKENTS EEHEWbD ?TEIT DAT. ?aiam a* /tuciiuH. ALBERT H. NIOOLAT, AUCTION SOB -CLE ABINH JO. out vile ofturaiiure, carpets, cbandeil-ra, Ac. ? Albert H. Nicolay will sell, on Wednt*,.!Oct. ?l at 11 o'clo-k, at the sale* room. 11 llroad strew, au asiuir merit offuralture con sbUBg ol mahogany, black waluut and ober bedsteads; bu rflfttih, marble top waahstanda and centra table*, arm cb*tr?, totes, Ac., together withxuparti ml vet tapestry carpet* . al*o, fiplcndidg&itclutDlelier, with cat ?!as? globes, and a-i nlSitaat plate gtess .^bow case. Term* cash In city funds. All pur cM>e-i must be removed immodlataiy after the sale. AC. TUTTLR, AUOTIONKBR.?OFFICE 04 BROAD ? way. ?Peremntor y sale of ro?e wood mahogany and oa* cabinet furniture, being the extensive tdock coD'alnea in the wire rooms, & 8 Hudson street, corner of Charles, i< l?f sold on Thun?day without any r? strlcilona ?A. C TuTT.iK wiu ?ell on Thursday, at 10J? o'clock, at tbe above w,rcr-,Gmall the entire stock of superior finished sad niQnWtod ro e?m,d, mahogany walnut ana oak c rbiuvt furniture contained h -re Id, being of superior manufacture Will he so 1 wlttwsi' any restrictions, to close tlie business. Tbe slock com ir,.e^ parlor suits In rosewood and mahogany, sitlebotrds. etegerea, rose wood and oak extension tobies, library *nd b'v<kea*es, wird robes, dressing bureaus sofa and centre tanles, cottage chum? ber furniture, Ac. Catalogues reads on die morning of sale, and every lot to be sold to Lbe highest bidder for cash. AUCTION NOTICE.?OALLKRY OF FINK OIL PAINT lags.?Closing sale, with the addition of several of the finest warranted roaster pieces over soeo n tnls market.? EDWARI) hi HKNCK will sell this tine collection ol about lorty eight ot: paintings, on Wednesday, October 31, at lib. o'clock preelsc'y; (nopostponement on accoubtof the weather), at the salesroom 16 Well street to close ao -ouuts. We Invito purchasers and connolseurs to view the, collection. and we are sure tliey will ocree with us. Urn1 It contains pictures rarely to be met with. The pictures most be removed by Friday mora pig. Terms cash. Auction notick.-hotiob.-m. noutiHTV, auo Uoneer ?constable's sa.e of bou?e' >id furniture, Ac., on VFednesilav, at 10' , o'clock, atthu s.s'o uomtf Co 1 re stroot, vlr I'srlor iurntnire. In ft.iirclot.i apc-tr' and In t-aln car pets, bureaus, ,-?fa?, lo tnges, mirrors, nalr maUresse.i frt'.Uer beds, bedding, cane chaii-v rocker-; cmoa cookery end glass ware; wsrurooes, intihoglRy, ros> w.i.hI and walnut bedsteads; AUCTION NOTICE.?GKK.AT h ALE OF DIAMONDS, _tj jewelry Biol watches, to clo'e a concern?HOWaKO NcHEN't'K will nil at auction, this day. at Uiyj o'clock, at his Aalesroom. in Wall street a inagnlQi eut .ssoriment of diamond .jewelry and uatches, being'he wnoleof tbe a o k of an Import log house declining buMurns, uowal t i ? In p in of gntd hunting and open fsoed watches, by B-cting, rrerei, Lugger. do-. Johnson. Cooper, I), ot, nitgemao, aud o'her datiuguUhit EngJlsli and Ficoch intkers; eb gnnt diitniO'l oracaiew plus, esrrings and rings, including c lister., th-ee ? tones sa l <il igle stones. In eighteen carat go,d seu ngs; Florentine an 1 'toman mosaic bracelets plus and earilngs: -a men do ; quart and ves: chains, puis, rings, Ac. bate positively without r. serve, torcash. AUCTION NOTICE. ? M. DOUQHTY, AUCtlOHHER, will sell, this dsv. (Toesdav.) at 10,'i o'clock, at 111 Chambers slice:. the entire elvga t ruaewo<iJ au<l mahogany furniture ot the shove house iuclud ug a splendid rosewood pianoforte, two elegant pier glssaes, rich cn pc ., rosewood parlor suite, out k'tutt; a lib everything for be parlor, doing room, chambei and kitchen, ot the Pes' da* trfptt'oa, all of which is to bo sold Without r "me-no oppc unliv seldom offered to housekeepers and the trade. No postponement. Peporita required of every purchaser. Auction notice?j. booabt, auctioneer -by H. Bogart, tills Tuesday 3'111' at UtS> o'clock pit. h; sue Ion rooms corner frank toil and Wil'lam strre.s Mertff'a aud constable's sale?Large sale carpets, rentier beds looking glosses furniture, Ac . consisting of I rt)9>? yarls of new ta psatry, Brua-cL, two ply, Ingram and v'oni luxooruo's; liW su perior feather beds, halt mat rosea trgether with a cen tral assortment of parlor, chamber and k'tchen furni'ure, Kinking glasses, and a varlttv of other housekeeping articles. N B ? hale peremptory, lwposiu will be required irotu ah pur chasers. Auction notice.-wilija.h toppino a co. war, sell this day, Tuesday, Oct. 30, at their saler room. .'13 Broad street, a large, choice and hi-biuna'Is assortment or ready made clothing Including overcoat*, business, frock and cdice coats; also, a fine assortment of pantaloons and vests, worthy tbe attention of the trade. Catalogues and samples now ready. Auction notior.-tho8. bell, auctioneer ?by BKI.L A BUHH.?This day at I 'i( o'clock, at 12 North William street, variety sale of furniture, carpsu., glassware, Crockery, brandies, rum, gin. cordials segars, Ac.; also, clothing, l'aney and plcr ged articles, watches, jewelry, sta tinuery, body bolts. Ac., Ao., Ac. Auction notiok.-johnt. ri'sseli., auctioneer ?1>AV, KI BBELL A CO. will sell at 413 II(ids m street So tuorrow < W ednesilay), atlO>? o'clock A. M , the fiirnlture of a Ir.mtly leaving the chy. comprising the usual artlrb* of hi use keeping, all In gtod order, to be removed imou-' itely af the sale. Auction notice?J. booaht, auotionfrr?by 8. BOO ART, this day, at U't (.'click, at the au-i'-u T.louts corner of Frankfort and William streets, Connublc's aale?Tsn C'rotou bydrauts, Ac NATHAL. PINCH, Constable. Auction notiuk.-j. booart, auctionekr-by H. Uk-iiART. tills day, at l">k ockiek, at the u-tlon rooms corner ol Frai.kiort aud Wfliiatu struets, Constable's aaie?Twenty Uve fancy wire bird cages W. y. HUTTON, Constable. Auction notice.?hardware, frknch pheii Irou, hollow ware, Ac?(NO. K. FA N ANTWFtll'.? Sale of the abov e will take place at 10 o'clock this day October SO, at 216 Pearl street. Catatugues now ready. Auction notick.-a. m cuistalar, auction ter,Sitonirj, willsell. thladay, all o'clock, hu e bold lunuiuro. coniullng in part of ir branny and rcxrwood Chairs, marble top centre table* easy chairs, rocltnrx. cone seat chairs, mahogany and rosewood Prmcti bod texd i dining r?ntre, amicard ti.l lex. Brussels >iud Ingrainnvpett g, feather beds and UutUi.tt. Ion a lig ol pointings, Ac , nr. Auction notice.-*. m ckimtvl sr, auction eer Sit Rowerr, will aell. on Redneslsy, Slat Inxb, a' Hi', o'eli* k. fO'-itpiy, in froul of s'orc, i.ne liorxe, Iron gray roler, elileeti hands high, tvniran ed sound lu every particu lar a'ro, ore lumber, one ! ijht buggy, ami one spring cart, in fir*' rate order, and ?? t ot turnex*. A COTION PALE.- CONTENTh OF ICE CREAM, TOT, 2\ fancy aid rarlety *torB.?Jubu F. Ru-sell, Auctioneer? By DAY, Rl SHELL A CO. - This mom 10* (lues lav) at nlj ?'clock, 'lit route llta Of a ore No. .'* I Th rd avenue, bpme ? Twenty-fciW'b and Twen'j fifth s'reets comprising icecream arparatu-. toys tancv Kisst*. household ftirulture stores, Ac. ASSIGNEE'S SALE OF MANTILLAS, CLOAK'S, AC. for cash, al No. f> CorGatldt str et, up satin.?The ? ' k ofmanti; ax. ?r? Of Wllcoison It Uradtntn havln j iiccn ax?i,i rd. it til be clo-ied out for i-eeli at a ridiftlon of fifty pgr c-n The suss la one well worthy the attention ol de-alers. By JOSEPH UEGEMAN, Af'CTIONBEB.?WKDN'EA day, Oct . SI. at Bo'c'nckA. At , pree'aely. at 1/0 Wuxh lb yon Mree. between Naaaau and t x.ncord, rtrook'vn, a large and general a-sor.uteiit of parlor, c'witnher and k chen furnl .nre Han e day at 2 o'clock f M, precisely at 77 l>esn atreet. between hmi'h and Iloyt, Brooklyn, parlor, ehuuher ami kltrbert furniture. <'vtaloguca o both mtlea at the aurilon room, on Tueaday alternoon. 0 ROCKERY, GLASS a NO CHIN A-BY J. S 71. BART I.KTT, AticUncer.?Tiientay Ocml er .10, at 10 o'clock, at a-"l Pe rl airei t, large and atir.ie'We ?,?1e ot beet it. u., bote ondall kinds of common ware; rath <;h|oa lass* and te t sets: tut, prene t and Bohemian gliesware. -u'lerr, stationery, At, Sale peremptory, and good* well paokml for ahipp'ng. CIROOKKKYTcBMA ANDtil.ttts At AUCTION.?J.J J WaLltKON, auctioneer.?HENRY ti. kvans wlissil on Tueaday, (tctoher lO.at tu o'c ork, a' 9-' Pearl xtreet. in lo-* from the sbe'for by the park age a fnlla-aormnni of decorated French cklna, whhe granite and all llnil* nt cntnmoa ware end glass nnorted The aUet.Uon of die oily and eointry trade, bote, keeper*, resuuran's and faml.lea, ta call id b' I bear -alea. Goods rarefuil* parked for supping. Kates ererv Tueaday. At It o'clock the aale of ehlua v*-e* add the stock of a retailer uuloi 'unale in business will commence. DYNAST!. AUCTIONEER, STbRE Nt). !10 BROAD ? wa;.-Mortgage sale of gro'ertes, Ac , on Tuesday, October 30,lew, at 10 A. M. nt No 7 Haerlfoo atreet, consist tog ot a general aednr uncut of groceries, liquors, Ac , together With the fliture.i, Ac.. Ac. T\ D. NASH. AUCTION ERR, STORK 110 BROAD J/, way?Sale of millinery, dry good* and fancy arftele* on Wednesday, October 31. I*M at 10 o'rlork A M . al IWt Bleeckrr *treet. eonalatlng rd bonnate and materials, ribbons, lares, and an assortment of dry goods and fancy articles. DcTdAVM, AUCTIONEER.?BY W. W. BOVYLKS ? Furuiiure, crockery and glassware. Ac.; also a large assortment of new and second hand furniture, wrorlhy the at lentioti ol dralfi-s and (he trade. IjtUGENK B FRANKLIN, AUiTIONEER ~-BY~ER"aNK U lln A Nn hols, a' their salesroom. No. 79 Nassau -trest, to morrow, Wednesday, at lUMoMirk The sale will com mence with the entire lamsehnld furtflturi of a genteel family declining housekeeping, eonabitlng In part of en tme'.led eham ter suite.* sofas, parlor rhalri, marble top bureaus and ?'??Ir Itandx. trrn hat stands, PVI yards nt rarpe log, II'tie worn lose Iher with a general assortment o' kitchen fiirn.tnn-. a'so, ele gani new rablnet furniture, rich rosewood and mahf any parlor suites, eot ered In 'he most fashionable bcocatel. gre> n an.Icrlmaon ve'ret plu-h creps and English hair rlolb, otk Wad rosewood Wegere* snd sl te'ioa ds library and se<r<"arv beokcases ward robes, book und corner stands, oeal mlrr.x-,. oil paintings, china. Ac. Also, an Ineo'ee of el,"h'. case* co. niu h.-aody, eltilage IW6; 6 000 llavant segar*. Ij'Ll A8~ COMBS. ACCTIONEFR.?THIN MORNING. AT 'J 10', o'ci 'Ck St H) V;|S.nil s'reep - A large and splendid ta anrtmutuot furniture; a large a-?"rt?ent of r tri eUng. a Urge assrw mint of ell paint.ngs; a targe sa-ormen* of mirrors, ro-e worsl bia>kca?e* and w.ir.tmbes, e ame:led cl imber seu d r ?Mftaatari illwfeh w ware, laoeirt, M., fc ; wk and biack walnui ettei.s% dinmg 'shies rosewood, black wslnip and mshngany dressing turneue. w.iahxtands, mat'reseet, hoietere, piT.ows, Ac. Ac. 300 bate* green low at privste sale. T*L>CANT vrgNTTCRE VALE IN .IF.RIMY CITY.?DA ix VlO Pf'fITT. Aur'lenee ?Will sell at publle ans'inn mi W ednewiay morning at In', o'ei"ek, at the four story brf k bouse fifi Grand atreet. Urn blceke from the O rrr 'he entire furniture nt a gentleman leaving ihr countrv ?(xmsl'Ung in par' rf pie* and manlel classes of ek/rsofdlnafT sin- an I thickness. English ceiref raipefs. me grsnd nttnofor'e, parlor and ' edrocrn enli of foroB nre In re'.ret and hair doth, u ree ply and Brti'sele earpei*. French, eouige. and or lag an bad stcvl* In rr -ewooil and mahogany, heir and spring mrt tmsex* feedwr bene one very beaut ful eiiefsilon table, e-eg-.-es ward.'obes. n'a'il and marble top Mi les, bookcases rose rood oldelxvard Fr ? pimn tasrble 'op: loeether wch the entire isM room and kltif.en furniture all cl ?vhich will be poxitiegty sold wi'boul re en*. Term*, b ?nka' le louney. tji COI.TUV, ADCTIOMBf R.?NKW t.VD HEf'OVD 1* , band furtiltttre. ear pert*, oUiloihs, chairs, stores, Ae ?" COLTON wBI ell thts day, (Tuesday ) Omober SB, at 10', a'eics k al the aueduo reams. ? Me sman street, a eery large assort men' o: gent new aid seen aA-hand lurnPnee, irom a lamtiy brrak'ng up leeiveke- phnr. ft will SUUU lib erery ya r ely ot parlor dilute room, laiiuom ami nasemeti'. a.xo wardnrbes iKSikca es. secretary, d/sasiuf bureaus centre ta li ex. dining and mansion d ? . look oj glasses, eila., s tele, rouches and couch badwead*. i*p*xry telrct and iagrete carpeta, several full pli ex ol o cl ,tb, rarious pa"e.ros. al*o 30 doren cur ed msp'e and oak dining room chairs, odloe do . offlee desks, kt'ehen furrd'ure, A" , aim any quantity ot stares ana other lurnuurr. Bale * ill be wiUwrut reserve, and often Inducemen'i to buy era in waat. George t oo*. au"ctu?nek*.-tuis day October 30. al U'Sr e.oek at the saieswnmi, 117 Nasesu sM'et a large aseonment nt furnl'ure constsung ot rrxcirewl and mi hngany parlor vriMes. la *atin brncaiel plush and hair do b world's 'id centre side and softs tables; secretaire bookr ue,, boak?ands laities' Frxweh secrs'sirr music cabinets, ?upe rlor cusuim ei'eodon dlnlns labia, dining room snl past r ehairs sofas, lounges, leie a teres, arm and easr chairs, rose Mand mahofsny bedsteads, esdiageelo.. enamelled coua.-e tore with and wttbon' mar' la lops, hair uattresM*. p%t Baseex. beds, beditl ig. at-.res, Ac (1RORGEUftOE. AI'ITI'inEFR?BTDRK. 1>7 N MtRAC j atreet.?Aasignee'x sale of a l?rge .nick of aupertor gsr fumsry hUoularle ?nd lo1>' arF.lea vis.. Hmot.?ay, eumar ?TMBieiresl.?R. L.Hull.axswaee will ae i a* a *>ve si lu ?'dock oo Wedue?da?.Orr. *1 Uo-enUre stock ?f usoful an deeoraUra arurles eomamed in that sp'-ndid store: ".nsisring of eolamaa aitrart- poma-um e.rmba bru-bre ?'atia. Ar AI.O.'he erd re stock of raw ma'eels s. e. x-eua, OUs, Ac.. Ac . nece-sary for an etteiialr* names taring bud near Also, aim x cases, mirrors. Hi urea, Ac. The a hole to be poelUtcl) ro.ii to 'he highes bidder toe raah ft RtM'r RIEd (tOTW P1CKUM CATAUT, HARD T ware, this dr r. Ji", o'eV k a 67 r'?y strev e u.rrd OreWDWltb?Brandy. Wlflekey, ehampsgne tea* ' t ralslua. mn-'ard Wixjen wsr, , rbirks, writing p?per, ? ?r?, jcbaceo knine* *nd f-ri, han.mere, saws uiueiib, rkjthlng. Buy*' :%rtrr E .-t collar*, Ar W. A. CARTER. A'Cllooeer. W AWyWL HB.MRY H. LKKD9 APOTXONEKRS-Hro 19 Nisi-iri erreeL-Hecry H I wed, A Oo will sell kraanU.. I on Tuesday Oetltoand Wedntwday.M ,,1(1 UunoU, Ms.?' WJiV??*eitemire Sto'Jj Water. E?i, Mo *11 Broadway. co-nee of jir..-'. ,...-71* thony' *lrcet? VMurnee.' sale of a Ur?n ?uu vtbiableauLikSf Un fi.LT I- wltlioii rnte^vw, urorl-r .?} ?<S!t?sasKas^e ^25e^IUr|tij^ c^mha^? t?mborin??, olan.tnou, drum*, banjos Ui*tr"m?*- Also, ? K>ut #ii) jmki irorlb aC u.1 !f ^ol4 f,00kl4 lwr huuk*. b*rp*, meioi000*, M iUars ?co?'uo?|ij*, *W mujlt i.,r4uUQx *li of S* g^rt .'*-*h^b'* *>nWi wwlue,, rondo*. wluuuha*. ? , Lf; *"? Ai*o, a large awtortinsul ol plate music. with rar?Irlnt-"?"* 01 **" ?r Kr**t *'?<> Ol'Klc - ,r's piano .tool*. engraving* oil palatine*, apjendtd mantel mirror, gas rli*ode;ior. oface olock, oil . . V ,**1* "ArpelliW. ma'ting 4c. Urn. two valuable cart burse 1, a aprtug cart, harnuM. O'oto-i iiue Ac , India 2S. l'l~,oco,r*r?. A" Th? IIrat day'. sale wilt ooumence with plauotorteA, mimical In.trumenta Ac. Hmi-J d" V* aale ? Music 111 sheet.., dluo hound, Ir.rt'ractlon honk - ,?c. The trada arc particularly invited to aUei.d this ? air. ,m it will be found one of dm moat eitennlve ever made lu Dili o'ty, and everr aKlr.e lunal be sold to the highest bbt ler. without auv re vrve whatever, (O cloae the concern rorfnrdier purtloular* lniuire of Uie aucUoneara, at tbeir o?ce, 19 Naaaaa street H>?*T IT. LKIDd, AtfCTfOXK-R-TIRVRT "if Uvda A to. will aeil ou Tuesday ijli *al Wedueaday, ctfi, a. IP , oclo.k eacb d..y at too auctlou room* No 19 Maafeau. ?ucet, auparo rale of fa icy good . -H'gnor O H. 11 random nl bee, leave to announce that Til, -round great r ale of r/Trffm' KVJt,'J*k0 ,,!i*cr,,,, aL.*',,iuh son"> of bit flnetl , ool* nIII be dl.pn-ed ot, couala lot; of r -al Orr ira it ?'n irv fu'i it Vedotvof olcunt, fctru can. McdlrJ, Uo.n ui nod ljr.'e larvr from 4 lof? fenl high, w.-h -.t i*r rhoV-6 vatea anllabte tor parlor* and nldiea; a'ao. ?lab*itcr abituary reore sentluK\ etui- of ( anova, a moire iter,00 tiy Honerne P,, h'jj* oW Arloato, I'elrlrrh ,nd ta.m boat of Z.-uo; two pronpi repre-'n'inp "u.ornrr and %u'im r ?H.aiua'v iorgi?r1iT?Hor pUi/zu; i'LrUtoph-r ?:diimbiM iEi' torn , ,tan! Vaf tGlr" " V?-?>cnuT Ac, the." are abouTi} th? ftnl wr b HQ?lque fl^are* irtd g<-<? 4iM !5Si55Sfsi^^ri Hoba, tirobrecm, blrh ?r Venn*' nwcatop Hercnl-a Apollo Hnlvldene, ?l?-pin< eool l, race of Paiopaltofi, ttoPIT of the iron'iment 00 (he puna it Le 'horn I a , 1 n f afr rf llT ,vasc,,> 00" "''Pel) fojntoin curved wl li II n ri <? , .arKCit vasca ever nnpo in I, In alto rclloto lloUilc and fjrec/an ranee, for oirlora ma rel pierai haili ami lUhca Tarrt of \dr!?u cvd receiver, aoifd ?rtpc lewaa Inlaid -nh.ee iranaparent va.ea, fnm ioll an I li'-rru'anmioi vac. * timaand temple. M,?a!c t'.-oe and vaaea. gronpa anl fll?"' if?t *born apjendld collection ha, ju t oo -n Imported fmn, Iialy crprcly 'or thl. marlt-t Al-o a I .rue and rain eb ?> awoi.jr.eni rl French rhlua va*c?,c.lo korau;i?rlor wo-k mereltlp In bronze aod ormolu; china va?? rlc'ity palntci Also, a arfie aaRortment of bnooxe lltid'ea, urouo, Ac ? all of recent lnipoidnllon eiprcotly for tbla market The gooda can dealrrd * "m l',Pem,e un Ul? premtoA*, tor ahlpment, If HE?^T.uTi'u AfirTrONKKR?MAflNIFIOKST hetupfco.d turolturc pUnot'nrte mirror* Ac. ff. T izwl-.i t? wllleeil, thl. Tuesday, tin n.). at 10'.. o'clock at le i XmiT"'" ' Prnieieor Well* corner of Fn<ife?n'h .treat Tf.^ ^ Wboiafuriirtore confine J to the above mm',..?., '! op* "operlnr r-aewoo| pianoforte; hta l.en eeelonly n ev*'non'b., and c?> JtpiO Iwo e aboraleiv tarved i*v.ewood parlor nilht, covered In rioh ?a in tiroeade elegantly carved roeewoiel marble op aide a id eoener eU-uer,-' uilrror", frnn1 and back; large Hire Frenoh plate m rror, mini elegant ol, painting*, rich y decorated ohloa vaae* and lea eetH rn^wood Centre, vide ?nd .of, table*, mirt.p, top" o?^ two hundred ya-da of gotal ttrowet, .?arpe.lne, on parlor, u1" i?P?er r''o n'i ro.ewo.ij hi liaxsUnat ' I^^n7fi .-M i?i h^."> cu^,, ' h"r^ ''4'r mat're..ee! 'ee'ber bed. Ae.; roeewood manite top bureau, ami wa?h? and*, elegant rteowood bookcaae, mil I taihouaoy ?. tonaioo dining table, 14 feel draw lace window -dr5!52'mi hogai.y rpruig .eat nolo ehalm, arm do., alivar o'aterl tea ? e ! afi ?Al^.U'ebtlelo.h ?n.S , 't??a*ii^4^ 'be bourn 1 he hmue was fnrnlahed on the lat of May laM at tee?,.'wP,"!.,W'' " l \e "ale will be podllreU without an* re ?erv? Waj.A.f'W i, Mr owner 1care* t-hortiv f ir ilurooa .in A ^P011' quired fr.?m ali pu chasnra. .in" ^,U*e uu**,0i Mjl'- u- T- LKRUS A CO , HKiNRY u. hi* rts, JR., AutrroMKKR?wiTr, noi.n u . r6_u.ur wccilI* salo ot choloe i;pocor???*, wine< I I' . .'%aLt Pt,*ftr*' 'JHe-Missy, .tith UCj>her, ?i to1; ,6 ' i l"" Thi, week'2?*U coin iwem o j itrw 1 inC., ''ft3' "W"*. Ate 'In-,. ancbovie, .weeto.J, urtt t.to bruudiea, port, sherry, Mtdelra elaret w'1eH" Holland aod riehtedain gin, Irlah' N't eh, and Monotja.'diela whiskey, London porter Beo'eh ale' ?re!e"'1. T'loi"!'e''1'' .KlPr>' *r,|r,e warrau'ed a* re' I rcw .1' 1 aud ucj worthy the attention of the trade aad prl tuDimaors. lcima ca^h, sale poftitlre. #T??,* H VANOKWATKR. AUOTIO.VKKR.-C ATA. u 1 !uP*r or ro-?won<l and nther furniture au SEizr- :vi." ??>* ?' s. tjouih KirS^ le'eii v!'lisI 01 rosewood sofa* tote-a i tme. o i ' ^ e,*',t upholaier-d back parlor ? hair., in maroon pluah; rosewood see etary and bookc a It t o i?rn' rj- egeae mirror i-aek, romwoolcen r 'aC, i.ii.'bia !eo. ^ D)lrror tApea're, lirutse . c vr jolt; all palal ^* i" c*?TArti .ud silk, act of rich ormolu canae-Ubra. roil Vh ?"* etoindeiloru, '.I da. uouitel clock, bin. raw. f? !'ir ot i f" H ?r bbAtnel'ed bedroom furnl I II,,,, ! hulr toAfre-ae. f. a'ller nsd , be lf?o?, fui ri 1 t ' s "" '">J epo"kerywa'e hall o.laluth kllohea ^trtdiure eupt rlor cooking .love, rer-i-eratoe. Ac , As 4, tooner 'ffiwtol?41 ^ klUae- Xerms ^ ^"kAkii TOnN VAffDEWATIIIl, AUCTIONEER. WILL SELL r,e?.? trIr?i "1'' Oc.oler .il a' lot; o'olh. In Seve.,th MTe' '"'ween Ho J b Fir, aolSonb c -ood l'i8 senie l fur..Ut.recf afamlh declining ho uek en ' ' '1, JH' " ' be ujittal vnrie'y 01 a genteel Family Alio to tor 0ue *{a*en J k Vs^N1>?7r^Tr?' ADCTIOKBKR ?THIS Hay w.u*l !l a A-H 0 Cltrtk, .1 It.r ? ,l"Voo n I; V,*' VJnZ ".I,he h ghes, -Udder, and , . re.er' i i " Aceomu ?l whom It .nay eoue tru, one VPTfc. ii^t,,te,, '??^vV' 1 huraton, tria'ier, S v le .Tua; ? aji; o i'oy. " "" lhe P,'e"Uil "oUc" of rOH* norojl, A PPTIO.VItKR?PKHRMPTORY hAljR jL "l " J ,,n'1 ?'**Ar>t b iuuebold furniture, pianoforte Hreneb p.u e mirrec, curved ro?e.v?od ptrlo, .uitsuow r.1 TflJlcal rr^rrnUnt ibi* ?Uv < inHllli., ? ria.'e^ -o'y "rr"1" 'mlr'eo,,u>ntf ?/*utlrlurnl*he<f JJi ^ *0 Murpfty nM%r <eo!leiti) ol w?* i risri iiat if hereto r ntaiT'e?l:?Two cnrvtMl fwewnAil ^ui v^?rie in crltm ? nard green, to - Mh..r In elarw and grri.r^at^ ?3i Cot?t?-tint'of rmp on^ rn*y efm-r tu ir me Ulliufi hxrk chair* .nd one tl.al.lc rcs.pt.on chair- ro*s ",? ? , rla...,l. r'eot beam If ill -one in * tv.My \uZ7"t 'and f warrwjleo l>v the maker; Aui umod and l,,u,-r TgVe |v" AtmlbWer rug., lady', neru'mra liet.iUf'illv In Kid fcrr.-.ghotiL wl* mlrrord?*.r. ebganlly carvclVle ~4l ml? ^^""Utuwbe m?| Par. IdUto tatUel farred rowwooo centre uble-. wub ,ta<oar> marbb meL i?fi .Z,r"' "h ?'*" f",r nnrt ?**J mlernrs; \.S V.*rl Up** lof* and toer tab e?_rr,se AO00 lo.oli ate I 1,* . , ?r and stendf rich Kevrt vase., p.rian mar' la ani btojue ,ta tuAry, a ehmce eolheuon ol 011 uatating., em raring fruiL ru rhie and gams piece, by well kn?wn .r'" " "J Jtre J?Z etw portoalto and lamtucape. on po,,-etain. ,,,,uy ,i.., wind.7 J .* ofrmoea, deeoratrtt sliwtr* yr lulbarhau MWood s'iit lU hrooAtel, rtmhof *nv tin >?*. w,-1,k ltn.s~h.aod Ingrain carurt* ri-w's.V aVid uuiwtn, reaus, bed?. ad, and wa.Ltan.1* ehuw mile-.s-iTuJ ,i rocking chair*, maleurajiy .prtog <rat diaJr., lisavy hair inw ^ r^az,.rlo',ll 0,>""A-ri'anew gUloilrror, (siuier. and p? , 1 'Are and uiuaan curtain*, mahngany -mure an ? w'.rk o^" *"?*' "^Aklr*. Ac. Btoing mom-China dinner a? of ISO piece, deeoniad tea mu, elver m. Vine, .al.m, * cahe tiaakete, f.irlu apnou* t<%; cut g'aM ware Inn fi a'' t'i"!" l"A '"Atle*. malmirarn -of,, tin ,t Vliai,, if;' T?* f>" positive, and Without -eg.rd h lets' f'u c'vn b? ot'OUoed at ".e b...|-? or a' use sfllo "fu-e auctioneer. ,Vo. :c Beekin.nat-.Mt. llmitsi, powawou givenlu tuatLatoij. k uouw.toiet? T MORI ARTY ACf'TIOiVRKR, W1I,1, ~BBLL TniK u.is *r' . 19 o'clock, at the, ore, l,:t ci,? i,*m ' '?'? a.?ortmeg t,f . ,rnl.ute ot every dvscrf ,f) ,0 ujw r-,,'s* drtr^gcod., ar.d varl<. ?other article*. ' ?l,orA"oy pKTFR RARKP Ar?TTOKKKR-PlT.i JAL S U,K OF a. bonael. I furniture,rMna pin*- en i ? -?? ?? rv ?4AV4Q-: A PARKS will **11, 'hi* da* UU^o'dikt.tl the auction rtxims '<14 Broadway (Hoihtc Hull), ? lorue nod ri-4*m In 4(4' * of French flit edpc china lea *???, ito:. -nUn el naware rut plana d earner*. wine pl?a-e?, pobta'*, *uper Ixiw,* an ! tumbler*: al-o ?ph ndi 1 porcelain flower n?4 n' rarXiuv ryle* Mkd *ltr- went t>?ui*? Ac ; at->, vb'te rranile ami t one ware. 'be *'o-k of a dealer declining but In. ?? Alan, ai It o'' lock, cure place, peremptory *a:r of ?U(.. rlor HoinrhoM nnd raldnct fwpmire, to pa* advance*. eon?t*ilr.r o? oak. rot* v *d, block * ?Int.' and mahogany eiagarea, hooke t?w*. ward robe* nnd betituead*; rhau-i. table*. --tlx- tctc a *'**, optee tino table*: al?n, parlor ?Fa.aevared .1 *a in brwa'el ao I ?dk ;u?ti of * artoiva coiom and halrricyh, mtrbu Pip centre and *b' tab'** and tre??(ng bureau*; lounge*. ea*F *n I r<?* Ing clitilr-; alno, gilt frame mirror-, oil paint 11c clocfca, Ac.. Ac Ttile vi. 1* v*ell worthy the attention of dealt-r ail bouae keeper*. Terica t a*h. Catalogure al iei-. PAW hHHf >KFR'R SALE?TO MOfi cm' - JOHV HOR TIVEK 1WT I'ba'ham o| iare w I .11 m Wedm-day, the .11*' 'n*l 1 la-cc and Miperlor IrX of lad tea' and Inn ' winter elelbtnf; al*o atto'eiork. lllfealhe to ! 1, Mp .lra> mtotcr* en nof taalar*. atraet. tad pi.; **, jlanaet* and unlit*, wort?,, 't- * en |.,nof RKXU ruiUKNiUCHO, MflHudacui KCBbFU.H. WMO0TT,AUCTIONEER?PkREHRTOXT aaieofrM and e'eptn* hounclin 11 fur.ir.ure, lei.did krencbpier an t mantel tourer* rtwewmxl varl-r attlia, at mlm-tcr and velvet earpeia. valuable 01 pmn:.-wood ntanofrcr chindel'r ?. work-of art, A it then . let. e IM View 1 went*'t at - rvt R W |W Ki-TI'ui T will *cll, a 1 rv.*, in tf?d needay, October 'I. a' 10s o'rlnr*, the ort'be fiut aid - it for oiiure ol the ai.ove lite ? or v bouae arh 1. the ,?r* lie*: drarr pix n, all lming been made loordai u I ir. 1-0 but three nx n'h*. Caulopee* can I* ol ?< .v I V- K. V. ftanthwt up*. Ml Hroadw*>, or at th? odi <? 1! no au , maer, rwMr ot Fi ur'ef nth ?'rcet and Eighth aven ' I'ar.or*? Elegant T octave ro-retx-l pt.nof.'dc, rort tf?l with aailn ulnoi and cot *r; *uu of rich rwaewrv I parlor oral ture,Cotricd In ?'Utn d*ni*?k, 2 ?of?? ?' aril .ura 4 ptrlor do.. I rerepiiori wtth allp cov< r?, I do Xarlalau m**a targe aota.bc'iabkmed bark parlor ?.hair*. AaMrtceO lad .Mblc do wtih app 'ovt r*. I do In crlmwii hn? a al. verv eiara-o, * ple? e? with ?ltp oovcr* 0 ;l ihc-a *11.1 * are o: die I.e-I d-? On tion; 2 rarlalan mlrrora 12 feet h np c.?t P4.*i, y ciu.v roa< wool etcpcrta, pl?:e gl?.? door* and t?ck. ei ?rxnt atataarr, top cen're table*, recrubdre* lined wim **uu amid, rieb r v?l carpet*. rup?. 'to. latkl'h and reeeplvin chntra m tiabrewerad I.ro-mle, ae'ld marl'e el- k* motMdad la nrmotti, imported by the preaen'. oaner, 11 A Metre* ami an Uqi.e va*e?, with a I*r?c varle'y af -rrttly p*rl r adnronvni* ctantlt iter*, mouo'ed In cnaoiu. roaewotxl mtwle caoinat, cor ner eiegere*. Ac., with arahiahle collection of 01! paladaaa lorelon and heme "t'-nery blau?nc?i paln'liw frutt ami floWar piece* Uiartne riewa on glaaa. rural ami srrti! e 'tirai Mean Ac., Irotu Ilia hand* Cf emioect ft reign ami native artidt* brrtfi/e*. -'a'liarv, Ac. Chamber fumHare?K)*pani carved rovewonri and rnvho* any t rdiie* t*. .vi oplandad hair uwUravao* feonrr t.e.t* aad hetldlnr, rtax wtxxl waxhatan ta. *tip#rh rcetttni roirnatu, o*ib-? I lord with aatlnvraod: r< we wood *wrelary i?*>*ca?. library do lart- *ml hrt.-adw opt Urn* row t-?l ant! fnabt/r any tale a letiw *t4b*. mtalldtAln arm rlivin rl h Maa IdM *cta. oval and t rber mirror*. rrSewixxl roaunudwa, *>?..? I * * tape *nd n alxwrany rba.ra, d*m**k laancea, ' - . whb * i ?r^a rarla'y of dining rtxtn and baaoinen' oroiiure. *|ep-,t, |5 eaen-'im tabic. **wt KM, oak arm rbair*. oak -u '...t.-d. ?plcr.dld dinner *?t. 130 place*; ruby an ? r*Mal 11 p.a tw..ra to rrnirh tScrvupVlUt, tllverware, t *pe *, ot*Mi. mr\k' * rani* portable furnace, Ac . w ih all 3ka kit. h?n u c i*l.? no *ale wlil be Ptucd wortb'y of the a 'entlnn nf *11 In " n' 01 t*- ?r ciawi furniture aa the hon?e I* roplwe woj, ,lay ttiagawaa ho po?:p/nctneni rd? icxiunt nf lU. we.coev. CURRIFF'S RAT.F -W. C. M.U' Rfl t at'.TKiVKKR, id ?UJ aoll on Tue-lav. fict. .?*?. a. 11 o'do * I't t ,n wreot, myid e the City RaQ Brook j" o'' - w?.|p*t loefni?Bure,tn ptnah; roaawtv-t, ,?l.>*a-r ?t i twhor ei ? ead*. m'^ti.eiophuriatta, rar"e '?r lev a d >,?-b? and- e.|* and beddlr.g. Bni*ael| three nlr an I r.. r?P - rm kft ?MMWfwtid wake. Mdntmvaaod nlc urear al*o i\ oarlae aaA klvrhen viovea At 13 (TelorW?xpveodvd an cor pu-i ? -o ?et*. ca*'erv. w?trbe? and .dher ,'> ?r ry, n.- ti , r 1. in lam thm N. UyFT ah*r? R. TatrMik. Dtiiuty. yami rt r HAi'Tnu a' <rrir>fiKKF -mm,,; <?r nu*. 11 die- Wire, nn [lOrtkr a a.--, k ?F Mf lt A < (I win M 'hi day, a' Ska c?t 1 a I 1 ti'r k. 8 ra,*, <)?:,,d Impuy * Co hraot,1 *'ir.*?? 1 Re ,nc -r. |o ca*e* o 1 Ix:. I.tr dm k oraixl). .yo|. ? 1 *? d ft 1/ A Co fle-.-wj*^ 'id brandy a w? fnde-r -Vo* 1 *n*!c* .. ,t hi Croli rati o?l Sf iopabc'a wHevay ai.d cln a w ,'*1 *| hoi ? ned'*f*r? mc? brttiK oom liotxlon ale ami, n?r fa . tai W f. ULBI AT iVVIIUI. JL VANDBWATTCR, AU0T1ONRBB, B ALKHROON NO. . 12 Maiden Ian*, this day, October :?Kk at 12 u'clo-fc, at the salesroom. U Maiden Lane, will be sold peremptorily, for account o' whom It nut/ noaeern, UW gallon- ot old MtrteU French brand/, onto# bond, of the vlu-age of IMS, aud war rant <1 pure, contained In i|iiart,:r ca*ks. W1U bo drawn off into demijohn* In quantities to ault p urcbesers. J I, VANDPWATKR, At)OTIONKi<R.-TIIIN HAT. . Tuesday. October :40th, elegant ho>ooookl furniture, pianos, pier glances, mirrors. rlilna wan-. Ac.?Will be sold OdatUj perruipidrlly at 11)1,' o'clock, at lite aaloaroo a, 12 Maiden lane being removed to the store foe convenience, of ? sale, a varied ajwortaient of elegant furniture, cnasHUng In ]>an ol i one wood and mahogany parlor aultea. covered In rick brocafel and lu hair cloth; easy aud parlor chairs, uiarbletop aeuire and side tables, roar wood and mahogans pianos, stipe nor Instrument*, hookroses and a'anda, ro-wwool and malt" gaii) corner do . etrgerea. oval mirrors and oiegaot Freuob plain pier glaaaos, aulas and tele a u-toa, rockers, aldeboarda. Ar , valuable mantel clocks and ornaments, ch'un Ware. Ac.; rosewood and mahogany French and tiothlc hodaieada. (ante hair mattresses and palliasse*, enamelled suls, dressing, mar ble'op and plain bin eau*; waabsiauda, toilot m-la, walnut and oak extenaion dining tablet, Tr KKbaUK BUYLK, AUCTIONEER -HOARDING house furniture on Wednrwday Oct. .'II at 10 o'clock, at No 12 Hamilton street,compel*tog twenty feather bed*, twuuty bedstead* and mattresses, washsiands, blankets, quilts, com forters, and one kit. ben range, tu good order. w. H. MKLLOB, AUCTIONEER?BY HOUGHTON A MFXbOK ?To morrow, Wedseaday, Oct. .list, at lip-, o'clock. at the re- Idrnce, 49 tirrenwlch avenue, grated house bold furniture fine toned 7 octave rosewood pianoforte, m?de by J'ii- ol, ol New York, beeu In use sir inou'ln sift cor- 1100, rusewtod f> octave inclodon tunsbed to piano stvle, nade I)y I'lU bardi A Needham, cost 117.1: richly nrn*mrnUwl Irame Frouch plate oval mirrors. neb carpels, stair aud Ingrain do., gns fixtures, pai.or ault covered In rich nrocalel, sofa, te'e a (etc, rotrwood elegore, centre and pier table*, dining table*, rosewood chamber furniture, viz.. bcdmra-l, bureau, wash stand sod commode, tuarbie tops, easy and nurse ro Iters, cor ner rlegeris, oil palnllugs. engravings rich mantel clock. French cBlna vases, randeiabras, rocking and spring seal chairottomans, window shade-, with a variety of cottage and plain bedsteads, mattresses, p-illlassea. tedding, Ao ; also a variety of iiicl.cn furniture, with whi-h tbn sale Wlil com m? in--*. A cash depovit required from all purchaser*. Oaia losttea on tbe morning of talc worthy the attention of the trade and o'hera. \X M WITTERS, AUt'TIONKKK, WII.I, SELL. Off ?Y Wednaa lay, at 10^ o'clock, at 187 (Tanal street, all the nen'cei housebold furniture of u faml'y break!* g uo hou?n Keeping, consla>lng of solas, lu pluab and hair cloth; eaay. rocking and pa'lor chairs; centre, sida and other tables, pl.-r and n:her glasses, paintings; tapestry, three ply an-l ingrain narpela: fiP.cln'hs, hat rai ks, rug - tuu's, s'atr r.ids, a. ihogaoy ar d walnut beds',-ad. hale sn,| olner rnattretsaa, loa'hnr hr- |?. spreads blankets, marble top bureaus washnan Is, ollel set*, dining room and kitchen furniture, thliia, glass and plated ware, cooking sloven. HOtAKS, HOuna, WAffrAu. APARIMENTH WAlfTBD? BETWEEN' HLnKCKER street and St. John's park, from a private tamilv only, wiih'-ul other lodgers, a altllng room and three or four bed rooms, furnished or partly furnished, wi b us- of klb-bon bv a nmtlainaii. for himself, family and seryaut. Address L. "11. W., Hera. J cilice. APARTMKNTH WANTRD-BY A SMALL, RKSPEOTA bib taiuily, In the Seven h, Tenth o. Thirteenth ward, eo? sistlutr of three moms, kitchen, sitting room and bedroom. Persona baring suvb can hear of a good leuunt bv addro sing J. M Herald nlD e, for three day,. AXINOI.E I.APY, TKAOHRR ok THE P1ASO ASD singing, wl.be11, real Utren room*, or thn lower part of at M Ivi with gas and prlvllige ol Uto ba-h rvsuu In 'be tipper port ol mr ettr In a respectable neighbor b,s <1. where 'wbe permitted to re-eive s few pupils In ?he house; one room m-tat be largo enough b> hold a large aired - 'at -ei.' wust t,<- modarate. will be kept In the best nrd. > A Idre-s* Mathi'.dr Kegardo, Union s|uare Post alb . Ct ir> r wkh"::t_A handsome enoltsh or I'allin -a.- with cultlya'ed grounls, c*rrtuge house at.l i pasture for one or two sows. Must tie In a pica, ml ne.gl rbood, and no: ovot one mile from New Y--rk. A ri * tin ? - ten w - i be p*hinu it lease of three or five ,eir? Apniy a r-M.rn It 'lllst-y llulldlng, corner oi Broadway and fY>r:,aod Street ot 144 Fourth aceuut Part of a iioit.-se wantro?kitiipr iff this flty Brooklyi cr WllUatusbu-g, hy a gmi'lemau and h's wife, recently from New Knglaml t nexeepttonable reference tur-uslie-t Rent m'sleratv. Address II. J M, lleratd ofllc WAMTKP-A FIRHT f I.ABS PnRNfHIIKD HOUSE, frnm I tec. 1 unhl May, for ao unesoeptloriable tenant Otis w.:b slatile tire'crtfl. Addrts.* box 6.'s I'uit olheo, with fu'l particular* TRTANTED?A hMALI, DWKLL1NO HOUSE, FOR A vf fstritly of four grown persons; rent no: tn b ni'irethnn Y-IB'I,f-Ipittt per annum; location etthareast Of we*'of lt-oa-1 way, between Prince tuid Forty -ecood street*. Address It. M . Broadway post vtUee. OTANTKD?94f-F OF A HOl'XR, FURNISHED OR UN *T furnished with w ourate kitchen, bjr h family ur three persons without children; mu.t be wl-htn iltret- minute.' walk of 4tb. Cta or hth. nv ears None but asma.I btipily without (hlldien neet answer. Address for thr?e days,'Jamaica, Broadw-iy Pos' offer TTTANTRD?BY A SMALL FAMILT WITHOMT (Mill, vv dren. a '-.rntahed house in a genteel neighborhood. Add.-css. wr'ti full pardcular- Boz2,590 Pott ofllc# ?\yANTKM-iy A LIT KB ART CUJB MRETtNU?WEI) vV nv.duy Fvenblg*?A room, suttai-ty furnished, on or near p-oatlwav ttnd the vli-tnt-y ttlsecker tlrret preferred vl dr Nut J B. S , box 2 306 Post office, staling tsrras, ,Ve. 1ITANTED? -ii)fR BlIITABt.F FAMILY TH OCCUPY VT fttra. In-1 rooms, in a genteel bo use, aud do the work for ma t, which U ot upl d by slogfe gtollemmi ? mu? ir.eef tut mar en??ged In other bu Uue.?. ?--a? no 'n > e entlrylv or; ? nd.-rt, and wfto ban a wife or family c mpe lenl frt take charge w tnld bo pfs-fr rod Addre " K. (' <1 lleral-t office deecrlhln-lamllv pariieiilnrfy, and ueropatloo TirANTEn? FOR SIX MONTHB A NEAT WKt.t. Ft'R VV nlshed three story house, lie'ween Fourth a d Xtvh sv? . and below 'I wenty tbha street, rent not above H25 per mo tUt AlsonlurpLhed parlor and bndro "Tn, in or ne*r Itroulway, not above Tenth street. Apply at .'hit Broadway, mom Id WAN rFH?(FOR A DRPMB MAKER;-k FRONf room and bed room ori the aerond tlo ir wplt '-oa I fo a lady and two little g rl ?: lot atlon (between e ends and Pierre point, in Fu'ton street Brooklyn. Pali or address Mrs Hyatt No 21) Tt|:ary street Brooklyn. llf ?.NTE1)?P.NT1L THE FIRBT Of MAY BY A NEW vv ly man led com *, with servant part of a small genteel house, with front <-r bark kttcben lurmsbcd or unfurnished. Ir atlrm b New York or Brooklyn, If In th? la -r m ir "ie Win. -treel .r FulUn, ferric- Any person h?. Ug he nlHiVS named apur-rn-nts, at a moderate ewot. erl'l Ao-1 an ur -i -p iknsahle tenant, b) addresstug If. A .(lleratd ofbes .tj*t,agiota tton, terms, Sc Y\r AM FH TO HIRE?I.N WILLI AMh III; RO OR ! A-il vV BrooitlvD ah mae. wltii several lota of smut 1 attached, at a moderate rate ol rent Addre*. Read. Hera t oil. <? OTANTRIY to PI RPHAHB-AN ITALIAN t,H>V vv bound, movtly lu-t grown? at least a year old. t'allat 37 W, -t 3 wenty second strset tor two days as the nurcbasar .eaves for the houlh. TXTANTRDTOrtlRI HAHK-tUK LEAHK.(FOR A TERM II at years) of an established wholesale liquor and :*r uvln'-sa would purchase tnr smek If 'erms ?ulted Address, 'or ihree da>s, 1 u J., Herald olhce. VTANTFD TO RENT?A KM ALL HOI BP UPTOWN AN Fnglbli has em ant pretertct AdU>e? with fan bar uin*? Otrvaae Wbesier, archltegL Ns-vau Bank Building ?w York. fr.UMUO> AJtI.fr fr At.lv IllU.lNI^MI.AC. A MAGNIFICENT AKHtlRTMKNf G? R.E'i KAM't fur* a< n ho found ai UTR1 d atore 41 MwIph lane r .0 ?tatit g of Ml. the doe .*od medium grade*. and ?*' unpreoed o'ed t.w prfcpM, tnapurartur.-d under the auprrvHuir. of U a wad known UKll. N MaWHON, agent 41 MatienUuc, American rusaia.v ajtp budro.t bay <<>m n?ntea' fure ? Mr ??r A Huater can now .,ffer to the public, lor ettr and country trade an unequalled aaaorttn-n of the above Meleclrl hjr Mr. Wl Iiam Mnaer during hi* late ran u> tenrope, and maonCacfared wiu> g-e.t -are Kvr-y dearHp lion of ft.r* rati be fonnd of Much variety that cannot fall to a' tra. I attention. RrerJ article wlli be warran'ed and aold a' lal prion*. MOHRK t II SIB*. Iiopnrtoea and Mar, facturem of Fun, 41 Maiden 'aae. and Wl Broadway. TjtLEGAXT MILLINERY HTYI.KM KOR W1NTEK J* A niagrilin cnt a **nrfrr enfant lad:"-' and tnl**e* bonnet* ma-le from Un fin.*' I.yon* velvet and ever- other 'atit.i-.rva bl* (able deatgneu FOR WINTER WEAR Wl ' be or, eibiblllcm for the liiepeeUon of the iacleaofNew York and tdtlniljr, on MtMMtMl t>.) THi:?t.n?T. rn-rna*u M*T A*o wovruatn lai Tbe abore will eniuprt*e all the Atem norelueaof be a?a*.in both inmotu I a; tl ot ir,V own manufacture, and ia-llra in anarch of 1" ngweal and m.wi unique atylev are reepectf .IJy anted to an ctaminaffnn <if my Mock WILLIAM HKitW.S-.4tt Broadway, Between Grand and Broom- Mr re IJtlRd FOB rmr WrNTKR.-O.VR Hl'.VriRM) EERY r anperb lteh?- Btltae empea, In K-t<*ian rnt-k Hut. ? ila; wible. flVrlan wtelrret Mlooe mart-n ermioohiorkllla, new t, i Male by loi sub-crlber. a' hi* rloak. fur. arid ahatrl war-rootm. ?E0. BULftF, Ml Hroadwa IATtlF- WINTER MILLINERY ASI> KRFNiHAET, i vet bonne'- imported direct by Madimr ri-ate frri-n hti I'hanl and HcaAm Htrntvin, tn'el."e?, by imper'al paleat to i.r RmpreaeOf theEren'fi, harejuet arrived by'beet a uer Ariel and are now rtldbl'rd M*M Broadway, enfranee s j b ill ..I place. MR?. VvLI.INOR HE-ITfWH'U.T R0I.IC1TN TUP attention of iadiet n? hep neeeltlea in Fren. h t.ot.' -ta fr-? Mttedbytbe att Mtramahtri -of entirely new <pt'tir. *?r,d tn great ra: iety, a*ylea not to he .own In any oUiit Hatati lehraent'e ue city. . MK- R\LL|N(f?t, 47 I an* a rr et MnXIXFRfi IMI l.fti t*Y\KKIIK WII.I. FIND TUB laraeet t oBectkin of Iht < li treat ?tyle* and eol ra tn ft > bona il irlm ni.qga. wh, h vrn rider therti, It. any no ittn at a '< die tint trotii regular prrea. at .*< 11'. MA' 1* * NINnORY', 131 'ii<h areo'i'-, between Jfltiih a..d Troth *ir?e'?. Sew 1 -,rk nod 194 Fulton?tmet. Brooklyn. M't GRMAt K A NIMPMlN RAVE RECEIVE!!, FRO* u on. a rery argr amrirtment of i'hi*h velvet arvl more anllqtte lree? mimI 1 loak trhnmuigM. whP-ti toey nder at luie ?,ver ha.l prl'c, 131 -It'll avenue, between Ninth and 1

Tr-Pi. ?'re?t? N'ev York, and I!* Fnltoo "'reel Brooklyn. VriWTfiRKFCR rflUFAWT-fFR BRrt TO INFORM i.v r,-ir fvland* ar,d pttroaa that w# hare op?nr<l amp etora ?111. an eitpani auekol fut?, toiuiming of royal ermine itu* vtao ??1 lltid?nti B:,) ea'ile, m.nk, ?"n>e tntr en A- , *e|*-te i ar 1 mafi-ife.'nred uodei our own eapwrvleton BarUea p? - ebaalnc ? boo Id etainme our aril-l??, whtofi la elegance and eanty of wljl- tut' 00: U ?urna?--<l JtWKFRl Mi * * t M A On. AT. Bokieay. Or dan aod repairing prommif a tendnd to. Par:- villirt rt -wra. j h. Of>>-Aos, m broib way. will cpcr. enter b u.net* lady'* drew, ap, and baadd- ?v? en Tburfiay Ro*. I. ?A?tl!< FRaTHKRA, FBRJffTM FI,OWPR?. KIRRORt. 4*1 ro.or d etraw knr?U. at rtdoced pnce? HOMBR A KRTCHUM'X ?4 and flJohawfeev'enmnr'n W Hem etpent J .1.' rcielvcd, iiw thounaad p.i-ctn coiered eb won. PBII,lt-MI BROAIlWAT, TW>I fl'XiKH *H 1T g ? I'nlrei eqttare black and colored -1 rka plai t m'trcwa tout' anr^a detainee emhrotderle* full a*eyr mem ag h eterv nil*' r?arc kid gi ve, of 'he he*t oo?dt. k ,*e f irntetner tnr?l*.al',runj(a Mankea, cvwnforiahlee. qutu* drugget lag. Ac U INTKB MfLI.fFRBT ?TMR FARTfn l tR ATTRS V* tptn of 'be ladiee la rallct to 'he large eho - ?a-I tv'l aa-c r'tn-nt >4 winter letp<" -I and home owl- g.,- ? Ice . cap. art 1 head dreaaee. now rm ei-d .itiwn at Mr* I.N YI'a Mi q.? -V ya 1.C - tun. tlo l-.lee .er .'reel, bear Bf wl?ay. I'd I* ten Ore*-ri? and Wuoeler a'reeta > ?POBmo. M AWMOTR RrWFDnNfitAND Ft'P?? AKfl AL ? -e heeeda - * dog* for aa e and n- e.c. s ore fhe mange aorea ate) a' dwatwe* ?f ti*t d f .??- f.A* Ae tne>ai.tan<v.tla Frttc S v a'?. avrtet, t rmtr U Fa.ten. 648: OHQ BROADWAY, UNION SlJUARM.?H1NMOMB Ol/O soft* of rootaa, ou Hm? dm floor to int. with pnv?t* table, or ob the Pnropnu, plan. in ? aotoot tanuli ur kooIIo mao. together or Moemte No utter buardMi. IT CO BBOADWAY?TO LKT?AN Kl.Kti AKT SUIT OF 4 tS*? furnb-hed opart mem* to a family or *mg|c gi-ntlamcn, with private tabl" If di-xlrrd. AUo a parlor and l>? lroon> ou thtr?1 floor. Tho houac coo lain* all ih.- modern iinoron-monia. ^BROADWAY.?DKilRAHI.B RUITK.S OF ROOMS I tor ftoiUI**, w'th mil or partial hoard. *1* > room , tor *l?Kla genUnmnn Transient hoarder* nooonuoodated. Mr*. P. WBOWNIMO, Froprlrtorr**. QCr FOURTH AVENUE, BRfWKICN* TWENTIETH s?l)t' and Twenty lirvt atreata -A deal raid.' trout rooiu on tb? first floor. auli*hle for one or two gentlemen, will ?>?? lei tor an office or parlor, wiitipurtlal board, It**. and lire if quired; aUo to let two bt-lruum* ou the fottrUt Uoor, with p ttal hoard 09I f-RRYSTIR* STREET.?A PPBMBIJKD PARLOR ?iUl to let, with or without partial board, In a house fur nlehcd with hw ti and ga*. CarJ p*** the door 10/1 'OURTH HTRRET? A GENTLEMAN AND HIS it'Z wife, or two or three auixlo gmillrinen, ceil hare P'iohmuI room- xvfth full or par'lal hoard. In a private family, by aiiplyti-K at 'he above itddre**; pleaaaut loca-mn, tiAi Wk*niu|ton a^uare Reference* exchanged. 1Q9 HLEKOKKR STREET -GENTLEMEN AM> THKIR It'jL. wive. and tingle men, ran And eveollt nt arenmtnoda tiohe at the above llrrl elaaa house on immediate ?ppu<'*tkm. Ftmllle* w Ishlng board lor ihr winter, ?u do veil to vail. T inula moderate. I mi nr. at h o'clock. 1/17 HUDSON STREET, FRONTING ST. JOHN'S A * I park ?Kurntahed room*, to lot, with board, to ahmle geutltineTi or genUameu ?uJ thvtr Wive*. Uouae newly tor i.lehrd, with all the modern improvement*. EIGHTH STREET?OPPOSITE TIIE MERC AN Ule Library, a plraaant t ooin with board, amy be had. m NINTH HTKKKT. THIRD INlOB hi*ST OP It HO AII way.?tlandMinift ftirnlahrd roodu. In ?uit* or *vug.s, with hrcak'imt if reualrad Alan, ai .No. 6 (foliage place Idl EIGHTH STREET, OPPOSITE ri.INTON IT ALU JdJ ?A Inrge double room will tie vacated ou the Aral of Norrmher, auliainc lor a gentleman an j In* wilt-, or two single gMMHnen. Q1 PRIME STKEKT?FOUR DOORS WIST OF o 1 Brandwav, a i.an I amirl) furniahed parlor and bedroom, *ul able lor a geriiieunth and wife or Iwo "Ingle grnl emcn. w.ih 1 '*?rd. A1m>, low priced ai v.'uiutiuxlaUonr lor a few ainglu gentlemen. House flr-l claa*. location very plea*?nl QT EAST TWENTY THIRD STREET- A LARGE PAR OX lor anil hedrooui, r.e*an Jy firrnlalied. on the lat Uoor, and one lari 0 rootn on the m-ond 11 mr, ran he obtained, hi godier or separate, with board, Ui a Ural thus luyuaa. Apply a* aoore 143 rjn WI'.HT TWENTY-SIXTH STREET.?1TWO GENTLE I " men. or a gentleman and Ida wlte. can he ar. o nni" ilaied with board in a ttmt riaaa house, whore but lew ?oard er* will boncromtnoilaied Isvndnn eery ple.taaat, within a few step of a cai and stage route. 7 A MJktft TWENTY THIRD STREET.?ONF. OH TWO I X sinall famfties, or single gentleman, ran he nc-omnto datolwiih luir r?m* and noard In the above drat clam bouse, pleasantly located between Fourth i.ud Lexington avenue* 7/1 WENT TWENTY THIRD STREET ?A GENTLEMAN 4 1 and In* wife may obtain a very de*lrabie parlor and bidio-rn, on the ve, ?i,d 1 oor. with full or partial boai 1 Lo cation four doors from the S mh avenue 7/t FRANKLIN STREET, Flltdl (IOITSF. WEST OK 4 "/ ltroadway ?A One large fr.irit room, bedroom and pan try attached, on the second Uoor to Irt looiirortwoi;cnll*ineu, breakfast served if reouired Also, single and doulile risimi, all neatly turnlahcd. In-iulre a* alaivu. 4C G K'tVlf PTRKET, ONE DOOR FROM BLKEOKIR. - tJ T hree baiiil?omr parlor* on hrat aod *ecoud floor* t> let. wlUi hoard, to peuHemen and thetr wlie* 1(0,1** fi -t ciA*a rontaiiiing all the modem Improvement*,al?ohue room", with board st 187 Ule' ckrr atreet, oppoiltn Depau row 07 NINTH STREET, NEAR FIFTH A YEN HE?A NICE ? ) I ly 1 iirninhrd room to let with hoard mutable ior a gen tirman and Wife, or atnjr'<> prritletncn, In Inp flr?i c!a? ion",-, No 37 Mnlh street, near Ktttli avenue. a/i EAST SIXTEEN I /f KTBIRT.?PLKARANT FL'K unfuruliit?*M roc?m?, *isli ib'.lthe mo4?*ri? In p?ovcTii?*nt#* mny br> h*<;, wllh board, by f*uilii?k?or tingle gen Utmeu (i<MiririK &Q agreeable bume AOKMLKWAN AND HI> WirK. AND TWO OH >Jrg!p gentlemen, rIno k yotinf \mif r*ri be nreoin iiKrilia!?**j with t>utor<l Jit 172 Duiuie itrvet, uc*t il'i'U t ? /etM, Duaae i>%rk* A rAltTMRNTfi FOR 1 %MlUYy, AND A LABOR ROOM J\ for n ututtauum ?'m1 frll?, or two ultiglo geriilruien, can U* had. good b?>ard, iu a Drat rl. Uc .>? at No l*uroj place, Hleecker street. Dinner at 5^ o'clock. French and apokfti. A PLICA>AM INIIBN18H?D BOOM TO LKT VLUT lc a, at Fotttth avenue Kofci ante re nil red A KM AIL rmVATF. rAMIlaV WOULD LIT TO TWO or !hre# oinglie gcr ouly, luruLi*hed r-join-*, with breakfast and tea, or f jrnb?h?-d room* without ?>o?r l Toe hnji o i? to a piaa?a??i and <p\let neixbhorhiMHl of U?e Ninth wa -l. aod ba.- ga?. haJi loom*., Ac .tagen pa?a c?cry lour mitiUtxit <i( nucmeo who wIau an agreca ?Ic borne, aud one far d Moi cm froixi an orilnar/ t>f*ardirtg hou*c tl 1 pleaiM* vl drci?E t-oi I.'VO, I*ow? i Foal office. ?'aUng where an interele m ti xy be bajJ, .iud wUi be hnmeDaVel} called upon. Terfla low. At UkJ MADISON ATENLR?AHl'IT 01' IIANDSOMRLT furniahed rooaur- no ihe ?erood floor, are now to be hand id a {tret cia?> houec ref-ieu* with every contentcure; aleo a aid g?e room for a genu* man Wal! street a'ages piuui the door. Aofstlkman and win, or binglf: oknttt. men ran be ;x mrmiiodab*! with pn-aaant rooms with fc<K4rd. In a *miiU prlvau family, ai 7i (ohl b<> VVe^t IV'-niy wood afreet 1 fie hnu?e?a< ntiiioa the *nodens itiiprovemeu^. at* J it convtnMnt lc earn and triage* A FAMILY OF TWO (flUHBAN/) AND WIFE) RRJ/D Si u?h H x/k!>n. Would like to meet with a young ti?jv fPicMrataot prtferrid,) of r*?iir#-<l baolU, tut howder. ftu Will hav? t2|? comfort* of a 'juiat ho to** ?? their'? H quits pr| Mtffrtrtrireh glee n ami required Term* wUJ ?? mo! * r?f?, j trier l more t'j? oojerr wvn'bt For furif!** p?rtl ruler , op fcn inter me, ertdrewi H '\ S ,!? il " J] IVn.ii.re, New \'-<rk ASf IT OF FL'RNInHED BOOMh TO LET, WITH break** *nd !<??, ii rr jalrrd. for onr or two g*ir * ma, Hi a Irown of one front hou*>? * i h a;? hr ukxihi-ii improve mrn'a < ot>v*uten? to car* ai.d * afa Wo. 71 We Four tecn'h rrret, ttrai Lou*.* ?aAo( xU? events*. A LADY. A* fOMPLlBHIVti HI NoKB ANI) PIaNHT ant1 a wioroueh it.* rue tor of to- a and lb* tuueuml inu el" etrhct *o obtain board a- d lodging !n a private fatnllf or flrnt cla*$ boarding hot**# where bet lertfree InlutUoo wwild I;? lifc< n s* fornpenaaHon therefor. I n*te?*i?L?fjahie rr\t rem e ? ?tfrn ami i*'j<tbcQ. AOUifM M.J. M . lTOU>: *quar* Poet office ACOtf'LF OF ST NOLL OKVTtf MEN Ott AGKNTLE man and hi wile, ciu be +? com nutria ted with board In a privet** family. lr? a boiua* with ah the modern tit?pro%# riieo!> virh a"* ***, lath Ar Xriercar h esrmj)g?*d. Inquire at l&. Tweut) *t cotil afreet, ntweeii 'he s.ith aud S< vtnth* uuer. AFURMKHKD PARLOR AND BKDRoojf TO LKT tpporitr the Mm. opoiltar. Botch Inquire a; Mr*. h. ?ALU KMSAC HH, y,3 lit <*dwa> A WIDOW LADY, LIVING IN TUB \ It'fMlY OF Tf|F hi S t holH* w Old I#' a-uU of furiDbed room aiihm* board j a jfcntJfn?a'i and lady, rr u# ?nna ? iftr.n -tmD. Hthei j>f.jrollout c>r tr*tirie*?f. The L< t* r??pu*te m i, ?? ?ry axo let n conreriinire, A aire,, a. M . ||*? ah! oAt.r. APHIVtTK FAMILY WfLI DTSPOWK OF ON V. OK worootua, fumtaled or Ubluroo-hed, with board, lb* br?ti*e'* pieaaaetjy loettiM; Caa eaa, batu. Ar App?r at H'tM l w titv aevfULh a'reet l??taet-ii Su'Ji nnii tv .roiu are tiie? ktferrt.rea retail red. Boa bp?at ijf wrsT twenty-r ord street or'a een hlnb ?rvl Sei>rr.:li Irmv e A I'tfthl) v< Ireprli.te f?ri.:'t w II ir' witb txard tr r*iiib'in?n ftttd 'h"ir alee* or -Inn',# rrn'i,men ? parlnr nml beiirmii oa be trroti'l floor or parlor ft ml brdrc" m Ofl Ihr ta.r'l floor, I ur ril?M it I'ltu'tiiftord. flouan lift# All 'he modern Impmrr unite ami In ? rrry dftftira. ie (x'Hiibo.-lnrrl, Mmcct rr quired Board -tn fit rAHn.ini <<r onom orsrij! m-n n.?y ?erore p>a?aiil rm.me iu Mtlfftor An* ? wuh Omird fof Ui? ?<-*?on, *1 Itm and 10* Kaet Iftih et I n> tr*. i ? ?r. dr draft i ftftft'ed, newlj fin.?bed ftud furnlehed Willi ftjl li e modftrfl improtrmrnu. A< rftquiailn Tor Ural tu>i rt-> ?iMioea K?'f?r?-u' e? en LaniM. BOARD-TO t.KT, A PART,Oil AM) BEDROOM r<> ?>n* r lenlirii.eo, in u Hr?ii !??* b >gv *i h partial t?nrl If deered 'nrnWir.l r,r nni l!>, ufta bftft ftII of the mo U-m im praeeanetTe <?,?? ho' ?n 1 mid watei bfti.'i* In private Kuli7 a pplj HS7 li.reebrf ??mt Board-two oknti.twfa and thfip wive- w hr- ft<**)Bimodai*i with plaout rwmw m t te ?er<>nd flow ft'Mi on< una.I room a tlu. third now. *< ?V So Kut'iflm Klftbfh ?K t" Board-doom- BrsoRt or rv ki ith, ifci'KD or UTifnrnUaed. 'o let In ft IIrel rlitre bcim- 'orillr'ioe > eteree ft'.'l .??? Apt r fti :A Wrt' fmr.li third nrerf I lift ?from h ithfternqr. Kefrfmrna required Board-o,hp or two rooms to i.r to ofn ? m.ofti.d thdlf *!**? or ftUkfid geiibrtmii fti' tidied or UBftimleAeE. Willi food )onrd In ft pr1e?te fauillf boo.. r<m ?in*? *11 '.V modern InpnirrMMr, *01 pleaaar>llf lo'ft'ad? Iflfl Wf I Twrotj biurtft n'rer'.? W h 1 aef k eee hf ?'???<*. ami r?re. BOARD.-TOUrr. WITH BOARD A I ABOK FROM'T ftftd laibrom .? the iwoat flm.r eeperate rflnpethar ft' crnt <-n.?n *od their wlvr?, >r ai nreenr ? reel ?or rprlnf, and wnbm .?? mlnnte'e w?lk of II oftdWft) . ? . >.r Ibrri >l|>Kir rrr'Vmei. ran ftleo l.o uNangrddftl iir? fti I 1 Oh 111 tbe boaee. OARfft?ORE. OR TWO MI*ni,F fll ATl FHRR f'AT 11 ?rrowiTi' iftled 111 * prli '.re Un ll| Willi bm ikl??i ml - .. nrwir ftr.d b/- ?llwi p.rftftft l. Aitdr eft, WH.b rrlrr' 1 II Hen.1.1 off.. BoARift-ror: a OKbrr.i man with am a?o'Ki' ?s ?r U10U7. fthrie lie ron'd lift . r V ? o;.p .-nnl j 1 prrfftrt h m rlflnlb Fnn bib Uofiuifi pol f ' fetirr fti ? . o.'.nef between ? ?t? i fl ob lmlt. Add ?? le.m A. A, A F?"i cdb' Bf'ARD ? PJ.Ea ^ A ft T ROOMS, ON f'/M AMD hK >ftll 'e.or?, 1/1 ft fir?i r l.ii 1 Ift/inr. Will ?'l n*At n mpfr ? rorr,'" lor rem eaten and tbr r ??u wi 1 ? few ? ? / . ? ???: Ben (OTJimio ?er? pieftwir ', arid er-..."1 .? ??. Idtrtftrift 9*e*Aftfftd Applv* 7ft Wftel TRftfttp dwd ??fo>- !. BOARD-A I.AOT 'AS HH A< IftiMMOilATKD 1A ITU l oard awl ft eutftil I .rriedwl r ? 1a. Appif a" X iiobwi eireet B Board-a lUSMOvnr rCRiuflTD R'rOM o? rmirrn, frw ? e? ri'leman ?nd ftd) fa] 1 ?rft for 1 be ? H rr.it f ftrtral !? ard for ffte (efi'r'nftr. if deei'ed?w" ere 'ere ?re Modfter lear ere, tv u. n| men, ?i r. e . a* u?-i. rft Ira rf II mm;*. Add/e? lor iwo 'tar K, ?../?? H ??]?? i?' "Ore ?OAbD ARP Rflrlffl f ft CMOS -obftp.r ?? a Mil f) ) 01 riftfia ftrii'ii >ii*n wtwiflna pdrmaaew tMArd '?? I deetrablft ?< nm-motlvi <oa a> Mi Curia mu?'< "'?? wJ? ft-.t B Bc ??r-irftnia iraftftgiltUiM ?' H Cft-on nniur a?a ??)? t b"W ft'eirft riieer.fb rrM Th" ta eftft bae beftft rwefti ? re oimahad ftAdflbad upift r ??i d)A. OaRD AMD ROOM- TO LET ?A PfM oltrCRStSM 1 ?I flb " perlre rww im ftrrl llnee, W.'A ?w ??'i? . ? a Atrr', ?*ib or wl'ta 'R board, in a pri a r rrep.-i? ? fa rn I rl'rr'len ft/eiio bar frre Oe,.'w. ftooai tadln tee, am neue(r? Mraftt rnraer f Orreae 1 ?oaRD rs A WHEAT* PAWlf.T-OSR or TWR J >[,,??? ir'ew 'ft !He tree if <w m/ ? /' n ?' 'ftii be ere miarrlawl ere far .a. ftadfd MJBoee ?r? p tee. beflaeea Hr^ieim end (1 reefr etreeie (?'? IRD IM WRhT POURTXtflTII ?TH T ' Tf e- ff I) Ar.ftirftrtftftirwi f1.'ir?k nftae Rid ana -? Tee , - * It-t. ?ft'. "1' en ft 1 tan ?' fa awmtlciMft ? ?ft mi f PI ''.rfd ?? ?? aad baft If Se ?? Ma ? ?rf. ?? >? % fti If Sal fNrarfti r" ' IseaMo ??. .0. am*. ? .art ftolrafte. JMfte*, .n . ? ?OAMBW JUD UMMOO, Board down town.?thrkk h:n(k.r (jHWTLKinrv ea? baarooaiiiiiilnled with room* and h aril, by apnly'ir ?' i2b Chamber- .tree!. Referent r. rr<iui.r " ' 'W-** Board ikiwk town?tiikkk ok i our oknti.e men ran be ar omuimta.ed with the ottRurU or Imtiui , good table separate attUur room.Ur,. aud . ., ma, .unite 0* doalla I edroom*. batJwTTe . In ? Ural el, . lunar weal rf Uroauway. 1 ertua $6 to Id In^uti-eat 101 r?nklln a.reet. Board in iirooki.y*.-a okktltyan and win or two ?Inkle gi oljrrui o ran be a mm.elanel with a nteelv lurrubrit rooap. on xooivl o. liurl llimr, In an Artwrlrau S" UlW*u Ha.rtnou street*. Ilalh, gaa, Ao TJOARI) IN HKOOKl.YN -A I.ADV AN!) GENTLEMAN ieJJn... with boaid, an! a lam' "Him on (1m ITes?" i r' * b*>u*e with all the modern Improvement, wl.hln flTr minute. walk o! the Mouth txrrj. Alao. a large ??' llMirC'Srart1 ^ " fo' ?. K?uU. niau. In (dire at M quired ^aer of < otigrtwa, lirualyn R. terea.e rt B?n/ro!*i? RROOKl.YS, M VRTIO fRRRT.-A SUIT orrootn* In lot together or separate- Willi or wnnou! liur Ji'Li" ,'"lU*,"un.""'I Udi.or a lew . rule -'eutleiuau terms nod. rato Apply at Bt, ? uitou street. 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Broadway Poa'. oBo*. TWO LAIHKH. wmi THKTR nACOIfTKRh, (TUB lauer protaaOTMl ideatrr l>'>*rd ml tv?,? t om< <h*d b?d IVOUK l|p>|Mii'tal>ilK) awl a 111 Iilllul labia iiidupmwablK location nuiat ba cU.?r to Broadway, and i.e.*-.,, Aiaiatwra in 11 null Hi wi" 'limn ail In ?ti'??.| W mi wr?k for aaflk perron Itrtrrrncvr en h?n,jcd. AiUr.'ta /. A., broaiwaa I'onl OfSr** TWO PliHN'IrillKIt BOOM* TO l.KT. TO HHNTI-KMI*. ? wiili brcalfkat una Hull', and ttrr Alan, front parlor, lata d'-poml of to a phywrlau or dcn'lrt HI Kiankliri atrsri. fWriKM-IIKD APARTMKNTN TO LKT ? A l.A?T. U 11 virm alunr. ran a*r?.mm<.dat? a lady and *rutl?eaa wltb tbr third rt?ry (four room*) ol a modem uouar about Bra udnulea' dla'anm fri iu Colon |.a V Tlia houm rmiialna tiaAh fluard for Um- la<lv if rr.ju)r?d. Bo otbtr boardera win ba taker. Terwa moderate Addret" T. 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