30 Ekim 1855 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 7

30 Ekim 1855 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 7
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ttirt'Uk'liSiM: !?ffl 4Mb ft (ft* Jtl'tf Jilt rOK SAXJB. ?7C nnn ACRES or VIRGINIATTniTEUR SAM" fifi.UUv ta^WO acre* lying on the Virginia an t T?nn>ts Me Railroad, 36,<I00 a errs within Ave miles of the railroad. and 18.000 acres within twenty trulu of the railroad -In ferine of M acres, for sash or exchuiget for good city property. THORAH G. HaBBISSON,- Virginia I And Agency* No. U Bemdway. __ i>?n nnn 70 9m.-m farms, for salbTJR ^/ttU.UUU exchange for city property; varum* loca won*, sixes and Improvements with n SO miles of New York. 10 Iota, lOlet street. Tenth avenue. $0,000; 6 loU 117th street. First avenue, $1S00; I hit Forty third street, tenth avenue, >1,000. Village property cheap. _ . W. H.MELICK, 84 Seventh avenue. >Or, A/in "A BABE CHANCE FOR A CAPITALIST. ?10 aeree of valuable land adjoining the ?(y of Cincinnati, which can be sold for building loin, at a great advance. This i? a fine opportunity for parti re seeking a rale and profitable investment. For particular* apply to WILLIAMS A SMITH, real estate and general agents, 84 Nau sea street niQ ?JkfkFORA VERYSUPERIOR FARM ON LONG vlO*UvU inland, .7 miles from New York, oontaintug 180 acres, SO wOoillatxl and 100 handwitnoly improved and eutfT valed, fine large orchard, good house, barn and outbuildings; beautiful view of Long Island round and surrounding scenery. K. A. BU NOB, 212 Broadway, room d. -COUNTRY HOUSE AT 8TATKN ISLAND for sale.?A large elegant country house, with eleven rooms, and with one and a quarter acres of ground, beautifully Improved, will be sold for >6,000, Apply to M. L. HUELDON, 80 Nassau street. #Q /MIA -A RESPECTABLE WHOLES ALE CASH iTO.UilU. ipanulaetiiring business liir sale, in a good Iseauon, in thla city, well established, snd can be extended to any amount. Any person having ?i,0U0 In cash, and wishing to engage In business, will please address S. H., Herald offlce. to Knn -A HOTlt and DINING SALOON, 8IT0 ipXi.UUVl, ated atone, of the principal railroad denote, for sate. The house will accommodate from thirty to forty lodgers, With a profitable bar and dining saloon attached. The lease sad furniture will he sold at a bargain on application to B0WB8 A FBOBIBHBR. 84 Nassau street. tonnn ?A dininghaloon for bale, central JjivtUUdf located In a business thoroughfare down town. The saloon, w'ltb an elegant and profitable bar and oyste eoanter attached, will do a business of $160 to $200 dally. An aelive business man would he accepted as partner. Apply to BOW KB A FROB18UKR, 84 Nassau street STnn WILL PURCHASE A BEAUTIFUL LOCA ! (UU tlon tw-o miles from Harlem. The lot I* 71 by UK) with a good dwelling. Harlem trains stop opposite three Mas a day Terms >200 down. WOO la three, six and nine msnlha, and the balance In three years. Address box 144, Hers Id office. SO (ID -FOR BALK, OB A PARTNER WANTED. ?iliUUs in one of the best corner wholesale end ret ill ?r stores in New York. The present proprietor will soil oat tor >1,21)0, or accept of the right kind of a man with >800 in cash. The store will pay, making >4.000 to $6,000 yearly. Ap ply en the premises, corner of Delancey and Ridge streets, ur fa HOW KM A FKOBIBHKK, 84 Nassau street. 41 nnn WILL BUY THE STOCK, FIXTURES AND VxvvU lease of a neat and good trimming store, in a good location for a lady to atteud to It: there Is a general as am luient of all kinds of dry goods, and will be sold low, as the owner Is going west. For further lnfbrmatlon, apply at 91 Division street. ?7nn ?FOR BALK, AN OYHTER AND DININO MA ? | UU. loon: $60 per week is guaranteed net profit. The owner is sick, and ft must be snid immediately. Proot given that Ute above statement of profits Is not exaggerated. Apply at the Mutual Real Estate Agency, 293 Broadway, room No. f). 4nnn -'OR BALF.?THE LRAMK, BTOOK AND FIX dPUUU. lures ol a confectionery, loe cream and oyster xa mon, situated on one of the greatest thoroughfares In the city. In the neighborhood of one or the principal railroad depots, and new doing a splendid business. Apply at 289 Broadway. MIMKK8 A TAYLOR. Aenn ?cottage nousK and lot for sale WtJUU, In 126th street, between Second and Third avenues, ears running every fifteen minutes from either avenue. LA M by 100 fcet Will be sold for $2,600. $2,000 ran rem tin on bona and mortgage. Apply to W. L. HALL, 188 Chatham si. 4enn ?for sale, at new rochellk, thf. NPUUUs good will, stock, tools, sad fixtures of a cabinet making and jobbing shop, doing a good business. Reason of selling. Ill health of the owner. Price $600. Inquire of II. F. rELTON, opposite the depot. New Rochelle. |1AA CABH.?TO BE SOLD, AT A SACRIFICE. ON account of the owner going Month, the leaae, slock and fixtures of a new and handsomely fitted up bar and oyster saloon down town. One of the best locations In New York, lfast be sold on or before Wednesday, 31st Inst. HOWRd A FBOBIBHBR, 84 Nassau street. fQAA -FOR 8ALB, A WINE AND BF.GAR STORE; jpOvU. rent very low, with lease; cash receipts dally irom no to >26; location central. Full possession tnay be badlm mediately. Apply, this day, to B. W. BICHARDB, No. 307 Broadway. $300 self or as a special partnership, will tie re.iald In eight months, wKh nearly 1(10 per cent profit. Particulars slated on inter view. Add reus Special Partner, Broadway Post office. BOAll -FOR BALE, THE GOOD WILL. STOCK AND EaUU, fixtures of n reireshmeut saloon, near a depot on a railroad, about rue hour's ride from New York. It will clear ?rem $800 to II .000 a year. Price $200. Inquire of U. t. PBLTON, opposlle the depot, New Rochelle. >11(1 ?KkGAR AND DRINKING SALOON, 63 HUD #IIu, son street, near Duane street park: wide front; tnay M neatly fitted up. Rent $16 per month. Whoever buys the stock and fixtures, gets a good bargain; therefore apply today, an the occupant Is going to New Orleans. A SPLENDID FARM, GRIST MILL, SAW MILL, CIDER A* prt sa, Ac., for sale?Situated in Hurrlngton, N. J., about three miles Irom Tsppan Town, and about 20 miles from New Ycrk. It coiiieUof seventy acres, ten heavy Umbered, two dwelling houses, store, hams, Ae. The mill* are all in flue working order, aud lite pond one of the best on the Uaeketuau k Apply to WILUAM T. '1 RAFF, 119 aud 121 Nassau TO $600 WANTED?IN AN EXCELLENT 8USI neas, either as a loan secured on the business It ASKOaR stork. situated on one of the greatest thorotnhfare* In ibe cite, with all fixture*, ?how ?m* and entire Block of tegnrn aud tobacco, for rale. Apply at 123 Sixth avenue. A MOTHER CHANCE TO TRADE AT DUNCAN A Khackelton'*. 71 NBenin alreel, for two beaodful quarter section* In Marshal rountr, llllnol*, oak ope.>iturn well watered, aad raay of aceeoa cheap tor rash. DUNCAN A tHIACKkl. TOM, Auctioneers. 71 Nasaou street, corner of John. CHANCE TO MAKE MONK*.?THE STOCK AND fixture* of a lac.t and embroidery rtore for rale. Good rent low, will clcwr from At ttf) uiSA.thlO yearly. Rastoov* well e*tahll*bed; eirellent atnek ol good*. Apply Im nec lately at 319 Eighth avenue A CORNER LIQUOR STORK FOR SALE?HANDSOME It fitted up in ihe Fifth ward. The bar reeatpta $11 to $13 daily; the leane, alock and lixtut". will be aold for $' ?> AIM a Honor More In ilie Klr-i ward for $130. Apply to HOWES A FKOBISUKR, M Naarau street. A RARE CHANCE.?AN OPPORTUNITY WHICH BEL doro occura I* now offered to any peraon who wlahea to eater into the hotel or dining aaloon buatneaa, as the sdrer Hear haa a hotel and dining aalnon. both of whleh are dot rut a good bovine**, ? ,d will aril either to ault the appliennt. a* he nod* that be 1* unable to give the two the attention neceraary ter the maintenance of the position wldeli they ought to occupy before the public. A1 line addressed to Hotel at the Herald office, atatlng where an Interview con i>e had, will receive immediate attention. A SPLENDID GROCERY AND LIQUOR STORE FOR aale?Leaae. Block and fl\:urea, situated In an exocllen: Ttemtty to make money, now doing a large and eery prnfl a hlc buslne**. I hi* la u tip-lop atand, and will lie aold u' a ?rent bargain, on Immediate application at 2f.' Broadway, room No. 10. AIMERS A TAYLOR. TJUTTKR AND CHEESE STAND FOR SALE OR TO LET x> ?In on# of the heel niartal* In ihe trfty now doing a good bu*tne*a; will be raid rbevp or wtll he let to a good Inquire a'. 13 Atlantic mnrke', Brooklyn. Bakery and confectionery for sale in Brooklyn; It la now doing a good cash bait no ait. Apply at l$> Bowery. CfBRONOMETLR FOR HALE, CHEAP.-A HOOD RUN ) rtng one. of Kngttah m.ike aim, a tew choice oil palntln ?? ' cannot b? evceiled lu the United Siatea, will be aold a bargain. Can be examined from 9 A. M. to t P. M., at tJ t Fubm t i street, from room, aecond door. c HTLIVS CAUL FOR BALE -APPLY BY LETTER TO D. K. P., Herald mice. CLOTHINO. BOOT. SHOE, HAT AND CAP STORK, 74 We?t 'treet, tur aale, only ptu eaah. the halanee to ault Ihe purrbaaer. Apply In the a.nn, 71 Weal atreet, between pier* 10 and U, North river. rR RALE?A LOT OF GROUND ON BERGEN POINT, fronting IN the Kit la; baa a front Of 7'< ten on the water VfTO fert to depth. wtu> water privilege, oo the ground* la a aew two atory and basement bonne ami small liarn, well, Ac., with fruit tree*; fenre* nnil wol'x In good order; a hundred teal (Tom ateamhnet landing. Inquire at 23s Fultno at, New York, or at the SheriU * ofhee in the < munercial Building*, Jersey lily. H. P. BETS WORTH XT*OR SALR-A FIRST CLASS RESTAURANT. ON J Broadway, doing a flnt rat# btwlnea*. Only reason of tee preaent proprietor wishing to tlbpoae of it |* Uie want of teoe to altetid to lu Term* made satisfactory. Add rem* A ?. H., Herald nfnre. YDOR SALE?THR FIXTURES. COMPLETE. Of A F flooroll cloth manufactory. eninprUuir two ot Power*'24 tee! printing gauge*. bi.sk fr?r about 30 new and il"?lrvble pat acme, beams, paint and planter mill*, and everv re-pil*lte lor an axtenrire business Apply to h. JOURNKAY, on the pre mines, corner of Dakalb avenue and Deberoue atreet, Broot Q* ___ rR SALE?IN THE MOeT HF.AI.THY AND PLKAS ant part of Brooklyn, twu nrat eouaga bulk house- and lata, roatmendlug one ot the floral views In the city House* two atory and t aaemenl. liard tint*hed. and rornlce 1 centre ptecea, arched parlor*; large lote?23x110. Ffirs only $l,\V>, termaeeay. Considered rheap. will double In value. Applv on (he premises. Dean ?treet, bet wen On ml and f'ia-aon ?venues Fulton avenue car* | a?- wlth.n a abort dlatetwe. U>OR SALF?THE FOUR STORY BRICK HOUSE ZT? J* avenue A, with 5fi year* unexpired .et -e of lot; tlie new af the porchae-- money can remain oo bond an l Mortgage Apply to J. rULLKRTUN, SAO Third ? reef, or to K. Elliot, 71 Norfolk atreet, or to J. W. Rniuaey, No. I N**?au ntrc TDOR SALE?THE FOURTH STORY BA< K BUILDING JP and lou eorner Scv. tuh av.ntie and Thirty-fourth atreet (aide atreet), lot 23 by 4$ feet, now occupied an a family gro eery, Trrinaeaay, with modern improve me tile. Inquire oo tee premises of RAMIKL SPAKKsTjun. rR SALE?THE STOCK AND rlXTtBE? OF A porter houae. BOW doing a good businc-a, suitable for MM er liquor stores Reasons tor *. littig. rotni o le ivu le bnvuveva Inn tire onrxaar of Sheriff tod lirnome atreet*, between the hour* of 9 and I o'clock. PR BALE?RIGHT FREESTONE HOUSES IN HC.YT Ing'on *trcet. Brooklyn, just Rptahffd; will he soi l lew, or exchaaged a>r Cher property Apply top HKLDKN HsLI. M William * tree i. Union Boilings FR BALK?TTTK LEASE. STOCK, FIXTURES AND farrntitre of an obi eatetUahed p-wtrr and hoarding house, to the heat bu- n* - ksaliy down town. now doing a first nam buame** and haonga Kite m four year* from Ihe 1 at of May I,ni The ho aae I* tn th* beat ruodtttoo, well furnuawt (hreugbout, ar.d i- coovtanily HUe>l with boarder* This efba-a a llr-t rate ebance l?,r an enterpi i?tnt buatneaa man, a* by at tendon to bu?lne*? a fortune ran be made there to a few veara. MMMkH reasons givwn m-mx ? or termor (ptrwUMi aunt, Ac., apply "J THOB. ( LARKE, corner n< ?fame* *nd Chsihsm atreei*. or t? JfillN H. WIlI.IAMs, 31 Itepsyater ?'reet. I?R BALE?A DAGUEMBRAN GALLERY IN THE n?r ? r st.1 re.I a*r: Br**, 'wav. dfi'ng a go-l buvltwbst _?ap rent and vary ?a*> of acvj ** I'rvc.. lion. For par . , St* apply O aiMFRH A fAVLOR, Mi?.-oadtray,re ? Nil jnoR ?4 VKH? . ;u I , ? 8PLS.V >.T? 1' dogs, ? polu'er Ami seber, from imported ?u>-*, 2 years old .1,11 wol) I roke. F'OB SALE.?A TEA. COFFEE AMI spick STORE, 0!* one or the best thoroughfares in 'he elty either with or without stock. Apply ai lie store, le6 (I tuia street, b?tweeti Mott and Mulberry. * FOR HALE?FIVE NEW HOUSES, AT BEDFORD, Brooklyn. two stories and basement hiith, and (tiled In with brick, containing nine rooms cacti. besides cloneo< and elolbes presses, finished with marble mantels, grams, folding doors t e'ween parlors. piazzas, front court yards, well painted, Ac. Price (2 000 each. About two third* msy rcmatti on tuort(!Htte. Inquire of 8. P. TOWN8END. r2 Nassau street, up alalia. , CH1R HALE CHEAP?A LARGE DOUBLE CYLINDER JT line printing preaa warranted In good order. Haa r Doe printing preen warranted In good order, paten f, fliea, tlx roller* reg late ring apparatus; elu < }2V inches by 37}?. Said prena was built for the New or bed *"yn "SMS IO Uf SB- WWSW VJ vn n.n BW.I 'U1 h. Now V ork tlfuetralod News. Oao be scan at 3k and 3d Frankfort street. oaetment. Terms easy. Apply to JO. K ELLIOTT, Herald offlee. ia>OR HALE CHEAP?THE OOOD WTLL, STOCK AND . fixtures of a retail grocery and liquor store, now doing a profitable business, situated at34 City Hall place. Satisfactory reasons will be given lor telling. For bale chkap-a liquor stoke in the Kourthjwnrd, doing a good busineaa at present. The rea son for selling out. be Is going South to see bis uncle, whole dying. Inquire at ?9>, Jamea street. rR BALE. CHEAP?A I.AROE NUMBER OF OOOD draught horses, suitable for carunen, grooers, sieve dorrs and truckmen; also, two One gig horses, well calculated for physicians. Inquire at tbe otlice of the Knickerbocker Ice Company, 103 Canal street or at their stables Not. 210 and 278 Wesi Thirteenth street, near Tenth avenue. IjlOR HALE OR TO LET?ON FAVORAHLE TERMS, A 1 gothlc cottage, two suiry and attic, sitvtstad on tour lots, fronting 166 th anil Usith streets, and within two minutes' walk of Hudson River itallroail depot. Inquire of JOHN 0. EBNKNPUTSCH, No. 76 WlllUm street FOR PALE OR TO LET?THE FIRST CLASS FOUR story and basement brown stone front house 106 First avenue, with tbe modern Improvements. Poaeesslou Inuuedi ately. Price only 80,600; 16,000 on mortgage. Inquire of GEO. BROWNE, 104 First avenue, or of John Dclaplalne, No. 7 New street, lias natures furnished. Four lots fob hale-four beautiful lots for sale on Eighty-tifth t irect, North river. These lota are delightfully situated for a cottage. Will he sold cheap, aud three quarters of the money can remain on bond and'mort gage. Inquire of 8. P. TOWN8KND, 82 Nl : Nassau Bt., up stairs. House for rale or to lbt.-the three htory and basement brick house No. ItiO Fast Twenty-third street, south side, betweeu Second and Third avenues. Inquire at No. 37 East Twenty second street, beloro 10 o'clock A. M , and afterS P. X.; or ut No. 49 William street, at I o'clock P.M. Horses for bale?a lot, just fresh from the country. Oue handsome pair of ponies, 14)g hands high, good In single or double harness, or under the saddle; one pair ot trolling horses, fast travellers; one strong and stylish horse, suitable for lamlly use, perfectly safe and gentle. All (he above for sale cheap, and warranted sound ana kind in all harness. Also on hand, and for sale, an enclosed rock away and a second hand coach, both In good order. Applr at URBAN A HOWARD'S llvrry and sale stables, Claasou anil Putiigm avenues, near Pulton, Brooklyn. Horse for hale-a haroain.-a bobtail bay horse. 7 years old. 15U hands high, sound and kind, true In all harness and a stylish driver; Will he sold low as the own er has no further use for him. He can be seen at the lumber yard, 172 Monroe street. IKASFH OF HOTEL AND RESTAURANT FOR SALE.? J The eight years' uneiplretl lease of a tlrst class business hotel tar sale. The location is central, and near railroad sta turn and the landing af river aud ocean steamers. House furnished tdroughout and In good order, and would accommo sia*9*i (Ui noeenna Danaittla I'iK fXWT ts> tiA HAD nas awn.taa ....1 date 160 persona. Receipts 136,000 to <40,000 per annum, and has been kept by the present proprietor for tbe last Ave years. Also a long lease of a restaurant, at a low rent, and dotug a yearly business of <30,000 to <36 800. Either or both the above will be sold at a bargain. Six thousand to ten thousand dollars in cash required. Apply to HOMER MORGAN, No. 2 Pine street. MA CHIN KR Y.?FOR HALE. TWO FLUE BOILERR, two Ouna each, 22 loet long, feci diameter, with steam doors, flues 22 inches diameter and turn of head, made of bust American iron, and warranted In first rate order and to carry 160 lbs. steam; weight of each 13,000 lbs.; (routs to match, Used about one year, and will be sold together or separate. JOHN STUART, lib Broadway, rro CONFECTIONERS.?ROCK CANDY, IN LOTS, FOR A sale, white and red, beautifully erystaUzed; It will he packed in botes, 11 desired, and a discount allowed for live, ten or twenty pot*. Manufactory 11C Eighth avenue TM) MANUFACTMgRS OF PAPER HANOINQB.?FOR Mile, , to dose a^Kcsm. 1 machine for printing ten colors; 3 do. three do.; 1 (Vpoltshing; I do. grounding; 1 do. burn tihing; 1 do. truest it do. hand presses, 1 Hngardua' paint mil; Ismail do. TCe above, and a variety of other tools and apparatus, together with a quantity of paper, finished and unfinished, and coloring materials, benches, shafting, sizing, ts Will be sold low to elose up. Apply to THOMAS SMITH, assignee, Asylum street, Hartford. Conn. TO PHYSICIANS, DRUGGISTS, IN CITY AND COUN try.?A physician returning to England, will sell at a sacrifice, for <1.6, good will of his practice, with otlice and fur niture. Rent only <6- I<ocailon near Broadway, toge hcrwlih a lucrative patent medicine. Rend stamp for reply. Address M. P., box Herald office. TO PLUMBERS AND GAS FITTERS.?TO BE SOLD cheap, a business lu th? above line, has been established 3"a tears. Tbe present owner Is about leaving for Europe. Apply at 11 8th avenue. THE STOCK AND FIXTURES OF A GROCERY AND liquor store, with horse and wagon, and gas fixtures, will be sacrificed for <360. Satisfactory reasons given for selling. Inquire at .?'M Ninth avenue, between Thirty-third and Thirty fourth streets. This ia the heat cltance ever offered to any buainets man. TO HARNESS MAKERS?IN CONSEQUENCE OF BE vcre lllnei#, I am compelled to otter for sale the stock, fixtures Ac., of a first rate small business In Brooklyn. Ad drees W. H , box 120, Herald office. TO DRUGGISTS AND APOTHECARIES.?F. HALE, RE speetfully invites the attention of purchasers to several ot.a bac concerns now for sale in Brooklyn, Williamsburg and New York cities. Full particulars given bv calling on F. HALE, druggist, glaas und fii'ure dealer, 80 Nassau street. TO CLOTHIERS?WANTED, A PURCHASER FOR THE stock and tiMures ol a clothing ?tore, in one of the he"' lo cations In the eltv, for hots, men and children's clothing. Will sell cheap for ettsh. oow doing a good business. HatlsfaClO' y reasons given lor leding A note addressed Clothing, box 200, Heiald office, will be attended to. THE Eltil'OH til; EMTIO.V T IOt'OR HEALERS' CENTRAL CONVENTION?ODD |j Vcllmrr Hal!, Oct. ?T, 1885 Thefollowing preamble and resolution wan unanimously adopted ? Wberfii*. the Eirst Assembly District Convention ha* rn dor.-cd Michael Kyan a* candidate lor Assembly, when all Uie candidate* for satd di-trict answered the Interrogatories Rata faetorllv l therefore, Resolved, That the aald convention of tha First di rtet ha* i abated the fourth article of the pla'iorm and I he ("a. . th? Liquor Dealers' Central Convention and la. therefore., h< declared null and Told. P. W. KN0S. Chairman. P. O. Mxaoxav, Vice Chairman C. W. ?CMAr/i'.*, Secretary AUr E n * PACKHARVHE R,"i90~WIlLiAM 8TRECT Oftiri lor Rale av reasonable price*. French wine*. In wood and glass. red and white comprising St. Julten ML Re* plie. Medor, 'Tiateau Lathe, Chan-mi 1 arw, Chateau Mar gttay. Chaicau Leotdlle Haul fianternes, limit Bar/a -, Clia lean Vqnom, Ac. Herman awl Rhenish win-*. In w<?*l and glass. Burgundy wine, In wood and gla*?, comprising t'bsm beriln, F.rmltape red and white, cole uotie Si. Jo-eph, Clo- di HI. George. St. IVray, monmciii and noti moos-rui, In bond aDd duly paid. < ognac brandy of sundry brand-. champagne and all nthei lienor*, a* gin, Scotch whiskey, ruin, arak, Cura coa, billera, Ac , Ac. M8CKUAIIKOII. Apple quince and catawba grape jell* from CnM Point, are now received several Umes a week, and loi *ale a> t'NDEKIflLL'N grape depot, 85 Bros 1 way near Ilia Irving Hon e These artb Ie? are n ide from the ripe fruit only, and are of a superior nualtiy. They w.!l t?c lonnd very line for the table: alao. excellent m ?lekoe*a, and a ra uabte add! .on lo >he chip store* of those who arc about taking a Tovace. Order* also received aa abme for Isabella and Cala* a grape vine* lor forming vineyard and appte quince tree*. B'aaam og jnrwtT pnggrya-AT th wwi factory, SS7 Pearl *'r*i-', Frnokun square All >nW? sold at IbC lowest faetory nrtoes. Paint brushes of a supsna <1 uatliy constantly ou nand Mac.line brushes nude lonrdei JOHN K HOPPKL. /VI"K EFOR COP.NS~ii Y MAI> \M F. JIKRIIA RD NO ldT a Bowery, e?*t side, between Rrooine and Delanry su-tv* .Madame H rc-|.ectin.iy inform* the public that she ba> re dnced bee price In order lo enable every one to be tree from pain, and lee ? confident In proml* ng that ?be will remove corns, bunion*. oatla grown in the tiesh, Ac., wllhou' cm tog the teas! pein or Inconvenience, pcraoiu can be atlendrd u, at home, or at Madame R.'a reatdcoce, from 1 until * o*r i<> a P. Jt DPCAMKROK'* KRCETPTH EXa BLR OON8CMKR8TO prepare all me foil wing oouneura at one eighth the usual coat:?Liquid hair dye, Uyianiian hair dye, Perurae ehampoo Uquid, llriguton hair restorative, Meom of r>*r*, d'boquet, la belie white, fre-kle lotion, pouire eubltle. dentrl (lee, pomade ar. Price ef ihe eet only 2ft rente. For sale ai 422 Broadway. 1M and IVkl Bowery" 514. IJtind 184 Giand street, V and 2,'5 Hudaoo etraet. HI Division etreet and l.ii I igh'b avenue, N. V.: ITS Atlantic, an I 1*1 and wj F ilm* atrreta, Brooklyn. or forwarded hi mall on receiptor a centa Addrrse M. IPcAMKRnON, 212 Columbia e'reet. Brooklyn. FALL KL*CnOJ4,~ PMA^KDOK'H IrTRAT PREMIER ?rework*.?Plgttal iisbu, Roman caodlea, Ac , a-. ror procewioiw or dr~igoa, niou .es Ac., suited to the coming elac lion, always on hand, by the subacrlliers. . Jf>s. f?. A t. EDOR, .fersey Cliy. Ordera left with Tlios Dunkla. sole agent. No. 9 Mniicii ^ne np slam, will meet with promp" auenifin. INi^iSrTNGTPG^Brsr.Nrais mkn.?prrfoica wni Inf to pnr< tu-e look'nggla *e? ot mi patntknga, in frsde lor dishing, dry good , -loves furniture, Ac . Ac., (t*r la a eommrdan d by calling al the looklngglase and portt sb frame mannfat turlng eatabllehl?1, 1A'and ltd Walker Mrpef near MotC N. B ?One eii lcr Wanted R A. FOPLLFV. FROM PARIS, MANCFAITI RER of jm'hr [ia.'auts lor phiAograptis. dairnerre S/p. . .-i grsvlngs drawings, waier eriion. uar :eJs. Ac., has an aa?<wi mew or tliem eowelapUy on band al the iowes' prices, and wi.l exscnte all orde- ? at 'he shortest tn-is-e, at No. 2 Me.rt.cr ? ? re Depot at Mr. Hamilton's, 571 Broadway. V"*W PATFffT FPRCTACLIM-FftR FEEING Birr* #* far and near, through one pair of glaac* rnilv, wTn-u utta for many yeara, Improving vision. K. H I It A '? Kg Lecturer <m the aye eule palen-ee and maker. No 2 Park row >; poslte thg Actor H"uee, New Tort. Allendaace froia ? A. M a t P^M. Stovwt, RTOVKR, BTOTRH ?Idt CAVALIltRnCTjiRAII Varlck, W A H. VAN NOTFh' s-ore sloes, We hare re reived a larga assovtmcni of (ha laloai patierns of siorae man lets, r rales and kitchen ranges for talc on reasonable ar m Stoves?).ui np and ph ? furwahed lur same, grates art, atom and ranges fined ami repaired. Hoap stone (rldi.es, ?*>** sale and retail OLOARR -PI RCHARRRN OF KWOKMH ARI INVlTRIt kV tonaoiinc a lot of about .WO.OnO, which are odMred ?? jj percent bes.w .heir market value, Iheyenrtsfoi of Havana American ai d German, "f ill sl/ss. the price* range (ror, gi loRii Applyto O. CHIKKit H Wroadway ?pmales. HE (IF. LaTEUT BRVRR AGE t?F 1 Ilk AGE ? WKtlitTl f.nhe* A llro's celeoratel Dandelion coffee, aceciaoi remedy for drrpi p*la. fodlgsetlon. dersn^i-neni of iV liver, conctlpaUma, A- . AC . and a bevcrafe in iu lavoar lully coital lo Uie bnest aid M<?tia coffee. WtfftHT. OILLtk- A BP. I so e manufacturer*. 236 and 257 Wa-hing <? street, New 1 ork. For sale by druggists and qrocere generally. T~ DRIB1GIRTR, DAGtFRRROTTPTBTH, I'HOTrs grapblsls glass msnufacliirers, Ac.. patsc medic.o-. s ?e poiMwus, bra works, metal worker*, ami artisan* hi a -Bromine. Iodine, hvpoanphlde wtda, sal e gold, para slbcr sulphuric acid, entodwin, flnrlng paper, Vienna Ilia*, pla"wa ?uemit'h, eadolum manf iwsa. nickel, strootla raTre, rya oMe rolassgum Jllmae paper laseet pewdrr, fl?f > lua now dered t raeeh Art, e*n?mes. fomigaUngnsoiiea. At t .? ??? by ^WL fc FW6M1 VFAF (>EJt. M Ma*!eo ass.# ,-r ma** * * t"%T ?ki &22^1?55 snip Wllf depart w"h ???=?*? ln>al her lively oo .treat ' for freight or paae**,:, hav twrth, et the fool (or rlegan P ana comfort, ap ing unequalled 3d Won aire*. F'fc to ?e rennertedto be on board ot 11 o'clock A M _P*j?rngrr? ore re|ln'v^' thAt ^ ^pn of una Hoe cannot Buppem picaae tokcwtloe.^ gi wor. All letu-ra rouM poj? Sf"* fo.M^L^iffleAOoy othere will bo returned. Tb? Ittlwp B^wlU eaioeJ *o Allow*. and leave Nnven?- | rrn*_BRtTisH Ami north amkrican rotal I 1 ??" """jSJlI'inl mt to urnrooL Chief eobtn peaeeg' ' 75. Second cobto ?? to iWmmou 1 IMef robin passage IA? ^Tb"it'l^towKum coll olHohtwL ^SfyST ISEiSfir* AFRlbiT'oopi. Harrison, HI All A K A, I Apt These vena??s carry a cleor while light 01 maalheed. g on alarboero bow; r?<l on P",rl _ , j,v Oct. 24. Oaiicdo. MU.no, leevee Boeton, Wmlnesooy. Airleo llorrlton. Boatou, WeoneoaoJ. ?'?? '.? i.tl 1J1L " Bomou. Weduoadey. No?- 21. M&B*i ,KS: WS&fcl Itcrtlm not secur^i until pakl far. *? e^"'"0SK^Owl^'b? accountable for gold, C&ToM Umt i'in eipre*i??3. t or tri'ght or P**118aRD? No. 4 BowHnf Ore?n 1 JS^c^iSftSaffiSSSrS ^SSS&S-tssnsras alterutUriy. ___ - * 1 -V-eonrK-FIRST PACK FT SHIP Pf)R LIVRRPOOU ! Ste6gggffi&^ ? CTraToWco., m*s$???T_ I TiITIWpool 1 'ompeuy tons Copt Roberl Letteh. i ??*?Lfc 1 Saloon, wo, Wftjwa ??. >je?jra wlll M uken i I fr^PhllMdH^ ?nd ..WAO I K pSu?twlirto'hrin| o.uV?lr friends. can obuln eeriJB , I FoR '-'vkbp;^-ht, ^^r2gS P J?|IK*8? frtwmo?Ppi??nier. can Mya?n ' amply tag on board. pier No. 6. North river, or to DKMABKnl | ? JONhS, 40 SquiIi atrtet ami *>ul<1 '"P TTIOR LI VKR POOl,.?KM PI" Ji, ''! M -r y~o {.' 'is" KV^ YORK, cent ond celebrnu-il clipper ship cl TV ? in,we 56 Old allp. T>I?ACK BALL 1,1 *?, (J.irvr WKSl'KBN\(XWVn?, w'yon ' rrtHK TANDKRBn,T KirROPKAN OTK^HIPA Lllrt 1 ro/w?K?^P'jV^^Xer??S.mri^vler, wlli p?t S^5 oa*bBoVo^C??r. from pier No. 3# North rleer, toelol Ohoinben. eirert. n)Q Flret claia on 1C1"* P^nxon n1~ or .ala,o. _ ? Ne? Foe*. A"r'a^^ .'^ 13 N^hkw:.v.:::::::w ? *?* ate:;:::;::;:;:S^:? uae-i# 5S'.^::::::::i-? ?Tlieae ihlna hoen woterttghi wmporune.nu, end _ore Ihnilt and h'ted In en, p^patd. each IS'.c! j and npworde. For IrflffeV*PI> * I No. 5 Bowline Oreen, New ToA. A, BKRT So* 6 n-deKia Bourne, Park. leU^rA I Built exprriolT for ^ern^i twrvloe. cooatrucilon of flee water ?Whi<^I?W|en";no- reach thr event ol roUli4t?n or M^ . the of tbe ve* Uirm.anc the pumpa hetne f e ll^ent eaperleuoe baa sfeeSriBBSisaK^-w?? 1 be prtcc of poaaage lo SouthornpUm and ?uir^ tl.tn lb ^"?i^^?okg m^ndon tkj|e rt^r. otfer U-. ad TitagWeSmomr, Uh lo thneand cipcuae Specie dell.ered In Ixrndon. odlca Baggage not W^tJdduring'&m^ W sent oo board Uiedar before ulting, L1VTNOSTON. Pre'.'-, M Rroodway. n rwe^Vw1 toTlLrfr^g^rM^bce. Bbcmvm via SOUTHAMPTON?THK UNITED BTATK ? RKMKN. VIA not ?riaw? .. Htggtna, commaoder, Odl aUynahlp IlKKMAMN, to tond u,. a^S^trs^SSK-earf* s^siKiSEaiaiSBCS; a?- ?? In Ural cabin, main no In Brateabln. lower on In aeoond eal'ln ? - u> eadh iiion er. Speate < An eiperlereed avrgeon la attar mnai oaaa through delivered In Havre or lamdon AU le ura moat pa*, mroug the Poet "?ce CT Agent U ^Sth WlllA.n a rent The ateamer WaLdaitci ?ff^udeaed Urn Her-nn. and tail ItcccinbiT 1. ? a.#60 U.M t.nrdcn > Capt, , 0n Friday, Nnveiu cent etc h. kn ^ tiyptii h ^M?rty. Pwtcoger* tnd ? yrt'h thf* Pril" Mti' H ??tm extru etc.knv'r^ lylnfe ?l * .ivn^s tpplv p^wihlv ontkin ot pMienyr* ^ tnnU ? J ^QDftlile. \f; to 1 W. KlYMONU, M only oflice ? tne oornp^iw , \V c*i atreci, corti^ of Wtrrvu. ATJPBalia fionrkr link carryimo tio: tr. a mat' ?The fax ?tiling ahlp CYNTHIA, bating Half bar cargo poeMtvelv engaged. b> prepared u> lake freight (in mo dtrate term-, if applied fur early. App.y Ui n W. 11A M h !'?< >.N , No. t Bowling Omen. a otrai.i a mans u?i-cjui*tx?o rat 0. *. it mat ?The very fati -atiing Chtoa packet ONolfM t'apt. Creeay. now loading ai pier |, Ka n river, for bydr.ev >U reel, b oa ronm lor a mu,ll miaul, r of frrtgbt, If bppt?aa for earij For freight oaHy . apply to R w, C VllROX, 5n. 6 Bowling Owen. Er P. WAIT. PTKVMrllir f'OMPABY?FOR IfkVWA ? aud New flrloana ? On Vrldat, .km. R, al 'J f M. fr mi |i? r l?? ?r Warren atrent. North river, (be a ril krvia II .ml tavnrtrr viramahlti CRRIU K.ST f'l rT. Capt. 8. P. Or.lliu. liar tug bran Uioriugnlv ovuhuM ami tun In (lr? elana r-.n li iot Will rai'inv bet p.are ui Utr loir ami aallaa abate. Plain tan br arrurcd at ihr Cotttpaoy'*O&M. freight in New Orleena. 30 cmla per ruble tmy r arrived on Stub in loiter. rhlpnera will 'it ?uppllr I witb blank hill* of lading of 'be term ?; v tied by tfca Company on application at U?nr otace No iilb* r ioi oji a.gned, and DO Mila at a tlng a ,11 be rigited af'r -' ?' hoi. i at.nug. lor frrlithi or pananue ay.ly at the offloa of thriomjanv, lii Wnl afreet i inner of Warren. _ _M. O. ROBBBTW. B^il.R HAVANA ANl> Nf W OEl.RANB?AT NOON ON Thuradav. Novambrr I, IBM. the new and ?p'endid a'raia ? l.lp UI'I.aS' blHH John Krabam Comniao lar. will leave fhiii port tram pier X North m?- foot at Bomb atreel, an abovr, ronne'tlng at Havana wllh hnea of a nam"blp? 11 a?n l.lfrr|Ktil, Spain, Bar euiea and Meiira. for freight or pe? ?age, apply on board, or to .fOIIV OR All 15 SM Broad war, Uj.iHoi! ? the Ht Nirtaoiaa. Orto JOHN JI. < KHAI.LON. 77 Broad ? . Agent at Ha tana. J < . BIKMIAM A CO lb. Nra Orlaaua.J. <>. WOOPBl I P. TO HAVANA VIA KI.YWIel ?TO LRATK OTIf A NO Ipli of rarb month.?Tb" >, tendU I nt Pd Nam ?nail ?ti a-t.rb'p MABF.L. Otn RnCttm lommAoder, btnat.' irb u.n f t on tlie fth and I'tb of ,arh mootb an<l Havana on tnr lotb and )Z.Mb lor through pa-tag* by me Ohar.eaion etrantrh-'p line apply in NPOfrORD. TtUP<TOB AOO..M Brnvlwiv. FSfiR .HAVANA 450 NEW ORLBA.W-TARRvTnO the T ni'ed r aiei mail, the awam-Vp III, At K W t kit I >K, J IV Bui.ort ? ' ti. nandet. will bavin rerr rtnr freight on Tnradar Novm.ber A and Mil ihr Km above puru on Pe"ir pay Kovrmbor M at 2 I". 5 , prw.-eiy Iro'tt War pier. S, Soi'b rlfar. ftrr of Itobtnmn au-rnt. LI VINfidTON CB0CBB1105 A CO.. Ag'O a. 31 Mrr* (way For navann\n~ANH rCoRfDA?0*mrr? ar*Trt mail Un? ?Tbr nraprnd eiegaat ??etuner IIOIPII.IJ ? apt i". I? I.ttdVrw, ?m l?ave on Wi lie-day, Ort. SI, Irout pier No 4 Vortk river at 4 o'rloak I' 5. It lit of .at it. "Igead no board, for freight apply on ? oard, or bo paaani < to N L MtTCIIlIX 13 Broadway. Cabin t.ataagr o, Aavao iah Ifor K ionda. vhr >tuth 'Irka' - train New Tirt at J?ri?n vllie Ail: to I'l.alka Av't lar., ai 1 Ai.-nou,Boat irtme i leave NavaonAh for > lorbla three tinwta ? an k a,nvi ?g wtth the xeameratnau New Yerk on Tnaadaya and Hauriap. FNOR -AVA5NAH-r?R* KKPI i Rn-TllK al PKRInR find rlaai rteaanAta KEYKTONR NT Al R, Capt K Ifar lie will leave PhUadrii.i ia'oe .-araoiuib mi Haiunlay Nor a at trno'rKekA W f a>e ?f nrago In. Ageoui in New York, M ft a NT ON A TaI.I.BAN. IJ OkT-ti. wb< rr .tairywxa- nay be tar urad Tba hTATK Of OKOROIA will leave at above ta, Wedneaday, Nov. 7. For noirouL pohtvnoith and prtrr^b' no -The I N. Wa'J at, am .hip BOA NOR I, tap I'rnu. Pktnt er. will remWie ker run b> the abitr p,rA an Wr It* day nail. 3l?t uaatani leaving pier 13. North river atla'ebMk fra.gbt ukan frit the above plaeea, and tha tntarkar of N.wh ( arollaa No freight Lakan for RltbitiO'd, lull ? ae,*o. m< will be WrWarded tbef. by railroad fr-itn (By faW. aa twee tAfcve freight bw Norfolk aod Hlebn,imd ran be ab-piwrl bt ibe Jam. ? town every Nottirday. raaaagtaol fhra. w?h ?U'r t.nm, to Mario k, Br. i'eterabnrg -t,d It. btma. I, |l Lynchborg. fit. Apply to LCIH.A* A fLKANAVTA. r Rroa:aav /'HANor, or iioir'-tiir. fiioivii tn/.Km itir ' wtM bereafrr leave on 15 kin. ?d* a and ran. . a 3 o'rtork f. M , watra-l of 4 W 0I.AM APIT.t?AlCr . ^Rrovdaag. iltlVinNA <?hr-S, I. lO-I> A k ?TIlBCEL. ft Mfkit(tripO*>NHT!TCT!ON, XOUbtone-aw end oabln. Sm. ?terrace, tie. and fiuiid by the *hlp la I Uberal atpp./uf .gibed ororHiOB*. Hooin lor a lew iiv re pa**emp.rl, Apply ,i A?e??V THOd. V. HO'LIK. h3 So ith rtreet. Jf_ iTvsimPTroN or the daily line or the hat l\ ' ??uriurp lo Norfolk *ud roMMUik, on and after the l?t , r Vivember ariL?OSUIal notice having lw on given b* *be nLviirlah* OI Norfolk and Poruuujuth, '.hail be itMieiii riOuoa P.m..abo?e named plM*1 may return with vei.-tv, oo or about theWitrf November nejtt. the Baltimore Steam 1'A'k.etGoal, >?? nlaJurr* in announcing to the wveUnj pabMc ?h?t I ifiwoliimoni running their buy Meanier* dntlv, tSuu ^tTon a^ after Tburwley letol November, pUt*:* day*eieep_.) gplend.d ?te?Jn?r? WUWUNi 'fwi?NOIlTH 1'AHOLlNA, w&ch IlkV# boon li.oroug.iljr over and NORTH A . kDj put '.n lire mix complete WOuSmHoq. Raleigh, Uharle.ion, ^ers^'tSSS^.'Wr^' ^rSr^.''2rr^xs?rg (Uyli^bt. For further tnloni)atk*ana^PO^^ U?k? ^ ??? f ? k. ? Vnrk anhf N**W Jtrtfy RifcUroiul OtliC*. u*r ni wr Sndl, atreet; Id Philadelphia. ?t the -od j, Unjirftud Id Ubriurv ttppfiti io Biiiuni ire, ? olbce oi'he^l'aI'tui weHtcam Packet bWpAny, foot of Union dock, or on board we liny .teawero. pA, LS PrertdenL o'clock P M prort-olr. For freight apply on all bill" of lading will be "Ignrd; and for p?-*ng.\ at the O0M SWwBP>Il;rf to. ? Broj.lwM'. ^"In par .aie 129. Th" uplendld ?tcamer N ASH < ILI.K. N. Merry <~Jn.toai.der will "uccard, aud loave ou Heturde J, Got. A . ?h" fhvoiite tU-arurr CAROLINA. having reeuiijed he# re < r irioa 10 the vartou" landing* ou too St. Jolin* rieer, Srimlda I will leave rbarlr.Um every Tueeday connecting with tbe New York ateamtr*. Through ticket* to Jack.Mii vllJe,$3I; to Flla'ka, Ril. _____ "llOHNICH, CAKK1A.OKB, AO. turfm' n ju?jn^oi"0ofhi hta.ll?J? M Udfj M to m.L7 '^?wI"'0S'l K . 00 which 1 tried every remedy I could hear or Udrk of wlihoul relleylng him m 'ho W fall, the Hweillng ronUnued when >onr Mr. ** V , nu nmmended your Turf < HI. I procured a bottle, arid, n a '.njured. He ^1 mj&e .U kiijd* oykmwor^ ;J. ^ Mgar McT>Jklr A f 'o? U Water .treet. role ag'-Df for New York. . __ ______ FOR SAl.K?A HLAt'K HtlRHB, MMTAHI.E FOB A diK-tor, eipre"?man, or eartnian; aouiid and klwl tn all 1 1 arnraa. ?.ld for want ot U"f, very "uttablo for' f_"'N'y ???. 1 Canbow?n*tUl'V?iidaui?treet. nearVarlrk. u" hari.eK., amiable for a gro..-, y or milkman^ Oat be keen at ISO Varlrk atrret. Prl--e of aagon and harneae.pki. V1 EHiK HALKc-A PAIH OF IIROWN IIORSEH. BIX TRAM ' old la?t ?prlng. perfix-tlv rrnlle and aoond In all reapecta. I and b!?di??l.Tnd -u.gUi Iwaroey. . 1 k.ini?i Tory ran be wen at UK.OHilr. Ml KillV .. .. I Mirfc.r m tL ",.,1. r of b nlve, .Uy pla-e and Thirteenth at, F' 11R SAl.F ?A FAIR OF PA' INO l'ONIFS. VERY l?~t will be aold low a? fhe owner t* out of 'f *11 qulm ? k5T- harneaaetere.M Fulton .treet, Brooklyn. JT,.,, iTaIK?A HLACK IIORSE, SUITABLE FOR A kinrtm- I'iDrfwniifcn or ? Ar'mftiii i?outid, ind klo'i In nl) ran In* mecn at HO Vftiulafu inree?, near VnrU k. Ala<?. * w?i ,011 andhamraa auttabla tor a grocery or milkman^ tjaii be aeen at 13b Vartck rtreet. Frtce ol wagon and hariiee*. w- _ r-tOK SAIK?A LARGE BAY HORSE, I'ERFEt'TT.Y h kind and gentle In .11 harne*. and JJllSt!?,lftT AXiJr i??.r Win hi? Miild low. Apply to J. K. HA 1 Kr., it>< A ,u*' , Xr*e\ or at the club .table, Faeoic alreet, near OwV Brook 'yn- 1 Fftll SALE?A TOP BCOOY WAGON AND A TWO H<>a'cd rwkaway rarriagn, with toftther top, i?oth in ?'?<>1 I. . mnti will Im' aold r.hfftp, m tlm owiwr hai no ?L*r for | them ' Can be m en at Owen S?rOovern'? atable. In Loro lano, near Hick* atreel, Brooklyn. rytlll SAl.K-A HfiKltH. MORSE 7 "It h YEARS OLI', Jo f handa high, "tillable for ripr-a" or family uae; c^ 'rui ln SU 10 wagon. Alan ?top wagon and harne""- Inquire at Ui atable, 130 Obryrtie rtreet T^OR SALE-HORSES, WAGONS, SLEIGHS, A'"c-H' F hor.e.anrJever.1 .?il pimlea, .!?, new and wwonrt band wagon., eon.prt.Uig roekawara, top widV grocer*' and bmlrieea wagon", T** T"rlirr 111 ?lyle?, at the repeal'ory. Now 8 and 10 Nevln" alreet, corner Fulton avrnuo, Brooklyn, ??? '? ryna RAie-TWO first pate family horsf.s h ?*,il rlxwen hand. hlrh. with black Z, -hn, about them, on,' live year* old, and Uie othai ?'?. "?r ranted perfectly ?ound and kind In all liarna>?. A^ gm. c man or family wanting ?oeh l?.r?w will''lo we 1 to eall and re. thr th?y nrc perfect in every r?,ji?ert i iea?e npj y at the A read* atable*. Tw*ntT third "ireet, between Hub and | H.nh avenue*. A*k for Oliver Beimeit. wJcytj-RA1.F?SIX OMNIBUS SLF.IOHH. WITH POLE F leed' !><)*??? todfUiblOM, ell ^oinpU't^. u*?'' App ?Suln?d!IS* th. With avenue iUtlnwd, Xlith avenue. | comer of Forty tnlrd ttrcct. .... ? riftn7\l.K-A LAROF" BLACK HOKHK OF KtJrKKlOB Mtvle and ftrtlon. unei'innUed M e couj?A hor*w; ?*>.d l?>r o)ST r Vu.1 MERON. Wo. 6 BowUeR QreeM. nORSI S - NEW YORK TATTKRSALLfl. SIXTH avenue. . orner Tldrly ninth .treel, thle day, \ auction -ale of hor-e>. wncoli". h?.rnr""'*' l.? JL^ hT^ab, hand wagon" and hrrneM, In great variety, U home njr a fog n*. and porfdvc ?K; IgU. S wagpn.and four mb. rg ha. ne^alM, an Auotkme*. Hi.wnr l'atxrg. Salevinan. orvf s taPITAL horses and mares for sai.e S 1 bean tine very powerful gray, LI* hand* high. 8veni ? oM: two "inall "Ired' mare*. and ?my a year, ^ nw. black borne*, very bat. 7 year* old . ,o?nt, llmld t rnion. May nwn ? trlAl fWcn, a ui? M??? fie. 2 I'nlvrrilty pl?c<\sbove Fourth atrget. ??r anteii-a nkw or hk<;ond hand wagon. iv. n good running order. ..ittable for the grocery buaine*. Addie?* J. II. R . Herald oBl e. XT'WANTED? A SECOND HANI) LIGHT SHIFTING \\ ^ mwitmi. In pord order ?hv, hnr,,e- a,yd blank for wbl'b a talr prtre will be pabl. I leaa* aihlrewi A. B . II. laid oflp e, *iatiog hiweai price, and wlnrc it * J|l COAL. ^ , ,r..i f J!, Edit KEII Anil ?'<)*'? IIEI.IVEIll'li. C j vcl-'it and .iual.lv warranted. Order* by t*w will ree.iv, luii.e.l a'* attention. JAMES W. WILTHK, iL Fourth wrect. near Ka*t river^ / 10AL AT t'OST. FOR TEN DAYS AS THE CO AI ( n,u<> be aold, preparatory to change In hiietnee*. Hcd nimlhy wai ran'e. or money refunded, at low prleee. Sc?, h ^IKl oal, m. worth *14. ' avenue*, or 114 Grand Mxwd.oveg I wHic lU,"V UODalM Mnfk uvrnue, or 11* Grand MrteV, o\ er ^J T^ODOFJ< /NOAL API/OAT ?TUB MDBSfRIRKRWOUI.O INFORM I ,k,' r,,iMi, tha' he ht.* a cargo of coal. 1 hat wa? twle.. rr,nrti t.efore golnr Into tlf boat), lying tiow el the dock l *' ot Bridge .tree*. Mrookhn. which he I* milnv for WJhper fon ot 2.210 lb. 'ft an.1 .toy. TaMUKII and lerv t lean, lirtegc iree. Apply to AI.EX. A ?t iir.1.1., HI Sand* atree' Hroeklyn New hthuylkfu. coal yard u?ot of foi h lee,oh .'reel Kaat river, ?||J foes or WaiTen *tr.*e ?th river?Tb. ittnl-' *l?n.*1, b-r egyeu, adrl* n.c ;,.it,t' I a \ ,n * rigid.* 11 eti.lve i.rratigemeri*. for a * ?? rerelp*** the be.t of Sehnylklll. while a-af red*.* nre**lr prepare*) for lainlly puriio.e?, tl.ey are now . ueh.el u, relMhia coal, thequatttf ?U a* well VII^dl wel*l?; liiey will jrunrmntee *' ihi? follow to p jon pr. c . fueomce 11 ale and Move .tie*, at ?A 75 per ton, red a*h d !l?a* K, per ton. large < be.tnntor nnl coat..u |4 per m u _t.f II tfiii, dellvrred. A il we aak of the pablt 1 . g ? ,,a! nod if?atletar'ory we?sMjfto^/r"!'A*?o? tiw public patronage. ?> ni 11,1. a m* u*.y * CLOTHING, AM. <k<) fWkO wonth or <aht orr < i.othi*(, **\ ?? n-r i'' tad.? A Hbe ral raall a.) Ivalnnl Will !? KlVt , *? Ml Irtt <df rlolblhR 11/ r v r*t y ilf? rlpuon. lb any quant!:}, Ur(i or anmll. Irr>m otir alnrlr tnrmrnt to ona lt*>u*?nd. \ ? or rot! on JAMK- MORON KY, II Hulir, "irw Ora.'i.'t nor I'h ithatn afrr I Ai.arok qiahtitt or iamt orr cmxtuind r antrd.? Idirmiaa I). I "TTrOy. Iin o.i ?! to buy <1 band i .oOiln# of nrrrjr rlaaarlptlao ()mi !rm<-ri tiatdn* U-. ?? <-f rroall iota, w.ll ruralvn tba ?ery bufV-at or to for th?m ny .*|i Itif ?' ibr atore, or addranain* TIIOMAr l?. t UNIl'lT til I*. arl atr*?t. fNbOnpa-I.AHIM OR OKNTI.MCr.i, ha vino aJH in diapaaa of, eon rr-rire * fojr raah prim, by randlaf u ibr ?inrrt? IS Idturfna atrnat. tirar "anal r,r vt wot H, or Irt ar by poai. Indira atlaodad by Mr*, i 'Attn ?. OOlfKN t 'AFH fmOlnd AND V INK BKADY NAM CLOftl "y ing ?Old ra*abii?birirt)t with rahtabla roarn-rflon ?rIra rlaaa tli'nraa, plat* (tana, ?ho? ? tndnw Ar to b<- di?(.?-r I of brfnra 1st January, MM.1?Tbb "Urola'JA frr* front lotia I ota'babmat Mo of HraoUitT aiarrrr modrrata rr?t ti ia< U0 yian put, and la now, doto* a aalit and pmAtabk '%?. baytnt I aalnraa. wllh t apat >Ji,r? of laritn tiaei map onarrf i Or drratr lo> r.troml f f my Al.'IWJ to lb I'f). l*hr fit ? nr r.m pnatfir a latwa lo r?ttr? to hi* farm, and kiirtyl lu ftlrr ui'r rr? ? drsandlny Ma Wbolr aitrnuon A'tdraaa, mill r?i. ia o< and rrfrmnnn D. II. V.. I.oi ).??. I*oat o&rr I OHN Nl Rt'KT NO IE NAdfOU' KI K? I T 'It VtritfsT #1 !rja Iraar lo Mm {lt"iw?a bwll| Ml of aauiM appartrl mod waAinr ist'irn itiam tn'-o mrmny as* aMata 'b? UifbaM Ak.h prtrr for ' rm I,) tlltnvof a llraaaing aa ano r ? W.?t >><Ainf rtaana i and rrpairi-d T ADirrANDoKNTtKWKN WTN TOT* ATTENTION I J Krad ibja.?All rat* ntl rlr. huiq, -rrorxl hand f?mt> na and alt ktoda or (mnaaaarw i^?u -hi and hwtiaw pr, ? ? >?t, nraab Call Of adlrr-w by omr. J H ' UK.'*. 121 Atrarif i aaorttar. Inrtwrca Klcb'rroib an.1 Nlaataan'b ?(raw NTNIC AKTN. IWB ?ALK VINT tSi*r-A CTATI ANT MAKHI.K HfWV nf i? lair Mra L) A. Otmf/irk, 4a?|Wurif -?*a f ?Waataa Kaq ata>. a atainar/ atari.i? now '<Ttb* jUo It.tda Wabaiar. at Ik# atodlo of tAaaruat. 1*1 KaalTwa'y w?'. aL 6 wnouaiALt mtAi.m* iv tahnttnk^ tup nbarrit rr la lat prrparad io ? I ord,ra </ any a-no m rranlug ?a*? .i>m Man rraM i a* lara* loll 'at i"k ba baa on ) and 4ra ?r> ? void do * all n. ?1? ? bdn nlrra fir a? all awaia ?md> i Ma oan ? laaratlandanaa. Ir I a? ^raa'rr larilrira In aoll < iwai^r for oaaA fban any o hrr. |a l?r ibarlri Tao oftm, artar'ad fan a ratio i aar tr I a' a?y :*? poor to iba l?l. febrna/y T. W -TNONO No. n > a art* atrart T WATTIIKA, /KWKLHT. AaC. / tAl.irORNIA DlAMONIML?THIN NKW |T? NT Aim lj/ fai amain WAll tabaa 'Aa land wttb , a mart of t??air? Tba baatjndaa aaaaan tail tbaa f><,? iba ianl f<aaaand Tba proraa ara WAba. Iba raarti M atarr nt ' ar aar a* para If At and m ; aar d*r< N m IJ. Mara N a hi aaada ? 'k [daa waao wmtaaa. "atiana arwrataaa. ?r. Antbla, ? ?nU o -dar.aat ?1A >? al-ma diaa?ada ? ar ? r y- Am wa.i ny aani ?a an* part 4 '*a It i ad *?? *? -w ? #i? a< MaMblllliariM la A d. AACOMA. M draadaar BlvViAliH. . . iTttll-K. A. ..* aRMIIAIX, Hoi.? l-n-.ee, W. K Blake, fli*ge M*n*,"er ? Ikon riwn at t\. '.ocomiueuce at 7 K o'clock. Tuoadaj ereutng, Oct. 30, wfl) b' performed P VTIKNCK AND IT.RHY.VKR VNCK. led? Mr*. Harney William* Alien, an initi huntrry* . . Mr*. Harm \ William* NAHNKT, tub baron. Harney O'Toole Mr. Harney W'lUama Anfiua'u* Hlumeuthal Mr. wnfior Ijkii Matilda Mr* Nagle | Kmina.... Ml** Dtv-kwort h KKOOlXKt THINK OKO PLANNKJaN ANl? TIIK KAlKIKN I'hellin (iTIannlgau Mr llarp.y WillUm* yiary li'Klarinlgan Mr*. Hue* land Bowrry tiibatbk.?propriktor andmanaocr I. P. Waldron.?Tueaday, Dot .10 will beaded? TUB TRUAND t'HIKP. Mr R. Jobnaton ZabUia Mra. W. Ward HKUANTOPOl*. Count A lext* Manraroflaki Mr. Jia. J. Prior Prince OoriariiaJniff Mr. llriftihf BURTON'S. I'll VMRKRH HTRKKT.? lr>Mi*v?The world renowned poputartlie*. THK 8RHIOIH KAMIt.Y ami TUB TOOPLKH. Aminadah Klerk Mr. Burton Mr. Tondle Mr. But Ion Cablaln Magubr. Mr. 0. Jordan I Mia. Toodle. . Mr* Hughe* Tomorrow (WrdarMarV-Tiu m?i aueeeaefa] mmedv of TTlK MAN OP MANY KKIKNDH, and LH CltAl.KT. a comic operetta, with Ute original miiaic by Auber, In which Mr. Hi rton, Mr. Ilnlit>*n ami Miaa RoaAlkc Durund will aualaut the principal charder*. GKO CHRPTV A WOOD'S MINSTIIPLH, NKW IIALI,. 444 IJrt adwav. hrlow Drawl atreel,? OPK.N KVKRY KVKNINO. Hualnraa ire marled by ITenry Wood Stan* Manager Oeo. >?briaty r or ibin aeea?Kihionian Hit atrrlay, roiirlmliag wlji IIH'I'IBil Mil PMriai, ' "IH. ROHKR.T MaCaIKK. JakeMrnp ... .fienrgeOhriaty I bia clcyaiit ami i omtiiodioit* llall la pronounced by '-(imp* " ?* ?1 Oir I?"* rid Jadgeetn bo ihe large*!, lb" beaf reutllaled and we hand* ?omeid place of K.ihtoptan euterialnnieat In die world. ,N< in c ? Doora opeu at 6, and Ihe curtain rb#t at 71* o'clock pierbely. Adniicalon 2# rente. JOHN R. SMITH'S (IRANI) TOUR OP Bl'ROPR ANB HIKUK OP HKIIAHIOPOL, Rtanyi.ti to Kariux Hall, 4'Jii Ukoadwat, ?bowing ONK HUNPRKDVIKWH. torty fret wide And twenty feet high, of the principal CITIhS AND OHJKCT8 OP Tn " IntkrrSt IN BUROPK. liver? evening, at "S o'clock; and tarry SAinrday afternoon, at 3. 'Ibe mtialc by Mr. Alwyn Plrld, ol Ldbdon. MACAI.I.IKTKR -MONDAY, OCT. 28, AND A LI. TIIR work. In addition to ihn wonder* of tbta great Pro few or, (.Muionr Hal moaULi the celebrated illualralor of IHr and manner*, in*ke* Ida lirw appearance. Two rreat entertain menta tn our. No extra i tiarge lor tblk union ol talent. >0 ( rule. Open at 7, cotnuiem ra at at 472 Broadway. M ADONIC RAYMOND AND M AC AIXIHTKR.?THKHR relcbraled artUt* will appear together on Monday, Oet. 29, and all tbe week, In their nnrtralled entertainment, tlietornier In Ida "Until in Ireland,' lh? latter ill Ida reieiurn rd frata of wontlrr No exlro rh.irge to IMr two fold nlrrae U>.n. Ibreni*. AddlUtn al feala ot wonder, and by dealre (be myeteriona diaappramm e of Madatnr Ma alltaler. 472 Broad way. Opt u ut 7, pwrtermatu e at7H 0PKNINO OK THK IIIl'PODl'.OMP.,? TWO MKNAi.KKins, A THIIIK OP SIOCX INDIANS, AND II K N K It A 1. TOM T II U M II. Tilt UM0t r.>iiiainoa I* Tilt WOULD. MTbla day. and during Ihu wrrk, be Hippodrome will be onrmal c? un Imtnrnae menagerie, with two large eaiayana ol wild beeaia ol errry aperiea and varlei*. Alar?. per formttttre" by a 'rlbe of Indiana from ihr Ko-ly Moon'aiiw, and Ute veritable and original Tom Thumb. Admlaaion m *? e all, oi ly lb rent", rhUdri n, uinlrr nine, bait prlra. Three per torroancra delly?II A. M, end .land 7 I'. M. JAM i'X M Nl VON, Manager. BOWKRY THKATUK-WK.HNKKDAY. OCT 31 BRNKKIT OK MR. O. II. URXrKlTHH The new drama t tilled OOLtD; OR TIIK MISKIl OP SIIORKMTI'll. Mr*. Ko-e Mei ytbdd will alny a invnrne ballad. To conrlude with tbe grand battle nieee of BKUAHTOPOlt. Box book now open. AMKUICAN INSTITIITK PAIR AT CRYSTAL PAI. U'R ?Open daf end erebing.?Trial of tire engine* to morrow (Wednesday), at 10 A. M. Promenade eonrrrt thla (Tueaday) evening, by Dud worth'* full band. patMUau. I?The Wpddlryt Munh, Irorn "Mid-ttmiiier Nlght'i tlrram MrndeU-ohn J?0?4rlure, "Leu Chjaaea" Meh'il 3? S< ena et ntla, D'Amor aull alt' ro?l, Irytn "II Tro npnrr " Verdi 4?"Allodia To1 La"(by deauel Tbuiitaa 5?' Adelaide" obllga'o lor the lenor Kboo I orno (i.or net bund at romi>anlinenli Ileelborrii 6?"(Tiro dTii'roduzlotir, oroo d oil mafr* poni," firm "11 Trovaiore'"..... ..Verdi 1?Grand Qnlckalep. rroni (be opera of "Kip Van "'Inkle'' Winkle" O. W Itrcvlow 2?The reiehraied quaneiie from "Rlgoletta," 'Hell* ligUabrUwiiuie ' Yrrdt 3?"Tbe Advance" Man h.. .. OunJ 4?Pot Pound Irom "Robert le Diable" Mev"rti?? r A?"Ibi Ijxal R?*e o( Sunimer" Old Air ft?"Hie Piremen'a Marrh" Jnlllen At the eonceri on I rtday laai It waa r.uinale 1 that more ?ban 16,00b pel aom were pre-eut. ?1 RAND STREET HALL. 137 GRAND STREET. NKAH J Broaden y - Madame Weruma (roup* of female artlft'e* Id their world re nnwned tableau* vivant*, or living picture*, every nigh'. top mer whh Professor Watte' imuele Mrtiuulori, danrea. ac. Alter the performance* there will be & private quadrille party. Ailm 26 cent*; front 60 ccnfo? cuinmenrltik at H ftV.o:4 RAMH BOTTOM'S ETHIOPIAN OPERA TROUPE. VO ret Hull, 4.fl> Ona4 elreel. ?Open every evetitn* - Meair* Mrrfire end BuU'V continue to drew crowd*! houara. ?KH. OK. Tllfc MAO 10 HTATL'K. Door* opee at ft1 , to commence et Admlaaum \2%cetiu P08TVIUH THEATRE, PITTaBUHO. -REOOND WKWC of AmcHee'a gibed children MR AM' MRS. WILLIAM J. FLOKKNOK, the greet representatives oi IKI.-ll A NO YANKEE COMEDY. Thin Ulmted couple ere priforming U> crowded house* and rtrhuniiutt' audtcuce?, attesting tin ir populerity, greet th-iu nightly. The great char^c'erisih Ya/krc ?ong?. " ftoeataa Atonee" end "Wat Howe in Maivr." wordn end rnunlr written hy Mr. Florence exclusive!* tor Mr?. V., ere night 1) received witli thunder* of apple .w. Bobbing Around" ut the riicwtpopular song ofth?- day. C^KNT! KMFV WHO TNTEND TO HAVE LA PIE*' AO. J company them at the lloaery Uiee're oti Thursday #v? ri log are requested to Mure their seat* fount dlatrty. Ity order ol the t "nnidt't e /j 00Q Tic kit.** sold and xooo moke engaged, for Donald *?m'e fc?ttoinuiaf on Thursday evenJt.g, November 1 1*65. Boi booh now open. (iKA.SD MAS* MEETING ?AT T1IK HOWKRY TffKA J tie, on Thuraday evening, Nov. 1, to tHn'o (he grs'td array ut beauty and iaMki! the' u? fo appear at DON ALilHON'A Testimonial. IU i -ook now open ITTTLF MALLATRATTN < ONCERT, AT TIIF BROOK J lyn Athen.' urn.? Thursday. November*!, Mad Kmrn* t?Ulli >;bem IU-'IwUk Mean N t Hill, l/Klr. F Wcl.i tl rotor c It, Itaiwrg and twelve young Udv vocal late, will a* i-rt oegtiia at ? % o'clock. >iaL llcktu, 60 cr ca. (tet /1HARLK* STREET THEATRE. BALTIMORE?1 If K V above e- aMiahtiicnt will f>|?en for e ?****? of eigttf ttum'b* on *r ahmp tb* }?\h ot November lautiea *ud a??n t;? men of arkf"?wl?-deed ia.cn: withing wil. please addicai lll'l.L A t'O., l?* ro, fo?' ettee, H*lUu?.r* fj'RKK LOVE, OR PAHSfONAL ATTRACTION ?A ONI I1 act tart* under tb? ? above title, i??w r*ady Man-* a era v> bhli'g to trial I *r the aamr ft<aj addr* a M I*., Herald ode e TO MARAOf r.H ?ANY MANAORR RK^fTRINO TIIF ?ervicea of a kadliut idor a?l leading * ire ?*, durleff tlw pi? etit w?a ' n or r* the former for a Ittni'ed number </ ni Ma, will pua^e aftdrr* J. J. i'lUtr, Mil Crosby street New York. DkflCTNO ACADKMIFJ. DANfTNG-ANOTHI R NEW ' LA NIL?SHOOK I**' academy, 561 Mr'* me *fre<! a new rje** for >**?icify*r? will edfViK'fHi ra> Toe.de*. All the fa*hWatef>l? 'l?i? ??? 'aogh' Iti oa? ?otjr*a>ol !e?*nn?. l>rr *rr laa-e* ?#y?efi tv those more adren- ?^i Karty eppli ta eeccaaery. MMK 01AVI t.?.!> NTIOOL Id NOW OPEN FOR I ???kki AM the eewi?< and mrw. fa?h. 'Oiblc dan' ** HE 'enybi. I *mliy pra c ^ . a?*c? every Hetur lay I or furh*; juirttcii ? aj p * a* be rnrei,*, Waverky rnrr of Fruji h afreei an?t Broadway. MCIURRDaT If*? DANCING s HOOL In NoW OPRR ? et M laui Yhlr*#eirh afreet we?t of Breed way, ui> evrry Wedoeadey e<*4 Netardey. at IX me*., an i ??? k eTcy noni;, f ?r ladle*, rn ?*<? ?nd n.a u*ra. a cIjmw fnr gtu'dramu M linabf, Monday a?'ITl.'ivwU*. at ?j-,, evcnln* MR t HARKtACDHASTIIFPLF\Pi:RFof ANNorRt tngtothe ladle* and r?n?4#n.*ri that h? ?.? reedy to r*ye i. privet* ty or in r Taaiaa, thrreifh U?* day or eve.,*4*4 In tb? nee end beentlfo Da nam 'fu saion, P Alfteof or la Na p??k<ifiidc D Ma/eppe fa Huelin dan e , Yalae tVvi teryw and alt(Fher Tadbewtlibfc fia'^e* ??tr ?duced tn'o fte?d we *Htt ilkawtae the new#** o?ue1rllka, at hta rwu. fit iM' TW>ef,k aVf?#t, et?t(d Broadway A NKDICAL. *rw xoox,-thk <4AHitiA'tK <iL'iDK "* rA?n.Y Vfltral ?r, I ll^ia?a >*1 biatpurinr P\ ** ml.j ?.r h* P afr ad or iiwx? l.va?<iir>? to marrr II; lit I II.A.o ?, 'oa aufttftrar ar.4 l"'urar Huii/traM; raltl- ? , i?a kavlrad unfaa, rvpwMl Prira <m? <V.!t*r Pi>.uafi#-1 l?; T W. ??Tl.OK'i */H *?*??'! ? rata. T.<r* wt?. wUJ for a ard ?; n.a'l fr*r on rr< Mo ' "&? '*f **?* Ad-lman. frrwn im M? dp*; and faralml Hai.a? ?' Iha iiva: #iow Mirnrj i >.? a* ??. r r.ad ? ? ? Oi.? Imi ira ahaH (.MA- ,lari; <Ua It. < It a book ([ lit kti '?!?? ? "' k. ?l, la <A? laat'ikftr <>n.r t,t*r\x* / nod nx.ra, tj ?Uck parratlaa M." d| L'f/K tiifix ftwx px'irr/Tro* ~tnr. Arn.HTro r o-nk |tr>- ? ? d.a ???? tltmiM n . rwwdtan Mb.or kutUr* I'r U".?ai or i..? Ma<lval I m.r and M?rruAa I.UM', ?l ti R'*d ?!/'?? ' -ria: *aj If.rada.;, litrn II it ii h. halmta orrin Hor*? ? to i? a ? trotr M . Honda; ?? ?|.lad, HI llaaaum Mu Mr-alar at. It' *k brfn a dta a*aa tta-raatnltaa oabtr* 'tat ? ?Itllra I'f l*"")1 Of i.t? Mad* a. A in-r Mai M<rr (iu'da,?' kr I'-' ? Ml'. Ik.) P M lirORI.'A TRXATKPaT '.f ITITaTI. UII-KAMt - r>r K Danr ? nrr* law M Mn > I rraani nMta, M| 0# r<a??M Willi in ?t<>MW oa piUMi dlMIM* KF MARXtXt* WO*AW? rxjTATt MrH'-AI nn? tniorM.kJ la A f MXVUV MAT, ??>/<??* .y i/ua mum,raw fiat.d/adM atMnn iW.W.Mm pp ? X* ? 7 aoaMi -*? k?ra dta>.,?af kf w on altl Up*# daaanraA, Dm rn'ai to *a.jt'a ku? at aato awdt uA im* m "? ? AiRbil iwialrrnf front p "* Ifrafatarluaa i?r<lti k? tk? fptnai# aj-wrip . <? Ifoan ^??ii*|?*a aU"V*ni'i?fl'" a-?rAi; ?.rfi.a?. far ? ?<?. *11 MTli *?l t? Ik pafM tka aaaa afM? ?r f'bnn. irr Vraan aad radrA f<? ?*<??} ?T".I* A *l? JBB hi ad?ar.Xk*awa A " liar Han, Wa I 1 raPT r/pM, la.M A |a??r,parA T' riy 1'AIAIimi ,aa4 ?> 0* i.?il Ilakir $ ? l? aaaa* *#? Inrf J naA Totf.r, */?' t X f*raa? ?wj? 4? [ Ik '"i ?? rana'ri "f ?. ? *T7 ?' ? MHMMIi LA-?a?v^? ? tt~ !;? liWif -?<?. X*? T?rk wkn IK Mra T?t Uafata*ra. a haa | raaot Otar* ka>| < ' "'?*? Mi ?"?>? ar?; a ana TV ft^trai. arrai if Ma aratMark*! rlnraa TV iV*tai a Ma aaarA bar Urr .1 aM ttaaakaa Ada "ad?Ma a- (Var ardr ??? ?r?i'>ar t?o- MM *?ia ka? Am Hau a AM an in aV^n Mat I Wit p#? a a?ala *" 'la lavf a Ma a ana ? ad bp a*ar ?-.# **| _ Ma mm T km laa* fa" 'fai k ta>4ha D? t aaa*') 7 tnrbkl ?/ra >' <a ItHrihl T^IBLO H OAhiOCH.? ~ -? ? - ?A* Trwna* ^ 1VM ?-5 tento r..,.*..,>lAT0L% , Kra Diavolo *ro<j UlacoutO. u Duiuwofwaat^, tororaiiMnne ai ;ii'o>rki^k vMeMdo Tkka'a ? . Private Itoie* <*??? Orrhaatra seal# Jp Ikii o (tee open dally. Ii<>?n H a m u, 4 1. M :' ? ?.?_?"? ?r1^,:?'r? avail. Hid private 1 uiw only '* r "??'?I WntrifMlajr?l^wi nfcfct of I J>ll?r.KKIXA. aa I tar ,toM ... LT? of ibe t'ytu* mid tUriWit ?? tupon v. * * * ?y* ofTKh,U;^rV-"AIU'KH "K ???.??.* Ian High-hattwo Krtday^r are well Hem tn nt Mien Louisa I'yne. WAIXICK'N TIIKATKK. IIKOAPWaY. 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