6 Kasım 1855 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 5

6 Kasım 1855 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 5
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To the Ca I' lriU Committee of the American Iieioocracv.?Gentlemen:?A severe sbkucss h? mc 'rom ill' tiding joag meeting, ai.d permr niog the arduous da lee devolving upon i candidate for pa dleoSlee fit hewtdwe 'f t>e tuoessfu),) ?nd Inasmuch as there 1? a number of Candi da 'ts for the oQ'.-c lor which you honored in? With a ooo'lo* ."fen, srd ?? the enemies of papular liberty are united, while "he libera' are divided; aad b'.iev.na it mv duty to use w..si evei u.ftuence I po-sess to present the success of the enemy? which, hy running in the miwt d stjucthd itttt, would ten l to adv..nci the cfasocea otVlec'Ion of one, who, from 'he profee own* tf hi* par y we should regard aa dangerous to our uber hee, I would, with your pnrmlMloo, BVostraspocuuUy d-cllne Beinga candidate tor the otllre ot Street OotnmtS'toner, and i would jrpe upon your ronelderBtion the nante of Sa nut! A Den, ae the Ti'Oat available oaedtdata: at the atine 'At, titer uinlnr r.s I do a high regard for Mr. Even as a competent man. urd for Mi. Honard an an honest and generous mau, ye:, under exwtinc circumstance i, the vu'es they may re-eive I re Cil s, no much a-clsterne to Mr. Taylor,and tberebv prolong em-d-nce of a purty v? hould hasten to evdngui h. Voor. with re<-peet, J, MKECu MfSRY. New fnk, Not. 3, 18bA. Thill Clow?the fiveat PStir of the Anirrl wea TmAttUte, a- the Cristal Palace, will ein?e on .'laiur ?las evening neit. Ibo sham engines and machinery, agn enlturt.l Implement*, hardwire, scales. eafeg, pbotog nibs, Ac., Ac , ? ill rcins.ii till the close, form log the creates: exhlbl lion of A in?-rl. an pr.slucn ever open In 'Lis ity. This tven *n?, promenade, concert by Uodworth'a full baud, consisting of tboiee selections :rom the operas of "Le Prophete." "Willi im Tell " "Norma," "1 l'urltanl," Ac., Ac T<> morrow (W" 1 neadoy) evening, the Eighth Regiment, Col. Lyons, will drill In the Palace. Tl'knta may be obtained at Wm Hall * Son's, Ctp Broadway, corner Purk place,and at 'he tloor. Admlaaiou 24 cent*. Why the Wonder (In w ?lnd "at III tliey gaied," thep'?c tells on, and "still the wonder crew, that one email head eould csrrv all he knew." Ilut the winder would have ceaaed could lie nave gone to KNOX'S li.ind-.ume place, corner cf Broadway and Pulton sirce', and w ira one of thorn ?splendid PaU style of hate. Knox's hma carry everything be fore them. Fashionable Clctblnp; for Men anil Buys? ALFRED ML'NROK A CO., 441 Broadway, have thin week .in additional a .M.runent of *up"rlur clothing, B illable for the season. No deviation from market pricea. Clothing at W bolemle and RaMR,?Cuata, everroat*. taunax. pants an I vests, faehlouiiblSiMQ well inide, may be had at KVANB' otenatve clothing warehouse. No. tltj ami 68 Pulton street, 30 percent below the market price. One Price.?The Best and Most Comfort able overcount of the aeaeon are to be hail at DBUMQOLD A PROCH'K establishment, 120 Fulton alreel. Observe, one price; no abatement. "IHaappoliitmiitte mi nig the heart of Man*' save the proverb. There are dlaappolntmenta in love, friend chip, law, apeculation, children, wealth and ambition, bu< mi fen'lemaii, who order; a net of illirta from (luKKN, l Amor lonae, In everdlsappolntod as to atyle, lit, or time of delivery. To the public?Tlie season Is at Hand when far* of all kinda will he In grea' demand. OKNIN'S ]ta/.aar, 419 Broadway, la furnished wllh a beautifulaaanriraentof every description of fura, font the richest "able toordln iry goods. HK WI.N'S llazaar, HL Nicholas Hotel. Vara, Pars, Purs?White, tne flatter, has some out with >he most sztenelve neNortment of tura we have oeon In Broadway tht* ncauoti. They can he found at No. 321 Broadway, opposite the Broadway theatre. Fancy Purs at Ocnln's Lower Store? La dlra about to pureboHe fura for the coming winter, are lnvitod to inspect (he assortment at this ea(abll*<timent. It preHcnts a great variety, boih of the costly and cheaper fura, Including er wune, Rine Ian and Hudson's Bay sable, atone and rock iii irten, mink, chinchilla, Ac., made up In the Purla mode, aa announced In the programmes of the Journals of fashion lu this city. The pricea wlN be found remarkably reasonable. GENIN'R, 21t Broadway, opposite St. Paul's. India Rublser Coata?Gentlemen arc In vited to examine a very light India rubber coat, which, lor beauty, lightness, durability and cheapness Is unci nailed in t^bi market. Sold wholesale uml retail at 3d John street, up stairs. Light India Rubber Coats, Cloaks, dee? Gentlemen wautlng a handsome, light and durable garment will do well lo inspect some Imported goods now being opened at the OOODYKAR rubber depot. 2U4 Broadway. Fancy Furs Lost In Brooklyn?If the Lady who lost her vletorlne last week had purchased it of WIL LIAMS, 219 Fulton street, Brooklyn, with one of his patent safo'y guards attached, It might have been saved. Ughtt, Newton <fe Bradbury's Pianos, and Goodman k Baldwin's melodeons, single and double bang Hie only place in Broadway where these instruments are for sale. Purchasers are invited to call and Inspect. N. lb? Broadway Tabernacle singing class on Wednesday evenings,a' ">i o'clock, under the direction of F. 11. Nash. L'OLBUKN A NASH, Agonls, 423 Broadway. ?Winery?A Large and Superior Assort swnt of millinery, colored straw goods, ribbons, feathers, flowers, ladies' dress and cloak trimmings, cloaks and talmus, 00 of which will be sold cheap, at WM. ft. IRVINE'S, 112 Canal street and Holodoono?Monulheturod .* Af* * CO., Ho 107 Canal street, near Vsriok, warranted for ./me and workmanship equal hi any lr 9S tily, and 2(1 pbr 4tol W44 U?an Broadway pricea N. B. therai band piauna a', great bargains. Brocatrlles, Satin DrlaliiM, Damn ska. Cor nlcea, window shade*. lace curtains, Ac.?KKLTY A EKR'IO PON, No. 291 Hroiuiway, have a large stock of the above goods tte'nonslly selected from the best manufactories In France. Nome new s'yles never before brought out. K. 4 K. have os tabllehed a repulatlnn for selling goads cheap, sml their large and Increasing trade Is s proof that It's spprec ated. No. 291 Broadway and Read street. Carpetl.?Iltavy English Snperflnr, Oa per trd. All other goods at equally low prices. PKTERdON A HUMPHREY, No. 379 Broadway. Bargains In Carps-ting.?Good Brtusrls, 00 rtees. Broadway. Mats per yard. All other goods at equally low prices PETERSON A HUMPHREY. No. 379 Carpets, Carpets, Carpets.?Saperb Medal lion velvet car|MJ_, from ihe Parts EvhlhlUon, splendid tapes ley Bruseel-t fron the celebrated manufactory of t'rossley A Bens. Halifax. England. Just receive ; at HIRAM ANllKRROX'R, 99 Bower v. Blanarpto.? 'English Blankets, large Size, It 23 per pa r. PhTKKnON A HUMPHREY, No. 379 Broadway, corner of White strerjt. Toys, Novelties, die.?'TUc Largest Assotd xnent of toys and noveltte* of every ileacrlptlon imported dl recUyltom Eurone. can be found at the establishment of Mr. O. W. TUTTLK, 940 Broadway. Everything rich and rare, lor far -y and orn.imental use, can be foun<l st this celebrated Ostaol shmenl. Opera glasses, card cases wrillug ilesks. ta tileta, work boxes, dressing r ises fans, music boles ol all arts ft. and thousands of a'her carious snd rl h fancy articles. filpgfr'i Hewing Mac t< lite a.?Bring Denlrooa to withdraw from use all the old sod unimproved sewing ma chines of our own manufacture and to relieve the publle from worthless mtchires of every kind, we hereby announce to the few lug machines on liberal terms lor oi l nut- hint s of our own inamifarture or any other. Much old machines as come Pi our " i will be broken up and destroyed. 1 M 9INUER A CO ,323 Broadway. Billiard Tables.?Ws would recommend buysr* to call aad examine the newly invented cushion bllflard table manufactured by the old aabthHshed llrm. Messrs ORIFF1TB A DRCKkK, ot 90 Ann ?trre', which arc the mos approved tables now ottered for sale. Hclmss, Valentine 4k Butler'e llnm Patent Eire proof Safe again triumphant ?The following certificate la from the proprietors Of the ?aw mill Nos. SB and .17 Downing it, wnlch war bunu d on Malar day morning, tbe 17 , tbegjthlnst.:? New Yoaa, Oct. 29, l.uflC. Messrs. Ho 'rues, Valentine 4 Rnilor: (lenilemen?The Alnm Patent Pho-nlx hafp, purchased ot you, was on the second tlnor ?four building, Nos. 46 and A,' Downing street, where tb? tire was moat a, verc. and although the luieii-e neat w/qusl ihe Iron, on opening It we found all our hooks and papers in the same order they were hi previous to the lire; in Isct, the varnish on the bookcase was tinlolured. MOORE A RAVNOK. A large assortment of the above safes (warranted free from dampness) and the tnoct appinved powder proof, combination and other Kicks tor safe" vaults, doors, Ac conrtantly on hand, mod made to order. IIOI.MKR. VALENTINE A BUTLER. Nos. 9(1 and 92 Maiden Jane 91 lingxsv rn oty pea Were Once thr Wonders of art, until the .10 cents one appeared; finally excellent pp tores were olfcred at 2*9 Broadway Tor only 25 cants, by ma shine proeeas. taking GOO daily. 92 .V) a dozen Tbe one shtt ling pictures mttis enme next. Who bids I Cameo?Daguerreotypes ?The Most Beanll. AMBON'S, Brooklyn. ful llkenesaes evrr offered lo the public WILL1 Anmn'i Lerge Hltr Dsgnrrreatj-pet for ?ftyeenta, odhued and tn a nice case, twice the size others ?nake (or rtfty cents, and equai t? those made c! I else where lor f2. Having the bet a -ranged establishment fit 'lits city ami faetlt ties unknown to others, enables Anson to pi ode e a -laguerreo tyjte equal lo any find superior lo msny. and In a shorter ?paoe eg time, having a sufficient number or operators 10 divide the work, eacheue eetwtanily employed upon Ills part. In which he ia proficient. Case, are manufacture I express;, for this estab Ksbment. and an eases will ba alike, aeoordtag 'to thalr price. All pictures are tbs same to qnalltv sire and style ot rase dlf fcrthe prtee only, and the operators do no' key w w hether the picture Is to be r at Into a nesrl ca-e or a tlfky ren' one. Per sons can get pictures at Anson's cheaper than any other pUre tn this city; snd te be convinced of this Jus rail at 509 Brood way, opposite Metropolitan Hotel Trigs: wi ? ! Wtak! Wljsl- Stratgfrs slatting the Informed that tb? best plaeo to get otoaaontal hair ,? at MEDHt'RbT A CO.'H, 27 Maiden lane where they have ja hand the cheapest and best assor-nseut of wigs, toupeea, 'not and back bralda, bands, curls, Ac. Balrhrlor's Hair Dye, Wigs and Toapess.? the best tn the sworld. Tkis unrivalled snd original dte s ap piled tn 13 private rooms. Bqtchslor's wigs and teepees hsve tacprtivements over all others, being chef Strut res at elegsnee ea.se snd dursbthty peculLu to this establishment. It ATf'll ELOR'ii. S3 Broadway. graiidJs-Mtt ran hr ronnillrd an all Dlseaa es of 'he human tialr, at 34 < hit rib street, earner of Bar flay. The Eighth and Mtgth tsssts cars pas, the Pew Crfstadoio'a I lair Dye, Wigs and Totspeee excite sdmlrmtlon smong -all ro-ifus-enr* in art. A suite of elegant private apartments for applying his Incomparable dy?, tn. as f whole tl;e pal* reliable article o'lts kin, whoiMOie snd relaP 4 RfhTATittRO'R. No. 4 As lor House. Invaluable ?Mane except thaer tvlto hstr ?ertfered all Ihe horrors of dyspepsia <s-i tally appreciate -be value and rflcscy of the oxygenated hitlers, s sovereign rsmo glj Iir ibis tustrss'tng disease In all Its forme Thr Otilj- Reliable Article to ( are Plmplea ftteaklea, ten, eruptions, chafes chaps. Ac . is OOl'R AUIKH Dalian Medicate 1 Re ap. I'm Ire suhtih spmots hair irom lew .ore-head* or any pan of the bo<v. LluUld rougs, hlv wh te, ? the old depot ft; Walker ?'i ee', tu st Jtalr dye Sod restu-atlve a' frture fti IB Broadway Mrs Ha-es, Brouk.yt. Hallows}'a Bills.?Health and Long Life i sag be obtained by kacpttip ihe hlocd pure, aa.1 he st mach, |,i vr aswi kidney* in a healthy state To eScst this use these rn. word tear y pills. Tbey S't upon the c*r~ tailn spring of tifa vodtcstlng'all lttrklns .mi" d^eate hold at lite maim, fsetn, Me. fiUMalde* lane N w fork, and 244 f fae.toi Ms. Ho Makles text*. N w York and 244 Rtraad. London, and by *ildruggists, at 24c . 61',c.. and fl per box Hollo vrnfa Otnlmesl and Pills are Highly recrmn.eitc "ed for the curs of cc?.tpela? Tltsy art to unlsott open the sy. t*m cleansing and prn'tfylng the biood, and narer lall to c,,re ,r. * dltease, bowevsr despers'e Mold at tbe manufactories. HO Matdon lane. New York. tM by all t ' 244 N'rarrt. Ixmotep, ?rd by all 4ru#g4sts, ?l T-- , (iyfc ar i *1 per rot or bog. IgJIkWRP HUH f4l Alteon DEALEM AID fuflfi oni rririiTiONAL Hilars '/Aan. SI ATE TICKET.? Pur Pee alary ?f 8tae Aaron Ward. Tor Oowptroltor I*muet HujUon. for Tr?**ur?r Joseph M Lyo:i. f Awmey Gen- ral.. .Sauiuel J. Tilden. - St?,b Engineer John 1). Fay. < * wi r,on>fD4'>ihioer Frederi k FoltoU. F?r H?a'? Frlso^ inspector Pwrick II. Agan. Ualgea ?>)art. Appeals?liong term. Ramucl Ik fialden. ?Short term Nicholas HJJi. Jr. | 01 R 8TATE Tl k KT. It should he remembered tha the gr. a and principal Isau? is upon our State ticket, because if the linior dealj * aivl anM prohibitionMs prove bv their vote that they have tha balance 01 power nt a general State election to defeat their enc rules on the stale ttekut, yon can rely upon the laol that no par*y will desire to court their opposllou. Even Horace Geetov now tears their strength ?u? tnu?h. tha' be does not da*e to dliou** the question of prohibition, but pursues the slv aiioaking, and cowardly policy of secret action, through the Temperance Alli ance and i'ar?cn League. CAUTION TO LIQUOR DEALER*. Watd Committees, there m*y he foul play used a' our ticket boxen, therefore it will be neceaaary to observe strlc* vtg'lance over ihem until the close of the election. Remember th ?' our influence and power will he measured by the number of our votes, if it be strong, no par?y will again venture to assail our just right*; but, on the contrary, if we by sunlneneas pro Afutaweak front to our enemies, we will receive and merit that oppression which can only he safely Inflicts! upon those who are unworthy of freedom. Eternal vigilance la the price of liberty. ^ THE ELECTION OF TO DAY. TSe?^rilonof tq day will be one ol the moat important Rmto elections that has occurred for many years. If there la unity and concert of action among all who are opposed to ruillltk i tain, legislative coercion, bad laws, and the retgu of dem?v goguea, the result will not be doubtful; the liquor dealers' and the constitutional right* party's ticket will be triumphantly ?tooted, Mid 'ho stale win be re teemed, i lie thnattoo and ?ti-< orrant/ers are making prodigious efforts to get the 8'a?e go vernment In'o their clutches; iheir emissaries are every where, j rhlnfj up enr'y and lying down late, to sow the seeds of aee tiona ism and iJlfheradsm. In fact, they have greatly over done their parts, their mischievous activity has Itself excited suspicion and dlsti ust wherever they have gone. The fusion gathering* throughout the Suite this fall have, as a g< iters! rule, been entire and complete fall ures. Of course there have been exceptions. Mr. Reward, for instance, has drawn well, but his audiences have been brought out, not by the came which he bus advocated, but in spile of It, on account of his oratorical Mown. People have : gone to listen to him a* they would go to^tbn to a great, opera ?dnger or tragedian, to he unmet andexclretl, but by no in ins to be convinced. *1 be Tribune 1j;ih whined considerably of )a?e. b< cause the fusion party has been so universally reprobated and condemned by all the other parties In tha Htate. Why has It been sol* It ?cause in the ranks of that, party .ire congregate-1 together, In one dense ma?s, the fanatics uid knaves who orlgi rated and imposed the coercive Liquor b?w on us. The triumph of the fusion party will be the triumph of such pernicious principles om are involved In the liquor law. Its overthrow and defeat will be their defeat and overthrow, llcnce It is Dial some of our ablest and most patriotic citizen", who have Jong since retired In disgust from the arena of politic*. have deemed It to be their solemn duty this tail to warn the people of thin State against the party to which we lefer; and their eloquent appeals will produce a most marked cllect on the election, wot only has that pat ty sent Into every nook And corner of the State a legion of thoroughly unscrupulous emiKsarh's to propagate! the principles of COOP cive h g is In Hon and disunion, but It has subsidised a powruil but unprincipled press, which, trom this, the commercial me tropolis of the Union, waiters the seeds of socialism, prohibi tion, disunion, treason, free love, and all manners of vile doc trines, broadcast over the North and West, to Interfere In the elcctlonal concerns of ibis State tbls fall; and it has done no with the insolence of a dictation and the scurrility of a blackguard No one can be in any doubt about the firess referred to It is the organ of the worst despotism n the Old World; It systematically insults, vilifies and m'sre presents the people of one great section of tliln Union; bin, not withstanding Its pious pretensions, It Is ready to take a bribe from any party, provided I'. I- only 1 irg? enough. We are fpeaking ol the great organ ol Neal l>o ,vurn, whose editors, with the exception of one unique central figure, are as boozy and jolly a set of fellows as one can meet on a Hummer's day, notwithstanding the tremendous tirade* which they Indite against the wine trade, to which they ar c such excellent customers. We li ?ve alluded to this mitfer to show the liberal Unionists and their well widiers wlia' Influ ences their enemies are bringing to r car to se tiro the election of their nominees and the prevalence of their disgraceful, treasonable and destructive measure*. They arc leaving no stone unturned Bui fortunately hey oannot ?uooe i. If liberals, democrat and whig* do their du'y, and fully appro elate the importance of concentrated ac'lon where there Is au entire concert and agreement of opinion. Let no well, winner of the State throw away hi* vote on unavailable eanbidatc* to day, from mere mistaken no*ions of consistency or pride of party. The liquor dealers'and constitutional rig tits party standard presents the only rallying point for such as d islre to Inflict chastisement and defeat on the champion* of treason and mh eovemment. A vote thrown for any other candidates. with the hope of defeating fusionhni, wtli be a.sgood a-< thro wn away. 1 here Is no salvatiou for us from overthrow by the Howard tac tion except In the liquor dealers' and constitutional right* party. TIIK REVOLUTIONARY CHARACTER OP THE "MAINE , LAW" The friends of the Maine law claim to be the especial defend era rnd promoters ct temperance. They profess to have dis covered what they term a remedy tba' will noiottly protect th citizen against the Inroad.-* o! bad habits, but prove to be the means of reclaiming the drunkard, and of establishing hun again In the possession of good habits. They do not sec in to regnru ums <"<>nMiituuonal appetite, the disposition tu commit | excesses, a? of any consequence, but consider thai the existence j or non existence of rum h the great question to be determined. They deride upon a sell evident Disposition with reipect to binperance that %)1 men approve it, an<l hence infer that the exercl*e o' absolute power to produce such an end Is iu bar mony with the fundamental principle* of freedom. These propositions may appear plausible to superficial uihi K [ and ss they seein to tavor the spirit of reform 'hey are often I defended without examination or reflection. Wot only so?tuey i are defended without kttiwledge. A considerate vte a of this subject wlU show conclusively that they are wrong tu ever? I particular save one. and that fs, they manifest a desire to ad vancc the cause of temperance. The Maine law is adverse to personal freedom. To subject society to humiliating remit sit tons because a small portion of | its members are incapable of self respect or self control is to reduce the standard of principle audio insult individual ciar- 1 acter. To advance free lorn is to honor P with an abiding con fidence. It demand* a liberal and consistent legislation, and a policy that encourage* self reliance. Toe f?o ?1 citl I zen doe* not become a drunkard because he can obtain the means, nor doc* the drunkard aVturiou his liabitaiterativeopposed by a* atblUnry law, when he sees a thousand wa> s to ev.ide it. Habits are established, or lost, ac cording to tW various circumstance* which happen to sur round or Influence the individual iu the *r*?on ot weakness, 'lhe law s arc not in mind either to forbid ?*"**? or ern-ourags KMpmnn, Mtaa rvnttcHkoolf nrtng fraa tooroi I - M il Mi a. 1 vt of i if ae tad ifcu luxuries ol hi are sufficient to reward the man of temperanoe a thousand times for pnu ti?ui g It* requirement*. 1 be gentle band of bro | therly kindnes, the pains of physical suffering, and the frowns of outraged society arc th? /real and efficient agents to res ue the fallen man, and to restore his humbled splri* to it* wonted | functions. 1 in- law* may b?*?? trained as tohave a salutary pre | ventlve Influerc ? In the social circle; but they have no power j to recover a wounded spirit, or to reinvest the man with his nccustomed dignity. They arc adapted to the tuliicUon ot punishment, and they associate infa ay with failure; hut thev | exert no benevolence to elevate the motive* of the criminal, or to secure to bim a nece -ary support. The Maine law is for | the* e and many otlu ! rc i ??a*, again* personal free lorn and | therefore adver-ciothe tulidevelopment of personal character, It HE MAINE LAW IH IN "VIOLATION OF THE FREE IhhTI rtlTlONH OF tKJH COUNTRY. J The free institutions of the United Htat ?* of America are too | well understood <o render a description ot ?heir character ?>e cesssry in this connect (on, or to assert Uicir claim to Just, and pre-eminent distinction liy institutions, we mean, the'aw* | and cons itiitlonsot tbe States and oi the Union, and all those social educational, and religious taeoclatlow and organization* which make tin the machinery of society and shape the ele meats of buBqcbci which so ofnrm be tuura i ? of tin ind lvidual and of the nation. To rest upon the solid basis of princi ple, a law must be In harmony with ail these, and to be pnv Itlcal and efficient It needs their conventional sympathy. As Jthese institutions Indicate the character of th<- people by whom they arc created, it is unite certain Uat the *fi mid be re garbed aa constituting the onlv anfe s'andan1 bv w'.iu i the government Is to be tected. Any departure from the br<w1 b* sis of nature, which recognises lhe .-sonNtrming i> irt? of a whole, is always attended wPh \ io'ence saerittces and anarchy. Evil is confined to no particular clax* of mm, and but lew ares') pre tnpfnou* as to claim the exclusive control ot good. (ft* l ai i ti i pei v ide the aal re t onati nttoc ...... t the las bits of men are temperate or in'einpeiae, vlr'ueis or vir ion , careful or careless, const derate or ImpuJ ove, amiable or bate IfuJ, idle or Industrious, sclfl-h or generous, practical or final i cuI, according as lhe judgment dttcrtnituates in 'he a t u#t mrnt or application of principles. One error warrants and begets another, an?! ** wrong can not harmonize with right, error follows gitt till the *ggre/a>e <h\i? i?uon m.ikcH u,< the circle of deslru s'ou. The common school* gxe. free j?dopi-ri to all, ano tue hiunbie?t cUt/en I- en 1 titled 'oInefr H,t> rnmpronii ? * of his tod* pendente ? wf^life is nc' loaded by the requisition* or meddling laws, and the h< .my of domestic comfort* Is not marred by op$ir*-*o* taxation Tin constitution of the United Htales declares and provide* fur the equal rights of ibe people; and no SWUs can impair Uu* ser-uri ty by the adoption of auy constPudou or law Uftcon .iste ?t wltii it* ef!l< lent pn?v ^lons Hellslou* freedom in lis b.oed -At and loftiest manifestations prevails In every circle, and finds a do fence In every msnly heart. Each and ever/ dej anio n' of humanity has It* detail* of duty, and these should be controlled by lhe individual and not by government. To surrender he *ii alle?t right, or to waive fhe sHfhtest privilege to the Hfate at tiie expense of a sincle citl/en, jeopardUes ibe public -ecu rlty. It Is'he removing of a foundation stone of one of its cherished insU?u*l ms. j The first <*ici> on the road to dnngrr is the step to be avoide 1, beran-e all wnh-h follow increase ifie evils of er.-or To yield to arbitrary dfcation to the individual. Is to consent to a p iblie wrong It matters not wbeUier tills aasumptton < t autliorf > | reintc ?o c ilgious freedom rivll 'P?erty, pemouai or ** ?i righ's?'be result of It* Into'eranre, if oontin'i^l with Inmtittl ty. will prove fatal to the free institution* of a na ion ft 'be State can prescribe to tjje citizen wha he may. or w be rn iy not drink, it may go furiher and specify the kind end quality of bis clothing. and shall the government bike care of the T?o|jr and not ihe Soul? An iriouUPJon w?.iiid bedEme .? u? re I'y as w ell ss a duty. Various opinions have been given hy the learned of the > | ga) profession, showing mo-? conriiudv*!y thai the Maine taw la iinconstifutkoiaJ, md that therefore n sbouid no- be *\\* isincd or rxectiUNl. These may be regarded as valuable ac 'Pilst lons to ?rienc?, ai d coubtie?s wdl lead 10 ols*"1 o?m ? epttoris of oon*t|tutfooaJ law. 7h la a p**< ?fnl nwslr m ad justing an error which in P* tendency la revoluttoaary. Htrl *dy speaking, ibe Main'- :?w la revo'utlonar; ami ipgioaud o the j great principle which make the real foundation upmi which J our rotiatlfiiticna are placed. If the Maine law t?e right then ail the great re* dutiona of the past, which have been 00 the side freedom h*v*? besa wrong If ?h? Maine law he right, 'hen genetu\ tj ranng is preferable to that liberty lor which our fathers MwrUWd 'betr prepeity and vh^ir lives Tim ability Uz control a straw aga'iwi constltuttona! right itopbes a power dang' rotts to <he Htate and dangerons u, 'be po | pie. But the great evils to be apprehended from such iegi*!*Uou as 'iiat of the Maine taw, are of a m #ral na ture. ard if permtucd, would dee'roy ibe effldeut mc\nfl of human prratres*. Humanity is not advanced by convcnttonai laws, but ?y the force of rental prir.r'iuea m l? -ousrHUte the moral n?a? hinerv of society. Mau la a jorwer r?o* so much fr m outward sources, as from internai faculties He has a na'.ure and a desdny. and whtk b* is aided b> lhe laws and constitutions of hi* couotry. inpreserving a relative price in iha enjoy ment of right be t* lifisd up by ni? insiincu t'fdbe for madon of a character tha# makes society w hat it is, and -reatw* a sa.rit for progressaod excellence 'ha' constantly sustains a high standard of dtpy. ami perpetually points u> what society ongla to be There are in the (rue means of progress no de 1 ssing motives - no servile system of reward* and pens iew. laws fiat degrade men. lostead <4 reg i.ting e>iuuab!>- their interest* are coo?rary ?o the b*e' goral of society. Reforms should be t aeed upon moral and reUgkme prior plea?I e . upon a crmfidence in fhe high and hoty sen .men s ?f oar nature. Tber* ?an iim-nts at not fie devl zpcl by farre, by threats, or hy the trirkt of ounafement T hey runs' b# anproaebed with a* generou- and conixitng piri' ? w k a ? barlty fhaf thlnkcth no evlf, and with a heart overflowing with good. Like bege's iikr . and the atrougpower of k.xwii. -a. the irresistible cwuttol of t.ro?herly kwr. will < le a?e ti?e frnweiiuqf spirit, and purify the corrupted mJnd* of the abaodooed with a sums ss Infinitely superior to 'ha' whcdi r? m?a f rim 'he sn-ri? mcmI degrading reqniskw n? of a /llefator ta. man or of sn in gMBoris I goven uoent. lhe Maine law provides for thw wor 1 a Lhe expense 01 he | beat, and a* It has no confidence k? the higher aentimen*? <if m*n, it aerure* no apt from society, hwf h "? tbe P.west r?\s siura. and ihet may Ha always regiirdeii *e lhe fruit or v'a lenc#-. It aggravates und sinks be had and prosenui no at fracikUMi to secure tbe co nperatir?n r?f th * f'zol It ?? fatal o the eeuaeof femperance. hera .ac ft in-ul s |he ti> m it is m tenutd te serve, COTMT THE HPU1T TK'KFT^ Ts eauuro our vlgilar*re r mm'iiswM and a.' barlfig an In "r" --'?['(. , k-'sniioQ n hw oounUug m thf ? <-het*, W" ?a 0 see ???*? whgiber drmi?H ac IfU' or d# ilim put tickc** *re not oimted a* full or clean ticket*. I* Is proba'ic that vast number* of tickets ill bo pi m'ed by duller ?nt person* and dllL-ren' organizations, and 'hoy may re?? bio eacn ?xh**r so much, that onlv the closet -cr itiny i>*n dia ling dab them. A thorough and strictly accurate couu. should be insisted on. and our vigilance committee* should see that tie operation is fairly and fully performed. WORK ! WORK : This is the last day o; the buttle. The evauing sun, a' Its set tiiiff. will MtltnoKs the clofo of the contest. It* a 'five, be ze vl our, bo utul'lng in ymr effort*. Hp ire ao ex trtiaua to secure the ?tier*'** of the coustUudonal ticket. Do everything to ef icct that object, consistent with your obligation* a* citizen* and ah men. I TIE ISSUE TO HE DECIDED. Freemen *>f New Y->rk remember that to-day you are cal ed upon, in the exorcise ot four iuitiauibln rlgh's a* clti z**un. to decide an inane of vital importance?an Issue which nff<?':!# the whole cbara< tcr ?f our institutions, an 1 of our sys tem of government, it Ik false that you who op pone the M due law. Mid the principle upon which it is founded, are contend ing lor the mare prlv lege si drinktn vpiritu m i li^uo i; It hi fake, 'hat you are only dciending the gnxtittc-tUon of a de- i pravedappetite. U is false th.it you favor drunkenness and i oppose temperance. But it is true that you light against ty | ranny and oppression; It is true that you contend Mf Uust die i arrogantdictation< fan U I ajorldi ItUtru that you re- | pudtite El* despo*ic Interference of legislative oodles in your domestic afflUrs; 1 la true that you n ec the uMtunption of a | right in govt rament to ? ontrol yo u i i kvate it i ra, an i to rogn late your private conduct; it is true, also, that you desire fo 1 Uvc under mild and equal laws, and to restrict tin* govern meat j to its legitimate sphere end its hvxitim no dalles; and that you | are opposed to bring delivered over to U?? rule ot die spy an l the Informer, and the cons'ahie, and ih? dominion of the bullet I and the bay met. Ths is what you are ttgiitlng against; these are the Issues you have to decide. REPEAT THE FUrilON TICKET. If anti pruhtbiUciidsts wish to know why It Is n?v*?*arjr for tbem to detest the fusion or republican ? >k?u, w? will refer them to the josoluMon adopted by the FrohlbiUtmiat State Con vcutton. ?vm follows.? "Resolved. That in view of the favorable action of the repnh llcan convention?a eour*? not pursued by any other political convention ot the present vear It is the opinion of this conven lion that the interest# oi temperance will be best subserve 1 by a cordial support ot the re lUblican nominee*, so fur as they are found to oe prohibitionists" This show*. uiat the Maine law men understand perfect!v well the fcclliigM and views of cbe fusion party. Thev accept the resolution of thatconveuUot as a strong enough pledge for them, and <op?uujupiitly support Its ticket. Can there be tound a single anti prohibitionist ho blind as not to see that die omis sion to puf a Maine law plsnk Into the npudi-ari platform was only infen le i to leave u door through which they might se dure anti Maine law vo es? We hope no sincere opponent of the prohibitory law will suller hiui-olf to be deluded by any men i'Miispiu? nt subte fu :e The course of our Ntnta Conventional Syracuse was emi nently wise and politic, It ae'oetod Uh caruiida'es exclusive y from tlio.se two orgai iza'ion* which bad de dared opposition to the Maine law, and between them divided Its ticket equally. As we have given the resolution of the Prohibitionists' Conven tion, we now give the resolution : of the two conventions from whose tickets our own is formed:? "Revolved.That we regard the Prohibitory Liquor act,passed by the Legislature of thin Hta-v at its Las' session, ft* not only a violation ot the constitution, but also a-* subversive of personal liberty and the rights ol private proj <*rty, and that Its repeal Is, incur opinion, Imperatively demanded. ?Resolved, Tluu the effort* and growing inclination* of the whig | arty to eveiul legisl Uion beyond the Uinlu aiitliorized by the const! ution. has proved detrimental to the best Irte rostK of the State. It in the duty ot the Legislature, not less 'han the judiciary. <o protect the right* of th ? citizen. A reckless dhregard of these rights has lecf the whig party of this State, under the guise of HUppt erniug latemperanc.** and crime, to trench Qpou private property and personal liberty against the plainest gii;traf|te*H of the constitution. This law should be repsaled; legislation should not supersede moral discipline." THE PROHIBTTIONIRTH ON COUNTERFEIT WINER. Wc linU in the prohibitionist papers numerous articles to sl ow that utmost, if not all, of the wine* consumed In this country are counterfoils? in other worts'b-v arc not wino at all They nay that instead of Uie jutco ot the grape, we are drinking logwood and sugar of lead, and various ether plea sant concoction*, wllch arc paltue?? otfouus oy Um French and English venders as genuine claret ?r champagne, or port. N'?w, If (hi* la true, what is the use of the Mainn Liquor law/1 Its object is ancomplislied already. / coordltig io the high an thorlty of the Albany I'rohtviUonlst there Is not a gill of wine drank In the whole Mate of New York in a ye ir. It t* all lo/ wood and vinegar. What theii 1* the use of m tking ail thin fu-s about wine drinking, when nobody drink* wine' One would HuriKi e tba' the Maine law people hid become dis gustcd with counterfeit* and want to have nothing but the uenulrc article. They itiaplay so much tender soUcltude on the subject ihut wc ran scarccty help tbluking they h*v? direct Intei-esi in the subject themselves. They trli us tlta the Maine law is intended lo prevent the u?c of wine, mid then immediately pro* ced to place before u* columns of argument and statistic* to prove tha* nobody drtuk-< w.ue How then, docs a man vlolaU> the law when be call* for a bottle of elaret at dinnerr If the vender were ItiJiete i for selling It, be would only have to go Into Court and produce a copy of the Albauy Froblbltloulst to Mhow that be had not. sold wine, but only a bottle ol vinegar and logwood. Ii h- evident that lb* Maine law advocates have gone to work the wrong way. It thev want to prevent the con*utr.ptlon of coumsnTeit wine, thev should no begin by prohibiting 'He u-enf geuioe wine, we should be very glad to get rid otall the villanoua decoction* Urn are Mild tinder die name, and have nothing left but the pure, uuadui tor at ed article We have no wlnli to defend tha counterfeit*, and still lea* wish to drink them. If appear*, from the anxiety on the subject displayed by our nrehlbitionlst frl nds, that they are juat a * much opposed ?o a squrioua arddc ai we arc ; and. perbapH, just n* much In favor of the genuine. NATIONAL WHfOS, l)n you wish to defeat Seward? Are vou sincere In the bo* tLR) you have ?o o: -en e*pr<*Med u? him? It so. vu-o the *aju stitutiofiki ticket, and contribute to his overthrow. SOFT SHELL DEEOORATH, Are you anxious lor a change in the financial policy of be Staled Do you dc; ire to wrest the canal* from the band" of those who now control them.' Do you wish to return to the po'icy ol Wright and of Youugf If so, vole tlie co i* l'u?louil ticket. HARD SHELL DEMOCRAT*, Arc you earnest In your opposition to tfe* republican fusion ticket? Do you vviah to be bcl'evod a'the Sou h when you pro claim yourrelvea the e*pe. 1*1 champion* ol Houhsrn rtflita' If *o, vote lb ' con qtu'lonal Ucket. MERCHANTS OF NEW YORK, Do you dc*ire to uphold the freedom o' commerce ; (;*in*t tbc intci nu?ddlfng enactment4 r>f a fana'l"*! Ix* :l !*turo' |K? ?u wUhio be pro'ce'ed In your right to prosecute you tcu pur ulist It so, vote the constitutional ticket CLERKS, ARTISANS AND LABORERS. De. jou wish to umiruaiu a fair rate of *alarlc* and w.u'C ; ?do yc.u w-b to guard against tha' dept eria'Wui in the valu- ot I? for which would be or**lu<*ed by 'he op?-raU<>.? t M\ n< law in throwing thouaai.d* ot persons out oi employ mciiti 1 so, vote ti* con*titu'ionai beket. LANDLORDS i ? jfoai n to I < i m k$ ? line of ?o : pertj a bavlny your nou e* loft l?nwn'lo** -n ma r *?' b- n would he idumlu = h? M.ilue law go Into itlectf ii vo*o :i* ? ( nv.U.itW.tiai ticket. OproNKNIH OK PROHIBITIOH, Do 4 m wlah to swell th-* peotost of the people ag?i n-*' the ini ijft.io'i-4, 111 -just ami tyr.iiilcil MiilOfl law': Ii *o, vote the .r-U Internal ticket. THIRTY THOIVAND M V.IORfTY We hnre promised ou> t*rl?-T?'Is In the rwin'ry to pia If vr'rru river with ItVOOu noajo.fty. I^*t mi give them-Vt a Hi ei* ? vi I mBk" it 30,0(IU. We cm do It U wo determine o << ? utipllah it f,?*t n? work a* if no?htnf? le?a than thirty thou and mi n ity ut the city would give u? any chan -c for the B a'**. DOUI1LF. OS sKYMOIIj We gnre Heym-iur KbCJU tonjorl y lacVirtti New Y ? ami wore beaten at 'hat We must do ible It to day We ? ?u If we try, and we ace sure wo ahull try. HfTICIDK AXi) BAD MQfTOfl Theodore R. HhteJdc, ?0hMumbua, Ohio, killed Irr ^li' on the 3Qth uk.. by *Amltow (n^wHh: ounco* ?f U ul.ouni ? 1'hir says the folumhim Jour on I, 'iptho 'bird dc "h in 'hh city with In ? week. rwulUoR rem the of bad whifkev.' " 1 hie i? (be brat limn we over heard the' laudanum M another nsiuc for bad whiskey. Boon prnwii- arid will y?> ?y the n ? n* of mm, ami corned re atjidimato pan* for gin. The pr ?h. tkm&M* scent to have run mod on thin nuhjoct. A mti kill* hfm*e!f by *wnl'ow-frg Inud mum. and th*v infirm you with a wokmn ahakoof the bead, tb;, bodied of had wb A* . u*i - ther'(imrn ia h'ii< Idr bv taking pn??*dc arid, and 'hey wdi you U k a'.l owing to p* v b brandy The non thing wo *u ?t. br*?r will be a . ci diet of " Dentil from Iritetnporanre ' on a m ? i Vnttnd drov.ned v.b ? will probably moan that he took too much water witn hi- brandy, ffNlW \Si) IVIPRI ON VfKVT Bay* ii e rroblbltlool t Th e ifrfWiiiBiit of 'i IbjUoi 1h very general In l.odifferent <M?tn b a ccf Ohio. Kinea ? ii imprt^onuioii' are fhr order of tho d?v for ante multitude of drinking ?hop> have ? roa'y boon c!o t. Thin ia the* oidcr of the day that the prohibition"*'* w n' eatabliah ?n hew VcrK. fine* ,r?.l nnprAonnmot irotlioorder of the day In' hio r r.d flne? ar.d Imprioontn^ni nro 'o 1h? n,a I-* the orde r of tho d?\ wher* ver In* Main* aw fan' c? oo'ui ? tho * emlai ?? y Flue and lm,rt?,n.nrM in f#bh? .'to lot mi d tb* ba* one' ?< In Pm?|v |?th'a wrf, .( y??u ? eti-'rt, freo t IMion-cd .Vt*w Y?-rk Ate > a pr** rod fori' W|l? you aubinii fo it' You a*<k o ily to oopr^o "od < .our j ri, I. ?* nnd to he pro'o> fed from nuj'i ' Jog ?i ,re i ?, ert*-r ! once nod you are ti^wered with anni .il iiuprtnoum^n " VOTK KARf.Y Re v<n? to yo?e before you do anrtblitf *?'*?? and be e#? that you vote the conatltutkmal tb Vet Wnoi? you b*v*d that ?ee thaf all tour frioiide tryfe the Mam- way' I've, y v<. j counts. Ktmember that. IU.WaHK ?r ? R \T< IIIS<i. F rr ho certain thai yo i h iyethi-fnU eonnritrxtlonat ticket 1 cr>?rocfly prln'od and then go and vote it wltbmii vr* . b ug <>r altering a rin jle nime It will look b iter and bt much ?n?!e . lo count oi'Pdnkwth or ri>i >^, , Remember that thofeonetpotlima) ticket * the only one'h * | liMf at y efiance of nocceae against the i .on!*' and v ?m i t-ordingl) lio not thiow your rme- awav, hut like <.**.?? t ? ? n.eti i u ? 'hen. where ihey will 'ell ni the el* ? uou HVVYaRK or RPI BIODH TICICKTB W' ? ? pc ally warn ail per-oti* again-' the tru 11 pr ? !"?' | hf the printing of apltnounticket*, whit b no doubt w ?.e e* \ ten*lfetjr elei ula'ed. With all th- care 'iie' ' o ild be ei * e t i we hare been unabto h> peev#mi fraud betng etr??*ipmr*i?.*-' on our*eJy He bare found maoy of ourown.iudt ? j tlcketa fnml-hed to tie by our pnu'ec. w,?b 'h ? tift'cie of Mr I Jam en T. Mrsdy aa a candidate for ?hidri of 'be Hupreme I t'oi?rt. fnabeUtn'ed ft r thw of Mr. dame* R Wt, -??' Mr. j Jicuea T Ii; ady in not a candidate for any ofl\' *, at t *ne ?nt Ntitutlnn of hh nemo for :h*t ot Mr M t lug i* a 1 a fra ?I We rail the a?fen'km of Ward < iommt*te? a rape a !y to *??*? -put ion* ttrkoia We have no douM iha a"? ?i?pt w' ? nmdf topctpe'rate other tramU of the *%me k ?? 1. Ixxik u lor them MORR KRACDH We bave seen a c.rctilar addre.aed ?IVjnor dea * r . a? ?>? on hem !<? rote a tain fj ?"'i oou lu*t fraud Tfcef.i ju >r I>ealer?'?*o? i?*ty biw>m oiem?r npoaUo > c? nn'jr rflicera It bat been discovered the* to be K ? - i wcrd three Hpurfooe ticket w*?re mixed up with *he r ? *rlr nominated inp>or dee lea' ticket Rotnemhef 'be' no u'S twke'a have any right to he In o r bote* POLITlCil* 1ST WARIi-r>KMi?< RATI* RRRf-'HJ.U AN Rf- , I,Al< n.m n* ??n for < v.narilm?u of ih. Kw/wwl dirtrln JAf??R I, HtflTII ?i fl WAKl! RKOI l.All \WM<? R\TH VAHI i NOMINA ?# iRri lor < otiui 1'iriAii of Uir Rounh < o'ii>. ij [iwirw M aA'" l>* OA KMC. OI> WARD? AMRRfi'AN Jfom*fATIO*A.? .) fou' Hlman To'iriR rooiiel! dkvi*" tm.T <i?v Awnr Kilwin Mrrvlitli ? >n ?(.>? HMK R*rt.l.*ni Tho. D. M * r.?l,' ?? n.B.i.'irHirr o: I omaiotj RciiotA. II. A.rry ?r ? ..WUUMO H. CVoMOUA Trti. ??? of " M.lria r.rkfiur*'. 1 jm? ?I.Biri A , M m*!, . l-lo, 2 j*\r* h , | It M MoA* I ,??r. iio Ali A vK,ii< y Irawnn of >.,? ;i'? - I.I W . 'irnra. W. II. l?r, ll*nr? I) R^*. Ml 1?!f|r< ...Ropfa?nJ II..*r Hiol Kn., !4 rti*ri< I H,rn.r4 II. Kmo.im, IMwulX HI, ,'h4Wr1r* WilUsjn W Arnv. * m W W'.r,.r. C1M MiNATfiRlAI. DIHTRDT.?4IATIONAI. DKUD ? A ?J t> rr|?il>llr?e OMUlOAiInn - R.OW.T, wilj./AM II Rifivr. .TH WARD IMI'l.ll imif? AND .V.f'iRN 7 nA*Ion tor fVuiirilmori of |;ifc t_ JA'?lll W UfRNWfri.U _ POLITICAL. OTH WARD REGULAR DEMOCRAT!*; HE VULI AN

0 Domination*. For Senator M*rk fipen:ef. Assembly ? William II Allfc'il. Alderman Albert W. fiuai.h. As* <'??or Hubert Linn. Kor CcuD'U/utu, 17th tin'. Ioom N. Phillip*. 1Mb diet Mm 1) Belie it?h ?ji?i ii..i>..it n. Km*. JUib lilnl . Kdarln For Cf>u?Ubl*?. .Abiatmn Miwie*.. Kidi'ii A. I'buti. For Hchixii < ilUeer*? CtiDjOtiMiuuer Heur? H WloMa. lu.pec1 moi'KO L. Loutrel. IruMC'i l'r?ni-l< Fleet lieui^e Dnrucbe. lly or<U r ui tttrl tJonimUic". WM. WA1.VWBI03T, i L.i.rui^u L: n??,!1 *' 1 HecreUulee. J. f. D-ufS, QTI1 WARD MUNICIPAL HKKORM ASSOCIATION.? O At a tDKctknv held Ht the fit Nkhoias IKoud on Monday evening. October 29, the following nomination* were inide lor ward officers;? For Alderman William Tucker. For Coundhn..n 171)1 dWrlc' . JonasN. Phillips. 1 h " Jam** B. Cnlgrove. 19ih M William Roger' COth *' Ledyard AyrT. For Asset sor Nahtim W. AI lard. For Constable*. .. Abraham Mok'O, Wililam II Jones. For School Cominiodoner Ellphalet iioottntn. For Inspector .. Charles O. Dyer. For Trustee* Alexander M. L. doott, Henry A. Morgan. It was resolved Uiai any other professing to be reform noonl nations are unauthorized by tin* General Koftknn C-ommiftee. HUNRV RKREN, Chairman. Wm 11. Armktroko, Secretary. 1(|TH WARD NATIONAL DEMOCRATIC REGULAR X"/ noudimtii For Mi tuber of Assembly John H. Kwlng. For Alderman Henry C Atwood. For Councilman 25tb Couo-lJ dtstriC John Willi in-on. For Councilman 'ittlh Council district Robert E. Robert*. For Councilman 27th Council district Michael Ha* tidy. For'Asse *or lame II lleP?. For Con st ub lea James RUe, Lou la *1. Vuitee, For liihpccUirs oi Election? 1st district Joseph J. Jenningt, John Mldd'.eton. 2d district Charles Dim:ley, John McGann. 5d district Jacob Gulden, Jame* Mulry. 4th district George V. Dolungcr, John D. Welch ft'h district James M. Glover, Hugh Riley. Few CommisHoner of < 'intnon Schools .THnteT Skite For Inspector ot Common Hehools . .Louis F. rtchaeffer Trustees ol Coinmou Schools? William Goldcy. John J. Harrison, George Smith. JOhEi'H M M ARHii, Chtiirman. i Tertian Lawson. fU ere tar y. |/\Tit ward?kth roiiN' ii. ni^TiucT.-KORrorv. J"/ mac. KLIAS <OMRS, auc'lon and commission rner chant. Mr. Com* ; having been nominated by the oi l line Whigs, the O. 1 . \ and the Ainerlcin party ol the Touch ward, wi'l he a candidate until die close >f the polls. Novem her 6. Ills friends are requested to vote as early In tho morn lug as possible, and then work lor the U' ket all day, and vb lory must crown their ctloris. "I i\TH DISTRICT?18TH AND 21 ST WAKIbf.?REGULAR I"" whig refo*m and wjrklngtnen's candidate for member of Assembly, THEODORE B. VOORllKKri. 1D1B Afl4FMB*iY DISTRICT. 1"" At ii meet tug of delegates from the 12' h 19th and The I wards, held at the Columbian Hotel ( Davis') junction of Itroail way and Llgh'h Avenue Air. ('has Mcrk?, Jr., was cvll *d u? the chair, and Mr. John P IU den, chosen .is Semciarv, when COL. JAMES C BCRMIa.M, was unanimously anticd it the democratic candidate for n embly in this district. !; w is n solved that the said nomination lm jmidiHhod. Joiiw P. IUyoi >, See'/. CIIaS. MKKKS JU.,Ch'n. 1/ITII WARD AMERICAN RI FORM NOMINATIONS. J'" For Senator. 4 . .Joseph II Pe'ty. Assembly .. Jume t A. Do'an. Aldermsn James GrhUUia. Cotincllmen? ttthdlstrlct... ifenrv A. Jackson. IKSth M .. Ki las Combs. 27'h ,k cinrles Whltlock. Assessor Wliiiani Van Du/.er. Constables..I)enniscm II. Cornell Munnm H. IJrovrn. School Commissioner George W Wheeler. Trustees...Jacob Raytior Theodore Ward. To Jill a vacancy Jeremiah T. Brooks. Inspector Asa Parkar. Ii specfors of Flec tion? 1st district. Thcai.as II. WaiuWright. .George W. Badger J 2d " Gilbert M. Vlsller Ralph Royuolda. Sd " Edward J. \ er* felt lauies II. Burr, 4'h 44 WHllinn D Palmer Uor.'cc a. HIUh. b'h 44 Peter Van Dott. Jacob M. Dtmscomb "I OTII WARD. FOR aLDKRMAN, DANIEL F TIE .1+J M v N.?Whereas rumor* have been indusirbcMly < ir u fated that Daniel F. Tlemon Is not a candid i o for Alderman wo doom H (air duty to Inform tho t'lciorc of the T welfvh wu-d that he is the rogtilut democratic republican eandidatn sn 1 If elected, will servo the people with the? lldell > for which he has heretofore been dls'inguliibid. Bv order o! du> Ward Norm uatlng Committee. O. C UIUBaHD. chairniau Dsmibi. Mack*, ,? t lMMi as Hon s, > retaue . Alderman ? . . fianml F. Tie man. Councilman Henry P. MrOowan As.. ?M>r .David M K W?ss1 Const ah lea. .. .John P. Gent. Richard Cravrfor*!. ( rniiWtUr loner of schools H B Perltfaa. In i W1.1 I' t *'(l a p ! i rmiiCDfl (ft fichools.. Wm. Martin Thug. Murphy. ftCphen Vau Noatrand. Inspector of Election? In dlatrlet Thomas Rsy. A. II (}\r*w 2d dts'rlct Gilbert I* Lihbard, T. 1 'Dure .'hi district Clark William-, Gallagher 4thdiM!rtc4 Job*,i Me Arthur, Feu. .James IN)itil. CDidisirtct I'sole I Johti haw. 1 MTU, Ifilfl AND 2:0 WAKOS ?TO TOR KftROTOR* Of I?w Itul^mb A?K*inbljr ?tJO?.. JAMM" ?' IIUIIN OAM, <?ur ' ntuluUm (or Afttrmbly.? 1 U? demn-rwUf.repuh ll< 'ii ttler:or- of the Tenth Aiwtiiiblv diitriet t?wve glvon ?vi dene* <T thi?U deyirw to tiring aboul a re*l ruforui in our S ?w ? Irglfi.illoo, by | remit lug V r the snirrigf* of their dUtjict tb?* itan? of (Of*, .TAMKH Hl'HMIAM one of lb* distinguished |>er?>e?f>f ibw l%U> Mottmo w.tr '**Sv war v. a* in tin? hrurory of our ?r<?op* nu I in the'r hrUUaot exploits )iv any in the *un*l< of mtli ery glory, and it in crrfliuthie to the .notice und p*trto'l?m of our . i,o a hi njun try, tka' many of tifwe who or durwd the hardship* of the M** c*n? atftpnigOM hav? ri?c*lr<wt rlvlo ah well a* military h nor * fium their Irumdo and neigh ors. (Ml. lluriibsiii has rftrwtvfrJ hit full sharoof m1IIt*ry honors and '?*< imou.ul* mi*?l ho friend* and u*m\S<o. - wte have known him ** a r?? dent of 'hi* Tenth J? -?. ?? l ?* o?irljr tmr'y jiirs will u#? owory ncfltu to i-how their sr i . of hm worth ami <.AT>aetff. by M illing lilrn g the Hta'o A n?m ?ljr. <>?;. ? uri.hAtii wa- a' the bombard tneul ami '*?nt.iir? of V# r.? (Tux; the rapture of <Vf ro (Jot do, where he planted'he tirm ri/inoi, on the left of Um lino <?r win* U he w,m m o'lou-M l? - (lenrral Scott Id tba Older* of the day fir m also -it 'h* plan uv <? otir star. !ar?l ?ri *1m* iiftl of M< ole/im ?*, *? he raj furc tf 'he cl y of kfexh o. Those are among hie n Hilary rv < r,a, which,whit hla wel! known "I ir \r .*r for Integrity, ft? know Wye of tl ?? Interests of hi" rmwu,|ier?' ? toJ for Vma' ?* o. purp<*e and energy of action, tod'i e his frlefi hao! tVnw; if !In* 'rue Int* res'- of 'tie dlstrb to pre en? hla Dime mi'-tf. ?iklatr ior lha Tenth Ar ei ihly dlatrfet IIy order of the ,rn Kil'he I'll a KM..* MKKKK Jr,% t'hafrUktn. Jim T. fftirri*. w?' r ? a, v 1 A TU WARH -AT A Mf KTIVfl UK TIIK i I diaieraof the fwirt* "ii'h ward held a' Wi'll m tCe *.' ?rgwh 20f f *tr et, on "of.day rtfrr/ioon Moy 5, Wr Kte.t or h? tl-e 'halr.lt ?* v > hi- *iva 'y ? toj? I u? ?? .v * %\\t pi.'t I'hM H nn.\at?IlAN for Aldeimu n--. a? -o'tiif n( h< wesilrlt? Htivnea* > r>t our ? * ??* d lrl . ? hi 'e. n n 'h?* !t ?r 1 o1 < ? ui,? I'll n WIU.IaM fiAYNoH i hilrrfiAo J a W t'-taaoit., vecre*ary. I r Ml Wahii mi ni?*irAt- itsroRM V')Mivrrit? Jt/ f'o'iti' man !?9ih I ?Ut -fohn If. Hf i ly 4htti 1 ?i->t .. '?*? !? Swan 11 * I >'? M? Appleby. A- on?<r.. . Ilodei * -e Igw rl? ,lj hoii iahU* Of?, i'ojferl and Jo ejf? ICliir Hehon u i ii rh :?er. . ft?? !?a I Ui*^le/r. fliapector* .. f>eimf.'. iru 'r '0 .1 It V.'inmn Jr s.on'l ffoH lr.g ! I I, Hcmu. (varanrv f WM <'iUi;.V<:KT < .'uirin ? i !?'? f., Swi- Pre ? ? try. H-tir v. u<n?' io*. i: ;y ami runotl I (Jn i.-<l ?lf??i-lie no'u ?uu lor ' i.-ntr .ill. ? . . !4MHiM 1 u'i..' 1.4^,44.- f-'l ? \n4rvw I?(r/. <<i " 1 ho n? 1 I'lg. Ji'h " .... . ... - .4 miM Ovyof.l Wb " . .. (ii'wn A" r.f.r ... . f. lin l'?r- ri? <..?.?.licwy Mel'-rnvm Bereenl s. I.4i?| ' 4 muii" ' 1.'r Al>.|na.l.r 1m ? ?4 |... 1 if.??. i*. i.'wliA Hi... ... ?? 1,0 I trumt 1 K'!r<i? 1.. 1 II Killer, TlimnM ll i.i . 4K0IC1 dMlOo.4 11 n.?lrri ao 1 1?ouui lt> 1 i b irmin Miufrr < Cot4*n m.|4. l onrtnrtjo. 7Tn WARtl.- Ml HKIPAI, RKK IM NOH'M. I TIOHH ? ou.i' 1114,41. ? 'Ii die'riet Oeorf* A.-I." <0*1. " ....... WHIIm* Tr 1 " f-l h '? 1 aoi"I T Mir|.rbl A| i'r. 4i-d ?i.?J en 1..r?e i hj (be '(<">er..l Uihirm < . nr.. 'ee ?n 1 K l^HlPRl! r.i> a II M, Miimm. -orre jry. lutli WARIl-AT A r K?Tl <l> TUB 1.1'. Oil 1 ~ dealer-, b?|.l .it'.r?m?" r lie,]' on llM Ml inM.,h ?i rr.olrrtl nti?i,!iiun.?ly !i*l M-. .1..I414 Ceeer te^.-ive '4*. r, I ?u"l "ft '.f tl.e "(j'l. r IWleri Hi UM' l>"li e ?r I, ?o<! nr.. r.-. ?? f"? t. rrquiAtllprriniioM ?*4 ttl lh? Prolnhli nrjr i-l? -, re 'o. in?r> PCiHTRR f..r AWrBVi 1 Md.'Olttffr.'l. iliM t> lt -icieiarjr. Chatrmam I UTH WARII RlOl l.AR .VATHiVAL IiKR'i Ri lO 1 oii.n.A i,m? - ' ?r I'tjuii' oieo (M!i dlniiel lliw.rl O ? Klh tluirir .John.I llrall. ? A Mermen JoiinPaator A - f.M.' o flae II ?m h IViti tlot.er . . Pi- nele f Woo hw.t Ti neloe K'.t.i 1 W >m>|?? Plei ? AeeLei II lleit'.l.. -rb'r.l If.?pOr ,.1 e.r K,?. ' ooeialile* le W Ijnub'Ui, Jolio PlBler I wTll WAR0CITT Rtrou .WOMIRATIOIM I 1 I'M > der-o*n IrMen e Y W, brr 1 O'.ttuer ",7th < oon-ll '1U r w-t. Nl ?? W.-lr Pani-ve Se.lb I otiaell <!.?'; w Wllltaw H lUier A e. nr y .. lain H l^. rl m III 'able*,, Ket.ry |i ??? rj.. luiri Hmt heb ?l < ' mir. jei'.i?I P.aorta P Maebjfr .l.ol I aj.r-te.f . l.-oe. A" lie ar-l tlerl fnuieea IVm. K Kir..11^ 1. - if i'.i .r ro All *?- efr ? 1 ?. ? 4i 1. Ill pi e Bat, K#.m*jj. II II. KiXlUTr. n,?liin?o 20' (l " w ell. ? A . I',*, a I. J'. V It r ?? ( v 10 a -I lla'm.'t./ So 4.lr.a . ?. Por a life -nan Rrrfaei I. p. ? ? laeea. I?.riar 1 '?alCmeo ? f.?'al.:?a, l.rwia lla bar W01 K'r?n?o -<?or I 1 ? ni* ?eb?.a ... laeraa Boa? M.i'rrr I?*44lel l> Kr?edf liar,'I '.ft ft?4 0 r* Ail *ar ar.ro lluab N-or. Ha " .i.rjiermea o alee.r.n lat dwrWt. Tl? aa MaKrHrnao. C-.rtaUaa Poo-V-A. M .l-'rkl Hei.rj I?r\ i, KAwerO 1 rifinal. M rl.we ? ?. ri , t.ai.en I ?f. If b or'n ?4b die-rr- Wieba-I W>ai*>? i, lame. M'-tf . o Vk f4.'i-lr .lame, Mr* an P ~l ? A Writ AT 4 Mk dlati a' ,,. J.iba f-4 or| Jbktn l^r Ofini ward-rotiat-knwr wtr.K nr* chr-'is *4*' ?#" M*I awati.* fr-rr M id (.aar'rf M> .n 4 bar, ,!4 II aiel ?. 4,4|I i/,e av.f I t,r? |,d A H llr'.w, "Wklfa-. Krria hrak,.^ > rawlirla-r for A termar. -W ike T?*ti'|e</| ear'1 I 'ake Ikia ?> 'braI of li.fortn r l*r fet?r.rfa ij>#. I ? ""? OT4 l.| It 'h? *rt'rr? O* f|f '? i| .f .<). .? *?., ) I aleo deny ll?l I laare ear?lee' 'kr n" "ilea' in An a nr ..f, arA are.,1 kofbea lk? jerr,... r/ h. ra.nvk ?./.| at ei. ii r,e?4.Bi ra^^iaie ABK Ailav HlOwi 5a?T.et ?, !*?/ tliilK WARII e'lfT II re Pt 11 A,W(> III V .'in' ?' ' ar tni'-aiior. -Par < < r. raao >a I ?? ? l.vu ? JaWBk Waf.l.aCP.. .'A f'afr Vrkanei.i batman P>1 Irrwi ? ha.raaa luewM ilrap Itirwan Jne,n Ii ' ' iff f. RoWnl PbH.|. < ai'.lta Aneretatf IMlIH *AlO A < AAli Tt? Till Vr.Tei "I I 4.'' l|a ' mr.. .1 d?. r I tr,.* , 'ha> I an. w i?nOktale for 'manrl'ir?. ta4 -re ra- n tr *t Am ef| girr Jm't^mm Wa ?re. Jr . -lea r -* . r w,. all narr'e'aia lttpe.no tirlad a ipp.* A ARTlfe/l/JM I A in.. ? POLITIC\L. C>|\TU WARD DEMOCRACY CNM'RD.? XU roii AiuntMiP. WILLIAM MuCOSKEY. By erdor Ja-. AsptU, chairman, Rdward Um.m, ?*h*irman, W. Mu.pMND He.-ratary, John Doyle, He?*rHary, I an iu-ir j Coming tee. Kin?vcaaut? uu?uuu?? ST WARD REGULAR DEMOCRATIC NATIONAL 4J1ST V X 1 'i k* For Bute Senator Thorn** J. Morula). Assembly John II. Ambon. Pol. e JiMics. Hii'b Judicial I>1m>rlct . .James f{ Sh*yn I'O'JU lliuaij, 54th District Jeremiah ''rowley. " 56ii 1 Undid . John F Hroderl* k. Awftftor ...... J Allien Murphy. School Comm'^Hloner. .. .......... Wtii'txi II. I/Couaid School Ii'Hjwcigm.. , loiiu King . . .John Kerrigan. School Trustee# . Tlmoth) Paly... John K inn Icy. ... luiue,. Want CorueUusL. Purdy. Constatd**". John To wore John Aiihley. lu?"'0l(|pl Of * taction*.? lit bhlrk; .Oeorto Harriott. .TUadd* us WiLon At. M George M'lftnnaM v?irhael Dorr. 3d. " WunhingUm liver. Walter Sparry. 4?b. ** Cornelius Vartan lit-hard Oai'on M 1>. G. M'ULYnN, thalruuu. J Of) pitLtxci, Reerttary. 4) 1ST WAR1> DKMOCR 4T1C RKPUHLD AN RKOPLAK X 1 DomiLiitioiif?opposed to Know NothlugUtu and the Maioo law:? Police Jus'ica ..Daniel W. Clarke Couij.-lJman?M'h I Hat John J MulUui. 5.Vh I Mat .Char's* ll IU-well. Jau??? Murphy. Constable*. John Alley an I John Tower*. School'Vimmiiiloncr Ifidwa'd H Fellow*. School Inspector* . NuJioIhm Flutter and Pe er < lonlini. School Truster* John Kinsley. T. II Klinker, Tbos McCoy, John II. Myers. Inspector# of Election? I* Dint.. Peter Me Alt er. TIiim1?mvs WU*nti. 2o I Ms'.. Mm. II. Klrhy. Geo, W. OaJfit. :ui Pi*... lienrf W. Kyer. Geo. A. Ilnnt. 4th Ptot..Ooll S. Campbell. Gnu. DcnnDton. DANIEL W CLARKE, Chairman. pnCoLA* Tayuh, Secretary. .>*>!? WARD. REGULAR mOR DIROUIATIO XX ticket:? ''or Alderman. Thorn.* ? MeSorley. Councilman. David H. Kerr. Aw*?m>ik, Fnuici* ? umpbell, Froderb-k Lcporui. ? Mill W \HD-TAMMANY I! M.I. UK iVLKH PKMO crtlUc republican nomination*.? I'or Alderman ... Niohola? SeAgrlnt. For Count ilman David H Kerr. For \m?' i4or* .. Kctwanl 1 Unaoat J vac* Kempler For Constable* ..Thomas Igan, Cr.rUifJ Lodge. Ici-pedor* of Election? |*t district WMUni N'orden, Kranoi* Ridele. 2ddt*'rU'.. Frederick lict*. "hi district John Ad?tn*, George K. Bord. 4thdlHidd . F,dwin Slid'h, Kra??c\* Frank. Uapt. I1KNUY hllllNOUKI.MJ, t tialrinau. Gv:otint F lL-unKN, S?w?tlary. gOD WARD?DKMOfllATir Nt Ml NATIONS. wX Foi Ahierinan foliu It Kohiiot * JrjfrOph M NmstableH, ..,..William Dh kerson ?*hrl<Uan lAtig. ;?;bool t>^u?nneGon?r. Garrett H striker,Jr. In p<" tor. .. lohn G. VW. 11 Ufc'ers . . Mward fch<b<'rt Ilcnrr Leljenan. InNpeetors of I'.lrrtloo? Lt district Kdward Gedncv William Van Ordeu. 2(1 district lahu P. llMyitrii. Katuuel Vsn VVarU .wl dlslrlct,... . . .flcmve Munihaiu J<?hn ltotU*r. 5th dlrilrlct Kdwln Srpuh William Ward. WILLIAM II Gl KNKY, OUalrman. Jorm P. IIav nan, Secretary. GOh WARD.-NOTICK TO TIIK VOTKRH IN THIS *^X ward. -1 th alie myfllcniD distinctly Ui utdn:Matr\ dial i Intend to sunport ttmhlmr hot the regular slate, clt> and county ticket ink now lodged by Tammany Halt, and that I have received from no source any money toward* defraying alecUon mtpentOM, nor will I. 1 place m>*<11 l>efore the ward on my known principle*. THOMAS McHOKLKY. OOP WARD.?AT A .ML FT I SO OF T.IK WHIG AND Xm# Aiiterienii nominating couvcnlloiis, held In the iUnUllery in Forty fourth street, on the evening of Nov 2d. It wa*re olved (hat In order lo defeat the hireling foreigners ?vho are vecklng to monopolize the city office-* dial Uiese con vent ion* unite in rn< omtiiondliig to tin* Auierh an elector*, the nariow of William It. Drake, for Alderman, and John Mai tin, for Couu > Ihrian. American* unite for Alitoric-atis W, V Launrrr, Soe'y. J. C. WANDALL, Chairman. 'THIS IS TO CERTIFY THAT MY NAME WAS I HEP J In the above card without authority. W Il.i.l A M V. LEOaKTT. American nominaTHin'-rkvkntrbnth ward. Tarty nlntii Council |I>l?ul<'l.? R.'forrn anadl<ln>? :o> <'oui.ctlD.*n. AliRAHAM K. .IONEH, *T A MEETIM) OF TIIK EXECI TIVK COMMITTEE il II* Iho Oril.r of C). u. S , 01 'In* ScrOXIll .Iti'll.'l*!.|l.tr1r', In III iii M i",?icb?.irr loniiiy, Nv.ml.rr N1, Mr. < lu.rl.-a II* Nun ??*? uin.nlniDU. 1> rudoi -r*l kr lb. nnmlnoo ?i 'li- < inter ul K*d UmMnm. CHAKLJW WTLNON. \MKKICAN I'ARTY NOMINATIONH ^>E TIIK Kir i?c<itb ?knl. Ef.r Xrwmbly W'.IIUnn A IJii.il 'cim .bifcviA-^W1 ?lUit?icl Jute^g. 4W dtii'rM-'i"Jr or R.?l?l.rk Hf\?r<?.'.k ^ ? ?i.sUl ie* G. W Hogert, J** King ob'jol On.iaUtlonfr ...Richard liurlew. ?rliool Inapcctor ..Klla * lajomla. "'chcol Trustee*.. .. J M. Yarnum, Jr., Bsinuel Hoofing. F. L Handle. 'ri? pe tor* of Flection? l*t d'*t?krt John Van ierpooj. .faooh T Smith. 2il ?? s. H. Fiirbusn, Francta Hawl a. .id Henry Dean, Henry A Kerr. 4th ' Kobort ('rook. (1m * s Hen on ft.h " I.J. Morr**, is. H. Wilson. i.iit ,4 M.G Ub4, Kly lloppock. antijmaink law auto asti Hgtow notiiino.? i\ Tv < ?..>? ?M-tMiii l W*r<l llr'uurrftUc K?p lib Item I( g ?lm viiijfiatiofi*. t'-r Al<i?rit to... ... I'kUt MM'flPun ( ?ouo< 't.Mti ? Him ,r* ?'?/!?}?b?J!. A .? v, , , |'? tnr ft #v??|.i ? ? Jamr* K* tut u* 4 im'ml lo* Fr4n.lv (i'Nnl. TK.uiin ' l?m! * "oion H*iont r .PfttfUfc Tr?vu'y. bMUr? m*... T... 'fffnif i'j.tri Ik my I. ft/rr, John A. 14 'Hurley fi | #' :? r? of K ri flijfi - 1 u diftrk'. John fit>*y John 9 i'\ ' .fcif'ti O I ?'? M K?!iy "wi * Mi'ImuIT ?*?? y ft It 4tl> J?#. A. AT< orru ell, F *t)0 If lUrr >i? 4 MKRI' tNV AM) KFPORMfci. I.OOK UKM, Ml i\ ?our .irAoni - Fr* tidttlrm urki If barn 0?*n ? lr< mUmi I lo *Vt? V WlUitl,*- tW?a<" Of IL. Alii V?'t|?nM nhofi tfy in id pl.i' * r?l ??!*?? 141. nil', (W^Kl'll *' I jJiHOUTU Nnnlier ticket * pi nolo* tin *??% Houlh* ** 1 rib'* 1.nm" I- ?it) U. 4 MMSl< ' N NOMINATION I >11 .It lXif.-TH> AM. 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