18 Kasım 1855 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

18 Kasım 1855 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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' HE NEW YORK HERALD. \ t 5= WHOLK -'V HI2L SUNDAY MORNING, NOVEMBER IS, 1855. PRICE TWO CEVTS. ADTCBTlSEMKm i ' .1) E? BAT. tf%gvk r '?? 1 i <n?K?. 50 WAR SCENES 1 * > 1 . And 13U other owl. Fripe "? Just received from ? I 1 'xindon News office. ?lU* rVnHTBO ir?ui ? ' - -- - - T mnHARliftjN. m ? ? ugttth weww Ik* pot, l&lllgh *rect, near Fulm. . i?. open on bunUny3. A SCPKRB WORK (> ? - . iVoRK ?NOW PUB Hshed, Frank Laell*'* ?> FAX > mRR. kditkii nv -. rsriig.vs. In one roy? I quarto \ -. ooarda. gilt. Price S2 SO In luurlln, -ivy paper, elegaiply bound, tu full filll exna l<< .mi . Profusely illu* trxted witli over 400 et ?r,i ,y oo. up vine a full page, printed In dlfloreut color* ? _ i-slgn* and prrcl.se In struetton* tor Crotchet Knitting. l'auhi name, Applique, ? utbr lory. Braid Work, \V .odntllug. Slraw Wort, ' . vid Flowers in Wax, Bugle and Itead Wirt. i tier rlowcr*. Darned Netted Wnri, ?1 mng on V elvet, Ac. Together wl h heniitilt.l n't r ? I?? listed vork; al?o nutner .tu* pattern*, prtuttil in con r? or embroidery, slippers, vail*, under garments, Ac STBIXOr. t A rtiWNSdND. Publisher*, 2:"2 Broadway. For *a!e hy n'l the rrlnbti-l otkxeller* throughout the country. N". li.?Mailed on i?? ,it o* price, freeol postage. Ave maria. by w k so.va. jcst pub liehrdbv C. BREI'elhO. ul 'roaitway. * ? ? tAimpoeed in Kind's -le-u ?t.y??. -Musical World. ClOl'UT 8KCRET8.?Al XS'A'i >KT'F8 (1RF.AT WORK ON J Ct'Uill fiKOBKl'd" .Mysttbies or the ks.t i.ru or the Frc-mrs. By William llarriitou Alns?orh, being one ol the most In tensely tutcrestiuu intnati' ex ever written. U tor salo this day, Price SO cents, by all nun* a.p-n ?? aua bookseller*, and Is pub lished at T. it i'ki'KIIkonm, Id J ' 'ho,' ii it street, Phllaleiphta. Coplea sent free of postage, on receipt of AO rants. Excitement am'ino no upper ten. CROTGHBTn aMi QUaVKUB. By Mil AUketzce. This work, which bus been Isrited but a few days, hi < met wlih an unprecedened *a'e and ended the strongest senna tlon In the faaldunable wurio ol ?? ar York and other eliies, on aeroont both of Its unex,,t eled ruveUjo.i* a d the humor and racy style in which even s ponsa * and ihiogs with which we ?re all personally acquainted ?? e d? pleated. heap the roixowiMu hotilics or the rnws. Crotchets and Quavers, hy Mareizek. The public will be startled by this remarkable vnuiuie ?N Y atlas. Describes operadom In vew > org and Mexico with Immeuse gout, mid not a HUlt pathos ?tioston evening Gazette. Till, it a capital liook hince 1 no pub ieatlon of Joe Cowoll, there has not been so clever a stage hook as this published.? Boston Bally MuD. One neat volume, 12mo , cloth. Price -1. 8 i iKNOH. Publisher, 121 Nassau street, Now York. And for tale by booksellers and agen a everywhere. Miigle topic* M ot by mall, post paid, on receipt of price. I ICR THE HOLIDAYS.?MARLY IN DECEMBER ' twenty thousand copies of ;h-t llrvoklyn Index will be issued. expresHly for holiday adv-rtUemen s. The paper will toe thoroughly cuvula'cd tlirooahont Kings county. Advertise men's received at the Index office. An. 21 Court stneet, marble block, or at Nevtns' book store, No. ISO t ulton street, until December 5. 1J1INE LONDON BOOKS? BELL'S BRITIell POETS, J UK) vols.. IKtuo call, very neat; B ltt?h EcotMMnUt, hegt edition, 45 vols., 12 mo, bait Huaala, SA5?about the cost ol' the binding?be odes a variety of st indai-d works In superior con dlUon at low prices. Uatologues ready and sunt to any ad dress. .fUJtOAN A CO., ,'16t5 Broadway. IKBTBUCT1VE AND DEEPLY INTERESTING.?HOME Journal. Just published, TIIE PRISON OF WF.LTEVKBOCN;on, A Glawcc vt im East Lmuax .acchh elaijo, By < aptain VV aJier >! CP.son. Illustrated with 40 engraving- irocu original sketcbea by tlie autlor. l2mo. cloth. Price II 60 Ono of the rarest and most Interesting of volumes.?Mirror, It is ?n entertaining volonie ? 'ourlersnd Enquirer. One of the most captivating books we have read for many a day.?Alius Published by J. C. RIKER. 129 Fulton street. The life of jacor barker.? Now ready, Iboiokxt* is tr? LIFE OF Jai id BARKER, of New Orle xtts, Louisiana, with H atorlcal Faro, hi Fliiao cial Transaction* with the Govrmme t. and his Course ou Ita fiortant Political Questions Irom li*X> to K55 1 vol, bvu. llJuairatea with two portraits. Pnoe #2. If we can judge of the boUillcg hv a b'ork, or ol his book by Ml exlrso wl.leli we h.ve seen. In the Washington I ul.rn, s.e are nut It will receive ihe approval ot the enlightened uubbc. ?N O. Delta. For sale by D. APPLKTON A CO., .'146 and 3i? Broadway. FWA YCLAl. nnn TO LfIA n on WaTCHHH, JEWELRY OgJI' ,v"u preoiiHis Htones iiMrigagti*, notes, rbecx*. K, d mert hunil'te. All eonimui e-attnna treabsl eontider lally. Bnslnti* promptly attunded to. svsh alwavs raidy on the r, In s?ms or *1 to flu.UtXi. Apply at the loan office, room 10. fAVl Rroadway. dDnn nnn ?MUX KY TO I.OAN ON DIAMONDS, tpuv"?V/IjA/ ? Watches, jewelry, dry good*, scgar*, Ac., or bought for taWi; atoi ks, no'e* oaurtgage*. Ac., negotiated. Builnos conOdenlls! ai d pionjpt. dv I KIMi'dON A CO., blotter* and commission mrr- lianta, 102 Naasuu ftroct, corner of Ann. room No. 2, aeeond >iow linn T<> loan-ow watcher, diamondx I ,UUU jewelry, ?.s*ur*. and every ile.scripuon at valuable property or bought tor .a*li by J1 'S. K. ISAAC, bcseni-m ofltre, n CIiAjn'ers street, front 9 till H. Businee* Sianpt and eonflomMM. Old v-M vt-l *tlv ,r bought. N, U,? o bualaeas 'rill ies1'"1 on Hattu -lav. d> a n nnn TO loan, on watches, diamonds, ?5zT"U." '" M f jewelry, drv goods, furniture, pfaoos, and every de-criptlen rs raer handun, In large or smn'l amounts, or bought out tor raeh Business slrie Jy coofdenltal. Apply at No. 6DS IlouaUin street, bet ?eeu Merct r and Greene W. MYF.HH, Agent. ANY AMOL'N'T OF MONEY TO IXJAN, OR Pl Kt'HA> I D at rn?h price*, on d'atnnnds, watches, plate, risk Jewelry, valuable pei?ooal prooecv, and meretian<ll*e generali It. WOOD, H E11Most street, seoond tloor, Iront room; 9 A xi. to j P.M. A few valuatile oil paintings to no gold a b-irenln. A WIDOW LADY, wno HAS VERY RECENTLY IIE <!onie?U."hliy emlnrrassol, ?,slice the loan ol Jlnofor six months, Itir llic use of which a comfortably furnished room wilt be given, with the comfort* of u quiet borne, in one M lb-- rno*t retired portions of this < |ty; location near ilitx.dw 11. Addr-'S* Rachel, Hern Id otiiee. TUfONKY ?CAB1I LIBERALLY ADVANCED IN ANY Jvl amount, or bought nut at siitbt good of every descrtp Uon, at Ihe oldest asd most responsible ofllec in tbo riiv, 41 Ilowsi'd street, corner at Broadway, over llawes' bakery. The strictest ovnudcnce may be relied upon Mclaughlin a o'neh.e. Money advanced, or BtiroiiT oft for cash? ll tmood*. waicb**, or lewelrr, planoOwte*. Iry good*, or other portable propt-rtv; alwi, law lueiks or staUoorey, by the Fmotre I oan and Acme) t otnpany, runtn 9, in All liruad way, tx|iposiie the Broadeiiy tliealre. C. WILLIS, Agcni. rTHR METROTOLITiN EIRE INdTRANCR COMPANY, JL ho. ID*4 Mrosdwav ? Xew Yor1.. XuvHm'>cr I'tth 1*16 ? Notice I* hereby gi.en that he dlr- tor* hate this day declared n **mi amntal rnvklend of i,x*e per cent on th# ciq p&l >ioek o> this triropsnv, payable nn an I afer Ibe 2Uh Install % until vt bieii dale (It.cltuilve) th'' transfer b ,oks sre cloned. K a "I \v-R! riY, Secretary. WTAXTRD-A FEW 1 HOCXAN ? DOLLARS. TO ts-tpT v v iii u orklng one of the m*?t valuable Invent'oas ot die day. Knurmosu prntit.,, and no risk*. An- one wi Mag to Invent * lew Iliou-snu dollar*, will Knd tii.? aunpporiu.iViv nn parnt|?],d. Nn..e bnt-apiuili.i* u od apply. Add re i, pn paid, Frofll, Union -qttare Pi-s-. r(Tt.;e. OOPARTTORA'tn* ?(?TICKI. $r n/in -a ointt.rman vauh i wi> the c|,alitor h i*lne<a In illlbed"" t "be to a ilroed* tMl.tb'i..h?I. where >b? above atnou it In < Mil and tua al-iil.iue ci.nid be mad'' available v. itli l'ir rtght i'a' i); 'an en noiand - *ih en-turo to oyer o.u 'nindre.i thousand dollar* per aaf urn. A ddre-tr W. W , II< i i! i nlboe. APAKMKR (HERMAN*). WHO PERKKCTl.V i vhri: . stand* hie bin".e*?, and U endowed *<'b all Ui" arrfuutib ? kuNfledgf retain* in H, ? i?hea to tsk. a share In a ititn ?? *n rwt one of AO or lialaotto .situated in iherMal* at w'mi. He world, .r war,i of a Maimer o . t. on vl't'n ? np'n chiMnrmUaioahwol 40or 100 nt?far ? ..j Ailtln ?,pie paid, J. A., 11*1 (in 11 -r ?? . Brooklyn. COPAHINF.tlsnil' NOTTilR.?TIK OOPABTKP.RSIT IF berwiflfnrr e slat In* brtween ilie atibvrllier* wrtir tin Ann of CI. M. Fawwell A t o., fa ti n ilajr dlaaolvetl bp the w th traaalo, Mi A. L. Bueby. H. <'A*WF.LI., ALF.N A M>EK 1.0 WHY. Ifrw York Tor. I. 106A. A T Bl'MBY The mi i rtbera ham thla 'lay a I oil lied Mr. Andr.' Von n as partner,? ami will oonUni' 'betr Mutinous aa brrotoiorr, tin der ihe ftrtn of O. ft. is.aeil A Ob. (i. g OAdWRLl .He* York, Nor. 1 Wd. At.KXAN DKK i,f)WR V I ban tnl" <1a> cotneteiired be*lnea?. In my own narar, a' Ibia plare. anil am perinlllad to refer IP my late b?i'ia. , f jt I'aaw*.' A I II.. I If Nn York A. I.. ?l SHY? (H. Joiin. M. B ? Xi.v I. leftA DEMOLITION OF OWAKTSERflHIP?THB OOPARt nrr-btr, hern,fore etleflrg between the undeiallu it. tinder tlie n-.ine nf HIcatM I Itjnlor",, tins day dlaat.ln d. be nmlaal eowtml, end On* tnllUnery imdaees *Ui be ' t til led el the nitl fetid, N.i :y i anal ?troe- (Bnodrnh llouaet, b) S. C Moane, to wheel Mlr? H . nd-r? woo Id recommend b*' frlenda for e rtamnuan a of* Uelr custom. The uietitlr 1 ijnaliif" of On Orm will be arraoiiei hr d C -loantv fjt ;ned) S. C. cl.osNK rLIZAHETH O RTNDF.RS. Hated New York, Oef 11 1 -A.V ?ATHlHOnila MATRIMONII AL.?AtlKNTI.EMAN OK PREPOS I --IMI api'aranie. MWM aad education, Willi an itv itno <.( ft. ntai p.-r annmn daatraa to form a mirrtaff all ui a all', an edn st"1 lady. po??esrn/an 11,'ial in. ome Two.. . factory rrfrrenrc-gli en. Addreea Krnoet Ma.tr*,'-? Unl m Nij na.-e Pof ofli, e. irriuCooiN C1LAIRVOTABC*. ASTHMA, BRONCHITTK, DTSPKP ) Ma, debillty.dj-enter*, brer -omtiialnu, old tueera, imw Totisnr.a I'rer and ague fit Its worts form. Fenul# Irresn lantlea. nigbtirare, hraterloa and dlaeaaea of eliil.lren nired <1f rnrah'.ei by Mrs ftEYMOCR.ihe great meitlaal . ialrr.iynit, llOHprinjt "treat, near Bmedw n y. batletartl'm or no pay. CHLA1RVOY AN? E-HY MHfl II A YW, Til H REST MKDI J ml .lalrTi.jam Miai -1rk ; reona ran 'onr?r?e with In A merit i rew.e, 'in* 'b'lr h-a'ih and happme?a. M-a. flayeal, pmperlr nia'tneilrrd by Hctfr H-et-e.'ho most -alilni mat netuer In ihia romi ry OCire lid ilrantl street. HnUelaeibfa or no pay RADAMK MKYER HAS RFMOVEPTO )fl RKYKMTH arenne, between Iwtnti Udrd and rwenti t.nirll at reft Hie ronttiiUea to te.l pa? [ir> ?etil and futliro erenta. Ilk-wme B arrtagea ."timer". Ia??i|l?*, hwdneeg pmapoela, an snest. kbeeot Irtend., property fc-' or "f.len. Ma-Ume Mayer ??. ?eraea in Kngil-b, FruKheo'l 'Jtraati, end giyw ,'iacaatee ?0C Iter eii, AFFAIRS IN MEXICO. Oar Miiuuiorn* Correapondrncc. MataMoros, (Ukxico,) Oct. 20, 1865. IrillMphal Entry of the Liberal Troops into the City of hhtlamoru?filibustering Movement* Saiulirm-d by a Vnitnl Statet Army Ojl'.cer? Anohrr Chance for a Marcy Letter?Nan Liberal Jimrnalt?Tru <U Improving? Obituaryt (fc., dr. An provided by the agreements of the 4th instant, the remain! of " Hie Nre'ie Highness'* loyal troops" ou thii river, evacuuted thU place on the 13th mutant , and, an they sorrowfully left we merrily came in on the St mo day and quietly took possession of their quarters. The recent invasieu of Coubuila by an armed body of Texana, bar caused tin most intense excitement and in digtaliou?earning t' eicby a serious injury to the peo ple on bo h banks of the Rio Grande. This unwarranta ble violation of tfcxi an territory has indu ced the genera covernment at Cuernaiuca to order some four or five thousand men to march to this frontier, and with Governor Viduurri as commander-in-chief, to prevent a repetition of the outrage. [The invaders were attacked by the Coahuila forces und driven back to the other side of the river?not, however, until they bad set on Are the Mexican town of I'iodras Negras. The worst feature in this dl-'gracefui afTulr is, that the I'nited States com manding officer at fort Duncan is officially accused by Vidaurri as net on'y having connived at, but actually encouraged the parties in the perpetration of the scan dalous deed. This is the more to be regretted as all of the authorities now in power on this side of the riverare really anxious to establish nuO cboiish the kindert feelings towards their American neighbors. Ihe naked fact is, that you must needs have more troops on your aide of the river, in or der to protect and enforce your own laws and regulations. From what we hear, all the United States troops on tiro lower Rio Grande are to march above, to repel an Invasion of some two thousand Inuians. General Vidaurri ha* been appointed by the genoral government Commander-in-chief of the lin" of the iiravo, with powers tr liavo intervention in the at fairs of its Custom Houses. He has accordingly ordered the cornmaudiug oillrer here to discharge the National Guards in the sei vice and to march himself to Monterey snd settle up accounts with the Comud-isary of War. Tiro officer in command a', this place declines compliance, and answers that he has sent the official notes on the subject to the government of the State for its determina tion. This lookt threatening, and a personal misunderstand ing between the Governor of Tamaullpas and Vidaurri stuns in be at the bottom of it. A committee left this place ibis moruing to wait on the Govern >r at Tampico, and reqneet Ids immediate preeeuct on the line. Not withstanding the aspect of uifairs all will be amicably settled, as tire people are alive to their lights and inter ests, and will not allow themselves to ho the victims of individual rivalries. Tbe National Guards are being rapi ily organized, un der the law that had created tticm before Santa Anna's last usurpation > f power, and many of ?ho unhappy crea tures whose bumble homes were burnt to the ground by the thieving assas-ln, Woll, are again rebuilding them, as also cultivating lb" ir little corn-fields. Two n< wspupers bavealrcady been started in this city? ?he fnntertm und La Libertcul?both being, of c mrse, the champions of genuine tans culoUe democracy. De mocracy of the Jel.ersou and Jackson school is tame and spiritless Wlien compared with the tone of th'-.se papers, whore lenders arc not editorials, but, properly spi n king, bills of rights. Trade and commerce are improving, and oar friends of the great republic come over and go back withou' baring a ruffian to ask them wbcie they arc from or what they We doing. gome days ago. Dr. Henry Plsson. late of Keutucky, was municred In coming ovir from Kdinburgtto lieyno-a. It is n< t known who ihe assassin was. Don Juan l.io, foimeily from New Weans, and late merchant in Brownsville, died suddenly in this city, ot neuralgia. He wna a highly respccruh'.e man. and has been much regretted by bis numerous friends. KIJ B1AVO. P. P.?Pinoe writing tlie above, we have reoetved an express from Monterey, with Governor Vidaarri's note in print, adOrt s sei 1 u, the American Seer clary of State Mr. Marcy, on the late outrage ?o wantonly committed by in srmwl body ??? fr..m tbe Texas side of the river. Hjev h*d threatened to do so, unless e >mf tv oaew ne grces on this side were not, In violation of the law? of Mexico, given up to them. This I gsthM Iroin the pub lished em respomiencc and cnuunen' i- ttiiMenssary on an altair thai will prove so highly injur! mi to people on both sides ot the line. Onr Tnraplco Corrcapoiidntre, Tawtpxi, Nov. 1, 1855. A W<ir/hy /lie-it-'-' of Sania Anna?ifrr?menU nf lUv (i'ar:a hmsf?lhrma i"it rf <\ /-brr* of Fbr> iyn Rr<id< i*'j? /or y.y /*r?f" Won?PHrtUing J' lli y /A Ca'nn'' u fVmhiiigfmt?Mrvf. nf Ih<? Mmirii f* *in*t to Pay 'A Uniikk ffcm- Aoi-'er*?C-np.'erpa.'fon (VimW hj/th Tho"' ytwd .Iff a-; of (}nr:n?/'< I'robabl' H unit. fftsvat Trncoii!.'. lias be-n in c unround of t'ui- garrl-on since the 'Jf'th of laat month. and all hi- acta ht reareth second Milton of Santa Anna, and the probability is that lw will male a similar exit, a- Up lias proved himself mote than worthy of the appointment to which lie has Ucn r.cerodlted. as far as notoriety for plunder from tb public trea-nry U concern'd. f-oneral (lirza, node the orders of Viduarri, has been In vcring round Tampico during the last eight days, with a torce of some IM) tnen, bub na yet nothing !ia- been at tempted in the way of ail outlet to tic- prom >u Mexican blood. The Amerijan Consul, Franklin Fbave. nas been acces sory in forming an artnc I as? Hilation aided hy the Hi it - ish and Fp.ini-h consuls, to that tb-y may is- able t?> protect the interests of thoir respective luitlons, as well at the unoffending Mexiean cHlvns. liut, alas ' tor the Mexicans, they -cem to be a Hod-forsaken and ill fated ra-e, nnd it matters little who rule-, as it i- only a change of mastoid. I noticed the old Hng-tafT which was rai-el by a ws-ik unial bard in V rem -er, 1H4P, now gracing the bilcony of tlie Ibltol Htate- consulate, and the tame (lag waiob wc then planted in wcakne s, when life and death ra in every step. Rut it now stands Hooting in the l-re-re, while the poor horror-stricken female- aro sheltering tbeniseive-under its folds, On the same night 'lenr.al (-atari ' men we e - iid to be about to attack the city. J he I . !?. Consul, as well a? the other foreign ag-nts seemed vigiUu', and we obm rved that functionary, w'tli bi t : idf-uiin.-, nearly at the Hue-, watching the app > h of tho crisis wher - were to be seen ofli.o-* and ? Idler* of all h'to -. and all confurion. rags and regioeutai- g log in every direction, an' the coii.muii i launi'l-.n ?.t?, h 'SflKM / '< tiiilo. (? No t"iy fluberno.-') ? hi tic- return of 'h? l ulled .-ta - t C insul from tin- line-, lie found i. n_ bud tel. u i fc. e in In louse. I ringing tneir jew-ls, p ite, s Irer. gold, ?C,. Inking np<>-i him and bit (tag for then novation; nn l even the'Seneial s'nttilm hi- military chest, cont.i'afn-d a lsrge amount in ib nubs n- and diver coin, tn l tor which he would not leceive u receipt of deposit. But In th" infantine all busmes -op-a-led, and the merchants drained ol flitir last d "nr. w?.m . is worth fro in 1 >t toll' . per - en s rn< n'b, en-1 eioirai that ruiueus interest cann -t he jh taine i. ft. i, wi'ij 'e pressures and s<|Uiil'4 poverty no country und r the sun b?- the >uu? c-ft in'ag??, It in ( roper hand-, but I' is troc len d sn by her mini rous ty rant- for power of all kin-'*?"ccledastic il m l e vll? nd the crws made the aiti of sacrifice to th--d .srti tr-id len Mexican, and tin -rucitlv nu '.e the standard of tyranny and power. Will the I nlted -taU-s calmly look on, and no* t one to the n-scne of M'-vico and nrro-t tier Irom tho-e b-? i,e lliat swell and gorge upon th" blots] drawn from a rac uiove to twi pitted loan blamed at h -i-t those -la- ?s w tio are the tool- of power- The government of (lie f'nited States ts morally blind to it- own interc-t'. Why not -end a mar who has vig - ol mind, and who know- -he - hsracter of the people, to treat with them, end wli i can ?;eak to Ui-*ni in their own ifrnseuUr tongue' It is loo late in tbi- ag" for old f-./yi-m und tlme-moen v terans to Iwe-one diploma'- , an i cripe with ths order nf S*m* tluadalupe and ail ruin r saint-, divinities and head ?h-vfl- Imogen- us M?t -in gr-iwtli .nd inanuf. ? tine. The elem* nt i- nr.t there?the rac- mil-L und"rgi a . hedge. At this moment fleneral Tra -nls has a !owl the 25 isr - ent of th-- British bondhoUers. paid them fr-nn the da tics of this ('n-tor-i House tot the Rogti-h ?nd otlier no-rcliant- say. Well, wo w !! s-em luge ml'mg! -h man <?! war or ste mer snor ..rig at -ng l.e't with he- demands, notoalyl- r tie- amount but -icmagesals-i.Join. Flttll ? lit cot be hie our own pusillanimous a'dn'-t at Wa-liing ton, WB.., through ail lt*-e troubles, u---.er sent a - njle vessel of war to even make inquiry aft- r Amep -an la teresta at 'hia p rt They p-eeni ie-1 'ha*, there was n p- litical capital to t?- made out nf it. and the poor ?' n -ol wa-left to battle with 'he (.ressnre of rireumstannes as he )?at - old. But, fortunately, he has tact and knowledge, t-gethrr wi'h ueiral courage. He rae-lead no aid or .vdrire flrrmi his government, n-ir ev.-n the ?e,n tdan-e of a man of war, to sh<iw thai the t'n'te-1 Statew ready had a navy aHoat. All the inventories of the foreign merchants haTe w-eo -iejoslte-l in the archives of tie 1'nlted Statee Consulate, a sum wt.irh amounts to ov-r (700 000. -tich was the state of alia Ira when the reyal British mail steamer left Tampicn. on the 1st Inst.: while the offleer* of the gsrrison nave shed thetr gold l?ce, with-mt -bedding mu< h lustre on their arms on -dtner side. llie forcae under (lenerul <-arwi t.a-l, with a fhw of their mounted cavalry am-,noting to some three hua dr?sl, made an aseanit -m one <f the forts, naplodng a?n two pie-we of artillery, killing two or three men. an t wounding ?.me fifteen or twenty, several of whom said to be morta.ly. Oarta has now given Trac-nis twenty f--nr h urs to anrrender the tr,wn and garrison together srlth Its mnnl tions wf war in the meantime, ail Interra-irsa with the Interior Is cut off. and It is presumed that the de-pat- he iitwtitt AitttlcM UiaUWf Vg U-c G^uul .J Ukil (lM? lire captured?etill, he has not loat much, judging from his late course ot diplomacy. Gen. Tiaconi* has sent two large trunks of effects and money at this time on board nt a ratal! steamer that piles on the I anuco river, and which i< sometimes used as a tugboat: and I now see that most of the Mexicans have ?uton the Marcy uniform. May Marey extent a helping and I Jramnis has sent word to (Jen. Garza to come tin, and it he can enter the t two petforce, in passing Ue Gmrit* by measu'ing weapons?a. the hood gates of Mexican boss- will be opened there- lie can proclaim himself victor. The oflire and house >f the United States Uuu.sul is now stocked wl.h all baggage money, trunks, roata, pots and pan* of these po?>r miserable down trodden jieaple, to save them from t e 'avages of their merciless destroyer., while the poor as well us the ladies ol note seem to roly on ti at once deteati d American Hsg If the rascals would only flght it out like men!? bu. each one wisitcs to hold i n to power as long as possible, and steal, In the meantime, all he can VIII the Saw Yon IImhi.ii tell us where that wise man ot the North l-with his jnetentious promises that no rode hand should trill*? with our Hug; our citizens should be protected ahroud, und no arbitrary power sliruld press upon our rights. What u happy hit at eloquence, while the hund of oppression is pressing upon our countrym?n whose lot rosy bate lieen east among these demagogues of po* er. ami no redress, as our Con sol,", who come in contact tlnilf with their sad giu vsnces, ore at no point sustained by the rate net. they o>e Tierce-. by those thorns in tlietlesh. ami there is no " Morcy " for them. These lieautiful sentiments are cast open the biec.c of politic il forethought, to make capital of tor the coming events in lHnfl. bur there Is no spirit or vi'nlity in the words, while the Americans and tbelr interests suffer abroad. Gen. Garra has sent in in ofllclal comm<inicatlnD, saying tbat be has despatched an oflioer to Mexico, and that tie will wsit fer orders fioin headquarters; an tti it on calling at the United ."tntes Consulate, I found that functionary cool, and auying that he thought all would pass off with furtber hl<M.d-tusl. My own opinion is, that the two rascals will, in the end, make friends and divide the spoils. Cmier these circumstances, will tAMalted States calmly look on anil keep their vessels of snugly moored at I'ensarnlu, and let American cifli^K take care of themselves, while Jcbn ltull has bis levia bans alloat in evory sea ana every port 'r Ifout hSPiXmi. A SPECTATOR ANT) A SUFFERER. Our City nf Nnlm CorrfipnntlMirtt City ok Mm mo, No*. 2, 1866. Inbrrttirt] Jirrinr nf Mrrican Affair*?'Vnviud and Cha racter <f Alrarrt?The Action of (,'enrra! 0<fU*tm Vin dicated. 'Iht' revolution ban triumphal in the election of Alva rex iui temporary President, and a legitimate f'ongress called to give stability to the government, under a nn tioually elected chief magistrate. Two day* before tin; <? ection by the .lunla, there wa< scarcely an individual whose eye* did not rest upon Coumnfort. Alt tree him nell had openly declared for him, ami av. wed hi* di-incli tuition for the Presidency. There were some of the Junta, for icry good reasons, in favor of Vidaurrf, nnd to arrest the elander* (ahricated and circulated hy the hireling writer* for the Ami rican preen?"that tliia revolution had no cauae. hut was the upricing ot independent chiefs for the mastery, not one half so well i|uuliticd as the one legged thief they had so fright end into another exodus witli ills ill gotten -poll*." Among other dcvclopeniont* ot the revolution, it has demonMrn'od that Santa Anua i> a coward?a base coward, without one redeeming vir tue umid his abominations and vandalism?tint more unon. 1 will yet, tor the benrtit of the world phot* graph this Algerlne l>ey, in all ills deformities, without shade or shadow of a virtue. Vet this one boot monster, the l.mopean Posers (all save Itussiu) would have honored and introduced into the family ol royalty?srhil the icprn eutative of free iu-titutloiis ess to he denounced hy his own country men for noi joining in tli ? prostitution ; ui.d ignoinin ous homage. To let urt, from my digression?the conserve lors h iving failed in their efforts, Carrera ami Ilaro y Tauiarts, (in the Ilrituiii interest,) to fal.-ify the revolution of Ayutla w on ret their heads together to create dissension among thechhfs. Tlie mistaken c improuiise of Coinonfort with tin in. while Vidaurri and titrcia wished to subjugate bi'ii to the j unlsliuient of a t'altor hvl created some littl* ois*r .'??! that h* so 'altering in the Lraoes, ami hU an nuncistlou l<y a "loodetadu" pa/or (til .vi/,).) but a ?had" ?n advance of c< nasi vitlsiu nod eudoi-? e hI the HpanUh pre-*, (wr have French and cpanUh journals iu Muxie i pleaching Kuro|M an dogmas,) fixed the <|u<*ti>u at i uernevani. by the election of Alv*r?z with great uusni mi?y. This was a Mexican rocket in the camp and Junta i f Ci ioeiva'l-io, and mi ;w ( implldo iluttei -o mucli lis a I .gi I n with hi- head half cut o|f, that lie c ouneoioed a tin ' e in H* paper against the American Minister, re Curing mm b ot the invention, lubrication and go I,, th*: first I..utiU boirg in the-punish awl Kreuch paper* of the city, fb'y aie now eu.bavoucd in the Siffo, ay (i.iiipliuo. always In the pcllirrnl market fi?r plunler. u d knowing fuil wll I'iai he lias no coaoce wtienc.sr the/urn.?tl.e <i.ly c.,p nenta ot UberaU*m in Maxico at r in ike ascerdant. At the bead of thl* |iarty wUu'.< rhe imera '*1 tinnier J'arias, wli ti Alvarez hii hal a Sgacity to appoint Postmaster i.enersl. Win ii other men, eotialiy liherai wi'h himself, rallied up. u ."-'itita Ai na as the < i.iei nn'l exponent oi federal no in Mixico. twi s deceived and atmndoued hy thai |>er jured usurper, hi-retired t > hi* Villa, too aged lot ser vice in ,he t'.eli, he xntinuel to advise ami counsel AI vaier. in hi trtie cau-e of the nation, until thai chief trii mj lied over all olistacles, and drew tiiiu near hi* pel son in the ino-t linportaot posi of his caidnet at thi* itme. I ley eat to you, that of my own personal know lodge I know that Alvarez, never soug it or desired tw Ire*.demy 11 ibis republic, ami that no only yiclled to the call ol the .luma to counteract the ilxaguiwd and hare intilguc- of the ' conaci vadore- ' and ut i.lera.los," us they arete med, umit-r ti e mioistry of strange nod ho. igu ini.ocm es, to taU'iy ami d> f.-at us pUnot Ayutla in tb ? hands ef the "puros." Thi* poliiicvl eomhina t 'U. ivetter known as th* absolute central element* v,e ih-'M tore token by -urptise by the election of Alvarol, peiceivir.g hat they hvl filled I< create dissension Jig the liberal chiefs of the revolution, s movement* ol the central combination* were all isedby tho foreign ministers, with the except! u of the I nited Plate*. ffii m ntralitjr of Mi. fi.vdsden, in tat' eiilly waiting the denouement of event- ?>? h' 10^^ animafv rtel upon hy kurop-sn allots sr d ?pnnish dup icily, until that gentlemen, in ?eh defence, and to d''Mne the notional prin 'I|de, was compelled to r.md a ihiptr. though in the foitn .1 s note, ami oi*rk<-d private, upon Uie Won <*? inwni ' -to, which Led deri vred iliirly years ag . ? that, th" I ni cil Mates oosil.: not look wl'h indifference on the re colonies ton (.f the Aincil an - a'es l;y nny huropean Power. " Ti ls hriel note ami private, suddenly *pp? .nvl in die Spanish ami kieu-h pa *;s and created such IIniter ami for- in the diploo ate <r; that <pi?s h*v< I* en cot to all the governments acc ?? M?d here, except Hvssia. Tli* llMrxmiu of the address of the American Mihl-ter to the incoming'okration < ?? ? reatel a L*i awful *eri-adon with lie rep >? cntatit of i rancw nnd cpaln ami tb' gh ?i of a n ?* ?'?' lug "public broiling up its origfet wing of tidcrali-m *i ' icvaou' i 1 .. "fated root In tout nay o. si My had rewp. n*. Iron the Ku.|s ror at Paris tin the midohu ci.ent >1 th> election Alvarez eooraiy to h de-ire, it was snesf"d at hy all t.ie Poicign M^a.on , save one, itii U.e de*.U I at ion that he I,ad pe Iflghi* tort ones iijsiu tb' i'resid*n ? y, sod li at all ih- mwni eisofthe Junta had rompro mi'fd theinseive- with him. A'. Thi - rl? of st?ndnrs werr cirew'atad liy foreiga < (h. ials tar and wide nllirig A It,iter a thief, I si I ariao, an-l so'catcil with Auwric .o li.il tatei. I" -1sail arid moid- i hi* eout.".rvnien. I knew \lvsrer. we 1 ; he ha* O" nn,p nf the Indian Wood in bts rein or Ins iiearl, and witti f.i lews avsg lie-* a.id m .re whl'e .pte; g.-ncw t(,sn eota Anes ever d.syiaje<l or cortld ever rea*'h. Ilso foreign miu isters, n t w vhlng to n" 'gnlre hurt, ail ? ted to ? st< in It ne< e wtry to <*11 a Junta tsi aacertaia whether itwoul) proper t > loan at a provincial town ? .at of the e*t Pal of tlm < .ntry. sod in lir.p" t<? cntiap the Al.ericnn vHnis'-T ia thi* firm of demurrer, so as rot tofelicitiie lorn until his arrival in the city?to give lime, money ami pportor.ity lor art ither |r< nocciane n to, if the hea-l of <*s re l-o retor could le" pur<-hxs* 1. When the vote-wrn p I m i the ri .to .f lh? \fW matr* of the I int.*l .-tat- > was in d? asaion, he ssx -a rotil [or " Cuern?*a-?, ' in th* Z"U' rsl diljgance." I he next looiking he was !? iV'-c by Alvarez, and tlie courteous address aid resfs.nse thereto by ths President "brt created uss cons > rnation among th# diplomatic wlr tiuller*. It was sad ,woly fjuud that the on.y cans# < f 'ieJay m hn leaiag th'.r felicitations ?u the wan of I h- H ? oa! ' In e- r. * - | i ..rid. 1. aril i ? oe Minister of ih? t nitisi "ta" was r? turning iu hi* plsin ml' std the democratic diligent* b> the city, the aval <ade i f Por< pean 'iipl?o>atic dignity wa* pr vn -ing In fall cap ami feather to iV> the ohse'/uious otic psntii-r under a sateeseort to''uemavaca Ilntf. r Mr i.ad?lcn'a pr. np' action, a* w?h as ju?t the t irwpenn hw?P .as w ul.l not have recngn z>d tr?e trioinpl '<f the fovolutlon on 'be plan nf Ayutla I*. **s 'he Aioariran M.o. t. ? ' |wo ? le. laraiioo of tb" legality of th* slec'lon the* coerced th" representatives of other fe wer*. Tlsank '.od, en tralivrn, unde- ih< seed of vpanlsb 'rem-hfry, ami l>?ck?d by Ifritlsh and I r? nch initioen ?, is dead e y .nd '.be p .ssr oi res"-s-l tat ion. The I nitrd r-'aies will not tolerate P 'Hem h? r lwirdsra, sml her Mirus ei baa nut r mraH 'he fact from foreign legations ft. Onr Verm Cm lorrsapMidr nre. Van Cnr *, Now. t, IMA ?ffcomcr r'nitsn .fytUt?On IMti at Pto f 'zi.s?/e 'v'/sic </ .Vstii/iKii /A pit rat wsi?tb Us <JU Jf.zicw>Ja Ud'j .Sonfa Antui? \tUif tt s/'gy- JfussZ. r,,i/ I 'rwti '"XurA Jfowi?o-rv-s -TV Jfortom/'"*f -~~H' W'fk at Tnmfarn. I rr'tumesl to thie moct hor.de city, from my dying visit to the ever fhithfal island, on board the *'f*nlsh teenier Mexico (late the ( oited states,) via -isal, (pro noumcsl -sea >al, ami so s*IN, you know, frrrm * biated mermaid ol that itk,) making the mn In a fraction over hve days which was pretty god. aider of the iaat filibuster steamer l,'nit?4 ttste* s m>w ?tj?uxhxu.j>, TAliwi Use Hu si ll ggaos* dauin a thing for dead slow, that nai.xe ought to do It. By tlie Way, tin* ft great diverrtty ?f Opinion hern an to how UiB ln.ua acquired poeseasion of tht- ship, her ar rival an the pii>aeer of a new line baring erflwted quit# a sensation strong't tbaCktalan potinmr*, Krfnchgamini, German hntiman, Mexican p , aud Kngfcsh snobo. Tbe point in diapute in whether aha wue purchased or in "one of fv many which the magnanimous nation haa

found It codti nient to seirc from 1m Yancaraof late." Thia l? a meia ucboly thet, for, notwl'.hs anding the lu.ll crounncni of the thing, it in nad that we ahoold even be dia cussed by the rile rahl.le ahiojo in nucii a manner. The decadence of our national character in foreign laala erer nltco the inception of U e Fillmore aoddrncy, in too furn'ully evident to fhoee who travel for something be yond mere pleasure hunting, if Mr. Fillmore himself were to tiy the incognito a little, he would make discove ries yet uud.earned of by one who sleep* so well u' nights an be undoubtedly does. I iiud things in theeo [.arts worse thau over. N? government worthy of that name has yet been formed. Alva re i. yot remains in < uoTuavsca, nud no persuasion can induce the wily old cbiel to trust his tor/tui within the tlmita of the cavitul The Id fellow declare* ttin air of his na'lve uibuMalu irgriws mucii better with his conatitatton. t'scampe, who wai entru-tial with the |?irlfolin of Foreign AtTairs, renounced his charge many days ago,ani though the pont linn been offered successively to four in dividual*, no one has yet been found to fill il. This i not a It lie strnnge. for the pry is gwsl and tlie plunder magiiilicout?though old Saudi Anna sucked the c.uii' ry so dry. aud left so many no v public debts that tlicra will be nothing to steal for many a day. Ily the way, (here you'll oaidon a tittle episode.) have funny accounts of Hnnta Anna during ins late l.xgira?all highly tllus tratlve of his chara< ter for rapacity meanness and tn-? tiablc IIVUI I. e. flu. last M| ha OH bin w is lo roll the Custom House of every cent?wbl-h. however, was nut miieh?of rash on baud, claiming It as back pay doe him an President arid General of Division. Next he abandoned the iwn ve*see which were necessary to eerry tills Cesar and his plundor. without a word of thanks to the officers or crow and without distribu ting ? solitary real among them, ulthough tew of them liaa liail any nay for. m. ulhi . We then hear of hiui at Puerto Principe, lighting cock end engaged In petty squabbles about Ins tavern bills. Then ne turns up in Ft. Thomas cited before a in?gtst rate's court for refusing to pay the charter id a vessel which lie h ad engaged to take him to lagunyra. he having broken the con tract because lie had subsequently been informed tbe cholera was prevailing at Garaeaaa. Thus we have, In stieng relief, sou.e of tbe snlient points that went to makeup that "wondrous whole," known us n "Serene Highness" and "Grand M.iater of the National and Dis tinguished Order of Guadalupe" ? to wit: meanness, In gratitude, theft, a taste for low unmaemuuts, dirty trick ery and cowardice? And the sole joy his hulled spirit knows, 1 In this forced flight, is plonu'ring as he goes' Fo let os leave the black beep and return to our moti'i mr. After all, those Mexir.n statesmen oeve've great ere lit fur the n< lo 'j.r-c.rfsr/i style which tlu-y iiuvc affected. It is certainly more praiseworthy llian that rabid tenacity of office displayed In newt oilier countries. Better to bi.se a ni-w u.inielry every toitntght tUsn to lie ridden lorevtr by eoiiio Old Vit.ii o| the Sea, such as a Xiiiieue- ? Hichelieu, a l'ltt, a Tulleyrau!, a Mr ih-rnich. or a Ne< rode. Isit us, then lore, gire tl?e-e Mexican magnates n I im.n ner of credit for their modesty. If it co.ud tie said with out conveying a slight Insinuation igain-t those who do hold office. I would make ca U recu-uiit noble Itoman de claie that-? When vice prevails, and impious men bear sway. The post of i.onor Is a nriv.ite s'atiun. But one must not I.low hot and cold with the svme hitath. I have not yet discli .rg.sl all my wiatli against the ' out*," and II Is too soon lo h.-glii to pitch into the "ins " Kesent di vel -pemcnia haw however given tie a furious ln< libation to mount .he lein-e und ll tbe " 1.1 beiale" (t) d n't prove themselves very Ubu-ai, I'll go over to trie cm m. I wus always an admirer of your e y. ten. of taetics, Mr. Kditor. and always help the out Mm lo get iu, but the ruumcat Iftey are Mcarrig | t'xad, of>en upon Tin a rcgubi. F-ba-topoi einnonade I make'em le?l as Gortrchal.ofT il.l under tbat./cu itmj -r'. I Thla Were the aim >-eh?to In g.es| . od.ti .n, prevents rsni eis (|. II, I atinp into the b.siv fe-liti-- .ind gives noil loo UwofltMk en In lire .in ' line- to p a toe tbl vuiieiy ol :i ..initiation* will,h they would like I > Is. at llut I'll now .-Ivc yon u summary of n -i-. wlilch don't ansouut to ynu' b Mexican al.airs being si nply iwii <f it'ii<?; i, ( , kievosu affairs. | Tiny do s?y a (aoiinnent luiiii.-try e..n't In. bimfi.ls can-call the mitoVts yet pr> pes. d me tied. an J aoo.e what owii ri</<'Is ish. and that trie first thing tnoy a<e after is ti.e c hurch property, full vl bVM'tl 1" nil llie do'eucy party down op. n them? waerriwiw<? saint.- and all. But it is said toe cliurrh Has made the n.-w g> redioint a loan of HUO.OOn winch l< equal to about or e per emit of ita capital ! Ibl- I dou't belu-vf. Mother church has aaar. r done anything of the kin I In 1bi< coi n'ry before, and el.y a'c Id sin throw a *<>p . be bloodhound- now* No! Flic i - too sac.ire in the Initii aim zeal (which iriiorafli p-.q l? vzll higoliy) of h--i si.a-. Ho hold <-n i Id ledv. < Id fo i. <z I >-ias who kflle I liim-lf yexrsn.-o hy.it tacking the church property, h oow gi o'loiisly permit t.sl lo hold the tx.?t of lute, lor Groifint of tin I'osi ohic*, but which give* him no set Iu H i cabln.it. lie is trying to run. del tin po-tal -y.m . f t?..- .un'.y, whl lr is In a moat primitive eorwlltion; .-low enorni?? isly n,* ,y not reliable Gotoer 1'ab.n.iUo ( - iota Ann.. . I'o-ii aster Geberali Is that distlngo lusl col-n-1 who starved rh ? score of Kienrhmen of Mejia's llr-t . pe>lil(on and wb" were captuicd at l .oij i o, k'-eping'h'-m tor three or four duv> without f.si' or wa*. i. stt I then -hot lie in all This I- In-lory, am It is specially stifiulstcd in 'he 1 rei li treaty of liii.'? th-.l he should tier- ignincnpl yel "T hisgoveriiuieat an?where on the i.t It wis tin Ibis man that the I nl'e I -'tar mall a riving tr mi V * ' rlenns wa- reguh.ry ;ted, vl dated a id agree p. rth n of it entirely uppios-.-d during tHi -ants Anna f'film'. Vettt.eg V' iibi.-nt at Wa-lungton meekly ic vlh d I ini loprofs's an arrsng.-ir.eti' P?r 'u-fter p >?tal rc latlone ' I* oura the land that "ace had an Andrew Jackson, or was he a ruytli Th.-y ate hi.lug a tefHkie time nt Tampion f;?r/-. tba " lilmral" Gnv> raor of tb. later! f.ciullpa. is le ,.-g it git. T i aeon la, tli* conniander eft1 iu-id.-r- -..ys in a ? lletal too, vn.l in fact iiont. j -w.-r tron tn new government at Mexico, having ' n app li t. lto -inee. d e-.sanova, now pr|e,n?r In bio Jinn lc ' lloa. ilio rorre-pondewee wt.ich pre-e.b-d tic !. ??tills . I. tiano-sndsiif. rh an a.ncnt of pstilotism an : . -si i.n.t llfs My ' Is addon displayed .-Ten in tin Hnt this I - a ccs-u I. it'j to. fulfill Malm Mil ratanl*a Offlrf. THE UTHiDITIOII Of THK KKKNCH POhiriVIt ciiAMirn with rowjKKV Nov. 17.?In th* MaU r <<f Sir' >' *? v, tlfoii?In eon ? i*ju< n*<* cf tli* dee.'rloti of Vein a an I Bel'*, /euylnr the in .lion for % tui '>?*? r >r|> i . *n?l In pur ?uai>*'*of th" repor' r>f Mr >iri n ? ine' Morton, th* ??cti*r-d w.i* irle.-ed to be return' I to tli I'rtrlif r 01 n.nil. II.' f >l!o? 1147. orr*-*| oii*'oii. ' im- Ui>CD plw ? IrnHi*'? 01 fiiv I W tMiiaoiot, N<rv. 10 It'/. ) '|o *11 to whom Ih?- pri ?qi? conn1 n ? n.- -W,'.* *? V. i el'trlf <U> BnHW*?n < loir*. <1 Auniri " In* '? oity th" t in or i.r of tin k'r*ioftl, hn'lt mnoi r?| ihlo m. .n ? nforioltjr with th* trenti I el .*? i tli* I mi ?! -'a ? of An <ilra 'iikl Kranro. for toe rntt'iir. rre.ulatr f i no inn I ImMw fraamj utlc* ' ml ol.'I it Waalunif on h '.A1h dny of I i be.tary, 1A4.1, r tin H* iv i of N o liol It Porl.h n, rhetgel wlUi ti n mil.' I r. . jr "1 ;? .11l**'l I) K r*nr? ul vkw*t* t i*l Si ? *lr n lit* Wn found In'I* ?tnt* .if *m Y?.rh, i liin th* ila/lotion of the I >.Jw? <1 P?e?*e, *1*1 ha* t pr*'.*" llmrilf and in .lu** form of law tain l.r. ni"tn y> Mor'..ii n I . run.i- h n* r , ..i.ii*?t hr t ? ' Irrult f 'ourt of th? I n,i*d -t.it* ???', i. ,i - ..jr. <iu tllalrte.l of V. w Yo*?, for imniin.il i i?p h *n ?( . harp* of foifprjr. .n .| wh-'.a* th- ? ,. r halli found an.I **ljo y*d lha '.In -? ? i> r, ' agnir.i*t the *n|.| SichnUa * n. Ill n I* n' -r, a ,i* ju*'iiy Mar. iiimltin- tit op*.n it,. . .4i*r o r/tiy ?* af i. -*i<l, ar.d hM tl.ora.fore or'i*nd 'in th i Nl*l. I*, -ur'llon ta? cofninitt* <1 p-trao ? nl f i tli. pr* i n ' ti'.* ??-I tre.ity , iw.w, th-? pre? i ? * * ? r. hn loltad f*t?t<? Mar*hel for ih< ? ithern J.? i.. t ?' N. i York, or ?fan/ other p .l.l. . fit-**? |? ? h*? mf elnip < r <u tody of th**fot t I Nr - . io .r. 1. -on* nd*-- and 0* \?#r hlrri op t t ?n? il ? o-rel of krone* at Now York or t*. *n/ ..th* * p* ?/ ? . Ih'tlaod by the auth i jti-? of lag t. ?? i* '. in into ci?t'<ly. In teatlmonr eher ? f I. VII.Um I lit" * '?' of Mat* of tlI nlted -mi* <f Vnv l it* h-.'.t' tnarl my name, nil'] cao-*d th.. -ml < i the IWpat".- I' . t flat* to be aft. i**1 at M a-hlor' ti th.- -. ?t**-nth 1*/ >f Noregnber, A. 1? 1*". .nd of th. mi ? ?>, e ,f . t nlt.d ?l*t * the MOth ? I. MAItf'V f own Uft fllMkil M I " a * f/4T" I *, I .Vl a lofck Nor. 1?, 1AM , AtdtiniM T. IlllITIM, fop, I lut.d la'. ? VI.. ? S?W Y'lk.?Olr?I h?ra* Irrof/od J it h '? "? l'"Vr ? V. orr.h?r 1.1, l?tJi. rerom.*- **.i*>* to in .p.- n th. "lortioflyoa h>T* ma/t* of Mr. f?.r? r.,- |. Vi, ? * ye i .W[ uty,(t<j r.nroy to >r?r*a hi ' ? ' ri ? ? *t**l for f rr> ry, In the ruuoe of th* ' ,r* * ? *? ? ??1 wh*?o ?vtredlth n ha hn*Ti fr?n? I V. * - > ? fit* a mo< **i>t to orwrpt Mr Ih An*>rii?" awrrV** anal I t ??r ?? if If* I him ta. perform ?*..! duty. Mr I* Vnf tm?. tail* ready V> m*11 V morr* w hy th* A**r *h *iV th* I rr*H*ot'? wm-r*nt -4 e'tredftcm h* -**a ? o hy /on. <>>na??fa*mtly I late ta> r*>juOat of yon the' ea ? ? n m the order of deh/oriuf to r. the * - ? *r *?.<il i*v h yoa. to *on*il*r Mr l>e An(*. a ?* ?/ * ?n I re*t i|?tit, ertrttoM to take d**H-rie*>.t *h* f* V pr. ' r?er and to eow?a*y hun. on ier * .'' Ay ? ? ?*ard of I ti* A r a |f*. ajgd r.mfunt hiro nto th. haute of .? I ia priial ?'.Uirttey. Very r*e??*<.;-iU/ y ira, ? IffIV TTfa 11' tn fiorva il '..-neral i* I rin** lleoelred froan A??renan. t. Hillyrr. f'a*i,, t - M*r*h*l for tie- -*.a*.h*rn dtetrwt of *>?? V .rk, I'a* taely of Si oia* J*4al'l"n. to he r?tJT*yad mi t*?rd of the A af . end -.mdeefod he aw to Itair* >nd 'ti the t.awhif the Imperial attorney, pa ran nt * ? th* fure f-.nf inrtriar'.hma .d th* tonaal i.?o*Tal /f >*%?*? I at**'. Vrw. 11, 1AM. U.i.fs/'l l*aAV*,tJiH. 1 H T'ti/?, fawn r A>r Treneh f/rernr ?o* I fflrar l? Ar;*tt? ao-t the pn oner aa.'-? *? 'i* t'.e?x ta*i *la?|' /AAVUof^ ^ etvU4A^ hu haaVpn Military Aflklr*?Parade if Target Com Tbf wi*itb?'r during th? fltrly part oflwt w^k wai? (fot up after Ue mont approved Indito ?umm*r f**h?on, and the military r? ui| ant?* hiul an excellent opportunity of boniig tlieiunelv * off to the beat ad \ an tag v Th*jr w?t?? not hovtrrr, n* i?uro?rnu* an in former waek.", but on TVanWiHvii k tb#?y wilt no doubt, loom up largely. 1h*? Ij|?d?ey Hue*, Captain t^igar A Kob*rte, parade I to tb? JUvrr ttouae, Harlem. U*t Wtxlnewlajr, i^r tnrffc practice Thla company *a? in a dim iter mannor to the National i'Uaid' whom thoy rvtembl* vary much in Hpp? amort* and <11111, carrying tb?lr arm-* In infantry e'jl?, and lUftrchJiiff in rntikN im*tead of t'io u?uai platoon*. The 'Blue*" tiiimbemd to\ muakrt*. and their steady atop and soldierlike ??earing won tor th in ineiittd encomiuma iiH they tnarrhed thiougli th" <By. ( n wii'-lngot the liner House, they f r U prig.,*, ?lti r w h" h the* partook <? f a dinner, at which ?|?" In, Wi'it* made ly .Uifernian (Iriflitlia. Captain Roberta, n?i>?. I ilea kni , Air. Campbell and otaer*, all ?f wh"ui were \ < Ifetnualy chiw ed and tigertd. The '? Blue. iotu-u,>d loihcciti mil with lk?i,?l?w, 'he world '.ui the iur1, >f Piiinki> d, nud not * hit " bluer "mil w ,,n tiny ii'.uted. Sbelton'a full band accompanied IUi, coni|'uny. Too Ma<h Ward Municipal Corpa (.-Hath ward police; parade) lust Wcdueeday, unilar command of Capt. Jn-epi I nwllnv A Utg" nnmUr of priitea wore dUtrtbured among ibe member* Tbi, i? "na of the iu<>?t h,nl?"rk ing and efficient police c op, m the citr am' de-erre * build., v far more than Ul- ' f Uieir nelghbrma, wltn h ivn leco a'uik to do and more tlma to do It In. Theinaren ing aud "hooting of thi- coni|>atiy waa ?ery creditable. The Ugh'ceo tli Ward Municipal liuard, cmpcoed of the police nllb cm ef thcw.rd, mad# their cnotenidated teg' i ct' iiraion under the following .iffl. ern <i. W. Mailing, Uptam K. B. Hr<i?h ^ooond lieutenant; J. (?logon. Fourth Iieuter ant, T. It Bennett, Hr.t liau icount. II. Bunion, Ihird lieutenant; it. Kaetm-imJ, Fttth lieutenant. Tlm company numbered forty nt'iakc'.*, ar >t wrie nrentnpauleo I? yr Hholton'a Band, fl eir appear - aocc waa soldier like ami orde ly. The Independent llouvirnour lfluea, (.'apt. Mc'larvey, went oil tlnir -eventli annual target excursion t" A.toris, turning out over '.0 muskwla. liny looked and marched well. The BlUa (luard paraded to the Itlier Houae, Harlem, under eoniniand of I'npt. H. It. I'a,ey. he port *|ienl*a highly "f their diill and aucreaa in ahooting. Tlie City V'lonr Mill tluard i'apt. k t". V. Bl-bop. pa raded to Atrykoi'a Bay, with 41) inuakeU and 10 InTtted gin ate. 'Ihey i-hot fur 44 prixeo. Thla wa< proo"unee.? ene of the beat coinpar.le- viritlogtbat place thl--uinmer. I Jlwity tluard, Capt. O'lk.nnell, 26muakets, and W.iah ipgteii Itand paradeil to lloboken. Coiuu-b (luard, Capt. Wat?a, with tlO mnaketa, and Shelton'a Baud, proceeded to Hoalilng. K. V. Iluughwnut (luard. Capliiln lubn Wlllianiaon, (Ontuaket.. went to I'or*. lUebmond (their third annnal cxetir-loti) la-t week. They ronta.ted for 'IS pri/? ?. e in alatlog Ol one gold Wat' h one all?i r tei act, two nlver pltcl.era, one mauUfiil chin* ewer and '.a-in, "ilTer g-.b !e?e, .llyer aalvera, .I vor card and cake basket., richly engrtye't glai-a go det Ac (iiinlths (luatd went on their tir-t annual exturalon, rnrndo"! with '.8 n. u>kp<? ronminnded by Captain (I. W. Ki-ily i?ctv?nip?nf^l !?y Wnllgn*'^ lliiifl. Aftvr r?'?,iviMg u I??rrr number of wnatb- w? i? h wore provfltad to tbo company as token" of friendship tnwanw the member*, to I e pot up as prlxea, tlipy embarked for Bull'" Kerry, where 'bey ronteuded for III mm prlo'?, wlilch were awa'd'd to the la-at m.irkauien then aferpaiUklng ol dinner, they returned to the rl'y in go d apt lta. I aw*OB Hnnrd, wllb Koblnann ? Band, o(Heere,t by ' bp tain.lnhn Kay. l ieutenant, Irwin nnd Mrlntyie, ?i?it.d n. Ib n-.n Welt, lor ting-t pr ? 'tee, on M m-Uy la d. kenta thirty pilx*? were dhlrlbii ml, and but for the no cl, Hiency of the weather would have been a W"t iri uuiphant parade. Tlicnl re* null Kxtilhtltnn* BnninwAT TmiTaK.?The drama eolith-! I.orretia Poigi", l? aiinouni-ed lot lo tooirow evening, in whieli ti c eminent Atneilean actre i,. Mr*, 'all? llayne, will hii-'nin tl e character < I I.uc etln Hie fat ??f "I" I'aiia and Heel.," will al-o lie played Bowm'v TinuiriiK ? A new draiiia -tvh-l the Wldtn Wolf,'' bt an lion no d Inr to monnw night, togelhei wj'h tb< comedy <if Mppe.l In the Bod,' and tin UugliahlC aiee ef Fortune'* Krollt." Bi htov a Tin nut?The popular remedy ot rttdl Water Kun* Keep will I"- pl?y*-*l t?- nmriow erenlog with tbo ii?uat ? ast. 'Ihe in w I urh-i(iic of"\ illikins end hi* lllnah, will IB ewiae Is- played. Waii.V k> Tl'lJklkl ?The'" pi.:-e "?Ihi I'owau.i, ' Mm Meat t<-?<tny Tin- I. mo lit a Infer, arc tt-eptm-aa pt> * !ml -y Walla k lor to nwilt' i ct ?Hrt((. Win li e Mis llii.i company continue to till th'-lr beau ifu! liii'J VTtry nigllt. Tin taneofth. Muiinny'' le it 0 leadli g 'eatuifor to ni" roa ? v-iitiig Rl ' Mil'* KKWyiW'' are to prod-iee their eiK-lb r.l hurte-'iiie op#-ra "f ' -"to? :.'rit?i*!?-? t"-niorr"W nig .t ?iih ihc lineal goo,I ;i?t. H- in i AM' Tii* M'auii'.si ?Ttie l.-ndon At!*' mil/Ill, <let tli -ay* -'Thi Newl orker altar all, ha*" Kiel lh." Ma seilnl," out .f Mile. Its'In !. He "I"' I!u ht she wa* treated by tb-oo t a ? * "id- snt I'm wirhrd *uie struck up under her wind ?w, af'er mint con.Iliu enlary iiiu.ic ha i en- "I tin thi, M. Ilan i?"l I , | p. i t.roihi, ire* lit *. 1. osait I ii-'uin tli .n! I,, I.f . i... r >,SIII ing the IT-' utorstu her mine-, tbua W* ellr in* "ked, thai she Won I'I ? ng th<- " 11 rn le on the ?. irite t Nilltal'b- oeca-l' i'. Tl . -. we ob ?< !*??. Ml r !U ch' l ba- nice done, "D.I t" 'ha Iu;mI aii lleor ('ha * f.ly very large -ne iml' i-dI wkl< H .In v* yat attrs ed luAim rtfa. II .w the bnlj *ill 'He ??" r .fn,.ll?n' ? with 11 ?' |Kis. . wh" ' lib 'he /'....? I iii?? i" ii.iie 1'.,- hi lory -d tie - ?it ?'???-?' ? '"He New World mnat b< traced aire ng tlm otli* elteiy --n - ol II" time; hilt it i" not * i 'ca-ant l.l-tory to 'rsec nor oie I.'oing gis. . any ' the |warti, - . i ? 11' I Ide uhrnn I ai "Ugh) "' know -a' he w lode e*,-.ta-,'-nt th< wnel '? was gut "p -K'-'e ?? " 1 "' aiidtb.it tin- ?Pio|"ilB?ii let"' wnllelt, h'-I w?, acting there, would 1 ,v li'l'-d tl" !a*i ??* th ati*1 Ion h o Unco ltinea "*'1 TO Tit)'. FIilTOi! OK TMK IlKHAI.ln Sit t in- Nov. IT, 1" i?n Wednewlaf evening th amlleor' ,< 'b' It- any thraliew ieastonl.t'isl J a plae "fa ling WI " hlh -t.gw l.as not '???' tin .pliwie "! tor y r- 11.. pit* was --A Saw Way to l .y'dl Ik-bt, in wb.. b M Hoothioyd kalrdoufh uiwle h t"-' ippctiau- ? city Ihis I"'utl.:n?n lundei.ljn I- I'' tb Ik ? t wi.r-ie I"* I * lean playing un " n .-??"nwi n . o t-r the U.'th aa I" four yrara. In ap." of ' ui dull' ' tlrs w th Whn h lir lu.il to i onlerid t" "V . pwrla" at ." gn. not only to lb- public "I tin- ally hot o the o p : S Who -O* p .1 I'd III' 11' ' ' '? Il'g ? and the aplihnoo whieli giee'cl it ',i? l 1 n' iu*. ..tie . iba< n hid.n <f the louith a" I" ? m ? h.u-1 * ??l a t or "y the gem ,1 ?' ?? 4 "" "? ?' '*? and iii t fcahlowabljt audicn a" tif i < ' ng l? tl.e .all" ell . Mk'wery II ? .- ? .Bed ? ' tcfore fie eur'a'O, at tlm ' ml of tin I' ' ' . a- Id a I mull ofappt.u-e *nd letl-wl wi'h th i.c.-'y rhcr. fr* in tb" Ji| s "( bis da* gh'-d an lb I Pave h.en ?n eye will.e.. of t? ? l ' L-r'.'.-t iri u lo l.l* lire, sod r in oul) iy to i ?? -I|., ,( the tel. luniaa Br?tiis ll 'I ol tb* lain j dar* of b,t t'auwei n arhad hy IK* '"f"'1 ? litdlane*, "1 *I"U I am ro'ibdeul <li ? opto t.y all judge and admirer? the plaaMie olwt'.w.-lr g ilj T f U sir. . i ' uU f*K ??id .it r?i in. Ibf Turft I *10* lOIMMt, I.. I. TROTriV'.. ,A t II ' t ii *?'!) f"r I "i Ultra in '? h t? l *a/- -, mi * off Wwlnmlty t/f - rrwi'/n, bata-io f. % i. ^ Ikart-.ris ? '' 1 ft'l I" r fUrtf i?f lf?' *???< l|i? ran %M 1*0*1 tj W/l/.u Th brat Ifnii m, iv r n| to bftte D"ft fhaii fl-rf ar.anl !t* / til 1(i> lo ff ii fif tim i, i* it i. ,r-l. th* ilrirrr -I'lba ? i; "i" -?< f ?> ?'.,!??? f>??? ? >1.1,'- I'ltml'i /bill.' *4ji i*t ), ing'tn h*/t tiror* lait'off) than tin nOn .4! flu' m m bin th* 'a** Mi Iff -nk ? 'tin* Ha fry tit* h ? ?t km . ri-J tlini H f iui H?lr?ir tm?* h | Ian f if tit* r*ri.% * i|*r iif lit* rat *. iiNti if Jifikln* ?1ri\t lb- * Ati ? g h'rr-* flit fl'tftilll ' w?t tmail f-,1 n>r*?H Ii nyVn a-n t? - I- m TWjt ?*r? I * at ' h?*'t Jul mi . ? -I If* A > lla-ry ? <,?r. 1 ii i-l a' l' ? ? ? 1- iff ?It it- . - a ?1 a :? ffc II- ? ?-'.???? 1 \j f m ?<- I I,, .1 !? pt-l- ai/l ?!? wnl? aft ? ??*?' tral.-tf ?? ng ng ii tl. ?? hat ? 1 -??-it I!' ? k r a fa n ?t Ik* ilraa/a ?n 1 j(piri at th? f'rf'?'tor*, Th* f*?j r*.nt "uffaittil til* ?*; an-matl 'Km n, par tain a Ati i?a ar i|tr?* Irnftlti ?h-*'t al 'It* ,t? ta-r tfto lla' ' ? ? ?C?,n f "J"1*" '* '"'b 1'atf. ? ? 4 a *a II ali 'I,' ?ay 4h ? an half a <l","ft ?? 'tftl < a ? wi.ifi h?y **?.* In tli? ? '? tfu* f tt? tt in ? ; T>.? l?y ' r I* *1 *h' U?* in ? *?Kl ?a* a t-./-* i < b tmhtaU al 'Ii* half mil* l? h Wat-hlnc'tai , ?r*-f ap -fa* b< fitt-*lr-*ih an ' ?? n ??* In a* *a-r I'--* a ta Vinal/M (r-ra It^nl r ar - ?b1 th* p** Inrt t"i' M'- in-a* b- '*i 'b*y "?**If 1 *b* irti [*4?. Harry t* 'If 'ha 'wal lifr?t*rH -a -r> 1 fifat t 'h* ?*??' arnt 1* r?-4 a pap < ?? , ?&? Unar' ? I" 'I'" m * I" ' Th?? ? -t? f -'latly 'II ?ft* jr.-a J ram '"*t *b ar - - - ? b* br *? lla-'i ?atr ?<t-'rn a It* it r I ? altmatl ? a (p*'t r* Tlitr- ?*? r.o biAif? ntiaaf !'*'? n 'h* MiUtiHi - r 111 tk> > *?r ' "?* ?" r<l'? "> "?* ?'??!?? att.-^b flbtrf I- *? ?!?' *?** ??'' ? "I ?aa I in ? .? a/a b a' U>- - "? "* ' "Ml*, 3 4 u? >at 1 <? n ? -Jilt'-** ??bltr| n lb* pp*r t -r, .' h* At*-'' * "1* '?'k'tratat *ry- , .b? war tu'ft antjf #a It tfb' tba' h> ? , ,M am ??* Kr?v ll* ?a? a 1 Wb *1, ml bo?*??/, ?b*? it#* tan# t' 'bt " '* tim* * DM "*??' ?Harry u?i tb? w?-1 w , mw t h, f at. stall' k* aattl Waablftcl'-ttth*! ahastl aat-1 ? ?i'b* fa*? *?tjr 'h* l?T b-ra* "i-if rmrj tfratj Tttr* ? tr.? . ,1 ? a <n *?!?> f <m baa' 9 II TV ? IV alt* * ? unmarj ? V il *an aT, >'/* I< ? Mattb, %'Jf) tb>*9 to I* baatM, to a a# -it I. J. c,k ?* nam*"* f f. 't?orf* Waal. ?rv-n . ' ? I II T gyUltf MP ? | Ha-rr-t ?V ; 1 . ? i-**t - U?J '/*?'<-U AFFAIRS IN EUROPE. Tll? AXHjO'AMKRICAN WAS Our London, Pari*, Madrid, Borlin, M euna and Stuttgard Correspondonoe. The Gossip and News of (he Old World. Ac., *o? Ac. Oar Liimhiii ( ori. nporuir ????. Nut. 2, ISM. Lord Yric A'/pr? TV Amrrirxw MinttAr In-u'tfi?h tkr Ttm't or Hrituh (rom-nmrni A'mjwuh tU ?<?., ?lt. After all the (u-s (ilxtut the downfall of Srdiastopot, IS turn* out, a* I Mated at the lima, I bat the Kuaeiaca oafy A for -trnteglr ri'Mom, the smith nida of Uir* ?own, ami toot up no str?-uf a position on Uia north iiUtn flint the allies were .Mtaid to attack them again. In or ?lor that the public lu-ght not dt-cover Dm bu t of Uabi Imrrrn victory, nn expedition wn* ordered *galn?t tlw< celebrated agonal of Mk"!?l? || near (Me***. Am tin mense force* i?f KH vessel* art off to accomplish this jmr toiitoua task, but, an the Tim ?# corrfepondent itrt nun u/i thin morning, the allied admiral* were obi if <1 to con tent thlOiMltM with the veiy email performance of cop luring a fort garrhoned |>y 1 f?00 mm, and have abaci, dnoeil all Idea of fur ther ootxjuesU this year. Thr gov ernment het?, I know, are afraid to attempt more, lent they might fall, a* fall they probably would. Allot afl tbc bluster of the tint" Mid Lord falairrston'* crowing what nan now to l>e done to stave oft the public diiup I ointment at t b?* allies going into wiutor ?|uarU>rs, I ear. ir,/ the IliiNsion* n< t only in the bi Intra, but In the pna renlon of hall the town of Hwbastt pot t liaise a nnwr Inane elewhne wum eleuilv the boat policy, and so draw ? ft the publtr'nrtmi from th- Crime:* and it* hm tromingji. This ingenious do ^e pir-otilrd ll-eif at once to Mwrt 1'aimer*ttru'x tortile fancy, no doubt, audit t? just on?i of thoni conjurer ? tricks he has u peculiar rehab for. "I will aend a few hip* over to the W? *t In lie- aud kl<At up a tmtan with thv Vafikeoa,'' <M>Ub*{ut'etl tha playfrtl I'lim# Mlnbter In hb itnergtof) * 1 til a will have t?ko effect of ewjdos ? g the ive?t|wjir? and milling public, mi that our giving up ih< cuinj uign in tba Kaxt wilt escape common t. He-tlea, U will ke? p lb eo brag gart Au.rrima In a little better order. They vrill "wag g?*r le?* about our recruiting, they will mini wlnl Diep are about in Central America, and they will keep Modi paw a off Mexico " Jlcy proato, awav went th? order, and away writ Uia ship*. 'Ihe Ural *?(!? t ba * aii-woved all th? I'msita'a expectations. Tlie I'lea of a seiiou* quarrel?U> say no tiling of a war? ba- liter.?!ly "startled the hie (roiti Ita profitiefy. ' 1 he Ci iniou, Mkolwictf, l{ti?*u? Napoleon III., thr line phraae.i < I thr 7iwV rorre?jmr dent, all are f?#r gotten, and On'aatounding jS' ?i lity of ,? ??i with hbn I Mt< d h'tatee ha ? *c a?Ibe.? i? !?, th rikluf, alt tonguoa b> wagging, and all btads to ge-.tbtilaUng The AimH runs hero are <|iiiia wild with < clteio* nt V j??t tlswiri are going homp instantly, to lake e..ntra<-U f?>i butldliag steam IHgatea. i'thsrs till ?-Uy Ittrs to sell the l.tu ls our gorrmmwi'. must tai?? b* pay war egp< 'ia?. Numi sweat th?y win t go houir till the (lag of fiwednm (pea from Tower hill The rngllsh ?ra ?(ult<* as much ui "-??!, hut In a differ rat way. The "rugged Ituaalan h ?r i? j.iita euoagfi for tbrmat prr^enl. They hare net the Iraat disposition to euemintet the claws of the American eagta. Not ? uHk a foul as that. John Hull. I oid rainier Dot* has achieved hi- ubj*< and ha I In* fun, but now '?* me. Marry'* tu'* I- <?nr I rlcw IfllUitr going to allow lb dignity of the g it or cm tan t and the int eit ts ? f the '..tintry to l.*> If iff" d W? b In 'his mpix tfnerd p-nuiier Wpl be suffer gn | h Mim?.wr, Or ai.yiuely el o to M*ud '? portoi. I flw-i w w iuw along tmr e??tt*tr lr Jr?k? ?>t ow o^sf' Will i#ovarn??f Wr y or iff I ?w| l?* o# the I ?il*'d Mates ??t ?? ? to r iroar- and tb*ta tt o from 1 I I'aimeraitai. ? ' I' d Mn.fi w I lalhr?a'e ' tf-wy ? n't -n I I bata s ?u?pu "i that tail ?Malm ? bay rail Mfn lie .? 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