22 Kasım 1855 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

22 Kasım 1855 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 7025. MORNING EDITION?THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 22, 1855. PRICE TWO CENTS. THE FREE ROIL DOW NOTHING CONTENTION. The Northern Seoeders from the Phila delphia Platform. GENERAL COUNCIL AT CINCINNATI. Extraordinary Conglomeration of Political Odds and Ends. lugenloiM Plot for Spllttlo; Dp tbc Ameri can Part)* THE BALL OPENED. OMINOUS PRELIMINARY PROCEEDINGS. t(\, &c? *0. &PHCIAL TfcLKOI! APHIC DKSPATCH TO THK N'KW YORK HlfBALD. ^ CincixxaT), Nor. 21, 1865. The Know Nothing National Convention, called by the bolter., from the I'hlladilpbla platform of June last, met this nioiu ng at the Son. of Temperance Hall, Walnut atieet. The ciuwfl which brought about thig demonstration at this time and place are briefly these. On the 5th of June last past, the Know Nothing Na tional Council met at Philadelphia. 1'he Sontlr waa ?strongly represented, and a fierce discussion on the sla rery question .prong up on the question of the adoption of the plait.u-m pieaented hy a majority of the committee on the .aiu-. The twelfth section, which waa particu larly objectionable to the delegates from New Knghind and strove of the Western 8tat?s, Indiana, Ohio, Wi.icou Min. Rich g.u, Illinois and Ohio, waa wordeu as follows:? XII. Hie American party having arisen upon the ruiD*. and in spite of the opposition, of the whig and democratic paities, canu it tie hell in any manner re sponsible 'or the obnoxious acta or Violated plislges of either. And the syateiuutlc agitation of the slavery qiiea'l'-n t>y those parties baring elevated secional hos tility into a positive element of politics! power, and brouaht ?>nr inatitutlona Into peril, It has therefore he -come the ini peratire duty of the American party to in terlere. tor 'he purpose ol giving peaoe to the country ami perpetuity to the Union. And as expeiience has shown it impossible to reconcile opinions so extreme a. there which separate the disputants, and as there an be no dishonor in submitting to the laws, the National Council lis. ueeraed it the host guarantee of eoramou ?Justice and of future peace to abide by and maintaiu the exls'ing law- upon the subject of slavery, as a final and conclusive ett lement of that subject, in spirit and iu sub'tance Aid regsrdtog It the highest duty to avow their npin? ions upon s subject so important, iu dhtlnct and unequi vocal teruis.it is hereoy declared as the reuse of this Na'iona! Omucll that Congress possesses no power, un der the constitution, to legislate upon the sutijeut of sl.ve-y in ib- States where tt does or may exist, or to .excluee any rente from admission into the I nion hecau>? its constitution doe. or does not rec igniae the institution of .'.very as a part of its social system; and expressly pieternri'tUug any expression of opinion upon the power of Congress to establish or prohibit slavery in any Terri tory. It is the sen-e of the National Council that (smgreas ought u> t to legislate upon the subject of slavery within the Ten it ides of the United States, and that any inter 6 rence bv Congress with slavery as It tx!-ts in tho Ws tret of Col mbia would be a violation of the spirit an l -intention "f the compact by whirh the State of Marylan i oei'ed th>- oistrict to the United Stater, and a breach of - tile nations' laith. The i U.foiut .with the objectionable section hariug -he?*i adopted by the Council, a meeting of the Northern did-gate, ?i- held on the morning of the 14th June, at whth th<> Hon. lienry Wilson, of Massachuretts, presi ded, sod H V. McAllen, of Ohio, was appointed Secretary. TbeTolhiwi-.g series of resolufiona were adopted. Th? . resolution, arc said to have been prepared by Bon. n. J. "Carduer, t.meiuor of Massachusetts:? The uB'<er-igned citizens of the various States asrem bled at fhil? 'elphia on this 14ih day of June, 1866, f e eoustratuei, unoer the existing state of affairs, to affirm the folios Id# principles:? Hr--t. Thi un.'uuaitiinat restoration of that time-hon ored compromise known as tho Missouri prohibition. wh'ch was ivsg rd. in utter disregard of the popular will: a wro-ir no lapse of tim<-can palliate, nnd no pie i for t s cor ."nuance can jc.rtlfv: sndlhat ws will use all em*'itatiotia! meana to maintain the positive guarantee - of it- compact until the object for which It was enacted ha. he?ii r?: eliminated by the admissioa of Kansas and hebra La s? free State1. becons. That the rtgh'S ot settlers in Territories to the frn and undisturbed exorcise of the elective franchise .guMsnived to them by the law- under which they are niganusd. ooulo he promptly prutectiil by Uo national executive whenever violated or threatened, and thit w Osiiun- coiircicutiourly act with tho-e whs will not eld ut ib the ?vrveeiion of thoar nari mal wrongs, and will not even jieroiit their lair cousidcritiou and lull dUcuxxisn. Third. We farther declare our continued and unalier able deieriiiinatl'm to use all honorable efforts to secure suib ? mothi -ation of the ratuniliinth n law, ailed by such eleTa iea of public sentiuwut as shall pre?enre the tru* Ir.'ere-ta of the nation, end shall guaiaatee these vi'sl principles of a republican government?Mil ritual fnednai and free Bible schools- '.hereby promoting the gnat wo.L of Americanizing America Fourth. That we invoke the arm of hglxlatiua to arrest that growmt evil, the depoi n'i n by foreign authorities - sit Dwii|s-r< ?rul convict* to our shorts: acd that, as our ?n inn i'. c limitation requires the chief txecu'lve of our eonutiy to lie of native birth, ?? .lom It equally neces saiy :.nd .rportsnt that our diplomatic reprnsenUtivts elc - sd 'hmd I also possess u ? foreign p vjndires to bias i their ndgmenl or to lafl leuco their official action. Ill nry J. fla-dner, Thomas II. Ford. Hern ? WiikOu, L. N. Olds. J W V?.i?r, Joshua Martin. A i . ? arry, J. K. Mstlby, H W. K gg. fleo. K Mm ton ..'aoies tt'itfingtnn, A. McKay And rew A Illcbmond II. M. MaAllan i W .lASIWIUBK. John C. Rees Anthnoy f'silby, Mictfn-aa. ?0-f II'IIB, Israel Cegrhill, .-be, ' en It Sherman. Moses A. SIcVaoghtu anvi-M. luivnw. Kvelyn I'iorp 'Ut, W. W, Ibiurnhow-jr, Jo-eph 11 Banett, W. H. Young. .lac. I'letcliev, II. nry S. Jennings it" II. f-ullfnrd, 1) f. !ai-tiu;n ,li ft. Hatch. lOW.t. yaiXX. James Thorlngton, l.i M'i. Cowan, Wm laiughrllge A. d. Hl.'hniond, p.gi.nr islaxii. tJ. 1>. 1'tck, Jacob C. Knight. Ji hn 1 Stevens, Na'hanlei (Irrou ,'uli.i sy ward, Wji. 11. Sweet J..' -ph I'ovel? (otitinrn. dsmes M 1 incoln. PsVld B. Booth, ? ruA.ia TTromus Clark, Wm ('uinbsck, N. It. Sperry. . i ii , / Vr Colfax, WSSC iN'Sl >. t rid hire C ttrth. H. C. Wood. J. 1 Harvey, R. Chandler, F. I' Alien. C. W. Cook Jo- It. M Bryant. A f >.moultee ot Corrcspondouec was then appoiuted. IHrilrg 'h? month isf July, the slavery irsuo was bro jjht ,ip In the 1'eunsylTania State Council whlrhmet at He-. i .it and there was another sere ,ion of that sec tion of 'is party headi-d by (lovernur Johnston, who has writ! i ? ( ovciDor t.arduer, of Massachusetts, saying that delegates would lie sent to this convention from f'ennyIva? e. The lignling (Viuncil proposed tha' a Nalio. ai Con* entlon -houll he held and the Committee of let re-pi ndence appo htsj as above stated, Issued the euhjfilard -!?U:? TO TUK AMERICAV TkllTY. TV under-tgmsd, Committee of t'orrespondenee, ap pnio'ed at a meeting of delegate* from various States, ui ?>? - a ui'tiai l ouaeil at Philadelphia, held at the Ulrard II u the l&th ilar of June last, afu- a full Inter change n' ojdi ion with each other ami upon ronsulta tioti with friends inaete'al Htates. di?m It cvpedient that a Notional r'oi.ventioa be hold, u at an early lay to take such i-oon i-l and action ss circumstances may require. W? tl-eret . re mmertd that such rouvrn I .n fie held in the ? ity 'f (In'.nnati, on Wednesday, the 2lst day of November .. x . The I tn.mit'ee would urge upon the State Coun'il of every .-?? e approving of our purpose to take prompt nte.i- > |u ret.d a full fsl'gallr u to arid eonv-ntl--i. each State ielecting the -amc numW of de\.*gates as It is enllt Cli ?? ro Se In the Khctnral CoUrgW: and fn the event that ?oy - -te CouDcil declines or omits to eh-ct dele, ga'i ? 'he t'oaimtttee sugge ts that lojal councils or indl vldw K f?Vi- ench steus In the p:emise? a* may tie nec??. eaiy o -ecui* '.he allotted reprc?.-nt?tion to seld c?ng. a fii u , In tbi- eiu-ention we earnestly deslrs to see repre ?e:,t. ) ail those who are In favor of elvtl fnelom and ru tig; s lli'Uty: all who are opposed to polltinaJ priest era'* -,?d eecli-siastlml tyrsany. anl In far r of tho pr rilege of wnrsliippiog trod accrrdlog to the dictates of imlls.dual cmscleoet: all Who oppose the Importatl-.n ef toi.ig-i laap-rs and :rtuiln*ls. and who favor an ext"n of the period reqai'ed for the naturalisation of fe ii ig ii * *. s. who are in favor of perpetuating th? fnbm ,jf these -'ates, of pnrtfying the bath t-Oov of pr?ssrvlng rath nal ?-T:ue, aud of bringing back the government of the e<vi.-itry to the inligh'?ned petrlotisra of f.irmer ?lays, all who are opposei to the violation of nstinnul Ouiii'liy the reckless sundering <if sacred o-turns eo-t|. ia-t- \e t who are In flavor <1 '.lie ?somttrioml rest^. ra'ion rf thet tlio" hn?'.*aA " wnpr-entse lirvi as tue V ' ? t. -i wn ' - ??? des?r>T--t o --e o. . gard of the popular *111?? wroog no lapse of time cm palliate end no plea for its continuance can Justify. To the cooperation of theee and kindred subjects we cm dally invite all, tn any and every State, to meet toge ther, and in a epirit of fiaternal retard, lake counsel of each other. Oomovb S. Obth, Indiana, A. Mi Kay, Ohio, HBO BY J. Gakd.vkb, Massachusetts, I). K. Wood, Wisconsin, -noni.v a Hinaiwf, New Hampehlre. M. A. Mt'Naftiirron, Michigan, Juero.ru 11. Haruktt, Vermont, p. I). I'w k, Maine, N. P. SnntBY, Connecticut, VT. W. pAinutiiowBB, llUnoia, J. C. K.vkiht, kboda 1 aland, W*. Ia)1'iuiiiriimib, Iowa, August SI, 1815. Committee of Correepondence. A careful perusal of the third paragraph of the above call will show that this convention has met for the pur pose of forming a Northern party, on the ground of oppo sition to the Nebraska-Kansas act. At the same time the shrewd polltl.-lans. anch aa Gardner, of Masbuchu ettta. and Slurry, of Connecticut, vriU endeavor to da up some kind or a platform upon which the Atchison Know Nothing* at the South, and the abolition section of the same party at the North, may stand together. New York and New Jersey will not be represented here. The Massachusetts Know Nothing State Council met at Worcester cn the 12th November. The following sketch of the proceedings will ahow that tlie national members of the party in that Mate disclaim this oonventlon:? Mr. C. H. Basso* moved that a committee t>e ap pointed to nominate to thin Council a list of one delegate from each Congressional ciatrlot, and two at large, to re pieseut the American Council of Massachusetts in the Convention at Cincinnati. The Hon. Da.mKL Wakbkv, of Boston, moved the indefl | nite postponement of the whole question. Upon this motion a discussion took place on the quee- | tii n whether it was for the best interests of the Amerl can party of Massachusetts to take any part or lot In the Cincinnati movement. Those who participated in the discussion were Messrs. George Odlorne, of Boston; A. A. Richmond, of Adams: Mark Trslton, of Worcester; .lames Dunham, of New Bedfoid; B. V. Cook, of Boston; E. t. Huker, of 41c ford; W. A. Harrington, of Biightim; Geo. W Warren, of Boston, aud Daniel Warren, of Boston. (,o? 11nor Gakdnkb stated that he had signed the call In consultation wltli some of his associata delegates, and had received a letter ftom Governor Johnstou, of Penn sylvania, stilting that the American party of that State would send delegates to the Cincinnati Convention. Aldeiman B. F. Cookr and Hon. Daniki. Waubus, of Boston, opposed the sending of delegates as an unwise act as'tliey helleved the Cincinnati Convention Was got up for the purpose of once more attempting to make the American party a fusion party. The motion to indefinitely postpone was lost, and that to appoint a committee carried, which c inmittoo report ed the following list of delegates:? AT LARt.U. Ddetnl*. Ifenrv G. Gardner. Boston. Goo. OiUorne, Boston. , "f 1y Newton. H W. Btnchley, Worcester. DlrtltllTH. I-K. It. "svriu, Faiihevcn. T. ingraham, New Bedfrrd. ??J Bufling'on. Fall Giver. S. O. Dunbar, Taunton. 3_- M. Allen. West Itoxb'y l? W. Boylogton, V Xbrulge. 4?J. M. Keith. Koxbury. J. K larwell Boston g?45. C. Maine, Chelsea. A. <?. Brewster, Boston. #_ A C L. Arnold. Bockp't G. II. Ileveraux. Haletn. 7?F. C. Baker. Medford. Wm. J. Kames, Maiden. g_J. W. Daniel., Lowell. G. F. Johnson lloUUtou. p_ W. d. Thurston. Uucas'r Mlman Day, Temple ton. 10-J. M. BUnchard. Bp'lieUl -has. K. Mills,dinlyoso. II?A. A. Richmond, Adams Hiram Harrison, Westfiel I A. B. Fly, Ea?).. (hard American,) declined servlngeas a ("etecate, and Hen. H. W. Benchley was seiec'c-l to (lit Mm place. Cupt. W. T. Grummer, of Woburn, wm elected substitute in place of Mr. Benchley. tetephen T. Fewyer, E*q., of Boht?n, elected inbetltute in pUcu of J. t Faiwiii, F*v. (hard American,) declined. Mr. FJy aud Mr. Far*ell were two ot tbe origin.l " n* live* " and were prominent members of the party during the wimpsltn ef IMA. Their refmal to pattlclpaU in the doing* of tilts convention, or to acknowledge the validity of the call, shows that the convortlon is putelyon tho abolition pi.itlorm: and in view ol the approach ?f the l'n -idrntiul canvass, its prcce-dlng' have a considerable degree of importance. It alao seeks to bring the Northern Know Nothings one step nearer to the Seward fuslonlst., a. it seems that in every Northern SUlo, more or Ids, ex cept New York, the Amciican party Inclines more or less to free soil fusion. In fart, It Is held by tho l-vllng fu sion delegates to this convention that the matter In dis pute at Philadelphia stands now precisely as It did when the lerolutlvns qr.oted above were adopted, and yet It hi P?, |hte their beautiful plat a for aboli'ionising the Atnc , ran party may fail in thi, oonventlon. We shall see. When the Convention was called to order there were about fifty persons in the room forty or them were delegates. .... ... General ? iUJA*eo!?, of Pennsylvania. was called V> the chair. The following was then put and carried:? Kfsolved. Thai the proceedings of this Convention shall l-e ki 11 secret, until otherwise ordered. The reporters and other* then withdrew, and the con vention pi 1 cttded to perfect its organization. Messrs. Wolburn of l'antma: sheets, of Indians; Geer, of Illinois; Guthlle. of Michigan , and Knight, of Rhode Is land. were appointed a Committee on Credentials. They reported that the .-tales of Ohio, Illinois Vermont. Rhode Island, Pennsylvania Massachusetta and Michigan were represented in the convention?forty-three delegates in The Committee on I'ernunc-nt Organizstlon consisted of C. C. Wick, J. T. Knight, ol Rhode Teleud; Maddox, of Ve m-nt; N. M Allen, of Meaenehnaetts: N. W. Wise, Chi.ncey Kuapp, and Jame-C. Moody, of Indiana. Hoy reported the following list of |*riu?t?ent officers, which was ratified i.y the Convention. p*w-ipi vt, THOMAS B FORD, of Ohio ru t ITUMSISBTS, Win bhtnls, of Indiana. 8. M. Allen, of Ma KM BTTAIIV. \V. W. Desvenhower, of Pennsylvania KKnrlRAXT AT ABXl", J. II. butter, of Ohm. The I nseiDBSiT addroased tl.e Convention, >r?ng unl -n and harmony in the part, all over the country, and ad vi ing the Convent ion to make no sectional iviues, but to endeavor to get the whole Ameri.-an party on a nation vl platform. j W Paw** Of Indiana, offertd a reeolutton proposing to exponge the twtlftli section of th- Philadelphia plat form, i od substitute in He etead a deeUration tliat -lavery is not a national hot n sectional Issue, and must be ?et tied as such by tLe Hla'ea. Mr.brs xw, ot Ohio, moved that this resolution, and all others, be referred to a committee. Tlii. was cairitd, au l the followingcomm'ttee nppotnt ,d :?M.eets of ln?iann; FiKooer, of Ohio; Geer, of HJ in,Is ; Maddox. rf Vet moot; knight, of Rhode Island Keith of Mts a-hu ot'f , !<e?sH, f Pennsylvania ar> Wood, of Michigan. Mr. Giestjoi, of PannsylvatiU. the author of the rsw.Iu Hon excluding the rejsuters, offere-1 a resolution rrr <m mending delegates of fta'es iet,resente<) here to wlvxate tn place of the Twelfih section, the re-olution ofcred at the Phils' elphla Grand Council, by Kenne-h lUvnor. o North CnroUaa, . xcluuing slavery altegetber Ir.sto the platform. Governor l>nn?, IvanU and Mr Kroosnm, of Ohio, aleo rtlrted wsolutlon to r? * ,k* ?UT,rT issue. . Mr. M?w>T. of Indiana, offered a rwaolntloa recommend, log the abolition ot all rltusls. testa, Ae , and ailawlng each HUte Contiell to regulate iU own roatinr*. without segard to the National Council. TUi, was laid on the table, and the Convention vi oum'dfor iilnaer. a rrKaffoow nmioa. The convention r?-aaaemble'l at three o el >;k. Mr. C. K.vait.oI Michigan, offerwl a rUwknttM ignoring the fsmoris tweltth 'eetton alt.guther and decUrtng that It was not proper for the American party to trouble itself about MCllonal iss?e*. There was seme delate on thlf proposition, several of the abolition delegate, being rather Indignant. It was clomd by a strong national speech from Governor John ,on, at tb? inclusion of whleh the Convention ed joumed. There is not much doubt but that this convention was called to set up a Northern American party: but the re mit of the reo-nt election, ha* kiltest Dm moveoven'. al most strangled tha convention an 1 thoroughly satUf-el the leader, that they made a*"*, of th'm-!ve. in the bolt. There should be one hundred ml thirty delegate here ft.-ru the bolt ng -atea, ao-1 there are only forty. Tbir'-sn ta r* bolted, a ul only sight at* repr^-a'.ed tl.e- %'* ores, at ewly two a' 'V**sst te>W ? ?'f.*' In Massachusetts, and (<? rcrnor Johnson, of IVunsytva oU, M?m? to be (be i uiy stioug man woo tua jet ar rived on the ground. leaving out Ohio from the conven tion. and we have oulj eighteen delegates from seven States. The report , howa that a national sentiment exists among the majority. I am informed that therwia a larga majo ritj In tavor of Dawaon'a resolution. while they are firm in their hostility to the twelfth aectloo. The. ware aooao who will call for.to a unconditional reatorotlon of the tune honored Missouri com promise; but they wilt be voted down aud then there may bo another bolt. The popular plan to night ia to recommend a epeela session of the Grand Council at Philadelphia, on the 18th of Kebr uary next, four d.xjrs before the nominating Counei' I meeti, at which th* twelfth secttxu shall be cut atto | gether, and tlie principle of -tata sovereignly substituted, i all> w<og the South to hold niggera in peace, and the North ' to wrrk on the atraight native platfhrm, without regard I to alavery at all. Something Uke^thla will be dona, at any rate. Here will be no attempt at forming a Northern party. The chancoa for the party in 1856 are considered too goad to be imperilled In that way. The convention here Ik iu the baud* of men who think their diatinetive American principles of more oonsequanoe thau He wan I rnggerltm. X. Murine ASkln, The *le*ni*lilp North Star, Capt. Wamack, which ar rived early yesterday morning from Havre, experienced very severe weather during liar parangs, and proved her nelf a aupeiior sea-going steamer. A meeting of her pas sengtrs was convened ptariouwiy to her arrival, at which It was unanimously resolved to present Capt. W a mack with a piece <f silver pUtc, as a testimonial of their es teem. The proceedings of tie meeting can be found in another column. A new packet ship, to sail between Bremen and Bel vestuu, Texas, ia to be built at Bremen, to be commanded by Capt. C. P. Dretjen. The sl.ip Clarissa Bud, Capt. Bird, arrived at New Or leans on the 11th inat., from aebastopol, having touched at Malta, accomplishing the voyage in fifty four days. (jci< k Timk ?The schooner Kdward Killer, of (iilmoie & Co.'* line tf t'avaniiah packets, arrived at that place on the 20th Instant, In seventy right hours from this lorl. Tut; In.-* ot Tun VTuaixsmr Moko.viahxi.a, nr New Bin tohb, lissesi in toils.?A letU'r was received by the .-ecrc iaiy o! Mate from C. li. 11. I eaaenden. Collector of Cas tr.uis at New ikdford, Massachusott-, dated DeceoaU'r 4, ISM, stating that tea whaiesliip MonougaUeiu. (Ja-ou .M-aburj nut,tar) was supposed to be lost on the Fox island.- in the autumn of 1853, as when *bc was last aeon eho was atteioptirg to uiako her way through the 'Se venty-econd pin-sage" (>? it is termed.) in longitude 172 degree* west, the wind at the tlmu blowing a gale, ami asking tliat search be made kr the oiflci-rs and crew of this id fated vessel wh>> wen- supposed to be livlug upon romo r>< the als-ve named islands instructions were is sued ITom the Navy Be pertinent, iu acr -rdancc with tlio abevt ratted reuuest. to l.ieutemiut John Rodger*, in c< unusnd of the l'nlt.d Htatcs survoy tog e.xpe litiuu, 11 Hehili g's Strait*, Nor h i'acillc. snd China *eas, who gave the necs-sary orders to Ac'iag Lieutenant Will.ini tiibson. incomiuaiKl of the I nited State* schoouv r ie-Si mula Cooper. We give the lesult of the rearch in l.ien tensLt (.Ibsun's oan woids. The despatch from which w< msVe ihe extract is dated San t'rwaci?cu. the 1 111r ull "If any hope should yet ho retaiue<l In regard to the ?ate of the uificeis aurt mew of tho whaiesliip Wunougahr - Is, I ,.iu giieve.i tl at what I have to report must forever extirguish It. No part uf uiy instructions was I more solicit' us to fill than the taxiruotlon* to search aud iu <iuiie fur tiie sun Ivors from thL vessel I couununicxtcsl ?iih ibe Superintend* nt i f Hie Russian Am -rlcAn Com [?ai.y's rettiement on tha islano uf Atoka. At tliat plan are still several water en ka, , upp .sed to htVo belong. I to the Moiiuugahehi, and 1 hate in my possession a gilt cabin moulding otitaioed thvie Fragineuts of a wreck or wrecks liaye beeu picked up ou the shores of Atiila, Aicka m.d iiassatotehy islands, fioui Ibe winteis of 1852 and 1854 up to some tiueiu the surreal year. Tie con atanl roauiiunlraliuu by lai'lan with all pvarta of AuiW ami Atckiv am. also wPti the island* closely grouped to tu westeaid <-f Atcka. makes It impoa-iblo that any ship wrecked new can 1-e there at this late 4 ty Hearing that since the UU of 1853, ao lateUigeuos had been re oeive<l at Atoka frua. liveislamic Segouam aud Am,night.i, wh'ch 11a one on aaeli side of th? "Havanty seeand pas sage." I ran closely along ilieii .bores. Off Am -tight* we fell in with a number of Creole and Aleutian fl-hermoo from whom my lufui ins I i.-n was positive tliat tlo- ? w-re ?? wri eked mariners on Amoughln, or <>o its neighboring!" laiuls, Tsclognula and I'naala Neither were tue.e aur on Seg.Tsui,which tlvey had isilerl Iretore comiog to Aumugn in. This. coi.pled with our own rousting? elimination . iu that riclniiy, lucres upon ua the melancholy c .ncl-r-ion that all on ixwrd the Motion ...Iiel.i perished with h?r. At Alton, the hist Aienti.in i-i.nd on ? ur truck. 1 hesrd of the loss rfle N',w Bedford ou tho Slmlch! Islands in 18.'2. A few ol lie crew lia<i beeu lur a time at Port TchitchtgofT. and Lad left tax pv-sing whal'-r, which they pulled utf to in a 'aulnr. The coinpan .'a up*iint"nd?n th'-ie knew no hiug of the Mnry ug ihria. From tha Also tisii isU.no. we pncewlad. via tho Chouinngine group, to the port id New Archangel. In -ilka, wUaie we arrived on the 10.h of .-eptember. IV.nj florernor Yeogolikyl .-I.ts-r1 a statement uf all Ihe Information in hii I'.xcel lenry 's ti'M>seaslun rxlallv# to the Iocs ot a vessel In the tall oflkft.), mar the Aleutian island of Atcka Tho gilt le'ler- ol a teasel's name lu-lug taken on boar l the Bin slvn Atner-i *n Company's brig ' tahotsck. as eta'ed in (apern an ? mpanyiug this h-ttar, bas doubtless 1* en the lueans by which the wreck la tdeutlled at huuie. but both at Silk.x and Atcka the natne of the Monongshclx wan unknown. ' Police lute 111,71 nee. CBAItOK or OUTXIMNO MONEY tfNDKR I'ALHE I'tti TPHCTIH. (hat lea (>. Thompson a by ker du ng buvlnews in Nassau street, was taken In'o custody by ofllcar Boss, of tha Isiwer I'ulice Court, charged, <n the complaint of Itavil C". Iteiil a I at.arlan, with ii.iviug obtained frmn the lat ter 81M> by mesne -f felse pretence# and fiauduhnt rwpreseata ion#. The comnl ilnao'. who Is lately fr.an Tot onto, but at pre-.nt rerlclng at No. 41 Mail- 11 street, alleges that be app. led at Thnnrp-n'a for a situation; that the latter cage gad to aaaplay Mm as a ekrt ?-? j, 1110 a ^e?r and '?>ard tor nis*.ervi. "a, <>n c-'ti.liti m tint leel would lend lh'.rri|.son 4150 Further, that 1 hompeon agree! to k.-ep the mpblnant nr.-i roar aud that whenever he .lemaartid the eeat.ltatinn nf '.he |. aic-d money, defendant wi old iintnediately "imply wltli nis te<,ur-t Tin . 01. plains tit b II. g. - all thee- represen'a tlone .0 hnyo l-.s n fal ely i.iaS. f..r tlie purpu-e ..f cln v|. n.g b;m 1 nt of Ins money. The accused wtxe hell to an *?ir the cha-ge by .In-'h e Optiltolly AKMJ-T OP AI.t.Ktlkll MCKroCKKTS. 1 hree ranng rr.cn um- I Wm. Kaglswon Ten Multiiu and Che. Mul'ln* wete taken into eut'^y by the Kou^h wind p< I re ? u charge nf p < king a *?llet eoutaining >51. frt nv,the p -tUef nt ( a,.tail, Fraagta A. W> m in. of tie- -hip Cui'an, whl e the latter was walking alorg <Tu'haui street, . bTuw* ay night. Ihe 1 inalainaiit alisgcv th it while he eae proo - cing along this thvrnuglifate in co n pany wltli a fr *ad, ba was Joe tied against tiythea im I who hugged him piatty aifeotioaately. and .buneroo-ly tel'iycd bin, oi his walls t bu-pe ting that he hid been rubbed, ha irlt bi- pocket, aud f oind tb.it it was e-n.-ty The slat iu was t|Ut'kly (ivun, whan tlie |*>!ir-> wri? I snd alter a batd chase .uec-.ded ia taking ail thn-c of tha Ip-ntry Into mi* , It. The 1 , ,.-ey was not roaoyei-I, having no doubt passed Into otne- hvttos ioiuiedtais ly alter the wallet >? fxtrac "I The prisoners wwraautd mittid for tilei by 2u-toa Welsh, ou ? hs'g- o( grsiel Imceny. A8PSULT riH?N A POI.ft'KM AK. Four meu named Jan e- Tnbin, IViniel Hutliyan, tVsvkl 1',-i.avan. an-1 lali.ck Huilivsu, wet a i-tkro into cististy on charge of ci mmtiting an assault upon oflieer Mc(k,a ne I, r.l the Kou.-ta ward [x-ilre , wliile the tatier was pa tinllti g his Iwat in .Hs.ulli street on i-lesilay niglit. He raise of the attack im.- not yet Ix-ea dleeovered. Tue ?e cueed gav* the odteer a .-were ts- .ting They were I jcked up for trial hy Justice WeUh A relit MAN I" TIIK HtNPfi 'it Till. PHlLI"TIKt v. ' n Tui s'ay t Igbt a* Mrgeant Man-field, of tb<- h*""* m .jk-1 7'. lice Court war e r irtlng a thief to the eouM, he was attacked l.r a party <f voting -. airab'.nd- tn th* Buvety, who, with ?tlcks and ? iotve- ?uecewle'l Iu raara lag tl,e pi boner ft' ru the hands < fth? ->?cer Yeali-rta ?ergeeut Msni-b'ld alorg with several [xvll-einen unde hi? r. mmard, uvade a ?u<ce?eful toray upon thea. y mi rcani[s sixl I'x k-.me tm lie or thirteen ?d them Into -o-t,<'y lh'y were all committed to prison as vagrants hy Juatic Hrennan. ALLMtFI) KMBT/VLKMRVT. A young n.xn aaaje.1 dames Cx? lp. lately In the eta pi- 1 u.ent 'd Mrs. IteUtiey. proprietress of a grocery slora at 124 Houston street, wa- yna'crdav arre?tel 00 rharg* of emberxieruent. Tk" aceuse.1. It is allege 1, was soot t. colb-et a bill of $?', from now Iscol, King and. as it is al Pgi d. rtnbs ./led 815, by returning but 8k<i of tlie aim collected He was brought before Jnatlra Hrwfwian at tlx lh>rd I,istrict I'uitae Court where be w?s oomaiittad for trial on the above charge. CHANAR OR RKL"Ninrn AMAI'LT. A baker reebtlag al 146 M itt drtet. asnel Hugh fx 14 well, was takes Into eusbody hy ofitccr I>rieecil, of tip Hevtnth ward police, charged wi'b having, eotn# we-ks a?. aaeau.ted Patrick Mwlea wltli a kni'e, and wound xg m irveret-, abaut the heaal, nark and ahooVdays. t h- v cuaedrays 'hat heactad in salf-^elbficaaloaa. that the e -m ptaimot >'?t aesailed him, aad would la all probate!ity have iloac him ?<?? grant bodily harm had he not a 'al on tha drh-Mirt. O nmitted t>r trial by 'aetlas B en.

aan. ALLMKD WTERET HABM'.nT. Peter Ttiompeon /colored) was takeo labi 'us'-cly rhatgwd with being unai.-a'ed in n rubbery x*rpet'a> . U|sm Mr. Cher Us H Parbyn of IRart Rraalwtf a '?? dare ago. It win be remembered that a negro w wr, vu named Jails My or? was arrested am thie charge .aatbr day of the oseurrnosa. Mace that time TV.t?p?un ate, It le rharg?.! was her aaaUdsrate etsd?d tha pot.ea a. to vaskatday, when ha was arrarted The wale -a* t ? fr?tn tha pemon of tha eawiplalcsat has ?nlid" a ? ?wev?4. Tbenpiavwaa aon^lkiaitw brloi ia tael' *.' I?liw? *f luwfiMi RhUt. lUJUil TRANSMISSION OP POBBION BilM-W POHTANT RKIZCBK OF LETTERS IIOD?R PRO* HAVRE BY THE NOSTB STAB. ETC , ETC. On of the mail bags brought by the ateamer N.rlb Mar, one of the Vandnrbiit linn, froaa Havre, araa ariaad ycutorrlay morn of by the agent of the Peat Office Depart ment, upon the ground of ita being fraudulently appro priated by the agent* or employe* of thin vessel Tbe whole story la aa follow*:? 7he VnndeiMIt line, ainoe it waa tirat antabliahed. ha* beau bringing letter* from Havre under a general act or Congreea, permitting v?*el* and ?tea mar* to carry ocean letter*, provided they depualt them in the Poet Office immediately upon their arrival in an Ameri can port, and upon making such drpooit auch carrier* , are entitled to two cent* from the Pont t Mitre fo? every | letter ao delivered, lleretefore, all letter* ?o dep railed here for place* other than New York have bean dlstti buted in thi* office, end for wanted to their respective place* of destination by 'he regular mall. It bo* lately been ascertain, d tbat a barge number ol letter* lor de livery in thi* city, to merchant* and other*, have nam brought under the general act of Cnngraa* above aintnd, by the veoael* of thi* line, but (with a Mingle exception) liav* no) been deposited iu Ibe New York Po*t WSc# aceovdlrg to law. but have beeu delivered by a primttc hand, and the government rnteot poatage collected thrie on. the mode adopted to the traueinlwtiou ol these letters It wrm h*? tw-en to enclose them in eeparot* package* ot len or a iloxeu each, under civer of e pil.i.ul envelope, ad-lrc-st-d to lb Torrance, Ms-i-. the New York coDhiguee of tho *t?-*iu*ra. Ibi* enclosure ol letter* in package* to Mr. Torrance la a violation of another I niton Slate* law, beside lit* above requiring all foreign letter* to be deposited in the Poat Uthee, iiuuit'ly?A law which piovida* that letter* addrewte.i to ditleient individual., cannot be en'loo-din one envelope, under a penally of $Ul for each violation of the act. The l'uatmaeter (.cneral ha* teen made aware of th*-o alleged Irauile upon the government and inatructod the I'o*tuiB*l< r of tliik clly, and oe p-obil agent of the I' flue* I epartnieut to use eve y effort In their powor to put a alop to three *nd other milar violation* of the law*. The officer* of the Custoti * of thla city we e also instruct yd to icarch for and ro all lettar bag* and letter * illegally appropriated. l/pon the arrival of the North Star, yee'erday tnoinlug, Mr. Uolbi ok, the apecial agent of tho Poet Office Department, wont on bourd tho efeamer, and being unknown to the officer*, kept stilrt watch of the movements connected with the dtllt ery of the mall l?ag*. The purser of the *Uip wa* directed by tbe Custom Houae officer in attendance to ei-iiil all the mail* brought by the ship to the. Prat Office, and five letter bug* a ore accordingly put Inc-linrgc of a mnII carrier, tindrri?ti*id to tw? employed by fids line. Aflir the mall* bud teen pluced it|?,n a wagon, Mr. llol SriHik followed iu a caitiuge at a *hoit di-tauce, to *e? If tho mill* were carried in good faith to the 1'owt <iffi:c. I pon leaving the whatf, the mail driver wa* joined by another poison. and both proceeded on their way through liteenwlcli stieet; but Instead of going directly to the I'oat Office, they disve to No 4 liowliog lirecn, tbe office of the kteanol.lp company, were one of the |>er?oo* In l??*e*sion ot the letter bag*, alighting conveyel one of tbe bag* Into the office, and th* other man drove on with tii* four iraiainittg bags, to the I'oit Office. Tlii special Rgi'ot then immediately confronted the man rem -imi.g at ILc office of the company, and not see lug the bag In hi* possession, demanded to know what db-i'ritlon had been made nf It and received for antwi-r the' it had boen handed t > another p- r .>n in the < foe, and ha -lid not know whe.e p. had be. n takcu t?." ibaageut then Info- mad thi* man he wi* under am-*t, and mu*t c*>tne along wl'b htm. Tbe man. being con-Id*tably alarmed at this, replied, "if tbat I* the cam, I will get U.o l>*g and take It to the Poet Office." iyti *gw:a domasnlag to know Whsrw tbe bag waa, the ggeut wa* li- tot in, d that it w** b bind the door of tbe Riaiu ball 01 the building, whore th" agent found it n m eealed and, taking p-waaaalon of It, conveyed It to the Pott Office. The agent, upon arriving at th* Past Office, found the party * ho had conveyed there the four re. malning Img- fr< iu the office In It wliug green, and .p?a? titnu*I him a* to II* route limn the alaaaoer, and wa tool hy thi* mall driver t)i?t h* hail < one directly to til* root Office, end he-moat aolemnty deni-1 that lo- had stopped any where on tbo way. l'p-n bring questioned alxint th- fifth letter bag, he rahl that It had Wen taken t.y the older porter, who Jnmped 'iff the wagon In (Jieen wicli atreet ,lB'1 ha sail he did not know wlial had lien <if lie vi'b It, thu* attempting to tcrean bis act* hy nJkrepvt' aa'atlon, he tnit kn--*d'g thi1 ibe agent hid U? n w..Ich.i g hi* inovetrtui'* rine* ho had lelt the atearaer. Hub-et|t.ently, the bag of le'tar* which livl bean -"il* I in tl e . i)" .. No. 4 Howling green w* taken hy the Po*t ma te., Mr. Fouler. Mr. f oebrsu", the Surveyor of tbe i iit, adit.g on behalf of tbe Custom H.uiae, an I th" s[?rMI agent, to th# olti " of the *teain?litp company. Mr. Torrance, th" consignee wa* requested to open It It war foun I t-i contain eighty four pa< kage*, addre -ed to 11 at gentleman, who broke th" -ami* of c*ch packi/v In the pre cure id the at .V" nau rd '.Ifir-t*. I pward* >d *V,'.it hui.dted lattar- di rented to iner- 'iant* and other* in thi* city, wen- found, "nly ou* of which wa. for Mr. Tot ranee, or contained hi* adirt-s-, or that ot any otP-v fficet of thi -'cam-hip e? tnp*ny. The let'em w- r? then taken hack to the I'o't "ffiee, to b legally d*ll,'i-rn<l as rhip I' ll err. It I* proper to uta'e tl a' the per- .11 who took the hag of latter* to the private "(lire of hi* "mp'-yer claim*! '? liaie i< ted under th* lgcction of Ibe pnrM-r of the Jj.p The Surveyor ot tba i'-rt, Mr. C'oeh'ane we oncer stand, ha* remUrcd the l'o?f Offl.e fk-pirlnient all 'he aid in hi* 1-owrr In rnforcing the Poat Offlje law*, by *p*-cially iratructlng I.I-officer* upon thi- ul.J., t. an I gi. Ing hi* per-tottal atf"0'i n In th* ca?e above I'v'el, W# anf.er 'end It I* the ititenll ,n of th" government to pit iccute ib> paitie* imp'lc*te-l in thi-ami former p o cevdlng- ol th" -kme kind, t'on-l Viable excitement ww? ii ?nifert?-! ye-terday amoog the mer hant* In "on-a iju<'i.ce of ihi* retr ire, and not a Itt:I di ?? ti- . i ?n expic red by th-ae lntere*te>l in th* # letter*, tut a more regular and h-f?l "out ?? had not t?e*n * op'r l in i.e t. iu uil-xbn of ti.elr o?rre?t Onderi " 1 b* regular eharw* upon fori gti lute/- or ngtbrough the Poet Office I* twenty one cent*. Tin- chargt 'i|e.ti < Igl.t hundta-l letter- i? one hundred jtr. laty ? Ipht d I )*i -, i|i.lte an llern f .r the partie- in'ere?te| l? n. .*' t.p- n each arrival ol one of th" atasmef of thi* line Nap*-rtor Com t.?f*Mrt *?? <m't. Ilvfote Hon Judge tklrip',"li I. A ROE AM> AVIIKVT PRUf HTV "'IT A irar* fl.?J'An M H/Ony- rr. I'll/ /Mi l ? Thl ca ? wa-up befote the f ...rt on a fmmer o raol-n wh"U avirdl. t wa* fo. mally under ed f ?' defendant It l? *o at'lr.n to recover a lot of land rlt. a'e Iretwrwn fifth *nd Si Ilh avwt.ae* tind ItiSth and lliRh -vol* atwl ? Uin.ed to have b-rn gianted by the I oteh f.r.vernor. t*o een'a riae ago Tb? te>> intony, which i- prim Ipv'ly lo-ui >rn' vy 1> very v< lumim.li*, and reach** *? fir hark a* tbe yr?i "47, and Include* rec-.rd* in the old ihatcb a-rguag lh' mail la l.*,ke?l t-, with anucli Inif-orttrwe. a* It la vtdve* lh* 'III* to an Imeeaw tract ot lao-1 In llatlcir. a* js-eai to tlx io*t river. The plaintiff claim* th* property under a grant to hie anre*v-r Johenoe- fr la Montanyr I * contend# hit hi# ttlln and lr*>?* hi* lee cent. The 1* 'endant elaim* p-?e#**w*a for a eerioa r.f years, -uffi- ,ewt to give him a title. The testimony w*- "per,*-! and 'b cause la likely to occupy the Court r?- lay*. I'alt'd Male* IMatrt* I I owrt. Dafoic Hon. Judge Sett*. flAUl OP PITTIRU OCT * rI.A VRR. Novtuaaa }] _Mr tn t ear'? mad* *a ?pplie.'ion for the |*?t( Ocn.#nt ol lb# in*I'4 M. loses,,a. i.ttarged w.th Oiling out a *'?#el at this port lot th* pnr)*>a** of be slai" Irsde. He Wa# entitled the . *i#y a# tbb wa* the first term rlnca the fimi'ng f th. Indlctrm-Ol. Ihw I'nited Plata* Idslrict Att"'u#y ot.po*od the uv> to n. a* the'x una a alia**# ub teha.f ot !b* t rr uaaeat held in custody Mr. P. art# aonld "-m -al to th#t wltoeas * te?tia?r,uy Isirf 'alen -tc tsnr oe. Tl a trtei waa utttmarely set down I t the (tc-t Tharelay In Ivcavnljav, and the jury wvr# dl-ciiargad for the term Jrrtry City Beta a. A.v? iwsar oa tw* Jn-tv tVvi ft-a*a ?%. rrr ?TV Jersey city Bible M>atety b*id IV aaaiewviary last **? n<i g. at tba .'eeoeel Hefb-aiad fwt'h fhurch, n *a;na rirept fa ?**> out of th* inpl**-aa'n*** of th **?U.er tl.a *ttefrlaac# a a# not iarge Tie* report of tl.* paec* tary furib'vd rv't. nr rg e*pe- *1 Interest T? > raysvet .4 the ft*.-u-er, Mr A P /.well -bow~I 'hat 'h? > celpe* hie tb- past y?ar had baen tit* w* all a? wbvb v*d tee., A-at urmd IV* "ea> ??-# y *? ? o 'be rap fr tr-iere?i!itg art *.** . w-s '? *r??" ay pet Mr ? Is, pe- Mr *' |t|f?f end orb.- y> ev* s4*et fir* cur _ ntkTT lonnr on m nn sailkoab?nr. ?nir. or run Momrr. Ob the lei inat., Mr. Hnm Wiling., M axteneive pork dealer, of Uliaata, wbiia proceed tag from No. York to Huakirh, oa tbo Kria KaUrcad, *u robbed of 91,000 In UnkbUi. .. tbo BritUoboro Md Orup Vou.tj bonk., Tbo pick tucket, ?t L auppoaed, noi ool *t HorneLrllL, 'f *-My th* *?**r* bll tbo ttlU being w la da uTo'T "t" Jit""? T": ?HjFffssKi? sr ?2- r rr: i'Sx data and number will be fir en 11 mmm mm iw rluf fifiu front tbe tin)k, Alno, Hiame peckife SI *jo ttrn.,,u ? n ? Honk MIL. martad oo (ho - H^T'* Tl'X nmnr of Uiam oa back, " Ml I tag. " ThYpaymaot oTib, ,.Th,v1 N?y!LkTVaHy**^ ti* ?* "Wr agamir. i.? Tbo above reward wlM he ...M f?r the njj*2 jjf Iboinonoy IO mi or my agent., Jewell. Uu-ru.,., A vw/?!l Jcr. s^riiJlo<^To,k,or Va>r **"?" "i ">? York and arte Kallrnad fVunpaay al Dunkirk IDuaimtfcWk, Kov. I. Ike*. Ill,MACK BILUNO.-i. ** ?j?,t#i*!? l-4*0**1 *> band* of ..lUeer ChaHea , ???'?**. '?? tba in<>i??vdaat police, a ho euacaadaii In i!*m f ?tolen MIL to Hi- pow.rioiiou < f Mr. I . lower*, bioker, of ftoeh?*L?r. Then* bill* h*d be en ?olil to Mr. Power. by aouie ?l. anger* o# the .'Ird lortiint and wire forwarded In the oourac ?f trade In tha American Kxahaafr Hank, of thl. city From tin. the/ f.und their way Tot., the Huff Ik Bank whore be. coming n.L.d up with other bilL, they were for a time lift, but eventually were elf'ed out, and aont bark to Mr. "f".r "-''""pilon. . '? tw? manner . Live amount ofthoetolrn monev bar been re ? rated and rr.??rt*d to La "aoan 'he "'range fount/ Hank in "ten- " and ?M0 or. the HrattleV,,..' Dank In "(I.e." and tena maknp in alitl (WO, ha* been, a'ter a great d-.il '?f labor and not a little Injri nuity on (lie .,alt ,f tlie ofleer, rrcorortd, nnd forwarded to Mr Milling'. Tu>. Wmamob?Tb* Fi*>r S.vuw.?Y?.Wt<lay ?u mo.t diaagreeable and rtoiniy. It ?..*?? eatly in Ih. naming to anew, but Beeocmar had It fell than it war moltod. and mingling with tbo olrl in the atreot, formed a mo t noeomfmrtoblo alu.h, that made walking a rery onerou. duty, it atoru;ed dLinally f,.r the ,e*t of tb.. d.v, ml,, and hall and cold wind* pi ??railing up to ? Lie hour I) appear, a .now .torm I. aging .11 nr.-r the Sort liar u country, and wo got our aiiara ol it in th* lor.a ..I rain. Tin "ay waa a dreary on.- througliou* ni l n.'r-ji' of ? inclite and ertl deed, generally. Mkyiim; or CouMiiWh *kk* to. CcvrtAi ILii-.? There (. nuiftoionei* held a mee'ing ye*lor'tay at lh"ir room. No. Ilo llroadway, to bear objection, t itlie ten tral| ark. The Fon mlattoner* met at 10 o'clock In the morning, thoio being preiLut Hon. Luther lhadi.li, Juig. UUhoeffor, Rnld. J I tllon, and Warren Brad* ami Ihe .1 ling ?a. conlinuHl till the alt' rnwrn. Ihitlog Iho d .y annmUr of proj^rty hotter., on and a oiiud the nr. ,f the proposed park catnu befor- the Ootnml?.iimer? and pi i rented theii promt, to thl project. The d?y wa. taken up In recording the nam' ? > I the prote.t int. an I the auiouut ..I the pi-perly they reprenented. j t\.nn,nig o.v Hrwnut ?TliL committee from lim Una: I of Council!.,en met ye-ter lay .ricrn. on in the chamber of the Hoard, fur tho purpoae of tran.acting hu-lue-., i.e., lolnai per..ma tutireated tu 1L,. o..n.tructn.ii ?.t .ewer., nceirin* Iwrlc* or cnlyert. and all other m.i teih ronpeoted their.Itli. Ihe . nly bu.lne.a conoderc I w.? the petltien tor fc ceaer in Fourth avenne, betae. n thirtieth and 11 irty-ttrit etreet. .rid ..nother In in t Broadway between Vaiktt and Catlmili... treeta. action ?a lioaiye.-. taken re?|?'cliiig th-ra a* tin* wa. not a lull alt' ti lanue of the member. ..( the con ? itlre. W now.' iiruxr h*i?u, ? _Tli" (let ann recary ..I the Widow.' Belief An.ocl.tiou will he h-b! at th> Taher. each' on ne*t ihurrday evening. No* Ti b|??ker. will be prex-nt to rommend the "Uject. of the a iwKlate.ii wnlch are nan] to he raiellent. F?l*i A.nnaxt o.v him Ut i.kiv It.vmi Bam .an Mr. W in. I*. i'epper Infonna u. of a talal aeddent tlmt .??. curred at hnui'a deck near Hytown ,tn th < tin* of tlia llud oo Wear Hallro .d it ap,*.ar. a w.rrwn uame-l -?u|. livan heard th .t herhu.han.i had tw-n dm coed, .ml ran to the dock in . ut-lracteu nuuinr to ax er'alu the trntli. The flagman warned h.r Ibatlue train wu. near .tbvn l hut ?he beaded him not i.mi the Ualn dAth.-t ? ,un| the curve ran oar. end killed l.er b*f< r? the engti.e. h i llmetn warn h. i ..I h.r da-g- r Her ittth- got, win. waa with her, lortito.lely .'.raped Ft** 1? Win Jan ti .km ? AL'iit utile o'cloak yreivrd.y n I trtng a (ire ??. dlxtoTered in Ihe l.lrd .tor/ iff l.ulld Ing No. 18" W illLm .tieet. H.r .'.reine.i v.re ?<?,u ,,g ti,r .pot mid etllBgut.he.1 the tln.i.ae Th. (ire original.d fr. m a carele.a adjn?.|t cut nf atove pipe In the premL * '|| Rlrtuienthal A C'.. , -n the *< c n I (lo-.r. The bull ling bi ti ng* to Mr*. William., ami t. damaged about f^Hi folly ln>tired. Tiie tl.|r.| ,'M..r i. ipl-l by Je*.e W ,t [ >r<n a. a wa'rh ra*e manufarf ty. II e.i|mat>? hi* 1,.?. at ab< ut If00 H" Liroii.e.) in *h" la.rlll\r I la iriuce < itmiany h.r ?i .f?). h ? u.tai .?ut . ,? .light .1, roage by water, n In rune trillL,,, (,<?? . |*.per bo* If aker, ..erupted a b.,rk r ? ru ..u thl th. d ' HI. *t'.ck t? rl image 1 >y aa'.r to atlout *t'i, a ,8 to.urr.) In the It.milt, ti In/nianoe t ?i.tpany for ppj., ticoige Arleit un . ccnpi.d Ih. drat Ito r a. a I *.k.b ? dan ki:c a'.out t.y ? (>t Inaurad m tti- Fulton In Mir.nce (on pnny for 81 I'li fl.e ba?. i ,ent l*.M-n|e.d by NT illy h Hrut.el.y, k* a te.t.urant it. .r d.ioag.. t,v water! trifling na in*ut >uce l ea tv Erana . ran r.- hortly bef.?- 6 o'clock. *he alarm of On in lire heranth dLtrtet w.? cau.el by ? Ore taking piece In the atroe No M lirmrer elrtwt ... , p . ,) by Mr. William P. Mr .lit, cotton broker. The hre fui ted ancoget roroe '.topP'*.d c?,t!'.rr .,a a cunt Ihe lten.cn were ? n at the piemtaea, ?n?t e*ti?guLh<d It. II e otlglii >.r the bre, .. r> p'e^ntot by Norman II tamp, the la,/ havug sha g, if th- .tor- wa* I,* Mng a mat. h on I.L pent.b'ii to light ,i the*!, lie. The light fell from th" wi.tch In'o a l.trn-1 b. ol nint le rotten on tb.e counter, aettiag II .m hre h ,m thl. bnocle it read to .Abet- raoMbg a l.mng" o( , ?? t, ..id to be r re:wl by I . orariee. 't I Kivt TAT',"~ ?DbTih *<L/eywning a hrod* ...i .nd vaii.able medal Wa* profiled to tap'i.i.M.le . I'l.cki r by tl: c Hut Tr.'.p ?i I,ari a I llo.e.r* Thl't Itrgineoi. D ?-me LI I* .( g d and Ling r f ... . tn > r u p. -*d ? ? a gin. *a?.ie an i ..tb.-t mill .*/ c , ,|p ?*,,.? eotieualy wrought trgytber. H,. m !.t {, ,r*. '. t. ly a wr-atb art! th. f. ib.wi-. ? ? ... ,.; tor feptain V.leh'f Ihi.ker t.y ? .e flr?i runptfi) t *ftw y. ,k frrtnaa llu*'are I'Mr : It.-gi- <nt, N i<| IMA" the rtiei-e f. p w.i'.l, ||u -?r In toll galhp f.liow.1 by a e t.i| vr.r (he''aelle (.ar len In An at The whole I. vcy pre!1, and erw'irab!" alike to >h* iflTtr* *???! t?<H ff. | A<i 'Ma?.?1 ififfdij, *| \2 || f (oOm* not known. ?hil' emptojed nl .ardof he brg iJim',.?h Main at th. (o t el I In* *tn. i?*t rlv-r, Ml I,, , th. head (f U-e (" .e tr.pgaliaal n.aat, an ?leyv,i"n of eV.o' "*!/ u*' *'< *? l" ti a deck. II- ?t u k In hi* de c n. the o.aia end rr.?.:i top .<?( .(?.? ?>,. , ,? 'h# - , j . 'hi f.il o (ha! re-. ve n-, greater InJ ire It an ' h.e, log t I. I. ? II,,.j, ,?<! f. .., fhL wa* ra i^ l >, .tilk.if e . ?f vT.e* I >.g te ?t T,? ? ? , ? w? v i he I k L.I Ike oa'.er y,r... o of M l-irut p .de. p-?t?d | 11 ' ?'? ? * ed-.f. at.d h> ? ... :f ? ; Cue e * v p w -n '' e c,.. r, . * * tog ? ,n - ? ' J?r 1 ' 1 from '1m k If. ,..e- , ae, I, U , ? ? Adf.iv .rn iaia-.iH.ar ra> *m.ter> ?Br'wm>n n and two o h ck < n M n lay mo air.g e flre ?ae dLmver ? d ua. er the dry r*C. .tore win.taw, copied by K..l?? f..n. at Mo '.Oil -*t venue It Wa. ...aeil'ag' h ed kj ,(.K pe.tic# erni t '?? ore op*fit of "a- a'ore It ... a> that th* Are h?d lie* n ln>ert*.| r,,f a hole un er ?),. wln-*"w, eyldeatiy tl.e art af ea lt.rei.dl?ry . cadet iBCe.ligation t.y tfrf lire M.r.i >1 i Ale. At.aa ?Ale ut .1* o'clock lite~Lr aw.ralnf an .!..0, o( B/e ea* elveo f. r Die Hr*en'b dl?trl*, -a ? ' ly tie bar mi g of - n,e .t-?w .a 'lit la-deftb' .. ffe* grinding tatabUrhmeat at So*. A arol 7 0 , ?b etrrwt < orwiiry'a in.,*rewl. T" 'or* br w t't n Hi nam roarer ?f*.raet lit:. erti'.Iad?d tha r. ,*ie*t ye.'er Ly upon lira bwiy g? Caffray, re.. !l< g at Vo iU Had*, u .tiewt, wha oomwot t?: ru.'t-'e t.y taking a i-t ' arc ire- oa Monday eve. Ir.gl.-I, The evbleae, .,* th* >mra?d.ui *b we*l clearly eactrgti that auL'da bad Lea Committed Kit tka eauae (or the raeb act >U.i reaaahm retted la myete.y ) ? ?P|e." tlmt abewl aa bowr privkat to kL >?th >ie -aaee-l w.a r./mmeneing V? ? >| a a the nnrt wt.^h led hl??. l? owatt Cwielde to If. Lryle who a'-eodld k m when tbe ealrance of bL wife lain the r. ne j rewrtiud Aim ft "Oi lev a log tt.e ewe-ret, b,f laanoHLtalr upon .oe ...? ha. I" nor rned I wu| bit aotr.tag awe* e-.irdM ? ? In I ha new. ' lite erldeaew of Iweiwl ? eifw - -ml to tb w that. on tbe (atal mgi, t he returani horn, after *batl.og ep hi. .tor. lie went ?* ne-1 / te.*g wit* ) are) Liog ->!k at the .'(aid .'.at he {-aeen *d to v nit eery yW .??li,, and appeared t/, fa m, .(ek fa,. |o la.pfa died la 'fa l*?H. efa. attewfle I faro wfawa be ?? >? end'l.at he had iefl wvetkirg hetriad fam that ? "elf. e?f.e.e htw "mm tm M the maoroLoioai -4 the act He we ?' perV t y a.ae ?p to the Ueaa of fae faaaoiu 1 aad'if-' '*el ? regret whatever far wha* fa. bml one Pr. 1 na. .iaroVa paet Rmrlera "*aaMoa'e-er awe (i... yif t?e er.aet, ?nd im aaaiyvlag Ifa on lew it <4 the .'Wiaeb tleevret Ifa. preiema of wwae T e Jvry n 'k > 'ae. rendered a werCief eg 'vti-A-u !r ???*? w*. n jearv td age, end <n a aa>lv.?f Irvfaad rmmet CaLadec-Tklr Day, wnenre (a* a? feane.fa Taewe ? s,. wv r, Je r., at, m im, im. im, im, itj i? " i iledtfTHm ?New %gl V* li* Wt, A'e. *#i *| ii 1? .1, .1 (It tae k' "? "p A RACHEL GLIMPSE AT NEW YORK. Interacting ant> Bptry CMiii|W<fM >rtntkm*n'i Cltnlf oee tfce Plimn*** He* Trnrrlllng *?? Yorl Ragr for Mnl, he??llltltM ktrlra ? Hark) I _ inrrictn H?W? Critlrlani, At., Ac. Oueoftbe principal erttat/.of Mndemo.oeUe R??W?Jri Divtir Irtmi* hat hare oonaeylwg to the rendrre of Ihe Parte AYyJ'C lb? Impreeetrna which ur raetfi-poUa had mad* upon hiutrelf end the rout ?f IV company. The letter ut Muta tor leo.i Heaurallet I- prefaced by the editorial remetb, that louirbelf we* righ' when he edalved Mile. Hacbal, if *hr *:ah" 1 tu eurreed In America, he eaaay tight rope dancing Hut here U the Oorrea |.<lbd< ncc >? New Vuaa, nent Ml IMA. M. l>kke lb*.tut?I had not the oppnrtuuitjr ?* ehabtwg benda with you lief re rwy departure A?r America. Pec mit me th* pleneute of tl.at e*i-tci*? rei the wide neaa that aepefet* u?. Now tat u> bare a < lint. What w a you doing with <bat work which you W>w 1 I wager, ooth-ug Kolienor, then, to tl.lut a ItlAe about it in nap abaeucv , if trot for ma, at li ut tur I'orchar. VfVtto be me will you not r I do out hide troin you Uiat I -hail be aa bappr aa errata! gel* bi gloiA i.rer came lege- of you re. Oh. if J?u onto knew hew little pieaattrr I barr lu d in Vouog America t Imagine tu yooi-alf, my near Ihgt-r, that for nearly a month that I intra lei n In New 1 ork I ha?? not alapt n wknio night I rpend n portion of my tlfti in lighting ngalaaC a cioud ol uu-ituitoea. giuate, am ranomoua I newt*, whmla harr arUclt'd their dinnli Ua in my hotai end which Wed on ma from morning till arming. It la li-kolerebir. I iaki iia'ba or Camporalal aiiohoi My loom haa tha et mo | hria of a brcurb of llu Itaapail pharinaey. Tha. ? K-ouudicd* ol inu?i|Ultoea ere not content with attaching n a al home I hurt them er er?w*ere? In tha at reel, la the rountry, In lha theatre lhe other craning, while I n |>la)log liippoltta, at -he M< tiopelltan tl.ewlre, In tii.? uiidat ol the diclaieth n of the raw-mid act, I wee bittern on lie reiy top of lha noee. 1 ou may Imagine my eerp j-etplcktnp cwui.lUno l.urkily, tb'-y tell me, that all thac l- u<'hlng C< Iiipa>a.| to New " loan , and llama* , whet* I am g< n.g la-u.rr I atop I'laaaant par-pactl?a I And to (jet b"? ahat liappy momenta I bkeeepeul on ttwa I'wttawd 1 In-I'arlllc?hitter dailal'n ! All ' my tneml lite the fbat time lhat I I iiwad the Atlantic but I rwiwi that I ahalt alwaya u collect It Oui ol the el-eru da/a thai 1 latere I ? rn on Uiard that raaiel I warilekt-r eight a* lane'. Hi lug on Iced wa'ar and frlid |w?tat>?--? lltey wcca the on j li.iiirlc I could penui'. to totaeif. No I am thlae?? oh' Ihiu rnougli to dtit a a nail to diitracM m. PirtJ n .laly, to' aula the ell " M tbii luteia?t,ng <epagw, f waa able to al-ai rh a me ho'tlre of (r <1 champagne. That l the only thing which -at no- up again a Iltlla At length we doubled t a|,i- Kan afar l.artug guua ne dap tl rough tl.c f'.gi i f N'l wtnutidlabd, (where I may ear, po ii n that leal! t 1 hari not necn i ran 'ha tall ol a dug of that name ) and we entertd (.ally lu<o thr heritor of S.a V>t [ In a glnriiua iiirt,'' wiilch arat'eird abroad Inuiawtic hiii a, and ma.te 'he -tela and -tripe. Hill i.u * bri Hani. On my hnnnr, It ? It g-iijuo'.. Ad ltoth-t the gnn> of the I'arlllc i alufl/ig tha i.nltrry and the 'Juarea tine fort, let jm Will hare lha out m ?,riv complete. It* my lalfh. a( tl al moment, I routtM. to you, I hoi for got'i-ti my maritime roiaa'toentuiae Al r i|uaiier te eight o'clock in the mottling we plated foot on the plank* ol th ? | ler. Ii ia w til utiilei ? I... 'I that I rltall nof at'ampt any do erf pi Ion of 'he rlt v < I York. Yoti ought to know ft an wi line I At all er> nia tb?re la lite traewiier'a guide wbh h Jou it cy eiomili ll I* d to n-ad no la uar .#f It. There ia r ue thing h"ar ver, which I cannot arrw.l ti nil g TOO ?II al la, th'1 di?propol|. tiale iiumbrr of Ufa that teka piaea tn thla capital I> Iraw-aknaa. a wuc ? man.a a taga Kepan, eight tilte. ten per I'ayl II u haiilly i red.He. In line Ibey !i?er antra l at lhat petu'. that In evarr hun-e 1 e e arc i ope lad'lcra ami o'hrr aul' al.ie Inatminaet-. No I lie can lie down without hartng an ii tfrn.ite conr clio-i .hat the houae will he on lira na lira n.ii ut-? Ifruae hurnlug ha? grown lo be une ef th* Sn-lhutiona i t the e< 'intry?it U a liahlt, a enatom. if 1h"IO aeif no liiea, po-'t ic would 'u ?'ilaBpt* inte 1 It lw one of the n.oat Jnyno* j aatiinea of tb? lower cImm. Hi ? l.oja of the neighborhood gather round the angina beuAew, til lie auie not to lolea a aingic Ilia A d thera'a whero the row l* when a fire l.tnakn out nnvwheie. They eerh, thay about, the abarm lea itng- aml all the tiella am ti.lle- ItecUy It ia euua li og dlatedi. al What a funup countij Vr.'e, a/, al tie t Meh.lew Hotel, tw? ji iing men ted a iilwtiaftoll t- gittiee. Aa u-ual, it ami e.| In k. ,e? lien g drawn. ' II" of theoi had the -t'WBanh pie,red and le I ihl* heuning (fap'aln Wilght W'tl prohal ly tw uiak'ng a call on 'be ncrroua little V-eaeh men tor an ipi logy hr k lilrrg him off lo 'he hpcf".] Hare a 'hat wl'h lha we gaottemae, and yu find th'ie gar viler uiWInuht tteyprm'Ue aaaa-lnelina frocCp in the airia t-. An 1 tliay eoinml'. rcbbertco. 11 11 adw itli.r i na w c 1 na' lolnk he ail In Uie new world I satin another ? I ' ?g reWienea tn irac 'haa ad in y fiuii'U a yie og uuni a ho la a Jual arrlred frem 1'rarce. u'- ' a to lure i.ian. from one of 'he rnaaolac ftittrc Inlba pelghhnrhrv ? 11,ey ag' ee about the prfee, that e all right. hut a't-r that do j.u know what tha merchant require iiaat my f-nol ahail inaure tha piano agam.t flu! I ??' ha' ml. All .'lie. fa 'ull u- thing le 'he deerneaa if enrrtagw bin (in bat lug be I'criAc'e ilock we hired a aerk t c? j 'o g > to the bo'ei Jul' I'l.n what we bat Titere were nln-' of u lu tli?/i-w, f? t?e anra. ide war huf -'lie .f , . e ten roinn'aa fhwr le i ill I n ne i.ollcre?- hat l?, forly-Are franm lhat -e hlatorlml. lAliat d- yu -aj to it. W.I'.'will jr.urig at! that j u may bare read in > tall', a t M lie pa. . ? icrrbar r ?-e e. In Arweelea, i think I night wlite a few line* on tbat a <N)aeA Y'o-t Will' ? U.i a ?a .at i|ha- I'll*/ de?et mil . i . ? ie en' ff i that '-fl ?w?4 by II*I.- .. w UJ.ncy Ijo i He did l.ol art) aaotl hy tor tl'n, aui that trod ell err a go- 4 ? -:t n the .fly A- I', thr lire | rbc iwrg' ?' all ' bare t?en UAew n I eat fi'.'l.lnf r'.n.parr.l t I t r too. ?at nf 'h ?a tarn ? here ' ilo awe " 1 Ad -nnc ' Marie Naart * "An trr.?,.r bi ogiit caiUdlada ie lo augncei. It I ? :*? i...el I*.,i? ?h-. .' eaa r.wnph'? The A oar ren pulilie haa riretrad Hwhal and orae' eeala-. aw a r. n ai4 irreew^ln an "it rrly rber-uiCA u-aBD-r. tka eh' e I.f the I'll ? ha be- o eireUtty lo An.erlea, ai laaat. Il.i e i. n- n-ad id walling a at h' .* I if Uae Mi ni',. id ea-la week to ham a rrltVhwn of ll" pee-wciti ? t,re I he ilea ufW'C n Itnpurtab' ap.cia?u aa e.U- la e; pear An-l whf tl X 1 tt.y f ienu' le of Uaree crfub na, ii the front of 'lie ri*eapai*r?th jln-ecf biro Ah the All rh an "Illra a?a no' "* In .leaat ee oura and In ap.?.tig fa ? a pm' rmane. tiaer Irani. I 31- I t., 11 u.i h nlghl. i hat i- In ? I'.nie' e laa'e ac t - ? pet'rcl-ulia b ?< l? lhat no'iraef At .(III! rr.'ii wl y- -J bin of /*? /'?#i , to <'t.r I '1.1 JiP'- I rr, '.bat i.U ".uedy ??' the klahta of Mali aa- aceady ten 'brre' -t^e piai~t Al Sew dork wit - eery t. ?' a. He adea, that le n-A He- all a rlla ! ? -.1 he j e pr grr?. a t -T well Al'or hl.t a?t ?e won ?'! *' Hang rue if font m< t,thr -Ir-ce el.ew I b ought you the manuee-l l I of ' uf ib. a I a ut i ? n I be ? lay -be ' mod etA'ea, pleytAg u m-dl ?n! aVne a?f, H?ft?y Wbak I a ? .ir ? U . J e ' ! Ibe lafairtte Ii aid* rarne U, j. eacfi a rA(L-et to I'er I r I tl at he W ll I -sf li e M? ? e.a ? -ha re fnard end b letter ef ,-tfe. I a/, emii'ue. -hat 'h?.e g.:.r.?eo ae-e really unable t? take ? (-i-a b bee j-i-t eer.l t V-rf. a a ? rr. Ii" th'o.'tr.d fi n le loia*' 1 'ml ?n?? ii th- p? r fewrf. Pit till near.d tif }' d' B ? T. I '..1 la ah / ae -tea. ee M- i. re wdirr ae la'?r I ahelJ ( 'e'dy ea'." to le aetwf la he I nl"d i a'r. eg- nddreart- a . ?hl'h I hate el b I ' - .1 ? a?' ft a 1?I' g-. n r e iadeneew'-wee Ann a " I - ty -lu liH- ? ?? I" ? I male w?ot??7 I er-epf Ike eogwr 1, e-Ull*-hat It* go-d Well, ihee, I g -' g t via!' -h- f'a ' 1 N ' ?* -a I ?h. II -ent y .*? I i. ' e -r ?--n*lblif ei ? an .-lpi' Tei thA tlgai , ef.leh I will eaod a- u fra-tn Harani W f bear fm 'fee eta. a - * ' d he f nj T -t am .ere- ?'n-.-r P.' ? the rue in- e.ent Ma rfoee 'h>a irlealt# V the Um le-n r r ( h i.' ?|aip.ll a aubatitu'e 1 eaa f r our bell Tl,i> fro, 11, a roe ?( 'he 'alrte -?f the .If",. .eaaleelkatill geralwa e| pea" ffaeey i , . ibe' ' l.ee- It l-iy t t- a?- the e? Pariae- aa I a i t bhehr ard of a d-a r wamtng 1" rarry rr? off A-ttee i 1 deal *ebt fUloW '? rath-r ?a r?cr "i, ?? r-i tr It ia r. ?" o, ? U, lien ' S?l at.'be -ehle ? toe muet ebeadut-dy write 1n aae, an' e. 'el. n- an . .. - - .a r. -r.-e l?, -mine .a i# at I wand y-. *fl " ' -I '!-* u ?a ac-aiad a 1 tl a I'Ara I f I t ler, a If 'be - ,od. ? -f the ea-ke a. ? bea A-Ifaal m "I'e- a! I la I ha e yog le er to.',to I' l^-r ? 'ha' T ?y I r?a-t ?n in Mae Y.-rk mey j ?? >-y my g d 111 ey M-eram ?? it t ? / a? and a a k : t- f -1 v .aaatnwata tha. note, 'he're y?-? a-e a' perfcrl d-rtyl .dnao or tree ii - ' I-hei- all 'he haab yet be>e fari't ? ad th ? lw- ingieb wa-lc, (ma deer i they are -lu 'y -mm 1 beer end ?. I tew wo do lefree bae eae 'bean !? e->" ? IPfr* HfJkl VAt IJTT ? ew '. o* ''"'iffi'ra r-a f'egteel The Tekrf W u a v Ten WkJi rrWo-lht tr-d a- Clue Tell ead Jap tar aklrk y'aea'<e Twaaday efterA-ew erff 'h ' 4U net enene off amrattg la awllleal ef .1 "i Ik Hag . "re amre e.,ned the iu- end pa d fe'T mi *? areeayvr. eg hat ~'?id be Vorel li . -a an I ap,eeieae. . Her'ad the etaanel eeed.t . a hie Ire,wee and 0 a iklkHi ?e'lafa'-.- n In hie friewte ?be idual ie hmA. 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