22 Kasım 1855 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 5

22 Kasım 1855 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 5
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tie* entire)* reliable ??> been p ,t e-u p - trt tfc# cperatfooj ,-f a hicgie grate* of tbls rtty aadw.l- 4 *o bt on French s'c-.uut. Miik'g tit M n(hv the Marine Hank hat paid check* of Mr. IM 'it to tin ?mount if 81,100.1100, ail of ?hiob have bo*u gtvea for the purchase of whaat. Among th.-.ache ka ??? ear to a nt II known grain ami euc inn--ion h <aoof tbts eity -w $6U,rG0, and one to no tt. r i n-n-irt |?.|?<? l??? '? $48 00i.'. Mr. lladdu-k, wo tinder dates, is MM market, at are other par'te* aleo, and wo praeuuu- wil. continue to purchase a* long as rhiynaoUcan t># m l-y lake. The to'a) amount of grain brought in our mirk*t on Knroiiean account, we are, for the tei--u* ab-nrv ' n?l unable to give, but It haa been large Frobabty It would be safe to ray that nloe tenlha of the pun-haw< Mr 'h kit twenty days are for trans-Atlantic consumption The hot is, the presence of these buyers in ou- mars* caused prices to acvanoe to a point which tendered t-p rations for the New York market en'ircly out of the <.u ? tin. For once in its history New York merchan'e nave failed to come iu ae middle men between the pr--l . e.-s of the West and the consumer* of Kurope. The hundreds of thousands of dollars which would huve boeu n-t.ilne I in their hands, iiad F.urops an orders been iill -l 1. the " Vtw York market, as heretofore, are now ,-alWy I slged <n the pickets of our Western farmers. White, the Hatter, gull Offer* Great Bar take to those In want of furs of the newest styles and he I quality. WHITK, flatter, .121 Broadway. opposite Broadway theatre. Bemoul.-O. Beaoillii, Frenrtk Ilatter, late 209 Broad My. has r? moved his business to IBS Broadway, three doorsabove Bleecker s'reet, in Mr. J. K. Thierry's ha store. OuMosOagtwrieotypeesTliU Style of Ukr. neaa exceeds all others yet ottered to the public, In beauty or Indestructibility. WILLIAMSON'S, Brooklyn. Heads- Brothers, Pliotoj(rspbye-One of otur artists was artist to the Kmperor of Russia. tils certlff-ales SMy be seeu In our gal lor wis. Ulan* pictures, known ss atn krotypes, taken. N. B.?French, German, Spanish and Italian ?Woken. 233 Broadway. Portraits In Bases for US Cents.?Original pictures ot Lope/, Law, Tandnrbllt, and many of the moat dis ?nguisbed men or the country, for sale at the picture factory. ?80 Broadway. QUINBY A CO. Twenty flwe Cent Dkgwrreotypei-lt SO perdoxen?by HOLMES' machine process, with the United Slates patent Double stereoscopic camera, the fastest system et picture making In America. Depot ot art at 28i? Broadway. Albert H. NU-oIay wt.I Hold his Hogular ?emi.weekly auction sale ot stocks and bonds this day, (Than dnylal 12>, o'clo ik. at the gerchanta' Exchange. For further particulars see bis advertisement In another column. Oa'a faguss may be obtained at the offloe. No. 4 Broad street Flanoa and Madr?Horace Waters, Agent fsr the sale of the best Boston and New York pianos, is now ceiling, at 333 Broadway, an entirely new stork of superior pi anos, melodcons, music and all kinds or musical merchandise, at greatly reduced prices. No better opportunity to secure 5real bargains was ever offered. Music at hail'price during lis month. Pianos for Rent.?Splendid New Pianos, bp the best makers, for rent, at $6, 16 and $7 per month, at THOMaB HaKER'A piano rooms, .327 Broadway, oppod'e the Broodway theatre, French Wool Plaids at Ba.?Jast Received, Ave cases of rich plaid merinos, st the low price of 62)4 cents worth is.; also, two cases plaid poplins, at 2s., worth 4s. E. H. LKaDBKaTKR A CO., 347 Broadway. 8111aa, Hike.?Rich Dress Hllka, frona Anc? Moo. at reduced prices, will bs offered this day; also, 300 piald wool Isng shawls at 16, worth go. K. H. LKADBKaTKR JteCO., 347 Broadway. Ladkt, Don't Pay Broadway or Canal street prices tor your cloess, bonnets, ribbons, flowers, feathers, wburnings, Ac., but go to tbe Beeliive 327 Grand street, where you will fl-d a great assortment, equally as good and just as beblexiahle, and at much cheaper prima Gull and see B. D. HAWKINS, Proprietor. Tremendous Bargains In Clotldng?|23 for ?8.?A large lot of fine black dress coats, fashionably cut. beautifully made, and lined with sntln, worh $26, selling at KVaNH' clothing warehouse, <6 and tio Pulton streoi, at Sa. 33 and 35 John Street, Corner of Nassau.? This celebrated old hoiue, for the sole of superior clothing, at Ae lowest prices, is now well stocked with every garment ue eeesary fsr the season. Take a look. DEVLIN A JE8HCP. Rogers d Co.?Holiday Salts.?The Father who desires to make his son the rational present of a holiday winter suit will And at the great clothing warehouse of hOOKBB A CO., corne* of Pulton and Nassau streets, the ? assortment of boys' fashionable clothing and the lowest In the city of New York. India Rubber Overshoes ?The Best Fin* ktbed, lightest, and at the same time most durable rubber over sheas of every variety (ladies, misses, ati-l genjemen's), tor ante wholesale and ratall. at the Goodyear Amber depot, 266 Broadway, between Chambers street and Warren. Go to Puttie's Great Fancy Store, 34-1 Broad* a to purchase the richest and most cu- Ions articles for pre , keepsakes, memento*. Ac. TtJTTLB keeps the very tersest assortment of everything that can please the fancy or teste of any one. Baby jumpers, walking canes, toys and fancy articles In endless variety, for sale on the most reasons bte terms. No stranger should visit New York without giving htm a call. Jet Goods?Just Received, a New Assort ment ot bracelets, brooches, mcklaoe*. chatelaine t, sleeve bsflfsis, studs, Ae.; also, jet and gold Jewelry; u gre it variety, Bt OHbGRNK, BoyHUMAN A TOWNsEND'b, 627 Broadway, -of Spring street. Stevens' Western Farm Association.?Public meeting on Thursday evening, st 7>4 o'clock, at the Mechanics' Institute, No, 1 Bowery. All who wt.h to obtain farms in Wls eonsta should attend. PHyments Ids. weekly. JOHN HThVKNH, President, Late President of the Industrial lloms am-, of Ml. Vernon. WIIinn's Celebrated Dandelion Coffee, for dyspepsia, indigestion, sick headache, and all bilious and liver ssmptetela. Bold by HkGKMAA,CLARK A CO., F. V. RUSH. KIN, and all respectable druggists. Roger's Bowing machines?New Machines sf tee most improved style will be exchanged, on liberal terms, Us aid machines of every kind. Great numbers of machines after Avery, Wilson. Grover and Baker, and other patents, ten been sold, which can't be used to any advantage. These UOtlrinas we offer to relieve the public from. < >!d unimproved nsnabtues of our own make exchanged In the same way. Old USMbtocs so received by us will at once be destroyed. Fur terms of exchange apnly personally or by letter to I. M HINOER A CO., 323 Broadway. 9h? Moot Complete Pen and Pencil Cast- we bnve seen le mannkctured by W. M. WTLMABTH. 44 Maiden hoe. It Is called " Lownds' patent," and surpasses In beauty sod durability any octnbinaUon of pen and pencil hitherto of srud to the public. They are made both In gold and sliver. Whiskers or Moustaches Forced to Grow Is stx weeks, by my ongu-nt, which will not stsln or injure the vein. 81 S bottle; sent U> any part of tbe country. K. <?. GRAHAM, 6H6 Broadway; Brians, 37 Btate street. Albany; Weber 43 South Third street, Philadelphia Bats he lor's Hair Dye, Wlaa and Toupees? Tbe beet bl tbe world. This unrivalled and original dye is sp bbed la IX private rooms. Halchelnr's wigs and toupees have haprnvsmsnts over all others, hclng chef (Ta-uvren of elegance, ease md durabtlliy peculiar to (his establishment. BATCHKLOK'b, 233 Broadway. CHstsdcrs's Hair Dye, Wigs and Toupees admlratasi amongst all connoisseurs in art. A suits of private apartments lor applying bis in-onipurable dye, only reliable article of Iu kind, wholesale atik retail, at BlbTAl'GKli'H, -No. 6 Atlor House. Htll's Hnlr Ilyr? Four Mlxllllngs a Box, Black Of brews told at liegeman t'lark A Go 's, 273 Broadway; Gun 48 Nassau strrst and I ti -rcAy street, N. Y., 176 and 247 Rwhea street Hiooklyn; Dexter A Neilegar, corner of Bute nod Pearl street*. Ail-any K K. T. Williams, druggist, Mrnad street Newark, X. J. ?oaooet Wmr Ckapa, Chsfrs and Tender Skin. ?4NHRAI-IPs I tat an boap n Is well kaown. m the only tubal s| i-re|>arau-?i * ht< h w.Ileum and pre vent losss ssooy aasw It testes a noste for piiqplc* freckles, ernp tfuis. Ac Goarsad ? |-oudrc subtile ui-r.n i. hair irom tew lorsbre is or ain part o( the body. I^ly wkbc, hair dye, smrf nsi tsint at #.* old depot, g7 Walker at . tir?t ?u>-e from lu.wdway t'alteadsr.MltesMh 3d st., I'bliadelphla; Bate* 12-i Vashtegten M. Roston Hsilsway'i Obit meat a Certain Cure for Salt ana ssvt-s k ?r?|*t|M.a and strt-fitte bad legs, old sores sat ttkwra in *11 sum oases -his valuable otnuncni has llie ?HHS t-utWivs I '-vvr. Wtu-I, need in ac-or lance wtth Ue <11 ? s? sw Sun M>-ei|?i.j. eorh pot aold at the tuantiCactorlca. Ns m Mat-Iea lane New V- rk. and 244 Strand lemdon, and by all Aruggiava. a> 3k Ms. M2'a cents sn-t 81 per pot Mom's t tad Liver Oil?Its Effects on te> *# u seat sen-Sssg ?It tv--unst.es ibs body, which Increase* tS bulb and sig'-r. ? - basis flash exudation* ol lubsretilar mat *?r and t*i..iab-a the eougb, and a uv-walile ehange takes pteer u be gsnsemi hea'th av.d a:.;* aratvee of the pauenl. Ills w.e? -*t, si is As or liooee 417 Hr.?tis.y, and 17(1 l*bcsiuul ?Mart PbilsAslpbUv. ?AS Buttles mi Cart4Mr*s Hpanluk Mixture swstiteMsrdH.s <at.n M Nets, as Virginia, of a despe ? a" < a.s . t sr tut via af er all the dorter and other remedies hail tensd -4. do Iwr any g-**1 Tbrt e isei e? ewed a man employ ed an tee kernel Mr Jams. M Tailor, of Daunrcr. Va , of a MSTtete boi caeeef scrotals. Two bott le* cured 2. H. Roiitnsnn, n %v.*e er. iai- ot in eiru.aaey rbr imsKun. after all other roowdieshsd t, .eed Tsob' <aenred John Thompson, of Klcb see4 mh 'Vim. . f maey year* starvlmg tdx bottle* cored lb Hsrreu. nt i in. innail <M l-iftaminaiory rheum utaoi, of three ?**/-?' .Uridine abieb Bo idler remedy would louch. It Ms i?ae-.se e..r? ?,.r sthnkula, i beninattsoi, syphilis and all tenses - er -tag from an Imf.tirr e-ie of the blreel Trv Hand SerorvA a-farteg Invalid w V * IIKKKH A CO., I'roprw sea b? kt Ms., and lor rale br Mrs Hayes Brook I ya; I!. H Simt It- t roadway, and by alldui'ert in st" l. -luea. WW Cherry Bark and Tor, Ityr an Ingtnl ? .s iweat-'setei With a f. w > >her ? isplra. a ft -r-1 US the surest <Gbus ksssi be msig [><km id 'be luags. u nlRikJt, ~ ' TSf WiMCherr) has ptfAuce I a remedy of un Mr?. <m Taeadaf. N?v 30, et hw rasideneq N'o. 867 fVut/r street >?W T- rk, 1^1 Ravi A ? Uias Gbmv. R* . , master I t*k isterM the I ii.ted vtotsa Navy Yard, Brooklyn, bffed 4d Mass aid ?teoaths. lbs fi sods axel ar.j. alwtai.ee- ef the d?ese*ed also the i .a hers <>( I led* pen ent <d V aad A. M.. ami the meeabers of the >*w York I'uexp aad Block Maker*' Bo sket* are rospsettwite tsvttsd ta attend bl* I tie ral Lorn bis late is*ldeooe this afternoon at two o'clo A, without I thsr iM-tte*. <a Ws.laes.usy No*. 21, of ?-o.11st fsvsr. F.ii?.i *ti ysMiMest child -d Klioi I'arkls *1 lo* sf flrrerjy I'arkls. .fw.;" ysats Tto ftivsd* and acqsaietanea* of th* knilly are r* sp-rtfuui invt-sd la atwnd her fuoaial Irou tlM reel deaat -# I - ? - tlsw kigiity lbli-t street sad Fourth We a*# te ??--??* 8ifvn"*-n M tl o'doeh. f* Wedae-day. Nov 21, Mssf Axs Twonbt, aged 80 yssrs. ilsr faaerai Will uka ylaes t-- morrow s'ternoon at ? oaocteab, from tba re* tears f ber daughter Mrs. MtS* I i .0*1 ? No. 74-be-IF street Th# frtas 1? of the t'y aad ad ber graadatrae F roar is J. sad letotnlab Tw-S'j bit rv-j- ') to* ttei to a'.'.sad, WitB-'Ut fur lh-? fett'MM. H?l W>lM e.J h* uktlttt OaiTerj f.?in| kf niifii Mi * ida ?*?? Vex. n Raw taw fc C. Ikt tM N > Ubu ?w H ^in "?* ?"???? ?? U* '<?** <4 'if b.?-r*l will to fir*B if N?r*v?. * ? *'?d'.e?4ay N./y n, N.?.<ur A , laughter of William J i*4 Ms ge'sl K Irturj i|?l 1 y?er *ud | Ito fniiA* ml 'to to<lf ere wtiM to *1'mI the '??? ?*! 'hi* i(l?'n?ni, || ..i?? iVlirk, Iron* th? re?t encs u* tor ps-awt* t.,iwr N ota III*M and Thiily f. mil <?? Tuesday, Km 31, lUtl, wife i4 fitilcl K?y ???Me. fhe ftte?.i? of tto to?> f awl Dm?of to brothers, Matlto* 1*4 >< *? ph iwifto <t, *rw mutest to her hwiit, trow No 11* Ts.tfb KreH, to murru f ?i*i ?<" B, at 1 1* ? >k ch On Tuesuay Nam tl OltaiJk Ai '.I "W ?, yuuafWt -in si J- ha <i4 -slab Harris tto frh nli 1*4 arqueinlsnvas af tto I?ml If *ra r??|serially B*||*4 la ??r.rv.t bis tiMMwal wl'b.rut hif ller lavl'ettou, from tto a.!4a?r*<4 lib pasate, Nu. JV avenue ti, tto* tlMaa*. at to "'atoeh. (ha luaaalajr, Nm. 31, Jt<?? * Hi ?ta ag*d 43 j??r> 4 month a. Ito lrw?4? of th* fcmily ara Uvito.1 to a'tend tto ftk neral frsaa hi* lata r? udrnsa, Mai 140 Ctorry street, (hi* afln no.hi. at (to** U ctach. (hi W<d?. *>l*y, N,v. :1 Can**!>?, Atnfhtai of Mir hue sad Joanna IJai.ssi, *f*A 12 m ait'ia aad a <l*v?. Th* ft is a<l* a* th* family, ?ad tt ?e f tor na to El ward and John lumen, ara tesp* 'Ml; invited to att- rol th* fniisial. fr. m tto r*-l4*ti a u# law fattor, Ho. I ll Wait 1blitj niath itiaat. (hi Wouii' .d*jr, Mo*. 31, at th* r?'ld?M? nfhU mothar, No. 62 R .odhull straw , m nh Ita ,?.hl? a Riiuau (leasr. in (to '.let )>?t of hi* age, as** I tto i,> Petri, k < leery, (if Nrnegb, County Tipi-ie'v Ireland Notia*e aiffuiioral ia to las irare 'a pa*?! At Maahasset, l.~ng l-la >d, Mi u lay Koa 1(. Jii a Co vim. in the 74tli year of hi* ef*. Tto nlaUvee anal ft b rute of tto family are invited to *11 enil hi* tuoerai, Ir.'Oi hi* iat* i#-il*ocs, al oao o'clock, anal at th* chairch at M*nbas**t at tarai o'claiek, tht* afternoon, without turitor Invitation. On Wtdne day irorninf. Now 31. after a short hut sa ve'# illness, Mi?. Locau !??.? *??? >tx, in the J2d year of tor ?ge. The relative* anal frisoala of th* family are reepeetfully invited taa attend the fain*r*l. l)n< sCernnoa at 1 o'clock, from her lat* ireblenre, H*y lUdg* Ovlngt' n avenue, * short distance from tto t<- minus if the Green fNi Hail mat. At Norfolk, on (lac 4th of September last aif aollow fe ver, Mr. J AMU Hva.v, aged M years torn in th* city of Dublin. There will be divine service for the rejsase ol hi* oml, in Ht. I'etcr's church, ilarrlay street on Sunder rno'n Ing. Nov. S6, at 7 o'clock. Ito' fr iends and rela Ives of the deceamd, are respectfully invited to attend. Dublin paper* please copy. At Honolulu, Sandwich I laud*, March A, MA&, JnMv C. Ot'fiCK, of consumption. The relative* anal frietvl* of the family are Invited to at tend bin funeral, to-morrow afternoon, at two o'clock, from the renidenoe of hi* brother, Janitw C. Hulick, No. 226 Adam* street, Brooklyn. ADVERTISEMENTS RENEWED EVERT DAT. FEVER AND ACH E. New principle i no poison i RHODK8' FEVER AND AOUE CURE, or. antidote to malaria, for the prevention and cure of fever nnd ague, or chill fevea-; dumb ague, and other lu* termlttent and remittent fever*; also, of bilious, teanra, accompanied by typhoid *ymi>torna; typhoid fever, yellow fever, ship and jail fever, general debility, night sweats, and all outer form* of disease which iaave a common origin in malaria or miasma. . Hs Innocence is c r Hied to lay Dr. .1. R. Chilton, and It* crtt cacy and value now fullv established. Fur sals by alrugganur generally, end the proprietor, J AM KM A. RHODES, Providence, R. I. PERRONa?T INFORMATION WANTED?OK MARY ANN AND Kllmbelh lt?vts, by thrtr fattier, John Davis. When last heard from they residrd In Hamer Fall*, New Hampshire. Addreaua Mr. David Caldwell, 'jfc Weal Eighteenth ?tr*et. New Vork. R.JAMES NUGENT. PIK BAKKK, WILL FIND A letter for him al box No. 100, llcrald other MISS RIIODA WATTS. LATE OF LONDON. EVO land, will And loiter* Irom her friends at Uae offlre ot the St. Oeorge'e Society, W) Orrenwich street. A boy wanted, to attend oflice. Salary 3?tl luat yeitr. THE LADY IS DEAD THAT TOOK THE CHILD AS her own; she lived In Orand street. 1 he mother of the child la re<paeated to couie and take her boy, bo Is two year* old. M MPKCIAIa NOTICES, In PURSUANCE OP THE CONTRACT, MADE UNDER ? date of November H, IHfiA, with Messrs. Englar A Wolff, beer brewers, of Philadelphia we, the undersigned, beg u> tuform our frlead* and the public in general, that we will hare this winter and during the next summer, Uae sole sale of their liner for Uatseliy, and beg to walicll the patronage of the public. New York, November 12. IBM. CONS. HKYLOEJST, ATfi Broadway. FR. Z8CI1QCKE, 1B8 Howery. Masonic noti'-e.?independent lodok no. i??, F. and A. M ? The tnemher* of this lodge, and the fra ternity In general, are requested to meet at the lodge ruom, liB Kgst Brnadway, on Thursday, Nov. 22, al 1 o'clock, lo pay the lasl tribiKe of rcspcet to our deenaaed brother, Lawrence W. Oreen By order of HENRY 8HBODKK, W. M. Jon* W. Daatjcr, Secretary. MECHANICS' PIRK INSURANCE COMPANY.-CAPT tal 3160 JJ00.?Office 271 Hinadway, oorner of Chambers street WILLIAM U. DBOROOT. PreaadaaL Hxjixt B. Dawson, Secretarv MFETINO OP THE AMERICAN 0200RAPHICAL AND Stattrtlcal Sarii'ty?N. Y I'tilierstty, oil Thursday evening, (to day,) at B o'clock ?A aelrctiou ol Interesting points of the ttatbdlr* of Kiiasla will be given. The pubUe is Invited to ?fiend. Mercantile library ahhociation.-mr. w. m. THACKERAY will deliver his third lecture on >he Four ('i-nrgsa of England, this evening, at the lecnire rrsatn. I'llnhm Ball, Ashar place. Subject?t.eorge the Tlurd. etngl.- ad mis'lon tickets, 76 rent*, may I e had at theflal rary, ana at the down towru office. No. 2 Nassau -.trcet. \| APONIC?THE 11 Kill LA R MEET I NO OF ST. JOHN'S Ivl I^slge No. I, Willie held al their ixadge rooms. Free Masons llall. No. BOO Broadway, th!* (rburwlay) evening, at 7 o'clock. Burlnea* requiring tlae al endan' e of ail Uae uae tube a * will be brought before the meeting STEPHEN ROGERS, Master Prmtt M. Rhai:i\ iHrdMy, PROCLAMATION-MAYOR'S OFFICE, NEW YORK November 21. li-V ? Acknowledging our ai, prnd.-nce on Almighty (lod, and daily nen't a e that hi hia men y we are In delated (or continued pcar e, pn>. perlty and general public health, whilst o ber rommurlUe?. less favored, have been sorely afflicted with pestilence and devastation, we are nn.v called npon to reiatrn Uaanks and give praise lo the Author of our tae l"g, the pioter.tor of our lives, and the dDpenarr of *11 the tal?a ?ttigs we enjoy. WHh these sent nacnl*. *nd In pursuance of raistom *od the prorhtmalaon of his Excellency Myron II. Clark Oorsrnor of the hlate of New York, thtt Thuratlay. the abb day ol November next, beset aside as a day of praise, thanksgiving and prayer, I call upon 'he people oi this city lo observe th?l day as such, with ull dare respect an 1 solemnity, (liven under tnv band aitd seal the day and year aforesaid ; FERNANDO WOOD, Mayor. TVKMOVAL OK BURYING GROUNDS ? NOTI 'E IS J1 hereby gtvrn to the member* of the t'ongregailnrt Schaar Haschoraaalm of this rltv, and other* having relation* lying la Ute burying grottnd- lit w ll U.'uvtiurg at .1 in Yorkvtlle that the brrlles In th ?e giounds will be removed to Salem's Kleld. 1 )m?c Intending u? remove the r reladoks diera-aalves for luter taient tn some other haarjlng place, are permitted to do at lay notify 11.? lh? Prestdent of t lie ('oragre.'atton The removal In R imaiinl.iirg wIII commence on Monday Nov. 2d. II. WsssxB***, he. retary. W. K. I'KANK, President. THE LECTl'RK MKAMO*. ("A HA PEL or THE UNIVERSITY OF NEW YORK, OI'PO J site Washington parade ground.?A leemre vrtU bade llvered in the French language by I'ro rssor i?a V111. Ttiurs>l*y evening Nov. 22, IhM. at eight o'clock prectselj. Hnbjoct? hacrril and fbeauical Music. Ardors and Actresses -Their His tory and Influence In the UniteiTHiates. Ticket* 2&ocu's IET Lfl LIVE TO RE L'hBPUL.?MECHANICS' INSTf j lute lecture* for lsbi-'/Wi.?1 lie Hon llorsee Oraeley will leciure before the Institute, at Clinton llall. At tor place, on Friday evening. Nov. XI, commencing al H o'clock. Huh irrct?"Henry Clay." 1 b kc? of kitmiuaion 10 rents avh, lo t>e tod a, the door Mrnalaera can ptorure their Itmllt sea on tlrkrl* free, from the IJhrartan, at the Institute room*. CHAR!.* Ell. HELAVAN. J JOHN Martin, /torture Committee. R II I I a M OArSKR, ) ON THURSDAY NIGHT, NOV 2J GO AND HIA It AT H the Tahernscle, Theodore L. Crtjler, E. H. t'hiplo, Horace Oreeley. Rrv R. M Ilaltteld, Dr. M. L. (Juatkeninish Solon Robtnsrei and rubers, In liehalf ot the A me r,can Widows' Relief Association, and thr rr|iort of the Hoard of Trnstees, of what they have done and what they need to do lo save hun dreds of respectable families from suffering ami degnU'ion. let all who tote heart# to feel come and le?r-i??n, worn en, eht.dren. Feat* are fire, and door* open at 7 o'clock. The uu.tr e* appeal directly to all their personal friends 10 attend ?his marling Make u * Thanksgiving anniversary. Hosbii or TKL'srnts. ?J, P. TrnadweM. President, So'on Rohln?on Kecietarv ; Oeorge W. Browne James H Colgate, RTHiam II Rurroughs Char taa L. Froat, C Dtnsnvore, R M. Mraiton. R'tlllatn [>. Murphy Fredertek ttook. William M Al len, tomtort huycam. .I?nn M Hot.erut. Htephen Cu ter. Joseph Cart!*, R ra. Traabrw P W Parry, trsrrrge R' Prar cy, John N. Get.in. tillyer II. l,oe J. R a'ernnr), (ktrhrhrpher f oi. Over tlx hundrert families have been ismtorarily .issiatel nearly all at whom arc dependent upon their needles, and many i f l)>am Imvlng be -n out of work nearly all the winter, were found destitute of all rut ate lo repwntsli heit wardrotres, pay rem. or procure tuod. Many are still deauiu'e. PRGFBHHOR IIARK S LECTURE ON HPIRfTUALISM"? By special InriiaHon of Profeasota Itrmpr. I'.uamu", Oilman, farmchao. E. K. Collins. Esq s-id onehutnlrsdrsher dlstlngtilsbed cHlaeta. Dr. Ro'ert Hare, anther of'he remark ahl* hook in?t pnhlished entitled Kips -imeti'a! fnv/wtlgs'locs of Spirit Manifestations." will dsllver a leeturs on the stt rai;r-l spiritual phenomena. In thtdBcosdway Tab' rnsele on Frl-tay evening, the Xtd instant, tn whlrh ha will exhibit the Ingenlmta mechanlra! eon'rixanees emitlojed by hint to detect muscular force and deeetition and exhibit ii.e itraci-e tuPare of the aga .t Icrolyed In the prodnctlon of the nfnreaaut phenomena. Lac lore to <<>miner.ce atS o'cUwk. Admi tanee lyx* rents. SA( RMI 1J-.CTI Rfll - MKM GIlIM-,. ttd'Al.lHT WILL deBver twr leetiires. Inter i>er?ed with various aooys, on the sacred works of the greai masters. Saturday and Suistsy evenings Nov. 211 and 3b7at h* A polio Rooms Admlsdoa 23 cents. Commences at R tfrlock TluTurflND LECTURE BEFORE THE YOUNG MPVH I asaorAtlon of 'he Twentieth street Congregational char, b, (totwaan Fourth and Heventh itenuest will he deliverwt :h.< evening, hv I'rofesaor If M. HMITII, D D. Huhjset: ? Heatbou Mytfmiogv. Single *dii,e>#toe 'A cenu. lArture to ootnmeiue at * v'rloek. incWfiPAPKM. AM NEW CfiMlv PAPER?YOUh(J AMERICA -A N ATI rtcal UIuetrMed weekly pap#r. w, k tiie above ;?te will tat puh ished asrly in Ihs -tutor 4't eeu's (*r tttttMr, or f; >i per sitnom. fuilcri* km* erd rscdrthuu sis in e to T W STRONG. Pwolstor. tt< Naaaau street. New Y'irk. KFORTIilU. L'O* "ALE-A LARGE ASSORTMENT OF FAT el pvgarin* *s poutera, r ifflsns -ks. fat?iatK nun*, . it I swallowa, spegs, 'ttyibk - J NEW PVBUCATIORS. HAVB YOU RRAD II t In evary respect the most popular, entertaining DM rae/ book <d the day. third aornoa now kxadt CROTCURTH AND QUAVERS; OH, bXVILLATIO** or AH or*** hahai.hr. BT HAH BtgBTXBR. Thia book la making a decided hit among every rUs* of read era. Every paper uoucea It- some kindly, *ou?e ?Uarply?out all read U. Read ibe following notice* of the pre**:? The iwo moat surprising men of the mm' aurprialug apo'h are unuueailooably Louis Napoleon and Max Haieuek.?N. Y. Herald. Max consider* himself the Don Qulxoue of opora.?Mirror. We would very gladly einlutt hie eatlmate of the American ladle*, but to do Joailce to the admirable addre*a wllb wtil-h he tranagea to is'lsfy ihe oi'rioalty of hi* I'arUian f'lenla on ro Important a subjact, without Incurring ibe teaat Uailllty to blame, would oecupy more *p?o* In our column* than we bare at command.?N. Y. Journal of Commerce. M. Marc trek tella bl* alory In ju?t the view In which aueb a tale of petty squabbles, wroteheil failure* aud brilliant aucucta ehuuld be told?trippingly an to stylo and without any appear am e of rancor or sphe, or undue exultation aa to spirit.? Conrter and Enquirer We would make extract, U we knew where to bettln or to leave off. at d if we bad not already exceeded the epa to we b td alluded ourtelvea *o ihl* revic. *. We would aliuply reootn mend every body to read It, (or It I* rich, Inetructire, and highly entertaltilng.?>. Y Despatch. What l> the all In all, I' 1* auiuetng, and l> U a very spicy and rradabla volume.- Sunday Courier A book which cannot but be read with a gr- it deal of lute reel-which no pitranncan read wlihout funning a judgment in It* lavor.?iv Y. Alia*. lie handlee hla baton and hie character dltrercutly?the one with it levee, the other wlthciut.?N. Y. Iic.15 tine. Thin book, full of all Ihoee detail* of private Hie, thoae In tnruee, that comrnnn warn la I, that Utile tattle of profemhinal tlir 'hat the world love* ?o well, which they run after no eagerly, ami buy aud devour with rucb exquisite rellah, will be Iro Iuei?ely popular ?V Y. Dally New*. He Introduce* a curlnuA public behind the scene*and exhibit* n any yew* of managerial success aud failure.?Hoaton MUl-l He describes o|>eradnm with Immense gout and not a UUle pat! oa ?Hoaton Kvenlng G-jsatta. It I* very amu?|ig, and let* the public lain a peep behind the cur sin which they will richly enjoy.?Philadelphia Ledger. Ihe vary.Ural bend of hit how una crewleddiscord.?Philu dvlphu huh Ihe trtp to Meilen I* a* full of Interest a* n romance by Du ma*. Perhaps, a* hi* hiatory I* literally only lutlf told In tal* volume be i-"tt emplalr* con'iuuliig and coucludiug II in an oiher?N. Y. Times. ? ? HAMt'KI. FRENCH, Publisher. No. 121 Naatatl *t., N. Y., aial lor tale by all bookseller* ami agent*. Oople* mailed on rerelptuftl, prat paid. T FARMNO LANOfAORS WITHOUT A MASTER. lj Pin sen, CikkHA.v, artanx, l.aTis and Italia* lan WMH. Any pereoo ottHcqualnted with either o( thea* language*, can. with die akl ol tlic-e work*, he enabled to read, wrlle and .peak the Language of either without Uic aid of a teacher, or any oral It atrudton whatever, provided they pay atrlct alien thai to 'be lonirucitona laid down In each bonk, and that nothbig ?ball be pawed over without n 'borough investigation of ibe subject 11 tuvolvee, by doing which Un-y will be able u> apeak, read or write either language at their wUI and plenums, t-paniah Wlthnu' a Master, In Pour Kasy Lessons. French Wlihout a M*at-r, In Nix Raay t.eaaou*. lieUan Wnhotil a Master, In Plve Ra*y laMaona. German Wi'hnut a Maater; In Six Kasy lasaaona. IwUn Without a Maeer. In fix Kasy Lemon*. I'rtee of either'if the noore works, 28 cent*?or the whole Ave will he -em to any one, to any place, free of postage, 00 ireelpt of on* dollar. I Km l<?w one dollar In a letter, aud direct It to the publisher. T. B PKTkRHOM No Itn chestnut street, Philadelphia, And you will receive 'he bonk* per Ur*' mall. PKTKRSON'H HOiiKH In press, and will he piu bUahed In a few days: ? The Cura* 01 CUP on. By Mrs. Kmma It. K. N. Uou'hworth. Two volutnea, pnper cover. Price onc.dol'ars; or In cloth, gilt, for (I 26 The Discarded Daughter, lly Mr* Kmma D. K. N. South worth. Two voluma*, paper rover. Price one dollar; or bound In ? loth, gUt, 21 at. I, ttv and Advenlvret of Grate O'Mailey. Price Si cent A Ibe Pirate's Son Price 26 cent*. Send on your order* to T. B. PKrBRHON, No. 102 Cheanul street, Philadelphia. PI'Bl.lHIiP.D THIS DAT, A NKV AND POWKRPL'l, novel, eutiiled CASTK A Stobt or RarvaucxH Kocturr. By Kriisay A. Htohv, Jr., In one litrge duoded no volume, 640 lip. Price 91 26. The pttbllahei* deem It proper to alate that a* many common place and treble works have been hctaldcd daring Ihe past year with a great Nourish of trumpets, so that the public have become naturally distrustful of tlamlng announcement", they wish It to be understood. that they ace wtl tn* to risk whatever character as publishers thev may have, upon till* book. They believe It to tie unsurpassed tn absorbing Interest, brilliancy of atyle. and vigor of rhsracleitxation. by any American novel of reeeni dale. And aa they have a large It*' of publications, some twenty or more, to be issued tins present season, they would be extremely nn wlldng. now, at the beginning, to hauxrd their lepututlon tip<m any Interior work. MGDRRN PILGRIMS: Showing ihe Improvrmeni* In travel, and ihe newest method* of reaching lb* Celestial City. By GScaur Wood, mlhor of " I'eter P.cblerolhl In America." In two vols. 12m'). Price ^ Tti* ulea of this work waa suggest*,! to the author by the Inimitable "Celestial Katlroad" of Hawthorne: but In the ap plication of the Idea to Ihe religious socle ties of modern times, the author Is Indebted to no one. It t* a continuous story of the pllgrlnisge of some cultivated and piously illspesoJ people. In whichIbey visit lo turn various eltles, ras'les aial hotels, re presenting the leading religious deitmoUxathm*. But no da scrtptimi ran do the work Justice. It Is full of trenchant satire u|ion lUe, manners and opinions; and al the same time It baa much o' pathos wtuch cannot hut awaken sympathy Thl* Work will makes sansaiInn 10 the religious world. It t* proper to add that the author take* the same standpoint with boueat John Hunyan. _ PIIII.I.IPH, HAMPBGN A OO., Publiabera, Boston. J. C. DUBBY, New York. SPIRITUALISM RfiKNTiriCAl.LY DKMGNHTRATKH, by Prvdcseor Robert Hare Just published 60b page* 00 tare, with en graving, Illustrating the mechanical contrivance* en.ployed tn bis various experlmen's to preclude muscular lorre aud deoep'Jon. and exhibit the precise nature of ihe agent involved in the pbenotnena. Immortality ixnd Intereottrse with spirits, demonstrated by I r. Hare, st ovllng as be d ?? at lite head of sctenee and learnlug, ha* justly ereaied a profound sensa'iou. Price SI 76. ixtstage ?) ceuta Publlsh?<l by PAIf 1KIDGK A IthllTAN, fronting the Broadway TAiernacl*. 1 l.rWublner j employed la left wllb the pabllahsra a few days on exhlbHIon. r> ROGK8RI.I.RRR AND WIIOLRBAI.K UKAf.KflH IN Valentine*.?The sulisefiber la now prepared to (III order* 10 any amount for Ihe coming Valentine season Prom the inc.e s1 si varied thick he ha* O] hand, dealers would do well to select their orders Being all made under hla own superui tendance, be has neater far titles hi sell cheaper for oixah than any others In 'be mwtkei. Valeniee* ssln-ted now can ha forwarded at any time previous 10 ihe Iffh Kebruary. T. W. HTRONO, tie N*s^xu streei. rriiK ijpk or jaixih b ? rkkr ? J, Nowr ready. ? I*i HIRST" is TUB i.rrB 1 iK .1 acob makkkr. ol New Orleans, laiuls^oa, *nh ll'shirieal Kacts, his Plnat rial iianaa>ih.n- with Uie liovemine'it.atid hla Course 011 Itn pur-ant I'oI.ik al igue-tiona, from Dvai to IH66 1 vol. svo. Illtiatraied with two portrait*. I'rtee 22. If we can judge of'he bulkllug by alitock.orol his book by an ex'raet winch we b .ve *e*n, In 'he Washington I'nt'Si, we are sure It wU! receive ilve approval uf Ihe ouiightmMd publm. ? N. O. Delta. AI'III. HK PfBI.INIIKD KRIItAY NOV rt - ff i'ONTAL RV.PliltM. ITrt I K'iKNT NKCK" .TV AND pit x< ri?'ahu.ity, Br Piisi Ru.e*. In on* k to. pamphlet. 12f pages, prire 28ret,is. The abuses and iniperfec'ain* of our post..I sys'em .vre h" e eihlhile'l with an unsparing hand, by on- thoroughly qnatnted with the subjecu Toll stalivUe* of the L'nl'cl dia'*s Pn*i,Gfllee are given trnm 171W hi 1*64, and s com pi -Is a"oount ol ilie Kngilsli postal -ya'em, with a la simile ol the Kuglt*b naiaey order. The work the a not stop with simply fin ling fault, bai proposes aweerilug ebange and a re arrangement ol our peelal laws. Published by HTRINGKR A I0WNHKND, 222 Broadway. THE TTRP. $10. CVKNTHK.Y1I I.r COlRine, l/>NG ISLAND -A PURsK ) of 226 wtll be Rt'en for * mule rwee, Ui eome oir on l b tra day, Nov 22; free (or all mules, mile heal*, be?i ii.ee in five aial no dlaianre, rerrying eateh weigh!* Kntrvnee Ire* ol charge. Tori**-no the lttb "? November at the 1 entrei l,u? Course. JOKL I'ONIfl.IN. lioprtrhir / ARNTRRVII.LK HOt'RRK, L. I.?TRDTTING ?TIlCRi1 day. Nov. 22. at 2 o'clock ? Ma'rh for 2l.tk*l. ten mil.4 not, to %,'SI ll.e wagora. II. W.salrnlf name* nL g. Plumbing Hoy , Heury Natnmt* name* gr m l?*4y B?nt,et JOEL OoaKMW. Propriahw. HKD HOCHK. HARI.KM.-THW PAVcRITK Pl.Al k OP 1 resort I* now lb complete order, vnd ready UJ ac.jounres dale the eporttog sod rhiltig publlr. Tt?e Goiite an l It Base Ball Clubs play on lh* beautiful green at'*-he I o to" bouse, and afford murh sport to Ihe visiters of this ties ifal phire. The l>?st of ri 'rvebmeiit* always on hand. WILLIAM A. BR11WN. rf'uiri"or EDt'CATMW. fill ft ?HflOKRKKI'ING. MR Iffll.HK tR 4M? ifR<>? |t IpJ'J, way. guarantee* to ipialtfy ebekents for jvsisi *1 lK.<.kXcepcra b? dnnoary 1. HSKt* may be ?wired *4 4*v at only 21". the details of double entry wtll bean Uiawd tty a practlcai bookkeeper, aa prwtl*ed to the beet bouaea. Alii ?pbnmaNemr pgr hcsivkhs-mr mi. vl'"* Hh AR. 6"2 Broadway guarantee., i,y his ?i system "f ' band training." to remove ?:t "Ulfbem. eramping soil trrn.'ling, and ui give a rap'd bu'insa* wyie slvai1 ex tra 1 barge, 'o every * udeul entered tin* day u? avrning Re gnUr term*, 216. WRITING. MNIKfc KKI'ING, ARITMMKTr". 4?' . - T .n.e 1111I rni'ed. a' PAINR d, 22.T Grand Wrre: ?nd iTh'y 11 toil -'te. 1 Itr nk:>'. Iwt.e* wr.tina h-wama ?: :1 lea* cm*. TV a iiacUmlarlj rill aTtmilra is "ti P-*i'* 1 - *} ? < in. which, with the moat *urpr *u.g 'a '?.'?n-'o, ? uiislahtly vcrawl latu a t eau'Jil. fre* and aipe-lrweva band wriiTng,? Newport News. A" YRI.'KNYORT.?flfn-DdMllH 'AN IMPART A G' h if! bar.d wriline In 'en te -?m, -V one t, ire?-U i? *. ? Ilv* pitblla, oldur young Appiea?*?! re-e d M. da ?' Ibe arsdem as, No. Broad war, a. el N 27 7 Puthai - ?? Htw klyn BfMtKKPl PiNiJ~WKITING,"i' , "ARK TA' 'HIT MT PltNTP.it A DlXON, thl Broadway, Appwea, . H eld Ire, In an expevftUoo* and superior bui'.i ?f, '? U* eoueser ..' tt.e nestem six and twalre e-swK eharlaau ry Par lei. art on appileailoti L^NKNCM LANOCAOR Pier I'. LAiiiolZ. NO. M r Broadway ermdmut to rweaive new pupils o fivwa?*s verm# fur Oewcuah lawriKdhei 11. tl.e t T?t>eh larw .a#* ? aw hi Uterri the ability to apeak 11 with rtaeery and vvtwimw : laser* are now being fnrmwd. .0 stock Ihe number of a*ae an will he Ihr.tvad to Si.

INNTRl'CTION?THR TRKARfRRK OP Ra~H2I ? com I :.ny, dunrg ht? stay In New Vek la willing i* ? v? inatmeiion tn Ibe Pranch Uiigusg.. Address MR HIPP s 6 Letoy [ Iwe, HVecker atree'. 1NRTBI TION IN PXl HANOI PGR HOARD.?A LADT who 1* pr'Seirnt W drawing, and "iieaka Pram :. ae , o-wl In Par's, wtei ev 10 y tre Inatrte te a In tdisae branehe", a* w?i aa lo Kngltsh lavth. and D.tme-, during lhr?e hours del y la ex ' l at.gr C-I heard awd washli.g for tierselt are! ll'Ua '?? Ra'a fe.u?yr?ie i?ur given and daaiied A.H/eax /*?'* II. a* ry r lf.ee, IJ7 Bnad aay. YJhl VATP. Ni IIOGI, - RKVOrrn -THR A' A PPM V OP J Mus carid tb# lat *.ia. es Hi* 11 II , Al.liWRI elpsl has l?er removed front ;?? PariV atrac. hi No. T Rnher B.erlami, between Court arel f.TUi'Vi etreeta, HcS ia 1JRIYATN I.RRMONH IM THR PRK.Ni H GRAMM'aR and IHerature, by a Pree-b proh-aand phi<ohwimi *. tioiar. Ira.m Parts, wb. will lm |l*d also hi receive wear . loir- pupils for an earnaa' study of the severs, c.aaw f.?e.gn and Irrtenu' al.ovrw, eapermlly Grweh laun llsrrew Uao at! Arable. Address, yrry*/, Heorv Prvrxh pefswrv. brrt Broadway Post rghce.ai apply lo tb* *?', W II >ward allre> evert nabrnlnc from s igl |u TIlK TGI NG I. ADIRs *Tt llT-RK OPKWCT) <r* M?>N day. H*: 1. h'. a! 144 law rem* srts' He. t.y will SSI ni'iyc Ms aio'ar term on M'mlsy, Nov R Ms p?i?!* e.h b* received mi'. 1 be 'to Uy of the neinetf.al s? h..*r je?? pus isrvn# redsrerce- 1' .gyij k MR* v ||vb|r p-, r ?i* ln?rrn.a ft *, ppeh'j*. mttatiows wuted. AH KH1' Ecu BLE YOUNG OIRL VBUI A KITU v Uod m nurse and plain aever; la c apabla ot takl ig car* of a young baby from lia birth; baa Lived In bar laal MtuA Uou one year and Ira months; iba beat of city reference glveu. Caa be tern for two days at ISO We-'. /,ih at., between Tib and 81b avenue*. Orel floor, back loom. AS HOUSEKEEPER-A LADY OF EDUCATION AMD experience la ileetroua of making an eutfegaxnenl aa bouse keeper and eompaalou, either la a faintly or acluml, being thoroughly competent U> take the entire .are and maaarfeinent and education U young children. A aalary no' to much an ob jeel aa a deau able Lome. Ia a Protestant, and otfnra a-axt re fereucee. Address Broadway I'uet oOlca, box 9S, or call at Ho. 0 1th at., from 10 till 1 o'clock, thleweek. A YOUNG WOMAN WIHI1EH A SITUATION AS'HAM berinatd or eeamatreaa, or to do the housework of a email liuilly. Applyat >8 Smith at., Brooklyn, up alalra. AKEM'KCTABLK middle aoed woman, JUST AR rived from Kuglaud, wlahea a altuadon. as humane id or cook; rhchas been Ave year* wllh one family, trom whom aliu hae the beat iecommcndailoua. Addreaa or apply at .ah! W eat Ct Ih at. A YOUNG GERMAN LaDY WISHES A SITUATION ' mirr. ry gin erncaa; *1"' la capable >,i ins. rucilng in be Uerman. French and English language*, line needlework, Ac.; luulerttanda housekeeping, no ohjecifin to go a ahort dbaam-e In the oouutry. Salary not much counldered?an agreeable home prelcrred. Reference exchanged. Pleas* eddrceaa 0. K., box 121 Herald oflice. Ayounq woman wishes a situation to do chemberwork and waiting, or to take cere or children and do plain sewing; best city references. Apply at Idtl W.v eerley Place, fan he aeen lor two days. A FINE KEAM.smiHH AND OOOD DRESSMAKER wishes aal'uatlon In a private family, hit a g.si.l Ides ,?f hnlrdreaung, or w? aid aaaiat In taking charge of a house, f..r which -be la fully nualllled, bed of reference pun. Call ai A. Spring >1. A SITUATION WANTED ?HV A REspEurAHI.l ynuiiir woman, as cook or cha nbermaht. fan be w-U leclBinteniled from her last place where alio hea lived tour y eur? and a balf. tlau be io?u lor two day* at .14, Jd .i eaue comer of Zhl at. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A SITU A tlon to do general housework In a private finally, a* chambermaid and to aaaiat In washing and Ironing. Can lie rem for two days at 10b llud-on etrcct. A RESPECTABLE COLORED WOMAN IS DESIROUS ofcelling a all nation aa tody's nurae. Pleas* Inquire ?1 1U1) Thcnpnou at., for iwo days oufjr, room No. 2, wsooud floor. of getting a situation aa hold's nurae. Please lu>|tUro at rboxipaoi * * " "" 1 front house. RESPECTABLE YOU NO WOMAN WANTS A SITUA Uouas cook; la a Aral rale rook and baker, understands A he.r buainera; no onjeciiun to asaun wun ine waamng, i?? HVvTl wbh first class families; the best of ebj reference given. Ap ply at 38 East 18thjt. A MIDDLE AO ED LADY, OK UNDENIABLE CHAR Al ter and ability, la deslruua of a situation aa atowai desa on aateamcr. Undeniable refer tucea can be gt.eu. Address A II., Walker's Hotel, 23 Ureeuwlch it. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RKSPKt-TABLE YOUNG wouian.ua lady's mild and seam-dress, or asslslan' chambermaid and reamatreea; she would auai be willing Ui ss slal In tuking iaie oi children she lias lived In her lad plane six years, and can come well recommended therefrom. Can lie wen for two days, u not engugeil, ai 348 tltli ave., between 21st and 22d sta. _ _ __ _ ARKM'KUTAHI.K WUHAN WANTS A SITUATION AS nurse and plain s? wer, in|? private lamlly; sh- la fully cum pelent to'akc churge of *u lubiut from Its birth tor which ahe lias reference from her laal place, and would make be.-aelf olhrrwlae uaelul. If required. Can bo aeen on I'liurwUy and Friday, at 48 W. 1Mb at, near 6ih avenue, accood Uiatr, rear bunding. A" FEMALE TEACHER, PRINCIP AL OF ONE OF THE Public arbonla In Una city, would like to touch lu a tainlly, for two or three boms per day, after 4 o'clock P. M., In ex change for her board. Addreaa Teacher, box 773 l'o?t oflice. A situation wanted?by a respectable young woman; In a good cook, washer and tronrr aad under stand* baking. t an give Unvbeatol cliy reference. Can be seen tor two days at Ho. 3 Hester at., lira' floor, back room. A RESPECTABLE YOUNO LAD, EIGHTEEN YEARS of age. possessed ol an Idea of drawing, wishes to be em ployrd by some respectable erllat, to learn the business. A note addressed to J. W , ci.re of Molt Urulhert, 13 John sL, will be promptly attended to. ACOMPKTkNT LADY'H MAID WANTS A SITUATION. Uuders'unds halrdreaelng and dresamaklng, and all knd of lumpy sewing lias the beskaof relereuee. Can be seen at No 322 Bowery, near Bleeeker street, at Ui > thread and nerdle store A LADY WHO IIAR RECEIVED A BRILLIANT EU loiiean education, fprlud .tally Ui Paris J having reoen'ly arrived in this city, wishes for a situation as resident or vlatitng E-verness. She Instructs In the Dalian, Uerman and French nguages, which she speaks as well ea English. the piano singing, harmony, drawing, lavftn malhetnuUca, uan of Uie globes, and every branch of a tlrst rale English education. Address F. E. t ., Iln aid ollice. AN COOK -A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WANTS a situation, us cook; she understands pss.ry ami baking ui all its branches. Ilaa the beat city rerereucea. Can be teen at 33 Crosby St., room 14, for two days. AYffU.NO WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION. AS PRO Usird cook, ill a private family; ulie understands atl kind' [of desserts, alto an evcellenl baker. Oan have the beat idrtly references. Please apply, or address B. H., at lu Ainlty place. In the gro-ery store. ______________ AREHPEiTAHI.E YOUNO WOMAN WIHIIKH A HITU A ttoq a* chambermaid, or waiter, la willing to make he.r self use tub Call at 107 West :i3tb St., between 7th and tun ??.. U|< Mails. KKHPRfTABLE YOUNO LAD, F.IGDTKKN YEARN OF _ 1 tgc, possessed of an Idea < f drawing, wishes to be S|M ployed vy some re-pectable artist, to learn the business, note addressed to J. W , care of Mutt Broftiers, will be prompt A RESPECTABLE YOUNO LAD, EIGHTEEN YKAHHiif age, possessed ol an Idea < f drawing, wtahea to be em ployed by sot&r ? 1?n ..sit.sss * not* addressed ly attended to, Barkeeper ?employment wanted by a young man, who hea had fodr years' experience to a first <-la?e b*r room lio-dctty relcreaeee given. Address Barkeeper He raid oflioe. S ______________ /'OOI -A RESPECTA HI.K A Nl) COMPETENT YOUNO woman desires a situation. In city or country as g.ssl cook Slid rxcellert waslier and Ininer; makes nt-vi p isiry Please apply ul 271 Bowery, lor two day-. / KMik'H MTUATION W tNIKIi ftV V HKePKt TABLE \ ; young woirisn. who iiiiderstamls all klmls U cr>iktng. is an eirelb nt baker Can be seen at 43 tab M. wl'b her pre sent employer. SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE GIRl. O t? take rare .4 children and do plain welnr, ta willing to make herself generally useful. - en lake . are of a kshy Irom ! Its birth. Can give sallsfaclor > reference. Apply al 34 Mini tague place, Brooklyn. SITUATION WANTKD-BY A REHPKt T A BLR YOUNO I py woman, In ? prlvafe family, she Is a good ere*, end ?n 1 evcellenl washer uod Ironer. < an give the be?l city re/eren e Can be seen for two day a ut No. .112 1st uienue, second lloor, berk room, neer llhh si. _ SITUATION WANTED?lt> A It- I ll I vol.I. tMKRI ^ ran woman to do plain eoeiktng. ia e cssl wasl^r ami I irv ner, and willing to make herself usetnt. Can t?e seen for 1 two days at No 21H John st., Brooklyn. L-IU VTD'N WANIKD-BY V KKM'Kt IAHI.K You ; . tuin of eighteen years Ol sgc, us waiter in ? private t till ly. I t all pnsluee the fiestof rliv reference. Pleese call, or s-l drese, lor two,days. N. M Wa sh M'J Hroedwvy, tulUr store rpo PA Mill EH GOIN'l HOUTH.?A YOUNO WHS) 1 lady desires an nfipnrmnlty to travel wl'b s tarn ly 'n some houihern city. C'sn make lerwlf geoerslly useful.-ed w II expect but email . nmpen-Ut on. Addre-s, for one wo es, Mre Mltson, 111o.,dwuy I'osi oflice. TWO KEHI'Kt TABI.R GIKIJ1 WISH SITUATIONfl, IN A prliate family; one sa c*s?k, wushrrartd Irooer, a-v.1 under stands baking. Uie oilier as chambermaid and wain r, or mirv and seam-trvsa Can la->e. u at Urnlr presem employer's .*? Cranberry si.,corner ol Willow, Brooklyn, tor iwo .lays. qvi MKRt DANTH.-A YflUN'l MAN, OF A ULTERIOR I commercial rdivaiion, and of g'?. d business baf.ps, Is da sin.os of enraging In a respectsM. .ommercal boose, as as o.untuot. n.r.kke. pef, or general . I. rk Tarms iiiodsrale, and saUafae'ory se> oriiy given as to trust woe'hlnem, A. Ad drcaa >1. M .. Ileraat oflice. TO IIOUHK DECORAT'lRR.?d MIDDLE AGED MAN OB gis d el) eilen. ? at .he best wot k us plain ami .lecgadrw psiu-r hanger, wishes to engage hlinscll In a ieape<-teliHio..?e, ? l iter piee t.eallv or Ui superintend a buemeee Address lieon rator llera'4 ofltca. rro hfTAIL DRY OOODH DKALKRd WANTED BY A I clever islesman. a sltuatpra In aur.e ur?t cbrss establish urn The bee'of re'er.-ines us Uj honest.. napebUKiaa, 4c , pioilured. Address II. II . l-oi 130 lieiald .dh?e U' ANTED-A CM ART, TIDY AND COMPETENT W'f loan to ito housework Khe musi be a good plain ?.k, . irate wsslier ami Irvme-r. end willing to mage herself usef ,|. -urh, wt'b ,iaxt n lerenee, may apply at IM I-eviiig'-*i an loie, ticar^toh eh, after 9o'elook. A Pr.eestsn' preferred. II" A NT ED? A HlTl'ATION, MY A RKBPEi TABLE fl ynung w-nan. tod ? geneial boueeaork Please .all for iwo days at 24.". W.e' Ifih sC, between Aih aral f h avenuea II'ANTkD-BY A YOUNG WtrMA N A BITUATION IN II a g. eel private family aars4 and laumlre s. si,? ,. e , .<d rest* awl snevilleei waeber and Inmer she la sla. a gead breed end pearry maker, or a.,old do die ko .v-vrt Me *u ail gefi-eet lalelly. '"Set rlly reference siren P,essr -all *t loi west X3d it , near 7lb avenue sec - aid door. ?ANTED-A HITI ATIOV, BY A REhPEiTABLE .i.ge.uisn ss good plain was'.??v sod Ir si-r, prlvafe 'amity or west id do ebemberworb and wash Hss lived two years In her a--place sod take -1 ervne* -n Iw essen at 347 ITk sf , ' srl nam.. V. ? sen let Seel >1 eve. lor is. Ivo. w 11'ANTED A PIT! VTD N NT A RE - FKf f A III.R It . go i ek* ? ir. . 'si. t erw < rk, hi a gen<l seeass'reea eisl e* . es-'Uscd " 'ha cere f Sl siren Mages tsss so e-as-b en rd.ys*I ua e trie sa hsgb 'eg l.rei. - nre *4end tesd eEy -efaret. e i no e seen tog tee day* al I* Foreylb St., rs?*n 4. It. llse rear. It* ANTED- A kITU ATD'N BY A Y'?< N<s *"*!> AN v* mall; baa area Nam katoar aad km r ? -a.,, um is oasts* n easbina aad truuae Gsesd ?'??!*? ' aa he e*?a be twa day a at It. fl esMr ?s HANTkl>-HY ' EEelG'TAHIf ?' N., W iNlN 4 Austse k< >U.a asSO.I ml w. 4 cue ftoe . >A*g end .eg us ih* seam "?yb. be* lived srt'k to* eew r ^s. 4*0. t ?as llebdg.iif rdMrewsrlvn I'm w sas srt t'd kf D" M tovew la etvl *4 ss* . eeoaad 4toar, Ik'ANffD A nl It cTlf.k H> ? llf rif UK* II yvssrg gtvl a* avauna - Is s k' Me a t. r sewtivg and ew.Wctgvr.ng. and vstt 'a w ".avg to da ttgM resist ??! i aa be ss sa s Md Wet lyt * W 4>|c f see sageged Ik Hill' NI A RltoPNfTABI.k I'd ?????* ? VI yless'vsws i? d* aeanai bm?-g> la . ? sa. ? Is VN ur a nricr*tahi.k f m ? iiMfHMrtmmau mi m ? Wa irraMi ftt 4 M Hh*i4r ? % tm ?#?/6*4 m Am* <4 a-mm?? - *4A Afm M , mm*4hA 9mm, mp ?'?w, !??> I UH AKTtK* ?lV 4* AlfKftirAJV OIHI A HI m mmmmtamm, mm nmfarm* U'jmnn-4 iiTtfAmv, it a !lM?#i4]r fkrl m wmm m %*> *+* W\' ANTED-HY A kRAEKa'T Akl w MTVATlOHi WAVTED. WjtMTED-A HmJATION. AH WET StTWK. BY A RB epeetahle woman, fnod rehireoce, tf required. Apply at IW> KlUebeth aL. trout beooincot. WANTED?BY A (IKK MAN. A HITUATION AH SEAM airou. and U> take <?re <? ohlMrrn No objection w Writ or Houut. Addreee Mmitrta, llereld ofllce. WJ ANTKD-BY A YOt'NU WIIO HAH M>HT Vt her Aral bebjr, ? gvullv metre child to wet ourse Cell ?l 147 WmI Jilb ?L YITAftTTO?A HIUTATION AH I.INEN OR HTORK f? room ma id, by a person fully compete*! In take the en Urr charge, he* lived In utie uf the mosl reetieoleblvi bouses in Uili) 1-lty , ceo write, end beep accounts. All enewere lo thle, postpaid, will be ellendvd to for Ihle week. If tun et*a*ed. by eudreeeui? Mlee Wright Jt teey I'lly I'oel ufllce, WANTED?A MUTATION, BY A YOUNO OIRI., AH cieih . le en ricellrnt we titer end Ironer, bee lived In her k el pletr for eAven yeere; Iim the beet of ctljjrefrrenee. Cell h 11 Hit *1 , 111 itr I t It. WANTKD-A RITVATION, MY A RKHPKIT AUI.K yi'iiittf Rlrl. A* lAiu dreee, or to do Kenerel housework, In a private faintly. IU three yeere' rrlereni-e frotn her leal ettuelt?n. t en be eeeu tor two da>> el IMTth eveuue, be iweett lleb end 20Hi ate. In the store 117 ANTED- A HITTJABtIN, HY A RKSPEfTT AIH.K OIRI., TV e> nureA end eeeiWBreen. or to du t benitKTWork; te Wtlllnit >0 Dteke herself Kent telly uaelitl. Ilea 'be neet of refeienre tro'U her leel emplojer. fan be weit el lb Haiti at., Ui the rear. No objections lo the country. WANTKD-A HITI ATION. AH WKT NORHK, IIY A reeitet'eble Proieatuit women, t'nn tie >enn for one eeek, et 110 Heve .lb uv., lop ttoor, bA' k Btoni. ( 'ANTED?BY A YllI'MI WOMlH, A MUTATION, IH cbenil.eruakl <? in tin ibe housework of a email private ten.tit, wears not en itiU'li en ohjerl ?? a ootttfortaMe aline ? lot. " pteeee rail el AUK Houston et , between broadivay end the Boevrj. in the etore, fiw two d?y?. WANTKD-A H1TV ATU'N, HY A YOCNO WOMAN, AH If teatnettrtw, eiel le willltik tit dtt' bar* iterw..rk and make heiae f ueeful. t en live good ctty ref reneo. Hletiae nail At Ibo W *.I.H.|toU el tlJrd ?OOV. 14r ANTED?A HITI ATION. HY A RBsPEfTABMC YY jntina ktrl. ea r.ek l? wllllim k> assist In weslili>? and Ironing in dn RrrteiAl hi uaework In ? ametl private family. Ilea Hie live I felly relet vine. I'en to en tor two dejna. II not en iiefed, el "A wertvti al , up stair* WANTED?A HITUATION. HY A RKSl'Kt TA HI.K young woman, a> t hamberntat lend laundress. Tlie lieel nl riiy rileienree ren I e alien I'lreae all al III Wed 14wb at . between T'b end Mh airnnea. 11' ANTED?A H1TI ATION HY A NEHPRTTAHMC WO YY man la e llrei re e e,, k. w .-ker and Matter I he very heel nf rlly refervneea. Adtrree i'. R.( H7 M eal l.llb it, le tween Mh anil Mb avennea, ll/AWtRT)?A HIT! ATION RY A KKHl'Kt T A HI.K W(i TT iim u, a ft??i iU*? r>* k in a *r dming ukiiH, uo dernUnA* onlrri (?( fv^r) n, ill kind* ?l wMip# and naatry. <H*?d ttirftftrr. A|?|?l) No III ItrUuf ??)'?? . i??c ilkoilayo. ______ ' \ \, i> v . ui a raon ?i iin WJ YOU OH WiHlUkU, lo ll'i 'I illkN^l At ?>l R ??v\ *il?* YVB -lni.g mul irouiiif or i? i*k?? <*nrr ??l rhii?|rY*ii ift'l 'lo pte'fs ?futtitf. Uoo4 r|t| rrfrrr?r*v ('?u l-o mn (or two AM lUftt call or l?> ou*c ??- M C. ? 11 ARTRD v v I rtKRCH VIIHIW l?ADY IH ?l ii tko<in o( procuribc * niiu .fioo u h k??< |?'rt wtMm llM-rc ?!? but fcYi (bilirrn, fon.il hm* nu ut^wdmo to fO u? ?|ir Huo'iti or <*oil!fir?ii? M 4i*lrol. m tH** MfrrwT ilwronik ly COflipftrtit. I'lcmc id'hru wt'li f-*' (aAiii* . AnurMn, t ok to M|UOi? I'd*! ? Bit N It -H|?rokf fl'Mlitlf. Tlf ANTI 1>?MY A HR^PKItAHlM OfcKMAS Ullll. A rf BttuntHiii or fti?f rmff rank. wm??.cr mid Itonrr rait do urncrftl huUMwnrk; * hu t?c ?#rp for two day* t-wll KmI Hi*y Adway, four lb (Umr. fr??i?t room. liTA.N'TKD?A RKM'Kt*TABI'V UIKI. TO IH> MOIfT f? houiM work Bi?d to ?rwr. lu m ?mmll family. im** rifwi rieutfd In new in i |ir?ictrct. to ????tint h I'nApttwii rmwd Apply, food el'y reference rr<|UirM. App > ?? "I Hlra. kcr ?uwt. for two diiy ??. . TirA.fTKIl?A WTrATIOR. A* MAIO. ??H ?T a* rlounbtrinald, ? >f a rc?|?rT '*M?* uirl wbo can ,iy<? Lba brat of rcrammrodAtlooa Apply At tbc of Uto lruii? Kmikrunt Hocirty, Al < liAnil?cr? TANTF.D- A HITIJkTION, HV A kKBI'K< FAHMtTOl*Vli J wortmtl, ab mMHl pinto ? "*A I* a ltr?i ta'? wamiu r artfl Ironcr; M?4wl rity rtfPrwra Apply at No Y ikIi . bAtwran ifd and ?l AT#ftura, n ? oli>r? tiort lo #" In Jo ? ntry IV AM RD-*BY A H K>l*h< T A ftl?ll TOUWd ??IHfe, A f f nit tea U ii to ilo r^uiiborwurk aim! watuoff ??r ?'? ?t ?* . wro of children, und la a firat rat? no o u?aa?i*t In 'be WAnh'ntf and iron lit if t'an f>* bocw i? ?m bai kAitpbicA, At No. A K. A.Td at., iiOAr Ku'b ??ruur W W WANTKP?A HITI-ATION, AH i*IIAMMKRIfAID. ANH ff lo a*ilat In the WAaiiitif And Irowlnf or owrtrral Iwt* work, by a ytning ?Ul. wttb jp-41 ruy rHrrwti *? lr?wi bar la-' plara. Pleaar Apply At No. fl nMi court, noma r of I nttctaPy place llrANTKl> IIV A m oT< II ?? I HI. ^ m kflojf t ?? neai?atrr#a and drra?rnak>?r. uwwAaik'U ail fctiwS* t>f (amity aawrttiK and etnbret'ltry* 'An ^ ???u ?t brr wf- ut Mipioyir'N So. ? DowgbuM a, er M Warn ? Mr?rAiyn VV^WTKI>-A HIT r ATION. HY A YOl H>? UI'Y.T'i ' IT 10 houth. or U? ('atlli 1 ..ia, i' rprr UiIh-imii ^or two daya at 3tft? hUtb al. MlN" I HOMI'.yON. WAMI D 4 HITI K f'N HI ^ H IHI ? 4HI youtift f'rotaa^ant flrl. aa Cff k w-??hrrfcj*d ir ?i?rr, #<?od refereocea itlvrn. Apply at No f? H in plm ?? W??t l?U? <?i between itbaiid Htb avenura, for two dm,? IVANTKI) A HITL'Al ION. HY A RR ?I,F<*T * HI?K rl yotiitK woman. a? irin d ? and to ab?v?? n w .?>. of .in?l ironlrK. (loo*l city roleionce ('all f??r two duy*atlN ?'Urk pt.,lii the baarmrnt. HrAJtTSD BY a MPH 1 4Bt YOl HO OIM I Mttuatton a? a cbambar cnaul ai??l wai'? r l? a weiy k?*?1 WAMher and Irrntcr , bi%? no ',U*\ <? k<? ta t*??* ???untr> * ??* be ?ren ar the rc?ld?nc*' of Urr t*?t employer, No. T*, Wwat ?id Hlrert. ^ WJ A MUD?A HITI ATION. Bf A TOI'NiJ WOMAN t Tf rook, arid to u- ml In the wddietf And Inwilna t ?dc (and* biking flood rwfkraiiraw Apply at TM Ka*i lib tract, front room. Uiltd fiiAir. t an If? wodwya. fX/AHtBD a fUTOATSOB uv t in r? I V? >fin? girl. 4? fuir*c or < I? ? ma I- ?? rrfer eiicc. (an be ?e?n at No. hid Worn J'ui < W AHTRIk? A HITI ATION. HY A Tbl Alt WOMAN, T?? ?T c?x>k. wa?h and Iron or do <Umi? ?(? ?>?k a ?f On* wh iHiih' 4ood cfty rdcrwoira Tlra-c >*' *t |ir$ jh n ?' iwefu he kingnui wiel d avfttinra, b r two -lay* UANTKU-A IHIlATIffH, BY A MO* I'M1 f A HI#H Tf young AHMtrV'Aft w?*tttan **' nor?? m b.hh- p??i*> faouly, a' IKY Howrry ournwr ot l?r.ai, y ?t , ?utraier n??< 01 Uus new otLi v. __ WAHTKIV-BY A HMABT Yf?T NU H\N \* YKAIt- OF Tf a<c, a Ri'ontioti m a oakery. uwdwfMAi.da tb* i,.,wj?wm. Apply at 401 6di avenue, betwtru an 1 24th air acta, n nl f 00 r IVANTKI)-IIY A YorBO MAN. A HITI AtloN IN IT Ibe roal or iftir?l?? r ItUKlftCMi . be IIII'I' I 'and* kke- , I tig. A r. Wktbi* to engage in toe bu-new* hlu??e 1 n be r oorte of one year Cau give tbe I)*1*! of rffrrriu <?? Addr *4 ' 11 II# . d 'jD r. II ANTKrv-TWO NTKADY MR*. WKf.f. M TT ?j*iar ?rd wpK aawtcg marble, to ? in* i-?ii >u a marble mill, and <*?.c aa riperlaiHWd ?jtaarryi?ao Ib'ii m-w bi It K unriecpU* liable rcfrfeni*?. Apply at tb? M'? w?(?#? ?tm ^ Mati n 'Attrk.-, UN* Hioadwav, rom >?? ?>. \ t ? \ v r Ml N I I T I ? > 1 TT man a\d arraua'Hitt at n-rn? ?<*,< '?* ?* '' Ntiail) employ rnem and a im*>ra?e ? ?lary weiPi (?# . *11 w Br wrapper writer In a newapapwr ??T" ? < ? ad ill? br J. II, 66 (told ftreet fin ?ae, wl era ike aubw rliwr ? III be tu waiting durlag tbla dar llr ANTKD-HY A K KHI'K< f A Hf.F Y"l Ml MiN Ji ff yearn of age a a11n. ion In a fu*wieffr a-td faow. Iry good* a??re lla? it?r-l five , 1 *ir w bi ? fiond t ty re>rcn? e gUen No<?l'j" !??>n to go Hoo'<? or .%*?*# Addre a I' M , l?i lleraid c. - TIIK TH IDEM! w I . si i ( 1 P>M ft P. no If i \ 1 IfOMOl .11 K ."A J\ b dgr- 1 Hkk mati ng pan w* ik iiel ?4 lAW lN??k?aa* g* ?.? rallf, would f?k* awip ytnit tfor ihm witUei Ai4tr * ,% h Her be Nor w a/k. < onn. rromlvfrnmitiih TAMRPIMMKMaTKLT Arm?T I ra'c i a'n ap<? (.maker to go to Owego beat ? ?ty pru * W'/rk and a'eady ainplo/tn' nt wit* be giv? ?. Alan, aevera wa?*frrn?ker?, for tHOerenl |*arta '4 1 bf ? on ?"f. ?"?i'1. a ?d Wert Apply to TRAf'Y A k<INT(?Hll ITU'V -*el n^-t^ nba' jjenwrat agency, J43? Bb e. ?t, IVANTKI)- A WATCBMkKKR T? OA OCT Wf. T Tf App'y i? If bi wa A to. ^ Kavde.. lane, rot wr *4 N^wauflt _ a bTP.f? TWO MIN Wllf I s I#)*U" r t n l> TIN AN|? TT *te* roa working, go id w *r ?-? %r l ??ewtv run *to*n' a.I. >.? g ofi, by app.ytng at H A J Mel?ngb ia?. Or. ^ ! id,. Jti*f iMj. A 1H4l.lt CHAIN Uft'KU, Of TTBAI'Y Ur A NTFP ?A OOI. fa' 'a and ? fe. N'/f e I' ?tea*fy met, w?l apply. I?i'i?i*? '4 Aflkur A , U lireknoin ?!., la r*ar. IMKIXIf'KNf K OKITCKR. ii'MrUiYIkfl W1MIINO CI<N)H Hf RYANTH W lUe r. NO a rr?r o ' M? (Jen tn, Fng M- w b arvf lr?*k b* l'*e v rlr if!) 1 r ^mtmnd ^ a MOKBI ('?nfmRHT 4 ' 1 > waltera. fWr'sgpn faro ??Mb '1?e !*/;.?#? iw. I'tfll'Y't yi YRfNT Mtf), AND RMi'OOYKRd MVt r. . 'Vie- tC be ? ?! " I ? " ' ? r? ?/? a'AkplddRtad r* m* tr? exwo< o fi a*r v. .# 1, ? n, ered %t *ift 4Wf#'*. *P><"*??* <f fa '?* ?' I U.ran r Ma . Brooklyn wllll!>)? K A OM. FUR flit mTEa DY 4MI10YWKBY AND '.'HiftPAT l?f all t^a elab a rr?|e*4P4d and per mane ?><?- oeaa t a##n' ' 1 'ata ktod ia wafted jr, #tar; town *( 1 """'ff N 1# I heaw to at? artfe*# -d <i*Hy ?? ev*iy '*n.'lf "Ike n.aooN tafe 'if ft?af? be ? *rriad aw io (Aw 4a* h#.| dw agent wHlHrm( ant hwya?ven^ i-e^ I bra f I a* 4* r'ofk Ml tbt arte le, la ?aVe ?? a? pwrmaaeaa ?'C e*i ? aa that "f &?'?' l? be ?rwd '?? r*?pry'W''i a* aw tu! red mewl wlib *o?np? 'Km r I mm***o-ar* wti. ' ? ?^,4 ?. nea. >?i .t.a t*e*p. id l*H rrada. %*A?aa* ? bomaa M*" BdW Hi U? AT 4 KAbT HK<?\f?M4f. n#y, t e a prfraia ??d *?*" ^ If 4 " V\ O ? i 114 M II AlllEKri?lt'IK*r?. 11 DunandR da*h 1 riniTE r*Miu? ?l HAITI HK. vmt7*|~IE" **?' Y ri RklTl RR WiR'U \ f gi All HfwdwaY, apfWadla <4* M. khNfarwa* fi ii i> A > f u ki 4M> * for aaae *kw nan* - wawn ?f. *? ?' y ? " age. raaw-i# wM ed I >awrti (?? ? , Re** a* 1 aio ed 1 flwra fv*rf'MlWf DKYIIe'lHI, WARBD. Atocno ladt wanted, to a?t am a oottikt ?A lood wrtlar raquirr 1. Apply b??-.b Wh, hour, ni IU u4 11 U> oy. al 10 Hudaou plaeo, Wnat Jtu, ,l , hatwceu 9o had KKh i >hu? VJCKi?* WANTED.-A TOPNO WOMAN. IN THE CA It nastty of nan* ood a-ooaf raaa Ona who I* wiping >? nu ho ha?lf generally uoolul amy hror of o food Imom by op I 1; ing, with r*l*raut?ii, al il& Wool Aid ok, botwaoa MA ood and In trod una on ruUnly w? a irlo wrli ir-ooimrnded. Ni no .nrrd o p y tin roa lory uavo hod <- prrirwr in arlling To ant-h, o |<><>d oatory wlD bo gtvoo a .drrao for Iwodaja. M , at lularaouonai Howl, ' * In erilcw coo b? hod. moo o<-ou? omod lo the trodo. Apply at Ell *h o?. 11'AWTKD-IWO TOD WO I.AIHKM, OOMPKTKXT TO '' l-ocii BUBO. ?Ib.i, gw.l, Our timatla wurknro. May od drra* induotry hruodaay OMoa. wnna oa lattrvtow dou br bod. TV ANTED?A PKOTKHTANT UIKI., AN RRAMIITIIINH 14 and ehUd'o Durar, Atnern-an m r.iirUob pralorrod. On who i'oa bring aoltafauiury tun <im ?? wit] DoJ o pill?if oi rim* Nun* oUm m Drod apply i oil ot 01 fullow ovdau". hiwhlyi. WANTI:I)-A IIEKMAN OIKI., TO I Ml IIOl'SKWORK. Apply ot VH Jam*. at. 11' ANTKD-TWO AI'PKKHH I; UIKlJt, ?T HIM K. '* Wlibra drooB ood rlook maker. ?M> linrwno ot. oaar llmadwuy; Iboax opplylng nntat Ijb a. ouuipaiund by ihalr ?umber* or guardian* lo rwuiiiihaotl to in tl'ANTKl>-A fEM.ll.lt TEAC'IIKR, lO IMHTRDrT two pupil, in tbr family of the odvrrtlaor an* who i* iiualtoed to traah lha hug u.i. in.url.r. l>t > ,alao Pr*ofh wotiM br dralrohtr aat lor al not hi ...? bouio doll*. Addrra. Mr. btawart, box 1 In llarold ugir Tl'ANTKH-A HOOD riidK. Tn IK) TIIK COOKING, 1 f woahlug oimI ironing of . .ma totally, ot Now Mrlghlam. stolon laland I it?| iiIr ?? ot So ft liorado atirot. muor ui tu. al., and rth a mi or, bcdorru po-i III at.d poat I. WANTED?A I.AIlY Ol' KDIHUTION. WITII ADOPT tauo. lo oerupy II jm.Pl in In whirh nor *? ijuireoio,-'.* Bay bat atjrorable Olid rrnioi eioMvrly oinp.oynl. Tor intri view odiiieai PerkoH-wl llioodwoy I'uai ..Hire, WASTKII?A ltl>n IT AMI h A NH M'KI.I. KXI'KJO rnrad prroon oo ar .ma'i. a, imaahu thoroughly under atan.lodr-oainokli.lt oml boa oooio know ,r.|g* of holraraoaltig luily oorb oo ton giro good city rolorof coo oa lo -horodar oml ropobtiliy nerd ortrr Apply ot 71 Mi *1 plow, tViurt ood i Union bib . Hroohlyn. WANTED-A HKHMAN. SCOTCH OR AMERICAN girl. In do Ibo work of a null prirolo Homily, An Boat uiulrraiand * Billing and Iron big wall, oml bo ablo lo mw Muat < omr woll rrmnimaii lrd Wogro (d prr B inlA. Apyilr log IB,, ,'.BIB Ol MMra Billion W ANTED-A RKNPtfrTABLR I'ROTKHTANT WOMAN J oa rank, and lo ubbIbI III ooahlni; and ironing No apply oimpt with I hi brat frl'iewa Apply ol 103 Mb (t.. ' iw*?u 10 and IJoVlork, lb'ANTED A COMPETENT PERSON. UlKIIMAN PRE YT Irrrnd ) to do gnto-rol b-uanimrk. ima who la o good took, waabcr and litiurr, and ran brtug guml r noiioiwlolkiiii In in h?r lo?t plmc. may apply ol ilT huoari at, Jervey tVj ? U'AVTIII A tOlAIHhll WOMAN. ONE WHO CAN " rook, and wlio la a Ural roU. aaal.rr ami If ona r, -l?a.n and nnal in nai boblla, and til mtna woll rr yimmnwded, Ap ply ol tin llaiuatraioy aiirot lATANTED-TWO PROTR-TAST OIRlJt, IN ONE Pa m mlly, in go in Ihn Miala id Poanorbiuniia?noo la na, WO'h and Iron, tlio ulbrr lo oaatat In grmnrol wurb. Wogaa bf and m I?r month Apply Uionrdioody Pi Morrla, Oobnar'. A lu , If I Hruodnay, rortirr uf llaodr at 11' ANTED - A YODNO MAN. Al UHAINTKD WITH THE Y? grortry bualuaoa, lo rollou awl dad or ordar. and oai> him?rif grro rollr oraful Ctly rarcr-pfn m iulmd. Apply iw P. Adi.lphoa Pal Mb ova , norunr nl 'Dub ot 111 ANTED- I arrOATION IN a OKOCKRT OR MOTOR Yf aba n, or In any light ompMii maul by a alaody young n an. ar<|tio|iiird with tbi'ahovi bua-itooa. la fully-omprirni lu fcrrp a art id Piaik. llrai of rrloroura from bia 'aat rui ployrro. AWMI I "? i akl rMbao. 11' A N I ED A SMtRT MOT, WHO WKITHM A faOoD Vf hand, In o laatirr'a odli r Audrraa box 40U Po?'uNP a. with nam-, rraMlrwr and ri frrrtuw 11' ANTED?A SMART I, A II, 1'NK.H TO OPKNIV?J OT^ f 7 l#r?, ?n<l ?l liiif ki Di?kft himM#li u*t ply. utiti iffrr* rwm, ?t ('Urk'* U <* mmm M6 Hr*>*4 ???, roipri ol 1 lartrroUj ium>1 ACADKMIICM. AIMIUWOHTH'H I'KIVATK DANCINO ACAMimim. . HI HmMwiy, Wi * York, 137 Ihum p)*am lu?N'k')ii, ?ip low t>ft?Mi for ik* bfiiwm. iUrcalwi erpuiAtnf Ujt?r mmI urnu cube taut mi Um ?A?40inlM. hA.H(|KO-A IrAttT WIHIIKH TO OBTAIN A rKW runrii i fitiml pupil#, ?f. m-'r.ut in p*rlur i*g mi- r imtirN. tfi.'ii m?ii <>r fhtl'troM, id rtiANMiw or ?in?ly, A4 lM?rr#?i IrMP i-r ?Mii? Ir QW0 A II the laNiiatftbEold* iUnc#? Utufltf m im*> lo-ifb#? of'*p|*f Icmini. AiklriM Mrs. If., brn 3,4.74 T??#< lAr*. MADaH AUOUHTA^ |>A*ri*<* rtTHO??l* NOW OFNN ? In 7?irfc, p?n W?liiN?te/i ?i4 aA Ub? < Huit4ii*4 < ta*am lur ?>??? 4?<Milnf tvtry 4av. la al ]b# Aih<n?'itn run.mt i?f AttaiPiQ and <T)nW? ???##'? ???? Mfawlaya arid rndart For partiruiara. apply al 712 Hrntefttaj, New Turk, or A/7 llanry at, HnwAjjra. fpIlK AKT OF DANtlKO TaV OUT IN ONB OOt lUK 1 f f al I'ruf IMIN|i'?? anatl* mlaa,*** Bioadaay T * i* bdsi y ? and KrVdayi, ColiilAHIad Mai >1 Mrand Mi i*t.ay - aritl p. r? la*? Any tmm aaJn ia*ifk( p"rf**(>y to Inn arp^.N utril all 4itfUv ??(Urn* awmj nuh lIKWAUim. jor if icw a mi r<?H hie tiiikf ia> ri.ward row %'**?) h'uXi fnaii tl?# Dn'th H#ff*rm#4 Ka?I .N?w l? rk. iAi ll?# 14th Iiini , alfMii frrrtf lira y*nlmat irmi aiitt (iU? k l? grain earp*1 7ht ?'*??* raw%?<l will Mi pawl f<?r h? rtfti irry ??f lb ?'p?( an4 mnvlr'kw ?f u>* ??? a#>p i rggi r r, ig. kIf brk t ?lyfiaifi. At lui ou aftrnat, HfnAJrii, fir la m,6 kd| rlyi ?, Kami New Vork i|/| REWAIII) l? NT ON TIIK KFrWI NO OT TUN ?? I " ITt|? a' .k iliio'a il*?altr a U? ..? #?#?11 "fMrra giawi ?.???? hy I Myii w r, in fai ?? H.a Irulrr will r?Mv* Uto ak?>ta fna/d hy laavit.g ha r*p< ra gia*? al (ha 'NU # of ibm Na? York 4b III HY.WAEH U't I OK MIOLKN FRON lfOt**K NO T I44 UUyHU1 {air a i-Mri'. 'A 'vmlg'tiUii Wore. >??4- iMifU?i(? a?.4 h?Imi papwra *|y b ar- al rvi Yalin ?i ?.? parwm but ih? ?.?! #?# ?.# r 1aiwiw# r*w*r*J will pa p?k*J ai?d it?(jiKt'H*N?bir.| <*i ?b# miip bwing j?fi gi my raw^kma. iollh |i Hi) i? lAl?)fU# yaM $ r' HEWAftf >I2?NT. A HI. A? K 4 Nf> TA N TEEM* H ' A?a Anr wrwn m . nm? tf.a ?mm a 4A (aid,, l* $ Any i^rwft " i.uib|tl,? mavkiq 46 t<afay?.u> p a a, nilJ r*?H*a tk# a'?u. - MWARI 1 f on ATUEOAT KTENtNO ? I .S' i In, a ? '1?# ttmt rnn TppX, In or n'ar Hi*rki#? ? Mall, Thallrviwr ail rrr?awr lbs ahrrva r#*?/<|, ai*4 inmtij .tiiAki by ??*?i. * b# al M Irti.liiA ?v?h Ail It l.N ARM 1/ ? T A II ,A?'k AND TAN EVOU^M id-rnwr 'ld?f ? r i' # .f *i? l 'all A'i) pafM? r* t/b ? hint Ui r,o Mri4fl*?y, alU rw H?i ila aiitnc n?b/<l. I2IKI \3I? rot Nil. (IAI1ION 14 | fol or If 4 ND or THE FA THE mmi Nar.'if*** tf sr * ? ot, ,?an? ?4gn#d by Joto* - #? Pr# I ? ???!, 6a ? 4 bra ???rk ?**? iU DdV> al UMr y 4ayak paiahM# w ' * ' * ' Hani r I. .. i iwt by btih ?idof *1 rtt U of-tar f Haf ntf*.'* M'llAr 4 hm | h | Tr # p?yr .*??' <4 ? 4 i//i l a mi bacn aMg-pad. Jm p?**> l? ar# pfe?t<ifif)f?l ' s(iiix? ig g Uw obiaN iVpf.f N?fi r, Maf Join Hj|,r I dag^y F'Ot N|> u T will; IN TEINfrE NTEBKT 4 HTM or RNib# r, whirl ftaiftAR. ?r iioay haw* 1 y wP?t(;..i| A* m m air'lpa|t|ig ??y#ftaril r?| ?pp:>ir?a Uj J.a n Wr*#*. JK*4 4f/'' a I ott # rr Tim att no pm. tmi?d atenmi nui a r*a4 ? ? u? i? 14 Ji # fca 74 4ia4 Jauy / N#?f t## * .. a r | i * 4 I <H-T (N hie VD iniTf uf ? UNION MJ Hr. a n il TVv'4a , 1 I <h u- ? bl]'ikyiM| d i ftifg U*a wafwa P> la' Nat an ?4r#?l. ar wmtw g in/dw u af w ? atdirb w *y >a4'bt ? r?> tff ?l IM ll?r?44 *d# a. i 'ha wlil with a Ilka*a! r*wa 4 V OUT-ON TVr.OhOJ A* MOi SIN-, EITIirlt Is I i W,. ? r*#' hf ' ? . I .. M *? ?4/" a r*Ni W ??. ,j| . . r? * 4 | D fti4? r a .11 ? ? a a . . ?#?*f <iad If r* ?rt*-Jig iwai o Jmtf* "b-rh 4 b/i. N N?u ? raa IOnt-OE Tilk IvTII IN#T A 644IX Nl. A E A*I> ? i am ka|(.hai#< ?(?!. w,h? *y ' a/t m Uf ar n l (41 hwr TbM li/f? l?i iliwtf* Id* Ih# nan.' ad IWrti wtii rH?4 Urr u# Bln?afy aifWM. wilt hw rawHiNsI If#T inmp-mwt foi etm ivrAi i *r < ft a ??- I thfl p?f> -bgf '<(NWK4 I iiilrly |tfffWk#i mH la - '?#*>? a. ij-r la ?#nir* A* a i wUfi kMi Nad a fHI 11 f#f ' aai f? n*a bta nal. tO?- ? ? g i?t f#t,nad tir* ??? ? mi ?' ? .ft ^ i'*/a M?n a tad r a*#n>? ? ill f#??#- ?# hi* A' iiar r i? H hp a?r? } hi - i; rwApi?k-"N M:r-f?Ai irimvtgig pfNjjH jjNWHa |r?#4 a ????! ?,ms a ?a4 war #f I'M kM ? ? 'Mm M" W 1 Ay ?f% i- J # ara/ ?? h#%r Mb a <i4' r 4 wit) Pa paid Ma utoi a? i ? F*??A a** ?< UTOI.E* IIMtV ;n? i way ? i/'f t *b# k'artt if*m ???"? ll'M' aa wm n 1 111. *411.f f 111 V. 1 OCA AO at a .Drill. MrMTl ?? ff?.Vr -a 'a r?y o tRo'O. k ta.B' ... * ?t .-rr Or twal, lor?a*i ?? Nrwwrad t Bat a I, dr. o *1 >-w - -r- oi, oaafada wa hr'r W?1 Oi Ola by Ik a. ibw aOd ?? rr..,/ Objar ' ' a I a a 'h wkart k> dp Vl-I * * 4*? OB a ... *t aVa aa ha.1 ad.a to M ".bit W Ol I 1 oad w'.a# Oao'O Oa. mfl a vaod aa aa. '.r0* Ifk ?o f Ml MfM* 0* iw 0,1 Pro of T>o< aki M '.b "<r tor ar wr |rot Xift lukokSto k Mr an 4 at i*. tar* via* ? - r odoaa ortia '*a ttr t, a tar k*k oft 4MON woo. lautnf H, ? ? y P, 4 m oi' M aw* ibot tka brw.trr* war ??* *1 ??fgr t * ?dya? foy R?*.iv#d tin 1 ?? af 1 r. ka r? r, so , , I.- Marl Old Mlarl 10 m- * ? ? ? -1 -aid tad lo*l* r'Mwa J*gtx a i> i*l ?, ' *uraoa 11 ? 11 a M T?4 ?** -r (.?!'.IS tl Rtr.tl-JIT '?? >ND 0 or lifllf a* I Wr- ? * Iwr '?r n ? I a-1 o? i r?w a*. ? 10a W rr tr I a f lad aa ? aa>?, lib *U> Mlor,y ?rr ar, Ikinda* rrawtag ' O* n a IPS r? J t f"t Mai ? R N a Htf'io ? a s ' ibfiifUt p r t tioNraac. 'in*' Y ' lit- I INIMVT M/TM, fiW 1 Www f* aoo-al #?. ? ? ?,? r? 1, o?ra* a ? 'rodra.r a* 'WO? .0*04 ..'kwdt/ ar*? ? 'f o -at IWr ? *l? ? fla*t l>Pt tfl.tlb TIIF I 11(1 fill (41 K \0R. f? T t?'rilT*t ?f Of NRtSftft* wtkra, ? A* ?WMMl 4 no. B'k.aaa tkryy . ? ? 1 - 1 1 wi d la a k?a 1 1 f *0 "ri- i# <aa a

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