5 Aralık 1855 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

5 Aralık 1855 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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w WHOLE NO. 7038. MORNING EDITION?WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 5, 1855. PRICE TVV(> CENTS. NLWS FROM WASHINGTON. ?B0CEKD1KGS OF THE NATIONAL LEG18LATLRE ms OOV8E STILL ITOHHIflZED. Wit BALL0TING8 FOR SPEAKER AND NO ELECTION. Biographical Sketches of the Candidates. Another Republican Caucus and No Coalition. hl?re?llof CorreypciulfiK* on ? Varie ty of Suhjgrt?, Ac., *o., Ac. THIRTY-FOURTH CO.IiUKHM. FIRST HKSSION. BKNATB. Waaiiiniiton, Dec. 4, 1856. Me?rs. Halo, Duiker, Yuite and 1 bare, appeared, and woie Mrm-ti in. Tim ll?T H. C. Ib-an wn cl.-tted Chaplain, and the icnale tl m adjourned. HOUSE OP REPRE8ENT ATIVE8. Wahiiinoton, Dee. 4, 1855. The Ilouho resumed voting for Speaker, irith the lollow .rig result , FUs? ? Fifth. Sixth. Fifth. Sixth. S.'i*nth. Fi<)Kth. A'in'h. Mr. ICcturd-on,... 74 76 74 7(i 76 t aropbeli 68 67 f.l 61 61 Dank. 'it vfi VJ. 32 31 Fuller VO 22 20 20 21 Marrhiill 19 18 20 18 18 .-cettorli g 28 ? ? ? 111?lillovlng is the rote on the l..*t ballot:? roil MR RllUAiilMON. Messrs. Aiken, Allen, Ex-clty, U.ooks, Eerkosdals, Bayly, EtU. Bocock, Bowie, Bovce, Branch, Burnett, Oil waliadt r, Carutbers, Cei-kfe, t tlng'-rao, Cobb if Georgia, Cobb of Alabama, Cralge, Crawford. Denver, Dowdell, kd rounAfon, Elliott, English, Evans, Fuller of Milne, Faulkner Florence Uonde, Gro-nwnod, Hall i' Iowa, Harris of Alabama, Harris ol liliu?ia, Herbert, Ulckmin Houston, .learnt', Junes of Tennessee, Jouoa ol Pennsyl vaaia, Keitt, Kelly, Kidwill, Lotcher, Lumpkin. Marshall ofllilml* Maxwell McMutb n, Mn'.Jueen, Miller of In liana, Milhn n, Oliver ot Mlwuii, Orr, raoker, Phelps, Feck, Powell, Qultmun, Fulfil.. Kurt. Sanlldgs Ssvigc, .ihorler, Fmith of '?eoueKsee Eirdth of Virginia Stephens, Kfrwart, Telbntt, Taylor, t all Warner, Watklos '.Veil., WIuhIow, Wright of TeimcKseo. roR MR. VI UWR. Mtssrs. Brsdshaw. Hr>wn, Caupbe 1 of Pennsylvania, Konrde, I ick, Kdia, Edwards, IIav.ru, knight, Klmkel, MPI ward Inarm, Ptnnlngtun, PurvUuce Kltrhe, Booths, Rubicon. .-'mee ', icd'l, Tyson, Zoilioctf.r. won m, tumui.. Mresr*. Campbell ot Kentucky. Carllle C >x, Fnrter, vrnjutt. lake, IJndley, A. K. Marshall. Pslun, Porter, Puryear, heady, 8ml:h of Alabama 3woke, Tupps, L'u ?derwoed. *OR MR. rKXMMOTON. Messia. BUhop, Dawaou, Puller of Pennsylvania. Knox, M ear ham, Norton, Pelion, Kobbius, Etranali.n, Wake man. FOR MR. noWARD. Messrs. TMlllnghur-t Waebburno of Wisconsin. VOR MR raMVRVIT Meacr* Albright, Allison, Bill. Harbour, Boneon, Bing ham, Bites, B-en'on, Chatfee, Cla'k of Connecticut, Cot fox, Cum bark Dean, l>tx?n, IVsld. Dunn, Durfee. Hallo way, Bladings, Gilbert, Granger, llarl in, Hollo-say. H >r tot> of New Y"rk, Horton ot Obi'", llowarri, Hugh-ton, KMrey, 1-ester. Matteeon, McCarty, Miller ot New York, : Moore Morgan, Pn-ker, I'OTt, kabln, Sapp, Scott, Sher rrwm, Siinoious, 8'aat'in. Wade, Walhrldge, Waldron, Wasbburns of lUlnolr. Warhborne of Main-, Watson, Welch, Wotdruff, Woodwortb, Wace. FOR MR. HANKS. ?evert Bennett of New York, Bu Kington. Burllngome, ?Ogatas, Cisg n, Damr 11, Darn of Uassaehu-elta, Day, o'leWlit, Kmrje. E'heildge Flagler, Gray, Hall of Ma i* cr.nsetts, hire, Knapp, Kno?lt-.n Morrtll, Mott, Murray, Olivar <f New York, Perry, liae, Priugie, Saae, Spinner, Tsppan Tl .wington, Xhurstcu, Traton, Wood, f sr Mr. Wbeeler?Mr ''ank*. K.r Mr. Wa'hbnrne of Maine?M'. Campbell Of Ohio. ? or Mr Ethei irtge?Mr. Cullen. E'wr Mr. Yslk?Messrs. Davie of Maiyland, Hands of Maryisud, Bichaid. ?for Mr. Haven?Meesr*. ptbendge, Valk b .. ,ney. ?'or Mr Oliver o' New York?Mr Whoeler. For Vr. Wslaer?Mr. Eu*lM Err Mr f'srllle?Messrs. Huffman Humphrey, Marsh ill. 1'i.f Fr 1 h'lrs'nn?Mers'S NU.bola ana Williami. For Mr 7?rieeflhr-Mr. Mv.tk ? or Mi Davis of Maryland Mr. Walker. Wfole uumler of rue. cast, 223; necessary to a oh ise, 112. adjourned. OUR SPECIAL DESPATCHES. MORK CArOnsntd?NO TI100P8 FOR KANSAS -TUB NORTH PACIFIC 06EAM AND PACIVIC KAILROAI BXFbDITION8, ETC. WASRINCTON, Dec. 4, 1865. My despatch ol last oigbt h*o boeu verified to-day. 'The baUot'ng for speaker ronilnue.1 without change of programme. The question In everybody's mouth l?, ??What will be done to nmrrmV" The g-and caucn* of the opixstlHon element? Is now in sesyion at the CapitoL 1 have yet to a-certaln vhat they will do. I a to authorized to say tbxt the President has de S[ at'hed no troops to Kan**- to preserve order. The Norlb Psciflc F.xploring Expedition, Commander lingers, now at 8an Franclsio, having completed the du ties SH-Igntd it, will be ordered h( me. The steamer Joha Hancock is to be laid up at Mare Island, and her crew distributed among the several station*. Lieutenant linger-, of thn Pactic Railroad Exploration, has arrived safely In Oregon City. He was eupne-ed to have been murdered by the Indians. F YrTION OF TDK POBION CAUCUS. Washington, Dec. 4?10 P. M. The fusdon caucus ba* Just adjourned. No definite ac "Ui n was had. After much debating, it was decided that the voting should proceed as before, and continue at that until a committee appointed for the purpose should call (another caucus. The kindest feeling exi- ted, and the republicans feel confident of suoenns erentually. kou need not. therefore, expect the message for a wiek or two. K Till REPUBLICANS HTII.L IN TUB FOO?ANXIBTT OK Tnr. KRKBIDENT? WHO WBOTE THB MBSSAOB, am. Wajjhinutox, Dec 4, 1865, The reyx/bHcau caucus ustnd in no determination. They adjorrued to mer-t tomorrow evrnlrg, wtr*u the action whrft-ver it tnsy be, shall l>e conclusive and rtnal. -Quite a number of spc-che- were made. Mr. Hanks was ?>rve?nt, but i amplrt'li was net. The rreellent manifes's Teat anxiety In the organization of Ihe II-use. and is ?rsi ul tbal the opposition will glvs him conMlsrabtc troubb, owing to the indignant feeling which exists la the minds of many of the opposition member* at the oourse j ura red by the present administration. The President's message, I understand, is completed, turd in readiness, and that as soon as they elfeet an or ganisation ef the House, the CJsrk will proceed to read It (Tom mar.uecrlpt. His friends aver tbxt no one assisted or wrote a lire of It, or that any banian eye saw It. ex cent hiuirrlf. until he 1*14 it before the Cehinet. Their u srrre di-nbt expressed at to the truth of this by those salsi are hurt acquainted and most Intimate wltu htm He claimed the authorship of hie celebrated Inaugural ; but It bar now leaked out that Judge OUebMst was the author of that graafUcqcet t paper; ant when It U >kg*wn that .hat learoel jurist U here, end Is. and has oeos in ronstaut eommuniration with the President, P. Is umIcs to say more. I am inf> m?l by reliable a i tho'lty ibet It will be a very iengthy document?much more so tlien any that has p. eceded It. Ik TBI A AWT Of AFF AITir?BPBt'UL AT10N8 AR TO Tim RWtrtT?A NEW MOVE OF THK DEMOt BATS, YTC., I.Tc _ WAKWivTroN, Dee. 4,1865. V.thirst yet settle], and nothing llkrlr to be settled, rive rr're untuceewsful bslkNs for R|?aker, reoiltlng ftirailar to yeeterdey's proeredings, except that Mr. Beaks gained ten vote*, bavlrg run up as high as thirty twn <wi tbe third ballottoe'ay. This deUy In the elej tlua of Npeakrr wtU ergemlor a feeding of enlmosi y among the factions which it will be l?pn#el>.l* to heal. It look* now to my mind clearly manliest that non* of the assail dales now In the field can succeed. The twelfth tertian rr national Know Nothings al eady declare open war. and solemnly aver that they will not go over anl colt* with the republican or ab> II Ion party, who are coat rolled end led by Fewnrd Greeley k Oo. Th< eaU No wash* democrat* are willing to mpp ft Banks tot will not go V>r a man whose nn'scedenU bave toen whig. Tha n-pubUeana. who so pe-s-rcrtngly as*d doggedly adhere to Campbell, and who *r? goad'd on by a ,'nck tf abolitionists that li.fost tha ol?y jus? at thin pxr'icular time, ate determined that the} b> log in a majority, will not go over to the minority, 'lit lofnre, it in m l.'-orident that some new man must be brought into the field, who can harinonixo fheae discor dant element*, whoso escutcheon 1s clear, and who, liko Ctctiir'e wife, is "about suspicion." 1 have In my mind's eye ihe man, looming up in the distance; and were 1 not a'luid of di<pataging thoae now on the anzioua seat, wlio ? re lcokirg with hngiug eyes to the inusb coToted pia lure, your correspondent would mention hla name. Another republican caucaa i? niwbeiug held at the Cap! VL It U extremely doubtful whether they will be able to accomplish anytlilng. Tb< democrat to members, I am Informed, intend to mr-rri w to atari i ff with Ilowell r -bb, and aee If they can carry the i-oulheru Know Nothing*. To-day'a Union announcoa that from thU time iteune ftT'h Foicry ia to ?e joint partner In that conoern. This | n ej be some new arrangement, or change of tactics, to | i.re public printing. Tuete ia a movement on foot to | de'eiit the Piiit.n for the Senate prln'ing. T--c?y a (?T;,an *?y* it ha* made ell necessary arrange meats or 'he Houre printing, and can common so It at I an hour'a nr.tice, proTldtdlhey get it. X. SKETCHES OF THE CANDIDATES FOR SPEAKER. WILLIAM A. HICK AKDriGN. Mr. Klchardsr n was born In Kayette county, near lexlafU n, Kec'ucky, January lfl, 1811. HU rather was ?a Virginia faimer. He dlej when William Was only *1* J ? are old, havltg f>nr ehild. en to the anle care of their n > lher. She belonged to the Kdn.cndaons, "one of the I'Hrt fac lilt* of Virginia." IIor faiher and Sevan of hla brother, died in bat le. V ilium's father provided by his will lhat hie estate should ee i xpended iu the educaiion of hla childron, and mo.t of It waa expended in that way. William was'edu trited at Transylvania Pnivcr |ty, Ixxlngton, Kdntuiky. fie cotun eneed reading law at Ihu age of nineteeu, in tue I Hire of Allen k : iropson, Winchester, Kentucky, and "" "owi'ted to the bar txdhre he waa twenty. Ho urac il! eue very ?bon time at Winclic-ter, and at the age of ta.nly one removed to Illinois, ind cotnmeaead business ' t Jle whs At SliflbvviUe a ?ery f.hort time, but a on ivertto Ru*hville, where begot into a good prac duellJ l v- >"\WV "'ec'"'' Stale's Attorney for the clietrict In which he Mved, over Browning, the same man who'iin against him for Congrea-, two years ago. In }?'? , , r,'",Kn*d that office to accept a seat In tbo ' ' I' I ' gialatnre. As a memoer of the Illi nois I In use of Representative* betook n leading part in II e diM 11avion i f the political question* of ibo day, always advocation with vehemence and determination bo dnotrinee of the derm cretin party. Iu 1838 he wis el< etui totheS'ta e Senate of Illinois For the mxt nine viars he was a member of one house >r the other of the M"-i" legislature. In 1844 he was ctecUd .Speaker of tl e Home ol Itcpresentatlves. In 1818 he raised a com |?| y of volunteer, to join tha army In Mexico; waa drat elected Captain; on the hold of battla at Bueoa Vista ' 1ke ' eti'h of Culnntd he waa unanlmoualy .eoted Major . in the battle or Btena VI,U he graa'ly di tinguiehed himself. He was w ..meted, but did not umt Before bis roturn from Mexico he was nominated and elected to CkingTcs*, and has evor since remainei a member of the House. Re is a democrat, in the technl cal eet.se of the term, to the backbone; Is in fhvur of the Fugitive Slave law. and all the other compromise mst -^el.rsskaaiid Douglas. He is what ia called a "good fellow, jolly .tout, large, how ftre-you looking and aeeniii g ui.d the moft popular man his party could hare in mii h-M . * In tj 1st of the Colonel's good looks, the follow Inz nneo dote is told by ?omo of the wngs :?When he fi.st xmt to W s.biogton, among the dU'ingnished men to whom he war Intrnanced was Mr. JohnC. Rives. "Mr Hives " aaid the (< b nel, "you are o. e or the first men I have ever met whom rumor has not beiiel ; you hare not been re [unf itted as worre harking than you are." Mr. Hive* Icfekcit i iHi o?er dcllbonvtflj. tud remarked;? You mii-' c-nie und tee me ; after my wife has onoe set h~r ??)' I mi you. the will never complain of my look, again." ??ubt-equenilv Col. Kichardaon dineil with Mr. Rive*, f' w' Colonel not only chewa a mouthful ot tobacco ba' he has an aye aion to everything in the shape of aplt t"-m. so long as Wilton and Bruwela earpeU can be b unr as suoslitutea. Ihe story goes that after the 1 Xiao been talking icd ob^fiiig fu/ ikkiw in?f dli,n?r. Mis R. went up to her husband, threw her arms round his nock, kissed biin. and said " My dear 1*1 ? ays thoogit you were the ugliest man the I ever saw bu' now i think you ate quite handsome." . "il SM "" ,,a? l"'#n remarked, goes for the Ne i/rasku Ml! nnd aquntlcr tovereignty, but not tor admit III g Ma-e- which allow a plureli y of wlvoi, as he says ibat i.. u privilege not enjoyml by tli? ' original thirteen " NATBAN1HL PKE.STIHH banks. Mr. narks was b rn In Weliham, Middlesex ounty, Mastachurelta, on the 13th t-r Junuary, 1818. As his middle rsisl Indicates, ho is descended, on one si |e, fr? to the I'rentlss 'amily of New Hampshire. At the sge of twelve years ho began to work In a Got ten factory. At a later age ho assi-stsel his father, who wts a hi.use carpenter. He Dext learned the machinist's trade, and worked at it In Waltham and Boat.n. He never had any schooling after h? w*s twe.Te years of age. I'lior to that he a'tended he public school in hla native t< si, and ass considered an apt ar.d quick scholar. in 184T. Mr. Banks entered bi? name in ihe office of the H.n- Robert Runtoul, Jr., thsn United States District Attorney, in Boston. In 1848 he was admitted to the bar, and commenced practice in Ik ston. Mr. Banks oom meneed his political life in 1810 as a supporter of Martin Vsn Huron an I ihe rub-treasury sjhemo. In 1848 he w*a elected a member of the Legislature of Maasachusett', from the town ot Waltham. There were only about twenly democrats in the House tbat session. It was the year that the party ran dow n unde r Cashing ami C?s, Mr. Banks look an active part In the proceedings of tha House?sustaining Cass and his Nicholson letter, and Curbing. In 1861 Mr. Banks waa elected to both the 8enete and the House In Massachusetts, but accepted a seat in tbp House, snd was choirn -pe*k(r by the coalition between twin turner democrat* and tbo free sotlers. He had been a leader of the coalition movement before the people, and made a very la'gr number of popular addresses. He was the most active liberal democrat in the State His St) le of oratory was effective, an 1 he seemed to Do a general favorite, on whom the different p .11 Heal (actions weic all Inclined to look kindly. In 186; be was re-elec' ed . i enker of the House. In 1841 he waa a memoer of the convention caned ro revise th? constitution of Masse cbu.eti* and ws* chosen to preside over IU dehbera V"-' . , ton* out ion numbered among i's m*ml>e a Jui ge Allen, Rufus l hoate, Judge Sptague, hen. Wilson, t.ov. Bout well, Mr. Kn. wlton, (iov. Morton, <iov. Brlggs in?. nth?*r? of th'?nw<Y Oisitln^ui*>h?"I iiiau of all the noliri csi inii.es In the bate. At thU time Mr. Bank a was also s UJiplHT ot Corgi ess, having lieen elected as a at a - v iist tht previous tail. tb^'lV\?nd,d*U for 'V**?r, of Congress. whlir ho. l* . ' /ift T"* "1,e-n of Ooncentrated ej: e hti-setism??f Ibursday last. speak? as follow.:? r-uf'-wn Ktats of Mas-arh-neus, although we are lorry to s?v iba. .he IS 0C VO well lepre en'ed In ibis < ongres* a. she io rwiii.i V V ''T"J*r ??l b*e a candidate for the i? V V 0 "Bev"^"" n of Hon. Nathaniel P Mank?, t ...L ro.i ".ember of bar deleg.iU'ai and a geoUemsu nt n tieh ahlltty sr.d parliamentary arpeneca Mr. Hacks a' Us tigfc ? visit g man has twice been chosen Hpeaker of the Co'."t! iTs* VP'-i-tive. a body numbering otu l.ui dri d memhera. where Ihe post <,< the presiding ofll >r " ' 'i-,?"'L'JTs- "i" ^ hr*""<4 htmrelf In the discharge of ?be Huilcs nf the k1"* "? uiff unmiqiiii om llf'A b? prnv?i4 btmpoif to foe duiciitr* offlee, a wortbv *ucce?*or ol P. Ki anUhrVmen'whrT^te " WaUey. ami tCmW d.i'm aulshrd men who have '?cnpled -he same cbalr Informer L_v .<r;v'V.lrn "y i>? *?vu?on of ?(.? .:on*uw or ?1"! amona H- members retired ?u chi,M t from tbe aliadofl or p?ira'? >tfa i smnnoiied from ibe bench, and poUUaUns ..f (mat erp^nen'te k*. althviugh one ot the youngest 'Is legates, wis fleeted in he its I resident sod he discharged the duties o' iha r'-l I<1 with signal ability. In fact, he 'rul. seToi iT^LV sn e?p< rial rectus tor the dUBeult ail of r.resldlng over % dell t c sllva aascmbty. Ihu Uei wt-l he admlUed by those wtsi mw r't."' "f"? VLtof. M "f storniy pollucai ra ht riUfc?, isi ?rJ as In hla ragu ar ening! poets en these tceatlons Mr Banks1 skid and iA Ires. In bringing nrd.tr u.iw rd Pteoe? b*s derlal'm srvl Impa^Ulllv In admlnls erlng lbs as* wL^'u rarlUnneriaey law-hnve secm-d a'.ooat wind rtul M Hh Mr. Hank*'p lliical opinions.we ne~l no? rs n a/?. V . have nm -enersUy l.eeo able u> agree, hut we cm r" b Yj J . *8 1? not think he llonae can make a s? oi l., IP". ? *h-eb "I" heller pronxae toe despatch of btolneiv. In 1*V4 Vr. Banks ran for Congress as a candidal* of He regular democratic convention In his dl lHct and of lb. Know Nothings, and was ?le< t*.l by show*, servo tbooistd msjnrity. The administration <l*mnerat* b Iteo the nomination oo account of Mr. B.'s opprwition b U.#Nebia-?a bill. r}r ?r T anks has a wife and two childi*n. lie h a good bukirg ir an, with something of tha clerical and BuH lane a; pentar.** which belongs to New Kngland hnl without the stilted stiffness which characterized Win'brag. Mr. lank* Is fend nf retirement, al'hough he has had a b. isternu-political llfa. All his studies, even that of Uw. here been pursued principally in prlvtte. Ha has a grval !? ndnttes lor literatnr*. and has aequlmd by his own titrsided efforts a good knowledge of the orlicipal 1stgusgvs of Northern and Southern Kurope. Th .ngb cot . n advt cate of the Maine law. ha is strielly Uiape rate snd is even said never ta have drank agiiaanf llqnor in hi* life. The paleness of his countenance w .ni l seem to iad|.-at? that a glass of win* for the stom?ch'a sake would do the gentlentab n t harm. HCMPHMBY MARSHALL. Mr. Marshall waa born at Fianbfort. Kevi'urky, Janu ary 18, 1812. Hla fa'ber was Judge John J. Marshall, af 1-oulsville, a nephew of tha old Chief Juatiee Marshall. Jufge Marshall waa adueatad at Prlaeakm, N J., who* he took the first honors ot hi* elaae. Col. Mar.hall's grandmother waa aiator U> Chief Ja.tice Marshall, eo that be marshals In hla vetna a'1 the Wood of the Marshalts Til. ruber Is th. od; .I'te'of Jan.es (J. Blrney m?n, ,rsr' ?K" th" ?*?U.lB?e of the liberty party for !'m*U*uL Col. Mar -ball graduated at West Point in 1832 He gra duated )? Juno an<t atarled immediately fur Wlsionatn ? here he served a? lie ltenant under Gen. Soott In the **"?%? At " thB be re Lul l . ,'6HW* uabgut uianiau, and in 181.1 v.tl . ^-u 10 \ b?r- ,n 18a' be eolllaa at Luais ?has pracili-ed U? tuere ever einoe. sxc.pl so IMahi.el tn,wruPl?? ??/ publl j employ menu. Iu 183b he r.be-l a company or volunteer* u> go u? die .da brne and protect cur In,ntier, but (Jen. Houston's vie o ry at ran Jacinto rend.red the inarch of the troop* uu m ceMtHi y nod tlit* v vvore dltbimdwl. k-iniu^L ri M*; "V11 *" appointed by the Governor ol Kentucky Colobel of a i*giro-nt <#f oaralry to goto tiexi 00. lie served unoer tleu. Taylor, and was at the battle 'i* ?*u* it Ua n te voitby fact that wi#i a I'ro oldent, an Attorney General and a becretarv of War all made lamoua by the Mexicau war, wo have now two'he I't-t na \ lata before the House of Representative a* candidate a lor Speaker. ^ T? . uV:'-,.IUr'W1 mmrcho'1 ht* r-girr,out by Un 1 from Mem jhb., Tvnuesaee to Sa'Ullo, in Mexico, lie .tarred m r. i uW. . at 0,1 a)4'8? "bout the 1st ol November. U1. Marshall -bared treeiy in all tb- Utiguee aad dUBoul tie-td the expedltton. In 1811 he returned to hi. farm in Httrrycounty, Kentucky, and wa* tdejte.1 to Coagiet by the whig- in 184'J lie Wo- a very active auppj. tei of be romp ami,e measure*. In 1851 Uo wax re electee to the Home if Bepra-ept*'Ivea. In 1854 ho wa- appointed Mini*tor to (liina, and resigned hi. -eat in the 11 >i-e of 1.eptencniativc*. In 1844 bo wa- rtcaiied from tlii. mi?ion by l ie-Mont llercr.. Iji-i A ,gu?> lie wot eie- ol mrriV 'h8 Kn?W b' * <?f up Col Mar- had i- a portly, corpulent man, with a rosy open couu'.eniinc, fii,o it highly Intejeotual exirrfs-i.in. Noiwl h-iim. log hi-great .be, ho 1* a man of veiy a tiro t-mper anient. He 1* ex.-eeurngly co npauionaole jolly Have-a gucd-prciaifen of a Keniuckiui. ' LEWIS P. CAMPBELL. Mr. Campbell wa- born in Franklin, Warren county, tibio, Augu-t tl, 1811. Hi* lather wa- a Vligiulan by birth, and removed to the Northwestern Ter.ltory in llPtl. Ho wa- a wlioeli ight, and made the kind of wheel u*ed in -pinning wool and llax by baud, until tne im pr< veinonia in machinery -uper-cdei their u-e. He -vivid in the war of 1812, under Gen. Harri-on. At the close of hi- life be wa- engaged in fanning. Hi* death waa occa-loned by the kick of a home. In 1818. Mr tarnpbell'a mother wa- a l'ooiwyhanlm Woman, the d*uglilor ot a Scotchman, who -e,v. d hi- adopted cnun try thiough the Wat ol the Revolution. i.ewi* commnoed gr.iug to -chool boforo lie was fire }tm* ,,|d, and ccutiuuodin school nearly every week day fiom that time uulil ho wa- fourteen, without Intermn -lon. He wn- rrgarded there a- a good Kngll.h scholar Willi a pietiy thorough knowledge ol 1-nin, and -otne kBowltdgr of Greek, tie n-ver a teudod achooi after the ajr? of r#?nrte?-ii. fie was in tie sum* atan with two older brother*; and a- hi- father waa too poor to een.l 'hem ail to college, he concluded to aeud none, a- lie would not choo-e tie ween tin in. lewis next commenced working upi e hi- father'- larin, and continued -i-? Illy at It until he wa- eighte-n. Ill- father th-D gave hi,u the pnvllege or choo-ing wlial coar-e he woul ltakeln lito, or, in ether wore-, to act for Llunelf. He had ue menna ot completing bU education. He bad formed an idea that a [dinting office waa a place where a b-.y could learn -nmethlng, and he proceeded to Cincinnati, ani of 11* own accord became an indenture 1 apprentice In the r fflce of the Cincinnati Oddr/V, at th it Mute conducted by ChuiW Humiunod. 1.'. rtmalnol in the (1 iwiU olllco lad J eat a; and In that lime oiri.td enough b/ won* piint.r* rail overwork to boy olf hi- tim.i for the third year, fo whirh ho wa-bound by the article, of indrn tu e. He text piocded to Butler county, Wnere h- .till liver, and . -tmMi-hed a Clay paper, called the Hainllum Jnlrlh'jtnrrr. At that time thoie wa- a Jack- n in-Jorlty o'tl rte thena-B.! In the county. Be e ite I th ? p.ruo -et up the ty| e, and worked U?e p e?a with but 11. In a.' ri?t*nce linm othera, and at Uie -am* time pur-ui d the ?lady of th- law. He wa- admitt.*! to the bar In m-n In 1840 he wa* a candidate for Cong en- agair-at Coh J. II. wellrr, now -inator frr,?t CaliH.rr.r* On wa* Bve monthi mi the *tump. Col. Weil-r received a majority of 51 nut ot 14 000 vn e* caat. Hi* majority at the prevloiu elej tlon waa ehou' 1 100. Mr Centpb. II continued to devote himeelf to the pra". liwof the law ex:lu-lv<ly up to 1-W. A' tho-auu bar were lom Corwin, Wood*, and aome other men of note. In 1848 Mr. Campbell wa- elected to Cmgreaa a* a whig by a majority ol itO, in a dl-tiict whl'.di g ive about 1 100 majority againxt Gen. Teylor. In 1860 he waa re alerted by 000 majority. In that jeer the la-gUlature ferryatin cered hu diatrtct, witn the hope of Infra ting Mi >? t*?r tlon; bat la IMS hewaaw ?yTmajority of W. The diatrict h*a oonttnned attongly demueratlc but euual'y at rung in favor of Mr. Campbell. In Gor.gre-a Mr. Campbell ha- be-n an active and en thuria-tic whig, tin the ui>j,-ct of -|-very hla doctrine l*. th?t all 'be con-11 utMnal tight, of ihe South ah on II be maintained, but Ibat all toe powerx of the con-tituiion -boult be exerci-ed to prcv-nt the extension of -lavery In fereon Mr. Gampb ll i- -light, of medium h-igh*. wlib rather a atriktng ajuu-iran-e en the wb de. HI 'en peian e?t I- nervou-. )|? i- rearle-*, and hi- man ler, when (lclte.1 I-very emphatic and eoe-getlc II l.a- l-rge wud active brain. He I. a iii.xnlo i man, wilh tinee rhildten. He ia t-mperale in bt- ha iu bu' nut a 'eel-daller. He I- per?nnally esteem- i; i* free from hy [Sictby; Ir not a ir.en.b-r of he ?burr.h, th ,ugh undoubt edly, ? Mr Clay u.ed to tay of himself In hi* ?p?e:hei Id tongie-a, he hope* to beo-me a <hrl-tlaii before, he dies. i!r Campheil'* prlnci[al hii-ine*-, at pre*ent. beside |)OlItlc>, i* farmleg. He live* at Hamilton, twenty Hv ndle* fr< in Ci ncinnati. II- t- an >xt..u,ive Ixudhuhler, Ihdia engage I, alao, to -,me extent, In manufacturlLg. DEMIT M. Pl'LLKR. Mr. fuller waa be rn in Wayne county, TVni ?ylv?nl* In June, 1820. Ill- father wa- from Connecticut. Mr. Fuller waa educated at Princeton. He ha- praetited Uw at Wilk?bane aince 1841. He wa* a in-mber of the I eni.aylvatia House of Iteprraentatlv? one yr*r In lkSolhe whig- elected him to Congre-a. Hi* -eat ?> ce.B'eated, but he b-Id it. He ran for re eleiti >n. hut ?.< defeated. II- h..? now Im-n id?te-i a? a Know Notltidg, ?nd |<w-e?? he advantage of coming from a g eat ^'*te?and, a* thoehi woman -aid when *he male two ?hirta for the mini-tor for nothing, "that'- aomelhlng." OUR WASHINGTON CORRBKPONDBNUR. WaeinvoTov, Dec. 8 18i6. 78/ Mrrlivg <if Contjrrn?HaUtiitun fnT Npnilerr Optmitn< if the "Old Gw?"_fntrt Jnr the Vni,m?Ihe /'iteifr finilrrvid, ifc. Ihe Gongree- of the CBite<i SUte? aeeembled to day In the Capitol of the I nion, when It waa aeeiaritined ihst not e nJy a quorum e.f each house wa* pre?nt, but thai neatly .very member wae at bia po*L Thi* very punc teal atUndanee can Im Ju?tly attrtbut?1 to Hie ant id pated excitement in Ihe organisation of the Houee of lU-p reeentative*. Never before wa-theie ao large an attend ance on lha flrnt day of the -es?ion. fhe fe nate pa-eed through the *tereotyye formula o' ?flfanl?ali'in? or, In other woida, of kpeniog end adjourn* tng, th? body Itrelf being e continual one, and not nub Ject to the peilorical labor* which characterize the lower house on the as. einblieg of a new Cong teas. At 12 o'clock ptecieely the hammer of the Clerk called Ihe flume <f Representative* to orde'. The hall w?* crowded with member a, distinguished stranger* lobbyer* ?>itl loelera. and p.eMnte?l lor a while a heter?g-ne , i* ma? of d' kfUilop and nobe. Order being had Ihe Jlerk pr<ei.de-! to call the roll, and the balloting noon c im meneed for "p-aker and a* each member answerwl to hi- name, aonourdrig for wh-m he caet hi- vute hundred* of snxiou* pta* and pencil* noted ihe re ply. Evtry vote an-l every l?ih,t was noted and counted 1< ng <te it waa annonnred by the Clerk or Ti ller. T) e fli*t Imllot re-ult-d pretty much as wa< an tlcl.atrd. Ki. harde n pr< vlng I lin-elf a regular built 'Sevinty four," while <*mphell, liank*. Marshall and and Fuller foil, wed in the rear. I fine e< rr.e elver-i>y of opinion as to th- probable re suit 'hit r* The m,*t experienced predi :t no orgsnl ration for weeks, in my dr-pa'cb last idght I *t*'ed as r. rrecily what would be ihe action of paitie* to day a* coaid be d< tie ro w that the acli' n ii over. 8. rne think that, in ihe course >,1 a few day*. <Ampb-il ? ill te thrown overheard, an I a grand rally will be made on H?na? Th* National Km w Nothing- have proven ihem-elve# to be just thirty *troi,g and hsve v.,t?d for Marshall through every ballot. Whe e their i. tee will Bnelly fall they cannot t-ll tb*o**l>e< I Ley are pre:lsp. s?.l in tavor of itie deni'-iratlc isity, bat -ay they car not take I'.ichird?oo. 11 n*a ever I?n tbslr urorrnj.rrrrlslrf p-r?e-utor Then 'hey swear eternal opposition to I,lac* repaMireaUm In e.ery shape and form, home ot them say that th* d-m? crecy ??iid bv e c nclllatory oour** Inward* lh?rn *-c ir? th# i rgsnlxa'ion? and br en opposite cerse they yield I' lo fr-e fuller., tod precipitate upon the roqatrv the crtsi* which mua* terr, Inete in e dissolution <4 the I .Im. To night will be spent in effort* to h*n?f>nli - but all to B" purpose. Ihe voting to morrow will be but a repell th e of to day'*. As th* me* eg* of the I reetdsnt will coetsln a lengthy notice of th* let* I'aclMc Itsilnwl ezpl .rati' e l hive pro currd * copy of'h# folk,wing interei'irg c. i rr?(-,n >n-s a. ? projer pre ace lo that prrtion of the mas-age Thi* r. ,r rc*|fr. denr* folly wiemlb '.cneral leoigob irongb, the pretent s'arv-yor tieneral of n>lnr,fs and Mi?* mri to the lexe* rente ?hll* It show* th# liberal vtevs of th- g?et Heath ' afdinan oa thi* national topic K TflB PACIFIC RAILROAD ROI'TF.*. f+V. I/u M, Hept 11, 1849 I tua Ma? Fatly to th* *|ring of thi* year, * mi*? mee'tng of the eltlten* of Ht Izmta waa called threngb the ewsfapeia of the city, to take into com I leratloo the project of a grsal line of telegraph aad railway fr wa th* ve.ley of the Mississippi river *o tb* Faciffe tieeaa. Th* call wae mala tbieily at my earaatt aoHcHatiun?f hailng dtvoted moch time to the em-idaratlofi of the subject. At tbat rr.ee' Ing there wa* a large aasemh ag? of 'car [-*> ? f Ir-e-pectlee of party Ua*. The Mb wing rewxa'.ioa 'I tber* wa* adopted, ria.v? r rd Tha' the pr*,wc< of a (rsat tf e of rvl ssr te-.m V?'if TV if ia U1 >? 8e|'c-?i a Bhic.tul prop, ji - !k?f ?_i"*h '?due to *?try : tab) aw' miction at r..n ?wtin?i iwaiol ?' *"d "" depraoata any a'ui?pt > ? ? ,i? There mi two laewma f?r tbe .^.pnoo ^ >hli pta of tijr uVi*. *i* i'*- W? w?<f*n*i.iii* to rtmw ilia p- ? S?.M, In *tiw and th t)'*'- WV ??"iT deaprrate |,..|,l*B *?c .tid wa* ih?t 1 uotorpou end ill rxeriiior j MI,,Ji,, 5 "" h# u?|khMiiplo.i, pr *?. the o un rv wiV,to im &>ml c? ?t^ ,7.",h, ???? J""""* ?n1 . 41 jcci of liio Kiiad m> Jim64' ' ,ieo,M,l'c<H* '0?1 ??rwrjr (>*? ? .on who bad tlir will i' \n"a"* 'bentho ungr j.or- I *?d feline . dwp Uto.?. i?^ ?ntaant of your vine., man nndi erai?f..i n mur charade, m a public gWIt frumrly ironMat t . tlL l^u W,'< 1 ' *'*1 %TI ,,r ? nil to awuro you thai *r ?'ivIUifnn "I ,he '" "'nHiuo. 1 ho upperrJn rft i d* f '? "? "? SfeS?*5KSS3E-fc vl?ft M. Lot.U and U.JTm or T'll V T"l,l0"fr I' tn iud?*b*e i to m 1111,11* 1. 1 ji ? * ** i 1 Pipretn M* sfiitnJZ ^Z dUilofui.lw1 ciUx?*Qa wii? drawn to it it* it h*d 1><... ,n VL* T ?? !l H tn Jlcie will 1 ihi?L 1 doiiiphu on too U.iu. .isr;," rrr?* ht 1-ril th. o . ;-u. ?iO-l 'li-titigal^lmij w| j ,'? ??' <?>"** Cl "'I'" I >n?u.t of the o^oi li" JXr\2l?''1" *" <?' u,y UtoIj (.. ...?tloV.'.r Ur? ^^Un'-'T'T z&rzx J loiuunoKot i.il, liq. CALnut's. ??? OK OTHER JOUILVAI? [CotttopoudtBcw01 th> Klotuoond UUp?tcij ooot n ^",9""' -O.r O 'Mm but Who ??? V.. f? I'"?'r ?f votiM, .olr.,r::c'.?bu:h.r.r""' ?'i"- ?? f-p'iW^^iirKys^jirrs mu.t kw w,? htTTT'wo dEi* AliJ r,t lh*0li,,lr p,,ljr .r?|b.Mr '"*** V*** ?lto.r eauou/e* i f ?U p?rt|r io <U* s'jsjr'"1 -w??Su. fC''?n,I.T"Par,T,U '"J lh' lh-" to?m | I?c<** c nvorm Ion 01 cour?> hut ihil 1 u 1. J?." 5r ? wjI,r uViiri't'i iti,,ow/'1""1"" ""i?'?* ?Ni,nf?,k,? ?. 1 i^?u,.|*.it?| by hU -Unto la lb. proilo.lu.r. ! , k 11 A'r/ ('U"*m' 1- no .i. Wbiw 'ntT\. IndT .ito" A,""'ran ??f hf wloet?<I <l.-rk. | , ,.?r the in* KEtlor.a pcioi thnr w?j. * ' by ..Hc.., h fron. .hi. B(i, ? ,h. Mih c ...o,unir.i,Ol h MMlur!.'.!^ l",Z[ 'b*|.l> .if,.. 11,.|r (???..I ,hU oil,. I,.? d?r , L*' "nTiTZT1: '"' ,h" ,,T"' "' 8 I" ""Ur ?? ?,|'?per "^vr'^i"' ;,r;rd *" "hv"''" ^TOitoVA" is tow",kr/"w*;? 'h"i.?';,;;?oia..n" &, | IK w (W?,l, uo>l?rato?c T>i? pr.eeOonU ,f Mr liutvor [C ,rrMp?,n.J?nc? of IL. Houth S|. o la-moirat J r. - . WdMHISfiiTliJI ] |H*in I r'"/Km '/ ?V"""""' /vm ' w A<tUm <,) H*irrr>,nl>U\<*nh'rr,,n A? be ?r!.,,?pb Will Ooubtb>>' Inform, .u of thr ra.ult b? df IKK-, a I ic ran o. to U b*d I ?? t'ui.la |V?nV.l ?" 01 in. to rpoomate ,, th. proh.Mil ... it , ,, noIX aw l"?HT"''Hlh?l U" tL' n"" I-"" ? lo l?"? ??y. Tory will cm. "ir U.I ?W Ik amnion-ly k> po .|hi?_.h.r 'f'"' ?l*?li??-what ,h?t ,Wi.i,,n mn, h-<l?prn I. upon *hi,h ?"*???? ?ha irtrinhrr, Ihrr.? f.Y ',n ""?for?'rU with-r t.iot, Out lh? raadidal*. frtr hpc.krr ami Clark, nliou on ? out ton. n>.n?tioD, wlH b. adharrd to ihrnojhtul Tto. tpoakr. ?? rsrt.-2 zxzxk. Ss I hara bo tear. th?t ?orh will h? th.ir oourw f hay. II' Irara of uakfl. r>?nti n, barfatn or corruption !..? hhUi 'crupulou. Mhrmrr* of ?ti,.r eUqno. trvlr and X!'tYrfZT'Y>', ,0# r'fr?"?*?'??, "f th. ua?oo.l <l,IBtf .cy of Uii. I Dloaarr not in thr market. [Oirtrapondenre of th* IVI imorr ton J _ ? , W^waOB, !>?. t IV..V I Tht I ro,,lo,f 1 M ' 'O p ,or a* uf!"!5*U 'n ,,p*- aud " '<"?*\dw.U at .Tiki in f 1? ".Ur 'T'" The*, with Wtoi^lV^i I J*r TT b"?,t of ? ho-t.l* cbarart.r ? <r a dlr'uibai.e. ha. toon o' la..r,ri ?<1 ^,r? , ?i ol tbahlUDdrrlaff Pr thamUapp rhrn.liM, of hr Hrlil-h K.yrrr mrnt and I ? ugan a lha qur.tl r nf th* Hound . ur. I^ tiratrd, .no *rrorr,p* ,b. m,.,.nr, ,r, i*l (beiim nt. on th* >u ?J*ct. Th. c.piuiU.i, ? r,f the oo*a. w propeard h, Denmark, will t? r.Jae'adr. I.nd hi.ee. .nd I'rn.at. a, wall b. h. I,., ' !V" t " D'" W" "t> th. [Con. p. o.'aoca of the North Amrrlcan I Wa.hi*!,TO* fh-j. ii IV,d. . ? fwftmi'itealf),* AH the ,parol*..nd pr.ol. |on. <A an ntr.m* poll P-^uad toward. I at. n,ak ,n th. mal'ar , f-h. (Vend dura, a,a dk.ly u, ha ?T*-ihr, i.y ,b* ,v.. 1,'d -to.b .1' m"'*r Th. plan ?d?r,7^ ?td which win amount to a iae.?, m. ?da ioa I, ?? oar l.enaik a ^ufllrlanl aowmutaUun for h-oya, 11.1,1 .?TV: ' l,'h!r of eo a mm iV, .k,cb .?.ii , "l*rr^. M'd. .at ? ntlau.. In , no A oil k." *l"k,b'W,,,'>' ??" U.-tma In. <~d " ,, a , ?r,t ^P, "? "? lbU """? ,b' 'Tal n*d V !V JJ. 7 T *- Pftoetad ehila Ihr toSV.Yli T, T:'uM h"1 ^ "r *i* ' ? h"d fmih U). piMiot H,u.r. of In hr to-m'I," "??Pr'"',pb-r"n?.nda.| for re nor -id-, and In .ra.i , f lh? other w -nld ha both nroU. vd Tula ideal, w*M?.d with teyor.aH.np th? ,.*.t a,o,t ' 'ut'a^^t'Y " *h' ?' ,od.H.r. -l.nt.ruT ,i'l ' * ,M""?'"d "* ?d' Pto- -uk . . 'ul n.o<. Ih. re . ? f Air I n.., ,r'??r will aifdra on the 11 to nflkoJ't,"1 ,b" "? "? p'' trwtad MmiJu V Yt *' ?ntoaik aak tortb? Haw t?r ih.,r rrenp.jri n the I.vwlseeo* may p.rhai?. l? d. t tiV* 'h*' ?h? to* w u d b. . . -aaa ~t pan !,?? ?to .? Thar. U mo.I, Wdiwratio, a^d ? to,,I ? )n ,hM arl.m. of mt.h man r?? me, a* It pu # It fcftd th* HTTffi'ftry nf Ht*'* m%? lof k wtik r^.r.i ur.'?i un nto uu' ,h,"M" ,n ...h .hVVkVUi^Yrc1 ?i,r*p?u"~ ,' r.rrerpoadaeee of th. Itenaylraala Inquirer ... W,.NI*r,yrM Imr ,t I*',' , ' /rHn*it?>h+4M?/s, fi th, / hi, -i t . ^ 1U '?'h ?? au.vln th. wo-U'ot. ,n a*. ? * fi??J th# r <? or irBteU.a * > . - ill*'.. w?4* hi. . tot?. tLk L"^,"nY ^ ,.Ua.A . M . rttf* hi* ^1, *f?1 ##4 ?"* to.V'T!!!1" u Mo ?- ?*??. .? -h. V *'**"to riT.a to., tii, atoc ka arbY." u Tin " h8"1 ?lMi * U" "tola W< latbrn. tr.aala will f?ua -dnftki. malt. . ?'*?<- * iN'.bu. aooalT N.a Tork t. * f urr^r1 f " 'to'rt-pto. Wllh lair rhanto. .4 IV .',1? . "ll**.? ""i "?? <?- l'~tmaat.r of th* ,o'T.,V*r . **"'J irp ?.?'?y and t.ai ?r a.?... ra. k.t *? an ,1h?* drtn.<iat, haa hrar aad, aH r, ,ri? ? ,( ? jar-y h i I, U.aid he will be fcrarwf at* , ,u.. ? wL'Wr^7" *41 .hw yMmittwu .. V* ' _ 'JU|o?? h. dMraai lo appoat I >a tn to. .TL? '^"T ?* ?*? "Kakim**. ka -a. IhI. .uVtoV "**" **P*M ?*d ?? May I..O Throw r tewt. ?f prtoaa flarwp. . ?ma f, *. ' ? ' ""7 ??a*a aa ardent ak^ hi* *?, ('tact<>4 a., i.rf* Kn w Ndl.lig ?M;, Tiilfl oa fr? * ' til fur <h>- (itu.u,*.i'Ic caisjje r ft.' ^J??.kfr, C-W ft "k (xdioo. [Citic/ je.frh-nre r-f tlit* Tribune J W4n|rt?TO>f, l? c. .1 1 > >'? Jhr &var'>-/!hitk t'tyi i Kmi Vtrxt rt A 'ai>. la tiNc/birr. b*l!'d lt? *j Whf'oey V.I* ? I (*<enru f"U'ke deuui ateadit ttnl. ui (. ,Livurr kn - M it ft t Huun <raj fc.nd Jl. f ?ll,. o' Vietim ,|.| lh ./ r 1 roue) Heme rrtcuic-l e* itn'l vali e*k? tie .. . r ,t.?. n t?d l? Ilirh?i4?r?. i:?u, the Ti'tu ki.nw Ni.thln ', rr.Vd ft r K'ch.irdH it Uit Tout. I'uvan o' Hut*?l > anrttwe.1. W .'Ulain. wot -V . ir, f t ,* il I * fr* in tin. flate, ro*e.l frir Nnrtharr <n*n. Th, p-o My,*rr vi ta, all lold, lit Iron. 108 U> lit), in. win* lie. (/?. , I J' ll'J ftt n f'Ur to a'ght. MT? uoietf, ih*i?. .re, t.io-n ti wheoe ??*r our ro'c e an be cat, (filtrated I .no i'nk I'aok*. Teanington, or o* IVuanjr'vunU *?ltl to. 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UtJ oi.n n.llc o* (ecb lUIn ul the IvUm.ili il . r, i ni.turoie, > ou uxurlug et lb? moti b ul tin* rlrur, * alouoi'u "P rtiiam ebuut turn J in k. to inn'eiu te-*i.'J kit. <!i 1' ? nan eciee, ri mi *? il e*ne i.l t'ua two i il i'v. y t?->.rr? lit lie lui 'he loiileiin i f teltfiri.ie, eutl.oi.ei 1 .j tu** in oiuti A) I topi le'lon *o it lie ?d of Mei.'i 1 nrtii n fri.m lowci l e'tf il ulv li*re In j. L.0'0(M iib ingi..ii> to out. ei tbl* gi.iai iiuu i i to bo* ' *'li i]..j..l j ; '?ut 'hi) cull UerAly g..t *ri Ititur*'"!* u.ueh k. o .hull ? of I DCouragrnieiit, from li.u t'ebioi't I! * In Uii* ifu'Ul'.'ri Kir l ib! to be oT w*..'t? '. . 1 . lil i*u * ?l 11* itie, i lid tbo our 1 iieve rie.krn mtlii*. i.n |ue-ii.mi iNIi ei eii o1 lelun'. ?inl id-ceil*iu. Tli* iepi I ..i*rei .pem n1 el I'piM i Crllto.. uin, mbl ib, bafore Hi* u i it .lUo i?i . lei, ? 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