10 Aralık 1855 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

10 Aralık 1855 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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THE NEW TORE HERALD. WHOLE NO. 71)43. MORNING MONDAY, DECEMBER 10, 1850. PRICE TWO CENTS. THE LEGISLATIVE FoLlCJS GtHMllTEB. Sumliwlion #f Captain! V?Ulng and ttni-t? Explanation of Wemlt~T??timony from Um PrUon jImocIiUuii?tttvei atloiu of Criminal ?bwM and 'Urluuim of (he Practical of Crime and of Criminals* The police Committee of the i-egialstu h met on Saturday at tl.e uxual hour, in the hall of the City IJbrary, there Leing present the entire body of member*. Oe the organisation of the meeting, Mr. Justice Welch appealed aud axled to be allowed to explsin i art of his testimony of the previous day. Being placed apon the stand, lie said;?in my tcstlnony yester day 1 did not mean to te understood that 1 would take ball iu oeilaln eases under the statute, but that I would tube it more for the lelltf of the parties confined as would protably have suggested to me had the parties bee a thought before me on a warrant; 1 would in some ?OSes have plaocd a prisoner into the custody of the officer who had the warrant, hv being willing to 'tale him, and the airaums'ances of the case Appearing io me to jus* try <l\e proceeding, if I took ball I should regard it in ne other light than a voluntary un dartaHrg outside of the statute to appear; in relation to What In tilled shyster, my lmpreislon aud experience of that xyattm were merely obtained while I was 1'olloe Clerk at the Tombs; wben I was elee'ed Justiue, 1 was detailed to the E-aex Market Police Court, from which I kept ifcc:!' suspected persons pretty dear; t w.is detailed to the T?mbs about the tiret day of /tugust last, and (lorn the confusion that has existed there, through the inadequacies of clerical hi lp, and the c?nten iaus of tuo clerks tor their positions together wi h the ain't Ing about of offieeis, it liar been as much as I could do to attend to my own bttali.e->? au.t keep myself straight; about the police officers, I Was luquiiadaf vvbeiber I bid inquired tut > tire initio oi police officers tut ing portions ot lauyris' lees; 1 will s ate "bat 'be nil . lidine of the Police Ip. flmeuenne. mreeily under the Mayor and Chief of Police, aud that ail knew oi ttto*e f tactics by men as well iu thi>. e offl j-s as nur own court, genxialiy conllned my euergiei t /the norr?c ton of atni "is bioige . uiu-ctly to my a'.teatloa. fhnte are a class of ofl cers railed ' itetecive.'' and "rhsd->ws " who have the re.u'stirn of being rxceedh giy effective in ferreting out oflVi/eoK, If there is any efficiency tn tha". breath of t le J< !lo oiguniration th-y sh uid h?Ta be-n properly di rected 1o lerrc-t out tho-e abuser, I have not paid muoi attention to thevugraat art a-> P. is at pn-reit,, nociuio I had six teat cases under tin old U r, wni b did not end satisfactorily ; I do not know of any oe elictioo of duty on the part of ihe Gove urns of the Aliu-hou.-e, ut have hea'.d ?f persons being sent up for twelve months, being out i" mx months and less; ueitaer do I ku >iv ot any yuactice of the Governors as to having examine'ion< in Unit cases of disunite]; I do not know that 1 jnuld tell by what inuuus thete parties do got out; 1 hive n it at tended to that mutter much at all, for. having pro'eited w long as I could against tin passage ? f the act, and ant ing its results, I was disc u rage J. those mock auction casi s that I have spoken of, have gHiisrally been taken ?ud arranged by the officers of he Mayor's and Chief'a offices; 1 uo not chink 1 have had more tnen two or three cases brought to my attnu.ion aiu. e I bare been a inigls trnte; my intonuaiiou. in such ca.ies, principally comes fijui thvtiew?p?;ers iu <h cli ha con : -to. 'ho ofllobM Iu>a la on spoke u ot i i tonus of c> lnuoud ? ,i >a at th re turn i f the money, sir baker?But i.- that tho remedy prrscrik- d by itw f Wilt- e?No, sir, not ?r ell; .he law rs'u it a tate prti" u olfenoe, 1 do not know i bat 1 ove -ktd tcb'? before t.e where I oould bold he p.'-rnes ou ie:o nt of the want of evidence; I know h . I b ,ve always be u lis 1 g.u-i nf gn ting aurbcnuw; 1 regtrd H u< 1' 'u y tlo CLief of1%'loe and his nbkniti ttsi ' .flee' p i d ruoe against all placet of this d and u ' y if ts b ' the msgia rates to. heir ,< ion; 1 v "ret seen a systematic effoit to i's r i ? i m> Oou. re should be pursued us . ; i i ia ln an s oi proetitction and *ssi ten fj. . M bo brpkm up; the Chief of PiHce should colt-. 1 'be cvi deuce, the rules ef th' I .. *Vs: rimesr nai. t i ope ra in m the poli< ' .cm' stand repon ra i pis ass, but tl ut ts not tl y io r. rr? .?. a ? evil; 'ho t aplelu must collect evideii ?ud give his reus/ ns for the belief that these houses art imp-uptr piaces Mi. Hopkins?In easts of tb?*o m -cV auetltnccrs, are not the examinations post mji ed from time to rime, until tho ylaintiif geie fired atni <!l <ga*k?rt, or has to go aw.iyf Witness?I think that this is never done Intentionally, but it fiequently nappe" * that the party furnishes ball t> appear, aud that tnen follows a g'eaf difficuhy in the procuration of witressca. 1 should think the practice might be rucb as to ttcrl to that end of drlay, hut with the beet m? ires. The purtie.* may l># arrested without a ?go'd case against theui, nod then it etoutuully turns out that otter seme erpeudlt .re of tim- thty have to be discharged in deiauit ot the spprsrance of the p o?e :otnr. I do me think that theie ia any Juxl y oo the part ?f the tnsgfstratce in bringing >iteh caret ??> jaatti e sad to titsl, to' o> the oontrary, T Iwheve that where a pirty rosi dent of the country is robbei. his case is ax far ex practi cable < xpedl'.rd. Mr. Hirer?I understood you fo say yosteni-iy that no ?wi> dung wan practised on ciii/eoi "f your own ci'y. Vflinese?'hat was in outside Joe liar remark of a member ot the Coart. Ihat alasx oi ihixves ctlled " panel iblevee " piaciice mainly upnu eouutrymen. Mr. KaXer? dhot is ?ba' game r Mr. ttuv veiant?l'bat i what is called "drawing the Wltwss ?Officer* do not, that I knur make m.y charge f r th?lr k rvice. in procuring the return of the -non"/ from mock auctioneers, but it is quite muni for th> in to be rewarded, ss the low cf the State allows; the tope of reward la tield up to thiol at an incentive; I do not ?up poro that the Mayor ever did or would refuse pvrml-.sl.in ??<t an ofBoer to rtceive a proper reward; th? Chief of hVice has never, to my knowledge, hn n Into a pulte court k nee he has been Chief, unless it bo. iod-ud. into tin Mayoi'e office: 1 can speak as to my own court; i thirk I recollect of the e?.o of u mrekaucUoneorheioK fol lowed up by the 'ate Mr, Blutii, to conviction, in the Court of rontons, about thies years ago; I hare not been in of th the habit of receiving many of th?.s complaints, nor hive I had one new lor sumo tine; there cares are usual ly taken to the Mayor's or Chief s office. ?$. Hit Chief sutwt. while hero jevterday, thet he al Wys iends these cases to the police magistrate*. Jj'?w it thet f A. I look for bim to <i<> more t'uin that; I expect him to ura Ms department to collect ovidmc ?, aud to asv'.rt n.e ; I want his csptaior and suOiruiuctei to a-tirt me . I hare full posei to issue snbpmuas, and snap give process to eny officer to execute; out if we ?have to depend upon that system to go" "vtdanro we aha 1 nerd s police mngisira'e on each Mock throughout tl ? cily; if the Justice Is to receive no al l from the body of the jwjBoe, we shall need a police court >a the c^rncr <Keacl. eiieel; It ehculd he the duty of the Police lie mart men t to discover and prepare evldsn -e ant to ferret it out; some of the members u?this, but tne systs.n d<>e? not to guide them; the captains do not v'ait the police court either. Capt. Mulling?There is lonuti rea agpodreaon for Uut; one Justice threatened to lock me op. Witness rectimao?To Illustrate the nc-nesi'v of what I have said, a men was brought bsf.ue ras charge! with an alirg a watch; I heart tKe ecjapUlnt aa t after hear "1 he" I tig all he bad to say?the.- being no corrobora'ivo tes linn py nor adequate proof?I told him I must diamics li.o esse, sod gave the ioas< n; v) en a fall quvrisr or an bear having been wasted, the pdleeauo handed out the wa'ch, caving, "Why, I found the watch on hU person " Chat is the fault cf prcpr r selection of men, ami thor? fu1 iay that they'ho Lid be attendsd to an1 tneir ac'ions cliouid be eupetvi-sd; you saket mc yesterday (f 1 hid ever known of a csle of property a' ' Un police oourt; I atr. reported to have said no" air. 0'K<tf?w?I underc ood you to sty. Witarrr?. raid yes; 1 could not say other*Ue fir I hai a complete recollection of Mr. N'esMti's cale; the money eolltetcd by the G vernors ior fines pud to '.be priiw pk Is, as i am Informed ty Mr. hellock, the supe In tend. at of outdoor poor, deducted by the t'orap'.ro'tir I of their appropriation. I hive one oilier iii? the amount of their sppropr suggestion which I should like to make: The p.Hi-e courts ol the city have become eo Important, anc the duties of the magistrates so arduous, when properly discharged, i of an oflc that 1 tidr.k ha need* 'he services of an officer from the tin-1an of tho Metrlet At'orney, who shall rep cient bim and take charge of the prosecutions, I would have (dm station one at i-ach police court?thus the District Ittstwy would be kept constantly posted up as to what Cranci i. id. Mr. Muywaaat?In caroi where parties have been brought l.foie you, and you have ic*n fit to dlcmiss toe omtpmint. and the ptr'les bare been di*<ati*Sed an 1 gone to the l>istiict Attorney, snl he has ce-it for the pspere, lias he not slwsyi cdt-cid d with Cut A. I recollect the District A'.to- oey sending r eoene papam but what was dnoe with then I vn un aWe to ray. he has never cent for the i>eprri< in a cine wtorb I have alieacy dismissed, so far as 1 eaa vac disci, tiefihi r da I know ot any such rase; I hire kno en where a irsgi'tiste had discbirge.-. a party, ths Grand Jury ia dice, both the accused sad Jostles. but on trial the f'C nr.ei wei acoulttcd, aad thv latter of coarse was not bet I. Mr. II pkipc?That expenn was Iiub.lea caused oy 1' e i eg'"-1 of the magistrate to tile the papers A The gyewtfi of hi tu certelo repersln the police r<rort has b-?n iii nistenee. ? I?in find, ever sine- the time whoa ma gistrates wee appoint"! 1 cannot discover tha', It ws> eve.- iithe.wire ; reevgi iraoces to appear are all sent <V wti; 1 icniaiked yesterday, tlmt the 'pklog of bomteto been th* fesee was ?li a tare#; I Ae not wish tint to b ?o literally understood. the pu-dlc do not ao eon-IJer it, nor do I. for I was once bound over to kvep the pete# and hsvi ifaaoe taken eare te cbeerveltj I nevvr cinsider as it any J>''. < npt ifalhogwas rext?sll"l to tliesticd. Bcingawnrn, jj, raid?I s rsptain < f the police of this city in thv Heht.esth ward; I was appointed to that office tw . v?Lr* ago last Ssp'smber, aid was e mnerted wl h the Police ! epsr'ir.eiit for ke .en yasrs pri'r to that, my ?Jnt>- a rai tain aro to see th*' the tX*V are pr pe-ly hep4 .. have ihe general s ipsnlslon of the n so. an I to see that 'Vv y attend to th"lr duties around thv ?r to D ike s icjort to theiTiief of I'olice .-a h mr rn'n^ at mln. o'i-Ji 'U. of ail persons arre *ed atel th.. "a-g? (.r* ferir l against them, and of the police nefl .1* or a cut f.orn soy cause. I have p- wer to suspon 1 poHmrien f?. cause, nd to make atf.davit against them f-r n x!c. A doty or (thcr fault; we have a dvt r a' o _? ??? ' thick the Chief ba? vid'sl our huusa t rti ? wi b.o m y ar; he has not, so fkr av I know, n to . a aM. n howq ?lnce w-s got In it; I believe 1 b vr ? -in 1,< ?> jasst'g to sr.d fro through the ward twi" '? ' f.avw heard iffi ei say that thay a?* liini f? '? c ' r. tfl? cr-ere of U;# stnvts; my wsrl i bo indc I ><) Fourteenth and r?venty-*lxth atreefa, and Sixth avenue ?iiii the Kot iiv> r; tbo Chief drei n it itJib la Df nrd, nor near it; bo Uvea in Stanton ?U-et, I <k> nut hink tia cni-H uptown ?o touch tut be got* 4 through the a >w.i town waida; I judge ihl* from going out ?i nigh "i-h him v.hen 1?m detailed at bis omce, I have no know ledge of but three or four Louses of proatitottoa in tn7 (isUict; I em given to understand that oca baa beou ktailed within a tw day* on tba corner of Ntoet-en b atieet and Broadway; there waa one on rweoiv-aeoan street, but we made it rather unprofitable, aun it ?>< moved; 1 icport ail such platen onre in each aix months, to tb? Chief of I'olice a one; but-ix mouths 1 0*1 u? ki.owlergo of any sack ptaoee in the ward; wa do nut at way* tuinlah ibe particulars of tneao places; I hara taken measures to get nd of these houaea; I watt lequeatett by > lie ? iilxena not to make an arreat, at It would ex ooae the neighborhood to slander; it waa an aaalgi atlon b ?u?e; I made tie business tut pi ofl table by detailing a poll te uan toatand at the door wtih a dark laotem, so that when any viailer came he turned the light up >a h a 'act. ao aa to bo able to riitognlse the party; 1 followed aome parties and told them ot tba danger ol' theii teir.g aurp.ined and arrested, aud of e urea tb'-y did art often leturn in cone*<iarn<s*, the h'wi-e old uot I ay, and waa icui' ved el-ewheie; the lady of the house called on the Cbiet of Police, hackuo by a laryer, to c. n. plain o' me, out the Cuie? r-fneed to interfere, tell log her that he bad heard of her ee ablishnient; I think bore aie but two policy shop* In n>Y beat, bu am not or i qui'o sure; I liave niTer bten {pride of one (4' th^ra; i' ia my duty to liid them out aa far ai p?snib ?. air. I lied only ki,owlet go of 1 no ot tborn rin :? a few days; I hare beaid it iu< a current rum >r that most of the exchange t.itc?a i'o busii.e.s in that way; 1 sometimes go round my v.i. d at uighi, evtiy night f <r gay two or three m in'.ua a lime, th?.u 1 cu.lt to. perbap- for three o' f iur di/s, and 1 fier lesuute ii; when 1 uaafu.-t appointed, ?u? for u yrur < r inure, i never retired until t?o o'clock In tee untitling, if as early; we can only so arrange our beats It ut the '(Hirers must croaa eenh otlior Vr. Crosby?Wbul do you d' with parties eToited dtiling the night? A We keep them in -tall, provided ia t' ? n< tlon h..u?e for ths'. purio e; we do nor n itlfy any inagu'iato of the arrest, nor do I ever dlsohsrgc p Ison ets my 1 ell; i ueier discharged any one, no'do 1 dultver tl:tni up on the wilttcn order of any ooe; the Mayo - met <iii Jt.dgt havo rent orders for the release of prisoners, hut 1 hare llavatlably rctused to Co it, llr Stnyvesw?llut are you not requited to obey the ? red of ihe Mayor ? A. The roles ot the department s*7 m , but a general order was seat me to tbe <? tf,-ctba' I was nut to rebsie any priaonet on the writteu ordo* of uny msgisltoie, without an exsn-mation be'ng Ua I; so, u 1 made no distinctions and believe them ? I to ue ma gistrates. I do not oltey ihe orders; 1 have alio wed '.here allies to sit in the police rouu, when the cri tie is al ign) to la: of a tilvial nature, or when we are expecting " - 'tml A 111 agi ?trite; we do a >t always lock them up; *H< was deiail.il at the foiuba 1 bav? had lawrocs apply to niv 10 assist them to get cases for them, when they sail they v ould d.> wba'- waa right; I have n> put. mil kuuwhdge of any officers wao wete (n the habit of gliii.g casta, but lawyers were to he found in son.* of their company when tbey made tirests, i.nl afre.wards defended the ctu-e, from which I pn st.mtd that system was carried on; the law yer* tl at I reiki to 1 have never .teen practising in the civil curls; 1 know of no gambling housealumy word, r.or have I known policem. n to teceive fece from the l.tcpers of brothel' , 11 is fre .ucutly microti; la the esse I Ju t new referred to tbo oliicer who stood at the d lor nii Ell: 1)1 d that lie housekeeper came to him and oiTe.ed mi uey for blur to go away; 1 pie-ume ha did n >t take It, lor ) e N'uyoi by the door and said that he hail not; ii' property which was taken into my station h use previous ?-> ti c jns-sge of ihe law bindiug It to go to the magi* ate I delii its', 1.p. and in eveiy coan took a receipt ror ' i' the I. ..k wt .ch I hold ia my baud; this book dates i t far t ?cl> as 1851; I never ail?-ed any property to to t epd ii mj Stan uhou. <>, onte-s U was ach a tui'.g a< a , b ev of old le*d 1 ipe worh two or'hro* mots, or no jot bug of tha' find: I hwo h. .ird of the payoMn' ot -??being. i'ii coseshy lawyers to the keepers and ? nty kieuers of city pri- ? ta for caser; 1 have <rn p i-orera to be e >niced pending an ta'i u about a wink; 1 havo 1U1 ku.wn <4 h'.i 11 ."s ha.c teen ii..eited and temporally can we have heard nothing inic# o? them; I do t no Ikr' <ny pa 1 -cu'sr vase in which prisoner* have n ' >|,t a' <he a * > n ii ..tae foi wo days beiore being tii.cn tw'or. am*gi-li. e out think tent* few such <*?*? have icnr'ed when prisoners have been arrested on chaigM 1 f grand larceny and burglary, permission hav ing Nei L i! fr< in thi ('hie of ."pllce or Mayor so to bold tin in uhiie ihe case w.i.- worked up; I bel.er* ihvt ihe lew lately passed isquhes their being conveyed ai early ? a pi ast !c bef re th" nean t commuting magistrate; he Ion-that I alw.ys iiiulersPMHl that wc m'ght retain 4 p lfOi ' r it w e bad the permission of the Mayor or Chief of l'i lire; I d<> not altogether approve of 'he Idee of a pi lie# magistrate at earii p-sli ?* station; I have known m es of young thievre, wb ?, If they served tn? time out :? width'bey hove br-eu iwn'enccd wjuld nev*r see the end ollt. I have know n officer* to go over to-he courtand n ake coinpbili.lf nnd bt- told that ihe accused would r? inmlttod fur thiee or *lx luonthr, and thi n for want of un.e the mngistrate would temporalily oommi' tlieui, r awiM d In ui I ' ur or t en they would pass the station house nd laugh in our face*, at the same time I could not aay why :bey weie <U mi M'<l. but they have to'd 10c that I isicl't ret keep'hem; I have heard of some e?-e? vhere t liriinei* hivee*c*pcd through being hidd at the station h-inse, but ? ouotdinue of any such race myself. tf. With inspect to th >*? who tell you that y >U can't keep "hnm are they puiiliJans ? A. I ?e.> then around 'lie pi lls a' 'he time of eleetiuns, bu*. do nut consider ?I.on- isditlciens; tiny *11.ge no riuiu why they cauaot t.e held, but I have heard ttu-m sta ? tba'. a* long a* they could laise.icn doUwri thty *?se ?a!e. Q. Mha' couit d yi u 'ake your ca-ea to? A. Jeffor ? >n mnrkrt: these caset occur uni'e ficinently. but I -ttnnut, a piagwat, tememlwr a particular caw within slant tbire or lour nu?n'U?; arc t? uol la"-ly have <-o rtn.h trouble as we u.ed to, which I attribute to the fn*t tbat tie mugi-tratce are gettiog to be mote par'icn lar, or m<> e honest I co u< t know which, (laughter) when a prtaobor tsjcouwhted at the police court, be 1* girrti In run dy of the officer who mtde 'be ail eat and who. taking the cotnn itrnent (teat dim t.Tci to the custody of the keeper of the proton; my ex ptrif nc* us '<> these teltjuss from cuslx.y bat been, tbat ?h?n a prisoner la liken before a owgi >trate under the wegrsnl set, the ningtB'ra'e temporality ootniL.it* the putty, telling the officer that he will be committed tor thrte or fix months, sit the care may be, but toatoal of Baking ' tit a MwliMt In foil, the party |? < n y c m n I'tid lor cxan In*'ton, be te then again brought up, anc bar 'n l.c fliehaiMl for the mat oi ptf cuce, thai is certainly Hit fkuH tf 1L( ?a?,t,aie. In the w'tuch f t>p< ke of wh< re a lawyer offers d me a p-opowttloo. It was a eft pit of e-untrymen, who, getting drunk, were dte.r* . rly In the streeM; they had Sfty or slats dollars about tlinn, and ba prupoetd lor me to a?lwi?e in m to employ 1,1m an counsel, wben he won d get forty or II ty doiler* lor hi., fee, and wr uid do what w?< right by nut; I Q.-rtewe that If s roan bad mosey wiln btm tt the Tomb*, it w, uld soon be nullcc down, but I cannit sty who it is ?bat 'afe- i! it I- pcysl 'vr ps.'.l H lh*lr prt tib?r? but liieis Is n' i'ifwtv) eikct ofauthorising it; 1 tuppuea that we hare no right to do an ?xcw*. tn ? cam of feltutj but it is done as a pis.atlv'iuat/ marure, tn ease ary property he may hIre lest he rhoudlt r< bi-ci wht'e In the cell; we do no' eeareb a insri ,-b atged with a . Imj.le assault sac bsliery, if he Is bar; I base known, when I waa at tbe T i-nbi fur the msftstrste to be in the outer office while he e'erk took i ? wn testis toy In the 1' Aer room, the magtatrate ffoiog in to rwear tbe psrtirs either tefore or alter 'ba test! tro t.y was ?teord?d; I have known par '.las to be In c >n tit rinent at the Tombs 'or about a week tab m ??samiria th n then to be raited np, and the ari'enee not bemgali 'I n ig> . t?r then, to be- put back, and wi on for tour or Ms weeks brlote final examlcation was had; I hare no le'stru 1 inuwledge ol b< w long wlti.er iee h*vc been .le t-in.. |tarest<n h-m a', tne Commteti w'i office, when tbey were elf wed a d< Uar a day tor the' - attend alict g> tting paid frr f-om lif'sen to twenty 'ays, and niot nas ini-fer, these wl'neseee are ke _>? in enaflne ment at the i mbs and. I uuoera aud are placed n the sella where a.e kept the prisoners chsrged with the 1. a (St g-sde ol r Inn , I dp not knon ti^pt tbey tare better ihim cilmtnaU; I lulteve that tbfre m ,ck auction (tone in tbe city, bn<tng Iter u to each plarea to get money refunded, but in an doing I ne>er sited on my owu repps nriblhty; while at tha It ml*1 acted imdsr enters from the msgistra e, and wt en at the Chief a ? IK a- I go' my orders rotn the ? bin; 1 1 ere knt wn sitrh parties to he srres'wd, but d > not re n ri/iber a ease ?t cona tattoo; the difficulty has slums arista firm tbe want of ewtfeoce; tbey glre bail fw their ? I pearanee to an, war, and wben the exam aa'tua Is ea I ert os rme witnesses are abeent, and en the cssee ultt mataly go by default; it ia > ery cariutnary fir a pt'wa i who hss bten cheated, on the restoration of hi* m >ney, to | st *r To*-thing to Ibe officer; the money it paid after gidt g tie proper pa pes, before the Mayor st<n* th* I erwtlt, tbe pcrmir 1? n Is got Immedta ety aft?r; It is wx that peison- sill gtwwthir reward, hut tt foqueotly ?s| per.s llatrurh 1 not tbecaee; I bar- had ibr autt'lou ? e s ? Iter me mouey hut hare oersr taken H; I b ltwrw I > itc knowe ol on< *se when a tesldenl of tbeetty was tuck ' in tbla wsy; searches of oriwuoers are mole by authority ol wboee< r msy be In ehnrgeat tbe tin ? of tbtir arrest but I >hnuM thick that th'a u newer core ta tbe street; I hate kn- wn part.es to bs trough b?t?re lt> dark at be T mbs court, end 'herw soarcbel. but d? net know of Its being done wlthmt' con nt of i -tu? ? r.e. rocs >,ok a man to the I ntbi a id stuliii him during the absen.-e of tbe megiriia'*, bet In the pr**< M of tbe clerks aad some other psr'i-s It t* no* usual to grew a prlrone- a receipt for p*t?p?wty taken I . m liin at Ute station uouse; the policeman mikiog i' e attest - mnts tt In tbe public uffie-, and giwes It in the officer in charge; I newer ahouli eruuienauoe an officer o search sny one who waa present tn the room vi'b hitr sl ur urite-a in eaets "f grund Itreeny and pa?? lag c<> oliiiwt' mi i ey worn the cwideneew ot gull' nv<h' be thrown aaay there Is ?o ordinance regultting thu matter except in cases of felot-ies in three case* It It tu t cue*i twary to await the present*- of a magittratw, bat to take the pt isciu* r into some place, and la tee pre ewoa of oihsrg 'o -earcb liim, to ptt'tl the deatraetloa of tn? taldem ea of guilt. U I? yt u kr.ow ?.f any Instenw of a pers~n e 'mml'ted to the Tombs hiring a better room iban that aesigoe l to hifc ? A I bawe b' s*d f't pti'oasrs 'retog allowed to I.' n -h their oils with a carpet aad one or two chair? ai.d aurh lika 'bloc*. In tbe ? WWBt ? f wilnoaso* being held. I su| pore they, like prisunrra, w> old ha we to furnish say ? xtraa for t)elr owe ml s which they a ,nie.l f'apt. Jsds.'.lsh ffi. It it su ir?u call-1 HI-teat to i y ia as folio-?:?I am captain of the p ub s f t e ? icautbtk ward; f (m now in U,a* |sssiii< a nearic f r j?sr? wht:h is fr^m the tlaie 1 was but appointed ? ? ?? ? ? i; dp ? nt rr y dtstiiet is boon led north by ntd'Oi it aid ?oo'h by htw ugtua sttee's, aaat hw sr-iiu Ran' < lln on ?t eat an' r est by the llnweey Slid gou't t aW ?i, e m loclndrs tn tbws. bona- ,tries all ?'t't of p I "tn 1 (id if ef ?(? Iwwti o ty l.< ? 'e ? f f 'ice hae tsi'ei t'*e diM <n u ( n , ? t jeer, bnt 1 thin), ha hu been there Mtci. v 1 oal) know kj heniwiy; iba Mayor wade U v ; once, bnt I did net ee* him either, it w*? tbM upon the book ; lha Mayor and Chief of PoUte' both ,,r* in the we'd, and do we hoar of them quite freijueotfyv we Lave one or two house* which, if em common rumor and fiem obcerva.k.a, we unppoier to be houeta of prewM tuifc n; we have only two that ntv be pat down la the U*t; we hud one char, bat we hid the woman arretted and roof rod is the T'linbe; I do not know that the c?w was pr. secuLed to convic'len. ilUnewh I nth the CiUDplMM UllQr* Ol0 Magistrate; > IWTtr heard ol any trial she cam? back and left the place; I lw'? ?b- at 'vo or ihree mon'.ba kino?; w? lun not many pilley shop* in u? ward, bat itoct?- tow plvees ?r? considered to bo such, 1 do wot know of e*iy gambling house- tn tb* dutiriu , not of u|r inook auctioneer*, the 1?1 gth of I lino to. which ? prSooer U Mid imder dure* I prior to exiiiniaetlrn, dependjrea m*uy oiroirewtrsoen; It Ih goner ally km* enough to a? a) la na to got at any evi dence Iheia may bo; 1 Invariably have thorn eomaittod by a magistral e b?'oie holding thrm; I hare bad several pciai Oh ihocba.atd from my etatioa hou-e; bar? heard of m m y being j.ai1 to no Icemen, amd kin Oeea offered handsfi 1 if It by themselves and their friends; th<jpnr pure was oabt to l>o to mall? aa friendly; nt floor to Chars alwaya dec imd to r?c?irn auch gift?; I bar? had trouble wl h policemen who seemed deeply interested to etei* pi fencers, but dt not know of their receiving ft?* ex :ep' In a legal manner, by permlaaion of to? Mayor; I consoler ibat It la a ginat faul. i f the present system that msgii tintea and p- lice captains do n .t cultivate a closer uiH vary, and think the# the suggestion* of Juetlre Wei.h, as to lie btttoauof the District Attorn?;, would eife't some food; i have uover utou ninth parlialitr oa the part of magia-artee an to rich and poor, and tblog* gnne laily, an let no my observation baa g< a?, seemed to be pi pity correct. Mr. Abialiam Beal, agent of the l'itoon AssoniaUnn ens next sworn. Ho le.iiihd as follows:?rhedutien of my office hi ing mo in aaeoolation witb the police courts .Hid I'ldiee l.vpartiiient; do not kn?w of any abusM in ihi j,idies- c uri", but there Is one thing, t think, anould lie irmeilicd, as the evidence U always i nimie sid.-; the criminal practice of our magi-trato. to hear only on? side of the care, and the prisoner is aanl up, and half tb? time cops not know what f r; in meet whore a win.no make* a ci mplalnt again-1 Iter bu-baud I r neghet to)support her, shp|gisn -to an oCWr and telU btm b r sto'y. and the otftoer taking pity ?u lier, f"?* up wid testifies that what she rays is true, and the poor n? n is >ent up without any chance to defend hump I I stn sorry to ssy I I are srs-n m?gt. irate under the In Ituprue of liquor, on the 7'h of June the agent ridte t the .Irtlsr.on Market Voiles floui t to >?s to & i>oor d\unk* id ? h. is uow oa t| e isUnd; got a 'awyer ?h i piornished to get Ler husband fr?e for %?>, but the next time she paw h'm be said she would bare to go* tb moie ; she c <u'd only raise > I, and tUii was hII she hsd, on parsing the stoop u( the Jail 1 disco vi red this wumat crying, 'ho told rue what wit the ui.tipr; I took her to a uisglvtra'e sin got. hsr money hack and her husband's iplea*? from the !"laud in cat es of aainunri ft Is just this?when a prlaoner is bioi abt in, one of the keeper* goes t> htm and says his easel* a eery had one. and he should baro a good law yer. the piisim r inquires what be can gat one fur; the keeper then Informs h'rn thai be can get bitn one fur less m* net than any oue else; and o he hua to- take the aaid lawyer; I bsre oftea a-ted as c -unsel for prlsonets, and pared them four or five dollar*; I harp knomt lawyer* to take precession of all apii.ioner's furnirnia f irdefeud lug his rase; these skinner* i nly practice at the Tomb i; have t.cver been admitted to practice, bur? only volun teered my services for the sake of the p> ir; if a uiin of fersd rue $.0 r-r $40 fur getting him clear. I would n >t take it; 1 think a magistrate should be a lawyer and 1 a'-o th ink they ?hi aid h<- elected, not aupnln ed. litre known apiUonerto be kept in pitsnn for eight weeks be'nro having an examination, thoy mam to ore lo ?k *me of the prin nera; hare known a negro j> Ire kept in l-.ings county jail one year iiefmo having an exam in a tino. the case is a* follow*:?Benjamin William* and ul* wile, (oclorvd,) have been confined since August. DM; they w*te tried in January la-t, and gMvlo'ad of bur glary, since which 'hev h*um been sentenced; an agent ?alie-1 on the 1 Istrict Attorney t? know why such hvd t' to delayed; the clerk replied, ?' lace their trial, wahire ' si me doubt;, of their guilt;'' then '.begrea'er lnjns'lied' ae in teepfig tiiern in jail, aapeetally tbay cannot he olsrha .-ed by ti e Court, the egent i caployed the elerk to ate that <bty be seiiteiicei), ami if innocent of the charge, f.pprojMate treasures be taken that they be released, the j tl'or sufd Uicy sore eerviog out their time, M he though'; I djxike to Justin- M ore about It, and he aald ?her were , cseiving of ail th*y got. I am cure that there is over tvo hundred in jail thai ehould be Immediately ict at lilierty; they are no sriy all seat up arlHiout havtcg a fair examination; in anuthes caaa of Aw'ul (?anlaar, 'herr wete <wo well draaaad meo catne in the oflca t<> ?tav; hey had bear; gold ring and watch chal .a; th-y i ssed It It Wbk poa-llile to prix- ire 'he pardon of Aw'ul Cardncr from the Is'and, and wanted to know if the Ten i,-T-tiu ra had the power and i( the agent h?d audl'daut irffuei ce with them, the tan.ily would cooerfully eatspen sate b m for hi* trouble, they siid Lis W fe wa* In a dto g rous state'of health, the agent replied th*', if be o u'd I 'anything to feep him for the rsas of tnc Ore yenri on II e island he would Oo so; the amount they * ffered was a V-ut IfitO, should O eagrntget him out; on finding to?y cud not do any'hiiig with the agent they went nut. say ing "Ynu uie a d?n lii e fc'low orer the lett;" thl- is i to' of 'be few case* that appear f>- f?ra me The C< n.rnittee then nrdeted si Justice Ktm nd* and 1 etsr ttosby, deputy ke?per of the V.ssex mtykel pit' -n. to te aul'l <rnk*d. and afjcnit cd to this day. Co*one*'a lnq?M?t. TiwBfirvrTiurn mr Poison ??C rooer O'Donaell on Ha 'wit j continued hia invef ligation into the cireumrtanje* v-Mch Je?i to the death or Mr*. Anne FoX, who with her hurl an<l and children Were lately point nee by rating rtweaaed or dccinipoat d mutton. Rut littla additional ti alimony waa taken a* It wa* impo* ibl* to dtoeover whether the meat waa diaeaaed wlien pureh*?i?d or Ufhtther it became dec mpo*el after* arda. The name or the 1 utcl.er who aold it to Mr*. Fox waa not naecrtnlned. It. iinneil reported that after subjecting the content - of ?he et< n ach of the Urceaaed tu a chemical analyala, be eotild lind no trace* of poiaon. but foond on t'.e coat* of tl.e etomarh a fibrinous <iep<ait, which waa the cause f (hath, and which, in bia opinion, waa prvlu'ed by the ti eat. Iha jury icndrrtd a verdict of ? IJeath from eat :tig mutton in a dliemed or partially decotnpoerd o >ndl ti n.*' The (ectaaed waa a native of Ireland, tblrty eight jeara of age. St'IUM LT H.iacix" ? An unknown man. about thirty t;te yrara of age, ecimnlttrd nutclde irl^ ?g morning by hanging himagtfia ,t tfc, hcuee ctroer olU^rtj and Washington .t/net* It ap peat* tba* ub' ut ten o'clock on the evening previou* be apt lied for lc< glnga and waa eaown to a room, but on the t Howing moiling, te nut rising at the usual bone, a i he role- Held wen! to hbiroon , and tu look tag through tit key h ie, aaw Urn hanging by the onek. Hh< gave tU aiarm, and the door wa* mrerd open and he lonnd died Cornier 0'1'onnell held an Inquaatup n (hebody. i.id a teroictof 'aOtctcw-i; J(*( j(ing" wa* readeied ty Jttrf. l>e deceased waa about Ave ?*?? loch** in ixignt. had dark hair, but no whicker*, ad4 #>? 'fl'n cdiua-uit of hack. With black Ko-euth hat Sr.dtc caid* baarii ? the folio wing addre'S were found lu hia prrhatoa? John Br en ?*m A Urotbv* ayriogv, tutieand i U.n acrrw maker*, North Keventh atrve" M'llffam burg." Dltkandiiig of a lac Hew Ortennn Firemen. I'MPXaCTIOMKY xrtKlttl IN CiNB OK HBK [from the New Or lean* Picayune. Bee. 2 ) Ti.l* ceremony t< ok place yesterday with all due so lemnity; and really It waa a vary lertooa affair conduct ec with grave decorum, and In pe'dtet order The sei-oe v I'h ita ir.cldenta.wui be fc n d described In c ur local e* iumo. It waa on# to be long remembered. Wc nope :b-t? will be no cauae to remember it with any deep-r f<< lit g of reg>?( than A r the diaeclutioa ot an aaaoelatmn wbi j he* T'odered w> many va'uabla and <U*intere*t?d cert (res tu Urn public ha* mantteeted auch a brave and *en*rotia *piii\ and ha* wweeecntntiawaly ererct.ed rack wide and line el cbarltie*. Ihrie are e*ree? to u?h of regiet that anything ahonid have occcrred to Induce tlemtooreak up 1h>ir organlration finally. We hope m.c *e belb ve tbiy trill join heartily In the b<pe thai not I iog will occur In (be n: guarded atate <f tie city ablcb t h> tr action be<|n*atha ua, to live them the pain ?%n " f *e!f-riprrach hereafter, or to sfgnalir* their with 'ravel r rn the public eervtee by a puhll: calamity, -hoti.d a I re break out, or any public nece*?lty ,aqulr? tl.eir ak", we base no doubt that a* ettixeo* they wdtl tally to t. e reeeue of the property and live- of other*, aa heartily ?ni promptly aa though they had never fait tbunrelvea nggrltvt-d by the an horlliee It will take wet k?, perhapa, t" orgaaiae the new aya icur I'ntll that fa dt i-e, tfiere will be a necesrlty for ?r> lonteer aid la ea*e of fire, and though we shall ? ertamly ? ok with the eoriBdanee wc bar* exprwteed ao frankly to 'irrbte'fu a'Si-tsnce of the llebai dc<! lirem?r wc *BaU *bo . ? pert ? very eft lam to be ready t? turnout upon call, and contribute hia pera <pai aid where it may be need*** ?t the pr< tec'Kn of the city fheee are time* it be ? otee every man to take hbr fall ahare in the 'urn o' pubic personal service, and to reapnnd to tba call?if It ? heii be deemed nt o**anry. a* it n.a/ be?to tnrc I vino tc*t? f? r *ny ap* rial duty. The ?tate of thing* trust be tianeitory. A ?bort time M It do not reeeteblleh theold ?yet, m whieb we begin to think hopcieae will he sufll < ii nt to O'gar la* *?d *ot Ln motion the new; and for that tin * all <f u* mu*t expect to ?erw and to act chrnerer ? ? n ay be new'cd To facilitate tbi* < rg?n,t??< >r, the Mayor ha- leoid hit proclamation which will be f and ii toother e? lumn de-igr stir..'the place* at wh cb th* f lee a| Leratu* b-* ba*n depo-ited and Uroltog t'- oo ? p?ri.ti< n of the cl'liena to form volunteer a*ei jtativna, t.i (tor (be direction of the Chief of th# Ml* Iwpartment U i rervtee in time uf n**d. T>ie c?U wc a * aur* WW tc rvagonind to with alar Ity and thnt, if the smnrgeocy etoouid ci me. 'hi- city wiii ov\ be without nmpie and eta ? but pnta<tiin. An AtoLiTi&HtwT In and Oct or f'toiini fb# Kt^-aaif dyraeue* hn*e found an' th*r uccttfon | v rk thvnicelve* Into an awful >tat* of excUemewt by ti c '.?ct of iirif their nomner having :*?o jc iltety r ? i *? 'd to u ?** tbi *i leg* of tynlnccc t !a firlndulf i r H'bet nit re fr>*iy in ab> 11 Una **r.tfi i?n'? than *tn d the tact** e1 ibe tu ple la thnt eecti n of the Country A a cc'li g w*a held In Nyracui* on the 'th I net tu h**r ? out t of the genttoaaao who bad ta rv?? itiy lt#d BW r.d m. leafy artl**d from tbc fkn*b, and Ma a'ory ? tinted notbirr bw' the abote Itott, at wbich th? J* -y ?> i u*<r tern e at t'e indignant, und niwrnlm ''7 1' ?? a t* tic* if i?- loth n* inticcn.i lev tb* picpic of r. c! d? ?i d Utratei.li g tr, revest th* indignity that'* ail. ?vwtnnr < f bulk Cam.ina ba* ap art t? he b*t>v*4 a> a b> ? The CktB|? In the W TBI FIB8T 8N0W?A TUMUBLB BQU 41.1.. The jilcaeaut weather we here been enjoying l ?r a m* thne pent, f* ell over. It wee brjlen ta ng?m nxleiy on H*tur<iejr night, b/ e ehebfr/ ?peelmea M a ???? ?toim, that run ilaeif out in the eeureeof no hour, end changed to a en d, ehilljr, unp?e?awt re n. ITor e tin* it Ttykrd as though the atone wee In eereeet, ee frit Wry take* tiled the elr, end the gr.Mind wtnteeud riaib'jr, but (he rein that followed toon eraihfd oet nil trace" of the ?intention, end gaee the earth e more eombre hue. Y eater day waeatormy, rainy and unpihaaant through ut. Daring tbe curly part of tbe day, a Haroe wind ewapl over the city, I root tbe aou thereat ? > fbrtana'a ctr cuui.touta, ?? the ?rbid tro?a that quarter rrtraiy doea any daanpr to the chipping is tbe harbnr; a* tt waa, bowvver, the wwuoln die foul w eave hat, though'wr- beard at anaeiiouti dbonter oeeur lug to any of then. The eiraeta were alwwat eoMreiy donerled, and thooe rt<? did venture out lor.nl the canyiog of an umbrnlle e vary MTkiUO matter, ir here waa altogether too highrawfcad Bl riving to jueUfy tbe puttingrup a# ao much cMrwa .hernial unfortunate eraft, who would taaiet on Lmvtug the u; pr.rpi'iouM cler ai.ta, were compelled to eaud er.der hera polea into toui? door way, for a liarbor, and thorn relit before they could promcuto thaw enyaga. It i> aatooiabiog what a dl(*et> ?*> there ia between the feeling of a beholder and a aufferer by ao umbrella dir 0*ter To the ft... met It lv an tuimennely funny perform ance white ti-? latter regard* the rhatterel aad ilia catered remains with a pensive aod mwlnno tuly giaare, implying tbet all the work* of man are perishable, and that .evenly five wut umbrella. are particularly frail. boat evr ting a trrti >le .quail from the norths ut burnt uj? a the city, ano-wnpanird by rain, hail and oo.guUUtd i ariWlr.- ?m w t!?k.a tn ?he rough?which did no Hula can age to tbe .hipp'rig anil to toe trrodo ? bliuda, u?n r.ga, onmr-iya .tg?a, *1.4 untlulahed bultlin^ through uu 1 the city >1a?bM of Ugh'i.irtg also aroompauieil int. ? qes-l, whteb nulla a Bi-iot racket win - It la l>.|, mi) ??? t il art-d by a tropicus ttoud of rain, which bad toe He 1 el tit analog the atierte ol tbe mud and aivuli lorm -d ouilig ? be day 1 be pterin woe occasioned by a gale from tbe northooat ?Li.ltaf <ne fiotn tbe miuuMrMl over tb? ci y, and of ciuioaa floridly tueale enaued a* to aUich . Uould oare tbe light of way, tne OuUthweet wind, however, i?m out aeioud be.1, ami eon blown away tuto the .leti-aya. it continued raining to a late hour. 1 I f .torn of yeaterday was one of tho.e marknl one* thai por'enda a violent change In the w> ether. We have tefu et joy ing a mild, plrn.aol Indian Humruur season for a longer peiloa then la ueualiy allot'ed 10 uu, ana it ia htgh 'Ime to i|?ot one ci ihoio- violent Irnnsitlunt tn the l*ui| via.uie for trnich our climate ie ao remarkable, and whKhbteo lijuiious to 0011 lUtnplim und siokly peo|do. I ettee <!? Ucatr therefore, rnuiemlier that H Is unaafe not lo go waiOily clad, for at thin nason coldn itooaud, and theoaed . of dbwiMthM that afteranrdi ripen Into dangerous r.nd fatal disorient A o'etr comoiliif, a cod bind, warm fe*t, tdeniy of ttannei, and a atout I at: of bioeclioe, aro India pat sable rn[aliit( 1 to go through thia clrat.g able ro*-un aotaly and cumlortatily. l uting tho gai? the we.tern end of tho new railroad depot ami terra house. now nemg erected at the fetry In MrNf Qta, waa Mmob lu. and the building ?, con pit' tebly damaged. Hie tup of tha pilot iiouae of tho forry boat Onldoo, In wbnli iltt pilot atood, waa Ukea oft, nod couvered, to I etbei with the eeglo which ?urna.untwd It, into the > titer, leaving the pilot uncovered. City latolllpiiM. A N?W CATMOUC" ClKBlU?LaYIMJ OH Til* Cod* fell _ lh? torntr (Uirw of tha Church of th* Imnoau lot* Conception, khtch in in onuroo at BcaetiuB or tho 'unit <f K?u.t?*n'h rttoot otwl ereac# A, we* let t on f *?ur .'ay le?t, according to tho oormuaaloo of tho Catho lic ohuri'h. '.hu Vcy Iter Mr. titarr*. V. C , officiated >01 tho ucrkit.il), out w?e oaolotbd by eekera) clergyman of thin oi>y ml II.r MmlaoiUno of lr'? chem College. It* edifice will ).* ( mplcled 1* tbo e?rty putt of noxt xiiii roer ami kit) bo capable of nci?UMau<l.>Uug a coo aXRAtlrn ol about three thousand Hereon*. I'.ic u'. te Oht ina'ed at Aoi.bCO. 0X010X10* of the value of ih? lot, wild) la et.ith 91V.OOO. Che vtyle ta the (lolblc a id the. . chitectute *H be ic n *11 tied a* b? axpreui the l ie* uf tl c In fuarulat* Coocwp'l?.u, khtch our reader* will re. D.Wit via uiide an a r tic to ol Iw'Wf by the nx-eUog > >f b hho|* at Ifus o a >ear rtnee It t< tl.a flret chuicb that )?!> Iocs dedlcetrd in lit* count, y tor thi* exprc** pur l?or ali.ee 'bat leraht. n. A few appropriate remark a w?i# auitv by the Very Kev. Mr. Starr? at the cotnmeac ,. n.< at of ihc ueiair.i by. A'i.i.im oa ma N'aw Jawanr Railiumd ~TV loc imu tivt too tenor, f Die train from Philadelphia leal ??? n Irp reh (ft the tra k tirar tba Market etrret dep..' in v(wvik, and tLc train **? in c un. i^uvuce dt'.aln.d ?.belli jr.* hour. llr. William Coulter, the con uc'or wl.o I ad rhaigt of tar tin in. haa run about forty tttree bi.uear.il mile- a year for tbe ten year* p? it, ?n t n> 'ur yet l.'-.d a pe-eengrr ecraWhod wlni* under hie care. Pavumi llti.ukat lUniKXHv ? Uatween U and 10 o'clock i n Saturday night, a M. Timothy Krgan, of Mauhatttn ville, waa paeelng through Thirty fourth etreet, near rxinptbri avar.ue elan be waa attarke i by two high way rt,libera, ? bo tu'cdud him down and rohbe 1 btm >f ?17 aid a watfb. lagan called luu.tiy for help but *?< not brarC unili tlir tarcala effeeted th> ir e*r?p* and than r> tnc |e.llc. mm of the twenty (irrt ward cou .eye 1 bun to II* etitii n bo tea, where he waa attemel by Ifr. I'er ry (Con ner rlrct/ who dreaeeil reierat cu'e whlti he lia I rereikrd in the face and head. Ha war then taken to the rrridence of a friend, on the cornei of Twenty iinth etrret ard Truth avenue. Tbe rohbera are un known tot exertion* are being made to AUenmr tbrm. Titr I at* Hrn-pa i* Jom*>' WootM.?The name of tbe irdirtdual who rommtftrd -utoljo la Jone*' voo-U a few di, ye hi nee by rhootii g hinoeif le aeoertaino I to be I'arta I y. He wae about year, of age and well eiuealeA i h> ugh a native of 1hi? oouncr he ha>1 lived a I ?nw tluio iu 1.iirope md trevrlird orer tha grmaVfr par' b( tt, and roo d eiwak fitirtjtw 6?toj Ilj l?ej11Nr, lu really !2?wje'vd J'V*}* *?"*e vtreet. Affliction are me to have .er. htni to t.ike ble life, ae. prerloua to hie death, he stated 'bet be wee eick and dweiltute heviog been de frauded l.y a broth"i ln Uw out of $10 000 wortii of pro Ierty located in W#?t H'oed?ar. He made an attrmut roae time ago to polem himaeif, but did not effectually vurrrrd Hi* tody whirh baa been interred in I'ottar'a I teld. will bw fair n up to day by hie friend* and depodied in another burial pUee. 1 I* WW* hTk*w.? About 7 o'clock on Saturday wveuirg a fire occurred in tha dwwi ing h' o-e So. 09 aurrna atreat. owned and occo|led by M--. tie). Marth ?;d. The flre waa >11.', verot burnltg ia a elaaat aider ?)>* llr*B.(nt etaira An ecdearor waa made to put it < at It 'linking teo or 1 hrre paila of watar apok It. bx| tie fire kept I or i ewe log An alarm wa? gin n. and tha fi'ri rn 'emaakdrery ecok '*t I of ate bed if Mr MarCi at-' haa en <r?uranre <m the h uee to tha amuunt of tl.rtO !n the North Kirar Inentanca Cnmtteny, ami ??*) , ii Lla hourehuid fu'al'ara in tha Eawie laeuraoc-t'otu I BP) 1h' d?n ?ge t>, tha boili'ing will amount to about glfA h, >'airiAfe to'he furul'ure The ftrw waa renew! ay M>e Mar haul a lady of tear 70 yeare of age. g..<ag i to tha rl'aet with a 'andle acd aoeidenUliy netting die to I" a e >rraja of mueHn. 1 H* ia Rao/t> Mbjbt ?fh'irtiy altar A o'cloeh on Hun uay OM>rnibg a Are waa dleeorarad by tha inhuranea pa trol In the air ra of Mraara. Htropf k Hmlth, Importer a of dry yroda Ac , 4$ Broad (treat. An alarm waa girt n, and li e firemen wera are n oa tha praminaa and auceeded It t ttir.goihhlug It In a prompt manner The Are ari teuliy KlglL ated on tL* fourth floor, and burnt tte way dorn war e entirely tnroi gh tha fiioting. a apac*of aVmt nine trvtrijoar* 'lten' ing to the ear?ai "oor T>.eirat?oor i f tbe building I* un- eeupltd. Meaara. Htroog ft Hmlth ?.'rupytta ae'ond, tblrc and fourth A<e>r?- Thatr prw Bior* ritmd lo M N?w vtreut. H waa oa the Saw >lrtr'p- rtloti rf the bulldlaf where the Are ortginaled lie origin at prevent la unknown but will no doubt ba ?ally lr.r>>t.gvt'd Sy tha Kire Marahai. Tha l'>aa will pee t al ly aavouct to abokt 9600rn the at<?k, an-i about tha ar a an ouat on tha hnlldit.g?fully enrarad hy laaur t see. The bell* Ug ia owned by Mr Joeaps Meek* t a> ia Itora About .1 o'rloek > n Hnn'.ay BW rntrg a lira 'nok ptaru la tba City flour M iU, U'.uatwl at tha earner < f Hroonte tad lew!a atrweU The fire origl t.a'ad in tha hrea duatar, oa the fnurtb Aoor, oan?a1 hy 'he fnrpaaa berruptag overheated fr.r the want 'if oiling lb>- mil! i>?d bewa atoppkd at 11 oVlo'k on .Saturday ntph' acd 'tae fir# em'uidarad oatU <Uee? rerad try ofgewr i a.'l I r' the Tblrfaenth ward p llae who eww eow.ke eruipp fr> ti. tha upper wtadow Tha ofArer notified the Mfht I atrhw an of tha eatahllehwient and the fire war rt'ir.gti ahe.t by a atrvain from a hnaa kept oa eweh tl mr lo car# of Ira. Tha Uae la e* time led at ah it A'.*) , re rd by Ineurwwne hut to what rouipai.Ua the parwwt 'n atb nr.er.rv wae eaahU to tntorin u< lint o> It if* araaMT.-A Vrut II o'clock Uwrtav-niag, ? fl * trot* nut In tbt U|j> * pm\ of tU tn <l?j b?U4 Of Nn ift> fulkn atrawt. for aom* 11m S-'ora tba 1 ealttp of Iba Pr* wna <!la?w.*?to<1 tb? pr,it,? and in< >raaro ih< burr. I of bit r mil not Wfi l?,o *> .1 f inwMrb t r?n<? from. All at too anrtpluai n l? li I frr.tr. tha alodowa on tha third lory hi' pramiiao, r-attarltg lb# |ltN trrm* lh> at r rat npf"*) r?i"<l *>/ tha praa?u*a a* ??**- ? !?'*? ml-na# of !? rmb?d out Into tha ??r*art. Tha . m m *? "0?- ft Tan *?!(&* fitan an w?r? yiwllj . a.irk and In ?? aa v ir'twy | bad iiiowM la rnrvqonnnf lb" Mom ? i< b ho h# lutMif >Hkmi|li wnwrtM; t? i4H from Uw ?hud atray upward* Tha Brit (bur 'ho nil prom o* it ir'up K by ?>. W. H*nt hattor, an I tha *|??f Bwa bi aarhua tr??nt*. Tha looa may b* aatlmt od at fro "a ft r?i to fit COO. I bo m*j?r< ly anil V b* etrorof bp lr*nr*tc* 4a H;i Tbo i nitod (iaardr latwnd V. bar* oaotSor an fnttt if on U? morrow a fht, at tha ipaat'ii ? ?Icon of fr v Vo A* laaf ** w? bar# known 'la o? ba-? a Waj? fcr.oA tSaan to afl lam! r? t iwai.lf in tbo-r r a art, bo'h la IN* ball r?*m *?>] ?* tlialr difooat military airaral <n* I r I a ap al Uw rtqoaot af a atamba- of p" rrtlrmo" im'.'oiaa '? Ht? klyt. wtl! ftro ttiai la-tnrwr In ?j ?n Tha bat ami tb? Wat *>* V Of %* I la Ik'' Tb tr ' ? '* 'w fir' ? '' kBa*ry W p ? , ARRIVAL OF THE ARIEL. ONE LAY IATIE ! B M MB J 'K. Get?r?l Canrobert's Mimrion to Sweden and Dea&wurk. VISIT CP T*? KING OF SAAWII1A TO PARIS. | Arrivil of Tbiw Hundred Irith li Liverpool Auwita. 19 EOTMMPRi# fBMlCMfllMS S7MUSI OF. PMiUen ofUtt ArwUa In (be Crime** ANOTBER GREAT BAT Hi EXPECTED IN ASIA. C0H80L? 88 1-4 TO 88 8-8. tfl., TU? a ta.i:italiip A'tat, baioiffinu ta*a Vn^tUII 111*, *hirh left H\rr?on tir M-h of AovwNfew and t*nth?ai[? ?'* mi ll? aaorning of Itomh o!"*r th? <? ??a>,in.t uf Cap! arilrad at tbto |>'>rt yaator.li?y afternoon .ulii' bili<d* ?aa iluy'i. L.tor s?*>* fruit Kilropa Arcoiim# to tho la.t triviar. from rirmehttm Kale of 1 b# l;7lli of Ottotur, Onw IWt't imojt hwl ri ?-h?'i Tibimtchora, ? town n? tbaiiv.v wiU.'u 2# l?.pi><"i- i f kat.U Ili. i guard ?auotliham, inar Irtifrur. f-wfhrr on. Tie guru., n of Kai? had r '.#.*..(1 r iu? ;,rna4i4i?tu> fr Ml * m+yny il.t< !.?>? d 'or the hnaaian army. MH*a<Hi'tar. of it. I tr.iaiia, adon-d tbar.lM?iva* *o In. I* ml, .od f*. rwrlain Mini of mocay oil: iw*.'*>1 to deilva* *p t. tio Tu'ka what *a iuti-nnad tor >b< Ir ouamtoa. .Ante a.ip {?lie* wcie tlw ti[w al 10 Hut, wbi ;h hndb?*n ami fn.? bntliiUin and Ti.Ma.i4, but no on* n?? na.rtly whaae thay vara, l.tlun, raaoiirod by Ilia -uvoraov-nt at Ratlin any nnlliiog to emit am ih. ?a;wrV of thi< iwlaigr of t.ana'al Mouravtrft. It in Mali) ih.l tl.a ?... purpura y put in circu.nii<>u-l>* ttie ?? r? k?, ix.Har to liuTi' a a opportunity of rafitkg it, an 1 tfcaii throw lioubt on omor faoU of pr vail ...il.anti :lty. Ibal'atb. Mimilrur ol No.ambar %i piiblliln*. tkw> t?l lowb f, < al"d Coo?1?iiflno;.l.> Noiontw 12 Acouroli |( to tba ant aremaaAa, Omar l a hu tn?. ar ptc'log * b.llla, fioni imI Mimj urlaH had d..?a<) *.i * ili virion front lain army, woirla w*a advancing ly for oil nuarr.ba* on Kutal. by tba /.hfaixk. 'wl Atx.ai H. Mli Turk.. un<f?. Muatapiut I ??h s "ad l*'fi Matooui to t> . ami cut oil Uiia ootachiiiani. t.Mlyin tin. m ut i to*y na I iaa.hr.I f'Mirueibl lha cumw.andar.in hlnf 1*4. tbo.n UMlli.in a Kutal' nblrh *tM bacoiia the tbaalra of M.ir.a important onxagac am, uaka. the I'.naa an* pn-frr infraneblrg Ibannalvaa in thic'lalHa.. which prolact the advar.ca to I rill* A despatch fr< ni Maraaillaa, d.tad Norambar 'li, aaya:? Ttia afarmor Tilaaranh OiD'ain Nlrii 4.no. aiiali l-.'t Karatch i n 'lu< l'ith and Utmalantiaoftb- on tha 11'h Inatant haxnriirel, with Uenaral -Imptorn ai*. tl tnl'r. ITieTolrg . |h parted he l-'i-aocb aquation uudcr AH ml ml lliual, ni'b ihr impiiUd dual') on board, (nth* Urook Archipelago. Ttt Dublin eortaapondriat ?>f tho I..nd<>n IWa , of Nt v> mix r 2S, auv* (if the S00 e rig t ante taho lan-'c! * lew day- alnea it livcrpiwil ft oni An.(iii< a, It I- elate-. t lata i a corn Idarn'.te pnr'lin were lilrh, nuil cbullj n.in tha county til Cork. 7?uy allege a- tin ram ana ? f their i?t im |S? g.eai >?t ally of employ im nt ami th* i IT" ta of tho Know Nothing par y In the f'nttod .xtatae to lie outage ll ? Irish nuio" tli in. (?all Ad*iroi fu tti CVirk aay thai, oeing to Iha la'a aortooa rlee lo tW (line III ? i1 ijb', local d-elans ara etieedy Ugta nlig to fix l that lli" c nsmo p'loi. hoe ma arlalty doer, ta ia ixi ihal ehould '-ho pr? *nt ? Igh rate* beadhorad to, l> *111 las lodueet to aueli an ipn i ?. to tor so a fail to pr Iera. Pi ii.i* aali *. mi of a Wifh war of f s a' eg fssnf, ware n' f?ctro In the KnriMBbored Kat-t?x Court Iha prop# Ilea voroatiua a to the rnusiti.,- of lei ranag'i loan, Mai war anil Pay", anil the g oea prodlMM roallte.l liy th# wlMilofol! llttla .boil if flits (00 lb* IJi. liu oorm?|x.ixletit if tho bomlod fuel writing oil h i tim'ior %l ? - lie g. toTi.iui Hi of (to frilled Htate* of Amoiioa Isaa la oly (loan ri natderahlo on e ? to a I'.'.iu.i-h l.iuee t r delir-ry oral -pring of l-uliel |naf afool ouliaaaea. til* LowSbn m -i y liiarLe' >/x? reported a< blhoitt r'trm u'elrel A. M.'d: .? if lay, Noymber'.'I: 'In tola iiuary, tf I, I M1, . iilo. for aer oot, (ftth I>*<?.,| Ma, IVfftH TurLI-h 7'ur por coot Milp, U% h> fine utt. OnNotriulor 23 m I arlr, thoTbree por f ota '1 ml af fbt "lr for iba rod if tho mouth, tl" ..a "a Half fx r cent* at W f. V6< ami ib? N ar I an ?t Aol 7ts\ Otir Uinden f'orri ?pomli lire. l/iate.a, Nor Id, ltd Snghtrnd anil 'Ar Units I Shift -Th' 7. a?r* ? A Horn - ; (in ir.ll 'Auking?Thr Antra unit h'n ? y .?' d'Ami - fAr Wor ?.Hats i,f Af nrt?7V HoflV ?/ A in - ?*;?. u / r;.? etiUi Moifnu-iJ and tt'i'/xioa*? Intrrnal Matt nf H<u lui?A'ioAu it?Sn? Urnjn "if- ?A nf (Ar A m ; of Sa iWnfh H (r k (/ IA< Sing of Iks ll ltft "U- Hu ,(? lanonu. Th* ?i?tra pmpounded by A't"-noy Ooorral C'labiog In |i|ald to th* tight' <d be llgareota lo tho t'oitod Hiatal ?' le capo tial j in re?ore.,ee t. Knglaa t, ha?e xjraln a'lr roil up U.0 lr ud"n proa- The Ttfmr. anya It la naelrio, ami doabta tho light of Mr. Ca-l<lr<g to Uaae any au h maul ftrato nt ail, aa th# poeor <;# Ifuf attontb ti b]f pr->cla rnatlon m?h poriI .<]? of tho Uw aa are la Hatgor '?ilif ijt late! or ororluobed la re-lad In th* 1're-Meat of the foiled Ptaida Oalf It aty'ea It an abara of a high ? P.e'al poettlou. Tho uthar nigaoa of the preaa u w f..l low In tba uao tiaea, aod ail c need? that aoythfag lite a quarrol nlfh tho Called Htata* ougbt to bo regard#! by all men aa a diaaater. At tho aoeio time lb* wranib from many quo-tor- of th* friendly footing Iwtoren An.erlea and Nortia (lore ?>t fall to gl*? i' o lo romnienl A eMar from Athene roealu o- that Vt.e no* Aioarl-an minloter tbore u loarlng mehlog und oa tr. pr?ro b. the (Ireet pnpulaUon that bl -goeeea t en' It oa tl.e mo' frt-o I ly toro.a oith the Kanportrt ? f Ku? ? M. l erataal lo on a rory an. tea hi* fool leg villi tba I oil* 4 fltatoo onroy ho paid a ridt rar-nt)y to tho Amriaa fit-ate In the bey and eraa rocehrad vitb gi-al h am ThU do** not Wl to toll "pon 'bo Irreok - and lnBu#t-e?? tho King in bio toafila d?u,onotraUo??o tgtlnat 'k? We-to-ro fa*trt. Am th*r l*itor uyi tha th* American MIn -tor Ut mailt a pre.pr?nl to ibi M aob gorornntM' vltb a ntr lo r*lto*tog It from tba yontonhifhta of t rai ra an I t'ngtri I i.am*.y?by tho paymont by the I'nitnd tatoo of tha t .at duo to tbooo t". vera, on eondltlon that tho ttlaod of * .W? ?b-uild bogloen aa aeomlty fur nlnoty yaare, 'bu, boo erer, roqolr*# w tiflrmntU n Iba eampalg* ' ' 1*, ;' '? tha CritBOa moat ? a ??o -tderod at an ?nd. tho allied arvilea ara b-wi'y <?r .plod In praparlng tf.olr viator q'tartora, aad tba a.uadr oa. boating In toind tho font f I hurriani** of tha Uth N? root ho* loot yon* ara aooOmg an*# ahellnr la port M -at >4 ?he aeteala oil', ba aa'b rnd la lb# Ibiophoru# ef* tbta rta< boa yon. xtono acrav toaooto olll of c-ora*. rnaanln oa dnty from hyatorh, ohtoh, U a aertatn ettovt to bevl ?tuartera wa lanca that aatbing fo/*h*r bar Uoov o* ateept re*-nnataonnoea an a Inrgo ?-aia e?.e!la ara #U throw tola tha n?rtb ?l a fr e* , ol ani ex err to and tho ratal" proa alto- ? -agtil by d-tartora ? that tho Kuaelnao moan attempting a a"'her lalrnnm 1 ho bo'tlo of Kara vaa iha meal m?*? *'' tnat hao ???* la Ik* mmr. W. m- w th# ?? 4*1 r* (*,???? n( IxmiiI WUJkn- ?m. VwMral Tfc? *<?>'?? 6 Wta>! w?*a W ort m4 Ik A ?6-W? f .fV ? I'll IU ?# <"#IJK ?'? ?Ow'Hr*. -4 (111 I<*'| truck ? ? *af???6 *?>] ?m IllWo mm 6*v1 frto'M l?m?n>mtt.W T)>? l'.u??Um?l?f6 K// 'm* tm WUJ ? >?|r it 1/6 '?* Vut >? II* f?Wl 9tot*ft 16 ? Ik* Urkt ??>?* ?!?*? V. k?/f Ito Whrmf?? Hi* . ? ? *6*1 ' ? ' '?! ' Ik f ?? >.M J 4 I I 1.4 ?' *7 ?t '.1 r>? 1..., pm. ? )? ?V f'r?fk< ??!> l"l ?K? K..vt?- ? ? *? U? ? h? r k?'4 t-ulf mi MlM bt< low Hi MIM ?owa-twl *6 ' ,417 **?? ??) K? <4 lb* T?i'k? ?' 4/? H ? fitwui* Aw **??? kl.U.1 | <.mw ? ?!, S ? I'M It *t 4T?j' ? ?-<3 J' >.??.?? aM| 174 ?* t? -1 >? <1 t **'7 Aa? ?f t>.? k'io ?.? I n* (lirnl. 'rimil), ?..4 4*/ ,t liwiil I r ?w I* .1 M I *? >? TV> Mil--*'-* ?6 3 I ;t<ck*4* K*fl, bq< 'wr fk*n? will ur, t U tl-> ' i* ?* 6k? ?W?* ?v( tfcm ?? ? Ioi?> toU M ?lr* ?' 4 ?k* 7V I ?*)< 4 ?t??? ?w ?? Mt?4? ?J ?*? Vkm 414 mf KttrbU' !!? ?W>l4?6*tto r*6u(li% i'Miril'. ( ?)n ?6 IfL-mm*. *f. tut ii|* !< -?? 7 1 k>?r* rxtrwf It ,m Kim Wi I' .. wr6 1*6* f 61 ml I*' tt|*r|r'i*i? ?GI '?>? fr'W* K vkt ' f'* I UK ? ???*! ???#*? ?<6w b**- i m?<6 with gnam of hrarjr etlfbra and (trutrlok' little w?ta?, MOf out l'kt l'art? Wwiroi' rfigMbii tut artlrto . a (fc? immtnid (Ion i4 th? V'ruonh mor'ar bo.?t?. the ln.oati.rn of ahiait It altilbntoa t<> ? I)lutMrer Nap i"ua JJJ. It ? Ihiko of I'amVt '?? hi i no a ?t'H at tba TuiUertaa. The Muf of '?Hn It L itbortlj <xp<eie<l at Whitwir. Ha ba? )u>t opeke'l thti tSaiilMMi i'na rbarr. The follnwlnir t? a >?tt.m*ij o' HU m*Ja.'y'a ? "Tl a teat a libit h ? Jtut ' I" ?<1 baa boaa la> iu it|i? rlort of beattrat ?W?f at <1 rruel h*. I ha>o aot baafiatoo to onlta i|>r uaw ?( thulinU ta tbnae I't wc>a who a>? ?U la the catfao/ Ju.tior In behalf of tha HtrtHaa ?>n alts ItilriK oloaoo ul ft tia?. It la a pro?4 thti( tor oof ?oi oiltonl) Joru f i ?ba lUapara ami >hajili-'Hra of h? braf" aru.taaof PraM* of biiplaiut, mot i.f fSii fwi- Ma/ U- t ffranl Hi bla ? lag t" omr Otiftiit aft r?i t irata tin-a -?!t paau" ina'laj ??' wkleli alial! Imui* r? i-auti nat > 0 La luao iinl" bin. I"ba '*p?o?f?? of the war vif illafi a rafturraotf* lo tha public ?>a4tV bv which IS" f ?> vii.xrot nil rutaatur to rtMi tha ????'-1 bjntoiii !*?? ?> k?? >-?i iti* ran 11 mm t,, tba mM? r*? itai* at a Btooarch unit 1L j .< ,,J, an| ,?i by ItolUaolubta ?f tnatua' lcn ,.n<t rout.rai..-.-?m?lsantnlo4 la ?Ma*a ?ha baara ot pobllr ?<?.'?,*, ?f ur w mi,) <* Ilka rt jr." Tt?a bin* hi ftio JVJgbina ha* ?J.i ?ii?iivi hU WpiUMva chambata, but b*n .ip.?" b allot!"* a J i i*?l/ lo llai,|Uau alfelra ami l? of |i Ira fco-al Inlarcil Kt-nlti *n?t il * i .'-a baa tba * '.ii-ma ?loo from iho Vlerr<lj of l'c , pi U.a /ono I ? Abtial la ailh tha Inwonational I'oinaiUalon i? iura>tf(?ia * ?t maka Ilia pri'lfnibi'o/ minima. Ho Rotrul capital baa ? itia.t" I ran aubm illanl t? - .ri/"* ? Uir work, ?n l lb < ao i.re.1. ?lm oonalkU of oon-o of tbr uUvnrvt aicftnrera of Knrap# Iba i lr?trle lefrjfrtph fV-ai Kuiflanl Ui In. la wlilnh wa? ? ilnaai, bbl? 'a'i* (o bWouoi a rr If/. Tha ln?rn tor of ill* ail niaiiRO t. '*n.ap!i ho- <*., ?[.Ut??t hU boa aoroiu ib" Ifroltai. ,i*?, n nnl la ilarlinut to na "tvl li la tb" !ron.ii Patilnanla. \? fkr aa Jua? bo all) bo anji,km',. ?ai h/ tl r Brtlb h f varuinatit, anl hi aujwaan l? nortala. from thai |?'W>t l.ntroanr, h" ?nat t; not !.. 'ha Kol fn ?la < on , mi) for I' nt ? "J w" i ut will h It III opoa oibla ti rai.? o (uli?'l oapfU). 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