11 Aralık 1855 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

11 Aralık 1855 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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W YOlUi HEEALD. .WHOLE NO. 7(144. MORNING EDITION?TOES OAT, DECEMBER 11, 18!>f>. PRICE TWO CENTa IDYMTISEMKMS KKMWttB tiVKRX UAK. NEW PVBUCATIONS. Anew volume of hkwbt-shouseholdstories tor Untie Folks. 1) APPLETON 4 CO., 346 and 348 BtoaJway, have noar ~eady JACK 'I HE GIANT KILLER. Being volume II of Hewel'e series of illiiudnated nouse hold Stories tor Lluln Koike, In t e*t small IIM'lo, with ten su peril illustrations, priuod In the be-tetvle on very eupe.Mor paper, ftom original design*. Price ill bluifi -an d oover* and edges, "lb oeola; loll hound and gilt edge*, .td rente. Thi, aeries will comprise tlie following volume*:? ClMiEKIIll, BRaCTY and the Bradt, Jack thk Oiakt Kii.ikh, Ai.auw.x. Pose in Hoove, Ooour l wo bunas. Lim.1 Red Huumi Hoop, H .?,? in tux Wood, Jack and rut Haan tuut, lli.ui. Bxaun, Tom Tuduii. This rev ten of Fairy Btorlee Ins ?or generations been llsfcued to ard read by children wl'ti an Inexpressible delight, which Other books have failed to afford them. The extravagance of thestorteu die attractive manner of telfing them -the pictured]tie scenery described? the marvel lous deeds related?the icward of virtue ami punishment of vlte, upon principles thriftily In accordance with ehloat law*, at applied to the formation ol character render thorn pecu liarly adapted to Induce children to acqul e a love for reading, and to aid them to cultivate the affection.*, sympathies, fancy 4lid IniBtftnaliim. Iba principle, that good examples only should he imitated, baa been lost sight of In the pictorial ein'tedisbiuttnl of Ihoee standardfalryeutrles. upon tnc atuutnpUonthatIndifferentple tnres are good enough to give llrat impression* of act to child ren. If this bold* trie, then language and morals of a ques tionable cast will eubrerva the same euda; hut the fallacy of tills dogma, natwlUislandinr, uuoue upon reduction will deny. That (hits edition of these stories may be more perfect Lh in any other extern, the publisher has embellished It with exqui site sueclmens of high pletorlnl art, from which children may derive those correct Ideas that will mature tufo the beautiful and grand. [From the Commercial Advertiser.] Happy the children whose first knowledge of (,'loderella is to be gained from such pages. '1 hefllustratlon* are mora elegant and expressive than we nave seen In any previous edition o'p tie story, and the honk Is w, tasteful in every respect, thai It Will give Ita young reader* a l"saar> lit art a* well as a capital version ot a favorite lairy tale. It ii '-lie first of a promised aeries. fFrtim the New York Tribune.] The volume now Issued gives a rich p>otnlecof the. character ot theatrics. It has a fronuapteoe palmed in oil colors, whleh kl a new feature In American Illustrated books. The p etorlal embellishments, whlchare nrofosely sratte-ed throughout the volume, Indicate great felicity ut design, and are executed In a ? trlteo and highly fioiahet sty.e. INTERESTING TO PUBLISHERS.-TH1 FOLLOWING nisnuscrlpts are offered for sale on very reasonable terms: ? Toa'e Csnix?the only translation over made from English Into Upanl-b. by rpoctul itquest. KxuEHMiAnCE* or Host., 8kba.ii Book or a Coat.x Kiili? lb KngiLh. Tar Cuban Minstuxl?ft collection of oallads and inlacella aeou* pot Ton?In English. SpANtsn l'mam; or. First Hook of the Spanish Language For'lurthnr particular*, p ease address the author, Miguel T. Tolon, Herald office. NEWXPAPKU8. M0RR1H 4 WILLIS'S HOMB JOURNAL FOR 1S5I) - Tbe following are the Inducement* to subscribe:?A new novel by N. P. Willie, a series of sketches by General Morris, and a Dovellette br J .M. Tield. Terms, 92 a year. Ottioe, 107 Tulton slrvet, Now York. NOTICK TO DKALERH AND THE PUBLI J. THK ILLUSTRATED LONDON NKWB, AND ALL Tint EXOUSB NBWSrAPXKK. Arrangements b*ve been concluded by lite undersigned Which now enable* him to sell all the English newspaper* to d'-a'crs at lower price* than ever hotnre, and by the advantage gained In lh>se new arrangements (which are exclusively available to httneell,) certainly a* cheap as any other taipor'er, and It 1* believed cheaper. Tbe undersigned has refrained from announcing these advantages until he has had three Weeks' experience In their workiug to warrant him In advene big the above awertlorfh. The arrangements referred to cannot he available to other tmportera, and henee dealer* will benefit by giving their palspnage to t'bariea Wlllmer, at his universal English and foreign newspaper agency, 11)7 Fulton street, se cond lioor ARTHUR V, UJ.MKK. Agent. New York. CHAR1R8 WII.LMKK, 19 South John street, Liverpool, England. Established In 1840. MUSICAL. A LADY, TEAO'lKR OF THE PIANOFORTE AND 8INO Ing, Instructed by the best master*, would Instructs num berof pupils at Jb per quarter, llighesi refereuce given. Ad J reus Instructress, Bro.dway Post titiioe. AMAGN1F1CBNT NEW SEVEN OCTAVE R08RWOOD superior tone piano, rouad comers, wph brass Dame an l plate, for rale. No objection to take at a fair price a 6!{ octave second band one In exchange. To he seen for a few days at 334 Fourth street, first floor, up stairs, from II tut 2 O'clock. A SEVEN OCTAVE ROUND CORNERED BOSKWO "D Jk. pianoforte, made by A. CI. brook', ol this city, In perfect order?cost the present owner Kl.'A- will be sold ur $?>> ca?h. Tone unexceptionable. Apply at bib Sixth avenue, nearThlriy erventh Mreet, from 10 A. M. till 8 P. M., for four lays RKAT BAORIFI E IN PIANOS-ON ACCOUNT OF I eioknem, mu.t he aul! mis week to close the concern, tlx aplendld new lrslruutents, $ loO leas on each than the maker'* .prices for the nam*; perfect In tone, touch and flnhib. Fully Warranted, at 60 Walker stree', four doors from Broadway. W. OSBORNE A CO. y-TRBAT BARGAIN-A SPLENDID SIX OCTAVE MAHO \I giuiy piauo, hi gi>od order, Tory fine toned, will be so id very cheap If applied tor Immediately, ttan be seen at Alt Itrcadway, room No. 10. J A C. FIKOHKR, PIANOFORTK MAN UK AO TORT . and wareroom, 241, 243. 4S. 247. *"?anliil Teat Tiren '.y eighth MfMt, near N.trh avenue. PtoiMM Vttl tlH bMl la pr-ivemcnts, and warrac ed. Second hau l piano* from k>) Pi 910). Piano* luncd, repaired, rented and exchanged. LA RIONORA KU7.A VAI.RNTINT, PRIMA DONNA profeaaor of ringing. ha* returned tuNow York after ? ?uaeesafid concert tonr of eighteen mouth* In lamdon, 1'arta, Ac. Kbe loar.hre at the re.?deu.-t>* of dm ladiea, and .an be aeaa at the Mansion House, 97 Chamber*-treel, ovary day, from I O'clock Ul) R P. M. I A FOR ASSORTMENT OK (IRANI) AND MKMl-OR AND J planoa on hire. Ben. allowed u>?>ra* thair ptl-chaae. Price* from AN*) to $0*1. The f.entlcraaa offering J 1,21. J for Oral piemium piano at World* Pair, i* requested to call at dlAKhf OKD'H, 149 Full >n *'rect, a here 11 uo-r li challenging lr.j other, piano again-' piano. TUTOBIC ONTHF, PI ANO.-A I. VOT, TRAOBKB OF THE JV1 piano and singing, would lake a few pupils at her or their residence on moderate terra* it apr'levlon he made Im mediately. Apply to Mr*. WITTINO, 343 Fourth avenue. PIANOS.?THREE RE At'TIFUE SEVEN O0TAVK PI A nofnrte*, fine Ions and ilolsli, nude of the boat mt'arla! and In (he moat *nb*tantlal manner will he sold low and warran >d. DAVID SMI ill, IS nuih aven te. PIANOFORTE WANTED.?ANT PERSON MAVINll A good piano to digpcee of, la egchangn fur a lot of ground within llfieen minutesot -heCBy llall. Address WM.lNurt AM, 609 Bioadway. PREMIUM PIANOS?8AUUT/.K A LITDODFF, NO 431 Broadway, up stairs, solicit am uUoo bi their assort men! of premium planofortre, whtoh aro warranted Ua every respect; and, aa an evidence if their excullancs, hate received "J e ftaUi-rinv appreval of the following artist-.: ? Mr*. Anne fieguln, Paul Jufllen and August dock el. UISORUAIIEOVS. N C1 AMFHORATKD TRANAPARBNT KTKENC.TW.NlNO ) planer, spread tn Canton (lanneli ' tired -fudge Blrdeall of a paliTal neuralgic rnnu.-nauam; nothing equal to them foe pains, bruise*, rhetlmaUaiu, weak Swiss Ac. Pnyalclana recomiurnd ilium Mad'-only hv It It NKw.ll A M, M. IX, SOS lluilaon aireet, and for sale by druggist* generally. I*r?ce 124k centa. Cm* FOR CORNS, IIY MADAME BEKIIAIID, NO 107 Bowery, eaat slda, hat ween Broom* and I)rl*..ty atree'e. Madame B. reapeelfmly In'orma lbs public thai . he baa re doced her prlev, In order u, - nable every oca 'o be free from pain, and .oela oonfldent In piomhdiig that alia will remove rori.a, hnnlona, nail* grown til thu tle.h, Ac., without esu?ln_ ?he least pain or Inronvenlance. Per?ona c m he attended to wt home, or at Madame B.'s residence, from I unul 7 o'clock, T.U JMEUKRER'M HWH4 REMEDY FORTH* DKOTR0O ? tlon M rata, tutor and oockroache*, e tnnot be at< elln.1 by any other In use, ahtind .t i roots ot which <?*? be. prod u-ed hy the many certificate* in nla p-cweaium. Motel*, market*, and other pabllc place*, "ak u In con met by the year at re* ?ooahle term*. Price 23 t ent* per hoi. or per detn bote*. Orders racelrsd and for sale at C'ilAS. H. KhIC iMANn'a lamp atore, 8f % Bowery. kW FA*F./?T HPh T.icfKS.?1IIKY IMPROVE VI ahwi, suit far Afs. ? t ange ui greater magnifying power! net reouti ad near and dt? ivuio\?ct* srett diatiuvly through one pair. FaAAEt, leotureron the eye, pa'eniee and maker, No 11'tirk row, opn.,.tte A.tor Houae. AUendaa * dam 4n ft P M. ' TJRRSONH WIShlMfl Tr? OIYR MRRTH A.VD1ZR FOR JL sal". In retail on eomm'ssion, In a Mere w+r Broadway, enrS aa children's toy*, embroideries, g'ovt-a At. , may a idee** Vi. Y. A.. B. oneway i'oel uilh e. He. yen. e? gi.eu. 3)UBI.I0"aTTKN1II)N IS KfQORSTKfl* TO THE FOE lowing awre cure for c?tarih the pro-eat lietng entirely -new, no ao'iff used (tr nu dlclua lasen lr"i the stomach. I bla treatnieui haa never tailed to effect a p trmaneal tore Thar* ni'ideiaie, nod nior.cy returned units aub-fhe-.un 1* gl"-n All afflicted srl'h 'his dleeeso are re-)tieeti.'I Ui call *1 2b Kirk, i if* nue tu the basement M Wll.K. Nson. BAYTf YOCR Mrv?" ATKR PRO )F and AIR TIOHT lra'h"f trunks ? I.AZ.MtK CA ViEI.. patentee and matt'i factor*r of me'a'Hc ftamea for tr'wik* w -.vh "h hi* pa-en I rallies are atlaoUsI hey am wa-nr proof and air ugh!. >owr of these ille (-reserving trtuika. fasteneil tnge' ier wt h pole* or otherwtae. will make a ran targe and noyau', enougn tr- aeve ten pet sot s from making for wca*. Four of these irunka ??re eihlhlied a thnCyiatal Palae# and k-|it In water for about six wekt, when opened in pre**nor- of nu.nern i< pernw'bev w re fo iod [t?r'e<-? y dry 1-isldi- i *llver mela waeawaided. Wanted?A partner, with amsdera-e oap tal. In tarry on the liualnes* on a larger scale. LaAaHA OA NT el., Ik West Breadway S-TxTKTK I RS MINK.H FT FONDKRIRR DRVJnC D* I.A Vtetile Kswilng ,e. t ranre at B?l*lotie ? I'he su aorloera, agents for tie- *? a of the i.lan- d" Mm or die VMtie Motuagwe < on-oauy are nrei arcd to supply dealers from wareho iaeor to arrive, iTKOrfO A bMIIU, 48 Broad M. STOYFS. BTriTML RTOVRR.-M0 iM TA.NAL SI'KKRT. near Vartek W A II. VAN NOTMK t'ove atore We have a large aeofkakilOf the latest pauerh* .,f ovea, ma-iei*. Ka'a* and kliel.rn ra-t*"*, for sale on raasonrblc ?rms ores put tic and pipe furnished ft* same r-atri w eume* and rat *cs Ml"'l and rspa-re-l. Snap *'s"ie gn-l-fles wholesale and reuiil 4JEOARR ?U 01 <1 FKil l RB IMPORTED HAVANA, iK) 7"N 'mc.-js and flerma:.. for sa e at a per "cnt oeljw their rt arke" veloe. '?p?r*s ss lowaiW Oermheiat 91 ?# N. m , _.i. advances m?l> on tnvolcet of aogara. In bond or otherwise. O. 1 HF.Klk, No. M Br ?1 why, up i'*ir* HltfOk' RALt fimi' M REMr.l'Y -F-TEFKREKM FRri'tl I*N aevofuia, cutaneo.taand eruptive diaeaees, ahodkl ai once I saw I to Uda va.uaFt'e medic:," whirb will apeedi.y renev? the wore' symptoms ol theaP -li*lre??ing eo-nplaio-a, aod in * Artel oartnd c??npi?'? e r?-llcal cure Prepsr-si and f.>r sale My A.t A D. NAhDH. 'Iruggiaw, No. lift) F dl'ooau-ce'. Ti* YERTRrd lUXWl-R f RAID TitlT MADAtfR VeatrM. who la remaraaMe le* her b"St|-y n*r*' u^ May of the common ueaPMCte* ot the present day, hut owe* -a* prat aivai loo ,g her .-0-011 le?l-in IP a car ton* pr -par* vm t.i?4e rram the reripe of an -K. Italian phyt" is a rhw p-ep vratt^ la ea led "The Vastrle Rl -tyns." and la for sale a' ??*detew ggp Broadway It la said to beNmpoaelble 'o dkmover that aav *r MAM kaaeeaa aaed, wher. the "ttupma have b?M api ' cd. AP7A1BJI ZST WASHZNOfON. NO SPEAKER ELECTED. Great Excitement in the Iloune. Proxp-rtx or (he Fusion Candidate, *a., Ac., Oku. UHIITY-FOURTH COSOSIIS. FIKST bWHION. HEN ATE. W ARIHSHTOH, Deo. 10, 1854. m?: pacific railroad. On motion of Mr. Wu-SJCr of Gal., the ."loot committee on the Pacific Itallroad waa ordered to bo u>a tinutd?any vacancies to bo filled hy the chair. RUCTION OF nnum Mr. Adams' rexotulion, providing for tho election of if lioerxio the h'enale to-day, wan iudefinitely postponed. PCIIUC ITUNT1NU, ?tc. Mr. Bayard gape notice of hie intention to Introduce a bill providing for the public printing, engraving and bind ing. Adjourned. HOUSE OP REPRESENTATIVES, Wahiiinoton, Dec. 10, 1859. Hie House reanmed voting for Speaker. Tinirrv rorirri ballot. Banka 100 Puller 31 Richardson 74 'Zollikoffer 4 Walker 2 Lender, IVnnlngton, Ilarrion, Carlisle. Harland, Whee ler, Elliott, Smith of Virginia, Andrew "liver and others, one each. One hundred and eleven necessary to a choice. Mr. TnoRiM/mM, (whig) of Iowa, offered a resolution on bia own responnildlity, that the Houxe will proceed Im mediately to the e'ection of a Speaker miM nor*; aud if, after the roll lias been culled thrte times, no member ahull havo receive da majority of the who'e number of votes, the roll eball again be called, and the candidate then receiving the Urgent number of votes? provided it lie a majority of a quorum?xhall be declared elected Speaker. Ibis fell like a bombxhell, occasioning much excite ment. Several memlierx. in the same breath, morel to Uy the resolution on the table; one declaring that wax the pro per place tor It. The Clerk called the Houxe to order. Geutlemen were (.landing all over the hall. Mr. Gidmnuh, (fire soil,) of "bio, amid much coofaxion, earnestly appealed to hi i friend fiom Iowa o withdraw the resolution, believing the feeling of the Houxe wax be coming more favoiab'e to Mr. Banks. Theyeaxand uayx were ordered on laying the rexolutioa <.n the tab'e, and the quest! in wax rained ax to whether Mr. Tborlrg" n could withdraw the rexol ltlon. Mr. Jomx. of Tint'., appealed to hix frleudx to wlive their objectlonx, and permit tho genlleman of Iowa to wi'hdraw the rcrrluiion, he wishing to do xo. Cilex of " No objection.'' " Agree.!," Ac. Ihe roll wax then called, and the Houxe aga'n pro ceeded to vote lor Speaker THIRTY-HFTH VOT*. Hichardaon 78 Zollikoffer 4 Ranks 106 Seattoiing 11 Fuller 29 THIRTY-SIXTH VOTX. Itichard on 76 Fuller 29 Bubkx.,, 106 Zolllkoffer 4 Menxrx. Haven.", I .ester, Walker, Harrixon, Carlisle Harlan, Pennirgten, Orr, Powrll, Smith ot Virginia, and Williamx?one each. thirty-sRvrvrn vims. Richardson 76 Fuller 28 Banka 107 Zolllkoffer 4 Meaarx. F.therUJge, Haven, Walker, Ila-ri<oo, (JtrlUle, llarlan. Lumpkin, Smith of VirglnU, and WlrllaaH, each one. Necessary to a choice, 1X3. THIRTY-KKHITH VOTK. Bankx 101 /ollikoffer 3 Richardson 75 Carlisle 2 Fuller 28 Messrs. Vail., F.rheridge, Haven, llnrlxn. McQueen. Smith of Virgin.a Williams, "rr and Walker, <>ne each. TMIRIY-MNTH I OTIC. Banks 10" /.ollikoffer 3 Kicbsrdsr n *6 Scattering. 12 Fuller 28 Nece###ty to a choice, 114. Thevrteon the thirty aeventh ball >t stood si follow : ? KoB Mb. RiiHakwon?Mmr>. Aiken, Alloa, Hi-olay Ibigiy, B*rklK'ale, llnll, B'icnrk. Biwie. lluyce, Hi ? ?, Brooke, Bennett off Y.. Bennett of Mlxe., Cadvail, .it, Camthei*, Carkle, CMngmao, Cobb if Pa , Cob) of AS, fridge, Ciawford, Itenrer, Ptwdell, Kdtnundaon, Fllott, Kngllrh, Faulkner F lorer.ee, Fuller of M? . (JraveA, ikm le, iJreenwood, Pall of Intra, llarrl- of Ala., Ilh'ktma, Flarii* of III., Herbert llourton, Jewott,.lone* ot Tenn. June* of I'enn., Krltt, Kid well, Kelly. letoher, I,.napkin Marshall of 111., Maxwell Me Mullen. McQueen, Miller of Ind Mil eon, Oliver of Mo., hit, Peek, Phelpe, I'otrell, ijulimin, Kuffin, Roet, Soudr'dge, Snvage. Reward, Shorter, -mlth of It cn., Stephen*. Htc rart. Tali it. faylor, Vail, Warm r, Watkioa Welle, Winelow, Wrigh' of fenn Fen Mb Banks?Menem. Albright, A'llaon, Btrboer, Henry Bennett, Beneon, Blilinghurrt, Bingham Hi hoi. Bliek. Ihadahaw Brrnton. Hiiffltrgton, Rurlfng-tiiie. (',ra| hell of I enney'vania, Campbell oMiblo,.Cnafee, Cltfut, Clark of Conne tlcot. Collar. Conine. Cor??je Crtigtn, Cum bark, Pamrell, I>? le of Mawachuretta Pay, |ie?u, lie Witt, I lek, Pidd, IHxon Darfee, Fdlo, Bdw.irda, Kmri Flagler. Calloway. OlMIng"L'lllbort, 'Jranger, (ln>w Hill ef MaHearhneette, lia'lan Ha'l.iwty, Hortwn el N'ew York. Ilorton t f Ohio. Howard, Hughati n, o'eleay. King Knapp, Knight Knottprn, Knox, KnnVnl, laiter, Mvea IftttNon. Mel artr, Mea' bam. M ile- of New Y jrk Morgan Mori ill Migt, Murray, Nlehola, Norton, A. Oilier, Parker Pel tea Wearer f'enninrtan Perry, I'eMtt, l-lae, Cringle I'ntalenoe Pltrhie, Bobbins, Koberte, K'iMaoa Hvtdn Sage. Fapp Sherman, S(mmon?, Skinner, Stan'm, Stran alien. Tatijuin rhn'lnftota Thnreton, Todd, Tratt in. Ty eon. Wade, Wakemaa, Wulbridge Waldron, Waehbarne of Wlevmair Wa-hbtirne of IIHn-di Wadibnine of Maim-, Watenn. Welch. Wood. Wiedruff and Woodwirrtta. Fo* Mr. Fit.ihi.?Meeere. Ball Bayard B-own, Cla k, Co lien. Davie of Md Foeter Harrie of Md , Harrteoo. Ilaien. Hotfman. Kennett, l.'odley, M*rab?l< if Ky. Mil ward, Patne, porter, I'nryear. Beady, Kteaud, Rivera, Sei tt, Soead, Bwnpe, Tilppe, ITiderWTid, Valk, Whitney and Zolllkoflfer. Fob Mb. Zoi.i iKorrw ?Campbell of Ky., Col and l.xke. Fob Mh. Vat.K.?Car Male. Fob Mb. FthMUDok ?Dttnn. Fob Mr. Havrr,?F'tberiilge 1". H Mb. Wai kkb.?Fuetla Fob Mb Habbwov.?Fuller of l'ean?vlvanla Fob Mb. C/kiirib ?Humphrey Me rr ha 11. t, n Mr, t ,:nen - M en Fob Mr. Ft't i kb or Maivf ?Rl-hard'on. Font Mb. 1'SDBRtroop.?Smith of Al .beina F. b Mr. Swrrn ov Vnet'*m.? Walker For Mb. Wit ijarb.?Meeare. Wheeler Oners! William* Adjottrnet). OUR SPECIAL DESPATCHES. TBF vPKAKKR.-niP?THK rf.CllALirr YOTR?THE 48 FF NTF'.R.e THE/TIKS WITH TIIF: ISntAN TBtBA-i I!? WFW MEXICO BOtlBT Y LAS 1)8 THi. FIMANC* HA PORT, KTC , ETC. Wariiim trw, Dec 10, HS5. Tbe calculation* of the fiiahuMt have again failet the?. The elnae of another day'a balhittr^ (Ind a Bank', a- Mr. Campbell evprea*** It, "a daad aock In ttia pit." Iliht rreult la J net what 1 predicted, and, aa I detpatcb*-' jcu laat i venii.g knoeka Culbnn out of the ring. f? a'' again at era, with' ut 'he ebadowof a prospect for org oiriog Tha only eban a left la to earry the raaolntl m to morrow to elect by a plurality vote. Home of Cu'! >Oi'a frlrnda might vote for the reaulution. la onler toj elac' Bank" and aave linn iCullann. whto they ?"?iM nut v te for Hank a directly. The bint In my de?pa'.. h aliovit the iWit?? had ta, i fleet. Hi# vote to day waa larger tb' n It waa on Hatur day. tloterai r Martiwea'her, ef New ''etleo, ha? anr. ???del In m collating tie alio* with all tha In lien triliea of tha Territory and peace and good wtll piereiii am >og thton The tieatle* have lm?n tubht it ted to the Sena'e. Th e Cimmii'b.iier of I'enalona la re con>,i4erlrg the de | eia'on of hia otttcer, hy which bounty land waa rafa?eo | thi -e i rgaped In IFeWrmi Aal of tha ITietohee Indiana in 113d. The decision wl 1 likely be revi raed. The fina?Ae report will ahow the manufae'nring at?? to be the tnoet pnalnrttwe. Wool an I other raw material' wtil t>e recrmmeniUid to be admitted ftee. aa oae atep to ward# free trade. Iron to remain aa at preaent. No tea* of lmp< rtaase U fore the Suprem"- < -itirt to day K TOE CBASCKB HP BASgB BO* "Tr A gttn ?M*. T110* INOTOW'B BEHOLrriOH Wa*:*!..ox, Dec 10, lAif. 'Will Bank" be elected U the i|neatioo which greet' one at every tarn. 1 telegraphed you laattA?nlng that it waa my imprereiun be could not be. Be fjeived teo more votea to day than 1 aet bun down at, and Ua held tt em to the hour of adjournment He will I undarx'and retain '.hem throughout to morrow, and if the wirea ar? worked adroitly tkii evening may poaaiMf raoelv# foer toote to-Bwtfow. mo ? roteeaee%l-t Lavt eUgtel u.ra V -'-'ay. The lobby member* Lexer w*re more act've n aishalHug their teaaelatwd bund, and whoa Mr. fuor lug' n, of loin, proposed his retoln<<on Mantis*! to one (ntr< duced whs n H-woll Cobb w.c elec'et Home roam ago, which sua etb-cted by plurality, <t caused g ect flut tering in sli <iuartera; anil ban it been pressed, would have re silted in the election i f a aottth?en orB'tmtnta'ra lit n man There will Iki a llorcuieau elhirl made daring the next twenty-lour boura U? aecure for 'anka, by husk rr by crook, (seven hits ro,ea I have Jua'. bean in formed that four treinbors have Intlm vd their In'auUon to go for hiui. so that he will run up to 111. Bat it t< extremely d"ub'ful whether he can retain to morrow hla vote in the loat ballot to-day D. NO FURTHER UFRPATOBKiS TO THE (JOVKKNMKNT PROM KAN8AB-EUH0H OF till hT.tTK4K.NT ABOUT MR. I Ps'HAN AN * MUATCBM? THK HPf.ARlSRSUIP ? to HEME N C'E MR- BANKS' FKIKND8. WahjiinotoiV, f?ec. 9, IMS. The R veri n enl hid received nothing further of lni foiUi ir mm 1 imsN up to last evening. Ihi- ? at ems nt an anther itativ !y made to the associated pi< mi al> ut the character of the ceipatcbel frjm Mr. Bu charati, Is n tota in Ala e. Mr. Whce er b'.d received no t oat ructions whatever friui the udn.lnis. ration previous to hla recognition of ef Walker'a government You may relv upon thla. The electioneering late laat nigh', and before the^ session thin morning, was much more active anil dater mlneil than previoua'y. I'c ika has played hia earda well. 7h? favorite rcheine was to run Pennington up today, flrat, to nearly a liundrrd rotra, and Vhua kill hlin off, after war da to tale up Hanks, and etiik vc hint to the end. All forta of trndera have been made to Hanks to induoe litn to give way; but he thinks It la aa well to appoint the commltteea of the House aa to be appointed at the liei d of the teat of them, flrieley 1a rushing about like a man at a fire, with a good prospect of Hue e?a. hanks' fritnda ul imate'y decides) to run him up aa high aa th?y oould at once, without the Intermediate atep of deposing of Pennington. An idea that Camden and Amboy and otb'-r private iatereata are at woik for Pen nington, bus damaged him great'y. The excitement increaaea np cu'af'ona an t calcula tioua ate almost at numerous as the ueu to make th*m. B. EFFORTS TO ELECT MR. BANKS--TUB OFPOAlflO* TO HIM, ETC. Wasiii m v looj. 10, 18 >ft Ily no proceas of figui ing can ps di .ui ra'as Banki' mie over 1'iT. Ntienuous exertion* nib, riiorefnra, be made either to win over more help, or induce certain member" to absent themselves, In order that Banka' pre sent "trength may securo bia triumph. Member* in op position, olhor than ltichardaon'a friends, appear fixed in tleii j recent fii inner a against him. and con?i lerable doubt ie outer talced respecting dank*' u limat* success. OUR WASHINGTON CORRESPONDENCE. WaNUKUTON, Iti-c M, IMS. /?u'iHt Proceeding)?Qrretry in the 1/ihy?Coi?net ItV't f/i Uarnt?Anatyrie nf >h< Oyyotitim?,/iirfji" /'run., of Tbraj?.Vara I Promotion! Sent to the Senate?HoLired Uflicers to the lir*cne?Actum of the Sana I Hoard, if. Wbltat the ?loctrlc wires are communicating lo the noun tiy Hie puce?dii>gs in Congress it should Ire borne in mind that these proceeding* present but the aurface of tblnga in Washington. The scene* that are eme'ed upon the great national a'age heie give but a fa nt dea of what iagoirg ..n behind the curtaina. The e< eoe ahiftera?the wi e | ullera?tl.e means and *pp Uncea?are all kept ut of public view. Could a full exposure be mado of ilieae outaide proceedings, the Ann rtcau people would be -*artltd. A bare allusion to them waa made by Mr. Campbell, of Ohio, wlaaa, ?w* wiibdfssiwg f< -.u cue con leal forbpraker, he said, 'Yd, sir, it la obvloua to me that it ia impoaalbie for my filrnda to aucceed unleaa I take on" of two position- vi/.. silher to repudiate my well known ( isiiion in reference lo slavery and American him, or in some way directly or Indirectly to mate pledges In lefereuce to the org ui/ation of coumllteei which wi ..Id amount to a sacriflc- of .->? If ifeprci ? a my part, and mate me, In my judgment, a fit object for public contempt.'' Here weha.e a hint a'enine of the undercurrents which are ted a.ounl the bails ol our natiompl legislature. Who are the parties w lo 'hue attempts to control Congressional legldatirm b haciug the & mmitteoi torkedr Asg Mr. 'Ireeb y, at present the Black HrioM of th? lobby; perhaps her* tbiow aome light Uf>t n the "ubj ?ct The portly form n' f.'cn. Jatne# Watron W'l b co ild alro be w? moving about lii si) | arte of (be lobby, in'ont upon tb? n'e-t >h?n being waged?icrhapa be ennbl a ts|? unf .Id nhbti would aa.oiih the people. Whit ? y Mo,am. -uinner, Wilion, Weed tail Hal* ami h h'.-'. . o'.hcra irbo lia-e thronged (be lobby dating the bi in(|t The country be# ? light to know, ntul ehoti' m?n<t to know, to wb tin Mr I'ampbell alluded, it it pie 'ge were rc quired m?n won u?nal"e ration* Iferrd th" Iro ibct ot which would h*ie tendered Mr. C. a fit eubject for pnbU' un tempt In my di "patch reeterriny I men'lotted 'he rumor which wa* curreot be ?, that an arrange neat had hero umlt by ahifli Mr, linnkii' role would ( e> run up to 10.1 10-morrow whin eor.uith i.l the ad in I i-tra'Hn men were to a been t 'he melee- to make irt< ro'e n iiibJ .rltyt an I 11- It 'trine Mr Hunt,.' election. Ton rumor, of Coiir.e, ptodi.ceit a gieat "Mr amo ^ ml tar ? i ?? ? -nm" profe* ng ?o believe lha' an arrar.gi rn< ut of the kind n?d tee-? it while other" |e>etuveT> ontradt:tad It. Y >u may baliere 'here wan n i U tie p'r la'lon ?. t wlio would he the ?becotee#. The Northern wing of the ad'ol'd'Tt 'fa 1 rce? ?s- generally ?otpecle.l ?>' cntemplitirig tree-on. and dnir g that In dire tly wbl-h they btdg.i ibo moral courage 1 ff, ' hy a innair and opun ro a I alec pare roil a "alt ulatn it entirely rdta'de, ah'wlng tl at If ill' l.iende .f Mi II iehard-on (74> were true to bim Mr. lit r.ka w?? ee tain 'o be drfrw'wl, a* theie were itj ..lit . lb r mitt wbii h be con. d not gat under any ri.r n. tan- rh>ac 111 T .tea w ull tw a maj ,rtty if tl.e whole ti t? and would conteuuently defeat the ?'ec llr n. Many bare arptened a irprlre it tha rot# of Ju.'ge !w?ne"'f bit wh. IV ugh elected ky the An>"?tem? petty, ha* et?..d.!y v ted fr - the adaaiui't-aUon cas.it ? ate. Though elected a- "fated Judge K la an .lid II,e democrat, and ympettirea t aitlly with tr.e Ame-I-an oarly but lie will newer "Bat a r< 'e rt.r any man w ipy. ma an etju'v :al poaltleo on tb* ela?aiy queatloo. Woe . uir a mum! nail ? ul man, aliy <t democrat from the North or Sooth ran l-eeleete i -pearer by hi" rote be >t ertaln t" leeeiva it; but until than Judge ? ????? w.ll for.liltu ? to throw I.U Tote away aa be Me. p--per I .earn that tt e bi ""ideal i.?, ?eut Into ?he ?*?!?"'# ilit la* oaia promotion" growing <m> of the aetlrn of lha Hat lung Ileal d. When th"?e nominail a- cm* up for action the proceeding* of thl* b a d art I be rij?p?t| up fur InraeUgaliot' and to thi" end thoee olbrere alleite I tiy b e [.rocc'dinga ate concm lat.og a raal amount f lur'a to I mat > pr the euMee t. ? real *urj i e and idoigoatinti are openly eT'tioed la 'nary urcjea at the deci-.ot,* of ? Ida li?rl ur. .?r tha "Kflicniy ami It b publicly pr'd'c'ed that ?'tDlainoii"" will be a" mp?J by the b'nate npon ihelr itnjue* repair' Miny hare "tonal at.I ?!|e<1 at the ruthl" ne-a Injua'ica and uom'll gateiw, ng perpetrated uje ti the jmtrmel t.' our nary, i i< i> fteie ?? ->< 'he prm e-d|nga |? rlaw, d aa o lb ?, tj. aunnlrei antl In TicUtinn of ewrred rlghte The Incep tion of the 1 act waa In the traina ot a lew "f a pha-a la.ca) ?at of the narj having n>. muia ei nob log object tbnii pa.am.al adiai.re.nei t or adrw nge, and that ta> be ga'md by treamn to brother 'ftiuere It# paaaagw through l oi grera w?? Wt'.'.out dim" i"ei?n or Boa'jala, and tu life .gi. it ant a id Itailliet or l*a lug and that p"rlioo "f it Uifq# tl,a? rgi l. ? plHCet" ' n the "rea TTe I Hit," ?C ctr' ing to the rep. rt r.f the lltmr-l and apfiroval of the ITeaident, to be ? toeil'ritde" te further pramotl i but aubjec' to the I.r. era of tb' NaTy IVpgrtment, la tb .uglit to t e no* i nly r.ooaenaical, and If practb ole, uoju-l, but In direct renftiet w ih a cn-tltutb-na p er ga lee the I'r'-rldeot, and an at'empt at |agl-lative riotn i over the Santtta In l'? eotiarftutiunal p iawr to uiadrw exa: i ?ire n'-r ra iona nd all n.nruf It. lite opinion that IV actior. n#th# Hoard ha- been lu Tlrtatbm fine -fghta ot .,ae?l oflcera a. An t rican elllretue?t.. know Uialr acc i ??ta t' u to be be* tl iu tbelr rt-feiK* It .a a*id that the rccretaiy of ir.e b>? ra ma o ef.dtd a rewlew of the whole ?.itje't w (' ngreaa, with a TI?W t.f repalting aiy Wong, wtticb H.uj Itttfe be-n 'u Bleu . up. n men'orl ma ' ffag? K. Wmuiihoii te? 1 1AW. /V-afrlewMnf f'di ?> of 'oevidI flap?It /taeqi far /e-'iampg A'omfn i "A?ffu f'ut .no/ /'rt?nt /' i, . . j ,f (A, *tni? /rtutttrp H'i'-rl? 7A? /'r?vf#nro?; tf inn?"ur /OjHcaa/'g vaU Krjbn.,( Ae ! fatimn'ed In my d "wah4> yeater lay, th# retera e'a'eeman i f Michigan IkK# wiltten Icttefa to a'. na Mat.! ? In tha old Kayafcwia. wtv recently intarr ara *1 blaa aa to whe*h. r ha wculd canneri', ia aara bir r^o ? ment1 ned ecniaection with the I'taeldenay, If I am Igtr.fui y in foi taed (and 1 hare It from ur.doubted au'h dtp i he dl?t u:1iy, bo' ourtoewly dectlnca, pre'-rrt-g to re nale ,n hla p*et#i.t pee.' ' n or Mtaatte of ac I n. and f.llne ing in the f'Olalepa <,f bi# Ulturtrlon# p-adec?aa?ra?'*J buwn, 'day and Webeter?die, aa they ' ' in Umee. Alhlcti'?a hove preetw d up. n blm of la'e and be (ee ti-dbly that ha U fa'ling and that ate the haaar , ua ar." perflating e?r-pe?gn might, In all bumaa praha taitty arrantua - ,n <H<a'enin* the albd'e' time which a kind f'rtt y.tno* baa vouch-a'*d to him, ami which thaa (ar baa teen en full of a e*4a.ne*. and <al*e to the o?ua try. It eannot be ?a.d that 'he leg" euper aim* on the ?'*!> I- '.hi - 9 Qt*. aajact V |h<i the country owe* ** 'cep and I* tf deb*. of gralll l-!e. Though lie may Suva erred ? tinea?who Ira-, not erred??n coming f/i 'I*"1 c urlu u? with refrienca to son;* of tile great que* vona that have agitated. ?m?l tlnus aim >at rc i,*. l?e,S the country, yet in fb? train he h?? Iw n rig. *, *?'< M? rwctrd will vte favorably *iil tbo?a wle Jttiwe goo* before hint. "Iher Is a Ihwlloooe *V;,h ahsttes our ?mlr, rough hew thorn an WO will. * l?e?eral Oaaa la a man or destiny like 0)10* Plate* wn who hive preC" ten hiio, he <an nut lenined to h?anootnp?o' of ttrwt houre situated on a loity eminence oo* the north aide of the trurquil and beautiful I'otoiaaa, w\?re, at thin very moment aiobi'iou au.1 dealt lug pohtiri.'K'1, ot m*agr> ni'aliiuren' are lo"klr g ?i'ft taiter and 1 t.-*dy g*-'?. ho I* aware of thla: snd rathe-than aulTrr hi*"n itn to ? I amin o ahont 00 the liua'tuga, anil (>*-? h rough an 1I10. Ofi'eal w th itn'l'a'a, trouole* an t tUbuli'i ina hn wltbi'rawa from (hi-canvass, hoping to uteri' hit eon i dotation which hi* eminent services for about a ha.f OODtury. Jtisily ileir.and. IbehuHiu or in the various departmen'a hai been rc trta)ed for the last wmk. wsitiog the irginir 1 Ion "t " e House. The Secretariat fe?l In no humor to do anything impaiietitly watehirg t'ongn-aa hoping and praftat that snutgsniya ion may bnellectod.au that tr-elr report*? the labor of the par' yoar~u>ay be *?nt abroad, and tint', the* may reap t.oe riVwd theioof. 'Irioieport whiih will oumm* nd the largo 'tab i? of it tcnrton, will be that of Secretary Qutbrie It 1* an alee mil s\*ti-)-ni*r lite (otper, allowing ma char, luril nd forcible maroor, the preaent highly favora >le lioao oial and commercial condition ot th ? coun ry Th? nil n utesof the Secretary of ? h ? Tree1- iry cuV%t, ait -g"t *er, nearly or (|Uiio eiahty millions of dolUr", tn wnleli (.' -n gr?a will add cooaldi able, which wilt 'out '.oroUore <he pieient plc'bota if turd*. None of tin r0|<orta are In I rfnV and what ir tn, re, tju-y wil n t !>? until ar'er tho Met-nage hea been )i ad, when tht*y will bo laid on the Hpr-'iker'a 'aide and ordered to he nriuted. With regard to tbeconinnta of the forthcin'ln.j M-'a ag-, tho Hnuiji's articl shadowed foith many loading nil lrn[or'atil pi Inta, and It wee suggested by one of the members. fn cede* to ?r .til the bore of listening ?< lb *t tei ioua anr lcnp'hy document, tlrnt the synopsis In the llTH.au) would suffice. In foreign matter* o ir roltti-ois with Knghmd will lioa leading and prominent topic The rilfhrtrllj with I ngland la uol settled, by along way. Al though ? bo hae not made the demanda wlilrli a-nn ? r ?< reapor.dents allege ahe haa vet she evidently haa the old rromier in dure quarter* But he i? too ahrewd in dlpl >? mary to be caught napping He will manage to throw the orerona dune* and ita mode of MrtUemopt. -or minister, Mr llui hanan. who, by hir high tone and gen tlimanly Iwaiiup. command* tho universal respect of the entire Knglb-h government. IR)N. WaanratrroM, IV c. It. lttftft. Upraktr-makfoQ?Th< fTwn"-*? llankt?fuller?Penning ton?,S>v upir Wihon?Vrnhinl Mrmlrrt, rfv., Ji. Many ol Mr. Han a friend a >ald, before they com nionead rucnii g h m In earnoat yt-aUrday, that when I e ahould he ntice up, hey would click to him to llie I net. Tho fact 1bal hv wan fin met ly a democrat, l.r a 1 lei bled advantage w h'cli ho p< i-eeeai s over Pampbeil. The ri I ublicane, a arge portion of tb*ui, regard the whig party aa to dead that evon the odor of it ia to be avoided. Uainpltell po?ae->e? a boat rf ardent ftiontla. bu1 bl* tea' and aotiv ly In tbe ?ervleo of the wb g party weigh ogaitot him now . I tail a > u a man too co'.d to b? impru-lent, an 1 too cun ning ai d ambitious to fall where another with the eatne oj | rtuiilty might aiioc* ed. Tbe eweot perfume I demo ciaty 111 ngbs with his Know Nothing and republican attribute)-, art*, he i* ti e flret choice, I ahould think be j nd quertitn, of tr.ore monibers than any ether candi date of the opp< feilion. ome of the i'mnaylvania dekgall in are raking up a ft re trade vote, aa they regard it, which he gave pome time, tut that ia generally regarded as a rotteu peg to hang their oppoai inn cm. The I'onrrylranians lieve shown great detnrniiuatlon to hold on to fuller troin the bey' ning. ft e Flat" feeling leenis to go a great nay with 1 om. They prefer one of their t vn number, ?\en If lir ia not quite so gou-t. i t.ey bave txd'od duwu their Amerloao i?wne to I'enti-yI-*? tan laui a ci nrentrateo ntgai'. of the original arttrlw. Morw ver t.h,-y ptefcr, if they cannot nave a mm from their pwp*e^ to cor.e the naaroet to It gisetble. ?? thr-y irwik to New Jer?e?, rather Hah '?hlo An I tolrg-spbed yon, P-nringbn, without much per il nal streugtu to begin wub, puttered a g-eal ilea! from a t a or wliu b war set sllcat that he Oamdon and Awboy ('< nipany a:o tuteieatt"! In hi* mrc-m The rum ir ev tin' ed tn o i-i * private lulereeta, and a great deel of so plcli n. wh Ih justly or unjuiiiv, atta :ln d Pi the opera tin* if Mr MnUeson, or New York whoee nune was ci upled ?|ih varii u prlvnie eaP-rpiiioi?at1 which nut tei* t ige her were a dead weight which I'eriningtuu hardly r.eeod to break him -'own, tli iugb without llienr, P -rfr ps, he had aome chance. I ulli-i la the flr- t iholceof but very few, and I'cnuiog tun of fsi lera thai ft an k a Still it I* ari nploJou nut yet urliei* iljr rellnqnt-hed that iuller or I'-numgton will Itiinalili b?- electid II I* ger erally eoncieted that '.en. t ullorn will be tbe aurcer*tul candidate fur cb tk. Tli" republicans take him op w ith waun'h iod 1 ay that ?? whole *00air 1 Southerari 1,-aleii.v* [ te -tab)" ton No theru dough fa,;# ri Milan?, or MaeeaChoaotta, tin* brail ijuite ill front t ;>? "th rt? of m *e-e pain In II- fa"1 It ariotratet bla lad la too I -I n.gth ci> i'i tin j 11 at b' falnle t in he bath ri"im, ihd In) tor ? I' ll* Una ttiiw nrlti''' It: it I irlble <i. 1 beautl il Illu*tratb>a i f tin work r>g o* our fr< ? til'ti'ull'ii. that Manrtch pi",id ?? bo la of h?r weltli and hor ""Ibague- iarid? bore * a ? andb'tle for -pealei oi the Boon of Rep r "COO te tie# * I 111" I mint CUlM, n K'mlu*!" of DM "f I,or leine'l rrarbinr >b< |? It <1 k lending r, en, he- of tho J#'iete w>i ? giaduetad hut * few jeer- itrir" at one of her ?hoe -hop*. Wtli-oi, l? really a Tory abii tran ta in cltvU an i a *r ch at hif- e?M' a* wheo he *a? a Mtnplo "itkk ooti bier," an'l to more likely to bo I'reil'nt if the lotted tat-- than any "tit ati'i ?o-rnjr man now before th" public Ifc l? i it'in crat, a "Healer 'or i?'e rifiU, a until of CI myraliena'Te rO?t of n, I, I ml 'haisitrr end w tni-t Itehly bound to become highly ro pe "it arel per ' i -II) pi polai at the m uto ?* wall a* Nor h. lb"i" mr erttue Be* uamlrn in th" pn ant ll u-? b" wruld h- great g- In*r? If thry could r i rig" naturae ? i'h tbo rhamele e, and only i)pe r |i" wit i. fi tting B grt'00 ? bjeete. I obtoried on" yerteiday n Jfcrtng wi'h th* ' hi ept lf-won en In tho ' rpit"l, 'idling her that ihrre renfa wa>?"'gnod grfcrtoua''?to uao bla tbrwl oaclarr aib.il an "aoful prior I i an apple, m.d making tn.lig appeal to hor trrd-r b aotn to aell him two ii .11 ora fur three rrn'e. a< it waa ail th" rnney 'hat 1 e had U. A PPO iNTtrUTTH HY THE PHKHfpBNT. It A all a TH lit* /ill! .'r i all KiV-* r to TliarNXTX .l irna Ih.nlcp ftb" fMatilci "f Columbia, t. Iie'lilet ' lu'pi o' 'bo Ctreuil Culll tf till lulled !. r alii i- i Ic V\ 1311arn V tfi-rrl k of the fdatrfct of ''rdoiiibta. to be A>'? r a'e Judge ,.f ih# f lrruit Tourt of the 1'ni ad ,-lati-r f "b" raid diabrbrf. ta tbr place of Jair" I'unl'p. J"1 n h f'erham'<? I* otiiT??or and Ion?<? r of tb? lie von e for ibi port of . uin' le In th" -ta ? ? i||t on'ir he aulh'olty g TOO In tho ? t?;pr Ted M%tr! 3 l?6? Jnhr li I arlmin ."tirrryor <f the Cue'"in at Colombo d tho ?' ate < f 4 ? i-rippi. Marino Affaire. LAlfKCfl <11 inn KTKkM till' ViHBKIIMlT. At " i iit eight orbek yr-ti rdaym rnleg p* ? ; la be gnu to anetiih.e In Mr Kmine i. ? eb pyard, at iareort ?4a*, t" wltw m tho launch of the mam tb eVem-hlp i'aodrfbCt ai d t>y nine, the h tr apf lot, I 'or tV .ati'h I 'eke plat", from four to fire tb' mo ad p" <>ne na'l rutigrr,rated to the yard end adj linng bite ? ? nifuM to rao the nrble ?"? ?l take In r In* pi r.ge |np. be ea'era of tbe I art rtoi-r. Ain' t.g tno-" pri-wnf ere Omvdoro \an4er>Ut and faudly, OiUorernor eyinner and lady a* Mayor W"-tetTeli. (Vanatailei an * and a large atimhor of ladlaa, ir.ma f vh m WW0 ii b ard th* ?*??mor. It had got bei c an'icfpatad thai -? nany per* ua would lie praeent to nltreae the la >neb on uch a cold elr dy more ng If It ' uld bare taken pU-? in tf e mtd 'lo of tho day, probably ton th maaod would h?T" i/or n pren-nt. It wao nearly had p - t nta' olier, lh" I mat h oek waa knocked away which leorg iwinanaaaa led the VaoderblH g acefully glided from t'? plana <A her ratlelfy, amid the ahonfa and kumr of the arret blag a and tho b<>'n.lag of cannon, an in a brw poib-l hedrwrpt half way aernoe the ffrer where rha ?a? brongh' up by on# of her anchor- It eaa aiirJ.boi by all to Ih* a mnwt bo*' tlfuJ and urc*eafui Ii in- h. The t aadarhllt waa fmwiedtaiely fefler her nn it rl-m fakrn Lb be by r- ur a loam tug- *rd ty them gv ed to the M? w V"?k Halaoco lick ''i.nipanr * new dooh at 'Ire trot <4 Market atr'ct, fall ii*er, ?!*" " ah# oa* ag?*n gently b it Irraaiatibly aeiara'Ori fmn the em .rvn ? i f Id Neptone If la dead b ? iomain may br raid to ? . i?nd to tbo Faet Heer. Tbo aoro ml tkcdity ? j, which -ha no" lift- d from the water by ib? p ? > waa tor I' ?" / kod illdta i the adi Ira'b.r, f al Wh w,'r,oa*wl I , rfce aid ba eopperod wfcua la tha doc* aarl ?,1! tIt'll '? taken to i|^ fuet tf I cbtar etreo whe-e ah# t.ll re ??!?? her hotlere and rngtaae Tha "lanenatowa of tho Yaado"VM are a? ' 4iowa ?l a ' rear# bngth a-d at fh -a er ta L?fa. ? b eai th Of bokn: 'e#? doptl, < f b II 3i '??? K ,e Ii : 100tone rarp*.ii*ra n aaure-i.>r, o- a"ut *'40 Pia eaa km to haft twa anglnae eetiwiahkl at a?*ool I 700 hoera pnaer 1 be -yp .Aorta ' b" *0 I' hmm >a dU a? ?r ? ?, d Olll weigh |f ?/(,? a%rb la rha" will hm M Ii '' ?? Ir. dtaar-' tr r, and tha p "be M -4* whf It rup;. rt n wl I weigh & intra aaab I here w.'l >?- 'mar Iml i rr r-ilat- SO f-ot <n i?agt? . lar.f* Ic width a ad 11 i? t h'l h, rHf k f.| 'O 'or,a ra?k tMr'. ?? IS 'mr kwrh* ban 't"e br 1 ding 'oe the ' U etrnoMW Ni ^gtra liar wbooU ara U>tm ti feed la diaaae> am! nai* A wr ugbi Ii i. He faco W the padrller ?ii. be It ? -1 ang v.et ?- rwi I Mrid th* Ana re Veiu, aro v, foiwlah har rigiiwn aao otacbimar/ and d nn u , '?+ -vs Wl> l*Mllln. AMERICAN NOJINATION TO TIIK NATIONAL UONYEN now. ' The Aiuerltu.i Hontenlimi of the Third (ongr?ilunal lot root *t H410 l??t evaolnp. Thli oonvwti Hon wa* o< mpoac I of tl>* Fourth, HUtb Tenth and Four teenth war-la?K->b*-rt Beatty Jr., of the Fourth ward, rbalrn,*o. On the thin flt.t ballot. KoMrl lt**tty. Jr., woe elected de'egate to ihe National N?iiiln*<hii( Conen Hon KubcWuueatly tt. H. V?n ltit.er, ..f the teutn ward, ar.it W. 8 Wood, of the Fourteoi'.h ward, were ".rete*I ?ItMMtN, ( HAND Kai I.WAT CKLKIOUTtio in Canada We lure iroe red an invitation from ' The Mayor and atttrau* a Torrntu,"C. W., to join them in >?? ebr ?itng th* ? p* nu( of the Ti ronto and Hamilton Railway, a* follow..? TORONTO RAILWAY OKI.HBRATJO*. J. O. I knni.it, hrk;.:? 8iu?To celebrate itn event en important a" the cornple tlnu of direct railway communication betwaeu the rtpiul i>f ( enadn and the I i?r We?i, whl:l> ha* now !>een wffajtwd ?7 'he oj?mug of the Hamilton an 1 Tor int.> It.il way, th* ritiren?of Toronto hare propoaeit certain fe?Urttt** her* tithe 'AH !i iiotaiit, and tlw honor of your 1"mi ynny la ? ? liclied Ty the onclotod. Arrangeoouita bar* heeu made al'li the dllferent railway coup-inlet In Canada Went, whereby g ,oi.t*, ou exhibiting the .tarda nent them, will ? e paired irer of . lis-go an r the root a of tb?-i" r in panic, in coming to and returning Iront thl* etty. T)ie iuvt r fan er.ily iunwnr ie p*rl|cu!irly re,pie.led 1 hiVW the honor to lie, air, your obe.llani ?irr.nl K tt. Rl'THKlUfiKti, Saeratarv. Toronto, I ec 7 18f ft. Am lite eucloaure*, tw mtifully engraved copper plate card., were a* follow. :? TORONTO RAILWAY OXt.EIIRATION. [Vignit e of llie goddca. 'i re., aurroitnded hy agri cultural ptoduct*, implement* tnechanieal, railway train, bridge and <an?. in the tii?tance.J The May r and oilltcn. ol Toronto re-jio?t the honor of Mr. .1 I.. liennaitt'a c< lopani at a >f<o? uner on Tliui. day, th>* iOth oflwreuiber, *t It) o'rlw.V P M. ? II. W Al.l.AN Mayoi. F. 11. KctiimoniHIi, Secretary. TORONTO IIAILWA1 t Kl.KIUi ATION 11 AI L. [Vlgnatie of a nil ?ay train J li e Mayor mid idtlneua of Toronto re tor-V the hoimr of vlr .1 linn i n Menneti en.I b-dy'. company at * ML on Thursday, the Ullth jf Ianenilier, at W o'clock I'. M. 0. W Aid.AN, Mn/oi. F II. RmiKuroHii, Secrelary. Aho, the whole Waring tliP *eal of the city of Toronto, with the aim. and motto, liidnatiy, Integrity, Intel ligriice." F'rt.m tin re elegant pvppBr.tiou*, we hare no d uht that thl* moat Important eieut In the Idctory of Toronto, ntei (tidied of ail Canada, will be iuly celebrated, and we hope that large delegation, from Hip I'nl'ed ""ate* will participate in the fe.liritiee Steam and elec'rljlty have a ready united a- to I made in in.il.mlultle bald*. Apiukntiit flvwmt roil tin Cmt*i> Wiiw M?? iiant 8nn ii tt.?The dllliciilty of j>f< cuiing g.iod American **? men for our uierrant.ii iiwiine, bin I >ug o'Otipied the n'tentlon of ilupplag owner*. hffeaUve native ?amen aie co -cai -e th?t titer ran only be obtained In th ? rutin of two to .veiy bundled no n employed. Ill" c->n.e qoetcei*, thnt we are almo.t entltaiy ilepen l*n' oo |o reign, r. foi the outlining of our \e?re!??a *lale of thing, which, in time ut war, might *?riuu*iy operate again, our IntrieA'a. A ?h"i1 tinie ago the notice ol th" pub.'" wai loretbly >' iccte*! to the wuhjoct by nu abl<. pamp let pubinihed by Mr. John W. t>oU, of Uuiliog alip, ? g> ntle man who*? thorough practical ac iuaio'ao.-e wi'Ji the eulject entitle* hl.i recoremendation. to attention. 8ioce then, a bill ha* bten intioduced In Cmigrec l>y the lion. It. bi. 1 inton, riubt dyuig Or. Uou> . lea- .ng >ug g Rti' D*. and from the re>) (eo*r*l .upport wbi-h it ha* mot with fi. m all ci* Ae. of the metcanVite i. ramunity, there are griund* loi hoping Uiat It wtll pac. iuIo a law. Thi. tnea.urr reuder* t obligatory ..u ail >ea going re. tela t.1 kiep a certair nutiber of apprentine* io propor tuiu to Uvair tuauaga. l ower u gtvaa u. the rotnmU ro net te ba appututed omler the ?ct, to apprwnUea roa'e odio rc avi iyng to re co apprenticed, With the cocent of tbiir mtiur?I guardian or guwidKn, Amp.e p. ,vi clou Ic a ade f'-r the Irctiurlh o of apprentice* In navlga lion, ce*u)-?n?!ilp and the ordinary liranrlic* i.f * ? nod Fi glich education; and during their cootinoance la noil, ihelr Irnfrrrtion I* to W .uhjo.l I the approval of wad to l?e under tie direction of tb* r>.eiml<*iouer Tbw titer )rf'iou? f the ?et iei.le to the proper roaiut.. i,nice, Hie !rg*l control ami th" ? ?lgnne'iit of a; pren lit re, wbil h art all regnittt' ! by Irlr r ot cla ? If H e bill )h"ul I > ajc rnutilatlori in it* p* age through l ogiec". it will provide ii. In the collr-e of tt,? neil tweiit? ic.r. with * h?'g* Ih- j itf yo .og, ta[*ble and In roughly ln?tru?ted Aioencan cai .? n Tiik Nk? < *?'T 4f Bt hto%V -<"jr.lru-nt* und f/ih*r Iwpr'?rwm ntn N ? n mwh' in th?* A.aftrt r?Q (liny .f ' KiIip !'r*1#fV'*? " ?i*<l I* i? ri??w run v * i nj?rr) if?<t ? j roup c?r**r. Thwn* 1* ?#rt?mJjr in rh fun in ih' j 1' r*K Mid rrri*l?VraH'? <>ri# nnllty I* 4* Ttl-j-fv! n Hm foiri fction of fh* *h4r.tr" I- It will !<? am* t.tfor* r#? ? rt?>th?r pro-! th?n with (he mr>?* him iint (1 n#w ftii'l t-c??u ti*?a <inim*t/u j*r fi r *M- Burt' i, fjkhihi'l' fl #f i r:? ' w r llf* *nd in umihI with fh;? g*nttem*a, * imw-ilngl iiiw Wfctlwn on tbn nt'urf nf p* t ? ? *i*l it ut *r*<l lb * ftflo# of i-f igiftrn* th/tt f? I wnJ with th?* an <r>n?f and iif*w ?! ?n b ut* of 'ia|bl?r. IIU r?n ?!n:llity4t? to ^hf M of th" trharrh ?nd th* diMnbi.ti r of -icktl* 1t* imiiw and r?Mrti*w in >><*)? ;.f?, l? *i.# 'linim of admiration Tt<- Kh(| Jmi i" ? iiKtT.iij amuiii <i and 1# ?*W " ftli wiig In. . ? 'Kin* lit ll Vltt i)iom4 1(4 win *"|i I line or t?-> I |tm ).#?? li##n mad# In Ui' r.-'. that mn?t I npfitt 1 ?? t.?4*1.r if lUlJur Hi# 11 (.? ? . ?.i.ilf ??? unt ? ii ? to tbf w n.ndy, ?? o ?<? J act#.; Vim IIurIi a. now i? in ? l.ir |i..?nrfu ?? I la I U> part# ? L.I Mr. I jolt f? iiim vM fr-m a |- . , i n In wlil n L? null' To atlrr.pt in ?i v? th# author, lb* Inanai rr. r Mtri?< If ' t'ni## I'mtT.'#a" I* iw* a '.am n /. .,????# ? I,! ' .. will ?' 1 ? no l?i'K*> i l*h''7 ??' .fl <ud i'nidlf ?( h# f'nlia* of ' lloib . i ?? ' f '? ! i. f Hullrr I oil lll|{rm ' . tltn r or a i'ot roilman i it?Kii. fi trim a ai-i.t I Ml TWO rULIi;tM1N AMP A nil I lElVMi. no Wondap Mr M*a iM 1 ? nn# I ' inbtnana 'ii to ?h# TUrt) ti rtb ?; ilH? t. an I I'Iwar ! I'atrif md, on# I L ? it ? ad. ha<l a j indention * a "*' '* * ?#' ?Irt# f tb#'M/ al ? ? ?#'.?d ralli#r m.aal -'a it 1"jr huth of 'Win t?o pi.il in n ai.il a ha k ijr(v#i I* .??in 'bat th# t? f i.H' ml'rr l"itig #-i .hat town f ir #t#ral I. n ?. an4 ? f? ?? h> ri|f takl-D 1/nlrj #11 Ilk* ?" 11 rj i hi in' In 'lialr n# i# got Into a Willi- n ?1'h *h. HHlir if Ut U'k la ?M#h ttrj worn ?L 14 1 ? Mow:. * nin # 1 bo fiit'iaAihrll ll.at thai at ? u#a a ??#??' ?' T>.? n- '?# '? i?'#-|Oii.' N| 11 iht# ? ,-? ? 1 1 iwtu < ,. H-? ?#a KIfk ami llaul i if ??.? T?ilfi?a'|. ? ?f! t<> ha.i#a to th# ?##n# of aialM ?a4 IB# ' it" ?t .-a'lat 'h < n >!>? I'maii 1 a I.tin t ? ni bwl 1 ii 1 li'tr pui.i't out a t ii.- h af t.i ha'i ? nt I 1 . aaa hi. ? ? ' Tb? la.t nam' : ' ti iu ?#? a ? "i 'ar ?tat#m#Bi a* In manaar In aat#h h* *w iraai#* it.- aijii# ti'Mtn that th? (MarllMa b?ft#l him ?*t.ra tin## m *h# la..- #lth bt# L.-ao TTi# t? ? ?r? tttlit arrtat#^, ?' '1 j##t?n* ij Ja.i.a# i^ot -1 # 1' aariii #i *oi #11 in tb# n. LMl ,1 #? H n. lalat of aaaaaM ar.A tm"?rT, lh?'? hair# thra# ' ? ftnlaia, a?4 hi# ' nif ?ui. l m t->. In at.?M I >r M-iu ut t ifary 1. (h# La#b r ??i M M4 I vtMf " ?' 't o ii. ? rift t#?oal*# b- a' io#M f ? it.# ? ??" T ?w'lam -t. ?l,.n i,ii?-1h!.#4 Bj t. a maj.^ ?la In labia ui a> r'jt.t if# atW a. nai-t tbnt la hat an iwilltTllf/fi ' 1 ?? irg MWlat Jtar <f Ui# w .J alaan A MM EOT OP A HOPT ?ID it'll 'I. EOEBKE. J- ha t 11*11'" a 'bar# 'J> a?|; m#.wn to tl.a p 11a ? a# 4*1#'Ud oa an .'4aj n.ataf In th# a/t -4 ?? nr th# I. U" fl# "i#n I i" '.'.War ' ? ib ? a.'h at at 111 aatttiif )t*'lrf whirl, h# ba/l atoW-n i m II# a*, i.'.'ii"! Vp ?*### M?rtta a?l l? <!??. nif th# f. w" ' IwCntfl, a. ti# wan Wn?1np 'a# f ont ?tenp aba Ma| tat'i f bl# '?>?'a~? '?# iaA.a( t' r??.a'i",?/t ll? bl o.i| .'in t?#l WmWl H# P" f* f. If^rlli"' a '.t. a lot-f ?.i#''i. i#f. iwl fitt#l a a# an# 1 a haifbi. n hW IW l?? ? n * fin a Jai' ## ' ? ai# ' r ?#i t W. .at ?? p VI *./ii^'I I, . .,##??! ?f balaf nnnof ? 1 failla. who " aa'lp aa i#?#.t ?a<l latitt ##*.iwf UHilat la ta# lift u a??t ? Ift??*>!& mmi?T or ** Ait.mt.D WHTtrr. rw>? /intra. A n?n MaMitiro| ??< ar r..i?4 l?y i?a?f I? tHm/Ur l?l? tfca l//?n IU-* r- <:)( ??' IJ??' ?>?*?f. ?( ?k* rl.i ,wt * '? ' f ? '?-? !!?'''? S wMkj aV?~ II I* illif ' )? ?Wal4M ftovi ? >rlk o< Milk >,j f?|? i(,4 f a..' i'?el '*"?? '*? * "?? ?* M-tUr It.f ?itf * *u>f ?M <wi 4 ?W '4l? J?'f 'fj ll,. I ll* ? **" v..,r?-?i u, ?.? ?-?r J? .<?? ???-. L? ?w ;wU 4i; 'un Wit 1? ll.atM tt* tiintn lotDrimi 1?1 MMMl ' ?4?r ?r'hrtM ?*! IV at I k*4* ii .Itrtr-H ?? >tuA*f d|M 10 >ti?t 14 tkt* p*-at> ? 4? ?? Ai.?* Burr It rliiiM H?*l **4 * Ir'itf r*yl?*4 -?? ?# 'Mar *larlarfa4 ? p?tv4 it tl. |k,|<r 1*1 H"*l k? tin. '?? !? W Int1*/ la I|k? <?f <>4'0f faUlu wf l|a 11(4 ?? 4 ^Ixa W^lac M ?foot, t+p* ?}+*. U, !it (/?,**# mu-1 trr?i <*4 ? Hit n w'0t' ? ??a|?l ?? -Tin# ? '!? turn 14* t*al?? <> h> :t ??? '**?? M4na /?**!?? i iaa?j| i?-4 im*. ?liti*4 ? ?v4a--.lt 4 tl w? Mi t*r truJ II* ai'^M (Ml tv.rt ??! 1W r*? *jfi '.?? J -V4. ^ ,| a. *-"? Z~4. 'J T 11 F LATEST NEWS# BV ELECTRIC ANO PRINTING TELCGAAPHS. Two Wtiki Ui|i>r from CkUloiMta. akhjv ai. or tiii. rtumrrnitia at n?w i?utaa N?? ilMJUMi, lire. 0, MM. lit* atoamatup I'roaMUiaua h,a Airir*J at lAn poi, Willi I aliloiii'A (lata# l<> ill* ?()? h Kit. ? Hi* ataam?litp Northern light lull I'unta Aran** Mr New Yin k on l ha ? loal , with ib >ut UbU,0lU la .pacta. Tim rtoiiinthioui d* irwrwd th* California ur?< bl Nerr Inlwau/, In I*m Ibau m r*tn**ii uy? from Han Kronolaeo Unttr.l lit litre M?prarae Caait. Wamumitom, Ik* 19, 1AM 'n** 1AA ?Manilla) lluwoll *1 al, plain >IV< In errec rr. l.eorg* Htapar ai al 1 rror to 1>'atrial Uwrt fbr Ida. trtct of IV,a On mo Hon of II .gh*a, for 4. endant, Vh wilt of ?rtor ?n docket*'! and iII>uiIm4 with ooata. Ca.? N'n. 140.?Jtwborah llai.il ,l al, ?a. Hunual II. Tar nar, b an a. Ktrur to Circuit Cnuit lot lutilrt .4 Irw J?r?rj. ?'u moil, n u( IVnningt n. for ilr'rn W, M writ of arrur ?u docketpd and <IIiidiIm.iI with cwta Car* A.?Wm. C. A'traUn, ediatiii.trator of Natflah Call I on ton, ??. 8. II. I'ratt, rlaluiant of hr% Am. (JL 1'iatt. Hia aigumwot In thi? ra,r waa .lonlluaad by Mr. K*m ndm for .ippallio and onucituiad li) llowa fur ap pellant Cam, 10and 11. ? Th.- C. Wllaon *t al, ua* of iiaaaa klotnnl I nan r a una Company, appailaute, ??? lli# tlaamar 1'aln.i ttu ar.d II. .t llartluf at al, ua* of aaina -onpeep, Ta. M.atnar I'almwtto. Hi* erguim nt of th*#c ruu*e wae comintnord by Majer, lor ipprliaut*. >1II11 la l|ial Kirrt'oiia In Maaaiu'huertta. Iharrok, Ik* 111, 1 MA. imr Mun'clpo' rlrrUou to day ra.uited in Urn trlaaapfe of lie Citlarn*' Crk*t foi Mayor, nltli a bug* way irtty 4t Hi* Aknrui'ii and Common Council. Th* rot* for M.yoa atui <la?Alraaiidrr II HI** (Cllln na'cairlldal*), T,3ft4f I'r. N. 11 Hburtltfl, ( Vnintean) f.,450 Htia -Truing <be tiiumphof tb* 1 It la* a. tlck*t U ?lgnaiir*d li/ a prooaa moo, inualo, banm t?, A:. l oiimi Han. in, I MM. In. KlUlia Huntington tb* Clinana' candidate Inr Majri.r. la alacti-d by H<ai plurality Th* < ntiia ttlnfaT t|rl.*t for Ald*rui*o, Council awn and Hebool 'oinnMa ?loin rn I* ? lei 'I'd. Wna< aatKH Ik* 10, IMA. lit* Cl'.Uana' ti. k*' I r Mayor and Ald*rm*n ta aluuAat )>y 1,0 plurality. Hon. laaa- larla U tha Mayor niacA. Nrnm atmnr Ik*. 10, 1AM. Hi* an'i Ani*rirana hai* *l*?l*d Cuablnf for Mayor hp about Kb plurality, '"iiaA" r with tour of tb* all Aldar m. n and two-'lilrda of th* Conun oi I .inbrll. Abort 1,000 tota* w*r. poll-I ?>t?aat.r to n l.ak< I'r.i|K'II*i?Tb* Wralbaa at liiiffiilo. Hi train, I lac. ID, 1 AM. H.<. -ir..p*il*r T. !?'do, from lop-do, hound In thla dly, la aah. r al (1*?*l*nd ll?r . a'g ., ronalatlap af cam ia hanly ilaoupi hot Ih* ??m*I la only aiighUy ?? jur*d. It bar b**n v*iy r Id and * Indy her* all day, and <aor haa Juat tommaniad fading. IHatinr linn oI llallroad Hiopi rt 7 by CoaTll?D, H?* 10 1AM. Hi ratal *it*n.lr* Wool abada ,ud oiliai hulbtlapa aA lb* Dan?U!i junction of th* (brand Trunk KaltmaA Coat pany w*r* d*?troy*d hy Ore on Hatwiday ui(bt laaa aU.ut lr 0> 0?*'|oal)y dlrid#! h*ta**n tba tuanl Traah and Ilia Audrrac #?'" *nd Knon*l?a* inllr'iad roaapanAee. TU* Wi-alhrr In Mndiui. Dnarn, l?ac. W, 1AM lha atr.itn and ??!# f y*at*rday ?a. <ary a*r*ra bate, but. a* t*t. ?? b*ar ol no aaitou. an.?d* to vli* hlpytap on tb* -oaat ?Arhrlt. FBILAOBI. "If IA rT??( A Autlin. PmiAl.rtrii ?, !??* 10 1AM (kaalr-t 'y IVnt.,ylr,ni '?< ?? llr*. *11, IWlkw K l.laa I It ill .a I I-'1, M " '?* ? anai. I'.lln ? l 14lAii.a Irlaad li.ltr latj; l'afinayIroBfa |tAllr<ad, 4k Tl?* K??.lr?r? Trau*a?p. ot m uriiiAi. lOhHi riikOkki-a. < lit In ?*i>, I. I ut |w. 10, |?At ,t dur In th' W'V of lAr /a.l , i? A /W </ //? won / >|A /ouad on /f ord '? ? T-,i '?TV Aatrrd 'btAr "?.r I,ni. ,]?(. *. t i ilu .V /'iii. n J*. .1, , 4r. A id ia'b?r in lii.j? itirit laatara, awl mmrn that ?ii) *?c'i i nli protmbilit/ to rlmr up tin- in/ataay that no i in IL? F* ? <>1 ib" *(''*10 anal iiiatn of Ibn ll lbl'.. - licutM hnlui. Im Iu?l Imij ma I* by thyt. 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