11 Aralık 1855 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 2

11 Aralık 1855 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 2
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THE LEMSLATITI POLICE COIHTfEB. ???.1?.Mn of Mr. Bessie, Agcntof the Hew Ywk Prison A?octwtlon ? Mr. Edward Pi..kmm-C?pt. Uo iard, and Mr. Gray, Keeper of the City Prlaen ? Partner Oh. eleearee of Criminal Abnaea, dte., die. The Committee of the Legislature, appointed to luvee tigate the abuse* existing in the polio* system of Mew Ye/k sod Brooklyn, met yesterday lu the City Hall, and examined several witnesses- All the members were pre eent, consisting of Senators Croebyg(chairman), and Hop kins, and Assemblymen Baker, Stuyvesant and O'Keefc. The first witness examined was Abraham Beale, agent ?f the New York Prison Association, whose tes imony was not concluded on the last day of the investigation. Mr. Crosby asked him if he would continue his|te.sUmony tn regard to abuses that he knew to exist. ? I am afraid, said Mr. B. In reply, to answer any questions with that perspicuity that I would desire. In lookiag over the newspapers, I see hat half of what I said is latorreetly reported; one paper stated That in my opinion Judges should be elerted sad not appointed, white a second says I stated that they should be appointed and not elected: another, that 1 said, under a solemn oath, I had seen magistrates drank on the bench, an<l another again that prisoners could wot ceun lef t rs out of the prison without the aid of the kee.i et, who should be fwed; this system of reporting will de stroy my efficiency?will utterly annihilate my use tulce-ui. Mr. Crosby.?1 understood, when the question was put to youDid you ever see a magistrate drunk ou the bench)" that you answered yea. Mr. Beale.?I did, sir. Mr. Crosby ?Then it is so reported. Mr. Stuy vesant.?Would you h ive any objections to giviDg the name of the lawyer relerred to in the cate re pored, iu which be obtained money from a poor woman, under pretence of getting her husband from Biuckwell's bland? A if it is any sat Ufar.tlon to t be gen > leuien, 1 inigh t ?ay it is not Friday, nor Saturday, nor Sunday; I am in the habit of visiting the city prUou; the sexes are so sepa rated there that no improper conduct can take place; sometimes young piisonei8 are placed in oiut stuy wi U aider offen> crs; on last Saturday 1 saw seventeen boy* tn ctie cell, and'ihey were alio vert the free use of tobacco and piper; some were put in lor burglary, some for petty larceny,and vouie for as.-ault and battery; some boy-, are allowed better furuituie in thilr room*; I know ot a hoy who was taken up an a witness, named Gorge Hath away, who has been to prison fifteen day- in ihfiiit of ?it# bei ; be has had no opportunities to clean Himself, anil has been without soap or towel or clean shirt during that time, and has in all probahi.ity lost hi* situ itino; th* n.sgistrute knew at the time he committed him to pre on In never could furnish the bail; 1 nave never i e que ted a mugistiate to lo >ve a ea.o in my charge or lo west igution; 1 have never ku-ovu of ? ca-o in wtdob au officer tuok a war -ant for assault and aa'tery datirg the buy, and neglected to none i'. a re 'kg i o parly at night, and de'atning him tiom his family iu the station bouse, I have never known ot a case of a priit-Juer having been cismiaeed without examination; I ham ncvei known ot a prisoner bring kept in lib' .Sixth wa- d ?to. ion bome some u.tys befrrc ixamtOsiion. Mr htuyvci-ant stated here, 'hat wuite at tho l'ui'm fcfundsy morning, he saw a parly temporarily con mitt ri ler di i nker iu -- pay the Hi e, before the exaaiusu id, t > to* keeper of tin- prison, and oe ? i charged. Mr. Beale said be desUeo tomifke a few observ .tior.s o > the system of prison discipline, and tbe necessity of m ik tag prison refoimatloas. llr. f ro-by said, fill they wanted to know at pn sool was about the city prison. Mr. Beale proceeded to remark that on Frl tty last h ? was on Blerkwell's Island, when atioit forty prl-ono. ? told hlin that they could get oil the island for a lit i. money-the Ice for a lawyur raug'ng from to $26? and that a man called "l'orgio Joo," sail to have been a constable, vas in the habit of vbiting the island and taki-:/ off ten or mn* erigoiieiB a wtek; be itNe celled ou Mr. koll igg ? know how it. was doue, wteu Mr. K. in formed hiinj'hat lie old net know unless it a us by a haVocs corpus; he afterwvide called upon the I istrict Aft ra>y, ana was told '.hat such c induct would uot bo all -w -1 la future, for that ho him elf should put a stop to i<. Mr Hopkins'?Is l'oigfc .Ice u con.-tuiii? now;' Mr. I'.en'r?J believe not. This closed Mr. Beule's evidence, and the nexi tvitnurs ??Med ? as ?dmond Hlunkroau, who testified as follows;?I am u Mwj er; I know of some abuse* in criminal jurisprn d?uce;a 'arge number of 'emales who vrsre at rested by the order ct the Mayor, charged v.i th beeing s'reet wwlkers; they were taken up one night; I was applied to the next moridt g by some ot their friends or fce-ntwrs of their fart ilies; the persons who applied to me baring ?toted under oath that some of tho females were highly respectsble. and not street wa kers, I, in accordance wrtth their request, npplied to the lUiccnlei of u\e city la one cute lor a silt of habras cot pus; I did this on the petition of the sister and iinaban:; on a representation of the facts and a defect In the r?c >rd of commitment she was promptly dt-a barged by the R-ssoriier; on another occasion, a itsy or two alter, 1 wv agaiu applied t > frr a aiwdlar applicatlcn iu bchalr of a female wtco, if a p >"t r - ed from a statement made to n.e under o r h, had g-me out between the houra or 8 and M in tho ov.-uUg for tiie purpose of proeurlog medicine for a member of a f .mily W) o wfcs ill-while atje was on the way troui th-; drug ?tore, with the medicine in her hand, she mis aeons ed by an officer, and arrested as a street-walker, aud taken to the Mayor's office, where she was committ. d to pr t - in Is that particular care I was o' liged to apply for a writ, cf halriis corpus and a w rit of certiorari, for mar the wri1 ?bight bo properly made nut: my application was argued before Justice Roosevelt ou-i the rv. iuan was diBch trged ?o the certiorari; on the morning of ber di rh-vge there wore some thirty or forty ca-eg of a sim'lsr kind a gtied before Justice Jtoosivolt, aud all the piarlies wc >? is eh*'god. In reply to a pnestfon from II". O'Keefe, as to wh it ficl mr beta were necessary l<> prove n womari to be a stie.ji. walker, the wiintsu rep bd that the bet of proxtituti'tn should t ejpn reil. It use beou he'd, coirin ied tue wit pew, that wbee :t street walker Conducts her-ell properly In the street* she flfuld lo protected by the authorities Mr.Stuyvesent?Don't y< u think If the Mayor broke tip those taahioiidble bouses it would put a Ktou to pros titution!' Witnss?? That i* a question I r< old net an *wer. Mr. O'Ketfe?t'QUidn'l you tell a prostitute i i thu bwinlriieg ot an ryeV Wanem?Some people might, and sonic pe <ple might wok Mr. Hopkins?An expert bar a right to give an opinion before the tfpuimittoe, and Mr. O'Kecle apptait to be one. (UtgMtt) Mr. 0'KeOfe?Every mc is un expert who has been In New Y oik bu' a lew nii.mhs. Mr Hopkins?I'id 1 understand yon to say that those M or 40 persons wete discharged for want of sulllcient evk enceV Wtinesr?I could tiot say, but the two 1 represented ?ere respectable parties. Captain Leonard, sworn, testified as follows?1 am captain of the l-ee old police district; my dull.'* are de fined by written instructions and verbal orders; I tnako dally returns to the Chiefs office every morning, and to the magi* rate m the case of persons arrested; 1 do know ibat the Chief of Police has visited n.y stat.l within the last jesr; I think be lias been once within the leak two years; I have never heard of s pe-?.m b-dng dis charged wl bout an examination; the magistrate tusv have t.eard the raw and discharge 1,1 b ? vc heard of peo. discharged for throwing sshe't in the street, and If-* "f fcnees discharged without a penalty; bad I tae |.ow nayselfl wouh. have dore the same tbiug; there i - gaait lii g hi ?use in John street, and 'hare is another in Ann stieet f gavi all the itfoiinatinn In my poser bout it to the lhstilc Attorney; I don't think I have the rirht ka snpprass a gambling hous*; no of, er hi a right 'o ge into such a house without x w >ut; 1 rever kac of the Cliiel taking any inen.Mi cj to supp i them; in hying out my poet* for poltce.ueu, 1 Ux i. so thai they can only meet a few In their beat; I make ?rattJ' them as s isight poastole; in spearing ot the Chief of Police net >l?l tug the Italian hio?e, 1 should state t bat the rtilra i eqnli r.l him to visit them, er eaote th? in to be vt'ltrd he i n ob as he can d ? hln>elt in his office, aud 1 think an >utd m. intend on! would be of great service to the department. it it the dwtj of the Captain to lake charge of the police ut lir ? , till ihe Chief arrlies; for ? nutnoer of years the Chifthas been at all Urea, but ieeently he h.ue not; be w:is I under ?tend, at that last night In button street; it is the duty of the pehce to caution people against entering moss auction stoies; Vickie, when he was Mayor, had poster, placed oppsiie ll i in, wart,lug strangers but they did no good, for the auctioneers told the stringers that tin peeler was intended for tlx next door, and Uio me ehati'e ?ay others who did business near the auctl in store begged of the Mayor to tab" a" ay his posters; s une ot the aaetioceers had a banner npposit' to ttie Muyur's place of business cautioning the public against buying his 14 snort oat." (laugher.) Mr. Crosby?The money made by the mock auctioneers Is made out of oiti. una f Captain Leon* <!?Xo, el", it is made out of those fram the rural districts, I kne v of one in ?kaoee where a Fourteenth ward pvlioerorn got bit; io tegnrd to gambling houses ani policy dealers, tin wktnsss raid tliat in nlnety-niaf oa-eu out of avery Bun feed complaints were made sgUiris*. them fir the sole purpose ot making money out of them, I ??vtK knew a ?esr wbne a roniplaiut was mails from hnnesvwt'ittves. titer* is one thing I would wish to speak of, itoce I have boon a member of the department souis eiglt* or ton men have been killed In ihe ciihargeof their lnty, audi think there should be u funo In tlie department fur the benefit ot the families ..f such men. Mr. Croshy?Don't you find tlmt an Increase in the joy would supply a better aUaa ot men for tiro aurvice of lb# department 1 Capi. leooard?Yes, sir; decided'* ? If the w igss of the men exceed those paid to mechi nlcs, theie will be a mneti belter ela ? of men applying a there has been since the wages sere increase! the appll ant is resulted to get his application rip red by twenty-five respectable cMmos, in regard U the Chiif of I'olico, I think ho d sr as much now as any man could do; he is engaged la his office fr< n> morning till night Mr. Raker?WhatJ- your practice In regard to soa'ch trg parties a, rested over uightf Captain Icitstd?I have adopted a m'e In all <v?ies to search mow, and take every tiling firm them at the time. ?h< 'her they are willing or not; I do this for their pro. ton low as well as for my own; I have frequently known parties who have charged the officers with robbing them and I have therefore round It neatestry to follow thir ruie in (Very Instatrce. j f'Eeefe?I* there any ?p- ciflc law trpoo that sub Captain Iwonnrd?I don't know that there is; If there ""h there should bo a law; there Is a rule that all pro ? u.srs rnouto do a law; there Is a rule that all pro tar'y taken from a person must be brought before a Jus is* tD "'* tnlloslng morning, and this role ap to all pris. ners; we give the atrount of pro P*r,7 taatn 'ron, prl,- ners and lodg?rs in our returns at the end cf every ,i* months, we bsd a man once brought in drnnk and he said ha bad forty dollars In gold sewed us in the Uil of hit shirt, but when we eeare ved him wo found Ire had not a single cent, and I don't be *owe ho hid seen eighteen penes of his own f.<r twenty years; neither myself nor my men can be d<snharget wt-houtsn examination before the commissioners "be present Board of Commissioners have adopted a rule' giv Uf the power to til? Mayor to try all poNoemeo charged with offences, but If one ?f them should appeal to ths full Boa id he can have a hearing before them; the law girea the captain the power to suspend policemen, but we must notify the Mayor within twenty-four houre; the m, n should be on the police some time before they are detal'ed aa de eothree; 1 here are aome deteetivea at pre mnt'who would not known well known thief bom an old horee. . Mr. Stuyvesant?flave politicians to be a long time in the department before they are elevated in office 1 Capt. leonard?Sometimes they are well versed, from old association#, with the tricks of thieves. Mi. O'Keefe?Bat they never formed a part of that as sociation? Gapt. Ieonnrd?Of coerce not; each one of the detec tives have a journal in which the; write down everything they do, e\erything they see, and submit it to ths Chief every morning: the ceteetives seldom wear the uniform, salt would destroy their efficiency: they are formed into squads, under serguants;1he shadows get the same wages as the other officers, but they make a good deal outside, from persons who give tbem presents fur reoorering pro peity; tbey must, however, get permission to receive tbem hom the May<>r. John Grey, Warden or the city prison, sworn, tostifled ee foil, we:?My dnty is to take charge of the prisoner* when they arc brought to tbepiison; there are four city pi isms; one on the corner ol' Centre and Frank rtn street*, me in Essex market, one in Jefferson market, and one on the corner ot Eighty-fourth ntreetand Fourth avWi oe; the ?at one is a tub et able place. Mr. Crosby?Is it a fact that. In the 'city prison hoys, ranging in number from five to twelve, are confined in the isme cell? Mr. Grey?Yes, fir. We sometimes put them in to gether, for we would not have room to keep them sepa rate; I have one room in the city prison, over 100 feet long, in which we keep witnesses. Mr. Crosby?J sow there n yself some six or Beven boys, and seversl of them weie nmokii g. Mr. Giey?Yen, sir; well, they gel tobacco in there. Mr. Crosby?So far as your expeiienee goes, don't you think it la rulber injurious to the morals of th< se boys to have so many of them together? Mr. Grev?Ibey are only kept in there for two or three day a; wo have bad some as long us two weeks. Mr. Crosby?tdd you ever know one to be t'nero over twomonhaV Mr. Grey? Such a thing might be, but that is the fruit of the Judges not cailipg for tbem. Mr. Cioeby?I>o you muke your returns every morning when the special sett ions are held? Mr. Grey?Yes. sir, every day. Mr. Crosby?Is it eu'toiuary for tha Judge* to take those wi'Eer-ses that have been first coudried'! Mr. Grey?Sometimes they arraign them and send them back to us again; we ibui'i ail ur lawyers tog ? into the prison, nor even into the yard, whan a lawyer coiner, w e seij^ for the prisoner, and pot tbem bo b iu ihe re ceptIon loom, and alter ihey are through, we send the p'burner hack. Mr. Ciofby?Could the man who has ohargn of me* fuges to prisoners n it prevent the pie enoe of counsel by brirgmg lalse messages? Mi- i.iey?1 have unbounded confidence in the m?n wf.oirnri|l yed for that purpose, and don't bail-ve lie culd he i cached in that way; I ba< e on'bin| to do witu the lockup ?? the Chief's office; vagrants are generally fib ciargeo through a habeas corpus; if a man lias g it ibrct Collar^ y u cam ot keep bl'n to prison. Mr. Crosby ?'. in you ever kn w of a prisoner t > be dis Chmgut who was i., your city orison, nut who *-i ? only w itii.g tor ihe nitok Maria to take him to the I I sad < ' Mr. Grey?Yes, sir, 1 have known '-eta to be dis rhiiged at Jefferson Mark-t prison; 'boy have taken tlieni fii ni us bv a habeas corp is. Mr. Crosby? Have you not hoard of cases of p i-oners ni i Dm d in lie city p.isou who weic found den ! in ths tut u.ii g? Air G'ey- 1 know of four men who were found d*sd. but li cir dss h was caused by some gas which escaped ft<'in the smol.e pipe, Mr. Crusty - L'o you consider the prison iu a heai.ty location ? Mr. Grey?Yes, sir, it is ns healthy a place rs lew lived in. Mr. Ortsby?Well, you of course have superior acouoi mcdatl' n-? Mt.Giey?The part I occupy la on the same lot with l)u> res! of the hu)ldi"g. Mr Crosby?What do you tb'nk of the accommodations ?nt they ns they ought tu be? Mr. Grey?Yes, sir; but at one time 'hey wre not; the piisc ers besides having healthy ce'bi, have got the whole tald to run about in. .At lliis s'age of the examination, a mo'ion was made by Mr. Fluyvesant and adopted, that at the next moet ing (. Hpt-inet arj.eiit.-r. Downing und Morris oftbepoije, end ix-Cily Juogo W. ft. lteone should beex-t nlue'. The committee then ai journed to thin niornlng. Flrr nartltal'd Ofllce 1NVKPTIUATION INTO TRE Oil Hi IS OK FIREP. The following synopsis of testimony taken by the Fire Marshal exhibits eonrhisivo'y the careless manner ofde poiltirg c jal a. bra to he tlio mean* of producing (Ire at No. 42 CnUr street, on the niyht uf the nth irnt. It also shows the oiii in of the Are at lhe Et mill Dispensary, on the 6th Inst., to have te en caus <1 by mesne equally an tboii^ktbi'K:? HRK IN TUB DKMll.T DlSIT.vgAHY. lteniy D. Mark tesiiliid that be ve/ices in the pemil' htsptnaury, en apothecary of the institution; <m Wednes day moiniig f>th Dtccmbor, about ton o'clock, my at ti ution wm< directed, by lir. Bremen, to a bUg ng down ? f the eeiilng ntder the ha.']; I then hoard a e .veiling i.. in ; in about a minute uft. i Homo plastering foil do on, * hi 11 we Discovered considerable sn, >*e and boa;; I im n.< < lately gu>e the alarm of lire, when the firemen came ini put it out; since the die I'ro made mi oxiiiilnu'lm of ti e purniset, as to its origin; the Fire Marshal ex (laii.ed 10 me how, in hi* ju> gment, it originated; a wvt.ro 11 spitbvx, partly till*d with sawdust, it rer-nie, is rui-ving from the room: it in believed thai noun'one at the n er-ting ou the previous ever tng threw either t, he ene ?I n ergar or a | i?ce of llglHed paper into the spit oox, Irom which the i-awdii: t b- came kni'ed, and tlrua lu.rte t' li thro-gh lire Mooring; lain of the opinion Inn. the lire originated as lep'tseutcd by 'he Fire Mar shal. Jw u Swicny to* ifivd? I aur janit-.r of the De-olU Eis [iLfBiy; 1 jeiloo witl. my family iu tbo building; over ?1? a; 1 thi ja*y rb-.p and reception room i'.erel, v. hall 'or publie nertinrs; on Tuesday everinr- ' 'O ? t be fote the lite- there *a* a Knee Notl.i.ig n.oati ithe 1 all; uf'ei they l'lt 1 ex' ingulf bed ail the ha.: le t l.ir.rirg nf.ei tho r. e*tir.g brek up, ind locked 'n> out/ . din* and turned rIT the register* to throw the heat in tb< li-; ec-ury; 1 went into the lull ugiiu about 11 o'cloi k and turned the regl-ler to'in to tlirow tkp lisat into the school room on the third floor: at that time 1 did n"l ? lie-over at y smell of smoke; 111 'ho public h.il I l ad ilglil wooden *pitb*xe? placid about the liall; each lot kr.. about twj-third.-i full ol sawdust; after tholire, I rum the Fire Mar?Ual making an e\amlo ttlon of the | ?mi.-e;; he naked me how many -j^'bnxe* I had hi th h?!l, I ri'ihed right; he then re.| cried inc to gather tlicui Lp; I die eo. but could only (iui eevon; ia Ihoao tents wmI> jit eve of burnt paper and negate; I amid o|iij|? n tbut the lit? otigint'ed trorn the sawdust in the u.i;>irg le x taking lire fioni ?<>ruo lighted sugar oc piece f | e, or thrown into it the iila;ht previous; I d-r not in tend to tie wo den spltlioxe* lilted with vnwdust any luoie in the bi.ildrrg, I do not believe tliern s*fe. m:K in ? idav. trntatr?cakxinbrs w wmi Amiga. Chsrlts O'Connor test ill td?1 nm tn the employ of Jacob lancing, No. 42 Cedar s'roet; I act ae cle.k; It is my bu.-n tee to .eki rbaige of the fourth doer, which is u?ed as n 1 aiiufa.tory of mantillas, Ac.; I waa ou the fourth Qriu about o'cb ck on the rreniog'f tho ft.e; I think there were iiglrt or rue girl* c.' work on that II jor on It a'eftei noon l.l'? Gaii.es and Miss TheJip* n a sept 1 p (hr Ui c ; 1 lield open a tag ALtl they put the -weep ft:, s in; tiny c n*i. te<l < f th ee or four pounds of cutliuga hciI cotton and ring; the bag was placed about 12 lncUrr or o fr m the shb.x; I nave iieen iufonne 1 hyM.a. Rood, air.re the fire, tla'. lira. Ilm.ly, ene ot the work sen in, tre k some ??he- out of the stove between I aud ti o'clnck 1 n tbut afti-innon, and tlrut abe pi 1 ??? 1 then in the tin 11-I1 box near the w.rlt; ii was netr tbi* Ikix tint I placed 'be b*s ot sweeping/; I hiVc ?xaminc] the room .-in*%* tin lite and rauoot .ay but srba. it mu*t liave >c cm ltd from the aslib. x. Andrew Helarlaml testltied?I am employed l.y Ren tn ft.. Ih'ttr h Mntahall, No. 4'Jf'elar street; Mr. I?n*int set* as Ibeir agent I furm-hed the tin a*hl> >x tor the depo it of roll, a on the fourth floor, and h> the be.it ot n.j kto whdge tlie isittom of it was sound, iu refcence to the origin of the tire, from tbo examination I bar made since the tire, 1 ehoull say it originated in som > any fiom the a*bbox; 1 am satisfied it did uot take from the stove. Mayor's Offlrr. (IIA I. (IP. OP PAL8K PKKTKNt'BH?MM T1I0U.SAND DOLLARS INVOLVED. William H. Rltlev, who hit" % contract for fupplyin( the (it and Trunk Hairrnad in t*bcada, with axlce, wu arrested on Fihlay afternoon, in the city of Rochester, by officer Hope, of the Mayor's office, on a charge of perpe tratirg a wholesale fraud upon Antes' Iron Company, of lJ'cl.tield Co., Ccnu. The . fficer eueouotered *om" rlifli culty In effectirg his arrest a* It was rlaltned that the Sr.prerue Court had jurla'.lc ion in his case, an 1 could tale tall f r bis Mife appenrantv there. Ju.lge SeMeu flroily adjusted the matter, by hid'inx th< aeou-o'd '?> belt iu tl.esum of (f 00<), to ar.awr at toe Court of (>enc ral Seraions in this ctiy, 00 the first of Jtnu&ty. It up. j ears tbaf 1 n the ntn'h day of January tost an ng-i n et.t was ui .de between Mr. Kit'er au.l ((..ratio Am**, ibo mansgvr of Amea' Iron Company, that tho lafe:' should stud uB to Koeheater to,000 worth of railroad *v sxles to the firm of Carpen'cr A Outton iu that Ci'y, abi.-h Mini Mr. Hitter rdpre ented as iravieg the contract tor the f.rand Troak Hai r. ad. The axle* were sent on a - cotrling to agreement, bat shortly af'e.vrard* It was dio rovcrr d that Carpenter h Duth n wete insolvent, and thattb'y had no such contract, the represociatlona ot Rltti r being ontrue, as hn hitntel' was the real con tree tor. No money having been sent iu pay urov fot tne exits Mr. Ames could look ripen the afla'r in no other light tLsn as a grand fraud on '.lie part of itr. Kilter lit nee he immediately proceed d to the Mayor's office and in an affidavit taken before Justice It.bTuo, set h rib the whole scheme. A ?a*raat was th'ireu wu i*. St rd (..I the apyrehmsion of Hitter, which wafl executed as sb.iie n euth ned. by officer Hope. Cum t of General Kenlons. ilefore Kecorder .Smith. Tliere was s< me little delay In opening this Oonrt ye* tevi'ey morning, owing to the ohange made in the detailed police off eers of the Court, by his Hoaor the Mayor. Her grant A. V. Havis. who, wc understand, b?* been an a' tacbi of Ihi* Court for five year* past, and for years th* crier of the Court, ba? leer, removed, together with six otluw cffli ere, vht : officers HpWr, lowery, Wo"larlc'ge I'arton, IVwtwIck sod I rerce. Tbo newly appointed are? efflcer W. B. Walsh, ciier of the t'outt, 'in place of .Ser geant ravi* and t.ffieers Mlnehis. First ward, tlaughan Sixth ward; lirar, Sixth ward. Rice, Second ward, sn . - Files, Fifth ward. Tlie day waa occupied in the trial of a c ndu 'or on the Sixth avenue railroad, charged with appropriate sixty* seven cents, ratimed far# to hia own use. The earn was not ended at tha elosa of the Court MUNICIPAL AFFAIRS. BOARD OF SUPERVISORS. Thin Board did not meet in Marion Uat evening. Kour o'clock In the afternoon fi the hour named for organii ^ tion and rod call. Yeatorday, at Ore mnute* to (oo ^ ^ tie City I la 1 clock, ton ntinntoe to four by the c'j^ ^ the office of e Clerk of the Board of Aldermer ^ minntea paa fonr by the elock in the eh* ^llj# Snpertieora, 1 ayor Wood entered the r and in hl-t naturally agile and buidne?* like mano ^ walked quickly up to the char, and aald: ClerV^ plena call the roll." Mr. Valentine baring dor^ m tt m foan,i nine number* answered. Whr^ the number war an nounced to tale Honor, he rep jted, " Nine member* only being present, thla Board ie^ adJ'Wirriod;" and taking hit hft?, he " inched off like t ^e wind," tearing Huperrwars Biipgn, Barker and eon^e other gen lemen, juat arrived in great astonlahment, nud admiration, no doubt, at thie litson inofficial puii'egnaiity. BOARD OP ALDERMEN. This Board wfct yesterday afternoon at the usual hour, the Dissident, Alderman Barker, in the chair. After too reading and approval of tho minotee (he following buai nesa was transacted:? Feport of Committee on Assessments?In favor or con firming appuitionmeut of as o-mnent in the matter of the opening of Tenth avenue, from Seventy-first stretfbur Bltx n^rgdale road. Adopted. K<-|0. t of Committee on Street*?In favor of concurring to a#Vertlee for proposal* 'to gro ,ve the Ruga pavement where not already grooved. Referred to special ooiu.nl' tee, with communication from the Mayor on the name subject. By Alderman Bmr.cg?Resolved, That the Street Ooiu misehner be, and he is hereby, requested to report to thtg Board the cause, if any exist, why the sunken barge at the foot of Roosevelt street baa not been r? mi veil. Adopts d. By Aldsnnan TBowiihiin.h? Resolved, That the Com niWioUtr of oireets and I-amps bo, and be is hereby, au thorized and directed to instruct the clerks of the ?ete ral rearkelH to collect -evenly five renin per month from every person using the burners in the markets where theguB is lakin fiom tho Corporal! n pipes, and te pay the same to the Comptroller with the market fee . Adopted. Thefollowing cotiimonica ion was received from (he Way or and lead :? Msvoit's Orrtcte, Dec. 10, 1*66. To tu?' Hon. tub Rosen ?s Aliizubin: ? i I MisKrs - tie ino llili. armory lint, in a eoinmnnlca i -n lo in in liouids ol ihe ton rnoL Council, i called attention io the urgent reri tolls oi grooving the Ktisa pavement sn Kro.iJ.voy Pri ding ibr Je. r atouiesplring wt'tioutany conduit, o ?c ion mi the tuiJet", it v.a- again ?l uded to In a special u csaage to tie I card or Coundllmei. ou iti I'd list, a copy of whicn is ??? n?s? markedA. in raplj U> .Ma coeanwuueatlon, the Board 0! lout cilmeH, on iheCth ln?l . pn-?td a re-oluwon (auue?l, n.srki d I), wbleh declares that as earlv an *e r ua-.v lost ...?t Hi a'd pan ed, n it sent to the hoard ol Al'iernrii for concur i i i o:. ii joint resolution directing the ommtsaionei of ttepal. peer to adve nise for propo-,. s io do the wo k relcrrvd to In He manner proposed l y me, but iliu>. so Nr as the' know, mi nodes whsii Vf r liu? hecu '.uketi of it by till! It sird ol A ir cmieii. nr.i. Ihal if action hint lieeu taken the evil complain eil of v i.nib Ii ive heeu removed l< ng 11 i n The l*o li.tvu.t' la rl e resoln I' D ri fnrrrtl to in 1hc message o Mr I lor or ihe Mayor? passed by the Board ol (A unclUncii Sebruori ltlli luai:? Ketoived, lh?' ihe Commissioner of Repair* an 1 .Supplies he, and ho la hereby, directed losdreiltatt lor propo-al* to gn OVII R Iii.il pcriii'tJ ? I be Rnss povtmem not aireaily K oov eil. aud cross grovtng Ihe sonia at Ihe Inter cctioc of the va rioiis i ireelg that eri so hro dvnvt the tipper surface of each block lo hcjirrovedut right ai gles wlrb toe line of theatre;' in siieli iti-. i ner ihai ihe space botweon lbs grooves and joints ? bull not ? xcmil sir relies, the groove* to bo not loss ihan oLeai.du quarter Inch wide on the surlaro, nor legs th i three quarts r* of si> inch In dep.h; end (tiat he send the sains lo die i on.moil Council or .ur her action If this he so, the leaponsinlMtt lor ibe coiidlUonof Hroadwa. throughout ihe year, rest* excinsively with die Hi ant of At del im r. line die. resolndnn of Ihe ConBdlmen, o whirta no exoeptlon rould te taken, tieen a' opted at i nc.: a very large amount oi pnq er > could have been saved to its owners, which b is been deslroyrd by ihe coDdilkffl of Proailway during tho present jeer. I'eiinli me. diercfoie, respectfully torali your earnest, atten In n >o il.e mailer sue ask Ihst the resulutlon or the lioorunt Cnm i iinen tor din gtooving of ibe tine* pavement In U.oo.l way, \vl>li ii was sent lo your Boatdiu February 1 tat for can cutiti.ee, he vailed up aud pared Very respectfully, KKRVaMsU WOiID. Mayor. Aldi tn.an Ilottam) thongiit the subject an inrprrtam ot.e, as it would give employment to a Urge mi nber of tc r men emit g the winlei. Ali'em iin W.*Ti'( kui of Die "pinion that t ie groov it g it not ticeoaty. Aldennun Vakian thought It should he done, and bo lie.ed the int way to do tl.li would be to gr tuve at in teiTal" of tli.'cc ii-swail of nix inches, and at right angle.* wiih the j into of the atone, i'o do this would coat Iron; 160,CCti to 476 CIO. Aldi riiit n s-iruut le'a'td east's of setioun accidents re suUiog fri no the (ltaent smooth state of tho pavement. Altlcrnan IIiukm r. said there *>'i n ? money in 'he tro v sury for th-? ptujo?e, a..d no iipp:opriiiti..ni ho?l been tun. c, so lie thought it a ould he uselt-aa to i?'cr it to a eoun.iilte. . A!f ennan C. II. TrCKVR was in fa or of referring it. Oh motion Hie wh ie subject wit rerorrei to a Special CoriinitUe ot trin iog of Alcorn eu W. Tuoker, Vuorlii* nd lit wait'. Aideinan Bhiooh presented tli? kill tiring preamble u: d ici0tutirn,anil moved its adopt! .n:? Wbmri* ibe office of ' hief of I'oli'-e lias beon declared va . ?D> I y i'.is toant, by teison of the toe lgln|i|ly of the present ilcuniDrr.i w I o Is not s citizen of the United Htates hei t ired 1 hat the Ma; or be respectfully requested to no ndniite nruliuhle person to supply a vacancy. Ab '-iu i n Howard .-ai l the Police Oimntiasioohra had l.e >ipt>- it tlnr poire., and the resolution was clearly ont lit order. Wt* l.ave, lie added, nothing to do with police ir.m, and I call opon the President to rulo it out. The CttAin decide d that the point of order was not web bk. in AVwrtnan Brious said that the Id .aid hold its powo. front the people, and they rue lu-'lng in accordance with 'heir things. Aldeimau ITt.w.trn had trjd the pi lice law, whic gi.\r authority or ly to 1hc Police CoiotnUsioners wrei the 1 ol i e Pepartmeiit. It took ? way the power trnm the iMdeinten, becnu-h it waa ?aid ihey abused that power. 'Del it U/BM call that thelbard had the right to pas.-, tlie tosolu ion. Aide i man I iukk thought that the c wits nothing wr?ng it, it, as it wis nicely toe passage of a resolution. Alt'eimm Howard? There is no vacancy, aud how enn wen akeinef 1 appeal fioin the eCcldon of the chair. ll.e ve'e on ti e appeitl waa taken, with the following result:?Yeas, 10. ljvh; 7. toft he Chair was stmtain -d 'ihe vote < n the adopti u w is then put. aCm.tttire?Williamson. Moser, r'ox, W. Tucker, Voor liis, Bitpgs, Earkcr, Christy, Ply, C. II. luokcr, Drake ?11. 1 Negative?Prvwn, Haird. II.Ifiuirc, Howard, Trow biicgc, btel-s, HenlcV, VaTlan?8. A ltpoit in furor el coocurrlngwlth the Hoard of Coun -i.e.en mi reicirel from the Committee on Ordinance, it ton, mincing the ad plion of au ordinance for th* coin j.U-tc oignniratiou (1 tin* Iiuttatiof Assessments. Alip eil. Cn n.otion of Alderman Howard the report of the Co n millet on the hue Depai liuant, concurring to buiid 11 w house tot the uie of H- ok ai d ladcer Company No 14, and an i ? ? itlon to the house of Hose Company No, 3D, also a lew u ytu* for Knglre Company No. il, was con cuiied ir. ihe Hoaril adjourned till Thursday afUrnoon. BOARD OF COUNCILMAN. The Counci'men utet. last night at their chtmbe-s h. the City Hall, the President, II. D. C-onoveg, in the ch?. -. The minutes of tho ast meeting wee rood and adop'ud. Petitions were first in order, but nue of impor an-,' were pi f sen ted. resolutions being next in order, a resolution was offered by Conncilmsn Wlihor and referred to special c mmi-teo. directing the 8'rtel Comaiisslooei to rwpoit to the Hot" 1 be tearon why the enlargement of the 1 lattery is no' <? inpitted, and alt the hif> in a ion he may h'Ve on t|i' subject. The report of the Committee of ( otifcrenc. to whom wereteltned the diffhrtneea between tlie twi Hards,re siceltig the rent' Tal ol offal, , was ihu ) called a? the special older if Ute day. Tnis report rec.irami a-lcu tl.e f. How lug resolution ami specifications:? hesniveil, That the CUv Inapecor tie, at be hereby '.a ail Ihorized mil directed un.neu a'elv lo ii'lrerUse, for twenty days, proposals lor Ihe ;ale of, and Uieii to sell, to the hUbc. 1-tiMer, who shall furnish inlenuikte security, the rtgbt an I prl iUrge of roil*etlnc aud rwniorlag d<ad hor*rs. and o ber ilnad anlma'a, blood, olfkl and oilier leftue matter and nul?en-e? I In sen rdsnee wllb the lollowtng specillraflons. for the tei.a o' L ftie jrirs next thereafter;! lie contract to be prepared j the PCouuiel to the t orporwlon. arxcincAnons Klr-t. 1 he corlractor shall collect and remore from al' oar ? o'the rity to tlie d's-k at.il s ip at the toot ol Forty fifth ?: el l-s-t rlrtr, or to surli other docks or .tips as tlie Oomtn .ii ti unci; n.i?j. at mi time or times hereatter designate and -,rn vide, sllileiiil hoi?o ?t d other ilvs.1 anlntA's; and what . s a' tunes provide sin' keep at I ts uwucost aint expense, -dcti h ntinibercf suPal'lo carls as sh?lt be necessary for a prompt iml f'llthrttl t ern n.anreni sue. work; said oarts shall be ap proud and llrenseil by lbs t'lty lfl.l?cclor hecimrt Tl.e tus 'or shad at all Umes provide and keep, ai ,ucli d'ck oi slip as aforeould, a suliaoln numbur of -n't sh'e I.ou's, h- iw-s liarxea or vessels for lecelflng, and sb..i receive therein al) dmsihnrana. sol ivber d??d animals ant nil I cod, n.B >i d other refuse matter from butchers' saugli erhotin s iird alt bones, fish flsb ot?t, di ^a>e l or Ulu e t ?r .hi., and ail other nnisnne. ? of a shnllar kind, wblch mayor rest t.r i fined by ntej per-on or perrons at such dockni slip Tbtrd. Thei' t trneter 'hail furnlvb, at his own coat and ei prn.e, sutiable bones for li? recs Otion of all orders or onm rlalols; tlie aotn v to he placed, one al ?.o-b police a a inn h ? tan tn tbc r'ty and i tie si the office of the City loeoector ainl to j csute all nrrtr s5 or ronitilsints to be .totlw-lsid from each and every itsili n lmiise, sou trrm the office of tbs I'lty In p-T or, n' least twti e eve y da ; ami shad eauae at dead animals to i i . ic wl b Uie rontraet. as .ooo as novsl t.le al'er ibe reception o! any tnrh order or -omplaln or o her nntl^. Fctuili Tb? c si rsc r r sl^ll at leas'once In every dvy. re, meve sil atieb fie d btir.ee. antnials. blood offnl snd i?her mvt ter. and nutsaissa sa nloie.atd to Somu subable ami proper t-Ulce or i lores tit yc l it ihe limits of the etty. and whenever inc i'lty trap! cor .1 s I an dlrart, atnh n iwoTal sh?'l be made t - ire'n er'it dav durlt g the monibe of June, Jul/, August ?rd brp'eml t r rmb Apprrvrd anietleo to the amount ol thirty tlmu ??r.d diPai" will l>e rvi>udeil for the lal'.bfut performance nrd exnutl tt if the onuact, to the end of the term alcrb security .hall be rone?e<| aid,In three iveeks of the i ti ?e of each year fn every revpe-A trie work to be par formed aa rei|tifted, and sny negfocl or refusal, on Uie psrt i f'he nn tractor, to perform the wb ,e or anv partot the a-ton a'lone of the eontrte' or of the re<|u r?mania of these ape 11l'. at.r.a, shall tesuffletent to empower and atitliorfte the i Ity In.pcotoi at proiwed '<? perlotm so much thereof asyibaiI he reg'rcteo rr reftt*t*l. al be >-\penae of. and rbargcable by Ibe 11 rpi tafli r hi Hi* ef'Otrse'or aid his Hire lies, and au-h refn tsl t r tealecl shall an I"?r1re and empower Ihe llommon Coiui | r I, at ant time to revoke and annul siieti contracts. Hub the bid sluall stale the amount which the bidder will pa\ per annv m for such right and t>rtvllege. which amount shall be i aid by the cetiiracior to ihe Comptroller, In equal I.aar'erly rtima. al Ihe end r,l each quoiier. fevcrih. A aUdet compllaa.-w w.th the provl-tons of title S. of ? rortrsctsfor suprlte*, and work dor e for 'he rorporatloo." and smsnrtn-riils thereto, wpl be observed and required.

htghih. hhotiid Ibe pereoo or persona o whom tha oowtrarr ahalfli? awardw.1 faU to auead w tth kw or lh*lr snrwt ea end to rxcriiic the >aire In wrhbif. within ihiaa lay* after beta* ml ted tl it lucb conlnact h ready, he or ifttv shall ho eenalderert em abandoned K, and shall forfeit all right la swob i *" ,. .he above resolution and specifications ware adopted? ^frty nine voting la the affirmative and four in tbo n?ga (ha Upon motion ol Councilman Clascy, the report increas ing the pay < ( (silioe captains from 91,000 to 91,260 wait taken from the table, and voted for without debate, and font for want of a eonatitntional vote. It was then moved that tha vote be recon aide red. Thin motion being carried, the report wax again laid upon tlie table. A communication waa received from the Comptroller to answer to a res-lutlon of the Board asking the various amounts that have been drawn out of the city treasury, by requisition, under 9260, The Comptroller replied tliat a list of these requisitions were in the bands of the public printer, and would, when published, give all the informs tion called for. This communication was laid upon the table and ordered to be printed. Upon motion, the Be id then went into Committee of the Whole, Couneilman Cooper in the chair. After some unimportant business, the report in fbvor of ? special baggage line, to run bet seen the hotels anf all steamboat landings in the eity, was taken up. A lew minutes after this was called np, Councilman Ciam y entered the room, and being somewhat surprised that it was uefore the Board, asked if It waa taken up iu its regular order on the calendar. The I'rkuvent said it was not taken np in ita regular order. Councilman Cumy (somewhat excited)?Well, this i < a pretty piece of business 1 When a man's back is turned, * no is opposed to a measure Involving, perhaps, two (>? three millions, that measure is brought up, anl out of its order. I won't submit to this. Uv what authority do yr u put this paper before the Board, I should like t. ? know t Councilman Cooper (in the chair)?'This report lay be fore me on the desk, ur d I took It up. Councilman Clancy?Well, if you can't do better tha<> that, you bad bet'er gel out of the chair. A motion was then carried that the regular calendar be resumed. After the transaction of tome further unimpoittnt business, the Board adjourned. Wlllltmabarg City Newi. ?FKKCT8 0F TDK OA LB? A CHURCH 8TKKPLK BLOWN DOWN AND A tUOAB HOUSE UNROOFED ' On Sunday n'ght about 8o'olo3k, during the strong gain of wind, the roof of the People's sugar refinery, situated In "Vint street, at the foot of South Second, was blown o!T The root, which covered the main buildiug, was about 7 feet in length, by 86 feet wide. As it was raised up in ' the air, it broke in the centre, and oue portion was ca tied < vi r two dwellhg houses and came down with a tro mendi us crash in South Second street, a distance of over 60 rods. The other portion was carried across tlr rtract and struck against the bouse No. 174 First stree i ecu pled by Mr. William slrepard. Tbo portico and froii steps were c nridarably ?mashed no, and the fence ami trine In front we e eD'irdy dtnudl-h.'fl Quite a ni-abo ol jui es ol r)?-s wore demoii'hid in the two adjoin in; bruits by flying trsgroei te. Uaiog peihaps to the btotm but lew per bom wei? abroad end no one wa? ii j-ired. lo iir g be same gale, the sieepl- of St. Mary's Carbo lic I'burch, eiiua'ed at the corner of Leonard and Iterate streets, wsr bl< wn down, and slightly da nog. d on - on l or of the dwclli- g on the opposite sine, i'he steeple w-i abi u* 10 It it in length, end lias elwsys bum oousiderc faig'rous. Tie ih oi on >lio first platform was sail to b opto, and, as the settle filled with sir, It was eisil car itd over. home eon.-lderutile excitevent w?i cause fii m a ri nior that a man and boy had been kiTleo., Search ess made, and > II that w?a iouud was the mutilated r> ??sins of ii n sgrd (log the bek tape Fear, of New York, parted her fastenio i n Die New York side end drifted over the river, whei - ih- mi made fast, at the foot cf .South steel, by th tiny bands. New Patents Issued. list of patent* I?*u"d from the l ni fid c'tate.* Pate-1 Oflice, fur tlic wtck ending Deo. 4, 1855?each boariii: thut. nate Thomas Fatly, if Brooklyn, N Y., for lmprjvemou! !? su. peioing aliii'S* yaid*. t.rmUiB 11. Dfgciow, of Boston, Hubs., for improvMMn In cultlLg p'le labile*. * E. \Y. Suitor d, of Hardwick, Mass., for imp o oi mod' of hinging nlnoow Baches. Daniel Campbell, of Washington, I). C., lor iuipf'T' mi nt in o ltitai y raildies. . Tln-mas A. C- andler, of Rockford, 111., for improvi meat In mating plow mould board". Jr hn A. Cole, of Washington, D. C., for Improvfimeu to machine for ,-awing outtapeiing bl-ick.? of marble. Alonzo It. Idnsmoor, & I evi J. Btr'.fcU, of Salisbury N. H.. for imjivoved instrument for chamfering tho edg of shoe sole*. &c. \ 1 h< mar A. Uden.of Westbrcok, Me., & Win. J. Vhor \ of Holllsti n, Mass.. for improvement iu the a range meat o' Hut s aui! dampers of cooking apparatus. Joeeph T. England," ol Hal imoie, Mi.. lor improve moo' in railtoad rsr coupling. t'eter 1 aiib.irn, of lot (is, and .lotan liargrave, of Kirk eti.il, in lbs coiuiy or V'TV On Improvement^ In wo .1 camiring machines. Patented in En* and N>? y6,*lS6 Usury Fomciook, of Qdrldge, N. Y., for improvemeo in fret va luers. , Joseph FianckLof New \erk, N. Y., for improve nei. in military woj^is, ,-arnuel 11. Giunan, of New Orleans, 1*., for improve meat In bugiisie furnaces. Sauice, Hamilton, Jr., ol Tolland, Muse., for improvi burglme alarm. .. ? , , ji-sic W. Hatch, of Richest?,-, N. Y., for improvemsn iu n acl ino rfor cutiiug out beot and eboe sole*. Iloiuci E. lltiT.y ol tlnincy, ill., for impr-Ted burglar * tier ge A. Howe, of W orcester, Macs., for improYement in hand cotton pickers Matthias heller, of Philadelphia. Va , toT Improve nen in cunil g the fronts and backs of violins. Kdwerrl N. Kent, of New Yo'k, N, Y., tor iroprovemen' in ania'garralois. Edward Kershaw, of Bo.don, Mass., tor improvement In locks. . , Rosea Iiiul ej, of A*bville, N. C., fir improvement in ' "ilo s. R. Markillie, of Winchester, IU., for improvemen in seek* machine*. _ . . 0 M- Monro, and J. Newton, of Watertow, Conn., for inipri vi luent in machine for toouring knivos. J. II . Ponu ruy. of Bloomlugwn 111., for Unpro.emto '"llaac V.ebn, of Fhiladelphii, Fa., tor improved photo gTinhic batb. . , .lanes II Esinp-on, of Grafton, Mass., tor improvemt. in hoot trees. .... ,. , ChniVea .-chins, of Chmdon, N. J , for self vfigulatiu: hot b'nst for fninae.es. Naihuaitl Fimoni, of Providence, R.E, ton nprovemen in o'olh stetcli rg rolltrs. ..... , John Ticmier, of Vldladelphla, la., for Imprci" ii esnn of tonntetion beiwoen regulator valve suJ gov toi.o.'s s'eut. ..... i Daniel E. Troe, of lake Vilirgc, N. II., for improve blind frsteiier. , It-vi Van B-econ. of Now Bave., Cor n., tor improve mtnt In ma> bines for pa: ing and ?d'ciug apple*. hi, hard Vera, of New 5 ork, N. Y., for iinpiovemeot . quar mushing niuchloea. Fo.-cs 1>. WelL, ol Jlotgantown, Vu , for mprovem". inhmdiecd sowers. I!, c. Wrinn, of t'oviifton, Ky., forhnp-ovnnaent.il' n.schb < s for piepai irg cotton ee<-d for ptouting. ,'oi n II. Gutlss, of FrankHnvillo, I'm., a.-iig-ior'? Ahisbam K'wards, of To*ands, Fa., for inprovement I water whi els. .. ... Joliti 1'ggart, of Hovlurj, Mis*., a-signo* to him Hnd Vernon Dr wn, "f Hos'.on, Mas.*., for improve , machine for channeling store. ?bsrles C. T<'lman, ol hl.tlburne I a.is. M?-s.. a**p t<> Jeme*Faig'nt ami Dan 1*. Tucker, of same place, giiiilel, Makr B. < laike, of >ewn*n, tor imp'ovemeti machine!y for opening and feeding cotton to th* gm Rr-bni.? t-amuel thocuro, of Providence. it. I , ' ' mac) tne for sticking pins in paper. Patented boptem hO, 1841. latcuded Foptember iiO 1S?6. lUc Rentrallty of Brwnll?Theatrical Com plimcn.s to Vrancc. TO TUB KDITUK OF TUL TIBBALD. Bmsll has broken its neutrality. France and Kngian l orojolntly, h ive Just been the o!*Je >t. of the gravest insul that a nation can receive from one rrtth whon it Is a peace. It is true fhe Japanese habits of the B avillans naturally plsce them beyond the law of nation-. '!er? is, it Is said, what happened at l'sra on 'he 'Jflth "f In August, ard was renewed on the 30th of the same in in1 i. Finbav, 2?tb?I secompanied Mr. Cta. Ktopper to *he theatre. This is wtast we witnessed:?Thry represser- A a piece tor a beneftt. A 'arge and very flne Cossack da-ioe 1 a solo, in eharscter, and was greatly applauded. r this a male and ft mala singer?*uc.h as there only a .it Darn?howled a vary Interesting, marry song. This duo ended, there appeared a made up dwtrf, annooiced n the bills posted up as "a French otltcer a-rivtng f. >m BebMtopol!" Tins laughable carrlcalure was dressc.i in a red Jacket, which had ones belonged to an English d? ser'M 'he headdiess lh? histnileal hat of the old Napo (eon, in which was displayed a trl-eclor cuekeds of t f French, ?? Urge as a dish. This fwa-f-o -e a mask on which there had been tin attempt to produce a beard moustai he*, and a pre file of the prc-ent French Km|ie , Nsrctocn III. At thl* moment. If th" theatre had tottered under hiavna and applause, dj one could have been surprise.' but what astrnt-hed mesas to seo in the l*resi,|ent bo* the Vice Dresident of th" l'rvvfnce applauding-no.? t> su any one an insult of such a nature?which oann -t b* wliht-ut results. It must be. as has been so ofts Mid that the Briirilian is as destitute<<f common sense a of m'< ral lense. t? loiget htmsetoso far. On Thi rolav, EOtb, the same faroe was repeal, *1 h ?his iwcullatltv: the calls for -Vnpo/eon pviions (little Nspohon,) anil applause were morn numerous and mo:< n hement than on Fundav. Ike ( beneellor of the French ( onswlate was prevest at this repreientatton, which I conclude that the Fiench govermnent will soon learn how the Brazdiin authorities honor the name and colors of France. At giers If I remember aright, was c mquered for a much ' Vdo not think Francs will take tha trouble to conquer I are but 1 believe tlist thl* folly of the Faraenw* will coat itrastl the free na< Igatl in of the Am*ion. The Lath TKhfORathic Feat?Last night, at 10 o'clock, two telegraphic operators sat conversing to ritberln the rffce at New York?not orally, hut by in. an? of ''be wlrea' ?their words passing f-nm one I ihe other by the way of N< w Orisons. The elicuit was r< n listed ever the who!" rente, and they communicated wltliut <>e sid of any other operator. A dispatch dated w Yotk. NTcvmbev 'id. 10 o'el?>-k, 15 minute* P. M , York time ) was rectlved he.-e at 0 o'doek, 10 luinntesP.M. (Newtvi's?stime)e?JffieOr' oe*'bucs<r, JV<v. 90. betUt from FimmIi p, Blair. Silvmii Snuno, Makyjjsd, Dee. 12,1866. To IftMri. Da.nusl R. Ooodlob and Lswih Clkthavb, Cor responding Committee ot the RepaliUotn inooutlo a of Washington city, D. C.:? (inTuaiui:?Having relinquished political employ ment, and, to avoid encountering again its ami -ties, addicted myself to oountry Hie, I am constrained to de cline your Invitation to join the Republican Association of Washington city, although teuupte! by the honor ot becoming its presiding officer. Yet I feel it my duty to say, that In the main I concur in the aims of the Associ ation. To exclude alave-y from the territories of the United t-tat en, and to rebuke the violation of tha coin prouiees which were mule to stand as covenants be tween the slave and free Sates to elfoct that exclusion, are, hi my opinion, the most important movements which have engaged the public mind since the revo lution. The extension oi slavery over the new Territories would | rove fatal to tbeir proeperily, hut the greatest ca amity to be apprehended from it is the destruction of the cuiilcdeiacy, ?u w.ieh the woltare of the whole coun try reposes, kveiy conquest of this element of discord, which has so often threatened the dissolution of the I nion, liirrcasea the danger, livery surrender of the free States Invites invasion. The cause which your organisation 1? intended to pro mote may well draw ut its support iu n of all parties. 1 iffeientes on queotioufl of poUcy, on constitutional eon truetiou, of iuts.es of administration, may well be merg d to unite men who believe that nothing but concert of ction co the par ', of th >se who would arrest the spread t slaveiy tan legist the .power tf the oombiuulion n >w .mbedied to make it ewurace the continent, from ce m to oceuu. Ihe repealing elauae Of the Kansas bill is predicated < n ihe nullity oi theelausoin the cons'lvut on wld ih gives i i ngress the power "to make regulations respecting the iciritnrUs" of the United States. Yet nothing is clearer Id the history of our government than that this phrase, : Iving power to Congress "to make regula'ions respecting the Tei iltoiies," was meunttogive it the power to ex elude ?luveiy from them. Mr. Jtfleison's lesolutions of 1*84, declaring "that there shall be neither slavery ner involuntary servitude in any of the jratcs," laid off in tbe Western Territory, was suVi.eqi Hilly leiivwed in the Congress of *86, wnlcU added, "Uat this regulation shall be an article of sua pnet," and it was n voted uiiuniiu<>usly(by the deWgvti >ui of eight -tales out of twelve." It Wrs passed by the unmiiru ms votes of all the States by the Ci pg-ers of 1787, which sat c m'.empuriuiHou It with the convention fonnlug the oonatltuti <o, and iliwt const it u ion gave Congress the power -'toiii.ke regiiit liens lesieotiug th" Territories " an I moreover uiliunsd the validity of " tin eug.ige.nents ontercd Into bstore the udupti. u id tbe constitution " by the confederal! >u ?us i t wiii.ii i cgugeiuents was thii made by toe regu latiun exvlucing slave, y 'rein the 'i'euitoi 1**. I'uus ins I'i iigre-s of th- confederation and the constitution mi ted in givlt g a double unction to the ev-hi.T .n. The fi.s*. i xet iid t e power ot ending Mr. J t.(arson's iiiteiulct at il,ivily In vhc tcrrttoii?s then het.l by '.tic Unite. Mato?, to which it ha.) p ? vnub'y given au i n ptvssive sanction, by adding, '? tuLs regulation shit be nu article ccropsot,'' Aio.; nud tho convention guaran teed this ' o. gt.o m nt," anteied iuto u. der ttiu couCtr deration, by declaring it ? valid," and employed the am? te.nis, " regulation of tbe *eri Itorles." to n it the power beie exerted to future Cnamffinos. In the of As con face ut ttiu litstMy and the lot on- of (he coastitv granting tCc power to mak" whatever ro.tututi ms it reimid (it ic p' ctii.g 'he D rritoiica o( tbe Unl ed States, tbe authi rs ol tun K?u?t* *uit Vel, a.-ki will doi.y the reu-titu'ii niili'y of ail the regolttiins whith ex 'dude slavtiy fii.in tbu l'> r'ito,iss, and set at m ight "It tha picceileiiistba' confirm thorn, wi ich have f lbised in on inteiruj ted succeasi.-it, from tho foundation of itio gov erMoent. lbs' o'hnr clause in tlin ionstiiutinn, empowering Gr Kgie ;s to pas laws to pievent the" migration or i-y purra ton" i f rlavra after 18US, s-xiws th-'lixeil pu'p s? < f the founders of ,.ur Union to limit tbe increase of lui. evil, lire c nsC.]ueooe was an inhiblti u, whiali pre. vents h South (.an,Una planter, vvh i La- slare.t in "aba, frcm bring ngtbunr to r.in heme plaxtaUon; and to re nn ve -bis oos true ion to the Increase of slavery witliin the Uiiior, and open Africa to supply the il.tinaud rn oi s by the in w act, Ihe No. them nuUiflnrs are alr?udy cad "1 on by their Poulhern allies to lend their aid; and cer tainly those who embrace Mr. Cain-run's doctrine, as staUd by Mr. Jiouglas that "< very citizen his an lua leTubleiight to move Into auy of tho rerritories with bis ptopcrty. of wbuuvor kind or deacriplioa," tho consti tution iitui c.mpii iui.es notwithstanding, nan hardly re fuse it. It war nn the annexation ot the Mexican territo ries that Mr r*lhoou asoeited this p. iuciple, to unseulo the lixcn ji Hey ot the nation, hrginnuing sith tbe era of the I acini ati* n of Indepudenee; ami he applied it alike to the cornysemises of 1820 and J MO. Mr. Douglass thus sums up the position taken, and the re-ult:? I'm er th's rectlon. as in die <? we of tbe Mexican 1 iw lu No?v Mexico ai d t nib, it is u disputed point whether slavery is nrolil blled in the Ne!>raa)t ncouBtry by valid O'.arUaent. Tbn ducsk.ii of iliir.que.t no involves the constitu'lom.1 power ot Congress ui pass law a pisscrlhlnE and regniatlng tbe domes ietnstitu ions of ife various'1 erri ories oi the Union. In the opinion m' tho a eminent statesmen who hold that C'>ngr?.-s is invested with no ii|htful?uiLorl'y in leg'siaie ii|sin the anbjetlof aiavery lu tin Terntirles, the eighili sec ton nf Ihe u -t pieparstory to tlie .ut iidaslcn nl Mlssoiui is nail and lol.i, wii'le the prevailing nen Ummt in a lai ge poi lion of the L'r Ion eusintu* 'be Jostrlne iu? the cups t'u '.on ot Uic United B'atee -e-'f-.-a to every eftlr.nn tin tnilisiat/le tight to move into any of the Tcrri oiles with his pr-perij. of vhatever k'nd and Ue-'t-iptiun, and o bold an l enjO> tbe sam e under the sanction of law. Your committee do not feel liein-rlves cuiir.l upon to enter hit the diseii-sloii ol these centreverlril ques li lis. fh.y Involve the s uin grave lestes wbleb produced the aglitiou, tl.o sret'ous] -t-tie, an I the l> ni fol sti igi-le of IHM). From tbi, it ajqteflrs that the oojuprvmises of 1820 a-id 18l.lt iuvclved the quectlon of the valUli y "f t .e law of Mexico, txcludfi g -lavery fn tn tt e now'y co-aid Mexican territory, and the l.,w of our own t'ongrest cx .lu; ing it from thst north nf tbe line of bfl 80. Mr. Douglas's cuoi Otittce report reeomntendol that, as ' Corgreas donned U wi-e and prudent to lefrs'o fh>m dacld Inn Ihe miiU.ru In oonlroverry, lh-n euhrr by efflrin'.nx ?r r? pcuilln* die Mcsionn l inn, or h? an ?ci drnliraorv n. too true ntetitnt the ooi'slltution, and tbo orient of tbe prelection afford e.l|b> it li> situe pro. erty In ilio 'Territories, so your com mil toe. ore not pre) area now t? rrooaimrni a departure irorn die course pursued on that rremorablu "siackm. elibet' h? ittU ui In* cr repesllnjt tie eighth section of lh . Missouri ..ct, or by any act at c am o. y <ti the weening of the constitution In re, pec. In ibe legal points In oh pule There ja'sagtB ate quoted to show that tho i-sues made ly Mr. ("a boon, as to the Ciasltu'inaalit) of the two eonipren ben of lR.O n.id lftoO wem oxuou-ly lett < pen b r judicial decision by too eouimiit' e, ah > nevertheless swept away, by n clause t uhae jueutly add ed to tbcir bill. U't ? lily tbc Missouri onaorroiuUe ol 18.0 but also tbc c.omprondre ot 1850, wht :h left un touched tbe Mexican laws prohibiting slavery lit the ceded tcrtitoiif?, and which Websier,''lay, Benton, au l all the leading Ughta of tbe h'enat" (with 'be e*ception of Mt. Calhoun) pieniouuced iuli.1, ai d an elTejtual rostric tlou. Ibis ie,eel was tbe adoption of dr. Oalhoun'x nullify ing doc title <n >r^n<to. The power of Gougress to in ike law exclndinp sTu fty f- revcr from Its far ri tor In ?. as rnrb, wa-denied and ell tbe Te i ilnrhv wore opened to ?lavery, on the ground of tbe ? in- Hera >le right" or every citiziii 'to mo., into any of the Territories with hi pro perty, of whatever kind nr dec iptiun;" and the la v of squatter svTe.elgn'y was snpe<added, and ab'tituiej fir the I'Teifigiity r>l the Unt ed Stales c.yor tbe puhiic do. main. Thus mil at tdify dicta ion of Mr. A> inlson, sup ported ly the coali ion effeeUsl hot <nn the wuigs and i tmoirats ot the (joiith, under ihe priesire and "hr . ogh Ibe inttlvces of ihe null'llers Mr. Jefferson's nobis prln rip'e, eiidea od to ibe c unlry liO'h for its moral gia -- denr and politicil wiert m. It is tiie ltr.it thought it 'en-d in the i'etiaration tf fudeiKniioaoe; -nd to the dsmireiatl'.n of tl.e King of Great B-l'eiu f r the ort.it.' of briigiog slave y t.) our abmes. it adds, as tbc deepest spgirvuii' n, that ' be I ns prostituted his pr-*r igttivu i>y suppic sing tve y b-gUl.itivo at'empt to piohioit or to ? lestislii this sx.i r.ible ootuineroe." The tin t legleli'.ite attempt to restrain the progress of the mi-chief vllch the King of llrcat Uri'ain vlsfiod upon this coutitty was Mr. Jedfe) win's resolution exclud ing r'avtry Itom tbe territory of tho t'niied 3'ntos, io 1T8*1; the next was Ilia' intr duceo by Hutus King tn 1786; ihi tldid 'bat ot Nathan Duto In 178!?all riMviv ing the vote oi '.wo- thirds of tbe htatos of tbe confede racy, and tbe last tbe unanimous Vote. Ibe Ton rib hiorein.ni was thatlntnc eonventim wlit-h finmcl the coLsli ntion Itself, pro.idlng against the tin nor atlon of slsven afier 1808, declaring the tmding rali dity of the enga.ements entenel into by the t'ingress of tbe confederacy on tbc pact of tlie governneut of tbe I'nited Mates, to exclude it f oui the Territory, and so cnrltg to the new government the p->w?r of maki jg sitnl lai provisions for future asquUltl' ii* of Territory. no flfili regulation, to eslraln the urogram?f slavery, wa < tbst of the C.mpromii-ent 18JO?the sixth, sh t oi 1*50. It is remarkable that allhnugb Lbe-e jrea- lurasuies had their oilgin wi'h demoera ic led*'s federal and whig leaders ol greatest renown unt'el In their support. Ihe constitutional provisions <n the subject had the unaiiatous sullisg. ot all ibe illii'trious m*n In the con vention wbof'amed the consti'ution of tbe United -tat? and from tbe silence on the sulj. ct in 'he Mate (fonvuo tions called to rtti'y tbe constitution, it may w II be pre sntntd OihI ih<so al.-o were noai.iinbns In tin lr approval of nbat bad been done under t'ie <y rfederacy, and in the new cnnalttiition. to icstisln the intr du^tb n and 11.nit the extension ot ,-Uvery. And may not. uien of all par lie: now nniie to re>t re what tie pstiloU of all parlle iii.ring the flr?? sev -i.ty years of our government, con tilbuted to establish? The work ol rcsteiatlon is ritnyle and easy, if tbe men aln abhor tie Is e irnovel, n on tin loug ?ettleil policy of the nation can be Induced to ellDqulah peMy dlf feier.ccs i n irsnsi-oiy topics, an.t give .heir united vo i c, In tbc nexl I'ttsideotinl election, for tome own wr.me csiachy, ficcllty a id eo isge van bo relied up.n loop pose the Issue wblck the pre-eot ndu tnistrallo'i h' r made to e<mrol it, Ibe ron est lis.' grown out of I'.-e.d derdlai aspirations. The dct-t'm <<f 'he p ople a* Mm polls, b-rboe.log a rhief niaguirste, will end It. ;>?na t rs will es ilv comply when the nation'e demand ia harked hy presidential jajwer and patronage, and b'qre : of the tnture, wbioh aniioste the lending members of the body. The adirlr.isiration bss staked Itself on the support of the party of privilege?of etnas InteieM?which makes itaiu.it. It cenildes tn the succcs" whi-h has crowned tho oligan by ? verywhere in the yi'l World, and secured its triumphs, on the maxim 'Idvlde and ron iuer." ibe whig-' and denioerata of tbe Honlli are a coroldnu ilon to carry Into tbc next 1're* Id ear y s me candidate abrolute in mulntaining tlie re, raliag e'au*e of the K*n sas bill, which nullili'S the ptinciplt-s of the o-dluooce, the provisions of the constitution made to gtva then ef fee*, and all tbe oomprnntie*a which have been made in pin; uanoe of lb'm, with the sanction of all serlions of the Union. . ,, . .. If tlie maioilty favorable to tbe policy built up with our woveinmeot wtU unite a?on?t the issue tendered by the adnlnlstration, and "e"" **?? repeal of the repealing rlause of the KansM aet psrauioun. in the Impending onateet tor the l'restdenw all will be rts'ored th*t bss been lost to free mentations, by o, eaing the Terriioi let. North a?d South, to slavery The c eo promt** of 1R_0 ind 18f0 lieir.g restoied, tbeie will no* he en inch of the 'erri'ory ot the Vetted States, once exempt from slave y on which it caa legally latrnle; and Mr. Atcl.ls.m'. attempt by an armed forca toea>ry out the aulH'icatton plotted in the raocna whicn gave buth to the Knoaae Mil. will. Itka the attempt ol his prototype, Mr. Calhoun, tr give sffe i to wouth Carolina aullifleatioa. be paralyse.) by tbe frown of an mdtfnanf nation, made potent by an he nest and firm executive. lad IMn vdl end the oareor of thoee gentlemen who arrogate to themfelves tba excluiive tutelage ot the de mocracy of tba oouatry, aa ended that of Mr Calhoun aid his prosrlyte*, who took the peculiar charge of tha ? Wa'a rlghtx" party. They sunk under tba luieariial ooBvtction that their real for State right* waa an ardent pssxii* to teach pollticat power, at the baaard of extln eui.-hli g, In the blood of tha people, the wise and free Tnstltuti) o? it bad coal a" much to e*?abUxU. Our innovating drtrucrtte, who put under foot the repraaenta'fve princtplo; aho violate^ the known will of ?ni*; who t * ' their conxlltuem-; who scorn their instruction* to re draw* the-wrong they Ltve ex) outlined; who reply to the suffrage* that coroen n their conduct, tlrat they are n >t democratic Huffing.-..; who. in he plentltude of their lu blhbiliiy, read out of ihe democratic party Maine, New Hampshire. ConnectIsui, New York, Ccnnxylvani*, Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, Illinois Wt-con-in tni Iowa, hwoau^e I hey will not aubmlt. io the will of th?xo, their represen tative*: who have set. up u teat which must ever exclude Maxxiichusette, Vermont and Ithode Island from it* rank*', who have bartered away right* xccuiei *o the in all by compact*?will xo?n leaiu that democracy cue* not re eide in the organization of iu'.iigunr*. but in the maaa of the people. ? It ix the glory o' <>nr jirevt repnb'tc that it* democracy springs up firm tlie ?i 11 and flourishes in the freth air of ou* wide-apt ead country; and that it* rich harvest* Im partiig health, atrcngth And xpirit to our whole system, ix gn> lie red annually at the pel.*. The <lem easy which ix bred in cauciiRei and cabinet* i* a aort of hot hod pM-.let?anlted to the ta?<c of epicurean poltileians, wh""C ppetltex are the'r nrincipica, lucuioluuitx and expo. -. ant* of offl ea and dignities claim a aort of i>at*nt light in the machine of government to create a deunieraey adapted to their purport*. Their Innovations in the machinery i-re contrlvaneea to renew their prl lieges for new term*, e nd the people are the subject* who are to be used up in it?Io pay tribute for th<* privilege, and taku pride in the ekUl of the operator*. The telegraph wire* and the Clnclnnatti Convention " " eU are to bring ell the rra-terly com'in*'ion* uf tiie adeni nix',rat ion in contact with the maaee* at the appointed time. But, will the wi-e* workf Undoub.edly the pei ple, far and wir'c, will have their Instruction! from the operator*; bat the rerpouxe will probably be a thunder ed their righta, bolt to thore who have violated their righta, ipurned their remonstrances, and a* a eon?equen?e, have ar ray ed hrothe* from the different sectiony of the Union to xbed each others' Mood, ia civil war, on the plain* of Kansas. Yooix, rexpeclful'y. F. P. BLAIR. UOU1LL MUNICIPAL ELECTION. Tlie entiro Knew Xotiii g ticket for city oflieer*. in cluding ablet men. wax elected in Mobile on tue 3J (net. The fo.lowing ix the vote for Mayor :? J. M. Withers, Know Nothing . . ....1,-0(5 Hugh Monroe, democrat Bill Know N'olhitig majority 685 The Port Oibaon (Mtxx.) RetrtlU has hoist I the name* of Hen Ileury A W!*o for President, *nd il ,n. Jeff Davis tor Vice Prcbid- nt. A dcmocrxlia nieetng wan held in T.oalevii e on the 7'h inxt at which del gau-a ti the Strto C nvention it hrankiort. wore appoint*. , and the flruio"?i of the demo cratic member x of Co; gte.-.x received on eacoaragtug word. Tire*.ttc* ntul Elhibltln.i* BiirAtiw/v li'.EA'.ni'.?The troupe of Juvenile com - ?liana, known iia lire Mursh Company, will make their >e> end i.pi eurxi.ee befur, a * ow York audlei tie I hi* ove t il g 'ibo performances < f tlie e children are not only ph-axiig but 8urprixltig?they having tec trained -o carefully ax to enahlo thi m to play ? Ireir Hoveral pans in a sij Je that would d ores, it 10 BXpe-nuced Atlulix. Their xele- lions for ihi* evening *ro ' Beauty and tlie Beast'' aid ''The Wandering Yin duel." Nihlo's,?The chaste ano pleasing envert*iiim<m'a af f nice l>y the Bevels nnil ballet troupe ate ?'ill r.tnoiig t e liixt in ibo estimation of the public*; the house ix nightly c owucd. The tirxt piece on the list '.ht* cveulng ix lie new nrrnie rsuloinime entiiled "The Secret M*r rUgo " To he followed by tlie ballet called " The Hop - nem," for which M. B. illnnt ha- arranged a number of hetu'iful dances. To conclude with tint great facori e, "Asphodel," which will soon be wltbdran. Bovnrv Theatre.?Three highly popular ar lets, M s. T. b iixmblin ano Mr. I., liddy. will again appear this evening e ii nr'ed hy the entire strongih of tha com pany. The dial piece ix " The rtrangor; or, ?di*inthropy and Kept nt-rice." Mrs Shaw in her ^rcat part of Mrs. Ilalier. Mr. Eddy u- the btrangc, ami Mrx. Jo.-dtu t< the Couotcxx The i.t'txrpieco eeiuixU of ll^comoly of ufl.e Jxali us Wife," Mr. Jolinxtou au Mr. Osktcy. ami Mrs. Ward a- Mix. Oakley. Birto.s'b TflkATBE.?Tlie manager announera tliat. owing to the great xurccxx of ibe now piece, called "Ealre Pioteuio . or. Ifciih Mdcx of Good Sooie'y, it will fe produced i viuy righ? this wexk. Mu*sr*. Burton and J< rdan. Mcfilsmex llngbia, fhorns at d Burton, and Mias 'Ihone have xupeiior parts, and th? miner characters of the comedy are well sustaii ed by the menixwrx of the txUntrd c u puny Ihc amuaement* wirl rloxe wl'U "Turning (he'i'sblcs," M'. Hurt or, ax Jack Humphries. Wxir.tax's Theatpe?tiro odinirablc little comedy called "The E'lrxt Night" will 1>e productd this event ig, by reqne-t. The piinripal cbaructerx are iu the hands uf Mcxxis. Isster. Norton and .stesart. Mm. Hooy and Mr*. Pte| hsns. The rharmilig comedy of "The I .it tie Trea xuie" will follow. The xupeiior mrmnur In whiou all Ihe chsractei* ol thlx piece ere playtsl h* rondered it a derided tavri e. "The Hole In the ffail," wl'h Mr. G. Holland as Ihoxa-. will conclude the performtance*. Wei t?'n M:^?eTREt.-,?This company continu** to be ? rgt'ly patrosirxd. The program tie for ihrs evening (Main* a variety of amusing Pa'urex, incite ing Ihe b*ltex]erean represeo'aii- nof "The Maeju uade Ball." It kiev's r-BiEEArnms.?TTie vocal and In trumental tslent or thi-well in >nn troupe#'tract ax U'geandiencca ax ever. T1 e bu lexqus of "Yilliklna and Hts Dinah'' to night bftideg inounietHble s. ngx, Ac. Acai'Ktjt Ham.?Messrs. Hrree, Raynor, and other* who formerly beiorg-d to the eelshratcd troupe of Cbiis'y'x Mi. r trrlx, will perform for the wcmil hue at this bull t n ght. lnrg< numbers of their old fileuds will Hock thitLer t. no them. Msximskk' Ham.. ? The Jnv<-nl'e troupe of 9*11 ringers and \i <a'ix's present it programme of groat Tailety for this evening. The Musing of this company, though compered tn*'rely of chlllrea, in declared to aurptsa all other attempt* at the ait. The Axsval Pf rrrr of the Amrri.no Dr iioaUc Fund Assocta ion will timet) tro at tin* Broadway theatre to itionow (WedueriUy J ? retting. The principal attract) in wtll he the comedy <f -Ti e Rivals," which will b? given with a sti nrg cast, .fncl .diog Mr. BUke, w!i > wl.l make Lie ft ret appeal atice thm . e&E-iu and play .Sir Anthony Absolute. Mire 1_ai *a Ksxve annoiincea that ihe will open the Metropolitan theatre < n the troth 1 an tout. Tuore will ">o nine altera Ions In the stege, a?d the recant tier will be fitted up with private boxen Tcere ia alno to be a D* ,r act diep, tea pro:cenimn >itapery, and n*? aceucry throngliint. We lis'e seen no lint of the company, hut hear that tt include* M . H. Hail, Mr. Thorn ta Fiactis, Mien Kate Faxon, and others well kn?iru to Metropoll an audlentee. Tbe (itituAN InitATKK.?It may be unknoan to many of our citiicnn that theto In a vtry pretty Herman theatre? ti c Had'? iu the J* weir. On Wednesday evening Mnie. hmiilt, the rrmolUnpi, han a benettr, when 1 Macbeth* will be produced, with new scenery, costuuen, Ao. Fan, Bueh, Mami ?We hare a Mil of a performance of "Mill Waters Run Deep " at Columbian Hall, on Setu daylanf. Messrs. J. W J-anergnn, E. Handford, Mix- C. Ben a'd, a'd Mr. M. W. TUke are the principal membets of the comj any. Bosion?Mine Adr'able I'bilUpa haa appeared at the Boeton tLealre, as Count Molina In ' Tux D' vil'n Bridge,'' and l.< ol a in Sheudnn a' Duenna " Hie wn. not well nupported. and the ??ifair wan a failure. At the .'atlocal, Mr. Fhncng. the manager, had a he.,e(l-. on Friday, ami was pieiemcd with a ? to-trice of plate. The Qairtt* layr:? the receipt* tif Mi Fiend uk'* benefit on Krblay even Irg (J-tfiti Mi) wee irosieed by Gilbert On <nlng?, and tl.tf artcix, wlio expee'ed to receive to day bock e.vlalies due llieni, were snrprlsed to find "no nods" to meet their want*. Mr. Flemiig wh>hn? had bu'. poira ic rton the reason, naa given them the thealie for next week, when they will shine p'oceeds oa tho ' O.imm in wealth plan," aLd we hope to see them liberally pa ti united. Tlie sensrn at tl.e Howard, under Far-en and Bit k land, currnuneod on Monday, wi'h " fha little Tieaanre " Mlm l.ouba Howard ?s Gertrude. Mine C. Cramptou I* in the company The MeudrNohn Chmal Society gxvc the 1 Mtsil.ti" on 'ninhiy night a' Treuront Venple. Mis* A. J'liillipr made her ilibiU in ora' >rio on thi? occa sion. Cnsm-ifTov, P. C ?The season was announced to close on the 8'h lest, with a benefit to Mrs tin Hon day, M. Fsllx, wbo was wai Ing with Mile Bushel for the Havana steamer, stiruunced that the Kreoch troupe, exxept Barbel, W->nld give two performances. Mr. Out tare Na'iuct baa tcslcnetl hb position of agent lor M. Fo il*. and haa returned to Netr York. IiKTBoiT, Vo ii.?Mr. W. Dnvidge haa played an engage, mtntoftwo weeks in Toronto to good It u?o?, and e?>.u mericeaat Ddndt on Monday, Dec. 10. At. iimt ojs Fmx?On Tuesday evening an ac cident, vhich might ba.c been attended wiUi fatal i? tults, recurred to Mademoiselle Julia, at the Plymouth theairr. Hi irtly after 'be had appeared in the Intro, doctor) bal'et in the fairy extravaganza of the "Good Vi i it si. in tin Weed," her dresa accidentally caught fire, and tie materials (tar elan) being ot a lighten unbusu b e character. she was almost Instantaneously enveloped lrflrn'S. AT n. escr.ee of mind apjrea ed at the aante tin r to demit tier, and -he dashed to the aids of the stage, wkeie the ?as caught by a tall and poworol man i an sr. Hooper. Her stale of ftsniy, however, wee au h that he was unabie to hold her; she pushed htm ealde srdrtislied acirss the aisge en*eloped in the flames of ber burning difss. At the dher side she wag caught by a mac rsntd fitch, but after he bad been severely burnt tn bis endeavor to hold ber end pat oat the |lrn.?e, sle tore herself sway from him elso. Mr. New < u.be, >n resit g the aoci ent fiom the fiont of th? hi l.se, wl eie he 1 eppered to be standing, hastened to tbe spot, ai d having new ariivad, aecesane 1 In throw! Mademobell* .inlie down, and the Use was extlorntahed. ha Is now recovering, all hough arvmely Injured. Akotdfh " CcjtHDFKcn IIaw."?The llarHogtin :V't.,) fie r i'rr.-< plus r lengthy scoonnt ot Ihe .lotngi tn that townofa swindler calHog biroselfUw "Baron do I ercy," and pti icstrg to te tne son of "Hon. Qapt. Murray, of Qctin Victoria's Ho., ahold Guards." lie ?i< fesrtil to be a conVsitto MetliwtDtn. anda'serted that e had r*c? nt'y c< nic Into possession of a foi tune of forty five tbon-and ts i n.'s sterlfng per annum. Ha went *o fsr es to pieath in >hcMetuodfat cimich, toe large a.i disr.ee, ninny ot thsni doubtless attracted by the novelty of an f nglirb Fcrr i; In a t ermont pulpit. He was oallot nj on by the first ct.tri ns. whom be invitwt to atoot game with Lim next yrar on the preserve* of his eeuain. the bail of Dalkeith, In Pent land. Ac. Ac., with other stmt ler brmSrg*. ihe upshot of the metier was, that tt born wed innev fan In deb*. and then ran awa; pe. pie found that tbey bad toen egregtonsly dn Hon It AT Locipttllk ?The total number of bog* slaughtered et loulsville thus for, this season, is only <0,011 l ead. At tbe same period last season rally 410,00b head were killed, which make* the operations up to the Cresent time 100,000 bog* behind lest year. On the M ?st.. there were ll.'ilO In pea* ready to be tfcaghtered. The prevailing rate la $A SO net. war, and ped.

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