12 Aralık 1855 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

12 Aralık 1855 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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w 6WHOLE SO. T045. MOHNEtiG EDiJ'Oi?-^ 'SDSeSDAY, DECEMBER 12, 185a. PRICE TWO CENrS. yilTMMI Mn IW ^ "HSIJM', "RKW nKICAlW^ H IWUi kilii' U.UVll M? MtM. *M ??* tMFI4H I'dttllO. I Ma l> ? gt?g ?*?'< Ior a M ? book and no wuadar, ujl tLd 1H? ?ll' w UMMJTT PAPHRH. TW Rulf. to t^pr?to?^i*.?to au'DorttyJ u,a tLey axe IIply ? ? to h toeing ir delicate, AM ? u4 wi to>n. be.Tg tedfttoa. Wa ton/ atoo to rw i tamo u>p t> without Croa fn ?? ? r a"d i**..ug boiler. On* n?( Iten )l!i|. ? .1.4. $1 "ft. J <? URmHI, PwhhJit*, New York. AM to sole to tto* t or>4 ?<<h * ? m. ito- car* on.I * earn boat*. AMW'K go UK ftvlAL 10 PVNl ll.-KNIOKKR *x ft ri. . AlPI-SVON ft CO , .4, aa.1 In* Ihosdway, publleh thta PlIOfcMXf ANA, fin NKRTl'HICO AND Hl'KLKHyCKH. it J. no rawiu. I Tot Itotto. ItiuouoM 0.U1 ? pudralt nf Ifto author, mrofl. Thto ti.ok I* pronoun* <4 by rruir. (be tonal irredailbly totunabto rente of .1 bo ? n ? h h?>r boon orltioa flie atom* toy a In HI* pr*'*r. ? 'If kto b.?>b tunuout to hr * verr hod on* ft* wtil b* rtiT'W ?t Ik* resection 'hot H It b? 00 luy ? 'bo ftrw. end iikAiWt wit) ?4 > * <h? Into of Uio k M, Ihoi boo bfdto glre.i u. 'to* public. Meanwhile title It, bp Uto blmetug ft IMvtu* I'm. idem*. w>4 the < ugh too eter.loaa of tor 'turner'* Worhti %' t>. o fee country. and oo uoocou toe onBi'OlIrd 10 tend auj'bt. ( against HU luctl?.i'b>u." OtoeUJ Report at Praf***nr Jnba Phmalt, A.M. of o Mill lory fturv*) oM hoc.mi ot Iht Mont* from son Fran too'9 lo tbo MtoOhto to made with ? rtew l<> aeoerlau Ibo praoilc?bllity of o< unnrtlt( 'hoe potnt* by a railroad. A hew Slalom o' Kngilel. tlrammar " kwrlow ' _ el he'lew Kimctdi or> Th*a'Hr?l Crluetam The Poifiamani*nf 1 orhoi'a ? ode Mymphonl*." "The Plalm." ot A# don Diego iido> n LocAureo on Aatmu mi: lutmdue'ory?(turner I. ThoMua. Chapter II. Horror) Vmu-. (be I:?rtb. iba Moon. Pfttol Shnotlna -A Counter challenge Antidote for Plea*. Phonli 01 tho MU*l"t: lHd?rea Rqulboh In Bon tela Squlboh In ftonotne. Sq ulbob in ban I ranch* o FdmIi Inaialled Kdl or 01 the tan Diego Herald? Hla Rain ?iatory; Mr Kerren and 'be > hsrla'n. The Squ.ro'a mory. Ad Tartlioa ft r a Llhrerv, fhi < nrued v of Krror* liuerrlvw ire tweon Oorrrurr Mlgln end Judge Atur*. Tlio sou Hi go Bnj* run torty night boura. Phn-als Adrerilara for a Horrent; aii Apt Cyan* Hon; Charles 1'wde'a Woieri 'Man* e Slip 'taeeu the Cup and the Lip," lii rn irnea ou Maitrr* I'oliiical; Re otoTee o OoinmuDtretion tr. iu "leoiudas.' llon.inrTU iberoon; An Incident of the Hire .0 1. ,i (latne of Pokrr; Untiraieona A tari on a Spaniard; A H'Hoelun, Return of the Kdl'or; Pbotoli'a Valedirlor); lie'eiota hla KiTaile hdltortal IVntrae, and Plnally Turna Itencriat; InUTvir* the KaH" andPbu-nfi, lleaperaui I'monai Kocountrr, In wblrh bo li parlleaget badly beauui. Ilm Matlrr Am cablv Rr'tied "with out prejudlre lo the boi.o.' of "Ither party." llluatratod ffewapapera : l'lxenla laxura in I tin ilrair.d edi tion of Uie Herald; Maaoliln n' and (Oa'ly erdr.tvuip*. In -Olading li e celebmb-d Ural inierrleie beteeru Mra. Harriet Brechrr btnwe and the I'uolieaa of SnUnrlaud; Landaoer'a Plow of a Ran Diego Baucli. handyago?A Bolilnqtij Pourth of Joly t'elebro'ioo In Han lilrto Pr,<ea*too Ora tlon; Dbuirr, Ae. Mtlanchuiy Aoeldent ; Ibutih of a Y un* Man Mr. MuJge'a DurfOtwi Hie belli of the sou e; e I so an l.pi'alL Peeond, Third, Pour'li Kdluonaol ih? l'|r|orla; Herald. A Full Account of tLe Forn.atlon ot the San I ranrt oi An'l quartan Society, and California Academy of Axta and The l.adlea' Relief Hocletr ; K?traord!u".ry I'rocredtnga, Strong tnlialed Women; I'bo'idi horror .tricken ot flndlognti Wife wu>M thru, He auoona. la dlarovere l, aud-da unoere IDOr loualy Licked out id 'be room. Inaaguratlcn ol the Now t.'olie;tor 01 Curtomi tu San Fran Claeo : Tremendc ua SXcitement I Rqultob"Downon" Htr""t Introduction, bqulbob al Uie Play : What be raw and h>a- I there Ano'her Rqultioh In tho Field; lb* original la LtUrd by the Rrenlug Journal; on Inrlructlt'c Fable. The Literary Conirlhuilou ttoi: Liner to I.0I1 Mon'er. A Very Mournful t'uapter: Olt inKtlieparUciiiar, of Hquibob'? Death; K Spiritual Medium eipcrimeuilug alto the liorni-*; Judge Kdmondr thrown completely. In tt?- simile; Startling Mamfer'ailonr; Hqmboii lternrieclad; Hi* l.aat words, lie expireafur the laat tluio " uoeltlviny without reserve." Let urn of the Collector [torn clock, too; Thrilling and Frantic Kxellement among OBlce Soehera; I'roecsaiuu and speech. Phcenlt lake* an Alle iioua'e l.cave of S.n Franetrc". Phcroli la on the Sea; The Simmer Northerner; Captain Uham: 1 Irk Whiting the 11'? pica ultra ot Stearnlma'llau'.aina; The Loa-nfadot ahiaee of " Suoba;" Cur**" loud uiefdeep, antral at Han Diogo. Phi.mix In Bar lileto: Deacrtptlon of the Plata; Prediction aa to lie Future Impor'miiro; t.ld To ah; Who he met there, and what he thought nf the.rn, Ac. Camp Hemuil*c?ucer: l>e< nl* Mulligan and the Owl; A IRu DAT, 1 boiec of Ilhdieu, Colonel H at Church, thinking Aloud: Colonel Magruder'n Hcrnnade Party; ' My name la Jake Key. dor." John rhornlx lo the " Pioneer;" ruli. ki .lacka. Call and Tut ?tie. The Waehlnaton la<lict' liepcl'ory. Revs w of New llookr; Life and Time*of .loreph Brewer the 4lder. Pirn-nix at lfeulcla; The Mothodiat Klder, I?r. Tuehmnker'a Invention; I'? Apphcetlen, Fahil ( uiueu'irne. r; Mar"une Anecdo r; lb* Hehoon. r " 1 wo Hueane" and Mum Tarbox lerturcron Astronomy (Continued): Correspondence; Mara: JtipPcr; Satuni; llerrchtl; Neptune; ihe Aaterolila. Ibe Pfxrd Star*. A Ingend of the Tt hamt Hotiae. Interi-Mlug Corrcapondonce. IKTFREHTINO TO PlinLIHlIKKH. THf roLLOWINO manu a-xtpta are offbi-ed for *el? on very reasonable tcruia: ? I'nnjt Ton'* Ctsin?the ally 'ran*!auon e er taado from EpglWi Into Bpnnlrh, hy -penal rri|tie*'.. RtmaaHuANOne or lloaa. Hasten Htma or t Coats Kxn.a n kng.tah Tk?. Coi.a!! MiK'TLtu ? u oo lec'lou of naliada and mircella oevua pre ana?In Knglleh. Sraninr Pnmint; or, Kirw. f)r?k of t .o Sinnlah f an^unje FuPlfurrher partlctilara, p'euse addrea* the author, Miguel T. Toion, Herald oflice. Lkttkks oxTro; bound dcbs qui^tiox -thr-ik leth rc treat of tho between the 1.' ulted HrM ?ad Drtunark, in a set tons ami |co<i*c|eiiik>u.? namer. Valuable tact* and .strong arguments are hmn, lit n near Upon the points at Inane. the of Denmark to >rr 'be Mound dies la ahty sustained, and Uit* poller nl Uio adinttUatraUon shown in Ha true light. I'll'.; lie. Sold I v F. W CURlSt KKN, 781 Broadway. P *lWOTTH HISTORICAL WORKS I luat piiltlb-bed. HISTORY-OK TIIK KMOh hp FlifUP II By W llilam 11 Pre?*.ti. Will, t-ortraits maps, platea. A.-. 1 tola Oetevo 1 lie reign nl Philip the Second, enibrru ?? g tholes half ol the alxteentk oentury. laoi.eof the tno.-. Ini|?'riant an w.-li an Interesting portion? of m"lorn bistort I it OKCirtr. to g'ui.ce only at aorneof Ihe piluclpal even's. The War of 'he Neherlat.da?the nodnl, so to say, of our own trlorbtiM war of the KeyoipUon; the atege of Malta and Its memorable detune" by the knlghta of St John: the brilliant earner of Don John of Austria, the hero tif Lepanni; the t^uli i i ' aAvi'tilitres of lion Dehaatlan of Portugal; the miiouesi ef 'hat kingdom by the Duke of Alba: Philip's union wltii Ma t "I Kugtaml sol h s wars with Klizabeth. with the story "I he lurlm-Thle trmH ., the Innutrition, srttb Ita train of wore, 'he r?'<etlWui nf 'he M <r1ad0a, and the cruel marine, In whi?ti I' was avergut?the e forto ?"t? >? of thn proniliiri,' toplea In the finngi email nf h ? picture, which presents a crowd ?f sitlioednrato d?i?lf* of , great If'crest In.regari'to the chore"oar and < ort td Phi! p, and to Urn institutions ol Spain? 'hen ' i'he pa ny tUyt of :ier pro* per! iv. J be inalortala for this vast theme were to lie gathered (? > n every part of Xuropr; nod the aut r n*i fur rrany ve .r i tje-n eoDaotlaff tliem from the archives of lU'ferent cajilla *. To arcblvea of Mmanoa?, In invr'ieuiar odd ver lately ? ? <ed against evon the ua Ive litatorfrtn. haa tart np'tn-d to his re aearrhe.; ard hi* collection has been further ei.rlol.ed ht Man from acme of the principal houaea In So,.In 'he. >tew rdsvte <v the arret men of the attteet th cenmry. Su".i a .-oilee'l m of artginai documents baa neverbefore neen mada for the lllu* tradon nl this period. Alro, new and uniform edl'brna o? M'. I'm o '< pr' vkrm Workn?Oooqueat ol Mellon 3 win.; t'onqur-i ot Peru.lt -l? . Ferdl 'and and Isabella,vo'a.t Mlteeilanlcs I ol. Nearly reedy, Kngllah't m'.ta, livlltalpb W'a'.to Unteeaon Pnll./.WS, MAMI' "> k t>.. Pulillrfce'S, I I Winter c.eof, Bioko. Ti n trade supplied by .1. ('. I'l.l'.UY, Nr* \ 'k. SPHlITf AI.IHM KXAMINKD Mt'IHeTIKH' M.I.T.?PRO teaaor HOllkRT flAKK's t ree' conk, wh i t*.logs hiU't'aiing the Ifoetor'a It.gen', .us ?techat.tea In. entionv teas ted rereplkm and demonstrate olen : "ally t!r tnir wi W . volved to'he so eallod aplrnut! ma., :'r*.A>!on?. Prtee il Ik; postage rrtils. Alao, Dorti r lla'e's 1st t.. c u aplrl rialtsin, C> five thmiaaii'l |>eo|'e In the Ta arose . i>f t|r? oertts. Just pu.ltahedbyPAKIhlD.il vBKIiiaa, ho.: vj Hr,>. i way b. V. NKWNPiPRU*. I BNOUHH KI.WBPAPKK RN1KRPKI P. -Wl. I.KARX fiom a well Informed sirareu that tie. m.. pi lao.s caterer tor the newapaper re.iil .ig puollo ot I.lv rpisil, dr C.a'lei Wl .tu' r, who aome two tears or n> tr.. .go t wed in t .> loan Jhe t.rat dally oewBtia',>er Utal w?a ever pn . Isl'od In Isigland outol the feat cardial, and wbteti new ;.hi >r. "The d n nem 1'atlj 1 Imea." atlll leada the van of 'i.e pro.ItiClal newaovpers h. >h'i?eonntry, haa juat eomplan: 1 Ul arr \, f,ite ,v w. |? 'he r n/i ,'b rovemmeiit lor the cheaper en r'.uion ot t .a news papers of that country Ut Amert^t K|j at'sr rotor. - fids orrsntir.rent, we understand, I* ev " pVe v as . nh> to Mr Char I' a Wt'lmer. who f.r the pa?t ten sears It is tisrn aprallly and per-' vertngly ende ivorln^ to ot.tna, die>nd no a <V i ? ?? fully rsanplered. lhe reau t to snierlemt. ml to fncetrn-es In Smerioa. wtll be the securing ol such ue vapaocta t em ?p er pr ce* iban heretofore. The whole of 'he t's.Jl'.''i news Cij era oommg to this e i n try here .(isr, w' . w? W? ta ??. ..e a- .m fed through the lu'.lr of 'M* CO'Tprls t ,r pa op it, whohav hit agency now In'bp eo n'ry a' :if, I'u Cj ? reel, Ifew York Heebtee the datlv ps?-e wo fcare m-n.1 nal. we are remlrdad that Mr ''luarlea wl'l no' Is the pip., -ner and ?o'e proprlebirof a ?ecoo'1 its y, i b panel at Jto ?m?.i pr.ee Of one ha f penny, and a ?? a.) row's,i?oer t.r tue ,us> per pl?. a' 'be price ot one pen.,; a erllrif 1h U e ta n'.y n ,ual fc our Yankee enterprlae.?f rom the Xtrer.lat Mirror, <K?K OCT FOR \J IOD.1t) A Nf kit' A. A new weekly r, tn.c ami saairiea p. rer, 8rir.Ahii.ir UL ?r?..t i. Will he published -Unwary I t lr?; niitmier nit iy bat trday, 330. Deermher. Send n ?o ir to-.lers '? T W. nl Hf'SD, ?a ,Y1 .M,t street Tr oe I ad of all news ageout. Mi-It".Id A Wn.Mb'8 ifi'MK JOCrt.s Af, P(>K LsAt ? 1 he Inl.owing are 'he ind u-e uenl* ?<? art"-?? i new Wo-e|by at. P Willis, a ae es or skrU h . yile on M i. rta. ar d a poyellelte b? J M k'p'd. letmi, f.' imr Dtflce It/7 k al no stnet, Hew York. RAHK IITKRaRY C UAMK?l.V tdj .ig.vOKf ? or .leellnlng health, the i.rn;.|-le'nr nf ihe Ptulmleli hia Ame r!ce.n t miner will dla "?e of one ha.! of din as'* .11 .b neu . Ll.tir eaah wl'.l ?e rcjrilreil. Address A kt' MAKlrf, HI Chearret etree! Ph.l vleiph a. "Deirnrrnr. rrn tii-amkrioan DKMTi?rrxr .-T8?.ni oxi,r ?i J. In |3 eerh, on go d warranted. Whole <?ts at equally low prtee a Teeth are I" * ' wba'eeer. Teeth f ?she en ret). Ac., A' . IHM, T'resstd four prr tn' tme R,?l'n? 'Nl dr.iiwfw.iy l.vdi' s W?s ge'idetnen Inleres ed W'U pleaoe sail. Refers..ce freely gpysor In patrons cMinjintVic*. rv'tlAMKRON'S RK< MPT* I OR UlgUD IIaIR DYt. I / hytsntine hair dye, slia npoo Uauid, hair ro? txa'lve, hloon. nt nwea. La belle white, freckle to t >:t poudre su' tde, Mentrtrtoa, ??u de bouoiMf, poouul" wor. Ac , w*rr?n"?4 ?anal In ant In use ea-dlr mwle by aur sir lie-van <i Ooeelghih the uanal r-?t or price rrdstvlwl so t at t?l , I Iced way, Id* and 3ftl Rnwery, *> aod :;i flmfosat. u ldvbuon al. ISA Rlgbth awnirt JM. Sit, 4/' and tut 'irar.d ?. I'r'ew 36 MS la, or forwarded by maR en raae.pt of tk cea a. Address M DVamer s tmi B Pisn oOce. BtsjokJyn are new atrtea. and Inaerte t wl h iui any pain eth fi.lr I with ''aponge gold " no pain. T.to h r.,Ao, MAXoOff, Amcrlcau l"ti.ia'.. oatahl.shed TK WASHXXfGTOSf. VHiBTT-rocBra coNaaEw, FIRST BKHMlON. SENATE. Dec. 11, 18tS. Tin: Ai-CHiiMuAnftR inn*. lfr. BruMIKAh. (fcm.) of Pa., offered ? reselut/ow that the Committee on Finance inquire into (he expeCleao/ of reporting tha appropriation bills for the sapport of go vernment, or adopting other mean ore*, With (he view (o obtaio some speedy action on Ihem. He wool I auk the Senate to consider the ijnas'ton of tight and power la (he Hecate to ordinate appropriation bill/, his eWpsct berag to avoid the erils of night sessions. HTANUlNII KIMHITTKUV Mr. Cam, flam.) of Mich., gare notice that be afcttM more t> mot row to go into the election of it tending (tone mitt ere. The Senate (hen went late Kieeutivc Hens! in. HOUSE OP REPRESENTATIVES. Washington, Dec. It, 18t>5. the House re-umod voting for a Speaker, with (he foi lowing result:? roKTirm voir. 1 i -hsrdsun 74 /olllcofftT 4 IHuka 107 Carlitc 2 Puller 27 Messrs. Campbell, Ktheridge, Wi Iker, lUren, Hart-Wen, tester. Wells, (?rr, Humphrey Matvhall and WUlltm*, one each. One hundred and thirteen reoeouiiy to a choice. hjBTt hh.'.t vcrra. I'ichmdon 74 Zollicoffer 3 Hanks 107 Orr 2 taller,, 28 Scattering.* 11 IOUTY SECOND VOTE Park* 100 ZolllkoMer 3 Kici.anlejn 76 Scattering 13 Fuller 27 VORTT-THIRD \C.TZ. Bank* 107 Fuller... 28 lti Imrilei n 76 Zolllkoffer 3 Mr. Stanton. (Mark rep.} of Ohio?It is apparent we eann'rt come to a result in the pre-ent state of tilings. There seems to be a eeee-adty either for outdoor coa ti tencee or a change to u plurality. With the Tie*- of giving the maje.lty one more effort to unite, I more for the adjournmt nt of the House. Mr. O nit, (dem.) f f Als.?I second the motion. Mr* Hm'oTon, (dim.) oi Ala., (to Mr. Stanton)?Do you ihink you can unite t Voiiaa?*'We wiu try"?' Give us a chance." li s motion of Mr. Stanton to adjourn was then uetra tlied. Rl'KTY FOCIITI1 VI IS. Parks 107 ZolUkofTer 4 Bieharilson 74 0rr 2 1 oiler 28 Scstteiiug 10 ruKTV-nrrti mite. Richardson 74 /oilikoffer 4 I ar.k.i 100 Or. 2 l-ul tr 27 Scattering ID ? Two hundred and twinty-thrie votis. Necessary t-> a choke. One hundred and twelve. Adjourned. Ti.e luliowlng U the vote on the la-t ballot :? For Mr. Rihiariwon?Messrs. Aiken, Allen, Hit clay, Hagley. Harkafale, Hall. Bocock B iwie Hoyee, Hranch, Husika, Ponnrtt of N V Bei nett of Ml.s., CndvnUnier, Ca*u'her?, Caskle, Clin/man, C"bli if l'a.,0>b?i>i Ala, t'rsipe, Crawford, Itenver, Dawdell, Kdmundson, Flint t, hngltsh, Faulkner H -rence Fuller of Me , Graves, Ooodc, Greenwood. Hall of Iowa. Harris of Aiw. Hickman, Harris of III., Hertiert Houston, Jewett, .loties oi Tenn., .loner of I son.. Keilt, Kidwell, Kelly letchc, l.nmpkin. UArshali of III . Msxaoil. McMulien, McQueen, Miller of Ind Mil n, (diver of Mo . t>rr, feck, 1'hides, I'owcH, Quitman, Ruh.n, Rust, Hand ridge. Savage, SewmA^ Smith of Ter.m, Stephens, Htevart. Talsit, faylor, Vail, Warner, Wathlus, Wells, Winalow. Wright of Tenn For Mn. Hanks.?Mourn. Albright Allison, Bu-bour, Henry Hennott Hall, llenson, III linghurst, Hinghara. HI - shop, Hlise. Hiadshaw, Brenton. Bulling ton, Burlinitnnie, Cinipbell of l eun., Csmptell of Ohio, Chalfee, (Tswroo, Cla k of Connecticut, Colivx. Contns PoruJe Cragtn, Cam back, Dninrell, I"a>l? of Maaaaehnictt*, (>??. I>ean, l>e Witt, lick, Itodd, Mkon, IKjrfee, 1 rntie, I lagler <?al ljwsy. Gliding", Gilbert, (<r*ogT| Crow Hall of Mas acbuaetts, Ha< Ian, Ilalloway lioitan t.| New York. Ht>r ton of Ohio Howard, Hnghs'on, Kel er. King Knapp, II tight, Knowltrn, Knox, Knnket, I.'iter. Msee MMtiam, Me* arty, Meacbam Miller <4 Nrs York Morgan. Mori ill Mitt, Murray, Nlehnlr. Norton, A. Oli<er. Parksr, I'a! iact, Bearce Penning'..i, Perrv, l Witt. Hke. frtngls, f'srvlanre, Ititchie, Itobblna, Roberta, Kobison, Setdn, Sage Sapp. Sherman, Simmons Sklnn?r, Stunton, Sinn shun, Tap|an, Thorlugli n Thurston. To-Ui, Trafiiu, Ty -on. Wade, Wakemua, Walbridge Walilroo, Washburno < I W'ssonatn, Waehburn" of Illinois, W??libnrnn of Maine, Watson, Welch, Wood, W i 'idrull arid W>>od?orth. i or Mr. Fit.i>R.?Messrs. Brown t'tilleu. Dsvi" of Md., I die, Fostir, Harris of Me., Harrison, Haven, Hoffman, kennett, l.indiey, Msrshnll of Ky. MHward, Paine Por ter, Pnryar. Ileinly, kicuud. Htvers, Scott, So sad, Swoju,, Ttippe, I nderwi od, Valk, Whitney aad /oi. Ik offer. F irifr. /oii.ikiurtk?Micsrs.(V.aptwU, (Ky.), Carlisle, fox and Iak?. 1? r Mr. l.iiiMiiiK.k?Mr. Thjnn. I'm Mr. I'NDMWOOD?Mr. l.theridga For Mr HamiMOv?Mr. Fnlier fl's.) Kor Mr. ttA*Lcit ?Hnrojhrey Ma hall. For .Mr. I um.it?Mr. Moore. i or Mr. Havaue?Mr. Richarlvon. For Mr. URR?Mirsrs. Khutor ami W illiams For Mr. Paine?Mr. Smith ( Al? ) For Mr. WiiuAMS?Mr Wliaeier. For Mr. MAkriiAU?Mr. Walker. F'o: Mr. Wai.skk?Mr. kustn. OUH special wwatchks. BtfB** OWWRIMBBt CTXTAIN?IRIHKH Y AND round tion?tii? fTAXDiNtrrmwirrKKa of tub UXAVB.KrO. Wi.iv.i ? , Ie-c. 11, 1S55. AfUr prcee* (be crrrectuea* of my ou-'lon*. I'*nk< l.? a 'lead coe.? In the pit." I fghim < ut of the i-jeiktrthl;), and my figure* i ?< u.,t Uilrt mo. The "Black 1'iinrn i< berating the tmpraellc it'e an') Vbrn ka'te* m ?.( toucdly. Reran of tint he *al1 he rt pnWkwuaa want"!, and would u*e ??*T*ty" illert tegain. What dot* he meauT Bribery ?< i i he en tC.irt Hub It c i r to th? ye Hewardlte-* ;??*>< ontt Wheeler, of See V"-;., hae reel* ted i-rerj htBuuaee aad all eSorte. lie W culled "little Blekory," -i timily hai h. rt'-od r,n national /round without bend ing yield;? g. The nsit- stay !><? -aid of eerernl-sAber 'dw Yorkera. The hallctlog wlU cciitlum- to morrow without eh* age until notne of'b* republican- bolt fr m llenke, wbi-li la .111 ,ei i t.de-l Uy hlu tbw ree cutnbinatt .n* will be lortned. It U ?ht>j? that Campbell'# fri-ad* wth ii ka mother ??(Tort. Hit >nate committor wdl he r-ported te morrow. They Hiualn uncbarK'-d, e* ?.t *? lar a* a change o' ? t eUm n ay trader altera ??? * ik<----reeJ. Hie Com <1 ??Ml on Foreign MmNBI * MHfeM(Mb C-O. Kuak'N ?ppeared in hie M-at je?t< rchiy. t'KNNIMiTON ? CWAXCt.it M> , !? I - r>.4k f.KMUir ? raw BtwAii I'm Tisu.kic. *?<!' mea. f>ee. ii, itiv Tl:le hae be?t> a hatrtarnu* <? , n-he Biuae, and to n orrow b ii* (klr t- be mm- c ,' ? tarlooe eieaaaade iic geittair lactjeoa. The (our i etuta c* tbat promt e-d t. lio (or Rank*, when It name te the -rrateh aa<*4." Iduka, ihervf ;e ha- r -iln . h.. ul'tmetum. But <1 ' lent"* are deierml ied to per err ? onto the end. There I- no doubt that hi i?tr I .ilg . r and tl t be l a> at'-re etnnptb, than any ether rudl U'e u, at.ooed fanatag. ton'r friend" aolrmn j ???? that lie ran ?u. need prrrt <> i (At he WtU leave tbe fi'M. P?-irtegVn -?>aet >| rti ? d, nelthf can fuller oor V* hell bat . nee aa ran (a. I aadweUnd ft i* < i log that ef 'Ar haa ee emu raU-i.id t" aui.'-t tu ? ? ?-J '?'.au-fton .lib* ? r. ii.'Tit in <> tli tie :. lie ptj t< u--utr*u t/fcly it ninety rote*?-mi r.,tre that. The aati We braaka demoera'.e ai.i ? t .tab him, aat Iw rua l I* ? ret* 1 without U.i ir There U aetdently tn-uble In the -*"*>e. The faerie ha* beet, fared "it at three t ? m U??e TV-a* a* meat in laftuaac* U Who will gt th ina-a pnn- ?wr, !? tr'anae. It ir ??cr?n.*ly itcmMlul whether t * ibeeident ran ?ui <?<?* 1 In na?Mag Turk* ?t r te ihle erimpoAi'H ha it entr.r a', laat?he (IW* bar plant'd hiiri *-.1 .n np|r at lion to " Wrw,' To-rt*)'* ln.it kdmtntetrr a ear* ? *?.'.?u o t?? iiancie P, HI air 'eea:** of hie re ar. ,t. n i ' Irani y anc Join ng t. ^ !*[.?,( ilcat^ Xaay att ?? hi* Im? . Hon to the (act that hie eon eat not ai [-??..> 1 i . 'ge, in p a '? ofCraw'aid drrgaaad. TW* BLACK Rf prXLICAXI BTlLL IN (Mf ro i TUt bBMfiCKATN -TILL l oNPIDKXT, *TC W*anie*rroe, bee. II. lata Ibe republtMn* are holding "reral gatherirg* but in ger.eral eaocue, te night. All a w Ueuti.a.y oeeerteto with them, r-on.e of the I rnn-y hran-a delagalo w ?r? i hreetenlag to pul IIUi a eard t< ir on ing t ulle* If ba doe* not go lor Flank*. Tiny >ay Bant* >hafl a , b* lropp*d. Pomeof the dem'?rat? *ay they will bare > a Ppeaker yet. Th? e*dtet*>r ut ln<-??a?** hut a g od naaey are getUog need tag< Ing withi st a -ipeuar, anl t> n't ream to raie wbetaer they hare any tAi* tem n ee ?. t !? Movkiinrr ok tuk rBNXs"J.r*Nii wklkoation.hto. WiVrnftfuii, l*?- U, 1# >4. TotWe or more It unHjl>*iil? nutotoo meo'.iag ti> ? to ai range ttiiir programCM tor ?*-u??rro w. Matters relating to thoMptakorililp a:S aa oou.<,J**l *? i rer, nor can the muit diaiant i<J?a Im> mt funua4 f*~ ?l?cilog tbe teeult. JotLua Vaniaothaa >erred on Mr. Hairtt, Arm Haiti-* , mo.o, a not I to of til* inlrutiua U> contact htx *"nt in ttie Uouae of Iti priNM'ala iiTn. MR. FULLER OF FKNNHYI.VANIA AND* niS ANTKC'KDKNTh. [CorrtDpondemm *1 the lUltiiuoi* American.) W Aeinvrr m. line. 8, 18M. M/. Fuller line wway" h?wn a ounaiaient "ill lire Hmrydiy wlilg/'.itij k ;rrlii|a lie ino*t niederate man on the NetnAwk.i tluit there ? any pr?ba Wllty of ettctiug, ?<? W ng *- it" tmmnu hnM tlieir n UtUi? notitn n on ill* raetung wuuu?a pernM a that tie or teredentw anil true opiraone of many of them do*< not warrant They-b af* tnkeu aha* PMittna forth* pur pose of it fluenclng the Preeidenttal e-n'e-t, nod to eu deavor to throw thendlura ,,f cle. rtnr a Mae* repwndcan bpeaktr nu the American pet y hie- the efeeUoo of Mr. Pnilrr, after the ilelnat o' Me- .rt, ()*i**whwil and IWmk-, vnulr meet rlTrc-eailj defeat their object. Mr. Fuller i? a national run. and nlihoa rh nppoart to Ihe Neorawka bill, (a alwo opp- ?.?! to the dull if project of th? lepuhlirnn*, that i t .e i luicttrg tlw Ml.* ion e'Bl pronuve. Had the iFwmoc rata taken a l?*? Fana'ical aal more nonwerviittve ni.ti--t.iil po-ittim, a mar acceptable man to the South ihao even Mr F ulle- routd hare b-*e? elec'ed, and if the cootie. wbouVd reeult m? M >n taj io ?he i lection of Mr. Bank* on the ertre aa ftanaTrum f the denaoatic member* will mat ihwothww of the choice. Inle-d on tlie thirty Aral am* thir*jr -we- ml bal 'oti-.ihey ullnae'i theaii-eoce >.f two 11 theli me-Mwiw tfem aiding the elaotion ot Mr. Ilanke. in r-<|ulHog r> entailer number ?< votew to **cure hie election' Me. l*-w,e ad Maryland, rit111 Toted *o tad taut tor Mr ltUhard*eu aad 0 k) hinci o.ii tli be clonaod ?i a member .if the louu-t. lie jarty. , NAVAL REFORM. 1 OM tl VIlOKK KMITM'lt MKMOUIM . Is ."?'*? wir, Ma urit* j, line t. lea Mr. fl'MNKB pieeentad a memorial ? rnin t I'Bfai" tara 8nMh <>f thu l ulled Mate. Naay aaMtn( fcuiti tnat a* flnde hiuitelf, undet the act of i!Hth K?o .??*, |f*bt i? moved frotn the oe'lve lint and placed tn retiremerM, thereby inhibiting him from fu'thar advancement ?? >? mi ? ail probable lulure employinei.t Hi the ai tvi dul' ?? of Lie piofiraioD. The memirtalUt ?tat?* that ?? i nter ?l the leiihoin 1F0P, and tan actiivly engaged duiiWf I >? lam war with ttreat Hii'nin Ir ,m lie c nntKnwawtii t? ill luminal ion in 181?*. and participate I tn ait the It Huk event*, under die corn round ot ( . -umoilor* tid e no gh tu tho brilliant t Ictory ot the llth of i-teptemhef. 1814, tor which he had the good tortune In receiv* Ir ? .i (xogiet-e the acknowh diyment of an honorary mi l. I, thai he wa? employed In r.iriuu . aliuation* frarn licit* nant to oniinxiix me, Ilia lard aeriice afloat being i arlt rg oomn under In chief of the uar*l Ion-pa in th* Me if ten a nean. amao which he line till** ? the alatn n of Crilef of Ihe Bureau of Yaid* and I Veto?a pint ?inenuglit by lina in hi* fiiandt; and yet. for no caure kn i?D in him he liar twin placed on the retired lial on li e iwcnmmenda lion of a lloaiil ot Naviil Oiheera, thu* vitally attesting hie poeiti "ii and proapeetn as nn oRlcor. A. It la saaiiinid the law la "lac del, ao t beyond the leilaoiy power of the Ijacutiie, he appeal, toOingrc*. fur wuci proceduri a* maybe deemed lit'ing to coi r?-t what lie dei'iu. a liarwh ha*ty and partial deeiaioD of the llonrd. which, nuoer ihe law, pio.ieded upon tn parfr opinu n antirali . an< without the reap u.dtuUty and re. ctiaiiita id t|ie umial judt ial pragma of ev nteoee. t<> alrike down tin fail fane and reputation lor iibcienrv which had ever leeu hi* eurnewi effort t" e.-UbUch aw t\ia rich cut 1- secy to hie f.tmlly tud children Ml H OB iaatru tea to a-k Ura *bo memorial tatght lie p. InUd, au - tuough it waa uwual to iel>r motloua to ptliit to the t'* mmmee n 1'ilhting. yet, a* the commit ?eer were ni I foiuie!, lie thoujrb' thwre would lie no ob jection to tho order tudng made and to ulow the iiiwiim* ilal to lie on the table. Mr Tot1 S.V objected to any char j*e ?f th" ?u!e in tela* lion to piriiling pnvate lucminial- ami themniivii o print will pi in the c uimitUe. The TFirealt ne*l Intailon *?l !Vlenri?i(Ue ? IttwtTUi (lona fmni tin Pu Mdridi Hie I oiUd btalaa Utatiiet Attorney ha? addiewo<l the tolliwng littr to tha 1'ni'M b'ate* Mai-itgl by it fit n- ot t'rrcllent l'lerce :? (i-.rnx r.vnvji Stwti* .Vrrim.i t, i f i'fni.i nuTTfu T, N, V,, De? ll. Ink- | Information I a? been teoeivt -l by tha I"r? -ident of ihe 1 oiteilMati ? that pio}ura'.loi -yt"" being mad- In va-ibui parl* of tho Unite<! 'atcn to lacfel .e mtu for th* luTaMoa of the Mate ot Nicaragua, or ofl erwlwe tn take part la mihiaiy operation, thera . and I call your aUeutl >n ipecL ly (o the wihje -t. Tiio I'ri-i cut de-i.e. ;hn' inc*?cireii ho taken to detect wml d?lent all wuch i ntei p l*r , to hriufi '.he guilty p?rtie. io pnoieLuitnt, ur.d to d'tmo every v*w el fit ceil oat to carry on the undertaking !f micoal-in hou d an *, ih* i'iWid?nt will netciwe tin direct nutuoit y vented u lilitl lor the pii-voniioi. ol nil audi rlolatl"ii.i of the ne" Utility law i. Mlthfle torce of your office you can, undoubtedly, make intuit>e* and tak* au> h mo;-.*uvc- aw will carry -ut the view of the 1're In n'. I feel owaured of your de. e m uphold tl.e law. and prwtniw" to you any iu*?t acttr* o-'jera b ii, lam, veil rtsapcotfully. .Ittliv M'h'l'tb, r.M. fiivtrlct AUortu-r. To A. T. HturtJt, F p., I'. H. Mar 1 aL The Kmlora Tni*r.<1 jr. otth KHCUli CORIlKMPON l?K 1ICS* Cm Mim, I. I kOvnd, Dec. 11, IH1.0 Ifi* /:? ? i't ) < Itn r,I?V'i ytrnrfwi| fhr AMer-n in < r r,\, jjt m?At ry I'rut fret ?( 'A* Nti/ru'f K-npintf- I'nt. Oi in Rtgar-l >?? fV /'ill* /IftjA. lhr-ie ii rn thin/ im portent or int .renting inirKurdto ?he tinloi* to dey. Ihe irt ~li on tl?> I It ad pr ,t~I 'iultl> j. (?[t. Arnold, tin I lut > before proceed ed to a In' .hly dletuj bt 1 npet, with the h >f of fltkd'u/ '.be bed!*. " 1 tbe murder, 1 .ptnln ???' met<>, Hut < u < \?rn 'biufr li e (pet It mk ? found to here lu <n a piece at rims ground which hsd h?. ndi-turbed by *? w | cr-on- gutlwr ?ig ihlr ?p**ie of lieiltdfc. In r/ meq??<,<* rl tl?<- c ntlnne.1 gtuo fron the north* weet Bo ettrm|'? wri iri4r tn drug lO'dsy. It l? hoped, hiiwuf, 'hut 'b weather will wion nwidme'e enougu to eduut I.f A t.b orough ftr u'lltg lit the buy. Mr Tyler mi ? f the owr err ? f the i'iuIi *.* liu* depwited for Itri Kl.er, Conn., for too pnri ? 11 muling fttioh urr?Dr"i?>i'iif . ftltti ti e r<?t ef the mmn * m will pe nut I'api Aru ,1ft to vr*.1|> thec.og Met ?? i l> ut Now Itoehellw, when an ? irellrot enporlurity will to kftir id hits to meke a till . eeercnol the eotii. re-?oi nnd her r ftpnlf It i* vuy | r> habit- thst the > >, oner will In hM la ? Tow fie}*. ?? argot...ii* no (or a hung ? owned er? in* u Ti r,t. "thcr* now appear* to In Hut little bepoft entrrtaiaeu tur tl,e reeete.y of no H? d *? ?,.ch ? .tupe or cnell tun u etitild *wi i. B ithortiio* In phicing the n* ,-ro on nlellor II- t'?. Wii-on'? eor.ape l< no* loinr 1 iijro by ro?t,y e -orT prelwbl* ovon (Ho Tny i<lot f bin fotilr tt i.tt -cott fro*-, end tnu? itt *iinx hiut m o|-fffttunity to reeeet tii? Uwie<* timut m\'l owe tko peofilo ? I tki* & tohui-hawd. Tli#? now r?* pnirk tb?Bi*ol>???? (bit ?.-t Tjeci'lof tho mgro on tte -pot .sit tbtmrUi a??y wlih uuy J,.not ot e due r?-?ri tu '(on rr?oit?i.ii.fi biro lor tly h*laau? ertue of diuAe Murder. I|l> Met leenos bun ruturr od frimi <oe York, w h 'I u ),(or? if tt? ? n I ur.'t i u iiaerd 'lie K'vtoru on -?'.'iri?y ?? ?fT,c.n Jl?- iiitue tliet >n htingli.^ it to l'it!r.-.i, ftrMBm thut (pfttbuill v tirttl eduttb l*o'r??or I'arker, I ? (nlnetit ftbe'rwilet. on tur *uuj?t:t en I .be', betfc ?f ' en 'fttr.i* to tb- far u-nn tb? I r-h wu* ti imeo. I It 1 ? tor* h* u?*. trotih1 no', be willtog to trlr*- % rrrt II ? ute >4 tb' t ' ntil e 'Irn" tint* ?t*l??l* roaid i*e u** u. iblu 'h?? ti eotild if ti|.y two or thr*e dey* A* <*j ' ? < Vt n-1. .-.I i.-1 in- ui doc* to U eiw tl . p?ree. ?* tbe [nu?u o il ef 'h??r j,|iy?lr an-, be biong it I'. Hunk r ruy, e?'' yleurt it is tie ?rafi<t- of Ckpt Arn ' 1 'or -efr n i mg VfKi '.ril ?t. Muilnr Aflul i u. I-?. h??!?iji Joe ft il >i -Thu -obeftt-? Jnkn hur' re|A. re th frijn the I', use- for t-, Vorb iUie<e*t>oi freit, oumu nbort ut N-w Inr t, -to..*h ll?Mf*<rud L I , on M ?d*j u *bt lent wluie the trinl * ii Uewtotf I ilk 1*4 t-ry 1*14. The ere wu- nektog e ' ? p <' Hiteeb or* her ut 10 nVto-k y?ute-'iuy uioree g, elee our lel->iWiei.t left end 'b? . 1-?r? end 'rrw, out m i inlet *-** Ir the t ire r%ifn? >ml If they ?i?t h? n on e -hurt tin.- lo*??r eouid ke tee*d ky - fttft I re tie *110-* Aert-te-ioft -a tl.? ? !.?;? of w n< ??*????? ftiitu lieu* ? ft u? ulteroooe to run krr e -Iftter -r Tkey w* -iJ t ree< h ber U<t **eulaf rue*'* ItMee* tu wre ptr??-*: tip 'o lh? bre- i ?**? ? tber eutoe >e' e.? o ? e? ? re, 'row whir.h b* r ?iw? w?r e*'* tetoftd. Ii.? J H. r eeeud ut tr i* port on 1* 1-r't ult. Tit I he llebeoftft n4 true or, her reture uker, -b# W/-t *? iW ?i Muted. We uyprehew) tke etr-w ie I.-,' 'lie Ifit if ? n?*obe ' I ftblf w-?rl ? *| irh we ?re '? i ??r ft* (n ue tbe i-tfeet of 'he kite b*evr fi'w- t* ?, rb e? hope It raey pr.,*e t be tbe U t ? eel ee tbe tlr*t. IMy Intelllet*nee. f'u'ivu ? ? (fun i *? ?m Hu irratr?he? r??w 'ou? ? u4 Itt e'etowb tu t nrekt uurirnt ? ?> e tire "to 'te- uered Ie Ii-i 'kepel. ilb M . etwey the ulertn ? oe'i"'tif it be " ien to ttw yruMl-ee to! a the eyeee <T ? .ut ?w? boor* tbe tre *ee ** .|lwte') rctlor iiebe I .- n . set net he 4 tbe 'He|-l It wu i e-Mrtotoed 'b*t 'ne Ire ? t teen My ?rlgtrui?'t Ml u *m?|t - nw. reur ..f tbe yletlkrM to tbe Uetare me* ? (heeewMMI) '?'rn il* "<w tbe Ire eprent throftufb e -Id# wftdew tt'tt^u to tbe uppe- wtodo*. to **e reel burl f b- rb ,r-k reunite u deuaeir* t*> '.,e boildl, t II IN ef ti Me It i.?mh wtore the ire -?w*?.?', 1 ewe * rtftito'ed Mr. 4. !'?? M,?. leolni-r in g* femt ..... ;i<e y, hud *towe-' u torge e-.lieeu ei * f oil pulbMiy* Wb <b bft ""*..? '?d tft, ?? with I * 'MO e*e w?t< ..I "Wirr'j Me liewrueee is e '? , <i t 'tow Mbi' littru 'be'b/touue H"d?ty **u wd*? eMtoml ->? ? w it neyt u lift. "*'??? tbe* ??!? Blew ?? o. io.oA r-, l. . ilur.i r9**41, 91 "Wtor wbifth !? if, tbe K* I* urutore ?? -o^ewy 9'- <**' to lt*rr, the ortftn ?? t>* Ore ?- r renew* .,r>, tee to*., but tbe 9Ve Merttoi !%*??' tw MUM; etpkito It, Thr Ton Ontrmon. OArnOLIOUtf ON lUHDAU.'li IHLAKb KNO * NO TIIINGIPM IM TBK *041(0, WV..KTO , MTO. Thi? board bdi) a aievtuf at thr r chamber* potter lay afteiouoi , Uurcriior Tlrni^iui In Ihtchllr. Thtrt ??? preront?Uotoinorn '.'?ybir, Horriek, Toira?*u<l, l>r?pir, Ihike toil W*.t. The follnwtrf I* a Hut of (V inmate* 0f diUaron) Inni tutlooa for the week rudioi? Zteo 8:? >omlur irmalaing Urc. 1 0,091 UmtUxl ,i?c? 1,1*1 T.nteJ r,9H lited.? 16 i (xhariM l ixw font to ortJlmMbiry *90 rteut to state pn?.o I 1,178 Itrmaiolr. f , 6,097 I lost caw .. 0 A paper wax received froju tho reside*! piiyaiclac o I the jwultentlBr/Hpapitaf, "i?Utig that adne court pet wwil baa escaped by brewing the ca*t ir hi grating* ? tin vab'ix, ami idLing Mat Mob aiudown b nan-** ametue. I" pom action cf (livtwnor Tiememn tho tun of l?*t> Lmmdrebarul Stly dollar w?? appr?i'r'M*'' to tit up o room for tlar pu.*oar of cct/ffnltif *U court prlnoucra under treatment at thehMpital. Tin* papar mm given < ?#r t j the oMnnacw n penlt r'tary with luaL.-wUon? t<> niak > 1h? ijlrratioiiM provided h'. Jmaol-ti- ma being iiea;1m order, Houauor Hair*" fa -ruled th:?li 0 i?b|( p"i*aa*M* aad ledeiuMoua;? Whereat. do* Warden ot Randall'a Irian. I, whhdnl I?k 'mm <1 uii<) i (r a ftnard baa ?JirifW a part of earn ol th* irdiie loiihliitf* i4i>ai<i Hiatal ua iu-w aial puiau"-* a* ouoiaapMMi I <M rte <ne 1 '.If i..i ,i' i>ar Ui.m. I'* filow ?* the atttn of thr n?* Immiw li v-mm tiohi m) Iran i0 he JU.oup Ibr (ha ei/loP' ?t*e iim of '<*? Uiog *roiartaa t *???*??>? therdC: aad. WWm I ha* hevn tin *e<i> i waiter and -Rwrfc-tioncf thgv i'tuatd. Imai it* write*! im*mii" hw# lu fhe prwmnt lima, mot c ? lo'w, In. it . eg he. rap*t*>>r*J) daClarod thai dter* abuttd e oil |1. Pill.. Mm or partial! / i**t*?g to an; -inttga**-. do t < uiu . m, *a.t km all rr'UM"VA a..f-"mi lu.o' t **!i*i.| tu Ibr Lo'ldlei *|>| rot WiM lor il.a< pory ?? therefore. a* -til* r?l, lb*' I ? tfkaden cl Hii lalsnd l?, and hn I* hria'i*. r.an". d i iplt rt>u all publi 'raNKtaua **c Wew, hrr? aftar In in t <it k ii u-l In It* itiic r .? <?? ton.a. i.wd ilntt lie i*'i.i i? M irawt * < .wri'oni Ho tuv' an l o'l "WlUture* In I oekwig*na to lie* l?ia?m?,i trwlx.' Tin*I "* t'.awrd trill ne' mnllo|ll*Rtlultl ?*?? -note'* or tenant ft *lloii ?-bn*?vir, i r la allaw ihc an opency ol luorr J. a our |. ?? r t. - -no :.Ji aunbip on H* rtul I Hand In ? Pf t 1.1 III , ir.iliitlnti li..*. -a-?i null a*fi thn 11 ? hi ftlint up ** i* -no ..0 ?> oil Ire' . *i**l ?an tun wrt, wt i * 'mi in i. II* hi on t b i-Unii wen rent young "1 11 t?i of i nut* ??ol ?*e?*. awl it ?a? wrw 'g in t:**n ttirui * \ tu r* w** t?iiKu twill A* a part of V* ipr li b? n?il ru i atiar'. from a o wily p*per, wl toh ?*ke*1 ' I) i.auil.ut'a *li*nd w in tu ba l'uia*nuad *" It *t fniib tb?t Hi ma.r f'atkattetam aa* iwH taught up'oi ? bt* irli.n i \ y *o o|x ** *<<!* el (It* Btitrd ut tiufrrnn I, Ant u ir'ty *nd hy . "?ith ttr. Mo Ho ?M thia rie w War kept to, i r". and "wo a *? I liiuor re a**l nut enb r It a I'hunt trotttig all at and tb" trUnd for tb'ker. n a wardro In hi* lattri ,? u?, ?*jr" be tb "?? <io?rrnor Wf.| gar* tbt room fi^tl ? puipwo- l ita *ai * eery <11*1 '*?: tellei ami I \a proii .ot u' ? ae ti?* I. f?overuii' V m ? 111* - tit - aaiitin .an ui -?u to lay I lrwt ?ay thinii to do with iSt* >ttwi ! I, ti imor ,-w mi ton i?? ? no liglit to ijueitum ttita 1 'oj rat wbu' I r*lo. anil thU ia all" have to n?j. 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'iti-II* temper li?- t*< muiutl'-'-t ' y ll,a out hur t ol tH* Ktni.frn an I ?*) I.' r 'li.tci tiiiiig n*a I t upi ii ! i* own n-,i ii ili.Uly, jmt up thli altar In taach LI* t ati pmrth ia ? ** t: d 1 ?ay ha itM tfeia ky rtealfh amd witiu ut my kn wte V 11 ? h'-n I found it ou' I at "i|?<i I* ? 'd ii n the i?iue Hrmiii* ntni'in 1 ve* 1 i'i it *<taiu Ilia g> nt ? n.ari t. *? ah ut tlm Matty of ti l- j rr*mhl' . < ?.#.'*a; th ? I " tint nn altar i' thoref Vo trem H, * f.n i i. n ' d. floaeint t Vk in ri pliid -l i ? |.| * i.< tl - r . ti .n (lornn'T IV at *i' lii i- i,: ' n ' . ? 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I I'i ,'t hy lb* nl?u,f *.t*t? lioaid at'. they are our ?,? , <. lhat aiue 1 aa 1 ti light tu that t lace and i. lew ?n ual ..r tlrine 1ft tie* u* that It a*i"Uid nitutili. ttiat ' al'mr" ?* pi?ea*i there i' **? aon.- ut.d* r t'.? ai.ppoai'ion '.hat h*-it ?i ia Dot **dta etioa|rli th th " It ardUt i-wrvr r I lie e nit ?.l thi* aota will ''.eon whi t Let L' "? win th i? " a ? I ned wer* right or i.r t In thrli ; ' tilatlo 1 deri uo e ? LI* a'tewpt to firee a .? gf. " o| n ?<. nd?l?' l-li.nl * *n im-poal'ion Bprilt Do* ikerii sod *avry MH'imial 'if r < nor and dignity, every d?-i'f i Ml ti in. i I en tori* la ? ? public olfirer to U 'biully **i?e iha puMlt e*ib I'.nuato leaeut " I* att.mpt t- '.nab tuwn th* law* ? ud iuiee of Ihle lit *rd. tn v. Waet offered aa a *uT'*lt la t? thr t- in Inn of t.i y. Hoil'h? H#r, Ired, That *11 -et!g' u* ?iicn. r. .n. n. bate "-i i?l , ritiiegee to ?' rrblp '-o anda.. * 1 ?? let *i . tin' uo aetteninkatkiO ha?e n'-j. pnrl.tga* iter nth, r*. ?lot. IlfKk tnoti d to ar..i-nd by a-, ir/ t ? w..r' ' 'it tfc ? n" el'ar* or other f.*tt.r ? hoe-- ? ' it i.j Iwiid ug er f utHh g* for the jurjof \rtj'i ? ut hair p* tulier eligb tie vt. w* ' I, ,y. IHaiiH -poke to the -tlgl-nlr*. 1 *1' ei * of l#0* ?nllh and *b< i gl.t thrr 'MR- rti.tP gln'h*mti *?-y h rrrtbl". Re would not ?hrti k fr in ?/y r. .jioi.idUljty ?t rLa waiter, atvl thought tti* a!t*r h'lid ** r# ?mt ff'L t. >T. I>m* then wttli IfCW hi- au- r ? Harm thpn Me.tr 4 lei '*? *b< 'J'* 11.4 k* t vt'eet upon th? table, awl r- It 4 (,r th, ajee ?n ' In tbp lA'aklllf, 1*)1 r Ih.l ?>, r *,h II rrieb i o 1 ITaper liijrt , lien-/, W ?? ?' T:- T.ini *? ' 1rweer,4. lit- T't? telr* eten it an 1- ?"? 'hat tdf 1i lir op. n th. '?h ? ? -t fi<t TiMr*.*1* th-n aake l (P f We f ? ?* e .r,t by hie ree, lutif n tlat " at ara" rh' u ? i-e- ? -teel by a'. tar e* * rljht ' i.<t. Wirt?lie meant 'y bin >uiM'i .o'> X'. t itt-.r?" i illt'it pub lely b* e-i* illnfii ?! ant . t?? ntnatluba l.mlii e'aiwl altVa He arraiW a4'' t. bl? ? .Mllli ? tha ? 4r<!? ' ervl 1hat ail reU*li-ua i?*r- ?' be 'a'ifM lo'.ke i-Jw oHvenea (int. In at-Oflf. Meet alMyln* hi*'? Le itu'e, I t*a a (for rr j amen-jD.ent I ha* iMCrni. !h> tote we taken u/on M> ai ?? n eat eU" . ?a i' *t. lit* ?"?? aaa then taken at a the ? eet'l ita 4 ?aof. W i ??. vt irr/i iraa a Ik kral. Ilia t-'? then 'a?? up j pi fi the . i al i ??-iiua?a if t.ut bBilth. Bati,ra Jib ?i,w wa? taVi ? Int. W m mi r?<l to rtfce vita trt '? alterb? a ep* a i remittee to report at naxt nieatiRff ? ( th' B> ar-l be n lion to Vf wa? p ,t an - (?or. Mtntr I'aiir.; the " pr?tlu-u? ?,! a-tlr-n upon tin oiiginal rt a.lute >na. - tor W m eai-l there am* no u it thin* ?? pr< ft >?.? noe.ti.n in thia Karri II* It llblt??IT 4?rWie>i In !>*' I ? W"*t. tiiif bocra?o' tba Pieauirat viwaye ?!?* !?< la (eeree ?f i.< t W rat, aa t* 'n ? r ?!? t ret i Miunt--T'-ti ara ?ut of rra-r. lew. Vi?-i? I do not trian I at m- Itifat I'oaU ha r. ?.?nier) aa in Ibaea r?i.| ,1| ? I iwoaa an Is n.' by eherjit-a the w.?nt, |r 'i ???? ill, "If i i? W a/' ft. Iif 1 amUll'a laUi. a M tk? n. rtlye Il.aid 1 tad iura'ttug to piae* ' fat t n ' th> I4at'4< Waal. ' ia' r.ft tirfi b.ana? u# 'ii> l arna of 11 t.if ffBfc upt-a tba Wa/ban, if It rUto . ?? oa a oy it uutara. I^a I ?? 'r*t ?ai 1 Iklr liartdf r- 1 to -st 'f ?>at, :.a tyaa a. oe.ea batrltgbaer a ' J" U aa lu b an. Ic.r *'*r? than a>ka4 toat 'la praaent.." a-?4 aaa> ?t ttotka k? a 'at tor a? ? tr ti by aa-twu lhaflra. ear-ti. o wot wV pta4 Thaaiaoni' whar? ? aaa itittkm oat, bp a rot* tf baa to r r% Ti.a kH a tier, aa# ateipte-l I"b? fear la' ri ae.e r i.i) i. j n ?*!*'?? >f %a<! a baft ?u fafr 1*4 fnikuviup ? rta -Aifvu 'f., e-a ? I nyer |ejra HarrWik. tklUi Tliaaas an 1 tayl r. >'*a ira. Waat Me- ry Tenea.eiM a >. ! of ? ft a e*#e a4 taon.nUo* aaa a n? "4, a?> antra* a tha if.it at ?? kal feat Wa?e 1>iO It- i,-4 \htm at>oam*4. Perirenal laUUIffntaJ ^?la-'-ea *0 1 'ItKil V aautvat . a la ? k ur.aa H?al-< ij I'vor ? fm-1 J I ifi iu ? t ay uiawa i ai W 'I W lao.e -V, I ? e " fa* 'A Ii-aj Warrrftfl* ?>. I'ilw Anot her Batch o' Our tact Vlon drawer gwnrrallj f> I* fall two at thro* time* a we*b, aid It l*nailou? to tax the imtttib!" o?l lection wl lob It |i*rr*al* lb* tint tbtug oleics attract* our attention ? r-utirolj practical:? BLACK HIVKK AND IJTM7A KAILKOA0?MIUUBION TO BOOWTILLK. To niB V hit. lit ( r tii* llaiiAi - ? Ilia l'ioU?t m1 iJlniiiiiri of t'i? Ula-k Wm airi tTlloa Kal'ioad lV'i7t|'aiir m.Ii.iI IV |>Uia?uro of y . ur riaj r?n/ rn Ih* ncn*rh>n of an nao.'ral n ova thoir road to BV'OtIII*, rn Thmaltar, tha W'U fa amber, IAAf>. A rolls lion ha? fx rn trndarod l>T 1 ha o.n ]o*r?<lou anil cl'lcrsa of IWv nrillr. to winch the asclo?? i Melrt will adult jou. ]1i? ?riln will ?Urt from the VrpoC of thaNewYoil Orntral Hailn ad at 9 O'clook A. U., pinrtmllj, aa<! ra turn from Boonifile at " o'clock I' M JOHN WJTrKKk'IHA I'nwi lent tinea, I < n 0, 11A6. \$ RI.ACR Kt*KH ANT> IIT1CA HAII.UXll*. Kacu'atua t? Uuosrilla. raw* Nnur ti?S* nitwit n TO Ilia01VII IS OH SKIi UM. jno. ?rrmitriKi.n, rw t. Utl^A, I re tf, 1P66. The HUck dbt# hallway, it la prwntftwrl, will be ? ('III UfcHfor I'lic^j which ir n Ihrlrlif end ilrht plauial city Wr abound be glad to go, bat t U rather cool fe* rail* ey encuraine*, Juot at TV. tW ?? at ia ? t? '?falchurMtt nuawtiw. and la coaiajrid hf a tiw. card, ax YJIowa:? i ' ' ' n'^oTa'^'a ^K^UTUkN f"'''''' { i Ttia PtOlMl ANN Ml HAll j I will be airn at t { CliiNKHK MHhKUI.M. V RirO'bfS, J ; ok raiiuT vrrri.tn, i?*v. 14, lhiw. 7hie bail ia given by iIt em ; lo v. a of iha it Nhrhoioa Jlntel. l.aat jtur It wax go'ten up 'try ul -tv4 at 'aadfd by ina. y dieting uh bed perwm. > t Kir hoetle'e anna and dauglite"* aWI, doubt ha*, tiara a^heeent Uko at Nl Mo'a tomorrow .right". I'V? hove ?1t ua n cat d, a? lotloiTH ? X '"V//' * J * ? / , ,?r .. $ THI.MI.K HA14., i ; no ion et rtK.ti.sti, i>r?. 13, 11S& ; iAT { I RMJi";) (IdtM'KN, t ai?ttrrn.M* a ?aaiuotAlt ami two ajar. < TRIOS. W. 4. I.KAY, 'r-,il1ptiL } It huge. Hwcrwt: *7. The t?it ia ronreOi vg i|tnta f dhuout, b ? wdrthy 1 I* particular attetliw:? ; l.AWKH' KAIK ?o;a ttir Ktmr n -T?r ismmmt t>r m ??,?, ? J Uevsw tif Ilim?tr.t? and Muloorry atrtulT, J !T?> a inait AT K ; :P) Iimoapway, Ct at km or b"trrn 1 re 1 tloNDAV, t* TMIlKIt 10, And tIn1 fire following tlaya j llcte a. Mfnli. I H p t.hje ?i of ilia Inftitut'ini t.f Merry are ilia wiler tb a and ruppovt tl dee'ltuio yurg wuman, >f rep?c< a Mr ObaiacITT, u( all religion. 1 until auMabl" iitowti t? ?an I"' jnt.%1 Ird for them. tba rlnit iti 11 of Ibe aitd , p.tvl the Instruct tti of p<i r glrla. .Xo ii.atliuli in in our < ity Iiertoa, an ' a."re faithfully <? ama, lb* ..wlatume of Ilia , ' btroOA public t) an tiiia. lit your charity la a gttot at tliotr Mattel* good. 7iii? fair ia In ai l of a ttry t! wiving iiutiiu.inri, ami ita pn'rona o.iy b? a ??tired that tbe Hate re of Marrr r, II r goroualy apply the pro. ? e<l- f ? the bi nelit of til ? <!* .jvtgpoor. The amount of g<u d lata by tbraa barrio ? n.n it u inert untoowu, an t?4- H and utmblr ? ?? are they In tbn eratrlbutiitu (4 their uhai if Ira Their llrwt aie eonMCra'oitto good w> rk An .m|ni'ant rail ray loprot a mead 11 b igbl tor r 1.. Wot b) the Mabjoloett drrtilai a:ni -act HtMtlfVIVKItBAlLUOAil- TR1 A'eOP-I.OIiaHkBJIHiK't IIIUUT AMI eK'Ab CAII KHAKI.. Ill I OK Kn?:. llAtlKoAli I I >,< . Nkw Youa, in-;. 7, 1AM. An rtpei (rental trip with it trale up ut eLub the ab- k I't.i'#'ij? been ?|.|.|ie|, it! w sat It a on W lne? '*nf I it IV, t?i Ir ? tbo werlla til iba lawuilt it n.e til wtl lanvp I tlAUl Wt? itrewt illllalL bear York, nf li? A. M aot Thlrly IIr I atiiet nl# li .0 at 10 AO \ >1 . faft-r the arrival ol tlm in rairvf Oah" ? W* it fr in Aiba.tr ami Trajr). bait ere t tpaeUully Inrrl'el to Im ? aeaent. M. I. bYKlb, Jit., b I*, an ' 1 Ip'l. 1 III ' *<is KIVtR Kill KiAli. \ rtoniakKTAi rarr wirit tu> t . 1 VI AM Kill CAN (' A i' II K A li I 1 j lilfTC.t j Naw Yoaa ami> Hiat, mi. ( ? ? ?n ? n>n?>, i w kxi 11 11 , | j I irrt rhaeaberr .lie. I atatioa atlO A .M. an ! > i Ibl'lf iirat -irrat i'aH n it 10 :? A M. t 5 It ielirk" t rillilea the boUlai to t'jaji iTiWge i j ol -b' rrad for fhia dry noly. M. I. -YKK- .In. T. I' an I Kip I \ We h '? that the M.i'e Boar I d Itaihray fkriumia i.ii>?who got large ailarl'a am' 'In 11 u,. 14 in par Um.lar -4Kt? on haul In loek at tbk- br.ika today Then ib'ttili be ?<.oi" iapn.vern al n the p ? -<-'i! m d* 1 tnr>l't| 'ba -j*ed i f railway tr.ilr-. The Ibbirw laolae hare a Urneinlnmt K> < in f It "ami ae>t thi Irl-rrw young men Inteml t* ndalgo In a ba'l la aid of t)i?lr I'xiety'a funda, to ahlrb I le y haVa f it i* the lollwwiag ttlif ? T1IK YtK > . VK . S HAJ I., I ia no or Tea pi < oa ? ?r ma ? j l.AldKK' HKBRKW RKMTb'oUCNT 'f.'IITY, j inuebiiul K\r.*i>'., not. AO, lAib. NIBlJi'K i-aIakiM. T.raru 43, edwltiiug gruil m .u an l taro UUea } tibalv ?a' tl-kiriA, 91. 71 it euSortiiMl will do for lo day. w* tlMnk. It Ir a' ? obiA port of the numeri < hrori which wa n wire ? ? i ? day, and of wlddi we 0o<lao a? many ,?a nn to '* of laiportaieo or fniereit l? the pof lie Ilohuki n < Ity \? ???. 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LIGHT. | TWO WEEKS LATER FROM CALIFORNIA. 1*336,300 in Vreaaore. CONTINUATION OF THE INDIAN DISTURBANCE!. Thr Indiana In UillMth lltcmiing DtMitiiifM Hrmru or ikh. pool m mho. Morder of Qeu. BiehardncAi; United States Marshal. inieOUte el Br. haac I. It all, Miotor ?f ?entered I U T E R E S T I NQ ITEMS MARHiAGES. PARTUS AN'*? DEATHS. THE M 4RK E Tii\ kc. *9.. M6. Tha Aorr??n?/ ?mn*lt Cuiaf?oy*d nt>an??hl(< "arthaui I 'Jftt, Kdnatd I, Tlatlrpanf k, innMnl'iif, a-r+nnd a% liar dia-k j'o'rfdrt aflornaoa, wflt pnianagnra a'#fatM fronton h'ranr!m to the nlf Ihrhorthrm 1 dtih'lofa '*) j^aracrr. aad H*A( .' 00 In apt-ofr and gdM float. No <etMaa ha? ' efiwwil ik V ;>?*?. r r>,iia| dl trritnl In ftxtd hra!l',. h In a at Nan Kitrrriawa, on Mia r'ad>" 4 tha loth, bt iUdiikc lalbi'it an bf about ?'.'6 Ofi# Ix naml Htchaidx Paul la an Wlltyal h 7 a |iaMlr i mii.mI I nan. and I ha 'attar nn? unda- '* -*Hk. Tha Moatharn j.ait f tha '-'aM- wa tir??taua4 wttb Indian dial arhanrrn 1 V"j ana a'ait'liif laif* nnnabara d cattla. a Nauj nn.rdrra arc rac <f? r4 throafhot.'. "ha .Mat* T> a I now Nothlngi '*1 kaM k Mat' " nmnUori at artauien<o, and a|>|>oliil I d?toj?.la . In tl ? i till a inlpMa .""??taa*.?l < ? nwrnUoo, In dan ??nf (kam t s ata far a* man fbr I'raaMrnl, wnlr'n ! a it In tittnr of a PI' I* 11*4 rraifaad u|.|aMad |u alaaar; a.<|aato>n T) .? Mhl|i I ol/naala niilad rrnraian hu i all* Naw t'orb tha link nit. Vti ia? III | aa*rnfarr la f I ark.-r If. J rath ac < rtdlbil Mluia'ar to tha I'ni' ? Mwl?? in lltu of ft. Mw e ilidu raaallrd. Oal. Prtaak U "a* al a I la n irnardthMp l*>a-T?, toi'iihl' Jilm to at'h "nnadli'il; Hi Mfk'iid tkar ' n.tlaf hat wann tha I r iant Matan, lj.fi?nd aal Nloaaaftub I< alai brim tun lnaa >ha rmlli af tl ? naw erxwtj.mada by biar af imml ?lihGuL V'hiwdo?, i w!??a| m d*. Mmi.tai at Oiani'Uu f'wl. 1'raurb < mtai with bhn h WahiiifU.u a<.a?a lanwUfnl ?|.aaic ?n? at ijnaita and ydarar faid It< ia 'h' -u ??? <?' I n nlai a,' In fatbnr with ?a*n>laaaf Mtlrapr' rda Mr. Joa It. Llnla^ a, ?.r of Ifl Swi??an ; (>| 4(1, M 1UId aria, a' Uaa a'aaittrhip lark ram, fait Jo? f. * ?tl thai- mj >ap*a ?gaat In Niaaiafaa an! ? ?|>' W I. Wl'dlmaoott, Ni am fiiaa arta/, nra a!-a am tiff ll?|i? '?***? 1b? ganraof s??ia|oa ??????. f?ial? a- ?V!ah<"d, u,l Ita banaf ml HNeta aro irarj- ?aaa a'-, rati* Tan Ti.iaolkrunla aoaUnttaa to I* linpa'Kf'. ill ri n W II <<|uata an) kn tha I n li d h'il. ? 1i?a build oft ar ? la <li> annua af inaMHu'ka nl if Ik hna and parlta* ar? out IB arary dfctrik'O ai{ihilllur and [ i . .pa tiaf the idt Inf laflaaia and farming loralillat Th> a ipaap'a naw wharf at VWfiu Ita; ha* kfna lnaa *?t "iOd lain tfca laka. <bapaimaga?? hy tha Mntkata ' Hkt naadaUa* Uawtt fi. ia noaaa In ???n In twmtp-l* , imn ? Th# li' .Ttbaf tt.a runutr; ia j- f - ? and tUo li*? <>. .i-df ? ami in tba rrpuhlh Th? T'?hm. <.'..ia|>ao; baa la Ita u plo; lod man, and durtl K '? ? yaae- an I '"iir ir. intba n>t a ?Imfl* daath baa oaenrrad au-iii.r ih?m Tlio ' aria Hun I.'? ofbt Sawn a ? Ha ? .aiii.nf af IKlf team fnr tiaaaial Wilt" 'inda > tba oouoiian f of I ?:>Ul? ' f> Nail viilflli ii<iaa.-> tba lan >>i toi'?atUtaaaAa to 371* ?'* a 'ranaaal I'ai.aoaa, tlia Italfaal t If-aHnr.i f, a' lv*al laUraii-da nn tba lat laat all!, a lai/? i"i nl? 4 M< I mi* ' It r.Oiat piif>l|liaM ha ! ' i i.iaAa ia f? ? , |i'npat?lal; It u rago'lwl bad 'naaatr ? "fh-na I Ibat ha vnlla th' |iaa ai"i.l aa ambaaiahar li n <ka rakakth 4 of an "alaa.or Bad lh..>i ira?, ta |O0(<aalhat tba'braa r* put, 'aa mat a Into ana foniada rnay, wttk flao. Walk'r at tiaa hand. Iha toldta?< f Wal*ar'a battal'?* a, f In CTt'd fni tha lnaa ,-f In . <4 tha* ta ? t.an. I'n tha tfth mH M a, Mull, a*a I '.f, >ti|pj*..| ta* t a na'lao of ft. a V art, ar. dantalljr kiHad hlinaalf ak>li a plain, r ...lataad > hla oa> r ..at poabal, tb? ball anla/.nf HU b, . and ' 'f Inf In 1*1* brain ita thr .h li, llanr; llaolofl* a, af - I 21 I <4 du aaar of Mia kamrt. lla la ?>-??! t<* I hit. 'at| at. akwi ha wa iin,!a:*l,.d to ba raapa tal ly ? ?> ? ' -I. Tbap a. ia hntlad nt'h m litary n a* D a I nit*-I Main nan ? I Vaaaaao i?a ta *** Iftag "ppailf an J .an dal Hof. Taa ndkrart bad )'t>t aatam ad from at t to 'xa. Wa!'. <?, .r,d tl*. ; > ? r.U hifhkf t IgVad at U.tlt taaa^thm, .b* gautia. f ???! h 4, and tha hitiliant futnta of tha o tidry W* ? ?* lirl?l.(id tn (It* <" -iptliltj ?!{.?< mpialM nf Jin it <? * Win*. A '<*. I'n iufi A ? , |M I **1(1* I iftttt r-utr>p*a? f > Um fCtUfctt t >*p*r?**4 ? tii?f f*?<*r?. If Bli< lD t.vl rt>. ?i.! ihi tuft 'i' i. j h>? I'ni. b lluil ii ??? l iami**" II' o lull had ?? C*f?Of II * ?; I'/lb'.n t nl tn (l?* ttmmt}, ? .1 I*. **k*r*4 >.pan i'.? i!latl ? >r? til* ?'? In* II* all.*' ? I r'fk, i ng ./It *?L ? :<,L*n* ? ? ? 'rtkllf t/.fcl ** ? (T*M It" ' ? ?? |rl*'* ? ?? </? ili ?t N'/*?t>tM> la I'/V/f of lb* *?lt ' f ?|j*?tnp?J a 'iko-.yt ft/ ! V | ",*r?d a' ? ? u'lt I uk U t A.'*') ptnio ? A "*n* >*? ' I ??I/*/ k*4 ???*'??i**iiiad u *ii; (.at Ut. put* Tl* itamLIp I*k* I l"?;k??i ? a Ik* i?*(?r?t ? all Id'*l/I*r .'J *itt??d "* (it* lA'h f t lib.' If* >t*n* Stftdi, ? Mi ">?? r?,tk 4*it? I* .a* SMk iiitod ' * Ik* IMh >' **?k*r Kttttri ?? "? k I'irt lui U' !?? I, / / *l*i 't t' ? ill***-! ? I lit* I ttt?t ?/ I li*, m. > * ?i.tltf* ilt#U lakt I. ? uln I l* i '?*'? Ti 7 >*. .? ( <? f|t^ll ?#*. *..?! it. ?A4 'at lr?/**i II'* .f*' *('. "t; i*.| i* i nail if i/miu ?? ki?t b'i TWIi tM/ 't m la* u v* '*>t Wi i?, aia *t? *1*17 *m ai A d'.*d lot A I'Ott < n ? w I'll. S' * . n? it . . f- ?? i* I* t***a Kim I tr * id I /# * d? /'at < i(ir, ?a* M'?- *???.* ?'A hi* / *dlla* ?< /-t Vunp-. A"*- ii # i*i>> r* '' *>'? ?" aafek a* it, rip r?. ,i't?l la iKtai **i|, * ?' *'i. ?'i- a l?** |d*? Ilk* r*!*f a oar a kid t'l a *v! ? ' t*f I|Mhm I'lHtt *tl>tii-? (Ii 1 la ii I '*.(>??) Imi ii*t I. ? bi. a ikaa ? i*a w la /f :.*?>' u A I ? a I'll.lHI *??**?.tan ?tt I a>* *? a.td Ik* * Ik.-* 1 f g pfiatiai Jtai k tpia I) Iht I*'* i i**'t*t >?*tla?ib< ' '*???!*,* ?i?t. *.'??! la '??? I > *<t* Jar* : It* kit**' 4 ?fitiiMal* H w Hrttttrar ?( i obvrr** la ?(ha IriMMb ? a? Mr *>!??) ?? ? lav*da a i*'*r .<* a *a* ?-*? mIi'iii t>* iv* m> t iwiwiii't*[)*b Mr </irtailirj of sof V It ?/. It??? k'#.., t.arl ?d a tk* ' '-d*i 'data* ? ft tit '? .H <d ??** IMi $ k*/i h~n *aai*a**>t it p* J ? ?? *?"' v I* to. I lit rod r* It*' la tk* roar ') I to* *a'itt*l? ? r tftt ri.'tdil k ?itA tit* fc-'ti' ' Aa ??-** ' ** ?it a* ir *i< * a tk* #? ?? ?<( aoaaaHoa iMaaaay. TM* ur r*V*|l* r MaDr'ad OrafMH k*Ad ? r If* K "iai>il1 <? lw*r *Ma*'-.*4? a** ll^arA tf !i .dt,^ Tk* |.t*t*t) ?k"*t a ?t*. iftrt ' K baiflWK T r Mc-I ? ?? I ??' ? T DmraoM ?*??**< mi I. ?' ???./? / x i ta*.& t < .*??** la*i i'a* m.) u.4 J a w?d ?* r-i ?*?? Ma**k It. I lal i It l*? t td ? I Mr lUC. ) . timrjtf.* Tk* ft*4 l M **t A"U*Mf MpMM^ ? .1 l* ? |??tA Ut ? AfT* iWf kjr I ?? i'dk Tk* K MM KalMnf P.Mbrn. pfw a*? -t t ???? ?* ??/? Nwiktaf o??. WM k * *111 ? '?? *'*? 'H/tii..'* 'A piiO* fb*t? ?? A** **4 ????*.?-! if ua f ?' ftuakKOt K*W, *a nifft't i r lit ?' */-'? ? n*tt*al?aai *r lit la * >. t'-i ? ? ? ka at** tf* .u |i*a*IMi* l* no** *.**? tar * * ft lAal *kt* lk* ( tUly *k*JJ ?*? t. t ? it.. \k?- ?*( '?'. 'WJ Old **?*p* k**k*t?f -t .l M?*.?**r t.? k*4itMKi ?4 M la* oradar-irt* ?* ? it, ? Ul* lit it ?M b**!it( M>? t*l k****< Mi* ***.*if IkkA lk* (< uaA* *? *( k'rlfc M*(> ' r? Hi i*ki ?* ftnAaA W# kan< lk*' % a . ff ( if ?( I* m*4* W- <k* ?lliiK?i -4 *?' M* ? 'Ilk** a?*l *k** tar lk* |**laa4laa >4 k*** ?*"'? ? W* /*???' ? am *?r rteetKoi, r**f?*> lk>* * - *" ' (t* bl?j a<*ir*M*? ?( w "Hit f " -?'al *?% *'-#v

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