4 Ocak 1856 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

4 Ocak 1856 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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THE NEW WHOLE NO. 7067. MORNING X OH K HERALD. EDITION-FRIDAY, JANUARY 4, 1856. PfilCE TWO CENTS. ASflinSEHSNTB EENKWiiJ Kf KM MI. ?racut hutiui ATLAS MUTUAL IN'UBANOIC COMPANY. NKW .XV York, D ?comber 29, IC36.? At a meeting of the B MLrd or Trustees Thomas B. Nelson, Ks?i , wa? uuaulmouslr elected Preattent of Mid Company, In place iif ? H. Osgood. Ks-i , ra algMd. The Ucard also appointed Ma ceilua Ma?aey, Kin., to an for ifa? Company in the capacity 01 tselstaut President. x liy older, OKU H. l ttAlJlf, necreUry. ALL PEBSONS HAVING GOOuS KKMalNlVG aT THR Btoi e of Jones A Little are bereb - reijuo?ti d lo c.?ll and lake them away before the L6ih nt Jauuart io?'., or they will be ?old to pay c bargee. JONKB A Li t TLK, 13# Pulon HoreeU " TTAKLV*. MOTT HAVEH, At: -A MKKTInG of thk II residents of Uarlein aud ot Weschedet county will he J eld on Filday evening next, tlie 4th hurt , ?i 1' M , at Far rington's Ball, Uariem. corner or '1 bir.l avenue and 1'Wih street*, to hear the reports of the committee appointed at the meeting on the 28th December, to px-cure a steamboat to tun between Harlem and New York, Ac. Alt person* Interested and ft ten J!y to the establishment of a line ot utearoboau for the conveyance of passengers, Ac., to and from the el'y are i tq uested '.a aUend. By order, HENBY P. McUOWN, Secy. ILLINOIS AGENCY AT AMKHIOA'V kXO'i APIOB BAMJL X ? Notice I* hereby given that an luaianiieut uf t wo par cent will be paid on account of ImerHMt uximed upon the slock* of the Slate of Illinois, on aud after Mouday the 7 th day of J anna ry next. The payment will he stamped upon tba coupon o! /uly, BS61, from I. and M. Canal Houds JOHN MOOBk 1 reasurer oi lllinoia. XTOTICF.-ALL PEBSONS HAVING CLAIMS AO A INST J.1 ateamboat Mercury and owners o>u<? piesent them on or before the UKhdty ofi-litnuary, 18S6, to C. M IOMKINS, 164 Maiden lane, as they will nit be pari alter thai date. OFFICtC OF THE PHIL&DKLPU1 A GUANO COMPANY ?Philadelphia, Dec. 24, IMS. notice ?The Philadelphia Guano Company having by virtue o> a .ontram ra-vle with the government of the leDubllc of Venezuela. suoured the pis ses Ton and exclusive r light to remove i"<e guano deposits exiat ing ou all the islands belonging u, a-id uuder tue jurisdiction of the raid republic, he eby (jive no' Ice thai no person orperw ns, ether tb*n agents of the said oompany. 3?n lawfu.ly remove Suano from any of the suld Islariat- and that a>l nargoes taken iBrefrom without a permit 'r..m the ooinoany, duly signed aud aealel with lb- corpora'" seal tbeiv.uf, will be claimed by town . on arrival at any or the oi he Mii-ed st.tes or Kurope, and legal proceedings dl be 1 urno-liMely luatuuled lor the lecovery of the property fo taken, In woo e hands soever II may be foucd. By order of the Una d ot i ur-ou.rs i>. Lli rUKh,, President. Agent In New York, J aMKK Ln'K A CO *'.l Wall street. Consulate of the republic of Veue/.u-na Philadelphia, i>ec. 19. 1SC4.? Laptaiiid and shipowners aio hereby nodded tbat there being no porta of entry open id n. renin comnieroe la any ot the Caribbean Islands under the jurta-Uuilon or the republio oi Venezuela, with the single exception of tba: t the Islnnd or Atargarcltn, all vessels round tou-lilrg at any or Mie Guano ?? It-lands, except tlx he having a per-uli Iroiu the Philadelphia Guano Company duly authenticates will be seized, and held liable ror the penalty provided for ? viola Ion of tlie navigation law* oi the republic. JOnK A 1C KPK, Consul. 0FFICK OF1HB SEW YORK OAS UOliT COMPANY, lecernber 25, li<66.? The aunual elecion for Ibl' teen dlrec lor* of tlii- company, will be held on Monday, ibe lith dav of January next at the office of the mropany, 1,4 Centre street, fr?'m 11 lo 12 o'clock A. M. '1 he tra> wer book 'vlil be closed from (he 27th inst. uiull after the election Uy order, C L. aVttKit'T decretary. Republic of nic t. it ago a oi-pTKrMK.vr of kk laliorn, D. V. L., Qranada Nov 23 <KV>. To tbe Prefect of ;uo Oenartnotut I : - The riupvnme Executive Power lias deigned to laene the tollowlutj decree: - Tbe President ad interim of the rot.oblle of Nicaragua, to Ite ichabltints: ? Being desirous to euc m hj- o-e un mg ration oi trduatrlcus persons, wbomay nontrlhute '"the developnmeat of the rssources ol tbe republic u, eoUrie- Its norntnerce, pron.otellie general welfare. In us? ol bis {Anilities, decrees? Article 1. A free grant nt 2.MI mi-*- (4? ?r>amtive.tHU Itml vvUi be niade to every adult who w'l' ootue <o thi* -epubllc to sottie on and improve the sail potior, oi la'-d; tho s'aiit l.e'ng made to him by the Director of Ool'n Uatlon, to t>^ appolnteii, and poeae-^ton will be !ran>r> I'aiei ' glvar; Art 2. J?ve-y family anlvin* >ie>'e ?u o w'.'ict! tu the Terrt torv wi'l receive 100 acres, heaidw th*> VAtt benmglng to eadh adult member. Art. 3. After the lapse of six uio-'th- toi'owms the takiutt ol poeaewtion, title* of property will be given hi he .'otwers, pro vldedlhat they give Ut?M Btrector of i^Muilsailon satlsfanioo &roof of their good oonduct, anil nt tlie ImproitMtenM made on te lands. Art. A They shall pay no duties for t/.r~iua property, lur alture, agricultural ImplemenU, t eeds planu, eavtle, or an) object imported for the peroouai -ise rtf the eoioi.lfcts, or in tended for the Improvement ot the lent* ?r?, tod The oolo slat* will be exempt frmr all ixtrstirdiinry tavet. or oootrtM Hon*, and from all public service* uiii-m In cam of U.e oua trary being tequired by cause of public aafet-y. Ait. 6. Ibe ?oI oni?t* will be .ylixeus uf the repnhhc, ami there (Tire iher shall not be able bi sell the lands granted, to uv IhreigT.er; and they ara eqtiallv f<?rKMder. to ?el i rhes* lands, nor to transfer their ttehis to anr native oefnre bavug oc*u pied the ground for ?e torn of ?v nrion'tis and obtained tba atle of property. Art. 6. An niAne will oe ema^Lnneu and a Otrontor of Coiom cation appointed, whose duty will he to attend to the petition* of immigrants, to gather and dWtf^Mie -ee.lv uWnta, io , and keep the rugbiter book. Art 7. Let this dec res be ooinrmiaicatnd w. those whom It concerns. Given at Granada on tha 23d day of oi t.'uner, l.tv< P V ? KiCIO UIVAd. Totbk Mimstvb Bai^nnn*. And ac.:ttrdln^ to suprene order l commnDlcat? it ?o jui tor yonr ktm-wiodcc aud oouve ^ nient eflects, and for ta> publ'cation anil emu'oUon in the da partment under your command -a riln.ai? rUaSTtmnnl of Ifrlstkins 0 ti nnnr- ? |T. OKe. Nor. 27, 1M6. TKBEZ. Republic op kioabagda, department op war Gr? a,ia, Pec. 14, 1SW ? To the Commander-in-Chief o the Arm/ ot the Republic.? The Sup! *me t insttllrn Powe. hss dri: tied m transmit to we the fallowing demr#ie:? The President Of toe R-- public of Nlcsruiua 'o its iptta1 Haute:? v'ouslderiag It lmroriaui twlhn Ki-rTice < -i the. r- p i?:lc, tor the prewerraU in ot order at br me sod resp?*et afe -owl, to t"cr?-a-e 'no army of 'hi republic and cons'dering -.'.jo thv sgrimliurHl labors require the employment ot so nwnv tudUMim - that no' a sufficient O umber is left for military duiles; to u*? of llii powers, DEc:teR>: Article 1. Tbe Commandr r in i hit' of the Arm - m' (he Re public is hereoy authorized to riitlsl i-ar.li a number of troops as be may deem itooovenlent in raga'd to cirou<nalanc??, he being at the same time authorised Ui admit such foreigners as ?will Mibmlt to the conditions es:?b]|"ha<l hv ibis decree. Art. 2. The foreigners to be en letcd o'lulit t < be rnsu of BO torious ability and honesty. subject to th'r lawn of the count y, and to be held and reoogoUed in avery eis< aa native citizens Art. S. The aforesaid foreign* rs nu-ibt to bind themselves to aetve 'he term of one year at least, and. tinder this oo-iaitlon, and those mentioned in the precetl'ii? a--t cle, they wl'l receive the salary assigned in the t-triff adjoining this decree, and, the term of ilieir engagement helu* over they will reoelve ao extra rompensatlon of two bundre-i mod ft'ty sores of uncultivated land In this republic .-for each tiidivldna'. Art. 4. Let it be communicated to whom it corresponds. Given in Granada, on' th? 14th December. 1X56 To the Secretary or tub War PATRICIO RIVAS. ?nd 1 t-ansmlt it to his HoniW the General, tot his knowledge and due effects, reiterating the securities of my esteem, A'? Helta. TABirr or military sai tm? alluded to is the dbcree ab THOIMZIKt; THE COMMAHDEB lit CHIEF Of THE ABUT To IK CBF..ISP. THE SAME. Monthly Suits of classes. HaUrv, Rations, clothes Private 92ft 00 1 i 'Corporal Zi so I 1 Second Sergeant 30 no 1 1 First & 32 AO 1 1 Second Lieutenant 70 00 1 1 First do HI 00 1 1 Captain loooo 1 1 .Major 140 00 1 I Lieutenant Colonel 175 00 1 1 CMinel... toooo 1 \ Geieral of Brigade PiOOOO 1 1 General of Division 900 00 1 1 Granada. Dec. 14, 18.16 RIVAS. According to its original- Department Of War of the Su preme Government of the Republic. Granada, Dee. 14, 1839. Helva. THE PCBDIC ~AR1 HERE c f C AUTIONKD AOAIlfST puichaslng, receiving or negotiating in any way, a certtfl eateof SI, WO Pennsylvania Sta e 5 per cent s ock. No. S, VIA loan of April 16, 1864, redeemable af er August 1. 18M. Issued on tbe 11th rf June. MAS. to tbe administration office of Hope A Co., Ketwich, Voomlieru, and widow W. BorsU, Amster dam. v.birli was mat ed b> the undersigned to Joseph Uahen, Amsterdam, and was lost on the way An app tcatlon has been mace to the Auditor General for the issue of a dupliea <5 certiii cate. L. VuN HOFFMAN ? CO. THK STOCKHOLDERS OP THIt" CLEVELAND AND ri'taburg Railroad company are horetiv noilfled that the annual meeting for the election of directors, and for the trans portation of other business, will be held at the ifllca of the com pany, in Cleveland, on Wednesda, the 2J day of Janusry next, at 10 o'clock A. M. K ROCKWELL, Secretary. npnE NKWYORK AND HKOOKl,YN~icK COMPANY A having completed their dock and buildu ps at Athens, Greene county, t>. Y , have ODfin'-d nc office at 251 Broadway, noith west corn or of Murray street, for the nurnose of r?celv ing snt>Kcriptlens for stock and tne transaction of other hnsi new pertaining thei eto. they invite ire consumers and the pub lic genera'ly t i call upon thom at ibeir office, where they win gladly iix part any information relative u> thcli business and ^e operations of the ompany. J asks II t-TUR?is, Kec. GEO E. HHKRWOOD. Pres'L TO TINNERS", CM, THIERS AN!) PC HLI?IIKRH ? WR wish to contiact for 5,000 japanned postal boxes, 100 ^ults 01 uniform for ou- car ters; aufl tor the publUhing of lit 000 circulars per month, or the Issue of a monthlj or tveettly paper, ft r <he Mcnipolltsii Kn and and Currier Kxpress Com pary. Apply at the principal "Oice, 110 Bioailwat under the Metropo l-an Bank N. B.? Letters, c.snls nnd clr -ulars. bank and Instn-at ce nonces, Damphietii, I .trcrle. Ac., dlstriliut?d in any part of tbe cliy or suburb', or o.i tioard vessels arriving at Quarantine, with promptness mid lit lovy ra'i-s. Apply as above Stamps for sale by all Jour carriers, who mar be known by their badge or uniform THK LKCTlRfTitllj AtlON. AIECTCREWILL BE DELIVERED BY .fOHN MIT CHfcL, on Tuesday eyenlnit. ./annary H ? Suojeei, '? Thn Kcotsteps oi the Celt." Ilckct* 26 cer.ta, ( gallery); reserved wills (bo?y of the ball) 60 cenis, to tie had nt nail's music ? store, BroeAwav; Dunipnn's book?tore. 161 Kultoo stroet, H? ? verty'n bookstore. 110 Futton street, ami (heofficeof the Irish /American (Doors open at 7 o'olock. Lecture to co nmence at 8. II11WBPJLPI1R9. Drkad tragedy at new haven. - Correct epgravlngs or lbs lollowii g subjects wllllappoar '.ti Prank Leslie "s lllustratec Newspaper ot next snturdav Portrait of the Prophetess, drawn from lUe expressly for this i paper Ditto of Samuel Sly, the murderer, from a dafmerreitype by Monoer taken In the gaol oxpri-ssiy lor this paper. Tbe HouM^f tbe Prophotci". New Haven. Interior of the room where tne rourdn waa committed. The Prophetess In prison, drawn (rum lil'o. Also beixulfiii ensrsvinc* of Scenes In the Capitol at Wa-h ?-n?ton daring the eleetifiti of Speaker. Porn alts cf Col. Ertnch. Ditto of Mrs. Calm s, the llerolue of the Great Will care. Tbe thlp Keaolute. Scenes In Central America numerous olbcr beautiful en tgravlngs and all tbe news of the ueek; irura art*. V *ifiY WAT TO MAKE* U^' i! : n " t fartey.enrclofc^ % - ?, :: ?? 12 :: " " '.is " 12, .. " H vaUutlne w^ rW5",'I, or " f " 2fl' ,, bf MAt at or-ce in ,?i ??' ^^une'compivarts and "HiW' * ' ,f(-ell>t of ttn d"V'*? f.si liberal term t. lor cash. NEWS FROM WASHIWem. OUR SPECIAl, DESPATCHES. niu's attack on thk fakhidbnt ? kiesck's rmtr S10KNTIAL tiCTTRHZS?m 8KNATK PKJMTINa AMD TBI CNION, KTC. Wabhmotox, Jan. 3, I860. Senator Hale handled President Pierce wtthmot glove* today. There was not on? Sonaftr who manitmted any disposition to come to the Presides?* rescue. In conversation with a diatioguinhnd democratic 8ena t<ir today, he expressed himseir as ? ?< I harre no doubt in my own mind Pierce vu actuated, in a great degree, in tending hia Message to Congress at the time be did, by a desire ef bringing it before the Southern State conventions, wblcb are to come off vriibin ttte nest few days, and which eleot delegates to tbcNational Con vention. Banks' friends feel somewhat disheartened this even ing. They charm his defeat on the President. It would not have been accomplished, they say, had he withheld his Message until Wednesday. The Union editors leceiTtd a (?evtrr e blow to-day. The Senate ordered Bererly Tucker to print a larg? quantity of documents whloh the Dim was desirous of getting. Mr. Maton moved it, and :ci ? ? >r Toucey strenuously op posed it. D. NO PROSPECT OF AN ORGANIZATION OF THE HOUSE ? T11K MESSAUE. KTC. Washington, Jan. 3, I860. Members of Congress to-night express no hope whatever of an organization. The action of 1 "resident Pierce In seLdiog in his message Is generally approved. Themes sag* itself is spoVen of in the highest terms by all parties. Th> nigger portion is, of course, denounced by the aboli tionists. K. PROJECTED REVOLUTION IN MEX ICO ? GEN''RA L AL MONTE CALLED TO THE PRESIDENCY? IMPORTANT MOVEMENTS ON FOOT. Washington, Jan. 3, 1856. The mo.-t reliable Information received from ptrlles occupjing influential positions in MpxIco, indi :ates a serious deslgr ailing General Almonte to the head of affairs, they i c.-arding him as a man of much oxp? rler.ee, conservative in his opinions win has liad no com plicty with the recent revolution in that country, who understands so thoroughly the working of republican institutions from his experience und residence here, and who at various periods has exercised his iL&uence to In duce Mexico to adopt a form of government more in con sonimee with our own ? hence thu wish to pluce fcira in a position to give, if possible, permanent peace and sta bility to Mexico. Instead of proceeding at once to the C.'urt of St. James, he will, it is understood, depart for Mexico, and tbeie pUce himself at the disposal of his friends. Should he be called to the head of the Mexican government, and secure the ends suggested, the result cscnot fail to be grati'yiiig to our own countrymen. His ismflyhave already proceeded to Mexicj. S ine members voting for Banks are not backward in t-xp'etsiDg the opinion that he cannot be elected, and are i txions to bolt and go for some other candidate. Mr. Boyce, of South Carolina, whom Mr. Peroy Walker wished to bave declared Speaker ? uniting upon him the conservative elements of the House ? belongs to the Gal heno Southern wing, and considers a dissolution of the Union inevitable, regarding It as a mere question of tine. THIRTY- FOURTH CONGRESS. FIRST SESSION. SENATE. Washington, Jan. 3, 1850. TUB TREASURY RETORT. The financial it-port of the Secretary of tlie Treasury was rsceived. Mr. Masos, firm.) of Va., moved tha*. 10.600 copies be printed by the printer to the Senate of the last, Congress, at rate* not exceeding those established by law. A discussion ensued as to the power of the Senate to take such action, since it would, as conten '.ed on one side be a violation or evasion of the law of the last ses sion relative to the public printing. The resolution was adopted. THE HECX11ION OF THE .V1J*8A<!1 ? SENATOR HALE'S OPINION OV 1RE8IDKNT PIERCE. Mr. Hale, (abolil'iniit) of N. H., remarked that he m not in his seat when th? President's annual message came In else he should have objected to Its reception as irregularly sent. He wou)il not pretend tu si ate reason* wby the Presidont took such. an extraordinary and un l'Tec< dented course; but Yankees aie allowed to guess, tud he would by no means presume to assert that the President has taken thia opportunity to gs down on his kne< s to the South beeaase several Southern States we to hold democratic conventions about the 8tli of January . (Laughter.) If such is the true version of the case, he was sorry the President bad taken so much tiouble for nothing, for there is just as much chaase lor one of the Senate's pages to be nominated tor the Presidency as for Mr. Pierce. (Laugh ter.) The President takes np muoh of the message in talking about Central American affairs; but he, (Mr. Hale,) thought there is a place in the central part of the I nited States on which the eyes of tne people are turned with vastly more attention, namely ? Kansas. Mr. Haie stated, on the authority of Mr. Calhoun, that the Monroe doctrine, so much talked about, was originally suggested by the Biitiah cabinet. It Is true, as the President says, that acts havo occurred in Kansas contrary to go >d order, but they had taken place by instigation of the President. It is not the first time tho ('resident has de livned a lecture on slavery. It was insulting to tbe ma jority of thia nation for tlie President to say, in effect, that tbe men who riissgreed with h<ra on that subject are enemies to the constitution. Mr. Hale rebidked neh an imputation. The Supreme Kuler, for the punishment of our national sins or humiliation of our national price, lias neimitud Fierce to occupy the Presidential chair, nor* he comes down intu the arena of the demagogue, stripped of everything which should clothe him with executive dignity, (laughter.) KANSAS A STAIRS CALL FOR INTORSIATtON. Mr. Wli-sON (black rep.,) ot fa ass. , offered a resolution (which lies over.) calliog upon the President for informa tion relative to trout' len in Kansas. Adjourned to Monday. HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES. Washington, Jan. 3, 1856. TU* SPEAKERSHIP. Mr Mack. (Jem.) of Ind., offered a re olution that tho acting doorkeeper of the House be required to lock all the doors leaelng to this ball instanter. aud keep them se curely fastened till a Speaker is elected, unless they are opened for the purpeso of letting in absent msmoers. (laughter.) We had ecclesiastical precedent for this la the election of a Pope (laughter) to sncceed Clement IV , in 1668. The Cardinals were for nearly three years un able to ag^ee on the choice of a wcccssor, and were on the point of breaking up, when th* magistrates of Home, by the advice of St. Benjamin, shut the gates of the city, thus locking np the Cardinals till they ag-eed. He was not so much of a Know Nothing as not to acknowledge the finding authority of this precedent. (I&ughter.) If the resolution was adopted, be ventured to say the calls of natuie would be such, either far refreshment or otbuwlss (Isughter), as to forc? the election ot a Speaker within ten hours. ^Merriment.) On the motion of Mr. Boyee, the resolution was tabled. The House then voted for a Speakeo, with the tallowing rt-?ult:? EKHITT HEVENTII I1ALI.OT. Banks 102 Ptnnicgton ft Richardson 73 Scattering u Fuller 83 Nowssary to a choice 110. Two additional vo'.es were taken with tho same result as the eighty-seventh, given above. Mr. Walkeh (K. N. dem.) of Ala., with the view ol uniting the conservative element s of the Hoi o. , ffered a tesolutlon declaritg Mr. Boyce (dem ) of S. C., Spoak?r, regarding him as eminently qualliied, and as h>n in^- taken no part ui the democratic caucus, the American party could not carry out their wishos, therefore ho wits in clined to surrender Mr. Fuller solely tar the purpose of organizing. Mr. Galloway, (black rep.l of Ohio, moved to subs'i tute Mr. Banks, and demanded the republicans from Mr. Walker's charge of sectionalism. On the contrary, they are national, sseking to carry out the cardinal principle* of freedom. Mr. Dcnn, (black rep-) of Ind., appealed to the friends of Mr. Banks to accommodate themselves tt circumstances to secure seme degree of harmony in all quarters. Do svgges'ed the name of Mr. Pennington tor Speaker. Mr. Rack, (black rep.) of N. Y., m-, ted to lay the reso lution on the table. Before tl e question was put, several gentlemen took oc casion to define their position. Tkure -uiution -was tabled by a v< te of 141 to 75. Mr. CnRoM, (dem. I of Pa. , offered a resolution, that from and a?tor Saturday niiiLt no member be entitled to receive dail^my ti.l a SpeiAer is elected i'oceivcd with laughter, and tabled. Tho House then voted Again. NIMfTITTH HAIKT. \fr. Banlnt 101 Mr. Pennington ft Mr. P1o>ifttdM)n 72 Scattering f? Mr. Fuller 30 Necfswy t<j a choice. s, 108 Adjourned. OUK WASHINGTON CORRESPONDENCE. WiiBJwnox, Jan. 1, 1IU. Gtneral and Santa Anna, ? Row Anamg the Diplomat*. it would appea V from recent intelligence reseived, that the movements of our Minister at Mexico, General Gadsden, arc eloeelj T watched by the Ministers of Eng land and France, a letter from s anta Anna, addreaaa* to him, it is said, verj ' myfterious'y tell Into t|ie hands of the British Minister, at * WHI ahown tn the late President. It contains the evidence existing intimacy between the [dictator and the General, and once more requests of him ' (tlie General) an accurate t "tatement of the condition and . strength oi parties. Geaera 1 Gadsden is not award of this 1 letter being in the possession 01 the British Minister, and the gentleman who communis a portion of its con tents to this city, states a ret ^linens to prove the tacts ; should they be denied. Genera. ' Gadsden has been Ion* 1 suspected by the representativ ** ?f European States in Mexico, of (zeroising an improt Mr latluenoe over th act ions of Santa Anna during nis d. VcUtorship, by mean ol obUhiiog, in confldenoe, the m vrements of parties and giving Santa Anna due notice of the same. We have not yet the fnll particulars attorn Vug the negotia tion ol that ten million treaty. The pui ^i'? will never be satisfied, until facts. are shown to thaco tttrary, but that s< met lung material has purposely b. >?n aept back in relation to that treaty, oi a pecunli J7 character, which hsH benefitted others than Santa A ?n* and the Wext au government. It is possible we are B0W on the track tor this information, and a few days reveal particulars which some parties could wish m V*t forever coritir.ne unknown to any but them -elves. It will be r? collected tbat a second negotiation was on foo * between Mr. Gadsden and Santa Anna for the put 'Chute of additional territory at the time of ?<Aut t Anus's "bdica'HJB. The papers in relation to th * s.ime ore left in mistake behind, were found by tat ' iatrne uia'e successor of Santa Anna, who at oace refus *' fur ther C( lifiidevstion of the matter. This negot!a> Ion, I have ea.-tn to know, was undertaken without the know ledge i f our goTftnment, and with an understa tiding among the parties, that in the event or au agreeinea * tha roiiei-|K.c<ieucr, with particulars standing the s ?<?e. i-bculd lie presented to the L'ni td States fur appr< w*l An unfavorable conclusion, however, wan not to u Test txist.ing leiations between the two R'iveriuneats. The halt might I'sve proven a tempting one, aud another lei uiilhoiiH might have been forced turn Congress, p&rtlc v larly had Geneinl Gadsoen given to the subject theiL* fluti ce of hiH person aud name, an in the case ef the exist- ' ing treaty. i Our Mexican Correspondence. Mjtamoros, Mexico, Dec. 12. 1855. Stttlement rf the Difficulties Mutxn Tnmaulipas an' I N-.w Leon~}'eact at Tini/ico ? JVrui TatitJ Arrangcnvnls~ OrponUati*n rf the Rational Guard , <fc. Affniia on this frontier bava assumed a very favorable aspect, and the difficulties between Tauaulipas ant New 1 eon, that bad threatened a boHous rupture, have been i-et'led to tie satisfaction of all parties. Govfinur Gaza, of this State, has received the appnin ? mtnt of Commauding General of the same, and his jio?tre as such, as also Governor Vidaurrl's, have beta fully and explicitly defined and marked out by the gene ral government, in each a manner as to prevent in fu ture any difficulties between tnese two leaders in this section of Mexico. The Tampico difficulty, alao, has been fortunately ter minated, and on the 4th instant Governor Gazi was to ??ccupy that city with the forces under his command. General Traconis, who held the place against him, has been ordered to Mexico, and bis troops remain under Vidaurii's orders, who will cither retain them in Monte rey or and them into the interior, as be may deem ad visable. Tlie Cevallos tariff is now in force here on this lino, and the amounts lecelvid at the custom housei of Turn pico and this place are to be divided as toll 'ws: ? )ne third to be given for the support of the troops in this Stale, and two-tbirns lor tbe forces in New Leon and Coahuila, under Governor Vidaurri. The adoption of tiiiii liteial 'arifT has given trade and commerce a fresh impulse on the line, and the beneficial influence of the measures lately adopted wi.1 immediately be felt on thli fruitier. Ihe National Guards are being rapidly organized, an we are at last satisfied that they are tbe oaly nope fo i-iiving the liberties of the country. Intrigue aad fettu lessi, ess aie undermining Alvarez's government, anf Diililaiy leaders, with tbe aid oi the priesthood, are at work to cau>e a reaction, and thus gala by Intiigue sn t duplicity what they signally failed t > letain hy the fores of aims. Ihe bo d Vidaurii is the only man ot note they find no quai *ers wi'h. and the daring chief holds theui at arm's length, by treating them contemptuously, (.very nerve is bting strained to destroy i im, at le-int po litically, as tbe truth return* to be, as he says, that all parties aie afraid to even treat of tbe measures of re form he proposes carrying into effect. With all the other leaders the enemies of liberal institutions have partially rucceeded ill making fair weather. H'ange as it may appear, both this place end our neighboring city of Brownsville comleue comparatively heeithy, although at alt other places on the river we y*t have muob sickness. We have no local news e* either side of the river, and tbe most friendly relations end good understanding exist tietween us and our neighbors of the Model Republic. I will endeavor to keep yon regularly informed of what ever inU resting may transpire on either aide of tbe lower fUO UK A N O. Aca t't tco. Mexico, Dee. 12, 1855. Newt from the City of Mexico by the way of the Wat Coast. The English steamship Brisk, Commander Curtis, ar rived on tbe 3d and eleated on the Gth for Panama. Offi cers and crew well. Ex-President Caballos is in the city of Mexico, and is running in opposition to the gallant Comonfurt for the Presidency. Tbe popular opinion and people are de cidedly in favor of Comonfort. 1'iesldent Alvarez's bealih is very poor, and he is very doeir us of returning to tbe South. Political difficulties in the city have quieted down in words only. General Gadsden is slowly recovering. The Exploration of /Ufrleu. I LKCTDKE OF RKY. t. MORRIS PKABE. The Rev. J. Morris Pease was invited to address the members of tbe Ameiican vieceraphical Society last even ing. at their rooms in tbe University, on the subject of bis proposed expedition to the interior of Aftl:a, fir the purpose of exploration. At the hour appointed there were present about twenty members of the society. After '.he usual preliminary business of the S"ciety, the Rev. J. Mori is Pease was introduced. lie said be had U ng wished to appear before the society, and he thanked 'he gentlemen present for tbe opportunity given him. He then relerred to a map of Africa, and stid it wa< the land of daikLCKS, desolation and death. An effort ha 1 been made at various times to bring it within the pale of riv)li7ati<.n, but this bas been in vain. Whenever any military appealed tteie, the busbmen bristle! up and ovetpewered the poweis sent against them. Drs. I.tv 'ry.-ton snd Alexander had been tbe successful ex ploiers of Sontbern Africa, and had everywhere I ft behind them the cross ot Christ. Guinea, ? n the Western coast, had done more to foster l e sieve traee than a.l oilier portions of Africa together. In I atomy tie custom was, a few yiars ago, to oner s? .?litlces ot' living beivgs Ui the hea ben giids. Lieut. Kibes, upon Msi<icg this country, saw a young girl ..tout to be offered in sacrifice. He puroa^ed the gift of 1'C king, aid Drought her to hDgland, and bad her edur ? i.ti d in ft.e t hrii-uun taith; ami as the result of this, ne gotiations baa b*en entered into with the King ot Haho n v that they should abandon theae inhuman -acrilloos. riv lejuuilc i.t l.ltiena was a prosperous countiy, and wits si lelutsiion of the argument that negroes wero not capable of rationality. At Monrovia there a<e excellent schools, and ebildien, in 18. 4, were sent from various poni ns ot Alriea to he educa'ed thwe. The result of, 'tins education was made unavailable bt-cau-e of the death of ihive cl'tldren There Is a malarious influence on the-noa tmsrit winch tho ? children ot the tdghlands of, Africa could not piapple with, ani thn> died in oouse qULnoe. Thl- malariocs ii, llaence i, preciMUj th ?me us the it a'aria along the sea coast < f ou Sontbern Sta:e?, wntch requires that the re*i.1eat should >,e see) in-.e'ed before he ran stand it. Theie are State in the Inteiior ot Africa that are yearning af %r aducatio ? and civilization if they could obtain the te-ohsn. -<tate of Interior and Central Africa have, time eft tie time, lai per tuned Liberia to send them teachers to educate thel children Tiny have said, wo wHl boilri our nch'W>? houses, and furnish *he pupils, if you of LifowU wii fu? blfh the teae.hi rf ; but 1 1 is call !ul? not been answer'*!. An > ort lias teen fet on foot W> utploce this couu;.f. Hw I nited M?tih - ii.ute made an \ppropria'ioi\ o i'.5,l O'l to exploie tliis country, and a man was seolr nut there. Uo went oy w*y of Kugand. ano when he rn^shed Lll ei la bo received the motttrying iAtnlllgeusn th?t -.he I appiepiiution had been laid apou the table in rh? House ot RcpiweiitaflTe*. the gentleman appointed fo> the ex (loration ni? recal ed and returned Wmie. Tlr*. effect U ills upon t).o | eepl.* in the InterWr was bad. <Xh*u tbi*f

heard that no visit was to be made to them afi?r holiMug out to I hem such expectations, they became tlissaU'ttled and dlscotitentcd, aad said to Liberia, "Vcw. have trifled with us? you have not kept your word.'* Now all thai I.ll u ia wants Is a ba<> country. It is ?tth then as with us. What wbuhl New York have byesa was there no countiy wr^ o. it? Our motto has been 'Westward." ami such t.- the motto of Liberia in, the other direction, "l-'tislt<erd." The tp*nt1eman then ?a?<l that the propo fltlon. was to tnter the interior ol Africa and make a i ur nyimder he patronage of tVie governmont of LI lie Ha, 'OThr a^ tha' government w^g able to give any patronage The cl'Jott of this exploration was to give the world lomo jeltahie knowledr^ about the geog <phv ol this country. Thi co?t o^ Bn expedition t.> thein'erinr of Africa, It is ca.culs wiil be something over Ave tlwuf aud dollars. AFFAIRS IN ALBANY. Latest from Um Mate Capitol. *0 ORGANIZATION? NO 8PKAEKK ? TWO PR0P08I HONS VOTKD DOWN ? HUMORS Of ATTEMPTED I OALITlONf ? i-KOW STORM, KTC., ETC. A lba Y, Jan. 3, 1853. Here we ?re, three days of the session spent, and no organization yet. lie lioure no' only baa oooSwrn, bat tie prospect in now m ch w r e than in the fl-st day of obtaningany. At e'even o'clock the T-i'.ing by ritxa roc? commenced and two trial* were bad, resulting the same a* yesterday, Ode 11, (K.N.) 41; Peniegrasti Seward black, 36; Bailey, 28, the aottii scattering as here tofore. Then Mr. Foote, of Outario, aroae, and olTerel a re solution se ect ng a coxmlttee of nine, three frout each section, to whom should bo entrusted the duty of recon tnendirg a suitable person for Speaker. This gentleman ?poke half an hour, Imploring the House to orpanize and proceed with the public business. He made a pathetic ap peal to the numbers to throw aside their personal and political predilections, and enter at onee up in their legis lative duties. Mr. Foote, belug of the b.ack republican stride, was voted. ,4r#n a'most unanimously. Anotner tr al for Speaker was had, which produced the same result, when Mr. Van Santrocrd, of '1 roy, submitted another resolution, declailsg that after three more efforts to elect, U no choice could be made, then the person re ceiving a plurality on the fourth tiial shall be declared tbe t-pt-aler. Mi. Meban from New York, took the door and spoke quite eloquently against the proposition declaring Van Santrocrd a Know Nothing, though pretending to be a democrat . Mi. M. also stated that he had thus far ab stained 'rom roting for Mr. Bailey: but if tint gentlemtn would aunounne himself a union democrat, he tould got all the scattering votes. Mr, l>>??on. also from Now York, raanifesteil ?s de-iire to Tote for Bailer, if he would endorse the union resolu tions fent down to the hirdi on tlie 1-t in-itanf. As bo:h M: . Mstan and Mr. JOawnon arc Custom H >use offi cers, they no doubt reflect lire riews oJ tae a'iminia'fd tion ou the tV>or. Mr. Van dantroord'smctlon wis tabled, 112 U> 12. Another trial was then bad. wiich resulted i he same as heretofore, when, after a hi '.ling of two hours, the members adjourned until to-morrow. There is norMog reliable a? to the tlual result. The ncortj that in said or rtune the wider the br< acu becomes Not aiounhax y?t yiel ied from the faith whtc3tsent hicu to the Capitol. N*> deserters. no compromiser*. With >be exception of one Senator, uytr y one elected as Ame rican stands unmoved. So with Tlw fusiooig's iiH demo ?th?s. though the Ifttter waste t hitr strength upon Tory t/itW questions; an.i of fne thi?^ they may rot as Mirort, ahat the '-Mountain will not go to Mah-n*et." (.e? ?ra/ Sbriman. Ci?rk of th* la^ t I'lu^e, is the master of ceiemunles and r**i<!es in a mar.n^r which revtren uriiv?n?al approbation nn<t keeps thic<f* in better coadi tion i'Mn either of the prominent catt'dates will be ?.Ne to do. Ibc lenate was in Be:iieii an boar, b -t is not in a ct j diti(-n to act an a co-orrt'i)?te branch ol *ihe Legislature. Kx -Senior 11a rr h?d btp' papers preaee'ed by Swiatcr Spencer Shin morning, cUltnteg the seat oscupied bj Mr. Sickle*. He iDtouds to pr;-^> alse and corrupt election returns. Dr. Braadieth is x'.so here preparing a dose of pills, wb'Jeh he intends tc administer to- Mr. Ferdon, whose Beat i he I>r. claim*. The Governor's niesssge is printed, sno < guarded by sentinels, tearing it will ejk ont. There id only t'ou'r coluninH of matter in it. There if no nece?:*4ty to waste lnu 'h anxiety, as it can very noon be put in 2ype. Among the on Aits in tne capital in. thai tie Know Nothings proposed to !he bari shells to gi*e them t:ie C erk of th<> House, if the hards would give tbe Speaker to the Know Nothings. Another in, that the black i e puniicans proposed to give the Kn*w Nothings the Speaker, if the Know Nothings would give the Clerk to he republicans. The Know Netttingd were rather dis posed to go with the hard*, dh they had more political honesty tlian could be found in the runt: a of the republi cans. But we shall sec bow tbe cai will jump. A heavy (?now storm has pie-railed here during the day. Ibe railioad trains are Impeded considerably. The train in m New York thin morning wan three hours sehiud 'iuo. Ibe ice in the x'ver 1h capable of Fustaining heavy ii aded teaius. The railroad boats continan to run. COURT OF ArPE^LS? THli SCPRKMt f OPRT JUIiORe. Auuny Jau 3, I860. In the Court of Appeals the can* of Judges Davies and O'wloh, in 1 egard to the contested aeat en the Supreme Bench of Ke*r YoiL, was argued to-dty. KEV YORK LBGISLAltrai. Imtt? Alb-ist, Jan. 3, 18*3. A memorial wan presented by Mr. Darr, claiming the seat occupied by Mr. Sickle'. Ueselutionn were introduced inquiring as to deposits of paving) banks and trnat companies. ltie Leake and Watts Orphan House applied for a re lea te of lt>nd. AiMmbly. ? Albmiy, Jan. 3, 1866. Four un:-ucce->sful ballots were had for Speaker. whet Ur. Fcc/re, republican, ofTe:ed a resolution appointing a oonmitteeof nine, viz The three first on the alpha betical list who voted for Mr. Odeil, 1'endergrast and S?i ley, respectively, to report a candidate for speaker. Laid vii the table. Mr. Vak Sastvoord moved to take three ballots and then an opt tbe plurality rule. 1 Aid ou the table. Ad journed. Our Albany; Cone pondence. m Aliuny, Jan. 2. 18&i>. ikwardism Dying Out ? The " Softs' ' in Caucus? The Can didates for bjHaktT of the Atscmht;: ? The House Not Or ganized? Prospects qf a Protracted Struggle. The Seward power in Albany, so long and unscrupu lously used to control tbe legist alien, of the State, has this session recelred its quietut, For the past two yea rs it has been declining, and the triumph it achieved throtgh treachery last fall in tho re-election of its chief to the feuste of the United States, was the struggle that precedts final dissolution. The election of black repub lican officers in the Senate yesterday in reality amounts to but little, as it was only secured by reas.n of bargains made with such men ai Bellinger. Rider, C. P. Smith aud tbe like, by which thay have been promised aid in cer tain legislation of personal interest to them. When bt Is are piesented to that body repealing the laws creating the State paper, and the railrooo commission and similar corrupt acts, the votes of the republican democratic n embers will show that the Albwtiy regency is ic tuct shorn of its power. In the Assembly they are of course impotent. ihoseof the democratic members of the House whe call themselves "softs,'' met in caucus on the 1st. just prior to the sweating in of the members, and. a.s t iu have already heard, nominated a candidate (or Speaker. The '"bole proceeding was a. larce. After passing a reso lution endorsing alter a fashi'n the Nebraska bill, iu or der to induce tbe fifteen indomitable hards to uuite wi'h tieuiin joiut caucus, after talking union for some two or thri e hours, and Anally, alter puttiig torward one uf th?ir < wn number aa a candidate, they deserted him on tie first baliot and voted tor Mr. Bailey, the nominee of tbe bards. Ore thing is promising, and that ia that there is an evident desire on <bo part of the demociats to wash thetr hands ot all abolitionism, and in their deolaraik-os of al Ugtsnce to the true drmocraticfaitb.it is a noticeable 'act that they, tn all cases, first affirm that they wlil never, neter ally then. -elves with biack republicanism. Nine ot tbe N't* Yoik members made considerable fun >n the oau us? Arthur Woods. i'et?r Daw-m ?nid Mr. Mpehar, of the Fifteenth, Twutt.n and Klrst districts, dt lining their positions with genuine TamtiMny eiopbusls Tb?y were hard ? bard all over? I'nloi ail over ? snil most contemptuously spurred all Idea of belt g clas filled as sofia. The Secetary of the caucus, too, Mr. It' ay, ot tVarrtn, wished to tbrow up bis o/lice, aa the caucus had been i at down by the press as a sec* iomtl or s< ft shell affair, aud he repuiiated the idea of sctkic with any such U.dy. l]o wsa not excused fro 3 service, hut b* ax. I'd dui wg the proceediags under protest. Perij. liai'ey, of l'utnam who Is the hard nominee- is a lavyei by proieislon and hss bsd experiencein alt nha-'es ol dsnocia y. In INOor '47 he was in the Assembly, having run as a stump eaudidato on the harnbnraor sole* ?II. d ho was tbeu ono uf the leading, spirits of Ytw. Hu rtni m. In the fall ot 1847 bis aha II hardenei), auii he has since that period ac<sd with the hunker limixw < racy. He '# a man <f some taot and would make Coubt le-s a TfsyictaUe speaker. ? L>roan i dell is >r?hably the most competent man that I. has Uen as yet r?mi?i for the Speaherahi#. lis has had ; c iu'lde^able ox>Hiienc? in lugwlation. and '?< a clear ?fined tiiaii, with su'Scient IWmness aid fiitness to ii Htn.an o.fbci.nt and iuipariial prssidlag officer. Ilunry A. I'retide: f^st.. of (liaut&uiiue. is one of tbe i yowg nu ir.>ers of i V Beuso. and would make the boat irx'king ch?ii man that oouldbe ohe>en. Bit unhipplly I lie is with the black, republicans, where he ought not t/i re. UUaireotiottdnr thess is net supposed to bo v?ry strong, and henee the co*pltanesl paid Vim in the aowif natioo. He is a iarga proper j bolder in CbauUitque i contily, and a sort of " geiil. min fartrsr." He hai had no nperV'n-s as a firetiding < tboar over bodies political, nod is uot HkoW to acquire any at presm.t. Mr. Bailey's fi lends are less oonfident than ye-rterday. and the outside pressure has ceatainiy injured that mentb man's chances of success. There are rumors of bargains ol all sorts preesci by his frieods and the stiaight outs are s'ar'l. d by the tepnrts tliat be is to anxious for an election a< to he in ?llffereiBt to b? men ns by which suc'i a result could be srhlt ved. Ti e t dell men feel strong, aod believe t ha '? it tbi y can eet s vote for a ballot, or can, In the l i^g tun, curry tbe plurality rule, ihey >uu?t suc.oee I In cur rying in 'heir rran. Mr. Weed's select party are di*i -ed Ij unccu.fortable. There Is every prosp?el of a real C'on gressi mil fight, in the State Cspital. The Govt i nor 's me usage is supped to be la typo in the oftice, hat there Is n i certainty as to when it will be .em In, and e6As?iU?&U.y advance copies f?r the *rw refused ? Supreme Court. 8FK0IA1. T 11(11, Boa. Judge Rooaeveft presiding. ran ektrh. p&rk case. Jam. Z. ? Judge Roeaereit read the following cfl?oa respecting the qufrtis.u rau>ed by the ouai et at ihe'sat hoa.'ing of this caw. ? It ia jontendsd by one of the ob jectors that the present Special Term, no matter what Judge may officiate. is organized. By the act of April 20, 1839, application* ft i the appoint me it cf Ct mn.in*ior<*ra cf E?iimat? and Aa?ewiinent in thir dry cor Id enly be mad* at certain pltce* urd fa certain month*: and application* for th? confirmation of reports were directed to be atace ''to the Suoreme Court at the term theiecf (n-eat.ing the geteral term. ) to be held in the ci*y of New York; or at moh special term to be held in the city ot New York, as rhe Supreme Court may ap point for that purpofl?.'' The ooct, however, wnich is a later statute, re^esls in exp'ena word* a.! pcer.oas sta tutes, "providing tor the designation of the times and places or hold.ng tee general ai>u ?peciai te-nn of the rfu preme Court, kc,'~ and substitutes othei provisions ' in place thereof "?and attoug them. on declaring that there "shall be aa mayy ,'pecia'. terms aa ttia Judges of each ju dicial district shall appoint therein.' And by section 22 the Judges "ol each dietilct'' aie requested to "appoint the times and p'acW of tjldlug their terms eve'y two years. The Judges of the first district, iriie<htr at a tsrm of the court, or in cou-ultation otit of court, is imn-ateiial? did accori:f"gly in 186c, appoint cer tain special te: ins for ihe two fnilowing year* ? and those term.-, therefore, e*ca if tne law of '89 weie silli in force, w-ouiti be Hperi?l terms appointied by the eiujreme C.urt, aa sell for the purpose of opening streets and squares as for we ry other purpose allowed by law. In addition to thU reatiMtiog, tbe act of '63. tor the formation of the Central park, di lecfa the original application to oe made "at a special term," wi'bou' restrijuan except that it shall be held ' in 'he Kir? Judicial dist:ict'' ? meaning oot omiT any siMial term appointed at ? rdlng to the c de which was then infoice. Arid when, after '.he appointment of taa Cummieidonera by "the 'iiic. itapreue Oourt at a special term hereof, " they ars directed to make their report "to the sale 5?u press- Court, 'j * special terac is oft iously imp ied. ibe moltcm for confirmation therefore ia t*ie preeeat cane, w is pre pe:Iy made letor ? liigi-: Judge? ant the on'y question remaining is, can it under the circumstan ces l* heard b; any Judge cf the ourt In this district. or inns' an applicati< r fx- made by the p~e?:ding Jcatice of the Court here '?? the Chief J- 'iff' f tiie C>urt ..t Ap eals, to a -sigi some Ju?nee of th* dlitrict. The act ot 1816, ('p, '20.) provides oaly for the c^r-eo' "actmu." Ia such Ci(??s, if ihe Jui'gnj ia one district are so situated, by reason of interest, pt coo-aifpi-nity, tbaf "tne action cainot fc? brough' to argument and iccf-ion iu the dN tr.ct where-same is p<?adli'g( the Cou; may, upon special 3K/ti< n, orcsr r\.ch act' n to bfc fcr.'.ight U argutnent in jnj adjijintr-g dii>tr:ci," Uc. it jaay b< Uouoted, how e-r rr. wnethe.* even betore the a<le, a "special pr ?ceed ing,'' euch as the present, could \a? cliemel ":u action" witbia the me.niDg of tie st&tut:-. At *11 events, a de cision iCide CI? that ab-'UiIifcUonJ Muld hardly Lea-dd to be "Sierfrom tje s'.ight??t susp:ci?:n cf iuviliuity'' ? a ;cuet-?ucace no ouch ceased cj ail. *af so de.-itaole in itself. Mr. R. J. ex-C?rp;ratie3. Ccun^el. sugg'Sted that JcoRe CcwKs was the ?n!y Jujtic? who wac not in lerested'iu the master, uud sonoequer-tly the inly Judge who could preside. Judge Ko<inevoit s*id that 'be f cur .'.acges would con sult in tlte matter, .*?<1 ses wcethvr it W" < necesfary to appiy to the Chief Jta.ico of tbe Suptecir Court to ap IK'int a Ju'gv pu' of tbe dist.ict to t eas '.Be argument. The case was tht n laii over ittil llccj.V' iv>st. In the maurr nf the Bearvoir ?This oa?e w&? also post poned to a future day. DISPUTED JDlU8niCTT0N.? THB MABI.'P? COCRT ANB THE C9MWCN J^vMivS -Euhard s Grtcv. a*irm*, rfe.. w. D. K CM in ihd ?th<r*~Thie w > ?"??? to' ? Witt or pre ^ ? ?f a *nt 01 Pillion >o Usue to the JL *? r ?,ala;0a ?? city and SSff ir "'tA1* "?"?? Court, 52t ^?HSS5 Cou.. a?ay appeal thexetroa uv ? gcuerai term of 1? Court, lliu, it ,a co&tbai.Pd ^ -Lr ?!?,?? .h^ ? !fH S a.: 'XrWci !}??*''? c??". <? t}'? <3e ?nd?oth appe?i .5 &c <1 n'emdari *3i!k1 W *He dec.d br-,r? hU UVr*f' ^'V/rUrjHai; wUhon* ?gamut tie iltfetdart* for the ?< n of >,n '^ ~?W5 t?K~- '- ??P??Z2Zit& Ju?* fr/j*' a eol*,ed ?n 'he decision o' tn -?t >- ?>. n " *'** made on J udge Bir laeil ne^ liL LPr0f6C'fn^ tp'uri hln' Uto "EVimmon rv^\Jiv inlt.'tTn1" f ' :ii tL"-rtu!""in lb" Cotnmou i t-a. u,?j3j an ttfacLnj?ut .maitsr Ju^e Blr<i?all f ,- nm tho Ct? man pn I on the fa M attachment, and enjoiuicg the Judge* of the time" ? tho offlc#rH ?''hat Court in the mean , <??-?'. J' view^0W?d CM"*? be o\'ecte<i that the A3ua.it cn ^hich th<! ordor \tas ru&de whs dnfArtiva cauaa it U on titled in the cau-. an? ????"? waH mMe 141 chamber*, ani a Judge at Cham, he. s had no power t.i grant Bcih an <ndar? that if the shew tw objection*. he wai prepared, to tnf> ? ia?? ' uPJ?ln? Court not sine* the cotmti tuUouof 1946 Uatie a writ of prohibition to the Common I 'MB? tha. the law of 165o zpoJcd only to judgmenta br a?ml prescnM ^ the Uw of vlttiuhe* gpo^*8 Xotioz askei k4ve t0 *??n4 the affida Jud^e Roor.T.;t_Tf the objection ti the afflda?it !? in Th? rf:. W*** no *1(*rn?tiW but to deny a? motion themcttm OC> anf' crd<,renler?ddeoyin^ rr T J r. ?EKE?4Ii TERM. Hon. Judges Rooaeralt, Clerke, b*tN aad Whitln* ptM.Uug. ^ witbiZ'i^ ?^a?Ju^ltnt ?>f term af Omit d Stent vi. in. Mercantile Insuranca Company? ^ . appea.K- f:om 1o b<- tnodifisd so as to lnaert after the wor.a '' dUc:>arg*d and net abide," the -juras "as to t iy oTJet Y k!'"'81'1'1111 'c Mechanic. TUni. 0f narril? ^i*-ent of ppecial torn affirmed, with wrta** naWS ^-Jud?,nent cf special Jcrm affirmed, t j" ^'ey*^r n- J*4 "S^n Muiual Insvra^cc Company ? Jvigmeat tj be aflirmed, with cogtg eT?u&r AV"'W"*' -Xew trlAl panted. Cogt? to abiOa . tkvlhtrn Lift Inturanct arul Trust Com ^rtu vt. Packed '?'"^'-?Judgment affirmed, except an to the cart ''KZfJr'F t?' ?cd art to that, rereraed. Ra >Jal. V3. J\ uuk. ? Jn'-gL-.ent aflirmoi, with coitn. 0HAMBEB8. , , ? Before Hon. Jnrtge Whitieg. dk ,.?VW XZSSZ: P""' * Intelll^DBce, AkBEST OK iLPKKM A> HKKJt j ON A CT^BOS OF LIBEL. Alderman Jehn H. Rilgg>, cf :be Thirteen',* ward, wu talan into nint.dy ye^erday. >j officer Joore, of ta? Hfth rtatriet J'oifce Court, on -'.charge' of t^Jicloua U ael on the complaint of ?be Hon. 'Tkeydore St ^T?,ant. rjem! her of A???mbly. Tie comfjunant gta<^? that oa the :7th nlt.?h?.ieivi,dantc*uiad to he [??liah*d m two dal'y ii?*rpapern a ct-ibtTiiialaatiou rr#m him^eJ *. 1 rcewhw Of the (?pedal f-oll-.e.Oommitt,^ wiu-h it.d'JSed tjigliW ?ff?nnlve and <!efan-.atorT to th? interna 'm of Mr ;-^dDof fl/xt pr^enU-.l ta bh Pia d of AXierxreii, ?uf>*fHM;ea.lr DV? iihe<l in the*# two nowapapera. Ih? aoeubtd wan Uikcn b?*?re w Tm t"0?' .1 1 'V*"5** M%l k?t Police Co art, wb?r? ha ?a* >?ld tfv hnii In the tium. of $60?toan*wtf Mr lATnu. Wvlgg-' boo dr man, aad oe ?M IWatod Jrom ciatodr EXTENfltTE nt'ROJ^ART I?i FtlLl*.* HTRJBFT ? RE COVEBY Oi NIK PRO'^KRTY B f A<X,in?NT. On New Year'i !?)?? aoaa expert raecala ebtainpd an entrance to the dry good* ?tore of, Mtaan. Kaeley, Beatty & Helferd, No r# J*Ull< n.itre*i, bj mean* tfafceleto* key# and pl. king out about *8,000 **,rth. of (Jus njmt ralu. ab'Bt-ilh goo-la, oranojod the propert] into a nuiaber af Urg? sacKf. yopare.! hr the vxcatcooL and placing th^>m \l ?T"T* 4wl , dr?" ^ d<".r. ?ta? e,? off with the >.?oty in the tilfe?iioo of l?oadw?v. It U ha I not l^eec. f. r a ve,y curwaa accltaat wht h" Vrert ?k the > urglar. har?, vkny wot.M nt, .!< afet hare .Haapad with "il ihf prtipeitT. W htla turalair tha eora?r ooevwite Lt l'aut a Charoo, the wag n oaita In oontaot with a ia'ga atag? f-leigli, and In the collision th? hind wheal ot Vf.i w??<id w*h kn< .^ed off. 1 he horae attached to the bu.glara' vehicle took fright and .'a-ted up Rrn*4?aT at ? rapid ra e. tlffloer Be^mot the third want poilna aaeins the runaway. ?tartid in pur^ait. Hm jraa aoon loin?.l by Serjeant (.1 more, of the name dlatrlet. who .in ?topuing the hoipe, <'tfCorne<1 that, .here wax H..mething wrong parH')i!?nt ae tha ownera or driver* of the wag,.* w mll not irnlie tbem-elT.? k>iown t?pening o e of the taokM the i.l>k good' WMe plainly ri. iMe, and it wh* at onne de tei n Lied to ea. ty the p oper-y to the Nation h >n^e an the pro?*d* el tome burglary The entire warn wm u tiche-i in order to -e? wheie the barglary had t>?en fvta*llted, hut the expert, had looked the door of i|? ,ar? KmW & Co.'lv tore, and therefore nothing coo'-l be as certained in rega* d to the matter until the day alter New Year, wten it wv 1 discovered that the store No. lis Fulton street had b*'n entered On the prTter'sipening t be doc.? on Wednesday" morning he U,un<t three sack* filled witA the mcHt vsltk*''!* k'n<l of goods, cVi? beside the sU<re irstrance. They b*d been ttfitUllNlyikt bur alars until the first load hat*' he< n wfel y disposed of, when they would make another trtx' t# thn and finish ? he job. No airest ban jet k'een made. Hie prooerty found In the wagrn was valued a,t $A.000 a.Ms. Thus It ?111 be seen that the rascal# not Okily lost al/:fi6fr bo>tjr, but that they wet e minus a horse fc*d wagon te iKxit. if a! byg are* were attencV.l with tha1 same irthfortune, rrhello s occupation would be gone, and bres#!d* ints stortH wou.3 l>e losing busine** tor these lawles. "pcimps. City Politics. HA'K.O SukLL OEMKBAL COMMITTKE? 1 Tine L AJ?T ma KOK 1856? BKITEBATIOM OF PRINCtPLBB -TUB TONS OK THE FKJ?MI E>T'S MKMHAOK SUSTAINED Ctt TBE CENTRAL AMERICA* QtrSSTION ? THE HEVT* NICAKAOUAH 00 VERNMENT APTBOTKD. This Committee met last evening at their headquarters, to cIo?e up the kustness ot the ytar. Ia the absence *t their regular and respected Chairman? Horace F. Clarke, Esq.? Mr. B. S. Hart was called to preside, and after cloMDg up their financial and other business, Oeorge F. Thomson. F.sq. , offered *he following resolutions. which trer? odacteously adopted, wtten :ie CWmittee ad journed ixnrdic? Whereas, The year baring expired for wSich this Item vera tie BepubJcan- General Committee was elected, and a new Committee is about to assume the duties ap pertaining to such i rganizarttba, we will not separate without first rt it* rating out principles, on which we ali ne rely ft r a full justification and approval of enr ccurae as the democratic party ot the State therefore. Resolved, thai the national hard shell democratic partf" of this State bavs every reason to congratulate thensselve* on (tbs proud position they t old and hive held, toward other parties aia tactions /adopting From the Qrst the true aod conservative platform uf the optional dfm?.-rttey of the 1'nioc we have firmly and consistency adhervd-tn the fame, refusing all joaliiioiis or eat>?ngiUoKaiuldit?*puva Lie alliance with others, and it if gsat.i jiigto knew Uiaa our course, our policy and our princlilesaie nowapprsved tv every true democrat in the Dnlou, nobly imitated kf the democratic hmbMU of Conarreso at washin^tsn, (a their firm and unfalteiing fldeli'y ts their nominee, a* wt_l ni- to the principles a?owed . and fr their uniform ind unj ieiding -uppt.it of Mr. Richar.ison fur Speaker, the;' have now ths approval and ac. siration of the deoaa cra'.ls party cf tie L'nioc. Retolved, Teat iu the 'atigusfte of out State Central Conic ittee, wo heartily approve ?,f the firm anl indepen dent courts rf the demoi ratic members of tbe Assembly ol New York. ?n thetr steaafast adherence to the prince pie" a.-d orgsnizatirn of t^e national democracy, asd in -efusing all ' eitangliug alliances," witli the usms ? fictioDx ot the day. u-.der whatever tpeeigus pretext* cueh alliss?.es may have been preyed upon them. Resolved, that we xe-atfirnvanc re-adopt tte principle* sat ft.rth in 1 be address and resolutions uf the National Democratic State Cotvention. hold at dyracui-e on th* 28d of Augu.st last, and while -ve strongly deprecate any and all coalitions with hostile orgacizatijns, we reitenttia tli ? invitation to all who agree with us in principle, to unite with us in the one cniy true au't regular derae oia'is irgan:2ft<i< n. which I- o<-stUied in the futcrsj as ia th? p?s*, ta a long asries of b?u'iant victoxlei in tli?Htata a:-d in tlie 1'nion. Resolved. That we -e-adnpt In all their length and breadth tbe principles of tbe Kansa? N'ebraska bill aad' re allhtn our attachment thereto, and deem it the corner 4t< :,e of the deioocra'ic cr<-ei. Restihred, That the people bare at all times thn right to change tbeir fcrin of government? that they alaoa should te the sole juitgss of the necessity for such change ? thf t. a government in fact should be taken asi deernad a government of right: ana it is the duty as wt# as the true policy of the (rovernmsnt of the [Tnited State* to acknowledge (as heretofcre b*s teen d me) all sudh existing governments, and not pauaa to inquire into tt? ret. sons tor such change. Resolved, That tbe .-tale cf Nicaragua should not te aa exception to our loi<g established and invariable rule; tbht we know that the monarchical party of that State has been vvertbrown and a republican form of govern ment established ir. its stead, and we are bound fcy every principle of r uty and patriotism not only to enouragw but acknowl'-cire tie same, and we urgently call ufsa our rulers at Washington to iecognUe and exteOdteit tbe right hsnd cf fellowship. Resolved. That the arrogant and impertinent acts of the sgente of the government of Great BriUin. in secretly enlisting American citizens t-> engage in war against a people with whom we are and ever have been at peaae* dese< ves ana should receive the meet severe and prompt condemnation ct the government and people of the United States and the instant dismissal of all such agents is tha slightest rebuke that ought to be administered to th? Rriii.-h govern mint for sucL gross departure fmia tha tr-e c?tbl j of nations. Kesolved, Ibat the toosand tenor of the PresideaVa message tow at i the government of Great Britain, la m terencs to tbe Central Asoeiicsn question. meet* wHh ear beorty anc wa- in approval; and while wr nhoold caie war, and deplore tlic necessity of taking up %mm. even for tbe protection of >?ar rights and inter ests. yet it in a thousand times preferable.' ta seMoifr those rights trampled upon, or the - ppe tensiors of an arrogant an! treacherous fOTernM? ti fucceed in h <r unwarranted claims to States and torj on thin continent. and it becomes the duty, aa li ? ill be the pleasure of every American to support -thefcr own povcrt aent Ic the determination to remat rrecy wurh pretension, emanate from whence or wh'jmit may. Recoived, unanimously, Pjat.the Democratic Republi can Gene-al C-<ramitt?e tender their warmest thaa.lt* ta Horace F. Clarke, Esq.. for fearltss and ?Mn minf in which he has p'eslfed during tiie year 18SS over tbelr deliberations as Chairmac That, a* question* <C R-f't interest and moment for the weU- being and < a4e vsncement it tte principles ana interests of tbeatUeaal dtrnocratic party have been brought belr.re thia co? roitue, we have ever found in oor respected iluli !??? a bold, fearless and tru'.hful advocate of such>. an* all judicious measures, and hU prompt, affable, ind cwa# ciliatorT manner at all timeahs-i temlea greatly, to se*ura tbe union and harmony of this organization. He there fore well deeerve*, and we hereby tender him, Mr united approbation and respect, and can assure bin cf tbe bigh regards of every true national democrat la the city and State. Keso.ved, 'that these resolutions be published in. the Daily Nrtrt, the Werkly National Democrat, and al dtmooratic papers in the State and Union. TBE DEMOCRATIC SOFT SHELL GEN BR A L COMMR TEE ? CONTESTED SEATS? NO O&G AtUZ ATIOK YJST-. The members composing the above committee sect at Tammany Hall lasx evening, for tbe purpose of organleteg the General Committee for 1866. Lorenzo B. Sbeppar# was. cboeen Chairman pro tern. The delegates sinittal from tha various wards in tbe city wore as folio ws ;? Wmrd i. 1 ? Thc.?. Bynts, Jchn Wlllsm*. VAthael Murray ? 2 ? Alfted Chancellor, WilMam Minor, J.|McKote?. 4. ? Joseph Roi<e, William Baird, Patrick Onvle* 5?1 y man Caudte, Samuel H. Hon^bton, JeUn Creighten. 6 ?Patrick Mattiewi. Michael C. doooioo, Va. D. Fay. 7 ? Wil-on Small, Henry Clote. John Tipper. 8. ? Daniel C I eU-van, Charles Q, Ring, Dani?J Una O.-Wb. J. Brisley. Wo*. I>. Kennedy. Jnha-Rtehaideen. 10. ? A?ahc4 Reed, Asa H. Bo^art, Norman MoLeod. 11.? JoKeph R Steers John fetlt, Hiram Eagle. 13 ? Tbon. H. Ferris, |W. F. Weeks. Edward C. MoCcaneB. 14.? John H. Chambers. Jihn McDonnell, J as. W. -taith. 16. ? Isaac V. Fowler, Denial W. Norris, John B. ttyer. 16 -Janet- Gregory Mark(Thumas. Archibald NoMe. 17.? John Cochran. Menus Kelly, Jam<? I. Benedljt. 18.? I,. B. Shepperd, Robert Kelly, John Murphy. CO. ?William Murray. Wsru MeConkey, John RtiM. 21.? Andrew Frnment, John Kinsley. A. L. Itraey. 22 ? B. P. Falrchild, Dennis F. Root, Nicholas Jeagi 1st. It will be porcoivcd that tbe ThirW, Twelfth aad Nina tenth wards are vacant. These wards, It appears, are c m'ested by two seta of delegates each, am) it was 4a termlned by tbe oonuxlttee laet x*bt to seari both seta of dele gat is In each ward back, and crde: a naw, eieetia* ?o take piace on Moaday a' tendon next. In the third warl the ccnteat was between the Fletahar " and (Metom House party. In the Twelfth, ward 'here exifts a gte?t difference of otdnloa as to tl?* number of- vctes oaat ft<r the del agates at the laj-t primary electton by tbe Swaofeharamar earty on '?ne side, an>'. tbe Jack sob or aati-Custom House cllt; <e on tbe other. They bad quite a lively tieao last . t-v'/ning Is presenting their slaioxi twft re th* comes ittee. . but were eeentually sati^Oed wbe? tbe aew eleiUon waa ? ordered. The Njaete*nth ward was a stieklna point for the cor ^ mlttee. 'he Wi^V party, under Denclx Me''?rthy. a ^ the Harrick party both oiairo the honor of having eler their ?en. The attention of tbe cocc mlttee waa tr up with thin war 1 ui. til a very late hour. The ge f<-?-lhig appeared to he in favor of a re election wbea oar reporter left the wigwam they had arrl ? .? no decision. The Sixth and Figbth wards had also oonteeti- _ jctff fra.tes, hat the algtau.ty was comprcmleed la a aatisfta tory mu aer before the committee oommenc ai to or gaaiia. 1 J<h? Vaa Bnren, for some reasons or othe ? nn op tiis -tat In the committee to Mr. Ryer. Thu k PHnoa 1 aiU ,ao' be present in tbe "Old Men's" dsUberatiow ' du/>ag the present year. The elctitoas for ne* set* of delsgates ir , Third aat Twelfth wards will oome off in the form ^ between the hours of ft and A P. M., and in the latte c ketweep 3 and 5 P. M. It is hoped that the Preddeot and tiikat officers of tha crmmlttea will to elected at the ner t meeting. TBI TAMMAKT BOCIETT PREF A*INO FOB TBI CB LEBBATION or TBE BATTLE, Pf NEW ORUAK8. A special meeting of the Cour^t cf tbe Taaamany Socie ty, or Colombian Order, was ?sld ia Tammany Hall laa% ?^vning, Ter the purpose of making becoming arraaga meats for the celebration a? tbe anniveteary of the iiai tle of New Orleans, by K arand ball and Wyaper %t tfe* beartquv ters ot the as^ceZatioa* Awwm wtr ? Toe continued presaure of newa again compels us to omit oor usual aeMeee ?T Mm pertormancx at the various theatres aai othar plaaM ?? amusement in this oity aal Brooklyn. Onu>iwn%? <he advertising columns, it wUl be itwiil thai a Mi of attractive aoveitiee are offered Ul |hMMf4Mkk% pabii* this evening.