6 Şubat 1856 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 5

6 Şubat 1856 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 5
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|?i I IsillUod. is at the Delaware B.eak water, with Iny othe a, unable to reach this ^ort ca account of I !??> I Tile Akkli.wu College Rebellion. ? < ''.ruhln, I "a , Feb. 6, 1858. i{b? Aflnltf tatvea the nturiecti an l farul'jof the > lege, at (lit* p)are, been amicably w tiled. HaratU. miLAUELrHIA STOCK BOARD. 1'iiiLAMLPliu, Feb. 5, 1864. Stc.eka htaadj; I'ennnylvouia SU'?j liven, 88^; K?ad , 44 . Ixmg ixlaod, 16>? ? Mortis CuisJ, 16; I'eiWKvlva llaiircaa, 44 >4. Nhw Ohlkanh, Feb. 4, I860, i Cotton firm. Sales to-day, 3,000 bales at 9>^c. a y>*o. t r Middling. Hngar, 7A?e. a 7>?e.. and Kio eoffe* at 11^*. * tea part, 110 76 a 117. Fteighta ? Cotton to Liver - ol, 9-l?d. |jcnv?i cpoj i Fowoh Pouthb.? Mr. Jobeon pur mi to deliver three lectures upon European Society 1 Politic n. The flrst will be given this evening, at the | barnacle, Broadway, " On the Secret History of the glish whigs and the Irish rebellion of 1848." Mr. i is perfectly competent to deai with this interesting 8 Garden. ? Any one who haa not seen the new pantomime, "The Schoolmaster," haa lost one of funniest things of the season, and should make haste * ledeem the omission. By going to Nlblo's this even g they can do so, and also enjoy the excellent chore aphie display of M'De Robert and the competent corps which she is the star. Jersey City Rem. l?-*iKrnoN or Auakkan Tthbi rhe special elec a in the Fourth ward of Jersey City, to All the vaeaney sasteaed by the expulsion of Samuel K. Tyrrell from a Beard about two weeks ago, took place yesterday, tare were 384 votes cast, of which Samuel R? Tyrrell eeived 200; being a majority of 46 over S. Alger, hit* ipeaent. There were nine scattering votes. laaan'a Lam Mm AagacmotypM Ibr 50 pah eolored. and in a siee case, twice the size of others takea t M seats, and equal to those made elsewhere ibr >2. ANBCN'S. 680 Broadway, opposite Metropolitan Hotel. U Centa in Btamps or Silver Enclosed to ,y druggist having DUBNO'8 catarrh snufT for sale, will sure a box by return mail; or, from the manufactory of the ?pile tor. J. DUft.NO, Albany, K. 7. The Little Hh Daguerreotypes, with Cnaea, art this side new style lor beauty ? Huntes's New Bt> le Crystal Miniature Mueo daguerreotypes and photographs, in life oolors, are hats, ike lowest prices In the cltr, and every seventh picture pen ta the punllc. Call and see. HUNTKft'H gallery, 262 feed way. opposite City Hall. (?tloc. Continuation of sale of the extensive stock of dry goods and trpeta of RKMdKN A DINOKK, la the large brown stone store Noa. 204 and 200 Hlxth avenue, iie door below Fourteenth street Klore epen at 9; sale to comnence at 9>? o'clock; close at 6 The sale of this splendid Block, occupying four floors, le oc ?toned by a change in business; ana as the whole must be tared out witliou1. reserve, prevents one of the greatest op rtunltles for obtaining dry goods ever before onered to the , Me. the store during the past week has been crowdel; many Ave kad to go away, not being able to gain admittance. An arly call will be to the interest of those desirous of bargains. Remember the store, RRMBRN A DINOKK, 204 and 206 klh avenue, one door below Fourteenth stieet Nething at Wholesale? We beg to Inform {anlheru ana Western merchant* that our stock ef spring and jammer clothing, just manufactured, contains the largest va (??y of choice styles for men's wear ever got up by the house, bap lag from the low priced up to the llnest articles In the rade. All got up in our usual superior style. V. DfcVUN & O., 268, 269 ana 260 Broadway, comer Warren street. Gridiron Kxpicss ?We will Send Robin la's patent broiler! by express, prepaid, to aay part of the 'nkted Btates ea.:t of the Mississippi, (or not for west of ItJ on iceipt el the price er Ike round, 10 inches in diameter $2 00 " square, 9 by 14 inches 2 25 " oblong, 7 by 16 " 2 00 " 8 by 19 " 2 60 " " 9 by 21 ?? 3 00 Moaey may be sent by mall, registered, at our risk. Ad ress American and Foiclgn Patent Agency, 79 Duane street, lew York. Singer's Sewing Aathlnei?lll Persona *o wish far Informatioa In regard to sewing saaehmes. can Main it by applying at our office for ooples of " I. M. Singer Ck's Gazette," a paper devoted entirely to the sewing ma Mne interests. Copies supplied gratis. L M. BINQEB A CO., 323 Broadwan. Defiance Salamander Safes.? Robert M. Pat ICK Is the sole manufacturer In the United Btates of the txne celebrated safes and patent powder proof deflanoe locks ad cross bars. Depot Mo. 192 Pearl street, aas daor below Herring's Patent Champion Sire and Bun B proof safe, with Hall's patent pQwder proof lock Both red prise medals at the World's Fair, London, 1861, and al Palace. New York, 186.V54. SILAS a HJKRBINU L, 136, 1S7 and 139 Water street. N. Y. Broadway Store To Let? 90S 1-8 Broadway, llext aocr to the corner of Duane street; a very desirable lo cation for any genteel business. Also offices, on the tlilrd loor, suitable for lawyers, artists or others. WM. ELY CH1L8QN, 306 Broadway, cor. Duans St. Sotlee to the Public? The Restaurant, Wo. *0 Broadway, after having been thoroughly refitted and ar ianged, will be opened for busineis under the name ot tht I'aslfic, this day. Having been Tor a long period connectel with the ships or the Collins Line, we feel competent that we Ian eater for the public to their entire satisfaction. No pains ta our part will be spared to make all parties honoring us wltn jbeir patronage comfortable. HOtiEY ft KIELKY. >. B.? Balls and parties supplied. Cold Ft et and Chapped Hands? By Rub ling night and morning with DR. TOB1A8' wonderfnl Teno ns liniment, no one need have cold feet or chapped hands, ft sure warranted or the money returned. Pries only 23 or fO sects. Bold by all the druggists. Depot, 60 Cortlandt st. The Human Hair? A. Qrandjcan, who hits ievoted forty years to the study and treatment of hair, can be Mmsuhed dally, Irom 8 o'clock A. M. to 6 o'olock P. M., at 34 <hurcb street, corner of Barclay. Whiskers or Moustaches Forced to Brow l six weeks by my onguent, which will not stain or injure the Vkin. SI a bottle; tent to any part of the country. K. U. QRAHaM, 686 Broadway; Brlggs, 37 Suite street, Albany; "elber, 44 Houlh Third street, Philadelphia, Bac helor's Hair I>ye? Wigs and Toupees he best in the world. This unrivalled and original dye Is ap piled In twelve private rooms. Batchelor's wigs and toupees ave improvements over all others, being chef d'eenvrea ot ale ism and durability, peeullar to this establishment. BATCHKLOH'B, ass Broadway. Ohrlstadoro's Hair Dye, Wigs and Tonpees ?sMe admiration among ail connoisaeurs In art A suite ot ~pu>< private apartments for applying his lnoomparable dye, only reliable article ot its kind. Wholesale awl retail at BMTADOBO'B, No. 6 As tor House. A Perfumed Brentlu? What Lidjr or ?>en Immb would remain under the con* of a disagreeable breath, wUtm by umug the '? Balm of a Thousand Flowers'' ax a dea mU? would not only reader It sweet, but leave the teeth white M alabaster? Many persons do not know their breath I* had, md the inbjeet Is ao delicate, their irlends will never mention It, Four a single drop of the " Balm" on your tooth brush, imI wash the teeth night and morning. A tittr cent bottle will last a rear. For (ale by FETK1DOE k 00., proprietor*, and and aS druggist*. I Hoetetter.? Tlie Borprtolng Effect of Iloa . tetter's vegetable stomach bitters In removing bile, Imparling health and tone to the system, forcing an appetite and curing dyspepsia. Is truly wonderftil. Every nervous, deblliuuod, weak and emaciated person should try it ai once. Sold by ail druggists, hotels, grocers, Ac. BARNES k PARK, wholo sale agents, 304 Bnoadway, corner of Duane street. Hollowiy'l Pills are Famous In Cases of Ter mination of blood to the head, and save the lives of thou mnds who sutler from diaticpsia, liver complaints and bile. So d at the manufactories, w Ma>den lane, New lork, and ^44 Strand, London, and by all druggists, at 36 cents, 6 cents, and *1 per box. The Remarkable Weather of this Winter in producing colds, ooujdis and pulmonary oemplalnts, adonis all an opportunity to try the wonderful eflfcets of Parks' ka'sam oi wild cherry and tar. Its beneficial effects, evenlncou firmed cases, is tested by a single bottle. Sold everywhere. BaRN R8 k PARK, 304 Broadway, corn or a Duane ft. A Certificate from Com. M. C. Perry, ?I have great p'easure in bearing testimony to the truthfulness of the scenes depicted by Mr. Heine, In the Panorama of Cfi'na and Jayan, now on exhibition in this oity, The original sketches weie made under my espe rial notice, and repte<eat very faith rully the peculiarities or .Japanese and Lewchownn sceuerv. their buildings, vessels, boats, figures, costume), An., and aritli respect to the drawings llluslrailve of China, hy Mr. Went, It gtvts me additional satisfaction to say that at l.ir at iny obscr '-stlon In that country may authorize an assertion, I can ?peak In terms of equal praise of the fidelity wlib which he has executed bis part of these interesting and Instructive de llneatlcns. M. C. PKKKY. Mew York, Feb. S, IBM. Married. <>n Sunday. Feb. o, at at. James's Church, by the Rav. P. McKenna, Mr. .Umi^ Hk.oins. of Ktlcook, county Kil dare, Ireland, to Miss Mary J. Hamilton, of C'arlow, Ire land. On Monday, Feb. 4, by the Rev. Geo. B. Checver, II. A. Ch?df*y, ^Counsellor at law, to A.to Maria Waldrox, of this city. On Tuesday, Feb. ft, by the Rev. Dr. Matt! ton, I'htx B. Rl*I>, &I|., to Minn Lacki.nda Fimara, all of this city. In Brooklyn, by the Kev.E. H. Oanlleld, Chari.gb Ei HOT, of Brooklyn, to Ijzzii O., daughter Win. H. rfeelye, Esij., <>f New York. Died. On Monday, Feb. 4, at 37 Pacific street, UrooU'yn, (<R raid, youngest son of John and Ceolle Ryan, aged G years and 11 months. On Sunday, Feb. 3, at Clifton, Staten Island, Hnvitv Datih. youngest son of George A. and Msry C. Uaviti, aged 10 months and 11 days. The funeral will lake place this afternoon, at two o'clock, from the residence of his parent*. CarrUgefl will be In waiting at Vanderbllt's I.tndlug on the arrival of the one o'clock boat from New York? t?oat leaves New York, from foot of Whitehall street, returning leaves Vanderbilt's landing at four. On Monday. Feb. 4, in Williamsburg, Otto 9ttm, In the 38th year of his age. His relatives and friends, and the members of ompeny A, first troop N. Y. German Hussars, are invited to atk'id his funeral, this afternoon, at one o'olock, from his late residence, eorner of Division avenue and 8ocond street fa. remains will be taken to Greenwood. On Monday, Feb. 4. suddenly, of disease of the heart, JamF., wife of Archibald Hradshaw, and daughter of Joeeph and I.ydla Jenkins, in the 'I'iA year of her age. The relatives, friends and aOf|nsint*nces of th? family ?n rtsyecuv^y WT)t?4 Y> ^Mud her twerai, Uvm o?j wt. r*ni<icD<M H*. 6T3 Eighth avenue, this aftornoen, at 2T "clock, without further notice. Her remains will be taken to Cypress Hill <>metefy lor lnwrmeut. Ob Tuesday norniug, Feb. 6, Domini** Lit, atred 83 J *H1b' fr lowland relative' of the family are re*pectfull? WUtid the faneral Mr?ic, tht* afternoon, *<? !hTl?n'et'X?t bUu'.iM, eni'B la H'Sl awn-ie u-. Kiftv eighth street. His leiuaim will uk?n 10 T,k '/? town Cei(.?te:v for interment to-morrjw , , On fuei-day, Feb 6, o( scarlet fevrr, huvw (baa< , i on y child of NeUcn and Mary I/>uUa jseetou, ?gel6yea "ri.e trtead* and rnlathrea of the family are ^P<-' Invited to attend he facer at, Oils af ernooi. at ti*if- part two o'clock, from the residence o' hie parents, Ao. 195 Bleecker utreet, wiil.out further lUYTation. a.0 On Tuesday morning, Feb. 6, alter a '?ho.t , Illness, after hereonttnenieat, Mr*. Noaws, wile of bonis, In the H3d year of her age. brothers xKSHSsttsssss "S 'iSXffi*- km "-r^? 1 "? *?'?' B*"K, %Tx? JtfSS&Sii s- -?? NattoleL M<> of his brother-in-law N. H Bar , aw in Xdto attend hi. funeral, from hU late reei-tent*, 162 tranklln street, to-morrow afternoon, at two o ill >ck. to Monday evening, Feb. 4, Col. Jam? Dow, In tie 5M ^*The'i elatlveBand friends of the family are respectfully to attend hla funeral, to-morrow a'ternoon, at ITo'el^ck ^m hla late re.idenoe So. 34 We* Tw^ty HfC'Dd ktreet, between Fifth and Sixth avenues. ? On Monday moruuKi of onau caption. John He>try *???* ?' fori v. Y , to?SWT.S ?? .r. toUri, .Kh?t invitation, to attend hla funeral a' rrinity Oaurob, this morning, at teno'olock, where tue funeral servioes will be<jSTl fed!!', Feb. 6. Mrs. Hju msa Cord?, wile of Mr. H^7 gSST.' Vtf of th. family are re spectfully Invi'ed vo attend her funeral, to-murrow^fter noon, at one o'clock, from No. 93 Mercer street, wttbou. '?sfsssrxs w ?.? ?, ?"?" **ssrwsss residence of bis mothsr, in?hew Jersey, W*. S. Vasmmb, '"S^rtt8 and reEtivea'of the fcmily are requested to attend tbo funeral, from the residence of i.. ferry, c iroer t f S*>uth Third and Fifth streets, Brooklyn, R D., at two o'clock, to-morrow afterDOon. . Havana and Southg Kiddle ton, Orange oonnfy, papers Pl()n Tuekday, Fob. 6. Charumte Euimsrn, daughter of R W. Horn, aged 6 years, 9 months ant 2H d?y?. 'The friends and reUtUe? of the lamily ore respect ully Invited to attend her funeral, to-morrow, at U o oU.ok, frJm the renidence of ber f?ther, 41:1 Tenth av?iu^. lhe remains will be taken to the Cemetery of tho Evergrcans '? On" Monday', Feb. 4, Wm. T. G. A-VDBlfwa, aRed 20 yeari. The xelaUvcs and friends of the famUy $ attend hisluneral, frcm the rt sidence of his father, W . Andrews, Morton street, eighth house fr^m Bedford ave nue Fast Brooklyn, to-morrow afternoon, at one o ol m*. On8?ndaymorning, Feb. 3 ^ ^jtort^yere lllnfKS, Mrs' CATirraiNK Hkn.vbssky, wife of Win. W. W"T%V'frie?ifd<Hd ot4thear4olly are respectfollv tice. Her remains will be taken to Qre?nivood for Inte. iccnt. , Charleston, S. C., pajers please eopy. ? On Tuewday, Feb. 6, alter a short taneei, Wn-UAM Whits, In tte 67th year of his age. The relatives and ti lends, al/-o the members of tho Griffeth Guaid, are respectfully invited to at^nd hn tu^ neral, from 1^4 Wooster street, to morrow morning, at ^mMondty, Feb. 4, suddenly, Mrs. AuJtr D r wbbkottrb, v?lle of Henry Dusterkotter, aged 66 years, 8 months and life relatives and friends of the family, alio the mem bers of the Mulberry street Lutheran chur:h, are re swctftiUy Invited to at teed the funeral, this afternoon, a one o'clock, from her late residence 722 ; without further notice. Her remains wUl be taken to Greenwooa Cemetery for interment. Pouahkeepsie and Kingston papers please copy. On Tuehday , Feb. 5, after a protracted lllnass, Bksjami* V^lis' reUtlves and friends, also the memberb of Janper Chapter No. 35 0. U. A., ami the Order In geaeral, are invited to attend hifl funeral, from his late residence, -o West Seventeenth st.. to-morrow morning, at 11 o clock. On Th etc ay, Feb. i, of scarlet fever, Joiuc MoCabty, aeed 8 y?ars and 3 montta. , . .. The friends and relatives are respectfally invited to at tend the funeral, from the residence of hia pareuta, 66 "Wcet Forty-first Htxeetj thia afternoon, at two o ciOw*, "ifSiC S 1?S2* ^ ^o.^t son of Thomas and Mary Shevlil, agtd 2 years and 11 " Tli^fr lends of the famUy are reBpectfuUy inrf^, to at tend tne funeral, thla afternoon, at half-past two o clock, f"i? Brooklyn* "on Tueaday, Feb. 6, Ida, eldest daughter of PUns H. and Angellne Crowell, aged 8 years and 9 m?Thf! friends of the family are respactfully invited to at tend the funeral, from the residence of her parents, No. 7 De Kalb avenue, thli afternoon, at two o cl03k. On Fridav, Fek 1, at North A'.tleborougb, Mass., EUjEv Rykkr, wife of Henry A. Kyaer, aged 23 years and 7 *^er funeral will take place thla morning, at ten o'olock, from the reMdence ot her \incle, James V. ^y*?r' J* Charlton street. The relatives and ft lends of the family are respectfully Invited. Her remains wiU be takan to On Saturday evenicg, Feb. 2, after a lingering veie il ness, Johnnie only son of James. Jr., and Jano Bulkley. actd 8 years, 4 months and 23 days. The relatives and friends of the family are invited to a tend his funeral, at 11 o'clock A. M., from 186 W.st Ele venth street. His remains will be taken to Groen food. Too good, n las! for mortal* hore, His Saviour called him home; Yet sympathy shall drop a tear, And mourn his early coom. (>u Tuesday morning, Feb. 5, lion. 8. D.xo*, of Injuries received while going to a tire on ihe morning of the 25th ^S conn., on January 30, suddenly, Mr. Eu Hislnu, aged '6 yeats. Fhilailelphia and California papers please copy. 1BVERTISE1ENTS RENEWED EYERY DAY. MHMOKAJU TTIXTK HUNDRED DOLLARS REWARD. ? MI88INO r aince Friday morning, Februaiy first, a young man agea el^liletU yea *, live ieet tour Inenei high, stout built, tUil 1'aoe, light complexion, llfllit hai >* and blue eyes; drepsed in black track cost, black fan's, blaok vol vet veal trimmed with gold curd, black cravat patent leather boot*, black felt hat and gray shawi ? had on gold waiob and chain, diamond breast pin ana diunonl finder ring, lie attenied a party at the resldenoeof Mr Peckhatn, Twenty flrs* street, be tween Broadway and Fourth avenue, and lef there about 3 o'clock to return to his home, 1)1 ^ Bast Twenty ninth street, since which time bo has not been heard of. anyiatortuatlon of him will be Uianktully received by K. A. Pierce, 40 Liberty at. IF MARY ANN CRANPALL, WHO ONCK LtVF.D IN Helton, N. II,, will bund ber address to A. B , bov 3,9.1'.) Post office, or mention u place and time where she may be ? ?en, she may aear of something to her advantage. INFORMATION WANTED-OF MART FLKMMINO. WHO arrived In the sh'p Neptune, t'rota UmrnL on ?he 224 Dccem'ier. hhe can bear of her brother, Jonn Flemtnlng, by calling at Patrick Holey'*, No. 61 Columbia street. New York TNFORMATION WANTRD-OF ELIZA. THTIRY, OF 1 French descent: Is supposed to be living In Mailson street at service. Any Information of her will be thankfully raceivod by her vuicle, Joeepb Ca?set, who has lately retuined from (Mlifonln , on n's way to Ruropo, and desires very much to see her at No. 107 HetKle street INFORMATION WANTED.? IF MR. ADAM OILLESPIB, anaiiveofLlfforrl, county of Donega l, Ireland, wll oon munlcate with K. D. 8., Hora'd office. statitg where he can be found, he Wll hear of some'hlag to his advantage. Any one giving Information ol him to the above address will cor far a favor. He was list heard of In Charleston, 8. 0. Charleston papers please oopy. INFORMATION WANTED ? OF MISS MARY I-. CHURCH, who m December las' rushlcd In Blen.-kt-r street. Anv Serson acquainted wt'h her present sddrets will confer it r. or and he recompensed for their trouble, by sending a Hue to T. T. T , Herald office. Marshall.? if thk relation* of a pkrsion named cither John or William Marshall, who settled In AmerirA about tlie year 1786, or a few years previous, will remmunlcalo with Mr. John Hammond, Harlem, near New fork, li will be tharkfnlly received. The Marshall enquired after formerly rutrod in lxindofi, nnd was a bariier, and about the above time UJt England and settled in America, leaving hi* wife n. id a ?ou In England. After he was settled his wile Joined him, but the son die not. Tltls son I ', lately dnad J) -f>i;VD TO THK OFFICK FOR TWO LETTERS L. THK FBIBKD8 OF THK LATE i, F. WOORWORTfiT, are requeued to meet a> Washington Lunoh, Dutch street, cn Wednesday evening, 6th instant, at eight o'clock P. M. AV" ANTED? TO ADCPT, I1Y A SMALL FAMILY, AN TT orpbu girl, 1'ioni 11 to U years of age. None but Ameri cana need apply. 7o such a good born? may be found at 104 Kirg street. TIIK LRCTURE SEASO!V. I EOT I RKF.- MR. JOBHON. AUTHOR OF THK " HiSTO J ry of the K ranch Revolution," will dsllver a course of three le< Miiea In the Taboraaola, New Yoi !?, ou the evenings of Weduea<ley, the oth, Friday, the feth, and t uesday, the 1'Jli of February. 1. Ob the Hecrot History of the Kngflth Whigs, atd Diah Rebellion of 1KM. 2. The Clubs of London, their anecdotes aad hieto-y. .1. lard Palmerston, his policy and character. Admisvoa, 'J> oasita; referred snau. M oeuu. Door* open al 7. Laoture, each availing, at So'cxick. IOWKLL LKCTl RRH IN NFW YORK.? TflR R?V. MR. J MILUl'RN'ri floh leiture oti '"Tie Mississippi Valley; Manila la :lio Wl'.dcrrem. or, UM Old Preachers and their Presohlrg," at Clinton llail, Aitor place on Thursday eve nlrg, Feb. 7, at 8 o'clock. Doors open at 7. Tloket* 25 eenK For ale at the principal bookstorw, and at the Librarian's desk, Mercantile IJbrary Association. REG ATT. UMPIRE CITY RKCATTA CI I'B.-A HPBCIAL MKKT Pi lug ol the club will be held Utls evening, attheMa knt. Hotel. Id ratlierlue slip. Members are requeued to at'end, to make turther an w)((eainits In regard to the ball. TIIK FIRKArKN. Tbf. memhkrs ok the board of knuinkkrr and Foremea of the New York Fire Department are re quested to meet at Btnyvesant Institute, this (Wednesday) evening, at 7'tt o'clock, to make ArmnwemenU for the funeral of R. H Dlton late foreman ot Honk and l.aitrler ('omnanv Nn. 'jaw. f. Ww.au,' ^ ""****? ?rrPATMHta ffifim. U LAUV'd MAID? A FltENCh PKR80N, WITH GOOD raisrerecs, speaking lour languages, >? excellent drewt itai tr, babdres trr, *?.. wishes a situation la travel or reside lu Anrrlrk. sddreas Ctvaito ftOborne, artiOclal Ro?er and feather rooms 64 White ?v a SITUATION WANTED? BY A YOUNG WOMAN. A1 J\ im ee ni>d ?rain- l/rw; can take he entire charge of <1 bhlij ; can cut and fit < hthlrea'* dm i ts Uu :d city refore'iO ' given. *pp? at XU 9U> avtuuu, corii r or i5ih Can b-i keen loi two da.is. A WIDOW WOMAN WISHES THE W ASHING OK TWO or three famines, or ' w<? o.* thre* geufltBieu. Apply at lit) 27 b nt. . between 2a and 3d avenues. m N INTELLIOBWT AMERICAN LADY WISHES A J\ sltuauon, aa housekeeper, in a private Iioumj ?r OoarMM bon r; i-be is verj smart, and oompeieot to fake charge of any comestlc atfa/s. Any one desirous of .ucli assl-tauoe will to weil lo addreM Urs. West, Uulon squire I'ost office, ior live days. A YOUNG AMERICAN GIRL WISHES TO GET A 81TU atlon with some lamlly going to Oaiilornia, or lu snuv*! prl vate family, aa seams trehs and chlk'.'i nurso. lo a good h?nd at plain Hewing and all sirts ol embroidery. Call at 111 Kant lltb ik * A LADY BREAKING UP HOUSEKEEPING DESIRES lo obtain a sit nation for a faithful net rant, (b?viag a llitie girl,) aa cook. Apply at No. 23 West 2itb at., during this week A fill CATION WANTED? UY A RESPECTABLE KNU Hah wetnan: la a good plain oook, and is a llrat raie wash er and lroMr. l'lease cail at No. 133 Thompson st., lor two days, or unit' suited. A SCOTCH YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION as chambermaid, and vill a wist lu nr ashing and make herse.'f useful. Can be seeu for Iwo days. P.eaee eal. at .40. SO Uacdougal st. A LADY WISHES 10 PROCURE A SIIUATION FOR a hicblj respectable widow, aa nursery governess, or to lake c-ue o1 an ioiant She own give the highest testimonials as to respectability of character and capacity ; she In capable of giving primary lessons In French, writing, Ac ; wo ud en cepta situation at moderate wagos, being deslrom of a qulei home Apply from 10 to S ou Thursday, F?b. 7, at 133 Wen. Uih st,. between lth aed Stb avenues. ADRE^/AKKR WISHES TO PROCURE WORK, would be willing to work oy the week or day; h compe tent to cut and lit ladies' and cnlloron's drewes; can give co wl reference from her presenttpUce. Please.call at 175 12th su, near 2nd av, second floor, frout room. A RESPECTABLE, NEAT, ACTIVE AND INDUS trlous Proles am German girl, what i faithful, trustwor Iby, willing and obllglrg, wishes a situation as nurse and seamstress. or as chambermaid and waiter; 1 at good rele rtDces; will be found to give entire satisfaction. Asp1 vat. 178 Morgan street, between Orove and Prospect, Jersey City. ABKSPECTASLK YOUNG FNGLISH WOMAN, IIAV log lost her infant, wishes a child to we? i urse. Inquire ol Mrs Goodwin, i."0 Moth st. ASTE4DY, SOBER YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITU at loo. In a private lamily, as setmstress; is a competent dm* and sb rtmaker; understand* all kinds of family sewing; would wish to wall on a joung lady, and do Hue washing; the best ( f reference can be given 1' lease call at 203 Klizaoeih st. , near bousfoc, over the bakery. * Avery respectable lit ilk girl wants a si tua'lon. to taae care ol" children ; e&a assist In Ughi bouse work. Can be teen for three days ui 80 Franklin s*. A SITUATION WANTED BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, as head wa.ter or hou-elceeper. Best of oltv re'er^o-.a. Can be seen for three days, li not engaged, at 1&2 Hullivaa st., rear, lourih door. A RESPECT ABLE GERMAN GIRL, W1IO SPHAKS Englisn perlect v, wi-.h.'s a situation lu an Anon can family, ts cbamburTual'l. nr In a store. Inquire a'. 11< kh?i street, in the rear, ro~m No. 4. A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT GIRL WANTS A situation, :o do generi-.l nonsework in a small orlvafe fa mily ; uruemtands oooking, wpBiiiug nnd ironing. Can lie seen lor t?o days at 470 6U> avcauo, betweea 28tn and 20Ui sis. In quire in the cfllce. AR?SPE')TABLE YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITU A tlon, as cook, washer aud Ironer; has no objeetiou to do the work of a small family; good city refereneo given. Appe al >o. 76 fepriog st. K EXPECT ABLE AMERICAN PROTESTANT GIRL wWfaat a sltuauoii .is chamt ermsid or waiter or Uun crrw, or to do geneial houi-evork. In a respect*b!e private fairliy. Best ol city re.ferenou can be given. Please c ill at 97 Kaat lbib it. A YOUNG MAN WISHES A SITUATION, IN A LARGE clothing bouse; Is well acqualntel with the business and can influence a trade of troio twentj five to Ui'rty thousand dollara. Address CiotMug, Iler.i d ifflou. BOOKKEEPER.? WANTED. A GOOD AND RAPID writer, and of pleasiaj manners. Address box 2,191 Post dm. BOOKKEKPER.? THW. ADVKliriSER IS DESIROUS OF meedng with a <liuttion in tiu> above capacity, or ai cor rarpouding clerk. He hna hod several years' experience In keeping bocks; is ihorough.y coavoi sant with tbn French and slight j with tee rfianish anguage, and can produce the best testimonials fiom his laU eiup oyer. Address X. Y. Herald office. CtOOK.-A ?OOD COOK, WASHER AND IRONER J wants a place. In a small family; Is willing to msko her self generally uselul. ltelers lo her present employer. Apply at 42 West 21th st A SIVUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG WOMAN, AS expeiienced nurse and to do ilain sewing; understands the entire charge ot a baby fiom Its birth; or as chambermaid and to do fine washing aua ironing; can do up fine muslin very good; understands bow lo fulfil either situation thoroughly; no objection to travel: has excellent c.ty reference from ber last place. Cail at 145 6th av., lu the lancy store. OITUATION WaNTRD-AS CHAMBERMAID AND O waiter or child's nurse and Is a very good sewer, by a joung girl, who is lu'ly compt teut to 0111 either situation; has the v ery best testimonials from her last place. Can be seen lor two day s at 2f 6 6th a r. , corner of 18th st. OITUATION WASTED? BY A HIGHLY RECOMMENDED O young woman, aseook, washer and It oner; sbelsafirst rate bsker; has no objection to make htrself generally useful, the best of cit v relereiue given. Can be seen fjr two days at 110 East 29th st. SITUATION WASTED? BY A RESPECTABLE PRO lestant joung woman, to do general housework, in a small private family; bas good reference. Please call for two day* at 51 Jutnts St., Brooklyn, In the store. SITUATION WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE PROTES tant young woman, an nurse or chambermaid; Is quite ca pable ol minding a baby from Its birth, and la a gocd plala sewer: Is willing lo mske horfelf generally useful In a re spectable lair.lly , can give satlsloWry references from her last place. Can be seen at 265 Washington street, Brooklyn, in the basement. SITUATION WANTED-BY A VERY OOMPETENT. well recommenod P-oU'n'ant woman ; Is a good cook, and a first rale biead and pie baker; also an excellent washer ami Irorer, and Is willing to mare herself ite'ul. Can give the best at city relerence. Please call at 139 Bowery. SITUATIONS W ANTED? FOR TWO RESPECTABLE colored g'rls, as cook aud chambermaid; two excellent while cooks; a waiter and chambermaid, who have lived six yea's In ore house, are sisters, and willing to attend children or be gcrernlly u^efu.; lour girls tor general housework? all highly recommended, ami waifng to be employed. Apply at 266 Ftiiicn street, corner of Plr.aapple, Bt ooklvn, In the drug ?tore. SITUA1I0NS WAN run? BY TWO RESPKC'TABLE PRO tewar.t young women. ai-ters; one Is a good seamstre- < and would IHM la light chambcrwork, the other in chainbe ? maid ana waiter, or would assist In washing and ironing: or both would do the work ot a small respectable family. Cnu fire good city references. P.e one rail at 144 "1st St., between 2d and 'M avenues. Can be seen for two days. TWO GERMAN PBOTJfcSTANT GIRLS WANT 81TU situations In a small American family, one as cook on to do washing and Ironing, the other as chambermaid, end Is willing to do housework. To be aeeu at lfi Kpr lug st,, second llccr, back room. TO DRUGGISTS. -A YOUNG MAN. WHO HAH TTAO considerable practice In medicine, In England and the United States, and who t&oroughly understands tue making np of prescriptions, wishes to obtain a situation In a drug estab lishment, and would undertake the general raanagemsnt of a utincts. address J. W., Totonto Post office, C. w. TO BROKERS.? FX YE PER CKNT RONUS PAID ON A year's s*lnr< of a clever correspondent or translator la Erglish, h r enrb, Spanish and German, wasting emolo> ment; has been In bustles* In this and Spanish countries for i?n years; highest city reference given. Andres* Q-. Herald ofllro, TO BOOT AND SHOE MERCHANTS -A SITUATION wont?d, by a sobrriuid Industrious young man, as sales man or porter In a wholesale Uvot and shoe (tore; be under stands both branches of the trade, and caa lnfluet.ee some trsde; be will make h inse-f useful u> his employer. Refer (nee given an to character, ability, Ac. Address Shoemaker, Herald office. TO WHOLESALE HATTERS AND f^TRAW DEALERS - A young mau, who is qualified to take charge of the hut department, wlshe* to obtain a situation as salesman in the above line of business. Addrct-s A., Herald ofQoe. -tv> ANTED -FA MILIFfl IN WANT OF A GOOD DRE-^S TT maker to work hy the day or week, may hear of one *uo is accustomed to cutting aud fitting basques, children's dresaea, Ac., by applying at 3fW Alnth av.jrue. form* moderate. X\/ ANTED? BY A YOCNG GIBL, A SITUATION. AS fv chambermaid and plain sewer; has no objection to do tip Sene.i al housework of a small family ; best city i eterenoe. Ad rets 23 Walker si. TIT ANTED? BY A BESPBCTABLB YOUNG ENGLISH vv girl, a rltc&t.on an rbuniberinald. Goodolty reference . Apply at 113 kldrldgc st. , flrni lloor front room. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A KESPECTaBLK GIRL as clinmiermald and seamstress or a* chambermaid, :iml to arslsi in w aslung and lrot.iug. t,all at Ho. 267 7th ave., between Uftb and 27 Ui an , fur two da;*. TIT ANTED? A SITU ATION BY A YKRY RKSPBOTA . . ^ Ti ^r .inn rro'estiu'.t young women, aa chamber maid nnd waiter ; best city reference. Please rail a* No. 244 Bcnry st , comer of Pacuic, llroaklj n, * Lore she ran be seen until engaged. TV-AMED-BY A BFSPECTABLE OIRL, A SITU.V vt Uon as plain cook; s ? good washer sul ironer; no ob jection* to city <:r country. Plc*sc call at 00 nth ?L, near 6th av. WANTED- A SITUATION, HY A SMART, INDUSTRI OUS girl, a? cJiambermaid aud wnl'er. or to do geuer* housework in n small family : ben1 ot' clly referenca in m hei last place. Apply at 1 J) Won. 2Ul ?( , near ytb ave iiuc, for two nays. \\J ANTED? RY A 8TFADY YOT'NQ WOMAN, A BITl? TT ?t!on In a gentleman's famll /,a<eook, washer and lron*r; a?" understands the haklny of' bread: Is competent to under t*ltc the abuveduUes, none nt<d apply but Cam lies ot respite Uiblllty, the advertiser ULdcrstonds marketing, If neoetsary liasHobdeltyreiei-ei.ee. < 'an be seen for two days at 107 !Us St., between 1*1 and Islington avenue*. UI ANTED -BY a RKSi'KCTAfll.K WOMAN, TO ADOPT fv i wo children. App'y at 171 sixtocntii street, between avenues A and II TV ANTRP-8ITU \TIONS, ?Y TWO RF.8PECTABLK vv }eung girls, to doihe work of a private family; has the best ot reference ,rom jeir last plaec. t'-on be seen lor two days at I3B avenuo A. TITANTED? BY A RISPECTABLK WOMAN, A SITfA TT Hon as first class c ook, with first rate reeoqnmenditloii. rica-e *all at 173 Eaot 3fd St., between let and 2d avenue*. TIT ANTED ?BY A RKHPECTABLE OIRL, FIFTEEN TT yrara old, a sit tint Ion to do light ehamberwnrk sjid take csre oi a baby. Good reference from her last plane. Oan be set a for two duyB at 142 Kast 21st sf., near 3d avenu*. WANTED? A SITUATION AS WRT NUR9M, BY A young married wnmito, with a fresh breast ofnulk who lost her bst<y three weeks old; will either tnke a child to her own rf?idenoe or go to (he. re?ider"? o! 1'B fl t :?.Li JCiM ^wib?iw?iii5r Appi7 j00' IITTATIONR WANTED. WANTED? BY A RE8PBCTAU1.E WOMAN, A HITCA tliin aa children's nu^se; U etptblt of taking charge of a baby from its birth. Tbr*? rears' reference from bar last p m?. 1'ieaie call al 173 lut 32d at, between 1st aud 31 eves. WAfcTEE? IN A RESPECTABLE PRIVATB FAMILY, a sanation asocok; undn. stand* >oups and meat*, p id dirge aid pit- a bin or maogex and jellies. and n a good br<*ad laktr, b??l <>' city rale.enee alv n. Pleaae oal at t3 yotliat, corner nib avenue, ?eecod floor, liont room, lor two da} a. WANTED-A SITOAMON, BY A FRENCH WOMAN, aa cook, or to tafre care of ohildren; good refer? oca

given Apply at 16420C?t Mary Cbatelin. WANTED -BY A RE8PKCTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, A si'uuUun, at laundreaa; can give good oily reference, l'leaae call at 1^9 W. 13th at., third floor, Loot ro m. Cau do seen lor two dayi, If not engaged. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECT A BLK GIRL, to do i be general housework of a private family; la a good plain eoek and washer and lroner; baa no objection to ge * snort distance in the country. Good city reterenee from bar last place. Can be Been tor two day a at loo &tui iAih a'. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young American woman, aa nurae and seamst-ess. G>-><| reierence. Please addreaa 187 16th at, between b-li and W> avenue*. WANTED ? A BITOATIOMa BY A YOUNG WOMAN. A3 nujae, and to take caremi children. Apply u>, or direct, W. Openhym, 21 Division st Wanted?a situation, by a respect able bkr man girl, In a nrlvate family. II aa good ell* reference, can be Been for two days at No. 26 YaLde water st. Y1 1 A N'l KB? BY AN EXPERIENCED BN0L18Q WOMAN, ?T a s luia don aa nurae; la competent to take charge of an infant from its birth, bat the beat city re'erence. Out be Been .or two days at 60 Lafayette place, two doora from Aatw. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE )Ouug womu, aa coot, waaber and ironar. No objij Uon lo do general housework in a an all family; la an oxcel lent aook. The beat ol city reference from her laat place. Pirate ca 1 lor two daya at No. 126 Weal 12th al , beiweeu 5<h audti h avenue*. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE AND MOST DkSERV Ing Protestant woman, a nltoati -n aa cook, washor and lrtncr; uuder?tscdaall kinds of meat and pastry oooklng, an ex eel, ent baker, aid a llratrate laundress; is both willing ar.d obliging. Has ibe b?st of city and country reference. Apply for two days at 845 8th avenue, In the basement, under the clothing itore. WAMb'D? A SITUATION, BY A RESPBOTABLK young woman, as cook; abe la a good washer aud lroner and a gord baker. Good city re'ercnoe given. Pieaae o-ul to. two daya at 14c Lawrence at., near Willoughby, Brooklyn. WANTED? BY A VERY RESPECTABLE OlftL, A situation aa llrat claai waiter or chambermaid; no oi jecllon to do plain sewing. Best of city reference ran be given from hlgbl) respectable families. Can be seen tor two daya at 134 Clln'on place, 8th st, near 6th avenue, lu the corset store WANTED- BY A YOUNG WOMAN, A SITUATION as seamstress and dressmaker. Can be seen fur two daja at >o. 392 8<h avenue, corner of 3lst st. Til ANTED? A SITUATION, AS COOK, IN A FIRST TY ciaaa family, by a l'roteatant woman; has a perfe-v knowledge ot her business in all i'a branches Good city re ferecee fciven. Mo objection to the country. Can be seen I ,r two daj s at 1S7 1st av., between 10th and 11th Ms., in the re x WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A GERMAN PROTRs taut girl. In an American private family; la a plait nock grod washer and lroner. .apply a. 149 Broome at, for two days. WANTED-A PirUAlION, BY A YOUNG WOMAN, to to chamber work and fine washing and ironing. Good city teference given. Apply at Mi Spring at. WAI TED? SITUATIONS, BY A WIDOW WOMAN AND her daughter, w lio have just broke up boiiuekeeiiLu^ , one to do ch&mberwork. Is a very 6ne plain sewer, or will a-< slst in taking care of children; the oiher to do general house work in a small private tarnl y. Can be seen lor two days at 02 t-pring at, first tlcor. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE Scotch woman, as lirst claaa cook; understands cooking In all Ita branches, Icecreams, bUnc monge and jellies; is .u excellent paatry baker; no objection to an hotel or boarding bouse; beat city rtiereocc given. Call at 132 Readu st, for two day i. ?/ A*ITRD? BY A RESPECTABLE AMERICAN GIR(. Tf asltuotion aa scatnstj oaa , in a respectable private tauii ly ; she perfectly understands cutting and fitting , ladies' ami children's dreatea and all kinds of family sowing. Please ca'i at 33 Wf st 31st ft. , where she is at present employed. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RKSPEOTABI.K young girl, as chambermaid or plain eook; la ago>d wsih?r and Ironer, and haa no objection to general houaework la ford of chlluren; can get good city reference. Please call ui 112 Mott at; third lioor, back room. WANTED? A f ITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE FH . tealsnt girl, 16 yeaisold, to take cure of children, or ui arelst In geneial housework; la willing to make herself uaeful In a family. Can be seen for three da} a at No. 6 2d avenue, second floor, back room. "TIT" ANTED ? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNO ENGLISH TV woniLH. a situation as chambermaid and p alu sewer, in to do general housework. Good reference given. Call at D 1 and 86 Elm si., for two days. tlT" ANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RKSPKCTABLK IT young woman, as chambermaid aud seamstress. Ooodclu reference given. Please call for two dajs at 102 West lath at WANTED A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE joung woman, an seamstress, and to take care ol chi dren,or do chamberwork; la wUling to make herseir genet all < ucelul. Wages not 10 much an object as a good home. Apply at 4ti 3d avenue, between loih and llth st*. WANTED? A NURSE AND SEAMSTRESS, LAO dress, cook, chambermaid, and waiter girl. The ver> best wages will be given to eliher colored nr wui e. App'y No. 7 ll'h st., a few doors fiont liroadnay. TX7 ANTED -BY A STEADY PROTESTANT GIRL. A T ? situation as cook, washer and Ironcr, or would take u laundress' place Uood city rel.-reuce. Call at 304 Jthave nue, between 29th and 30th sts. WAhTED- BY A YOUNG WOMAN, A SITUATI3N A cbamberuald and walttr in a private family, ^be ba tl e best of city reference* Irom her last place. Please call a' 134 West 20th St., top flcor front room. WAN1EP? BY A RKSfECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN. A situation as lauLdress, she is competent tor the sltunuou; ucdenrtacds making up lltie linens uad muslins, aud tinder stands French fluting. Can furnish the bestot city reference Can be teen for two day* at 270 10th st., between 1st avenu ai.d avenue A , fifth tloor, front room. fX7" ANTED? A 8ITUATION, BY A GIRL, AS CHAM if lermaid nud Fcamstiess, or chambermaid and fine washer, tit derstanda French tlutlng. City reference. Can tin seen for two days at 175 West 34th st., corner of Sth avenue. fTTANTED.-A YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A SITUA ?T tlonascook; i be thoroughly understands her bastGees. No objejt'on to assist In washing. Best of reference Irom her last employer. Call for two duys at 25 West O h st, ANTED? A SITUATION, BY A BKSPEOTA BLfc woman, as experienced oootc; can give the bant city re ferenoe: has lived eight years in one .'atnliv; understands all kinds ol pastries and jellies. Apply at 26 East lath st, iu the basement. Can be seen for two days, If not engaged. VV ANTED-BY A YOUNG MAN. A SITUATION, IN A TT took bouse, either retail or wholesale; has had seveial teai a' experience. Heat of retorcnoe given. Address D. <1. 15., room 9, 221 Broadway, WANTED? TWO INDUSTRIOUS. INTELLIGENT MEN. acquainted ulth Brooklyn and \ictnlty, ai a fair salary per da;; one mav be retained permanently We also want a man, with from 920 to 9G0, to purchase a light business. Iiv which any smart man can travel at his leisure and earn per day. Apply at 20G Ful'.ou St., Brooklyn, drug store. X\T A ITER'S SITUATION WANTED-BY AN ENGLISH TV man with favorable reference from his last cltv empl >y era. Pleaee address J. Y., Bill Broadway, corner of lblb ?t. w k THE TRADES. A BOOT AND SHOE CUTTER WANTED? ONE WHO I ute.tl fo getting up customer work of all kind*. None but a competent workmen need apply at 40 Montgomery street, Jersey City. N EXPERIENCED GLUE BOILER, COMPETENT TO . set up and start a gluo factory, and to make Cooper's glue, Isinglass, fine bono glue and the various kinds ol colored glue, desires eroploj men1. In any part of the United States. Address Joseph Schwab, Easton, l'onn. Satlsfaotory refe rences given. Block and pump makkr wanted.? a young man who understands the blorkjtnd pump muklnc btisl noss may bear of a good altnatlon by appiving at no. :;04 West street. CLUTTER WANTED-TO GO A SHORT DISTANCE IN J the country. None but an experienced hand need applv. A^ply to Mr. iicwls, New England Hotel, from 8 o 12 A. 51., uuil ficm 2 to 6 P. M., at No. U Rooseveit street. IfLECTRO PLATER WANTED -A YOUNG MAN, (AMU j rlean or krg'lslii who thoroughly understands silver pla tlngard the aolutiots. mav hear ot a permanent situation.' lie must be diligent, taitlilul and well recommended. Address In 3,C97| l'Ofct >>Qica. TO ROf'S PRINTERS AND PUBLISHERS. ?A PERSON ot experience, who has had charge ol one of the largest bi?k and job prlntirg offices In New Yo-k, la also proofreader ai d bookkeeper, who can give satisfactory references aa to ability, temperance, Ac., wishes to leave his present place, and i t now ready to accept propoaitlona for a new engagement. Will go Waat or South, If required. Address Auld, Herald c Dice. 1>0 MANUFACTURING JEWELLERS.? WANTED, A situation fur a young man, who has bceu In the business; salary noot^eet. Address K. w. llnrr A Co , 31C Broadway. ; ANTED? A GOOD WATCHMAKER, TO GO TO Nashville, Tenn. Apply at 21 Maiden lane. rr ANTFD-fllX SO?T HAT TRIMMERS. APPLY 1M V? mtdiately, at the coiner of Raymond and Bolivar sts., I'.rotVijn, In the ollloc ol the si k bat department. "W TT7 ANTED? V MAN WTO UNDERSTANDS MA Nil' AC IT luring cloth caps In every branch of the trade. Apply Fellers A Co., 21 Elm St., near Duane. WANTED- A FIRST RATE CLOTHING GUTTER, AT v * Warren stieet, up st ?trs, third floor. Also, some first ra'e linen coat hands. MaUhtusen A O'Hara. WANTEP-A sITUATIC.r;, AS fiARDENRR, BY A msrrlea man, a Seotcnman; has a thorough knowledge of his bnslres", and has had many years' expei.nca iti this coumry, ean give patlsfactoi-y references ns to character, ca pability, Ac. Address H. F., Smith's seed stole, 64 While st. CURNITIRK. /1ABPETING WANTED? TO FURNISH FOUR ROOMS, \ ' about elght< ii f .>t Mjuarc, with lirustels or tapestry, lew or good aeeoud hand. /\ny person having such an article to dispose ot a 111 find a cash i lunomer by adarustlnir box 187 Herald office. matrimonial,. ?If ATRIWONIAL. -MADEMOISELLE EMILE VILLRTOE 1TA ?mlu(,wi>? ut tw?nty five eenta, lend to aay ?* ?Mr ekaraoter by their kaodwrlUng. AMrm, witfcrvfefB Maap, dnHmjf D pOOK WANTKD ?A GERMAN GIRL, WITH GOOD ' J nhriMW nav hear o< a situatim to do lbs evoking and washing of a unai! family , oo appiioa too at 149 Maiden lane. (L'-.tK WANTKD.-A YOUNO MAN, WHO RB-UDBS " > pur uU. a to ? peumtn and aceu-fc'e at fl^urd, loasaut ut tplOK br.o-H uou u> in .k? himself useful m iny e?|sctv , \ p)y t 201 Wev struct. DBUG IUEFK WANlF.D? ONE THOROUGHLY AO- ! i u ? d il with ihe my : tiiiil tr? :e anu who cuti cune *?ll it* a" J?ei"ie't' t*11 "l ^ ' drug sU)re 4il& ?**nu?, ,rd-u 9 >1 BLG CIBRK WANTED? A YOUNO MAN", WHO IS ? mpeu nt to atteud to tbe dulltn ol u retail ilruu a-nl -jre nriipiicn at, re, aii Aneile.u preferred; to su-h a fair ?*Urv will Uj giitn ai iplv veraonaJly. with reference, pjrne* 01 Gralam it. tnl Flushinit av., East Brooklyn. F^AhMEK WANTED? A M\* WHO iS OAPABi.K AND understands tanning, to take, toe whole charge of a ii-m, o? i. lulling 100 aorea? ol working the aamu or to w ><-k It oa charts. 'I he farm la well Hock not. and has all bui.duigs tiecei nary to It. Aptly to James M. Weed, 179 Pearl st. MlLttEBS WANTED.- TWO LADIES TO TRIM, MUCK diet-H rapi and attend In iluw room. On'y those a - mi le n ed to first c.awi business and cjmp?tent m every respect need apply. 1 lie situation will be permanent. Apply, with city reference, at 4*ti Broome at., betw eeu 8 and 10 o'clock. MILLINBHB.-WANTED, FOUR FIRST CLASH MILL! ner?, l eat trimmers and gond cap maker*, to go n short distance op tbe Hudaon river. Fuit cits* hands will revive avod wages and steady employment. Apply to h. Phi'llnn, Mo. 6 Park place, froai 10 A. M. until 2 P. M. NVBBE AND CHAMitKRMAID WANTED ? ONE \CJC8 t imed to Uie care of children, who understands ch .m'l'r work, and can do plain tewing, may apply at No. 2 Concord ?I., Brooklyn. TO UMBRKLLA SEWERS GOOD HANDS WANTED, at 267 ltarl street. Isaac Hmltb's Hons A Co., mtnu'ar 1MB Teacher waited? in a public school on long lulutd. Inquire < I D. B. Whitney, at the 0 tr, ? reach'* Hotel, belwe?n 11 and 12 A. M., this day. WANTED? t SCOTCH OR OERMAN OIRL, (NONE other need apply.) lo do the housework of a private family. Inquire at 170 Elin street, one door from Broome, tnli morning. WANTED? IN A PMALL FAMILY, A GOOD GKKM VN cook, who nouerrttands washing and ironing, wttb vx>l city reference. Apply at ho. 40 West 12th St., troui H A. M. to 2 P. H. WANTED? A STEADY WOMAN. WHO CAN COMB well rtieowinended, as cook, wssber md ironer. None bat thoi i: who understand their business need apply. Call at AO. 1 Went B? 'tic street, Brrok'yn. flTANTKD -A COLORED WOMAN, TO DO THE GENE TT rul housework ol u small family; she must be a good washer und li oner, and understand cooking, and have a re commendation. Apply at 116 Haa>ersley st. WANTKD? A NUR8E AND SEAMSTRESS; ONE WUO understands the care of a young baby, and can di pltii i sewing. Apply at 162 Lexington avenue. Good references re quited. WJNTED-AT 81 WEST 13TH 8f , A PROTESTANT woman, lo cook, wash and Iron. She mutt bring go d oily rcfcreccea. WANTED? A SHIRT CUTTER, TO OO TO PHILA do phia; one accustomed to cut with a kuife. Apply to Geo. F. Brown, 22 West 41st .st. WANTED-AN AMERICAN OR ENGLISH LADY, without any incumbrance, (not under 32 yesrso. ageK One wl?i would be wil Uig tj leave ihe city, and do the work of a iniitil lumlly, for a reafocable compnn<uittoii, cau hnvo a trnod liome. Apply, after 10 A. M., at Greene k Uo.'a office, 315 Broadway. WANTED? A GOOD PROTRRTANT GIRL, TO DO cooking, wa: UinK and ironing, in a ttimlly ot' fou' per tens. At.y person cnnilog ?ell tecommenaed for tho *bo. e purposes can bear of a good situation by anplying at 240 Clin ton street, Brooklyn None need apply unless they cau fur nlbh rati (factory references, WAHTED-A PROTESTANT WOM VN. TO DO <"*H AM berwork und sewitg, in a small private family; she must be a {,'ood scu nstresa, and come well recommended. App.y at 19 Plerpont st, Brooklyn, second door West of Henry su WANTED-A PIRfiT CLASS COOK, ONK WnO UN derslands all kinds of cooking Tbe best of ro'eretKtv requlied. Apply at 68 V, est 14th sL, between 9 and 14 o'c'nck, for two days. \At ANTED? A OERMAN COOK. IN A PRIVATE FA V T rally ; no WMklog or Ironing required. Appiy for 'hr'i! days at No. 67 Warren it., between Hanry and Clin ton, Mnuk WANfKD-A COMPETENT FRENCH WOMAN, AS ft seam-tress and dressmaker. She will be required to do family sewing and speak her lauguag* to children. Apply for two days at lt>0 East Uth st. WANTJD-A 8HLEOTRR IN A WHOLESALE OROCK ery bouse down .own must have cousiderable expe rlence in the business, be active. Industrious and tempcrntc: none others need sp;il} at IDS Pearl street. WANTED- IN A DRY GOODS COMMISSION HOU?K, u joimg man from 16 to 18 years of age to assist at the def k; must be a plain, rapid wi iter, and correct it tlgures; ibe beat of lefereuce required; salary small. Address oo* 4-iu Poet office. WANTKD? AN KXP* R1FNCKD YOUNG MAN, IN THS, giocery burtnesa; none others need apply. Apply to Way * Hill, 309 4th at. WANTKD? AN AMFKICAN. AS STEWARD OR BOOK keeper. In a Orel claw hotel in this ci*r ; he must thorough ly understand be business of u hotel; the licit ot references re quired. A single man preferred. Apply, by letter, to Mr (hi r'.et, 689 Broadway. LOST AND FOUND. D00 LOST? IN MERGER, NEAR PRINCE STRKET. A think ai d wh,te spotted polator. beven months old, witn & b i-.ck leuther cottar. ft reward will b?> paid by delivering the ? ame in HO Broadway, basement. Found? January so, i8w, a box. supposed to belong to a pedlar. The owner mty have the aime by calling ut .No. 1(1 Barclay at., proving property and pacing charges on the same. JOSEPH u. ROSk. FOUFD? ON THK 2D FEB., BETWEEN 3 AND 4 P. M , in a Brotui way stag*, a poncmonnale, containing money 1 he owner may receive It by calling on (.'apt. Aitisly for the tinder, in board the steamer *' uguenot, at the foot of Whitehall utiott, between 12 and 1 on Wednesday and Thursday. FOl^D RUNNING AWAY? SATURDAY EVENING, 1 eli) nary 2, a bio* n hoi to. about fifteen hands high, Willi harness and sleigh aUn. hed. The owner can recover them on piovlng j ropei ty a- d paying expense*. by applying at Jolui Dearborn's soda water tactory, R't Thltd avenue. I OPT? BY A FEMALE, ON SATURDAY EVENING, J Feb. 2. while going from Greenwich street to Down ng, (800. 'I he aoury consisted of fenr 8100, one $61 and five 910 bills, all on tlie Manhattan Bank of this cltv, and contained in a silk purse. A liberal reward will be paid cn their retora to Dr. C. McCathay, No. til West Thirty second street. IOfcT-ON OR ABOUT THE 16T3 OF JANUARY, A J promt- sot y note lor seventy five dollars. (175) drawn bj J. 0. liacey, to the order of Leavy A Dimontl, dated Nov. 8. 18M, at three mon'hs. Alt persons arc forbid negotiating the ran.e, as payirent lias been stopped. 1 be tinder will be suita bly rewarded by leuvirp it with the subscrlber-i. Leavy A Dla Btond, lb2 East Twenty third street. LOST-O* THE 4TH INST., ON THE CORNER OF Canal and Ilndsnn attests, or Watt* and Greenwich stre? g to ibe North River Bank, a check for t'ih. drawn by Alexander Wl.'dey, payable to besrer; also, a 1100 bll , on the People's Bank, Canal street. Whoever has tound the same, and will return tliein to Wslter Aitkin, 498 Greenwich street, will be liberally rewarded, with the thanks ef the owner. WALTER All KIN, 489 Greenwich street. LOBT? AT THE DITOT OF THE BOSTON CAR*. TWO brooches. In a leathern purse, containing the likeness and hair oi an elderly gentleman. The tinder will be liberally rewarded by returning the same to John Dome, 119 Loon ml LOBT- FEBRUARY 4, NEAR WB8T BALTIC, IN South Rtookljn, a black velvet bag, with the top worked with stc al beads, containing pearl portemormaie wid pocket harrtkerchlef. Whoever returns the above will be suitably re warded, eitber at OS West Baltic street, Brooklyn, or at No. 6 Old slip New York. him toH?? ,?^ortw?oi>8Jf?TM' J!HAWN BY PA08 S LOET-FEB. 8, A BUKCH OF NINE SMALL KEkB. Whoever will return the above at 144 Broadway, shall re cteve ore dollar reward. LOST? ON MONDAY KVhNINfl, IN GOING FBOV Kim to Eldrldgc streets, a black lace veil. The finder will be liberally rewarded by leaving It at 439 Broadway, In the srgar store. Lost? a steerage ticket to pan juan, per steamer Star ot the West, No. 119, berth 9t>. It U of no ttfe to ?ny one, as It has been stopped at the ottiee. The tir.dsr will be liberally rewarded by leaving It with Mr. Fargo, at 136 Fulton street. L08T-0N MONDAY. FEBRUARY 4, IN TWENTY eighth street, between Fifth avenue and Bro?daray, s black lace veil. The finder will receive ton dollars on return lug it to Its owner, at No. 7 H est Twenty eighth street. Lost? on Monday eve n iff g, in going over Grand street, to Buckley's Minstrels, a black po (ein.iu nme, con'alnlng |S2. The tinder will reef Ivr $10 and ihotbanks ot the ownsr, by applying to Edward Mtillaney , i9 Johs street 1OST-0N THE 8TH OF FEBRUARY, TWO CALI J forr.la tickets, No. 18, H. F. Davis, room 21 berth No. 1, on v'eamer Star of the West atd room G, berth No. I, on steamer forte/ ; and B. F. Van I.oon, room 21, bertli No. 2, oi> sir ti iter Star of the West, and toom G, herth No. 2, on *iej<m>'r Cortex. A liberal reward wbl be paid to the tinder by leaving them at No. 5 Bowling Green. IOST? lN'CANAL STREET, ABOUT TWELVE O'CLOCK j roon je?:crdi<y, a portenioonaie, containing some pawu tickets sr.d Fmall rbango. As the oflieeshsve been nntill >d lie tickets can be of uo use except to the owner, who will feel deep'y indebted to the tinder by leaving the pc.rtemor.naie ami tlckels only at No. W9 Broome street, addrn-wtod to Mr. Strratlcs. T OST? BETWEEN BOND STRKET AND WAVRRl^V 1j pin e, a gold evt glass and chain, with the Initia's of C. K., lor nblcha reward ot Will be (i*td ai 22 Union s<|iiaro. OTRAYFD OR STOT.FN.-A BLACK KEWFOUNDLAND n dog, with white on his breast and paws, and a narrow stripe til white on h * noee, answer* to tlie name of Nep. The tinier wlli he liberally rewarded by lexvlng him at No. H We*: Sixteenth street. THK MILITARY. " a " TROOP FEW YORK HUZZARH ?NEW VORK, XV February 4, 1M(J.~A special meeting of this troop will be held at the Mercer House, con.er oi Broome and Mer etr Ftreels, on Thursday, February 7, lew. at 7' : o'clock, P. M. Byorderof L&nAHOS lilt ACS, OsMaln. P. P.? Punctual otterrianca Is particularly requested, a.< bu siness of Importance will come before the meeting. EXTRA PAY. /II, AIMS AGAINST UNITED STATES. V ) EDWARD BIPSRLL, 67 Wall street, (hasemsnt,) lawyer, notary public, and late Purser U. S. Navy, oouatanlly procures bounty lands, recovers all kinds of claims against United Slates, obtains U. 8. Spaas porta In thirty six hours, purchase* and promptly remits the highest prtoe for land warrant* sent him from the country. PRIZR MONEY. To " B. shin Portsmouth's erew, far capture, la Metiean war, of ship ASMWMut, now p?yaOM lii. vju.tu, t* ID WARD Afm 9m tmm V# mn* * UU MMMMIIWI MMCKIXAraOir*. ACmCW MOTTOE.-BY KrVfArD ROBIBNi'K, Off Thursday, Feb. 7. at 10)4 <>Vh,rt, a> ifl Wat >treet.? He eocd aaleof tufcrtor wirti r,m.dev aardl- &?*, rbwi'tta, &a. from ?d iroporUdg bouse who i are. before otli red good* ?t auction, Til: old Q., Mcnanl-, i ,ai,et auU H. (>. I*, rafoxt brandies; vn octt'lado, Pe.-lt:ia i npaz and Trl?r(c sbtrrta), Pyye A ' o > j-or', !!.. l.n.u gn , lat'iuea rum, Lar dsn rxrl^c Uufhuiill HcuU wMsiev Irl^id].: ll?viMHiw|{kn. ? l.ritm mi ?< da ?re of a beuer quail nw usually otTered at aoc lien, wbi< b attoids a good opportunity t'.rUiu o //no nj"-h?'-?j for pihraut iim). Terms ca?K AWKW LIGHT. Kf.ROHKNK OK Oil. SBCKt.111) MY tATHHTt. Tbe !ot?D?ity ol the liftb' outline" from 'ht < oil w!'l in- i..in>4 to evuetd i hat of toy other nil nr iquiJ hfretoto: el'u'i n lo ine public I his oil being a pure din'! h?'l?'n Tom coal, without -l ? %>i mixture of iplrita of lurpei.ilne or aV ibol, U ?i'Tr??i ui he nclsxpUwive. Insurance ooruoaniwi a'Jow ll lo l>e n?rt with out additional premium. Tbote who read or ?nl? much at night will find r h great aequisiUon, aa tbe light Is ren 'arkahl* aVady at d *ifl lo we ej e. !? or general family uae, I umu In 'ra ah >*i>t. "tnuuKg, n.iooai. <aif, el.urcl.es, theories b ota's ,iud ligbtbouhea. bin oil 1m a* ?ci unequalled. II burns brl liamlT wliboui -moling or trurtlng 'he with ; (lorn out deteriorate or ev.po ate t>y eipoeure, and in not affected by the eoideat weathe . Toe various patented lamps -o he found at tbe store a' tbe andrr?lgnv.d are recommended aa ihe be?t alapfed 'o fte tie dinar qualltlea of the oil, each uiub g'vu a a light euiia.' to two sl? foot gas but uei?. 'I Ms oil ean be 'med lo camphane and arlvin oil lamps, and ean be adapted lo ohandeliers lor botes riuntr/ renidracaa and steamers. 1 be usual discount lo wholes*,* dea'er*. AISPkNH, ageuisol i he aorta .vicerinin Rflrnwroe Company, 67 Beaver mrv< Board down town two < . r >ti.kmkn cvn -tR arroms odaied with board at 17? Ivian* strr,e' near Hu I ?oc, oppotll* i.uaue park. BOAHDIMO WANTKD? 1IY TWO RRSPB<:T AiiliK 'oodr dihd, to the T'olnt'v of AcuUy tireen or Fourth ftreel, where Ibe ronifurU ot a bome maj be enjoytd. Ail Ireae for ihree days A. H. C., Ami'* U rn PoH offim. DHUMMOND'H AMANDIMK. K /R CIIAPPfD HANDS, ib rntidmUy ottered u* rnprrior V) every article of I be klLtl D0? in the market At. this reuaon when r.nw. nkloe and .Tupped haiMln are *o prevn eni iv itw wai i.j fouod a<? merely a iuxurv, but a'jao'utely neceoary for comturt Pre oared and iu?d, wholeaale aol retail, by 8. Ur<iminood, apolhecary, ai7 1> roadway. K'LOWKRR OP >XTRAOK1)INaR1 MbRIT AT RrtTAlL. -JAMI'.H TUf'KKK turn at iht? motneut preaeDt Home cf i he iovelwat imported Preuoli llowm In oieatloo. It tana magnified aonoui cement, ^ut u tact bevond conoepllon. Ko. >7 Kroadwav, tear Wblte xtreet FIRK PIvOOP PAINTING P/vIfTIN'O. PAISTISG.? The mb-otlher lmow prepa-ed to paint ibe rr.ofa of b?iire* ?. lib tire or water pniot paint u Hie ehorUsal notice. Clflice an i depot Ul klau (Jin Hire. t. (} W. UAVIKS. All ordeie Hiauklully revived aod ifuciptly attended to. FOn?BHY.- CAUTION.? JOUN, PdWiiL'.i (LATH rHO mas Allarion A Povell), a*l ? mvniiactuiar He* John nirec', Anion ruad, llinuln^Ua'u L>?? a to eaiu to mer chants, laclora, and the public agaluat impoal'lon letrite <iuaiitl'i>a nt awl hladea having Uiely been stamped mid U belied Al'arlon 4. Powell " at<d '' lanpl," purooriina to be the i-eal Thomas A liar ton .t Hii?ell'a avlf. J >ai Pewnll uoud. iberelcre. beg to so kit mtrchai/- aud faot tra lo iuiorm hioi U' they dl; rover anr fornery or iatrimtemoQ' upo . hw Ntamoa of "Allartrn A l'owell," or ''Tanpl," or upon ;ie La be a of bin (xmniot. polished awls, ot whUh aald atamps and Ubels he baa <hs yole right and uae and le l? de'ermine < to pu. Tali all those who urmmit cuch fraudu ent acuons, and who iban lmpo?i upon Jnd Injure the public and Mmae.f Die fe.-?uine fine apritifr steel awU beat a fat timlle of the ?lgo -tuie of TUOb. ALLARTON A Po W K LL upon eaoh tfrowof iwli. GIOOD'S COMPOUND KXTRiiOT. -THIS KSTABLTS11FD T ntediclnt la still cltered lo the p iblle as tha uiost sail fac tory remeoy for certain diaeaaea fi la a Bcien'iflc preps ration cf a'do es celebrated lor (l.e cure of that* oeptpWnUi. entimy regetalile, beautifully rnlidlfleit, ami to'.alh do\?a1 of UisUj ai d rme l. It will not diaagree wnh die m *t .?viffrHt* stvuarh, la oor.veuleiit in lorn), and ou?y lie taken wlth iu' C;aiiinem?rt Horn burlneas In ai y weather, atd wltbcu >Uier* to/ of ?iie.t. Price $1. Kml directions accompany eaiAjar. Hold wlioe ale and retail by tlie *?le agent S. DKl'MJlONL), Apothecary,^ Broadway. HOW VRITT'tt ORIENTAL TOOTH PASTE? AN RL.B gain D eparallou for cleanatr g preserving and bc^viliij - iug ibe teeth Sold by morn rWftelWh tirni{){lals hi il per turners in boxee, at l?en'> the cent* each All order* ad< drefneii lo i'r. Howarth, box '?fi fon\ vtli^x, llronk^yn, will receive prompt attention. VfA^HIN-K I.KA1IIER RfcLTIKG. OK TH"! B*RT J>l '|ita itjr, nasufartu-ed b? PHILfP F PAMjCAY No. 2i f- pruce vreet, N. Y. Superior lace leather alvva; ? on hano. N KW PATKNT SPECTACLES.? THKY 1WPROVE VI VT M. BUPFINTOS'3 AlVfl.Sl aKI.H TIME HPOI9 ? tera are approved and h:, lily appreciated by 'j-iiioeaa n.en. schools, rai-roedi, bank a, Insurance cotnp^nlua. aud a I perfone who value a} stem oe disi-e to hnve a eooveoieut, emplcte and tiact regbler ot iloie tor the govrniin at of iheinaelveH and tlie informatiou of the public. They are eoo noml.al, eaally adjusted and perpeti A\, giving toe b nir and minute ir, I en re<|Ui>lH>) with eu^ctnai.#, and poa.-eaakiig a va no beyond any other ever tnveuted 'tliey embrace atterieaof tiilten dktiereni regl teiH. adapted to tie ure* of Individuals In corporated companies, prolemoia! men; and are ai highly appreciated by builneaa men, that upwards of twenty thou rand have been contracted tor in advance of their mar-rtto: ture. Among them m ike every di;- leRtaur, a calendar- fbr ail time, giving tbe riar of tbe week, the mouth and the day* of the month perpetually ; a so the abwntoe regi-ter , fho?lng a' a glance tbe tour and mtnu s of a oe'srn'a re- urn uhen called from bla bualcear; also the oflloe register, showlui 'he office hours; the Poet office reglaier. -Ik wing the tij>n of closing the mails lor tbe North, ra?t. South and the n.tal hour register, giving the hour of b-.esK'ast, dinner and supper; the passer ger reglhter, > he wing the evnet t me. the next train rvil. leave different point-, aim a 'to one sin ring n psarengers in each car the next station 'be train w:il am< ~ at, and the lime Ihe train will stop at teat -tntion. Manufe-iurcd aid for'iile by N M. Bufflntou, Ka.1 Kit?t, Mass. l v.i sal ? by GEO. W. KBKD. general agent ^a. ibiv V. Y , and the pi ncipal book stores ihrougboai the I'ntteT Sta'es PILKB, PfLF-fl. PILIfl.? ARF VOtr FR RING WITH wlib 'In' piles f If to, use Dr i>L..'Alr. .< cele'jrat-d r*m9 aie*. warranted to cure tn all cs*?.- cftV; 'uili/. >..e,i>vard pile* use Dr. D. 'spills; tor ouiwird -li#*. :r?e Dr. tv* oint ment only in cents per box. Prtnri; . ;t> Naw-.ii *'ree't N. T., end lor rale by a 1 dr agg1M<- i.l-v letcrcnau non <Hti moDlala given. The above will cute oui> files, and do: t very dlteaae 'Bat tiesb Is heir to. w T0VE8, STOVES, BTOVFS-NO iti6 CANAL SrRKRT, ? j near Vartek? W. A B. VA!t HOTK'S t ? ivc ??-trr >ms.? We have a large assnrtmeut of m.trii*. frrai ?*, It iclia>i r ? '?tfes, summer ranges and stoves, on reason?b > win*. >'''ir'? put up and pipe furnished fjr same S-<w?s *-u<l ranges '.ii!>d and repaired; grates set and repalrod. SARDS' SARRAPARII.LA ? FOU PtRlKYiMi FT?! blood ? 1 be rather medicinal nrtufs and rs on^h n? <*fll ? cacy of this Invaluable preparn'ioc: l? l-uruedistely evidenced In carer wtere an impovertrliee .t i diseased eoadtJo "? llM blood cnu-e- rj-uplioos, b otche*. e. d *nrcs to hre*k o i up.ni tbe surface of the. body. lis opctation ia -peedv, wh'*e ? ? ot frats am permanent, healing so" reoova'lng Prepare I kimI lor rale by A B. A D. SANDS, 100 Fui'ori street. T1BE UNDERSIGNED BEGS LF.VVE TO WFtRM druggists snd dealer* In leeches that he has ooastantlr in hand, and at low pi ices, lectins of a ruperUir quality. Onle*s for any quantity from any place in tbe United States will he promptly attented lo by O. WlttsEN, Importer of loechea, 7 J Warren itrW 1 w arn the public lo lew-are of podlaii using mv uan.e, an I have no I ravening agents. ri-HK UNITED STATES MERCANTILE AOC)M?r>I> V A tion Company will coumence operations on or about the -Hi o In - 1 , as a general crmtuUMon MWT lor U..- nurpoto etf attepd'ng to country orders for any kludot merchandise and to tbedispoFal of consignments ol lountry produce. fl'ANTfcD, FOR CASH? A GOOD HOUSE AND LOT, " In ihe Seventh ward, wort'i abont ?"two. a I to, in ihi? city or Brooklyn, a good bouse. Hot too heirtly encumbered. Balance lo be paid In stock paving eleven por sent, and looa'ed in New York. Apply to W. M mFLItlK, :M8eveoth avenue. Before 10 A. M. and after 3 1*. M. FRF.NCH iDV KHT1SKMESTS. TTNB FRAMCA1SK DESIW KKNTRLK DANS I KE FA - m lie pour prendre s ?ns ilea enfan's; elle pei*. dimn^r riu bon renselgnements. Kadresptr lt> C.tutia St., an premier, sur le devaiiL XTNR JEl'NK FILLK DE LA 8CI8SF. FR ANCAI9R DE*! J re *c placer dsns une faruille Ameri?1t\e, coinme r.-m-na de cbKitPre, connalwnnt la couture, ou bonne d'c?f?r.l. h'adretier a M. Kc?rr, 74 Du.ine Ft., an Urne etage. UXKLLieKKCE OFf lCBS. II^MPLOYKBS WIHfHNU QOOD SERVANTS WILL. FIND J respectable German, Knglith, Scotch nd Irish help, for hotel* sod private families, at MORRIS. COlltfhittr A <)0.'S, 2*7 Hrosdivay, corner of Bemle st : al?o, wallers, co?ctimen, farmers laborers, Ac., at this or tbe bran-h otBce, li>2 Oreen vvlcb st. WANTED- AT MRS. BAK f.h'P 0*1 I7E, OOKNKR OF .Tld st ltd fih avetiue nurses, nuk*. chatnberraakW, and rmsll girls lo lake care of < hudrttn. 1, Miles ?? ?ui: help will be kul'ed, and pirls wsntitc j 'aeet w<n call Im n; kiaiely. A nurse and chamae'mak', wi n gocd troommettdvo"*, ft it am of a place. THK BALL 8BAMI5. Fancy drkss ball of the oerm\f likdfr. k'st.z.? ibis well known i*ocletv rf atr.?ieu- >in,-er? will ho'd their annual fancy drees 'jftll on Wodue-Uy Fea ti. at tho spa< lo ts and beautiful Oity is*e<nl :y Hooras ?Pi tir?n<J * ay. ihe enierlalnmeniN of the evening. 'ioUi mi.'lca! ant remittal, *re selected with grcst cars, and ",11 ihe prn-i inviom for s*curln,{ the tun. comtort an<t noM*nuiiti iH'ulsoion at visiter*, are such ihAt this fe*- ival mtii?t riowa'li; swpaact all former attempts of tho dub <? )>nl'iatiay. TioK-tw atfl each, esn be ontalned from mr-nbers o. the mob gnaeraliy, or ftsm *ny of the undersiencu commit:** but n'> i>i",.e\- will b?i taken lit the door*. Con, mlttcc- twin A Hurt I, eWiLiei1 M Chatham street; H. O. Von Baur, it Libertr stre? . u .tur tcr, M Vowen ; C, W. Kr.gelmsn. *t William -r*#; 'Ht<? ^^ls^ treasurer, 3?W Chsihsn, ?ti*?t, K. UUler , 4 >;t<aaa street; J. Kn the, 2 Broad street ; C Kunuth, 1.17 liroailwav: Dr. I.tidwlg, President, 3ft Wail street: M. Osthelm. ?K Front street; II. Relcbe. 16 North William street ; Otto ?Haolimdorff. Secretary, H'4 t'snal street; Kdwa, I I nkar', 17 Sonth Wil liam street; J. Wladuiuller, Viae rre*ident. 6AK Bank street; Ernst W Inzer, 6U Division street, A. 7?<ike, 371 Pearl r* CLOTHING, M. &? nnn WOBTHQF NEW CAST OFF CLOTH? ?o tft/""' wanted.- Thoma* D. t'oerov. licensed 'o bor clothing of every description. Oentlemen having large or small lota to dispose of, will receive 'he highest price for them by calling a) the (tore, or addressing THOMAS i>. CONROF, 401 Pearl street. t*> nnn WORTH OF CAST OFr tljOTHINO W ANT Zt lUvlf ed.? Tbe highest price given and cssh paid In eorrent money. Oentlemen wishing to dispose of good super tlneu* clothing, In large or small lots, cau "Vma tee fil l vain* Sy addressing or calling ou JAJUK MORON ICY, 1(2 Walker street, near centre. / 1LOTBINO.? LADIES OR OCNTLRkfEv HAV?N(? ANT I J todl poseef can receive n fal- cash pr/c-i by sending 'o ?lie s'ores. No. 12 l^urens street, near Canal, or So IU Wart Broadway, or letter by ?oec Lad es attended by s. Onbea. q it ihM. SPOUTWO. PIOEON SHOOTING AT HOBOKRN WKADOW^, OH Wednesday, the lith ot Februsrr stonc oMo-jk. Hweeo ?takes for a fine double gun; case snd Implements complete; 20 chances; CI por chanoe. (J 1'ORTTXO. ?1 HERE Wir.L BE A SHOOTtNO MATCH O at Colfej 'i Forre*' Hon**, HJ" r?~?. o . Thursday 7th Inst., between the ee.ebiaied Dlek Pink, or *11 nlmJw snd Mr! Bestty ot BrookUn. for ?tm a sU )?. TVi, biauu us oauswJ *i w e*iMS*ent, as sash taaa ,?.i> ?*? ? himself champion on tbe trigger. N. B. ? Kacli man f,0d-> h.? 14 tor tte "O'er