11 Nisan 1856 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

11 Nisan 1856 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 7165 MORNING EDITION?Fi? ID AY, APRIL 11, 1856. PRICE TWO CENTS. I GRAND DRAMATIC FESTIVAL. AwsUwersarjr of Uu Auntom On ?awtle Pond AMwtatlM ? Dinner at the HrtniMiliiii H*ui - HpccchM 0r Bnn. Mnglif*, J?i|u iialjr, die. the Amerloan Dramatoe Fund Association oelebratol ts eighth anniversary by a dinner at the Metropolitan total laat evening. This association li competed of ladiea and gentlemen ?Uaohtd to the etege, and la a benevolent and mntna ?rotee?ive association ])i fund amounts to about ?81,000; Ite Income la about $8,000, and Its annual pay ?ante about $8,000. Karh actor who In a member of the eaoclatioa, and who la by illness ir-ipaeliated irom fol ewing the dutlea of hla vocati >n la en itied to reoeive 10 per week, and after obtaining a certain age he ia en It led to a penaion of $800 per annum. gratified to be able to state to thoee person? rho ere attached to the fond, and are now aoaent from few York olty, that the annual festival wae one of which hey may be proud. The large dining ealfton of the Me ropolttan Hotel had been appropriated to the fbetivlttee ' the evening, and there a splendid repeat had been pro ofed. The chair waa taken at seven o'clock by James '. Brady, Esq., the President of the Association, aupport d ?n the right by Judge Daiy, and on the left by Thomas ^**ds Meagher, Esq. ti lting near the chair we also bearved Judges lag rah* in and Brady, Richard O'Uorman, ieq.; John B. Dillon, Esq.; W. R. Blake, Esq.; Charles toward, Esq ; Benjamin Jaivis, Esq.; John B. B orchard, bq ; Richard Busteed Esq., and many other well known entlemen. The ratoon was beautifully decorated by the artists Of he association. Over ihe head cf the President was die lay ed the arms of Shilcspere, and above this, the por rait o1 Washington, supported upon oath side by the na lonal ensign. On one side war the portrait of Shaka ere, and oo the other that of Garriok. Over the wln ?ews on each side of the room were plaoed shields bear ig the names of the greatest English authors and actors: ?Beaumont and Fletcher, Colman, Byron, Foote, Dry en, Chattertou, Scott, Milton, John Howard Payne, Wli am Dnnlop, Smollett, &c , ho. The tables were very finely decorated; and, among the rnemenu, we noticed representations of Shakspere's Irtfc place, the Giobe theatre, and tableaux from the Merchant of Veuiae," "A Midsummer Night's Dream," The Tempest," and "Twelfth Night." The sentiment I the oooeelon could not have been bettor carried out ban it was by the Messrs. Lelaud on this occasion, bent 250 gentlemen sat down to one of the most plendld dinners that we have ever seen served. The arts du dinter Included all the ue.loaeies of the oeaion, nd something more. The tickets for the entertainment jere sold at five dollars each, admitting the holder to he dinner, and allowing h'.m to in roduoe a l*dr ae a (Mag aocompaniment to the dessert We have no hrsi tayirg. that everyone cid fall justice to the soelbnt fare pr- viied by the Brotoers La land, and that wry one ? greed with the C'bairmau when he said that ht? was a meet superb banquet- Af.er toe cloth had mimtvM, Aim Nobis Domine was suog by the glee i The Chair made a fiew remarks prep aratory to the an ounct-ment of the first hast, ana then a great flood of 8*1 was let in upon the common plaoe of maseuiinitv. 1 the introduction of the lacier for whom seats htui sen provided in the hall. Mr. Brady paid a grarefnl compliment to the retlr ng icsldent of the Asai elation, Mr. Horatio G. Bteobin* nd said that he (Mr. Brady) haa probably been selected 'e^a Dcgberry chose Se.coaL he be at tee "most desaitlees ana fit man to be constable ot hewa'ch.' After a law more remarks In relation to ae lund and a graceful compliment to the ladles. Mr. isiy pxopomd the Bret i egulir toast? The President of the United States Muslo-"Hall Odium The (kail proceed the second regular toMt? % 'beOUy of New York Music-The rtos. "What Shall Ka ? j^jj? *"0 klllod the deer??" AccompAiuJausatbjDodworih'i The Qua acnoaneed the third regular trait:? 8 fibwkspere and the Kariy Drama oLvAllax ixvixo sarg "JA ise from Dreams," an aIge Italy made a speech whioh would have beeuex '?afJjf'F 8??d to a msg ?zU? articles, but whieu was ra rer heavy as an after dinner speech. Toe J a age endea wed to prove that Sh&k.pere wag a profound classical tholar, and perfectly conversan: with mo.'ern lan osges. Seeing that there la but lit :le evld-noa as to the attainments of the g eat dramatist, iWlge Daly < speech was somewhat fanciful. Judge Dalv (tended has remark, to considerable length, ana proved tat hehad paid profound atten Ion to ths subject. The Chair udoui c?d txi? fourth towt:? 4 flheridm tod and the Later Drama. nora Vara Vmitiiuacii targ the Bdodisl, from Lu ? Boigia, "II segntojxr emtfelice," and Mr. Thomas raseu Meagher responded u> the sentiment in a speech much beauty and p-?wer. ^ , Tf^rred to the list moments of Sheridan, is desertion $y his titled friends and his death la pa irty, end remarked h.w grateful It would have been to leenthor of the "Sch >ol for Scandal" to know that nis mm would have been treasured in flls ountry?for ie freedom of which he spoke out In Parliament -as a ??ehold word. Mr. Meagher concluded as follows: ? tap ??the American stage is concsmed, 1 would da tWtullj say that it has been already too crowded with **,u[V"1*Uonai adaptations and emendations of a MOI, whieh being alien to the character aud habits of ispfopie, oan only live on sufferance, until suoe time ae metica produces and etcouragcs men to write for the "r** 7?rk' rkJJ of the SOU. We are not itboutisuch, and I tiuat it may not be considered an ie(Mor nationality, If l feel proud, that among the fore tftftof tHem u i ooun try auto of ona, how eg, who has had ihe tetter fortune to devote hie talente ' ? TJ which warmly appreciates and wiU liberally ?em. (Applause.) Lis* dhaksprre, he has some are violated, wi n a most shoekirg recklessness, tne nities of art, and tortured hi-tory to gladden ths winter aeon, to make Christmas the more merry, to o ease wS atrroe and euit his purpose. But he has committed ? *Doh malloions grace that I must ques on whether posterity will not prnier llrougoam's ver ,?! (ehe?rs) to that of Bancroft. I ?00 nde with the sentiment? Jamei Wallack >t>d Kdwln Forrest- Tbo one an alien the her a native j the genii* ol bolb c ,ntribuw to the glory of the pubbc; both name* chill find tie hi,rue piece in the heart id kM|?cf the future of America. Mr. Meagher eat down amid '.om etetra. The Pmbiokkt gave the next regular t-iaat? Bb The Dramatic Fund. The Glee Club executed in the moat atrojtous manner, Bali t Smiling Morn.'' Mr. Wn. Ruros Blakk responded, mvkiog a poirerful rpeal In behalf of <he fund, cueing by quoting the ord* of Deen Swift " He who giveh w tbe poor lendeth i the Lord?if you like the seeuii'.y, down with the iet." (Loud laughter and applause.) The Company wae next entertained with a medley ot luooal ana, performed by Mr. James Meader, on the aao. The Pmkdrnt then announced the subicrlptlona which ad been handed in for the dramatic fiou. Mr. James allack had oontribrted >25, nod B. F. Clarke $M). Tne ?tretery made a statement of the tlnanctet condition o( le Association. During the year there had, he said, i an increase of 102 mem here. i*oded end In the hand*of '.he traetee* .>28,56 605 vh*n Butchers' aid fro vera' Dank subject .o the order of trustee* for Investment 961 46 Starved hind Butchers' and urovera' Dank Oil) 00 ohm bands of the secret*'y 20 97 Oder of iasoranoe on llbrar j aDd inn Dure, dep'eitel In Buiebers' and it rover*' Bank tor safe keeping... BOO 00 near* doe by members in gooe standi g am 37 I >31.159 42 mi nus or tbi roMD l (he following source*:? 1p Ion ot 35 members over 60 years of age. at >15 per year >625 00 Wicrtption of 175 members over 50 yearn of age, at ?t per year 2,100 00 ibeeripUon ot 129 members under SO year* o> age, at ?10 per year 1.290 00 detect on Investment* 1 448 65 fbtal 55.363 85 increase of capital since 31st of Mr.rob, 185c 4,100 00 t conclusion, 'the Secretary annoucced the following description* :? . A. Marshall, of the Broadway theatre >100 be Laura Keete bO t. Btnry Wood 69 r. Geotge Christy 60 t. John W. Lea'.er 16 r. Charles Bah* 6 r. Win. H. i'alne 100, SifDor Rovnut rung tbe buif > art*, Mia r*mj>ollio, '?Ye tormentors,") fr m Rosalnt's "Orentola." It ae very nicely done, and very loudly applauded The amount of contribution* to tho fucd during the renirg ?raa >682. Mr. fiu?? sung the old English bitlao, "The Siorm," inch to the eatis'aetion of the company Tbe hi ur of midnight a, ri?e<1 before t.he regular toasts ad been exhausted vhe occasion wss one of much lessure to all that participated. AW71.TBBATIOK Of Milk.?The liosron Traveller iInformed that mils is now srtuitera'?d In this country t a chemical, of French loventiou, of th< c >p*lstenoe of if, giving the mlik a oilir aed body o wntoh i. had ces deprived by a ftee use of water, sad adds hat a ertrn has la'ely visited that city from New York, offer ig to teach tha milkmsn, for a "oonslderatlsn," lirw to te this new adulterer. Fni I* TBI 8TATK llOPHK AT BaTON RoiTOK, a.- A Are broke eu; In the norti western tower of tne oulstana State House at Bat in Rouge, on the 80to uf.., fhlch was extinguished without doing any material udim to tkt milo tn* totflr wm ontHldeti. ty burnt. The flcor of th* Rail of Representatives w?* < ded with weter, end mnib damage war don* to the arniture. The ffre was supposed to hvre originated m tbe eareleasness ef SOSM persons aeoending 'tie \-w With sag are. Bwittcteg* IHotluroB thcCMcngo Ral^fn* l vicioa.?On irMlenU; morning's down train from OhU'Ho. duo bora at two o'clock. ? melancholy mm of soisMo ?*?? place A woman, name unknown, jumped from Ua wtnioW ot the nloon. The can were in tali a peed, and ahe waa In standi killed. She bad with her four ohildrrn. At the time abe made tho fetal jump. the can were two miles weot ofS ur eH Knm a atroBganeaaoi manner exhibited by bar daring ??evening, the paaeergere think abe moat bare been Inaaoe. The children, wo are inlonned bare been properly cared for by the people of thia cityToledo ( Ohio) Commercial, April 2. TO THK KDITOB OP THK HRKALD. The andenrigned waa a passenger In the train in which the Incident above alluded to took plaoe, and waa eeated Immediately oppooite to the* woman referred to. The atetemeat of her showing any aymptome of in sanity, or having "jumped oat of the window," ia un founded. She waa undoubtedly doting when an abrupt ?17 of " Sturgea," " Passengers for Stnrgea," rung through the enea, which wore yet la motion, end the couduotor henry bag through, repeated the notion, rte women, atnetiod from her slumber, and pro ktUdy thinking ahe had paaaed her station, sprang from bat teat, and callltg to her three (net four) obtidrea to follow hor, hastened out of tha back door of the oar and doubtless fell through. The conductor, after the oar stopped, eerne back and Inquired for the mother, whim the children were most plteoualy calling tor, and took them out. After leering the station I Inquired ot the conduotor if be had found the mother, to whioh he replied In ;he ne gative, bat said he bed tent men back to look after her, and had left the children with the depot master, wnloh -truck me, and I ao told him, aa a very oool manner of dLpoeixg of a family. Sne waa manifestly eacriSoed to the hurried mode of unshipping passengers, wblok is ao atrietiy guarded "gainst In Europe. What lathe duty of the oompeny under such circumstance", 1 do not pretend to say. My object la merely to rescue the vio im's name from tha charge of suicide. AN ETC WITNKii. Ertwt Nortbera Hlcblgan. LETTER FROM KINO STRANO, THE MORMON?flBFB BITT OF THK WINTBK?ICR ON LAKH MICHIGAN, ETC. Sr. Jamb, Bbavb Island, Maroh 6 1666. I suppose ycu wuu.d like to hear from winter up North, and so 1 write to gratify you. Thia has been the finest winter for business that I ever experienced True, it has been cold, bat it came on steadily, end wa* not bloa'erirg. The greatest cold was on the 13 h of Febru ary?the thermometer stood meet- en degrees below rero. I hare not seen nor heard of an individual frosted enough to start the skin, nir of any one loosing a ?Ingle day, on account of the weather. But the tee?there la co end to it. I have sent out explorers over ell this end of the lake, and the result U tbat drawing a line from deeping Bear to Death's Door, and north of it there la no water. Soma small patches are found with aa d'.tle aa three Inches of ic?; generally ten or twelve. It la re ported three fret, in the straights, but In this harbor, where tt waa estimated from thres to four feet, it cuts but twenty six inches, which I think ia about ihs maximum, in the main channel between here and Traverse It ia twelve to sixteen inches, and horse teems art constantly crossing. Ton will aey that this breaks the prospect of opeaing awful. But there ia another side to it. The ioe ia not piifd up on the shoals, nor hove up la long ridges as It generally is. There are no barriers to prevent its break ing op in the aprirg storms. I am satisfied that the bulk of ieo is less than it waa f ur years ago. Then on Hog Island aboala, the ice was plied from the bottom to 70 feet above water. Now it is smooth, evtn ice of about 16 inches. Then with the dis appearance of field ico on White Shoals, iM Islands of Irom a few rods to many hundred acres in extent oiled up from 20 to 100 feet high, forming e vast archipelago. One tange of ioe hills extended twelve miles, with no pass where an experienced voyager felt sate In driving over: the same place is now gocd skating. With these iostanoes agree the general facts. I argue, tkeieftre, that should the spring oe moistaiid genial, the opening may yet be early. Frcm another letter, da'ed the 7th, we learn that four wharves in the harbor are filled with wood, end an un usual quantity in the yards. 0. S Wright, at the head it the Island baa extended his plB 100 feet, end can safe ly accommodate the largest class b ats on toe lakes; there being 16 feet of water alongside his pier. He has aoout 'hrte thousand cords ?n the pier aud bank near by, and large quantities ent and seasoning in the woods. if ths opening "hoold be late, the market tot flour and most! will be very here bnt eaground grains are abun dant, and will be here for sale in oonslderabie quantities. J. J. STRANG. [From the Northern Islander, Maroh 13.] Tbe field of ioe is extensive beyond all oompsTison. There has been good sleighing (or weeks, over broad chanr els, where tee was never teen before. Indian tra ditlon says that years ?g -, lung kef.re the memorv of the eldest Indian, the ice was so for one day the m-u crossed f-cm Big Heaver to the Fox Islands. The tradliou has been generally discredited. No while man ever eew tne Ire o'otel across till this winter. Now It has been good cresting with horse teams for three weeaa rlou'hw-st if tbe Foxes, e cay's travel, it ia good travelling with horses, and no water in fight. Thtre baa teen no wafer east of tbe Mention, Fox aad Braver Islands, since tha 14th of February, and *tibiu a week the pas rage m'ght have beeo made with safety from Sleeping Bear to Port dee Moris. Ibe ioe is In very few places less than a f-ot thick, aad vp-y rarely two fret. Icebergs are rare, and next t'> no ire beached. A very sh:<rt spell of really warn veatber will waste it Then 1s every prospect taat it wld disap pear long before the opening an Lake Erie. Ths wide field of tec, aid absence of ioeberg", is attributed to the light winds of the winter. I be ice in tbe harbcr ia eighteen to thirty inobes thick The snow has been little If any more than a foot deep at any time, and baa laid most of the winter nine or ton inches deep, makltg most excellent sleighing. Our malls have been regular this winter, but three quar'ers of the expense has been at private charge. Toe Garden Island In liana, or If tbe render pleases, the Brnoen Ca holic Parish cf 9t Leopold, have reeelled sga-nst tceir priest. It appears that he brought an Ignorant Dutch priest, who catnnot speak one word ot Engish or Indian, and tried to ior:e liim on them as a St-hicl teacher. Tney resisted, aid he wai obliged to give it np. Difficulties sprang np one after another, till he trea'ed a women at the confess!'.rial so rudeij as to bavs a nar row escape from personal chastisement by her husband. We regret to learn that the bulk of ths ichooner H jpe, wrecked at the entrance of this harbor last fall, has beeo ' uiu 1 cown lor the unworihy purpose ef pluodsnng the Iron. The ice had formed arouud tbe wreek early aud lyirg as it did in shoal water, It had sustained no injury a:noe first striking. roilllcal Intelligence. THE CONNECTICUT KLBOTION. The following is the Tito for Governor In Connesticmt tbis lemfcimipared with that of 1866:? ^ 1866. 1850. Democratic 27 220 30,^86 Know No bier ..28,078 24,698 Nigger worshippers 9,182 0,823 Wb Ig ? 950 ALBANY ELECTION. Vr. Quaclvt both, the dtincctatic candidate for Major, btw been elected in Albany, by a plurality of twenty-ons vote* over the Know Nothing nominee The vote for Ke cotrer d'aplajH moie c oi.ely tfce true state or parties at th? capital, which compared with the Governor'e vote, Kit fall, aa follow*: ? 1866, 1868 Democratic 3(??6 3 09 Klow Nothing 3,135 2 623 K gger worshipped 1,178 1,932 The Cfclcigo Pewiccrof, edl.ed by Hon John Went worth, says:?We now are satieflfd that neither Mr. I'iero*, Mr. Brchtnan ncr Judge DoogWs can get tl#bomi atlon. Tbev may all three get a majority of the convenion on different ball jig, but There will be onathlrd that will be very likely to checkmate ei her of the three. Thee ia every probability that the party will have to go trso the woor a again to pick ont a new stick, and the chance* are a me Southern man will be nominah d, and if slavery It to be tbe Issue, ft ia right thai a Southern man mould bo the atandard bearer. H. Eugene Eastman 1* elected Mayor of Green B*y. Wiiconsin, by sixtj one maj ?lty. The Admeo'e says there were no acidly par'y cominatii ne made, out that ?be whole matter waa open for a free flglit rbe Major ia a w' ig, and the other officers about equally divided. In the New Bedford C. mm on Council, cnaiadng of tf.OLtj four member f, the citizeus have twelve and the Know Nothings twelve They have balloted flf'j three tin "n t<i Speaker, anc the result haa been invariably tbe van r?Bourne 12 l'bipps 12. Major Donelacn ia oal<ed "the greasy Tenneaaeeau." Greisy aa he ia, aaya the New Albany ledger a god nary Know Nothings fled it wer.r hard to swallow him. Health or New Orleans.?The health of oar city still continue*) most excellent. The total numrerol inte men's ot the last weekly report was seven'j one, which, in a population o' tall 200,000 ia certainly very em?ll, and indicates a remarkable degree ot general beal'h, it being only one death per week to every three th' U>ai d of Um population Tbia ia considerably more favorable than tb? exhibit pretectal by the mortuary fabler of New York el'y for tbe ?aai? period, ami proba bly than by three of any Northern city. Our impression ta thai tbe weekly intern enta of this ei y for 'he past live men ha will tot average more than eighty.?Neu> OrUam Picayune, March 30 Mount Vernon?A writer in the Alexandria (,'afJtf aaya that Mi Washington win aell thaMoun' Ver non eatate to the State of Virginia. but to none ?lee. Tbe sale te the State of Virginia, the writer eaya. was not included in the recent later of Mr. Waahlngton to a South Carolina lady, tn whieb he stated the' M >un' Ver non waa not for sale. The exorea*e? tbe be ie' the the wri'er steee accurately Mr WMOlog'.Jn'a vie ?a en the subject. The Ohio Rive*?The river at Wheeling rose rapidly all day on Friday, with about 16){ fret ? safer in tbe channel at dark, the Wheeling InUhXig-ncr *?;? tbe mountain stream* are vary high, and the aao ? ia rneUirg (Teely A heavy rain at this time wnu d be d a estrous, and even without it there may be more tuau as ordinary spring freshet. About Rio jit.?The LegifiUt.ire of Ohio haa just passed a law IIb.I log tbe taxes levied by toe ? porvet towns and eltiee fhr local purposes, to five mt'la ?e h doilar. ThU la an eaaetlent law, and will, w d nil prove a popular one. 1< ought to be upon the statute hook of evety State la the Unto*. OHr InSeUlgww. Ta? fUsia-A OnoBTAiioa on Doar-ftonniii PmoaorHT?The weather we in em joying now 1* mag ? flcent, and would bo perfect wore it not for the Out. The old proverb that ? bushel or March duet la worti a king'* reaeoas. may bo trno of tho eouatry, but in the city thia floating nuiaanoo hao beooaao intolorabla. There ieaoloud of agony, imparting particle* oonttnually haagtng ovsr tho ?'ty? and the mora tho wind blowa the more it won't be blown away. A look at the otrooto would load one to suppose that oeme fearful and tonohiag calamity had bo fallen our oiUsens, ae every one you meet haa a la hand kerchief to hla eyoe in an agony of tearfulemotion, Ilea Rachel mourning lor her children, heoeuee they are not We hare it, too, on nodoubtod authority, that all the rei pectable young and married ladle* that walked Broadway yeeterday. were winking In a moat unbecoming manner at the yosag men u they wore pouring them, a oireum atonoo that *o overcame the modesty of the aforesaid young gentlemen that they wore oompelled to pake oa la virtooua end dlgn fled uleuce with their eye* abut There U, however, seme c mf> rt in the thought that A onol April and a windy Makes a lull barn and a flndy. A proverb that we note lor the especial edification of tbe Agricultural inter**t. We hive had a hard wiatar end a La'e rprlng, bat, according to the wise saws of our eooeetors, tt at u all tho better for the health of menand tbe productiveness of ih* earth-? A green winter hf*he?i a tat ohurehyard. And again:? It the greae grow green In Jenlveer. tt will grow the worse Ibr It all the year Also:? If tbe Jenlveer calends be rummerly gay, It wl I be winterly weather till the ealend* of May. Let Ue wind blow, then, but let theory be '-Down with the duet." Soituwakk Rmoins Conpant No. 38 passed the n<*"" office yesterday with their engine, which haa just been ropalnted, and now looks u cleaq and' bright and hind some a* ever it did, though now thir teen years old. They were eccoro ranted by Dodwortfe's band, and stopped at I2's truok house, where a collation was partaken of and speeohee made. They then paraded in the lower dutriot* of the city, and finally housed the engine in their quar ters in Ann street. where a collation waa given to their ftl'tds Tki* company is one of the most ao'ive and energetio in tbe oity, and many property holders in the lower part of the oi'y have to thank them for saving their I edifices and cHoots from destruction; tor are we ungrate ful lor what they i id for va when Rogers' clothing es tabllsbmen' waa on fire somo to years ago. Mr. A. H ficckney Is foreman of thie oompany, and Wm. 8, Duke sts'etant toremao. This is the first time the 6Dgtne ha* been painted in tbia oily; heretofore they have sent it 10 Lblitdelphla, where it was not so well dyne HTDSopamir Mimical Coujmb.- The third annual utr.menceuent exercises took plaoe last evening at No. 16 I eight street. A theeis, subject, "A Water Cure Hos pital," was reed by C. R. Blackall; also one on "Mental Hygiene," by II N. Herrick," and cne on 'The Da ties or Physicians " by O W. Am..Id; which were followed by ?hort speeches by Ore. Trail, Btiggs, Adams, Mrs Dr. Fowler, aidProt. L. A. Fowler; alter which, a Valedie tocy address wee read by Mr. C. R. Blackall. The fol lowing graduate* were accredited with diploma*:?Mrs. Harris, of Iowa, Mis* h. M. Hurd, N. J ; W. T. Kays, N. J ; Mrs. A. E Edgvrtoo, 111.; H N. Herrlok, Iowa; J. B. Welbridge. Wis.; Mrs. Walbrldga, do.; 0. H. bhenherd, N. Y.; Jas. Brent, C. W.; D. L. Davii, N. C.; F. M. Hubbard, IIL; Susan K. Wood, Md.; 0. W. Ar nold, N. Y., W B. Kerney, Ohio; C. R. Blackall, N. Y. Thb Fiyh Points Mission ?The laiiee of the Five Points klirtion have been remoddhng their chapel, and bave tilted it up in a neat and tasteful style. The eeatirg is diiierent from any other in the city, and well adapted to the v sr ts ot the Mifglon it :h to be reopened next dab be th, whan several eminent ministers are expeoted to ?? ke part in tbe exerriees. Siiootug Ann at tn Mas dfx Lank?A row occurred yesterday alteinoon, about 6 o'clock, at No. 168 Maiden lane. A man named Owen Kelly was shot in the breast, and a gentlem an named MeCraig, Who waa passing in tbe | street, was wounded in the call of the leg by the tarns bail. Tbe quarrel waa a family cos between relatives, ? ad tbe ball that struck the above named gentlemen was intet ded for another party. Fife in Com Strew.?Shortly before 10 o'olook last r igbt a fire brc ke out in tbe extensive peeking box man tfactory of Hawley. Lowry k Co., No. 40 Gold street Ibe rlaim soon brought a large body of firemen to the pi tu bes, but fnn tbe iiflammeble character of the n eierel, the flames spread rapidly throughout the entire prtuit-fce, txtendirg to Rider'* alley. Tn* building waa Lve itcries. wi-h linn shutters auo filled with dry pine f tiff, iigriher with a leige quaitity of finished boxes. It is fan the firm will be heavy losers, not bavirg any iiu-urarce. They had a steam engine of en horse power, end i -s stppeeec tbe fire ruee its origin to some over heated part of tbe machinery. The fire extends! to the I wo upper lo ts of Wm. Hager, Jr., & Co 'a type foundry. No. 36. Tbe two buildings Noe. 40 and 42 occupies b ibe packing box makers, wtU be slmoit a total loss, with tbe contents, loss may be estimated at about 916,000. Fins in Rrmoron Snuarr ? Be ween 2 and 3 o'clock tn Thursday morning a fire was d'scovered in a six story suliding, rear of No. 311 Kivington street, ooeupied as a piaioforie manufactory, by Bennett k Co., No. 3C0 Broadway. The fire was first d'scovered by the kesper ? f a German boarding bouse at No. 816, wnose premises fx end to th> factory. Tbe light occasioned by tbe fir* aae Ciscoversd in tbe basement, and upon a further ex amination 'he flan en were found bur nil gamongv . a lot >i pine pack. The alarm brought a large srdyof fire men who by ttefr uni td exertion succeeded in prevent <rg the fire extending bey or d the seooud floor Tne ee i n-H'cd int.* on stock will amount to abont 81,COO end on 'be bulking a>cut 3800, the la'ter covered by insurance in the St. Nlchn'at Insurance Company. Mr. Beanett was in?ur?d on hie stock to ths amount of $8 000, squall? divided in the St. Mark's, St. Nicholas, Hamilton and Infsrge Imuranoe Companies. Fire in Washington Squabs ? About J half-past 11 o'eioek on Thursday morning a fire broke out under teeth the greenhouse connected with the building No. 2 B'ohingtrn square, owned and occupied by Shepherd Kn*?p Emj It appears that the chambermaid emptied a- tue wo< d aehe* Into a barrel kept for that purpose, ?D) rg vhfch there must have been a me fire, a* in a fas 1 *ura a tei wards tbe barrel and partition adjoining were c hoovered (n a blaae. Tbe firemen were prumptly on the 'pot, but tbe firs waa subdued by the use of the house hoi e at d palls of water. Damage docs to the premise* about 826?fu'ly insortd. Fihb Awokoct fiHiir on tiik Dock Between one and two o'clock on Thursday afternoon an alarm of fire tn , '.be 81xth district was caused by a lot or hemp taking fire on the doss at the head of Water street. Some 8600 worth of the htmp U raid to have been destroyed. Tbe firs was csuird by some sparks from a furnace under a 'ar kettle. Tbe bemp bid just ceen dkcha'ged from ths ?hip Jiho Gilpin, and was consigned to F Hathaway, 80 ,-outh stifet. Finn in Bnoouts Stbmt.- A few minutes after 11 o'clock -:aet r igbt, a firs was discovered in the fifth storv of the building 469 Broome atreit, or copied by Falkenan, Pol I ckA Co.. manufacturing jewellers Caplgin Crossier ' or he It eursree patrol, ver* quickly at tbe premii**, br- ke open the cr-ora and veiy soon extinguished the fire. I'was found to have originated on tbe floor In aorrner, by'hedrcp directly uroer tbe forge bellowv, burning a bole in the floor end destroying* portitn of the bellows. How tbe fire cams thers is as yet unknown. Damegs ?bout 860 dCYiKBNT to a Fimhan.?At the alarm of the Onld airett fire last night a ycung man named Lewis Wein rrar, a proposed member of 26 Hose carriage, while running with ths carriage in Bpruce stnet, near Naeeau was a'cii rritsliy injurra by coming in collision with ea g DS No. 21 His arm was thrown between ths two ap f h'Hiu'ie end brrk'D Just ah< v? ths wrist His sssoei h'cs in n.'Clstely conveyed 11m to tbe New York Hoept ?al. lbs c<-III*t? n was cameo by tbe apparatus breaking up suddf my Id ecntequence of a ecwer buildixg in that pert ot tie eirtet. Dor It>Fcm>.?J. WHscn, private ship's ws'cbmtn, i tettor ed on board the brig Ida Raynes, lying at pier No. ?i J-ret river, rescued a 11 lie boy who fell into thedook L'-er lha veeeel, lest evening. Tbe biy was about nine I yesis ot eg?. Mr. W'l son took him to ti.e station houss, Kt fiarkliu market, when physicians were sent for, who rereir fx pen of raving Ibe boy'e life. Mr. Wlieon de ??rvfs gr?ar praise for his effor's to save the little fellow iri.ti diownitg. i Rir'KfT.? T'be following genilen.cn bave been elected . 11 cere of Ibe Lore lnlatd Crietet Club for the season of | bM iTendrnt, H Fsstmead; Vice l'rse'dest J. Holla | 1 , 'ccreisiy, D. Curry; Tkvaeurer, Wm, Igtion. lluiUon Illy Atnh Appoictkfkt.?Brigadier General K K. V. Wright, of HuOm n, bai been appointed ay Governor Prloo Major ( final ?? tie Second I'lThlrn of 'he New Jersey State Millita, to p arr ct Gneral hiardeeUle, <3to*Med. ) u.K 11 LAMwifT ? Mutual Book and I.adder Company, >c. 1 aro toceon Hock aod ladder Company, No. 2, re r?h*< 'heir burke laa eteoltgfrom themanufacturers, ?o New Vck. Tie tmcka ware delivered to them at the firry In Doh< km; and the two companies together with I i pine f'c.B janj, N 1, ot Hudson, in oaifoim, marched Hi ee tlroi g> Hoi oktn to Hudson parading the atieeta i <h> iu w city Collatioia were served In Hoboken and hur a-1. One of there trucks la to be loeeted in the r o'ihc u end the c.fh*r In the aonthern part of the city. Jeriey City Mtwe. J( iM> HriD.?Yesterday looming a man named Wm. v r lntesb-wee lonnd cead iu the fumltnre irtjre of Ed vd. Pertrr, In Wachltigcn street, Jersey Oily, where he bad eepturlng be right upon a lounge. He bad led a 'ciipated if' ai d hel bees drinking irmly <be day pre

t'lir) A ecnner'a Jnry waa empannelled, and aoma .in ? i i w?a late* li wm adjournal to meat again ? i n ng. Mcltt-eh waa foily-ilx yaari ot age, and . y imM In Oaeada. It ia auppoeed that ha trai a if i->'i d t>y lying upon hiafboa. IwKi.'t on Um PwuuTtTBata Tbs 0:10 f. M. train from Piitekuf, sant, ?? Tuesday night, eon .\is ting of two powerfrrl ?gf?, MO bsggsge cor and fifteen passeoger oars, ran off tbo trA* itliii. M., on Wednesday morn ng, sixty aMlea troiW Pittsburg and one mile from Look port, causing lor a mo ment or two the greatest oontoraatfan. Tko five flrat oara contained passengers to the nnmbor of about two hundred; tho remaining ten wore empty. Tim eooident wa* caused by a defective rail. The flrat locomotive got over in catty, bat the eooond tamed on itoright wide, breaking away from the paieoager car, whieh took the oppoette direction, and fortunately wa* arrested in Iti progreee by the atnmp of a large tree, or the otiose qnenoee would have been dreadful. The Pennsylvania oanal run* oloae to the aide of tho road, and hut for tho above obetruotlon the whcla of the oar* would have been pre cipitated down an embankment of about two hundred feet, and their oecupanta either killed In their progress, or drowned when they reached the bottom. The tir*t four care were broken lato epUntere, and it la marvellous that no one waa killed. About twenty reoMvtd Blight scrachee, black eyes and abraaloas, but ao Injuries of any moment. I he ladies behaved most heroically, scarcely a pciearn etopiig from tbem while they had to be draggeu out ol' the ruins through window* and Ik* floor ing of the care. Mr. W. Devi ge, the comedian, and Mr. Poster, the manager of 'h? Pittsburg theatre, with hi* son, a lad sboat sewn y?ers of age were In the flfrh ear, having firtur ately a abort tim* heiore the socUsnt, moved f om the book part O' the fourth. They may attribute to this iuoky move their etospe trom certain death, for tbe {.art of the car in wM:h they were seated waa shivered to atoms, and forced Into iha foremost part of the flf.h car. We rtgret to say that Dr. Beekman, a phyaioian and turgein, who *r*? cal'ed at Loekport to attend the wounded, Is issuing from his bedroom missed his foot i g ana btoke his teg The emphyes ot tbe company were busily engaged in e'earing the Une, bat paid very little attention to the pssi er geri, who had mn?h olffloutty in proeuring food. Tbe* old not proceed to Philadelphia tUl 0 P. M. on Wed i esuay. Robert 1L Weakly, of Logansport, In<L, and James F Wintermate, ot Noit n, Onto, are toe only pasMogera *bo are injured to any extent, both of than Ming bad ly woaudea in the fogs. Foilcn Intelligence. Am Aurgkd Fugitive kbou Justice.?Jules Balrnou, a French youth, about stx'een years of *g?, was brought 0 tils city jeateiday morning from Palma, Mass., by ? flicer Lynch, of the Boston police, on a charge of being a fugitive from jus tee. Toe accused, it is alleged, while hearting along with a gentlemau named Joseph Llmoein, at No. 29 Walker street, managed to steal 9600 la gold coin and a watch valued at 950, from the Utter, with which be made hie escape from this city and went to Bos un. Tbe authorities at the latter etty ware notified ol the oc'unetce, ?nd having 'raced tbe aoouaed to Raima, 1 flicer Lynch was despatched ?fter him with or a era to ar rtei and mnvey him to New York. Salmon was oommit teo (or examination cn oharte of grand larceny. Tue ci mplataan , Mr. Lhnoeln, resides at preaent at Plain tir 10, New Jersey, but the faet of the prisoner's arrest hsvii g beet, te'egrapbeu to him will bring Mm to this ci'y tmmdiately. Nona cf the stolen property baa been lect-vered. Stamumu Ahrav On Wedneeday night Lewis Barry, a yoorg rran, received ? severe wound in the abdomen, itflloted with a bnlfs alleged to have been used by John Nash, wifb whom he had been quarreling. The injured msD was taken to the New York Hospital for medical treatment, while Naeb was taken to the Fourth ward fist ton house, and from ihere to the Tombs Poiios Court, wfiitiehe was committed tor examination on charge of feloi.itus Msault. (.march or Hiodwat Bobmby.?Three men, named Jt bu Li.nohu), Charles Jenkins and Charles Beans, were taken into custody oy Lieut JMxgham, of tbe Sixth ward pt Ike. ob a ol erge ot Yyvtag" violently assaulted and it bbed Burj Dubois ot aptcietnook, c tnlainisgseventy flee cents lhe aceiseo, it (a alleged as faulted the com plaiDant at he wss walk ng in Mi nion place, near Worth (iat<- Antbi nj) street. The pilaonets were oommlttad lor trial in oefault of baiL Ceiontr's Ii.quests. Tux Late Awhkat on mi Hudson Rivkr Railroad ? An it quest was held yseterday morning, by Coroner (.amble, upon tbe body of the boy, William Lamb, who ves run over and killed on tbe Hudson River Railroad, on luetday e'eidrg, in Tenth avenue, near Twenty sixth -treet. the evioen ?* elicited on tbe inquest showiog ? hat there was no oarelessnets on the part ot the driver, tbe jt ty in renceiing a verdict exonorated hin from ali i it me lhe t ecoaeed was nine years ot age, and wee a native ot bis State. Scicidb bt Taking Lal'DANUK.?Coroner Gamble also bole an tuques , at the New Yoik Hospital, upon the bodv it a colored wonr.n, twenty one years of age, named Julia Bheffie.d, wbo died from ihe effects of a dose ot lauoannrr, arn n siered by herself tor tbe purpoM ot c< rr rnitung euioiue. lhe drceased was a very intemperate ?t nan. v etc let--'Death by suicide." Deceased was a Lative of Nsw York. Wlltluubnif City atm, Cdiecb Comsciuiion.?The ceremony of consecrating Cm' e church i b Ccnseyea street, near Lorimer, in the Kaetern diaulot, took place yesterday forenoon, before ?juite e Urge auelenos. Right Rev. Birhop Potter i ffioiaied, a? listed bj Rer. Die Muenciier of Ohio and Van Kleak, Rtv. Messrs. A. Union, rector, Waite of Re vmwood, ani Par ridge and Baakina of the Kai'ern din trict. The aetmoo waa preachtdby Ret Or. Van Kleiek, wbe tcck for bia text 26th of Psalma, 8.h rerse. Rer. Mr. ' nion en ten d this field tn May, 1863, at which time thru waa do c< tgregatlnn. A Sunday Rchool waa open ed in the owe iitg rouse No. 241 Lotimer street on the 2id tf May rt inat tear, with one scholar he ices the iniaei' rny's cbi.dreD and revises were commenced in the sane ro..m to a congreaa'iun of Owe persona. The 00.'Der store of Greee obu.ch was laid October 2, 1861, and tbe bsserceot war opened for oinne asrrioe ou flon ' ay, the 20ih of May following. Since that tioM twenty ? ighi persona bare beeu admit ed as oommunlcanta. Be -iie? h? duties ak mifsltaiy and anperio'endent o'his Si tdey School. Mr. Guton has raised the m'sux in New York ?nd viotnity, placmc and supertuteocei the entlie work cf trectirg be church. Tlb butldlrg, inc luting be vestry, ie tilxe y two feel by forty-four, and wlil sea*. t.ve hundred , erw us. Ibe barement u> finished off for -ui d?y ech<io'>a. The entire cust is 88,681, and, together w'th the giouod, is rallied a' $12,060. It la opened as a tteesburoh V> iuiamebcbo fhsrx??ABT?The regular monthly meet tr g of the trustees of the Williamsburg Dispensary took plate last evening. The apothecary, t>r. Hardcaatle, re ported <ba du tig the month ei March 273 patients ware it a ltd. 01 <hett 100 were ma ea and 173 females. Na iTi'j?Ulii'ed U-t'ea, 106. Ireland, 146, England, 8; Germany, 13. Number of pre*crtp.ions 738. Emus Countt HoeniAL.?Number of patients reoeived tor the week anltng April 8 wee 61; born, 6. Trans terreo to Alnjeh"Uee, 6; to l.unatio Asylum, 1; die hsrged. 68; deoea ed 6- Remainii.g, 46?. Tub bTBKue - For several day* past the Street Con tractor for the thirteenth ward i aa been engaged In ? lest tog tbe a res-a and putting them In proper condi ticu for the coming warm weather Pei tonal littelllgeiice. The fYeifon't Jvuttiol s?)s:?Our distrust of there port that B.tbop O'Reilly waa in Ireland on February 6, rnv-s io lia*? leen but. too well grout dad A gsntla n an who arilTe- lr. the l?*t steamer states positively ? 1st the Bishop of Hertford lett Greshsm's Hotel, hirer pool, wt h his t utka, to go a be arc the Pacific. There eusina the. et'ie no doubt ihat he is ihs " Mr. O'Reilly" wbore neme is reooidrd as one cf tbe unfortu i-a e pastei g?rs. tn ill was be usual manner in whioh dish' p O'Kel.ly regis i? red his name. G< veitor Brcome, if Fierice, is on a riatt to Wash tigv n. Hrrt lien ttan Harry Lowe, First Cavalry, has re 'gnsd hi> ocmnnsslou In the amy, inrmoiM. Frr 1 ivesprol In tee Mean ?b p ( anada 'ran Boston.- I>r Q ->? b-Utrk wile aid daughter, ivr* Hume Meases a H Baoh ?ttrwo wlfs, J a Lane J McDora.d, a Gooderham, W (?oderkec' Jr. K (in ??), J Blxsett Mrs Hu'ih aun child, Sr J I n mptoi at d wtle, i f Hosier. Mrs If Hove and avign er Miss II i? in 1 h M is H II eml h -.r.d Mr J Muil'k, of an Aral. f"a. i Ii i right o? eawburyport; iter W Baker, wtie woft'drsL eraservant of Lyra; Mrs* Window and chill ? if lio ai i; Messrs t> Howes and G W Brown of -teifaat. Me Jri e iieelsr, of Providence; Hruckner. (i Hamilton. H h by h terr-s A Mtn d, sue and cM c; J M Grsut. Miss tiler, *11*1 bead, Messrs K bepptehall and I> Davidson ot New 1'tk,M>e>aii a ddaughter nl Rochester; weasra R O Corn ? paid t b hji o' Hvrt'erd; Pro' Paiiotasil wl'e and two is aide Hiwc'nrd o* I'tilladelpbta; M Joraa. of Peuns/lv* a-; Mrs K Mia re a d 'n'art of Ballimore; W htevens, of Ufadet-rk M -t; JLI. m Btll.irs 68 h Real, B A; Measrs H i esr. el t,uehew; P Pleui? lleaiherlngtno T Murrai, J Ro 1.slds, B Bertoe. T R?o?? ?*i> 1 Hml'h, of Tororilo-TMesgram, o* rsrsdai h H Bndd o' Pupewa, I) W; Mrs R Hamdeo and (blld oi Uranuoid 0 Wi K uowenlock and wtfo, ot Mexleo: id ' raetr ard (? R Grealoreanx, of Gordon; H Crvokar of lafl r'd, (? G PwlfL oi l-lverpool; r K Mat'eraon and it A lewis, ot hrglaid; Im Vrles wife aud twooblidrea. and J I'erte, of t ria.ee; h olaor ol Godenhurg; 8 sgszzl of Italy; W Mondf nok. >e>'d*cce nut given- 8A Forlla't'sx Ii hherwnod and Messrs OW Field, of New Vo k ) J H B mini i- W Frazer. ABA moo and J Almon, ol Hah'ex; J Perklea ?> loror.t'?7 Total, 82. iii boken City dew* Pohttcal Joiun. uoa.?An tmpromptn democratic Jr. bcatton waa got np in Hohokeu on Wednesday night, m hi>fi"r o' the cemocatlc rtctcry. Dmlworth's Band wn eeeured for the occasion, and a torchlight pro eaiion wse filmed, whtoh maichad thro gb tee airesta, .lai'lng at ihe itudenoM of the anccea?fnl candidates, must of ? bro were " at hiana." Meamlms bonfire* we-a kln d ?t, fireworks were discharged, and guat wars trad. B?wi from M, 00* ST. DOMINOO OOUMPOKDSiro'C. Bur Dokimoo Moreh U, ISM. War #Mty *> Cooling Dotm?IKe Slaughtef on the BaUUfddt?Bravery of the Dominican! and OoooanUos of the JUaytieni?SoUmque't Muxes Make a Trrnchworh? They are Dislodged?Great Haul of 1'ritoneri?Death cf General La tie**?Return ef the Dominican Army and General SarUana?A Treaty of Commerce and Kxtraii l ion toith the United States?Opposition of the Buroptam movers Unavailing. The nor Is over in thie beautiful and rich Island, tad It is the gnoeral opinion among persons who ha to boon late ly in B*;ti that in aot many years from now neither 9a louqus nor any other of the Emperors or Presidents of that country would be powerful enough to raise there another amy to marsh against this republic, sash Is the terror that prevail* among the sable Emperor's muti lated army, and In the whole empire, en aoeonnt of the bravery of the Dominieana and the awful slangh'er tbey made of the ilaytiens although being ve.-y much interior in number to the invaders. At Santome, Cambr.nal and Sabana large, p'aeea where the belligerents icught great battles, Bofouque's defeat was most complete, he always having ran like a veritable onward, as he is. And it is strange in deed, but true, that in thoee three battles only 'hirty e!ght Dctnioeaus were billed, whilst the enemy's a my lost about three thousand. Tbis astonishing difference arises, in the first place, from the Dominioana being all first rate hunters; secondly, from their ttiok of stooping down at the time the Hay dens fired at them ; and finally, trom their bravery in throwing away th'lr mus kets after the firs' discharge, and rushiag on the ene my with the mu-chete unsheathed (a kind of heavy sword) and killing them like wild hogs. This rash fash ion of making war produced confuxiun and terror among (he Haytiena, so much so that soon after the Dominicans began to show their machetes, they run as fast aa possible, and the Dominican eavu.ry purtued them and did great execution with ihtlr lances. The Dominicans, no doubt, are true heroes. At the battle of Sentoue they were aeven hundred In number, and the Hsytien* more than three thousand, and for all that tbey defeated them and made them retreat. In 'he night ot that cay the Haytiena male a stone ea trenohment six hundred and sevsnty-ntne yards long by five and a half high and two and a bait wide; this gives an idea (f their superiority in num bers over the Dominic* nx. But, however, they did not ceem it enough to protect themselves, for as soon as the Dominicans began to attaok them ihey fie w from there ?it being worthy o' notice that Bant ana coula catoh them, only be did-not know what to dowitnsomany prisoners. He ears hat to kill them would h?ve been attains: bis principles and tbe International laws, a-d that to keep them in prison would have been too expen sive lor the republic In that rematkable battle the Domintcau General, Jose M. CabraJ, went on nis horse over to the enemy, and with Lis eword allied the Haytlen General La Fleur, and wounded and pursued several other Haytiens until 9 o'clock in the nigh(, when some of h'e offiosre met him on tbe field, and, finking the bridle or his horse, compelled bini to etmr hack to nis encampment. Bo uiacyJHsj liens have been killed iu thexe three battle* that the D. mltiioaus could not bury"ah of them, aid he kfelers bodies remain in large heaps la the op?n Grids, l'boie who doubt the great slaughter made of the Empe ror's soldiers rosy see the proof which will remain in eight tor same months to oome. Tbe entrance into this capital of the army ef the boutb, with President Bant an a at its head, took place on tbe fith inst. Triumphant arches were erected along tbe at;eels by which they marched, and sd the Inures had Hags In their windows and balconies, from wbtcb tbe ladies threw flowets and perfume* to the 1-iterator and General Cabral. At tbe toot of one cf he arches .were some of the drums, hatanets and flsg* latsl taken from the Havtisns, one of tbe flsge having a gilt impsilal eagia. Bsntana and his s'eff passed over them. The atmy stopped in the cathedral; square, and Sentane his staff, the Ministers, benatore and a crowd of people went to tbe cathedral to hear a te ileum, which was pe>formed by the Bev. Arohbisfiop b mi elf. In tbe night we bad good tiieworks in the ?sire fqnare, where two bands of music were playing tor more than an hour. Bat to xpeak cf all, let me say something about a mat ter rather important to tke Amoricais. It is, that a treaty of frier dabip, commerce and extradi'lon has been OCDcludtd between this republics anc the United bt-tes ot America. Tlii c n vent ion, I have been told, dies not contain anytbIrg different from taat made last ye*r by Gexeiai TV. L. thzneau and the Dominican i'ienteiten tiiriee. It is altesdy in the Benado Consulior, fcr lis ratification; and although ihe allies have intrigued a so ecu d time against the American interest in this country, now tbey will not succeed. On the 18th ot next moLtb the ratification of tbe tieaty will be on ioned, without the (lightest alteration, and soon after It will te seit for Its ratification to Washington, oy Mr. Jonathan Elliot, the American f'lenl ix.tenllery. Seror hegovia. the Spanish tlnargc'- A'Affairs in this republic, Is doing all in his power to stop the action of tbe L>( minioan .-mate in this case, but in vain, rhs i pinion tx now stronger than it waa last year in favur of the treaty ? mnngibe Sena'on. and tfieFxecu ive, aa they knew now that the meciatlcn of France and England Is ? ally nothing hut humbug and that the sable Emperor marched sgainHt tbii repuotic before the nose of 'he me dic tors, doubtless with tbelr consent, and taat he would htve taken possession ot '.bis part of tbe ixlasd, but for Di.m'nican Unces and machetes. Now the people bare call the maohe'e 'la vtaltacion?the mediation?and publicly, even In the newspapers, say that they don't n?ed at all the Interference of France and England. Intointlng torn Utiles, 8UKBF.NI.FB OF TDK FUKIILA REVOLUTIONISTS. [From the New thl'ans Picayune, Aptli 1] Tbe Slix'csu brig Hercules, Cept. I'unnr nn. arrived In re yesterday Ironi Vera Cruz, wfcich port sbe left ou tbe i'flth ult., riur days a'ter tbe steamship Texts on her la'e trip. She bungs no papers, however which it to be rigietted. as they would have afforded particu'ars of interest in reference to an Important event, of the occur rence ct which she brings intelligence. Tbe 1'uebla revolutionise are reported to have sur rendered to the goverr ment forces ou Saturday, the 2id ult., tbo day alter Good Friday, and tbe oay of tbe de ler'nre cf tbe Texaa trom Vera Cruz They are s'a'ed to have surrenoercd at fisereti n; but this is incumpntiole wi.h a few octsfls wi lot. a pas-ergwr on the Ho-cuies lays be law given in some-it ibe\ca flrua oepera. Ha asys 'lintr was 'herein reiorledtb.it a parley hid taken pisco bs'v en >? Genera! wbo sutcun ? t biinsel in com n and ot ibe nvolutluU'ste, timl two <(Beers on oenalf of tbe gir.frr.ti ?i \ he result cf w' ldi was aong-eemeot '.hat snob ot the revolutionists aechine should r>e allowed to join the sitty, and ho teat he permitted to priceed to "her hemes unmolested. Neither Haro v Temarir. nor Cas'.Ulo appeared in the ma'.ter, nor were tlrey re'eired 'o in the oonditioua of eurrenter Tti.ee l*pf, It Is saio, were pub lished at full let g'fa in the tore Cruz pspsrs. We bear wli'- regie' that th ee who are tu a out'ton to *r?m a relie ve judgment on he subj -ct, consider the whose pr cteo'r-g* n.eie etwpr raise i>etienn the rsvo 'utlotisi* and the gi vsinment innicattng that 'he la',"or found th' msoisrs res ly una:le to overrode the fonrer, while the revoitifir m.ts have -d >ited he ? op raeroly for 'be purpo o oi pirn ing time, end -lizi'ga oet'er ipptr tnlty fir carry it g on'their orject. U i? said too. that r.bay are nun en us and strong enough to ensure their even 'ual success. For our own i art however, wo should bo inclined to loubt thecoiroe'iosso' the report o the cm.i'iti nsolthe surio.Dfor; end a. though we can well ui do.-stand that ?he country isllkoiysto boo n'rauaily distnibed by revola ttrn'.sts and btlg?rrsgw as long as "s pre-ent p pula'ton held It, we ebon, not yet 'bink it probable taut ?h? psr 1 leaps of tbe Poeble revolution will oc able t ? roriro mat particular mat l'eutation of tbe cbarMte is tic restlessness of tLe poople Be this aa ll may, it is some sailefh-ttoo to feniw thai 'or tbe present, at leas', con monicn i< is fri m Vers ''ruz with tbo Interior were freely opened and that nuslucs mon and cibtrs were '?Hi g advao'ege ol the impruwe ment. For fuller, and It is to t?e hoped idts h* is'a -fory particulars, wc suppose we shall have to await thearrtva. of tbo Texas, due < n the 11th inst. Trimty College Junior Exhibition.?The ilnity (.'< Hogs Junior txbibi.iou took plac* laat night at Truro Bad, eve'y part of wbleh was densely c-owded. iborepresrutativenoftbe class of '67 did ibemselvea credit 'ho ? hole ? xhlbiti n being m >re 'han usually good. The .peskirg, as a general thing was excelion . the subjece well ioi-oted and trea ed. Alt' getber the best of the leooswaa thetrf Mr. W. H. Benjamin, of New Yet Ruth his metter end manner etioi-ed unbounded ap i lause. The speakers grnera lr were much app auded. A wiitj bur'eeque programme got up ey none Sopho n ore wb i wss bent on having a lit Is run, was generally ci ou a id in lbs hal', and passed without much trouble. It crea'e" no small amrunt of amu.ement. The while n' ibitlon was ere, i'able to tbe college and the claea l l e n usls by K< ot 'a orchestra was flue (ndeeo, and wm r nary 'be rr.os' a 'raotive feature of tbe ex hi Idem.? Haitjont Timer, April 0. Reward for Livr Indians ?Wc find the follow it g ?DBouncomcnt in tbe Tan pa (Flci'a) iVntnruitr:? Cap ain Cosoy, 1b* agent for Indian tffslrs tn F-rida, la sntbir /ed to offer a per eopUa reward or premium f w lni iane who may be captured or induced to e me in fer sr. gration to the Wsrt. Tbe following rates will m paid hi bim or Indians delivered at Fort Brooxe or Fort Vierz. viz Foi each warrior, from $260 to 8800 For each woman, trom 160 to 900 Fo? ? ar,b boy ovrr ten year*, from 100 to 300 The htgbesa rale, aa above, will be paid fer all exee the 1) fltm, bed ridden ard helpless In w? leb eases to. rate (no' leee than he minimum above) wtti fee fixed > the ageu' of the board. A Wicked Priest.?Father Morrie, the Cath die peW erieMed atTam.qoe, Pa. for mprop-r attent >o to tbe wife of on# of his parishioners d'd no appea. ' w his', but Kev. Mr. O'Kea'e stated that the dellnq ism bid Withe county, end the proeecatton had baaa dr,.P . ed on oowdlHaa that he Wmid never return. I Ow fllcwHwn CtWMHnffi?an. j CianuolUwHi ("h ) MwfcT.lMi frirar? by the Government of tk* Inland Proper* tf *4 jTO.mil Onnpony and Abrogation of Iktir Oh?rtw da c nt of the San Jwjn? Beauty of i<* Scenery?War m tk. Alligator*?Starvation lactic* of the Tranott ft* The b '*#,a <* hriereet that met ?u on our *rrinl id I'uata Ar< ?*? the ra'her etartHag nemo it tha ah iogaticn or ' of the Aooeeaory T re salt Ocaa pany tod It i afachmsnt by the government of Nicara gua of oil tie boo**. buildings, works sod otbar inland property of the wipeny, ?* kaourlty for long erreemgea sla'med to be du * to the government under the charter, end which ell ordl *r7 ?**n? ^ h#w? ?heusted to wl lect In rather stn ** ev4d<,n0* <* thu we lonmi Mr. Byron Colo, one cf to* ?PPri??. ?" board end apparently * <*"??' of the up river biei, o. which we were soon ? ** transferred, wbUe OePtt> Scott, the former omoip *??' ???>* <* '?"* cock a- lorum of the wb, ?? "^ kboet here, seemed to here folded U. feather. end to impart hi. orders ee e sort or reoond II ? ?? At the firnt blush this c. ** ^ tb* N"*?*0*" government wes received wth eeUsfectlon; bat preeeelly I new several reflective feces i. ' the crowd, end it WM plain that many questioned the F?"?J *n however well deserved by 'hoee e T*ilut whom it wes *? mediately directed, might have tb* *ttAok of *'?? leg capitalists is this end the other &????? route., end possibly impelr, tor e timo et leest, th* ferillty ?f ??1 gra'loa to this oouotry. Oa this lea * P?,nt however, we were essured by Mr. Cole, tbet befo ? *he government had leseinded the charter of the Aeoes Transit Co?* peny, complete arrangements had been n wttb Messrs, (tarrisen end Kendoiph, of Ban Francis. Morgan end others or New Vork, to have the route well served kg superior eteemers ou both oceans; end tb ** Instead of there being any fear of Interruption in the eowmuntac tion with both sides ct the United States, It was ovrtaia 'h* facilities won id be very much iooreastd. 1 he complaint of the government against the Transit Company is that they hsve violated the oondi Wnes of their charter in every essential particular; thsrO* *hag have never given any consideration for tbetr priv &r&M( tbet their works are ail ot an is sufficient end temp chancer?ready to be abandoned at any moment, mmM tbet, tboogb govern meat is a partner to the extend*^ ten per cent of the profits of tho lis*, ell profits sre de sled. Finally that tbeir books are kept la suoh a style as to dely investigation, end to show a settled Intention to defraud. Taking ibis te be Iks esse, the only course left for the government wee to acquaint the company that there wee now a pow er in Nioaratrgue which would exact ell obligations dan to it; and the only question left to be ooTailored Ml whether it was poiluo to teach 'bat lew on so early. Baa strc.Bg men seldom defer to confide rations of policy. It is en admission of a domination of ctroum.tauoe. wbioh effects fhtir pride, and ibey geeervlly profs: to drrva promptly to tbelr conclusions, even though they set oak Through a gale. When they are right, this is notaudari ty but oourage; and courage, though it seem a mere h*ed tcrg and onthinklrg quality, ia always the profound** policy of a military government It U qaite likely to prove so in this case, for it exhibit, a nerve and declaim that will compensate for many other losses, and I am waM convinced that G< neral.Waiher cannot now make mistakes enough to tail. 1be time allotted for our transfer from the #urlMm Light to the up river stoambest, did not per rit As to go onshore at Greytown to inspect the settlement of Ow. liincey, so we satisfied ourselves wi:h the view of tfc* Amerioan flag, whiob spread itself refreshingly from Us headquarters, and also with the wo d that the llkMn ?trugglisg, and I may add, almost hopeless oolosty, wws well. The steemer Prime, from New Orleans, was also In pert, baring brought with ber a foroe or one bsm drsd and strty leernita for Mlsaregua. two companies at which were com posed of French and Germans, soldierly and fine looking men. Among ?thera wno united wtthun at this pclut, were General Goicouile, ol Cuba, an* ? nmsll griup o' Spanish gentlemen, most of shomhil die'Ingulf bed themselves in the CnbaD revolution, ut were consequently exilfs ftosn their native lent. Hm Oecenl bus^eif, ft# it wi/1 be borne ij mini* hta tukei ft leading part in the Lnpei movement, and escaped the gerrote, to wbioh he had bten condemned, only through the Influence of hie'amity and the pern coal ioteroesmon of bis uncle, the Arcl bt'hop ot UsvaDa. lu place, thuiu fore, of ihe doom cf dea h, be was sent to Spain, aril b?itg ultimate y baDisbed tbeuce, is now in search cf a ?4W couutiy in Ibis Und. It lequlres, therefore, we greet strain of mind to guess in which way he would turn his ryes if he oould exercise any iufluecce in direct irg 'be In ure military expeditions of tbls now Power. It was about one o'clock when the tail wheffi o! our strange little steam bout began to revolvu <or the fwginnrg of oor journey op the tortuous ha .luan. and as ahe moved, her sides were througM with the motley swarm on board, to wonder at the sfrarge slgbis and scenery cf the river. 01 course, nl uLaecttsromed eyes were ravished at the tropical ebon cm ce whiob met the vie ? on every aide, and ex ilemn lions of delight, mirglsa with the lnceeeent crack of rifles, fowling pieces, and all manner of email anna, that were lsvelltd at ihe alliga'ors snoosirg on the banks, oc ai cocasioial monkeys, swinging vrntnrcusly amocg I trfts. indeed, it was a general batrue and when ? info view with the numerous f.mlly parties who ' pic-nlcing aU about the deck, and others who were an lively <ngaged in turning bot'le# bottom uparnrds, M teemed ai< if we were in the inidst of some monitor chowder party, or eervinw our oourtry on a Fourth of .lily fxcvirf.ii n, ra her than In pisreing a region thai bad never been civiUwd by man. Th? firiog lasted an the afiei noon, and It was not till long aftei night had taiirn that the spirit of the paity suit idea, ant thay tarlcuely tank upon the deck to sleep At tan o'clemt the bost, tco. to lowed the examp'e, and suoved her nosa ortily in at tbe back, in e maequeoce of the darkness and the lncrcMtr.g perpextties ot tbe stream. And now, wilh tbe cxoeptu.il of ihe sonorous reepirattoo. of over tired travellers, or tbe occasional oetb of aome angry filibuster whose bsad might have been walked upon ky k staggtricg drunkard, or stumbled over ny a aomaam builst pursuing a vision of loe water, everything waa ftlecce and rep<ee. At dawn on Thursday the 6th. a vigorous drums*** foil. w?d by a sroal. squad of s?amps vici )usly beat the reveille, and the siarlied sleepers rose to lite 10 s?e the ibict white tog lilt itself sk??iy np the trees, and to to bile > ae of tbe meat lov?lr s'ab s ever gased on by the bun .n eys. Thcee of ua who had come trom 'be seowy teg Tons of tho North, acd parte uliriy those who had re cexvly escape* 'r m The l<w-bound horrors of Broadway, cculc sietcely realise that wa were < ut cf the regieu of cur creams and looking at an actual landssape. Slowly tnd lastly tbe boat curled ber way up the wixdtng st'etm. opening our view conttiua'ly on nsw and reen ter os lanes, wL'.-'e from Ihe in:mediate fol'ago into which we often pusbsd to make our turns, we were saluted wV.b the whii tie, chirp or Mteaa; of inu'imeraole birds. On sh fides the densest vegetstion ciowd-d to the bank. Tall fpreadixg t'fes weie wound to thick wttb peraeitia planis that it seemed ltrpo?ilo)e fo- them to breathe, bet lu cw* et consolation strings o' flower* wac.coed lbrou|0k iteir imbs or iwnng frrm their stsrdv branobes in vo uptuons fratoors, even to tbe surface of the a'reaan. Bere m gbt tbe warm Titsnla bare leld her liberal even iig con.t, and here, of all places oa tbe earth, might a dcw ( pbella fail It 'ov* with death, and yield beraaV sweetly to tie eyrcn that fsfoina o* beueeth the flo A All I be a ay up this dey there was am pis food for the cttiiotitj, itd pronp#ot for thft ftt>d nolMnfl roftrtftd ti e pleasors of tbe party except the hunger which ri aekfd ll oee who bad negler'eo to provide themselves with tied, ena tbe thirst whiob reged strong the soeksse whose st< re* of spirits btd be?n sxhsus'ed by the orgies of lbs previous night. I is neoessery here to aeuHrm ueetet gers by this route, whether to Oelifon.ie 0' Grana Sa to provide tbemsel res vUh f >od for til" river triyj od the store laid tn should be sufficient tor et least twa ,ys The o? ropeny provide nothing; th?y d. not even .fiord opportunities for the travellers to puiehas? fboi i bin ?el', eDd unless oce mass* prtva'* provtrion en ibe At'ert'lc steamers, in tbis respect te must sierra, i; e a cm atro ion* feature In this business is, 'bet the con peny ty tbe inmano* of a river transfer tloket, whiek hers lbs une of "extra cha'|<- for mnals " leaiis the lisvsller to sngpose that he may ociain food e l along ibr nver icnte by paying for It, and thus who e famUlae of npsusp'cious people are led into starvation, who, H ?bey btd itoe vsd honest notioe, would ttavs been weffi sg pplied with store*. In this ontrag-ou* manner tana This transit route been conducted ever sines it a'art*^ ?n?' the Imnense mortality wbieh bas atienoed the up Hir.s of its etc an era or the I'aelflo sids, ia owing M the v. tscioue imprudeooe which its staivlng passenger* hare, oeen driven Into with tb* native fruits when let leoaa. ketw??n Virgin Bey and ban Juan del Sur. It is ins ,oeslble to obatscteria# this infomous oourse of the. i i en el' Comtaty, wt'h terms aoffioiso ly sev-re. but M ttie (t at he which rest upoa thstr me eeaary head* eowli t>e teen at or e glance by e pub'ie tribunal armed with lull ?oweis, there would be but lutle pausi. between tea n t dtu. nation and an order that they should ha led oak an< abut. Hie* Plantino? We learn from planters that the re ent fietheu and oeln weather bn?e Interfered d a ntally with the planting of the rice crap on iM Oteeeliee anc Alumaba if-rem, especially on the uppea aon inland p'actatina. One'ally the greater p\ri at the crop ia put in the ground during the aaoch of Kirch, an.- certainly by the middle of April, anise* the opara il nt i f the planter ere suspended hp fteshe's or oaaeen beyond b'a control; In which event the work of pl?e ig ia sometimes continued et intermix throughout April ai d May, iwii Into June. Thna fear hot e email proper Urn ?>' the npper rtoe la da on the str-ams above men ioned haa been planted. We hear of eome oempla'm oat 'heSae>noab bat not to the same ax eut. ft ia proba ble, th ug>> we have no tnfr rmaUoa to that "Mht v, that the -id* oauaea have ooneplrai te retard tha oparat'onn of the planters <n the Oatohua rivers. Wa n?iam^ad that there waa lea at this plane last weak.?*??**** KeptMium, AprO 1. Novhl Pihalty ron McTHnan.?A Kh haa been eon maneed at the St. louia Gammon Plena br Hra. Mary A. Rraac, wld w, agalaat Robert M. O'meant a, fee damage sustained by the ? order of her hubaud, whiofc die lays ?t *30,000