19 Nisan 1856 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 2

19 Nisan 1856 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 2
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THE PRESIDENTIAL QUESTION. Uovrrnor WIm, ot Virginia, Som for Jaw. ?wluiiin?Major Andrew J. Doaelun gnrrfnlll Accept* the Philadelphia Ainf I Iran Nomina tlon. GOV. WISE'3 litter. The following letter from the Hon H. A. Wise, determining the preferences and action of Virginia at the approaching National Democratic Convention, to be held at Cincinnati, addressed to the Corres ponding Secretary of the " General Buchanan Com mittee of the State of New York," has been handed to us by its Chairman and Recording Secretary, James Campbell, Esq., and C. D. Brown, Esq., M. D.:? Richkokd, March 5, 1856. Diub Pir?I received yours of the '23d ult. to day, and have no hesitation in giving a frank reply to the re solution of inquiry of which you are the medium. Am to the prt.entatien ot my oau name tor nomination or the Residency, I can only say that I have had no part n it, end will have none, further than to say that I will not withhold its use from mv Meads, If they think that " ' ' -'- - serve " it can be (airly made to serve the cause of the country aad of the democracy. I was, at the last Convention, tke avowed friend of Mr. Buchanan's nomination, and would have so declared now, bad I not expressly understood that ne would not he n candidate for the i'reaidtney. I seen not to say that I am not now friendly to his no oination, but that I am not committed to him or to any man. My siain desire is that the cemocracy shall be united oa the best man with the best chances of sucoeas. 1 especially desire that the Virginia democracy shall not be distracted, and I am committed only to their pre ference, whatever it be, within the range ot legitimate selection. I will go wi'.h the Virginia regiment into the featte. and remain with it through the tight until death cr victory. Psnnsy.vaaia has always stood by Virginia, from the days ci ? mon $nyder ana Thos. Jefferson down to this day; she is one of the larsest and oldeet and bMt of the old thirteen ^taies, and she has claims to give a can didate, and she has a son worthy of a nomination, who la a representative, man and name, of his State's de mocracy; end if Virginia again prefers him, as she did hi MM, 1 will go tor his nomination m'ght and main. Virginia offers no candidate, an l will not licely vote for an; son of her own unless her sister Kates snail call ?pon her to present her preference to the Convenlion. If she presents no son of her own in the drat insunos, my belief is that on ths first ba.lutings in coaventioo her vote will be cast for Mr. Buchanan wi.h an earnest, ksxest desire to have him n nuneted If his name fails, then Virgii ta wi'l expect Pennsylvania to g) a ong with her tor tier prelereme. And I say this without rejecting ether States or candidates, for whoever is nomiaaed ey the Contention at Clnclnna i. ?n a s.und dsmocra'ie platfo m, will be supp ried by Virginia, and she desires to eic ude no candidate (rem having bis name prop >sed. She ai 1 heartily go for Mr. i'ieroe, Mr. Douglas, or any Other sound man of the North, anc sets up equal preten sions only for a son of her swn or the S mth She would, deub'less, looting to men alone, prefer one ot her ova eons?tor, examp.e. Mr. Hunter, of the Sena e, or eoine ether, but the proposal ot the uame of one of her sjus ehe wcu d defer to her sister S ates, and to none more especially *han 10 Pennsylvania. For nyseif I prefer that Mr Bachanan's name shall be presented to the National Convention?indeed, that toe field of seiecJon shall be as large as p issible -that the aleimB of every gxid and great man who has a hrld upon the masses of the pe pie without regard to sec don. or thought of and tairiy considered, in reference to the po pular will, and not to the selfish interests of mere politi cians. and then every S ate regiment wi 1 be marched up to t e grind dem cratic encampment, with high hopes of being tne banner corps and of glad y and gloriously 1 sail ing on to as signal moral as well as political victory. I pieoge you that the "0 d Guard" of Virginia will tread "with 'he tramp of the serried host," regularly in the hue sgainst the tee, and do or die in any part of the field of contUct where duty and order m?v ommiil. I am, ?ir, yours Uuly, HENHY A. WlrfE. MR. DONBLSON'S ACCBPTANCB. The following correspondence appears in the Rich mond Whig. It explains itself;? Philadelphia, Feb. 86, 1856. to Ho.<4. A-tiiRKW Jackson Ponelso* Sut? rbe National Convention in this city having una almouaJy chosen you u their candidate tor the Vioe Pre mdsncv ot the United ,-tates in the approaching election, have appointed the undersigned a committee to make known to jou, officially, thla proceeding, and to aek yonr acceptance of the poettion they hare unsigned to yon. In discharge et this duty, the undersigned are happy to avail themselves ot the opportunity U affords them, to express their personal gratification in the cnoice made by the Convention, and to congratulate yon upon a result ao less honorable to yourself than auspicious to the wel fere ci the country. With the high em consideration, we hove the honor to he, very respectfully, your ob't servants, ALEX. H. sn AKT, of Virginia ANIiREW STEWART, of Peon ERAfTUS BRINKS, of N'ew York. K. B. BARfLETr, of Kentucky. WM. J. EAMitS, of Mass. Kl'HRAlM MARSH, of New Jersey. TVutGrovk, near Naahville, March 30, 1866. Gektijimkji?1 rid not receive until yeeterday yonr of telal no'e of the 26 ih of Feoruary last, informing me of I By nomination to the office of 1 ice President Dy the Ame ican party, and askicg my acceptance ot the same. For the flatteiinw terms in which you liave communi cated this proceeding. 1 beg leavs to offer you my sincere thanks. I accept the position assigned me by the Ameri aan party with a just tease. I trust of the responsioiiity belonging to it. i attended the Convention with no ex pectation that eneh an honor awaited me; aDd it my own feelings and wishes could have been oonsnited. it would have tallen upon some other member of the American Cty, in whose ranks are so many distinguished lndiri da, bet-er known to the country and belt ir prepared by experienee for the high duties of tbe station, should the voiee of the peop<e be in accord with that of which you are the organ on this occasion. But acting upon the maxim Wi iu by the great men of the early nays of oar repub lic, that public offiee should be neither sought nor de alined, I yield to tbe judgment of those who have thought that my name might of service in advancing the im portant objects which oons'itute the American party. Our lestdlng idea la that the two old parties, democratic and whig, have ceased to exert their tormer heal .hful in flnenoe in the management cf the public interest, and that, without the intervention of reforms which ihsycau never effect, the beloved oonstituti n and Union, be queathed to as by our forefathers, will not long be pre served. For the most of the evils with whioh we are threatened at the present period the administration of President Pierce is evidently responsible; bat ln*t.-ad of finding bis party engaged in the prrsecation of measures to avi the caoger he has brought upon the land, we see it m "? active **??" ever in scatiariig the seeds ef sectional atri's and social anar chy. When General Jackson came into the Pre?ideney be acknowledged in his inaugural address the obligation of the Executive to restrain tbe pationage of the fede al government, so that it thould not be brought into con feet with the frsedom of elections. But modern demo oraey stands in direct antagonism to this obligation. There is scarcely an election precinct io the United States wtich bas not witnessed the most shameful intertereuie with eleetione by the agents of the federal governai-it aetir g in the name of democracy. In former time*, when parties were created by pntri . is and national sentiments, upon measures of g-neral i tercet to tbe whole country, we never beard tn*t a mea sure could be teciated democratic in sue piece and not demoeratie in mother, by leasing men protesting to ,?? loag o this pariy. Yet we see this enormity exhibited daiiy by the party press in the pay ot the present Execu tive. The neeessery result ot such cirruption.it not successfully opposed, must be to destroy all political mo rality, and to continue power in unfaithful and inccmpe tent hauls by the mere influence of the mooey der.vel from the taxss which are paid by tbe people for far eifferen - purposes. It is undeniable that the antago nism now prevailn g between the North and the .South is mainly attributable to the political artifice which has enabled men holding dtrsetly opposite opinions on the power ot Cotgress over tbe Institution of slavery in tbe Territories, but yet professing to belong to the same democratic party. The Nebraska-Kansas ac'. is oonstantiy caI ed by one per tin of the demo crats a law which will prevent tbe extension of slavery to tbe Territories, and by another portion a u?w ?which win enable the South to carry slavery to the Ter ritories By tbe same fallacy, secession, nnlllfiia ion, abolition, and all other ism* have found a shelter un'.er the flag of democracy, explained as it is by modern inter preters. In frrmeT limes, also, our best patriots, without (lis tinction of party, spoke tf the necessity of guarding the ballot b">x from the dangers of foreign influence, and of keeping separate ihe Church and State; and of the advan tage U> be derived from a frequent recarrence to the ear iter advice of our father*, wbion inculcated a reverence for tbe compacts of the constitution, and tbe abstinence from whatever tended to form geographical parties er ar ray one section of tbe Union |g*inat another Now, however, the who's power of the federal government is brought tc bear against any Individual who has tbe mde pendenoe to declare bis attachment to those old tasilnn ed sentiments. Whole classes nf o?n stand proscribed ami ostracised for no other offense than that o' joining j an asseciation which seeks only to correct the ex jesses of party spirit, and to restore the government to tbe purl* It possessed when we received it irom tne hands of .boo rages who founded and reformed it. Looking, geDtlemen, npon the American party as 4* i i ned to eradicate 'he evils to which 1 have thus briefly d verted,' am proud to be called one of its ms?bers. an 1 an only regret 'hat. n selecting It* llag bearers, ths nice or tbe Vice President had noi fallen u poo one who could bnrg to the cause higher guarantee* for if* uceess than can oe drawn lrora the humble services t haw* heretofore rendered my country Thanking you again' or the kind manner! n which yon , e expressed^ our personal gratification at ihe nomi on. subscribe myself very respectfully, yonr osedi #rvant A. J. DONELSON. Third Avrnse Hull rood. TO THE EDITOR OF THE HERALD. The article in your paper of Wednesday states that this company have attempted to smuggle through the Brerd of Aldermen a project to charge the inhabitants of the npper part of Yorkvllle and llarlera ten cents fire. Tbe petition of the Third Avenne Railroad Gom puny was heard before the Committee of the Board of Aldermen last tall at three different public meetings. Ths inhabitants of Yerhville at the time it was before the Board of Al dermen held a public meeting and appointed a oommitfoe to wmfer with the I'resident of the road and that com rultte-> cal'ed an adjoarnod meeting at 5 orkville, on the !?7ih of February, where they recommended the passage of the resolution now before ihe Board of Aldermen. The inhabitants of Harlem held a pub ic meeting on 'he 12th of January, and himflar resoin'ion* were ad <pted. It is tm'dr+lj untruf> thut thf* icti n of the rttlroid if unknown, or that any underhanded attempt ha* been made to obtain ghi-- reeoiutlcn te the Beard of Aldermen TRUTH. FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. MOUSY HAKK1T. Friday, April 18?6 P. M. The market was .lightly duller to-day, with mereaaed demand for money. A. usual, everybody expecting an inflation on the strength of the peace newn, stock, have rather gone the other way. To the trade of the city and the country at 'arge the symptom i* a healthy one, a. It indicate* that the merchant, are uiing in their busi ne.s the funds which have lately be*n employed in buoying up stock., Solid dividend paying sec critic, like Panama. Michigan Southern, Galena and Chicago, and Reading, have ggpwn slightly dearer sinoe the newt; but all the bubble, of the day are lower from an eighth to a half per cent. No variation has taken place in the bond list. Chicago and Rock Island has boon feverish since the corner calumniated; but it maintained itself to-day at about the same price it commanded yesterday morning. At the second board the market was buoyant. Panama advanced X per cent; Michigan Southern 1. In other stock, there was no change worth rejiorting. The impression is i ally becoming stronger and stronger that we are upon the eve of a very active speculation in the stock market. There is in the good wand stocks a margin tor an im provement. and there i. no donbt bnt that margin will be gradually covered. A steady appreciation of a pcrma' ent eight and ten per cent dividend paying railroad stocks, must take place. The money market and the public mind are in favor of such a movement, and it can" not be reflated. The George law announce, that the river boats on the San Juan were laid up at Punta Arenas, the agent Scott being left without money or provisions. He intended to discharge the men under his command and lay up the boats. The advices from the West in regard tj the business on the railroads are very^eneouragiog. The Toledo Cbm mercial states that on Thursday, the 10th Inst., 1,700 passengers, in twelve passenger cars, wera carried West on the Southern] Miehigan road. The fares amounted in the aggregate to $10,660. The remipta of the Cleve land and Toledo road for the first two wseks of April were $62,000, equal to about $136 000 for the month, which is $15,000 beyond the estimate. The same two weeks l.st year, gave $52,000. The first week on the Michigan Southern road was $66,000?the largest re eipt ever taken. Of this $44 030 was for passengers, and $21,000 for freight. The train on the Wisconsin Lake Shore road on Thursday last wsn' into Mllwaukie with nine full passepger cars. The lam ing. tor April are estimated by the Superintendent at $25,000, which, for forty-five miles of road, is Urge. The Mllwaukie and Mississippi and Milwaukie and I/i Crosse roads are doing a very large business. The latter is now cpen to Beaver Dam, 61 miles from Mil vaukie, and already twen y locomotives and three hundred freight ear. have been provided for doing the business offering itself. The following l'st of new banks wheb began business in this State, or contemplate beginning during the 6bsal year, is given below:? l.N' Rtusi op Banking Capital. Nmttee. Location. Capital. Auburn Fvchange 3ank Auburn $150,000 Bank of Caeenovla Cizenovia 120 000 Bask of Chenango* Norwioh 120 000 BaLkofKent Ludingtonvilie.... 100 000 Back of Nor wtch Norwich 125 000 Canastota Bank Canastota 110 000 Cam. Bk. of Bar. Springs Saratoga Springs.. Iv5 000 Croton River Bank Brewster's Station. 100 000 Dairymen's Bankf Newport IOOOOj Hour City Bank Rochester..., .... 200 000 Importers' A Traders' Bank..\'ew York City....l 600 000 Mer'le Bk. of l'lattsburgj.. ..Piattsburg 100 000 Mohawk River Back Fonda 100,000 N'atloxal Bank of Albany Albany 600,000 Ontario Back& 1'tica 500,000 Oswego River Bank Fulton 125 000 Park Baak New York City....2 000,000 The above are associations. The following are indivi dual:? Back of Old Saratoga Schuylervllle ? Briggs' Bank of Clyde Clyde ? CbtmuEg County Sink Horseheads 50,000 Ontario County Bank Poelps ? Petrin Bank Rocbfster 55 000 Smith'i Bank cfPerry P?rry 50 000 liogaCounty Bank Waverley ? * In place of Bank of Chenango (Safety Fund), char ter expired, t In place of Individual Dairymen's Bank. X In p ace ci Individual Msrcan.ite Bans of PlatUburg. v In place of Sa'e.y Fund Ontario Branch Bank, char ter expired. The following are to day's transactions at the Assistant Treasurer s office:? Paid on Treasury aoeonnt $184,711 03 Received on Trtasnry account 184,794 64 Balance on Treasury account 8,906.666 20 Paid for Assay office 131,763 76 Paid on disbursing checks 40,406 07 The payments Include $35,000 Call'ornia drafts. The receipts includt $60.COO for transfer draft on Bos ton. The Washington, which sails to-morrow for Southamp ton and Bremen, will not take out a hundred thouernd dollars in specie. KS3 We have received ths report of the Minnesota Mining Con pany, from which we note that another dividend of $10 per share has been declared. This mine has divided $380,000 among its stockholders during the last four years. In connection with this the revival of ths Mining Board, and the spirited business thereat deserves notice. Few new companies have been introduced as yet; but several old acquaintances? among which the Gardiner Gold appears to have held Its own as well as any?are daily dealt In. The Fort Wayne and Mississippi Railroad have pub lished a report, in which they say that on all the an' J scriptions a sum of only $50 22 has been collected. They have eemmeneed work, however, by the construction of a few yards of gradisg near Fort Wayne. A new railroad, to be called the North, East and South west Alabama Railroad, la about to be teken in hand by a company in that State. It is to run from Chattanoga, Tennessee, to Marion, Mississippi. The acnexed statement exhibits ths quantity and value of foreign dry goods enbsred at this port for oonsump tion, for warehouse, and the withdrawals from ware house, daring the week ending and Including Thursday, April 17, 1866:? Movkmbxt* in friRWii Drt Goods. Abirred for Omiurnptwn. Uuq rUitv. VftJ i l* Manufactures ot wool... 947 $293,876 OO. ot cotton 663 147,610 do. sf sltfc 386 296.7u8 ae. el flax 828 74,276 Miscellaneous 256 80.834 Total 2 680 $802,803 Withdrawn J ram Warehouse. Manufactures oi worn 74 do. ot cotton V <?! do ot nilk 132 do. oi tlax 35 Miscellaneous 1,618 Total 1,861 $102,946 Wardtouied. Manufactures of wool Ill $26 993 do. of cotton 118 22.127 do. ot silk 86 40,121 do. of flax 29 7,198 Miscellaneous 168 41.245 Total 502 $137,694 Value put on ths market during the week $495,749 The past week aas witnessed large Importations an 1 diminished sale* by the jobbers to the trade, and larger quantities of goods have been sold at the auction rooms, at lece satisfactory prices. Indeed, a smart decline has been submitted to, and should goods continue to arrive for some time longer, at the rates at,which they have b?en imported for the past few weeks, we may expect a break down In prices. The jobbers buy sparingly and cautiously, yet this will not pre vent our importations be ing forced off at anction. When importers slacken up foreign manufacturers may ship direct to factors here with orders to sell? if not in the usual way?by auction. But such a state of trade, from its irrsgnlar and unheal thy nature, soon works its wn cure. Wnen goods com* to be sacrificed, those whojsupply them and stand the losses will soon be forced to change their course or lose their capital. Dry goods, like other branches of trade, are subject to fluctuations and cbonges. We Hod that a few years lias suffixed to change I'm location in this city from the east to the west side o the town?there having been a sort of general migra tlon I rum Pear) street to Broadway and the cross streets leading from It to the North river. The wholesale bnsioess Is every year lncreasieg at the principal Western towns, mch as Cincinnati, St. Louie and Chicago, all of whicb did a linger wholesale busiceia last year then usual and the time may arrive when they may form the prtnnj>al points of distribution. The Southern cities are glso increasing in the wnclesale or distributing trade. Nevertheless, New York mo?t main, tain her pre-eminenee as the chief Importing emporium, and instead of sending forward goods from broken cases and packages, she will send them on in their original fotm, on an itcrf aeel scale, to other points of distriou tion. Collect lots OOnUntie good, and the failures limited. Tha chief meneta^ difficulties are experienced in sec Hons o' oountiy at the West, where the heavy decline in breadstuff* and provisions bti boon Boat foil. At ths South and South w*st money i* repre sen tod to be abon dant, chiefly owing to the great rise m cotton; and con sequently, wo bear of few failure* m that direction. The export* of cotton cloth* from thi* port from ihs 1st of January to the 8th of April, 1866, have amounted to 10,026 packages, against 6,600 tor th* same period in 1866; and from Boston th* ?nf>3rt this year ha* reached 9,723 packages, against 3,028 in 1866. In domestic goods we have to n< tie* that brown sheet ings and shirting* have been steady; heavy sheetings were firm at 7V?- ? 8a., and light standard goods steady at 6%e. a 7c. The demand was moderate for all kinds. Drills were in fhir demand for export, at 7V?. a 8c.; bleached sold at 8j?o., and blues at 9)je. Corset jeans were unoharged. Oinabuig* were in increased supply, especially of common grades, with a steady home trade. Denim* were in fair demand, without change of moment in quotations. Stripes and ticks were mnoh less aetive, w. th a better stock; while prices were tolerably well sup. ported. Cotton duck continued in good demand, without charge in prices. So far there has been no corresponding changs la the value of manufactured cotton goods with the enhancement in the valne of ra w cotton. As respects foreign gxxls, although the importer* and ehbers bare done a fair business, greater than that o1 the same period last year, but not what they expected, yet the heavy importations recently made hare had a depressing influenee on the market, and prices are gene rally lower, exeept In new and desirable style* of goods, which are in demand for the city and oonntry retail trade and have become mere or iess scarce. French dress, and tancy silks, and fib bona, 4c , are said also to favor purchasers. Stock Birhmge. fUUT. April 18, 1866, 86000Kent 6's b3 104 loo ??* ?no RR..60O o7 6000 dol6yb.b3H3 3M do 6t? 2000 V rg nia 6'e... fc?V 60 do *3 6' \ 24000 Missouri 6's... 84 V 60 do b30 tbj, 10010 do 84 V 50 do b3') 67 600City 6'e, '70... 97 60 do 03 66V 1000 Bar 2o m bds.. 76.V 60 do 0 5' V li 00 Erie Con Bds '71 8 V 1160 Rtadtng KK..,c 91V 2000 do 83 100 do 91V 3000 do 83V 100 do (30 91V 1010 Erie Con bds '62 8c V 000 do btlO 91>, 1060 HucRiv 3dmbds 71 100 do o30 92 88 300 do b60 62 V 88 260 do 660 92 V 88 10 Wis Lake Shore. 73 S8V 60 do ... .600 73\ 87 V 2C0 Harlem RB 19V 87 V SiLHqdson River KB, ?ij; 67V 246Miohigan Cen ft.e 96 87 46 do bio 96V 5< OOChi&RlsidRRbds 96 60 do o30 66V 600 111 4 Tel 2d m bs 60 5 Panama BR 1,4>, 30o0 Goshen Line ba 86 V 220 do 1MV 0 shs Bans of X A. 107 V 100 do b30 104 >, 46 Metropolitan Bk. 110 V 150 111 Cen BR si 67 V 26 Bk of Commerce. Ill 100 0iv4Put4 tt.s4in. 61 60 1'tnn Coal Co. bio 10IV 0 Chv, C 4Cln.... HIV 52! do 101 16 Galena 4 Chi. BR 114 15 8t Nicholas Bk.., 96V 60 do.'. b7sll3 20 Park Bank 99 71 do 113V 100 Canton Co....hOO 23}4 70.C!er 4 oolR.pij. 80V 100 Dei4BudCCo.seO 128 560 do upg 80V 1110 do opg 81 200 do 015 81 200 di 80V 160 do...cp&s 80V 200 do s60 76 300 Chi 4 RI RR.b30 94 60 do c 64 100 do 93 V 60 Mil 4 Miss K. .*10 85V 50 do b60 8oV 100 do 86V 10 New Jersey RK.. 121 10 do 121V 100 Mle Sok.Vl R..c 98 400 Nic Trans Co.... 14 It 00 111 Cen RK bds. ?000 do . . ,bl6 15000 do.. .. bfcO 10- to do.. .. b60 6000 do... . sSO 500 do.. 5'OOQ do.. . *99 25010 do.., , ...a 660 Cum 6 Cl Co 23 100 N J Zinc Co 2.V 82 N Y Cen RR. 92 "A do.,., 91V 56 do 91V 560 do.... .b30 92 50 do.... 92V 200 do.... .*60 91V b0 do , 91V 150 do 91V 36^' Erie RR 66V 100 do.,,. slO 66V 500 do.... t to 50V 60 do , , 60V 560 do ... . .b3 86V -00 do , blO 66V SECOND $1000 Missouri 6 84 V loooo do .. .... 84V 60 sha Erie RR. ..s30 50 V 81 do 5o V HO abs Com C Co.*30 23 100 oo *60 56V 1C0 do *3 23 180 Gev4rolRR..p4o 80V lOOHiwasseMgCo... 3 420 do opg 80V 100 Panama Krt..bt'0 104V 100 Reading RR,. ,s30 91V to eo 600 104V 150 do 91V 300 X Y Cen RR.. .3d 91V '00 do blO 91V 36 Cbi 4 R laid RR.. 9>?a 200 MiehS&NIaRRopg 99 150 Erie RK boo 57 60 Wis LakeShweKR 72V 300 do 66V MINING BOARD. lOOshsWC4I..b70 46 lOOshsGardGold. b3 $1 00 100 do blO 46V 2000 do.... b30 10 100 do bio 46V 100 do.... blO 1 05 30 N A Gut Per., .e $16 1600 do c 96 1600 GardGolc...s3 1 00 600 X Carolina.bl6 165 1000 do? blO 1 00 100 co e 160 CINCINNATI STOCK SALES. By Kirk <?? C7wecer,/or lAe Week Ending April 15,1856. RONDti. Ftr Cent. Little Miami RR 6'a, Mortgage Binds 80% Ccv k Lex KR Co, lid Mortgage, 7'a, Bonds 65 Ohio k Miss RR Co, 2d Mort, 7's, Bonds, (East Div) 45 Marietta k Cin RR Jo. 7's, 1st Mortgage Binds.... 65 Indianapolis k Cin RK Co, 2d Mort. 7's, Binds.... 80 Hillsboru' k Cin RR Co, 7's, lot Mort Bonds 50 Cin, Ham k Dayton RR Co, 2d Mort, 7's, Bonds.... 85 Cin, Wilm k Zanes RR Co, 2d Mort, 7's Binds 68 Cot & Lex RR Co, 10's, Inoome Bcncs 58 Indianapolis k Cin Dividend Bones 70 Cin, Hamilton k Dayton RR 06 Columbus k Xeuia RR 8t? Cin k Chicago RR ? lj{ Central Onio RR 10 Cin, Wltm k Kaneerilie RR 15 . Cot & l?x RR 16 " Dsyton k Western RR 18' Eaten & Hamilton RR 23 Indiana Central RR 48 Indianapolis k Cin RR I 8 Little Miami RR 12 Mad Rlvar k Lake Erie RR 16 Mai letta k Cin RR r Ohio k Mississippi RR. ? Hiilsboro' k Cin RR Per* k Inaianopolls RR '8 Farmers' Bank of Kentucky ;((? Firemen's Insurance Co ftoek Beiiefontaine k Indiana RR - (T1 Cin, Harrison and Indianapolis RR lt(J CITY COMMBRCIAL REPORT. Ekihat, April 18?6 P. M. Asm*.?Sales of about 75 bbls. pots were made, in par cels, at 46 62X. Pearls were nominal at $8 26. TUe supply of bo in sorts was Tery limited, which restricted tram actions. Breamwi kfp.?F out?The market was firm, and in soil e cases rale' were made at a slight sdTance. Tne sales embrace d 7,000 a 8,000 bbls., iocluciog common to'stra ght f-tata and Western at (6 12% a $6 25, and 86 26 a $7 37 let good medium and low grades of extra Western. Extra Genesee and St. Louis were quiet at 87 a 89. Toe marks, c oeed firm, but somewhat less animated than at the opening. Canadian was in moderate demand, wi'h sale, ol 410 a 500 bbls. at 86 60 a 88 60, and ch >ise extra, in small lots^were at $9. Soatnern was udchanged, rhe salea embraced 1,200 a 1,600 bbls., at 87 a 49 60 fur mixed to good choice lots, and 47 62% a 48 62% tor tan cy ana exira brands. Wheat?The market was quiet, and prices uLcbmg-'i. bales, in email lots, of Tennessee red were mace at 41 "0, and .Soutnern white at 91 81 for lair quality. Interior qualities were neglect ed. Rye was in moderate request; 2 600 bushels Pel nrylvania were sold at 91c.; Northern was at 93c. a 95c. asked. Com?The sales were confined to about 15,000 a 20.000 bushels, inclndiog sousd mixed at 63c. and at 66c. a 66c. lor prime white and yellow. Oati were without ctange In quotations. Cofi*? the market was unchanged. The sa'es em braced about 60O a 600 bags Rio, at ll%c. a ll%c ; 60 do. common, at 10%c., and 200 mats JaTa, at 14%c Cotton.?Tne market continued firm, with sales of about 2,000 a 2,6CO bales, based on middling uplands at 11c. a ll ^c. Ekkk.htk?There was a slight reaction in rates. To Liverpool 1 000 bbls. flour were engaged at Is. 8d.; 3,000 bush*Is wheat, at 4%d., in bags; and 1.000 hnshils r ,rn at priTate terms. 120 boxes bason, at 17s. 6d.: and 300 a 3li0 bales compressed cotton at %d. To I. .idoa 1.000 bbls. turpen'lne were engaged at 3s., and 51 boxes b txio at 26s. To Glasgow .'100 packeges bacon wers engrgeI at 16s. To Havre cotton was at %c a %c Rates to San I renciseo were at 30c. per foot measurement. Hat war lower. The sales witbiD a day or two have embraced from 1,000 a 2,COO bales, for shipment, at 76c. a 80c per 100 los. Ikon was quiet, at 885 a $37 per ton for Scotch pig. MoLAana ?400 a 600 bbls. New Orleans were add at 4?>e a 47c. for giud to prime quality. Natal Stork*.?Further sales of rosin werb made at 81 76. and ot spirits at i8c. Provisions.?Pork?Pi ices again adTaoce<), and the sa?s embraced about 700 bbls., including mars at 417 50 a 917 68%?at the close holders demande 1 417 75; prims sold at 916 75. Beef was heavy, and price" favored pur chasers. About 150 bbis. wsre sold, inducing oountry prims at 97 62% a 48, and 48 26 a 910 lor mess do.; 810 25 a 813 for repacked Western; and 813 26 a 814 25 for extra mess. Beef hams unchanged. Cut meats were s'eadv, with wl'h saies of 120 packages at 7c. a 7%c. for shoulders, and 8%?. a He. foe hams. FHjod vh. drm with sales of 400 boxes thort bone in middles i9%c , to arrive; 100 do. do. at 9%?., and 100 do. brneleas at 9%i. lard was somewhat li rrner, with sales of 300 a 400 bois at 9%c. a 10c. Butter was at 14c ? 18c. or Uhlo, and 17c a 26c. for State. Cheese dull at j o. a 10c. Rkai. i statu.?House and lot 96 West Thirty ninth street, 26 by 98, 84,800; house and lot on Korty-fourtn street, near Broadway, 18 by 100, 87,400, house and lot on Fifty seernd street, near Broadway, 14 bv 100, $5,800: 1 lot on Sixly sixth street, near Eighth svenue, 25 hy 100, 4520; 2 lots on Ninetieth street, near Fifth avenue 26,'oy bail the block, $406 each; 1 lot on Fourth aveou", uexr FJeh'leih street, 28 by 100, 4675; 1 lot adjoining. 26 be 150. 9575, house and lot No. 5 Mercer street 26 by 100, $19,(50; 4 lots on HPy-fourih street, near hirst avenue, each 25 by 120, 82,600 each. 6 lota oo Forty-fifth atreet, near 8ltb avenue, together 160 by 80, 822,760. 2 lots ad joining each 26 by 100, with gore.on rear, t-getber, 44,600; house and lot, 132 West Twelfth street, 25 oy 103, 89 000. Ri'f. ?The market was firm with sales of 100 casks at 4%o. a 4%e. npi'm? Ssles of about 860 bsga pimento were made at lie., and 100 bsgs African ginger at 6%e. psr lb. and 16 cases nutmegi at 93c. a 94c. Si ' aw ?The market was again active and firm. Ths sales embraced about 2.200 hhda.. Including about 1 000 to 1,600 Cuba mnscovada at 7c. a 7%e., with some lots prime i t "c.; 400 do. Porto Rir > at about 7%c. a 8c., and 22 do. at 7v>. a . with small lots New 'ir'ean* at prl T?'e tertrs, s.rd 162 hbds., 24 tierces and 10 obis. Demy. rar? tor refining at private term v. Some ef the reflners, 1*. v u 'aid, have sola ahead, and are taking orders for quvery at future price*. Refined augur* wars Arm, Ibu t n stations fur the present wer* considered somewhat Toraooo.?The demand for the article U good, but the deficient supplies prevent transections of note. Seles of 87 bhd*. Virginia and Kentucky at 9e. a 13c.; 64 bales Havana at 24c. a 32c ; 100 bale* Yarn at p. t.; 72 caeca seedieaf at 7 >40. a 18c.; 61 do. Florida at 16c. a 22c. Wool The market ha* been void of animation since our last. Purchasers were unanimous In the belief that price* bave seen their highest. Still there i* not much reason to apprehend a decline, while the supply 1* so light?hardly sufficient to keep the factorlei In qperation till ehearttg time, full two month* hence. whiskst.?Sate* of 160 a 200 bbla. State Prison were made at 26Xo. Toa?Per Monsoon, Ac. Term* six mouth*. Firson? 39 half chests at 40Xc.; 40 do. 36)40.; 66 do. Sic. Young Hyson?187 half chests at 46_',o.; 182 do. 46 Xo.; 88 do. 48Xe. ;100<o. 40)fo.;26 do. 38Xe.; 170 do. 36c.; 580 do. 33c.; 43 do. 27o.; Ill do. 26c.; 107 do. 24 We. ; 140 d>. 24e.; 170 do. 23Xc.; 179 do. 22s.; 21 do. 20e.; 20 do. 19c.; 44 do. 18)40.; 06 do. 18c.; 7 do. 17o.; 60 do. 16)4o.; 37 do. 10c. Imperial?71 half ehetta at 62)4e. Hysoa Skin '26 chests at 21 he. Hyson Twankay?67 half ohsata at 32o.; 11 do. 26)4e.; 8 do. 26o. Oolong Pauehong?22 chests at 49c.; 20 do. 41 fee.; 41 do. 40c.: 63 half do. je. Osloeg Souchong?62 halfchsstsat 19c. Souchong

?410 obestsat (7c.; 300 half do. 23c.; 100 do. 19)4c.; 418 do. 19c ; 118 do. 17)40.; 661 do. 17*.; 486 do. 16 X*. Oolong? f 07 half cheats at 46* ; 160 do. 30 X?-: 260 do. 29e.; 262 do. 28He-; 200 do. 26Xe-l 238 do. 26e.; 76 do. 26Xc.; 1121 do. 26c.; 608 do. 24X?-i 279 do. 24}.; 816 do. 23 Wc.; 148boxeedo. 68 Xc-; 91 do. 87Xc.; 30 do. 48c ; 112 do. 46e.; 203 do. 46*c.; 60 do. 42Xe.; 60 do. 42c ; 26 do. 41c.; 384 do. 40Xc. FAMILY MARKETING. RETAIL PRICKS OF FARM PRO DOCK IN WASHINGTON MARKET. Meat exhibits a slight dscllne this week, and butchers ray the prices tend down sard. Poultry and game are getting much dearer than they were, as was to be expect ed. This is the breeding season ot birds and game, and he is a poor, mean, tnhnman sportsman that would hant and shoot until the "loves of the birds" are consum mated. Fish is gettlDg cheaper, and as will he aeen by our list, usny new varieties are in market. Shad is abundant, but connoisseurs say it does n9t taste so well this year, as usual. Soft shell crabs, terripin, Ac., are in and much sought after. ' Butter and cheese maintain the same ratee, but eggs are eheeper, 8 a 9 being given for a shilling. The vegetable market btgins to look well. Spring track, mostly from the South, is eomlng In abundantly. Green peas, string beans, and tomatoes ar* among the rest. Rut for particulars the reader had better consul' f ur list, which will ae found to be oorrest. The follow jxf art tire price#:? MEATS. Beef?lArioin, roast, per lb 13 I 0 15 Bib, roast, prime ? a 0 12 Kib, chuck ? a 0 11 Sirloin steaks ? a 0 18 Porterhouse steaks 20 a 0 26 Bump steaks 13 a 0 16 Plates and navels, corned 0 10 a 0 12 Mutton, pe* lb 0 10 a 0 13 per carca-ie, per lb 0 09 a 0 10 lamb? " " 08 a 0 10 per lb ? a 0 12 Veal? " 0 10 a 0 14 Veal, fore quarters, per lb 0 07 a 0 10 Hiud quarters " 0 10 a 0 13 Veal cutlets " 0 20 a 0 26 Young pig, each 2 60 a 3u0 " per lb 0 09 a 0 19 Pork, fresh, per lb ? a 0 12 Hams, smoked, per lb 0 12 a 0 14 Shoulders " " ? a 0 10 Sides " " ? a 9 14 Sides, pickled " ? a 0 12 Jowls " ? a 010 Sknoked beet " ? a 012 a 0 76 Beef tonguee, pieoe Sausages " ? a u 12 Bologna sausages " ? a 0 26 Tripe " 0 07 a 0 08 Lard " ? a ? 12 POULTRY AMD GAME. Wild turkies, each 266 a 500 Turkey*, per lb ? a 0 2" Geese, " 0 11 a 0 13 Ducks, tame, per pair 1 76 a 2 00 Widgeon, per pair -.. 0 62X a ? ttwiBli per lb ? a 0 18 gprirg chickens, per pair 1 00 a 1 37 X Fowls, pair 1 00 a 1 60 Guinea do., " 0 75 a 1 00 Pigeons, stall fed, per dos 1 75 a 2 60 Quail, " ? a 2 00 Partridges, pair 0 83 a ? Rabbits, " 0 80 a ? Black duck, " ? a 0 76 Hares, per pair ? a 0 75 Broad bill duck ? a 0 76 Brant, per pair, 160 a ? Venison, per ib 10 a 0 18 Canvass back duck, per pair 160 a ? Squirrels, per pair 0 12X a 0 26 Capons, per lb 0 26 a ? Grouse, per pair 1 00 a ? fruits. Apples, Newtown pippin*, per bbl..... 4 06 a 4 60 " greenings, " ? a 3 00 " russets. " ? a 3 26 " Spitzenberg, " ? a 8 60 '< GillUlower, " 2 00 a 2 60 " all sorts, half peek 0 26 a 0 30 Cranberries, per bbl ? a 20 00 " per quart 20 a 6 26 FISH. Shad, eaek 0 18 a 0 37X Terripin, each ? a 0 87)4 Brook treat, per lb ? a 0 40 Smelts, " ? a 0 12 Piks, ?? ? a 0 16 PiekereQ, " ? a 0 12 Bess, < ? a 0 14 Suckers, " ? a 0 08 Suutish. " ? a 0 08 Codfish, " 0 06 a 0 07 Eels, " 10 a 0 12 Frost fish " 0 06 a 0 10 tiaeo, " ? a 0 10 I'ereh, " ? a 010 1'orgies, " ? a 009 Flounders, " ? a 0 08 Bull heads " ? a 0 08 Haddock. " ? a 006 Halibut, " ? a 0 12 Fresh mackerel," 0 10 a ? Halt mackerel, " 0 12 a 0 16 Salt shad, ? 0 12X a ? Smoked halibut, " 0 10 a ? Do. mackerel, " 012 a ? Sounds and tongues, par lb 0 08 a ? Smoked shad " 0 12 a ? Soused salmon, perean 2 60 a ? Smoked salmon, par lb 0 16 a Dry codfish, " 061 a 006 SHELLFISH. Oysters?Prinecs bay, per 100 0 62X a 1 66 Virginia " 0 60 a 1 60 Clams?Shrewsbury, per 100 0 26 a 0 75 Little Neck, " ? a 2 60 Lobsters, per lb 0 06 a 0 06 Crabs, per dosen ? a 0 18 VEGETABLE**. Potatoes, mercer, per bbl ? a 2 2? " Carter's " ? a 2 BO " -western reds, " ? a 1 75 " per half-peck 10 a 16 -i Sweet, per bbl ? a 4 06 ?? " half peck ? a 0 20 Squashe*. per dot ? a 1 90 Red onions, per bushel ? a 100 White onions, " ? a 1 26 Cabbage*?new, each 0 06 a 0 08 Cabbages?red, each . ? a 0 10 Savoy cabbage 0 04 a 0 (>s Beets, per bushel... ? a 0 60 Carrots, doe ? a 0 12 Balao, each ? a 0 16 Carlick, per bunch ? a 0 18 Lettuce, per head 0 02 a 0 04 Leeks, bunch 0 06 a ? Turnips, white, per half peck ? a 0 12 lima oeans, soaaed, per quart ? a 0 12 Parsley, ouSh ? a 0 0T Celery, bunch 68 a 0 12 Green peat, per quart ? a 0 12 Parsnips, per do* ? a 0 16 Bronrale, eaah 0 0S a 0 08 Tomatoes, box 0 26 a 1 06 Ppinscb, balfpeck ? a n 16 Cauliflower, eecb ? a 0 12 BUTT**, 0HXE8B, BTO. Batter?Ptate, per lb 28 a o -5 Orange, " 6 28 a ? ?bio. ? 0 IT a 0 21 Cheese, per It 0 10 a 0 12 English, per lb ? a 0 21 Pineapple, each ? a 1 12Jt Sspsago, per lb ? I 0 ti Rev* 8 ? a O wx Baney, it raised, per lb 0 18 a 0 26 FtiwnTKE. qm SPI.fcumn LABOR BOHR WOOD BEDSTEAD - ? clock for sale, and hair mattress. App.y at 160 n.TV Thirty sixth street. Also, workshop to 1st |j^OtiR?YlUBE, PUBBITCRE ? HIGHEST CaBB PRIOa JT paid for house bold furniture of eveny description, carosw. etlelo'h tetther beds, watches, jewelry, firearms, surH-ial musical and nautical Instruments. Parties promptly unites Mdroprln# a line or calling on McOAFFBat iWtlr , auction and commission merchant*. Bo. II OatbarkM street, or 4Alt Rrnome street, sorrier of Mercer b CRSnPRE FOR BALK?tPV)?I'ARLOR, KITCHKM P end ebsmber, nearlv sew. Will be sold cbsap. A rare char re for any young folks commencing boure as there Is eTcryth'ns required. For particulars address Amerlcu*. He-aid i 111 re. "TiCRMTUBK FOB HAI.K.-A fill ALL FAMILV, ABOUT J re-rovlns from the cKy, would sell (heir parlor chamoer and kitchen fiirniture, at low price*. The articles have been need but lltt e, and are a* good as new. Thoae In want are In vited to eiamlne. Address Htnsrt. Herald ofllce. |j>OB 8a LB CHEAP?A* ELEEAMT LOT Of QKHffPE r sllure consisting of marble top tables, bedsteads hat atsnds, towe racks umbrella stands, china, g a** and fancy article*: together with the store futures, at S94 Broadway; or win he ei'-hanged for real estate In this city. Two good pack en wanted. OLD PTAWD FOB CHHAP F0RNIT17BR. FEATHER beds. m*ttre?se? and pillow*; furniture reoalred var nished and upholstered; caalrs seated. Iron and sofa bedsteads, si*o large walnut bookcase for sale. Old furniture hnugat or richanged, miituesee* mude over. O. W. HNfCMKNS, 26.1 Powery. between Houston and Stanton streets. ~ OCDLIIT ATD AtHI 8T\ ,( kl -1! r It * i.Mf" lets I'll tfTB. FUJ AHTOB FL ?(fi'oMlf tor. Halt?D. B. ELLIOTT, M D., Informs hi* friends ard the pub'to that be ha* returned from Europe, and es'ahllsned an ISfUtnte for diseases of the eye, with all the modern Im pmvemente In ophlhalasJe medicine and surgery. Offloe boar* Owes 10 to A ? gHIPPOIO. yO* LIVRKFOOL.-r HIT ID BTATKS MAIL 8TBAM P ship BALTIC, Captain J. J. Oomxtook.?This steamship will depart with ihe United States mail* for Europe, positively, on Pa'urday. April X, at 12 o'clock M., from her Perth at the foot 01 Uat,al street This ship ha Improved water tight bulkhead*. For freight or passage, having unequalled aooemmodatlons for etegaoee and eomiort apply to EDWARD K. COLLI KB, M Wall street. Passengers are requested to be on board at 11 A. M. Shippers will please like notloe that the ships at this Une cannot carry any goods oontrabaad of war. All letters must pas* through thsipost office; any other! will be returned. The steamship ?? wHl succeed the Baltic, and sail May 10. The steamers of this Une, to avoid any danger from lee, will not cross the Backs of Newfoundland north of At degrees until after the 1st sf August. f|iBB NEW~YOBK AND LIVERPOOL UNIT CD STATHB mall steamers.?The ships eomposteg this Mae are foe fol lowing:? ATLA ?vsryssse has been Is ksn In their eonstrue for engines, to sesure strength and speed, ead lows for pasMngere ere unequalled tor sie ATLANTIC, Oast Week rAOIFTC, Cent. NVlrldge. Baltic. Cent.Com leek. ADRIATIC, Capt . These ehipsBave been built bv ernment service. tioa, ss aleo tn thsir i _ thptr aeecsnmodalteM for pssmngsr* are sseqssW I geaee ana eomlart. Prlee of passage from Mew Ytefc to liver> poo , In first etese eabta, fUO; taseeoad do., ?7#; cnetnAve aaa of extra size staterooms. MX; from Liverpool to Maw Tork, 96 and 20 guineas. An txperlanoed surgeon etleehed So eaehahlp. Me berth sesored until paid for. PBOPOBKD DATES OF SAILING. from new tors. not ursnroob Saturday, Feb. 16 1886 Wednesday, Feb. 20 1866 Saturoay, Mar. 1 1866 Wednesday, Mar. 6 1866 Saturday, Mar. U 1866 Wadaesday, Mar. 10 1866 Saturday, Mar. 10 1866 Wednesday, Ao'l 2 U66 Saturday, Ap'l 18 1866 Wedneaday, Ap'l 16 1866 Saturday, Ap'l X 1886 Wedneaday, Ap'l 90 1866 Saturday, May 10 1866 Wednesday, May 14 1866 Saturday, May 24....t.,.1866 Wefeetday, May 28 1866 Wedneaday, Jane 11 1*66 Fur freight or passage apply to hNWT) K. COLLINs, 86 Wall street M. T. BBOWM, SBIPLKT A CO.. Liverpool. SThPBBM KKNNaBD A o6.. 27 Austin Friars, Louden. B. G. WAIN WBIGHT A CO., Paris. Ibe owners ot these shlpe will not be accountable for gold, sllvtr. bullion, speeie, jewelry, precious stones or mete's, un less bills of lading are signed therefor, and the value thareoi therein expressed. Shippers pleas s take nottae that the ships of this line sarry any goods oontrabaad of war. AUnetters must pass through foe Poof office; any other win be returned. None*.?The day of departure of this line from Mew Tssk for 1866 will be Saturday, oommcnctngJan 6, and every alter nate Saturday; and from Liverpool. Wednesday, commencing Jan. 28. and every alternate Wednesday. OTICR.-FOB LIVBRPOOL.?OLD AND FAVORITE _ . line ?The splendid clipper packet ship C1TT OK BROOKLYN will tall for the above port on Monday, the list sf April Ber accommodations for cabin, second cabin and steerage passengers cannot be surpassed. For passage, which la at the lowest rates, apply on board, at pier 46 Bus ylver; or to THUS. H. O'BRIEN, 159 South street. ATOllCK.-FOR LIVERPOOL.-CLIPPER SHIP K8 is CCKT will positively sail this day, at 12 o'clock, at which hour passengers are requested to be on board. Room lor a few mere, a polv on board, pier 8, North river, or to DkMAREnT A JuNES, No. 40 South street, and 36 Old slip. jjlOB LIVERPOOL -TAPSCOfT'S L1NB-WITIJ IMR1 N' packet ship HAM. M. FOX, 1,200 tons register, AjAtngworth, master, will be despatched punctually, ad above. For freight or passage, apply to the captain, on board, at pier No, 11 North river, or to To P8UOTT A CO., 86 South street. siH>B LIVERPOOL?TO SAIL POSITIVELY ON THE JT 21st ot April.?Tne tavorlte packetshlp CALHOUN. Capt Truman, will sail as above, without delay. This we 1 known packet has superior state room accommodations toFcabin, second cabin and steerage passengers. Apply on board, pier 6 North river, or to H. 0. A. TEN EYCK, 67 South street. L'OB LIVEhPOOL.?THE FAVORITE PACKET SHlP P ARCTIC, Captain Eerega, will poeitlvely sail on We Ines day. April 23. her accommodations for all classes of pas sengers are uxsurpassed. For passage apply on board, pier 14. east ilver, or to SAB EL A OOBrls. 1* Broadway. 1DOR LIVERPOOL-ST. GEORGE'S UNE OF CL PI'KR P ships. The celebrated dipper ship DREADNOUGHT, Captain bamOels.wlll sail on Wednesday, April 23. For passage. In cabin, second cabinor steerage, having superior accommo dallons,apply on board, pier 8 North river, or to DEMARKST A JONEB, 40 Sou'h street and 36 Old slip. SjtOR HAVRE. DIRKUT-THM FRENCH HOKUM P steamship ALMS, 2,300 tons burthen, will leave lor foe above port on Saturday, May 3. at 2 o'olock preoteely; pries si KT&fo VMS Seeond catiin K We ?eg to eall tne attention of Shippers to the differences el duties In France on foreign produce per French vessels. Fes freight or passage apply to the agents. KM A ED. POIKIER A CO., 17 William St The Baroel ne will suooeed the Alma, and sail Tuesday, .Tune 3. RAM BETWEEN NEW YORK AND GLASGOW.? EDINBURGH, 2.500 tone, Capt Wm Cummlng. NKWYiiRK, 3 150 " Capt Robt. Craig. GLAEGOW, 1,962 " Capt John Duncan. The Glasgow and New York Steamship Company Intend sailing tbeir new and powerful steamer EDINBURGH, from New York for Glargow direst, on Saturdav, May 17. at twelve o'clock noon. Bates of passage?First class, 276; third class, found with cooked provisions, 290. An experienced surgeon attached to each steamer. For freight or passage apoly to JOHN Mc8YMOn7I7 Broadway. New York city bills or gold only reoelved for passage. S" Foil (SOUTHAMPTON AMD HAVKE.?THR UNITED States mall iMoer ARAOO, D. Lines, commander, wllj leave for Havre, touching at Southampton to land the malli and passengers on Saturday, May 3, at 13 o'alock, front pies No. 37 Mora river, foot of Beaeh street. mica or frmaoh. Pint cabin |1M Second aabln 7f Thla thip hat five water tight eompartmenla, enalonlng the en gine, to that I nthe event or oolllslon or etmndlag (be water aonld not reach them, and the pumpt being free to work, the aalety ot the vetael and paaeeagera would be tecured. Bag gage not wanted during the vovage thould be tent on board the day be tore tailing, marked "below." No freight will be taken after 1 hureday, May 1. For freight or pamege apply to , MOK1IMEH LIVINGSTON, agent. 53 Broadway. N. *B.?The steamer Pulton wlllauoeeed the Arago, andjaafi the S^st of May. BOM NEW TORE TO BRKMRN VIA SOUTHAMPTON and Havre.?The United States mail ateamahip WASH INGTON, E. Oavendy, oummaader, will aail for Bremen, touching at Southampton to land the tnalla end peaeengera for Inglana and Pranea, on Saturday, April 19, at 13 o'clock M., from pier No. 37. North river. price or rase age raok hew tors to southajvptov oe BBEMEM. In firs* cabin, main aalaon glfr In tlrat cabin, lower saloon lit In aeeoadeabin M An experienced aurgeon la attached to each ateemer. Specie delivered hi Havre or Loudon. No paroels received on the day of sailing. All letters must para through the Post office. For Damage or freight apply to 0. H. SaND, agent, 11 South street. The steamer Hermann will auooead the Washington, and aaf May 17. Notice to passengers and importers-thr steamship CITY OF BALTIMORE* 3.454 tons,500 horse power, Oeataln Robert Lelteb, is Intended to resume the ml ing from Liverpool to Phllaos pbla oe Wednesday, the Z3d of April. The Liverpool end Philadelphia Steamship OompMg Intend sailing their favorite steamships? CITY OFBaLTIMORR, 2,454 tons. Oapt. Robert Leltck. CITY OF WASHINGTON, 2.330 tons, Oapt. Wm. WyUe. CITY OF MANCfiRSTER. 3.109 tons, CapU P. a Petrie. KANGAROO, L974 tons, Oapt. B. Swing. rBOM LIVERPOOL. City of Baltimore Wednesday. 33d Aprft. City of Baltimore Wednesday, 4th Jane, FROM PHILADELPHIA. City of Baltimore Thursday, 15th May. Cltyot Baltimore Thursday, 36th June. RATBS or FAMISH. Saloon, 990, 955 aad 956 aecorllngto state rooms. A limited number of third class passengers will be takes from Philadelphia and Liverpool, and found In provisions. From Philadelphia 930 From Liverpool. 94f These steamships are constructed with Improved wvtet tight compartments, and each vessel carries an expert an aei surgeon. Parties wishing to bring out their friends eaa obtain oerUfi eatea of passage and drafts on Liverpool in sums of ?1 sterling and upwards. Apply to JOHN G. DALE, Aft., 17 Walnut St., Phils., av BaUKL A CORTIh, 177 Bmadway, New York. EST INfrIRS AND VENEZUELA STEAMSHIP COM peny, for I.aguayra and Puerto Cabel'o, stopping at SL Thomas and Porto Rloo, carrying the United Hates mail. The ap enald new ateemer TENNKSHKB, (1 200 tona burthen), O M. Webber. Commander, will leave for the above ports on WednrMay, May 7. at 12 o'clock precisely. Thla steamer will arrive la time at St. Thomas lor puneugers to take the British mall steamers to Guadaloupe, Granada, ' Trinidad, Marttal'iut Barbaeoea, St Berts, It Croix, St. Martin, Demerara, Antigua, St Kttts, bt Martha, Atpln*aU,i. d San Juan, Nicaragua, and the West India Islands. PHtCE or PASSAGE. Frcm New York to St. 1 homas, or Porto Hloo 970 To Lsgua- ra. or Porto L'abelio 85 Steerage passaae 25 All letters must pa?s through the Post office. No bill of lading will be signed ei-f.pt those furnished by the oompany. For freight or passage apply to 6. DE aUKnDA, JOVE A CO., 47 South street POUNDS Ba (rOAt iRFR K N?10 <I HINTS P B R PC U h O oa excess?Four hourn from ooean to ooean, by Panama Railroad. Through tor California via Panama Railroad. The Untied Slates Mall Steamship Company win dispatch for As piowall, on Monday, April 31, at 2 o'oloek P. M., precisely, from oter foot of Warren street, North river, the well known end fast ateemahln GEORGE LaW. Capt. Wm. L. Herndon, U. S. N. Passengers end malls will be forwarded by Panama Railroad, and connect at Panama with the Pacific Mall Hteam shin Company's magnificent stean ship GOLDEN AGE, J. T. Wathlns. commander, which will be In readiness and leers Immediately for Ban Francisco. The public are Informed Una the Pacific Mall Steamship company nave always one or more extra steamers lying at Panama ready for sea. to avoid any poealo e detention of paseengers or mails For passage e? ply to I. W. RAYMOND. St the only office of the eompamsa 177 West street, corner Warren. 8~~u*TfnjT7WTlHiprrcH~LTiFToR-BAF7RTr i Cisco, sailing regularly and positively on or before tbe da] edvertJmd.- Clipper of Saturday, 19th of April Inst?The magnificent A 1 first class oilpper ship PAMPIRO Is reoolvlag her cargo, at pier 10 Kaat river, and will positively sail as above. The passage of this favorite e lpper in 11)4 days has not bean eguelled by any vessel now loading for San Franelsoo, Her capacity be-ng small, she wUl|UBUonbtadly finish loading considerably before her day. RuTTON A CO., 58 South street, eorner of Wed. N. B.?Tlie ships ot this line take no freight after tbeir a4rer Used day, preventing all delay to those dealruas of landing their cargo In Han Franelsoo without detention. OUT TON A CO'H DRSPATOH LINK FOR HAN FRaN Ij cieco. Bulling regubirly acd poittlvely on or before tbe d. y Hdverttsrd. Ninety three days. the superior A 1 firstebiss clipper ship .JOHN GILPIN, Ring, master, Is completing her loading at tiler 10 Knst river, and w'u positively an. on or be fore T ueeday, 29th April Inst. This favorite clipper h is made the voyage lo San Francisco n ilnetv three days, a passage unequalled bv any vessel now loading for Han Fr iccisoo. SUTTON ft Uo., 58 Sou'h street, eorner W <11 street. ? N. B.?The ships of this line take no freight after tietr adver Heed day. UHTR ALIA.?PIONEER LINE/OF MONTH lF PACK etc, carrying the United States malls. The new at d splendid A 1 clipper ship SPOBTdMAN, Thompson, master, now loadlsg at pier No 7 East river for Melbourne asd 8yd ney, has Hires fourths of hsr cargo engaged, and will positively be despatched about 75th AprtL Her aooommodattlms lor first erd second cabin paaseagers are uniurpaemd. For passage or belaace of freight, apply, early, on board or at the office of R. W. Cameron, No. 5 Howling Green. li OR NEW ORLEANS AND TlAVANA.-THE UNITED r States mall steamship UAH AW HA, J. D. Butloeh, com nisnder, will c-mmence receiving freight on Thursday, Asrtl 24, and sail for the above ports on Monday, April 3-i, at 2 P. M precisely, from pier No. 27 North rtver.foot or Koitnaoostreet. LIVINGSTON, CROUHBRON A OO., Agents, No. 12 Park place. No Mils of ladlrg f Igned after the steamer sails. Freight for fit. Units goes through by thla line In sixteen days. tOR SAVANNAH AND PL'' R11) A.-UN ITRD STATES mail line Tbe new and elegant steamer AUOUNrA, Captain Ihos I.von, will leave on Heturday, April 19 from pier bo 4 Nnrlh rtver. at 4 o'clock P. M. Bids of lading signed nn board. For freight or passage apply to 8. L. Mil U'll LL 13 Itroedway. For Florida, through Uekets from New Yo k to jHrksonvllle, 931; to Pllatka, ISA Large and c snmodlous st?ulnars leave Savannah for FlortdaaJthree times a w?ek oou nechn < with the steamers frsm New York on Tuesdays and a turdeya. 50 F SHIPPING. >0R HAVANi ike MOBIL!?ON THURSDAY, lit J lit, Irom her pier 44 North river, fbot of Hurtnijreet, the favorite Doited Htite. mull it earner OUAK.BR CITY, R. W Bhoieldt, ootnsander. Freight taken lor Mew Orleana end tor warded from Mobile free o' commliekmi The company's bills lading can be prooured on beard and at the office of the agent*. Mo others signed For freight or passage applj to SMITH A PATRICK, Agent*. 61 Wall street FOR CHARLB8TON AW> FLORIDA?BBMI-WMBKMT United elates mall line.?The splendid fhst going steam ship J AMKS A DO KB 8. C. Turner, commander will leave pier No. 4 North river, on Saturday, April 19. at 4 o'clock P. M preolrely For freight apply on board, where all bills ef lading will be aignad; and for passage at the offioe of SPOF FORD, TTLE8rON & GO ,99 Broadway. The Southerner will succeed, and leave on Wednesday. April 23. The favorite steamer Carolina makes regular tripe to the various landings on the 8t Johns river, Florida, connecting with the steamers tram New York and leering Charleston every Tuesday, at 9 o'clock P.M. Through tickets to Jacksonville,>31; to PUat ha.$& FOB NORFOLK AND RICHMOND.?THB UNITED States mall steamship JAMESTOWN, Capt. Parriah, wlO leave for the above places on Saturday, 19th instant, at 4. o'clock P. M,, from pier 13 North river. She will arrive St Norfolk on Son day afternoon, and at Richmond on Meaday morning. Pareragers lor the South will proceed without de lay by the great mall line to Charleston, Augusta. Savannah. As. Travellers will find this the cheapest, pleaaantest sad most expeditious route. Passage and fare. Including state room, to Norfolk, 98; to Petersburg, ant Rtsbmond, 919 Steerage ball prioe. Apply to LUDLAM A PLEASANTS 32 Broadway. mSOBLLAHSOUa. Anr nnn wanthd^withtn sixty days, ?t J)ZO.U"U the New Hat Company, 146 and 148 Raman street. In sums of 98 each, secured by a perfect lit ef a moat beautiful hat, equal to any $4 hat In the city. ICR. CANAL STREET, NEAR VARICK.-W. A M. YAW 100 NOTE have a large assortment ef the latent patterns of grates, fenders, kitchen range, summer raagee and stoves, for sale on reasonable terms. Urates and ranges set, lined and repaired; stoves lined; jewelers' and brass founders' fur naces built and repaired; furnace doors lined with soap stone. A N KFFI0ACI0U8 CURB FOB CORNS, BUNIONS, GAL n loeities. nal s growing Into tbe flesh, and every disorder of the feet, by a new and peculiar me'Jtod, without euttlng, or without causing the slightest pain. Monsieur LEVI, o'No SO Bis Rue de Rlvoli, Paris, and No. 3 Conduit street. Regent street, Londpa, Surgeon Chiropodist, patronized by the Emperor of Fracce and tbe royal family or England. may be consulted daily. Sundays excepted, from 10 till 4 o'clock, at his office, 91 West Eleventh street, between Fifth and Sixth avenues. COPIES or TESTIMONIALS. [From hie Imperial Majesty Mapoleun III., Emperor of France.] Je ceitifle que M. Levi enleve lo? cors avee une extreme ho tllete. Loots Napoleon Bonaparte. [From James Baker, Esq.] I certify that Dr. Levi has cured me some months ago of se vere troublesome bunions, without the least pain, and which have annoyed me tor maov years. I walk at present with great comfort, and cheerfully recommend Dr Levi to my friends and public. James Bases, 22 East Seventeenth street. New York, March 24, 1888 [From Robert rergueon. K<q., M. P., Phvslclan In Ordinary to her Mslesty of Great Britain.] Mr I evi has most sklitn ly extracted two oome from my fee', without giving me the slightest pain. .. ?s . BAM. M. D:, No. 9 QueAn street. May Fair, London. March 2,1808. [From H. J Feltus. Esq ] Unsolicited by Mr. Levi, I beg leave to testify to his success (ul skill in having pcfecttv removed a large bunion of long standing, wl hout causing any pain. H. J. Feltus, Philadelphia, July 27, 1H62 No. 4 Boston row. In addition to the above authentlcstel testimonials, many thousands more it his possession (among which are several from ladies of tie highest rank) can be seen by fhvoring him with a call at hla office. 91 West aleventh street, between FlfUt and Sixth avenue*. New York N. B ?No professional oonneotlon with any person, BRJDGKWATER PAINf-THK BEST ARTICLE KNOWN for roofs of houses, decks and cottoms of vessels, and outside work general v, being a perfect protection against the' sctton of the atmosphere. For sale at the obmpanyg depot, 90 W ater street. Belles of new yo?k.?all of tHe trF town ladies buv their I oklng glasses and picture frames, of the most elegant sty le, ol our worthy and handsome friend HRAbl.EY, oi 184 Wl liam street, corner of Ann. Pier, man tel and oral looking glasses: also cornices and b tees, eheap. NuRaVING AND P KIN UNO. aT HALF PRICB.? Wedding, at home cards, visiting, addresa and autograph cards, bridal envelopes, card cases. Ac., business eards, bill heacs. maps, drafts, notas, cheeks. Ac., at KKLLY'S, 61 Ful ton street. N. Y. For sale, very cheap, some copperplate and lithographic preeees and materials. LURK KINDLRK.?THE AMERICAN PATENT FIRB r klcdler lights your flra qulokly and surely. Ne litter of shavings, do burning up of the half read newepaoen, no lak lng cut of the ooal after the Ore is ones balft,bnt a quick, ready fire. It lights charcoal, cannel coal, soke, or coarse kindling)wood, and Its oost Is nominal. Three small blocks, eostlng one and a half cents, wl.1 boll two quarts of water; hence It le also ootvenimt and eeonomieal for summer use. For sale at all lamlly groceries, or at the manufactory, 968, 270, aDd 272 Weat Thirty a xth street. BATIB.?Bit AUTY: HOW TO GET AND HOW TO PR8 serve it: by Dr. T G. LUTC&ING8, author of "The Medl cal Pilot," Ac , Ac. Post 'ree, on reselnt of one postage stamp Address Dr T. G. H etchings 483 Broadway. Agents wanted for "The Medical Pilot." UN 8. RIFJfcS, REVOLVERS, Ac., WHOLBBaLB AND> retail.- Country dealers, sportsmen, seacaptalns and emi grants going West wou'd do well to call at F. REYNOLDS', 4P Chatham street and No. 8 city Ball square, Mew York, and examine his large stock ot double and single guns, riflea, pis tole, muskets, Ac., beiore buying elsewhere. HOUBKKkEPKRS CONTRACTS FOR BUTT BR.?NOW Is the time to contract for nice table butter, made to your order lor use next tall and winter. By a tltUs forecast jou can make a great saving Walt untl next tall, or tbe begin ning ol wtnier. and you will have to pay from Sic. to 38c. tor butter; contract tor It now and yonr snppl* will eost jon aot oyer 2fc. a pound, delivered at your door, If ordered of the subscriber. Orders for Call and winter supples, (warranted to enlt.) mav be left at tbe offloe ot tbe Express Messenger. 162 Fulton street, two doors west o" Broadway, or at the Farmers' store, No 3 Broadway. Bowilng Green. A. L. 8T1M60N, dsir men's age it. M. B ?Cash orders for Immediate snoply ol choice table butter, et 24c. a 28c. per pound, will be satis factorily executed, If lor not less than twenty pounds. G Havana seoars. red alia pel rkys, coronas Acurtos, Conchas, Florieta, Dm Kudu, Operas, Dju Quixotic. gifts, Ac. for sale in lota to suit purchasers and at low pricea. Buyer* vovd do wall to call before purohaalng lee where. R. P. R0Gim8,164 Maiden lane, second story. BROKEN 1 OIL, llot explosive. Secured by patents. Lubricating oil, equal to sperm oil. Binnacle otL for skips' use, Rot affected by the oddest weather. The new and improved Kerosene lamps, AUSTENS, Agents of the Kerosene Oil Company, No. SO Beaver street. New York. Notice to capitalists.?a fifth internet is offered to a person located In New York, of good business bablts and Integrity, who can command from SHOO to 91,800, la the sale of Jers F. Hall's es e -rated wormwood oordlaL Ik has been extensively Introduced In nearly every city at the Union. The best references can be given as regards Ita effloscy for the prevention of fever and ague, for the promotion of the appetite, Ac., Ac.; also a fifth interest will be sold to a resi dent of Philadelphia; a flfth to a resident la Hew Orleans;* fifth to a resident is < hloago. The subscriber will locate him self in Boston, his native place, and establish there the priad pal depot tor toe manufacture of the oordlaL. For further par ticulars address J ere. F. Ball, 3fil Front street, Rew York. Tools for sale cbeap-two foot lathes. set of blackeml h's t ol?. tnc'udinr beilowa and envll, eight vloes. nearly new. snd one pair of shorn for catting metal, at1 226 Greenwloh street, up stairs. mo MACHINISTS,BLACK8MITH8, AO.-I HAVE OFRR J. ed the store 176 Centre street with s general assortment of Iron and steel, snd will cut from the bar any length required. Bar, rod, hoop and sheet iron; cast, German and shear steel. J AM EH BOOTY. TO ENGRAVERS ANOOARD MAKERS.?COPPER AND Bteel p'ates. all sixes made, and always a large stock on hand, both for engraving and polishing cards, with hardened steel plates, which give s superior poish, at the lowest prices. Crders from ell parts (1 led with nr-mptneas. as usual, at the old stand, 24 and 26 P att street, corner of Gold, Mew York, by JOHN BRUCE TO PART1RR ABOUT FURNISHING ICR CREAM BA. loons, btr rooms. Ac. * n assortment of marble top ta bles, new and of varloasnatteit s. alee china and glassware will be sold cbeap for cash, or exchanged for city railroad stock' Address A. H. O , box 673 Post office. YKRY BUPRRIOR CANDIR8. Gum Chops, Lokknoks, Rock Candv, Ac , W 1th a large aasortmentof FAf-CY CANDIES, At prices lower than the same quality can be found elsewhere, by KTRWaRT A BUSSING Wholesale Contectiorers, 396 Pearl street. N. B. ? Assorted candies, known to be superior In quality (and keep in a warm c imatelfo an? o'her, at the lowest market price, In thirty, fifty and one hundred ptund boxes. WEIGBkR'6 IMPLEMENTS FOR BALE-CONSISTING of four frames, four beams, one double bottom, one sin gle do . six pair nsse hooks, poises, balances. Ac. Can be seen at Jsmes H. Ba'dwin's cooper shop, 1" Ftirman street, near Fulton terry, Brooklen. OIsOTHHYP, AO. nnn WORTH OF CAST OFF CLOTHING WART ed. The highest price given and cash paid In current money. Gentlemen having good left off or superfluous clothing to dispose of can obtain liberal prices by sending their address to, or calling oa, JAMES MOROREY, 122 Walker street, near Centre. UNRRPKEMFP PLEDGES JUEf RECE1 VRD-CJONs slsilng of black and blue f-ock coats, casslmere pants and fancy Jveste wlta a variety of white linen costs, pants and vests, lib West Broadway. RB WIN KM AJTD LUIDUHB, A"~~SEIECT ASSORTMENT OF PORT, 8HRRRY MAORI ia. champagne and claret wines, brandier, Jamaica rum' Holland gin, Bcnledam schnapps, Bootes. Irish, Monongahela ar.d Rourbon whiskies; syrups, cordials, Ac.: London and Dublin porter, and Scotch ales, for sale at UNDERBILL A MATT c KHON'B, 4.*0 Brootne, oomer of C'roabv *t. Holland gin, rochslt.r and cognac bran dies. Bordeaux white tmd red wines, Jamaica ram, all In bond; canbeahipted In bond or dcuvci c.l Idn'.y tiaid. For sale, on reesntmble terms, by SIMPSON BROTHSR-tuNo. 19 ? Beaver street AHTHOLOGY. Astrology and magic -thiT great swsIhrr magician and philosopher, Dr. (' W. KOBAOK. formerly of New York Philadelphia ard Boston. Is now producing an Immerse sensation In the ???!, by h's discoveries ot hidden , treasures, detection of robberies, recovery of stolen goods counsel in love affairs lawsuits speculations. Ac Nativities calculated ladles 98 gent's,men 95 knr particular* see As tro ogles! Almanac, foi wai ded grails to any part of the trnion. Address oosrnsld, I)r. C W. Roiack, 171 Bycamere street, Otnclnrati, Ohio. /CLAIRVOYANCE -MRS. SKYMOUE, 110 SPRING BT.. { Vw d00? ?' Broadway, the most suooessfni medi cal and business clairvoyant in America. Asthma, liver onm ptolnt. (ever and ague, scrofula, debility, Ac., cured. If earn bis. Unerring advice on business, absent friends, As. Satis faction guaranteed, or no pay. Clairvoyance.?l*pif,s mrs. hayes, i76grand street. New York, Is tie best medical clairvoyant in Ama tlrJ, ,,rR ''ayr* ?'dally cmitg dleease* that have fbr ag*e bslllfd il.e ?kiilfof the learned. Unerrlt gndvlca given reused Ine business absent fnetds, Ac. Satisfaction guaranteed, re member, or ro pay taken. / IABD.- MADAME PKKWSTER RETURNS THANKS \J to her fr'erds and pa'rons, snd begs to say lhat, a'tee II,e tbomanda botb In Ibis cltv and I'hlladalphia who have coo ended her wltf> entire sallMfacdou. she teels confident tha< In Ihe questions of ssirologv, love and law mat'ers. and books orrraclc, ss relied on constactlv by Napoleon, she has n<> ei|ti*l. She will tell ihs name of the fntnre husband and abr ? 'be r sme of her viebers. 76 Madl-on street. Speedyandaure cute ot piles snd con s by a remedy of her own.