22 Ağustos 1856 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

22 Ağustos 1856 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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" THE NEW WHOLE NO. 7297. MORMNG YORK HERALD. EDITION? FRIDAY, AUGUST 22, 1858. PRICE TWO CENTS. fytttjtt Passcnbtmmkitg. TREMENDOUS GATHERING OF THE GERMANS |? IN FAVOR or 10m 018. FREMONT FOB THE I'Fl LSI UENCV. ink Hek, Jfrrit $!mse, Jfrttt $abtn, Jfrtit Ulamrcr rntfe ^rcraont. Six Thousand Germans Inside and Outside the Tabernacle. Ipesehes of Mmri. Froebel, Knap, Foersch and Otters. GRAfM) TORCHLIGHT PROCESSION. RE S + LIJTIOIIS ? LETTERS, tc., Ac., Ac. Pursuan' to a call published in all the city papers, a netting or Germans in favor ot the election or Fremont j?d Dayton waa held in the Broadway Tabernacle last ilgbt. Long before the hoar announced For the meeting to pen, the vast hall was throuj cd to Huflooatian with one i the mast intelligent audiences of Germans ever assen ted In this city. Tbero wad a solid look about the as emblage that waa quite refreshing, and the enthusiasm oanileated waa lioarty and earnest . This meeting gave abundant evidence or the Immense urvre the name or Fremont is creating among the Ger lan masses. Whenever the nam* or the Patli!in<ler 'as mentioned a shout went up that was electric, and at mes the bottding ralrly shook to its foundations. Altogether It was a great meeting? great on account of a numbers, but especially notoworthy as an indication f what the Germans will do at the ides of Novomber. eputations wore present from Brook yn, Qoboken, and II the surrounding country. The platrorm was filled with our most reapectable Ger tan merchants, besides the officers of the meeting. Back - . the speakers stand was a large aud One pic I Fremont, surroendtd an 1 festooned by a garland iresh green leaves, on a back ground composed of the jmerlcan flag In wavy folds. Above waa tha Inacrlp W.K HK.VSCH \ DKIt HOUBK. i m* bkos rxD i Die I'KKHMB ( ***** ********** /***//*/ **<$> In front or the speaker's stand was a fine wax repre ntation or John 0. Fremont, surrounded by a garland leaves. While the meeting was being organised, the Turners, their white eoetmme and black bats, entered the ball ?ring an American Dig. They were received with hement cheers* tha whole audionce rising to do them |>nor. number or ward clubs also marched into the hall, mpamed by bands of auric, with banners bearing propitat* devices In tto German, of which the follow b la a temple:? I <**********?*****?******?****************************& KBUIB TKMl'RHBftZ, X EMLSE VBMLAK\OBaftC!Va DM Mill1AU.SiTI'>>? HUPS. ************************ ************** **^ ?jum Art>i>iii.unu DM* I ?KLAMCRSI. I 1 jiy v rmon ? >*kib nana, mauv<i. I uAfi uun ? in. 1'KK * UWB*M HAFf . WA*UlACTO> ? '-I** I?*h MKPI III. IK, ?**^***0*ii>****** ************ **************** t **************** ** **************** ******** **^ KLA\ B>TH WARD DRimilRH ftirmUK AMr-4 HBR rttSMOM i'*n i' ay Turf RLCHII. ***^* **************************** ****^ ?iguibuth waad { rnuuMiT ran p*yto* klcbb mnm rai> oiaira Hi ria ana ?man arm>ienxnKJ | naa nvuiikii \ #oms c. raaaoat, \ nam sons m*m kmi? BASta*. a ls rn4sn<s*T \ ?t i.n MK-anaarn ! Kirn ran a*Ti.*iiu.- tjoits- aaasiza. t win Fvacanm kkisk wai*a know i NilTmmil.-M NOl U 1I1IHUM. Noll's band ?u In attendance, and discoursed iodi tc ?i lent manic. The meeting wm cilM to order by Or. Bruemnghnu ?, who uommated Julia* Froebel M Chairman, which Mput and carried unanimously. The following if en naen were then appointed Vice I'rest4ooU and Hccro rtea ? rim raaui'&xT*. Jacob Bora, Frit 2 Kapr, nr. C Brnrnlngbanaeo, A Lange, Wm. C. Bryant, Rod l ?iow, ? C. A I>ann, H. Undent *0. If. Ifcyton, Dr. Karl Ttaood Meyer, A. Frank, Herman Raster, I. Goetze, la. Sbcrman, Dr. Joe Goldmark, l?r. Tbeo. Te'.Ikam;', k Karl Habicb, 8 C r**> hlrner, Earl Hc<na?B, Aug Wetsman, 1. Hantaan, O H Wiegand, MiTim Joltii" Brill, Fdw. Robtaaon, Jr., M* Cohafcetm, A Mahgnon. Peter Cook, I. W S hm 11, R. f Hall, II. Sendsn, Dr. Ad Hextamer, ?an - Hlegel, friec Jacobs, Alex. Woir. The following are the resolutions Rcanlred. That the en called democratic party ha* become at Instriime nt of nwlraiirrtU.', ?.?ei|..*?l inlere*,, and In* eased to represent the democratic principle* ?? embodied In M Dec l*i *tion of Independence. tlie i rmaUiuUoii of th- Cnlted Wn *i?t the ordtnsnce ot IT*7. We therefore lirim . that ite pa 1 ty bs* lost all claim lo ibe support of men who ace em?C'*t* according to the sense of I bow are*! Instrnnv n??. ResnlTcl In the pnrpoae of tlie repnbllenn party in inline He bom. 1 f ?- Terrtforlc* of tbe Wm to IVee labor, we reeo?. Irr the be?t practical guarantee for the preservation "f the IgMs *ixl Interests of tHim,gr*tion-a guarantee ? ear* to u? f*r more satisfactory than in" mere promises >>f ie so c*l>d demcerattc party, which from the ease with rhlch but recently olb< r prvmiees wers broken, lo-e all the r aloe. Renolred. We recognise In Ik* sppmachlng elector*! eon /?I fcr BvecnttTe powei not . n:> n atrucgle lor the atelisks ??Msas a free or a* * ?:*tc .' <tc bnlastruggl rate force on one side. aod renibllran principle* and IraUltn mm On th" other, convince I t>tai it depend* ttpon th ? lasiie nf ilsconte?t whether the Brut and only enduring attempt at elf gorernmcnt by the pi-01 le shall He SOnaMerOn s* a *tt i~es< raaafalone wejfcnralbre InTlte all WhoagqM wfch it* to 0 Ibelr inmost thai the I'n'oo mm be III eaei led to Its his wtcal pur we. a* conceived l?y Washington and Jeffereon, ml that ao It* 1 111 may ensue to tlie rrpnhllc. If noire I, we adoptthe I'hl'adelnliie pUt'ocm, and eotvl ler nrnelee* e? members of the rcptthllcsn party no lorn: a* It cmalo* irtte to the principles therein cmUlned. Reso'red We consider John ( 1 *tt<1 William !,. hiytoo a* the repreeenlattTea of U>e?e principle* and true In erttor* of 'he *plrlt of the (aibet* of the republic, and we rn fy with Jov tbelr nomination Mr. Aikilp Potui. formerly editor of ?h? fan Antonl > Te*n*i /ftinp, wm Introdn"-! I the meeting, and made powerful speech, elucidating the derelopemonts ol de eoemtln " liberty " a* understood nt the South, Ills per ooal experience as the editor of an aotl slavery pap-r in ?lav e itai ? pi nmptnd hM M t M Ml the free I tm o. Mm ?reas in tbe "Southern nnd In the Northern Flat"* Tn ro ard to the Knnrna qneotloo. be cald thai the field to ba onuneretl fbr (tee labor was not to he won Ihr the North tone, but also Ihr (hose six millions of nomit ally free 'bile* ol the South, who are groaning under the Iron dM otlsnt ol a small hnt powerful band of slareholdlng ari* onrnta, nnd who were watting nnxlooitjr for the triumph 4 freedom Mr. Donat went on to say that tbe elac Ion of Frc nont won Id be the *lgnal Ibr the fortn.? K?n ol * republican pnrty In ?;i tbe Southern Slate* P> fMl?ul?4 the ci iisWIg of the Southern disuntonl*ts, ompanrj tliem to a n^MledJ. hiid that three te ted to dls oIt? his ' 'anion ? with hi* parents if he should not get .11 the dlrhes on the table, as to Know Notbing<*m, he MMnreil that he considered it a hngbenr, good enoogh to Kb Children, bot not riangeron* fOr thinking m?n I the llersaan republican* were quite ronton ted hat the Northern Know Nothings should support Fremont nd Dnyton, prorlng thereby t Sat they put a higher falno TO" fteot prlncipleo than npon narrow pclndlcei. It ^'ng exceed.:, fir dime"!! to conrtrr , bono Kikw IVMamgs who had done \? in ov lar to 'iwv e be good ranM, prorod tXy ^fyet to h9 t >.>i ?vl brave men. If thev would le.^"1 their support to the re publicm cause, they would be welcone to every friend ot liberty, the Germann not exclu "**-'<*? (Cheers.) One of the Secretaries read se\ oral letter* of d la tin gulshed Germans who had been Incited to address the meeting. among: whom were Mr. oish'*u??n. ? deputy of the former Schleewig-Holsteln Natiom W Assembly, now residli g in Iowa; Dr. iSetdenstucker, a lUstlngclahod po litical refugee of the first resolution in ,vlanover, In the year 1830. living In Philadel phia; Mr Ru dolph Loexon, tailor of the Criminal Ztiluvg, who, althoug h hesitating at lirst, lias now Ireoly and entirely adopted Fremont as bis candidate. We give the letter of I>r. Solger, a well knowir Jtetarer ol Boston LETTER Or MK. HEINHOI.D SOLOKK. An unforeseen obstacle renders it impost Ible for me Svl. present at your mass meeting ot llie 2l?t \ugust. If it m not been an unsurpassable one, I would not have let the oora slou escjpe to eipress myself t'r the reprbiiuan party, thrfer cause ana organisation, with a mi eh ^n-'rgy, clearness and atraigktfoiwaidnese as my voice wotil< im . o allowed It. Th ? reasonableness ol the cause which cm . >011 'it the rabemacle is so obvious Uiat I would not expose myself, for the sake of mv literary reputation, to the suspicion of being in so low a degree of intelligence that I was able to understand it. As one of those who took part li. our unhappy struggle for liberty in the yaw? 1H48-4D. it would be' equivalent to denying my past, an 1 to condemn my motives then. It I dlu not declare myself ready to make the same sacrifice tor the pi esent movement, which is In fart the same cause. Hecker lias agaiu put on his old, world famous hat, the old Hecker hat. before which they still tremble on the other side of the ocean. Helnzer is again In the breach, and deals his Mown so bravely that sometimes he strike* even his best friends It is the Hermans with whom the decision ch''lfly depends ; for everybody know*, that all will depend upon Pennsylvania, and from the Germans there. Every breath of air that comes from thence, carries. God be thanked, better and better news. The so called democratic papers even, admit that the Germans In Pennsylvania have notonlyat lust let themselves be coo convinced of old Jackson being really dead, but also that, this fart which so long has been doubted, once being evident, they will vote with the same enthusiasm for the voting hickory, as they did formerly for the old, ami tills with a majorty of 7.U00 : the German name will come forth from this struggle a- glori ous and brilliant as the American republic, ana the hope of the futiue of the whole humanity. \\ lib particular esteem, yours. BKINHOLD 80LUBB. Mr. Robiogon read the following letters:? LKTTEB FROM JOHN P. HALE. Washikotox, Aug. It), 18TA QavTuniEM? I have received yottr verv polite note of be (ith inst., Inviting me to attend a mass meeting at the Taber nacle, on 1 lie evening of the 21si Inst. I regret that It is not In uiy power to be present with you on that occasion, but my en gagements will not permit me. I rejoice In your movement. I have fklth and hope tn progress. I look forward hopefully for the day when the word "slave" shall he without practical meaning in this or the Eastern continent? when universal man shall stand erect, as God Intended he should, calling 110 one lord or master save the common Father of us all. and recog nizing 110 government save that which is founded on the prin ciples of eternal justice and universal rights of humanity. If I did not believe that the election of Fremott and Davton would be a step in that direction, the movement would receive little sympathy from me. With much respeet, gentlemen, I nm your friend, JOHN P. 1IALK. LETT KB FROM fl. P. CHASTE. Coli'mria, Aug. 12. KV. Gestlmsx ? Accept my grateful acknowledgements for your too generoua appreciation of ay humble servicer to the cause of freedom and justice to all men. Never doubting the patriot l.-m of the naturalized citizens 1 have never hesitated to defend their lights. I rejoice that the frank and cordial support now given by so large a proportion of their number to the princi ples of constitutional liberty, eternally at war with the propaga tion of Slavery and to the worthy representation of those prlnci pies selected bv the Convention of the 7 th of June, justifies and more than justices all I have aaid In their defence. It i* pro liable that I shall be In New York on the 21st Inst., btit I trust you will pardon me for declining tn lake part in the proceed Inga of a pnblie meeting of a political character. Witfi highest respeet, yours truly, fl. P. CHA8K. Cuas. A. Dana, of the Trpune, made a brief speech In German, which was much applauded. The German Fremont '?Marseillaise'' was then song, the whole audience rising and joining together with a will. When Fremont's name was mentioned a storm of ciecrs broke oat which interrupted the melody. The President of the meeting, Mr. Jrnrs faoKtirt . ea me forward and said ? FctUm citizens? 1 appreciate deeply the honor conferred upon me by your calling me to preside over this meet.ig. Years have paused since !? set my fro I upon the hospitable shore# of this conotry, which all of us are proud to (all their adopted fktherland The earned desire to promote the welfare of this cout try, according to the best of oar knowledge, bar called u.atoftber tonight When re fleeting ob the importance of this moment. I feel In v tens that quick movement which inspires men devotod to a antycct of real moral value, tienttemen, in the pa sttion in which yotir kindness has put me you do not ex pect me to elucidate all petal* connected with the gre?t question o.* the day ; but ye? will permit me to say a few words ia respect to the get* rat importance or the -real political msvemetit which M ttrle moment Is arousing the whole people of thia I'n on. The weakness of human u? ture causes us often to ascribe a grea'er .iroortance u> those events .a which we porsmially participate than lbs impartial historian ma} do at some future time bnt, lei low citizens, I do not think that we are gulty of suci over estimation if we t-tf that the present move meut Is oae of the moat Important in the poiltl' il d> \ elopement of this country. E ?rv one wh > has reilectet on the poMioal life of nation 1, knowp that political i>art.3C never are exclusively devoted to the realization 01 prin ciples. Bamau oaiatence ta baiam oil by ideal pursuit* and material interests, and a party purporting to be co* flned to nothing besides ideoJ principles Blight well lie compared to a voeael sailing undar fall canvass, but with out ballast. But, gentlemen, if It comes to ibis, tiat a party denies all bigbc r purposes and all moral tissues, that I. deletes itseU cm. rt y to the meanest egotism a 1] to the grossest material I ale rests, then, tadeed a woe al SMCtaola is presented to tee eyes of the w>rld, a S pacta cle of wh'Ab, unhappily. we behold too raany feature* In this our ccw latheriand (Applause ) If 1 am not v?y much mi Ma ken. the fact is that the present miveiuea* it intended to rehabilitate yrtnciplee and true moral ia?u*ia l>olities, which constitutes its great importance. Gentie bii n. the isi re ol the lay ta tlie regeneration of poUtos, ( Appla-jee.) and II the citizens of German d.-sceal take an honorable roaitioo in the impeauing contest? -a* I bop* they will- we may look with pride back U- this night, when they commenced to declare openiy wh'di side tlsey weie resolved to Ukn I kiadly hope t'_a4 tho future lutonans 0* our present epech w'.U have state the ract tnat the .na ^uiaiion of a ^>w era ia |H>l:txa was. to a tu>i Im onstderabie exteut, dne to the iittaanaof German descent. Mr. FUMkMK Kjurr ? AJ1 of you, my fsliom fltiiea*, will agree with nn in this, that staee the pasja re of the Nebraaks bill, ths poaittoa Cf Usa German cili. towards the political paruee of this coaitry has bees almost en tirety reversed. I oeed not aak the quest*** why our former po'.tuca'. "electoral a 'Aiiitea'' have Veu d ssotved so rapidly aad new ones forssed in lead. 1 noed not ssk, wky lbs ms.tority of the iorman poptt lation aocompamea so iLeetiuily the voung repnbli ran party on lu triunyboJ march. Your prese.tco bore five* * aatiaf*' l? y m???; 11 nrove* thai you foel the daa^er la ttn?iacnt, ami every deity I* trei hou n, uu t i liia country. (Velien* at applau-e.) AjtJ In w hat d< ea the daojj*/ coaaiat Beacerorward hlavrcr ?hall rule exclusively to tbe polil.ee of this talon, wit la freedom shall be attired to death like a miserable, d?i ji?ed Cinderella. Tbe future of tbia country ahull be ?haped by the will or a minority of alaveboldars tree (migration (ball b? atoi red. this I nion aball be compelled to trample lato dual the pru. Ip'.t. which constllute tin element* of M* politkal grattneaa. and to destroy iu own \ talltr. Tb'a la the danger which we with our combined alforta harp to meet The danger la aot of new data, bat tbe Plcrc eDos i?? administration and tbo Nebraska infamy have brought It to aerial* Never before did it lead the country ?o Dear the abyta aa now. If we did not know It, oar op |K>neDU toll at plainly enough that the alavery quanmn la tbe only rral laaue id American polHicn; ibat all other political .("'Wtioaa atnk Into inatgbilicaace whan compared with this one Buchanan or I re mom uieaaa Bottling else than alavery or freedom. (Vociterau* applaud > Brute force or right ami l"*ttce; mldievai barbariani or modern proare**, and a healthy national deveinpement. (Cheers ) I nee I not, I am Bare of that, advise you to vote for l- rr n.oiit. It would be a oaelsaa waste of time, for you all know what yon owe to yourselves aad to yatir adopted country To refute all the abaurd lie* an I m ? representations of our opponent* la lost aa unnaoeaaary. I would con d?r It aa a aymptoa of weaknaaBB If we i- hou Id conlne oaraeUea to ajiBldidefenalve. No. r>n tlernen, if any oao baa a rtgbt In fh< e hia opponent! with a rorn.nl and onergetk art <4 impea. hnent before tba high tribiaal of bumaalty. It la the rapoMhiaa party. f<?>titate yourself aa a jory of freemen, let the ? pen k era to night act aa public prosecutor*, aad agree at once on a verdict to ba aaunrvated oa the loortli ot November. It cannot be my latentUm to roll ap before yrm tbe caUtiogm of all tbo crime* commit! Hi by the democratic party . the abort time allowed to ma would be w holly Ina'ifflctant to do that. Rut in con?, ler ing only what ha* bei n perpetrated within tlie laat two yeara, allow ma to pottt to one crime waic j It appears to me haa not >rt beea onaracttrixed la aueb terma aa it deaervea. I mean the ntematieal aorriiption oi th v pM>:,e coaaclenee an<1 of political monlity? a corruption by whath the m> c illed demur racy l? endeavoring t" p '<on t in- n e a. ntat 'l future generation*, la the irat plane, the de mocratic party joggled away bjr doubted faced aoph. ?try ti e political inheritance ot a lornxr peeled, then .?ga.n,b/ almping Ita own act? by h> porrHlcal do'tble dealing. it I eft > t?n:i door to dei ylng all that tba people bad b*en par auadrd to comMbt their real metamg; tigaln. witiBut flinching, Itdewtroyaii the rama priac "la which but two ytars ag<> It had proclaimed aa the only flnat aolotton of tl>a aiavery quo Hon; Unally, It haa thrown off arm tb? very laat Nlmw of cooaclenti<Hiaiie*a. baa torn down the aealea of justice and dettle* that lb- re m<ta aay autho rity bayonii ita own arbitrary and MfWtetoia iltr'ate*. The democratic iirtv haa fa bided tba public i iiareteoee, and incited to civil war. Ho yoa a-k m? for theavlaencef Here It la la two words? Nebraak* and Kinraa. (Trr m< ndotia appla.'aa ) Whoever, after what haahappeaed, decinrea himaeii'la lavor of tbe demo crallc paity abowa by tha very aet that hehai no reaped for aay right, that the bowle knife and the revolver are hia laet argument*, for the baa la of tba eyatam which he ?npporla are crime aad brute force. Kvery teacher of public law I* henceforward a rebel agalaet the demo cratic power* that be. The eoBM tutioa mtiat lx> burned, (erji.ry muat be rewarded, good faith and trn'h l?etag ? blawphemy agalnat that which la called the democracy Who at tbe present time la atlll undecided rm the rjueaMoo whether or not to take a eonrageoua, naHinchlng atand againat the infamy brought upon tie t?y th. a democracy, might aa well aak, whether or not i\ ba daalrabla to kill the wolf who la about tearing hia throat. l et him who thlak.4 it la.aet yet time ?o kill th ? heaat be deronnd? ha la welcome to it. (Cheers.) The democratic party ex pecta ua to vote the democrat ticket; It especta that the (iermaaa will tbia time agal ,i be their Intmble servant* In vala I hava asked myself how we have deaerved tb a It salt, llave we, the% (n our native conatry lieen *o devoid of coinage ,nd honor that we Rhotild be eon-'dareii flt aco? asorle* to tbe darVsat Crimea ? Or have we In thla eor.atry been legrtded *i much thai we should throw ofl r,n o\ir iBaat.A sont'meat - ami jwtnaipla*. likoaa oM gajvaent? lint wo ahoni.l cetuta to Uitik I ^ ourselves, aud cioi:f?? before the *Hvcf a aIarehM<f.i? ?Ms'ocracv t We arc k"H either sOetaf1 or polrtlci! re fugees JMseatisfactlon w. th the poli'-oal or social reta tloiu of Europe lud u.s In (be.' Some ot ui emigrated by our own freo will, others "bave beet." emigrated" by '?high authority " B?t, alfU ugh conqutfM, we i*iae hire with a firm determination to hold ct I it our p on clptes and to ou* conviutionw ef right; no*? to beetle untrue to ourtelvea, nor to ma!;# any v<>mtn4rr:Ue wit"* tboie principles against which we bad fought the rial* of our worldly csUteuce. Blind lodced wo ?M?t be If we plio::ld denj the identity of the reactionary jrarty on tiiis side and that on the other side of the Ml antic There Is no other ditlurence but that of fpace between tlio democratic Jesuitical party of A."^rica and the despotic react on of Europe. Again , tbo uarty ot freedom 1* e*?eutlally the same bore u L 1 urpe, ecnae minor d:flerenres is respect to details not* * th staging. Self preservation requires r.a to side with ^,a ]>arty of freedom. Th ,n axiom U so clear and self e ^ dent, lhat I n*M net say anything more iu favor ot . * . Kven fc"ippomu(.' that the party of freedom in this coui. '? ! try dot noi in orerv nisgle Tiieslioii rome up to what wc 1 uiay consider at. rle fulled extent of liberty and right, we are ktlli bound to moke common eao.ie with thw party agaiti.-t a common p?emy. What would vou thlri* of a . frenchman, who, in hi? opposition to Loula Ndjoieon, should fide with the ?r'eac ats or the legitimists? But this idea would not be any more preposterous than the proposition t bar we shoo Id vole for Buchanan or Fillmore In order to cocqner the sl?veoeracy. Agtinst all this the democracy h:m brooatot forward out one single urgumsnt. Not Ueiag able to eoucecil^ Hi own cor ruption, it world fain make us believe that the republican party is w nattro party. So much of this Is true, a* you all a*e aware of, that these K now Nothings, who hold that the slavery question is ihe main isjuo. hare subjected themselves to both of the gn at poBtlcml parties. Thus th-s democratic party us well as the republican have beeu sprinkled wtth Know Nothing elements, so that In tllis respect neither can claim a preference. The only question is, whether or not theie clemer,:* are strong enough to infect tho general character of the republican party, to use this party as an instrument against tho right* and Interests of the adopted citizens. And tb.s I venture to deny. I do not wish to be misunderstood, though. To deny that in the social and business r tin! Ions between Americans and foretgners, the former hav? been and are all more or less apt to show somo narrow native sentiments would be utterly useless, but these sentiment* in themselves have no pijtttlcal power to do harm. Besides, they are so natur&f, that really I would or surprised if they did cot eslst. All civilfted cations. b< giuning from tho ancient Greeks and going down to tho modern times, have been full of national prejudices; and if we tnrn to Ger many, the very home or cosmopolitanism, we meet there perhaps not so much with a national, but with a still narrower provincial native seutiirnt. Now, this narrow prrjndice, although bat at Intervals ap pearing on the scene m politics, is nevertheless ono of lie main characteristic features of the American people; bnt it is only under particular circumstances that it rues toa certain i?litlcal Importance. The speaker went on to tay that according to the teachings of experience tbe uprisings of the native sentiment had always cotooidfeti with the great financial revulsions, and that the shr.ek b< lag over, nativism hsd subsided just as rapidly as it rose. Thus It bad been tea years ago ? thin again In 1954. 1 he fear of foreign competition had led thousands ot Arepri-an working tnec Into the ranks of the Know Nutb-.eg party, and tntrigu.Wg politicians had used this movcatnta-'a means to secure political power. Bm the c-jhninaiing point of that movement bad long sir.ee tircn r?acbed. und all real da.iger to tnc right." and ia tercets sf the adopted cltlzeas and the Immigration hkd pasted. But, said he, perhaps all these cdn ? Id orations inijjht not yet satisfy me. if I did uot know that the re ? puplicaa party, v, m| to moke fret States of the Wrfl torlrs of the "West must of ceresslty encourage, Instead of disco trsg'i'jf. tho imm'grMion wh.' h br.nes to (Mr country tho elements of free >a)?or. In one word, thet, theoi ot1 'ally a* well as pract.oally, from a mora'- pcSn: of view as well as from tliat of national interests, there can sot be any question. We must and trill unanimo; vote tor Fremont and Kay ton (Tremec I ?dons apf'snse ) I congratulate yon upon this occasion, wblcb is ivtirung point in tbe political position ot ttoe i.cimaa Widens ol Amer;ca. A new ert i- now dawning (or the (.rrman elcm< nt v the politics ol tbii< country and if tbe present movement should lead to no other re sults but tee emancipation of Lie tiermac- from the falss democracy. snucb would be galaed, and a strong posttloa conquered er the cau-e of free<Is?n. (Cheers.) I?r. Fo?*-*a followed In a speech or surpass ng elo quence. lia said that It was iE>v<?aible to conlempUta this vast assemblage and wltnesn tbe aplrit by which t was asimai.-d. without feelings at deep emotion. It was tbe coDsctouMieaa and deep per aaslon that liberty wits now rnflungtred, and was tranph-d down tothe ground, 't was the than tesolve to support ibe rights of man and the liberty M tbe human ra>? ? it was the sentiment wbicb beam- n tbe heart o( every true friend of freedom, which had brought them together this evening, and wbicb liable* ap the tntbu?.as:? which animated them, if, said Dr. ?.. we look to old latten Tammany Hail ai.d the meet d.7 3sw being held tnere. we shall nee them ammatrd by a very diSerent spirit from that whicti i? vigorafh tins assembly. Te ws too they are met to Itcther: lb*:*, too. they shout '-Hurrah"; but It is not tjo entbu.- asm. .?r liberty which Jaa brought tbeui t<>guih< r. and for w.*cb they hurrah. Mo. Tbe liberty thy it" an to suppoit is the liberty at oppressing and boidint in iron fettsrs three mll.ioaa of human bein;*? tlte liberty ol a ftw hundred thsujand sla reholders, dous* Meeting ov.r six millions i men who hold no slaves. This i? not aU: It is not eorngli for thtm that Slav -ay should rulo ? th s rod of terror in thirteen Stales o( litis Union, bu'.iae) want to sprwad and exteod slavery uto Kansas aad uth r 'lerri o/k-s For this sort of ht?rty it is tho/ ate met together: this la tbe lijerty for nbiUo they raise tae.r hurrahs. Bit w.iat can nut tbrm up to a Qctiiious eutat iA.\m in such x cause? W b J gives tbem vitality in .scab a perverted action f T1 o question Is caiil/ as swered. If there * is *> Cu?tom House here, !i there w ore a i {list es to oer^Mua laths Cost (itlico, lf-thers were na p 4to?mc u U >ve ollicea to, poor olu lunntany Hall w>uld Joon bs et?pt> aud MM It h t je nt.-my dollars in prospect Co- distribution which is the cause and mutivs giuuud for uaeir rnthnsiasm. Hence ;t is that there agists an im]>ojiaat ditU>ieiu e. between lb s meet lug a kd that. But 1st us ask, said I>r. F., fbr what mo i n j .i wt etulgrotf to Uila coniuryf Ilwum nenij , ibnU *t m.glil rat > Utile beltrr than before , A *M a far a<>Mrr BW.it- !t wuf tie lougUig of oat heart* an I rotf* aiior libett",, Such wa* th< object wwch led on to tbt Inttcd Stati- . And aball wc tMn, when liberty i in dinger, f t atdi mtb our hand- is our tab?m?, and w>t labor for it* tuf :<ort ? In aucb a lima a. . ,hn, when tkc liberty of Ire. men in trampled unilor fact, ia order to .?? cure ia bi?iU#o the men wtio are alave?? ia *och a I.- go it it that r m> l.. i - >u ought to Join Uiart and haul in aMertttg Uc nunc of liberty. Tnlt w? are dolug when wagtvaoar votea for Fri muni and l>ayU,o. (LouiicWra.) Wo are all German cltmena wb > bava (Ivan up aud aiuui cloned our ll bui ol Utizmahtp In Ufwou'iy, In oadw to btcou* free t ttlaeni of the I'd ted Huttiv; We nave up tbosa right* U auto when kU)^< aad etnptroiw, down rv n to tbe faltry little prince of iteaae deprived u of our lit til) , we tliougbt the r ghta fit c*.i<uu>bip uik[ tur j despotic m vera not worth havinf. Uut, if ll>* principle now actrd i pou by tbe ao tailed democratic party U to prevail <a th * ronitry if tyr*n..y and opi>rt* "ti au Irr ibf-aameol Southern r.ghl* and democracy are to be rpread over the frae lartllcfrtea of tbia l atuo. thai uii'lrr m c'.i tu extentlaai oftkt MM otitragenua dr-poU<i?, wc r bo ti Id ray our tighla of cltlaanabip were not worth liar leg For thee 1 1 aeon-, II you deelre that your rtghU hi re ibould be wrrth all tbe |*inn you hare taken to ob tain th< m you cannct rote for any other II. an for Inmost and Dayton. (I/>ud cheering) (t. F. then ymtiM, in an tloqwani itrain. and w th ? lilting Irony to draw a parallel bet we* a tbe founder* of tt* American llflllH and the preerni lanr'ar* o." th? dimociatic pnrtj . The former, aa.i Dr. T., did wH pro ?? i lb* men ftv tbetr tenlim< nu concerning slavery? nor ? t'i* ta?mn <4 Infamy and reproach upon them for being toMtlo to tlavery. lie pnrticu'arly in>tancad tbe i?m of tba celcl.rntcd Mr. Jay, ot New York, who made bo -ffrat of bt* art ? .vnuim to tlarerjr. Waahington made 1 m tbt tlrit Jui'ge ia (be I uited Plain*. So id IVnnurl vatita. In a a'mllar mac, Franklin wa made Pmtmantar 6(?rll. tvo Mid Pr F, bow timea are alfred > ow. not only arc they proscribed wbo are otipoted to n'a- try. but rrro ihoee wbo hare ?upportel tbe hirrible tr.MlicHon, who ha' e advocated lie nimtenaion and It* not bring lot doled with? If they do not alno go for ita *| trend at l tllrnaion, tbey arc proeenbed, attaoked, ritupera lid and drlv. n out of rcwloty. A few venra btck, a man from Yfgimn, who advocated the abolition of tlnvnry a' d carried a pelittoa U I ongr?*a for that pnrpow?? he ni.tni .lame* ?*d'??n?.n trad of bring t?ran led m a criminal and Mrfe an outcaet, b^ranae of ht? free an! nob'e ftriimrnta wan m*d? rroatdeot of the In, bd Mate*. Ho tt waa with other*. Now m nerved l?r. F . otly maintain the same tentt b till! ard in< oi hiimtn liberty, and of right and ? rtt-y wl.t it Ibce p!oeer?? ot liberty maintains! a? i !.y nood, no Btand we a- th-y Ih ugbt reeper.tuti ' arrry. *(? tbtnk wa. TI.e aame tpirit of liberty w'.Mih tr m .ltd tli* in al'O fllta ot. We go with Waeh r r??n, | ? til 1! "T* Jitt iaon. with Frankbn, with M'^wn, with M< nroe, and we go for rreedon?tt la th i <?me tp ilt. Nol lot g ago, aatd l)r F.. Franklin l*l> rw him n- i_ (ftere th. vatl t^fmhlag" raired aunii jroan, tPd -m rd me k?id hine f ranklin Iterce h ,m?elf pro f?*?edlobe of onr nptr it ard of our prtncn |nt (llera Ihe I ot i or riad *n eitrnct trust a public ?pe< rh of Frui< lm I'lerce inwhti hare warm and gliwln ? ?ipre?-<ton* ' hostility to nlarerr ) Hut Frank It n Pte .ct> wan untrvo to bin profeaakiW He looked toward* th ? White Hnil?<\ *bd be be ittoe what he la. Ho It wa* wl (h Mr Ituohanan. be tco, bad been everything by tv tM. i,e loo had bem ore e opp?*ed to tlavery, AD ( be, 'too,' ban lurred aboil and Whctla?t aboi | anr) become a ( inclnaati platform And whyf Hp, ? a|.0 looking toward* the Whtta llo?*e. pr t>r Buchanan, If ba could only ree thia meeting o ( nermann here thU mgbt and witneaa the .pint and ^llag wllh,h ,?|maie* ??. b* would nay, ' Alaa! alan l npr, Rre no hopen fhr m? ever becoming rreaident." or r. then proceeded to rhow. m term* of glowing ?' lb4 inflo?*tnten?y and centradtetkiM of the to callKd democrMD party Ibat in Baltimore lh?y *tw againat the agltattm of ?la very, and tb?n thortly af <rrwnrd* began to agitate tbe nabject by propoeing lo extend Ita bound*, and to repral the aeveral ?<>'e?? co? /ipnrtn made by wlii.ib It wa* limit ed within Ita e Tint In? bouadn After profoaelng to lay th1 nuhifct at reatthe ^rebrand Imuglaa hrlagn up qntckly I be botlenl agital' .m by tbe Kanna* and Nebratka bill "Can you have ,-onfldet>ce ft, noch men t" exclaimed P' F. (I oud n' .onui of No, no!) After relating *evor?l <'lb*r liwt*r ,.^a gf change of pvinctple in tbe no called de mccrttir '^rty. Pr F. proceeded to aliow by referring lo docume whWIi he rend, that the AmU />? fiPJf ?''T,nnB of llil* city) In IKr.l an' ?'f'g *>j?rrs*ed the name opinion of tbe demoo-ntlii '^?riy wblcb bv., pr. f., now u'tered, nnd whirh were I iv i true t. th then and now Tbta journal, the Mtmtl | ?f'i rp, ('$<id nnd daep (ronas tad blrne*). tbeu da clared that the d? ?ncr, Uic party was rotten and wanted regeneration. Tb? p?(, w Hpoke then as we b'.neak now,

ana Mid moreover, that .Buchauun waa an old worn out hack, and Quiti/m a -drujkarJ, and that thn bo called democratic par:; w.vi wbollv intent ui<(*> tbe spoilt and vpon proQt. that <hey wore venal anil cor rupt. had no Oxed prluopleH, and were ready to adopt ny principles however ropy<?ud to liberty and Jiurtice i to anlt their purpose* frith, laid i>r. f> , la the present opttieu of this assembly. We bee ?ut of what gtuir tb?? demacranr party ts made, by th.^ tratimonv of the SUunty Zataiy- Sur.h, especially, i* th?? Journal'* record ed opinion of Mr Buchanan; am h in th? man b<- bow ad vocatea for I*reeicfeat. Wit! you. e*cla.'n?td Dr J., vote ?or such a mne ? for a m?n or>i?sed tv t r?v? lab"*, oj> pc??d to ?he free settler wbo seeks to establish a home or himself by h? free labor? No, we will n>H vr#? for ?ucll ? mi>-we wH! vo*- ^ John Charles Jremoat and or iNiyton. (I,oud rboer4 followed this eliMfbent *p?e*b, ot wRt'ch It is Impossible to ?:ve more than to Isperftrt sketch.) At the csnelusloi* o? the lo.'t rpeaker's address, the meeting was declared Adjourned, end finally brake u*? ? lie head pl*ying Yankee [toocile aud other BUtAi/iioJ THE PROCESSION. ' ino vast ns'iin'ilagt Immediately formed In proceesir>n cmtslde, to call at Col. l-renic:.t'? bouse In Ninth streat The coup d'ctxl presented in Broadwuy waa imnl> I tent. Torches, composed or pine ami tar, were lighted, and th rew a lurid pUre upon the nit crowd, the gaily *dori? cd banners and tho costumes and regal :ir of tbo different hoc Tlie procession formed six abreast, and. with tort flaming and ace. impaired by bands of muiio, lljey trsrehed up Tlroftdway. opposite the m Nicholas, tbe prooosaion halted and i beered tt being understood that the Hon. Salmon P. CLaec "8' stopping there. Tho Metropolian was also chcerc <"? When the Una rcailud the Republican Head quarte. *? opposite Bond street, there was more cheering. They tl *n marched down Ninth street, to Col Fremont's louse, where tuey halted and cheered velumeutl. ; but It was innwineed that Ool Fremont vu not at" homo, being on ? *'*!?, with his family, to some friends at HUten bland. ll response to tho cheering, Mr. Pn ur PoRSHiMM!. or Buflalo,| whojpartlcipated in tho Phllai elphia Convention, at length appeared at tho bsloouy, i ad announced that Mr Fremont was cut of town. lie bad nover been a speaker, but he must ask that vast a nettblage what thev came there l'or and what they wishe t to do? Many voit ea? "ToeltctFrcmont:" l;Hurrah, hurrah," kc.. & c. Mr. I), con '.i'JUed? Hoping that the Germans would be found Cgbtln ' fee the good cause through this cancass. He regarded iis movement as a sort of second Dec'ira tion ol ludep< adence. (Cheers-.) Ht hoped that here after Germans would not only bring to this country hard hands and wil Ing hearts to work, bat also a determina tion never to v ?te for slaver? . (Croat cheering. ) SnrRAt Von w.? ' three cheers lor Jessie: which were given with aw H. Mr. l'<jK.-:!K!Mi ? then wilMrew. and the proce?- Ion took up its liue of m*i "cb, sul paraded down tbe llowery, Grand street and I'nton P*'1*- About 19 o'clock the t?rocnsslon wxs dismissed. rals ended the greatest ]>oIltical demon stration the Germ have evar had in New Tork. THE C* IMPAIGW OPENED. " OLD BUCK" * IS FAIRLY STARTED. THE OFFICE JWl'MS 0 FPIL CR1. GRAND DEM ?CRATIC JUBILEE. Ratification of National and State Jfoisnations. MttTINGS INSIDE* ANO 30TSI0E OF OLD TfcflMANV. t?>w, liHkc to aid EMknlauM. Spaac&aa of Hon. At iMt f.Ynrker, Hon. Joba^ka derVilt, Gen. Hiram ?nlbridge, Hon. J.*. ?uc.'i *c., &:?, Ac. An !nv Jation to the democratic a>f e>or- of the rit; JuT county of New York, and of :fa* aeichboriDg < ities \ac counties. to attend a "Mass Ilafcitea two Me?tin ~ of the Nsttena! and State NuMnat.eoa," brought together o?*of tho largest (if not the moat irtalNg*?t) ftatlierlnga nrtr as senibled In and about Tammany XaM, laat evculiyr. long ptevieus lo tbe hour named fa* opening the meet in,* re peated discharges from 4 -tha*. m/inon," which baa'tano the party such service, calleJ together a crowd, w ;!ab. waa aoea augmented by the .nsptriting strains nf Ki-ei Ion's baad and a display of rjcki-U At eight o'clock. Jse dojrs were 0)>ened, aud the ialt quickly filled; aad iofc b< a;t ab'a to accommodate t j* number* who coati c ML to ai rive, an outside meeting wu organ;zed under n? vatoraa democratic leader. Captain Ryaders. The ball waa free from all adorn Brute, but on '.ho r-at'orw were tbe old fatrxar fieet from the Cat .at*. Dttuee and City Hall. Jean H. Chaukkm. eha>. j.ui ol the Commitlee of .W raagratcaU, called the a>eM.sg tl order, and prof^ieU as i'reatdent ? EPWArj) C..WEST, who ?m cbooca by acjian at no. II* adilreaaei jbo meeting eipreneing hli Cjanlu (or the honor coo'iraed tpon him, aA<l raid: ? It ts more than tliree *?in ago that I haul th" hoao- of bring In Tamn.ary Ball, hating acted * u!i a not i ? '.*ro IImio well known to yea. I tiu I niytelf litre to i 'jl.t at tH? llrst great m uo 31 r act; ol trio iloiiicr. tic party In ccmttig hero thin eviauig 1 u? you* plarard. aad be iwem tvi lace* 1 raw uao iiiat 1 .-tnuilod me of anrwi mn nix month* ago. at 13 o'clock nt night, wbrn a umber <>r Mir I' llow c,lt /.? bi inil in ??' 1 'ntion In favor of t,i*il and rcilylout liberty. (< k<?r?.) Tlic urtal object than *?i to refim the name of V.'aabtDftlon irom tha (toll it*] con (?munition of Know Motl.ln<i*rn. (Applame ) Yourdia tlugultbed friend, l>an adtire-t of great ability and ?f -uiparM-z eloqucnar ? Jam * T. B/adv ? (aopUtuae) did tho woik moat efiattually. To ti'uht. ?l* roouito* there alter, t ilr may bo a oetr; aGunal celebration of tho me mory of that rairt rrat man an I ?ro meet bore no* to prcfiti m the jt .nripk* oC cirll aad ratlgvma liberty, aid all rtgbta mat no* In the wako (Che< rt ) We * ant no tinging of p-alinn. Wo want no ?? I'ailiflndara." (loud ?.beerr ) We trarel a trad well kcowa and loo J trarrlkd, bea tXully dtgnl r?-d by JelTei on Jack ton and their compter*. (1/wid cheer* ) 4u<t all we ba?e to do, it *ceme to me, it 10 lake I are ot t.iat rood; aad we will ilo It by calling from hie it- pone IU? >taloam*n of Wboallaod ood a in of Kfn tM-Vy. and endeavor to walk that rood from March 4, 1??7, for tour y eon. (Load chotrt.) Judge A jt*. C. Morton read Ibo following ruoic tlOOfl ? B" ?ol? ed, That at th|*. Mm flrvt prhb^ meeting of the ro 111, lied dt r ot ibe tniptre *tir, we deeir* to etprete tl r MbUfeeait i f Mtiflatuon Wilk whlih we ha*e hailed One nf the k'?iii'f>i ctenl* l-i owr hlelory" -Ike K?rroon <>mi nujoa of it,e I* ;? llemocratlc si ate I ??riTrfi'lor^ recently awtailOed ai*yra??*e. end 'be ?i aartd attmn ef ihe rNMMIIM body; and >!??? we do emphatically atwl anf<-?erredly indicate onr ?n? r?>wal of dre ?'i'r?^ I'oreoed ht eiir deb galea, who there met and pledged lliel*lWt h togetfi ?? of tho nwnl^re'lon and liaternal ?| irtt with ?h*h It waa kaaoel*ed. and of ihecsrbal at d pei U ct eo oprr ?tl< n whi'-h w?a Re forintwte reaoli. K'Olrrd, Tha* h*.-an?e 'Mi rDMlt Intnree the elrm >ral iwte Of IV *<atc of lie ? York tor J ?!?>?? Ruck man ao I John 0. Bre?kiiirt<ige an Vheea?M> it gjte* pmodee * ?lao? aaAproa pereiie retura ?4 i'-nw" raile a**ii'leney 1 1 iho udmlai ?r*ti.?t of our Mate afle'.ra. ami be<- l? reinl *< certain tie < ver throw of ?ectio!*! and aec'n tan factione. aad the trlon>; '< ?* the n nMI: nt'' ? *rr I'aen. ?le*. thoref're we, Ihe I'tom raejf ef ih? cH? ai <* aeniily Of flew >i*k. w <1 ervtearnr, b? all jnal end >onor*l?l* ?p?na, tr p?rt>oiiiale ?? I fully d?-<erTe and It*f np to, I M iinl<?i ritared Into M Oyra'-ntt . and thauwo . 1 unetaaotillo oa eodura* Ibo arranjemeot hj wbMi the Iwp Pi mix rxUO Uaneral O-omilleea of Oi? oH> h*?? MOW ronaoll itatrd into jne, upon larnit honor? tit to both and taUafhelory k> ?o|r?4. That wt eo*roty a/atwa nf tbe eawinUona 000 ?titn'itig the p|,iit?ra? ef MMMp ?t' ?ted hy lha Na'tonal r,?Tc?at'i at HbtfctnW, aad ar iba I aloo ^we OlMMpm al Itjrit"*!, "txl at 0*ery par* aad poritM thercaf, a?c?>niaUi h S ??.ar?t.l'i?t aad true d. oaocr^llc piloalplea. Kettlfcd, lha' 'he d' jn'eencTnf tW r"> and eonnty of !t?W ITruk unnniri o*lr and henrilW ratify lha nomlnaitooe oi I vni'M 4 Ff rkr r 'f'-r Uaremer, ^>hn tanderhUl far IJ^>i 1 1 mat Owrrrwor, ti'ha l.ee'1* Ru?ell tar r#ni?l t'lmimla fir Tier. *<"h* w T. Mreroan Inr la?n>eeiiir of H'ate nod l!" iatlo?>. Warner fur link oi ibe < o urt of Anp<<al?~ iihI -kr adtnkahle R'ertoral tlrket pi di;ed lo Biirhanan and I rcckit Il<t(te hetriid hr Patld t.- feyoionr and A<tdt?n? ( urilnf r- r< roBnlrirg In them e?eh end oil flia and trim i'r n < cr*u, b? re?i and upright men. aad faMhfal and e?pahle 1 aWlc terTOtii*. 1 hat we plxlge to mt^>i<"hren of Ihe Into r of eooti' lea onr mil re enerl oii* lo ih? important rae?naa, KM prom ite 10 out rai'didaiea a ?W>ri"ad ongorHy In Ibla city aril count v over all opponent*. I!r rolved, thai in th# rondnet of the opposition facllona In frotreao in rnftr*tag to t>o*o toe hill <-aien'<ied topaetty tba it I'lcnl'lca In Kan?e*. and 10 prorhle again*' llwir ree'irrrnee ; ami. *liM more recently and wiore boldly , in attaching to an lai| 01 <*nt hill *ppti<prta?'n? money for tho carrying ono roremetiit an nn ????'ttiil'nal protleo, whereby the rr tiller aeaaton leimtnair.t alil? .it ' rofng Ihe anpnlle* " n> rdfnl for tbe prerei < allon of ibe (Vontlrf ag?lnr? the ilepre dalioraof the aarage*. h*? demon*trated lit I' a ore dot|htf>tl beioret the danger to the confederacy from piar ng In |?i*'r the factto?ta. rlolent, aod rinntrron* taen wt.o oofegMtwW t te leader* and manatrr* of Ibe npix?itlon. an<l the neeoaalty tor a tolly of all the friend* of tb?' f'nlon and the ennatltmb e, to rerroe ottr country from ibe hand* of tta Internal eoemlM. Tho reoolutkm* were rtreiTcd with load tpplaa^o, and panned by acclamation Mr. C. ftWAranawm, on behalf of tho Comm'JtM of Af rangfrncnlr, eicuoed the ahtenco of tome t9.*akora who were expected, and who, bo aaM. wore ohJtgod to attend tbe entra eetwKm ol Don greet He took the npfwrtn:oity of drnoonclng tha Hmuu> at nntrue to tho doaocracy, which woald, however, bo thought, bo able to take care of Ittelf. The Pkwrrwr Mtf? fellow till teat, t gar, roqnettol by ?M CemmiUtS of Arrufimen'i to goy that there art several s'audH outeide', *"<1 if tuere a-# any ttpeak e' ' tl;ire who wUh to udttruic o. 'rftmccrat.c reHow ln Park, they will now have ir flret rate oypoituvtty Ilau?e ) Hon. Ay..\es J. Paretb wig tiwa inrroduc-rt, ?"#?' celved with vociferous clieerirg. Three cb-ers we*,e also (liven lor the dcirrcratlc romtcee for I.ieutr^rot G?<ver nor He tber addrtit<;ed the aulience. as follows ? The uuioD i f the ilemo< racy of New York .? bow com j p.! te Tics vh t ii -.-i inblaye bean witness to i' fCi eenk) I Tl.e democratic tire-i from every purt or tho 3tate. win It;' liunaipd in. cite- and powerful voice, assorts ami ap prove* it. All differences have bei>n BacrltlceJ on the altar of patriots n. aa-l wilt, one beurt the democratic w\at*ei sr< ruBBing to the rescue, fci-le by i<!do aud abiat! der to "htmider tn Dewly formed .natl unbroken columi.%. Cordiality, haranoiiv an I eithiisineii everywhere pro vil). Not ai txcepttoa can be toond. het the veil of trvjf'fulnes! b?- draatt over Hie pant and let thia uuion ol ren:ocrat* be perpttual. ( Appln ?<e ) It wad well 6u <l l>y the Kre?t anil h-wiest i-ttttrmuaci at the head o oi;r tiutloual ticX.'t, that t\ia -'ii'ton of ttio democracy of Hew York at thl ' e veatftil crUin, ia one or the prriin'lest events of our kuttqr," It o< e i ? at a moment o1 lmniiiiCnt peril; ii pramiaea to cast the large v te ol tbi-i powerl-'l Suito ou *Ue side of saitty.it F-iBj 06 top pewtnii raid b?ppv inr&ns uiuier Providence of preeei-rlng for a lmg time to re>?? ooi Messed I nion, to us, to our jxwterlty, and to the Woild, T' is under a deep n?n?>> of these dun/ere to oer beloved country, (Uat ' awr-ear before von to n ubt. on yor.r tavitattoa, to discuss some of Jit? t?euen Involved In the n ei.d'tig eoatcnt I car. eonoefva no leaproprietr In my ilolrg so Long before my nominal ion I bod declared convictions of duty in this respect, and promised my servtoes. That nomination hu absolved me from uo duty 1 on c ray country? it iu?v have increased the obligation. While 1 shall speak ol ali the candidates of the parties opposed to ti" with the d eforecce and respect which I siu cerely feel for their high peracnal characters, aud say not blag 1 matters altecting mvself, I shall no doubt be fully sustained in sneaking boldly and freely af ai. mea sure* of policy which I deem hostile to the true Interest* of the country. (Cheers ) We have nothing to fear, but everything to gain from tho moat lull and free dUcus sions of x h o questions which now agitate the country. It is only by u misunderstanding of our true poaition iu regard to thorn, that we can be successfully assailed. We have been greatly mi- represented and misunderstood. The most labored efl'ort-i have been made to hold up the democratic party before the people of the North as a pro Kla\ ery parly . Nothing could be more uutrue or utviuat. As a patty, we are neither pro --lavery nor anti-slavery. As Individuals there is probably not one of us who, as' a pettier in Ktui.-au, or any otlier" Territory of the United Mates, would cot vote to exclude slavery and to matce it a free .-'tate. If residing there It might be our right to speak and act on that subject, and we should, of course, oxerctae that right in all the ]>eaceable modes provided by law. or in accordance with our education, habits, or preferenoi ?. Bi t we are not residents of Kansas. As cltlrens of this State we exercise here the same right in regard to our owu tnstltutious that we claim for the residents of Kaunas. And we propose in regard to th's Irritating question of slavery, to concede to each Territory, as well as to each State, the right to rcgvlate its own dome-tic concerns As individuals we may have a preference, but as citizens we have a political charac ter to sustain, a jsilitical duty to discharge. We owe an otiligrtiou, as citizens, to tlie whole country ? we are bound to do equal aud exact just'.cc to all, to the South as well as the North. Our allegiance is due to the govern ment of the I nitet States, and we sho ild be unwise, ???< I th;Lk unpatriotic, to go beyond ti.? limits ol our State Jurisdiction tn meddle tn the regulation of the dome sti i institutions of other communitl"*, to agitate a question of such vital interest to nearly half the States of the l'n on a..d of r uch deep feeling lit all? (he only question which can ever, for a moment, endanger- the itermauencr or the t'nlon? a question wheh would ha.o utterly aeleated the adoption of our constitution, except for for bearance, ccncesfora and compromise. (Cheer?.) The questlsn nvolved If not whether Congress has the power to rejulate slavery in the Territories. It is nit whether it was wtse and poHtic to repeal, at that time, the Hjrhth section of the im t ol 18-0, ku>wu as the M.j sourl Compromise. Ths act bai been done, and it U in un q natter. I li nk, teriocslv purposed to restore It. But the question Is whether, as an c^tginal question, it is just an:l r'ght and pontic to leave is the Territorle-, uud'-r t-neh guards as r^all stcurc to the reaidents a fair cxpro* aioj of putlic opiaicn the privilege o! deciding for them selves the qnetllrs whether dime^c slavery shall exist among then. (Clteers.) Stripped of ell tlnm.srepre sentr.tlon with wbi-^i the country ha* been flooded. thisU the vAole quest1' n. The act of g^y JO, 1854. to orgaiii/.e tbeTerrltorlesef Ks-cias and Nebraska erpeessiy declared ic the 1-ilh section list "it was the trcriiteat and meau ing of :hat act not tr legislate slavery rtto any Territory orSta*? nor to c c.luite it therefrom, b*rt to leave the people ttiereof i>erleci!y free to form acd regulate their domestic Institutions :?> their own way, sobtect only to the ? orstttjtlon of the I atted St?tes.v As ro original ques Hi n it > simply one A non intervention. It wll? not be denied, except, porslbty, by the moet ui.ra of the abuli t'onists. that each Stats has the right to Jedde ffcr itself the quejttou of slavery' within Its limits, wlibeut the ?llgbtert later Terence fr:>*? the member* ?" any otber po Mtioal orjHMatkn. It l* only with reference lo new tor rilury, aid uiitll It sha>: her .-ok a h'Ute, titat our pntiM(*l ?f; on< nt* seek to e\ri ;de slavery by ?.< of Connrrnw. It is with reference to rtHs brief period of territorle ex w^nce um an apHatijn hae been area** which has ibaken tk? in ion to the ceatro. With t>e flood tdi of ? BK^ratloi that lias beei pouring westward from the ol<t arj paitiri.larly ,'rom the North, ('ariog the lart ft w year; , territorial f-smnaents are succeeded by ; t.Ue ?ro*e-rnmr.ii? with woedertut rap iity ; an V- but for the ??*i on ^Mhe North, e fenihef fd and kept ep for |ie#it1 cai pnrfnee>. it is qiuftjoertwe that even now, Kawae weald have been admHteri a? a Slate and a free State. That it w, UM have beet a rtee Slate canno. tie donated, wlwn we ???aetder that iho eaatgratlon is vastly greater f row the .4 jMh than fron t!* 9ooth It wa not until un neoeasary aad iDliatnt^aiovy appeals had 'jwui mado to the pieju ie*s ol the Na .h, jaNgrant aid s>et?tiee o- ?u tatKuaiy af?sM2ed. a id ? ilmw trf fori v ma.ie hat x-aihorn fi-eltng wee a e sed ea the subject . (Applause ) With w xtea ran ton i?ie^in>a of s^very in :be f?rritori;a be mjst uiclj left t If to '.be Terrtu Jtes ibomseh a*, under auuU aa organiaa;M as t wll secure a .bsr ex pre <tcu?t tiie public opiraa there, ite dlMiunita aaet laa^ il any existed. 0?uld be v? I*rly ceuawi to Uie7>?/itjey Itself. Wli.a the pr.'aU ple or noa UiWrvrntUa .a oeav settled a d recogn .ied, sil daagaa to tne into aai Iisaceof the cr atry fro- ?an a|tUaliui.<of this subileci w^M beat .in e M. Ka.ti ter ritory It ,e each State veeUkai t lor iteelf without Ca?oa terferctue cf medd'-.?b.*a oewliboni. i y on the .ber band, t im quest r?n to be h It to t'ongrew, the HiaA tn e trite- r ad sg titUon J. t o-aAtrn-ive With t a hounde 'a. Hie I nu n. It will be ? dragged mteU ^arena o'.iell tics? r?y. It will, KiktHi as aow. at arride all Mtier questi wsof polm t MCtWeal iralounes % ,*M I bearoi eed ? coldnLW and dlMruati will auereed ti? Um bn M*r\y love whUih sin prevail betwe a ail th ? citi 7?ns ol oi.r < >m aem couatry ? in istbers of Con grcis will be i jim? a wltl? eole t *reoce t? this single qtust'PO- >aJ all ibe gree*. .interests at oar VB?t rountry w be ftwffottea Is the m jsrable ? ml luxiial HlrujjJ*. 1 <au rutii elvj.su political Pan > ot Ws tox wore : j.iwiica ?.tb i*sti Altai dlse ?#e and ites4b. I'mj. a m tr "*t reraies j* the e< b)r<-.t of (i-uBi^u? nko ; rasdy lor t^at direst M all iwijfeiai ca b TwUc?? most . is irtral e<! Uie lomp. ^aais-'* ma > by our fa hers to set u. '.Mm union ef these <-a*A? a?k .aatn tvow Ini could tha'. vl>*en tie bold ue to jSber if tl? balls < f t.-ogreaa beca jl iuc iet;%u.sed gr 4*1 n>r ttii con-tat ? at.d ronjit. i i Ration .1 this fear itqueattor. as Tcrrb lory alter Ter/tu^ry alia'i froai tim ? ja tine bc^rganlstsk Surely evcr>'.JMes i Ik n n a I o W.eee his c aatry, wba deatret ?? *e lire pear* to it at bo ? aad b aor abrowt, aonld di'pr. .at* tin- ca?nult)ugl' Is At- queaiaa to mm | a trtbuaal aa la would d?ptorrr (jaa>equc ^ae Bn ?M biiu I'wot fo ,^t that I . a saly alternative Is tc >ave it t .aba Territories la every case the e^setloei tr jet be decaded either by Coagrcee tr by the uwttory its^M These la BO third u>*nal It wba b itcr^be referral US de je?>n. (Cheers.) J??lepeade?t ol tt jp console eiioes It ?e. ms to tac t ' ?ve are <4!?er <l?caJjea la the eay at t wita t ting itua setton ta roofe^a. I apeak r of the folk y, ana act.j* Ibe pe*?r C?ri/ees roprwent* all /arts nf the rjpr^?J?TS' y It ileritti* pe?we bom the Jou Jl aa wr" n? ibe Nerik. It is a.and oot saUeely- Aad ao le every .eprrse ataMvt ta<' , J tally ? la look bi#oad tha partx^ar iat7?e??s of ar.aattea, aai lo provele fer tha W?!tc*3 af til* Whole rou *f. Cpo .what prlaciple shall reus eaa de??dr Wbetbcrjkl ery?l*ll or sh?J not be ad mitt. 1 -otoe g.vea Teef '4?iy' ili'il the qucoMoaa he dw Iti ^inl by Ike relume strtag" b <4 the Itee or stare Sia'aa us they may ^ippen to be repr^eanted >? the fs?ejnal roaicila? .Via wewld Irwue Ae minerity af all rights, atd wiald bar<'jr na.l *# be regarded aa an arbitrary ;?rc se o' power. If tho Statee hive an interest >n be Tefritease, the .<oulh aa Well aa North may have r ?hls that cannot Ic. JnsUce be dlere o?rdcd Tte ulf iiHy of ler >l?tmg '? this ssbjcct was to ratify all. iser'Jeu'arly w jsb aa a rw, there la ao little u i'ori r e Veta 4a lli" i" ?be? Of ihe frea and slave , state* No r jBoeUonireai U r ;a<il<ablo. None of the .i fllcultHs nist sh?s the r^eation ? left to the l*e.p'e of the Mrrltory. there t'^e whole met^r is die 1 >aid of na>'ar itst ?>r aciplo ot-tversall? rec?.nisM by ua, tbatihe aajorlty ol the p^M 'hail *ave the riuhl flC refiilatir.g alllieeir dWjMtte loaatntiMiS within Uieir Ow l P..1 ttr?i c^ai; ^a ioru. to Uioee w jo believe la the doctrine ?? 'r'r ??> ?<?< ttmcnt, It la 4i?<-alt to nndar aland viky a neewan usidiag in the Tern Wry el Kant la not a. r< njpet .at to |u<y#e aad to act for Ulns sen anl to vote a relatlo ? to ali n filers uf municipal or ?low.; . M com era. na if ^ reaid-d ta one <J the Hta'-es. la h.r lecd a man. hec.iuse le breaCMa the air ol Kansas, 11, aa he wou4 be i? New Ytrk' 11 ? ifowlIwMfc felk.? ( ttse rj, lo ati om* to Mi tha democtatle party 1 iMiiinilkl" w whetever violation of low ar outn^ro time atny have b?en in Ranrae. The den*erelK : fiai ty i jstiiUa iw Mich act. Uthe adMpMMM has beoa un Mflnaalo n the n.leeitlon of ua e.akera for tbe Territory, it 'm a ujrtfoTtuii we aav all ref rat. Bat It by m means s fleets the ptincipic involved, aor oaa the democratic par'.t be |a?tiy held responsible tor it, aay nirre ihaa it cr.B Icr tho lawless Ivvaaioaa frow Missaurr. or tho ra k i*ss attewyta of Nsvtbera aboliUoeisU to seenra the ooo trot ot the Territory by the aid of ti?? deadly rile. Ad tbeae vioiawiaa af law oo bnh stdca are In ^ppoaitioa to ao t not in t^d ol the democratic pofloy. The very prla ipie of non intervention assumes the pr serraltoo oi order^ and tV.t ealoreement ol law, ao aa to protect the hooeat let tier* la tho free exerewe of the elective ^ franchise, ((beer* ) And yet strange aa It past the Northern HUtee hare beea landed With ??>? menu ta almost every conceivable fom,caloula?od to alarm the public mind aad to axotte ita nreiudteea, greatly magaifylBi the saoaes of viakoao aad ehargmg oil the atrocitiea -tpoa the demorrauo party The very mea who, by * needleea ootetf. provokenl th? Miaaotrt ineursiotta, who bad rooee l the iealouay of tho flanta by aect'orai appeals, whj hal la.oke l me aid ol Utc nQ? an.i who baa Beat out companies armed and drilled {eg its ose tun' who wi re thf>mnek es .itmtly repp mMble for much of the violence committed there, tbeae men sought and now teek to charge to the deiaouratju paa/ tuo cou>equeucea of ihetr own acta: mi J thj. too, when it wu tn (bet the wMj. an it wai the interest of every democrat lo pre b ir v o order, to repits* viu.eacc, and to secure to every settler a fair opportun ty for the exorc'.se of tbs ?Iphts whlrh the demorrat'.c docirne o1 non later- entioa gl "cured to bin Greater intiixtice than th'e can hard I ? ke t once. ved. (Applause ) The cemocratic paity de nifeiji Ihe pacifltaiion ol Kansae. It has struggled to ac rompll'h it, and ha* been restated most strenuously and 'uccet ?'"<>> by its opponent* in Congress. A deroorratie K uute i-n#ned a hill for ihat purpose, which would have secured fu;l Protection to every settler? ajb. I! which wai c-4?-ede i to b* just and wise, and all that could be d? ? tn4 even 1 b.T many of our political opponents? a bill v?h ?L> WOL Id have terminated agitation and glren peaco tD Mir cvu which would have stilled the ragii^; wa.? 0f Ber Monal an 1 political strife, and that bill waa d r-fested aa 1 1 ' death atriifirle, by our political opt* aatm Let tl ? country judge between them and u?. ;.ct twe i>coi le that final and safe arbiter at tbos-* great }ueatlon% fay whlrh party consults b?-r tta* peat e ald happineaa of the cqi/ntry. wtteb part* ileal niott its prosperity and glory. Cm that rjsttj be hu f?iy trusted with power that never tbrlv* eacept at i''1'* agitation and alarms? that feeds upon tbe miseries c r thp country and only acquires 8 no and strength aa thei ? mlnerlen multiply ? that disappears like the morning il "w :is the sun of prosperity a#aia breaks for\h upon tin country, only to reappear in noma new form and under some new name, when credulity Uisl1 be again ready to &e imposed u|>on by a repetition ot like metuM Wul y. 1U trust such a party with powerf Or will you act rather 1. ')oV r"r -afety to that great demo cratic part/ .vhose princ. Ple* secure io ei a y lA&n a full measure ot rtght ? to ev ery ^tate and Territory exact jut-lice? w!k?? measure ^n*e brougb: to the country its present glory, aud whosi ' nueceis ;g always iudUao lubly connected with tL * welfare and prosperity ol the whole of this va?t republic (Cbeora.) Who that remembers the nugh!y struggle with tha UiiiteJ States B ink can have 'orgotten tue agitation ai4 !>!? Die which tile enemies 'f the democracy spread, like a sable pall, over the who 'e land, for the purposes COdrclng the people into the su ow t of tltat vs*t minted poworf Who lixOrgotten the un rii-'llled prediction.-: ofruia and desolation? the distress mi ? ?i.Jtrea* commit tees nud distress visitations to . hat gallant old patriot then at the Lead ol'the goverume. It.' we were then told" that without that great uionied mai h-?e the exchange ef busines- eottld net be conducted? tb tf tbrty, fifty or e.ity per ceai for exchange would have to iapaid, and that it would btop the operations ot commetc*. .And who does not know that experience baa shown Imi the b jsineatf Interest* of the couatrv have never beia so prooperoaa at since the United States Bank ceased to c-xist; and thar exchange, at the moot dl-uint parts of the country, f-mn almost always be purchased for a bare (notion of a uuttr 1 a.lude to this passage in our political h. story ou'.y to show that then, aa now, the oppor. -nta of the democracy depended only on panic for succees. Ai d so .t La* been in our whole history. Tiie indepen dent treasury is another remarkable iu. lance. The country could not have existed under one hall the evils predicted (or it If tb.a scheme was adopted. Amidst alarm aud panic and commercial revulsion consequent upon our action, the opponents of the democrat c party grew In greatness and strength till they overwljehnod a* In the memorable election of 1840. But win< ?i prosperity came a return ?>' oti?nc ascendancy. Tm -nhpr mcugnt made the correction, and the lada i<endent treasury, now many years iu operation. haa proved ui t only the safest means of collecting and dis bursing the public moneys, but as a great balaaoe wheel ?the great check upon over importation ? a blessing to iu. community, as Is now conceded by all par lies. (< beers.) Such, too, has been the still more rtcent history ot the UillT as now adhisud, frl sllyirg in its results every wing prediction ot low wage* ard widespread misery, with which clamor it Is now sought to oi'ta:u the votes ol the people. These disturb, leg (peetlotis have ail been settled. The deaaor ratio policy tn regard to them baa been fully vindicated. They can never again agitate the couutry. But there Is aa irrit ituig subject that existed at the organisation of the goveiLtrrut. and the eud ot which we cannot foresee, it is the subject ot slavery, te which 1 have already al luded . To that the opponents of tbe democracy now re sort lor the purpose of mMMM 'lney stir up the phi lanthrope feeling sf the North, and pervert *t to m schier. '.'hey n.ltr upon a CNMit oi ug* toss ion. They exc'.te tha rseeutroer t, and alarm the tears ol the citizens of the South for the salety ot thetr bm l.ee and their proi?Yty In an ap prehended service war. Have they no hope of rw'.ittea: ad viacemcnt except by ibe destruction of ourpolifcca. tem ple* The prct-adtd tear el the i.udue inllueuee o' what la 1 lie MBlaalM tta slave interest is utterly without fo-.nda ilo.r. At the ionaation o.' enr conlederaey nearly all tbo IMMi r<>iii|.ri?iJ2 it were suave Slaten. Now, the k.ar Statte are in a csmorMy. Al this v ery moment the n-e Ma>*>ave a mwnrir* of the t-enate of the ( nited Slatae, aud sunll larger jiii<rnty in the House ol Kepreeento five. It is absuri. u> talk rf an apprtueaded tacreaaa of tl *"laSaeBce o? the ;>lave Mates, wh -n the:r re.at ve rtrerjth as compared * ith Uie iree States, lim been coa atant.'7'!e9Wning s.are tie orgaahattM ol tue govern menl and ,n the axt iral (MM of tinngs w.l. cua ^inuo to decrease hei<after, and by far tie more ra ptdly i. Wtr ?) the Nort*f !e?k more to our own fruits, and hwe io rvxf s^our nsighbora (Clieers. ) No! one of tbeaa aivderl j*!r?i u' w landed togelbar to obtain power by means r ;h:s sgitation w.m*4 liave rxmseated t > the c?m ? promise"' ot the constitutors II they had lived aad beat ta povwr st^y-niae year* earlier, ao In ion ot Mato< would ever ha?e been aecooealiehed. They can make ao cuaceestort oa the subject er slavery, "bertuae.'' say 'liey. "t iwiim a sacri'tae oi principle:" Not aa thoi|itbt ear tatlters of the Beielutton. Not such was tbe I airtotism ->1 the earlier days at tbe republic. (Applause.) It sli very la a oeatlnulng ev.t ? a subject liable to be pre sented ftojr lime io time In en* new connexion, as tho arra and interests of our country expand? why should It not bt met iprn such new occasion as our toretathera met it, In tie spir t of concession, compromise and coacl l tat on Is r rbcartnoe lees a virtue new than rormerlyf Is thv end to >e M mined ? the perpet ity and glory ot tbe I'nion- -less 4a- iaW? and leas iwomlaing now, after years ot ane) amid.^d su '?as ti.an when it waa an nntried expe r rai iio? T>.<> . ermprsm'.rsa on Ihr ?abjeet of slavery, the nsrritia -s mi ie, are absolutely laangntOcant compared * th line raft'jraetl^ to the hu nan race resultiim from them. Can A* pbilacthroptst who weep*. iuat before elertlfii, over :he su'-sect of slavery, and denounce* all < ?mproinife, s'mt Ids eyes to the fret that tbe very eoa ceaamn fje lanrsts proved to twenty Ove mii::?ae o t Irs* men bles ..igs, p>ktical rel voua, moral aad physt cal. sucli aa a.-* taun t aowhere el ?r n the world Is j t Is covert i with oburches, wh re ench one vosoh t.ad acoordlng ;o t!m >ee ilictstoe <tf im own cnae.-ireea ? that SMlueaii n<i?cn;omon to alt, an. I almost free ?t?all? tut nein 'I,' alo i.? l?sr.' ore iKIt h a stiieol o . tr 1J00S h-n> schools' Kmlieimiwlde in the thee that our a emaatlla aarlne alread/ e<a?ed-i that of nay ether natless. oa tba earth '?tan no patvltdlc feeling bo mused In >>.? lireaal when he c.osii ders the rap nr ? ? ?i of thl* 'Jmea Us pawer, eieitir-i the admiratxa ol die arorhU and tba especial Jralccsy oi the grs^tcst F. irofwar. foment - (tbeers ) T^'am eitieena of Mow VorW, yoj ja?e tha greatest pots -la tntvset la the n atUnoaace <4 Udn pro grem tad preapertty Your a *y t* me great e m sl.er* all the lines .v. l/aaSses?, f?a every extaa a. it af iha ueaati y. terra; -mta. Into yen* lis tbe vtraw cl ? om _ merce ponr Use.? wealth. "Tte aterer.ta if the w uoler aatlrn arc era.".en:reded hern ami If not J sac sre 1 seme rude taaJ, tha Hnuth ia well a* OS Ncetft . tba Fast ana tbe ml, sball pmj ymm their ciAalaaaW bote, till yenretty shall >ecome t Mto world In omt' aal mpor tancs what it atna ato tbe yauwnxt oar l i ts(M auaa > Tha <iemocraoe |??iy, geni.sn? a. ta all j* uaeSa* geabUs* in rsame aad '.a ebaractca r.rra an coaamnf m Ks? attachment ;o ^ tact pie, .h Is tnraed . rem ta onwar.lt rmiw by waa oi the red.iett' e ailur.snonU oC V ie day. 1'nlike Its ev.aueata. it tssaa advants jio' no oc? or ten. j.ur) hi:;i.:.<?U lotrtere a-it?i emeni t. eeWs t? ?scare tbe I'll liberty ot Mm cltisen. -he boa'.Mt the ooa-w try and th* perpetuity tl tha l aton. 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