1 Eylül 1856 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 2

1 Eylül 1856 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 2
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met, IB de8w> -? of tbe drvtr^e laid tftVB ^ ]> ___ Monro*, ud reatt.rmod by all bts Mcoemri, tlurope :? tevu.g ber haad uoou America. ^ three original occu pm of this CMtiMBl ?" w day itriTtaic to retain their oh and aoquiie "<?' ^r?, aud though the people of fcorth Antrva hu.iv dee *red that the extension of Bura|>eau :ntliMsDCo In Cieir attairs was inadmissible, still ?? -ec that tiM laetg really abrogate and set at naught IH ifccory. Karope violais* with .mpunity the local taw ?i tt.-ee republic*. W?. ?lo net intend .b thM place to discuss the Monroe dctnuc. It k not positively certain ae yot that Nioara iu Will .ndorse this principle, for her national policy la too much in i-s 'nfancy to allow her to take ao grave a m< i1. Events must fashion the relation-; of tbn rep'tblio wnh the worki at btifr; aid until a clear insight is ha?l a* u> the position mint occupy at the council board of aatioos, ii wo ?<! u her be politic nor gentoel to declare, id artvaore, the lu <>' ooJuct to bo pursaod m that r< i nt. We f'mply uk t^irope to etpmp' Central Am t! tr irom imerfereii' e, (iLtil ahe ha* had time to mould torpoix y and when th.t a doue, we are trmly con vinced tee 'viluod world, and m >rn particularly the conneri ial portion 01 it, ? il b>' benedtu-d to a pr ater titrut than could posnhiy bo the .*aae if thin portion ol V,r oiit nn til was allowed to reiuaHi a-: it now .s, or tiu * ? u. Ni aragaa acknowledge* the bemiliC-' coolurred by th" absorption of ud.a in the i-ugiieU empire. Sne recoi-r.ize- tie fo?t ilm hai always lolliwod the cxi*l tve )*>lry ut France and tin-at rtrltutn, uud by thorn. atuo beuvd il reauitf, ai?o a-iks to be allowed to ro genet ate and redeem tao distracted States of dp wish " ,1 v,th out oii-\ a* with mon, tae nnr ilv and t*sola-.o must be curbed by tie better portion of society. Mutt ttic general . ood aba l not "come miected wiUi tbe tenroty oi ?'! -'-luer. StU -) tuat have degenerated iato femora:. ta: <;u u:'.-t edher be reclaimed by some healthy tothieuce. , r cut ofl hy the -droitf arm ot publt 5 law, lb r ao MMtry cuii iiv e 111 I'd u..dat > 1 aaa^cby, without, in a measure, i-ij'i .ng iti - -ter sut-s. J'hci 'dore, where the difmemberid prcviaata of Suain exh.blt their fHai locapafty for tell' government, and two "mi a reproica to i fa- national appellative, Uit-y ro.ju.ro some powerful force to leiae auu briog tht m back to duty. Tu>: patrimony of a "Cite, the big! way ol uatioon, r. tunot be cut up or ren dered fiuttler-i a*il teaolate at the wi. m ol ;i handful of iteeple woe niiy bappes to live unoo and ai?i>? iw terrt tery At well nuStr tbe annibal to reg Jlite hw ta-.te tor ??-h an to a low cuch bats to invoke iarkness at tue ge aerai 'acotiveuietu'e. All w- ? ai>k ib' i<icaimgtia that 'he be allowed to pur as* the saii> - path of regeneration n Centra! Amer a wb ? n ban bovn prodootivn of so m ich i>' aeat in ie lu., Alrk'A and the .glands 01' the under the <!n;>uUo of fturofx'.o ?*[>?: .- ou. We are of the earn ? C.m,iy 01 na (MM. acd to iIikjui ua to Uve contiguous 10 the anar oy of the Hdjoiu og State*. t.> f ibject n? to their jealotia wlin, wtan! >11 by t ; . ? re*tn tive policy, would bo to tie 1 atoii" a Tout our feet and lorbld our to the br <h' Choi future rewaide. N'ot only thu but t be world at ??, wouU eufl'er. a 1 more parUcuUrly those na^. ms wbrh aro e ?: ;?*?? ? ^ to be offering td" gr?ate*t obstacles it, th<> ntrer iut on we [rrop<?s?. If h>- ie a great man who mm in two bla'Jea of ?ra"b to trow ? here omy oue grew . ? o.\<?!tv'd ruu- ' be that ponucian wno elevates jusut'y them in lensnmiog tour t.m rs what they d.d be a people ul ! the r ooinioru demand and their means - i-.h i couaumnial.ou ia ot untoid value, for it brings all Jie people nto ccmtuuu ? a w.tb eath other, and ft\?i laoor to the poor. !t il pels enrt ty and baawties war. by cr?at ng a fratern ly of ntre^ and leeimg be lwe<si uaticrp. The regeneratiou ol Spanish America titri ujien t.> tte communication ar. i ccmuaerce of the w?riil. twei-ty five a.. ".ions of people, with whom there ? at present hut ai: irsiisn.iieant trade It br.ngs Into the aaarRet mm >na of acres of iand a laptc I to the cultiva tion jf the neceisaries and luxosie-t of lire, and thus afeupens living. With all these results eoaics contout ?wi It is i ?? aiated tDat all of the three great revolu tions 0f France, so productive of laisory and death, were ferouFht about by beutcer. With cheap living lauiine is ban '.-bed, and r?voiutl m goes wiih it Thwe are the traiu we premise to work out for Kurope. flit British Fleet at Son Joan? DUpotltlon ol the Force Towards Walker 'From D Mcaragu?nse, A-ig. 9 l Brigad.er General > ry returned from San Jul del Nortu on the steamer la Virgin, and will reinme com Man a M tfc..? I epartm-nt. He gives us som.- interesting Uemt- occerniDt' the Br, tub Ue^t now concentrated a! San Jaa. u'M Norte n-re are now ten i-jiglisb vestea ot war m that pott. Gen. Fry hat tevoral vit'.te from the ?Acers atta. bed to the squadron, all 01 whom he remem bered with plea- ire. Tliey are generally .n favor of Gen. Walker The above Keet, with the ex epUon of tha Turydi*, whlct. ta.- bailed !or gland, are newly arr.ved from Europe, and sailed from Portsmouth with the expectation si goicptothe Baltic: but peace being concluded, the; were smt under sealed orders to '? winter tn the iu r.' 1 la thought, however, by the officers, that so tuoa a SBe admiral arnvrs, he will disui'iute the Ceet throug'o aut the West Indies, and thus rslMve the squadron loug Mnuoced in those waters. EiewUsn of Traitors In Masaya. 'From 1.1 Nicwa?uense. August a.J Wednesday, at half part Uve in the aiternoon, IVsideno ?biro, a wealthy mere haul of tlaaaya Domingo Ant mio Bsrciaran. Umscs Aveudano and F< li|>e Pert/., all natives ?1 Niearag .a. were publicly executed, by oe.nf shot, in the I'W. ? 01 ka-a. a. for treasonable practices against the MNbtie. In this arsoy. as m all others, there are base men, who, Mt rca u. og' their purpossa of plunder, and be ng re strained irom lawleaauess, desert tho service thsy dis haaor. Such eases are fewer than in any other army we read ot; lor here the sal lier is not pressed into duty , b it coases voluntarily .nto the army ot the State from tie promptings of a noble ambition. However . traitcned the army may be tor the necessaries of life, the soldier* of the republican cause ooasi lei themselves bo ind more Mrictiy by their bocjr to ab <le by a i imioo they hare aaaertaken to perform; and the man wbo I nits ai dessr tK.11 here is marked as one unworthy to follow the banner which leads io an honorable gravo or a glorious victory. Into this body of men, bowsver, ss into salt hum in assemblies, ha.e crept a lew cowardly cravens, and aver and anon we bear that sums company ha l ??t a nsac by dessrt.on. The name ot sach an ous 11 then stru. k : rum the army roil; his memory it beid a oa teMpt. and whes caught uie duty of sbooting Uim Is dss patched without a word of p<ty. A soldier's honor ?be.. 1.1 not be ailected by sympathy for oac who leaves As sarvwe wh. n ti e Slate is in danger, and when the tana, cot oaly of ail our lives, but ol the great caass of rap ibttcantsm . is surrounded by eo*mus. Three or (our soldiers having asserted from th? garri aoa at Masaya, tbe officers formed a V.*Uance Comm ttea la detect the cause, and arrest sach as tbey might suspect at aa intention to desert On Toaslay last a soldier aamed Jssnes Yerner, s< rgsaat ntajor of <hs secm l light Infantry, who s|<eaks Spanish well, mlormsd hui ??and if afiker that be bad Been solicited by a cer tain native to de-ert. He also proposed to cinv.noe the attcers of the fact, by mect.ag Uie nat. ? iXalvo, men tteaed a the t rst paragraph.) ai a eertaia untenanted setbat*?hl. Th? pro|?>-a! was accepted, an I for purpisie of securing double testimony, au other soldier, Mai tnnbiwn, was ssnt along According y, at 10 a'clock 00 Tuesday night, Vomer iai burn repairs.! to ths appnoUd spot, and entering th bo ? se, l oaunsncnd a cosveraation with persona In ?i?. Tlx <stio< rs wlio were oa tbe watch bear I tbe m tiva ask Verner to desert, proposing io pay so inocb mo aeKiown, and wLsc he arrived at Leon ths enemy would varhe rest Seme rnvt.. y wa taea paid to V ernar and thntkrn and tbey were ai-o aiippliod with fre h bread aad a???e, sod srge<l la Isavo immoliately Desi iario Calvo Jirortted \ srner bow to avoid tbe picket guard, aad a what bouaisi to call oa the road for pCOVt i wk aad asvuo. ? He to.d \erner to say to Riva tha' be ha<i autc ent ne ney tn buy up tbe whole army, (mode t asan aa that be Intended la remain in It <*aya per ad teg men , ,u ert unul be was n. pooled, wbea be wool I Isavs an<\o to 1 eoo bim-eif. After h%ria*: U. sa ioh. tbe ofticera ro bed nto the and vm rel tbe four aien whose names ws havs nathacr-t paragraph Tsef were tried, aad.br laws of asnfcsu ed to be sbot W?in.>sday they were e?e< nvt in the pressace it a large ? oaoosr?e of the pe?{i'e o Mar ay a. wbo. ailbougb ta?y m ght pity theaa ?- Meo.^mi eapre^ee 1 an opmiou that, as c.Useas. they deaarvi^dtra b la tb.s ronoetma it may sot be amiss to ask tbe sol ater what be |>r^>.es to vaia by desertion Ths saem; are proverbially *i?e, aad hi* on sb*ud warn any Amerl eaa sot to trurt l)m?<-if sto the haad of his btttsr and ?reaeherous loes 7 Us xaroeas of the demon atir. cause > ass Inn, snd tbe < ?er-?r m ist sooo be < aught ar fo ;? be bsre the State jtll reason sboald carat a ram of the ultimate vickryV th* i>re?ea< go vera meat an 1 when ?rials "one, Wheio rill the deserter O'tamfre 'ige frow the p*.nlet?ment wb? . must I hIow him bar*, or the eon taM|< aith which be ?|| he viewed in the I sited States There ts no safotv . do bp* of reward outside of tbe pre aoat legitimate authority a?d whoever lakes up with a dtflorrni deetiny volu\aril)r aoepa ao ign imioious 1 of flight a it , 4,0 tempt M< n sbo ild look st gtrea 1 tae a> 1 or a Ids of flight it ,.,mtompt' tha natter m its probable hat* xs hereafter, aad ant as regards thr value of a few pilars ba<ioty tbey aty obtain at pi ?aent lor deserting the service 'bey voluntarily en holed it eupport. A list C the dossrttra, witn their aaates. ages, riisrartsr. pieo o: retideare, bosiuaes and 4earrt?M?, wtii he published -ooa aal tbea thdlr infamy will be aa wide m, tbe world (MtrtaJ Oarreea snd Rts??ttve \ ppotntaaewta. la tbe matter.of civil oslkial s^Mnatment" and rli?ng??, jn Xirmoflmetw of Ifltb of A ig U, coataia- tue fr.iiowint a<xires ~?y toners Order Ko.??, <tias C V?nabie. o the Firat Rifles hsviag beaa a^ nt?d to a civil o b :e aad er the gererum* at, is reisat- rota tue array of tue lopublK-. Mr James Meai ha' been app-St.-d Martial of tlie Court of Wr?t lactam e Neai htnst recived a civil a;v point sent lias beaa honorably reiee** tr-m tbe a??y ^ It gives us great pleasure to snaoaite tha. m the ra^id sHvanremerit of (.raMds. the Bt<e art' are not lorgottea There it now la aruve oparab > ? a dag^erraan gaiiery at tb< bu lling known as Use Orients. TVs same paper adds ?Workmen are bmy rea-rvstinr aad repairing tbe floe old church of tba \tu?a This is ?aa ai the moot heauMful ab irr'iea s tberlty. aad froa Ms lout,.- on, wmn in ase aad order, atd< mire io tbe beauty ct the place than any other boilglef th amtB1! Ing a View c* the lake an- the r matrf . ant ob?ervabl) from all piris of the oMy, it lean ohieet of movent th*' H ?bouid be repaired tro? the wr??;* Into wi sh it w?? thrown by tl.e war It is now being p?a?tar?l and while washed withe.*', aad again oruamested witi all the ?r t*ti- sa-ell?nc/ ?o obeervab e is CMbHie tktrAa Oa ths last day at tha preseat m>oth 1 1 10 be oenserra ? i anew, asd tbe la^. le, partiestarif the gi'ls. are all pre paring their aew disases t* th* or/asto r sn l making ready (or a heeiy term of dancier Tho Aitabs was the headquarters ef the daatoemm army wtni? traaada was bssj-jged. ai d was coas t/ rably hatteral a .wit ta - Deads of Ms de?ndars It is surprising alth what rapidity Ortaada ? as ism 1 g tba air aad appcaracce of ar Aiaenoas city. B" i one abort Fear sao ibere were hui very few white person living hers but aow nearly etarg fees ?mm 1a the streeu tt white Wert it not thai tbe iad,aat from ths oouatey br ng a daily ihalr commad lies for tbe warket we w mid ?ramelp be aoaar tons of aa abisnre from tbe tailed Males. A < t *ng? M also parceptib e ia the mansers of tbe perpla. Tbey aow , ay aome atteiutaa la tbeir drew, and, iadeed, an sty Hah art^tba garments si asms of tht se floras that it will bs senessarv before loagte import fmn foa* Wbea tha " latest New York aad farts fashion* '? are adopted here, we trust that tbey will hecoarinedto 1 tbe acre wealthy af tbe Inbabitaals. as for tbe poor ssaa'a a ia.it wo 'd b? Isafd tc mprtiTO tbe pra.nl mjim I Genera) *"!to C*sr?an ud tody, (wan literary world by her nnmr at plum* ? Cora Montgomery,) I STtTi Jttn .rending a few weobs ia <inu?nda Much w the bap itness of i?l who had tho pleasure to meet them, and wc trust to their own .Ul.taction. We learn *^^?y as : zrzsrzi", K?-r x*si ,?w cMftiinle U?? tru? ?<*??'* <;? i.0TcU CMOf*a w lb" bearer 01 d??paU-heg trow the Amen. an l egation to the 9tttc Hepnrtmeut. PICBKW Or PKIWIDKNT WALI*K'? OOVRKNMBST. Til* ^Ul'KiMK BWWI lOWUL 1 j . Gka*ai>a, July 14, 1H66. ; It 0016 c receesary U> organi/e j. lUbinet for the per formance I the business ol Uie Administration, the fol lowing appciutineuW are declared ? - . 1. .Secntary of t-tate, in the olbco ol Relations and cvmniriit, Mr. I'ernui Ferrer. fub Secretary of Kel.uons, Mr. John L. Richmond. ?1 fecrclarv ol War General Mate i Pineda 4. Mini, tor of HacicnJa and labile Credit, General Mauucl Car mucosa. >'i busted and communicated to whom u may concern. r " V. IIJ.1AM WALKER. Dcakimbm or SraTK, MiM-<th* of H-aoknda, ) Gkanaim, July 16 1 H5>3 f BeU'r desirous th.it the military lorcos performing sjr TU'?i lu bltlereat parte of tl.* republic should sutler no ile'ays >n tho receipt of tie n.ccaaary supplies wuicb ?bould bii i jrn.jhed them, invutueol oui authority, we UirvrL 1. That all the employe ?? of tlw H?cienJa shu' r op poet and -hey. on their own responsibility, th ? orders for puynubl which emanate from the Sub-Secretary o <; lu>iu.?d.. Mi. Willuui iv Rodgers, lUo -auio ad i they wei e expedited tro u the Mini-try of Hacienda lMb:;-Ltu uii-i comiinm.cated to whom it may concern. C vltR \SC'JS.\. Gk.inatia, Nov 17, 1*56. A:'. 1 The f re.gr com a liv h now < -culate u the rc pub x, and wliatater coin* which may hereafter he in trodu' ed, i- ail be received at tlioir inu.nsio va;de? oik hundred cc-nH to the dal'ar. vt.il Ox 41" I tly tl . " treasury w .U ne.u r give nor roe. ive sail coin*, except ai the above va. ia \ i j r . v... try debt! coi.iracied previous to the publication of ihis de rte shall i>o i>*id in tbo valuation of the coin at the time of tb"ir creation. i.HA.\aDA, November 'JO, 1>>55. Art 1. Ml who ex .ortcoiuel silver, bulUou or jewciiy out ol tic republic, shall ;*y * duty of ten per centum, and whosoat er .ball clandestinely export it, ahail aufler the pensity oi' confiscation of the same. Ait. 2. Brarjr psusseogcr sball be AlkMiMt free of cut) t tlie euui of tl ree hundred dollar*. Art. sj. The cxporuuioo oi' ^ jid, c*' her in bnuion, uuat, or v oiiitd, Us free of all daty. Art. 4. The regiiters sbail be made at ,hc Custom House ol the republic. . Ari 6. Any previovs dcciecs contrary to thii arc he. e by annulled. , . 1?.. fiRANin*, November 14. i*ao. Art. 1. Ardent tpiriU fiom foreign parts, which, by Ki'?. al Oi i j^lUou bavc c.utiea ajUJt-sd to their mtroduo tioc as well as Ihote article# whicftTTiy ilieir lm^irtation mU>' the republic, are exempt lrom duuen, nha'.l continue under iho same coni.itiona as they were 5elore the i?? io of the decree of yesterday. , _ . Art ? Ibo present dinposition aball be cadcivtooa ai cxp'.alniM art.cle first of the above mentioned deoreo. iiiiASADA, Deceaio^r -- Ifcoo. Art 1 Ardent ipirita from foreign ports will coutinuo to -aav t ? eiity live ccnu per bottle. ^ /r{ 2. Tobaceo, in taaf, manufactured, chew. eg to bacco and mulls, will pay seventy Cve cent.-: per |>o>ind. ana both articles will be exempt from tho cha'ge oi iterate, which was lormerly paid. Thk 8t' rRKMK Ex?. txrvK Pow kk, \ IiKa^adi, July 14, 16o8. J The administration of the Maritime Custom homo ol Man Juaa del Norte, l0'?t'?d to this city, having been abandoned by the former '.ncumbeit, Don Clelo Mayorga In virtue or oura. thority. we appoint Administrator ol th sa.< Customs, Mr. Cbirles Callahan, with the salary authcri/?d oy law. l ubUshed and communicated to whim it may concern. WILLIAM WAuK.SK. IBE SrPRKMB Ext' lTlVK TuWiK, ) Gk.anapa, July lo, 1S56. / Tl betnc necessary to preserve in a proper manner the r blic fa.tb, wc hav? aiipolnted Reeore r and Interpreter of the goverL'i.en* Mr. John Henry Felix, with the salary ol one l.'in !re J' ar ? |?r mouth. H'jhibtoi ?><? |??? ? bi<-aleil tc '? torn t ay ' n ere \tl .. AM A.MXM. RrlTWJCOl \ \K- ' A, ) (iU.vitJi July 18. ISod. j ?sf k? ' Tbe ;?upr?me Bxecutiv# i'oatr *.??-- ocen p oa.-i' l to i - tate tb? ??? ow ?? ?.!? ? i -' ? . .. _ i ?V > i;. . ..-U-. : it-: iter ?' ?- y' Nx-wrv I, j to ;t? inh&b.tanu , ^ -? . a-. ??? rik.i- t...' ns of * :.?? r?*p ?" 1 . ? vr..< ^ ?? j th- .r v. to U.' .r lan.:.i at to tho aiat--, are now a y rt it the ?ii?m oi tn" republic m th? war a at .1 j asacft .t: tr.oref?>re, viriueoi t'i? authority v?.-.t?d lu (M, i' ?? 'e??d . i I Art i A. pr .p ty. w'.<ib?r rtsJor ? , - ? i <i.p .... .. " ' ''ri luP * 11 ' her t-ve a. d the ?cu*n enr ui cs oi tno talc, or to i<en?iLr d?. iarel ua.tois by the dxrrc cf th?l IM( | proviaoeal covernmcnt. bear ng dttc April IhbG. .* coiittM atrd ; and all property which said ciliacts or per kons mav hcrcafUr luiier.t s declared lone .ted, and shall eschcat to the rep-ihia of Nicaragua. Art. 2. Tbe fob Secretary of Hac.t uda. tho !*un !*ero tar y oi Relations and th? Auditor General of War, any two of whi m may set, shall appoint s Bo.ird ol O'mmt sioik rs to uke possesion of. direct, determine u|<oo, an I sell all sue h coniisi atod or forfeited properties and th ill a.io examine and determine all Claims which may be brought against such proi?rty adverso to the mteresu o Art ' J. tV.lbiO ten day* after the confiscation of any pro'itrty by tbe >aei Hoard of Commurimfrs, tosy stall caufe lo be pubH-ixd in the newsi?|>er called r.l . <i ra< i'A printed in the city ol (.ranada, a true and exact inventory of *11 the property, good* or po.?os< >ns th h coctUcated, and at the same time, si all cite all P -r*"0 or Mrt*rft to t|*p?&r aod present tAitl claims w ilbio u?rly dsv* alter the nolltcation. and *how cause, ir any they can, why the mid ptoperty, goods, ?r ponsosaious, should bo i be (old for aud on ai ?uiit of the State. Art 4 Tt>f Board of CotumilioDrri (hall htvs th<? power to appoint ? riers and a marshal; the duties of the citrk shad be U. rec??rd all lbs proceeding* ol the Board, and the duties ol the mar?hal shall be to ser\* and exe cute all the orc?r* iSMiea hy tbe Botrd. Art 5 Tlie Hoard of Comm.sstooen is suthorizod to send for p?r?m* sod jiapi-r*, laks tert-mony, sod l?ne ^li tb( ntcsssary ord< rt lor tbe ' uittlmeni o ( tbe purposes for which It is created aad with tbe sins ohjeot it may apr."in'. surveyors and esperte to detcrm ne th* boon la ries of eatatss. aod to separate per m ha Me articles or goods from tho,-e that are not ?o Art 6 Tbe Bo^rd of Commissioners sba.l have tne power to order tv e immediate sale of all pen hable arti cles i on treated by them, when they may deem it expe d1' Art. T A! real e?tat<- declared confi?' ited or forlelle.1 ?hall be (O'.d at | iblic auction a(\er thirty day* nHilica t on ci tb? -ame by the Mate new?iia|ter, sm to the time and pines of *ale aud the purchaser* shall make tu. ir pavmmt* in ea?b or in mmury scrip ol th? republic Art i. TV Hoard ol ( omrr.i *ioner. -hall sppolnt three appraiser- lor Uie valuation of sll real | roperty to be -old, aad no (ale aball be val.d if the pru e l?ld be not Iwo thirds of the valuation of Uie ssu?e. Art. W. Tbe Comm.ixion'-r* shall r,,r'e;ve the pre.e paid for a 1 prjperly sold by them *od remit it within twenty day- U tto M . sterol Ha:. ends ?;visg :otb?' pcreh^-er the I c < e**sry d? ids, upon receipt or the price of ibe pro pc? ty bo d Ar. 10 Tbsf ommi noer. i.sllrsreivstlOO monthly n a id ti'.ii to Un -a f " whih Uiey mir naie in tb*ir I. tH ive.f,?r? 1 lie Cierkuid Mar?li kl o' the B >aM ? hail iwive '?;< h fe^s a- the Comssi**.on?rs may deem ^ A^t 11 rub.iaiied an! co?motiea?*l to whom t may co^r? wii.i i am Walker Art 1 Appointed Minuter ' eni|wnenliary lor tiie Re ri .o.ic ol Nxnraguaat tne government ol iter Britann.. Maieity, General l>on Iwimmgo de Goicouria. Art ? In virtue of whteli, rxteud the req i *ite diplo ma *-< redlting b?* representation Art i ? Coai aoas a led to whom it may concern. WILLIAM WALKER. Given in Granada. Augnst 9, l*.'-fl Tbe government wishing to fae Ittate the transaction oi the bus ne*s of Uie I-egation of the Repubbc of Nicaragua in tbe I'nited Sutes, order ? Art. 1. Appointed Secretary of said Istitios, Dod I >>dro Vg.mo Helvla. Art 'i. ? ommunirstod to whom it may concern WILI.IAMJWALKER. O.tsb in Granada, Aug?*t I'J, 1#M. The Tariff mt tlso HepaaHlle. Ran-sur or Xi< *K?nra, t Mivi'mT ry Baimna, G?A."ian?, Jsiy il, 1*M j TTie *upreme Kxecatlrs power hss l.son pleasod to din Uie tbe ?Uow ng deeros ? . Tbe Fresi. lent ol tbe rsp<iblic of N' esrsgua W it* uba lants ? Having takes nto com idsration tbe stlerior d. -po sitions wbr b regainle the tariff* at the maritime cu<lom bouse* , sal finding that tbey do not prod n o fie de' red results b"t only IB tbe boned U der vod Tom them bv c ominer> e. but sl-o a thetr mfluen s '.poo the p he tr.asnry, in virtus of U?o autierity vssted is me, do de "Trt 1 rv arod open ports or lbs repuli ? of S v* ( ,a for mpnrtat "n o*portat"<n an I coa^.rg Irid- on Uie > ?< l(l. .?-*<. the ci tie* of Rnale.,0 aad -%o Joss d- . Wr *nd > n the Atlantic icau, ^ao Juao d*l Nort? the rrr?ter? "? the Southern port* ana, be kept. U ' - ?tom ho i ass Uure established snd Wit -I Hid *1 del VtIs *?>*' ' b* kspt St tlie r- ?V.m h >u*e **to ? - e,( n th,s eity of Grannds. by Shwi an I,.pc.wr-ha be ippomf d I T Cast l o \ i? >. wtio ?li?. ta*.s a i ovut oi all poes .ge? or m-rcHand *e n-rivln - at nr r* ni th"> g i thai p'%.'e. laaio* not" o all i on * . i" ? ar I ? i n'?- r?, a 1 !o?-WArdiDg *%ia iv*** and ac O"o(* sen w>- kly to the eu.tofo ho iie? st <ira nada lie ?. i,e |?rti. ularly ' arel i' to k'-?P >e ror.m of all collectors to whom re-" i.andlae mar be for ward- 1 It." '-eel * de Pn? ' for the di*tr,< I R ? so shsil be asn'nfd at lo V the n.o~"lnr. Who Sh*ll ire ol tlie .niport"r piym<>nt of tur d itiee or see irtty for I tie same Th* ? \<n:iatioo In Ca*t,llo of goois des t.ocd for Cbocta^ ? .sdi'peoeed with for tbe present. isroatanois*. Art. 2 All fcrojtn merolmartise imported into the ports of Uie ref?nU.,c with tne exception o> such a* m\y be ber< nafter des.glu>t?d) ihall pay s doty of 20 per cent upon the man lacier r * pt e, oe f>i d th* m 'T kide froai whea e th?iv proceed d teen u sting sll expenses of nooerage. packing t -eights issuranee, oammiwios*, ar an that tbo duty shal' be paid w.tbout any di?m iat Art > All splrlttloiH li'insra af goo>l quality. wnbOJt resard to Ibe plane from wboaee imported, aball pay ons d^Tiar per galioa. of twenty fosr degrees, and s.l lienors wh^h exoood tbis strength shall pay, in proportion to tbo mJmUh dak?s wbi. b cwresp >nd to them %TT* All Vdlnary l^^^wK^,t regard ,o th. plnre fr>s* whence Imporiad, aball P?r JbJten. oi twenty Tour deg.-ees. snd nl. abM n s??-oe4 Ihis Mrdiruih nf, i? proifOfti* W II'? ZUSt CSr^pcid A**!**! f*T <00 r ?TTaRIU, wltbool regard to th. pi see from whence imported, sweet lienors, beers, *?., m the valuation of twenty per cnt, sntsbllabed ia Art. *, upon the same ha't* and condition* a* therein anmsd. Art. ? All leal tobacco, withjut regard to ta? pla~a from *rhgc>.? mnorted, shall J*7 trt ceots pw gH Bfla Art. 7. AM cbewtng tobacco ?ball pay fifty P?r cfnl upon iu orlilMl coat, A't. 8. *>l manulhctured tobacco, without regard to the place from whence Imported, shall pay one dollar per DOUDd. At t. 9. All snuffs, wtihoot regard to the place trom wtcnce imported, (ball pay tttty cent* per poard. Art. 10. All gunpowder, projectiles and equipment# or w?r, impvted n?r mercantile purposes, are euojer le I to a duty of twenty r?r cent, upen the same basis and con ditions establiehc d in article 2 of thin decree, but at the prtDt'iit time a 1 combustible*, armaments, projecules and equipment* of war may be introduced into the repub io subjtct to the immediate inspection of the government, in the understanding that merchants may sull to pr> vita iu iividuais with the express permission of the lo. a.1 uitho rlty. This class of military equipments ahull be under fti'Cd to conn tat of gunpowder, lead, (in bars or manu lacturcd,) muskets, rides, pistole, revolvers, swords, tools fur the manufacture of arms, Ac Gunpowder sh*i'. remain 'n the depots established by the govern ment. but always subject to the Inspection and resjwnslbiUijF of the collector, and registered by blm In order to aroK a'l ao cidcuts ( r explosion*, and also for the paj n*>nt of stor tfe, which shml bo the same as that lujneeil upt/u all other articles defiled in tbe Cut torn House. >KKK Of DUTV. Art. 11. All fours, nvats pork, lard, cracker*, pota toes ar.d all kinds of agriculture hardware, machinery lor ibe improvement of induatry la tho republic, priatet l ooks, boli* un.l church organs, stoves, pilch and tar imported by the owner h of vessels for she exprot?R pur pose of nt-lng them on tboir own ships; baggago aud fur Biture bel< ngtng to families or emigrant) established in tbe republic, provided ihey are destine, I tor their a pTonal use; seeds, plants, (locks, cattle and all other ainma 8 ('< ttiued to iniprov c the breeds of tho republic. Ait 12. The amount of duties shall be paid in the cus tom bouse* of ti.e republic., In dollars of one hundred tents; but ndmitt'Dj; tho coins which at the present time are received at this valuation, in the oifices of the govern meat, t:d in commeiciai transactions. irt 13 Tbe paj meet of duties xhall be made in ca.*h wh' n the amount docs not exccod three bun. Ire 1 dollars; io ten days when the amount reaches six hudred dollars in thirty wb?n it amounts to ono tho u: and dollars; and in from thit ty to sixty duys, payable in instalments, when tbi amount exceeds one thousand dollars, datug from tbe cny whin the register waa made. Art 14 The collectors ot the custom houses of trie re public eball exact satisfltctorj security trom merchants for tbo payment of duties, and for the additional security of the government. Art. 15. There Bhall be depots established in tho ciritcni houses of the republic lor depositing tha m<r chaiuise consumed by tho same, or such g xxla as iu tiausit to anoUer .-"Uie, an l the merchant! who enter their goods in tho custom houses of the republic may do so in small lots, OT qnap'-.ti' >, at their own convenience, and upon payment, at tie expiration oi one mc nth, of the customury dues, at 1 per cent for the following bve months, and 2 per cent on til goods deposited fur twelve moiitbs, chargeable upon the original amount ol the invoice, without additional cx prnsi s; it la understool that for the lirst month's sto.-agn no cbsrgs shall be made, tiools iu transit to another State : hall pay 1 per ccnt for six months, aud 2 per cent for twelve months, t.pom the original amount ol the in voice. Art. lfl. To li.iuidato tbe securities gtven by merchant" who cccduct their goods in transit, said securities shall be contracted in such manner as not to prejudice tbe re venue ot tho government, and at the same time at an equitable rate for the merchant, according to the distance o! tbe Htite lor wl ich said goods are intended. Tne liqui dation shad be made upon prose n tali on i<y tbe merchant of a return permit, sigrcd by the conaiguoe, by whom the goods are directed; certified also by the Consul ol this r^iuhiic, and it there be none, by the Consul of some friendly nat on, or, in default of this, by two merchauta ol known probity. Ai t. 17 Tbe spiritous liquors, of which mentiou ha boen made in articles 3 and 4, both fine and ordinary, which were ordered previous to the publication oi this taritl, shall pay one dollar and twenty live cents per gal lon, without classification of any Kind, being the duty payable when said lijuors wore ordered, providing al ways that the merchant tikes oath of the truth of what he manifests. Art. 18. The payment of the duties on fnvoicee ordered belore the authorization ol Lh's tarl.'l shall be in conf.tr m'ty with what has already been s<t forth io art 2 iu reference to tbe cargoes which are ordered subsequent to tlio publication of this decree Art. 19 All merchants shall present to tbe collectors the origti.M icroicee swoi u to by the forwarders of tbe gr od*. certified by the Ccnsal of the republic, or If there 00 n 'no, t ibV Consul of .*ome friendly nation, or in defa it of tn;s, 1 f 'wo merchauta. And that the dis|>o Utiooe or ?t i arti le ma) U? c their propar eifect, four itottcs rrr allowoi for a" luvo.iee ciming from Ameri a, r nd sit rr '??bs ? >r a'l ,rv cee coming from Karope, t\'.d frorr the (tafe of t!ie V .b'ication ol this decree. / rt. '."O !u a:; cases cf iloubt which mav arise in the mtoir. bouses bet*'" t the collectors and the merchant-'. It la oidered, as a ft eral rule, that all differences shall l<t svtticd a cording to justice? conciliating equitablr tbe '.r.tcrcets ol the govemment and of commerce; ana for their eet.lcment, throe merchants, including tbe . reporter, shall be associated with the coHeotor. When tho diibculty arifs from damages received by merchandise, two impartial merchant' shall be asso ciated with the collector, and under oath sh*ll appraian said dama^ee, so that upon tbe real value ot said goods the duties may be collected. Art. 21. The collectors and their subcriiinates or em ployecs are strictly forbidden to sb?w or communicate to Buy person the invoice of any importing merchant, ex 1 ept in the ca. es already provided for in Art. 20 of this dtcree. Art. J2. The merchant who shall defraud the revenue* ol the government, upon proof of but dishonesty, shall b i pi mi.- hed in proport'on to the extent of the fraud, by con Oscatlon, fire or imprisonment. Art. 23. The adnnstrators of the cn*tom houses of the republic, or, in default or them, Ibe commander* ol posts or frontiers, where merchaadi-e m\y pass la tran ait Irtm one State to another, are obliged, under their owa responsibility, to demand the custom house permit given by the collector of tie customs from whence lite goods were Drwarde*. and whrb in all rasee, must be presented, arcertainlng who her the permit and gjjds corr< t pond, and also entering in a book tbe nam.* or tbe merchant, the number of parkagee, marks, num bers and d< -tmauon. at ibe same t :ne giving lasmediaie notlre to the Colle<'tor who t .. r i. . bed the permit, SO t? avoid all frauds and have the at*nran< e that tbe goois are rorwarded tn accordance to their place of dsstinati >n, and also noticing that said goods bear the custom bouse stamp. Art. 24. Tbe colieetora of every custom bouse are an thon/ed to open any number of paikagea wh,:h thej may judge proper in every in re.ee. Art 2 4 The principal sums of all invoices shall be re ducel to dollars of one liuudred c. nu, in all taiee wher< this currency has not been expressed Art 86 All previous taws and deposition* regulating the administration of tlie mar illxs custom baujea of the republK are abrogated. Art. 27 The Minister of lla< ienda, tienera' Manuel C*r rascosa, is charged with the fuinlmrnt ot this Ceoree, aud its publitation and cojununication to whom it may con cern. WII.I.I AM WaI.KEK. tiivrn n Granada. July 21, mofl. By superior order thie i* tommonicated to you, for vo ir intelligence and proper action, in the expe uium or the corn .-pond leg acknowledgement. CAK".A-JOiA President Walfcer'i First Uv?i, [from K1 Ntcaragui'ase, Aug. 16 | tm tbe evening ot tbe fctb inst., 1'reai.lent tfaiker gave bis Urs4^ve>'. Tbe assembly was 'inile Urge, and inrlud ed members ol nearly all tbe old Si<ameh families rcivi .ag in the city. At ibis mei tiug th ? Spanish ssnor Ua an,. American Indies met for tbe flrit time, but we tru?t the agreeable entertainment ol that evening will condece to bring them trequently together berea ter. At about hair |**t eight o'clock tbe military hand began to play, and that any ot ibe music might not be lost a qualn < party was ehortly on tbe floor. The danrin.- coutinuwi until about eleven o'clock, and waa part, par. .1 in by tbe natives as well ai the others, when the pirty retire 1 to partake of an esceUent lunch. Tbe eata ilea baviag be n dwpoatd of, the dance was resumed for a short time. The people retired at midn'rht. Tbe Provident <ii t n<>t daiioe much to Uie regret Ol many present, but confine I himsei' to sgrreable con\ ersalioo w th all who sougnt ibe booo o' his compaay The pleasure we en.uyed I'ads n? t bops that such cntertainmenii may be frequently repeal ed. Ihey serve as well to break tbe tedtnas of our every day routine as to bring together and famil arise the ns' lives with tlieir Amer.<*n ieliow citixcM. Army Agklrs? Prsnllotia. Mart lies and Oe aertlMis. fl rem Kl Moarag iense Aug 16 Maior t_ Mrlateeh promoted Leutsnant Colon Si of the Second L'fbt Inlantry fottabou < aptain Henry Ihisenbury promoted Maior of tbe Se < ood i.igbi Infantry fl frond 1 MHitenant M. C. Hart promoted Drat Lleute i ant of < trdaance. ?y i.enerai order No. 113- Tbe l.rst Rides, snder lJetit. Co ooel 1'rank An< erson, hsvi been ' jwanndeo to garrison t.ranads IJeni Colonel Anderton wilt re He^ e Uen. C.Honel Mclmaatd is command of this gar rieoa. Ma or P. N lagraliam. Act.ag Pnri'ooa '-eneral of the army, baa been granted leave of absence for sixty days, aad tell Ui is city ter New 1 ork on the tnh mat Gaptain W J. Merrtman. of tb'' first Kfles. has b*en trasted leave Of a bsence for slaty days, and Wi'l leave on the nexl sieamer tor the I^st. Col. E. J. danders leu been granted leave of absence Tor sixty days, aad will leave ou ibe aext steam.* for .-aa f raa? two CM. Jan A- Js< quses ha* been granleJ leave of ab scare to attend to tbe bumner* of the republic in New Orleans, sod left this city veaterdsy Tor Virgin B?y, to lake tbe transit steamer lor dan Juas del Norts Tbe regular Army liegtster. printed by authority of ibe Admtant (toneraJ. will he publubed ta a few days It will contain a proiier cias- ticstioo of lb" .arious stalls, de partm?nts and batlall dM with a list of every oflV <*r'e nsme attached to tbe as r r ice, the date oi his cossmission and bis present duty. On tbe 23d of J uly s party of seventeen A n?rtcana aad twelve nativet, under ( W>nai Byroa Cole, for an explora tlon of tbe llejiartment of t hontaioe. All. anabeenceof aineteen ilsjs the party returned on atur lay tast, all in good health, and well pleaesd with tbe trip Several of tbe officers of the various bsila'ms called upon Major lusenbury last Friday even ng, be(< re his de parture fur Masaaya, to bid him good bye. and a bap residence in the poet at whk h he a as spoilt to be si t oned Although tbe visit was probably not expected bj him. be waa too much the scidirr to be taken unaware Pr'-ently h.s tables sparkled wiih tr aaaee. and th rep .. i of tbe oorks, as the) i*>ped out of 'hampagne bmtles, eerred a > an invltatton for thuee pre ent tr> helpthrm sell es. "Maior Henry Imsenburj" was, of course, dturkwilh all tbe honors, aad "Mrs. i 'aeeabu ry aad ! .i tie Harry ' ?the chip ofl the old block? ware toasted

||. ull bumpers, ?' "ad Ueut . markbonae. ensttar,h?d, bsa been a> stgi id to oompany A 2d I ght lafaniry A lerial gathering, in honor of the birthday of r.iemt. Col y rank Aedermn. one of the lonaders of tbe repnbltc, was I eld laet evening at the gallant colonel's quarters Abort forty officers of the 1st Rifle Raitaltea aad tbe 2d Light lafbatry were nr. seat, which made ijsite a i >vlai party. Oa motioa oroapt. Polan. (apt Merrtman was duly sppoluted President, aad Capt I?nnard appointed Vice f reaideat and Adjutaat C1ar>e. of tie 3d l.igbt In Ikatry, wai ekxtH secretary The lowing loaati wore (twit To Ceiteral Walker? May be ttro to tea Nicaragua annexed to the I'nitod States. By Capt. Beg ley. Music, au J three time three Tlie A me noun Eagle? May she drop ber feathers on Ntoaragia By i.-oat. Gordon. Lieut 8. H ' ikareey ha* boon g mated leave of ab store iroin the duties of the army for sixty da's^ WHbto the j?8* (wo wCv??, at f|gt j, different ?ustcr.r< lis have bcefl U#a^ ,n ^ paymaster Gene rai ot the artsy ?! Vj been Dually engaged in pay tng oQ tte officer* and soldiers of the army of the republic. Ool. John Allen, Second Kitt? Battalion, has been (WV ed leave of absence for si>ty days, from the 1Mb of Duly. Lieut W. Overton, Second Hi lie Battalloo, hu be<>n granted leave ol alienee for sixty day*, from the 16th of J'lly. DK^EETKR^t A rcw?>j of thirty dollars each will be pxid for the ap prebe'^ticB and delivery (to any officer of the army) of Ibt; ftillowing named deserters. 1. Muslc'sn N. H. Nichols, of Co. E, first Rifles? age! 23 yearn. & feet 8 incbea high, stout built, bair black, eyes black ; Is a Frenchman undid ruins very badly , speaks Spanish well. !i. Private Augustus Niools, of Co. I>, First Rifles ? aged 5 years, 6 fret 1U inches in height, hair black, eyes black, complexion very dark, stout built; speaks Spanish fluent ly; is a Frenchman by birth, and formerly belonged to Corral's army. 3. Private Jules Richard, or Company E, Second I.lght 'nfiiLtry, aged about 30 > ears, flvo feet six Incboa ic height, bair light, eyes light, stout built; Bpoaks very Ultle English: speaks Spaul*h fluently; is a Frenchman 4. Detcrtod from Managua, July '26, private Madison Griham. (ccmmonly called "like,") age J 2J years Ave leetten Itches in bright, eyos light; has a very awkward fait, and bis eves revolve; Is Btoop shouldered, kne" kneed, has long heel?, and Is very communicative. I). LATBUOP, Llcut. First Rtflos, Post Adjutant. A reward of thirty dollars each will be pud Tor the ap prrlx ntlnn anc delivery to any olllcer ef the army ofttie following named deserters from Company C, Firs 1. Corporal H. J. Dalton, aged 20 years, five feet nine ? i.lc ?! high, bta>;k bair, b:uo eyes, fair complexion. Os uupation. doctor. 2. Nicholas Canfleld, sged SO ysars, Ave feet cl|;ht Inches high, auburn hair, husel eyes, ruddy complexion. Occupation, laborer. 3. H Crllluu, ,r) fort 9 Inches hiRb, brown hair, hazel eyes, dark complexion. Oucuiutlion, laborer. 4. F. Poolllow, agod 3o y<ars, 5 feet tl inches high, dark hazel cye?, dark complexion. Occupation, laborer. THOMAS DOL\N, Captain Company C, First Rillcs. Manam-a, July 12, 18:>?. A reward of tbirly dollars each will be paid for the a;i prchention and delivery (to any ofllcor of tno array) or the following named deserters from Company A, Kan gers: ? 1. Private Nash, aged (about) 20 years,# feet 1 inch high, sandy hair ana whiskers; the British coat ot arum lu India ink cn his left arm; usually smiled when .sptaking, ard weighed about 185 imunds. 2. I*rivate iiiottlord, aged about 2S years, 5 foet 9 inches high, auburn hair; Lad ..n anchor In India ink on left hauu below the thumb, and weighed .".bout 100 pounds. I.. NOR\ ELL WALKER, Captain Company A, Hangers. Manai.ta, Na., Augutt 3, 1856. [From El Nicaragnenso, Aug. 9.] We last week made a few remarks upon the prospect' ot those who desert the American rank:;, for the ranks ot the enemy, and the justness of what we sait is male a;> parent by the events whleh we chronicle In tills Issue The number that has already left is scarcely worth a pass ing cotlee, and we would not agniti revei t to the subject, were it not to commiserate the poor fellows whom we at one time recognh.ed as countryman, and who, Mlylni upon tbe rotten promises of the Leonese rebels, deserted their posts for the sake ot trifling temporary benefits When they reach I .eon, instead of the riches which they were to doubt (old existed there, they will And little else than a horde of semi-barbarians, half clad, and quarrel iiu among themselves lor tbe possession of the few eat allies they can with murh difficulty obtain. Read Manning's letter -aretully. in another column, sno learn the condition of things in I>}oo. But this falls far short of the actuality; tor it cannot be supposed thai a person of Manning's experience would show to au ally, the worst condition ot an affair In wh.ch he hopjd to in terest him. It is io be presumed, on the contrary, thai he would exhibit things in their brightest colors, in or der to cflect his purposes, which were to obtiiu both nut and money to drive that audacious man out ol? trio couu try. Apart from the inhumanity of taking up arms a;ilnsi their brethren, Americans cannot be guilty of a greater piece of lolly than by selling their services at any pita to tsoie 1-eooeae rebels. If they were successful they would entertain such a hatred for Americana as would entirely cot them oil from all places of honor and trust . or, perbsjis, mloxlcatcd with their good fortune, the.' would murder every American when they were no longer In need of their services. As their declared object now la to exterminate the Americans In ( entral America, tbe presumption t that when there was no counterbalancing pDwer to stop their excesses, the A ncrlcans who were In their powor won id hold no enviable position. As taints stand, however, the unfortunate men who were weak enough to be tndured to put themselves in the power o: their enemies can liope for no better life than that led b.? the lavugca among- 1 whom tliey have can their lot. The') mutt expect to sutler extreme privations, to be half cla l and only half fed, and with the brand of tkio upon thet. foreheads, bo hi nted like wanderers and vagabonds ovfli the entire cont nent MILITARY OilTCAHT. CcKroitAt Pirxci-AY. ? D o reader.! of ?7 A'i i a^un - will rt member an old and lamillar writer, whose quai.it i nd sometimes eloquent contributions once gave an m r eased life to the |*per. J. W. Dc Krewer, of tbe army, an excellent musician, an honest hearted mill, and ou> whose company always provoked good humor, died at Virgin Buy recently ol the prevailing fever. As Corpora' Pipeclay our readers will do ibtless remember him am? hit talents, sod, with us, will oiler a tear of regret th *> ? ne to i*om-?ing should have been cut short iasu:han early day. Ho was the originator of negro minttrelsy i. Nicaragua, an <1 as one o< the Brst contributors to our paper, has double dawns upon the grateful remembrance of tLe Amerii an population. IHed at Managua, on the 31st July, Joseph Ferguson, ot Company A.. Ranger BattailoB. Lexiugton, Ky., p.?i>er> will pleate copy. The Tnrf. HACKS ON AN IHDIAN COCR3B. [ Gorre*|?<ndence of C Nicaraguense ] Mjsxaya, Jaly in, 1S6S Yeiteri'aj a party of oil ers proeeede.l to the M|M !nd an village of NiMK where two racns were run which might be described in sporting language thus: ? msDiat eon ??? at iihkk MBnimi FiiU Rmc* ? Q jarter rare, free for all ages; sweep stake purse, ?M> bair forfeit Single dash. BTMBi V. J. Sanders' w g. Old Tom, by imp Whiskey, out ot Blue Rutn ? 6 y. o. B. P. Crane's m. b. I'-arW, by Paj?r, out ot in >. l/>pe? %b?en tbe horse* w?re brought to the stand op oi >u' were sbout equally divided, an I we heard ol but one be ? a bottle of sgundiente on Old Tom, which was promptly Iskss ? down. After one false start tbe word was given to go, and both nags got oft well together? Old Tom having tbe track and slightly taking tbe lead, it* k fol lowed close however, and when about midway the put t was tremendous At this tiros both horses might have been > overed with two blankets Rack mailfrsted ? dts poelt'on U> bolt, whl li h s rider w* unable to restrain and t?d Tom lamellar HisMerable winner, iaabout0.ft.< Neither horse appeared to be much distressed; and as about this time a detn iohn of " tbe Stuff" was aeen com tag up tbe street on an Indian girl's hen I, a slmultaneo>is rtsh wa? made fur the gro? ery. in wh,. b Uie re< ent com prting nags ware the winners, bat whether it was owing to their speed or tbe tblrat ol ihetr riders m at be left t? the imagination. After refreshments preparatioas were made for tbe se rood race Tbe entries were Old Tom, as hcrore, sa l I P. Anderson s bay hone Aguadlente. by ladtan, oat al >ug?r Use, four years old. Old Tom's previous per MMM and fell MMM goxl rondi'nn mile him t'?e favorite, and tbe betting was ese^eding limited ? not more than thrie battles ba\ ing e bangrd hands on tbe rit-H. At tbe start Old Tom to >k bis ususl position io ths ad rair , Aguau .ecle ck?e behind The rrler of the latter wte eo served to apply the ps'rsua.1ers very freely, bat all w?* ta vain? Ol<i torn ma ntsio.ng his position, and coming ia an ee-y winner in 0 ">3. After the races the noise of a drum was heard ta ti?' .listai. e. and fearing it might be the aaemv. tbe whtlr iKXly ( liargr I Wf m the dlrertimi ot the "ouod? l%lco Bra \ o le-ot ni; most gal.antly On arrlv ng at Iha Spot l?r < drums were tooad, Which two Indians wvre play lag np->o ia a not very st ientittc but exceedingly sarneet manner, to the a ' ?impeiumeiit of a crncke<t clarionet, played by a blind &v> ?'?' f?u Ptruck w ah the extreme beauty o' the music, M was at one resolved to march lowarde ihe Ela/s beaded by the band; and on we started, marching y fours, led by Capl. Cbico. who gave bis orders with s gravity suited to the occasion Oa arriving at the plazstlr bend laotinclivelv lialtsd at tbe grocery, :o front of whi. li they drew up. The sun being rather warm. Tour Of the periy made tor s *bady tree in the rear of tbe grocer v without wa t'Df for orders, for which they were iivnei at ely arretted by Ospt. Cbk.o. Miss rllnneosse llrwe Items. Ml Ai nrmgM- nt*, of Jely 1 P. contains the fol 'owing items ? Tie 'ate Secretary of Hacienda Mr. William 1 Rodgers. in whose keeping the Treasnr) Hrpartmrie i- at preMnt re|??ed. has ?ppoint*d Charles (ailaghaa Col lee lor of Customs for this port We are informed that the hoys tf Ihe Flret Rifles have oigsaiced a Jockey club at Msasaya, and ars having some sprrt A number of gentlemen, civilians and offioers of tbe army, m view ol the contemplated departure of Colou - Byron Cole Tor ( non tales, and Colonel Anderson fur b regiment at Massavs met at ths quarters of those - men oo Tuesday evening. The Hon Mr. Tenbrot.se, <?i California, was called to the chair, and Captain I owls a,> pointed decretory It wns mova>l snd carried that the meeting adopt for its nsme ths Cole snd Anderson Ctuo. snd that when thoee gentlemen should return, tne in?m bers of the club woul.l sgsin saeet to celebrste the ev?nl The i tub consists of l?r. <<r Shield". Ma|or Rodgrr . M^io, Wat'-rs Colt it ? i llsi f'sptsla I ewi?, Cajitsln D.isenbiiry . Lieutenant# f?i?t and Pickersgill. I ?r Roys on, N. A . Hon 0. W. Tenbrocke. and John Tabor; an I, as a matter ol course, Cokmels Cole and Anderson. C>mi|*nv f), Captain Chesjey, of the Flrsl Rid* H?H* Hon, left Massaya on We<lnesday for Mansgna, intending lo reinforre the ganison at the latter place un l?r Captain I>ilan Colonel F ,c Banders, o" the First Rifle Battalion, was ia town yesterday from Maeasys He informs us I bat tbe battalion is in flue health aad fighting humor, aad ia daily expect* :oa of orders to march on Leon olonei Jacquee, of the Second Light Infant ty Bttttlion. ad Maor O'Netl, of Uie first Rifles, arrived in town yes teritoy from Masssya. Msrrlsgra In Klrsrsgits. Oa July 20, at Masssya, the gallant I.Mat. C? , of the Hocoad light infantry, bavins led to the hymnalal altsr tba young aad beautiful Miaa C. O'N , a native lady of tbe highest respectability. Thecaremony was pnrform< d by tba Rev Mr May, aad after the blushing bride had retired, the frienos of Ihe bridegroom enjoyed themss!ves moat hugely In ten. so exhilarated did some ol them bernme that It is whispered that a certain well known army physician rorgot the rounterslKn, snd was kept marking Cme by tbe sentry uattl relieved by the officer of ihe day It Is MM tbe ?st. h wga t ronswsy one, and, consequently, tbe Mr bruin *u urattended by ber female friends ? an omieaiOD wbiob somewhat marred the otherwise auprei^jy happy ffvenlng. The gallant bride groom received tbe oongratol&tioius of his comrades with bcoomnijr o<l malnuty . Obltnsry. [From El Ntcaiaguonso, July 19.1 Pied, In Granada, on Wednesday, July 2. Mrs. Ro-,ario COrdova JohDson, after a short tllnrtus, aged twenty tuieo years. Tbo deceawd was an affectionate wife, an am. able lady and an excellent member of society. Pied at Oranada. on the 17tb of April, 1861, UcaleQint Brlitcuieu, Adjutant ol First Rifle Battalion. ffcwi from Corta Pj(t, The following is an abstract W tbe speech of Preallent Juan R. Mora to the representatives ol' the republic, do livercd on Aug 3:? After congratulating them on tbe progress tbe oountry bad made in every branch of publu woli being to ? ho clo.-e ci tbe year 1866, he speaks of the sudden irruption made by tho North American Ulibuaters into Nicaragua and ol' tlie i? ml lent danger to all Central American State.-;, and the neco>.?ily wnich existed to oppose it win ail Ibtir force. To that purpose he called together th> it MBMjr on ll. ? Mb ol February last, ia order to be vested with the necessary power lor the levy of trojpi to attack tho Invader i. He relates then the 11 rst victory ol tlie gallait troops of Costa Rica at Santa Rosa over the tillbusterg, their occupation of tho ports of Juan del Sur and Virgin Bay. andtlieir sue -,<??# al Kivason tho 12th of \prll, where Walker wan Anally routed nod forced to retreat. Hero be explains the reaaond by which he wai obliged to slay at Rivaa till the cud ot April, whon, uniortunaL<*ly, the cholera morbus broke out amongxt tbo Costa Kioao army and forced it to a hasty reireat He roluto* tho an < ura'tiOES directed by their enemies against the troop* and their commanders, and endeavors to prove that this army, componodof husbandmen and a rttsa&3, who ha i never been before accujtomod to tho hard.hipj aud pri vations of war, pushed their courage, abnn^atnn and perseverance even to heroism. Hut for their couraruou < rcsiMacce against the foreign intruders, Nicaragua, would tot lave found a single defender <>f lis sacred rights a ? an independent nation. He prwent.i thca a lively picture of the cruel devastations which for more than six weeks tho cholera morbus had spread every where ia tbe.r uulortu nate country, depriving tho families of their dearest re lations. He mentions, in honorable terms, t'au death of bis colleague, Vice l'rosidont I). Francisco M. Oreamuno, who succumbed to the malady. Bat, bo coutinues, tho plague at last disappeared anil tho country gradually re covered from the stvere trials to which it had been sub jected. Then ho expresses a hope that tho tloances of tbe Slate will sosn be ameliorated, and the brave soldiers receive the arrears of their pay. Nicaragua, by the fusion of parties and the movements of tbo allied troopj, is on tbe point of Doing rescued from its long guttering* He mentioas a treaty concluded between Costa Kic i and New Crauada, by which tbe relations of frontier, co amorce and navigation are regulated in a satisfactory manner. The relations with tbe other Central Amiricin Suites are of tbe moct intimate character, and tho union of all of them against the common enemy assures their ultimate* rucceu. and tho regeneration of the Spanish Amerisati race. Our relations, he says, with all European and American Staves are on a friendly footing, save with tho Cabinet at Washington, which, better inlbrme.l of the facte, will assuredly render jnsticc to the acts of tho Cos ta Rican government. He directs now the attention of the representatives upon tho state of the Interior aflairs in Costa Rica, and shows how its geo<raphica. position and proximity to one of the preat highways between t<vo oceans, where the commerce of the whole world is being by and by concentrated. renders it absolutely necessary. for it to enter the road of ail kinds o material improvements, and to develope the spirit of enterprise and industry as the only means of preservation against tbe imminent danger of being absorbed by the active and never resting Noith American civilisation. Nation* who do remain immoveable aro destined to parish. After an eloquent appeal to his fellow ctti/ena, wherein he shows that the spirit of our century is everywnere tending, by the im provement ol tbo means of communication, to bring on a pacific fusion ot all nationalities, aud to remove the obsta cles thrown Into the way of their friendly relations, he calls on them to reunite all their moral aud physical forces for saving tho Central Amer.can family from the danger which is threatening it, and to be mindful ol the preccpt ? Help yourselves, and God will heip you. Kewi flrom South America. We bar* advlcea from South America dated at Monte video on tbe 15U?, Rio Janeiro on the 15th, Bahia on the 19th and Pernambuco on the 21 at of July. Tbe following Is a summary ol th? latest news:? From Ruenoa Ayres we may almoat announce another minute rial crisis. Tbe news from the southern frontier is deplo rable. The lorcc atitiooed at tbe Azul is known to be completely JUo. gantzed and thinned by a continued de acrtion, till, wo believe, few are loft ex ept tlie intautiy, who have not tbe means of escape, and can render no lurther sot vice agatnM tbo Indians than the mere delence ot the town. Tbe countrr ta entirely al their mercy, and we lear It ii too true that they have latterly received conitderable reinforcement* from Chili. Ta darken tho gloom, the Italian colony at Bahia Blanca, after a costly outfit, amounting to 4, 0C0, 000, anJ pertiapa were nearly 0 CtO COOtf paper currency, thre*teusl> proyj icomp.ot< future. It m difficult to find where the blame lies, bu' tome have deserted and joined the Indians, and others have be? n sent back to Buei os Ayrei at .n corrigible, while two or three ol the leading officei a bivo abandoned the enterprise. . _ Commercial matters al B ienoa Ayrea were somewhat iaU-t*clory . Contrary to general ex p. otat.on, pr. t wer buovant owing probabi, to the absence of uoav/ .looks of nr-du'cc. TallJW wa almost the ouly exception, ai. I of that tho quotation could ouly be con*lderod as nom.nal. Hardly any tbinf has bee, . da.0'- in the fa'aderoa, pa-tly own g to the unsettled slate ol toe market, but more t > tbe season of the year and tbo impracticable mala ot the weather and the roads. l-'rom Rio Janeiro we loarn that some i!i?i?aVialacticn ex i*Ud at tbe saaallocaa of the llank of BniU dividend, by tbe declaration tliat beuc.ciorUionly thertiacouuta realize I would be itivMled, or rather that during the til montn-", to end the 31st of January, 1*47, tbe proAu of tbreu months and half only would be glveo to the shareholder*. A fair i stent cf bnstneaa had bean done at Rio in articles 01 import, toe supplies having been ample; tbe traoaa: tn, us la i?roduce were limited. In ibo coffee market the sorrly of old coOee had b.-en moderate, and limited to Iht new crop, owing to planters be. nc engaged pickiu and alao to a continuance ot damp and cold wealbt r, cauMnu tbe labor of curing the coi:?e on the dry tug grounu* to procei d very slowly. Healers bad, in pooae quenet, remained Tery Arm up close of June, and xalet to tie extent of 75.000 ba, were ?necte?l at iully the same rates aa previously quoted, new coffee even at a slight advance t'nfavorable aocounta being then received from tbe 1'utted Wales, tbe market became very inactive, nlos being restricted to some lew paroela of ordinary ooffees a. a decline or lOOra. New good Oral codoe waa sold a. 4 HOOra. to t,K?0 (I nod cloan coflte remained aoarce Tba total sa aa since the l'Ab of June amount to 10#, 500 bags; ahijmienta on dealers' account, #.600. 1 a i?ll 1 II, ? OCO bigl, of which M,700 were for the I nlted SUtoa. ;ia boo lor the Channel and north of K iro>', and 19,700 ror the Medtterranean. Tbe shipments In tbe c*op year ending the .'10 of June repreaent 2,102,ftH6 nags, belu< ?UV,?W bags less thai, in the prevlo n year J'Uaaier tdiiii'd that U??- <; r op j >iKt (intMhed ?ii'l not e*"4iei !. bsc4 However, that of IV. I snd 186 > proved to be larger than anticipated at its comsaencemeat, bav.ng nearly reached . tOO.OOO bagv In Bahia tbe cropa promt?ed well and diamonls w?re bit ber than ever previously' known. The augar mart i t waa firm and tbe article in brisk deinsid Wnitet real /.cd as high aa .i.tot tot ton < ooUnued ne^le. ted, au I quotations were nominal at 5,(?0per arr for Bahia?, and 6 v 00 lor Macelos Tfce crop ol new coflee had not ma-'e tu appearance, and tbe saaall supplias of old w hub som ? tim?s arrnod st this ?easonot tbe year had been ke A back by tbe rainy weather, <i'iotaticna, therefore, were nominal. .. . At I'ernambuco a mercantile circular states that the pi icea In sugar bail maintained tbemielvei throughout the month, and entries bad been next to nothing. The crop* in tins and the ad|? enl |->rta were quite at an ead tbe stocks lor sale on the lath. Including wbttsa snd browns, amounted to SO.OOO bag?, with prices firm In cc tton th. prices had been firm, and tow.irds the ? lo e the market had evhibit-d afliroer tone, alth->ugh tb?r? lied been no ree?nt advk-ea t. warrant any rise <? !'* raibss about 6,00 bags changed bauds, but prices bad nit iran?iHre.l, and of Mac-ioa about an equal q nntlty at about 6, 400m per arreba Iree on board In hides a stir hart taken place, and up to815rs per lb. had been paid, and ?, MOra par arroba in out port*, latter tree on board. French Celebration ot Lake Hoperlor. Tbe Jilt of tie French fmperor waa celebrated on the Uthof August at the aettlement or Ui? copper mines of tbe Frent h company, on the bordera o( take Superi c, where but a raw yeara since there dwelt only a lkw <rat tried Indian tribes. An altar wa? arranged ,n the lorest near the mouth of one of the ihafla or tbe m.ne. tlv.ne eer\ ice, followed by a TV ZVum, waa celebrated by Rer. louts Tbiels. Catholic missiouary of Kagle Harbor lo mediately afterwards he biassed tbe abaft, which he bap used by the name of Napoleon. Mr. Oaorge Maurice, principal of the company? who happened to be at lake Superior on a tour of examination, wtb Mr Km lie l?oimoy, mining engineer? oft -r wards aracmb'ed at a glorious baaiu't. of the prlncl|*l p?r sols in the \ 1. inlty and the workmen of lbs mine, wi.o sre for the most part tatadlans, snd wbo hare pre acrid with the lainuaje and the Iremb emtom^ a i- > loucd reaped lor the memory ol the Einperor Napo '*?lie trl colored flag waved for the first time on the bor ders f I I axe Supc ior, and mlngb-rt its lolds wiih thucof the American Qag At the deasert Mr Maurice ro-s and proved the following tosat ? "(lentlemen. let us dr.nk to the t mperor Naiwleon the Third Thanka to the wis ?? m and flrmneso ol hia govarnmei.t. whk h permiU in to i. -li Frrncli industry to the Amori.ao shore. 2.000 (?r . a frow "if mother country May the orh 11,. resta repent for the Ar t tim< this cry. wbi. h baa , .-a. iv encircle i tbe woi id? I'cy I !. <>)+*? i The following toasW were afterwards odernd ? By I?r . Ijiaanoaa? We concede that tbe French naMon tbe Arst plate in the worid tor pohten -sa I,,, 'n,. man jvot.le cl-t.m tbe honor of c imiuue^l I k to 111" health of the Empress I By Mr. F.ntUi Doi nov? To France It is Its souvenir ne ?t i<h animate-- air' v.ti.in > n our l*b..r* l ? midst ol the v.r>;ia forests of the New Wm Id, on the i lines of civilization We a ?? happy an i pro id io . refer, t it here. Thank ( od France marches to day ai v t), nd ol nations it says to all others not 'March ; , ow you, but 1 march, follow me"' Gentlemen, let us t, u, Fran, e, our beloved cotmuy flv Mr WiiKisa, Judge ol tbe district? tt I* not tbe i time that the Trench flaj waves on our comm. nt tUi lathers have related to us the war of Independence, ,, I atbeiever a Ires heart beats tn Urn bo?nin o: an the name of Iafa>ette la love.1 and venerated wr that ol the father of tin co . try, the mmortal Wash |. vt. n To the remembrance ol the year 177?, and to tbe , t< ?. si friendship of tbe two nations Tbia batquet, whkh waa ravored by a radiant sun, waa woe art up With tbe meat cordial hilarity. Canoe races k . k place In the afternoon, near tba foot of Copper Bar I her i he feast ws? terminated by a ball an< various :imn enenta M will leave a profound remembrance In the beat ia of til wbo twisted at It. Marine c?nrt. Before Hod Judge McCarthy. fcTIT TO KFCOVSR BACK FFM AND CO*' acctioneekh. -?ut*-roNS fr5] Arc. 2 V -toberl CUryUU, n[ Antka^ , ^ Van Wagtnen and aK- iM defcndMl( V.n Wage,, on ri sides at Staten ,gJ,|an(j jn October ia.it certain ion t St a ten I?lar_u werJ pilt up k, auction in the Exchange, a k?''.??g1ng ti Van Wageuen, the defendant Bleecker act In an auctioneers. Tie plaintiff bid $3,800 on eight Iota nlucb were knocked down to him, and upon which h Said $380 per cenlsge, and $80 for auctioneer'! foet iking sonar a to receipts for the tame. Tho vendor r< funed to perfect tho title; bencu thm suit to recover bacl bis money. The defendant, Van Wagcnen, was not serve with process, and consequently was not be lore th Court. The Court held that tho defendant, Bieecker, wa bound to pay back the amount received at oommtHtiooi alter notice to his principal, but (bat ho waa entitled t retain the amount paid as fees, a* it was received for ser Tices ac.ually rendered, an 1 tho plaictiira remedy forth same was agaiDet the principal. As to tho <|ueetion u costs raiBed by tho delendant'a counsel, it was overrule* The statute regulating own In this Court expressly pro vlde8 that in auy caso where tho plaint' tf recovers ove #100, he shall recover coats. Judgment for plaintill $401 01 and conts. ACTION AGAINST AN KXPBRf'S COMPANY VO? NBC LIGBM'E. ItriUnn r$. The Unitm Ksj>re*t Company ? The asslgnd ct tho plnU-titl, an tbe 7 th of March, deliver. 1. to defend iuiu .o tills city a quantity of oystc *&, valued at $ii6, t be delivered at Chicago a id oi tbut day b i i-^fL for there be arrived there, and after waiting sonic two or thre weeks without getting any Inforiruiwn aooot the oystcn came back. F om the evidence on the ol the ds fence, !t appeared that cn the 8th of Uurch tho car i which tho oysters werv shipped |?a'8cd throjgh Albau n its way Went, but tlitt it waj blocked up cn tae roa t tho Suspension bridge for several days, owing to th roads being Impa-sable from the snow? tb.it tbo momen the roads were pen no time was loft in forwarding then ?n, aud tbut tho oysters reached there tbo day afte the plain till'lcf. there. The Court bol 1 that the defendaal were not common curriers; that they irere bojnd to ue ordinary caro and diligence In lending on the ?"*>ds, an that they bad done so. J adgmcnt lor defendicu. Before Hon. Judge Mayuard. ACTION 1 OR MAL-PUACTIOK ? IMPORTANT TO- PKAt TITIO-SERS. Cvuriney til. Ihnd'jsu The plaintill is 67 years < age, of good?habita, has worned a* foreman tor ten year for lles -rs. l'oliard, up to last December, wL.cn ho qui: with bad eyes; went to the Kye Iufiirtuy remnne inero Irom six to eight weeks, when he wu induced b a friend of the defendant to leave the Kye . i.Lrmsry an putbimstll under the riui'.-uriaut's treatment. There h* been a gradual improvement of bis eyes from soon afoe he entered the Eye Intlrmary until he left, and that In provement continue 1 for two or three weeks alter he le ?no doubt being tho result of the treatment he receive at the Eve Infirmary ? when they began to grow worst He continued under the defendant's treatment until July (about three mouths,) aud the defendaut performed a oik- ration on h*s eyes, and put some kind o>' a powder in to them. When hn ilrst puttimself rndor the clendant' treatment he could go there alone: he soon became s blind bo bad to be led there by a little boy. The plats tifl returned to the Kye Inlrmary in July, bill his visio was gone, never to return. Dr. Agnew deposed that h has no doubt tho plalnufl '? eyes would have go well if he had remained in the Eye Infirmary or been under good treatment outside. DrjAgncw an Dr. Back, both holding positions In ttve Eye Inftrmary tbe oily physicians who tea U Bud in relation to the treat ment? have no doubt that the plaintiffs eyes would hav recovered under proper treatment They both gave a history or their practice in diseases c the eye, which is different from tho defendant's praetic* as testified to and shown by a card, which is admitted t be bis. The defendant otrered to prove by a score of pel sons that they had hid bad eyes, and been treated fo them by the defendant and got well, or improved, whic was ruled out by tho Court. The defendant's coun-u raised several points, bat the second one is sufficient t state ? '-That an error In judgment la not mal practice ' The Court held that to be good law, when applied t a man skilled in anatomy, surgery or physics, hut tha it had no application in this case; that the detent ant, knowing nothing of anatomy, surfery or pbyslci could have no judgment in tho matter. The lai contemplated a judgment founded upon skill and know ledge in thcte tciencee. That man who would hoi himself out to the world as a doctor and an oculist with octa diploma, without any knowledge of these science* and under such false pretences obtain a patient, an c immtDce tinkering with the most delicate oi all the oi gans, the eye, must be reckless Indeed. An error 1 Judgment, ol a man skilled in a particular calliog, Is nc mal practice, unless It la a gross error. But error 1 Judgment, In a science, of a man unskilled la tha science (tf such a thing can be) ii mal pra< tice. 1 other words, a person attempting t? practice, tn pbysx or kurgcry, without first baviuk' obtained a knowledge o such science, is liable for all the damage that is the r? ault ot his practico. 1 nave no doubt the plaintiff lot his vlslm through the defendant's treatment, and tha the treatment was the result of ignorance on bts pari Judgment for the plaint II, $100, allowance, *r., $12. Supreme Court? In Chamber*. Before Hon. Judge Davles. In >ht Matter of (/it Pork Sank ? The Judge made a order tranaferrtng this case to the general term of tl Court, whi -h will sit next Monday. It U a mot on to sta; the proceedings of the Board of 8a?ervt?ors, who hav assessed the bank on $300,000, the directors of tbe banl deny their li ibility to taxatlou, as tho com? any i.a?e nc been In operation one year, and that they are not tbere ?.Me legally liable. Supreme Court? Special Term* Before Hon. Jadge Clerke. OPINION ON TBE ENLISTMENT OF MINOR*. In the Matter if William Cook. ? The act of Congress el pree*ly permits the enlistment of infant'), w tbthecon sent of the parent, kc. It prescribes no particiila method by which this consent ah all be elga.Sed, nor dot It specify which parent, nor docs it exclude e ther parent from giving it. In this <ase the father was dead, and tb mother was married again. The print .pic of the com mo law Is that tbe father has the tlrst title to guardiaasni by nature, (the custody of the person), and the snothe the second. This right oi the mother wss not necesssrll, forfeited i.y her second marriage: and w) en weconside that the language ot tbe art U explicit and cni'ialtQed allowing "the parent" to glrs tbe ooaiaat, I can have n< healtation tn d< cidlng that the mother of this m aor hat power under the act to "consent'' to his enlistment With regard to the fact of the consent, she aec inpanlm the lad to tbe recrutttiig ofllue, on tho Itlth I ebrnary, 14M re<iu?sted that be should be accepted, and on tbo 'tb I slgnod a written couseut. The counsel for tbe relato contends that tbe conicnt is Invalid, Insisting that H wa given after the enlistment, as the net says tha' tbeconsen must be ??first had and obtained. ' ' Bat the consent wa given by parol on tbe lfltb, the day from which the en lis ment dates, although not onsum mated until a.ter i probation of some days, the wiblea consent can be deem ed nothing more than a ratification of the parol consent Ind even tf this latter were to be dl-rega'ded, aad tb written the only consent, although tbe en.tstsMnt wouli be void In such case anterior to Its eie:ut>on. yet i would clearly operate to make It valid from that time Application denied. Naval Intelligence.' Our Rio Jainero cor res pon dent, writing on the 7 th " July, sends the following report ? Arrived here In fifteen days, tbe Tniled ctates frigat Savannah, from Montevideo. Khc attempted to come let port on the night of iaat Saturday, 5th instant, and h?d m $ o'clock passed the H'.gar lioat. when at $X o lock sb was stru< k with a southwest squall, and came near beia| Inet. Tbe wind was so strong an to throw tbe waves ove her, and at one time there were five feet of water on be main deck, and one of tbe officers declares tbst for (flsei minutea she sailed st the rate ot iweaty mi. s psr hour and that for the |n?t fifteen yearo he ba1 bees to sea at* never saw anything that could be compared to thia Mrn cane. The same writer, dating on tbe Wh of July, says ? Ar rived last evening t r lt d Stues brig Biiabrldge, lieat Rowan. In elev<a days from Montevideo, at which ctt) she lay two weeks af er her arrival from ber trip to tbt Ptralta of Magellan Tlie brm ie l >m the 12th of Mart h and arrived at Montevideo oa the 13th of June Tbe twt sailors she went alter were not murdered by tbe Patago nlans as supposed, hut had been taken off previously The Balnbridge found thirty nine mariners ol tbe Kngtiat: vessel Western 1'tlde, Capt Ht Clair, and one Asaenoac sailor, who la said to have been put on shore by aa Ante ri. an when In com mat. 1 of a Peruvian ve<si which wai bound from the Chincha Islands W> England. All of thee< people were takeo tare of by tbe British Cossui at Monte video. The Harvbkt in France? Tbe Echo Agricoii publisnea tbe following remarks on the subtect of Um crops and the price of com, but we tNnk it right to oh serve that our contemporary is noted tor taking a gloom j view of things ' The marketa In the departsssnt art about equally divided between the rise and tbe taiv. These diflerenf movements are only caused hy tbe wants of consumption, and the mora or leaa restricted sopplv Some trifling srrlvals of wheat ant flotir <r >m America bate taken place at Havre, where they are aeld to supply the wants of tbe neighboring departmeaw*. At MaraeilMs there have been large arrivals rrom tbe i ? vnnt, aad more considerabls ones are expected, which haa ca'ited afall ol about 2f. during the week on all kinds ol corn. The cm in from Africa Insea its importance m tbe la' e of the banl ktnoa from the Hee of A/off. which are 'ar s?i*riee. Rs rent sccountf from the Hoeth confirm what had been pr* viously fsid of the inferiority of the crops ,n the plams of I pper snd lower languedoc. In the departoteefs of the centre, nesr the I^ure, there arc some caniiu* wbitib ci tiip'aln, while ntherx are more favorably sit,,ate<l. fae harveet will be, aciordleg lo a southern expression. ah.yn that is good in -mn plaree, and onlf middling l th ct- In the north, thai Is to say, Irom tn- Ixtire ?->thi Brlglun or flerman frontiers, the harveet has only juet commenced. The sheaves w. II certainly b"? more some rous thsn last year, but the } leld will not be so abuni'aj>< aa was hoped for, sti'l the total produen ? >l he pemr t?. Iff, ft. In Belgium the h ,r . est will be ah. t the aam* ss in our northern dei?artment The crop n; .ve In I'rus ,1a and In (.srmany will not be sosh ndsnfas w.ie at one time expected. I ?tt?r* Irom i.enoa state (hat tho l.ar\ e?l in that j;art of Italy wiil he but n dd.'ng In lh?? Pan ihiaa provincea li e pkhIii ? or the crops n il he sa t sfartory. To < im np, tupp .siug that II. "crop la Fran, e he only on the whole an ordirary one, the power of im [ortation. In ronscqeonce of Ibe re est al> shment of I es. e, will teril lo I eep tip a better supply in our mar lets than wss seen Isat year. <, Vyrau T?r RRmeri Kmnvnttmi. Th? Halifax Journnf of the I'M says ?We are glad lo h?ar that most of th* l.uncnburg vessels have returned from f thrador with successful fbres t?n our Kastern coast the fishery ba< been a failure ? but within a Pew days mackerel bava shown themselves m "t. Margsret I bay and otber places to tbe wettaard.