14 Eylül 1856 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 5

14 Eylül 1856 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 5
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JcOercon collage, but will Mrv? UII ft sucoeaaor ba ?bOMB. Rev Dr. Hftrdenberg Iulb resigned tbe pastoral charge ?f Ibe twenty tbird street Mutch church, in this city. MKW OUUBCHB8. Tbe First place Metbodtot Eplsopat church, corner Tint place and Henry street, Sot th Brooklyn, will be de dicated to tbe service of Almighty Ood to day. The do dlcatory sermon will be preacned In tbe mornin<, at 10 )? ?'clock, by tbe Rev. Or. Ourbm, Missionary retary. ki tbe afternoon tbe Kev. Or. McCllniook. Ute President ?f Dickinson College, will preacb at 3 o'clock; and in tbe ?reiiing, at 7 >? o'clock, tbe Kev. Dr. Stapbons, editor of lb* CkruS*n Advotate. Tbe new cbnrcb edifice, recently ? reeled by tbe Second Dutch otaurcb, Sckenectady, will be dedicated to the ser Tine ol' Almighty God, on Thursday, Sept. '.45. Or ohos. So Witt, of tils city, is expected to preacb the mormon. 1W corner stone or a new Catholic churcb, In Spring *tW, 111., was laid on Wednesday. ICtb mat. Right Hot. Blebop O Regan, of Chicago, oltlcl*t;d. Tbe ceremony of laying tbe ooraor itone of a church tsdiflce, for the Methodist Kpiseopal society, took place in tbe city ol Hudson, N. J., cn Wednesday afternoon, a large number of persons wire i reKcnt to vitnei-s th) ex mait. The Chicago Tttbune oi the 6th inst., <<*>??:? Wo are authorized l>y tholtev. Or. Ferr.a or tbli city, to #t?te, that a meeting will be held? probably In the third i'res by terian Church? on "Vuefiilay morning, for the ] urpaso if organizing aSyiMd or the Reformed Hutch Cnurcb. to be called tbo I'artic.ilar Synod ef Chxtgo, an-! to be coat pond of the OiawiH of Michigan, of Holland, tfica , of Wi*cuns'.ii ano Illinois; Rev Dr. Ferris, Chancellor of the M. Y. Cniversity and Rtv. Dr. Van licada, are tno com mittee ol the <>?neral Synod to superintend tbo organ'r.t uun Further not.ee will ne ma li n due season. MIRCKLLANTOCS. TOo WcsVyar. Methodist Courerecce, which recently ?Mtnibled in England, bay rouwvt iU prohibition o 4mm ?<g w*.l card i-lay-rg il the families o.' iiiertttera of ibe l>o 07, on the ground that theee practices "are tot in tarruiiny with religion." It is n Yt markaliie I'arA that tbe (Old School) Freibytc rian Obsroli has during tit past year dUmifse* tl we ?uu iters te, h ud received thirty one ministers from other >4ensa?waiions Twenty few churches have been dis solved 'iou eighty lire organized. Thirty eipht lui.isters liave deceased and c'<ghty seven have been rrdained dur wg Cbo your. R m. Ygnace AVlasq' re de !a Cadeea, a canon of tbe Metropolitan church ot Mexico, one of tbo f nests who hrd been recently bati/bed by the government, under an acfwuation o: t'jo?p:rinr v> overthrow it, died at New 'Oakaos on the 2VtL u!t. He was far advanced in years, ?uvl bad been rick tor-some time prev.oua to leaving Vera ?<lrui. The l'ier.byteri?n 3?mrch in Risinf; Sen, Indiana, prop ). ?oes to celebrate its lerlietti anniversary on tho 15tb, wlion ?a bisiorlcal diie< urse w.'l be prew:bed by ibe pastor. 'Rev. B. r\ Mcrr.s. Rev. Albert I .'EoIliday bis been elected Frwiderit r;f Hampden Sydney College, Virpmx, in place of 5;ov. tt.-. ttreen, resigned. Rev. Tavid t.AA'heeler hri boen appolnte I agont of tbe Aiserit'sn Bltrtj Society lor Centre: America, and tiled ftir Nicarsgua last week. Tlllt WKSS Sr/AW PNIVKR81TY *T MIDDLBTO'TN, OONN. At <be rtcen; commencement of this institution Prol'ee nor t.aiie Di-iiitKtned that lie ai-rernly b.rf furnish id 10 pre?identa e'wlleges; 3?t ^rjieescrs or collogen, of whom 2b are now *s active service; ti:at^b acideinles anl clas sical scboole we at the present time supplied v.itb prin cipals Irecn tae University, ar.d more tbau 140 are now CBployfd nTteacliers in various institutions; 30 ar? mem here oi the bar; lit* are mmiKors of the gospel, tl.' whom 130 aie tr.ewtters of the Methodist Conferences, and IS are of otM'rtlenonoinatinns. 'Tie ileihodist wBi .ter'.i are dh-tribnU J c-, Iclloas : ? New Fagiai:d (inferences 43 New Yorh sad New Yora Ems'. ZC Troy and W it'.k river. ...? 11 Contereooes in Western Vm; * ork 16 Halttmtire, t'bn and I'h.ladciifua "V Sootberfl fcnferences 7 Western Coherences IT C'alitorr a. " /'ocr.h and Ol.taa 6 Tue alutcnl ol all tbe ditT'.-eai professors arc locatbd a* follows I? Ccr.nertKnt 64 ItaMacboa' its 00 Other K?*. Kngland States 37 to Kear-Lngland Ml New Yr?rj 1^6 OU>er MkU.o states 31 In MkWc States.. ie? Southern ? ites 43 Westero Sfclos 53 Caiuorma aad (>re|on 10 British poao -r.ony A China, litoc.ta aad Germany 3 Tctal 4M Cltyr ItiteUlg* net. Thi lUaucsors Dkhotiucy lYrcum.; rsTO Tie Amiu ATTIC If* TO ?iKI I P A FlOin ? Mk.% K?ilX WT> DOWV fM-Mt Crtvut ? ."'hot Fimcd, he. ? There ?h quite an excitement r ml hnz* aroi.Di the C'tf Hall yeoterday; in relatioo u> ?X? attack upon Ikt VBMM torchiifiit ;>"0 Murkin hyOe democracy. The Americans aiiert tti* white tbe F. occMion was pacing up Broadway, una flprtng and 1-inOS Hreeti, several oor.laughts were mvle upon it by a : ejtularly org a?...ed fort* of the deicdcracy ?tone* ..nil bi ckh were hi:r!c"l from tbo sidewalks u|k>ii tt, and every sflbrt mailt- to break up tie proccsslon. >>ut tl vain, Iho aaaaiieata bung at letigtb repelled. Wu?n pawns thiott'h Chatham e'reet, Jinersut parti* ol tbo promrtifa War ' attacked at the ?ame t.ue by oi>an. /.a. I Awotw from Ibr Fourth and Swtb warda. Ttiny attached . laccetaively ii> clubs from lb: Suventb, Tlr.rteoat.i, Sc tcmcioiL ant l.'ineteentb warls. They male a di&i? rate ? flort to ca: rj away the banner of a e .?Mveutc<tlli . A'ard Club, . on.iiujt down Mr. Edwin A. W ire, acd In j< iring min no severely, that i~' cannot move m bead. Ibe tljb iocouM in detec<ijig ant totatn.nrf their tout err, thoufb ttioy l<?t a tra..<*s<ur.iacy, wn.ck ih"} a-?et their umlaut" tore u; witb tbtw.* vn'i. Tut /Ot<ck ou tic 1. uetteutb ward wa no le-i* jott '. tMx;u * acd club* were wed lo abucdanoe. .Iine^b d. 7?.; - - - '-"t Ono Miomr, reccivd a deep n ?sh upon h? hea>; John V?n'.a**el hai bis Jaw f'racture.1 and Mi ?hue cut <>r<n Otbcrt were also aeicr. y injured. Ta tM't jibo bit lost nt. *\ lay lor rw.ted a ptatnl bat] la m? tiXh no one keer who tired It. At in" light of th:i a L. a*o?*iiug p?fty 8. Tbe American* ae-'ert that ths alkai k.ttw pn con ?.?rl?t! by a pert, on .4 (ho teuocrwy ; that lb?r? ha.1 met, or#**). led and pr*:?rot fir tt; but that itecext time the American* parade mey will oe well arsjt.1 an-t preparoJ tor aucb a cor.'.nf??M'. In ni dtu or to t. ?? above particulars. a gentleman or the Mn<v teewth war-l (Mr. A. ?T.aoe-'i t*?tifl?><i that ho saw the Htreat OuaHMDMr, Joseph S. Taylor, aba it now n . der tt>c cluife o< a phyntclan, ab<H at tbree times, at I that bfi knew# of three uf U? as?ailaiili< being nbft' ? i ' ? through - he iwod. au>)iher ULrough tbn *honl.l< r or i f "* aim. awl a lt:.rd In tbe fact), knocking out four u I. * Mats. Tit T i/rt ?t m rtomn' :. ? A tcit vote wa? t. mu at tbe K^Kical coi.cert, at tbe Crystal FihCf, on tl ?<) afternoon aad evening of the lUb itut. Tluee ti kif hoiei were owtipleJ by tiekat aeiler J. ?, der tbe refprrtlve naaMC of tbe dillereBt caadidat Tbo I j'.l jw tog Bgkree ?bi.w the result ? freani nt.. ytUMore 1 41T ,f>ac has an :H0 ftmo nt and freedom, &e luioo .aid Ui< -ui&tituUon <rtr miBtore..., '>0i #?ar Duchanan and slavery ext n?ton f>', : Tfco cone, rt was got up by profea.wd >;Un .e n>eo, wti'j laborni bard to tall the tickets with h natne r ?bow Nothing club* ranster<y| In forte and bought t -k 'V, hut the popular will went ahead. Fau i Bao^nwAT ? Aboot seven o'clo k last nlgUta hre wan J covered under the ttalrway in tbe store of J. Targia, |> ihllaher, No. ttiO Broadway. Tbe alarm waa given, when Ibe firemen foon arrived, and extiaguithod the Cre. Th*- damage done to the moc? will probably amount to f2?0 prtnri|>aliy by wawr. Tbero le HT.flOrt msuraner oa the ?lork, in twenty eoenpanioe. Th"flreta nppo*i d t<> bawe orig'natrd from toinething being thrown oader the rtaire by none one *oing In or out of tbe Ai a voir tea I Muae.aa. which is In the upp?r pwt of the bulil tug, and which fortunately eeeaped Injury. Finv m ?;*>?!> >"f? .?*? ?About 4 o'< lock yesterday morn tag a fire broke out in the attic of the frame bmMim; t06 firand ttreet, coraer ut Mott ttreet. Tbe Br<raeawnrs nromptly on ih>- grooaJ, acd soon extinguiabed the Hre It>e rtamage done to tbe buiMIng will prohatily amount tt #t(b Ii t* Insured in tbe Ctty ln?nranre Company, and owned by JamM R. 'Iltcbcock. II. H II ngiiagc occupied xtor itnre as a grocery, lie has autiainel ?om < ?ltght da Hereby water. Me Is iHnred \'.>r 91,2(0 to the North River loKrance Company. Uaac llorwitz oocuptcl part of tbe Mia furniture Ik ?l ( htly <tam <g'"1 by wal jid floor . His fnrtilUire la ? htly danmgi"! by water. hMtued for $100 la the Paolflc Inanrance Company Kings Conntjr Drmscratlf Nomlnntlons. Tbe PtBtfcrmtic Convention of Klnft county, met at Nelson's, la Flatbuab, yesterday after noon, and placed tbe following tick at in nomination with singular unam Bitty ? ? DU'rirf Affinity-. ?oha 0. Sohttmaker, ol the I'leventh ward, by acclamatloa. County Tvraiurtr? .lames M. Seabury. of tbe Filh ward by aceiamati<?i Sut+rintinl'ntt if lh' Toor ? John A, Saal, of tbe Six teenth ward, and CbarlM W Cburob, of Now I trecht. CVcner ? Uaac K ?nsll, of the Heventeentb ward. J tutu t m th' f'jtirm* ? John A. Fmraons, of New I'Uecbi. Poller Intelligence. TO TBI KPITOB OF TBI MKW TOM BKRAI.n. M*w Voa*. Pepl. IS, IVW. In yonr notice of the nrreM of Carolin- f>r'li>n, tor bigamy, yon ha mn.tew%er*l ?ertmit ml? ataiementa In flace. yon say that "the MM lay |M me of her nrat mar iii*e. ?I|I> loft til- 111,1 went lolivenlih Ferlnn - > not the -aw. I Immediately left her, an l she -lid not ?<> with Ferdon antll Ih- 4lh of the present mnn'h. Yon also ?l*tc (hi 1 rft. red hit*. fM?t go into a hona? .t ill fame. ??? ? ????? | that 1 pnld h.m the money. 1 never tnaii* Mm aueh an on- ? sor dtd I erer pav him one cent, for any IHMMi M I shall ?aitaflietorllT prove'npon > laralnaM .n. In juatie?? t ? all parti-?. yon will plea?n make tbe*e eorreetions, for alioitM the'^?_ unno' eeil tbej * .ulil seriously Injure n>v ehara'l< ?'i MVH I ?*H AHI.KS WfNKK.V 79 'Montgomery abllC Prrannal Intelllgrnrr. I - ARRfTALS. I?Alih* . V"w,n """?'-"on I'. P Wright. I>n??. . - HBTiC U"S^K n,*ri "hnnr. Pa.; J. X I," mej. <la ; Hon Arthur rieaveland. Ala U o R i ?erl I eon, Jr . family an'l w-r>aot. Mtviuinah Ua ; ho H'\\.i ll'en-aeola, Morldi . W i). ? (Wi, Ha?annah, Oeorgi^. i ?C ?<> At tl'- t t * If R initi, ,n? i ii. | ? i , . , Mead. MnetnoolMlhte; 1) Aa Wetter, Pbilatelphia M. I> vene, Boston, VaMbi II. < anthra, TOronto c u iir v u 1) (?' .? i tnrle?f m ? ?f I wt II...,, Mi. from l.i- erp""l n 'he y t'n Vrwr" ?? w. ? ??Mnlev. Mi I MMf' Matter H f>M?i " ? ' ! Ph?f^r. ? I iveepoif Wrd?'Tea ?idp|..'. ',"'1 '? \riv?8 ' nu; ; i ?. ? !' 'i'i' fi or v n m m ,. : " M<s* Emilia Clark, Mn Viliaienga, M? 0 Vlllalene.. J < Villaleoga, Mt*sOer?y, A W H? inner, K H Brewster El, Hjl brook Tho* I'rendtrgast, W W I'Kevsr, H Thompson Ferii? uand Maseridorff J C Cook, Fran 1* Hwike1, John ilarria aid 8 in the steerage. From Bell**, Hond, is tho bork Cadet? D C HitclVaOck and family, A V S Antony, Mrs Uaker and child. Portable Drrvalii^ Ctuct Thi; moat porta ble. and at the same time tho inost ?rau|ete ana eieguit article unw manutaotnred h?viu| ev jry renuiaite 'or a (jon'le man s tc'lrt lor sale at A. A. J. <3Auil>KR8',Mo. 7 Aator House, ai. : ,?-7 Broad ? ..y. The Voiiiik Maii'? rial.? Silk. Mute, In New pattern*, a>e this day intr ^dm-ed Their adaptation '0 young mi n ana other points of excellence. as *-> quality una prion bespeak tor them '^a special notice of onr young aud economical patronr, i. HA H. Y & CO, Leader* and ln'vt>duo?ri of fa hion, A*'?r House, Uroadvsa y ClfiitUiijCii Are Invited to Call and Eiamlne a mci' l cf % gentleman it dress hat for the faU of lH6ti. Frlee ISWl. and tt will he found to exeel In fineness, aur&LJlt; and eieg&vce 'he hats usually sold In Broadway for $1. KKI'KNSCHEIIJ, 118 Nuaau itrect. f lie I'Vut oiuite Kncotiiiter. rnaasi^i- ap rnon ritit rwiNCU or vivtoh lkpaujcticrb. in Fulton street thev met hy chance She knew t'ot what he did; A 1. 1 hi ai <:e a recognizing Klance Illumed her drooping lid. f be patsed anelti : meanwhile he had Pv Smith been well attired; And as be, bowing, raised tiis bst, fclio (altered, blushed, admired. F 0 ma: \ ellous Ik the art ol >'iu:lli It Dents all others hollow: Is he took l.. in '.'or a living ui-tli Of the u-vlnc Apollo. the r ished into his outstrete|ved arms ? Then, with a kiss her tears tie sinotijer*; ' My kjvel my life! 1 sheened, your tjh'jrt-k llave been revealed me hy fruilib, Hrntl.or?f ' HMIT1I BKOTilEKS.oie price wholesnje and rPt*.'il cloth ing warerounj, Njb. 122 arid MO Ful'.on street, Mw York. Ua?k ClolhSiuiM Kjntxel raaaimexe buameHasnrW. ??. ^ flte ohiCk troek - ..... 8 tleeai'.t blue dress roata J tteli i i?tr<i antique -ilk ve-UM ? . ^.. ? ? ? ? I ? t ET ANh' eiteii"ve CJC Jakig ? artioc;tt:, itbitnd Od Fultoa **.ec Mne IV ?nWrtl*rV usortmrM ttntr uces ? very s?yle of pi u, cucket and sportsmen'* k.iirn, beet books, nail lea, and toilet cutlery. A. k J. SA U.VDKRri, No. 7 Astor House, and :fCj iiroad tr%y. India M?lra? HanddtrrMeft <u Great Va Tletv, iuattfeqeived, wholesale rat : r'.tall, at FOUNTAIN S Indiufctora. UM Ur<*adaay. He who Buy* what kc docs fiat want may ?wont what he cannr t buy. l>u as every -man who a?t ires to fashion wnnta UKKK.N'.S shirtr. i>nd rlep ,nt furnishing ^ools, and every m<. . e&'i procure ttem j, si when ho Ones waut them. *b'j proverb does uot api ,y to. I' .rohaso at No. 1 V '.or , Heme. (hi'.y #4 a Fair Tor Bent French Calf Bouta, vtith.patent vbarns, nade 'to otsler. by A. itAK'KIt, iA Ann Hire*.; double I. K 60; 'best Krere n MtpN !nuhe,r boow, $f> to '37. U"L.tkmen ? sheti and galetrs, best <iua.ity, eu u.illy lev. Hr. V. D. Fitdrtoki flat: linniey <fa FreeS <Kkn) would rs apectfully snncm-'i to his pal roes and frien's ttt he him i cjnoved the r holographic ue|.artmeattoSK8 Broad i ay. o|>iioniu the Metro^olHan Hotsl, m?1 <natr.fi the Pnrvvlar ^rtlMa ??viiK.'h be 'i ti-wiuced '.o tl?j country s?:.l renwln wlt?i thl. Picture* are taken in every stj e, aa?nerre?tTi>ea, ihoto?r:kpS>k amtioiypiM. Ac Ttc rooms are open hot tor hr receiitio? of vinterrj ?t all houte. C I). FBEDRICKH, (late Kuinry A Fr-1 ricks, > 6hj Iftoadwuy, ot p. ?lte tfetrcpollUn Hotel Holni' h" One Oollnr Phototrniphi revived, lane *t7e, and ?.t J to any S!t picture* in the el' y; taken at ulttht with mt ww mg. hy three li^brj ann twoa y live artli's i :io most rapid cleutl io )>ortrait tre* in America at 2M? It roadway. Ii?mp>alyp?< 'ii cmtrto $1, Preddrntlal ran dld'.te* lft cents o> $1, Niagir i FallliiMMi totla pi "ure. Fine.-t set of Am'trri^tn MMB in the wortl just show i g ap at UOIJJ K.V gallery ifc'J liroa iway. i. Ctnntry wonMBttii^eciAa^ Auiuhmm 10 m BneaiA* ar.i patroa* 'hat he - on' - >ie<i Mi photograph''.: r.uti HKTWHyy? i'ii r.^eM at h!a o"1 fulicn, 149 Broa^ *.iy nor f? f i.B'-'.n i atreft. ?n'i b?i be Uca oot >?aMT >1 ?i) /?mm a ai .??is* eatab Utbti.?u< to % ' part o.'tlie e'.ty, te; <io?* c MIM ho nolng. Be h..? howaMT itaala mpnr aut *it-;ra vtji *ad taaprovamaala In the photographic <!?p -rtinc it, .1 vd 1 miw fintK il w.:h the advaotafa of aaporlar aituua, to pro DM toer picture* (hi a ?? In retefore hr-n '.aher. in hi* iv.Vj J. viUhNLY*. its Hrci n^i.' co- Laon?.K! at ? lii?o/uit?t^-A Sirai'K-r of IVew kiiil httuml iao?i pi -arsa, a>o melodaop*, all of lull *a<l rich touc, fwly ??r, .??ctl, ?'>d it price* IU.1 lefy couip utlon. A%>ctd*d wuaiu may now be b?J at the w-r?l?ii*n of JiftlN P. VAX K A CO., iff! tJaom ?tr?et. our dixiia area! 'of Vuvl. The PUiiO? Th? (irMtmt ImproTtawn I la I. A C. HKMiEH'R .upRvfil circular *0*1* ptiuu foi to; >vrro?ii SGS Broadway. sppo?M? Bi*tadway Ik. .iin M.i .u Ketgry, Twenty-eighth *:rasei .m l Niatb tvmac Wew York Punot md JUIikIioih. ? fhi Horurt W4trn "icifia taproved p.auc* and imelodooria ?n '? m luuul only it SM Broadway. Piiw? to rent, d rent lowed oa rur ?Saw for Ml* . n monthly ptymenta, *e.i ,cd Uand j ^uoo -o*n tfcj aj lli'i, aaeloaieoM fnxa f?c v tD6 Paper Decoration*.? Tliomaa Kay? A i il'o., 2f>7 Hroa iw-iy, injur VTarren *tr?e! barn oo banlevia ?i rioty .,t paper huiilaiti diamlayad o 1 acre. 1 *0 un?t th* r ?f. feet can be "illy appreelaiod. Art Idle w u?r me.i aalj dio 1 kiyeii, and all work * .. rranu.L Chin* and (iliua ? rhr *n?: ..arlber WouM 1 epoetfulh' ufm Km firmer patron* ml the pubiM la H-meral tliat i*i hoa rejuovt ftvm .".II itradeay and liu taken the More M# hrtm Jvajr, n. ?r fweuHeth auroot, .vher* tha-y may lin t a ????? u<! d .ia*<>rtiu'ni 1 p..*:. urd di c-iiUrd French rhlnH, vacry aril. real Ir h eandeSaoriM, At. AUo. rlcheut. ..1 and |ir>??"?il f *4, from tho -nuiul c?ry of II Mr*. J Kouvenel A Co SB r-i 're utrpet. v Un a larjjfl araortaient of Rn^ilaK autna oh 1 all o:' wklch h-i wi.1 ??.: H 11 *r iir c fur riiih Olao? m.uv, a-id rut to or<lrr. ai hRM'9 etov\ r.sK r? -m iir?ad?*ajr. Piijh i' llnny.' iiK" at. Wliolcialr,? C?uulr> B^reb&ntaKre la-.i'.ed to oivm ne our ??o-k of Kroju-b ai d ' n," 11 ; ip. ha. ;? re*. ?(ntir.i ..j{ > ikiv IlMj li the trade. FAKK k .. . 1H lirokia it. Oppnaite the 1 Iiy lia>' Willi/ r'a P*t?nl 'alrnuiiHlrT tm* ?f 1 :? i. rj;.>.>r 1 <?r? -us touA H.jtht. . 'ree fri in <la*| r C.e| it iH Water i r?.:. n^ur tfaU, \ork. H. <> WlL"Br. I ?<>., V. . 1 ai.4 u.? j J<..fiiiiu;r halamuiMi< r >af< ".oRobrrt N. l'*TBi K the *o> nim i:*mrtr .n <kti*alt?d <t?'ei .' >? above i* ratad iwfe* aa<l paMnt powder i.ro?:' <> a.i and ?.?< ? ?' Kj its Poor! Mreel, m 4c .. ooloer Mal.: *i lan Slu^a r'a ifwIi'H ^lartiliita for UuIIIIiik I " i*a, A'" ? The eru ?i ?"po' jril.i "i Sin;<r< io>-, .ne< 1 >r .t Uiflaanwah >d lari llolitiiiiii intPi und 'i"? 'f " v V 'he art Ulirtv.it!?'t. V* <rorh uf tnn klad a aac.>ru?lr?d ?1 h. I ? Iter w I en Hi. 111" 'Mil x ilk it 1 lilirli >?l "illy we I ..<< out 'idiled lotbi ?|i"l ? f 0'ir inrt utaebln ??. rtiey iv a o'ltpltte fl\e ail'oh.ia 'i' rt e li tuiti .it TL? 'lr?. ">K ?M, >oi i r i|'illilnr o .1 'binr* cm t"e run ?leopte' a - n? ? ir". wbleh w'll rery i?ti" am i'in* t > more ibay '.I f .? rtc >? 01 . 111 eh ne. T *t HIS 1 r, H \ 1H} Ifi ll/uidw*/, Tli' r.??ll-?' Paaliiw.? IHMlrhoiaaifl** It ihr K.? ai ! I'e . I'll u! art ?f iTiiia&irntlaf w *?ii.i,e-i (l iie re* ?? .0 the 1^ hen palnlad efciaa. v rt < ui, a'i'l mil MHinrf !;?-? "f i. i: leii ?n aud in .tan 4'* can *>?, oa. . at 0IwtR.NI, M?AKf A ' W2 ! :r i-d a* ly. rlin)i Ftirul?hli.? < hlna mill (?luaa Ralnb ?haNl?'', 'Till Hall *1 1 Hi .idwair, akot'i Kl#\e itb atreet tv hue ir. , r nadlniai pli'X la. md It*, per loan, 4.1. (.,???* ... aad ?acr.-ra t i.'?. 1 it . A ki'i'N iiT kitri.ei .ochary ? iu 'ly cfce.m. J. K KK'lK A Prrfam'il lira atti.? W)iiif f.u.ly or llnilla 0i*d would remaie ir.der tb" earae f a tin irmahla I rrlh ? hen by iwli g lie ' biilin of a wouaand .low>- ' ?a O-n fHca waaM not on!r r^i t> -? rt ^ butjleave the teeth ablta ^aalabiater Maay reiaona u.i n .' an^w th-.r hreath la t d. aad <he auhlect la an ?e|i i*e th?r tr nda will narer m- it'oo tl Pour a anv'e 'Iron 01 the " balm ' on yeur tooth bruah atel warbtlie l?"'h Blgbt aud m. rn,;i?. A i.fty rent I10U le will laal a year Por aal ? hy al) di of aia.a, X?u? (euoiu? 'uileaa a (iu 'l by M/iRlIXiK A CO., pr^ptMora. Klnc Flavored Grcrn and lllaa k Tea at ?? een'a: reined aad olh?r augar* a r?due-il prtoaw. Aiaoa larce !i*a( r. tn^i of Kiie-eriea, rlieap fv roan. Kor aa.e by .1 O. FUWI.KlM ''O.. 2I?I and 4.01 ilreiia hsh atr< et. Uro cera and bakeia w 1 i.d do wwii to call La:.'- to p ircuaamg \\ ? llliiR Inka.? W e fonld ararrrly Inairh upon a aul jeet ni'ite due. tl j- if i i'-reat to h ..trre elae* <if uar K?Wa. We ha?. aur^e;- e* einerlennd vieat annoy anra. in I n ? ? Rona by fr in i'er;or a|ttalltlea of lb*. \n artl rle ol hrfibt. blaek. dnrao o i-olor ? e^?v (lowing, and yet adherirc *.'|l 10 th? 1 ?n, haa n"?er be-', a drti* in Ine market We have for aeve al montha need the Bannfltelnr* ofMea-ra. ( HXUIR A PIKI.HS, (Bi"nakway, near Pul on ?lre? 1. 1 and havo arerr reaaon la I'tpreaaour entire aa'lafae 1:00.? >. V. Courier A Enquirer, Aug. H, fHftl. Important to I.adlro and nentlrmtn.? Ion* aen's Inodoramt preraratlon Inatv.ilv eleaoa kid gloraua, of any eolor, without the aliiihieil amell. ono boU>< rieanaea tiny palia. Price, tm een'a. Can be worn Immediately after ward* for aale by ail drtiMlate. CORTEK r. >KARV A CO., 802 Rroadway. W'er* not Hnmmrr Dlatlllatloit Ufl, A le, ulal prlaoner. pent in w allaofelaaa ?ea>.ty * elfeet, ?tlh boaiity aa?re bereft, 01 It. nor no reun inhranee what II w a?. lint tlowera dlalUM. t le ugh the* with winter meet, l i . ae hut their <bow, their anhatanee a'ill hvea aweot. Pleue A l.uMn'a lelioratory of flower*, Hnwer farma,Mlt cham, Pn jlaed, and Nieo Italy The ltoman perfume, Pran glpannl, the i terna! jiorrnme, Irom the Holy t'lty. Hold l>r wRO. N INOKK A < O . Bonier of W.Uker afreet aad Br Una way. agenta for the lattod M'atea, alao by T. T. Ureen, eair ner oi Fourteenth Mrret aad Broadway, and nil resectable druR(l?U. Will you not v.ie th? ti ket of fiintoa f 1 'n 1 nfratd that the Aodge with the n iblle won't take. W'tn th>* eholera bitter* there l? no deliialoa: Thej're rrruUn to eure et .>rr nolle and aelie Thraa- Klttrr* arc Nolil Iiy N. ItrlnMd, JO Naaaau atreet. ?alrheior'a Hair Dye, Wl?i and Taupee* Ir* impeiior to a'l Mher*. Thetr new imi'rOTementa a. enra inrfeet eomfort to tke aieari r aatnral elegaeeo and 1itr*Ml) ?. Ill* nttrh alleal and only haritle?* hairdyei* applied w walT* prlTtt* rontn*. at RATi'URLOR B. >11 rtroadwar. Conntrrfrltrra and Imjioatorae? Th?a Pahllr are cautioned agnioat purchaatng irticle* pretending to he of the nature of the " balm 01 thouaand flowara," for perfuming the breath and beautifying the completion The iHiaalaiity of that article hia brought l"rw*r .l * hi*; 01 oounterretler*. None f* genuine unlea* algre I iflK 'A ? <i. Foraalehy a. I re 1 ? cabl* rimgglat* w ho 'rewu -0WB cuuntertelilFa and Impwtori. Strphrna" OlrhratMl W rlilna Rlnld* and llih? - Thenr'tittal black n ritmg ffitMTwM't al! th? rarl ona impmvenient* upon ink for ib* laa, twenty ?r?ra, w*!-etha tairenltoiia of lly ftepboB*,'!?^ Pearl a?rr 0, JlrW Vork. and ?tauJ,ir datroei. l ondon, aoll by ail ?iaikin?ra Palptlatlon "f th? II 0 d. P rVb I r>nH ^1rr? nit ,? >iU*u, ??? ( ? VevA lB\ery Family In which Oyer'* Heall .? ?u.brocatiou li uiol (peaks i? U,? h.Kbest terms ofiw virtues. ? ! ! ! ' ?* 4,b ^wo*r? * h^re is a friend k> recomtnoxitJ ft a* in uibahie iii thitLtbUe l r act ioe. I: In freo from ^ r t'.tM'' and d'ni* iiui I all ? u e banished by iU application, burn* ncaids uulrt S'S^n ' L!ar>'(1' Whenever a Imiweut it re 2,, ?*"! * 'T '"location. It w,]] ,1,, a, ore this w? pro *-? 11 "{*"'? general agent, lit; Broadway. At retail. * ' ?ruer bowery andUrand street, ttmi elsewhere. W<rf<lliiK Perfuimry ? Spring Vl'jlet, orange Mnsiinm, lily of the vailey. The forward violet thus 1W I chide. ' Sweet thief, whence <1 iilnt thou steal Bweet, that smll4, If r.ot from 'ny lnve s breath;'' Vlesse A l.uhin, new Introduction, c^mot be surpassed. PoldbylNC.KK ACO. dispensing ',?? jiMts. corner Walkar mid Broadway, and at T. T. UKhhN J| yjy Broadway, under U.e Union flace Hotel. liolloway't PlU?^-Ptrftft Dlgcitlon ami pure bile produce healthy bb'^oct; and If the luiiations of either the stomach or the liver ar<j disordered, lloll >way'a pills will assuredly repair the ml .chief and enable them to supply the channels <U circulation v/l'b an u noon laminated fluid. Sold at tb<; manufactories, No. So Maiden line, New York, ami No. U44 Mrund, London; And by all drojjjisis, at 24c., tti.'i"., and SI per bus. KartlM. Ahraic1*?- Mtkr.s.? On Wednesday, Sept. 10 by tho Rev. P. M. lbaac-8, J. M. Ai'iune, of tun > ranciK.No, to L'jusil, daughter of 9. Myers, of this city. Tyi.ir ? Okk.? Oa ."uK Jay evening, Sept. 7, by the Rev. Mr. Miiitl), Mr. Cn**ua A. Tylir to Miss Corsmja Okh, ail ol thin city. Cooxi? Shkw.ma In HrooV'yn, on WcJccsday, Sept 10, b, the Re% . B. C. Cutler, If. L). , W ilium Joy Ioohi of Brooklyn, to A. S-hxksuh, formerly of New Ha ven, I'DCC, Ntw Haven papers pleane copy. Died. V&n !?? rc ? Sud lenly, on Saturday morning, Sept. 13, at 4 o'clock, .n Middle V.llagd, Newtown, Maky U., wilo U Oliver V*n Every. The rclativcH and friends of the family are Invite 1 to *tti nd the runera), from the rtel'lcnoe of Mr. Jama* Dare , at 3 o'ehok, thin afternoon, without farther iuviUt:on. Macon t'cr Middle Village lea/o Grand street ferry every hour except 11 o'clock. HMM-Qn Friday, 3opt 12, is*, wlfc Archibald Hagar. in the 4htb year of her age. The friends of the family, and those of kcr pen i a liw, John M Tracy, are reapectfally invited to attend her i ? ?Ml, nroa her late reeidence, N'u 1W7 Newark aven if, Jerfey City, this day (^urniayj, at 2 o'clock, I'. M. Akmhl) ? Ai Amsterdam, Monigomory county, N. Y.. on lucHuay, Sept. 8, amhboxk ai*n? <.na Arnold, youogert sea of tbo late Oeo. B. Areola, ol that -place. Ajubkk ? At Joro?y City, cn Saturdny, Sept. 13, Kumn T., wife of Peter Archer, aged 31 years. The frauds ot tfao litmiie are respectfully invited to attend btT itinera'., thin (Surlay) morning, at 0 o'cIoqk, from her late rosidencc," No. lit Seuth Heveuth stt?ut, Jeiscy City. >'er remain* will be token to Yoakere for inuruent. Sitto.n.? CI dysentery on Saturttr.y, Sept. 13, OniRUP Elwakd, iDicJit son of John and Maria Sutusn, trgel 8 monthB and 24 days. The rel.ttves and fr'ends are re-ipectf illy invited to atiend his funeral, this afternoon. at 2 o'clock, trim toe lesaence of hw parents, 628 Slxt'i avenue. Wooo ? iki Saturdcy, Sept 18, Anna F. Won, only child oi j?btier and .Janet Wooo, aged 3 mcntha and '.Ml day?. The ''rteidB and relatives of K.e family are irspectfuDy Invited to attend her funeral, from 662 t.reecwxh street, ttih after: oon, at 2 o'clock. ? In Urn- iily u, on Kttiay. Sept. 1?, .ohm Mat hkr Wv.nkii, aged 2 years am? 6 mouths. Fvnsral services this aftwaoon, at 2 o'c-ocic, at tj?. reaidj-v-e of his parents. No. 11 Ilebevo se rtreet. Rrooi lyn. The body w.H bo taker for intarmont to Sew Ha ven, *?onn, on Monday, in the express train of cars, wliieb ieavH New York at 8c'clook. A. M. IUjkv ?On {Saturday, Se#' II, WniiAr T. IUar*. eon ot Frederick W. and Emma 3. Ilearn, agtd'l montiismd 20 <lr.ys. Tkd relatlvcs-ond friend'tof the family ?~e respectfully Invited U> attend the fun^ril, irnai tho residence of his par.' its, No. 320 Cherry ftreet, this -afternoon, t.t 2 o'ctaek. l?.\ae ? On Friday even ng, Sept. 22, Mrs. fc'nux T. I**>n, in the 38th year of t?r age. Potass ? ''n Saturday dspt. If, atler-o. short ii:o"sa, Ei.'iv Orac*. daughter oi Thomas and Ir'.titia Rogers, In the -1st yea ol her ag<* Iter funeral will tako plaie this (?nndty) aflcrntk n, at 3 o'clock, from the reariemie oi' h>T alt er, to l?jtch sUr et Tao friends of the' firmly are rernestjd to lUioad. McUkjivnw ?On Friday, Sept. 14, Caiiiasiaa A?xi >or?, ia tLe 2t?th year of her age. Her funeral will taw place this afternoon, at 3 o'clock, from tbe rc?ldenec or her a .ia Mrs. Dilm>n, No. 160 Wert Tantieti street. WHir:><; ? In BrOokhc, on Friday, Sept. 12, e" tiuu Mabu, wio of Hotiert Murray Whiting, aged .18 yearr. The reiatlvfs and ir'entV of the fa -ii.y are rCM^oof'-iliy inriud to attend h?r faooral, on tl.'eCay, llVih ia?t . at o'clock, from ber late residence, i rnuklin aveuue. near UyrUe. Iukk. ? vm Sa.urday, Stvt 18, afur a 'ong acd hnger ing I'laets. ? hkisiu.na. ?h'( ol George O. !jk>.e, .t the 31st year of her age The telatives and iriecda of the fam^iy .i-e ,c\itcd to attend tbe funeral, from H- Canal street. belw>wti J' jrccr and 4?r?erie?treets to moricw atterioon a t n'eioclc. f*u , m. ? -X ,i liDgerin,r 'Unesa, tl.?t Hi ??'?<? ?? ,v:fe of titilip Smith, native e: Koenderry, Kn^ sotnty, IifU'nd, in Um- S6tb year ol her age Tbe fritbds of th? family are reipoctl'i.ily nv'^d t> at ter 1 fcrr fun -ral. tlus a terwon at 3 o e'lx-k pre* *aif. from Si JLif.io utreet, corner ,>f Ro\ ortim rrcet, Brooklya !?? r r-u.Mii s Kill ho taken to ? la' bush T'l.KadelpMa iq<! levelaod. Ohio, pilars ple-vse 'Of J. Hat' i ?At Puerto 1'rint ipa, lulunu oi Cuba, ou Tiers day. a . fit.t jiim* J. Hai a:, ia<|.. late ifjpericuodant of the S'evl?ii*nil I'rlncipa a.!iroad, and son ?f Alder Diao Hruee, Ibrnsrly o- Jersey Cltv. S vmac? lo lbs city, on -U'lrdny Sep'. 13, of ccn t tnpilnn. towi* Satkkm, in the 36lli )ear of u.s age. FxBrral this l?unda>) ntVrioon, at 5 o'clock, from h(j late residecce. Ko. tt Carroll place. Ilm fri><?<f< and risi tit i'n arn ibv>ted t-> attend, witi.oj' fjrtn or .nvitatits. llMii XlNKlk?,8 - On - aturdav, -vpt 13. J*"HU T. Rki ( *i* o?a. eldest -on ot the widow ikl'i.irior Brceken'i lge, at- d fti j ears. K months and 6 day*. TTe reAtives ?r.'l frltaJs are respectfjily invlttd to a tetd the funeral, on Moaday foroooon. at 10 o'l lock, ; rum tl.e re->dec?e o, his mother. H street, between Fr<> Hii ?nii I n on avenn?s, fireen point, L. I. ? hi- ? cufldenty, on Vtilay mcrnicg, .-ept. 12,Jamw latfr Mis frtendf and ao>v * aiunc?* and those of hi* brcther Vli lis ia'j'i'k KleruA'i, ai d also the friend* of Thomas ane HiirN Kurnan, are respectful. y Invived to attend his^utfal irom bis late re?>dence. corner of franklin slr??t an i .t l roa,mav. thi? atternoon, at 3^ o'clock. Haiovin.- s?tur<lay. Sept. IS, Dvnc. k*?, S' on J s< n of Patrick and Alice UegOTcrn, aged 1 year a i"d 10 :noutli*. The i>i>.nds nf the fam.!y tre invited to attend the Aine r*l. Ih s a lei noon, at 'i o clock, from Ute res I den -a ol hta pan itta. 1A3 Hammond street t'harlOMUin, S ( , pa(v-rs pltase ropy, -WAWi.? <)n Friday, Sept. 13. Ronsar Tsoiias, son of I-, ties and Mary Swan, aged 1 yoar and 3 days. 1 uneral Mils morning, at 0 ? clock, fron^ 2^0 Fultoo I street. ! ADTEKTUFJIEIVTS REMEVEi EVERY DAY. /'AllH N TO MKRl IIANT-i ? UX tH-iCOVKIt I KS V it.d nTen.na of .ipprured ??j. n, m |ire?rvm v ? .'f hcnlth. w r rardknn for ilicaur, five rH<\ unfortunate Ijr. I" pern'ciona counterfatia and finitaMma lha more popti.ar the erticle, the Burt""" cage/Iy II* name. It* credential*. ?* i wet i.*' appeal nti< .1 p ? i i 'u-l h y iioaerupuio'i* Inr a ho dr?tltttteof tfi- ?>> ' > ?> produce anything tiaefal Ut-iti ? . I\? ?. have ii.ki -11H1. h i.l eijnmr g to ma>e capi'al on of th" !??. >**r r* of othcra ll ha. I., en ?al l tin' hypori.v i* th" I . mane * lik-h vice pay* to Tirtue," and It might wllb c<|tutl I; 'lib. remaik' <1 that the oouui'-rfeit* of valnftnle rem? ilea ar 'I"- tribute p?.d k? poison nio.njer* ?*> pre etc il V I e.i th" pore D>< <1 cinal re*tor .n.i e now ..wi.lely know n ?? W.rlle ?Hckied*m ?cbn?ppn ??? mtr ~luc. I to Ui- word. >m drr tl.c endoraeinrnt <?( four ihoiitund lealing Mr?n .if ilie UK 'ltMl pMPMlnn. mm lire ii'uni ago.lt* proprietor w?* ? ??II kwarf that It could But wholly w?i? ihe penalty *tta.h id to all new ami iirefil preparation* II" therefore eudea * ored to lilt*' *t It nlUi the atrmig- st po*?!hle ?at- . i?r ! *K*.n?t iwWtrMtftl and to render all a t*mp'? to pirate it dflkmk and dan|ernu* It w?a *iihmittad to rli*. Ingu.4i" I cbetnwt* for *n*ly?la. and pr loounced by then the purest apirlt ever a anofuctiirc.t lt? parity and iiropertlc* having l>e?n then aa ? < i lair ed. natnplet of tbe article werr forwarded In Mti thou ?ami phv*K-tan?. Including all hr !? >llng pi actitiorer* in the raited Mate*. Tor purpnte* of riperimeni A circular, req'imt 'n( a trial of lit" preparation and a report of the re nl' a<*-om pai ted each ?pecimen. Four thnimrxl of tlie moat emlixini me dical men In the I'nkm promptly re?poojel. Their opinion* of the *rtlcle were nnanlmou?ij favorable Much a prrt ara linn. !h' > ?aid. had nm* l>een a amine hv the nrofo?ai<.n. aano rrltaBre'eould be plared oa the ordinary Ihiim.a of rowi aai aa, *11 of which were more or lea* a<talt>'rated. anil th<"e'.ire nn tit t?r medletnal pnrjH'aea. The peculiar axc-li'-uoe am! *tren(th of Wte (HI of Jnntp?-r, whlrh formol on" of Uv priori pal ln(tr?-dlrnt? of the ?chnappa. together with he unalloyed rhar*ner of the alcohnlir alrment. glee It, In the e?lmatlon of the farulty. a marked itipertorlty over erery other dlff naive ??tmulant a? a dliir< tle. ionic and rem. .rat Ira 1 h>*?e Mtlafartorr rredenttals from pr Ti-*alonal m-n of iha hiahi *t rank were pnbllahed In a cond?n?<-d fi rm, aod enrloa e<f with each b?au? of the arbn*pp* aa m i- ol the auarenleea ?.f It* (enuleene*a. tHher pr.-eaution? *ir*in*i frnnd w.-real-o ltd' pled , * patent waa obtatne?l for the article the label w*a rnpyr<|ib'e<(. a fae *tmlle of tbe proprietor * auto(r*ph <lf na urc **? aitaclictl to en< h I.H el an. I . .ner, hl? nsoie and thai of the prep?ra?on wet e embo??>d on the I Hit He. and th-c.irkB acre sealed with hi* private neal No article had .'Tcr bean > d in tbla country under the name of a< ltnapp? prior to lb" tu'roduclion ol Wolfe * Hcbi^lam *r imatlc *"bnapp? In 1*11 *rd lh<- label waa rtepoe led, *? hl? tra<|c mark. In the I'nc.'d Ktate* llntrict t'.nirt for the n> ithern dwnc of Xew York diinnc that rear It mltkt be tuppcMwd by reraotin unaci Minted with the dar ni| character of Ihe pirate* who pre* upo-i the reputation of honorable mercliant", by rending .lelet. rioti?tra*li undorthclr name th*t the protection* ao carelully thrown nr .'tnd the M beappa would barn prcc'u le.1 the liitmdu. ilon and *a e of . ciimtet fella. They vm. h> werer only to h ?v. ?'lmu:?'ed the rapacity of lmpo*tor*. The lra<le mark of ihe prrprleior h*a been tlolen; the endoraement which hi* s. hl.vWm aroma tic achitapp* alone received from the m. dic*l p- >|c? vn ha? been rlamied by mendactoun htimhuga. In* lai"-l- *."l bottle* bare be- n lmllale.l hi* adrertl*ement* pai ?phr?a"i1 lit* cl. cular* copied, and. Worse than all, rtl*i.,nor*hle rela'ler* af let ill poalni of Ihe fernlne onntatiU of hi* bo<tle*. hue .ille.l them tip with common gin, the mo*t ileleteriotu of all liqtmnk and thn* made hi* n*me and brand a cover far poiaon Tbe nubile, tbe medical pm'eaatnn and the ttlck for whom Ibe Pchtfdfim arotnnllc Mbnappa I* prearrlbcd aa a reme It. *te er|u*lly lnlere*lc<l with tha proprietor in Ihe datection and ?tin'rr**lon of three nefari?u*piaMice* Tlt?g nulne article, irinoflirtlirad Htihe ealnhllahment of thettnd r*ignc I In ilHtt Nnllaitl. H MlIM ftom n barley ol Ihe tlneat i*llty. ?n1 favored wilh *n e**ential eilract of the berrrof Tta'l<in III, per, of upr<|iiallcd purity. Ry a proceaa unknown in 'he preparation of *ny other liquor, Il la free.1 from erery acrid *n?t c?rro*lTe elcmm*. t omplalnl* h*ve been receive.! from the levl'ng firm* In ma ny & Ibe Soiitterii nod tn em cm..* of thcmlenf cheap Imitation* of the Schlcdam Arani itic Mehnana In Ihoae mar keta; and ? in teller* a Im m m tlie liahlt of tnilM It a* in hatblo'e to tit- ?? ?icfnl lofliftt e of nt nlmliMii. rlrer W 'T, lc?tifj thfit i nig t. I'UI up lltMbb-damb cif. * . I* ? .ynlr palmed oB l'| '" 'be itnweri . I lie ngenr, harefcaati rc.-, .,e?ltd tnlnsiB'itelnqnfii,.. , Ihi m,| lo forward t-> ltttSk tfc? ni-f. * n ? 1. 1. t arue* *? ii,, ? aacrrtaln to i cpg?g' 1 r * .-on. In conclnelon 'h'* "">?*' Yonl ! ?av m*. i,? i.t* t r ? ditced, from nntl " Ih*' b.1^" W in' "''?l dialing iio-.,-.| m.-n of rclence tn A merle*, j.rn'.*"* ?M.ayarahte of Hie nmh 'trl medicinal eir< Hence of ti;.' hlert.tm prmoin . ; >?; tl.al he h?* etpended m my lr?>l'*M"^ u" '*rr. lb :? with give rsntce* nd ?*(? "rvr*1 a 111''* Ik (*? . '.ti titf t *i ???. . . tt uuifor*'* dapeu.^td u?i?a aa Ut*. ?.o 1 at ^f,Sv gallon, analysis, comparison and e part is hii h lit ' **? Wrino; and from every oraeal the prep-i atioii umnhr name, seal aiul trail*" mark, haa come o ? tri rrr., -*? He therefore feels it a amy he owti to hi* to >v j .** generally, to the mudlcal profession andthestek, t> ,? ji^iiice and expose the ch > i laians who counterfeit thee i 0Vt? j?r,c ea of Idnnmy, and he <all* upon the press and the pablio Ir) aid him In hla eiforts to remedy no great an evil. UOOLPUO WOLFE.

I beu leave to call the attention of oomtlrv merchant* to th i following respectable irms in thi* city, who will supply tni trade at the lowest market price: ? llotcbkisn, F tuner A B'linett No. -40 Veaey Htre.it. B. M. A K. H. Whit lock A <'0 Whitlock, Kellofg A Cart I 'arhi.rt, Hr n A Oo Hackett, Beioher k Co .fame* A Henry McBriile. . Strang, Murray A Co B. H. Wycoff A Co tiordon A Fellow* 1 homaa Wood A t'o Wui. K. lllrd A feon Atwater, Mutuford A i'o... ltavls A Holmes W. H. Titus A Co Thomas Hope A Co S. G. Smith Philip Dater A Oo <>. A A. Whetmore A Co. . A. A f>. Hope A Co Wftldron, Pago A Oo J. ' onkliu A Oo Niel?on A Anthony JoliB W. Ptnnh A Co Jasper, Seymour A Oo. . . Schitfers A 3; os O. s. Martin A- 1>. Clark Cheesborough A Oiendoit W Uliam A Potter 8. J. K r.app A HrO Charles Bellows .n Co Win. Hulkiev A Co O. Slerek A Co Ives A Ueeeber c. V i lick e.'.er A 4 o F. c Well* A Co names a Park C. II King liali, Dixon iraser. .... S. lng<rsoil A FieU M. Ward, Close A Oo. . . . . lla\Ua*<l. Harral A Rislej Hall, K'tckle A ?> 1'eckwilh A Uresn. IS tteekman stree'. 41 Broad street. OS Front street. Ai Pearl stre ft. 102 llroad street. ?1H Vesey street, lot Murray street, lti lieavur street. 172 Pearl street, 218 front street. 57 Water street. 181 South street. 04 Front street. I'M Chambers stroet. 11 Fulton si reel. 16 1 Front Htreet. 73 Water street. 2'0ilreiuwl -h street. 71 Front street. 90 Frout atreet. 22 Heaver stree'. 170 Front street. 11 Water s'reet. 1st Ftont street. 10 Broadway. 05 Water street . 203 Chambers street, (it South strje'. 192 W eat stree'. 54 New street. 2i() ^ashins'n street. 72 Front stroet. 222' Jreeuwl''h <tr?e:. P.5 Franklin street. :t": Hi- tad way. 192 Broadway. 140 Chambers stre' . 31 tteekmai s'.'eat. 116 Fulton atreet. S? Warren ?>??? 2!K <>rennwioh s reet. 252 Greenwich stro' . PEK^AL. |?RirNm OF HUMANITY? MY WALK ORPHAN r iUui?li!rr hag ahienMd li?r -jolf from bo*nc nine; Friday miming SAe is a.Si.ut 14 ' oars ef ?,ge, 'lender built it'telii gent, and ?.'eli marked wl.h smallpox. All ox pent* h aod a reward vtiA bo given to lodge her in the P'flaenth Ward ita'ii.i. bouse, N V., or lo Rlit notice there "I her whreabouts. Police of uie lake uott ??). Adjoining ol?y pap era pie utt: copy. IffOUiTIOII WANTHD.? ANY mwi WHO WKN I "ii'i.i! 'hip Mttaiwanka, na a to unteer fma New York in the Texas war, arH was acq'nlnted with H?raee Hall, a to . liin'rr at that Um . and wi.l addrTs a note to H. M Pei riu caro-M Mc-ars. ? ? >Hn, Millar A Co., Ill Hroadway, sia.lnii , ?h?i and where hi < an he seen, will confer a Kraut favor ou thetelallvesof Bt Hill all, at.d beeaitably rewarded. 1 INFORMATION WANTED-OF THOMAS McWHITNEV, otherwise Y'lomaa Wbltner McCarthy, who raine o Bo< ti*i In the V.ilanle, irom -shields. about vH y ars a<o. Hi* Will k-;ar of hla tin tiier at 110 Katt S went) flrth street, New York Kouthern pap"rs please ?opy IF TUlrt WOULD MEETTHE EYK OF OAVD B? LAW retire, wt? taught penmanship a'?l<jo >kkeening in Pounh keepaie, Dutchess county, K. V., at W'iX, ne will tlni1. IV ureitiv to hi* advantage tii rail on er sent! bii uldri'ss to N. '8. Orifliti 26t Kulten -st.-ec:. Urookl) n. TF THE .ENTLEMANWHO CtfLLKD AT THT: HOCS) I tor rail ?, No. 117 High stret*, Brooklyn, oaTkors ay auk 1'), and u?''.e an offer for tbe sneie, la still de4Ut>ua of pur chaslnc, he will pleaae call at theaSjove house ae soon as pos Bible. 1CTWV MR. CORNEL, II'JRALD OFffll!." CALL hjr ? u ati.3) Broudeav, lor ti.e attendant cr. your child t i lovn lli- person of wnum y i iu>iulrel tM< morning dot ii t If ,ow urimoneil Htu ieiait. she beini: a domestic. Oi j <a? 13 y in , re at h?v oil ;e, M aignilied in mj uoto to yon. I D. 8.?' 1 Oi! FACTIOUS VIPER!" W? O AND WHAT 1 i" ..rttbon- .1 ai", or write no m-we, Two letters r <ii?ed. I cue ' tn.:. ELI. A RAVMONT Wli. I. FINE A LETTER To s in V c e ' > /'oat otL'-ti. M'bcr Mlts RAOHK1 RPNAl? KK HtVCH G.'S I.KTTF.R and anxwrred .: V .r:i.!n. aiul"uire..-t real u?? L uioii xi|iiare I'i ?t Aji Will all on 'IIoikUj-, a? 1 lea e tewu soon. TJ V. 1,-11. I!. 'I , CONSl'L, CAIRO, KUTPT? ^A1 1. (."?? ami ?ee ic? M<>? 1) P. M . at "A,** betor". MAOum. TO MARTIN HtTUfSTRR -YOU .rtiH HERhltY P.K i(ue?'eil to i all at M< ?>,'? Pi'" "treat and pay storage oi ? .re trunk ana two aa. ?-t liags. left witli "lark A Settle. No. ^ ? ?1? li illdlng*. within fy.r weeks from t is date, or tl? y ? >. e sold a' auction, tc pay storage, i-Mcrouix to law. Kn* VorK. AUK. ->K l?S6. w ILL 1 1!E " VOL *<? I.ADY PROM THE COl'l.'TI'Y .^ldroi, with tarh'.'r pu. iluiUure. t.. A., ll> u?! 4UR.-C. SPRCIAI. SHTfCEI. A i ARl> - klOi I?J7 TO FIREMEN? Prirer iii wl <:li r e coat and psx Is caubehu'.. nMII'II 1IROIIIKKS'. Ni ?. 13! A 140 Ki.lion ture^t. ".IraU fell beaver, i-oat cud fanta $|x llrai> pilot, cant nnd jkiWii IA '?ial> k' i-sejr beaver, > 'at find pantn 1 i "<lte lelt b'-aver r ial i nd pants I jtflue pilot, r mi and p. nta (I.i ui i flue }.eu\er, eoat ai?l h.iiiIb II t> If l.'avr p flannel tire shrr v ooiistant'y oai anil %2 lit Jj?n?KK < MHHIB ICO 34.1.?' TflK MCMUKRS OK Tlll> i 1 -Kl*e a re ttrei i?d lo attend the first aumin:i4! ? ?..mm inl' ation, at ik nr roo-ns, 4^.1 It.oomc ?treet, Maaom 'f nip. I . on M<>od?y v. euug, S?|?tiniJ?er ii, at i o'l'lo > . it-. ?? l?r. WM II. ONDERIIII.'a, ?. M >KO -it. liK"' .r C^RKAT R( HH AT J -SNH A ??' ??.? TIT* FAIT i~ "I rstai)liahetl 'liat lro.Mlw?y a fco neat place 1U New vrfi bi buy nooks K\ ANri A ? '? ??". txiokB as low u U ?} can he bouitht elarwher. . mm] uub with '-iwb book a pr<-? in rirftt* in value (nun H, renu, to . The value of IV pi?w? ? d'-peeile ii in n ik ? aamtwr if Oa books. i.L'Ur irsarso a' t'i? 'iiii? of an. -, i treat Mummi I to I Cmnjtf nirs i . ntaium~ full *?p laoaucaa aeot on apuUcau^r. u aa .? ?k .Irese o re. Mam ?xir xoTifK Nt-pTi nk jxiroK.so. sir, r. a X. the member* of t>Us I -???!?, ? are ht iebr notu ?r meet at d >e I>*lge room 6" I'fuit lir mt'v y, 0;i *' in>lar, Utt ii si at I o'clock P. M for tV puir ? ? cf a tfi.dlnj llie f i Mp^t. of our Ilrt ease*! brntbnr. 9aaii>"l Kr? tn All meia!>?.-s of*; e fraterr. :t* i re r-?p"-lf' Hi in itie,l i.i u?<-t w.th the l..?l?.-io tksi O. , Wis II Ity order UEO Wi TCI RBKR, W. V ii. I T I ^av. -e. re'j.ry. \f\HONH -THE MENTORS OK I JtXlVUTOV J 0< Xk 1*1 .1 I .110 P. A M , ar l.s?, t,y no' tfl .? attei d the regj. Isr eomoiuiilc attor, on Moi:<la> csetilri*. Ok u?t., for the pi.r pose of eleetln S a Secretary ? *. t'.k'ONKS, W. M. A.sdkiit Wi ;;W 8<-fn tary pro WW. /VFP'. R t? * KIVKR >F TV-TK-a. ??>. T5 'SAWW vr street, ner * Court H"iia?', New York, ? ine iS. i.-AB. Publtc wstco - To btoI.1 the rtaks Cist maat bievnaolr t.^ai m the ert *d ? 'f tai pa, era who pat off ?o vk i u.eat dar J?* rarn ? lit of tbeli taxes, I hsve delrrtninad to ad i|il tfir fMlow tiff rile, wlilch will be rigtill} adhaeed to Atrk g Ttjr tern a> dtee - t st all ra wive rn tnonev alter 2 oVIack f M. Kvrj nlf err In >hl? Hej artnn nt 1s slrfatlv pntklldlail *<Mn reeelt nig envelntie* o, nta.m ng mo- ejr tie for Hie puineiH & lasea Ily order. HKNRT M. IJOWARf), Receiver PKTERRVII.LE 1 K'MKoTKAfl A>H<K I ATIO*.- A HI'K eial in'e'inif w? Ii be le-ld at MilHaey Hall. ItAl Howery, Moadny "tening. >p '? '?? The graAiui; a* rapidly pr >t?rew I; g ami tlieaelf. tion e/flol* will '.'ks pla<-- shout tin flretof u-otjer. Mbmbers ,?1 arrears wl'l kme >hnr turn in he i|Mr> birbin. Heelings ? IB !>? Held rwrj M-xiAiir e?e ?i?|f tnill' fnrvher n oUte. P A. F'lf Ir.H s l is i lenu e^fTv'er ?>r TA*r? orFii'*, >-ept i? imr? no i to ta* payer*. ' hereby give nutlea. that I arlll be prewaiwsl to JwaNve ma?ies oa tates mi Ti,aedar laomiuf Dri! Selt. Id^Teatloek. BEEEV H Mo^\k?. iV-?i<r of To**. The rvnt.H ' are hereby cai tiiWEH ahaihrt m got uioiai 'k- foil * i mi note*, made by John Uarele. and rndiirseil by ?> A fir ay and A. II W.*l*bt, said tMXe baring been k?t. a. * Fartnem thereof sb.pp. <rt .? 1 dep. 'ember 12. Is?i cmr nike ? ?' *? ? Septeni' er 1*. 1^, Jinuatl.?, ?*?? 13; and September l, '? 1^ ftnaiNbs a^u iij .r, 1IN A. UK AY. It sn>l I* llTC' * f t. ( New York. Kept. IS. .'!??? I D JUT! ISM ATI it?. _ *Kn BY HARRIET Ml A MOT* I aarer ??> *? ?? ?? Ill inter rai ?Mlr apart , 1H?? I character. For ?a.l? I f al <b.?fca*llr'.. D lRRfTORY AOENt'Y OPFI *? B00* '? tPPl.RTOR B _ R'ltHlnf, !Ua RroadWay. | 'r? wrl-a ..?.rly wrjr nut* r .r Ml*. Orrniam aildr**. "? ?? ?"> K.w Rnel.nd ll?aln~a Dlr?WT, A M ^ lIoTD t GENTS, AURXTR, AOKKTB. J\. TIIR CRITMRIOR; . *n?l*n> r>w. Jrt etiw. Jm . It contain a portrait* on ?lwl of ?ho tkrtc ^ , *21 rarh. tkc Ikr** platforma, and the cocatilmi * ** 1 1 ?it?i Watn. I?*nt ft*# by mail on receipt of rrlee. . _ J.T hCtTBK, ?H Fra * D*U rt Harriet rer< her rtowr. * *o< at #!>?ri r?K?rn it rue i <'ur?ni. Ha InWreat wholly apart fmm Ha political ckararta^, for aaV t.y all boofcaellera. AWALL TIIK R. $1 TOI,r*R URKRRfARO go'4>. 40ii p. Win" Kau'lt for pocket. table or ahMf WaI.T WHITMAN M I.BAVM or ORAM. ' B'? *ol. SI poema. Dealer*. terul In rewr order* Thi* book will alway* b? t In demand. fOWI-RR A WRU#, .HM llrwtrtway, X. Y. RID ItY HARBIRT RKECHER HTOWK * torn. r?.?t itr**?rn m rim lanjijAiil Tit inlci eat wholly spurt from Ha political character. Ear oale l>y all bookaellera. KHWARP I. TB!?KR. ORAI.RR IR t'HRAP PTBU ratii'na. macictnea, new ?paper?, booka and eta'kmery, I1C Vine ?tre?t. f inrlnnrtt. Ohio, Refer* to OarrcU A ?>?., }. O. Fowler A To., Heal*. Mnltah A Oewllt, *?? fork. D D RRP BY HARRIET HREt "HER BTOWR. a ??>n. ri<?r?p?wrti in tub UtalMt Ita interest wh.ill? apart rrnai Ita politlral cbarar'tr. for oale by All bookseller*. HKi.mfoi R woncKfT A T THE I.AU1IIT STREET CRt'ROH, ON Hl'NOAY erenlflR. ilie 14th m*t . at 7H O'clock, U<" Rer. U.K. Oreen will .iclirsr, h* aortal request, a <ll?course on " The fin Hgalii't the Holy J?ho*t." CAIX1 THtWI? OlllRtH Wll.^tE OPEN KD FOR 01. O tine service cm Mtindav. he l?? taai. Th Re\ |>r Nicholson, turn ' iD'inattl, wrlprNeB. kici nM.'iff*. rn?R mr.ii in on ruARTKR for rotjrirAi, r tir? ' a? 1h? a- u c Tr ? \n". i Iw ? M N l!'>Ef . oi' boar I foAM IWM ntM. ii it\i n nr. i|. <i r W':? t'?* in A-.'y leelwiil I*. ? ty. 8ITI'AT1U?? WANTKD-KKMALBS. A YOUNG ENGLISH LADY. WHO HAS HAD MUCH ex, erh me tii tuition id Loudon an i Paris, w shus u en H- *? in nt a> daily governess, or to give lessons n a private l .iu'ly . r H i ool. Phe la competen' to each Eng.i b, French, in otic and t' awing. Goal references given. Adireo* A. S., A LADY, of HIGH RESI'FCr ABILITY, iWOI'LD MEE to spend the winter in New Orleans ?r Cuba, a? house keeper, or to have the supervision of two or tkrM YV""? ladies. The best of reference given and required. AwW A FRENCH I.ADY. KOL'CATEO IN PAEIS. WISHES 10 obtain a situation us governess in a hoarding sell ail, or uk French teacher in some of the public schools of the c ly. She mil also Instruct In fancy needlework. Excelleui otty r - l< rem e can be given. Apply to Miss Solomon, ltKS (itU at. H0U8H KEEPER? AN AMERICAN WIDOW LADY wishes a situation, as housekeeper in a gentleman ,. m y; she Is perfectly competent; no Objection to g-j Mm. or to any part of the country References given and reyi <??? 1. ''all on Monday, the 16th, from 12 M. to til*. M, or add ? > II i sukeeper, 117 l.udlow st. lor two days. YI7 ANTF.D? A CHILD, TO WET Nl R.-E, HY A ?? healthy won.au. t an give the best of reference. Iu quire at No. 261 East 13th St., lu the store. TIT ANTED? A SITUATION, HY A YOl'Nd W11.UV, II as nurie auil aeunihtreMi. lias the best city ref i i-u t'au be i>een lor two days at 41 dchermerbora st , near Co i , Brooklyn. W 'ANTED? A SITUATION, RV V PROTESTANT WO man, an chambermaid und seamstress; is a tbor lu. h dressmaker; sis >. understands iwutlr. ssing. Appiy at 34 ? . Markts place. City reference, SITUATIONS \VA \T3I)-JIAT.ES. A YOUNG MARRIED MAN, OF WELL KNOWN ABILI ty, ami fourteen years experience In tho clothing trade wishes a permanent situation as salesman in a t rs' das house. Will go t? any i art of th> Cult d. Suites. Address for three days, Salesman, Herald ot'loe. A FRENCH GENTLEMAN, GRADUATE OF THE I* VIIIS University, wishes a situation its protessor of tbtf 1 .'ill II and French languages, in a private family; he would il-o giro private lesson*; has lirst class reierCQOM. Aild"ess A. L, fieri Id iffloo. C) ( OKKRK?ER.? A YOUNG M AN, la YEARS OK AGE, I) wishes a situation, us bookkeeper. Oood_ references it wi?nes a suuumii, us ..?. . Kiven. \UJro: s, stii'lng terms Bookkeeper, bok "32 Newark Test oltc-. N. J. CITCATION WANTED? BY A TOUNG MAN, WHO O can read and wrila the English, Freitek and German lan guages, as clerk, look keeper i r salesman in a respactab e bouse; good c:ty references. Apply to William Scbwab, 8 ! rlalis. Float ->t., up eti POLITIC AIm 8th CONGRESSIONAL DISTRICT.? INDEPENDENT canoluatc for Congress, Jam. i C. Rutherford. BROOKLYN.? "FREE TERRITORY FOR FREEMEN." ? Luther K. Mur-h. Esq., of New York, and the lion. <;??>. Holiey, of Niagara, N. Y., will address the Rooky Mountain Fremont Club, attnc Musentu Built'.tng, this evening, at " f . o'clock. J. R. SPaULDING, President. J. M. Comstotx, Secretary. Democratic republican general committee. ? A s|u?-ial meeting 0*' th'H cotilinit'ce will be b"ld at fimniany Kail, on Tuesday evening, Seotcmber itf, lSSO, at So cio -k. 1' unci ual altnp dance 1.4 reiu'isted. LO&KNZO B. SUEPARD, Chairman. Iambs ^ Rekedici, John V Sjlvigk, a nrco t naseBixOR, 1'l.TIK U. Sw EE-NY, Secretaries. YdllM! MEN '8 DEMOCRATIC UNION CIA' B- VISIT 1 to rhIUuelphU. The d'Wrir; ot the cHj ol' New Yorx wlv Inter. >1 accompanying theehthon their rind to 1'hUalel 01. the r'cnu'.on of ir.e ^mud 8tale MiewiiiK o li? hi- I on the miuiveiaajy ot the adoption of the Constitution (sept 17 lire requested to?end tVir natnee it the ea?!ie?t p *?ib.'- mu tmut to Donglrrf Ttylnr, (ItilrKui nl the Committee ol \r inKHiiente Nit*' Y?rk I'cwt o#?c .. I' hey ar? aluo re.i>M*ted to ui.et witli the cl'tii on Mnnlay ntul i'lieedey evening* v the Mircer Mourn'. The dub will Wve the Mi icor Home on tfce 17tb of Hepiecher. for P h 1 1 %? I a' 'J o'clock A. M. pre clacly. Dodwwth'ii full l<nn<l rf II accompany 'hi-m. IVtUULAS TAYLOR, ) I em tu I tee TIIOH A. VMiOVKR, S ot L. K. II V'CRISflN, J Arrangement*. VIIE M5CT(3iK SKAMJ.V. Manomx- am oio. a. smith, irom i*tah. will leet ire mi Utah ?ni tb? pr>-aint nmition of tin- M >r ?nouH. in Hroikrs' AmcBihly K?<ta-, ;ttil IJrooiuu e'-reet, this efnuiii, at 7 o*dt ck. Monk. it&n.AXDRri i-kuh re.-i*K( tei u,y to in form medical prao.'Vlnneer, ami aluilimta, 'ha' he **i!l . liver he- iiitrodui tor* leetore <a 'tis cour*.- of Krencii ten ite, la Knr.ioli mrdlrsl srtitstieoljgy, on Monday, Sept. 15, at Uie New Vo. k Meilii-al College. TIIR MK.ITAUV. TTKAMr'ARTIOfl, KOJTC.HY AHCLS, SATI'RHAY, II tb? I K ). ? Ihe prourieMir <.nd ndMurbega to ?'ila llwt tho price of tM 1 long e?tahfcheil *?urtu?l haa been reduced fr^ui *u Mi to .'ice cetiu per nanber. The object ?>! tlrsn'ili linn in to i.itvml tut ruymialom and in roow tu uarlulne**. Ue aJaa de?4r< ? to tu'r that Urnry ? Ufodwln, piy>?? mer chant, i>l tin* city, hi* in the rmka of the xlt'il '5, tn 1 will m ftttttpi do all in kt* (mv, er ut ndvaa M iti interval, and Ui.it of Ha.'?trona. TSi? *? >k'? number will c juUiu, tin ad dition teum'li imporiaut r.tli'ary manor' ? A ftili eeja *rt or the laie I'mt di' of the >e? ml Regiment. TheiJtund Kwamntn-et ?>.* the (Winner**.'!. Jktlttia. lniporuii Military New. h irn I: Thi' liana > t'ominan* auvl Cap; uu lli-a*e i. The lAad dbouee i.ii.l ilw Het jnd K. ^'iiiK* ?Mm \ cu r-rj.Kr. Bk.\iiY t:. <u?<ii>vriN, KdiUii i n I I' X. H ? Alii..'U< ra mm*, tM.-ilfr In rvtiM aUfocol, >*. Ui ? rcted la> ?kat!<roprtetura. JvTFW T'W.K Vtil.t \tjc;rs, ATTKVTION -aYVI Jl wit n 'lifinr i. . ft rtquo ?4 I" ? -pr ir n fail uai' Tin ct your Ik < l<|Xirler? u k mr . !!??.?' c#*, on Mo!.,ia? . md . 1ft, to f^iftliratu kO' u.:itji tr. nlvi riwr f?l ta. lurrei.ilnr of l^ i rit? ot Meuci A tn?e i?i-t? m. fei- ari ajf?m ? nt* will bo hci,. mi ?<e)it. 13, 7jl o'clock. $/ g?'.lcr. <" RRR1T .OYt'KM AK, C tiituai daut. T iujam JFmu Retirtary. THE niuf, f^4SiUON r,u RSK.-TO I.K". THE REftK^HMKNT ' : ?<???, Ae. n : he Faakfttm i'?u v>j for Um ?dmcmMm tell I.o^big Apply V 'Oil li e ,) ?> !, I .. ; in i ' w: ? tir- ?? o I' M . aa v.;.t h time, if uo. .tilted, Uicy will be dia j( at pubUeai. Uon. Eia??iok jo'.eky a-i. r b. -a hjrr i, Eftnc n pt-siRov? ?t ?iniog tlw* ^'..tl.li'n Jocki-y tXur wtll *l>;'lf, thr in* b a m?alM lo ike uit^auamiied, at the Keiv York Itou-:. ti t? v n a and 7 a cieck M. J. A. V> L>:NTiKK. Hee J t. J. 0. BA> ib? r ASHIO* POURrtK? FAlit, VEETINU -TIIE fall tieriing ot tbt luljou Jo k?J i .. . wiU Miunitv on I 'Wied? V, heptenilier 2S, ?il rnntltiTie fom ilaya. C.-reral AM stafttMl have keen bind aa<t I'rilMant e- ti i? t* m.i ? be rea M>uat<ly es-'rrted. Eor j Ttieti'ai* an' f.iiiern fplrM of ike Tiiifa. J. A. XAI.KMINE. hec.-ctary f. J. O. IltNItiW COI R.BK. L. J.? TROTTINO.? Tilt RSDAV 1 ft.pt li , at SoVioek. a uiai. Ii for *lt).iu>. two mile* at?o [7-'ppal, lo w afloaa. II. Wu rlrutl natnea a. jr. Trince. tli-a. i^iirer nau?i? b. g i.anU>eo c?r? leave u?* South ferrf i. ?>ft If n for ?'ie i 'mil >? at 'J* , o'i'lork, and return aa ai-on a? tfte ?por( la near. Kare to K" ?nd reiairn, At) cenla. HHAff A WHITE, rroprli'lom. C v ion comm. i-. i.-rsoTTiffo.-o* monimt, Hepi 18, at I r elink, r H., a a purte ami nuke of.C^.iKU milr >e?U heiU threv In flf e, <s> .mrnim J. 0. MnM inn mm f.ia m>-~ wur, hi ii .i.irni w. j. u. MnV ini tiaaiM hr. *. Brown IMck. H. Woodruff name* ? g. fti^Hi-t S H I*. ughlm n?t>' a h rn l*dy Mneeow. far* will |f?T* Hk" Houtfi terry. Hrtaiklyn. at 1}i ?>loek, and ret-im aa anna M a**ri la ?rar. Eare to ?o ?0d return, M e-nta. till AW A WHITE. Proorietrr. IICOATTAM. ftT A WTIM Of THE MRTRt U't>l,ITAN REHATTA -?v I ,11 b. k*J?l Thur-day r>rnlnc Srui ||. ItM. It taa rm anlred ihat. ae ia? i-onipan^ ot tke horwlrk an<l Wo- evMar I Be a J ?l'mihoate lia\e oil "re. I a free tiawacp to our ere it and b?et* to H*i-?i fo row the m. . I. rare with the ?H John* men ?e U>r -inh Inat I lilt we ibi p?imnt/e tht- lta<'. ami eould alao ."wueat our frtri^l,. to do tbeauma ftuwihi-4. Tktl a rojiy of UiM rM'litUoa He tiuSli hed in the K ?w Yoik Hi raid Hy Wer .4 tke I reaMent ? _ **? E. RKWMXIE. J. At*"i|. ? aore ftrrreaary of M it. C. H OBOE KB MOIiRI, TAi lit ' l.TB.? THE FIRST HE Kfltta K l?e Mk will tak> pha. e .,n W ?diMka4ae, litk Ina*., at is a rlnafc prei laeir, f.oaai lia AUantie llot^l. Ifoboki-n. A ?|-eclal meeting will l.e heid im Tue*>lar eeenln*. at 71. oH " k at the r'uti roum, to ??aa^lele net ^latrv airetia. Bynrdrrof A . it A R K E R, 1 'ammo lore J. B. Kiftutur. Ih ' letary Rl.TATTAP.? TIIB rm R 0\RRI) RAI B IIOAT . Iam#? Maekay, whirh in 1, r..w the gre*' mateh raee at Itoalot on the Bith M Kept., ran he ?ee? 10 lar. between the ho'iA ?' 1 awl A r M , at 'he X tniimbtam lle.id t^uartcra. MKT AMP MltHVOa Ajioiw i.out or rtolkn-marirci datk ac. . CUM *. IMf. payable I wo month* after dale at Mer rhMm' K*<*? anfe Hun*; amount (717 0). m?.t h> lie.*-*- t. OilWrt. t>?*at>le W> the ord-r of Jo?. ph T. Otlber ami by Mm endoraed and 'ranelerred In me. Ihepnhllo are hereby cau Uoned atcakiUM ne?o!latln? lb, name, aa payment haa k?eo ?InrpM. W. II. CHAPMAN, Jf, rwlrh, M. t. rmO-AT POt'XTAtX'fl l*niA RTliRR, SM bro^d b a y, a ?oM rmt, lull nf charina. Lmr-o* Twr an iw**t. *rrr<wrn iiktwrkx ( hra?.ph? r ?r?*t and the *mi? a h?rf, a few abeeta of paper. on w*a b *? a nvnnrtH.im of atoek. Ac of no ?? to any ??ber <>eraon than the owner. W?T*r Km found ll will pVaae e?a|,.ee li and leare ll at the oiic, ot the 1 {'trl-iu)ihrr atreet rt#t?H and reeeira three dollarn for llmir IrowJde, awl :be than** v> the <.wn< r. LOcT ?1K\TKP IWAV F R < > V ' i > II W A <11 1 S.J f.v* plare. m Frlda y nomine. lifh mat . a white poodle dox pe raon re4urmn< lb> a?me will rMw >6 reward. T* (*r-ov lAtcunAT iroRiitNa, 11* rorRTii avr ll *??*, a gold wafeh. With ornament., I routed > iw wMie .?.i a h mda Ten dollar* n^ard will be paid lor ita 2h?? Ka.t Ihlrty nfl,. near Fot.rt> avenn? LnnT-O* **nnPAT *OW?I!TO. HKTWRRff TIIK Man.l. ? Mi*"*1 Hrnoklyn and the !?<?? Y.irlt II, d-l tie ring from a ?*T ? *?""h ''..ntatnlt^r a ""all w,l, mark -I "C l?.." Ar- "nr f'B'i'n* </?e ?""if and deliver* :* ? at the ofllee nf 1w? Manakvi Hot *. ,'lrnokly*, will mea ,e ? anllaMe reward ___ 1 f,(rr-OW THF IJTH Ifff ?* HKRh.tf Wft'll STRRIT, \j between Warren ^Viy, a ehr k dra* n hi -^an' I Haker on the Iftln* RiW, N' 'h? order of A. ?, Hope A Co . for M7 77. "Ihf Under wl.i *>? (tillable reward. J by rallln? ?? /',? Ureenwlrh aireei _____ LOST? A ROTF. FOR tSJfi (tf, fWAWM llV.I.R. W< '' AM, A, of l'hlla<lel|ihla, in favor of 4?eorge M ilher. la ^d Junes, INK at four montka. All p?reon? hereby cautioned from itefnUaimc oablnotf. aei>a\meat na^heyw Sew York, Sept. 13, IW. O M.ifHMt. SI I lift f~ OPT OH RTOI.Ft? FITR SBARIH OT t? JRIfJK l> erborher Rlefe fHoek Company, ljo It I. >tue<l May flat. 1- 11 All t>er*ona are f,>rbldlen to b>ty or neg.rtiate aald . rit. h!TTp . WRl'W'iM. WraahlmroB <?>d Warr*o ?'! nil A ?iTaM WiRTKO? RKWARO WIU. BR paw, and BO queath tta aahed. for a l?rfe a.?<* lT"ry nw.>inted opera flaae. In oaae. with alrap.left on W,- l ,.-a0?y .t ?hl at the Aradnny of Mttaw J. t. "ASS^rT Wo. H Wall ?tre?t. 37TT fiToRTAinES FIT MMTAKR -FRO* THR TMTI > . ot ? ? <a',-r Tunir., a black lenlh r Iraroll-i.# I,?* . huli'e? ' n r>ef*. Th > latter <>? In v b*,v p*'' i i pc '.'~t ^at?4 HILP W A in TKIV-1'KMA IjM. A LADY, Pl'PIL OF AN EMINENT OANTATBICK, wiii gi\e her time in a good o o'r, where there is an or gun. for toe sake of practice. Inquire of HORACI WATEBH, H3 H roadway. Girls wanted.? mo sebvanth. with oood ub ferencea, are wanted I'or ?Ufiario' sttuauous, at the Scotch iDUUtgnco* Office, 87 Cedar street, via:., cooks, aundreaaaa. ? liamiermalds. Kcaniatresaes, Ac. Also, (arm servants. No churn* tar female*. GM>VEKNEK8 WANTED.? WANTED, A LADY, AS REKI T dent K<,vene-as in a select school, in thin city, who ui fully competent to that'll arithmetic and the usual fcu/i sli b*?.n lies; muai be able to apeak French, and be well r rom tied. ? Address, B. K., box 2y, Po*t oliice. Milliner wanted -an experienced and practical milliner, to lake out nut erinla and mauufaetura lor a Broadway establishment. permanent employment aal ^ood i ay. Address Bonnet*, Herald oliice, for three day a. TIT/NTED-SIX LADIES' OaPMAKKBH AND AP Tt prentice*; highest wage* and twelve months' eugage m?it; two saleswomen i'or the laoe countur Apply ai Rich mond 687 Broadway. TKT A N TED ? A WOM VN, TO DO THE GENERAL W housework of a private family. One who can give good reference* citi> obtain a good situation by applying ar 31$ Ilerrj street, Brooklyn. TfTAKTED? TWO GERMAN UIRLS, MIST 'PEAK "T Krghsh. One to do housework and attend to children , the otl t r as cook and laundress Apply at No. 'Ho W. Thirty - secood street. Tl/'ANTt'-D- A TIDY, ACTIVE, AMERICAN, PR' >TES T T tai.t girl, to do the general housewm k ?i a *mn 1 family, onilsting (if iwo persons, huchaglrtwh understand* plan ookmtt waahing and lroninr Ac., rat lind a goo I home by applying immediately at 13U W< >i 11th at., to Mrs. Clark. "YyANTED-A OOOD COOK, FOR VN OY.STKR AND TT din tng saloon. One that underst.u .d* Hie buaitesi per H ctlv may all at 142 Chatham st on Motuiay moruluv. beforJ 8 o clock. Good relVrenc-i* rt quired. WJ ANTF.D? FIFTY OOOD IJIRl.S. 10 WORK OX MAN TT t'lla*. Apply to Mi s. Mas Ml Llspenard at. TV" ANT ED? A YOtNQ WOMAN AS WAITRESS, WlIO ?T understand* her business and hi? respectable refv r - ences. At ply at '.>3 yth st |lrA.N TED-TEN YOUNO L*DIK-S TO WORK OX Vt cloaks at a private house, 10j 3uUiv?ui at. TirANiED ? A FIR ' T R\TE OPERATOR ON TT Wheeler ii Wilson's sewitiK machine eau lind employ plojireni by applymp at fi?t)8ih aw, llr-tt iloor. \\T AM ED? A O Kh M A N 0IR1., TO DO HOUSEWORK TT :ii i private family. Must l<e clean, tidy aud wiling. ln<iuire i'or Mrs. Lawrence, tfti South 4th xt. Wiiluuusiiurg. MT A J>1 ED-FOUR LADIEVDRF.S3 CAP MAKERS, A VD a few improvers. Heat waves paid, an 1 steady eutploy ment. Apply at Richmond's, wf Broadway. OC0D LOAK HANDS WaNi kD-IMMKDI \TELY, ? w H-iod w.ges and stead; employment. I ii) uire.it Weeks' 411 Dt au st. lirooslyn. ?HUP WASTED-MALM. A RARE CHAJtOK.? AUkMT* WANTED, TO Bit l)ro?h<*r i Jonathan '* patented furniture poima. l?<u: lino without the mveiitor uud pa rntoe'i name. John L. limtyi.. t-a ih<* !ah?l. H? art mew can from to li<J per day. Ihiswihe ?uly patented furmiture poUah in tAO ..rid- CalUtWieprlnclpa d.pot.m s FEW EXPEB1KNCKD AOENTH W ANTED? TO CAM _\ ,?ss i|,is city ai.d victniiy for liayarii Taylor's r w book, "lhe Cyclopedia of Modern Travel r' Apply iiutB<5 i.a.el j to Hi ui j w. l.aw, 510 Broadway. BOY WANTKD? INHIKOKKlCEroRNKROP HROVlV v ?y and tC.li utrxtt. ?)n - reading wl!1! Ii.k parent* und not distant from the above locality pretem-d. No night work. Apply to fauiuel W TfcoUfMMMu Tl'AKTFD-THREh; OH KOI U HANDS ACCCSTOMEI> TV tc ? vrt^ir. powder ui.l'a. Apply to A. E. Dougli ta*. Hi vim at. U 'ANTED? AN ENGROSSINU CLKRK, WHO WILL 11B na'.atied with ft ui xi.'iMli' < oim??iiHjt'.iori lor hi* aerrtcea. To aaxo (rouble none need apply who do not write a tiratraui bald. Address box 2, (.'3D I'oat oOice. Yl' AN'TKD ? A SMART, ACTIVE I- AD, IV A LAWYER'# TV fff.ee . m.iat be of A m-rcan parents ami write a goad band. Apply al No. 16 Nassau street, room No. t>, between 9 Mid 10 A M. 11' > NTE1) ? A COXPBTKNT BOOKKEEPER, GERMAN, TV lor Camtda. Hi *t references requested. Apply at "W 'ANTED? A YOIHG MAN IN A JEWELRY STORE; . J one who ha* had some knowledge of the bualnaaa, and .an furnish unexceptionable leaumonutla a* lo cliaracU-r Ap I !y at Ji3 3 Brosdwuy. GRANNIS A CO. w ANTED? A YOl'NG M AN, IN A RETAIL ORilCEBT hi or?. ot>e a< iiiamted with the buslneas. Apply at 19# l'.leecker at. 11' ANTED? A FIRST CLAMI S ALNNMAN, TO TRAVEU TV .>nd re cl\c wholasale order* for a new patented art tela. To a ? iitat<i? person, !W0 dollars a year aud travelling expen se paid M iuM ?? aM>- to loan h a i-moloyi rs one tl ou*and dollar* Good necui.ty givan. Direct, B. J. P., B.oadwsy I'oat (.Bice, for iiire?- iiays stating where au luti rrt.'W eaa bo had \1'ANTKP-*GENTH. TO SKM, A VERY POPULAR. TV w* r* of art. Apply at .-oom 12 Hilary Hundlht--. comae- 1 of Hro.ii. way ..od rortlandi it. 1\' ANTED ? A BOY ABOl'T SIXTEEN YEARH OE AGE.. TT . ? lean' sign painting. Oue who ha< onic know., life o . the bt tineas pn lerred. Apply to Albuttiu, 14J Bro*.l*?y. l/Wl < ANAL I Jk BORERS WANTED? TOR TIIHSTATE; ItHf wag< ? II narday, it mm I t>? tli ? ?ui.v r.,?aa?>? . mom- hail office tee a4 Tsnced . Will atart on Monday the l&tii taatan!. scocaaranied t.y M Cofeoart. Apply at Horrk, ?'< bnT. A t'o.?, 196 ?lretcw>c!i street. rail VK.UIB8 F1MT RATE liOLlAIW W ARE BURNISHER, TO 0'>' 3 r* -v' at 63 Matdea Una. fltBINKT MAKKRfl AND l'1'IIOl.Si KRRRs W . YrvjT ' \/ to gu to Btafoi.; good worfcMru will retah c g,hKl % J?J wih/p?*on'?i ' '?qatre of Ofde, A Ca> 9i.it fKNf ?Wanted " ~ ~ \J T? . 4 a?. fFO ' A RPENTKU AM> Fl ll.DHR- -A ROY -TXTCPV J' '?r? trf cf rw|it< i*hi# iMtffnu h-inr-* Bni ? trtaM. w?l,; U. u vrn K ?? e JSC "VSt , ^ ? .. He-aid fl.te .ta -ig where tkey mo b. *-ru, *r. TiM.xrr.n i m m EDi a tkj v?ONR aocvrvi A sn w rMMM# WWWI PA' KIR, in ? r .. ir," p.l> 1 i-ro kery More. lni|U'r?t ai 30 n*f ?t. Tir\Nim>-A i?0"?D l,<M'EHHITn AND X It ItlNMT. TT None liii' In- i ??? w rkmi-n n?-ed ?pply. It'Mure of E. Y. W. Myers, Z Si Uroadway third floor. IV'ANTEn-A OOOD CLOCK JOBBER. AT J. A TV .lona*', wati boutker and jeweller. No ll*) Atlaa le Brooklyn. r Tl'ATi H "'AHINO MRLTKR -W \NTED, A 10 ID AND v V ittidy w.irkiuan, arcti ?touted to Malliai aad gaMing dock for wateh caaea. Nona I n1 cool workmen ne?4 apfiir. A. Jf MllJJt. W Matuen Ian*. DrncLLiuKict orvii ci FVMll.IKS CAN BR PI PI1.IRD WI Til RXPKRIBNt'RU ? -ok?. ehaBih< rin?td?. tm-aea. >?>unaii ? ?ae?. walt-r?, lancdreaeee. and generni bnaaaworkera. f UwaUaoa aew ot>en for all g?x<l aertaata. al m AUaa'te atraet. corttar rt H enry. FIRt-T CLAW HERMAN ENOLIMII AND 1RHU 1RR i ai.:?, f >r tlia rt' y ami o ti<ilr> . caa he oMain?d at MOR RIS t'OHIIUf A (Tl.'n, Hmadaar. corner R< i^a . alao wail era lahorera, Ar . a< ifcta or the br inch ?Ec , lit Oiseuvkh ti aal. 11' AN TED? AT :** BROADWAY. 3 CoRBV? TORH, 1 VV t.twkk<ai>er? 3 rk-rk*. 1 -.Ueamen. 1 bacgage ?-n f fireman, 2 biakemen. J fca/k"ener?. < waller*. 1 ? la -haton, 1 poru-ra. 2drl*"ra. men oa ?te?ni~r? and railroad*, an-l 4 fcoya ?>- trad ?? and for an >re?. IXM'W K4CEM.VN, Agra'. $3 UKWAR1M, a iwjw wiifTii witfTieR mt.wm e?.,,! ...Mra,! ?? ? ? i ?mnii T . Tkr alo<a rewa-l ? ||> In paid ? a f. tnrni ? LTt I'n. ..a. -reel earn, r r f llamm.md ? hi* at CI Ac RFWA*I? - I <?-r on Till RBI1 AT, TT?? IITH/ * <Pt) rre?n p? rrot tary mr* ? wt?f? ttpp?4 wltk ? na t?a nail ofl whan law iwn waa flyt?t froti Fitii ih a. . ? ,? inward lha Third. belwa?-fi t?.'nt? atttji and Twftat} aatniiih ?tr*rta. *h'?< *f ?lI K-inrn har <0 *70 fourth ?* i ar twin I'lffl will rMri? Ik* above re war* A" Rf.WARH -I.OHT. OR THK WIGHT OF TIIK tfTH. ?T?) i ?i?wr *' iiimI III n r nrt ? hile f amt <1 I'll li.o H-'*-er? I r ? . ? . i.l# 1 ? n'l ? l.*"?'l *. '.?? le- * ? I <???? 1 re*nrntn|l It* MM?e at T,4 Fourth at r*e' will rrwl'f ike afcota reward. Alft RMTARIV-1.0*T nj? SATIRI'A V MORHIHO, C1 1 U l.^lh i?at , aamal' fnhl waleh aiKl Ml rhai.-luae, 'h? ?Ma of tke miMt a nam" marat ed l? ?? watt*. tn 4 1 - " '? fWlll 11 1 ? ?? ? ? ' ' ,U Dillon tincf Til.- MM "III rr?Hirr Ike above re war. I Ml leaving it al IPO A i an if mrect. tttwnfcJrn. A?) " RFWARP ? I i wT. <>!? THR < R1< KI5T UROPWD, 3f^?) at lloboken >r* lay errnlr?, a ?o|.l .paa faeo.t m >?( . ? r * ? * I KmI .-ft K'i*k?<! . .1 - ' l.lTeirno: The al-o.e r<? ?>?l Will ha*lTen hy ? H ARI.M VIST 1 IWW aaa ? aj^!?ifc?w?ifli. IDC RKWARI' IXH1 MKTWKF.lt ItUWtRn ? r .1 - ' T '\ I..r ? Kaloan. .. lady . roM h.iatln? ,.1,1. wi'h ? "II 'air Itn penrni? and fii.l beau attacked. The Ruder "in !*??'? I ?> above r?tr*r<T>j calling at Ro. II Worth Wlili'ini ?ireet. | *?11 <>5 RATVRP AT, lJTII IRRT . Hia honra ?i fli ai*1 IJ o'clock, a ffila lever t#n hole* icwe'li-d a a n r ? - m ih? corner "f I'rmpwt mi pert or tic llndaon arcane rniJ York atr">" la on* of n?n make 1 h? tnit'ala .1 n arc on the ba<*k of the twa. ?It .III IWHWIm Wicvf rtward and 'hank* of lha ,.?> T r hjr laav?t It ?? IVM ->r|i ?rcH. Hn* klyn. or ih? Rat t J injjum, LAMl iNOininT or MIUar n t a II I *< Till atcat aty!r? and mart* in tha beat nMflncr of walla<? aoncrt material*, alao a few ramnd hand tahlaa f>T nM al ii i (i^mir a i 'H.LKMIKR H ? Irr dnm ?frw Turk. BTI.1.1 ART?R. - FnR RAI,H- A fl TKIiroR PII.UARO ? in v+rftt\ nrdw <m\f bt'ng fa ??# Hi ?* bkhji*#. VI " a' * ? ' 1 ? M^Hopft. MTi.TTuSnTi FTm akp ro*n'x?ri.?i ??' i?hir.r*-pn^Tifn?i f^hnmrT 19. I^l#. far mWcmlr tf I \k* non# ?till'**" 4rn-?mp%n*i | r?T?d plata, w?^bij^ I ?nr? t?rSf>vri> ?rtt * mi.it sRT? <' r a. Is ... a an X ? " ? >*<'? ' ? " i B mr ir *r n, n*t+'-i * +-I4tf