25 Eylül 1856 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 2

25 Eylül 1856 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 2
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TOTtilTlKEVENTS RENEWED EVERY MY. !)ALEH at adctio*. ALUKRT H KKXlLAY, AUCTIONEER, WILL PEiX, 'b a day. Sept 2ft. at 12', u 'cluck, ai ihu Mer Uauta" Ei ahoaige, tor ae<?.ntit of wh im tt tuay iwrn- ? HttUM'l or? an.1 R. R 1st mort 7 per cent bond*. l,Wl"> ?)?' nnau, Pvu an 1 l'hiM|0 R. R 10 per cent bouJa. IB I* o and Mm ?uk>e li R Itrtu ouitt bonds. ?,W*i lietriAt and .Milw it'lkie R, R. ? per oent bonda. IU? New Jei-aoy Cesiral It. R. 1st inort. b.'hda. ?,0> t> do. do. 2(1 mart. bond*. Sit*! l-'lualiiiig R. R let mort. 7 per cent, bands. B,<M' WUwaiikie nn.t loricon R. K. 8 psr tv-nt bun .la. A,rou U Crosse ?nd Mi: wa'.ule R R. Ut mort bond*. 0,?k. mimibi h abroad Co of Hew Jersey, 7 per oent bonds, t 0W> ' cmipercial Mutual Insurance Co. a scrip Of 1 >Sti ?JU "hares W> In, Firio A Co 'b Ki| reus flOO Ml fa. inc F ire Insurance Co ??> 'JU Ru'u. ih Kire lnsuranae Co 25 *> Heliei Fire Insurance ??'?. W 2b Lh Farge k lie Insurant" Co ,?{ 16 Market Fire Insurance tV .It*) 20 I'eekinan Fire Insurance Co 24 00 Corn tichjiiiBe ?nstn-i?ji e Co JW 'JO Hu Nicholas Fira InaurauoS < " '-5 AlPacttiC Bank W St Bread way Bank 21 000 Ocean Bank W SUSrocera f ink. Ai.* .52 JU Mechanics' and ri.iders' Bank, of leraey i?y 1?> 30 Uuumiu Count) Hank, of Jersey City KM JO( urn iichange Beck 100 40 Common warh Bank Ilk) terms t.l sale- 1 <>a per cent this lay. and ite balance before two e'nerk io worn w I he ..toruril ntereat on all ibe bon is artll be charged to >L turcliaacr. Net: n-K'ilar sale on Moo day. Sep: 25. 11. BURT H. Mii'OLaY, An' -.i.ineer and Banker, No. 4 Broad it-ceU ? ft. T TUTTLE, ArCTIONSER. JL . To undertaker*. 1 ?Nl|k?w sale <J ?t ' k, of a wholesale coffin w arehouse ? A 1. 1 1 T rue will sell, on Thursday, at lu% o'clock, at Nr. A3 oowerv, ? large Hto. k of rose wood, i .ahogiiny and whim *??! coffioa of every d^xsnption and sife, boing the atock ?law hok??!? dealer, and sf'ld by oiiei' of usuijrnee, foe i Woi U.y Uie a.ieu'i'/u of ' lie trade. Catalogues uuw ready. ALJFBKD BRAOO. AVCTIONEER -a. BRAOO A CO. wil! cell at aiutlon. on Friday. ge{>*enb?r Si, at lo'j A. II , at iheir store <3 C"rtl?ndt street, 3it) \i.ies m -;f *. nu ??n'l and children ? bixi's, chn-?. i Also, aa iceotco of wn'? and boys boots, .o be sold ou accooat at whom it may ??neeni . A VCT10N JfOTI 'E.? EL mm RaTaoa uid o J cr ??C AltS, Of forty ddlerent brands. To be ?old at aaotiou i Ct ThurwUv ember 2* At lof j o'elock. Also at Ifo -icn k, au oitonsive iHick of C.\B1N t-.T FCRNIiURK. KmbraciDK aU kinds, from the moai lashloiidble ivai-' iious-s SBd nianu'*cti:r<- s A*to oiLpamunn ^nrt mirror* tn gilt S^aer, Fhntpum's secretary bedh'eaJ, cp-in^ Atidhairmu tmecs sllrer j ia:ed *?"?. caroatln*. boos, .vo. Alsn at 12 o'clock, LIOHT HTA'iO.V.4, t \kR1.vi;B8, Ac Tt'NlS MOKMKLl. A net! on e?r, 70 Nassau s'l-eot. f^0D^'a^.tlT reeei?;Bg. on mnrniait oi' sale, n nperty Of vjrl ow kind- wiiieh must bo sold wuhnut adverusmg. A I'CTlOJt NOTICE.? PEREMPTORY 8A1.E OV K I R~T J\. clan- ii'laeeood haii.1 k>?i?f>iold fund'tire. pianofortes, ?b;na, Bla?s ware . - A ? ? SA Ml'KL 0StiOC>D k CO.. Auc Wtiners wtll sells' "! Vnvs-nt street, lo ounw, (Thursday ?. at o'ekek K. M.. the tin??-.t -.'ock of parior and oiher fura: ?ure Ac offered aiJtuc'ui n this fall, every article it whicU will ka positively iold wlthnut the least rweerve. to pay advances, Ar I he sttek cemptlses twon.y rosewood j arlor su.ts, is strk broealel. p'.usb and hair cloth covering ; msewool ward Kh> s. dressiug bureaus a . ' waehstauds. centre marblo top teldi s, rich en.un? He J chamber furnltur-', f olid oak hamber suits rosewood ai; I other ')'?? axe*, rick gilt Irame mirrors, ??l p iln log- si tas. sofa bedsteads, park>r. rucking an i ami akaii*. marble top rusewood e'l-geres, Turkish ca?y chairs, spring mat' rest ea, n>au<i?^ny bedeuads aad belding. ALSO, One rcfcwood ami two mabog my rianoft r'.es, aecn?d tun ! Okruliure. caipeis, cm t ry, plata i ? are, crockery, glassware, Ar rar??cii!ars in c.iUil.'gui's. ArmoN notice. -h. t. tped* a co., acction eei Mortga.'e si ie. Ricfc sod easily household fsrnltur<\ sawwond parlor suits, to F reach ia'io and ?ilk plash pier and ?Huitel mirrors oil palnvrgs works of art, J c li I . i.KKD aartM.i.eer, will ?< !l tliis rinirsdayi moridng, at 10>i ?'chirk, by v( t .e of a clut'el n. .rtgage, tuide .md cxacutea ?a the lit day ot X?j. lair . to K. Nash, for Uie nim of ihri'e lb. u and four r m.dred and tifty dollars, on a., the (urnitjre of ae?r* ;ime. kind ?tid de?<-ii|.'em contstued in th ? new fo-tr atary ko,i-e in Mr ?t I wenty s'ith stret t, near tiie Sixth av-e ao?i de?c . el in s?id tn-rtgage as fo.'ow? ? Rose woo- 1 san'ti ?e'ave f an"t< lie. utool ai d over two roltd rosewood parlor ?ah*, covered m Frensktatin: oie do. covtr-d in lllAplusM; rosewood ee i ns, si?e and soi'ata !es, wltk Kgypiiin macblo M|>' 'srg'- ft- t.ooJ seer ??aey bookcase, rosewood '-orner aadono iflpui etegere. a-:' s.ru.r. :a irbla taps; eHgai:' all rakviflV, inooited fri m > tau.-e. v ! ret and Bnui\< car Bte eiwuy < li t i vas n, ern ? i c ocas, Partaa and b.S|t:a ar> *. broil ? - ch n ? ires togetkar ?'! a a large rartatj if aorloi < rnauifc.i d'tr.i ai. : -?aW ?'** ? li.nt tea aa1 dia* er mu. rv t! .. g? e T ware ?/*/ . rti.-ry. A . # ?. AKa til m.- r *e . "el an: mahogany fivnittuv ? vn .Iln?'d i.i at*h bedtoo :rs, wb.ch eor^.sMOf tue ien-e-t de?, .ptfnn u( I ?Mkl roM w cod vrd mshogiiny being euttro suits >oraa,-h Ohrongbo .t ? ? ! the . i Idiag hair tnaures*. .4 Made 'a or dfr.illle V The sal. w .11 nr bu:u " puacutally "t Wy. o'clock . ain 'f -hlne, with the entire basement 1'urnftarSt ofei Uie -a'e wiil -iiriiinue ualil tli- fall iw ofOS.tSd tag l. -r with interest ana all eip. uses the e n. ka? b. . n fully i ai !. Part fk fit ot.s !?' ,.t,i-ng sn; ?r'or ?rl,.'J'-s f(,r b<'U?? ir g ?i ' io aell . ? t ,:n hand liy ln'4 o'. lo k. s< the a>ar'f*g>< s Icternui e<! lo ?e|l under aay encam-^ar. es. ACCTK N v,,ri K -JAMr*CVF?imo. AI TIONKKB. wdi sell Ibis nay. i:.- -_vb >ust at half-past ten o'clock A. M . St lie nri < r < t I'U v. nth a*er.iie stui Forty ?i\ili slree'. ?k- oailra iittafss oi a wholesale ar l i ti. Ikjunr store, em sIstlBg ef 44 'a ksid *afk".? sl/es. p'.ate4 b?*r i.napa, li tn ?? paa p?, 'eniLol ?, tega fancy t- ? . .<s. de witers. gla-s^s, aaaaierste ? ng. ,t . a - ? 'he hilar i id. in tlie . ?*o of Ike as i ap to tte l i.t of May. l-.vt Persons waii u g Orst class Itetai i s a< lei do are# la aai ad <h s sa'.e. A UtTltiM NuliCR-HOI SI A.VD GHOI \r>s IS E AST A >oi:i - 1 N MiLli.R. A u* oor-r. will sal' on the or * m ' i ? s on Mond?? ho| ' *9 at OS '".'A- 1' V ? .'"derihe dtiee* on ef F. T Hillyer a d 4 |L ai' Ix I.J ,r?.. eae-u'i ra the bouse and pro .n^s la'aly oaeopisd by Col Mica/tb Rey ua-a* s'aeaaMU. Ibe bouse sins "dir. lie -tst baak or ib? hsaicnur is vary spaootia , >nuuun..' IS r. sbed rwros e *?? usi' a ef N? ii'i,? . dli r.ig r ?HH and ki'ctmii. la m isi II' e tailf ?i^p! <<! ? h rl-iseu ( at. - es an ice?ir r<K>oi The atausi s pesM -? ng a d<? k f~> : on na r't> r of .">Ji lee', etti taw f a i ,.od ii i"e ntiarter MM Of f*geiai>l' aud 'orer gar asai. 4hi oecliard, all in 'iao rr..at i nosletaordsr sad wel sun pOrd w:ih c olee fru ' hLj U' C1. or', m n'al trees an1 Bow ar? A vau- e- a. Ik liar, S' V. ec far i I wgc t ..ry, vri h slab I. s and fC. ?:s re<|'USi e ie. the U?'t.c.. on 'he pro ?rrt.. i*a*< l y,t the pn. w..*sr; le- w'lile 4 ? . i. 5 a m"r ?s*trabla p?. j'cr;y to- investment .r f?r a reaklcaoa. Terms X VCTI09 NOT IK -li WlfJWlN. ArtTIOVEEP.. WIuT, sell, to tnwios Krelajr) ruornitg, a. I0\ ?'? . ?? byes ts>ogne if* ?ntre : atei'ioftht U'ge four story swelling kH? tt.^ e N ' Oh West Foa> t? enth str -e the Thole coa Mt. rr npwu da of 00 Of") w rtli of aaperlnP ho'is^imlil for akni" nf irst elas'. Workmar.s-'p a 1 u.,d.- io orde-, and fc??e?Uent r insiaen Parlor iumtture? \b..ut lJUya'sJ?"f sleb at?et rarj.fU. ihru a agrl'^ent d rarlor s'.-v*. ?a*?r?d Ui elegant ??t:a brocade. l*'g'- ta?y, Vol'airaaixl saaepi .'.oebalrii la n '??? b Isor ? wno.1 ? '.'geres w.th .T.srbie ?spa and atirna do. rs aod * .ck I ti- d e nh ?ai.n wo>sl yery axaer- veiv raried. elegant n*?wiel centre, aid- aid w rk Mies lsd '? roa? wc d seTe'ary. with itilxir door, l.neu w?b?s". w i mi-aii e iiNraM h?ok^?" and sacr- <arr. wtth e;eg?r,t e art Is .-a, made to n-i ci the ro?,a parlor fur aature rasi wnd eoi". r aua mn- ? atanda. two very snp?rlor arsa d s- i ? ics s?id | i "i i* naa . saw ' anl c.ive,'. large F?* rb piai" marn^a n| ?n?ire lace and 'nivatel window aattama. aie-i, . ir e.\ va.-le'^ of oil ratn'.rgs, embra-tiig matiy talnal.ir ?p."ai' n-. cue iarge fruit ptoca. b? saidn aoa'.r ?Cen *. sen as. m'ma ,ght si t >ie?s, l?n'l?"Ape-i Ac si eiegsii'v f-at " I, l?rge si f elegsn'ly 1* rat*! sb es VSS? ?. I'ai 1 ,n ai d " ' lijesn ligu regj !?? nty o.,e 4a/ o:* ?soln ? ioi*? 'ng *b- e w t'i in*"y other coin It ma tei orna* aenle maho; ., u.i? * wan.' an 1 era- ,< 1 hI ? ? an-' I aha r ?i >?ra?i .a ? ifl>. ? v.d inedell!"'. r>-<t?i! and "ear abjure. s?,:.t? k ar ?! tls' < wsl .-V etteagf >m 'A'lies. rich akita le t anddittr.er se*!, aw .ass w ,-e amrurising s fall as sor r. ? ???, sn li a - .' w'tes, iiAtr psg.ies, cilota. c? lery itls ? ' *s, tn''r . ? lemonad>-s u .t?-fi. s, Ai also rt-<tlj stlvar ware n as c|? j<nt retoltl: ? as,ers. wiili ^lei.tl.d eu' ?l >. lis. forkO -aV? b >gket ? t a aerei- m sale, i . iv.n ". ir i. u erookrry. ?>?. ?*?. v^feub'e dVdies -en | M.'e. . . .< s? ' rn tire of all the bad saaa s. cowi r..- c ' ? . - a ar*. k'aak walnut aad n.a iaoanv n ?. < o?- ; --bsi' . ^rt ? i -ew?,t i. .hofanr. b -? wait ir t. i ru. p ? b*vi '.*d? pnre .I'-d lair Sit'i' iaM'. bee' ee . . i'ie . i I p !!' *?. r -seejod aiel it. . hag' ?? 'op ? re t w wbaan< ? n? uis'<-b the bed. id ir. ? .><-?? i '.'?bns -t -e < t^4r ?.m aariet. n ? ' ? ?. ? abb s, ?a in' a* a r arpe'e and rial ?<: . he i>.il .i , * A? Tne s . i.oaSer sllatl'e ?a>ee a* e:.ta.n?fl a > ,?-..-r? e 1. a ?, \s ? m'na dug esv nfc ng ri? hin d d -araM* sa fn' a i ? - T-n ai, n>>?e*. asrt 'a 't ? faitnsbing '? ro tate if a Or?e eia^e hnaaa. fnr ohes- ? a? r? '? 'hattke ^nt -e > n1 fa will b en .1 Wiio-"* a*s?'t? A ashdep'iattn ,1k dfrse allr nrehsaere ar, .-be yaoda ame* li* reirov e<| < uie day if -aie daie pggOK, art) boo' ri i t e i a ttrr. Arrtro.* ?VTlCK.-mA*VWABK SAblt-aliro. F. \ ?> tMfffKI i1 citai.eita ai'e of lisrdwar*. A- , Wt I a?T. at?B'? th ,? dar v id Vrl-rk a' Jib Pear! aroet. Fo? Mti | artieolais ose sabtiot saw ready. Arrrtr>\ hottce? two?. nn.L, at TionireR ?y . Ktl, A R' -IH. As* day a |oi, o'?' >ck n ih? ?le-wmi 12 forb W'TLani ?"re t. s.- i. t * an- -?t a .. of ai.-ieWn<r j. a'>"?-? m* c*naw alsa baoaaksidi Taturi kaa bed'teade, ?ef..a I <*e ciaa.f<?te. i"okfng g:a^-~ ?Mitiei , deaka aaipata klso a lo' Of fancy g ?sla, jesre iry, JOtie wat^bra ffe o-e t^ao l.e- f .n And aa* g 1 b iiMing pa ?a< ie??r e ateb. by ?.r'.> r of Uie Marsha sl?> a ?' s-k ??> ?r da. and Hi ur'.ay Ha aili be dtl) en raid A C'^nON F' TT'H-I' V l rorr AlVTTOjrra* 14 A I'ine araac will ae., on ^ahirtlay b?p' 17, at ten -? k A M r. ?r>. Sdreefehaisl m-atgs ?e. at Ae ?o*l y*-f. aseser ef 1 * ? nty 'bird sirc*? s" ' Ttdrd ar"5' e. tn ihedfyot hew York, tbe ie; sa ar.d grwsl will if aa id premis. a, UnC'Ui'T W?h'-?. r,-? to, ?e- ha. .!? -a. -.eda arrows H?H* *t?'l HA oeaie* nat efb-e farar i*-e. I - ' a' '*her p-ot^e*? UiOr.'C*1 sir ! ?< rauan ? ? ?og i g I et n.a el sale e aA. liyor ler'* n. jr' V>*ss JCCTIOK krTK V - J. I'O-.ART AI "TIUVKH.? By *. BoOAKT 1v,l* lay, a III1 , o'slelk, a' Ha t* Meade airaet nieel b i.eb"!d f :m.' ir? -onatsUuif in trail 4f aiaje t'Si.r j a ? ? . n. '?tc a >'es Was, pi.kir, V'-lli f oadeasy gknirOt n.arKi< <*if oer.'re table*, ??? a to/ Irwaa ?kg biiiesti? work table*. Iisei ?1A satin w.vd.tarneply aarpeta. oil- l(4h. e''gtnt r Id rrabou-nv warii ?e mar i aar.1 Frer,.h bed?t*ad* ar-itu anl pu-e i,*jy (?a.ir> *se?, n r* MBI'tT es'ber li'ds and b~ldii * lars-e mirro a splendid oi ?^eior d.rlng tahlo wlwlow enri*'a* and "trt ? * adtdms I a#"rn 0T ; carted ae. re'arr, '.ookeae- msnt? <mar?ents. asi 'e! do' k, t?g*'ber wtth sganot'l aasman- ofbadre^n ? ad k k' fcri it'.ie. 1 i e aVor.- f r->t' ;rr made in af'le: bf bark* and ./'he' .at - laltty M. M ? A^fermtt wW b* r* ? Mbftti ill prtrehaa' re and the r ids Sknst bopeaatasd i ar nr day as uie owaer .a going m K<mpe. rrrioa ikiticf i. bo jart. at fmoNEFi.-ny l 1 i'hiaRT Frtdst at ' ? cio ., a' A<- a ie -i ta\a, epraer p> FiarHtnsad W<l!lani atr>v's, b?naea d lot of aiksnghae (o-tl*. r. 4?^ "f gr '??*, ro?r*o*ron<, Ar a aiiOKn- a sai ,r up on ii t'k tffn Ltorons ? '?"'?ALaB aniiricer |r? ttow< ry. will*.:, ? ? FrMsT, t* *t , ui i'.*., ? utrjr* kH of ^rmnA r. *. ahlekey p. r w nr- al?i-ea Ac. ie*?. rm-i-arntr*, a ir at aa bi-rrii?f*. Mustard n nr ?nap. i?taoa syrup Aa iiso, Jb #* a "Hd 'ar', I seb Ibraugv in md. I rnf !'? irit^l. ?e is/j Rt oedcr 'f T M OSA/tv, ^ setgnee I Y "? I "t Tov Ft'H.vni nr. AT T*rr)f?Ml.T a I) landing atat-n Island -r itll.TO* sfll oell on frt A f Serd. ?. ?? m* " "? ?' '? ' fcO't*- ?' fi?^ Fleming, f a ./ Taansend a-erm- near VnnVrhllf al.andleg Htatan l?'sad live en'ira nrnHu- "'nge ?ri "?rieee. u ?"Tr la iMh-keep,,./ -srne?e, cMe^ne Mr ?ni" ? r am eom and kt'. hen goode alao, several tary t'na parlor and aaobing atatee. dr . A' Pale an' be piramp' rr. th mm basts raa erery lioarfmat the Battsry. Br jrvnra t eobmajt. ArrttowFum -rmnAY Pepfenn^rr JO si W a'- lock A. M . at th* eetitr*| eki, ?a ?, 'oraer of W 1 onahby sad Pearl Hr?e<*, b' gntsr week t a* va of bouaehol I fnenifurs, teltef tapa.'r Oi esaeia and ?' grain earpafa oil. lauw, sfl p.\ln"ngs SMrat tar S, s?tee?(a-' able* mahogany safes te'e a ke*-o maizes nr sad ask rbafra, bedsteads, Itist'rea?*, rrrvgrrt, g as, aura, t'isnoa aiirea, d?. Alio, ??? bngyy top ???'?. k) , sad ortff A BAUDS AT Al'naOH. ____ T~ AUCTTON-l?OV SAFES -FIFTEEN NEW . WD lercii'l karnl superior ?*fhe, 01 rtwio'i* size*. *uttai>le for Biejeliaiits, doctors, or jewellers, will be soM, to clo^e Uifi concern oti Wednesday, 24tb ? ..slant, at 11 o'oook A.M., at HD Fui'on guest. By A J. RI.KECKKR A CO.? A J. BLEK^KER. Auc tioneer ? Partition eule of real estate on Shetti!' 'tree' ? I jnthoav J. Bleeckcr A Co. will null at public auction, on the gib day ol October .Wednesday), at 12 o cluck, a' the Mer ?(nu.i?' Exchange, the ? uluable lot of ground known a* No. tHI ??beriiJ slieet, being on iht raaierly side, distant 226 feet from the Don hear, corner ol Deiancey street ?..d u> S'le i&xlis fe ? I hi* property it uDiieuiBbeNd, snd a warrant*** deed ? ill be glvea ol ib<- uiti- For upitad other parUcalata apply at tie r ffi> ? of '.be Auctioneers, No. " Broad slieet. I1DWABD 8CHKNCK, A rCTlONKB R. ? LARfl K AND J attractive Hale of one oil palntlnga. EDWARD hi HK-m k A CO. will Hell at auction, on Friday. 2tUh mat., at 1U?, o'clock, at tbeir la'csroom, No. 33 Nassau street, opposite the Post oBc.', a btaunfnl collection of tine oil paintings, near ly all of which are originals and bave never before beeo ex hiblted or offen d tor sale Among them will be found "The Meeting of Jacob and K..< hel," by Htiyiumn, of Mechlin, "Th? Nalivlt#," liy Paul Veronese: a view near Florence, by George L. Brown a superb mm. scape, by lie Orailly; also, many other beantilul anil attractive pictures, by tii'uuze, lluyler, Satvator Kosa, Itrocbard, Sorg (iridin, Ktsiueplau, OsUde, Carlo Maralii, t bullet, Cieauwork, Kuvbeea. Bates, More land. Meadow* H Robert, Vernet, Stewart. tiUbert. and many others Tbe painting* are now ott exhibition, with full dem rtptive catalogues Ybe above are believed to be uueof tbe tineft collections ever offered at auction Kvery picture will be guaranteed to be by the arf't whose nun" is auafh' d They ar> all in elegant frames, and will posttjve'y be ?oid witlio'il any reserve wkalevsr. The eUeuiioa ot connoiascuj* i* re spectfully invited. Edward schk.vck, ai cjtovker ? Ttri'io itrevt tali sale of Wines 1 randies eh.mpa^nes, seijars, Ac ? KDWaRD gCHEM'K A CO. wl.l sell a' auction, this (lay, 24tli Inst . at ln'j o'clock, a their salesr >otn No. KJ Nassau Mreet. an ur porter s stock of warranted genuine wines, bran dies, chain; ague. srgars. Jr., comprising the folios tog well known brands? Dennesey's, Pmet .* Co., old V}., 8. O. P., h< t.ault A Co., champagne, coguao and I itaril brand'' s. Held *:ck. ?lil- ry niousa- tu trlnituaH et cie slllery mou^aeuit. <liar'? Tar.'nt > Co.. Rhetois and Be'ir <l? slllery. Kraoe leaf r.i*mp*?i>es Murdoek. Yullle A Wnod.-titl ?, Pheipn A Co., J. Howard. March A Co s south aide Ma'ie ms. Crowiy. Hsvres, Br (turn * smontiliado. Duff, Uordou A Co and <ither ?htrrle*. Uunearlrn tnkal, Schietlani gin. In jugs: abtynthe, li ish and t-ccK'h whisk ^s. Forrester and Page s port, Jama ca rum. l.undon e\olse. Ccnie A Martia's air I nes. in all sizes, wsrranud penuli.e; also a large and we'l selecu d U? voice of Havana and Oemati segars. Terms? **)0 or under, c.ish; f. "I*1 and upwar<is 8 month*. No es to bu made payable in ItV tork, and to be made saiisfactory to ?Hart. Ecgknr b franklin, auctioneer.? by fr VNK US 5 ICHO LH i CO , at sal'-sroom M Nassau ??treef, tomorrow FrWayt inornli g at li*lj o'clock extensive tad peri nil 'ory s;ile ol'ovci Si,H'.p worth ot rieli licit class citstnui made cabinet furniture, consisting, in part, of elaborately carYcd pai lor suit*, In oak, rostwood, mtthofany and walnut, covered ?ith the nusit cott'y ? reuch sa'ln Inocatel, s.'.k plusli m< da'li r pattern mo<|uei ana t air cloth, all of tbe latest style parlor -o!i- I ink ish reclining at"l Volt sire chairs, rockers, s< lid rosewood ev jetoires, secretary, bureaus, ltbraiv aud se. fcisrv bnokcases: Ijent re pier, sofa, ' aril work and * ncy tables: <iliiiti| room extension bibles act! chairs: also sule bosrds and etepores of diltereut ft} lea; chmiber suits ot rose h.imI, n a. i, ?' ry alirr and e:??iri''lle.l a'-i to-.l-- -lis, b'i rcaus, wa'drntes. v. aahslands. corner s'a:. U. an t a general a-si'rtment of first class furniture too large U> enum.'ra>e. W ? specially invite the attention of country merchants, housekeep I I ?. and tin trade 'o tula sale, feel tug 00&(kleilt that amongst this selecion the tniiet fastidious can be pleased, and the vvtffiM will be >add under w illlllH, aad wi lio?' any reserve. Pa. k lug lor shipment carefully dour ou the premucs ut a reasoi. ab " chaige, or gor de stored free ol charge Ik r?VC,ENB B. FRANKLI.V, ACfTIONEER ?UY FRANK J LIN, NK110Lt< A CO., at sale*r"Om Hft NaasAu street to morrow Fritay) morning, at WU o'clock ? eale of Feeu. h plate g,lt frame n irrors aud pier g"as.-e?. oi. pain ing*, ckM'ks, silver plst-il ware, chips and glass wa; . toilet sets, hair niic tresses am. palliasses, taucy goads, tab!? catlery, *?., to Sea otter sdvertlsemetits < auilo^ucson morning of >aie. GIl.fcKRT 8., 8AYAGE AUCTIONEER.? ON FRIDAY) -ept. lit lu'a .A. M ? P. reinti'ory ~ale of gro.'eries I upon which advances have been made ? Bazars, white, light 1 town and browu a -holoe invoice of teas, gr. en and blar'k. c .let, micvsroLi prunes |.icki?s, dated, herring, raiains, cur ram.-:. a la re lot of acirirs, various bends: brandy in cask*. cane* mid demijol.ni joit, Pherrr, M.idelrm and claret wine, 4c. BAOLEY A r A VA'iE, 82 t'eii lai- all-.' HH I KEOB. ACCtlOBBEB -BY H. IL LEED8, A ? c.i. Thursday, Sept. 15. at 12 o'cloeit in front of the ' store, "N. Ut Nassau street, a black horao. lorg '.*11 5 years old, l?i hi nds and 1 Inch hlith * arranled sound In every way. kit d in single or donb'e narnana. So, J as the owner has uo f'iriher use ! r h m. A line sorrel hor.'e. ?.'iort tall.," yna's old. stv li^h drl\er, 13 haDils ud.l Inches high sound and klad lit ail barney sc.. under the saddle. A warrantee w ill be given. Also, a set of MDver pla'e I *ini<'.' harness, In food order. Hf.nry b lkrks, jr.. acc tionf.er ? as?h;net; s aale of je? el-T, watches, .llarno- *. tt? HUH It Y H. 11 l .RT< Jr . anct'c: -. r. will sell, at a: ore N >. 9'4 Pin# street on hrnlay Setit aui, at Ifit^o'clo-k, c 'n*'*' ig In p?rtof gold ai.d s'h 1 1 wstch": made by Jotinaoo, loblst, Roskell i iy lot ami French: al-o diamond pina, earrings and rings: grid s . ne, ,V.? a.e, cameo, co-nallan, coral, pearl, ruby an.! emerald ?? :* coaalst ? n of pln, earrin|? a?d bracelets; a large #s?r /; imeot < f ri/.js -eiiis ivcKula, atuda. rest ' Ui onj, tlecve btittuu Ac *c. Catalogues on uomln^ oi -a'". JOHN BOYn AUCTION* I3L? BY BOTD A iril.T., Its r jrli ir street ? At t.riv. e sile. a ? .1 esti1 laht-.l Ic > cream sti.i ottfeMioaery usiism, on Croadwajr, far aale eheap, lis piled for iinniu. la ely,?lil be aold at ?u?tl0'..,lf M? puaed of SU3D. J i UN LLOYD AUCTIONEER -JOllV LLOYD A M * s at'l ael! tomoirow Fn.l iv , S'-pt J?">. at 10? * i clock n' ibei- sal ?r,s m. t-<; lii iadaay. e?rner at mroantt *tieet,a isr.e .ot c * m l S' Uiiid botirt m ihr gany aud ic.se wc-d tin it. r-'. conns .rg la pa. t of halrclo'h nfis, el aire, 'tea teies Me v p per, cat.tre and sofalablea: n.ala ^any fMewond I 'ncV ? alnu* *nd 0<k extension utiles; ?'*i _*n\ ?rd ro". v uiai bin top drpeefc.it hureaat, plten st .t >?.ri.. i t re fror.ts mahogany F.i..'tl ntlitan, aud ro?ewool C"tbiS Ins :? t-ade leather end d?maik lounges and lie la, n i* on.i.g freseett ubrvjr. BkgVsh end l-rae? inn eha.rs, gilt Irs ms ?i.rrurs waabstsio/s, wardrobe, bo.ik ease, n. ereuiey, ro? w ?? d pianoforte- also Bohemian rli>s 1 \se 1, elacks. tol l> ? h. t'Jes. Isnpi nil 1 sin tings, Ac. ; a.i of which will be a dJ n Itkout rrsei ve. I On'jTl.. VANDEWaTER. Al'tTIOVF.KR.? upbcial ej rale 1 ' . e aJtci.a", orange U>cs ic.? Tb.? day, -? t t 14. at half p*?t ten o'eloek, st iaes*lewi oru XelCRu Se-?!:<tt Sen' <he s'eek of 1) Boll. Esq, linrtMUMsry, i . >eer ot Fiftieth s iv 1 an 1 llrtsi lway who re'lri s Crom has. n- -s or see. ? ct ,jj hna. h. Tbe vmraMW ca.- crises over JM varieties of double and single cime.ias. kU In "ne order, and in bud, Als KIc.iim ' oirese, ntvl a v?: e'y 01 nli?r ot ni ge tree*. Ae., to^t 'lier a ith tin' botho ises, wii.ib wl'i be s?>id at ?' me fntt.ro ume. AVFv COI.F. aUCTIONCEB - BOOTS. SHOES. Ac ? herlCa -s e ?J tMiH > < LK A r">N will se'l this liv, t^ h'arefsy.) September 25 atltiorl'^-k. at Fulton street. iLurs. ?y "-e 1 , oel's thi C. v Hal luetlll. a *rg* ar.d peo?ral assort ni, ' 1 of ' ? oU shoe* gaiters U*'iu_ las s Me..r.<s Ao Sale positive. JIKutK <tt KKrMi.N, S.ictllf. T MOBI ARTY. A C'TIONEKR? WILL SF.'.L, Tttr0 *1. tlsy si P. o . lo. k. s*. Ota liam sciur. a general NMMM4 new s. d se. ond hand furniture, reewned Ihr saie I' aile r bed chins, giavtts ire. eki k? mirrors. Ae# MpOK HTT, AT t'T10NKR.R.? RXBCL'I ION SaLR ? ei c?r. eel houseMA f-tmltw , leeewnet pianoforte Ac, t'Stfsiud Irom Mondiy, on eer m of she Weaihsr. ? M Leuitbty W'li sen, on Fi.dsy, at io'j o'.'ock. at iJt Wset Twrttj tig kill street, all th- ftirni'ire <??:. telnet ih?r. In. e^n ?;?tirgof two eb .ant parlor sue*, covered 1n hraeaw and piu?b rirlly 1 e 1 nai ? <?n>l p ancfoete, st< o| acd eovtr. rote * vKKl sec rear) t ?<okesse. pie glav.< brocstel and lace eir HUM, nans roeewisot ecatreaod eard tables, easy, ro>*p t 11 at d rt - .ng . In re, tete a ? tea s fee, mahogany end cane ie? .haii- nil paln*mea n'id engrannge library brvikcjiw, eiegstes plm t bs. ks an I ftx? its; ornn.lu eloek rims tl dsys; slen tke tsri.ii. i.irntitire, pore hair mitirca.s t.e|*u>?(is waeM n.: sniuieiiel h.mbcreult t -n'hert. ?..* Sols ersaod plilovs, blankets 'iul ve.at 1st" ?ny. lUit" ,ily, Ingrain room and stair ar..e thr .;. I. en h< h u-e. gas cnaii letTern, ivory utlerv. sliver v are eblas dinner and Tea ?"?. gbis ware, ' ?" 1 ?lor. d'i. 1 - table duet groom 1 Lai-s, sofa-. ?> i . 1. meat ?sfe ha" s ami. Ac a'?! niee ai bo-.se ot. tuorntuj ')( etle. Cab peri l ptery. li- "i-it" re ,n ed. PAW>llR-.KtR-? "AIJS OF MEN S FlSt WJNT?R C <?> I,, iii's day ?a. M CHiVF *LAH. J llm-ri. ? li se i, ?t !' ,'r ? ,. ? isrg- o. aaea . ?: uu r* ro ? I r J 1 ? ? ? *' t* . k a?|t a.i. k cu ita, do>*< it r.u Maaera sr.d ? iuis ms sot - I velvet TSiei ite , Ae auto. liu -leck !-? 1 Iirrel ? < ' t.nt Prr - e ot. s dor ?a a? tor" hi . e? .a, su tat le for the -a- - ttni'i k r UU u le a< " u.rt a l .1 > 11- bee. ' ' A I . i R ! I it. > BFM) r.i 11*. 1 n sir' e- it i Wt Beet Broedwsyt i)r?-k", ? wPxictrTr, ai iTione.".* -Ai n iitN It I el?.g e If a, tn t.? I .. iat.d ' Il-'I ?l 1. -I .#?irt ?. ?? 1 tl r suite, rice '.11," s. latid lie's err.n.-.s, Ae., ti - i'.l -- I.L W *t<v.-T 'ilT, an tinueer, Wi S?J th si - It 1 J O'elie k U ie a pert, roeee oott. ess n- I e.i .?>.ov fun., ere csielaib 'd in rveiss N". 142 We.t 1 ,? -r y b st ?'reei, a few doo-s l.otn m renlli ?c?.i ,e ?n Mseog a very b.rge and ac tend id b?..etusiii ol perhtr. dim .:rt?.m. ii'irery and ehamb 'r fnrnltu**. a n i:vg skrtiMSvli.. r .againeetit Hd na?". o si ps-lor sunt, eov er<d In I 111 It- ide, r 1 g?r?lj ? J <~l. sple-. Ud seven oc'aee io??w ? ?* rts e.foei. brant ,f?; y la'ald wlih p.- ir!. la perfect rrt'r .).'#? rrse-*,l?r?. Bio? e sh rets r"?? wiaid reep tor atp t ftrWihgda r?. *n roedalUon. n.'aiu?t a?l s* in.rl.'bly ear Veil r? eword e'?t?i s tatth Mrl' tups, motiuled In or itmln. lv ur st ?r, 1 t ;.,er si d r..si >1 eiirro.* solid oaewood cent' ?? *nd sola nl ies l'r?? <u msi 'lf nr-i? and r vratnVls l?e..ien r - ?? *. hi- tiiwkir M ''"dir |ieii?rer<MnM<; ea hre wlrted eai'twae g d b-irlere.l saaides, sitperb rrswnvoo.1 s. reterv N)-'k.-ssa. w 'h ola'e frrr?? vslusSle painting* on gis.s srd -?t,vs*?. eb real roaea .. *1 S i-w*ds, r >?ewr*)il fcwMaBip > With msrhle top wesiaSamls sod wa ?mwtea rn me', n r"""? <v| amovire. Fre-.ieh plvs finrte. ehe sal glaam+ ? rea. 1 bale n?attres..-A bests. I I inke'a, rose. V .?d ? 'a*, otinioai s * eh velvet srit WliUre r ar-te'a is thlr teen rown s and t arbss f n.r e-wtly 1 anda, -re. librsry book ras spring s. s' ai I Frer -b ruWage ?h*lrs, ovai mlrne-s. e,. eg* #|s. ' TSls'sai rxteas' .11 tl ng table. l?..,e. nsk *ir 1 1 rs?rii> e Hairs: rtca eliioa d.nnsrset i.ieoes with a Isrge .iuantns f 1 tenth n an.** w .re. all la .nateh, maidiie ?e ha star./ Kr|llah eUeiolh Ae . wkh the bssemeni fnrnl ture Beery MIS le In Ihe hi ise win be anld Witbmit reeeera. rsino. ?(..'e. ('etahirne* alii be ready etrty oa the n.orrlag of ssie when the fnrntitire ear. be ei.tmined ioTTin iTin aV< -tionb'bb -thm dTy s Vktitsdai at I"' o". io. k. si Cte . .ioarot u?*, IIS ilaaaa.i s .d ?i ? ii'lid a??nrin -it ' 1 roseao??d. .>*k. e-al T rut at 1 r nh ov t? rei nra fteadi vla.e iMer and ataiti IlaS.es, fll e ell , SiHtfcvga, r|e|| ml g'asr SB1 rVMW ire pISAO was. i ? fbrn>la(on< oft * moil txteialfo aid b ">?ttif'?l .fwieetirns "f be isel o d ftirtn'ui e aver offered at S'j'" on to this rill tinr tier ill snd the p ihlie get.eraJf a e re sjeef ilfy ln*1*e?l tn asll sad i'g*m ne for Ikswealve* Kvery UWdlKy Will sf'Wtlssl l? p 1 eltoaers |or Soling and shippuig II ia W-II kr.oaii lo eir Ire ?* rha< we make liheri! n-'b aiivsnet-s to mstufke' ie*r? tfcerafnra we fee' st libeiiy tn sail With .tit rea.^rte. rartle* ?? i?h'ng m .per r-he-e |hr 4 " ti via or .-.UierWIee, an bn? with ronftdenee. > t sry *e tele alll ?>e warrst-ted ss repre?ai?tarl. In th" stuck will be found richly eaff il Sadste:?ds vrd dr es^ni mnumI I oils XIV style, inatia in erdet in Pluii leips.s and cost Wia, H) yards supt t >o- wpas?rT CJiroe'les. slv rosewood sol " o- 'av f ,ai ' i.-rtes, 1 y snnie of the Ha*' e|ty raaroif ie*?ir"ra elaun' Trmt* 1 plai- mirrors rj,t ot'pslu tings a.'ld rnaeaaod I ?r' tr ? it> t. -aim i r '*t<-l and pl'isti. r eblfeirredrosawisid ? le^etas. Ill .role lop centre, s.de ind sofa UHvMe; rrao-h se eretai.a?, ^noV.asea a title enl.itie's, eaereielres hall s'ands with toiri li n 1 eir fi aalrnt -iitii drrka ftatotat meie ext-* atoaditmlff taltlea diuli g re un chs.r*.aoi'aa, 'ete ?t.*tes Turk *k aaf v ' h* aakai.l <ra r.nt 'idei.osrda, aigdrsibes, raee eeinl, toakogaay wain , 1st I .Tk ?.?r1*tesi?, m rble top barestis aiil a-i. ?n>ls, bi.lr n 'tr sears paliiaaatjS. Ac., Ac. m i~ HtirOHfOlf \f I Tfnl^KBR.? SA LHBIIOqWi, m Nnsaeii s'r?e' heswe--n Btstiua swl Ann At pel isle a large a r. d splendid sioek rt rlill'y earratl end II , r 1 rsrtim. tn*ho?sny. walnut -ak and e.-imelled p?r e. . 11 taM awi ?? d rb in ? r fiirr I'urs. pl*no*'i Is* Eie? h i.st' n.irrvts, floe c*l pain' .g*. to , wh'eb the ynble is* (n , ,ta4 I v exasauie M being 4? .urges! sn 1 ?'est s?a.^ted *? ek '? city. A'lelifi ss'e* e??ry Tb' rmi?f a* I'l.1, 1 cioct, IliHllW PORT WIBF. -AUi riON. T '? MORROW, a If o c. nek. at #7 Dev slreel eorr.-r of Uraenwl^h ?i . 1 c?<d? rt j,wri, kegs of lamariiids. brtadlee ' hareaal ieae da?age<! riee gronrvl e ifllse tees snip hard rnib ry rsnes, lift! (fc/eo steel sic- 'la segari WRLI.rirofoI A. CA RTF.li. Atietj tioaeer. w WTTTfRS ArCTfOITElR Will, SELL o* '?rsdM at ? l* n lock, at farnt#'Ir 1*7, Caaef , r,,. entire gan'etf bretaeho'd frtrnl' ireof & Isml'v break '?># as b?i 1 ? *e-f>fc.* laega | ler*ed tr.sn'el lalrront, wm 'ow . rates *nd shadee, fi**n<'ngs. elegant v*l set 'ape??-e. thre^ p'r -^rd r . arpr s. oilelofns, Fat reek e*slr escpat xrd fxls. tr.*teg>iiy snd .*?'ntit br.|s ead? hair e t?d 'Khet^ixt tr? scs bsc> ami bedd . / marhle top and plain biire*t?e end w si stands, to let ?e's, SMbo*.,n? bireWaaea wardrao-s t.m.igrm.q itid litchsi> ' un <t,ri* A' ' hire, g^s? * > | p^;e.! war' rerkhig rtf, Ae SALEM AT AUCTION* w. WILLIAM IRVING, AITOTIONEKR- KLfOAWT h'.u?eh<.ld furniture.? WH.I.IAM IRVtVO A 00 will ?ell at auction on Friday. Sept. M, at No. 2?'i Weal Twentj - dAd dittl, Mvra Mtaui mil TnitUi tvraiiM, all ihe furni ture contained In the Ii0u*e. eoeejettng of rtrWsaele ?u>t velvet tapestry attipeta, eltgact carved ri'ftood sul w. In j. r* - n in, a go'd otocaiel. two solas. tour med.iIli"U Owk i i'liim, arm and lowing cha'rs four medallion back reception chare, elegant carved rosewood marble lop centre Ithlt, i'u ? >1 rowwocd wvra octave pianoforte, nia<le by BtoMeru lo-i'wood plar.o atool, two elegant carved rosewood carl tables. brosia and ormula gas chandeliers, black walnut etegere, mantel vaaee, clocks, Ac. Dinii.g room? BriwaeU t arpets. mahogany rxtennluti dining table, ?ul'e ni*b"ganv fur iil me, In hair dote; lace curtain* and cornices, ehlua dinner aii<! ica sets, stiver pla tod lea set tour pieces, giaaa ware, Ac. : nn>liOg..uy nuuble top table* and hall statin*. de.irooui fnr n.ttue ? Tapestry carpet*. elegant carved mahogany Frennh bedsUads, marl le lop dressing bureau* and washsUinds, elegant large gilt frame oval mirrora, hair mattresses feather beds, palliates. boL-tei s a&d pillow*. sheds, blanket*. couu terpainea, 4c. , togtther with it la-ge assortment of kttchan furniture A 1m> an el?'?ant library bookcase, with about 2 0 volume* standard worka. 0 ALBUBTl'S, AUCTIONEER.? ASS l'INKE'S sale nt gold, diver and plated watches, cameo sets, brt set pin*, earrings, linger ring*, stud* and rleeve ounoux, O* Ibursday Sepk 26, at 10J? o'clock, at in Com t street, op aoeue City Ball. Brooklyn. W*. MKI.I.OR, AUCTIONEER. -H\ W. S MRtXOR ? Thi* day. (Thursday) at lti,1 v o'closk at salesrooms. 13 and 15 l'ark row, elegant cabinet furniture; several rupe rior toned roaewood and mahogany piannfortee. bronzes, ?i" - varies ??t*. * peon 4 ink*. goblet* Kien b plate pier and mantel mlirora; UK) choice oil paintings, .te. Ooodscanbe boied fi r "bippit.t; 'it the premises, a' a BiKlerale charge, l adies .aid gentltmen are psrtluularly in v. ted lo view the stock previous to sale Th?* cabinet furniture will eow ?t of ten solid rosewood parlor iult?, covered in rich brotu'el, plush, haircloth and iimm|uv(; several rlci oentre table*, eto geres music cabinets, wri ling desks, wardrobes, side I* e**i naton d'ttni! tatle*. ? hair*, corner (?'and*, pur'or and re repiion i t.air?, Ac. Also at 12 o'clock, several rich toneil rocwiKid I'lai i)fort<>?, which are luliy w arrai ted, ih a* v hen sold at private rale. Catalog tie* on mormig of sale. W8 II UXOR, AI'CTrOMKEB.? BY W R HKLI/OB. ? To Borrow Friday), k. 10H o'clock. Cabinet manu hcturer'* *'o< k at unctinn a' the w at ("room* of John IVdile A to No JOB Fulton street, below Nassau street. The whole ?i!ll.e ?old positively without reserve, ami 1* particularly wortln the attention < f city and country dealers. Tbfl stock comprising tbe u*ual variety, such an is found in a ftrs; ? la*s wareroom, moat of wklch has been manufactured eitprc.^alv for their own private tale and eoMts'Ji in part ol' rosewood, mahogany, oak and walnut chamber, parlor, dining room and Mhrary tumlture, In fm' variety Al*o about :*? pure hair mattrassea, Ac. < ataiogues issued on moi'ning nie. TT r s MKI I.f.R, At'CTIO.VKKR ? HT W. S. MEI.LOR. ?T ? thla da; , 1 horsday . st 12 o'clock, at th? salesrfoms 11 aid 15 Park row, opposite th* Aftor House dam but breas' p!r eost *450. 5 ro?e?nod pinnoforte*. of excellent one and nuloi) and fully wairatiteil. iflO plec? brou;.e w ,ir-' in i;r.'a! vuriety. some of w bich are very \ alna!'!e; also, an en ire In voce rf richly c! '(?e<l ailv. r plated ware, also 1,1 s. lid ;-o-,? wood parlor suites, t Ich centre t tbles. ic. The whole a rleh at d desirable co'lect.on. worthy ihe attention of ibe tra le. (ioodi can be parked tor *hippmj{ o-i the jircmlses. uu log ut* on the moi uibg of title. WUX BE 80I-D Tlild DAY? VXDKR A MOBTHAOE, one seven octav* rose wotxi pianoforte aad t * o suicesot par:"i- lurnlture. In the private r' ' lenre No. TO West i'wea'.y sixiii s'reet, a few doom from Mxth ave te. Teruons in a ant of the above should attend ItORftKS, CAKRIAGES, <&C. In HOKSER WANTED? TO BOARD KtiR THE WIN ? t ter price, f? a tuonth, to go<?l buy, ifood city referee :e given. Aadi ei-s soon, A. U., Herald oflice. Aokstlkman who IS AHOPT TO uuva TBI coutilrv wishes lo dispose oi Irs hr.rs- s itiitnidiaKily, an* Is wi)Hnc to sucn'.ce In so doing, they are bright bays 's ?ea yearv old. 18 hanrf* high, and are very ahowy aud last ki"d ic single and double harite?a, and sound. May be seeu until tbr 2fiih at Valentine'* stable*. Twenty fourth street, netwats feecond and Th rd avenues or will be show n to any , crsaa sending their sddres* as above. A FAST MARE FOR SALE CHEAT*? CH* IS 15*( h.in ishirh. s yeais olil. sound and kitiJ, and esn tre in side of three mtnnte* at any time ?itb:nit ualn ng; time ahnwti. Inquire for tir. WOOD. U> the d- i|{ "tore, "f.rner ni > ul.on avenue ruid Cumberland su eet, BrooUyn. l'rice &MXJ. Aijght waook, witk(?it top. iv kir^t rate r.rder t? r sale low. App'y to I'.VUKHdilX t HJ'KT, ,'g l.aMyette place. APAIiDLB HORSl FOR SALE? A FIRST R*7B saddle norse. enher fcr a la<)y or MMM ""1 f >od lu hart, 1 1 . cm trot or j ae >. kind m i g#ot;?, co or t iaok Caabe*e?nat lumure's stable, eorrtr iwen'v &fth street and Kourib a venue. For terms, ?- . apply at So. M <ioil atre? t. Bat horse for sai .k? warranted oenttk, soULd aed fast; soMifar waut ef uae. Price (1 50. .jpply at Mr. l't Eton's fUtl)le.j, Broad way aol T1 irteenth st: ee'. ("i akri aoes ? two six <seat and skvkru, fohr J s.i*at rtn kawsy extension top phs ' i s, doelor's pta ^etia, top *n<l "" !?P bu ri'es Also tecondhaitd burgles ard rock aw aj s. which Will be *ald low, at H Fuiioo street, ne.ir rul tea far. y. J. a. van o?'TWicic. Cam i? iaom for ha i. k'-knv'iu kE? "n k w" an i ? Vk itv hamUome. made by John J. Ham; will h* sold re uon slily lor c>- h or I- xchar red brtt'vl s<-rond band coaeh. or for real estate In this city. Apply at 304 Fourth street. Was'.. teuton s ^taie. CARP I A<"; ES.-roR KAl.E, A YERY LIGHT FAM.rNO t< p cab che tn perfrc ntcr, and ilk'iwlae one partuiooed fr ni' iuie Aiao two iwekawaj*, 'op bai gy and bartieas, ?nd ? her caniaaes. Apply at MH Broad w ay. J.C.HAM. DOCIOK'S FOl'tt WHE^li OlO. IN GOOD ORDER lor sale, lie 'ire at Dluny'a carriage shop, TlnrU'tnUi ?treat, cotter oi ttroudway. For* sai k-a camaDIa sr sr utioiT posy, ' is l.an N blith isseuudand tema-ltably kind in harness or utidT the sa>. die. Can be ?e n by applying at SU6 Jludarm atreeu L* O R HAI.R? A SORRlX BORt-K. fllXTKKN IlA?l>? l1 bift m } ears old, soum abd kind, a spiei 4i I driver, bi d for style .l<i a?ur? can't be *?ir|>amud. Ooe bay colt, ttfteiso hands high, Ave years old, i ..n trot In 2 '<0 to bsrneis One brow n Iterate, suiu ble fcr a carman or e?|ir*->s w?fo<j. la otilv M? years old. aouod and kin I. AI?o, a fa. m ?rafea, quite t ew. * iH be ?old 'or half It* T.i'n-. Inquire lor three d.iys at 71 W^s' ieec'y uicth sttect, t.' ar Suth a\enne tu tie. fcai ?'ore. F*OR~S Al.f -AN FXE-IAVT p AIR OF CAR K I AOF he i see, black. '> ! ears eld. Id Hands lirgk, ?'j lish driver* aidsron.din everj rr?p?rt In .uira at KI Plerrr pout sus-et. Ki'mklyn, '.etwi en ? sad I o'cl^'L KHlR AI.E ? A V r II Y HadDW'ME BA\ UUK-K. SIX JT vearsoM. I, 1 ..nods high, a ???H?b driver, and f>r 'yle and j' ii riui.it bv?iiri laeed. Apuly at R iiaou a pu^lae. V 41* sai.f.-a spi.ksmd ijHay horsk 15 n\*rH I. gh, ; j S'S ohl wir'Ai '? d per'ee'Jv sound and ktnd tn all hartiera; te a very free and *t?ll?S drive*. A Uo a jirsy mere, 9 yeera etd It ba*i<ls 5 acto rs high; jiapned travoUer ?ound ai ?' kind lr all bve-s Also aaorrel horse, '< tears eid, 15 berscs hlgn. Is viund and klT*! lu all haroeae. Will be w ari o t. d to ?<>t * mil* j> 3 mi-), lb see. at any Lute. Obi be ses n at 14b Hoii*?en s reet U?Or. HA1.E? A H.iRSK *clY VKAl;? OLD. "a HO IT M r hsm!* h ?b. 01 et Vi Id, ;,e/f< ijtly P' ,'Je I'l tht^.rn- ifnu Melarn>s>, woi.i l bi sui-ab'e * >>r *n eipr. a* c-rn.me or for drat'. ? as ! e high)) I? tr.inenned, sold tor sunt of u?e. Ap ply to P J. SliKr'R Tit streadwiy. Prieefl.'si FMjab>I.K-A .-)PuKM>il idfjtl ?<<JKSK, N RA fci . Y H bards k%h ?r.nud, k.rd 1 ery f.i*t, at d prsmlia s ai make oi.i ?.| the b< > regains inU.- oily. Price eSUU. Apply u> Ik eprlrit street IH eALK A La ROM ShVuR t MJCMT "OF LIMIT ? art, sues, close ns-kaw ?) *, toj and open bngg e?, At; *l?o, siiigle and dou' |e hsi n? . > al? >. twetrff bnrsxa. \ppl? boe. A sad 10 levins strv". ???rner of Fultou avenue. Hi o klyri Ij-oh Sa!.? - a ??fcKT? KM \N, ?Kii*S~ HOlfTH, IH a *? ns ods.o 5 (it a *,e-"ll rrsy L-itm* pmr built. I. '4 bai d?b gh k le an 1 m on tuuii| as?leu IM faet Wai rst ted 'iurd and g*n.l>?. a1", a llaM faah'oeable w?f?n at t.r e 1 uni?. nsed or.'v th'ee .',on hs Tkey will be a . t ?eparfcte r 'ugetber. 1 h? W h-d? e*a ba seen by ImjnMif to Jeea>, al Wt'-aia s a ab!*f corn' t L'-ecker ar.il Ct '?iy M. eeai. HOt:-> hi' JOT V \*;nN AND l? \R1F-s- FOB H VLR.? Tb. Imrae '* H yesrs ui v. iy :.is the Wagon and b Wtl"SS 1" sir o*t n?w I le wl in.- w .1 be soil 1 b-wp, tor want 01 >**, 1 si ?: ?; s mil1 a\i 1,0* Hoiiiw 1 Oh s vl.K.? HIE oVkkr ,T| 1 rt*n Fl'isr elsss road k-irses W IS ?* to '. ?t iiee of ? D" ea*'b sfftmi ? .,a? :? a'fb en j ?? r? o, I ? mud at; I kitel and ? ?? trr ' 1. inJi of ikree mtan:?e to roa<t warm. A r- "p?ii?.'jie war rat/ee Will b4t|,.?'a. A?t !y ;.t 1 . M ti'' err 7 street nMR-K.~Mi.OV AND tl. RNRait F >R MALE ? l*F AT , s yltsh, pac't K tor ??. f ??-. s,>:een bands hiak s ct I a?l kUd In all barnee, a k-w, no-le-n style enamelled leetbei ?eji I g v, b'llh 'o f ' 'er. an<1 nai less; taken for a 4^'?t, awl wl'l he *.>M v*ry eb"sp o.fet er or separa'el) . al??, a t,>epWI ? orkawev ') U?nu'?. Apply lo Mr. tNIM-'ltlicK No. I tit. ratal's piaee. 1'her^ b street, ao? d wr fr? m Barr.Uy PERFORS DMIROC3 Of f t KTa IRI Nti EI.EO AlfT PAH late at d *h? ? e?t r.f e?re ''.rtli?>r I oss. a Inrieg ihs fall ? inter, at a n.'eterale 1 n. e, wHbm or ? !,ou- ot tlaat eit? nis j hear et sueb > j add tees ig T W T , boi I'M Pis* [>!#<??? A Itralted b'iwiImm at Imree* nn,' te tt en. Trottrr mil *Ai.k~\ ri.m mik ahi t 1i an gaited mare ean ro In 2 t& ?oeod slid alnd. prt'c m'Mla rate Address tot 1S5 CbHupes l*oa' ? bic? Mass. ^SfU)~To pVrI hakr - a "handsome pair of e. rrts.-e hi "ses, ark eolee ?i<-rt '..lis, klivl %od vo rig fnriber 1 srlienlare. apply 10 Maru, Oaied AOc., So. 4 ?h tl iiUain Sit' et. tr*5oi~roi sal? -4-ariTnikh - i>r bi-ilder-i v? wagon, nearly r.e* , tor sale \erycbeao. Arr'y to O. O THOMPSON No m Nssaan t'r-H. w WAT1 IIE* tMI .IKH I I. KY. Bennett a rro mr<r?jwoi*? to tmnney. lat? ?? 2M llrea-lasy *<iia? ss re?t bare MM* t i?w *??*" (*! '< -(?'?way 1 !?e dnrns *b?'?e RIMl *. ?*l r ?< re new si-ws et A..n ?? ?b'-s, jewelry a (ft stiver arara. . ? h 'lo- j are aeu'ie> te h? ,r frier <<a , 1 d tb? eaiile et eery ? >1 fee. hKXWVIT e I'Hti V> ilmsiway, Pa lit the M etrapeiitea rmL I \iamoniw -the V "ie Mmfrifi' w I? 'eririej that we s-e e ir? sl.r ia.annfbeto-tng mat bare ua bard a IV g* ?'eek of 'w.r a I esrelry ef the '. ite?t sty lee A large sae i?e t ?f d s-nnqds m kAnd *eu-itg done tar let'srte IHateonda fcnoa f,.? en.-v, I IlKRMAMR A to., net' *waa?treei fTw Ft F T AND I lAVi'VDK VKRT I/>W -THR S??

?J .esj,?r Mr the '??? ?tth'en ysra n bn?ine?a ?? Ws^ ? is ,e'l n? s!' de.rrij 11 Sot Its I'M, dbl* 14 and iM' t.r Urds ef iewelfy, as Wkr>|o?aJ sod retail, et m'fW em 'bsn the usi si prt' es. Ladies bes o fnl g > J esm? i moei-d Mrbtme)? and peer! ae< eiirrirps, ptos and breeeleta In iw??"S }>i it la Sltsi gn eaoa f/?i.,es plea r ? 4, esmi 1 otmif ?. pevl sawt carbon V . ,. $5 fi?ita$r*0 Ol) ssak I^d'es e.rrlrt" *o',i eameo, aioa^ie, p??rl, csrbanrle ?e W %X, Mapelr fln'd gneidcba 1 * ? ''a s^iac iha*e. !? b r h*<ns ?t.d ves eh* ma . ?"0nto?V. ?n ev**t Pni* loIu wed< ngr'ttgs UAutoM it eantk le lee go'd hi 1 elets. f) IW to #A? l*t e,oh I lab and r ha?- ' sold ' ln?e "ir tojr no eaafc Uei Merren't ?*' rmrs J3 to fA> '*) ewoM n. 1 , 1 1 e irl ? >d otber st?ir e ring* i? ,"<? to mi an eaok ? ,1 <? t ,d tl but l< ?. $2 ?> in m n$ mab ? 1 d g? ed keys fr b keys and ses'* ... tl 50 to h.'< ti9 evib ?.r Id 1 ' n? *nu 1 1 eelle no to I|3 *vK ii 1*1 jera^ib. II Wltofc tk> e ^k , 1 s 1 ? r ? ' men ste? SI W tn lift no each I,,,'.' .t es sr 1 t reUaeae ft? CO t* 112 At VMk . eld st d t im,e ?'4n ve bn tons and s'uds. a- <w 10 f |r> a set .1 t ilng s, phis iir '^er rfn#s A ernese W '?) to W 1 o d , 1 ti, Is wart pias and alive- tbtmMee 27 c<a to fl5 ?? n*OR?B c AtXRIf. Imperler ' w s'ebe* ?n< )ewelrf, wholesale and rstall, Re. kl Wall 1 ,,-f rvl r rare nesr Hroedway op stmra. I'll, i. BI TTONP FOR ORNTi.EMEjr. all ' e'1 ?? ve button*, pee pair fS yi 1/1 W inn ? (oM per set I >1 n 1 2 " t opt per ??t 7 rt) to IS CI seed and gol.1 )>ee set d(Kllrtl4 i., a. per eat ... , ...... A *1 le U a ? 1 gti Se s viea of Sleeve bwttone, for *ile ?erv low. OIM) f. ALI EN t, at ?' ws'eheasnd Jevretry wV'"t?|i: red reiki'. II ?? ?, ? e" ?f'M tl'sie. a. -,r Hr MT?V 20 KOU KILE. ^ STJiA M ENGINES AND BOILERS FOR o A LR? Of Be* pattern*, and ? . rranled 10 gW* sitlsrttcuon. X. HBYaNT 11 utu ? Oc?uiuS)l? iiretit, X T. (Jnc WHX BCY THE aoon will AND fixtitrbb ?J*t /tJ ol 1 he besl grocery and Huuor store in the Thirteenth ward It la doing a go d eaaii baallies*. \s the o'Aner U go ixijr West, br will sell low Apply tu the store, 73 Ueonck lire* i. or h Dh Un all ??< I. {I/Ul ? FOR BALE, 1 1IIS DAY, TO TUB HIGHEST I M 7. otter, a porter home in the Plr?! ward, on die Worth rivt r *|Je, ti"ur the shipping and s'eatnhoai landing. Apply (&* ai... , at Xi Broadway, room 14. A. RQBIMSON. A"] OK ? FOR HALF ? 1 HIS DAT, A B\F I.A'JKK BIRR if 1 _i) . saloon, and njster aud refreshment room, la a good location, and cheap reot The loratieu unsurpassed iu New York. Apply 10 A. KOBIN'SON, 336 Broadway, room fourteen. efi -PARTNER WANTED, WITH THIS CAPITAL, In h splendid eih'btUon. now open and drawing crowded (and dellg tiled houses nightly, clearitte $3,i*? to (6 ntiu yearly. 1 bi? Is Indeed a rare ohauro to make money. Apply at Broadway room No 6 lit.' K N ETT Jk Ou. a>or?n WI,L BUY T,IK stock, lease avd rix fOtJ" lure* of a ue.?t.e,,fner porter, looging and boarding home', at the railroad depot: be-in, bedding and all will go with bar tUlurea, for ft'ltO. Apply to HENKY POPE, 2?l Bowery. -J1'0? 8A| E. THIS DAY, A N OLD ESTaB VU.'i/. Iished crockery store, situated near Centre war Wet, now don. ir a good trade, and only disposed of In couse t uet.ee ei U i proprietor leaving the city. Apply at 06 Broudw iv. room 14. A. ROBINSON. C 1 0il ?for hale, a hotel on a mtaoe route, ?J>T.t/Vr, e.nt side ol tbe eite. tV 111 l<s sold eitreraely low lie owner going South, d."ng a goo 1 business. Low rent Apply to BOW KB A CO , H4 Nassau streeL AA WILL IH'Y STOCK AND FIXTURES OP AN I l/U old established restaurant 1 he owner having r.ther hi^lcem. ear, not attend to both. Iteeeip'Ji t'Jtl to $J6 per day. Tcjnih essy Apply to HOWES A CO. HI Nassau ?t d>irin -a faem for sale, of 300 acres of the ?Jj I'M". Drst lasd In the State of Virginia or would trade in \ alue to the amount in borne* Apply to. or address for ?ne wcekmly. Paylnn. !>l 1>I vision street, N. Y. Orj'n -whoiesai.b and retail liqcok store, withle.iseof whole home. s'ore orcuote the whole nf flrst floor, and doing a good iiusiii.se. Will beeold very low, i.s the owner In leaving the city. Apply to U'lWS. A CO.. 84 Nassau street ?FOR SALE OR EXCHANOB1 105 A'^RES Ol w _ _ - j land. * M1 "ltuated in Pfk? count', Pennsylvania and wtl. be disposed :.t a great secritir'., the owner go'ng io t. rot e. Apply !o iH/W KS A OO., (?4 Naasau s'reet. (JCliO ? F"R ' A ' A hI"rOIIKR -fill*. ?V/ JylJ" '\f' fltti-d up. al' complete, dotag ? exeellent trad n ill be sold v. ry low . the party embarking in other b ialtiess Apply to IIOWI^.S A < (I , *4 .Nassau street. -WASHINGTON SALOON FOR SALE. 21 Oriinl n'teet, near Bowery, w-ll Btcxjed a'n hlfcd up, (iolhii a go >d bualneas and will be sold vety low. npi ly on the premise*, or to UOWfcs A CO , ."4 Nassau s'. <t7K A ? DINISU SALOON AND B.Vtt FOR SAl.K tj? I ?J\?. doin* a hushiess of (60 per day, situated in ih. very l eu' loo tion on the North river side In the vicinity o raihoad depots and s rkiutoiU. Apply to HOW >.S A OO It. Nassau ftrtet. fUlfl WIIX POTC1IASE IAS FITTING AN! pJ,'f'/o brass furnishing store, well esUM'.shed, no? Joing a !irst ra'e bosi'iesii, with a gmJ run of c-ju'om, rei. lew. Ap; ;y to HOW lis A CO., B4 Nassau street &'l mill -KOB SALE, A WELL E?T ARLISTIRO r oil yard: lease four years; situ i'i<m most de stiaiilo and with al neaetoary tiitues. i-i>ld l~?t yeae ft.o,t tou?. A great cl.anee for an enterprising ljix Apply IH-iWI.s A CO., ?4 Nassau street. <C9 nnn -for sale, an EXTEEWV* COVFEC ??'? iVU "J. tiotury manntvetnry :md lee ere J in s^loo i, i legaii.'iy aod ?'< st'y fi u I tip, sHnated on one of the gre ites tl.croughfai e? In 'J.- v:ity Majulactornu: utctisUa >:id all com piete. Apply at i.5 Broadway, loom 14. A. ROB!NS(H?. $600 c>4? "tiin ?FOR SALE, 'TIEAP, A SPLENDID FOCP i?*oiJU''i k'"ry houMj oh forty third street, betwoei 1 / Mh avenoe knd IVoaawsy; has every modern improve mer.t. he.l^, s|i? ???ssing tubes. Dot and rol l water, hot air, m gas 111 ever- r> om , hae- giw tut ires iuclu ltog Solendid rhan deliers now in; t" iew nod -eady fnr imtae Juste oceupaiiou Only the ?!<<? re ii?mm in cash re ('lire. I. r ala'.ce on miTtcege Iiquiie at il:e l ,iildlL?9 of Mr. BLI.KLEV, or IM Wc * 1 lurty ninth street W?) (inn -FOR SALE < HEAP, A IX'T OV THIRTY ?TO."UU. seventh st., between Broad ir ly itv! rieremi ' iiie., Ihinaviry line and rapidly improving nei..h*>nr!Mud Whole amouii' n-sy rcms.u for a term of yems. A lirejtJ K H , tierald ofliee. C:'-l '"vnil-F,'R SALE, A HARDVARB ?TORF ?* 0.t7"'". three years e?tsblL>h?d; mederst*- "?!; ? an u creasing bus.nees, and will he a. . : at a hargsin. \ mart than utual opportunity. Apply to UO?fE? A CO., S4 S .mjl street 4 1 r,nn -?* !!AI*E AT K B^RIAIW, OU T< i VTiuUv. eiehar.ge. a genteel fiouse cn twenty ttilr si reel; also, a splendid brown stone front stoop hoise, nea> VlIi.u sj'ia. e. h> use 2} feet, )</ lott feet AU'> a ho far r '?be<1, <o Tfcir!? fourth street Apply to G. t?. TUOMPSOa. ."t EMMM strcrt Clft Ann -EOR PALE, ONE OF THE MOST RXCEL CO V" vr * lent i'armni New Jersty for soil ai d praduc ?v. nty five s-res stoek, rrops ana '.u.proveiui n'ji com I will prtxlvri all ktads of grain, Ac. Apply UillUWr. Jl C??., St Nassau -li ect. il7 (inn -1" B SALE? CORN KR PROPERTY, CON' 01 sisting of a lot and two bovine-.? a grou?f) kept iu one ff them a'tiiated abore Otiminn s'ro> I, a.ao. iiotue and let on Oreenw nh uvenne. Price ?1.5t?. W. DKMARKST, 231 Th >.n(W<JB stre-t iy HiWi ? |r"R the fiTOCK A.vn a rr.s IV/a". valuable eight y??e? hvise if A dry g<oi ?oie 1be store is located ta one af the greatest busliiea tbarougbfair* In New Yotk. Hklf caah, bulane,, gi..?l pape* Apply at && Broadw.,y. r<?m 14. A. KOBlNnoN ilr, nilh -POR SALE, A I.ARIE PROPERTY IN lie Third w *rd, rear the Hohoken f?rr?. we.: old sir sontially Improve I, and ? ultshle fur heavy ware Ik. tin > iis.i?<* For paruenlsrs s| y: . to Kogi.K Rok'iAN No 2 Metropolitan HanS B til tiling, I'm" ?'rset A hAK4.MN.-FC R SALE, ?OCRS AND !,OT MO. 164 xV. Kail Nineteenth street, replete wits all the n.o l?/n un pro'einenta arid In complete ordr.r; also some valaabt/' pr oet'y on l.eilngum avenoe and Fifty second street Moat b~ ?e'd. In iuire at >64 East Nineumnih street Arab* rnA>rrE.-oooi> opponrrNiTY for a | bustnesa man.? For sale, the f.iri. tore and iitisfe M [T. lies k llot, I siiua'ed Ol. Halt. more afreet, near Uii eun Iro<> BuBoIng Halttinore, Md. This is a rare opportunity far a bu ah ess man to niske a good investment, a* U.e hotei hvi a!wa>? been doing a gi "d t usTie's and a mar. cor loeteot and 'titer pr.s.nt can Himi ?h- business to double the ennw Tbe tiroj erty ran be rent- d on the most fcsorable lerms Ml hrailli IS u.e rut use of the present proprietor s rtr.irtn^ Imm the bssimss. Any person Wishing to aagotliie for ibe lornrtirs and ' it ure s. rnr >4 the be ise, he., can do u by applying is, JCI'N K OII.KS IM HaKlntore strnet, BaJUntore, lfl ARtRK <nA*<-R.-FOR SAIJT. TtlE B?r AND only f.t -i ri te oyster stand In Brwk'yn. bow doing ? gjrd esan tm-tne-s. situateil tn r me eg niark t. cei vr s < onion! aud 1 niton street* For furuitsr particulars api.iy i? O H .It'NkS, M B>rile avesue. AhN 4NBR01YPR OAU4mr rv THE !?? S1P-4T P\Rl of the elt; , with stsryihing lii Urie working order ha> I lug a well a?K r'J d Kork ami a Urge rum' ? r nf ep eiio'iit, li >,?nf,some gill Ircmee, fc w ill he old for t '*) Bent on lesse Apply to H. Oarhanstj, genera* pbslog'aplui: sgei.t '.4 Dui.i street A PHYSICIAN S Off ICE. IE A YHRY DK<:EABI> | loe?t .r,|,, p the opptr and west tjin of the nty. ,oge he I wi h U.e lornl' re ?jd prs'-tlee, wPl re disp"?ed of ra mo derste lerni* Jivforeat oi.ee of J. A. LkIiIII X i ill, Cru^ gist, corner llijl} til'L street ai.l Eighth avenue. Ah ikicsk for sale, wnii ni?p years' r.KA?4 'rem nest May. free from ground rent fo. HI rreet; ren s Pw tf't s year. I?. (tilra m ML iu Ml Ughih aveuue nr CiIAS. CI IIUPI , ll iton s<ree| Beaptifci. t oi ntry m?inERi.*E. at harirn ? i ona., arsr th* dep. a -Th rv 1 re s.-rws, etth bsrg< ?w* sUiry Md MWMM frame house sorroan led wilb fla ?hade ann frull tiees wiih Ihe reeesstry nw loiodl irs; haa Ane r ard-e and plei.tt of fruit, wster ittrodacxl loWi la la/ leu lxeaih n perweUt healtlf. A. J. BLKKCkP.lt A CO. No. 7 Broad strt apt HOOT a*D t-nop STORF foe saME-Forvrrli kept by I'avld II. PuWy, lately dereaaed It la an i.i esla'.iawl stand, with a large an ount of custtut r?k. Is parUenlars s: | ly at Ro 62 J aekscn street N. Y. fOCh i RY SEAT P0E SALE-MINE fEP.N MILRHFROM V by rallrosd. snd e.?mmttni. ati' o he,, j jn ,r.t 1 1 err tbe tei" and a ^darter of s tn from 'he , entre t* 'he '..lisji a. i v i;-,?rt> r seres of l*.i?, a m-sle .two alary er.'tage eairtoge ho *e. Nam. Ac.. togetlier wph ? iarae ea rlety t f frv'i sn * s jide tre. s. Term* easy. Price iftaO' Apply 1o J * HL. HIE. IS Nassau sire -t sroenlars onjai.e on the premises, Ultourt street '"ornar at lA'tt', Hrw siya, Agei.ia need afH i all. / ?HM Kr?\ SHIRK POR SALE-PI VE YK ' RS F'-tf ' E U-hed in ari'od oHgbbWho sl, wWb but Huie e . age'i Urn lie aal< ef hii-tlng fluid s'ona pays aspenees Foe I DK0O ItTORR FOR S ALE? BY A PnYMCt AR WHO Is se'lvely engaged In the prai Uee ?f k'a prafeasloa. a-vl no tiMe 'o cat nte la tbe dm g ouslaes*. This atoi a Is sit t tied nr"nagrra' hn*in??* ' horouahfarr , snd iuing tn ?kceOaat l tisit wa. Far putt u.ars address Eedicua, boi 1*7, llerul : '?lee RI O ATOBR FOR EAI.R-NOW IHHNU A OOOO hn- ne?s nm?t be sold on srerjen* of h? pieprJetn- leer part ie iWra si ply. ar addreas )??! D Ir g the ?i' ?. ?.? furtber |>artie itirs a i j> p*>d l \ MRS si fjlt Itowery, up stain DSl I, STORE FOR BALE?' WELL PITTED PP AMD doing a v o4 'ittsinesa fn afesi rate ri Ighiiorloeal, wte te hM ftr helew its ra'u", se fks owner la got 'g *.*'? si in a ft* da}r snd it must be eold. Address I) igg, t 'ler -H eg., e. filAK Y VToRi: TO HP SOLDCHEAP, rdR ' t tR " " ? 1m k ?*' 1 MM ?f an o.d astsbiisiietf fais y <trr good ??'are sits>d tn M .rue sveuii?, brreiklyu. F?>e aarR sti.ar* a M Tt e* O . . I n .1 *16 I"'* t ofl ee. ?t^OR SAI.P-?HE ttUOT WaltRIKT, V, *& * ro?< M. I mMH , M fret he* t, 5 f'-et d' p'.h of heel, w.,1 raoy Mi .ooii br k? ?.ilfo?ind ean be seen fcrni ot Tweiij seso s4 sir?*t is . hrlvar. Apply ta ,'OHR LLOnlP, No. It H?> Ma suiet F^ORI ALP-ONE r>F T"?WF. iTLENDID HTIH ST'tof blown ? e a from hi ises an the north side ' A , Mr'y sixth at , f ei a I'm ea?t ol fourth ait*?ae. ha all the nn pre, >?im"* soda! bt II* by dsy's eork, he'./i one jeir In en Id ng, *? d ,s now ahatit to be linlale 4 in Ih" nir*t ipprovert marnrr At, y of' .hi premises, or ta A. EENF?f?Y tf' Pa?r HMrty nt hstree* FOR ?aI,E-A MODERN TTIRF.E MVORY AVD ATTIC brt?|i h?io?e, sHnai>d s? No 1.1 Wsrren r Ucs, a s ,. > lot af l*nd *il.i?led m, th. eoener "f Fourth s* -OiSe an I I' ghty fourth s?r?el, *nd a lot of hnijaebold fuina irs A( pi. 'a R. hi * ?H|t 1.1 N tasaa Bank. BH>R SALE? 1 HE STOCK A^P FIXTDBES (WITH J: fiee jear?' |a*?e' ef a whf.laeal" and -etail II |i?or eto-e lolng ? large busttisaa. Will he eo'd wltf.<,i?i the s oek. u an 1?T'I Kstt'far 'ory resae is fir selling O'lt Apply on the pretrises || P\rk street, nea* Centra. F'or salf-ihf nfw?teim itw mm.v stti ated on l o ust PrSat XWlfl. Md Th- oilll |j ,h?w and ranafraalad nn Ih" twin misleen oUu, w th three I, dteia, " ,eh 44 Am long and twa engine* i -o'* to fhe etfi*r ?i ? sirf Brwer; one sang SSW and Sue elrfi'ar ?t?, logetber wish Ih* 'li |.ing snd eri.ssrtit -s?a rie ' oin ngls IMIIm lbe k't M Msmt I 4t?i?J)l foal, tn tle'S.ala, tRlJiTorM w eb wlS't'rg sod 'th ,srg" Si ' k for MBit 1 1 ". a ? ? idle P|,| rr* ft W> l.tnlir twoer thf e? vessel ?, aa t , ar' r ?i a lire* s?ip yard 114 wboM will b# anld law Ad trees IW.tr* T i'?g rsit", f b'*."i Su.r^t Mi,:, MVfH Pi'nf, JfMPmon FOR HALE. _ FOB SALE ? A STEAM engine, 100 pom POWER, In complete running onler. Apply to J. J. HARRIBON, Wo 70 J' Ike street Fob balk? fofr shares 0100 ra<th> stock ok the Knickerbocker lee Company. Price $2&0. Addreea M. W. D , boi 1,180 Poet ogee. OR SALK-CNEOF HERRING S LARGE PIZE FIRE _ proof salamander safe*. Furu^jluw, Cau be seen at 18 Cortlandt street. For hale? a i.arok property in tiie third ward, near the tloboken ferry, wall and substantially Improved, and suitable for heavy warehouse business. Fur particulars apply to HOMER MORGAN, No. 2 MelropoliUu Bai.k Building, l ine street. fOR 8AI K- CHEAP, A FARM IN ROCK 1. ARB COUN ty. three miles from Nyack, 3>4 miles from Piermont, oon tattling 51 acres, with a line apple orchard on It, for >8,500. For further particulars Inquire of Mr. CH AKI.KH MOTT, 122 Canal str? et, or of RICIiaBD MOTT, oorner of Forty seventh street ana Klgbtb avenue The stock and farming utenalla can be parchased with the farm if desired. FOR SALE-NEW IOUR BTORY BROWN STONE Knglish basement house, on the south side of Thlrty fuurth ?tr? et, ItAI feet west of Hroadway, very handsomely finished. also, rear lot running through to Thirty third street. Inquire of f. N. l.AWKKNi B, 8L i>eai* Hotel. FOR 8ALE-OR EXCHANGE FOR WESTERN LANDS, or fcood Blocks, the whole or State l ights of a patented ma chine of grest ntllitj, for which a prize was awarded at the American Institute. Address H. G. H., Herald office. IflOR SaI.E-AT FLUSHING, LONG ISLAND, A ROAP 1 and candle factory, eight mi es from the oily; ready de n'tsd for a.l made. '1 his Is a good chance to make money. In quire of UKORGE I'OPI.E, on the premises. POM PALE-TWO NEW, BLEU ANT BROWN 8TONH houses Nos 2!t and SI East Thirty first street, netir Marti sen ave no, three t lories, high stoop, basement under cellar, w.th msderm improvements; each 21 feet 5 inches by 50 feet; ots 98 feet U inches deep; tirst cla*a neighborhood. One half .--end jnd mortgage. Inquire at U Wall street, room 10. For bale-five acbeh of orocnd, in a good state of cultivation, at llicksvllle. tjueca'a county, L. I , live minutes' w alk from the railroad station, and twnnty six miies t'l i n) Brooklyn, with a small but substantial house, one and a half stor,' s high. Said ground I* fenced round good, trice MOO, one half in cash, and the rest In segare. If nerena ry. fall for two week*, at 1S4 West Seventeenth street, In toe tinseuitut, after 6 P. M. For bale? one lot, 25 by 100 feet, with two houses, situated iu the beet part of the Tenth ward, near new Canal ("anal street, which, if improved, will bring ayear 1; income ol $2,000. Addresa J. B. M., box 4,651 Post office. For sai.k-a very cheap country residence, at Pelhoia. Westchester county, on Prospect hill, o"e mile direct from Pelhamville depot, New Haveu Railroad. Nice house, carriage house, garden and grounds. E. U Kl.VSHIMKR, S19 Fourth avenue. F'OR PU.K-A KILL SI/.KD LOT, SITUATED ON Ninety lirst street between third and Fourth aveousH. it wiii he sold very cheap, as the owner wishes to use .he money. Apply to Col. II ART, Third avenue, near K.giity toiirth street, or address a note to A., Sun olllce. FOR SALE? WO BELOW cost, A HANDSOME, WEIL built two story and basemen' house, in the city of Hrook |v n; a great bargain to a ?a*h customer. For particulars In quire of WM. IaYLOR, 212 Broadway, corner FuUou street, room 21. FOR SALE? A FOUR STORY AND BASEMENT BROWN stone dwelling and store, situated on Nlii h avenue, near 1 wenty seventh street, west uid's; splendid parlors, all late iiri rovemeMS, vsuit front and rear. Apply at once to K'.dll & lltjbkK, Fourth avenue, corner of Twenty third street. FiOR S*LE-AT MELROSE, LOWER MORRIS AN f V small CO' t age house, with four lota of ground. The aboro proper. \ is situated on Waverley street, near the railroid de tot Apply on the premises, to Mr. HaSNKR, or to Mr. b ROWN, 13 Cheny street, In the store, N. Y. For sale ?3d or 40 modern original paint Ii gs, sketches and pencil Fdrawlngs are to be sold at a targaiu for eoeb or ei*hAPK*d tor easy remot able good*, by the artist himself, at KU studio, 5?i Franklin street, room No. 3. For hale? the three story brick houses and lotted Deiaticey street: lot 25 by 1V0 leet; front bouse 'J. t'V I J fi-.-t containing gas, bath, range, Ac., all in iirst rate otd>r. A l*o, the two K'nry and attiu house and lot 58 A len strict Inn'iire at ?>> DeUncey street. FOR SALE? a FARM. AT SCHAPEQL'A, WK'T ehest'r <?iunty. Jii miles from the cky, three quarters of 0 mile ?e, 1 of the railroad depot, and io.tr miles from slog sur. The iarm contain* sixty acrea- of good land, with fine or< hards, ami all kinds of frtut In abundance. On the fans t aere is a large dwelling house, carnage, outh his-m and I sins. For f i.rth?-r particular* inquire of J. VRKI?K.\ hl R'iB.inthe pieioises, or at 11 Doyers street, near the I owerj, N FOR HALE? TBK CHEAPEST HOUSE IN NEWYORK; ihr?e >lory an I D asemeni, pslnte.1 and pa.-icred, large ?r-l. v ,ik? l.sgtted. located la one of the most improving r,eigb*ioi ho>xis. inree minutes walk f-omfour stage ionte>. title perfect; only $1,000 ca^h. Apoly a' ill EaacJt -treet b< tore 12, or af.rr 12 o'clock, at 221 Grand street. FOB SALK? THE WORK OF four STORES: sold seoarate or together. Inquire of DaVID Marshall, til Broad w ay^ For sale-the st<jck and fixtvres ok the Junk store 23 A lbaay street, corner of West, mw doing a (ocd bus<n> ss. Tfce reason for selling is the death of the proprleto'. For sale? an old established book, sta t on' ry and news depot; one of the t;e?t stands in Hrook l)B; the newspapers alone pay the rent; will be siid cheap. i*n-jutre In star* .03 Kulton Mitel, Brooklyn. FOR SALE ?A N OLD ESTABLISHED DOOK. NEWS I aper aiai stationery fct'Te, t'.ow doing a good c?ah busi ue??. 1 egs^n for pel tog. the owner has other buaioeae to utte.el 10 aid Is obliged to withdraw, this U a rare chatMX; tsrms reasoiuhlo. Apply at 3?i Jiruome street, near Bowery. IilOR SAIK AT A BARGAIN. TIIK STOCK AND FIX 1 turrs of a hoot and shin* store, In Grand street, t lie eoiek t? ? tbut fi u- ni< ttths jtanilng I'or furtlier particulars apply peiM.nallj. or by l?Uer. at Grand street. Irv>R S.LX OR EXCHANGE TOR <TTY PROPER ty- A lies jtiful e,)t?sg,. bouse wrth 'tat-h'S cardon, Ac , at Meirose, Morrisania V, esu hester county. Print tpais only Deed apply. Inquire of G. A. TROTTER. 41 Howard at ft'. F'.R SAL* OR EXCHaNGK? LOTS IN THE FIFTH ward of the city of .Newark, on KUn and I'ennlntrtoti erreets on the grade, with streeta opened on the property. re?dy for building purposes. If improved, the purchase m 1 nej tr sy remain or will he eteiiang.-d fnr improved pro:?eety 1 be miprtvements i.rojeeted tend 10 eahaunr the value of thia property larrely. buildit|s would rent readily, aa the lin k ef ibe maau'ai ?'irlt g Interest la In this ward. Foreigners 'an br.ld real i t'ate In >ew Jersey. Price per lot. $'Jsi Apply to GEO E. TOWMVNR 62Chureh street. New %i>rk. FOR SALS OR EXCHANGE? FOR AN IHPROVkD f. rm, village or Hiy properly, in Illinois or Wleeonsm. at or near a railroad depot, an J In a heal'hy location a art class modern bui't three story aud has. m< nt bra-k house in hr<x klyn, complete, wiih furnace, r.ingc, gas. ba'h, Ac., wi<h In 5 to 10 niu.utes walk of Wall or twutb lurries. Address ltuntooi . box M Herald office. EMtR SaLK, OR F.XCHANGK FOR YJR11MA LANTW r on or near tfce Potomac river a Srat alsaa fcoaaa, wiillu' rated in the city of Hrooklya, and tf nc e>**ry cash lo iM uon A tip') at 115 and 117 Naaaau stroot, room No. S, nrst toor. rtai halL h'OR SA1.B AND TO TRADK-TWO HIGH 8Tt>?P ho ises, wlih all ihe modern Itiinro* ements, also Bullish basement houses lloisessnd MBPiPMle and 'ohrt. Ajqily toe W.i itu.NK, 152 West Thiity silt a street, !?? citu He veuth su l > Ighth av< ntiea. poR Ha I K OR TO LST-A FIRST C',. A*S ?IOf.'SK. r brown str.ne fronta. built la the very be# manner Usrougti out tu kasi lUtny fourth "tree bear Lexineb -i avenue. Also, afondhrwli house, ir. Fas! 1 airt / thl'd s rect, W1J1 all t d win be soil I cen rocf Apply at Ksst llu'ty-Uird s'rtel, w*r L?x ?he l ew tapro* eneuta :.i J will be stJn low e,ontaln? e.^hi en rooir.s. A ugto* avenue. rjSt>**A!V OR TO LET THE 1KW Ult r CI.A-.' P tir- ?? 1 o ne hi'.-' Vo t Ruth^r ifd psrk n nt.ng "Huy vaaMtpaik t nisted with sii t|.e modern Impr i>eineut?. Ap tdy to. I. Ills tl, 154 Fast Twer'y t'ltr 1 strwe'. war i'hhst sislii#. frosn T <0 9 A M , or ? <0 9 P. M. L'?R SALE OR TO J.BT. AT VONKFRR? ? FAITORT r wttb Ws'er power an boHdings ?uiBcient tor a largs buru.oa, w'th wo a. ret it ground. If requirod. Apply is .', T. WaRINO. rn the pren.lsea. F'ilR MIE, TOUtT. ?IR i \| H \t'IR 'Oil \ I n It hoi.ee tn >'* York c?y. a miry seat at Ne? Korheii", o>er four s?res uader *0>?I HMtll 1, v. -'h frn t. ror a water, Ae. ; s'sos good <iwe reg Tbt owner v III ex rUar *e far any n WBfcer If years W iih til) rs.r>'i;i !w IM n.oiieni bdlt house In jure of Mr. A. m llt'RKMAN, Ail Mtoedwsy, iwnertf Kesde streev F'Ohf-YTB Si REFT.? FOR HAUL A LOT IS FOR*YTH street, n?ar < anal stre?t. ?xilsi *i>plj to IIDNIk MOR'?AN I'llie street. Ro. 3 Met?r>f?o|i au Bank Building. Hat, cap and fur store for saik- any hi* sine** m~n ceeirousnf euga. sg in a Irrtetceai of a sob staatiai character, now in au<ce?<iul opers' m. r.?qu r ng a u ederaie eapha', san purctuoe ibe 1 a id fin ir -s. k> ge.her w lib fmr year*' lease of pretr , <?. at lit Butiry. Houses on mfrray hiix. near fifth atentr ?Just nntshod. and foe sslo. ft -si. 43 ani" M W?wt 1 hirty nx'h stree', betweeg ? flh ar.i Hmii avekue* irvi are Drst rta>s beuses, w Ith hrown s'<Hie fronts, slid I 'lUt te <he lery best n,snaer thm'i'.bout W ill be SiiM el a reawnsht, ertoe and On a> e<i?moitaUeg terms A parson Is on ii- pre o.i.es te show 'Aam, at aay tine, and tu inform sew price, terms, Ae. HnPKR ran DaUUA FfR"T n.tM FOUR STORY sml bssewien" lKoi?e, It vleiaity of Ma<t>e?a '.|uar" Ap f' y to the e? m r, >o ; Per hants Ksdwtgw, t\ ,1 street. HOVRKR FOB R*LE on TO LRB^TWO FIRRT tixir ? i.rj hoaem <?i dnoses. 5ns 2tt and Ui It' -et lair.) hi'h street near F.'sh'b aventie They hvre all Ml* O or'ern iiaprei esirnt?, wnh gas H'tires eud enandeti p. I.o aai! ?e"l e .ler throughmt, water ckie 's, ba*b r- o?n. MM s(.?sking ttih< s stst aarv. marble man?,< in parlnra <? 1'h IM ten and lis Ian nurhle Mantel* 'n the ,,th?r ro?wns. lue L-? ?s are brown st?me to t!?a sec i?.l flo ir, With Urge hay v ied' ws in Iretil and eonUin thirteen ro-ims ale nlrte-a ai metes, si1 In good ??onAtilon. read J f or im-n -dmie r s-upsiyv. It or t soiit 'hs^ ? II he r "led at M pOr ann-irtl loqulre next ileor 'o tbo premi-es, H5 Wesi fhlr'y Wik stre- 1 Mors* AND FOt'R A''RRS OF l.\1D FOB SaLE 1? ti.reelose a mortgage an 'he id *f < i-'oi,?r, ,t FraOhnAI. N J 1 b? hen?# i? b utt of hti'-it but no- q*M? Lnlehni In 'de. 1 he sl nii 'in is near Port Was iogtoo, on th'thhrew hmy ruer eemmandl' g a line view of the tflglna els sti ! lh? ru* sn. sod Is agrees Ifcla by he ithrewsaary ?x ? ?. wui u leeve flew Terh d ?lly. _____ Hocke fo?;r Af pbs ft! r. ?*r? for sale lo fi ri I >se s m r'gai;- on the 2 I 01 Oetobor. a llei lie ek?e,r VtMlbanlt, N. J lie Mil"" 10 built o be ? ? ? i|i %>\ quf? ari'hed ii.side, 1 he sKitailoti l? near I' "' ffwi iif nti 00 ih?- - brew -hui y 1 irer cenn'rao'ling 1 mi n a of the n ,Kh Istd* snd 'be i?e?n in ' la s--(?ei bMl by tb" rbrea sbujy heats which teave jsew Tork daRy. IRON f".FR FOR KALB-OOOD fl/F, MM|| koh 1 sny bosinees, nearly new. Inquire *< Jd,i W-s? Hi rtj 'enrth street sad fls' 'i*e< of ?n ojs'er , ,?< e 1 and B- pi s'ore sm lied ?. J* three b'nrka fioti the t rry , will be ?. d cheap. If 1 up la ?i?dtste|y. Apply to DAVID r 1 OT, 7? Moo gome, v aireei Jerreyefty. Mii.r rtttrr ?toh>: for ?aii?- poing a good k istnesa, Ir a lirst rste n<?*liberh<>sd; will be mfi t heap Far turth?r p >rtl- ilee* io>| nr* 01. t!ia pi emls -s, yvi Rigbib stenae. Machine* for ftAi.r.-oip dan'r:.^ sirep sn'r; a so tee # *ing iwaehme, one tetoeil-i mssbire, sad one sr ell PAW Jebte, ? hb sow, *a> e oa'eot liKi'i' e of C. o Mln ?i -. i.i>, N aaa 1 atreet, or oe 'hevr* mtaes X* Wf?? THrtr f. jrfb rrt .L FOR HALE. NIHTH rrKEET.-VlRHT CLASfl norsB, newly p& tiled. Possession given immtdUl^y. by HA BlCHT A i'ARJSli,80B?iver street. PI\K LA.YD8 FOB 8AI.E OS EXCHANGE^ a .000 Ui 10 HiKl acres of first oku yellow pme It Ioo-?t< <1 upon 'be wa'.era of a Southern Bute, And p? valuable for tin- tui'pcuuue, ? 111 bo sold or sxchangi slrable property here, or good work*. A portion .. exchanged for American U'uuio Co.'* (lock. KK>." SHEHMaN, No G Wall HtreeU PORTERHOUSE FOB BAI.E.-TO BR SOLD count of i he. owner going Sooth, the Hood will, fix urea of a porterhouse. For full particu.*rs m<tuh| pr? mites, Mo Bowery . STIAMBOAT FOR 8AI,R-ItOW DOINO A Fll slnees, towlDg in the haj-linr; will be Mdd oil rei terms. to close a concern Inquire of BERRY* SI OBMB. Island City Foundry, 3a and 37 Desbrusso* | SPIENPID OHaBCES FOR BCSIBTKS8 ME5 half interest in a Broadway restaurant; uiw) an C siness, yielding fOO per week. Only taou ruth reqoiH ply at ib9 Broadway, room 14. CKOMWEbl. A OQ.| SLOOP TIME8 FOR SALE VERY ("HEAP, tons bunhrn, I* well adapted for the oyster I Will he sold where she now ilea, foot of 1 hirty oint| North river, or Saturday. 27th, at 12 o'clock at nc sooner disposed of For suy iuformaiion, app'y to Soap Company( w ^ WILLIAM MARTIN, foot i i.tnth street. TO CIVIL ENGINEERS-FOB SALE.- A. V E.Vi* and surveyor, about going to Europe, would dispel Instruments, comprising a iirst rate five inch tlieoloM inch dumpy level, v\uh Bopwl'h's improved staff, T drawing Instruments, rhain, Ac . all by the beat I lakers. Address A. X., bsx 176 lleiaM ?Bce. for t VALUABLE COTTON MILL FOR SALE, TO ClJ estate. -The Harmony Mill, at Patereon, N. J., I ?ureesfcful operation, and having a largo run t>f tfl buildings anil machinery all in go ld order. For luruifl Ballon, Inquire sf P. J. BKRTINE, Administrator, way. from 11 to IX Terms easy. ' ~ IKSTRICTIOS. Ain KiMtH PMNMANSHIP? VR DO< ?3P.IU . 6o9 Broadway, trains all stillness and tr>'iuil of evei v hand, and guarantee* to give an opxu, flMr hand to any lady or Keutleman, or return ihe mur-ey. private. <J?OfV -BOOKKEEPINO.-DOLBEAR'S r'OMMf ?IpaiU. Academy, WD H roadway ? Bunnies men aiJ gers can receive priiate Instruction from .m accoil praotical bookkeeper, and learn, In a few practical keep books by double entry. AS IIUDlin OOVKXHB88.? A YOCSO LADYl ly nnHftlt lo teach English hrancliea, With iu9trf and VMM music would be happy to meet with .w famill the above wculd be required. The comforts of a houfl only emolument sic would demand. The best referent* None out of Hie city need answer. Address C. iquare Post office. A FRENCH GOVERNED. WHO HAS ."OR RE| yi sis giveu Instructions In Europe, and undersT kinds of needlework, wants a situation, in a fatnu boarding school Address K7 Walker street, ij> stairs] ACARD.-THE SUBSCRIBER GUARA.VTKBS ? old and yourg? in ten private lessons, a :ree a tlfnl handwriting. i lasses In writing, bookkeeping! usual. OLIVE* B. GOLDSMITH, W Br " An expekienckd OttXAl TIMBM wisf obtain a few pupils, for private fnstruc'.on, at i d? nee*, in German, English or He Drew. Address raid oflice, for three davs. BROOKLYN -MRS A. LANNAY's DAM^INOI will be re opened October H, at Moniague 11a Court street. I.e^oin on Wcdnei days and caturlaj mi neirg at o'clock Matn.ee duMBtes a f heietot'a I'oimation as lo terms ant regulatlous cau be had turn to Mrs. Lannuy, at Wliloughby street. BOOKKFEPIVO, WRITING AXD THE OTH] sent a!s to success In mercantile life, are taiigat | '1KB A lilXONlnati expeditious and superior n the entire exclusion of he modern six and twelve le lautry. Rooms. 346 Broad way, Applctou's l>m ding. Dr. f. BFRTiirr BBsnCTrrLLY ivroRl li lends and the public that he has opened a bosrfl day sehooloAt 43 Weal T wenty Srst street, lor vmnf nit-n. where all the branches of a thorough elastic xl r uirreiai education will be taught. French 's the 1 the school. Tfci re Is a gymnasium. Daily govkbsk?s -a lady, o^ m? | ri< ncs in teaching, wishes ?<? mal.e an > ug*g<-a one or tK o families i..or.-; ?he teaehei !hori>'.ii;hly French and music. Addr^u Muslco, Union ri'iars T Fmartikklli-trachfr ov the P tench, (uruian and ^panlth lar.guagfs, flriends Uiat he I as retmn?d from Europe, and will i ?:h e instruction In the ato>e laujjuaget Those <1 nithcr Interna .ion will p .i?o w rite or call fnni j>?| M , at No. 22 Kael Fourteenth s'reet. FKFNCH I. tNCil AGK TAI'GHT BY MADAH RKL, from Pails Claas (V young ladies m noon. a? uvial Terms ?<'? per h i.irter, private iesaot* No. i:i3 East Twentieth street. riOVEBNEHH WANIBD? IMMBDTATELY, lJ first class Southern institute Apply at the Cs and llriiifh 5oi ih itni. r.< an MiWKd Ageil 'jr, .,10 1 t i.inlllfK Miptdied with teacher*, and Inform ttlen ? tivc to schools. Teachers regtatered forsii'tataji.*. Ha I r i.t| Htdkoh Rtvr.R iNHTrrrrB at ci hitnbla county, N I .. thite miles ? ast t-om l^oard. wath'.ng, fuel and tuition in eonsoon m per year for ari-uiars, ?Wr?>? 0. 11. Garten, The Fsll term op"?s on the 10th inst. MADAVRBKBniRBf) FRKN Tf. vx,;i,:4l a| niah toerdinc and day sebool for young la>f - sot svenne, ner.r 1 hirty ?? cont street ?u! re t* u nevday. Cepieuber W. Circulars at the inatltiHMSi. attached. \ R& MJUKfr FP.KMCTH AWt? BKoHsB ?OaBPIMG aNI> P*Y s ?III ol for yi'iiag ladles. Su and A3 Went Fifteenth ?t r.rtli R. . ni- re . I . its ..II 1 horsilay, H. pteisiiWI ? Mr*. M. having Just enlarged her eatsbiishmeij ac'iinsitlox of a portuic of the adjoining houen. Vo V bl-d Is aeeomnmlaie etght boarding pup lis id MbllM Cirmer limited aanJMr. Mrs. M wtfl bs at home, to reeetre parents an.1 1 who may wish to eoufer with her. on ssid aft.-r S, ] MURRAY Illl.L YOUNG L VTHRS FAMILY sendueted by Rer Mr and Mr* Qt>WAi(f)i ters, commenced on the Ibth lust Cirv ilara end fuifl tirnmav hi MM at ihe home >, K?- ; * . New Yoik Till Ml^KH O HKIK.NH B()\RUl>iG rcheol f-<r TOWng ..idle.. No I2S \V?s. f wed street, between Hxth and ^evcnth a?"n * s, a U i Hoc. day, Sept. R. WRITING -A YOUNG LADY WISHING T !es?<ms In wilting. prelVs coin- vn % wdii inylsdy keening aaeh can bear Of a p'lrtiby M. W . Breadway Post office. RKGAR8. S KG ARK - tMPtiRr 4 NT To RFT tlLn.-.-t supply regu^r eustumer* with ?egar?, ol er -rr ? lew a- tbev eas t>? t wiub' e,sewhere, and Wi 1 s?). theap per bex a* per ibi n-awl. WILLI A MM A IIFAD, J8JB n. dwal CROARS.-IG VFRaI. IHVOirRH aKK BKIMll i~ Out. at a saertfice. A Iso HU.itlU eases superior t s?h advai.1 e? Ii.aile on s< gars, In or out 0! bo-id.H man. acquainted wlih segar buyers wsnb-'l. 6. CUKKhd. 17 Br FMIWITI KK. KNAmn.l.Kfl roTTAGB FCR.VITURE-ld a. 11 n.aile enlls for tJ6, richly !? orated s.uuj Jitfees a ith miirt ,e >nps. and ? irranied in ev?;y j st 'he manunriifi CM Itr a.l> av, be|<)? Bi- e I U?ud> carelulty pat ked to gn out ol uie city. ?L^t RNITl RF. FOB PALB.? ABOUT K1NKT1 r handsone i%pi?irr iliunaela carpet, r is arfci5 i?t, rnif ri enaiea dining table, an t a f??* vt ssritv tie miei.t?m e' lai'.?ekeep?i ' ??. { price for csah. Apply st 301 Pulton eeeood Ceor IMTERKflTtNa TO IIOUHBKBRPBB8. B? moral ?( the YBA K KTTLF. To le IUM Broadway sear *1- r.g s-.r HTbi'HEN WI I.I.I aM 4V|iU H a* ren l'.red hie sk>- t sC BensekeM e?a farnlshing gmda, 1 able cnt'ery. KivrhMH|H Prom ITe ;* Ma! |Ml IMM *0. Vt4 1. <?? la WSere he Will havs tn< re??? I fac Mlea f.,r One !>?w t#o?in*. And which will he offer?<l s- ss low ra ? As at the rfm stand. Shipping PnppJed wi'h ?alley and f abl* hardware. '"wtiery, Ae. My whnlssals departniei .1 t> r rr ntich m-M e fall an I oompMe tiMa bet sn.riiKN wm iMtjlf| Wftt nt Ihe Golden Te* Kettle, No 5*4 Broadway. Beir tbefH. Na fcolas end Metropolitan Rn A IIIl. I, I A RDM. KPI.r.iaDID vn m m ir OP TAltJ ^ . rrnlj I'lriri l? slate or Wood beda, With ? der 1 Vn pi on t>' nta, aed sew style of cushion, a;*n| at tlie e ?t stand. 90 Ann street. 1,. DM Ptrmarly Orlffl'b A| AspMmnrn apf ^btmfnt or BtrxlBBl for sale, w'th marl le s ate wiwln hi crt.1' hs Is, oiee eue ? at, I'ailiera, e?>?.kr*r th*'t e?i ibllat.n '-m i? tb? fnlud ituti hi. Thr?? ae blesehesp ^ir esdi i.fct ?N A RI> A BBBJAMI*. 3V B 4 RA-fF'iItp-Jt, ue FTLTO.V STBRFT M miig rul ber Sn 1 air rtishlin.'d Mllia I tabu at.d iparble In d<. d?f/ snfMtlOlfc Ar! s,e?i. and en hand. 1 n ties sue leatbsrs. pocke.4 trn ler sale. UPOWTI V(l. Alarke Mirz-H c?iw ron a%LC*t.<?i 1 1 it il'KR S -tallies, 101 '"bsr'e. .tr ?? A, PORULM *A?l*l*tC*\r I t. \ K A JP .Vew fettndlsnd d->r 'h*ee i ?at nVt wefrbs ? beii fa'tlv kir< I* Iba. Will |e. ew in r Is going sway . Mt p'y it 1 11 tt u . y pi tfOR SAl.R fftlft IE AP-t SI'LBXOID B: bW, M?o years oi l In Ml 1 i?rtr and enr. seen st be sot'hwee* ^itn ir of Firth a* i.ue ao-l | stieel Is tbe tar room Km> house njuim ounm i \nt.d 1 a' I I le Hi'*i ' Li ? 1 >-w Yi.rk. | ? M. f K Mi'R'.Af Pr rleanie and ttrt Hsltlc 1 7ut . , .V?? York, Wt Tbur?ilay. the IMh in* , et I P M jPMs KntmBKK on a. i??i?tn numtitimi on. ?4 W worth Of (Aw oQ glr? as amh l.ght so M >?. Xtsear^p Ltrsa?i/ni>? r* 1, se? ?e, tup <tes siMmoMoo oflM mtt lisrioi Oiu eisisssly Mr 1 JP fpftm* ?f tf>e ?*>?I e ePa fur sol*. AtM KB", Agana ef gerea? S OB <\