12 Ekim 1856 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 2

12 Ekim 1856 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 2
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the STMttlt ft PENNSYLVANIA, Acuriif of (i? Politician* Tlriffcut the Stale. TUESOAY, THE SETTLJNG DAY, A*. Ac.. Ac. Ow WUlluupwt i Wrlujukwt. Out. 4, I860. 9m S. Ufttmt Elements tn fmniylvama Politic*?yorihum Urkni, Lycoming and Union Ccmntui?A Ptnmyiot mm Bqffcrsr wt Aanast?Democratic Change of Front, afc. to be developement of bo thought during this ???p?if" kM ths Bduld, notwithstanding Its ?"??>*-? ?kill m tlM ?in| imrinl of ths curw, exhibited grsslsr itftcUj mtm m tike pourtrayal of Um influence the religious eie Meat of the country will exert upon the I*reeideatial etec Hen. Long before othere saw or expected the active agsnsy of this tnCoence, the Hhuid deserted It from s*r, and by its-articles on the aubject, baa contributed to gtwm the movement directness, strength and a marked aaeMentum. No acute observer can Call to eee the preva lence, among the moral and religious portions of society, eta haling of duly which voters have rarely If ever bad ? sfglihin upon their consciences on a similar occasion. With the causes which produced this developsment I have ?atlitnc to do; but of its existence in Pennsylvania the pah Be elsewhere need not, and ahould not, be kept in fenoraace. Heretofore, when political Issues related to the tar*, Uaa public lands, the currency and nob as these, voters were decided solely by the convictions of Jadgmeat. The questions appealed solely to the reason, and by It they were decided. Now, however, moral con ?-derations press upon the pending question, and a Chris Nan cannot vote tor the t>_ tension of slavery nto Kansas by foroe of arms without inquiring whether, is conniving at or assisting in euoh a werk he is not recreant to his race, his age, his country and his God. He recognizes in slavery aa institution whioh is provocative of the grossest and most inexcusable immoralities: which leasts to con stant indulgence in criminalities, which pro luces the debasement of the owned, and the corruption of the owning classes: which Is, oherently and necessarily, degrading to the white laborer, whom it places is competl Woa with degraded and crosheU in spirit slaves and whose extension over boundless Territories, cannot be promotive of say great moral good. By ac (porting Euchaoaa, en Serving the Pierce policy and enslaving Kansas, tley would reproduce in a new oountry the evils inflicted upon an old?a wor in which tnev cannot scgage without a consciousness ot toe .noonsustency of the act w:th those moral principles which are the basis o( God's truth, and whleh dare not be disregarded by any society, people, or government. Hence, thus continued support ot their ptrty is snposs ble and hundreds have detem.neU to lend a hand ko freedom, to morality and to materia! prosperity, by sustaining the anti extensicn candidate. This class or saea are sot brawlers. They doa't staad upon tee street corners announcing their determination. They are sober, quiet, reputable citizens, who lead a p-sareabre We, ard who will, without parade, ma e them?e:??s faM on elecdon day. This class so swelled the republican ma verity in Maine. It will swell the republican majority in Pennsylvania. Not at the first election will tbic be so palpable: but in the se:ond. wten ine issue is distinctly presented, its loll lores will be felt, an<! crushlngly, upon the. democrats. If therefore, Fremont's maior. y .n th.< Mate aao?ld be astonishingly large, let sot this grea element is the oonllict be overlooked. Since 1 last wrote you I bave been in Northumberland and 1 yoomiag counties. I have chosec this part ot the Slate tor a tour, becai .m its onditioo is little . oown else where, and because In it the democratic parly has bat aissost aninterrupte d ascendency. Tnat party now has possesion of all the county and federal offices. It is reaping, as it has lor years t>een reaping, the fruits of a compact, well drilled and generally ooedient ma^or ;y or the voters. It has grown intoxira ?d with success, not dreaming tnat any rev er*e or foncce would dethrone them from their piaccM. Bat it hi< countei ntbout its ho t; tor aiieady its ranis grow thin and dispirited and ap prthenaive la Northumberland tbe democratic trujor.ij laat tall wu WTS In I ycoming, 232. Id the former ibe op pMKKn ?rt uulted upon a county tic-.ei u weil aa the union ~ute t::ket. There la conmderao.e diaaatiaUclion wiut tie democrat* jum.lat^ tor Con greaa, who hw been aaptr*ng tor It until it wm necaeaary to place him to the field aa a cuMli.lat? Two independent candidate* for AaaoclAls fudge?one a democrat and one a whig?are in tne field ax i:o?t the re gnlar nominee* An independent candidate for the L? ftilatnre?a laaaocrat- haa been announced in oppoat uoa to the rrpalariy cvuea representative of the party aad there .* every indication ol an animated and atogular cod teat Of the two candidal for C ngreia. Camirvell and lie wart, the latter ta repudiated by dem >srat? an 1 the former, though us American, will be n:au'9e< many derccrata who :?o dutinguab between ihtslli fence ind '^noranoe, fltneu Mil '.'""'reff. Tns diai.-ict and '.a larftly jratftf, hot the number 4l Independent democrat* ia thought to he avflcirnt to werk the tleleat ef their pa-ty'a candidate, last year NorthuatberIan j rait about jboo vol*#, and gave Ike deaiocraalc CaaaJ Cotn-niwuoner ITI m*?<ruy Thla year, wttb a largew vote polled, the miiorny will be reduced a', "ant one Half on the -t?v I oket, and more loan that on the Presidential. if thnre *houid be a fusion electoral loket prepared. 1a ibe c. uctv tbere are a few hundred K'.llmore men, nut the number li not iacr<w?ug Two or three of the are to hitter again it r.-emmi aa to prefer Kuchaaan to him, but they cannot contr ' the people, who know fro-n eipertenc* wnat lu-- >focj.?ra ta aad will not. directly or inuireeny. contribute to lb] per petaalon of their murule In ibe State or nation Tvy w.lj ad itpra'ew alike of soj'.Uern d, itat jo anl North m :laaicr In LytiCMBg two county Uketa hare been nominated The county ta arouied?a full vote will oe ca? Oar trtenda are in good )<Hriu, and are wjrk.ng fa't*?fu:iy The deir.w-rau are not cjaudent. but are a-tTva, uniirj p-.ioaa and pervever.rg ibe inton men aa-.xtipate fie election of their caLdl'.ate for 1 ocrreoa, Genera, A m H Irwin, of ll " n co.r.ty The diesric' li tomp n ? 1 o' I ycom-cg, Clinton, Centre and Mi:, a, formerly a itmuK lj re?ocnu ditUict, but now uKTe likely to go ague* man tor that party Ailiaon White, a lawyer, of Lxk Haven. ("lnton county, i> ther cnli-ute. ?: ha< b?s beaten twice In the d.Uriel but U Again la que^t of the aSce Be ta a g< oiUn.au o( ordinary capac.ty, but lu.e pereoaaJ popular ty. treneral Irwin > erred ttoairably m the Mexieao war. (till oarriea ta bit b?!y Mexican Iei1 > frank and afiable in ale aanaera. ia a food ip>a?rr. i gertlemanly and amiable, anl make* inn.I* whereror he goea Ibe legulatlrc lutrtc.i.nooamt ug of I.ycoming. tliaton ar.d Totter, ta *>?o rnnaidored aafo?ala > lorm?rly e%r<.og'y d?m<'-ratlc. ITie only county in theae di4tr?ct< which looked unproml*lag for I remoui wa< (.'itnton. in which a bttt^r, maligna it fillmore paper ?ra? puoflao^d rhe ednir waa oae ol tbe moat ill.ber?i of tjla claen and da iy did bam U< tbe good r.aua*. Me did not .a~?it ear are thy for tbe in ion flMatfck-et, and geoeral.y tailed in but duty to the party f underatand that be haa been bought cut. and that the paper wtn botat tbe nanaw ot b r-rr.oot and :??t >o l/Kk Haven ta an ;m(<nrtaat py.til ib Nerth^m f'ennaylvania. an t a wel; <-ond'i^led ortli > d?? parer utft b t bave a Marked nflen 'ipjo that sac un at the eouaty. Tbe r>-asneiai* ard K !lmore raer had a vaion or.ntr Be*; eg yeererday It wae "got ep' at a week'* nottee. and without >pectal et!jrt yet tbe diapiay wa< highly gratifying Tuere waa a very long peo>e??toa of p*rn*,r on bortebar.e. ia buggtaa. ta oarriag?(, to wag cue and on Mfc 4 nomber of atrtfe iag kannerti were aarr ed?one repreaenttng Kirw< rlave, at.other Kattae free; oae reprareaung Ftuehaaan ett'iariag bi wen wth tbe platiorm, aevnrai devoted to ? Holly Brook*,-' kn. Jamea Arm<trooc, F.w .a lawyer, ?TUta place preetded, aad made a apee< n. He waa 'ol iowe4 by tiea. Irwin la a capital etfort rha Meeting wa< harger. bandromer Mote impoaing and more cltewrtog than that of the deoorrata tbe week before, a'thongn U? y tad been drum to'eg op fr.r it for ae/eral Weeaa. Hntee of our penile were to tratifiel wiih tbe tor?ot? aad with the eicrlleal feallng i.iplayad, that they began to talk extravagantly abmit rn? "r'tlee It la certain thf tbe de?r,<iti-tral'on ro.?i?d and delighted the opp'iaeata o< the black deMocracy, aad nerved Utetr heart* V< gr>*at:' eflert lmate<t alely emitb of I.ynnmlag, aad on the weal bank al the weat branch ot tile *u*quehaana. Ilea I'nitn -ountf, w?o*e oounty eeal ta tbe thriving town of lyawlatrnrg Hera all a well. It ta a ?irong countaa! wilt do haUar laan laat year. It ta, like a'l the other cojotlea of our Mate, over'Mi with Hontbam oraloe* and Northern do i/r. Ikrra. but their atnriea mawe l.ule iMpreaaion upon tno people They reaor' to cenaia mean* an i natt-mmi* w atreagthea their oauae, aucb aathu the Vow.n i? aoee to he ewaolved If fr- mom he eler.tad, aad that Maryian I aad Virginia wKi thea he lor? gn f^atee, ehwl wm t*? all prot'iel* paM'ig through tbe?n: and ibat. ia atdi uoa. > reme?fa eleci.on wll be M.owed by tne eut.ui paitou of the aegTr>e* ia tbe *>uth. who will tb<a he divi ded among the cmint>a* m tbe Northora ?Hatea a peopir Uan to the popnMUon None but the mul ignorant be lieve theaa rb-vtee hot their r.TAtiUi?>n by d i-hai in ei?nip? ra *bowa bo? baee they are. aad h?? law ar? .oe weapot * a lib whirn they rao cuMbat rrawottf peia tptdk. I tat thit morning a letter from a nat ve af tfiu ooaly, now raetdeat In Kanaaa He la frm oae^tb Meat an I >ra>e<t dentoeratw famtHea ot L ain co ia'/. ad went to Kaneaa lo live aud carve ont for blin?"lf a lo-tnae He te ia humMelife and la. though aeM?tru*ively, fr*a >tate man. He wrote h >me to hie grandfather an rrouat of the condlt, u of thing* ia that Territory aad detailed hut arreet and thai of several oihera by the 4U onri maraode *. They ?v<t p(d the *t?8.', robned hi? ol about ?TOO worth of property, put a ripe amnnd hla n*i? ?o hang h'M, bnt wore previ'hlwi doing ao by the arrl val of aome fUend* thsy were marched far ??varai day* from lawrewce In the Mr a Wtoa of , - oupfm, ftn4?r a guard, ard were only released by tne c >m nt up < I a party of free -tata men. who reamed them i|. n ?d given them no na-ire for ihl treatment, and w?a ia t?e re/nHr ?areatt of ht? hoalneaa when ha wan aataac ff>? p nerty wae not returned to him. He ha? a yon-ig wife, who M ternied at the t?artnl lawlenaneaa nravtilittf 0 n, Tarrttory, and who deairee ntm to leave the i onotry. He tmj? f e would not go, if unmarried, b it w nild " *?? tt ?S," hat, under the cirtumrtancea. he doe- no* feel , ? tmed ta remaining He wrilo* to h a frten l* for ?.itni money that be may leava?the h.rder rutl' tn* having Ml htei pennileee He bag* hi* friead* to vote for I re ?tnat aad : reedont, ae the only hipe that Ittfjuity will not rotiUaaa to tHnmph IB, and devaaMti that heBut.rtl eonatry Thia lettar will make one hundred votaa fir Krenoat ta I nion oouaty Tbe paople know tbe nff-ree. aad ma rety aa bi* xlatemente All hi* friend* are dorav mate, hat they will not support the Bichaann Perce jr Taera le a PachanMi meeting ib trmrnhnrf t"e-? eotwily to day In the bllt* W I Witte, K V H. Wright, W H Millar aad oihera are annoon- ?d. At tha eliea at the ycatar llay oali upon ' dcmocrata, wh'gn tod re. pubucaaa to tin lot aad Mn lk< M M it ie tbe democratic party thai a laksnng Mr Mm la Kaaaas, tk? MMrUM of apposition oralara to Ik* oannrjr aot wftkstaadiag ' ftke democratic paper* la thla taction arc "!?"{ the aame track, fading the atbar load too heavy to carry. Bat they caanot long deceive tbe people, and tbelr doom la fixed. In November it wtil bo proclaimed. Our Tuatqaa CamtpaateM, Tanayvi, Pa., Oct. t, MM. Somdhing -iboul Jhmaqua' and i>?Myleaufcm Maud Aihu m Central?About HtnucHet ami who they go for?How the <Juiet and Moral Clmuu art Wukimg up to AtHom. Tamaqua is a great place. It is the oeatre of a largo ?tning district, and la a pretty cooaldarably well bollt town. Until quit* reoently tha people of Ttewaqua and neighborhood were, with hardly aa excepCea thorough going democrats. Recent eventa hare awakened them up. Tbey hare examined aad reflected, aad a great ma jority have come to the ooocluaioa that political juatlce, truth and virtue do net reaide la an empty name and noisy boaatlng about geaeralitiee, constitution, Union, tic , Ac., but that it reaidee in action, and that it la aa lnauit to the undemanding to auppoae that a party which goes lor one section of the Union moat eapeciaUy?which gtvee ap everything to that aeetion?which murdera inno cent cltizena, and taken from them the freedom of voting and ? peak tag aad Meeting together, to ploaae that one aec lion?can be either a democratic party (in the true eense of the word) or a national party, oaring for the intereet or the people. Th%y have thereoro repudiated apostt'e democracy and come out for 1 remont They are bow building a large Fremont bail here in Tama<iua, lor H.b purpofe of Fremont meetioga. The town is ouilt up eu tlraly by mnon and baa a solid, sterling appearand, tbe bouses being built moatly of stone or brick. Indeed, all these inland Pennsy ivun.an towns have an air of solid ltv, buatneaa doing and well being. The people are wel! off. aa may be judged from the fact that these miners, wbose faces begrimed w.ti coal dual, aud ttie rudeness o" whose rough attire would suggest a diileront eon clnaion. earn regularly, from year's end to year's end, from $19 to f it) and $26 a week, Such a lot of mi ney. spread among so many people, acta like a magnet upon the good things of this life, and cauaes the milk and honey to overflow and abound. It 18 a land really ilowing with milk and honey. Aa I observed befort,all the Inland towns of Pennsylvania present tbe same appearance of solid proaperity and well being. Unlike large oitiee, auch aa New York and Philadelphia, there are no depota In these towns ol' tguaiid poverty aad cringing pauperism, b'd in cellars aid dirty streets and alleys. There ere some loafer*, however, and rowdies, in each of these towns, men who spend their time in tavern , drinking, betting and ulaing polltica; and strange to say, these men are almost all Buchanan men. It would seem as if professional rowdies were supported by aad kept in the puy of tbe apostste democracy, who have In their hands the d.atribuiion of tbe Treaaury pap. Rome waa ruined when the ^yliae and Outre bought and fed therowdiea; and American liberty will be ruined. American proaperity will be made tbe prey ot'tbe violent If a corrupt party, gorged with the national wealth and drunk ? th power, is autfered to goon in tbe course 1 pursues. It is high tiir.e that tbe quiet, retired, sober minted classes of tbe people, men who live at borne. whose shooM are not neard in the streets, nor their vo ces in load alter nation in the taverns, should arouse in tbelr moral migbt and oppoae a barrier to the w de epre id torrent of cor ruption. Pennsylvania ia now doing this. The men who cared not about votlag before whI give their votes at mm Pre sidential election, in condemnation or violence. bloodshed and bowie knife government. Home of tbe most resnect abie cleigy have assured me that, whereis, in past elec tions ibey never even voted, in this one they bare taken care to have themselves assessed, that tbey may vote for Fremont, and thereby tor the redemption is the country from misrule, anarchy an: bloodshed. ft" Pottavllle Corittpondtntt. P-mvvuit, osi. 4. 18t?. /tuckancn an.I fire kinridge tlectimetnnp tti Penmylna nta on the Frmtrni and F,et A imas Platform?Death rf Mr. riot form. If the Southern capitalist*, the three hundred am) fiorty-?ix tfcouaand slaveholder*, who threaten (i. t.} gome hair a do. en of them) to diaaolve the l"n on. and to forsake a nation of twenty million* of people?if tfcey can not have it ?11 thc.r own way n the government of that tation?ir they were to catch t man from the North among them wno darn! to spaa* or 'ima Kan***," would they not md.gnanuy lynch htm, or arreat and try him, at ft send him by lorce out of the country Tney would do to?l*,ey do a*. Then it they can but catch Mr Bucl.anaa and the Tew desperate men who, having en< aaed their comcicnce* m hraaa and adamant, folio w anil hla desperate fortane at all hazards, they certainly ?ill lyacb b manc them all. Wty to? Mr. Buctunau and Mr Brrcklnr.dge are now goin^ all over and round about Ibe ^tate of Pennsylvania p-ea?.itog "lrce K'on ? a*.'" Are thty converted- Are tb;y becoaic young republican* and true democrats Have they abaadotiej tbe aposiate democracy What doe? thia meao Has Mr Platform already jumped off :'ronj tbe plattorm' Hat fcf who laid himself down on lh? back* of Pierce aoJ Jefcd V*n Burec, and ?l;o (ave blm<elfup to be >? strided by a negro alavedrtver au-J negrocf? bag b? thaken off the black nightmare, the heavy lacubue, and jumped upright from off bis b:artr? and oea?ed tc bo Ur. Platform - I* Mr ? .atfiirm dead Ten, he his ilone fo. and Mr. I'Utform U dead. I can produce tbe pi*, rard paraded cow In tbe interior to*na and Tillages c. Pet n?y Ivania, beaded, in large flaming litter*, "Bj rhanar, Breckinridge ard tree Kansaa.'' Here there m public notification of tbo deaih of Mr. Plttform This is b-? last dying speech and c nte??lon Thia ta the second tixe that Mr. Rucfcana# b*ira puh lie'.est mony before tha world ib favor of Mr. I remon*. and hi* priacin m. Flril, under iath, la l/adoa, aon now by b.< public placard* in the nlerbir o' Penns Ira ni*. Not having the learof lyaching be-ore hi* eye* Mr. Eurhat>an proclaims himself betore me people of Petn sylvania a frMnd or free Kan-aa? that is, of making Kan nm free. Now, thia i? tbe Frem"nt platform, la Mr. Rnrbanaa Mucete, or la it merely aa election Ulik, Intended to cheat and deceive the goo! o->rle of Pennsylvania- If we will not nanlt Mesar*. B icbauan end llreckmndgc by supposing them amity of tbe vilest cheat ng and I) tog. we must believe them to be sincere OHWH. The dilemma I* inextricable for thtm tiey are fitter on* or the other. ' It would bean unavailing quibble to plealaad say that Mr Buchanan baa not done thtr it ta hi* frtenlawho bave done it. Mr. Bochaaan ia to pratt by it, if it can be made snceeeeful in cheating tbe people ot Pennaylvaala He who baa hireling* engaged la stea'lag .*? lying tor b bi la, in tbe eye of tbe law, just aa guilty of stealing or of lytag as bis ag'nts, mor* rapeclally ?b?n it I* a'l done for bis proi t A participation ia the proflu, It aoy ran be made, i? partxipaiioa in tba crime. Penning, Pean., <*.t. 4, m.vj. Ar' Hu Frfuumten Ckta'tU by th*. nUmireifai? W< thill S"?i rading cm 'Jt/. Wrung Fla/furn?Lei Ui Lrk iM , xt. There i* more danger to tbe >" rem out canae to Pean sjlranta, it the .November eection, from the Knov. VoUurg* or K ' aor> man, than there la, by a long de gree, from any other quarter whatever. The rsaion .< aot beca ;ae of thl real strength of Killmore to I'enosy! vacia, (which, tbough tt is not little, i* aa aotb.ag to all Penaaylvanlb ' j?p;ired with tbit of Frem?at.) bat ba cat.te of corfitaioa and doiept.cr The Fi'lmorc ujsd naviag ao national Issue or platform ot their own. which .ueydare av>w, pot tbelr man oa I'remott'a ptatforir By tbi* means tbooaaud* are drawn away for F.rmire. behevng It to bam the *ame cause ant oa tbe raws principle*. Tt.n ia natural <*nojgh ; for if Fdlmsre reai'y st?<d ia boueety aad troth on the sane great nat oaa! democrats- principles oa which Kremont stands. It w >ul<l be mmairriai. p? rhapt, to the country wbKb ot tbe tw > were made tne < botoe of the i>?opk< for tbe Pr?aldency fat the know Sothiag p it fV more on Fremmt * pu't for 'it. when tbe man hiaeelf ?* n.>t there, ao 1 woul I o? ab e to say. if be were elected, " I nearr wa* on uat p.u lortr ' , bouaaad* of voters will g^tr Fn:more by th.s de. eptioa. wbo, il they knew the platform b* rjit I? ii|h n, would ali, ire ntm and tbe deceit pra iute.1 upon them If the -"ilh take ip F Urr ire an.' tbe !u*'?a ti ?rated by ?.??veroo- F fj I ia a. con ;>i ?b?d. mat ?,|( oi tbe eyi? of a great maay ot his pr.-exit followers n Ftnn sylvan ia l yrr.anset t? ? deception t!i?y pra lite * pr. .endir., toadv(?a'e l-r'-<oni pr o ?. tr.-.r istrty ir.ikea th. greatest ? boe n this coatea<? ia I euusv, i in a. it ;? r>? rente there are tbo>i?mde Of f reinroter* drawn n wan I he tr. ' ??;iev?|i H'.lmore to h" m - ti . i?n.r ,b. ri and oppn-ed to blavery eat' nsiou as f'em^ir bim*?lf. Tuey had a meeting here yeaterdav evening, and hare meeting' a o ?t every even.ng iu e.i the towa* rr. : ah', t .'ft. edvar i->d sp**ak*ira did net ct>rti?. b-trs ?n?"1 ?,??? ? ig ? sewher*, b-.t t1?y made a gr. I s ..*? w.tb inu? ' *aa?n? Creworka, fan'par.Tn ? ltJ t *"a?iaf tor^n^e All ttiey have to *ay. a> I a ?b<y ran fay aga.nat the renuntirao party ?? tb*t t 4 ? oartv What do they tir.o br th.? '."b?y ?sy tba' the V'ernnnt pnrt^ <1 NiTtn?rn i ?rtv t- ?! ther?i"t ? -t -? s??ti-i ? i ,<a i ' Tien ir.tti ad ,? -a ?? " oia.i vh i *h for the votes of t!ie m ii ' Ai'ian/ -t "ech W , . moat *r rna!?'be mm wr.o g'?? f"- Of.?t ng tne v < eo ? aad robbery o' A I >w hot heale, artst ' -raU ot the v.uth, or t*-9 ei? , v ? , goea for pottirg a itop to such violence and robbery ! w.thout dtm atehlng the r hw of eltner H.otb or Worth' I Tne me< ting, a* to its nombers and enlb isiaam did not correepond with tbe dl*|?ia; ant en?huau?m of Ite ret ters up Tber? were at toe utmost uot more mw, urt hundred nreeeal. iK theee it wa? piaiaiy to be p*r eeived that onl) a f?w dosen men were svmpst'iiaer* and eo wotkere, The Fremont meattcga ar? *vnr\ *nere ttirae times as lerge, witbont Area r*s, tran?|i?-en. <e? and band* of music to attrac. Tbe Fillmore me?* rgs are arroeoiaklf r.oaapoeed tn great oart ot aoiey b ?a and tbe Fr?nnont mention ot attentt e Uatener*. Hut th" b*nda and the Uanep*reo' '?*, and the rockets, maks the f" atrst "bow. I heir speakers lavaigbed mucb against Mr. R'ichanaa bit the r star, lard oear? r (aad tney know tti stand* dlioa the same pi at form, If you tiiku oat the Cuba plans, and pot in Know N'othingism in Ma place The plattorm i?. in general worde, ' *ub*?rviency to a fsw vtoletit m-n bektogiog to a sectiosi of the Uaion." Both Filimire ?nd Borbaean stand be(nre the people rpon sectioaal view* and prtq i^tea whleh are to surrender power, place, i?r fitory and *? erything t? ? p on, it'* why ar* the native*, or Know Voth'nfs, so hostile to Bochaaan nd h.a party' Their opposition la based upon quite other gronnrtt than the! of the Fremoetera Tbeira i* the hereditary and federal haired of the old enemies of .leSerson er.d ot demorra j. If m the hatrsd of *11 the Old part e* heretofore op|?iae4 to thedemorrat*, ?ow united together m<t?r the on? Bamf of 4 tnencea* 1fc? wmm iter ih? feet, mi nylatna how tt iafltatM ?MJ ?r Ite oM whig party hava rained tba pmnt apostate democrat* party They oould Mi jota It while ? wu true to tte frofcwail principles, for tbey were the followers of the old fodsrait, tad haled democratic prtn ciplea. Ait bow that the party la become Heelf the greatest of all eaemiee to true democracy?they, the old ?aeiaiM ol democracy?join It gladly, tad from prtact pie. The others do not go over to the apostate demo cracy, because they oaanot discern between principles and names?because they have not wtt enough to per ceive that though it retains the old same, tt ts no longer a democratic party, but Is a pirely ssetional, negro driving party?a Calhoun nullification party?a party federal and despotic In Its action, and whose end and aim Is despollem Besides this, they are kept together by the plank of Natlvelsm on which they stand. Tboss of the old ene mies of democracy who care sol for that plank, have all gone over to the apostate democracy. Ther see ii U the old enrmy of liberty now, instead of being the democracy which it was. lbs Vremontars In their opposition to tba apostate democracy are laboring to re-establish tbe old and true principles of Jeflersoolan democracy. In the ene single principle at Indignant hostility to the extension of anything upon nee men by ferae and violenoe, they show the true spirit ul' democracy, and thai they are tne enly true democrats. Hence tt Is that all true demo erais are joining them daily and forsaking tbe apostate democracy. Tbe opposition of ths Fillmore party to lir. Buchanan it an opposition of man to man, not of principle to pnn ciple. Fremont alone stands upon principle, and opposes grsat national republican principles, not to a maa or to men. but to false principles to tyrannical principles, which have brought civil war lpon toe country?whicb civil war, if be is not elected, though now hushed up. will burst out again in the blackest colors, and spread from Territories to States. So grsst is the hereditary hatre j to papular principle* of tbe varied elements ot the old federal parties, now amalgamated together in I'enuaylvania in the Know Noting party, that they would lnlinitely rather see Fre mont defeated than Buchanan. They are not, as supporters or Fillmore, on tbe free and liberal tide of the great issue now before tbe people Mr. Fillmore has not uitered a word, and dare not breatbe a syllable in reprobation of the firwd extension of slavery in Kansas Territory. They are as hostile to Fremont ou this great issue ss Mr. Buchanan himself. Taut such u their position is manifest enough, from the fact that tbeir candidate is as acceptable to the Southern Ore-eaters as tbe candidate ef the apostate democracy. They d'.Ber from Mr. Buchanan but m their personal preference for Mr. Fillmore, and m their belief that he is ieis a d'<no erat in principle than Mr. Buchanan. Hat ther dittor from Fremont :3 1MB, that he has no principle :n bis platform 00 which they coold or: te, and they would oppose an other man as much a- him who stood upon the nm? iriouod. l.'uobanan, from the old scent of democracy ad berlng still to the old case, is Undemocratic fo' .hen; but Fremont, Iresh before the people In ail the vitality ol young and healthy democracy, is lar more odious in their night. They seduce many true democrat* into their rank" by electioneering wltb Fremont principles, and 13 retain taeni ther* they have a douile set of principles. This ii necessary be a.ise they nave a double set ol men In 'heir ranks This is ho* they can vindicate their condu ii and duplicity, and afSrcn their truth and sincerity. For one set of men amonir them is honest and sincere in advocating fremont prtn ciplte, and the other Is houtitt and uncere to adro~?uci Know \othingism. and subjection to the will of the So .tb. &> they are til bonest, til honorable men, and >et com blued, they palm t fraud upon the people in pittiog lor ward a man who Fustainr tbe oppresaion, violence ted tyrsnny against which Uie people are risen up In aro ?, under the bannerol Fremont. But tbouid those tmocg them who arprov of Fremont principle*, and wbo are opposed to the forced extet .01 01 slavery, help to elect Fillmore over Fremont, t-het would be undeceived, and uncover that they i been cheatcd wben too late. F'lllmore wouid soon ucdee?tv*e them with a pleasant smile art! bow, and le; th"m know that though they went wltb hiai. Re URier weat with them He would let then snow that he only went fir tbe Buchsian ;latorm, improved by tbe addition ol Know Notbiiifism and a little more o'.d foder?!lvm, and \bst be was never | led??d f> anyttveg fl?e. To partly tleir feeliriga. wounced by the cne*t practised on the-" the) would he told ttat Fillmore bad not deceived tsi>r.i thai he was with them in neari on the K.igsu.-' >| lesuon but tbst out >f lr*e lor to? Cuioo, and to save it. be hf< gone upon the Buchanan piatto'in So that ae L.<l acted very wisely. and tuev ou?hi to lore h.in s'i:. better, bccause be had raved the Union ( They tb'.nc to ?ave ibe I'mon by the very policy which has endau?. red it. sn-t wh ch if Fremont is net electcd, will destroy ?. lu tne end ) Now !or thi* party to u*e F'emont men and their pr!n cipI?K, in ord?T to get hm?e!f elected. wn:ie tie I* pre to k.rk thorn a*ay, with hII their priactpiiw, II elected, a fraud upon itio c m't. Kverv man the.* tore opjoieo so tuc lured exitnfion of slavery. wto does t<ot go lor > lemont but lew h!m?e!f oe ted i?v. av to rote for Fillmore, ia dc-rived and ohtatsd, ani will hj ben avert by the iran tor wh. ro be vcie*. The p'a'torm of tbat umi is ftal iiubier', .ency to Southern Crratert and nu:iit.e.**. It bag other t;ii.or in I redu tie. Out Ibcy du to* change lis re* character. Know . Noifcirp.-tn I* only a *<;a?obing and l.avor mg thtoito itto tbe pudding, helping t <!i? guire the cfcwf lrgrcdl<nt r.aklnir a colUUra and fal?e '?kte Tor ttufc * 13 would b; kVutfl'd to avow aii-i vote lor tl e truo ier.o on wti<ji Fiilimre r> ally ib>L>ii. This st dup'.'Rity and douh.e do* jz. Ia Ui ?iew. Rartaban a* to hi* olt'fortn I# ?;tnp'y 13-.baa an But Ktilmcre Ut rt cfcunan uirguWed, bavtog a "targe I able aet of clcak* to pttt nu a* aii:l* tae occtaiir ar 1 ine latitude. The c loak under vh'.rii iotne tbut^i or L'j cbanac. is golt.g tor bitn. u h'to# No.hitgtam Toe t !?U uocer wh'rh othetg nee him and *0 for lim. 1* >ee K?n*u and frrmont principle*. Tbe cioak i-bder wbi :b the rojtb iMb mud go fr r Mm. ia aubtervlercy t) the 34d,0Co slaveholder* aa oj pored to twetuy million* of poopie Each cloak is adapt.d to the cllic..>, tbe 'af.lule, aid tue ktste and temtieralure os tbe eonttft, a:rird!og to where be !a tbowp and the doable f.'.ord linage aet up. It 1* because thia cttr.po-nd |>?rtv or compound pTiaci plea tskea away man? tiom th? Kreuont rank* by derett and duplicity, many who will bo dec sire i in At voting for the tor ed extrusion, wntcb they abbcr. that it ia of no Utile imprrtant* to unma*l and unr.loak klr. flllmore, or rather hta party, and tot the thing in i'i real li^ht. It.? in Venryltsnia, their headquarters, that tney ?c.s be r?*D and f taxied to be ujj<Jer?too<I. Tter* m danger to tbe Fremoit cute 10 Pennsylvania frotn the Kill more party; or tbe two adver. aritt there Buchanan ti the lead to be feared. If tb? dodging and duplicity of this Taction ig not well uu ieritool an.', u.ot In time, thousands of votais will be deceived to vote tor Fil.more, who, if they knew the troth, would rather cut off their owa right hand than do such a thxg Of course tbta danger only exiiu ai to the N'orembsr election. In tbe m?anume all Fremoctert in Pcrssylva n;a will vote tbe Cb.oa ticket, though it 1* chief'/ com poeed of F'.Umore men. The only real objection to this ticket ie, tbat it coo<-ea's tee greater strength of Wtnoct, and make* the weokueaa and tnaignl&cacre of th?^(now Netbn f* apnetr strong and ttgnihcaat: tbat it puQ< tlieni up with tbe idea thit they are mighty and are gotugXo aweep the track befere them In November. Their meeting ?n a U/.le, and tbelr apeechee at.d argumrnta hoilow and empty, yt ai nol?y aa the drum* they aounded Where 'tifr? are no good and true principle* there can be to good teaaon ng, no real eloquence, and no popular enthoalaem. POTr?TI! I K, Oct. i, ISC6. Of t Bsj*Mt an '?/"ting a'. HotUrilU, l'n u' t.'temcr Hamlin and -fudgt VHtKjt, amd. Mr. Wit rmrr, if Mam ?TK4 Ordinance of '17 Rtrinoed. It la a noble eight to eec the people aeeembled and U* tentLg with deep atu ntion and i:n<ler>itan'liQ( to reaeon tngi and argument* toacbing the welfare and mk-roet* of the neiicn. It putr or< In mind o! the aa?etnb'iea of Ue Athmlaar wien they gather*' toge't er to be r renc'.e*, leuoetbenea and .Ochylna urge upon tbem t*)e1r inU rreu, and point out to them with .mnariioned ?>'>qaei,:e and powerful reuontng the dat>r?-r which threaten tbe rep iblie S'uch a aSght m gat have been aoen hero a I'oUavill* laat evenirr (?a'arday, ttb , wbeotJjvemrr Hamlin, David Wilniot and Mr. r'arreter, of Maw., ad dreaaed tbe people. TI.e apeecheo of tb"i"o throe gen tlemen. thoegb diflerlcg. of eo'srae, in atyla, mautter ?ad voice, were yet. each one of them, a tram of logics] *r gnnientatmn, of ao'ird ratiocination, ocmblned with a powerful and lodM atatem< at tt IkrM It waa pleasing to ootKe tbe deep tttecfion given to rearon.nga, ("ctnonat rat tone tart argim-tiu, which, thoa.h diverted of ererything Hko dida-nc display or rchoiMtc oataotfttMM, yet required Bind to ndi-ntand an i cottiniuty of attention to follow in all tli'r rot-ato natlr<sl. 1 ?xm'ear tbat with theae impreaalon* (-odur-td ipon my m nd by the fact before my eyea, I I ?toL<vl to tbeapeaker? w *h deilgM. and looked upon the per"'? w ia admiration. It waa the lively uttentloc of n-r^ooe derply interratod tn what thry h?ard Trera ?'err jn ? itnaol tiaeaamesa or aatiety tbe apeerhea were prntrtrted and the eight advanced, the ntoreet teeine.1 10 ncrraw. Tbe itreet, crowded wttb U>e 'la-^nl g m -? 'n t'rrrvt of the platform, waa boa-ied an I a teutMl 'lt wer* I'eeert'd. I?d?ea, In groopa, were U be aeet a ao<i tig at a little diaUooe off irora tae 1 me wbf.h im med iately aurronndrd tbe platf -riti? 1 tr ??? d rk from iud<ntity. and lllnminauid only by itaie around It. Theae were all 'ag? rly 'UU n.rg to the air mate 1 nor da c Governor Mamlin. II.a ? on e, clear an I m Dnro i>, wh ancthl* t a diet*ate aad the window* 1.1 ioier or t ?? t?"ee?, up and down the ttr'et to a cotM.'tarable ler.th, were llllmi w U. attentive an I.tore It waf no tiifln>| anb.lec.t which thrae -row..! now heard dtectMa*<l: tUe occaeici of vik-Ii a m.-rt ng * i? no utile or unimportant o?e? it wa* the mod aoriooa acJ eolrmti tnon,ert of politt 11 deliberation which over hao ocr jrr'-d in tl a I tnon unce its foiindaMon. and the peo pie by their earnest attorttoo. aeetu'd ae If folly ?ni Miio'io of it. Hw h is the rharar.ter at thi? great crk.,^. not of tUia .rttlf. but of evry mer ting of tbe ,<npte jvery whert, where truth la brought to light, and IM are not made amibetttute for history; where, on whatever ?t1e It may be, lionetty preside* In th* pjrp; ?, and troth reign* paramount to parrioa. t;overn.<r Haml n did p?pt!e,e to tho subject, and thnngh hi* ?p?erh was deeply argumentative, he rompt?tely rt ve?ed the mlr.da of h a hearer* to the anbiect. Hat ! net w?r.?a??<t it myoelf, I ro- d not have bi'loverf thai a pop ilar aa?emb!y would have received with aoott evident plea*n-e addraaaea *0 e.itirefy devoid of the trt* and trlrk* generally r?o?ider*l l^eaeary to captivate popular attent. >0. > (together, 1 SPtimated Ib* number present at one tbott ?agd or sn?D hundred.. Tbla it ? very large aootmblafo fcr ft MttU iaiaad tow*, aad tt certalsly wtft three Mate UM number of fcm who attended lb? night before ti the noisy FUlmore meetlag. The field of dlecnasion which the important lane now before the peeple preeents, ? vaet and varied la all the pointa la which It may be viewed. Aa buby speakers aa there may be, the topics for dlaeoealoB are a? many, and none of them, each is their Importance, oaa be properly treated by a speaker without deep study, connected his

torical references, aad a continuous chain of reaeoilnf. Neither caa they be properly uaderatood or appreciated by an aadieace without foUawlag the ooaaection of fccta and argumeota. Each of theae aeoaaaary requirement* were to a great extent supplied or both apeakera and aa dieace at the aiimMag here described. Mr. Warrener was the tirst speaker, and.for a time,from the inflexibility of bis voice and the stiff constraint of his delivery, railed to oommand much attention or produce aaUaHaotlon in the hearer. Bat after listening a while, the weight ol his argument, the depth of his thought, and the ability of his descriptions, made every objection vanish, aad led eae to the conclusion that he waa an able aad talented speaker. Whatever bis defects might be aa to delivery, he gradually won upon his audience, and pro duced a sensible ettecL Wnen he sat down he was greeted with loud and warm cheering. Governor flaralin spoke next, aad gave in a masterly style a clear view of the total departure or the preeeat democracy from democratic principles. Be answered their charges against the republican party, and showeu that they were the real abolitionists who aad abolisned the freedom and righta of the people by the coarse and measures they had pursued. His review ol tne conduct ana principles of the party waa a Iftir matonual criticism, rqually removed lrom abuse or exaggeration. At timet the Governor rose to the sublimity or t?e poet In bis Je K rtpUons, but in geniral his style of apeak.ng is of the tolid Websterian order. Great expectation had been raised by the announcement of bis name wx one or the speakers, and bo one whs reappointed. Bs produced great efftct, because It eviuent'y was not his aim to pro duce effect, but to communicate tea*, which he himself waa deeply impressed with the truth or. At intervals th" silence or the cwemhlv va< momentarily broken by loud berate of vehement applaase. The Bon. David Wlln.01 followed, and in a course o< elaborate argument (raced the history of the constitution and laws, and Khowed tiow tiuse nave oeen totally over thrown by tho present doctrines and actions of the demo cratic party. Judge Wilmot is too well known to require any accocnt ol bis manner of speeding, but it ought to be mentioned that, though in rclerrmg to the subject n> gf-oko DM, ,t woultt seem as If, f.-um Ma fa III IItarty, tt must fail to be attractive, yet he handled it in such a way aa to ? iothe it 1b all the freshness and charm of novelty proving, that though a man may think be a'.ready knows all about the matter, yet 0 truth no not know tbe hair of it. The history of the crd.nance oi 67 is ex trtme'y -.cteieating. Mr. W'lmot threw a great deal o historical light upon the subject. He showed bow that ordinance o, iginated. ft waa a positive enacimoBt ant organic law, drawn up by the foucder* of ;his republic and received eanetioted and decreed by Congress, er. fting virtually that whilo slavery was not to be laed.lieu with in the States where it prevailed, yet that beticelort'i no more slavery should prevail .n ?ay otter portion or part of the United States. Tnat the United fc'iatee, with the exception or a lew State* where slavery still existed, should be tree Slates. In ? word, 1: solemnly prohibited the^extcnslon of *la rery. It is sail that Virginia made that ordican e. and that in giving op the territory wfc.ch sbeclaimcd as belong ng to he' sb stipuiated that it euould be free. Virginia therefi re. it is said, deserved all the credit of it Tn-.s is not exa;;ly th ? tact. \ irginia at first refused to cede her territory, not on the question at to freedom, but because she wanked to keep it to herself. Other States as well as Virfima re lured to yield to ibe cential government the Territories they claimed to own. Ac I why t Simp y oeca'ue thev required certain ccndiLoni to be agreed on before t'xs.i would give them up to be the common property of the Union f?.?y demanded that all futore States should b?* free States. They protested arn'nst the extension of sia very. Marylano was one of lt.esa protesting Statee, and she place 1 on record a itrong remonstrance ag*.n?t tbe ermlon of other thiu free States out cf these Territories. At length tte difficulty was removed, the states which then beld slaves agreed that there should be no extens.oi. ot i-lavery. They came into the oonditl >ne, and provided that all the futore Sta es henceforth to be made out 0; Ike "erritorW belonrog to tbe United States should forever be free - talcs. Then it wait that Y.rgini* consented to give up ner back territory on these conditions and jo ttm proviso, and it does her credit, certaiuly. l'he strug gle oe this question continued l?r t'.rt* years. It w*a tc. qoist ->n whether slavery sfcnu.d be permitted to bee*' rted Into other parts of the Talon, and whether I: shoal' be extended, ir whether It bht>old ne p-eeented fo?ev?> "?ctn a"y further extf nion. J Corson, tv%sb ogtnn l'rauknc, and all tbsgre&t fcnciersof onr i'aioo; Vi gin.a Ma-y Ian-', tod an otoer States north of teem, cuo terced for 111 erty and for fouu'' ng free Stale* Tney pieva'ied. The <,:esticn which * now tf. :nsoe 0! ti.1 day a:.d of tj.i cocte*. %.&? 1! ei. s?li;ed by WaiUxgu 0. by Jetlarsoc, and By tne Corgrehs of tUat day. TUou a our patriots, ail ear <r<?< mil. wem anti Rucbanan men all our democrats were then dire-tly cp;oeed to what is now the doitr.r.e of tht dea ocratr, ihey false y call themselves Tbfeo toe quotipn <?! Kansas vrtualiy foil ed, and l? wuids cWed that K insaa ought to bo frte. (Load cheers.) Th?n it was that 00 th" verr question, as tented feien b> favor o' fretc.otn and free States, that ihe p'eseit coast' lu'lo was llcaliy adepicd. Now, ts it la'ionu t ? asser< ar.d CialLtain that the foi.nders o! the constitutiao, wa trugj'ed so loig and s'. riAnfully for freedom and ts Siatcr? who foi gti tie aa.tle which we are no* ' gftit . g 1., a.n?.t ail future exteniicn o. slavery?I a?k, i* it rsti< nal to maintain that they denied ?o plant ami <h?i they actually planted, ai tvry in tie conailtatioo" Wri d ihey who Tougt' three long years agamsl tr (Xtsnaici ol slave y, and lor u'ak.ng all futori States frit Stater?wrola they cave tirnei arot?c ? id made a const.tution. Jesigned. as it .s now prctenied. '?? txtcnl aiaveiy every where in tie futire aomvus o1 the repnb'ic* Ibe ?erntiry belojgicg to Virg ci* and \Ury land wis th'-n slave territory .na-much as those v.ate wrre . lave Sta^-s. Th 1 ord.oai.ee 00 wnijh, as a 'o eoi oBprcmiae ?cd bt?.? of acuird tee c wainutim w?> i m ted, Fulr alato kri itory "roe, It iorerer eioladeo ?!aeery. i'tua organic law 01 our republic m at crward* ti. It r'y rtrcwed and raitkel, am auMa.ned bv aub<e qu<M C.fcgueree. v ? V? * u'* liditn M4 MMf wi-re Tcrrltorlea, aem? fcw elartboiJerr had pur^r ae.f Icflurnce enough l<< get up petition* to Cocgreei to am ;-rnJ tlie ort.mai>co *gaiori slavery. r.vo t>m? (ongre*? d. One of tue rtrjogeet ao<> mxl power'.ul re?>oru in n] |K?iti ? lu th * .n'idioua oflort waa drawn up by lorn Randolph, <>t Virgin'*. They were restated by all tbe demo r.ra<y with unauimity and in-t gaal.on. Thee democracy wm Dot the c.urrupt and fallen tking mat it baa tlWi th.t ray ny toe abacdcctntt* of ;?.m.t:rati prtnciplea A! tbe time i the iurmanon of tn* oinlitu'.ion lh? Tlk* of a.l our mat aiei' wan aga.nat alatery. Thoy did -ct meddle with .tin tbe ftatra where it exiauM, but they tnlMiy lalortd to atttat aid forbid Ifermr aay further etU- *.jo of It. We. the republicans o* tin day. ire witb men : we Jo l t reek to meddle w.".i it *uere it lawi .It., exists, b"? we are uow la K?niig. a* tiwy then labored, to pre rent lu ax 'enainn. We are dung mere?we an laboring to pre vtnt iu extension, a*>u not tbat only, wit it* e\t.'t a.on by KM Bioo?tabed an t el'.d war. (l/iad che-M.i A' ibc Mme referred to V ruin.* deplored the cxiatenne 01 - larrry. and us'ted 'i, tn'.n? it an organ.,? taw of tbe r? pvblio tbi>. ibia evil wbicb il! <no*ietged f? *>e atich -houla tue- more ^e cxterni?!" All a-jb^eq ;en'. exien iol* of it b*** b' <"ti in v,elation of I be aplrit ard letter if liin conattiuiion and ?'f tbe org* n-c laws cr tbe land. Thore aa*a been subsequent ??xt?cion. It is 10 he deplored, jecaua* at ererv ?x:en atcn <ne sla- eholdtr* require a af.l further extenc'oi ]i oimiiicw be at pped friir b?-tng exlindcl into Kanaa<. f,.r H to., tbey will exuod it more and more, until ?? i*tey e.-rn boaat, ibey w II car ly it into Maeea-b taetta ami call tbr roil o' their alaves at tbe ToM of bunker Hill n.ut men*. 1 kb .w ttia' in* ma<<er of that hoart denlea ? hat be ever n>aoe tt in any pib'tc apeecb. I do not nay t mm ba ever Jid. Tola del ml la a mean nml ?ootompt hie i ruioB. Tt Is what it called a ''negative pregnant ' No' He never made it In * public apeecb He wood L?t >a\? bfn ao bold and barJy; b t be male the d? lar^iK.o ?eriont!y. in a pnealo mnpaai. tden ?ire ti ? in Katira*. ?no ta?y will want mor<- afain. Oirethtoi tbe e*ten??en tney want now. and thef witi ro on for ?ni'M and irur? rx:eti?ioo. Pot If yn?, br yorr Totee, tie' tbeai auppl*, ol>edteat min. who will girethnjn Kanraa, or tubm t and let them take It, yoa you* ?ttWb by ao iiouag. w'.ll he guilty of gtelng t^#.n If yoo r<*e for Huehanan or ft? ft,more, ?!?<??? m?n. <? ib?r one of toe-n, will yivetbem K.?uana. or wb.cb t* tbe ?ame ih.ug will let tr.?nla?en nd Ibru ihti-uii.1 lltey cooid not he.p tt. If. the*- yot. r> ?t a rlr^'le \ot?- for eitner of tbnae nnt. lidntea. jo:' tolt inr etMiiaf ilatary. yoa rive them K?n**<. ?ou rot aftxet W'??h.r.^toti. aga.ont J?0i>rn?( attairM den?" -aey laelf'n its rpn?g? and it- parent torn t? 3?. (l/OU'i e.rie< o' '?Nerer,'' ' N?iver,' and en n.u?'.ir\.- api>l?'i*e kM on and reanwnd fbr a ii tg time ) Tlie ?larfbolde?* are ro, aadafied II yen tottfeem alone, tney ran you aNnitiontfta, if yr.n will no? irt ih?m go on and erfnd ibetr iy<it?m where ertr tfary w*?b. Th?*y eiander and vnaiirn Waau ngton in ko dr't g H?>. tbat great mac, not only (drove agaiant . tot n# i nged to??a (M*?ry ttae!'' r^otnd out lit \ irg'Ma. fc'a nativ "??at*. He r??t>eated! expre*'?d thl' hope. In a letter of bin, ton,? oorreapoa ient and friend obn St < la r. o? froilaod <n apnaWlng op agri -.ultarai rubjnetn, bt> ff utterance to the <i??i*? oi bi< boart He deer rlbed to hie frtend n S^.fH'and the ml ley of th? t ofivae, where be olrne*il iretdod. H? urgei upon bia irlena to em grate to lb a loral'l), aa tn ;ng ?r aurpaMtnr bpam/ and conTcr.cDt in M^cene to marketa. fee. aajr.tnt!>e >?n .- rtter (bat the oi.:y adrantage I'enc >y,i ana bar oerr Virginia lor >m*grni.oii and eettlem>*nt war, tbat r!ar?ry oid r.ot exiat in P?nn?ylranie. iJ.it b< *)0p? d that Uflf re long \ I g'nia Mr juld pleaer? tbe aaiee advantn?e. and abrltab a!avery. tber<hy becoming e :?l to Prn?>ryl*aoia in 'hav rnepoct. Sucb wan bia w.ab; and be tited in a aay when It wae not treason, at .tit now, by 'M Bew dewiocratli' .lod'', to ?,?e Uttertnoe to hie opin irnr rbie wt?h wn-tld "?r.g agr bare bei?r ti-iotrpltabed t.ad not tbe gr?>*t e^icn?i>? ot -lavry, which ht-a ainee takrr place, contrary to the apirtt "I the c?aUtu ton an J ?b-j iaw?i "f tbe i&ad, made it prolltaM" to aiarebold"r* in \ r?in'e to broed a'aei-a tor the moro !*ititharB narket JUnre it ? tbry wieb to ?ln t '' irhar an for Pre* !?nt. b. carre, M tbe ronr eay? - '1 la r.a irur ,e ir,r*er?, .fame* n'fhat.ari la tbr man To raiae the pnee of ntggrra Tbf oiM'ftng et new terrttorie? tn ?ia ery ha? ma > II a ma iter 01' profit to r? ae ?la\ an for rale. It !a the opening of a new market. TnerHorn, f yoa gire Ka> aa? ti ?? aiatery, of v?hi b ia the iMteUinig.it you ele. t ei. ? Burhaiian or Fltlmore, yon help to rata* tbe price bi o ' Von fpen a new market fhr alaTM' You open a ma*ket to anpply whteb, children will be torn from tbe I4M0B1 of th' r aaoth' ra, and huebanc b? ar'iara'ed irom tleir wirt? Ry ?l?rting 1 remont, a etop will be put to (bt? horrid exteitrion a rtnr will bo put to clrll w!?r! \ atop will l>e pnt to Ihm b-utal alare tr-tdo! \ atop will bo pnt to meaaerm aid to a policy which will infkllibly de-troT o ir lfbertiea and tbe I oioo Of theen State' WiTt yoti not pnt your rnto it Uii* inevitable ruin, by th? elec lion of John Cbarlaa :-remont. (frlee oi We will, we Wt:l, and loud and mrtinuod ai'plan e.) With tht? fpee< b th* mooting cnc'idf d. tt was indeed an aaeenblace deeervieg to ho rjm recorded. Tbe rpeechoe were remarkabie; rar tbe pre ont W ? criaia whkh to the p?r?nt o! enrneat etoij ience, which br.nga nto action nil *b* energ ?? of the mind and all tbe re< itnga ol tbe heart on the tide (I truth, liberty aid /.? <*. Pn?b m U..a neet eg was, la generally tbe character of all the Fremoat meet mi. The description of this one apptiea to aiJ. !tfo* oily tbe ipwAn were remarkable, but tbe deep, ear nest attention of the people was more remarkable. It Is manifest that Ibtlr hearts and their beet feelings are deeply enlisted in tbe cause or liberty, tbe Union and Fremont. Porrarai.a, Schuylkill Co., Oct. i, 186?. TV rroipecU in SchvyOcOl County?Speech* o/BjunHn and Wtlmct?Thc Nwxp&pm orul their Circulation. A ride of some six hours' duration through immeasu rably tbe wildest, roughest, hardest looking country ever traversed by me, transferred me from tbe capital of tbe State to Pottsyllle, distant from each other ninety-five miles. A Fremont meeting (8 o'clock P. M.) being tn full and enthusiastic blast, I loitered awhile to witness tbe de monstration and listen to tbe speakers. Governor Ham lin, ol Halne, was the orator, and la this stronghold of democracy was discoursing, with evident effect, of bis past affinities to that party and bis reasons for his present relations to republicanism. Bis plain and unpretending, and tbereiore forcible ma oner, accompanied as it was by a zeal and earnestnees that will not be appeased by any thing short of a positive victory, is destined, unless I great ly err In my estimate, to eQect wondrous changes and re volutions In tbe sentiments of tbe miners and colliers or bis coal and iron infested region. He was succeeded by .iudge Wilmot In a speech or much power and rorce on ihe successive agressions of the slave power and its pro gressive encroachments, &c., on rree white labor. The crowd In attendance was large beyond precedent, and the moat jubilant spirit permeated the whole body. These gentlemen?a atroDg team?are perambulauag these mountain tartnesses, and on every bill top and in every valley, arc, literally race to sace, coniuriui? the be olghteil democracy 10 turn Irom the erro- Oftheir ways. Meetings are being held dally, and conversions are fre quent and numerous Tbe democracy claim the county by 1,200 majority. Tbe republicans concede it by 600. I incline to tbe opinion, bowevor, that at about midway between tbe two calculations the truth will be found to resile. Tbo population or Pottsville numbers some ten thou sand persons, who are variously engaged in mining and mercantile operations, to a very large extent It sue iaitiS nve weekly newspapers, as follows, via.:? Miner's Journal, (Fremont) C.sflO Register and Emporium, (dem ) 1,060 a/ette, (do) 800 Jferson Democrat, (German) S\*0 Lighthouse, (do.) 1.200 Tbe 'Jongressional district is composed or .Schuylkill ml Northumberland. The candidates are?Hon. Mr. Oampbel!, of tb<r county, present incumbent, and Lewis Dewart, democrat, of Northumberland. I>ewi?rt'H election is almost ceria n and sure Estimated vote this year, 9,500, bt.ng an increase of 1.000 over the vote of last year. Our Reading Correspondence. Rjummi, Berk's Co., l'enn., Oct ti. 1S6S. Th' Gibraltar *f the Democracy?Jftwtpaptr Circulation? The lnroals upon the Ibrneyitts. This Gibraltar of lbe democracy waa reachcd, via F'otU v.ile, this morning at 9 o clock. Immediately on my arrival, I instituted inquiry as to the most reliable source* ol political information, and having bad ''asy access to them, 1 hasten to vcmmunicate to yon the result. Reading, with a population of 22,COO Inhabitants, sus tains live weekly newspapers, as follows, to wit ? _Va?i>?. Politic*. (Circulation. i afle, C-erroan) Huchaoan &.500 Beobacnter, (German) Republican 1,000 MmmI Fillmore l,60o Press " &00 Gazette Buchanan 2,000 In tne city proper parties are nearly equally div ded, the cfi os'tion being generally conceded to be m a small majority. In the county, including Reading, which it divided into fllty election districts, the locos btve tiad, Irom its early settlement down to the presen' epoch, the indisputable sway, and will unquesti>r*b!y main tain it st the ensuing election, but in not einl? numerical forr* as tn times p*st The canvass of the country by the demKracy. ac ord tng to the returns deposited at IU headquarters in thu city, present* its entire claims at the maxmum o* five thousand maiority, whh-h its opponents awert la fa'.l una ibouatnd votes beyond their possible attainment. C?>n scdirg to It its highest claim, it yet presents a gain o! I .SCC votes to the opposition, wbicn, in every other sec lion ? , i:.-' -ia ?, accorded a m?,ority of ti,600, tUek *an you wilt please add to the titate estimate forwarded you from Harrlaburg. But little excitement comparatively, pervades an1 per meates thu county, its citizens generally, witb tree and genuine Imtch immobility and stubbornness, being yet ?teterminel to vote for tieneral .Iac>.son apparently 10 tne eud of time. Varios? eOorts. and particularly during ?So pa*t week, have been instituted to aaaker mn aroi:te Us dcrmant, behind the age sentiment, but seem mgif with littl" ttKMt; "Epbraim is oined to h-< Idole;'' and manure the e'lurts ol ex Governor H;:nt of \e* Yoik. ot Jcge Wiimot and liiritugume, who severally addressed ths prop'o th? past w.x-k, Berks w:ll roll up tie aDnual mtjorily, diminished, however, coiuderably by b?? unexpeited spread and popularity of tbe doctrines ot the opposition. Apirt from the speakers named, but few men ol pro Runeioo in the opposition ranks have vtslted the<? be nighted leitots, and a goodly degree of light is be.tv re fleeted by native oratory nt'> its most darkened recus e*. Conversions to "the trtie faith'' are by no mean* rsr* -nd srarce and "ere the ides of November. ' willgreatly ti.m n:th the present conceded diminished majority. Surrogate's Coturl. Before A- W. Bradford. TWO WOMEN CLAIMING TO BE WlbOWS OF THE 9AMB MAN. 0 7 d.?Bla-k u. Black.?this case was resumed be fore the Surrogate to day. It will be remembered that John Black divorced his first wife,,Rebecca, and married a second, named i.llsabcth D. Since his decease, kit first w 'e c< met iorwarl ana claims to have bsen illegally di vorced, aad then lors to be the true widow and he.r if the debased. The second wife, of course, also c.aims to be the true widow and heir or decsased. The qcevti m depends entirely upon the legality of Mr. Bit * s divorce from bis flrtt wife. B?tty Pawson (colored), being sworn, testiiied?1 live in Belleville, and have lived them for the last ?.tei>c years; 1 am a widow; I have a son :n law named Benjamin I'rown; 1 know Mr. Weld, of Bellsvjlle; I have work*! a good deal for him, but It waa same years ago; Mrs. Kebecea Black was living with blm at the tim? she was there when I went to work tor htm the isit tlm?, and I left her there when I went away; Mrs. Black bad her own rooiris, set her own tabls, and lived dlatin n from tbe lamlly; I do not recollect exactly the year I left Mr. Weld's; it waa in the month of September; I remem ber the month, because two or three weeks after ward my son went to work at Mr. Collard's store; Mrs. Black made some clo'het for my son In law. I gave her tbe materials, and receivtd tbe clothes trom bar when they were made, the ressained at Mr Weld's a long time aittr I tel.; i have lived in Belleville ever since that time. Witness cross examined?I am M years old; have been a widow more than SI years, I know Mrv Black by ti^bt; the is in this rootr, there, (pointing to the place where Mrs Black was sitting;) I de not know want ymr Mrs Blank went to Mr. Wi ld's; I worked at Mr Weld s by the month, be moved into Belleville sixteen ysarsaco, Mid moved away about two years ago to Kar tan. I was told ast week by Mr. Charles Weld that I need sot come hero ? Lless 1 ebons to. John Col lard, being sworn, testified-! live in Belle vllle, have lived tbeie forty years; i employed a colored mail ssmed ltenjamin Brown; be went to work for me in September, 1841; 1 hare seen Mrs. Black, she resided at Mr. Th'odors Weld's In IMS. tun was at our stnre aboui that time, and made pursbast'; Mrs. Black resided there | before that time. Wivneas cross examined?I do not keep a grocery now. I did at that time. Brown had been witn us occasionally before September, 1849; I know tbe t.me be uame t) work for or. bacause we had just commenced business, I,rd our booki specify the time be came with us. Mr*. Black bought goods of me after the i.rst ofASfwt, 1810, and I sett srtlcles to hsr at Mr. Weld's by Bsujamio Brown, alter tha* time. leremiah H. It.marque sworn?I wns acquainted with Mr. and Mrs. Black, I knew the Tormer for twea'.y-Cve frats; he resided tbe greater part of that time in the Bowery;! was present when Mr. Black, deceased, was n arried to bis recond wife Cli/tosth 0. Blac*; It was is May, 18(0; I bsd callM upon bis first wife, Rciocee. be fore that time, to get her to rit'irn to her husband; It was ?bout eight years ago, aad before Mr. Black got dlvonod; Mrs. Hebeua Black refused to do so thenaa'il thi might return as bit hou?c*ec;>er or something like tbat, but not a* Wife; Anally she tie. led the would oot return thst her !? lis "is beio-l would oot permit hsr to, I callel upon bcr st tbe request of Mr. Black. is itnees ctues examined I have been acquainted with Mrs ItlscK sud family lor the lanttwtmy live year* Mrs. Block had been absent I rom her husband twelve or four teen years when ' called npoti her. Mr. Black kept a coo ret octry sure after hie first wife left him. he g * F-nma Arrber to attend tie coanter. then h ? second wife, Cllsa bnfi D ne married her after she b?1 been w th blm three montb" K< btooa Black told me she would not go back to her busDS'io. b'TSUte f.e abuted ber so. Nancy Biar * the sister ol deceased, nelng sworn, satd? She haa lived with h*r brmher twenty one years previous i" h. < dtalh. and that during ail that time, h s first wife, !>l. oon, iiau only lived with blm fltu'en monthR. The counsel lor Mi/tbeth l?. l!'a?'K here re?ted. Mr. Geo Waldo, sworn?I reside in Windsor, Conn, ha-, e known Rebecca lilacs sin< e 1844 she came to my t*'"Uer on the 2??t ot August, 1140. and remained till the lith Of Otlfhtf. fel owing, ( be time tbe other w nee1 ? wore tbe wet Bel e\ ill#,) sba remaned contcim. ^ . st my fc i i?e dur i g that time, hsr motner was not w n her Witness - ress exam.nod?1 fix the date by tbe de lib of a biother, the sews of which nine on the !Hh October, 1 49; I know Mrs. Bls< ? ??< not absent a day during all the time rprciaed; i visited Mrs. i.;?;k every year in v sw York, Iron 1M4 to 18i'<; i N* Mrs. Hla'1!! alter she wts di-.orced Irom her fensbaad; ehs expressed surprise at the divorce, and regretted that such a step was taken, espeeualiy on aecoi st of her cbildren; I tlunk rbe sup j.osed it was a legal divorce Sanmel A. '.ra), bsiag swam, tesUBsd?1 nr da M Sew York, and did ha 1**4h an a brother of Mrs. Rebecca Black: In tfco summer ot 1M9 Mrs Bltck came to my ho'ise on the wh of tng1 "f. and remained th?re till M <n dsy, the SMhof Aitgutt >hes rbe left for >--ot,'and, Oonn , * bare thes# late* i?n<i ?? r ir-.n-e< marked in in* a?h book lor U ii ?<ar I w?ite ihe ?a'.ri<ie ,o that book every dsy i us i ?ibt ol Mrs U'? ;k co id ro? bs fttiid any ? ,1.. a ib* whole book, escspt In connection with two daiss, mm. Black btd b?? U) ud w?. rrom hlltouee ?ore lhM ?? -????? ? WBilmony I 1 knew when my ?later waa at S?ku m"rir. T^e^,r:?ec^^ tiivorra irom her: I understood they were gettog the divorce 2 N*wWeey; 1 her "CTTfEi*e dissatisfaction at not receiving any notice of ,t frem the ^The case wa. then adjourned till the 15th inat. 8HARFEBS AKTKR MONBT BADLY ?ARNED?FBOBATB OK TBI WILL O* CHABLB8 AC0D9THUTS. Before A. W. Bradford. Oct. 3.?This oaae cornea before the Surrogate in a pe culiar shape. Charlea Angoathuya, who kept a houae ol questionable repute to Water street, and who waa nick named "Dutch Charley," died, leading * will bequeathing a considerable estate to one Mary Demenus, a young girl who lived with him in the houae, and said to be hie niece. Under that will the estate wu administered upon. In August, 1868, she too died, intestate, and being a minor; certain partiee, it ii alleged, then stopped in and possess ed themselves of hsr effects, to the prejudice of the next of kin. Application is now made to. vitiate the former administration' and possess Marie Barbe Gssthuys and Eugenie Gaathuys, sisters of Charles, of.the "J alleged that the name by which deceaaed P**eed to tbl country waa not his own, but that his name was Charto . Gaathuys. The allegations set forth that Marybecam^ sole legatee under a paper which is not tn law a testator waa not of sound mind, and did not acknowledge the act he performed; that the witneaaea did not sign, as inch at his request, and that the paper was obtained through fraud and by coercion. The following appeared ^MKMoTTonwaa called by John K >oger^ counjjel tor the next of kin to Augu. thuya. Witness testlttod ttjat he was well acquainted with deoeaaed; that he wrote a trtteM<>r?aid deceased to his sisiers Mary Barbe an* Kusenic; that deceased's true name was Gasthuys, that he kept three or tour girls at his house; 1 waa sent for, he said a short time before his deatb, when deceaaed uked me towrite to his mother; he saM, Mtair ? Demuntur. " Who is that man?" I answered, I don t know" and be replied, " He and another man want to rob me " ho did not know what be wits talking about, being evidently out of his mind; did not see him again ? "nlntoit Mehrens sworn-1 keep a boarding house tor i if.. w.u r street I nave been .u this busi ness four veare 1 have not yet been indicted tor keeping I shss Th? z r wTi ^ sw % dcUar due bill ot his, which was payable to Mary Obiected to. Counsel states that be la aorwus wshow that as executor under the will, Kearney drew $1,80C from the ravings bsok, snd paid Mary ?D|* ? ?{J^ and kept $1,000 givlr g only a due bill, which at her death he possessed himaeir of. Allowed to ihow the dlspoiitlon ot a w 11, If any, a* tending to show collusion in the willmaklng. fruBAH T kotv nothing of the note. q. Did not Tom Bairy uve with Mary after Charles 6*c'b)eciedlto and disallowed at this stage. Gasthijy S kept t ?e or alx women boarders in his house *' David"Slasher, sworn?I am a waterman; kBevrde ceased wel'. be said in his last lllnesa that he wanted to prcvl le for Mary to hu will. sothat she cou.d r^wnto he'wanted 'by his' r"allt I signed the will aa a witness; .vosHved in t > A I hsd no connection with the lemale boarders: it wss a porUr and boarding house, and I suppose it iweuld ^Bfrallv cilled a houi6 of wortllotlw, M that ii whit iucVplawBS are < ommonly calfed was when I went tnere, in Ivcember, 1IM, Mary l*?? bus railed mo in to clsau the gutter, v. oich was fro/.an ] d;d I and Augusthuya drunk .a tte barroom^ he wsxied aie to take cars of him, and I remained there Jot*1 a'criere sworn?1 Weep a Fetich and German boarding bous-; 1 knew Char e? Gasthiya; I was .cry^to iimate w th him; 1 have ksown Mary I'emecos tor two ISdehltt|?ir?; Charles never toM me that Mary was j?v relation to him; she told me that she wai not, I al ways raw Charles Gaathuys twice a wet. ; I a glass cf bier with him; be always spote to me .n Flem^ tfh Charlea told m? in the barroom one day tb.t Siary wns k ba'l wtman, a prostitute, and conducted beraeU SldlT wlU? 1 eter and Panl: he said thai tnev disputed in Klvmvh: that Mary accused him of being drunk, *c^ Charles De^r spoke to me of hi" retative? o Belt um, b WednesdUT, th? -2d ol February; I saw torn the Mc nday previous he^as loolish, out ol Bis head, waa talkirg to himteli in Fl-mteh .?k.u pin. *??,cow?, dog, A: Vi&ry van in tbe room wlih h?m;ibc hi? drill with a spoon; b? did not rtcogni?e me, nor even m?v Marv said to mc in hs presence? ?Iio yo'i think there ir fever in bU headV 11"} think sc. acd h. is foolish too " she tb?n wept, and I h rnt away; I i.ould no longer endure her weeping, she hsd toid me belor? th* day, if I would go to the Consul ?Sd get him to <ira? a will m ber favor, she woo Id give me two dollars. ah? added, if the Coasuli -?u-d not do ;be bcsiness. she woold go to an A man-an tawy and set It dore. ! went with her to a J- rench aad German c Wall atreet to get a will nade tor '-barleat 1 noV.rme-^er it lawyer, name, the b-m. or tave usbia name; we first wen. t" tlve iielgiaB . ( dsuI' Mai v told him abe wanted blm t>? make a wtl. ler ^asthvy's, as he was at he potct ol death, the c?a_ anl was ic another room hla secretary oe eg told the r umner of the pla- e. said it was a dl?graceiul nouee, that ha would no' go there to make a will, and that It ?? not bis busia'sa. then he told me to go and And be save bcr tbe name of one: the nsmoer of hw ofcoe was U Wal' street; 1 went there, we asked tor the 'awver but he waa aot to; Mary then told me she did MiUUu; I L"dr?,J?olS,?; bar buaino>a with an American lawyer, 1 law Cbarle* Gaathuys live or ai* days before that, be had not cuito lost hla senses; he apokc to ma In Flemish, aaid he wM veTy sick 1 encouraged bim said we would go to Belcium togvtoer, he ism he would pay my passage, wrnt to tee Charles Gaalhuya every three or tour disys Marv lived with him to my knowledge, for two years anil afflf- she attended toe bir when &-?. ya waa busy abe kept the money when I was there bar terms of con nation with him'were thow of hu, wile (m /???) Charles told me be brought ber over fromB^iun^but did not ?av in what rela loo. or for what purpose I onrervedthe, bad lived wr* weU toge^er attorwar^ thi-v had d^ipul?i> the ba?in?M of Charw? ever vnee I koew bim was ke?|tog a b^ ^e l^ve bw tbrre In the evening U> dance, but never to sleep, Chwtan lisstbnys kept four women 1 danced witn a t.erman w^man once; 1 took ber the e twice, she lived in Grwn _t/-h atrM-t 1 do not know the number; I saw Mary lour rr flT^ attor the de^th of Charles, abe told me of hla death and nothing more. O'-i. 4 ? I DeDtiytte, aworo:?Sometlmea I go to a?a and aomatimee work aiong abore; 1 am 36 year* of ?go ud married; I live at 10* Rooaevelt atroet, I am a native of Belg ud; 1 kntw Cbarlea Gaatiuya for Bvs y?are prevloua to bin daub, I have known Mary Demenua lor two and a half yeara Charley kept another bouae of tbe aame > od lor three moatba, and tben gave it op; be waaveiy ii.Umate with me, be uaed to apenk to me of wbat be wonld not apea* to any one elM; he told me the rraaon be gave up that plat e waa that he could not Uruat M'irj aod1'?m the barkeeper together CUa'ley ?uinl'.e habit of going on a apreo tu ice a month, II laeted from tw to aeven tela; be told me br had a alau-r. Mary Itarbe. at b< tr.e, ol whom bo iho ghl cry rauih, M raid Mary IV menua waa nothing to him; be wlahed be bad broaglit a.a * later, icatead of the lattar. to thia country; that he thought of going home lor niiatater; be aent money to ber occasionally, I waa with dereaaed aevtn daya before l>la death; be wanted me to write to hia tiater; I told hlna I could not writ*; aaked him to let Mary write tor him; be aaid he would not let her know hia bustnea*. I went to aee h,m every dav after that until h<< ned. on UM xllthda he told mc I ahould have that moaket in tbe room If ba died : that ! tnuai let no one elao get It; Mary waa aniiou* to know f I thought he would recover: Charley aald ti me ec that da;-, ' !>on t >ou M tiiat woman -?-anoint- thereat my feet?will you not try to get ber awe*?" I told him iMtW M ?oman In the mom, be rei>,;ed, ' Ob! rapfNMVM 'nn't her, but I aoe ber ' IjpNUMM taw after tbat. ami be did not anawer me, then be railed for Mary twice; when ah* enter d, he aaked whore ibe bad been, abe replied tbat ahe waa taking money at tbe cooMer; " Is tbat devil n there aga or" aa.d Charler be meant Tom, tbe barkeeper Mary aaid be wan not?tbat it waa another pcrnun, alneud of 'harley'e. Onarley waaM the man to come up, but did not know him when be en tered, Mary told tbe man Chin ley did not know what be waa doing; aald peraon tald he,did not ..now what tc think of it. I saw Charley neit day. aaked hlaa bow hi waa. be rained hia band and wared It beforebti face, bnt did not apeak; tben I aald, "Charley, wbat do yoc mea?-" he aaid to me, "What do you want here*'' 1 told htm I bad <ome to aee how he waa; be aald he waa worae; I t-B roar aged htm; he then took hie wn ck Irom under hia Ilea I ?nd l?>keiiat t, and Mid, "la flre^tnintitea more I'll he gone, lor they are waning toe me, larked wbat be meant by "gone," be aaid, 'uJou'l fo<j ate thai r.arr age mending there, with lo ir wblte h-iraee tarnraaed iu it V tben he aaked me .f 1 would rid* With htm, 1 told him I ha I not lime. and did not aw any carriage ready; he aald, "lionlyoa aee it? there ? the driver coming to give me hta band and belpmelnt' the carriage." I bH my bead, and becan to laugh Charley a eye* were aln-.oat like thoae of a wild man; Mary aiwaya fUtewad me In w ion I went to see Cna'ley, and waa preaent dating all tbe converaation .Vary told mc in tbe barroom that ahe did not think he could lire muct lr raer, and when 1 eald the aame, abe began to cry. Witneaa croea examined;?I beoam < acquainted wtUl (? harky by going to hta bonae; I uied to viaittnch eita olltbmente when I ti rat came to thin country, I went here and he would not let me come away, bat kept mt wo or three dayi; h< wai jealona of Mary and the bar i eeper. Tom. Mary and Charley kept the ac^onnta toae iber, Mary drat took charge of the money. Charley Ire quentiy talked of aending money to hia "later, ahowe< me the orrt'<ra, ke ? I -it hlra on tbe fourth day pro ioua to bla death between 3 and 4 P. M.; 1 apokc to htm, he did not answer, but turnel away frotr tr ? on the tliird day I aaw him, he did not apeak but mot,' ned wdh bla hand for me to go away. he looked a> If there waa not moc.h llle in him; he a hook hia hea<' when I aaked him tf he could apeak; on the aecond day I looked in but did not apeak to him. Mary told me If he died ahe would retnrn to Belgium and not continue hta establishment; ahe wept about hia ati kneae, Vi. Charley died In the bar room; he waa very intimate with me never told mo he would give Mary anything in his will. atnperlnr ( ourt. Before Hon, Judge Duer. Ol. n.?fVt. StHkfr cmd amrthrr r< tht pririd**, it* of ttr lhr*n'k Werrf Hank ?Thla waa a rait for damagea anaUine.1 by the plaintiff* in ffon"e?|'ieo-a of the non payment of n note lett a Ith t?e oapk tor collection, bnt not pa'd, Mt rough the alleged negligence of the de fendante n m notifvtnr th? part e? The i.tfw dlamlaaed the e.>mp'%ln', on the ground that the plamti 1? had given no evidence that tney had itia alnfd any Icaa by th? peglfencf of tt? tart.