23 Ekim 1856 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

23 Ekim 1856 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 7359. MORNING EDITION-THURSDAY, OCTOBER 23, 1856. PRICE TWO CENTS. A GRAND RALLY AT THE OLD WIGWAM. Democratic Ratification Meeting at Tam many Hall. Enthusiastic Eiidoriemcnt of the Regular County Ticket. Fernando Weed for mayor, Abraham D. Kw ?eU for City Judge, Richard Bnstoed for Counsel te the Corporation. Bdward C. Wert Nominated for Judge of the Sa* preme Court, in place of Janes B< w Biting. A Bit or ? Row?Thr I.lbhyUn Put Out ?ntl Cru?htd oati VICTORY Of THE REGULAR NOMINATIONS, 4c., Ac.. &o. The democracy assembled In very Urge numbers at Tammany ii*U to ratify tbe regul*' city and county tick et, and let off a lttUe superfluous enthastnim In relation to tbe Pennsylvania election. H?re Is the call:? Masj Misting.?The democratic: republican electors of llie cl.j aii'l oouuty of N< ? 7>rk, who we lie :faxor ol die regular nominations atd general, ,rt> nre requi'stedui meet at Tami^iu> Hall, on Wednesday awnta OtLJ* at7e'eloM| t- dltmi-poae of hearing the report ei ibr City and County kouihmS^ Convention*. aul to ratify the nominations of Major, CVy .fudge, Counsel to the OorpOmt'ou. and Uevernoi of the Alius House. The following ?peak< ?> haN e bceu invited to attend - Bi?n?. Hoo. John Kellrjr. Hoi Daniel R Sickles. Hon W ? Mar far, Hon. hlijah Ward, Hon. Hrnrr Murphy, ?' T- . joJiaii Mithii land, S. C.. Hon. George Taylor, Ur Philip Merkle, Dr. Wm bchirmtr. Eon araatus Olover, Ren Horace F. Clark, JJ^n John Wheeler, Hon W Authon, C. U. Bracket!, lay. uon " ' nits. H HINU, Chairman. Htwm. Otc.oop,) Pec', THOMAS BI7BNS, , Paiaica Co?ut, $ Chairman Sub ( ommluee. Tbe usual adjuncts of a Tammany meeting?? brass band, plenty of banners, bontiros, and a large number of ibe unteriitttd?were not wanting on this occasion. CuiBita H Ki.\0, Chairman or the Committee or Ar rangements, called the meeting to order, and nominated forPmM.at B UAH , pcir,r Mr. 3ca\ Cukhihton nownatod tbe following Vice Pre* aldentt-.? . tyardi. I - Joseph itlaokburn, Samuel C. Auld. a ?Bobt. C. Montgomery, Charles P. Brown. 3 ?Morgan L. Harris, Hugh L Orozter. 4 ?Thomas W. Sheridan, Patrick Merrtr.k 6.?Jobu D Dixon, H nry A Hoffmlre. ?.?Henry O'Keefe, W I lam Mills. 7.?Oi.andoG.-ay, Robert rremper. 8 ?.Dr. Wm. Sohirmer, Jihn K. Wneipley. 9?9. A Conorer, J?nn M. Thorn. 10.?Daate Ward, Pen* Parks. iL-Audfew Mills, John 4?dor?o?. IS ? Ba/tlett Smith, Ricoard F. Carman lS^-fb llp Merkle, ?'ot*r Mltehell. 14.p?Jamta Lynch. John McDonald I I Chariee Hamilton, Willlstu !>iyt lg Jeremiah K Carey, Wtlllan C. J7.?Iredrric R. Lee, Bimtt. l lr. Jr 18 -iww; C. Pentz. F' ler ck i 11?.?Ansoa Herrlck, Thomas W a/soa. : ->0 ?Cet William Menck, Jai.es Moore. 21 .Tetiah intberlan.l, James Murphy. Hi ?W'.Uiam A. Stewart John Wilson. The Jol.owing named etarlee were nominated by Mr. ftn ?*t> J. Clash WanU. irarii. l.-MsrX Creijler. M ?Jobs M'Artbur. 1.?JsB'i Watton. 13 ?John C. fraser. 3.?Dan.*. Mooney. 14 ?Kdwto Nichols. 4 ?Henry Idols ah* 1&.?\dlchael 8mUb. y-JtmtJ Clark. Ifl -Jerretl Oltaoa. 5 ?Beorga M'Kinloy. 1,.?E Mall ally. 7.Zwill.am Cayte. 18?Jsmes Murphy. n -*? orge G Darnard. 1? ?Wtiimm Gwdneart. 8 _r W Ptaixr ode. W -Daa'el D. Ksaatfy. 10 -.Samuel T. Webster. i?l ?J ones Mahony. 11 _Th?mai Abbott. Kl ?Christian Fisher. All these nominations were rati fled By tbe meeting. On taking lbs chair, Mr Pea: t Uumked his fellow de mociftl- lor tbe booor they had c inferred upon him. u pleasant to presfe crer the democrat* la tbM old hall. The meeting here were always fratk, fre i and epsa?characteristic of the democracy ol New York It was pentlarly gratifying in tb.s campaign, with such standard bearers aa Buchanan aad Breckinridge, with the msre aad high minded Parker, to lead the desasiracy Of tae I mplre State. And tkon there wai Fcrnaalo Wood?(ct'*r*)?the bold, fcarleea leader of the city de bum; (land applauee ) Toe Tact that he wai a baaed proti l thai be had aometbing good la him. Again thank ing the meeting tor the honor conferred a poo him, Mr. Purdy retired. CM R.xima, coming forward, eaid he Van happy to tee th? calcrritled her to night Ho bad a propoeitioo lo arbm.i It was thia : James R Whiting bat remgaed hu office aa Judge of the 9uprcm- Court of thia State Tbe Ka?V So'.t.ogs. he bettered. were going to run a candi date for that ? ">ce It waa eail mat the election would be ef co arall, but they ba t better be on the aato aid*. at) Be wtebeu to aubmlt the name of a aound rat?a competent men aad a gentleman. (Cbeera ) 1 pr >porf i.sw, ?nl<! he, that we make onr nomination by aorlaaaaUou 1 nominate Edward C. Week aa the saadi datiiai tho m'bccritic party far theoffloe of Jodge ol the 8up?eme Court lie aom nation waa greeted with appiauae, aad on the qtutlloi being out it waa carried by anolamatlon. Mr. Ham ai Osi.ood tame forward to read tbe re<<oiu Uosi, an1 proceed*d aa followa Meeotred. That the demorrata of the elty and eoimty <if Nrw York aeermbledai tbe preet-nt aiixpfetoni m?menl, to ratify Ibe lor,>i c>oniina<i<>ne <t th-lr parly, rej'rice In (he op portunity a"ordid Ib?tn of offering ihelr ilncsr' oougratula final, aod exi>re?elnK heir enthtniltsUc eympathr with iheir brtlhei 11 In tVuiteylranla. Indiana Missouri. Arkanui Xorth aril aoiiUi Carolina Ohl , Tr ue and Connecticut wkene reeem .i:obie triumph* urer tho combined fmree of eeettooa'.ini and fanat.ri?n. present the surest Index of the app.-oarlii ig national tic toe r which ah?!l eterai? th<>*?- greet nweemen aid patrtota. ,'amr* I! irhanaa and John O. Bre?k inrtrffce, lo the !*rr?i.i?ney and Vise i'mideacy of U) foiled Mfrt (AppUum.) ?retired. Thai ih>- detnorrv* < i the lute of New Vork are rledgMw- to be behind bar.d in thecoming etrlfte against the ruea?i>*i/tl>e I nil* and the r< us?;' ntton htil,?U) atrain ever/ nerrr te ptwtfy their Wtaie government lr.?m the blare repub I loan elem? ?U which .li?*r*.-.' it. ?n4 will Sleet Amau 1. Paraar, .UUii \ underbill, John I-. Huarl. Ma'ihew T. Hren ?aa sol Uur*;io <>. Wmn> r. to the oflloea for whinb they are candidate*. and far which th< jr are so admit ?bly liued by ilMrii I k s i an4 political eharaetar. (AwHi| Meeolved. Ibat we are prmid to preaent io theeuflrraee of Kan.* r?uiotir eltiretie ,f"r rr-elNrtion to tho oltiee o< vt, Ibe houorvd naran of feraaodo Wood, a gaaliruiao At tbi? point there waa load cheering In frost aad on the right o< tho rhalr. On tbe eitrene left, however, a small avniber of malooatoata gave three cbeera for Ijbby Max o* ran Pi Anonn?Three checra Air Fernando Wend?Svrra' hurra' hurra' and a tiger. Orro'-Tiom os tun Larr? Now, three tor Uhhy?hurra m MP be?? Mr OmodimI will pro-?od with the reeolutlona. Tbe CafaaAK?Are yon ready tor tho qaeeiioa' Void <?* i m Lin?No?no?three cbeera for Ubby? bam' M.?5 <r> rrra PtATroaa?Three cbeera tor Fernando W?e<V which were gtrna with a via. tbptein Rtsn(to the Uhairmaa)?Pat tbe qiieetioa ;-K !V ? >ti0B. tbe C.iAiUMAN?fellow ileaaorrata?(grand row oo the ??eft?few tberrator Libby?m?re ebeera aad tigera lor Wood ) Rttoiw?Put |,the queetioa?aow. (t\fat cbocra Ibr Ubhv. tad mere eathueiaetic cbeera for Wood ) Tbe CaMtMAJr?1 (ta't?fellow <'amor rate, I hare tbe f>leaai re to Valradace to you a tried demorrat?oae whose yf O * " -i ? act?o> ot tua Ijtn?Now give tbr?e good oaea tor Ubby. Hp' bur Three entbualaati cbeera tor Wood ware then given The Cv traiA*?one wboa- roice la always heard with Meat' re?tbe Boa. Joha Molly Mr. Km oame torwardamid mi.<h conTustoa aad lo id gheart for Wood aad Uhh*. Two**" ,f. HrKOAT) la nail; ?tio ahead John, they'll "MonTctoeem tor Wood aad tow a tor J 'bby, Nymptoma Of a gght?me mlaortty of the left growing daeperate OatMueo 4l ahead . tbrr? are not more than thirty of Ibeaa, (the left?the Ubbyftea.) and they're all boya At ieagth Mr. Mbut waa board to aay ?We hare mat Mara, fellow daaaecrata, tor the purpose of raurytng tbe ?oaafaatlort made by the demorraey of thia rity, and srhile 1 see there la dtaarntlon on my left, la regard t* the gantloman drat named, (Mr. Libbr.) they rertaialy must admit ibat that gentlemaa la outalda of the regalar demo craMe party, (Cbeera tor Ubby?counter cheere for Wood ) It la oar duty to anpport regular nominal<oaa g"Tbrra rherrs tor W.xid." oppoamg roinaa?"I.eaTe Waad out.'' "No. ao." Great uproar aad ooaraatea). The CtunuiAN, coming forward at thia Juncture, atked tears la any a word Was it possible, ha asked, that democrat* oonld be touad la Tammany Hall, who would not bear Mr. kellyf ("No.") Was beaot entitled to their oonOdene* and atlennon0 ("Vea.yee.") Hear him then |?Wawin." "No, io." "IM Wood be left out," ka.) * Mr. knur, resumiag-If you beleat to tbe doaao. eratx* party you moat admit that, according to tbe uaage thai party, Fernando Wood is the regular aomlaao. f'Tbrre cheers far Wood?Hnrrs" "Thrre cheers for Ilbby?Hi.rra, hurra, hurta'") How baa thai no Mliial? l>oea brought about* (Volcee?"By fraud." (treat trfta"**??"cn csatostoa.) The tarn' comm'tiee who a^mieatsd feraaodo Wood, nom'ae.tei a loo Mr ssd m tt wss. too, srtth Mr. Ms ?Mr frnrnmim w? Grubbyj w?w, I My that no good democrat will cone I*to th'a building and rata* a disturbance at tbta Una. (Voices?"Put Per. naado Wood out.") If you de*tre to auataln Jame? 8. I.lbby, (O to the poll*. (Voices?"No, no.") Now I maintain Ibat Mr wood baa received his nomination re gularly. (Cheers and groaos. Voices?Y**, air.'' ' No, no, no.") If there baa bean any underhand work by himself or hla friends lo secure bis nomination, I am igno rant or tt. A Vim a?He U a Know Nothing. (Hurra') Mr. Kiij.y?We mum adbera (o regular nominations Fernando Wood baa been tbe ohiet magistrate of tats city lor years, and wbat derogatory act ha* be ever com mtttedf Uaa be usei that office tor the benefit of the Know Nothing or lepubllcan parties/ (Voices?" No "no ") Fernando Wood Is not a new member of tb democratic party. (Volcaa??'He'a a Know Nothing.' Renewed uproar and confusion ) But now the opposltio Is got up against him tn tnU hall, thereby doing not oni an tn.justice to Fernando Wood, but to tbe democrat! , party generally. ['?Three cheers for Fenian lo Wood?hip, hip, hur ra " "Three cbet rs for Lift by?hip, hip, hurra." ? Three groans for Wood?boo."] Mr. Kki: v?This la wbat disgrace* the democratic party. (Cberra and groan# ) As I.vaiviM Ah on thh Sfr-swi*?Thoae Ubby men are alt irixth avenue Kallroad men. (Groans for Ubby aad i heirs lor Wood. Counter manileatatlons lrom the oppo lite wlojr.) Mr. Kklly?No good democrat will come Into thla bail knit raise disturbance* in it. [Voic ?x?" Put out Wood." "Three cheera Tor Far 1 atdo Wood?bip, blp hurra "] Mr. Kk.iv?There la not only Mr Wood at stake, but there are other individuate at stake, not only in tbe county and Stale, but throughout the country. Yon tbould, at all event*, not attempt to pat down tree speech ?n this hall. You Lava a Governor to elect in thla State, aid aPxsideut , Ucie Mr. Kelly was again interrupted by renewed do monytratiou* from the Libby faction. The Wood men CM Id atan< it no longer, but ranei th<* cry of " Turn tii m out." immediately there was a ruib made on tbe Ubby faction. For a few moments they wire able to (stun the current and opaoee force to force. During that interval there waa a splendid i-ceie of thumping, klck'ng, shoving abd itber amiable violence.. The I. bbyiiU gave as much ae they took. Rut. ttnallj, the atieogUi ol num bcra preral.'cd, and tbe Llbb> Uu were forced to the door a. d moved gently do?n tne ctairnol Tammany Hall Tbe Wooditea came back Uu-bed witn victory, and yelled and hurraed lor *?voiaJ minute*. Peace wai csnquered, liiid now might tbe Bpcak.-rBOf the evening eauacia .c their seutimeuta without Interruption. Mr. Kiuv again eeea.eu t> take up tbe threid of hi* dlscov.rte He waa sorry to tee sucb violence neces sary la Tammany Hall But when men were so injudi cious af tlWHW h .re an J ate mj t to create dmaroance, I* ty muat cx^e<;t to >>e treated as tbey deserve!. 1 here waa *1111 another attempt In reaerve. All tbe Lib bj lien It would seem had not been turneU out. The rem nant here made hi; up, and wera immediately pounced up. on, burr ed forward to the door, and Impelled down the stair*. Pence being thus restored, Mr. Kkuy resumed :? Would lUcj, be asked, go into a meeting railed lor the purpose of raiifjlng tbe nomination of Mr. LlOby by bis tilends, and cudeavor to create disturbance in it? (No, sot at ail; ot course tbey would not ) The Libby men oad acted wrong, and deserved the < ensure o! all good c.Uztns. It wu* not ouuugn to t ome Into a meeting and iliturb it, but tbcec individuals ba.1 gone inlo an outside party. ((.nan* for Libby.) All tleeo axu;alions brought i?a:nst Mr. Wood by his enomlej wc o untrue, and ?. ouid not be brought up bere What had ho done in b * ciiicial petition preiudictal to tbe party' (Nothing ) The othir candi-lates oo tbe tlckot hat re reived the ramo nomination as Mr. Wood had. Ho knew Mr Russell a long t me He knew him in the (Jays ol the lativu American party, in 1844-i, and had then heart* li<m burling bis anathemas against tbe party.? (Cheers.) Whether he bad cbatgnd bis principles sine* ib*n be f Mr. Kelly) did'not know. (Voices? ''He bai not.") If Mr. Wtod was j ta good democrat be wruld not bate .ectlved tbe nomination. He la no* the no ro.jee ol ihe democratic party of tbi< city, an.l it wm i.'ieir duty to sustain him (Voices?"We will.") As lo Mr ;tvteod, ha raid? (cheers)?be has grown up amoug | j > uuil ra_(xl htmaJif lrom the hum?le paths of Ufa. ' If ' ey elevated b'.m to Ue potllion be sought, tbay i never regret It. (Cheers ) As all thesi can c i ate* were on the raoae ticket. be ad viae j tbe democratic party to go in and auataii them ("Wo WR?Mr Msioncy, ttac candidate far Almshouse Governor, hal always bees a coasirtent democrat. Another'individual la the crowd here nude some oHmisire demonstration, aad was immodiaUly pounced " upon and driven out or tbe hall. It appeared be waa a German, tn favor or Wood, and erred only In ignorance. Mr Kim v, resuming atked them to ace whether theae nominations were procured by lraud. It did not soap pear. Fernando Wood wet the nominee of the party in tbta city? (Ibr** cheera lor Fernando Wood)?and so wer* tne gi atlcmen named uo me ?ai.ie tiokot, aad it wu Ui?lr doty toaupprrt U>e wbnietoket. A You r?Tbe tlcaa. the whole ticket, and nothing but tbe ticket, by tbe Eternal (Good.) Sir. Kaii v contin .ed?Any person who sought a noml nation outaide of tb* democratic part , as Mr. Libbv bad ucnc, waa not la tbe party, aad should bo lieaied at an outsider. Another a disc reel individual be'ng atill left, nil, *' Its aot (O " There was immediate)/ a rush made uoon that indlvM'tl, bt'Captala Kyi nr ? ctmc for* >rJ *lJ ad vlted the Kin!liLla n H to eat the man op. H < ?u Lot eaten up nor put ou', bat allowed u ste;?" U>o Us* rote 01 summer " Mr. i%; r, cont.DLln,;?A few wccWj s*o it m evl U :it that the UrsocriM party of the coautry ?m id danger. but tbe Ar?t good newt that cimc wet rrom tbe Wateol l'?rn?yiveuta-(cbecra;>?nod the reverberat: >n reacted !n<i.*na tod ea? m bood '.'ack. (I'boer* ) That iciTs then renewed confidence la the perpetuity of tbelr heloved co.otry Republican tdjaa, wh?n they wera fl'?t alerted, (corned to gam bold on I be public mind; but when r< tct:<o camc tbr pec pi* rebuked tiimo mho bad attempted to derive tber (Cheers ) There hare been but two occarons, be tad, whec ant: d-taocrat'x cani! date* were chosen by tbc peup.-j, and the laws passed r.ndtr Ibelr elm.olitra icn were always repeal-xl wb 'D di mocrsey ajan 4ntr into pov.er. if* oomm icded lb* adminltireuon ef Pranklla 1'icrco. H* bad doae every tbtPx b:< ptwer to ca/ry out the trne principles of tbe poreftrjinot (Cberr* ) l et tbem rxaufee lb* hlitory of Kranklln rierce's administration, and plate their On ger on one act o< it derogatory to Uie prlnolp'e* of tbc gevernmeat The Kansa* Nebraaka btll w?i based on fair and equ.tabU principle*. and tae President acted do terni aedlj and prop* rir in lb* enlistment question. Here tber* waa another ruth la the direction of tbc door, and tor tome lima there wan mucfc confu Ion, but It wan put an eud te by the approach of Cap*. Kvm>ctui who said?All tbat diiturbane* arose In.m the Tact oi my having left tbc atand to got a drink, (laughter.) Mr. Kri.it, returning?Eulojt<;>"*l the character or Jaa. Bi eiacan Mr II, and Ibo venerable I,ew1t Oa??, (<-tjo?r for Cat?.; were tbc ooly link* connecting tbem w:tb the great men of the Brat ball of the ceniiry, luc> cot Id not but recogmzc the wisdom of tba Bum nation* mad* at Cincinnati They had given the pocplo .lat. B .obtna-i. pore an 1 spotleoa. (Cheers.) And the people won! 1 m?k? i, m ihr - lr-?ident Tbl* re*ilt wonld r**tore confidence to th* country. and teach tba South that the popular mind wraa *outd oa toe prlncipte oi aquaUer ?o?crclgnty (obeer ) Waa It reasonable to auppoaa that a northern man shoii.d bv prevented goto; w'tb hts property lain any of the Tirrltntfr*'' fhsae priei ipiea bad been a?'Uteri ataee 1?I0 but they t ad d*t>r yet tooceeded La overthrowing the coutita tion (Cheen ) Mr. Kelly reviewed the Missouri com promt** question aad aalogtaed the ptlarlple of squatter aovtrelgmy. While the repahheana pretecded to hav* tuch sympathy with the ataee*, let them caat their eye* o\ er New York, aad sea th* Ufa of mleery lad by the poor working aiaa They had no regard for such. The rc puh'icartf would not go to the poor man'* bonje acl aak him whether be wa* tick or tn want. ("No no ") Nel tl<*r did they asprea any tympatby for the poor colored people at Ibe North. Tbe only aympaUiy *bown to th?m w?a by It* demoerat.c party, (t'baan.) Rut tnaaa re publleana cared nothing alter all about tbe slave All their pr.acip.e wa* ho*t:Uty to Uie democratic party. All the iama of Ue country were arnt) ed aga.aat Uie demo rracy (or tbe purpoee oi breaking It dowa. (A voice, "1 hey tan t do it ') There repr.b! cant never made a tingle attempt la Coagreee to repeal tbe Mteeo'irl com promlae, but a btll waa brought la by Mr Dcsa. of Indlaaa. allowing ?la very ,a the Terrttorlee nil ISM, aad every repnbli'ian member nf th* Boa?e <>f R?pre*enu Uvea voted for It; hut the ttrnate fonad It to be wrong in prlac.pl* aad in action, ai.d laid It oa th* ttble. The rieaate, however, thvught that If tbe?* repubHeant were sincere they werld give tbem a (hie btll. Tnsy gave ttean a btll repealtBtiall the Territorial lawa of Congret* ?a bill which even Bale, of New Ilampeblre. eulogized? but the republican* la the Boute of Representative* laid It oa the 'able, aad Kaataa la now, a* aba waa before, in a disturbed a*'l disorderly ooaditlen. It wa* aot Ue d* tire of th* repnhlicaaa to tettle the Kaneaa qtiaatioa. Ttiey wished to keep It open aa aa etactioneerlag dedge. Sat the people bad foaad them out Km.ai hart bled beraa'J to death, aad these republican* had died aloag w.th her It waa plaia that th< dnmorra to party la the next Bejte of Hepreeentativra would be la a majority, and with a democrat!* merrily ta the Hen ate tbev wmiKI Ftttle the question thirty aad satisfactory. (Appiauae ) The repub. caas bad a stmag saell of Kaow Nothing tarn all the time the** Know Nothlcg* had all dtaap roared from the political stage. They were bnrrled and degraded ia the eyes of all good Llrtola* people. (A voterNever to ris* agaia, ) la ceaclnatos, be urged (hem to be true to the rofnlar nomination* of the party. The grrat democratic party of the city wa* firmly united to vole for nothing ovtalde of their regular aoml nation' If the friend* of any Individual not aoml rated deatred to raise tbelr favorite t) tbe po sition ha lonaht, sUll they should not do an art to Inlure the great demonratle. party. (Cheer*) It was aeoeeeary ttat th* electoral vote of Mow York ?feonld be threwa for teat noble, that generous spirit, .fames Buchanan, of Tenaeylvaala. (Cbeera ) | The (hAiMMpnett latroduaad to Um meeUsc, Mr. John P. Jordan, of North Carolina, who made aa eloquent ap peal for the oonstltatlon aad the Taloa. Mr. B. R. Pnam** waa ne*t introduced ta the Mating, a? cite of the merchant prlace* of Now York. They were approaching, h* Mid, on* of the moot trjporvuit election* that had ever taken plane In tbe conitry. There never waa a time whaa it waa more Important than It was now for every lover of hw country tq exert hlmaelfl to give a quietus to the fanaUcHm which waa rampant Ukrongh the country. If they would ro-.it the doatow of agitation they must buckle on their arvnor and labor gtrennmisly. They were called upon hy -jertlonaltsta to forfot the glo riee of Uie el,I democratic, banner aad the holy nag of tbe I nl"u?(\ o'oea?" Nev?r, )_that tlag which had so of tea e?rve-t the arm rf. the petr'ot and Ineptrad the heart fit thd MMM. Ba called opon them to tUad by that fa? Though ior4 it still waa fiylag. *a< *till waa free dPtf# (caeart) u they trrtd, ttay woai4 wt | with Washington and Jefferson, tad Clay and Webster. (Applause.) There were perioda In the history cr men ?ad nations, whan ii became the duty of all good patriot* to atap forward and do their duty In battling for the true faith. Thta was auch a time. BecUonahem and fanati cism were the order or the day. AboilUonlita and sec tionalists in the North ware soon arrayed agaiaat their brethren of the Kouth. Ha could tall uapt. Beechar and Mr. Greeley that the Southern nan were not the cut throala they repretented them to ba. Ha called upon the democracy to uaa every poeaible eftbrt to defeat the sectional party. He called on them to rally under the democratic banner and never to forget the illuatrious names of Jefferaon and Jacluon that rtand like beaoon Area on every page ?' national tutory. ("No.") The election of James Buchanan would cruah misrule and dlaunlon from the land, and ir he could read the signs of '.he tlmea aright, the fourth of November would consign the woolly borae to a grave ao deep that the crack of Capt. Utecher'e rifle could not reach him. (Laughter and applause.) He oould not close without saying something in favor or Richard Buiteed. He promised that if Mr. Buateed was elected to the of floe he sought he would reflect credit on tbe party. He was known as "Glorious Dick," and would stick to his trtenda Hscioaeaa the ladled ablrt of Neseus. As to llr. ltus reil. he waa one of the beet men that he had ever known in his business. (Cheer*.) Mr. 1'prklns retired, and there were calls for Russell. Mb. Rurp>:! i., nomlO'M ot the domoor?tlo party for the oflice of City Judge, came forward la response to the call. Ho Raid (here r ever wan a period which required miU united action ou tbe pirt of th* democracy as the present period There never before had been, as there v. oa now, a party which looked towar-lj the diaaolutlon of the Union. The convention at which Mr. Fremont was nominated was one at w blob tbe republicans of the North were called to mer-t, making It entirely a sectional catty. They coalesced with George l.aw's Know Nothing; l.n the'republican .party ww, in point of fan, not only tepubllcauji but Kr'ow Nothings. He beliived that taa adapted citizen had exactly the time rights iu> the nata .? n! bora citizen. (Ilurrah.) Tuese republicans forgot ? hat the country owes much of her gr?a*ne.-? to immi grants. (CheerH.) Be would now speak of himself. He w as nomlaated lor tin oflli.e of City Judge, and ho would tell them his platform. Tea office af OUy Judge waa an important one-that functionary was called upon to uicidc on tho livet and tortunes or his follow nitizwis, hod ttJfo to act ax one of the ConimlsaionorH or Police. Ha i, Ur. Russell) bad voted for Andrew Jackeon, an a had always been attached to the democratic party. Still he tat been churned us being a Know .Nothing. Now. tio did net know much, but hn knew enough to koep Dim (rem being a member of that party. (Oroat laughter.) Klnce hie nomination there reports bad been Widely cir culated. but be Intended, if elected, to mako his aits r peak louder than words. He would never ask where a jssu war born, but wnetbor be was honest and capable, iCheer*.) Tbetta had been alwaja bis seuUmenls. Ho I ad always acted with the democratic party, and now, ?tirr a lapse cl' twenty-Ave year?, he was proeentad for autl'regea (f th? 04 bc oracy. Would tbe democracy sustain him? (We wlit) It required tho ua.ted eilorts ol the democracy to defeat union of republicanism and K jcw N'othiPrfim and temperaacelsm, and all other Isms. Pf uo?>lvanii had killed this union of lsmi, and It would he for New York to lay thorn out and bury them. (Ap plaoaej it. IiuaseM retired, but was recalled by an Individual in the hall, who said? '?Vir. Russell, there's another charge against you." Mr. K' mi?Wnat is it? The QintbTioKSK?Tha'. you said you would not walk ale a by aide with an Iriahman Mr. Rmau,?'Well, all I have got to say to that Is that it Is on iufamous lie, and anybody who asserts it asserts an infamous lie Colonel BiurwrftK'X, of Kansas, was next Introduced. Wlule be was speaking tho Keystone Club entered tbe b'llwHh tr.ufic and banners, and was erthuslaatlcally clicerel. They were having a good time all around, In the way of rhoers and Jubilations, when our reporters left, at 10 P. M The Opera YVnr?A Long Tom from the Latt Max Mnxetzek. B to*, Oct. 31, IMS. J avis ( omiojt Bbn-itt, Esq Drvn Sm?When two parties are engaged In a negotia tion, and one of tbem tinda It to be a bad one, I believe tho usual and only honorable course Is to back out la time. . This Is what l have done la refusing the lease or the Academy-frfupon the terms o"ered by the com. ?arttee; it Is dona everywhere, and Is the utcti Coined' business, no matter what branch of bustnetfs it may be Bet In tb.s Instance t has brought on a newspaper war, in which the friends or ail parties went in, while 1 have remained a quiet spectator until the presint moment Your paper or yesterday contained a communlc&t'.oa signed "OperaGoer," which la an attack upon ray prl ?<iie character; nothing but l'is would hava caused me to 'ay a word upon this a :bj:ct It f* the general belief, a* noli an my own opinion. Ibut the whole bu.inc:-s af an " opvra <:oer,"'fjrovided he is a paying oue) la to see ifcat be gets tho worth or his noney. In this connection I flatter myself that ia over a thousand performances give under my direction in this cor air j, cot three could be aaracl to the contrary As te my private aflalrstbovare my own. and tha Lub Pc care Just aa little whether 1 have h^uaes and lants as they do a bother an; genllcu.au connected with tha A<*a demy o! M<isic, paat or p imnl, tws ma le money by lot lery oj crationt, Invealmt uta la tha alavs trade, or by a aioB"poly In tic gralo market I dtaclalm ah lotcntion of ? (ivpd'it /.or dictation It musical matters. 1 on'y claim tb'i r'ght to conduct my own affair* In the usual way. Thanking tbose who have espoused mv cause so gene rously, I aa, yours reapectfully, MAX MAREYZ'k. COMFLAlVt or A BOARL1NO BOCM RlfEB?LITTKB 1 KOX A LON'K WIDOW, WITH FOCIt SMALL CBILMtOr. New Yobk, Oct. 82,1S&8 Mr. J. V. B^vvrrr, t. tok Of mr \kw YotK Bnuut:? 1'Ijik Sib?I hare teen in j oor raluehle paper, during tbe iMt irsek communlcatlcr* [ran. d.ffcreal pe-tlm reUUre to (be ltkilu 0(?r?; eome tare Jeacnt>eJ the mma. r :a j wt'.ch tLiog* are condixltd bsblnd tho scaccf, oiUora have taktn advantage of the opionuuity to Inform Uie I' iiltcof itl,m they k:ii<? eot.ceru.nK tti<- f> i<rroe. Ac , o' the codtab imin ricj, u you call them. Altogc-.hor. tii< y bare thought It a Bl opprrtxnity to eltow their (kit! i ctler writing, m<1 fare Cmmi d the matter m dome tt g ?cry funny and frlrolo.is Hut. my drar air. 1 * ,?h lo itlo m you tbr ra M a morn aerlot a tlew to be U.-< n 01 llie metier. Ikupui. |<?oubln liuar.i.n* ti > a* i nr iho Academy ?l Mualc; lam ? l?no widow lady, * lUlbur ameil children; rour of my boarder* were em ployod at tho Opera bouae, but ?lme the opera wat (irnien up they have boon out of employ writ, an t, therefore, ursab'e to pay their boa-d tad washing. I do riTt like u> toru tbem away, lor if I do I will be certa.n lolaewl.at tber ow tri<-, which la more tbau I ran a:" r<t. *V>, Mr. f. :lt-?r, if yoa could tell me when we ?r* MO to bare liauaa Opae*. you would (rroatlr obllce A Hi >A KI>I NO HOCSE KEXPKR. T?.E OfEHA II* BOSTON. [From tbe Roaton Courier. Oct 21.) 1 I Trorature " waa glr"n .,?< riigM nv-t anccW-,1'y Tie audit ec- w?* a brilliant on i, Ih p?rq<y?t<e an ! fcal i n ) bolfcgc d plet< :y fill*<1 an 1 al! tbe otii. r pari* of iba C air' ont > t i f a ve'y U-,;c nu-aber of rutt i-.v<tle ? ?le Intra. v?niiek wm warmly freetod on Utkmg I p.ace at iba <ie?k He look* t.one tbe w?r?? for *>.? i t-'raf^o *)lb ll'<-Aoali my ?'? khol.t. p* and hper 1 <l r<'TT nrnr.d orrr tbn "rchenra, (wh'h wa? !*rj? and i ?ip'ient.) *m minif?*l during cy ry part of the Oytrm, asd eejHf i* ly >a tb? :o r Ii ac.. Madame De I a ? ?range, /"??ln-te i'hullpa, r-tgaoll, and Aaiodto, were reoelred * h r-aay e*pree*iooe of pleaa-.'o, and aererml timee on <n-<d LaOrange wa*. a* uaual. apieadH tnroughwn tbe i ??~>*r.r ? I- rom "Iwn I* none ill ir-o rleatb r ? ? o, erery note Ool fhir l llie li*teair?. and In tbe coo (li.von ol '? |i an.r.r aull'all ioa*e ' every breath waa held <h.r fa?oi to t>*D*w"maa made a moat anceaafdl Ita/ardov* aa I waa to ?tn| the t^>rt of Axooeaa to ?a ' re who had heard Veatrad ant lhH,, ?, aba tiia rd't * i ad'i ral't" powrr *rfr tbe flrot low otvaa ,-i. .'r la Tan ja 'n wh>? h ah? ! ?omewhat * r? har-i*t?d, ih?> nwceeded In |tam'.a( tho complete ? aiiafartlop of all her friend* Ti e conpaat and power of her vo'ce, and her perfect command of l ?'taiaeaa, wara etptdally er i lenl 1 > (tro.i eat t'lfatar.y d*fk.tcnt In hla dnrt air, the i,a?*l |o. .? nale <ia tear l<>at Itie la-i.p *< #lb r ba l at ? ted b!? eoioe ?? rio ely. but aa aoon aa e ram* 'or ward eve rything of the aort disappeared, and l e rau : U.e ra'i ol MaorV-o with ireal eliteu He I* a ?r*al PatoT'tr, and waa c*t'ed befne tbe cnrtaln Wa erre |lai lo pKloe a r?ry inarVad tmprorement in bta ?m r.f and the i,.aajT<%af?'|ce e! that I'.etleaanaaa which we bare cnlkod before A medio haa made lh? pari af lha Count bH owe, and

be foil/ ai;?u r.ed hw repautloa Hla reading of "II laltn" waa eery aatiilactory lo Iba audience. I aaparonl ma le a* much aa poea.bla of Iba Infetier character af rrrando, and tbe cborua waa aa good aa a chrjua ought t<> i?e, compoaed of per??aa who have aung t^geib. r lor year* pa?t and are d rr-cled by Maralxek. 1 bla performance of "II Trtrratore" baa aerer bean aurpaeaed here, and If Mgnoil a bow* aa grant improro mrnt in other character* aa be baa la Una. are may aatf c , ale a moat aocceaetul leaaon. fOr the ol'ier perfnrmara ar.- all that car, be deflred. The opera f-.? W?lnc?.lar I I i nritanl, w lb la Orange. Tor the OratUBe.%* K - f% Jervex Clljr PMtUaa. Rtfc auris ? ?On Tuead^y QTenlng tbe re|wl? lima bred quarter* ef Jereey city ware throageii tl waa tbe regular weekly meeting &. tbe repubUeaai. Tha apeaker waa Koharl M IHar, 'A New York. Oa Monday erealng Boiler n Noble, of A'lacenaln. made % apltiM * ad efiectlre *peeeh lo war'xtacmea and other*, al I'arfe Hall. I eat ereaing the Fourth Ward Rapnbllcaa CSob wa* addreeaed by f W. ft-.ndder and Tbomaa H. Bodmaa, at Welwoa* Ball, Iba be ^ ^ cl,b- rm Frl * ft* "'^atlag of '#orklBgmea will be held at Park Hall, to hear '^ereral */orkiagmea of Jereey City llBftDC* of free labor, aa afTbcted by the polincal quean-jaa of ?iie day. The rfocky Mountain OleeClab, of Now York, will be preeeet losing appro pflM# lOllfl Cm*r;mmairAt Noa^oiAnoia.?Tbe rapobltcana of Iba FMih Ocngraaate'^al dlatrlct of New Jereey, oompoaed at Hudaon aad Feaes connUee, met yeaterday at Newark, ard nnmlv.** a mil Hodd, of Newark, tor Ooagreea. la piareofn ,t a.iIY Penntngtrai, who baa realcned. Tbe refold*',,, three partiee In the dl*trtet are -^feoob ^ w'..rteedyke, Of Jrreey C<ty, democrat Fr^d* k n p ^ , of Jereey Oily, American; An '' ? - fr pblkaa FOUR DAYS LATER FROM EUROPE. | Arri\al of the City of Itellimorr at Philadelphia and the Nortb American at Quebec. Important Financial Movement) in Eng land and France. Another Bbe In tbe Buk tf EngUad'i Rate ?f Discount, COTTON ITEM?BBEAD8TU7FS ADVANCING. to., to., to. The steamship City or Baltimore arrived at Philadelphia \eeterday. She brines Liverpool date* to the 8th Instant, tour days later than those receive 1 by tbe I'erala at tbla port. Tbe screw steamship North American pawed Hirer du l>oup? yesterday morning, bound up to Quebec. Bbe also ten Liverpool on tl>e 8tb. Ttao steamer Belgtque left Southampton on the 7th of October, with two hundred passengers for New York, ami a full cargo. The Bank of England bad further advanced its rate of tntereat to 0 per ccnt on two month bill*. The Vtok of England baa advanced ltd rates to aoren per ctut far bills ol longer date than two months, In consequence or advices I rem Paris, on Monday, that the Hack of France bad rtsolved not to admit notes to dis count of more than sixty days, and to limit the advances on public sccuilties to forty per oeat of their value, and on railroad shares to twenty per cent. Tbe Liverpool markets were generally firm, and with out any matena! changc In prises. Parliament had been further prorogued to tbe 18th of November. The latest accounts from Naples state that the King w?r. le.'s dlspcicd (ban ever to make concessions. tbe expedition to Naples was still delayed, although c vents at that capital seemed to leave the Western Powers oo r.lterrative. The rctt'i Parts correspondent writes on Monday even isg: "If I am correctly info-med, despitchm must have reached London, showing tbe necessity of immediately teod'ng vessels to Naples for tbe protect'on of British mi'iccts. There icems no doubt that the police or tho co^it, beaded bj Compagola, have receivod orders to or gauisc the lazzaronl, wttb tbe view of attacking tbe pro pert) of any one wbo may be point fd oat by their balers. Tee lazzaronl of certain quarters or tbe city are said to bavo already received money from the court Baron Mothrenhelm, the Russian Councillor or State, bad arrived at Vienna, w tb despatches from St. Pe tersburg relative to tbe all*'.? or Naples and Monte negro Kustlawlll cot renounce tbe principles or the fioly Alliance, but will endeavor to procure the oo-opera tion of Austria in her Neapolitan policy. Tbe Jirmal tb la Cot* (published at AJacclo) or tbe Suh September says:?Tw<> English steam corvettes came Into our port to day, and bavooriers to wait for des patches to be rec<".vid by telegraph. Other vessels ot tbo same nation arc expected, It Is said, to-day or to nurtow. Tb* Fjijllali \ioe Consnl baa reo?lv*d doi patchcs for the c^uimsnder tf the Duke or Wellington, v' ch katis us to iMiievo that tbe English squadron Will no' be long in arriving. Tbe Paris corres; (indent or the Tx>ndon Tunt says a C< ? jrrcRs will fortbalth assemble In Paris to arrange the difficulties touching the T>armbt*n Principalities. and those between the allies and ku>a.a. U is clearly understood that aa soon as tha Iroatler question is neUled, tbe Aus trian troops will be withdrawn f'om the PrlnctpalUies. r<ne j!??e cf Vod' si ?.* fortify ng hi* frontiers on tbe Pl<iimont alde.tA Cftkf to ?w?t agAJia Invasion from that quarter. * x" ???-?-? ? Our last accounts from tbe Kaat stats that tbs difference between England and Persia was vary far from being accommodated. The representatives or Francs and Russia would make another attempt at reconciliation aa s<r>n as tbe 8bah came baci to Teheran, wbanco he had Bid, for tear or tbe cholers. '.be London /Vf baa tbe 'illowwig:? Co.vi*svra.'KL*, Sept. 29, 1866. An order received by t?)fg>epb Iron London, directs thfc three steamers and six gunboat* shall re enter the P'.iek Sea. Admiral I.yous remains hsre. Tbe rallaay of tbe Euphrates has been definitely eon ceded to an Loftllab company. It la stated that tbe majority of tbe Commissionsrs for tboliannbisn prtac.palttlea have ret used to dUcms the pr posed questions until lbs Austrian troops evacuate, Si<d until tbo Sultan Jec'ces tbe masting or lb* Mlvaoson such terms as are embodied in the protocols of tbs treaty ?l Paris. The Bank of Vienna. H Is said, has a stock of specie sb ousting to eighty sevsn millions of florins, Including a cm .Iderable sum u> Called Sia*?n dollars. Tbe discovery of cnai ol most excellent quality U? the Ctal mountains, In Russia, is conilrmsd beyond doubt. FRANCE. The rise In corn has checked tbe decline expected, as tbo crops exceed tbe average, and the foreign arrivals are ample. The Bank of France wai again purchasing gold. Tbe final quotation of French Three per Cents rt< we<; an impiov. meet < f a quarter per cent. It ?>srma to be detiniie'y settled that ID > ( oant de Hor sy iball remain jt rmancntly in Rmsta as French Ambas sador. THE ISLE OF 8ERTENT3 AFFAIR. The I*l? ol Serpent* .,uetuon baa not been aatiafar tor.ly adjusted. "I tic French iquadroit baa l>een ordered to co operate with tba Engllah lleet, ar I ai) Austrian squadron, coo ?l*t'rg of three *t*?innri and six gunboat*, baa baia or #ei*d t j Conatastliiopltf. BI'AIN. The Pfanlfh DU-uim attnes that if the Mexican gor iri tB'ut rtluaee to fulfil itie convention with regard t? ?t at U due to Hpuiltb sul'jacts. tba Hpanlab gorerameat I as determined to art with tbe greeted energy, and to 'iftnasd the execution of the convention. In caae of a ri meal, a carat dletitoa will be aent to flan Juaa d'l'Uoa, in order to maintain the deroao I. The Pif'ttan lays thai the ditUrton will ron?tet of two sea of war, three frtf ate.% two ourrettee aad (bar a learn frigate*. the iatatt Inh-lllgtnoa la that ? royal decr<<* bad dl* tund tbaComm ila on ( odea, and appointed a new ?onmtealoB wlib M. CaetBaaa iia Pr**'deat. V (.abrtoi Oarua j Taeearo ta epokea of ta Madr d for tte tyealeb legation In Waattngtoa. Tit Kaglleb Charge d'Affair ra at Madti I baa entered a t rt teet agalcat any rtlnrn of (juaca Christina to Madrid, the Hpaatat got erament ta aald te hare warmly reaaotod thi. Ifitcrveatloa. 8W1 TZERLAND. S?i* buadred d*legaw* of to* people bad aaaembiad at Ylorgea, aad constituted a central committee, deoiartag ?he ?nraretrnty of tba people endangered from monarch! <al >rtrtf?ee Anrordiag to Is iW<f, of Rmmli. the Ruaatao organ, tha Ktog of l*roie!a la no exasperated at tbe rood*I aad larguag* of tbe federal government of Rwltaerland, In tba Ncufc.hatel art air, that be threatena to proceed to tba military occupation of tba raatoa of Neafchalel la Ike ??rot of tbe proeecuticn of tbe rayallat prlaonara not ba la^ mapeadad. DENMARK. A Itaalab ministry had not bee* formed, aad all on t'earor bad failed, aa4 the Chamber* war* prorogued Nil the trat o( iVcenaber. RUSSIA. Tba Hi. Peterabnrg correepondoat of tke Uxidoa Pvtt. ?*} a ?A joint stock company baa mat been furm ?d at 81 Petersburg uader ec mailing mora tban goverimcat jatroaage, Tor tba greater part of tbe abarea bara already bera takea by rarvma member* of tba Imperial family, and by aaaaa of the more aactcat aad i>owerf?l Ruaakaa nrMlfty. Twaaty eoaimerrtal acre* ateamera of tbe arneat c laim are to be hatlt ta tbe *rat luatanoe Home of ihem will ba coaatructed in AmerV*, aoaoe la Kb gland, and a Few la tba Malf of Fia aad CHINA. Iron Hoag Koag wa bara tba following:?of the re be la la guaagat wa bear aothing. Aa erteaalr* (Ira broke oat on tbe 33d .InIt amoag the boata at >bamaaa suburb, which deatroyed great anmhers, aad about twa hundred llrea were I oat Proa Shanghai wa bara date* to the Slat Jaly Tbe moTfmenls of tke rebel* atlU created much aaeaateeaa, bnt large lodtea of Tartar troopa had lately been brought down from tba North, aad there waa a report that the rebel* had ban defeated and obliged te retire toward* Chlag klaag too. Thla tt qalraa coalraiattoa SinPPINO INTELLIGENCE. Ar at Mrarpool. M Inet, Caroline Neemttb, Klan^v. IfTork 4ih, Ocean Travel**. Hoerdman Philadelphia hid <th, (Vraclia, Blaorhart, NOrleao* Isaac Wr.ght, Ab?-el NYork. Merenuo, Robinson, Rio Janeiro, gib. Faiay. Rmlio, Air tea. ?th, ABtartlr, Rtaulfrr. ?nd Preadnaught. Ram*S, I* Tork, pooalp V< Kay, Warrer, tfelhdrtje. R M A-ndt, Ru*<, rtty Point, Old Hickory, V^acock. Phlfcdalnhla; Tieronelta, Peal, rtilao; Jih, Rt lx?ita, Hoyt, NTork; Warbler, Oldham, and Rtr ( hca Waplar, ?, ROrleaa*; WWatlln* Wind, Hare I in, Camden. Me. Ar atyoeeoetowa. Oct ?, (>le*Ual Umpire, WhlUag, Oallao; II< reulea, H?p!ey. R York. Rid from Maurttiua, Aug S. Mednauk. Urlngatoa (from Ma dra*V Cork. Ar at Ii?o? Kong, fiw> date> Kaihay. Rtoddard. Rydrnty. Ar at MantW. (n<> daja) AnMrallaTlClaaman. Manila May *. t.irerpool. Ana 4?The CamUne, Veamltb, from ITTork. re relrrd irlflt ? Injury laM Bight, b? b?tdg In emi'an with ihe Vrr'e Cbarlt*. 'or Al' rtwdrla, whtrh pot barb with loa* of 1 Re--,.' t *od n . dan nw 1. | J rr '?<>? C' i ? f t are t rr?fd tn? nn ?;> ,r..|y | u, i i ta1 te N . ? i i\,it?a. a., t,?d Rl U??v>u. FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL AFFAIRS. TUt ABPKcT Oi TUELONDON HO: EY MAUK.tr. I* rom the London Times, < >ct 7. J Abundant evideute bu been furnished to day of the complete eflect or the measure* just adopted by the Bank of hngland. Ail pressure for money, both tl that eetsb llal.ment and in the discount market, has subsided, and the foreign exchanges have likewise received a most fa ?orable imoulse. A considerable rebound in the slock market might therefore have been expected, but a check baa been given by the fact that the Bank of France are understood to have again commissioned their agent* on this side to purchase gold at any cost. Although the ope ration, like those of a similar character previously enter ed Into, can be effected only at a loos; afuither sum of about ?1X0,000 is understood in this way to nave been withdrawn to day from the Bank of hngland. To many persons the question has consequently suggested itself, will a fresh rise in discount thus oe rendered necessary? Bat the matter Is not one over which a rise of discount could exert any material iniiuence. If the Bsnk ot France are determined to buy gold at any sacriOoe, no additiou of one or two per cent per annum on the rate of bilU of ex change will be regarded. The only limit to each an ope ration must be found in the exhaustion of their power to buy np bills on this country or to obtain credits here. Happily, we cannot be called to pay more than we owe, and If all our liabilities circulating on the continent are bought up and thrown upon us before tneir regular matu rity, there will simply be so much less to pay a month or two benee. To the' Bank or France the result la of course of an opposite c haracter By a considerable sacrifice they obtain money a few weeks in advance, and when these have passed they must either be content to receivs no thing, or must renew the transaction with a repetition of loss. In this manner within a abort period they have el ready thrown away about ?60,000, which has gone into the pocket of the consignees of gold in this country at d otht>r parties. It was hoped, when they recently ad vanced their rates of discount 10 6 percent, and an nounced that they would t?ko any othor stringent mea sura that might be necessary, they were about to aban don a system so humiliating from its futility, but it ap pears that the exigencies of the aoment are such as will Dot admit of a sudden change. In a lew days another monthly report will have to be iss"od, ?ml the ni~i>t desperate ellbrts rre belle red to be m qulsite to mitigate the features it is likely to present. A K iiflderable nmtunt trotn Australia is now overdue in this country, and if an arrival should at onoe take place, it will alt or d the most opportune assistance, since the Bank 01 France would or course greatly prefer avaling th*mselvi s or such a supply to keeping up a direct drain upon the Bank of Kogland, which must speedily react upon the Paris market. As the question whether the pa nic wttl subside or go on tl <1 it has led to a su pension or specie payments may probably, however, "depend upon the way In which the people may view the next return, it Is doubtless felt that every other consideration must, for the moment, be set aside. I nrier the iniiuence of lower prices from Paris, comols, ! which left ofl yesterday at 91-,; op< ned this morning at 91. with a very unsettled a) iterance. A success.on of tales, chieliy In connection with the account which takes plice to morrow, then causci* a lall to 90',. later ;n the day a realization of profits by a la'ge speculator altered the tme rt the market, and, some Important purchases having been eftected on the part ot the public, a steady reaction commenced, and the tiaal quotations were #1 V to t<i ?4 for money, and 91V to for toe 0th of No vember. In the foreign exchanges tbi3 aftornoon there was a general improvement In the rates. The final quotations or tbe French Three per Cents, on the Paris Bourse, this evening, were b?r 85j. for money, and 601 40c. for the end of the month, showing a reoove ry of a quarter per cent. Tbe private letters rrom PaJ-H to nay state the new re strictions adopted yesterday by the Bank of Franoe, caused the greatest anger and cnsternatlon among the spccnlMort, hut ttal some moneyed people had begun to buy, a though not to an amount to stay the general panic. A salutary Intimation was also clroul tied, that IT the ltank or France And their existing terms insufficient they will sdopt others of gnater stringency. TUE VK1CE OF DISCOUNT IN ENGLAND? STEIS0EST ACTION OF THX UANV OF FKANCE. [Fiom the London Chronicle. Oct. T.J Another and more extensive increase In the rate of Ala- j count was yesterday announced by the Bank directors. __ The previous augmentation, enforcod only so recerJo Wednesday last, had extended but to or^Jj jo^Ust/ati'i1? the mJtiSHUL r.?T commercial pa ? ? ? raised from 4X to I per cent. Testerda^ l , . T freUht much exceeded that amount?the new rates being cent for short dated bills, that Is 0 say for securitiss of not more than sixty days' date, and 7 per cent for all bills having a longer period to run. These prlocs are, moreover, the lowest rate fc first class paper. Tbe total change In the Busk system, therefore, involves sometliiog more than the ostensible result or augmenting, by 1 or two per cent, the price which mer ctonU must pay for arromaodstion. When fl and 7 per cent are charged for discounts st the minimum rate and for unexceptionable bills, tbe inevitable consequence rni.M be that an enormous mas' of second rale securities, winch under ordinary circumstsxces would be caniidered perfectly safe and ren-l Jy nefotlabie, rould *0 longer be r iscotctrd at any per centage The consequent troabie and i*ralysis caused in many circled or commerce must, therefore, be enormous. Cndor ordinary conditions the precautions now adopted by the Bank Directors wock have signified the approach <>: some serious crisis, heralded by a rapid abb ta the bank stock or bi.il.on, and a collapse n tbe general mo netary attain el the 00 mtry. At prsaent, however* there are no such formidable symptoms apparent There baa doubtless been a cons.derable and protratad dtain oi bnllien from tbe baak; but the mova Lsent of tbe precious me als has not arisen from any exhaustion in our domaatic trade, and >tll lets from any depreciation in onr home credit. Oar commerce wa- sever in a more souad aad prosperous condition than it is at prsaent. and coastferlag the im ir.eese developement it has reoently undertone, aad is still experieacsg, in all quarters of the clvilltsd and on civilized world, It was never rondacted upon prtnctplsa nquiring a sasaller provision of metallic curreacy. < om bu.td witb tbe fui.ett anaurance of commercial aolreacy. Aa a matter of fhct, the reecrve of bullion now rrmain log tn the vault* 01 TUroadaccdla a treat oonaMombly u ?e? tla eleven ml'llona Mrrllag In tbe ? rt?U af 1847 the iki k waa drained down to laea than four million* before I be "lirew" waa applied to tha preaent extant. That era, however, waa one of home calamity. At prternt tbe prenfture, which la alightly loll In Kigland, cornea fium abroad 1 be atop which la '47 wax one of ?ell j>rr?*rvatlon b<com<a now merely a meaaure or pre caution. Tbe rale of >liacounia In one caao waa kept down to tbe laetmiroetit lor fear of augmenting the panic and accelerate g the correal ur bankruptcy, wblch *wai rapidly aweeptng away ao mmuy of Uio oldest and moat retpecttd flrma At prntcl there K no nocoaattf for ?a?a forbearance. We have la l.ngUnd no rrtaU Im pending, ao collate to dread. The Beak I* therefore loft at full liberty to adopt, at the earlieet no nwat. whatever tnea., rea may *eem calculated to prereat any uaplcaeant dial* of it* raaourcea, and to ae care the largest ptcSt that oonld aafaly anil legitimately be loattp upoa H? Iraoaartkmi ai a bnainee* csUNicb nt Thcee have been the mot) rea for the large nee in 'be r?te of dlacouata annouaeed yeaterday morning Though rornew bat *udi.'en, the proceeding cannot be aali , reclp*taia. Although the raja.mam rata had been ia rr?a*ed oo tbe prartona Wedno* fay, the demand for ad *aac?0 ?u*tatrod ao viatble che. k, and the dram of gold pfcoce JeJ nearly, If n.t quite ax rapidly a* ever It waa Hear, therefore, that tbe Contlaeotal requires! mis for bail, on could a?t be ?toppad by a price of 6 per cent. . ud tbe Director* hare therefore wttaly determined to charge a I ther rata. If the new price oaa cheek tt>e out low of C*M we f hall be relieved troai ?ome aanety totiohiug the ? apply lor bonne purpnen. ir not. N will at ail eveata be a tor olatkm to know thai tbe for*>gaor baa paid a high rr pr'e, and that the BitUah lend era bare aerurad a larger profl -poo tbatr advaaoe* for the beaefit of thotsaeiiee prln .,y, bat ultlwiatolv of tbe owuatry at largo. ai tie hour before the announcement of the nhaoce ?Ml "? tbe bank rate. ItNMfeH doapato.h trom #5g repotted that the dlreetora of the French flank had re I aolvad to give aa dlarounta for commercial paper of any dtacrlptma having mora than iiity daya to run 1%e ronaecttaa between tba london and i'arl* money ton ket la aow ea cloae that the i.reat mooola ry ettabllahmenta of the two nation* are alwayx ?P< cttd by tbe aaate event#, aad may be almoat ?aid to beat with Uta wme pulee Tbe urttfent rule adopted at lea o el'x * In ?*ar a woukl have thrown a vaat maaa af paper?irreproachable in quality, hot incoa venlent la quantity? upon the laadoo market la an Mc:pat?a ol tbt* preeaure. U?e hngluh itaak dlrtxtora. by tweiTe o'rlock adopted the re*ohtl(*i fir raising thetr own rate to A aad 7 per rent, acocrdlag to the period for which advaacea war* required. Tba proceeding waa dictated by mere prudence, aad baa ocoaatoaed no alarm oa tbta rid* of the channel, s^me farther advance la the price of money waa. Indeed, pre vienaly foreeeea, aai it la bet er for all partiaa that the change ahouid eome *pe*dllv aad at net, rather thaa remain ia *u*paate for an indtfiaite period, and be ao oompliabed by (mail ln?talmenta whiah would have kept the commercial world ta a perytoai atata of iinoertaMw and worrr , without pro tent lag any preapaot af a perma nent aenlrment. High aa the preaeat rata may hii, It la, at all eveata, aa advaata^e that the trading p.ihlto oaa arrange their affair* according to fha new oouNiaa, aad reel tolerable oertaia that they Will not be vexed for eome tlma ta come by farther changea. The rarta aormpoadaat of tba I?ndoa Mm-rtnf Ckrmi rk ?ayi ? It la rumored that the Baak baa been agala preaafag for a auepeneion of oaah paymeate. hut the amparor ? Irm la the aagatlve Tbe Ferta thmitmr, of Taatdajr moratag, poblleheo a report of the MlBiatar of Flaaaoe ralail ra to the Badget of 1M4. Tbe lacreaae of raraaue tor the drat ?l* nrowthe of 18M, la M,000,000 rraaca, agalaat 1M4, aad ?,000,000 franc* <vgalnat 1K6*. 1%* two flrwt taaaa are eatlrely paid np. Tbe payment of the laM ell monthlt paymeata of the Reate baa left a raaarre or 110,000,000 fraM. Tba Ixmdaa ftK'i oormpoadeot la faria, aa tba TUt loot., aay* the Hum rallied nader tba affbM of the ra port of tbe Mtaiator af flataoo, of no>or?d owtfliaoo la reiwt aco to tba t xatgaratod raaan otrooMMI hr aororal dayt i tviarrVM. rfmrrn *rc. f i lawtoT, Ort. i, m?, nt to betr 'lrtr':iwi '.'jr vrry Uopjtul *'k*cd ^lh * ly active rfencand. ? |., bti noeu hu nu ItUMi ltd at very Arm price i "h? ?8.5 |,ern**obuco?. 7d : #0 Hab.es, ?K?. *V-'.' *^1tns' ?)id to 9fl , 800 BurAto, 4 ?. d to !.*!?, "-I*;""* 8.000 bales, o( winch 8,000 a?? Hpt.-uUtioD e?d lor export. Notblrg ha* been done, the trade ?uuu tM result of the liODdoa public mIm. Hoimm* a.m. Krr. ? \o transactions to notjee Coi MCR. ? Tbe demand continue* steady ^ bin Bid toe by auction, brought 61b. to Via., and IjO b*ta tL.hi. J6i. perewt. ' K.'Tf ? The maktt is without change, the transaction, including some at auction, comprising 3,000 ban and ua pockets Bengal at lot. to 10a. (d per eft, &irnrnta?MM bag* (:avn been gold, chiefly at S3h for t*(, including a small parc?] at 88s. pepewt. lor tiro per cent refract a a. tH.(?rcH Pig Iiio.n ?Our marketa for Kirrula riosod at 9d. to 678 td. caj-e. Business reported at 60s. M. 1 t?b;pznecta Truiu GJisgow laat week 10,M4 IK>. do. corresponding wiwk, 18r>6.. 8,4ft !*>? do. do. do ISM.. II,TM Aggregato shipments from (iiesgoiv from Januwy. 1360, to date TiT. . W*ft '?*ko period, 1 Hit, 4*7, TM Increase n ?? I fice lb 1b time ia*t year, 76v fld. LIVKUPOOL BKEADBTCFPS MARKET, n _ . Livaaroot, Oct. 7, ISM. .J? ?too**'" market was well attended by laetl and country buyers. A large consumptive buaineea took place in wheat, at an ac vance upon the prices of this M 1 * 3d" ror aD01 <U1<1 ld- ? per 70 lb*. tm middling and inferior qualities. Flour.?enmr which were very scarce, sold at an ad nice of la.'aai soroidary at 6d. per bbl. above the rates of Tuesday ImL i acic unaltered. Oats.?A fair demand for new at iw inures ef this day week. Oatmeal rather cheaper, ul u rlow sale. Egyptian boans 6d. deurer S6e a 36s. Od. per qr. waa realised. Barley unchanged. Indian Oosw. ?Tbe inquiry was limited; mixed and yellow aeUiic at i ormpr quotation a, white at an improvement of 6d Mr 'iuarter. THE LONDON MARKETS. LosTxja, Oct. T, IMC. Big va ?The market has opened with a steady i afire, and the large public sales are pro/rreasing ww k. owing any msterial alteration In pnees. The rel markei/la steady; er.>cery lumps. 66e. to Ms. Con*s.?-The public sales are going otf without spirit. Tka ?The market is steady, but qclet, the trade await. ir.g the pubi.e aalcs, which will take plooe On Tburdhv next. w Lottos ?160 bales sold at full prices. Rirs ?2600 bags taal India were offered, and Ml bought in at 10s. fc'ALii iTsi?looo bag*, refraction OX were o3ered, wl bought in at the high price ol 36s. but there appeared to be buyers at 36s to 86ts. ?d. Km remains without alteration. In other articles no material alteration, bat speculators show a pnett C* I* inclination t% continue operations. Tallow.?The market Is firm. Town tollow is quote* Oil. Id nett, cash; Petersburg T. C. on the spot, 61a. to 61s 6d.: last three months. (0s to 60a. 6d. Koii-Ar s 1 "?al of the AraMs. Haufax, Oct. 21?11 P. M. The steamship Arabia, now In her twelfth day fre? 1-iverpool, has not yet been signalized off th s port. Ika weuther la calm and h?-.-y. IMPORTANT FROM NICARAGUA. ARRIVAL OF THE TENNESSEE AT NEW ORLEANS. The Crcat Battle* IcIvmi Walker til lh? (??bM Ceatral imericaa Ftrmu TsirnrH or walker's ami. THE STRUGGLE NOT YET 07BL THREE AXE&ICAXS XTfBDOLKD, *C. *C., fto. ' Kf* OR11AJ9 Oct. 22, 1IM. |Oar notiiyiaf us of Ute arrival ?TM? Ijnnesset at bas net yet csxs to haat. This, the second dwjf,res the followtag tat sat to tclUgence from N.carai^a.,? General Walker finding tie enemy aJvanclng oa Mm says, withdrew tbesmaL fbrca there, wbaa the aasa^, | 4,000 str< ng, occupied the town. Ceaerai Walker then left a small force at GraoMa. Ml adrancd towards Masaaya with 1,000 men, aad aaat^ the enemy on the 12th last., near Uie eHy, reyalsM driving them back to Uarnaya, where a battle waa fo^M, lasting until midnight At daylight a courier arrived from Granada. U?at 1,400 GuaU ma leans and aatlrea were bescgiag I naJa. General Walker, on recelrlng this iarormatHa, immediately marched to the ralief of Granada, aad ar rtved oa the telgbu surro mding the city on toe morat^ of the 13th, at 10 o'clock, aid ftadlng the city barricMM by the whole force of the enemy, he charged upaa toaai and drove them from their poets, capturing thet- ?aa manders aad all their field pieces, and rooting them rraa the city with great alaugbter. The total loee of the euomy was 1,100. G? Walker's loaa waa 16 killed aad 30 wounded. General Walker would immediately march oa and Uon. Dta troops wero In the higheit eplrtto. The cltlxana of Grmaaia held the geveruaeat bMM ?ss twenty-two hours against the force* of toe eaav, and were vigorously defend.ng the ptoce when saual Walker arrived. Meaers. Lawless, Wheeler and Ferguaoa, > m >r1i ? dtireea, who have had no connection with Xts ?flairs, were murdered by the aatlvee. Th? Wall Htrtfl Korfrry t ur. THr. PXAMINATIOH IN THE CAM OK Ht'STtNOTON lUNTINXIP?DISCOVKKT OP fWH IOROKAIM? Ftrrr thci rand dollars worth bp the *tv mors fxhibitko tfstkbdat, wtth a roomm OP TWKMTY-riTE THOt'W AMD MORI?rOROri) NOTRB ALBEADT C0I.LKCTXD TO THK UTKKT OP 0TBB HAI.P A lULUON DOLLARS, KTC., WtC., ETC. Tba examination la the aba ? out tu conllaaad ;nlordtjr afternoon, before Justice rn' orw, at the Lower PoHca Court. AdltLoaaJ forgeries ha lag been dis covered by offlcar Bow far, the marchaats oa whoa (to fraud! vara perpetrated appeared bflora the ma.latrata, adi fare their tseUmoe/ aa follow* ? ivtar K Kaapn, of No (I Breed street, test, led IM tba following fcrgeitos were perpetrated span him ? <<oe Dote, dated March It. l?M, for M.IOO SB ' 'lie sola, da tod Ma y 14, ISM, tor S.8A4 OB one aota, dated May IS, lftM. tar 8.3S4 SS '?ne aote, dated May V\ ISM. fbr a,MB IB (ma note, datad Aagast 3,1MB, for ( W og Thotnae C. Doreana, of tba Bra of ixirenna k MM, of 81 Park piaae, deposed that tba folio wag forgery waa < 00,mitied upon hia tins:? one note at alna moa.. daUd May 30. ism, for. Si. 714 M Join D. Warren, of tba Brm of l?rd, Warren * Oo, at 61 Broadway, taatidad to one promissory note har'ag been forged opoo tba Brm of wbleb ba waa a a>eaiber, as folio wa ? (foe note at nine mee , dated July 34.1SM. for . M,1M SB George W. riait, of tba tlrm of Han A Brother, at M Mai dan lane, deposed U al four netee, of tba follewtag were forged opoo the Arm ? (ma DOta datad AprU S3. ISM, lor 14.4S7 n (me bom datad May 0, ISM, *r S,SM 00 (we sale dated Jaly 1, ISM. fbr 4 MO SB (We aata dated AM. IS, ISM, for ft,240 SB ^aaioel W Traakrw, of tba flrtn of Wllltasi Wall k -Van, of 3S0 FToat etreet, depoasd that one mis for tba follow, lof eaouat waa forged npoa tba flrai ? one note at foar months, dated June 10, ISM, for.. St. 000 Pbelpa, Hedge k Oo hare dlecorered another forge* note, at follows:? ((oeaotaatatebi moatba, datad MayS, ISM, for.HTSS SB Tba torgoi aoies now collected, amonat la tba iwn Cla la SMT.OOO. Tba examiaaUos will bo eeaMauM ta y, when officer Bewfer promises to produce Umt >.io 000 worth of other forgo* aotee net yet rdbn sd to la the matter m pending Rowo latsrestfog derelowe ments say ba looked for la oaaneottoa with Huatlngtea'a traaaactlona ta WoM street Sinpixo Ybllow Fitter Ships rvro Ngw Jsb wt ?We understand that Morernor Price baa repaired a _ ihrort . j offioare of lbs (Mala of New Tort la tba wa. taro wttfcln tba (nrWdletlaa af New Jersey, for tba pur pose of c)uaraaUae, harlag on board paraoa* ar.tr aj; ftwsi lafMtloaa dleease# Tba Poreranr. we If . teada to rrsamtu'eate the V0\ ?* <?' ' +a mHhi''n'Iii'1?""v ifc'""'lir 2; or A ?"? ' 4't slut! ?T tnltn Av.. k- 1, .1