7 Kasım 1856 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 4

7 Kasım 1856 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 4
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MEW YORK HERALD. jim a t. ouuns or i??uo uro mm am sr j >---" iw> ?nrs*?? *???/ <*? /?;*?"?? ??> I I >'t ? mmtd w* - *to ? U IIMKMMS rw rm?m IfclW ac>anti nu miN riJio't iw<..i ti l?? *<?.?? l iiiamMaMt-IUttli Tn Um - Tm VlUJlV-k '!?>? I.? T?? lUniu ur thi tiKa-Wku rat t.?tr ??? ?t^aBBRX aTkirf TUttrlt ,m?> +vwm- Ow? Man or Mmv? -Wi.uit-.Vtui Utm ?ABBOM* ??**!??*? ? !'?*?. BvmrWM ?***? -am. Tom Tkca?- Da. - ?t-u,?g - ?tii? r TA%jrriMk Th m ????? km- ***. rm? mm *? OHK.-T* ? WOO.-** *M Hi h? I*?|W ? Kl? I<N(U1N Htu. ?.**?? ?*Jura*i??*? * ???? U> - Iran . ? 1)>U> *W??r. f?rk, frM*>, Natti Mall* ftf K?r?p*. ? aw vol k ro* W*or* Tha OettlOS rt<??>'? *' OM* wUI tears this port ?r-??oeraw, at boo? tar Bar t>pe*n nu ts will rkaaa IB 1** ?*T ?? *?? MB atotw-* i* t*? ?oraU?f. aw R""" (twtnaa* ? rraao* aarf 'we***) ?4tl ** I at tea aV'uek. ia tfca attaraiaa. **f*> '? b'i ami aOTarV??"?>? ** aa> adai? ?f U* T<?? Bnu< o wil <>? roe*TWt at H iB tCttrop* ? -Am * -?? .-iLSlSBSS lU1 ao fc PI*** On k* iMNifli Kn^-dei ** ? Obaia I air?*t !.,>.? R' blur, 1- iCMhaer> M?> '-*?? Hm coatee ia ?be i*r?rswe ?*?*? * ^ ?? u ?? aahraoatt* mw? i?o?tvad by ??? *?" * ?? Janag U? p?wnoaa woa*. aad lo tao fcewr af iloo. Tlir X?wt. We republish our corrected tnlii*. giv???g tba r*" ??It of the l^-aidetit'al eon lent. Indiana ha* d? ?lar d tor Buchanan, an4 1111 aoto for Pre wont CnJifornia hu yet to be heard ' rt m, -uid we P4*** her in the BKbuu roluiin. Here ire tkt fl ruw ? ' 1 _ ... "J ?rcn?t'iD ? ? ?.(orttf * Already, will be seen by oar Wa?l?U.*too cor ?anwnilence, the struggle for office baa commenced. is otu^l, it begins with the Cabinet pljre-i; bat by and bye it will exund to the greedy miMao,- d feu we 8hail have a lively tune. The republi t?, ?n the other baud, are reckoning tbeir gain* ai.d lowee, and ccuLtuig up 'he killed and wound* i i.-t night no ting* were held In the Fourteenths 1 Twentieth wards. Ia the funner, Iloo. D. l>* 7 Ftold made a speech in reference to the prospect ^a republican.-. ard the dilemma in which U?c Je mocracy will fled themselves during the next t ir years. Fn'l report* of these m?etiDgs we giteu in oar coIueh a. Mr. ?iaiith.cr, the newly appointed Consol of Fiance at t-an Ft&LCiiCO, is at present in th? < y, and will leave for California on the 20th inat. 'r G. puccetda Mr. Dillon, removed by hia gjvernm nt Mi, D. a courae in California,in connection wither ? tain fllil<u?ter optrat.ona against Mexico, are doubt teas fre?h in the mindj of the readers of th< Hium .!>? Our eorreapondent in the city of Moatm J, Mexico, wrting on the 23d of September and 6th of October, fi rnishea some additional par Mealars relative to the pro/rre?? of the n-volo tfcoaiary movemeiit which i* being cirried on by Ocarral Vtdaurri innaM Preaident OofuooTort. The ?tragic ? lierco m lt# ?Pe,uti'm- 4nd wUl ^ 4?xjiaung iu its efferU on the country. Ia ?nk-r to reduce the army of T maulipaa Vtfj rrl wax operating alona the hue of the R o Bravo w ith twothensand six hondnd men, whilst Cat Hayo*, W record iu command, prea*d on Vict .ru w.Ui a ?ar?e torce. Tht people ha?l voMntiHly m.p?l*4 k? rtnimutaiiat drp?.ta on the mount-in ra The ciuxrnw of Svttb (?o*ila had rev Ited a . - tbe Rx*eutive. In the meantime P.e?.?knt Com <u fort lt?d nude j repnratiooa to aupprvaa the rr teil.on by a ?trong m'.Ui try deaaom.tritiou, awl Mere km no d'.?!?t out cither Vidaorri or hlo-^L' wowiu be dnvtn fiom power before peace was re ?toreO. Onr leader* w 11 dowbtlaw reroU?ct an^io.n . lart-uUy pibaxhtd. of the Meq0c*u war atc-?ner lVem < n.t heinK niuaway Willi by bor erew, from Vera Crua, not long since, snd the departure of an other war .N ariwr in pnranitof the uratlneei* It aitpeais that the Ueaociat, after ommlf.lng a', tor. e plra'-lc^l cct, ai.d wh.U- aWempting an aiii< i w.?a overbea'ed off '"*tLp?i~by by th" vcm*.i Wnt in M-arrh of her, and at lout ac ootiU huh ?mH ?ere mpa^d in deadly c^nSict. The uoxt arrival fruin t'oinj^achy or Vera Cr z will proVoij ws new? of the ie*wlt. It la re^.rte I t>i ?t Ike piratical -raft, while ut C^uUa- oal?*?. lired la'o and ?ai.k tl?e Meiic*?i war attimer fo/m?ily called the Beu ,rraiikii i. We h?\e dates from J?s?aau, N. f.. tothe ait The ni.et r.? tskjle Item of jreoeral intelligeuce to the IHikltiw ot OBbert O. ^mlth, Ute Uec. re General *nd receiver of Crown l?oe\ wh- al* mrte.1 to Hefai l', bet wa? rraited "O the inih utt., at -Mir np, Cay. lerry I?iand. and ewiveje* t? Ja'l at MaiMfj. Tie <?bier of tl* I'u' lie Haoi, W. H. Halt hmi.. waa M-i-sed with a nwi-xa W** oa t>.e **h t.lt.. whM!h rendered It nrx?xry for the iirr-ftioi. to Mi?;.'iid ordiwy I n*.was in toe ?*nk aati. tie keroonts ? ?ld be ??ir*d an?: manaire l by a-K'th'r. The ?aril of th" diiectJl* exprvnx foil ?orfid nee in the ca'liier. Wekave Ha\a?a d?toi *? to Uie 2J iuA Tlity brnip no cewa of lai^oMancf. Official ntellige. ?* f">m oi.r Cora.il at Rio 'anei ?o, re ati%? V> the *h.t> fb>ptd, "f IhU p *rt, as be' i farrired at the Hate Department. The r-?pld wa< konnd to San Frmnelaeo. and of C??e Horn en" ?nn tor i U?lpe?t^^*Hl, ititet" '.f e Id w ! er, thereby W^iug ten of her mw. yw1 dUibVu.gwa matrrUBttke rcmdMw. fl e Miowinp Is a 1'?? JTib' iranicn who d ed on to.ar??:-Holomon ana* Thomas Norwood. vngw?? laHia m ia, (to irg? IMlv. Villiam l^ln, J?;ha Hawkins TT.lllaui I!-?w ktp?. WilUmn Kington, Ml >!olta aad AVmKo Francisco. . . A fatal shooting rasr took place in I h lulwphu m Wedneadpy night, the partteulw* of which we y, f|aewh?re. It a^pc-ars tt^t 1-aac C. bnur.ocli. a rWwk in th* employ of Wlliw k Ctowg^, tio* Wiln<m (-UwRee. one ?f bis rmph.yera, nt the jauc tion of Seventh and Chestn.it btr?cts. Three hills MK.k efle< t, tofllctlag rnofUl wownds. Tlie auM rtr WSH taken to the h'WpHal, whe-* he Hngeredt n al?^it neon ye^Urd^y. Hhnrlock waa arresunl al ia tie aet of ?sa?M.iBsilon, aod w*s wiV ?evnently ?xaxnincd nod oommiVed to prlron to larwr- i be wmi?* of the difficulty ia said to be au improper ir.Umao between the employer and th. Wif? ot the clerk. , . BJ V e etoi m of Twwday iitoht up-n J i*? E 1? w*s OiwisifWM. U Staved at leajt t ^ty ^ aeto bave ?^n ^nnk or great'y damend, and in a 1 nmbabtlltT u.any liw bave lieen ! ??t. The ? ?mm w>.on?n of toe California war deU rw per. |-40,0O0 ltqr.1 iated? >en?ly the enti^ -,m a , ?mpr ate l bf co? gr-?s To* U?t The e??rn wesviag fiftory of J. B. 8?ltb A <* to Pfctfadalphte, tagwlher with two dwcUingi, were totally daatroyed by ftra yesterday. By thia calamity a large noabttr of workmen are thrown dot of em The Knropaaa new* received y erterdav per Ca nada pri/da< ad do decided effect upon the mte... mi htt w far w pricea were eo noerned t he ad vance is Liverpool war uot considered sufficient to fail; rovutart>al*i? e (be high rate* demanded here. The ralea tut?r?ced 2.0i>0 hafca, hwted chiefly upon ?iidtiltBR upUnd?. at als?il 124c. a 12|e. The new* d< pr*a?ed iL> market lor breadstuff*, and the prioea of fl< ur fell <?(( fuJI* 6c. a 10c. per barrel. Whe*t m*? atvot 3 cent* per Uu?b?l lower, and corh reced ?d to a 71|c for Western mixed. Pork was dt.il. and towrr. with Kales of mean at 120 60, a de rime of 5?'cei.fi. Sugar* were quiet, with Hale* of JM to 4M> hhd?. aud 1.000 boxM at fall prices Cofff* *w e'eady ai d quiet. Kraighia were in fair r?qn*?t for English porta, at full quotation*, whle ??> tie CoaWiitnt they were inactive aud rate* uu ? haa^ed. nu faMiwl aril iht Policy of Sir. Bathaiinn ?W kai mrm ttacjr to bcl We prrc?ive that ??>nie of our democratic co <aj<r.rus are already bc^iutiog to look up ?!>?? ..wawry tjniU r lor a new Cabinet lor Mr l.u(*tii*uan. It is not likely that he will retain a stick oi th? ministry oi' poor Pierce, al ii ??uvh I* li?iid there ia a >>:rouf: p? raoual attach ment betwi *n Mr Bnch *nan and old Mr Maray. the r> ault of mai v year* of hannonlnua feeding at the Mm*' d? nocratc crib. For all this, we may aa aril resiyu cur*!*** to say good-bye to Marry kmwinc. aa we do. that th" leading *e cesaioniata and filibuster* of the Oatend plot will make hi* dismissal a mr yua aft. We conclude, llerrfart. tLat th? Cabinet of Mr. Buchanan will be a new Cahtnrt. Irnm la-ginning to end, uxl the work compounding it will be a very nice, a vety delicate and a very ticklish piece of bu tdoeaa. Tbe coutM* ntial fililu^U rin* and ^ecefwion or jraa of Jtlttmm Ihtri# < tbe New < >ile;?i* /Miu) ? ??>! is tLfW Id for ? place in the new Cabi net, ard. though it* H ai-huijraiu ?<?rrt-poud. nt tdoubtkea cp. *kJ;ij by i?atb?rity). mode*?ty claim* the Tr-numry 1*. partm>m. and name Hod flforge 8 Hw4m, of Al tlxmi. f<?r tti.it important poet We dare pay. however, that. itRlu.ln* p*?ih t*lf^acr IkinK patriots at Gor er??'r H t?e. Ilnibr M* < n and Flojd. of Vir ginia ; Clingaw, of North Carolina; Brooks Keitt and Boyee. of HotMb Carolina; Cobb and Jooomm.. loom bp and Ktepfcma, ol Gonrgit: Slioell, soui<- and iVn amm of Ijouiptaoa: tin; JuLomkj* and the lirowa*. of Tenure* ; CtH' Lutl>r?, .>( K Mucky; the Atcbiaun* and Stnnx fellowa. of Miieowri : rtouffU*. Ktcuard?>-t, and otlwm. of 1 l!inoi?: the Rrigbta the Pcttit- d tbe H ri?bu oi Indiana; and tbo* old hwail art? Pb-rceot Man land. Cfcoate ai d Wuithrop of M*v pacbuai Ma, lianu>rd of New 4 urk. and will ail bare rb^ir claima lor eooatdcrahon hart, though not boat, Martin Van Duivnand tii-l>.ip> lui tin. J'rib co John ai.d bit and Ptckinano. <? account of their inraliitttib- RrrifiK ia Una ekv t on, will lie tniitbd to a plum, and will be di?ai> pointed in anytluug than aCaiiL't o;li;e, a foreign n>i<MM>n. or a Cuptooi Houae. lb re w* have an abundance of tuab Hula. the tmly difficulty beiu? (?> trak>- ?u. h aeb-ct'ona fnvn ibe muivaa will conr-titqte a practical. barmouKi ia. (Mipulai and psuiet?ct?>iy Oah'.iwt. A-< a pr.Unai i.arv rtep. howevir, Mr. Dwbauaij 4*'uUl tin* de termine. in Lip own mind, what jwlicy be ia to putHje, ui d w hat are to be lb* wttb-d print of hi* admiuiatrat'on. Tbe parly electing bi'n la not a homogciMou* party. In tin* South It ia a tilituati ring. no -aion and d:p?(iM?u p?rty: in the .\<>rtb it ia a i cm* rv?tir< ai<d I uloa oarty, 1? exceedingly wi nit in tin- kn<i n In tlie Soiilii it i- tlimorw for \l>- aiiuimirm nt Kanaw aa a la^<? >tale. the t' tii ral exU-i,?,im of p| ?v<*ry. rnd tin rtvi^ul of the Afr.can Kla*e trade; ij ?b?? North It ba> evad?d or fo.? .t tb*- Ka-iu ijih. ti"fi 1.1 n tl? i ll a thii' Mr. ll;,-i.an:u? . ? )? |K-e<d to the extcop.on of al?v< ry. 'J ?;<jr ? 1 t! '? d> TTi .< T4?ir N' n .'*:->a to ?!i' i v. ' (?nur>>? lave Uvn ieciin-d by ibis er* ion. <.r n|a>n thia pUa. Tu. tir?t tiitfi :Uy. tbi it tore, and tbe lurt duly, of Mr. Iinebau^ii. i* tic imKipuou of KiM.b a p">lwy. lonpi^ aod do ?>?* tic. Cabinet ni.d -fa-ib", ap will bknd t*i<- N"rtU ? rn ard Southern pectima of the party into a bcrro|{?iKoup bmp*. A bore all, be moat r<?a>lvo to t ? tlw- uu trr of bb litwUioa, and not t tool ol a cH?;ne of conspirator* in tt?r kiU h- n. ? ;be unlertuDati Mr. l'i?rce. A late ?rtiele in the NVw Orlean* /*ta, which ilif'litaiiP tb'(Mm of Him banan aa n< th.n; better ihon a foo'b' rn ar*ii'ptioe for four year* v.ith tbc Norih. kiya down the la?r of Jeifc'i ?ti iMviawilb u ?-rv b id liund. U'doted to it< - rrple i"-i lire, in mi- mamftpto (4 the ux?ilb piece of lM\ ip bb p^l'ry 1? declar i- ?he old n,l)iftcattan p?'liey of tale or with r*''< rente to Ibe in< riiog adroi'iiptr t,<m. Mr T'uchacan nn>t follua t'te ultra plivetycx i' Tib . it ]*?} rameie of V [fev x.or au.1v tb? cor.nquctcta. M- D.?vi? w til hav. no ami-tat ? no cofnpn oiipe. Ha holda that betwreeo lb< Nctth and tLe Sotlli iLtre can be. and bum b> no prnre ptmrt of tb?- Miljugatl. n of tb?- oo. nc ilon or tl,- otlicr. and that it la tbe inov diafa duty of tbe South. in the ?pirlt of Cam* to ? r.rp?t;*e for victory." " S>Mh >a the game of Uie di-ur ion f^etioa of the South. Tt< j raw. lie mcf at tbr tbrr<bold or tli?y will tu'n P.uchanan m tie ;. Ii^tc r. -I peer r'ltce. A c natiUiti?nal and c*. vr r??ive rwlicy la rfmple . :,r>tvb : b>it a^aiml tlnp Si utb?m d.-'in i.r. Wif k' i>( tb' dem<? crncy tomethlog f.f tl r will of a Jack" ft will be nci d*d to i nftitT" It. Ibw S*itl#rn d ? /aai 7.'TP do col k> ni to C< tnprebeiid tbe late 1 r* nn id emirpn'icr.. It w ?? ctj w-.r ti? -?MHjtb nor aga!nit tbeco- ?'..tutiokal ri^-UUoftb. nil.: it **? r?t at it ?ki i?t *lat n in tbe .-?a^ip m i irt a?aWt pla?cry in lait it w..p re?iptar<t to th.? iaalewi and mffinnly p>?llry <?' irak:n|r Kun'tw a*lar< State by fin* and rwt> d. VetxIUvr tlmt tl.o pyrt tn of free labor In tb< NVith and of alare Wbor In the Soatli may b* ndne?(] Ui pai'.L'iwm) ? i ndly redprocb tic will n the Ition bj n ti * adfe*** ?n tl" '"???. bal*t.<. ? r.,r iv.d ?x?r.|.?v. ia ? ' Ui' toohiKutb-n /? . <||J th " cnn l-> n?. f! i"- 1 -,t t .1 - th ; ? ... .i | !?'' .' ? : f 'i.?.j ? ,i ? j ti. N<.rtb .# Ibe S^ith. \ e a., i j j r,.. d r d ; b.r,k of t? N' -t?.eri? pHfk Cfe flfywcl. to any M(NnMi war a^aunt ] l:i\ i ry U 'h> -Mil.Jl. I r II t ,1, ?' |?,Wl-r. { ppuf laap. Tbe 8??o'bem Stfalta f<e-t.i ir< Ir.^pnr tai.t part of ? ur rottiinoa crn'.lr} their p.<.j,t. sr<- our |>< i.j le. atx! we attare in tbetr pr tapi rtUet ?r.d ibtirferrrpe*. lit:t they r.iu?t not tw |.?t as'ray 1 j pluti.n^ traitorr a?.d dieuiiio.iiaU- th j mn?^t rath' r b?- bn tiirlit back t'i Uie enaptitnL.Mi, to riffn and ? spirit of concilinti'* ard ptrtnipr. f.et Mr. Fnrkaiuiti lorik to fbt*. and be f??ay cowtuand the tuipoit of all hfcum!*. hit h m foil and hi* downfall will lie ?p.'edj^r and ?|"|| ii'i tm'iiioua tbtf of poor Plrree, The RniII of the Pratfnttal Steettw to ??nf Ow P?%a Nllqr. The election of M . Buchanan trill fall like a thunderclap on the European governments and people The warm' > with which the candidature at Col Fremont wu espoused bjthe lode pen dent preu and the independent public opinion of the United Stafen, hud led them to conclude that an event which th< y had grave reasons to depre cate would have been averted. Ignorant of our parly machinery, they regarded these indications as unmiftakeatile evidences of the popular will. Al<1 so they would have been had not treachery, inexperience, aiid the absence of an effective or ganization combined to defeat the noblest cause whiih has ever engaged the sympathies of honest men. Well may this result alarm the susceptibilities of other nations. For them it iB preguant with a world of anxiety and danger. It announces in the first place the deliberate decision of the American people in favor of the extension of Mav?ry. and in the next, their equally deliberate adoption of the principles of the Ostend man! to to. There is no possibility of modi Tying or extenuating these conclusions, .^uch are in effect the results achieved hy the victory of the democratic party. Chat thpy will t xacerbate questions which, il thev could not have been finally settled, might bave been indefinitely postponed- -that they will render still more fierce and irreconcilable the hostility between the North and the South, and that they will plunge our foreign relations into a state of confusion and embarrassment still worst than that trom which we have recently been re lieved, has long been apparent to all who have not been blinded by their party prejudices. It wan the consciousness of these dangers which en listed in the cause of Fremont the good wishes and support of all moderate minded and sensible men, who prefer the steady progress of their country to th<' risks attending unscrupulous and violent efforts at aggrandizement It was the *une instinct which impelled the English and French journals to hail the prospects of the re publican candidate with an eagerness and hope fulness which only served to mark the more ?tronjrly the perils attending the success of his d-moeratic opponent With regard to the slavery question, the con -xjiH'nces of Mr. Buchanan's election may b" 'ooktd upon a* only of a temporary character, .md will b?- set right by the operation of causes over which politicians have fortunately no con troL It is fimply a question between free labor and slave labor; and notwithstanding the efforts made to complicate it with other interests, on this ??>ne aloT>" will it ultimately be decided. If fixe labor be unvoited to tropical States, Northern l ? ple must in time recognise the folly of at t nipting th? application of a principle which mturc bcrtelf repudiates. The people of the S< uth will tqtnlly be comp^lli'd to acknowled:," 'h*t the extension of hlavery to Territories who*e limate is unfitted for its development, and wbwre "-We labor can never hope to compete *ucce?t>iuily with that <tf the white man, is equally opposed to sound economical principles. The quirt ion b? one that will be settled amongst ?*tr*elv? a, and that will have do dir-ct influence upon our relations with other co mtre*. All that *c have to appn bend, then, from the elcctlou o' nn administration pledg"d to the extension of slavery, i* tiat its foolish efforts to violate natural aws will help to k< ep alive for some little time Ionper the j-alousies, the heart burnings and -he distensions which at present mark the agita tion of this qo< stion. Not m> with our foreign policy a* proclaimed by the country in its choice of Mr. Buchanan. By iIk4 election of not of the author* of the Ostend manifesto we deliberately announce to the Euro jwan governments, that henceforth it is our inten tion to pursue the apjrree?ive. piratical and din honorable coarse in our dealing* with other na tion* which wan k> distinctly indicated in th | r? markable State pap- r. Of the effect of the new* of Mr. Buchanan's euceess on foreign interest* we ?hail not be long before w hare an oppor tunity of tulcing. We arc much mi*takea if the I-o-nlon and Pwi< money markets do not afford imir< iliate t\ .d?*?ce of the public feeling abroad on thin rulgaet; :md It is pretty certain th.it ht dock yard* of Portsmouth and Ch?*rbourg > II aleobrtrny uomistakeablc indication* of the light in which this event is viewed in higher quarter-. 1 h?w anticipations a?v iuded inevitable corol lirbsof our own action. Here we arc a nation of tl.lrty millions of people, more impulsive, ener getic sud <.iirinp than ?ny other people on the face of the globe, enutled from the extent of our naryl and commercial marine to be ranked mm first rat* maritime Power, rich in internal i | H?rr? *. a* *ell ss in patriotic devotedn<v-s. and secure Sj-aii.n invasion to a degree that no otb t country can boast of- here we are, we repeat, pioclaim'ng to tin wurld, openly and wit ho equiiocatk n. that we eoosidcr the law of migli snptticr to that uf right and that w?- rueau to at upon U to any e*W?t that our so* reign phnt-urt may dictate. Haw an it be eipeeted in the lace of sack fact* with the Memory of the *cJn tn>* t oneoeVd hi this couatry agniast Cuba,and tl.?-es ublieMrw nt uf an Aattricnn Olitwuting nil i in Jficaragoa- that the foreign governments *houki not regard Ik eWtina of Mr Buchanan as a ganntb t thrown down in the fac.> of hump t, and amke the ir preparations'accordingly? It is con rUbrutione like tW? that influenced th* Urgr vote nltkb hns b?en cast against the democrat. ? nominee |M ns hop*1 that tb policy of hia ad m!r..*4rati?o will be s?h a* to Iran jullhze. both Her# Mid ahroad, the alarm which U?< y are calcu lated to Insfiifie. (ii k. C ? Law I r-'i rws; Fur: s.- i? ff?s of Kr< moat and U. iktita of a ivp >>.oan I^ gMatur* in Michigan lay (tartnd Cam upon tie tMf. li s torn in Lbr ianate etpirrs on the 4th e4 March, and lie will go oat a* Mr. k ?n gf??;n. Wbatatxty! II there I* any man in lie ?<*ti who Ml entitled to ali th* laooors of Nfuatbr* sovevaigMf M ia Gbw ml f asa if there isary nmn In the IVbd Ma** better cnlralat d ?a eapf?nd the mystortan af that dnotrin* in the AaBWte la Ulalf of Mr. inrhaaan. we ?houM like to h> him. Wbut Will the Nortl.. m d aio oacy iii that body d<> wlt'nmt Ida? Who will tnha IM flare of Cm as the .Vm lh>m aidiusj of Mr. Btwhiumn 'u the uet. ..?? T What n thtrn^l Hi kat hath afMi tha ?Mr course of Gcaarwl Cass dafMtf u?- Inrt t>? yt*r?, a? ls-twe?a th North and th- ltoi.il, and tso are aapelbd to ?ay that to ana, lit ug or deal. ua either aide d iNa A In*'* has vtrag^l d Mure puti.oUcaliy or i. ?.?ain ?ly i?. <-?u)>y *?.tJi ?Sd af th~ ?M?? lie has dune stnsust yit ? *? that j'ti o INVW bat Ve^uiMi and ahrrr tn ?w J n>jt <Lj l a<t| ? ut tit i 4 an aapa<d'?*ai4? < jm? to h'* n??aUti.<nU he . as ?^iit t?.- ,\ u. r. >?? |,. , m rioi. by dwdein<. Hiatal. Tt, im ,, ,. t.mee he ba? u ..4 i a .j. t. a t tt?i?Miii ? ard hnrhnra aid m ?*??? s- i a*e a>' menu? And all for the good of the country. Tfcia detest of General Cm* is one of Ac pronuaaat landmarks of the campaign, ud Ann Ut*t un der the iron heel of popular wrath the gla ?* and the dwarf* of a demoralized party ar?' Hal>W to be crushed together. Important ftvm DfiilOw with Rptin?OMWkt ?p*H Cab*. It will be recollected perfectly by our real?r> tbat Spain has for some time pa at assumed a threatening aspect towards Mexico. aud that a fleet fitted out at Cuba for the purpose of rufuro log come pecuniary claims, accompanied by a di plomatic agent, Senor Alvarez, recently *ws*** cd off Vera Crua, with his Touchers in one bi.id and a sword in the other. TL.m- claim* coum?u*1 ofdibts, principally, if not en lirely, iuourr.-i during the sway of Sauta Anua, due to S|taui?? houses. and amounting to about five million. of dollars. On tne arrival of th<> tleet, Gflti. Co monfort, the President of the Mexican republic, reftmed to treat under this exhibition of fore but received the Spanish Envoy privately, and i entered into a friendly discuMion of the cliarac ter and validity of these claims. It wm urge.i by the President that many were fiaudu lent in their inception, that others h;id b?ei? illegally transferred, that the interest was over charged, and that adequate vouchers Here not forthcoming. The real, the bona jide debt, Ui< President wan willing to arrange iu a satisfaotoiy manner; and upon this promise the fleet returned to Cuba. But this state of things was not satin factory to the Spanish government The arrange ments made with Mexico were repudiated, Senor Alvarez recalled, and now we hear of a new expedition to coerce that country into an imme

diate settlement of these claims. We now learn upon high authority, from pri vate sources which we deem reliable, that Gen. Comonfort is ready with a counter movement, which is of a most important character, aud will more or less affect the policy of our own govern ment It is understood that he has already upon the Rio Grande an efficient corps of military men, who are sent there to raise a body of troops lor the invasion of Cuba. Into the regiment-* there to be raised, Americans as well as Mexicans will be received ; aud now that the ex citement of the Presidential election is over, a large amonnt of filibu?terism will be set afloat to seek new adventures, and to gather fresh spoil*. In connection with this is the fact that here iu New York there is a number of distinguished Mexicans, whose co-operation in the plans of Comonfort will most probably be secured ? Geuerals Uraga. La Vega and Blanco, andSenor Rafael Rafael, the Mexican ex-Consul at New Orleans, composing a junta or committee which cannot but take a deep interest in the fate of their country, whatever temporary disap pointments may have brought them to our shores. What their action will be it is not very difficult to imagine. Indeed, the election of Mr. Buchanan to the Presidency?the author of ibe Ostend manifesto? and the open support of that measure by th'j leading presses in hi* favor at the South, must give them every confidence that their uid and assistance in the operations against Cuba will receive support and c j.iute nance from him and his party coming into power. During the interregnum?for it Is nothing els.- ? between the administration of Pierce and that of Buchanan, no interruption to the schcme-s ol Gm. Comonfort and bis agents in New York need be expected. Iu all probability they will receive, indirectly at least, the countenance of the pre sent administration. We may, therefore, look to the invasion of Cuba under the Mexican titg as a fail accompli?iLc descent of a large force of Mexicans and Americans, ostensibly raised on the Rio Grande, and the conquest of Ibe island itself. Under these circumstance", it Ik a matter of come importance to this country to know what course France and Engl-uid will tak< and what their interests will urge them to do. England ha- large Spanish and Mexican debt* of ber own; and Louis Napoleon has a rvpyarl with Ok- Court of Madrid, and a private policy whie*h may discover itself ere long in something after ? f ashion of tbat of h;s uncle. The intervention of these Powers to prevent the loss of Cab* t the .-pani.-h crown is by uo means improbable. The OMend manifesto and the proposed att ;mpt to re-open the African slave trade will natu rally excite the alarm of these great Power*, ami they muy tlctm the time U at last arriv. i| ;?* an open demonstration of the ir opposition to any such schemes Hero. Unit), is an unexpected com plicity ol our fop gn relations, which, ou the l?a '.k of our internal disquietudes, otters " no Is U ol flowers" on which Mr. Buchanan can repos*'. The people ot ibi* eountry may find, like Damocles, that tbe hwoid is over their head, suspended by a single hair. Tnr Fracas at thi. City IIai.i.?We publish clnewhcic the charge of Recorder Smith to the jury in reference to the clcction riots ia the Fir4 ward. For the U?t day or two we have been publishing afbdavita aud otlier detail* of infor rudion with regard to thow riots ; we are rather surprised to pee that some of the paper* talk of a war between tin Major and the R<coeder on iho subject. There I* no war that we liave heard of ktWMk those oftklula. Mr. Smith, the Recorder, waub-d to h? U.iyor, but (ailed in getting the nomination. Mr. C? proo. the City Judge, wanted to be continued in hisoftke, but wan braten at the poll*. Diffe r? nt (rem their perwms, Feruando Wood, who alto wonted (o be Mayor, was elected to the oflioe I bit- difference of fortune hu* led to M)m<< little Mptrily of filling on the part of tbcee two g? n ti* ni<n toward Muyor Wood; feeliog th?m-Jvei broken down and ueurly fna.-hcil as politician*, they hare imluLid a Quixotic desire to t'Tiai n*l< U?eir career with a tine flourish of some kind. 1 hey liret thought of frigbtcnlng the po lice. and a p?ir of fi-ottah letters acconiingly ap p?? i?d in the paper* warning the polico that the (Jity Judge and Recorder would be after them with a sijup stick on election day. However thi? mm may hare succeeded as an indication ?f the extraordinary energy ol the*- officials, it waa the bus efb*ti?e with the police, us the m -m Ur* ol that uncommonly acute force were well a??re that Judge Capron got* out at New Vear, ?ml that M?M this and Ui 11 b" can h irtlly <M capitate many oflhHiera. Nothing disgusted?perhaps unaware of tlieir fu lute io thlf particular these gentlemen hare a<>%i t> ined their attention to Mi)or Wood, and tht..a?n him with all munner of vengeance. So far a* we nan asrertain. the M.ijor nppe?r* men* l? ??i ha> e si?tii*4, to the besi of bmjudgment ai l itccnt <m. bl< right ae a magistrate ; for ? I rk M? ??r*. Gftprue and Smith want to fcmd him to jail. We hop*1 they will raloat from this rrwl 4?>.ga. A f?* being d feai<?d at the pull*. ?" not nee?*af ily r*ioed lor liio; w?? l?a*? ki?u?n bii?k<ti d-iwn poUtic'juift alio at?j th ir f??? fK-ff fully aa?l lire* of comT*?r.ii!rc I peace u4 eoafcrt Let Messrs. Capron and | Mniih therefore lake oomfort and moderate their wrath IV-y are Mi so badly off ?h tbey thiuk. T>?"j can afford to be merciful; will tbey please be m |<?wd as to spare Mayor Wood's life thia time T as jUVWniK AT TBK A(UDKVr?Scoorhs Of iuk Rimmias 1*vaiu<>* There is au armistice la the Opera awr. Peace, tb^ white robed ange', is ike person (if Monsieur le Baron de Stanko ?itch, canea between the iodomitable Field Marthal Mare'**-k and the imperturbable First Coiml Pbaled and a quiet calm jiervades the gtutle hr< a??n of the young ladiea in the Fifth at*nue. ahile Mad< muiaellc Traphagen aad all the other ltr< ad?uy dealer* la Opera cloaks ?kip lite jouii: Uunt>-. clap their band* and sing tor joy. Practically speaking, the n uown* d RuHHian Monsieur le Baron de Stankovitch has sustained the national reputation for diplomacy, and ap pear! quite a* able ax Orloff or Wikoff in that tk Id. lie baa concluded a treaty witlt the Ex i cutive Committee, und although we bavo not ibe text, we are able to state the pomta. M. le Baroo de Stankovitoh on hie part agr<vm to pay ae v? n hundred and fifty dollars per week r?*ut, and takes the bouse for hIx week*. Max M iri-uek auk not to conduct the orchestra uolurs he apologized to the Committer, but it is stated that Max Man-tuck will not apologize, aod the conductorV chair will be tilled temporarily by the leader. The house will be opened by the La Orange company, on Monday next, with the ?Trovatore,'' of courae. Field Marshal Maret/ek will, we suppose, profit by our advice and take a abort wasoa of repoee, during which he can take a look at Niagara Falls and a run out to that plantation in Kentucky. We expect a remarkable season under the La Grange management, and we shall see how the Baron gets on with the stockholders. What we should like to see- and the public is with us, we believe?would be Tbalberg as the musical director. With the artists that be could gather around him, we could have an operatic campaign of unexampled brilliancy. However, that id an alter consideration, and it is gratifying to see a fin# musical week before us. We shall have the Opera on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and Tbalberg's concerts on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and probably Saturday. Nearly all the places for Tbalberg's first concert were taken before noon yesterday. So the young ladies can get out all their pretty dresses?there's a good time coming. Vue VOpera! vivt Tbalberg! Tm: Charges Against thk WwLETAJf Mw 8IOKAKIK8 at tub Fkejee Islandh.?In another column will be found a communication from a Salem shipmaster, in reply to certain charges acainst the Wesleyan missionaries at the Feejee Islands, contained in a letter signed David Stu art, which appeared in our columns a short time since. We have now given both sides of the story, and leave our readers to draw their own conclusions as to the facta. The communication referred to also contains some severe strictures on the conduct of Commander Boutwell iu the en forcement of the claims arising out of the de struction of the town of Levuka by the Islanders. ? We give these statements because tbey are sup ported in part by official documents. Although tbey are to a certain extent exjxtrte in their char acter, our readers will agree with us that the pe culiar circumstances of the case justify us In placing them before tbe public. It is but right that grievances of this sort, occurring at such re mote distances from the seat of redress, should find tome prompt exponent near the general go vernment THE LATEST NEWS. BY MAGNETIC AND PRINTING TELEGRAPHS. Proa* Washington. TBI: CALIFORNIA WAR BONDS ?PATKfHT* MAOR ? THK DKLAWAKS LANDS IK KANSAS?TBUbT SALE? UiOODBAUkaKXT TO SOMA FIOK nCTTLRKH, LTC. Vjihudtoi, Not 0, 1IM. Fi, M hundred and Tarty two thoaenort dollar* of Ma California war bonds have been pud oft at lit* I'nitel state* Triaeory, and oaa hundred aad tvut/ tk >uaaud ara tow ui oergotng eiami ?u<hj Vefjra tUa OommK,! >n erf at their rfflcc ta ifcia cay, who ara sow boiling Uisir I art r it It of. Tt.c trnst l ale of the Pelaware taodi In Knaea* by iba pTtritreil, which takes place on Itu nth of Uua maoib, M attract tog the attention of speculators thrmigboot tbe coubU y and the ooupoUUoo will be spirited. Thirty itK"i<>ahU dollars bars bats deposited m tbo Tadtao of.ne brie, aed certitiaslss Issued, which a!ll us receive 1 ta pa; toent lor tbest Uadi at Port Leavenworth. By this arrange si est of Col. Many pi sny the transportation of ? p?ct le avoided, as the fEOrmawt roquttn. all W I mshts to ba made ta spsete os the day of aats. The wbote ol the Dslawsrs tract wU: he put up to tbe highest ' bidder; but for stab lets ss may be tmire ad the taper tn'raleal of tbe aales it instn tad not u < nco?ra?;e oom petition. To tbe hsacet Um* JUU aetlk r, who hss im proved his lot, the government ta wtlitog the land shall he sold at ths appraive 1 value, bat it bide are oilhred by other part**, they are to bo rscetvtd, tV parrHasur t?t mg bit chances for a lawautt abv i thi im.novsmsuf ? The unimproved lota ta Imreewtrtli and other tow.i *11 all be made to bring tbe highest p wibla price. ArraagrKtDta ara already lit progress lor thereof (u'ltiloi of tbo editorial forss ol tbe Cmem new*papt it >4 in coniempUtxn to bars om e titor frctu the North *nd anrtber from tbe hulk, ta vt??wof Mr. Hocbaaan"* arimtn -trattoa Mr. Nicboiiot. will rttare m the Hk of March. Later hem Havana. Krw Ostsass, Nov i, 1AM. Tbe sVsmabip Blatk Watrior. from Now York, via Havana, 3d tart , baa arrived Sh" bring* ao ncenof lapwiBMS The Utrent Meim an Ijihr lrte> BrvtMO, Nor. ?. IjM. Our papers Ibis arterm on art iilod with account? m Abetters to lake rm/t la tie lata gate. Home twenty Mthi osers and bark* are reported a* bore or bad if r a ineped. Tbe brtg Cuit.l.erland ta reported to have bo^ lost, with all on board. Cbpt. Cbampi-y, of tba schooner Vermont. armed this afternoon. taye, on the afternoon fth.< 4th be raw a lauj ?tc*rn r or j-ropnlirr lytog is ?lit trei |ti nMhe s?a wbod) oamaasfftsble Her s .the tfr? *?ne or? rboaril. aad a erowd nf propto aiand'ag on b< hor*ic*se < eek. He thinks she murt Have *eramped bfti'r tbe storm wss orer Owing to tbe aevnrtty of the trim, be was naatle u> rsader aa*ku?Dc or ascertain b?r same TnrnaAn at Nortttlk. fUi.Waoaa, Nov. t, ISM. A r'< lost t<>rna<to we* e*wrlen?*od ol Nnvi<*k na>l Tnrtr month sa Tnneday, and or oak toned coitatdi r?Ms I'smage Heversl bo??es were nnrtmfed, aad thf t.?tw ar b<< ?e ot the H?nho?rd asd Honsnke Railroad In Ports mouth wa* rednoett to rotn* rtght or ?et> psrsont srs kitonn to bave been ?*npualy tnjurod, tnd It ? Wared that *rr ntder the mh?*. lifetilij Mntch Between Plura Ttmplr and l,lh?n AIMS BsMMM, Nov. 6, ISM. n~ra 1> mpio won a fnree ?rfl,C?0 y?te?day a tbs B *|p|i Trtu o? Ps-t. btnting Kthau Alien in two Mraight htats. Tlm< ?*?)<? Marfcefs. PIIILAPBLFHIA ("Tot * BO AII It. !*?iti Wllim Noe. f 1SJS <-?r?v ? tlrtn |ynn?yt'*?l* fives. ST; Kea-t'iig * R , ??; IlifHMfll., ?M M-wrts Oaasi, 14; I'saasylvaaia N'rw OSISAS* Nov.I. 1AM. The *al?s of citUi. to day bAVS b< os 10.SU0 bslsS, without quotable change In prieee. Prime srgar, 9%c. - new fair, 9)?0. Hour $7. Mixed corn TOo. Nkw <IBI.BA.VH, Nov <1, )8*6. Tbe CanM*'a new* was published here in lite regular morning editions or tbe | mere c.?r|<oein? Ute AieeeMM r> eta, and earn d tn advsncu id cotton of >,c. The salts to day add tup 7,000 baler, at ll?c. a Ujfo. for middMug. Freights dull. * Ohwkvjo, Not. 6?7 P. M. Flour la tn speculative dfioaci, wttn sal?M of 2,00fr bi?t. at *?l a *> 26 for Michigan and *traight Stat*. Wheat racier gale* of '6,<>00 hurfheifl CMragO spring sttrst. at ?1 28. Oarai p-ei^hta to New Yo-k?Floor, t'^Xc wleat, 18o ; corn ltiv I.alro ini|>ort<<?880 bhl*. flour snn ?0 W0 liu6b?w wheat. tJaual oii?(>fla?3,77V bhia Soar, 'it 600 bushels wb<at, 7,400 bushels co.t, and S,6M) but he 1b barley. BrrcAl-o, Nor. 8?7 P. M. Flour, dull: only Interior t'ale demand. 8aU>?. 6,uWi fcble, at gri 87 a *> 60 lo- cbolcetu extra Obin and Ml "hi pan. Wheat e'esoy. Sales of 6,0u0 buaUrU at II l'i>: i? *1 13 for Chipsgn rpriug sndgl 41S r" white Canadian fJorn llftn. . a).* old, M0 hnuhels at bio Oi uHUviy Sales of 13 0?i boi-hel* at 38c Whi?f ny, at '.'Ho. a 80o ? sn?rfrei|bts to K?w York?Floor, INi , iiuJ wheat illo. Peifiptti in the twBty loor hours ap to noon to day?.100" hhls flour, 18/yfl nii.<b< Is wh.'ai. <>?oal e.iports? bla. flour, 81.03a bushes win at, 13,804 buabela corn, i8,6f0lhu8h*Mi oils. The wind t? chancing to thesoulh., with pleasant wtau.tr. Bi rpAi.o, Not fl?1 P M. Floor nnchmged 9a'ea 400 bills , at ft 37 a M 50 for ohoioe to ex?ra Michigan aiid Ohio. H'unt uitch?Jgt*l ?Ira 4,(00 bosbti* at 60c. Whisker 33e. Light ro rlpfd render canal freights doll aud nominal Bscflpt* yesterday, 81! 0(0 bushel* wheat, 2,8?? br.'s. ,lmr. Csnfi>.. ei|erts?31 (?64 buthele wheat, 13,026 bcahoia corn sjici 19,000 bubhela oat* TiMUOtHr..?There waa a ?re*t rush for tlokcta to Thai ' berg's first concert ;?*ter<1sy, and nearly nil the seat* were ?>!<! before noon. The secon l coiicort will talus p'aoe oo Toeaday text, and the sale of seats will be com menced on Saturday mcrnlng. Tito Oiinu IN Booths ?' Norma" wan given at tho Boston theatre on Wednesday, for La Orange's benefit, is. a crowdcd bouse. ?ho was called before the curtain ak. ibe end of the 0-at act, and presented by some of the stockholders with a diamond br ,ocb, tbo value of whlcli ?we mean money value, of course; the worth of a -oh u bulm to the tender iuiceptibtlHSea of a prima dvuna ?u toiuta Is altogether beyond computation in federal cur. lency?is sUted at $l,b00 The Athenian at/wkholdera. acem to bo very nice fellows. They not only pay fc*r thelr places, bat they give pretty preucnU lo the artists. Let tLe'r New York brethren follow their example, ant'/ 'lay out," Obituary. DEATH OP THOMAS DOWf>R. Thomas Down, tanner, of Cambridge, Maw , died or. Tuesday, at the age of more than eighty years. Mr. Dowse was a remarkable character- Bred to the bua> bom of a tanner, and occupied with It Ull near the olese of his lite, ho cultivated a taste for literature and art, amO accomplished himself In an eminent degree In variooa branches of pollm learning. Hut library was perhaps the best alsttllannoos one in the vicinity of Ronton, la Kngllah literature It could oo*?t all the floest, as well aa the rarest editions of the beet authors. Its value was not lees than 830,OtO, and ma; havo equalled 840,00?. A few weeks ago, la anticipation of his death, he oouveyedli entire to tbo ilaaaaobnaetts HUtorloal Sooieiy, whtoh has decided to appropriate a ault or rooms exclonireiy to )Uv reception. Bis anmiraoie collection of pamtinrs tn water colors has probably been left to some public lnatituLoa Mr. Dowae's name was wrt tes by the irreverent harvard onli?gtans, Thomas Dowse, L. L. D., which was held to sieaa learned leather dresser. Harvard missed gott'nc his library, which It was at one period believed would bo added to Its richea In this line. Mr. Dowse was in all re spect* a most excellent man, a good tanner, and a woU lead student of literature. Tweatleth Ward Republican Club. A mooting of this Club was held Last evening in Coot', nentat Ball, corner of Th.rty lourth street and Ktghth. avenue. There were over two hundred persons is atteo - dance, smong whom were s considerable number ur ladies, sad tbo proceedings were unusually inloreaiiug The republican* of thu ward are cortainly aa untnusiasti^ aa ever, and determined not to give up the cauto witaout another ttrogglo. They could hardly havo bean moro buoyant and hopeiol after a victory, and their speaksr'a bad nothing but words of chser and encouragemei.1 for the future. The meeting w?? rolled to order by Mr. D. D. Oosover, and was address*, tn a ttororghly praoucal and ener getic atyle by Horace Greeley, whoso remarks we e In terrupted by frequent applause. Mr. Ureeley commenced, by calling attention to the groat strength wbx;a tbo re nbMcan party difplaysJ la the great contest of fuss day last, and contended that slthougb defeated It oo'ild no* e said that It was vanquished. A party thai ? ounted two millions uf voters in its ranks was not to ba despised. Without ctlectlve organisation m many of tbo Northern States, and cxoludea from the South, M ba4 aohteved in the short space uf one year a position wbicK must grow strong ss Its principles and plaUoi m beooase more widely knows and more generally understood. Ho did not regard the elretlca ol tbe 4th as a defeat, sad bo eH certain that It must eventaaily triumpo To ensure , oecbas H was necessary, however, that tnone who bat tbo interests of tbe causc at heart aboutd do all la their power to perfect tbe organization* which had seen al ready commenaed, and to establish reading rooms for tbe purpose ol diffusing a knowledge not only of tbo principles of republicanism, bat of those of tne opposite paity, so that the people might thereby bo enabled U> contrast tbe mtrtis of the two and snake tbeir selection. This wan necessary for Ute great battle of 1H40, la which tbey should be led by their gallant standard bearer. Jobs C. Fremont. It shoa'd be remembered that If tbey bad been defeated in tbe lirtr struggle; tbat it was a dtfeat which had been suffered through traud aad a vKNaltoa of tbo rights (4 cltizeasbip. Neither sboum it bs iorgotteu that Tcomas JeQersos sad An irew Jsu'uoo were botb detested when tbey first rrsssnlsd theaselvea to tbe country ss sanmoates for tbo PresidssMy. aad even James Buchanan bimaeir was freqaettly a petittoner at thodsorcftbo Democratic National Convention Hire tbo great Jar or lor wnieb bs bad bogged so bard wss graaton to him. He (the speaker) believed toat tbe ad miaisiratiMi ol the PrMident sleet woall be such ss mask titue a republican victi rv la 1880. Although a mas who. bs I bought, desired to act right, bs was still a ?sak man and liable to bo nndor the Inuosnos of svil and deaigaiug maaof more tenacious purpose. There wss, thou, ovary reason wby tbe work which the republican party ootn metced s be aid be >ar ried on, and why those who be lie red In its ptueipiss sh?old use ali their exertions U> sx lend and strsagtbsn its organ I nation. Alter somn itirther remarks to tbe same olivet, the mc< liag was ad dieased fey other gsntlemen, aad lass adjourned A Drtxlfal Affalr-Piotoblt Homicide, (f rom Um Philadelphia Bulletin, Nor. ? ] A boat tight o'clock km areolae ? ttrrlbio a.-air took 8?ce la IrmtatG-jj't Hole., la SoToath atreot, ttorr leetaot. At the Imr wn1 tkm ehota tram a rtrni ver tin beard, iM the crowd open UWlt>( to the Km, toead a a>ui l??ag upon tba auna of Ma betal bleeding, ?ad another van ataadu.g aear bta wtth a Con a reromr in Ua baad. Tba proeuale inu chad out that bo wae luled. aad ibo attar declared th?t bo had flred the abote. a<t ki\ ag op hit pMol, avowed h? wtittagaeaa to be taken tato curtody. Tbe voandod au waa ukoa to tbo itrvf aaora oa wa mriwr, aad treea there bo wae MMrae to u.? Penary I male Baagttat. Tbo rltrifjWTrt to to Hr. I'bittp 8. Cltw|H, Ma of tko (Irai al Wiibkt * < lawgea, raaey dry gooda dealer k. N ? 13'> Harkot Mir^t H? ? n ilea ??i? ot tbo M aa rtone < haraotr r, atl three of tba abot? harteg taken 'toot. One ball paeaed tarongh Ma briaat aad out at tbo back iuothrr entered tbo i Hiker n, and tba MBrd Mattered on# of bt~ irM. Tbo bmb who bad trad too ptaf>l waa taken to the Ma>?r 'a 0C. 0 Be proved to bo lanae a Star lock, a h< r kkeeper ? thetirni ? a!./k Mr Citvgea wad iareiv a mi irb?r Be declared IrriJy that ha bad o >maa?UoU U e d?ed, that bo hat bero tneUgatad to M by the bad r<m dirt 01 Oa*|N, aad ha ospreatod ao racial av tfeo oc wrrwo. Mr. Ctawffo Itaa at Ihe Ponaa? Iranie Boatful ta a par frotl* bo^^oa ooadltioo ha waa rtill nitre tola awauu bat bta rrcwrery i? prekouboed impoentble by tbo attend lug ph) ?wtaaa. Bia wifa aval to tb<laa?HaWna taot atfht. aad baa ataoe hjr tbo beleido of bar tytag bia held Tbo ?thm Id aht ?l tarty Are year* of a fa . b? baa four children n< >ag. 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PborVKh ta abo<it UtrN year* ef *g* ha baa bier marr'ed about two year*, aad b*? owe eb i4 cvtag 1 be prtaower was broogtu betar* Alderwau I auo. U tfce Mayor'k oflleo, tl-ta ?i-ra.ag Tba offtre to rewtail With latlana eperte'ora The kvwmI aalarad tha roowt, acro?pai?ied br aerara 1 ef hw frtao.io. He t* a gaataal ooklojr iraa, ahotit Ueol 10 tsnhea le liotgh' aat ten aer y o?t:t. Bt? rovnt-aaooe M lo iinoitre of dramaaa. tld re bora blautelt wtth tauch fort'taJa la b.e p* nfk< I c9U iob. t ie r i ? ? n |k Clark waa called ta tha ti*a<l vH Men le* ?a toli'iwa ?I am oae ef the high oaraatabioe; I d<t not witn?>a tbta tranaactlea I raw the pn*?e?r brongbt iato the ? C ce after the orrorroeoe I bad a aaaraeaauoa *,th h'm; ba wee tot <*nttoeed afWart ?aak'ag aay atate km rt, nor ware there aay ladaoe?eota held o>u ia a.at to on ao; I aektd bia bow ba raaa ta do ii aad bi re piled trial be did do tt. thai ho mat the feen<<a??* ?ta utn atrret aad aocuaed hUb he (tha prtaawer) n>l?-ttea tar *<t. High Ontwtahle Clark farther etated that be had nadar ki<x a tbat tt waa lmpwaa>hla for Mr. Clewgee u. h*v. The iitatnot Attorney afked that the prtaaear be >-aa. mttird to aaawer. Aii etman Kane oa'le.1 the ^eTawdaat op aad |)) l Ma. that he alt rotrmiti-d for a fhrther hearing, to aai t tha teanlt m the wooada rerolred by Mr. Clawcae. Priforer?" Tory Weil, ilr." Mr Hbarlotk waa aabeeqaoatly aeet to Moya.aetwlHa prtroa m a cltalae. Thta petafnl altalr haa created a fi*at 4aai of a?<ne m ai, loth paru?a are well kaowa, aad tba prieoaer bar hitherto beme aa amol'tM ehantctor