7 Kasım 1856 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 5

7 Kasım 1856 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 5
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Court Vf Wetter*! Hrn ,ton?. *bookdkk t? t?k ?ki*D ju?t_ m* tJ about thk uquoit law and klko Nov fl? I' irfuain lo a. journment, the Oourt mot this "rum* at 11 o'clock, Rfccrlivr Stu.lli preaulm* l?* court room win crowded, and the ouarge of th? O'r tl tercd to with brea'bloaA atloullon. 1' it " caiilLg m Jury fnim! tbe r<dl9w:nir pMr?eb w.rMjijjuiBiiirtlil-.na, Alex aider Ktokla, Au.Dro-o K iiy, Jouo K M-ere, John 0 I'noiutx, Gruffu <4 umb/, ''bum** li Swimon, Ttiuouw A. U?vl9<, V.llit* Lloiler, w|iIia'?i <. Jjina, Jowse (telle/, X'turtco H. Korrlf va. I""" Hull. lort-tDau. ^fllltA.'U J HoiMt. t n'.Hv,?w' ' l*Opol.l ("il!n?, lOAopti H l-i ??, *eulor<i 1 ttacontber I* lli?0i y Hjirr, leor** f. fete son, Ji>ue .Vu Jer, >APM*I 1* *tllMm Thompson, Ultnt Wnii.fr, 1. (Ja*?> Hail, Ib?irlct Atl'irn ly, then roae ard aali be ??e<i it.. I'ouft io uil !!?? a>l*utloo ol tae timod Jury bo ?tainn> reguiullrg the r*?arn<of tbe (aejectore tied pe iN..|,uiy Inquired of iho ftwiotv filer* aid aI o?oi?er.iy four a-,its hart eiap-ed ?lnc?) ibe alealcr b* v Hr ooi of 187 election dlstriotn onljr returns from nart been received tie ?*>-.:>? <ier ??|.- that be would embody that request iieebar?e Ho then proceeded te deliver Use foliom char*e:_ mtrtrvxn ok ttt? Grand Jfiit?Were It not for the ^ that I lie I*ut<iu> ccqulr. ? me V> adt ree* you it would m r<**?ary. The e* per tenor of >o0r f .ranUii wo ild ter lu pla.o of hi ruction ir, m me. B ii by malum 1 lr?<jm--,i to call your Atteel.on to iMU<n Iaws and *a I >f.i, to impure eraeially aa io their violating * b?v" JJ/,,0,cU ,u "f a" entniral oUeb<NM ?wm ? dttltbio the cuv a?d county if Vew Yo-k Bj ?HAtotx 10- BilKOrmfvuioni i.iiwt ttrat bo mad* be |a tbAOMrata, ?, the rtptrial seat i.ma have e*.;lu Juit*i ittion of on new of U.at Rrade. ,ln.^ lha . "'I*! t^ia Goeri al tbe Intttraiioa ol ;?i.t do Aiit. (tie cam-? that ? til isntao Ve'o'e you are ral.y cm-* wloch hu?e Nh'tj pa?:?ed upou by t>m hmttuir m?(il?lrat", iho??b u> "Mm of Mod/you If >ain the eoni lam tu?-u*u ao oiar<e n?? be*n p-b. ili.? Toouirt neier?My It Uut to too i>ai tie# ao o??Ki mat tbo, have the (?r(. ?a nl ??? ??.#( ovwruiiied witn -ho aonu^rr belore a mv kAte '' ?t irirj i?0||y le'oltt m the dl'obArr of tae ? fer- uto-o jv & p-m, he?noit * bill *<hiM bar^ I loni.'l It Ibe enroe of your nlanrelioa you wooid 1 the riRhi io r?od part ten before a >na,;i?irale la Any where i ) V t'n ? t uj Ix'oa bad "? aiamiih rrqmm tba I ab>>ald rlMtrfe you to lu >|xriaiiT tn.o any fi^Mlm of tr?> nuiry I? If An? p>-n.oea ?iU>u yoor >ar*?dMu^a h*<e In^iblrreei for bv aey eneceuic teveii per oeat pet J Al?0 requirra lb At I ?ho .11 r,a!l your IpeclAI attnttllil ?K) vW.iation IH tre lawn |<roh|tnilnR IoUktmi Any fe io loucriea * uauwiul, and ,,UBIaiiabi# by due and lhAR>UI. * I alee ?? quirea urn 1 ebould call y<?or upecrnJ att^otn/i "b? ?wi ?> 'Hoiifci. It at couwu of ortwem 8* ??? ao? ai ow^d by law. it le a nwd*iii?M?r. I Mpjri > I he oO?A?i?r lo oAe puaiabmcut. |Ak? Iifrna 1 ?ItoiiM rail yi>ar ?>i*oUm to tbe Sloe >?* Ihe l*r?hiK!Uiry Liquor law. Tout law hu i eiatK^ed ol by lb? drew i>0 oi ih? Uxirt of A M?iA<a. rif In to tlud tn^ic rrxrti aadtr tlivt *M4te' *k t?ea .>, itLitfi Q. eoeeMuttosaj. ' , "A'ote alae .'irrt*< ibat I ahoatd anaff* yoa to tore mio uy vm>I*iimia oi our eleouou lain. So br'ant old oar WneKiorA iooekl-r the aeceAaxy If*" "?l '? *r J'urtty tbe cleotiro |r?o .:ilie, tbtt rtquired Uiat itte juUfea who Admulater Uto e?l uw >bouid At lb* Aeauaibitac of eA-.b tirAud ??t. cull rpectAl a t/ctioa to tuv?u wo< vrdatei l?w~ A Uv, U|RiD u?.- I> ?cr?ali.Mi <?' wbMb, io i'a w, drt-i.d? tee naWlliy or wi ln-ut<u, mm fae |>ae Iiii-mn ?ronnd n* aimle 'no*,* ,.-j if tbe lac the law |dT*a Io prutnit ur la p.oprriy exeiv.He 1, L?; Ihiit i<owcr ia iloititiifj to currii|H 'iaA;ru ? Acd ?n.blU0ia ? t-0?to men who are ?* to fArrihoo tbe rl^bwi of other* to the rralil In of ih?ir ow? udvaacemeDi, And the rc*li.:iuoa ?irir ?.inbitiou? aoteme#, the ooly redreaa th< oiu I ? ipeAitBK to the Uf by ApiMtHu t"> wo f lac.} ;oe ciiiuiaa before Uie bar m jmtlco, that fcay there au?io lor hta crime, aad aeree aa ao ex to ?ah. otneift ih-?t )>ui.i,iiu rut will follow Mob Wnbtn the prntent wi rk our ?i:y bm beea trio ? of t nlrarta at the jioll* wbl -.h Ar-J hum.iUim* to m JWtie, And d\?K>-Ac./ul to ihoeii barlog tbo pi*tr to I* ",<,,n "?? Kiru ward of thi* oily, and alm*t ' htAtloa ol tue otlici ol tbe MAi'ir ao i Ctief .>( Po -I?n ihe .'t? Dlnj; to itej cIo-iok ol tbo jiolU. nor j ? e ?u*iam treae of rut abd blooiUhel. R^tvv _ lc?tizeoa, wuo w*i?l peMetaU) to U>o polla U> dninMu I wor* knock od down a:id urafped inron^b ? rtreria, whboul any tnterlercnoe en tue part or IfobM V> prevent the ouira?e. Haodre<l? driven froai the polla by an orr*oixM band ?i perti) (X'f. ?bn opeuly refcaed Waller tbe elector ?poult a vole. twUat It onulo -d trni u?m<- of acot lMB. tu?le. lb?veiKAle theae reioarka tba yon Ith- brlter AppiecUtu tbe uoe.tMitlU ?x promptaott >n pur pert, m wrla'ii cAtea wli'ab will M preteatixi |Mir ooeatderatlaa. I will bore Add. th?t a Ur? < *e? ?? tbo pole* flrrre waa wnbdrAwa trtm ta? I "ard by order of th? Mayor of our oliy?aad tba a I number oi me p> lice faice were on furlough ob %y of cIrctkin, Ai*d were enfaic* I la advAOdiir lb ?eta of cer'Aln cendldAiea, Inatead of b.xnir rnra?ei ipinr tbe iXAr.e at tbe poll*. By the aocuoan of ib? lie ?? filch 1 will by aoi by road woa, yoa wj ai "nejW if cut} " by a polioe ofil-?r, UAtnx adot, pnmanable by Que and impritoonteot Ipetlttnilary, a ml tba qne?tton m to wbeihnr ? public affloer hAA n*f looted hia doty u a question H lor a Jury to pui upon. The atAlntn applira I) al: ' ofheer*. ??. yoa mould not dlacr m.iMe between |l *i'. *n<l tbe lowcat, hot, If the evi lenoe |uatiilaa ?tall wno coma within iU provtaioij*. fhera wili imber of .?Ae? proeeuted for y?nr nona.darAt">a I Oral :a1I your utoniloB lo tre lollo^lar aectleo o PA'ute: ? ay per?oo "hAll, by bribery, ntenaae. or u hor etrrwp' ?r.r drvlre whatroev.r, eitaer dtrer'ly or lodhecilv at u> indwiKr any rk. tor of thu Male in ?l-.ia? hl< tutu or b. dr'rr bun irotn flvlnc >be nunr. to il-lvorh',>r ?lb?' frre rxrreue (d tb^ riffht of "UfTr ire. at Any nle-<iua . tk|e Mate held piiK.iaDt to (biA cb ipier. or ahal' tber?>; pvnMffHl. MM-b pWNMi w> oiltin'liiiK and ^'poittivi nh*ill hi?d*rd tuiHy t>( a miadxoxxioor. ani be uned a>H| im led ureerdinic to the diarreiMin of ihe < ??nrt before whu-b v|< tk u >hill oe had; ?uch flne In no <-ami u> aiceedfire |e.i do Uii, our ?ueh liii|irieonni-nt ooe year. a a? line a' you WI.I pereeivj, t* brow' And C??a. LKi^e, AOd cA*ee wi'l be preeeote.. for your rm.tiie um'er l' There will al?o be oaam nrnemiloI tj liader Ibe following rnmon _ v " , rt* iiny duly i? or ?hal] beenflrwd by law upoa any ^o?'-rr, ??! upon any person boidluK anv publl- imat or I lywef, I've/y wilful neglect to perform ??>h dutv ? DO rreeul III.-.-Mm ultall bare been made Iter Ibe poo 1 Kot ol ?iH-b delluqoi'uey, ?iiall he a lo.ademeaoor. fhi 1 '"r "I'll o fence may be a line of ?'SO aad fflri? ioprl>nnrnrnl. It? vour ?peciAl Altonuoa to aucb omm. ? ?oatbe Vi> 1 have i-ani'T warraoia lor the a-ree|o -e oral km.o. wlio fn m ihe evi I <nce b^ore me. ?l | my Ihboot intertenng, and >aw cltlaeLa brutally vult I And whAt .a v?ry rerrurkable, though blood ran ?t la many wards m tl.a city, am thougu m*n now lie ? point of dentli from the wonndt I hey receive') nn lay of election, rcarc# one of the oQ mdera againm mw have beroi an it< d by any ol tho polloe pp? n inveviiratl ?? of the r*<an which come before w AnfiaO d that grlevona wruogR hare bee a ililed, bat thai the? an not of aovh n character >11! Jnr tify yoa in Ondtng hHle of Indict niot let the p?rt>rr. If Ibe wron^a are of that nat'lre *wv eain^t be ^xomIM wlibrn.l leg|?)attou. yoa U?e rmhi by way of preeonim. ut to i aiv-DUui of the coram jnliy to Ihe evil* yoa wo.il I k) rmrdt. and to mnka >urb eut^eitloia aa v?i II imforUiit To v*> mp 1*0 that obja^t. ymi nay it p'epcr. an?r tho exiranrotnary nae to wb?.-h Ihe 1 fbrrr ha* rr.anp'i'/l f.,- ih ? tail fee week* ad I Itbe grtiM lnon..-i, nev n.*nlfrru~| by them on t*l > day leibei to prreini o imld relief to the pMtp'n of na like Koatiiy ,J * ? -f?rnl nrganmtlau of thai ?? i?t and I ai^iiicimI lerere peoAl enactmenta wiUi I'.o It, io pre*. nt in lutnre etieh out rare* aa our I bare ?l,'?i red by Ib< ttcni^l'ncy of taepnli -.e. 1 their ?pi -ot r illni: their time lor other pnrtmm ?tore for whrh tarv were anpolctad an? |.*H I a*?* tre e f ' *i?tH>oc. gactlea.eu. which, if you lou.mpo. tanl, you will djtrcferd '? rvconiaM B'i ihat yon li<qulra tbliday iato lb* roa ky the ipenrr ^ ?of difl- rent .liavtcta have not tnad<i imroa Tte law reqmrae thai anrA return* be ? without r'na* f nndera and that over alai ty dia lln -if city hare not oomp<trd with th? ata ale The i tn comply it ? misdemeanor, a?u it your dnty to |.dt- ? ., .1 ? in'ii 'be i. a/oiia e.( e! ,y flis [let ^ ? ley will mriieb yi with tbe etAtu>?, aod la peavl II ?nfg. *1 to yoti Uv?< cour?e you ondM to ailoot ? h.>?e??y and fi-Arle?nea* ol ibe lirand Jury the ?nonl. k lor p*otartioa, a* well aa to tie j?J| Ati'ir.pu are frequently raatle to inRaenoe Gran I In tbe om l.arjje of thetr duty. It la a bi?h ra ?.ir t to at rn.ct tr> mtorierr with yoo. And It to a duty 'e to yon'ielrea and the iralilM, to acpoae at i the Conit the naitie of any pt-raon who at -Atnte rrqcirta that you ahooWl keep aetrat the _ of any bill of ladlrimeat Aga'nrt a p>-?on for l?' <?" -- r u rii I" en u*1y ."'neb die ft m a htiAdi tneaeor It 1a bolhv, geotlemeo. that Ir P"ee? ding* AhouiU be k.ep? aet reu No good nan ?y revolt from ilantuaieg any of y >iraeta until the/ rtally prraooied; rerj Much evil may ba done by ?a m your body eonrtttote a qnnram ?w the Uaae ?* biiAlofH*. > ear rniBihernun n<i ejooeil twenty Tw?ira muat p.Dtirur la the nndlnR o< a Mil. ? b?li la lb mm! H rrqulmn the ratae numhor to re ft tae vote Your foreman haa the piner to ei ly e# yoa without appfleattos H tbe Onrt You Jaorn fr^wi lime to time, nil In eue.n houra aa ?oar eoevrnlrnro. t'poe all quoaUona of law t .? Attn* l ey la your lefal adviaer, aod wham yon ?y doa?d nprn l>gai pwata It i? beat in neiMtu.t jt. Aa it wui ofvaaava much ofth* puMm time are aartga?d by tli? fJo.irt for ytmr apaotai at U. Yoa will now prone*), gertlemeo, to the die . of ye r <"o'iee. III* J antda waa lr.d>tei for lU^a lnc a w*teh and the **t of fmtober. the property <M Mr. Ftmk a ? a*1 U'e Km.trne (lab, whl'e l?' wae aaieep (a the Tbe j?ry rendered a veadM ol pevit Urceny, and ier waa a?i?t lo the \* oilrt nary tor all month* raaee being ready tar trial tba Coert adjourned ? ?viiag. *?p?rlor f?art O'nr* link ,ln6f* Bo% irnrtk. LIAriLITT 01 CO*?'<N r\IIRFER-1. f, Hai' U-. V -O 1' " ;.I ?.? WfUa 0 a'l th mi*** ?1' I ????!> ccuon t? rfoorfr Kmetrb*?f> tin lb? t?Iu- nf ? quantity o( jrM dnttt tr?a? Ui? <1? ??"> ''nU' Mprw fron Viffln D?f, M4 In Mr? T?NM tit fifth N?W >,? ??!>??> i???w MC?Thr mv4f* for Ux> WM ?!*<? *7 '?? A pBfh, f r Weil*, Karfo A r i* 4?l- i" * ??? '"W'lW that )i?l M ? fr- * Ifc? ?'>? W rwlr* r. *? for Ihom, u.?y *'? Wf? ? tnrwmr4m, tnl wr. 4.4 iMrWVvr# ?..t ttehi# Tli# tn.ln? rh*r?*1 IM' Ik* ?.>??<? * ??*f ?'>*?? ?? ItiJ? vu, wholW M ?> - ?#*?' *? Ik- ??>???M: If an. uwy wan 'W **f?? ?*>???' Th? r?rf. ONIOM 00 KHH, It. 1?THOTTIN0. Two trolUBf matcbo mow off on Wednesday altor boob, whirb c/ealed OQMidermble ibummbI for tho?a who were present and witnessed them. Ike first trot wu (or $W'0, milebeat*, b it three In five, to 360 lb. wegoo?, bet we* n g g Haw ?y and b. g. Shanghai. The race wan woo by Hawley, after (bar closely oontested beet*. The next match wu lor tho (toe amount, mile Ivats, t>tii three In Ave, <o harnars, between b. m Qieen Dido and ch. k m. Lady Fillmore, wbtch wan won by the former after four heals. mint iuoa. JV? Heat ?Kbangbal won the pole. Tte bay broke ?con after leaving the aoore, and Hawley took the lead asd opened a fapof two kogtbs to tho quarter pole. Fbasghal ckiFed i d the gap going down the ba'.itstrotch and aiound the lower turn, ai>d waa beat to the atand by only half a lenjtb. Time, 2:44. Batting two to one on Hawley. ftcund Heat ?This wan a moet exciting heut. Haw to broke gotng around the tarn, bat only 1 *t half length. Hawley yoked the bay gcltg down the back, tin lob, ai'd thev kept tbefr poaiiions nntll they awuog on the totr ertrelcn, when K<>an ,hal allowed his head. Then Hawley get bis bead in fro?t, bat then broke; and Kbauchel won tre heat by half a leog'b Time, third H<ai?Bftoug now en u. Shaiightl broke oa the tarn. Hawiey look tbe pole before thuy got round the <nrn. and wan leaving tbe buy, but broko aooa af'Of pasfcicg tbe quart* r i olo. and dbangbai w<wt ap to bun took tiie inn< e, and waa a length ahevl at the hall' nitle pole. Hawey rained on the bay at every stride 'somlng down the honieFlrotob. pvB? I 8han?lial at tbe distance idand, and won the boat by a nock and ahouidors. Tiino, 2:47* tiuslh Heat ? Mr. Strong, tho owner of Shanghai, now took ibu ribbon*, Ml alur the word "<;o" win ipvjn, tl *as good bjo, Snancb.il Hawloy took tho laid, and won the heat easy. Time, 2:10. Thy following It a summary j? Hnni.rvn.tY, Nov 6. ?Match, $500, mllo heatd, beat tbrrr in live, to ibO lb wnguna Ja> Wbeltiley o*med g. g. Hawley 12 11 D. Pilfer nim< d h. g. fthanphiti. 2 1 2 2 fimo, *:44-2:l4X?2:4T^_2:4?. Sam Cat-Hatch, $6i 0; mile hern*, boat three In Ave, In barnesa. H. Woi drufTnamod b. m Queen Dido 12 11 Jaa. Wbelpley uain>>d rh. m. Lariv PiUwire,. 2 12 2 Time 2:4* 2.44?i:47?2:40. CKMT KBVILLK OOOKPK, I* I.?TROTTING. Taua*i>av, Nov. B ?T.oitiug match, $-00, miie beats, beat ih.ee in Ave, tn h*ru"?s laa Wbefpiey nam id b. tn. fanny Fern....ReVd firfeit II. Woodrnt! named chestnut gelding Paid foriet. Pamu Dai ?For tbe ptoroeila ol the track, mileheats, bi st three in Ave, In b^rneus. W. clrong Lamed cbetinnt g> Idlng 110 1 t. M.-lAUghiui named b. ra Jaiiy Miller 2 2 0 2 llsiN-'lilli? 2 50 ? y160 ?:65. CHION COI7KRE, T. 1.?TROTTIN9. Iiu wDiT, Nov 0.? ? iu ti (ooo, miie heaU, beat throe in bve, tn wsgoss. 1). Ptiier named b. tn Silly Miller Roc'd forfeit. H. Wood# iff nsm.-J a t. P*>?gh l!?y Paid forteH. '?.<*? Dav ?Match Si,(>00, two mile beats, lit harness. 9 M'-Uoghiia ranted b m I.wty Moaoow Drawn. W. Wbeeirn naaoo b m loU Drawn Tremndon Om le on Lake Ontario?Oamure (u Hi# (tblpplng, [From tbu Rochet tor Union, Not. 5 1 . 7**, w,1< 0,4 *U(' mo" 'urioiui galei wo aver wit ?P afternoon aa 1 continued for 1,^T- D'Kbl- Tu# *"><? Ol?w lr.>? the rout* writ, i hurrxane la violence. and, if tbo dumn-o If*** ch"?"?7'. avmng., Ac i,?? criterion to isnai^syrjsssj."* ??"? ui~ r*M Pwn# 00 * number of vctaoli ?h- ^ K?*,m<>UW 2* lb" eadeavorlag to make the barber for a refuge, and In tbo early pirt of U>? w* m ?uo*?d*<> *?? K??Jd* Inside tbe ,TrHi.'rt .i.^i.^w ?f d*""*r- ^ U*J "?m" lM,d? ">. y ihe ^Bri and there durlo* ib? nichi tn treat jeopardy i>om ihe violence of the * m ?Plln'" tbo pier. r,J^*tLCb000tr ?or,slt <Jn*eo, laden with salt, bound i. . Vl Hamilton, waa to roughly Lao died that L .iiT?? i. ?*ld* lb" plor-, Toe ??w narrowly onenpsd r i f w8' 'heinlaof tbe vessels wore torn to rag* bvfote ?.bp got latrlv lUBinr. In tbe same vioiulty ibj following ve.uela wero found ? i **?* baJ remained aJon^gMd the pier all alloet ? W?'e l0mewhlU damaged, tboogo they ail kept Isabel, of Toronto, from Sodos, loaded with wood I'tlca SSu.WJS wLS bo,"M, 10 rt>to<lo: Orthanne; ? ' M WHd Hover, ail light at d bound op the lake Ruby, with wheat, honrd to Oewego. T>mny, Mm<>i?ri< m<) estlnattm. A ec.booarr fatleu i.< make tbe entrance to tbe harbor aad r?D to th?> mat of tbe east pier, throw over bor an eftorn and rede oat tbe gale safoly. . I?* ,U,4? ?r '''Ovucwl iired up this morning ani went to ibe rt. v f of th*? The iralo, however, mbiklM before daylight, to a groat o\U>ul but a heavy sea wa* ?liM runntrg thin morning. Tie 4merk?B ateam-r Niagtra *u out daring the en iii? eljlit, on ber peerage from and w.hstool the full furco of the gale. flae arrived here at hair nan ,r h*vtr* b<*n olovao boon oomiog auity miles. Tbrse ol board the steamer rcp'esi-ct the gale to damage*? ???ere, but the lUniDjr sustained no Tbe Highlander, I pom Toroato, was due about aid !J,?L50I.'KI BOi *rrtr* " * '"?? probable thai Can McRrlde foond a refuse In eo?M port on tbe north shore l?d*bt? .1 to Mr. .Shaw, of tbe Charlotte Kaliro*l tor!laforBaUoa froui tbe port aa above staled. Hlrce U>? ahoro (U wntue, we have seen Mr. Geo. Itorlteg. who oaiee from CbarloUe at noon, aM Uaa fa r*Td_.?' f?rU??r parttaolars. He went oat with Up*. Ktdd ta the steamer IVov1i>at<||e, aealstthe vewmUt ft the aeo h. of We river. NearffMi UHtVessols bad !^r b0^,"' ^ 1,0 Ho<M en boar? by wbfc:b they oonld tte lowed up The rale was "?* would bo Able lo get ail tte itk^t in a iii'? po^i(i9Q ihlc if lereooa. Two vas*ela Ite at the eant pier below the ? ji ken one. aed it waa diflkialt to reach thra with tne >t? ia*r Ihe sebooner at aaobor eoMde ta tbe Hiiotw, Chniain Tbeapwi. lac en suli iaN. .the hM a Slm>?l o/ dtotresa !'???*. but as there had he> ? no rotnm'intraUon with hor ibeta. It la nuoerta'o abtot her tr jo oaultioa llsraacbore ne*ta t<> hold b*r?eear*ly, but tbe wind w*? hsulint ?e Ike northward, a3d makiair her sltuatloa every mowsol taorr c/Km aJ. as sron ac. |KMaabie f'-apt Kidd ?KI go to her rvtMf. The trhwrn. r list ten. rh|N. ni. trs. Iter, at the ra?t pw boats aedI da vita gotta-, taUrail rarrntd away. ,md otbor. wvie nn;h da?n*K?*' ? tAamJ u> itks Nurtbvec wni, ofltowftrfo The Wild Rivor Ca^ l*.-v rvoii la >aden with car ? l-erts. at d l i" Im?i t? in Ifnad order The Vurrst iji'oen. ?i?pi /.teUnd. sankea by the set ?cr. bee 1M barrels of halt on ho*ru lasnrod ?a tbo N?rthw?atfrn. Tbe fcbooeer Rnhy Chpl. W ?Uh<at. was discharsinir a rargn of .I MO bushel* of slwst vr*leriiay at Wllaou Niagara eneaty, wbe0 the ?sle ram- o? ?b? ran bmore tte wIM to tbts port aid get n,to U?e river last aUht whh ail sails goae in t oon (me'* an<i davtui alno too-' ?n<t btbcrwlsr dsasged. dhe la hsured la the Ktna. o' (>? wefo. ^ The ?' booaer I.a?>-l, frosa H?'u?, wnb wned, u laeklat ?U*' *'id **** *heru sue I Ma. The Cktlilllaa aua riltanay ars sals iestu? without much ?laacaga. "Iba berk Orsat W?at and sr.bo aer Sanaa Vwta came !? this itiemtag *1 ssfe The KWier Cttea la at (he west pUr, auaeial anJ a t"?t* di al ntrterwise TW? are revival etvr xes-eH higher up the river, f t?t lo a sera |V/ nUur- tbe storm Che wtM la tew, 2 p. M., hauling rmind lo the nn-ih aa<l t* suealiy witI snow. The vs?*i is lylna at tbe piera were la jeopardv this morning uwfg io the sea, ard the erew? are neatile Is |e< teem into a butler sitjatw-n eiorpi by aid 01 the slceaer tto\ bo.uu The oely aeatu of ukiiic hnea was by a hfe boat which waa In me fbr that p-ir poae. Tb? Niagara was off Hodua when the gale name ee aad m spne ft the lull power ot her rngiae waa drlvaa hook ward some lea ra(U?. We dread to h?*f trorr o'her qaartor* of the lakea It ? hudfyposalble that all the ?hit>ptag has car*pod sen Another New Mrliepalllaa Chwrrh. ^ eslcrday afleraoea the tinier atone of the Eaglieb fvaairelical Lnlbcrau Church of ?. Jane now la pro tr?ea ?r ertcttoa la rificeetb street, between Htoood aad Tblnl avenues, waa laid with appropriate cerem-^lce The folio ?t?g u the order of e*ercisi* _ 1. Halototlon, by Dr. .srhmldi. 2. Vrayrr, do. 3. At tftcm, by IbechMr of.i, Mathew'a church 4. Head eg pi Anifitnre, by Pr tehaldi. H. Addrea< by fir. I'oblaiaa 6 Anthem, by the choir. 7 lienor Itory oi ftoaameal?, aaong whirs wars the tM cbnrrb hooka, some American rolaa ralurlous asd ?(ruler aewtptpera of tae day, Ax . he b- the l<yior. 1 ? A. Hnlkilatkm and rollectloa, by J. I. ft-hock IHninc lbs eollretloo tbe (bur slag ?? Fjn ?eale Burg ?? aaeer Wet." 6 laying of the ?oae. by Dr. tvbimaa. 10. l)o*ef?>?7? f raisc (.od, fVom, Aw. 11. BtaedwUon. Tbr Mivloca were of an nteraatiag charaMar aad mm partmipated In by a numerous auditory, rompoaed arts rlpally c4 ladiM. Tbe dimenaUma of the cbnrcli are <4 feet by M; M li la bava a Mono frort with a iow? r and apt re, the firmm 100 aad tte laiior W feet blgb II will be flalahed la Ike Octhlc style, and mill t m ?f o foe. and as doc at wUI be aa bo*** to Its proteciova aad an ornament w that part of the oltv Tbe Ural fbundatiou sloe a waa tald oa toe ITih :*ertannber, aad it la erpwled that the buildiajr will be ready for tbe roof by the 1st o' FiecamUr. Jlr. John Sftimn u the archlleot aad builder, aad Amaa h. Titus mar on Ootirt Celenrtar?Thla Osy, jr!srw.r tr?"$: sr..'iva: 2? ES:?!: gt. S, ?? *"? U. B rastmrtt cmrat -lo. U, w, u, 18, 17, 19 In fit. I nltrd Nvntea rottiniUaianer1* f'anri. ?eforr (>eo. W. Morloa. Keg Not. I,?fbe /'aarhm fflaar ,<?Mp -IVnamls J Wea berg aad Joha P W^eks wire bald to hail la the aim of iS'nurMt******** ?*??'?? ?? ?be Paacblta fhr tte The New York Bible Society. M>> f MO OK THK BOARD OF MaJfAOBM?fNTKRWI(TWO * ' mmCNTH UOMtiKILNlNO TI1K OONMTION Of ?K< Tl ?Y. 1 up regu'ar meeting of the Board of Mmagers of the New York liioie Boclny ?u held last evening In tbe Anctrican Bible Hactny's house, Alitor place. The ?x*r cites of tbe evening were opened by like President of the Br aril reeding tbe eighth chapter of Roman* Tbe prtn eipai subj< ct before tbe Board ?u tbe arrangoment of their llnacceti previous to their public mea.iBg. Short reports were received lrom several committees oa local snljecta. Tbe Rev. Mr. R. H. Pearson, of Kontooky, ?M called Qpnn by tbe l're>Ident, and ma<le some very intaruatlag tlulrincslti in regard to me de*titnti?n of tb? Jtarlptura in >>tt Ptat?. He tato that he formally tnought lie hal a gord idea of the condition or tbia country, fieri ved from esi< i ?ive reading of religions periodicals 6at he ?m pt-ritcliy antoundeo In travelling through Keutucky to find riiCh a e.rlul MMMIM of jfe* word ol liod. A lar** proportion of 0'ir native born citizens had no Bibles - m?n> ot (bent ban revirfeen Me Ibavnr.Uiodai paces, raid be, and aeked tlieui If t-ioy nad the Bihle, to wMch tbe man or woman bat aim wired. >-I uju'i know ] dou't know wbat a Bible is." I hive found thou-and* ana ku of thousands of native born Americans who hwi to Bible. In onorouuty, out ol 521 families l'J8 bad no Btbie*; ib another, out of InO leml>i*t '100 wore without Btbieo; tu aoon'er. oat of 3*/* f?6iill*-s 119 bad no H bles. O'.t <>f 30,010 families visited there wai au avcrago dos titutlon of oneqtWUr. 1 have m<t men 6o, io TO and t)l) jt-ais old wlo baI no Bibles, In ono dtstrlol back to the mountains I round tin oi l mm 90 years old, with a family of tlitetn^ona all grown up and ?*ttl?d arooab turn, no one of whom had a Bi?le; nnly two Billies were in tbe place, knd tboy wern b ong.it luto it hy .narria^u rbefceare positive far'*, and iberear* many persons in these back, to>ign niouatain district* toat novor ?a? awagou. They have no roa> s; nothing but "ye ptth-i A wnetl wcnl" be us complicated a machine to toem at i? wairh or st? am esgtae i; to oh. <)no of thi'. mom uiii'??K war out to a village one day, an t seeing a wagon going ilm-g tte rottd thougut It a wonderful mi sbine, and ran afWr it to ?? e if tbt big wheel* would not catch up to ?bo ? mail ones, (Great Uugbter ) Mr. P< arson continued his remai ks uj nom> Inngth stowing a cnncttion ??!' allatrc! in Kentucky (bat Is by no rnean. fluttering to the honor, intelligence and Improvement of that State. Norclltho lorgymen escape mo noiioe o: the rtvercm ppenkei. fie bad lound three regular or dained mints'era in one county who hid no Bail's; In deed. be bad frequently found clergymen without Bmles, ?nd tbe lgnoruoco of those who had BiMne was so great as to make their sermons and illustrations of Scripture most rinlonlous and kdsi rd. He narrated several nuoor seme tccurrences wblsh be bad witoested amoag them which wo e m fnnny as ridiculous, and set the 3ot.rd Into npronriout langbter. The Board adjourned Utl the 27th inst. Theatric*], Mnakal, dic< Njbio's e^Ki'tai.?An attractive combination of novel ties, including ibe great spectaonlar pautoralme of "Blanche," hats btto arranged for the Joint bsnoOt or tboes popular artlats, haul Brillant, Etnile Mangia and Androcbe I> bmann, whtoh take* place tlila evening. The KavelB, M'Ue Robert and all other favorites appear oa the ocohlon. Baoi'aHAM'B Bow *?y?Three of the manager'* most suooeitslul dramatic production* are annoonoed for ihia evvDiog. The a rat on the U?t is the romaotio aiTalr styled the' Demon Lover," In wttloh Messrs. Brougham and Whiting and 11 m Retinoids appear. The second Is the exciting nielo drama of the "Red Mask," and the last is Mr. Urougham*s amusing version at "Hamlet." BraoN'S Thxatsk ? The new play of 'Self' proves ontte as attractive ss during the earlier nights of Its rep resebtatton?it unyibiEg, the oltenr r It la witnessed the better it in liked. This, probably, Is owing quite a* ranch to tho rxoeiUnce ?. the cast at to the merits of the piece "Self" ih to be fallowed 'bis evening by the laughable af fair called the "SeiKras Family." Wauack h Tusatke?In compliance with the nume rous ?oHotiaUc.ns c-t his admirers, Mr. Wallack will tbli eveatng favor them with his superior delineation ot the obaractes ol Sir KI ward Mortimer, in the play of the ?'Iron diesi " It l? autfic.cntto say loathe will b? sup ported bj tho strength of n? company. "The Captain of the Watch" and "Who Stole the INjckeibook/' follow. CaAJiiucfc.i Sn'WKt Thkatkk ?The thousands Of friends to tile retention <>l a g'xxl th.atro in the lower pwt of the elty?one that csa t>? reached without iooooveniencs or unncceetaiy expense by the xojournors at t?e diil'oreot botelt?mutt curiatnly I "el higoly plowed with tne pa uotiage ti'us tar so worthily biwtowoi on Manager Elay, who u>ni(hi ten ters tho "(tun Maker of Moecjw," " tfal lace" and the "People's lawyer." Mtnmcis ?-bould there happen to be any persons In this otmmuniiy wbo bavo never soeu Tom Tbunb, the smallest man, and Miss Hold, the smallest woman la the world, they are advised to viait the Museum prior to tbe departure ol the t> rmer for Karope. ?' Dr miworth " u to be played this afternoon, and tbe drama of " Drod " in the ev?n?ng. Bsoadw.cv Variktiw ?Tbe more recent frequenters of this ?nug little tbeatro express universal aaioetabmonL at the artist like, comparatively faultless stylo In which tbe petite Mimes Ix>ui?e aad Mary, aod the still smaller Master Otorge. delineate tbelr variants parts in tho " Miser of Marseilles." Tbe play is to be repeated, with the 'ti <-t lor Nothing." lo-ni^ht. Gsoxus Ciiiwry a*d Wood's M:?wrKii,M.?Various en?' cai and ssntimeatal sougr, amusing dances, to., are au noune* d for tbe ear lv part of UiH evening. The "Mas querade Ball," with I'oorge as tho facetious doorkeeptr, is tbe olsslng piece. Brcxinr'e Sskknadxki made another lucky move U bringing ont tbe burlesqne of "Dismals of tbe Dreid .?w?rop " Their version promises to keep tho su? ? longer than any of tbe numerous dramas on tbs same subject. Bongs, to., early la tte evening, aa usual. Court of NfaMans. Before Recorder Smith. CONHP 1KACT TO IfU t PER. Nov. t ?tkr J'ttyle, on the Oomifiamt nf lAi ingi'rm. ajrl. M. Met Jfoure ?Tbu matier, which last summer ma le to much Interest to the comm unity, a-tiioj out of a charge by Alfred S. livingstoa, of Trenton, New Jersey, aga in . Dr. Moore, a phjiician of twenty Ore years' practice in New York, or unbKmtsbed repute, of a oonsptrscy aad inciting to murder Llvingstoa, cams up this moraing ia tbe Missions, wbentae dWsadaat a counsel. Krauota U. Young, K*q , mute a motion to quash tbe in<lwt<neot, ot. the grxusds of had fhub oa the part ef the mmplsitisn'. aru bis counsel. It seems that upon bc*ng arreelei. Or. Moore gave hall, and demanded aa exasstnatloa. hut the'., ob tbe day 0*el tor the bearing before toe .1 utiles, bu oiiglral counsel misiiniervtood or neglected his busi im, ard tbe pepers were sent to tbe Dtortct Attorney, wi>t. wboa inl'trmed by bis present counsel ef tbe facta, dl reeled tbe pepers to bo returned to tbe Jnst'r.e, au t that an exasa'rs!.as sfconld be bed. Before t?>M oonil he dese ibe papers wer>- got before the Uraod Jury, aud an Indkuaeat found <iull.ii state vent of fa.tv oon ?xlmi Hy the Dtetrlot Attorney, the Recorder dlrnoted tuo la MM to bs quashed. Anutlirr Frsfitrs In the l<Miitlit|(tmi AfT.tlr. HTFKIi'OltCOlTET - RPBCIAL TKKM. Before Hon. Judge Bos worth. Nov. 6 ? Ftkam t. BUttup ami JoKtt W. .ftcmart m. Til Ham B. Hahty and albert ?Tlie piamtifts, as Judgment credtlotf of Char lee B Ht.Mingv>n. by a oorfessloa ol H^ginri.t ol>:ala'd on lbs 19th ol 'V-toivr for gi7,'J't 7*, ask to set aside tbe as*ign?eet to (lalsey ss frsiuiuleni ai d void. Tbe defendants, by Messrs Noyss, Trsr?r ,v raltmadge. set up uiat tbe jurgnient was nMaia?lhy collusion wllb Ruatingtesi afier the arsignment, aad frandulert and void. Tbs "rfond?nts also lusts', that tbe p'a<etttf, Bwbop, ss Buntington's aa?ifne? t<o ler the is i one a?slgameat cannot aleo < laim as judguisnt ercNlitor am te as v property rv.vsrril by tlie tsm swngnm sots Ibe Judgs Uok tbe papers, and deewton 1s rt'M rved, Prnenal Iiitellt?(<i><-e. '?ror Clark lai docnoed to aoo^pi the invitst.oa o.' the Railway Cemmlute to visit M?at*<-?l AI'.Kl VALI. Pidia LntMkn, la sb'.p Sonlhampton?Mr J Addl? and Mf. Vis hulph and ?on Mi* M .ininun. Mrs Woo.) aod intan . Mrs K Mel?onal4, of Few Toik. Mi K tiri iata II lie k?r, V .i?n ?s. MlesHsnira. <1 Wa'ts'-k, of Rrgliiwt, Mrs II Miller, of New Jer?ej; Or liarli t ( h n From Norfolk, A< In eteijrsMp Jrme??o*n-B W ToeVan, CH hhodr* Mrs Muuen. Mrs Muueet, >rs MnvkwHT rneke. Mis Ose?ad> aod aaiuist^r. kir Hart. K tVilUi? Mra II RllnelrrlMif K We'tnn. J C HrownJ. B I.ord aaJ i?d> .1 A I aekie ft If Zlir>ra> rman R WrlgliL W 4 .ooattury. A ll Oih ??. i, a Porter W H rianfotd. H Kayon. K Daniel, M Htooe?end A in ?iror*i.f MPARToan. Tor Uverpocl. In ihe eK>vn?l<ip Anifeia, from Reitoa? Mr F l uenlnRhao. ?ife sml child. Jinlge ?' I' apeasnf. Mr* lohn Mar?h Ht.d rbtW. Mr Mn?oe mil two filen.t* f?*?i ? Uenrge A Itrnsin, I. A Htgrio*. K .f On?-ker and wife. Jm KulW mm and wife tlee fnllr.tori md (ieo KoKsrta, Bo?lni. IU* M a Rn?hworth, fltshhnrg Mr UtWd?e, Mr and Mri.'-.lo e* Mle? filler*, Me*er> f K hehmolt K'>t>. n I'pnuj,'aau ? nelign^a, hlpM-y. J l? *< K??e. J k rwticb. ? S.,'d? awt F Pirtos. New *or?, Mr Ahrabe'm ft Um? W ulenn, ln:fi?i.a. MM Itiwr, 'IbiO P Morae. WU<oo?in. J I'orae.-ll C^torni*. A C Vrr h?r, I' Vcrtwrund a Verner. r?n*da: K II P"rr?u fbflrt l?t (e. .limn < 'oni-?r ai?t IVm Yndla .<1 Kng Htid. ?> f> Nam, rier, lllssfi w Rwhere aw and J?^n k? irg, l^?On .ton \ ?! flrii**> l? kr l'blllu>< Jamat.'i. '* l> Tatlar. Cnhn. Mr Manses, t h, l: Mi Oasssseat. Metliotirne -st I If .i ?? ?Mlas Minora Ht?'Sn M?ss<<i .1 .t I'srrls, Virrmia t" M' !>o*a|d. M <J RlarS. A I'l.lab'irr, H Vol.io f W ileorg* snd wtfi-. WL*"' km**. ?*tfr ariffli.fSot. W Uroro f vltu o ?aI R Mel^ree, lt.r. '?*. ttto < ai.w Rritl?h Armr Mr? R.t>? J Vrkirilry. Mr od kieksralej- inho V% nn'n^ton. Wite and hi c.bet. Mt<*aJ*> Master l'ensitng<oti aad Re* .1 Htrw ;rt, teuds-x Tise :; For Norfolk, reterebitrg and Rtrbmeed. In the st*tsk?fc p Roan-Ar-J P Ificg'ne. f Porous arid Ia4tr. Judf Itavw la day and uroihhtldren; Miss Ji<ne J Raekaa. r. tx^t<i:>. H H Miirih>. 4 Feseabaoal II l"Hr??'nnr>, M" .1 Rrlih Mrs If Krt.l.i m Mr? It Oray. Mr and Mrs Mall <1 R Kelly and lady. Mr u u?B' Wade, t Ml ka II Railtli- had II ia tV P'iT i harlestna. la tbe Mramal.tu Marra-lt 1. Haaks ?' " Moody sad lady. F A lln Inut, J Riae?r>nrBe, I'JTKensie an! bo'T, Morris Merer, M W Los-ril sad laly. H R memn \ I* Bay. A Presdetibiirv, I. Howman. Ml?s \ ft lriinc M?< Kau'y Hill. 1 bns flar-acSly and lad< R ft Itr ivn. MM tSirrl? 1??( oar The,, I I... I I -k Jao l-HUesmt lady. " M T"i B'. L Rntnrk. I" l.rar, ? l.rar. f'fart.eriv I n-eittiertr, , fisai ihandla.il .ti ? tv*nor. .U?<?a?..r. t'Mrooks. j Tasnpkeli i has Thorp N Mrteia. k: Neo.l R koMami #si Ts'hsen. CVss P i??-AOfii u l-e f) V | s -ion. Ales P alay. V>e? Hnevsa. I an!?' WiUisbm. John M Jscksnn. C Dodre and TB In Uii sleeraje. For Raransh tn Ibe st"ase?Alp Knrrrtlte?Mrs (Jen IJrrlr aod S rhlWten. Mrs Alei fturteon, Mrs Hamilton, O-nrg* II Cutsn.loKa lady, child i nd I aerrants, Mrs tl T Wiotliroo ami rnakt Mri Wlst?na lohr W R Urrell R ?,.:t I Tu n l#d?. #eh idrenanu s-rrsnl. Miss Martha .toUrv. ItohUHsber ?ham, lad> and s.-rvnat Mrs Wh la, child and aerrant, (ieo W hlTelv K 0 Rsraeny Miss Crawford, Mr* M ephen Fiard n?r C Wllion, rlilld, and serraat, .1 B Pss'ersad ladr, H K Wsthew II b Uiw. Mr llaMMon Mr UlMon. Mm C I. Ward, Mas Mart Wart. Valesilae (Jrvst aad lady. Mr IQntn, Mr Kwtr ' am V I.a Po'n- I. e?t O II Rai^r frenrr Ward I.. WI, B Itenrv 'i'-e Ho. inasi a ,.| IV,end. *> II R?ied, Mia* Mrs I *ss A yrssad daughter. Jas Ranken. 'AafjaaieU Mas Osfsn,l|ls* Plimtieih male U Wiegai^. W W Mann. Miss ?orat'oti Mr* W WrtghL Mias C I- <?'l?a. .lohn T Rnrt and a, K P Ortitn, Mr- Ills Miss goiihia Taylor, R B Matthews 1> J? Heriorly, l> TMt, R It Pmlth, / n Msssarson W I, t.laonln Mrs Tnmer, MMs Roes Miss Pend^r*^si ' hae S stetei.n Mia* Telfair, Mrs ffodgaoti. CHIkoti's Portfaiu 45 Cent^-PUotograplM I -SiHtliu, U; Mayor Wixxf, Ifc, Krannnl 26 c?ta 'it* Br o*4way. 30 Cent Ambrutype UkeiiMKt, wttk tC?N, cheapest In die world.?Klve hundred takes daily at S47 Broadway. WTIIUl $3 Hat, Kail Btyle?1?? UMt. between Broadway and Naasaa <LrMC Rata, Cap* ud Pnn, of Kverjr Wyl? wid quality, at FOHD k IMJOTT6, jlQ Bioadway. Suvfiabrr ?I.udl-a, Winter la Coming, and If von wish modern, bnUon and <aiLr boots and ahoea, lt-Jia rubbers, Ac , tor yourselves and children pa'rjnliM J B. MlLL.hR a oo , 131 Janal alree. ntrrnoloKy?RiHiulnatliHiii, with Chart* and written deacriutioua of nharaoier, riven dall? by Pro fnMir KuWl'hlt. at the 1'hrenolng.mt] ilabiaet, 3U? Broadway Dear the Park. Private tooma lor ladios and gentlemen. Batch* lor'a Hulr Dye, VVI?(* and Toupee a.? 1 he heat In the world. Made, wild and applied al So. bioadway. Crlatarforo'a Hair Dye and Wlgaatand Cn rlvuDi d 111 eioellenee Moth for na'e, and the dye privately applied, at ho 6 Aitor lloii?e. Hill, Inimitable Cutter of Hair and Willi kers. at No. 1 Barclay street. ilair dye f >ur ahilii.tg* a bo* black or brown Dr. Athcrlejr, having Aawcdeil to the pr icilce ol ib* late Dr. liradv, carried on at hin residence cor lier of Heooud avenue and Third aueet, may bo consulted a the uaaal hours. Gl) Cfiine Putr, lor the Hu??la and Kkln. ? A while and delicate band i? the Ur?t aurlbu'c of fi<*?u'y u-ii civilization. "ibe hand " aaja Mr Charli'* It'll .11M'itridce water ireatle*, 'datinKuishw man from nn brute;" *>?: oar.? n of It for in polite society it is an index not onlv of the Dody bat of I he mind. ??KOK>?r. :i INtlKK A 0 J , Cheintala, No 'M) Broadway, ft. Y lloalettrr?The Rrmarkulile <uci*w of How teller'^ vegetable stomach bluora in cuihm dyspepsia live "onip.alm, ?nd imparting ton* to the nyst-nn, U wuhout ? parallel In the history ol medteln''. Ho d by all grocers, drug jisia and hotela. Hosteller A smith, k'lvaburr BAHJffcX * &AHK. Agent* York. Brai>drtth'it PHI* Add the Motive Pnwei to elementary matter-assist nature? \iy which all Unpuriil* .,re taken out of ih? blood, ihe nun or wnm?i who u?e~ ib'Vi Is hi,own by the clearness of ht* or her oojioleiioa, an" he healtlfulncss of their cooaUtiitiona. ih-!V are the ?><? aperient. In doses i-f from one lo lour nnd. us a piirgtLtlre 1' larger doses. No fluid medicine or any other pill y?:t in*"?

e*u be at ell eompa'oe lo thein, as a Idll >us luviltclne tne sre unrivalled. Ibe> clleciua.iy enforce the prtnople of pn timum. By their use some disease ol' every ktod w euro* Perseverance wl'l cure mo?t chronic oasi s The '.tne is om inx when they will be universally appreciated. iS>'d at'? t'snal st. eel. lour do^rs from ltro .dw it, at 75 cents per Im> with lull directions also al 3o>? nry and Mi liudaou ftrec and by T. W. Ljett k Sons. Philadelphia. Hollowly** Pllla.?Are You Losing Flnth! Do you ?ufl> r from k>? spirits.' Have vou i smkini; ww? uonat ihe pit of ibe s'oautch, and palpllutlon of the hea >. Are yon troubled with llatitieuryT If ao, a cotinn of UoiH ?it i pills acting upon the secretloa.i, will reaton- yon t perfect health. FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL MOSKT iXR K R T . Tiiuusday, Not. C?6 P. M. The bulla had it all their own way in the Slock Exchange to-day. At the first boanl there ? rnmiiant market, and prices ran up rapidly an. largely- The Bales were to an enormous extent, an?i Rotations were well sustained ap to the close. It is very .seldom that we see such an inflation so soon a ter such a depression aa has beeu recently realizer. The wildest excitement existed among operator for a rise, and the.e was aSoat the same rash to get in, as we noticed a few days since to get oat At the first board, Delawara and Hudson advanced 1 per cent; PenneyWtuila Cost, .J; Cumberland, J CJeve'and and Toledo, 1^; Illinois Central, 1; Ne? York Central 1 Jail road, 2J; Erie, 2; Panama, 1; Heading, 3}; Michigan Central, 1; Michigan 8onth ern, 1; Cleveland and Pittsburg, lj; Catena aim Chicago, J. Htato stocks and railroad bonds re main without material alteration. Tito upward movement was confine i this morning entirely to thr speculative stock:*. Mo*t of the transactions at the fin>t board were on time, pretty equally divided be tween buyer's and seller's option. Home stocks on the lint are now higher than they have been for t? veral months. After the attymrnment of the board the following miles of stocks and bonds were made at aactton b A. H. Nicolay:? 9i0,k00 Mil & riortcon RR Co. B per coat mlg. Ms. lnten at aided 74 >,t>80 Par ram* Dlo City 10 par cant ba? , iat. added ?U T,\iO Laae Erie, Wat>aab a St. I/?un R R. do. o*>, 1 000 LackawanaR R. 7 per cmt bvodt.. da. ???, 20 sbs WelU, Farjro * Cj 'a Kxpreu &6\ 9 ifialh Avenue llsliroaW H8 20 Union Inula Knt>b?r Umupinf 70 13AM Nicbojaa Hre Insurance Comftny 7u 30 tirwnwl b Fire IfcauraiicaC-irapauy . las 10 kxc?i?ior Kif? IitauranoeUoaipanr it Commonwealth Fire Insurance Oompanj D7 ? 4 Market Raok 20 Arltfaas' tiank 6 do. do \ t(,' 76 Trsdcsoun's Rank ...tii-. 100 Orrce-m' (lank 1.104 10 )*ark nana..., us WKcrroa's sals. V0 Oo?n Exchange Kiw luauraD<>- oompany lo9 10 Merchants' Fir* Inauranca Company lam 26 Broadway Fire laturaucc Company m JO Irrlnj tteuk jtj Simeon Draper's regular semi-weekly sale u< storks and bonds will take place to-morrow (PV day) at half-past 12 o'clock, at the Merchants' Ex change. At the second bosrd the market showed oontitte table weakness, aud the transactions were to sons extent, at lower prices. The decline in some stocks was considerable. Sew York Central Railroad fttl oft U peroent; Erie, 4; Heading. A; Michigan Ceo tral, 4; Michigan Southern, I; Cleveland and To ledo, |. La Crosse and Miiwaukie sold at mo cent cash, being an adranse of 5 per rant ou tor last sale. After the board 82 per cent cash was i>U, and no sales. After the board other stock* were lower, and the market closed feverish. A little bail news now from any quarter would krio k stock down as fast as they have advanced; and, vi it is the probability is that purchasers will rctlize a profit where they can. The market has risen too tost to t? j tinanent, and we mu. t look lor a reaction. The Assistant Treasurer reports tbi< week as f.?: lows:?> IMal ttXal Total KtrriU*. Rittn,* Monday tVC.MtS C? 41 ..Mil t?7 13.JM.S1S lr '"???'ay m.mis lai.r.M trr la-wo*.* Wroncurta* 6M>,?74 0U 6i0.i4? 04 n Thursday Ki,?l?6 6.1 *48.0*6 U4 la. ?*.'?646 40 The warrant* entered at the Treasury Department Washington, on the 4th itist. were as follows:? Par tb? rodeaiptitii ntntur.a* fu.viA o f or tha Tnasury l?i?iiant 14IM > For the IbUrlor department Ml Tl\ J I' ForCnston# I?'e4."> 'jr. War warrants rwrtvrd and ettared '.*8,6:27 4S War repay warraota iecelrs.1 aad ? a ared ... a.l]s?it -i* Fraa mtaMHanear-t noorcoa 1,M* ?,? Oa aoeauat at tOr navy St4a7 ?. The receipts of the Cmington and Ux ngto-i Railroad for the month of Octolier, wu.e as follows:? tor paa#< ar? anu iimui ?x> 749 s. Fre'gbt 27,'?<3 S, Msl a To l"etob?r, IMS aa in 7t Tacrrate ?4,6l't s, Ka < ipu tor tbo year room* f)ot. 81, llil ... 4no("67 4t Do. da. do. do l?fc4.... U64.973 7' fncr?M? $136.7ta 7. The receipts of the Morris Connl hare l?ea:? Tntal tr (? *V, IMe ?if7.SW 08 Wrak *a<*taf Kor. 1. ISM 0,188 14???-?77,?78 7? Total to (Vt. 27.1M 24?,4K1 m Weak endtaf Nov. t, 1866 7,?7i 11 1764,4 w ?? farraaae ta IIM. ftltkCli 81 The corning sof the l^? Crosse and MUwaaate Railroad Company for the mouth of October. ameaated to. ?U,673 76 Walartowo dtvistoa V.,0?0 00 Total Hoo.o/8 7S The total gross earnings of the U Crosw road in the first tea months of the present calendar year have been as follows:? La Cnowa asi> Mnw*c*t* Raiijwao. Total iross r?e?(Ms ta .tannary, itM SlO bM tt fia. do. Fsboary, ISM J0,i*s Do. <0- March, ISM <7,220 10 tie. do. Apvil, 1866 32,1*8 -,J IW. do. May, 18M 41.478 ts* Do. do Jnae, 186A 49,OMI 'J4 Da. "to. Jalv 1M? 4n s70 76 Do. do Annual. Hf,? 4<.,146 78 D>. do fap??mbe? HiVS M.007 4.". Dj Aa, OoteMr, 1IM 8?,e;* 7? Total >436, Ml 77 A difflcelty has already occurred bet ween Mr. Col. ten, the new President of the Hooding Railroad, and the ooal men. Mr. C. in-dsts on a non-allowance on dnspage, whi h the lato President always allowed, and an indignation meeting of coal operator? is call ed for to-morrow. The eflVH of this diflViulty will be immediately felt in the receipts of the road, utd may toad to a strong combination to employ other outlets for coal aliipMcnt*. The estimate for the whole of thU year, 1866, wu $400,000, and here we have an excess of 126,000 on ! ton months' business It to now estimated that t e remaining Iwo months will gi'e about $150,000, which added to the above, will make an aggregate of $676,000 for the year. We should not b? surprised to tee it go over six hundred thousand dollars. The gross earnings since.July 1,a period of only foar month*, have- been $244,603 71. For the last s x mi utha of iho present calendar year the earn in (\ will not vary much from four hundred thousand dollars. Twenty-six miles of the Northern Central Railway is now ready for delivery to the company by the contractors. It extends from Bridgeport, opposite Harrisburg, to Millerabarg. A locomotive and cars have passed successfully over the track between the points named. This at once makes a clear opening from the Lykens Valley anthracite cool region to Baltimore, and they may soon expect supplies thenoe of coal. The work, we learn, is progressing rapidly toward* Trevorton, and will speedily be opened to that region. The Pennsylvania Railroad Company have de. clared n semi -annua) dividend of four per cent. Mr. John Tucker has resigned the presidency of the Reading Railroad Company, and Mr. R. D. Col len has been elected to fill the vacancy. Mr. Cullen has been Vice President for some time, and is inti- | mutely acquainted with tbe road and its affairs. We understand that Mr. Tncker has accepted tat; presi dency of tbe l>ehigh Valley Railroad Company. In relation to the coal trade, present and prospec tive, the Philadelphia Ledger says:? Tbc*e wbo cxpreea fear that the additional oaUeti for PetnHj IvtDlaV grew*. st pie, anthracite coil, is liitcly id 'Djare tbe coat carrying bueinysa by bo dividing it w to mak? it unproductive *t-ne.'ally, may tak* coo rim a 'a the fact ihut to our exbauFlkas nioia ot antbrac'te Nd? >'ork and New iCogland must mainly look for tuoir supply <?! ooal?tbe annual amouut oi wb cb ttay now re<i?ue en titles that ?rii'lo satth* trado which i> j to tii j particular bttentiou of the public, for oach aud all or ibetn ?re directly or insi'ooUy .jouneotel with it B<j, tbw immenie and rapidly growing trade, as M oixorvtxl by *u intelligent m-tt mporary, ia not to be cjaitued ti tbe anthracltc alone, tor by tbe mean* ot oouneot IBC links with tbo main linos of raiJrJe^a no* iu use, Wo Sealnard will be pot in dirtct oonoec'.ion by rail with tbe bituminous rrgloo* or Mary Und a ad or Nortbw* stern l'ennajivanle, * here this article ousts in such e? he outlet# b?ds I hut phould Uio trade ev.m exceed the wildest theories in I hrso days or speculation, tivju panda oi years would Tail to drain them Wood is be coming scarce, and oonsequently dear. In a lew yews tbe use of that article, a? fori, must entirely disappear, and anthracite and b'tumtnoua noal take its plane, botn in tbe city and Use country, Ior all manufacturing and cnlt oary purports, in a goi^al way here, aad for th? ?*nertuiDg of swum, whether on land or ocean. With oar ruoidly increasing population, and a rorrcpindlog ex pansion ot onr n<eroaniile ltd manufacturing par?utts, we est place no limns, at this time, to tbe coal touoage wbii'b me may require In a few yea^ hoiwe. At a m?i ?r of ncnoaeity wo mail want various transporting roada tiflw ecal dolus, for u t one Ane will he atile to meet tne supply and, oa a matter of economy direct lines an 1 descending grades, i' pc-csinv, are Imperatively demand ed. In there re?peOtS. the R.aflin^ Hailroal, the Lehigh V'allcv, the l'r Iv.dcru and Trenton and some a actions ot tbe read pointing >rom our mines lo tne borders of tbo ?Hate of New York and tbe gr< *t Northwest, commend thematlvea to special fat or. Tney deserve xympatb?, and will icc'ivc the encouragement or every man wbo consults bis own interest and tbe p>ibltc r"oJ. Tbe report of frofenor James Hall, New York State Geologist, on the property and resources of tbe Ward Coal and Iron Company, has jaat been completed and presented to the stockholders. The comDsiiy's estate embraces 2,912 acres of land at HarrnlJville, Maryland, is situated upon both siJes of JenningV Ran, upou tbe north fork of that stream, and upon the easterly margin of the Cumberland coal Held. It is nearer to the city of Cumbeiland and to the Baltimore and Ohio railroad, as well as to tbe Chcsftfieake and Ohio canal, than any of the tracts within that basin from which coal has been worked to any extent. Tbe estate, in its relative po sition to railroads, has Miperlor advantages. The company are now at weak upon its valuable deposits nf Arc clay, and will soon have several machines in operation for tbe manufacture of fire brick. It is the intention of the managers to thoroughly deve lops this teeouree before taking hold of their itn-. mense coal reins, iron ore and limestone beds. This is a wise policy?one so different from that generally followed, that it must attract public attention. In relation to this resource of the company, Professo Hail says:? Beds of lire elav out-erop at numerous points oa this es tate, and tbe quality of some M these is second to noes m tre co no try for tbe maaufhotare ot the best of lire brinks. Other bads, of lets pare clay, are adapted to makisg bricks of an Inferior quality, and oa the out-orop give rue to hods nf clay 0tt*u lor tbe aaamtomore ot common building bricks, aad for whicii parpoae It la val uable in this part ot tbe country. This clay is of asoat excellent quality for the manufk". tare et Are bru ki. It U tbe saaae In qnaMty as tn? bet iron wblrh the rf'Jehrated Mount Savago tire cricks are otaLniactiired. The bed is aciHtdbic every where a'oog itaeaetem oir erop and can bo wrought with triUiai; ox fx-are. 11 ta likewise aorr<Mthieat tbo baae ot the b<U, a nhort dktaaco below the brickworks, and nan be wrought either m connection wtth the lower coal or se^araviy. It has all the advantage of a gradual aacent to Un eat and nortlieast, tbe dlrvetion in wbirh it would be wrought, I gtvtng. at tbe same time a dt s:en<i?g graie for tbe trmnrporiaiion of the c:.?y to tbe level o( tbe works lu tbe raAsy of the north fork. la calculating the coat of manufacture every care has 1 been token te tai inde all po**ible exponaes, and to this estimate one third more liaa bean added, and asaamtng the mantifuctare of 10,Mo bricks daily, hateg one half the capacity of the machine, there bricks can be made for fight do I lan per tfcousaiM. Tbe prtoe in market is Iron tbtrty to thirty flee dollars per theassnd. iArge ^uanti ties are at present mannfaeturrd at tbe Men at .^srage works, and these Bad a market in RUtimore. New York, and erra in Wbcelisg?betsg highly pr sed fbr their su parlor qoaMiy. Your company has a bed of superior Are o'ay, more ad raslageously aitoalad for mlninr, and with oae trnth tbe distance ot f anaportation, while your kUas era situated almost at Iho mnetha of your coal minaa. OTfOCOTfii fl?,*0.rt<> do W OOVIr|iBtaO* 14a JOOO do t?(P0MlMnrt6* ?4m 6rro do luot Qtv Co, 'H.?. 17 ah* Jta Commrrre ??0 BW i?l Ni.nli Am? r 1ft Tom Fi<ihM|tlk M Port liMk 140 CbDinn On ??' ItlAHud CVI ?8o 10 do 610 UO IV?* Coal C?. *3 00 do .... btt 10 ? 2(0Com Coat U? ICO do 200 an 100 do .... bM 5ft do .... b?0 100 do MO 400 CUrr A MtdoRI. IOC <* .MO ?200 ?- . MO MO C. 100 ?A *>VJ "50 rto JKO do ?00 400 do. h3 fCO Oo. b.10 no 111 <%c BR.. .b;to lro do UO do bM 100 NV&n KR.Hot *00 do do bit ?o ?0n iio.... ?P0 '.<10 10M ><50 WO 100 7"0 100 IVO aoo 100 .'too 100 ico 100 100 do b*0 do b.w do..... b.?i do bl do ? do do >10 4o.... bit do.... bit do MO do *10 do,. 4"o Rrlo RR..... *.0 1160 do t'.il do *.0 do b;it to Jrttt do Ct> *10 do 110 to do *10 000 r.ro SCO 4M "X "X HJU MX l?S **){ 104 10ft Kl ?*V 2iv 121 181 % ?x MX K'. MX IT*. ?* l?X 1* "X 70 71 70 WM W'X t?X ??x 70 lie mx ll?X ??X 86 Oft H #5 *?x ??>, ??? mi: MX ux ??v 8ft ?x 80 MX M #r> v "X ?>x 82 ?I x 88 tl K f]x ?IX Thdmdai, Nor. 0, MM. WO Kh* Kri ) RR.. bOO 01 * do 01 ttt do no tl MO uo Kit 01V ??too do b20 01* VOO do bM OP, *00 do.... h30 tlW 600 du bM tl ^ XO do b{>0 Oil, '<0 do alt tl MO do ? ?1 jn rHrUra ret ofl.. 40 16 Hittta At* RR .... M 66 llHlw RR M aoo do mo ?i 60> do .... bOO (WW 16 Ot.CoI fcC RR. lot .1060 r.eodlnir RR,... 77 ?oo do. mo :? wo do. MO 78 *00 do 010 77 X do......blO 77 % do MO 78 V do b60 " do. to ,U lto do bio <? do Oio 87 X 10t do ... MO 87* 2<w do tt do.... bl5 87 ?0 do blO <WV 80 do c M|( i>.6 CI AKllW RR bOO 60W M to bOO 60W lent to 6*2 It G*l?*o ACtalc RR ir'X SO to mow 200 do lit W0<o in Cm RR Rdt. 4H* 1? 60 ?b? Qurtoo Oo... looOomOml Oo ... 100 do b80 10(1 N Y Cm RR. . M loo do MO 200 <10 100 (10 160 do M r,oo to fcit lOOEftoRR "3 800 dt. 200 do tlO 180 to. M ?60 to MO Mt do....MO ?X s:s IS" 88 ??x WX 84X a? 00?i tox WX oo s 81 ?X BO ARB. WO Kb* Kr*? RR. 100 RoMtaf RR 4?0 do gfO 100 do 400 t* 600 do 50 UVh Control RR lOOWebBnANtaRK loo do. ....*10 ?6 HI OntMU RR... 600CHrr At Tot RR. MO .100 to otO r 60 to M 100Obi * RItRR ?to DIUOW Mil RR to-, tt. 77 ?; 77 X Vs TTX L7^ f>KU 116 x 70 'OX tow Z* % CITY OOHHBBCI&L REPORT. Tmvmiut, Nov. #?? P. JL oftsbbto. pots were made at 7 Kc. BmmawnjrnL?rioat?The foreign un bad a tte pre using lutlueece on the market, and price* jMUMj about 6c a 10c per barrel, eepeclally on ibeoomeaO* aa0 medium grades or -?au and Western Stales Tbe mm compriaea about 8,ooo a 0,000 bbla , at about tte foUcnr leg qu nation*:? Common to good tttate $6 80 a 90 it Cod mon to good Michigan 6 26 a ft it Itxtra Wate o 60 I IN Common to good Ohio 6 30 I 9 46 Extra Ohio 6 60 a 7 10 Houibern mixed to good brand* 7 00 i 7 40 " fancy and extra 7 20 a 7 80 Canadian auperBne and extra 0 80 a 7 76 choice err* fieorgotown, Richmond Cty llUla atd Ht Louia 8 00 a 8 26 Baxall and Oalletos 0 26 a 0 60 Caxaulan wan In light mppiy, and i aaeactlona ootn prtxHd 200 a 800 bbla , without rthtDge id prices .South ern b ramie were heavy, and doted dull *i (be a?ovequ> t.tioua. The fair* coropri-.yj about 1,300 bbla. K,a Hour * as easier, with tale* ot' about 100 obi*., at 83 2 i a 95 Corn meal >usteady, with -tales of New Jersey at (3 44 a 93 10. Bock wheat w?a bteady at 92 a 82 ,wr 100 lbs Wheat waa heavy and about It. p"r bushel lower. Tbe salea unbraced about 40 0> o a 46,0< 0 bmhe'n. includ ing Canadian while at 91 <14 a 9' 07; wbiin Western at 9> 62 a 91 fS ; red Southern at 91 42 u $ ???; tfllwaakla club at 91 46 and Chicago spring at fl .>7. Corn waa from 1 a i fleet* per biubel lower ; tho <-?!*a wore oou nnt-d to abou. 20.000 a 'i6 000 hti'hela rt>t*?rn mixed at 7Pr. a71j;c. Kyc?K ?ale of Oanad an wis reported at 8V)?r., deli? :rnd. Barley waa quiet. Oats w ire steady at 44c a 45c. for Htate. and at 476. ?4*r f> r Chicago. CurrtK ?;"a>? ot fufl t<aga of Rio were made at 10j?o. allHc Coiro.i ?The foreign news pvoluced no deelled effect uoon tbe market, while th.) tuuea embrace! aboat 2,000 baits. chlely bused upon mfddling Uplands at a live, >mhibth ?Td Liverpool, arxuit :10 fCO a4'"> OCO Vjahela of gram wero .in-'ageI, at 4H11 * 1 . ' >igh and balk; l.6i o bo'ri Sour, at 2a . and 6ui ha ??. of oottua, from tbo ?'ock. at 5-i;2<l. To Ixindon lu,000 bt>: heM grain were eppigtd, in ?.str8. at lid To Glaanow 14 >0 <>uihob of gr?io were engaged, at ll}<d.; 1,00 > bl>!< Uo'ir. U p. t., ?nt? iome lots &t 2* 9<l ?. 3a Rd Th? <i><r Klinbu'g, tor Gla>g? w, wah full with gram at i2d . a- I flour at In. hi gat< nmn k to Mnticeiilal p.>rts wer 1, ht and raiea uchangeo. l>Rrrr ?Tio ?at?a of rait-lti* ?mti'i'."1' 4<>0 boxen of 'vonch, 126 lay ?ra, 2C0 ball b< ia.-. , and 103 io. HUartorB, for rxiort at p t. Hoph wore ht.;aiiy, with Hales of ah >ut 120 Ualea now at* alO^c.aUc Old weie qi.iet at 6o a'-c l.iva wrs luactive. at 46o. lor cuimm tn, und 91 13>j for lump. N.?vit. J*roK?< ?Spirits of turpentine wrro more (Irmly held, wnh KUiall Malcr at 4ic,ci?b Cr j Je, nith rjeln, nere <[ui< t and price* wiUiOut auotabV; cba'u? Oil ? Et glirh Imceed waa ln?ctlvo; mnall ^alea were tnadr at 91 a 91 02, uaxh; cruue, whale and iperm ar? dull. Hiovikiosm ?Po?k?The market w?.' betry and lower, with tat*-* ot 200 a 800 bb a at 8 '0 so' prime waa ai9l8. Bid wax la fair tequeat at ?Uaily juioej; sale* o| about 150 bbls. wero |rep<>rt<>H'at 8 a ?7 for country pitme, anil ooumry km at M 60 a 11 60 aod repacked il6* h at tli a 911. Berf bams were jal.?t. Cat tueat ?i*ro dull; small sales o* aUouMers *ire re;N>rted at a 0 Jic., ard t amp at Sc. a 9\c l.ar". was easier, with aalen of 160 a 200 bom. at aboM 12*^0 a lJ>ic. Butter at.d ilnee* were In fair demand at ataady pricea, Rica was oulot at 4j a 4J?c a4\'? ajked. MWiM.?The market was Inactive U oog'i ( rl xa were qvite neaoy. with aales of about flOO a 10T, hh'ls. On la rau'mvado at')c a 9%c., wilb Ricall lote prim') Kradce at lOr. , and 100 bnae? flrom Hnrana (tic. 10) at iDlfctlTL^HlEJITB RjSAEWKi) KVtKI ilAl. Ftr SltutliN ui Help, act stitt FPfE ARTS. 585 C. D. rv?r>RtCK8, Mi. OrairaT 4 KKsopirxs, A85 HtiOJUtv, ay, Opposite Metropolita.i Hotel. PUOTOORAPRH. DAOOERRROTYPKS, AMBRoTTPF^ Tbe public are respectfully lnrlteit u. call an'l judge of tbe picture* mad* at this eatabuahmeni. Operating ar.d recepUoc rooms on the drat floor. JWRCKLIi A PfRtH'K. DITF1CV1.T BRRATUINO ?lit f IVK MINITBS B4U way'a ready relief will enable you to omathe free *ad ? a?y. Hi HWaY A CO., lt>I I'nlUMi i'rwt, New York. R. R. remediea aoU by drCK^Isl1- and mnrehaoU every wb 're. ELUABSTHAN ALK-l'CRK AHP WHOUWOMK.?RX cellent for (teunal family use and highly hene'^rUl to ibose requiring a nouriahinr diet. lic<tTereo ibronghout Mew York ana Hruofelja. J. BaBLuW. ISil Water atr"*H, Oae. it or abo<s Wall. JOHN WOOD'S NKW UP TftWS OTMKASnT*. NO?. 4 end 6 Ka?i Twenty eighth street, near Fifth avonue win be eon plated In a few day*. Aa a limited number only can be accommodated, early application will be neoeaaarT. VfY OHilDMT, POR POR( l?*l TBK WBISKKIt". 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