9 Kasım 1856 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 7

9 Kasım 1856 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 7
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INTERESTING FROM EUROPE. Our London, Pari3 and Vicnaa ConcsyoBdeuce. AMERICAN AFFAIRS IN ENQLAHO. THE CAfiiSH SOUND DUES. TPS FtliNCAL (OHDITIOI OF EtBOPt!, ?to., Ac? A4* The United Statea will Hear-.?Wp Fulton, Captain Wot loc, from Havre on 21d of October, arrivoi it Uiia purl earlj yt'H.tff'lay jnorulng. Tlei at rs? by iho i^ul'/'H bu been lu'.iclpu'.-d by tho brrival oi iho 'Jana-lliui at Quebec cud tuo Canada at Batli'ai. Acoonnte have Ik-sh roceivod fiom tha A<lrlaUc of re nt wea bloooshcd among tuo Kortchlaua. Tuo Turtlsb party are tald >o b*va b-oktn tho tnoo, but tao aioo-ui wbtcb oomee lioin PrlUJO DanJoi'a aid* .eila raUicr the crlber way. I<etura from Malta ?tato that quarrels wero ooattnually occurring between U<9 gvrtson ai.J the !ul>abit?tiia, and ?evercd abeps hud bceu broken into by the Utter and ?ooio poUcemeu <11 need. Oue huudred and llity if the principal inhabitant Iwt fcott a protest V gcvemineir. ?4.11'cBl <t!a tUio of tiling.4. THO flrtt ship !)?!oB?lug :o tho E'lrupcan and Auatra^iin St 'm>u Navigation 0>r.ipi?ii) sal od Irom Southampton tor lt< bo jrce bnd l?yrfn?y,^?it.h i^aila and pawonge-a, on tb? 11 tb October. Previous to the lopartire ot tha vessel a prand *>aBq'jot waa given by tho Mayc*of l iuihaaip tou, Mr. R. Aotfrowa, to '.ho directum of Iho company and a large nuHibor of inl!'iont!al genileuiea cocnccied with the town and neighborhood. Uiut. Htirriton and iwvvrai otticera of the United Stales fixate Merrlmao wore aiborot tho gueata. Tui.i O i j frigate continues to attract a larjte nuaiber of vlflieru, and tho courtly and atteo ti< ni ot her tflloc-a continually ca'l fcrtu special remark. The Major sn?l sonio mcmajre o! the corporation of Southampton have boconie great friends oil board, and visite ''to frequently nsohujijod between >be Mayor'* re-tin< i at Wlnch-e.cr aud the Heating castio In lhe boulLLtu;>tou Wuteid. Our Londun Curjcuponilente. Lonoojt, 0.:t. 21,1856. Cpin lor. t in Enjhfnd or1 the Prttidential Contest? The Sham Demontlratiun Agaiiut Niple*?The Actulent at the Surrey Garden*?The Authen ticity of Mrt. S'c.vt'a Authorship Questioned. By the t.me tbin reaches you, you will be so ab sorbed in jour Presidential election tiiat my naws will excitc but lit le ictciobc. The intelligence tp.i hint? us from you reae-m 4 us in our hope?the hope T expressed tome time sinnc as general iu Eng land?th *? Ficniont's success all but certain. A'fht ugh events are closiiig aroi.nd us, aid we are now lindiitg occupation (or onr thought on matters dfrply I'oncernii g oursrlv-'a, wt, hav? time aad f-yin ji.?thy to bett'iw uroa yon in your fjret-ent fltriggle, Mtid p itlic O|/iuion i- fr.cly exprc-sod here oa your Bitter'; aud 1 have no hea:ta'.ion whatever La ^ay icg that EnuUnd is heart and soul foi Fremont. I tb't<k in one of my recent het'eri 1 staged the belief orprt'tHeJ here 'Jut t':ie doiioii-trati"ii a'fa.nat Napl' H woti'd end la t-raotc? *1' ? the suiak J f*'>? .1 Mhlps of war, but tlia*. unially and vaJ^n.iy denoau n;ited a b- ttic of sm- ke. li* u y me">o -y sevvea 'i>e well, I have al-o alluded *0 th-: r'a- *>ns caricat liens forthe alt^rition in t,!i" p'.;:t of V,re ? .a ''oiiV rs. I Slid uil my pro^'HMtica'.iaDS realized, and that Kiuiki' an 1 1 ;;und aj e a'xjut to ituruort.vl'ii * thotd h* Ives by the perp trati?>n ot uu extraordinary p:iv;j if stupid WiiVif.", wo;thy in e.ery way of two s"< h gtoat Ytationi The dei'von*?trau'.?ii is roilly to t-iko place, but it Is to < out" oil ?. lon^ way f-orn X v pU^, lor fear ot shocking rhe n-rve^ of llm^ Bomba. The nhipH are to cruise between hlcily and Malta, ai'd no', to show the it, selves unless absc>. lutely calle<l fur. "lie t.vo got< im>e?ts are grown cautious and CTisiderat'!. too an 1 > 3 " insur,;onts aie not to lie count'.nancf d, aud Kin;: Ferdinand is t > 1* threatened by a fleet ordered to cruise ont of sl^tit. of his chores. This is the r ay do besmoas. TbN is the way we r<-n<lcr ou? deauiads suk-cr ii?n to tlie necessities ot t.ur great ally. The King of Naole* in cahed upon to >leld cerbiin th.ogJ to his sub je.ts, In deference to the wishes of Frar.je aud Kogiand. and the Kin* of Naples bluntly r.-fuse and taunt* us, and tell* ns to loek at home fur grievance* to rew?'dy. France and Lngiaud here upon blus'.er, and talk 01" ?hip* and bombardments; but by and by the bluster softens down. I/>uis Nupo.eon finds be has spoken too k?fd, and ao boh'.a bis hand, and PalmersUia finds be cannot move without his allj; aud ?o we bow Lear tLat the " abipti are to craise between Bicty- ana ^IilU." This Is just as I said It would be?that the demon stration would be a sham. ^ hat. then. Is the objcct o. sending sh.ps to (rnlw betweon Sicily and Malta ? Hear tbe official atatoaeat, and jadgc for ycofxlvea:? Aa ibe ?aiety of the subiee-ta of the Western 1'iwert ?aaf be comproBil'ed, iho tquadroaa will be nnited, but M<>t Mrt to the wafers o' Naples, so aa not to ofljr eeceu rafrmenl or support to the dU? onieutod, wh 1 endtavor to a past thr Ibr >ae ot the rwo r'letlies. Tills you will say is an ex< ellent w?.y of declaring tbe object of a demonstration:? Tcere, lljaaba. yea ^'o a ba'i nor ao l yoa behave very badly to tii* Htue rht.drrD an<. ee your care, and wo m?u tin '?aiea to puelfb yo., lint i?r birce snail be sepi out of ttabt sad we will not nse tt, la c*ce tout children ? hunld flrd strerKtb o?ea In lb- uclle powui ol ItteT Utile band#, aon tbrasb you (or themselves. Then, In order t > slio* tlie refraoto-y 1 o? the way out of hia scraj*. our NVes.cru corrse**)d of abuaes g. on to aay,that If the Ktac retnra* to better aeatinients tbe tw? !*ow> ?ra will renew tbe aaa?e relanoo* with fcitn a.< lormjriy. There' Nothing can beat thi? promisr of par<lon, a id nothing < an, 1 tlilnk, exre?d the unitteiwl '?en sion excited by this pu'rile display. Even th* Time* is aah imed of it; for after lahorl^j: .!./ iy day to defend tlie goverumen' (? l?r u? 4 men' measure*can he aacertlined.) dirt" i. t.i . lit tle Ml rea bes us through the Kreuch ui . letting ns know the piesent state 'd all th?% tu-?? a nl twimhast whi< h have latterly si exet?*d it? puohc mii-d,tbe "Thunderer" cools down,and Rives a leader ?f a lew lines only, recapit ils'ing.al'i.oU without romnient. tbe gist of the article in the JSfontlrur. These matters torm the chief aahject for eanveraa tkm joat now. . . ... We are calleil a practical people, and perhaps with rotiie Justice; hut th"*' who Jud?e as mint no; ima fline that we aie a people not gives to iwkwg ahead a little. Events oc. ut nngamund ua in tlie Meeeotday, find ta etaminlnK into their cause*, in Tiy las' letter 1 think I said a few wot da oa U* *??**? <* P*rt< Now.yoor Fails correspotident wi'l jirooably cir Tim better infornuition on till* matter th.iu 1 tu, hut 1 roust tell yon that, In London, we betiow the cause of the apparent pueilluuimltv exhibited by th* two corernmeots Isto be foor.d in the dia-irdc'td ata e of society in Paris. A.11 the a;cainte reaci.'ig us confirm 'be rumors that there la aeHous c^,isf Ice une.i?incw, and it was therefore not to be nrieh wondend at that I/ouia Napoleon la nl^ct i it to cntrr QiKiti ? moTCwnt tti.'t rt^ciTl in tji? MNHrlMtiM ?na ladetwdtnee t?r liyy. Atnin ago when tlte Tim'*, in necortl nee with invent n mt insttnotion. Mustered on Italian afT irs. and the British people had the oanse of Italy In tHei. m<miha hourly, there were many here who b-:? a to talk of Rillan Itideptndeo. e. This waa not very likely to come Irom any act of France or Pn/ liind, w+w> stood by and I joked coldly >m while poLiml was cslaved and poor Hungary atl hut hlo-bd out. Not likely. We n >w arc li?w {.x>'i4i we were to indulge such aup ratioti-c and rncu bun from tlie sir Jcct without an attempt to conceal the* ?isgo?t at tho diplomatic hamoug. 1 here was a terrible ?tKi rcr at the (tvrrav Oar> ?'ens Mraii Hall, on Sunday !a<t. Vou will Und accouts in all I he new^/apera; but I think t can give >on a roore explicit .nitrence as to tin? ori'/in of tlie niat'T than h-s yet apiienred. The M irrev (i a det s, foime'ly the Zoolog<-?l (lanlen*, nr. sihtatc in Wal*ortii, ahont a m > fiom l.iud'ut iirtdgo, and mar the auliuflw of Camperwell. As Kiolozioal 41 aniens, tlicy were doomed as un-u 'Ctsdul?win re npon a company was fotmcd (oa tin United pr it iole,) ii take the tnanaeemeut, and I Iti;# n iisic lull w is hnllt, on the grounds. Mons. Ju'.lU n was retained to coBdnctthe nightly con ert sat d toe first -eason under the'r auspice* wis just cor. 'tided. Mr. Spnrgern.atrery young man, but ihighly popu lar preacher In london, of tlie Baptist r- i-aa ion. was annotin ed to pteach in thi.. Ifu-atc TTall on S o I ilav, and a numlict ot people asawalil'd, vnimbly estitratid at from 12,0(Mi to 20 OoO. Befare the c< in irenecaent of the <erroin i bell wn- heaid to tinl.le, at d then < ame a cry of " fire."' and loen t dlaw tersaa de'fibed by the riewsca; rs. Hie in.julrv is i vcrywfce.fi ?'w hstwss the csnse or this fai?? alirm ?" " W,w it from ucei ie ordcsLrn?" Nov tear in mind the tact* of the c . e prwWiag 'he de noununt. Mr. Bpu/geon hud be u preaooiugat Wxu U?r iidJi, m the .Sir*i d, bm Midd+nlj? it wiitf piblicly ai.iicai.ctl t' ut U e ha'l wan not iiuilioieutly i?rge t? accommodate hi* auditi.ru, aod, thi-rafore the <u>-etr ing *011 Id be heloat the Burrey f5 irdeo'a M talo Hull, although it wan well known privtt?ly that Mr. Spnrj.eon >vm retx?ed tho use or the hill in future t> toe CkriculCommittee. Tnen, rgain, Mr. Spurgeon w>s looked mon with ix culinr jeulfitidy by the Itouiaa Odth ilic cl^r^y, as well 6x by the trac-ulan Citholica of Exeter tlalJ. T:'ko there circuniHtaijctH, a.'d vie# them with the 'a-1 that }fr. hpnrgeon'a tirat meeting is .iroken ip In the nof!. horrible minner, sun ttir*. at the " tink ling ot a U il; ' I'.at the jio.'ioe, the detectives, joue nalTnts, ror ptT iic meu, ran find a cause for tuid creation of a fids-e al"rm; a?d farther, that tbe police dtdare hat tuere vvc:o a > professional swell mob men present, and then juj^a oi the origiu of th'H disaster. The dt:.in of trold to France Htill continues, anl we are feeling th.* eif> e?H of this extrn/jr'^'i >ry de mand in inci. 'ccd r.ites <>f discount at?i go, n( di* content. Tiude is bud and money uuuauully .isarco und we havo Utile hope for a better state of fhiagi lor another month or bo. I subjoin a curio. 1a extract from tho Prczi, \ jour nal ot liiftti literaly rank, mil the organ of I) :r by Di?ru' Ii j.urty, iu reference to Mra. Sto ve and her woika:? Pin A!km f-rown Wkit>j - Unci* roM's CUbis tha iiujweraMo OM'at ion* which "Utiola Tom" Ravi ie Ij to, tot obo exhibited ? ir?coof thut vit'il iiiwer hy vruioa t was rUtin|'ul>hr'!. Wo regard that potter ait tbj 11010 wonderful, u n>? we On<l to *i,ju of it la any of the pre vloua prrductiooa cl Mrs. rftowo Wo lunkad for s>m imlicatkB* of it lu her work ??' 1 !ut;I?iicl, hut w? foun 1 r ot ? iiitnuK* to obt*r? l?h itioituy oi mtWiuct with Tom " W<t aro still inure piuuWd with 4,Dr*>l." Th? qualities of iBtu'l rove air .1 ia .lurj :<o oppinj.l, and ovoa i MConciKtiir, tl-ut can !:<u tty 1> liuvit ihciu to oil.-t i i tho ?&iuj ititct-ooi; for'.vl.i'0 wo ai ;i u l*rj;o o ;unt ot [turely ttivif.l wiIudj;, not i.-m tr>u<\ -iltfotatiou, an I mlBflHd w lli all W.ods of fault j in ct/lo? wo fltMt in itaUo I'm wboro ck><vj. cuditenirautii, l.^ictl tliDu^hl, wl;h tb/llhijg i Mulcri, Lii .li.ni iuut- y tnd hitanoo luf^iri tlon a/e r>fi e I in .sm;i i o) tho ,'urcst lOoellib ?na mot.1 f'.arnrn)jiiov.a p?r,.ti(a. Vaa out. uoo irrciiiVily iOic.?J ot* our aiud by a prri. al M " Jri d" le?r*n Mrs. Sin we he 1 ho il aivbcr of tba io laroci vtoiuQ lira- h?r Bsmo > It Fho hp, ter rjiai l.i th* prea'?av pfjcholfglcil iiivvu oi wbn.h wo kPo./ auy cx'aaip'.a >uoh a atnoo ct trlvia.ny wna powsr. of m^-ivu, s>!>l it teller*, with aiero ar.iyc:?l prt.UL ^ ...i uoompliih Bi.Bt, 'H iacorupi. hitnathtd ?) ua. is it n -t pr'rbuolo t'.Vii m roe etc or ao, e of ibo.w t?r ,, t -uimij wii.jti f.ro Ubo rlcp " tbo ovi rthr?w of slavery In tho l'ul? l St-.t.'d Hiij;!.' ho alllir,' tf> i8i V; t. ? , i I^UuClK.lfg tTie puini,: m.nd i,j ?.tl tu ?honjs'a i nwtlllr.^ to appear open 'y Id i> i! work f <??> >i:.v> jll '.rarrt of tm uu lor^ro .n l ru>i*hj in iba L'mtoil Sta'^a?iBay cot there bi> a p'a?s wo ?....! by oOioe acoacr coiially scciot? Theru was ?on.. ihist like organization m t ? jucana takeout sivo un> ifal publx y to -'L . la Tow." Tbo "Key'' was L. i ' :.0 Womarv w< ?k. 1', :?. ut? I, M'). hag wr..u a ill that beara her wtmn, tlia 14 ano ot tiia moat mi orlul 01 fmialo wriltr*. Lonoom, Oct. 21,1850. The Neapolitan Question? Frightful Crath at th" Surrey G ardent? The Persian IVar? Harmony cf Vi'us in 1'.he CithJic Chj.rch? Theatrical and .Mukc, $c., <$v. Rocbefaix 1 tt >?? d longsinco?"If we had no defectn m ouretlvc", Tre should not talrn fo mich pleasoro :n remarking Hiokc in others." The Court of Napl-.a, sans rcsti-rc, dt Jinen Ibe proffered adviob o.'Eng iutd and France, and 3ctnba isevideutly determin>; l to persevere in the u?o of hi? pr- tty play'.hings, iu eluding the l^ourbon Lc'r looms of tho Inquisition. 9uoL a course ia (-apposed toe danger tho p- acs of Europe, aid CLai.tiJccr and tie ri.-itbh Li-n will immediately snap the link of dlpiomatio affection. Tho dozceristration no tnci.li talked of is to be a mere hnrohn;*. Tha fleota are cot to auchor in tho Hay, Lrt <iiily ii wiglit of Nuple??ti rt of rod over tLe mat telpieee in r. retractory utruily, less likely io awe ?bc bully than eticoura^e tho diascnti ata. This ofl tal thunderclap ag.inst N-ir>l?a, a lit'Je tnore politjcel thuutii-r a? h'iii>o, a fri^htt'ui accident at iLt: .^nricy i?:iril"nsf ard a few lc ; inQp(i"tantnrit is, <?> uijtrife tLi nee/c, up to the preaent ti.ue, by 't' e Horrey Garden tragedy?of wuiih too will rri'ti ne',.). .i tl ouatd ii< the tiles of paoc s l(> pn-?.i? id .ilri- ..:llii? iiive-ti luted !jy 11 t/>rouers ?r> tl:;s 111... ???;, wLca ??. hte.y ?il; in. ^utrlit to >?? as labelled. V? bv v,a\ of ar.tinopJc, that too ?-I I* *.-?? war , ? ? ?? , .?: t ivc: Ti. ipllj ot 1 Nil ?? lit h;i8 I.en vnil pinnned ?nd concoevn; ;ii. t an exiie diri. I. o. It;,i ai i..en I., tno IVrst.i i (, w ,n , Uif rt u on a-signed lor ail ?M- is "fie ei|?t ir o; e-r.l tt be e vinlat..." of the tf.-.fy ? lK .'i. flie olrt *U<ry of the wolf and 'he lamb. By :he f. me nunii m wo Warn ?:iat < llrtK'r \inlna r: dor at Teh ran w:ia unor.t to :???.? !, and that the 1 ersiai. ? would Folieit t|?. mod ainu of France. " t-vioei tly a ve ry pf ity quarrel, aa it, -mt ds.' A cutkm.h piece of newt, and coinnicnt.iry have at ived sinml'jue. n-lv Irom M ? co\r tin J Dnwin. A Human C'n.holi ?lorw^mao jon:s in the tunous at Jo1, nietropohian iournelivm against the mo | called Immoral ouera ol ' Li Traviata," ah>ut to be piodjced at Mi. Harriaa Theatru Rojral, DuSlio.and wntes to Ixird Carlwie, praying hirii to prohibit so iipprorcr an errter'al moat tt.rongh hin secretarr. Lord Carlisle icpliri that he doesn<t think the Ii brett<. wor^j than ot'iers never ye', objected to, and that he cannot intcr.'ete. The pir?mhn*v> tti? attack. rcnund nK his lordahip thit the maieatv i wbom he rep.events, like the reap, ctable mother of a family, de< Kued t<? *Uit tla Uieatre tiurinR the run ot thia op?ia, or to permit Prin.? Albert or ;uiv of per children to go We bate not heard that Lord Carlmle ^ned a reply to this last appeal; hut while tl'ia torieapoadeuce was Koinff f.rwaid. we learned f,om Moscow that tb? Pope a Naitrlo, publicly apia ?red in a Imx at the opera, am. evu'entlv eojoyed thia v. iy "Ttaviat* " ? bat will the lri?h p?'s.in *av, who h s it>en de nouncing the ojiera ,?s untit t?i lie witness^! bv a dr etit (.btiMinn i Heyond the fact that the recorded anrcoaaes at the Prineewea . L\cei m.and rtaadu'd theatres are draw Itijf ?.verllowitig liou-e1, tlieie in unt much Variety to drtmuti' Kvery bole and . oruer at her Mujevty s theatre, lor the two lortuomiD^ Piceo]> niiiii 'tights, (c hi-.p j?rie?'s.) have |<..ig aince lieen let. A eimiUr fiicceis la HO'-nrcd for (Jr.sl, Mario, u "t"1 a otorr talent, fom.inr '? ??llleit Ik-ali' h Operati-; corps, aunouured for mx. nights next ?c k at Htuiy l^ue. Oor Parla Corrrapoiidence. Pahib, Oct. 21, 1<C6. Retarding the Pruidmiml Ulrctimn in the United &tute??In.prnetd Slctr qf IHt'tix Feeling in Frnnre on Afenetaru Affaire?The Mcmitewr i n the A'r-poiitan Question? /Yospeefi ?J the Aarrad Admini%lralian in Spnin The C'nrt at Cemijfeigne?tttcejtlion eif the Biemun Urirovu? The Fa ttf,rations of Xajilft, Jf-r. Altbcogh tl?oic ate a variety of mbiects of a anf b cntlr exciting charactor before the ? tench mind a' t he present motscrit, all are mote or lesase.ond ao. Io th interest which the Picaidentiai content ia the United Htator, produces,ami thc' Goorgiaa rcve lat^.nsof tic I^a-Jon Timea-if no unmistakeabie a boei may re-ci?e -o important an epithet-have at ^ast acrved the ^orpoae of giving inordinate p< quaney to the intea"at already existing initiation t" Avioiicsn affairs, lice the feeling ia nnnp'm 'ax in rav. rol Fremont. Mr. Ruc iaaan's private cha ititlrr Is greatly respected; but Uie Ostend onfar enre, iu ahich he toekao principal a part, hiatal to bis ehuiatlcr uu a statesman. Tlie greatest inter est Is fnt a'???t< the Pennsylvania do ision. Gov. Wi.?e's speech, in an tbridged fona.has b?en re (rndnred In all the Fiesch louraals, and the coaeln aion dnma Aom it i? that the content, up to the last, will le netk and n^ck. But protabiy bv the time tins reiuLes ton the myvteiy will have hceu aolve."| Our Emperor lie .rs a gallant front in the midst ot the many diffkulties which Uaet his path, and the effect is seen in the lirmer tone of all securities. fciiKx; his letura to b'. Cloud Irom Iliarriti!, he has been ince-sant in his. avtenticn to all things where his presence WJ* reTiired to inspire confidence. Privy coi;n; il iijk a privy cotmcil has l?ecn held on Ihe monetary cricia, and the r-pinion still pre vails tl at recourse will lie bad to a careiuily gnaidtd paper i?si.c. The Emjierot's opiniou Is raid to l>e that, so long aa grid is made the principal Imaia of all national nnd commei einl etfdit, theie will be a con-tint conpetition emong various, nations to i)oes?-ss It, and that it is a faiHl deletion to anpp ee that any govi'ram?nt 1 testrictioii any favorable state of the ex hanget, can n uke ai t or e eo ntiy to retain ptwc.ssion of P. N"t i dsy ); pa--, d vt.thoo' Irs \f ijtstj." '-'.towiOK i biinw il iti dillcrent qujit -s of the metropolis, and this dii.-h'rg ffi'tlew i?nldence wirks wanders in the in no Map- lanlv ^n-ltive p.' pie like the I 1 . t. 1>. l'hjs'i :? I coal. (>e i a. In their e ti ration, at It 't'pile ? (p,H| to inmal c nrace, and the Kmpe n i a pre erce in dir. rtfd quaitrrs may almost lie I e'f f ' f Neptnne wl'eii snildenty tppe ir- J in tiK ttg tbo ti.ibaleiit waves ixoited to iria?;ii?,H , agitation by tbe winds Eoiaa, at the inntigafio ? of Juno, had mischievously let loose " et alto pro* pieient, tutnmd plaexdum caput extuiit undd "?he lifts bin trident, and straightway there is ft calm ?? Whoever he guidna Hlx flony ooura?r? ana .u triumph rides, Tbe waves unruUli, and ihe s?a subsides. " At que rot is s uinmaa kvibus perlabitur u-tdas.' U>gU on bla chariot, *01), wiib W-*en*d reins, M?jrstki move* along. and awful paace n?ala?atas. It cannot bo denied by tbe most sceptical terrorist tlat the tcne of puolic feeling is much improved since the d>>te ol' my last. And tbe oracle, too, has spoken on the subject of Naples. The Monii>ur ban, at last, published its lor a expected Dote. ltd cffcct has no: been vsi-y striking tither one way or the other, but its ten den y is to tranquillize. Tbe prevailing opinion is that nothing whatever will come of tho Neapolitan demonstration, except an altimati appeal to Napo leon to a< t an arbitrator. The Emperor of Russia is known to have countelled tha King ofNapleatotake this step, as likely to bring an influence to bear on any Muratisb combinations, and tending to weaken tho nnion of France and England, from which he has every thiug to dread. The compliment which Alexander tbe Czar is thus disposed to p?y Nnpjkon, is evidently ba-cd on the same prin:iplo, ard with the same view of breaking the entente ecrdiait; and there are many reasons why the Emperor of the French hould be willing to ac cept n eb a position. The language of i>io official oigan is exceedingly gnarded, and by no m- ans ex cludes the French government froai taking advan tage of Liny sue i overtures on the part of Naples. " ibis suspension of official relations,'' it says, " dees not, in any wuy, constitute an interference in Internal affairs, still less an act of hos'ilitj-." Vain: the appeajan e of the English a id French squadrons for tho security of '.ho subjects of the two governments not in Neapolitan waters, " has tell ing in it T>f a coiumendat^ry cha acts', and cannot bo considers d as & support to tbojc who seek to sbtke tho throne os' the King of the Two Si cilus." It must be allowed that tbe state of foreign politics continues to be anjthins: bui re-assuring, and fur uifhts an argument to those parties in England 1 who all along opposed the war as totally untie ess haiy. The ink is scarcely d'y which re.ords Ihe treaty of Paris, when some of tho moit linimrtant clant-es are lotnd to be so loosely worded th .t in ! reality it has settled notnmg except ihe exaltation I of Fiance, a diminution of prestige as regards England, and a position as respects Russia which it is difficult to say is not more important than that which she belu before. renewed Paris Con 'eien-e mu.-'t take place under very dihorent cir cumitancea to the Eist, and the voice of Russia? 1 once more lord of the Crimea?must nece^saiily 1 be m?,re exalted than in Mar 11 la t, wh-;u the same ! Crimea was beset with hostile armies,ana raeraaud ' ed by a conibicded lieet auch ?s was never before hecn in lb* history of the world. The bonds tliat than held down the giant of the North ar.j probably . tow but a ropo of sand. Tbe opinion which I recorded as prevailing on the subject ol 1 he recent chaDge of policy in Spain 1 fled mote 8i?1 more confirmed. Narvaer. is looked 1 upon by all simply ?s a more strongly iWoliped illustration of the feeble but aspiring O'Uonnell. Like the la?ter, be is < onsioer?d fairly to represent no principle, and, like t he latter, he will only pre pure ihe way 'or anon ?r more violent change. Whether thai change will be a republic, a Carlist icstciu'.ton or n. Krein'h hrervention, is tho qws ton; the!;.' i) thought tho moro prubaolfl. Na poleon is believed to he "big wi'h the latare.'' In hm own patient, < let, . .??. wry, hi is - -id -ig his ti; e. .ii.il .t i ? lius.'l ins oije<t is to ob'.i n, by ci yii' , -1. : 1 e mon- enlarged ><on irt.< which hn flu - ed by the more brilliant i>u le s p* r. nisccn ? 111'UDB of eonqnr-t. BteMtlHt t"*ardi [ "?pain Hidic-ates how cloudy lie watches events. ! Wbrn lie y-een Al?.t,her, the sequestra1 ions on 1 whoke pmprrty it. has be?n tbe tirsi act o." Narvaez to levoke, whs in exile, what c^O'-tant a'tenti'in eid lie cot j>ny ber, st.<i t..?w well he knows that in her leiurn 10 fspaia lie p<s->?sses tlie s;iriMt ?>t discord tbe country conM lie (?nitshol *itti! 't is on that dis ord he cob ulutes. a; dtftcr N rvacz? half r< voln'Hii i^t, biilf ab.-?dut,;st?hv-rm hn ?ee eaw c.retr. iiritatiiK ti'?-tile passion s and fortifying thc .se elements of Uifc ontimt wbicb will ultim itr-lv tr..i>s'<'iin tlienn-t-lvr.s into iusnncc'iont??lika EtV ward the Fir-t <t Knglsm' ~ltcn the ri??lricfl of lki.ee and Bi?liol mviU d bis iuttnerenco with S?vjt bmd?Nspoksm will p!ay the umpire, but probably with far more oipiooiiitio ability and sue cei-s. And now the Km[>eror, tho Kmpress und tie little Prince lm|ierial are all at Conqt ign<', whet* (aboard of festivities uie coinioi! ofl'. A dcT-a'hmentol' thirty Cont Guries, commatidtd by a captain, wa? in attendanoc to es cort theii Mojectie* at 'he station, who then pro ie? d> d to the paiac? iu an open carriage and four, the yotiDK Pnnoe foHowinv in another, with his r une Slid ti?mremantr. <'-eneiul Meutice rode at tbe winoow of their Majesties' carriage. The first party of toesta were to arrive yesterday. It has been intimated, as yon have probably seen, to ea ;h of the ladies whom their Maje?ties have decided to honor, tli&t fourteen toilettes for the aev *u d?)"s so jouin is tl.e leurt they are expecU-d to provide tbem M'ive" with, l>ut I Lave not heard whether the Km pre?s. in comnnssion to the dimensions of ordinary Lntenils ?nd >o?as, h^s thought pro]?er to place any restriction rsi ?liat ?i;iv licU rrued the sub-toilettes | of the** fair OaBiw. The eoIlai?se surely cannot be ftr off. for the inflation has now descended into the kitchen, and as this department of Prencl: domestic ei oDOtnv 1- well known to Is- of very liiuiiert ar?a, tbe inconv. nience is becoming serious; and as for the/twiiTt tlr chanlrrt, if by nuy nccideui her mis tn'sV nr<l Veui !' ibould meet iu the ?ftiU'' corridor, 11 1, ?Iti.cr wtsdd lie ho|?el?'s 1 oxcopt for tte in w nvi 'iori, which tnnke^ ihejupon now to 1 consist o: snei jo?nt-<, which, by a juesaure of the bami ion le imiitk- to lap ov* r Ilk'-tb<; folds of a p*cfce* nup. Not Wrg tornishcl wi'Ji 0110 of these, tbe'e n th? otbei resoor e of drawing oli the amount of fixed sir by which tbe /upon can now lie Inilated, like n'?>n of w-ar fiautincr in a reef, and thus mistre^ and iraid may steer pivnt one another without colli t>ion. Hat wluit u state of nfluirs him tlio tyr mt fashion | reilio eu ?lie sex to, wlu n in the nintteonth trntoiy , Mieh eiiitM.riito proeeri^s must t? gone through, as ; f? r fnisl asds, brotl??is, and father*, wrthwit some rhanpe tcktH place, the world will not lie large I meu'-h to contain them. Already ordinary sized ?hawing rooms aw bccotuiP!: insignificantly small; j at a i rear 1 n are ioiuk! to ne uicouvoniently nmrn* i and cairiagrs an wholly inadetjuaie for transport age of iIm'jMfsti ami tlic we.iiet ai?o. To think ?' incxpicts-ibleM flii fiiir any aocommotlntion is qui'e 1 i es.de tlie mark, and as the l*Jy will thu? aoon ha^e I to go to her ?ot><> witliout sin esetrt, this may p-i-< sibij have Mia.e eflcc' in redu< ing matters to mod. mte i' mm'ions. The entertainment* ai\? to con sist ol ih et stag hunts three theatrical represent a 11 and three day*' shootiu . eiiu^llv iivMad 1 smc^pst the three sm>mhla/JO* iif iriKM^ti who have j hud the bettor to be invited. The fust stig bant tskes place this day. Be o?e po!ng toC ompicgnc. the court received the liii n-sn envoys, who sre "now in Paris. A mister cf the teiMnonies went fmtn St. Clond witu four iou|t 1 arriates to rccrtve the envoys jt Uieir IkiVtI. ? r.d then uftcrwau's actonipaniodChem to the pal ate lit St. Olot.d- Two native servant* stood tiehlno each cairis e, ar.d each man carrleil a large gilt faro 11. When the eorte3?e snived al the g^tc* o?" tnc r ala? e four of th^ |iaraM<l-bearerf< accompank d to b's Hsje^tv'a ptesenee the jier.-on earrjiu" th? ere entisls. which were haodfd to tbeemiieror ht Getetsl dOfiani. Tl^ other envoys thr>n prrwnie ?c hi"? Nojesty n swotd. tl?e acaMiawl lieing or.ri meit?^l with rnbiee. and a lar:* gold enp ; and t ? tb? ijupre*c 1 bey presisted n 1 ions 1 \i?*fts of value 1.moi.fi >*h,<h was a mj?cih satiphirc. In ppo*nt'n ? tbese i.itieles tbe envqy? snid th-i' tb< ir sovereign prryro t!ie Enipecor to receive ?!-.??**?. n.* for th? i' vr?;ue. I n* i? sjmb lie?the swr>rd itKlie*titig that ^e wifrl.id bitii sncir*s in war. and tbe up Mist he reserves his profrcrity. As to the present* t ? tl.e i tnpr. m, they aa^ that their sor. leitn had ii" otli? r olijett than to ?xl tliit to Ler Majeity a spe i n en of tf p productions of tbe country over wine ? j betu'id. l>e NIOJI <-pr>ke in the B'rme*e l.ip ri "re. which was t/aBslmed ?hy en iaten<r?Ai r ? I t'?< I ???* to the emba?sj Tbe Titnp^ i r and Enpra* I I 's< ?d th'nueivea In the balcony e'' Uie p?li<" viuev's the departure of thn aialrisnrdor#.* Ttv ?< ttfpe excited gtta*. curiosity on ite< way to >0 >. ; firni >^C1cmI. 1 A te^rraphic de?pst'h from Toulon st,ite? 'ha - Mliing h i" 1 een seen ef the EnTHsh h jusd'un -?ln? e 1 s d?i>stiur?? ftom A j\eclo. Th? Frrn b - jnsdris ' vrs still jn tbe roadsiesd of Tonion, but read; to pu' lb city of Naples, rairs the Verona vt iy def'' tivo in a military Iioint of Vie-v. arid m 1 ?t at > time be menaced without da"3 r of m i 'li resi-ianre A flr?t 1? a* anytime able to d^stri* ?^pti?s ot to obiine the government to com' t '.fi . In 1^16 .loaebirn Mnrat kept the Austria >? eh* 1 k on the tend side: but whe-? Comniodwe ' ni;lx'l *j (-eared beiore N iple? the Ih^t wa? I ? u'dto l,c given tip *?irice then, indeed, t'e ' Hi ij.? 1 ti n f;< et lis* tu rn larsely incretued; nevei I 1 f 1 h s, the pott lieirg too Kfoall. in >tler Set 1 'i< lesisteuee. and all the maritime arsenals at N* de? 1 ?r d CH*fel'amare ate exposed to the fire of th?? ? ne my. The fortiflcations or Cafori, Ischia and Broei I are quite insnfllcieuf to preven' the en'ran ?" ol a feet into the port. Paris, Oct 22,1360. j The Neapolitan Question?Trecdy bettoeen Xapui I and Russia? Tenacity of Austria in her Hold of J the Danvbian Principalities?List of the Gu<ti ^ Invited to Co piegne? honors paid to Dr. Evans, ! the American Dint st, ?<? Russia--The Emperor Lectured by one uf the Paris Outriert?Sjcutl | Condition of France, tfc., fyc. Among that tectionof society which, like deep water,tuds be ooth and still, and tristH to floating ibe ark of state, when the breakers ahead hava driven bcr ficm all other courses, there is, I find, a predisposition to regard this note on Neapolitan aflairs recently published in the Monittur with?I aost not fay fouboding, because it ia with a feeling not unmixed with hope?but with the beliel that It is tiuly a little cloud from the west which indicates the advent of deep and lowering shadows through"

?.u; tie v.hole European political horizon, the end ot which wi 1 be lerv lity and gladness, but whose inU'ia ediate stage will le one of due probation and ?t, fieiing. Cimtious and rc.-er\eJ as the diplomatic laoguage of the official organ is, it seems to be thought its len-e is tco obvious, too wounding, if not too insuit ng, 1o the amcur propre of any country for it to concede to it. No government could faco its own tul jf eti an hour afterwards, it is urged, which thus admitted in the face of tlio civilized world ita in significance. To hope to keep down rebellion by such ?. cnuiae is to hope to stay the tempest by a votive dflcring of umbrellas, and the Neapolitan King must therefore fight or die. Well, then, ha* his Majesty made up his mind to the hitter alterna tive? Is he prepared to abdicate? lias he made up his mind to be reduccd to a nonentity at ths first !,i mmons of those Cects which up to the last hour ;,e has been busily mo king at? This is not proba ble. If he d' es not intend to do this, what does he iuter. d to do? To fight? To submit to have his city knocked abcut. his ears? Or to call in the aid of the vanquished ot S^battopool? Has he couceaied auxi liaries of wLom the world is not at present ogni ;:ant ? The Sieclc has produced a profound aensition by an artie'e of wlii .h the following ia a short ex tiact:? Willi respect to the naciCc o-?ert::ree continued In thl last ;>ira,"'utit.8 oi thu otlluul note t!io public will nireo with us tt>a*. Ferdinand r.anuot accept ih?m. No! Tho Ivirp ol iSaji^R cannot at itii* m'mi-iii K'vo * y '"M'ore ?c: t; wti> h urtuir. not laitaauot u.will), tuanga | 'hiy trrn.bieon tn? esir.-tm iiroiis.ac : woiclirc<i',,fe'ml mn- t'luonm.'D? a -lee:jjuu -n ot w ar. \Vi Jiuul wiskia* to | in Kipate ev< nts, we recot.niaj In tha fviia, waich uro ..ontii mod by bo mno m iho *?./?*' 'if, ncist aorwis com pltcMlcn. un ihh one baud, tco lioaial natioaa of too ? Pit, CD the oihcr, tbo Kiug of X^pIjS and bis avi*ed or concealed atxilUrlcs. In triin now iup or tbo Euro pea) criaia, which commeiic.-d on tbo bonka or tl?>) Prutb, aid appeal# Ctetin'.a lo rtccive ita s?>luti<iu ia Italy, wo >1 ail iiiriaiii what w? bava eve" bc?n,faitni'al ao'l tiavo ? d to ttx permanent policy of Krutci?laitbt.i'. aui uavo ltd to tha i"olicy of llnliau liberty and proireia. The money nurkct was he ivy yestcr lay, anil pri ces generally receded. A letter from Naples states that the Sicilian government has just, concluded a | tieaty of commerce with Itu'sia, ou the same bi.-is I as with other countries. Vessels t'ro.u Naples will | be grunted tree pratique on entering Russian p rtj, >vIn/ft provided with propei certificates. The public min i, too, is not relieved on the tena city with which Austiiu still clinxa to the Daiiubian Principalities tnltnc determination evinced by the I I'icii'.h government that she shall give the n up. It is iu vain that the Aulic gov??' nment talks about the .sacrifices it nade to guard tli^-"' rrindpalities, no !ii-? fiou; anarchy than from Km-san invasion, and tlia" it m ire than Itlnt^ that ia continuing to b >14 t)n u, !'? has the acquicsecuce and approval of the ? Ittonvn governnient. It is in vain ttia'. it professes to W a mere motionless sentlucl in i's occupation, ntiVtr interfering with tVeir politic tl actl^n^ andoulv defending tbo l*iiucipulitiea frum tho el.-aieuU o?" ilii-coid i?n-d violence which they ho abundantly pop The Ktupemr Napoleon swears by the holy io* d that ou 't evi i v Auntr.au ntiall limine or bide 'he c?>n??<pien'?*s ' Take care f yourseli' tl??n, >iphew nf my Unt ie," hujs Mtntria on the Neapoli'an qoet ttou. " There me things i? our philosophy which periiup" i vcr yon itav never divamed <>'? 'J he ttonitt'ur publishes in its oflicial columns the namer of the vartU- wbo have lieen ht uoted with invitations to C?mptcgnc. As immense inijottaiu e lias lmtu attnclitMl 'o he order tn w:.ich the-e invi tation have boon iscin d. and to the fact of particu lar n?uiei? l?cin^ Included oi'her iu the first, *e< ond ?<rtbti?l lis .each lievy of iruosts being invited for i?even days. It may 'ie <w> well I should record them, it w ill be obsetvt o tint auiot.g the foreign minister* the name of Mr. Mason is uot included. It will, on jiatsmit be gratifying, however, to that gentleman's riends to know thnt his health is apparently per fectly re-csublished. The following is the list of names:? Piinee Jetorrc Naj>ol?on, Prinoe Najwleon and the Princess Matluldc ; their E.xoellencies the Pope's Noncio.the ambaviad' rs of Kkigland, AnstHa, Tur key and Spain: the ministers of Prussia, Sardinia and Hwecen; the ministers of the Kmperor, and the President of the t'ounoil d Etat; the Presideot of the Senate, and Mmsbals klagnan. Baraguey d'Hil Iters: the Duke or MalakofT, and Marshals Oannibert and Bonnet: (ieneiaN Camon, Korey, Motrin, de Woe Ma> on. Uhiich, koote, de Bourgon. Mellenet, <1e Ladn'runlt, Prince lleauveau, !>uc de Bittffrr mont. Pi .me I*oniatowski, Count Cauniont lai Forte lc Marquis de f'uallncourt, Co int Trwleric do l.iigtri ).? , t!?>unt de Wendell. Baron ITulley-Clapa ? ede.Missrs Ho'hschild, Alfred de Vigny. Aut?er. Me>etbe?r. Vetdi. Hota<? Vemet, Knjt, isal^y, Ac., Ac. The Marquis of Hertford, lo Ihie de Oasund, Connt Hclafhm, 'e Prime de Croy, Ac., Ac. i^iily Cowley, la llaret bale Serrano (-wile of the Spanish Miuts'er), la CorapU-sse de llal/.feldt, 1< Marquira de Villamaiind. M'lle de Hiihne.r,la Como tcsf Sclafani Mm? Fould, la CoBptesne W'alewoki. Illne? Magna, Ttutiher, Hamdein, Itouland, Trop leng, Banxhe. la Marcliale Magna'>. M'lle l/mi**' llwgoan, Mmes. 1'Annraie Bntat, la Dncbws o l?ir?>. la Princess de Ite^ vean, la Pueh^s <le I^sparre. la Maiquisa de Cnl iinooutt, la Prtneess Po:.latow?ki, Ae.. ?e. Th- heirditary Prince of Tus any Is expccted on t be '.'Mb i ahould apologize for occupying tuy letter with w> I rg a string of names, but as the gri-ate^t eil<>rt^ have been m?d" to render the festivities of Corn piegne an occasion for assembling only the trim' <<?? ia rttnif of thst society which the new empire Is able to ?nrround itself with, and a* the tir-t selection ti n v be tonsidf red to consist ol some of the mist ? Hillisnt momUrsof the Bonaparte aria^x r*cy. I ,rtve the names that the rcad< r may hive the oppor mi.tty ot paiticipuling in what is meant t > l?e m eeles oi historic galieiy commemorative ot tlie pr? ?cteventlul era. Perh*p- a*u i? formvic ... r < tii/ied in (Wi'gnaiit'i Messenger, that l>r. T Kvat a. the Ameiican dentist to the Kmpemr and (?mprin- has retcrued to his re-id.-n r in P*'is. torn u iciut'ie; to Moscow, where be nil l.f>eo * .i'i it < n?o io Sit' iid the Kr. p C'>r aW xa al. i ll. aOilr,. Imperial family'if Knsaia, all doui.tle?s with dU oi<ieri<3 lofth alter ?o m ich >"sh1 living at the coro nation I hiring the whole ?t his stay the same >n ru'iirc < r -eiit ie< "rd?) I?r Evans was, we learn, ti- at d with nnu?ual distinction, and at his departoi* not i iiiy io<? ivi d a nt.tnW of c<a<tl> gi'''', but was pi^ ?r.!?d by tir* i'y.cr with the (Jr*s of 'omtnand-T of :| <? Orei- r <4 St. Stanislaus; ami n a<l liticao, he has i ei n iiunxsl iionotsrv dentist to the Kmperor and be lni|i? i in! fan ily of Hnwi. Aft#r thi-. ol course I>r l.'unv wiii l e inrluiLed aniong th" list <?f tt.e ?. v. i (l toi thi next seven day? at Oompie.grtc, and 1 p i.ke no <itnbt the Atmrican Miui*ter, Mr. Matcin, i.dri t llu'fuat amlai'sidnr, will < \pr. w4y in 'o?l | ' tx knit iiK"ther by a mutual bonu sjn'paiby. S I li e rn e r.( o i m< ni ioned th.'t t'i?? K nper??r h?l e tVrn erc?d ?o i* < ivp ii d> imitation t'ltun tlie work n rlii'i - at St. CliT.d. but 1 forgot to mention thst ? ii- tiers11? smuaetnent wasnftorded on the occa ? ' y oi o'tuuh en^niiier of the deputation, wba ? Ifttd C2 on bsvlnfrlils 'say" to tlie KuipenwalUr own 'asbi. n. -I tell you." he st'd. " ehrf Sij vntr Maj???tv. if you please," inter I tod tl e ma t?r ot the cot anion w?. ?' I shall say nbirif. or tho kind, ' ex. la mert U? workman; "I 1 him d?f tl ctit, ard in doing fo I give him file i:gbes* and proudeet title hat ca.ii lie given to man, i ti 1 rtmiroed him at the same tim?' of the h??vv pr r?il,1lities hastnken upon hiniael'.'' "Speak i, r v fi it i.d." *aid 'he Ktnneror, " we stay not ! i i fa,'i ss t'eparlrr here, snd i am alivays happy to | irirthe v?ico of a wottby citizen."' The imper imbshie d humor With which his Majesty received | ),e no si I timely tliiusts and the crude notions of ? olitloal ecrnomy enitDi iaied on the ocojaeion, has -ten ?:c-3 to trsnqullllre the mind of the cla?a 'he ei n'flt on represented. Bnt I cannot forbe ir. at the k t.r f m ton blnr upon jonr space, adding a lew I ft fn ffi the tf iicirt on this subject, which for n ewtrthy of the undoubted talent with willed | ! at jci.rnal b? condacted. Tbeyexoreas with *in ut?r lelit ity the stale of things as they are und " l,e tittultmpite. Ilesays:? Tt.e grtai w.ulit ?*?cntf'l Is P*r's ? new fire or ? is yrara bar* attrwcisil a vast quantity of w> ii.in and thl* cemret'tien baa (imwl w T:ie I j< {.nation ot Tars ?<"????! hy n- "? then t>e Utdred ino'ituio lend , iniarj ny atpregrtsa, nai killed regular !*tor ; add to ;h>s ? ip.rit of apocjiailon wblcb jarne* Mil before '.I, and wbioh witb lra?a c.l,.U'' 'ion productive iavw.msats, ud y0<i win roaiiw m economical iruhiion winch Is the kiut favoraole to ibcj workmc rJi?s?#. flablts of la*cry will soon btvo pattd the saviiifr* that may hav? been m.idc, and tbei l? will be ft cu? of UViii* Jrom day to day. rb? K.nia republic prof oted tin *p?ctaaie in he .'out d;.yn ; aM Augustus In vain endeavored to conquer *1Hilar per To ccmpltte tho analogy compilers o' attubtlca uj.ioju.'.o that lor Bcmejfari punt the number ol marri.Din <ji n> m?bcd. \W;th the riomans, abandoned to all tbo tx Uuvafanqea of Inxtiry. Katninony bad envied to bo the f?i '.ion. Laws w.ro formed to ooaap3l 'bp unmuTK.l t J ofcui'it* tbeir conditions ; out thin tptclos of conscription in U e nimt of morality waa not auccet: ml Tbe oacbe lora submitted wl n good grace to tbe penalties ami <lis grace lio^tiaed by Uio laws, but wore e*?rat>ud f. ta lui n. iU.moL.al bonds. We have not >et arrived tt .ills point; but it la curious to (race tto 'fleets i f huury on Un grave <iue?tlmi of marriage, *nd, u tac,t. wlih the eip;>o<ivc habits Jow eri, wbaii-vcr may be their acrooLt, are insufficient Wo aie wanaericg towards general w|j? mora or i?b unconcern, according to the ucjouat of money which still remains In us to ?pen t As lu Uw u?vh ot lacitua in raapm to ourselves?it la the spirit ot the ate B?t tbe class tt at exists on wages as, aUove ail otnera k jeeted b> tbe ovoithxo^ of ito economical cooiluoaa ef our oountry. Pauis, October 23, 1356. Put i& uguin Plccarueo. i ji:Dtnttneiationt Against the Court?Enormous lncitia : .? the Pricet of the JSecessur ten of IJfe?Increase oj rAuxutif>n and Sprtml of Popular Discontent?The Court Festivities < t Compit Kne? The Debuts on&cretu tcry Marey's Reply to tlu- Protocol on Priva te* ring fyc. -Again tbe uneasy symptoms prevail which have cansed so much perturbation among the upper Classen. No sooner does the court remove to Com piegue and inaugurate its series of splendid festivi tiet?no eoourr, it iiiuy be s-i.i, is the fascinating eye of the arch spirit of Framte withdrawn, than the demon of mischief lifts its head aea.u and com mences its strange work. Yesterday morning, wh?*n the nolice began their rounds, the Paubonrgs St. Denis and St. Antoine were found to be placarded with the old cries, to wMcli soj.e additions, ho<v tver, were appended:?"The luxuries of Compiegue would afford the workingmen of Paris bread for th?e?? weeks' Murder the proprietors or ihey will muider us;-' Down with 'Bon-straab.'" Bon-strasb meaning no less a person than his Majesty Napoleon HI., whore sobriquet is derived from the town* Bou logne and Strasburg, where his abortive attempts were male to obtain rliat empire which the folly of Louis l'h.iippe subsequently threw into his lap. The authorities are on then < rt, and their instiactioni ere to create no MsnsauuD, to make no dibturl>a;ice, or attempt any interference with the disaffected, unt simply to remove 'he offensive placards. Bat these are awkward sigds in tie body politic, and if tho state rides through without an explosion ii wiUhaTe rensori to congratulate itself. Tbe tact is, the extraordinary stimulus which has been applied for tae last ti?e years is now obejing the corrmon law, and exliausti.in is com ing unen ns. Unless, somehow or oth ", France h?d picked np the cap of Fortnaatus, it is pciftctly impossible for her to can iouo th^ Jiety ionise she has struck out. From far and near the working clas.-os have been gradmlly ticckin^ to Faris to reap a portion o.' tne murveilous h.mesi of wag? s whj( h w ?s to be had for the . sk ing Demoliti <n on demolition toll wed in npij .->UvX >ss.cii, a lid domestic julacBS sprung up m their place a4 bj enciijMKinent; but the sons of toil -,var:u ? ed into the caj-ital aster and faster, aa i wotk c:?uld ' not he tfuiu?i to ktep p.i e w ith nuraigratiou; horses I could ni.i itc procurea to transport tne iarxtrot their har d-; in iact. the supply more than cpiall:d the demand, gieut i.s tlut dem- ud v;i8. VVa^cs |?jl. | ami iht-y wi:o ca .te to seek xhe puiilie labor market ' turued to the ord'uarv aieca of private lab r; but ; tie 11 CiDious price ' f provision*, ot rent, of all tne ! ffi osHiies ot i.ie. hail put the sor?*w on he<e. Sud | tbenatut .i result ot all this toppling o/ei ;und*r-tt I ua?l!ings without uppljing a saliicient. sul>stitute, of thin r-TJinmouing liom the emla of the eutn ? iiiUuiers? who il left at ho'iie wre eiiruing a I ii-oe'eratr competency?is tba' the ca .iryl nnich ( Napoleon is aair4tm;isof leaving oi marble where ti lout.d it r.mgh stone and pl wter?is gorged i .uih dii ulisheti aud t?belU<ins its wiu? are ready ; to ciy c t'u% .Hi everv .hiag wbicti stun.is in the j ot tl.ei uiu.eii. itc wishc. Too in'ich lias ' !xen attt tiij te*. to be ?lone at once. The ulti niih- Impiovei mil and the arclnte tural symmetry j and|i?Meiai ?*luorlt> ol 1'a'is no one ? an dount. The iienoUsiuii of long line- of lofty houses in ?trt?(s so n.11 row Hint in th?- pe.-specttve, as thepas s nj<eriooLs up to their roofs, .--eem almost t> ap I roxituitt, at>d the snUtitution of broad thorouKh larcs, flanked by massive dwellings of sti.ne. gasten itig in all the pride oi modern taste ind mipro\emtnt, is an incalculable good. Nome of the ola houaei, built of rough unhewn stone, piais Undovei wlih<euient, and carrlcd up seven and eight stories high, deficient in ventilation and do mestic conveniences necci*ary to health aud de cency. have for age* stood, till impregna'ed with the breath of thou-ai>d< of families following each othet in lauid si.(.cession?their T?>ry walls have be c? ine fcetkd masses ol corruption, which oulv re quire tho prevalence of uoy epidemic to torm the came of leatful mortality. The change from tan to biii dings whose fair stone and sweet lima >?-e fre?b Irom the pit aud tbe quarry , most be uei.?fl cial indeed; U:t there ii a tune lor all thing.-, anj tbe Kmperor, In his ha^te to ar.omplUb a great good, has turned tne population sbaolutely iutj the streets. The mMim ipaiit v of Paris cannot collect money enough ut :he gales of the city?at the or trot- to |<?> teadem*; und aireadv th-Me demands at tbe ut iroi are so great thai every single artlcl* of consumption i? .id, and often lUOperoent dewier than U lore t?ie revolution of 1848. luthit yeai un oidiraiy couple of chickens could Iki pur l haki d for loui or live francs; the same would now costtweUe frnt.es. Hotter, that was purchased for one fiane the In, is now Uouhle that sum; and bread, which was nxte n sous the 4-lh. loaf, Is now tw?nty totii; and this sum. Indeed, is under the market price, tor the municipality of Paris i-< still pajing the dlffe ence to the nakers. Tbe wnule of laat >?u.ti r,it v ill ce nuieuibttcd. it did the same - pciuiiitiiig the working ciasaes to purchase i*. at a iate lower than the ilaxs abo\e them. Hut this artiocial interf* rtn e with prices has its Ne niisls. whh h is now rearing her angry front. Tbe wwkly expsuses of the Fa-is muni. Tpklity are s< methiu prodigious. 1 here is not only the enor mens outlay iu making the Bois a-> Bologno?on wards of ?400,0(-0 sterling? but the keeping up this splendid cieatlou of laudscaoc gsrdetilug is <t m^t exhausting outlay. The perfietu 11 irrigation of tho rost's, paths snd slleys, tbe enstaot srhoroult.u.' reqniied. tie perpetual clipping, mowing and tr sowing ol the vminius latrux, the care of the doer park, tbe flsheries, the horticulture of ex itlca brought from ev? ry clinic ana country, all employ an amount of skilled lab r the weekly remunera'ion of which is immense. It is underxt/iod that taxes on carriage*and a vaiiety of other obioct* of luxury are to te instituted the moment the Chamliers amenible and that a streaetaia eflort is to be made to stop thii running sore of expenditure is excess of lu ;omo. Iu tbe^midat ot all their anxiety, then is a stroug di* poMt.cn to forget the old ndsge, that 'past watcw grind not tbe mote." ard to grumble at Eugland for having ted France into the expense ot the Russian " C were told, say Uie critics, that Ei,gi*nd aid France bad only to show theaaelve* uiu.ei afiamst Hussia, snd birr empire was to I'aii to piece* like a tope oi sand?that her hated Ktrperor w uld l-e stianyled. and tie various natnmi wtiom ha had fustd fa gather m his political ciuoftde. would at ng legsln their natural elements. Wnat has bspiH-ned N? Ither the Fin*, nor the Foles, nor tb ? ?'a? castans forsook h'oi and as for the I'.Jr- it l ts known that st sebs^opol n.me touglit for him so itaUantiy. The oonmation of t,,r t'*?r proves that the nions'eh of this ulscoi liuM empire, which only required a tou h nt tlie soear of Frtme iJid Kn|<iand to dma m. is the most I < pular on tbe face of theeirtb. We thouirtit t>, > ave paintd p<a-e. Andwherei.it> l^katN i iiks, ksik at Anstria. looa at K-msi. oonilnir avatn lo Fails, ami ask what It wis she Hiimed? M ariwhile. the pnhllc roads with s<il!en eve that ilie guest., on their arrival at Comoierne are i "'licltK teal o their apartment* br rharnlieriun. all clad in sc -rlet and goid ar d hovmg ehanip d their tiiireilliig costume are presented f,0 t^r majesties the ftlmpefor a'>d Ctnpresa- hat the dteas of the penUiii.eu eonsist* ot ? frock ouat In the inominr snd h dress coat and n white no k .loth in the tvenlntr. hut tlmt the gonJomea who akr pnrl in trie hont hirr ?n ^c^pt'oual #on Allien if h Kr?m cloth coil in ttie mcrnincr ?rd one of green velvet In the even;njr, with slik ^'o? king* toming above th?> knee, as in th? tutir- m I-ouis the F.turteeiith; ami ths' ea h Indv sitn her two toilette* for ea- h nf th>' even darV. is permitted to keep a frmvr He clurmht e. And f don't observe that the sams p-iWi-tak a any irreat interest in the announcement thitoao geiitlemsn wht> partieipntes in Uie bant bring* hh own hnr?, aid that then Ms estie*, betnreen the reception of < nch xeriea of visiter*, re*erve to themselve* the pri vilege of a 4sv or two for priv*cr and retio*??. \ letter I torn tfcmpiegne dited tie ?|st. state* " For the last two dsva s large crowd h*a iS??mbled liefore tlie prlnilpal cntr in. e of 'he raises, narttpilarly at noon, wtien the >;?atd i* relieved. The troo|*? coming on ilr.fy, jn-pceeded by the splendid band of the Volt! uciu -sf the Cuard a:c iuspecUd eaoli cl*r|,? u,,n eia) Leihene, foverrur ot tbe palace. A grand s ag tiai.t to <k pi act today, hat. rite l.n.pr^, bwrg ail,. n(Jy tndi^j/.iv <i, wa? not pre 'it. AS half p* trt- Ive the Kinp?-ror Hii i nit his ^u? at the palace Wfre rouvtyed to the pL e of muel* tug tu carriages, tu d the liorun im'iiediatelv I acunded "to h><t u." Tu<. i ra : aid not at/urd macii fw*, s* it fKi . ifuve Wi u;itl waa iii'.'e-i, to the great | duapaGiLtu.eut u! a nn'neroua o>otvd who boaa^-* , tkoird ti eui.t :ts.. nesi tUe large pood of tit. Pci* | riiie, to whi' a |>l n.e ilie ntu:( usually runs for K* i fuge. At 9 o'clock at night, the euro took place by > t<"ib-li^tit in tut) court',-a; d of ta? palace, the Emperor and hia guests viewiog the acene i.on# the windows ?iud terrai-e. The cvro it will be remem i beri-d. <a tbe dl?uin mberaieat of tbe atug. M. Li rneu-, the l< ench AmSoauadar at Naples, ba-i not yet let"; that capital. Tbe./curi.at <?. s Debalu lias an article on ilr. Mbioj'm ptutr document refp?*ctiii*r privateers. It p:y? a complin^n- to the abfr'y whi?b Mr. Marcy f'aa exhibited, while it differs from him tuto ca.lt. Our Vienna Ccrrei. pond* nets Vikmna, Oct. 20,1866. The Eriptrof 'a Projected Vinit to Lombard??The Neaj<olUun Difficulty?The Danubian Prinei palitiei, S c. The Emperor i f Austria, according to an official note, is going to Lombardy, in order to become tho roughly acqi'uiutfcd with the wants and wishes of hie Italian subjects, and, in case of need, to improve their situation, nic Governor of 'he Lombard o-Ve m tian k'-igdom makes known to the inhabitants of thoi-e provinces the i!it?.utiom< ol the Emperor Fran cis Jo. eph, and for his part ut&rra the persuasion that the people will in re'urn prove their good feel ing by receiving the Emperor and E npresa with fnuk cordiality and heartfelt p.allude Now, the "Lithographic Italian Correspondence"' is highly in ccneed boIn at the Enperoi'a readiness to promote theprosperity of Lombaruy, and al the uhiof Oo7ero or'n conviction of the i.c>ple'a good aea^e and gratitude. The Neapolitan question ie sceniugly a aworau pot-iti' n Hun it wa? l?t weeh. The AK^lo-Frerch fleet is >uid to have weighed anchor; but *veo if this report be t. tie, there is nr imminent danger, a* Prance oil aillm/ly do.v. what she ia iir?'ed to do ayd la:n f^.Uj conviu^d ?!. f;r.'aluium of conci sions m.- tut j'iirt ol tae Kiog of Ntplca w .ald at ?oce pat a Htop to this tragi-com I ",il -.Lair. With regard to the Dnnuhian Prineipiihtie-'. Turkey, Aua tiiu :.rui laifilat.a have declared ag.annt the uuion; win teas Kuuim, Russia and (of course) Pruisia HfiiiiioLe favoiati e to the project. A deoutitiou of N' louvi tiirtand \!hichiiii!H wi.o upp- ired befon? tl.e SiJ an, huvc saiutidly dechsred th t all "\ertiouN ia favor of the ucior were a more liuabag; the pulijit. n.tetii.!.' and i e add >:wet t > i'i ? W?::;;?rn Powers o?;iii?? i .f ":'.aa'td by "foreign ?><>;.:-y u id that4he p?.op!?! n.i.d cot the alighted iuvainaUoa iW the uiu.Ugaitiaii a of tataliy duTere t intere t^. Tlie pn' lic statd slmre^. wbi-;h, in conse quence of vaiii,ur iuio miaora, had -u?ik lant week about ton per cent, in the course of thia w<Mk !uve '?jfpe'iCnce-.l a ri*'; still th"y are oooip iritively la#, as th( :'reiu h tfciites h iv;- not y?.* imnro.ed. std I nin u'inid v.ill 'ict for *l.'e next v week ,, flie huit; of u>e Neapolitan queation and t ie deyn^^ed coud timoi iLc I'xtach liUaUCCS -ot ia puuig coafitkuce. Tin; PitnUttnilal Cnutcat lu the l/iilted ittatM. |Kriini itio 1. nid'?a Tioicm. O/l ai> | In a country, every one of whoso oMcem, frowi U.e I'nsident fluwn to tht conFtaWe, inci.ntii r toe Jk < ge of the Superior (Jourt, ia elect* I byuuivei cul soffragr, we ouetit n< t to be antoriii-ht d at a very coiii uleniblj amount of a^. nf r5 thsneo an ai.iife nor to presume too t .or^ lev-ryfor clok- upNtt-lou ?f very oec i ' ii.t if ^enrf opiu ion, that itu in <titation* aje "Ub. e.-f?.d 11 u mori tr'.u ' rdmary t"'i.-ion ]tistingnished .01 irriiew are ?iid to have visited ?ugland >n times of po'Hical ootn iiiotnu, ui.d to have ticllb.r.itely ex pi v-ed their conviction i hif. it was utterly ilnpo^ . tie l "r to.) fiame of govn meot to sarvive amid so mm-h diacird und ti.r)?Ui* i>c?- There ia some itai> a to juppoee 'hat Lngl'aLmen u;r in the Ue'.it oi o<tr, ti i; .ng t< wurda Acneiica the an;c e r. r which other Eui renn nav.onb so irt > tnrly eoaiiuit *i'h re/eid to Eij'lum:?tbe ? icr Ti coni'uMng the hi a) lb v ..nd eeite -aiy ;-cti'4i o' popular ge vera meet vviiti ? ila e.'it'eiia .ru franticui^o'icr. A ileiuocr?cv is o.'teu i lie .laiJi tutio's army, n!"8t m orotr ?*Leii it is Tn?>,t h, di^nie': si;d this vpi .ion hi?< tikeu, io? nii/'. ii i.x|;?cteo, hrm root "inonga can^tderaoie . ?? H i vUK'iic.:i people tan ^ivea. Tuey are to usi d to ? hi ijir:xi?r and cr?*i.Liu^ ot 'ae policial euf . to >;.??' mri ats aucnot-d wuu sle. <ler iv- ili?. ?n?t -till more >e(ju?rtl> wiUi tr> rt a.lt .... nli, ui tveiy 'Jh?i ex i?i e>agi{unaion, ^w^gt;er ;.a<? holiiiiv iie.an, ti at hey have i'A-t their ljcliet in .he ieaut,v <i po.iii al ^Tiife. and adopt ai tae';* creeii, n:.Hs?ii "j'iiCi-s, th< i a ? icatnie of 'lie ya'-in-t who woulu .lei itH i<t puncipie a"> be a.-ned frem ttw woi:d,eud putiho 'nea. s miro s la.'ible for place, i??>?et i.ill pefonafce. Tber?- ur?* ? > uittsy ieiMOt< tliat Ifud "lie |>ait ot inankun! o o r utim iie a nt another to deoieeiat. tbe tree irr.!>? ?:.ace ami jigni tiiunie f a contest liko thut at pre-cut going ou ic the liittd Mu'cs, tli ,t it i ia^ be worth whi.' j to inrniah <?ur ic.iOcm a .th s<<me fasts, the kr.o*l >dge of which n;ny pla'.c then !?w at tuc ui - v of otheis, by enabling tliem witti a-one <.on!l<le?ao to lorm and pronounce a judgment for themaelvea. The p;e>ent Presiaeu'Jal contest ia the la*t phase if a i|aestion a?- old ?? thv foundation of the i? public of the UnH;d huitea, which ha* re ap)?iiH'd unijfr a gnat variety of forma and un?3ergone a va.-t, Li mber of chaefes, 6oth In reference to principle and to pertr. Nothing, we apprehend, ia n(ore certain than 'tb it at the time ol the i<igeat?Te-9( ihe l*edwation of Independence ita u<mcruble eftiraintlon that all -nen arc free and eiuel, ernf t e*e un equal right ?? hfc, liberty, and the jmrwitto' hrappl: ess, eebolied not meretv a ptliF-jpfe whMi If vis expeAieot to urge a^a'ast <lieat Britain, Nit-whirb exprtt*<cd tbe sincc-c and h? hi tfelt c iirvfction of the loithors and nronotcn ol the retnhitKir. SUverj did at that tfme exist^ we ti' lieve, hi every i?nte ot the cmfoileiacy; but it v ould be easy to prove fiom t> > wriMnga of "nullington, Jeftorsen, and every dUtiu^iii.thea tu.in cf that duy. that It wia regaiacd as an eiceptioual bi' t on tbe esentcheon o' America, to lie wijs;d out rnrely suu ^|ie?-dlly, ?osoon as the new polity should huve obiaintd am .here of deveioperaen'. and laua rity. It w? hniadly ctacedeu, and bas never since been seriously denied by any person of influence "r |io?itk>n. tha the atjolition or lontlout'e of fl?ve?y in ea' h State am a que-tion not delegated to Coiifiess, I lit krt ? icluainly to Ihe dc iakxt of Its own local l^frsla.nre. lint to admit un it ?'4t<tl' to'" trt* UilM u( Ireenitn tainted with the vico of skverj. or te a low Hs? xiafn. e In t n?c IVrritorlca or iiicipient H'aies a-ti'ch are I itaediaMy g >v--acd by Cni /ttfr. wm to have Uea aa :>?atr.krv to t?ie views of tli?- fonuder ? t the rev ?lutlon aa to the text of the rteelanui. r by which the rerolalion waa itaoguraied. Unrtfr the tirst lOlluence of thia spirit slavery was erp?Ue<i from the North rn part of the I man, end <-enftred to MssyUed, Delaware and the nrertnees lying t t: e south ot th-rm. V # il'ST* lb*1 d,vl??kin who-b has now reached ?ne roll dleieasi na of Ittpc . Ui:.re and aicn.tlcancc bets ein tbe fn* and slave .State <. The pnrofc,i*e ?i 5n,."D'! of the Indians from tbe bloody ha til. field of Kui'acky recruited the number cf slave dtnt^s; ?.nt the setUemottt of the Aor bwsat more than coont ?balauc?d thuadvan i?ge. and tbe Mare States Mt th.im-elvcj In danger of beinyog^Hljr o:,tvot?il in too co iocila 0f ilw i a?foo. This, Indeed. Would long ago have oc urr.d Jive sL?I "iitK*' "rt'flrial regulation by which h " . "e a""wed to count as equivalent to LhTh T'.ru 10 <JetmBinlDf the cenmu npoU which AaeiPan repre entuHon is ba?ed. It would hSU? ' n,ucl1 to Alt fa.- the last flv^a.Ki ! ^ er*::arr, an roHtic, hiv turned m .inly oy tlw endeavor toj.^rie the lai'anre or pow^r in ' .< Nenh and the Booth. . ml to far ? l L*7rry^rSu^,aa?i-ff(' into the Uaiai a ?ire h who-e Tore mlifht exactly rounterba ln th. e -irsgBles the NVth hid the .idvui* ( 'S?e or ? let er eauee, a buger and more inteMiifent ; I' l'M.?t:. n. and a moie ra^>id uatutal inrreasr o?i-uih'>*>vrr. wldeh tbo South found means to r "iiati ? halvice by a greatc unity of .letdgn, tne?? perlei-t mleipliiie. granter nollticjl aptitude in i's l? k.ii rs and that ad<*aofacc wlileh it derived from the situation of the sea' of gover-Nnent In the midst <'f a community of masters and slaves. The matter was u| par* nt!y settled on e for all l.y the Missouri eomtuomise, whl h n^uiitteHthat State, i min?ntlv qosllfied by its ellirste and poeltion n?r freedom j nto the INton n* a HaiT ?tnte. on tSe t:\pwm coo dltior tba' -lsve y was never Lr a-ofbrth to ; le !.')?. ??? d ?n pinttrs'e htgbrr t.i:ui what ; i" csllfd Ms.son anil FUxno's H;ie, eoi' lespondlfg pretty tenfly to the t?iirtr*izth degretff notth m?itude. it Is very pcNdbkB that ?rratiPeniart, irhieb snisdsiei irili-olren for ?hlifvyes,?, m'ght hitve been p?*rr?"tT?! hall It i not N*n for Hi?? msnnneps and dnpHr-;y of the leaders of the Northland m.ire espednlly of the late much praf?ed Paniel We'-ter. lTt> %n 1>:.0 the efforts of the slave 9t?te? h .4 Vro dirr ? I ti wurda aeqnfrlng new territory .dn n of ;;IC tmfty st*t?i4 degrr,' of latltnde. rather than to any attempt to tran.grc the 111.- wbir'r .spatted the 1 IralB'i ITtft.nf,rh:cd,v? Otld liOtohiT. ft was view,-that of Obtain 0* a nets s svest.ite. which ml^lit wh-n pore fmiv p-opted \ A into Wve, ard thus n^itraMr* in the -V nite the vrte?|of the whole of Yes Em?ia4 ?that Te-tae wm anm v^d an.1 it *arwlth o pro'vokrd. if \Ti w ,h* ?*'??< ? ; or fstw.f fn favonroi tlw Houth thnt n raUeal ile prp- fr**wd amn<t Cnoi. nr?d that talitomla was an ct?>et of nutrition w*?ile n.onklnd were jet ignorant of her' golden Itm sntr?. the d'?eeiery of which th waited tbe ?o|wnie ?nd gnre to freedom tbe laod wtuoli juj