26 Kasım 1856 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

26 Kasım 1856 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 7393. MORNING EDITION-WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 26, 1856. PRICE TWO CENTS. ARRIVAL OF THE PERSIA. ONE WEEK LITER FROM EUROPE. THE ANGLO-FRENCH ALLIANCE RE-ESTABLISHED. Heeeption of the Russian Minister by the Emperor Napoleon. IMMBKSE RAILW4Y FRAUBS IN ENGLAND. Severe dale at Liverpool?Damage to American Shipping. The Rate of Interest again Advanced. 8LM1T DECLINE IN CONSOLS, &C., &?., Ao. The royal mull steamship Persia, Captain Judklas. from Liverpool on Saturday noon, 15th, arrived at 0 o'clock yesterday morning, after a passage or tan dayi and two bom. The Fricsgoa, Captain Lowber, sailed from Liverpool noon of Wednesday, the 12th lnat., with eleven passe n Hera (or New York. The City of Baltimore, due from Philadelphia, had not Arrived at Liverpool, nor had the Arabia, from Boston Via Halitax. The A. waa spoken by the Persia at 2}i o'clock the morning of the 18th. Mr. E. G. Squire, who la better acquainted with Central America than any other man, In a letter to the London Times says ? Tbe only ground for affirming that General Walker hai established slavery Is this, tne federal Assembly decreed tbe abolition of slavery, aod General Walker haa abro gated tbe decrees of the Federal Assembly; therefore slavery Is re-established ! In my opinion this Is a nan atqvitur, for slavery can only exist in virtue of positive laws; it is a suspension of natural lights, which can never be interred. Furthermore, General Walker's decree ex pressly reccgnlzea all the right* whtoli have accrued or are vested under the acts of the Federal Aasembly. The British Parliament Is farther prorogued until Tues day, Dec. IS The words "then to meet for deapalch of business'' were not Included in the commission. The King or Belgtnm opened in person the ordinary ses sion el tbe Chambers on the 11th instant. Bis Maiesty having taken bis place on the throne within tbe Chamber of Representatives, delivered a speech. News from Constantinople to the 8d Instant, had reached Marseilles. Admiral Lyons and 8ir H. Iiulwer had received tbe Order of the Met dje . Reschld 1'ascha bad been nom.cUed Grand Vlxcr, and his nomloatlon had been received with lively satisfaction ; it Is hoped that he will succeed in removing tbe difficulties?Reschld Paoha la fey bo means hostile to France. The Journal dt Conttan tinopU coo rttulateb Rescht 1 Pac'aa on his return to power. The Prtff d'Oritnt antioipstee that All Pacha miy re-enter tbe ministry, coalescing with Reschld Pacha, and thus tbe party of n form become strengthened. J?rd Stratford de Redcllffe bad transmitted to the SnMan tbe insignia of tbe Order of the Garter, and made a speech on the occasion. Tbe reccptlon ceremony was equal)* ;>ompous as that of tne Investiture of the Em peror Napoleon at London. Th* Sultat has ordered that assistance u> tbe suflerers' in Candia, from the effects ol (he Isle enrthqnake. should be sent as quickly a* possi ble. tog rcers are engaged to Inquire Into the bost Une for a railway from Varna to Ruitscluck. Murderous at tacks ;nrreaee in Constantinople. Tbe new mixed tribu nal bad sentenced to death somo Albanian robbers, and their heals have been publicly eiposed. The Syrian arm1- la raised to tbe number of 30,(00 men. We learn from Athonn that tbe electoral colleges have been con voked. Tbe Queen Regent had prohibited tUe public tunct.oaaries from offering themselves- as caadi dstes. The language of the journals becomes mors and more hostlio to England. ) Tbe it OynsUmUnnjie of the 3d ult. bring M?s from Urcaarta to the 2Sd October. Sefer Pacha was sncampsd at HasrtjOk with 25 000 mon. The forU were still all in pa-? ossion of the mountaineers. Ness b had been reconducted by sn F.ngllsh steamer to Circassta. The LouJon lima of November 14, aays.? Mr. P.. W. Crawiord end Mr. Eimund Round nave made ? propose to the ( eneral Screw Company for the lortna lion of an European and American steamship company, to take tbe eight large veeeeis bei"0|tng to lbs (>enerat Screw proprietary at ?$73.iJl3. or ?U per ton, to be paid for tn anarei. The capital oi tbt company ta lo lie ?4i)0, 000, in ??4 shares, ibua leaving ?*t,V17 Tor working ex penses. Tbe lines to be oreu pled are between Bremen and New York, between Havre and Sew York, and oe tweea Hamburg. Itrnxtl anu tbe River I'lata, wiin Soatn ea <be oort of call. Mesare C'oakey have offered to nndeMakc tbe entire agency on oondiiion of recetviag nothing for their services until tbe shareholders get a clear six per cent, after which they would divide surplus prodta Tbe pian Is said tn hare met With the complete approval or tbe General Screw directors, and the decistou ot the shareholders in llvidaally is new called (or. The Parts correspondent of the London Timet, writing oa 1Mb of November, says;? lam assured that the Marquis Antorlni. the Neapolitan Minister at this Oonrt. was to receive hie passport* to day. It is probable that he has reoeived them by this Urns. A letter from St Petersburg, In the Xord, dated the 1st day of November, contains tbs following Item ot la* lelllgeoce ? The h in per or '.a Still residing at Gstchlna. He vlflled St. Petersburg to review a body of troips. i.eneral Ml loatlne hse been appointed Chief of tbe Staff of the sumy in the Caocasns. Rear Admiral Bostakofl, bead of the Admiralty otllce at Nichotal-ff, has been invested with ell tbe powers sajoyed by the Comaaader In Chief of the Black ?a fleet This numiaatioa waa made, it Is said. In consequeace of the preseaoe of lbs English ?fMtrsa lbs Kernels de Ylllamarlna, Ambassador or Sardinia at Paris, embarked on Monday, lfth instaat, at Marseilles, la tbe Merovee steam packet lor Gesoa. Tbs Marquis la proceeding to Turin. Tbe Fmperor Napoleon gave a private audience on the 11th laetaot, to the Count de Hat/fold, the I'russtaa Minis ter. who delivered a letter rrom his sovereign announcing the marr.age o( the Princess Ixm.sa, or Prnssis, with the Craad Dnke or Baden. Baron ds Scbrslxer. the Baden Mlntoter, afterwards bad an audience to present twe let ters rrom tbs Craad Duks, one mmoundng bis marriage, aad the ethers replying to tbe letters of recall of Baroa da Talleyr*n I Oi iho 30th of October the f*t. Jean 4'Ac re, Creeey, IM RMrh'jUon the IVMphorut The Coloa-nt, Chum. *nrt otber ablpi were eipeoted, aa<1 It wa? bellev ed that ihe wboleof lite British fleet would pa** tba wla ter at (< nxtaatinople. Tbe Saltan hat aot only Informed tba Divan tbai tba ?tay of tbo Briiata fleet la lha Black Baa la iKeeaary. bat that "ba lakaa tba eaure raapoaai biWy oo himaelf Tba Itraum of Mnacat b?a offered botb maa aad pro vtatoaa to vba Brltlab expedition to tba Peralaa ?.ulf. Tba aarobar of pereou* killed dnrlax tbe earthquake la CMdla *u 1.970?tba It, 1.440 Tarki aad ?J0 Chrie ttani Tbe loaa of property la ?? imated at2SO,JOOOOO ptaatrea Maraba Pallaalar paaand though Rouen na H in lay moral of, <Hb laat , from Parta, oa bla way to Maromme. Ba arrived at tbla laat named place at aboat bair peat 11, ui taa received at tbo atation by tba Prereet ar tba IVtlne la'.-eieiire aad tbe principal aatborltiaa. A vaat crowd of p?raont waa la walling to welcome tba Marabal, who leaved ranch gratlfled with h a receptee Ma waa to paaa tbe nest day at Roaaa. wwr? a (rand dlaner waa la ba flTta to btm. Tbe it I'Armr* of the 10th tnat eontttaa tba follow <o* letter, written a; Ba-h*reet oa tbe 2*th ult.:? Tbe AuetrlM government hat roadraiad tieneral da Mart an: la tha command of tbo Imperial troot* fnr tba time they have to remain la tbe Ivnoipa Itlea. Ma will (tare, aa before, under bla owcre Wenerai do Uaoleati. wboae baadfrartere are at Jaj?y The plaoea garriaoaed It no Anetriana are Bocbarret, Tergorltt, Brailow, rarvo, Krajiva aad Kaarat, ta Wallachia. Jaaay, Ho ?eh, (?a)at7 aad Pnmfbol*. In Moldavia Karl y in <?o Coher aeverel ditacbmenta. tak<m from other rmfnta, wera ?aot to '?mall. Rani aad Kill* Hinee the departara of Henertl (or"?lni In laat July, trio *tren?th of tbe army of nronpetion has not been augim-nted. but the troop* hara been frequently mov?d Irom on.- imint to another, la or der to aflord *a milch relief aa poaelble to a people wboae reaotiicea are very limited. A letter from Rome atat?a that the decennial cenana of tbe population of tbe Papai Stataa baa Juat been eompioted. Tbe total ciimber la t.lOO.COO eouli, heiaf aa locreeee of 8(0.040 dt:rlpg tba laat tab yaara. The R'laaiasa here made another attempt to laad at (torrent*' la'tnl. Tbey toot a tieamer there about the 87lb alt., to laad provlaloea, water, and cMbiog fbr the levaa rats, M well m differeat raaio.iaia tor tbe light boose. Cupula Vanalttart, of her Majesty's ship Magi cienne, the superior officer In command or the station, went on board, and Informed the Russian oommander that he oonld not allow him to land, bat that he was ready to take off in h's boat the provisions and clothing, though not the materials for the lighthouse, ai the latter has been In a perfect state since the 16th of the present month, displaying a splendid revolving light, after the best model, and with the latest Improvements. He of fered, likewise, to take the commanding officer with htm on shore, and allow him to communloate with his ooun trymea. While the conversation was carried on, a boat pushed off from the Russian steamer towards the Island, but was prevented from landing, and the Roaslan steamer departed rt infecteo, alter having glvta over the provi sions and clothing. l'rlnce Ferdinand, heir presumptive to the Danish throne, who was dismissed from the Command-in Chlet ?f the troops in 18M, has been reinstated In his func tions. A despatch from Berlin, of 12th Instant, says:? We have learnt that the resolution come to by the Germanic Diet has produced its effect In Switzerland. The temporizing policy flrst assumed has been thrown aside, and an agent t as oeen sent to l'aris commissioned to make propositions deemed satisfactory. St. Petersburg advices report that Rear Admiral Bouta Won, in command at Nlcolaleff, has been Invested with all the powers In the Black Sea that formerly belonged to the Admiral at Sebastopol. The Paris correi pondent of tho London rott writing on 0th inst, says:? letters from St. Petersburg state that M. de Horny Is enibely occupied there in preparing the batla of a treaty of commerce between France and Russia, by which French commerce will obtain Important advantages for tfco entry of Us productions Into the Russian territory. It is well known that French merchandise, particularly millinery and fancy articles, are In great favor In Russia, but are loaded with such heavy import duties that toe price is doubled, and often tripled; the consequence of this S that large quantities are smuggled, te the prqiu dioc or ibe regular trader. The new Russian tariff, by diminishing the customs' duties, will do away In a groit nea&ure with the smuggling trade, ana the result Will at the !ame time be an Improvement In tne revenue for tho Imperial treasury and fresh advantages for French commerce. A letter from Constantinople, or the 30th alt., alluding to the visit paid by Redaohld Paoba to M. Thouvenel, says It may be inferred that the Grand Vizier, on returning to lower, would not be hostile to France, as was appre hended. On Tuesday, It says? The Grand Vizier, Aatt Pacha, and the representatives of England Austria, France, Prussia, Kuseia and Sardinia, proceeded to the residence of the Minuter of Foreign Affairs, in crder to discuss the articles of wnich the Im perial ilrman of convocation lor the I'tvans ad hoc of tne Principalities should bo composed You will not be sur prised to learn thst the discussion wa< of a stormy cha racter. At a minute of the firman had been confidentially conimuEicatcd to ixird Stratford and to M. rte Prokesch, who are completely agreed on the point, they were en ab.ed to make whatever changes tney pleased without any opjioeltlon. The minute bad not boen communicated to the French Eaibassy^And, as it la now under discus sion. M. Tbouvncei conflBerod It pro(>er to requ;re that the tirman of convocation should not be a mere formality, bnt that the Divan should he^ompOMd in a manner to manliest the wishes of the country. According to advices received by the Augsbnrg CizeUt, from Rome, it is positively known there that the Neapo litan Minister of Justlco Is drawing np a new list of the persons that are to be amnestied. The Pope is employ ing all his personal Influence on King Ferdinand II., and bopes to be able to persuade him to put an end to hla misunderstanding with 4tbe Western Power*, "by ajudl clous compliance with their wisbes." Bis Holiness has mado a strong appeal to tho religions feeling* of tho King, and it is generally believed at Rome that there will soon be an honorable compromise between Naples and the Western Powers. It is stated thst Sir Hamilton Seymour, the British Am b iosdor at Vienna, la to acoompany the Emperor of Aus tria <? bit visit to Italy. He is the only member of the Diplomatic Courts who la to accompany his Majesty. The King of Denmark Is suffering from a severe attack of erysipelas in the head. He lies at the Chateau of Frede ricksburg Letters from Madeira state that there are symptoms of Improvement In tho vlnea, and It li hoped that they may coatlnue, so that the aorplus of wine asay be kopt cp. The failure ot thi vine crops has had the eflert of raw ing the native Industry of Madeira Into other prodtable channels. The auf ar cane has beea planted largely dur Id : the last few years, and the results have beea highly satisfactory. Attention baa also been paid to the coIt:va t.on of corn and to the production of cochlucat, both of which Drarchcs of Industry are likely to become impor tant. The poor clasaea are growing vegetables of all sorts, (specially the potato, aad they now seem to be in a comfortable stale. The cholera seems t? have da parted. Intelligence from Bombay to the 17lh October, received by way of Trieste, states that the preparations for the English expedition to the Persian Gulf war* progressing. The failure la announced of Messrs. John Dick a Sons, spinners of cotton thread, la Glasgow. The liabilities are estimated at ?00,000, and the assets are expeeted to rea tlae more than 10s. In the pouad. Snow fell la Paris for the first time this season at six o'clock morning of 11th mat. It howtver melted ra pidly. The ship James Balnea, 100 days oat from Australia, was over due at Liverpool, with ?700,000 tn gold on board. Tb* annual volom* of the Briilah Board or Trade, con taining detailed *tat?m?nt* of tho trad* and navigation of the United Kingdom lor iba pact year, baa J tut bean la aued. Under the brad or Import! and expert*, the work exhibit* an enlargement?all other artlclea, bcatde* the principal oaea, being arranged in a form to a bow their to tal qnantitie* and raloe. and the amount* taken into home coaaovption, aa wall aa the duty rooetred. From the flgur**, it appear* that tho total real value of the foreign praia and tlonr, of all ktada, oonaumed In tho I'aitod King dom la 1866 waa, ?17,60s,700, on which a groea ravoaua waa collected of ?816,140. Tbe Liverpool cotton market la again reported q?M throughout the weak, tbe trade baring confined their pur cbaaaa to tbe (apply or their Immediate want*. The agricultural market* had all given way la pfr*. wttbeat any immediate symptom* or racovory. foot land and the aaat of Fngland bad received liberal Import* from the north of Roaata ; bat that aoaroo of supply would *oon be cot oil by loe la th* Baltic. Th* *how ol wheat at Liverpool waa good, and a rurther roMldorabla anpply being almdkt dna from America, tb* miller* from the la terior wore di*lac lined to Increate their * toe it* boyond tboae a< tnaily Mceaaary for the moment. Tb*** *1mul. Umov* rapptl** oa both *id*a of the kingdom ecoount r.?r the apathy throoghout all tbe country market*. A r* tnra of (oaaoaabl* woathrr bad enabled farmer* to pur ?a* their out door occupation*, and thalr deliveriea were cooaeqnentlf email. Wheat had declined 3d. per 70 lb*, on tb* wook, but with more doing at th* r en actio*. I lour had met a (low aaio, at la. per barret tower. In dian corn bad attracted mora attention, and aeller* bad reailaod an advance of ?d. to 9d. per qaarter. fugar bad continued In ipecalattra demaad, *ad pr1c*0 were M. to la. d*ar*r oa tb* wa*k, th* bu*,a*t* being chl?fly to arrive, llolameo 6d. dearer. Th* Maneberter market for manafkrti r** continued quiet, with MUe or no obaag* la prtcoc Tho Rank a' Koglaad ha* farther atvaooed the rat* of dlacoont to 7 per cent. Tho ballloa In th* bank o* tbe ?ib ?mo?ak!d to ??,6W..1I7, and tb* raoerr* of not** to ?2,Ma AM CwnaoU. l-ijf to 91>|. Mosey continued stringent. Bell k Co., of I/ondon, report that there ha* boen a r* n*w*d aotlvity la tb* market for American Meant!** during th* week. Tb* market la wall supplied with sons of the lead lag Mate and etty bond* There had been n ore inqalry lor Brut clac* railroad bond* a*d bu*in**? to ?om? extent ha* been don* in them Illinois Oenira I'.ailM ad ibarr* were quiet at from 13 to UK premium In ted Platen d per cent*. 18A7-8 106 a 10?X I*v fl per cent bond*. IMS 166 a 1061* Ma??*eb<i*eti* 6 per cent iteriing bond*. .. 97 a ? Pennsylvania 6 per coat itarllng. 71 a 74 f?o 6 per cent bond*, 1177 76 a HI Vlrgiatn 6 par cent oonds, 188A 81 a M Do. 6 p?r o*nt atoning bond*. 18M... 84 * M Maryland 6 por cent *terling bonds 66 a 91 k< Mocky 6 per cent bond*, 1MS-73 90 a ? Alabama 6 per cent bond*. 80 a ? Tenne*eee 6 per oent bond* ? a ? Illinois Central 7 per rent. 1H76 80 a 81 fo ? per oetit, 1676 77 a 76 I'0. 7 percent fFreelauda), '60. 93 a 91 Do. 626 paid (pm ) UX I UK Michigan Central 8 per o?*t. 18A9 90 a PS Ntw Yord C< litre1 ; per cent conv , 1M4. 91 a M Do. ? per oent rot conv 1?H.i 7S a 80 N?w York and I rie 7 per cunt 3d M 1M? sax* la. 7 percent, conv. IMS 19 a 81 Do 7 per cant 8. fond, '76 81 a 8.1 Penaaylvani* Central 6 per real l*t M.. 'MM a 90 Psnaam 7 p*r?eat l?t M , 1H69 90 a 91 Do. do. do. 12.14 SS ? 9. Our London Correspondence. Loason, Nor. 14; 186?. Oount KiueleJ PrttenU hit Credential t to the French Km j*ror?Oemmerciai Neu*?Further Rite in the Rate <f Vucount by the Bunk of England?Speech iff Kouuth at Manchtiter?Return of M. Pertigny to London, tie., <?c. The only two political events that have occurred sln^e 1 last wrote, are the reception of Oonat Klsseleff, the new Russian Ambassador, by the French Emperor, and the civil words exchanged between them on the occasion, and the notification given to the Neapolitan Ambassadors at London and at Paris that their preeenoe Is bo longer de sirable. Their passports have not yet been sent to them, bnt tr they do not pack their carpet bags this weak, they will receive sn official notification to be off. The cold lias set in very severely at St. Petersburg, and man/ vessels are frozen in. A Russian squadron has arrived at Cherbourg. Kossuth has been holding forth to large assemblies at Manchester, but bis opinions tbta time are too broadcast for the general public. The Magyar has not lost anything of his eloquence, and was loudly applauded, notwith standing his coming so close on the heals of Palmer stem Commercial matters take the lead to-day. The Bank of England has resolved upon an advance to a uniform rata of 7 per oent. Perslgny, the French Ambassador to the Court of Eng land, has returned to London, and brought with him soft speeches and kind promises: so that the Miming Pott now announces that the entente between the two oouatrlea was never on a better footing. The Globe chimes in. Parliament has been prorogued to the 10th of Decern bcr, but not for the despatch of business. Louis Napoleon has given np the idea of renewing the Je'a of Ccmpiegne at i ontalnbleau. Our Paris Correspondents. , , , > Not. H, ISM. Ir.erei. FeU in the Btxult of the Pretidential Mlectum in the United Stat#?A Frenchma- <t C mprehemion of .4men. can Poiitia?lhe Court at St. Cloud?Approaching Re tnofal of Count Walnotki-Wcme of the Emperor', I'apu lariti?Mr. Buchanan-1 liiuian Sympathns-The Fm, ?Ari??7Ke Iheolret, 4c., dc. iho most lively interest continues to be felt In all cir cles as to ttw result or your Presidential contest. That Mr. Buchanan will now bavo a majority seems to b4 re ce.veu as a fait accompli, but alter the excitement Uiat FreT*"e<1, the strong laojreage that bai been used and the general upheaving and convulsion of all p^e,' mcu have difficulty In belie?* that it Is possible Tor toe country to drop down quietly into a state of acqlesoenco lbat?uch would be utterly impossible in France, no one Tor an Instant refines to admit, and that !t can be possi ble anywhere else seems Incredible. It Is In vain that those who know the character of the American mind as fert. that a month after the declaration or the majority the adberan'.s of Fremont and Buchanan will be soon harmoniously battling who shall best promote some en terprige of a strlotly social character: U la In vain that tlioy wsert that the dignity and majesty of the law Is so deeply Impressed on the Anglo Saxon mind, as seen in the re putlican lnst.tulions ol Amer.ca, that baring fought tlie good tight, which is the c tizen's duty and-birth r'gbt, the Tictor and tto vanquiahed w II be contentod to lie down In peace, mde by side, and, henceforth until the next Presidential cottest, have no other rivalry than that o! who ib*.I best promote the honor and feme or an em p re republic, which, like the tree or Odin, bids ralr to overshadow the whole eirth with Its branches No Frenchman will beUve a bit or It; he believes, on the contrary, that you will go on struggling, backbiting sp'.iun?, carping, abmln?, and nimenclatlng oath other for the neit lour years w U> Jwt as much acrimony as U must be ? dm tied, you have dona most abaadantly for the lait four months. I have no doubt myself that America wUl vindicate popular overnmeni in the cvosof despotic Eurojie, and show, tor the honor or her great republic, for the dlgn:ty of the human raoe In eTery clime and country, that a great people can exhib.t Its virtue, no less by submission to the majsruy than by the earnestaaaa aad vigor of Its contention, when the e institutional kallle require. Uem to take toe flaW. I have Utile Mar that she will play the fame of tone* who, dreading her enormously laereaslnjr power, hope they see in ber Internul contentions. symjHoms or that division and split, welch may occasion *her fail from the lofty eminence she has already attained, and render po pular government a mockery for centuries to oome. Al ready we hear language to the eflect that '-from two Americas. Europe would have nothing to Tear.'' But to revert to matters In this country. The Emperor baa no sooner arrived at St. Cloud than sur.-e iiu he has l<wt no opportunity of exhibiting himself to his lien. n? has aires j been to the Cpera, and to-night ^ ^ other of the theatres: but his reception In the streets has been something more than cold. At the < T.ra, care was taken that the house should be well supplied with da <ru*vn, and though on mors than one oceasloa a si ght bis. was beard, it was Instant:y suppressed by offu-Wea thuslasm His progress to and rrom the theatre was character*2ed by a s.lence which con Id not but have been peiaftilto his Me esty and his Illustrious consort bv com parisoa of Toraor cocaaiona Indeed, It was not dltflcult to oatch sounds among the Moi<rn, which trenched broad ly on the I mits of treason. There Is evidently Intense dit*at:sfactloo existing among the worklog clwsv. A privy counoll ws.< held at 81. Cloud yesterday, bat no thing of moment has Iraasp red. The belief still pre vails that Cocnt Walewiki Is to te superseded as soon as h. succetsor can be determined upon. And the d.nner wh.ch the Fore in Secretary gave yesterday to the hereditary Prince of Tuscany, at which was preset the Austrian Ambaasador. the Pruss an Minister the Tuscan Charge d'Alairet. the Tuscan M nisier at Vtenaa I>or J and lady Holland. Count and Cbuntees TeUfa*. the Oommauleur de Fr-wrobalde fur,,n J.TSKLS'ii"1"'? flrmoees baa aaved the entente cardial* iron tin "Mat. peril It was e,po-d to aTwih ibe conduct ot the hmperor ir there is an? truth In tha reports that have been so Industrtouslv disseminated ror weeks past, that hie state of health compels inm m ??? with the Horalian bard "Aim turn vaoiw tram " Tltli deOcjency will make uaeir maaiieet, how that ee has ri turned, m which cm tt may be WeirTredia^ hi. p-.wer will collapee like an exhausted pi^buW UuL r Rlebard be blmaeif agate,-' tr once mom m?i? ..!? late, the Emperor la able to display the aot'te merge the determined wtll, the uc'incBiog flrmnees of a naiarallv "r<'e* !rlDd;,b:" d1lf,'enh/ aaay be tided over, and all win ro right sgsin uatil the next seen, of this svirtful drama B.Jt it cannot be dented that up to the prweat tnom-ni tbe ptbifc mind :s tinder the Ir luence ofa ehonk suoTJu has not experienced since the Imperial aoceeeioa PWr^te letters from tAgland Induce a belief that tb? Emperor's popularity there baa reached its climartrtc, that |naloasv and suapic.on are rap*dly oec:py.ng the p!toe of form?r ?B<l *l,h'rt,(tli no fears are entertained of an In-mediate breach, the probability that there I* oi,e loom , erery day becoming moreen article or faith TTats ntlmato alliance springing up betwcea Kaeiia and France, these rallroada in Kuasia of warlike rather tbaa commercial object, conceded t<> the Crodli Mobiher, tbe cr*>lneee of Fraaoe coeceraing Roaeia s a rr ngement e. the Psrts treaty, this ? igatlag of tbe Kng l.-h ? mbsasy at Moecow. and (ineielve attention to tiiat of prance, booes. tt Is tbuugbt. no good; and enrons to p? of Hf. BKhtOAO, oot possibly tb# Pm ? ident ot tbe United Aates. I. mlv^l^thi,e^| Mr L?h0b!* Tt "????'? or other, ^ ,Tno?* arl-tor.ra aU hire^BMthi-*i Wb? P*kl h m ?T**1 ?tlertbie, that he ?vJUE i-t TwrP ^ #nil*?wl' "iwlMl. that should he ever ceme Into tbe poeeeselcn of |>ower. be would ta ?^J?fc.?P?0ftI:,'ltv 10 ?f acting upon them I k war the new American Am f H ob,rrr?uon? Which the altera tlon o circumstances bave since changed the net of bn I only speak tbe fact when I say that among lafi^ui cituene in Ixmden Mr. Kucbanan is looked rnon an emi neritly RUSe,? i? h!t sympathies Fn^Mdto^riil'T"' bM I"*dB "P mlBd th* f ogiand Is determined on executing her European com 1? ?**?b!lsh herself, dlr^ly or 2 U,!"' " '? ? pot St where ? T" 2^2* 1 V* rom* ,D|? oollialon with Fraaoe. whoee l^eJr^ ??<1l,wlnlfher with Algeria, not only * new kiagdom, but lacreaeed and rontolldtt^ b?f power la the Mml torr*noan Tomt acd *? ? rooting insSly, J r up 10 ,h,t wh,ch N?poieon T, convert Into a French lake coincidence that no sooner Is the Maanheater speech delivered, than Paris is flooded with TkIT? r "*? ''"teriburg, mil of hoa'ed phrases Si!?"? h'LVl* * *0#i ^IU*. Retire 'or tranqoiility, and Rw2lf^5U2?h C ,*f7 of to arbitration. Knsaia, foreooth, has the greatest need of reform; tbe late IhLk .d m*n' pointa in her system wblcb call In.pertcoaly for a rem* It that to think r* her n'ri.l? tatol.be' ter common aeoae A k rtvai Morny If ho it ao? rorr'nrnd of sincerity, am.' ree It 1 * r"'t ' ha?geil 1 i ; | ' i , hr - ? > ? , A Irttcr It m t'OP ? . . , . ...... of IMr^>ingfa>ar>pal?uirttM The total camber la 3.1M.000 sou la. being an laortaae ol 300,000 during the last ten years A number af gold coins have lately beea pat into olrcu latum la Switzerland, amoeg which are many aot. pltcM bearing tbe effigy ot France, but ootaed la luitf'and. These ptaoea, wlihoat bmag lalae, are ndt equal in the quality oT the gold to tbe t rench coins of the aama value, aad they may be dfctlagnlahad from tbe Fresco by the abie net of the engraver's name, aad (ram the aero la the >0 bring ladiattaot. M. Isabey, son of the celebrated mlaiature palater, aad who was lately oaa of the guests at Oomplegne, has baaa charged by tka Emperor to paint a llkaasaa of the Prtooa Imperial. Mr. Wood, too, haa beea hare collecting materials tor the historic picture of Napoleou the Third and Victoria the Queen or England visiting the tomb of tbe modern Charlemagne. A national aubeorlptioa ia about to be opened tor railing a monument to M. Paul 1)< taroche, the celebrated artist, lately deceased. His two grand plow r on, "The Children of Edward," aad the "Death ot Kllsibeth," will now be withdrawn from tbe gallery of living artMs in the Lax em bo uig, and placed In the museum oT the Louvre. An opinion prevails that a tax of one traao pas head, or sou per day, by monthiy subscriptions, will bo levied on the irtqueatera of the Bourse, and that it will produoo to the towa of Paris, sadly In want of money, as much aa 1,000 franca a day. Another tax la expected to be laid on carriage*. Two hundred years ago thero wore In ail Paris exactly three hundred and twenty carriages, and at the present date 70,000 vehicles, for paauengers only, traverse the streets oT tho city every dav. In the theatrical world there la considerable life just now. Tbe Italian Opera baa revived ''La Qaaaa Ladra," with Albonlln Ninetta Nothlag caa surpass her psrfeo

tion In this role, and tbe houae la nightly orammed to the roof. At the Odeon a new drama baa been brought oat, entitled "Mme. de Montaroy." It Is written by a young dramatic writer of the name of Boudhet, and though not wilhoat fhults incidental to inexperlense, Is a pieoe of very considerable merit, aad bids fair to become a de cided favorite. It contains many scenes beautifully writ ten and of deep Interest, particularly towards the cluee. Its subject la an episode from the civil characters of Lima XIV., and ia written In ray me. The Opera Comlque baa revived the charming operetta, called "Jean de l'aris," for the debut of a young artutt., a son of Madam Stock* haa*en. a celebrated cantatrlce. M. Stockhaaien has made a a ceiled hit, and bis opening air, "La l'rineease de Narvarre,'' eatabiishcd his position at once. . _ . , ? Paris, Not. 13, I860. Wctal Ruwnitvm of Count KimUf, the Ruuian Am bwafrrr-Unwval MagmiKnnct of the Ceremnny-Op. polite Sentiment* of the Empernr't Reply and thine Con tained to Lord rab.iertion; R-cent Speedu?~Language of the Bvttian Organ*?Inle/etting VUU of Marshal Peliuier to hi* Aatice Tovm?Curimtt Cur of AlUged Murder for 0* Puryou of Securing an Inheritance, ?(c., <fc. ' Yc&lorday the reception or the Rootim Enbu<r t*>k P??cc in freat atate at the Palace of the Tmierlea It la understood that at the Cabinet Council held on tbe pr? vloui day at St. Clou.!, a warm dUcusalon occurred on the qioation of Inserting at cnco an Imperial programme In tbe Mmiiteur on the state of a fl air* Count Walewskl urged the propriety of doing so, but was opposed by tbe re st of the ministry. The Emperor at flr?t lnollped to the ?lew taken hy his Minister of Foreign AtTalra, but after war di contrary to his wont when once his opimoa has I been given?hU Majesty yielded to the arguments or i It was, therefore, determined that for tae pro I sent at least, tbe Imperial answer to tho address ot Crnnt ' Klsse.efl, theKuaalan AmUasKadtr, on his presentation should be tho only explanation officially given, the mioiner ol receiving tbe Kuaaian Embassy was such as could not flail to lmpro*t tbe public that lunce I forth the connection Between ihe two empire, wai to b0 I considered a matter cf the gravest import. No less than 1 live SUte carriages iasued from the Imperial manege to do I honortotheooca. cn. Four of tbwe were drawn each I by six horse*, caparisoned in a manner such as is ob- I served ODly on coremoniea ol the hl?Ueet dl?nity_uoh as the oponlug of the Cliambern, an Imperial marriage or the baptism of the Prince Imperial. The four carriages conveyed the suite ol the r.u^iaa Embauy; the Ufth car nage, which was drawn by eight h-.raca, decked with crimson aad gold, and tho coachman and lacqueys of wbkh, together with tbe running lootmon, were in gor Keens S.ate livorles, contained therepresentative orthe Car. The I-alace ol the Tuilerle* was arraved In ail 'ta but to do him hotor. Squadron of cavalry from picked regiments were drawn u lo the large court ftclBg the Place de Carouael. Th. troops were all en grandt tmm, and the Imperial hall of I -?'"?C' -"-'PrW< O4,P*0f *oli crimson. J aad tasked with mm* a galaxj of at tl worth serving maa In imperial green and scarlet plush, as people who know tbe secret of Jumping from a humble lodging In Kin. ?tract, St. James, to a palaoe and a carte blanch, tor a civil Bat, can alone ventwa to provide for tholr honor an I dignity. The same glittering array pertained throughout. Tbe grand staircase, wito Its marble balustrades, was Linedftom tbe foot to the summit with gigantic seldleis of the Cent Garde, all In blue aad silver tunics, dazzling I he ma, breast plate* aad back pieces or polished ateel with white leather and enormous Jask boots; and the ae veral long and spacious rooms through which the Ambas sador aad his suite passed towards the throne room was Hanked with the cboacn ocisera ef tho imparlal household. In the throne rooai Count de Klaaeleff round ? crny J i tl, which appeared to surprise even his prac tised vision. The Emperor waa in full dreaa, In the uniform or a French general; the Empress sat by his aide, with the regalia on her brow, looking the very l*au ideal ol a consort She waa turroanded by the 4am<a ' J*"" of her household In huperb teiutte* an t on the Emperor a right stood tbe Prlnoee, Marsha.* Mint* ter* and chosen olllcers of France?their persons e'avered with orders, and their whole lenut gorgeous with vol l and plumage aad jewelled stars. * * wlUl 10,4 ioliows -"*'"1 ?Amb4M4,lor **??? *Jdreased his H^eaty aa gnjeioaal, tsewver^**1 w To which the Kmperor replied J? ?Frrm the moment he treaty of IVa<-? wssslgnrd, I hare farren'y aeelrei ( , atJ^T I i? ermbt -y^sVTagrr. sTuirr ^ voa represent a sovereign ? h? ?? io.|><w ,ile-.cc on tb? M" rtv^aJ?iT?lj JV1!1* bi'w 10 la order .0 think ???? bj iii* reiaueae of friendship. *h,lB ">??? ? ords are railing fro? tbe lloa of the Chier Magistrate ol Fraace. wehaveassmewhal oon.m. niary on the aame sabjeot from the mouth of Mrd ' u>e Msslstrale of England wbo says rhS ?^.?M?o7.?ii m*rSh*nt P??cee of lxtndoa, at .be B.ood-yn 'iiT-'S^i ulV*' ^ honorahly*^oh* served, and u?-a I trust that the |Maue of Ku'ote w.n 1 ImpwiMe tbil Inufi notwifhuuodiog itio nim of diplomacy can well be more .liametricajl, osp-vrd^han JpeSh bwtenfhr in h 0p,B,",' ,h?* ?he Kmi^ror a J"'hregiio worse than it waa before m ImprNitui doduc?ti m ibat Humu Ik miairMa of tbe siti atloa, bec*us> *hr may rount upon th? rn.!T tenance and support M Fra^.^^^tid^m arwssts'jp ?*?? Mil. tot treat/ of ww axttfiily ??vi thai tn? paM_ lf"lTUI"*l,> '<'??? ih NMfmw Hi srsms syfstt.s* ?? rr*wi nrr nM <h>u iMultnt ?KW?,I ^ Mcswaws sr.a.g.h tb s. and <1 HI I and- ihe riM-iitiori of th<- treaiT or , l b' "'i;n'reie<l or correeteil b? iho (VinsiM^Jhtah'^ eltideil H. Thf will of Trancr will b# ^ tl%> <h* FnglM press, which pr>'?mls to rt>s"dSlhe^taw? or Rnrram mtervsnni s. a mean, of *o??rnmTOLItf.^ press wheh Is .-harse.', hy ltd vloisnee u. makath 01 Franre jleid. The Kn?'ish joaraaJa no "!.,tIT-rjght.!rl" have d..mttons ?rtom' "ia,ioiiii :n brlna fTrwurd^T!,. j"' Matin: ihey insult, ealumalate: they To rwJSE.. (.pinion. Thai has been Ihe pari Uier have Blared i^aP In sll times and perhaps Rnrnpean aorernmL '"rope wrona hitherto In not opposing to this Instrument nr'^J^*11 lion which the Knallkh ,o,.?mM1\B"^'?;ri' 'I'^l-'a , In order to agitate their re..ule, not Interrt ? 10 tlve meaenres, whteh would perhap. only addkTT^sK^lr represent It with a stmtlar power ^iV of br tb^r (ppot* run no n to enrniHi reM*ing II a? <)n the disputed subject or Bolgrad, the same t?nM.. rewarkr?"The words of the treaty are that thTne^ fT^ tier ?ball paaa to the south or Rjigrad. w>.L ard Erg'and" That the new Irontie, norlh of Rnlgrad. it is said the Congress^oTpanlTL h mistake, b?rau~.e it la on!v by rarr? tn> it.1 o ??de a tirr 10 the north thai the' StJ^X rrrnplete'y out ef reach of the bB, Russia. But who nan amend a treatjMT ifot ^ d ahleh ooaclnded n> Tho?e Powers ??rvT? w? S Wad 'tnpe-ed the eWig.tton Thiee Pow^JTA blH tmn alo? make it riear aad ladtsimiablT This, however Is a eh* a of rewwC wb<rb foe - p-i tnentca, w?h an d.Te^o. to the jKerd, doJUl il?| to, m, independently or other ooMitianUMM, he haa a ahrewd aaoptmon that at aaother Congress ITnglanrl would be outvoted. Marshal Peleeeter, Dak* of MaiakofT, hM been to Hi rotcme, in Normaody, to receive. in the city of fell birth, Ike triumph** honors belonging <o an ?uocnwfui utrew. 11 ipptvi that hii lather nu Pierre Pelesstar, the con troller of powder ud saltpetre m that town, and tut he died at Essrne, the victim of an exploetoa which also carried away the arm of ono o( hia daughters Tao oon trailer bad seven or eight children, aud the government, In consequence ot this cata?'iopne, look cotrge of tbe boy, who baa tsince risen to a dukedom. The moat la te rating episode of tba Duge's Visit, waa hla repairing to tba bouse In which be wu born, and which he quitted at Are yiara old. It la or lath aud plaster, Uke all the old building* of Normandy, aud dates back, it la said, to the time ol Henry IV. It bad been from time Immemoral a depot ol powder and saltpetre, bat waa auppraaaed in 1364. It now forini part of a spinning eatabllabmeat. 1 enclose jou, If?t >ou should not previously haveaaen U, tba 'oilowing a>t<cle, which haa been copied lrom the Daily Unit into GaJiffnant'I Meuenger:? Thi Late Mb. Bsktticu..?A correspondent from Cuts writes:? fonie friends of the late Mr. Alfred G. Brc'tell entertainln * suspicions that tbe causa ot hm death had not been truly slated applied to the 1'rocuieur Imperial for a post mortem examination The tuneral took p uce before any order on the subject waa made. Hut the result of a judicial inquiry h-.s m? far cocllriued the ground* of suspicion that the authorities have thought it right to have the body exhumed. A post mor tem examination wu* made this day l>y l)r Tardleu, the end ueut surgeon usually employed in such caaea, and the contents ot tbe stomach, the he art, liver una lungs, enclosed in twn scaled jars, have been taken away to be examined. The aub Jeot causes ao much exrltemeut among the English residents of the Faubourg 8t. Uonore, and m -o generally talked of, that I uo longer fear to prejudice suy one by giving an outline ot the cue as it has been represented to me. Mr. BreUell waa a gentleman of large fortune amounting, aa some say, to ?60, QUO, and. as other* say. to ?100,UK. The whole oi this tortuue la understood to be left to an Knghsh lady, now in Paris who was no relation to the deceased. He wat in a bad Mate of body, owing to intemperate habits ; and it appears he waa shaken and injured a good deal by the fall from the box of h'a carriage, which occurred, not at ChanUOy (as stated by mistake), but ot, the l>a March? race course. After th*t acci dent be was taken home, and placed under tbe care of hi? or dinar) meuicnl attendant, Dr M'< artliy. an Knglishaubject, but a licenced member of the French Faculty of Medicine, tie got cottsiaerably belter, and Dr M'Uarthy did uot consider htm in any Immediate dan nr. However, whether by hia own wish or lot 1 have not heard, a Dr. .I ones, who it seems had attended him on previous occasions was sent for by telegraph from Loiidou. and it is alleged that Dr. .I ones proceeded to treat him w ithout putting lumself in ciimiuuidcatlau with Dr. M'Oartby. which. It is said. attocrdiiig to the metllcal etiquette usually observed, he onylit to have done. Thla Dr Jone> ail mln'Htered te the patient a wbre powder, which he took from hia waistcoat pocket. and two hours after taking Uds Dowder Sir Hreiteli died. Now. the circumstances which are cons! dereil to call lor explanation on the par; of Dr. Jones ar ?, thit he at tiist signed a certilicaie that deceased had d ^lfrom epi lepsy; that he subsequently stated liuit ho and D ? M't arthy were both prepared to certify that cnueu- i"U of the brain wan Ibe cause of uea'h (the fact beij?' that I?r M'Carthy declines to i concur In any stteb nertitlcaU ); that he uas ou several occa sions admitted that tbe medicine he admu uttered to Mr. Bret te'l whs a most potent one, and that, when ureased to say what U was, bis only answer la, "That U uiy secret.' On be ing UiterroKab d by the t'omiui. sary of Po ice, and assed to produce a specimen of the | Owil.- be sa.d be had cone left, but tinally wrote a prescription for making it up. Although the circumstances cenatnly call for that thorough investiga tion which thev wiil receive, I cannot help thinking that it w ill turn out that there b*a been DO wtlfu! poisoning in the esse. In the meantime Dr. Jouss has been ordered not to leave Paris, and Is under surveillance. Now. leat your reader* should suppose that the English cf the Faubourg St. Btaort are setting an example 10 the French, of pomoutac one another and hurrying their dead bodies cfl to the p ave, it Is as well, pertiaj 8, that I should give my edition or thla story. I attoudea M. Brcttoi'i re mains to Par* lAchalao. and should know somethiag of the natter. Be was thirty.five years of age, and In con seouence or tn<< loss of hia wife la her lirst conSnomont, utfortunaiely took to stimulants to drive away au uu oeasing regret. lie waa poaseib. I of oousldorable pro petty, and lelt 30,0(0 l'rauca of It to Mrs. Cunningham, a niece ot tbe famous Sir Francis Burde't. Ilina. ill* lack i.rma. A mad Mtoff of the name ol (HOMMB Mahun, who,*lt is reported, txfUMa bv^uoai from tic <: ?cea?ed, and waa bis boon cimnanun in many a debauche. has ralerd an tkla poft r (PGsraii Mahon, it may be re oollectcd. was once, for a very short time, a momber of the English Parliament, wUer>; he behaved like a man lit for a statue ot lunacy; aud aa tbe raneral cortege moved away from the deccatcd'a house In tho Champs Elysee, this gcLtiemac, who had been invited to the funeral, but lb oonseqcence ol tbu ai uromrnt-, of a rietgii^jriug caff, was nut tc time to a:;: TT tkeeOV|M from the ieoee, excited gieat scandal by at pplng tbe moumtng coach in wttoh the misb-ter In bis robes was being convoyed to Uie cenutory, and thnutlng himself Into it, attacking the 1 |ihvsicitu aoout tbe oeeeealty of a tMMit mortem exaui.ni t:cn. rather insmuatlsg that tho decea*od had been push ed oil tlie carriage box by bis friend, M UurdoU, and ti.ua, sd<1 cot by accidect, met tsUh a contusion, causing a o< ncutition ot the braui I'tndlng no one disposed to atund to a mu filter out ct hla aeuses or drunk, be throw himself out nf the mourning coarb, and declared " he waihotl h'.-t Ifandu of tlic bmlteaa." It Is he, therefore doubtless who bas written 'th!s rigmarole to the Dai'u A'ewi, and probably been the cause of the body being exhumed. Wbat Dr. Jou.* bas bad to ao with the matter 1 cannot lay At the funeral Dr M'Cirthy and he oortalnly seemed on tbe most agreeabl* terms; and as be rode In the aami cwrlaie with mysell, 1 learned lrom him that Iw bad been telegraphed -or to i ondon but that the patient had tiled teo bonre after bis arrival. Dr. Joaee la a great Irlend ot tbe B-ru'itt fam ly, who were all at the fuasral, and it k iwsslh a, lrom jc ia--go a legacy being left to one member of ib>s family?Mrs. Cunningham? that some jealossy may have been create 1, aea * desire, ualcr O'Qorman Uahon's In'tigatton, to establish the murder of the pallet.! by the family pbysk-'.iu, for the benefit of this member of the tunlly. Dr. .locos ia aeventy Are. and appeared to n.e to be altogether past the time when a ? an la justified m prartU'ng. Tho bu-den ot km tong to me was that be bad been fifty two years in practice, mat all tbe world was looking after him, that hla predicltoaa were never faletlled, and that ho was the wisest Kacula t tus ol bla era. As for the excitement asaong tho Kag l.sh community, and all tbat, 1 beg to tafbrm you that tbe only excitement la that going on la thla mad Irlatu&an'a brain. Our Relations with England. TDK MKMIirHH POK 811KFP1BLP ON THE TR4DK OF THE IltlTKD STATES?MR. ROKBCCE OH FlUBUS miiM. [Froai Ihe I o?don Timea Nov. 11 ] A numerou* meeting of tiie lababitanta of Baoffleld ?M beld ycaterdav, in the Town Hall, to bear an addroaa r?oin Mr HadGell, M. P. It had been announced that Mr. Roebuck. M p., would alao be prtweot. Tba mom bera ware aUendtd by many ot their anprortera, and were received wttb loud applaoaa. The Mayor of -'hef Beld (Mr. J. W. l'yo8?ith) took iba ohalr and talroduoad Mr. badfleld. Tlie honorable meaiber ex preened a wtah that Mr. Itobuck, the acnlor member, ahould flret be heard. Mr. KoxiirrK waa loudly app ended, but explained. aa Vr HadOeld waa there to perform a public duty, ha (Mr. Roebnct) bad lo perform a prtrato one. Mr lUnnaLD began by aey'ag, It being quite under aiood that so disrespect waa abown to Mr. Jtoebco*, ha wonld proceed. ? ? ? a a a a He rated with hb colleague agalnat that vagaboad bill ?the lorn KB Inurnment bill, That bill waa untrue la tta allegation, and it had compromvacl ua on the Continent, and all but involved u? 'n a war with tba Tatted *tataa. (>iir anibaaeador waa aent backf lagracea. A motion waa made by Mr Moore under unfavorable r.rcnmateacee, and tt waa lor. by a large majority. But In Urn email minority he wa? delighted lo tee hie col'oagua wttb him. Cieera ) lie muet a Id a few word* on tbe subject ol United Rataa?the part ol tbe world moat tatoreatiog to them, and of tbe helical value to their trala. They could not be too careful to secure the coafidenoe and good opinion of that country. Tney might bare their tau'tr. We had aotoe. (H? ar ) It waa wiae to apeak and tAlnk of ooe another aa well aa tbey could. Be felt mi ? itrorgly an that queatloa, aad Implored tbe Prime Minuter to let the Boure exprore Ita opinion before tbe country waa drtvea to exircaM mi-aauree. Before the end of tbe dtetoa be had the gratification ar teatlfy lug tn the d'galty aad lurbearanoe of the government In no* sending borne Mr. Dallaa wbea Mr. Cramp ton waa diamlared. Be wlibed veil to America, and bellerid aha would set bereelt right la daa time. It coat England fifty year* to get rid of alarery, aad it could not be dona In AaMrtca In a day. li win a latf queetloa In America, yet, taking her terri tory latoooaalderatkMi. ?he waa richer man Knglaad Emancipation coat ua ?30,000 oog for a00.000 alavaa, aad at tie e?m>' rat" it Waald coat America i.*7.ft00,ni0. The Slave owners demanded macti morn Their valuation waa ?T> (00.090. Be ebould exult beyoad measure If the wealthy people of the United Mawa wonld make tt a money queatton, and bny the freedom of ihetr alavea. Ha urged 11 at It waa tbe duty aad lataraat ot the country not to keep meddling la Iuropean poll ilea by a aer.ret ayttem. ao that the people never knew what waa dolag till the veeael ol tbe Mate waa anmog the roaka, Mr. Renvoi aald?Of America ail that baa heea aald by my boa oolleafM I entirely agree with. (Cbeara). With her I abon'd be loth. more loth than with anybody elee, to aeiter into war: but even vilh bar I would go to war If ?b>' dio aa lajnatioe to aa. (Ohoara ) It la not tbe time to miace ma tare (load cheera), aad I Ilka straightforward speaking on all oocaetoaa Tbara ia at thia tnoateai?aad 1 uae aa Amertaaa term?a Bllhna teriat sptrtt ta America, aad if that leada Umh ba yard thetr own boundary?If thai leada them to at tack foreign nation*?we, to the fuiilimoat of our non taerfarence principle, abould ba bouad to ta terfereaiao (Cheer*) liar that a war between Rag land and America wonld ba almoat tba great art calamity that mankind cor,Id ruf'er. Wo have everythiag that oaa bind ua to that nation, they are of the aame blood, tbey havetherame language, they have the aame literature, lawa, aad laatltutioaa. they are boae of oar bone aad fleah of our Gaeh: the* are Kag lehmen on the other aide of the Atlantic. Hat if they abould do aa taJ?*tioe, are we ta atarid by aad aee it dona ? (Ortaa of ?? No ") No, England's great deatlay makee her the proteotor ot mankind. aad wa abould he dercgatlag from oar owa dignity If wa allowed I any nation, how ever great, however nearly allied to aa, to do aught tnat would brtag diaorodtt upoa the great prla clplca of humanity. If we could prevent It (Cbeara) I aay, though I woaM bava aa bouad ta America by avary I Utlag that can bind?though I would by every tie unite a* to bar, and would aot interfere one iota with her Internal tranaacalnaa, though I look with great eorrow upon them? I will not expreee la public my opinion nm the mat ter?yet, rather than aee bar oppraaa mankind, I would oppoen her, and oppoae bar to tho death (Load cheers ) Now, atr, I will paaa on from forolga affaire. eaoepKag one n-atter. 1 will aay one word ahout j diplomacy 1 have raid tt la the duty of taglnnd aot to Interfere between a people and their Horareiga. In the I laternal afiaira ot other countries England haa nothing to I do, aart night rot. lo my hei ef, to plant hired aad aal triad I eplca la ev?rv i ?un la I nrope. ar I call than amhxoaa I (lore. That IB act my p aee: 1 ra-rely aco. pt li aa what I | be litre to ?? accurate leatr ption >f aa WM'ttlff, (laughter ud cheeri.) I would have everything *b*r?i board, for I Icuuw?I lure mob lU-that we are decstve* Into poeitltms ta which, tr thin pi were know* beforehand we should never bo. (Cheers.) Therefore. I on agalaM all secret diplomacy Yranklm said he deceived every body by telling the truth. (Oneors.) That wan has view of diplomacy, and if England, m Uie fiifliment e( the great doty that is upon her, .11 i openly and aveweA Jy state wbat she Intended to do? if she sent her ambas sadors with open Instructions for the world to knew wbat she was endeavoring to be at we need not have planted over Europe and the world persons who are said to represent England, but do not repress** England. They represent the bad paits of her paMey. They do that veiy accurately. They are very iacM to persona, but injurious to England. Or. Kane In England. THE BOTAL GEOOBAPHICAL SOOIBTY OF KNOLANm ANB DOCTOB BANK. [Prom the London limes, Nor. 13.] The opening meeting of this society for the mmMs, which wss nsmerousiy attended, was held on Men4ay evening, at tbe house 16 Whitehall ptsaa Baar Admin* Beechey, I K B , President, ia the ohnir. ? * ? ? * In opening the meeting the President stated that a latttr had been received by the secretary from the distinguish** gold-medallist aad Arotlo traveller, Or. E. K. Kane, at the United States, regretting that severe Illness had pre vented him oallhig on ths society, as he had much to asp before leaving England, The secretary had answered She letter, and bad, In company with Mr. Arrowsmith, called upon Dr Kane, whom they were grieved to find in a vary weak sta'e. The President thoucht It would aooert with the general feeling oT their society, that ha, aa their representative, should call upon Br. Kane to express, In their names, their high ad miration oi their dislutesesled msdalUst, aad the sin cere regret that he had been prevented from appcaristt among his geographical rriends. He (the Prssidenl) would therefore suggest that a resolution to that ocTaat be passed, which he would have much plots ore in dett vcring to )>r. Kane. It was then moved by Sir Roderick Murcblson, VPS. G. R, and seconded by Captain Hherard Oiborn, R. N., ? B. G 8., and unanimously carried? That on the occasion of tbe arrival la this oauntry at the eminent Arctic expiortr, Dr. Kane, of the United States, for his arduous nnd akiltal endeavors, under tfca auspices of Messrs. (irlnnel! and Pea body, to rsasna Franklin, and the Important additions he made to gee graphical knowledge, received the gold medal of the So ciety; resolved, that the President do communicate en the part ol the members the expression of their sinoera regret upon learning that this distinguished man ikorfl have been prevented by ill health from appearing at Mm meeting to receive the unanimous and hearty wotosaaa which awaited him. The Anglo French Alliance Re-eatabUalurf. The English ministerial paper* publiah, la ooesptouoaa type, the following The London GIclx aaya ? The alliance betwoea the fcmperor Najwleon andBW Ma.oaty yui-en Victoria la aa close and !?j* has been ai any bour tlncc U waa Urtt ?rtabltohtd. of er ihe alliance has boeu uubr^en. and ha* at no t boon interrupted or even Impaired w e bare peree ? lntbaTstatement throughout. We did ?iwbaa att-r cot^i porarit'K were agalnit ue; and when ereo the oouroe of evecta appeared to cut a doubt upon our ???""""J: The truth oi our aaaerlloa ia confirmed by the genera knowledge. Tlie London Fort. says ? It U oi the highest importance, at a moment 1!is ma pretcnt, to oi?r*<th? e*at;gereti<mi oi rnmor. and to re cord the truth simply. We, the^tr* u?e that we bate reason to be lit r e that aeeer My ama waa the alHance between Eng.and and France mora aoM and faltbiv.1 than it ta now. ^^?st-swess. ss-SSr Tbls waa, nerbaps. the result ot waa cot attribution? to any real dirwrgeuce o. aentisesaa or opinion b.-tweou lbs Kinperor Napoleon and bor Vajea *wf *1? *at there la now the cer^tr that tw. gnvernmenU will act WfelljW? f tesetber they will lasist on the iultllinoat ot the treaty ie* ?hifh both tous bland conquered. .. .a ^ The naUOM and tb. monarcha are frlenda whoaatt would be. indeed, a diftcnit eaterprtae to dljtdL wbirh has failed, ana which will tall again If ?*??? tempwd. The public op'.non ot thislOMMTf I tor one motr>iBl doublet the nocorlti oi l ^ pore* Napo'eon, ami cordially ratift-w toe high opt^oa wUJah the aov. i elgn baa so a.ocL reason to entei tarn i?l h a strt* honor and unswerving truth. The London Tiroes wrttao:? No winder that for a time Ruaala Jg> with a show of success that . Hut ebe has a. ready carried It K*1*' * honorable mind rery aoon feeli that it ii ao compj wot to be t^ken Into confldeaoo apart flroro a ?taijBC ot). .|i? gtlll k?a whan he dlecoTora that he nee b'-ee impoeed on by Imperfect statements. HIi c/m be folly opened when ho ^t h,lt *ir*T^Tinfml w-? assumed by thoee who ahoald oaly wpwewa KT ZTZto, he will ?e that he h? Me brought to the edgo of a preoiplce, that hie tiattcrer la equally confld'uK to thoae w?e may one <lay be In hla piaoe. The Kmpeeor of?? t rencb baa been Indisposed In oonaequcaoe of or?r worts. In a dlatent proV.Dce or hie empire, not a yety Mceeelbln to documenU and adrlce, and he bie ha ^IfeaM ?ot about him. but away from him, too glad to pertorm the part of an Empwr wtttjHW conecience and lie reeponaibUlty _Tha: atate of th ngaije happily now pest, andNapoleoe m. hee had e?en a bluet and plain apoken thtTl^ ?Booth flatterer or a treecberooe Mrraak *??? meni we bellere we may ?ay ?b*? our linipwtai a?^ M tree aa b. la readyU) wbo^U^bSS on the queetioaa etlrred up bylR?rta. wh? in T?'n that ah>- hea pre <xcopted hia WMoa ?" honor. Cm the whole, tWe la are now la a beUer train for U?e fuifllaaent of the trae^r than they hare been la lor tome tune. The opposition papers of London apeak th ia on IM matter ? ? The apeak V^^t^isTate to aspect of elfa.ra la , aclVaa Wbet are the facief X'^LSflT'S- affSK them aa clearly and aa calmly aa p^bK^ *""* ?? .n aa it ta the et ident aim ot the ministerial iwssa j to conceal them from the public la a cloud of blueter aad ^Tiretfm*. Uea, thaiaftaa-H t? I tint voelaod svasds at the preeeot moment aimem aww? Id Korope. The French alliance, of wh?h wehATetwwa cd eo long and eo toadly. la uILSTie^mrtail Mb* end. We do not m^ to say that,? an open diplomatic rupture We*e^awaa appearanoee of c<woord and twofiMlnM ?amiear?? may not be kept up saoee a^jdaiooely do aay that, aotwithetaadiag the aaperMai paie* Uig recently ^Tecud by ^ ^27^- tyt two goTeeameota anntter dlrerggpe r'dteulotia abortion la whl^h the loudly *eua^ N~po? tsn inurx eatkia baa Hd; they ?t>r ea thefyweM* stiiutioa to be rreato the differ o? lh? proloiiftd oocopniion of !???? j!?? i?SPof the Turklah ?t? ler on Ue Interpretatloa or ^ 2J treaty Of 1'arla r^atlng to the UartaUoa of ?? Heeearabiaa Irtmtoer; they dlfler aa 10 the u . Ih? Bnd the ctroometaaoea nndee wbtoh the Cor green eboaid be re-eeaembie.1; at Conatantmople la one of ops* antagoniem, the t am SU^onTengM^ >? enceaaaat Wwaa baggm^* and trip eeoh .ther up and abo^^all, ^TtSe ly. glaringly, irroooncHsably la lhe?e^t?a?*ori spirit and laujatloae of tte^aa?e? thf? vT*tch Kmparor lo tM Rvtaian pared with that of L?rd ralmeram* at Hawshooter ihe Mansion House Thle beWsg ^ ? > the points off e?reem?^, <m wbwb. J? ?? tsy poiate of r?puletoo, the t^anle b? supposed to reel? We recite tbeee teconot w?h Xsure, b? with the deepeal sorrow aod ^gret^lNe they are lacu, aad what a valla It to 4eay or diegema them V The leeond Pseee C?n|greea In faita-Whjr It k la lo Aeorsnble, ??.-aBsss^SSSSfaaR siyrff iai.""'??? -s:: ^L2^in.?Upby wlSSftwo or thSTiu-a. ?f ?!!^T7,t^> olthe Treaty of Parta, la exchaage Mr ^S n^STaad ' la order more fally* eaeure tke ^I^S navigatloo of the Itaau^1't*e tapeeer freedom as a recuawkm of hla fyeatier la ??7or thle purpose the article daalarse that ST^fToatl^ o^hlCmm the Akermaa r^d,ab ^ V rtror Taipm* M ttte^details of the rreatler woald require a mtanm le? SrmTeet.gatte., I laanbe rrom the domtafcrn ef Ruae^ Tbe^ante's intet d nothlag elee Ifcaato dyrtva ,af fortrsaa wiUvla the msfltto of W?ea, mm, la the aextclaoae theaew freoMert lamwm* r^l lag to lie emth of JWyed^aMeaae ^ ^ la as 5rtSBrasw^??^ \TdeTrajaa. wbtoh ^uZTtokeTlSl m.U. ***** name tlie new rroBtier oooia no? railed Without learta, tt. ^ to.^ lh* d* ^ ^ merely to oreea ths it. la deed, It would *>^r^',|ljeMMna m h*ai i??um tLiLTSTM he coulcrmabie to toe topogram / lateoHoe anaicaed. It ^ M|r^rt ^ tut weed ?l?aatedmoatbe?opor\ tb( Md ^ TVriml h.it s< me mere town ' . M it la alto ea;.? .. afonr popular "M*.? Bol*T*U UWC aa a ? a?o ww.