8 Aralık 1856 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

8 Aralık 1856 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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THE NEW Y WHOLE NO. 7405. MORNING EDITION ORK HERALD. MONDAY, DECEMBER 8, 1856. PRICE TWO CENTS EITERESTlIVfl FROM NOIL tHERN HKXICO. Our Monterey Correspondence. Momtsksy, Mexico, Oct. 28, 1956. frogrest of UoMMm?R>jmUe of the TUmaulipaj hWca anl Succvi ij Vidaurri?I'reparatiom to Oeert/iroie Mn, rfc, rf'. Matters bavo at last come to a crisis bet ween this State and ComoDfort's government, much to tbe regret or all who with the prosperity and peace o? this frontier. General Vidaurri having Quiahed bit preparations for erasing tbe Han .loan river, on tbe 24tb Inst opened bis flrss ou tbo Tamau'lpas rornes that bave tortitled them ?elves tu Ctroargo, and after engsgtog tbem ror about two bours tu a enemy retreated from the town, having unstained a severe lorn. Maoy crossed over to th < American side or the river, an usual la euoh cues, when, M In this lati&nae, Carvujal forms a party, and others retreated down the Rio Grande towards Matatnoros and Keynosa It is cow known tbat tbe forces osmlog Irom tbe interior are to meet the famaullps* forces, under Garza, at thii place, and General Vidaarrl In order to draw the former out or Victoria, has ordered b'.i troops in tbat lection of the country to concentrate on theBioGraf.de. The force irom th" Interior consist* of about four thousand men, oommaudei in chief by Par rodl, who lb seconded by Generals Kosai and Kchoagaray. They feel continent ol success, at they Imagine tbat the >ii thousand live hundrei men at their disposal are more than the tfovernor or tuts citato can conteud with, U only tour thousand men co.?pot>e tne foica that Vi daurri can brir.# to bear against them. Coilon:.?i with '.lis cabinet in mt?kiog an ofr>rt to crush the chief of the army cl uo Nortn, anu although matters i-jst now present a very thrcatenu g aspect against him, J believe that Vidaurri wil tint ou y bold hi? ground, but will drlvo Comoufort from th? chair an 1 maka t'ae ceneru: government defray lb > < xpousus incurred by this f-tata in the pn-sent struggle. I hare long since written to you that Vidaurri Is bj tar superior to all who lire cow dguriuf In tnis country, and I now repeat that tie wll! prove bimgell more than a match for any ol tbem. )n the ba'ance of power, Vidaurri is at this momont tbe tlrongeet man in Mexico. ""-"he forces of dalullo wer*> ordered yesterday to con centrate at th's place, as the Governor ol Tamaullpai is liuw known to be advancing at the head of about 2,000 men and tine pieces of arilllery Governor Vidaurri is ?;ully one tn-ud'ed and seventy from this ?Uy, an t ?hoa'.d be cot overtake Garza and provoat thereby tbe capture of this capital what teres are here will throw themselves into the citadel and b>ld It until Vidaurri comes to thet.* rrlief. The most intsaia excitement pre vails, and many already wear very long faces, as tney annousiy a.?k, "Where Is Vidaurrif"?" will ho nover arrive V' Tba old women pray devoutly for bis arrival, and burn innumerable candles tn eveiy saint in heaven to tisisre ih.i success of tne army of tbe North Tbe dtgottaries composing ma government alrealy speak ol abasdonlng tbe pla:e; and, tor the present your bumble correspondent will bave '.o ac.coTipai.y them, ss otberwiie he would staud the chance of being a bead -vhorter t( be should fall into Garza's hands. It is all la a lifetime, sad I am far from being apprehensive as to the final rerulta. Sbon!d Gsrza occupy this city he will scarcely make bis stand good against Governor Vidaurri, who with the ilowcr of hi* army is In rapid pursuit. I know Garit well aod whenever it comes to the pinch his followers will tin 1 to their sorrow thai be is sot a lighting miu a< so maoy have supposed. He is not the man to cjpe w.tb V,danrri ' tbe laiter bas anytnlng like afalrcbauca We will very soon know ho>. far I am mistaken In my conjectures. 1 will make an eOrrt to keep try bead on ay shoulders, and In case of doing so, as 1 devoutly pray aud hope, I wiii cootmiie stndiLg you now and then a noie or what may happen. Momtskkv Mexico, Nov. 8, li59. Military </j>rraliriru?fbroes of Ike CntiUttdirtg 1'iirtut and their Mnrmmtl?Appearance <f General Garza before Monterey?St^ge of (he City?Arrival of Vidaurri and D'/eat of Gar:a, rfc., tic. Ou the 31 t ultimo the personagos composing the gov erament or Nsuvo Leon and Coabulla left this capital with tbe government records, and on the 1st instant tho Gov ernor of Tamanttpaa MMri4 U with soma 1,800 men and aloe piece* of artlllary. On the 2'Jtfc ultimo a detachment of 600 men made a slsnd agsiost Garza's forces some thirty mllos from this place, although their orders wtre to retreat slowly before tbem and take advantage or tho ground for the purpose of retarding big movements. The ooascqnance was tbat they tad to retreat, leaving tbe road to this capital entirely opened to the enemy this force, with what wa already hare, threw itselt Into the citadel, which fortress tbey bad orders to hold until the Goveruar should corns to their relief. Immediately alter taking possession of the city, Got. <;?nt seat aa express to Comoutort announcing that tin oampa ga wit orer, as In the course ol a quarter ot an bour be would take tb? c tadel by s'.orm. Tbe summoni wj ccrtu niy sent; bat the answer waa? for then to take ttlftbeycoi.il. Tbo Immediate roaring of the c?anon announce) that operations against the fortress bad com menced, an 1 tns sprit w.th which tu : ?*.-.? s.t* answered showed their determination to sustain themse.vea. The ,;r eg wm k ?;>?. up until the 3.1, when Gov. Vldaurri ar rived at 11 o'clock A. M The mteo e firing Irom tbe fortress on the enemy's 1 t ee annouBoed that the main body of the army of th? North, under Vldaurri b.mseif, wai approaching, and having come w.th.n tbe proper l stance ol the enemy, tbe oner waa given to charge MM? at the point of tbe bayonet On toey ruabed, amidat shoots of encourage aiont and crtca of despair, every ma-i advancing fully de termining to do or die Thoy ctmrge ; gallantly, and tn fifteen miunus iiarza, wttb tbe main ho.iy of hia forces, a as seta flying towards MMto Alter a considerable oia ia killed nid wounded, several hundreds wore taken pnioaer*. a* also three pieces of artillery, many stands of arm?, all their ammunition, baggage, their Hag, ha., Ac. But tor tbe fact that Vida'irrlrs forces wore nearly exhausted when they arrived, uot one of the enemy would have escaped To dampeD tbe joy caused by this e rent, an express ar rirad yraierday with tbe tale>ligence that after Governor Vldaurri rqtlred from the Rio Grande some six bunlred men bad again collected on the American alle or the river, and assisted by many Americans wearing tht uai term o: the I sited Mates army, bad taken poeieaalon of t amargo They ware atta ked on the id Instant by Col. Sayae, Whose ccm iian I rom st -1 >: ibout an o , lai num bcr, aud owing lo the defection ot one of bia ofll jers, who had formerly belonged to !4anta Ansa's " loyal troops " Lie wa? V ? julshed and bad to retreat. The enemy's vanguard consisting of SCO men, have arrued at Maltillo, where the forvi from the Interior are soaceotfatlng la order to annihilate tbe army of the North. General Roaaa failed to join Garza at Moatersy. Our Wsshlngton toirrepondenrr. WasamuToa, I>ec. ?, ISM. Tkt Her a! i't Lane otter Ovrruftm<hmct?Cuba? Mr. Bu cKanari Thirty Fran Ago?England mnd Ouba?TKt Po lity <jf th* Sm'tA?General A'ulir, di , dc. Tour I*tcarter correepondeat Is right In regard to one pclat totirhing Mr. Buchanans pol'cy?and that Is, thai it wiil be progresses aid conservative. As to what that ccaserratlsra aad progreee will he la another matter. The acquisition of Cuba, as elated three weeka ago in the ;i?ai: r?, will be the leading feature la the next adminis tration. It la aa American measure, aad will rally as many supporters ia Host in as Charleston The means of acqu.rlog tbe Island will be developsd at ths proper time Nearly thirty years ago Mr. Bichaaan took up the same poelttoo aasumed at Oitend?that Cuaa :s the key of the Gulf of Mexico, cutting la two the coastwise trade and travel ot the l alted -tales, and oommandlag the moulb of the Mississippi. Tbo annexation of Texas, with 'he acquisition or California. I apprehend, have ao< altered the settled conviction* ol the ntxt President K Mr Ruchaaaa aueoeeds tn the purchase of Cuba he w II accomplish a greet feat 8n i ?r as tbe lateatioos of l ug land are concerned, It It oely necessary to not* the s'gnlUcant fart Ibat she made the 'West Indlee the baso of operations In ths attempt to blockade the movitb of the Mlasiaeiopi and capture New "rieans. Since then, British power has not waned nor Rrlttsh ideas became extinct la the Guir ar < entral America It Is only neceeaary for the I'reeldent elect to turn to the hack tilet of the Hsu *i '? aad consult tbe fasts recorded by its eor respondent 'a Havana down to this tay, to leara how far the scheme of African nation baa been carried out. If free negroiem is not carried out tn Cuba It is simply be cause the proper time hae at: arrived for I ngiaad to briag on the evt nt. Governor Marcv threw the bolder policy la r^ard to Cuba overboard in the hope I>r aoqmrmg It through th ? Indirect Influence of 1-ngland Hs is not tbe first sta>s man wbo hae been led into gloriona na^etalnty and oifi clal proorMtination by Spenteh diplomacy. Nert to Its high opinion of iteelf, Spain entertslna the greatest oen tempt for America, aadtbeCapUls General actually thinks thai *t is the high deetlay of the Spanish Go vera mcnt tn sweep American republicanism, with our free echoes, tree i>eer.b. free press and f'rotestaat Bible rrom ths fscs of tbe earth. K theT? Is ?ny proposition tor bargain and sale?mark my words?It will romelrcm ftpaia. Your Lancaster r or respondent 1" correct in regard to the Kaa n< matter. So far as the South Is con oe'oed. It wonld rather bare the ' (institutional prln-l p'e of popular sovereignty ^settled and Kansas a free Hate, than have Kansas a slave Hate through Control aloca' lotioenre. ItU the tr;i.-> irterest of tho South to adhere ?tr'~tly lo the constitution, and ?o stand or it'.l with it. Oeostltntlonal tonality in Ihe I nton or odo ' p n^'eneo nut of it, la a rsntimet t w .ilch will fl-i i as h> arty ati erbo tmntit tht ffiemm o! the North as with tha free men af fbe jeotitb fbe M> '-ea. Rnsk, aitboegb complimeitarv. Is, I lb r*. without real l->r ii ailoe f.en Kuik si!' a rapt no pm;tiot whoever un.i >r Mr Roc ban as, rt r ? as s srs-ru and laiventla'. i"ri*>rUr n V f ^e??ie THE SLAVE TRADE IN NEW YORK. lTn!tcd State* District Court. liefure Hon. Judge Infer*oil. Dk. t) ?The United StaLei vt Auyiulu* Cm tar de Moi quxtn, B. J. Wun'jerg and J. 1'. Weekt, charged wkhJiUxny out the Panclita a* a ilat? rtttel ?Tin. testimony In thla cue having clored, Mr. Gerard summed up for the ac cusod and the iHatrict Attorney (Mr. McKeen) Tor the government. thi jruoa'a ouRua The Judge then proceeded to charge the jary. Hs Mid Gtamwinivor thk Jrmr?Your attention has been oo OHM lor Huiue < ouslderable time in toe Investigation of this cane, and the attention which y on hare given to It as sures me that you endentaad it, while the intelligence It ta prtsumed that yon posses* assures me also that you will be ablo to apply the legal evidence to tho case nnder consideration, and discard the extrane ou* matter which ban been introduced, and which ha* boo |rtwd Mt the service. It ha* been iotlmat ed that in relation to aome one of the partiea indicted, proceedings uave l?en nvl atfaiust hioi before Commissioner Morion, who has given In* testimony; that yon mu*t du-i ard entire!). it is no wMmi in ttiu case, in regard ti the guilt or Innocence or these individuals An allusion has also been made to the action or the Grand Jury. It Is no matter wh?t they huvo dono. You are u.'t *o consider it. It 13 not to wolicb a feather In your estimation, in considering the quoitloii whet >er thaee in dividual* are guilty or not. You are to determine the merits upon your oatb, Imm the evidence tbit has boea given to you In Cou't, aud not upou the action of any Commissioner. or up'tn the action of any Grand Jury. They are responsible for the course which they adopt? yru are reBponslblo for the courtto which you adopt The charge in this indictment is (and you havo only to Investigate the charge set forth in the ;ndictm<ut) that these three Individuals, either as owners or as factor* of the bark I'unr.hita. title-) her out in the United States, In the port of New York. lor a foreign port, and at the fame time sho v&s thus iltted out by them, the >? had the intent loom ploy her in the transportation of slave* from a foreign country to some other country. Ani ttese are the only lar.ts that vou are to mvestigato Yon will see that th-y are throe Hist, were these dofendums the owners or the factor* or this vessel: Second, did they, a* suon. Bt her out for a foreign port? Thlr". did tbey or eitner oi them, at the time that tbey thus Iltted her out for a foreign port, have the intent to have her empl>jed in the transport* tion of slaves from ene foreign country to anotner? la reference to tbe first fact there s?? m? to b? no doubt. It is conceded that two of these young men were toe owner* of this vessel; it Is conceded that I be other had a charter tor her, and was therefore the owner pro ha?: nee, er at all events wa* factor It must therefore bo conceded that thev were either the owners or factor* of the vessel. the noit question ta, wa* she lilted out for a foreign port V And about this there 1* no difHou for it la conceded tbat she wa* Qtted out by them tor a voyage to tbe coast of Africa, and intended by them to engage in tbat branch of the iegaJ commerce of tho coun tiy. And 1 will say. In tills connection, that that ia a legal commerce, as ranch so as the commerce between th>* port and any other port of any otter foreign country. It is recognised as a UwTul oommt-rce by the.givernment ct tbe I'aiieo States. It i* pursued to a very'great extent by reipectable merchants iu this otty, ani toitssuccs* tni* city i* in none measure tndeotee Tor its advancement and it* pregret*. Therefore, tho commerce to the coa*t of Africa be'-.tg a forolgo commerce, no prejudice *hoa!d exist against any individual from the fact that he ha* fitted out a vessel from the port o( New Yore to c^gaga ta that commerce. He ha* a right to do It It la lawful for blm to do it, and no presur,i;u:on snould e*ut agsmtt him from the mere tact that be haa engaged to that foreign c< i.,merce. ttbtWV, tbat foreign com merce may be abused. So may tho nom merce to other ports of loreign countries be abusod. Bat the rn*son that it may be abused l>y unworthy persons, is no cause wby any 'prejudice should exist against any one who en gages in that con merce, *o lor g as It I* Uwful. It m therefor" conceded tbat these person* 114 tit out thla verse! for a port in Atrloa and as I have eaid before, there Mag n >tbmg else in the ca?i, It was perfectly lawful lor them t"> do it The rnly remaining question, and about which you will hare no ditflouhy, ta, old tbey intend, at tbe time tbat veaiel wa* 11 .ted out m the port of New York to have her engaged In transporting aiave* from a foreign country to aome other country. That la the only question tbat you aro totrj.antin conaldering this case ** iou would consider any other case where the puniabmoLt la iciamous and where Infamy shall at tach to IS* character -)f individuals, provided tbe charge* alleged in tho Indvtmeat a-e suatalced, you are 19 bear in miud that the presumption of Innocence is in Uvor o' these Individuals , vou are not to look upoi their cause with any presumption of gutlt. Tbey staad bt ore you IMHl thepMMMftfM ttMMl are MMMMBt, Mi jou aro bound by j out HUM t > PHMMMMM tn nocent, unio** by the testimony given to you tn court you can'say on Tour catha that that leral testimony eatlafles yoi: beyond a reasonable doubt that that pre sump'ton <a remoi ed. And the qaeefon then for you to determine ts, has thero been such testimony given to you In cpen court (which alone you can cm*tder) at will talify you, beyond any reasonable doubt, that that legal prcsumptlcn in the r Uvor should uot MM, nud which ?hall o<impel you, upon your oat ha, to *ay that thev are gndty ol tbe charge ftt tortfi la tat* indictment II yon i cannot aay it, uron the evidence given to you in oourt. you art bond to acquit them. If you ran ?ay it, bsjond any reasonable doubt, thtn it le your bout'dan duty ti tcnvlct It la u*u?l, to cur* whero we wlab to get at tho Intent, n't where tho eoaenco of the crime m tQa MmI to do a particular act. to prove UMt the aot hat been done; an I when you have found that the a* wu done, you presume tb.it the peraon by whore tbo not wm ilone intended to do that act, and la eucb a caae aa that, u|>oo proof that the act waa done, you oaa falely aay that the party Intended to do Hi a> I Therefore where s.mvm have been round upon board of a veaaei, you mum And that at loaat aome one hu fitted out or nav'**'f>,' that vee?*l With tie tnteat r. it ahe abouK tranaport alavo*. Bat (or the purpoee of aan?r inc.it; tho MM of the parcel In tilt >g out thin veaaei, which, 'aa i mM NMl waa a lawful buatneaa, you bare not tho act that there wore ataree on boa'd, and aba haa never been to ibe coast of Africa, by which you could In tar that the partiea Intended that ibe iboul 1 be crushed 'n MM unlawful MM Wei!, whatara the facta?and I apeak ot facta now?upon which you ran In Itr thla guiltj intentv Tbo proof ta reference to her cargo baa been exhibited to you. and I believe every wit near who baa been examined baa aald that ovorr article contained In that man I teat waa anon i* thorn engaged In the African commerce bar* been accn*tomed to transport. and ?uch aa ta naual for veaeola engaged In tbat lawful com merce to tranaport. Wei, It theee wttnewea ara to oe believed, tben, from the fact tbat MM tbinn were found on board thla voaaol. you cannot infer any guilty latent; for if yo? did, you would infer audi a gui ty intent upon every reapnclable vrchant in the city of New York who haa put aoch ar ticlea upon board. Krom tbo tact, tboreforo. that thoee arttr.ee were upon bi>ard the ve*<tel, you cannot Infer auch latent, i.cleaa there haa been aoniethlngolee. for the rule of law lathi* that MM KHMlNMbi tMMllllMM intom and there may be aa aa lawful Intent?the presumption of law ta that he <tld the net with a lawful intoat; and tf the public wlab to prova tbat he did It with an unlawful Intent, It la thalr dnty lo pTOve It. Therelore, from the fact that tbeee thlnga were upon board of thla veaaol, being auU> aa peraona engaged in lawful commerce transput, you cannot taler mat be bad an unlawful Intent, rrom the lad tbat be might by poeiiDtllty bavo had an unlawful Intent. It haa bees org. ed to you that you ebould infer tbla lntnot from the fact that moot of the crew were foreigners, and not American cltl/eai, and from the (act that they wore auch a crew aa It In la MM >bey we re MM I am at a loan to dltcovtr how any auch legal Inference can foil>w I re collecfamoo I bare been here tbla laat Ume I bad ocsa alon to try acveral Individual* compoaiog the crew of a certain ibip here, lur aa attempt to make a revolt. I be lieve the whole of the crew were Malaya; but I think It wonld be bard to have made U>e preaumpti >n agatnat thoee individual*, trom the fact (hat they were Malaya, tbat the/ inteaiied tp do aomething wonderful when they pot out of ibe jrrtadtatlon cl the United t*t*u>* But to meet ttititpart of the caae, the oouaael 'or th* <ie . ore have latrodi.ee-' tbe gentleman who pfeM?l tb < Crow, 111 he tells you the owner* hail nothing to do with the ahlfpinic of tbem;tfcat they did not know who woreahlpped. tbat it waa left entirely to htm to ahtp whom he cboee that be selected auch a crew aa be thought waa aftrroprlata for tbe voyage; that when they were *elecud he put them on board, and that neither of tbe three Individual* ac cnaed knew aavthing about thta and If be tela the teuib, even If there bad been any preemption again at thoe? partiea from tho lact tbat the crew waa auoh aa it wa*, !t would reem to me that when that ta proved *nrh pre eumpltoa ahould cease to e*i*t Another avldeac.o of guilt, aa ti claimed on ttie part of tbe (nitr'ct Attorn?y, t*. tbat Mr Motqu to. who waa on board thta v<ael when she waa e'. <d, bad In bla poraeaaion certain letter* writ ten by dllerent peraona to otbera reai liag aad doing bum re* la Africa Tlioee leitera hareb-en eihibited to yon. Aa 1 uudoritaad, those letter* were lealod, bat I take It for granted tbat Mr Mnaqulto bad aorois to tbem. aad knew the noatenta of them Tbe qnaatlna la. tben, what leg* preaumption ahould exlat aga'nat him Irotn the fact the' theae letter* were in "hi* ooaataiioa. I understand (and IT I era wrong in lira I jog the conttel to cirrest me.) tbat In none of tbeae letter* waa th<re Ml ng ?*iI about thta voyago. If I am right la thta?and there ta ao reference mMe in tbeae letter* a* >o thta voyage?then the Ml Ml HMMI hart theun MM In h'a poueaeton, howevrr much they might Implicate other ind vidiiala la other tranaacuone, ahould not alTect h'm la tbli. Mr. McKeon?Ihere 1* one letter that aay* that Mr. Moaqu.to had chartered this veeael aad loaded It on bla own account. Tbe Court?There la oothlng In that ehowlng any guilt npon tbe part of aay .ndlvldnal In reference to tbla voy age. I therefore aay that the law ta that they abouH sot operate against h m to hta prejullc In the Invea ti|atton of thia cue by you. They were Introduced for a proper purpoee, bnt In my judgment ft would be en improper pnrpoet to have them a *ed ngalrst Mm to mpl'raie b'm In tbla tranaartlon. It la aald, too, that be ibowed evidence or guilt whon he at tempted to dratroy tbeao lettera Why, If ths lettera l*itmM'lrea e. nta'ne.i any In ormatlon aboutthl* veeael aad be atlftr jHail ta dcitrov then, la that reae it m*ght operate agalntt him. tut if the letter* contained tn'orma tior la ratal!oft It other person in regard to their being mp"ratc4 In < tbrrtra;.a?ct',on? and he attempted to da trov thcoe ietter* no mailer fym what cinae?whether be kr?w the'r roatenta or aot?tt ahruid not b? to hi* pr* iit'ce wli "i t-c are f; la-n'.ire lato the faft what waa hi' 'itc-' when h Itlef w th * fb* tv* fore tejaf* Ti:r: *r: * f?it maoy fwVi wi c* bare >ea? alluded to, with which I will not trouble yon, axtlin. have nothing to do wtth the question as to tok guilty in tent. It imbi that this vessel had umny passsengoes on board. Tberewa^ Mr Italrymple and nU family, apubl. functionary In eonse capacity, appointed by the Brtt.jti government, it seems to b? Admitted, and who were bound to Atrlca. There were others upon beard; and It to claimed upon the part of these defendants, and you can gWe to that claim such weight as you think tit, that this would indicate there waa nothing criminal in tnia voyage. If you can discover mere waa any criminal intent, you will say otherwise. In reference to too captain of thia ?easel, it la claimed on brth aidea that he waa a worth leas man. II he waa a worthless man, It la not to operate agalnci theie defendants to show a guilty Intent; nor it tbe males. in oonneuon with the captain, at one time had the intention ol taking possession of this veasel and converting It to their own use, it doea not go to prove tbat three parties had a guilty intent in fitting out thia vessel. At It mi there in no evidence of It, and from those (acts yon cannot Irrer that there was a guilty Intent upon their part Without detaining you longer, I will submit thia cade to you. You must aa I said before, have evidence, beyond all reasonable doubt, tbat three Individuals, at the time that they titled out thia fNHL had thi* unlawful intont to ?cgage here in the slave tiade; atd unless you have sucb legal evidence given to you in Court, by whiab you can aay beyond all reasouaole doubt tbat tbey had auch an Intent, tbon yon aro bound to acquit them. If you can say upon tho evi dence before yon, that you are satisfied beyond all reasonable doubt that they had thia Illegal intont, it is your only to convict them. Fori mat ol the Jury (Mr. Denman)?Are we to under stand tbat the overt act, or the presence or slave* on board la necessary to a conviction r Tbe Court?Not at al!. I aald that In many caaea where a jury wish to come at the Liteut, you stod tbat intent by piovlng the fact; because it la presumed that a party intended that which he did, and when it is proved that he baa done an act. you have a right to presume that he intended to do it; and then I laid, ai you had no such evidence u thia cane, yon should get at the Intent in some otber way. Mr. McK(on? I tak your Honor to charge the jary that ther ar? the soie ridge* of the tacts In the ^ase. Tbe Court?Und ubtoilly; and If I havo intimated to the jury what my opinion Is, and they Co not agree wtth me they baye a right to overruto mo The .'nry, after a few minute* consultation, and with out Icavlrg the'.r neat*, returned a verdict of not guilty. Mr tieraid applied for the immediate discharge of the defendants, which waa ordered Naval and Marine Aflfulrs. 1 HE BKOOKLYN NAVV TAUT)?TDi; IMPROVEMENTS ?MtlPei, HUILMNrtS, K^C. The Brooklyn Navy Yard continues to be vistled by numerous persons from tba country aud city. The neat nets of the grounds, tbe orderly arrangement ot canon in parallel lines and the shot in pyramids, the fine ships, tbe vest naval buildings and tiie magnificent atone dock, are objects well worthy of a visit to see. The Niagara especially 11 an object of weeder and admiration, her clean, sharp, beaut If ally curve! hull can be seen to great advantage ai abo liea in the doc*. She is nearly completed, and whatever may be her av:coe?s as a ship of war, she will at least leap Into the wave bosu tifnl aa a thing ol life The Niagara wont into the dry dock on the 24th ultimo; stnoe then they have been to workchietl; on hermaohlnery. About cue hundred men are employed on her; all tbe bearings for the propeller have been fitted, and the connectioua of the enginea and boileis are nearly completed. Tuo low er parts of tbe amoke pipes are up; tney are now putting down the pivota tor the guns, finuning the hammock rails and coal burkers. They exp'ct to be al'lo to put steam on her by the Orit of January. The Mississippi left the dry-dock on the 2Cth Bit, and n* w ileg at the whirl. Two ol Martin's nsw boilers htve been put In bar; they were built by Paaw an! Murphy, and are the same aa those put into the sn new steam frigates of which tie Secretary of tha Navy speaks so highly in hi.s last report. Our laat report on the Navy Yard specified tbe advantages iu tbe saving of apace and ccal that will he derived tiom the use ol these new >>oil era instead of tlie old onea. The carpcntera are gJing on wtth ber lus'.oa work aa tepidly aa convenient. lbe North Ciroliua. receiving ship baa not many re cruits ou l>oarJ si piNM Her olllcers, bands and re cutita do not aumher over one hunUrod persons. A few weess aso ahe furnished onu hundred aud fifty recrum lor the wetessh. Commander Kowan baa the men drillt*d daily In b"?rttwt>rd exercise, in musketry, Au; '-Paddy the Creek ' being taken earn ot olsewaere, has not beo? nblt> to pursue his lortner craft of stealing meu, nor hav<) any lately run away. The fixate flavaanah, late trom the coaM or Braall, h row at the yard. Qer men have boen paid off. and she await* further orders. Tbe Kalmouth is b> ing fitted ont for ??i. She will sat in a lew wcrkslorH<s* ! goes Ml U> relieve tb sloop of war Cormantown. Ber officers havo not ye been appointed. Tbe toilowtng vensola are laid up in ordinary at the Navy Yard:?Ine frigates Sabine, Pirtomac and Brandy Wtee, tb>' sloop Vincvnacs, the rtoreslup MmM: the NWM Corwtn. belonging to the oaet survey, la aiao at the yard. Tbe whole number of men employed In the yard is 1.360. The old black*mlth shop we* sold at publlo auo tiou lor *4t>0 to Mr Rrower tie baa torn it down, and carried tbe niter,,,. out ol ihe yant They are lllhng up the swamp tn Flushing aveeuo. which is to bo oo uptet hy " new Maj'ne llnrracks Messrs. Smith k Co., of New York city, have entered Into a ontract with the Bureau ol Navy Yards and Docks, lor putting '260,000 cubic yarSS of sand into the swamp. Th< y receive forty rent* t>er cubis yard, and have engaged to have the whole amount put In within sixty days. It will probably reqmre one million more cubic yards >f sand to complete He lining In. Tbe whole amount appropriate for the use of the various departments at toe Navy Yard laat yiar wan $HOO,OOv about tiOOOOO nl which ia still on bsnd. The new bniidlngs are nearly (ompi. ipti they only requite a Mttie tlttlcg up Too ma chinery for the' boiler (hop la all ready, bat the engine Is cot yi t erecud. The oakum marufhetory will be pnt In operation In about four mouths The building is completed. Tne machinery Is being built by Danforth, C?os Ac Co , of I'alrrson, N .1 , It was itetlgnnd by Cl.lef l.ugineer JMM (lay. Tbey intend to have the most perfect oakum man ufactory in the l.'nited mates; it will manulacturo oakum 'or tha entire na <y. There are till men In the marine barracks, Including the ciliners : there are 93 privates, two captains, and four second lieutenants Coroner*' Inqnejit*. foCKD Dwr>?ft ivoean Piatii of as I'jrvowi Mas by Vioulvi ?Ycau-rday morning about & o'clock the Third ward police disoovered the body of an unknown maa lying dead in the are* of the new building 59 Ren la atract, star Broadway The deceaaed lay on hia back, at ad atanceof about twenty two feet from thaatdawalk Th? body waa immediately taken to th a Third ward ft la tiou bouse, In Warren street, where Ooroacr Conoery waa notlBcd to bold an lnqu?at I'poo an eiamlnation of the premises 69 Heade street. It waa dlaooTerad that tbe opining to tbe area below had been rarolessly left open, learlng aay pcraon liable to rail tato the deadly trap. On tbe tldewalk oppoalta the door waa found the taalde of a porUmnatiale which It la preeumed by tbe Corcaar bo iong?d to the deceased. Tbia fart, tn tbe opialoo of Coro ner < onnery, tends to throw arm.' suspicion of foul piay upon the mattor. and hsnoe he la taking n:-* ur-s aooord InjVy. From an examination of the body M waa roaad that dec<??ad'a skull waa severely Iracturod, aa ir by the tall raoetrad. No Incited wounds could be found upon tha peraon. The llngera at uie ri|ht band wera torn and scratched la several plaoea, but inn Inarlee appeared to have bean tanictad by tha tall, at the Inrlaioaa wera Oiled with gravel and dirt. Tha bralna ot the deoeaaed oozed out 01 ice fractures In ibeheat, aad |<ortlona of the aame wera scattered over the surface of tbe area In tbe immediate neighborhood ot the apot wbrre tbe body waa rouad. Tha deceaaed waa dreaaeil la a black pilot clotb coat, watered atlk Teat, cotloa drawers, red ilannel nndnrahlrt, black caaaimer? ?, aou aad pegge J cair akin boots. On hla per ton waa found a pea ktire, a key, a check ror at cenla worth ol refresh m?nta. belonging to Taylor'a aaloon, a card oa which waa intrrlbed "Mlaa Onnaulia, No. 109 Merixr itraet,'' and a ranbrtc poakrt haadkerebur, with a pink btrdar. Tha deorsred waa dark <* mpleiloned. bad dark hair and blark niooatat-.be. A ptlvate watchman animated with the care of the building above referred to, ear* bo kuowa noth.ng at all la rtferenoe to the aflalr, and bad no knowledge of tbe oocnrrence until tbe body of defeated waa dlaoo' ored yesterday morning The Coroner after making tbe neoeesary In quirlca In relation'tc ?'?? occurrence, postponed the la quest until today, ? >a a thorough In realisation will lake place. Vat lot.a ? ? are eipreeaed ia relation to the matter Homo |* - ?. ? mag'ne that tha deceaaed haa been the victim ot vinecce, but most persons ooacur In saying that tn the best or tboir 'teller tbe deceased lei lalo the area.and received his dnaUqacctdeniftlly. All per sona, however, agree la censoring tbe proprietor* and builders ol the above store ror trie recklrws and nareloes manner in which the area was Uif open, aflordlng as tt did a moat dangerous trap ror the livea or cllltent fre

quanting that neighborhood during the night time < he body of deceased now Has at the Third ward station house, wbrre tbe frienda or ralatlraa can ha . o an oppor tualty of Identifying It. P*ath f*om Br RTft ?An Inquest waa held on Saturday upon tbe body ct Char'es Manejanlt. a native of South Carolina, aged twenty eight yeara, wbo died from the ef rert* or severe burns, received, aa it Is snppoaad, while readlrg I* bed. The deoeaaed waa discovered on Tbnra day morning by tbe Inmates of tbe bouse wherein be waa a boarder in an Insensible and dr'ng condition Psc**a?d rr oelTed all proper care and medical attendance but tha miariea wrre so severe tnat be died In a few hours after the discovery of hla situation waa made known. Tbe da. rea*?d, It la said, belongs to a wealthy and reaper table !am>ly in Pouth Carolina, and Is <11 ?tartly related tn t?r. Taylor of Crane cbnreh. In this city Mr Mannjaull waa a erlppla, baring bnt one leg, and thin may have render r 4 him I' oarabie of freeing hlm?eir from tbe bnmlag el ot bee In tl .ti? to a* re h's lifs Th < Hody f '?er^ased wascomeyf't tn Char'?rt"^ mi 8*' i ? ???fitter JaiDpi Adpr, for nterts.-jai ADDITIONAL FROM EUROPE. OUR mm AND PARIS CORRESPONDENCE. THE F0RE16I POLICY OF FKIHCE. THE ALLIANCE BETWEEN FRANCE AND RUSSIA, *e.( ?o. Contracts have been Uken at home ud abroal for tbe con str notion ol thirty one Russian steamers (or theser vice of the companies intended to navigate between the Black Sea aod foreign or other porta. Home of these will bo or largo dimensions, and so constructed that each wtl be enabled to transport from 800 to 1,000 t'oops, and to rccelve a powerful war armament?tbe guns being Uopt ready In reierve at the home porta. El Occidititc of Madrid, of November IT, In an angry article with rt spect to tho attitude of the dm tod states go vernment, 'inotes the followlig as recolved from New York, dated October '29:? Tbe government of tbe United States ha? not viewed with lndllterence tbo aggressive movement* of Spa:n m Mexico and St. Domingo If Mr. Buchanan be elected President, tbe Spanish government will receive en ergot la notes,which are already) written and laying in tbe Foreign Secretary's oillce at Washington. In attempting to roa Iza ber projects, Spain will encounter in Mexico aid Si. Domingo Anglo-American forces which may defeat her ends. LcNtrd of Nov. '20, announces tbe following piece of literary intelligence:? We commcncc to day 'be publication of the Courier of 1/luhm l'he Courirr will ?(>p??r every 16 days It will be, ltko our t'li/riw of fn.ru ami our Onttrie* of Berlin, a laitbJul ucil p'nuaiit rmuire r.f Uic chronicle of the sa U ouri, of tbe clubs, of the r?, of this political. liter ?ry, artis<ln, commercial, financial, aritocratlc, uul d? mocratln worlo of Loudon. It will bo a record o* groat and littlo HvrntH In a word, it will be a faithful pb"U> yraph of tbo unccdolal llle of a g'eat city. We will next take up the publication ot our OVururr uf Si. Peters Uirg Tbe Prussian C"rreip<ndcrKs announces that the cum n>i;tee tor tbe regulation of Dannbias navigation mot on the 4th Inst, at Calatz, and held its first sitting. Tbe whole cf tie com mission era were protect, namely :?M Consul B<ckc, fbr Austria ; Major 3tor (V), Kuglaod; M liigelhardt, Frain-e; M. Hitter, Prussia; Baron (MIenU.irg Rursia; Captain ("'Aste, Sardinian navy, and Oinor l'a^na (not the sirdar), Turkey. A foreign correspondent says:? I sec by n paragraph in the London S'nr that Prince Alfred is to be educate 1 In Geneva. I am sorry to bear it, (or Geneva i?. without exception, the wist licontiou* city lever vtalteil. There aro no fewer than three an J i won ty ?? r e.I broth il-i in (.oneva, and the gaent>iiuv houses are still more lu number. Vice rcigus triumphant. Cxi vin's laitb bat tongalice departed, a d an r.noluxhlng piolliRacy supplies tu place. What a scbaol for an hug lish prince! A letter from Vienna, In tho Cologne Oa:?Ue, says ? It i? certa'n tbat tbe relations between Russia and Aus tria have kWMH of a very delicate character, and tbat tbo petty veiatioph to whM'.b Prince Ksterbazy, aranaoa dor at U>e coronation was subjected at tt,o Court cf Kua ns. bave contributed to ooj! those previously existing beta eon the tao courts. It Is a tact tbat sloce toe return of Prince K-terbazy tbe sympathies ot the high Austrian aristocracy tor Russia have greatly diminished. Tbe London AViu ot November IT, says:? Tbe solution of tbe present dltlereoce between the Eag Htb and French Cabinet* will probably be that tbs trench Cabintl will- yield If the Kngllsh Cabinet do not, as to the mode in whicb tbe objections ot Kussla to the view taken by England, Austria ami Turkey on the de limitation question shall l>? met . for it Is quite obvious tbat a rapture of the Anglo Frenoh Alliance would at any time he a far greater misfortune to tbe Emperor of tne French tban It could )>o*Klbly be to England, and thai at tbe present moment and wltb tbe existing prospects of Fratce, such a rupture wouia piacs the Empire tu a situ ation of danger. The policy cf a government maybe changed wtth all the sudden dexterity of a pantumlaalo trick. Not ?o tbe sentiments, convictions, or even the prejudices, of a people. Intelligence fross H?. Petersburg, to the Qnrretpmlmt <lr HamUvrg, states that a considerable corps of Russian troops la concentrated oa the I roa tiers of Persia and Tur key, to give cttect, la case of need, to the Inlluenco or Kussla, If the affairs of Persia and Affghanlstau should as sume a serious character. The Copenhagen corrsspoadsnt of the London J?ut, writing on November 12, says: Ihe government here baa lately granted permission to Missrs Subr, merchants of Cenenhsgen, an t Capt. ttaas loll, of Brooklyn, Nsw York, but a native ol Denmark, to establish a central telfgrapb station on the laland or St. 1 boas as, and to lay down and work telegraphic lines be tweea tbat lalaad aad tbe A met loan coot nent, tbo other Weat Indian Islands, tbs Bahamas and Bermuda Toe government noncedee tbe land to tbem upon favorable conditions, and they undertake to complete the works a itbin various periods of from three years to ten years duration. It need not be observed that the capital re qulsite for such enterprises cannot be found In Denmark, although, perhaps, a part of it may be procurod here, but Captain Raasloil bopes to be able to raise tbo moony in England and America, and at this time be la himself In l-xgland. He is a very energetic ami active mas, who l.as ma4c himself favorably known in the I oiled Slates by several great works In which be has been engaged, and It Is to be beped tbat bis plant, la which all the world la Interested, may be crowned with entire suooess. A despatch from Vienna, of Nor. 11, aays ? According to oOlclal advleea from Constantinople' Re<!scbtd I'aiba's ttinlstry Is constituted aa follows.? Kedschld Pssba, Grand Vizier. Aali Pasba, Minister for Foro'.gn Aflairs. Rtta Pasba, War. Tbe Liverpool 7twin, or Nov. St, says ? At Lyons, a suspension of a number of American or der* lor alias Is (eared. owing to the fhltnre of a great houie in New York which traded largely la Lyons manu factures. A Glasgow paper My* ? A failure, tnvolvirg liabilities to tbe extent of from ?(0,COC to ?70 CCO, wu rejiorkd on Monday, Uie 17tb of November. The partlee alluded to are connected with tbe Urn ad maaafscture m that city. A letter la tbe Mcmiitur, dated Teberan, Oct 33, stains that Herat baa not only not rallcn, but that Bokhara mcr rbantu asserted that there wss no more than an Imper fect blockade of aome ol tbe principal jcates and rosds Provisions and even caravans passed in and oat. The Pf rilao troops were suflerlsg from want of supplies. Tbe I Jvtrpool Tiwvt of Not. 32, says ? Tt.o steamship (ireat Britain in undergoing further alteration* of an Important character. She b?a bad a new ?ternpoM Icry-d at I he Mersey foundry, Wbteh la Said to be the mod ponderous pktoe of wrqpfrot iron ever put to grther for any purpose abe is ti> oe lined with a new doubl&bladed screw, of line pitch, to be attached to a liitinf aparatm will have a new Acorn bead?iton and in worn, feels*. bsr ir km h?v>> tagi no o red forward, and alteration tmro been made Is b*r rig to rnablo ber to carry one lour Ml more rtnTui than h. ??t.li>r?? mi a hill poop ha.- been built on deck hi c-mseqaenoe ol alter iof tbe position of ber masts, abe will have one astaad of two fscneli, and thai will he oral in ??.a-- >hn will b? able to carry nearly flOO passengers, about 3,000 ton* of cargo, 1.0C0 toss ol ooal. beside* store* and water for a vnj age to Australia. Her advertised day <JT salting ts ths 16th of Vsbruary nest. Tbe I arts correspondent of tbs I-ondoo OlaU, wrltlsg oa 19lb November, say*:? As the subject of l?opold Red path preoccupies tbe ?English public above all others, I will mention a fact which I na e re# -<.n to believe Is not pHV known. On ths day wbsn Redpath fled from 1.in dee and arrived in Part*, he paid a visit In 51 JUmm**. the leader Of the Emperor's private band, and one ?' tbs most eminent connoisseurs in I 'urope of curioslilsn and articles of vertu Redpatb was a par leu la r admirer of carved Ivory, and tbe prises be paid for certain curiosities In tbst material ransed hit name and paraoa to be familiar to all tbe leading dealers In Paris. In the coarse of hts visit to II. stranss. Kodpatb evpresaed hut desire to purchase some benutlful spsclmens of carving, for which the fbrmer demanded 10,0C0 francs Kedpatb odared r?,000 fraocs, which M. Strauss refused to acoept He then promts"! to think ever ihe matter, and to communicate on the subject to M. Htrauss. Tbs same evening be lea Pari*, and on tbe following day he wai a prisoner In Kagland Kedrath's msnnsrs betrayed no aailety, nor esn the pa -to* who saw him here believe otherwise than tbat he returned to I?ndon with the foil ooaMeaca <s settling matters without coming to tbe prsrent eitremlties Our London Correspondence. 1 nynon, Nov. 18, HM If net of th* PrttidfMitU tlHticm?PnjmUir Burprii' at?<I KrcitrmiU?Thi ArapolHan with /?, one*? T hf Prnpm'd Owyw *I Parii?Pvblic Iac tvrm and If Hires? Th' Quid Rrtibtry?An Agricultural tHraclt? Ojyotitirm to the Intimr Thr ?Sir K L. Bui vier'l Kim.Iioft? lycmdcm J*U of RoMm TheaMoaU, ?fc. Yesterday the lint news reached England of the alec tion of Mr. Buchanan to the Presidency. Tbe newspaper ofilets had large placards annonneing the Important foot, and all I<ondon soon knew that the pro slavery party ta America waa fu ocean en I. Tbe news did not surprise oa, ss we were folly prepared for It by tbe reports reaching us immediately prevtoaa. On tbe whole, tbe papers are cold upon tbe subject the Ttmm hopea Mr. Buchanan may tura oat better than la expeottd, letting appear, however, a slight anxiety at to the result of this election a* regards tbe friendly vaMt between our oointries. At the nil of (*te v i * iiw ibe o %> itrt's> and* *4avfi r r stronger language than the da:!y pipers bare givan as. As far as I have aiocrtatned from prlvatj conversation, the news oi the eieci.ou of Mr. Bochaaan to tbe dignity of President ?f tbe United fctat, s id received with regret and dissatisfaction. Tbe latest Information we have regarding the Neapoil tan difhouity, lead* us to believe that King Ferdinand will make some voluntary concessions of minor Importance, and be received again Into the ready arms of France aid England. The dacger to the French alliance is passed away, and we are assured on all sides that both governments are perfectly cordial again. Concessions are talked of on the part or France, In order to meet the view* of England and Austria; Ibis report rather serves to alarm than quiet the English people, for tbey are not especially lond of concessions, especially such a:, would bo neosaary to be rondo to bring France entirely to our views, and hails fy Rust.a at tbe same time. The project or calling together the members of tho late Congress o( I'arls, to decide upon the Interpretation of the Tre aty of Pat is, is still vory unpopular bero, many at lertlr* that England will not cousont to the re opening of discussion, while others say that our government will consent to tho meeting of the Congress, provided the Bolgrael and Isle of Serpents disputes ure aatlsTactorlly arranged previous to tie aisombliug of the representa tives. We are kept alive now with political lectures and speeches In tbe country. Manoliefter is foremost amongst our prominent cities Sctrceiy had I.erd Palm?rston lett before 11. Kossuth appeared to give throe lectures Kos suth's addresses have given dire cA'enoe to the Ti-nts, as usual. The Hungarian patriot has. In this Instance, been a little too last; assuming that beiante Austrian interests and English interests (or the nromont went together, and that tbe two countries wero working tor oso object against a common foe, KoF.sutb denounces the Anglo Austrian alliance a? earnestly as If such an alliance really existed. This was unwise. Kossuth may declaim upi-o tbe miseries of Hungary. tho tyranny of Austria, tho treacherous interference of Russia, and even upon the Pope and tbe Austrian Concordat, and the people of Eng land will give blm their warmest sycipathi-s; but the patriot must cot venture to make or raise up Imaginary grletances tor us. or be roaj trod his popularity on th) vane Asa people we Itto a grievance well; bat wo also like th? tun of finding it. In a word, we can hiwayu do our ri*n grumbling Kos'utb is ox ifovirn ir of Huugary, and uniortunateiy a suit or it frm his patriot - lim, una therefore we hear him with attention, leipec.t, and o'.ien with enthusiasm . but because K wuth is all this, be is not necessarily bot cr informed tnui we are ourselves upon the subjects ne has chosen to lecture us upon, viz Italy, Austria (aao tho Canjordat) Mid Koms. We have now three nentlrmon 'ecturiag in one line?Kos suth, Orsini, and (iavutzt. or Kossuth 1 have spoken. Oriuii is a victim or Austrian tyranny, Las escape! from a dungeon, and published aa aococnt of hi* estspe. Arrived In England, be has now ?>t up asa purlinteacoer of tbe people Now, li is bat au tmp?ratlve causiuueoc-t that i.ufirit.i h as t'rslti; was ;'or* oolel aaU e?oaped I rem this persecution, and publi'bel an account of his sulli rings, that therefore, he should be able to n-otare ai upon cur national duties and our m.ernational ailiancM. (iavazzl was a soldier priest in Italy?a sort of chapla n general I think, aul a Roman Catholic of course. Having prcac.beu and fought, m<i fonud Italy U>o warm a cllmato, he iv)mo to Kni lauu to teach i'rotei-tanU I'r icstauusaj? casting oil tho cloak of tho loarltt laoy before h; ventur ?d to touch cur attorn ' This W?M weil for a lime; but as everybody is now talalog ol Italy and tb* doctrinos of " intervention" and "nonintervention," i.avaral also taki8 U|> Uie subiect, and is Mkiftaf '?n Italy, too, speaking witn that bud energy and liery ar.ior ?>o psca liar to him of the atna of " baroa'tan " Austria ! Gavani tells his bearers that Italy can boast of her Dials, hor Tasso, her Allien, ber H ccaocio, and thsn draws toe inference that as Atuirla baa Lovr produced su, h |?oeu as tbeto, ?he is ia a stale of barbarism. This is a lair sample oi the reasoning ol tbcac l.oeral lecturers IU; roboery of JCtft.COO In kOlii oa tho S >utVia?tera line, lust ilav twelve motitna. ,s now fully b ".ore the public. One of tbe men engaged in the rob nery got Into other "trouble," and when nonvlcted. placid a Urge sum ol money in the banoe of one of hU accomplices lor Ike ben, tit of a woman wr.n whom be Rohtnuod. lots morcv tbe tello* approprlsMed to bu own uj? Thd wo man then divulged all she knew or the matter to tne authorities, and the* the secret cams out Thecooviit, Apar, who now tells klie bMo.-y ,>( the tr>nsvt on vr?s a fr? itcnt viiitrr to a men -jl prcGssslonallr?that Is. nc bom red you ?ltfc bis company occasional/, and distri bute a?,ougst you sr>me few forged Uant oi Kaglan 1 nolos A nian in l<erlirb:re it callicg a'.uuton to his manafac tory, where be mtkei wine an 1 bread I'm in maagold wur'ael The wine Is really good, and may be produced at about sli| ence per quart. In muxlng Or, ad, tha m?a gold *urts?l Is mixe<l with tbe floor (about tlity per ceiu), and although It la rather too moist tor tbs piiat* It Is sweot and good. This msy be an important ols onvery. There is a movement commencing ia the r ovlacn to petition Parliami ut against the inconi' las. There never VMa tax lapri ? Kngland more . . .r than this. A urveyor, who know? nothing t f a man's buriacss beyond what he run see by looklsg into his counting house or shop windows, receives the man'-, own state mem or teturu ol hit income; he examines .t and coolly adds a few hundreds; whereupon tbe trader l.i charged and snrcbargod, or n>ust nppen' ?a process lew hare cou rsge to undergo. And thus men are made to ray, year alter yettr, taxes ec an imaginary income. Buppostag a n.aa hss the courage o face a bidy of iters or sup'trcli lous cumm'.fts.oaei*, he tlnds that he bai better have >topped st home, .'or bs seldom, if ever, obtaias any re drtss. Then again, goviTnment promises tlial tbe e con fldentisl stati'Bjeuts ol a man's cMnm 'rcl* position should be kept ret ret; but it now turns out that the papers are coliecud and sold oil peritvi cs'ly for ?a*f- ptper; so Ibat a man may by possibility buy lus neighbor s secret wrapped round a pound ol butter 8irk'dward Bulwer Lytton, the emle nt novelist, has jost been elected Ixtrd Rector or (Siatgow I niv-rsity. '.he i.or.ora'ole baronet sue weds the I'uke i-l Argylo, III present Postmaster Uescral Be was opposed by l.nrJ Stanley, eldest son of tho Earl ol Derby, but eleetcd by a considerable maturity Never riac.o the days or Turpln, .lack Hteppard or Clsuds du Val has Ixttdon and Its environs been known to be so besieged by robbers ot all kinds. In tbs suburbs bouro* arc entered by burglar* nightly, and gurrota rob berlri are quite common. A (entlrmta waited up>n t.ie I/ord Mayor the other day to ait If be might watt the ?tre?U armed, but waa told that be mutt rely upon tho protection of the police. Albert smith, a rew week* i nn, wrote to the Timet, Mating that hi* bouae bad been broken open tbree time*, and that tor the future he intended 'M ? 1 ?>.* wHh a Iva?Hd revolver uader hi* pt'low an I would flie upon any gentleman htvtng the temerity to entor hia reeldetce I be levo thl* m'tttlcation nr the Monarch of Moat Blanc a Invention* baa beea (or tbo pre if M effectual. If tea Calberlne H*y?a, aftor a very toag abaenc from Foglaitd baa appeared at JUllaa'* Concert*, (b<M tbn year at Her Maieaty'a tbeatre), wh-re *ba ba* dm with an excellent rraeptioa If I may t>? allowed t> eipre*^ an opteloa, I abotild tay that MM Hayea I* aol tmjieired either In veto* or *tyl*. Ilr Murdoch (from America) In *4111 playtrg (Thar lee 8orfhre at the Haymarket theatre to crowd*! bona**, praised to tia echo by tbe public preaa. I<o*r>o*, Nor. 21, lift#. Tht Austrian Bmytnr in Imli?M<k*mtui nf the Mkff M?narch$?Iht l'ren4tmli*l Choict?Tht Prrnan War? A'<iWr<?4 AccidenU, Pra wit and fbys, J:. hometixea it I* Important ta inform tb* public that tbera la no aewa, aa It aeta (he public Bind at rut and <ln?* not dl tnrb tbr placid tranquility of (be ;toc% RxoftMf*. No event o( any poldloal Importance baa occurred alae* I laat wrote Tbe I mperor of Auitria li la Italy, and tbe effect of bla vialt ta* (tui to b* aeea. Tbe Fmperor of Roaataii <?Ik Irp over tbe flallura or bia railway acbemea; tbe Kiag of l'rua?ia ta la a brown atndy how to punch tbe bead of Kwltrerland: tbe King of Peamtk la bent on abdicating bla tbroaa to *baro a 8*1* ? cctta?a wltb tbe Oounteaa lamer. the Kiag of Naples la laughing In bla ileeraat having got rid of two ambaaaadori wboae preecn.? en coaraf-d tbe factious tbo Kiag of tiraece haa returned to Athcn*, but not in Inttrr health But I bad better ?top. or I shall (III joi.r oolumim with laipraaoriptable tarte. ITcatdenl Bachanaa la Willi tbe obieot of article* in tbe Laatloa toaraala. I *ch reel* bound to bare ita aay and fling it* eton*. bat Uiey all, mora or leaa, follow ia the wike of tbe A me*. RrJame* Outram. K.C. B, lift Southampton on the 30th for i torn bey, la order to take command of the Bnttah tarrr dertiaad t > operate against I'erata Tbe aooonat* of the rail of Tteral are ao eoatradtctory that the beet way l* not to believe aay r umom concern tng it The Peraiaa are laid to bo eommaailed by t)?na*al Pabamal, a Rnaafaa ell leer ot distinction A treat many Russian offlcers are ?aid to serve ta tba Persian army. Mr David Rogua, tba wall known publlabar la Flaat ?treet, la dead. Railway accident* are again tba order of tba day here, ai d wltb murder* and trtaia for ftgaabc fraud*, provide acliicteat food for the morbid mind* of tba horror iovlag public. It appear* Red path waa a chum of Robaoa. I / mily espeet that other fraud* will shortly turn ap ' ftar November foga have net la, and deal ha from broa rhltl* and otKar aflectlot* of tbe reaptratory organ* are very numaroaa. Oar Parte C'orreapwmtenrr. Fabia, November, II, 1M6. Dincrm/mt of tht rmfUt?Th* Kmptm't Cwt?HitPdicy and hit Health?Cabtn* Divttiont?Thr I intern and ran% |r>?. ffn tpetrft C*umhij<?Rumim Irrtrigm n< In jlumcf?lter fhmtUt Diplomat?Aitinip of tht Poke*? Thiirienl Rffml. Tba aoft piaeter appl'e-l to tb* atlll pre-ailing dimo*. tent I* a -edoctioa ta tbe of tb* fmir pound leaf a' git rat ? *"d a <*tet?tmM?n nafl tA pi g'fin im i strt* i' aa . rt to over the tranquility of hi* capital. it ctnoo* be l?a< that etesple aa three at-muree tbey are ???! Jo viae Heavy as the rerponi&Httiefl or the town ot Peru ?re. ic consrqaeace cf the debt Incurred by ita lbrm?r tnteffe ranee with the bread market, laluchig it to tlx a a to* rcaloof prtfo id the days af deerneaa, ta order to v?'.t a< ? high price wata tbo aonrcity bad pasaol away, aad tUua to balance the account, the present ?i*w of piblto fa-ii lug does nit ednnt of an arrangement ?o eomp'ei. ?o ar tificial, and bo heterodox, being adequately carried out The dearness of bread, tha dearnes* of rout, I tie compart tive redustlnn In the price of lanor, with a seel >oaiy Jamag ed yield of potatoaa. are subec s preaairg so bom* m the popular mind, already smarting tin'or tbe incr tied tan Ion resulting- from tbe laat war, that some corneal ion an mperlously called tor. The I uperor's presence. t?>. will have liie effect, It ia to be hoped, of dissipating the be tef wbicb baa beoome very widely dcMerulaated, that ho ll no longer able to I101J the reins ot that paternal go vernment be baa created, with tbe samoO'tDDosa us here tofore. Tbe very eugerneas o!' tha aeu: -olllcial journals in denying thla imputation ta remarked a* a reiaoa fbr there "being pometblaf In It," and ax no moro Utal charge can bu brought agamat one wbo la the conc sat ration el all author It) and power, tl.e Ktnperor si'rely does wisely In adopting tbo brat means ol meeting it?thul ot proving by his constant activity that he 11 atilt the man wbo waa 'orr?Of t to beard the moat powerful monarca ol Europe, end awecp away en aaeerably which presumed to lrueaa of crufhlag bimaelf lam very mi h arr?M, bowdver, from all I hiar, itu' tbe state of Napoleon'a hnaltU U not ao satislacory as he would fain deal re the world to habere There la, I believe, do doubt tha'. tbn Waletrskt paaty of th:t mlauUy In about to retire, and .ha; Kussia ta pee pared to give way on the l?ie ol tforpo^ts and Batgnul question. Tbe lorai-lable ??pact of tha public mind ta Kagiaiid. aa repreeeut-jd or elicited o.' L >r l Fa.morau*. tuu oroluced in tho blgtoCt quarter I a conviction that the poar la not y?t ripe lor a Russian policy KagUad, haw ever, may aa well look to nor laurels, (or the Km mm eagle only bides Ita time. Ia the meantime tbo ConttitutimnA, the organ oi Ow Foreign office here, la Rarely at ease and tu.n tbe rebel! of the Mvni'tw in no kindly aptrit. It compla.aa bitterlv that the most Injurious rumor* hwe boen created again*, the Chief of tbe Stalo. and that the correspondents, ??? jolouig in the Anglo Masoa tongue ton tuts aide St. Ueorg?'? rharrel, have Indulged la a measure of calumny m di< grace) til r> themselves aa contempt.ble in the oye* * Europe, and the At%tv\Uet Aoftonale takoa the opparti.uuf cf rev?Diin| Itaelffor sundry warnings, and aa abeoiut# tempi!'ary suppression which it oaoe sustained, by ? peculiarity happy retort, l-.rtrv trail devote* bla roapect to (he quarter whleh n epire* him with adi^tloo or Irar Att^r having belabotwi Die po< r Fiem b joarnalft. wbo are perfectly lunoceat lb?> repr'-ncb<D audrca?ed to tb) m. the Contti. u-vinel turi ? ?o ?tf 1 ogilah pa(>ers. Here, Hkfwiae, we cannot eo? tradlnt thst journal, nor can we tavor tt with our t?*ii mony. Vt'o bave Lever r?*act in the Kcgllah, nor ta tl<* G< .-tinu lapers, the attarka which have lrrltat'd It. It r.tteu cn urs that the copter addremed to us go Mtra;, an<*. without a donbt, tt *w precise y tbos>' number* coetatacd the tales which have so profound!/ toucaed tbe Crmititvtimitrl. Your riade<s are perlactly aware that luck ta tM cenaoraklp eierclaed over not only the domeatio bat tbe foreign preas, that tt it rarely that even a packet of tbeNtwYoKk Uibald arrtvea at its destinatioa ta tt* completeness. I say even tbe Hskald, because IK ?or ? respondent has been more thaa oace compli seated by tbe autboritlea on tbe lalrneaa of his atatemeata, on tua freedom friaa participation in the tlmuag acaa tal of u>e hour, which often ia no aooner aeen than swampjdby tbe moit wlJiertng coatrat tetloa, and oa hla dealra, by the tone of bla remat ka, to preeerve the ooatluoad bar mouy of tbe Uatted States and Kraaoe. Tr.9 air is Cllcd wi ll ima^iaary Ruiataa dagger*, M doubitdly by the z*l of F.ualtab ajeuta. and wnether tt be Klmply tbe llagliah pi?aa, or cmanatlrg from a alMI higher elngltsta fouroe, there ia aCtspoatUoo to tndaoa Ma trench mind to auivey all tbiags through a Roaataa aa ctum. Kuaalan famlltoa at thia moment .ibouad in Pasta. Tbay are tbe foreigat ra r? r 'z^uilr:tee. for tha aeaaoa af 1HM-7, as 1 if tbey are the ageata, the spies, the 4Mb aeatlc piOttcis the Kagllih wotiM tain have them be Hcved. verily tb? y wear their otilce with a atraage air af timoreaca I bat they ate capital customore, that I bap indulge la a bounteous hoapitaltty, that their tnaaaara have a < harm of high brcodmg and couiteay, now rara^ seta in tbia capital, wbicb lornmrty gara the law la Mi ters of this sort, t? beyond a doutit aud cona^^entiytbaf are meat popular wberever they move or breatba ar bare thetr being; but beyond this there Is a> vulgar ar ollraiive manner or oihlbtttng Kuattaa ambtuoa, ar lntlucBce, or bcr diplomatic object. The rooma of tha Prtncrss de Lie via are r*rtainiy Oiled to ovarflowMg L'fclu attrr night, aud great ia the cordiality bet win bar an t tbe various Impertaltat otticiaU wbo freqa>-at ber alo yant ?aii n in tbo Itoe --t Florentin but the Rogliah an equally we 1 prcetvad. Invited in i qual acmbera aad hare apparently aa large a degr< e of thr smtlea of the prtnoalp bos<e?s I'rince ^aui I.levin, who baa beea entirely brought ap a F.ngland, and wbo waa ?rnt to one of bar publ.i schools it the age of e'even. an 1 ta one ot tbaaaoal popular Brcmbtra or Engish a or let y, is apparaatly norar wiary or exerting b'aaa-.( when la Para ia cuXvaMac in.- good will or the country?an It may v t.>rm?t- of taa adopiloa But a'l ia to no purpose There is a cry la every corner ef tbe repMai?'n every bouee?in every boudoir sad throvj;h every pbaae of society, that la ta slu eatimatlon the Kaglsab are at aero, wb.ie lh? [tope lartty of ibe Frea h la almost at fever heat: aad oaly yse ll rday 1 ieai) a private letter tiom an olhcttr in the nb? l'lb t-avy which mentiona that whils of] a certain ata 11or where tli" Khgllah and > ranch slilpe were piaccid, tbe Invitations g vea to the Froncb oOoer? by the Rasalaa autborUlis were aa ten to one compared with tbaee erat to the I-ng;--i>. and th:?t the I Uirence in thotr reapnctlve wHeomoa waa aa marked as could be conalattbl wtth goad manners. Tbeopealngof theaewebeap food klU hens, touadad nndsr tbe pau^nsge of their Ms **'.iea, aad aotae otbara whlca bare been ,uat eetabllabed by the Hocletie da H Mncrat if Ph.il, look place yeeteiday mora of. at alaa o'clock A crowd Of poor y?r?on* ?? noon on tbe apot, an I lb" ? al'ooii pfparmJ m?r* rap: ;iy earned off. While Londoner* are cnmpialatag mat they are no* aa*a to Irave ibtlr homra a'ter nuadown. for fear of bekag garroied, tt w lasirartive to obeerve the activity of tbo pouco ui :"ar# A day or two itnre, a gcol'.emaa wbna took rg over a bookstall wae robbed ? bia eye riaaa On finning hi* o??. hia dutreee araa ao openly e\pruaood tbat a gentleman str|?pcd forward iod gave htm a'l Ibe bwiti ?' i a sympathy a faded e- an by ih ? two walking together to ilia mtortuoate gaatiemati'a .Twae To make good the <.. nmt'i a?a?e, "d'tt diotiffiH*," ? he MNBM eotrrtaiaed ht? coatpai. MB a dnaerip n <? ' . . plsta ?e l BH t B' *m?d h:m tbat *s hi ??? theo oa > ? road to t ax with ?a Ulna buna trt?tii1. h;? own ^rrvsn: havioc laU-iy <tu it'd Ma. he d'd cot I eel altogether at aaaa la leavlag thie piaia ua 0ar the eo!e cbsrje of b ? b xsekeeper. Ki? , *c Ity the by. tbe two parted ?the grr.t ' mai wbo bad loet bia rye gtira fi tmite to tbe b<MpMahle bonne of bia frleod, the other to pur?-e hla owa affair*, which proved to be a* |M fhan a vlalt to lb* domicile of his late compsaleb. with aa latlmatiob to th" bouwkeoper that he wu <1 net red to laV" aaw (be ralnable plat* In qnest'oa Seetag bar >< ?tia> .ru, bi produced bar masters aye glaaa, aat akaa li ? card whtrh, before tai lag I rave, ibe a4d geoLewmw had given bin Tbe plate was glvea up, aad the tkW waa wmik'.ng c l with n la a'l tfi? r>rfde of a moat suooaoa MM Wb? I*! h p?l c-nan. ?ho IMI the rihhe-yr of the eye t'at* up to the momeat of hit euooeeeful p.- o^er of the plate, bad never taken i ? earvetram- off th? th*el p'achdVin adrrarreet idaton ? tafrat " ? rcafiif b ? lagenulty. 1 record this or h to show how tmatpoteat ,? the fart* polloa. I'reeeed ta pla'a olothes.they spread over tha capital Itke aa tavtelbie Mi entangling tbe mow nUp pery CMNlOr ifindattri', with tha I lac My o' the man* prtct red mrtiUft, The theatrical world haa beeo refrenbed with a aew opera, called the " Knee de floes nee.'' The <<raad i>pava haa long been prom wing the novelty, but aprwraatlf r? eerved It tin Die arrival ut their mataaiie*, wbo ran>a la 'U>m rt Clone oa parpoee to boanr it with their preaaaaa Tie plot la ol tbe Kntneo and Jnlwt rharartar?? lort af love M nret tight, bat with a Vreacb |in?e. Amiata, tha barolne. baa apparently made a mkNafee " with bar lover, the r*tika of 1 vma ."he In nabappy aad knee la W lore the talkwa of bar gf ar '.kui ungel A t*j af oalewttaJ light ::a*bre fbrth In aaawer to bar prayrr. Then all ?orta of improbable ?? eoea follow?diteia, raabhag tranaacMnaa, nlclda u a lakc.ko ?*11 whleh, however. ev< ntnally tnra ont to be aothtag hot a dream That ??ri. BtlMH Air nie ?u | tact, afflanced to a reapact able young maa. aad her patroa aalat. aa a pan ohmaat tor bar thlaktag of a lover, bar superior la raak, had thrown her Into a traaoe, and vurtte^l her with a I rata of Imaginary dlaaatera !n order that ahe might rrrngate* the prudeaae of being ^1oteoled with the modeal lot Data re had oflfcrad her. Tha overture waa aiceueat, aad tbera wm a tarenade whyh broagbt dowa thaadera of ap plance Tha varlona feeitaga aad agltatxiaa of tbe pwiy are admirably elaborated, and tbe <-llmaa la brought about with a Diagmlflneat Ileal bo rat M Bnaaeh.>e played tha I Hike. M Roger Theobaido the Ammct, aad Ma'II* Moreen Mate, Aminta Tbe oboraaea aad orrheatra were tbroagboat effertlva, aad the rompnaer aad author war* called for at tbe ooaclaeioa. and raptaroui y a(i plaoded Paw*, Wot. M, 1IM. fffafe tj FuNii ffriififi? Gatttet of QmA?Mr. R .< Awna<i '? Cferfwm?<n //tpA Oirelm m tkt Knnt? What <? TStmght of hit roHcf?Effect of (hi l*imw R ''-TV Allied Prm War?Buuvm end JVeay&t**? Bm trmrrdinmry R4ifinut fimatirtm in ,'ayww. Tbe naa In all Made ol aecnrltiea tbe more trav.i''. IIred aapact of tb? fhubourga tbe crawdlag nto t*i? c?pf* tai of tore*gaera, the uar*?atag d?Bo?d for apartm' ? the QOTOltiea a ghfy evoke i at ib? 'h^rn, th parativ nlidrret of the eeaotm. th? da'lr pr-?enrr fwtirt. the 'fb< hy ?? ? 't ta - c? ' * ? ?? ?