9 Aralık 1856 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

9 Aralık 1856 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. PRICE TWO CENTS. MUJM10UAL ATTMSM?. BOARD OP SUPERVISORS. N. 0. E'y, Keq , In the chair. Ikt bill or A. T. Stewart & Oo for?l49?9, Tor omi pet*, oilcloth*, &o., for tbe Court of Common Pleos, was ordered to be paid. An application from Recorder aml>b and Judge Capron, tor tbe appointment of a Gerrnau mcrpretor for tbe Court of Sessions, at a salary uf $tOO a year, waa referred to the Committeeoa Criminal J- uiu Several bill* were celved and relerrcJ, aa wore al*> peii mui for tbe carreo tlon ot taxes. OtKlCKKM of TUB HllialOA OOUKT. The committee reported m 'itv.tr ?i iucita<tag tho pay ot tbe ollicei - ot the Superior Court from >iv.U .0 $iO.) a year, l'hu petitioners stato mat .no inureasu ot proYl mons, rent, &a , wiil-pre veut tuera 'row droming an ro apectably as Usclr at(i>?tiuu? rt-qui. a unlet< tuey ueprlve their familiee of iom? of tbe nt io?aarfc? o illu .super vs r Tut,-Km op ww ih 1 m -r tiupervUors Uakrik and > ui.uuc >-up,?oried the adoption o;' tbe report. SSmtervUor Hhkuk moved i> a. tie rtBolutlon be amended by adding the "ottu.uiu f the Court 0'. Commou Pieas." The amendment was lost bj u vute of 12 t.? 6. Tin r<> resolution <.1 tec cuuim,tu'? was thc-n put, ami carried by ? vom ot 10 to 8 Toe report oi the onmmrtee n favor of paying tbe bill of Judge Could, lor atteb' ia?i a t a Justloe ot the Supreme Coot in thie ooaaiy: a'lopt^a. 01 iw nam-, in luvor of pay ing Or Wctberoll *400, tor at endaucc ou prisoners confined la tbe county Jatl; atW>t?ed Adjourned to Thursday, mi 4 o'clock BOARD OF ALDERMEN. ?ntls Board met Ust Cfoning the <'reaiJ<.-nt, Uaao 0. Barker, fc> q., in tbe cbalr. IUI CN10S 1 KR*Y OOKrAVY'S PROPOSSO WITHDRAWAL OK Till KUUbltVKLT afHIKT KjiKKY Alderman Fox preaonted tht ljiluwing petition fr u the Union Ferry Company, wuicti ?u, on motion, re ferred to tho oommlttne on terms:? to TBI HON. r:ltc ? A YOll, ALMill.MK-v, AMOCOMIIO.N ALITY Or THE CITY Of MW YOltK. - The memorial of the I'nioo Ferry Company of Krooklyn r<? aprCtfoJly represents that tlie hc?ev? ? au et ferry is compa ratively a useless ferry. and U run at ?reat pecuniary lom. 1 bat laid fury crosses the uact of two other fer'lM, aud thereby cndaDX' rs the pa'ety of passengers. tou, mem > riallkta are of opinion that tbe bi>*ti> nu ve wiUulrawa Uiere from without prejudice to the ou'jl.e Interests Vour memn ria:lst* have oe.11 reluctantly. Qui necessarily, compelled t) abolah commutations. one if the eneutial measures to Increase the Income of the ferries ao a? to priotect th.i siocltholPer* of lh?ir company from Ultimate certain Ion, but your memo^alinU are willing to comply wnh the generaily exprehw.u wish of cltl/.ena, l.y rc'urnimf to comma allou, if your honor able body will sanction tin withdrawal ot tiie hoaia trom said HooccvHt street ferri. And your memorial Lata as in duty bound will ever pray, oic. M. B. MORnE, Preildeut. Brooklyn, Dec. 8, 1886. Tbe petition of the Mechanics' Institute lor the use ef the CryMai Palace during tie month* of Kay and June, eboula lb a building come under tne control of tbe city authorities. Relsrred. Ttlk I'RorOS AQriDCCT. Tbe Crototi Aqieduct Depariu- ct r.'ut lu a commtiBlca tlon hhowtig tho worklDg plan l\ti 1S6T ti e title ot the land for the uew reservoir tavicj; boen acquired, the Croton Board only await tb? actioa of tne l,c?islatar? In regard to bonds to <'uable tnrm t > procerd wnh tbe wont. The issue ot botes for tbe puri<o<( is limileu by enactment actbortsicg ttelr lsauc to (K b per cent interest, on w&lch teims no hale can be elleoteil S.ouil tbe Legisiaturo 0uttsorlr." tucb increase in t< e ioier>-i-t as will enable tbe Comptroller 10 make available pale ot *>ocki by Marcn next, tbe Board wooii be aole to put part of the wjrk under oomract immediately thereafter, ucd will prooably be able to get 1> so weu a : vattc a duiing tho year aa to require $31,000 for ptyniknt on tbe oontrwst. Tbe estimated expeDdlturea fir tho year arc ? Croton Water Works extension $818,100 Aqnedni: c-jotructlon ? ?* repairs am 1 mprov mcnts <t5,0' 0 Water pipe and laying 61.310 Sewern, repairs and cleauir, M 0J0 8alanes 'it 000 Total... >5^^,400 Till ?ITltOHulITAY OA- C)*1*A\Y. The *eport of the Commit ?*e 00 l/tmp< Ac., 000-noa curr ug 10 grant | trm ssioo to tin M tropoi'tun (ias Com pany to lay mams In tbe s.resU ?ai nrougbt tn AKi.rmaii VooRiiiB salt there ?a no ln'ontlon to lay tbe mains of tne Metropolian (Joa>iHtny. and tnat It was but aa enreavor to levy black trom tae company already e*<abiwbe<1. Tho report te non concur waa adoptAl. TliMUm tUKSU t'M<UU;?OO.VD. PettMoaaol asvural T?'?irapb L.'<itopaoijs far prlvNece Ot laying their wlrta nndergixuoa were referred to a special oomml4ae. HKLOlAI r A VIM ENT 11 Tin 1IOWRRT. The Commlitte on Hapaira acd ^opplle* made a report in favor 01 directing Comptroller Fiagg to make no far tner pay n.enu on contract tor parln< i.'batham street and Bowery with Belgian pavement, until the same has been dene according to the ?peoiUcatlou urvnmaATiiui < 0M*rrns Alderman Valittim ottered a r aoiutloo that a special oomn ittee of three be appointed to leqnira into the condi tion *ol th<< books and affairs of the Cotntaiasloaer of 8<reets and Lamps, aad alio ot any bureau of said depart ment, wtth lull power to send tor rtooas, persons and pa pers, to sroertain whether or not parties In the employ j of tie Corporation are Interested la say manner tn the carting of dirt and refuse from tbe ttroels, or with any parties having contracts oi any description with the t'or porallot, and report the wiolo attMMMI tne govei nnount an3 BMoageuient of the offloial dut es aad responslblliUea or said dep* tm^nt. Adoptnd. The Pre*'dent named Aldermiu Valestine, Fulmer aad MoOoakey as sucb coremitwe Ike report of the Flaante Committee concurring with tbe Board of Councilman oa o?mat'iaiceii<ins from tba Comptroller tn re.atloa to aa appiioatioa to tbe Legisla ture for aa amendment of tno set for tne new reser rour waa adopted. htrikt auma c ontract Ob motion ot Alderman Fot. tbe con tract for cleaning stroeU was takea Iron the table. Alderman Pox tten m >vcd a concurrence with tbe Boaid of Couaciimea, wbicb waa carried by a YOte of l i to fl Ayes?Aldermea Corwm, 'ox. Tucker, Vaorhle, flrifflth, Br'ggs, the Presl. eni, Fulmor Fly, ValenUaa, V art an, Draae. Nays?Alderman Hoaly, Hailinlre, 8leai a, Monrtihaa. Hsrrlok, Motion key. Alderman F01 then moved its r<ooniIteration, wbloh waa lost aad aa the matter, ao long In abeyance, hia been aeuled. Adjourned to Thursday, 6 o'clock. BOARD OP COUNCILMEN. This Board met last evening, B. t. Piackaey I'.sq., pre tiding J. J. But, presented a petition asking leave to pare Wall street, between Nassau at a William, with burr ?tone, be baring made the aeceesary arrangement! with It* property bolder*. Referred. A resolution was referred 10 [>av* Bleeeker street wit a Belgian pavement. Tbe report or I be Committee on Maikets, 1a farnr of ad ?ertMlDK for a location for a market on the North river, between Four eeath ana Twentt third ilreets, vu re lerred to tbe Committee o' tbe Whole; alao, a reeolatloa to pave Battery place, from Broadway to tbe Hidaoa river. A for the transection of *ome unimportant busl oeas, tbe Board adjourael till Wednesday. UNDERGROUND TELEGRAPH. The i1 pedal Committee of tbe Board of Aldermen on aa Uonderg round Telegraph, net In Mr. Valentine's oUloe, City Ball, at 3 P. V., on Monday?Alderman Varlan, chairman Tbe repreaentatlvee of several telegraphs oompeni. ? appeared before the committee, aa<l urged that whatever rights or privileges were graated to the Amert can Telegraph Csmpasy for leylrg underground wlrea through the otty, the sams should be extended to each aad ever* other telegraphic company havlag Dees run stag through the city. Tbe fallowing petition was then To rns 1I04RP or Air>r**sx or rns Prrr ajtp Ornrvrr ov Nsw \okk ?Your petitioners beg to represent th ?i ?tr>ea the Introduction of the electric magnetic t.l.'graih nt>'hi? count r? dlerorerle* and Improvements have l>een m vie la rrlailon to tbe lusulat'on ol csn<luptlng wire* ?e to tni*? It practical to work bem und'-r growM. la consideration thereof, aji'l to relieve your crowd.*! etreev- of their preaent line of poets, the uaderelgae I tab-graph compamet pray le?ve lo p)?re the<r wtie* at a euitabTe depth under eroind along "octi Ptreets ae maybe convrnient to tbe piildi - and they ere p-epared In thte matter t..a?t In eon.-ert with nay other tclegtsphlc companies who may desire ? like privi lege W M. PWAIM, Prealdent of the Msmellr Telegraph CV.m pant, by .1 Kendall. General Puperln'endent T. N PaXTow. Director New Vork, Albany and Buffalo Telegraph Company. H W RUMtRI.U Director New Vork and Waehington Printing "telegraph Company The oowmitte* assured tbe petitioners that no exc'nslva privilege ebon Id he grsnted to any particular telsgraph company. or anything dons pee(adlo?al to the interests of the other companies, and a^ouraed to Thursday, at 3 Police Intelligence. Obamos ?r F*i*n P*r?i*i ?Philip Thorp, a resident of Westchester county, N, Y., was taken lato custody yesterday by officer Dickson, of the l.iwsr Police Court, on charge or having, by meaus or false pretenoee and rrandnlent representations, defrauded Vs. C. Ba ld, of No. 183 Mad Men street, oat of the sum of 3200 Ths complainant alleges that b* wad Induced to part with ths above et m on the defendant's renreerntlng that ho was part owner oT a grocery store s?t\ia?ed at No tlO Wnet Twenty stnh street, and also a horn-' which formed ptrt of the etcck of IhtRonccen, tuat Thorp reprrsentet tiiat he wontrt give up Ms interot to ino r inoorn to i cmplalu ant, snd upon that repreecntatmn Mr Rod* wa< In lu ted to pa", with his money. Tee complainant (im ?mie learn#t'that U>?d?fei?<ia* t dl.1 no? own the p-ope'tj la question, ail tbit a frua i ??? ,) >. ;x irtle I n,? h t?, Id order tbrt Thorp mt|ht g.t p -?? >? of ti.- funds. The eompls'r.B .t fnnhet sajs t1 m t " % >.??* i ? not fnl?ii> ed the ba?f e'a nade. Scl h a, .lie ? ?/ rei ?el out ?f tl>s above anr.orpt T*e pr coper was committed to the T mbs for cmriiiall in. City Intelligent1?. Aocwm oa thm Eauc lUiLjtoAi?a Waoit Tiu:x Bex Off mi Tuck, but no own Hubt ?At i <iuarter past a? van, on Sunday morning, a whole train, consisting or au gjBCj baggage car, one second clans and throe p?s?eng<ir oars, waa thrown off the Erie railroad at Campvl'le, asta Uon about wren mile* this side or Oswego. Tn? train | waa mad# up of a Cincinnati express trau whioh It ri thai | City at al* A M., on Baterday. Thero were seventy per | aona on board, and a more extrairulnve oscepo from | death scarcely ever occurrod. The tra'n waa dasbin< alone at the rate of aboat thirty mi lee an hour whoa . i loua blaatfiom the ?le?m>blHtle waa h.ard, an rppl'cation ol the breaks to the tr?in, and ???'??'? alter the <ara bounded over tho tie) and I1**'0 auddenly alopped. Tbo pusaengers hurried euteft th-j train, but no one waa hurt Tbo eogiue wai <11 re t<"t toward the led band truok, and with the cars piougUe I U1? the frcxeii ground lor a uiaiun -* of stz hundret i ?t H stopped wl>h tt? wheela within a toe.t e-f the r?us tbat track aal waa but llltlo Injured. The tender ra UiUlseti hi lacked lo It, but between tuat and the ba?ga? car the irou coupling waa w. enched and snapped lUe thread Tte tenier ha<t alewed round and oiok-?n od tu bead timber of the latter clen ohshiug tbe swi(?B ou oa ? Hue Tbe real ol tbe train baopily lu<og rogetticr. Xn. lore wheels ol' too second passencer car alone ?mn*oe4 oa the track, a atoRie rail or wblcn ?? ,orn completely locao, anil turned cn l's aide, but hardly an loch out of it.s place otborwlpo The otfier cars remained upright, but y.'k /egged between tbe tr?cka. Tbo engine haJ toi u up half a do/en ratla or tbe left banc track and or two were snapped like pipe stems. Toe do?;> furrows ai d the imbedded wheels gave a terrible Impression of ihe daDger so marvellously escaped. The whole ditBcally seems to have been caured by a tciapiaoeiueni ol the switch. As usual, no one waa to bl?me 8mk ok Uowbm & McN'ambb'b Stohs?High Pricb or Pboi-krty Down Town.?Bowcn A: McNamoe's ?Ilk .ltore, Koe. 113 and 114 Broadway, sold yesterday morning for $300,000 cash. Tho lot la thirty seven feet front by one hundred and lorty eight feet de?p. *orae twenty ye*1'* ago thta ground contained a fashionable betel, but by tbe mutations ot fortune It beaatn* converted Into a ten-,mailt bouae, filled with aime three hundred iom?te? The isx vrmnewspaper people took possession of the builc.ng twelve years ago and tbo proprietors were oJ??d tbe lot lor i^/OO. Bowen & M ^am -e bought. It ot the cor porporaiioo afterwards for $60,000. "10 oullding, with some addition", co?t toO.OtiO, and by tbe sale U? arm has therefore eleured ?wo," CO on tbeir ortg-ual Inieatioent Unite a n'ndeome profit The buyer was Charles Ely, l.ie ol tha firm of Merilt, E'y & o. Bowen a?d MoNa mea will remain in their old atoro until tbe new one they air buw-irg in flroadway, near tho thtatre, la coinpteteo. Tbe cost ot property down town is gettiog to be ruiooua. Tt?e lot and building of the Metropolitan Uank, cornar of Brrafl ?ay t?nd Cedar ftreet wbK'.h is 46 feet front and ICO d>.op, csat $i00,tt0, anu tfto American Exihange Rank vo be errcted cd Codar street, o! tbe name 8 I?? coat Stff .we tJ f? r the land and *125.f.0C for tte buUdlog. Tte boiiclnar at tbe corner of X*a?au and Wall atreoU waa bought *i?ht yeaia ago lor *55,000 then, $120,000 has b?'*u o tie rod lor the &xul aud declined. TBK 8*V1>TH Pfc*?]{YT?K!Jl5 Ciicecu of torn city, oa tho corner of Broome and Ridge strcota, * bloh taa been eloacd lor aeveral months, was re opened on Sunday with ap propriate religions services. This church waa establish ed In March, 1J18, and was then planed under tbe posvo ral charge cl Rev. Kllhu W. Baldwin. 0. D, who con tinued in the ptatoral charge until 1825, when E 1 - Hatfield aucceedcd, and profocnted the ministry for more thaa twenty years Hov T. Ralston Smith la now tho IsMo' Glummer the w <rk of remodelling the church waa romrrenccil; tbe whole ot one weU waa re I-vllt. and ihe Interior bandsomoly repsinted. lo the in'erlor tbe pulpit, pewa, gaUerlea and aestihu ea have b<en modernized and greatl> impiov d, both In respect to b< auty r.nd conveniense. The walla aud celling have been painted in fteaco; and, alwfelher, itI1l*^r^hl* !*a c 'ml will rea-;h $1C,000. Tne pa?tor. Dr. Hatfield and Dr. Eurctard, ail p'eachod on Sunday last. WfULi'tf Tait o k Exununoa Qkatih?A cor loua crowd asuembled jeaterday at tbo foot ot pier No 5.'), Eatt river, to view tto tail ot a sperm whale which waa brought to tbe city by tho Flying Eoglo, from Llabcn. It welgba tbne ton* and will yield about lour barrels ot oil. This la the firit s-perm brought to thl- city and la, there fore, nulte a curiosity to our people After tb* oil Is Uken from th? tali, and tbe bon<a properly eleatexl, It anil be presented to the A tor Library The bead of a scerm whalo waa lecont'y brought to New Bedford, anl was deemed som?thirg extraordinary, eaea U? thatna-m cal place, it yielded fix barrola of til. Waimxo a Mjkie to lira.?Patrick Uclntire, aged 38 years, la conaeqotnce of ft diaappolntmont In alovjat Tutt, 'en><ea* ored to cerall nlnte by toWnj laBdenum. on Sunday, at the corner of Eaat Broadway and (louver? neur Btreet. An offleer discovered him, and he was taken to lbs station houae, where the doctor gave him up for dead- but to aee if any life remained, Uclntire waa nnstrlppaid, and a heavy strap aopiled algoroualy to bu back and legs The blood, la a abort time, made Its ap pearance, and he showed ay mpto wa ot life other reined it a Lrc applied, until De waa autllciently recoaered to re turn to hit residence in Attorney street Nbxt P*?sina*T or tiib L?oaip oa Aidikhbw ?A democratic caucua of Ihe membera ot the Board of Alder ibcb was held on Monday nigtt last, when Alderman i Clar.cey, cf the Sixth ward, waa unaniraouaiy cboaen aa I t x-.ir candidate for Treetdent of the Board lor tbe eesulng I year and ua tbey stand 14 to 8. he will, doubtloBi, he 1 anccea?ful. (>n tbe first ballot. Alderman sieera had two Totea and Aidertnan Healy one. The second ballot waa unanimous lor Clancey. (k)t>i< Nbwx hj* ins 8TA*<;AZ?*.t ?Those who love to look heavenward can enjoy a rich feast on any cold night. Not only ta Venus, Mara and Jupiter In foil blase hut a large number of fixed atara are unusually completi ons. Amrtg othera Slrtua, Capella, Caator, Pollnx, Vega, Rttel Crocyon. Altalr, Jomalbaut, and othera, wu evan harder names Never n Ind the cold, tr the night la olear, and take a look at the atara for locaticn, ltd other parlouia'S, ov rhaul your astronomy. Tub Tavmabt Sotibtt ?Tbe Tammany Society or Co lumblan Order met in tbe wigwam last evening, and elact od Joeeph M Marih Sachem, to fill tha aaeanny oan-ed by the election of Danlol E. Delevan to the olllce of (irand hacbem. A nommlttee waa also appointed to make pre parations for the annual ball, on the 8th of January next, tbe annlveraary ol tho battle of New Orleane. Firb id Hav with AvB?tr? ? About 7 o'clock on Monday nlgbt. a fire broke out la tbe campbene and burning lluld More of Catharine McDonald, 130 Seventh avenue. The firemen were promptly on tbe ground and prevented tbe I amea trom extending beyond tba (tore. Tbe entire Mock ni destroyed and tbe farLiiare la tba back room was considerably damaged by wator Ixtm on stoik rbout MtO fully insured in tba Hope luaur?uce Company Tba ocrupast of tbe secosd story front room (Conrad Ruhl) ?v r the (lore, bad hla furniture damaged to tba amount of about $100. No Insurance. Tbe building bo looga to Mr*. McDoaal. It la damaged abaut $20o, and fully laaurrd la the Hope lusuranoe Company. It waa rumored tbat a drunken man u pact a bo Hie of burning linid and tbua net tire to tbe atore. Fibs at Hakijn ?Be'.ween II and 12 o'clock oa Sun day morning, a Are waa diaoovered la a atabla belonging to Mr. Tbomaa Long, In 12Mb street, between Tentb and Eleventh avenues, aad before It oanld beexi ngrisbo-t tbe whole * table waa daalioysd. Loaa about 1300 No ta suranoe Fiat ow Boaan van Pam*r*mr Qnatanr?Abau4 7 o'clock on Monday morning, a Ore was diaoovered oa board tba London packetablp Qatekstep, Captain Weeks, lying at pier No. 17, Feat river. Tba reaaal U owned by I'unham * IHamond, ?7 Sooth street. Tbe fire originated in the Hkylight around the store pi|*>. which was placed wlthia four inches of tbe wood work, and consequently set it oa Ura. Coroner's Inqurata. Tub P.RAi-s Srairr Caaa ah A< hdbct ?Tbe Inveatigation la tba oaae ol tbe unknowa man, who waa fouad dead la the oellar of No. 60 Reade street, on Sundsy morning, waa concluded yesterday, at tba Third ward statioa house, by Goroaer Gosnery. Tba boiy was rsoognlaed to be tbat of John Mi'ls. a brother of Councllmaa Ml to, and It was also shown thatdeoeiaed had beon In an tn toxicals*! condition oa Saturday night aad had ao doubt fallen Into tbe oellar accidentally. The evidence adduced before tbe Coroner also went to show that tbe deceaaed left a porter house, In Chatham street, aboat three o'clock on ftmrtay morning, and that he waa tatoxtcatel at the time of bla departure. that .*)? had no money about his person that would lead any evil disponed people to foila* and murder htm. I>ra. Weitje aad Knight made aBt mortem examination of the body aad fonnd go cuts of Inctred wound* oiber than would be produced by the fell heretofore described. Tbe evidence aa to tho condition of tbe premiaoa where tbe unfortunate maa met bla death seemed to bare due weight with tbe jury, as will be seen from the following verdict:?'That John Mills came to hta death by a fall Into tbe cellar or the hui'diag No. fiO Reade street, now In progress of erection. Tbe opaalng to aali area having heen l?tt uncovered In a state most dangerous tn passers by, and sbowlag culpa ble regllgesce on (he part of thas? persons hartag charge ol tbe same. which la deaarviag of severe oaasura. The deceased waa a native or Newark, N. J., aad was M yeara ot age. Fatal Art im?t vaoa nr?M< ? An inquest was held In fourth avenue, ntar Klghty third street, npon the body oi a child, two years old, namod .lames Thoaiaa, who diad f>eir severe brrns received by Ms clothes catching flra wbi e be was play'rg around the stove at lha residence of his rsr* nts Vcrdlct in awordaoca with tfce above facta. Fatai Fam T>ow? Pt>'*s ?An ln<i?c*t was held at No. 978 lionroe street, npon tha bnoy of a woman, named Mrs Vergaret T/pg, who dlrd from te i'Hev accidentally rrf.rlvid by tu't*g down stair', lha deceased ru la to r'rvrd at the ? me of tho arc t nt, aad waa lor aeveral lour* y wl>e"t any n e. W i I atirrdsr.ee Ho Ir.ry rende* ed a re* ' * ei 'Aec'd'ital dravb." Preeintd w*< u?ir;* y * f>f *|f, aeU v a n*l!ra of !r#>ati. A8w<(laiton for latptovlng the (oiMHUwi mf llic l'uwr. 'i UlkTEfNTI! ANKUAL *EKT1?0 ?INTSKISTW? STA TISTICS OF VAlfllKUM. Tbe Anoclation for improving the Condition of the Poor held their thirletuth annual meeting tsatoreniag, In the Collegiate cburob, tafayette place, the I'rauldent ct' the association being abstnt, Mr. A. H. WhcMaore, one of tbe Vice Presidents, illiciated as chajriaau. The * H- tenee wan modetstely large and very rh >rUve, boing rorapo?e<> inertly ol gt-ntJemt n. The aervice* were com Uienced with prs; er by R^v. Dr huttou. Tbe Chairman ttien stated that the anaual mooting ha b??n heii-toiore heid on lh<> second Monoay in Novonsber, but that hax be? a lour it too UU a season l?r It, and they * I./ t cr< tfier itdinvor to bsvt it si on earlier date. The en nl report waa then pleated. It contains! VHDy interesting incite and specifics the cansee whion > a\ag ('('vi ait u uniavorabiy to the condition o' tlio poor mode grtut demarrts upon the benevolent resource* o 1/1 ifforlstlcn dunrg the past year:? Imt lr.(iiftt!?ct ctrplo; tuent and high prion of Utuliy ntcttsar!**; work wus scarce, rmt unreduced, uJ iiDWcioi 1:vtr(t about a* exorbitant a* during the I'Mvku* year ol taidq?food ?MMrg m high in Ntw York as in ?nv rity In America or Kurupe. Second. *lbe injudicious rebel or the preceding win ter aigtreiitei* the u mber o( applicants and thu labors ?)'" tto Atsoclntjop Tbe feller gt, <a by tl'e city govern r"ert, instead of ptlmulat'ng the poor to Industry and aelf irlianee, lured tb#ia to depend on aim.-, undermined ibelr ?elf ret reot. ard offered a premium to idleness and mcne Icity. Her.ce, multitudes who never before the pre vious witter bad sot.gh' charitable aid act did not neod it. bi :rg thertby led to expect a repetition** grutuitous relie;, neglected to provide ror lhemiel?e* Third. The relief or etn'frante. Notwithstanding tho lejal revisions trade for then, there bavo been ao many urgent case? which demanded help as to prore very bur it oroico to the Association. fourth. Tht- lorg ard lerHbie winter was trving to the poor. and greatly increased the usual demands uoon the Arsociatiou. Htcp inows, frequent (tortus aurt Intense roll depressed and distressed tbe mechanic and laboring c>a>se? more than any other winter in the experenoo of the AKtceiatlcn. Whllo tbe visiters relieved, for tbe time being, doubtful carts, they detected impostors, stimulated tha indolent to etlort, the desponding to hope: sn < by a careful dis ci znttiation between real and pretended indigenco were (tirbled greatly to lessea the number of applicants, and t* te-'mpoee on tbe rampant spirit of pauperism some of the salutary reMraints tbst bad before ">x!sted, and which had been breken by the u discreet re'ief of the previous winter. Kor exompie, it was round that oui or seventh n turn-lies that bad been ltd by the experimental relie' efforts of t? o previous wrnter, Bine, at the time, had deposits in tbe rsvirg': bai fci In another sevlon. out of nineteen tamtlies thus waited, eleven bad (inniar deposltd: and so ot mary oUtr sections, of which th:so are only samples. Nay. it *>? wccrtained that some owneis of real citato, hud numerous other persons poise>Flug tne means of ci mtoitable support, bad their name* on tbe charitable ljt aforesaid, end were very bitter In their complaints 11 the inhumanity which cot them olf from gratuitous relitr. The r<cords o( tht> association sliow that more thsc seventy five per c?nt ot its beueCcisrits are of fo reign btrth sod R< hud Catholics and consequently tbat a corretponding ratio or its labor* and outlays aro for tbtlr bentflt?while not one per crnt ot its pecuniary Oitair. which are whe'ly derived from private eouroes? " mc from persccs of thai Taitb. Hucb an exnenditure ef Proteeiant tunas and etlorta lor the nclusive advant*?e of foreigners and Komtnisls, will scarcely tind a pa'allei tl?e?hire, certainly net cut ol the p^icof the Proliant cbvrrb. Th? report of the Secretary of State shows tbat in the year ending Ileceraber 1, 18f6. 204.1C1 pauper* wi>re re llevtd attfe public expense, by an outlay of <1,879,064, f xh.biting an Increase over tho precedlLg year o< 66.HH i supers, and in expense of I'iS7.W6 61. ihe cemus of tbe Mnte from 18i>l to lfl&l. and the pauper statistics lor tte raise period, sb<>w tbe following startling reiulU:? hMTIMII popuUtlnn tor UO years 01 per cent lucrt-a.-e ol psuperism ttom annval tables du ring tteaama period 700 percent In 18ol there was <ne pauper to every 123 persous; in 1M1 tbere was one to every ?9 persons; in 1861 tbere wsp one to evrry 24 persotis, and this year there is one to every 17 perrons Let the Fame ratio contiaue lillctn yesit- longer, and there will be one paaptr to evtry flvi pervcts. Beside the 2C4.161 psu pets beiore rfKr't<l hy the County Saperltteu fits, there were, ss shown by the returns tf tlx Cf'nim:fs cttrs of f migration. 14*?,367 needy per r"ts ' rtiicTtd. lorwsrdcd and provldcl with employ ptrjEim" by t^?t derailment, which, added to tbe fore g< leg, swell the aggteaalt to 346.518 persons who were aiatuittutiy reiit-vtd tu this btaie during the past year, tu the at 4 161 Mate paupers, ICO,81* were ai*ed in thia city -. at d or tbe 142 csred tor by ibe Coniuiissioner? ol 1 m'yrulicn, 130,t8t were here asslited, making the wt cle t jniber sided in tbla city the put year, by tbeM I t.bitc iiC.itu'irns, *.31,6(0. Hence it appear! ttaltwo ti irds cf the rstprrlan of tte entire Eute was relieved in tbe cPy of Mew York; and or these, Ihl.wod poraoM, or eearty to per w?t were o( foreign birth. ? Tbe reto-t rpoke very strongly against in^lscrlminat rrlt ate almrglviry. aa tending to iccreaae pa a pen am and emctirsjre lirpoature. It apprara that out of 101,340 Mate paupers, 28,663 were maiie so hy Intemperance, the Asrtr.iat on now emt>l(ys 381 visiter*. Tbe followmg table sbowa wbat has been dons by them ta Um dlHerwit wards durltg the y?at year ? At itilfr of AtijrJber of Kumhrr of /Httrntcr /Umiftei Periotu Xumber of Ward. F'Urvvtd. Rrlittd. VviU. 1 1,444 6,770 2,263 2 ?T8 832 439 3 442 1,168 6M 4 874 3,490 1.221 6 1,438 0.782 2,210 P 797 2,188 1,188 7 791 8,104 1,177 8 1.362 * 6,4 <8 1,'.'80 ? 1,796 7,190 1,604 10 S30 3,350 1,418 11 a,C62 9,448 3,010 1 2 496 1,984 901 lo 1,931 7.728 3,146 14 1,304 6,424 1 920 12 710 2,684 900 10 1.486 9,944 8,406 17 2,604 10.C10 1,720 18 1,241 8,901 3,183 1# 601 1,004 082 10 1,129 8,610 1,978 11*..... 1.638 0,162 2,102 22 996 3.980 1 ?7 Ki.uiUer of families relieved from November 1, 1866, to November 1, 181>fl 10.879 Number of persons 08,616 Number ef visits 43,264 Tbe foregolt g Of ur*s show ? decrease of rsllsf com pared with tbe pn vines year, of about 30 per otnL The following Is a summary exhibit or the receipts and expenditnre*. vis:? Csrh received during the year 848,811 81 Now due Treesurcr .' 2,148 36 TWiil ?&1,04B M Ideburiemrnta ud anproprtatlona for mom p< nod Mi.oee m i he Ra\. It. ra:*?. being called upon. addreaaeri the tsretif. taking tbe tallowing llaes u tbe subject of bis rt marks Ibe of anerey In not <'ra!ned; Tt tiroppetlira the ?enlis ruin from beiren, Upon the ulaec b^m-atb; It la twice Menard It bieaaeth bud that glvea and h m thai Ukpa. Be pictured tbe beauty or beoevoleuoe Dot only to the rccetv<r but to the glrer. field and bad men, xaf be, beg n public, wbt'e rood eat want fauna baa In rrtirSeat. There ara Impostors of every kind bagging at your door, Iron tte white era . atad clerical looking aooundrel to tba rag p'eker. Twelve yeare ago, two or Urea persons of >bt? Aaaooiatif n tbou/rhttbey would follow one of these bey?n?s to bis residence. It wn ooa wbo want wound witb ao nnlmal which wan an apology (Or a horae, to res ftf?table house* beg ring far aar and everything The? followed htm some if la tan oe np tows, to a very respeota bio locality ; he want u.to n One boose the? aoon followed alter and foond that miserable Beggar In ? reipectable private boarding bouee. enjoying himself over a u of ale tod w'th a violin by bin aide. Home >1 tbeae public beggars bare more roooey in the bank than many who gtvt to ibem It baa been aald thai the grant maaa of parpen and feiooi are Protectants, and chiefly Pres byterian*. but Ihat >a a notoilou* falsehood It in a libel upon oar Protentant religion. No. ScventyUve out of every hundred paupers and MMMMHQMM and foreigner* Yet o< tbe money* that ara expended for item by this aatorfatlon not one dollar out or a hun dred I* contributed by Catholics. Tae Doctor deacribed tba large new tenement house, extending from Mott to Uizabctb street, sad known as the "Work logmen's Howe." Be (poke very highly of Ita roaraateooe. heaithinee* an it safety, also of the eighty aeran colored famine* which lire in It. Bk?hy J. BAiMosn than addressed tbe Mating The Rev. Dr. .To*an next addreaaed the meeting, aa viewed the question In Ita moral and religious aspect. After which tba oil leers of (be association Tor the past poet year wers continued for tbe ancalng, and the moet sdjoerwd. The Mara Trade. riinrs stater dibtbict cor*T. Before Boa. Judge Ingemoll Dtr. S .?The UMU4 Fain m. Chart ft Taylor and eight nthfti.?Tbe defendants are charged with baring served r n board tba alleged slave bark Pancblta; they arc prln c. pally F'ottvguete and Hpaniaree. Tbe only testimony that coald be offered In this raae was that which baa been asdnced In tbe charge* against tbe parties for fitting oat tbe veseel. The .fudge told the Jury thai there was not sufflclcat legal testimony to convict the sccnaed, and an there was no evidence before them tbey should render a verdict of ar'inittal in each ante. Tbia being doae, tbe )nry ware dlachargtd until Monday, 2Mb tveember. Wllllantbaig City Wewi.

AenArit and Batiiry with Istmt ro Km ? A maa named Owen Hrott was arrested on Sunday night, by A**i*iant Captain Bennet, of tbe Fifth dlttnct police, on a charge of aeeault *'d battery with Intent to kill a maa awed Matthew Boyan. Tie parties had aome words la a y in North Seventh street, and Hogar waa rf'i 'iHrda followed to Ibe corner Of North Seventh and | I llib aire, la by'arrueed and arotber nat, where he was kbe Vc* I'-vit'tf brat over the head ?ith a heavy In tlrrmrnt Cart. P?nnrt was attraewal to the *v>ot, and et eetct'ed In arrcMmjt **cett, wko waa corom'tted by in> tieffairv tr await r xa ml aetlor. Bogaa I* aMflrigs tj ? i? '>nd by ?eysr? cctttuaiCM M U.; biad and ? < ?l< ca'tJ ip mUer Our UiitMltr t'orrtfpofidrMM-. Ijluvjmtkn Dec. 4, Tiit MecUrrct Dinn -r at Wheailmnl. The Eleelorg ct thu Mmte met ?< Hamburg jester Iay,, ud east the vuteot the ;itate for Bicianan and Breckin ridge. Otteof thelnoidecrtaooiMH'ctedwtib ttie Cel'.ege waa tbe preface of th< Hcu Wm. WMkins M?u Electee, and to preside ever the del;b?r?i.otis of tho College. Mr. WU klna la, 1 vesture lie predvetion, tUe oldest Kleotor u'.ented in the failed States at tfcla election, be Wo* la tea TOtb | year?and it waa a StUng Lonor, Sis aeJeetlon to preulde over the Allege wben they CMt U? twsntyaeven vote* of Pennsylvania for Jamea Buchanan, the only Prsetden this State has ever txen hpaorod with bj the aufrragea e' tbe Am?rw?B peoplj. i(r Wiliiias ta *!-io a member o our Stati.' Scnato, lioai tbe oouny of Allagheay. Kor 'ifty y?ura l e has been tuUnostei? 001 necuxi witn the politic* of tbe Hiate an.I nation. la car State at tl national i?g?ala lure be has left a record of bU groat ability, aa<l aa * diplomatic abroad bla country U no w reaping tho Hsh itv urds ol bis wisdom ami tenacity. io day tho mrmbora of the College and a few othor ot Mr. Buchanan'* ds meeratio frl^nda, amongst jrhota were J. I'orter Bjawley uid Rlobardsua I- Wright, lnt?ly elected Statu Senator fr>>m l".\liadeli>hla county, toeic din icr wMh Dim. They til returned to Mlnhnel's Ootol at Hbcut 6 o'clock t?>la evtntag, highly deUgbled with Mr. Buchanan and tbe <tma< r. Congratulatory apeecbee ??r? made bv Mtsrra Buokulow, M<-Caaolei>a Wltte, Wllklns, Wiight ana others, to which Mr. Buchanan replied In happy st' le Nearly al the Eiettere rp?>nt aa hoir thlo morn lag ta Ir.oktog at ti e '-hijlils'' ol ljtncaater, ard partlciJarly the Court House, wblrh is "u? of the Hoe*', in tb? whole coun iry Thtj aiko >ad liie pleaeure of bearing ihe Hon. ii.a. <i*u?. S-ievt'in rnako a very abie argument m a salt tbe North Leiianoa HillroaJ Upon tbe whole, our democrailo friends have spent tbe cay in a moat agreeable u.auner. Twenty seven gins w< re tired tbl* evt-mrg ta honor of toe Klectcrs and the '?Lew President" by tho democracy of tho clt7. Pollflrid l??>*rmeiit*. ftiaVoTB f>* Nkw Yokk - .? popular -rote of New YorK la equal to that ol twelve ot the otner Elates, aa fol low*:? Popilor VnU. X\t>Mrral Y<X*> Nmth Carolina. 86.12T M Alvbama.... ? Vrrmoi 1 60,684 5 Mtrilartppl 69.68>> ( ahfor out 49.14A < | Aikannaa 40,5,96 Louisiana 41.H73 H Maryland 84.MH H New Haitpablre 6T.HV0 0 Trias It,239 4 t'eiiware 3 Klorica 11.388 3 Total W.07B Kiw "j ork b9ft,180 36 Connj< uctrr 8tat? Co.vv*ntiox.? A 8tata Convent.ou of tlie o^poeenta of tbe present national adoiinbitration In Connecticut, will ba held In Now lla^en on the 8th of January for tho purpose of perfecting aa organization and cocriluatlng candidal^a for SUK oiDcora. Tur ijiUi vn Co*< Rr^awai. r^rfcfT w thw U.irrai> Htai*.-?Tbe largtat Cougrenalonal diftrict m the United >-ta!tM, beyond a doubt, t? the ?econd dutrict of Wiacon tin 11,e usual averapo ior Coi.greH*ionM d.ntricta lefrom ?'gbt thoufaud to fifteen tbousaui votes, but tbla dittrlst ?t the late election voted thus for Congreseaan ? C. U. C. llobart Total vote 49,244 This 1* enormnua, and well iliottrates the prodigious growth or WlfCOBs'n within the laat fl** years. Ma; "ACururns K>ow Norinst; t?T.tT? CotTNriL.?The qt'arlerly meet'.sg of tbe S'.ate Counail of Massachuaeltt ??a te!d tn Botton on Tuesday, December 4. <>n motion cr Mr. k'amei. of Ualdon. a committee of tlve was ap roittrd by the Chair to no? in at a a commitlae o! thirteen, i who*<s duty It rhould be to take Into consideration and ? eport to the Council such measurea aa may by them be <<?tutd expedient lor the re-organliatlon of the American , ?ity thro\ifbout Ibe Slate. Tbli commutes subsequently reported tha following oamoa to constitute the rommlttea on re orgatlaatlon:? At Urge.?Moses G. Cobb, of Itorcbeater, lhosrvi Colt, ot P'.ttaQeld, Cong. Dial. 1?George Ho?ilaud, Jr., of Vew Be<liord. V? Jonathan K Morrttl. Fall River, s?Jobs l.'UUibid, o1 K?*boro', 4?John N Tnrner, ol Brooklne, 6?George W Measiiger, or Boaton. f?Geo H. Dflvercux, of tSalem, 7?Ctdeon Haynra. of Waltham, f? Kphralm W Bull, or Concord, #?7 R Pan|iborn, ef Worcester, 10?Hiphalet fraak, of Ppnngfle'd, 11?Androw A Bichnood, North Adam*. On motion of Mr. Titrm.-to5, of Laujaatar, th# Commit tee of Thirteen were tnatructed to Inquire into the expe dlency of so naodifylng the platlom of the American party as to make It oonlorm to the oonatltatiinal ameudmenta whw:h have been adopted hy the Legislature, in relation to ellfiblllty to office." and " Ue right of (uflraje." Mr. of Beaton, moved that two persons from east eonnty be appointed to ro organise the subordlnats Coui cils throughout the Slats upon the Springfield plat form: said persons to be vested with power to appoint subordinates to carry Into e'.leci sail le orgait/ation Carried nnaclmously. Ascitis* Old Hickory.-The Nsw Orleans Dt> of the 28th Bit says ? We hope that Mr. Buchanan will imitate the self rrl! asce. Independent* and boldnesa of Old Bickcry In the ?rliical condition of the counirf these are the vor> quail drationa teeded In the admiuiatration, and which will ocaliie li to r^'ta tnrough tbe ilery ordeal of the coming tlm.' II the r.estdent el'Ct Hill t*?o couusel Irotn his own r ear Intellect, repudiate the oflldoua advice or in termeddli rs. acd stiller no back stairs li lluenre or kitib . u rsblntl to sway hu conduct, bla adni'niatiatloo will probably prove eminently succetsful. Tin nsxt CAm.irr.?The Waihmston correspocdent of tbe Hoolbslde Democrat. Dec. 1, says ? Mr Bofbenan will be in this city by the middle of January, and then we abail Uow who are t?i be In the Cabinet, therefore 1 forego all snrmi??i on ifr? tople. However. 1 csn tell you that Messrs. Hunter and Cobb are two cf tbe boc'y. ' T.mntK von tub CitttsFT?Governor Floyd and the Hob. I layette McM'rilen, of Virginia, are both after a ca?intt appotstmrnt. The Blcbmrod IFJiiy saya that MeMullen Las been to Wheatland. It will be recollected that Mac. made a similar pilgrimage to Concord soon alter the elec Hon of <k.n. Pierce. There Is som-Hhing very mysterious in thii movement or the gallant Colonel, particularly just on tbe heels of Governor Wise s return from tbe same regtoa. lurrwrtjrr no* ? A New York correspondent of Ftrlnglellow * Atchison Sqiuittrr Bovrrmjn, writes M fo lows *? have bad a convention of Abolition Go ronton In rerf.oo n thin etty for somctlms. whose proceedings bare bosa Wept serrst. It la known to ? few of ua thnt tiwv bare der.ouacfd lane. an 1 appointed now men wbo art iooc aga'B to Invade yonr Territory with a it roof fore*. Htm.by Am iKAXT*.? Mr. A. N Clark of the Hartford Our an' oflice, was appointed meMABgtr to carry the rotoa of Connecticut to Washlsgtoa. There war* 121 ap plicants for this appointment. About two haudrsd and flity dollars If paid for tbia iervtoa. Faastoirf Fr-^irAi. >r Saliva?The F re moo ten of Nashua, N. H., propose to celebrate their recent triumph by a grand promenade concert, sapper and ball. The aiTair will take place on Tuesday evening Ms. Koto aid ni LajCoa Lt*.?4 is said that Mr. King, our (ioveraor elect, la opposed to a prohibitory liquor law, and that be la prendsnt of one of those clubs wblob are In fact, notbmc bnt organ1 ted restaurant*, aal which Indeed sicel all the other* la tbs deltoacf of their w nes and tha strength and parity of their liqnor . 1'oaTMijnix t.rsSK^i.?Mm of tha lead lag pa pen of B'"-*oa and Salem an suggesting the name of E. < Bailey, the present postmaster of Boston, as ths boat quallBrd person wlthls their knowledge to be ths nsw Postmaster Gensral. A Halem paper says:? We havs hers la Ma*?erhuaetta a man who has us donbtedly a better knowledge of the whole operation of the l'ost nfftee If part m> nt than any man In the country. What a Cabinet ofl oar * obliged to learn dsrlag a carsor of foar yearn, he hcenn to loam more than twenty yeara ago, from Ibe very red ments The syatem of arranging <ind transporting the malls, of keeping aroonnts of postal arrangements with foreign coantrloa, and all the latrlra etis and iMHoalties, with thtlr practical remedy, are as fatrli'ar to him a* bnueeboid words And when ws re rrrml.er that the Post fifflm Department la entirely a bu ?ttir?e deparimrst that It has its rules and routine aa n neb a* tbe counting room or the mill, that It haa for ita ohj'ct the speedlen and moft economical mod* of trana tntttlcg letters and news from one section of the country ?n another, from one part of the world to another, and i. ibiff more: when we remember that the mana**meat i f tHS impoHart branch of our government la not to be rorif t)-cl *y theory aloae, bat by tha mo?t thorough i mctlrat Kcwlc'irc. we are conadent that erery one win rtcogntze in K C. Hatlev, Kiq . of Boatcra. a per?on 11 ruitai 'y adapted to the poritlor o' I'natmaatc- U< nnral. \rriTi Citttitn* T"i? km wr> ? *iie Suprerce rmirt of P erh Carolina hn cnmirire* tbf dec'tlon o' .In'go Man ?, i>*i iwmn r? of dm tTn1te?aalist chu-oh are lacom. retert Inter 7 u Courts of Jv?u 1 . actJTU' i| to the lairt ?f .hat SU.e liuiton** '1 fi*?t*e?"The ?"<? Wrw.gn of Wouiwi." A fftrre with the pretentious till# or "The Bights and Wrongs at Woman" *u prodnmd at Burton's new theatre last evenim. lo a not very lull hotine?a clroum ,Un?e to be regretted, aa the iarceisan exoeiU.nl one of iM kind, and Is destined to be ranked hereafter wilt* ? That Blessed Baby,'' ''Box and Cox,'' and other pieces or a similar character, which have proved ao aucoensful and attractive at this ami otner theatre*. The plot, which beara marks or a French origin, turns upon the misadventures or an absnril genius named Sir Bnon de Beaoaexe (Plaeioe), who deems tt his mission to right the wrings of all married females. By some means be ?ernes in poaaeoaioo of certain love letters written by Mrs. Maicnmont (Mrs C llowwil) before her marriage, to a party * ho owl not become bur husbiu.il, and she leara they may tall into the hands of her bpound. Ool. Man?b laopt (Mr Miiitb), a gentleman slightly addxie.1 to iealsney ana side wbUkers, sad Irom whose temper hi?e tear* st ise trouble. By a kind of ?'J?'* diet tbat ba;.>*d no where but en the ?*ge, B?au??x? lii.ds his way into the Maesthmonl lastly, with tils iu lormtmle psckage of letters, just at the lime when a matrimonial breese is racing In eonae i arnoe ol the Colonel, who m blttea with an agricultural I aver wishing hie wife to prixiood lo the couuiry to cul tivate solitude am turuips. when tho lady desires to s *y la town to oujoy bails, the opora, Verdi, handeome w sor* and siimlee varieties. The by-p'.ay with the .;t t M-s of courso cvas< s uli th? absurd situations In the hrce wbicP a-e admirably worse! up, but whioh would Kinu all their tun by relation l'he itpsUol oT tbt>^matter Is tbat ti e psckhMyo turns out to be a leiier Irom her lor aier lover to me lady, lnloraiug her tbat ail her letters wtre res?roy?J, wl.iob of c.oiin?e sU everything to rights, ana the *>n*iu Ml with eTery mark of approval finm the au?U'nee. Vrs Hewara rendf-red iter pun charicirgly. Miss Fsnty h. wue was piqiiaut unci pretty us a loubreitf., and lur M 1c :-mi'0 quite up to tlm marK Th part under taken oy Mr. Ptanlde is the yrincpal ooo iu thefaroe. and should l ave beeu personate^ by Mr Birt.u Mr. Plactde is a very exrelient actor in bto way, but it requireea good nature.) tUort to laugh nl his fun sometime. "Tood'cs" is up lor to night, eLd, o1 course, frill draw a crowned house. Lnurs Kttnt'a Thwtre-A New Ph*y. ' Second Love" is a eerto-er.mlo tlraraa la throa acts, orlgma ly playod at the Haymarkst tlie* re, Loudon, lu Jute last, end pt rloritcd (or ire fret tltnom tht? eouutry at Laura Kiete's thca're, last night. U Is tha work Ol Mr. J l'algravc t-'imptoi, an author who enjoys dmerved popularity ib bo h * de? ot the Atlantic The p'aj at pre?etjt iiru'sr review I.- & nOry of tbeU'ec tions. with the lncl'ifnlK so ',vo kiid up as Jo tell pnwer ftilly U|on the feeliugs o! the audience, more pirticu'arty tbt rui'er portion of ?. The s'.or) it Mmpl? and otr?oUve. Ibe actios takes plare iii a cor-.trj viila la lCn#land Tho hero'ne, Elincr Mowbray (Mies L?ura K?ene) is a blind liirl, comparatively pc^r. Slio h*3 a rusilc attendant and ntfdanlt, Lscy (Mifs Jo*ep>"luo Maaners); a cousin, R?lph Thorofci'l (Wr George Joraaul, a liearty dawu fentl>>n.ao, ard a rami sarvact, Hawhuck (Mr Charles ^beRlUigh), v fio?c fl.sraci >r u a mixture Oi eiewoi-ih diss, ciipldiiy aui! lo* cumsiuif. At the corouiei'ce merit or tbu [>4ay we are ltrorael of tho desth tr Elisor's uncle, and tbat therq is sorao douot a? to which of the covuns, Ralph or Kvtsor, Is bi? heir, tauor's oiBtant relative. Uol. D*ngerll?W (Mr Litgnam) knowing tbat lie was tbB legatee, ha* won h-r affections in thJ o'stvjie ? t a waii-wii* luintcr, asi unuor an assumid tume He u mvc*? < i?trts?i<d st hoarttg ihat there is a second wiu Kaipb amvts irom London wiih the lntoill l-' tee tbat there is s f.oo.onU will, and that th? property lo' ?to Minor HI* evident here to tho uutience thai Hr'uh it sHCilficmf lii??elt lo scire th# uapiHuens (?/ tiulor, wbsmlio Itv.s devotedly, but do<? no. d*rci to ai'prcbch. She ntup 7 treating him as a faitbrul dlit i?anserHeUi d.c'osei hit true slate an-1 n*ne ?is acced ed by Elinor, ard prei>arai.o?is for the wcddUg are coamcii'ed. In tiie seoon'i act we und Klitcr .u a spliuuid home, but exceedingly unhappy. Her ciesln, Mildred \ern<>n, (Miss Ada Cli.ton) tomes to s!?it ler, and 'rore soBt chat.ee rcmsrU, EU U,r is tau*tied n^t DangerOcld t? engaged MUs \ <r nou s . tleu.<.ns. E'mor's bUnduwts tncrexses her misery, an it rreVi'D's Ur from obistmce proof ol tho truth or *!l?lt> of bcr lust-1" o'? V0,no? tmprutfentiy car ntptndsmV.b Dawrtlell, and leav-? a pasMonate note tor hitu to ere ol the drawtcg room vases This movi ntti is oUctved by Daw book, wlio is rollv aware of all Uc Co caci's Intrigues Bawbutk gains posnoasion o' the no* Lass quarrel with th* Ok>?sl, goes over U> toe est Ui7, seO gives the cote to Kalph. The tatter nably reiutts to cutkenseor the actMUfj put!"iW? whrt E'iBor in.ttts tbat tte tote shall be read to her, hs t)retcr ds ttst it !t BCt rrom af.?tnaa, aadteari It up. Rll nor n?w ba* recourse to Lucy, and there la an ex'ieaely clTect'va sctce, Lucy is a slow read er tir educailT fcsvinj ben icmewhat nc|l"cte', mii tte ccEfc.oittoti* mactior tr? which eha ?pelt-' oat even wr.id, cen"a:itd wllti tnc esg?rness with whinn t iser deveurcd ihe ef utet's oT the note, made a po?er fu, aud icii ng situst'.on, qntve equal to anything in the mtfein drama. Elinor tow begins to asoartam biw sli# tss been ouped, aad rfol^cs to hldo hertelr in the conn i'j 'o^ ttie?- nsootbs, atunded culy by I.ucy, to look up is' jjtislnthe rase, which ro*olutl"n she imtn-dlalcly ran i?s mlo cllect Ilalph resolvoi to challenge lunger titld Lut Oo*s not do so for lear of glvlog Elinor piln. ILe'tolrnel. however, challenges Balph. ostondbly l fir tie#' li M rs Vernon's note; but thai duol is prevent e,i b. Hawbuck's cr.p snstlon of the lar.u Toe three a cm be haviD* explreJ. all the personage, in th.) drama rt*t at the when tJmor demand! lhat -Uipti rb; read ice will. He at last consols, ard proceeds to read that the property was bequeathed lo -Wnor Mowbrsy.'" Atlhls pMnt 1-Itnor slope b m sod pt .tie lo the words "Balob Thcrnhill ato to the a?ienishm"iit C every oue announces that she bas b?m reetored to sight, phyetcaliy and mentai.y. The devotion o( Kslrh IS rewarded by tho hand of Btaor^wl the Colt nel s left at liberty to try Ute eOsot ot hia ftacl cations in seme other qoar er. hucb is the story ol -'Seeead Ixr?e. The dia.ogue ls tBiouth throv-gbou;, ana Intle bits or pathos and exquisite rrntiment are scattered through It Hie characters are powerfully drawn ard exoetdtegly well Jf!" author baa achieved ene of the treat aocreta to<immM ci l struts Ion that to. to ?ake tb? actksi on to the rf.n. ..mi.ii' without MtguUtg 'hejndleDOeby sall-cliiusxcs. ? ^cond Love" !. ait.*etn? a charming )?;?). riaetly suited to this l?j"U u( a Ihoalre and its re UT|d*T>>??? B"ht wu e*c#I,Mt thr0a'h.0?,h Tie |. sy wss acted an.' gotten up in a manner would p.esi?e the most lastiuions author. Ths /ioenery was t sqtilrite, and the rentral surroundings or the stage could not fcsve bscn made mote perfect. O' the acting. Mt?s I*ora Koene s performance of Ell nor was a ?reat triumph The vary.ng phaaes of the bllt'i sir I s etararltr were do mealed with true arttmc power, and the rortraiture of the Idiosyacrartee at the bi dd was most 'aithinllv reiwodiwwd. Mlsa K**?* rait'y p ace this psrt in the b ghest position In b,r gal lery of Cramatlc succetr.se She ri. hly d^erJe^ "^'L botes she reaped-the applaud ot the men and ol the women, wiU two tiiaimct call* bef"T* curtain dor og Its performance Miss Haoners nlajed Lory with nai?*fe an I true P*'" lormance bss into red her po?ltl?;n with the andtenoe. Mr Wbcalialgb's Bawhuck was capital He caught the idea of the part exactly, and succeeded In lmpr?*mtng It u"n tVeaurence lUiph Thornbill Is alu*.tb?ront o^ ifr, Jordan's line, but i.e achieved a suc?eM in It a^d esve us another prno' of his vcrsatllttr Had he more distinctly marked th- transitiot s in Ralpb's charactse, frrm spoonsy sentlm. sialism to manly grlefsad stnrdy courage, the iierformatce would bave been perfeev Mr r.egbam ureds dignity, and Mlsi Clifton acta to1 "llie piece, w'ibo'it the sllrhtcwt attemt* a? clap trap, bald the ati llecee ?r cbs'ned dnrlng the entire perform aoce, urn at the fail of ths certain the applauee wac cnantmous. The second ptay wh^ onog New Tort which enured upon the tWd weet ef ^snc^frl rue Both plsya were warmly received by a tull house, and they will be repeated this evestng. Brooklyn lltjr Inltlllfrner, Til r?*. wmi.Mw fiRKt ?A petition. by TSO Bias J Gerald and abort 6tx> other eltlaeue ud property bolder* of tbe city o( Brooklyn, was preaante<i to the I'ririBon Coro^i Wet tvfnuv, br Aldnman Huntley, praying that tfcMeaee of tbe anp at tbo loot of Fulton Mrc't be gr*t;?etl to John A. !**ylon end aearolatre, Trrr 'b? jinrpnet of p*labll?b1af a ferty Mvnb tfeta city and New Yark. Tbe following re?ohitlrM wera attached to tbe petl tlo* ? INaolred. That B '?a?e nf the land and aMp a) the (bo< of INI tot ureal on ttieVeet rl?er, belonging to the city. be given to John A. f'KTtnn ?nd hla a?eoclete? for ten jean, upon ibefol lowing c>ndttiot ' ? 1. lkat mM Pav. <n and aaerclatea eball. within one yaa fn m 'he i'aie r>' ?*??> : nee, furnlnh the nec^eary boata aad pat m cr ropbte operation a ftrrv fmm altp to ana* con venient landing In tl e rit> nf Hew Yo-k T Ttai no nlgbe* r?t?a ot ferriage Khali be ebargxl .turln* tbe period of aa d l#??e than the Wrwe?t ratee erer heretofore charged by tJie I ti'<? Ferry I ompanj. to wH ?One rest for each (not paaaet gar and ?* per huadred for cart U'keU, with the privilege of commutation. S. Thu the aeid leaae ahall never be dtapnee.l r>f to tbe Tnlon ferry I rmpant; aad eald altp and plera ahall be uaed during th* period o1 aad leaae for terry purpneaa. ao<l for none other. 4. 1 hai the eald ferry, 'hiring Iba period nf *ald laaae ehall be continued ami managed In a aefe and oonrenlen' manner. With am h number of boat* aa mat be n^-wai y to meet tb? * ant? or the public I * Thai tbe aald Payton and naenetatea ahall erect conva merit terrv hoonea. plera and other ner?-eeary appurtenanoee al the loo' of Fulton atr??-t, aiiltahle for the pnrnoeo* of aach ferry, but In am h manner a* not to Interfere with the public trawl of the atreet. ? t'. That np?n ih? noncompliance of eald I>av1an and aeao I ri?t*a with anv of 'be loregolng condHlona. the aald leaae and I tiie grant cpon which <ai(i lea-** la f/innded, eball becomeao<l i be wholly vMd, revoked and of no efltact. T Proi-tnon to be m ute In a?i I leaae for a renewal thareof I at the expiration of the term lor which It la granted or Tor ; compensation for impniTempnta made aaan the property of ' the city upon eqnltai ie term*. Alderman Fowtaa nrged tbe adoption of thareenlittioiw, i< did Au'etman llri'in, who In tfie conrae of hi* ra n.arlta. itate<t that there wera aeven ban.Ire* rami honaea r neeaard n! the rlty, whirb be a'tribute.I main ly to tba con re* of the Color Ferry Company in raiting the rate rn> fare. I the reaolntlooi were a-i opted %? a Tote of tweatf-ats two naya?Kn.. aacc Mid WarUwd. THE FOtE DEPift TRENT. Meeting of Ibr Ilin>iiwlrtlt of I'fflim-IUportJ of tike Tnw ",tr T,.,iM?.N|NM||N, |k, _ * *fDU*' **tharln8 o* ?be representatives of Mm New Tork Fire fVpanment, comuoaed or two member* fraaa ?Mfc oompaay, waa held 1m eveaiag at Irremaaa' In Mercer street, for the pnrpoee at hearing re porta of of fleer* tor the paetycar, ud electing nnw OD? fortk? m ?Wag year. We attendance *ru targ,, aa?I a good 4m ?rexeUtn>ent ?h njaoileetel withm toe walls of lu? handsome rdlf'ee. The meeting being called to order b* the President, John y. Belsher, Uie object or the meeting WXM ?*plalned, and the body proceeded to **11(11*1? forthwith. The aonual roprrt of the trustee* for the year ISM wa presented and read, as follow*:? of I eDartn,eijt Mad rea, ectfi?llr rm Varied h. 'nM^h*'""" *"*''? * r?ui*tbius I ^ ry "*er'"ona *f ihe bo<?rd. to direct U'Z lr wved I ,Si ' ' 'h" ,tui1 ??>?? """WlL M me *;r Zrruvr1 ,"r :u.r:z?rr' ? "sri *;hs.:;xr 5 lii^ aidoS teui" h4mlUir'e huoart'J ^ twanty def lator <3'VlrtT'idahi* T?'l,nl"K ,n hta last v?*? a t?a "jf". dollar* tad forlytlve cetua, since wuisk rte *?nrf,t!>*1> I**1 *"m twenty four ih.aJlZd savm .hou^od dli.^.-^vln'ra "hlT, u?d ?VW. lt"' P'?nauent fund (iu.lu.Una uaJJ I 1 DOV. amount to ninety three thimaaad fir., hundred ,.mi (ill, dollar* Invested u follr" ? -n^ST Lnrf k""S*1 ?Te 1,""<i'"1 dol'ar* 10 bond and mor??X" ll ' J h,'?(lf,'d "ml '?.? dollar* in Manhattan hack su?'k unuiatJlii ftHSTu *" .'""J?*1 U"" derived trom <be fir. n?r iV ?h?u. K.v lhouaau.1 tivn hundred dat unonufa^y*1, l' order 'o noe?i all uie demauda thetrlmilZ' ?."r-L . 'V- p?F( ,/ ? mo.nil Jirv ,!.'o W,\* "ni1 mean* i-> i aiiu> h nuBiuteut 1 l a - ??illHl Htld liHfAHfUirT dmhlir?mmil^ . r,u? f' n,po**J P*id to the wiiiowx <>n tb? penukMi tm vntniwiTfor5 illlT' U k1'i;lin,lr#vi d?wlar**y?*r. wkik (4? !j . ^ ^ ^ llff biUt Ol ffilit!.* UM(1 HTf* tbO*lt four tl? ? u. haTr.^-Lwtwo *&m*. It has ciuae.1 0i?> tru#* ^'^whwwiv^ iha ow1dk thi* cuniUmlv in/,r?u uirntiTkal^0 *NeAri> lhe ll wlil bf coinp.-iied u? is SSa^-sr ^"in r; 1 "Jr1 iniiw 1 uta *hich ^^ ? j W"P> ?* t"*4 Hie lniumtM i amuaniPti ol Uiis ruv fr.eBd^h^i'r^.rrr U^'h ,^l",r, ol our warned iiavina leaii'.Ld Pl" fortil ,n h?h"M of <1*0 fuad - v,rlveu ,r,,ui M^^fruSSe ifoT; ',!ik ?...2 ' t f,r"- Ai re* Sluart <i?briel Mead aad tka iii*!' Kci^'^o'ri ''<""W ^ of ?hl?li have been pSb ,,r (h? I rc??,!r?r ftl'l,r"Pr^t? teraie, over the tlgtuauf r",,"Tli"ee report that the Van Schaiek acholar M e th? L,.V">','r ur<' r,0,h The couimiuee ata* i.w n ?i ,:lr'**tlin,lu*1 report thev have dtaU-ihuind Sfiht D^of^C: buud^d LdTr^ l-e?ore iiven ?*?T hnt ?fcS a,KU"h "u?t>er thaa '? i* diTiicri.i.I. i ? when the unuRnal nererltr of th? PMt Zmed" ,; '' 1U,? COnsid,',,l'i0" ??-"?? >? readlljr ac I ni^wv ht? i1 on I^?natioiia raport. that the dMTer IJ i> .mJ./J? uuiit piumpUr reauonded M-M^'t?f^'her.^mn ee lu e.m'.rlbntluK w'h SS , .I.tjIJ' !L lly ? w,"ie ihe lor>-itfu Inannuice eomiiame* f ?"h but three exee| lion* onl^' haT!? iBUy .ompllrd with the rei|tiltetneii(? ol tbe act of ihe l^eiai* re. m pavtDK over t" the li?M.?rer thTtai ?oSaed^Ji. elmnt,. | ,br?, e?eet?Hooa^SISdi^3T and to which ?our attention ha* been r*neatelllv m! tlS *Z1 Br't??"h Sgm of two"*'."f l,ChJlfP*n'""' V" ?Allied Pe!l. Ik* W-??">*Sta^U ^ , '^rwitg Fire lriRur ivx e </Ovii at*v M.kr.urwitiAj^pM ji.iMirHCoM r.u-i Hnv, Kir.. iMui^fcSSTSLw JT2 th, J4 * iT -'t^ywure * CMnuauv? all t?v ltu?t'>u Ii?? m &imm w*h"r""k ,r-^ nSiiMiV u,T k\"? Mr .Jmiucm M ri?ht ih?* *i(rnt of Fire r^*?..-?. SwP^SL* r;*'r *<>*<*!>* S &?!?? aESZ alU.f theae de'aultln* au. nt* m.ta at law hav* hm ^T o?e|he?T r)f.M?" I'1 w Icli <lr l*ion* ha< ft been glren in f*?w . '^P* tia# nt but tli?? piufi^ff to il?e *am* have and u e lubjaet i* row bet. re the la< ?!u?of re?2? -h^ truCu'iii'd/^o'1. I*.r<,0!"1" , l' **K'CIM :n our favor The bp lP*>r dn'Xthua publicly to prwent to ?'???!. ' * the tln/.toUluiC ixei ti wfcw? UfVlM in (k?ip rm l?l .S, ".fpl"..wUh "?? Tieir ?nTr. to Wtti; tie aeV r ** """ H h" tuv* fkllh/ully rjmpiied wit* I efnfe*rt?*r?!0,1 "nd r?*! ha?e made the mo,a) | rrnlr?et* for-he ee.ii,,;* v..*r The e:mta.t ot the fnl Vi h *i!" M,p'' "" pair nf (hoe* and the l?tiar onX p" '?01 ^tu'- ^ r?lltd 11' *""" l'*r? re-|iirr*ted, for bonda and ^.TiVw ! Hrv#r?l auiBa wa' i to the Tr*a*ar?v w?^5?!L iLr ^ refletence to hit rennrt 1H?? S5RJ Th:=, ^^^.red^'r^.,?^. *"1*" ,n !?.?1''5,ott"B"1t'*on Fi"?.and PenalUea report proareik. la ">r ?ioi.U.?,a of f,S La-. m^ b.'dtator* irr 25." ? f" Br,,ct,u? Of 'lax.nere.te n?^h."J?rr<Vl?,rTlor'r? Mr?u are aware of continue i. peilorm the voiunUr> end <>uerotifi 4ntl?*? imooaed tinon fh#??n J>0*" 15*'lB and dlapoaUis of the oau*e* of If Sere ?a.?^ !!m" lo,t""* 'rmiiht to their notice; aod while there no a j be cate* of eppurrnt Murdehip r*?miltinir fmrn -?* deeiaUmalt to. notwlthatondl.,.. iv- "'y o7^^UmJdTeSS '? & "J11 of ? ???"1 of their ewn v^ton^r * ' o'*1 ***octo'ea. who*.* aole dewre w i* welf*?^air rlTTSHfli. 7 of depaetmeat, j.romote i? iT?lr.K.,. ?k Ii ' h*raonv ?n0 Kt'xl fellowahto aaou its P^ .1 *. T^1*Tm?*a>a fa thla eonneetton. take plf*anre la l"""*"" admirable caodliioa <rf * part mem. I'* diaelpltoe and etSciencT weee neviv ~i?M L^r 'jll,errn' eompanle* eottimaud the reeueet and et pt denee of the entire community reepeet and in Tk w of ft<] th^ dreiiDiiifiiscM iHTc'nbfftmi ?*?? Tr'!?"*? *ou'<, n"*' reape>-tf?lto urte upon a" the B'?b?* '"Hiv.ucn a a?ri, V haJi?? Jd SaJtiT.**c*al'h^u^h the eiere.a* at *aVlf' .liU ''f,7* '3 "r'"l*",>n '? '"?nn.en.taide I iiMrii p1111 wprn carried to exiecwa, It too often nnirrmta UnS'ofd r*1^" leaillng to lumnh *W dlaorder. rfeTiiiiea and orderly performance of all our dutleewill the l.eai .l.h ?f <h? departoJ?it, and He the p^! irj I r rerpeliiatln* Ihla great and Inclinable H.ardv the ?,?.! of Which we all hare *o much at heart '? in .. *?"> *nrt iitttiiD have aivM liberal dnnaitone while the rr??. *enerally" hare m*Te deduetiona <m their bill* for prmtlnf *e W Ihe le-ma of aervtee of Adam P. Peril/ Peter H Thna ui ?""*'? N Phllllpa, will eiplre at the annual meetlnc It ta. Iherelore. re?,,udle to elect three Tr.u-U-, for tCT^cIr* e.wf: The annual report of the Treasurer of the Depart meat, John ft. (;iled, waa then reoelred From thla deoerne* It appear* that the anoutt expended lor akarttable p?. pow iiuriog the laat year waa 931.030 01, aad that tba amoent received Is donations, Ad, waa 1,14 1S3 .4 leav eg a balance la the Batcher*' end Drover*' Bank to the rredlt ol the Toad, of $2,218 34. The permanent fund of ibe departaaent la aa leliowar? Five aharea of the Manballaa Baak aUok tM J oased on bond aad mortgai* n.tn Total ,,,, ,, ?,, ,,,, ?,, ,,, ,, ay- .y Troat inad* ppactai do A con muaioauoa waa rrcelved from the Truatoea Jk Int lor a revlaion ol the Are law*. *?? A rommuairation wa* also reoaived from P._ re?Igatag bl* < nice aa Troito*. ryir? <me waa alto received from Adam P. Praia, denitotaw }?* c?D"llf!*'* ft* re etocUoe to the offioe of Trustee Tb? repvteentadfec thei pr celled to ibe ?lertioa efflcer* lor the en win, year, wllh the followtai rUTiSTJ* *??*? S^ir^/r 4. Wood ha II Aitr^r 1?** H eU,? UMiectar..... Tmataea ? Jooaa R Phillpa, Peter H Titna Bear* n Howard, aad - Baaamor*. ' 7 ei?M^T^Ab!LV#ry?m,# maalfeated to Mw ellctloB of Ihe ibore efflwn, nearly all of Ibon rtretfiAv a two third ,ota ot the r^tre^ntat'U r^UraT ^ newly elected President, Mr KHlikra mad* a very ?enalbfe addrra* on taking the chair. Ha thanked the niember* Iroat the bottom of hi* heart Ibr their kind ne*a toward* htm, and hoped that they would sot be d< appointed ta their choice Re hoped that dartaa hi* llaoanoa la offica all per*oaal anlmoattlaa aad f woald be doae away with, ao that the good ea. which the araoclatton waa formed mlcht aot ha lea*t fmitraterl The other officer* made similar ipacohea wha Ccaveouoa adjourned la good spirits. Personal Intelllgeeeee. Hob ?epb?o K. Adamo. Senator Ma Mtaateatpp*, rrmotf to Mtnpbla. Tean, Mid follow hta pratanm, l tew, after tha expiration of hte torm, 4th Mamh Mil. The Rer Thro L. Ciylw, of Now York, proorbod ? Pnixiay In the Wcot Arcb atroot rraabytertaa ok a rob to Philadelphia. Tb? Roeton Ttmrnttrift wyi -11 a moetlng of the do*, graphical and Stailatiral Horlety on Tbnradajr oeoninf, OoL Fremont wm elortrd ?n honorary Member. The ng? ber of booorary mi*t?n la limited to twootr Tho other Ab?*u member* are Dr. I ado, Dr. fcdwar* Kohl noon, lieutenant Manry and VmfWor A. D. Barbo. Tbo yooeo of Ppaln Baa (rantod to Ooaat do Benkordor* the uraad Oroaa of tho Order of 9aa Fernando. and M ban rorrtToo tbo inalfnla which a year mo wero <ieo lined for tbo Kafllah |eoeral who oorjmaJSrte the Cri mea Tho Verona (ittttr of tho lot inatant aayfl ? Chartaa If!., bettor known under tbo name ot I'rinoe FloreaUa, the relifnln* koto etjrn of Mtnafto, arrived In hia capital laat ?Mk, and w a received with all the hooora due to hie rank. Mebrmet An Pacha ha* received from tbo Klo? of tbo Ttelflani tho (rand cordon of the o?der of l/?opn)4 Tbo Iralfola wot* prroeoterf ?o mm 1>T W<'0oral Rimn ure?odl, tho Mlalater v War. In the ab?en<o o? twun Vllaia XIV., M. alitor of Foroifa Adam