21 Aralık 1856 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 3

21 Aralık 1856 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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flit Will of Anboii G. Hhelpa?Nearly Two Million* mt Dollar* luruJvtd. bUPUIMK COUUT SPKClAL ThltM. Betore Hon JuJge Gierke \ ? IN 'VitU* Phftp*, JSreciifn'j* of I Jit Latf Will lint 'V*'* j a. Plvljif, Of "*>"'/. l>. A'uoti U. Jf ' ' . >u <J. I'hplps died SOtl. November. f&3. (A,,r,..~Ao* iiTechudr<>Ilt a. PK.1P.. Jr? wilo a. , Mr, Mok?s, Mrs Atterbury ant Mm. t^lg? Mr? Poiu ? children ol a deceaasd daughter, throe grandchildi en bel?4 lietli K. Jiarv ulivia P lU.-lluiiei n. James, Kiu? , w,.rH ckiulri-n of hi* tlirei and oilier grandchildren, wh>. ndrbi'dreo have been b?ru ?laughters tibore earned Or*. 'helps wan seiztd and pos kluct; In* desui. At hlsdratli Mr. s t!,e greater purl o' eassed cl a l*i ge real aod pi rsonai as .ortlsn however, was which was Blttntled in this Htaia; soape v and Missouri HU iu t'ouuec'liul, Peuusyhiuii*, Jadiaaa .> ???posed to bu real es!itu-. exclualve of his hemi?*'cad, wa? nirad a'-d titty worth cue million sixty nlue thousand six l>u. >t lg*Ket to ?loll*. s ??<>" ,"h'Vm w'i" Tonal es the .inimiut of about MM.tOO HI* pft. j-^elpg Ule. iucli J'uk bin in ero* la the tinu of * Dodue & Co.. exclusive of tb?l giveu to In.' t , d ? ?mounted as per Inventory, to tBW.flW 1H Meowed t? ? tliH mortgages about t-li.UO0 Tbe net annual rent ol'Mara*1 estate iu tbiscnv waa about SM 5"0. and 111 Connect! rut ?w 51? I total $JW (m:o ' Mr Hie'ps left a will nalasl 2-liti March, l '-W ? and thereby appointed Mr*. Fhalpa. hla wife, executrix; au- I ?on ?>. Pbe'Dt Jr., lilsaoo Wm. K l>odge. ha sou in law J exetiiio s The executrix ban alone qualified the execnt'ira Iiave to1 ,'i 'ii* sn, although Ibev have not renounced The #xeculrl\h is an'il to the survivors of the fl'ta of Phelpa Bodge A t o., all the interest ol the deoeaaedln the assets ol tlie linn'o fci-'.' ftb'J N3, payable by their live p unussory note* t< -1->' th' l ea"h and for the reiualuder they have given ? as diated iu pa<e of ihe c.iie Kh>* lias aold and conveyed port.i 'ia . the real e-Ute utder the power la trust coutaiuei iu tli> ^ ill anj c jD'lnued to do go uoill refrained by an In tuacliuii order 1o provide for her annuity ol to <HX?, she hai ael apart I" d? aDdmortga 'es and other seourltiei. amount ingtoV' I Ilk ar.d yteldun; an animal interest ot t7.825M. Tliei-e lui'ios aud iiion^ageH, Ac. we held by herself The widow I *s e.>< ei to take the provisio t tna le for her by tbe trill. it< itett of dower. OPINION. Ci >;itK?. .'int.ee ? I. Tbe lirsi question which T shall pro eced loi KUflder s wheibei- tbe real eatate of the said te?ta tor Ik ii be di i-ui' il C'i<uver:ed iuto mouey lie! ire a sale ol it liaa lit ' actmllv made bv the executrix, pursuant to the power cmilalne ' in the first article ol the will. The ipiestioj (jfe>,n table converalon. as It la technically called, la dater ruined u? what ai 'ourtof Kquity aaceriana to have been the internum at iae atalor llus intention, if not eipreaal/ ile elat ed nau oij, r be derlred Irom the general teuot and eifeet of tie will, i-leiemv * l'.'iulty, ati4 cmea there referred lo.) What if properlv and eillcieitfy dlrect"d to be done, ia In equity CO red as .loje and the rules govern'nif peraonal ?prepertv w! t. tn aucb case, be applied luste?d of tlioae ap rilicabh- lo real i-a'ate, of whicn the property left by a eatatii' n.j.v uereitheless atlll actually oooalat ity couaidftit.tt the .list article, authorizing the sale of the aval i ?ia: ?. in tonnectlon with the 20th and '-list articiea, it will be l item, that tbe intention of Mr Pbelpi wan to letu-e ife ?a'.e cpt onal with bts eieeutora, and not perempto ? illy. In uupre*i> a new character upon bia estate. ThU la Clea. v d?duclb!e from tlie whole sc >pe and purpoae of tbe Wili. ? d in ihti abneuce of any positive. Imperative direction ual be coiiti'oUiug. Hut it is contended, as ihe power of e.ile. uitbUcaa* is a truit pow i r. and aa?ts exemitton or non execnt ftn i? not made In express terms to dep??id upon tie volition i f thr executora, thai it Is made imperative by opera tion ol the statute relating to power*; and therefore, the Court iuusI .leem the estate to be equitably convertmL But. whateve iuav be the elt<?t ot the provision refbtred to, <i; K ft. 7'A '.si.; in lis prar'ieal appllculon to the action ortki eiecu'oia tbe Court Is now only reiuestel to give a jni*iria! construction to the will; anu this eoaatrucileo must according to the universal rule, be governed by the lni?3?.< n of the testator. It would be another quaa moo, tt' ?U or a majority of the parties interesied. prefer ring a r > iversion, aoplied under the section i4J6i to cotnnel a ?ale. It would he (hen time lo consider whether the power was by lor, e of the statute Imperative, although by the scope and V nor o! 'he m-UJ discretionary; and whrther a aale of the Teale?'?;e>)v nei utors ia that description of duly coutetu plated by the statute. To ordain that a piwer is Imperative, whether i oauar. or not to the Intention ol a testator, as de doced fr?m hi* whole wllL may fitly be pronounced, under may lircum- ttce.v an arbltrarv rule and ahoull not he ex tended o . step btvondwhat the literal lanjutue of 'he set allows ss 1 atn not, on tins oecenlon csll^l uporj to enforce the t etfi.nns;:ci'of a duty, but io give a legal interpretation j to the la'muste o a will, 1 cannot, theretore, de-m the real 1 ?state tett b> V r Phelpa to be equitably cinverted, irreapee tive ot a, ?bit aale To direct, under a rigid technical rule, what o Tift! to be done, and to declare whit has been done artija'ly or cons*i iict|yely. even underthe ru'e of eqult ablecourertfo*. tre duties very dUNjrent and aistlngtilshable. 1 B\ toe'.I'tli artti le of the will, the testator gives al; ihe residue ol his estate ireal and person* > u> bis ehlldren and Kran.'i hiloreii. and I.ten directs mat tt shall be d'vlded lolo ms many s'isra>i s, ha >hall have children a- d grandclilldreu living ittl-eendo' ten years alter his decease provided that liiasoe and son >n law shall, either of them, be living a*, thai t me; bi I II ooth should happen to dte bftore tha' time, men at the ce< eaaeof tlie sur lror of them the est*'.- shall be dl vided l:i the aame manner as lie dire -'ed It should be divided, at the e.u r? on of the leu years. In case the two persons xneat o e l were living at that time. t?o that the ul'ltnatesas PmMou Is ; m ted bv Pre* and not by years, and. .n no event Can tLe s' -oat ou knit final disooaition of the est\te he atts toi-aded lor a : vi;er term than the coiifnuauce >1 two stated IrVes ii ben a utnaj ' ?* 'or a term couaiiVrably less than tbe duration i f lhc?e lives; but by oo potsibl'lry ran it be lor a le iger U-iin, :^ws conforming to tbehjsi-I ?nd literal lat gusga df tne s's'iiti 1 hear remarks apply with eoua! force io ihe Jfcli art ' ieof'he will. But what nuantlty of Interest do's the 2'ith art rle 8 v e lo the iiresent ( h.ldren and Krau l ehtldreii' Tlie re.idi arr g ft vests the estsie at tlie ii-siator a death, iu lliec:. lien sou giand chidren then livngi an a legal es**te, sluriVig ,he pi es . ibe 1 perfcxl o! *us| en?i"ii opening for u?w derlU't) d-;.rd'3K as to each devise", on hi* surviving this uertcl aiet t?' co:dlngly, the Inemne of the res! property in this >ts - s.i lot the peraonal estate ever;.w litre, belongs slurlji* this pel tel. to the paiues pres imptleely entitled? that i* t .e thlloren and grand ohlldr u in ?ipta. ?bain i ac r.i ug to the number living when tb? incon.e ac rrses (1 1!.^ 7'H, aee lb. 77" -'*c 2; Tin- ln<ntne of the rea' proper!> sltuati d out ot this S'aie, pres' mlng that Ibe tnle ol the common law pri val'.s In t.ie Slates wbe' e It in sit I. a ed. ^oea to the he.rs at aw. un'.esi there is a departure i.i tc.s respi-et troin tbe rule ot tbe i-ommou l*w la ilfciieh's vs. in J tor tbe purpose of obtaining th* nscessirv Informe'; u ou lb'* point, I shall oroer a -elerenee. W.ih regai 1 to -li- 2lfl article ot tbe will, the fund rewrved for til ? enou.'v ot the leatwtor's wife I* directi-d. l>y Ihe Irst clause of Ibis sua- e tn become a part of his r-slduarv esists, Iu ease ? -i ... i le bMM ? ? division i f such residuary evate ahuukl ;a- s p'-iee. wliieh may ?tt oocur unUl tHe death of two other person* iMr Phelps and Mr l>o?!ge). thu*. although not Pru'ut gtLg the actual duration c! 'be -uspenalon directed by tne s> -ii clause, ni-ierhe.res, adits i.< the lives im which It Is United 'he nle of Mrs Phe'ns Ai eording lo the terms ot thearrcr d or aherr ailse clauae of tld* 21a' article, it is prorll r,' tUai tlie fund atiailbe iliildeu amoun the teatalor * children ? nil gran i children living at Uie'.uu ol ber decease tu esse ?he shoal J Biirlve Mr rlielps and Mr Hodge: ao that, ac CO I d'ng to b I ? lausea ' f th's article, 'here may he no a'len* U"0 ortlus f urift during a term ol thre ss [i mimiIi alien*'* ' on i ii-deaih ol Mi* Phelps, If she abou.d die b?fjr? Mr I'lie i s a. d Mr. Hodge, for the i It mar a'lll lurther awal' the death oi ti lth ttcsc g-nilemen?II eanuot b?- alienated on their deces?e it tliev al ouul bom die le fare Mrs I'helps, for then I'mils', sn 1 tnrther aw.il. the death of Mra.Pne.ps, If Ine susoeustoi i Irected bv Ihe anh article Is for two lives, ih s uadi-r aor aspect, or nader either aMematir* Is for three, hut. i s inot this suspension be curtailed by the act or latervei tM>. ol Mrs. I'helps ie-rself. so hai by ber neun-iuish ment <? ii < hsl-t! to the fuu t. It ni* (oatonce into the rea' dusry es'at? ara abide the C*)'** it-??i provided in the Sub ar'li e S. Ti? i r .1 nu ??de by the teslst >r or Ins wl'. ssuppi?rt i>y Ihi- XI*' s.'tlcie. ia nothing more, or t.othiog less, than a trust foi lie heueid. Ill* SO S .inject, lis* thai of any other l?ma dueitisgaa ?niiiial approorusiion < f an toe iuie toi thebeje.r o; another, waa toseenre a ? orufortnbl* and ample ?nhsisti n< e !or u.? wife dui ing tbe rernalaler of 'i -i- life, ex eii pt Ma< at osaible from ihe interfere-1 * o. ahersor liercsn ll?r ? omceteot tupport was al ail even's u> be se ?tired Wow. 'hi- Kevtaed Htatutes 11 K s. 7V see os?Hi I e\|ir???l? de 'are "thai oo nereou bsasnetally Interesied in a frost tor the receipt of the rents and pnxitsof lan U. can assign e, tn any manner dispose of such Interval" And I'll-, ly a subs".,Ueat provision it A. fl 771 see. insv ii,ate la i a, ? . . r ? |>ert>. l ie trust term la thailonibis within Ihe mean tall lit the attic e of the Kevised wlalutes i siaUng t? ones and lru*is,1 s* we In raspeet to the esiate of the trustee* as to the li.teresi ol the annuliMiiUi tlie la'iet have no* tbe power ii en ngo all the ti i si by girt, rele%?> or i'lrrenilei (II twley VS Jsuies, In Hend , ?>. i)lUP' V* Meal, ? Psl , s8 > The a# ?olute own> islup, i tiers fore of thwfund, i ea? rved for Ihe pay no n' ol Mrs Phelp a annuity , mav be suspended bevuod a period ol two livra. in bi-isg; the tru? term be'ng limited on thtce sea and iii? ieiaalarr liallad u> late slfeet si end of these tires In fsvor of person* noi ascertainable n'.il the ? iplra'ioii ot thai term. 1he nl*po?l am of this annuity funt, as s gift ove is rimse (uee'ly void, ?" I the next of kin of the le . , l ed to ' l - -Ol el O'tipertf undisposed of In- tbe w l si; ltd to ibe. p*>tue'it ol tlie life aaauitjr of Mrs^ P';' . ? 4. I have Utile doubt that 'he heipiest* In Ui* loth, lltli, t;th I :t Uih. I4?b. lifh lii sad I Ah arUe.es are valid. I Tlieioui.a see always strongly ls.-lini-d lo sust.n sueh be t|' e*ts s;>d do not entstder them wtthul Ihe s ipii. s.lou of the rigw rales ol our law relating to irusle oe perpetuities These t>e.|i! stsaie al gifts to .heritable usee, tbe natural or arti Mtal pi renaa, the intended subjects ol the gifia, ars ade tinatMy dea gnsted. snd it ear not be d* nieii thai the pni(x?tt fowhcli 'Si III 'inlv if the test*'or is ill!ecred. are ^ar v lawl ii worthy There ia nnthtag So ladeOaM in an; ot 'btui ee to be in apaloe of being execuvd by a ju.lH-1* itegr?e iWllltamavs Wnban a t se UA i ? ft. Wbh re*srd to Ihe l>e'|iis.i m the I7lh art'rle. t hare ??neb gtes'ei di'iibt If ttdepracB upon *n event merely in ton', mpls'.iao brtbe friends of Africsn co.oniys".on. ami If ib? p. .ii o si ' > e I. ? n'. and u.os' pr ?^ica a# t won d be at l?a*' as a e-. e-'m^n' io test the rspsrtty of the *fite*n rsc- ?r softs! aad nte l.-einsl d.'vei.ip^ment, has not jet as mi-dat.i 'hi <e. l.iit'scsrcely cmsuong In-inbr) ?s mere o> itt't.' ieiv.i i ileeire In the hrss?ts of the phllsethrfepir the b. ? iues ? . ? i . n s ii > . e |. ?- i -. ?:i ?r early ' >? i n< ? -i i? I .!? :,?? r ? .e n le' ? si s rhority. aad tbe re*..-. ,nd?r oar tvetem m goveram?at ,ne*pai'ie of ?t ,a, a' * Tbe letscy ? ??lid not he protected ^Biet 'h ? ? h-set on no the groun.1 'hai II la s rhari'sble n*s. and il the riieat on In evert an<t f in i s rs.'iere in l.ibe |w- cat.-me* Uie suloe.t merely of coniemplaUon, er ^|eiawivHi iir spec il ation, even among Its moat vesons sod aisftiM lriet.de the lesary may forever remain ? t in?i? atn'hieobjection Xoprot I believe wss Vlh i sd before tb-* rsH-ns tin Ihs ln'ijsrt. AC 1 think tbe In lets h .ms iv sti 11 i il tsi sm iviiiiie ths' thi* he ices' at s i i?>y my means be ??tallyell ?ted. I Will oirect a spMltlt ItHi'iiry. by Uie aaire refer?e ?si e v- ? <?: any siejis have been laaen for this purpoae wire*t ei siivthmg bss l.een sci isnrdl?hed or la likely to be per anp ifhe I le re atmn v> 'be prote t wl hln a reasonable nm ? a'W wheiber'liere hae been an<-r-rni|>!ianre ?r is like Ir i ' be any e-mi'tisnce wlib tb"'smdi'ioa mat one bu' dred i! ..ii i < s shal. be raised in this ? >nntrv for the seme ob 1 he rele -* will insei t no'ice* fr.r s penn.1 to be spe rii'. i, in jewspspera which 1 shall hOri-sfXer deslgt ? ins' I1 f v ii s> be named in he .(eeree. In or-ler t'isi as oppir ? ur. vu I. I>e slnr ed to ihose ?V lake an interest 10 this unier.aailig. to furnish all the IniormaUon la rslauon io It of wh i li ihes mi* he possessed e .s -. i a, * situs'eil w ithin this Cuite w I'll lis Inemae sn I puce.- ts is lit prmisry ItHd forthe payment of the ?hil??t*sr isrtet uptrti it (I It. s 119 ?e-. tt. But w.th regarl 10 sueh pfope-ty situated In wherSiates.lt seems not lo b? diapntee th it ihe 'e?tator's personal property Is the primary fut d oa* i-f s t a lt tbe mortgages chaigeJ ution It should be ?at.a-iea 7 Tajes snd ruereal assessment* accruing on the real pro perty s nee the teaiatnr's d.-sth must be paid by the owners tor tee time being, and aoi bv the et-cutriv aa debts nt th* lee'stor I he |>er*ons entltlsd lo the rents an 1 proflia tans', ss liefy rharces ot 'his natura in analogy to th? pritn lple that a tenant t* Jlfe Is Ifiund to keep diWit soeh charges S Ass. ?sn>e i s (or permanent iuipro?.-ments *re eharre* upon the corpus tH the Isad. th -refo- e tho.r entiHe.1 only 'o ti;. rents sit p'otits sre noi Ivoiud totpiidste surb eliarges but ilev lust either advance tne amount or pav the Intereat on sttch arao'in' ducng the e oitmuanee ?f their estate P. No'h'ng, I be.lere, of snv eonse.|nenee remains ft*' eon Bid-ration, but'he Inslrumen'oearl'i.'the rm of s prnmls s dated tsn'srr I |-(M. for on* hundred thousan I ?otlars. pa'?'de m Anon ti I'belris ,'r.ororler. fro si He lattet nt ih" e?tatoe. wrttteo *lmult*neo'isly, unl on the *aaie rili et e( paper wbh this Instrument, and from the evidence In the scion <? is to*' ifest thai I'wa? eteite-lh-ut e ? t- ? "Ion?lbs' i wss iieslgnr I for ? gl^ The drat nuestini 'lii'li suggrs's i'salf Is whe-her conatliutea a valid . ,sim as ? promissory m?e srtlnst the estat? ??f 'he tes'stor II Mr Phelps, lastea ! '? e-. r e n< '< ?trumenx hsnde I over at the time a hut dre.| 'b'iii*and dol'srs to the oersen named as payee therein, the gift, of co irse, ?? t have ieeti va'ld. beeawsa It * mid b*ve h*>n an* -ons' m-na'e.1 br delivery , hut the case unler cnasideraiion ??- ie g t ? * hundred il>9'isand toiiars but i i . nlse pj give a hundred thousand dollars snd the Us h*s al s i . lei ated thst ? promise in make a gift cannot be fa fleet Wheher this tnle is cinssent wnfe natural equity, 11 wott'il he of Mile use to consider oo the prea. nt o?as'on, Tbe is' irsl e i- iiv of II aeems *o hsve hee? -fiewlene ? br 'he If't Ben .lodge a ho delivered theomnlon oi l!*er * vs i'l*rk . 11 ir.-' eki b U tor ay own p*rl I am very (sr from In i t leg ,11 W'?ii>m in e ,ully meseurlng i's eq utv by the t ?*! p P* pi mM',''',r* utility. Th* very f*c thai it hi* k*n I i? nva'ieh'e rute from Mm* lmme<a< rial would ilse' make me heaita's before I eondenined it, [r I evt?ar1. 1 hope wltb no serrile or soneestMo'i* he, h. art mnlatel results which 'ha pefii'nund w isd.ua sn I npie i per enee oi learned and praeMcal -n-n hs-e'-sns I'ted to n thrg: g'l a l?ng s?rH?gf lime Tin* rv? I ;(r ids thai a i> < "I"*-* to Rive rntM be enfj?oe<' *1 Uw, u onljr *a> ugthat. Iik>' the uuiiieroui other mu whichcouatitutc b/ larihe biint piopcrtioo of human conduct. the au?jeci mint he confined to '? prouuce o! etbic* nut of tic (Me.eiiM It would be .m I*<>r (lie law to determine by any gene reliule when j mere pmuiiM* of a gmt?it> nt?ji Id he binding, because it tfv?- could auWclently or satiafaetoru?ascertain the motive* ki wUwu a originated, the demgn by wbieh it was ia duencfd, 0:'the change :n the rela'lve position the miau led don? r and ct' i,ee, or in ibe conduct or course of lite of the lat '*?' which hut a!lord anide |Uale m*? fori evoatng tb<* pro mile, 'ihe law ia reluctant to tuteifere with the disposition of any man's Clan a, and it uomoie compete biin tofullill a bane* ? cut deait" a;thi .gh proclaimed by Mm and art dowu n ?v' ? in* ihati it loniuel* him to entertain or indulge It in the In si iBltacce, or than it compel* hi in to tell the (r uta. to be grateful to hli benefaotora, or to disueoa- largely ana freely to the teedv on: of the abundance of bit poasaaeloo*. 1 ha law Itcai? all i!ie?e dalles aa betotid Ita province, leafing them to the KULcliona or pi-neliiee of aaotber torum. and ealunf tuem di tie* of Imperfect obligation; impeilec'. ouly, of courae, ib relation io ine coercive mean* which Court* Of .luatice raa a i he employ. By the common law. a aiuiple contract or pro mife can only be anat iloed on the g*ound of a valuable on ?.iteration, a promissory uoie. thcrefo'e. without conaidera Hch. atd iuteudedtoeKertuai" a mere gilt al s.?ie future ue riod, ia not vaiid either aa a uifl t/Ur r trium*. or aa a gift mortit r'tiiMi Uttl it ia coi. -nied. that although anaetiou etcoaiinon law cannot be maintain*! on It. a Court of tenuity in the admin istration c! Ihe eatate. where there are abundant asseta.wtl! give eflect to Uie undoubted Intention of Ihe testator, and that If the 50,, it defeated, it n uai be rejected for a mere matter of form. NodO*'1'1' * frotirt of Kmltv will, tn manv ins'ati'e* where liaiDerfta '? tuierpoae tjromienaate defects which from thi method.* ofm'"' eciiirn >. m ar to tliecommoalaw wou'd ar.ee in il>e nclm>i,,a*trw'1('n l1 iuetire. For thia purpoiie t'. paaaosae the meVnVof ref^rK'i^ iMtr-tmenU of reaching oreuppree, inr iaett> liv which n a. *v determine ihe real merttaot ta.' case, ailordiug the re'ief a<*a^t?.'^ to it* etoTOBUteoaee a:i J wh:eh an tutal justice evident'? deu",>"1'" . But thiv authority is eitei cl?ed only in cejtu n i aj'l. ,,,c. ?? fraud. aecidant, or mi? take: It i? uerer eiereihed t) .?"T? *? ?' ituWumen', uitrelv beratiae l!e conairiiet^", 8lv<>n to it ui a Ctjur' of l.a'w lesven it inoperative. "?? ?*.* "\fll * ? ourt o1 kiiuity wt;i nc n a tii.iverHal Se^"'?. '0 iirevent ta juatice, lu ?ot traveo on of the rule* ol the 'otatnit law. it laying ibvt it can (UnM *u arbitrary judicial dijcie'on. i;k?? m*i of tho .\t,ieaia* Archivel or the Korr an Pen lor. 'i hi t, of course w.l! UOt b? J>i etended. for e?ery lawyer kttfiwa il.ai court* ol c<tmty defer .ta atrictly to pi "cedent as court* of law aua that the prluc'pal dtffefenc< beiween them reiaiej to the aubjeci* of mruidicilon and the inelho<l!> of adtnJtii?t?rlnf le lresa A court of eqtjHy wl'l lever regard an inatruniegt aa valid which theoonuaoa law pronotl re* void, nor will it. b? a device or ticion, *'trl?a? In veatieB It wim tlie character of an actual traiafer in traat. allotd li* a:d to . onvc.t the iMtrument Into anything but what It ai>pe*r? to be on ra tare, abi thai aave tt frcii cefea'ou a wit'irof torui. It may offe'id our almiract notion* of right to dele it ibe Intention of the 'eata'or; but thi* would not be tuo-e repugnant to aurh notion* than defeating h s wiio'e will, .1 he neglected to lign or acknowledge it a* hi* wi!! ia the presence of two wt!;.e*st"? and to reque*t them to atieet ii if thi* form hat Urea di?ieg?rdcd no court no! having plenary, arbitrary and absolute power could make it valll. Hli* t'purt, therefore, however reluctant to contravene the wisiiee atd intentions o: '.ha dece'lent must refuse to s ?e eilcct to Ibis instrument aa a pr.miaaorv note. Neither can It be sustained a* a will o.' a coliei Thi* i* xnuvely .rgej it want* Ihe trdlapensable *U|iple;nental leitamentary derlarn tion, aud the node of attestation re^uiied by ?tutuU'?and a? to Ihe mpposeil aanctlo'i t ;?imed bv virtue of the pa-ier of 1>" cember 14. IftftS, it I* enough to *.?y that it I* ouiy a cement to pa\ mem irco.irseof admintatratlOB, whlcl; could be el -ctuil only wMh Ihe conaent of ai', the le^aieea?at beet, Itcai only ailec1 tboie who *)gaed It, ami the Com : ?ill not decree a lra< "oual adminiatratiiw. Let a decree lieae'tled on (our aava notice In accordance with the principle* and direcioo* aiated ia tlu? opinion, reserving all further direction* uu'U the c< m'ntt in of the report on tlie lubj-' t, which 1 have Indicated as proper for a reference. ABfEETPgHHTS REMEWB8 KYE&T M. mtkkvi irnr., A MAGNIFICENT CHRl^TSUS OITT. TiO. UOt" K t Ot SAVfjUMS . OK locim OMflk THE rilUT iWIKt, With po- rait* of I?? heatttie- w it i and heroines. By KraaK U Uaolrtcii, ilNoW Tin to V Royal quarto. TarVev antique. 1U *1 L?T OK POKTKaITM 1 ?OM Tat. ORIOINAI.S Th- various per.od? treaw-i of are fUostrated Hy their r? markubie worn- n- the Heufn of Terror '>/ its h-tro.aee?'Ue directory by naVeleMtted'oi aniie*-theCor.?ula: ? a:i leinjire by tiie wita and bi.iea ol Ihe imperial era. T. Cn I'ttorig Cokp vv, toe Her ilne ef the Reig-i of Te;rsr ? tte ? greiiter Ui,u ilr tua " II. Mme. Kot i^n, who, ahwtly helore hir eieeutiau, utter ee tbo?e uieuiorah.rt word*. Oh. liberty, how many cruiie* are committed in thy name ' ill Mme 'tauirv the c^ltbraied beauty of the Directory. IV. Mine. Hn iHitit whose love w ,u *o i^ht b> Mapoieou and Lord Wellington, and "wlv se iieauty urew ai h-r feet every man who had iMice looked upon he' ' V. P iOli^e Uon apaiitc, the moat haautlf il prit?ce*a ia Rn rope, and wtio-e fauuutic and unumtroilabe? .canrica* ; ?? ? her o. other coast.'Lit anuo. ance. VI. ? akoli.vc tjosapaini. wife of Xurat u.id Queen of taiuea, vll .toacpiiisE. VIII. Makik Lui '-b. "ai.ire IX. IIohTF.N'F l>?. BEAt7M*aMls. dauj'.it?r >'? J<Me?Ii..ie and ui' iherol t.o'iia Xapato".i. X <?>.<( r Im.ui.'ou, the belle of Hew Hj.cu 'ratufer cd b.< marriage to France. "Xi Mlm. DcCot iMnira, Napoleon'* Ar*' love, XII. Mine K*..,--it.r nr tir Ji iv D'a*'!*!.*. i T'Hm treaty, who e rep,lea to >aj*> ha* r kneoa* h.tor c* Mil M:i?e Ji m. Dnahee* It Abra-.--? XIV. Mme Dr. >?! in., tlie tii liierarv w.ini iu (< 'jeaae XV. Ml.e. l.E.sor.* i^u. tue *ybil of th- oineteeaih ten tar; X > T. Mile. 0*?> c* ? the trn^'.e ? rea* a d the IHHII1* ol Sir.' i r m i be pre** uuitea w 'h the puh ,c in sron > iacuig fl<iodrieh a ' ?ouit at Napoleon :oe miiet elejaW .*n^ ie^'rHi-e out Book , et | i iduci J In Amer c.i ? Kn.m th?- P'r. . ie ib a K' ii:ig B 'et.n ?i eai.ch it a y*tsicip '.aic 'aa ?* to ? tu |o*-e**or. From tfce N. V ?' rie. 1 KLqturer. A i icturi of norlety aith' ?: an I vivid tha' the r<? ider l.vea l' i tue titue lu Paiu'ua I * utitrv ign. Fvoor the \. \ I ally Tim* " It lie* neve-t,ee : e,t. edon ibl* aide of the Atlantic. lion, he ', ie ri'C< It' r Magazine If t!)er? ever w*f a teiDptatKulU the a*y of a hook It i? thi* v., j ,iit .olume. I 'iru fie V T. Albion. It* ? im'.talie oinli ig t?: I to >ey l?,'her la 1* ptrftd k#Ttaf with ugnod thing* wntua l i >iu ruf S V. i it>??ri er It Lie> .ret .y e.niui '<? be t'.ie l>ook ol the aeaaoa iPicii the Phtlade ph.a I.?l<er T! ? iltowraiajna ,.r? reail^ eKjuttfte-^ne niaat (ttperb, in f? i ot any gi t te^k ever jiu. listed tu'.riu coujtry. Fri; i the Boat Kteamt Ou'ette 1 be Couii oi NatiolMn m jt he co(l> iei ed the m >*t iplea <1 1 g.ll lea,* ))t ill, aeu* a l'i- k.<\ J At K>"N. !' 'usher*. 110 N'aia 11 atreat, Ar i i. ? i e at the pntK !??. '"Aa >re? N^KTl! F. I * ofTi.e of iba UNiT i> STATICS tUNlSU J<H R ? -LADlr .t?.\viPAfi'K naa. : iUe>F.'# Vok.? af.ft H.1C VN ui IWIIDWII to tin (Irtiit >iur. Jf. T-, rr. a v hence aa, i rarnaU Will l*ta?ft?r ??? n-M l.t the |. . -r. JOUK HI-.M f'K. ?>. >on*. I>rr 2 k 1V?>. _____ RARK POMSOM BOOH> FOR LJBR VRI5+?THE auhirrtbara Mat|Jt ?? received iura 1/joI'm Moot rul ? i?ir?o: rare an I ia'.i;u >> wStrh :h. * c'ter t <r aalp at m. >? low |>rjc- . tua . .P ff tart- \ to nil m l IKMl'if Ikm. Ii." pi.ff* "T ? Up'? %? are tn.n Kr t in lh< Hr?' Ofaacb ae\ Tt VVItKMt * tifctcrK In | oiirrs of o>4 mi I i.e* >? *?. i ? Fu.toti rtratl Uf aUkirt TO those WHO WISH in M*VR THEIR BOOKS wnl bouad ? Iha >.-vr Yj. ? bad"., c.iib.Nb-d nearl j a q i ar-er 01 a ten*. urr, 11 * * u.tan ? E W * L.K ?? K ,v SO Is* ranw-i'i. j o?"-f tbe r a?r. io?a la thai* frieula ? i.l ;.-i ow ruire i?: > bM it>au .a goad an 1 ?".j?a?ual, a? *?ll aa be?i uini andalaitaa' atylaa ihrr HiwrruNjr at ipr i n> ?mai; <>)>? oi lialf a .to'lar. a? we I ta Ibiw m auMf i.u.1 r\\<r )?..? T1i?y li?va on h?ad 'b? m mi nnt>iui< mi I aurable natlai n? i >r larfe Mblea nrajrrr !?>>k* an f v?ri ?>? < illustrated ?ork? i.ii lUtii* i Uv the i>tt?)>aiv? aoabUalf ?eti'aof Mp?ar? U. V.itu" t < a. Maf'.uj .% Ca . Tallx *?;?> , tr.tr A Una addreaa-4 ?o K w*lk?r a aoua, lUFal'>u ?ire>*i. will rerei?e itn?ed.?. ? ;>.'teii(:?a. TUX: BiLt RBASOI. a Pt'Mltl BaU. WIM. BE oIVCX AT HACK** A k Pr* Ja?? i at tb- Waal.ina'uu M?n? m Houaa, on f 'u i.tabt Derrtwbe: 2i Adtm'.t*nc ? J?l r?at? a. v Oaataa. i>T?;i>r i'. r>. Taylor i lMPinfiSvr nrrr r?irf inu by U Oaffr* ft n ' ? ? ' r M 1?M ?: '"rn*fvi. ??? ?. * Hall t?n io b<* had at 'in'imn; Halt 1i< kr ?II. alml r? i jm 'nan au<i t?r? 1* '? L~ ronr ucarIi rai.1 i.iunh on i ir n? At APIOH <>! VI ?IC titi *t)*T *? I r*?i aar !I. 1VT, 1 ir k?'? Cor nalr at lb? Prlnct^a iot?.~ ari l m n.r ?: ir^v it K- r.mv h fAficv ui"? ptt.i~w;rXfT>?fv orf i?l ?? ??t danr'rf v ?mt 'lr*?ar rh II* 1 T5 k . ?11 Km ii<? n#n -jf. !>>??? 1 fkia'o be had at tba it i>' .!> <?? i or* er, ?' K P ,tj aal D. W ?|i-r'pian' Wbp : ivkm l t*! t ar' n T <rr Con Imr'ac tt-a Va I Mr? LnbT wtU IHuilaf a Runaaa in?/inrba qtta&llle ?? IMHtd a' lh? aa ua?.f Cai >rlt?a .:i t all ?bp P?rl?i?n lath. MSMpSfTo aTriip -:h* coup- rwlrf \nv ?5 n>?rp?'obe fi%?n to L t???. Rrsokaa will taV? i> sor k'. Rt <k.? hmhiiIi'i R ?m-, ,ti it- . m- ?lr>?- Mo-ida? t.>. t rTfiiBf.lDar B. H WK!.I#, P a?i^ant. P. H. mujnr; Vtet I'raaMrn;. ? nr;>*. R. R?ti?. Int. ?< >: t . ra t ?-waf? c :vvnn AR9t \L :utt Tiir br'ulii w W7 tlgb' Ot'a^l, t<>??'?! a * *) '? ? S ll'.oa, r I We tn?dar ? rriilrit t^brtat*a< R\." I>rrp? .. r St, 141. HtkaM '?b? h:"l < f ni'tttbara . I Ikt ?i ?ip 17, or ?? t"i? dour aa '1m amine .1 tk? ball M J. llok < . 1* it P. 1! Ktt'i*. Tap twiwrrHi>irrw auxuai. ham. <h rnr .t?.s? Virk Ttr* Tt?T?."ni?nt a>i ihah?ti<"i of Sn v'tiira v>4 ?n<h?a* w? |<lar? ?? -b- A-a i.-mir rt Viunr Wa>ua??i*b vrr**. i>n M,.I> f?r "WU Jintntrr ? Hft/ M yfarnnt at rti- n>ai?ai??-a. iCVRI A. BVRR fraa t lifc F. wim>. wry. I^tP T'llRH AMtl AI M1UTARY <'IW< hTu. af the riu wraatlfft Or mpa .t R, ti' K?*iin?nt will ?!* ptw at An CMt AMiliI; IU?nia ifc' KmIm; rn Mo4ar rvraia?. t>r> Tlca# il ???.-(>- b? o tiiyir-r ?? *' Yti'l?r tf" M^>ad*h? wMiflPi w^ablaavoa lu"??* ban-l i? ang U' <1 l'of ? h** w a? 'ii 1>ll* B?U. OP THK >r?T? Tor* < ITT fcl ARP a I :a*a t> ?re a: the At ahf.mV --r j?r?T< 0?t tllCi,sD?T BM .'ir Tkk"a, two iloi ai *. ean ba "btair.f.t of 'be mr-nbar* or at 'b# pr'a tpa' 'line 1 a: lattarro-ee. VKIFRA* ?'OR?s <? IM?-1 UK Tlf T H i? Ajfvrtr. 1 ailiiwy mm title ban of ilia ' ??er\aa pf 'Vm 1<12 w 11 ;ak'f : aee at tb? Awotlo 41' Biittigay. 00 rtia*ia? evpnmit. Dec B, tat '.bt baaattt nf ib? *tea i"?-m aat nlt-irt mfi '>f'?ot fie f<vp?, -b?' .'Ombi nr. '.irr,-h' 'win and a!! iheir rout e fplen t? at* eo tree.l t- aid 'bei^old f?ther? M(r< laudable an otyert the feeble a-irriTfir? (( th^ b<Tt>l' ba?l ?h?> tai.atitlf iiif'.iile.t i> ir mutilrv &"?'r tr Wfcn free r *a\ e a!; tb?? ha? n ti'iie anj hontf h defenii bar In *<?a?oii? of ttei il. Itfjwnrib ? eoip|>r?:ed rorni- !>anli?e'#M X for tfca oreaa oa. T c*eta o ? bjllar, in atwlt 1 ie cni'iMtan and ladle*, pan be ot>ta-n?il of t'Ol H. Kavm?nl. I'Jft ?an ?tr<e? I.'??r"r,a i-'h *'r?et 1. W Paffe traatnrr, Bri-firwnr. at >e f'oureentb t a-4 H^'el prier tirarnl nnd Rll/a?>etb ?tree!?. ?n.l >? tlie doar <mi *'i? ee^'rif of the Uatl. It B -l^e e"tt>a wmI mpe'<"i ?onday e^pn^n# t'je 2i,! n ?'?!?? at the f >'irtean' . Ward Hotel meti?r t> . ' u-. 1 K'.<> t balbdrffM " o'i oat, to p.iv in ihe jin'???#,?? f *he ?t1* . f t r?et? t'ol if RAYMOND t'hatraiau. A"-. 1 *f PH1PF O* I'M ST* A "tin AITnirrt. a LaDT m D.ocri.Ii't AND Ai R; Wlaiaaaa,tBHiiroala. al er-?eakn>>a<e< ii??*ap< pa a IV'I, pt'ippra, Mr . mtho'.t cv ratl ia oe natn i' -raonaonr trt ^ar'a-'* pretaa'arelf r ial> *1 todo wWio - r.y^of ue aa^.i r<? taa? to tlip n^tinti'? m eeeafn t Pe^n it the I'li'-ntarf fri m i] M ! i 2 r W ii7> ?n'b arenne Poor an > rid*> a ^ eoAii. (itrMHKai.Airn coai. mwcVAR<?lBi> -now m? J rbftr?ln>. a rar*n of eery an per ?tt <nm >ar' ml ea?! r ,m Up mlnea of Uip Himpthlra Cm a iJ Ir^n Obm^aRe antahfi fi>r ?mitba and m?:utfaei'ir?ra. Dnitri atiaa >i ?it, w roal from Ike fart. TRr^f.OW ft BROTH*** 300 Chert; aal ta U'tn ' ?tr?>! otomwo, ?c. 4*SARb. *HK UR*.vr axhK BKV, U H'QU. ?1 el vet vet vet ve vet v?i vet velvvt \etvei velvet velvet vi'! vet velvet velvet Velvet Vesu. Veh e'. \ <wt? Velvet Vert*. Velvet Vest's, Velvet Vcata, Velvet Yettji, Velvet "Vesta. VelveV Vets, Velvet Vesta, Velvet Veit<, \ elvet Vesta, Velvet Vests Velvet Vejw, Velvet VesU, Velvet Veatd, Velvet Vesta, Velvet Veau, Velvet Veata, Velvet Ve-.is, Velvet Vesu, Velvet Vests. Velvet Veals, Velvet Veata, Velvet Verts, Velvet Ve,sts, \ elvet Neat*. Velvet Vests, Velvet Vests, Velvet Vcm, V elvet Vests. Velvet Vests, Volvet Vesis, Velvet Vest*, Velvet Ve?U., Velvet V i' its, Velvet Vents, V?lvet Wats, Velvet Vests, Velvet Vesta. Velvet Veals. Velvet * e.sta, Velvet Vent* Velvet vests. Velvet ves's, Velvet veals, Velvet vests, Vi Ive' ve?ia, Velvet vests, Velvet vpsta, Velvet ve?ta, velvet vesta, Velvet ve#:.-, \ elvet vesta. Velvet ves's. Velvet vests. Velvet ve?ts, Velvet vests. Velvet ves'3, telvet vesta, Velvet vests Velvet vests, Velvet vests, Velvet vests, Velvet vests, Velvet vests, Velvet vests, V elvet vests. Velvet vests, \ elvet vests. 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Contsited In this extensive establishment us immense Not one man in a hundred fails to be tired and suited tn every re spect. for ai retrards price, Rv jus (later* hitnsxlt thiit he can and does uudersell ever'- mlier clothier In the o?iy of New Vorlt. I'or inatance 11uidsnuie black cloth Rsiltussnl surtouta fit beautiful beaver surtout* nod .if lens $lij to 3) RuceH.-nt pilot overcoat* ? ?> to 1? Peiersl'sm overcoats 4 M 11 Canada gray overcoats (i NiaK'-rhead and Uousk. ii Hsu. u. Whirlpool. kerweytnere, mixed beavera ,tc 5 to 15 H:sc* laDcy cloth trucks, well made and trimmed. Wfc 14 \ he finest custom made dree* frocks 14 to at B.ji It doeskin, slots and caes.mere pan's 2 50 to ti Over 10 UDOfaocy casstmere l>a tla 1 SO t? 6 Xicit moire aat?iue at!k vests 3 1 jllM thousand velvet ve.s's 1 U? H Cloth, ( arstmere aud other v*-*-* I 80 te 4 Black clotli suns, (very urtiteel) 1 Cass mere bu,me*aooaia 3 SO t? I* R AOL AN OVKRt OATS, tin -ion Overcoeta, Kae'ati overoosts Rai/;s'i overcoats ksglan Overcoats Hsataa Ovt'tcoaU. R'lgtaa Ovt rosta, Hun' .a Ovejcoata, Cai'ia overcoat*. Has ;>n Oveicjats. ajid fine etothin*of every di-scrictlon. aud linecletniut i f ?? e.y descr'ption. and fine (lntiiuiit of every drerrtptio i, ami tttie c.ouinu <: every deaciiptifm,* ai d ttne <? 1oh? 'u4 of ev ery description. aad ttne clmhtut of every dsastlptm. a:'d flue c.otli hi ?! <? ^ry 4eac ptvon. and nf clo'i. 'i(tof every des' ri?>tnvn, an.t e cltfthittc of ever ^ aeacrtptloa, aii'1 t.ne cloth.ni of every deaeriptkm, at PHI MOOT P A PROt'lt'S i-t riritmv.il.i A Proch - a' liriuiiKold * nvdl * at P. iinnold A I'roc'.i'a ?t l>ri!tiii(o. 1 A !'t s h s at Dr.im*f>.4 t l*?och s at Drum *? . 1 A l'rocu s at )>r iinpM.t A l?riv 'i v at tkr .tngoei .t Prw.i a. at l>r imj)ll A rn*-'i s, IK Fu Mo fleet IM F'HliMi street Uu I tllOM street. IS) 1 uMen sree'. I*. 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A0R>TT.KMAN WHO IS ABOI T TO I.EAVF TlfF , c nntr>. w1a^p? ?o d ?p<*to of ht? pollert o i o oil pain; tn#" landarapO. May bip aepti at WKSTOR ?*. No ".>5 BitoOway. Grmt f?LF of H.KtiAsr o:r. PA;*Ttsro? :s Br?i iklyn. A lat te and ?p!pndii wtlertWw of Ei r pp -1 oil pait.il'tii* wiUbpaolit on Tueadav an t M mI-ip?1a? p?p??lnf? fVp?'*i:ipf 13 and M at 3H faltos Mrpet. Bn? <kt>a. opr ^i" : H? r HaH. Ihf cal'pr* will be opea Jar an 1 at*n tf, 'fpp to ihr ? ?)?? l(r tin (I tbif of aalp TWO MAORTFn TFVT rn, fAl.v'lXtK, Ltfl -t1;* oi?? rPrtPtontirn ihemotnpr X B?? Iil* aplpp < o' m?( a rtrp?--?- %?? alivp #WI ?# dlefoapj t >n i.t ? . ? . rtd l.i-t. Ma bt aeen a' tbe "Arth.> u in 3. adway. Dili GOODfe, 4U'. -v> 07 c BUOADWAY.-PFTFR ROBJtRTa A C6 BM Ol ?' to oiler to Uie publio tan large aud varied at* . Iac*? ? nil embio.dertea at and una? r < out, UiUll the:.- rpa. '*! to t. < : new tlore, No. ITJ BruJdway, corner ol Uo<w* " atre< ? A K(i BROADWAY-NIW ANI) SPLENDUl CRA Ttli' r*u ?c?ri? aud tiee lor tu? faslidays. 'utrwmW, klft ft Use ;tr.?iGrtwent rf Fiench a..J embroidered hossua, carobi ic kaiidkeitliiefa uuil kid gloves. A large stork of ??tj ter hosier > a-id utoves snme'.niud entirely new, the "CaiM gan'' traveling jackel or cheat protector. .1ACKBON A PCKDY BROADWAY rtOO Mttf'a G io^Tirr-i. for Holiday Presents, From fc! to t'il a pair JACKSOtf A Pl/RDY. 459 BROADWAY. Ki.eosnt Diirsmm; Robes And Moiulng Jacket* 11?; holiday Presents. JACKSON m PPRDY, (IKK BROADWAT.?GFNTI.EMEN'S FASHIONABLE turaisbiug taraar -UVM A gKACOSl) Invite at tention to the;i most cotnn'e'e assortment for wiatci sales. New >m';ot tationa and novelties tor holiday gales. A IJ TO BE SOLD OFF imfxv the tat ot January, tas large and rioh aloe'* ol i AIJ stLKs AT r>0 PBtJ. i;tNf ojs'. T'.o ices. Biocauaa CUeaa, Stripes Figured And platu. J. BECK A OO. AT P COLE'S M UOAOtAT. 1V0 DSWIAWTI Un.ou square?fM sines at 15a.. dresi pattern raiicaen at "?< Gd,perdre*a patter l. a la. >, every kind ol house-eey;:^ or; i, ladies sstri* of ditterent k.nd.i. A CHOICE STOCK OF REAL IU.ACK CHAKTILLY Ijcea per Persia, will be opened to day, (Siatitrdayl. aud d.ipoied ot at cost PEiltR ROBERTS A CO., 3*5 Broadway. APPROPRIATE C.IFTf" FOR THE HOLIDAYS.?TH03F. de-. rous of maKiuj holiday pieseuts will find a: No t'i Broadway opposle the Metrr.poUtau Hotel, one of the largest an' >??a* selected sto. lu of gentlemen's furnishing goods in towa c n.anting of ononis! )? uglish anl long scarfs; tubu'ar tiea. cravats muffler* English travelling shirts, silk and me riao underwear, aad every thing appertaining to a geuueiuaa s JTari'ro'oe ?1. s TO US FY A CO , 3" Broadway, opposite Metropolitan Hotel. A CHANCE FOR BARGAIN?. i. < j: ?* wilt tuid jrrea; bai'caint in dry goods for boli^a/ l>re?eii jat thegieat s.i.e. 7<K1 Bnadway. Near Fourtli street American, rcfsian a\i? hudsoss bay co.*? tin- .-f *11 grades, now hel.it? at tiaprecedetted li?w rrices bnnx oi-uked d. '^? for the liolidaja, freshly tuan . t'actwed untier ihe i?pe l.tnin ol tlM we.l known oEO. iv M.vWtUri. \gent No. 44 Maiden la^e AT* RICHMOND'S, fW7 BROADWAY, OPPOSITE thf Metropolitan Hotel, anme very line embroll-rte'ao.1 iace aets lor present* a !ren> arrival of cushion ma te va.en tieutie collais aud aiee.es trom JJl to $10o, emt>roilered hand kerchieft ia g'-eat variety: ITusioti caps aud mourning goi dt new pattern*, in advance of ihe irate. Another i.ot of vai.entia plaidb entirely new, ouly I*, lid. An iromevse stoci ot" e-.ery description ot Shu*:* at grea'ly reduced prices : a ?o, a till! assortment ot every itei.cripiiou i?f dry full "Ju per cent less tiaa re/u a 'es. CornJUri.a Hmise 14T 8| rm? street, J. 1!. i.IPSKTr, Pi-oprietor. B AT.l AND TITV DRKSS, CLOAK, Ac.-MMK P AN TOIN.', coir. 111 'r edePsna. lUU I.aureus street, con er of I'lee. k?r. res| ei'!iu"v informs the ladles that they ran hav^ made a I.e. esiai'llshmeot tw ry kind of dr^st cloak Ac., at ier the best and latest fashion from rai ls, with ih# elagauce and t'je oou gout Pa.-is.e 1. Bargains, baruain?, bargains, at the C. It E AT SALS, T02 Broidway, near Fourth stree', cctxmenc : $ 1 n Monday, '-"id 'n?:. IJI.ACK KEAL CH\NTILLY LACK DRESSES If*VE > just been ene I a1 th - estaW saiu'nt. which ia point ot e.'^ance ?i 1 >>e.iut>' have tv>i been eoualled by any ?o >.*s hb iv n ia th.? market and wi.l be cold ?l ess iluui c >?i o. jii poi'at'ou. 1*ET KB ROB KRIS A C<) No S75 Ero? I way. B !,ai'K ani> dark (ibay bsaveb CLfaAKa. a /1 est b?fsm for Jlo. si p J At K ?>()!>'? new moimbig vUwv 551 Brosdua/ betwt-eu Hp ring and Priuce sta. BUI K BXAL CHAMTILLT LACM of HnDUOl aamlity. sll widths, jnst received a l will t ? sold at cost M*a'.iils? f iawls. polnu cap. -, pileriiM, f ailures, baroes, cotiara aid aeta. a 11 cUeaj Ph'l KR HUBERTS A CO., *75 Broadway. BAIIEY. FARRINOTON A LKSMK NO HRO.tH way. 'aave thei < sua. larne aaaottineut of novelties for the Voics.s. consistent .3 ps.-t "t p*r.t g.i-e pon- te m, o'lqt'.e. VaVuclennes Ilon t. u ant* b^acK thi rati, collars, seta huaoke'ch efa. colfivves Ac ni'dallloi sets, both In flow.eg ?: i| put' -i a eeves, veryncti: Pari*embroideetes. iu all uie es and iu ffea' *Hlrty; ulnalos cap** hwdel'i be-.lie-. mtinta" cap.- and inou/ning collars and sets of their owa uuau.acture. B?,<^k cHAfrrrr.i.Y i.ac! - warranted vkry si i"" ? ^ tin iUbn.acta,eapes ratifsm ,e< ras-t.l.ss lkttiut*ta nad shawls: slso a novelty in shawls and pomis mat In'r x*i c<4 iu l'srts. Tt will give tts nleu ire to soi'W t'jese aii.c.es t. any per?>n who mat call to; 'he pur pose. yiU.FH A GR VNT, STl B-jndway. Bab jains of pianoi for a.u.E-ruRE? spi.rx d'd n.?ewoo?l 6", <ni 7 cc'. i' e pis' o?. ia perfi-ri eoudltloo ?T>lfn.l,d tones newest s'v'e one res' ?? g?.?l a? t.isi <lav. M s' bt sild. Apulv louusd.a'e .. Mc< aFFBAV .v WM.I.IN. ?> t's'hsriue street CHR.'STM 4S AND NEW YEAR S lii,-a - rues p acvk, tiger and "tlier pv.tera?, Plate a'jdu'. ? covers a rich variety, Otioinan- uta's. wui4?a sh.t te?. DnuteU.-. Ac , At ARTHUR DONVSX.LT. Carpet wnearns. i#s a.were. Oiikap df.y t.ood^ wow orf AT ka*.X. cenitir t i moiidat bo inst . at tt's brvajaajr, n^*r r.<ur*h atraet. (111 ri9tma ?> fatalnts. ) point ilr *?/?? il< mion nn i \ *>aclmdm tacab, Lac- ?.? ?. i oil ?r>. ? (n ?, :< u' skprchufu Ar , fptaefc b-mi f-cuu j i mtmlder <*. ot <? tj ktcrlpt on. fioimrp.l smj a.'.k ?ni) llluatoa relx"* ard muit Otbrr anicv-. #u"hbir tor preae-itf, For ?%> pim'i. By arnom> cxix*tarlk ac v. t ?,i?i ?'.r?r;. af*i itr.i* 1* i/. (iboaot ) Cio*h*. fri lrnt*for ?!>?? h' !|j* ,i? kicj i trlm'it* i frln*"* m *?<???> rk, an. in- iiaaiaa* imr/oii in T # A:1 otif.itock ><unw?( down id pre* to e'.t*r o'l' h^wbnx .1 w;i,*os. 01 cmul t'?>??:. ("IHILI'rer f AKD ximrfl CtOAKfi. J hurjtble and irun.'>> p'e?-tit? for < hrl* ???, At itebijos A wiwoji S. ii oms ?nh. Day q?om t>a rSaar*at m VTnr?l la H?ir tai%. aaorita aitit ??c?ieo:a t* mui*. J h??;k a <*?.. mi hat'nf to mtlt om 'h?>' <w i? ?1ph wlnwc ?vie* a* <lr ? ? >? '.M bf:.ttr iw la- a Jmu mi ka<* narfcej i??ra ik* rma * !i??; com. onto iun?m. 0* ulna* uhm it m'< rimohi u??.?rr, Our-* p?, ii .lauia moaraan A- i"*-. Af h PIR c**t bblow >*t D ry a i ods AT A A: .a* i ??'. ??> ," ki i->? - ? r ki>?. ?*? hum*. tvr-* cap' ard nan i>ke-'ri-= wrratk.? X." ot umml i r ' ?? ha?? ilium >n tl|?? %ac mm iura, #<? 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