8 Ocak 1857 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

8 Ocak 1857 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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I TI, WHOLE NO. 7435. Mllllmi-* \ fYta! t>< H COUKT MAK11AI. IN N*? tOKK ?TKIAt, OK iMKHf LnnrrKNANr JOSKPU urofcunaPK ANI? strwjiOH BOLDKN At 11 A M. on Tuesday a court raar'lai an*, ttsbled at lie Qvarterm??ter'i I' (> t uent, No 6 Siatc atreat, 'rou tek Uio (lattery, f ? i' i un>080 of trj I. k Viral I cutanea! lor pa tpdeyii ' 'he 6tb lata try, and A?\ etotuu Surytoa Levi L> n -a, of ine Mc uw mcot tor raricueelUt < .. u*ary oiiencos. . Lieutenant I'integral', iu?? u euetatueii ? 1i!k'> ooaittoa in thi army end < ??. . > It- teve, proo> ti 1 ;.r bla bravery in the Mextcar * - |ir, Hidden ans been loug In tbeecrvlce. end bei rec..rid torbtwjelfe good pwitoa m eurgeou. end both ? en> t hevotbe eympetny of tbetr ?i eoriet-1 'n tbe trying poiuou tbey eru p/moa by ibU a reigrmrtit before a turn n ertieL tie trie! ot Meutenai t U|i<:<grall area proceeded with 3 ?t. Tbt court martial ?V oouvtno.' upon tbe lollopr V ' authority ? WAU C?rai.TMBar AtWUf'sr (JrNKUAL'a Oint i:. 1 Wj8kWi.? Monday, Deo. 21), io56. i sriti i.tl o'iiikh so 16"<. By instr uctlong from the Pre-ia -ut of the Vlilted Stated, a general court martial, no. a tu ita hereinafter apeollle-l, *111 aasemblo In ih? ci v ui w York at It o'c'o X M , on Tuesday. theCth day of v 1857. ora* wan !he.e?tier a* practicable. lor Uieu-i* of K.r-t l.intitonant .lo-<enli W|>ije grail, 6tb la: an try; Araiaun -u'goon L,evt U. lloldt u, Medieal Department. and auub othc- pnionerg ax may be orougtit before It. perxiu- nia c >r?T. Col, Joaepli K. K. Man Held Inspector Genera! s Department. Brevet Col. Harvey Broom Major 2d Art lie'.' Lieut. Co! John J ah..rc"..ra . c id Infantry. Breve'Lieut Col. Dauie i 'handler, Captain .'11 Iafaulry. Brevet Lit ut Col. Hubert C "ucltu. to Major till Infantry. Brevet Mvor.lames m v I on <'?;> * n lei <>ra > t,?. Brevet *v?r Henry H v'h iiiplain 2d l)riKo?.t-i. Msjor Albematle (fadv ?ih i fanlry. Major John Htvtgwlck l t I va ry. ('apt. Roboit K. Clay tjnarterm-a-er's l?eo?rtia"iit. fapt Marcus I' L. Siuip? -n -Hih-ictanre pepariment. Brevet t'apt Henr* F - 'n'tt i-irvt Lieutenant 2-1 Artillery. Capt. .'am.a (1 Buum i r'nuic- Department Capt. Wm B. Johns, 31 tuf-tntry is appointed-lu l?;t! Advocate ofthe Court And the l'rcsulant furthe* dl*ect? th.it If any of thp ollicer* named In the foregoing ae at v -U?U fail to a'l-'nd, th-v Cou-1 shall, ne vet thcl eaa have ao'bu'tv to act, provided la- me in t bera tireaei-'. ahvll not be m s than nine at no o .her oilici rs i than those detailed can oecnivtoed without mauilesl imarr to the department. I t order of the Secretary of War. K CtMtPHK, Adjutant tle-ieral, Breaider-t tienei al Couri of a. Hal. After lb.> Court we* >i< oioied, first l.ieuteaaut -lo Acph I pd-frail. 5tb In'eitry, was called m and the *oi towtng charge a read ? CHAHiiS I. DiaoMnnivt K or Crocks - pecl'lc.itlon 1st ?In tins that First ideutrrani Joseph t'pdeg an of the Mh re'rnnent of infantry? Artat of the Uni'ed -tales?having receive-l at Fort Brown. Te-aa. In-m 1 la eon-m-i ding otticer, rtrevei ( ilonel Watte, entnp regiment o*<ws n * rinng, dated Noveinoar lj. in the-* words and tig-ire* y/ ? 1-d. LI. Josevh Updegratt, tith inlanirr, will take charge of a detachment of invalid sold'*** now at this po -t, im : conduct O -.. ' V........ - t- U- . if. .. - -- ' - ? ha\tng performed the dutv, ?? w ill report in penon 10 tue Superintendent of the reeruitag neinee at timrcruor'* Ieland dj-i-cted m prevail- ?-dem. He, In s cd I,, tune ami l iKlegril) did on arriving *tth the said dht u hnieui at Uie Cityol New York on u- annul the foiirteouili dav ot lie > otnb< r. LV><> till to exeoute k u I order*. hating then end there abandoned a*id detachment in New York, and permitted It o??.l t..r Kor Wool *ew York harbor. without hltu, *W' any OI. er oommtHeioiei nQk s.\ 8peclflra'.-nn 2. ?In tht? - h.tt First T,letit .'n-eph Updr grail. of Ui" 1 h regiment of infantry annv oi the Fuiied State* hii?l?i:. on ' ,ie ISth day o' lie IH.1t;. been orderr 1 by Major k Harku* jj Infantry Sup of tin general recruiting I vice, ui rc->?ur forthwith to "orlWiol ynJ a?auim- tie coinmend, did 1*1 to obey o h or errntltthe day folmwiug, he. .I.lout rp !e.'-?ll i ha.-'nc *eep informed that 111 - no-' was without *i ofleer. and thai be m ist, if poeaible, * w.rlinj >>tnmai 1 el Fort Wood that ?t run;;. ru h<i? two. NBO I K1 or OfTT.?SiteriAiUioK ?In tine. Kiret Lieutenant loaepb t'ndei craft, of the Ftflb regiment of lai.uuri amy of he United Slate*, wh in m rot mand of a detaelm nt oi In yelid noldirrs at the city merTew v<nk, on or aboii! the llth of Iieeember 1*.W>. did f.Ul to pron.le for the health end ovnfort oi hie commend, and did n*c'cet to rtl'tft it on or about th" JMh day oi Itfcember 1HM on bond the transport about to ' eoerey it to For* WotJ and aid permit Hie .(etaebment to treggle abo a ihe city and to dl?i or e, whereby ae> erai m?n Were '.aal tn. o the cotntnaud and did not ri arh I'ort Wood. Il.e polnl lo which he had been ordered t>y competent milliontj lo rond?ca >i. By email.an4 of Brevet Lieut. General Sunt. L. TJM'M ?.-? w*et-ian Adjutant I.moral. A a ir\ < ? - 1 Major V Fackua, Thiri tnta try; 4'aptuln S. Vanv'tet |A I<j , New To,k ; L.eu'etiat t ' I Chun hill. Third artilleri ' Fort iJoiunibua. Mr. I?. -t'n?' n f'l?rk tyua ter Ma- . r * lie Ij.trtnut, New York. Mr. Joe m 1'rai ? ijtiart-r Master's I t rpa otint New York Mr. Jajib Moo, messenger, tynarte f Ma* er ? I etiar'.tueot. New Vc>i I: r'e.er f tjuuovrr Filth ta [ fantr;. heap alatewnrl'o l?t .e'ur.nit. Saunders. f tlimfan Itry, h an "a. a eward, Fort W tvi, Larv e. see;; :ant Fradf ?rd I on Wool. h. Y. Tat act ; e?t war thru a*?e?t if he ItaJ any objection toe 1st." of the gemi "pu cj.i piping the court ?u<t name i n <h? epecial o?d' r? to which be repiie 1 In thi nektt .0 1 be Court <cd the dudce Advora were then awprp u, n ais prmeL' it hy thu i'Nil bmt V the Court, | -Jot J h Y aus field To toe r urges the ecrune i plead a? To Iowa ? Not a lo urit r peel We dtrr , WrgT charje. Nut ru y to irrcon . epe t;.. ation. brat ebar "e. Not gin-y o brar ebarte Not : t? to epecI'Vat on aecoiid eharg". Sw ,ii if to eecond charge. JJ r t. Arbu*. Toir ' t< (i nifnt Icitvury i ? u. ? j 3 fixaUttt, ? >? ibrn ctll-l aai ;uly i.org. ><%kid -><li IE . '6 a of t>v tnber it I. at 5* tnelve o'civli VI. I lou-.euaat tpdeyroii, ort-itt reported bur-ell to mo me at Vort C) ji.o. . if N. V ; to ?b?W"i m : at tao Rant I'm" the or Bern h<.' fet I received from IJol. Wa'te, tlnctllf " m |g c.aUiit a dclarbmibt <>l Invalid-; in Fot VvM, N< * York harbor. bo alio tuie i t >al Do had Ml the Jotacb nicol In New V orb? bat it wa? about ready in tnuark *irt Wood, and that l>r H I ion. I. r<. A , would we i .o> it to Kort Whoi, lot n there aoi return lo p; I directed b'm in return lo New Yor< it nopty W yiti Urrautter li>r Itmp rtn'loo lor o<m<cl! to f 'ou I told tun I wiitK'o tilfi to ilo It ?o trial I ly; u 'O Monday, the lb n of fKomber; I wrotn a . ii in ifuirieroia>iiir at the name Utile roi)'io*tio( -o'lal on Per 1i?'ii. I <ynfl IN w YOf to ^"Vowl; I slaleil lo l ii? note ibat I wuii. d i leul i'p 1 to go on tLai day. I neat ta note over or IAohi ' ire'' who NtWiM from Ifetnin the 1! , boat it war a lit/ tormy da , the ?,ort blowing rcr? nnriiy bi t at o gbi wb'O It nbeldal. I cmuM over to B dun- ilaud (Fori Wo d). and Inntul th?i * le.ajb 1 men m Blayees u?" n bad arrive 1 at that place but that DOO ctrwas prtsent. Iduut L'pdrg-tfT had prrrtoa 1/ > MM aic tbat tbi* daacbmroi rmMII> twenty In. orr. two ol them dli nm join the comraind until 1 thv Ibt 17th of llectmba;, Wnca It hoi been Waalerrcd ?. I or" i mhue (Jaffa ACvoeato? l>o yen know whether I'cut I'pde grt'i permitted tbo uetactiili 'bt to it ayye in I dirpern* whi'e lay ay ol the dock H * Tort \ ks >w ibat boJid sot take Ibe dBlorhmoat otrrlii B d1* I ia'and, n? repair d h; bH ordem Won t" ? Wade a port of the i men went oi rr tbw kext day. aaotnor part of the com mat.i join J It at f ort Oolimha* oereral dayo after tudf vocate?Ho yon know whether I lot t if do yrat obey ' year laotrunoaa, and aaoumed the com man.: A He did net go to ton Wood joIH the oesi Tadfe Urooate? Woe 1 le> I I'pdograil ul<-rm<d mat Frrt Wood woe withocl a ct ,u?tpnc<l A He waa, for he lafbretod c at ?..r tawrriew '.cat there woe no oTorr there to rt I eye Mm he at e that a* a rraooj Tor ant ae.-oo^iaryliic the ^etactmitt to Kurt w.?d U'trt? 1 ?id any n the mwo drtert and not reach the'.r mtia.ii.i ?l tort Won) an 1 toady f "ri C ?l. rhu? A Two men were reported aa not haying i itnea at fort Wood it-ey libie^urn.ly lo'oed ol Foil l oittrhui I .ml Mood ? moat pormianioo tooo aft?r Mk timent rrai bed that plare. tliw ?n*? h?r? hoeo or>r ot thr men that o tfl ?l Fort Colombo* h<( name tu ui y'-rcu to <nt. i I.C Oourt then ad our unit. (Ill Wedaerday. ? ?l o'rlook A. M.. th? Court tort nra.n and alter Ibc noiri abora pr-evnted won read, Mr 0 M.n?on. Ctorli <o ibr 'Jnartr'in??trr ? i"(irini<*nt o I wdacat (or the prow mom, m dot* doom an 1 *?d moiki' the trtarbmrrt ol nxa Id* Drought by ('cut. t p^rar, on the atratrrr Fmptrc P.ly to New Tork, <n Monday, the i6ib of to "rather. : ardor ti'rc between aoBrtne ?rd <,ajr',*bt, afterward* ori've-l ai tort Worn ?HlK>it any mmmaoitn.a otliccr 1 i l I'plefraff bad n it Uirn n portod and ha 1 made rv application f?r tbc t-aoaportatlon ot thr Ortarh tiral. I o i ot Know what a ruiui nodalkia* tbc moo n* ' | . ?n N>?r t ?bo *h,p wh.ie l?j (,* here; I wont <>o arlol i Orr, b t i ? d r?> helo* a n.aa rallior hi 1' B'-Por hnri ti ? r a<d app an a la bar* ch*,? .i trie* pott fort Woo" ?tth tha !< tir'i tbo ilth he 'r?ortrd ?c n rrquutuon tuf 4.'?a rta " ? I la) a' ' t I" of 11 o'clot.a a M ; be went ot </ on Uto Jlwh . I i t t pucgrati xpeneed a rio*i?e er.r 11 " n ma I Maalistul iiitlta* next norii'ar (too io< mh it m; i?i|. run I cao t teroitcel tie langna, r tneavltr atoWMd r* mpiain"! of traai of Upnt on to tmr"i >rt nt ler 'ta ari ?ai a port: be no not attend to tor r?mnra nt abed wnn.oM Irotr thr atnamrr t " t fjijpjra' went |o t ort Wood, t th oa, nth two mi n on toe f lb. [ itir lght?r ?m rradr I" m.i?. j th?.? \<t t ,r? tt?.,t A MW n-0? Maior Ita k. N to apt \ ?D t n.-t, a??I"I it QArttraotor, Mat at tt? tram ortv m \ w>ot ( |<eir.t tr> Bedlor "a the iMu, c ?? ,. ,n I ottdt or at IN* 1-ottt T ('mover, of ttf Fifth ctMlry hnaplial ?l??| -rd duty awoTB. !ui(e Adt x atr Wafo yi u tb?> anil* bnap t it atrwar 1 , ->t tbe ua'aehnirot iiefer thr rrfnmamt of l, < t "p<1? .pratT tthlah arrived here 01 tbc 1Mb o( Iterrmlie r, H6?1' .4 1 Indjr AdvorMr Had /?n 1*0 ?am? coiiit'.?t? oo1, , t ni? Ar . after poor a?rlt a h.- .t .? jo> t l on yo< t Toya/f A No. air, ??e bad art. ) .(U'fa? Adrorata? Waa atrial*# wanted v Kewant 41 COTee Jaiirf A'v(?-at#?H?ar aom did the a-f"". ' imil. (rydefrafT lebvo lha ahtp after her arrival tit N?? Verb, ad when did hr ref rn A I eatem Mf ' lAtTf ??hrn lit 'o*I bar It waa about 18 H I llilak: I IbonM inter Be ahlp bad been at the wharf three hnnra ? or k? aKnnt IH it i ! /1.11 at rd tha m *.? an I twjulrfx' <f wr vpra all prraant and covfbrtnMe ?.-<nae i>o? aaawp'ed thai va vera be I baa iafl in< atr tbml fMeg dnv a into tbp cab n Judge Advocate?Who roiaevet ?he trarev't" fcoiu , v*a * bip to f ort Wo^d. aa i how tnav* n-T..sara aad man aat ?er la a body *> 'of* Wood* A Thnrr vara twfe if i, but tbare vara oo offloera viUi na that I kaoa >ad(? t U Mil WV ">omiaaa i?i v?? i-tact^aat E NE after U hit New Yurk (ill i( arrived In K >rt vv >odf A |t an) our ron maided It I did. tbnr nm-nrod (o nhty n.t U< u? Urn. |?rail ordered ui aboard a*> i trauaport, but dij not k? ?i b u?; 1 received ay iaiiruotUma tn?u? lie lieutenant nriur. a aril'jr Judge Auvocao ? Kii ootbe the only thin/ needed to teal< ) oo n mlopanU while la in* el iiio dockV A If i v?e cat tan cib-e ihero Mould have bueu n ) parl'OU'at INN >or complain': wound plenty ot salt be f pore, Laid bread or 1 l>ait??, ibouab our I ire w11 do. q i i< -j .00.? u ii I, re; I beam >>iiu or i*o meu ivi.a>f> u or on cod cr'a, 1 never coaipiaice'1 myso f .hern wore u tuu ot tie n<> t floperr- j or airaasicd ou (no day we nrrivru l New York; i ?o wera |jiveo p rui salon t) go a id -*? th< ir freer fe at.d they w nt; on iho day we worn ra?r.;V I (.own to toe I'M p oi io jo to Bedior'a IiUno whbs a ail ng lor ite irairport, I ea* nil ta-? wen present bu one. ano he may Lave been thirc; w u la walling n lou t lino lor tie c*j> kin of the iranaport to get ahteoi, in moo became id paiuot a? i was 'oteusely cold aia?'lin emi cut to the <ud. no live ol (be men strain ed oft, iwto'y railed lor Kurt Wood that day, and throe o'Oer jo D?d ua d< :>l day; the men wtro invaltiif yet all except oca were ca|*l>.e o(' walking naout and taking care ot Ibett eel res Th. Court tbeo adjoainnd till Thursday, at II A. M. Natal Cnmt Martial at IMillndrlplata* TRISb OK lOM.MAM'KR J H. IIHV/lN, Or TUB BKIO DA Ih'UKllXlK. PMiLADatruu, Jan. 7,1907. Toe Court re as'evhlod this morning, and the mien <e o' ye?ter.lay > proceedings were -cad and approved Tul< trial is ubrervtcd to be the flret or a series of charge* Involving nea ly all the oOioera on board th* Utinbrldge, and some rlob scenes will probably be developed by tne test mooy to be produced. Tbo Qret witseie called was Llent. Wil'ls.u Mitchell, who dcpoted 'bat?About the middle o( May we wer9 In tbe Straits of Magellan, when a disturbtuce took piaoo to the caplaiu's cabin : I think tbe captain was under th inHncnce of I'quor; too riot was betwern the captain, th ' r.aytaln'a ?on (hi* clerk ) and Ueut. Fleming; word wa? pasted for the otthtrs to oome on <*eok; 1 went on desk and lookod down lnti tbe cabin: Com Rowan, (.leal Fleming, tbe cap'aia's eon and the doctor wore there; saw Com R. between I leut F. and tba cler*, as If f up* rate ibeai beard th? ciptain say, "soyou are,'' or'you sro so." or words to that eflecl. In regaal to tbs tb'.rs speolllcatlon the witness knew nothing In regart to the fourth spec lisation, w: (master titled natiba 0 -m wander bad rot command of the brig, and that the doc or said or bat the wuan ay u; 1 took the chart tro n tuo cabta t > navigate tneibip; 1 taint Captain Rowan wa> not atrarc of my do'cg ao. Q by the Court?The Oral *p<alligation Is that Oapt. R. was drunk?was h i so much ao at to be uoable u> per torm his dutlt - ? A. I think so. I would consider him drunk. VI by the Crurt? Were there any strangers In the cabin at the time of the riot, or were they wnere they oouid bo cngD'ztnt of >t. A Iney were no; In the cablu, but were an a-tout where they oonia hear the disturo anc -; I was o. den d to take the chart from tttu cabin by l.ieui. F'emiog; 1 gave the reckon ng to t0? dm l.'eu brunt (Mr Fit mint.) du log the lime Con Rowan was on toe net list; the ioIso made by tbe disturbance bo t*. en Com K and Lieut. F could be board by the crew ol tbe orig. VI. by accused?Hd I or did I not attend to my duty In too Rtraita oi Magellan, and on td?i day sp clflsd was I notoocet ntly on deck? A. <\>m. R. was on ccik, but did net at'eu' to bio duty; I did not sea fits R duck any liquor rn May 14 .18 .o 1 do not know wbetoor thrro was any I quer lu the cabin or cot; there was sows In the word r on Mueaiion by the accused?Was there not brought on beard tbo Bcobrldge. on the i4ih ol May, 1868, tiro gal Ions ol liquorIf so, atate what kind and the name ol the oiliner who had li brought on board. Ob.ncilon ociog made to this question, Capi. Rich, the counsel lor use accused. stated that hia object was to show 'hat ultor thai date there was no liquor Drought ou board the ship: tnat none of tne liquor epotton of weut to tbu captain's cabin. wltneo* m tnliow* ?to* liquor ww brought on bi??-d la ibp sunlit of ve-v aonr ?:uiJy t'olnt. I don't ktow wlo brought It 1 Uou't knaw whether tnr CapUia bud io>i'.ht'i any of It on the tith of M?y. I do lid mcq'I et wtwiUer ? apt. K raid during tuo di.ttnrbanno to !. ? n*. i timing a Cupt ITiinlor sny? yoo nro a kwn *?ted ai to alidad d ecoandiol;" I Beard tun K way the "il?d iMWilll " but (t >n ? recollect lit) rubor I dou't U.ik I bovimvi I.ieot. J-iero at toftlweai the brut totajii. i'.0"?o #lule l.i jut f had too r-o niuan on the evtii.ufc of the dtfturbnure. alter 8 o lock coin I re lloyt d toe dick the row *?? continued Willi C?pt R >*?n nod 0U too ubout u conolo ot hour*. on the next dav Copt Kjwan' laoe bad eyery appearance of hk tag been n u Ojttii N veroi other queo'lca* Woro |>rt and aneworeil Or tl.e *.toi.ee, wi boat elic it log nyti .jgot importance. I.'.eut Ml chtll Wa* feD dlocboroed l4out(Dont Wm t.arriu sworn?Ho teeth.ot that ot tun tinss ?P'mued tn 'bo tlmt epeciiioaiiou la pi Ki-eau wo drunk. ji .'gicg ir< m Vi action* oa d? k nod la me ctbt The wiieeto ite. ribe I thtrv.ptoiD %- n'.lorw*- ,.?ii in; Inn. to tb? to low ng manner ? I wot oa the i)cx I t, nt J wlille on the spar dock moku^ a so.p.r the opUln iteuo forwora and a*ked Mr Kuiieeteui thean?k??o. If be uMwo.l hl? pan., .no to euioke, adding other re m.i ke. I eatd a > luof men. but put on ynuiforuand , vol tcto tte oaMi and told fbo captain that sued re marks wtre verr disagreeable when no a?acl o; wist nan 1 do; I t?,> utcd that .-...ca remark* wire die I agreia">le. 'be Court took a rwni and on ren*e<&' ling the 1 vim. rBlimr' Ij.'Ul (.tirln uti raatimel Nutliia? td. Mice*! Of importance WM iC.U.'J aud ho ??< ditch arged. 1 'act. Hap nan brttig "worn, teallfled ? 1 our saw Cow H lor a frw nitn.it** on the <1ty auecilted in | the tirn a.wclAotinn ha wa? than very w.ct? excited. w.?t I ti . tight h* w*u i'ruo . fro.n the mis ier In whtnh he a'ted, nod I .? ?> 1.9 ?t?c(?n>(t on tho grtildg. In roialioa Id the MOOhlt IMt il'atioa wlmoM mid that ?n tin altoinooo ol the Uh of June Mr Rowan 111* clerk wn* lal'.tuf r<"j lout to the raptam of tho tWeatcrn Unite, wiou w: hat taken on board from the wrack o( tnnt vriBil; beatraikthu bulk n ad, and ciciaimoJ. '-yon are a d?<1 Mandrel." rub n'b-r oottM which I do n<l '?collect, myieifanl rrerai other offlorre went into the cannot hero the abi.ae *W'|>i*-U wr?a we want down there, I hoard Mr. Ho wan any to I toot. Iteming, -'ron are a d?d liar and M0onn<ir?l;" 1 beard a on ?o to- r.. a. /oral .utl-ere aal myaeli want on rook and I pawed orer tn the etari-oar.l Ml; aa I phOMd Mb MM hatch, Md hca .1 Mr Rowan curing tbc r -collar .>iii tor, lucre wae a auather or tho crew < I the *t t?rn It i-i* no hoard, I ordered thorn Torward our sin ul>or?d the order tneUntly. t'utalin by the Court?Old any of tho crew h'ar tbe rKt a. I think the* d.d The Churl bera adiuuracd tlU to morrow mnri c; Riipnmr CdMTt-llrralt. lV f re If > Jndgo I?a*'na Ml HCAhTILK ?riT?HKAVr VmPtCT. It* 7. - 8't\J aw.' CTiar >l Blntum rl. A V"( tfr JAia.' <f..' Mnvw (,'vtmpt. c ?Tbie war a evil to rtooawr tbe rum of f 14CP <br tbe raiue ot Sit barrt w ol 'plrite of ti.rpestina, of wlleb It nloged the d oe iaiia be came poaaraaed and wrongfully dotauu a 'mm tbe ( lain tl a. It appiarrd t at I rcdertck A. Wwa> . aoa of nne I the i .aatrr* bet act coanactod wub tbrm in baaUieea pvrebaead, Is D*eamber 1* ft, on tba order of Woodball. turpoct ce tolbc amount of fM.ndO Woodhntl r intend a?l that be bad, tavlee daya altar dellrary, to pay lor it. Tbe j'rdnitb eoat'od that the a odn were eoM to l a ilvrrfl urUI i i?h *a? pail for them. The gooda were df'it red no hoard the eblp Victoria, lor f oodnn, Vngliiad. of ablob d? en riant, 'batnilon. *>( ntil r. Ml r of.pta were |t1?nii for ?n e ,f?n without rrpraaatlif b> whom the d? i\ rrjr fM wade tt'hra mil tb nargo wan d.ivtred. Wrodbnll w not bo the ?blp owners ail rot frnna fh-n tbe MUa n ladinr an i faro them a puaraqlee and Ihn 11 gM.atwd the txiia o' lading and oMainc t raab for them to the amovntoftlQ.uOO. and la a tea dare a'ler laded (it 17tb .laenary, 1?W, ahont the time the ahtp wae to mil. tt.nnDr.U caitwi a note t > be -cut to I A Rlneeom ? Dtm ho?I do ti ' well IMi mnrrdne. end t wti! nit herterru town. 1 ?I1 he dawn, h ?ex?r, lo the tnernniK ( |renni?Ure?* a ti prevent my mewttng mx enp^eemerl I iireaei.t, I can ??.. nothing until ihr uext uteamrr arrtrea. loura, rerpccfuiip, A xw n?I??!CI.U. Prr P. Dor iio-or. The t lairtlfa then rei i?v bad iae gno.-.r and brought ttwaottoti at :bm tbe eirnaactn. ho faint ?, (tap peara. retained tbe ahip a receipt* foe the r. n la, and d.?. man.J-l b<li# of udaa tor ihi at firm the re,dan. * ahijvOwntM, wbi<?? were rrtur.-d, Ff r the drfeacr it i* iiratc I (bat Uir wdaare are-ntf '1/ detained an - it wae ro. that tbor are riii tfall/ the prnfi rip of u>a d, >cndaO'e mood I ioimoo tea* nt tha nan trta'erof tne ehpVU-toria wtlrh * at n ?.. l-.h. eg at the pr,-| ? ,rn \orb. ttfv . i i roparu ? . 1 ontiot ai> et it nnohuil eopacod frdgb' on **"?? tone' for tH<? tarreU r apl- to ol tiiepnnlla>. ariitl other r of 'rty. the acei t .,f the euip a~r* rig that na apinte if Inrpcrt oe except that 1 W.xndhiul .bm.U t?t rieriTtd on boarti. In x piaiutiC* nipped the ?p r'M o' i ri rt no On ; oard tbe imm t nniier tUo nrreenv-o with ttnoohml lor wlorh vtoeohm. > < ? b whereby tie captain orca?od hi deliver the go-da or |m -i-eid <f freight. ttarlr.trph, 4 emar .. C i advene-d 1 tfce sntvi <>; fU.C'K* > t-oa the eea'tnmcnt of (be bill m edtry ar.d lb? iWWftynPHWl of ?> ? property. and the b'l ?-f 'eo of. it i? ?<*?< d, h. * iH'Ti-r bin? deli><-reu up to tb< manter 01 the t Irtorta an*' then ore. It la mnlenrtetl tbki Ctailf a not i-atu nd 10 reeo\er the goode fro a <J?e do dent i be dafor.diii i* alee lot let that the plaint conld rut lepallj claim the epr'ta of turpentine wltbon tendering the fretgf t, an<' tnat IM piaiet.de bey# new Irttrd to db en To-Ji.dire ie lie cf?r?<'''-t the < -art of vtrp-nt i ha-i iIn Med tbal thn parly h-Mdng reoclpte pron by thr tnpttln of a *eee?' .a ent t ? l to depend bli'e id a i I for tbem. and the luw bar ny been th a aettled, ft w? I bta dnty tr> adhere I' t Tee treat irit oe la tbla raw I i? ? I'ld the plaintlPa mate ra e eu tbe term tbat tbi gm ? ?. re to he paid fhr In caeta on delireiy f If thi i pfa.n e, beief oatnere nt the property made rale ente'] i ra It at road'tlon. and that ounditlon wee not itiiOlted there wet no Hal'ran of ibe property by tbe piaiuidta and they bad not parted with la. Veep-* fp.r p atniide'or til tr? w th e? t'owano > v ?y>o W TO MORNING EDITION?TIJUI Appoint went of Hon. V, P. V ilium ?* Url* tuh Alnlktt-r In the (inllnl M?>m, Lomios, Dec. IT, 1853. TO THK RIMTOOC OK TUH HKtiAbO. How rapid is the coui^e of events in h s flr?t decade of the l#st haf* of the nine ?*en\h century. A year ago?only a twelve mouth- the al ies were still concentrat tig their fo<rce? in the Crimea luid meditating dri lie never to he accomplished el*ewhere. Since then we have had arniiitioe a conference, a peace and are now ilnratened ?ith another C n grt-s of Posers, ta ir>hrpret the |*-ace. A ji-ar ago the l.omiori Timrs tonnd out that the Irish were snout invwiiitg: Am Uritish H'uti la, and aornoVd the to -siri of alarm. Tne British government, in a fit of terr r or of biavado. avmighr.w.?y sent 'ts lle< ts to threaten our coasts. arid overa we us in the Gulf of Mexico; and then ca i e the Presidential announce meet to Congress that diplo na-y had exhausted its efforts to settle the affairs of Contral A a erica. a> d that England unu the Uui'ed State# hud each taken a position of direct antigvriism towards each oth r, fiom whish I'rendeutiit wisdom saw no aveDiie of jK-aceful csiaoe. Thru, too, oaj e the expulsion of Crampton, followed hy that of his consnlar auxiliaries. Rlood was high. aud prnden". Imnkcrs iiegfui to suspend their credit* Vessels of war?English and American?grinning brassy defiance, swarmed in the sea ot the Antilles, and the peace of the world real'y depended upon the discr'tion <f a smre of naval captains, never too highly distinguished for that virtus, however famous for courage. A year lute passed, aud Crauipton anl bis niaityred Consuls are forgntt n. The affairs of Cential America, brought to the te-t of common sense, have settled them selves, and the last clond which frowned oil the relations betweeu the United States and Great llri tain has disappeared from the horiz ?u. lus'ead of the ' Thunderbolts" and "Devastations" of nival waifsre, charged with engines of death speeding on missions of revenge, the sturdy "Resolute," whi*e winged dove of peace, lieurlng the olive branch, aud freighted with the friendship of a mtion, cirrie-t the shores of England the best assurance, tti ?t however for the moment they may differ,(Ireit Britain and the United States can never moie lie toe-? n?i. u tuay I.XJ nut wivi I'nder such altered circumstances, it would lw? unworthy the great new of the E-iitlitb nation to cherish nny longer a sentiment of h ?tih ty, or lower it* dignity by ub-Uiniiig from those diplomatic roll ions wi h the IJuiteJ ritates whioli, however, unimportant in themselves, are ti<ken n hii i" rnest ana evidence of bat ainraml goodwill. The Until h gov rum nt ho wisely re->.,ted to resume, without del .v, frinlt and Mendly intercourse with Am-rica, an" to name i Miuistet in Washington who. trom hit rank and -service*, awell as his lilx rality ol views, so -II lw ao-septible to ire American pe- g e. It ha* further reaolvea to send no more to rhe Uoitei H ate* una ??t a -scout or third iate?horr ->t red tape u--d -en ho v. wax. and b?oughtiip in the Cireum ocnUou otiice Hue (Vino ton. or the npnUtr of an infirior K.oopeun court, iik* Batwi r. The choice, f am happy to say, ha* fallen on rharie* Pel ham Vl'ller-t, M 1*. br.o.her of L ?r<) f'U enren, and at present holoing the office of Judge Advocate (ien< ml. Hi.- accer-woce wo- hanoed in to cay, and bin departure wdl os ..t as early a period us circunist- ncee wi'l n . oil. Allied by blood to ttie aristovaey, Mr Vibi-v-ha* niaoe h's "repot a ion . s ?!e repi**e?i' utire of the TWOpif. Witti Colidt tl and he wu-the curl est of theJchampion- of tie* noti tV-rn Law Leigu-1. In tne Hoi se of C jinmons he was ll- Ic tdiug s ig;?'?rt?r, the pitted :int: gt met of <! >rge I'rederick Vo tog, .iSd 'he man on whom tell the Imrthen of tielue. lint when tl-e Little was over, . -id t-?e trnou >li comp ete, his experience dirtbted in no ie-is ct fr-en t? at of n ?t active reformsr-. flu- pn el aec-pte I the t-oou which hiseieecba had mainly *? tired hut forgot the mnn who had wrenched it fro u the ptei-dice and sgnoran'c of the nation. Mr. Co'-dcu nnn Home others, urn ie.u? iou-of thiir claims, m d probably les- laodc? in urging the?, received "testimonial-," Imt b<>?ki of vht w irreverently call "the polls," fall to the share of Mr Viloers. With i-esc antecedent* it will t?c midcst-md that i Mr. Villiersis will aerpi.-io'cd wi h the ncri ul nrs' | and commit > nil uteres sot" his oca c ><o try. and ? ' i the civdi/'d world and will hav? mi tut Ibgcnt yrpa'hv wtthtu- imt<i*try and eototpciae of the I'nited states Republican in tubii*. iffible in moaner. and amiable in di pod lon, fr.mk la interon re intelligent and inatroctive hi couvorhvinn. and, moreover, ai-'mated l>v a eineer* friendship and r?al admiration oi mir .onofv nnl 't? institution*. I venture t i nay tfu i lie i- , Em eminently ihp >?*st mm in i'n/ l*i>| f.?r the oa '!r ja.ditinn tvMc'i lm ''.is iir<ipf<?d Ho irill not be n routine (Irrk. of n .rr *v Mope, like ida predtciHwr, who had wither rank unr ability tn com n?nd lim: nor an intriguant, never direct an 1 n aaly. like Itulver; Imt will l?rintf to hi* po-t the I i|iit?iiii< ntwns whn ii po?it on, loo* puldi -ervire, an! a nenly oha-vrtu bavo enabled him ?.> ae.jiiire. ' So far a* he i* cnneprr.ed, the ri latloim of the two ! conntrifP could not be in Imtter hand* With hi* a{poiLtuicnt. a* i im t .lid the in-t cl<*td which , dn'kf oed < n the nUtiontcif the two mini rie* aeeui* to ha.e pawed awi v? may we not hope, forevt r? Our Plan) Com iimiikwr, At. ?*t. to. ? 1M7. J ( yoi rgtf ft* !. itla'.irr ./ 19b? Tbi oil gr* icvr'at mot lb1.' late la elta rarter 'it with an mrcb exntrmcnl to i lai*e*t ? thai ol any pubic body :n thte country. not o.urpilni uic Cot grew of the Ir.ted dialee I pon thi? ores* on. bp rrry other pe i^d'tg- nr. b:?4rrdae ttr meet diet ng.i ehed r.t etiv from crery po'l n it the ate wi re ia attendance the no t rrepertabh. tA nlnei with no ntbtr purpore than that el w.uom of the oau.reataie of | a new go\arnnunt and the ?r,a?i u.?a w the i g Oa tare. Doth bovM* ?;et at the ?ua'hour tbie witi til prtvrat n me ikraie. e?let* Mr. Ciark, n| * Laervnre, at. : It- Haiftwl. e< H yoaut,*?toe toriaer det>in?t ..a acee-nt of an attara of apipt*?y. the ?ttor w tna broken leg. t'oth rtpnbdceM MetiVsant tieietaor fe'den dolrorcd a neat nod abort laanvora'. nn*in* the ladul. are or the v*i tie en account of bte lne"t<reore an a jrerrilnt otlloer, aau irmltng t? tba goedi teat* of itir -real* a eorn* Mug any mom be aright cur', 't h honor epprart iia.oafeel. ed in ncnttn. thongwt h a ufetig re'iw. r:r he rht j> atxirt live le. t e .r ia eaht wettei hot c*p > " > rin.pa/it b'.a la tnrio, gar* ?f.i t nihtcnaaro ? Ui TiM#a <N *cw V?r?. web as aril in alioa aowiowf.at rttrmh tug Uracral I i*'? a do/ra )n?r? Horn*. Mr. PaMca'k cwidaet nitt <Mf Mdu w Mat, ?a.c ?r d.aia of tact* and naatili ml c? far Iho tn |n ri? .t tnrt wMeh II.? t. <?vt" b,<t? oo.Vloit to hi i?rr. "It I m-> a* lb.- li'.u-m wn < ivtnti.qaod In rcimrag ??? trfiohtra 'odnot'tg tbi S iwak^f. Uwrfc, ant otoar afl * nffiMi) a r?u?M IMI tnt-iito, tad n rc> l ag and hatraUg in tbo Utrrrroor ? lai-waan Ibla braoea tfkri ianri t*t*?i -.una am tmcn gathorod in Uih < bam. oar for o>?aT;?a-n. t?a llm ?(pai -*a s In r <1 ?\ri I atenworin taipri, Faat, normal i*rcirgatt, Mn.cnan. taker ni Maatafair, I uii< nho. ?u aid burg, aon n? iria ob 'he aaaanerntMt 'I .?* aro l?. |r. Jibtca, * J'tr. Tornrtd'l. I ,n i brtl. ClUi'oa. Mnv?r. I' ami, Sn.u. Mtrkraf, and ?o ?-n Iho Know ftrx ng* ara r ft '? tor? praam* J, harlog oaf? halt a dovn in ? Hoi.aa Yiom Hir ropntaiioa which a lar jo mi,>rt f i br.ig *?? Hit >tpti?i it ta wtierrod thai thr pimltc bit'ici* i wilt i.e prompt!/ ! of wihin too abort B|>a'i ri I tiair ? . n ih t ; rntlad i itcfi i rnor'a aw ?iaar * rnoaidrrrd a hi kta?** lika i oir o at, a>*ng Iwforu ibaptopo la a purn way ibr rtallluo of ?b?t Maw a,. I bla I ?<ahoncy'a pre > ? t daa > ?? fature acli' a rb? wruporbaoo nrmt bra in i ''ifnait tor t'.e Uncimtr ba oaca m ratbrraea at ll^ttii nn.trra and tf>a f-'tcn " f ir i' ?l'f tw waot 't.s t I a.it, 'n manui-r >n wliirb ho aaippV, i c.r that r ' r Prionl 01 tbo rop. rta imm tho pab-i? oil .?a aro m fht I har laof tbo pr'niar anil *111 apeodUy bo r.onmt.a'Aatoil * u4f ho Lr| lltluo. and lienor to the pcmta. t ib:a haa biro the coidrtt and mini <it-agreeable lay ot iba a itter. Un raiomoMr com a to >ru below f _____ I M> ? .?At ilwt anooal tina of \?m York fn-teo 4 - ' ^ ? ?- ? "< A Vntrr. Illn f .>* f;f n\Hv ' i Gil"ic ? wft for the ?o? n* j? ?r, 19..7 ?CUM. f'. Bro??, W. M ; vtro r>mlUi. 8. W. .fro* ffoolrirt, \ ' W (Vorfo Fifh, Teoooorc? . HnwiiH A Rofr?, i reu/; , I P Vntl, B l?. Augu it Ivrmro,:, J ? Owrn i.roy, Tiipr V P. 8t .l ?l.n organ tt . Jttofr of I t- 11 >V?U o?, Pro4lU M Rnn.rt udi:. on , Trimeoo, r rrotho* N. ft. Brl.ten, Cliorl,* Bernard ag<1 Charloo H , F r'td , Clttfila n. R r. n-iilhcr Ar.ixi C*rap At fd? i. MTue linn HroUter i horlro Horaarrt pr?oeoto?1 to Brother John iJrown, of I ofoyotte lodge No 94, rolooblo te?lll tvon'al of lb "*?nl nt Now Yo-ii Iodtn tor h?inter<wt I ?ti f w 'ffi N> 'ho t'Vpd Vr** '< *>- ?Ttt' g 111 k n KSDAY, JANUARY 8, ISA THE BANZS OF NaLW Y02K. incus irpori of the Muprrlnleadent ?f me Bauklinf Urpartoieut. htnnr Nk'l? Yokk Ba*? OlrAKr?<r<T ) ihaoV, IJao at, i H.VV f The Hcper oiondou of the," I'Mkin : I) tpiflinen , In ac cor.Km o w b h i i-ov ?l:>oa vt a.mvi ta 11 o' l io act to 'or.? itf t ti?i i <'i n imt-Di " b?? (be hnn r to unborn or it e cn,? do at te a or (be l^>i>l?tur? (be following rs ' ort Ibnti'g ibo I tot tljcal >tw iw?ty Hva btakiog oel ?< !, vi tb itn tfg egala vapitkl or JT 6t)J,9 0 re <1e ooed the . e^n rUe %wu?""l.:? and oomaii.MSO.1 St bu'itcM o! biikkiiig, \t/ ArUiant1 lut. New York IINIIO'J Aubu<u ? *ui uugn tut k, .iut>'irn ? l?vo ?> 0 Htlklt: CbOtlBIIJJ", Nu>*1Cb - Y<0 '>< I B*. o< fwi \*u:b, .Nm ?tct> ........ M6 (RO tiatk ot C Ti BOl in .?z<u>vl* ,_.... \8J,0'0 li? k < ! Ke?l. Ludl fctomrtllo tO',0'0 l ?u? ol i p?. 0?igu ...... iOO.OOO C*i lilt Ik Bvik. C omUit* lM.OUU Cost net Dbi K?rk of .wut"z# Bit nga >S, rn h 1 lift irtlG Cll w.d H?nk cl H-rtT?lo. tli <1 no "0'; Crolrii R v*r Bank, t1 uth K?"t MO iH>0 K*'mnrt'Beik of nn?u (. i?, Fori k J ?r?r?i HOO.CkO

fioiir On) km., Roobaater 800,COO IrtKom* Uttnk fieo ?? .?.,.... lOO.uW tiup'-rbm' *D'i f'r tier*'KtoU Mow York llO'O'N l.>Dlikrdt?rtiie Bki k LkObirntviltu 1('0,"0> MkliUUt Mirt ie' |.*t . of -to- h< kter. R lor. 8U0 000 dam k' )i,r*-r?'m t trader, 0* k 3ull*l<' 800,000 Marine IteeSs til Ik ?erfi?, O vtttjir VJvOO'l nob*?k Kl?er B ulf Konoa :tOO,iWO Nkiioi u itans of t tni'y aH? .ny ?Vio Rod Ntstkra I'l uuiv Item, Lkt|Ar' 8t?j oOO ('D'?ro B*tk P'fk'dBul, L'irectora t: 0<> , L ie*. fttt.OOO Omtai Knw Ink Kul.on Ill MO I'tri B'Uik, New York.. 2,0o0 oilO TMkl 3 i, 660,0*10 lfcm? mdwtftiikl bankeri Dir.- alio ilrpokltwt kecu'ttloi ?Dt! f< rmneuctd Ibe bottoms of own' i(c, uodor luo u*r.o kiiC title of tDe Huk ?. O il Mk-afr* Bjbiiylsrrtut. Ktrntcrt' lUok of A'.tin* At tin* Out* o O not) Bonk, Rdelp* j Ifcc ktont'l* lent >.bo\o atiai a have tiopjsiistl iho lol Inwilk f'Ourtieg, viiP..~ loe<:? * i uiorikgM ?i5?,04fi 0C NewYoikButettock, l>tpo-?woi k- too CO I*> ao f. do IbtAT* oo I >0 do. do. f4 it 0 00 Do. do. 0 Jo. Gitb 11)1 CO II.888,670 30 I olted Rtkies ito'k, 3 do. 40.000 oo Total M,4d0.7U 00 tin wb'eo i.m benn '.raced a ctrr.nl -imc of. . 1,087, t(lf OP HM udtrioaal banker* bare dipwil ;. Koann a<n teoruagM 813.MU6 00 Now York Hiuu Kiook. 6 p? r cent.* 3 Ouo 00 i<o. Jo. 0 do. (>(.074 t.0 OK.07-1 r 0 Total ?141,4'? CO Or. *i .oil OMi Nrco ltrued a ctrculaooe o( .. ll'i on". CO Th< follnwing 'able eililbita the lotnl amount . f out rtntiilirst ('r inn.t'orj ?u?(l to ranking a aoitallina and InltaP >ial b?oken?. nod the 'nnnot ami cnt"?<H.?r ttin teeurttl.a ncpoatUMt tor Ita redrmpfon, on Ulo both dag >f e'eplerDber, '86* ? a- ?>*! nnrl !..a-tg?*ea 8! OCO. T . 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I Ivcrrareln I' F?nl?a uoik. tPOd 101 80 i*o MH St.,7 I I l.Oif **:? 31 7 tal Ibcreuac 14, It? t.t? . i rtc'c a aiao hold for troorp ratr ban** uw fbliown* arciur'tlw, ?t". forth" < a>u?a ( n.ir.t, Hark, urnler ant of A|r*l lit. Ill* Ni* Yetk e'.a'e MerW. ' peroral. JdT.'AO Hark ol itcitHt (la a u' >rimratid). ender MV of A?rt| ft If 18:? New V'irV Sia'e t < eel 'i?0,8 | liar a O' ('range Coui ty. ticder ait r.l Marrk i2, IMP Now Yark Mate Monk ?. t>tro?ci so <0 j N it ( OJU17 lUa under mi w tltrrn U. If v ? I New to a '?l# atn.it d , *r ri til 1,800 Total.,., :-.i MM I ,i (tere.nl'en ntp Wank,nr : <r art .4krrtl .H i ? < ? ?? ? <H0 < ; ub'i?>.? Comity ':?u , under ? t ot A|?rtl 3 1HM rvb 1 M *h nautn' ?0'i Mac.Hurrr.t Mm* #f Troy, under net id A??r't Ul ;? (Mil iO.'X/J t>ikof Troy.nn'iirnrieC Apr i \ i< .* a *0.100 Mt.GC 0 MM . ?MHoo 1 ' urhmisi o! ra?h liMd or nttT rr.t iu(r it an toi tomrK./Btb A.'MX- Otnlt. rnnh . . .. *C1 "?? ? arm-ia* Un*b. 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