26 Ocak 1857 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

26 Ocak 1857 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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TH *W' * i i WHOLB NO. 7453. ADDITIONAL FROM NICARAGUA. Interesting Statements of Officers of Walker's Army. Operations of flcacral Spencer on Uke Saa Juan* THE WAR OF THE TWO TRANSIT COMPANIES. SCENES AT GRANADA, ftc?i Ac.i Ac. Wo published seven or eight columns of late and Important news from Nlctragna In yesterday's Hskald Amnavntw lMru\M nrn rrnrra Iha avanhlrt fAna*? nf /!? Henmngscn's brilliant operations, Colonel Watari' report of the gallant manner In which he went to the relief of the besieged; and the protest ol Mr. Ilarrla relative to the seizure of the'steamers on the San Joan by General Spenoer, or the New York and Gotta Kloa army. The additional Intelligence published this morning will be found Interesting, especially that part whloh developes the pre frets of the war between the two Transit companies OUR NICARAGUA CORREaT" AHHIVAL OF 275 HEURUITS '.fv OllLKANrt?PKOJF'"""- > M j- .UV1.U ?PBOCI'** .! ><*.* jan. It. .S67. "? (> -j; < i 01 tae~" je Tr iiow at t \i, to.') . ri . ^ . ?ue beet conditio ' in. v. d in good splrlti. We re ?ai' hero a .steamer to take ns ap the rver, an a expect to be able to atart on Thursday next, the 16th Instant. Our objaot will be to attack the three points at the Seraplqul, whloh will an doubted Iy be crowned with success, u tbs Coat a Rloani are few la number, toi more thsn fifty or seventyflve, aad these badly fed and elotbed. From tbenca we proceed to the two po'nta above, both of which are poorly (arrlaoned, ao lar ai men are concerned. The probablllttea are, however, that we will meet General WtUter ooming south, and, In fact, it la reported, but not authenticated, that he has already taken ban Carlos. If this should prove to be the case we ahall see him in a few days. It la well for me to .?ay that everything is In a state of denbt np to thia time, ao far as the time required for the opening ol the river Is regarded, but tnat this will be effected within a month there la no reason to doubt? how much sooner I cannot tell. We have heard that the announcement of General Chilton, who la at the head of a large force, having declared for Walker la oonflrmed. The Costa Ricans, on the other hand, are doing all in their power to prodace desertions from his army and to prevent others from J lining him. The following proclamation of the President of the republic of Costs Kica has been Issued with tn?t vie w:? Tan Psawnnvr or Tin Rnrrnuc or Costs Kica to 3olfiitBfl rw WiTim'e Auuv Impressed with well founded belief that the greater umber of foreigners who ere now w tlie ranks of the usurper have been deceived, and aware thai they are ow lighting In a bel cause against a people who hare glren no cauee ol oOunce, and who are only defending their country, their rigbtn. librrtlee and their nomesteads from the criminal attempts of an unprincipled adventurer to subvert all that freemen revere; and convtnoed that many, U not all, who are now aiding that aeourge ol bu maalty, would wlU'ng'y quit hie ciacredlied eerrioe if only assured or protecilcn and support to reaob their native country? Now " I," lbs President or the Republic or Ooeta Rica, pledging my tonor. off i to any or nil of the olflMrt auu ooldlere ol Walker' army now in Nicaragua n tree and aatc passage to Grey town and from thence per steamer to New York city. Given at the National Paiaoe at Ran Jose, December 10, IBM. JUAN K. MORA. Correal and reliable news from RIvas gives Walker 1,800 men, with his ermy Is a much better condition than they have ever been before In every reepeot. OPEKATIONS O* THB SAN JUAN. 9TATKMKM Of MM KBl'UKB BSLATINO TO TIIB TA1IN0 OK I II h. IOKT 8 AN CAKLIM. Ob the 30Ui December, at bait past ten o'olock, tba steamer Vlrgla hore in light, coming op tba rirar, aa4 glrlng tba signal, as usual, that all waa right, we aaa wared from tba fort by a cannon I, la oompauy with a boat's craw, put eff to board the ateemer, aa la gonarally tba . caaa, to recsire orders, aaad despatches to headquarters, {Rims,) Ac. Whan I went aloogaida the steamer Mr. Speacer aald, " la tbal yon. Captain Krugerf" I said, "Yaa." Ha then told me to oome aboard, asd aakad, * Don't you know me" I aald, "No." When 1 came oa board 1 was surrounded by at least oaa hundred Costa Kloaaa, who before ware crouched behind the bulwarks. Mr. Spencer then told me I bat I must aurrt nder, as It was Impossible to hold out against the ornr whelming force ha had. 1 then aakad laara Tor my First Lieutenant to go oa shore, but was refused unless I llrst signed the surrender of I be fort. Mr. Spenoer then told me (when 1 hesitated) that tbe tanooeat blood of my mea would tail on my bead, ar ws would osrtalaly be put to death by the Costs Kicaas. oa seeing tbe determination of Mr. Spenoer and his superior foroe, and sot being able to parley or make time ml i oould send despatches to ftiras, a distance of one hundred and twisty >rt miles, I ooacladed to surreodor the tort. 1 was Uies handed poo, bo , bad wrote the folio wing, which I handed to my First Lieutenant:? Hear? J. McMahoa, yoa will embark the men oa board the Has Uartoe steamer nod surrender at oaoe McMahoa then got permission to goon shore t> embark the mea, tbe drat officer of tba Vlrgla nooompanyiag bim. Whan on the fort ho said be might anally sins the ahip, and aakad the man to saalal him la turning the gun and fire oa her. They told him It waa aaeieas. He then ordered the men to got their things ready sad laara, as we ware prisoners. Ho thea told Ibam the olroumstaocss or ihbiff swamiiU,n tKm MnUla nnsnnar mst<1 fl rs nf our n i m b?r oa board the Virgin, loevlag bot IS able bodied moo bo doload the fort. They war# all aaxtoua to tight II out, aad aetd, Won't it bettor to die fighting tbeo bo at tbo mercy of tbo Coata Rioaoo, wbo were proverbial fjr giving no quartor?" Ho then (toted that I bad confidence to Mr. Spencer, la wbooe baado wo wore, I tanking that though be woo a bona, treaoherooa moo, atlll ha woo Id aot bora tbo barothood to allow no to be executed IT we oorrtndered. All wont oa board the Virgin,where wo lay aaitl the morning of the Slot?oloeely oeafloed. On the lot of Job nary wo were ordered to toko a bongo and depart for deny town, which la 13b mi lee front San Oarloa. Mr. Bpobhhr, I believe, thought to drowa oa by laalatlag on our tearing at 8 o'clock ta the evening la the baago; we bad no reaouroe, aad made our miada up to be daebed to death ta the reptdt which we oettainly would have been bot lor the humanity o. ea Raglitbata, aa officer aamad Hardy, holJtag the potiuon or captata ta the Ooota Kicea army, who allowed ox to walk on laud around or peat the rapid* Mr jtpeoorr told mo ae received H0.0C0 from Mr. VaoderbUt t > aaeiet tbo Uinta RIrene end pay the aipeosen of the Goete Ki.-.en army t > lake the Tranilt ataamert oa the river and take, woioh bo qualified after by aUtlLg that It wee left him br a <ie o?tKed nnole, who left him ibm mount la siock in toa Transit Company, Md that Mr. Vaaderbtil told hi win New Tosh be wool.I pay all rxpooeaa, and that their aloes would be all H#bt whn Walker was aitarmiosted. H told ne ihie when I appealed to him aa aa Amerloaa, an > rem on strand With htm for joining the enemy Tola Mr. Hpeweor was aa snglnecr for \ underbill up the Man Carloe aad'fterapiqut rlreta. Mr. Itpmorr did *4 deny (.-> m?. ** KtwmtXt 14ml <tf Mr. Vandrrbill, and had irrd-rt to amid thoOrnta h ant ie tak. lAe Tramit steamers, whton he hae Nicesdel la doing He alio told mr (when I said that Walker would retake them) that he, Hpeaoer. If he aw the aiighteat probability of that would blow them all PWe arrived at Sreytowa on the 4th Janaary, aad there met del. Lockrldge aad Cel. Ludrar, who ordered tne ta get Into a boat aad proceed to the point, and take the oleaster We were about flrty yarda la tbe boat from the shore when we were loudly hailed to retara, aad then told It was oaeleaa, ae tbe Ruglieb oimmaader of the lit * ship Orion aald he would blew up tee nret attacking psrty. It le my opialou, which Is shored la by all Walker s men, that the sympathies of tbe Engltah plain, whoso aame la Kreklae, te with tbe Celt 4 Bioaas. I then applied to tho Amrrioan Commercial Agent for aaslitaaoe. He dlallaotiy refused any aid waa told to waa Intimate with spencer I then applied E NE to the Kngllah Coosa', Mr. Groan, who treated na kind(7, pwamUed to ooad as homo, Ac Wo shipped on board the Tesas, to go to New Orleans, bat vru afterwards transferred to the James Adgcr, (or New-York. The names of mj oompany, who all reside la NewYork, are as foil* w? ? Benry J McMabon, 1st Lt. Thomas Dona, Thomas Hag an, Sd Lt. Daniel DulTf, Daniel Keboe, Albert Clarke, John McKeever, John Kisoh, lttrtok Ktne, H D. Hsadley. Malaooy IhaJy, Joseph Horton, Patriok Connolly, John Johnson, Thomas Atkinson, Frederlok Moore, Franc s Adtma, Franols doCuti igh, titorgo mown, William Motniey, Charles CondIt, Domlnick O'DonnoU, Thomas Kerrigan, Joseph Wallace. The San Carlos tort Is at the outlet of Lake Nicaragua, and situated on a hill commanding the lake and river transit. Ls armament oonslsts of two guns, and Is a very Important position (or the Cosla Rloans to hold. The San Carlos and Virgin steamers are the two lake boats; the others are all river boats, and are below the raploo. While I waa at Pnnta Arenas Mr. Morgan's agent Seated na very well, and we unloaded the birir >0 er uuDuara, mai naa come irom tvThe steamer Balirer i? fl'tirr i>"t ? reteko the i iver - Jje b Uon with Wi'i r. nT BN'iS ,N Til' .. . SKHATIilN W ill MIAMI ^n. Pay? riT) iO .?KRlu v O illMr. Fro.u . . ver-.?i,? #.1. ?.}i Aloxuilor Jonee wo !)??? l/i> -?J i1 .ug particulars and lnoldenie of ifcfighting at . *uada. The narrative li not given In ". < e>> .. words of the Colonel, bat It oontalne the ni e nalleou. Colonel Jonea holds the offloe of Paymaster General In Walker's army. He was wlih Henntngsea during the whole struggle and fighting at Granada, and wfctle recennotterlng the position of the enemy, on the firil Cay of the attack by the Oosta Rloans, he reoetved a ball In his thigh from a mtnte rifle, which broke his tbigh bone, and consequently Incapacitated him from taking any active part In the defenoo of the various positions occupied by Gen. Uennlogsea's oommand. In his reconnotterlng adventure he rode right on to a detaohment of tbe enemy whloh was secreted In the bushel; reign ing np bis horse he glanoed at their position, then turned to retire, when a mlnle bail, supposed to have been fired by a deserter, pleroed his thigh and broke the bone, as beiore mentioned. Without making any movement whloh tould discover to the enemy that hs had been wounded, be rodosloivly away, while some hundreds of natives levelled their rifles at blm, the balls all paasing over his bead He returned and reported ihe position of tue eao my, then rod* to the church end celled out to them to oomc and take him fiom his horse ; they laughed at hi a at first, and would not bellere that his thigh was broken, but soon found It was too true. He camo to New York by the James Adger, on a furlough of one hundred and twenty days, at the end of which time he will return to his duties In Nicaragua. The Incidents connected with the fighting In Central America have e peculiar interest, showing as they do the individual characteristics of men, and their idlosyncraciee while suirenog from wound* and the various stages of disease. During the fighting In the trenches and field there were men on our Hide who frsqnentty dtsplsyed the most dare devil and reckless conrags. While the mmle balls were fifing around us Ilk* hall they would stand out la an exposed position and coolly pop oil an enemy, being at the same time a target for the ?bot of hundreds of Central Americans. In the place where the sick and wounded, the dead and dy u g were gathered together there were soenei very comico tragical?Incidents most diverse and opposed. A greet many men went almost mad from the eileota ol oimnn?ihflv lost the entire nse of their lers below the knees. They woull ill there among the oorpse* of lb* dead, and amid tbe^ moans or the dying, aoliof to fsntaatlrally aid droll, that K waa lmpjaalblo sometimes to ketp from laughing. They ware ioi mealed by a bu.-ning, parching, qoenobtoia tblrat, Uke that of tbe Sahara under tba meridian aun. Sumet. mra lb crawling about to get water they would moot or ob struct one another; then tbey would attack each other aro dgbt furiously, tight like madmen, which thty were At tbe tame time near them, or par ha pa al mot t under them, would lay a poor wounded man, howling from the Inter ally of hla pal a, or pray eg ror death, while big agony with tortnrtug band grappled kta qutrer log torn. The maddened men would thua Oght till ??pa rated, exhausted, or one overcame the ether Sometimea tbey would chant the fragment of a rabble aoug aa a funeral dtrge lor the dying. There waa one poor fellow lying beaide me who bad bad bla leg terribly ehettered by a ball. I rorget bis name, but wa wtll call him Anderson. A delirious man near him kept drawling about for water, and In doing ao came In contact with lb# wounded man's mangled limb, which of courae made the latter suiter the moal intense pain. Anderson bora It patiently as long as ha could, and then swore that the next one who got on his log should snflbr for It Aguin, the delirious opium eater, narnhnH llli Ihimt rpavlint Irtnm imklnf for ?a(ap got upon the wounded lag. Anderson rataad blmislf ap and pitched into hla tormentor, who with the instinct of mndnena, defended himself and returned the ae auit. The flght grew fertoee; thef pelted each other right heartily; the oee aeeatled ae fleroely aa the hiood bound doee the (tag when held at bay. the other defended aa tavtgeiy an the tiger when blind with rage and mad with wounda, he roahea wildly at ererytblng la hla oourae. At length eenee or weakneea overcame strength and madnees Anderson triumphed, though like maay who battle for the right, more Injured from IK defence than be would hare been by Its lost, but be obtataed peace at leeat from one madman (or the rest of that night. I slept on a lounge or relied bed which was scarcely a foot above the flocr, yet one eight two craiy fellow* got la co a lac t with each other under It, when e Ogbt eu ued there ta that oonOnea position they battled It out. 1 had the legs of my bed cot off so they eodd not get onder there nay more A burning thirat end en tnstfcct of naif defonoe set med to be the great character lettro of the m?a when maddened from the effect! of opium They take the opium when they ere attacked by cholera to save them from the pain and effects of that derate; bnt the drug generates a bnrnlag thirst, and U they crlnk water they ere sure to die. IT they do not drink water oplam Is e very good med.iter far cholera. There wm a native Kleereguea with us, who, having been attacked with the cholera, took opium for tta care Aa naual, a consuming thirat folleeed; thay would not let him have aay watar. There waa a well near, and arerj day he woald go out there, alt down sad look languidly n! tne weww The well wee shoot four teen feet deep, with four feet of water la It. The top of the well was turreinded by a wall two feet high Every cay be would go and (It for hours lookitg down Into id* waier, onui tne water oroarae .o entic'ig and no tntrat *? overpowering, that he plunged In tend drat 11 pi i duck Help ?u Immediately called, an I tboy barely icoee-led in aai leg blm frnwi drowning Ilia fail did not burl htm much He got one goi I drin* and died Ibe doaib of Or?n Polly, editor of lh? Nut'* (riirruf, look place under very peculiar eironmttna tee. He wan left with (.en. Henalngaea a command at Granada, and did good aerrlce m tna field at well aa in .he chair During tba al ge he waa ael/ed with cholera?there waa no medlotna to be fonnd la the place, till at length thty obtained aonaa oplnm. Pi* pi I la were made of opiate, containing a grain each, and glvea him wl.b tlit direction thet he ebculd take one pill every hoar, I to deetioy the offtcla of the oholeie. Fearful of the dla ue from which bo waa enflertng, he took the el* pit la at one anae. Tha Immediate eiiacta of It ware to pot him Into a deep narcotic aleep. H? lap there aa if In a trnooe all night and nearly ell the next day, the potaoooua weed havtrg benumbed every faculty of hla mlad and body. In the latter part cf the neat day they attempted to wake htm ap ; they took him out to the wail, and poured oold water over hia heed and all over hit b"dy , 'they rubbed him, ehoek him, aad hel lord at him, till they tneoeeded in waking htm np eefiiceetly for h? to oaderetaad what they were doing aad what wne going oa immediately atoned him. We kept IPm .. Ihta rtate a rkort time. I talked to Mm and trtel to inte-eat him He war verr icepy all the time, wo ld ia!l Into a half do** and no t bin hrad, then rmnm himnPU. Than he cojtinuel kin eff orts lor a nttls while te keep awake and then fell Into a deep benumbing ale?p Paring the oucoeed'ng n'ght he lay part'/ uleep aad partly awake He had tat dowa W TO MORNING EDITION?MOJ egeinst the well end bed fellee Into e Very naoomforteble poettloe, the opinm bed eo eihenatod hie pbyetoel pom re thet he bed not sufficient strength to relee himself. All night long he set there In thet poettlon, slowly, sor rowfulty, patiently breathing ont "Won't aome gentleman pat me In a mora comfortable poeldoaf"?"Won't aoma gentleman pat me In a mora oomfortable pool Hon?" It waa thrilling to bear blm aa be lay tbere all night long ptteonaty repeating t>*eae words, and not be able to help blm, and know that no one there could. Mr Duffy moat bare bad aome opium about blm, (or next day be waa up and appeared quite amart. The oil vuxiicatnx natr'ae atone could net have wrought auob a obange. That day be entered the trenohee, and fought lurtoualy. He waa captain of the volunteer forces ' > died Htaudlng In the trenohee. bis rllle In hl? b? Bat few good men are attaoked bv 'he c' moot of tbe men who hare auffe? > were tbe aoum of low ground broken low-. U( ire youag m?- r yc*1 r?r i t tb; re I- *'. .at ., without o pineapple in to well opto tour time* .. a ooal, for fermentation lnanon tbe Uquor and apple come In .1 la juat ao when tbe pineapple and ><idy are put In tbe ntemaoh. I knew a young man who came from California?atout, healthy and hardy, be lived tbere without the leaat aymptoasof deaeaso, ttio climate agreed with blm; but one day be aald to me, " I gneaa I'll eat a pine apple, I eee they hare line ones here " He went out and bought a line large one, pealed and eat It?feeling tbiraty be went out and drank aome brandy; alx boura a'ter be waa dead. Ba waa attacked with the cholera, wheu that illaeaac waa not ahont at all. It waa not tbe Aalalie cholera, It waa more itke a terrible oiid aerere diarrhoea. There la ao muab aoll in the fruit there, where It growa rank beneath a tropical nun, that It la dangeronn to eat a large quantity of It, oat It la mag uidcent fruit when fully rlpo Tbe natlrea nerer begin to eat It till tbla month, tbey aay It la not healthy before. Ticrc la no place In the world boalthior or that hai a liner climate than parte of Nicaragua, but of course where tbe vegetation growa ao rank and the water overflow* He land tbere la conatantly going on a decomposition faIn I hlikn in ihrt IiAnlth nf man unii houil Th? M&nni iow lands sad river banks are generally visited at tbe peril ot one'e life. Col Jones brongbt u? hair a bushel of lemou aa a specimen of the fruit of Nicaragua. They were certainly iLc moat beautlTuI nod largest earn plea of that fruit that e have a etc in New York (or many a year. If Nioara tua can grow abundantly such trait a* tbia, and her lacall mi ware are ever ended, ao that the aoil and agrl cultural arta receive their due meod of attention, then New York will becomo tbe great patroneaa of her Industry. ana tne mart for her rich produce. We wul gladly exchange our manujacturce for aar dolicloaa fruits. STATEMENT OF Mil. JOHN G. MITCHELL. Mr. Mitchell who la one ol the paaaengers by tne James Acger gives, ua the following particulars of.tbe eondlUon ol things la Nicaragua daring bis brief passage through that Hlate We arrived, he says, at Ban Joan del Sar fro at Ban franouoo by the Blerra Nevada with about tour hundred passengers. Of these It was said some seventy-lire or eighty were reornlts tor the army of General Walker, and wrre provided with arms, ammunition and all the aeousrary equipments. None of tbeee. It 1* true, were to be seen, but it wss confidently etated by those who prolrased to be posted In tbe matter tnat Uu<y were veil provided wltb arms. It wae also understood mat tne Sierra Nevada bad n large supply ol provisions for tbe toroes under General Walker, sad thai In this supply ware five hundred each# of llour.'eacn weighing 0 ty pounds On our arrival at San Juan del Bar we met a party o Wnikhr'a man In Ihn Bamhap nf thirty IIvm nr fnriv Ml oi wnom were mounted and wall armed. Tuey lojlced la exoellent condition, and appeared to be la itae boat o. ptrlu with record to the proepeou el their Ueaerai. Tbey were all dree led la blue tblru, on the b oait o wbich wore the initial* "M. R signifying mojntoi r.Hrmo* Speaking ol Walker, Utejr expreegedthe ooefl dent belief tbat be weald not only ?e able to ret tin p > eaolon of Rlvnn, bat tbat l.eoa would a'to fall lolo bi? bend*. The object of tbelr villi to San Juan del tar 'wa? not precisely known, bat It wo* Uioagbi tbat tbey had come there to meet the new recruit* from California, who, It appear*, were expected by the 81 srri Nevada Leaving San Juan del Sur w* were ac compacted by a considerable number of tbeee moi.ntel riflemen, and on our way to Virgin Bay w# fell la with other* Tbey informed ut tbat we were within n'.ae mile* or the camp of tieneral Walker, wbo, it we* reported, had eight hundred efflclotl men under tin command. There were a oonilderable nunc isr lying tirk, hut the** are not Included In the above estimate. The Mounted Riflemen remained with u* till our arrival at Virgin Bay, wber* we embarked on boar 1 the steam boat ud were conveyed lo I oit SI Car loo which la about rl*bty mile* from 8m .luao del dor. From the fact thai the flag of Walker waa dlaptayed at thla place II wao aap |C!?d that It waa la poaaeaalon of ala force*, ua beoom tag more Intimately acquainted wita the place and tao*e in It we round that thla waa but a nor, aa It waa really In lb* bear a or a band of aotne fifty or aiaty Cjata Ktcaaa, under the comaaaad of a man named fpnnoer. ibia Spencer, we alterwarda learned, waa the agent of Commodore Vaaderbllt, aad aa anr.h, and acting under ibe authority or the government of ConU Rtoa, had aolasd ibe fleam boat*, and other property, wbtcb bad heea ooa Uicated by order of (ieeeral Walker to tbo flute of Nloar tgun Be eiblblted n certiorate of tbo authority under bleb be acted, and which purported to be taauel by tbo government 01 Ocwta Won ll wnt to the elfrct ttul ho woo duly notbonaod and empowered to protect nil Amer ' aa ctticent cronmng the tubman, and to dlabnod of dla tn'an ail who might bo found in the oonntry. who were etwpfciod of bowg recruit* or noldiere of General Waiicor. fpeaoor liimerlf la accused of bclog a dcierter from W aiker, aad having gone over to Vanderblit, wboee ?e*nt be baa line* become. He rut Diitm uie ivttmtr near Fort!* (' riot, ud took poeataalea of bor la the nam* of Com mod or* \ ao derblit II# informed ua that ibora woro Arc hundred V-oaraguani rta toned at tba Fori and oao tbooaaad along th? rout*, all to capital oou^ttloo, vail artneJ and romtnandad by ablo aad pfflcteut oIT!?n. Thoae I aa<r did aot certainly bear out tbta itatamact, for taara war* aot more tbaa titty Nicaragua aa, aad tbey ware la aa bad and aa raggod a aula aa It la poaatbla to eoaoalva lb* notic* <>r eertiacat* with wblcb be waa prorliod waraad tba paaaaagera agatnat taking tba ataamooata, wblcb It appear* balag wall armad, they war* capable of detag He 'aformed na, la addltlaa, that wa were hla pnaooen aad ba abnuld be obliged to datala a* for man cm*. H* iliea placed ua aader arreat, In wblcb wa rani mined a day aid a half We Anally atisceednd alter b< lag tra.irer red from one aleamar to am: her la raadbing i. try town. wbar* we arra boarded by an oiTl .ar belong tug to one of the our liritub ma ol ear tying at -"til fiiaj, be n?? rlered about our baggage, ordering it t > be tared (fl Ute atcaaicr during a tar *vv rain atorm. It waa notei cerablyoarnaied la eonar-qurnne of th r and tbe rougu traat e en ? recited We ware four daya at urayloon when tbeeteam-btp 1 tiaa arrired. aad we wora preaen ad witb b? opprirtum y of going to New Orlaaoa and ol btlog i?u IroB .bat city bj another ateatner to New York It M i nerilcae to tay wa aoocpted the otl.tr, but we met tb .lamee A lger on our way out an 1 came on by her The e eanter Tciaa brought out acbua deraale nnmbe of ri-eruitl to Walker Irom New Orlean* and there war* r nya?eo id tilling lip ft email itatmr to a?omd too river, a ub the vlow ot retaking Ik* paeta which bid been e%p lured r>T Upencer ml the t'oitm Rlcaat After Oac.log hi* they Intended Joining Welber. It appear* tie Walter waft Ignorant ot the solium of tbo to* ui by or dor oi Vanderblit. Tbo men under Spetuwr worn 0o?U Rica no. and wrro eomewbat ftlm i?r in appearance nod chnmrtor to the flrcamri of Callfbrala. All the men who had a? rood under Walker, an I who name w.th oa as tar otcorft, apcho in tha htghoet trrma of prai-o ot bit conduct. They hare Ibe greatoat rongdawoe In hla alt) mate ftuoreaa and of tbo bravery and determination of ibe mm oumprtaing bl* army. Palt ImtitfTiB at Byracurk i?f lftofl.?The whoir amo. it ol aalt .aapeewd at ibe Oaoadaga *all ?j nrgi rrarrvatlon In 1668, la 6,866,810 bvahftlft which la about If OtO boAbola lea* tbaa the amount ta* >*ctad In lltr.fi, bnt greater than the amount tuape. tod o any year provmuft to 1*85 and 1(0,000 in en-eao of 1*84 Tbo t ibtboan of tbo money market, nn.) tbo riae in toe prtoe of tail, are *atd to have orcaaionad the leiling oir fne receipt* 01 Mm !8o perl r ten dent fn? the yenr were 858.046 44, and thaei|ft*nee 880,Mb 5?leering n balaacu of fu m. "? The amoeat of aalt arrived at Oiwago, la i ?* 3.4*8 "67 and at RufTalo 1,081.767 tmnfiela? , . ??e at o*wrgo of 46b,8m butbala, and a fa'Hag elf a. o? iu.w ot 880,111, .ompnrnd with the provlona yonra. >RK E rDAT, January 20, 1857 HnniU* Tragcdlri. MKLANCHOLT C OF MtJHDKK AND HUICID*?1 HUSBAND POIP 'HOI.* FAMILY AND KILL A H1MHJJLK. A teritbie tray I No. Ik avenue A, yeatorday morr ?1 or, namod Cbarlea M. Khlneman, i x atory of the above tenement hour otaoo, anppoeeU to be arienlo, and y % mtalnlaf ooffee, whlob bad been pi at. Bo drank ooptoualy of the fatal < j tnduood bla family to I u,M f JUIlUnW, ? (ITI WIUUI Cl|;il| years in be suffering from the small r; ii red the poisoned ootlee. His / > > dM lot drink any of tno lliuli, ' * ead In Uto coilae, and thai a*T> d. A younger child parid not take infloient to cause ju'b alter the amking ol the .1 (hter died la great agony, .an He father Boon followed. lira .?eman was .seized with sadden llmooa, M also nor youngest cuud the police being Informed of the affair, theeick Human and her Infant ohiid were removed to tne residence ol her faUtrr, No. ?4 Avenue U, where they were promptly aMcuded by !)r Shepuerc, of the police surg'oal Ktafl, and were eoon declared out ol danger. Khinrtnan was a very intemperate man, and nad Itvod unhappily with hta wife In coaee<iueBoe On daturday morning he said ha had got something Tor them all. which expression on bin part aroused the suspicious of nls wile, ana aoooruUgiy wnea be negged ol nor to partake of the

coHee yesteroay morning she deedned to du so until ho bad drank one or two oups of It himself Keen tbun she wsr afraid to dnok 1 , ana, as we base stated before, she merely nipped her broad in the bovorage, and in tual way madr her morning meal Inh mpeiance Is the only ciose assigned for the coin mlsslou of the horrid not I> oeasod's who used w abide him lor Indulgtug too freely in the uso of ardent spirits, snu tins may have induced him to perpetrate tan double Clime Ol AUlcldfe and mnpfl?r The coroner ?een noil (led of tbe o tcurreuoe and will bold aa tu'iuo.-t upon tho not lee of itie ai-coated today lu tbe (mtnn of tao ooifee kettle ww found a white rudiment, whuih is Hdpprsed to be the remains of the arnrutc mizod wltb too drink Tbe nieiaccnoiy ail ur bas caused a (real deal ol eiilteroenl among tao roeiuenia ol tbe ttoventeouih ward, and crowds visited tbe bouie whoreiu tbe shocking J red waa enacted, lor tbe pu'pos? of (raillying an idle ca rloaity. ALLEGED WIFE SlUKDKb. Corcnsr Counery waa called upon yesterday to bold an In nunt at No. 210 Sullivan struct, upon the body ol' a woman named Sarah Deinnoy, wno died from Injuries received, It is aliened, at the bands of ber husband, William Delatey. It appeared tbai lielaney, who is a carman, la a man ol vlolom teat per, aid muob audlctea te tbe too Irre use ol.tatouonilag urioks; that on Friday night bo cimi borne 'drunk ana, wblie In tnat etaio, commenced beating me wile. He pro outed along hickory suck, used id raelening bale* of hay, ana struck deceased auroral heavy blows with Ihj bludgeon about tbe bead and neck, lsilicling fatal wounds. I'ponTan esamioation ol tbe bouyof too de oeaaed the asull was louna o be laid bare from tbe or ecu ol tbe blow* received wita tao cluo in the baud* of her bnabond A daughter of tho deceased toeillled to me ocouaed'e buatiog ols wilo with the suck, aud also kicking ber in toe bead wbea aha laid prostrate ou tbe Moor. The jury in this case rendered a verdl jt or - Death Irum brows nil ultra by ber busbaatf, Wdilam LMane*, with a wood Instrument." Upon tbe rendition of tbe reruic. coroner Gunnery committed Hj.auo> to tne Tombs to await ibe action of tbe Grand Jury. Too ee cesser, was a native ol Ireland, and waa 32 years or age. Tbe prisoner, on b.g examination, s'ated tnai be wai a nauvt 01 lreiaec, and see 36 years of age. In answer to tbe charge preferred against turn no ssla be was Innocent. SUICIDE UT TsAlNO AB8KMC. Coioser Genii.ry a so bold an Inquest at 66 Forsyth street, upon tbe body of a woman named Mary Lettule, who oommittod suicide by taking a duao of aroenlc, Tbe deceased, It appeared, bad a quarrtl with btr husband about aomo domestic matter, and becoming low spirited, she purchased a qusu lly of uraca'c at Uio diug (tore, ourner o( tue dower* and ties street, and twaiio ?cu the tamo. The jury tn this case re uertae lengthy seruiot, a* follows:?" Drath by suicide tu taking a large qiiautity ol arsons-., wank she par cnasod ai tor urug ..sore curuer oi bowery and Hester street, on PalurJuy .morning, Jan 144, 16*7 Wo sov. roiy censure said epciuucary lor stilmg to sny temsir such a large quantity ol uiaei Ic ( , oi ) wituoul a gtiarautes I rum a pbystcieii that all was rignl. We lurberinore nope that the Mayor and sutnoritles will serve uouoes not to sell poison wlibout a doctor's prescription to do so, and ibal the ISia'.o Legislature a III giard the live* ol oo r oitl tone by a law 10 una bffooi." Hie deceaaed III tori/ year* of age, and wa? a native of German/. math by bitkni. Coroner Hills taeid an taqueet al tbe New York itoej'UaJ, upon the boo/ ol aa Infant child of Jamea Barr/, of No. 106 Warren ilreei, wbich died iron its tflecla of revere burn*, received by herclolaee eaten u g Hie wntia abe waa ptaytog witn a out o; matuiee. Verdict 'Acotdeniai death." tntetliig of tlie Young Hru'i Ucmoiratlc I'nlon club. thi. rnorosED tmsatt with obkat bhitain. A numeroee meeting of Ibe Young Mea'a Itemooratiu I'nion Club, of Una oh/, waa bold al Uiolr room* on Frl lay evebiof, ma 3ftd taai., B W. Done la ibeoaalr Al.cr ibe transaction of ibe uaual routine of euameoe, and after making arrangement! lor a Tt-> t of Ibe club lo Warning ton on lea 4tb ol March, F. H Churchill. Eat, made him eloquent and explanatory remark* on oar rata itoui with great Britain in ramraooa lo Me Contra) Amen can question and tbo treaty lately negotiated witn ber, and introduced for tbo oooalJaiailou and adoption b/ tbe club Ibe roilonlDg ruaclutiODH The Young Men a llemocratlc Union I'lub. of the oily of Nrtt torn, in view of the prupu.id tri al v Lie. wrn the united M? e? at'. Urea; Britain, within it u ouoeratool Moon' beiore the .-mate of lbe United Btatea, remove aa follow*; ? That ?e conceive It to be ibe duty at it ta admitted to be the nabi.ni an American citi/nm la on erne end declare heir Viiuoaa 111tea11 .pie>uuu? aiiecung the dmai-dic and loirign policy ol ibe coobtry. end thai, without luteudiug or deairtog u> ripies* ant opinion upou the dewnaof the treaty referred in, ihe pint imuii ol ? hlct. bate n<M yet Deeu laid hetore the public hi an authentic i irm. we yet cunmuer thai the itnpor iai.ee of ibe ?urject 10 welcn it reiateeyoaudta a recurrenceui cerlain cardinal principle! ut the democrat!! party ine armi'mi of wi.ah baa baru eeuaOiiabed abbe in ibeory and by ei per Maee. our spin'<>ns in MitnM 10 ine podey .10 be pursued oy tse I I.IW reepeeung U?e 01 her otaira ol in * ttoul neat, the llee I ' u. lljuu. ration between IK Atlantic alia PaelllC teraua sod oiiTpieponCernnie in all i|uestioiu< a> leiug out <il It, ' slid our nat einiaui j in tan unit <u Mritc ' Man tb?<u> tubraod In iue riaoimtou marii g on aauhpcta, adopiod at lAu IMF national Democratic 1 onertit.on he.d a- 1 'Incmnati. 1 bal tie 1 n.ieg Maltah* ed 1.0jm> ideai t uii-tage ant 11. order to dPiFiOfiF ao lir an they rtgb. ally ma; . Me rnautin ea of uie W at-tem ? otuineni. ami 1 low in mirudu a a fin etgu anatni tor mat tunnee. . an laauu uniy 111 emuarraaemrma. di.'lij >i tie* Mid ciaai-i.u. Ira that whl.o tho e xia'iag rig la ol all uanona at on Id he senipu onair onaeree.1 by Me e niu-d Mates, they should rrakmaiy opp the u rnaum ol Uie cobuuee. h uiaoiFu'd or pioiemora ? ol r tar) nauo 1 ot bui ipe MM re gh na on ibia ronuueni abt r !? ? ar>- not a rrauy eaiab.iaiied lUu ih< ugn Lilt- Idiom Man Duty ail |i?rMi p > pr.etjr 'teniae a - g?- - dip., main: lull ur ace ui ibe d?meailc allairs ol loraign imjom 11 amtlo tie a departure fiom ihe sellled policy of tn? wiltrf 10 niter in n any treaty having f ar ita object be permanent joint II M notice ol Me toiled state* and loretgn K "ariuneut In aatuira.it ant uattoti. bower or nana or unimportant mirti entangling ailmaoi a .buuld ba a<<ado I on ol regard oar own ponry. and in fenar, the auipl.ou 01 a i.ea y pr i?i >llrg tor the exen Ian of auch inllnrnee would le inoa.it ol fanaire i?the nation upon which b watt nitaudel to b? oxer cited. 1 bal ibe I'nited Mates aimuld purana an iodepeadant pone r r? ? pec ting Ibe adnira ci tei.tra. tine:a*a, ratpnnaitin- aiowe to lie merit ea and Ibe mat si ml judgment ol mana lad lor tae punt/ of laelr motitra ami ih- prop I let) ol -heir act". '1 hni in new of the fan! iaat in ibe natural and pea cabta |irogre? ol loan the MalN of antral tmer a may at sir luiure lime desire to nervine integral parts or me l nion wo teem U In pohtle for lit* I nlu-d alalaa to put tlietnaeivea In a P-anion, through ireatira wIM foreign nsuoua. by trhntb It Would be IllipiOhi sir for taem to )! id II So disposed u) lira eart.tal roliena ion of ihoae who mat daatre to share m tae prlvhegea which tbe American people enjoy. Tbn riaoMUuna on Deibg neoowied were uasn.monily adopted. Onr leing laiwrttl (?orrcs|WMiiim?-r. yimar-iiatn dar, Jan ill 1867. J'wvili?,"iew of lk~ 8tmy J'ldrrfotn. At bhout e gbt o'clock IM" ni irnlng. the s'onp Free dim wna rtlseoeered on r>?M bouaa No 'i, atriueapi load bay, wnti n signal of diltross Hying. Cbptaia Tappnn, of boat bo tea No. 4 mads no e(T tria to drifted down <* Hociavay ahoat# mi men Iroathsre vduavreied to go Wo ber. .Sic In 1 tr? bum Ironi too ibrra Thrj dtaggrd two b.itU aa ?ar < 104; o/um, but bacomtag WMr; of their Blow Bad lahirlrue pro grtee, 1 Bay attempted 10 pi ncrae ib? raat of lb* way oa too I, though It wae at the l>a?*rd <d tbeir Urea, th?y a <10 ( # r<ird ab 1 1 oarded th* uBlhrtiiaai* mi 1, but fouod do M| oa ooard, though tha e-siai of dntr ?? wai atiil fly lag, bartBg hat a made i**t to ilia riggi.ig They tup piwed. hy the track* and plouaa cf hoard* touad, tnal toa craw bad attempted to r aoh Btrrea lilted tee aainaa ' ot the !* uohmtaara ar* tBdemoa Co: wall, J.>br C il | wail, Angaatna Cola ell, *11, H kayou, Fralerioa Laa ly, Fraacla i.reeawood aad ,i?are Jeateoa .faraey (it)- llrwi. Ta? (iap Oowpajit ait) Ottuo* t'orwiL ? Tha dil; '?eooe bttwpca tha .ieraay City Uael'ght f'jtnpaay aad the Com it oa (V01 sail i f tbat rity, a* tn tha tar mi at which ?aa ihall ba atipphod for lighting th* etraeta ant to prlrata cunecmrra. ban 001 yat bo- b ratUad, an I bo >?atra< t hi* yet bare aflame* for Ughucg tho turret* Ihi agltatioa of if* anbieet la bow to bs re open* I. At th# laat meat log of the i/oromoo Conacli Aloerman fynall otlcrod a r?folid'on rrtr odlBg ibt. rae tuition i'??*?d N'tfim-r Ik, 1861, firing thta compmy portn ?<iou to lar the r pipea in tha itraala. fb* raaolution of Aldermia Tyrell waa laid upon tha table, an 1 ba gar* notice that ha Itould nail ap the raaoluUca at the aaat mettiei of the Common Urna ?U. [ERA] The British Brig Prlnceaa U?lM. TDK DMITKn BTaTK-1 HTKAMKrt ARCTIC TO BK DBSI'ATCIIKU TO IIKH AHHlHTANCI The Doited States steamer ArcUo will go i dea to day, under the command ! I. eul. <ie>. T. Sinclair, the Firat Lieutenant or U>o Wabash, t> relieve the brig Prl iceaa Louis?, reported In distress by the ship Patrick Henry. The account was received on b >ard tbo Wabash oarly yesterday morning, read In the Sunday Hsraip that an English brig was oil the roast In distress. At cdcs Capt. Eogle communltaied to tbs oommandaot of the yard that I.leut. Sinclair, Assistant Surgeon Otis, Engineers MoCoomb and Jones, and Midshipmen Sicard, I.ee and Norton, and any number of seamen, had volunteered to take the steamer Arctto aad goto ber relief. The reply from tho commandant waa, "go ahead." At 1? meridian inn re port from tho Arctic was that they thought it lmpoaathle to get her ont of tho too, It waa ao pacicod In that It wai next to Impossible to move her The reply waa, that "If the Arotio can be got ont, the has to come." At this time tho tugboat Laokuwana arrlvod, and commenced to break a passage to tho iroltc. At near 'J, the tog miking no way, gave up Tho toe is packed tn so thick tba breaking and cutting makus no progress. Tbe oillcera were thorofcro relucta ntly compelled to oeaae work, for If tho tugboat could not meet the Arctic half way, tbero was no use tu trying to got tbe Arctic out. Tbe Arctic baa not yet been m?vod ber length. 3bo wtli probably be got out to day. Tlte Weather Moderating, SYMPTOMS or a QKNKKaL, TIJaW AMMIaKAK UP OP ICK 1M THK U1VKRH AMI BAY? MOmT OP TUB FKKIllKS ItUMNINO?TUB CITY OAKS?THK MAILS. The weather, whtoa on Saturday night seemed to promise a mow atorm, cleared up lowards Sunday morning, and all yesterday New York enjoyed bright and warmly disposed aiioahiuo, to which it has tor a long time been an utter stranger. Broadway was lull of pn destrlans during tho day, and the cnurobos rejoiced in good attendance, our citizens secmlnc to be deatroua ol embracing the opportunity or getting out while It was lino, not knowing hew soon they might again ilud them selves tbe other side ol r.oro. Ine sidewalks In the sun were very muddy and watery, owing 10 tho long accumulating snow melting, and U this thaw continue, tne pavements will be almost Impassable to ladies. To morrow will be an excellent opportunity for tbe unomployed poor to turn sua honest penny, by going rnund to tne ditlureut stores and bouses, and requesting tbe Job ofolearlng tbe sidewalks lo tront c( \him. Ibo occupants will bo glad ol their services. TUB KBKKIKH. There was little II any Ice made on Saturday night, and at li A. M yesterday the obb Hue began to olear tne K*st river to a considerable uegreo, exoopi ou tne Long island toe, where folks were ekatl g in large numbers. Wall street ferry ran only one boat during thn day, but she made the trip about every ten minutes. All the Terries above that point espertenoed but iiltle difficulty. Peek slip ran two boats to Williamsburg, and tbe captains reported but little Ico In the channol during tlie arteruo >u. Taere was no forrv runniix below Wail street. Oa tbe.N rrtn river .heonl, boats plying were to Jer tey City and to Hobokon from Baroiay aireet. Toe river *ai pretty clear until appri aching the New Tork ebore. 1'aaeengera were nuinerena during tbe day. One Htaten Inland boat ran three irtpa to and from tbla ctty y eat ere ay, and met with but liulo Ice until near Oovernor'e Uland. Tbe regular hoar and a-half trtpe will be r.auuied t > day. THK CAR'. Tbe Ftrat and Second Avenue company have dliplayed laudab e energy In clearing tbe r track, and ye.tnrJay tan tt.elr fall complement of c?r with tbe uaual train of huraen. Tbe line la now cioar to Hariem, tbe company bnvirg atiewa many tona of euaiae aalt on tne raila, wbicn reducea the anow tu water Caia rau yeatorday every three mtnatca. Tbe fhlrd avtnue raa thirty Ave rare during tbe day, each wttb four norrot Tbe Fourth avenue bad but nia on the track. The Sixth and Kigbth av?nue oar a ran half their nau .1 number with double teama, bat only at far aa C'nambora atreet. THK MAILS. Tbe Boaton mall due at A ao f. M. on Saturday arrived in New Yotk at 4 A M. yteterday. Tbe Harlem Railroad tbrougb mall, due at IP. H Salur day, got to ibta city at 8 It a. M. Sunday. Tbe Cmcloaatl mall, wblcb anould have been her- at 8 P.M. Baturday, arrived at 8 80 yeaterc'ay morning, and tbe AgcbU' mall from Oawego, due at 7 P. M. Saturday, arrived at 6 ao A. M. yeaierday. Tbe trie Railroad mail, dae at 10 P. M. Saturday, got | here at 8 .0 Sunday morning. (It) Inlellligrmee. 1 UK "HESCCI or A IIAMDmIML volno ladt prom A CQNVIUiT." Tbe follewlng report baa lately bees golag the rouada of oar city Coivmt Ro?u?<r ?Onnotderablo a actum-nl wae oreated in Ibe net .unorb od el Houatoa aud Mulberry trurta, on lilday by tbe rui'ieoi a young nod very laudaoae lady and bar funune oi 8lu,utu Irvm tue cun v' 1.1 of ll.c Siatrra or Meioy. It aeoina tnat aumu two yearn *<> IDA i rang hix mil IB .ore, waa disappointed biid atefuattd with urn world, ud entered tee coo real ?' a novice. iLe waa u> have taken luo bia<,k veil 10 a few day* wLen abe would Dive become toe proper ly cf " Ihr. chorea " Happily bar frienda dlaouadao bar just la time, aad oa Kriuay oarried bar bocua li Ihaetker irtat Hereby "tbecnuroa" tores a baaumui young t to, and n fine dower. the Isdy hni> agi to no a of tea beat and weallliicM of cor aid New York lamliiaa. "Happily her friends diaanadad her jist ta U??, aad on Krlday earned bar bona to Bleerkor atra< I" la rather at var'arce wl?b tba cheap novel lata of "Coo veil Hunan cat," wbara bmuafnl joosg lad lea with large pro part Ira are usually aranrad by bolia aad bare, and tbatr Minds narrr prrre'Urd bay com mob Mat loo with them. v nnapi ibrougb an iroa gra tog and la preaeace of iba Jau) IHMW ' Very baadaono Mt," 1 fail fa lore." ,, "un it; laialiy," la tba aWractyped claptrap of suob Lwaarda. We nappra to tie acquainted alia iba testa of tba ct*a. l< The iady. wboaa ivrtme I* out Hoyui.ua like the rum 0 nabi', lutereo tba ooaraal of Iba dialers "f M:roy la lyeptenber, ItM, ano tba uanal term of oovl Jala wo,ill nil aspire oaili itoptember of ibis y?a< Hbe aaiarad * purely ir'm rcngxraj mui'vei, at aa ag whea aba could t not appreciate ibe lu I rural of retounelag tne p?ape ( aad iilmin of ibis nickel world, and am (luting marvel lite ao pk?<ani aa tec espeuuil, ana quite it naniadared f ftrr iistai u laouiua'trial. All of wa.cn la raUier mora n ci rnamapWd ibaa owaatic |( itaaitaiui ol iha author* of tba abora report la to caai odium <ia a mentor Ions intttiuuoa. ibn on -ci of iha '? Hirtrre of Merry w to railvea toa poor of laia r ty and aoc m cor tbrai la ularae. and to provide a boaia |i>r rien lines ) o'.ng girt* of c?o<t rntrndir nol i \b?y no be engaged aa rtotirtlm la families No dtatantien It Bid* la ?* or re igloe, too lb* lootllution bat pared 9.000 each r'rlt el taiarioue bouetbolde dariag ibo laat eifu yeart. The ronrrnt I'telf la tl tuated In Ho-ieton (trued, Bad It aocat ibM to anybody deatrnot oi no mag It t* Novn facn-na m oi b Pi nu> * nur* ?A lecture will 4 be dtllwod by ProftBtjr Hyatt, na tna uto and eincinro ^ of Ute "team earine. before ibe popiia of Ward 3ob?)l 0 No 11, iteTooleerlb elreel, near E gam amine, tbi? > afternoon, at two o cione i'bu Banjoul will be n.uilratod P by a worfeltg model. v _________________ t P titer Intelligence. * Ami in Ftatia i h m .? Mary Taylor and Anne Roouey wrre taben Into melody by officer Drooitn of the a Fcurtb waid poi.ee, on nhargn of bariag pieced Uis 1 l?k?i of llntter N-wton, * fa innger on loaro one of v be lull, n lerry b, aia Joitlci UtaaoUy eommUlAj ib ai cna?t lor trial. I m romo rnurr nirirrF' - At on rony nour y.-?t#.doy mot t ag s?rg<Ml WarWrtr.h on 1 oihor#, of in? >*. trmth word polio*, dtaprrood crowd which hod o?*oa bl?d 01 tho root of Ntnotooaib oirmt Nort* rlror. or tb<t purpoor of wiuiooatag o priu light <>o o moil oeoio, ho iwroo two tndirldnola noaod Johoaoy Kionton oa I Hootchy Mcftoinroa Crnvai or a B< at.lab ?Oharloa Krlly wo# lokon lalt Cur tody by offlcor faith, of lb* Horwih word p>lteo, oo cborgo of boriag borglorlouoly rntrrod Ihe ?tor? No TT Cttbortao otrort, for tho porpnm of ?t??J ag. Tb# oocnMd, U to ol cged, I or cod pro lb* orllor door and mod* bit way op ioto tb* ou.ro, wtm b* woo <mptur.-.l by tho poller moo Junto# Wool own nit tod tho pnoooor tor ei oataouoo. 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Movement* of State Politicians in National Matters, Aa., Ac., .Aa. SEW YOllK LEOIILATiaB. AMcnbif, Auurrr Jan. 34, 1S6T NKW VOKK (*TTV AVFAIHM. Mr. Pombko introduced tail bi(U reining to Now Tore, ind they givu rlae o perfect flurry among tbn ?tty nembert, each uue being Hbjuotad lo, tho roading oaUa* or and the reference opi*?itd. Tao O'Mt bin the oh o proylii. i or i bo looaiiou and erection of a no ? City Han n the otty ol New York. It li aa follows ? Section 1. Now City Hill to bo erected on such alta aa JommlMlonere may at lrot Sec 3. Throe oojimiatioaera to be appointed by Oarer nor, with concent ol Senate, to be denomintted "OeetoiiaioaerH ol the Now City Bad." term 01 oiiloe tbiaa lean and until oompletmu of nail, at au annual eatary ef 13.600 each, and with powor to appoint a clem S*c 3. bite to bo on any panic planeur aqiiare. sec. 4 No eomm'Mlcucr to be tiiteveatni in any oea ;rar.t or work euuueoieu wiita tbe hall undur penalty at -onuoral. Sec. 6 > unda to be procured by tieuo from time Is ,lruo, an heeded, ol a Qvo pi r oeot Itou*. lu !* * ol glSt pacn, rcdecwiabio lu tw- uty ycari, and o h ?j> eoding ta ;be aggregate ti 000,001 SmcSt t? bo told to tue Uignao* biodur allot due notion, ana tu bo made ? batknig liuM. Sec. 0 Interest lu si ck to oo raised by general ten neb year, with tulllcleat anm eaou yutr.aa iinkug . uaka, io luucem Block Id twenty j cars. tkc. 1 Moneys railed upon (look 10 bo deposited wMM Truii t umpeny or bank ou tulei eat and drawn by Commissioners. Sec. H Commissioners to parr base mate/tail, employ workmen, ti5 ike. V. Commissioners to report to Coat men Counotl am Ctob Dial ol January. mo 10. Act io tabu etloct lmmoiialoly. Mr Km.B.a movtd inu reference ' > Ut' Now York datamation. lbm was opp'iiou l>y Mr. Foot. wno moved tba roltrencc ol the bill oo ttie C ommlttoe on -lliuk and VIIla|es After a pretty warm debate, the motion ol Mr Koot prevailed. Mr Pombhoy, then latroduood his till rela ing lit too Board ol Supervisors ol Ifce county of k'?ra A Struggle again ensued u.xrn too roiureoan, Mr Wood moving mat It Ot. ?? >,; to the Committee us Mil' ary ito lonoe, won instructions to report at what nino me I<e0nlaturo ol the Otaio intend I? bombard the mty Too reference nan eventually mailo to Uto Commiuoo on Cum* and Villages. The eprAKm then announced sooibcs of Mr. i'omevop'* bills, aa tney had all boon avut up In a baton Mr. Gloves rose toapulutot order. In; gemlemna from Ca>oga bad not addr<?sed Iho cnalr iliner members bad, and II was neither fair nor proper I; aiioar a member to take advantage ol one recognition oy tMn speaker to avail up a wbo.o oauib of oiii* at one lima, and thus ceprtve others of their legitimate cnaoe of m iioduclog thetr bllU. Ibe driMKam uecided thai tba point of order wan woM taken ana reaogntzed Mr. lkvutti, woo tntrouuoed a bMI to amend too act iemulating the storage U guu.r>*4or to New York Mr. I'oMKaor wan then again reoogntaed by ibeSpsakav, and put in nla bill routing to Uto police dopa-im .at ?f New York The rending by the UMo wai objected to. and the bto was consequently compelled to be read In rul Mr row made an short to Interrupt tbe reaving, but tie daanouiailc mrmburt were re.-'Mute, and roaiHud lue tide as maniuiiy at they conld, taking advantage u< tue rum r? quliaguLax.io.oia consent to auapono IBarealiag. (to iho rueretice Mr Arthur Wood Mr Ma tea and Mr Jan <>s J Keiuy again made an otlori to urn tbe matter Into toe naxidt ol the Now York ueu ganou, out <>r oexres with u> auocena Mr. Wuoh itieo lu m to a point of order. Ma notload gentleuian nut members ut tnc Hnuie, hoveim* around within ike aacird prertuou of ine bar. Mb <?ihl u,wa the ollloro to do ibntr duty, an J clear Uio Jour *1 pmbout IjoI entitled then to Tbc Ci-BAKkB dtrlaria that all pnrrcoa ' o (be door not tnlltlad lo tba privilege, wonld be conaderra m an oroarbtug upua the rutas 01 donornm A large uumuar ol New Yutk?-a were preacai at tba Hire, inuuuiug finieou draper, It If It a I'oif Alas Laaer HamiluMl Jr , Mua 9 H (ir.oaall, J V?eater rati Mr Weeley of U? Vimtt, Koberd Mod an 1 otoeia The rtauiag of tbe bill eiteu .el nearly l> tut uai a k'>juurbn.i bi won Mr, lawi'l'l ta a uiu >0 aoolae li.e aeatb iwaaity, anil aatcii .t" tapriaoaibtbi for life Mr VbMMM i'e<leeeore<i hi MMgf tko <n ? ' aOj.Mira bum but bail adomea democratic Qolha.ii.lea apruagap with ubjeotluua, and vau li -u?a aeyoiraad Our Albany t 01 rrepondenrr. Aimaki Jaa t- 1MT The f"Uy InJIuenrt in Albany ?The Jnpy/y Hill of I egg A' ujr vj the 1'arO-mmp Power?l\ii<d J.a'ei J i'i?dx. (eon in New York, Mc , etc There ta ao auob lb trig aa reflating tba lobby manager*, fhey are allieJ to a*ary lau-reM of .alluoece Tbey aar* felrgaica trom bboka,. ra IrnaJr, nowapafrn, :a*oraaee Mid tarings beak*, ai d erea lbi< IV jmatani rtiiron keafg Its repreea niauroe in tba lobby w the N-w Yorb l.egtaka lore, nod wbeo aoytblag like a rombtaatloa of laterasfs ran be tfltciad, Utara la a moral uartainty thai aaythiag they may desira will ultimately pa?? through both branch ta of Iba I eglaiaiore Mr fool, 0; tar douaii. aadartaok in imx mia ioub/ muumor, ?'.u %KV"ga boa '?t in ninw| Ml men la I be H?uae, eipericoced a moot diigraeeiaJ da at Be uniiirtoik lo cut diea *> iue tif iaj oxireveeaal t, pro,>rlei.on* is iba fop/lj bl.'l, *i 1 'ba dlac .eaiua omrued unlu bear twelve e'cleci lev I eight, eoea tbe^aeeloa waa labea, end be ool/ f ined rijree memeere eat of be ?bc hundred ea<l leealj elgbl who tell ear regard ?>r iba protection of tbe fate Iraaeur/. Tea bill peered, ad eotieiaa mora than ear eat/ Ova tbouaand dollar*, vbii h. wbea la.rlf coaaUaed te aHblag lore thee a t/eeniatiiid aebenaeor leaai robb. r/ la day, too. tba .waata bare andor cooatiaratioa tMa eoaJ bill, wblofe the laat road/ l.agieJalere o-* looted la aea. n aklag proviatoa for tbv eipacee* of go vara meal ?r <be )<ar l?M. Tbare are aararai ilatnj ia tee rtiefe u(bt te ba malarial;/ cut roan, and a fauea waa aaMa > prune <ae or two. aadoaiae tar/ bear tint r.errtaM, if.fb thv bill eat laid over tatli to in or roe fata am, oo. w tb lie half miutea ia it. wi pact in; foaete aa II ee iba Booea. eltb aver/ "I" dot lid and ever/ "I" rceded pteauel/aa tba eharpera ia tn? iaba/ bave totaled. Members af tba I-egie Mora eoeaa l> tba eaptd. moat I j pare aad bobaal, bat laeiperteac ?d. ee l beat aa arc of it, are la tee power of the ettarpara bp en* of railroad (re# ticket* or otbev morr eeoeteaMel pi leasee Mr. Brooke, wtlfe aa a/a la laat apaa vbe eiaaaltve law, lot thinned a rtaelatloa la tba faaat* tela m wo leg iqueatieg tbe Pecretarp of Meateto report tbe aaabar af roona irom tbe flats prtaoa graalai 0/ r t aiecuUva uriag tie tact I ?nr yetua. : ae< Ui? >ipMi> nai o?| n the nratol Jaauary. gulag toe aaaoer ei uoancM oetrbor Clark bad reinee.d Kur il bl? p > tuoal eiiOfg ??n, there naa artten quia a im.> ??"<a wvinor aa >ae bean mora chtck.n betrtao or wrat imim toaa ha irtdcceeaor. et ( J??rn?r Mj?,ur, iteiewr Wa<i*?.ietb bought the inqti ry ?%i r-Tr appropr ate trtta a ?ia? if hat-op iqt<ire legialtiioa up<?a >?a tahjrct He took ft e imp < ward* ad 'ptieg a-<<tte nietbiiq. enter bp ? ?tr i g tot contln.ltoa of -rtberwre, of reilefa, at taoutled . tbe (arnoa og po* r. lit tree of tn? in-tt ia ? r naa ltd p?rf?rxtsg dut't* of tlta rIPce II an inarmed tat iwn too'i?atd threa bublred appttc-tr k for par i<>a from Mate prima bad t> .t tctie w uttioraieot ,l?rb coring toa two j ear* o? hit term Iterator Noma waited tea turn nit'oi of t*ia rnitorda n rxtead oack two yeart, ladtei I of four Tata 'anKa ;<mrti r* Young, H?h, Hunt, !**>Brier and t ark a ad ? # agr?. d to I b'? we* d?aa ? ) rac-ada toe t wo Kaow .' thing, or rather mlrer gray Ooreraoro, Yeeag aad luat, the admiatatralooa of troth uf bom are tuk oaw 11Ogata.'I by <oa republican* aa naTlrg bwea politically irtbedek Tbe roaelUot on pwoea ;bf par i lafog power >*ciuaitely iii tbe baadaattb-. Woreraor. itaeai aaeigar ( aa; r< aann toarai'ar, If ba cbacaaa aot to put a ay aa esord. II ta aa arb'tary poarr, entire/ wllne bia owa ?UI, and to decide Jantfy opoa air application* *111011 aamm retora him readera it atreoiateiy phytic. ly imp.weiMa or Dim to do The l.egnjttare 000Id In* Mute a .?>?* eaioe, with power to iareetigate the aamaroui appi**. mna, and wfca/e aa opfaloo t? noadlmmaiy made tbai a k-aerot la II legally mprtaaoad. tbea Ilia iJoraraor ?igb? lom.fic acre 10 oo ? ? w*n il ll>? trmniMM * know, lb* poopta noM mow, Wbieb'* tAr H?WH tf*""*' !> ?? "ThVT!^ f" e* <* ibo * ?'<> yo? 4"iiT?r?d r y nnf irtdc U> do/ f J iinoitofi M PoWTi^y, % n?ta of ,ho n moo <*TH* eoooty. II wo* op>n IM nil iruiltf nnodlftwo v> ** U?I?NJ 09 oa OfW 1,0 ikT'1* <n-upn? by Ihi- (OfWlMNI Morm M tbo Ak 101 c dcok. u>? A<"? M>d H-nao Wol ?rro? (fl U1? .-onlomp olod root OA* '<? fronting h- Pork Mr r. very otoqnooUy on.i kv *:.y unwind d in?? ?? - i"M? of Now York (book) 001 mrrra tor i.Urf J tU. ictlon oilher la idtu or or in owl moiooro. mr dtl??*a thnnld bo tobfrel to tho low* of iboir owo lolo, wltb mono of tf>o fatted Htalon oi>1' 0"nrr :>ol nun til*' oboutd bo ho'l o-.iMo oor ow -w ir (flotcoi c? o ;omnn! by oot Iowa, roU< ttiou to *1 ow :ct*ed pertQM to b? coar <y?4 to Virg jim m stow*