3 Şubat 1857 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 7

3 Şubat 1857 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 7
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JWOTBUmW TOT lit a fir iiww. 4 JHHRT J. Mjacvn, A??TT?HlMt?-WTUx REIL JBL m Iftaraftaj, Feb ft lJa>el4eA, at the crobeote' R?mm$9 Ikree mil law oo Ike nnitb aM* mt r?- il> ?to"> liiil t-ammeaetng 20# feet tiH at the eleventh avenue. d? ami heated nbv.et towered, paved, cklewalk Huged mmt |H b> aheet Par /er*.Vr pattoulani tn<|tnse ef vw ewtaeer, Ha 7 Bread atrae', AL^bki) HBAOO, ArcriotfiKia-A. HRAOO * OO. wbl ?eJI at aneuee on foevUy, Fob 3, at lOfc a. M . *t Ibelr lalearwm, f?o. 33 Oorllaiidt atreel, IW * ?*? ow#1# hro fax a damage! by water. IM eaaee w en.rti'* h-.iled an-l wolt d rattore, tify made, elan, a larta aaaortineni oi boata. abate Ae. A1)*I?H H. KPIJLBR, ACmnoMABB-d?BOtJ?t treet property at atretic*.?VJlRt U- "OlxuBtt wRI ?*> at aurtluo an Tua??l??. Pabf.ary 10. M67 I If o?<?t. at the HarebaaU' K*?ha?ge. the th iwH Hm Iftj Li?Aud itUttoerok iiree'*, Ww?ea ttomum **J Ibird siren's aitb ihe :we vtory brtok bonding ooyeriog vt* the mm The lo'.i are about hmf sb-Abid. Wig IV Sued lot] BOW OOOtrpmd as a o< sal yorj, and bilOg ??t?r Ifcr rt?er are wall adapted for ?J Won iuuoer or storage par pot se Mop* con bo bad at 'bo aaotKNtoor'i odiea, No.M wallelvict AUCTiLN NOTICK-LBAKB Of KTOBKN, KIXTPaAS le -rAMUKL OfttOOD 4 ' O , Ait klooeers, will noil at? actum <>o the promises, thin it Ay. Tuesday. I'ebruarv 3, At olrvra o'clock a. M . all tbr rignl, hive Add interest .f Robert J'vsfo. eio unto tbc letMO of - ?r> bweaisot and scoond h, ttc?D >8 644 aod 646 M"" td Vttv a w boost ooruo- o' it wet or street, fornoriy occupied by sad Dan-is. a* a boa-is lonxsb'tg .-Horn together wrb 'ho glass o we* had otm-r tlx Ibi, ?i novored by toe covenants of haul By order of (bo 9* tied Males Trust Company, Receivers. ABfllC* 8htB OF l?l V IfRT MM 3LB NTO'IIC, TO A oWtno "h nutate ? A. J. Blsr.UliXR will soil on Tom Abj, Pvbmarv 3, ai !2 o'clock. it 2t> Amity pla:e. Iguirern >vceV toctna door abo?e Bleonker. tare' ooarhes, one soaba'ay.'.wo pairs of black horses, live sets doable bar aevB.sir grocery wagon, Ac., As. UKNitY ?:jY,.K. M ATfHtSf Jgi.-ttKlPg. a toOTMiN NOT1 OK ?CROOK K.I Y GLASS ANDiJIUN A, A ?J H. b MAlkfLKTf, asrimeer will soil Tussle?, lohvcun 3 at TO o'clock. at 2H1 IVirlstrc.-t a large aisnrt srat oI Mootes'and oiher tV O e.ire. eom n u wire gtam. obtoo, Je. Hole po-Uive, <tbd goods well parted for tbi;ipl.i,{ j a OCTlUN MIT ICE ?U H HOC till, Al'OriONRNil A w 11 sell ibm I f ova lay n m iratog. Kebrotry 3, at J, o' Jeck a M , all tbe rteh hoaseb>ilil goo's oootained in Itc i i?gSLib fornisbed live siorv brown iPu.e private reel do.#rw '4* beat twenty third street, near Ninth ovcnne. Vk> bouse Is una ly fornlrimd ami embraces a large ituantity I the * or bos* of ftiraliore 4. <an memory we g vo a very tot. eif%et Htl of conical*, viz caten-doo table i /a M, side bbsvd, ehina dioitrr and toe i e's * Ivor tea services, spoons Ddfotls k-.e pnehers, rich Hnhen.lan cut glass, decanters, XVIA Uooer easier sakit bar .. ivury cutlery, 4c.; fag pt> g hlrda two solU r se*oo-f sni's, eiegrre oen're tahles. sovtl and lop Bras cla ee'pr'A. lino nil palt tlugs, mt ml ofori* ass worn, and eoei'y decora'Ions, luiooited bronze gas chaide'lors fine lane window curtains, side tables, ew anr cisgercv, very richly cured scion oeti?e r-s-vis.l mast for s srade by (Dark A 'If her, > uit of oak fa allure, W..? A /, ! arlmskW Mamimil lat StAud KtlCll >h ?i! Is?k. velvet rtalr earpel silver pitted r <la, roa-.ivoo! a-il ibtu ; re. steads b treses aa<l wmSiui *?. ttne curled ksrr nk ee*ra bolster* and pillows. flns kl iuk"U and < '-her Jy-drtV g. malmgsny chairs, roel *m ; and soft*. ? >., bun as c mnll udr rf oib-r articles too numerous to mention, ikbk tat en together. mat* a Terr ilenrake Manrtmeul. and an > he pod permn, twDjr, ud no piapenn-neat so any MMiat Pale cemnoaacia In the par ton at 10.', o'clock preeiaeiy. Catalogue* now read}. a UCTIOV NCfriC7K.-WIU.IAM T. HOVD, AUCTION A *tr - B) OhOBUR NluUOLS, oa Wedasaday, Feb 4 at NIL 'aloof, at the ea'esroom, <'4 Nassau ?t eet, new ami reeeid hand furnttui a, Ac , oompnaing mahogany Ereoca fcvSsleads mahogany bookeaaee, mahogany wurdroney roaawaad and mahogany marble tot- centre fide and soft tables, taaawnod and mahogany mark * too draaamg bu-*au?, ma baa*ay vefa* r> hair cVoth, mahogany eney and rocking slrur* h ulr eioth. elegant aoita of potior furultnre in brocatel arvl hati aJatk, blank walnut etogerea, oak hook raoka, elegant laiatot 7 ootaae pianoforte, cottage eatta of furniture with morale tapa all paintinge ehina aad decorate. I vases ehma tao and eoffte seta, silver platrd castors with aut bottles, silver plated tea tela, ailvar plated lorks, spoons, cake baskets, Aa, da. A CdfTl ON NOTICE - J. BOO ART, AUCTIONEER.? By k. BOO.thT?On Wednesday. Ith Inst, at 10^ 'alack, at the auction room* cxv-ner ot" Franklort and Wkbain ?ki eta, a choice lot ol Hdler rocbalr caps and heed dresses, able llarn, hosiery, net skirl*. trimmings, calieo, taouj botes, fcans) aeods, Ac , Ac. A BOTION NOTICE.?J. BtKiART. AUCTIONEER ? A by ft BOOART?This day, at MIS o'clock, at the auc Ron raomv, oornrr ol Trait tori and William atrreia, mortgage aa'e ol household lnrnltoro, teie n teiaa, aofaa, bureaus, toaagpp, kedateads, lea her beds, looking glasses. oval mlr ma, oti palollng* mahogany sewiug rockers Boston aad naoe sat rockers 2UU eBgmvinr*; itrnaaehi, three piy and Ingrain aarpvle tlovea and natures, Ac , A?. Also, cmetallic'* sals? lot of clothing?coats, vesta, pantaloons, A -. W Q. l-CTfON, Constable. A NOTION NOTICE.?NU9ENK B FRANKLIN, AUC ttencer ? By E B. I'BtkKUN A CO ? To morrow, (Wednesday) month g at I OS o'eloek, at saleer-ion C? Nassau tlrtvl tee or lot of second hand forr.Huro, removed for eon vrnteaee ot sale. also new furniture of every description, parlor and chamber inns, fancy goods, silver plated ware, ahfaa and glussware. Ac. Also one i nee Wind plauolorte. take paantva, la pay advaacea and ek?e vemtma. a UCTION NOTICE-M. DOUCHTY. ArmONEER ? A Mortgaae sale .?* his day, at H/S O'ciork, at the salesleem. n Centre street, vir.. ooe rosewood and one mahogany pmaadorta. rofaa, ohalra, Brussels aad lograln earpeta bo rcaaa. waahataads lotW sets, tele a tataa. sideboards, exteoI stan lab lea, wardrobes. feather beds and Bedding. mirrors, tockara maple and mahogany ohalra, bojkfaiaa, chamber rolta. comforters. blankets, qutlta frockery Aa The whols to ta paremptordy*sok. By order o' J. C. Adll LET, atlorney tar mortgagee. Office, No d tfv Hal. pWrc. Avtmo* NOTICE.?THON. BRLU AUCTIONEER ? by BKLL A Hl'SU. thiadar. at US o clonk, In the aakaa ream 12 Nanh wuiiara street, arlll be commenced the sale of a large variety of furniture from a hotel reaovatlag, including avaiivty af good furn: tora of all dv^Tlptkma from oommnu la gaaA k'aiaa will be continued la o tr aalearooam twice a weak OU all la sold a lao this day, a lot of harness saddles, kiddles, a'elgh balls Ac. Aim. an entire Invoice of inpaaaery, aatlarv plated and(Britannia ware; 60 splendid bird eagea. Inn gaeda. Wedneeday-Sala dr..goods elolhlag and (hnry nrtieJepL A WCTION NAUR OP L-AUfEft' AND CHILDREN'S A aarlty wearing apparsl.?HKNMT H. LUtDt A CO wMsail by ?sat1m an Wadnaadar and Thursday. Fab. 4 and a at II a'eloek each day. ai Na lit Breads ay aesr Howard aWort. a large and fsshlnaatlr sssortoxnt of ladles rawiUlUs and velvet embroidered si oats doth, laertno, |Ae i elegant MM * CBUlirg pi ?vrrj tmtmi uv?i vwu<? mm apron. imkratderteo. kmjiM, head dm***, otutdreo' part taw imMa cloaks lairoao ilmmi. bioooe*. Ac , Udlrt orer fciim troweling do MM otb" beautiful articles, Mil of tbe beet aaalily aad meet faahtooabie roabe. TIm ??mt rMnni fcwlkn buttaesa tale without reserve. Can b? examined m? bay before the mis. AUCTION RALK OF BrUOIDID KOt'SBnOLD FCRVI tnro ?I!. T. L.RKPS, aaeUoneer, w.ll eel) ihl- day all ih? miracle furniture, amtsteUrg of -hree k .ndrol lou. la tbe h? ttery bouse wo. 113 Kighth street?parlor, d.nuvg room uf Mw> tale at 13?, o elooa. By virtoof ah MtrrTiow. i will bull at pnhlie suction, mi Wednesday, Feh. 4, at II o etnak a. M. at ibe foal of oprtnji ?-jw_ our inrgr aeuw or rm ter boat. M. hHaHlJlY. Jr., Constable, odtee Marino Court. /MVMTBT RMalDSKnC, MmiLtlM rOTTAOK. AND V laMbf of to at auo'toa. at Kay brook. Conn. On 1 aeaday, tbe IM day af Febraary aoit, at II o'e^*. wMJ bo oeM at pabbe anouoa on the pram tea a bae eouu'ry rooMoaae aad u aerea of f tool tap t pardon land. Tbe booso tho Be Kasllah etlla otf lo baa puoeaa oboerrotary, Ae. It beaatifal/y oliaated oa Bo bay, aad (Feats on Maple are A loo. ad (Ota lay Be abora. a op lead Id baOdlnc otto, contain (as a boat 16 aeroo af eiaottoat pardon land Alan, a aaat nearly ae a Pan hah oattape and one aere of aeooltont land- 1 Me adjon.o the 16 acre |o?. Alee, a wood lot, onrarad vt* nb tat not timber, containing * abaaOH arret, oaa mile frma tbe \ lua#a. Aba. a lot afoura. aata bay. atraw, ottainaa As. Aba, a Una haraa and awaa, tan. fkrmlnr utensils, Ae Peybrseh, Conn., b alt anted at Be month of the Onaaertlnal Hoar aa tbe Leap island I oand. and la aoa of the meat bee i MM aad baailby plaaet an tba ttitreao continent There are read ebambea or hoc b, Bentmg bohbvp and batblap In the Bomedlate rbnlty. Teraia?AD the shore will be sold Air eash. vltbout I I servo to Bs hlrbeet hxWrr. N -reroano tablop tbe New Haven or Now loo lot rail mad aadrMiiBtnp at rnjerrteb. ean examine ibe uremtaea bpHra tar hliag'i or Dr. Toaaaoad a plate?a maa en ibe ?Bse will ebon it. CT M. L*VT. ACCnONKK.R, Tg WILLIAM hTNVNT, /. will aell at aoetioa, on Thursday, oaf. at IOS '< a largo Invoice of suiter** brandies. win. gin. rum. * embay. As, Ae.- Paaipfeaoa Wedauadny lor enaaotaoeuroto try. * mby tbe allatlua af prtiate puraBmara. CONTTNDbTTON OF illF-MIFf* SAIJt.-THOMAA Vhi ICQ auctioneer ? Hiore No It Aprnce street.? I e-eroplory tale of fhttcy foreign and oomaetic hardware no Tuerdoy. Feh. 9, at 10 A. M.. at lbt Futon it rem oene""*! igtnbie aid porket entlary, maehentae aad more unit *- * nrl rd. pornelain and U?ne<l hollar wart, tea trays. alna?<?r In trto, Hrttnnnlm and planished Un wore, plated and (barman a* Iwrr ware, apnoi t f <rlt. butter km<ao and ladles; FreeiB Iron and tinned anucey ana hetiiea ttatrpanw. atminerr wpo wi?, farming Ulenatlo. apadea, abnreia. manure ha; and potnm tor to. rtkea, bom aeythea, nreo. be., nlan eat and wrought nalb sptkrs wire. Ae ; puna. pbwi'o, pemiMtno raps prw der ftaabi. thot and same hnpw. Ae , onrewa,' tree baits terow iienehrt. grindstones, and n geueral aanortmaat ot banders' hardwares Ac. nlLRKRT P MTAOK. ArCTJONRKR ?AT AAL ?' t? i'mtar itreet. on Th irwiar. Feh A at ItU A M hy order of the reeptr-r further Mir of the gtnrk offan.y (i^rfa housekeeper* JO*1* ro'wW.In* In part at rick 1 Itrnu ud Kratirk ha?ket*, rich pBplfw ma ke ornamenta, china <>r naaicnia ?i<Kkirp" fiorea pnohlnf home* * ao. perfaaery, pcw-lraonnalea. i?n omamm'a hfi mm loathe. buunna. palla, n> .ta, brr?m? l?e cheat*. ?lfr cr?> *ie ?i 1 -w rrad e* an 1 c hair* hoy* wheelbarrow* ?ie jha. Ac Will be eold la trca tr> salt city and country dealer* OaUlofnee and aaiapla. an be moraiBR at able. P1HR1JUC, BaOLRT A Ra vawb. C^^HTII.BRRT p. RAVAUR. AfCTIOHRMl-**' ri,*? I rate, by cola loan a, Iter each. ?t aalearootn -1 Cedar *r?.-t, cm Thumdar fab A. at 10 t M CVithJnJ. dry jc "1* 'an f and* ahlrta, boatary. Ae. liberal raab ad', anre* ,.n iwmn merit* PTRBbRK RAOLRT A RA VAfIR n^h rimv b. Bmtm, jr.. ArcrioRWRiT?rt iiptrt. a IIOeR ?Will aall on title day Tunedey 1 at lOtio'i s, at the aalecromn No. A1 j Pipe street, large aale of aa? .. l Ao , aomorlalm "i *r !b?t it o Havana Oer.wi and dnmsetie seaare. m <|itarler, half, tenth eighth bote*. Term* raah. The above mnRhe *c.td a tthnot raaan #. H^^MaRDWaRR At crio.N ROTH k NTOI h or hook fprnlah mi food*, ta jbo. r. ta.n AWTwUP will *ofl on 1 hnraday. Feb T ?i 10 o dock, at tM Peart atraet, ky arderaf BMlfneea a lar ra rtork of rnmieMnj irudea wdl at-sorteri damnRed cuUery. Ac. AI*. tor account of ander wrl'era, toar caeka hi*h oo*i Wndenb Jtna' and ciher i atlati. toe oa*k hlued *tael ?perlaolee ane eaee W? kjii*- tine Aaahlejrnr* per AUanUe. Alan, Ml lote other Rood* (a good ?*<ler. OaUwiRtie* the da) | .melon*. I ARflK RAf.F! ??K RI?F'i ART BRCORP HART) Ft RRT IJ litre - The attention of pur. h?*er* la directed to tha aar I Oil *?|e to nii'tTOW, at 10o rlnrk. al 1AI Wert Twenty Aiai r reel emhmrlrt the en'ire *tioerior rnoow-ood oak end aia boran* fnmliiire of the hotme A no mairnldeent rnoewnod ptanototla. All of whlcb will be airtolritely ardd wlthoat re erre. Ro postponement M^^HORTOAOR FAI.K OP F1RR RodKWOWP FVRRTtura--P. C. FRRROH Auctioneer will eeti at ao<-?eo. thla day. Pen. X at o'rloek. all the haadaotne furnttnre m the dwrlltaR in I utnton plane a tow dear* from Rltth uremia, caoalatlaR < three entte ot ealld ineeanad parlor far al'are eoerred In the be** *f f maeb *h o-eatel tplmdid r?* ond pte'Werle, efpo' *o-1 roser h*n1w?? tit-n.,., ran et*. wc haiwteamc. raaewrvrt ete*er< ? w*li pi*ic (<** doe- . *n I tHk k? al?n. r#mcr ?i?cer?r handeun. r>.?i*i1 -it* *nd rente* lab lea with etatnery and FgT pttan low* rmewewt bn retn and ReUtte bedeteada, wtd <***he and* to mated, with a rartety of mahefany and hhrk walnut fnrnitare. In twenty rem* b*od*nme w-e anrt*<na *nd broevel do , eorntr?a ??** *efa bed?i**d* naa Hea, ?yten*'*n dlnl'iR ** '< . nnh?r**#??* *r*re are bnataaae ce*t $!( ' u * r, .?* Frc-neh pier ppaeeee. Par'*' 'ieor?* a.ilea i ?? c>*r hfda hair martrewte* arerkery Rlaae ware d nnor *et* batcta wph a bp ra loi a' a*er-it art aniamen , 'k tea aawerona ta mentina ' *i- ta 'ak-pla.?< i* a i ?ant <f the famtt ra * , >.v we>-to auent Br c-her et a v PRnxijeo 1 i ? rrtoiOHtTll."lam*imoii r.^Il ooThe we*^* 1? i*a i*<r kfwh ifctrt t>ata?r # ' > ItwiWum HkJh .11 1>r(i. M I'M 11Mb ?a Ike ?<wWIt rid*. h.I 3ft faa1 on Ma MKlkdb Itr*. ihalaorata tor H ?( > ton Ma; I, 1?V Mb aaaa?to tor irt <aaanato af M ?'jn? aaek at a rataa Man. Pi?o? H'owmt r??? M4t) par aonum Puribv fuU tolHiat nap* aar kaaarfm appfaaHar. la I H lfe> ) a !i Il k l?a '* IVtiatlnaj. aral thauto<M?r the aaaUonaar, II Wall rnrt. Paw??hnk*?'SHAU?.-wm <1 amour*, auctionre-. mM re? ?> Weeerait} rehrovv 4 at 10^ o'alotk, (IftiniMB. 4?4 Thirty INlti Atrurt, ?->??ul am lo?a "I uarwmraieu v a, ?ie m-m s *'u wmu^tii ??rt?r ?ji;grcl I'Uht' bods nUlov* ;.i In jewelry 4c , by ol ll t> fMITH, Auetlonrer, it.gV.ce/iib alreet, ami rittt MCIM RW. WRSTWO-T. ACITJOVBER.?L*R?J!C AMD AT. tractive ??k fit bonaebjld n nit consisting of ibo retire fa'DUnra nf to- in*k*?ll?t*nity (urn nOed boo** -Jo. 1621 wrmj Vol ilrael, t? lew doors *^*t o' i rven'h avenue, t. WmnCOrT w?M tail m abort! by 'a'ao^m lom >' raw (Wrd?>r?da>), ? Mb o'clock, a /ire ami v?laV?l? yarny o' eoaiK medevn and andqa* foHi-'irc and i-.h donor*'^as, > ii. Ifai#. oinrvd to the onbll: ib-ioch b ur mam, tbt sab- of whleS ??U b< girietly wi.ho ii reaorre. ami moat ha *??e?vet Itemed ively to tranrc w tinh a dop-wit wilt boreinord of r **ry piireb*?er The t-traitor* eofum in par of e>ag' IS* H< litoey eae etotre. rtrbylnliid; spleubd aevrn oet*vc rosewood ji>a?o*m*. with cverv mod'rn laonvu vol; ?n Inglitb baa Ir-irra; two rtchy -.a-vel 1x1*0*001 ritgrre* with marble tops; d-mb.* and single ant s jf ratwood parkt' furniture, In cvriuel and Umeatol richly eirrei; rtmao il a*ntr* ?Dd pier tabbs, two eh-gent mantel mirrors; IweplrrOo, 18 by I (lb, daamak and lace rurt-uoa; KMztt* ibv.in aid ren? pttna r.haira, id satin; Ttirklah In rages; elegant rmtwiod srere'art booh cm* a mid nolle 'Ion of original pernio yk; aagn'Ue-nt pcrcrlaiO and ehlni -aaes and pa?i<ndaro ? flora ?Vb es.-peta anil rugs, music cabinet, nm-ne- * *pawn, do snprrb rose rood chamber 'urniii.re, dressing biartann. wpahatanba eoditi-adn. ehina toilet get*. oral mirrors. uo*rb bait maitrryseg beda, foil roouwond mil. In balralmh, lo?k? #!.? to'" a i?te* wardrobe*. ehcvol glasses eoronta, rae era da . with n large and rolnabhi variety nf r>oh eilrewate 01 r?erj dtserlptioD. elega it china ml ;l*n, Ivurvand pear) ratio ?' two uoe-b evcDsloa tables, fi ning nhil-s, o>iclo?liii. portable boater antique had aland and r.hal a velvet ta r carpet* and rod*, with a laroe variety of other furniture net nmilonrd, catalogue* nf whieb win be a'- the bona* oa the mornlag of Bale. Ro postponement on .toy account SAZ.V or S3 ?RD STRICT HR'IPKRTY ? 4WT10VY J bl?a R iKb* will acII at auction on rtmr*d?y. Eon. r> at '2 ?"el-ce, at U>e Merchants' Hicbaoge lb turn raioOlr ol*, whb boit**-* ibereos 44* and 4'> Or-to I street racing ibr aqua e. lot* l^>80 feet e*cb Trnae libo-a' Korfiutucr xarboniara In a aire af the aurtloneer, Mo. 7 Rroad street. SP*n7dL AHOTfON fiALR?BY TUNIH MOHRKM* aaotmaeor - Ihle anoran * at \r% o'aloc.<, at bis op letnu* ml-oiwim Ms. "8 N'-ann rtrert. a Rittt r*nfly of fn all'.-c (r?- ??t accent buil), carpeting ?i?l mvl nc. alive ? > ! V ai#d ??n gotd jewelry, tke choicest pattern*. <*1 alo'mlr'ars J) ?? .an Ac . Ac. N B ? Puttie a'ten tine ia e.Jled to iLw *>?. bring at* lute kid goo I *<ora. .1 rinding inaa; r;tre ar'.ltUb <?n. In by larx-tid martin* deter mli ta la (all, tt/ ft. HALLOS, AlXmO-IRBR -BY W. 8. MRU/OR ? A Oil.?Large atae* af fine rma *ood And mating an' fmmture ptar glare**, enamelled mine An , Ao ? fbia day r*h \ at 10), a. M.. el 'be salternim* .1? It and ID Park new, opposite the aator Ho me, will be told to pay ad causae a anient catalogue af rock contained in more, em biaalrg rrraral flue rosewood pa>k>r tolie. roue wo jd and nan began; main and earveil bedsteads; ajso hUSMO and ???h*iai da earned to watch large pier mlrrora. well erecntod all pete'toga. nr>aniental rmi- a ware; also a linn rariety ol' rone weed m? bogany and walnut beokeawa both library and *a cretary: a'no, French In)..id af'cre'arlea, mabeganr softs, rha'rn. table* and w * pali'amea Ac . Ac. Dow** rtn be peaked no l*e premises Also, to be aold at 12 o'clock, all e'egnat rceewned i * -t*TC planoferte* and four fi)?'do . 'o nav ad ranees. Afco a large assortment of fum for ladles' asraink, atone martin, rhlncbllla, squirrel, Ac. nru mnrrno itTiTinvtrn will. tn.l. nc VV Twesdu;. si <3 e>e>sek at 4M tlaaal nlreel formerly Wi, ene whlie pKtng peny, 'a*t; else ene iron safe, together ilk slher articles. ft/ K WITTKRR. AUCTION ERA .WILL KU.LON TUBSVV iki, at U<S o'dwk at 404 Canal street tke stock of wines si"1 I'nus:1 postponed tram Baturday. About i SnO gul l.innsf pore Preach spirits 300 gallons sf brandy, 180 gallotn el Jessica mm. 8t Crou rum gio. po, twine champagne, Irish sad Scotch whiskey, stand casks, Ac. By order of tieS tic riO HTM WJTTE1W. AUCTIONEER, WILL SELL THIS W Jay at 101a e'eloek. at 122 Canal ttrcei. Dear Wuoster. 0 r furniture to tne shore bouse, belonging 11 a family leasing ike city. Bate posture. WH WITTERS. AUCTIONEER, WILL HELL Oh' Tuesday, at I01{ o'eieek. at 1H7 aa*i street, (new No t*4 ) a large quantity of bouseeo'd fur lituro. emseisttsf of parlor, chamber, dining rows sod kttchan furntiore. all In genu order and far ooaitive sale. Regent relis'.aad other onrpcte beds end byddtng, su'itble for families going to housekeeping ark sdrascrd sn all kmds of property. i>/\ ?A BAORiriC*?WOW'fl TH1 f"H ANCR. oh P' F. nerer -Peaittrsly to be sold HENRY K OORTAR'I -irSrosrh Ae . esiermiaator depot, good will and ail, on ae coos', of Nicknsea. Apply at lbs depot, 3118 Broad war. N Y. TOMi-roa pale, an old miouoi pOUv easb business situated la the Bo wcry. bs< been paring about 92.000. Rent low. Address T. T., Herald office. |t(in AND 9WO-FOR TWO FEED STORES, HORSE ItU" and wagon, and firtures complete. low rent nu a Bare, doing a good trade, and superior location, a bargain will be rtren. HiOOS A BoUTHWICK, 84 Nassau street. * A C/k ONLT, FOR THE BE?T OTTTER DIMTTt)" ". ing and drinking saloon In this elty.now doing a Up h>p business A splendid stand lor lager bier aalooa , call soon, if you wish a rbaaoe. Apply at .804 Broadway WILLI Ait H. K KLLOCKi A CO. -r,m SAI.E, A HANDSOMELY FITTED I P f u' IU, reslsurani, slloaied 111 one of the greatest Ibn r .sblares In the city; a pmfl'able bars tacbed. and tbe daily receipt* Vis U> V30. Ay ply at 336 Broadway, room 19 y PAVIS A CO. Mnnn -for sat*, am interest is two v a ,UUV. luable myeottona, fdeatpned .o be patented ' Any practical baaroeee ma* wll a' on<-a or heir atlllty on ap plication at 336 Broadway, roam Ma IP. N. DAVIS A CO. *t? onn ~a* orroett'nrrt that seldom or f i.Ot'U, eurn la bow ottered to any peraon with ih? above Km--.ru to aurehaee the leaee Block furniture Ac . of a Brat claaa hjtel oetnp a rood bu-dnaae. Baa aocomneodauon tor arar oM hundred boarder*. Addreaa W. H. W., Ilerald office cnnTO vavono.-roR palk, houses amd vO.DUU lota in different eecUwi? of thie city and Brook Ita, alar mill*. \lUare properly, farm* and country aoala. for aale or exehanpe for city property Buetnew aoUcltod MEUCE a HaSELTIXE, 3ua Broadway. ?U nnn -FOB A HAHWOIIHLY FITTED CF JEWfu.uUI'. ellryrore; aa excellent location ; favorable leaae. and pood trade, with a portion of the atoek only If de red. BIOOW A hOCTHWICK, M Maaaau atreea. ?i? rnn -for rale or kxohaxoe for cttt JO.tfUU. property, a farm of M acrea. near New Itrai nwtek, N. J., with pood building*, $3 000 werth nf aulk ha* been *old from the farm per aaaum. The farm will be old with or wl hmitetnck. CHAWi.Ee-CR MILLER A CO . 196 Broadway *1 r nnn - *** niA?0?.-F01 RALE a LITEllO.UUlf. her baahmaa, yard, yeeeet. etabla, horaaa, wapaaa. all eoaapMe eod wall aalebltabed. rtekeeee aad lean lap (he etty eaaae ad aelftnp owl BlOOk A lOUTKWTrK. M Saaaaa otroat. *ne nnn TO SAOOOU.-FOK SALE, OWE OE THE ViiifiUl''/ moot eilenaivr wholesale anl irtall atoree and mannfacturlnp e?tabli?hmrni , loc ated pa a thriving etiv In the waetern pan of the- mate. Apply at .lift Broadway, room IS. M. PAVltt 4 OO. A BARE OFKXIMO FOB BrHlMEBR.?THE FROFRIE 11 tar* or * via wiwnmwnt, mcvai m inr fb?tfr, J. T? dmlroiia of rkwtaa op btmlnoaa. offer (Mr rtork no hand Itw mi*. and will mikr nirwmrl j llboraJ to no*, bortdro fflrtoff Utr mrnom l?n to l*-t* nnff proOtob'r run of vrwtbim. Addrwaa H. W.. eor* of H. M. Richards, Hoobeotor B. V A RARE OFFER.?TO LITMT ITABLE REFPERH rorprotor*, ploooftw* and anhlnrff m%A?r* or othar rnonti'ortorrm?A Iran* ot ocrco ;Mn from Moy n*it, for mn or toroo'. onnrioiinff of two loU of frouoff, OP fool front ond rror, b? 109 fret drop wtth two tkrrr tor/ houooo on front, witk boarmrnt* now rrnt* for 0*00 par toor, with O Hrorr three *tory Orlok bnUdlaa In ronr, * th Mali* tn collar. <nr>* jnrd brick ah*do, A* *ltnolod ot lit nod 11.1 Want Eleventh Street. between Fifth ond Htlio orrtoo. olOO. OW* lot. 741 10CI with O four *tnrr brick ?bcp, with rrllor fttr horwwr oton o utir oad wn|o*i Inqiuro on too pronator*. *r at12 Ohorln* irort la tko rronlnff AM FIRE oharce offered.?ajlorg *kt abi mhid phntcproh ond aatbrotrpe collar? fbronlo. in II rood war. the cooh rorolpl* doilr or* front $? to Bm>. no will b* *o'ifnrionljr tbowa to o purrha?*r. rooooo for **lllaa th* own*r obmii l*ortna th* Onantrj term* *nop. Apply Ira in*dlotto v in B. W RICH A RWI. BIT Broadway AKABB fflAWT FOR A ROOT AMI* IHOINAKITR ?To h* *old. th* work ond txtiiron of n w*U mint Itoheff hand**00 hi th* hroJthy and thrtrin# Tllloff# nf Howad Pronk, Now .l*T*rr *Joo, n good dwoIllDff bono*, wttk born ond *i sallrat aaHen, wrD ?nvk*d with ohotr* fr-'lt trooa of orory drwrnptkm. ond aororol balldinff ink* adjotiuhR. th* dwnlHnff. * not mid will h* rented. Fnr f?nh*r porVcnlor* apply to OR aH HMITB froit rtor*. IK Broodwa*. or to WTliJAM WOOWt, Bo and Bftonk. 1. i. A BARK OPPOBTCRITY -A LADT OOIRO WRRT fV won Id mil nl n (root boreal r to* cooff win and r?mltnr* ot Incrotltr buntneaa, It oppltod tor noon. Ptooo* eon at 907 'Anal ?tr?*i. AFIRHT C1.APH OORKKE OROTKRT OR TH* RBHT h'lulnrr* ovrnu* In th* oltw, now doftiR 0 mUnwlld bnat| una* I tn* horn*, wnfonl w nerytolnt opprrtolnlnx. wn*r mnat leave th* ntf. Ro offwot no*d apply. Addrnw ' I'Jnra*. B*rnld *?< * A| FFT.ERDID IRTF.*T?ENT.?FOR BALK, A LAR1K thro* rtorv brtrk doni>l* hon?*. frrmtlnc on Omnd and Mod loon *irr*t* . th* nhor* building* or* tn oireltotd nntow, nod pnytnx n fatrfo p?a erntaa* Apply ai *<4 Broadway. WILLIAM H. R KUffNKI ACQ. CI ANAL HTRKRT PBOPRBTT FOB RAI.K?HO: * ' nod tot Bo 121 or VP o*w namb*r. Inquires* shovr DRtHl PTORK FOR HAf.lt.?TR OONflFQt'RRPT OP t ?? nnrnenlor Cimimwonrm n rerv eW*..t Am rrr> under one of the ftr?l rlaee teveia in L rfy, It or aaI- In quira Terr anon, el J. ALLMN, I .In Water rtiM, or 1WI Btrfi aeenne aeeond bone Farm vo* raiji.?a farm oontainino a?ot*t as irrM of auperlor l?nd ft?r RardenttiR onrpnae* on | whieh three in .me arm of aai.aracua fUirrej* ? (toorf^o. w and bam upon Ike prrmlaea and la near a 'anlm* where alnnpa ran to and front New Tnck. Iiva.ee arm h of .1 nta.t ?nri! th triers mllea from Hrnnklyn, Apply in Mr HRM* 2t5 f niton at reel. Brooklyn. FOR AI.M-HOTNM Alfl>J.OT III OHIiat 1R RIRRtT. near Broeam. la* 1'itWk, bonae Is eowiplrh* order. I Alar hewee and let WB Brenta Mtenr, le< tliTV hvaae rwnmj aa 1 ail Um moilarn tn.prwraraenaa. rranplete, If dratrahlr the I fnmknee will he an1d In eonaaettao wHfe the tnna Oh bmtaa will net be arid wRho.tl tha etl.ar One b?T of Ihe par ottaer mewey mar remain an homd and ww*rag*. pan of whdi i will he at a.t par rent f no a Ira Rar fiwdker laforma)??n on 1 the prrmlaea Rro.m* atreet hetwane tha henna of a and I 9 A. M , or betwee*. Ill ami I f M. Von rai.K?A RPMmmn oawphrnk riTrfTTAim r alnohol route; pew wafon and a'eteb. tnaey home, f be I r? per will buy the home at $100. If the intrtr be aold Inquire at en Wrat Froadwat. New fork. 1 -tit. r sai.r a ntwiRAHi.r^Hoi ?r tn> u>t in r m nobly ft abonl a n iarter of a mile from Ihe CM* IT.ui ' and three n.lautea' ??'k In the RuPon'tr Myrtle aian.ie Rail mada, raid honee It of brl?-k and cmta'na ihnv ttorl.ta with par If a* amne th'rleen bnlabed ro0.11a and la Ova ted In a iiiiel frap*-table nr.fh-mrlmnl. Ihy'liA' M'lIM H'lre $4 H*V one th ;?an ' ran ema>n on bond aoc miitrate. Ai pit at If RB NPBVTHW eO.ee, eit awai ?rw?t. thefurther paf. -uiara raw YORK HERALD, TUI 1 if. .If -i | *M<MMl|iM*lM 1-(Mm krlwUg bit ml >..... TTMVl ftAUt-YflB <> ?ILU BT-KiC A WD FIX r h>Hafaaafieawd water no witn lk|onr b?r ?'Uek?d; a paad lwr>n <m towa, wi ah-*?p in come a# bauf toe lav ?aj Id aliand to it Appia M Wo 1 tW?r at/tot, 'Srii all tofurawUua will bagrvaw. PlR ?>l,A>a SITCHSHM RSOP, "IO? DOIWO A goad baaaaie oa tbr a/aflr at ft la to avawwoaMd ? weoW wuikM'wt. ?tnto/iot ijrv rr?? Hw ft?en tor wellta,; out lu aoiio ia ike ?u?e Mt amtm rtanoo. VO* MA1JR-9DR ADBRf aWTIaL BRICK POOR8TORV r ba?aa>aaiaad **b anlta* biillda>? wlh Itslerae sod good wlllaf ba?M?M >Kaat?d la Puiion arwt rtrawHI, opptafco ino I'BIJL 1 Be !? >? IB |im uroi, pouiuy man (lure "" eipeare he* keen iNr>d ta QttHg op U?? establishment to if. f' i li B*jtcBie*( and iUr? it?B here la a patoat hie hanne *? ? be . ike amparty we I toenail ml now dulng ? eoJ aril prontabie baalneaa. inquire mi 3W PalUiQ atreat, ltosoltlya. fPOB 8 ALB?A rAHM or 17 AMRItH or vJOOO L4MD r eHuaiee the N??o*i pi a* retd, witblo a quarter of a ait'e al tbe riifcge, wi'k good hutMlng* nod wells ?l'b <v?l?r will be xeld larrtber or top true Inquire al MUPC6 R bCHBROR, kew.awn, LI lo be sold iu a week kj'OR fleLE??UB noOKlfi ARI) LOT *0. * TWWiTh'l r etr>et. beiaeeu Alxlh ?u<l Sereuih aveauee, a Adsnao.i i.toalpyn Teriaa eaay. Apply to TUCM HJJlAllwN, 16 N ftti1 ?treat. CH tA'II?A rnwr CLASH ??OWI? grow HOUSB, P 'our Bootee Add raaement built by day's work Id the best manner, Id eieollent lea .Pen S WeB TBlrty iirat ?irw'. ke< ween B> Atdwey sod Pi/lb avonae. Apply on the preattHsa, trans 19 A ? to 0 PM. L>OK 8AL?.-THR HOURS AMD LOT 162 WflHP r laeaty reeoad st-eei The be urn m a brown Ban.: froDl Knp'kb b-meant, with all tbe nodern I nproycneo'e Prise 911 lit. 16 0M eak rbiaaM as bond and murtxegr for a romber e? years. loqet/e at *. B. HBP I (CHRIS, WJ Hroadwa). IP?R 8ALL-74 ' ACRO-I wr TIMRRR LAftD, IV 1 Freak Ita eo??ty ?i? V?k In nailer bam a rail real d" pot. and ear mli- (>om * large 4ana mill, d?* aqpaweed 'a "" h *oikl>| ivntMi for $1 bO par aare cash Inquire nl 4'U n(ib areiiue. GH1RHaLB-A FIRST CL*SS UAOOBHY, SI PU aTRD O.N " aae at' tbe beet e*cau?* la the oily, in* ilotixr a good bin urn MUUtPoi; rta>auii (tunn fur nlliai wot. For fur '.bar paelleicaia inquire botw?en I ' aed J o'a ocb. of J. AWLLbdli. Pa M7 Weal TwaalMtb olrrst liMlR SALM-* PlREOOUNTRy HRaT, ATFtr aMPORP. r r#oe . ard fbrty lis ar eevrnto an? vrea of (Wat raie lard U ta beaasfuib ?hu*>-l In fbu village of Stamford. iprno. ?lll be ea d monk era Hud Its value Inquire of ?. P. TOWNRBft 1), 62 Nulla streak |iU>* RaLB-4* EIFIRlLRRT FOUR trTORY AND I' tw?9<?v b'tch bow. e and m* 17 nr mi wt iii-i built, ?i b all Ike modern Ipdxhhi>:ii?, 130 feet from ilroad*t] on ini 'k'rd street Frlee $7,600 torttwn 61 a?ni a to. a Ortt me >brt e atntt and bs?emenl hrtcb Vnw w'h high tleon and all lb" modern improvement* iu?t Dal t. I r< til) j lluiMUtip Mtuatrd UN) 'Ml north of Forty eeeon 1 etrret, anteventh avteua Term eaay. Inquire of a. Mllh.t h 26; bereelh avenue. Bj'OR BALK?PRICK. M.M0.-THE T M it Hit HTOfl V r brleb konte W? Male street, Brooklyn, $7 Ml e%n remain on bond and new pane. aunty to H aRIdUM, BL' itit aL>l> a WatilNJ, '4 Woiinaa street. Fob s alb? pri.fi am brjdok over kastcbrsrwi creeb We?tch??l*r ejnnfy. 1 ble ia n toll bridge, ttlth t leaie of ike toll boner fur particulars apply to F. O. LIH'KhY, 16 Msisan street For flALJC-A four story brick KROLISII BASK mentboufe In Went Thirty fifth meet, bet earn Xlrhtii and bin h avenues Ilae ihe modern Improvements and will be told (or nuiib leee than Ita value. Inoolie ef W. II. FOKBfcB 636Broadway. FOR RALE.-THB FOI'R bTOtY, HI8I1 aASEtK.Vr modem bnllt bnnae, 101 Bast F Ixteenlh street?$1 or $1 (UK) on'y r?<|ntred th- balance on mortgage The bnuve to a tains gaa fn ores waler eioeeU and water throughout. Itnn dr* Ae acd presents an aapontiajty eetdom met for a par rji'an* r yrltb a null mm of money The owner breaking up h?u*e keeping will sell furniture if required. For bale-in record avrrp* near sevf.sru street, the bouse and lot No. Ii3; three atnry and base inert with m ilere Improvement*, ilre of lot JliStj feet Apply to HOMER MUKiiAJf, Mo 3 MetropoUUu Bank B aikfiCC FVORSaLE-ORTO EXCHANGE FOR HOUSE ANDLA | four k>i? be tuUtolIy located on 12Gth atreet, 1ZS feet irou. Eigbih awtue grade even with avenue. Apply at 57 bUaton street neitto earner of Kbirtdge street. 1mor palr.-the stock and fixtures of a I* faaey store a nrth <1 OHO, will be sold for $tkk) Apply at No 2) Myrtle avenue, Brooklyn, after A o'etoek P. M. tjior R*LH-THE four 8TORY KNOLIHH BASEMENT r boore No. 51 licralio street with cellar and kltrbeu, t/Voir n water, gaa, connection with newer, and all the modern Improvement*; a atnall. neat and convenient dwelling, and rente lor lAPU per annum. Term* eaay. Inquire of il. N. GAMBLE office of the Mew York l'lan.ng Mill, foot of Bauk atreet, or In ike evening at 54 Amity atreet. For ralb.-houre. lot, btabi.r and premises, No 155 Islington avenue, aortheart eorner at Thirty flrat wt'eet; all modern lmpro?ementa; we'l rale nlatod for a f outleman keeping hla earrlr.ge, or a physician. Apply on the prennaea. Terms eary. For rai.e ?a splendid fanci goods and trimmo ( (tore, Klithth a venire, near Twenty sixth street, superb location, and doing an exrellent large rush bualnrw enjov lag a blgh repuiatton for fair dealing. Price SHOO, ball tlavaloe. Apply at U9 Chambersatreet room No. 4 For hale at tonkerr-thb htook and ?i\ i ure# of a livery stable, well established and 4otag a good barlows*. Fer partiralars Inquire of J. Mr Donald, enrne of Greenwich and Christopher stroeta, in the market, ar at Um Broadway atahlao, Tochers, M. Y. | TTtORBALR AT A BAROAIN.-A FIRST CLAflt WKOL JT built dwelling houae, elegantly turnUhed. eituttrd on I nbm etreet, Brooklyn, one block from t arroll park , lb M evil; and bwemtnl, 26 by 60. lot 26 by luo. In romph i - m4w, II da la a rarr opportunity for any pernio winking to pure . .an a fornlihed raetdence In Ml tineirepttonahle. neighborhood Tba furniture aa wall aeUie houae la new. Inquire a. .12 Broa>lway vootn 10. comer of Fulton etreat N. V. "L-iOR BALI CHRAI' ?TflK IJC ASK OF JOHN A. BAY'RK X1 onrrlaye factory, roruer ?f Twenty aiith atreet and Bi<'h avanue, aiao tba loo la, finuree, and aa much of the et?rk aa the Eurohaaor may Wtah. Apply to A. L. SaVRR '.'12 Waahinpm atreet "EH)R BALK CIIKAP FOR CASH. OR TO KXCHANUK f for City rani rotate and peraonal property?A (food fa'ra of 80 aerea af pond land, wNh n pood orchard pood ap> Inge ana a never tailing atrram of watnri a (nod bonaa barn itad autbulldinpa. within ?0 ml lee ot Bew York aity. For par. u Lam Inquire of JOHN WIITTK, Id Third avauna. For balk or rxchanuk for city proprrty* | or merchandlac?A valuable farm of one bund rod and eevrn arrrt. thirty mllea from Brooklyn. oa the l?ong Inland Railroad Oood dwalllnpa and out buUdlaae woud be la', out U> work on abaraa. B. M. FOWuRR. Ilouae and land agent, lit Wrat Tblr'y third aireai. F-tOK BALK OR RX(JHANOR-BOMK FIRST CLA W?, 1 well rented houaea arid Iota, In South llrioklyn, but liahily monpaped. Oood aecurltlea. or a onuntry place or 'be Hudron river would be taken fur them. Apply at Mo. 7 V* ?u atreet room No. 7. third wary. li'fiR BALK OR TO I.RT-THK KNOUSH HtBRMRNT , r bo nee brawn etaae front). No II Nl* lb atreet, noatatnlnp all On modem Improveaaente and eoneerralory attar bad, re "et tly painted and papared throughout; pier and mantel iIumm, rnrnleea. Ac , nan be bad if required Pnaaeaaton will he plven Immediately. Apply to C. m. LILIRNTIIAI, I 6 W aehingtein atreet. FPOB BAI.R OR TO LIT FOR A TURN OF TRARftrn M feur alery and baawneoi hniMlnai en Flret evooaa. 146 drat deep *n*)'..a rftlbmn power beltta* and MtHIn*, new ru rutin* In peribet aadwr. with rwar batldlncm. atabiaa, v id pin) yard. wrTuirtj occafled by RerUm A Bramnar. will be laaeed la goad mm) canfil Mmm far n term ef Dm yearn If aeid property U Ml laaeed by tie )?b FebriarT next it | wfll be mid at pit bile aortic* on er nboet the Utof Rerrh I not). For tanner eertlcnlara. pleQeo apply between the ! bourn ef If lad I ooJoefcF. at W>?M-1 Mrmi. op Malm. | THOMAR MOBTO.H. F\*(-r PRY OOOPS ftTDRE FOE HALE -THE FTOTK, rut area and Inner of a drr rood* r.orr in one at tbe i?* | blnrke In to rern wVh etroet If dnetrw) tbe InMe will be aoM Mperatr Addrree M HonJdoQrr. fJOTHF FOB HAIX-TWB WLEOAWT THRIVE a WD a i 11 half fiery he nee IX RaarVreeelwtreM, near Waahht* m ' - v ? It U threo roowta dene painted m foeaen In perfe-i enter, end bee nil the modem iwinruiwmwnta. For tcrtwe. wMoh win te Nbeml apply le HOMER MORflAH, or to lb? 1 e uer el 41 WMer ebwl norm FOB PALE -A FEET RICE THERE ETORT bo tier on Twenty fourth etmeL near Fourth n?entte I bi 0. elan, w Tktrty deal atrert pe.T.Vi. ene en Twenlr I erv nth at/ret r WW. one en Twenty eighth rreel, fT.sou. t ic eu Tommy ninth wreet, HI,**) E h KTWUHIMER. Sfa Fourth erenoe, ItoTF H. Hotel fob hale -the valuable leahe awp fnmlittre of the I* Pierre Honor, 47? and Wl Broad tray, earner ci A ntlty Mreet. a.1 jntn Ing tbr IdUbrre MMal, eon tain Iny erer eerenlo rootna. eiewanfly fumlahed, gae. balhe. Ac I I ere/ma applying will require front Ibrwe lo floe vhnnaaod dollar In oeal<. botlaaor irrnto rear. Apply between lie houra I Of IV OOtlS, at the Intel. Hardware -the htock, lkarf. awpfixttE'E 4 thai eld eatahllabnd hardware atone corner of Rntgrre | ellp and iTterrr etreet. now dote* an eieelleol b'tdane. nwrk all aew terme eaey. and ealla/Wetory rename ptrwe -w eel:lay Apply to .1. F hrwCA W. 0 I \* AfHIWFRTPOR HALE ART) FACTOBT TO LEAF f 1 ifl :? nillea I root Vow Fork by railroad, eomerlotne I note I Machinery For carpel nod woollen rare, nearly new lamp. I hnttee fbc'nrr, dwelling*. Ac BRL'NORMB A KOrtal f I U Reetti atreet. I \B IIJ.1HFFT-AN OLD WrT A HI.IS ll KD PRITATR JVI mlillnary, with a larpa rim of rapular truatrwwi of tba ba*t rlioa. for nala r*a*tan? to tha r oniaianaannnt of tha , *pnnp hiwHaaa. ?nd 'mmo(l?l? pnwutini t*an. Aay lad* , wiahlnp to rvmmaoca thr hit Mora* wilt Hod lAi* an oppottanly I aaldrwa to ba nif* with A I la' of ruatotnor* and #*rry anti* \ (i fliort pt? cp. AddrrWI J. *ntth, Chatham aruara I'otd o?pa. ORWTiro macrihrh for hu.r-two or hivoU'h I O 'atrat, pcrtnrtir naw. Alaa. a larpa air* ahntUa in* I r< lita warraotod pood, and willba aold low to pay advance*. | April* toC A. PI R?IH patani apanry. rnn A M6 Broad I Moffat Building fTAHRKR" AFP I.RATHRR DRALRM, RRAP THU. 1 onr of tha haal taoaarr altaa In tha ataton/Row Tor* Aw rata ar awrbanpa. iltoatad wtthm (Ira mllaa of a canal, whara aauopiy of hark oaa ba had fbr *aara at a *arr low rata. 1 Tor particular* addraaa or lavdr* of J ORRn, Ho. at Front atraat Haw Tar* ffiO Itril.O*HH A HP OTHRRH -THFHl'HATRIHRR HAH I pot a lot oi naat marhla mantata, hi h ha will aan at I naariv Walt prtaatf appltad for lmmadi*?a?r laqnira at 178 ] aranna II.rdtr dorr fr*?m Klrvaatli atraat rjtll.t THKM-FOR RALR, T71K RTOCK ARB rtl tun* of tba atora w mnatoti atraat, tha hnatnM* ha* baa* raaahiiahad for four *?ar? and kaa a pood rna of rnatomam, tba nittiraa a rrr pttl In la?t fall tha atoek la atnall and wall i aalartarl Ratiaiartmy raaaona plratt for aoMop !?qatr? at tha I at or a rl PRT'rtfJIRTR AHR AroTHHOARtBA.?F. HALF RBapaat/ull* int ttra tha attanttaa of pnfchaaar* to aararal atoraa now for aala in Rrtmhljn. Wtlllamabnrp and Haw Tort I rttta* full rarttenlar* pt*?n hy aalllnp an F. KAIJt, Ft H. rktnit atraat Alao tha ftirttUnra plaaa of a drop Mara * air naatl* lahallad. ffti PRf(?OtrfT? -FOR HAI.R. FOR WRTCH PRt <1* I a III ha tahan in at'hxnpa ? banittfn' horna. w*pnn ant h?rr*aa tha lat or raarly naw. App'j at hh Rant Thirta- ith trrat 111 SSDAY, FBEMUARY 3, 18 ?' ?i?S '9 gg* " " raft yrin>c?u?llTl? MTii ?M trrKAm EL???iaXttBS-iSV'SSSM! t U WIIdd?d a ., tan tar ta?h at tto ?? ?f SS^'rtK^ZTSSiU^aWIBtJiS " MWaIiumI yweeeereere renewteilWlie rak>wl?i|i ?>tiMk A ? a ) taUe mix p?a tkrrujh "ta-rwx ? ? ??j rtkw wMI (x mar?d ?? iwi ajvii utatPM. o?f*n fitta u) T'nanri -TW AM aooMAM Mb bM Hi if SJSbws ss*j'aK ?* 11mm *bl|m u>? dm Mil hj ww?t. i? nw*j tm ??

UHM-B4 mti?, tier? nn bta b?o t? W MwW ?atar? 0o?, M ? ?W i>|Im Id ?I ??* ?4 , and !? * Munimrf.iL.. I km ?->,! fW -' <um and hbim Pridt o1 iu*ua (Ma l?* lark la Marpoal hi I'a dim aohto, t>M M in?I ?Ma. f?A fntm htaerpaal la Baa ?orh. 9 aad %> ?nla iiai an atpe toaad nr|?oa aoaehad la aaab Mr (to hartb aaa?ad ?a) f '4 %t 1W ahtui af (Ma too ham to?rarad aatarttybl bo kbeada aod la imM tonaar f.a?n laa ?U a? ara? to laali north a# 41 dayrtaa mmW after Ito M ?f Aof?i. ra.ir-?uui aa*? or It'Uiu Fiom Prm fork. From Ida?peel, ?day January V WW. Weda?toM, Jmammrj 7. IBM. to?to*, Jauoar; I?, Heeaaadaf, Jaqn?y n, N aiarday, Jauaarv Jl, " VadiMafap. Frwry 4, " -alnrda?, Frhr'r* 14. " Wodneaday. Febr'ry W, " to?day March 14, " Wnknaadav, Mamk 4, " toardny April 11, "* Wednraday, April 1, " taiarday May ?, Wulnae.lay. Apr* Si " laioMtay Maa ffi, " WadonoUr, Hay B, " toaniaj, Joaa 4, Wodnaaday, J?a If, ** "alorday J una Ml, " toodneaday. J ana M. " to?day. Juiy 4, " Wndamdaf, Jato H. " Saturday luly IB WmteraOay. Jakr *. " -rarvas.-.. . r. BROWir BBlPUBV A 40.J1?paaL nkPHiW KB UN AMD a OO . li e Wai?wai8fiA'U?oi?toJ*li'lie' !* owoara or thnaa aid? will ?I ha amo?aiaMe tor Maid, MWrr, baJftoe ...art* Jewalty prrmoaa ??cnaa ? matal, aula Ml Mlh of Ink lay are wly.aed Uxrafer and tto ?laa lb?a ?f Mt?ato Mated Royal mail nr*'iM*n(r pubiu for liyrkpom -?sr PtKtU, <>. H B Jadkina oom.nandrr win Mil I'rm ibe ?l" *m ?ttb We m-tlN ami peeae-gore T >r I vtpr, (it W>4i?ul)|, M la-i A rtwinv will h'.itv the company dock ? Jersey Oity ?Kk t<Ni pi?K'?i! rs at 11), A. m. awl 1 P. h Ike iPKiCi will etlloo he l<?j, m v. r CONaRU, No ? Bowling Orern. STB All TO I.TTitRPnOLrbOM NEWVORR DIRK JT.? Ibe Iron wesm-h'p 01 r V ?)* II iNOaKiTRR. Ospt I'd t ie, alb m?U o-> a hursoat, Vehrusry II bom pier 37 north river. kor freightor passage apply to SAbKL. A OOltrn, VP Brosdwsy. FOB HAVIK DlRIKfT.-TRANfX) AMERICAN OOM paey ? 'h<- screw w-am-hlo * IUU, 2 AM Wits bn'theo, bharp eo~n>?i <). r wNI leave f<ir the ?br/e part en Thura day Keh. H at 12 o'eioci preetse'y. Price of potsege?first esbin. alt >>00. do do , forward $N). Fo? freight or i>t?U|e apply to the sgenU, Ml. A RD. Politic.* A oo , 32 Hroatl street. OTBsM TO flkAMHUW ? ?It.L I.BsWR NKW T. RK O for O asgoo, en eeturdav. fr b 7. I he Clyde ecrew -Hi--tot Packet Company's tine substantial l?ot serew simundtio l)l.kliR,1W4i<in bnrthen, tiavid UhdItdod mamunilnr, will leave for trlargoo paugtnaRv as above. This superior and powerfsl v?a?el has been bniK and 'Iited np evoreaslf I'ethe trade, on (be n.n?t approved principle* for apoed tad the safety and comfort of al< elvures of pasteugers. tier steerage aeeeamodatMnsaie nnequaled Hans. Cabin passage. f!5 Intermediate passage fonnd la an aband.tnl gnjiply ?t provisions properly raohel 35 Steerage passage found in nans- manner 34) Hblppera will o'e so 'ake nartinpar notice that the veeeen of tils line will be despaabed proceely la aei'erttanee with tbe date advertised Per freUbt ar passage apply to tba agents, TAPHCorr A CO . Hti South sl-eet. II ?Na bills of lading will he signed eieept IhawMirtnted evprtasly for the company, which can be bud at the i>Mce. cm>b Havre and baiotb ajrptoii.?tub uvithd P Statr# mail steamer alaflO. D. I does Commander. wttl leave far Havre, tauehieg ad bosdhampkon to land the malls and passengers, m Hntarday, Feb. I, at 12 o'doeh, Nm pier he, J> Norih river, hot at Beach street. Price of passage first aabln J130 eeoad cabin TO This ship baa Ave wales tight eampartments. tnekialrg (be engines so that In tba event ad rollteton or strandta; 'be water eoald not reach Uiem and the pomps betne free Is work, the safety of Ibe vrase! and passengers would be neenred. Baggage net wanted daring the aansagr should be saot ea Mri On d>? bafarr tailing, marked ' Mow " Aa freight will Ik taken after T bandar Feb. 5. Par freight nr paeaaae apptv la MOBTiMU UYlMQ?rQM, Agent. U ixriumr TVLTOM wB eoeoeed Be A rage, and taUMareb T (TOR HaVRK DIRSCT-PRAHOO AMKR1UAM COB F pany.?The French aarew ateamddp OADII. twenty twa hvntml lose kailkia, ? Armtand. am. mender win leave lor the above pert an Tboraday. Peb. 12, at 12 o'clock prrdeety. Prtee of paanape?Find cabin aft, $100, de , brwirl ?H# Per or dmm|? apply to (he aetata. %U. A RO. POIR1ER k CO . S3 Bread etreet. DtUk BRTWRKM R*W TORE AMD QIwAJIOOW.? O E1HNBI Roll, 2.WU looa. William Onauadag. eeaiiaaaddor; Pit* YORR.two tone, Robert (Vale, aoaraander; OUABOOW, 1.981 tora, Jahn Danaaa, cnmmimSar. TheQUagow and Mew Yerk KteamdMp Company Intend ratbag tAaee new and powerful eteauiaia from Mew York la Qlaafow direct, aa follow#- ?Raw York. Aabarday, Slat Jaa iary, at U e'rtark, neen; OltagfTW, aakarday, ldth Pabrtmry. at M 'eiock, n< cm MArm ow vmim. Ftigt elam, $75, IWrd alam, found wltA eantad piaitaana. $10. An ex parte need eai gaoo attaekad to rack kiiaoi. Par 5rt?bt cr paaaae apply to JOBM MACRYMON, 17 BPeadway. Maw Yer* eRy bflle or mid only received tor pataagn fTIHM LITMRrOOL AMD FHDuABRLPMlA HTMAMRIBT JL < omnany ? enlrndld and powarfal otaanwtope CITY OrBALYiM OR K, EdMtona, OdpC Robert l.eaab. CITY OP WAMH1MOTOMT>,3BO tone, (fcpt. Wm. W/ba. ujti ur hibji i im una, un r. u rm KANOABOO, 1.174 taaa, CapC R. Ewtnp fthlppara im importer* are trrrtB rasperthaDy tnMiaad Ikitt tn future the fortnightly alia* Wfcto mmmoVi M? a* win tale plana alternately from Mew Tort u4 Philadelphia. Uadar ttto ?i i taty tun tail the daw af wlltac wM m aa Uo?> nn raw thi im rvnjDii/vti. KANOABOO Bow Philadelphia Jaw. IB CITT or WAhIU*oro*7***ew1?wt Jra . CITY or MaMCHBHTKB, from PhUaililphto Fat. U rmoa uraaroou CITT OF WAKH1BOTON. tor Nra Tart Dee. SL CITY OF MABOHB8TKB. tor rhOadatoWa Ha. U. < PIT OF BALTIHOBB. tor Krw TwtJw At tin or liaiu wwom raw roar tn muHLmi *o an raow uraarooa. Saluua M, Mi and tU soeordtn* to alade ma A Untilf a in ni iifBtol itow )imw|ii a mil '"tii ml toimd la pi ii i Irtaia TeUi wytal MO I From lAvarpoel MO Three itmawi er* raaFwM srlth improved nfarlpt eammtoiiato. aid awafe vaaaal aarrtaa aw m perianal* aar**Partiaa wtoMag to brtwout ihetr Menda saw nluila eartdaatae of paaaage end drafts w Liverpool la aanw rf ?1 starling and spwardn Apply at theatom at toe nrap any, Of Broadway, Haw Tort J. Q. PAlJL IT Walaal street. rMMtelphte. IN COBKKQl'KKCB OF THK NTOBM AND BAO OOINO, the clipper ship OOI.DKN FLKBOK fur Han FraorUei. at plar 10 A art river, will ''onttnus la rereiv-e freight until Thuraday aeil,vh proi.. aniens sooner full. Mhlppera will ph-aBe hand lt> their hills *1 lading as anon as their enaaite met.la are rompleted, hi MUTTON A CO., AM Mouta street, err ner of WaJI. the splendid At clipper ahlp David Oockatt, J. W Mpc i ? tar, nattier, at pier ?i Kaat river, will foilew at aa aarty aayl NL1 LINK WITH nCKIt COMMBCTION.?TBaNHTT 100 nujna shorter than any cither route, and so eiposar* k> river navigation?I'ntted tones Mall Line. Fifty pa<m<te of bsggsrs free, tan eanta per poood on ereeaa -Pear h"*r* frnwi ureal to anaan. by Panama Railroad -Thrcmgh I* (Ml oraia via Panama Railroad ?The Celled Mtales Mali Hteaa ship Company wtl daaealrh tor Aaplnwatl, an Thursday Feb A, at I o'clock P M., pcvilaaly. from pier hotel Warren street. North rivar. the well Inewa and last steomsfcip II.I.INOIR, Oapt Ohaa H. Hnua U. H M Fwseurrs wd malls will he forwarded by Panama Railroad, end rownart at Panama atth tha Pacific hall H'eamablp (tomeaar'e n*n.i trfvmt llenmahli- Golden Ac*. J. T. WtUm T-m-aanW wbk-b will bo In raadlnraa nod lM<l un mediate I> r>r Hon Franreoo. 1 ho piibhe are In form ?d that the Pacific Hail Htenmnhlp Oompaay nJwnya horn nno or atom ' '*ra KMnarn iTtng at l iMnt road; tor eea. to arotd ant paaaikto ddimMnn of paaooagora or malln For paaaagr apply to I W RtTM<>ND at tbn only office of tbo cutnpaniao. fin 177 Vw oUc t. corner Of Warron hew York Hrnor t'al rd ' jktm sail eieamabip days bib aad 2Mb of each month. 1'irmtit frrATW HAn/irrBAVsfiir LiRF7>oirV*. J rana aad Now Orleana.?Un Taeniae. February A at J P M. front plrr foo? of Warron ftrooi. North river. >h? fv?* and tarortio toantablo PHff.Afilfl.PltT* ''apt John tfe wan wtll aail an atwrre Paaaage an bo aoo irod at tbo orl roof tbo Una. Prrtgbte In How Or.ean*. hi -anta per riot- I, Muppera will bo anpplted with black bill* af fading of tbo orm Arned by tbo Iiim on application at Utotr ofli -o No other form* rfbod. and an bill of lading will bo aigned after -ho ho-" "f aalling For f ei.;ht er paae*ge apple a''be air. * Wat ctreef, corner of Warron M O RORPRTd trnl l'oh patahn am aro rvtripa-rjitriid it a ma r mall hne?ibo Kramer FLORIDA. Oap-a n laaao fYnwali. wl 1 loaro on Fatnrday, rib. 7. ftwm ptor Ro ?, Rorih rlrer. at S a'oinok P M RUla of lading a.rned on board Por freight or paaaago apply ta R L HTr- Hfl.t,. I.l H-nadw*y Through ticket* from Row Turk to Jaekannithe. H in PIL-tha AA Stoaoora for Florida mnnert at darno nab with the ateaavrra front Rrw Took, on Tuoadaya and Saturday a If OR RaVARA ARD HOBrUR-TBI ITRITRO NT* 1 1 mall clnaawhlp yt*AK Kit CITf. R W Bhafrldt. o- .. wander. will aail far the aboro porta on Saturday Fab * it 13 o clonk nooa. pmrtealv, from plor to Baal rirae. ft. fctaweeek at root. Freight 'ahwn far Raw Olriuw. aad t arardod frrwi MobUe free of armmlaaion Far frwrht or on* age apply to POST. hMlTH A CO.. Agenie. *5 Be- lb airrt BAPR RAI L OORVFRTTOR -AR AP torrvrd MP7 J ing of Ibo OramMra of DalagaAra fbr draughting a r a of ntlaa Ae Having tbo gaaae of baeo ball, will be be (A Kirltb'a llolel, KB Broome (tree* on Taoaday, P?k 3 a- % r. m. ra wo dork r. jacmor, vmun Pill FOR FHOOTIRO AT MR. WILLIAM WlTmi ** J Fa*! Row Tork. on Wodnmday Fob t. at one oV f M. 7 bo pnrtioa to "boot are Rrw Tork ara.nat I V Inland. The conditions of the match very anncoai in ptf | honti-ig. ' 3MTmBBk<owt. = ASTROLOOY -MADamr LPRT CAR Bt corkct.TKD about lore, marriage and abaenl friend* dhe to tin all the eteato Of IMS*. lntrrpr?te drawee aad aaa be none-1 lied ne lee matters, at ((19 Mu'harry rreet, (.ret doer, bank mom. led tee. ? rent* (tnllaeiet, so rule. Ae rtMOe tpeedy m error** ? Awrmoooorwr nut iiati ni foiw-mn I 16.080 * edtoied le aey parson whs rem urate her In eirter aorrwct Itelieiente on ell tieutt thrangh nfla. perHee fcriy merrtwre*, deaths. health, wealth, loeeea. tewouP*. <1 teat trlendt ton. If. A Madame OLlrFTOIf to a* bamboo. nrw 6am the wteh to Impose on the unwary If jtvi Wert to oieke e tortnoe cell eed eee this nalarette gtftod 1*4*. to the nolT perene ! the Halted toe tee ?hc ran (lee lnehy nam here fall and aWtafy yen ran Ires Kotodeaet 186 Oreherd .-rani. betwnea Boeetei eed leaiKmi ix *iitOK* A?Toci*n*n -madams de norn* the meet weederftil rlalrroyaat te the wend bee jnto arrlred ft England, ?nd trill remain tn the city ? abort t me. At dlaeeeeo ruwd If rumble. The mart <wuraeof ynttr pee, present end future life marked net to pen to rnrrortly that ton will be onmpelled to acknowledge. ?'-b thousands lain . ope. that the ft the wnader nf the world. fXBne ?1 Wnet 1 weebr eatrnth atreot, between toith and ?e* ?nth arratiaa. CITAiRTOTAiri.-ig* HAT**. menu*i><rnt*r i law Tort altf. It the beet eaetn* elalrmyaot hea'tne phratrtan we hare In the Petted Autre Aatotriahlna; cures made daltr. fell erd aee ft* youreelrea Aattafaetory rraml nation* (Iran In all neeea. remember, or oe rharje n<^ ledlea thniild reaoult Mm. Ilayaa Madame m?t**j-at*or hi mfvimthatmrrit hoc remnrnd to M? M Parrr ttraet. hetw en Itleentter and Fourth *he rnnMnue* to tall tne'. present and future r\#Ta llkea .re m?ftagr?. intimate, leaao'u. nuatome pre nrrta elnktieea, aveent friend* rrneer loot ir rn'rn %|k it one Meter aont ?reee ,n Vngth freeh and O nrto end p it ae wMrrenteo tor het art 57. VTBte^UAjlO*Jr a, mn. M?o?D Nuibt of iho al ip ?voamts, t?u OmiMJOUL MoVKik, MB* I*0*KBf Ha* MONPT.AH1R, i.*0* ROPIRUSA o WAIMitTTI. FoUO BAlLu-bT, BWIL.K M<vNUI<f. Ka?o#r '' ICR uAH, \ mag AWRKIOa. Voiing i.KIIHANN, | Sn? WIMHo. If M ,RZ?TT', r>.OHa ?? jOi.Ia . IHHA.H and v. OIIUKIN!, ! MBnaol'f <tl>| Vockwih'ho ?v? i i iiiPah oN i IIK TIOliT B'ifB. Ycaag Bimt'er Mtu* h^tel, * I rhruum and Iho talluM w?ad?r Yonng tncrHU r-?o>t\Kl> v. M. Uavyklalr, L. E.Rtuoi-a, Uw tVordrrful Ra.ebt and the nttiro ttonipnnv t<Na?? PAf, by Naae Moaplaiotr. Man- Mtr/eili MUe. Llna Wlndo' and L> Hapnxma To eoaeiudc wl'b THS CONnCRIPT. The fowrr'v* Antolno Karol Tho Vivandine Mini' MiLrieiU |)o?ri> opra at lis, t" onessseaee v ?!> o'clock. Tickets, Mr crate, Orchestra seal* 91, Private bores, 9A. Wi(il?rii? II'A.KK, Tbalgbt,T noartav, Wednesday and Thursday, Mi - MsTlt.li* lltnoN will appear la ber *r??t cha-acter of H I LIE, wlih ? vsrtstj of d?? music (no odlntt, between 'die first ,.n 1 second ??'? JnllteaS Isst selet rated uoadilde, "Peter the Ureal " Between the se-oid ad'b'ril "ike MghOsg-le Fo'ka ' composed hy J. WttUack Looter, Ren. br'mo ' h? third and tonrih " Jho ><i*t (Up hrbrrxtsshi1, ' computed by Slfcaor Lit M . J,a. Between tbo fomtt * tri tilth "? bo ? a?ilie Mtiuoi ka ' composed by Robert Blopel an,) dedicated to lTa* MtTfLRa IlfCRON. After the play a favorite sflernleie Tbo M>a yeaent bee a mor carneetly to recommend tbo aecnral of *esl? ear*v In advance LADHA KKMI'H NkW rilr. MRK OS USOSDWAT NR*1 IIOOHTON HtiICKT. l ours epeb at d>, o'emcii, the performance w.li oomm.'oei with ike ovwtn e at 7 o'clock On T, khi'SV HVCMMI, Kae 3, IH67, A M" V MKKillaN littaUA, MtKY'r HIRrilllAY, powerfully ra?t, will be pedneed here In anrotiacing this drama tar 'epirarpiatroi >he Ui>oagrment has the pleasure of eiprerrlsr the bode th?< 'hi* pity. I Iniirattnjf the virtue* of tae bunisn heart In it siriiguli a uh the S"'llab pactions will prove aee* p able to the b-bitne* of hM mtab'lahaaent. It hue been selected far Its redicnu'it iU natural yet emlarntly portlcal da Una. v d inr its fallli'ul portratturr of torremi home* and of obame'ere, ? bo b? ??lf saerttiees often imiisrt giiuv* 1) Hie and wmmaod tao admiration of society Should the public enenurage the Manure merit In this r'?p toward advtDcmg ame'lnsa dramatic literature of a high a/drr, It w'll >,e a pr'de as wall as pleasure to oanthiue (Tie culttval'on of suoh floorers which can thrive linrman'Jy only aader 'be fo?terlmr e?re of oure ani refined public iseta. Mimical. slsctioh* sno .auha K??>* Srii.rrnMine To ooi elude, for the second time with a comic drama, ea'Jtled I ir'bft TullDI.KKlWS. Supported by Mews if WbrailrUh J. A Rtnitb Burnett, Mr*. W. It emilh, Mia Rteddart and Mlaa Ad* tTtlfUn. AOAl)RMV OP MPsIO-ITAL! N OPERA. LAi T Wkfc* (HUT UNM Or THE HRAdON. Wtnnr<n<r Fkh. 4. (RF.TRI?? H el HriJRII'TlON NIGHT,) will be performed Bellini* grand opera, NORMA M Ik) Teroea P&rodi in her gr?>?t ohtraeter of Nenni. AdOglxA Mine AmaUn PaU) Mrakoarh FolUme Kir llberlni | Proveeo Hur M ore 11. Director and Oorduetor Maurice Hiitixn Parqnetwe dreaa elraie. flrat tier 91 Hreareo ftu.. .SO cent* eitra I Amphitheatre 10 rente Family eir-M.... .. .SO ee.nl* | Private Num.. from |t> to %J0 1 he hoi oflioea foi aeounnr arete will be open dally trom A. M. till 4 P If at the Academy of Mualo. Ball A Son'*, Tar Norder A Hint'* ?< d BreiutnK'* Opera commence* at h o'clock. Ooera night* thl* week ? Maaday Wedne?day Friday and Katanlay. BAHNI'MM AMKr H'AN aCHAI M ?ANOTBKR NET local ptnee wrtttra eiprenly tor thie mlabluthmen.. fiOin*M.or l)a>light and xaadKhl, with new wwnery and brf'tant aonrmoriea. thla (f ueeday Feb 3.) evening, at 7 o'clock, be*tdea *bk-h the Po?Mirlatlc OonvolnUna*. After oen et 3, HaOHMAIRk TOAMhNTR and PlJCARANT NBIOI1HORH, M ee l ?* tiB i-EitPKNT DIJ DRdBRf. The llvtrg phantom, living mo pent* haiipr family and Fatty Franklin* pnaed oak*, prrnrnted by her to the late ere* of the h'rolitte, m?y i ow be *een. Adnnaelon 2B rente, children under ten, 12)? cent*. BUOKLKY'8 SPRENAIIBHS, NEW IIALL, SKI BROAD way, "ppoefte Ihr Metropolitan Hotel Monday evealag, Feb A and every evening dartag ibe Week, BT WKIlL HEdUMIT, Ike grand burleaqne on tbe opera of LLCkta/.lA KORdlA, in three acta. Freoedti g which - _ NEGRO MIRBTRRLRT. Oommeneee at 7X eeleck. Ticket*, jn eenla. arehea'ra real*. Ml cent*. On Friday evening, Feb. 9, henebt of the afteer* ef the MM. NRW THAR CALL*.?THK LAST WREK Of T11K mw pnaular pi ace pi*f nd this canoe. Tbo ? la are all taken belore the curtain rtaea. ami aa thla la the last wank It ran he played l< behove* all thime who with to ?aell o he on hand In Ukc. aa It niUHt be withdrawn on Halurdty Hit poeMvely. r NIGHT, TUMDAY, FFH. 3. Af OMtfav niHf t-OlRKK, At Podworth's Room*, M*> Broaaway. atsiated by M??-m. U old beck, Tunio aud fchaberl, ma 1 by Mdrne. Mma Van Berkcl. Laura kiini-a tiiratbr-thomar bakkrb new qnadrlllee. 'L'Ku.lie du Word," 36 mala, "Lai. oirtn Borgia," 40 ceulr, "II Tro?atore," 40 oeate. ' I * Traetata, " 3ft renin 1 bene quadrtiiea are arrange*'on the moat popolaraira the operna. and are brUliant and ell'oeUTe for piano, without being didt' UlL FIRTH. POMP A CO.. 317 Broadway. VTF.W TBAR CALL*.? IT It, HAIO THAT rBOPIX laugh ul) they cry at tha perlormanae ef thla place at WHO. ChkhTI A WOOD'S 444 Braaday. It la ao ailremaly papular that U ladles want to get any kind ef a comfortable scat the? muat be there early lu the evening. Tha doors open at ?S o'clock. PERKAM'H SKVRR MILK MIRROR tlpen every STenlng at TV* o'clock, At tha ? blneea hootos. M Brmdway. Admlaaton 3b renta, children hall prlca. T)BKHAM ft (lirr TIJKBT* ADMITTED A To the Hwreo Mile Mirror. Pubui (lit ticket* admitted To Iba t-eren Mil# Mirror. rTBE FHVMCIAS* OF NKW TOBB.-OKNTT.KMBK of the medical i ri f? anon nod the grolemen of the prean at* raapcctfully tnriied In vialt the boy Arnbald today, Feb. 3 beiweea lb* bout* of lO 4. M and ? I* If . at 41a rooraa. No. ;iS7 Hraadway, oppneliathe H road war theatre Thia boy b.ia born proonunreo the moat wonderful r.iaa of abnormal deymopemeut In Iba world Br la only three years od. at thirty ill irrhaa in height, bat measures thirty two inches round the walat and weighs ooe hood rod pounda illaehyalcel a*r?l<i| anirnia ?rn ti. all rrxparta np.ie of a man*thirt> jsarnof ago, br haa bawd whickers and mouatarbo, and la an atrcng aa moal mon. Ito la remarkably InW Iligo it and quirk of comprehension the drv*k>p?mcnt of kla mind ap pearlng lo bs equal 11 that or hi* body. A number of phya'rlara who bar* wen him haying eiprrmed a desire that bo should ha aubmlUad to tba aiaannatlrti of the profession gene raWy. hia parent* bara eonaentod to aot aalde thta day f it that parpoaf. Rm s bat phyalelana and tba mambera of (be prem orlU be admitted, Physician* who bara aot roomyad ticket* can obtain them (frae on applleatlon t? day i) ahora. OTirB -mm HaRDINKK'rt KUTKRTa Ih M aim ? In rooar-juenee ?f tba number of rabaaraola in i maai j lor the rrirrrct perfornianna of the wltrhe* wenea and muat of Meeeeth anooiirr.d tor the perl eiitet'orrraeot, R will ba poatponad aatll Wedt e-day erealng. February II, at the Broadway Attica euro IA4 Broadway. Tlcketa at bum* Harding* a Miuocil Arademy. \\t Broadway. GBAND~OOMFUMKNTART OONt^IRT TO MR TIIOHowera, on Wednesday erantag. Feb A ai Dowries' K.nerrt mm f.J Chatham streer, eoraer at Doom- upstairs. It ?ladle* and pentlymao who are to appear, please meet at tba room, on Wednesday at 2 f M. B~ XoaDWAT "ATH**At! * TO LBT-RT TUB WWWT, weekmonth, ar ana Iraa*. laiatrr on Ihe pruiuasea, tot Broadway lyfriiAtt n 111 rr tk krth I Bar aale at 8d3 Broadway. Perkam gift tickets For aale at 333 I triad way. Perhama gift ticket* For sal* at the principal hot. I*. Pkith \ M> b*v :n milk MIBKOB fipen rvrry evening at TH o'eloek. At the l hlneaa Bonma. .489 Headway. Ado Jwlun 28 rent*, children had" price. THEATRICAL MOTN R -MOUTH'S MATTORAI. TTTM air* < bioapn. Illtarda. caaaftir M MMmf I Wpnr?.m ? lb# aboia ?'?tiMmral *111 apm on to a tat of Mar tur mn mrr wwnn Utdlra and frrllrtnaa of arkooafndanj Olrnt wiahw.f to muf *il plww oliirMi aa abtao The rrM.rwur la opaa to) atfnUato *l* all lint Blaaa atari LKTI 1. MOUTH, r.aprx-av. 1) MRU AM 8 OfT Tt*KET* A f'oraa> at AW, droad way. forbam a elf i' tola for aalr Al M "rutdway. r*~ H Prrhama gin t rkata f ir aala A! to? priaoipal Vato:a C-KVXM MI'j; MIRROR 17 Opoo r tary a??ti!n* at]}i o'elork, Al Uio Ch.t>?a? Ho.at AW An*4 way. tllftUrk'da >1 ratto KHl! M TI'-KKTH A Vl* \MTITT FOR MAIJ1 AT ?. nN anrli. Two U-lr?? for o?? dolutr ami by mall. 1 bo dra wing laioa plaoa oo tor JAto All nrdrr* promotly at - otfrd to, up to U?? Z7to nataal. Addraaa Jamoa B. Marr'n, -:;l Bwlway. H T. a OaPM.MT or MIIAIO TO I.B?-OM THR off MIQHTfl A of tor nprra, tor nwoow lr--t'irra, *r Aenamtand*. "on tor four toouaaad poiaana Pncr, par night. BBUO, lrvd?4BALL MR A BOH. Tbr prior for Vail nUhta baa twwa rol'iw I to tTSfl, m- 1-uUng ? >sr prirllrpra of tor ara nppaa rwwna and final raontt. lopmkrr with too Urbuna at4 flronna Apply to R. H. WOI.FR OI U?? Kurutira <>inmliton. Mo ] Houlb atooaL TTiTT 7klvBi.T KfMlWd TO I JIT -f BOH APRIL TO I ' N riupor. *11 bo lltt?o for an oorra hmiar tor v-oati laltti 7' ">r ?rrr "'Ittrr or alan. for mnnrrto rtthibltoww. It Appn to lllO ff MILI.KR, ProprlrAor, t# Broad ra?. z? ? .i r TRAVHliI IW RKTHML H1'ld?OM RITRR RAiTJAOAO-rROH t'RBRI l?T 1 i'A?, tor irajna will toara i Ttaaapara Mnwt ataum aa Mkiwa -1 ipraaa train a, A A. R. a ad .1 ATI P. M , mall. II U A R n igraol. A AA P.M. Tar P<*i<Vkl'?ala ?.VI A. R 1? ? I V nit I 4 AA P H For tor a Am a V M ?? i-.-i. tllll. ? *> P M lto V?n)tWt??rH.rr MrvrMiieand row*.kill kin* ?t 'ha ?*T *<ati*n? rM?ifir) '?k*o at < Vwn bar*. ? anal, < hrlatophar ard Than. tti-at atmeta Train* fur be* 1r*? IraaaTmy atA.iaMMlto29A.il and 4 ?A P iM and k aat A ban I at t and 10 ? A. M and t 19 P M. A. t AM ITU, Ann t Nk* TOBK AS* HtALJOf Mi*QAIV ttvM a* tin f ..nat..t?lr| ltaday. Jaaaary II IW, twa MIt frniaa to A ~ ? l*?dn? aaaapaad. Tar* fl ? ban Raw Tort to Albaof. ^ Irr a Raw Tart M Mawt, from rtaatoo aarnar at WAN* ad * antra * ***? A W? A. Rati Ma rti?AHI %"<> ?HA> aMwai eb. ? ?* *f aara and nwnaittaa at ftxfaat roar m . y ?a> Waatom rtia lav PtMMkA Fartfc Atmi aat Btbar i itatktac I 4 | | ? Runaaa raimtaa dlraottr tfimafh aHfrwl otianf* *? -*ra and (mairTaf wltV OhM Wat 11 at IIP. M.. Mr im WML aarraaiaa uin ?ia?*r. I A A. M -Wall tra la for Raw Tort dinar*. | BP II - Tapraaa w'thantrtanr* af aara TVkfa la bo eb?ntoad and ba?a*tr* abarkan..:- * aAmW >? u nwri Kabmnd Albany, or at WWta and tta l'ra. i n-vM ar Twaatyaiitb tkaM and Paartfe aranaa. JTrw WW. .1. (-AMTBB.I* fnpaHataa Mnt 1 fn In Jm. IA MM . 01 * ft J > nauDwamiTM^ JD K A mtrOmlt. Lr?M. ? H Bi?k-, P** l .^u 00*rlHv*i> gtfCOMM t rmi AT,?w*J?AT? DHAM.hc. PAHT^MTWII ajt? Bm-ijtr f.?...K?kiii:ieH. Taw B*b*i?u, Tiib'D??, r.? 3, lw87. TbK WONI/Ahroi, u?rtRrc:. and rRABOUIH it .VKI, TROITPB wl'lninr Or Cfc* t ?>? '?. "mhi (rnitrwl wnh ad la orltutaJ cffenu UrleAa rbw i?, t??ew Ac , te ) la Ida fa | paatfltBi** / IA? Ollli B??N TICS All Die principal ar'wM training chn.--ir.tam, nata .lag flabrtrl Eaael In ? gie.t p*r? ? ibn K n.gkC Par full prog ram n* at d nlmnui ontar taiananui a*a W'g. lu narrow (Wadl_>day 1 ataning^ ^ Bonnnd thao this ?'?? 1 hurtk.kt ev?nlj? ?f rrond kPi) l??t lime of mb UHbbN MobritKR, by lha Ratal MBpiti . . Friday otrmnf? M' r IUI r !o ?(wlobraAd -haraalar haiuiraj ?\ro'iig?' ba nawt'".oil!?ny Graad nh bight, Will tukorU) bo rartrxl ? n ?' ?' burorteai play m ?ll.k<bM 'bbl. William Toll tftral ' n** born for sovorai yn\rt>I ? Mr. ParrM No* *r?aa? hf Mbl*'**r ukim i drtaaaa, te , Aa. Prrfornaaaoo lo boxm ">u> tan ttror lire at 7 a'alatk prg toaly. BHOCOW AJffl BOWBat rtibaf MM, raic*s or luaioioi. Orcbiatra Koala .M MM DtwuMiMlkia II o> l Pit Md MM PrirbU Bom Itn aaUa/e 0otn?m bl?H, to oreuoo-noo at 7 o'eloofc. Tumi >4? babhinu fin ,V >MB7, TIIR ilU.M'ltMA' K UP NolRK IKU > i?almo 1<i Mr. Harry Waymaur ho bn* katoaopara Mr. J. a. B*?? Grmroira Mr Mb)* < mppta Mr WMMng Kmaoralda M m I. JUlMMlM A fur which OMDIMBi Ob, Tub KiiciiArTBB Hj.ii.nr ist ma flnm ?r mhi VtUbf Amphibao Mr. Hbrrr Mvm? Hlr Kit part Mr J. B. 8m thr baron of LoreBaiMMOD Mr. A. T. Buu Bap Halo Mr. Ha A Hir huroliih of Hararta.... Mr Braaa Sir Blaaldo of Hlcil) Mr. Paat Sir Alatc of Utmiiart Mr. O Sua pro" Hr Monlnnoof ULboama Mr. Har Sir Roland oi Portugal Mr. Tbarna Pilgrim of Palai a>o Mr Barry Bernardo Mr Ultr Olraldo Mr. BUbp CnotM Mine date Rtognelde laei ... Mtn runj Ooabem I <ir%lw M,|. itrneoUne lletmrde Lilia Mile ton* Huruii BrBIOW'fl NKW TIIIaTRB. a great ??n??U m - Weariy eheora. junction vr i'h* wo it a Mr )< hn B-ouabain, gW><iau?i reciived r>y a crowded bona*, will anpear agein tote evening loendep, in w?.M<lw? with Mr Button id two rrnilul n't pennlar pl?-e*. Mine Poily Mar*h?il wil a>oo appear. Tueeday? Oolmona cnool) of l'?i|a Witb Mr. Brougham, Br. nn<-t.u, Mr t) Flatter, Mr NeteheA, Mrr. h fb?? -tin Miaa MiHer. our W l? K. A apteudid c, ine<1?, to twovte. With HUM Polly Marehail, Mi n cn..l>a Marahal., Mr. C. F'lMr nod Mr M<r? eiui'h To nnnelade with groat eutrriaii n oat, which, being hvtla erlheble, moat bo aeon to bo uedcralood. It U a WlUM-ucal. iii) al.ITV, Fnaialiied b? Mneare Htuu n are Kroofbaai TI1K NKKVOUK MaN to morrow night. C111AMNF.RK HTHKKT THKATRK, ) Jeuoa S. W.atd Trwaauaer Revival aid oeeoud tlmo In New Y irk fir amy yarn, tbo moot eelebratod comedy in the Rr.aliah longdate nt the PtltiTOKM.il MUrHtNO. L4?>Y TOWnt.Y, Mra McBntOrf. TL-a-UAV Avnirmu lt? V IWT. with atrlet atienkon to onotuoio, ao.. will ho performed, la lit net* ibo PRtiVuKM.il huhaaNU. Laay Towolv Mm. MaMhhan i Ady Omoo Mra. Uoiaaaao Pepe Mwa J .nary MMa Pre nee Lara Ttaaqr Mr. I* P. Benetl. ??niro Riokar.l Mr. L. (lahbmud j-Vo Moody........ . .. .. Tm>. Proaoa C^IKO. CHRimr A WOOD'S J MIaHI It It I.H, 444 Broodwoy, kolow trend Meet. Ili urr Wood RmMm <Joo. I'hrioty Plage Maaagur 11ll LoPT wr*K orii Kin r v e i i n <;. NKDRli NIlK Hi t.Hf. Ooe-lixttag wkh, tilth ond Not weak, aa rotlroly rrtplea piiM.wrluen oiprea.lt for ihia cs>ot>llohm?a: ty Ry'iealar h.oeeke.r, R?, , entitled f tCW YEAb OoLM. Peter Dor thre'etoa Om Cheta* 1 fckela a mh'j To eeinmenee at 7K a'alank. M f.chan 108' bali , <7.7 h?<> ? !>w a.y. rfimd Kerend weak of tbo erlKtael wen ? hath ond ealy > cubiotv'14 MINdrKHbH, teraantrod to 1H42 > now under tne m.iaeneaken*. of J W. ravniir A P. m PIKkck the oldeot e?tahl?bed bond la the werld, who will appear n'gbtly ?? o rh dee ead b^aaOfel grofliomBo of geiua, colled from ike (lower* of mieotrotiy. *0 OLD HOUR. 472 BhOeDWAY, after on obaanee of three Teoro Tieteto a tenia. TUALBBBO'" PARRWKLL OtiBOWRTR. BLHLO'H OALKliN, MomiaY. FBI. IA i'ihd or tiio oaciaaoer. The p while ore reopoetfnl'y Info, rued Uiat Mr. TI'ALJkRAt), oiler ha*lad plten o eerteo of PAHR?AI,L OON4JBRT8 la Mew York. Philadelphia Moeton Ha'tuanr* *od Washington. WIN depart for Hi* ?rot in Morob oad toil lor aoitora in aor naxT The Srat of theoe Farewell Oeaoorts will he g'ten *a Honoor, Per. 16. or Ntaao'? Hauw* v in*> n/wwww.a ?n?ifo*_l* A tfflWll m an i J ncroHN to'iat' iM fur l>a<ira l.iaon Polaa,' taa pu >Uahrra kag h> umiuihk that th l.ainufnl pnltn, arratpad by 1 haaiaa Ha*or and r' rfaon?<1 t>> Um> orebaatra af Iba akava ikaalrn with repealed rroaroa la now poMiahad, prtaa Jit o-Ma. KIKTH, POPP, A OO. *47 Mraiadwty. DR. ABBOTT** OBLBdBATRD BOYPTla* MUUOMTha nuaa partHar and Ineirnadfr nhikkiaa kit*aMy aad tka raaort 01 paranna af IMararr taai- and raf aaanaaV A oaw apes at lbs Htayraaaat taadtaia. 00V * roadway. vrxw tkabb caija?tomo pkopi.k mum ua*. IN ("HRLKT Y A WOoD'a ball laa( waok la aoa 1MB baas Ulul aad ml/'A provokLnr i-wordy II la tka praraltec WfcBaa lAat "Naa laaTi Oalla' la <ba ba* piaoo arar pbljta rvaa In Ibia Yiwple of Bvmaa. Ooaavly. CKVKK MILK MIRROR O Open rrorj v-n:a? at Ibe (Tiluao. Rmow. .119 Brradoay. K.TKS A CO.. rmrloai XTCW YBAR* IllLK -TT It KTBTRIflBO TO 1KB IN thenumSarn thai <,-a?d <?Ko OB BUT Y A WOOOK ban nightly lo attnnaa 'Al I arfnrtivaooo of thai faawaat al al funaf plarra, "New Year a Calia." All wbo wlab paad MA a??I pa iwy. ] M.AYR PL AYR, PLATA.?T11IC 1TAH0 All) ABO W. aor drama and all otbv.r pnMwhad plan, for aala by R riRMCIl 1*1 Hawa.i ttimmt, Raw berk; prlno 1AV aaraa vaeh. Ian for |l: U>und miurnoa, ft A new play p'jklfcaal ovary waeA. Complete Uaia ami by mall, "fraa.1 whoa saratad. KP1CAL *1 !UUk fOBPIITRO Alb BO OHABBS IHBJI l.WU anrad ? Or llCpTRH awoa wk? 4a Waa" wrax of nbar rbyMMaaa and all otaar i waadlaa Jay. Yterw drop ByoyoalZ nf-kaan ft* A 2aroa? a.rtf ?*'? nmm? y. I Iwwtikm itntt, ifc# omtj pit# mw If" T*T.y*T ?JkrMat11 aaraa R baa pwferwT ad. wWhwat dtat or blodraaao from haakavm. wbaa all ilkrr ramariiaa aaly B-tv# tba dtanaar b> tka klaad. K ante. ThW araraa Iba paaani Arrn aaeoodary adaaka. aad tojL mtf raaaadv aa aar* thai doaa It fry al ..than ad ma Ri pail <rf> handbill ddln nr. H?n?arhaa laaiuind. NloaaXaS ?" AaaopMoa 1 Ha mat Ibu wai'wMa a Ml laat^M a waraa lhaa a Ibtaf IZtUl b ZT3?Z7LmJ! ' C10WiFt,T DR. CURTtR if ROW It PROFIT If IU, J dtoeeeee of a private nator*. polity ted wnl inmlild. iln<-taal prtwo and mefdervw etmarved. Mn tafcrruplmn lo bum Ma V H >wnrd atrrel la* 4 a Raat of Brewhrap. /'ABD-TO TROdR WHO* IT If AT CXlTO?STl \ aiaet be etbleat to'boa* m tnr nunitr aaaaMin R dto mtart of dmw thai a trrtMao?> irbMi to aafc aad ? ?. tuaj aUnni the ua? of tutor noi aedtotaaa oaf W at Real E'wable 10 no Itroaa drafa and tnjartoee aammmmf aa'i Rtr ik-- of a ? "?taa pr?takpi|aM> I aroanrip loo nf an ew'ne-il pbrtorton * a M H? 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