18 Mart 1857 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

18 Mart 1857 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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TH WHOLE NO. 7504 INTERESTING FROM HEXIOO. " The Treaties or Conventions with tlie United States. THE BASIN FUR FUTURE NEGOTIATIONS. Xfae Difficulties between Mexico and Spain, too ftfc. *c. OUR CITY OF MEXICO CORRESPONDENCE. Citt or ttaxjon, r?b. 94, 1867. Thar* bu been a vast deal wrlttan of lata aboat tbe Mv tioalla* recoct:; ncgoutod botwoca Ilia Oaltod State* and Mextoo by tbe Anorkcta Minuter, Mr. For in, and tbe Mexican Mi a is tor of F>rtlgn Atr*lr?, Did Cxeqaol Montr*. Having aoei entally obtaicrd oopie* of ui*m. i taore *ttbobo!o*o beoa, hopiag you ?rt i giro them a puoe in the HaxAUJ?.he 100-e I rem the ract that the7 in at tbta time doubtleaa a subject of eertoui oonaldxratloa before the American government. If theee UreaMet not acceptable to the A moriiaii/government, It le sincerely lo be hoped th?t they will make one that le. Without makiig any jnrther ovmnenti, I refer yoa to the treatise ? OKKBKIL CONVKNTION. The gov em men . o: the Uuitoa dittoi of Aiaerloa and the government of Mexico, animated by a almtcre dealre to remove all oaneee of aiii*rnnc* between the two governmeuu in aooount of tne oiaim* of tnolr citizen t, reipeotivf v ngnlnit the government of tne other, propoiing to do me juat'.oe to their detnanue. ahd tbu? pat an end to all dlecutalon oonccrnlng throi, eui-.o, If prolonged,might Jeopardise the harmony md good andemtandiag now ex latleg betwoea the two o untriee; and deeiruu* of uattlag the two govermente and people In oloaer boo it of fnentMhlp and matnnl Intoreit, have agreed to form a convention which ehall embraoe the ede ladiaated, fixing certa.u bnsee which eh*U sorve (or Other etparate conventions, bat euall be hold an integral of tne present. To una end. hi* fcxorllonoy the President of the Mexican iepirill t hat named aa bta plenloe teatlary for thli negotiation hie ern 1 :>cy lienor Don Caequel Montta, Mloleter 01 b--reign AfTUra, and fete Kxoolleocy the I'reeMent of tni Culled 8?*tea of America. John Forsyth, En toy Extraar; o.ry anil Minister P1ealro*ntiary of the oatne fliatee, near tha govern meat o? Mextoo, who having reaiprooally oommuatuted their luspeotlve fall powers, end fluting them in good Md dne form, bnve agreed upon the following bairn ? 1. To (mm a oonveatlon tor tne motnal settlement of the etalma of oitlaeni of toe dkxican repnbllo ngainet the gevarnmeot of the Unltod duue ef America, and of ultlbom or tnoee States agatast the government ot Mexico t To form a treaty of loan ?od aattol oatlon of datles (ot the earn of flfteea million* of dotiara. la the ternu set forth in that Uutruoi' at 1'ieir a. To form a postal treaty, eetabttahlai a line or -Steamers between the Mexican re ubdo and lb# United , Butre of amerlce for the regular and aptedy traeimli- * km of mails and peeseagem octwrea the Galf pnrta. 4 The commercial treaty of 1891 between the two republic* baring already expired In oeae neither ehall be Wllhai to renew It, tbry momally bind themselves to ooee new negotiation! for the formation ot a aim treaty ot cnomsrrt, m ample ana omnia/"" u Lie tavereata Of Ifct two ronntrtea reepooVvely ana. ?-init ?. To form a reciprocity trta:, to regulate jommerie Meter r?s tbetr respective frontier S'-atea, blind upon that oaoluded between tne United dtatea ef America and 8real Britain la ISM; bith republtee reaernag to thornoeiree tbe right of .aoreaelog by mutual agresmrr.t the Hat of artlclee deoiared free wbeoeyer the poaieaaloa of Mf and mo'e ample Information afca'i reador It espo- { dieet for tbeir renpoctfyo intereata fbe ooervotl.wa aid trea<<ea naeniloaal la the lot, Sd, 3d and Mh I aane of tela convention are thereto aa aeicd. and tnouyh leparatc in thimielvea, form a ingle < tndlvtaibtf wtieiu in each manner that tbo rcjaotlio of OM lavcttta ue r#i oiloa of alt. 7 Thr (raeent convecd n aba'I ba ratified, and tbo ratifies'lone *iobar god at Washington, within nlxly days from >10 date, or before if poteiole. OONTSJOTIOM FOR TUX M rTLBKlMT OF CLAIMS OF CITIZTNfl OF THR CNirKD 8TATKS AGAINST TUB (i OVMLMfKNT OF THR HUlOlM REttTBLIC. "he goyi ram ut of MM I'nued Statue of Menoo, I: their Retire to aaalatrte and more o oiely nnlto the relations bapptly eawtlog between the two oonatrteo, folded by the p-urip ce m justice md Irelltiga of good will ex nreMed ib tbe :oneoal.'oa to day eigne 1 for a general ooMloment la ffertberanor if turno objects, in o.mjrter.y with lk? Qf*t ba?it of ceorrnt'.uD, sad through tbn Pteoipowotlartes *bo bare tig no 1 u fully amp ioer .J therefor, of oommoa accord bar* aol fad and coaolaJad iae pre MM oodar ibe following aflelea? Artu-i# I Alt oialioa of oiuaaaa of iba UatW suiee (,? < Ibr (f'Torr.uient af m? Mexloao republic, aad all elaima o' ibe cli km of ibe MtiUaa r< pahli j *galiui laa gorernmecl 01 ibe I'aliod State# from ahataonrer stun tbey ma. reaps I'.roly artaa, ? . ?pt fx -r from wtiloa Ma (orrroaMt.1 of Mexico baa baaa relieyoi by Ma treaty of GuartaJnoe Bl lelgo to Iba data of Ma nrtaaol are objaott of Mia Oooroottoo Tha ciaima ehali r* prrweatad al iba Mom aad la tbo maaaar fearrlaalior pr.?rldo.t; It be ag wail coda-wood thai iba aupuUtloaa or Mil aruole do aoi oampromlaa, oor la 11 Iba lawmUoo of Ma high elutriating paruaa therein ?o uaclude any ola'r&a of dtiiaoa of aMbar party oa aoccmai of tmoraot la Iba deals or pa ilia faadi a? aMbar oewatry. Should iba goraramrai of Iba ratted Wa*aa taay Mat It'.a boanl by aay <,bii(olloa at batd by Mrr oo, to tidemaffy tba loaaoa loflioted spaa Maxloaa cturama by tba depredations of I ad la i sarafan, la rtrtoe of iba alipalalioaa of Iba llib arboio of tba treaty af UuaAeJnp* Hi 1*1(0. while It waa la rlg-ic. aad oatll Its aboMtKvs fey Iba Id arilile of tba mora reoee' frosty of Dae. (0. IU1. both pot era m iota agree to ni ? t tkn aaeaboa to tba daotatoo of bU Ma) ?r tbo Ktaporar of tba fraaob o? of Utr pareoa whom h? aball appnat to daelara It la fela aama. and aftar a haurtcg of tba allatraMoaw of aacb or tba high oootraouag pariw wfeo mutually bind tbomaalraa to ofeaorra aad amda hy that doridoo; and should tbla fea fcrorabto to Mexloe. tbo olalnu of bor oiUsrnt amtag from mid ooaso aaall ba preeaoteo It tba mixed itnacai ?? nouhiUhoi ht thla r.onvantifw for mntotUon ttnl pat met.i amordiag ii tha Inrma tharsof; M batag *1 *t>SUM aqoally ayrocl that la tba tappcted na*e nf abmmtBg tbia natation tar tba daemon or bta Mtjooty tha Emp?r?r of u? Franco, ai boforo mention* 1, lb* larma ad by ibla oeoraaitna tor tba nomlanMon, la?Ul> tattoo ai damn >a of Iba ai'xad oomalsatoo, tba preoaa Satlna of doootnaala ul otsor maitara ot bar w lee aot forth ahail on it ba rand red from tba day whoa oaM dan otaa of bia hajatty ahail ba mad* kaowa la each of tba two yoraromred Art ft. Pmrtdaa tor tba ay? dn treat of f<mr tiann doaii, two by eaah gnreromeai. to tarm a board, ud lb air taoottoM to bo M taUoara -Two amrotarto* rorsed la tha Kcgtlah ud Spas tab to of n a aacb to bo appalotad by tha raopeoura goeersmenta, aod to fa mi the douse , with wbloh tb-y ara charged Jo my, laJthfu'lr aad laa 1 partially Aft I ProT*daa that tba board shall m?st la tba City jf Maxtea to tannine, aaoartala, Hqoidata aad deride all tha claim* meoMoaed la tha Brat artlcla at lb la coareaItaa. whtrh may ha loyally owddarad aooordlaf to Ufa proof prauatad aod aooordiag to tha prtaciplee of right and joahca *i latarwaucaal law ud of tha troaUo* awdo a ad bat wau bw| republics m tba ftib of April HIT, aad u tba '.Oth of rabraary, IS4t aad that It ahail oom Ci tw labors within the tor w of two yoars fro a tha of It* installation Art 4 Aliows tor tha preiaetaUoe of tbo mtoaonalt aad oaadroMtory dMonanla of tha claim* da m-wths from thr nacting of tha board fMATY or LOAN AMP ASTtCtPATIOM OP DOTIU. The Unltad tala of Amarion ud tho Maxima rayib Do, doaboai of atreagtbaalag tha rrtao-Uy rolattooa bappity em ag tiatwau tba two coutrlas, aod of litudlag aad fndariag thatr rantyrooai as adratto sooa ta uia paopla of two aatgboortng oattoaa?ia ooaforwiity with tha aaeoad bard of tha Ceaveitloa, this day at goad, tar a general satuamaat to ?Trot tboaa oj tarda, ard throuah tha Ptutpotaatlanoa who bars atgaad H, fell; ffinvxtHl herefor, biTi ifrMd opoe the fat tawing Arvoto I. The Cnitod 8tolea of Amerloa epraa to alHto* Km ewm ?( Oltaea ou.inu or dot tare to toe Mm jaa repabita Art 1 fVihto nm, MT?n minima ahall bo advanced to too hum of loan, beartag four par oeat tataraai, too 'iMW capable uinUj from ibe dale of to* loan. Ml lha taterael aad napttal to be paid bp M appropriation or ahtrtacw par Ml of toe duttoe daooanaeiad import, artueh aboil bo lortot la oil tba porti ead maritime WHO howeea of Ml Mft^u republic Tba Irat paym>nt oa Mid oepftol to take plate a-. the a?t or the third poor from toe dole of the leea, to be emtio-*d arenaily toereoftor aatil aoid capita' and la eraat ail be wbfMly axuogaiabed bp tba prooeeda of end t i teea par ceai of Import daJaa aa egned aa hoe' a eadooed Art .t Three of tba earea alllloaa meottoaad la tba Tenant of article ahall remote in the Treaenrp of Wn Catted - %*?, tor he p'i'pota erpreaaid ta the eeparate oataaroo tola day rga-d '? oocoeot'oe wtih the pre ant ceimmoot, for the eett ement X toe olelma of toe utile ne ofeaah of the two coealrtea reapaotirelp- agalnet he government of tba MBer The MeiloH repobHj aril am pmtereat oa laid eum oTthreo mrnoa dell are aatil it* a i he paid to the Amertoaa olatmane or lato Ilia tr?erar; of the Meitoao rapoblla, aa aiipHatod la toa ah -t. mrudoa >1 parale oobronum of tbte Jala. Art. ti ? rematang loar million of the oforeaald ram ot e,f*ea. mentioned la artlclo t, ahall be applied, at toe npima of toe 1 sited Ptotoe, either In oneh, to tba etiu Kwbirent of tor dort too by Meilco, known a* the Fnglteh BTfBit m Debt; or the UettoJ Ptatoe ihaU amnrnt the Mid debt leaning bar own bonds te ileal of ibooa af Meiteo, ki bald by to# bondholder! or ami Ooareo inn. provided a way*, that toe corneal of aald boad acbie-e to ew?di eebetMnUoa la Aral obtotool, otberwun toa ?a.d earn af foar roiltene or doiia?? eho'l be pa'd bp ha Ui tod latae or Amertea to toe Marl-to rapnblte ud the lei#rent oa too tame eball octree from tie day **' * the three objecta ettpatated ta toa preaeal art tie aht'l be Mfcned. art B e e (hi reir tle .nr ullllone of dolla-a. o the Altoon Ml' hi -nont ,)?1 in nrtlMo 1 of th ? <]?nr?n Mm mob ? f tlltoMloo of t?* norne, hall bt i>*!4 to V>? Nation rot "Win cHhor in tho city of Now Yort, or ^ c tl t?ioo, ?t tt pt'on of it* (over*moat Ad **o an a rr-nnimnc of otfbt mUtton* of 4c. on, ?*4 tatoront %t th? mo of four pnr oont p?r i*m thftil bo rogntd to tho Oaltod Unto* of Amotion by tM wi|iht K iviitr par mm of Ua E NE import dcUta, according to tko tariff aotaally la rone, or wbkoh mar be cetabUabed hereafter, In favor of tape fieri, or of tmporttVona direot (Tom the Uallod Statea to tfeclean pom, of every opeoiM of prodootloaa. mt i ufaotam and artiolea of lawful oomme 01, whether foreiga or of the Duttod Statca. in reaaoia of thoaa Slatea or ol Mexico, uoepitng Kuropeaa oottoo faorloe, and with iha ?aai, nmrat of twenty per oaal of the dutiae on exporta In fbvor of exporter* or exporla dlreol from Mexloo 10 IT 1 I IIIIM ?UK? U> VMSCM Of 106 1*0 lOpUbltCI, WblOb M6lgsm.nl of twenty per oeot of eiport dalles shall be applied to ihe object indicated, ai boob aa It la freed from tbo Incoe branctt alia irbloO ti la now oharged. It being eiyeuiy understood thai the aald sum of eight mllilcca ot dollars la an ad*anoe made to the Mexloan repuoi c to rutioipatton of iu caatoma revenue, deaomt Dated dalles on Imports and eiporta derived from her direct trade with Ute United 8tales, and with graraalee of aald dotlee Art. 1. It Is agrred aad understood that in oonst tera lion or the loan aad advance of the fifteen millions of collars above mentioned, this arraignment in favor of ihe cotnieeroe or tae Uslt d Hiatee ahall fnbr.it and ooo Unas in forov (rem the date uf the rauUoatton or this ooa ver ion ontli the capital aad lntsreat of aald anticipation shall be extlngu shed, according to the terms abov etated. Art. 8. The present treaty ot loan aad anticipation o dnf>ea, ?t<nii (hi approved aid raffled by Uis Prealduat ?' the United Mates of America, with the advloj and oon etui of the Senate, and by too President ' lbs Mexican r< publican tn exorolso of execuilye pewer, and the ratio rstioea ("tall be excban?od in tbo our of fllMh! tgtoe within tbo term ot sixty lays from the date of the present treaty, or before n possible. postal tkkatt. Art 1. Ttcro shall be established for 'he sorvloe of tne malls between the ports of tbe tiulf >f Mirloo mentioned In this convention, a m zed line ot BtoatA<hlpi, to be named " Culled American and Mo-Ucaa Hall dteamahlp Ccmptny Art. 'i In oonrormlty with the p-ecedtng artloie, uamere of a capacity emtab'e for the mail service shall, itlber by chariei or ether*1*-, be pr>nd-:d to make, be tween tbe port* if tbo two rtpu >lcs designated la the o'a'-sct to bo btr?ai.er el< sed, weikiy voyages or often er when the ciigeiolee nod linparltuoe ol too aerrioe of tbc Gult mailt ebiU roqulre, and when It shait ba ?o ntt pulatt-d by the rrapecave jrornrom mta Should at any lime tha govern m< nta of Mexico fad tbe United States deem pruper tc permit to tbe united company the eelai llsbmoLi c( a isnailei ulta* 01 attune ?, where judged ruoeaaary for the uavlgilkn of rtvera or harbor*, tbeae mailer steam ira i ,*il he natlriabsed m tbe reapAotlve republic* and enjoy an the privilege* and extra ptlaaa (ranted to the st-smsnps which navigate the Golf or Mexico urder too present en ;ee >n. Art I. Tbeaa roaesU, whloh unter no clronmatances caa engage In ahe.cuaaiwlae trade Gat?rton tbe Mcxloan porta, ahall pa> In tboae porta the aanie dnea that may be paid oy toaooaidag vtiael* ef M< lion, ao w> -ting to the exts'thg lawi; and > taote of the Uh'ted aia'es they ahall enjoy in rxeo MS and privilege* IMS are enjjyed by Ihi coaitwlae r'? a of that country. Ait 4 There ve??oU ma/ ngag-t la fore!** trade; in which caae th?y shall ba wholly at bjocl to tha exiattng tariff, or to thai wnlob Buy prevail In future In tha Heltons republic. Art f> Tbc oou.piny ?hlch es'abl lanes the Una of steam-re, acc< rdlag to the terns of tuu convention, anall reretyu Irom tbo government of the Uuttsd States a auh aldy ol' a hundred and twenty thousand < ailara, ($,90,00* ) annually, or mere should they tbl? k p-opor The govern L n-ont ol Itaxico ahall l kewiao aaetally pay tie line the suiitdy of n hoadred and twtrty thousand dollar* (110,000). Art. 6 Tbaaa ab'pi, In tLs po-ti o' Me-ileo aa woll aa U, taosa of -jo Un'x* State*, a bail bo reoe'ved and considered at national ecu twine vcaseie, aailiag one half of ibe nnmber of thoau waloh oimpoae the nuH, u Una aa derthe imerican (lag, y oelog p snnusly nationalised, nooordteg <o law, and the other halt enter that of Mexico, the ooilra number enj ty'xs tbe earns rigbla and privileges in tie two coantrea, with the < xoeptleo of the prto>l?ms granted by a* rmbitebed by tte Mexican government on the aloth of Jannary. la Urn year cue tbcneaal e'gat hundred end Cfty eix. Art. 7. Heren of deepa'ctea, d'.ptoraatlo egocU to<l groeraJ UJcere travelling erita any ooumteelon from one government ta tae other, ebail bave pneeege free on the form-re of Ibe line. ?t4 wb Iroope aa etttnr enulry may raaire Irom one I peel to another tvubi. 1U owi territory, to' interior I eerr'oe. tha i pay col) hai; the aeon: rat.* of paoaage Art 8. for th' la ernationei <? or tao mall* between the i?o rop-.bltca there ehali be ea exohaege of mail tag* betwieii tbii pornihaiera la tae Aaeertoaa and If. xtoai port* to wblrh uic et *cnrr? ply oy the term* of thin coarcitloti; the tn?'i bega to be reo. i red la the re npeet'vo pr?t ffl - lork <d and ?ea'ed, act aco->:upaaiad by tbe OJ"t*poa<l j? way bill, exhibiting Ihevalaeo* ibe rnCre correspondence tchurdlng to the poetago hire duller to be ooiab'tsbed Art 6 The poo lege by era between New Orteaae or If.'i.'io aod V re Cr and rice verm. aa 1 all of the pro la intermediate, (hell be ae fa'own.?1 I.Mtsre of balf an ooeoe end uncer la 'algal, eerea c me J letter* of more than half an oaac*, and not eioeediag one tmtioe, dfteeo oeate. S letter* of morn riaa tae O". ton aod awl lxoecdlo* la ounoae twenty flvs cent*. aaI aa ar-eeto twaaty lira oeate lor each additional oaaoe er rrwit'on or an caeca 4. 1trVdicaU eUil my, each, two one ooetnge by e?a la thr Unit* ! Hute*. and two oeati 'a Mexico, to oe respectively (vhecte-l by iha t ?o ooaa-rlee wittin tbelr w I'roiu. t. Pern >b.< i? or prlntel metier, etiicbed to gel' er, ehail pey oee r at fe> ev?rj on too or ireeuon of ae i.aaee la weight T&* eald periodical* ptmthlee aad etfc'.r printed matter ehall be eareloped la paper wrappern, open et tbe ende, in orAur that ttiey may be rxemlced fhonid thee be writing upon .heir margin, or 'ipow koto nips oi (niw, no nil rarj u> pwap (ball b? r.b*rg* i m epca letter* o' *?jq* weight Art 10 T?* pelage. by 'and, <ipon letter* a?t prepv 1 (bail be thai wf-iob lb* ratee to to Uj WJ Ami *fll Me itoo m*p*cUt*Ij eetabmb ud eaab ooootry aballoollee* IM tuaoaat thereof la ib?ir wytrau Knot O0 xM, Art 11 (alter* prepaid '? amber Pie two ooeaate* tiMil bra/ aa ln*prre*to- la red i?k -a lb) upper oo'aar toward* tbo ri*hi, with who word "paid" stamped there oa b?*td?a which each ? rf? rbail olaoo apoa tao mom aa Imprwwlon ?r it* >wo par-i* *r * *! Art It Lmora, n f.ollnaJi *4 O'mpbliwi traaaai'.tted to foretga ooantrtea 1mm tb* Uau*1 State* (ball b* for war-tad la tbrtr l#?tta*iica, p-o-'ded tnaw abal' bar* prepaid, la nan <>r UK- oUi?r country, Or*lit* lb* Uud postage, aocorlL*| to tb < r.wpr.u re ra-?* of tb* two oonatrlrr th? p.iitag* by t*a, a* 'iitorwiiaa-t ta article oioth. To tbi* ond the fl>i oral 'oitOtDt* la MatUe shall rwaalt to thai of tho Uaii*' State* aa anhrailo coat of it* rata* of pesttge by laad **d tb* General Poii oft'r* if tb* Ue'led -Mate* atail rewtt e-iaaJy to that of Ko*i?l?e tariff of latertoe postage. Art IS Tb* anoaat of o*a poatag* wr?1wt b? tbo** ItAtor* shall b* dlriled bolwooa tb* >wi cimi-in, *?1 tfc* eailre aaMaat or land peetag* *aalt b* a**diMi to that or.ontrj In rough Which prop*! I lo-t*r? ia*r btr* hrco Urtetod To WiU effeot th* raspaitir* Port otutt* la la# Ualtad Kama a* t rfeiioo *b*H ranprooaiiy tran**H wMb tbo ta*11 bag*. way bilia la v-tob abaU b* stated tb* total biboom pr po*Mg? oa tbo letter* addr*o*?t n% Mriiro or via tba Uollcd Stated, aad (ball antaal'y oradtt tb'* aw-mat Art. 14 Tbo aooonntp botwoon th? r-*p*??Je* Pw Offloea rh*U be balaaood and rattiad every three taiath*. by eahiuaa prepared in th* General I'aat Odlnae > Wath lagtoa aad tha city of MkbMa aad after hawing * *i amiard, ooaeparM aad ttqai luad, tb* axoraa eiali h# paid owtr without delay, bv tb*t Ueaaral ."*t OAsi wblnh renulai the debtor of tbo other. If tb* balaoo* la ta favor of tb* United -Mat**, It ebali be paid by ?*ti co la u' c.i y 01 n aao.af t-.m iai i. >? J i? nvnr m Monro, h ahtu ba [?MI by iht Uaitei Meier taihtCUy of Mr i'co 4ft II Hexte? blada bereelf to deoonVh f'om hT capital at c threat to tba port of Vara On?, ttMi aui bear the rorraopoadraoa by iba eteamer* of the netted : or>, oo the reepnciire aa) a aot apart (or iba departure ot ib" atraai packet Art. lb Mi -mid It bo hereofi r ju tjod aaefai ami ooa r a loot lo eotabltah o.>1ed haa of mall ?taamira oo vbt Pacific, tb? forera mania o' Meriaa ul Ut Ua'tad Metei may aotabi an aoa opoo tb i ttut batia at tbat a' Iba Half bet Ma mentioned, I triad prertoaely afaod apoa iba 4 alalia Art IT The terrai of tbla oooreePon ma? b? moulded Dom uaa la Uaa, wbeaerer, by r ataai unda ?t*a iinj of Iba firrrvmrnta of Ua tiro rapobMna, aiy molifloatioa tba'l ba deemed coavaak at bod ben. Ida! Tb? convention aba coaamraoa le take edbol '? month* rrom iba data af aouse of ( a mtlflnntlea, aa 1 a tail oootlboe la (oroa aad v^or caUi nnhnlltd b nommoa content. or deetafoa declared, with one year a prer'oaa aottoa by ilbar of tba partita In tha aiber Art lb. Tba porta of Iba MeC.oaa raprbbc at tlbt Iba mall ataaaaablpa mentioned la tbla caareaMoa ma at ladtapaaaabty to ace. ara thooec: T am pi to. Vara Oren. i .oatx anoaloo" VU'a do la b ma tor a do faboaao. Tola del Oarmoo, Compoeba aad Maal. The porta of too Utiled Metre at wbtoh t> < aaul etoomahlpo a ball aUot' orb aball bo lb ooa o( Naw o*teaaa or Mobile, uaivaaton, Mataforda aad Br?aoa da 8aaUa?o Art lb for Utoaatab itbmaalof Ibaltaeof mail ataam ahlpa mentioned la tbla roaveatioa. tba rorarameoM af tba twotrpeh toe mo? ooealade, wit a aom ladirlitibi ?r oompaa-, the watroet rata lira tberato, bat it ah af not be valid nor lake "ftcot. la any oaaa. notii It aaai' bare baea af proved by "tea nae of Iba eald foveremeete Art to The a tea mo ra crown aball ooaa at oae hair of Montana, aad tba atbor bailor Amarlna? Tboenoiimay Obhfoa liber to maintain on hoard of aaob ranoel two Loo tba, to be named by tba snnmmt forernmaat of Irxtoo, to 'enrr the manafime?i ?| the macblnrrr, aa they aball "ara thoir mania faralabad gretniio ,vy at tba labia ol tba ooyoeara Art. tl. the ooatraator ooaea (or tba conduct -f the at lorprlaa, la conformity wttb tha etipuleonoa of Utaciti rent ion, ahal obbgt' bima? f ti datormtae wltbla tha tern ofauty daye. 'octette 1 from tba lima of tha approval of the oooiracta, wblob of tbr too porta, wbntvw tbat of New Orlraaa or of Mobile, aball ha aalanted for tha tar ratana oi the haa la tba Unite t ."tatae aad la order that It may bar* client, ba aball rommnoctto hi* deMtloa to the M nlrter of Mrrkto lo Weth'nrinj aad to tba Mialnar of tha Ualled Stater tn M ikr>, wM tuuul adrlaa their reapor.t< r# go? are mania tliaroof Art tl The preaeat ooaveatlon aha'l ba ratified, and tha rafibratinai e?ehai?*ed, lo #aahla*tna, within the panod ol aiaty day* from ua data, ar b<.>wo, it ?n it bo ?Mb . _ l<M? I* ?<?it?o, u??a 1*7 or ratmarp, i* ta? p**f of onr I ml on* th inaat.il *1|M k-<*Jr*1 and rtfly aovaa. tha ^iiyr flm of t?o lnrt?rand?aoo of in* UaiiM KW* or amiwi, Md thtnr *o?ao.h ?(utaior m*i?j *W!in?*riTT mirr hi K<W*n *v,ii of t to 1,'atW *iM* aaJ that or tha Motloan tapv.aito. n?k"P tmtroia at rari.ailaf do oonm . . tti'r rnapaai* iroatiar popaiaum in * w?nn ' lo 00 ?H " W* If and la toaforaitp ria wi* Mi'i or it* ooataalaa far a (aaarai ar r?nr"T*?i. bp fioiaal aoawaat kin ?('?a4 tathafatu*, i?t - W TO MORNING EDITION?WEE Article 1. The ertlotee whleh ere enmmareted la the Mlowlne U?i, end wbiota ere Ibo fruilo or prodiwUaei of the United Btatee or of ttae Mexloea repebilo, obeli he ed milled free of everr hied of dalle* Into eeoh one of the countries retpMUTtljr by their frontier flaw; thai is to ay, whan ibe territories of each touch each other by laad or are divided by the Rio Gnude del Norte, but ex tending their ieaooaat Usee. Schedule. Animals or all olaeeee; ploughs and ploagbafearea; rloe; poultry and egg*; quloksilver: ooal: meats, freah, smokod or salted; bouse* of wool ar Iron; nldaa, pepper; design* and model* of machine*, bul'dlhgs; monument* aadvee el* of all descr ptlona and olasae* tor the uav'getloa ? the rlrer* of the rrontler*; brooms and material* lor making bridle*, trnlie, frcsh. dried ana preserved; type*, printing material and printing Ink; printed books of an oris, unbound, bops; lumber unmanufactured; butter and cheese, geographical and nanlioal maps and topo graphical drawings, marble worked and rough; me ohlnea, Implement* and apparatus need In agricultural Industry, mining the art* and solauoes, and their separata parts or pieces tor reoair; djeweod; pitch, tar, turpentine and ashes; slate for roots; plant*, tree* and ?hrub?, common .salt; saddle*; straw hats; gypsum; vegetables; sheepskins. This ust can bo augmented and added to by the mutual consent of tbe high oontraotlng parties, even before the erpiratlon or the time mentioned In the third article, guided by the Inform* ion which lac Mexican govern moot shall reoslve from tbe authorities of tneir frontier States Art i. There may be Introduced Tree of all duttee lute the frontier territories of the Dulled italei of Amer*oa, end not vice wria, tbe following ertleloe:? Spirlir, of Mexican mannfaoiu-e. eug*.*, common and reflnd, charcoal: eweetmuais, grain* an?l breadalutr* flour, wool; lard; re oases, tallow, vinegar, wine, or kex'.oa growth . Art 3 Tbe present convention shall r-'iusflTan I con tlnoe '!) force four years from tbo day o' its ratilloitlon, lot which Is Oxed the peremptory term of sixty day*. THE SPANISH TROUBLE WITH MEXICO. New Youc, March 17, 1157 In yotur journal of. the 14tli Out. I havo soon ta? Irani atme* ot several w'ltorals or Hpsnlsh papers, rooolvei from your worthy correspondent In Madrid in which ara exloiiad the tr oaioroa alresd; taken, an<l others proposed, for (he purpose ot ponUh ng the terrthie outrages whloh ffuecbh pride has suffered in Mexico In these latter dtys And as. when speaking at this sabject, the writers of those papers are t Ugh Up mistaken la some statements, I have t"ken the liberty to address yon,In the hope of stst lug a lew things In a eorrect light, ut orler that the Ame rlean nub Lie mar pass their judgment upon those acta, ir on reading this letter, yon jsige It worth a plane u> your columns. When Setter Don Hanton Alvarss, Savoy Extraordinary or her Oathoite Majesty Isabel IL, to the Mexioaa go emmeat, bad concluded with said rapnblto a very just and equitable arrangement, rotating to the harraaslng SpaaUb OoerentloD, all parties were gratified, Ud the Miticaei and Spanish residents la Mexloo were mutually espresiing their cordial satlalaotlon at the happy tarn ot affairs which bad before presented themaelres la aa alarming manner toward the peaoe and goodwill of the nsuona But this tranquillity lasted a very short time A few mischief making persona? various old Ppaatsb re rtdrnis and holders of olalms nnder said oonrentloa, which tbey bad acquired la no eery boiorabte manner? commenced moving all the machinery In tbnir power at tleCoertof Mad-Id, so that the oonduot of Don Santos Alvarxr should not bo approved. And be It said to las disgrace of Spain, tbey virtually snoaeeled ; (or one or the tact acta ot the Ministry of O Deaaeil was Is recall, w'.th d< elded marks of disapprobation, sa d gentleman, lor the pur pise of answering for his cosdaot to hli government Or*st (rcsstlon was oaus?d by this news m Mexico. and everybody taw with pain that the feainru lar fovert mrot was about, through its arrogaeoa and atuptd persistency ta a matter already In a fair way or settlement, to again call tato life tad artion the hatreds and bsrvh teeilcgS which tor toe space 0' nlncuea years sad tain dormant, all through ths good and frieodl/ r? latioc* eilatlrg between Hanoi and Spain, aui lately n ore so ou-aoooual 01 the honorabis oonduot of 'ton >?n r?a Aivaret Whilst'his parssg the Bpacltb or ess belloveo I rll asuet bitterly against the pour Mettcsns cslltng their cower I* low bmd end foolhardy, forgetting. ml aerabto scribble re that ao matter hoe had the Montana* may be, they owe It al1. all, to tbeee same Spaniards- and of whom they are Ih# worthy and legitimate sons. Great placards wars put up ail over llamas ostl.ug lore Unmeet* of 'voiee leers for sn espod'ttan wtnob ut doubted y wrsld set' sgalstt Mexico all lbs papers o' ins Ietaad of Uebe, the ret paper, the Omtinei* ot New Ortreii sad many of here, an Bounded t > us la high a >ws and reeooanl pbraatia ,aat great squadrons Urge arsste and a Seoor Urbt-wndo were ben ready to go and put vsrlae the poor Maxima nation All tb a was res I end com mm ted on ta Meaioo?the totto** of th people wore worked up, and thcr worst portion netted but notwithstanding this, le jsat'ceto whom tl It da*, ths Mestcaa press ssswsred with the truth oa their aids aid overthrew, w:th ado... *big circiim*-r*o*toe all the chargee of the 8panlah prise. No* oae irritating word net oeo Insult eaa be found In ths different articles writ ten on Utts topic rhe main affrosta, and puny and st-pM tt n:i whlth vera overflowlag from ths 8pnm?h writings wers Jo'ked epos with profound oootswpt. and wer- not erst aws tinned, and just toe sums value was given to in* tar.-ate and bom bar u with which they were ktied Next r*we tne cos age is the Spanish Ministry, and to* ctruvti'n.vu was shoot being promulgated la Moxiro, eoceoyteg tae i,sO of bout parties, and tuna by Ittttr ths grsat dust rali'd Wt SMtl vAt istl lnt dftVB ABd thnrc ?n oav-rw a t m it- a# now Mlntner to bo Mai to taltl* floaMp th-< coavaatlu Thia laat new* wat rocefrnd bp lb* rrpib 'a wltn greet fry, ibopanbo aa<i character or ua Modoaas at ton* <*>?? *m>) to obltTina all m? Ineolte am mcanaeaene wt'h trhfti the Hra.Ub Drore ha I teemed. tad II wet Prtnlp belterd laei 110? all dim.iiliee would b? eatlifeo tonp hdJneMd The Mr t han goTonm' nt el oaoaaejl ?IT bar M.iii tr to tbe Bpatitab Court, i onor I,tf<-?gue, wbo bad barm appointed a nor l*?6, nod who, until inar, o mid aoi iht<i to fhitl bit blgb duUoe. oa aco.-jjt of ha'of needed at borne la tbe Mlalalrp of tba Interior all tba Hpar .ah roeidenU of Medico, aad iron tba bolder* of rroolte, ?bo vera aot ffclllp 01 tbe tafaiaoua meeettree to Inlrod cm many (aiaa oaaa tato tba riereition, aaw wita pleeau-e tba aaw tara of alalra ihie waa tba atata of t*ir?? ta tb? brfiaal' * of laat !?-o timber, when, bp owe of tbaaa inooaaprnbeaaible d-creae of fata. It waa willed that la tba nontb of Mr dco there ebo.d taka place a moat bloody aad borr'bla trafedp. The lbth dap of aaid month a band ?f nrer Bflp high wapaiea. wb ob waa fotaf a boot coram tt' i| all olaaaa* of Tiiiaatao, attacked tba baovada of Una Vieawta, wblnb iri'tnat.d at a abort dtataaoa from CueraarMa, *ob>el all >bat thar oouid fled la It, aad la tba akirnaiah wblob tana p facta between tbe baawged aad tba rob bore, lb we warn aameetnated aaoag manp ateer pat >as. aa well aa cam aad obtidraa. foar dpaaiarde, ana of whom waa [loo H BoiKtJillo brotbar af tba oeraar ..the .ta.au, ana of tbe moat wo sbp aad lahortomi r?sanieh 'ce'dentr !n tbe cooatrp Tba oaamiaa of tb# preerel Mate of afalri la Met** at etcw eprnad tba report that tba bead wblob had attack A tbe baetawda waa a body of rare tar troone. datptrbad lOf Ua ab>ra object by Daaatl Doa Jaaa 1'rwfi, wbp lb mi, M '.ncoaoi of Ua rarolatioo la Paa Ma ?aa odraootig oa aald piaoa la aaa'tt Iba gorora m?at Tb' raaaor aiarmad ail partita. aa I lo took aa a?Ual that tba Mrt'ear gnraraiaaat at oooa loU all paa itbta maaonraa to aacanaia iba attaaJ facia Tba raault la alraadj Waora Ibat iba atn^ora of thla bjrrtbia crlraa vrra a rfgulariy orgaw-aad bai J of rohbara. and am iba l roc pa of uaaorai Alrar<?, aa.i ibat tba moat ngomaa majorat w?ra oa fom f?r Ua eppreheaa: a ad coarlc una a* Ua criminate rbaaa ior?a\ raa rnatirat -tan d?Bfa to atraagrra raaidaal ta Mfaio<>, wbo oad part 17 bailor ad that u? abort act 1 raft r ml'r anprorad b? ibc aotr.orHla* Thr rrraa wa dapMNrd, aid iba one d-ga pir .abatari at Ua criminate ?u 1 !?nir->a?iy aaamadad bal ta ao maaa?r ia Iba gorr*jmaat bald r?pot tibia far t?a fatal ora.o, aad It la aalv it a bpulab brala ruab aa l<laa Moid ba corneal rod daaor drala -narya d1 afTatm of . pain at Matlco. from to* lltaa UmI .tooor Doa taaiia AI rare* rot<rad. bad Ma i>taH"uni ralaad to inch a pitch taal, w'Uoat malirti, r< < t'r# oa taa atap ba waa teklag. aad aa dall ta tan taat by bit nmaal eonraa aad want of ;a*jraMal bo wm b?raa1ar nrarar 10 ba raapoaalbia to ttod aad ala f#How mra tor Ua aUnata o a raptura batwaaa Iw Maadly natieaa aad itatara by a Uiowud ttaa, aaat a aata to tba M*tieaa M'atatar of mam, meat ararbaarlag aad lad wtb di*?ct onargaa oa araoaat of Ua mardara at iH# v raota, aad ia< .nateg ibat "tf wiu*a tan day 1 ua nihnra or in* crima vara art brag, ba *b>w:t r I n from Mailed aao imp all Jiptomatie rotattoai btl?Mt tba two aatirci ' Fit waa at oaon aaawarad la b vary roanUtaltry anta. o'.-rmlng blai that ordoro bad air-ady boon proa for tb? '-H?m inromtaatma to b* mala thai m'gbt toad to tba a fo-it'fr ?' tb* mardnrara oh" honld at orrr ba daau wi<b according lo iba nla?*<i r'ft a of tba law. but Ual If thli an* we: did aat ?pa*\r aavi tctor) u? bin. ba could act aa ba fanad It ooa?o gloat. Tba fury if aar dipta.i alia friaad waa am oa mal. tba "ma ba bad 81 ad upon pad etpmd, and ba aata-f tor M? po??prt? toopa?*!a{ '* * ' ^?Aa rtsoM r?ii os Uf DM Or foil f?tw> of rir|<Na? f >r *b? oqlltod SpaMtb h'.t r " ?tt? pasoyorta wo-t a' oto? test blm. qui bo 'on Vers Qrvt lo o ?t?aaor to' /Hosus, laovmf bst.ai f? m. osts with Ml own i*n.r'fn ?n. .wry h'l'ao m?. toory, U4 ?t ? rosat fbrlom Id's Of t.* itlpfooiolli- saftr.ty. AO % ilrtnp <*v>K-Wlaa~t wsltat lb* oarf ?oo ?ha (?>aat*7, for ibo hi< mnnid me irco. Nooor IiOfrn -? ombarbc 1 to Ihd uai ??*?', (oily oolhn?!if I by ts? fortrr nasi n M ttoo to Mitro U>? oeort of ttpwln tfcst It was disposr J to aaodar trllro j tat no. sod a'oo Ismostloa kh? slo ts ssas' roo w<ih ?h ih 1H? l?anlab rhsrrt bad ri.l'T' a) aa jm wa dr nat not tut roanrt y iho <a MtOa it >*a?r 1 alYaf-ia. Thtt vi fhiaotaai tUi* ( affair*, aa III ainrt k? ?lrl?i t t tew* hia t>? lt>? th* iaa< ntail fram limt r',% Fltrilt l>'<*mfclb? tta NmHroOHf, bad *rtn r? I'Wi ^naalab rapar 'b Maalaa. oallod Bi K a?v?, i -it ?t tka 'ataat daMa tbar# vara la prlaaa la ( ?r? ' ti a ?wan?7 ftn or Uio btadtta ?hn had attanfc' 1 mo " *10 of Haa TV^nW, bad thai ?h*r ?i-aJ ?u a- ?i? etixrraarsi?tweoT Ibe avoai rola l J i itft of ?? ? lr? na?ia? baan t*r * " ** " s* t" " gaiifiwati tMt v i r (I,'!-! jpr?4-irA-rtf * u. i- - t.u iRK I iNESDAT, MARCH 18, 13! ktimti) what leo(ilM pr*d?, rruigenioe, ud U mar ? (> be mid eta >ldity, will pun tome mtada la mil Mating 1Mb end writing .*aieeboode, eo a* to nee them u their only WLaponi agalrut a.i uurorturate peeple, who bare already ruined themoeteeo by their own Internal dnieosvouc Wbn I bare Mated la the etasl truth, aad I leare to joureoir to oompare my MaleaeeoU with all the paper* wbloh 1 know you receive ooaetaatl) from Hexloo, aad you will And that Ure aooouala from HpaaUb and other newap*pera, relating to the murdern of daa Vlocate, are nothing bat a lUeue of fainehoo la, and that neither the authority or Ueorrai Oomoofirt or of Oeneral AJrarex, or of the Mentcan Cocgreaa, hu had aoy hand la the mat icj uiu tut it wm quo oi loom uuiurewoou km tor which do government or authority oan b? bald aoooaata bio, but wnoee duty it la, aooordtng to the rtghta of mm, to prorure the tntit of the orlm'oaia and nubjeot tuoia to the <mj*Ioo of tbo law Tblu 1* what ft tone la all otvllined ' jontritw, iDd ?t ?,v dally proo a af It, and without goto ft 'ery 'ar we can Quo tba> even In Mpale?the groat,

tboji -tan'< honorable Spam (')?the roan* aro Tall of banitte, who Maaanioato aid plunder all whom they nan flat), aad?what in very atrango?without even atopplng to InitOiro whether their vlstlna aro Mex'oani or dpantarta, or whether there may uct br mtny Seaor dtrolaa who wtll make reclamtiiooa, and thrrateu their govern men! fcr taolr actlooa. A grrat w>al might be eald aboet 'Aodalvi#urn smuiemmita,'' with whlib the Spenita pa pent are flue.*; #n<l there mar be tboae who aoubt thin coloaral powi r of Hpaln, or f veo tae oxtaton w of tlnae l or ml dab w squadron*. lb' ee tbontaada of cat oon and thoee mi. ikon of vanant aoidlera, commanded by thoto war worn. lntr?p-d and luvtnetole ge nera'a, all of wliljh w? are told, aro oven now ready to go to lioi'o, end avenge the ou'.ragoi honor of the II w of C it,?). J i' at to gotag Into long dhccat'oat, ail try ig to contlno< tfpxniardn that their palmlom Jay a aro paa'. anl tbat now '.any have left only, tb< bubo i> the M*>ioen* too many revolution* and p" oal charge* at homo, and therefore vory I'ttle time -o go tbroad, (juafeillng wtm older nations, o <e very d'llloult, lor with them Irnfi and -na?in ui always t ve way to thoir pr!_'e ana t'.io boUof want they are very mrloc'hle It la enough to aiaii tbat tbe<r et-.a'gee again#'. Moxloo are Dutmionaiy unjust and if, unfortunately, a war ?hon>J break out bet weer the tw > na'tona, the justice of Heaves treat fall on '.he beads of the oiU^rahla autVira of the shedding of human blood UN QAOSUP1RO TUe Treaty with IVitlt. [Carruijoi uudci) or tQd tf*t:iuor: San j Wi/BimiiToN Mtroh 14, 186T Thiffutoty of the Frj*a'\jn and Rairfcitum of the Par ttan Trnuy?T\' Or til Adoa'Uujet lobe Denied from it by the "ifi??rw of the United Ataiet?rv Fmngn Com merctbf Portia? It? Dffertot Channel/, * The treaty Willi PoraU. U uly ran lieu by the Senate, Id one both o' fdtiick) and commercial lutportaooa t? Via United 'ttatea. It arw'tegovtied la Doot ruber >ut, by Carroll Speurc, iLe American Minuter M Uooa-antlaopid, lid Feruk Kbtn, the Amhiwtdor ten', by the dbah t> ite Emperor of France, between whom * commercial real? DM bees .aWly mm cied. Foruk Kbtn t* one of tbo noo?t oieUeguUbuJ diplomatic ipiu lb*t evor went imm l'erola. m ? ?ae rati not ooi/ 'or ibo purpoie of bearing ma^niOor at pr>*.?ot* to I,rii? N?po oou, bnl kilo to bring, 11 potato f, lo an ami able adjuu.neoi tho iOk-uillea ibal bag ox'.ilod fnreere-ai tncmat between bin own country end Brent Britain It wm luring blk rejourn kt UoMUnOoople, .a .teeo.'tujr tali witb Lori S.raiford, that the prii>eat tikkty m\> diet ueeed and tlaa: ;y conoiaiicd Thcae wfco are kl a'! arqoa^ted with Faateni itatre men know h jw lmpor':ir.l in the nogntlat on of ireadea aith ih(n It U to be fi/rUdit J with haudeono present! at prup'tlab rj efftr'ng?, ?u.?l bo* frrquocUr tary fail when jnabie to a'lvanceifreno powor ul aracmrnli Mr ipo^oo, therefore, deeer v?a n< littln oradlt for the <11 mom at 1c la eat he baa dtaplaycd la blinking the ;n'< ? i> ,u, to a mcceeeful ifior, tod ohtnm'og for bit tounlry ao la v or a b e a treaty aa tie pre cti. one, eepecta.1/ aa It w*? mate without lb' ae pre recti in Ma eplte of lire open ae t b tier opposition of tbo B Utah government. it la acomnn ratal eno, aad by U tho United Staeo gk'o m-i tbo prtrliegea granted by Perotk to tho mo t fovored nation, in nitaln whlebretnoof thtm bare abed no 1U a broil o 1 tpni mrcb money Perota hlihortc hoa beea aluoit k terra \r.-xynca to the propio of too Dnltod H-avoa bituiced away to tho East. iibai been regarded by maay % t country to boid'Lf try lotereooraa w*tn wb'nn wa wjK derive bal little advantage. II however tbo cnii.veuon y mm merer between her ard elected be en ob>-<-t o? an nauoh .n.pcrtemvs to the la.tt', red he* ber-u fuetrrod with to touch cere br be. Kovernuiekt, it oerttisly caaiot bit prov* beoafiotal to tbe mtrcntuU x the baited steiet, tbe *r-.et r.weft at tfeete j( Uewt\ B 'ttln, le there e portion nI It tHroy, hoeuver. to the rent <f sop tr?wt> mt>u toe two eouuu+M, tad u qoen 1 the * eru -e of diplomatic end oimu.er ayente te prouet them, Prrit* bta been entirety eloeed to eat "oen etpite; ?i> I ooimuorna ?DiTor'ee Hi# pien t) eaty opewt to bo raerrhente or ibo United Melee tbe art field wbish tklw coon try f>rMAaU eed permlV* them to ebare bar ooraincree wtifc the V iropeao eatlone I'erela roo alar 400.COG tquare wti'ee. and (biiiyh ? waja dlAoeil to oMt n la tbe Karl eooora'* ?1at<itiot Ibt ojrtjla'ioo I* ynerelijr rafmatn-t at tb at 18,000.0 ') e hlitl tba revaoqe |? reload at 14,000 OQ} dol'ari, jtr.o I pal.'y der.ved fion .intlet .<e Import* aa t eiparte, et filiation and tan tatea rod Ifibuw* pa d by (be o jrnt l:e lr bri. It lea mtob fort Ie Land, a |tv>d ruinate. tbe in tabitaata art NM and bnal'.hy ami lbs mrrntnta Ittaeaa far more oommerrel enterpriic than atf rtbere ta the P. tat Thooph ale hat tor era jood iraporta tapoa ti e Pern an (ill. aaarly all ef atr h retyn oon.merr.i paraai tbronfh UJie of fu-ka; The two pr'Bclpal onoa are Trabii ta 1 aed Bant > ah. Tbe '<?mer owra lu preaar: commercial :-roeperty to the e->nr oaa'oa male hy tba i irte upon tbe demand or the Earnpaea I'ewer a of tbe ire nartftuon ?' the Dtrdtnaliaa aaJ Uonpberna Ilia a'tnated on the eotvaaaaierti aboeon of toa Beak nbnnt 80? milao from loaMaauaopie la at Kaatem ronntrtea where the made ara bal and there are no ratlwnya, tbe mtlro interna'aimmvrer. la r*?fK is rj Bcti.il if oarataat To* B'RUiJjc wn Itrrd at It-bantd is rfsspslohol lato las nlartor by tvo Pa-avat r.QIM- ?! by I Mrt'JB l&S P/I*BS wmataisi Uo "hv by R*? a?<i Klsaa Tnoos <? romps ai.rr dlrargisg anma ftataaco *?: ti to* mm n<nn yoi&t of Vakaalran. la "ari'%, vh'eh, II tans. hat bras 'ato'y nedon In Ka*a'a by a treat? .'rntiang 1.1 on tha Mill of .latioary at M I'stortnurt | vnmb has bsou abioInlolj e/mtradlctsd by iho Jaiaiaa Mlnlatsr o I.oudoa to LaM MMfM ? K? Ilaaai./) | foia this pint tbnva t-.oiia arc poured into Ibe rail kbaa* and baztara of Tatfu. 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W fca* uilfit *) , . ? f 0 Ml a. IERA 57. fhi' Oiui.inai iUUw.f AorMentThe following la a noroiilete hat of lha one ma of t>Maaagera, Uusiudlof thoan who ba/? naoaped talnjarod, ?o Our M wo tifl boon Obkuiod to aaoertatn Utan >? KILLTO. I?Donald Bloart, llamldouf?A. Orul, Perth. J BuaaeU, of tin ?f M nttl. U 111 Jx A Kuan H, of Braalfrrd. 4?A man unknown. 5?Jneepb liarr, of Nlafu* . 6? Mm IKijle, of huuitj? on 7? Jamea Gannon. H?ham net Zlininorraan, Klagar. KilL. 'J?Ttu.inaa Henfoa. Port Hooe. 10?Jrbn sharp, book render. liiuailv.* lapol. II- Rev. A. J looker, MekhixltM nunlator. Ham.: on 12? MulniW Green, naiullioo. 1J?Little boy. 14?Utile airl. lft?John I. Hen/lemon Ifamlhm n?Mr*. Rnmelt. rraolforl If?A tall man, ?a year* of aaa. iP?hdwa/d iHifliefo. late mate of the Knr?(?* 10?Mauitla Clare, two year. oM, daughter of J K Clara, HaoUiton. 31?Ker Mr ilmse. (German.) clerg/maa, Charch of Kigland. MmilHoa _ , 22?Middle aa<44 Am. d-etaod In gray. a ticket far Brooto JV-.laa. Ro*h, ToroeSo 21- A irld't e aged rain, uuknnwn. JS?,t >hn wtifo d, miller late of MurftiiighKWdilre.fnfiand. 2f?AH Bractlield. ergimwrol Irate. 27 Ration itnor. b<rttf?rl 2S?Robert Crawford. helllleel 29?Rwn HurtT meretiMit Ionian. 30? ifiiRt" Mcf'ojr. fct. <Jtttherir.cn. 31?Tlrooh; Doyle. D?oib?rii?a nlioem \*i32?"tt'.rb-k 1 lay In. do. tton <?t Vr lloyU 33?.'?? ti?rkm"?i B. < . rlfter. 34?(. httr'e* brown m?Tli*n< (lei . 36 Ken.!til, foekixvt ?*. "?nt to M-. Iirin.*, BmStor, G. w a 3rt?Jfhn Hrali.ell. Hmproatoa Brldjp*, P?:i?, :vi em', 41 Mm and M*ry Derlne. 4.(~i? mnn tli known. 44?Jtnien ko'ben fanner. brlMm V- A tei' man, iirkowi 46-M ildle egod niAt uiikr.ttttti 17-Mm hrnH'eld, Mi-t onilmi Jri I ft., (dvire ftlU. 4-<?Kaipb V. hde CobouiX. 4'.' ?Conn OttJnpbe'l Miwaguamyt Ml ?t bwle* t aid* *11, Ajb ml IM ? (itw-rge Mcl<?)>nelL 53 ? l'nor roan unknown 53 ?I- emaie. unknown. 54 ?In* M*j r, trom Miohijptn. 5)-Km Mo-> oy, ht < *UJ?S mew N? ?Mm 11 V S. kl.ve _? > . llMaioa 5" ? Mr k?n- Hamilton. (IK.?John Mortey. hi <'?iheri?ea. 61 ?('apt. hutherliod, fnroou. U).? Aiiaui t eme Jr . Hamilton 61 ?A ttiinittii iup'i:?4 to 1)0 Krv D'lAlu r ?co? , t,1 ? J' hl. Bhrtt Ulierr.kii 63.- . Hremiti iKjrm*D Dr M.vk'ein <.h!j>; ow* uiiu 6 irj tf?4 thoa C bl-eal h ?K-r? 1 ?li? K-rtnj hart. C'urUM. lorerroll b?ck t rod.*. Jobi K, Otaro, Tittiiit'k a. ottu / h i:3. It M Yer i k'oo onotmnMi on b?<wl. aot nnauttf. Oap' McBiiae Por< Hurwei, nl MoCuBy. prtatar, (>' m< lar uiu ? To> ? '.? *1 *ht c?to or heed t. MrKeaiy, alight.) injured. (' lonu-i. n'.ight > Injured. Jnfm Heederwoti nightly Injured jonepa bu",it roll*'born ?ro?Mi P Bergner. el'Bbliy hurt Mr Teller may'.oadueb-r l(?4*?Kr urn tor fienry A ir1*' k AC A I'M) TrTTlIUTT IN/BUT. Mr WUlKmj, brttk*aaj?L Mr bead. MipeuMuo itrXge Mr Hall, Toronto Vr Barret, conductor of t?aia. Mr Matr, doputi guj?e.~tate<..loal of Mr 'coxon.. am'tor of < *u ?* / Mi Kirbarlion r irdu-wni-on l ?e. fweo 1 lO/Je. 1 uinonrteu. A femaleof F*m :ieo , n?nf or kjt*?a F'irao ilwlo UtiiAhttrJon, ago-1 M /rati .? Iiiit brother o* aloee. Mr 0.!!, Torotibr. 5.r W?*1h Woodcteck, nrtii brokM. Mr Bvbm Ir.. ."Ctt'loid b? ? 1 t:^|'ire.< Mr. tltq'ibart e?|?rr?M ir.eMetia.T oa 'tc IlitMiitlyii Cllf Hew*. Tua Sun (imii in i'a\ Rai'ii t'?i?-T?l i'liitonca to.tiriMi ?m? a rapa oa ''attoarma lullirar at ' H?*?i *1.-1 una which ow now cotwo'ind el:rf*; itayt n tan Mac < < < ? f i our* a' (i, w M O TriuiiiiKr, **? nnailf f."i la th# ji ry | ra.ri4*r. ihf Plat lit aUoriiay aitmmwl hi ic th? n .? n ?a1 Jntf*' hvr.n < ora>aAn"A<1 (tone rp 1.1* **? a'omt ha ? titiA IWmya Clock Ha ; r? "ant a l.ihr mm l in '.be ct><- tin mmnMii'pl upon ioruj.v t" .? ?ni-< hm m j M'.l* ?OUlt .It cw I 'O < I' l n'rivk wn?a to?,n'*rA. ml. 1 h?y rotnrnAii w H1, a'ploua w't'-i to ?"Pii ' ? t a/ ol r?p?" agH ?i '* pila.'ner lie tMtotltri at ursay m ;?wrt t an*. iai*l ? >r 0" it ? - *.to 1 'la 111 jwnarn i b ' tof -tr '? twit*, -aaa* w*a ptiili'l I tor toff urns it ta u i>* titot ' >o . a"-, day Mrrporoi Tin f aC* lar S?? ii -4 ? uirlKn at aiaraoouu./ y^t 'tli; ton tylU* g w u< if.v and aitof ? T" I) to t o( t' a -tatA of (? ? Yn-to a 'fal ? a-d Aawanij jiatan'il -lf? !' -.! A' iuo'trinn-* fir?f oi mini' Marr'-a thai an a- liana p?o 'Ing t 'fin* hairy i bin cmy Tn nulla Ha r* uni -a of ?a? \nrt. H uti tf.?i rnoaiAr Mill KI'tomi'iiA liliillatAMii "in I" "A f*-'rlr? \ i.? cri atr ih olli. e ot <-mtnia* . lara or I ilr* l.i? h " in an mm' 'h?f . l ' V ar- in* l?vHti?l ni, I'm Ic butt'* tic Ntl/noa of thia nrinw lia't pNi<ia<ll>i ?.? ?r* ?nrt to I'ra ha' fa.'TWo'i p . ' '? 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If lit* I rapidm aoiitoa c.nraot haw tori nt iir iok ya am to pa i r-??'Hi!i? ?4 'inwv'kf >.Tinwt. w*j cm yrnamnco Me mmo a?ni riff ??? lhr?? I ) ? -v??- n mt V It e MOA oaO ? ti? on; w<?ia i>? of lb* r- "? dl?lrc? lo too re ma.iuof |n.f >na? tl?o i-ta'n o? ? '! V" ;o.?- of Kt v* Kin B1T..I vu *>?f*r.or' am ibot fnoranffc'on'M pom km I l??Ue and Uiui"* rib, tnoa w? %ie' Viaihnkn* Wo ham niwo.'t 1'innmot *>*i ?i< aI*. w?T" ff roni M tk? H%pi ? o'o ? Wilt ilio.' ? r or* ontlll X| In K| I>I it it* < ?h>o of'ho okjrtui in ih? fm ia <M ? nf 'h? froooal ranxtM > mii of Una ^U'? now i',ii>rv?al in iii'1pti".'.v?. r Od bee %e 01t. . t|>t)?li'lln( p.i?? ladi o.| to th?d- haidt In n o'tiVk fr>V noilo rnmiliod, wii lo rott.w? an ' br t!''ho mn.tlttiiinti *'i*i) I(i? ban <o.<i I* 0*<4I'? I't yiO 'Ti kii t, I (Win mow j rtoi'iirn lull 'fin -iff of ton b il n jn? * ni win 1, b<-n?for?, b? IB r < atom of (ha api it of Mn o^wtttn tioa. 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Oar LIm C l-*t, P?m, F?* IS, IW AUaekt of the Ajmrmmr on Cke Ocayaii?Ik'totpaper Ad tat.Jet upcm tAt < rankest "?JSnyluh and French (MM ?Threatened HU<ckad> of the FeruMam Fortt?FtAmira of tht OdUi Hum Minuter to Negotiate a Utan?OtA mom>i of the Minittn/? Hf-otiMmary Nem North amt South?United States Guano tontraoL At , At. On the morning or the selling or the laat steamer the mall for tbe United when I bed already deepetobed >r letlor to Call to, cannonading took pi*M belwNn tbe Apnrlmac oo one axle, anil tbo Cattle, temporary be'tenet, tbe army an J tea Uoayalt, on tbo ottarr, Taklag adyaatafe of a roc wtiicb prevailed in the barber all tbe merging, tbe frigate approached to witblo Bfiy yards of tbe Mole, to which tbo U cay all waa moerwd. Her preaeeoo aeoe became kaowa to the commander at tbe latter yemel, aad he immediately opened Are upea bar, will ah waa returned by ihe Apurtmac wUta aotam tooceaa 1-arge boata erre betcg tiled wi ti men from tbe lri|bte to beard the UrayeU, when the Caatle few*, together with tbcee placed oa tbe Mole, >yeae<l dro upea I hem, aad tbe Apnrlnrao beta* unable to ooetoad t|tea rocb edda, retired lato the bay. Tbe French aad Kn^/tab naval romiaaadsra la barbae Immediately waited upon Ueuerai Caatll.a to have Wm eiplala tbe reaaoa why be opened (bo Oaetie batteries whee be waa bccad by agreement not to -re no, in order to prevent injury being done to the loroiga ah pptog Oeetllla declared to thorn toat be would no longer be re trloted by any egrtetnral ma le between h:n ami tbe revolutiaaiata, bet that be would open lira open them whenever he thought proper. The AdmU aI aamedtatetp iranod a rotloe oalltng upon all Krg !i?h and Fr nob tap tain* to remove tbolr voaaela on'.Aide the roach of the Caetie gune, at the eamo Hue offering tbo atnlataaee at tbe men under bla command to carry tbe order IBM tllect, wbioh waa do.ie beforo nightfall. Tbe foreiga veateia of ear, however, maintained ttotlr ponUura aadar the Caetie (viae At tire o'clock on tbe morning of the Nth chime, the A par mac. aotloy npon ? Mkn advantage, KM vpprowhed ibe abor* at near at poaaltlt to It' petition of lb* l/cayalt, ?nd opoaed hor larOoard battery tpoo ibe lat'ei ynatcl Catlitia ami at ibe Uaetlo I mot' dtaWJy, and had tht runt < the Mauro Otpae bailor) ocybl to btar upoe tbe frigate Ton piece* of artHtorr ./ tch were on (to Mole, all tbe ynae of tbe UoayaM, or itie Dioitrti of Uie eoldert (* ma 1 WO) leak part taa tor aaaai'lk A liar bat' ao hoor'e firing oa both etdee, th* fry tie run ayrouod In alteirptloc to flm bar eppoeen.. h*c (larboard bioadelde. Howeyer, more steam waa p" no. the rnylne* rnyeryed, an I (be rotaei came off aa damaged elibrr by tbe brmy'y balia (oatoh ware wry badly dlrtulel) or baraooldeat Tbe lof.troe of ibe Ape rlmao vyalnal eorvh Immenae odda bat yirea rite to . good deal of tenltiacni, oven oo the part of tbe ei?ni? of Tlva&eo, and it epraba well for the brarery of be. con. warder, (leoeral Valle ! float re Tbe tember of lives I ml on the ooctetoe may be mm mated at (blrij, and tbe wounded at el?ty. Of thaee, ae rerai weir pea<vful dP-tein Many wire oitiier killed w wounded is tbair own heur--t la CaMao, for not aemai1 ot u t>er of bails from MM tldee flew about tbe tewa lad red, lo look ai tome o( tbe houaen, one wool! fbaty that Ibe SManit waa an t on ib'm The dear all waa key aOcat with ao IIUlo d'lhnalty. However, the baa mwoe born repaired; tbe A purl nine received but little daaaga, m but two ball alricii bar At ibu I use ail 1Mb waa b?n# dooe I bar. pre ml ?o be preyeot at a party la thta oi?y wiih the French Admiral, tort beard hna deolaev tbat If toolbar tbot wai fired oo e'tb. r tide he wee'd crrtaialy laUrfere Tee offloer wbo bad oka rye ta tb* abeeaoe or tbe Admiral, bowiver, looked ea tbe t|M ae one la towiae tatareated In lie retail or tbe lajwry a might oocatloo Ttn merMBlite boe .ee here beta Belt ft.*i to tend la ae eet'mata of tint gn.?d? deposited la MM C #" a Hou.e fOeatle), wiib a 'low i>> p.-eveatleg amp Vaed on ibtir pari In ibe tt-et of iha* (node belay laVJn*\ la tbe priaeet corneal At midaig'n oa (he M bma (l*i Apurtaur left tbe b?r*or for be ?-*~ frora wheaon. alter taainy in pro vatans aad water, MM rate rued oe ibe far Tte Mwde of Vivitvo bare ooe?pted ai meet Me CLti'* iTlifiM Clf ?1 Ju** Id Jkll HAffl Aal. ai*rt, with atta?k? u'. i. tb? Amorta*. >?ni>, hrwdtag but- artiriwt Willi * Yam Knbb?rt ' ' Taakea imw tiBd," ? Wrath** wot kl'l tor Moray." "Tho FNkM "l.atdB " ' # moHHrW- KM'bnrtirl," '?,*). Ali (Ml hu arU'D frot? a lalaa rumor, Utai two tmm% b>a*4ag of Ccliad hu>? (lag, aa>i n>*ctt<l '.m oontnooaaad Aa? lean#, ware oc bt way from CVfer.ia to rolafea MM VtaaMO itjraertn r ivt, li a'tho nr i'tra of OarUila, a*4 trmtrm lb* MAO CKA' ntt r*4 'if tU .tr|i?a*7 la Im(W .rrwiuwt I own ??nai# )o vrvlvra tA? -awftn laugaagw ibtan wrltcra uaa 'i rrfar I to nnr mo i?aa aa a pwai !* in rar bafora fr n?1 mm 'b pr'ai TwiI or lira* nidrleaaa or any at>iu * tutor n ara detariwlaad to aaafew M parttaai oaattar with bo writara. tbcnld Map ba aMa o Anorar whotkap ara Tho koKlian aod frannb vbargaa bara paaaad nrrtna M tba bilel*tor i f foreign h.Tt!re, itntini'm the tamedlaag *?t>?a?oi or all eiaiwa nrrtalalrg ir b-r atiiaaw, at ptva.ot oo'arr ola (tri/iamt ?<! at the Man baa Ml mat.a| ibal for tba ftitamtbrlr rv* petti *? iKirwiiabaN tfrlaratatdlobaraall.aal cla'.au etiivl by n atmggor erairrola la Para, a* a miam a' pureeing tho %sm;?M u? dv.ay oMweVtand by i*?r bemr >>b igerl to argoa Ma aat. r.meaiUi Iwr nl oflar mtf turre ad-nalatra tore tw aaptaiaa the r irro* wi leh 'or on* time baa bara la Mmoiernw m ta. niaat I Ml tra Enr.ia gooara m?ol van ?k"ii la likciM* Um .'a iru porta, awl ta a a?ta.a no bio-hade until inch I ma ae all nlaima af tbetr rtus.M bafora lb? goTtr-.eaet ? #<: J *>a eeule*. Ib? laiatr in t> aoba ? ? BlbM by Mr Jd rigor M mhm.itnd in Oaitl>,a la* ?roio?*| hot v> I aptraewd vra b' with it* lint ral p?pra" "*> wiifaai ;b iaa *>?**r ibat ba inalanlly nal'rrt m Mr d*.?a? to rnaiga. ?Uak ua did !b t ea or of Mr Ktlipe l'?i toifaa rrao* I?oa (I. Eeoaleata, Ibi Miau-nv i.t re<<riiwarw frota ib< govt rtimrai or Coat* Moa. aa> I bora ai tba au*taboo of flan rhBltlla, to n gotl-tr- a an wtih ??ro at ar?b.! lliai or 'in'ry to pf*?ee?uw? Inn war asa'ctt We'kwr. ban Ixcumr di*| eV,d with tba bad fair* ead broMW prrimata of tb? PmaldvU, u1 haa pioit'.xl aw rfs*r of l*e Ir atrx r.i ra rroa 1t?4 at i*>a baada of a> onura.and 8- wtpa tbal (lawtli.a Tolantar'ip odarad %a load a rartala aanmut of man to IVmU Rtoa for Ui* partw-a m-vJooad If tbat otnaiip waaid acad do ara aw aawwl In ? Mifilaa tfekM Mm? t Kal k? nar ? t w.. . m WnaMa W Mi wao wr loomed by I'ViDII, *60 p'tcaici Mm Ut'?fO?(*i tloa and promt* *1 to jrapatcti ore ?, ?oc M Co* la K a at MOB bawl bit that I aatl'la wmt |*m> aao rarr'al of tat Coot* Hv*o fori nim.<ct u> ibo OmtmM, r a It* % private aow to Ik* rr:m< itai that I My ta Wk.nfc br takI ?" A* ros wt.l know, cor Irattnrv wtUx ut toad*, ood t do ant 'h'rk it adntabto ta Mad Mf mcmir to (Jmw fltea ' Tk* wtmJkr M'oli'or (m ? ta i-oa^raia taia aadtrlaad mark, aid tk ta ao *ij ><<?i-Ma BiMiBi kipr.-oMBf bla tptnioa or UaetMa ana bit 'k>wa? >ot H* tk a pr . Ttio >-or, mood b*ii*d la oar v>itf?r*a T o\i:??r#;?t thai tbo afamooo ciuiiWrt fouad otaipttr,- arm wlib QaaVia h.Dnrtf. vtas ?fct> ha b< 14 But <-roo*r?k?rr rot to n j cor wntij ?** ?'Wik.tr in cw>BM .alcanna witfi a tordr of Tituc* ta ?ak<*t Mai ta hi? >a #?) ? imarra Vrraaco " "Com-mm or to* |roat Boiikr oae tm folk >n ta aiitoo* wad to* jomr aatira .aaarj ovmrroa bp tto vtool at I t t.M?ibo Yaakrr IftMaaiarf No. p<jar oaooa ? Ibo ataoo of data ?twa--.a?; aro maa aai tao oat aao j ia. a loncaraUm poo to, moat tot oodar roar friaiaw to b? Jrairnjad " at* ff , tt ? protwte *|a not Mo ?'w? U'kooo of tb* I tborator aad appobla Vo lb* (Mt lOaam ?f U* pocptf to I *TT?r 1 ,ha .Mdlr.1 Of Ut? korbn. ooickwi b* tbv- n not too *ht poor ** !' maa, ta I.1 ia it f doiiarra that h? enrol lv* ta aa atwn*pbmta ?c itilo* b tno moat ?Lo tj'?aaj aad Jooorv. aat mr alv J*o ?.t oaf atarj b? Mjir? <bat tboa?b hM a?o? too f?t 4 Bo tl*d W bo ab'o to rotors ?o hit ttvttrr btro km no . br'wtbr too i!r >' "roodoca It la aot kthf l>o- w? w?U nara anmatr a.'rat f-atm C-atral la?rina koro * tOMO Va?? to cnat. aad. tn.immd if Mr Kaoalaate b*d %t ' 'br ligkwat raowtwpm of faroiriao ->.1lotelo Mt io- tr m o?a. ba t"?r world tin ooma to wa ? l ate a a irtwa A it. >al at?4it| ww btil oa tbo *ta aot to ImoOAa tnt wba. aotmo ob?wbl am pwriard ll oafati ?a M M? nW't.ai e<>bt. Itara j-nt l.araod, > >*? ? prlwato ajaraa, that a* tfca ? ^lotry dl-i aot aj* - ? 'b HaoVda >a bib piopiotd ni? j to fOt o*or tfef 0 dtuwftT tnrj km OT i > Miniotoro mat oaaor i'omi?toa or rroVooa ' ".h la oar riftv a#*? for ifwt aat facial#oa Tbo Ncrtftoro tatoota, ?l< ? > iftH oo tto IMl b'00|bt U* ntw 401 Iho my of T-nj'Iln WOO 1000pUd. h) ft?o*-oi T'tobw or ' Mo irrcpo ul ttot 'tororoi lop a.*. wvfc kio htmj ' >0, W rolrootod, who mi r/ftmmi, am %>m*voo Tto Oty of Clwi to i-iwrd Tor Ttrooro ogot* * v? lit 'or- Oo (to M 'Mr. rtrortto airtrod boot io'. -'1y in dor ipnitort T rotoo 00 froCMi, tot to ?m Obnyd to oatork t*Hm u? ?OTO|0 tto r?'W? l/oopo *Vok vorrioi hia A po-two of ito roro'oUottory tray wilrOmn. boa Itorbuno to drr?otod, oiut aook im, (to <ar * H-BTO* 00 tM ItaH oHt-OO At fn;dfc>, tlroorr toooto Vorro ooi: <(Uo? nrtpooolo tar tto ozim*ta"'-o >' m.tr t? r tin Hod 1tot?? !0 eoeetaemw** of a* iioroopoM koowo moor do bio oottar*y by tbo -rrrot o*y?**ro, Hoooro Port do, Bttatoro )iy vttalo 3 of (to torn (to foro* rm: m'.otoW (WatrAt) a maoatao to obio# of tto 0000# >?**, 00 toord ? opor'aoo 10 Ctotao. woro loyotooA 11* oofltotowt 01 arr to aoboo oow wotroo*. Akottoo fasrro o otaobHotoo tto day 00 rrportod atari. ftM or nrro, Vbtoh woo loir mota (W*7 rrotol 00 rrory aoooo ("t?h? r :Boa). ftO ?ll?Q0 l? ror 140 OOd ToiOtoO, tOrttatolAta twwta bn?o *?ro U oootor Ota h? r^or Qt IIimirtli <tt toot tto tooib ?o roro u?ol tk ?i?o rowuo ta tto ?oao tato od ttor> rrorr Hta 0? ttoi airtDf of tto aa taooiar (to, totoTU o-foo a . oar* J u? -j. ?to orao tad otaM ra otom war toot Won BN tao, by tto va'owta of <koi ropo*:*, to Pooo, wtoro tto aor oro M* itoOOtotL to tto. Arwo Md Hto??pA (tail roatoo W?V >? Ml -'7 " wn? MT1 mm Htiatfti* wxiwm, M *M ? dMMH ttn ?*? '? ? ?* M?M ti? h? Mitch MN|M g pHWr# 17* l???rr? of MM KUtt/lfM W <MM?. h? ?>*??y r%m m Um i?tl y **" lift wmi rt?* ? ?f yr )f1?), m< > WJ? *?ri ??'f *t *** > ??.? y -m , 4,nl ?*? TV f**7 1* *' ? ? ? 11 ' tv 1 , $) ?<' r t l i'i ... ?. ? ?. i * ' I 41 7 lit *?# lu4i *.*>! VU.il 4 !Ct 17 i.

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