21 Mart 1857 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 7

21 Mart 1857 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 7
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BmnMfflffllffi EKRKWFD RVER1 MY. SiLEM AT AUCTION. LBltAT H SICOLAY, AUOTTON^BB, W1L.1. e*l/. en We<Aeidej. Muck a. *1 1 2 o slock, ml lb- Moeb.rt*' ^Kbnnaa. ike iki*e itery hrvik bouae end Mm of lot No 82 it Bleed way.; let ma liberal. For I uther i-ankrulare .pp.'y be aartkmaar. > o 4 broad street C. TDTTLE, ADCTIOMEXB. . Household furnitue aa'ea - The vn^arrlber to rreotr-trl ae'e Ma eiclnaire attention lo sales of at private elliBt* Ibm season, u well as lo stock* of aalilu l n.a?e-M i tubers. a he dote net kMf an a atlnn salesroom pa-ti?s deairl a*nkr? ean utsx-wl upon hnvtr.g their Interests pro npUy i toMhTtiliy eieeuted at moderate charges Liberal admi made when required. A. C. TU TITLE, ew-joneer. Office 94 Broadway. J BiTKTirE*. AUCTIONEER.?POSITIVE HALE of three e leg ant bon*ee on Thirty eighth aire el. Murray l heme' a U?f? and Birth aveitnaa, at section.?Mas* a AILCKdK SB A CO.. will sell on Moaday Mil March 8. at >'ek?k at toe Merchanta Bichan^e, the throe four atorv h ?lw p oio* u aume houses. known aa Noa. 41 44, and 4b, ill hill Ighih aireet bnlll In the moet tbon-agii inanoe.dav's work with every modern improvement; houses 9ti Irak ? m 98 l?ei 9 inchea in depth; term easy. Map*, he., he cilice, No 7 Broad street. DC HON NOTICE.?10GMNE B. nti^KUN. ADC tleaaer.? By E B. 1 HAMULI a A CO.?rhkt iHadsy) morntoa', at IDS o'clock at salesroom. 80 Nassau let, eaicnatve sale of aupertor turoitiwu. oonatettng of par than bar and dining room aorta. In reaewood. mahogany, [, wa not, Ac ; also solas, chain centre, card and pier '?? oooh cases, wardrobes, eidebcards, tie As loads paeea.ui, bstanda. ma'.ireaaea, mirrors, sleeks. ontna and glassware ed * are. Brussels carpels, won furniture; abo. second d office deaka, abow cwee. several oil painting*, fanny Ida, he. Sale positive, ralu or thine. >. B.?Ooode packed shipment at a reaaonabb charge. DEMON NOTl^B.?TIIOS. BELL AUCTIONEER.?BT . BULL h BUSH.?thle day, at V)3b o'clock, at 12 North litem ctreet, will be void a r|uan<1ty of rood fern"-ire a< wm ?Bureaus, sofas. looking glasses, 30 barroom chair* h ack wainu. tabiea. 30 children*' ohairm, 16 beantitn ettega. 3 vain tble counter abow rases, deaka 2 tmnke tide 3 Hp)?nd>d guns he. AtH o'clock we Wflf eOE Bl vmiHl stock of jewelry, watches, chains, ho., amoumlng to MO Monday in the salesrooms, a large lot ol' fornitore UOTION * OTIC*.?J. HOOART, AUCTIONEER.?BY . R. BOOaNT.?Tuesday. March 24. at 10*a if clock. at Psclfio siruet. new Howell mreet Brooklyn, mortgage e of botnf bold furniture, consisting of the usual variety it Wr, chamber and kitchen furniture, oil pointings, Ac.; ei?> < of the most valuable libraries la tbe country, In &U the Jest and modern languages, the property of the lata Rev. n J Schroeder, DO CataJcrue wl!h fall description enn obtained at the salesroom cf ibe auctioneer. Ho. 1 ."forth Jhem itreet, eorner of Frankfort street, *. Y. Pulton eve e cars paea near >he residence. JOHN W. hOMBRlNDTKE, Attorney for Mortgagee. 0VT1 OH NOTICE-J. BOO ART, AUCTIOVKER.-HT . A BOQART.-Thle day. at kO^ o'clock, at tbe auction eta corner ef Frankfort and William streets, mortgage aaie mi bold furniture, consisting of ssahogaay sofas, do dressbnreana chairs, looking glasses. engraving*, lounges, rbearoa crockery, ato.-e, Brussels and ingrain earjvMa, ndK back chare, fancy clocka, and a variety of other ar be. LABOR LOT OP PHOICB GROOEBIES-OONRI8T c tag at a general aseortmr.at, will be aoid by Ibe assigns ws lee eorner of Twenty brat sweet end Breed wey, hi tbe re forwsrly occupied by A. B. Packard, tor one week only. see goods will be acid et private sale, at a greet saerifloe, arge or aoaall quantities. io grocers, bote! ar bearding sae keepers To all people who bey tor eaeb great borne will be given. BeoollecL only far one week. J. R. PITH IAN, Assignee. i RRIONKS'd SAL* -W. C ALBURTUS, AUCTIONEER . will sell en Petardar, March 21, at 2 o'clock P If , at Nil First svnnae near 1 weltth street, a general aaeortnt of dry goods of every description. 1 HENRV H. LEEDS A CO ?ON SATURDAY, MARCH >1, at 10* o'clock, et their aalearoom. SS Nassau street, altnre?A general assortment of household furniture, latoting of earned rosewood suite in brocatel, bureaoa. aha lands, tables, chairs la mahogany, Ac ; hair and straw .Ureases, feather beds, bolster* end piliows. dining end iroem crockery, kitchen furniture, An; aiao twenty carved teary marble mantels. At 1) o'clock, at tbe aaiearooat. . 29 Nassau street, jewelry?an wvrtment of jewelry, > sis ling ef gold and enamelled breastpins, lob chalaa leches. earrings, Ac. Sale positive. Y nmVRY H. LEEDS A CO.. ON SATURDAY, MARCH Bl at IB o'ptock at No. 21 Nassau street, for account of sen it ma* concern. One old brandies, liqaora, At., consist :ef two eighth casks J. R brandy, quarter casks sherry, arter casks port, barrel Jamaica rum. barrel Rwan gin, f cask claret, the above are all first class liquors, and i be sold without reserve. Also, several thousand choice ?pe cuttings, Just received from Europe, of favorite kind*, vo 70 cases united proprietor's brandy. Y HENRY H. LEKE8 A OO?ON SATURDAY, MARCH I 21, at 12 o clock in front at store 23 Rsmau street, new tog top boggy made by the best Philadelphia maker, en-tv rew coat >160; sale without reoerve; aco, a two seat ib?b phH ton, in fine order A sleo, a lirbt tep bnggy, brvt rate ordar, made by J. C. Ham Ba'-e without reserve. Y 1! It Mi Y H LSKD9 A CO-ON MONDAY, MARCH I 7.3 at 10* o'clock. a', the store No. 23 Navaan street,? kwlwtafsaltsia ckle r?f a BSPV pKMcR RrJ ?A)(lo)il? DPinRlR Hltt of (ur one Ihouaand volume*, oom jrla-ng * f,o* eele.n < chnloo and rare work* on Malory, poetry drama, fine a mitral b a?ory irarela and standard literature. Many the wi rka are fleiuUr illustrated and biponairely bound, tear ibeao will be foocd Knight's Pictorial Mhakapere, 7 ' : Landsoer'a Rke'.rho* ol A auntie, OeU'a Poinpetana. ao'a Royal Eceidonee, 3 eoia , University of Oziord and Dryer. 2 eoh ; History of Weatmlnater Abbey, 2 Tola ; Anvrieaof berroianeum and Pompeii, lavatlent'e Binla ol red lee, 2r>U folic; (tolvte-'a Natural History of Vammi ?wa a a male 2 vole, foilo. Wllaon'a Amarlian OrnlU. logy, ola : Rtroit n Dreae of the People of England, RtrnU'a Be I AniKiciura o( England; onlfbnonn'a AnUuulttea, lllr.a ted. S raK., aleo a Diuubr- of elegantly Illustrated '-ookaof *el in Knr'end. Prance, Rwitre-iaod, Italy, utmuy, am. Turkey, Kuaaia. Greece. India, Ac , An. iflBrfTARI.E'R 8AI.E-A. M CX1ATALAK. ATiTlOE err. 73 Howary, will tell, on Monday, 23d Inst.. a* II lack. nt.4er several eierutioaa. tWrty bnrrala of varnish, ?. i. > ar.d 3 qanllUca By order of J. PHIEDMAH. Coantabla. alYKHP LOTS OP OLOTHR, HEADY MADE CLOTHINO, r eeoba ?rev. button* and other ft ode lormerly N-kmgtug Ike atoro of I eld ore Mali, will a* eoM at ancttoa by in* on reined on lb* 1Mb da? c-f March aerV at M o'rloot a. M , (b* arora Re 214 Grand street, In Ibe ettr of Bronfclrn. Hy t?r of ut* Jterurnea ^ KEHHIO AN^ I* ?"?? iwa mvjvu, u.-u w u?. , id A. II M. KKRttlOAN. >|T4 HT> d< HKRCK, ArOTIOWddr-BY RAF. II. I aCII mttt R -1*114 4ftt'a ?al* of T'.lUr'a Emporium, M6 aadway, **! cmumi* at 10 a'eiaafe. will Inalode iba h>l lag rooda, rfcr -lUawt mwmi t^nrrk. ilahaata- thcr were m r waifliu and lUiwk p-rfuti.a b*r? t ran. -?a. irrrn r.nu Tian pkrhriw and H(ir ttanda. n>nw ill *Ub pwiUcn. prrfuiaarr. ?fc?TlQ|r |nd (oUat aolpa, rl. Irvry a ad ladiarubbar romba, M|ir mm, mn? bum, kl and alWcr i orVmoi nalaa. card raw, Ac. t coltow. irrnoNm - labor balk of kiw and rarcnd hac<l lnrotinm. Ac. Tba day faatunday), krab Si. at I0S " eKmR at M H?a*mar tract, a arf aaaott bat af r?t new aad amend bard farabura. of arary de KMtwa. hifludinr pa/lor dialog room, Padra.nr. and baarproda: alar, ravaml Kranch Plata mtrm.ra, oil pa. a toga, labalrt. It? banataaia. AO tnllat inMna. with glaaaa. nfaa, urbra. ifllra daaba. An., Ac. Hnia poramptocp NOR lALB-Od TIIR 2IHT IRBr., AT THR RICHANOR A aritoa Roama Brooklyn a haiillaim Uiraa mora brick calling bcoaa, wMb brpwa (too* hmamt aad all iba rat re unprrrrrinoitU. inrlndtag gaa. gaa flit area. An., atlaaia Carroll a?net H-.-okirn Far foil partteniara, apply lo COLE. ancPaanar, at thn Bxabaaga Aunuoa dan ma < fl HORTOR, ACCTIOirr.KR, WILL MCLI* Til Id F. dar. at 2 ovletb. at h. aatrarmm. ft < *rmm* atreot, poary fliu.raa, rlaaa raani. oil, taa, atnlaaaaa. caas. acnlaa, tgtls barrala, b< ton boar pomp. glaaa lUtoma, furattoan, L At fonr wrlprb, minor# aV-i of jaw airy aad platad |wn. aao boran, rafna aad baraaaa. IT m Ti'r.At t ca. apoTionkkr*.?bbal rntatr l.atAat.rH, lldVRY B. LRRDd A (JO., wfll anil at ana t,an Iba plain at Aamrla. ?at Wadaaadar, Karab 2R at 12 Lank. whboat raaarrn iba fallowing raluabla proper" Lit ra'aablr p.at amend at Iba junction </ Ham Ki,?. > Li Waniar awaata. bariac aN nflia far*, aa Haul itraat mi h *?rao aa4 rtunird <Tw?riin* houaaa kht-roao. OfiB of lb* H i imtnmi 'ar.m to 'Jt? vtltaca. a two Morjr hniibo uvi . S by 1*0 no Uw> w??inrly art* of Har,n xwit a nr I abaif M?rj bnnaa and two 1Mb Bank E> hT 13T oi fbo fy rid* of Honrr . waet. ()w W ? br 111 on 'N* on-Oh a ( r inakmi ?i?m, mw Nmtt itnwi r?o bw, mhIi k? K*. on H-adiora (troat. oponaltB Wtaatow alaoo >4ato ttita. Ibtttm oa*y, ta bo wadr known at ton' af BA A 1m1 awi>?attnkcrir*-Ls*TcTir*m Val? or I ?rwkrry. rhbiA (too*. A*.?j. J. WaLPI'??, will aai| antoNio. ob Tml?, M arrjt M. l?r, M M> OciocA, a) the ft Bin No. ( VBSBf bttbbt. ukb bb'lfB lOrff And art-Wtod r* of torHoowAre, okii.a. an'! (lot from l>o ahe.raaia I ts tirtw yorohaoor", who wfil tm>l Una a fat emtio at poriMt to rapteaMA ihotr ??vka Tk? ato* rnatoia of a fall urasral of wtota frmnHoJliffkt blua, mulberry, r tfj-l* aad C. C. dipt. rollew Bad Ro king ham ware: abba a t" ' orfnoai of Iks boat of <-N AA jrtoaa WATT and mote- fra-n f b rooda ar? w?n aoiariod atd daafrahio, and will ' a to . tArtl natrtB ratatocuea will be roady on Na;ardajr. U?t iron, and ika foada ran to tumlnol, II aoittoaf.ic halb or uguobn obocwnk aaD . * - -A * CttffAUt. anrtjrmear. 2i Howary, II wll or. Monday. 3M InaL at I#1, n olork.a larro ?wtat of U?e above, from a wbnleaaia aatabltokaiBai aoaalat r ts aart of a torfe M of anpam. youa* hrann Hour1 >ej d<?<ot>c toaa, In tfaarter aatMh, half and wk->to?M?A; m.r Nob I Bad 2 brawn aaa*. Wfa tot af rh?i oal aoana d Oaatito do , 1.A00 Rml Botola, retain* korrtnfa atarob. .uiiB* tardinm and 14 t.*na of Brail) antm aWv four Btchib tirfknifi hi Mn'a i of kiwi mmtwtkm m. noarter and eighth i?h af brandy. U< la doniUnhna. rtwino. 0T. and whlator.M d-mvohae atchebnl. fn?r, I Mn 0a aad b an.iy <-h?i rtna. Ac.; X$$0 imported bob- Mmtta with a rvtoM tot .of athar arUetaa lb# !iaa. ___ 111 DOI-OHTT. ArrTTOWnaL-arcttow bauk a . all bo 'nrnl'r.re contained In the frn.r wocy honor ..j * 1 Twontr eighth etrnac-lha day, March 21. at lou lock. coaotollngof ono or two nulla of roanwood and aahot I parlor farnttnrc, roraood rrrca rvnar* riar.ofo.-ie. fni or and rtber tablar rv-h ml pntatag*. BratoU 'Jiraa | d larrain arp- la roaaaoo4 bookcanr. ategcra Wardrobe,, *m ark plate bu'anna, waahatanda. badrtaada, bar maiaw feather bcda aad heddtnc. r'noka vaano. wRk a la-pe ialH?iii of baarmant aad k Mohan furniture, onnper bole *, ana rafngeraior copper alow pan*. dining aitanalmi tablaa. r'teba larira pier and oral mirror*. with a largo anaoruaeBt Imaaaheejing nrth tea. I'vnndrb1 w". Vkwtcott Arrnnimm lukii I ?al? nf rich and faaWonabln fnrnKnm. royal anient ?* la. broa/H, aod'tary. ciaiant rhandnltora. raaawood piano rT W WMrtPOTt will ran thn day Btenrdny, at I0t< -k*k, tba aatlra marotii'-oot faiHUra and elegant daanm we of bo una 1M Waat Twenty lira! etrant, weal of filth arato. Thlr fnraltnra la all of the heat dencrti'Uon. baring be~n adn in ardor and iwnd twa month*-all of which wUlbn pa mptorally aald wKhont rngard to weather, preanoOnr to par. m waat ol Orpt c aaa furniture ?o ooporranltT eoldnm ofr?d ?f obtaining h through thlamadlitm. The aalo will comone# at prtoMeiT 10'. o Vock, Pining room. wr.h elegant cated nob Oitcnainp tahla, an'ld imr dmlng and taa ?<i?. aalrara. epootie. f^rka and ?iN#r o? of worry dcomptinn rich china r??ial. em g'aaa. amber id rob* do , to ma'rh 'hroighout, with aili kind* of ilIntog on- f trallwr*. Thn fnraltnra In pardir* r main nf Oa? wlendtd dm A la nil- raarwood furniture carorod ia pr and gold bmrada, wHh ?|tp cot era. fount kdnn one full in rtrhlT ear Ted. la rrtmaoo aad maro-n. wl'h (llpaotera. egaat ?cteya raowoad pUaofrir a, w b nml'oiderod Oonl ?d t-oear aw In and lace urtatea. twn magnitic?ai rnaaaood eg'rm. with Marbteiypa: Tnrklafc and rendition 'haira la ndaih' ti tape?try largo Fcainh pier afrror* r ipioiea .in hr *0'?. opcm montol f tort. French ont! l?viTur??, lofait' *? ?, ?tth olorf* <|u?ntii? t,f, n*ur pnr.or or- . | Cireni# oil pa'ntlnip,. rhoodo icr?. Mm. Ubmrj- and (hum ! Fr fnfT "r,ro rt.nc.ot at *vr.nt rorrn. m*4> top roooenmt barm ?. mNWmd I Moondo. marhto wo.hoonlo, ??rrt-obo?, ro.?trM ?ov?. Enrol ?. Ilhrarr do . Tropin ho r mat mono, b?<U. Ac , m 'rem. rlrh cornea tn nftoaa mw; f?u mil I ft f rrn'1 ire, tn rntro', V0lt%lro and choir* mtth o j .r,o ?o?t?y of eternal mafcoaoar *nd oat tf-aitnro of ernry !*-"H o.'mhf*-PiroT*-rl"??*> ?OM*nut?? IWoh.ta* \ ,rr.?ho'. roatdonoe. P?*'nr?i ? " h? ?. *? h . ?r j otn< -ni?r?f on1*, l-nt , *wi will t * re o nC i' a't [ [Al*r? J HALdES AT *CCTW!t> PrnE*rTc?Y saiji it a dot 10* THMPi t.-WB valuable s'.-vk of fanty goodo en ta'oed te the .import urn ?,?the;aie into W Tnttle. ho T46 Broadway. wtcw batag Oil! at yirUoc to !he UM bidder, by order of ? wliniAiou?~r. '?, A r. B HfaflEWOM. AocUooe-ja. Tf1 HOOGETON. ACCTKlSTMB. WILL SH*L 1 HIS ffctturdoy oi'iimi: at 10'4 tfdoel, All toe ftxUireo, I Ae , lu >w? 64 H roadway eoraerof Ble?elw etreet, oro ' bog ol' a la'ge <|U.aitt|y of abelvlBg. aide glaa* eaaoe. ooo. I :er? bow caaea, large wb'e with drawer# lor the rxhlbt:>oa ! ol aaarnlra 4c foe whole to bo aold without remove to the i Lug heal ?'W?.> nod (o be lannftW i lameL rE WELL HJJCWW HOBHE BUfiKHK !S WILL HE old by ticVK'd by 15. A F. H. (OuHkNOK., at their a*(e?rooui h. 33 Huao alreet. ot ooe oektxk, eo Friday, Jte i7!h day of March natuit, uo'e'e preTto-iely uiapoera oi at private waiej he It eight yeara old, warranted oerireuy oik! aad km!, unequalled for beanty, aljle and Simej a % lady* addle borae forwhieh behaa roan uned ularlnc the last two yeara: he la a (& '. and etylmh drlror, kind in Hagle and double htrnert, and took the prLe at the late fair of the American Inatiuite Will be *okl at the tamr lime a -tod xhlfUag lop boggy, city made, (ingle h ?<-ne??, two black bollalo rot-ea. leiphbell# able aadd.e, irlkne hrbtlea 4-. t h* eiluSbah meet can be a?eii at W. a. Dtor.row's, oorner of thirty ninth meet and Fifth aveo ue. THO& V*ITCH Al'OTlOMtfBR-tfrCRB id dPRDCB treei ? bbeitt a nale of iron aafe, lumbar, Ac., Una day, Saturday, March 2', at 10 o'clock A M.. *1 Mo 9 Uanal atroet, oonaia'.iog of m&bogaay lumber. Iron aafe. Ac he. JoHia T. dfhiW tkf, Deputy therMT. TBOtt. VBITCB. ADCriONKKR-PrOKS Id 8PRCCE street ?berempto-y tale of gold and afivur watcbee, rlige jeweller'* tooir, Ac , on Monoay. M troll 2.1 *t 10 A. M , at 8a Btt heeae itreet, euneiNtlng of go d ami ailver watcl.ec, ringa brace Vita eUWa, aleeve butlone, Ac eNo tne eontoa.t of toe manufactory. ccnj.sung of l-lhea, forge* aad jeweller*' tool# o' every description, Ac , A". WM WITTERS. ArCTlOHEEB. WILL SELL, OE H A'.urilay. at ICS, o'o'ock, at If? tStrut] e'reet told Mo), the entire boost hold furiHure of a family leaving the city being the roDtento t f a three tvory house Parlor sulta, beajttiul velvet and other carpets, ball oUctotbn, uiahogauy and roiv wocddtniiig and eentre tab It a bookeiaea, f ench plate mlr rora, fine oil paintioga bv old maatera, silver aad pi- ted ware inahogary and other bedstead*. spring pallivcs hair mattreases. feather bed* and bedding, marble top burvmua and waah alanda, toilet arte aofaa. rooking aad otb-r kcli*ira, a m jig room anu ?itchen t or r. I tore, oouk.ng atove. Ac WM. WITTKRK. AVOtlOMIRR, WILL SELL. Of 9A tiwdaj, at 1.1)4 o'clock, at *M Can a' H.-eet Irv order of the Sheriff, one b nggy wagon, r hi Mag leather top, hanieae, whip, blankets, Ac, by order ol (he ihertfT and mortgagee. Me poatponement WILLIAM IRY1MO A fXX WILL BELL TT1I3 DAY, AT the ealewrooui Mo. H rtne "tree;, a handaome aaaortment of fumitur*. aonaUting Ir. part of French ulate pier and inantei glaavea, roaewood a arte In ptoeh and hair . loth, marbte top pier, eard and centre lableo: bnreaug, chair*, aofaa, ei triMM table, portichomaniee Kngtiah Braeaele and tngra n -arpetr, engravlngg hair and wool mafj-eaaes, feather beus, bolatere and ptilowa, Ac. W IRVING, AUCTIONEER.?8PLBNBTD BrlVRN OC. tovc rosewood pianoforte, T. Gilbert A Co * u.anufa lure, will be Mid UUX.Ui day, by W. IRVING A CO., No. b Pine street. MTATCHB8, JBTWKLRY, AC. (VAI-TPORNIA Dba MOB D8.?OKNTLRtfKR 8 PINR, J S3 to 930; cluster S3 to 980; rings. 94 to 2b earrings, 94 ?o98il, crosses, 96 to 989; Mods. 9610 926 bracelets,sleeve imitnuH, necklaces, As. These diamonds are equal In appearand* to ihe real Bant by mail to any part of toe world 3. A H. P. JaCuSs. 407 Broadway. C>011 POSITION AMD GOLD VEST. WECR AND FOB ) chains, warranted not to tornlsh or change to kit, .or the money mantel Prices, 93 93 60, 94, 94 60, 9b. 96 and 9060. Chains sent by mall to any part si' the world J. A H. P. JACOBS, 407 Broadway, DIAMONDR-THR TRADE 18 RESPECTFULLY INformed that we are continually manufacturing, and hare on band a large stock of diamond jewelry, of the luentitylesi A large aseortment ?f diamonds on hand. Betting done tor the trade. Diamonds bonght tor cash. U HKBjiaNN A PP.. 416 Broome street WATCHES AT RETAIL AT WHOLESALE PRICE? ? Silver cylinder watches icur holes j?welled... 98 (0 Silver cylinder bunting eases ' " 912 90 " anchor lever, thirteenjewels, warranted fib 00 " boating eases... 916 (JO " patent lever, corn face and hunting cases.... 912 to 60 Gold plated on silver bunting cases $16 to 2f bohd gold ladies' watches, four holes jewelled 9X1 90 Solid gold " bnoting eases. 1:40 00 Solid gold anchor h vsr. heavy eases RjOtobO Solid gold patent lever bunting, engrat ed 976 00 Solid gold " " very heavy 9Ntu. A*' Wholesale dealers supu?eA Watches sent to any pari of lbs Dnltsd Stales by ma I or > ipress J. A H. P. JACOBS, saaaufoeinrtrg ievelltra and las porters sf watches and irweiry, 407 Broadway. ElgTHDcnoil. D?9 WRITING 01-ABIES; BOOKKEEPING 910 TIME ip^ai un touted; algebra, arithmetic. Ac . at reduced prtoea all this week, at Mr. PA INK d, 02 B-werr. New Tort, 2H'I VuhoD street, H-oofclyn. Ix Gov. King says Cel. Paine'i plan of instmeucn Is systematic and eipndidcu*. 0?O Ki\ -LAST PPPORTrNTTT ? ALL PERSONS Ji^i ?JU. wishing to join GoMamt'h s cheap wring tiaares must apply this monus; ladies at 12 and 4o'clock P. M.; gentlemen day and evening. OL1VU H. QOLPSMITH, 3C2 Broadway. ?BOOEEHEPllfO. WRITING, ARTTHMtTIC.Mr. D<'T.BE\K. f<W Broadway, keeoe the ^r|wt euminereial academy id New Tort. and qual!hr.< itndeaA tor any kind of buataeea ui A iuperiar prac.ic?J ma/.oer. Tiro VIC mau for boakkaepiag vacant thia (ley. Bookkeeping, writing. ac?b. r. 'urn. av thor of "Trite mmf "Q rt??r-m-'r." "Poobla tmrj Elucidated," aim: nthrr popular wtrka, taacbaa in nlkni |ilai And wbe oib?-r eeaenuak to torn? In nor cad (Lie puraotu. a) M Broadway lAppletoo Handing. *tnr ( bUtimb An qualified to (iwoharrr' A idQftw of fit HuaCifffetw wRb AO 1*7 AD4 dmnlak CtorKTiitG moon ' Per pr*r I re to bookkeeping a mp MMRt AMTlLE atpaiks, 0. C. MARSH. a-eootitant. Appleton'* Hrlidtng. "UT Br-oadwa* rtornlare wftb full partic iIaa <>a arp Ilea dot. or rem I Med to any addnn. 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S. hoot? prrxtttrb CVmilera mar In.4 On arri: at'ioa by rrwt b. r'ATf**. 24 Ornrr otroo1. rNC?r*KK*T^K*P AJ?P THnflw, ABOIT m ?(? **..#, * Un*WH Mt ?f fArrm ' r?, h I RVt't iop* rtl ft'inp to rr-juB?t* h nf? Ae.,U* owi'f r1 ?f rrktftv .* ij.i.f* hkmuihii, iracr*. i WlPIfTB7 ^T*\Tmr TTmi^ Ik n wv A 2 J*x r? I UJttJSk HffilAijy, t5A KHDWfl. VTTTW IrCMB AHB LIYKAPOUL rfTIUP a?bTBS M AIL i* ?' HiiwhiVt- ?Pot Liverpool ?The Untied Bkstm "JtJI steeeishtp 41 LANTiC. 0v4>> 0. EMrkJae. will depart wr-h kilt' Uuttmi 'till mall" for Rorepe. poeiayely oo riVirllj sprll i1?'. 11 oft ouk M . tram b?r berth ?t tlx loot of <fea?l street 1 be rlossjen alibis line hstc Improved i?vi J?bi bajkb>'?tfs *oi tr-Mtilor pssssss. hs.hifc- aut.|iuulod isoomtz.oOsiji.cur Jcr ekascico lasi comfort spoly to RltWsRj K COLLI* \ 66 ?Y*U street 1'iiSiM grre are r?<|ur*'m) la tin on tosrd hI II s d AB Jftere mot p-isn ih-nugh 16a Post office, soy others x*UI be r?Ven'd W.h ?The rele of fr*L.Ll from Liverpool is reCu ed jo x.4 por ten, messnremeul uniii further ootid*. kJ'HM PH1TIIB NO&TU iMKWMUM BCTA1. MAIL i Msll Slesinship*. skom new iwi to uvkfcroou fhiv'rsMn pwwtfe SUB Prccnd cabin passage 70 rank Bovro* TO uvsuoos. (Iblcsbtn >110 Sreontl sbki rtiaesyn M The chips from itoMoo tell at Hsll&u. ITjbSlA, Cspt. Judkloa CaSaDA, QmiI Laug. /SI*AU1A. UWW tlWKKk JIIDNIIlVa|^?PV WHimVB* aRIa. Oapt. K. (1 Lott. BIaO.\*a1 Wapt Ry-ev AKnlUA.C'apl. Shannon. BURUPA-Oapt. J Loach. Tbeae > raoela uuiy a n!ear while light at mail head; green ? ??ar hoard bow; red on pert now. AI all Alt*., WJckman, leave rioeUin, Wodnuaday, March II. PERSIA, Judhlua, " M.Yorh, Wednesday, March 1A AMBB10A, Lull, " Boston. Wednesday, Ktrrk St. aFRlOA, 8b an nan, - II York, Wednesday, AprU l. El) KlU'A. Letleh, M Roatea. Wedaeeday, April K AhlA. Leu, - M York. Wednesday, April 1A Bertha not sot-ored aaM paid for. Ad experienced Nargeen on board, f he ownereotibma ships will wot he see wtabto tor gold, Ornr. bullion. specie, Jewelry, preciousptoses or melala, on hwa hills at lading are signed therefor, aid the value thereof thereto nymnit For freight or passage apply te Jt ';T)AARP, Me *Bowltog Oroau. QTEAM TO LIVERPOOL $30.-THB STBAMHHIP 01TY k? OF BftLTIMfrEg 0?pC Hebl Leltnh. will aell on Thum dev. April a, at 9 A. V. Pare la cabin $66 and *M: steerage. I 'll, including iok. <1 provisions For passage by abo/e neamer. or Unite's ttailing packet*, apply to And EL A UOH TIB, 177 Broadway. STRAW TO BODTHAM1T0N AlfD H AVRE.-THB MAQaiAoen; iteamahtp VaRDBBBILT-. ft *00 tuna, wtO aaB: Vrepi RKW YOKK tor I From MMJTIl AMPTOltl and BCrTHARUTON A HaVSB.4 HaVRK tor JtBW YOttK. Tuesday. May ftlTbenday Jnoet Tuesday JnaeB I Tuesday JalyZI Thnniday Aeg 13 | Wednesday Kept 2 Prion of paaeajrn - - Kb at cabin, aoeordtng te location of state room. $100 te {130. aeoond cabin *60Specie deOrered to London and Parts. For ptnaage or tor l?ht apply te D TOBRaKOK, Ayent, ho. ft Bowlteg ween. ?. T. GKBAT RRBVCTION 1?C F*BK. TO KUROPB. rtiat cabin $h0; aree A d l, 160; In the ftrot clM* Paddle woeel ?laas?h-p ARIEL, 2 QKtl t<-OH to tail from Krw York ron Boom* erron aap Baxatv l/n fburwiav. April 1A And oo Thn*ad.?y. .lane A PaanrngrTafor Ftkvre win i? nentoe in a ftrat etoaa steamer. ?*a>w"i?r with tc. Art-it -n aartralat Southampton. Bpenin delivered In 'si- don loo Pari* rarenoa reab tnr w bring oat toolr frietrl* can obtain orrttft Th* Ar?jlaoqaa) 'n h#t reri-eet to my 2,000 loo ahip Fw or frelwM apply to 0 TORKAMCE, Agent, Ho ft fVrwttr.g treor., Mew Ink. PTKiM BITWR* o*W fO&K iJIt) OLABOOW.O *nirptr*0 9600 'on*, WIPVim 'Qgtarain;;. oomnnekr MEW YORK, 1.U0 tnu lM)*rtOri^. .? rvnander, GLASGOW, l.'JM kaa. John Ittui.rv OPwunow rWOtaogon end Mew York Bteannihtp Ooq.jadt intend aailiup theno now ad powerful?trail 11 t> from Mew fork to (Raa?ew (ttroot. M kilo we ? Bdtntrtrg. Saturday, Morek 14, *- 19 o?c.at*, num. Mrw Ttrk. lain relay. April '1. at i>< 'olort -004 kaosow, Saturday, April 10 M IS o'?i.?k,noon. iuim or rt5uc? PtnO otaaa, WO: totrd olnan, U oi d * UN cooked yiurklnoo fSU. An eipartraood aorpeoa atUanod to melt Meamer. Pit Seiflbl or pawnee apply to J OHM MoSYMON, 17 Broatfwny. mrw York city lUleor told oat? reoelyedftw ueeaage. The LIVRBPOOL AMP mil,APELPH(A STBAJJHBIP Company a <"yde hndt Iroo arrow ateomnbtpi CITY OF BALTIMORE ... -23?7 ton*... .Onpt. R. Lnte-b nTV /tV* YZ7 AOUTlia PftU n '>UJ\ ft?. ? nr.u. city or XAKcsi^fiui . ziw'u^.'.'.onpt r.'c"p?rie KaNGaROO 1 KTatoo* . ..Capt. Jeflrey. The tmdemoted or other Traelei are intended to Mil u to) Iowa ? mow uvititrooL otyrf Baltimore Wednea'ay, Marik 11, City of MsDoberter Wedneadav, Kar-'ti 25, My of W aldington Wevtaaaday, April K, K?up?'oo WedDeaday, April '22 and lioii alternate Wednesday FROM AHIRICA. Cby of Bn'tmore. from New York, Thursday, April 2. City of Mancoeeter. ... .from New York, Thursday, April 10. Cut i f WaehlLRton..... from New York, Thursday, April 30, Kangaroo from Mow York, Tburwlay, May 14, and each aliortate Thursday. Harm* or cahir rASRAdk From Philadelphia ami New York, 9110. MS. ISO. From Liverpool, 21 guineas 17 gulneaa and IS rumen* accird-o* t? ibe aceommodnUon -n the Mote room*. All having tbe cam# privilege u> ibe aalooc. Inolndlne tteward'a fees THIMP I't.AKi rAMKKr.Eli* A limited Bomber of Ih'rd claaa pamengere wl'.l be taken and found m aa macb prove ton* a* required. From Fhltadei pklaaod Ne.w York. AM. From Liverpool, Sin. Cenifiehtea ol pannage will be uuraed here ui partine who are deal rone of bringing cut their friend* at correapcadjog rate*. There iteamere are cnmrru?*ted with Improved wetee tight eoinpartmenta, and ea-b veisel names an eipenenred aur grat. Mi llrafWi oa Liverpool 'rear ?1 upward*, all pooda lent in tbe ag< nta wtll be forwarded wltb cecocaay and dispatch For freight or paaaage apply to JOHN 4*. HAI.K, IS nroaiiaay, N. Y., Agent. or Wg. INMaN, 12aad 13 lower Building*, Liverpool For bakmvm. via nocthamftom -tbk vwrm Ptaiee mall rteamebip HARM a MM, A B&rgtagA Oom marde-. will Mil far Bremen, touching at ftoothaoiptnc. to land J? mail* and paeaengera for England and fruia. on ty*-. ru?r. llanA ?, 1.1 11 o'clock M. from r? r NertA prion or FABPAGR Hl?l K* lCkK TO feCTIlaOPTO* OB nun. !a tr?: rat>'n, biid aainoe fl.V la ir?t robin. kiwar aniooc liO !? MM M it) Ai> riMhnml aartma la attached in aaahakriaiaii Span* AeOiarad la Bat ra or Loadeo. No paroola rxaiiad cm ihe Bar of aalfac All toiler* most pea iftronfb A* ?? > ctooa. Far frtliki or paaaage uol; to 6. H. Will, A net. 11 Booth Wttoa atom. The ataamar Waaha-rtoe wtt anooead the Hormone, and aaU April Its. _____ AfBTiAUA?"rm qurrritK imp un oAturmr. the only flipper or toot ahrp bow up, will be doapalctied tor NAlbaarne or. Wadneadajr. March TB. Hho ?bd krwoea data a few mere |?MH|aa In aertmd eabia, J aafaced by Saturday. Hat .i.pr'r on board a', pier 10 fcaat near, oral thaaftera MB Foarf atroot. or Mb Wall arwt For rontf ajiptoh a*i> ratu-tbi rwmro Atasaa mad aloamaMr AAaOO. D. Idaoa nuiitadm, wlE Iobtc fi r Ham, toaehtoe at hoalbampum to laad the aaatto and paaaonpara, an Batardop. April?, at 11 eatood, toam pier N North rtrar, toot of Bearh ana ram op raMii. a. FtrrtooMa RAM beeond aaMa m aaflnrw Ml thU hi lbs liml <Toaf. bUosor Mmxttac. i)m ronM >ot rmk I til. u>4 fee pumps Mm tree Is work, Iks ?f?tj *f Iks sssssl iumI ps?en pets would bs ss tared. Bscrws dm smM dtirtkf Iks ears** skeaM bs seal so boeixi ibt day before sailing, marked ttj)SblW." Wo fr?lfh'. will bs isksn sflsr Thursday, *i.rfl J Ww Crrlshl or fssssps spflt m MORUMRR MTfllAAFoW, M HrnmJwvtim Masai sr ruMcm will ssiiil tks Are#o, uU mil Mm * STlAk vow aOCTHkMPTOW amd a5twbhjt.-thw sew Iras ssrrw steamship l-JCCrOLD I. a. Wlcksl, ones mander, will bs despatebed lor (ks akors ports CM fMiorday, Ibfck B. feoei plsr >?. W North rtrcr. um or r assets, iscuipiso rsonsiom. ia*rat eabta JBO Is Ml Olid sskls M Is Mm rabbi M This ?-earnerhas r?s wsutr t .*bi nrmpsnniasus. andnsrrte* so SI p? r sserAsrgsne. Wo fr*?ht .skso sjtar Thnmdsi kwrk l'i. sad as Mils at ladtrr sisrt or nwsk reeslead as tksdsp of fsHnc Tir freight or passage. baring rips tier siihmis lAtMas for rabbi sad rtasrsgb rsmsngwa appbr is AVOlir WBJWUWtTWo - HimAeerTtnwl Tks rtsstnsb>p BAlOTgCr. Cart ?HMlsra. wtC isillll tbslMMohl T.. sad ssll os Tuesday. NarabSL xi'ow okurorwia.-wrw tori *wi> saw rnts i r t wee s aaasshtr Ibw, tmap? In wall ami Psossas rsl'rsad ( 1 rvne r?rMMM. BWrann >M>r> M w ,n ] railroad ) (> from Ande wailir l uxim Tbn m* and ap.radld atumili'p TKRKKrtblB. I M Iran karthnn. "apt. F U. flnklooaaak. will Ml' tor Aoptnwail, an Moodar, Marrh 7\ a' ' ?rlwk f. M.. lo noanort nnh <k? iMafr i>nul->. "ron fwnak ob tkr Faetftr. Uw Haa Franriaoo Fifty pram * t Hi >.BC||B?r alkiwad to aaeh paaaanyr.o. .on real* prr post < rm 11 m Tftc UrUaba maiaa *aa Fraaatwo Marcb A <a m-narrt with lha Tmww, rrrnalnkig at famaa until tka arrival of ka- paaaeagcra?tkaa arattffag ail poaatbllHr of do< ??mFn on tho iptiMno* llaarim paaafiialraoanbafv* , iir K b inaiarl amy bo kari at ika abora aria*. For rmWki , or namapo apply oalj to CH AlUi MORVA* A RORsJk 1 2'Boa-hat Orarn. R. T. , SrWTAL. !*OTKTT TO AUFTRA1JA FRIF PKBR-*RW I York ra. Baton Tbn n<? ollpnar aatp KITTY RLMI' , MlK. ktiUl by Abraham r (to,. ihn r ty wHk all Uw mo 1 dra-r Improvon rat* tor mod' and plrraatk. tothnoufr a I afe.p now toatftac tor Australia, tor proof of aklrh Bnppnra ( ara rnfarrad to thn martnn rnpnrta. Yho K H Oil aal. frro ) Now York and anion at tha port of Malkonran la aiaanra <i t any tAbn- rhlp nam on Utn bortK For I rirht or pi ib|k ap t ply In R. W. OaMBHOR, IN) 6 IV w.tag Oman. /YU!Pr*K FHIF MARY L. 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WotdbuD, aril] leave on fcaterdar, Hat Vvih, at i e'e>oak F. ? . mm pttrVo.41 k. B'I's sf lad hie auaed on board. Far fitly hi or passage apply to B. L. MIT CHILL. 13 Broadway. T^ioach tickets frrm Mew fork l? Jacksonville, Ml; da rt atka. |33. Ileaaiaa far Floridaeoeaect atBaraanah wBh the ?te?mais ftrtwn Mew York ea Tuesdays aad flstnriiaya. ATWmoil IAU Agintlcman of tub manic it roamoh amp character, aad 40 yearn of afro, ilenirea the anqnalolaaoe of a lad* with a view to ma'-rtoiimy. 1 he lady's property win ke srenred to nor sole we Address, with perfect eoafldesea. bin wiity, Herald ottoe. MLiM. l/l 8TB A MOB Wilis UPON EMOMTPT OF twswtyftoe rente nr lie equivalent 111 stasspa, send any peri on a true ptotmaof their past aad present Me; their prea portly In tore attain, yenra* ye aad lawaulle; also a secret by which they can secure tanaedtaloly the tonef theoppototo sei. Address, with ret era postage. Kile. 1/BMraagn, Maw Tork Feet rise MATMMON1AL-TBK advertiser 18 dxrir7bm of opentac e correspondence wttl Mine vocng lady with vtow to bit.trlinear He 1s of mndtum hotahL. black hair and ?? nod baa an taomii' of 12,000 and m ilrocgly amerlean In politic*, be wbbea to wreiportd with DO 000 who hM DOt I gat a Rood KDghsh adoeatton. Addrea# Prank, box Kfe, Tick a borg Poataflce, Mlaaiaalppl. _ ^ ~ awH'nsfl. / CK>B Hi'^E?A SCOTCH TKRR1BR, ONK OP THE r number wbieb arrived front Km' land t week a ago. and were advertaed for aale. any person wanting something mall and beautiful and a* good tUtrkaa can be found in tbie noiurtrx. will do wall to call at 63 Pulton h tree I. an the earner, at tbe carliea'. moment. No dealera need apply. Mammoth st. bkrmaks amd nkwpooni>lap(2 pupa and alt tbe choice breeds for dale and itoek at 29 po ion street. Boiler e lnlalllble mange ttnnosnt and dan externa aatrr: price 80 canta. Doga bearded, trained, An Please ?jp be addrtaa. SPECIAL EOTIOM ?the pt7riyiturk, WEABLY new and of goad qual'ty, of a genteel residence, dee roilee out for sale ebeap. Honae. which la medium al/e and beaabfnllT located en the Kaat river, ean be leased g deaired. Address Lath rep. Herald edlce. Ml SCEIXA SIEOIW. Afflicted. Ve wbo with languor droop and fade, Orva* bom fiercer '.Ikneen thrills. CW1 tbe Dleat compound to your aid? Trust to HRADDKWTII'S prec>oue pl'la. field at tbe principal otlke. 43 ttrandreth Building A BTEfUAM WELLS.?TBE 8UB80IBKE, EMOIMMD AL cdartealan well* and boring ferwatar, baa been engaged In this bntoneaa near thirty jnn has rwi Uj torn a wei lor John Taylor Jt ?o , at their saloon and lolemMioatl Be tel. Broadway; alio wells for oar principal Urawvwa, sweat reflBera and (there 1 wish lo eaetlen the public again* frauds imposed upon then by partlea claiming ta have pa tente for toela and pipes mad be thta buelneae. Addveai John Plabrow, 81 Walker street, or at the Columbian Toaa dry. 40 Donne treat. A SMOOTH AVD GLOSSY T1LI IS THR OWE MP1 elal oeeeaalty of the oostume of a well draaaed maa. Puck a one eaa be procured, of the vary latest spring style. ?f BOOKLET A HI ATT, at the Arcade, Bttt and 898 Broadway. New is the time to purchase the fashionable hat of the eeaeoa AWaTI AWAY WITH HLIPSHOD8 AJfD OLD BOOK'1 ?Why will too rain the symmetry of that foot, formed la aamre'e truest mould! Hie rtralght to JRFPRJIH tCJ Broad way. and there be fitted to boots that In point of diirsblhty anu elefuiee cannot be snrpassed, at home or abroad. JEFFKRrf, W7 Broadway. ThOWW TIWT GO.-TTTE BK.tJL.lWO OFF OF DAILKT U k CO.*8 Immense stock ef china, atosa. I as fixtures and plated ware has made a sensation aeeond onlv to the BurdeU oase. Make yoor selections before all of the beet In sold. Their etore Is at 681 and 633 Broadway, between Houston and Bleacher streeta D?. TAYLORS KH03PIIOKI/ED 8A1.HAM OK LIVER wort haa cured and Is curing tubercular consumption. bronchitis, kc., in their most hopeless lorms. tic inspector would not report s'xtv or eighty deaths a week from this tor rlble disease if the sick or tb?tr friends would only stake the least Inquiry about the action of 'h's eltectlve medicine, as they would about their slightest baalcesn affairs It la the great discovery of Profeosori'Ljbeg. made practical bv Ik* tors Stone. Leeds and Taylor, and should be to every house. For sale by G. J. LBKDH, drug Importer, Wo. LW William treat. EVERYBODY goes TO PAILBY'g, 6m AND 633 Broadway, for china, glaaa, and t*? Uilorva. The ruth m Immense. Guttlkirji Ba vmo will rijfo rn* i*r?ova? poodrettoof the aabacrtbara om OtTBTRY BBAT8 AND of the heal hrUhien, as wen w U? cheapest intnwlt iU for* rasa G AB.DKF8 arc whore these m <tiilio.jfry to pronrle raBleifmt for >irtoi aad tone ynrnoorn. 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R. woodworth a ro^ Ho. 74 Ha! atreet, He* 1*1 HA KM KM- LRATKBE?FOR HAL* AT TffK HAfTTORT > Waal Pone third alreet, > Ktf>h aod Math aearuea, at aueottfeetnreri' t.rVee?Worn ila. la HM., no hemic A leather. Alao a tot of aoia leather cheap JOUTEHW IROIWROUB PRWTARATIOW IRftTAMTLT cleane kid f toeaa of all oo'ore without Ota shtfhteel aaaWl Hnh a ltula <1* the floaa with a plane ef Aaaael aad thadhri laataatir dlaappeara One IxHUa eleeae Mr pair. PrWaM nan ul Wholesale end ratall at MS Broad way. KV.ROHP.NI OHJ. eraaaae labrteaHaf oil. Ha 1. Krrsseae >obrtoatta? *>n Ha 1, Aa cheapest luhrtaaMr worn trflarad W> the pobhr "KStfi*-*.* The shore aOa caa ha obtained frnw? the reeWarly aporMatai teen a of the onwi|?at la all lha principal krwae and elUaaai 7the r> heti?Wtea, the Oaaadaa aad the lamed at OHha AraTBHH. A rente. 10 Baa rar atrial LRATPIK.1I Bl.P < AHD COLORED ROROOOO KOR ate at 73 Paw- real Ugwi.ipmwp MPOHWMO i?* hh -I?imiii. cauimaiaa. iiimufn, on npi-mirta. iunit* laee, brnleea Ac . A* , for aale at Uw nova aad pertndteal 1?|m . fci Dlfalra air eat, Nta Tort, and bf bfra Hajrea. Broahijn. N KW RORTHIRR miVKtl SUOAR CARS SFKP J DM recast ad, para aad genome, V m the angina mure*. a lame <|OanUtr, for ante la rarkaui of ?r ano Mba ?e<b prepaid. or at $1 par PC am, by J. R. THOitBlRR J DO., ? ohr afreet. M?w York | |>OCLTRY*ARI> VROFTARIJI PRAl.KRR ATTKRTIOR. a ?tbe poultry and eaaatable 'eparimmta ot Deene e now aarket m bow ollerad for aale the whole boot nana being too aiieh for one to manage properly. To aa aatareraiag ami irmorahir man none other* need apply) R la aa eieelleat op bortr.artr Apply 10 ORO W. DKTOK, MM HiA ariaM, there Y hlrtr ofth atreat f triftRS (H'RBTTriTR. 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CATHKBTHM Ml MAHAL WATRR - TOR THR ?l rnf? at etaronlc rhamaAlem. dyapapala, font ml other broalr and nerroua itomt II ku the rerttkaatton In IK rondarfnl powara ,and fntaoacy, and alan u a r*u>ar'j bat will aupanrde all othan ofan maat r?aarlaha phyai- , land aadl elU/ena all orar Ilia onontry. ikijui whom art >anaral I. Wataon Wabb, .ludjre Clntarflar Onlooal, rant/, i Ion. Henry l-adya-d. For ula by O. J. trKRWI. drti? Inn erinr. Ho. l.W William Wraat. aala a?ent tar Iba t'ultad tataa, to whom all avian aanat ba arldraaaad. 1 rtHTR, ROOHOWT, PDHrrCAI.mr -AT PTROHO'ff p raw Ijan mb prinUaa oAon, ana k'lBdrad 'hnneamd k rood arta an on hand. and nay ha oaed la prlnilnd wttboii , rira aharya. Rrarr daaartpuon of job printing, both plain rork a><) In aolorm, dona In tke bant man oar. pnortnaily and t mo<lara'? piiena No. ;9 Ann tarnat, between Wl.llam and y lold. W. V. ___ i rFAHVUU) THR FOri)RWTT? KADI RT THR robnorlbern ta Iba abraawat and bant mar an ta iba ? -orId Cor arm and rafatahW A pamphlet will ba aast Venlto any ona aendtair their addraaa in 'he LOIII MAMA AflTVRiRO OOMPAJTY, Mm K OorOaadt ntraat. Vbw y oak Pity. ? rlW AHD PI.AHTH, -FARHOMH A OO , FLPHHIRO, mmr Haw Tork wonld Wrtaa purehaaan to aawd ta Ibtar rdan aarla. Tba plnak at eerrrraan and athar ornamental _ aaa a parUonlartj rood and 'Key are offerer at low ralaa. ? mK treaa, Aruba. i naaa, alnaa and arntte riant* ean ba foa ? ,#hed <a graa* rartaty and ot rbataa gaalHy Tlaaa will ba M Mitwk m r >tnrm mi** wWf, fr*? nf OM?mciM? ;r t Mil or KM Wall rtrrn, tmmi ^ tiit frmio* oiimTii, or atx nm r cr? ttcrr, npcn ca?bt, wto. iH r ffciltt rr<UMe taf HMr *?> Arttato 'hat ?ttl kSpbi ur CT?^rTi3aWrg,5SS,X?. * T. " 7. MroBJBJwnjrr*, VnaiO'S PARISH. V Poom op?t si f L. to mmnm's illu Titfctflft Motet* mowdjt vahvu 23. 01AJ9D OP?*lj?<* MObT OF f tift HKlflOtf. dm ?f ike unrivalled end unco oil 1*4 RaYJU.- end their liOVtlM COM PANT. Return of lie (real favnr i(.? ANTniVB Af D JBROM7? B A v KL. MLLE. ROBERT VME MO.N PLA'SIR, LION R8PlNu8A, MME MABZKTTl, LIN A w:?lIiKU TOURO llAJVOLER YOU-O AMERICA. OemnMsciac it 7S (bo evolitona on Ac tight hops By Yooex Henfltr Tnnng Amen Your* Lchmano ant Mile V. Ohlartm. Followed by 11 c. grant ballet of III a BO in ehirb Mile Robert Hat War/.to Mil*. Lima WintleL M. Feu) BrlUent and J# rome Revo: a .U appear. BOUBHT M.< AIRE. Re*>eri Mao Aire Aolotne Ravel Bertrand Jerome Revel Teenier end every evening during the week THR WOmDRRFUL bAVBLB ANT) DOUBLB COMPANY. WALLACK'B THEATER. To Rli.llT, Mahch 31. MIeS MeTILDa niHON wl 1 appear ae Leooore 1" tke cow ag><- piay of TBM WUIui H o*V An oriptral Ovenure by an American compoerr, iDiiilenla) iim kr Robert Ktopel. Mor.daj? LaOMORR Laura hbrnr'b new thkatrr 834 Broabway, Near HourToie 'nir. Mhw Laura Kerne Bole Lceee and Dtreetreee Pcrfennan. ea ot mmrnce with the Overture at 7 M o'clock. batphdav Kvamno Mabom 21, 1867 THE BLVaH; oh, thr bTaTOB brldr Br CHAKi.av Halbv. Rbu , performed In London with nreiampled natren. Lri.eir1The mountain wrest* of 1'aelorla are nM to too Inhabited by el*on. who delight to en'rap traveller* Into their reels* sod torment them with their mb-hlevOHa en'ice Having the power of ire Deferring their epirlt. they often, in the_r mabcioo* gambols give IKe to the newly deed SUtnen, rock* end trees may be seen morwg In the forest*; but it la onir <1 crlar the day they retain their fictitious eriataooe. On the approach of mghi they reanme their immobility. Seventh night of THK BLACK BOOK. One of the greatest hits of the season. Wetf Mr. Caorga Jordan To be followed by thk BLvKH; or, thk rtatrc BRIDB, produced with new scenery, costumes, properties and me henical eflecta. Oennt Keidstreaat Mr. Wheatlelgh OoJui. T. B Jntihstoa Prices Jockey Club Vi*s Kate Reynolds Hl/ra be hiatus Mlrr Laura Keeno The new mosie arranged and adapted lr Tboa. Maker. Acad*my or none EXTRAORDINARY ATTRACTION. This (ratordst) itrsiNC Mahpii It, CLOSIMt* Nltlllr 0'" THK 8KA.SON and positively last appear an re of Mile. IKRMfA PAhODI. Mad. OCR A DK WTLHORST, Mad ? MaUA PATT1 BTRaKORCH. Rig T1HKB1NI Big. MORCLL1. and all The other ertlsla of the Italian Ot>rr a, oudcr the dlrecHon ef Maurice f trakoseh first appearance at the Aridetny af Music of Madame D'AHORl aoJ Mad*me JOH4NNaKlf. Positively last appearance thi* seanon of Mr IHauilBKO. ITA1JAN and ORKMAN OPBRA and GRAND CONCERT on ore and the eaine evsnUg. PuoowiMvr- pikt t. The whole of the trat a:tet Prl'iai'a opera of Norma Mile. Teresa 1'arodl Part II GRAND OONCKRT. By Mail. D a NUB I and H. THALBERG. 1. Locrc.ua Bora* Mr. Taelberg X Aria, "fla/.ra Ladra'' Mai D'Angrl S. t'oaoert Watties Mr Thai berg 4. The Bleei Valu Mail. D'Amyn #. Masaamelio Mr Thai berg Conductor of the eooeert Rig. A bells Pakt III. cmgimi ae' a# uft7kr "DOH GiovAmn. InnuiiiM ITDe Terem Parodt ?erHna Mdk Oorm do Wllnril Porna linen Mace. *nullk Paul Wraknaeh Don OUtTlo ?*. Tloor'.nl TVm Giovanni PI*. Morrill LeporeDo II*. Bnhrenl VmkIIo Kg. Morlao PxnT IV. The itrond not (Prison Peons) of Beethoven'a FlDKfJO. Leonora Mme Joharnaan FKjts tan .Mr Keotler Pi.srro Mr. WeuUlch Aoroo Mr Oehrleln < undoetor of (icemenop?r% Carl Bergman The whole of the last act of Yerdl'a IL TBOVAIOKK. L. o ra Mils. Teresa Parodt Axnrena Mad Petti Btrnkmch Mar'too St*. Tlhsr.nl Connt do l.nns HI*. Mcretll Parcel 11reei Circle Flrrt Ttr (I Secured Keats Wo eilra I Amphitheatre ? eente Femily Olr.le Menu | Private Boxes, .from V> u> fc*i Tht box olPoee for assuring ?enla will be npsa dally. frumO A M until I P. M , it ibe Aeadmny sf Mnelr. BreusMte's, Mo 70) Broadway; Ball A Ion s, Mo. 2W Broadway,and van M orden A King'a Mo 4A Waliatrset. Paanivelj as Iras llat except ihe press. SOT1CS. 'r?1r* In tbe length of the performaoee doors wtC be spew ed ?t ; tr rommeaee at 7)? prerieely. BAKMDM 8 MCPICM -LA?T TTVK OF THK ffRW iMMdl drama as II mt.nl b>- withdrawn is order to ntk? reom for aretbr-.rrew pl.we, lust -. el.ed from London nd la indoeed oa Monday. M?rr.b Afternoon at V DOM OI.DH. At Biennis at 7?< HUTU OsKLCT, with all the great, or'vmvl east after which a fhrre TV. Ilvlay serpen's, haapr faml'y, Ac m y bo am. ArttalaMri. J film: rh'Mren nii<W too. I2>, cor.U. BVCKLKT'S MRU'iliEM. SEW BALL, MA BMOADway, rpo* alia tbe Metropolitan llutal. A great hit of JM bur Jeer, ne uo THK Of.P FOLK A' OOMCCRT. witch s in he rrpea'ed I.. night. wltA the mill Tt/i ma , ? Preeedlaf wkl ib ksobo tmnrntturr Oa V?meday rrrn or. March 26 i.eraCt </ M>mm .? MATHaWM and JOS. P.. VCnBKI.r*. Cnaeart at 7K o alork. Tteketa U oaoia; arabratre aaaU Ml a*nix. T\AM BRYAKT TBF Om.T RR4L ORTOTKAL AND A* (taalaa iMmce of OM Vir(toay,>e?f >nna reary eight whb UliHT'f M'*STIt*.LS. M MarhenljA R*,l. 172 Brewlwaj. R?mamb?r. thla la Ue oety oetclnal waifd a OM TirgBBj. Be DM d?ea r ed by aptirlnna repraaeata'tooa. Ml? TBRRRA BKMONDF.'H BBADIMO* FROM TUB POCTR, BanMaal loaUtuto. oa Mender i?aau March 25. IM!. TVsketo 26 recto, to be had at Iba pftrv-ipxJ aoalc atorea aad at Iba doer oa tha alght ai rcrloi aoni V I BLOB SALOOM Si Maar- ?t IS67 MLLR BrOBRtR DM KOODK'd FIBKT COMiUBT an whtoh arcaatoo Aa nlu ba aaatatod by iba toitoaiag ifllcti ? MUa. Maria Da Baoda, Mr. *dw?r,| Mntlenhauar, Mr. Uaair Mol)aaba?ar. Mr. F. Mo'lanhauar. an-1 Maaxra. Her/op ut Baal? Punao ??aa?Px RT I. 1. Flrei (rut Ooaearte for Piano, iwtth -lolalxtta ar?n paataaant of atrlaaarf laatrumenbu < bnpla Mlla. Kacenla Pa Binda. 2. Oonecriarla ... PruerA MUa Marie Da Ronoe. With rtoioanalla obligeto br H. Moltoahaitcr ) \ Ttoitmaoto Bdward MMaMtaar 4. Allegro//a Kiode da < ooaert -rorla Mlla. Regent* 4a Honda. Fabt II. 1. Fanlaala. 'Heaaaaatof Thai her* Mila Begeaia Da Ronda X Aria * Ta4ita0e" Mater'-ear Mlla Marie De Bo-Ma. X Oraad Faataala. 'rtolonaaito) Hareala Mr. Henry Molina he ear. A Fraahitagalled. Kae?r MUc. Marie De Rondo ?. Pnrbo. plaao end Tpiitn Oeboorne eod De Betot Mlla. tu?*bie Da Ruede aad B. MnUaaha-iar. Adaataelrn (I Dear* ope a at 7. coitoert to noma aa re at I o>le*l. Ttrketa to be bad at Hall A Rno'e anair ebwe eimeeof Freed way aad Park Blear, kfMn l-orto'a aanxie ae-re So &? Broadway, aad at tha d.xr oa the eren of at the fw?r CHINE** BOOM* m BROADWAY. i Lm* dar if thk rktrr mils mirror. \ Two aiblbtUMR a At 3 aad ?K o'i<wk. oifl ttrheta !. 1 Improve lb la laal opportuof j to km lb. Otft TV-k.w. Pmo roro rvBuoo.-nrrciioocKd harmork- ' mr.tmr* onatlnoa tb.tr nartvailed popularity P.<om i ampaay ?M took jovial *mgw ?r? tke pramtoaai r.ati>reo of I be piocramma ever? Pal'irday and WMnwIaf .< aniar at a lie oid Ponataut Chop Boom. 172 aew Canal (treat at 4 a > rloeb. a NOTICE -RHAKIPEER DRAM ATIr ARBOCIATIOV - ' lb. m?mbera of tke above aaanulatkio are re>ioaete>l to a ttend a regular meoUrg tkla erealag. at *ho Broadway, aa xnelaaaa of fatal art will be itibinfUrd. Imtng man A. Irrw. | if jolalag aa aaeo-latVm of tkla kind eaa make eppUveUoo a* ibore < a Wedeaoday. Friday aad Ratnrday evaoiaga, Bern 1 l, to t", o'rlook. J i iemembeb. ut broadway. fob oipt ticket*.- * 11 Gift tieketa admit 4 la Raven Mu* Mirror. Two laol .iMMUnna of Raven Mlla Mlrraf ] Ctfl urketa only oaa dollar each I ' B HO TO CTTIRBRR ROOM* TO REE RIVER MILK MIR * LT ror. Oa to AW Brnadeay b> gat (lift Tlcketa b Tke tkaadartMs of .Niagara laJa are heard by t aftlnr P itven Mile Mirror ifi CRJTTR FOE PEEKAITR PRIZE TlfTfETR.?AO ' )U mlmloe llekaw fw ftiitr aareona to tka ftwree Mile Mir oe. without a ahare ta tbe prima, at lOraata. Will be aokl far u rb Aayt, perbapa loagar ~ E. fOTTEE, 1M R road way, roam Mo. A K TEAVRIXRBIP OV1DB. [TCnttOR RIVRE BAIUtOAfl ? PEOM PRE. ?t. im. j tl tbo tralaa will lea re Cbaaaben aweet aUMoa aa fbtowa ' l.areaa trafc, ?W A. ILaadUOF M jaaO. 11 U A- M.. '1 mVraaldOP. M.i Wr PrettbbetmtatLBbo A. M aad 1] M. r d"P. M.; fcr Rlat Rbt(. ? P. ffTfcr Feakakfll. IM P. M " be I'nnrbbeeiote. Mng Bine and PaokaklB India abip at Ike r' rav netfoaa. Par?rag? re taken at Cbkml wi. Oaaal. (Rarlata ? bar aod TWrlT f.rat aire??a Tratea for Raw tart lawee Trry i " '? W ii A. tau.y r m., aad mm xm?i at 2 *"*X y WfTTH. IbipotintondoAl J W0TTCK.-TH1 BTBAinem K.PMMTH l>1t*R t.**VW J* \ fw of rniton *r*K. R"W Vwt, U* FlaaAlof aad D>l .fo Total, at 10.30 A M. ?<1 *.90 P.M. kTlW TORK ART) HAH.** RATT.ROAl). T4RR TO ? N A't?r?, ? Tin ntmm or h vr * ?rT wiu tA* wn?w of Wht?o *nrf Cortro r>roo?o %o <n??. - Fvoro mnrnlni *1 A TO a'plnoA. orotj ?< 4 ? , Ftro thronfhta Albany ?1U b? two 4ol1?f?. T?no?- * wo mi M?4*y aiuyr^on. I?A inat ... ? W. J. OAMTRRUU Rnpomnondon*. _ R*w To*?. Fob. 14, WI7- f 7lV~TDRK ART) !?": RAtl ROAO RTF/ IA1, RO S ?< ? <>i? ard ?P?r T'???*? 24?h lr?0 . *11 -**? will N l<* 4traot noor tbo Row * >'* and R-4o Railroad laaolrf fco n?t,*i j rfopot. foot tf f>**ro otroot. tatty, Hnndar* fwni 1 I no IWtow* ? J ty? A. Onaktrt oiproao % 1? A M . ?0il 'jam "I 4 r. N Row?mr| ?nd 3 a t land ornr'y r?r~?iW- Fj 430 T. M , ntfbt O*proo*. Ririu> i4w)?4 tfcronfb a* aaital Ro *At**o# I* )* # T? -If dwoo- A*4?j.r0 Awt of OnMM alraM, )74 IB *rd :*1 M 'nfoiT tan ktRbii . .'orarr by. * r AlA.1'1*. Ooro-W R ro-' o!?o*. ? * Fotnarj X OK V I 7? BH< iDViT 1PEATAB ) A kUrtftnl, B?l? 'Man* 9, h Hlklt . fttaaa > na?ar In ifcc *ri.ril Fa?>rn wetaulaof THB uaohrhit or ?rAH. wir k| i*-?r ihlaffbtorday avaalnf Msrrli 21, 1-47. frt brilliant 'nut or cna'antera roenery, uh-.irate ?'. Ac , r*? "call Ml la 1 ho laat Mi -Mhrnrea ibe nn?nl?ii KiitriiA.irif ? Fate In honor of U.e Prln-e oi rvlan. In which ib> j will r.tiodnrc ?'l ibc CTolnii'ion, rrm.ia.Uea uaaota n ( km. pe?lurlD* anMpo ear cxeiel. ?a and K'rcieanora asea irnon 10 a touaaaJ. a?b Locit pepemtaiNotice?To arroieiEotlnie fau;lli??. rclu ole. Ac.. there wi he a 1BA.VI1 API KKNOOP PkBKOBMANOE Udr Katoreay Doer* open at 2 k'. ' > Lop In nt 1 o"eJ?*E. 1 he KL.KPII Ah7M will ?ppm? ?n dl verUneem-n . art* o'Jl?r pleaaiuf and attractive cn'ecmnrreBta. BROUGHAM'S MOW KB Y TH ATM*. _ _ Ron Lmim Mr. John snmtn Art'.pj: and StAfr Ha uxor. Mr J. B. H>WI t rcheavra Cbnlrn, M rcnta. Praa Otreln and Bo tea. MM*; Pit and ?nl>>?. US oenta. Door* open at 6M; WMBa anew at IS o'eloeh. SiTi HDaT Ev*i?ii?o, liMH 71. IW. TtiF P1R aTKH UP TU? Ml HIRSIl'PI. BOMaIM'K IN HIOH LIKE. JACE BBRPPaRD BURTON'S NEW THBATBK. BROADWAY. Saturday, by dealre, thr ktnU onmrdy of liOMBKY A?[> KIN, raat anthnll th? airerath nf their auperior compear. Pa plain OntUe Mr Button, Domi?ey Mr. Pinker. Teata, Mr. Petebell; Major Pa*tk<o< It, Mr. Mark HmNM. Edith. Mra. A. Pbinhett; Rtiaan IMpptr, Mian Polly Marahal). With the comedy of OCK WIFE. In which Qm atronfth ol' the company will appear. On Mcrdaj ?A now comedy, In are aota, oalled WALL SlKFBT. Mr. J. W Wallack will ahortly appear taa a Rbaktyarlaa play now tn picparatloo. A MKR1PAN THKATRK. CHAMBERS 8TBKBT, (LATV A Bnrton'a Maragera ,E. L. nevrmport and H. WatklaA Drear rfreln and par<| iet, K cent*, upper hoiea, 12 eMtMI orohcaua chain. (0 oenta; aeata tn private hoiea. IL Ratphdat Rvinnrc b axom 71, Ir47, kiphard 111. Duke of Glaater Mr. B. I? Daren pert THB GREEN HILL8 OP THK WENT Battltoa Bob Mr. B. L. Dt ran port f^BO. CHB1BTT A WOOD'S V* _ 4it Broadway. belew Grand atrat Henry Wood Muatnem Mutur Geo. Christy .....Hume Mataper Oo Palurday?the operetta of BLACK ILVRUKIU). Door*open at 6; commence at TK a'clcoh. MECHANICS' HALL, <11 Broadway, abowe OnrA Crowded houm. Ureal bit BKTaWt'B MINBTRRL8. the escalator troop ef the world. Meoday. March IS, 1HC7. more new novr't'ra. Polka a la MllMaire, Congo Ooea dane% challenge dui.ee, accruer of old vtrglanr, Ahakepertan rpadIdrs, teriitic borer combat, Introducing Uie celebrated /wry and Dan Bryant. Admission It oanta. Commence at 7% 0 clock. Broadway thkatbk grab It DAY PBRrORMiNCK, SiTtmnur March 21 18B7. Doom open at 2>u, to brctii at 3 o'clock P. M. To (ratify families. children. rchrole, Ac , and obrtate the cbjenloo made bo later hours It tar been deemed expedient to adept the wishes of bun.:red* of ptrsoua and preeeat an entr.r'_alam?Et in which the WONDEEKCL AMD LKaaNKD XLRP H AJfTH, VICTORIA AnD AlltkKT will appear In their aatonluht- < evolutions, gymnaalea. nances marches, pout a res, aut.podenn exerclae and mLrac'i mus ascension. Will he preceded by an excellent haree. Oveituree and isTorltc atra by Uw Orchestra, he. rt It I'M AN VOICB-ITR BQURCTK OR PHYH1CAL mtebnnlam. and the nnlaral lawn .ftr lie development, 1 reuervat.rn or reuueatlou. A nourna ot two lecture* esatodj log aome valuable discoveries oo this snbj'-et, with aae'oml eal deinouulraUon*, will be delivered In the public lecture room i f the I'nlvemtty Medical College. Koi.rteeenlh street, adjolninii tbe Academy of Music, on Monday sad Thursday erenicpa J3d and A>th Inst. byCHnb. A OuILMRTTK. M. D.. Prof of Vocal Physiology There lectures ore gtven un der the patronage, and In otnneltai t? With a request of several sminent cltl/ena A limited number ot tit kets to the course, at Meen' a, can be obtained of the J an I'or Mr. Ckaa W. Polman. at the College, 107 Bant Fourteenth street. JOFKPH T. HARRIS. Chairmen Horn Arrangement*. DriWALDORP HALI.ERT, WT BROADWAY. Coatntnlng *Nl of lbs ftnost pamMngs Ever put upon exhibition. DfcxJe adaiit.ioD ?b mh?, umi doketa M carta. TJ*OH THK ARKIVRKRARIRB OR TKARLT WTBTllfOH r ? Bpleadidaoco 'iptodtbnriii naa ha obtained at tba City Aax'inbly Iomw a'M fur onn'ert" ^warwi eihihl'lcna, trmjrkJ? Ac. mi Ac. apply to the proprietor, OKO. W MU.I.HI. ?4B Uroadway. rrwk original (heinv* miorrm?l?, 1 The ojrte.t eetabl.nl> ed hand to the world, J. W. R?VN(iR A R n. Cltimt Proprietor*. Frrfaru. la CtBOtnnau March U J T. PORimaT, Agaat. Pkruam'h fourth gift pntkri rirk tti-kktu merited aad tent on to lite eetumftlee at tba >oaeat puaolbleralea. Otter MM Hraadway. &M. CMR-K /\LP FOLK*1 LAST OOWPKMT OF THE WtASOH.V ' k aMI' H Old Folk* Ooanert trrnipe will tlepoa thetr way bome from Philadelphia, nod (tee Utalr lent roooert to New York at the Broadway Tahmw e en lalnrdty evemtnf, Warrh 31. eomaenrinf at ? o'clock Ttch. u 26 oaota, ta * W d at the door. Tiiro. vcihfki.i'h (lahaiaal hoirkk-thk last but one of the "t.h aeaann, en Tareday, Mareh 4, at Pod norths. Mil* U Mmoa iid ap^earaane . Mr. Winiata Mara. Mr. J Burke, aad Mr F. Mara will Milat Thao hi*. leld'e quartet parte FuHlc rehearaa' at 15 o'clock, t'oarart ta con.tit nae at h o clock. PLATS. FIATS. FLATS -TH* STANDARD AMD Mil aor drana aad all other pdb.lakari p1ay% ftw aala by fit KBKNt h. 123 Braau .treat New Tort Pnw 12* mat* each, tea fee ti; boand eobawaa ?L A wow play pnhAahad emry^wpak. (Wm Data em* by Ball. Craa, whea roCO Alt. CtOAi. TO tiROTTBB.-BllMT QC ALflT. STRRRNSn I aad delteared at S& 25 nam mrOtar nolo* Iron yard* a K my atreet, lltf Duaa*, aad Oaaai. naar a lie a. MATTBalF QUA TO*. I1CUM. 2.000.000 much below market raiaa. Okah adtaauaa >aada Mi mm ta aaj uuaatay and af aay qnalMy. Q.0HNNRS.JBa. 17 Inphrty. 17 AT AHA mod am -caharaa piqako. INi III 11 *<?, Csarbaa, I'JWI, ( ?Trtm* Beplrvnlae. rega. BrtUaaxaa. Attrun Portaglo. Waro-r A? . by boi or MM. a P. MXJIIb. to Mmrar WM. nmnfiO, *" ~ *1 AAA rOIFIITIP A WO POCHARD! VHIMMH cI.vU"" mrwl-Or. 1DNTIK (nm wbso U>? 'ml urtrni af otber pbyrlrtanr erA all other rime<1l?t Mj>. His r?d drop i? iour oaly raUaara frw a tharaagb aura la nartaio dla imm. Pa. 3 Ptrtalaa ?(raat, ihesniy plero now ao wall knew a for Iba vary nuij eitraorAtaary euros It baa yirlWud wab oat Aletar Undtanra frua baatnaaa, abaci all other reniAfaa only Pltr tbe A erase In the blond H only. Tbla aaaaraa Iba paDeal Imm teooaderr aBaaba. and la Bta only needy oa aarJi -hat >loaa It 1 rr all ethers aad are. Hewars at abaad Mil stallag lir Boater bus raanmad. ft to a OllDai no daaap tie ni oowrrr n twar* tnwwr, mat n 00*1 I ' 1 aim primal; oa Caiana Tba vvtiiaa af aoarha aaa roabha iB tba ?lately qf batag baaombly traafi 1' * C'sdljluBa thai tba Paw fart TraHaiei la bla aMaa. A.jtAiJ'nTOypicp^Mi MCTTty^ir?m, ?!? Dm. watpcip rap pom a lowo haim op tbab aoaflrad htsaa?-attna to earlaai dtasaem.in tkM babaa treated art laaa ibaa twaaty iti i iain I aaaaa wliAiat aa la taaoa of failure Tbe reaWlea ar* retld, wnbrm latanaa sra ta b nr aiaae or rhaor at diM. Or Wtaaa ba naaaal uteadaars Ircai 7 la tba Boratog oaal t at sight. at bia real . era M Walker atroet a law dsnra araat of draadway. nit roasaJllug raaaaira reparwia WM W aTWOP, M. I?. Paraaarly Porg"m to tba Last Baayttah rvl LAMMOPT'O PAR IB AMD LOWPOP MMDIOAb I/ Adviser aad Marriafi* Ootda-HMbedition ifHnaaaa. igtuDar-raanae rath. ?1. IirlrieBe ad? i ibaad iaa?edUe. tod ehtrwi 'ba anganurtty ef tbr a dbai a Pana aad laatti raatairar of actual Atariaara. at ? Parser araat ryagaa w kahriaa. boat NLl. Wa rrruaiinaad Or 1 araaaat in taa TBI 11 -Oaartardaa Mat Uabt Par PaoA, btaaM Mai ? ? DR. WATPOPH P?W WORK THK CARRE AP Oara' ?a nmplete y raattaal traaAr aa ^ bmiiiiiI.v Mi prreatara aibaaaMna, wlh laaal IHttlij tadaasd bd larly m Ata? ilbm. aia?a ar <?re aaaaaa. ba wbDfe aahied ad rdarta ad Ibis tartdtsna natady. lagWBw w?b Pa trow' neat, ara fnPy arytabled Ulna rated by aaaasraaa aaetaaal al plates aad aamaiaga. w?fe a angpfeBMBt aa aabaal Ale mim. Prise iLPa babaA at tba ardbsr akaets ?1 j^jam?daallally. at?A Wakar avast, a law dears wac Sjti aaAlaaar mm aaU oa Mai abb pa aatrtdr nt being mdha.r ntraA. CAargoa atodaraAe PP MofceittVawW r\E. w a AO'S cppobtcp Atpa pmiMA n ran II plas a Mrs at raaeraal Pilau, aad bat ifapaa >o ba aawa to seat with eiwraai agwabaPMaad ajaaa Or. lard aetbe greaieat beweUetor of lae day. Dr/WwMWf. r oflara a rawrrd ar MAM la aa/ gbyaBAaa abn, >P" a raoer denoaatratlua. aaa eat# ertraaa Brian with a>^. w nttar? -m?rdy mm, >Wf m m m a la ?oadarfnl pa?ir iM M Hr*rl toi>ir'M<f? ?f r?? y iar? "< tka ?lim> kr itfkar artrr?I? >r ear? bi a? , Iwaawkn daabt Oum waeerftmi fkau VI e*!L aid ka will em a ? Mllknal rWfl k?n?b*T ak pa In J T.r? for meebe aad aa?lkM thai lit naNtog n? Or Wait |f oa ?at <n b few <U?? Am i>w?mm nf Itfp Mm. hat klrbard la MB?if apa?" Prtn* at 6?d Wau <* Inl??mm1?B?ia?-mmnaM? mt ii?u?i titvvimi i* a? Miiaaua -pm-Im. TRIBMHaB kma ara |atiM m aa lk? antr?Tin?a of tka aaak a# IM a?' 1-ea ..I Baa?I, Aa aaata af Ika ten? 4a PWa? arta. ?vl 4k? Imp?J < ot-fa of !???. oaa trad open ?h wr?(?f a?I arnand mm mm? Tr?omw to I la lb* ady t< * dab 11 It* ?.r?i?(or* darn*, be , I? ar?nra-m* j?am ere aatnntaMi.r. at an la tka A??no of tlfb, a!l p brail 'mpe-l'tr mta rai.lah ltha n?? ? b'Prr. la hi- -tan? ifcoa -odanor Ma oar Iprol'.ohla i - lino* eniarlnr <ka a?er<mm* am TriM.mv So 7 <m'ir?l* wa?Mii?a rf-anedrre hlrh r< palTO and epbela >.?* ?i loti bann'hnafM aa aoli >a Mt, mi tha ruin of lha health hf a ?aa? jw*?u?I m Ika i?f tloa Trtaoamar So. .Make ?r? k'M p?i romadf I>r al a'aaa irfdtantdara ?hleh Ik* a?*i? phypV-iaa -mala ?ltk arrnr*. ? 'ha tnarltaMe da?m*4nn of tka r aoaoi'T or?a Una an4 wkleh all tka oar?partita n iba -arid aaaaal | ?rra. PoM In tin raaaa and d|v ided :o aar?r*tM *?, ? ?rtn red by Tatpa* l?llMran RMt>rd, ?r Aa. 3 M*. at War ana? la oa* Tor m W ' laea whereby Uier* la a ranaa-d *' *>?d b> I'r H A BAR OW, 157 maeaalraai. , Are v~y, w ? > Hr-adwoy ?.? ort Im?edta.'* op r*~?T- ? ? the anwwiui Or B, W1H tor* kid tka tPaaeea * Tr'-etear and k- iM'tar tfc-a. ear at* raid 'I, i* arm# ** ? ' "* I laepana pmaaail m? be tkree dniMr ?a? alan a-at. bat iwmJem af aarr? naautt?laaa aa nana IIAtl P ? ?4 I ii ? p it ii; rnaNairNi, *fvMNb awaifMMnt. a? Tart BABRIAtllOL Pt- A BtymWjWi.I BOB QM mmmr* rw irw~~ mrmm w nwry ; wy wrr, W. BOf ?.n?&5fc" fsainMR&iSg wsftysya:u? pvja.-g: ok (itm U ?* toto tam itofewa d*?T m|| ft* ?1) |? -jtoll to I m4 m Mil lit rto-fk* r:s^adR?r ?