22 Mart 1857 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

22 Mart 1857 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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? TH * 4 wwnT.ir. wn I WW '111 11 vi f uvui SPIRITUALISM IN NEW YORK. fb-fl- Hatch, the Chief Prtceteee, at the Htajr* veeant Institute. QUESTIONING COMMITTEE APPOINTID?A VM1VBK8ALIHT MINISTER LENDING HIMHSLt TO THI DELUSION ?ma BIBLE AND MODERN SPIRITUALISM?NONBELIEVERS a THE IMMOKT A LITV OK THE SOUL? TBI PBIE8TI86 IB WEARIED OB WORttllD OCT, AND BBTIBKS?PALL OK THE CCBTAIN. Here wu an Immense crowd oonfrejrated on Friaey treiBi la the leotare reom of (be Hloyweeeat ioaUlnte e hear the dleoooree on ipiruneilam or (be modern HtlOM of UUM emotion, Mr*. Oora Heteh. for folly a mi an hmr before the time annoonoed for the annum oi?1 the exercUee ?wjr Met la the Mate what ^aateae hafleee oooa pied, aad hnodreM Of |Mi4naa qpM have turned away their atepe frea the wait of aoMMHttUM. Tatlre ud a hair Mali ?m eharged tor tehalaa, tha heM>and or Mm prteeWM ataadlag la the IK Met aad Ten dirt UoteM at iMK prloe. Thin at oat baa* been at laait a thousand per* oat pro Mat, whtcn would have pradaeed $11$. BeUlaf aiide MM tor the raat of tha room, tha hatbaad of the priesteee aaMt hare poeketed $100 by the exhibition?qatte a pica Mia anat to realltce or aa evening oat of a aaedtamixid Mil*. Tha aedUnee preaantod atooh the eeme appearance m wo?ld an endteece at ooe af tha nigger melody concert vooaw. Ih^jje, it wm a mixed aeeembly oompoaad or parmm from M oleaeee of aooloty, belie tot* and nonboCtarara la ipiritaabam alike Ot own, it might be ex petted that a majority of thoee preaeat wore mort or laaa Maotved with the prerelllag " moral laeanlty" of the - go, partleniarly u the lectnre waa only sdrertlaed la Ma jearaais deroled to apirttnallim and laaonnoed ta eptrtkwUet meetinga. Wbea the hall waa orammad to Ma utmoat oapaelty a Ml) waa made apoa the hatband or the prteataaa; and thai gawOamaa thereupon abandoned the hex offl?, Where Ma aarrtoaa wart ao longer needed, aad came to the roetrom to prealde over the exarolaaa or the erenlny. Immadlately tharaaftar, the thlr prteataaa made her appaataaee oa tbeatageaMdcatly, bat qnlta aatf-paaamaedly, aad leak a teat bahlad the table or daak. She held ta bar fcaad ahaadaamaboaqaet, preaaatrd to her by the iaerlta Ma bouquetmaa,whopraetteee that tdoayaeraey tewarda tamparaaoa leotarera, abolitloniata. woaana'a right* adwooatea, aad, aa It now aeama, aplrttnallata. Wedeaortbed Jlra. Baaab'a paraaaal appaarraea a day or two ago, aad It la, therefore, anaeceeaary to attempt aay farther MilH>l11 IT" I AfrOIKTlCSNT OF A COmtUTKB. the prteataaa baring ttkta bar mat, aad remained for paaaa ttma quietly aad damnratr la that atUtnda, har haebaad, who acta aa treaaarar aad ataga manager, ptepoaed U at the andlanoe atoald appotat a earn Kin to prepare quntloao tor tbo medium to aaovtr. Ifci o >t geattanoa propoood woo tbo Rot. Thoo. J. So wyer, ualYereolut clergy aua who aside oot to t ohuroh ta . Orohird etroot. Tho nom'notice ru op proved, aad the Mr. doctor aoogptid tho fhaettoaa thoo devolved epea t0m. The two other oppototoeo wore Mr Potato, or -fioMoaah not, ud ooothor lor. Dwtor thy, or Otay, -or rimy?we mold not beer dtattactly which. Oooot #ooo goo'if oa, howoror, efcher docltaod ta aorta or *00 Mt prop oot, oal Mr. Joha Dtmea woo aoauaoud Mdepgahtod ta Ota ptaoo. tho eoooatooo retired for OMoattahea, oad dcrtog the* eOoioni Mr HoOeh oaaoeaood MM tho prteotooe woold dodiror ooothor lootoro 5=55T3A7C 5 4JOMRIOM OCTOIOTtEP. ^ &ttumxsaictatJZi 00 tho ooeottcao whtth tho iioohii enggooiod lor eio" Ptrot. le nodoni oplrituollam looght or Implied la the Bofy Scripture*? Soeeod What ore the rolottooo eubeleUng botwooo mOemcrlem, ciolrrojoDoe, poojo .logy, biology, mootol ototomy, or Who'ever eioe II moy bo colled, ood eptrllaolThird. Are oH commnalcotlcao from oooredltod optrlla roMohle ? i; oot, hy what mceao iho 1 we Judge of their ora*h? tbc raiutws prats. Saving baard lh? quiimi n?pnMri, the fhlr pytboMM elowly ud gracefully rote from bar Mat and prayed to Beeves tor light and laaplratlon She prayed to tM Pother et Light, at knowledge and of tore, whom Hh ahlidreo, draws hither hp ?he greet lewe of mental sod tptrttaal aurantloe, aporoecbeo on thit oeeaatoa. 8m prared that her taonghia. hrr wwda and her atteraaoe light he ftu the praue ud glory of Wd -the! they might are la tlx mrdterl ua age* or im oast aod ibu m> ittc acoel) of 'ha feture, tM heaniy ead dinalty of iMpt shoo, eeui their aeaie. ciotoed nth tight aai eeaaty, ahoaid moont a be re the eternal cores of earn to the Might and b'oomlog thorea of tvarlaaikg Immortality Tm* aha ester ad upon the act?a< baatoaaa of tha evao Mg. She raid that to elucidate foiiy tM qoeetiiM pro euedrd woeld require far eaoe o' them an hoar, and aha ttqelrrd wbetMr tt was tha deal re of tha aadiaaoe trad ahe won id cert date one qoeeuoe taUy or toeea apoa ? hrtdlyf Saver mi Voter? Briefly on all aabeotr. Another Voica?Let the oommitt a ootroi the muter. Uthiw Voi'-n?No, let the eudlenoe deside ftomm, agate?Beat leave it t> the oommlltee Bav. Ur Kiwim-Too oommittee ie p-oooeing tbraa hneatioaa, aaggeated what tha/ aaepnaad tha andlaaaa ?? ? with Thev havo no wiah at all to noo trol Ut? freltof of (be aodiet.no. n? quart ion *m pat bp Mr whether oil tlireo OT Uio qaeotloaa tluold bo briefly oloetdalc 1, aad tbat appeared and ?u deola ed to oo tho will ol too on dbaaoa THK BULB AND MOCEKN -PIBITrALI8M. Too Paionraw? I Will aaaeovur to ido.uele briefly lb< three qaottlooo Tb* Orel or lota la to tob*lance, a* folloora It tbore may mention of moie-a imoalitm c too rWTO'aliooa of lb# B ole, or la ?B? reoeiatiooo -.f tie paot, rodgieuoiy a* d ihoologioaiiy oo. tide roe f We a<. Wwor : ibe greataad mybtr oorei-ipemeat or pripaerr, fictrioa, o' art, aao or reBfioa. a?e alt oeaeidarei to tx C'.e* >im Too fbMdaiioc* o( oaiti'o, a all ite prlail a ?rto and la wo, aro co?oid?-red to bo aa eternal at the aoorlattlao Bather. Not alone do tbooo lawo oporatt a pftaeto and ipoteoM. aad oao* aad ataro bat oo at Mo aai v arte no moafootauvoo of aoioaot aro oaly tlx ostrroal ojoroootoa of ib?ot lawi ??? aro only thi or foot torm of 'bat whim oorr wat aad oror will bo Tboolofioaltp, man'o reiuioo aad naa'a arloacr ban bora area rata, dlatlaet, poriUro towarto aaob oaar itu too aooiai aad reaoung oa th- oibot ITnb diolaa roll flow aa a toiawoa, aad ?ot?aoe a* a roltgwa, ooia later iwiatao iboaoootvoo atedtatoiy round tbo boarto or oaol other, tf oo* bo a pnaotplo, tboe ooia aro priaotMoo: aoc V both are prtaet|Xoo, tboa Outo a>a oooral oiib Ooo aai Obair beret epameaU are la aaao da "no wtia tbo eafn(die< of taa atian m all a?ea Too reeeuMono or too 8 010?lot Male of Ue ChUoUeo?aa treat'at. e rom toe Urertaa - n^**- a?il (ha Pnman IhaBOiltt OMMBt la ih< ataMeraib rrntary, ta a ooooonraul form la* basalt* of roooiauao pranoas *o, at laa mom of, aad alloc ta< birth of Jaaas of Naaaroth (Njio-^pinisatiaU laran ably ap<ak of J Mas as .trsaa of ffuaroM??arolj apoak Of btM aa tho Cbdal Thay rogaH hi a aad aprak of htn aa a highly faraiopad medium ooMoaoooao Miniatota of light, sptiila of dlrtao power. admlaliltr* to tho ooere <?d prophet* la th? daya of Maaaa. aad m asc!oat prophet# aad aaora r>e ore in# iims ol Joaaa a Naaarrth Thoy oame ta tha for a of taapirailoa, anmi ttmoa la Iba form of r< loos R'laa, r.iyab aad aiaai at bora, vara flatted ay aageta, by miaistortat apirita aoat ftoM tho Pother, to rereat to Umm prophai?aliy tataga that vara to fed; aad roiooa weaa hoare ap-ai'^ to tboai of tbolr twa l<f? aad of taolr on death Wni araa thla 11 was U>a coaesedoa of tho aoal wlla th tpl>U or eaaeaca of tha dlruo Patbor ft was Ibo cbaii araympatbj wbiab eoaarcli maa urootly snih lb# Pi khor. aad wbotbor Ur#ti|b minuter ?g aageia or spirit tfepartoo. u la ant oar cfttorat proeeai 10 d aenat. . It *a by son* . nob means tba Hoars, Kliaa, Kltloh, and lb erorhtoe. vara la oommnomo ?nn tbeir Pal bar itai tb? moat pertaet torn of < >apir?tioe?tha it m torn tag aad bdanttfbl Bsaai'oatatioo??aa ?aoa whrr Jmm < ttacarotb. aeoordtag u tho propaany of lb* aiara. *r awful In all hit beauty ud atmpiieity, Bad u that tin tm BBBiraMBd ?b? (lory mil (Mrfr ?n?Mt ot mlaii taring ap'rlta, who wrra mbi to Marr, to /oaeph, to tb mrtmm, to tb? pmohrta mad to the inopharda, remain to tbrfl I bo ?Ur of BMblahetn Arfrl ititiii aim ply opdrtt. m Mfol la a aptrtt. a tor a or lira, a p?rfoot itaia bppaarlof la b man rorm, a fo-m of beamy aod lot wilab narolda itaolt r ther la ?n? eiteraai or aptritui tar a. ooaiequanily aafola Imply aptria, aad m? at tafnrwseo that thrra arr bo ao("ia oioopt tha apirlta i ?at mob made tmr'oot?that aageie do not aitrt la boart Mil lhay haraaibitrd on oartb aod perfected their nator at Bsc ra dlrartly, perbapa. aro thr r.poratloaa of ta? batata aaaifnaWd la Jean*- d?ath, la hia omoiaxioi wbaa oa tha nroaa oa Mouat C? vary, aod sahaa at b rcaarraetloa thnao who were d ad eatae from tbe tomb aad whwn the anyria rolled away tho atone from the do ofthoaapalnhro rheao arret* poatnaaod hnmaa forma at yet a# brifbt aad g lotion* were they, that wboa tho p? aoaa oamn to tha aoani bra lo Sad thalr Matter, they an Worrbipped ibo togeio who (toxi at the door Mom* oi ' Ilea, la the trao?n?un>tioa, moolUeted lb em optrtu, m uim aa aiototoro of grow. aid of ?'*>l ' per fee i beetlAoetloa To?- Ibe eonterioloo of opl'lto rorrolad. Troeiog the nbo'o from ttooeet' to the eod Ml* 0?d Taatemro' io the downing of Jeoee o No trel fobs the reirrlator poterooed. lo hie g*ee? ood oi'g ? power, ? hnt toney end glory of minuter! opirlte lo the writiogo I'ooi end of (prwtir* ftltMOTlng opinio W? epohOO of. w ore WO told to try the opinio, to toot them, to oee whet klod they ore, to oaot> oe their aatere to owe if It pure* Why ore ore tow that too dertl onmetmeo oew to the for* of oo oogot of light? Why etmply to iwob that Utote lo onoOber orortd ? thot thoro lo o eptrtt wor a world 10 wbi?h oagelo ood apinw dwell. And age E NE * . \ * 1 ' . - Jesus of Kasareth and IM apotolee oaet oot devils. Da alia, In blbbeal language. atmp'y aaaa aril aplriu Th?v am Um ortto to Um huua mtod, the ortto or which the human tool la pooaeaaed; to other wordi. they are evil apirua operating on the ooato of men that they may drag tbam Into the depravity of tbo?r owa undeveloped na tore On rafaulag to the teaUjaonr of your biblical worka, your oroeda an 1 poor tbeorlei, you will nd that aplrltanllBiB, or Interoommuuloo of thta world with the aptrit world, It -the baeto or . your eharoheo, the baatt or yoar theology, the kwla of your Christianity. The Koman church, the tret revened ae Chrlatlaa, haa beaa balll on the spiritual maatrtatotlooa revealed la the forma of satotr and aagato who appeared from time to Uoae, and who, they hallere, oilll appear, la othar words, tha detoy haa natabat ap the gates of hie inspiration; but mw, aa to toraaer-daye. spirits manifest Utotr power ana beauty to aateraal fortaa. Luther and Oniric raoelwad those ferae of la atonUoo. * Yoo wtll had net only a dtreot sealcg> between modern spiritualism sad the laaplratioa of soar* and prtpksta of ran gone by, but yoa will fad ttat It was p raphes tod at, and that too splrUoallam of tola day to tha rulhiaeeat of these propbetoes Taa tradename of modern spiritualism are towards the toUUmeet o< every reyatoOoa peat and prasoat Among toe rereaimaoto of mod era aplrMaallma are toe gifts of healing, or pros heoy, of divers kinds of lonyu 'e. sad ot ton varleae gilts of wblrn Pen! spoke, If toe tentlemen ef the Oomnlttee ccelre to propoand nay torthar questions or to refer to par i ontor passage a of the B bio wbtoh they think refute our theory, we will renpowd to them HE. SAWYER DISPUTES THE AN a XL THEORY, Rot. Mr. In smwmod to this dtoooures that lUflll ?n UV M|? WUW nam UV, wuuv u aiuau bere oitulk. That In an assumption wblah seemi to cover tto |round of the argument i am not aware of ny proof of it, aid until prove* It most eland ae a mere assumption. The lmpneelon which Christian generally entertain la that angel* never were men: ina . they are a i'culler order of spiritual beings higher we are, aid not r ommeac log their existence In ib* flesh It seems to me that the dlaooume does not prcoUely meet the question I should Ilka to know 11 .there are really In the Btbie any anon manlfte' tions of tplrfts savour modem spiritual slatmlets. There la only one class of Instances in the New Test!meat where human spirits are spoken of ss having comment cation with men, and that is where they are oalted de none, aot devils. They were regarded by tie Jews ae V'ocleee spirits, pints of bed men, who, according to their theology, were not admitted to resurrection, and who, out or mdre malice, took pimeesloa of oooh person* st they could rot Into, and man 1 reeled themselves through them, With tost ezoeptlon I am aot ewere the! the Bible turn tabes any evtdenoe of modem spiritualism tbi PRiBsruaa psbiolishxs the prxaohkk. The Paris***?With relsrenoe to the first proposition, la regard to angels not bsvtug been men, I simply say that lbs oily jostidcuton I bsve In asserting that there e*o no sugsls exoept those who hove been mea, la that angels appear isg to the propheta and seers of the past alwaya appeared tn the form of crea?always appeared as men of more light, more oeaoty, mere ptwer, more perlsotaaas and more giery. The ?oge)e who appeared and rolled sway Urn Mens nous the door of the sepulchre of Jesus also appeared as mam ks to the manitestatum of modem spintaallsm proceeding from demons, the prtestens argued thet at mediums In the present day oast out evils or devil* it ooold sot bo enppoood they ooold do so of themselves possess< d by demons. Bar argument was the saase ae that of Obrlst to the Jews, "If I by Beelsshab oast est drplls, by ebom do year seas neat tbem oat!"' SNOT an LNTXRIOaSTION. A gentleman In the audlenoe inquired bow, If imgela end spirits were all tboae of perfected being*, oedd the tplrita or Httlo ohlldroa behold the Father'* taoc while yet ill or rf moiled oi Mrtk to rtiwt- Oar Tether'* feoe, ee we nnderetaad n, U the Hi M and glory of bti lore, Ike beauty of bli dinwily >?wilf through eiteruol forma. a modern badduces answered. A 8asm < rtclag, Mid he ebon Id like le knew hew the medium wield reooodle her theory with the pawtgea of acnpture which awy tbii " la the day a mm diet hie though* pdtteh," wad that " the dead kaow not any kaow aaythiag Bat the eeel the eptrlt el man poreetetag immortality, la wet eeppeeed to be oepebie of dying. the bible reb8v? mcromanot. A Sdtlsmai?There li a pieeage la the Old iMtameat which aaye, the wltoh or aeoromtioer you ehall not oooeelt. Necromancy le holding oommunion with the dead, if prohibited thee, la It right no el TEX PRIESTESS RESORTS TO SPECIAL PLcADtNOThe Pbjmimh?We do act, la aeotiera epintuallam, be neee la holding lateroonrae with the deed, but with the llelag. There la ao death la the rerealment of modem - pirii, eiiem bat it Is eternal life: for. eeid Jeoaa, " They who believe la me, though they die, y*? ehall they Ure; and they who lire aid be He re la me ehall aerer die." ANSWBR NOP SATISFACTORY, lhe Sawi Gemnun?i do aot kaor that my rioertlon ii eaderetood. Neoromancr It ike lalercoeroe with epl rite of the deed. Itladerlred Troaa two Greek wards? ooe Implying death and the other prophecy. ( under . utnd the peerage a* referring to totercieree wttn the -piriu of Uia departed. and it wrong men, cu u am r^ui now r TBI TungTKfB H11LMB TO STKCUL PLEADING, lb# Pmi?KT?Kii .' Prophecy tod drain " ii we Mid hrfbre there ta ao deeth la spiritualism, end If oearoobuc/ be holdlcg latere cere# witb the spirit* of lb* drad. ihea we aaswer that ibat wk.cU dies has ao spirit. Thoo shall sot ooasatt srltcbM. wltarda, nor those who roMtM the power of ntoromaaoy " We answer that If it applied to that ana, and if it lorblds holding ouamoa'os W.ib tba i plrlts of Ibo dead modem iprltunltaai Is Ut* holding ooratnaaioa wtlb spirits llrleg sad not dead B?. HAWTHK THINM* INK MBPII M Oh Till PPIHTT prehSHricTrvx. K?t. Dr. Sawrsa? I rea Ip tael that thaa* answers do not meet lbs ease at all. Thejr are a asere pity upon words. If this lady be speaking to as, or spirits he- speaking to as through bar I hope she or tfcep will bo more el ell sod respectful. It .? aa iMDasitloa oa o-mmon sense Whoa be Bible praks of pecromeacp it spwti of aa art pr?o.?ed la aaetrat times la wbtsh pcraoas lletag 00bsniu>d those ? Do bad died As aa las'.naoe of It. there ie in* rie* of bo U ilob of kndor Modern spiritualism la the com all log the spui'o of tbooe who era dead. But a* oar rncber la deetaleo !ii regard to the word ' booth.*' I bould Uka to know what m understand* oir Savior to mesa when he lalka of the rsneneoilo of "tbodoed" Asotvaa Bani i i Why, pea don t bellere a sap sorb nonets** do pa* Hot Dr. Hon . as?(taking ao bead if the interruption) ?I think the ladp. or the person speaking tbro*|b her should aatwsr the inentlon talrlp?araetber. t It ware wrong ta bold commnaloa with the spirit* of the dead la eaetrat times it le right aow* TH? THII!?TtSS rOMIH nM> PSRPhThAThh AN ANAClHdHttl. Tee Pacnw Yea shall set consult the eplr.le of the dead.'* Hod era eptr.taattam baa net come hp eollsttaliea or hp coaenllaUoa Bat It has revested itself without d* ire or coasallatica 'row aap per bob it baa eons* la the term of lb# spirits ef the departed ll reree tee if in that rorm. and persona who do not Jeetr* to i taaalt the p.rile are often made the Instruments or rrrauneei It is wrong, w* answer, to ooneu t I' eight bar* been w-nog? aa doahtlsM It was?la the days wbea the probi bltloa was mad* Bot when the splr't* coot* aad mewl rest therm* I rea to you, there U a* eoneuiutlon, hot an taiualoa of die a* power raves lug the ooeerleaoee ef mea. Aaaln. at lhal time Jesus of Narsretb maaiNeted k ma power that tn near eufflrieat TBoer who r followed htm war* mediately munM with lb* eptrt i, of Uio FlUwr rt* pr>*t?M WM a*r* el foalt She ooofoowdod Ibe I day* of Me**a *1U Iboae a'Obrlai < r 'f iol, aM *m 1 alafi a ***, beoeua* Moeeo had written h'.a aw* efninet a rerromaney in the** wordi ? "Thar* ahall act *? ftonad am oaf yon any oar thai laaheih hia *?a or ata daughter to pa** throufh the Aw. * or that oarth davlialloa, or aa obaarror of tuna* or aa 0 rr theater, or a wtteh. or a eharmer or a ooaanltar with ? '?roi lar aptrtte or a wtiari or a aatrooiaarwr ' nr. Sawyer aowerrr did aot aapoar 11 > ataapted la |. oril or the ara-hr jniam, aad th* aaawer wai aUowod to f pai? A fli'iam euat ooatlaf to lha raac*e>?Waa aot .'oha * held op aa aa tiamplo of pioly. aad did ha aot aoaaalt 1 apinta *f th? d*ad (a the lalaad of Pataor* a The Pajaerw)?Perbapa ha did aot ooaault thaw la lha t mod era way. bat ttaay oertaialy aaaitaated thaaaaalraa a to htai aa apinta. * AN tntatMKTRR IN rtrMOKTALirr. JJ A wr Inrrraaira Otn Saopk >*_fB read lap lha lib I# a I Had it aowhor* ttatetf la It Ual waa baa aa laaaorai ,r aplrtt. Ifladla Timothy that <-oo alaaa la immortal, g* Now, I for on* deny la Iflto the Immortality of the eoal; to aad I want yoa to f* aa aad prara whether wa bay* a I, aft*It or no la fna Pa arm ?I will aaawer th* featleawa qnaatloo, a, aiUMnafh 1 do aot bailor* aa la prepared for aa aaewar, or r ha haa aot road lit* Rihla wore attentively than that id He may aet. prrhapa. hare area the word*, "Th* aoal ir la Immtrtai." hot erarr maairaatation, every beauty aed a terry ytory of Uir Uhrietlae rel'floa, aad every heaoty id of lha Ohriatlaa (hub. la toward* that polal. aad If oar a* friend read th* *!* more attentively I thiak he would od i od .imr rot prool without word* tbet the aoal la lain metal. of U II qaottiooobla whot6or tho aniwor woo latlafaofory ib, to our old Padditooo. if wiNniHQ rr. Thr pr'ooton tboi want no to dttcaai tb* aooood ooia t\o?. to tho itifTarnooo botwooa htolnR, poychnlnfr ot ".and ?Kii?r? fpirttioliioi. Pho c*plaiond thai lh< " IT- lhrir?- of |||n Of mind wbll( mthr'r.ad *o a ph>?ic*J form, ud tmt tho ntbor woa U?< id, |y??rr of m nd or mill 'o rftnombodlnd lliipn. *ha bfti a, a m.i habit <1 imottaiilri ?p tt>? l?? if* that an W TC * SUNDAY MORNIN evol rt* la her torture end dteoourne la MM a mart) a word* tbot U la eilremef) difficult to Uj?<1 ?4? wiut eta< la at, or to carry away a olrar tdaa ot b?r posltSra. Am ? mrbow ar other, oo mauar what are the ohaistetar ? the propositi one, alio manage* to drift or took Into the lame current of anrda and Idrai which forai tUe atocM in trade o< all aprritoatufe. To tbli way aha becomes U iliou# end tireaome, ccaieqoenUy many peraoaa left while the wee ai.U apeaktog. Haytag dlapoaed of the arroDd qoastloa, her hoaband announced that en aeoouat ol the oonoltloa of her yeoal 01 fine, aad her baying already eprkea half an he ir beyond her uiaal time. aha would have to postpone ttU her next leotore the aoetrer to the third question. Some penoaa la the aadloaee wanted to put interrogatories to her, hat the haabaad laenter thet she ahould not epoek any more dad ao the euclenoe dit parted, variously Impressed oa the aab)oot 0' the extraordinary power* and Inspiration ol tne lair py'.hoeeea, lire Cora lJatoh. Mews front Harana> QUICK PAR8AOK OF TBK BLACK WAKBJOK?fU OVAhO I6LAKDS, Mill CUBA?AD7AJICB IN BUOAB. BTC. The men ateanter Beak Warrior, S. W. Smith, eaaa ivacder, sailed from New Orleaoa at 10 A- M. Utl Inst., arrived et Bar as a at 910 A M the 17th, maktai the run from wharf to Bore ta 40 boon 10 inlantaa, th< qatokeat Ume ever made betweea the two porta. Smiled from Havana at 3 8? P. M the 11th, aad arrived here at I P. M. yesterday, making the entire ron rrooaNew Orlaani dock to New Yorx (including the stay at Havtna) ta tht unprecedented ahort time o! 0 day* and 11 hours, (do ducting difference or t.me, one hour)?the fattest rui ever made betweea the two ports. From Havana ws have now* of only cemtnsrelal In (orlacoo. (J uano or 1:00a queuty ana laointuiioK quantitlw b*i been discovered on the Islands on th< south side or Cnbn. The Gommiestonere appolntel bj ( co. Concha reported, by telegraph, twm Tmtdw i .totable aa to quantity and quality. Th?r were eoooai (anted by Gapt. Green, the olecoverer. The Islands an to be Immediately opened le the ooamarolal world. Saiara oontlnue (0 advance Toey are qooted at t< >, rial per arobe higher than lasl adrloei. Ezohange ti still improving with the heavy reoetpU oT npecte oontlnn ally pouring la tbe Island: New York, 60 daye, at *K to I d joooni; London 6 to 6X premium. The health ot the inland la portent, the weather delight ful. OCR BaTA.ni CO?RX3r?KDE?CB. Havana, March 11, 1MT. 7 SUut Trade mud Slave Landengt?Brigadier Serrano' ( cue? Will the Knyluk Government firefly Act?C'iari table Bataar?Bm' it m Managed. John Bnj u the moat eaay creature to be gulled 01 earth, or the government of Greet Britain te purponelj dooeiving the people of thai oonatry to Indnoe them h believe that the trade la elavtn from Africa le carried ? agnlaet the wlehee of the government of thia Inland. Fo my part I em la a poeltion which inabtne me te arrive a a toierably correct opinion; 1 think tbe latter la the oaae and I will aaeign my reeeona for thai belief. Time altei time, to my knowledge, ban the Brtttah government re calved lalormatteat of the (hot ot oargooa of atavaa havtni been landed, in oaaea, too, whlen were susceptible ot th< clear eel proot, aad wh oh were done so openly that t waa aim nt impoaaib.'e for the Spanish aatherltiee at 01 near the plaoe where the landings to >k place net to bar been aware of the faot; and wnioh landiega wereoon firmed by the evldenee of BrMeh authorities on the Oeael 0; Africa, who. In their dsenatohea. meaUon the emoark fttioD of the sieves on tbe ooaal m board tbe identical vessels Atom wh.oh ? has* know (bo landing boo oo curied This ni (ho eooo m regards (ho brig P Moalr which tended t cargo of olirw. of whtoh I wrote you a ho time or oooa after II took piece. Whot dooo (ho Art tteb government de ops* nob eeantennsf Dooo It do Spanish officiate who boot wished if thai how not peeiUvely connived la tho dtee alternation o tbe iIitmI Oh, ool tool would ho too wooa to expool But tho iMto are ormmt nicatod to utc Bruno Miotttrr * Madrid, with direct! ?aa to mike a oomplatnt to tbe Spa uteh ministry on tho snbjeot. whtoh m dooo The spaniel ministry aoad not a deeoniob to bis tsoell'ney the tain Geaotai of thte inland who, if tbe case b? a ver; bare.'ecsd one, Inntttutee a aort of an inquiry taio tb matter; hut good etre te taken toot no proof?at tenet a '(gal proof?< f the comnilKty of any Spartan omoiels u ihe cane, la produced and no oonvtotton one he obtained rt* Capiat a General thereupon commantoetaa all Ibh t the Bpnaioh ministry, with an expression of hte bslle thai no such larding svsr toon place 'Me la again cm m tin'.rated to tbe British Miatstrr It flpata, who tnfcrmi the British ja'niitry thereof and there the matter drops never niort to he heard of Too w.tl doubt'en* remomber I wrote you about two ? b'te months ago tha> Brigadier Serrano bad bene re rncvf d from the ollloe be held of 1 lenUoaot Governor o riatdad. tn (hie latand He waa ennoeeded by C-tlane Mueia, who now holds the effloe Tbe oberg preferred naloHl Brigadier Serrano, and whtoh led to hie re moval from tbe offieo he held, was that he hu cocelvtd at the lax ding of tiavee. The Brlgedisi s eow is th'v pity, and an Investigation I ring oe u to the chnrgas preferred egelest hint Ow of the Judges of the rWprases Court baa boea seel to frl hired to m*hr the toaasesry Irqulrlse Meeawtxlle bow ever, lee R-tgsdter her not been plecnd seder erreel Wbtt tbey term the Baiter, tn ntd of the fnnde of ib FWeeflotrcte''omieillarie, wta opened on Suadey ertt rg. ine Sta inetant, end bee been opoa eech eveolni moo 1 war not prenent oe the iirit evening bat oni di at t&a Inuiiid?DclA iror crt wd;d wih beautiful and well draaoed ladle* ud el* rant km The airplay of ailvor war* and trthw ar t'Olre la be dlapoaed af tea If eoberb j gt ottoman nemed Kotz, who b>* travelled a grea teat, be* given ioa?e irt'.clea Ihal b* brougb -om'h* Holy >?rd, and which b? valne* ?o higolj at warn be prearntod ih?m ha *ta*ad be 1'd a t i>o? the expree* eomdltlou that whoever abonldbeth rtataU. poraeaaor of then Mould affix aprioetpoi nrn> which price he woo d willingly pay to bare th ri'.cie* reato??d lo faim The method adopted 'or *b "' pr-a' or tee art*"la* hn the oba-m of novelty bo i ovene* *ai dor* not appear to fir* general eatiafarttoa " la a *r rt ot otu ry Tbr liohft* are roilad up alstlar v rear l'*bla ard ?/r ?o (umard iogether aa oaly l* b op? dm with rrMliarable i ifiinaity. > poa the blaaka th word* Bepvnoaae'n Oeoi ctliaria" are era ted What ad otHoa to theaa wot da the tirbate that win prltaa eaatala. 'aow not 'or a'thongh I baveaeoa aotne buadrada of itok -i t optatd. tt?y ail prwv blank* aad t have beard I xiaWd that tan* licet i* w h ob wt* pr'raa ware all Bold i iirl nt, ibaa In* nra ng tba' fair play waa rote term and Out abri ?r remember (bat a Npartah oouat aad la air ladtaa of the upper ??o tboreaad bad th***llug or tb '( (et? who won i vert ra to boliova ao wlccad an aati u alio i Tba t'ak eto are told at twaoty oaate each. Ill vroted a dollar ta ibrm aad they oil pravad biaaki bt bra I bad tbeeamtacuoa of koowtag ay dollar woal bo devoted lor tba beaalM aftbat poor, aad tnarafovo aa coawnt f ear tbooaaod doiiara ware raMivad, I at old. ?be Brat evea.ag. aad aix Utoaaaad tba eeeoad. r eve not beard whet were the receipt* tbc third ev*elO( Mr. VerMim'i Manlage Bill. With regard te the Marriage bill of Mr Varnum. which ( are hot oonmrr.ted upon la tbr Mow Tork nwere. It pre par lo remark that Mr Venule hiawalf, at the eeaamti < KM mad* the attempt to paw a bill ran ilrtag pravtoae 1 feaae. and waa unable to obtain aay eoanidera auapart fl tiaa therefore prepared i be bill bow be tor- tae Bona* whir la ihe nen beat tliiu* It provide*, drat. ? Foe makiag the ei a* pro^lsiuaaofinr Rr. aed Maiutearomi.nlenrT where the are oow ortiunai with the parti**. dew na, gtrv* thnae pa tiiDi na tbe cm-ino*i p< *er lo adminleier oathe Third n .nuaea rem-d. and fourth a iinN'ratioa. It aiaamake* it- duty of tbe Tow n Clerka or Hty Inepertnr* to proaerov wheaorer Information of a etoletJon of the law la broaght b?lr notice, aad r teem tea aot!>orHr to Inapee- the reew of tbe rler*ymaa or magtwriU* 'ter*; mm who perform U eer> meaj ore re<|iiu*(! :o have altar bed to their return a ra Scale acme ma^ atrate ar eommt..- >n?r the' Ihv ate rle-rymew. aomewhat In th* form anw r u itred of a Ouvnmimlooer of Peeda la lahli a< (nowled*tne-ta. If the bill la reaahed. tt proposed lo Ireert the "lane* origiaally reported by tl ae Ian re providing for the onnUmieooe of the mmtnon la rule aa to evidence of marriage from rtihahitau.ni aad a kiicwIeciweBt It I nalnral that clergymen aboald pre* 'O threw tbr reepO''?" "T ' ntteerta'ntn* 'be fnru upon wm public office' but on tbe ether band it lo anruod t hat rtenp men ?erera I? M? paid much het*?r fhc aueh aerwea tea ir t public officer wonld be. and It teem* no mora than jo tbat the) abmild lake not reepnna'btltty In the mn'ter A meuitement will aleo be prepared ra^ntriaf the partiea ?'f o their nan ea la lb* olei gymaa'a ragiater, and furnlnh tt nTormation r*i'i'r*d before the marrage uteaa place t.raat objection filet* In the imnda of many maaeba aratnat tba r* \ulremert tbat partiea should ?o lo a pobt rffieer before band la the fleet place there i* maay ' aup twlit tba enp and the 'la.' and voting maple* t m line aa.thtoe li? e rrt rlamauou befhr* hand In the ne plana. Ik? prnjilo b??? ?0 loB* hona kViiUnmH M> ' ?*?( lh? Ihlrc* In an *?? wit br calUno no thr minm?r ' in fuit? Hi*. UiOT do wl roltah a IW! ? notrlrtmo Itm altlmnth 1/ i raar-nt pi-arltM roaulta id rrponiawoa ?t M?r?. Tni rnntTTiHAM and thk (THrnra JornNAL. Paohahi t adotnm I.iiidi Hi if ? kirmrwi! alitor ID* Ctere* Jnvmn l>M dOMbrraloIr ropoatod lh? llb?l nirh ho WM mtiMN >a ibo Ooort of Oomotao riaa hutnf to nta loot laooo rottoratot Ibo crtwloooa out meat to tho follow lay rffcet ? 'Tool ownry aabalOfitl ailrfattna to oor arttelo About ibo Oftwtmon u<l I rmprlrlor woo prorrd to bo troo." Now, to tho fli I looo, tho Rot Mr Hophlaa ?trt?ally doeiarod tho at iihrltooa amrlo aw oot troo. < (DO dlaolatmor aad of lofT offhrod fbr hlw to Mr Honfeor Or tho Rar. Dr. Si t r ry bo'oro the trtol bryan And lo tho tost plooo, tl tt waa not troo, oad tbarofnro llbollooo. waa admitted 1 tbf> trial aod tho foatlBrotioa of It oa a Itbol, aad thoi ?ro what woo aatrao, waa what tboy aoaybt to oati itah. Wo amy aothtag now of tho nanbrtofaa ?pliit whwh IhM rrpnttltoo of a frnao TtotattM o( tho low br Mod aao mam ia, with oa much broaodo, aorpowai by a Alotrrataa ay aim I hit lay bmtbwr of tho no t rhorrh. If hta frtoodo, aad If oenloaiwrttwl dtooipl i raaaot lootraia tooh aa olTnodnr from antting too law tho 'aad, aa wall aa tho law of Ohrtat. at doflaaoo, th' ! ro altoraatlTO, howoror aaiafni It a?a? ho. hot to lai * ? WW ,* -A * ???1 -Vat. VWt Plttr v I !ni?iww?r ?ni 11 iiw hmvv> ??*?w - ^ I | w**, *?rcA IV. , > J< K I G, MARCH 22, 1857. f mroHTm WM'AIT iiTtcim i l" i Recovery of Bix Tliin??< Mltn' Wnrili of Moles Mtka, nn| Aims ot the Alleged tUeeleere?The WwMu^l of Our DeucqTt Mir* System?A ^mgoUi Md Intereotlng Case. THK SnilgLAft. 8eme wceka ago, it wtE *e remembered, the extensive Ilk wnrerooms of C y A Ob., No. 30 PU# street, were burglariously entered, eed eight hundred poos At of tee Us itolee irem the pretneee. the hnrglary tret eNemed with greet tkUl, and no UMIe amount of eenrege. the tbleree eucoeeded hi oereag away the property lh Mbad daylight Jnat be'ore )hi porter of the etore csaae for the purpose of ote*rr.^ *stthe oRee the bnrgiere ?le >helr eouape. r Sjt* them WhM e? efHM moet valcsble d- Wript/oe af geodb Neesil. (hp AJOi being extremely anxious to reoever this property ? pre cue the smet of t$a daring bnrgiere, ottered a large reward or their capture, at will be eeen trem the foils m Ug extract made from tbe adrerttsleg oolnmns or tee Hmuidoi tbe31th ultimo:?

(nciu| BtWARD-WaKREAfl, THE STORE OF THE $>?JUv? undesigned *u bur# anovtxly opened ou iHe Digblcf tbe -fMh or morning ol tbe 27tb mat . and 10 rase* of raw aUk sU'ru tWefri in, v.t ft rases <>t white nod 4 r.tsns of raw colored Huit'an re reeled silk, tbe rosea marked I 1 r nd ? rases of white Canton re reeled ?|ik marked t' * Oo. 1 he above r<*srd will be paid for the recovery ot the gioda. or a proportionate amount tor an> part therrol CART A CO., W Pine street. As may be aaturally inppoeed. tbe detective polloa v ere on the alert, and worked day end night with the bope of discovering the whereabouts of tbe stolen goods. Days sad weeks passed ewey, bat no olne could be obtained to the biding plaoe of tbe burglars. The police wtre Tbcul giving up the one ! despair, ' when, ft rtuaateiy. au eveni look plaoe which aerved to redouble their eVorta, ead ultimately led to tee recovery ' tf every pouod of the atolen allk and the capture of the 1 auegidraoalvars. ' A Ctrl TO THE STOLEN GOODS. * A few day* ago a dry gooda dealer of Hartford. Conn , earned T.hlai Koha, oanae on to thla olty and Informal Maura. Carry ft Oo tint be waa fn poo weal or. of auoh udovmatloi aa would u%rd the police a aura clue to the hereabout* or all thatr atolen allk. Kohl a tat ad that ha had boaa written to by a dry gooda man la Grand I street, named E. L. Snow, In relation la a la-go quantity or raw allk which, he said, ho could have for f 1 26 par I hand. Haw Mik at that time waa telling at the rate of I 96 60 par pouad, aae Kotaa waft ooogratalating himself f before a friend of bin open tho bargain ha wan aboat to 0 moke Then tho lot lor hinted that the gooda were pro 1 tebly atolen, or tlao the owner would oot part r wtm the property at aoeO a low flguro t o the 'ollowing day Kvhn bap enad to moot i tba frtand In qoaatloa, whan the latter aakad him r how much of tho allk ha oould obtain from Snow at the ( Iter 94 29 Mr Kehn replied that heoouli gat 800 I ibs. at that prloo. Walt, than," aald the frtead, "I will i tet a hst it laC*ry ft Oo.'a allk. They have jaat loot that t emtmnt, and you aan bet your Hfb It ta tbalr'a " Now," r said oo la oonlluntlon, "yon will got youroelf Into trou i bio tf you buy that allk Take my adrtoe, aad go ?ight malght down toOnry *Co aad iarona them of uia offer I > oo have bad. THR DT8I OTftRT Of THE TBOPIRTT. I Koco took tba advtea of his frtand and Informed Ciry ft Uo. of the Ma la the anno, whan It waa dooldad by the latter to place tho wetter o Charge af 0?oer Bewyar, of l tne Chiaf'a tfflne. owyer loot no time In tho premises u- - -A?UUr< K blftftlNrilK nfflAAP Th iMftf WftHlMB bh4 liowt J?bm 1mA, of Me 4uU ward peltae, Ud Mtk I i |^i |pppMwWy??|li|MHI W|llMt?ilr tmigiffff' ? leocrary of tha atolea gaoda a*d oaptu r .tag MadUatad rseaMora. j Tha pffiloe, after a food dual or | trouble, rooad out Mat Um food* war* la tha pawaitoi ol k *. L. 9dow, Samuel Bprlaaa, Jtllm flprtnoi ' and Boraard Cohea, who ware sating la ooaoarl a >or the pcrpseo of dlapotlag ef the proportp aad aandtni 0 it oal or the dtp The orp gaada Mara of Baaw, No. 841 1 Grand atraat, was aoaetaaUp walebed bp the offloera, ? while at lhaaaae tlaa the Hartford aarohaat waa ' ai-octed a perahaae the gadda at the rate propoaed to I h!ai bp Baow. 8M0 war paid orrr to 9aaw oa aoooaol. eed the rowelalag aatoual waa to be paid oa the deltrerp of the t'.uta la Hartford Baaw aad bla ateootatea did aot r raltab the idea or aaadlag off all tba oasea without re ( rolTtag pap meal ta adraaea, bat HaaUp agreed toaoad wo oaaea, watch they aald would bo followed bp tba tbrr Bra. Aooordiog ta agraawaat two tntaka of raw I illk wire seal oa board tha Now Horaa aae Hartford ' <oal, dlraetad to Toblaa Kobn, of Hartford Too police, ! aware at all Mat w?a traaaplrlog, proceedqj oa board ha boat, aad told tba mate to carry tba cum to Hartford >1II aotblag bad happeaad, bat medr btu proaiire ta ' ring Hum back again aa hn return trip To th.i tba . mata reaci j acceded, aad thai tba raoairan wera do criaad la Ma moat beaotifu, awaaar . Kobe ooatiaosd aepoUalMg with tba parti or as If <n I good la th, aaa induced tneoi to e*ad 'oar other cues bp eiirrad. Tha trrska wars emreyat to tbe c!Hta of K tdaora * Co , atpreeo if^gu wib Itrectlonr W b? d? i-tared to M< phin purrbner rbeee cwa wart ra I -nrr red fiom (be rxpreee hDice by Offloer Howyer, and t '*kra to the chlet'e ofltoo Mow and bis Mrnda war* within! any ampieioa what . ?? p. and ?*'ked openly with Rabn woo, eroordtaj to 0 trraafroir jta nommot'catad all tbat pasaad to lbs ol(l , rare Hit of ibe raven i mm of alia bad bran delivered , <<> Knho and It ill; remained tor floow k Oo to forward . 'beirvtstb ooa to nowpote the boR'aoae transaction . 'ha loa'iiad na btvtof tbta casa teat down to the Hart 1 ord boat, wbaa tt ?aa aimed tbat II bould be takea rrie ike fettowlnj: da; 4a aj?ot of (taow'i waa to ar 0 r Di|.an) K 'bn to Hartford oa the bott. aad wbaa tba; a arrived Ibara a ?a?(i?Bieat waa to ba had Kobe prom's . ra ta pa; no?i fd.QOC la oaah, woila tba raaiaiadai or tbr purcbaar no ra; woole ba paid la prom'aacr; aotri 1 >f tba baat daaeriptioa i k bCKrsi** 4Kp carniRE or T*r at.u*?Kr uicimxii. I Pa ftfdav Mow aad tba otbira took IbeS-noed arena* a rara tor iba l ack a'.ip larr/, wbare tba Na* H?v?a ho* "ea, for tba pcjMoo deliver ng tba rem* ala( tro*?r tba of oar* ware there before team, aad awaliad wltt . ?|eT*?ee the apprtaob of tba aoem; art tba boo't d after r> a>e noma of aotper.ee how Hprone ao?l b.i , comrades we ra area em'rfle| from oaa of the gvi wilt ' ba tio*b to tba r poaroaalao Tba; ho dip Walked " trroee Mat' etreei to ibe twain' oat doofe. aad wer< boot p'Kii f tbrlr b?r aa on b ard wbaa oflaara B>w [ ;?r Mmpveo aad Head aoiiioanhad tbem la a eamam marerr Tba prteraoe of tbe police teamed to a? ?at? be *o*peet< d ptrtlaa mar 'erabf;, for the; immeett -t; la btgaa to acteraie from rpe another aad aralk la dtfferao' ? iiirecttoa* ab>ut ibe dock Toe poloa thoncbl it wa> ^ righ lima te poaae* apoa ibe mem; aad. aoeordlaai; . 'be; made their amnpemeita tor the captnra h*ot pohreotaa riffled oat nit maa. aad. b; a praeoa< arise a xnal. tba etttre part; waa atirroaadad Ofltrei i Bow per re'ret Mow ard Raot el dprlooe Samorei <7 ;reaped Ooh*B bjr ibe oollar walla -id rau?bl ?oob| r Jailor Corlore and tan* tba eat;re ptrtr ware lakaa "u am coiiod; Tba ao'prtoe aad oonaterration of ta? a prwarra at be *f ro ancrremoaiooa y arretted we? aa to ;oad description. aal taeir ad gnation at boitf baad ad 4 h; the palvw. Ir?w oo hoeada m "to lOal your trill. Mir- lira mi fir m aw>w m ' Madratr'l ?ft?? imnii nln / " No. ' r*p >*?i tb* pruv?*r, !? to not 1 ,g The MM* *u#at>on brlry propovaaad to Onb'b <b< to <ifbo*r rK*?rd "U aa ib? mimn. wbr ranpnn tor >a **|1ra portv Mo*?d lo? ?r - tba Cli? Hul < ? tkr wa) " to* pr'*ofi*M pr*>?a ?d to b* partwd ?t'?f|*'* I oar aoolbar bid *i??r?M*<J lb<m?rl at la r?rf ' <Mb' i"Mii toi*|iMMi4 at r?o*i<ria( itntoa |oo>ii Til r irrtnd wf u? i M> <'M*t otto* ? ' toto* ?' la i p. o> tb? Pic*ri proc**<"rd to tlotoO tbi bct.oeto at th*f bi-i io orii oigaa Towtn't arr di to* mi m??ri ;* o?ia c'.tii ad w ta two p*m?a and .o<l|-I'.a n? rvooor J? IB.I Tbr# Wbft itot a botuca for th* r*on0)ad** of to< a ? *? r? ?x*min*tton itrops /totkb brx*?*jf. Yittarday Or prt*r.o*ra ?*r? brought bofm> J if lor J' traaaaa, at tb* Haaai Mirkat Pollia Coorl, for 5>a pur p*a* of riaiB'oatloa Tba'r obobo*i, Mr rip*#'*? on* ^ rradny tb* affidirtoa U>at win mi a ?b* ?e mini itoM for tb# product!** of too ih?m K"bn. foi lb* purpoia of artra* oxaMioa on .Mica Hrtaon _ iiaibo tbat 0# baa aapartad 'or fUrtfurrt. but woo!, to 0* b*<k i|i'a oa Monday, whm tba c?obb*l wonif 0f b* iflor i?o Ui* prt*t'<ir* b* elitmad Mr trpoaiv-ii*t lt aakad that tba prtararri arignt ba adulttrd to ball ?< wait do malt ol tb* *nn>'*a" n and waito(1 to kno* I,1 whatawoaoi ?H r*aa<r*d for tba appaaratc* of tbi II, i era** d w baa oai lad bp ia to aai**r. Jbiitra Hrrbma rt n.'ao to b id nacta of tb* orlaanrr lkJ to bait l? tba (hm of 13,010, *ad aa'd b* wantad raai aa ? tata u aaeariry M Mr Pp*a**r la tor wind tb* magtotibto that thara war M iiraral r "in pr*aaat who war* wtlilag ta 0?*om< M irwrii lor tb? pfaoaart and taknd lhat nay m!?m o r? aibMtaad, ft a wattbirata hanag Mad* all tha n*oaaaary toool l, rtad to rnatioa to tba roipaaalbiMf of lb# paronna affba 1th tbaMtatoaa aa area fly, took nail lor tba prtoooor to 'a iha ahoaa iMoant, wbaraopoa tbay wara lib*rata m* Irawi tiaitody i** Tba fntiowiaa ara tba aftldafta at praaaat mad to ?ta mi tba aontitad aad d ad wnb tba Cl?vk at tba Km* to? Mar<at I'otioa Cbart ? III- ttmnmoot k Wiitto* P. Ooit, af tbalPMafObry ftOo.wbtob in | to vmfnmI of WllMMi t. OVT, * ?? u*<T, ? IER A o.i % , j 1 " i r ' 1 ? ' 1 V 1 .* . , , . ?. . - - .. ? ... WtliioM r Otrjr, Jr., (Mai Mi*" ftl No M PIm . IrOM, in lb* I u? of Now York, M'.M duly *w?ro, U? ptni mmmj ?(1>41 Aid mm mo < con?it* lot more*miU anJ ib?> hid (oifr ? not o' gonaa on bond at aalt ?tor ? ci?nt?aloa ner 't)"!'. cx.?iat- , IM of If a*. *t!tb?t or Me aigkt o* too MM or 1 iritil of tte aim or P>ani?ry toot tha *ol<? *to ?' Ike aaltf #ro at No w Ptn? m?n *m r nctbi * mo bar(Jarioualy oak red bj a oe tola poraoa or po.-ootu to iota tetn'ng eight bundrtd pousas, of the vnlee < to iooai- I Ud ihrM boiiOf.d collar* then ud there Wolan, iiiaa ( mi carried away frouo toe Mid start; I bat rreai letorma- I llaa raoat <ad by this dcpoaunt lid bai raaaoa to be f Hewn aad does believe (bat tbe catd burflary aud tbafl waa perpetrated by 'three persona who were mw ? eailjr CD Urn morn tig of the 'ifth or February engaged to taking aad earrytny away the rata auk; that the (aid a raw aUk waa (ho urqnai B.?d property of tbe eatd ftriu > aae (be other portion at It wai tbalr property oo aoa f iigpment; that a laiaa aiunuat of aald raw attk baa atooe a baaa rcooverrd by offloer Robsrt W Bawyar, aad dapo b n?al verUy baUarei that tbe whole ot it, bat aa y?t dapo yMtm baa aat bad llaa* aor pper unity ta awaaalaa tba J liwi of laid raw atiaa so reootwrwl by tba aald oUtcar. ? thai ink aa depmwat baa seen eprretpowda with a?d t ic beiteoaa to br iiw. id-wheal piiiOli ?o aa aloraaaid t ttoim aad oarrted away !>? >oe eatd ?? atad dapo t Srat tu'tbar ta.ih, that tbrre bar# been ae.-ea traaka c iBtatataf aald raw tUk recororad; that It baa beeu ahea i from Urn wrlg aal boxas in wbteb It waa paofeod. aad ra paoked la tba aatd trunks; that tba aasm part at It waa fount In the possession of oaa K L Meow, aad part ta the potataana of Beraard Ooaen aad Jntlaa Sprites, And aame documentary evidence baa boon foan* to tba ' poaarerton of one Samuel dprlnee, at deponent baa [ hem mformad and verily behoves D penant altofea also ' from It forma Ion and belief, that all four of tba aald par- >j eons c?iue to and ware In possesion ot aald atolea pro " party, knowing it to bare b"?o stolen from satd Br u.aad * oc| OLrnt tbe-tfore prays that the aald pa-tiea mty l> proceeded apalnat m receivers of sell stolen property wito a giulty kaowledre, and dealt wltb according to law. 11 lobiaa Kofcn, of toe olty of Hartford, Conn, baring brm art rated aa tbe re-elver of tbe goods hereinafter ' ataUf, mak< a ibis Hit meat In enonerntlon ofhlmialf, ' and being duly aworn dotb dr poae and aay ? Tnat the " raw aillaa at tged to have been stolen from Cnry k Co , ' and stated In the aooraod atlldawU to bnve l>een recover- * rd In the aevrn trunk* nam'd In tbe alBdnvtt of itobert 1 \v Brwyer, be purchased In the olty of Naw York, from k cne E L Meow, at tbo rate of four dollars and n quarter n par pound. Know said there wore nine hundred pounds I of It. Deponent pall Snow throe hundred dollars * on account, the hi laroa be waa to pay at Hartford la nionev ud noiea: he fi'now) told deponent ba bat nam 1 tome of'be trunks to deprn?nt by rnl road nod some by J the boat, oa Ttrnrad?? elWT. oon or evening deponent w?e al IbeatoreofSnow, oho lent for Samuel Sprlnre. Iprmoe iime. wban Snoo told bin tbat deponent bad purobnted c tna eilk and had paid blm (>0017) three hundred dollara 00 account, and that deponent wanted It delivered dt 1 Hertford when deponent wrnld arttle for the balance, upon whtcn eaid Sprioce eall he wna aatiafled, and that ba (Snow) might do aa he oteaeed about U; je>terday 1 8*00 said another man would come with him to Hartford, ee deponent and aeltle for farther porrhaee mooey; oa " tbe *f ernoon aald snow, Bpe.ocr and h.? aon, with Bar 1 ardCtbea. me 1 deponent ta aooorda* oe wltb tbe arrange- ' meat to goto Hartford, they melon tnesteamerTreroller, 1 at the toot or Peck tup, whore they and depment worn all a'reeled by tne polloe ofllcera. Robert W Bowyer being duly eworn, depoeeo aad < aye?That be, together wltb offliera John Heed aad i The ma* Ham ton. wire engaged In raoovertri? the aisk mentioned In the annexed affidavit of Mr William K. 1 (ary; tbat with eafo rffloera ha arrteled K L. Snow, Bernard Cohen, Samuel Sprlnoeaal Jalia* Sprtnoo. whom ' Ibey found toting together and It concert, and la poena* ton or a part of the atoien raw ellx mentioned In tbe I turned affidavit that from Information received, whieb hi* believes to he eorreot, tbe'. tbe tald pan tee reoelred a 1 part, if not all tbe aald raw atik, kaoeing tbe tame to have been to lea at tbe time tbey receive I the umi; tbat tbey were ail lound togetbtr at the foot of I'ouk lip, i.ear oee of tbe Ne v H?r? n boita where tbey bad ' eeembled with the laid trunk containing a pa-t of tbe eld stolen atlk ; tbat depoeeat toand aad 1 1 (covered, with the aid et the officer*, aix of tbe < trucks, making seven to all; alto oooialalog > raw silk, and which together containing all aa ha bea rraeen and does believe ibe whole of tbe aald atoien eilk; and nepi jki futtber ??r? (hat he rerllr bellevee the <be poeeceion of the an other trunk* can be trace I to the ' raid pen ire tome or one of them aad that thay were gaged la tba tain thereof. to 00a ( Kohn In the otty of H rtfoid Co< a ; tbat tba (aid tranks were all declined far | that place by the raid prisoner* and ears Intercepted on ' tier way uirro d> tu* > nja einoer* mv>nn?i wvn w* *>? Y9H4J MIWtn that mid n?o? prtrotpally negoriated the aalb thereof to the eeul Kobe; that ho rcooeered taro P' raid u-nk? lnm uu bona the Blaster G'aott" 8'-ate I Or Now Havou ar.l iwur o? them 'r- m the exorew ofJtoe r oi Adatni fc Co., ad tb? other m above itoM; that o* fnra be took tbe trtiok from it e wharf at Peek alio no loqo'rtd ol Snow whether be calmed the trun?, upon I which be ra'd ' be did not " be then eMreaavl <?ohea, , mbo remitted the treok era* hla, bat denied any iaowl dga of wr?t it MM Mi. 1 a f'j'iher rzamisailon la '.be oate will take place on Wednesday afternoon Hie Nlraragna Tranelt Cmutpnnfr Utlllr ill flee SUPHIMK COt'lT??KfflhAL TERM. Fr'ure Sw Jodgea Mitchell, Itoraerett an! f>a?l** Booairaif J.?ITm Pallm 4" i?. Th' Air* ti v Tu -d fir i*??.,/ ami C VmndrrbiU ami of/fa ? Jhe order 4|>p '*<rd (mm directed. amoujr other tbuiaa that "hdwerd t. Knj. roiiearllor at lew upon filing en iindariahii.g InUit uaual form, In the aula of M? I'M ellh apt to- el auntie* beep ' rotated receiver," end that ?a aorh te rec-lre and t?Be I oeaeaeton of the fonr **r?a*hlge nniued reeoar'heir tlie , northern Ughi. Htnr of the Vaet, Oat lei Webeter and From* the-te. erd bo.o the tun' aiibjec1 to the further order of Una ourl' end'bet the parttei to the hev iig t n?eeekion ot ' thr reeaala 'do forth* ith deliver up Bitch gnaw*. . , , h> ' ? i colter ou i>n*id ' 1 hlaordcr ?*a made,not 1u e 'it nl ar.dfu 1 iirart ,p ot the reuee, l>m ?o *o Inter,urutorv mirttoWi I waded mrre r oe mitten iflidaiia. m paper* uera at auch t tirpnw aid tat It not cr'T enjoina m e lert the owo"r* and. n ofdgapee*'-cm making nnv u*<-or rt-ei'OuOoi-.d ihe tca?ela ' or 'lie < t m ,u#m ra of which hml it Itecn nathe ordinary inJunction 'heplainltOa would hare beeu r< inp?l ed ?a a rondt I 'toe ti'itre ample eicuntv to . only euji-i:iaUi*delr?daiit* I aay, hut actual } dj.e.taiheat of tie p.oaa-aai nof Ihnpe .pertr i ?d bet ie wt'h bo aecipit* rtcetd tor Ma ?af? coat tij ami tarjtlj ro evernu at bi-atdee Mil with a>> enggeMtoe ev?n c| 'n wPrerrt or o*her ' ??' ah'ii'.d lb" atop* oo.otwue *a Ihev werr ihewhot uatiu <>1 'he plninti in . on w lii-h the poaaea >(.' e. d oee of lour eoailt aieamahipa of tha relue firohehla of core t] .? a pvillne hae i .timninai j tu endie a d . , .4 f ubj' i te I lit a a 1 ,Oei pile l,Ui ol etpenae. la eaatuan f :i it 1) I la bat 1 vlui- aa'lr.nw etlit'o amn > aa a deul j? r,?'. ,u. n n ruror> d a an ' hi a'tacbra?nt aeai-P oom"ee v aa * lorr gi ' niton 1 hi* atl?> iinten' when ac ved. ***? the plain 1 i tla h ivuirae ?r rati-r the cberiM a llec ju wbat-ver tnte teat the rcrapaat bad a', ume te >be thu>* endun'h etreavth - f *i rd) liro, and *o r.re it greater eitrdt, the/laaU < ta .101 n i 'be ofeerill a nut li. toidrovs name, th- preaea'.anlt ihuarar, f|wil?r paia > t-fir *e.'i- ?a . 1. aaiae 1 . i,,r lame c*oa.- C a* % jna,it,c?tu?t a tor Ihita-ctnl i*|T rciatioua ' < 1 "tie tut the? n u> eertair aU'.-u rota In their aeno^ l -o u , plaint Vanderbiit, uic> iaf-ltn.un Hurt an and Itori aa 'ruriaea?bulda e mnr'aage on two fUta ate?ater?'o *ce <re 1* 1 <!ua'o the amount of ftk> > *. ...1 ? 1 . . btra 10 Bttirtintlo 'aarefol hnad'ed Iho lolla-a ' tnnre i.d e blob the.. d'> ant 'n u rn? Vor kui imply ?>! ?' -b'? e?n turn n nptnoti or niraln any r?uih < ot defl > nit# loki'mln.n r* I litre v. lb. amount ?l auoti Minn or > a <11? O" mid iKi 1 >! r? riai ily, aa i laadlag. <a in I mpi k. !m?ni o: :bn n or Its am-m .1 The plaintiff a hao . aireebere norffort haa rorr mad* To obtain knnw edge a t o g'otiwl of aCK It la (iiftkn ?. uni ' mi aav#ral rro I dltora of th* cmapan > ha\ log rorOTareO tndgmanu < n iktl' 1 ^rantll*. Mmhninl mnnaM rc-iulrln# in? ahrrlff in ae'l I I 'bo I' Mm of tbo an?M"> In the ?bip? tlm dm ahlpi. If ther i . <oo.' ! br mid freoat noun - *ou*f i.rin* modi r ote ban ototi?h to nil legal It'aa on , ' telidlna nrntw-i no t aitorhart t* h it abouM I 'hi' ttrrml ot ibe mn pnif In Iho Nnr'h m ' ipto I 1 M%r ''ho Worn bn nolil M inter,<1e>1 b? thn flhoriO with tie I t i MM end H?n#on iboai root nr prrteodod undr f oo4?<%ad . ukt i wi. i icept to tbd <l?fe( dno' VaO'Vrbil' end th- T rtm I ' (V o pat . th. earn. oil n ' pr.,^, r i nro ban a :'"'nin*J in r.i.nt" Oc thin luA ti? the pa.ntifN hem j I ere wi'bo it act re'erancr to Iho raeta e?t*b .ho-l by be I ' ferre what pre?e?ee of claim ! tba?e for <1t?|<o?imdag t atfnbllt and (be trn?l mortgage** of tboir aee-im?'nr bo , Iililny W t* r llrr i.J i?? at iho in><a*ioo aa I III f?> >r '>' . a tot,am' cro-lnor nl aubaagurat not* m till iv> (bo | tonda ft Oil: br ro?f OiborO'l aoro mortgage hon-*? -t io? ' ??iol? "it m ' po? . sio<i nn ;ho f*iib nf iho ;>- t od*o I | | ion am on iho ?ta.- hi d Ibo > . i ?. tin? "Wan* doe a??rl pa??Wa vi tbo but vt'n (an I the I rr rrtgago. (I roarte becan e tnr!el<*di on iho diet n' War* h, . IiM! ' aar:? Ml mmtha bofnrr Ibo otalntill a ?nac'ii??rt lie....jo, after fnrloitaro moatitut m th* ee??nttul rlomit if a chattel rmriira*e 11 l? tbo preelao 1 r pot; *r led ,r tin- . mr"? on th-- a"h of ?birli tbo f editor nanaM? m*aoa bia loa? and eitbo.it wb cb bo would ha?o rttat iod hia fnada to hj? ibn hai.i'a To deprive b'm of u wttVtot Inat nanno U u. a pair '1 a < Migaila*. of ranJ o atract a panroo4lii( be?nnd '.a? roi>atltuli< nal poaar ol tbo "(i irt aa welt aa ol the ler'n I .? Aa ' > br "ti?r -la ?( t v/rrnll I' aopoara nr I bi? aoewor't a'fi t |jib nf mno |?dd ibo nmpant. t?oi? g I dabu to'nn trili. it of tft' ?lI and ront.lriaa ?UH Itif t r>*r adirboo*. pat a b*tr aa aaoonnl? aotdhoo no r'*aer ( " , r.ig ' >h< r *.r*t ??' r !?< ." Ill t?- lie' meet U at nct'1 fallr reimbwtaed he ehotn l hare hare "ike >#?ee?lm r??t?ol y * ma-rrem.-nt < f the whI loir eteam I .Mp? with ant*-* r > r t?? ?e ' in rare of rfianl! of payment I n .' tnn'.il arid Ihnt I" rr< I* I'h ?'1i liatl* r> bo I moled I !? t< rtww ?t"n *?"' ? ? lifted hold ' when thin pro| feding war HHritnlad h ttn'ber allege, Hint hie nd?ance? , urinil b? lh<* Iif? Tn.it1 .ate, bmnnntVi glST ali bealdee In "'eft, rnt! thai t o ro da 'n le'd'tm- thirty honda of lb* <irj?ry, pre! ifii1 "fxl aw noting In Uw aggregate In I* ,ef<>?thna e MMttng an nr'or of iwini dn? , to tin hi th?- titnpary of nearly Naif a million of < !'#-? It then wpesra wlthont *on*g Into forther ?.!* the* 'bo plaintige oreipr on bntter nooPlon in . t<> the Wnte'er and the Pmmeinene than'be? do In r > re '.be oOwr '? of I ho f. ir ateamer. and that the ? rtw n *0 a rereirerahlp an a direr*. lefrltigformt of the do ' i **ari reeled rtghu and ar Impairing tkr obl'gatiooe of bta f ?*? la a? atrnng In Ike *tie raw ne 1* the other ran I c--M* ? eoleency la not dlefiterl ?H hie ahttitr to reapood I <*bonM he p'nlotf a In the rnanlt eatnb'leb 'heir claim tber .a I o upeaimn did II tier* arre, II b tii'te rnot ..v h a lender . .rl' ln donhle the mine of tk ah e- or f pr?f? red. In Ibe a?p'e ana of gManag) in abide the final judgment. There i? ibi refrre not only *K? legal right hut no ooranlon for any ' at trarf or a'immnry tyierf-renoe by the *trt. Pre'm I r?-i unrtlonn-reoelrerahipa aa a'rendr (tried ary o HirrMrta an?l aomethiog more atrlngen* atll< ?are v> be yim* I ed ? ilk great caution, and onlr In raa? r or nree- nr amaren nrrrae'iy. Their innpnord too free 'tee ? ,a one of the * ? ?e* nf the deatrnetten af the lale ttonrt ot Chnnoery. and if pelleted In, It la feared will nltiPia??'y end In th -own drat tp* I ion The order arj e*l?d fr-m- i<*r*-d ' > m of re? ?a . ( be reilled hjr one nrthe .Inrtgeo Indian Tarrr I.ajiiw ih Kan***?Thf Piwuident ! of tfen t ailed N??tee big leaned a pro*- a net o? for the I ao'e of the trnet londi of Ibe Iowa. We, and Delaware triors ni noi?* in mc monini m tn<i jnoti ini. t irt aioat M.OOt htm o' IM flril lU.OOo am?? a' tba ?rt#id, nl "V4?,0on nrrat M tbe U'rd aam?d tf b? t > h? rflnaari for Ml?. Th? have til bm nlni'M * ??d apfi?nl??<l, ud will bn oi!?r?d rof tat* and sold M M? bl|b?at blddar tbr CMk ealp, pmrldad that at tract win ba fold for lata than th* ?ppr?^?i rata* Tb?M ?f? arpralaad la qaartar aaMtaaa. and art rap*****! ' d bctof jnj bMm and daatrabta. LD. ? ?. V . .i\ .ik PBICE TWO CBNm A i nmimi yum??ww I*iwf?r miw ?<??i ber AgwM?Ui*? Plull A|i|?rtrii f?t tkc AillM. I from the Omofaiati OomiPO.<ptal, March U | rat TBAOiDrawNK a wo in dMctfhr knv?rnw on*, rirrsu haow bill*?jm?w ih a both.?voplia KANT 011.MIMA ?'OM A DltTI/MB* iHW^iCil. AttMT. A lew diva etas* we nMined the fact of M omewo atIdj; 'ak.ii piece between a celebrated tlinaii IMI ortiM ad bar afaal, wtnoa m all i>reaat>IMy woild flud Mo way ?r settlement before ae ofliciol fonmeuaiy. Whet wo iroflooetIcalrd cane k> pam o BOtu'itey, and oo II lo to rarrted III fortber, eod. like ne"y IMr aoeeot frOM rbloh <stgbty oak* atioa. loom oat from ovary lotto Md ant keftaalag >oki a t>ty tr.oee, wo deem It need dm to 'lUinoid say longer 'be naime of lh? partlne, wtiiok are Ilea Oharfote OrampVm. lava lire mnrtaorr. and Mr. fcar'eoJ Waiters. er*oMemammiei?bl.r wou aoowo OoOO aUmb 'aai agent Ml ecoaotojatly ec waging ***** ** " ntlnaea oa bh own hook Tbo wbola matter wee brnogbt up on imtortia/befors |?Woo disbar, rroeo whom Mo My lot owaou am o iarrant charging the goatiomaa wAu an a?eaa<t ?M mrntto bill, the canoe orioloalwg la a boodle cd" btio rhinb toy la the ami borate's oMoe, m or wtneo WW took _ bo bkoMB of aoonOotag. ood waiok roods Mae ? TteaOe? Otee Ohactaua r.iiajlei, Urn ihiimwiigaad *? ledteaae, prone c>.p?4 by Ike cTuie of 'ii" So* Tl* awO loetou pre* the lt:?*orl of tie > norma* flbga. WWI OHQj tppoar in a rou'ine o( ear oe>i-jkk! charmer* Nr fmtUer pa/tirulare eee email bills of U^r day. Hon Pbll appeared on behalf or u>e lady while Mmoto torroet ood OetoMdoaoar daNodad the ear agent Ittm Iramptoo bar I eg beta owora, elated that oo tan day bo emaolt woo oo omitted ebo bad dlsonarted WVtare D oooer Qaeooo of bio aonoytef her oo mooh and Mat to be evootDf. while engaged to potkmg her trash bo amo tola oar bod room ood seized a roll o( blUo from irneaib the foot of ber bod, with which ho loft the room-, be nailed him to stop, bat be woutd not, w two she followed blm from the room to the foot of the otelre. Ltere thoee bUla,' tald ibe, wool" aead he. t l>all bare pay for them," Mid ahn when he ewers Ural bry were blaprop* ly, ud Unl b? mnld tM? the*, h> which the railed upoa bar Mb bad iwl mm >r Mr WaUxrhee. ibe luidlord, el lb# sama time ha held oa with one hand ?o I ha bi'le 4a aooo aa ha boy'* hack wee tin bed Walter* atruek bar a poo the icad with aoah foroe that aba lael upon bar kneeb, ??d poo brlaioc heitraak b<-r egalo, wb. n el that momeeft lerioot coming to the ipot he pat hi* head la bit pookot, a abe eoppo-.ee to drat- a la'fe m Mr Korreet (coaaacl for .he demo#)?Hold, bifil. doo t want joutoatate wbel y?n tuppoaed, but whet on aaw Wltatea 1 moat tell tmnge My own way. Ma Korreet?Voo moat do oo aujh taUig, Madame yoa a* not anppnaa lK>a 1'ian?The Coort oan wake aa allowance tor ibe oppoetiloD Wiiaeee-I moat atate thinge aa I auppoaad thiy ware. Korreet?I tell yoo, madame, yoa muat lo no auofe king Hen riatt? I doa'l want yea to nddrene Mine Cremptaw a that atyle. ita gellltg offensive. Korreet? If It oflroda the gentleman I oant help It. or I abell nddreea M ?a Cramptoo aa 1 dean correct, dhe a the property of the defendant ae well aa tbo Sta-e Tne elimination proceeded until the witaea* oooa mora opposed,' aprnwttch abe waa aga'n ebruplj ar 'Bbt ?i by tbe ooonaoi, when aba gave hlM a very tart re'iladar Korreet?Now the dUtela getting offenitye. I wtab bet 10 i tote facta. lun Plan?I bare allowed the gentlemen to go oa eta |>ly oocxtae 1 did aot warn to atarrupt the conrt, owl n hen the itatne that the thought be pet bit tmuilohla pockrt foi a knife, abe atatra a foot fbla nanoyeuie of Hitoeaiea U a trick wcl> kaoao to lewyora. aal la ralorted to to make tbtm angry aad an tone tu-ilr temper Correal?I don't think that laayora raO'i la any rlcka pettifbgf eta m'gbt I hare no with to offend tha ady for I never aaw her before if I cava offended iba irot eman I can't help it; be oan't offeid me Tba eiemtnattcn waa again roanaaaJ Mr Wetbarboa nivia d Waitera to allow bun to put tha bum In the odtwo until It could ho aacertamod who thty belonged to, hath* ;ierelatad in carrying Hem off. Croea aiam'natior?I had cngat d hi at an aiy l|?t. quoetlon?Wnai ocoared to cauoe tbla aldermen tViuaaa? He waa rada and ororben '.ng, and (aalatad upon aeeltg me whan I d d not amnt him to l|. Did ho nancy yon* Wiuer*?Yea, a* waa annoying. If I waa oo ami Mag my I bjeluinn or attorney ho would laaUt npoa eoadag nio my room u Dm any no tee pawa between yon1 Wimree? He wrine me awn 'aperUoea' sotaa ktfwa I thought ol dUoberflog bta. If Did ycu write to bmP Don I lair? Ton bare no right to aak that qnoetiow gorreat?Pcrhope tea grnUeaaa, baring boon a Judge I'oootiare htmceif ihe judge in tola oaaa Mr P ait raptled lart'y, ,n tbe ooiite of wbtob ha da ronnred the defendant ae oowardly and aemaaly ratfiaa Mr format retorted ny htn"ag that thoeo laeaae oonld be better re/:ed to by bit dentin a intra ap propiiate pi ion (Jrooe examination roet noed?I eaw hla agraey did no' amount to aa> thing, for ninety annwamd bla ley nan. eftrr I dlaoaa'ged bia. oe e^oks ap >iogotloatly abaat annoying ae, hut I told bla ibat ' bad mace op mgr mind ta get no of him q Who gat Lboee ou.'i wtr en*? He did, and toU bla ! thought it funay to got b"la before geV'ng an engngraent Q Wont e?re the una of yonr eagmretnei 11 Wimma? H. anld be eijwoi.d 3b pc oaat on all I made. 1 don't know auoh about money aatkra for ! doa*l rroobl* myno f about doilan aal oenu g. H w eia> abt be anaoy yoc Witsraa?Why hrl tnamt upon orelag my lettarn, nwd ibm b> 'J alt down la ay room* aad atay aad wrlta, nwd in ar an II bn titer would go awn; cm won & latrnda h n-ielino that n'too gb elok I had bo tlnia 10 nt'Oad M mi tralth. g. Wbta he took the ailia away what did ba any* Hitmen? Ha aald thai be wat fotog t> bar an nddaw ie pat at 'be root a: thorn bat I know batter, ana an I . wad a hi t at tha bow', I did not want tit peaprnqf ekm away, htw.oaa I knew thai tba priaier would ooano ;o bead quarters for hi* pay q. Whta you had hold of the bill d'd yoi ntrtlre bane WPernt? No, I waa to weak or I ih^uid h?r doaeau. q Hero ) on not often been In inch d'fBoalt'nt at Iter w ta??e? Ntrer wtih *ontlemtn. on y with cocoa.)rata, g H?w often tVlluraf ? Tlial 00 Bullnroi or 70l-.fl >!?' ) ibb witprii rn?ork?d lo ber couoiol tbot the onppotad oka - old |?i no duioor lo day, to woten the lofoodtol'o C'ddbo rrjolhod ibot ibo ooaid uk-o'.oorr biiI tuppar it lb* an? titno g loo M) be wtafced to pot ?o addioJa to tbo blliar V.'imi I bore told yon 00 before. and I a gaUMf Itrrd 01 II g ? hea yoi told bim to atop w.ui tbo b'lli, dlda't too tdo bo B<i<10<1<IB by teriritj % ilttio Bdo'BI? No. oir. 0 Pob'i too uiok yon a gbl poooibly bo aloUaoa ib- at b*m otr'ktag )oa* %itoMB?Orta.s y not. lor ay boad arJiod tbroo booro a'terwordo Mr tiortoo woo caJlod for tbo dofrcdoat. hot ho aot opptnri tbo coGoaei lor tbo drfoaoo aoeoa toot tbo oaaa In dtoaMlod, 00 the lt??o bad oalu ?t to uroro wbaro taa B >??d aotBBil bad oooa Oubimilled 70oro woo oow > di'ibio tporrlrg brtwooa tbu eooaooJ opto tbi? putaa, 1 trh n> lU.ai y ooetded By tbo niaaiairato Btioa'og UM in a ti oe to bo pot. wboo iholo.tattt rop lod. ot too 1.1b o? Hoour oa wo not ovrort, <b tio city of Cn mil, DOCBty ? llMBtltOB IB tbr It too 9-Bt* 0 0( AtD'MOO Mr Plow horo proa dod tbot o c earor oboo boa aaror bteo pr< Tro thou tbot bo otooolt bod uo**i b? 10. by OW tblt-bodltd toeotrual ag t upoa a owl and a a pro lortMl iB-ty. "Tbo beoot Of o woo,* vat bo. "WMb ootid Mr bit biod ajrala 11 * -Man 11 *0 ouloadt ; a-ioh tn artraen t bo its trd. rrrt a t tbr-oirteo' tfttt aotL f iraor t od, tboy woold pool ha boio'o tbo Joart or ik>annn Piroa ' M' torrrat ropltod. Ho *Bld tbu Mr Piatt ?bn oaa really ibe P a a it woo 'a a pa*tiou bacaooo a bod 00 hand rpoo ihr bead ) the d?fredaat. " 0 >e? ha loafc ihr f cfflaa ibn ?a .tadire wmrd mate Mn. ainear Ne n ib? o? airary. rreo i> ? fait k n? < wo.id hart l?h,?k-d. ??n la Parlt, to har# walk#* w lb oar ?X DM d* *>? < " upon (be Bu'erarda " l? e'v ??t II ao ia? '* whiaoered tba "Tar lao*. at the time of lb* allrgao Mai.t," oratiaood ik? aoaaeai. %? excited, a?d pomfbiy a ?h ?' ptaater tal'.tac <po? lor head, mifit kirt i?m> m nabna far a blow. My eliaal on a *n't kill MjiiMf. aid at ro? lb# lady, ba bai rather da bar gaao vbaa barm Ha bad rained tba bilu raw e artrd after him aad oailad to htm to atop, wi baat an ii | ru ado. ada Who war exerted. aad. from bar aw* trai'aanty bed btoa H mjeb rrrapea brfor?. bat aiwapa lib blarkaaarra lodrna rmald a?>rr aaaaclata, or K?rr boainrar, with ble?h|aerde t) r -an* bad aot beaa mrdr oat aad. if aa) thug. N waa tba sol ir!fl:ag oaoa of ranlt 'megiaabir " y<iair? lieixoedraaer followed He tal. that t! a ad waa of a etrroaa lemperameei. end tna? a mere loaa iipoa tba fcaad. boi tataadrd for a bloo, mirM reeee ba loiall a pro bar heree A lady at bar profmetoa would 1.0 apt o bo aa rtoind Dno Plat* aloaad Ha aald thai Ihr geatlemrn kad iaa ai: ikay ronM aad, ftod balp 'am. that waa bat ntua li aa ae p rotor or aorroan akoetlna mat eaai*d Wia< riamptoa to alak apoa her kaoao, bnt II waa a Mow fruai tba flat of tba dtwtnp*. iboatrxmi aaent He, Doa F mi. ra road of a i aha, but a# aaaa who Pad m?*ae>. a w ae wtfa rnold ooma lata eoart aad jetr at a oa?<) like ibia Ho had giraa tba dn'fwpvr ibaatrVau exeat tbo boaedt of a doabt aa to tbo robbory bat, pirate <;er, they wool ho*| oa to tba raaaalt with lataal to kill, aad earry t up natu the rfa'tfifi/. ib?rlrlr* agent oaa prndod for bp tba mate Tba rfoiin at tba exeatlaeiioo waa Iba botJtag at tba rie'eedaal to tall la P#00. |p rnrwrr bofbrt tbr U-tod irry Tba kaala la yat to eome Hrnnklyn my ?rw? Tm Fnn ni.r Bjv Oe?a ?la tba Ooart M Opar U4 Tarm.aar. qm *uurdtr atoratnp, Mr Olmlaa pr?MM a bin of oro^ftipBO oafa not'oa for a a?? trial la too raaa ofJoaapt aot>ea Ta? aaa? or ta? ?io*pttaaa la, tbaa ia tb* aattoa of Ctlbariaa toll'raa lb a q neat too wtatber aar i?r'?r*' 'olivary *a*l existed batveaa bar aad r* Meaoa oa tbipMam wee nM oat bp tba Coart, white decided ibai qoeatioaa ra.ai.aj to joaaral ebaraa tar vara adawbla, bat ant tbaaa enplyiaj la (panto aria *ba ooaaaai ob erOMM wrra anted bp the C xtn at tba naa The baarug ai Iba trpawi aa tba aiaUw war at dawi far tba fnerai tana aa tba toartb How day n April, rba <to?r tadmimaata af mtaoa aad l?wi? vara Ueaeftrrad la Iba Oaart af 'la? ia Uvwa* afcmaarrr-Or Maena. of Beaektv*. aad Or I>taa. af Bear Tark, bara baaa appntaUd la eaarti'ae U??ba, IM ?trd(rtr of Ua?aca toaefciag lb twenty.