23 Temmuz 1857 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

23 Temmuz 1857 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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TH WH0li8 NO. ??30. AKCjYAL OF THE CIRCASSIAN AT ST. MS. wnmpp nivo 1 Tisn LMtnil VnDADP lUEifi iiiiioiiaicnriiviii uvnwi ui Defeat of the Jewish Oaths Bill in the House of Lords. XI,000,000 Wanted for the China and Persian Wars. Giptere of an American Slaver on the Coast of Africa. COnSOLS 92 1-4 a 92 1.2 FCB MO-'IEY. ADVANCE IN COTTON. KCLlttt: IN FLOCK -SHEtDSTDFFS STEIOY, Ac., Ac.. Ac. Br. Jmura, N. y., July 22-7 O'clock P. tl The icrow sU am hip Circa'slnn, from Liverpool on lbs 111 Instant, arrived hero at half past four o'clock this afternoon. Her advices are three days later than those received by the Atlantic and Vanderbllt at New fork. the royal nail steamship Asia, Captain let'., sailed from IJrerpool for New York on the stmo day as Uto Or earn Ian. Tbe Bonne of Lou da bed defeated the Jewish Oaths bil1 1 by 34 u ajorlty. Naples continued tranquil. Further (light disturbance* bad taken place In Spain. A slaver named Adam's Crsg, of New Orleans, bad been oaptured and condemned at Sierra Leone. Tbe steamship Arg>, from New York for Southampton, arrived out on tbe 9th inst GREAT BRITAIN. Tbe government asks for half a million each, on acoount of lbs Chic a and Persian wars. Notice has been given of a resolution to continue tbe present duty on ten end sugsr for two years from next April. Thackeray has been nominated for Parliament from Oxford. Lord Pafmorston has promised government regulanoe In regard to the supply of free negroes to tbe t'roncb West Indian I (lands. The transatlantic submarine cable la oxpectod to bo all aboard the Niagara by the '20lb of July. FRANCE. The French Juembie* Kationate bat been suspended for two months In consequent of an election article. The Bank of Prance returns ah w a loss ?f specie, lindanes and some of the opposition Candida lea had tocn ' returned at tho second elections. SPAIN. Disturbances bad roou/red at L'tberea, but they were i aapprertrd. No further demonstrations we?e expected. The Cartes bad pa*sed a "gag law" on the press. ITALY. The details from Naples show there was considerable Vans of Ufe In tbe revolutionary movement there. Maaatul had escaped from Italy. PRUSSIA AND AUSTRIA. the King of Via?A araa on a visit to the Kmpc-rv or Austria. FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. London m n?y Mattarr. The bul'lon in the liank of rlugland bad increased ?13R, COO, ant tbe rates of discount had undergone no change. PonsoIs for mney BlX a W)f, and for account ?2Jg. LtVIK 'OtlL CaTTON MtKKKT. The Brokers' Circular sayc?Tne advicea Hy the Canals earned ao * Ivatce of fully 1 lrtd p->r pound In tbe liver i peel oottnn market. The sales of toe week a H up 07,000 bale*, loeindirg 1,0(0 on speculation and 7,600 for ex port. Prk'ajr's aals were 19,000 bales, Incladlng 1,400 ee speculation, and 1,<100 for osport. Tbe market cloeed fcoovti t, *nn * teoiimry 10 ?arna * runner advance. me following wo the aulhoilMd quotatloni:? fhir. MidiHny N?w Orlrana Noble 8 I 18 Upland. 8 Tb* Hook of Amertoal la p irt km eatlmated at 416,000 LITSKrSOL BRKaDSTCrr MARRIT. Mil. Rkjbardaon, Bpeaco h Co qjote Qxr quiet an J M. tower, Wbtat tteaJy. Corn boor ant and la. a U M. higher. Wextern danal finer, CO*. Od. a 31i. 6 t; otala, mt. all)* ; Southern, 31a. a 33a.; bi tad and yollna corn, Ha fid. a Ma j white, V* fid. a 41a. The weather hal j beea unacUled. livikpool ritoviatuN ai tiar. Tbe 1 'verpool prov'alou marks. km guoerally rtcady Betf Arm I'ork dn1', ant quotation* nominal Bacon * toary. lard quiet Tat low?quotat.on* barely main lamed. I'M and pearl aahee dull, but prtoea unaltered. Bager firm. Tea firm. Rice firm. Ronln dull. LONDON MAKEKT8. trow? We lab bar* and ralla cloeed firm, art Ji an Improved demand, a 11 a ?7 6a for hoth. Bread* to IT* dnll. Sagar fatal and declined In Coffee firm. Rtoe heavy. TAT* or TRAD* IN MANCRMTIA The ad rlrea from It archer.or were fhvorahle, and foodl and yarn* bad ooneiderahty advanced. Police Intelligence. Aueoan violation* o? ma mntr uqrnn law. IPno liquor dealer* were brought before JutUoe Wood, eA the bet Market Police Court, yeaterday, oo the charge of having violated the Corporation ordinance forbidding Ike ante of liquor oa (funday. The arranta were made by Ike Reveatb, Tenth and Thirteenth ward police, an 1 the namee of the accused were catered upon the magiatrute e book aa follow* Job* Fvrrtty, No 2* Urinary rtreet Joke Mcbroniager, N i. ltfi Betoaoy ?treei. rvederlrk Weedarheld, No JM Brand ctreei. Ueorge Hrig maan. No 241 Prooine rtreet fiworge N surer, No 81 t> chard rtreet Inn let Aadereoo, No 264 Charry street IWtnr ffhrtoy, No. lift Kelnncy rtreet. Jrkn -tcbmlol. No. #1 Detoacv strret Richard Ontahaa, N? 1) Jirbug (fret. la the oner of the lent named prvnaer the magtotrate .rapoeed the full n al of tne penalty, b??Me the oc| earnerI denied the left Impenrhment I bat war made again*! him, and won Id bare It thai the police ware prejudiced ajrainn him Justice Wnod bimtelf baring wltnemed the mmmlaricn of the offence, datermlaed lo puulah the prl laaer, tf it ??a only for me darlal of ?hat the mag U tram , kaaw to" be true. The other oaaea were laid oyer until aavt week eaaarr or ?nanan nnmrunt Oa Tneiday erealng a man named William Dbtaloa had hie packet picked uf a porte mmnaie containing IIS by two , yettag fellowa. One of tbera. named Richard ttaytbe, wee arretted on the ?pct, but the confederate and the p .r?e took quite an eppteita direction from Urn Torn be. "my the wee brought before JueUoe thborae, at the lower Police Court, where be waa duly commuted for trial io a few bonra after the ccmmumeat of the prl iter a ynm.g man, named Jo. eph Ihirenbrrry, apiwa'ed at Ihe Tntuhe and Inquired after dmylhe. an*log 'hat he wanted to tee him on Important bnrtiinea Ihr j,n".c thukingthat he might hate been the confederate cf the pritoner. detained btm for a while and aent for the oornpli oant Mr bunion, on arrlilng tn Court, recr gnfied Mueenberry Immediately. and trtmtlfled him a* the accomplice of t*mjthr and the frllow who had run off with the atolrn pocket bong iMemberry waa dreadfully taken aback, and no <*nubt eorely retted I hat be had made the attempt lo eec hie friend who wae lu t duraaoe rile," an big rlrit to the prlgno wae the m?*nt i.f maklog him a tranetent boarder at an Inetttution for wht.-.h h<- had a perfect abhinw.ee Auurr or a Rmtnan? ArraMPT to Takb tn* Lie* of * W arena a a ? About tl o'clock laet night, a man girtng Mn name m Andrew Rretman, keeper of a junk "tore at No 18 Chrltoleetreet, wan brought In Urn ftnoond ward *U Una bonne, charged with ideating a be* and attempting la lake the life ef Andrew Oeremue, a prltate watchman N appear* that the watchman rangbl Brewman In the act of opening a bo* wdh a hatchet at Wo. M Maiden lane, and it at when dlenorered he aimed eereral blow* at ibe head (* tVremnf. which he eneoeeded In warding off, and lecktly eecaped with no other Injury than harng hrt thiwnh nearly entered Hie robber then aeoended the e*air*, and, after a long fraren, officer Black fonnd him in I > a wmll room under a bed. In whlnh there were two women Nothing daunted, the oflloer raleed the coreri: I, which reached the fleer, and there tUggovgred Bregmas Big etamluatkm cornea gQ to day. E XE THE 9ETH0P0LIT41 POLICE COHaiSSHMVEHS. Mayors Wood and Powell S ake Tfcetr Scats In the Boh id? 1 mme me UxclUniont?Mr. Cholw ell's Position Uelined?Sensation Proceedings At ., Ac The nclnlty or 88 While stroot ?u at an early hour yesterday morning thronged, in consequonce of a general undurtUndirg about town that the Commission would pro ceeJ lo examine and swear in poiloemen during the day Thin supposition, however, proved unjue, as It hae oa several othtr ccaaiona. About hair past ten o'clock the vicinity of the Commissioners' headquarters was thrown in e a great siato or ex cliement in consequenceol' a rumor that Mayor Wood hat jU't left his ?fflce at the City Sail, In company with Mayor Powe'l, of Brooklyn, on their way to 88 White strcot, fo' the par pose of taking llielr seam in the Biard. This ru mor, however, was very generally disbelieved. The sup portions and specu'allocs w< re soon stopped, however, by the appearance of the two Mayors at the corner of White it-ret and Broadway The Mayors . asaed on and entered the batldlng, amid a variety of remarks and orders from all sides, to "raak-i room for the May nr. " "clear Jae passage, will youf" ar.d proceeded v>p stiirs and Into the ha k room on the seoon floor. Arriving tn'the room they haltid at ihe door wav leading from the back to the front room, in which tho Ccmmbsicnerr, Meters. Bowen, Nye ant dtrauanan, were in secret ao*s on, acd scot in thulr names to the Coromis r toners The announcement of these names, as may well be supposed, crested no little sensation for a moment or two, among tho tbrco Commissioners The exciliclo members were not kept long waiting, how ever, for w.ibtu a minute after tho messenger bad been despatched to the mcer room with their names, ho returned with a no ito Invitation for them 11 walk In, wh'ch iavi tatlon Ihry readily accei ted At the Inside of the door they were met by the th'eeCommissioners, who we'eomed them tt> the board, and etprerscd tnuob * alls fact I >n at see lug them present, en tbey hoped thoreby to heal some of he hard ft el .tig i which bad hereto ore grown out of too opposition to ihe new law. Mayor Wood assured them that he was very glad that an opportunity had at leDgtb presenu d Itself for him to bo present with thorn Mo had come to take his ?sal in the Board tn compliance with be w sties of a large number of tne people of thin city, and should have done so before had it not been for the {Dan; onerous fuli-'s devolving upon him la his oa pacily an Mayor,and the incoriveuinut hours which the Uoa J had adopted for holding their serious. Bo wo ild try Id future to oe more punctual and faithful In the discharge of hi* duilts as a Com mine toner He t! assured by the mu libera of the Board that thoy should be plea??d to have bioi there dally. May vr Powell exrusrd himself for Ills Irregular titer. 1anrc, for the same reasons gl 'en by Mayor Wood, together with the adul.total rt-aion tha', besides bis official duties as Mayor, be had a long distance to travel from the City Hall. Brook j l, to <>8 ft hite street Each o the Majors were, after being tatrolQCed to the members of the Commlssl.'o, invited to take their seats at the table. Tht J wore no sooner seated than Mr. Cnolwell, h ho had not been pros en during tne at salon of Tuesday, came from tie General Huprrintendeit'a room, on the third boor, and after stopping half a moment and apcaking to some of the gentlemex In the back room, during whichconversation he appeared to be hfghl> Indignant at semi tb ug proo-eiled into Iho front room, Ed without saying a word took hts seat at the table BeiDg a ptMi'il .-irucger to boih of the Marors, he very naturally thought It singular that no one present should think encrgh to gi e blm an Introduction - but think trg. p? rhaps, either an accidental neglect on their part, or el e at otter one of 'he many psltry acts of mrannues which they have bees guilty of towarda htm stneo be has be?n to the cxmn'sslon, ho ' aid no attention to It. Aflor tittup by ine side of Mai or Powell a few minutes, he com rr.trn d conversation with blm In two or tnree minutes Mr Stranaban came over to the aide of the tablo where ibey were sluing, and leaning over to Mr. Choi well, said? "1 presumo you at u acqualLied with Mayor Powell; are you Mr. Cholweltf" Mr. Cbolwill?No. air, I have never had the pleasure of meeting ibe gentleman before At this answer, Mr. Mranahan turned hi* head half round, and wi h a very stguldcant smile towards some of the olh"rs, Mid ? ih, iBdceJ, I Iboi gbt you were well acqoainuv with eat h /her. allow me to Introduce yeu lo his Honor Ma, or Powell, of Brooklyn 1 Mr Poeell think Mr <?holweU warmly by the band, and raid, "Oh Mr Choi well, I am pleased to see you. I did not expect to And so yoing a looting man lu Mr. Choi well. 1 theugtt you were older." Mr. Cbci wux laughingly r? piled, and said, "I did not ex pect lo see so < ?nng a man lu you, Mr. Mayor; 1 though jou were an elder let king man." Mi. Cnolwell war next introduced to Mayor Wool, with whom he rho*k lands, merely remarking that ho had beard a great deal ahem the Mayor, but eld not recollect of ever having seen blm before, alia the exception of once or tatee in a MM room. Ibe May or bo? c<i his acquiescence, said he was glad to meet Mr Cbolaell, and look hts teal. On motion, Ueu. Nye then took the chair, when the Clerk ppoeeoed to read the minutes of iho last meriting, which were duly approved The Hoard dien spont some tidies In dlscuts'ng leporls ahlch were prr*?med by the various CommuU ca in reference to Cjaipletiog the organization of thts Por.ce Departm* di, repairs to sat-o huu?c?, quaiifl.auas of candidates, payments of toll's, paymeul of police, .Vc , when Mr Cholwetl made a motion that when the Board adjourn it be to 1 j o njucn oti iu"r?u.?jr ?.ir>Li?'u, < mat .1 ? u ?n R M bireaftcr be fiiid cn tor il>? meeting* of tio Board Mr Praprrano Mr. (..bo'wtll bar* heretofore fraqnaotlv j J thU mrne mutton, frrm the Art I o gaulttUoo of the Board, qu the ground tua* they, a* buaioea* men, their Hvcllbocd depend c? on that bu<ln<-aa, could not neglect It from 10 o'clock ut the tnuri toe until I or 2 o'clock in the a! ernorn, the buaieai j>art of the day, without intnut ra amu to ihcmne and their b tnen*. while the orelon* of thr Roerd conl I Jtai a? well be hold alter 2 o'clock.and without tne dopariiaeit or the C-Matiiiaaloacre aulTnrltig In the lr*?t iheriby Thia cllntl i>n the part of Mr. ITaper aod Mr. Chotwnll, however, bai ccofctaot'r met with the bo teat opp reltlun from Miit*. Bow en, Biranahan and for tome private rra*oo of ttalr own, and heace the rrq-.eet of there two l<erttnr baa lr< in the irtt '/oen dented, and the aeeatoo* of the Board accordingly held fr< m 10 till 2 o'ciucg 'tit* la an! I to oe one of the pr notpal causae of Mr ftraper'n re? tgta ion, a* bo could not pue'ibl/ attend to bu ouilnni and the comtniaelnn at the name time An toon an the proprriut n wan urnce by Mr Cholwetl, both Mayor* Wood ao I Powell, joined In with him and raid tha. waa Juot tba thing. IT 'be Board would only change the hour of their railunn, then both would trr and be prevent dally, but m It wan arranged at p<e*en. thry feared thoy could not do > without oauatny thsir other official boroXM to tailor Mr. Bow an raid he waa obliged to leave loon bet vnen three and tour o'clock every day, and It would be Impw aihle for hi n to men lib thrin at three o'c 00k lie tug gentrd that the hour of two o'clock be adopied, Instead of three. Mr. Cbotedl lamfJ.ately acceded to Una prop>i rition, anJ th3 i| lerltou war abjut '>elng pui, when Mr. Bowen recollected bat ha bad bualDeee hi attend to between two and three o'clock m the aftern>oa, to that be euuld uo meet with the Hoard at that heir either. Tba quevtion 00 ibo motion to meet at two o'clock wee thm pot und leal, by the following vote:? ^Ari*?Mnaax Wieid, I'nwell and Cholwtl). Nmw? Meatre Bn ?en, Nya and Btranaahtn. Hen. Nt* torn declared the Hoard aojourned until ten o'clork thir (fburrday) morning Immediately on tha adjournment of the Board Mr Cholwell caught up Lie hat and loft the room for the purpoao of prtwolll g the re?iubilowu la mmli?k?are fr.im aonny U| him about prop ellluua to nil the vacancy earned by the retignation or Mr. Praper, and alao to prevent any fuilber 1 enteral ion uo the maPer than waa nw.etaary, aa he bad already informed tbe oommlMt.ro* re that he wan prepared ta give bla vole for none but a eoonJ natlooal American, or oemocat of ihe old rclnml, and a man, whoever ho wm, of unblcmlrhed an 1 op- ignt charaeier. and whan ibey gut ready to talk to bun in the right way, then be te rvaoy to go wtib tbetu aod fl'l toe place with <orh a man, bulunier no clrcumttau.-ea whatever oonlo he he Induced or orerced Into voting for a republican to (til the place, aa ba I* aattalted thai there are quite en nigh of them iu thal>mmbnoti already On leaving the room Mr Cbtlatll proceeded immediately to tila e.orn, norner of Maldtn lane ant Nar ran ?tree I Ha wwa ruiuwad aoon after by bo h of the Majorw, whir pmoe?ded to their rwairertlvr->fll-ra. reaving'be thr ee r?publican Oommtaeloo it otite more al< oe, ami without a quorum For the irana autton uf burl low*. The thrre flouimlaalooers remained at RH White street darli f mort of the afternoon, In se-.ret amnion, Utry b?"ng, as ass reported nutstde, etirnfJ in coniultaUon merely on mallets poiudblttg to Uie Cuanihlsrloo, ami the brat n.cans for them to pnrrue In Filling the vacancy Ii It Mid thai (lorrrner flrg, while id a correlation with omegralleror n n T. er> riy, made the remark, la oonoeolien with thin a?*\j- ct, .oat in* vacancy m>i?t he fllle t by Botic other Ibau an oi.t an I not republican, an otnernrlne the |*rly arm. n i wQlhi ?i?j wly 'Oie A get Neman a ho o* er beard the remark Instantly re marbfd to him, "Why, woTernnr, I thought your aim In creating this Onmmt-?.< n ?as (a gel It out of politics" To which the flor err or reaponded, "Yes. air, but then It won't do, jnn know, for ua to throw awny our entire power on other pari lee " The Governor. alao, In a conversation with Ifr ( ho! well on Tneeday, after s,leaking in reference It fllllit the ranancy In the Comml'ston, raid, slapping Mr, Chnlwell familiarly an the ahoulder, ' Yon are right, my boy, we hare placed a yoi.ng American lu the Cmnroterteu, and now iio j on shove them along and keep them morlog Yon now eland *e well ae any joung man Id the city, and It reels with you to make youreelf popilar " The Oorarnor wae attll In town lad evening It la sstd tbat ha '* In farer of cither <;en Hail or (ten Webb, with a Iranlrg towarda tbe last named perron, while Ihe three C'o mm lee loners are undecided, with a slight preference for Mr Webb air" During the arterr.oen, the General Puperlntendert was Inrtmcird to Iwtte orders, that as many of the poll e as con Id be ( ered should be let off on the day of An dor ron's funeral, to aGrud It and bury him wita becoming honnrr. The (lenerel Snperlnlendent also issued order* to Cap tain Walling, for him to rend eighteen of the men at .re rral on iWity at Hrgttloe's l'slnt, tinder bis command, to tbe rlty, <m Thursday, for duty here. It being bis intention to rnpply iIwt places by other* from the ct?y. nils morrmeat is made la ord vr to ruliere the man at SnI Wag'* rolat, who tors baton* l? kome mktskfag wor? W YO MORNING EDITION?Tilt on' *l'h finiftif, tbcy h .ring h#>>n on dtty oonaUuiliv g;nn? they wti? nr?t gen? to tno Point. Tho folio* Ilk c Vr Lab boon Igrufd by Mr. Tal?adg?:? TO 8TK\uaOAr OWN11H AND OilTAINfl. It lit) r>w ih? tca> tn whin Ur'r- in inn-i n??<i opon Ibe tnd 'u r n*.'<l r??noia for profeil** pnHjnifi)r i. And tbr Opiuta! hop itn'miiti nt nf PiiIom t kai ib? i?'>nriii lnwlrg syllabus of the U? re'allng to na (gallon ? b ?b la prepnr'd at hi* m(ii?>t b) the Ul'iriet At.,ro v rile le'eml Miprrtnlendr ni iu a fe ? Cnya auMendlng thin no Ink anil detail patr Imen in repcr* si 1-tliiiu nrle* and rtni.adon* ? Pietm hoa a having the <rm? o vunw*. are nut to ap.'rovll esch ohsr wl'bln tw.rw yards. Penal y tJM la sol', bj Ots tr'ct .attorney t2 * 8 0.1 > very fern b'nt mum have a row bou 15 feet 1 ag attach ?d to the f> r?y hna' tn > uch a maun. r that It "an be Inn "tied ilto the ?? < r 'or mmfdliitr n-e In ra*? of ne. (1 >r In aae of aoo'drnt I hia will be "rloilv enfoiced. Penal.y tiV) for each omit so a (2 H. 8, 95 ) ail ate rohoals over 5 0 tons m ust carry nne flr*t c aaa ltfe boat; one row boat, Jit leu by J, to Oarry 50 pmaengeri one other row roat *). strain boat* t n>"er BfOtnn* mutt .-arr/ two row boat* of oidlnar' ?lr? Rnm? penalty t!H B. ill.) f>t? nmboatTH"?? a mwderoesn r R 8, fri.) Bj 'h> law f l-i#. chaf>rf.Vi :-<e or of ever? steam boal on an excns. in| mnat t?k>*'he name undulate of t?i d> no nl > v , y iaa e pko'?nger. and *;. th* w th 'he ffonn tjttkrk its i"' e da^e time,ptidor p? lait/.m till# (T ta rats, ng* r rtfur. hla name. in tnaeu r muni refu<e him pa ssge by the a ne ao.ero'f nnraeug'r on an ?vcuralin who lit" op. n ibo ground* o rduung oa rlvera or sound, without < a.. , may be l"dlc?ed. Thru, provision* a*e tn hTk rowdylira, uid the first one Is p?r'lc"l?r'y o fu'i t"b e idence agonal pnsamgeia. Theiletiral Snper'n ei dens 'ru?'a 'n?t thus partlsu'arlv warped pr.ivMon 'hat 'o a great eT't, h* n been nalll Qed, atsatu. o*t owners wtll raimedatel) a.,1 eheerf illy aoey. v k. Ts l.i. e \l.tit.;, 'I'TierrJ Superintendent o' I'o.lce, b8 While atreet Jvly )B57 BULkH AND BBUU1.ATfONB OP T11H r.OAHD. Tho following rules and regulations were alopud by tbo Board but a short lime alter entering upon tho du'.ioa of their office:? Seo. 1 i be regular meetlnra of he It >ae.l Hha'l be on Tun dav and Prtdav of eact week at ? n o'c iea. e'tteu haaes of chart,'" ard ai plleaiions for apoolulm'nt will i>e r.intldereo; and i ueh i.;h> r rneetlrg aball heboid it* any two . f th ?rViin ml?r!on> ra Khali. ij? written order given Iv the c'-rk. illrejt; ?nd a 1 me? 'log" Of ihe .eaeil aiall bo hold IP publlo, uul- >n a toa.orl y of ho (loipml'tion re "ball othorwiao Mroo . See 2 'I be o? ief cle'k ehab ho the acr. tary o' the 5 <ar1 of fou.31 aalooera It ahall be hU dutf to So present at a'l me t Inge of the Uoa>d. an t recotu lta moreedlega In a oook kept tor'h't pn'pree, and the ayes an. ney-a nn every quo? lo i before t' e :l ara ahull be taken and form part of toe reciM of lis penooedirga Sec 3. all aocolntmenta to and (llamhuala Ir.vu efllee ah all be signed t j at leasi ihr. c of the d inmlaalon' ra ano e uute atpni d by 'he ehl'f rterk. and no appoint strut ordHsiaaal ebal! he valid unieaa ao Klgned and coun'er''? n d. K<e. a the treasurer of 'he liar I, In til'Im'nMi I'h-r dntiea, 'ball r? nde? oeilt and cr-dP anounnt .o the Hoard a.id no eipriiollere shall he Incurred lu be uameof tin ll aid wl'houtbU writ en authortv nr erl lng elgued b bin In the i aire nf the Hoard un we authorized and dire"! d by a m?j . rl t of thi tempera of the . omrov a on. Sec fi B-en applloatinoa are tv he dlaceaaed or oha'geu are to be conaidered .he Boar I shall have pr rate meetliiaa , hn mipied a eiy thereafter the r? an tof S"Oh prlvaie iu-o 1 gi sha'l be entered tn the minute* of the Uoerd uu.l marie p> b 'o. Sec. g. applies inna foe appptntmetnt sha'l b? entirely lu :be wI! lug and signed hy the i anv applyin (. arc irdlne to "he riles and regulation" o tie bo rt Chtrgaa pretarred Hgaiuss any m> mher 11 the po Ice force moai be In Wrlilncand voin lo and conflrmed wl n the uame and r-ddence o ihct ttiplalpan'i and If staled uu liifurruatlon and he |. f, the- th? fonrce of at k tnfor natlnn and he r. ee n of mirh bo Inf ?'i?d hoili he via eri Hill Ihie sba'l c >1 api )y in the Co nplsip a and rbaiges by any f 'he ' ommlss; sners or ike tlnneral aud t epufy Snpe rle'.endeu a or ineprclooe. w bo may era ge aim ply in writag; but aarb rhargrs mual be Bled *l n be chief cerk he-c. 7. When charges are tiled the chief clerk shall not If > the p.'rtrn complained of lo aul) and examine he sum \ an I the i ere on complained nf, within two Maya thcreaf -r shad cither rjcta'e at an?w?r through ihe chief clerh, to be bv bi n t Inn down, or be may P'rpare .he same in srr' u< and within the same lime (lie it. Ihe trial thoreof aha.I be In ord r at any rub?> quent meeting of the Boinl, o." wb uh h< persor- roinpl'tned of shall he advl ed But th" pnra n emrplalne. ol may waive such tilaj, nr auumtt ihe care and nn wrr up"U aflilavits. within 'hree days alter noii.tr hn been given to the chef rlerk anltoihe romplalnant, nf so h waiver, and oppor unity wttsio such t me .or sue: cowplaioant tn prndt ee wlteesaes for d posltlm belore an h chief clerk or rirulab r.ldtnce otberwldn Is iupporV.nl' Bitcotupla'D'. hff. 8. rhorr*? may he'otod frivn'ona hy * mrjnrltr ot the Board. upon he.ng tiled anil exhibited to alt the member* pream'.wltltoiit >.ny rmmltot'lon, oreiH?M?, or trial Rrr. 9. N" app leartnn or 'erano o mplwlard it/ aha') be heard ey any 1 i<nmi??t n-r apart I rum be meeting u tn* board, and it ?hail be the doty of the Oommlartouer* to fo*bli applh an a or olht-ra from coavrralne wlih tb> tn on any a b j el l? at la to o tw oefore the 'oard h b? tnr the amnn if each member there"' ihat Ma du:l?i are qiutri judicial, and that r ot on y the lime ?.f rarh i ommiaa*' a-r, but a ?e. ? of juanne. fl?ia?H<1? that no matter! "f application, aunt naloa or removal aka)t be heard nutatM o< the rovular meetlima. fee. ,o. Upon the cone naloa of a trial J'id*moot will be tender d ai.d autoutired on ihe following iU Mc. M, 1 he returnee* of lb? Hr ard ahull "d-lrat, auat'enflon I'hrut pay nn'lml efl, *e"?-nd, anapeuaio . eita par froaa one to ihteti day*: third r-moral from offlee; an ail en teocea will lie in arl'tny d ly en'ered o the miunliM kept with ihe recorda of the derailment, and a toplcaie r-ad to the'orveof he prrclnnt to-Bich ibe aentencal mem er be. loBfa, and a conv of the aame aerve.1 upon him >jr .he laapeciur i f Ibe pre duct Me lif. Hurl gtrial* no a lineaiea ah-II b* examlted or ctoe< riamlned any Ionrer'ban one hour n r ahall c "iiW at m up .onyer than half an honr, without the uniDtmma con >eiit ot tbe n.1 ophera of 'he hoard t pon oh j to. on a to eaii tn ny 'lie aante ahall be briefly atalrd withni.Vfutne.1. aud aubmitted nrm* op on m ten-raw It ahall be Ihe doty of the Fl-ance ommlllee lo examine end report up n the areauuta of Ihe Tmaeurer at l-a?t onoe etery mortb, and all mailer* remind before ibe noard I * cm eh erulion ?b*l ('.rat be inferred to ihe oonmi' i1* baring rh rye o| that uhjec' The commit #? ma r*p >ri fo- ihwlih oral anr aebaequwnt meetlmr lb? Mayor of ihe city of a?w York anall he atmnib-i -s ojfirio of all eo-.nml -?e< ?h n the auhjrr a rel ireduith m have refen nee 'o the cl y of Mew I or* , and th< Mat or ? Hmk'yn aha'l be a member tjt f- io of eemmtib ? hat li g o naiki rauon ot auhjee a a 1th rel ere u re in Klnga e< tiny The folio?ing are Ihe Handing rommlueoe of the hoard, ae agrted upou at the adopti n of th? by law* ? eraxiiMi (ommtTKiki The atendlng d m mil eee were eppnlntol for ha en* i leg rear, todiug May 1, ISM A\?ma.ir? rkranatiau and (Hrap'-r) fiinrral hi*,tp/tnr? Nt ?* and Bo*on .M.i'ua. fli'utri, j,m%Urrmfmn and D rntJiic K<xm>imy of Lkr ^?prne? ? b< iwell ano -tfanahan lit. Ift ami HrfiuUitumi if I' (iw?.Sir a ah an and Bowcn Ayijilir.vp ?? and H.ttinvU? Nye and 4t auaban .O/Jf and (Vittafy Auihtmltrt and Ot.lxi in.ra?fholwoll and rtirauahan I'linti and P*Mat foiirtr?Cht.lwell an l (I)r*|?er). ibt ?e ii gutaiii n* and oommltwea a*?utu- tncruaaed Im imrtan e at ibe Juncture of tne two ilruiocratin Mayor* roireallpy lone wub die hoard, tip acooiirt of Ibe re eiynatieri of Mr Uruper, the brard it no* evenly divided. Mayor Wnrel, Ma;rr I'oaell and M' Ubolwell act W'gn tbrr, and Merrra -ye, -trauaban ami Kiwi-n act toge tbcr. fbil wa* iiluMraied yealeri'ay Mr l^iolwell irorcd tbat the board ahoeld r.ha-ge Ihe hour nf m -o ing. ao a* fo or ronvrn erd for ihe two Mayor* to etieod wltnout intarfe-icg wtMi their ufflcial dude* The hoard dl rtPcd arrely ?Three agaloul three, ae dated ab ire?and the mottoi wa* ,lt rt Rul there l* *<imn trouble eg|i?ri*d jet by Hit* ill virion Hy the Oral taction of he by law*, the mrettnge moat be public ' tiiev* ama>itiy ot the Br,era rhall otnerwi?? direct." lira- rlt'Di vrptr rrrmherr a?d Mr. ("Oolwfll, having ooM'ng to frar. may tpaiat npoa an opee aeaauo, and II uaonol im (gaily prerented ccwnri iryiCT or a ?t-law. Rv arctton lhrt?."alt ai tx lu meula hi aud removal! firm (Dim itiU-l b?- elaued b; il Itwl Ibrea nf the Cii-nmt* 'tonera, Mil cnubier* i?oml by the chief olerk " It la ob lent that either taif of the Hoard, aa M prevent <onat) luted, eu trace ft burner* locally by aecurtog the Co ope ret ten ot the chief clerk. There oan be an denylnf the fhrt thai ?o leaf the Boe'd remane divided, m it la et prevent. the chief cl rk hae It In bla power to decide into ??ho?e handt be ehail throw all the eppotnimeuia and re tpoeale. Now.aa the chief Clerk, Mr Ktn'iree, war ap pointed nader the It Humor of Mr rholwelt, It wnold pre ent a cor ice* elate a* alUir* If fhla leevtoea betntr recur *d) bee-re Wood, Powell, Cbolwell an. the chief clerk bvutd proceed lefaliy to flII op the vtcanctet in the det artmmt, and rrtnrc to elect the aevento member of the Bnare. Mr Draper'e mcnerror mnrt he cboaen by the Bwr.l, and cannot r>e choree without their co operation fbey would held all the power tn thetr own hand* la fact, toe Thole control of the Dipartmrnt aremi, by a piece of Mundrrinir leytrlatlon, to hate been thua placed 1a the handr or tbe chief clerk to aide with which parte he rbeoera, and with all their maurruvring the republican* may haee outwitted the maelrer The imnortance of rrriirtty the aeeenth member of the Riiatd ir, of coorre, a i*rrmo> nt rtmelderiuoa with each half of the Bnarrt. lr h<* happeoe to be a democrat and choeeee to act with M wms fWood. Powell aoe COulwell, they will have the whole control of the D partm-nl, aad raacot be muted Wlthont htr no operatl n, Mayor wood Irrnreofat Irart the control rf four eonimittee*, eta Finance, C!'y ana County Aulborittea and Ordinance*, I'rtevn and l"oltoe Coutt* aad Htailou Houree, Accoutre met In and Dotnertlo Fconomy of the Fupce Ihitrhouli the new number prove traotahle, Moan*. Wood AO) will haee the control of all the coram Ueea, and, aa bet ore atatcd, of the whole force Broodlyn City llewa Tit* I-o\h IetJtan fUn.a<iatt Cow r a re twruonm * a VrtMar*?The Orand Jury of the Court of Heeainna, organ lied ?ome weekr atnee, haa not yet (lobbed It* (abort. Toe court meeta on Friday, when Utey will make their deal report It it utderatood, however, that they have found a Mil of Indict mm* a|?n?t the Kong tnlmn 1 HkMroftd Onm l*ny for ating atram In Atlanticatreet. The i<inn?o H'-ftm kiw long been crmpUtned of by lb* realrientt a'ong 10* itrnet? numerona tnootk g> hate been hold, and r? mniHtranee* presented t?tho Com won Oouoell; but til lo no practical prrpote Tbo ?ioam wae Mop ted ?ome year* ?, by o?i)er of the Common Council, but on act wa* pa?ftoil by the t?pt?le.\ire rn> (towering the cow pan y to proceed v agual nod they have made une of It erer mnce A Dinrrmont * ? lately made In the B *rd, an 1 the nompany wore re?jjo#b<d li relinquish tho uee of utoam Toe Mayor reined the rreohittno, on Ibe ground that II waft ft brtftcb of contract outer'd into by the enmttaay with the Common Council ft doubt lean wa? no. ?nd Ibe rlty would render Iteelf liable 'or damages I ho cittern* lutnrmled ap pealed to the crand .lory, with the reault a lore rut *d; aiid at the neti eoretott of the cmrt It will be teen what It ail will amount to The dlreeenra of the compenr will be brought op and tried on the r barge of fniademeaoor. Natal Inlrlllgenoei Tho 1'ntlod rt?tr? atewm friga e Morrlmao waa hanlot cntnt the dry dock ftt (Ttarloatown the vOth ln?t,ftod planed under the thoara The number of workmen en gaged In leugUnntrg the dork wilt ke Mnraaged, and the work be oon-i loted ae aron a* oonronlont. Ibe tailed We oe ftteam frigate Colored 0,'buTt at Nor rdV will tftke ft week'* trial trip, commencing on Ike Mib M tMT RK H JRSDAY, JULY 23, 1837. TEE MDRDER OF OFFICER ANDERSON. Intrrmtlrg ( oUnlirnli and Connective*. At 3 o'clock moraine the Italian burirlar and

munJrrtr was taken trom the fcVsex street prison ml conducted to the Tomb*, whore be is now safely ami securely lodge it. He was taken at that early hour, so as tu prevent tne trlenda of the murdered policeman from sola ln|E and lynching the assassin, who they are determined shall receive due punishment for hut orlmo, either with or without law. TUB THINGS Bl'KOLAHIOt/SLt TaBBN. The stcre which was entered by the hu-glars, and at 1 which officer Eugene Anderson was shot, i? sltua'ed on the north s ort comer of Grand and I'eiutro streets, aud is ' owned by Nelson Samtnls It I* a small, lov structure, 1 but Is dereely tilled with boots, shoes, gaiters and the lure. The burglar, or bergtars, look from tho store i it the piybt In question, H 0 pairs of ladles' heel gaiters, rallied ?r $1 ft) per pair ; 20 pairr o gentlemen's patent leather th< e?, valued ai 13 er pair; se??'al "aire of Ooogrer> gallers, and frt In coppers. The property stolen from tin More on that high', Is estimated at from $200 to lhr proprietor or ibe slo e never kne v it to be entered bv burglar* before. The back window ot the store was forced i pen It'tit which It spinous that he burglars who were In 'he store attempted to esca|>? by the ha k r aril, during (hi coi Hlrt and pie < rice ol the eo >le In front or tho sio-o lr the Iront door if the store had only been fastened these no n would ha e b?eo secured, for tt was imposslbio to obtain egress fern the rack of the store, as there wm a sk> light over the yard, andtowurlog brick walls on every side sPl'EARAhC* or THE MUHHKHER. Michael Cnnceml, the Uallau burglar and asaaislu, te a man abo< t 36 jaars old, with a remarkably thick act, uiusinlar and ]owerru) frame In helgt.t ne mossii'-eH some 6 rcet 7 In dies. He has a thick, heavy, black board, fr> m an Inch to two nebn* long, but wear* no mo Htictio His features are coat re and broad, his com,, leu >o da: k, with a Hon an Dose; dei p, parsl Dale ???. HI* bra1 la hro?d. low set, largely ocvrloi>?d in the animal regions; bis ?up' cs-ion con'eys llie linorexsl n oe tl<vi> ounuing bo in an uncommonly powerful man, and hia Unit eiuemhfc is i oi \ lue a bulldog. Any policeman who aloue mould t ale to f?ce him. ev n If he, the murde er, was unarmed, would tiud blai?elf opposed to fearful and terriblr ud is li In well thi assassin k secured and that It onl. cost lb" nty one Hie to arrest him, and amy In bis wild career. THE MUKbBHRK'g WOMAN. The woman who lived with Michael Canceml, tho pr) soner, as bis wife or mistress, Is now loiked up in the Kourirtnb ward station house. She is about 36 years of vge. of medium height, coarse, strong organ!/.ttion, r* her swarthy features, dark kalian Oompiax t"D, low, narrow forehead, large animal parsions, hi,,l prominent enough In oertaln regions to Im ply a c,.edition umus ly denominated "iuteriiniing." M e speaks hat little KngPtdi.tod aretends to know notb'ut shout Ihe difficulty or the cause or t<*r au I ticr mail's ar I eft Wht ii flrrt arretted rh? called hrraoif nncoin's wrman, now fhe claims to he bH friend only. No cue la Uoaea to hare any communication with her at ; re?i of. A J HUSKY BABBkK ARllBeTSD ON SCaPlOION. Yrstcroay morning the Chief of Police of No va>k, N. J , and ono of the Mttropo Itan police, same to the City baring In charge ono D'Argelc, an itallan Newark barber, who vm supposed <> he a brother of the murderer Bar her D'Angrio, on beirg taken lo the Fourteenth ward eta tton house j**Mvrl> de< led hi* alleged consanguinity to the rrl'oner, but acknowledged blmrelf hla frli-ud, an I de c'ared that the at man now held in nTest ! the wo nan of the mnsricrer, hut whrtber thx* wore erer married or O H he could not ell D' Angelo wan tben dismissed A BUPPIGIOUM ClIAHACTBM NlHSINti. An Ttal'nn, who gave hla name ar N D'Angnlo, baa been working at tbo bookblnr log bnslnena In tbe ofllce of Francis A- leuirt II, No. 41i Maiden lauo, for some few moullie pait He gave bli rcrldence aa UO Worth atreet, tbe fame a* that of Cacrcml Hlnce fie murder rf officer Anderfoui ibla N D'Angelo haa never relumed to hla Inwloeesi though be was always before very regular and steady, o mucti ao aa to bare been considered a very boneat and reepe table man He baa not hren'eeen or heard of ainoo Mouuay nlgot He waa not at work on M?uday It wits hit hrtdber wbowaa brought up fmm Newark on aunptr.im yesterday It I* evlrtintbls diaapt oa anoe la connected with the late burflary, and toe police should use e?ery exertion to And out hie w ereabontn He would, at leaal, he a very Imporlan-. ?,um? Qbeoemi's wonum aye that when ne (Caaeeml) was orres sd on Tuesday morning, f)'A0(rlo Immediately got oat of bed, dressed and went away, abe knew not where. A Tkl'Nk AND tfl'KNtifOI I! ARTICLgN POIND IN OTItkK QUAHTKHd. The police learned rrom Oanremt's woman that abe wan acquainted wlih Italian* llvlig at No. 6 Centre lUrke placer ihey also learned that during Tuesday nigh, various things were being removed from the above named pre ui Ises; so, early fester dag morning oAlcert Sherror aid Mathewa. of the Fourteenth ward, look a warraot, v?ut to s?kt place, and searched the pr< mines Among other things, a large leather trunk was fo md, which tba <> ?eer> r? f m d to open, raj trg thoy had leer the key The oflloor* sent for a locksmith and got him to npan the trunk They for nd In It varli u? suspicions articles?articles vhlnh ap peared to be the reault of d'ffrrent hurglarlo is opermtioo* There we<e two doaen patterns of the ;ino?t quality of silk rests lit boxes of hair brushes, twelve pair of fancy kid gloves, a lot of fhncy rilk neckline, a roll of the flaeM q it lity of blue rloib, various pieces of Jewolrv, among wbiah was a ring with the diamond taken out of lb CrRIOl'S 0O1NC1DRNCR. The three diamonds which were found In the posseulne of Caaccml's woman ex<clly Al the alng above 'Inscribe I; the nralnefs of the At lntimatra that that ring and these three diamonds are rslaiad, and consequently thit iho possessors of them mre connected In Iholr business <r|>cr? ii ms. letters wore found at No. 5 Centre Market Place, from Palermo, Canoeml's birth place, which wo ilil terd to show that the paiilss were known to each other before Ihslr burglarious opcr.it one n this c. y, If such they bmvu had. The trunk and lusptclous artlc.es wo-e taken > mo kourteecth ward station house, where they now are lhe owner of them waa arretsd, hut a.terwards die cha gtd. KXCITRMS*T IN kl.M RTRBKT. When an Italian was passing through Kim street, yea terday mnrntny, a nimnr apread amouf ?n? Roup's I bat (be man waa the brother of the murderer Immediately the moil latente eiettemao; prer*l)e<!, the people rotbed Irto the etreet notll It war oi.trely blockaded. Tbe poller undertook l? rrrroe the Italian, It waa with the (realm ititlicuH) that they oouM adranoo with htmthroutbthecrowd. At lenfth the oruwd Iwarind tbnr mlrtake ami <)uieby permitted tha adrac-e of the police cfllcera and the aiirortunata Italian Tn* je>. p o term to be Inoreeed at nrrrj Itollia, and ready on th?ht pror oration to has* any of ibrm upon tbe naureat tamp P??* tit it bomb or rni mitciui. The rtaldenoe af Oaooeml waa midway between tbe (realm tboron(h flare on lb It onnttneo*. and the duo* bill if Nee York?the Fire Point*. Turning from Broadeay, by j appleton't bulldlnya yon down Worth atreot one and a hall block, which brlnga ymi to Mo 1*1 Worth ?lreet, 1 the prltoner't rteuence. a nlock and a bi " further on w lb* rery centre of Jte Fire >v<ata Tbo boat* In ?hrb 1 the prltnr.er bred la qntta a t tepee table I ma a* ou? for that locality, beinj a three ?|r?ry brick alructui# Co tbe brat tlnor there la a bind of r'fft.tile ! >'?, t > tbe i |bt of i wbh h are a hall and -ne r cay .<?'hu( to the too.ml ni^ry. Urn mi ononpteB the two front room* on the ttoond floor The followt0( ?na* ram glrw. a correct tm.retalon of the ttae and putitirn of Ida roomt:? I WMHTH KTBBf I | in to* ,?t idr. Wj . I 1 f ~~ i i I tula* room. I'ZZ I Ji j "C to "= f 1 i v, ft tonftfil'ft room j 3 ? i ML | ?,T,fl0? | Tbr rmail fron. hodroom la about (I f*<H by 5 fleet. The bed iMtnd* ftnroae ibr lrn*th 11'the room, imliofvirr an the br? adth of II m to only allow the floor fron the hall, to oprn wide enough In ?diull nir pmon at a time It I ?w In this ItUIr room that tho tiro (una and other dofon ( ?i\e aro'* were ke|d That *aw '.he [lane wMrh the ariwtn rtruggtrd to d*nperatt!y In reach aod there It 1 wa?, right by that doer, that tba nfflrrr an1 young Wll- ? loi'trhb) reeured blm when be turned at bay on them, t rift in ?nd 'igb'tiig lihe a i cr The Ivg* front roon la about to Vet by 12 faet, and wae occupied an a ti'llng . fat m. In one corner of tt nan a curtain bedroom, which 7 aa? KTaplod by Mr. N. It Angelc rms proprktt powd *if8 Tnn writ nana*. i Mmt of the property, burglartoiw tnotn. Ate., fhnnd In J po*?c?>Von of the prtnoaer, la now to the pnnnearl in of the r property rlark of the Ponce ('emmtaruineri; the leaner t part <4 It remalrn tn the fourteenth ward ntatton hounr J ?ome doreo peraota who hare had property rtolrn lately went lo that ntatton home y rater da y, to ?ee tf any of the I prop* rty there wan whet had been taken from them ?l 'hey were all, without being tbowa the properly, aent to I thr propertr elerk at at hlte Itreet The properly e'erk h took down In hta bwk a derertptloa of all the prn>*rty * by erery per*on who before htm both lor the W pnrpoee of prarenlntg fa lee nlalmantn to the thlwm to hie RMda, Md aMo Ik be MM whan property M MM* tnm a ERA ether bury lare to oomi are II with the doecrliitlnna In hi* bo ki>, a* <i w hero it an*w*ra to iheai to notify the oerti.w hating met with ibe Ioh* Ttie things are being catalogued, k> bo i err on wss alloao (1 to sea ttirm yesterday. Among Ibe applicant.) to rer the rtnten properly wero * largo nun# ber of Wdles. The amount of property sought for by tho ddhrent at niirenl* wan Immense, showing onaslur Irely that burg'sr* th even of late have been roaplug a very llch harvut Id this rltv the bi'uulak ilkcnonizbo again. Among the ladlee aba tailed turf Mrs. Augux ii<: Mor win, of (0 St. Vatk'x plane, woo on the night of U?o 'Jdth May l?Ft caught a lutiglar in the ant of leaving her house a it h n quantity of b<r jewelry, amounting to AJOti or $t00 in value, about fix permit. Bho being alone, however, ( a as rtablo le n< cure ilin ard ho earaped with his booty the call' d yetlerday to see If ?he couM identify auv of her property uric nv'he ll-t of articles found and also to son if rho oould to' Identify the prisoner ax the ono whom shu had caught In her bouso as above efa'ed Mr fhovoort took her to the Tombs and ob'alned permission to see iho prborer Nnsowtcrhnd the lady 'ail her u> ex on bint it an she eic aintnl, ' that's the ran?that's him ! he's the very same ptrson that robbed me." In order Ihit be might be ti e no re sure tn her identification, the prl ot er, who i* koptrhainol fad, was brought oat of hlx cell and walk id art and, >> t the lu y raid it wax of no one, nx the wss as politico of the man vt she wax of her own ul'Dity. Al'er loosing at too gallows grouu.1 she tetU'Ued ht me, bring int rated by Mr Urcvoort that loa g<* da rrttovprt d lioni the Tt ner ba>i pot all yet boon collected, and ci ao'ijor ntfy wtro not jel ready ti be submitUil lor lotu'tU<niton. Uftetf the citizen* of the Fourteenth ward 3aya he reroembeis twenty bttrglsriea that have been ootnmluod tisbi around Grand street, in the Fourteenth ward, wlihto the past year. It fa time so no of the gnniieuieu who have ho* so lr? quest y vi latrd the law, sh >u)d ho strung up H la expected bat 'he letUra of the prisoner, which are now tn the hands of 'he Uletrict Attorney, will load to he arrest ofa no other noted crlmicila, but justice will havo to be quick el foot tn catch them Joho Wee, an Italian, who wax arrested by tho police <m rnvplclnn, and af er wares dec ha ged, hau acnt ue the fol ,ow leg communicallon tn regard to y ? The unilerslgt ed owe* 1' 'o the great number of hi* custom era and to hlau- tghbor., to Inform them hat be ??> jedertay tah'n to tho ?ta t> n uo>w evduMvslv bv a mistake reeulttn* In m 'he murder co nml'ted In Oentre atieet, and thai this ml* take having been Mil* manifest he waa Imm-s la rlv releee d. he cannot, however, but express torn ' blttmu aga'tts' clllcer* who show so little Helloar) *? o arrest a ol'lz?n .veil known f> r his tnnesty upon the simple pretext that he la he i esed to be a native of the aam? country of an Indt Idnal who c mmlt ed a e?tme F r tboen who migh' atlU have toubta as 'oh* morality and go >0 character, he can only add that he ran refer u< many tirot rate hoiues of thta city, who will be glad to give unexceptional toatimoidala upon bla account JOHN CL*f, 317 Centre street THE FUNERAL OF OFFICER ANDERSON. MKhTINU OF ?N<?INK COMPANY NO. 40?PURI'AHATIONS Ft R A GRAND TURNOUT?TUB PJI.ICg, fl KBItKN am) CITiZHNH IN OoWStlTTKl. The lady Waahington Kaglno Oompany No 40, of wh'c.h the murdered policeman waa for a long limo a member, held a meeting at their engine bouse last evening, fbe meeting being organized, Judge Pitiutrj offered tho fol lowtnv resolutions. and made a speech roTomcnen lln r tbelr adoption ? WhcrtHa, our former bh'OcU'o and warm and sfeadfos1 'ru-tul, Kug'ta Anderson luts falle?, In dMMWMM flf Ma d?ty by tha band of th* bnrif *r and aniHxWt). and l)? II* v ngtba! the brat monument to departed worth la the spoutanr' tia tribute of frtanely bevrta. therefore Resolved, That in thr death of Kugeee Anderson wa hare loat n high mlrdrd aod faithful friend, 'he pub la an honest and frarlrss ollieer, ndibti police a member whoa* example la W'-rUiy ofal> lin<ta'lon Kasolved, That Ihe brars and ae'f sacrificing spl It df#pla?ed by Mr. Anderaon In Ha a.lempt o arrest the rainless hur/lar, I tori'1 teeelve th- highest an miration of the oontmu tty Keaolved, That aa a dis'.invuiabrd mark of ntir peapee fir the nouiory and virtnea of ib? deceased, -ur en nine h "is? b? draped with the luslgula, and we will near the btulgeuf mourning for thirty days. Krio'ved, That the evlrensof Maw Tore and slatercl b* the mcmbere of the protest and late Te!.-e U*panin?nt, and 'he mrtnltrra of the Fir DwwtamteapealaBy, be Invite1 n, participate in h* ebae't'ilr* of thedeceasnd. ltrreired. That a ropy of these reaolmiuus ha engrossed on the minute* and be torwarded to the tandly of the deceased. It waa resolved that the company abould attend the fa noral is citizens' dreaa. A commiUee waa appointed to not with committee* of cltlzcna and policemen, to make proper arrangement# In regard to ttie funeral of the dereavod. The?e committee constat as follow*:? Committer of CUi^n*?Meaara. Chamber*, J. Kaoey, Ma comber, Buchanan and Mueban I'+mmiUr* (f h\remtn frm No. 10 h'epinr ('istptny ? Meaata. Phillips, Puttoa, Kierean, Uhmatt and (Hvint (\mmutee of the fourteenth Ward PoUne ? (hflcori Wimra* I'nderhlll, llatheae, I,oak, Hherrer and Mfeed 'tmmittee of Special Police ? Meaara. Baryman, Htael Jobnron, Jacob* and F W Johsaoo M>. John H. Chamber* waa appointed Chairman of th* Joint Committee. it motion of Mr Ibntxira, the following Fina-ru! Com nut:* ?aa appointed to colic* fund* to defray Ibeesrs'moe Itemed to tho funeral ? Mvaara. Joeoph Kacey, Macora ber and I'bllltpa Coulrlbutleua cao bo aittde lo that committee at either or the following plarea, v'z ?to Jjaeph Kacey, 16 t'stetro Maiktt; Judge I latl ips, t.S White iticel, or *< I Uaoom ber, I6t> K m atreet The fllowing persona were appointed t f'nm mlf ? oo Music ?Meaara Klornan, Hurhanvn and Underbill Mr.Oeorgu T> rwlldger was here added to the com ml tee and trad* | et n.atisM secreta-j of the Joint ( <>tn ntUca Judge fmitrra staled that It waa necessary to have rc mc ote to t irrcl the order of march, Ac . of the HIT rent ho. It a via would altcrd the fur.eral, ao he moved that a Marrbat be appointed Mr. lUntr thought that Mr Thllmadge, the Mnparlatao deit tf lone, wuuld be a most apprnpnato peraon to >e ap|Otnled Martial rsiir.e meaibern thought Mr. Tallmvlgo would not be willing to act as Marshal After a-mo a If outfall It w?? decided that a committee of ihitc should be apiadnted to cooler with Mr rallitiAdgn, srd if he uculUrd acilLg aa marthal, to aeleut fume otnor i marshal Meaara Chllllpa, Macumber and Meean were *[',? > uuu aa i bat c n niitlr-o Upon uj'-Hoo, it wasMeclded iba the funeral ahni Id t tv* fftm officer Undeftiill'a liouae, th* Flm street, a 1 i?Vio.:l? 1' M , "n duadny. the ileoeaae I will ti i bttrled In f-'nu a wed fim'irnf. Ur. Pf.th of the Hreene atreef Method'at Fpl?ooi>*t church, wlil perform the luneral aervtrea It wag rr?, W?d that, a donation of rarrlagoa wou'd be oonftderrd a* a <1 nation of aa much m may to the furi-.a fin mc',on lif J'tileu I'll.' list * r .nui.l t#? was a nui,l fd ui conlrr with llm relative* of uia deceased, u mu" arranren.'ot* for p*11 bearer*, Mb. tn* motwd oa utile ni recontldered end laid on the mb i*. mr cntnlr-jrham of the ootr* market hoard, appear*! f etrja'a fi i>m raid wnaid, uj ukrl about the or rangena tu of tlie funeral, ac the ootre market hueid ware repeated and agreed to attend the funeral lo ntiisen'a dreae the >-ini rommiure thea adjourned uii friday, at flro a clock P. m to tbi editor of the huh 11.0. now toon. july 33, \w tha i neral of fugeoa an tar ton, policeman, wui take plane no huaday afternoon, from bla late realdeaoe, 110 k im ilrrnt, at hair peat 1 o'clock p. m., and not, aa 700 malad lo <?-dny ' paper, from the engine bone* 00 p> mr row py orrecting iba abora you will do bla fri?nda \ud family a (real favor priofrick aniiutlon Vbr Hruntaantli Warrl HJoL. rorcmhon op the fpqcmt on johh miller -tin d1ct op thi jcrt. The jnry met according lo agreement at mr Rnppert a lire aery, forty fifth rtreet, at tea o'clock yesterday mora ma, and proceeded to deliberate oa their verdict. they had retired about one hoar an I a half when the Corner van eat for. on prooaed.ag op ataira tbe foreman ban ted ha onroaer a majority and a mloority rcrdiot, m fol ?? :? majority edict. tha' the tall john miller died from injurtee from a pta alcnct, flr?d by one of tbe pa tee of tbe ter<*uw-?>i h nard, ahuaa name le unknown o the jury. hat th a a* i pollre were noder great r ichemr nt. ami no nmit'ed art* of ir.minal rlolaaoa a 0 PI RN, po-eaiaa, it <nry wppidlf, CHAR H whv.r.d, ut:??huk mll.(.u) mfnorirr viedidt. that the raid john miller came to b'a dea'li by a g it?ihot ?otnl at the hand of aome prraon uolm'* > b> ,h" tnry , that the pn't'e calk d to dtaperee an anu? ?' ooilec k>n of people 10 errnoe a, on th? l*h of ja'y. i"67' we'# omewhat ha*<> 10 me # xrcuiior of iht lr du "?ai f> da were flr? d at llirm b . the |n< iok and ml*-! " >li-o ?n at hem ,'be police el'o fir..i at the erort, and that dnrtng hta dtatttftabce tha rail john miller c*m? fo kit t'ua i a prl* 1 a*. t w. fkicmumtilk, j pre* ?- ? Hi i'trr. Bald ?I merel ?f>n ilfnict, that you could not ayrr? opoo one verdict, I nee mui h m ihere u> a <*'ni 'Wine maBlOetei re larding lbl? cere, wbkh ? united refill 4 wonld tenl to il'ay I find nottitny. however f In either verdict bic.-i equina enj ntion on m; pert I will, however ,ar* tbe pnpere over to die ne*t Grant Jury or their eooeldervilon J abouid have mui ii my chary* yeewMny that there waa ?nme vUtcnoe whieh mdiraled that the flrwt arrcet rad* on the libit l??Unt wan made in a rough ind Irfodfrloue marner, and which probably waa he flret i?ellgn?|nt> ef the riot* which followed I am >ilt?fd to you, feti'temeai. for ih? oarMnl and patient de iheratlrm J on have given to lb la matter, and I hare no loobt but yanr verdict* are In aocordaooe wltn your ielt?f Mr. Imnn, fareman ef the Jory, en the oonelnakm o* the ormrr'e remarka, *ald, 1 w>?b bow to otter the itnu of tie Jury to uie term er ?or the Imrwtlality with which h? a?o>>ndnr?ed thte loqueat, aac the aiimnnee wtto which e haa treated the jjry, lo lotting them havo their o?n ray ta a treat weaaure, whxdi haa not Been done try nny brm er previously. Anrther (orer thanked Mr Rappert Tor the axiommxla one ?* lead*edihejury. LD. PKIOE TWO OJBNTS. THE STREET COMMISSIONER DIFFICULTY. The Cuatodjr of Cliurlea IK v I In? ArguaaeMt of lb? IIuImm Uorpux Again I*u?tpoiie<l? Travtm to tba Ktiuui. COl'HT Of COMMON PtK*??NP?CI*t TCHM. W(ia yt July 22, 1847. iv'it ro iiod. .ruugn nigrajiam. The hibea* oorpua In the matter ofCbarhw Devlin having precedmco of the other oaaea, came on for argument at 11 o'clock Id the chamber of the Common Thar, which iia cro? ded to an Inconvenient defreu. Mr. Devlin took a leal beitdo hie counsel, Uumra. O'Conor Brady, Sk klne and Bueieed; and Meoara. 0. 0. Field aud Wo 0. Noyeo appeared to oppoae the discharge. Mr. Brady read the traruree to the return pre tared by ceunael, which waa aworn to by Mr. Devlin. Ill* cub follow* riuvaumi to Tirr mrn'rw. In thr nuitter of (Ik trie* Oriltn >m Halptat fJbrpiu ? haa. Bacilli, by way of' showing that hi* imprisonment and detention lor tbr cause atated in the reairn of the Sheriff o? the city ami county of New Yoi k to the writ of htiieaa oorpua lntuel In ihla matter, Li unluaf.il, aaltii and alleges:? h irrt. That after the death of Joseph s Taylor, namrd Id the aarrani in saw. return specideri. t at t to my, that on the l?ih u?y of June, 1867, the raid Cnarlca iswltu was, by the Kayor of the rlty of Now York, wuh tho ad' Ice ui.d consent of the Board of si m men, Jul; an, .noted the street Commlrrloner unuer toe act outlllo \ "Au *ct to snierd the Chariot of the city of N?-w York," putaod April 14, 1867,to till tho vacann. In that lllce occasioned by the dtittb ol sal-l Tayl' r l'hal ho tbo'eupon, ou tne -ametlay t'rm do ciiooed, accepted Ihe raid uppoli tment, duly give and tiled ihe proper official bond, and v ok an t ttlod the oath or offi'.e In tnat bebalf wq Irea by law and the ordtnauree or loo Comocou Council of ibe city of New Y irk, and did all thing* rupnred t> qualify bud'or exorcising the duties of raid office, and thereafter in the name day lor n*ltb enered up n such dull a. anc took ful pouieiiaiofi of raid office and of all the book*, oaoer* and thinks u (cr mining thereto, aud continued la the full |os*e*aii.n of said off I o aud its appurtenance* ?for> 'aid until hi* arrest nnder the Raid warrant, on the lHih day of .Imy, 18 <7 (Secondly. ThaVonthe lutb day of June, a II .867, ono Daniel D Connver made comp'alnt in wi'iug. and pre arbtcd tho famo to the Bjd '.barlea A. I'eabrdy, o?e if tho .Duller b of the Supreme Court of the rtt?:e of Now York, to compel the raid Devlin to deliver to raid Cornver the books, paper* am maps and documents belonging or appertaining to tbe offi ie of Street ('.n,mi-n3ter of the city af New York, >hu tall e m p aint was verlfled oy au affidavit of *al<l Oonover, made or the rame Dine eentb day of June, A U , 186 , aod that upon such complaint and allMtt It being present d to sal I Jiistl c be made an order to iho v causo, as hereInaftsr set forth; II at the following are 'opies of the said jomptainl, illld vIt and order to show came, tnat U to tay :? To tho Hon Charles A Pest) dy one of the Justice* of the Huprette Court of the ^tate ol New York ?roe petition of f rente) I) C mover, of said r-ity, respectfully ehowe, tnat Joeepn H.Taylor waa elected to ihe nffie.e ?f Htroet Horn misstoner of ihe rlty of Now Yo>k In November 18S6, aud entered upon iho dut * of said office .n January theroalter, *rd cci tinned tin rein until June W, 1867, ?neo he dud; that your petitioner was, on tho I'Jtn usy of Juoe, 1867, dnly appointed and ejiurronrlonod by tho Uove'ro' of use Htate of New Yo?k to All the va-aocy la tbatctfl.e ocoaslooee hy the decease of Iho said Jo epb H Taylor, tho ato Hircct Cominiseloner; teat your petrioner has accepted iho laid appolctmett and ha* duly taken aud died his oath of office, haa duly executed ?ltb sufficient sureties and tiled the nrcewery official f oid and bai dous, as he W advised anu be| ?rea, everything necessary to be >ion<) by hnu to qualify bimell for excr<.irtDg th? duitro of the said office'hai ap|<ertalnln( to ihe saw office 1* a larga quantity of Ilor.s, Ihut xncft hookv, paper*, rn?t,a and 'louituiom* havo runle into the bnno? : f rno fib* ler <evllu, *n1 are id bit poercfri'iD; Ihut your pet)U>nrr baa iteir ou<i*<J ibe ,?oiu Tri m biro, but II.at he wv.bholde the *amo and re ruaea to deliver tbvm to your .telli oonr, claim n,* b.RHKir lo be the Street Corumi<rioner, under ao alleged appointment to that itftoa b r the Via or and Abler iiicu uf aallcHy Your pell lunar, ther* fore, pre)* that be raid ftevba may be ordered to show eauao before >oa on the ttd inrtin . at nooa, at the chamier* of the Jmticee of thia Court, at the city Hall, lo the city of Near York, why hu>houM not ?e cum jelled lo dearer Iho laid hooka, pa| era, nta)? and document*, li your pelltln e> And vtur petltluaer will ever pray, *o , kn D D UIVDVIH. <Sty and f.Vron/y r>f Srw 1 evi.?D f) Couover, tfiee>??e pelU'.uaer, being du'y *vim, tub ihat be ha* reed iho forego ag po'lit n by Mm o.o.cr.bu I, aoi 'hat the ramu la trie of bin own kao? lunge. tl D OuNOVKK. Sworn Judo 19. 1841, btfbre me J* met tt. f'aaa, Uco miwlorrr of nee-li. ft perua < ut'feT ?(m the foregoing pet'ttoe, let Charles I>erlia, Iberrlci named, ?bo* oaute before mn, no ho 'i3d Inrtai.t at I'd o'clock M . at the Chamber* of the Joe tow of thin imii, In the ' liy Hall, in the coy of New York, why be ihon d not be compelled forth a Ith to deliver to toe pell ll?nrr the book*, papev?. map* and duoumeaU belonging or appr-rialo'tg to the < ftloe of Street Onmmiartnaer of ttte cliy or New York. a A. ftA 800Y. Ilktrd June 1?, IU7 To (luaiar darua, fr>q ? bin?I'eaae takn aoiire of the foregnlav roUti'in ami order Your*, reipeolful y, KIHf.lt k il.lfYfKS, Atioroeya for .be fw itioaer, June IP, 1M7. k? Broadway Thirdly That the ea'd Cenover canoed c >ptee of oald complaint attt tavlt nod order *i rbo* cau?e lo be eor?el < 0 raid Iwvlin, who, attaeli e appointed for ?bo wing ratiae, aooetrtd before raid lu?ur?. and made and uvoartlrrt lo raid Junttoe a oertain eltl Urlt, of whieb the follow tag ta a copy ? Hrlure H'>n Hi urine a I'eabody. itI (Ac MatUr nf tA' atwn of Htnut P. Oom^nor a :"iru! Oharlft /?r, ,n f? . Iv.nn f?r Hnokt, f'apfl, ifc , if .Virrrt 0??iu.?ar ?fity amt < 'eiafy / fVeuj firr*. u ? (Tiarlee detua, of onld City, hetrg duly hwovii, raiUi 'tat he la in po??e??toa of the otflte o< Sti?el ti mmwaiounr of the city of Near Y?.rk and war ro in |>oarearloQ or raid nlbce aid tla hooka, record*, ma at, an t document*, and perfu n tng It* duly , when he ><r? t?rd the order to ahow rauro id the prcceedtrg above enifcii d ted tine dep ,u?nt lar'her raith, thtl he ta ad?ix*d and believe* t at ho I* lo la* and in f?ct Street liummlrnnurr of aant olty, an 1 enI tilled to hold that olllce. tliat detiooaul *i< duly app lutlo Mich ottce on the etghpteaMl day >f Juoe, 4. 0. I*t7. by toe Mayor of th<> cit. ? Nee Y<rrk, wtih iho artv ee am content of ihe IP *rd of 4ld-rmra of **1-1 city. It * I be to* accepted Ite raid a|>:x>ietiii.'Ut, and b?e duly takru an I Aied Ue oUh of id! c a? ?ucu dpeeet Oimmitel ner. and given lb# rrquleue aecuriiy ac -orrtlng to taw. la i-.oent further ealih, taai at ih? i.uie be war ft ?p p< a'ed, Chailea Turner wae,arh^ bar he*a lafe-med ait beuevo*. |?rforiulna lb* uiit< of Ste>etCommt?v>r>a?r aforevatd, clairalnr and harlot, *? depmeat baa been laformed and bellevae, Hhi r gbt to do i, in vlrtie 'if hie liuPilag tlie i Ib.ie nf fa-pulv S<rert < orumH?iooer fur Iho cliy of New Yo-k la-|>ua*-ni .??tly ratio, ibat he baa h.. n advtre I aad belb-vra tb-' IH'iH 11 Cooover b?x a# ?l?ht or ill e whatever 10 the f tb;e f diree- Cominl** -mer for ihe end :fty. UllRLItt IlKVI.IN Sworn tki* 3*J-1 day of .fnre, ISA*, before me, J\rm 'im > ,> n, i?mn s?i n rr of 1> > .* Aid to ri?i<io?? to aueb all. la U of md tlavttQ, lb* Hid (imnw male* oartam nth*' am lavll, wb'Ch *aa road by hm bofnr" tail Is U* proofed o* af we Mid.aDd la auppnrt of tin ta.<l complaint, of wtucb lb? following la a r?p> Cxiy and (\ >?a.'v 0/ .Vfw fork - (laota! II. Ono??er, tba abet a aaiaed ap,dirau , heir* awora oaltb, lh*t ba took pnaef*?tua <>f lb" offlra of M'?"l t omm aaiooer oa talifdajr Jiaa 13. and ramam-d la lha |*??"??ion uir/oef dar? 'UK I ha day; that oa Monday, Job* lb. be rrtataed pftaa aloa hcreof. aad rrmaioed id tha ro ma ap?ropftai?d to lb" "t aat < im.m'Mi'a'r, la th" Hall of Revirla, oa no* tba whnH f that >iajr, uolil 4 o ciw.k * M , iba baa of nam* aid aAca ibai ta Taatday, June lit. h? ratir#?d id tbo oialag U> L.? aaitl roitio aad tran^-ted n-mnnaa pertain las lo hi# #a. I offtoe, aad ?a? pr f* dlrg la ihe dwebarga of bla dutlaa, abni a parly of |? lio-irna, hradrd by loba ttrhGftl wbaatala be ?a? ft at by i*'in maud of the Mai or. forcibly ajrried .irpotaat fr< m ?al?i men* aad kapt bin mil Of Ibaia ail day. ibal aa trndnaaday moraIB( J it 17, dfpooao. rattirnai m Kin #aii rooina aad aaa Uiara mat by tbarl#? Per I'a, ah" rafnaad to allow dep> i.mi m go io drr""?? aad i an iba* b? bad fhroa w ? ?h lo k#?p daponenl ou and lol.-n l".! to do ao; aid dfp< reel furlbrr aaiib. ibal th" aaid lla/Ho Dad with li.m a iar?f fnroa cf po'i ??'? "? ' <>lh?r imra# ? In aaatrt him in k'i pry dapnoa"! away, aad did kta ? hm away. a?<* Ihia C?|? o"Bl ftplBar ?ailh, that, aa he to adrwad aad b#hrrra, ih" aain ITiarlta P?tNb ha? aoobaaa la any way la i iatnnl?a of ib< aald odlea, adapt by latatmnf tba rnoma afnraaan* aad thi boob* and pat era if tba ..(Una alaca tha fnrrlhlf ripulaHio of dar?meal. and f rth?r. that aa d"pocml la laftomed aad bfh"r??, ( harlot Turanr baa aarar MIU) poaaeei ion 01 ?am room*, or the onto* of dtreel IVmail-iloner, naoept m deputy andnr deponent >r aoroe other perron i?. h. vovorm. Pwo (i bnfnrr me.C A PiAtmnr, Jone ?, l?67 fourthly Tha thereupon lb? Mid ./nation pnmwo) b> Inqnlre into tbo r, rnnnr'anrra tln'rd I* mid oomplrlnl p<) rlPdotite. and rurh prncerdlnftt worn thoroupon had bet re ??v Ju?tlce, that on lb* l< nth day of July, a. P l*'1. ton I * Jurtl e mate certain order, of ?rbW)t? I be follow p f r a Copy ? Whnrr? > r the Iflfh day of .Tooe, 1IR7 at Ibe CHy n%i| tn the nit; Ne? York, noaetaint *?i mete to tho Mid I f erine A Ptabody, HM of the J"1(0? of the dripr' live Cotirt of the " item of Mew York, Or lUolel D. 'iinover, aeitlDK forth aanry other thiols that .looepb If re; lor, irlto *n* m Yoermber, 1M& elected lo tbo otfioe of -treot o>m m'MliBrr of the ct*y of Sew York to *nr*e for tbreo tear* fr< m Jnernn y, went into bie ?at<i office ia raid J ana ry and noo jrurd In tlflrv till Iho 'kh day of lune, ISftT, when be led; that the Mid Conovrr ??e on the I2vt day II eotd Jnne du;? appointed tn t rvromtartooeit to All tho v*r*t r? tn the Mid < tlioe enure I by the dee b of the mid Try lor, Md had duly unnlidrd lorn-elf. rod la now tbo e nrerror lo Ibn ?ald nffl -et that !> * k?. |*|>era, map* and dnrnmenU bnli rtriry and a <(< > trlninf to tae Mid oflinn bed < .me to the hrm'e of t hr- led itJTllo, that Iho ?*M v'onovrr bid demanded the ?oal ttoikr, naapw, idperr ant) dncnmenU from the Mil Chartow ("erlln, and that the taM ,?? in l.td withheld the Mid hooka, mape, | " ?[*" and docarooote, and refilled to dn liter tie rente to tbe arid tourer, an I eakton thai Ute aald I?r\"n m'?bt h" rrdnr? I to ?hiw raure before the ?ald Jnrtu e why be rhoold noi be oimpelled to deflyer Iho aid hook*, ntapr, prima and dnrittnealn to Jhe raid (too trr; itw b?ren?, belni anitetied by the onafl of irk} V. notnr that he laid b<<ok*. ma(<a. papona and doruntontr ??re withheld, the ?wM .limine (ranted an order directing thr a aid Itrrlin t > ahow ennae before him on the XM lav ui .liino ia?t. at the r.hrnibera of tfco J'leUoer of Ibe raid rourt. wky be abootd me be *? r rmpelted, and at *e time and rlam eo appointed the ?aid ttoorer and *? Mtt Bnw fir anierred beforo tbe raid Jurtlne, and due prooTtotti* been made ef tre >ert ? the raid order, the aal I Juatten Kvareded to to^u^n mto the ctrctioMMOW, iklO fc jJJ