30 Temmuz 1857 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

30 Temmuz 1857 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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TH ARRIVAL OP THE 1KIKL AMI) WASHINGTON. ADDITIONAL FROM EUROPE. THE CRISIS IN INDIA. iMmiDKAvm nounj i ?i tiDiiitti/vn igronmni urm > i n in i IBUJ IIUDIIII TDK HEW IFKIVAN HMVK TtttDG. THE SPANISH MKXLC \NIMBR03HO, Tbe jHrxi aii luvoy Abaui to Leave Madrid? SKfcTCH OF MISS MftttlMI SMITH, V?-, (to, to. *be V?n<l*> blrt <.- <-1 "ap'a'a Uadlo*t which tefi'''u > a ib? ltih Inly, arrived at wwo y?wkrtUy, *\>b Uir Frrmh ?nJ K ,g .?!? Mail* Tlw iWam-riMp War bin# ?, i^p'. Oavaarty, f out t-etoon, anil Snuibanipl n l&Ui luit , arrived at % l*i? Uoui Uat ujthi >llt, briny rU hundred tone Of freight, JUt hundred iiarM'fiyer* ami a rttiall mall. Ito neee bwi b- en untlcipaid a; the arrival tai North A ranr 10*0 a vj lobrc. ?e n.?* from ludit by the Ariel Is the ram# a; JmI brought by tho North Americui, bui our L,'jnd-j< gMM coota u drtalU of tbo *t?r ad or tho repoy mnUay which are inucb In'oreet and Importance. Immediately onreoelnfof the Down tu Ixindon a Uahtnei Oottoml wa h?.ld. Sir Colin Campbell, wi'.O the true ?plri if fftlkot roldier, at oooe aon.cn.ed to go out and Uk< Ufte vacant command, u<l left Loudon without tweuij foui hours no. ice <-?t route to Marseilles, where bo embtu-koc tor India no M,0C0 t oopr under orlero for fndlft were to bo sea 1mme; lately, and would be followed 07 other retnf .roe neat* of European troope aa anon at ahipi ftnd store* ?ooM bo got ready Lord Elgin, General Aabburaham, ftnd Ibolr reapactlet bit, arrived ftt Singapore uo the 3d of June, on tbeli way to Cbluft. Additional ftdetoea from Ch'na at ate tbftt General Oar rati and atafl bad arrtrod. Tea waa going down freely u Loocboafno, where all waa quiet A battle bad ben fought between the Imperialists and Urn re beta abort Looohoa-fxt, and It aaa belieeod that the Importellat bad been vtctoiloua. Obstun * aa tufferlsg from 'amine. Mr John Bow ring had Intimated that compensation fo kaa inatatncd by Britlab lubjecta would be demand** troan the Chinese government lb# Inaurrectlon In Calabria waa reported to be at ai The rrredom of the city of London waa preaented to hi Royal H gbne* frlnoo Frederick William of Prussia, logo Mar with a congratulatory address from the Oorporatloi tbe 13?b tun , at Muild Halt. Tbe ceremony excited coo elderable wtere.t Mr O'FHberty bad been unsealed for Gal way, Ireland eed Ibeeit'cUco declared void, for bribery and treatise bj blaagtiils the elec ion oootert at Oxford, between tbe Right Be dwarc Gardner and Mr. W U Thackeray. tbe celebraux Bather, promised to be a sharp one The writ wna leaoec ae the 18th, and tbe election would "come off" that week it a banquet (Wen by tbe Amertoao Chamber of Con area at Liverpool, gn tbe evening of tbe lltb tnat, to th< Bears of the Untied Mtatea wigatee Niagara and 9 taqoe baene, Mr. 0 T. Bright, engineer of tbe company, report ed Ibat ago mtica of tbe telegraph cabk were aarely onUtx ea board tbe Agamemnon, at W roan wloh, and duo on boar, the Niagara, la too Mereey. Che manufacture of the i,SC< jMtae wee onmpMed, end he aew no reeaoa why the; ehontd nut went together at Owk bef we the end of th month, eo ar to c* intn.'neu actual operatlooa ea'ly li a?geat, the beat pet km for the undertaking. The an wooac m. Dt oat ure'red whh kwd cheers. II la ata'td m po.itiro hat Martha! Racdon, of France win ounclnoe bla campaign in K*b>li? by art expedmx egatr it the Hraiea ef the Riff. Cru wore h??e already beei adored off 'ho coaat. the govemaeui ,e err In Parte bava received notice V eoapeno th?i? oieru?. nut m tbe quemton of the lathmu of Hoe*, ard oa Lo. ii Palmorrton'a ?p?ech ?o that subject Tbe Part* oorrtr pun .leut o; the U o ton Itnui, writing oi 18th of loir aajr:? Pnrla or Lyons hare not at yet beo?fltte1 manb bv thr redaeed cu?u no? tariff in the United itator, which cam. tale force oa ihe lal of July The pr ce of the rao mate rial It etall e*< e??ivel> b'gb, and the manufacture's hav. keee forced to pay It Pure laaera for a long Ume r*?iae? Ae pn iei fl 'i.r ? tbe man?fe> turera, and thla oar oae o Mm principal au?ea of tne d fllculty in making salon Nevrrtlelerr the etockr io tbe ban l* of Ibo abopKeeper being emanated, pu>eba?era w -re flaally oim yllelu submit. Theacwunta from the manufacturing dlrirlot In the deranm rai announce great duiinenr Aalee are at eat etnpprd ai I41.na and dt K'lani.0, elthoogii the Uom< (ha* of la-t j oar Hut, uuloriun?tely, tnl? I* nut the no* la ltin illk'grovitrg cu utrlM, wh? re prlieeunvo runt oanrm?< t Ij For thin rcamn no great diminution In tt?< yrtoe of ?ilk m?uiufact'irel (ooui can bo expeotod Un fmr. IV treaty between England ud Hpoln for the mutua ft ate ct loo of literary properly wm tlgned In Madrid 01 the * h I taunt, and tent off by Ca/Um Biocawoi <1, to Loo 4ml A letter rrom Madrid, dated on 9th of July, my*: ? the dletarbtnoe* la the 8<rath reem In b? at an end. A number of prl-ourra hoe neen made; oo> or too bin be?n ibut by eeeteooe >H r/iuiie martial, aid other* ?-r t( be tranei oried bey ood mat Arc >rd'og to * >me odoou'il great *ioxeei wo ecommitted by tie insurgent*, ?tv burned, pillage 1, murdered oad outraged women whererei *?T went Tbe r.vil tnuerfor of devl le ho? been chang ed. It l? worthy of remark that tbit mnrrmeot among tn< democrat* In tie tooth of 8 tain coincides with the at kornpte to Sardinia and Voplua, and alao *ery nearly with the ooo'inracler diecoverod la forte A deepo'ch from Plymouth, England, dated on Monday Uthof Juty.eaye ? the Oorenbegen, Opt Ondfrey, from London, nrrteor In the Hound on .datu-day afternoon to embark pumenfer Ibr Melbourne fhl* tbi loot year earned onl tbe ftaio'i pd?e hull, barter Huil'rlly, and hoe now o? rrelgbt, late paodenMj of a ralv.a-la general cargo. tblrte?n ho-?e? neenleen bead of cattle, aud Maty mren aneep Of th< ' former tlx are ibloped by Mr. Kawdoa Oreen, an el I reel dew< <W Victoria. who la a pa?e- ng?r Among them la th faseoue racing tuition, In-son Warrior, foor thorough bre 4111m, and ene'an ma'ton. Mr T Loarmoatb, one of ta< (deeper* of that roloey, a tec a pu??eof or, hoe a oort eUlll u and amrc of the ClydeedaP breed. Mr J erne* Ao?tli hip* two ran etalil ne, two ami built, and twenty eerei rama from f.ermatty, touch emeemed for tbe quality n the I r wool. The remainder of the cattle aro hurtbornt Inciud'ng Hie Aril and reooiid twin* yearling bull* at ?h< Dab bo rbow, and tbe prize beirer from Lord Monk (fame war. Ancwamir w uir lairm n.'rlrn rrom TnntH me i nn? PUtee Onn?ul het entered a atreeg promt agaiiret the rant der of a Jewtefc carman. It teemi that during *e bar baroua deeda of which the murder wm the occasion, mo end women apfiteadod the Bey, an I claimed thai the K.irc |MH rhoukl he drtren out of the country, A letter from Genoa, In the Opiwtnwe. of rnrln, aap* Wm White, now confined In the prtam of Sent' Andrei ! treeted wiih all powlh'.e outride rat on. The arreat c the Marqiiln Pareic !* conueetcd with that of Klv> ffhit" that ad) being upon rMtlng term* with the M irnhlnoeet who It an Forteb woman. It I* Mated that tae nuirket rf the ineurgeni' had n<4 been recently Imp -nod, but h* eld Ibf rererel pram concealed with p eat r.arc Iher had born an artirerecrxlting for Inaurgen'rgotog ou durla, the lart fortnight Avore them there wore pe .pie wh nderrlood neither Oei.'.-e nor p?'r* Italian. but rpok a diulro* onlp nnd ?rrt<> -d In the Rojiagoa Among tb Cwre found bp the police there w u a llkt of all the o( rn ami their reeldcucoi The Cattriuio nf tie tn>a rtatea that all Mar.rlnl'e correepon Aawce h?? been found In the ponreeatoii of one of the re fhgee? arrorted, and that rereral perinea e' mpromlmd It the increment hare taken refuge In Rwlta'rland. The gorernnient of the Uread Duke of Turn icy haa ofl daily thanked the Pr'nee do lafmr d'Aurergne, FreurJ Minteter at Florence, for the (reit eervlc which the I it portal go\ eminent of France rende-ed the <1 rand i>akr It wan M do ?ennerler, French Oontnl at leghorn, wh ooounualcated to the authorttleo there the oonrptrac which afterward* broke est, and had It not bean for tb rtnnch Amhamador'o eommunlcalhw the Twwan aatborl Uce would hare been eurptited. The Hart India and China AmoclsMon of Fngland bar tamed their ureal Materneot of the rhlpptng trade with a the | laer* within Ibe II mite of the [AM India Company' Oharter, for Ibe Bret half of 1M7, Tbe entrlee In war ham hern 176 noeeliof an aggregate capacity of 879,15 tone, aga'oit 701 remote and 402,877 ton# In the oorrea pending period or 1AM, ehow In* a deoreare of US rerrel m* M.TB7 tono The principal falling off hwi been In th< rrirate Crm Union!*, China, MmtMii*, tho PhlUpptaM E NE auJtlio 0?i*> Tht> olniuam-.at oulaiid hi?v? l?? u746 ve'tt'lx of bUl ,d< 4 toon, a*?1dmi tll9 rtwarlo of 441 431 mna, (bolting an Inrroaao of 106 ant lfW*,l 3 ion*, chtefl) to Aoairalia, li.Hta, Cevlon. and Vrohla. LlY?rpO'>l, 'tie (Iv ile libit Mi i I I have t? tx lu.oU ay Uiw locrearo la a grraler proper'irtt ib.n London Mpndeii, the a ?u?ed murderer of Mr Uttie, In Dublin, ws? again examined on tbo UJi Innl , ?*hon h.n Heooud roe, Joeeph, n boy under fourteen yea'a of ifte, gave lomo imperial.! evidence II tbv wi-aiber continued 'avorab'o reaping vnalj eon mence lo anro* of tbn more fur varii 'ItatrioU of Bogtaul the tbtrd we?lt of July rhe uroi* pr >ml-dd i?ut'y The aRuutinl* of tbo cropi from ierifiviv and > voiJuo RV'ttik avor ihly in reloie o? to tb? f irlbd >ii)iuy nur .o-i ' A balrrr In Ihiria hail already produced a I ifmitr from o?w wheal ihlr ?bi>??'He bar out in be very early, a east trrre we'kr earlier than l?i'. tea' The g ceo of Holland bad arrived to Log.and, atoompa s<ed b> ber oldest ton Vrluce Napoleon Motia.iarte *ar In Liver awl. PI' More* and Lady Monteflt'e wc-? "laving at By,, on 'heir way book lo Koglan-' from Jorttialem. The Brand Ducbw? of Baden bad glvou birth Id a son. THE 8EP0Y MUTINY IH INDIA. Spread of it n Hi nil In the Prnvliieeii? Ola Battle at ireilii tly-lhiwiei In ilte ilrl,l?h farllawrnt-Uplelo,i? of toe feingllati and kteiicb Peeia [Bombay (July 11) Cirri* mnrieuce of London C imncrclal ti ./eMe ] And drat of .be great nity or IVifit, arbldh hot now hectt for a m nib In the baodn of tbo inutlieera M iu> perrou* regarding a bom the grave*! foam wore eieruijed, have ili'Ce made lb?-ir aupea ani e at one or iHber 01 toe oeig i boring atattbOH, and we n?a* boat ihtitne list of thine ihuH preserved mill be largely lO'Teaaed a-i tbe ua.lre Ian .'holoerr have ahown tbtmaelves In many oarer rpe pored to g'vo abetter and protecnun to tne fugit've Bit tbe hardafttjai and danger to wlpcl! they ba?e been ?* porrit muai ha?e told aevereiy upon the poor w m m an I chilfrfD, who escaped wiw but ?b?i' live* iVura toa QrI ui< tbe bayonet, ud tnauy u;l of hairb oadih rt-o*i*>* lyuo Mifluen ud dreadful deata win be told to auxlju* relative* lb KogWDii a * * * ? * In IVIII ibe civilisation of dfly tbrre years bai txim da tt-ojcd in three boars, writes tie agent, adding, with an exaggeration pardonable under bo olrcmm<t*u>x>*, "it I* Kfce tbe atrocities of Nadir dbah " Tbe soldiery are represented to be wttbo t a leader, but outer aocouo s teil as that they bave elected to the supreme and aeoojd ptete of ri'itmaD'l two nail re otlloer? o' tbe 3d L'ghl 'avalry ruder this or otber leade'tblp tbey htd Un tsmoniy to ao>anoe rrotn tbe city and attack a .airuon of tne forca oollec log to crush tbe n. On the 3tMb of May a dotaoiimen of the Kuropean fores at tlea-ut, the Carabineer', Ktb Utiles and artillery, under hs command t>f Briganer Wilson, took tip an advanced position at tho village of Ubacee ood de>-u nngger, where tbo roed to Doibi on??i tbe Uitie river of Hindun by e suspension brtdgr i nn > flf teen miles from tbe capital. Tbsi same afteru<s>u th en ->ray appeared In foioo with Ave gnat on me further aide ot tue stream, and ermarteogagetuebtfollowed rtioB'lgadiertook bis Artillery and Dragoousacrus< tbe rreer by e ford, while tbe Rifles passed t* e brl tge. They attacked at < n te m front and t tan lis, tbe mutineers were doubled up and driven bal k with the loss of all thetr gnus?part into a burning village, a bleb tbey themselves bad Bred, and whore titey perkbed mlrerablt?part into tbe open plain, where toe were cut up by the ra ret of the Irvgcoos. Uu 1i ,c 3d by this te>erecberk, they re'u-ned to the attack on the following day, and were again repnUed On to < 1st o' June Ibe Brigadier, wboee loss on the first day oad bet a about forty killed and wounded, (that on toe second l< as yet npkenwn,) was rtinforced. and no farther altntopt ha* been ma<io to contest hie poesesgtoa of the an tge and lord. Tbe matineers bare n > doubt been busily occupied In preparion-so reeplvn tbe arm? advancing against them from UmbaTlah; for although there are rumor* or desertion froa tleibl,tbev have probably not been noawioui, or the borer men nf Sctndla and of tee Kajab* of Bb ft pore and Ulwar?not to soeaR of Agra volunteers?woul I bave had luetg tale to tell of fugitives Intercepted and de stroysd. rievelvtd r.pon Sir Honry Darterd, who. u Major Gone-al bad boon at the head of ibo tbrhlnd v?->n Mownwntlo , B if ailer Hauiax, adit me auvan se, had arrt -ed at I'aneo pat. lift; *1* mitre f on (V tot, from watch place he mo red forward do the eveulng of the 'JOih Oo the 30tb -flr rte r> and ibe main bod; ?tre to march frum K irna I, and by the morutng of the 9m, the da; before yhatorday, D la thought toat the whole f.troe, atrenrtharad by tho greater portion of ibe M? evot dlviatoa, which wa< to j no beta mo Phaaapat and ijrlfcl, wowid appear ?efore ma revolted rapt aL The force t* not q- ite ao la gs aa it wae oaiwctcl to he when 1 laat wrote, Tor it waa to n'd neoeevary to dii arm at Umballab lwo?? the native oo'po?the Ml and 00'b?wbt ih were to form part of it. (Many oi ter rtUaf feo'rd tr; imeai* bave been tboa treat* >, at we *h?ll mm prrrrn'ly ) Hut all the European tr <ope of which I Colore gavi We name* are there Otb laa wire and oarabi. en"a,7t>ih. both, lat and 'do Puttleerr,three lroo,w of horwari it rr,a flekl battery and a ulege Ira n Moreover, I a mold men tin?what i bave t.itai rtn omitted?ho a-rl al of a p r tloa of the Hui jaub O ilde Onrpe, borte and f <o', ?rou<h? down >om thtif a<atl?n ?.f Human, on the Adrian fruo Her. There are alto the tru'iy Goirlhaa ot th Sirmwr hat la tarn At 'tfeMM tf the m"tln?iere agonal ihlt for midable furoe are, I believe. a high wall and a ditch, and Uie gunv of two *Wge trama. How ihny are ctV f->? am mutitU >n t? imh known The magacoe waa (Ire I, ant ?< learn partially d?nroye1. ai ibe onmm nc-m?ut of the neiMeal by l.t*oWbaol "111 ngbhy, inn lommlmary of O'diaore, who, lit t?arod, per,a tied in >hu n Wwioc Uo< all HMHMH "U ae to the fate of the Dotal moti nrvra will. I hope, be aet at real before I c odjd thle letter, for I have Joel learnt the1 the cloaing of tno mall, hied for t.l? arteroein will be portmmed. if neve rary, fov twentj f ?ar if ev--o forty eight bow, la the hope tbai It iu?; carry h< me ud oo of toelr overthrow huoe the mount an, dig nt i f the ntiive portloQ of Ite tariteoa ibe rat torment ol Moerut haa *>va free from to the munti r* have been on on* evening *ti, on b tar n? it live Th? revolted roldwry for the mon pert, a* 9 yon ere neem, proceeded at once fleibl Hoviihod t?ar n licfi, bowervr, mainly be onglog, It would ep i-?*?, t? ih? i Third twve'ry, eprrid thne eolvea over the ntiD'rf, with n the intention *? nobre pient prisoner* nverr-d, ?f g' ?M quietly Ui ibet' homer If uiiop.wed Tn* fact tnal b ii~t of there men were abroad *?v generally known, nod I naturally jx(?Jneed moot) *'a m About tbe time of theee occurrence* at Alvghur 9 and btawab, itq radve regiment* at (:'? bogau to bow i; ni'diBi of the prevailing dl?et?e rbev were ten la met *r, the Fo'ty -rourib and JUly eeve -ih Two ecmpanW*. one of each oorpe, bad been voni to djttra D btlt r dvwr trawure in Ait'a. They mnual*d no tno war L bask end ptecve. od t i Ik-lut, murdering It I* leo-el anut > or allii'tbtir ell'( ??. The r;Hr I abovo by th"?e ?>m > paolee ileti rmit.ee IIr Oulrln at nooe t? dbarcn tbo renivo i 1'er of the regtmrnta to wbteh tber belong"!, which > v ar aeeoi dint ly done oo the l?t of June, In ihn p-eeen w r if ibe 3d Fi r pt-?n? and CfepUlo li'Oi ly'a Kirojieen Held battery Tbe It a!r w?at oil quietly, ead the etty hat elaee I beta t*bdi|'iII noire tv Fcn-ne'* e.iPticgent oamo up from Owaiior and ware en>pto>ed to gerrtvoo the deeertrd ate r too o klawab and reetore tbo ejected civil authorities (tut Of Ibe Fmopeene la /gem i oorne of volunteer home hai been rained. which, oader he nooimtnd of fje?l n?ot * Grrtlbrail. aevlrlet a few dayi after the dtrarmtng ef the ttlb tnd tWlh to tbe rgeeoUoc of a capital piece of eervtoe I Tbe Kao or petty cnlef m Burtirolec, near Alyghtr. avail ed bmrclt (f ibe ptevalilog U'?ordrr to oecle'e b'l a Independent*, turning out governmom odlnlala, hum tng villagr*. raartirg coatrtont'.oa , and eettbbrhing , bin-(rIf at Kbtrr ae Uie teat of bte new and er * tended aorere-gnty Hie courae an aoja ran. Mr. Waleon the an *g let'ate at A'ygbar, ?tth a f<w 1 trorpera, and loo i niuMrer norae, maoe a inuiinn 1 umpum Kn>rt. naught the Kan, |r|ed mm hy d*u n it bra I norrl martial, found h'in guilty of ri't? >|on, and h ing a bim m ibo rpct?a aaluiar/ rxao.ple that win scarcely l need to h* repealed. ii Kriracing our step* In the northwest, wo find that tnu f tiny, desertion <>' dtrm'.oeal hu g-?atly ihlno'd tbe Im I, potior army of the Punjeub. When I closed ray lam letter ? we bad Jutt heard nf the determination In form a flying i column *i .Ibelnm under Cenerai Heed. It was mirrored that dfcaflrrUon was rtfe both at Vemaepnre and at t *h?re j there report* *000 reoetted confirmation. The 4Mb and It7ih lieglment* mutinied at roroMpore on the 13th "f May But her \l*.teoty* 8let, aided hy the 10th Light I'wralry, which nmalned stanch, intlliited teieie low i.poo them, and oa the following day the mnttneef* rave In, and wer* quietly dlaarmed A' Mecan Meer. the camp of Lahore, '* the three naltre infantry regiments of the garrlara, the loth, Shlh and 4<*b wire rtliaruird oodhe I3tn by llrtgadler t'urhett, with the 8l*t font and tbe powerful force of artillery, borer ar.d fort. At I'eabawur, on lb* Sid, ihreo '> more in antry regiment*, the Mb, Ttth and Slit, nod the ' 6th I.'gbt Ottalry ware deprived of their arm* A 8ub*h dar Maw of Ibr blet war hanged In presence of all the '? troop* At Mrrian the 86'h, or tae greater portion of the regiment, deeerted their colors. Their Cmooel, ApntU* 1 note, lommltted sulfide. From I-nog now onr latest IntelMrenee la of the Stat of May. During the previous night the native tioupa of the ' larrtecn bad partially mutinied Ahun one ha f of each cf I ha <#th and 71?t regiment* joined hy noma few of the other Infantry rorpa, tha 1.1th, end two troopt of the Tib ooralry, deeerted their colore aad lied towards seeutoore. A glance at HA)|iootana and I eha'l hara mm Meted the tale of mutineer* that, If my coras'iiMlon t* correct, hare coat the Bengal army the wh.de or tbe greater pa-t of 21 riglmt nle of root, if lonr of birae, two oomjnn ai of ar 1 ttllery, each with a field battery, and of the en-i? of rauper? and miners Tha stations of Nil"nor*bad, near ajmere, and Narmnch, neually garrlaoaed from Bomhnv, were at the beginning of the year drained uf the infant'f 1 aed gone of inn army of that Pnwlrtenry hy tha oressnrc of the ivr?ta? war There remained tbe 1st Bombay light k ravalry (lancers) cantoned at Nu*eee'*?al, b it that att Oon reoaived for Infantry tha 1/ith Itragnl ntrtlvo In n fanlry from Mean*, and the MWi from Agra: aul fir f arUlieiy a Brngal native company, toe '2" of the 7 .h baUa? Hon To Neemucb there came tbe 72d native Infautry ?rd a native troop of Hone Artillery (lib ol lal BUmIiwi), I- both from Agra; and a win? of the let (ft-ragal) light Cavalry from Mlmw The Bengal troops a. Nuslee'ab vl, who hart I ng been wavering, h uke out Into open mutiny 00 ,he evict g o( the 1*lh or May, Tbe Him lav !j?oc?r? " were waken..I hy de arh-urn s, iml dmw lean Uuta %>9 a sabie*, bnt, "faitlifiil loiiod among the faithiere, fatibful ,, rnly lhe?," they charged again an 1 again tbe overwhelm Itg numbcrt ot the mutineer* Id in hope of cant iring 0 Ihe.rgiiM. Bui. m maybe suppored, thetr loyalty and I- con nge wire r.n? reward' ! by aoecean, and toey were . forced to draw off, wiih the 1o?s among tarlr omc.em of Captain 8 vitlawpudn and ilurrci Newbrrry killed, and 1 Otptaln (lardy and Lieutenant F Iwh wounded fheir , CoKiuoi, Fenn iy, died tfcu loUostug night from U>? digctB W YO M4 ?HJV 1N (r KJJJTM )N -Til t>1 m h'-h'tt-.v Tbe I'soortlDi; 'bo "b< ? r-ate1 '?tuu">? tfloo revolting ri'ttmaal', rati-*! to nnrdr <j?.'or; b-t? the n>u<ine?fH mjrtng ofT fVthl fwincb tbev did w th roiora living *nd drutnt ?* ! try), ?r.1 tbo ?r mil or AjTere hoing tho* <v I <?' d ogn'. Ibe* j"'Md ?*?? ca?*pof jol. LHum,of the tfbalrwtrr Mi BaUaitoc, at Be *ar Tlt? DHfU*?KD PHOVIUCJIB. [K-nm 'be ft'op totem U> toe Bom bar (tmoa a' Juoo It | #e ere lorry lo hear that ttouie of ti e mutineer.! me helterod u> ba/e rtarbol N?gooru ?n 1 that other* rro'o i ?pi tram ? ntlil urtnnr anuta fbe nb}eo? of theto vi lame i|xi< ar? ?u be in rea th the NiKum's cuoilnioat, #U'"e, f 00bt)? ??. met e?tv nl in'orreeil to fb?dr uvtwiou of it'l'e a><> Blood bed the a-Ihorltie* voie 'u it?o aieri ho ? ?"ir ami woul.l no < nnbt bring 'o a ?;>>odt termination the 1'4'tfi of not Of Ue *|> ?u?? of evti WOO rlioild r.b*t re to fall into Mi lr haon* We nhre-ve from ll'o l.r-i'ft 'Jpn-rnnvn' Gizc'te that "torlatton? "f Jec'ole ao-t ^ultaiiiM.e, 8 tntren, tio&tee Ithrr. Thnna . Mi??a ore Ina i,v??o tioruct e*)??a? 1 Vr jTJ ahitr are, ae a t*nt|.or?ry ar angrmeat, til*"1*'! under tno r> oiakd ot tht hnaadlir "ominandinir at fl ni<M O'nrr tor 'he much f the rh rd caralrv llyderabtd rnntlrgetit rt arhrd Attrur< <d ou theHtn of Juno, aul hm i-i'Bfii! ' a to Hart in- n o'?i?'ty In the dl'ec l'in of Mai I ?m)tn ibis l'ne body of ir.en Ih to form a twrt'oo ?f too mov ab>e c !um? now toning under U>e oommtno of Major t.rm.i el Kootlhurn PROCEEDINGS IN PARLIAMENT. VDHD M. HflHUiilli'j 'rl .t 'INlDN OK TUB COVHBgi'kKOKd OK TUB l?BrH.tK.iT|i)N?dKA-Utiad ok 1>KF|6S0K b^ TUB BNO iSt OOVKHNMKNT. Id in Route o' I/irds . n >h - 12th ?f .fitly : ? Tj. K.vl or Fi.iKAitnkoi'url? Mi Inrde, I am aoxlote to jirt a oof?it-iii ? toe outdo ?arl with refe-once ti toe uetr* otitc bos be- ti recelrrd f om India and the o .iim? wnlct her MnJi-tjV ftover itni'nl intend to purs-to. It Unow th'ee m nih? il'ioe the m'tide of tbo roa?t > tlsctr/e a??u bavo h- H.I oii-fcted with /rest anxle'y In the stale uf the kraiy lu'm ia aod o c-v ? cnill h?? tooled to toi*ree>H bat amiely. Il l, rial#lift tuning thU ?toto of alluire, no nn? tinrd of til ial 'nhj'naitia baa jet ho in diver tn lariament *0 here been left to depend u xin l iln'c Inner# and upon ar'lc o? || tbf rewspansrt, wnile the rmpt>? is In danger. We boo# nothing of tbo causo of the darter or the nature of the ra?a?a'e*adnp ed hi hor M ij??ty V governmet t to npp e.?? ti I do not think that btr I* a slate'd things that ought to pontic nn (H?i- ) I have ran* lit* every suona* Ire mVI ioorea'ee ojr vntle'y, and yet by or fry ronceeMve tekg'aphlo despatch we are udd that (he crt*l? ta pv>t, that the danger Iso?or, and hat things have hern at thrir wor*t Mv lords, It Is not si 'o a ca e of bit kind?of a langerous an I' Memtoe mtui'j ? thing* to on from wore ft wirte, ud so will roco-d oDtti the mron( ruil of power b*? In'erfered to sup iress '.bp reel* anew >o tne authority or the goremment as yet do ind'ollon Ins been givn or be ex stance on 'he part i t the goveromeot of ludl? of tbet power which Is o?ce? rary v>> HtipoTi** the p-ee* t ma Iny. t"he funeral tendon cy of Ihrtio who call ttii-.m?elvee thr public lasfu-tors of the count/y Is to endeavor to Induce perm ns to boilove the! Ibis It en y i paielRK calamity, sod .bet sllgh. met ?uns Indeed are nquired to put down the rebellion In Indie. It teams to me that there ere many eat tog us who rrrrmb'e tb?' segwloiiD enltnel welch, when -re?ted by Its pursuers hi ex It* lined la ihe rend end thinks It Is Dot . e?n because it rennot reo. All E-iropo Is rega'ding with the deep*at Interval the conduct which enter th- i"t?nt ciK-umranees we ere pureeing Cam that enndwri. <Upmd Mir jrrttmi charartn ami our futiot port ton in India. 1 do nut believe thai there extra In ibis Houso or in iho other any mdlsi o-Vlon 'o grant to her tisje>t>' govern merit ell the MMM they may etkfir the purpose of e-ta!> 1st,ing our authority in India If we do n t no r'git inn i gr?oe Ir wlih the government?the lies of In lie m i*t nil inkhiedly be with n* But It depends npon the noble lord ft the hoed *f the government whotner b? snail ob 'stn f> r bimuelf e reputation sltnl'er to that which w?* obietoei tinier dfltculi end dangerooi ctrcumstenoes by f/>rd Chatham, O'allow hi* government to go down tj ( ostert > e> the port calamitous, the most disastrous end v? <uom <itrgie<*eful rinoe the time of i,>rd North. m f '0'd?, ehst her wahorty's government have done ?laix'be isrt se'egra hlc c<irmunicetlon which ire hare re c-lyed le, so >er a* I am acqueluted with their conduct, >lgbt Tow. cuiitd no', I think, have appointed a ba't.<r -irtirer thsn Sir Conn Campbell to be at the head of the * uiV iu lo' ta. (Cocers ) I have at sil times held tne hl*bert o tnlon of that gallant oAcar. I reoeivei It frm he )a>? thr Chat to* Nails-, who from the first eovnani of hla arqualnttnee with him forme* ha opinion, wbtcn was afterwards rally 100firmed, that be was one of the ilrst r Hirers in the In llao a- my But In o'der to gl- e fu'l effect to Ihe anilities of H>r Colin fhmpbell, two things are ne ce?sar> ?first, that In acting as Commander in Chief 10 India he should be altoaether relieved from the 111-aid jru v b cb I* ha? bten too customary to gubjoct eom naod m Id chief In India to?the thraldom of politicians The ue? in that he khonld, an Lord Harris did Id ibn time <? I.trJ Well* Hie), oar>y with htm tba whole atreugh and force and fewer of the Governor General. It ?o tht pride of la>rd Weitea'ey that be ihua supported the olButr- abler bl? command, and we see what auoceran* In the Held re warded hla wl?e and generous o> hduot I approve tae wlKt meatu re wh'oti baa hewn adhoted bf the govern'uou in India In appointing temporarily Hr Pa'riott Urajl heal of lb? army. (Hear, bear ) I do not ask wbothT they are rtrlctly and legally juail led la making that a >p?ot meet, d >r 1< It to me a mailer worthy or o toaldtrai oo rn. y have regarded the punllc Intoi-eat* in peotug tue '>ot< roau tbey roo d Had at the read of ibe army, la dolor to lh? y have dratrveo well of ItaUr country. (H-ar, b ir) But, my lord*, ub?r rve this, that oo the ar Ivai of -hr Col'h ' ampbtll. 8tr Patrick Great will reaee to bUJ th . mi Itaiy onmroaod; and I must ray toat I ha o long regarded tt as to object of the groatesl lei por ariio that the Gov ernor General ah iuld In;* lUo aid of t?ir P. trick Graot an hi* milt ary ad It-r In m. cri ia. It occurs to me that ihit groat onj ct.ian In e,T>?-i ed lo'hit manner??y toabl Dg for a U ne the Jiurt.rf i e ret tor- to ppolDt at an oxaaordioa'y tntiib" of < o 10 r1l a military officer Wh-o on * the, appeut dir Patrick Grant, he ? ill ran aln In conocl with the Govern-* G-hi raI and aid bun with hi?atvice Taers are a'roady two respectable oiflcera who act In tbai ca >a Jl y? he one a military aivlrer an 1 the other a* miliary ?-c-eisry I rest* ct lhen? both for the creditable maioer to which 'bey Olrrbarged In prevlona altua'lnoa their dull*-?tbe >ur at political Olcer and the other an Judge Adv ?*< li.it there waa nriblrg whatever In their peeyiout m'ti w which c >uld enable th> m to give 'o the Governor Go e*al thai an vine upon whten he may rely aaan anth elta'tce exptarrl. n of that wMch It It rlgbl for hi n to adopt, til It it itiotloo Irtble it at nl> c inctl mould contain snob men I know that |>e ana* tro very much dltappoiued at n n laving r?.o< I red by th'? irleg'apblcotmtiuii'ealion narvvint oflh' eaidtife nf I>? Ibl t Dink hatdl-apiio'.i troeut unrrtaoi. ??ie I del oc(ei,iac' io>ece| re tba* acjonnt, oor oo 1 iniok mil v or ? run falrif 1 in mi fn li * mr to thn niTiman Inr rf mir lor c thai at tbe wore. tuinin of -to year, an I witbo?l tbe i f can l?yo, he rhnuld nil h*ve mvJ 1 a m tro'i or on* re iImc liio tone* in ih* line mat ??i mutinied I \ind-rrtaro, boweter, tha* o-ir troop* have tor Ju-1 in weir at or a body of tbe etrmy which o.iji^cl iva in tbetictntty f Itpiht Tb * acooint orioc i?o tnwgt i< di* mti d. The drat It that mo utanrg eat* i*uit ha ? onto morh rtronger iban we mippvid, I thoy were Ipdaood of" ?.ut betnnd tbe wall* of n dot (Oea*, boa ); ulue tieit. 1 *) Ice v> nay, I* that I*. I mp,-< ??" t ?* with the con e'c im tra? they ba e i o l-ader to oonsmau I ttptm Utp pining to ?djw tbe g ounl, I am not in lb t Ma?t do gn-r rnrprired It**. thry ihonU hare l<?t all tbdr *nn?, became la eoeti a o-liinn It would bo iinpot Ible for them, when pr-wed, to nvry their gun* with (hem Jfy Inrdt. u? Kfor that lid drfoction ii b-r mimj r*r* ptnsml?that it h'u rrtmii'dto *1,600 mm of the ll-npil army W* Var more than fAu. f' h'tr- tluv in lk* rwjah all ft* r.?< '?* rtr/imrnlM kar* bmrt di ,wn?l Now, or lb we regiment* there are two of watch I hap,wo to know ibe recriil hutory, rla fa? l?ib Oreuad:tr* ut,d tbe 2Mb l.'ght lofanlrv rbe IMh Grenadier* ?a<o..e of the noble* regiment* 'if the Indian amy. II b > re 00 lie roWrr a mwi a* many record* of a tint* fought and rteUir',*# gait.rd aa any rfgiairot In brr tf tj.j.lj 'a *ervl~e It *a> brigade' with ner tlajenty'* 4'tli I'^'meat lurta* the wbole of Sir W NoM'? operating* In Aff/0\nt*ao I: re red at Mabarajpore. an I by the ride of lb' 40tb Re*i nicnt It equalled the Q irrn * troopr In ?-"t?a??. fnrtlt .do and deron"u, and lot* a* many men rbe '? '> *i llegtment of light tnfaolry ule*lngiil?hed Iter If tinder the coinan.trd o' Nr f> Pnilurtr When Sir O. Pollock Jo'eel t?:e army 2,hop men r>nt ??f tbe wbole 4 fOO were In livpttal. tbe m? jorliy rf ahnn differed more from their o rn ap.'eien ton* than r-iwi an" actual riranes* rne nil rnnpa i;m.# r ;hjee .rrnmeunr.oa, upon wnmb-"'r trf **. imko M entirely depend aero tMi ?6ih Rryiment, which baa )i?l been dwarir.ed My lord*, .here moat aare U". a suait aece of mtetnanaremeu* and m!?n-?<loc? whmb f <-mmo romptchrnd before the nap re of the aeldlara crmtwetnr bore re(t'm?rt? ro-ili h%?e beneno changed. Thereoronol bare hero ooe non rom.?t??1ooed, and ?-mainly ?ot one romml?*1<te?l, natl-e (KTloer 'u thoeo regiment* whi OH not*ho* Mr gallantry and fidelity under .Vmi til tetem- Pofock; and t? ta lameo'abie t ihiu* the* the f lorlei of t? o iur.b regiment* ehotild b" obit?erat< d fro? tbr Indian army, or that any dftundWM whaie\-?fthey may hare been, ehonid hare ooeurted to alienate them f ir an Imtant from tbe port rnmeot, and to make tie otn -or id et na maud think It ntreoanry to de irire Ihera of arm*, which ib y oa?e alway* borne no nobly and aoaoeosaaf-iiiy In ibe Held (H**r, b?ar ) U become* ua then, to loin forward and m-nailer. fro? tbe fact* we hare before un, what t* likely to be our pntitioo In India oo the let of No Tember?the ilme when oar trtxp* will a-r1?e, an1 when, after the rain*, It will be piwatkle to mo7? I hare en!ea?ored, my lorde, to form an Mdnloo on that ubjret I a rttrne that wr take Pelht?I avanme that otir troop* (tentioue to hold Pelhi, Meant, and tbe rrlfhborinf rlatt-e* ; but I know ?**? Irreality No European regiment* are ever HMmitd tbire on v, count of the element which preraibt; and at the end of tbe ra r.a eren tbe natlre reirtm*iit? hare from twothird* to three fonrthi of titer utrengtb preetrated There fore, If ear troopf take and ocruey Pelhi, If th>y the Klu?frrmhta palac--, and drtre out e'l ItU fbrae?,aod errn If 'hoy do ererytbtn* In ihefr power to promote tb" hraltb of our men, you nannnt poolh y eipwt them to be In a rla'eto re* 11 me iperallcn* oo the 1 at of No rem rer. Alt I rdfl twtvurr fo hif>f in tKit (try x*I he n'J* to k-td the ytae'* fkew nriiipy in tk'. eery tvni f if ft/- favtny n ir trnrp* mil hi fi*r th* P<mrH to Spain?IA?y WiU hthlphV lAry (bind li>n* or rwthinii rim wnen the nnnr wh ch Oonwitutw our atieumn to itiulpoled and {one, and the tun hare became. a* tbrr will do. rebel* or robu>'*, III* Irororatble to behove that we thai! be able to c.ti *1 tbe revenue and admintiter Ibe poeernmeut. fn the I'm jtb thing* may be a little better. Y?n bare able mon is who, Itui'l, etll be able to tnaln'aln heir o?ra Taor mar perhap* he ab'o, thirmgn the aid of their local ciro?, to co'lrct a p>wi. n of tb r eeretide, hnt I do not thiuk thry can t?*en lr do mere fXria uU- they wi t n u be able 10 mo- e . .id the hat ka of PiF'K itiej to i oo ler aeehtanrr to w y r-.fctf <orp*. All I can no ?? la tbu In tli<Hte pi i?toe a onr ?u*f-orui.?a add atairt Nt-ir yr.itnd, and tb at the Ci. 1?"h will I oiamtained. iVi h yno- I ?rdrhipe peroiwleu I >n'? r Into a fn r (let il<, an text mine what 'ore. * ' " ally want; We-wm* H 11 111 < to t ti* of e?re*t; out reyitn' " nti'et we kuo e whu ** the ,i? man I mon o* end whai too troone t*e to tlu wh*o lb y nrrird. Wftvu the Uuurrocujn I rot ^mke out *o >al ot.iy RK H I] US DAY, JtTLV .30, IHA7. l?? o r??tn>?oir at Chk-.uPa ?u?t Its d tghb " h-vvl Til *" e' Binni unfor one rego-rni fniin Vtil'W and ??> fr?B. B< nibiy which ??n m (ho 'h>r?iau ti 'If nl tbe t' nTh1" v?!ih ui.otbcr 'tatmcui piovioin y ordered up, will p fcke ?)* region' at Oilcutla ehon tho~? tr >opa Tut ll??t mli > o iVHi-lrter l? l?o pro cotton of th > oaplu^ thereat of goyertnneul, w> tire the it Ir a tr-sju'y en' taiDiPfr mau> oi'lLoin. tu i au cnoron-ue a no tut of ?"cent lie pro.ierty It U the point through rhino mono th? c?M" m-, tha aat'aa, ann the oppioi r?v?u?? ?vn ne lo?t?d It I* nnrcuttal to ihe malnieu'iTja of authority Ir Ihdla not only thai ti*ii:i|tla an ill bo bold, htt that thrro tbornd lx no twit'ile doubt 10 to nnr holding |i, a il <hat toe g i~oro ooui rh?uM ha alvaye ante to act <ni legi-date thorn tu perfect eowri'y lu addition to ihe tr^ipn th nv yon n. g' t to b?*e at le??t mx uteanem In ibe rtv <r t p"> i?t the government oHoo*. ft.j. AlUbi'wi t* a moat imp>rUpt itmlov at the J return beleoeu Vim lumoa ant in* Sir gee; - hi i at Uirknoar? he r 'iilre of a g ?*'. Mima no uuu population?iho.e ought Ij ba tnoro uud am on I ii ht TbiiB. the whom of tho Hit rrgl nnnM which w.ll VUII.?'1> wua .^7 H I, i.r.i nir .1,7 pr'anw "T rie' gal el -ne, without the power of na >vt?g 0 v m l the onrif n** of iba pre< ideney, and Iti-ref .re i ey ar|i| htvo do nl?p<*able furoe t >r retrieving ?ir?ir at the o h?'pro vidc*f Or'tb*r? els ri'Klut<*niH three m >* -, a Uia??rl o<t Convrldent moment, ho rent back to '.heir p'evt U* ?u? Hon.?m o to Madrati aid two u> Buuoav *<u' v of Ibr elghl regtlDnlde '?htoh wo knew have 110 <f bavoordof?d In rail for India three will bo detained In teoyal <? rip pl.i lh? |)ia> ? of the ornwiiODd'ou number woo "II '?

(era m M?d>se and B>r?hev Tnua It re wtU ruiua n >f the etnlre ftirro of which we have t*v< . heail only Ive Mgifi fDla for ary mretlnu' from li|di*b*d 1 bold that dve rritiim nia are totally 11,-n U i.oil tod Icon I- right'o observe, that whatever fo-o- th-? uwaoin n' may rend not, the dlfll<"iilii?a of the G-rvo n?>r '**.>.> >1 in alt' rdlug II lh? tmana of movement will u ?v, pnrhapa, bo li >iri?r?h|o, hot they *1'I be oo'rraoiiii and unlo-rt he inoferee In tbo bu*in??* hint elf. I Hiking Into eve y to tail and oomiiUD'ca tnif per ooallv with ttte olBleiM in irtrM w<th ihe dnt? of ,furni?h ng tra^pon for mi ttooi#, oar measurer ?lll entirely fail Churn I* no mo in ha' Irg man If too r.aou 4 mo?e ibeni. In Beug* y > t oao tim find horrea t? mount the ct alrv or i?r lb" ntrpo o-. f ihn <vrtdi?< y U in abaoniteiy iimi<? i that iho li-ir*e? I ho. Id he rent benne, aud It la must do I able that yon rbouii at Me name umo glvy orders at the Ctoe and la Ai ?i'?li? Tor Uie furthering to India of all bor-os dt for lb ' novice of the cavalry aud art liery Bit I (ball *s<u<n? ihit thro e live rtglnenls bare all reached \llahabai They will not, however, be thrre by the in of November That li the day on wbljh Ihev will ar Ire at OaeuUa, and having obtained tbn meaue of trananort they am not postIbis act to Allahabad before the l?t or January, nil* loreo wll1 be wholly ins'cquaio to enter wifoi t cavalry or artllery into a country with f.om 30.M 0,0(0 to *0,Of 0,000 of luhaDittnlt, full ot dlsaanlei f-cops, and coo lab lug the really military population i,f Iqrila? the Kajpoot populauon. I ear thai your force should oontlrt of at Icaa! nlur regi nests of iafaniry, throe region nta of cavalry, and ui hatiorine of arullo.y Utoi a lite occasion Calcutta vra* left wVh only one bat lery of six guns, and, although U ts oootra'y to all o ir previous > ndoor, It wilt bo necessary f>r tho first IImo ;> tend artillery to India. And now cornea another dim mil , The gun carriage made here will be of no nee JiO'O, an t unlets you send oat order* to Madras and B >ut >a? to provide gun carriages, thovo made in this rouotry will 0'4'k In pltocs, and yonr g ;n* will he 1 ret. My l-trds. il tbiuk 1 ibouii) rail Id my duty If I did not my m *t deiidedly tn* 1 tnnottutnd IV "iifflolent to tn on I mi due of operolon* a! tie There will oe on (ho rig it vine et no SLtUJ <t lo'ce which m?y maintain lis own, bat wntch Till t>i .a j-0|?rdy to the mldal Of a greet population, rev/ -??. like end vcr> hostile, end 1 nold It ewentliJ that there rbonld be a movement of troops by the line >f the Ma tnd the Sntiej wnich may connect Iteelf with Ute Wo* Term Allahabad and c/ueb a.l eppoaiiloo between ihi e two point* And more, I h .Id It to be meet ?i|>> llon?, alee and neceetary, to go yet further, aid to htve no mo reeerve of perb ips two Ku-opean reglmonw?on* a' all* babad and anutbor on the otbor Hoc if operation* I have noirated?to which .ome native regiments wg it im >>lned w?o might be relied no fur the pa' awe of <?tn.)l*aing the ?mmunlcatoM. of sending no rnpplte* and pro I'oUngthe rear of tie army And now, m; lord*, what force la required t Kive rogtmente we bare If all th* troorw now In China aro sent to India thn-e dro regitnesi? would anpp'y the force req ilrrd 1 iw mi that three egitnrntt could be sparM froa B>-nba-,eu<l you '? qu re fioa eight to ten regiments orinraotry, *u of carat r>, and twelve batterlea of artllle. y ; and with tieno troo(? you nnat rend hnraea, or they will become lm movable. I hrmly bettove tea'. If ibtrltatnecl an I the government will re inforce the army of India to the extent I barn (agger ted, you mar with ab?o uto oelaliity?aubjret to thnae unforc teen accident* vhiil null) hi military iiperaunua - v n am mat oy ma end of April he authority .if the fl t'tay riveru in?Lt el'l be flraily evtanllabed in ?vary part V the u "per p*ot1hmm H it If ynu ant In a dtfleri-nt war?i' ynu net cmlecwied'y?if yon think uw ? it pnthtOR ' it. and thai U Will w' v out if tUelf?If you are rnl >let?rini<i?.? .<> put lonh ynur whole airengtb aui rru*h tn-s re'telll? noauwt lour dnmluKW which threaten* your ettrtenee In luilla an oocquerorr. yen rnay danood upon U you will nave rntnlled n oo yon cam mlyn after r,am,.ai<ii, an I the tnapetwe which wlli t fleet the mmda <>i 'h? ?n it- putp'e of ladle will lot;* rtl >our role and deatroy yn ir oh a-voter and authority la Inula. My lor,.a, I n not believe fh.tre all) be any tediaposlilon on the pari of I'arhamcm t>t mn pott ib? ROrerumenl If ibe ROTernment fake the rl?ui i lew of the print ni rlale oftbtDRU. It la or ibem In da cfda I truat that tb'y will prove worth; of tha dimiul Ira of tbtir 10 Ml d. aad of toe Rreatoe-a >f 'he dairfer 10 which wt> are all Involved, an ? Uiat by c>tnin? forward lo a ma???l In ntttD'alu the national. h*ra-*t*r ail I ihy tubllo lor mat* they will Rive pero/enont aeenMtr to n.ir In Inn i tnnlia, aa well aa liao' r ? wulr.n I ?hall not RrudRe th ?m ? he ib?mavl< ea What I arlah to know fm-n ton oobio arl t? ? bat mpatniree the vovernuien u >v Intend o take fee the rrin'or v meat of ibe a- my in InUm, aa I whether H la ipelr Intention in Rive at lh*tr eaMie-l period ? that t?, wilbio litre" daye?tfllolal iB-ormatlcn on tho auvjecf (Hra-, bear.) Kv I fliunvoxB 1 think the noblo eall waa atma via", ddl'iai 10 bcr Majnety'a government la the beglnota* of hu obrervalH n? 1 am a?t a ?are toat anv .i ma.i >o bar been ao Rbt for which hat been refu?od by no Rovern (belli H?r Mrlrwty's govern meit hav eudeevnred to ex i .aiu aa fully aa ibey can ibe oveuia arnica ba e occurred in 'ha kaat. rbare will bo no difficulty lo Rlnn^evo y in .V ma ton either wilb roRar-4 hi that - oieh haa n. on al't-ady reotlvaO| or that whlcn may baetpwuil Una ?%< u'liR or lo a>orroar, an official aummiuy i f wht >b fill ylro fi II inliirmaMnn to lha notiidry. I aauire your lo >1 vhuif nit- t for ? I ?D. rtt oe Intire are fumiirt til m1 thi* the <ii?-triini<'nl p<)-p?<im dieawrona inioln.i-rno, whijn il)"V arr not wilduii in oommoi tcale ?that ibe obl^c of lir ynrnruinenl It not in r.mooai tie real .t?l? if alt'-ura, wfiii'.'kcr that rta'o mar bo (Hn*r.) I eoold g.t at odco turn the hlrt'iry of all ibal -? koo?. but I haro rwrr Into to tell, for iho public htre breo (Hit Id po-i?ea I..a br el*ctrn'- tclnr apo t< lb* whole anhattooe of *ntl wo k?"w rbe foveromeot ha? ?oly recelre.- tbroa or four i tiir.nl ?"mmunicatiooe by elc< win teirirraph. ru : bv Mala, Mar el Ilea and Trltwle, all agreelarf id *ut>?Urre with that p?hli?b>>J by tbo ordinary rbanotl* of Information, an'l iho only addition I eta m??o to it la iliat the la?l lelcyra. h rec drM ataiet thai the I'eu jnub ui perfeetly qti et I can a?*ure toe noble car, in a the y.rerhment do not treat. Pile muter lightly They c >o eider tht* a mtet ittut <| lealuw, ?n>t ou" m ?t eenaialy to be oowuiered, and they hold that it la their duty to akeerrry precaution In their taenr, and t > feet the ma.trr n? one of Importance Bit ?hi>n Ibe noble e? I talka of calamity, ill?r>ncu and dtaaaur, I rannm t? that lfc< f?r t rnaent ?ha>e to that oplbtnu. Whatever they may ibink oi thU eert.wt cri?U, they are nr.t di?|nied to profbray, ard f think that ftia noble 14/1 hi ?w f, tint with r'aiidlbc all hia oip~rie?ne, wo ild act more w ee'r an 1 rn.rt- aafi-t/ lor the public, If be aaitaticd himself wtui ylru* bi? opinion n|Mtb the facie he know*, nut not unto lacir bared upon hi* inrntinalioo and upon the probability of what la likely to take place (M ioir*e. any eucceelnwi* Iroro ibe boole oar I, tf not followed, wnl niwn?* rocet rt, an they cererTe, tnr cartful cnnFtd nation o' her Ma -et* t yprrramtnt. With retard to tbo-e military deia'i* upon eh" h ibe noble im??i aea rot. red, I am ia<'?m|?tral to t? lore Ibrm, and eren my noble friend (l,-?rd Pan mere,) an-1 the tll'iMrtoua (hike (the Itaan of Unmh'Mf) behtbt uii , hoeerer competent, will, pvrbap?. not think li oon?i oknt or derlrtkle to toll ?w hi n into thou.' deiart H?i ao v aa we are acquainted with what thi M iretnO' trene al bar doe*?and 1 now npeak for ier MitH??'?'* ( > xetptneit'?we nre perfect!* ?a i*il<?i and 'nUralv anpr i? tre.y artbrnrybt t? tv.ir knowledge wWch hae lieen taken by ihr WcTcrner tteoerai la deaitaf 'with ihne erei?r la retard to ibe RoverniiM at at home, they nlU am no?lcct u> take every pm.aut on to av-urtbea the hand* of the Moterior ften?ml. there ta a imu >n, which mar pe. !>?, ranae aodl'tonal anxiety, that the rove.orocnt t> tauw in formation ?'tb reyard to partirolar pereoo*, hul a- tn r? pe a to whom ?? have bo Information wbaverer I t?r?t n '?? that the mrUuinhol) tmi In too trite that general aimai bat died frowt rh>l.T?; at Kumar"; but the yorernment h?? n?f rroeIred to formal on ol the rioalh or lllueM of anv other |wraoo Yonr lor .ahlpe, who know the rha'aru-r of Oeneral *B?' r., and who appreciate t hia nbllitiai, hit to in-1 nuder * aonluy, hleclear jtdyrnrnl and too prererre of mind ?bich m oquAlljr raluaole la clril m troll at military mil t*r*. will tool U?e (tr?at regret that thn govern <mwii enter tain at ibe dtaih of (Jeneral Anton. I tblt>k that tba ?*? ernor (.'corral bat ar.tr>J jn<iti.iooaljr Is hit tintoo-a'T an pnKtmral of -hr P (leant, and I am yratrfdl ror thn noble ?arl't approval 01 the eeodioy out of Mr i'oIji Cam >b?U Whatever may b?> thr> oonrtr taken In bl* telethon or fry one wintt tblr.k that InOatte nrndli It due U tha- gallant i Ulcer in belli* ready to ttarl for India within a f?? Itoom aftrbewtt informed that hi* tervlcna trere required (tberra ) I am ao. aware 1 cao (tire the mbie ean a ny li.Tther Information. 1 lie nob e etrl are ie? at ir there ? aa a general ineurreetl m, hot t' ha? n it e tie-tied beyoid tbr art?./ A* to the regiment* Utat bare been dlt'.rtil >4 wo have no knowledge that lh*y had any onmm inioail n ttlh ,be rebel* H(f Mawly'x goremmini trill (Ire the f?ik*t luteitnaiioa to Pa'i a meat and the country. Tbay wli art with the feu loaf \ for on the preeeot cne'tfeory. bnt It ey wit not give ?a> to unfounded apprebcoAionu of at< y greet rait ml y and ?,,.aater, (linear*) nrrwtal rkpokt* to rawlmmkwt. In the Hoa*e of I, id*, in I ie 11'h .-f Jmy, Ktrl Wntn vn.i* ra'ci tbat tinea 'vt night he* M\ ?ty'? e tvernm-Mit ha i yetted rome rnrther Inktu*. i-e on thU eubjAdt, whlcb, with their lordiliipn' len*rr( ,'ir woalit real. It wan iwlitd in thete term* ? mow niti ro row it. From I.lantenuit (totarnor to 1**4 Plnhliyoen. Jr.en II?6 jo a V t ,tr rtnpAteanter fo* mytar* f"tt coiinr, fttier- I* tflll time, Thten ha* been treat .octet* eo tot III -tTlhit ' month on .v .I* the ??!' ?i jt~ hi?If g ?? mptired, and ib-> ri belt drlr*n dl*pM?d ote thn town. All wo h ngate are Id otir poaaewtna mow aoha m notour Frttn fientmnnt (io,minor to l ord Pnblnrtooe. Itated Jdbt 11?7 40 A M. Mr Mrca?b"l. agent to lieutenant On *ern >-, w-(tee float b< ore (Mid, ion* g:? Wt am re taadr good our i?l <ta to u>/,acl *enr?a<iiraBaami<vd w?ute,?arai?g-(>jji4 wiUl [ERA It* hrlfhi# Hlnffil Iho . til I'lmeBU" ?od th" 0l<> li?"'r hBD<1e tint Id' |i ?ii ton Ui o>moi?r?-? the hi w* ?i ciii<;? rh? one id had lalrrn tip t't'Oft* <h?ii.>o at Bw? U Ht?Ji Pich v?a?* nar? ivl * ,ih ilia v>jnor< of all ih? anna ^"u"> pfrantl ? w to ha p ma iff p; nn? r? <nri v? ih*m ".If ii ?lr hnrxt* ant ihi'i ii I' tlrl i ,?to h ?tan 'i <k >hi 'h T?f I m; nun# 'fiiain o pramum r?eo*y >* #in<ln li have h? ii <?plii ( in dav. an<i Ur<* q cauUtl a of am munition and In -c> chlug too'* KK'<M tnOifxt OWlHl.BTO HIMHVV From h>r-i Ua rt to lai'r K 'tou onn Ji->? li?3:M> P. M. Tb? 'tranter from 'tilc.ut'a h?n br iiict ion fotlo?u>g nrucr or the Qotrrrnr lirM a' :?it' (l<ury <mii? ?*' i' ?n-ntt>e oototr ami of He *Uje?iy '* aut ho '( m '! nifti'V'fort*? lu India till futther .nun* (br Ptt-tck liraoi. lu jiorxtlli lb tig* at l*?o?i?i 'U?l 0nnmtu :er lu ''bin:' ti IfcM army , peti'img >h* apo" ntntml Of a ?'0<ve? ?o U (i i ?1111 h M-jtr IJ i oral .1 K >1 oa-?nui entnmant nf'tin P< t, at army null rUr I'niiolt <1 a<i''i a* ' >+< I j <r U?'D? al 8r II ly-na'fiti iMiimwu-i ibr 4*11 f 'f ie rn o? edmy araibi t Ite hi. Brigadier limn, f unr vt?jeiiv'n '.truce, l, > no H iya< f ti> wiul and ooiumall Pe?naarur (01 tho , roxrDi. KKOM It bona TO li >?HaT F omCVl ml I)j ana 11 [. Hi Kl h n t >n.\ iuhh l i? 6:2ti P. VI. UI quiet hern Vtaiwa ('iDllngem cav-an y f*il?i i in 'Ii CO Uie artulort am. tot it') Ui j la them iu ruvo'l Jna UJi'toa'tT rt>'?< am Brad-ha-v ic orUt lb.no lot .1 i ' a niuo. faralry ba d'auti off. it l< 'all, toffo'da inn Kmch r ad '"a nam arte-omiote'tna Chert wtto Ihd V.b I 4*al of lufaat'y li uin near vtiiLiierrore on V. y M?iti 6.1 nnk" lu 2v fcnu'B, and tic rod tiiytir. fttu./nr thow troipn tinwUtu. KIU'M I Ml'IK II TO nottiuv Frnaa Otilouel Ditrand u> Lirtt Kl ihln?ton? /VM 13 ?M 17 V H Front i'aii|for, rndor d?lo the totn, reo?t?e t informa tl.'D tbal tbn lrnO|M at Jin-1 iml Mo gon< h t , e in'iilui ' l bn Agra aud 1 a?D|.<"0 dawkn ia?e oeeu lot If At .Ibanxi the F*iro.?eati otfloerx' famii?> mv-uti'td lu thu fori, a Rayih not u hy tr>e in oon, and %ton<tal? P'rom lie \tif alma. Paihr.ulan- rf No* gong m llln> hare uot renin . <t Inarm. Mbom qniet, but l>-in,>er of troooR, ni'uv.i ty wing i-f cat$4} truce lain Infantry of Malta cuoliugeot t? having allb rojtarkutilo FKOM AUUA TO H"MRAT. From IJi itU'iaoi (inventor to ,-trcetary to Onvrnmnnt. Jimn 13 -3 P. M. Nothing far'bnr from Itelbl up to tm? tuna, comaium cotmii o ?d?aiiCo grimly interrupted, all CjDiio toa q W boie Pray wrlU- Fi K ylan 1 and aaythiltho loarn and din trliit of Jh?u i am nli in tbn baoda of tbn rnb-l t-o>>i", vaoo have ret U|i a ui inhf of bo dban l 'amdy at Hij?b. fheFutO|naii > >iaeut> had to take refuge m ibn fori, but i.rixi? a a- gntu ibroJ*h the treacber) of tho Rutno and her people. It la rtiui li to bo rw.'ii Ibat very many 0*0 of ihe -.Viro.a'iri rtl- ?r? ami their fant lie* havo n. -a but Ibe F."iO|m?n i lllu re lu J*t mil have fallen ba-.U ui> n Eta*a, Raid i at il Jal-'.un Meuiiou la letiern of a *?iloti? cu>br*ah at tin at ore, r?(ui( n 4 accutate'y kaowo; vfrj grral di tedor fi<|K.rU"l lu he U xi?ti cowa to 4'ln tiik ad; Ihte la lu Htnoa Ifl'nrH Hiu a au>t Hiui--"'we comparatively tpiel. The Adecgttrb Rajah ailing Btbda mom hjra to hg.viut, madras asd irrrrr.ah id Kr< id lAeuPbauiooveroor to vjC"<Urlea a> Giveri?ovjnt and ineidint. Jcmt 13?9 P M Kalrai'.t or a le hir from Mr. Thornhlll, ool .rotor of rt'il?fb d?'e-i Jute 13, l&n7 ?CDe 3?U> had news rrom '<4101 <r>l night. lip t? tbe l'b'i or lltb, not qu ia o.etr which uothti g of n arked imp?>(aucr, but I gather thtt a goiyi partoflfcu wall c ar one ol Ui- gate* hue been orokendavn Mutineer* In Delhi dialed to be In a panic 500 hart** o.r 'be Nawab of ro-jj.ir who are laid la have been aervi g ih. mutineer*, h?-e tied back to Th. Jjur. The King anxiout l<> throw htinM-ifoii RltUh pmtet I n rROM IMKIK1 TO HOMHAY. From < oionei Ouran I to Wovernmcnt Jpeg 14,1867. The I'ollilral agr-nl of Owallor (ret yaeferda1 n?<n> from (bat-fl at fuMOdf ? a Rt-p-y ?ect to Jhaaai haa returned ? no a bole from the Taheeclder. The eepcy naye he maw the mmlmuir 3C.0 ii.faniry and 300 rairal'V Jhami at 3 A M on the Ithh, with all we treaanr* for Cbil tore, <>o be Cawbi o-e toai Tm-y mIO Uiey were going to '.la ?n pore and Ilelbl. the Kao. e wae in power. Malaa Ora I'ligei I Cavalry rrb-'l* al rhuil al?o la k of maraaiug "t ^fini. All qmei * Ai'iur ud id# irji. h i r. , vi quirt Be-# Nkwi or Betaree Oorpr having rteao, aa t Htfo drWtu fr n. ?<?'\nQ by artWtry ud Ruropea&i, with very brnvy low 10 muuncera Hrixii.iT, Jum lft- 10 A. M Letters *fp rem Ived j enter day tyi m [Abnre of tie 3d of J lie toijnubre nally tranquil udwilM maintained tr ro iKbout. At c? tbawar ?t me uoeeeioere to uotiotqqenoe i f tin- I* ye Dto.br r or regular oatir* irons*, but no out. r*?k. ? gorcer tneuaiek wore b?wg ?ek-n, and -??re eiutrn lee m*de of ibe mnttteero u<t dmerterr At Html to Ht???r the iurneoah L-pb" li.fent'y mo inlet fo r-* war# pi mule, en, rud it I# leered Iftwt \M the Kt ro i (?d? were murdered Woollen q let Htsoo qn'e' to , oud'i free Kurracbee op to the tub if Jaoa. Kverytblag quint lb N iliiH' LORD rAMMtRNTON'l OriRtOIt OF TOT 8T4TK OF APPalHt?CMOTaRATIONS Poll AID FROM KNoLANli In ll e Huute nt i.uum in on tb? 14 D of ?uly tlr. fiiMultl raid? 1 ?i?h to uiake nevral isqul Ion re?|iec I. g hn j.rMrot Maie of allalrn id India ?.d.i el?u t > a ,k woeihor btr Rajtiiy'a koi eitiiutnl will a3jrd I > tbe lliiNrc u \ min i oppoiuu It* to etpreie romo opto ao upon toe m ? t r,,nnd?raol(. rirutf wbi..h barn nap noted wttbi'i tooreoil rrib d probably of toy of un. t"hu Houee will b#a/ to mm I hai ? a'I) A ft rtoighi ego. when |h? coou< re- ee if thnee a)?ui> lr- ?? Urrl oo'ill (1. i anore red a qnua t"n to tbo ?( ? ri m*l i id in* olwfti on of the tuhin Mi d roe main obycllbwi In nv* id makluft ihia inquiry war, il-#i ?r ail, bai ni yf kuo wDat meanuro* lb? r?rvam?ui ? n abuLI In takr njnle* tbna# dliarlroua dru irninnn*; ?nd, tttt ndlr bat tbe Uuure ni*(h ub aia. If po? ible, roior ?toirm Id a from the f vertnaeot of wbtt ihrr >n tiered in be ihr raure of Ibe a ivalamlona Tin Homo u,on let mcasiuD war told ibai tbe tirrnor-4*irr?l bail "iii. n lo |b v. a.'ntf, nod wa were allowed to infer t lai alien* we e dm of ro reuou* a c'.arete aa i fear i w mi i bt lb* green *t a ant of prudence on our part cow to q ter tirn Mbcc tbeaweha-a bad n<wi of coonidw abi# tin rort?ro in it bar iweo o^miuut.ioal-d tr us uuly la o a lice wl iii i winild tvl?h t learn from tbe ruble lord A. lint, whether iv. dnpavhea wblrb i ?uppir? are la the por.'rt*" o of tbe government will alio# mm lo pive more dfta 'od ana eutoeiitio infirmaUun ui tho ii linear lo Hie mow ni pnuiiloa of ailaira ; and, * ? iud y, whether hi will ?r?l* Itintlium by <i inn ii the ear i ml bo-(Idle u: him iiiit of en rr in# i in vlewr ilium llio uiu-nn to t l.-roos'tl* roniequeocee ?>!' tbe pr?'?iit ?ta<o ol ultir- lu ln< ia 1 (Hear, bear ) To- other Dight lOn e wore no tie ghaerratMHM in vie reapecttng the Indian budget, woir.n ?v expected roortly to he brought to, and ( aolereVMid pt irately that ibere ?uaU be no object! >o in Introducing It lo our lo iC* without ken of ume If 3er *1*i '-tjrg.> orroiud l.e>? thn rouree It Wiinld afford i Inn km opportunity fo the II wee d'rp???tou?i' 1/ tu din if* urn i fond o? turn of atlelra id Iolla H woaU ofc>ur?e be ope u to in*, o- to 00' member, oo ffrlng Into <>m fiilUre of fiipt I/? < n rhurauet, for lu one?to coll the alUbt'oo of the Moo?a lo Indian affair*, hut tb re are eery iD-po-tani trailer* concreted loilrc-tiy with ll"te affarr wfclith aro already appointed for di/cu-Mon oo I tat day The Pt*r*lan and Cblne*e ?an will be brought under our cntiridt ration w ihuraJay by the ?ota? l > be |iro;?>ed by the M i oter, and it appear* to mo thai it would mi high y lot no rt blent to dlacuaa indirectly Wo c in Hi ?o of n?'Vrl In 0?r Itdiaii ennHre (Hoar, lirar ) I would ark thee, B at. wli-eher the noble lord will favor ihu H tan nttb wta< be xtlicera to buthomoet anh nnc lnforuaa'<oo that ran be obtained cu the exact p>%iUuu of affaire in la ri>a at the prrrrnt tlm : F I ebould bo gla I, lb the e*d.?id p'Aie. lo ht-a* froiu ihe nob'o lorlwbaiare innate,* u b.rb tLr gotrt iiun? 11, under the otrruin*taooei, a -a pre orco U> ao<>{ I, and, tartly, I would aak *b<tb> r the n >h'e lotd ai 1 p> i in t the Inula.i oudget la be lntr-xl oed lo tb? rr tie i f the H > > on Krlday netl in ibai tbera may be tff 'idid, i.pon 'ho prnaent reriono ncnoiilon of affai-a, at lean at oti-rl' jjlly for tbe ciurueal u vf U>e opinion of the II 'ore of Common*? (Hear, hear ) l/rrd Paituwton Her M*j?aty'a getrrnmonf b*?a ree?i?<d deara'i bea tba aubaiatre of which ha* h-en ai nady uunmu scaled by electric wl-grapb fros Mir plea, kill I Irat'eee there are other dt*|<:ttcb?l eon* at aMch will a rite at So- thaw pton, an Ltu,, n tnty or .?* cot t arty Nribrr if formation. I aTuuld ?ay geaarady that the d(?|alehea wble.h ba-e been reecved from Mar ttlllea eonialn, only In m.-re amp iBcadoa and detail, tao aau.f Informa'lf u a? to I re.ite In India of which the tub riaa w waa pretioaely com nn rivaled by rt?etrio letogra >h. Farther, I rlioitld ray, la frneral term*, that in- lot- III 1 fi orn eblch ba? rt ached the govern nee. la n?f fuller tnao | *?<) flora i?4 vary tront imi ?i i.v> t?? n.?n through V'i lv*t< aqrc4? la the ordinary ehanneji of dill; la> rn.klK'P. Mir Ma) ? > ' gorer-nnr-Ll. b??er.r, 1 *1.1, n rrrtrDijH'on of ib? Murmm whir.h t g?ro tee.rrdny, lb) without d*lay opoo th# utile n> lb? iluua* itch peirtlooa of the Wfbbp?i1bbr.b l?o? <f< -Ired, u go her wlJt hat reo-Wed reft**, a* imt *? aaAoratd to lire the Home lb* fulert I of* motion that w* cm oil ">l lib llftNl It the courae r.f errata W tb ratpuni In thb p,e*t?opvthy ihh right bon gentlotaia a* tr ?n op.mr Uio*ty for eta-.lifting theea eery I nportant ma'tara, It li of courte e?oeediog 1? natural that tbar* ?bo>ill R* a fedr* o* the r*" of R"*"lB|t tr*i?b*f* of the fljti** Ilk* th* right hon gfi.t'errau, to ?terra# their opinion* upon In* <|?* ttor; but I think that It would be d*?lrtb'* befb -a 4 rtug ?e thai they hoold flrtt aoe tbo paper* ?h rh I tktll lar no -o lb* tablo (Hr-ar, boar.; When 1b?y a-? titer* Ut"7 mar be cenaMtrrd tft bfi at b?r foil or not f?U: but I I* tik, at all ereai*, that It would not be la acvtr lan* * tli ih? utttal pToetiee of Par llano-id to original* a <tt?outil at pea t pg tli* prfidortion of t>?p*rt which p-trbap* to m iff i a or ib* n?*t day may h* laid rpon th' table of tin II> !**, Willi regard to br'natng the eubj-rd oa, lh?rcl.r?*. n rut Frllar, I cbotild th i>k that tba right hoq g-ctlciian and oth*r hoe. m*mb*r? would find uta ih*y hat not tit* pa , |*r* long enough la ttnlr ban la to *o*t? ? tb?on t dl* <t*a tb? qnertioo anilrfartorll/ on to earl; a day; but ton go rammrnt hara no wish to put o?T tne dia m*i on I ugar than In n*c??a?Ty to rnoMe ihom to glee full |ufor uat nt on the ?chj*ot, and *h->o t ve pa *>ri are laid m tb* latle. a hirh ft.?n be wiWiout tar lf*i of time, It all' be for tha ' right htti geMlemnn to d* a dor for brlaglog the a-ibiMt nnrtcr the ooBalderatton of to* Haute (Cheer* ) Mr fh?aA*u~-tt I*, I think, >?ry important that wo rhor.ld bare ?om* geooral and*r? aud.og frow the oolite lord a* lo Roe fa- i.a t the |*pert whi ;h ho lotrnli * > Uy n^n the table wtH e*tco1, beeanre If they am to be e in Bnr.. to a mere narratlra or erent*, which toa uo'eo lo-1 t*l'? ita w* ha?e aliotdy ob'ame I a. '-urVel? fus moer oiirr**, lh*lr prtalaellM will It* of ao gmt" '.H or, ami It defer the dteeuielm on tuelr aceouut wjuM n.yl'wlli an tneorTerimt delay at th* pnweiit peri *1 of toe ?**n .n, If, however, 1 under waiot from the nnbli It-1 to*' we ehall h%?* <leapatt.hr* pw I < n thr tahl* nh'ob wbl gire the Huur* Infern a.,on a< to ttio ao-r cn?a whe-b tbeg-ivera m< m reeeivad * to ,n* ?tat* i?r I?lia l inn* tbo ti a ih*t Uiet ? or* dra.Llnr India of troop* to rend I bent to Itrna I < r to P*r?la, I iltaN at on** thai tbr.y would h* ra > t ? ponant pap-ra, wtit.oit which ?* f>R*t'd h* <ut? >'e p-o'>a h'y t'i :orai a f*l? opinion uf the Mfiiet of th* miig tea; mJi 1 jcriaa'./ rbotu i sot wlali to jrreolp uie a a.suasion T.D. PKIOB TWO OWN rs. wit ont three doee?#aU Bui If I o?o?enl out CO ev*H ti.will if the oppnriun'ly atlortnl Oy ihn forme nf ID) fin o? t>rlu,h K C'O the fiihjm: ?.u ihn fl.-at a apply nlgtU, |- v> til tin y h? in'he utile n ?uiiu n ih?t ?e?hill be pot ti irfiHHti i Ion of . nuerr i.l a l?ie ?t f?r o4 .it at in Ire aw ih? f Ileal In'ormailiiO wlih ro?p<c to the com eel* blob It (1 to the ear wnd 1'errU, * null en m tbe ncent revolt in lie a 1/ I1' t.t lafrow ~Vg ih> II i re out su h pepem aa wo i?MDk he*t ? ' letod to put tie Rove In po*?ot,|t,n ?f ;hq n lie i ir'orot?iltto. ?o i It elll t?e f)r Uu- nun honorable ft til Pur, eben they are preaeoWul, tf he mew nitlhiuk 11 it. i I tt t i'li, in >.uiot nut lu m ml reaped* be oounl' rie II cm <o ho rft llrleii l/.rrt J. KrrMit ?There te one point lh*t ( era more at ilot r kI< in than atv dUcotrl ill tan Oka t Ice iiliuie my t ?M - THend ??' We1 a t|<ie?Uon bi oibor eret iii* he ?a <i that he would rla'e <tu? the girernueat *e ? about to <Jn in C' ncequooce o the lu elilgcnte which liy I ?(J ri clvod Tr.e na emeu wi ici he made, howi ve ? ft- > ny general, aud 1 am not ?ui pfl?M that it wai hi, a> ?i ihai limo ot1> a ' U a^hlfl mo >age had bee a ir-Crlvrd; but I eon e*n ti t I *m very a, xlo m to hear a 11 iler itaicmeLt Ui'on that (milt. (Hear, hoar) I h >p? Ha the ?1nh rchinrDt1 a hictl a HI he ? ut 10 In n? * i I ho m.UI lei t, a lid I triiht that the gi'flrlimen. whoo they bar? ( iij det'ded what they intend to do all trak-i acorn, pete Haletbepl io the Uihoo of ' ? *!r Ipteoho a Provided that the totoe to be r?ut out It I think that Uio 'cue *0' Id if', gal tie much tnorrlrvm a II cj'Siin than i i omd ya'n from *ucb a tdalctnt Dt aa I have relerted U>. (H?ar,he*i ) l/<rd ''almkvhton?The heat an-w ir. I t rtnlr, that I can gi rtomi noble H l"od I* till,?h*i .re in ie to tb? ere dpi ot the i?rpatc'iea which a rt "-d e?wrc11 h r Majaaty'? govef nm> nt hat male aTauireme t r,>r r tiling with he it tuoHl pfotoptltude, mrye r. in'oruemeai* o I i'l a?la firt, Uial therfliilorrtmeutr which (bey ha i dele- uiii vl lor'oti were rathe greater than 1> ir t 'aniua laled'n be o ' i -if tlkl ant tteked h?r. Of count- the Hm-e will not expect hat I ehoaUl niiter Into a detail of the r.yi.n * t'.e ur toelr etali'iua; b I I may rta c go o ally taa , although the g vvoruno at fuel no aopreheu. lou or alarm ia<t to iho ultimata rert.l* of lieu iinlortunate evote.yot tboy feel ,l t i ihj Kit dot; to no aw If liter were real . e**on for alarm (hear, bear) and to leave nothing undone which la with a tne retch or admlntrt all ire fuorboua to order to ororklo f* r any m-rgt-nev tbat may art'e in India (Onoera ) dr I. Wauir?There l? t oe m >re q-inatlon on tbl. r ubject ablcb I Khnuld wt*b to a*It Know arc prevalent that f- r a coLflder.b'e lime part tbo lah> (I u?i An toj ba t made in og rcpreeen atlon- toibe governm it?. that danger war lnimiuriit In India, lu oeuatquonceof oualf cuooln Uio Buigal army I wlrh to aak wcethtv the paper# to oe laid t prm the tart e of tbo ft use will contain l#ll i ilract* ' (>m tbi n ne?|/iiiulenco 1f Hencral Ana m upon that nabj ictf M M*,M.L?H-lf the Fldu?o will p rant iaa, pa-naml may !h uuotcil to aoaaee mat rpug too Wbe ? the namo remtir ?aa referred to on a former occadoa, I ntiated tbat I had never men a rltg'e lino no the rulij ct In loa nbapo of a warding la any willclal document from (Jen Aaw o. The tumor, hrwcvrr, !> ing ? ati ..ng, ami apiatrenpy <o generally believe.', I made a tnore rtrlel and apectal aeareb at the India hoaao " day, and I can now ttate pi-ttive.jr that wc bave tot a alnglo wo d of warning or o' ootlbo gin n !>' ptlen. vVdeoo on the auhject of I io dUaffirunou o' the lergal arm. Mr. (tirKVRAH?IVrhapa Ibe noble lord at the bead of Uiu go' ? bufiit would Inform oe whether It l> In b>a go ?er pi tlx an ea-ly Uu. for the renewal of lb t de'rate with roepect to the prodi cllooa of lorla, upon the motion j! my Locnrahle f letnl the mcmSer f w S, r.kport L/ rd paiMRMTuM?I ant unite aware f .bnuteri-ti taken by H e matu lacturlpg dU'ricio in the qoeatKMi to wolc t my bouoiahlo lit' ml alluura, and lit I ib night that n the p e relit elate of Indian atlatrs 'tie debute could b < cmtloed to HiIrtnM be eerv ?tiling to devote be morning of Tueeday nut to tbe m*)*<?; but probably It would be better, under the circum-u.ioe to ouii|> no that matter for a little, nn II IBe debate to fte relied by the right tidi.o-eb'B gentlemau oo|K?tte on 'h g moral q teamu ahull here termuiaud (Hear. hea? ) Sn I) L Evane?Aliao fh i tie rebforoenr n'e which tbe goto rnmrnt penpiea to eeud o Indie may etcied Lho tiumner which tho 'ioi'rnor U*neral tbengbi be mo-nil itqmre, It ta obrtoua ttnu the tiooe of ii.um.m be? % < utv to perfi rm In tlifn natter, ami I eh >ul<l be triad if -tie ruble lord nt the hi ad of the government ouull give at tome Idea of the tltnj ?btu ibe debate upon tbe general H eetmn may be o*|?-cted. lord J Mo?n<- 1 ib'nk that It wocld bare been mire ' lb factory to tbe Houta if an anawur to tbe qiie?tto.t of my bonnrabte frt-oe , tne m<-nib?. from Radnorshire, bad been given by tbe member o' tbe govern nent who ta re ponnbte tor tbe Inmnu depart me a in ihia Huuae, la'teal of by tbe honorable member I ir Mud If rd. flile <|<i.etioD aa a rrry tmoorwni one. Mr. V. ?wiiii?My honorable Men t an* we red the g-ine'toi of tb? believable txaronvlth" mem be foe tWiooreuire, tot aa tbo tai mber for (lull fort, bet aaoha'rota f tbe lourt rd IMrtcior* of tbe K*?t (one Oxnpany (Hear, bear ) (ieti ral Atnno bad no itnu ioi iatina trim tbo government, bi t ettb the 0 eiri of Ibo-coea, arr* it be LU w label to pot it oat amy d?ft<M?ocy In th* army o? I'-ougel o f w*h?rf, bji tw'?? ?o-iH h??n 1k-?o, M m l.ter> ri'n.her of ibo OotencU or to le, to pat min?to> a > o mord o< bit opinion. Tbol mluit* would h??o a tauli Dt?lra of by the whole cm ictl, irol.ing tba ; >v* rtw r Cebaral, by wh m It woult hare b-wwi (storm. i*t hoibo t ibo Uonrt of DlrerfffK N? .000 mio.it*, ao 1?' ol I ?n> aware, tv? r aftt nolo by tbo lit <l?n?nl noi on I know that bo ever **pr*e**d ooy opinion ? lb rt ?t?ct to lb* ? state no* of Ulraffr?>t*o In any portion of ibo J*.. army. (ilrar, hrar ) elr J Wnru raid tbol a* romo booorable f?ot)o.aea p*or bim ?rrr? pot eallrfled thai that bat thnrotirbi/ -inPrrilni d tbo repl ytrnn to I U qoa Unn, be h*g/o 1 u> a** whether a?y?tticitl -o<nuianl<-ail a whatever bad bona foolnd by eoy derartmanl of (nvarnnoot fr>ai Ira. /toaon oal'it g at lam Ion 10 tbo eiMtanoe of dwaffeOUoa in Ibo Ip t||i arn? t Mr V. .-ahi rtpliod that do at eh nxnaauDtcaiino hvJ brcp 'arrived ??,.tain IH-aramaa a*k*d wb*?he* any onnnnnnr'tOoo I had be?n >*e*i red rota *r W liimm allit iun|wi? *?r C W.Nin rai l that whii* bn war I'raaldoat of tbo Board of Joatrol notelng of U?? kind waa rooeteed. OPINIONS OF THR EJfOMSH PRRH8. [Iron, Uie London 1'o.t July 14 j ft waa hot on the Bib of Una prr**nt ibhUi la*t yaar that all l.orirnn tuvaed ont ie a p*rfi-nt fever of Jibiaitoo I., yrtrt ibo Mturn of tbo G .a-da, f'a aoclant and fa,onto pa. riion. i a e e e Tb* aword waa aheatead, ar t, inrfnrd, only tve* day* af'iwafda Kuartan rrolmiU rorumrd tbolr poetenl ttalak la aud the inri \ntli h x lcl'r waa onoo morooo board a 11 *11'h. hip W? fad hoi our flranorka aom* tan da>a before, aod an lo<ie*c lhabto c-ramosy bad been p?rfo> mod at CbariLR Otooa b? iDcomp'nbn^aidlo functional iea,fo itai we * r*en?'d, ' at our c-xuiaa would aay ih".Pf b ibrlr roa**, that pa*** waa noma, and wo hoped It wm Id abide. Horn* err* g?ve It a definite ?rm-lornly tun. ihlitv rrara -u.mc reminded or that iba laat Ho i?l?u pranalaated forty < am fot ihey org"* that that I..- ly j nr< com -rtaeil o-rtaln aventa which lodtr atar..i at hugpore, Mahetdprre, Ran, no "bnrtporr. Cainl, N**a ti r, M.h?r?j,,oo?1 Mondtor, r-rcn-?hav tliwal, tjb bob, I hoaneallao, Mochas. an i llonj rat They forgot that U?re It a lao . la th? far Ian ?rbr>n the torca of ?ar 'a ???ar )urnrb'd. aod th?> bo-le dre,ined taa', befire a ).?r had el#p?ed, wn chmld bo engage! it cm arklng ??o regiment* of rara'ry aad l#tii? of Infantry fir India aa faat aa we oould gat thipc t> tarry th-or-iha tbo al< M enidler <Cngia>l omi ?1 pr > dorr "hooM br already oq bla way at a >oCo? which lof) I 'm nn.r for preowilag lu.ie mora than (Ir CharfM Na i lr? kWtrta Held rqidpiarnt, to brlaf tha mrprrtaott of C Htitna and Wa<rhrrrt>, of the t'r macula aa<l China, of <.?-jnai ami icehNWopnl to bear u no iba largeal held that f a- ?il bran off,-red -o a?? a'.Bg'e fl l'f?h "Una- -upon .an itrmy i/n vf/Ird and i/yVyteinp teJl/i<i and ptrtitl mUtttf J m < nl'-uttr On l/th-rt Tim r.i\, ie It torrl "?l?, yrt, ruin all ibr arro' tita ar bar* reret-ao by tha lad telegraph, ib? erlala la pnbab:/ pan. O the hi teoua mirage* ona milted, we rhall ray Dotbtrg. the fell natal rg ia ?11 mo root looaom. Hut aa "?c moertod reroll, a i?prra?td ao4 tf?o r*r rid, t? a prcnorni m n ibai h ?io?? rer-.ly, If arcr, h?? rec-odrd; and it' n a*?u'edly the ofltrer to *hom the chief o- maitnd haa brra eairarted a'nre be rfaa'h of '!* > *pm c, aUI rot all iw lb* hyora u> rear IU potaoaoa* brad agolr. Thr capprertma of the m nlny ?e- me to hara barn elated by the oea h of thu ia?t t ame<t affl or at Kit' aa I, b? b >'rra whl .h ?* aa * f i be in* o tiural death <W a r.-.ir mender Hi chHf, bit |i wal "Sir delayed, anJ, aa ww arOripnted, the Brwi ?>H|*I n bctwm th* </iron '* ir-mpw ard ite rebrb rtinlle<1 in a dtaaaUntia r? pule* to Ur? lauer, I he I r# of tarroty m g r? and a re'reat 'e?? a rlijr which In Bo'<f? frn?lb|e Sir (' !>n OlmjirU ?<Wt {V"/ure protoh/y Jll?<f yftm ku mrrirml a hnllow yulW. Otr . rupluo inf.'d fire, foil e*r o-tfWno dtlf moal'lrrang. and tt wilt latin a an-rg hand and a wary bead to reconairoct hat Bengal army a bich the electa of Nay have chattered. i Krom the Uadnn Ttmen. JoJj th ] The HMUrh gi"i rcmeni la Ha relation i to the twflta -m plre U tha araeBt man of graeral aoclety. Ho haarc. oT . w ' ? ? MIT U1H imvuK "?wj? th< lawa of sound, >?ut b? taaea a long time to e imprehetnl what he hears ar<l digest hit lafrrmaloa. an I a mil) l> tf' f t me to act opCB It. By tha a- l 0 bt am an I aleotr.iiiy wa obtain ham newt from ?rary part of lo-ita within forty <lny?; from one of the Praatiaactaa i? etaclly four week* No >Inu> t, no the arrival of atiraorotnary and alarming lataldgeace aonio amivilr la abowo. TTie I ahluet meet-; a general determluaum 10 teod oott mora fiwrea la promptly arrive! at; ami U oaa lawa- cm omcth'og la actually d'-ae whh moat e**mptary de?p*u-h. vlr Patrick <1 ant having been appoiated previa lowad Commaenrr la <b of of the army la H'hgal, aot a m auto a Vwi la Hatirg on tha ilel of b?r Tiywiy't o?a tervlec aa nfflrr mo-o competent for that poet, aid be atari* within twenty fhir bonra for bua C<?m ir as el That door. and ?r Cullo har'og embwrked at Dover amid the cbeera of bla If ghiaad fr?aa<ta. we are left to ercltim, O H he omtivi ' Would ksab elthrr one man coult aave the la-'tan amplre, or thmb aa Bbakepere make* Talbot e*pr??n It, U?? whom of Ir C?ln Campbell would speedily follow, anae, Irga, aloe we, bonev, U? the shape of lufkr.l/y, oaealry. and arti lery I Cannot some ode of tier ojeety M'oltlera. la oae ll iuae ><r the oUter, tell ua etmpty wnaa forces are going, wheo Ibey are to atart, bow taer are to he ?ravtytd.aud wbea tbry are 11 peeredIto arrtraaa Ca cit'a, and thence ia the <ila?iT.*t?d dtstrlrW Prectaw laformettra oa all ibeen pmota la tba ?ily ? ?** eueptcloa that lite w?r| ia alaca'jr doae imp namphj* baa semaeked reeeateoly way tb# troo.w are tot farwardel 10 ?te,Birr?-why. la her traru fleet, there a-e ?o vetseie ava.lab e for the pa toae, are ?h?t Mr.?er* thai ?eo ni Uitmf Tba aagaerpeta la, tha' tearaag.. it -a* usual to tea I Ireopt by sailing ean>e|* which ell ar well af ateame ra In|a bow ever, Wa ? a> crnca of fa. lt aud of flgutea- We ?' * P*oi>>b <* ??UBv.'.r WaaJva-.ee el hr? III pfr.tu mie t ear to wi <n? r. H i' ?" rn-y to give en en mate of a roy age by eea or land at of the cent of a bulMiag <w a harbor .t here la the gate uveal < -tlflialw cf the woo a w ul or to be eeot oat, lh? time, a?d, we prtauate we mug', ad 1, the oo?t f Thta r'vwtrgi ?anaot be emitted, ltcau'0 It la the principal rawrow ibr jw-fVwilrg tall to -team But if the a be a drtoritce in the epee'. tat*" >?er oo-t a ortta tb.-wt d fT. fawned 1* it wwlb the rlsa? The uae of ucam ta aoi ta carry a