18 Ağustos 1857 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

18 Ağustos 1857 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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TH WHOLE NO. 7656. ARRIVAL Of TIE COLUMBIA. NIB DATS LATER FROM ETROPK. UIMG IK THE ATLANTIC TELEGRAPH FLEET. Ihplomatic Belationa between France and Turkey Suspended. HW CABINET OF THE SULTAN. THE INDIAN MUTINY. Immense Treasure in the Bands of the Sepoys. Nktfsfett sf ike Gevtroor Central of lutta and Ike lew femaaiHlef-ifrCbief. DEATH OF EUGENE SUE. SOTVWS FBHBB?BREADSITFFI LOWER. C';?sm>Ib, 90 1-8 a 90 1-4, So, JUx, Jto Ma Cfe.taa muut r Co'looo *. Cwuin Berry, wbloh Ml livarpeol at two o'clock oa the afternoon or lib of as fast., nmM her dock el 0 o'clock yesterday doming. Ike Oohunbla exporienoed booty westerly wtnds curing dBs anttro voyage. Me eewe it four days lour then thel brought by the Mode, bat it not of an important cherecter. Me Engiah paper* ere mainly occupied with mmort md epece latum, in the ebeeeoe of farther edrteoo, upon dbe eflnin of ladle. Me tour voeeele comprixtog the Atlantic Telegraph ex ptihlni loft Qoeeaatown el 6 o'clock on the evening of andejr. the 8d of Aagvat, end wore expected to reach Teknthi Bey in toeaon to commence operations on the 10I Wwlag morning. Me Lord .tentenant cf Ireland bed erWted et the alerting point of the telegraph in order to wti w the proceedings. Me Parte /'eve my* it !a In pommaton of infurmehoa wMafc anehim It to slato I bet Ganere) Bernard, on the 11th tt JnMi bed 6,700 men et ha oommand enoamped before Bafcl Hie leialbroementa, of ebool en e^cai ncmbsr of weapa, were expected to arrive between the 16th aid aoth JMBi with ilege iitJiery when en etteck wonid lake pktoe. Me betoeged * are act ism than4f,000strong; bit adds idth enlhorty, tmy ere w'.'JkoI dieeipaee eed oommend :ng affloer* 8* OohB tiempbed eirtTed et Aiexuiri cn the 2td or Be waa to leave immediate^ for scez, end wockl ml UMCbtt* mj7 In September. B M Mated that toe ton India Company tare approved ton pfcwo of Ue unlet a Heanui lUlinp Company, ul ton* n guarantee of I pnr oaet ton been granted on ite r (U*. : ,000,000 in 1*0 nan waonwiaioUe atoe' tM ton rente raw fmw Ctecnua M?g> ton Delta of ton >'H|W tewarda Daoca, nnd pewee in too audit of rich to ntoMwoijr poynlncn diatrteto. ton London Pmi of ton ?to nf Aagiat ?y? s? B B affirmed at BUford toat definite amnreaenw bam V ?aadantowi^ to ton unit of toajtnm cl the ! C8n8KS^iiujS$ ! to fear first trip rrom Mliford Haven It !a kite aaid that mortage ror ber are to be laid down In toe rcada oj.pw to , ton toe a, or oc er an toe kontoern tide of toe haven. Mr. toeael vie ted toe port lent week, ft lo Oar toat the termini ef toe two groat ilnw of railway which ran through I too principal ty, Holyhead as 4 Mliford, have been eentott- ] tog tor the pa'aa and !t ia tUd that the advantagea are in to roe of Mliford. partiiaJariy tin vicinity to toe great earn eoaifieid. (to aatLrday, Augnai 1, too Great Eaiters w*t vioit. nd fey the Lord Mayor of loadoo and a acme man and dtoilngstohcd reriy The company emanrtno at Ixadoa trdge artarf, en board toe alate nargn. wheh wee profiteer deoorated with ^aga man era, fee., and wearied by tot navigates barge, it.tr anHto, pouoe, anu other craft, pro:eeded devro tot river. Arming at toe yard, toe company laade<. and were received by Ue d rectora and recr^inry of the company. Hmae two bonra were oocupicd .a uulloc toe hage vw en. Tbe crn.re down too river wai coot mod u oreetwieh, where toe "ord Major anterta i td toe vivtore to amaer, at toe ?h.p Bote:. Among towe pre tec', were B. Eop?. the chaiman of toe company, tee Hon. Mr. Berkeley, M. P., director: the Goverror of toe Banc of totohml; Mr. JtoCCto Ba. bnr.oa, Cepta.n Earriaon, com wander of the Grea: Faetera Alderman Ccb.tt, M. P.; and ' ' i ?e? T>? icr.-h of the ?h'r la eiarctodto ?fce place rar'.y It October cext. The Ihadce fflnp*.' o. U.? Uh of AtftM M|l ? II tf wHb rrvet at'.afkctlna that we annotate the te "re Ifcea probable rcar.mptton of p?TBieii'a by Mr Gl rtir acl Eo Mbl never to here (topped, with lullr tot Reae'a, e flearmb.rf; fade, eel unaulled honor, and meiranLle eeteetn and reptito to Ibe fc'cbeit doiree, the boc?eof Wtneitn oei ic'ted %u the a cameo of the >.reek mercantile he with the coaeolidaUca and coefl tea. of an old Turk b firm Mr. Laboutbere, EngEab Secretary of tali fir the r. totwee. bee aoeep'ed, beta r of the foreran.eat, the a? boatton el a e<erfyBao tbr firit b ibep of the row dioowe o.r loo Joe. Canada War. AM oaoa aa bar Ma.i?a ly o approval of the choice of Dr. Jrenyn roacbee Canada be win to onar? crated B?hop of ' or doe by the ftrhcpa o' qnabee, Toronto aad Won *eai. .ader a onmalattau fro a the Arohb abop ef (erterb ry, Tb? ofpper ib'pe Jaaer B* nee aad t'tamp'c* of the Seat, (Araei.caa bull!) were at "ortomonth it di '.a troopa b>r ladle Their or let I'd propcruona attracted treat atteaton and the vv>een brrnelf bed lavpected them True bllla bat bee a (bead aganat PpoCea, the alleged atKtrer of Mr. I.'ttle la Dahlia. lat.e rig.,mi Bocae of Lorda on Do td of At fret Xord fcroug am KOTed for a re tern of the t caber of t laaoet atu>o aet 1 ar aaealary ooated. txd apo*e at leagti. la fey or of .-.a enlargement Of the fraa*. oe. lie yreMed, et tee aae tunc, age aet any atterattoo .a the Urn en l try cooat tcuon ef tlie cocatry with a flow to Ml It BON <? ? ritit, m t.a U ought ei>"mf I ad btoa dooe im that dlmecoa try the Kejor* bUl of UK. la Ibo He of Cmmom m t.c liu areata/ lard Pkacnkm referee' to U.e b,J tatrodoood to lb* I/rdf by lard lumart. ud preeeowsi ooppJcBeolery eotmahe for tbo expenoM of the mimu. ierd Join (eaoeU'o fm for o eetrot mob um to la|l>? bow for ? nertala act of rirlUnwii rilopaaa*: with Uwi an o* it wor : ta tbo oau> wt.leh axel aded Jowa mm tbo Boom wee orreed to. A? tiptoe-oa oaoorred to ocool nine oft Aibtor t_ndar lywo 00 Ibo ?1W Jnly, oad about forty of tbo otiaoro owtkM. Ibo gooM of tbo Ketboriaada woo oa o rtoit to LfoorHOOL Tbo Ooyonar* of tbo Fmporor Napoleon end Empnwo O^eatr for Orbom- wooftiod for tbo fob cfAageit. It wwoold bot thry woold ooJy bo aoooeapaaled by Oooat Wbtowok Jibe Mialotor of Forolga Aflkifo, oad (toner ?j Mi Wo worr rm Phrto thai? rumor boring booa otreuIoOod Wm ol the approeoeier P't oa tbo 1Mb Aogurt tbo coptwo of tbo Motokoff woo to bo repreMntel, the Kuerten iwliow 111 I wot/ 1 on Ibo toremmoot for tb? porpoao of taktog omopUoa to tbo sfonerwoot. wbea bo wm told Wat * wm never mooted to re pre wot oueb capture, tbo rboara lubjocl Tor reproow-tatioo being the eonq ?*t of Kabyia. H. bod- nltb, Dtreotor of tbo ftoeerol Movement of ft ado oi Ibo Mletotry of Toonoo. bod f-eee epiwinted Fob"otwar of tbo ftoak of France, *1<w Bp. Voroeo remgaed ~oy do ?oe, tbo aoreRot, died it forte on the -d of figoa. Tbe boot fa I.oadoa woe eieeeetve. Mooter* of ParBeoooat woro Milan to ho or, at ore a^tci?f!y oo grco?o oaootlng nommenoM oa tbo l.th or b ig at b -Ttooo from all porta of Fraaeo rte'e tbat tbe rlk bar veW Were to froai oao third to ooe fourth coder folr ardlaary crop. tbo new wheat ta Franca wot proving of eieollott gaaltty oad balk, and real lied oao la two fraarv per bootobtro a poo old A pood early vintage wm eipoeled. A nrwuwnnineUoa ban boon mada foow tbo Porta Impe rtol Cfoairvofory to tbo fMlwlog effort ?On the tWIh n!l, . lion dleoovered a tew eott '.a tbo ooaoU.loUon of tbo fbat/Jeopard fi. rone) a boat mm o ptoob ta tbe awU| E NE Ha poaniot ?h rfci* aeoenakw 4b 9m, decienrton, r? a?(. 37 mm The London C* '<-u:ie of Uj? M ml Njt -Tlimwi ef Ike death of lAbiacbe, wtlck waa circulated by ibe Paria Pnast on Wcdne*!iy, SPifa ill J, la authoritatively oontoadictad. E.iMii:n at Ike Pro* offloe oa Tbanday tc my '.hat LaWarMe waa at that mm eel al KiaaeA^aa, w.x toe daughter, Madame Blager, and that M Ukc derive 1 nr. .<> . benefit from the water*. A rumor wm umnt at the PerM Eourte ^Ul tbe roeg Miked of .nWiT-en between (be t\ar end (be Emperor of (be Frenob bad a'ready taken pt.ire. fhey are Mid to bare Lad a eecrct meeting near ftmrbotrg on (be 14M of July. Galignan."t JfcMmprr, of Angus Sd, caatmne ute ioJcw ' At HemIt may be remembered tbai rami, tbe man woo bw figured so oooap-cuousfy m tbe Nonbera Stilwiy irudt. wee ahetily a ter hie tiight to *mcr>ra eerie ed a banc rapt 9j the Tr oouai or Ootnmerce. 'lotwtthrtandlng bin ab mice irom France, be poi In an oppeeiUon to (be bank roptoy, but tbe tribunal deoMei Mat it void an be re eehred, inasmuch ee H wee not maie within tbe wi*>* ft- e J by law. tie a ppealed to tbe Imperial Court againat -bat ikctrtou, and (bo eaae wae beard ?e?u?rUay. On hut behalf, II wet contended '.bat having loft France, be wet oottiieu. bolli b? we tbe dec Wall on of bankruptcy audio i.fct appeal again*'. i , to t rede.ayn allowed by law to bankrupts absent rom France at tbe moment ot" baokroptoy; iVm, on tbe caber bend, u wm represented Ail ae bo bad taken to HIrM from ju::oe wtttout regtuatsg bis wusm. be tad no rtgUto tbeae delaya. Tbe oourt. taking thai view of (be awe, demisted tbe appeal, and confirmed lbs declaration of bankruptcy. Tbe Pertt Jfwtt-wr of tbe 3d of A gum publishes as ae. count of tbe reocpMM of tbe Duke of t<raa, tbe Spamsb ambassador, by tbe Emperor. Tbe Duke of R5m? *.10 - cede Haraba Serrano ae Spectin embaerulor to U-a Dent of The Trlierea Tbe frnpert.r'r ipeerb wa? highly orm pbmetUry to u.e Duke pervcuely. mo to tbe tpaniab oa"on genera; ly. A :?uer from a Mmtnertal WKice Ua Macmd, .aiei am the 2Mb of Jtly, aayi Abboogb tt appear* poKUrr tbat our government baa accepted (be mediation of Pranoe and Euglanl in (be Meal oan question, ibat medtabon .e not to bo of encb n nalcre ae oomplteely to bind 8pain to acoep. what (bone Powers may propose. Tbe Spanish government, in aooepUng tbe friendly offlera of the two Poem, bee particularly deeirod to five them e proof of Ks moderation: but at tbe tame Un e it eegieote nothing to be reedy to act In tbe event of that mediation not being sttoeeaafiU. If. TafTagns, tbe Ktiictn ervcy, baa returned to Madrid from Paris. It ia expected, taya (be i'upi, that tbe dif ferenoe between Spain and Mexico will be arraagud la IVM. A derpatefc from Madrid nji *?Marebai Pat too waa eupocuxl to #*m for Cub* to take ibe puit of QepWmGeneral. Tbe Genoa 6u.?tu co&taiiia a abort nbetmct o! Mai. eu'e hjticJe, tbe publication of wbMb aaoaad tbe Mtzure of tbe Italia del rt-poto on tbe 2Mb of July. Keltic I deeiea there harm; been any tateaUoo of pUlaglag or blowing up pcbUc ediboeo. and aaya that at Genoa tbe movement wee .not , directed against Ibe Ptedrnonleae gcrerament, bet that tt j Iwkj is tend c .; to tam thomeeaa of action which Genoa I poeateaea to accent. and to draw Piedmont into a rewol jUonary war. Xaridni cocohidea by decin-fsg tbat be wiii | not ovaae ucU be baa attalced bit object. Tbe jMi-.a <L: Popolc. tbe Maurcian organ pebInked at { Genoa, waa telxod ibere on tbe iPtb eh., on aooeoct of a euppltioen: tcuUmif a loaf defence of tbe late attempt I at Genoa, written by Mazatal hlrcieif. ' Tre fn-ptrer cf/urrtabad oft-latwi a: tbe laatft'*. I at iba Trieste raJ??iy, wbleb unites ibe Ad.?tnCo to ibo Nnrtb sen. Bucs &r ucb, lb? tutuiaA Minister of Plaaner, la a epeeeb upon tbeoeeaatow, axpreewd ibeeenlial ir'abea of ibe (overawes'. for the ranlt.jdk>n cf tbe ?ae- anal, and i declared tbat tbe eppoetboa of a etnfa lovaremett .leg. land) weeid not check tbat paa* concept rm. At full Pa^t aaye ? aprolEte-t to pvjeee-. ic ?ti> Ioelan rise a Thte mairm a 1 nrnlfaant ' tbe preeeee" ct <h? wans nr.niee* between be Ionian Pu-lUuaeri as. tb? Br.M't wutV>- u*a. | It la tnUtaoed tbat tbe Pop* la doMsrnrts* i to aroad te i journey to Twuy. wbere .t e predated, an enjueastat reorpi.ot aw am a.m. bdvlcee from Y eruae atale thai lUrabal r* trass' tad ee ar r*etrered :*st be waa ab'e oa tbe Jst n.t 10 reetor# to bier. Prom r or of a we leare tbat a tre trokr or< at Tar-b oi. lie; ix c: . c y. am. w> ?? ni, rgic uc tviL.Livsi rpread ore? an .xoaeu< o>' t^r'trl-aral icwry, r-onrcm!' r Tart craaaUtiei of aui- iDf pii ccc. ?ry bo xer, ba'M. Ate. ; Oporto earx.derab e u aat-or tad ? ore 'MM by the !!? ?* ery cf frte rre t-aoar x .he ir.ie trade i.CTTBiurt: tai nrl-ed a >arfp .eact'.y cf k aa.ro broofb. note . j | axe. axel intended to be aaen oaet an ToriUt ! nr. * jf. Abr.Jt ..,003 ripea of tfceae trii.croa, whS.h .OBiptlae be 1 a ohc... ?id?t at- 4e mrc r of tar, aro aa.d t? be in .ttd c. A" o.rtafr.oi -weder ax* Vtrttf Nfrmi^ tkt tarreet proxpacti a? eery tee-ret and oa the wool# tdiier act. It la oaiitva tiat ?we lea wJl tare to :aoxrt a/ye )j dt-1?c the; aert year, the atcte rc thi tterewtl t-a barely ha.'? a -op 'x the aeifbbcr rb-.? rttory e" > xlea l. Tte arrew t'oan.at'ji 'aw* waa *x ?a*e Aaavbawriboa for New Vott (>e iba aaxre Cay mat I e Conn, o a le't Uverpoo. The a'.earrib p Arabia are red cat at lirarpoel ui. no o'ctork oo the u. on? ny o? fen ay, i c?'. S. Iba acre* aveamer City of Waab afu. tu reported off Ue'en cf L'TarjW'; oa tte noon: if t'Wecxaeoay ut 6th raur DM l.oodwood fU<* uiit tlaa A intra an Horara. [>re? b# '-oa'loa Sar. A arm 4.1 TbaOoode od Ltp baa bow haao earn 1 hw taw by our alike?i.. .aa la iport m w?!l ae i >ir blAM rtcax reatura aaa oot d ?cr..r*< or ait ?t war at ?o ft ay c'tcumatai.iva wbvh ? 11 doublet* indvoe Vr. Ion Pner* Md li.a ' MX| JBiin to pre ->ac tto.r Bay MB (at fijih |U0 I> i boib the *m?r or b< rttm U.o. n.n fcr Ihe ? -I or. cup evldt oU> lacked ta ' bfLih prepere'lca Trjror. par .co or. ?ecrr < J .V end a.'?r the nrktt'j' .iteti n? d (played Wor< '.?? atari ??r? turrr.tad 14 ear b.rn figure *o proftucor.L/ a if.r race 1 bore bo Loo t \oa Ji Ptalloy,, bow l! i- h? Am r?c tore** tod boon rlddcc by /OfLob ocke'a, tt?y weed bore oe?a much c?o*o.- the ? ccer at the fotoh 'cdeed, M tee taace, Prtoi oo> looked imk form! Joblr. u.1 her euowee appeared io bo ?'J> n the range of poeet till fy. Her rdar, krweTer, no.' bo.I aprlrbl npoe ber. oa t bt i bar la a mooocr which wovJ ' bar* air 'ed rtipir'.oa tad as n I'jb jocotf adortad 'Jbo *aaa ?iy.t ofr?<i ng rbe ' a?? rtoaaa. ' la foot, farmed tgirraet of "at-f.Bg ' ood eaa'.ng ibr'rboraaa oc 1 of makiac * ** fla-atea wht b impart * ?n<HtlBf oruolie lo Iba fin fatal c of aa og'rh (nekey. Prlcreae. loo, waa nearly fo af th wrong rov.ree, aa t her rider did not dieecrer ib? mleuto uat I the .ead bad baea tokrn fro it him, and ha taw Iba boraaa baor.ag away to hlo right AfUr U.a'r per'crmoir"r at Goo 1 wood, bowewer, the prateca oaa cf ibo a mar'oaa toraea will be no loaf a r d.eparoged. A oorraapoadeat of the load on .Vtwr. wrtiag from u>e oonraa altar the eooteet, aeye ?The (.anewood Ctp wai the great attract <c of the mr-.-i.ag, and .1 waa raodrred more attract! ta adll by two r rcnchmea ood two a men none w.tb the'.- 141b. allowahoe eooh. rangl r iha iwdraa by Iba aide nf half a aoore of 11 rot rtaaa F oglM thorough brada. Bat f Ibe raoa waa talraded to to a teat of iba powero of ibe repreaaalot rea of U>e throe aatiore, >t waa o moat uatatlefarinry nor, a* the par* la the ; rat piece, waa oaa of Iba atowaat oa roc wd for o two mile aad a hair 1 ao* w'.lb foortrwa minora na hard y-onnd Tba taiar' mm bona rr>or *aa Ml la caori onod't m i r'nr?, b'.a ootapnr'on, wai vary badJv rddrv ax J lha fair F>gt>h " Tarlcv ? Atonal, Aotoa. Waobor, ard a ?m at di Vorgy?w*ra dlaapfmlalnd dsr'ac tfca laat b*if Ua *o moi.T-al J thai It would hava mm a mlraelo had they race wad themno'vea ICaober, vtn going with 'ba load, hod h? hind lata Wreck hy <anbooi, which earned tha laUet 10 fall ao taddeaiy tfcal U waa La <0Mlbie for ihta la bia track U go. niaar Atonal tttcn.rtod to fiaap crr^ hlai, h >1 waa. on U> hit bead, and romrered bet toa lota. ??ni <11 Vorgy, palllar doabla at tha* time, Una sled rmnpHely otot a m. and Anted, wboae rldar had order* to Mick to tlrmai > dur'.ag tha raor, waa loo flow to tcra of), an.I t *. nan ta dvlged biai wnb a Ira? over hall, tha fbllaa karaaa. which ba loo* Boat gaUaaily ard prOTOl "Kal ' to havranaa* protanaloaato riding aa wall at row ao ntry aa ca lha 1 at bflar Mi .a ao-idaat fbara war* ao aMreehanc#*, aad iboao who heppomi to ba bahwa -uahoa at tha Ijdo r.ntahvl tha raoa. Rlaabar aad Maaarqua Icad.nj throughout, aad b*Tl|t ail to thrraaaivaa, lha raat.lt bom' Ui fbvrr nt ibo ?eart <nna by a bond It la oaMari npcr.iiot'in how for the judga'o flat might have boon arteted had every thing r"ha wall, bat tba awrar of iran.ma amorted >*? ' lha boraa bad Mt?r herti ao ti before ah.b ildgrnt mji ba fait aartaia or winning. _____ Tiirhoy# Kir-rl M Of htriOMATIC MldriOta wrrfl raa>C* ?otiAfMw or thk ar/.TAD'a trwi'mr. Advtoae fw lki iMbngta efMnhi A*r??t. aaytthat 1 M do TVccronol, tha yroooh AmoMMdor, hav'.aa fn'lnd la hla oflbvlb to bawr Um Moldavian afettrw^ dacinad n il and votd, la oonwllnnen wttb ibo ororrv of Mr ror. ro meat, ananoadod miauoaa with tha Porta na ;h* foth July and com own.-*d pveparaflOM ta loam Onoo't. taenia To pravMt that vtep lha F .flan dtom wed h r jf a M-watd nndo the tallowing nr w opprtntmr ? ? Mnrtapha ilem. of (Veto, G -and Vn or Aa? 1 aoha. M'aioier of tcro.gn Air? t RO'tMb'd "aaha. (rJSn?< V'? or ) TroatdMl of At Tanrituat, aad K'dnob' aalr. -vraa.. tr. W_YO MORNING EDITION?TTJES THE ANGLO INDIAN WAR. TIM ProfffM of ttM Mutiny in lndt??4up? prtMlnn nf tbr tndlui Pitn> llle^td ll?oUn tlitrlgu??To* Crult TM Ltlul Atw*. There H noth ? Mer from lodle. Oct critter oen ?M touted Mr tfuy a<oaert ey the ?u*tra mall steamer via Cry ton 11 to a talc d tbM ihr India ritru.v care mute a roqnl rtttoti npon the yarn iokci Cor 0 000 addMlocal Iroope, Mb the now of ?vecg heung ite furors to Madrea oo t Hcrniay. witch bare been weaaewrl by the draft* for Bengal. The plain er .< pit treneo-iea by tbe taaurgoau it Hotted to nlrtady amount u iro mJUon poua-ia. Humor* arc again crrrnt thai tbe r&rtmo rorernnK>at dot* net Intend to tvtenaMt Beret the tie*" of the rcr-M 'n -nolo having promptoi them to inch a ccorne ln?v/otm, however, u> that noth ttg authentic ha* been received upon tbe dubrect A letter to the london ?ue enye?The naeaengnra from India by U>' Colombo (mail (.earner) firmly believe that 1 itelhl naa fallen, they itale that B? .j.r u.teri?aace aul nr. .a jjitiMKMi: neero, and that according to Bs> aar In tedlgeae* Delhi had laiten whentbe Madras oaieeoget to't. An mk'nAr wan fall' appealed u >aat pre dency. fno IC.v reprana were ndraruic 1,700 annd men wire foe fid atooot tfcte tad ace of the h' ;ng o' lode, abhruge. act I'd- j tog to treaty, !< **r r ot anvelvueirnri*. <.ndaal. ir Cofca Oatupbeil'a nteeare iirtngo cgvp. wa? j? uvt ' ton tao pcipuv- ? a<vdmg too aimy <tx tre or at> 7y jpn dl tatens, with a aei-eral at Ut'- be.*d of act. In too Kr.fiirl Hooee *f '.at la oa tbo **- los-aa., Lr*d itmmuie iolrodooed m bill empowering governtoonv to embody and call out the mlfctta ot any time before ue ftvh of March next without having to ooli lvr?'?m?nt together, ho nakt that o etato c-f Ihtogn e ruled tn India which oauaed ae great o drain -pon the Uarrn'n force* m If u?o country woe engaged n a fweige war, and to meet 'bit lin-n ten now battailoae were to be rahe-J and the ragtmeam were t> ha increased flromHM to 1.0C0 rank aad lie. aad Utete nerving a India '. cm liXK) to l.iOO ail U?:? could be done without going beyond extitlcg note, and the charge would mainly tall on tho rut India On at par v, but a* time would be neoueaary to pan Ilia (tie id crone* :c Una army, and the ooantry wonid a; ibe .no or be drained of troopi, the embodiment of the nt.htia might a-oome neceaeary, heaoe the prunoaiCoc. After tome remarca from the ofwuvca that the mew- i euro ought to have been brought forward earlier, Use bill vu read a ffnt time. 'from the Onlrot a Eogbabman, /one 19 ] to the loi-tclght which baa etapeed etnee the aepartr.ro w mo imi nw., av immy ewrwrng itiiii uvgti^n, that we hardly know bo* to ecimcrate ibttc. Pertapa the grrale*' svuatw n w ill be catted at tiomc by the irem or tneex - tng or >ad? and b ? V nisw Ally Vuofey Kh?o, who were both looged tn >o I William on Monday mom lag. Boon after hia cepos;ik>a, this ctlor?sn?te mi.iarcb lenloohcow, sad bai ever t'.eoe rmldto in ?he nt.?bb>'hood of Calcutta In rreatseclcxlon, and apparently pulecv ly wattisg the reealv or the exertions erf tie aftnj la la* ia&d Bit If lU reporia or natives -.at be truatei,toe King's attachment to this neighborhood aroee from tt having been planned that the wnole of li-tgai and Cpoer India ibould bo (bared a noagtLe ttaboanetao pr'aooe. tae tittuar a jag o. Delhi wan to hare halite lortbwen. Tt a King of Cade's brothe', the r hereditary poaeees >n? a .ih aon.e additions, tha Ring b'maelf Z* *tr Bengal, and i n,o Covlioee were to hare been aaa>gaed t* the Kawih cr jorsbedabad, so that !te lfk.stelrr.to ytmvt'es were to have been ere ywbeie restored. andtheatctnt cf each 'brone made easy, not oy the blood of warrior* etcn in battle, botfihalof onoffssong Fhglish woman and ch'.Mren, cruelly tntohered tn ooU blood. It la to be supposed that the government .a'In peaaaaabm of eoftfect er ieme aga'.nat vh.ee alrertori -r m oaand that It wea.d not tare arreeted the Ring ?T Ocde wnhoot baring proof that he la personally imp boa tad in the conspiracy by wttion ho waa to have proited. X' this be the fact, ti e deposed mo carcb will barn loat all nla k to the sympathy of the it.-i Uah natron, and will be re garde- with greater home than the n-atlneersUMme?ly?, as having instigated ibetr Crimea without c nrage to mare their .acgor. tor comtnonieauoni wft t the Vpper ! tovacee are ae j o-mpletely lelerrLHted Mat we can j ire aocccreated nar . rttita af erotCc. i.rery i.'ay trlof! news o.* a r.-est ma j . Uny and fhsra mordera, Kdlnaiaao of the larger port/on { ! of the B-ii/af arm* borne oya> and U'tbi-J, ai ao rent j ?*mw; w-qim i wj vui.ji uii v, uu? trwwvua w l-vw ?? ; oeptiona to lb* gcweral ri.v of ncury, tod tree u x< few are probably restrained r>j fear alone rem fc 'ewng eo ( 1 example of their ooarMw. -Wfc?e rigtiorire baa been ahiwn, vbe dbobedlent fiarr been diannced, and tbj we i bare reaaon to beiiaee, b;?s taken place throughout Ike ."nwjAs.tbcngh n ti.re oniy reports from aeme a mown. ' At other plaoca wbera it waa lmpomfbie to aaad timely re- i ' M wamr aw4 ?<w bare occarreA. and thui moat of tbe Stallone beyond 'Seoa-er bare fallen c r tbe bands of tbe mcVneere. At .Clbtaiac, tbe Puropean resldtnie bold tbe fori i|t u 'be aepc js and '.he mot, and are by it 1 Ua e, ho dcul?. relieved by Uia tie drea'oa.' era ?| to the.# aaaHtance, btt u.c or n. man oatlor. w'lb tbem Is cut ot ; and ereay attempt to ectabt.rh dnwhe to tbe ncrtt went baa failed. O, ?ate?; n? ? :roa? Delb.. eb oh .a aaflol own. mac bet -a by telegraph U> Madras, and thence by at nam to ^arti a. it ta at fWloea ? There ha# been area: ?r<yvui on he "h oriel## b# walla of Dilbi: '.weu'y ih g-ae aaniured, aal x 1 mi. aoere dfti ua -lleplr'led x.io lie :c en. All the he ebie 1c our poae??aw>o I'aruea o: mm oaeie .a . eel thx; hi ygs-r r* ad, i'x up 4 r mn .ii 11 ig be ?#eo Agra, bootbodatab r and M#e.-it. Al: ' diet at Afro. tale * Terv important, ttnee tbe be gut ecarlete y osmmaod tb0 tewn and fort, ahten eaocr; ran t j be brii loug, end it le therefore probsb'e '.tal Delt. baa already jhi*n Tht ?i a4lnsn?i iteJy ic-et the country. bet It will X '?e. np he conei racy, (, aa * new ! : unera'.'y 1 .el'ercd, it le an N|MM alien.,-: u. MM 1 tbe Mabometui prtnoee 11 power, lied it beer as st'Jfo.ly on red out as It waa eArerly oABued, t tr'rtt bare been lUL. XtEr row, ;pr iuc rei-ioaoor c. i mtDt < >< ro. lard ceta k m:;, 'J( /?M 1 | 'cr oa-ance -nwarda men .n opart rrro.:, patf n'.rw*. I d'oary adraetsgeto the -aaaptraiO'e tad ihrv ko-ei hff ' to cm Ibem. but :tey wanted a irac. Wrotctid .-eeeoa tutu nob Uie'.r ccrrcpted maatera, are n<4 Ibe pereo a to fBt jl a ft*a: pott retol-i cn, and u:e want cf a leader J autl when art'Dg apax>< ?t e- it,.abed (<?ernmcet wbleb, wbee roueed .* rapab e < ecer^rt.i a-t oo. rhw it r.o d .cbt to a. It a or .ueeerr, eakctatea on toe :m poarb.lty of o .iJr'.ng re'croroenenla '.a t ate, ac t they tret: bare been ai'-aawbed a tee rap.d *.y ar th wblcb Br'tlah troops hate Men pw.red c. Indeed, there .?u> tbB| a lb j ?L<jre annale o.' we- e< ? ' lof.av to w it. wbl be i?rt f the ."ertlaa eiped!t;oc err ted, tba men of ber M * :>? 0: it foot br.nc actually landed tn Co.salla w i n tin* woake fr< n the day <o ?b ch ihe (Milbl mntiny wat known to goc eminent rla-'/ t?i ia~r jots 'tvrurf .\fbr a )*' v-ipr/in ' at V it rwui tnnu* .Aat JAe koh t/M". tricjil vn -rvU4 cr Ciuto . CI I U ft to y mi -t-.t id ? fy km U .Tiuh- for | firtupttel/ we bate externa; form iw. aod r jr 'cd.an 1 netghbora a?e for toe meet par: rordl', aid are f.r'rg ! oe aoatrtuce. Wtlle we f re Ate erf J", to the f(w?rtwert foe ta ex! trl'ooe to prottre trrv pt, we aJt ttxry tfat we rt.art cenatre ac . edtifed m*? re c: proeaut on. o ratnr lay, nt a eitider aod pea mod - nw-rt toe t eglabk.te ono:i lanel aw cu A' rrira ** ' tit* pv- 'l" pr'it. Bat cy ttep pa* ed a-tfcoat any ti.n y or pre . ta'trr and n ?*r pert tn or tte | M <Ve*a It n ?r ,-e ' fair't I *?p?d to tee ? eo -rt a." a e-eeper, wbr pen* *rd )<ol trotiMtd, air kra f^eo- at.d fbo a* t< We e ae raf t be wro?( to ettntot'pt; ia!e p.e*e of leg <le: re w adoxt lb atndaen fmy.fer i uoe it* ft rrtmrni frrwi rbr bef a n or of the mat oy, bae tu??etf a deaf eer be bl Uw mpm per or r'taaamatory ajl lea of tbe eab'te Bfwepeoe-a. and aptware o? ly ki bete been -o-.tad otc t'Uan by the an r-aranoeofea soeedtary pror airWoo In tbe Axw <i. e eralan paper, edited ly wee ta tbe eaaployateoi of tbe "oodor Ocurt, and :berefo-e ef o d'ng ac add.'t^ooa. p?oof of tb# . ?? rv*l fidelity eftkot" in tbe jr^l r errrlrr fee atier nntt'ty eftbie art, ae eprerec lre aga'nat the rpread ef anob '.noenttee to n order nd tree *, may bt jndged efjby ire well krtwn far; tbai up-, rery" prorleme_?r, * ooo aimott pree'eely kb'< lar. bee btee cJt-ulap d for motthi i-arr, tbrcrngb ft try rag neat n tbe teegnl err y, |ao<i bee beta reed d f?fj wur where KLCntneiUaa reaort. At pr-?? la: , f <m (/"# v>_n>d !n a total t-tprnmk%, -mn prtwnt tAu in a -vmby mr* ntrfy owfAtU crt ?nervie\?r? j -? v If the nareiKira of porarnmeat d.d aot kw>w lb la, ir ther were 'paoraiu of lb* kf.aWne of It la aad *n ( tar '.nocnnlary pnblleattaM, we cia oclr oay it a; tbey t raw tan than the mo*aa*( of tfcnte ur.drr Ihetr ar.lbor tf < :r they did know lt, we -an oaiy wonder at Ike apelhy ?,ih which the propranof the rcntiay wa? regard*', abet a rlporoui (Con mlrht bawe oheekad if ao? aoppraeaod it, and at the ffaddoa rigor dtaT tajad wtn twc-tfelrda of the aai've army are a open revolt. We ntd above tea: tkia act at/'.kre (Vend and roe abbe, bet 'letriknMokdr Boob banter thai (bee: to* the eet>e roppraaatn of a . uie aatt'-e aeeereper. aed ere* the aelztte ol lie p-aaaea aed typae, weald oolj- be the tan of a raw f uad-ed mpen to a nee wfcm whole ortaae map be amharkeJ oa tbia "bama fbr the deal-iv- oo of Ike 'eddeia, while ecoh an Mask apn aay of the faff lab paper* would rt'a Ike pro ptlmore, akd ttarve tka area body of perona amployed by than. We do oot aay tk.a < aoaaae we app*eboed aoy , waatoa aboae of the power f ran by tbie ar.. wk'rk wa hare ao doubt :a :a tea lad atoip I;, to meat be axtfoeatca of tka ilmea. bo It woo Id bare been not mere.y a praoeful aehaowlaii|(neat to topllib jooraktam la India, bot an aot of oetlno to Ikotr who hare d >aa thatr h?el to nnport ba per err arret la tbta partlona oriato, tf tb? art had drawn a wtde d'rtlncJco between ike opitak paper* and too rehlctae of ataader aad traaoae wklcb It w*? mere ape I (tally pointed at. It woaid be Cnp'y ridlratact at a tine like thta, wbn erarv ttlop we pmaaa. ocr fort< nee, tire* aad lhaflraa of all wbo are dear to ca, are tu. rd npra the ovppretaion I of tk'a revolt o arrpet any -opllak Jonraaltat of o.tvoal ' lien or even fnkawarmean in h a oea roan. A mere h'nt < from men la antkorlt) baa hitherto an01 red to raotraia n* I from pnMtakinf anyih'.og which ft waa thnapbt pcudia' to keep ?:nrk. aad ea have eodoohtthat Ike aamefeet'np ba* aalma ed otr eaten porart en Wa ba*" taM aatda ail ike canal tny.n of aa'.madvar p<oa?ibe r'tevati ?. planter*. a.: vera, Ar, to pyre a ft'r ad l-naai ruppwi to tbn p rremnaetit, tail wr r**t" ta a gpenof aet. Ai ib?aeitraorrtinarr ptone of lafflf'a l ?? atiadoai '* imi'td to a year, it .a fa'r to ooppnae ft ti oa j meant r>x the makry-?tn it may ba aaa.fr urn lal ' { to prevent the ctaai a'limadiertiooa o< too Tim prrot upoe pnMie maavnrra and public trven. If ao, It la aery to i aeo that ft mnt be a fal'nre, atnoe the tree nnprraaed 1 her* wttl bnrtt oat with tan fold vtolaaee la tap load. I A roe'fy fV* were* at or'.i lam ikf eramtrntf ihu <y> m ' aveW Ha w bam ml tarta. ft It onld be fairly arpned that threertrv-trrea have no e>ippm frem thoae heat lafirrned ' on ibe inbynt, the local paper*, they eitphi hiT? rr-y rule effort, but whn ft oaa be rped that the Ind'.aa ft lrnaia dare act ?p*alt ont aider the penalty of aoppr** I tor. private atatemonw will he behaved. Uverv ??a aow enart'np wider the on of property, or la afTti?jo at the murder of fr ?ode and r*te> reo. aewio borne an Uidtmaat aad e-affier*iad datrnaeet or the a party and hUndaaw of Ike prre-T?wt a?d to wtaerwhta oflbnt to 1 RK H 5DAY, ACGUST 18, 1867. p'etter crrer eed eotocel the *10) intrtut >e eU.ni; "" Halt- when Hm are reed * ?h rolcf ditfnat wd 'ad.pnettoo will be raited through eel ILe laei. . BITMIAJ* imt*m?CB in ividlI?TEUMM TBI SAtivk .'KIM. J Trow the I/mux 1 ant. AufUK 4 1 e a t e Our Hreaefe noien?w?rr u /*??!, usoutu ' ? >?Mer CeioeUaHim a oorun Mjimk, wboee ne??e we Med ik* pn?, feed h.ee very do?? rereeu>a U'ueta Brtueh ladle, end ifcei e tfeor: aj.ile before tie mcboj fee feed eel oel for I>tel. Vow. lilt .nohr nvore loan clout, tad, poe;."?p It ?-U> lbr> firertoue oj4?ee of Rrttle m rente, AfljReeatalaa ud Indie, ecd ti>e utaMgntBt c-rente, H te morr i&an euefhirVwi*?H e dt nujuwy- Wtia e few lfeout*i>d '.wuuda >e baud, (Applied fey A> iuee.ee rr Oreek ban-ere. ct n.oeejr leolere el toy ef (be pre (Steele*, ? Keen ec??? "?V*S J1'** hafa datn Miitt editor* j>rr^red U> do W? w*t\ JL 1 rroey 10 w*d UeM .n-wJo' u ie tie..;, Act 1 ?/v;dtary j /lyinp-Ace, through not merel> Hae/ ., Bnber ecd Be | Dare*, oai mrovji. ire oeaM/y or im ua the *atc. wor. in India, where there are rnyrtada of c -emfei, or ?r* j '.ttg cierkt, wfc . enn'i ?at ly irarjw.rbe t pnc? write Iba Jtmtnoien* cf an org ?n"y vhKteg car#, i: u ttrt d(' -al: o i ,iu,y**e that ^rritUtt i..u* nr my ko-t tint pr.tpaoattUfara M uncti '.'ndrr moor c ri air Ma^roa ). a a* k me. tare of ?.?do(u u*l prera >--o i> j 'mo Ji? kUo I pros* older etrteprnt rotricBepe a* ># the 'ndtoc ,ir??n I pchitab* l in :bc g'>f m>i <.*?#.iw #<wn!u.r.o-* u? no* i r.ii'io' njr i;ty, an-, ?o trcr -tee/wf. font la weight. tVry m-Jd ue w?:: iikt ibaa 10W ccr rani j trengtfc n lec'to coev'ww of the i\>ro e*-i e1?u?jnj; ? >d to that ntunei, 1 Iter ibceid has cesarean *n "at I 17* oar* note, a .Jtfur y ;*. t# /?.?#.,<>* -we : mil uni lit fft iyU bj .V p-'?</ i'.e hj/'c! ot i by a ia.'/)# military esia&uVwni; but notwithstanding lbahard nruettHy imposed on nn by irrt'oy. ibe rettery Vi! t>? aa weH anJ an |uitty |ore?ix-<i an a. ?.nv antec.< len- i-"Knl Their m u n.'iy, fr-uy. ro/i/?.t. Ai'-y /actors in India, ? a* fcrre, mt-it it caLt i'trij the pt i<U ?n<" faWia-trtW,

and fotrorr Gae.nete have ton rften yielded 10 tbe prwu .np clamor of there r.ttqoM. Matting ban me-oiendro 13 exasperate '.be BratunlnKal caaie again*; Br tist r?ajr in India bar, U>? anxiety to alter, ir dj; b> amend?to rbapgo,'f not to ameliorate?tc reform, if not 10 e-evate, the native. No douiH M In our doty to rescue tbo Ind .an people, if ye car., from tha deepotic do Anion of the na live priesthood. bo? (Jbii must 00 done, if at all. (ec'.ly and slowiy,ana not ratify and pred jitateiy Am the Brabtclaa ooaa'.dor (be to ff decry of all education, tme iofkvoo, and improrfnen1, pretty much .n the itfbt in which tbe i'opiaL ^rleattood regard the rending of the Bible? aamety, u oppvei to their undue domictoo and power?it J quite eer tain they bave worked en the pre;Qd'eee of tbe tenoy agninit d'r sway, partly trom pemecal oiirea ocnnecter. with their prient'y fantsUoaa, paniy be cnuae tbey are, like the new a writer*, the pa d inatrc meoia of a reroign Power. B>,! noii-M\<tmdinj the Vaaritfi tricks and trtr?o??Mr peafket r.Jnrt:xuriien arid b ra/t>nuvs,a,Xad tg f trtt.m pUii. m thtil c ntfn '? to Aoil our Katie ne-tlira., by U;e"exhibition cf an OTerwbeiaB'.og force; bet within twelve montle, by oer morni ia aenec, by tbe oputioo entertaiard of our wtadom, our joibse, and or our *<,0'.tabic gcyernm*rt, "be permaoeri enteea of our *uc eeae aa 1 powor la IndA tie in the dioc'pilne of our buro 1 pean Irooiw. in the receml. oai and onion rf the eivtl aer vent and the uil^ary far tb? pnblio aervlw, and to lb? | commanding intcri m or lilt national rvj-.u:? whioh In? ! nor> r oecn aoiliod by trranoy, or t&rnisbol by ?,nt.je. no following J id exlrae*. f on a etle. dated Oalce4a, litb uiie. and puotlated in lb? Parta J'af ? Koch baa boon and bar?, aad do doubt m-ch bat raacb?d Kurope, reapvctisg Hum Ian lni . once: I will not repeal all lb? bct m current. 1 waa paj.ng a visit some even Inge ago at lb? bo..'? of a wealthy morehant, who fbela very uneasy at tfce preaont attain oo or atlVre. Among the prraoee uuombiod, to ink? tan waa a Kuwiaa ofQoera. with whom J bad a eonveraai'oo, which left me under the !a preaa oo that if .'tcaalm waa not preclar'v aaetrtlng In tn? movement ah? a. least root't with pleasure aad ra pro paring to lake advantage of :b No doob; Uxli la no new dea. but 2 believe the o.'/loer la whom I all- do dkl not u. l ma a/} he know. I wlabed to a?-e him again ycaterday, and T ceiled at blauouee. XwasloM that be Lad quitted u^ctta, aad that he bad laa'a the road to P'aeempcor. Tb a elrecmetacoe e mfirmed me a the opinioc that 1 bad formed or Ross'.a. Fiaaampo?r la so ibe d n?c; road to Alhi.' la It to Hathi that M Knuabue ! gouagi 1 leave yon a caear bald far your a- ppoaifloat. uuoicim? op "*h* wartrB nvia at EMrLasto'g iinuc. Vro'r the Bombay Ttaawa. .lane M l Wo tav? ret*. a?ea a waaaialtna of oce of in? meat la iamoua art! :l?a againm lb? Brltim Raj wh-tt we have aeoa pnbilahaL >* 1? n ttmna el tt?n ?a and blasphemy from beg'tn ag to end, acrt abonM bo dealt w^tb nmata rtiy. Ail .ling to tfeu m.-tlaiea, the writer iarpb< mcr.eiy apoatropbtace the Almighty A lhaae weeds ? Oh. I.'til' -he Pinrllbh have a?-w eu a ?i>? iari of itr | ov?r. Tu day lay wore In a iuu> n* high nom at r4; uv- I vti>rr-.i?v ihfv wntcp'-i! . ?}w? a ?r hmnri mm* h??ar. u. u NOlWitiekaiidii.g kit ifc-.r fbr-er 'a rr? ab.u'. '.brer. .aie strong - fod-H, liry began.? yield at :*f? i.lr ?-wardr. k'orgeiilag Ui. ir ruui i i - ud naTagw, l.ey'-d to die .oar m ? h dllit itr bo/ta Dat h bnar.ng the.- h ltr? i.ry wil d >u'vf ft-* :be Bri.maiik.' and, a'.-aa x>cu g; ?e r i- ? er, lie j Tall Id o Ue aau U rf nara.derr He tbeo it* r appeal! to tte Mty. ted wind! up hU wretched ft c n?> on x the ;oUcw u# tram ? on. lot. ikn.ei. ran I'.ttU drrjun' Ik! thr i-rnerr' k ng i uH' er ?o cl :* -.krone or tx lLi wild i.iltep<k|iof K?> -r Khui.. t>?t<r or Ti mei-Ker. If Una y dov in )e P'^a cetr ojr anticipated dowclhll we do do. knen abatis .1 orgLt e>o to t-e rcmeatoered Lb at U.e a-bcle x wr ti- c. noi by a an*' r, tfcarclirae, sot by t gb -a*te Hindoo Ner? * firot-dtng crer fao ..-d Wot by a Parer-, wbi, werj :t tot for our power, oar 14 "aoce and the preeuge or car bravery, would at I lot present anrtc be ? tear.- ?: wood ud i drawer of I eater, and x< 'ema'-i ctmoe-r of r? fatr fy pro bag y lie :r.iratee Cf a K werr. tareui kfimwot tf* cnmiTTtw.t.NO i ror.n. fPar'.r (lug. 2.,) U.-rc*t!e ler ,e of tfto Lotion /'or J e ? e At reyar ie toe n n ocar.ee. I tarn twdrtaloel Uiat u.cy pnblUb o< lew thas ft nreeo pit o 's-aia ft toe nat<\o language, etd loo xtfy highest au.t." -.'ee ntaee are prosed a* twertbe-e v aoadetfe# for ;be on errs on of ite Hln too and otber n?c ( u Ui.au mow. ai a r*oo of tbeae er.lt, I beg to draw yoor aueiiLun ko an eit'ti: from loe labor* CVr.ilt. wtl.'tk arrived frroi Irdia by tbe latt ir. ill. rome lad.ee wbo were rapi red at lleib! wero tlrey -d ko ce lb dead bolicwof Curop an ofT-err Tbe oarntute n tbat g ven. *omo ''U r time after,e party o' * men of U)<< kits P.ogltnrni. N. I , came ,utn tit coinpo.-ud, aid d.entre'ed -.r party wbera we were lying Lid i pkio ?b:r.h tboy a gbtd and ta uLd u, pro. eg Uselraei ikou and threatening to iboot nr We oeggtd Uiein tit toatilue, on wL.cb ifiey ta'd, "Cone o .. and 'ol aw. and we will ?oe what ee wLMc." w- all men wtat out and followed IbetD to Ibelr own r,uartert, at Uto a am c <ard, wbero deed jp.iL I to pr.un .tnlurn ibep o ;<sad oad cried Oil to or, " -Vf, sbeo* hsxe boor m rdered txrosie iLe Com mioicr '? b ?.' w'.abed t) take ??ap oar noate, otl do ir/TO' r rt. f > wltt tb? new jir Jjet 1 tbi ra^rta* and porrtAEi-ror iwmvd. ioto loo I ocdot f tr.ea. >.??. 4 ) It to p? fc.t'? rtiriti 10? o r BOKtihm In Fir-Ope uJ > awn* ?bculd lo lank or or bo'a ? ior tbo rnf Abiotic ooo'icw .n wbtcb wo or* rsjro(e i Bub ai> intern act wholly unpwee reble. H> n ' bm c'.otf tile mmn t mm! tbo BAfonooto or oor beat Irene o, brnoiwo tt do*? not onto l alt tbeaoee. Oor or ?t bore oocaot rutr If itdnl/e tb tbo ui cry of p.tp, becouoe oo* now to not bod m><> ith for thee wo oio too oulrorlp p-neperoco M pot. Nat Ibero ) tret oo olMudr ao tbot of rtondlnf bp wmlrh I lag w.lb o foaera. Ideo a ti e part or the apectator that ?a wop pomi dp pot tbo wont of tt. tod tbot bo will aot bo parte lorfp bo rp IX we do. Homlaaat notlooa, io?t lue public bod. ore aoeuatenaed to U eeo Hoc lip oipoctotioot. Tbep ore aworo tbot boot epeo oro od Umo on woteb At? tbor ? :roo. eapee.oilp If 0 clood It ovorbbod, wltb i o eomowbot aap lopoiLot o eurloeitp Wo know tbo wa | oro now lorn.lac o plaaatag a ibjoet of ono.sctor9 to o wtto t'relo. "Now, thro, who* will ftrot Br;tola dot How will ?b# cat not of tbla troaat How wtU bee lodioa rreolge aland t" Ac. Propbrrp la prornrl nLIp Istorootiaf. Hollctc ? propi.eep la tbo bob I oor noting port ot Ibeol jfp 0 d o o o a Now, wo bore ao vah to rob our Meada aad aefffbbon of ao boi p ibteroatla* a?b>?r* It woeld bo cruel to do ; ki. Lfl tbea propheap aa ornch ao motsb aa tbop pteeae: let tboB fteb'.p about ui; let them judpo ai wttb el MevBltp Wa Kite t'rterj etibaa'aom, aad would aot Bcpprraa t an boy aco- at bat wa Beat remind tbem of one root arc la our oaae which tbep o ptu to koow tt aipaort rorp nertoin thai wo hare oo quarrel ' wltb aap nolloo la the boat-? w'Ut tbo Ban of | people fitter .a ladto or Chlao. ,Wbp. our i eel weasel up tbo Cbaoo rlror amid oo ate no oat aad frleadlp aarp 1 ai ampaaa and Junk*." Tb<< larbaioo?i. wo are l? oofl t ao?arwBOd qotto a popular atep "The booucoao about j at wltb baaoaaa, temoo ipnip. and twoei potato** " A ! Cb:ooBaa matroedod for auppiplac ua wltb . reob meat owl ragauniaa cMrgiaf ma hardly more iLu tba market P?T*'' " n>? kaabealmea upon 16a huki parened tbeir [abort Ik their paddy flaldt under iba proier-li >a a1 oar ynae which 'or Iba lima ah aided them rota (lit rlolaaga y lha Maadarla aal-irk.'' Thla dore not look Ilka popular hatred ar d;atrial U la troe that a ?nmLra t-arly kenpt at not n' Oantoo. hot wraryborty know* the power o arm i a mall fhaati< al mtaorlty to overawe the maaa eepentally I ii la Iba praaant naaa, iba 'mm aria a' taa forerBiriaal fo along with thecoma of at oaratu to It I remains to be aaan what It la which baa abnl no oil of Can Oh; wMhcrit r*a'Iy t'tVyyuter fvHmg a tain 'iVifran yr, at UU 'CMntne pmemmmf ;v*/n</.? or ? .A*' 11 mty a vr^rtX <f l\e on arwoiW W dwpatv Ul at 1 rH'ui i*y tjulfii*'trtaty. Ir wo a* a to interpret naturally the be t nonor of the iblaaaa throng.a( ro?ad oar float aa It wenip tb? floor, Uw paop<a appear fa- bare bo renting agatott m Wa areal war with a oonrt a*d not with a nation. I; alll be rail foot the Oiloaae wMI lo ?n-th ug -or mna-y. t ind thai they know the Mgl ?h h?re money Wen, we lo rot 'ngoire into iba mowre-we vmp'y alata the f ut or arm a rearon or otner Ibaa aaam to b*?a in obHn-ttoa 10 ?b tr money ;a ?ba*r oa^ae;, tb*f , i m y ?bow? teat 'ba object'-m lii'botir.tf <? *" tba foreigner fit*ida in lba< mult a, and that Obe- artrgn ih fnui n-nr i act with no la arranger than wha kaapa tbara e'en; fro n I 1 ib A CblaairBB ia aaeiflah aalfBt', but tba ! *? it In | arfrra wlib I'a 1art that ho troou- o*, ba'ir regpto enrYair : leatlng, knowa wo w'.r. bu. hnrtat, .n^waolooff ac; V -nrta i mr mrtaan and oompaay erne nhunWeare'ova.; nr i oi. I t'.a I'.a aoaia IB India. The enemy kdo r ewotnfd.er and m* lha Hlrdao ? ar from. J 'Bin; Tha m .'arWrr .rltay. J 1 ba poor a, oo lar aa o?r aornnta ro, adBOlly pr 'Baaate I ind maltreat *1 a mntloaerr ate* u.?y am no'rb; a.ra- I ri ng A private letter atalm that WO "f Ibem wb ' ? ' era pad me lha Vahotnine iaa raliry of Swat *? "Vr ( ^rermMaa-t and than aold malaver, ao old Nl'n ifltooltr.'og only tltperce halfpenny rr la, wM ba mid laborr -dan frcbag, not Br Utah may be, b ?' vt rbowr .hat ther? w bo flre!'.ag ftw the mofay * HaboBhadaaa baat r jar aya nn or ao;n "- r MlbaH "? ? ERA Md it* me tect ;:nul4 met ptrteefe 'he *'Atr if (here mere Ike itiftum mmtitmal "4o? for She irutine n, or if the mutiny %jtr*r*gmnk4 in :v it at. me m pal- who i .eeoa, Um iaatam ac.tl.ui 4 to* hat oamuMed m completely >*i lb., apaiuy 0/ the rr,??? n the oonbw< at <t?e? -b*y nam iflbr ed a reward or JJ> for e^ cry mntaeer Pmogfcf is, dew or live, w .lb b * viu TH1 B0..M1 OOMMOtDKW Af KU&CT. Tie Madras ,'ft'lauir tatorma oe the*. iM-oerei J'.eweil, wbc toiunaadcd at Mt*rnt wbon the bloody aeuOmy look piece, lu boec pli^el n arrvet, eol Ub u, according to prevalent optaian, be ?'U t>? Iroogbl to trial for not be Ting eot&ar acted 'c snpprention cf lbs sanguinary dotage at Ibat i tetiuD. Hi ere wore more ropean troop* ttaa ratirea- kta dieporal wfc?c the rising happened,and bo might oar# cashed ;i bad be been r i tal to the outer #enoj, Ltd apparently rc was cot. M an; rate bo bang Cj e cntJ the nuacnicf was done. Tib INDIAN cairi.r. (from tie : end on i*oet, tog K 3 J We brieve wo arc rorreot in Me tag a at of tbe fad an new* tbe worst features are new before the pahltc. The mU oriieiel despatches wb eta tare reached government ?y I tnbi me 1 eoaleta. It in ; aocrtioud, an mere facta ibaa ere afe-edy keowo, it> . 'Ui? comnwtl ttet Tra if nil our selvaa able to make I ord Canning * ur..t<g w:tb ^Mbputode wad vigor, end erf vw to b? ?? to ?ho emerges. >y every rmnlsKe i* j IVy. tocrse. be #nn gveattrtal of c-w men it aiwev* J to those m cow aa am eve moment of oaab. and tare. ; U. t Uh> toidlerw aau statesmen of dr'Ueb lac.a, to wuetn , UjefonJoOt of aHalre >a u tr a moaerwten^i.aton.araable, omr rmlaed end aeuvn. I It w'Ji be learn: wfut p?t asLsfar.uan that llaaiel Bar- I rent baa area It dbtnatristaed bimsslt n* inn mt urv sa net ity be bar ulrrlayed before Deth! He arrived there ! with all poaaible creed by a l-jog forced night march, end j found thai toe mutineers bed taken up a eery formidable portion about two mJee in front of tie town. Not with BUcdiof that b\b ima were au.lerln/, be attacked at once by a held F.lvitr? aid a aklltfcJ Sink movement, wttb that bearty a 1U wbk>b at eooe oarrfca ao idler* to vioiory 1 bet la; ? prong from beb'jnd two land billa, woere tbe worn oat man bed obataed a onef ro?t, end immediate aui'oera crowned ibe effione of lb* aoldlotw end their gallant leader? the petition watt carried ard occupied, Ibe rebel* bolng driver cut with great ioaa. Sen. Barnard waa cmpll memed by tboee aboct him on the achievement due to hiarkili; and n toe natty toon cl! c' the butiefleii waa ad Tiled to bring 1c tia wounded. real hta men, who ware now lettering terribly from oyer fkggue, end to entrench h.realf In tile exce -?at pmlbon be bad won. Bat tba Ueneral turned a ueaf ear i? e.ery oounaoi, pointed to a ridge oofclde tbe town where the rebeli were again macmbllog, in a few worda exprmeed bla wlil that tbe ridge aboi W be carried, and the diaoomfit .re of the one my be computer". ?"If Uha be not done, they, too, will eut> -neb tbtu wlree, aaditwlllooat uh three timet a* truch to d.ilodgi them. TTcey are now panio e'.r >ok; bat If allowed to bold that place, they even might ?tUct ua at a diiadrantaye .Vol I am eorry tbe poor fellow* are i.red, bot they will tab" tte rldgo . again, anlmaleU by tn r generai'a will, and guided by cour.mmato aoienoe, the a nail and wearie i re roe marched forward with unfait'xg pluck. Aga'Ji victory waa their*; they raibed on the (una with deioted courage, and cap tared twenty m of the enemy X cannon, and drove him with trreal laughter within the walla of Delhi. teen. Barnard waa tbua in potse* ion of ai: the belyhta round Delhi. He could chooae bia can po*M'>n, and keep the motlneere in effective cbciV. Ho b -t itioe repoloed (wo tortiea, .nd walla br.t for mere troupe and siege guoa to take the piaoe. rheae war# about to arrive at t te mat dtlee. Thecod.,eiof tho tKWterai b,w given the hlgheet r.Uit notion to the nuihortttee ntbeme. While the conduct of atfklri la In aar.b goi-i head* in inda, it may not oe oniaicngting to alate itni great lurelighten I energy are at work ai borne The eoMtaal arrival of Lrcope in India, and the know I"dge that more were oerrlag, had prcdoced a great eflbot. inn kwi; m rvyimLinj mm w-urou cm*aea Ia lua army, but a itat? of severe public a oiler lag it ipoken of, >mn< kf Ibe hordes oi rot ban !a?o whtah tbe disbaadM irflaeaow had resolvsd lieneaalv w, ?hlf their war ah wickedly epos sbelr Made eiiow countrymen a> open tbe whites The quratfoB of ' est i os* of no little iuportaaee to this oouatry. It le therefore atialeabto to ata> tae< the Kut India government w.u bear the whole and sole burden of the war. bow rn it>.? of on>? was t'.mrm. A mac who waa trten by co r. mam', at tao fort on must day, 2JKh of four, uf who waa m teased to bo hasged, baa eow.vaa w escape lYom hla guard (K.crepe ana). He was to hare beta towage1 aa Sunday, bat the exaeaUoa as' Ike aaatuaoc waa pom.p<M>t In ortosenaeawof hla reveiattqas oowoeraii g the ex Kmc of -hide and his Minister, which have reaai?ed in Ibe arrest of those peras. l'rceise?y at 3 a'ek. * A. It oc Monday the bnworable esh>p*h}'s steam fr gate demram.s, made that to Iba swinging baoy laid oc. ir ibe air earn att tie Eaplaaede, WM caal off, steam hWVthg been ??: Sf come hourx pre \ coaly m war taken o1' to the ex ng of <nde'a re trleuee,1'ardea ' art. whore ate wae tsro.igfct io An boor previous to the it ox mar raeung on, the Kurcpena troops within ine fort wer? oil od to nrms, and n comber 01 bona were Immediately after warda marched down, severs, Ceid pieces a im I an) if. to the residence of the ei King, oa reading which pane He tro< p? surrounded th. b<,oae, and re nwioea uorer arme ti.ltf e 'oil*?lag morn:ok, when lie eih'cg wan made a p .sooer o., and ha tetainers made to ru render lielr arms. Tbe former km removed without i or a of time In a carriage, in cbargeof two com alar ooo;l officers, to fort "V1. .am. and a search motet lately a tor coaameawsa Tor oertaih papers of a seditious aw.ure.raid to have fctea In fcla rwve.aloc, tbe informs: oc res so ng wb'sb was orm > Bloated to the anlbortes by tbe Mo bun arose con..mnc! to J rati t.y i canrt martial for | lancperlng w.tb a ?cpoy tentr) oft' a li on ^atcrJny Uat. .v oi.-. maitialmt on "onday tor lie trial of a native wba bad been naigtu tasipsrisg w ib ore of tbe eapoya In i the lurt He feted C'wlly ud r-ntencrd i j be banged. Ibe prisoner la n Mohamrm-daa. aid a native of Lnchaow, udwt believe one of ibo iwtlcueof ito ex r. ng a a evidence waa not eoacl'..;Ie agaiaat any oca In nar rulir, b< t waa auBeJcntly at roof w wwrranl the disarm og of the ti rvgatentcurago. rt r. am* or ?n PL Tt? fcl'rw.ag a h.j . i.mri (ro?i a cr rate 1MU' from a rent* mar > "M m a hi,-', poartoc 'l Ben. a: U) a :r end n .eg land ? Cl!' iTU, Jure 19,1MT. My deer ? We i.aee art I e?n teif-vl In thin teal by tlie npf.r ~tple<l otJvrt cf lite auihortuci tn the rnai' a." 4a MMMlea Throng. ;Ac entire oonatiy .1 bet been regarded aa epodal<oa en.l robbery, juetiOed by tb-' m?et aodacio t lyl< g. I wold b? unite worthy tboie who anneird and onnfolod acneiatlor. to UikfuiDn'tf. "f , 'M pritnl rtair fj af'ai j, and 'ft rur\ a guard" on ' '.hi tm/oriuna* at rruij rtmlr, ail claim In 'Jet yre mif'd p' Mcm . k'i'lj eta: nf V irtlitrx. If the tuag bat real'y be^n 'ocvro jl in it:* outbreak, who la to wonder at It ? We hate rrrjunly provokod him to do bia wont. We aba I probacy b <ar by tto mat Late the mall root out what the evUeore >n ihle point reaUy It A praeeal I hear of nothing thai m gt" not bate been done by otben, b 'i* nk- that t M? ?'* name w onii be blower of atreaath. RtnUitii bag iM'Aetar tr re>: the reaatnt ete'e ofafralra Tf If ! ?( tenth longer, V? Uaacheeler Hfeont rhe waoio of the tp eonntry trkite |< at kktand Milt. H-rt rot Macon ttr atone w?y urmbie. If <bw rtela :?t/t6e>: wtth nuet 1 lotgtr, the Brttleh pn*<r wi: be a thing oi 'be pawill be gene, to be reae?"i. ae a mait/r gfee rae, bat j uader r reamataneee that w ' paalyee all peufrew 'or a Kteg tl?M to-oae. aaoep: the mareb of an areagtai; aray I'rrtait oar rc er? at tome w u bow begin to thick mat the bme baa rove for anaei ng India, and d. t penal og wl Jl . the aceney of leedenbail atrect. whether mtbtarr f inda. p ' <?<a,Xe., it id tao< ptrabie ibr.i-..? to MM analtia nation of Ibo 1*0 irmtu Tta baa gone lortb. Merer note rbail 'n<t'? be ?afelv hold without o prepwderetng feioo af BrltJrL Ironje lr Iba word to for jal rpoo art Moot Mo J* It TBF RBTOHTFH C*m ?* OF DEI HI. > rom ibo I am dan Tim^t (aty eructa) Augaet 3 ) The doubt tod etc i?imm oo ttaturdey ragar'.ag Ibo r?|?or# of rvihi boo hoeo olmoot eqrel to thai whirh at coded the flrtt loit* report of tho tail of itebeatoprt. All Ibo operaitoM to the fobJt hero tar tied opoo ibo .iegrae of or edit etla bed in Ibo romor, lid oi?fcoo|h aothlng op proeeh r* lo t peeKlre rottrMllot of . ~or!d be traced o ooy qno'ier, I bore m o wide impreaitoa it will prove irae The otuc! recti cued to ft*or of :t era, ibol op to tho tawet dote of lbe rommrrdtJ edrlnee froa Horn nay tho catlve Bcrrrhaotj wore eoeIdeal qpea ibepolal, and ware freely eating open it, while One * * prlraia tatlora ho*o Wee rr wired f/om tn off er of rank, dated Job* 17, MaUag that eat fbrea bad oornpled tho city, bill bad )< '. to lake ibo fori. on I a loo n rationing thai Ma tmop* l? pawtn 'oo wore Iboee from Metral end I'mbellab, ibat free', haver bad beer o* aw tied pne ibe larar pin at.3 that the kaaoclba Brtu. aide bed hero ia caaalJo able thai Ibe Worn bay Pavi af tba 1 w? of Jolf fnrettbae a IMomeat which termi to itjnm It eat:rety FVerrm la tbai laat advkoa iron Oeib , boy ? ?. a oaoral Raraard wta wattiof retaiororr.ieau oa ibo mora ug of tba ITtb, after b.-vtap rrprlled aerermi ooniea." rata to lao ami ala ao that of ibo leiuV from Agra, tad the tatter, there one of tboee ram?ni of ll.e aptare of the city, which h*i fr ideal) been :?r rotilatloolhroiiffcou: be rrv.ntry d rler Iho wbcia of Ute prerrdlair week The only turnilM thet con bo n*<l a'ter thtt to ;?ror the (bleat coojeeter# of the tale a-* betnj elueloa la tt: el there may her# beea e mlrtako n eUtu^ thai u.r aewa from If.it reached eo late ea I be ) Tth. .t-nr r.emr fw>? ciLcrrrt. The fbMowtof i>oai e eepp ?ot"" t > ibe (> -rVwid tof pobHehed oi Celmtia. no .'"ate?day, .'in to, pro fcaeiay te ooolaiL the eery latooi aewe whlah had reached lb rut at? The detrotiot of the mail enable# eo to add the follow 'ao lateUlfeace, wht-h be? reaohad tia tbto mwelog Tt a foOnwtny afroat a;iabai.a<l l.>rt, dated tie 1M oi .lunar? ^ . A tarty ofro W?a*?rt of the fort !b? tr-ratn* t> rer m'rottra. aad fell in whit '"me t wieeede of 'ha reb?'?, >.*.*'>eyty reet~1, 'r ern?a ebe-t? a l*ne poohah honaa. I tThrtOr end b'a Tbl>? n?Je a f wd fob' of it, hot e#r? allel of on by nr new earn # ?!#? vtfl e?. t ot, .?| Hail, j lo rotim. and ta morror we i trn end tab# the raarUe' t f.e.itoa ?e ily weet ooppllae, aUah.-ft; bare, a ad w? BlvOt baea nw Tercpoeaa I ham n t l.ad my tanrd ltd tor a otroat, ui*bi or day. foa tt a ?th an , ae mora limn _ latarawwiBtB or tatha tlKo impart alt mall a* Allafea -ed na that day A rhkh tepee hea baea an ered ta ib? town TV- rej mem wea lot lo eto oa tho ptaco aad looro'tghly eroayd teatf. Oa the lltli, at Beren', ball nay betwaan Allahabad and '"prr :?! three lem'adare, who hod oet thomaelraa ip, toe ae rajah end the other two ea netbe, were eeired by t de*v5bfB -et of the lladree > oollorra aad a party of the itth Irrefolar Oera -y, who bore doeo eaaetieat aerrioa deri eoioaant IVVaer, acrompan ed t ? Meaeer Jtoore tad Ibrnw, were P-rnftt en < ead I , LD. PRICE TWO CENTS. Tha bridge of b'aM at A'.Mbahad If la anr band*, and faceted by five giini, Wo bavo njr?tT< d the to'iowiag cbeertag bow# froa# Mlimpote; Um letter or oar informant M dated ?b# I*>ia ?The dour of oar megtfirale, St fleorge Piter, ago sat bo village of Gawrab, baa been meat aaeoeaaful Ho and mo deputy ataauiraw. wob 60 aopoii 01 the 4TU roglmeat, arrived at the village early yeaterdar morning rt>o tunamer with 100 Kovopeaea bad not yet reaobel the f hat. tut waa In tight Tie villaget. oo teeing oar ?mi. uree. aatemblcd to the number ot tone d too. to tae araunmo the Meaner ench red and landed the ri<tg!Mn bulldog., who. to a man. without order* ruahed at lb> tr orgeat* Irad Into them, and killed 80 or 40 the real took to ihrtr beela. The village, wb1 -h waa qciiadeaeriad ?M burnt to the gronnd. Mtraa|ioro la oar if oily <joie?, and all on tbi?ahfevbe river The ! act or lea or Comercoly, Cahoo Outehowaaod Ho Mb are per lea ly quiet and roaty to take advaLiaga cT a ad ai? rain to row. Our aaiiitant mayM'ato baa gone to Gopaegt>n?a to clear and keaptbe Allahabad road No newa aa yet or <ba arr\ val cl lbt Cbarloa Allea at Allahabad, or of tao gamaoa there. The nordarvra of 8!r Norman laaho have boon apj-e bcodad aad banged They tomed oat to be ihre* a of kaiivn regiment, una aa old hand aad tha two ' there re 3m in. Jne following la from Majw Hairnet' I?regi?*ef?, Mo gowk*- ? .'n.v* U. IMO. We have been very '> ?y natng imurKBMW '\w Uf march < I tbe Goor>*?, Dm no* ibej mtnix '? rvne. We uav? him Oorun'tp .1 e, ?>( ba?? pwt'Otc ait ?rver Mm i-ooolry. We liun ?eet two 4t'.Mba?M It resover t..'t. Iter, 0110 by Alljunngr, the other triuu ncrroeb pore. Thai country it one r.aeof pi I'age We bang tee icpoya o U>?| STlh muliDcera the nignt before lett. The pert ol' the < tuntry It Wept In perorder, bet er mi one now Wnuwe that be will be hung for one word of treeton. The LeglMiUite Council here patted t lew to d?y where by luminary po ?er? over Mi dote-ten ere gtceo to the (octl amiiorutc*. ^Yem tho London Chronicle, Aug 4 1 Wo regret to ity tbat ibo Intelligence from m e <,? ** ally ret - ioal, continue# lo be of h moat dtooouragitg datarlpiion. Sir Henry Lawrtnc?. who bad already retrod Turn Iaic.1 now (Oude) upon t'awtipore, "MM been compelled lo fall bach'' from the latter putitlua. It It wtth citrine pain wo add that the health of ?r Henry Lawrence It Maud t> be In tnch a preeac'oot <*? dlucn that for tome time as lotet, even at test nor.loot moment, if nit, an ti toe much reared, altogether alt 'n valuable aid matt be hut to the terrt.se at hit country TUB NEXT MW8. I from tbe London Timet, Aug t ) Further newt from India may now be etpectod at any moment by the Australian mall, which wat to leave Sydney ou Ibo lb'h of June. She would touch Wt Toic de Galle about the Uth of July, where later Intelligence may bare arrived from Madras. or tbe might ftl! in at Aden wlUi any ilearner deapelbed lo lb**. place bp Um Bomber nuiborUiea. The Oar ad or. U appear*, t? waiting ai A lei ar. lrta to bring any deapntcbex that map arr're ta Cag.la/1 to be tranam lied to London bp the Sardinian telcgrepo. THK MEN Or THE TTME. tub eoviimuk sensual op india. In tbe prtnenl elite of Indian affaire, when tt aaen.e btgbly probable thai tbe larger portion of thai empire will be !oat to the crown, (or n lime nt laaat, II amp be taterer. lag to American real em to know what tort or peraoo tuo# the relna of gorernmcct. Tito poet of Corernor Kenerel of India ta one cf the greateu Importance, dlpattp and profit The aaiarp and allowance* amount to loaeJtlag like half e million dniWa per annnm, bot the plaro le -otneuiidk Uke mm appoint man 11 in the gift of oar gonoramnwt? a maoaoieam far riftng politician*. When e ntatetman ta In the wap and ibep do not know aiactlp what lo do with him, thap eond him to India, m wo Kd rmnMaatlel aeptraaia to i eg aad, France or KHnaaa, to ge. thorn ont of the wap.^ la - outb America thep bare a mora ennctaal maanar oi rlddlag tbemaatrea of eneli trooblrnceen paieoaa Thap fiber nbnot ibem or bantnb them. Thetml In atmpiean 1 alwapa effect oal?ihn latter dam not alwapo aaawar. > tdr he ami monthly rnvolollouo. Of lata prara anvaral ing lab atataaanca bare bees btrlrd la India Wa tap boiled, btcauae no man elMa CUro haa ere* been able eliber to make aap oap'tal than* ar to keep what palltloal moo. la trad* ha bad wn,a ha warn there. Kleabotoogh waa killed off there, although tartag ihn lata debate* be baa pnrtialip luwaedad tn gatraai;. eg blmaatr into public notion. Harding* fnatd hen Utile brllar, while fhlnooa!# rank tffrtp IMfcems Kpuiuivmui |Minwiiiiin* w e WIWTO . DM UMJ once thought of MDdlnc Dlaraell to India, but r<v*<utaie:y ftr tbe company bla party did not ooeae Into power The preeeoi Governor ;*n?ral of India waa appointed, we | roaome, chiefly became bin rubor wa? Coo/fa UatDtBf, a grral ataWamaa, for atom tl.a fag ah people con Id not do eoonf b?afior be van dead. It a earlbue, aiao, that the elder (touting area ocoe upon tbo point of Inking tbe dengerona poet which bla eon no# :111a. Oeorge Ibr.nlog attempted to liberalise tbe lortea. aod fk-Cag. Ibe only honorable retreat eeeaaed to be to (be r tic B ; be M act go He died. dreat bonora were paid to ' memory. Ilia widow waa mala '> lecouctere Caac.sg, w tb a reme.ader to her aona, the aeoond of whoa sow >t^a aa Viceroy of tbe ,'od ee. lord Canning wan born ,n the year 1112, at Brenrtor. He received, aa oacal. bla prel miliary ed al'on at r ioo, end afterward* ; raduated * lb bonora at Ub'lat Gb ireb Collrge, Oxford. He waa rat claei la ciaaa c* ar.1 eeoond Id matbema tea, wblcb la loanething woo len ! lor a y> uc.g ran neit M one to a peerage Be received bla academ e b tcor* to ItdS, and In tbe neat year namrl tbo aldeet cacgbtcror l ord thoa-i ee ftoibeay. Lad) Cbcaiag wan live jeara younger that ber Cm ban I, at 1 aw an eepedal pet of tbe vieta, by whom abe . indy C > waa appointed a lady of tbe bedcham ber, wticb gave her aa evoeiieat opportunity to puaa h.r hot bend b lortboee. TBat oppcri. ri.y baa Dot been tcjwn a? ay Mr. Caaalag timet go into Parilan set, o' eeuran, as be war a etal'vtran by Jeaceai; and a 18'8 be wae elected to tbe Houae of Coanmooa from Wa- vl -.kablet Ho aal 11 tbe Home oat.I March. 18..7, wbeo bla moabedk an I be ruuoceded to tbe peerage?bta elder brother having d'ed at an early a^e. I or J ttotning had bardiy been '.n the lower Hooae Key enough to look about b'.u wbor. be waa ca'led to take ton . teal among tbe peera. l.'ke a aena.bla tcao be oppeo awblki longer before be dic.lared bin prefarencen. Ho wa?, aa we iny, on the lenco flat the time .mu who u u?i ?*? n-? on, bum un iwt diui^i iu rr.r iiiiran i oe. e Crst ihi ;n?t? till?an 1 waa mi 'o uii ler Bor.retary for Foreign A r??lb<- vir y b-et place f jr * joanf sta.ee man in Unish bis ' lcs'.in. It .1 curPrs lbs I. >rit Car iilig ih ol4 bare bowed ho*. f at tb< feet of o>a !aher'a b tiercel political enemy ?but itmpr.a r,i*u.<nr, Ho , * tbe beet not to Tor poM-itin ? At onJer f*ec-eUry >rd tenn.nc bat rmtt mn te re ply for (be Ministry, w nub it ! sa.d tbat be alwaya did, " with OlmrtloB act ability " lUa! is, fce g%*? the leas. |iOMiblc lafbrma'tiia n tbe pol"e*t poeelb e way. ilsvlaf icrycdaflre tear* a. rem jrrh p in tb? I .ire jr. HTtcc. lord ('at nine wfc-l?.l-g,<?n a better p?i, abat of Lbief Unatmlwlnaef ? Wui.jr aad koiests, wtlb aa*.at a tb?( ao.yri, we bclii e. Portrg the tan.? j i if the i'eel inibi* ry Innke doeo, when 1 ?rt Cannlut w red rrm active participation la po ill*, natll Aberdeen Formed Ute rrlenraied main Ion min'.rlr r, which made aoeb a terrible rorrs of everything, when I/ml Cann ng wae again " pro?Mlr<i for" with ibe office of I'lvrtaMter General. N?w we tind another lura io the wheel I'oor old Aber deea tbriika Oct of otliee aad Ute jacatr Ptlmertioe m rrrmier What become* of Gaai.tag * Ho cad, It will he ro?n, supported bis lather'a sppoesat, Mr tooert Peal, and bo aow loo ad bla fatbsr'a pcpil aad the aatacoaM of b-sewn political ohief. tbe fonatata of booore, iipe'tiee aad profit. We appreaead tbat (tord ra.atereoa did aet exactly kaow what to do with tannine He n'W( bare aomtthlng food?a pla- e la tbe Oabteet waa out of he question, aad ao ha waa asm to Lad la. as aoariy aa wa cea aacertain, Lard Char of w the type 0< rcopc table (Eaghyb polttideaa He basaieaya bed a place, aad bo aiwaya muot hare oee. He la a man <4 moderate abUKlee, and (com hia fbretga office ira.a'og, a Arm believer la the efi'caey of red tape He reriais ly aot a flnt clase man, bat tbe ladlaa diffijoltlea may b/taf out tcnte bidden rlrtcea la hla cbam<*er, aad prove btsa the man for tbe arte'* At any rata, we she I soar eee. Lord Canaleg la la tba prime of mo, aad baa afraad opp<.malty. Ha Is ooe of tbe looby few who bare waited oo rests all their Urea He maal now look aot "ar the tharaa. TBI COIIIllttFI OP TBI rORCia IW INDIA. l.lontenoat Hooerai nr iui.b uunpoou, r g<(?t ??Mxl Crooo of the Bath, lifted OBoor of tbo Iofloo of Hone, Keith* or U>o thrdlalao (irdoc of Macrtoo tod m. latarr, tu hero la sooUaed, or tho old Highland claa ''ampO*! , (a m, tod (Dtomd Iko Vtatfe K "ft moat oT Foot Id Iho jmr 1K8. t.oa oral Oarapboll baa all the cbarariorlotMe of hta Igbiiaf auceotry? '.kjoo tough 8cota oho houiod Jd?' all for all porpoaaa and la almnat orary part or Karoyo. Whothor la tbo Baton aalo or on tho Ittlro, :a Franco or la fwodoo- noa tho baaka oT tho Twood or Iboir m rooky fhataooaaa on tho hold at Irrortoohy, lighting all Iho Woatora elano, uador tho haoaon of tho Coralion or Iho Rona lhoado, Mlowlrg tho "retoador or lighting aga'.not hloa?oraoywhoro or;4 to found tbo i .mpboll plaid, aad, worte than that, tho Caoirholl r.iny mora. lateUlgot I hoy tad tho moaouro of thalr fchowo? brofo ?!moot to roaboaoa, aad wtly at a Uaeaaoho?V" Oaatphollo mado tho boot of rotlhroata. Sir OWia oeomo lo hart bora animated by tho aaateat Iro. Hohnotol. low ad tbo roll oT tbo RrlUah dram arwaad tbo |ita ?foro ho iraa twenty yooro oM ho wrr.t ott U rot I m< at to tho Praia mlo, tod tor rod wit1 lltcnotian 'bfoughont U>o wor. Ho oorrlod tbo urn'oro of hh rog wfkt ihr? th bo tbiobrat of tbo Bgbl ot V;talr-* ?ad tow It* <W?o at (0 i*b? Mooee ot cornawo. Ho c.patod >a ite i ?ory and praitwar* af tho Wal- horwt rapodhfcm. Ho ?? at Itaroao, llortfa aad faragoao, aad tod bit noropaa> to flctory at Malttra and Otam. At too aot|0 of rrbaoi ao. v laly, Ml.;.) which or ? <or of a??anh, tflMotty of doff ooe aod ilat. a ar tao hardly booa rq?ahod la mt.> ry blatory, Captain tarrobtU ted tho aoaauit opt* tho aoo ; y'0 (Hiionrlo, and rwvdftd two aarora woaado Wo noil dad him oorriaf la iho I'tltod Ftaiea. la tho ?v of ISI3-I*. at Major la tho i.Oth ftlflro, bat poor" or'ar nolo noa a tor th* antral of iblo rrg'moot ho had no op wwic lip to dlotlafa'tb blotooi Boro la 180 ho wb* out->n? at I*morara and ami* tot aa Hr!god* Mtjir a .|Ooli>r tbo laoarr*. fan. la 1841 ho roooirod tho commas! w the P8th lotl-'ioat? wont to China, nw*oiii>1 a- t an I rod (ha Klaiy Foe and portMpolod la ib? np* moo ogoiBOi Nankia v" t ??o?? aflor tbt ? doo*

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