19 Ağustos 1857 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

19 Ağustos 1857 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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nr? rj X XX. THOLE NO. i 7. ?fcW? raOM NICARAGUA. Arrival of the Steamship Tennessee with 860 Deserters from Walker's Army. Casta Rita and Nicaragua Prrpariag to Repel Walker again. THE NEW TRANSIT GRANT. RECEPTION OF THE FILIBUSTERS IN THE PARK., SPEECH PROM CAPTAIN RYNDKRS. LsrreK rnon w. e.?. wrarrau ebb son xvwAuinBm. NICARAGUA TRANSIT SPOCK BELOW PAR. Duty Sixteen Dollars Subscribed by the Brokers, Jsj, t Um eteemahlp Teaaeaaee, Capi, TtoUepaogti, arrived raalaiday morning from San Jou del Norte via Key Wert, taring left the former port on the 1Mb tort. Mm bring* 376 'WWgtrs, 260 or whom were deaertera from Walker'# ray. the Tenneaaee left New York July II, and arrived it tea Jonn Aug ml 8. wmt stHMT Tartar, Ai'tpjal 19 (luid jooes, a Bremen oa Mrd, waa struck oy thoalr pamporosshead, which broke its back, frim the eU'eots of vhi ,h he lied acme day. U|M M touched at Key W<*i, and wm retained tlx tows to take in ooai, bartag mado the passage Ui toron ta< i MJ a half. Ht? following la a Hat of deserters from Walker's army, monght boas by the Tennessee.? A. Anderson, J ArtoL M. Bailey, J. Brown, K Brow*, ' Return, 0. k. Brosn R Cro maker. J Cushion, taker, U Card well, C. It Oorey .'as Oallagan, J H. Oo?, I. lap was, Jus. Dl.ion, (no. EiiuU, W Edmonds in P. frally F. Juicy,G. a Olpatrlrk, W Piersley, Jno. Potls, r qcmley, P Kyan, T Rebmson, K. Raisle*, W F. tMcndtree.C Seaell, Jan. Bart-cy, Jaoob Bilte.,0. U. Leads, A. tfcedaker, Q L. Bmllh, A. Parmesan, ? I'f kers, r f Wright, K (. Williams, U?i Warren, t). Walt*, D Waller, H B. W. litems 11. Wltooo, J. Zijnm-rroau. A. Rsflaed, & Ware, II Ocrtls, Mr Be-rhor, O. P. Beyer, J. iasg.D. C Robinson, B A. rnilth, P A. DoM, P. Hordes, tao. tloge, J. Bart man, J. D Clark, T. Kearny , 4 Bni, too. Losg. N Ai.deraoo, Jno Art, (lev Blair, 0 Birouw, L H Btlioa, L W. Raggs, W Benson, J. Onehraa, Jatnra Mwac. 6eo. Ck'ts, R. Carl"?n. W. Ca p?ntrr, P Cl..k, W Jtarecn, X. Dolus. W Pa1 las, Ja? EiHng on. If. Flahar ?, W Flag, John rttnn, J O at, (I Pries, T. Q, Pllge, F. Reams, W Roehno, 8. Rer.-nn, H Kloe, J liodgwa, K PjHes.W Rptrea. Jno Bbe.rlOaa, K. Slnney, A. fnlttvan, ML Pagan, W. TrublooJ, W Vautlne, John We herxyeua. Jno. Wtllson, ?(o. Williams, J. Webber, 3. Patts, J white, Geo. Wolf, Ur Huge P. Htroien.J. Ho artaea, J. Yank, (lea One?oil, J Denials, A. Worih, B garb, John Brady, J. Ytcksrs, t. Hupaine, Hobt. Koore, I E-rr. P W. Btewafd, F. Bank, (1 Maydeld, Robert 9massvar I lMinFil. fi R tail Itft {* RriiflEFiWn W H-tfllHV. 1 Btanm, T Belt-bar, C R*rr, J Qliaaer, K Cr>">ll*nrt, L fhir>atrgbai> J. Ckrroll, Mr Ourwln. A Cl:ne, J. HMna, P. Du<I4, t Inxon, C Karil, Jobn Parian, II riwlmtn, W. Uetrge. P. iteliager, K. I"nnlo?. W Power* to*. Rice, P Kej mldf, J R?wli, i Kr* he, M Hen * , R. U Slaughter, J 8hun??, W W AiDforJ, W T. Ibmi, R H. imilb, R. tbrril C. Victor, W fall, A NareeM, Jne Warren, W *-k?r, W J Wh.ght, 8 FaBrr, D U Wotwley, J C Wb-tealda, 8 Wi Uon, J. IcrXiefcem, R B B>k r. K Doe, John Oooper, R fWu-y, I Puetwlck, J. Olrrlar. J Wnght^tco Prenrl*, W 8hori Danpaer, E. Lataer, C. Winter, u?o ttroove, G. Lueae. the pamagara bp the Thinm, apart from the tMen, ere, Oot ray*>y, Ml* of the Welker, Nicaragua ad Goeia Rleee armiea, end H poor Parrapa, Secretary o egntloa to Uen. Rarma We teem that both at Ibene gen ttaten bare bees acting *e apeelal agnrU of Onaaedore feederbut lo obtain the great tf Um Tranelt roots front ftaaragflb. While Big nor Parrage war en route to Nice fat, rtpL tyoaoar wee deepelcbed by Vender but to MR ilea. the T??mn broigfcta copy of XI GafrnJ dm/raoiM. t Aagort 1, pnbllahrdf n New Hrennda. the only thing o Hfiriiw la It la a leading article calling upon the Nl ? 1" -ma* ?11 h IhA itula Itl.am in w4m to be able to repel any UvirVoo that Walter ma/ (it op. That the reception which Oea. Walker bait net a MM United HUtee had Induced them to believe tat he would make another rrtbn to oraqoer tad tillage the republic ef Nicaragua, and the mly way to prevent H wan for them to unite with team Rlcn, which had ehowa so much ability In crushing vrt Waftrr la hie firat movemenL The editor oocaldere-1 laatgnidoani raol that Walker ha 1 beam received fhvorally by Mr. B chanan to eooaeqjeava ef bit bating latun id la Walker's oomtlalnte against Oapt. Onvla. n Is worthy of note that lb la article waa written after he reception of the bow grant by Boseru. Webster and larrta. from Costa Rica, lor the opening ef the Tranalt ate, end M ooosldered rather aa endorsement of Ue pant. Cbtoael Oanty, who arrlvot by the previous steamer la wan pa ay with Mr Webstar, waa seat speetaMy by Oosla baa to assure the Catted Natea roreruaseat of the rood Manbote of Oeato Rion la regard to the eeuiemeot ef the MntisJ American queaUon, deelrto* to oo operate with he United Stolen end Brltlab governments la promoting ha Tranalt route. Ha alao brought lostrurttooa to Mr. lahan, charge 1'aBalrs fretn Ooeta Rioe. at Washington rba la to carry out the new arrangements of the Costo Mean government. Cot. Chaly prnoeeds to Washington on r?*ur THK PILIBUBTKK8 IN THE PARK, rocbh* or captain btm>hui, iba buckbab attn a rrsuss or vbb riLinrorhM?tbit thisi vtuii wori.o mil g oood hcboolba*tbb, war no snnuui?ovbb rwo bcndbbd do i. labs tmcuif.d yoa rnaih imir, The Park wen yesterday the rocue of aMraoUoa, and wwda flocked thither during the day to aae the balance tt Wnlkrr's army, mm few from sympathy, seme to Mala Information of long absent fricoda or relative#. bu> nary snore from e feeling of oortoelty. "llave you soon to returned NkanrMMT" ??the question of Ue tay, to all prestooa exciting municipal ud orlmin.il goastp ?m< for ft Uom lo ytaidtothla tnHlwlu4 IHMT beech mere twmedlftta excitement. After tending at U>e wharf they ware homoinw, bone# am. apparent!/ frlendlaan and breatfanttear The rnnaor ai.ra.kd amort Utnm that dlreetk.ua bad bear left at the edmrf f? ihtm to proceed to the Park, aad to the latter daae the majority of them accordingly beat Utrir atepa, any totter lag from the exhauMton r waiting from wouada 4 all kind*. aad thry all praaeatad a moat pitiable ooadi law Arrlatag ta the neighborhood of (ha City IU11 aad larb*tbatr alow program thlthor they attracted tuoa dtratfcm aad gathering laVo groups arar the Ball of Kawrda, aaefe aa the oeatre Tor a rapidly increasing crowd. 4a eSbrt had beea made to the meantime to rallere them atth "meteHai aid" uatll about nine o'clock, wbaa one or are benevolent gentlemen passing down town to their .Urea of btinloeaa and parrel ring bow maliera stood, raloatserad a baadaoae ooatribatloa and oaliad npoa ll?a .y etandera to follow their #xam?M. y their dlradkm, a bat was placed m the gr-mnd ba ore eaeh group, aad ernM, dimes, quarter*, and n few .wik Mile, began to aonnmalaie tn aadt, aa the gantl .man .bora referred to exhorted the crowd to deal liberally atth the poor aad needy wanderer* try nertalnly presented a moat dlstrnaAng epertarle? Mt.'y ail of then being barefooted, with a lark an n of awwanary clothing, hatleaa, or with dilapidated atourlina 1 f the arrrlaet kind?their clothing, anoh aa It waa, of eery color, sine and shape, ragged and tolled by rough w*ge w.d hard fare. Itome, notwithstanding the r on toata appearance, aeemed lo be tn a bealfby condition, rhile tfts majority looked clckly aad enact ated Many rere nrtan.'ty offering from fesrr.and others were taken, ring the orwrie of the day, with chills, and bad lo be 1 eat lo Bellas aa Hoapltal Those wbo bad been Injured h ftalUe hid n>e? with little or no surgical cr medical at mtioa, and thtlr wounds had fettered, and were moat tokening to the night The rnKTwIngs. In sherd, of Ihnea cor mm must ftnsa been faunae They raalde In ad 1 nrta of tba L'ataa. and nr? anxloun to reach Um Ir homaa, ketlsra or fr.eeda ae toon m poaalhle <a>me twalre c I on".en beloag In IhU Oily, and aian> tn sarkma pnrte of Iii< Mala. We eoaserasd urfth them lnrflrldoally. They are.lt 1 wms, a parly of Walker'# man, who are alame I nder lb* general name of "deeerlera," tba rplar army basing hftftft broogll home In a prey loan . E NE 1 Blranier. fbey rtU.il lb? fa." /< ha* :j>g uert). t?. i l?>"> cacDp bat tltef e lit exv a *u,n Ju?t Uiov *?ro iUrvitw, no m <b?y ronlrt hot ui we Ute? thought ?o?t "y b dotug Ibey wookS ?Uno ?t h-v\ ot>e cbtuco u? II Ian. (? reply 10 the que'Uon ??k?*vl oa? of wbel be U? ?ught ' Wtiker be ?lU:? " I ihtoi he in ? mu a ho dm rep .hie at ioii?g i?o?i cew If he bad only faihe'ca nrsvi in>? at Rl'? >'t Tr (he atffe U1 iiminfwl hla n on fui onnM hk>? to.if tt jrltho I otfflcu ty, ird tbe'e would hare been no de?trters All the Coma K'fknr tHT*e?n e*'? and (fctm ? >rn owll n* bovi rirt.no ur oct. Iiiittod of than provVUrg totd in advance ihere ?er? n>H three >'?y? penvtrt"bo tn f e ocn>nit*rAry'a hau< p when the ?lek?' eotrmeuo'ri, that Ih ? nh the einepiton of riflVe ou t unnb tbiogx or Unit, it bieh are bori an; tnumiil A' f r bread itnU war aoroo thing we never >>? or hear- of in ihot oouatrj We wore fen en mole hetf ?n the firth or J-.- !(?- >?, *< <1 hn? hulo of that ft e r ere at Rt'* from ibe I7ib of ar..h unui bo Jet of Way W? her h?ri rot ?-ven the tact tu get the ormflrirDre ol hie ireo, let a tpe the.r frlntjrtxhlp f ik> not think he ever wiRtteri the hrw^ltRl, which *?? aloruje crowded trlth the fink AAri wounded. Ho mirv potclhiy liti e ttoor ibo e once or t?W. out not otteoer If any ntui wm aitrrWef! bo kunw he woclo yet DOgoud t>y Appl.?lL'< l-? ftTA!k?"?tooi w<n('! do het'er h'm In the koat He vooi Atrporenuy u > 'su tul in btr met>. <4?Wb?t on jci thick of el* ret&rning to N'c*r.tr>.. Wbh at other Arm:-1 A.?I fifth ft bo run fieri foolt enough to 00 allured by bto p?oir(teo, tn<i who will go wtth htm, he will i,n ooobtedN t<> h?- lr, m (hero war no a'tpulatk-n lu the tur rer.oer that would prevent fat* to riotny, wbioh omiexiim won no doubt ah ureralgbi oti the irort uf u>o Quota Rio Ah*. By ihta time moot of there Dofortunaie men hmJ oasem hk-d on Ute rt*po m the tear < f he Hell ot Recutita, and the crowd having ?fj onurtderabty laureate i, ri war ptopoBfd tor tome one to Add esr them in their behalf. Br CHiRiRH Smith -eltg ealed upon, appealed to Ute byeun-Jva to odd by their oluntary ocnlri buttons to thu tnrail arm atread" raited If talo he, ?be?e men had re turner ewtnr wrn vten ry, more were tew who would net have rt"el?fi tt em with open arm*, and al would ba^e united to do them honor A* it it, unfortunate and pen.it kr? e? tbey now appear he'ore us, they appealed mutely bnt poverruliy to tbe ayntpohka of tte publio rb tee who bad tbe nd'enee or aniferttt? humanity at beait would unite n tar- la**?r of friendship, and batten to relieve tbr Intrn-'la'e a arte of <ht? remnant of tho poor mldiera of forturo wto bad this dty been caat among ua Thrtr tattered faraoeot* spoke mere etrwigly than any up teal be co< iu timer, and 11 Urn cravings of Ute,r stomach* ouulti apeak, I bo appeal would bo moot powerful fu re were, br undcratoo 1, ihirt' aott of clotrte* at the Five Print# Mission, ' hlrh wmld he diatrlb ted among tne men aa far aa Utry would go The money lhj> were now colkcilnf *ouiti be divt. ed equally among all Ue rem'ude>i them of the ? en In the I'm-of Um Revol Ut>n at Vslbv Verge, who bad no shoer to th> ir fret, and c'oeed hU ro mark* by crgtrg auooglt tb? c alma of theae poor cnoj upon pnhdn r mpaihy and aid At thle moment an nld laay tottered up to tbe gran p. a pasrage opeotttg fur ber through the crowd aud she aoxltu' ly scanned the eucournt f-aturoa of the men who we e ett'itg on tbe gro? ed aad ?i?ug lite a-epn, iu hopee J reooy uiany tbe oouotenanoe of h?r sister1* son, lb? exam ltaitoh, however, proved i>nr?Url?cU>ry , and ane Wrned iwit ? ith a sad face and a deep drawn tigh of aorrow. Mr Ii a Buhl man, who bad been busily cug?gtl exert " f, in?on m r.o u nvog ir.itne?, was Mica apoc rnr rjrf.ff.h, aud, taking a poattloa on the top*, m*de i> Tew rt marks. ' I am here," mid he, "to advocate the cldm* of these Individuals who hnvo returned from a distant land, totally doa'.ttute ol eweo the cc it a on nooswiesif I'fo The men who hive atve liberal cootrtbmiow to irnd then there shnnld now coiae f?tw?d and lord a helping bard. Tor tney hare returned ncfortcnute lit* for yim, fellow chitons, to eome hero and contribute each of > on jour mile to their relief Many of them are hungry?nrarly all are deuutuvi of wmm m a earing apparel. Some ha?e rrteoda not a great distance from here. We raw a abort lime ago an old lady oomu through'tie crowd to inquire afier her sinter's aoa. Ail these boyt are niter's none, or aru father*, brothers and root, at d win ycu not help <hem te re;urn to their 'ami lleaf loan fully aympathize with them, for in I860 I returned from California ana landed at pier No. fi North rt*er, ar entirely destitute aa any Individual before ycra, and It only by the kind and generous aetlria oe of New Tortera that I have aloee batterer my oonattton Now to repay thtn kinnaeas I will lend mi tlma and means In reUertng three poor man I am here to am, and now I ask you to contribute liberally as yon msy have the meant. (Cher re ) At tbU moment two boys oame wt.ttln the circle with a pa'l aud rup and furnlehea them all with drink, whlib n.at y of ihetr swallowed wtth (treat aria It*. Tui Pot>lr!b< tlone dow came lb quite lively, leveral gen Herri n givli r individually two, three and four dollars. J. T. Heroes, t'juncllmaa Jonas, Mr. J Boyd and other* ei er*od thamrclvee oUlgently and pereoyerlogly, and kept Tbt men ?>.? !bej had been riupfoyed atOuela Ri-ja br the lnlu.bltania In cairn leg water, chapping wood, Ax , Aai , and the* obtained tolerable fare It wan here enggeated, and aubeeqqeatly mov?d, that when the meeting adjourned H reaneembte hi (he erreieg, on tbe ate,* o* the Uly Hail, at tlx o'clock. It wat pre poeed that a ocmmMtre be appointed to auperintend the vanoue arrangement# or the day with raapaot to the mat ler, and Mr Jra Rurhman being nominated, wan api<oirvsd ohalrmac of ruch committee Tbe following were thee elected ae member* of ft rt* >?J. T Rarnea, J. T Brooke, Qui* . Pmlih and J Boyd. Mr . J YRverrdt wae npNM by tbo ?inmittee u> act aa troaaurer: aed aotae rar e or atvrmpia were made to lulictt ouctrtbuttoi*. Tonro retng a great antioty among the remote portion of the cr?wd to a .meat for themae/vea the actaal oonduton of ibeee men, they were marched in alng* file to tbe at; Hall atep* and ranged amrg the upper portion of tbe same In three Imea, uaing their *eata la fn'l new of tbe people del <*. Hera ihe anoru of the eoflettera for money were ^pln re armed, and ec* oral of the men ?ere rent Ukro .gb the coniUntiy ehangiog cntwd to tecetre la Utelr hata what ever tbe impctee of tbe moment mi?ht induoe the apeou ton to oiler Jemee W. darker at tbia moment tneitowi cp to Inquire what the gathering meant an ' to a*c?riain who there forlorn individual* inlght t>?, and when trie mformed ft <he ?tate af alfaira he nanded a ten do' ar gold rt*oe to the irraaorer, remarking at the aame use, "Here'a my dollar," but tome one atandlcg near obeerv log Ike viae of tbe mm anaoonned Uia font, and tbree cfceera were glrea for Barker He waa forced to the np ner atep and a apeech demanded He aatd be did not come ibem to talk, hut all be ooold ray waa to urge the claim three poor oaft Tlcnaie man bad opon the ay mpathtae of Um people of New York lot the public e nlrl hale tatleldoally and at ono?, aad that would be of 'nfli.ttely more value than for him to avuid there and talk Mr. Barker thnn leaving the atopa ho waa again hudly cheered,and ar hepaeetd tbe treoanrer be (lipped another rn u???r |iiiu pio? mm u? Hum inn nnmvi u (iTt D ad all mi ai Irnpetna totfce oontMbutloaa?dime., quartern Md balf dollar* were peered la from ernry aide and onn tinned for eome Uni Hprecbea ware mad* by M- Banww and other*, oaul about 1 o'c) ck It wm uhnM by eae of tba ot ruiriitMw that arraofewnu be made for glrtrg U>* ra a good on itifur table dtoner, a* they ?ro rtrj h'bgTy, having had no break mi It wm laallT decided to take them to rultoh Market and lot them diee at thr eaU0( bootee there, the committee to my the bill* cut of I be fundi already collected, whjrh amount d to about $ *' They accordingly were muaterti, two obreoit, Md marched doea Nm?oo asd Kaitua at mate, at (rooting, of oouree. freat atteoiloa Wronghont in? route About flirty of ibrm took tketr team at Uago'a. th rty ll?e more at Johnann'b, and the remalalat Wtt lira at Mitch ?d'?. The proprletora of tbeee rating ?MtaHi|*bm?att charged about thirty aatea cent* a bead, all hetag al lowed to call for * bat they wanted and eat until they were aaUafled. The blUa paid by the Treaaarer ware m folkiwi:? At (Itge'e tU 00 At Johaenc'e 12 M Al MttchelU main* 19 00 Mai 914 03 A gentleman la the mean time had procured railroad pOMgea for acme thrre or f.inr who roala?vl In Colnmbta or r.cty, and tbey left in an afternoon train far their bo men. after reonlribg their portion of Ibe rand already readied Hnreral a ere taken to Seilerue Haepttal, and the ax enann of rf moral to that piece were aleo paid oat of the fund? I en rlx | a balaoee in the hand* of Iho Treaaurer of about Ilk The mm were then arranged In tingle die and marched to tbi'tiepa of the Me-chana' Exchange, orrlrtcg there about 2 o'clock, with the hope of realizing ootmlbtog hanfltome from the Wall etreet ' merchant pnnoea. ' Sptecbea were made by two er three * bo had prerloun'y benangocd the err wd la the I'mk, but with lltt.o apparent eflect The juarten were but eloely and inrdlly treoa trrrrd from ibo piotborlc poekata of tho lodtgaaut Wall (tioatara to th? 'Wtori bat of too poor Moaraguaa?id <31#soot at beholding Ibrtr domain* Lnradad by koch mtMrabla lot king **t of b. tnga Oo? gentleman. wbooo namo wo maid not town, but who ?m mrnt rtqntaivdy e r'?red, tar nod up hit ooao u bo PMied toto the Id rhtrge. remarking 10 t policeman ?tandmg by, "better clear there fellow* away, Change wtil moot in a few ml MM." Tbo ootnmltto* thought that tf one or two ?f tho Btoa would adder** tbo poonl* It would hare better effect, ec onrdlngly, with great pertnayloa, ooo wm Indoond to (top forward and tpaak of bia (uffbrtnira and thane of bla com rado* Ho raid ? 1 fitBtlomoD and frllow nHlzona of tbo t'nited itate* ?I appear hofnro you la bobaif of my follow aofforew who are row ntUag arotiad mo, tbo remain* of "Walker** men,'' thai lofarnal wrotcb ! (orl-w of "good,") who baa draws aa from orr bnmoa. 1/iok around yon and hrbold three moo. drotttuto of moan*, ytn? of Ihrm tnonaand* of mtloa from tbotr hornet and wltbont a poany to tike thorn to tbetr frtooda Wo lowb to yon to aid at in thta extremity Pjot, minora ii* eroatoTM weia wa dnrlog tbo atega at Rlraa For fiftyfoor day* moat of no tired on Trom ooo qaarter to ooo t aif of a pound of borto moat and fbv to alt oaaoo* of togar eaoi day " another of the returned moa woo hero brought forward, Wiujam CAtanw by name Ho tpoko rathor dlaoouneot'd ly, tunnx, howorrr, that bo woet out from Nrwttrtoan# wltb a company of oomo m7 moo, aad bat thirty or Tprtv of w*m would bo oblo to roaeb Mkttr bono* H? dwelt upon thr borrtblo floor.t?,io of the w mtdrd tod ?tok ftelaitnlPf that bo hodlae-a mag rota by tbo haadfit ffylog nut of the wcood* of too moo. oa t-iey were dying for waul of attention 'Moo." ?atd bo, "lo tho oi.l Rreolu Uoaary arwir harr ott aniTorod moro ban baa nana an dorrd by tbo moa obo ?*o row trnforo j?n. ft it trao ibatwoBre noody, and a 1'tlla umiidm wooii help na rory morb Aebt.r aoronfhteaee in W*?her. w? looted not to bm f <r prwoodim. If bo aitertaiaed d?o i-Jlat anaptrtfOl aga'frt a man bo waa I mm* lately ordered oit to bo ?bd. Ho .*, Iiowarer, a brara tnau?of that Uura I* bo doubt A v i -?Po yon Ilka Wa'kar? Aoiwr?No. wa do not Walker wao a tyrant loot boforo the capita latloa he mid to aa, ''Boy* , W Y O HOKNING EDiflON?WEDN U >0' rot Ike me aa a general I will re wpa end you may hawe a?m? one elie " Bui u V ir'D'Dt he ?u tuakl' g * 'rea'y ?hh the enemy They kit toe army after aU ih? Pghnrg wa? cone ""hey went ?*> 'he Qv?n Kieanr to f* anmntMnn to eat. H?a Latter ir>a<*U tlx mar wril ar bey aen- at>M Naailhr-iacltua there (ITrrU but III tie nvne--- wae ool I r/rrt h? j a;d cot nncte. <1 In leeoi, g lb? Trauilt rou'e <V?, ana :hen fore Wat) rtreet gave Ukcm but vixteea dol:are Th? mei? older the charge of Mr W Y Haru.mxt'n then ii.ret.rc tvaeir to ice Pa^k ?b?re, alter a re.plle of an boor <? ae. ihe tp. allrg ?a? ag*'u remount Olc meri ir., d iii?r cont>loutPn wa gl-ree, but he g n?'i.? Immir.? that prevallea u trw, m .rnlug neemed Ui be tomeo hu' or 'he decline. (ire N<rri#?grae reorarlad hat'heir "rantl'o aay wan the l??'i Civ I. 'IT. (?lCPr.r 0 lia". ha-* for a Oeg ll Ol " ftKi K Hri rr.K'hid of Cic tn-xti <>btr>, .?ce of the "'an rnrti a?' / ma- e, by r-qjeet, a ew luiprHeelve remark* Hit.-' h< at tor Wm,w, tuerrt :i n I a braver m?u lu tBi rolled K'-.uk ' * Ah t?b ?, hut he la n.'. - g-'-uoral Ha k id I acti it -lyhi by hia men He hat 'leoetred uaall? m>rn' and ?v meant-n*. iVnother W m Tki'tnuroo, after rfeaortbtag 'heir iraa < Rtv??, -aid. ttfmr under' lug Walker* b-itvery:? I ?r came Into toe r-o-yual. iia looked upon a >. i -r wh*tibr jjf M'tuo'rd ttka a dog rlo toJj the I ).h -rncji u, *1 ? itiaa.?what yitu kll rau with I V >v-4mtl'f i A Ye*, >h?t la It When we *ho>iH have bee. | fc'?gilj|r for tKovlflooa Walker iroulo ? ud u? to raiitur the "gt<>aMra" women; iheo olo w u and ubhdren ' .j then tntko then pay from i ho m geoo for their ?? ratten A-nth?r Niif"i went to ?Moar?gua cateuiaUug ro hare a putty a?> time of it, aa we ware prumteeil a l. aot of IBM ar a tn<-oth Bui inttead of tbat we eere out lo work Ughting wltbin three rlavp aAvr our aralrat there We ?rre ve>y aoon glad enough to getuvenlbo m- at o' >?n)rar*r? ui and doge were e*o?ir*d g>eedtiy. "alknr la a Ti ry good man far atwit a nunlred or aa, hut he la no (HWll He oo-dd take Oki men Into the ' 4*M, lint could n<~t bring hetn eut rfcamognva war '.he on ? gtreralibere Walk* aouid make a ?o *1 country , icbrnltr.aaterado nothtpg r'ae lr yoi will rtve many Mrg ?e will arp- date It, and tr ?n> oTyori ewer <r-me m t 10 tlhoom I wii gtve you a ourfel of poutoee. ' (Oecerf. ) *eveial others rpoka, but all A the at to Ute name i At iwettv mill dies before alx o'clonk the adjourned meet i% < f lb? Horning wan organized, and (he crowd ori-en oaca rrom'.ne stops, so M u> giro room for the ti-etkel* Here ?n otrt man, a^nouncl^g h<s name ta Ca.haIo N?wCD. 'Stn* forward and raid be wtfibed to ray % (V?w wirda V.iinoi- Oh yea. he wishes t make * *orixu-al tcue a. Mi Nawriia?No, I won't U jcn'Il ev m? apeak, l"l ' nHoe mjeelf to a , hil>e>phlcal speecn and abort at (Qat. I am * ;x>or m?n myself and bare a sympa'hy for the wsnr? of cbora Voicih?oo, let b m apeak Why ilon't you? Tb* olo into was then tutrodnnod and sakl ho bad a felVw - ini aihy fur rutdler*. as he oar occe a 111 liiary man fc'in-tif kuJ had served lu New Turk incites, and wsnv.ii to al l Ibe fO((ii<-r wherever he firmri him, fur ho vuat Rtee?h u> the poor lenoeit to toe Lord. Voickm?Oh get out with auoh noaaerme; It won't go down here. murta? It ! good philosophy, though He Tell Ueeoly for u>e ptnr of Now York, of Now Oreana, of Hootland and of Ireland, bet fell for the neoeiaitiee of the returned Ud bnrtera nil MM and aa a proof of It would glee two ctnta, which wn# his mite In a good ceoae It rae bero announced thatCa^U>n Rrndera waa present and ready to (ontritm o $h to aid the sutT-rtuga -4 t*e rph'Dtrere He was aooordlng'.y announced to be crowd and roirlred with thico cheer* He nad not come there l> make any speech, bat wae p\"iog by and had learaed the reaaon of ibe k* benng, and accordingly come forward to lender bin tnlto toward aiding rutfirl ~g humanity A Mend of bit learning thai be waa oomlng tbera said, "Why. aurelr, you aboalu not f rgn your petition." "I forget my official position," said be, "bow? why, sorely, not In speaking r?r,rr aiding ibe ; 00' snd| dWI'esaedl of our city. No, be oocld not believe that It was rrqnlatte to do any thug of Uin tind, and if It wae be did not care, be oouldu'l belo 11. Tna poor hwteert ma hare been deceived b/ goirg 11 Vice- i ragsa, but w4M they went there ihey ire PI wtih too t | motives * boy went there for Mm purpose of aghtiog for , ilr liberties of hor people but were dtfeeb-d, uj whether that MM right or wring it wm not for them tb?n to de i rid* They were t'.ere now, be for# the .eopie of Now { York In dl?lreoeed clreumatanoee and commanded, an i thty bad a right to, the iy mpntbiea and auiataooo of tbo , New Yorkers. They loik Use men who dated staio be i fere any roe m* and Bght for the Ubortiea o their oounirj i rbey took like meu vf courage and thosld sot per mil such men who hare risked ,011 for liberty to pi>ri?h in cur nii> for sent of the oMvasarlee of MM N>, , tri'.h ihipgr eunkt uever ?e They had ?ho?ed themselves i men of courage in g Hoc to ? richly lilmato to Qgbt for H bcrly, ana tow I underbUtnd that the'great money*) mart , of WaU street today gave lb# viry llberel aim of i a atern dollars tusid there pi or sufferers, shllo the poor , people IV tho Parkdjrtrg tne forenoon bal oootnbu ed , one but t red sad thirty dollars. He mold not believe that Wall street had been thirty reprove* ed, for ho had a much be tar optaiim of it Be thought that it bad sot h?en properly appealed to; and if a man who ?raa < km eu to the business men of that street, like my f leod ftcrkmsn. should go there and fairly repr?sent ?ne onto to iitt r , instead ? getting aUUeo collars, he wuld In a <hert utr.r -eovive mare than as mang hundred dollars pro-tiilsg they aoald be saliaikrd that It would he dtnpoaad of id eji'dkkrur and proper manner. a? ail er?n??, he a* there himself for the purpose of gl /log last the eamn acorn to the tolunWera as thai ooUetled in ' all street, (g eat applauts sod choert), and ro 1 mar sow cona.de ini self juil aa rich as that ttreet 1* In Utat rasped, at all Mi tit. Vni< se?There are no liberal men la Wall street p!#-tit? sf *ur?l, free turned people in Wall ??ro?i, who tf npt>eoi"d to would a.c yon It bam 17 Mr Ryadara thro ' taking <ul hi* moo# j and counting trial?* doiiara not, | liaucrn it to Mr. Bookman, nylng aa be did *o? I may an I 1 e>l Htc tod my mociy while I aland bora, aa I do not ( thirk I rhall barn lima to do tt after I go bark. Hare Hie, 1 Jr^t rlHrrn d.ulars, and I bora that ny lo morrow Wall | t#art may be anban ed of the MM f. be* c toirlbuied lo 1 tbla racte and coma forward mora llba-a'ly and glra aa | morh aaaliteea ho n J red time* that amount I a aow 1 aa rlr.h a man Id feeling aa any r. an n Wall alrnat, but I i*on t want yon to t?t ma down a* a milltaualr*, for I am 1 aotb rg al?* bnt a poor man, Ilka yourteltea After tome fnr bvr tmaika Mr Kyader* rati rod, loudly *>,.! <. 1 *1 , Wm Tai MM, cue of the niiburieri, waa the nait pcakar Heaaid, gtullettian aid fellow cI|Iz#-im, If I beve a right to call ,< 00 no. for I don't know watrier I am j an American or not, bet I Bland In Amerioen a no?, an have (ought error f#r ibl? oo'.ntry b*fura, wbro I waa a hoy I waa led off to .Ttrarague, and got dooeirwi; 1 don't now, thongb whether 1 am an American or Imtobman, or whale I. I will toll too aometbtng atronl Walker, the 1 grea. Walker, who t? sot IM for a eapmia, m-ca tern for a I t.coeral, aot beta* la be la 1m brnrary, but began? no 1 want* fnrrtlrhl and management w? Ian 1*1 them in , March Wbac we landed la dan Ken the Ir.t ibiot- 1 '.bay doae war to m ?e oa arma, and tell that ?? bad >o 1 pbt our way to Kir? What waa left f<* ? am to anbmi; 7 We did ao, and fboghl our way to Hlraa When ve | got there, a I mom Marred aa wo ware, and worn out with laiigoe, loat?d af frirtsg ua aottobie food, al bwucb Walter than bad ufficl?t. D>cy btoagbl a* do ?a beefaod | rrtcher* 1 ?n ?nb?e<juenly la two b*tu*a one oa the nih Mf.fi lb# . hA? Mh Af ADtll dutln* wh'ch lima w- ? am in ft barricade, there were bet 300 or MM oaonone pminiag at oft b| the Carta Rlmn* The apralmr one timed at langvh lo recite hi# an flaring# and maey leapt from death, ft ad tn condemn ill* ooorae of Walker in ao nnmeaaumd uirma, ? I.en he rroc rnlr. >d tome gentlemen la the or ami a no t n? oal to bioo lo omne down hern, and 1*11 thai to him He. according I/, Immediately left th* aland, and procordi 1 rota mia crrod to meet hla friend Kami nt A. Woolabt, of Tnnneaerr, aarthor of the flithtr'ert, waa Usee lotro laoed, who ipnke at ftome length, tftrraiing the netrtttadaa which the soldier* not<v Wat*#/ were compelled to ai.bmtt to, a id onwdemntug Walker a* a tni'l ary man, and a man naflt M hare the Urea and health o< othere ta bla keepiic Atlba creel oaten of bit remark#, Mr. R.nkmao nrged the crowd to oontrlbcie ma morn, aa that woo id make up a total nonaction of MOO dorlaf iho day Var/ Utile heed wai, bowarer, given to the prop ?<tloe, tbaaa pretent arid roily baring ecnlrl roted already tb*lf an I tea, or aloe act br>rg prepared M ieap *?'b> the call. , lien Known, formerly of Walkar'i army, waa iho neit epeakar, who narrated the ctrenim aoeea of hit (Hag to Nicaragua. and bow agna waa pot In bw hand* Immedl ataly attar, and ba ordero t to light (he W altar anhee quanUy aent him Into (be eoemiea' camp aa a apy lo aeear tal* who the peienn wa* that we* lodoricg hla men t* raaortaoraot How Waikar anneeqtiuo'ly made a moat Itfamcu* pri< port Urn to him, whljh he wool! not name to A the andieaee. aed bow be dacllaed, whrn Walter male another rropoeition for him to ?t>ike die oaanona al Qart latere#, and Anally hla propjeluoo lo tnka and blow up u tie nee our Pan Carlo#; aad how bo waa rccegmaed ?n1 d< etpoeed immediately oa catering lb# camp of the enemr .t for thai pn oee, and ercnaed of baring run _ ibara to hill '/toner*! Mora; aad bur aahtrqaaat capture by tbe enemy and narrow aaoaoe from oringabot He " endad hla aarratlra by itatlng thai, in order to earn hie own Ufa, be floaily (otoed the roomy. an I roc tired f | M) oar day for orory der'a aerrtoa while tbero. Ho da ootinred Ibo oourae of walker toward# hj? mer , aad up f held tbo Orl* Riran* in ao far aa their treatment of him ealf wae noneernod, and concluded by narrating the rnee fit of one poor Mlow, ao Artertean, who, alterb etag badly h| wounded In a light, and lay lag la Ibn run for anme honra S\ wa* flnallv taken rotronrr br the t eta Riraua. at d aa *<??? ?. m hi* wirrndi w#r? la a m<*?nre hea'ed, pnl to work, an t IV wnrtmd tike a dog eaery <ap, until he finally droppon t, drnprrd down W It being now dart, lit# nnmatlUe# baring Uken la baa 1 (> to eniUrt mmey Tor Ui? auferrri, pnlleoted ih? iidbua'er M era Inalde <1 lhn Cttt Hall, aod had them acat tbemaelre* K'i on the Bior d tin* City Itll, f>r U>? MM of hdng L OMitlod, aol waiting until :b# money (vllec'od oould bo J< oootil#d out. arrangM md distributed toth?a>. i>< The committee tii'n r#tbed to Mr Taylor'* room find Rt omorcdrd In couid mdthe money, w ben It waa aanortalaod mat tnot'tal ?rm (xd'trted during U.? dnr wan trig, ot.1 Pi of wMeh |M had already been erjeo ed tn procmlng rtfirrbiervt* for lb# fl'tbrytem at none, leer tag a balance of PM I" be dlatn >utrd, wbioh tbe commute* dtriled tito ft 76 for each mm, | and the balance h> lb# mm nmoor tbe number wbo wore l* in tbe frra"w? a##*l. Iltl* diet* inixw la iny made, tbo ^ III' unteri retiied fbr lb# pu/pow of proourtn* Utalr *cpP?ltiwt of fh#m lant night, for want of s Ndbr |d*?. | IJ w.'ifht aon procured a tight * lodging at tbe t>xnea? of | M tbe city. In Ih# ration* jr lit* ?7*tion ipviawa R. It la th# tntratlon .>f the i?n mtVoe haying tbe roofer to j R? hrod to appinprta " *?y fuMhr- donation* tbe# mar ro- , .It ##lr# toward* tayin* 'be pa aagea of the*# noor moo to t'i tbe'r bone* ip lie regime arettoaa of Ibc ottutrp. ' It RK H BSDAY, AUGUST 19, 1861 MR. W. R. C. WEBSTER ON TUB TRANSIT ROUTE. TO ma KDITOM UK mil iwuid, fKU ,lb^ Dumber aou ?a-mty of oumminloeUnna with which the dalh )ourral? of Him Ud other oltlee havo rreoitly been Qooded, all boa to* pointedly oo Uie jntfiiou of Uvf Nicaragua CraoUt, and all irevnding to w intimate acquaintance with U?' rle?* of the adrainla. .ration at Waib'tftoa on that sanjeot. It beoovea clear to ' ,i? cne at all ci overran' with tue tactica < f a certain fa 1 mint* individual who b?a? % that ' tu bu never known 1 lUeal," that he II la, and be tl?ne, a. ho n now pulling ' be wirca behind the ectato el journalUni, nod endea ' rortug l<> neutrallae, by the mtiueruM or hireling pet*, the 1 efral ruautued bj hi* interim birth in diplomacy an! ' oar Kv allnnllMI will tlA ItUivlHffthui in liifl .iii iatna * % I ward* which U U direoted The Trent It contrororsy, Mr, bet been designedly and 1 > aiemtUra'ly in Tolled lo auun ciouda of mUrnpreieute ' ton, <bet D.me but too vary few 111 the c xiwn of Me bud , ear, untetetord or understand the >rigiii end reel -turtle t the O'tMnrrlal end iitarnttiiiul lave nil* whloh are ar re contending lor anpremacy Unn'amont ae ibo * tea* la, it meat ba et feali ?h? a every me to i whim It cen r< teooabty epiUy for to for nation la t? aonnapirary 10 n< oeh e M; end wor.-o nil having aconaa > the i uhnc ear have v? ry eurrnut and nattaraunry cea- ' ont for derUtlng to keep the public la ignorance, either < u one tld? or 10e oUMf Thie fonfe iton, it wtlt oe wen, la e two edged a word, wonnt iog fr rnda. pe nap*, alt-oat a* much ae enemiee. But the itruggie having cooed on our aide, and ended in what we Debet# to oe a viodica'too of joetloe and , iruc national, an well ae coaamerr.U poloy,u aaoit oe itldent tbat -e can have no farther ootect to myatlf/," and are u?? m a .0*1 low where our rarer I vlnOloatiou will be found in the fuilnat cxpoanre 4 tnor.mgtt and , accurate butory of the .illbouiij, frcm iM oomrnen?nvun, in the mode, pan lea, Caen and owuiderailnn of the u?t lun Bui*er treaty,down to thu laet prejudiced drapavjo r> o.e W a hington, la all we at present ro julre to pltoe <w , atti-n right on the record, and oar ezuung utle oa an etuinenoe a ove th> reach oi future cavil Contending agalnat mooted aoi uneompulona en mow, who baa roonori-o to every vtnuagem ami topped at no meane, either of libel ur c rruptxio, wBp li pr- inlrid t" prr-mote tnelr oauae, it might barn . er, bout m oeaaary and juatinable to tight tire ?r.h Die, and lo use agetioieo lor defence rimllar , lo hoee ahicb aero being deed for our daatruo non But we prefer'#-"1 > work *ll-n<ly and ateadfanly, llrat laboring l?> at cure iha reeult f?r which we had en j Us ed, and leaving lite tatuea and the ilaniera, the agenclt b and itraiagcmt to the ?ere vludtoatton of 'line , "hal Llnitt haa mi lt?* mill itnM air mi l m <t clilm thai tm vindication la pe'fem fti.i public gnu* will wo at , to ihink of aorusatto m widely trumpeted during lh' eosecce of ibe aoouseu, a d ?u<Mi-oJy, tnetaatanooualv c- ' ch y on tbe return nt u.?t p?rt> to the jurlrulctlOii nn der ? Li b be coala be neld re.*ponMb*e BjI iola letter it* ma /mai jlh^J with any IntontWn, boverer Ji*u.l?bt, to indulge in pertoneiiuee. laotyeoi sat to recall pubtuy att< nv.on to tbe taot that Cwta Rice, item the eerhen time, tea b?h d. jurt < dc facia, ft a n.cl juti t jurtauliiUon over tbe river -?u luau, uite sliio i f tbe river bi log an act tal porlioa of ber torri tort, Afta ntfttrtMto inform your eirrrupondoct "O p y." that Ui? Senate <jf Nicaragua ww m et undoubtedly called ftetbor Of doner*)* kUriin<-i and Jerez, tho j-ro.iin. nal rtlrrn era, and aasemnled in dun form at Managua, early in July last, purtaant in tbat oaii where tbey reutted tbe treaty pro pexeo by ibo goven me?.t rf Gosta Rica, whereby tbe rtgbta of tianstt ??re declared the jnlol prrpe'ly of tne .wo republic*, and -lib permiariuc either ti one tho n|e It rtninne at Ban Juan del Sur, or to open e new one at BtU na? bay. Your oorreapotdenl alao betray* Ignorance tbat can hardly be lee* than wilful, when be aa?rria tbat General Canes "bee never been at Nic?rague wl'b 400 or any otber | number of losta Rievn troop*." Thia Geueral ba% for tbe la*i twelve month*, boon the principal military oliner up pored n ibe leta il ?*>U"teitng f->ra>era," and has bal luring that Urne act lea* tban l*o to three thousand OoeU Kiran troo** inder bi* ooinmand Taking Ibeee well i dcwc at.d tnooticatlbtft faraa aa aample* of your oorreapendent'e accuracy, wo oan affor" to leave Ue remainder ji bla atatewent .0 ibe Judgment cf an Impartial pjbllo It la aaaerted ate by tboae who aeuretly and wttb bhtrmei* en> faea, whne pub tal> denying tbat Martinez tad Jerez have ratified tbe new Joint Trenail great with S.rtt Hioe, that tbnae general* are not a legitimate govern men), and Ibere'ore oan sou ft r no legal title Now, 00 ihla |sunt, and wholly apart from Joe rattlrsaiioo of tbe treaty by the Nioereguso Senate, tt a ay be eurticlent to remind you that IKm IVU'.clo Rivaa waa appointed a Proilrloual Governor oi der preckely similar cinmmatancea, uul thai h legitimacy waa acknowledged by Ibe raoeptoo ot Padre Vtj.l aa bla npreaentettvo at Washington. The constitution makes tracial pro?UIon for eueergeo elea of thla nature; a ad under tbat omaUtutlua, and la wo aordum ?ith tta trtnngf atiinnlAiia (lutunti Waptinan tod jtres bold power and ar?*oioU>?d with full txecuvire tu thorny. Vary obediently yoora, W. R. 0 WBUTE8. Ci ?BMi Horn, Idew Yark, Aug. 11,1UT. riaa j??a and Ui United MUten UoTinnMAt The IwIm rrtnly. CnAaiwruji.ii C , Aogaal 18,1N7. vo nm BDiroa or m mm rou intuk la no adltartet aadnr the abara oapttoo (la Una Bant Lb >f Mae day tail), yoo make the followlBg renter k: "Who bar iba Jewa made ao remnaalraaoea, or their reasondraooaa wore unbonded by Mr Pieroo and Mr Maroy, Iba i?a<y weo, wo beitoro, culy raUOed nod bojaaae blading ID Umi ' ailed Malrn ' P< rmlt me lo Mate thai whoa la U?r mmnir of 1165 I no In'or mod, by ettara and aawvpaperi from Kurope, of Lba la ton dad mtiflohoa of ute a bore treaty, I ad treated a Mlar, dated Jnly 13, 1Mb*, to Mr. Maroy. tailing hla aveaiton lo tba fallacy or ibn Orrt a'llcie. ami bat, if It ware reiiOed, U>? govern meal of the United halo* woe id tboa "ei|?we Um lo. aoliiot of this repaid*) lo the nwdiemi olmoimtae and aan.r) ar ceo wbtob ;hetr bmhrre of ttwirntrlaad bare cn>*i.tuU-oady to endure," Lbat '1 could Lerdt> bel-eve that ibe go?era*eBt ofUeao ml iforee ooutd lava become a parut*' In lur.b mtaleraooe u d f naaitete m, and ali.uld aavo doao what Mint of Mr. Fillmore reprao dly refused in do;" nod that "rocoat la y'tiauvo traniactloai, both to ftwltxrrUni and throughout .ormany , bar# loooloarly ibowa bow mjgeill' mlotakna u M' ftoiley naan wlwn be tboigot (at heoiproixon blmrelf In hi* ottor in tba late Mr Webater. dated rte-ne, Nov 30, )8t0, whwh la aow before ms). that 'la ealtgbi rc> J rttator tna spirit of persecution is fast aisappearug and nowhere wltb more rapidity lUaa Is ihla repab to,' (dwlizerlaad )" Another letter, a totaled by the tame mo traa, aaa nddn n*d I > Mr Majrey fr jB Ctnclaaatl fo boib heae "reirowatmanee" ihla tiaioaraaa repJod with buly diplomatic oraaMi, "that salt traaty aat Mill la suora* of tagutiaUoe, but be o<m!d Imparl no lnfjrmaitoa soaoaraiag it," because "traatlaa are al ware regarded aa JuuuuruiMU will* Iti?T U? IirwrvtR, iUJ ami! wr/ r k*fe Mont liwi of UM land, tad. a* ?ucb, prouialmed I ror ib? LnronasUoD aad guidance or tha p buo ' N nr, the trial? ha 'la* b**o ratified o* the Mb of No k rr mhar, iMth, at d peer alined oa the fallowing day aa a * law of the land eboretbeatgaaitreif Htmi. naot a? ? barcy, aad tbie, tno, Jum as It had t>*aa ' dnwo la quadra ti plicto at th* c.ty of Beraa, th? twrn jr flfih day or No h it oi bar, lathe year one thoaeaad eight hoadrad and (If lj iy." the lata tdmiabiraioo eae elooe ha nttargad with the 11 lult of hatiag inflicted a groaa !aj<*Hto* end outrage oima * hair Jawi'h rel.ow citi/aoa,andUuilag*U*ari,by the rery j a?p of o?r republic, Bwlta Lot- ieraaoe, iaoaliciara aad ra 11 it loci praaralpticn. end hat net too practical llloet ratio# b r the warnar ia which the F ?iaa gore . maot lately later h "reted thai traaly fliuwo that M'. Mai n wan at i Waken abew ha wrota to bl? gorerament, wuh <ha rtaw of arg- i r* opon then the onrci akm afth- treaty, that the aptrt u if perteeutlow" waa "fati otaappeai.og, au-t no*here with It nor* rapidity than la thia repabUc" (s ? itaarlac<l)f Vart 'J ?! oar nateewen might rtill learn aotne ?hrewdnae?, 7 tty ami for*el? bt fr-nn Ihtlr European b-ethrrn' <*, ? hoold thai a who hare been In* rnran.'nJ in th" rootle 0 ka cf tbl Republican tdeability ant har? wilfully aacn I ice d the oxatitouoeai right* of thair Jewiah lalioe cid " ea*v *' H-pIng that yon will publish the abort llaea of a eon h urn aud aUdntirr reader of your paper, I temain, fco. k< l?r M ttAV?r., b( M'ntiter of tha Hawhr Onog , Beth taohioo. " wawal Intelligence. TO rn? koiTOK ur TUK HIBAI.D. r.rrran !*t?tw kraaa famcta Mi niwem, > * I anchor off Bed k>a'? Iilaad, M T Ma bnr, Ann. 18,1W f at We got neder way aad Ml tha Nary Yard at 8 o'd wh * He noniBg aad oaron to anchor hero, to uke to lb* pow 11 nr, and ? eorrent the laoal attraotlca of the com paw. We J tali go to arathln arontrg or aarly to-too'tow morning. * be ahlp will tourhat Madeira m Helena. Uape Town, * aurttlna aad Mow Bay. Riralta of .dnnda, far the pnrpnae ? ' taking la coal, prorMlowa ami water, aad wl I probably b. fire at H >ag Kong about the Ian of reoember. I eaaJ do encioeed a true Rrt af tha ofllaera of tha ahlp ? Captain, W. C NIohoMoo. Ijentonant aad Kt Off.,R N. p * en bet, leu ten ante, T. I'alilnnn. &. t. Harley, J. U hi roeloa, Hewry f rhew, Jr ; Acting maater, George Ban .a; an irgeoa. J. L i'ox, form*. Thom?? B Nolle; Chlaf fagl hi wr, R. bart r>aaby, I.lauteaaat of Martaee, Jaoob Head, th tared AMtaiaal Bar?eoe, n. ?. ThlMlpr; te.n am Far en win, r Walea, MWihlpmea, .lamea M I'rtt .bett, Brrm pr iimo. TbnwaiR Mill., John Kelly. Artaur R. Yatea, th tp.alt a ('lark, K. Rrowa, Jr ; Puraer'a Qerk. H. A. la l?t a*?t?unt K.nftnoor, I A Svknon, Aa?t*taal nr-t.'?r? l?t. Vl'g nlo* 3d. R B?rt nmaa aad lb m?d A WillUm*, 3d, W 1' PaBano, B C lUrapkin ?nl p ?. A WarMn*U>?; MoaUwalti, R'ivrt MaDooald; ??ju '0 )f, Wiuum Hurnolet, Carpenter, (Cboneaar rnotnpaon. ?v illraaaer, C. Bradford. tli I'uiaer ttMiBM I?oker, who got* u> Chlra lo Jilti lb? bl ,ruttucutb tloop of war, la a curat of Oapt NUaol?oc. Kb KXCKLVOR. It Tb? I ot'od itato* ablp 8t Loola, from the tout of Af ^ m* art bonod to the Canary an t Capo da Vorda. alto tba " B'fcd R tea lip Cumberland, fr?an Norfolk, (jaat arrlc- r* I) oroo at Madalra July 11. JJj Tho lonoolnc la a llal of omoaaa or Uto HI. t mila ?J. W u > ia too, CVmmandrw ; lieutenant*, (loo W. PHf ,F.f bt R|tboai|om<, Kdward C Htoul, Robert C. Paral! ; Bi?h fl< Tiylor, A'-Uav Mauler ; Chariot C. t'Aaw, I'artor ; lw 1MO11 Janaron, Knrcaoo ; Joha 9 Kttnhoa, Awuunt do ; ar It ah Mulro, *1 lieutenant Marin"* ; Mown A. law, di tror ; Jobr r. Riiatio, Ctrpanlar ; danoal B. BtuAwall, bt j aakar , T??oa. taMb, Boatawwto | ea ERAl r. Another dtyatertona Affair* to DBATH, BVBLAL AND BAB T NATION U? A EBBALE 'b< unmbm ram cnaiona ciroihuitanobh, ATS'taa**BUB*. MBW JKM1Y? A MB*tU DENTIST 1?MCATK1 - HB KiN Ai I V BtTKIIH Halt IN BVBHnMKBN n CBMKrBBT?TUB NBWAH* ACrHUBITIM INTIBFISATINS TBB BATTER. On ti>? fourth of august a wealthy nd well kaown doo * Itat ..f Newark N. J , wbtre same te fur (be present w'ttj t held, took hta family, Katuter xrtvh thai or aniUer gentle bad, aho belonging to Newark, on a month's eicamlou In f i)aebt parehaaed for that pur tone, whioh, It aeerai, waa ,.,J' :ul abort by the audden death of ono of the party, said to >e he a <" omestto tn hta family It appears from the following larrstlve cf facta, however, that he undertook to okboaI t he fan! of her realh, for reasons H?t known to himlelf:?. lonl On Sunday, U?e lath toat, Ueneral .Superintendent (til *r|*J nadge and hta aid, Msraur I Brevoort, B?q., were stopotug r|tj 'or the day at the Ooran House, New Jersey 9ooi ifler dinner Mr. Brevoort took a ihort etr ill about | he grenade of the honor, when be wee met by wo geotewea named John Bauu.ot No. 37 Domluki eireet. ^ uid Henry Kodwa , of No. IB Jay street, New York, who, oi rerrrtrlig by bla drrrs that he waa a pol|-.eui?ri, Imtrnt ^ lately approached him, when the following conversation ^ xvcorMd>? mm Man- You ate a policeman, are yon noil 1(1)41 Mr. B ?Yea, air. Jg UiN? Well, we Aomu to to!) j on that there has md? mn btng eery singula' Jnat transpired down below bore. 1 Mr B ?WtatlaUf **' Mia We were walking to the nrtghborhord of the Mn. death bt iuw here, a ithurt itmo ago, a when sailing yacht, oft. cure alneg, and running In cl'gr to be abore, threw her of tl d bor orerboard. The boat had four men ta It, ill <f whom ant uut and prtoeeded abrut lifty the *%ac nea f.om the ?bora, one of them with n shovel on aw t*it hnuk.er Thinking that there waa aemetblng very strange J^}' i. Uit*. wa stepped one ride k> watch the prooeodlogs, an' rmt ?"<u raw the man with n shovel oommeuoe digging In toe dnit rbet. After digging a few mtnuiea, two of the part, J' '?-lu> ord to ihe b at, and taking a handsome silver mxint -d mahogtDT r< ifln from thence, carried tl on their shoul 'era to where the man waa busy digging, where they de- * l<oatted It on the ground. Wo aoon saw them stoop dowu " " >tii lift what appeared to be the body of a female, * ' wrapped m In a blanket, oit of the fcind, and *lu* Lieposlt U in the ooHln, the ltd of which Utoy th?u 'J1*' itosed, and reconduotel It to the coat. Tbe> 01 cen Immediately made preparations for tgala setting ' * sail Our curiosity bea g greatly rxclted by wtis' we hsd ""3 reen, we all four of us immediately approached the boat humour hiding plnoe, aid balling those jii ooard add rear n I the ;>er.oD who aeemrd to be the h?ad man, shorn Mi J*'' companions called "it no tor," asking him for an explana lion cf thin singular trausar.Una on his and htaasaratauw part, and staled to htm that we thought It very singular bre that tt.ey should be digging up a d. ad levly la auo'a iiu< ,P| p cious manner Be replied by saying that the body waa 11 0 that of an Amnridan gtrl who had or on tn his empl.ry as a 18 1 demesne, bat ft>r * me time past hat teen unwell, and ,PR ihst a few days before be hen taten ber out for a rat), and r,r' Uiat rbe had died suddenly on board of Ute boat; but his "ol fkinity being with him, be aid not wtsb to take ner remains *T( back b >me wllb them lu the boat, and having no other means t,J' id disposing cf H he thought be would give It a temporary Ult nclal until he could preside for giving U a respectable *PC builal He also fined that he belonged fa Newark, and arked ue If we knew of a burying ground anywhere In * ihat vicinity. We told him that there waa one nt Red ?),? fowl, bnt be said he would net go there. We then n>kl b blm there waa one at Key port, where he said he would ?J 1 iake the body for Interment, to told him that he had ,h? better step at the Ocean House and report these facta there, *Kk wnico D0 mi a tie would neruuuy do, mil torn yet mil Mr R-eroort, after hearing ?h? shorn singular itarra- rUj0 Ave, Iroa.edletely went la Martb of Hope(lni?u<i?ai r?U *u Badge, to ?b< at ha oocnmaaiaaiad all the rente. The *rw toperlbtebdeat at oaea aat aboat making inquiry about UiJ ha hotal aa to whether aay report toco ae bad ??r Mea taid the doctor promieed to make there, had been ? ate or not, which be loon foood had not; ha than ,be itarted off through the beach (and alone to Bite tome Vv perioral cbeereauoaa and aaoerta'n abethar ba oiuld Had 11 toy lodlcauona of the raoaat exhuming of a body in the Bl4> rtemwy deanihed. Ha aooa eaaaaapoaa email excara- *?? lira la tba aaad at tbe tdte if tbe buabea, about oae r-mt "? neap, 'run which a meat hflbaatro odor emitted, (tonally wh( reaataDltag that of a body to aa adeaaoad ataga afdaaoni Th? position, and tram which, ha aayt, heebooi.1 joo^? ibat U?e it bad remained there at lea?t a weak Bseuming "J telle fled that something waa wrong ha Itnma ?4 1 dlately ratoraad to Utn (Mean Hoaer, and protend v M io mabn autat ta<ioiriea in aeaartaia noma alee to the ?* lingular oooarreaoe. bet ba en unable to aire any other vhp ir fur ateUun la audition to that (tree ay Meaara. Beam h rU* Kodway, witb Uacxcaitoea ihusome fishermen in that U?e neighborhood bad obeerred aa uaaeual are kindled aa the boacb, la the rlelalty from whence the dead body wee aktn, twoe or twlaa recently, which waa kept bora tag all night. _ Meaara. Tall mad ye aad Bramort then, after harteg first akea meaaarae for atrtot Inquiries lo be mado la regard lo ho aflalr, look Un Oral boat for the mty. la order to take boo ome meaaarae aa aooa aa pemlbie la obtaining a olua lo ^ Idiot of Ik* Moaaahuat dlrecUowa lo keep a atrlo. look oat jo kae way ap for a yaoh?, aad tf be taw on to rapan lm bau Modietefp to than N on*, bo wet rr. were tee* U woo, 1#r, however. knboeqoeatty aaoertaiaed by Mr Taitkaadga that >ba ya? h? which ba vaa la queet or had kept cloeeia (bore, '"r,r tod had b??a potted along in*Ida of tha au grata by potaa, or r ? aa to ba oB.boorved by people either from the itmre or ,k )D T(WO|0. On Monday morning Mr Tailmidfa draoatobed Mr. rrUl it. aroort and officer Van Ta?#aI, ai?o ooa of on aide, wiih lady ettrra lo lh?i Mayor tad Hhpf of i'onoe or Newark. Nov a lertey, narrating tha particular* of the treat not oo at far m> kaowb lo him, and informing them that tbo l>*>ctor bal nu mated that be belonged la Hanaro, wlrt ho la all baa l>robabi ity had taken the body, aad ark ag them to aaatai wh.f tta aide in aa laoetugauea ot the ed*,r, ao far ?a waa la bur power. Thane ofllocra returned to thb CJlty j ee irnay moroirg. Tbo foikrwiag la Mr Rrrroorl'a official report to Jeaeral ((r ihiprrintot drat Tal madgo yo*Uruay, aarrotug tbo neuit if tie InYeeugullon of the ellalr ? M" rn tiih MirKiiurrrrio *r nr fnnon- OrD mm I art lend lu *??m about two o'clock on Monday. iad at oaee or***J. d lu the tltti* of the <'hiof of pollen, wait where f f mod lie Potior .Ttiadca In charge, ihe (!hl?f being rrlf kharol attending lo (he lirrmau fetdTai, wdlch waa mluf bill are i d?iut two ml rt from the e)ly. ( ororinr MUura Baldwin waa it the Hae holding an ln.,n*?t on the body of aonie one who . ad beet drowned and foetun*uil? for a?, I l-erned through be J undo* that the Coroner had. a rb rrt Umt -trf we. a an led w~ eertilluUe for ih* pur^nte of burring tn? remain* of a fa ?hjo nale earned Margaret Date, who had died In Kkrwwth try, mall ibouthaLfa m'leabrta '.he ceeeo >lnu?e, wldeh ia*n me aa tkm mmedtate key to tee partial wdu' m of the whole affair The Inaiine In oharve of be Chin'* i Cine, thru k fitly dr ttr la hki "7 't a nrlealw outtreyaaoo to tbo place where the frmu.nl wan ' 'ring laid aknr I found hla amor ta.ir Rtglow and the mac hie of Police, 'o whom I preaeni. I tetiera fr>a l?a Uenw- opfl al HaeerlBlradeaL making M now n theobjn-t rf TIT emit >| tiaereupoa they a' one* aroompta'rl nrn> the atattoo hftaan. rem wV nee proceeded to the ra'.lfrad <l?|**. where we ?k?? ad teamed the remain* of the deoeteea girl waa lailag, . laltlnebibe tal'rrrd, bu'. noon arrlrto a larre ami making Winn no am h rewaia* nn'lM be found. I, hiwwm, ?U1 Aa er|aeatly learned thai Ik- body waa at the time about Now k'ee mtlca below Newark la the pi-?<ir? yaaia (Might. arrlt eloag ng lo the perw n wfco had ethnme.f the bed jr. and ui< , I nnter eaa a> an. ilae In Newark, tinoe aan had left tat city aUre and well r? he tth of tuguat Ahvt ,rl? I* o'en ck la 'he avataa and afier iht burial hart tfial tkrn pf-er. the p-raoa who r'-alaed tbt nartldoaaa beta rom the < vw-?er jy repnmea'lag thai the 0 d waa ihet al her I be r'timed depot, waa arret!tu anl taken to the aUktoa u. nut* byordcrof u? ubtty or roue*. wb?- i w.-rn^tu-1 , imbt'orthlt honor lb? Mayor sod ibt i-hn t of Fmin*. Ha w?ul tplMxl lo ?>wih latrr gma'h-* by taylr,; "thai no lb* foinh ""'I ay of tilt prt*tai Bto. I* b* ti'ir uw?I b boat call~1 'b? haUv:tjb? t row * ?. nU?m*n in llo'j ? >. w.th lb* Inltatl a of to In I bine kit faml.r do?n th> bay I n a a> bUi, ?nb a tittr of bud i i^rui .rg tb?lr b?* lb ik*? h?w? b ?t'h Mi? iwtlre .M?r*<> * hi.. I B.I Blut'd nbooi bi-l .op-d 11 bit f?tn ly Hn -o . . it ? h mat fey Pan it Hoik m th- Mb t'opprd bi bad Haik?. "* " a 'It" Mh Ibid la lh? o it bl taady flodl. on tba Tib tit k tarbrd Ibt It *l oo ibt lllchlBiiilt. cm tb? Mb miliil tatra. W u ibt IU> bor'iortd abort ib? I etna limit#. .? lb I liRb do at .n,i < arann'ad ib, lltb An. Ib Pirt n Tata. Ikh WPb-vhld It boal afalb ahuvt lit ll?*ati Hoot", ?nil htiUl flrt* oo ho . lnrt f. r . blnr bBd trfiln* o(t Ibt mmijnlt >*s. >t b*v>m ,BO' ark It tlnndirnd ami Halr-tidd ttry Inttnttly, m l uir ?lf? Ibt I tie# irtfku ntd took tJit D ba and tiitl yonriaitl rli Id ind hart I brttd for ibt On as llo itoa (oo*. tbfBB of ib. oihtrt thai moto ad aiarttd with mo Pal tiurn d hour ijio day prtrioos, ju, I'tg ?t alont wtlb my Ibrf.ichildr ! aa1 Marjarrt Oa't, h > 'Pat rlffc' att btr artpiT ai at>om II l 'Vrbbl appa u ltia'i iir ?l!i a?d oh ii-tn nt irnt-1 Ibt aoaitwr ba' ny 'b* . b? atanMmt rl?aPrd op, but Ma-rartl waa tokta III aad fort* d al oul 2 > rlork * uraitrttr.i -I air out and trapptd a r*tal lanktta ubo b?r, *1 h al h?w el nfia* on aa the dia.l, aad l u rr||, I d htr ahi nt flfty roda fr m ibt abort Ii tht aaid, bntwten 5 id ?..'tln?k rnmnrn'ng of Wtdntaaay, 1Mb Wat : t tkto aai' l o IVitniwit'a'.yl and aitit my wir? ar.l all lit f. <? boat TB. iri-pl Iby Itiani. I m? -htft - aaU'd In Knypon and ibt potl i y afttraard p*inrn?d turn. In tnnatijottitt ol oiaor no ir tu i?mii. n'a I hi m l to Kr ibv rtminii tuiUl Monday. I indl dli D ? bor y in tV boat, *bO'" Ibftt mllta btlow Iftwark. not 11 rrrciiy atu vrg gann 11 n iar ?'?rrn?i:i, near " ' Haa "rethrown H lillavooat l"on? After lakltg Ihle explanation from the d rotor he wae ,r!rr?d to jro ai laryr again Tto Coroner and author! Jen, i0 f,A mrrtf, del? rallied lo keep a guol lookout for him for Al \ e preaent kD'i wetrh hie wt?r< ehoato u o'otely m pe? w? ?r bl" The Oraner elro aetd he ?bould tn fue? tf}4,r j i (jcatrrdey) pmjr a ylalt to Fycrgreeae for tto lh(<j rpoee tf trying to aanemtn whether there ? heel any nob Interment m that of thia gl'l. at Med by the doctor or not. Ho, bortrtr, expreaa-w !| M __ opinion that ihould bo flu,I the remaina of decrowned ey oouid bo rente red from hi* i ir.#d!ntioe, ao thai bo tba cl 'ill take no rtopa toward tn<Ulnt.n( an Inquiry at to the (|0Mr obaole ranao of death without too rontort of tho an oritloa of tbo town or county In whioh it may do for 1j? lerrrd. _ . Tbo doetor itated to Mr Breroort that bo wont with Wn o remain# to Kerporl, aftor hattog eahcmod It, fbr tbo .fan irpoae of Interilng It tb?re; but tome O' qiulo ac w, N 1 ab.-m boccnnvub , tied bl* Intentlou and thtcironm Cb? inoea tiucl'm tbo d?alh of tho girl, told him Kdt at If be attempted lo bury her Up ra ho woult get Han mietf In irouble and likely enough h? aent to fcb ale rrloon for It, a i l that bo bad boUer not underlako Abi Be did not then know what to do w.tb It; and feeliog a frral deal ti anaiety to yet it e body pro ,-rly Interred Bet ihout bring dlecorared, no rot,, I red to tako it lo hla Thr t to three m,v * bel w Newark, where bo oonld lot It Am main unil, a "arorabln opportunity offered; 'ml under bo C< * nJI n would be i>0 induced to lain It Into the city of latum no too', eaa tho laat plane he wjuld think of flr.t 1 ktr t to He alio ooyo that what tha two von took li the p irurf, a floe ? Vi <np coffin a*a nothing but aooc, mm dayo re dollar or#, with tho icrow beada WMhod with oilror, arier Ofprear.kl bimaelf m hating b?eo eltremely nor rone ihrm id trr iblet about tho affitir, orrn oloco It happened, and waele oot know a hat to do a lib tbo body, aa ho could not roan try It in any ti Ibo bunylpg grcunla without a eortlfl Tor to of death, which bo finally eucceotfcd la gotUng a boy aad U ,D. PRICE TWO CENTS. *r u (i i tor htm ufolio**, tuivrni of having goM 14 ? Civ i.?rW'? off!i* for oao 'H' l '*? b '* t?in a in 'urti? lh.' Tollrj 4#f-? rh). r*- s? ib?> Muitwt |i?u v.m li Pinna'Ivanfa, -n??l* -'?*? 4l?d*i HJuvtn - in H J . Jli' IS'h <!aj of Aiifpiit, H67. Con.i of drink rtomifMUoa Of ?. I" o?uup*tio*. '<?]or *M|? lorrlfrt unil i'ni'o. Ill tm*ll lo bf Inlfrred? Iv?rfr?<r? MILTON HAI.HWIW, ('orooor. ?, Ui dorukar. *W?hk A n**"* 17. IW7. hin-UnA errIfl ?m o*n b? obiAintfi ?t ih* of Jm it ft i i oimon Coijioll K'irlal nr, ml'* o?t'- bit .,i zla?d U 11*11 iilloe or ill lb? rrr^rnr- nt ' ti. .-wi I AM M M rilKNV.M f'llitlsfop kK >1 (iARRIH'Hf. hoclffb givn fnJl periLtu x ?oi !? * iHrmU* m u ia Lvrduvwa. iuo rau m i/niu| *-riHOil ?u um ;iil U p?' ill genuine ctrllScatee Vf, wee written ?o cnnaiooi l? cap paper, in no .ooflla I meaner n<i will be **?o by fullowleg II)'1*1 ro'tu #71ib a. e la u*d bv the "2e-k be common council In *11 nue* of death within the OiriCK o* run ir* CUU, ********* Nr *ik( .V r, 181 S , PrrmlM'on I* hereby fronted to remove the brdj off fb? tnt*ma?ut. J lute of (tenth, ? r iy r?a k f croi cr Baldwin, who t* alio an \.d? man ant Chairl of be ?eara uf Felloe, iays a tho bine ha tinned tbw i*e catufliair be *? >orjr n?r, and although be no- m 0 th* form ?ai Ircorreel, p emimed of onurae, fran* < ?)! known poalllon of the donor that everything r. bo correct, onbetltatiBglT !* 1 It. 'to following octnmuDleatinn to rclniionto lit la i?b)*ct ? on Monday reoelvod by (leneral itupntlnveudeal fat dye , Titi.MAtx;*:? ih I bum * triiitry In regard to 'he bo*i tsat took the body h? woman up near the 1 o-?o Hoot-, aul Cant Vkldmor*, be fluid*, at the foot of Htrnlty icr**t. aayaheaaah * tin* up Utrouyh lb* Narrow* aod that at * atood over anlr the yifritrtl** 'hl? afternoon, and Tap I? S**l?y. of alncp Kenrral Taylor, foot nf 'tare lay a .reel, aaytUMl be to tb* Alia* Price la?i Sun lav a d overboard a i any trg tn reference to a ? oman n th * eil vt ihat If ihsy had iter wl'b ibitn to Ion* t? ? a< too |> d to put he- away la manner tbey did, and 'hat ? vere >ody ould now And H " ) aaya that h* mint a t> at b? would know aome of party ou ear *a'l on ?*, If yon fa* proper, a' 196. 197 tad 199 tl Waobln*4>D Market, ford of fuliou er?i H II OOMOVKfl moat aingnlar pari of tbla itrange ooourreno* i*, that be time or the death of ibie poor girl, altho gh tbey e within half a ml e of the Ooean iooee ?y lan i, and rtar or a mil* of it by water ye th* dnoor eta an 1 notwithstanding he wu *o cervxta and ezotted that Mm Id n> t atrnr titii boat there, or arwk awrietan** from 1 plane, he deliberately went wild a aitovel, dug a hole r rod* rr m where (he boM la , carried the body of nrceared girl there, wrapped up e? It wae In a nlr.l Ml' K hneebdMnn mil .m an<l .t-ruar lit..? II . , ? ? ? .... II.WIXllli, s't'ly covered it op, eod returned to the b.*i, el I DO ? d? .'eh , efler which he tailed bin b *?l dlractly pa?l Ocean Hone* t> TCofbp out lock, without ibliig w*rd or the ePa'r of Vt*> wVM to e fin tndivln. ei in dn *t?tiDl*y of inn piece where conned, and I'n*.1* u? hxrviinr the body e? be **f*, lio ErergeeL reiucte v at It iil?*l, with n- ear.n d'r welt ot e etib'.b or lt? clothing, or mvao -**u.g the wltnket bd off It wfcleh ?ee wound round erl?r rt?tu In adoli to ed of wolch it 10 alleges tbet me doctor oerefully Herd the (iieen Monro on the -nindey of /ihotnlpg the 'j. en<i efler having ?o faithfuilv ^roroieed to report ro eil (be facta ae nerreted ny Dim t-i dor err. Maaaa I llotwef After the lot?rvl?>w mb too doctor as ode;, Mr Brevoorl field a vlrlt to <be .luotor'a fhaaily et (the doctor'i) rrrjuoet, end from Lie wlfa gathered the ow'rg particular* ? be bed been to the Odean Hone dor 'jig the fbre pert be night with three ufher children, end name bank la dart about ml.; light, when Margaret wet I then very end complained of violent Uiirel HOo recording a*v? dnok of vim gar end water, unci other drink* at hand. , however, eooii taw by bur a^jtiaranoe that ibo rtruck with i?eth, wb- c the look her la bar a, and held her until the breathed her lad She than her out tlieight and erep.-ed Uia blanket round her. hug bead henna too moan tict ed end nervoea to (oka boat to the Ocean iloaae. and not wlabtag too. near be Of In the boat with at, want onshore eod???? re, In whlcb be buried bar temporarily eiieere that thta girl wan 'mm H?.#t>urg, Poun?yl*waid had lived In the family ae a?o>t of oomooatue and eral uveraeer of the bourn for lb- wet elan yeam, eel i much thought aI by all a ho knew bar in Newark, ire the iwt* r htm ue ?rjoy? ?u attentive prnrsoe. m inorities of Neetr? with for he p*eeenl to keep Mli' of the rro*i Ik* |<uVlo In order, M Ihrjr , to facilitate them In art>rtng at ait the truiha oonaooewltk this tranf* adair re give the above eUWtneot as gathered he our report It le But tbwgbl thtre bee been eel f >ul pWjr, but cecums tennce Me of ee peculiar e oha-aoier u 10 ex. i ? (Old id ?.t onavereauon rnn iiwnaiiirail.ina by Neweik authorities will probably olear ay the whole Iter in n dny oe two. Cilnw on BfMilwijr. he peel he* bees e toenueUnu wok among ike dmi ids between Broome ttreet en<S Attnr plane Oembhng * * ere (apposed to be entirely *npp*ee?ed, bat we r of e greel Of bt et one of tkneo erutiiiahmeota, near 91. Nicholas. Kalrev were used, end one of the rota mis wee severely wcunded <in the next night the en Unment wee repented el asnher ynmhttnc bonne tn or *ue?t, neer Breed wny The pobeo utd not interfere, ern report ibe fbots, or ettempt to make eay arretee. ? Woe day two well knowa ntnmbere or the pot (lag unity left tows for insane to ?ruie e dispute abort a >, by e retort to the code of bono/. Keelly we dvo In ge of "mgree*. Utile further op, end In a shade bettrr eoetefy, ih.we hern e cartons onre ef coa <ww , toe ps'ticuJars of ih we lien*lata from the CJbarrier it? .Vtato Unit * OAKPAL XT mi W?W 1ORX "IOTL. (From ibe (burner dee KXa'a l ute, Arguat li | i Saturday erasing the New York HtWI, whtok, an y otit know*, la oofi or the prtnetpel reeortt of tkralbravtllerr, waa the Umaire of an abortire trama, la ,h one of Ibe nrinrlpnl antom may congratulate hWain having made a fortnnn'e e?nepe The following die pr?rt?? dMalta of the alTalr, aa wa hare ob Inlued a frflin the beat nouroee ? nrny ibe traneteat reatdrnta of the hotel vta Off. ?, a young and pretty lady from l/oetiiaae. rrfto vaa j mg 'oo freely her hoabeao a abaeaee tie hnrlog ro ted lo New Orleaaa on aonmiot of hmlaeee A gwn?d of middle age, eei l to be rub, aa aoottoeeer by melon, Mr , had "overbid" ( wJttri) with the teat aocoeee (* 'be unarming cren.e, aad their latl y bed goae eo far that it wa* aorload aad clamented a hy eereral LB maim of the hotel roeg th-iee wna a fneod of Mr. W?, who ght it hie dnly lo advtae him af what neenned ta hta eee. aad to ?e)ota hltn. either by telegraph or mall, ate on aa anoa ae pnaathle in put a atop to ute toaaeei. aoon aa be reontved lie meeaage Mr. W. left Orleaaa without adrlatng any ne of It, an* red la New York on .Saturday treeing, with a rerr lo kia poekat, determined to take the law hit own hande It wan n a<tob a dtepnaluoa of aled he weal to 'he New York Hot*l, where hta falteleae r half waa board udr, aad inquired for lha aaaabar of "OBI i bad no t'ooble at all to get ta Knil of impendent rlty and not aarmelibg that the outraged bur band, m they Uto tht far oil. eaa already admacing in the -the two lor em had not ay* a been eantmoa enough k the dear. Mr W? entered aa if he wee at borne, although it waa eery early la the errmaa. he found rife and Mr 1" In a pne'ttai eaelrr to i engine man errihe, aad which did not adai.t of any p eaibto raleo tnalKra. trout ntlrrlag a word, Mr W. drew hie rerotrer fired at the goiKy party Mr T an being hit. )o?ait of hod, ran to the door, where, oe opening it ha waa at a new ad time, and took night head king towarda mil. followed by hie lerribie enemy rhe retire unking on bat a alrgle tUnnel underehlrt, aad at that teat It firmed to he l< art of hi* raree. t one can mdge of lha eeneatmo created by thlt (image r'Uoa >nnu( the r rr?"? k*-u?oibrrun ?u onto* *n?r trite of Ui8 flrint *f r?*'* y ruooirt hood nrot nrrlrrd it ihr brtt oftb" UlmoM, Itootod.u 1b l htoir utn-4 to tbo ri|bt ?nti ilopood lo ooo of MM of ih* wtu>r cmmH of lfc? botol, la which bo bohod if eJat*. (> pnrnil bod boon hot Ho r**M boor fmm hit ao rol ibrltrr tb- tuwult on tho MBlrt, ?*<1 Ibo ?tn?lo P * ad di?orm tbo torubl* batbtod Ho, tioronr, of rtly on hU -trt, ood ocmrttrd to opto th? 4or>r boa inaiBoeod by tbo potioo, oat tpoa tbo foro*! l?r Utol bio dfOohonld bo prntortrd m b?o oold i*ol Mr K *M woatdod. bat wo boll to bo ntfrnt, a Kioto obo moono the dot bid trooo-J Ioto ood bio to If iot0 Mr. W loHiiodiotoip loft rnr lb* Booth with bio wifr. ? loollbtd to holloto tbabtbo tiTt.r *111 to oonvtbrr, kOTioc oaotod two blood Lbob awoat ood loBft to m Tito KBr loo CoatmlothMioro. Kirtto Coaaltotnaora art toumij %nor?an* la anbor of tbo Court of Ooaaoo Hot*? Coaatt Haakott tad Hoimoo brio* pr?*ooi Aonii?*dooo oaooo wore rocofrrd from lb- folio*lag porooaa ? ma HHntaVMi t. O'DnmIi, 322 r?.lrd ttotuo if* MrKotf - , H Ut ttrrot tad Troth 0T6??r. B Of*Hoc, CA1 !*-otdw*y. ilff Ke-nry, 3?T Bo*-r? rtrd A Monitor-, 48 John otioot tori A ITltoo, 81 rnlkdi ftrrfl. tn.to F ibril, Mtnhtta-rll tbtm Tuofcir, 24P *l*th *"not mi rrotrv rti ?* bain k Too fflckHt. IS! rt.ird *~to* >att T W. U!k dirt. ? C ftrort. Bu?dbrH?fh.MtTrtora onlwl' a? H.'Uf'i ! t 'bf n 'urmrrW %rf*T' i of tMBtrl tbo Lom^r ' *' 1'* ?J**[?* rorodty la Hop--ab-'. bo.1 *fHat? r?ry **t** orpft- of rrtitirit BcoWOO ni il ibf -Wot -t Bfty ?b?,old bbnroroffd. Oi l rrr BP |,o?|.? prrottPd tbtt rrrlo>! xxld n't b? Uk n lain o ObtdrfMI-a by ttrWaluof ttnrp.*r. to tbo tl?T*ca a* too ooly. Tbrrr tiethlrty oar ?*} of tbo twatoa yr4 I?n?aborof lbvoteo r*?''*< ?r *? tMi Mmc b M?, > wnoubi roorUOd for Uc w? tot rtr irom 1 Id,000.

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