10 Eylül 1857 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 2

10 Eylül 1857 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 2
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Vtte A ?teste*n It.mrd of Commissioners f.?r far*l|n Mlato. ? OfK rttoviPtNui c?>KRh?roit?MicB. fuwt oar. Pttovirnwca, R L, Re?* 8, 1887. The forty eighth ainual OoaveaUoc of the American ?tead of Gommlnelot era for Foreign Missions eommeooed to mo loo In (hi* Hi; to-any, nt 4 o'ctocs, in the Benoflooo. Congregations ctu rch (the Rer. Mr. Clapp's), on Brmd lilt A brief notice of this large and oelsbrated missionary wool ty wtU be appropriate at thla time, and from an elaborate article prepared for Ute oocaaioa 1 gather the following facta la regard to the origin and progren of the Board, which cannot bnt prove Inter eating to the reader* of the H skald otut.m am Buiotv or m novarr. The Idee of the Board bed Ite origin la 1810 wllh Pre. Wor oaiter ,6r fflu, Morse ana Dana, wao were joined by Messrs Klohardi, mil*. Gsrdon, Hail, damuel Nou, Jr , tdoniraj | Judroo and Bantu* 1 Newell, young men.etuoeate la Aadorer Theological Seminary. In Jane, 1810, the Uul* bind ?bought the time for pubil 3 notion had arrived, and It waa reaclved to bring the eiojict of foreign minions before the General aeeooiauoo of Corgregattotallata, toon to con ?ene at Bradford, Massachusetts. The General Association met on Wednesday, June 17, and on the day following the following paper was presented for the consideration of the body The undersigned member* of the Wrlr tty College rerp?c' The oB<1er?trne.i aem?er< m me iito iij > ouege roep-r f*illj rreaesl >ne atwatlon of Ihslr her fnthert r .ravened la the Or' oral se?oci?uo-. at lira ford, to the toilowtag state BtfBt ltd linulll" Ttej beg 'tare to rate 'hat lh?tr mthda have 'era long Im irr??t d wt h be Cu y nud trrp jraaor cf per?eu?'ly at omo nnviee vt a or cu y ?uu nrp^rupr ui un 1 j mi emu IlimiMfo to the heathen; that the Imp reel e on 'telr anted* nw induced a ?erlopit, and they t'usi a prayerful noi eaierafn of 'he tuhjed lnt'? Tartouaa.tt.v/'es particularly In relatka to the p>ohaoi? mwii and the ditllcuiitea ?Uendia< an'h an atkmst; ?td that, after eiaatlnlng al' the Inform iDm ?which they e> n o tat . .he* consider toem*clvee aa Oero ed to (hte work for life, whenever Uod, In his provldenos, shallop?n the way The j i ow cfl r the owing Inquiries, on which t ?ey no'ldt the optskx and ad rice of thla a apodal or Whether wub their preeept view* and feelings. they on ht to ren usee the object of miaatoe* aa ?tther vtilonary or mp-aeucable, if to whether h?j nnyht to direct their at'eutl .o i" 'he K??lern or We* ,p Woe'd. whrthct they may aspect petrosal!'' and im port ?r tn a mis'tooST' eoelmy m the ronmry. or mntt com But bemreWs to lb? dtre uon of a lueopaan aoeteti; and wba' p'epaeaiot} meaaures the> ought to lake prerioun to ?touts! flceagimeai* * he ' tdrrah ned fecline their youth aad Ineipertenee. look up to th-lr fa'h? rr In the rliurch, and respectful y aolialt Utetr aav ce, dtrec.loo and prayers aUuKIhaM JUU'hK, .i* HaMOKii NuTI J a. RaHi'RL. i *11.18 8AMTRL *HWK1j!j. The matter was referred to a *eteo> oommluee, who re portec favorably r pie the statement and inquiries, aad te Sbtlr report recommended the organ tsaUoc or a Board of Oontmunlosera for Foreign Missions, to constat of nine members. Tbn r?port was adopted, and the Aat -elation ?teoied bis esoe lenoy John Treadwall Csq , Raw Tim >tby Ii wight D D , Jaded tab Huhtlagtou, and the Rev. Calvin Cbaptn, of Onnectlcut; Rev. Joseph Lyman, D 0 Rev. Ham oil 8p?1ug. D I), Wm Banlett, Isq , Rev. Samuel Worcester and If. -ainucl H Walley, o' MansnohuietU, a* ? B ard of Oi mn Imtoi-rrn for Foreign Mlmiona. The OommlaslcDerB had their first meeting te Framing bam. Oonr , on ibe hih of September or the same year A oooatuudoa waa adopted and the following offioers elect ?d.? / ?rr.ndfni? Pit ezoel cucy John Tread well. IVe /Vrjifmf? Rev I) . Spring Kfordiny Srcriiary? Rev. UaJvtn Chaptn. <brrespendtng \rretary - Rev. Mr. Worcester. Trrn.i-urtr? lioa 8 H W alley. Auditor?Mr Joshua <*ocdale. I'mdm iai Committee.?'William Bartlett. F.?q., and Rev. Dr Bp.ing In Janus'?, 1811, Mr ludsoa ?h font by tbe Prudential U'DmWi c lo confer with the London Missionary Sociei., to ascertain who hrr toy sat. lory arrsng" nect ciald bMUdt f t 'be proe%t i.t'.oo of missions"? Itborslocm oeri, so bat Amt r1c?n mlretouariee might, for a Utae, re oeiTe btlr rapport in |*r. from the London Society. wltii out fully oommntlsg ti emselves to Iti dlrecti n. No such ?i rat gem. of, ho we- or, was made, ibe plan failing to re drive an> degree of support from the Board At ibe m< eilrg o' tbe Board In 1811, the same gentle men were unant *ously re elected to the offline whose du Met <bey bao to *stl?fsoi irlty dt rr urged A man. fait and growing Interest in tbe object of the organization was ap parent, and ibe B ard began lo make progress in lis plans for tte am lioratlon of tOe condiu to of the bealben A legao) from Mr* Mary Narris, of 9alew, Mass , of >30,0(0, an< email' ds u tbe a l.ount of $1,400, made in thai year, gave b< B ard tbesioe? * for prosecuting is labors. iAOoaioRjinue us ran hski hoard?ttittan- b-farlimrkp asd errrusD An act ?f iocorpmatii>n of lbs Board was oblateed from Ibe Iwgtsla'ure of Masarbcsrtu It J me, 1812, and po var was th * obtained fir tbe election of Its own members?a power wblcb had previously Tested is tbe i.eneral Assi elation The four > oung men otle tng them ?eh es as mis ttonariea? Messrs Jwdson, Nott, Hall and Newell? were appoints 1 to labor under tbe direction of tbe B*rd, and It was resolved, as toon aa practicable, to establish a mlmlon ?r. tbe Last- attention belog specially turned to tbe Barman J'mptre?and to ibe West, among our native Indians At thai sari; day tbe magnitude or Ibe undertaking embar reared those engaged tn it, and It required las greatest ex order of energy, perswversaoe, / ml and faltb to lake the Inttl story sir,* for the embarkstlon ot 'he missionary y ears were eniertadaed that means ooold no. .re rstsed ssf finest to mart lbs nan* of tboas sogsgsd la the mlsalooa ry He'd, and at one time tbe efTwia of tboas engaged tssm ed nearly psrali red Bat faltb triumphed, and tae Board was enabled to ratre money *0(11X001 lo meet all tb* ex l?n*ea of tbe fluiag out or Mr ludsoo and bis brother ml* atonsrtss, and to n 1 vanes to each o' lb em a year's salary In 1816 tbe motion lo Gey km was oommsnoed, and In the same year a foretgo mission was ssublisted la Corn wall, Gnroectiout. Toe mission lo lbs Cberokes loilsns l>*faa in Ml la .81- the Ubociaw mission was 00m moored Tte outrage of the Biais of Gswgla n pon tb< .he rotes Indians, aoo upon lbs atssleoartas Isbortng among (rem, Is s rials upon U<* cacutcbson of tbst Hut* wb'cn t me caoaot eflsro. It I* a psrt of the tlesory of the coat try?'be removal of ibe Caeroke* Indians?so l nsei not go fortber is to de all upon that sui)ert In uotoN-r, 181'.*, levenieeo m wiooarls* were sent to Ibe Saidwict Irl ads This mission has been, owing lo many providential ccrorreooes. tbe moa sue manful of any w l bin the jnnsdi:doa of tbe Boa-d. Tbe Be) rsot mission was commenced, aal la HW lbs Board tan ed lu attention lo mitsi >nary off wu tn Jblta, an4 Mr Bridgman was eent to found s mission there. Tbe Bua^d sow has ooetrot of 2* missions, numbering 17$ *tau< ni. number of rrdstasd niastonartss, 1M Uosa Laiei.'i Tbe v> hots Bare bar of laborers seat from ibis country Is 374 With sabre preachers, nai ve h*ipe-s, Ax , ue whi le not her of laborers conoemed with Ibe mis atoM and maintained by lbs Boar . x 7 .0 Tb* Board has did* rtniig asubhsbments. and ? 18(6 > ,<r.l J00 pages was* prmleo, and itnoe lb* or p ml sail 00 Utere bare beea Issnsd from Its presses WA.OOI.UOO. fb* tinxt of churches cremotod with tb* Rvn, uncording to tb* report ol HtM, U 119, with torns 2* 000 members It a *0 baa .?"? seminaries and 2tt other schools, < >ova n lug about BC.'OO pupils Tb* Board aombsrs some 9,000 n.' int ers d twent , different Elates _ Tb* missioi,* of ths Board are dlstrlbolsd as follows ? A rvca?Tt>* Gaboon and /.lla mlmioaa. Kornps?Tbs mission to G esc* Asia? Armenian, By nan. Assyrian, Nsatonsn, tbe Bom bay Ibe Abmrdnogger, the .Hsuvs, lbs K-rtspwor, ihs Cry loo. tbe Medura, me Madras, the ArooS, tb* Aa?; , tb* Vale has and -bsorbse mtnsiona There sre ales the n.ustons of tbs Bacdwlcb Islaa'r and Xusssnesta Tb* mtsstoM to led tans In oar own country ft Is tb* Cbccww.iberotsa, lukitsa, ojibwns, fusoareru, Bassos and Al regis*, sad It is, I belters, rontsmptstwl to srtsns < peraiton* tn tnst dtrersics The miasms among tbs Jew* in Asia ha* been for tbe preseal dlaooatlarsd, aid its members addec to lbs Atmenlaa mtsston j mm AM. AIMS or THS IvABl.. Tie mlmtms ate rendsotsd with refer*mo* lo lbs nltl | ?am eomptete r\ sngstisstlon of tbe uaticaa or comm at Mas to which Ibey sre asst. A leading oh set has swst, therefore, re far a* psastbl* to sdsestsand trmis pt-ma aattv* mimrwre, and for this purpose in* Board bat bssn MMMrMII?? MfB WahNM sotusis schoos and ?tbar ssmiasriss of tsar wag By tb* mtsst snarl en of tnts Board Arisen dtffsrswt language* bsv* bssn rode sod to writing, and the Kate has be?n treassW-1, wh.iy or tn port, law more than twenty dtflbrssi laaguagss U.iKAlTWS AJT1. rtAMUrtlATKM 'If VI!* AR*.kTATI'IV. Abb* gh tb* AiArd was onlsissd by lb* CosgrsssUonal Amnrwtins of Maaaarhwtu, it doss sot elstsi to be aa SSlitmlsslinsl or dsoowiaattonsi body. sad is aot rapport* l by denomination* as eoeb lu am tf inoorporeik s re leased it from the jortsdlcttoa of the General A worts to* ? hiii gave it life, and It Is now sustained t.y individual tsridlm with oat regard to sect Tae Board elects lu members without limitation a* to nrubers or regard to rswMsncn or reflgioos denominations use third of the J msabwtnwl, kevsvw b* respectable clergymen so 1 1 on* laird reapsrtnble la)men at all timas there Is a j duunol differeoo* in tbs orgsstsauoa bat vsen tboas styled corporate a rubers and i*e rant of U? n>ard, tbe nor j ncraw msmbore alone doing Ibe eobag and uassa-.tisi ue bastasm Tb* pa) meat of AM from a nie-g aire or 21M from* Is man will 000 stJ 1st* aa boa or *r mrewr, who may share fully lb lbs deliberations of Ue itn .t ? mostmg 1 bee# thus girsn yon s moctMt review of the history the Hoard si an* its nigasicstioa, and now dome is Ibe pro osedtags of tb* body tbe first say of MS Tarty dtgbth an aoai mssMng ? ? ? ?*r 1 .? reed of Tbs (*>? rratios met st 4 o 1 iocs ? Theodore Frating ?toy sen. t restdrst of tbe Hoard in tbs chair, i'reyer was offered by tbe Rev Iw Mr H I'euogtn of a easy, was appolatod Amlsunt gWdMg Secretary Tbe a tot we of the last mecttng of tbe Board at Nawa'k, M J , were read b> tbe gecresary Tbe mtantes were ap gwwwd by Ue Board Tbe annual report of 1.,* Trrertirer was then read and approved from tie report it appear* Inst tbe ei MbdMarssaf tbe Board for the )sareD iiog ? it 1 1st: for va? loos mission*, bo, wer* $3#l,7i)o Heoe.Asdor tag tb* came iwrio.1, A>h*.v:ii Bsv Mr PoWRBriT, Oatrsma of tb* Prudential Oorr ?11tne, Yaad lb* report of tbs eommtusr, wt.i >b g re* an latarssMng ecorn.nl of the pasaage of th. M rrstog 4iar, a vsreal Milt by Ue Board from taw Sm.at'y w to* Hssl I wtcb Islands Tbe e*|erimsot was pmonoooed as enure | screws, the 1 ensei proving very Bs ncbsn-i ftsi, and has provrd rtiremely prosperous Thr report also not re ?b* rood (ion of Us (VI>os miwtoas sod gives a plwwiag sad grail 'ylag serosal of their ose<ai*res and iinaiMissi prneprem Tbe provpecS* of tbe B strd were onctared w> '?# folly s* favorable s* formdflf, ! o-a were no. Ml 'I ' rgeo that every eisrttM Is seceass y to wens re * tsMsaey of money 10 narry on tbe groat work e Anderson orst'oord lbs report of lb* PrudfOMW Oom vittsw This pen; m of tbs report was MMHV drroted As lbs enwsi lersboa of lb# oaailMdw of misMsnr in f.rwn, tb* Armenian, Hyrlan, Assyrian, Tsrkitb eisstsnan and other missionary rutins* of th Board (is th# wbols tb* report ahwi Uat Abs Mwsa of tbe ml Ions bars bean very son ? sasfiii, aad uw renc Una of thing* has probsoiy tend* 1 As produce itn* preeeni sate la th* fll?nd*l sffslr* of the 'Vnsd lb* report 1* vers lengthy and etnumiaai is its ctsrarAee sad It I* 'mpaeeihle to sire evOP * f ? s ressansAW spun* In U* Hsua? r Tbe doonmrel t?'HArew^nniifAi?nhi|MlM fU*,?AiM't ? f'??birg *o all lntereelvd tn (Treading tb<> goti el and am ' bora"! $ ibr ooodtl'oe of tbe b<?mea ia dtnait ito i> Ti?? re ?ru Irom n< arlt all the ?moot give a?rur?u -e of an U fiveeet o? nngtara, witlt c irrwpoo 1101 proeo"tiv -o lb ebnrubea atid m m^e a Tie la bo <? am mf the Iadlan on Una o"D inmt bare been o owned wiib m ch anooev, aad Bmwiuwial dlag tbe evfliemrot arlatng fro n tbe aavr *?? at Spl'll l?ke, 111 mlennp In Ibe Oonria ra ?? prigre< trig finely to* ?i D-ai effect c.f ib? nlci >ne among tba olb ?r ini ee la good, and tbcre la every oauae for encourage meet Tbe luminary or tbe report ekova (be preient condition of ibe Boaru Laborera rent from Una ounolrr, 399; aa live labor-ra, 445?Hal 840 Crating wiatllih imb, I I iacre printed laet year 4i 014,81b; page* p'toted from I tbr bea<eDior 1,034 897.561; ci rrh-e, U4; curob mea I bera. 978; added du tog ibe yea', 1,194, aem-aarlet, 7 boardii * aoboola, 94; free tub >Oi?. 678; pupila. 19 938 ' be H ard Vo tk a rooeaa at 9 o'oi ?*. to men at 7 %, mbfc Ibe abooal eeriaon la to be prea med by Rer. L)r Thomi ane, of B-'ffal I Tbere are about one tbcraaaDd drlegatee pretest to-day. a iiniiib?r wblob will be g"-a'ly eucme"te1 tomorrow The wraiher l< oelljhtfol, and every tblng combiner to want making tbe meeting of tbe Board a eery pietaanl one Tbe Weather L.a at Week fan loUomng w the result of three dally otitor ran ana In Mew York city, of tbe range and mean height of tbe oar * outer and thermometer, tbe temperature of evuporai'o ;be fbroe ol aqaeoua vapor and dry air, tbe relative mob tore aad dryneea of tba atmoepbere tor proportion* o alouda and olear aky, the oooraa, character, velocity and movement of tbe wlnda, and the quantity of rain, duritg tbe week ending September 9, at 7 A. M -? I Banfft and man Bono* and mean W |ke*vU of BaronwHr In rVrmmiOr 4n in*Kr* <Ugtem. 'I'l ?! r r* I 701-8175 74 "9 ?4 '5 6517974 73 vr 7 i 117V 7? 75,1*' 70 I 9 ?lit *7 77 [HI 1 77 7. ?W dt 175 55 ? Ml|'l H ?11187 57 I MI6b *> N1|>W 51 15 6t! 1 The force of aqueous rapor mi dry air, ud the rebut rt moleture and dryness of the ttmosphsre, are ealonlaiM from Ike thermomeiriofeJ aid payohrometrlcai obeerre How. The proportions of ekwdt and clear iky are determined on the British Association soale, ranging from 0 (entirety olear) to 10 (entirely olonded), the intervening figurei tornung fractional nnmcratora of 10. The preeenre of the wtad at the veJootttea given chore ll estimated by Boose to b?? Fresh breose 11 ?? ?? 7M M ? *reng wind * m m g qoo m m High wind 8* ? ?? 6.000 ? m Rale 10.000 Strong gale 60 ?? tt 17 000 oJ&zzrSoZxizx* - ^ KIM4RXH. Wednesday? Morning, wno'ly couded, Tot, rsry light brrese, afioroooe. cirrus and ourmilus stratus, r err lis hi brt* is; e\enlng, partial strains. tight brer.se. Tlureday?Morning, fog setmeiy any w'nd percept' I) c; afternoon, cirrus ally in and fleecy, rery light breese **ri)ing strati t. very ligti breese reese, ho*Ty ***' clonds, rery light breerc iiflemoon, cirrus, and duo stratus, si. half obscured ?er* I Igb. bree/e; ereaing, entirely clear Ratorday,?Morning, can ains, beery, peelie'breci-r af brltr*' cun,nlu,? fr0Bl1 11 r**20 erenirg, stratus, fresh Sunday ?Mornteg, he try eumcloy ei-erlng four fl'ths of.hy gentle^ bre?e. afternoon, half alooded, comiii. frc?b brtci* from uuribetal, ercaiog, iligtu ftimoA fretfe brw 7Jt. * Monday?Morning entirely clear, gentle broere after corn, pert al cnieulus, gentle broest; ereelng, entirely n-eer, grnUe breere, cool '? CUV?T raeecsy -Moming, entirely clear, gentle bree. j; after neon ?wurely clear, rery ttgnt brass*; erenlng, etratos, |C01I9 DFMZ0, Wednesday.?Mornleg, rery alight clrrns, gentle breose Tbe mean bnromcter bright est 30 J7 ncboe mesa ?r ?be woea TO rtc,roee b.gho* point HI on the afternoon of the 6th: lo rest punt 64 en the night of tbe 7th: megs .to degrees Moisture of tbe air ranged f/om 0.84 (nearly co.plru. eaturation) to 0 47, (one-half set .ration.) No rain dnrtng the week fbe general cba-scter of the ^^aoVrta'XlMd ,UU,y ** foaT "'H, then ' sirgt) RraTid Tao?r? Cowt mi-ntrrKO Wgrr ?? AffffAblj to iDilruruocB | a few <1a>? tioo? r*nm the Secretary of War lb. member, of CsmSJeyTlf u2 Pmarr f T" I** 8?? ArMuTyTSlW M Henry at an early hour yerterday morning, m.ier the sown.and of I-laot Mulles, and embaefeed ie a enseal train of rare which left Mount Clare depot at** oc oc? -?i r ut* tor f ori j.-ereenorth, Kw.as fbey will lease tae mm at Wbeelmg and take a steamer foe this poet Oa satur day afternooe a deta< bmeni proceeded to Mr oat Clare and nertfn\\j numbered tbe batteries of the onm ?ny . one ruing of heavy moon ted onenose, calseoee, and ad tbe aypn lenaa-ee of tbte sptendid body of men, and pa-ked them away In several freight oars. There also left n a previous tram two oompaniee of I gbt Artllleey ws - Oompaalee M and F, under the command of I 'out* l ong and Hell These oompaalee mastered 100 mm. and will rroosed direct toBj loots AU ibe men were la good eon dltlon, and roered along from Fort Mel ear 7 to Mmst Clare depot, nearly feor boor>?rig font with m meeb sol diery use- Is tow as Infantry ? haltvurt isuncan, Asg< H. ADlfcuriXKBENTS RENEWED EVEKV D|f, PhdUtrltAie PM. WOOD HAS RBTi'KRFH FBQM HI* FIHIfl!* I r.rl msr.and oan be mm Jt M I I'D FMXT OF KlM.-JiilJ* n*tt ? I'm itl iLL?* *?d was ItOag ta Amer>,w in J<44i J ay pwr?' n who f'A.i IrA^ to ^ * fcA'rt ?||| h. ar nf Anm^thtnf to?b^(r AdrAAUc# by qaI m; At ? u?mM rm of He, nib and (VMu s r-Ti rMtSltlJau Pe^L Uki wlse .Inseph * dams, born 1747. died I**, had a '1*ii?s;er f haJ. VlUt^f^/r!L "***m Fairs died I- nl.itir ? Jt ?8j hare died and loft pupartr to Bngiac for tW y> ara pesv-or?r 41 on nsoisw. datid wamai*. f|0?l2r.H V*>L',Ll',,B Ckl.L AT HRIt Hlsru a un w^1 Twrlfta svrswt. ake wtll hear aomethlag to h?r ad A W I JL-iPJRTv WH" run TMK ADVRRT'tlWg*? IV riatW 1HJ . . Jork ,>wlr ,,#r'd ^ Taetlay 1 afid 1 oT" i*. J' "rTriV ' * ,h' h*,r?<?f d?ie%W . .VL0* , " h"''herm 'tr. atncardiri. Sontlar 1 * III Jr,,, 'V '' " hni i rWni " Fort>w .uC Ujiita Hrr**7 taL -?n" ? f *r r* * w' ' street. lB '* r wl rnn'f-r a nrwH* favor I *"T' Di.?F AW* CAHTCMR, FROM ? . r,Y Pon5tf W.wm?*tk. Trelent, ehi |?n C! ,, Jona Any laformailoa Onnc?. sins t.er wi I ^?wd^lVraeJ Tm^' b' h" ,"M,r ' '?<?re?ne I b WAMtMD-or goMM, FOBBW A?W 1 Wlrliolas aflrey b ihslr ' rother Omrgr ,?.? ,h, bs> ?t a'flred In this co-intry from D?Mli, In land. Plena# atidrrsa bos l?0 Herald o?.-> '1 mo - rlm? I A< K 15 > 4*. r.HH ARB Til MuWHSR* OP 7 |,?v ?i artirla# whlek ran be teen by (Wiling on W Ilowsrd. Ho V Ane street op slslra Mmf aoniisf wieiiip TO IFFORW |>R bar or km Ihtl sh? coa'-l not nbutin bu nddrets a' the M.-gepr,|i a. feme R S addreea Is at' Mm# f/eepagnes. l?n !,#? r- r? siree'. near Hleeeber. ' '# ' T*Ih Nf.TT K-ltlU.T. MARTIR ff TUB OfTT A!*D J ?!? left ah ?ter at the Rrnadway P'.a- >.ft-r f,.r yon and i- "re# 11 Immediately. Bu.>, you kn.iw Mrs. T' , vr'vdTa',T,M,'? Tk,r,.,?,f WHO On* '*>?(.? V. V..? ii.ll L .,"' 'hst was r?n ores 'y ? I ? da, ,. w * JV As'lread rare la Canal srset.m ?i? msr., L, r*" ?' ?"* Hroe'way In >ie bans W1U * trrom la'or ?a the fathsr ok the ebnd JACOB JBtTKR. WA rt flMB, JP WRfJtt, 4BQ, Il'f TRAI)1 IH RBHPBOTrOl.LV MS ndn Wnminds ivmrti a, fe?n. fcs the u bbrmarji * oa. in i CHK TCftK. ClKNTRKVn.I.K COURSE, I, I.-TROTT'NH - Tl'RS J d y, m pUrobar 16. a'2 o'clock p. M preJlsely, art'honl r?'*nro up weather kairh $6.iui. Play or pay Three mile heat* io?unni. 8. McLaug>lta n* ? o* bl. g lancet. J. I'. Mrkauti utmit b. m. Boar of Waxhmgteu JOal. OtfMaLlK, I'ropn. 'nr. [.TkSBlON 1 OIIRM R ?0E8 r '? tea (oar aid* suae to be ran on Turaday, S*r ?> ?b; cr 29, (h* I r all bora** one tho-sand dollar* ?" ?iff bail forfeit: proprietor add* two thousand dollar*; f.ur a.llr beau fair da} nod track. closed with tae following VHTIilaa John*. Hunier eote-m ch g. Nicholas L, 4 fear* old. by (llenooe dan 8 vnul" Rhode* 1b?a f art rar eater* b. h. Ohartaatoa 4 years old. by So rvretgn, data Nil wood Jaa Talley rote-a |r. h. Engineer, 6 year* old by Revenue, dam ai dre <ttta Wrdnerday sept 90?Wr* chcter alak* ?Two mile beat* fid entrance 960 'orf I ; ar ooa<- beat to rc'etve 9100 from tlu pu>a? ort rl'to- ??? alve ? liver tea ret o. |*SQ?R L Eorrlr mm* an f Ha garrt He rla, by Ulenooc das Vary Mmrle .1 R. R.?r>i i atn a hr f Mary Thorn by Treat**, *n?l R vie v?ir. A Matltar * name* bl. c. hero, by Mnrlorr. dam Pataev c hi??;C 8. Howell ??""? oh f I> a Olarion. by Clarion, dam by Koltpae -*mr Jay ? Prourtet' r'a para* 9400, two mile heat*, fra* for *11 hitaea; entran-e tnoney tire per oenl; to go to seoood be*t if three or m>>fe .tart lhrr.ee be'wwn Nicholas Charleston and Engineer will in all proha? Uliy be the mort exolung and tntereailng railng event that baa ever ahen plane in 'ha North It la already aKrorb,na tie name degree of Internat, r.i.d atll no dun. be nil', a* well ooi.teatM) aa 'he great eU'e atahe *1 New Or eana Prow i rear at Indications I am tndtieod to belter* here Wll I e hornea noiab "U 'br gr >uttd to in aha three or Uv.fayag od racing, and although I do oot feet jowttlec In *dvt>rtlal? f ap-cl0*d pi r?ea, y A 1 *111 take plraaar* I* gif1n? ? 1'bernl pr.r*e for three ml e h*ala and a fair puree for "klle oe*f* If tnete are b ware < n the ground to run for taem, and I nave bo herUatlon tn ruarat.ie. lng to any horse Ida. may be ore ugh*, an opportunity to run tw a paving puree J p<0. u Ca88al>f, Pro?'i*tor. Any one having bualn*** wilb me will Sad me at 88 Print* ?treet, from It tiff 1 o'cloek d*U . J >? '? 'NloN UODROR L I?TROTT.dU-f?? TUKBOAY, _ S?p. IS at I>4 tpolonk a matoh 'or 941100, three mi lev o? repeal, to wagon*. Geo Hptoar nane* b g bant*!*; *???* D Mcffaan name** g. Pine*. Tba car* will leare ihe South ferry Brooklyn at % o'clock and retur* a* mm a* ibe apart * over Pare to ro ant return 60 eent*. rm*w a wiliTR Proprietor*. N. R. ?Thin raoe to come off rain or shine. [TNION OO0R11 la I.?TH1 P 'LUOWINO PU44B8 U and aiakea ara off red, to oema Off during the fall *"*?on: >o 1 Puree o'9*0 free for ail boraea tha'- nerer tro'ted for a on?y ; mile brnta S In6. In harness. No. 3 Puraao'$W for *11 horaea that nerer woo money, anil- beatn, S '* 5, to ft ronv No S 9 ir*e of 976, for nl> bowes thai nerer tr-itt?d Vlterthan 2 46: nttl e beat*, 3 n 5 to waeoni N> 4 Same In ha rote v. No 6 Pnrae of 9i0fl, wdih lntida take of 925 f'? all horaea that never trotted better thrvn 2 39; mile aeata S Id S. In hnrrev* No. t Ram- as No 6, to wagons ho 7. Purae ,f 93U0 mi) an inatde ?tak* or 926 for all horaea that never rotted bett r bat. 2:S6: m le a-ato. beai 3 In 6, to wagone No. % Ksar m Bo 7; two mile beats. In bnrnena No 9 Purseof f"N), ?! h an to 9 e * aie o' 96ft :or all b Tte* that never troV 'd bet er Pan 2:31. mile bent*, bast I In 6, In harne.a No. 0 eane aa No 9 to wag na Lady Woodnfl barred In ur>e? from 3 to 6 inolorlv*. Boa* of Washington Brown ? link nnd Rocket barred In Ute above. Tothoee and other drat ilaaa br.ea ''her*) porwe* will be given. Entries will oloaa nt Onryee's, oorner of gnat *roadw?y and <1atbarlne street on Satnrdny Sept 12. at B o clock P tL Three or more to make \ raoe and two to atari. SHAW k WHITE, Pioorletor*. (J' dWiUIKb, OAJUEUAUJBS, . "VaIE or WDD 8LACK HAWK ^ bone* fnraale cheap; Ar* young, ^??d "2 p?K?ct Id every r??peejt; oodi of <lh?J i?%m? in tb*? city. Apply McaIpw ? titbits, ThirUai* strati, be*ween 'if?h ?nd ManiWra twenties. FT.L BROTHER Or Till 3?L?H*dTICi) F4W > trotters aiMMon toiooe ctn be bough' 'or about lair vn ralUH. Br 6 ? x ytari ola, ? xt**n band* Hjfb anl aoond and k nd t ? all b-n,? ae. ?1? a aplwuild young war*. fl a_T*a'? .Id. '5'4 hard* h'gta, win wag n anl Waeai. Will be wild ae sine or together. Can bn seen at 21 Bowery, ^t? olu<) liable BUBO HOR8K WARRANTED TO HAIL, 51 OWf.. k will l>ew?ld for 580. 17 bindi blah, b out built ep endtd i traveller *l?o. a bar.cenme gray, 17 nandi high apleouid for aoounlrr wagon or hark, price $8" apply at ft* (Jberry it. iTAhT HOhSK FLR BALE.?A SAT HORSE, 15 Hi*l? T M*h yrara old, ronnd and bird Oan trovln 2 %5. AUo a light ?oad wagon and barnres Addrass L T . tlera d ofliie. f,lOA SALE-4 FIR* HORSE 16 HANDS BMH, HOUND ' build good Atal# and acJoo, nod eoltabla for f untJy. oar flare 01 rj nar. ha* do faullJ bold for want of uan. apply at 167 Atlantic atreet, Bro kljn L'OR 8 4I.E?A BROWN HORSE; DAN TROT IK THREE r n iBtt'ae to wAgon Warran e?l aound aul kind, la an ei cedent 'amtly horae. <"*D be a* en at Ad ireene aueet. Fll'R bALE?HORSES AND WAUONfl, TOP HUO'JIES, mekawaya and oarrtatea of alt etylen, new. al o, arum ner of aerool hand vragora, having bem a >t:Ue need wilt be ?old cbeap. and 2U boriet Inquire at No. It) werlna atreet, ec-rner of Fulton pvenne Brooklyn FOR 8aL?-A FART TROTT1MO STALLION FOX hunter ?oacd And gent It i^sn b* tttn At 16 Fscitic atreet between Clip.op and t'onrt. Brooklyn. ?^R PALl-A FIRE HOTLT DARK CRAY MARK (OA r oadtan D'.ny), abou lour rearm old, warranted eonnl and p> rtrctly get tie, goea well In nlogle nnr dou-> e h*rn?aa and very easy tu-der the aaddle would make a r?rt good lady a or It rnliy borae The owner *lih?n lodl.poae of It Tor want of ore, inquire at KavoueC. In the baaewenu FOR RAl.K 5 BOR.E8 <1 OR AYS, 2 BA~8 AND I black i all young perfectly w>und anl bandmme. eoiiA bir fot ?l .oat auk uw?one very I .rge tu,table for truck. In quire ?t 67 ?i Cf atreet. Brooklyn, where they can N- aeen. FOR Ha I.E?A PAIR OF HPlERDID LONO TAILED bay h >raea. abou. 16 hand* lilgh. can trot.very faat; ju?t | from the Mate of Maine. Apply at nj trold atre-i, rH HALS?A HaY MARK. 15 HANDS HIitH. RIX t- am old, warranted aound and klad In aiagle or double t.ameaa an.', good "n>r tb- aaddle; to be ao d aa the owner tmi no Farther u*** for her. ('in &?* ?????n until eold At I Ml A HA Y h ivery a'nbie, Columbia gto-et, near AilaaUc Direct, Br ml lyh. FOR HrLE-A HORRAL MARK 1? HA RDb HIUH. OF thr T: jalee Morgan breed warranted toeiid ana kind In 1 all 1 arataa a p.est a*edl* m ra. aU tmra old; wtllbtanld rl.enp in the . w-orr la going Weal; alao n light top w.ieon am! a imige feed wagon can be #< en for three daya tt 636 Hu t aon atreet - piOR 841.1 ORE BAY PORV, 8fX YEARS OLD 13H P ftanda b'Kb, at. !i?b an t itroag bu.lt. good tea .mr. eitttw In aa dle..r barn. ?*, irry gentle, wtrd and tr-e irsn a 1 rice alio a light two u .ted wagon, with pole and abaft lb go. ^ order The.-.hive will be ml rb ?p al the owger bat o further uae for i ? m Apply at :t>7 W ater itreet. FVtRg.LE-A FIRE MARE. Blti'iT TK*R8 01.0, FIF teen bai da htgb ran Hot on tba radii three mluutei aha will be warranted ktud and notnd with the eje --ptloQ of on* eye Alma light 'arabhed tr.ltlng wawja and -w of Itibt hnrt.eaa. al neatly re ? nod but ItuY nawd Inquire of CllARi.hM I.ART. Jr . Eoa ? t, and 6 I. tenth avenue U*CR FALE-OR VERT FAVORABLE TERMS A.LIRE P of a tag e?. in good enodttnn ani rt.nrg a p'otl table boat reaa aroi lt.ery a table la oueof the beat |yu?tonata the , etu arc wow dot. g ao . rten-lre aid profitable budnaaa Al iioacta a d wortijard long eau'llaned. with a gn-*l run of t etoB logrtb.-r with homi-a. car a and hxtu'ea The whole belonging t-. the a verttmr, and will he gotd aeparalely. Ap L I iy t# CM A Hi.B8 LENT Wo g Seventh arcatie r~OK BA1.E CUEAl'-A FIRST CLASS (lALASlIK OAR ringe. nearly n. w , nna aat hameei AUai a n*w tr i.l'ng naroti made by Itfower. a doetot*'! gig. anl a il'll e.aad ? Intl. A'ao wo 1 ,r?ea for ia ?. 0 ja. btnao wanted wth be o city reocu.in'itdaUonA. Apply to A. F. OnRMAJf, 1.UM) Bread way _____ Fur SAf.E LOW-A BITIRIOR I'L'Hl OaARIA IR, ? lib glaan ? Indowa and doori. It t* nearly aew and baa teen but tittle uaed. Apply at DILk H atAiln. Ill Meronr ?t-aet HMOB She Ft>R H*LB.?A UERTuEAAR AiOuT LRAY tag tb? ntty wl : aell on raameahie lerma, a gentle well atel ed mr frf eoarj horae#. bright bare M haada high, tie and man# la a atate of nature laquire at the ottioe of .?Ha and maun ? I J, u Br wee A Oo , 4i South B reak _.ClSh F< |R BALK \ HAWHROBK. B*? nvraer.. 1 w .rranted aouad and hind to Ionb e and single hnm aa. tba heat fa mil v horae m tn. etty; a lady nan d.|. - or rt-le hl?; be It wry faei and aeote.-t; nleo > light wagon anl all for $725 he ta re . all w?, ha from th<- eou ury. Apply at ,1 trteiai-.y Atc-et tuPAIfEK TIBRVb BOBS Alt ARM C?RTR, with Vr'Jl* I for aa.. cheap Addraaa A. 16 T.. Broadway I oatufiee iar ARTEIt? A HARK 1ROR OR DAPFLE tIRAY IIORsR. ?f lf.V or t? haoda high aU yaara old. he Sae tra relief a r.o fiae acttoa. Addraaa let went Cash Frtoa, baa A.M foai offloe. THK FIIX.ITART. A TTEvTtnK SKYMOt R HORSE TROOP-THE MEM j i t. r? ? t bia to. p are reai.ertfully reqneated in ?e.-: at HBIahgaad'a MetroiN .ittan Hno-l, 1*1 Heeter atreet. <m Tuea day It. Ihth It.- at",', ..'e.-a-h, maha arrangt menta t ?r lit? if Q< It (tilrdi AjullllAl lATIt' t? rHKOKHU-K I'KFPKR, c aptaln I U7wm R HL a AD. ATf ARTIOM -Td E M iSSs c* UipEiy wr+ ftqtisiisM to sssiMibiS os Friasf *i?ti trg tlTlS -ntt V THoWa st MlHtMrr D. l.tatWAT, BeeratAry. artitli'A -the MEMBERS OF THE *FSB#T OVAEDS ^1 wtU plf **e t'.-nd A me ing to be held at theOrape \ in flntat Be Bond aran-ie betw.-an Berond and.Third gtreew. on tbla Thoradaj erentng, at 7S ? ?'"^k to await tba refor*" tne enmaltiee appo'r.ted at laet meeting, and to transmit ^ atnewi The atembera ar? furthar ty.'tfle ' to *a?emtile Tnr trtil at ttetmiuaie Mail, wwnar cf AI lea and Honeton ausMa. >a I Friday eveuu.g foi!->w1ag at *t# .. -.! ygA. AT BFfier. Captait It H. MAKHH. Chalr*an. i lmsnzi *~rr*i%ri i SKA I OA "t alkKAR CCRE1I (?F Idll-A AFMOIAl. meet eg o? the onrm wl.l be he d at the Varnar Houae, enrae' o' llronme and Keener atreeta oa Thnralay nnwamt Bent 1(1, a'T1, o'clork to aaake arrangetwanta to jma by Wirt taJce <" 'he Rew Tnrh t'o ueteera o reeafra our ftiendA the I ggaagy laatila 1 o n ee-a on thetr arrival at the etty ? PBW York Piioctual atten laaaa la raqa<atefi. By order |".a M P. Tvr Ad art g. RATMOMP. <**>?*. | SHOCTT LIB A i?U aRh B111.L hURVlVIRt*. Trig FOR m?r a.mbera of tbla r-wpa, at I ail aotdl-ea of the army or rvolunte?r? of ? tber Blatea in the Met an War. are Invltod l> m- et at Ro. S Tt).?n row, n?*r City Hall, on Friday, Rcpt II, M. W H BRti'irMg. Ch. uoM-. *r M^HI'Kiifits. i I'HOUTUITi 4K>a OaRFETIROA. Oll/Cl,<iTltI AMD CI RTA1M OOODM. AC ABBiUMEES Stl.E Hell ut g off teaa than eoek TOCKO A J A TAR'S more Ml -'.riadw .y, aorner >?f franhltn atreet. I fb, enMee at. -k to ' -? m ne' .t<-!y a'grea* bar (atne for ee?h Eigai |.-ar?' !? ??.? of atore for aaiA. NbBOTKA EOftOMOTI ? HART. Ml f oad way, Almoin<*e thetr Inteattoe m ten-iw to th?i? rew atom (now ereetfai) on or ahout the tat of dam,erf, and ham deter mined npon selling lietr Iinmenae atook of giiig Da LAinae RBnittii m, La.a arc Heaua Cntytrwa. M taiyiw Sn?nae Conatraa Pari a ljAgaiSAfi. Afi.. Al an ttnpreewdenied red net or la price In oF- >'ng thH trdoeemmt ihetr gt.iek will ha found repleta ?fta every arti 'e la their Una. faajoea furntaA.ag. or la wart of L i bnlately gonda mrtalaa. ?Atrftai* for fumHuea. Window ahA-tag, Ac. Ad , are Inrted to ami) tbeeaaelviw ef a* offer tbal atay never dg A H. being nUMHtotl nphnhtereea, purcha?en -tin here their erjuatnA Ac . made up in the oeet aty!?, and aner the newee; French deatgna. renalmd by #r?*y aieamea ina ibetr ao'iae ta Pana. ' WlMDOW RTIAPEB Ham to any Omega ur pa WWeeAle bnyem will hare aa adv w ghoeh befhra gurwhaging etMwhem. axo<M Jf HJUJi ?W*?fc 'II wto. BUT A *?W HOUBR. BUBO FIB *>L.* U lsked a few deep.JlW,. . ortes. nUw roo -i.

well bom uy* Tory euinalal. In llw '8 A ward, BwHl'i. on l?-ntb street 160 f'nt west fro* Third arena*, on whloS estr* in toferrlw, situation ieslmblv ful lot Tnni assy Inqolrr on the pr~u>t?e* ADKL1GHTPUL RBNIDBBOB FOB 8*1J O* *0* ray BUI, reor Kifb avenos-Bo. ? We* Third, uiJ sta-ret four story end basement brown etone booee. |l h* 01 fret lot SO by 100 foel; parlor walla, entry "nUsandeJUng frescoed In oil, Terms eu;. Apply lo r. Q. wbAV tk, W Eeade ebr-tH. or to J. O. ?NMOB, Ui Grand street. AW* PARTI 18 HtVIJIO A STOCK OF DRY GOODB. bar (ware, b,ir*a and shoes. At, la want of nnaar, ran realire ran oaah and part real estate by addressing Boston, Herald oflloe. Bona but prln Apsis need apply ANYBODY RAVING A GOOD 6MALL FaRtf IB Southern Virgin la or Tenneeeee can have a rood ebanee of trading for a bouse and lot la Uro >klyn, well situated Ad dretA wtlh panic Jars, 'e, boa 5,76.- New York Post otfiCA COUNTRY UaT OB TUB BaBT RU)B OF TUB BUD aoa. In a eery pleeaant and healthy alt nation, (or sale. - um one mine IS rooms, bath, furnace. Be, and weU boilt; three (nortbeof an aem of land, good atabln, Aa Mght micuuja walk from the depot and Iweivemllmfrom thsORyUaU Prior 66JU0. J. O. BiDwlT, rural aroAMaat, imgWim *?? eurreyor 16 Na (COUNTRY BRAT ADD 37 ACRKS OF HIGHLY I dPRO J end land, 11 miles from New York on the mm. deiirt blcyoad on Long Island, (or sale cheau. or eirhanae for aotly dwelling A. H. GOUUH, LA) Wall street. tICCNYRY SKAT PGR Ha LI-AT JAMAICA, LOBG / Island twenty minutes' itda from Rew tork; fare alt oepta fo r aaree, n-leidld garden well built two eL?ry hoaae, 4< MS, rrrethnuae/barn carriage house, Ac; ortoe HSUO; i;. fiU< ca?b, It oo?- SIH.OUD This la tbe best ba'faln that ova ever be otleied; locate-- la heallby and pleasant. apple te J. VeHDhKBILT 64 Fullrn street, o> R. FoX. on the prmlata Farm for balb-mo to iso abbm, l*nd of bboT quality; new and elegant bnll<*lsg* choice fruit, water, Ac.; In anod neighborhood, on weat bank of Oayura lake, 11 ho ra from Una city, and ore mile from large village ohnrchea, a bo la. At Price low, and Ural o ats ell property taken in part pa- meet Apply to G O. A M. GlllBS, No. 6 Wall a>reet PARES SOt 8aLB?AT OuMA'l, LOBG ISLAND. 39 ? eree good but.dlogs, St 690; 6400 oaah; It la w -rth SI *W, rne near Noribpori, 40 acres, ?2 6U0: me 92 acres 62.2U0; will exchange 'his for a home In or ne.tr Brooklyn, one in Stillyui ootirty. N >.,S?9 acres S3 W0; S900ctah. ftX) other far. n> in dillrrmt dlrecOona aleo 'JO),0u0 acrea of land In dlSerent <11 remiona. mil a, rra'er power, vl lgge and ot yproperty, Ae. apply U. J VAN BKHILT, .44 Pul on street; oiflce open from 8 to 6. Fa'ronage solicited In the real eitate bus!aeaa UIOB BaLB-A LABOR AND COMMODIOUS HOUSE, f toge'ber with outhouse*, cooalaUrg of a earn, coath In use. As.; alto, a large boat tarnse fhG property oontatna about lour acrei of high1* enliivaied land and la lu g tol con dltloo, the borne and outbuildings hare b*ea erected Uta our rent year, and are In Aral rate order; it fronts oe the Nerr - sinh river and ts a deltgh ful situation for one who prefers Ike c untry. Terms made easy. For further particular* In qnlre of o?CAK FLORKNCK. 609 Broadway. -?1 i CtOR flaLK?AT A GRKAT BARGAIW, TIE POUR P story brick houae and lot, 16 I IU\ 162 Bast Thirteenth street, in 'he vert beat of order Rented rar I'.OUd peramnm. ?rice M..V4). A Urge portion of the purchtse m >ney msy ro main on aortgagv. Apply to J. PBCARK 413 Broome street. PUB 84 LB?TUB TWO HOU8B8 NOS. 163 AND 166 Best Thirty atith street, between Reoond and Third avo ouea; said house* are replete with all the modern improve menu; they hare only to be seen to be admired. Apply on the premise!. JB RALB-1B JBB8BY CITY, TWO BFLMNDIU atone front hou. ea, alao three brink hnuaJS. all new. with all the modern Improvements; also, three ?mall brick houses, aU in the bee part of Use city. Alao, one large and oomm> dtou* houae on Bergen Heights, about one and a naif miles from Hubokrn or Jersey City. Terms reasonable. Inquire of EVAN JON 18, SOB throve street, at the hardware store. Jersey City FoR 84LB?TO MABKET GARDENERS OR A PIR son doing bnainnaate the ?ty. a small plane, situated a Kaat William,burg. L. I , on the Williamsburg and Jamaica tnreplhe three mt'es from th* cl'y; contains acres of grnnnd under the highest atate of cultivation, large ho ise and barn, excel ent well of arater, and anabundanoeof choice fru t reea, grape vines, Ae ; aures pa?a tbe premises ever bour ibrouae the day Inquire or Jt SKPH 11. W a Y, No. 6 Sprues street, M. Y., or OHaRLBB P. WAY, near tha premises. r.f FOR 8ALB-A OOOll BU1HTANTIAL Hon Si IN Thirty third street, DMtr Tenth avenue, low fo- ciab. W,m can remain on bond slid mart (fare would eicbang* fo lata up town, a ls<> a Philadel phia brick front ha i*? in lniuj nun air e . near lift >tb avenue, inltable for a private family. commits all the modern Improvements: b tilt by Jajr'a wor? 04 mucin rem tn on properly Inquire of J. JMU 1-IFF, M Mnth avenue In the hardware autre. pOR fiALB? 4 TiUTABLC IRON BAF* INQUIRE 1 of 8 <1 THAYER, Xi VTall afreet F For baj r-or will rxchanuk for qood pro prrty la New Turk or Brooklyn, a daalrable village real dence. a alu rt dlatanee f,om New fork. The bout* la new an* I aria bull In the beat manner for the owner'a ate. baa nrvar been oeeupled, coo'atns ten rooma, beat tea bad. baae trent and cellar, baa (rood marble mmte.la throughout, cor ntoad bad and parlnra, grates, range, dumb waiter do The barn and out bouaea are new; food neighborhood, echoola and churches convenient. looa'lon very healthy There la about one arre of land, bit m re ran be bad adjoining tf daatred. There la common loatioa with lev Turk four Ua*a dally. Ptoperty without any tneumbrance,aad will be sold for 08.(UJ, or eiobaagrd aa above for property worth from 06,000 to |t3,lin. and, tf desired. wtM pay tha dlflferenoe In oaah. Ad trm W R. O., boi 1?1S Poet odlra. FOR BALE-Nl.QOO ONt.T RRqriRID DOWN.-aOMR very bandeome diree story and hlffc atoop brick houaea with while airtde tnn muiKa, rcple'e with every modern c >n yvnlrn e and Improvement, and Snlahed la Brit elaae styla thior yhout, on the block between Forty tlrat and Party aeeond Street*, '<n H venlb avenue ba anoe of pnrahaa- money aaay remain on bond and mor (age 10 suit Mar be seen by apply ma to.Mr BUlK LRT, ltu west Thirty-ninth stcet. or at the tblrtv bousss now compleUag la Portyweventh street, between birth and Mtraklh aveaaaa. Po invasion Immediately. PLB 8 ? LI CHEAP FOR CANH-POUR PULL LOTH OP ground on Plf b avenue, bftwren lUrd and Ponrth aire eta. Fount V err on, Westr?e?ter county. New Tork eon r-nlrntV) railroad depot, Inquire of ilROR'li.R. BOND, M. D.. 06 Orchard street, ooraer of Urmid, New Tork. fOR RAM VKRY CHRtP. ATA RACBI'MB-TQR lour story brown atone from bousn 216 Ninth avenue, urar 1 wrnty aerrnth atre-t, aiau for aale, a splendid country aval up the lltiesoo river > miles, ho .ae two story and baoe m> nl *> b? 40 feel, and IS serve of land, water power of 100 b. rseon the place, and perfectly healthy, Apply to the owner, Rt Ninth avenue WOE RAM C*BAP-A VIRT ORdlRAKLB THRU J a <ey frame kouae in Rlstletk street be ween Ninth ave. n e and Brnad vay. for terms of sale Inquire of A. J. PORT, 111 NiaL arrtua. near tighter ilk street. IJMiR IAI K OR EX JH Ah (IB?FOR RIAL 1-iTaTB, ' near thlr utiy.aneal h.itej onmole ely fluel op and f ir nlilied throughout, ib fee minutes walk fro a several ferries lo Nee Yo>k. well established. with eight' ear* lease Addreaa X. T , Herald odkee, or call at 133 Fourth street. WiUlauae burg. fCRRklC. TO LRT OR RXCH4NUE.-A LABORCOM di idkons b< use and altteen lota, tn the el y of R noklya. will he sold on ?a?y terms rented very livto I gold levant, or rutbanged tor sick*. tionda or other cl y property Apoly to (0 16. A dilKBWs A J. P. K RN 11*1,1, No 5 Tryoa row. ?OB RAI.K OR TO LKT-THH IIOUHR NO OJH HUDfON street. Oi >um water ami every covtvenOnoe. Pidae Bfi.noo FluiR RALR OR TO LRT-ONR POUR RTflRT KNOWN atone hnnee, with high basement situate in Rutherford Be opposite Mnyveaeot equate This house contains all modern latprovem. ale. keys will be found at No. LSI last beventersIh Ureal Also, one three story brick bouse, a mate at ho S Poplar street, Brooklyn. wkt -h, on attain* Hon wl 1 be fOuat a vary comfortable timer Terms will be m iterate fey further partleulari apply at No, 210 Tear, street front Mb oe, where the key a wtli be found. FHlR RALR, To UB OR LR4RP-S99 MOOMD AYR. me, between Elghtecttb aed Rineteenlb etreou, a bevt* Uful I ratkm fur a prvata residence, b >ar<llng MRSf or hotel. a rrat rises koaee, RiM, f"nr story and tuwanl, BnUh?t la the bet muarr. with all modern Improt i-menta Possessive la.no <liau*iy. Apply on the premises, fr ta 1 to 4 P. ? /1RVAT ItAROllN -TOR RALR, IN P01'R*KV.NTH it atr?'-t ot.ebf ik from Unlet Squire, a spi mlidhmea alcne booao, f >ir itortva and high tump, finish' d la the bid wanner, containing evert posed' e tmprov taeat. will be a, d at a great bargain is close an axowt, varv small annus! renal eddoan balance ran rsrnsia 00 mortgag" Address w. hunt de;ay, Bargain Herald Mhoe. Hc rom POR RALR-A BEAUTIFUL SMALL PIBfT _l eiaaa brows auma high amny bnnaa, la a fond neighbor hood, price RT.iOC. 04.au eaa remain, or would leiorieaae Nw five years, at WTO per yeaw. tnuntre of A. KRRRROT. 100 Ran Thirty link stress, aewr Third avaene HOCRK AND BTX A'TIIH POR BALB-PLHARANTI.T situated aa I wed shaded, 18 miles front Naw Turk ?nd r&ufa ? tie from depot Apply to J C. rNDRRHII.l., Park Bark, Neekwaa str?sl HOI HR PROPBRTY TO RX 1HANOB, OW!NO TO NON. rvaidanea toss go"d store property. HUM fiw genteel reMdreoe. aed va aaMy hwa'ed for la 'saimint Prtie*. eanh wail Rental capacity, IMM per anana. lltvldeod pat mg ? storks, to . may ke nken. Apply at No EM Bowery. MILL PBOPBRTT POR RALR, RITUATRD OR ORRAT kills Bar. metes Island.within half a mile of the aeaehoie. and ? miles from Yahoerullt laud tag noetalalag 18 acres ot land aed mU> pnnd, with good dwelling, barm, stable sad f >uring mil) With two run nf Mrctea. Maohlnery new and la gnorl order The mill pond has so superior for uialoi a I Ins shvwt.g. Ushlrg. he View beaudf .1 Apply fa OBORai shorylag, Iwhlee. hc v OATLll, No. ? William atemei. or oa the pr IhrtRlVlNRlN LAND IN RX CHAN OR FOR PBOPBRTT TT a?ar New Turk Monks. -w tor say kind <N Thd Mad M tadty kwaiad aad Mtlr, A JOT HOOPR. 471 I VANTNO TO 8XTH 4 NOR?A O0OI) ROtThB AND kit. la New Tork or Brooklyn fo* a ama'l farm in g??1 crdwr, convenient to tfc* <? ty; also, for sate m-ar. a honse and acre fat In Morrteai.la. Apply to WM ?AikR. t< Cham b?ra atree*. RJCWARON. i\ RFWARD -LORT, A FN ALL OLAZIRR'S Dl 4MOND. ? serod ha'dle ranufaetnred by C II Isifing, IVw ton. Whoever will re nrs lb* ?airu- to R. Iloutea. Tlfrtilty t'taoe shall reretre the aboraWewird sad thank 1 of tha owner, ?*j rrward loft, prom m fourth rtrut, a frs) small black and tan urrlcr can cropped. an1 when ptll' kls tongue pr ileeut a little between his 'eetb Whoever will rvturnkivi to Jie shore nutn ter or lo f? Freltgb a 891 Htoadway. will receive the shove reward and thanks. ?4| IIRWARD LOOT. ON FRIDAY AP I IRkOON, 4TII J)?? lost, mi It-* fiav'n car, h moire antl'i te n > itllla The finder wl'I r.wwlve the ali >?e reward by lea* leg ll at No. F2 Merchant*' V.inhanire. Wall Btreet. tC RKWaRP- FOR A PRARL OPRRA OL4M. LEFT t) 'n one of the Fulton ferry and FtPh arrnue .'tares V >n day night * bout % o'clock. The above rrw ard will be paid by rrtnrvlng it to IT Front street, New Tork. MIL RIWlRO-LONT. A DO0. WITH WHITE AND ^?I '.Tuwn ap its. Apply at UN I 'eater street Aim RIWARH -U??T, ON I.ANT BUND AT 8VK* III'" Ing. Rei t 8 fmn XI Yaadam atseet, a white p . tie Vg 1 roam Upp'd on both vers, aesvvre to the r awe of George snyp'reon returning the same shall receive ike above reward and thavks of Ike owner Fi8H arUi TRLRORtl'H map fir TNR UNITKD RTATR8 AND RtItith P'.ss'awlons, publish.-d fkom ma'.nals furnished by ami naucr tlse asp'*t talou of b? nrs> w nde?rapb uxnas fok'h I rn'r '?**1 eWkma Just pehl h?I wlL L.a* II AOTis, ap, let iu' 1 building, 04) Bruadwag. PrleeM $600 rWtALB. ?OR P?E WIKK PROFIT-FOB RaLB, 4 WtuL V4JU known or*4or ooff-e cane bar and general refresh men Wboa In the vicinity of Br ?dv*) nod Oanai s'reet kid near one of the largest bal rooau, le tbe city. Lee >e a re years Bed only SWO Apply at 3M Broadway, room M. 0 B H()tl8 A OQ (* ocn WILL BUT A FIRNT OLAB8 AMBROTJPB 9 ZitJU and daguerreotype gallery, o w dolnx % gx>4 bunln?M Ipqulre at the ca'lnry of Mr. COXKLa, Fr .nklin street, tjreen Poirt. Brooklyn, I D., between the hoar* of 10 and S o'clock. HaUafkotory reasons will ba given for ?*iito? out. BMOca^. Biirn ?FOB 8 a lb at a BaBoaiif, a n andbomb ?IauU. end well established wholesale and r A-ll liquor autre, la ike moat popular part < t the Fourteen A ward at a low rent and dolor a One business THOU A 8 OaF?WBT. 170 r hathaaa eg aara. kOCA - FOB 8aLB, THIS i>?T, a WKLL FlTtKc up bar aad lunch room, on W<at street, w th oyttcr at?nd lo frot t 0( the doo Umt ?ll' par the rant. The location lo mediately opposite two Bteamboat aad railroad da pot*. *ppiy at 335 Broadway. room 14. ^ 0 B. HOWES A 00. AihA -FOB BALB OH BAP, 4 W1?K AND FRUIT !J)iUu. store oonsui'iug of leas?,l!Utores, ??4?ok la trade 4a 1 hla <a o e of the best a and ? n the #t?y. Inq aire on the prowlers, 1141 bird .venue corner of Sixteenth atreet. -FOB 8ALK, FIXTURES QOOO WILL AMD j leas-o' a laife first claaa earner gro ?. y fitted up In compleie style A (Treat bargain U offered. Apuly from # to 11 andtfloS, In the (tons northeaal ooruar Ninth aveuue and Thirty fifth street a/i/ui -FOBSALB?0H4OFTHB 11FBT WHOLESALE WOUU. and retail liquor stores on the Nor A rlrer. "p jo alta Ike steaw ablp lending, tke t my one on the four oornera, la ike eealre of buMneer license cocureL THOMA8 uaFFNBi, 170 hatbaraaquare. -FOR 8ALK, THF. LF ASK, STOCK AMD KIX ?J> I UU< lures of one ot the beet wholesale and retail li.uor siorea 'n Brooklyn: license procured; or will trade tor real estate prepe tv near ?ti s e>t? THOMAS UAFFWKY, 170Chathamaquare. (JA|I -FOB BALE, LTARC. STOCK AND FIXTUBBS V OuUi of a bar and reaairsnt. In eonnectlou wt h a Ml Hard room, with 'ablea 'or eal- or to let, Tv? location Is near one of'he principal ferriee aid in a great tk"?roiypbrara A i ply at 996 Broadway, room 14. O. B. HOwaS 4 OO. 41 nnik -FCR 8ALB, ONB Or THK BB8T SALOONS *>-L.UV/U. >? West street well and fully fa'nlahe*, far r able leas ?. 1 <ng eata illnbed. doing a good b newest, aad odcra a great object. BIQQB 4 SOUTH WIOK. 84 Kemsan street ? O (tfwt -FOB 84LB?ONK OF THK BK3T REB JauUU. taurante *nd loec eamaalxme In lbs oily, on a princlpi 1 thoroughfare, baodsumely fitted and furnished. Favorable lease and doing a gon<i hnsinrss BKiGS 4 BOUTHW1CK, 84 Nasaau timet ft) i)l\f\ -FOB B4LB. 4 MANUFAt,'TURINJ BU8I hiiLUl/> n?se. mary ye?rs established with ? ock and machinery. floods In great demand and profits large. Mast be ?: Id, the owns ' bait >g o'her hualnesa. Bib OS 4 SOUTH W10K, 84 Nassau street ?fin -FOR SALE ? A BARROOM WITH SaLOOM $UU? cinnerted, t.gether with several ro.ma. located a few doors from Broadway and not above Canal street; one of tht moat profl'able and morey making pluses in the ward, apply at SS5 Broadway, room 14. U. B liuwm 4 X) An oli> established brewery foa salk??or PHrllaulirs inquire of J. J. BAUDWKLL, Marbhall. Mtchisan. ' ' 4 RktRJ CB*,NiR--eor ralk a Light k-isii.ksh .* wfcica pay* large profile; the re.Hon for eel In* la t at Xr "? - ?? 00 ?L YARD FOR SAL*-THE i*EASK A?ll F1XTURE8 of a ooal and wood yard, in a g >od ldha ton, lou* estah timed and now . otng a large inatnr-ea; alao. he birwi car a ! barneaa. For partlculara nddrcea d V.. Herald offloe. Drug store for h.lk, very low-djinu wsll at d In good order. Eacellenl opportnolly for a ehfsicinn. | inquire at 4'6 Bro* me afreet. * IS KG IMIS FOR BALE.?TWO OSCILLATING ERGINE*) U about I Ihorae power, and made In Ua beat manner, for | ante aheap Inquire at 3tX rtroadway. ENOIJ8H PAPKR ROUTE AMD hTORR FOR 8ALB altb o? without a took, twtabUebed t year*, one day'a work a week, p?o8l about fII tullabln for a w >rk<ng b >ok U^h^R^n." ? " >PP'y ^ 7 " the ? EaTINO LOUSE AND 11 ?BROOM FOR N iLB?AT THE rud of a aiage ro tie and Lrry, doing an nice lent bual neae; ttu] be aold cheap and ea la factory re.iaoua glren for ?eJliug. t pply at filV ?rana alreet 1r0w.l^f~^S5f?!_ *?.? ?*OPIWj? EDWARD e !T Ilv*1 101 7 f<"* ?">">. ? fee. beam, prime Mde re. ktoree quhrternof mailt deek and engtne and bot e. *? *artpg been ibm-onghly orerhanled Boat la Perfect order, newly painted caulked Ac. Engine built by Hogg A Delimiter. Boat and machinery la gokI order for one rear 2f rSVim ?* rurlk?rphr;F">w, prvw Ac , Inquire of fc. 8 MA RTIE, foet of Oortjumt mr?at, pier Uf North rlrer. Khe waa oonatrncted for aad le well adapted for fmtoUn* and Lot tag betag Ught oa eoel. F'J KB A LE-r?UR TB A R8 LEASE, THE BTOOX AND fliturea of a flrat rate grocery and liquor atom doing a g <oC bualneaa Reaaoo for telling death of one of the part kpp'y H the premlaea. oo the oorner Paieraon arena* and Spring atreet, Waat Hobokea. New Jeracy, F?? 8TOOK AND OODD WILL OF THE -J-! o aa old eatnbllahed ualnt atore. alloatel near Broadway. between Prince and Oanal atreeta. For farther pirUoalin irtrtrc? O. D., Her*Id ofllm. IpOB 8 t LB?THE 8TOOE AND F1XTURBB IN TUB r baeemect of ?) Naaaau atreet, oorner of Faltoa. Brery OODV*H)?tioe lo Qnk0 I dining F^kKfli 1,ATT?*AL **"? PAOEING BOB and carpenter a hop la offered for aale cheap, for eaab la if a good bualneaa. Apply on the prealaes. 7# New atreet. '* rale-a ooal taed, in one of the beht lo caUora In tha elty, It contain i SO by 1th) r>- t, In p-rfeot or bh.ih *^*1 haoam by app.ytag at 147 f^OB BALE?A DRUG NTORE DOING A GOOD BI'Bl- I neea. In a healthy locality Wl I be aold yery cheap aa 1 *?? prop^or lf In 111 health A good ckanee for a , bytoelaT ' Adnreeaftx r 191 Herald office with ren' name and ed<lr*m j F?*f A*7*-r. 9,1-1' KATIIIG AND DRIBE'NG HA lono it rk an<! f)itarr?, doing a good )Qjilne*a. lo be ?oid at a low rale u th? proprietor naa (ther e?*?a-ment? on hi.nd, vrai caeh. Apply op the preniAaa r I'oeruee altp KC?r841 ANDTUEPIXTUREB f J4' Bowery, now eeubliahed 11 212^ llSSifi nV.r^Jrt,IK* f*??* *? commence bual ?? ,T,-. 1?,OTT| ,b#,wo?1 B?*ier and Grand or 16 John alreet, up mmtjm BX)R BALE THE STOCK AND F1XTUEKS OF A U- I r qmr auire. el h fl?e yeara'leete and aplaeefor two b w*ea The atore U aold on account o( the owner hnrtaa o Aer Bna tf' to- 'fsntre at 3M Ntnta atroet near are FOE 8ALB? A LARUE WHOLESALE AND RETAIL I Bqnor more, la ooe of the beat location* In the B*yeete?uth ward, and la Ithont etcentkwi ooe of the beet and handaomewt au>rea la the city, and will be ao d at a bargain, aa the owner moat laare the city. ow??e TnoRAS GAFFNET. DO Chatham an nam. IfOR BALK A LAGER RIKR AH) BILLIARD SALOON A; on one ol the leadina Ihrtrooyhfaree, newly Btled up and la tie moat rornplete order H?'mf.?ei/.ry reaanna gtren fo arlllng int. wblea mil be on eaay lerma Apply at No 104 tenlre atreet, up alalrt. IjlOR BALE-ONE OF THE BUT HALO' NH IN WBUT S*bed ibe Hudaon Bonae, anuaud on the oorner of r.Tv u,,'ULr%Diru f"'"rlkl "ffl eomelncnee by thla plaee. Will be aoid eheap on aeeonnlnf owner a h** mVrhMtt?Mreeh ^ ? BIWT- "? W?at, enter F?e.t^L.,lr4 "K*P f',R CA,il- TH? 8TO JK AND A ntuir a or a oorner grocery and dquor alnee aitnated In an eiccRrBI n -lgbb rhood for bualneaa. .atlar? i.^t reaanna an eic.uleii n Igbb rbond for buMneaa; -atla'i lort r aaima ngju.n. Apply at im Ltdlow atreet, enraer of Blr-1 llX)R-.*At^-HATH? istire-t in a whole * ??'?'Od rerntl port nrd ?tr< mged prnrmtoe ettahliaA 3^111. il l j "pBndhl chance for an eoerye te wan aa one of theprop.ietTaei.gotng to r?Ure fle-.m the b nam ma Tha iCnrl1 ngreeaale Apply to THOB LTNDH A Lefd** UN or At No all Waahlngtoe rn SAl ??Till ATOCK AND FIXTURES OF A GRO ? 'ery and llqww atore, wt-b dre jeara leaae and a place i.w <eo t. nea. Ihe atore B aold oa aeenuw of the owner bar ng ' 'her br .lnem to at<?nd la Ihqulre ai XM Ninth atraei ?ear arenne O. e.u^u ????., I |*T 4 RARGAiN-A 1' DOING HOUSE A: Willi a neat barroom Cached It la down Iowa In the moat porn I ma tart, aad dotng a daw buaiarwa. The owner R .tag to retire. offe?* thla rar-efc?nr, ~ ur ?""" THOMaN GAFFNBT. 170 Chatham anare. Fvmiiioe stove on* or hedbnbfeg a son-s SfSyXKT'fffgas! Appitu QBOTERT STORE FOR SALN? ONE OF TTE BEST hL AJf0?7 leenllty. and doing agood BkinS? ^ ? German rail at the adai pM Bali, cornar of Myrtle arenne aad Adelph atreet, Hrmh 'li J. H. LTNtf. Gm IICt'KRY STORB FOR sale THE STOCK ? no fix I tor.# of Wore corner of Tn irth .re Be and Twenty |TW nd htreei. together mth the t?Hae for a term of y Tor par i< ulara Inquire be premiaea or *? as Nnrton a r.-et I H D BKuLlUTB Sk**4* RGIL1ES FOB BALI (7HBAF.?1 NEW LOOO O motlre holler Id fewer, j do nprfehl MWlVUSSC f?*/*?. bl*k' 7H f.TriJ. ?? 71 tnH"" dlameww. feai high, I home HAMt EL SNOOE 100 Waahlegtoe neat ST?A* RALI-Inx HOBSB FOWBR, 10 iI.-?J7i-?1 " ?"?fked. new aharun*. drll'lnr machine*, *nf ?lf? quar"! inaahlneln oparatka ? 4 pr '.ctpte l-r.ml.ee v, |c ga> p,.r mo>u. on tl.e premiere, ISO Mercer atreet Iron WorhA. fiTBAM BfOINES AND BOILERS FOR SALE - FROM O one to a hundred heme power. Caah paid t ir encins bolh r* ahanint Ac at S4 Unnee.uort atreet. Ketwe., wtch and Waahlngtnn. JAMES WTI.IR STEAM RNOfNR AND Ithll.lRf FOR SALE. 14 HORSE ?Own? halH by Hurtftn baa hwn *i*Hf m.)nii,t -?'V fryT2?- half It. original coiT. *JJ GRAY, comer of Thirteenth atreet and Ninth neenne BHTFAM lioff gRs FOR BALN-omC RN70ND HaND oeowollt. bothraihn ,e power. w?h graW.i.dglLe T*ha, nd one new locmi i.ve i.., |er g i, ,r?" ? * M"?ANN A NI. H" S. GouVemeur allp. S -ONE uF THE Finest WhialIke Clir, 0' al.ty boras. wKh beam led . r ^ " ,1*hln* "h""' ? ' ?'* enur.dy new. T i oi. .1 h?41' r?- AptOy a( US *?>w atreet, where ai^l- i,....he ahore eeglae ran be aeen now rnenlof. A on* engine of fifteen horae, baa heen In nee ili wreka, la m m ./!w V/ !!! V4*'. '? ""?Pl?m order, ap, ly at O. A R rv lt i ON. %U woii h atreet. BHHOE STORK F')R SALE OHEiP-ON EAST TERNS, | e? the pr- ??rl owner baa left The bee! fed In the eliy f,3. ? 1'c *"* rna'tm bualneea. Uaeh ro object Inquire at fB7 smh aret ue two daora I row the corner of Hromlway and Thirty ft.nr h atreet. SHAILIIOAT FOR SALE A FAST SAILER, JIB AND m.'ua em I dipper faelegrd, Hbo.it ftfteen feet I >ng, with ?>ar ii rbir An in good order. Addmgg or apply to A M . IMSltih arenne. Til* BAST NEW TORE. BROAOWAT AND WILLI ANN bar* etage line for aale or trade for a gnnd farm from I ? to 300 mm Tnt* la tea b.at Row L. iwawaiaa. or ?u?al to atf to SWW Tor* anr For further par lea,are anil OR aha AUai'hTin itIne, Earn Saw Turk, u L K >K ?%?.?. TO P-IIIT1MU.- FOR SAI.K, TUB ON |)f V lllltll U?l* tliii-d Interest In a da It morn or ???w?|i?por, jm jiished In a thriving town Id the Slate of PrnuHvlvauia. The a#1* bu> a (<<iiiuiandln? ptrc tattoo a good advertising am sgw. and In in every respect In a prosperous court it on A p"ac; oal pr o'er, with a small capital, will dud ltadesl''?M?l"vi?un>siL For fm her partioalara adores# V. K. 8, composing roam, Uvrald office. PPHYSIUIANB aMJ DRUUvllBTS -liaovi BfOBB for sal? It orktllle. neaUr fitted up, wall ? look id and an eitruslTS outdoor and counter practloa, cheap 'or oask, or will r?cb?D|? for a farm In Bontbarn Iowa, *?ttaf?ot *j raw nor for ??Dii-r lnqvlre of If MOMTUOrMT. Thin sew ana heiwea- Mighty first sad h'ght soeond ? vesa, TO faBll* T MAK/BB AH) OaUPKNTifti -foB aalr abont <4 00-1 fee of lumbar if different kind*, from two to di leches thl k,v very cheap; al?o thirty three chair framvH applj to Ji-BB Mt.ut.AB, lfl8 Oaaalatro*t, ? >rae? of Port) lb street PfcTKAMBOAT MKN-FOB BALK OH KXOBAJTOffi one quarter o' h steam tugboat Tbla wonll be a naaa thana, fur ?n engtn ?r, a a'ra y aa i, o?e ?M might wUa <? run hnr. Kna on f >r wl?Mng to dltpoae o'. baa other bent nvaa to attaint to far particular* apply at tb- Western Bail road House. 12? Liberty street. e rj in ?LWX) IB WtMTlO FOB AM IMTBBWY IB ?PovU a nuohioi for tbla mate ih?t will pry ororMfipW oral Address A W , boi 86* Suo office BBOEMM, OLOBBDOB DOUBTFUL HAMtH BBBwMI onnty, Warm? Oount*, Chemung County, BhnAs Island Cent ai. Barbette' Harbor. Reap nasty, Niagara Birra BoUlater. OUror Lee, Farmers', of WiskforJ. iwnhi RoyuUio, Valley, Pinter and all other broken, ofeeed, m douM'n (banks bought at the hlgbantratna by JOHM HOOT* 471 Broadway a few door* above Oread atreet. BRORkN BkMK BILLS BOOO fT -RUODB ISLaMV Central. "Pe ; Farmers' Bank. Wlokford Silo ; tviuib Btr alloe, 60o ; Warren . ounty, 40c. The b ahrwt price paid frd other b n ken >&nk bill* BaJIJ AJfLN a MATUkK, 1M Greenwich street IRVING SAVINGS INSTITUTION, MO 96 stnet, near trernwek street. Open d dly frem Id ted o'clock, and 4 to 7 P. M., Mot day*. Thursdays. and Baterdagw Interest at $ per oesl n all sums from $1 to $400 WeLTKB W. ? OMOELIM, ?. L. Buxton Secretary I HBY* UR BbQ., 0A8H1BB OP THB BAMK ON ? North America, ha* been appointed trana'er agent of A* evclar.d an ? Toledo Railroad Company, and the transfer bonks of said enmpanf will be d-wed oo tb" 1 tth Inst . and ra main olosed till the 21st lent The matured Interest ciopsoe of th< bonds of the Toledo, Morwalk and ikeveland Itsnread Company, uncJon Ral'road Companr and ht?Qle> eland and Toledo Hallroad Company, will be paid at the Bank of NunA America from and ?fer the 2 at inn The presnt iffloas of the oompany, til Wlllir-w street, are fur rent By oider of We board J. a. WAR1HU, PresfchmL New . oak, Bept A 18W Loans pbo crid ok abii unh' oh am. buli/s Brad and o lier bank, and on Me and o hnr nilrnad stocks alike lowest market rates, nppiy at 42 Kins sxess, room 1'. ATBW TURK OONs'OUDATBD 8CAQM OOMPAMT IN stock for aa'e - about fifteen hundred dollars at par. Address box 628 Pest offl je. Railroad rtocks wantkd?in bx hamob fob lands in HIIdoIs Wisconsin. Indiana, Iowa or Mam*' sola. A fair pries will be paid for Michigan Bon hern ft af road stuck Is eichange for any ?( the above lands Address BaW road Stocks, care of L. K. Th m?, No 7 Broad street. S-TOtIB LOAMB FOB TUIBTT TO NIMBTY DA Ml made by iCBM WM OLIVBT. banker, Mo M Masses street, southeast corner of Oedar street WANTBT>?A LOAN OF *60 BY A RWPECTaRLB WV dow lady, for a short time, wood security glyen. Ad dress L. H.. Herald cflloe. jlWHOOVIM. *9 Rft-wi ? uTiro'i bookkerpiVqrfioTnm U" rnllmilrd, arithmetic, algebra geometry, te.M rvduood prices all >hla month at PaINR'H acsd miea. >? ? Bowerv, Hew York and 281 Fniton street drookljn Lata hare separa-c apartment sad meet at ooarBploni hours 4?9C ? BookKkitPiKO, wBiriNd. arithmetic, ao? "PaiO, to prepare aturenta pram 'nail y fvr burlnms Mr Do I I'KAh tiOH Broad "?*, baa a 1-rivste desk Just raslatL wl trh iraj be secured this da; or evening, at only Ui tor a folloomtnerTi?l c- urae. a CARD.?THK ADVKRTJ8KR WILL RK EI Vg NEW jk ruptlr dally tor rlaa* or p-tvate iDalrucuon In p-uunajaahky and boukkntpiug. Kei-ara'e parlo a fo* nrivat- instruction. OLIVER K. UOLDKMITH. 36J Broadway A MIDDLE AOBD LADT 1FI8HKS TO INSTRUCT TWO rV or threw children, or sew aa oompeeaation f- r hoard; don't "hji ct to leaving the city. Llkewls-* a lady wlahes board in a pilvaie family. Addrtm L K. A., Madison square Poet office APARIMTAH LADY, WHO HAD BRRR RUOOB48PULLI er salted for several year* In one of the beet aeh o1*. aad In the drat families of New York, d est res to secure some pri vate pupils; she will teach grammar, literature and coarossa ?ton Beet ref renne asked and given. Address, from 4 MD I P. M . ft East Twelfth sYsst a PRKNCB LADT, WHO H IB A PBW HOURS D? t% engaged, desires to make an engagement with n private family or school Hhe teaahea 'reach, <ermaa, Italian waits drawing and the Rngltih branches , the will give 1 muni ts ant ot these branches separately if daatmd. Best refersnMi given Please tadOress M las'M , care of Mr- Ohrtatsra. M Broadway, or ho. K1 Rast Twenty ninth s rest. ? GERMAN, WHO UAH RESIDED A LOSS TIMR IB Psris and f lores oe, wishes to teach the Oerman, 'reach or 1 aUsn languages two hoars dally, as compeoaauoa for his board and kdglng. address R. O , BsraM olllas / OI KROYMaM OP THB OHURUH OP BNQLABD, A V graduate of Dublin University and tosg uncustomed In the practice of tni loo, woa d dwrote a few ao.irs dally to the Instruct ion of a few ne'eot pupils, la tse various braeeheeaf snglieh Utcramre a'ao In the nlimine For terms, As arrtr st 41 Orsenwlch a r en us. A TOI'NO LADY, RBRIDIRO III BROOKLYN, BR fa rently arrived from Rursgs. It desirous of being esgag^ three or f.mr hoim a dav lo giving le-soos tn P-eneh with which language she ta thorooKblv conversant, ba-tngbeen eduotieu i rlnrlpally ta Prance Best refer cooes given, tf dress K. C. irookljn Puet c tfloe. CYOUDRRT LT.iRUM, BU. H Bt. MARK'S PLaOR. BMW i tvLlIu ~ Bpsntsk. oommerctnl and okassl enl boarding aad day sob-nl for boys The stem will rs mm on Msndsy 7th September, ilreuis a eaa be obtained si Re Ly mum end at ike oOce of Maams Oondnrl ninlkms mm etilof* si taw, Ron M and ?1 Ana strssL^ V7 H. MAURICE, FRRBITH I.aN ?UA IB. - PBOFNtaoR f. LAOAOtR. 7*4 Broadway, suntlaaei lo give thorough linn uidles Is the French language Im -aiding to his pupils the ah titty Is ?peak the language with Boeoey and aorresusaa AsdSw has reeslred betweea the hours of 7 and ? or I and T r. m rRMOH IRBTITOTR?tsliskl BREOlRR-R FRRhviA. iaslleh an' Hpanlah boarding and day school f?jmmw ladlealb Sad Son s venue beTwSec Thirty (5m\nd ssousd stream, will be reopaaad oa Tasaday, kept IB fRKNt'H LANUUsGK-MADAME BARBI1R kg opens, Moods*. the 7ih HertemN-r her morning coavvr ssilonal class- ? f r lad'e* Private nlaaawi sad evening clsnm also sa-ees-fnlly taught In N.w York for ssren years, lad* pendrnl of lh-?e i--acjera wb.v assisted. and who bars eve tie connection whatevar. No. 4b Kust TwslI h -rest near Broad way. LTUDNOt RIVRR INRTITUTR, AT ULAVRBAOE. NBW U lork. stale and remain.-Board and tuition III) par yew. Term --peris Hept IB tleotlemea lo-iructrwa In plane morns, painting aad mudern nnguagea. Htoras la glitflmls' roam The her A Pi A< K. s M Principal Wsdseadaya. at > Tuwdav wept. 11 Mrs. Rowland wis bS M -rs parents aad guardians on Tilsn mid HILL asoapl during Urn vsSMCmJK MEN MaOAU ATI PRBNOH AMD BMOLIHH BO AAA I lag and da? school will mopen on Tuesday, BnyL ML I 48 EasaTwrntj Are street MtWHRB LMPIN4BSR A DB ktWaLLI'R PRRBOU day and hoarding school. Mscdougal street m am af klgbth sear Fifth arena* Classical and rommmslal -*?**-? Krr'lss branches taoshl by two RnglUhmaa No mm rhargeo far modern Inngungon Uymnsslam "inThe* Me open si MV PBOPMBOE OP DABOIJIM. * ?snsfesr rrest, will be happy to ? fiiMsn NrM m? Mto ctpals of sehnola aad families, la tows aad acmatry, whs mm require dancing Isnghl la their eeubtMaaanls. Um MM inns The best cf refsrsnam gives sett for full particulars seln alms, system of lastr Ac. atteethm Is tart ted to Ma pmsoMtsa, IS he had sshnol or by addntsslng the prtmdpal Spanish i.APuUAiB-rRorvsoR horrin oom Unuee tv tea- b be Hpanlah at 1*4 Bighth street, adlotahm the M. rcaniile Library. rR MlHHRft ROBE RMPRITTPUl.LT INFORM THEIR friends and the public that their boor-ling and day MA No. 11 Went Thirty third street, sill he reopened on M cilW September 14. Tl PULYTBOHinn Mvrnrm. POM THB PRBNOH. RNtlUHII, (71.AHHTOAL AND MATHA ?sal toe I rehnol of Dr P HBR fHR4, 41 Weet Twenty Mrs) street, will re open Neptember 7. French Is the langoagsat the school There ta a gymsaalnm Tutor -* proPiu>hional ubrti-bman would devote one or two ho-i -e each day lo taetrnctlose ta l-ettn, Orvek and ma'hetnaiis, either at M i own house or that of D? p-i rt's Terna moderate. Ad !rem R. A. Madlsoo Square Post odllcs. OUN'I-MEN OF T(,K UN1TKH HTATMN-PHONlNlR A pli? Is 'j ?ilr| It ImrtMNl. fmrfnl In down ??k*. Reporters make (rum ta to 1*1 per day TangM ihro-na the na% I by a itac ?ml rvynrimr, ?nd lo? rartlnji bjrw ?nl-for 0R. 4 ddrem IV B. Mslllsk. Aohum. Mess Refers to Prof 0. H. Fowler. NRWBPdPKM. TUB til INT AMDNH THB OlANTH. PORTRRH HI'IBlT Hm Mitt OOtBSMIf ^ thi) Third rr>Jn?^ Now is the'lme to begin and re*d il.l? The RPIRIT of today is well Blled wbh all that la dsMrabM tn a First c'ose paper Tt contains among othv ihlnrs the la*sat news of ot'R IIOR4KH IN BN-ILANB; First isis lltcra-y m t ler, (all o tglnnl), Much 'I.at Is Interesting to Block breeder* sol afrti nltniiNs The ladles are not f-irgoKm an t c?nno' help being p|< wl h tbelr dwi art me I. M-'HIC AND TIIR I/RaMA By OSS who know* som thing of the merits of A cut-a ard ar'Uts. W ? *r-hanl'ed wlthenl t HKT THTH WNRK H FSPBR. 1 For eale - - errwhers. Pri- e alt cents. nnwrniRic, &.v. KNAMNU.BD AND COTTAfll PI'RNTTTRI HUrBAM suite# la every or-Vw besntlfnllr deoorsied. from RS nw sards, at the old asanuiaeuM-y, 4*4 atoedway. Mlw?Mi Honsvm sad Bieeafesr atrseto. CKtoM sarefiillr necked rm Ae country. i, A P RIB DBA