7 Ekim 1857 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 4

7 Ekim 1857 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 4
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NEW YORK HERALD. JAMKfl GOROOH BEKIETT, EDITOR AMD PRuPtUETuR. ornci K. ?. COKKIR of ftlton ANE HA88AC 8T8. TFR V ? <iW' in nrfroiK* TWF i'.4/t >' IIKKALP, two rente p*r oop*. 87 per annum. THt H'f f hi >' HKKALP, enr^, SWurriajt ol wLr mml* per fTT-., |.. R\ J'" nnni/ni. t/u Fur,,pom alilitm, M per annum, fc> o,i ?? ,.i ?. a/ ftrifttei, or 86 to any parr oflA? Continent, both & port at*. TBI- I 1 *fZ 1' BFRALP, every B'lJmtili.v. at/our cenU per O' 12 1"' tiimwfi rOit A ! A hi VORRBSPONDMjrvlk, containing important nr ?> aMpi frnn an* <,'""*trr '*? uorHi v" uml unit (* like r?"<. flfiV? ?'* Foaaic* CoE-uroiotmiti Pae TKi i3Briinii ?>Tmi' to Seal iu Lettkbb ahp Pacbaoee gun* V " Jtih rKJSTiy t routed iciih nmtnaee, eheapneee ami iia pntrti __ AI'VFRTISFMF.XTS rrnnrod every day; adverti*mrnt- in w~W m Ihr WurkiT Herald. Family Herald, ami in the C'afi/ornM and European Edition* Volimr X*n Ho. S7S A)(U8K)|X)rn TBIg BT1NIKa FRO a I>W AT THEATRK, Broadway?Grand Ballot or FAr*T-MsBnRRt?a. MBI/V8 GARDEN, Broad way?Tight Bora Feats Locum Bunco. ROWIII THEATRE, Bowery?TilH Ckl'^adih?Kiss in the 1 .mk-Wandering Burs. Rl'RTON'S Till ATKE. Broadway, oppwttr Bond ?'??.? Opt Mannyeinu-Mt mbt*r Kate. WALLACE'* THEATRE, Broadway?Hub at Law-Dou ble bail'BP BOOM. LAl'RA KKKNK'S THEATRE, Broadway?Husband tor AM : OUR -SlAM Lil.HT III AKII NEW OI.Y MPIC THEATRE, Broad way?Married Rake? Kiai. Lagbr?School rou Iiuaas ATAHKVY OF MUSIC, Fourteenth at?Italian Oriiu? Th e OlovAltai B ARNl'M'8 AMERICAN MUKEl'M Broadwet?Sonc.ert TBI *'?IS| ICBTINGaLE?jltAND AuVAIUA, OR Oc'EaN (JAH tmx?Oykuwities, Ac. GEO CHRISTY * WOOIl'S MINSTRELS 411 BroUwEy XTinoriAn Minetiikls-New YkaB'B Calls MaCHaNICS' llAI.I., 472 Broadway?Rbgbo Melopios? BvRLEcaCE -Motley *>k0iher9 New Yorlt, W?ln?Mlay, October 7, 1N57. Elwlia for th? Pocidc. KKW TORI HKRAI.P?CALIFORNIA EDITION. The United StAica mat! iteamshtp B ar oftho Writ, Capl. Bray, will leave this 4>ort thia afternoon, at two t'olook, for AEp'.nwall. Too Uioitf for Oallfouda an' otter parti of tte Pacific, will ck*? atone o'clock. The Now Yore R'?mo t Heoald?California edition? ?onutlLlog the laloai intelligence from all parte of the world will be published at eleven o'clock is the morntnf. Btnrie oonlea, in w rupiierr ready for mailing, Btxprnoe. Af nu ru; please tend In ttoir order* ai oariy oe poEAioie. Ttoa The steamships City of Washington and Fallon, from Liverpool and Southampton 23d nit., am red' at this port yesterday. The news had i*en antici pated by the Anglo Saxon, at Quebec. Oar European files, however, contain very interesting details of the la?t intelligence Irom Incta, and we publish a rttumi of tbe most important events. The Fulion brought JUO.OOO in specie. The money marker of Farin and Vienna were in a critical condition. At Tatler aail's heavy beta were taken against the American horses Prjor and Prioress for the Czaro witch stakes. The London Ttmtt says, that althongh the frigate Niagara mat outrun the Agamemnon by her steam ing qualities, still the laUer vessel would be more than a match for a ship of her class in war at close ?quarters. We this morning print a corrected list of the names of tbe persons known to have been on board the steamer Central America when she went down, and not since beard from. It comprises one hun dred and ninety nine names?all that we have been able to collect from the persons saved, and probably J all that will be known until an official list shall be received fr< m San Francisco. The total number of pere,>n? said to have been on boird the ill fatea ship when she was wrecked was about four hundred and ninety six, of whom one hundred and sixty nine are know n to have bien saved, leaving the balance i o he accounted lor. Ti?e reoent State election in Georgia has resulted in the choice of Joseph E. Drown, the democratic can- I didate, for Governor, by from eight to ten thousand majority, aid certainly seven democrats to Con gress. The First Congressional district remains to be bcaro from. James L. Seward, delegate tj the last Congress, is tbe democratic nominee, against Mr. Burton, American. The opponent* of Mr Seward have made considerable capital out ortbe cir cuar stances connected with the purchase of BIythe Island for a naval depot, in which Mr. 8. was some how mixed up. If Mr. Seward is elected, it is a gain of two administration members of Cougrew Hie extra evasion of the Pennsylvania Leglsla- 1 two, tailed to legalize the suspension of the bank* ' and afford relief to the community in the present financial crista, was organized yesterday. Various i measures of rtdef were proposed, for the pxrticu: ' lars of which we refer to the proceedings. A convent <m, composed of thirty-fire persons, mot at Albany yesterday, to regulate toe affairs of i the temperance party ol the htate. We inflict upon our reader* u fall report of their prooee lings. The slim attendance is conclusive evidence of the little ! bit*rest felt in tbe "cause," while tne unanimous testimony of '.he -peikers as to tbe effect of the new lirnse law, and the indifference of tbe people ' gout rally with regard to tbe liquor traffic, are cer- ' u.nly discouraging to the laborers in the tee tot*1 field. I ra. Cunningham ba- appealed from the Burro gates decision in tbe Burdeil estate cose. Her counsel filed the necessary notice of appeal yester day M*-are. George A Wilt and Joseph P.Perry rx> Wd a Icmd to indemnify the adverse party I against cost in <as* tbe r atmant does not succeed in tbe Supreme Court. Mrs. Cunningham was pre j aeiit. and signed tbe papers with remarkable com powara. ( Hpta n Funderiaiid has been appointed to the post of Quart /master of the Marine Corps, made va< ant by U e death of Captain Lindsev. The Fire Commissi >ners were engaged last evii.iig in examining tbe annus! returns of the ?an ns fire c m/panics, w th tbe design of asccr 1 taining the active members. The complaint agaui-t Engine Company No. 33 is to be considered on Tliur -dty evening. A mar. named Thomas Kilhy murdered his wife, Mary Kilby.netr Norristown, Pa? on the 4th inst. lit nearly aevned her he?d from her body by a blow with an axe. They had three sm*ji children. Kilby ww intoxicated when be oe-umAted the deed. He ha>- lieen arrested, and is now in prison. The Board of Ten Governors met yesterday and transm ted considerable routine '-l-incns. The re turns of the several institutions show that 6.i'>-7 per-one are cared for by the city. A sped*] com' mittee was appointed to report upon the desirability of connecting tbe fiovernore' office in the Park with Bla< kweil's Island hy telegraph. The c *t of the projiosed work if undertaken wou'd be 610,000. Tie Joint Committee of the Common Councilor! Inspector* and Canvassers of Elections met ve-tnr day in tbe i hamher of the Board of Councilmtn Lisle of nominee* were received from the 2d, 4'.h, Kith, 12th, 14th, tl.lth, 16th, 17th, 1-th, loth, 21st ,und 2;d wards. Tbe r ommittee are determined to Lave their report ready to present on Thurwdiy r.i, :ht. The minority party is allowed one inspector and one canvasser, out of the three of each, in each election district. in ojosequence of an oversight in the Sheriff's of. fiea.a qaiorum of Grand Jurors could not be secured in the General Hcssfons yesterday, and the Clerk dis < harged th'-e who were present till Wednesday morn ing. Wm. i'fhrig, indicted for tbe murder of LoqIj (taiBfel. pleaded guilty to manslaughter in the third d< *r ?, and k consequence of bis previous good ?'-*r < ? was hrnt only two yenr* and si* months nleprMa. It senna th*' they were part a lag"* tfer *a nm at ftp W.lliam stnwt, ?It 1|1 the iw|h of July, while they were dis. ? aocut a nmU4W, Gehr r shot Gnwipoi with a I f 'tliont pwmHMtatl-i. Peter Vanrlsco. alias ? . c. waa triad t.%f rorvtrted of a violation of i f ipt iftw* Cnfic|:,V of Maybe piloted two British Teasels, the Humuiing Bir4 and the George, through Hell gate, by the towboat Robert C. Mistarn not 'ring a Hellgate nllot. t?v? w-j?? w * -*-* S4. V. uvia a V ful not be ?ve?iioed till the close o{ the term, as his counsel tr 11 present I bill of exoep'ioas. John An derson, a jouth, was >n trial charged with highway robbery by Wm. Rose, of 506 oroome street, when the Court arjourned. The Historical Society held their regular monthly meeting last night, in their rooms in the University. 8. J. Doe, Esq., of Long Island, presented the so ciety with a small box made out of the timber of the ship Endeavor, in which Capt Cook circum navigated the world. The new Are proof building of the so:i*tp has been completed, and a committee of seven were appointed, together with the Building Committee, to make arrangements for properly dedicating the building. A resolution was adopted in favor of obtaining the paintings from ths New York Art Gallery and plaoingtbem on exhibition in the Society's new rooms. The paper of the evening was entitled " The Capture of Major Andre," and was chiefly devoted to lauding the character aua conduct of ths captors. John Jay, Esq., sent a let ter to the society saying he had bought the frame bouse in 1-iower Salem in which Mgjor Andre was confined for two daya after bis capture, also giving it to the society and asking them to preserve it. A very large and superior work on Nubia, by a German artist, was presented to the socio (y by the author, through Mr. Bancroft. An autograph letter from Humboldt, highly praising the work, was also read Resolutions laudatory of the energy,' talent and devotion of the late Lieut. Strain were adopted. The Central Park Commissioners met yesterday, and resolved to dismiss all the laborers now em ployed on the Park, retaining only the keepers. The present state of the treasury of the Commis sion and the pressure in the money market is the cause aligned for this action. There are about seven hundred persons employed in the Park, who wiU consequently be thrown out of work. lbs cotton market wm quiet feiterdar, sod ??'ei ou the spot trilling, white imnll ?h1po?nU eootioael to be mace cm owner*' scocwnt. We qntormt<)dllrg Mob !es at ltMf a U\c , and middling New Orleuieat 16>^o n lfl\c. F our opened whh none show or flrmneet, but tha feeling subsided and the market closed dull, with a down ward tendency In prions, espeeia'ly for Mate and Western brands. Wheat wm dull and easier, with a fair demand and some sale* for ei port Com wm lower, end elated at 69a. a 70c. for Weetcra mined. Perk wm dull and lower, with email rales of ooese at $22 60 a $22 75. and prime at $17 75 a $18. Sugars were Irregular, with aalee of about 1,000 a 1,100 hhda. Cuba muscovado, tnclodtnf 2(0 for ex port, at quotations grlvea In auotber solo run CuTee was quiet, aru sa'ee light. Freight engagement wore anxe lets active. To Liverpool wheat wm tskan at and floor at 2s. 3d.; to Lonton 1,200 boxes tea wero engaged at 17a. 6d., and 200 hhda. sugar at 25s. a 27a. Od. ?lie Financial Revulsion ? Mew Political laanaa. The present revulsion in commercial and finan cial affaire. like those of 1825 and 1837, is des tined to produce a complete change in the political issues of the day, and the old politicians, as well as the old measures, must give place to Dew questions and new mr n. Such a result necessarily accompanies the change that is now going on?a chaDge which is one of the phases of our national and social de velopement, in which we slough the old an<l worn out systems that have done their work, In order to give to the new forms the requisite free dom of action. The nigger question, "bleeding Kansas." temperance, native Americanism, and ail the other isme of the day, must be consigned to the tomb of "the Capulets," with the old system of building railroads by loans and mort gages, worn out speculations in cotton, wheat and the staples of life, and the rest of the finan cial dodge? that have done their work and been exbaurted in contributing to our material pro gress for the past twenty years. What they have accomplished in actual labor still rc mairs, and will rem-in with us. for our continued use and enjoyment, al though f s representatives of value th*y have been a good deal diminished. The rail roads which have he n built continue to afford the same means of rapid transit a? before, al though their stock value msy have declined one half. The new lands that have been brought under the plough s ill yield as much g^ain to the farmer, though they may be held at twenty in stead of forty dollar? per acre. The n?w cities that have grown up still afford homes to our in creased population, and warehouses aud marts to the products of the soil, though city lots and city revidi nces have declined largely in value. All ther - things have grown up under the stimu lus of tb<> credit system; and it is o*e of the con comitants of thul syst> to that when it ha* carried the tide of hope to toe* hi*h a point, it suddenly ebbs, and bavesits victim* like strand-d ships upon a tideleas shore. This operation affects different classes of the community in different ways. Tha agriculturist can still continue bis labors, though with low r prices in prospective. The mechanic, the pro fesaional man and the laborer can all pursue their wonted a\ ocations, though not stimulated by the same high wages. Hut the merchant, j who is the fulcrum opou wh'ch the ex changes of production and consumption , lest, is in a different situation from : all of these With widely extended en gagement*. contract'd under au expansion of ' all values, the sudden contraction of these in the ! dieline oi real estate, stock* and the productions of the soil, has left him with a mass oi obliga tions without the m- ans of fulfilling them Iiad no contraction taken place, he would have fount no difficulty in complying with all h>s contract*; but when everything has declined one half in the relative value it bore to money, he cannot meet bis engagement* unless be has an immense sur plus, and is consequently left like * stranded bark which the tide has left upon the fltU lit* capi'al and credit both gone, his uscfulaes- to the community is destroyed until he caa once more t* set afloat It 1* thi* greet truth fhat imposes upon as the necessity of having a general and well dig-sU-i system of bankrupt laws. It is one of the neces sary adjunct* of the credit system, and is the only means by wbioh the merchant can adjust his ob ligations to the state of values in a time of great contraction like the prestnt, without depriving b;m of hi* efficiency in the social organization And it Is due to him and to every other class of the community that his labors should not be neutralised, to the great damage of all. by one of the natural operations of the system under which we all live aud prosper, If we Insist that this shall continue to be, we may expect on every occasion of great contraction to have years of succeeding paralyza tion in commerce and the exchange of the pro ducts of labor, such as was experienced from 1837 to 1842. At that time the community suffered under this eTil until it was past end J ranee, and then the popular clamor suddenly rose and Impelled Congrew into the enactment of 111 digested, unwise sad retro?cti?a laws. The effect upon the oonxmmit) ot the sudden releass of a latgc number of benent ard experienced mcr, whom knowledge and industry were requl site to the pub ic weal, was irnm< hate and sp rveut; but when relief came the errors of hvtj legislation frcuirc apparent too, with; law vu repealed, instead of being modified, ?< eudtioply ae it bad )^n enacted. Thus we were iett to experience again the evils which have borne us down before. The destruction of ail the put poli' cal issues and isms which k going on, keeuing step with the dartructioi1 of inflated values and extrava gant hopes, will be succeeded by a great popular demand for practical x^gielation. CongresB has wasted several sessions in v1*? discussion of use less and abetract questions, aiwd i? portioning out the public domain among ephemera and jobbers of all kinds. The ThorleW Weeds and Mattesons have been dictator* In our legMa. tive balls. They must now give place to common seme, honesty, and a practical study of the public gtx-d. Let our young and ambitious legislators look to these things, and study them wolL .The* coming race of political leaders, the men whftflt'? to succeed the Sewards, Weeds and Matteeoan, must be practical statesmen, bringing forward i practical measures in a practical way. Who is the man that w ill moke his m&rk by introducing into the next Congress that necessary adjunct of the credit system?a good bankrupt law? We do not want a retroactive thing to"benefit disho nest debtors, but one that shall enable the honest met chant, in timer of great suddenicontractions like the present, to adopt his obligations to the new order of things, and continue to be useful to society, to bis lainily and to himself. Toe Sickijcs Libel St it.?A certain branch of thir amusing affair is now up for argument be fore the Court of Sessions. It seems that Dan Sickles is very anxious to prevent any prelimina ry examination; but the public have some inte rest in getting such an examination, particularly at this epoch in the history of political morality and politica1 elections. We have reason to be lieve that a preliminary examination would bring on the stand a good many of the leading politi cians of the city, whose evidence would tend to exhibit the character ol the present race of poli ticians and of parties During the last three or four years the taxes of the suffering people of this city have increased from three to nearly nine millions of dollars. The Lowber swindle of $200,000, in which Busteed, as Corporation Coun sel. and Dan Sickles, as the referee, aided and as sisted, is merely a sample of the process that has been going on for the last few years, and which has been increasing our taxes and public burdens. Sickles and Busteed, in aiding that atrocious swindle on the public treasury, which was fortu nately stopped by Comptroller Flagg and Judge Roosevelt, are only presented as specimen bricks, showing the general character of the politicians with whom this wealthy metropolis is now cursed. The preliminary examination in this funny li bel suit, if it be not cboked off by the courts for some indefinite period, may reveal many of the secrets of the atrocious system of corruption that has increased our taxes, and may exhibit the state of morality of our present race of politicians, so that the people of this city may be able to see and judge clrarly what is to be done by them preparatory to and during the ensuing important municipal election. Goon Managers and Bad Managers?Condi tion or TUK Theatres.?In seasone of great monetary difficulty, the theatres generally afford the first evidences of the prtssure. One of the pe culiarities of the present crisis is that this result is not as yet observable. The Opera, it is true, has been severely affected by it; but it should be recollected that the Optra is a sort of class insti tution, being almost entirely supported by tnosc who make money easily and speed it fust As it is this class which have suffered most by the sud den downfall of railroad and other faucy stocksi it is natural that the Opera should feci the reac tion ot ita embaras*meats. I'eople engaged iu legitimate trade pursuits, and whose humbler profits do not permit tb'-m to indulge in the ex penses entail- d by the Opera, have as yet scarcely ft-It the pressure, and consequently have expe rienced no necessity for curtailing their amuse ments. They continue to frequent the theatres in n-dfly as great numbers as beiore, and these es tablishments are but little, if at all, affected by tbe alleged scarcity of money. The theatres, be sides, are prudently and economically managed, and can stand these fluctuations. Take Niblo's, for instance, as an example of a carefully conducted and succeed ul theatrical concern. Whilst mei^antiie houses are paying their employes in depreciated notes or n during their the manage ment of this theatre pays all iia people in gold, and baa not as yet diminish d, nor do -s it mean to diminish, its usual complement of bands. In the engagement ot his artists, as well as of the r? pilar -tail of his establi. liinnni. Mr. NiMo has always gone on the principle of being prepared for every sudden cii.sis, monetary or oth<-rwiae, that might arise; and tns consequence is that he has not only b? en able always to punctually ful fill his contracts, but te lay by a handsome com peUnce. To,.- is tlic trua secret of success, wlnther in the manage nient of a theatre or of a me-cantile concern. Over confidence begets ex pansion, and expansion i? sure to beget, in its torn, d>app i.n'nu nt and ruin. If our Wall street magnati - would oi ly borrow a few hints fVrm cur friend Niblo's experience, they m'gbt ?p?rs ih? mselvts and the community a good deal of t'Qpble. lavtl Intalllganr*. Hatted Saw m--am frtga-? Mis lssippl, Com. Nl rhol'on, la-lad fnm Madeira is ib? lO'.fe uit. fir tba Eut ffttr* Tie I at'd 3U '? sMpa fobs Adams sod Oeoat r a re nt'lM P.taia l> ders war* expt tod bp tba middle of OrStbrr.fnr iba retcro of tba J. ba A lam* to the United Saus via C?i? H -a 1b? nffl rer, aa ' fl-a ra of b <th ? ?? it1* ??r# ?ell rtrepeng Parser Hnarv Mvora, w\i> r# ten*4 la tbo si-.- uf h- Waat J. L Brooms. Ei; , L aa tsiai.t cmm*i f'?-| M?r n.-a, baa '??ea appelated AOllag Purver, U R N , Id ptn e of Parser Mye-* fhe fills* n* !? a lut?f the olwra of tba Called mm vsassis aow at I'araaia>? List of iflloara of be Called flutes vhlp Joha Adims? Qt I H K H I, IS Moot Natmlaoa Uolllaa, Ueuta J. C. P Is K aft Mill b Marian, J K \tSleal? o. E W Bskv, It P. Mnoea: Pn?ver, Jiba I, Broom a, L'.enl C H M. 0 ; Bo'gc a, M Poms-; Anlataat Sarraoa, T J. Tnraor; B aiswata, G-o A l^*ob. Guano-, W S. HiloV %ll mafeo*. W. ? Mabocey. I.' t o rfT.rett oftbo United "Mates able IVinlir?"apt. H R That,bar, lit IJ-st J M II Clltz, Meats R M. u?oU, r>. P. Harmosjr, K. C Soeklia; Passed Asewtaal Sursee?,J Ward; /-a'ataat Bifooa. L O I.sar, Pino , V flen*e, Gi aaor, 4. A. IJllrrrn. Rmtawala, J. OfhUn Sallmssvf, M. <.b?vaHi?r; arosabr, W. Hj-ii Tns Panr-iJ vs 1 "vr Siaovwi* ?Tbs defendant Is Ihla raas cleat,*? na |o state thai tba oosrgo of false orrtenae, made afsiaat biai by M-man. Harass, Lyman boo, of Raielay itreat, la yrouadloia and thai when the oaaa r- anoa up for Iriai be will prove bla soUra laao-iaBoe ( wwi-l (blsidar- Tbli Uss, Xrrvsra norwr?fXvoalt ?Paid I?Boa fj, AT, AS, Si, s, in, its us n?. us, tie, iit, lis, lao in Hart II ?Sea 1*00 to IAII Prnns Oorat ?No* 124, SS ir>, ISA, IIS, 140,141, 142 14.'. 144, 144, 140. ISO, 111 11.1 lit, US, 1ST 1M, -.AO 1S4, IAS 1AT, IAS, ITS, 173, 1T4, ITS 117,17S, 179, 100, 101 108. 1SS ' naraoa taaa?Part I ?Boo 1116 to ISM, aad . 817 Part II ?Boo. 1301 to ISIS I art alv* Tn? Nati.'i? Mcrbsr?Sines tbs adjoorn moni of ibo noart sra naderatano teal new ovioaaoo Hf* n?t Itoaaoliy baa none t?4lght. It U asatad thai a clue baa heaa fboad tn tbo dUenvory of tbo dafffsr, and alao !>? salt of nkOblaf boloafinf ta Oonaelly. onvarad with x-d Tba fheo-y l? that aa rms at the blow waa atrsrk bi ran trat ta ill room, rbore t>* dt nase-1 blmwlf of tht h -ody elotbaa. wticL, to? obar wltb tbe datrrr, wrro trnsi I* ta a p?r,,?, h.r.aad ,ht bar aad ' ?nnsi>,n?a were w-i. away by a f lacd ha had la tba buose ?. (A J) itrwwsl. THS LATEST NEWS. Non-Arrival of Uu Bflifut from M saropa. Badmx, Oct 6 -10 SO P. M. Thete are to this moment ao signs or the Oueartf tteem Mlp Niagara, aov about dee from Liverpool, which port ?he leik Bep*. 10, with three fiays later nowe. Aflhin In Huhln|tee. ?rPOlKTM*NTF llhTKAL AMHSI AM imnu SB CBATABf OOU llfUeia TO AID OOrilHIUNr OOKTBAOTORC?FH0CBAIIN9B IN THI NATAL OOCKTfi, ITO. WaaanoTCN, Ool. 0,1807. The Cabinet had a abort laaeloa to day. Quite a aombar of oniBportant appoietmenta were disposed of. Mr Mtta, who had the Kioe Nothing ohargee preferred againtt hlai, wta oommtsaloecd, and will eater upon the dlatharge of hia dalles aa Bceotad 0 mptiojier to-morrow. Mr. Truarrt bad a long interview with Secretary Oaaa to-day. Oar government la atlll without neoeaeary Infer nation to determine what coons they will puraue rela tive to Ceatial American affaire, and the Secretary eo In fbrmed the Mlninter. He la very anxtooa that ou go vernment should reoognlne him; but he will here to wait a little loager. Tbe Waehtaglon Gee Oompany'i atoek owned by Nerih ffl oapttallata waa thrown Into market today, and offered atpj 10 in specie. Tlir Secretary cf the Treasury baa steadily refnaed to adviade\ 006 d3,Ur 10 eoatractore for supplies until theaop pllea wrva d(Utared and received. The bare ahlpmeat of aup.UeewM not ana war, ea that la no comptianct wlih the contract. Grn K >bl? /a, otnrna to Now York to morrow. Before Naval \ >ort No ^ ?we of Commander Jaok ?m waa ooncuu.'erf,, *nd the oate of Tamed Hldahlpman John tTaey Bail (A. ?PPnd) oommenoed. Commodores Mayo and dtringham WV 'n MMRlo?d for the appliant In Court bo. 2, :he caae of L '?ntennnt Fitzgerald u atlll being trtfd I Jet tcnanta 8<erei ? *nd Hitohcli, Commander tianeevonrt and Dr. Tyler ye. *? exnmlnel for applloant. Commander PlaA's oaee was ft noluced to day before Court No. 8. Oapi. Pope and UommfV ">? Strlngham teitlfled in hia be hall . tew (.aimAL newsrarsa mmfakw. DICTMON BILATITH TO KaILROrV> L1ND OBAKTfl? APro NrnE.IT OF QUABTSKM AB7Bt 1 OF THE MAK1NB COKFB, 1TC. WAsaimvo#, ^ 0, 1807. The government baa rccetred no Intelhg* relative to the tr lsai m of Wifiam Carey Jonee, diffeim 1 r"?m what appears In the newspapers. Attorney General tit htng recrntly made e <k oielon re. IstWe to the gTanta of lend for railroad pnrposet, keying: "A legtriatlve grant by Congreae does of ltneif, 'fo rigort, pa<? to he granfee all the aatate which the I '"He. du>ea bad ia the subjeo; mailer of the grant, except \ *bat ii f\irea?lv r\oept?u " There can be no need of ,fur tlier wsurenoe In order io give the State a MUc Ln I. m Toe reOnue location of the road anil locate the grs. " upon Jm- proper ncnibc .f even aeationa on each r \ ' with which tbe United 8L.de* ahall not prevlcvaiy hwve parUd with tbe title, and the selection of tbe ilyornor'a egret will determine what aeotlona or parte of sections are to be taken >.?ie*<i of ihoee acid or subject to pre caption then tbe ?Le to each ar.lc tr parcel fill be as cam.lete aa if it had been granted by came, number or dene iption. About tturt) c??ib a. c reuutntig to be disposed of by tbe three Laval Courts of inquiry. iThey will probably oc cory six weeks' time Uapuic D. J cunderland, Aatlatanl Quartermaster baa beet, promoted to Q i?-tar master of the marine oorpe, with the rank of Ma.'sr, In place of Lind say, deceased. Onptalu W. A T. Maddox has been ap pointed Aaalauni Quartermaster in piaoeof Sunderland, promoted. The Mexican legation has received no official des patches concernlrg the Tehnaa'epec arrangement. The Oonrt cf Claims will moot nc.'.t Monday. Company I Fourin artlUery, and detachments of two other companion had arrived at New Orleans, en route far Fort Lea ran worth. New York Slate Temperance Convention. PANIC AMONG THB TEETOTALLERS?FRIGHTFUL. IN CBS A8S OF INTKMPKKANCB THROUUUOUT TUB BTATB?WHAT SHALL WK DO TO BE 8AYB0 ? Btkacobs, Oot. 0,1M7. Mr. WauAM BicwABDaoa, Chairmen of the Stale Tern peranoe Committee, called the Convention to order in the Firit Methodiat c bar ah at 13 o'clock this morning, and named 0. C. Leigh, of New York, temporary Chairman. Rev. E. W. Jackson, Btorelary of the State Society, wee

Banned Secretary. Mr. Lmcii on taking the chair raid that the Ooaveatioa bad been called In view of the rapid spread of the evil of Intern peranoe over tbe oomtry, and In eonaeqneaoe or the overthrow of tbe Prohibitory law by the oourta. He urged tbe tmportanae of laboring to re establish entire profit btttoa. Rev. Mr. Maitbkw delivered an appropriate prayer. Rev Mr. Jai knob reed the call for ibe Ooaventioe Mr Davis, of Uayuga, moved for the appointment of a B. i'mluee of five on permanent organisation Carried. rrofeeeer M< ox moved for the appointment of n cam m<Uee of seven, to report bruin ess for tae Convention, but oa a sua goetloo be wtthdrew tbe motion. Ibe chaihjlan then appointed toe following goatlemcn a Oommluee on Permanent Organtxaitoef?tfensrs. Oevir and Ivea, ol tiayuga; Mr Bailey, of Ooetne; dr Dlokton, of >orUand; and Mr Remington, of U rki aor Vt u ie h? commlttee were absent M' C C IWNii made a few remarsa on Ufa e wruion of the Kictae law?nj la v, at far aa o.- c ty of New Yerk la owoern- d For loepw rtmioB of drink .ng the law was aa eaure failure It had ?uttipued Instead of .iecreasiag drtak'.ng sho^t and druna tone. s, n-d no rue frte. d of i*tt. eren *i wald , ret?ad that tne law w?s in say irgree efficient, or aa improve m?-nt o<e- free trade i? 1 quar. R?v Mr Janeon mid be had trtvelied thenngh the Sin e, a* th? uarautci agent of the eoWoy. aal m ? geao rai in prverl^n was lb* morr evil existed under tse pre k nt tyswm than under the old ia* , bsonrut uiere was no il Oitiuily in (.btaiatng iiot>me In Dut u..-as ouunty men rttket nl'b tie Mood of thilr victims, murdered on their own promisee while -trunk. K ? Mr. Honnan said mat Oaytiga oonntr, and Anbu-n In |.a>Un. lar, ?ai> wcree off now ,haa ever before There w< io tunny mom drink: -'g 11 sirs, and muca more Urunkuu n< ss rlnoe <h ? lln-nse law tbsn prorlous to it Mr PvaoAV, of Herkimer, and tbe Rev. Mr. Panic, of Oneida, made similar remarks Oouoerno-g mrir various c ides lh< '- jDimllt'w reported tbe following Hat of permanenl officet-i - Prtsldeni Rer, Dr. Park, of Oaolde Vice Preat certs. Rot. Dv. J Mllitr, of Uortland, and tba Rev. Dr. Martn, of N% w York. Seonitaries, Rav E tf Jauaaan, ?.f Dut?r<we, a Mr A K Uei ey, of Oneida t.< asty Prof IkCov rerawed h.s m lino Ibv a onm witwe of atgal to report bucrees for lb# Uonveailoa. Re? Mr. JactJN nwr?d to amonl by appola'.ln( a <> mmlU' f or redrnli?la, and after a debt's men a o?im milks, dwatsttng of Mciart. StarOina, K.cherdaic and Iliwn m waa apt.oiated. Prof ifc Of orsaoln.ton was (has ado/fed, Bid the fol lowing c ti.mittae was wpfo.ated ?N<ss<? Ko <>v, Letgh, M* k to, p ?wi?v, Harbor, atenMnt, Ronga< and Ma'teeon. Rrocat Li I 2 1'. M AFTBNNOON H MSI ON. Rrv. Mr jAorme opened tbe seteloa with preyw. K' Dr Minn, of Courtlsnd, made a retwivt from that oouety fat r.rthle le the epc.-adon of ib' nee law tbere, tn OMuequeaee of the icfnaal of tbe Go an ml wooers in grant linerroe to tell la swell qoaetltlev This actlta m> tie part of tne t> mmisaioarrt uad sroated eum? apathy ?n im part vi K-utiw-ianri men. but be believed a majart y la the oeaalf votJd atli! v. to for to'al priht dtton tn bte own town, noweter, tbe fortign populat on would vote against temm -anoe Rev. Dr Maaiw reported that tbroegb the aid of fitter SitcJstr, of fx Mtisau, m?ch lotereel In robaif of prohlbtuov had L aa C' Me-i am-.tg the |dWg peo,'ie Uc-ivgh int ti se r*rta of the R'ate in which no had travelled, and much g-td had been cone tor the oaaae G. eal bet-(It bad heaa derived fnm his la bora In New Ksglsnt. ant tbia Stat* by tbe lowrett wMcb he oaotted among the parenti of the colidrm whe aturded hia tn vlngs Tr M then alinded M U <? advan ag? ehlcb ewitd be tngrafted by lemperauoe OP Ibe %hh*ili rehoN system of the Hta'S. Th"* - mtllloes or children roan he educated to torn erance and carry oa the ot rse wire ttoy who started ibi-m had ,wsesd away He thee referred lithe oitsnt end pettg-eeeof there ligtoasand tens per anro rwvivals ai prseoct goiag oe la 8iflotk ecuo'.y, end stated that erltee had largiir ta ~ * N winter orrasrd le that oooety under the Frc'se law of last1 Cant INHMN Mcoee said be had |iai arrived In town and found mcch d'fTrany in discovering where bis Cm vratKn was held Hi Irqaired at the "Religions H>ok Mere," but th? pereoes there did not know that a r*mpe mere unewestoe wee la sesemo He thee naked where tbe largest '?Hrlsktag *hop" le low* waa, and being dl rrcted to r. had loq iirvd there aad was informed at onse that was h? id a* Una eharch (Leigh nr ) Rev Mr. Jacaene reported from tbe mnetlng of the Hndaoe River MirlstorUi Uonfereenn. etoiieg thai the meeting srai to re assenth " si Troy, In '??? -mber next, and that all cle-gyraen in the Rtale were luvlled It attend Mr Jnaae, of Madlsoe aaid he believed that there was more drinking la bis county now tnaa ever beNiic, hot that Irmreraaee men ware divided in op'air n w to tho proper occrae to po-ano In regard to the pro seat law. | Howe ibosgbl M belter In do all ibe lew allowed to decrease the n?c of Itq -or, while oibe>? deprecated Interferiag at all In tbe enforcement of e law m which Ibey bed ne xm fldcoce He tbongbt It worthy the otislderation rf the Ooavew'toe to asoenaib whetb-r, If drinking had Increeaed lel'erly that Inornate was anno,.table to the neg'ect of tbe trmpe-aaoe eomteuelty to enforoe the law ir this war frond to be no e new duty might e;-peer to open la lb pelh of temperance men Rev Mr Mamut offered e resole let rvpress!ve of tbe short tor of tbe tewperaace men of the Rial* for tbe let Oliver T?ale and Of regret for hie lor* and sympathy with hie family Adopted. Ker. Mr Ivw. chaplain of tbe Aabnre Prison, ep>ke very strongly sgainn any sc.lon of Ibe Ooevonilon whlca Trotld m fc one Inetant to endorse or le any way eanc Don the nnbeiy and vile llnonee law. or by any atlhrt to caferro that law hel Inoraaee the profile of the miserable wretches who have obtained lloetaee He thought heller o's man who aold rum on bis own responsibility than of him who got e certain number of neighbor* to eed-rs# hint ss a fit rasa to sell rum He argued sbal no lam peraaor east could r -mslstkntly stain his Augers by le any war torching the 01 by tin eg known aa tba Itoeaee law, and he proceeded to stew .bet tba Mate waa wares off mie mat otder tba old Hoaww law. He explained tbe operation er tbe prveroi system, wsioh be said, eoegbi le ?<ye tbe Hqaor trail e the nuaa appearanoo or MMb btl.y. He ?aver".l prublbtitoe ur fret'trade fe?i,,ara? c dtaolplw oouId not oMttnralty aid to mtvf.it ta) puruea Of M" law, whifih wm m eaty uMfipraNM kit AtAfai, MY ?" VktojiTto omasd.006 * TU*t ">? b7 Mr Camou, "^T, * *ld Qarsoa League, thought tlx pruseet lew v ..I*w, ir properly esfo'oed the aroubto Uut hod tot ee that they reared s--- ? and read the resolutions agreed upon. ?wq" Mr. RiaiAaoaoN moved thsfa option of the re?., ?bat the rmolu iocs be take. ap s??Z "" r**>ort' Mr J. T. Ksmbdt, of Aebwa, objected to u. hi. ?watoa o? the leeoiuUes. onUI after tbe crsdnn/al^of delegator bad been banded la, and tbe bit aaaonniLd He regarded this aa a pi 11. loot OocveeUou. He waa aent b* r*P'?dnbt bin ooarbtneata at anob, aad be oonelde'ed it " ""?* ltev. Mr Ivaa aald that there waa poller la oonren<loaa aa orl' ae lnwar I e waa sorry to say there were aot manv regularly eteoted delegates preaent; but tribe Uat of Hits# regr -ty electr 1 thou Id be oaliad, it wobld be pebllal ed to iho world, tad the elimneaa or aueedeaoe be ex no ted Mr Wa "iCH.iu*.ja enggoeied that the g-atleman wm a-complehiog by hla remark! the very object he eonght 10 A void. ProTemor McTov though there war ao propriety la at tempting lo drive the public Ho th.mghl Uuil all ehimid know how many peraoni were here, In view or the taot that political attire wa. proposed by the Convention. Oaptaio Mooan (bought u wan a email bantneaa for a baneful or ten or twenty men to eend out to the Stole en oroer to vote ihta way or that way. Ha belonged lo a parly thai bad nominated Hiram Retsham for Judge of toe Oonrt of Appeal* He bellered him to .e ? temperance man and a go d man, aad did not aee any reaaon fur not voting for elm. Afier debate a motion to reortva the report from the Committee on Crideutlals prevailed the report waa read an.l laid on the table, when Dr. Marsfl moved that all pereom prerent being prohibition tola be Invite i to takr part la the proceedings The mo Hon waa carried, and there were rcnnd to oc thirty ave ptreors prraent in all tbo report or the Bnctueea Committee vat then token up and the following reeelntlona were adopted ? ?we ?"?mdiato all rrsoomlbliity for the pas sage of toe License >*w or tie l#to of April 1HS7 by ibe Laels'aiure of raw York; that the tow aaa meant orsun preoalrg totemperaaer baa prorrd a total and wrecked ? IiOa'h^ ir"**' kW frlgkUul and enormous ex lent to which drunk.ner.e baa prevailed n-drr aald lav a. . uroof atonreof the w'rk'dDPaaard ln?ffld*ncr o'the rrtauipta of liornae aa ap> lie: to the tale of lnioxl?aUag drtoka Aoep ed without deoate the ?J*(inr^^?"'e,Sp,,a*k wlUl ?wrow the fact that jne U forests of tentperaaoe bare been >nb">r41nat?d to the that"!? is ? ( ?ij?104'oh,)ai: aaew riMn u - .Z i toe obj?ot of the friends of tempe ranee to organise, on in a our band a dtotlnct lemDe an*CM^i!! ? ""i. 0,1 lh" ?*hf,r' "ll lh?y form any enuLug.log alliance with any rilstlag party; and we org* upub our jrt.nea thr. ugaoul Ibe -tale t> an p.irt the esadidds* of any political paity who aie known to br> true to tempera, oe and prohibition; and wken do auch cane I la!oa fj t the office. '?f"'til?.* '"aotmeut, enfororaent orj.dlcul .h '5W "f P'" lnt 1 thr l-'d br any ofhe part lea. then lo make Independent temperance nomlaa thin wan adopted after rrma'ks from Mr Kenredy, or Anborn, who waa understood to object lo Urn rmeiuUia , to favor ibe formation of a po ltioai tom^eraooe pariy 72? , 1 w? **** npon the friend of prohibition to psrtlsr *f 'hwli' r*?P?,lre poiltfal ESn^J ??.a rhony J"*"* 10 ?<*?"* the Btmlna ,k ?? JL r "we? < ?oea >hat harp t > dpwHjthe gS*lDC;,b" T^rrdng. orthe Jnaietal oonatrncUm of a pr ?hi to be reliable and outajie. mK.fr1Ved ,T?>t.We wconamend to the f lenda o' prohlbltVm ggag'fXFsSLas &cSSg2#Sl'SiSSSri&'.SA? " " moved to amen a by aubaUtatlng the Kieoa s: ssssTtS. *? n?p~, ? A dtootualon of acme warmth apreag'ap oa thto reeota tl? a, the toine being ?n attack npia the Exec a tire Cam mit en of the 8t*io Temperance Bocloly by the opponent* of that oomuloee. ' C. C. Ijooh, or New 7ork, aald that thto waa a resold tlon aloelgnet t? enliat young American prohibit.on lathe oauae which at present le In the Imnoe of dilapidated per ^To^t TtS ~-D? ? Mr. Richaxmov eaht that the KxeonUve Oommlttee had .?!w.000. He SSTK^T1 Wrii^themoJ MeCor said he Atvorat the reactuttoa, althoagh ha Iheagh there should be bui cae oomcdUoe. Ha thought Me preaent Stole Kiecutlve Cb aaMAeo did net felly die charge Its dntiee. He had realgaed his poattlan ia the ocm&htee oa that groond, and ha design ed aoaa tea "r**3*.1 *rfclch h* wou ld dal/var % rough the Stole, lo re view the history of temperance lagtoliuon la tan State for toe .welte yea re, or from the 'ao license" MtiaUon to the preaent time. He weald review la oonaeotlea with MMtot*U nmbr?rtn ?!k P*0**04 8 aU Te upiraaoe "oosety. embracing the rsa<oas why oa the I6th of Jane i ~ MoCoy moved that the society proceed te ballot JjLZ'Xf"fbJE? Why Pr*ldl?o? oontlautag la ofltoe, Mr MoOoy realgaed the office of the eocteiy'e editor aad oorreepoadtng secretory; aiming also to Isdoee the temperance people of the several oouLUee lo send delemtM to euand the annual meeting of the New Yotk sum* Trna peranoe Society, to be held oa the lhh Norombar next wits Ue hope of eo tmprortng the ocoeUtnUoa of the eo' ciety, and placing the direction of tta affiurs oxAe* auch auepne. as will unite with strength and wisdom the aie dewor.bly u la traded body of tern peranoe men of toe Stole, aau to so concentrate their oil rta, or reaoi a com moo | lace or operations, aa wiu tend beat aad most to haetrrv the extinction Of l-.tcmpe-ance Dr. to Mu-ii raid ibete excaats for the eetabltahcent of ?hie op:?a;lK a oommttwe to tbe State hxecullvo Oomml. toe were very shallow It waa -bjeo.ee to the Suite So otcty tl at us o ran.iuee was located at Albany Tbe pre pored Cviumitloa mu.t be Ircatel eo as a bore--if But la Albany. n Syracuse or Ro. ho.1 r, or eome other ntaoe He tbougbt to.t ibis ecuou. If adopted, wrt old outrage the seuiimiut of toe cost lemporanue uieu la the statu adnf w-ore we e seualble of tbe great eer toes resderd by Ine men, who would be liuclo d by telltng toeui to stand ?slue?that Uiy wo.e no l <ogw aaaed Rev. Mr Jackhox npaeM toe aetinn of the Stote Ksecc Uve Oi nrin wee, and rspiatoed what work ba4 been sane by tbe *.t ica,iu c sad tu ^cc i The 'Mtoa ot. Cored by Dr. Marsh was then lost 1'ev it.( ?iji mured to so towel tbe rusul utiun ae to provide that a onnmiuee of fire be a rpel a tod by tbe Jhair. \ad laatruclrd Woo operate with ibe temprranoe orgaD"? a-os if the State la reorganizing tae *ta?. It is ameadm"at was oarrlid Ibr qaeetioa htn being on tea reeohnlon as amendud by flf Mi oh h. sit .tta oa . WA.S 1. - ?k a . - w ? ?w .w- vw.iwt mat nnicd'iwtt oj Msieb br sk.|U eaineatly ? xbor ed tf.o Lueract ox to pa^se In Its aounn Tnls aiorement, he aald wa* si a nly d.figi.t d tc nrers'augb Ui.ee who rolummI to suffer tee. peroooo to be prostl.utsd I ? prlltlos, and lo niln the oust tfig organisation, In ordur lo bolld op a utile sectional poll ileal Mmporence party to aid one ,mrty in too Slat# Tbo rtaobUon. If adopted, would ?n.lrr.|y deeuoy tae Mtate a oleij andI the prn?pecia of prohi jltloa for years to oomo Whi.olr Martb ?as opeaking zc onurob was la dark trst, s.a the C nvetl'oo, thuugh imall got somewhat un ruly, liiterrupUeg his re maris with jokes, Ian, bier Ijo tae ieeoluilan was to?a adopted Mr. U 0. Iman mo*ad .ha. no pe.soa whooame into the meeting, cot ba>ing bun present at prevloue eee-l ne bo ale wee to rote en toe remain ng rew'utioe* A deleaste mo.ed to amaad by adi xraisa to 8 p. a ? Carried. fTkmimrn tgrgiow. Tbe erotlderati'.-a of tbo reeoimiuPs 0f the Buelnoee Oom mittee was rescned and toe following read:? . n toe dealt!IB cf Ihe Tourt of tstfT. * h,of *"?*? ,Md- *??'"'? 'ea oree ^ u L^",01 p. ,1'w"* not prrr!;u)e th* enae. SJTA.? , ?*" fTnhlblUeg tk? iraSto u lat.ilc-uag H.aaee, ?n nin ie. m.ik o tnperem he ?r'a f latempwaaee: of- llr and (irmly urge the paasa*- of inch 1AW by IM* Ben DetUlBlikl#. ^Bhx lenatcr Rtriior mane t hoc remarks, la which he Ae cwrrd tbe. a'l let last Legislature did w*s to repeal suiih features ef the lain prohibitory act as were net rerdered ioo| oraiire by me deolilne of (be Umn of apeeale TliW was a gieaic-r b ew at the cause of torn peranoe lLai the rtnrtoton of Ibe Onurl iteoif. The reerlou-w was Uien adrpted; aad the next road as foil -we ? JUSZiZV *2!"? ? 'i? ??????? the beet pmhihl-r; Mqu rl.w wk rh the d rieloa of toe .(ourt 9f Ap p-a? ? i l allow and while wa be l-ra ih-t toe erwrtd <o? of the o milt.ill w, m It auw ssuj. are amolt a idtni -ut |. uar miitke oal jr-ohlhi-ion of the ?rw.r i-aMc aealw bel^re . , Hr of are ao a .>?? aad radloal aa ?> ea lor (be ineo ooraux .rf a prnh.brion of me 11 n-or tral lie where he prnhlbl Ire of lot er ee I ? Incorpora ad I - to. or gan.c aw of i?e h a*e, and we rr>.|nast the aen i-nrt.la! ire to (ate Me pa preliminary k. toe atonuaanm of suob aa smenA to til# / rf he* - r ed, Thai ae ?". .-loeate y urge upon our fellow la'*) reea ta the aareral bet aortal and Assembly df trtarte Usee Uat Aerators and AB emol men are relnrnot who are known to bf *\mi prvicii of i?m^r .nof i<i| will use all (brtr personal snd rlfietai lefl.,enee lo hasten Ue aa Mm. at o' a rn.hlblt wy I .tj... r law adopted Praolred. T*a. whl'e we look to toe powers.< toe State to pro'eel be* ri.irrn* by law few Ue erll efTenta of lira uas of lalotteatlag llo>?v? aa a beverage and pur labtng Ue re dm uwrm f we do most sar eatlr nail npoa all al?mym*a edlirwa, ?eanb.ra of onr tonU and all food clUteaa to unite to geUer and by U* foroe eiample and Ue powtr of imral aaarw.e m mat to aome riteat and arrest, if poasible the alarmlr g ttoe Intempr-anoe Adopted. Resorrd IhalnfUe eon I nana Aw Ue >fltoe Of Judge of Ue <oirt?f ?Pfeala, Judge Peer, ly kit deetetoo on the lata Prra.hltorr i iq uor tow, has plaosd Mmaelf la a pontoon anth aa to rs. der hi. support at toe pol s by p'ohibltloolsta to eompunble with their dot* . that we Bare no. Information suf flaunt to (press any oplston noueermng 111 ram Kmeham at a proa bit otfal; th.| we hare abnrdant er1den"e Usl lion (Imotor Jrrkua la a lemperaaee man and priSlh'tloelal and thai we reeommend klm to tbe energetic support of all the Irlenoa of prohibition Ihronghont the HUe.aadthat we also recn* m. nd the same earnest support of Mr. Cnrtlsa Moras for the o?Mee of Atioraey Ueoerat. he batng arery way worthy oferpport ' Dr N-mh objected to the allnston to Mr. Ketrhem If he waa kaowa not to l>e a problhitionlat it should be a? staled, sad if not, ao ailaeloa should be mode lo klm at all. Mr Riouarmon said ba doubted tbo policy of he re so luilon While irmperaeoe votes win be cast for Mr Jen bine, other rotes nay be driven off by tbe reeolcfou ,w " ?/ ?"??" "? ?/ Mic rwMeyiuI'On. Them wre manv men who would pel rote for t>?clo who might vide for Jenkins Unless they knew bin to be a prohibit'.nisi, be thought Ue beet policy wee to sgy no thing a hoe I ft. Mr StsiiHiee could not approve this piilltntan's policy The One vet. iic,a was gol logsihir mainly for the purpose of toiling the prohlbliloeWta of Ibe B ate whlca oaedldauw were ret ab'e trmneraace men. Were th?y to be turaed from tb. tr ourse by the fear of toeing a few "rum rctoaf" Mr Ri.w<*n?>w seld hie po-lcy was to take toe noouev ?ad ve?. ? of ibe devil fhr the esr rtne of a good oauso Rev Mr. Iras deecueced the position of Mr (ireetoy no tbe tomi erracs qnestloa. He bellered la the dlsgugi of lb# pnb''c ^it a similar derlarail n to that made an* by Ifr. Riehardana. which waa made two years ago at a cca?ecu a, by Mr iireeley, lost probibltomiaia the Huto. Ha waa to famr of amtenl. g v, .|<ink)M but am of iMtolag any allusion io tbe other oaedidatoe b* sat'-Rod that Mr. Jeak'nt wi? i elr:fk prohlbtiJouiii of It Hints bd aad abetiid aot role far him, sr. a tbould b. bs eudortrj by the Omveu'loe Ur M.wh staiei ins* Mr R hew. wis a trmperixps man, bsv Mat be p?efrrrod n i? r ?-1 *okjn;do. Mr MrOv was act *ai iDs<i W tktM rwr'nt'ca U* ?oppeaed the 'his Caavrrt'o. V .1 . .. >ud rmltrn (sbdoat aaMkta4esavl ??e'j i* a be mbpM t M a* ' kla thai say ptrs> . buce k s* Br Jtuktn. rot. dcsJ I ijr woe ?M.t'.tsU eel, cv, an Ut ? v ataatTAiaSpt ' cartols piHh, man At Ids same time to m Dot niMM that KotaMtaa ww not teat ui odt uopwuM man m Jenkins Rot. Mr Tvw said thalbewni prwenuid* RepuMM can nonreoii n, Mid that the nomtaailona of Jetklae aw N joo were made exftreaelv wllh the dtuiga of ootaiasng the endorsement or prohibit!, utets Too* weretou tbat units* prohibitory Candida ea won "limit by Uio republicans, a t?"erule ticket would bo ran by tM prohibitum!*! This bad farced Ibo nomiiiaUoaa w Menri Joakiai and Notes. " - farther d. bale, the amendment woa made to ttawa thai Hiram w^'ohrnl ht4 ? prefaronoe Tor the nSiSu^of the t-afflo by tloeaao to prohibMea, pT Moiioir?T. a oommittea of two from aaak the Chai? aaaneeoed the JoD?wk* the ooamlttwe M Ore for Ota purpose of re " *" society In the Bute?C 0 Mp - Nem Yor^ tbery, toy; J. W StebMna, Ralb*"*ri *? "? ?f. Qataklll,G. w Bungay, Berk laser On motion, too name of Bar. Mr. mrta * ibe oo mm I tee. Complimentary TOtea wore pitted to tba OhMnana at tba OaaTen ton and the o-tlzuna of Syronaae The folio wing ta the committee to oall fatal* oow?n Hone;?lit dintrtA, Dr. Ma th, J 0 Bennett; 2d dhtrtat, H A Guild, John Sparry; 8d district, A MoOoy, L Ben nett; ?ih district, J B M Knn. H S Alien; Mb dtolrttt. K. Remington, R M Pelloa; 6th dldrlot, J P. Morgan, Beej Joy, Ttb dlatrtot. Or B Oilman, F. Btarr; Bthdtn trust, M. Tagged, 0 W Germain. ACjonrned line die TMo Oaorgla ElccUwn Arown, Ge., Oot. 6,INT. It ti admitted hero that Joaeph t. Brown, the demo orotic candidate for Governor, la elected by eight to tan tbonaaad majority. To Coagrew, tba retnrna Indicate the election of Bobert D Trlppe, imerlaan, oyer D. J. Bar ay, democrat; Joahaa BUI, Ameiloaa, over Linlon Step beet, democrat, In Ibe Bevonlh dlatrtot; *. J Crawl ord demo oral, oyer Manuel C Him, American, la the *eoond diet riot; L. J. Gerbeh, democrat, oyer W M TldweU, Am<*rloao. la the Fourth dlatrtot; A R Wright, democrat, oyer Robert H. falsa, American, In the Fifth dlatrtot; and a H Stephens, dsmo cra', oyer Thtmaa W Miller, American, in ibe Eighth die trict. Little haa been beard from the F?r?t and Blx'b dMrtom. In the former, James L. Se ward la the democratio, aad F. I. Barton the American nominee. In the latter, Jaime Jarkaon la the de r tvratio candl< aUs, and there la no Ame (loan candidate running. Bequests of lite Lata John K. Tbayw, of Boston. Bootoiv, Oct 8, INT. Among the largo beqoeeta of the late John E. Thayer la oorof $tO,OCO to Harvard Oollege, the tacume to be aopked to the aid of the tea beet nader graduate* of that laattla t'or, In need cf pecuniary aaeaUzoe Be alio dertaud ?10,000 io Rev Gocrge I'unem, of Roxbury; aad 86.060 to Key. Rufua Ellla, of Boston. Low Of Uu Sctaoo er Kaganla. BALTIMOkR, 03t 0, INT. The brig MoaUoello, from Rto on the ilth of Aogam, vrtlh oeffee to Bpenoe A fold, haa arrived. Spoke, MU Sept In lit 8*2 deg 16 mm. N , loo 70 deg 17 min . the abl j Lizzie Oakfarri, 170 days from Gal lutta. for New Turk, having cn board the captain and crew or Ibe aibooow Eogeaia, of and from Bal lmore, f >r Jamaica, loot. TMo Mow York (Mau Fair. ScrraLo, O t 6, INT. The rnmbor of ratrlm up to aeon I < 3,6' 0 "ic weather la splendid and the oily la roll of et-anrere. and mora are cooa'aotly arriving Vlattora wUl bo admlttod to the grounds to-morrow. The Steam Filgata daraeac, l*HXL*I>BLKHla Oct 6?4)4 P. M. The Totted Slntee Steam rrtgsts Samoac, under command of Cspl. Kelly, will sail from off Navy Yard to morrow er Thursday for the Mediterranean. Her "fflsen and oruw, aE toVl, number 614 men. The Sarasao Oaa undergone ooaelderabis alterations aod reealru. ? Ire In PMliaufelpiMtau Pnaaomraa, Oot 0?10 P. M. Montr*. PhllBpu, Blryker h Jennings' iry goods tnuSmi house fa Sank alley la now burning aeyora A Glsgborafa anoticu store, opposite, bad a narrow caospe Toe Sew extended to Smith t exteaatvu drug atom, ad joining Ben n'n(.'a sucttou bouao. The damage to the letter ta aboN ? 16,OX The bindings ware owned ay rteeett Biethera. *hb a co car a at iatannab. >tThe ileum ship Augurte amJ^Tt1*'1,lLa<^ 8.]?f. this momlyg. "???? nrrlred here from New Tartr T" ATIANTA At CIIABLB6TOK The g'euLtahlp AUanm fwrn. 001 8;la" bock here toforu 10 o'cttwTSa^ minl?^ ^ Tbo l otted states - ?<* ? INT. New Ycrk, nirlredlSS! JiL Poatur. ?wan o'clock. ^ (^>?ttlay) rnvrnlag J New OnLiAim, Oat ?, INT Octloo?Snlej to-day 1,200 baler Prlcea raster, out net quotabiy lower, and too lrrrfalar to give quotallona. Bo oetpla to day, 1 iOO bales lkd .boat tl a ?) ?. Ax rhaegee?Oa Lcodoo, no salra on Now York, small aulas at 1K a Ik P?' wot premium Auuwt, Oot ?-? P. M Flour very d-Jl and aalea saofloec to a limited rsmM trade. Wheat-No arlei Cera?Sales 4 000 bwhali Western mixed al Me all <nt, asu 70c. in 'aiiroad par twin Wbiakey- Salra cf 77 bbta oa private terms Shipped to New York last evening?90,900 bushel* oorn, 1,600 buM ett wheat BrwiuJ, Oct. 0-1 P. M. Fleer v lead y; ??>e of TOO bbla at 0A or extra I >wa and Ohio Wheal bell at No for (htoagd spring; bu?are oSbr hoc Corn romtaa: at Me Oatt 0-me?. sale* of 7.600 hnhi la at 36c Rye lower; tales of 2 004 oisbela el Mo. Whlikey lower; ir.le of iOO bnabeii at I7jgc frUpU ?c for com to Albany Imprrta yratrrday?6,000 bbta. dour, 12,000 buahclu wheat. Brrvjio Oat 6?4 P. M Flour Meady; aalea 1,100 bhts at 04 87 0 06 for exwo Ohio aad Iowa. W^vat clivaa ?ibb .idevu zic-e dlagoesd to real z?; tale > 12,000 on-he'e, at ste..for cntoago apriag. ? I for white olehtiaa. a.i g for while K-ata Ay. Onrn nominally 68c. Oata firmer: raies 800 buaheta, at Ma Wl i-bey lower; aalea IX bbl? , at 171(0. FrelgkW un changed and dull?81 far corn f> Albany Lake mnoW far lie twenty four hnu-s coding at ? owa to-day?1 00t bbla. florr, 76,000 baahela wheat Canal exports?01,000 boibals wheat Owwwk), OU 0?0 P H. Flour quiet and shipments by oaoal inoreating Wbenl Orvn.aalrs of 80,000 husbele a. ??? i far extra 0hl<wgu ?priag; 01 for red Ohio, and 01 00 far white Indiana Cum dad; small aalee at Ate Freight* to New Tom Flour 84c aod wheat I3e I.tke Imports to dar?4 000 boanelary* Canal eii?rta?7,300 bale Srar,4.700 oweh els wheat, 9,300 baahela oorn, 10,000 biiahett rye, 8^00 b.abeis bailey, CWr-tao, (let 8-4 P M Flour drat Wheal buoyant at 73a Oo I quint; union t04M b .i bola, at I 1 ((aii SUM Kbi'menu W> Bol fal<w No Oour or wbea>; 77,000 hnahola com Whlpaettla to uawugo?No (lowr or wheat; 41,000 baM -It oar* Mo oeiywa today?1,700 bbla Dour, 84,MM noon#a wheat, it,toe buabda Oorn. Tku O-mu ?"IVm Uiovanai" la announoed for this ova nl:ig with a grenal east?M'lle Frecroilai, Mm* do la Crarge, Mma StrakoacB, inbuoetta, Gaaater and Haoan U in (xpeete l that thin opera?the meal difficult aad yet most charming of all?will bo 8aoi| given to n.ght. Broadway riawalrw?rtie rial let. Tho flvardal prvoaura on the Broadway theatre MM night was ermetWag immeuM Ineg befaru the bettm oom mrnoed the anoouooemeut, an obeertag to the maangu meat, " Bcaae full," was pel up la the veedbule, wktte wtthU war galbertd Um largest andtenoe wu have over seen a Ih'a Ibe Ore. The perfamanrw of the read bade# alter the Fcrepeaa mode la enmetbiag entirely new to onr pub Ic, and the drtnd of Maltre R. aaani a troupe la 11 Kauai" w?n looked for with the greateot ourloeily. no ballot ttaelf haa the tbread of the story of the temptation of faaet by Mcphlnio,hales, ??? fa" of Margaertm, and so on It It very odd la pantomime, this story, aad worth ?relng en that amount alone. Mr I'rutett, wao piayi Fauai, M a good actor, and so la Rocaanl, Um Mephlme pbelre but Marguerite m like nil ywrett?* dmneruii end, Utrrefore. av moon like Margcer-m M a barrel of Jernwy older w to a decea of the Widow Ut qoot'a beat cbawipagwa But this ballet >t a avrwaa affair in faur acts aad MB Ufclenax ned moai be treated with respect It la oee wf the very beet of Its kind?tie story ,??.? ant bore ywu by lie leagti?the music te capitally arranged, an I If thn dances are net entirely rrtg'nnl they are eertaialy MOW ke*e, aad arranged by a tasteful aao grass"Ul bead, fha appctntmeiU, d-eases, he , he . ware auperb, aad every person In the ccmpuay aeemed thoroughly up is the work, fkwe art aa many as half u dosw yooag ladiea ta ?Ma r. .mpaay?their narnra are ao bard that we really annttrt rrtrember teem? wbo are eeveraily equal to any pi Mm n?n.viia?, as called, thai wa bare a?w or have aad la Now York for keveral years rtiia fact was proved by a aha rai ur dance la the aewrnd act, owe of A* moeet aad maM original bits In tat ballet. TViia drew out tba 8r? |U?I appiaueu and draw out aa ealhustastio "bray vo" from a gentleman n the rural (iiatrlctsratennued la tb" ercheaara. The yrmitere dunariiw, M'Ue Lamoreut, h?a an avont lent I rtqitau reptiation ?Hie be! wg' to ibe eld anneal of Tagllo-', IB which tie effects are produced by a IliNa pores?tk** rr uH of long mudy aa well wa w certain nataeaf graoe wbiob nan be polished, but never Uughl j>> rwnerve dc-* of Pkrla, aa rell as yoiag l. glnad,nMrt the "fa?(" erboil, of Piunkrtt kad Rota i; but they have been ,p Parle icmer bat shaken Nm ibetr falls My Ferra rta, ? ho pembtnm the graceful ynee with toe danttag lottt dr for i We may be mi-dak m oet ta M'lle lam mil pot de derar with Bar tttl In the birdltd we iboogM tiuvi trace of the style of Ferrarrlt ThU mat Ueao ronx's piere de rertrfwncr, aad made a gr?*? aeaanUm, aa the rvbiratly eti?cu>d, fw ahc old pcUtfap la the earlier part Of Ibe ballet Mademoiselle at ?. tbor rwgbly good or (lot and I- awfbe of the Met Bhe I* not atrikirgly beaaB fal. Few rise ert are M'I'e mamageeat mcrnm taM night It will be orwemde BaratU. the male caanar, alio mtw'ved a ?rtrt deal of appiauaa We b?ievo be la the beat wv have areu We bare no great admlru tier for male daocera, but BaraUl'a gymaaaMca are eewm taing woudarfui la all m nor rwapert* tba bailw wa? ad lalrubly done The eel* dlfhcw??y thai we nMlctd wwe aa npoaatnaai nperflnlty of young womva la thort olothea, ? brnb (uperflntt* erowded tb- stags The orchestra was '?ill ai.w c* -"lleut Itteooduotor, Mr IMvl B wgotehw, wa wu Vwv- ewbi 'refers, andwrwUnd* M'- <ur leeafiUi and ?i?,j. il4 It .Nropfhly ant writ !T' flol.trr >wr po'.p'd m vhi vtty rcot twoa-y Tba' reor-v*vig "?!???'? ^bd acK-1 fa'*? here hq h iv a f?w tdr te t.iprt* vSi p? *' u'A ly ,oci T. tll,, ?hr ba'tA wwi ??r? g'- '- 41-v awulaur.j -tr; uthc.ua. t 1k ? ,oeeg ladt-t ell hf?*wovr? vf C "-?U, aitd veil .ov '* eiwt, <w tnrA-rue way the ' ?. (i*t Im/ruwxjtat"?^ m?oiJ 0tu.n!d |9 W roe il