12 Kasım 1857 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 2

12 Kasım 1857 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 2
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A simple contrivance, like an immenac bolt, when all Uto Ceil doom ou one uer are closed, Mill luck Ihem all al MX The prisoner* art' aiwajs kepi locked up m their cells ?he? tJiey are not at work or al divine servioe, j Whs b m ohaerved twice on Sunday? in the motuiug at 10, ?ad in the afternoon at 3. Mr. lay ton cbscrvM th.it wh'U Um.s confined the prisoners arc glad enough to get out mill the workabop there are now 03 prj? mrs la the Jail, 16 o! are w men, 8 are Par passing counterfeit money, bui the major tv for vagrancy Mr. lay toil sltles that fuil ntni' U rit if the prisoners conic from Jersey City, and mm- u n - of these gel to Jer?ty City from few York. There is now id the jail a Now York b..y whose leg is broken, from Jumping oat of a bull . f u i i t bo hail gout- for purposes ol theli. The most <e character ever it: the jail was a New York bu- . \! by some minis procured ? saw and aawe 1 otf ko' ' ol three throe mhIi iriai bars milie door, linking ti ro a loot square :n the grated door, by ui aus < \ bii h he neaped into the outer passng ' The !>?.?.! * ? ? i th1 li secured by hd irou loot, msU ad of sUft|H*n led I > a chain, 'lbe burglar succeeded in wrenchlug oil this oot, making a vny uvpectuhle "jimmy , ' winch aidel him in heiulin; the bars of IiU cell. He'exiacied i<> li able to get throt gh the outer door with this, but the lock* were too strong lor him, tuid alt. r wo rkiug fruitlessly tor several hours he was discovered i'i the morning m the outer luiMsage ami ag.i.u confined. Th<* prisoners have two meal* per day i b ?? breakfast is at eight o'clock, and coumvIs ot hull a loaf of br.a i au I a qunrt ol codec. Ihe mnuer is served between thro * ui. . lour 1 . M . and cou-isl.-> el a |>oiind of beet. ? .plait of rn.trit.oui. l ip) .s.iii | , sometime* twnfjuarn^ana hait a Uu ol I': cad. The keeper slates lh.it Hie food in precisely tl.e same as he u>e* al hi* own tabid oiten, and certainly on the tiny of our re|>ortor's visa tho wait.' bread and navoiy Mm p had a most templing appearance and odor. The pu t nets arc tuoic partial lo the soup ili.ni to other i i, ?ni, an are often rewarded by an udditioual allow. inco i la relt.in for diligence al work or good conduct. A nencnftU >n ot the prison could not properly In closed 1 u it h. nt noticing the periect m am. ;s and cleanliness ; whnli |>ervu?lcs every dep&it&nut The example is vvif : U.j of imitation. T1IK WOKKHUO M. Hie Workhouse i.- a one aU>ry building, adjoining the mn'ii pi i on, tuid aco . ihlc from :t through ui.l- mv. and slioi.giy secured u.*ns The work room is about one bunt: red feet long and twenty llvu feel widv. Ihe froul iiail, ul>oui. iweuly tlve ic t square, la ukhI for aii olBoe. 'Ihe jailer, Mr. Liy ton, \?a* lormeMy eiigautnl in CoiinectHul in the niauutactoro ot oiukli j, ano ha intro<iuce?l that huKitn'sa iu the Woikhouse a.-, theaolt employment oi th'1 prisoners. Ihe work is vi rv riinple,a- it w maiuly uoi.( by lugrnttus machines easily worked. 'Ihe buckles maiiutacMred are lor vn?ta, pantaloons or belts, ati.l are of v.ino if patterns an J mauc ol ddlerenl materials The process by winch, In a Ii w minute ., a piece of wire it converted into a ueai buckle is very Interesting. There are rooms for japan nu.g and clocuoty ping, lue pr.s. tiers being entru- ten with Che siivor in solution With Uiirty hands Jlr. l^iyton csti maiot. ho can turn out foul hundred gro.-s of buc^l.rs iu a day. He is obiigeu to keep four men at work . uti ler pay, cutting the dios Willi which the work is sLiinp.-d. lue ua { giue wh.ch proj^ls the machinery is a beautd'ul little os dilator, oi C.Utn horse jsiwtr. 1 'art of the machinery is owned by the county , though the greater port :i is ow.ic.l by Mr IjiWon. The buckles munufartiired are sold al 44 1 CorUain t street, aud though the workmen are trausitory and obi.geu to leai ti cjtpcuiiiouely , the wuik is goucraily ol a creaitable kind Tho k. epei in charge r.f the Workshop is always armed with a revolver, and, us the prisoners arc generally sen tenced lot a short term, and an attempt to e-cap.' is a State pri-on t-tfonce, they hav? very little trouble, one pcctilinr feature about the Workhouse Is, that all the vi m dows are in the root ot the buililing The working of pri soners has thu; tar proved not only a prolitable iuvo-t meul lor the county , but has fully demon.- 1 rated mat th.i /?lie* t upf?n the pn-onem has been highly beneilcial, by diverting their minds from the ordinary channel aad by ?iigenderit g a love of indu:-try and order. thk womw's rkiaov and wrrMs** room*. U?'tiinimg thioi.gh the male prison and the tii tui en trance, ax:a ascending the stairca e before meutioaed, the female prison is reached. This Is directly over the n. 'n's prison, and lias fort; four ccllx arranged in a similar man ner to the other... The tcmalr prisoners are very rarely other than vagrants, and are generally employed in picking oakum or in some simple pari of buckle nuikuig. They are uiuro remarkable for laziness than any thing else, except tig, perluip-;, their nithy p.-r?v nal jip|>earalice.aiiil the keeper, who appea red to lie a very sen.-ible man, divlaied that he would much rather take care of a huudred men than live wouieu. TUt. PKi?o>KH I'fc t.TltVa'9 K'HJM. The wanes.-; rooms arc siluatcu in liie front of the build ing on the tbiru door, directly over the jailer '? apartment*. They are mx in number, ranged on each side of a hall, the heavy Iron door of which i- strongly barred and locked Tlie ? llo are about twelve feet by ten iu size. The walls are very thick, and the door-, and windows are stroiuily secure i by heavy iron bars. These cells are not |e~? s-H iire than tboi-e of tlie main prison, lie Cueva's roo ui bote a ratlier comfortable appearance. The tl.wir was covered with a i?r|>vt, a t .ble contained a number of ?choot books, novel*, ttc and a profusion of writing m.i tenuis, with a loud taking clock. A few chair.- and a ueatiy fumisli. d bed am: a trunk completed the turn. tare. As the prisoner*) awaitli K trial are not obllgud to Work, Cueva hs* rem*. tied in his kk/DI ilurtng his four months conrlne. mi. i.t Mr I ay ton -n\v h. has been v-ry regular in hi habits, and ha^ dilig-ntly pur-ued his i-tu.tk. everyday He lias b?>en i*rlecl.Dg butuelf In Ins kitowlmige of th.? l-ng-u-h language, by making a number of translations, aliH'li he cxnibtt* w.th prate. He wem.- u> be v. ry fond ot p<^try and has preserved a number of extracts from ?iew?|iu|icrM in a novel way. Each exlraet is rolled u^at'y by Use', i and numbered. A n-. orU ot lh > article-, i- k -pt, so tluti any one d?*ired can b?* found by r.-fer'-nee l? the index k) its number. He is an excellent p-nni m.und lets written it. a beautiful style of chirograph}- tie n vines of all ' the person^ to whom he has been Introduced since his arrivsl in America He aayshe h.?s been lonrteen months in th - country, an<l that the four months vvhuh he haf sj* nt in pi : on s<-em longer than the other ten Ihrom bout the whole trial he has maintained the mwt unvary mg confidence in b? at.piiltal. aud il is to hoped that Ins fortunate escspe from an ignomimou-- punUhmsnt will leach him, while he cultivate* his line falen'*, lo be > arcful lest hu paasions should again lead huu ml" a simi lar difl'iculty. Cueva's father yesterday afternoon paid the 91 ,(Wi fine aau ei o-itl monev to cover the cost* of CM, and -* corted ns> f 'ti? a free man? awav from the jaii where he had I 'ere c< lined Poller Intelligence. Alt.gOKD HVINDI.R I PON AM KMlOiltVI. Pteplien Gordon, proprietor of a pa?*ai;e rk^l oflke aitu&ted at 140 liberty Htrect. waa brought bffnrr Justice O'uni'll) . iii lb* Lower Police Court, yetterda) . on i-harp1* i of ew iidllnp a man named Mmind Judge onto! ?*5 The complainant , in h.? affidavit before the civ strata, al le*ee that he arrived in tbia cily from New J.-r??j y ester o?y. for ibe purpoae of wnrms Um p?a?Ag< "o board one : of Uie Liwrpuol i*?.keU . IU?1 bi? late emple\ er, Mr Hon d<-i>on pav him directum to proceed to the ? -IB. e of Me?*r* l?i'-ro?t t Do , on hi* arrival in N. w York, an t tliere purchase hi* ticket . that he Inquired of ?oo>> p?r hoi i - whom h'-found atate ng near the Jeriry fit jr I'.-rr jr the w?j U' Meaer* T?pa< ott w nfflca, wln n Ibey immedi **??!)? agreed to < onduct lum thiiber, that they f?>k titm to the office 140 Liberty street. wh?re be mei the pri-oner, who r< pri i-ented him*elf v Mr Tn|wmi' ; th.it h' told the pwnerbi- wanted to purcliaac & |?^->n?rc ticket. wh n Ute latter t gnifled bis Willi ugie m to give bun one lot t\1 Thereupon < ..mi'ln.nur i U- k out hi* port? mor.naie contain ing t-JS. and ?m al*iut paying < ver the required num. when Vif4<? naked him il b- would in t like to >Mve hi* money t hai.gvd into in^iiab rorrincy ( Vim;?in.int tboi iht it w?i.Id not be a ha I idea ta havt lih Aumca gold i hntice?i Into I?: it -h sovereign.", and arcor.i ngiy b? agned U> Uie pro|?<<iu> u ami handed uv< r all hul rn 'ii -y to tii'- pri "in r The latter then pave bim a ticket. pir portin* to l?e good lor a ateerage |*<-agu on tnwrd th? ahtp Maubatiaii. and -iKiieii by on? ,-arnu< I '.ViU?>ti, but made no return ol the ? \tr> an- wliicb eb<>ul J hav a ? ??n|?nied it In vain th< complainant w.iitod for the Yj f t:?h pi.lil At laat lie euinmotied courag" to *-k for It, when trorton toid miik iu> n who w re In tli" < dice to lake hold of complainant and pet h m ou i-onrd the ri -? I a* *he wa? about to ?*ll for Eu rope 1 he men then caught bold of < mp unai.l and dragged bim <-u* ot the oftce. Md werw ? mit carrying htm ilT -(imfwhrre by w?ree when he broke loo e from them and ran M*aj v tart aa he ? <? ;?! It. r.,inp ?.IMnt furth'-r KtaU-ii thai he h.?a tv "u in?nrnio>l that the (m--,, .., t?< ket in qo'wtloii wan twl -mi?I by any unr in Tap rrHI 'a OfffCv thkt II waa a upttkNI WW, MM Ml a lwkl>t M 1*4 a.k-e tor tb >1 line lie therefore < h*r*ej Uardtawilli tiavna rt?f:a do?i h:in out of ft.S by m iii< of IU<? |??H?T>|I Mi'i fraudulent repre?enuiw?i,? In an afll davit wlticli be auli ?M|Wut y tu.tde tbe romplauwat nay ?At lh? ume de|M>oet.i i nti red aid oWee a' re prewenfd to be Tateittf'. dep>ment ?Iiowih| aald <Sor 0<?i ? bckctor card that tw Kiveu bim by Mr. Henttersoo . r>f New Jeraey.lo direct oe|*'nei>t mTa|>-cot| ?ofnret an 1 tben Omdon' a*id. 'lam Mr Tap-eott,- an I t>??k "ail ? cketfrooi 'leponet.i al the -ame lime tuning. ' I wrote that la i et and that w.? the indwemeut wlnrb led bim to purr ha ae tbe ticket, and |>an wth hi? money Jiuitie. Omnolly. upon m?e-i gaiinn Uieca-e, fowl Ait frn iltourh the licit et was rutin d by a p>"-? antboriscl to do go, vet it waa valiMdrw. Inaamteh aa the vewl ha I atlled for liverpool tke 'lay preTnni<ly Th" mtfl'trate loeked upon the ' a- a ?ery liard one an I l"Ck"d tb'.1 j dei'-w'nnt up In the Tomb* await an eaaminati iu. which will rrme off Ihli afterr'"n at 3 oYlorh Ttie prt??.ii. r ?>f.reft.-ed great regret al what liad <*- | enrre>i and ?ipnt#'-<i hi- williagne^' to return Iho t^im ria rat.i all hm m<mry. if he would withdraw the charge .I'latir.' < .ee -ill* uow-ver. wouM not allow J>i lg? to do an, and rtpreaiaC bu iletermmulioc to d" all in btx p->w r t? fivjt i nif to th< tr; k whteh are nmt. nnally pLiyM upon traveller* t>) emigrant riiutier? and |?fc* -age ticket Ofi' e pvopri?-tor> cbakoi or roKoroo a* onr??it fieorge H tie row wai ukrn mlo custody yeat?rday ?fl?*rn'?>n. <jn rliarge of forgery, |?ref??red aeaiui't bim by A fktlrymple The arru#. i,n i. alleged , fhrged the com P air .nt * name to an ord<r upon M. ??r? W.lmerding, Mogii i * f'o ai?r|'meer?, for a riant it y ,,r dry giwvl? valm-l at I >00 tterow. itUchaifed. gave i It ^ order to a br-y named ll'-tiry Aldru h. w .th direciioni to c, t the ^oort* and bring th< *nme to the A<u>r Home wb-rr the prt-oper pri mt*ed to ba In readltinaa to receive lh<< pro t ily Wh' O Aldri< ii pre*' ut?d lum- If at ths olke of -asr* M timer'' ing & Co tbe forgery wa at one.. ,iP. t ? ted Th' youth wae then r*?|ae?teld lo acvmipMiy a p .Iceman In the A?U>r Hn<>*e. where the ottk ? tound Ilia ac< oar-d He wan nl mice tak< n Mo cualo ly, and on being brooghl bi fore J attce Connolly, he wae cnmmltt" J to Ute 1ombe f?r trial HI V Kit THIKVB* HI RI'RIWKI* ?NK Or Tit KM HHOT. At an war iy hour ye^tt-T'lay morning i 'tll rR Cook an I MUIbj*) 'jf the Ninth watd police. dl?cov?red a couple of r ?" tiiMvee m a boat al the ??<**? of f/ roy ?tre. t Th ? pidieetnen ordered the thieve* to ?nrrender. but Ute laMer c*.d no attention lo Uie mandale and oor of tb'i ollcer* orew a revolver and fired iipnn the fellow 'hie of them waa ohaerred tn fkll |nt<, fhe b?dtom of the boat, b'tt hia rompwnHtn *nt*-ee4eil m rowing the er*ft Mil of right and , Ikua ' araped wdh Uie wounded man No rlue lia? since ha'n "i Gained to the whereab-aita of the pi-atea. fctiiau Mi?t ? I'alri' k He Taffrey and Jamea falidf w??* take* int.. > aatxdr on M-m lay aftemooo on * Mta*l 01MMM utMt uffictr Lmui ' i U Uracketi , oi u. l vutth ?a j> u< ? , ' uca that b j found the pri Wlif ( Hi1 1 . ? !? -re t'uey VMT diseased nuutfi' ii oir n U i C|irt to the poor people livinc in that Tuin, y. iln? a. ?olty.at the l/>wer T'.itipo <"V?tirt, wliere were ????m mill' each tn default ot $200 ha. I to an =wer tin* cliargr' prei. i rod gainst them. CiuKti* o* Fai?b Dtummrw i. imps M A llo aul .la.-. Paw wurc token into custody ye-terdt-.y on chirge of fal-e pre Iwi s, prt ferred against them by ^unnon S Oar pettier, of No. 254 iVKiwy i"I, ?>? 't "Sallefed, i bt., ned three hundred and llfly -right bushels of pota toes, valued at $2<SK fcy mean? of ft?Ue preteoees mi l fraudulent represi i.t i.. n- The accused were brought (..?tore Justice Connol'V, at the lower I'olicr tJourt, where they were held to bnii l" answer the charge preferred ugwust them. TV accused deny mo~t strenuously the i luirge inutie uguiu.it tin. m by Mr. Carpenter. fllAKl.K OK I \I-K PKCTKVCUM ? Officer* l*llilll|??? Slid Pool, of the KmhxI police precinct, arrested yesterday , two men, niiruil Jiukis I aw 'ui' 1 Jatitss McCat 1, charged w.th obumuig by false and trnudulent pretonces, m* bush ds oi iHitatot vtuued at $225, from Simeon 8. Carpenter The prisoners were brought before Justice Connolly, who held them to bail in tlio sum of ?i>00 each, to answer the charge. CcuuKiToK ? In our account of the attempted &SMM illa tion in Pearl street, published in ye -tcrday '? edition, wo Mated thai Scillcr (the injured man) was attacked in the (.ti?*ot This la Incorrect, lie was stabbed by one or a jmrty of three hpanlards, who entered his place for the pur|K*K> of robbing hiin. Mr. H. lost his. watch and chain m the scuKie, betiues being severely injured. City Intelligence. RwruiXG ok nre 1'CVUO School at IIarum ?The for mal reopening of public school No. 39, situate'! m 125th street, Hark tn, under the superintendence of Mr. Jacob S. Warner, took placc on Tuesday. The building ha:; been enlarged and its internal arrangements modified and im proved tn suit the wants and necessities or the increased u umber of scholars, the daily attendance now being about ?even hundred, Tlie exorcises attending the reopening ! w en very intcre.- ting. and so far .u they were p irticipated i in 1 y the pupils, g.ive proof of a high .state of a ivance meul. lir. (iregoiy, one of tbo trustnes, gav.s a succinct ' i-tuhment of the alia Irs, condition and progress of the | m hmd, and also took occasion to remark thai the trustees : bad l>ceti censured for a seeming want of on .Tjar in for warding the improvements up?)ii the school b ihding. But, hu paid, while ibe work was in progress the elements 1 * liich they could not control had con.pired against them I and the work was procra^tlinwd in consequence. A Uryo ! number of the residents ol Uarlcni were present on the | 'I-* i>'on, and seemed well pleased w;th the exhibition. Thk Worth Mom mkxt. ? The first block of granite for the Worth Monument wru- yesterday taken from the vcj ui by Hi.- hop's floating derrick, at the Grand street dock, ami moved to Madison square, without injury. It h the largest block of stone ever trucked through our streets, weigbh u KiBmSO tons. It was moved b) W. II. Smdh, Ksq.. u|K'n a truck constructed expressly for tho purpart, and reiytir ?Mi the power of eighteen hones. Mr. J ii ? tattor >on , of Hartford, Conn. ? the artist and contractor ? was in attetidsnre, and, we are informed, will procoed at once w ,th the eett.ng oi the entire work. It w. an inter -t ing eight to see those noble horses moving steadily and with seemir.K intelliuence so larm- a weight, and huudreds oi people followed the truck tiie entire route. Tut- moan meat is of IJuiLi y granite, with paueis and ulto rrlitft in ! bronr.e. Hap Camphkiti Acowrvr in Drvisinv Stxkft ?The news dejH)t, No. 89 Division tret, owned by Mr. Joseph Camp ; bell, was damaged by the bursting last night of a cam phetie lamp. Loss 1-- considerable and no lUf Ui'iUiCe. FWalz Assistance 8oci*tt. ? The forty-fourth annual meeting of the New York Female Assistance Society was held yesterday, in the lecture room of the Dutch church, corner of I Afaystte place and Fourth Rtreet. Tuo meet mg was opened with prayer by th'' R?v. Mr. <"uy!er. and th< miinagers presented their forty-fourth annual report, i w Lieli was reait by the revereu.! geuUeman. After which i he delivered an appropriate address, which was listened | to witii marked attention by the ladies present. The re 1 p<irt is as follow.-: ? Nov. 16, 18.rtT>, cash paid for printing annual report, whkI and eiwl orders, $r>i f>0; 1857, wood and ual for distribution to Nov. T^.'iT, $1 ,449 54 , Advertising, t-l Tft; expenses of meeting, $i. to balauce on hand, $'-? ?> P7 total, $2,71x1 o4. Nov., ls.Vi, halan "e on hand, $204 ?H), 1857, collection in the Oliver street church, 75, interest on loan, jwr Miss Cost *H7 60; sub ! scribers and donors. $,'.1.03 75: total. $.'.706 36. The liorcas Nxiety , which is auxiliary to the Female Assist - , nueo roivcty, rm t at same time and placc, and presented | the:r report, which w?s al-o r>-Hd to the meeting ? italar.ee > n hand Nov , lHfcfl. $7-'l ?i0. subscript sons and do MUMM, $469; gisnls purchased. $441 27. ejimnies of mcct.ng, $6; ca-ii on hand Nov., 1457, #>> id. Made during the pw^t winter thirteen nundi ed g trmenti and i seventy flvo comfortables. ' m~m The Contract fur the New Rr?? rvol r. sctkkmk riH-rr ? speciai, TKItM. Before Uon. Judge Ris*w-velt. Nov. 11, ? In the Mil 'It i / Iki Ptuplr. at thr Rt!a turn nf Ifinimvre d Wcod, r*. th< Q*4m Aqu- 'iur* n*pt\r:r%.:nf. ? A motion for a miitnlamu* t<> compel the Aq >eluct Board to award to Dtnamore Ac Wood the contract tor con -tructing the ucw reservoir, they being the lowest bid dcrr. m< made txforc Judge Peabody wmm time since and deiiicd by him, as already reported. The cue euine en for nrgumept to-day. The prhciptl dbjo tiou t<> tho b;d ot I iin^more k Wood were that It wiw verified by only one of the partners. Til. , Wood, and that tho urm waa de-rlbed ?? Pinsmore, Wood \ Co. An appeal wo* taken, and an oriier hUying all prueendinu**, until a d<ii-on on the np;s-al, nerved ujion the Croton Aque 'iti? t li-ard. Before serwee of the order, however, th< respondent'* had awarded the contract to Kair child \ OB., the next low. at Mddc r* hut upon re ceiving the mtflut pa(iera they refueed to execute then), on tlie ground that they hud t "en aerred with an order restraining tlKlr action Subsequently, on an affidavit of oo? of the Arm of Kairchlld *i o . that thacon ti art had been awarded t? then. . and the stay oj the pro ceeding* of the board prevented their contrat t from being executed, wherel y they were creatly injure 1 and many men who to ild oidain '"mployment if the work went on were k< f t out of w >rk ; aud that t'ae counae I for the rela t? f? au<i for the b<*?rd bad not Uket< m> ?sure* to have the matter argued at- mioo as pos-ible, n was ordered that the i relator* show caaae this niorntng why the ordtr -laying the procceoings ot Ihe board sbmld not be vacated. and the ca*e put upon the calendar for th ? present judicial term, tn order that It might be determined ?;th that ux pillion wltkli i iie Inlere *t? of all jwvrtie.. required. K.x Juri|.c WkMt( appeared for Kairchlld A> Co.. and Me?.-T?. Bueteed anit Abbott ? outi-el respectively for tho Aqueduct Board and the relator* oppoaed the motion on the ground t? at they had expedited the eaae aa mu> h a? IKH-Pible, and that they ? onlil not pre|*?re to go on aa eoon a* de?ired by Kolri hlld fc Co De<-|? Ion r> >ervid. Ttie Wnvrr Panihlta. t'MIl KI> UTATIW PISTKICT COIHT.' Before Hon Judge Belts. Vip? 11 ? 7hf I niU<l S'ltrt m. Tl>' /fcirJr Pumhita K*r tile let' *{ ? ? Tin- waa a liliel for the i ondeiiin,*t,on of the American 'ark raneh Ut, on the allegation of tho t'nlted , Mate* officers, that ahe waa engaged In lb" alare trale, , and thua violating the act of Congress. It ipp. ars that n | Oi liber , 185d, licorge XWIH, then one of tha I'mted Stat<* Mar-baJ> iilhi ? ra at tbl* |H>rt. laid information tvaiii-t the vi>-< ! i sti?pei ted r-laver, but she eluded the \ igilanco of the authoi itie* and Bailed for the coaat of Afi I a. where ?h<' waa at iw-d in Augu.-t, 1*.S7, by Her Kriteh Maj> <ty a el< op of war ."applet and aetil to thia city It will l>e r< ? 'ill<-ete?i (iivt the own'-r, Mr Week" . caii*ed the f.flv .>r? t>f the ltrito>h ve#?el to be arre-te.l and held to 1 ad, IB ?ti a< 1"-ti for damagee Tor an alleged illepal aeiaire lit hi re ? >el when on a lawful toy ace. The dt-fenlaut. by hi* omineel, licoani Bebee and l*?r.ohne. put in a bar to the prneeedBg*, Itia-mueh a? th'il the ve?-e| I, ad been nlr* aty libeli. d and that he had obtained judgm nt by '?fault Mr. Joachim ~i ii. A*<l*ta?t I tilted ^tat. * Hm | tr* ? Attorney, submitted thai the pre?nt I bel waa for a ' ai.t' w|im-i t t'lttwe. eoinmitU'd in lt&7. alter the d^>t barge : ol tit ve?.-el in lfcWi Tie- O'urt ruled that the Uiapo^t i lion of a fornier an did o?t ?!ebar th? gov em Meat irom I proceeding in any auh?e<|noat violation of the lam of Coi.gn'"< senie do< 'iBivntary an I oral togtiinoajr Ha* then adduced, but uolhii.g materially vary ug from wliat hae already appeared. I he cane ?unde a<l>iurned to Una (Thureday) morning Superior l oart? Part FtraU dt-rr ro? UtiWKi FOR dk\th or A hi'RB&nd. B<'fore Hon Judge Woodruff. Nov, 11 ? Anna Kirl tJminufrntrir, e* Brnry Mail lard ? Thie wae an artiua brought for dauiagos for eauaing the death of the plaintiff * huaband, Ui rough tho alleged utgllgi'txe of the defendant'* servant* It appear* that U>? fila. ntiir* be l and had been la Uic employ of tho de feri^iuit, who is a roofeetioiier on Broa'lway ; and that ut June l*6h, the dereaeed fell through an open hatchway in tl e rear prefnieee of the defendoiit whs h are oo Mer cer -tieet. and died in cocwequeoce of the Injurie* he then re? lived lor lite detenoe, it wae (onu ir.id that the pialntill mold ti"t recover, an the < ormalty occurred thr> > ?b the nefliiretM'e of the de< eaeed , that he iaffli'a quarti r ot an liour fa?> lat< to liia work, and mat If It" hvl me M the proj-er t me th- h*b hway would hare been ctaWd. Verdict for pla.atilf, il.MW F/?Tri??ivr, FnarigniRX in Mimotm. The Bani vllle (Mo ) Mono alle|iea ttiat extensive forgeries liave lateiy been |ierpetrai> <1 in Uutt plaee by a person by the name of Jforrta The -ays ? " rho--' Wlio UMUted N'.rrls Rmney np^n note? with torged ondnrsera ar?. so far M we htve heard eiti??'n? of this country. The forgo rle- date from nearly four your* bark until riTeritly. Tho suflrrer* comprise the estate of widfiws and orphan*, a wi II ?* many of our m ?<t w. althy 'ind < auti "is capittiwta, tin ngjrrej'ate lo**es of wlneh are c<tlnuted from gto/si i to |'4i ObO. His d< Id* lu the K?*t tor th< purchase o, g. ?"!> it if sup|sised will be between t'^lt 000 and $.10,000. 'I In \alue ot hi* assi M i* eatlRiaiod from ?io.ouO to till oco A MkRCAVTILK AoEVT ARHK/?TRD KIR MfRDKR.? We learn of a di-tresiouK homicide that wa- rorninittol at Wnville s .( ., on the ;<l*t utt , by Tho- .1 Bell, a young lawyer of that place, inofi tke person of Mr J une Allen, o! tneawM town The dMi.altf, ?f urnler tan I, grew "ut * 't a report made by Mr B> II, as a mercantile arenf fir-inn wtioli-sale kou.-'s in Chan ?? ton . ri suiting ? lie i. v.fMr Jamej Allen Jr . a roerehant at VorkviUe ami "ti i,f the dereaaed. Mr. Allen, fv , w w w ilkmg on tin- tiiel with a bundle of (swlHig bill uRder hLs arm, pttposing ittil??e tiell for making, a* alleged, false rep reaftMetiida. He was attacked by the lait r. an I after high word* had paasi-d between them, Beil ahot Allen with a double barrelled ?un, with which he wa? armed, at a distance of ae*iralpH :r* from liim AlldlJ lived atoal flvo hour* afterwanu Ri-m understeMd, h i? be. n ar rvllvd ?La*m& r (.J, C ) Ix-ii/'T, At*. 4. Our U uklngion Correependeeee. Vmbvoiok, Nov. B, 1S5T. T'? Migrate Wagon Road? The Indian/ tm thr Track, ?#r , ?fr. Through the kindness of a friend I ha\e bwn permitted ! to make a few pxtraru from ? private Ictu r received yea ten'*)-, giving ?n interesting uccoum of the wm;nn road ? i|*n!iiion under tue tiuperiuU-tid?-uc<- of Magraw j Chief Engineer louder It ?p|iri*ii from th'* iett? r that the exploration hat been highly *ucee?*ful. The Chief ! Engineer and the faupermtendent were shortly to suit lor Vuhbhigton ami report the result of their ? The | lollowii g u tho lctei SotTH r*K?i, Sept. 2?, IR5T. Fred. W. lander, Uu> chief engineer of the expedition, haa jiiHt returned from explorations in advauoe. In th* short upace of seventy day* ho ha- Mitintwi, witli a jaity oi five men, tho who t,reu Koi Iheiu Wah-utcb inouutaiu chain, deUniue it f> consist of four immense *n< w capped raay ??. Tie tutiu ioontry west of the Soeth l'a-*, embrdeing th?? upper valley and head streums tu th" grand Colorado, ha 1 been survuyed aud mapped between Sjlt Ijtke ?ud (!)? lumbia or ^nuke river. Two thousand nine hundred <il seventy miles had been ridden by the explof< r sine" sturlu g froui luUeponueui e, Mie-"1 i i, in e.ghty eight <? -V* ? an average, including h-iits and camps, o! tUirl> live miles per uuj ? over forty, travelling liuie, w th swift an mats. The ex|n'dlli(S had l>een disorganized prev io 1 !*? to the arrival oi lander by th" withdrawal from it of tii< rent of ilie engineer*, am. Mc.v-rs ,*nn..n am! Cooper, the did burahg agent and physician. On his return preparation# were lo he made to place it iu winU-i ipifti ters. The :<uj>er iutctuicnt , W M. F. Magruw, and thu Chief Eufineer would letuin to the United stale-, as the latter ref'ued to ac< ept tlie t'iir.niaii<) c.i the expedition ten lered to h;m unani mously by the disail ciec men. The whole matter will be inquired into by the Interior De partment, TUo Su perintendent if a> < u.-e-. ot brutality and drunkenness, and ii? being dilatory in moving the train. Four exc< I lent wagon routeu hnl heeu di-'eove red by the Chief Engineer; onoof them shortuning th# preseut road seven rays :n a fii tanre of 600 mil. s. 'A very practicable uud well wood'-I railroad route tm 1 alsi bevu - xplorod. Some of the men ot tie* exploring l>i<i iy ha'' been disabled by inflammatory rheumatism, and two had been wounded, l>ut the general health of tliose w' (i returned wag excellent. The Western flux- bonees were reported very hostile. Nearly twenty em igriuifc tuut been killed by tli and much stock driven oil in the viciuit) of the Maude and I'armaelio rivers. The C-ows ha.i also a<-a ilte.l cuii grant* and kille>: the wile ot a trader. The Chief fcngiueer an' I lus pwl) would soon start Tor tlu fjtateg Without an ewort, liopii.g -nfelv to run the t oi the <1 eyenneti who wen* moving iu tlie vieim y of A^li Hollow and attackii.^ freight trains and killing the i nn !?ters. C<'1. Jobaton had not arrived at the South Pax-'. Tie Moimonr h.'i'i iorbade hu enteriiig the valley. It wai be iifveil by the > tlleers ot the army that it the exploraiioui of Krif:ii',err Tjinder had b.->eii performed under the direction of the liepartnumt of War, they wuuithive proved of the ut nu" t service to th??ir ud vance ui?on the l^ike. and that tli" wegon road should i?t> built iai !-r mili tiry biipervwii u. Nouo, however, deny the ability Oi tie eminent man iu charge of these explorations, an I the v? iae oC a result, gained at less cu.- t tlutu any hitherto pra si Lted to the country. Washington, Nov. 9, 1857. The Xrw Irrritory af Arizona ? Territorial Goivrnirwnt i St night fur. As tfce question for the organization of the new Torri- | lory of Arizona U now bring discussed, and will doubtless 1 receive ?cuit' attention by the President in his forthcoming message, in the shape of recommendations, &c. , it tuny be proper at thts time to state some facts in reference to this Territory which will bo useful and interesting to the pub He, in view of the probable legislation of the next Gin grew. Arizona contains about 30,000 square miles, and :t hud for its boundaries New Mexico on the North, Texas and the Kio (irande on the Fast, Chihuahua and Sonora on the South, and the Colorado river, which separates it from California, on the West This great domain was formerly inhabited by a large Spanish and Mcxican population, wLich, in addition to extensive mining operation.', wore engaged in ranching and grazing. For many years, however, with the single exception of tbo town of Tucson, which is situated in the Santa Cruz Valley . tho country h.ts been unoccupied, except by Indians. The Spanish population were driven by the Apaches from the town of Tuhac, from the valle) s of the Santa Cruz, San 1'edro, Barbacomart, Colabazis, Valle de .-sciz, Su^uca, lna Miuibres, San Vernatlo and the tlila. all of which aro capable of sustaining a large agricultural population, fciuce the a< qui-iiien of Ariaon i by the Unite 1 ttus gov ? ri nutt, populst '>n has again sought tne r.-rntory, and i- ui w applying lor the protection of a Territorial govern nit nt Nearly th? whole valley of tha ??it?, which runs for ? several hundred miles along the northern boundary of ; the Territory , i? laid down on tiray's map as good cotton ' land. The I imos Indian*, living la villages on the Gila, j rairo large cropa of wheat, coru arid cotton, which they manufacture into flour and blankets lb* tribe is frieudly towards the whites, and their vil- 1 Uf ea form a i)t|?t of supply for emigrant train.-. Tho Mineral wealth of Arizona is very great. Tho charac tet istlc rock is the carbonated UbmIom metamorphosed, kni uii to geologist# the silver fossil , from it? almost in l variably containing silver. Copper occurs, with silver and j gold, In large quantities. The Ik-1 ,\jo, the Mina t'ohro del Plata. the Sopori, the Arfvaon, are among the most noted ol the arciatit mines. The silver ores of Arizona took the : prize at the lato mechanics' fair m San Francisco, over all the ores of California, including gold quart*. More than a dozen ditr> rent assays of tho Arizona ore gave an average | of from five to eight thousand dollars per ton Sentlor l, win luu* in his possession a specimen yielding over seven thousand uollnrs per ton, which he intends presenting to the Fl t ald'-nt Already a large amount of capital lias beeu invested in mining enterprise, and much more is ouly waning tho piotc tiou oi a Territorial government to seek a like in vest melt. From the Mo Grand to Tucson water Is found at dis tances not extending in the average eighteen miles, and the country te pronounced by th" oflwrt of the tlrst dra goons who cruaMd it last year the finest gr t/ing district in the world. Major Emory and IjcuL Parke*' report*, about lobe published, will gne some new and nit re. ting ttatictics iu regard to this country With the report will be published a translated manuscript ftoui the Spanish, ; being a m< on ir of the mines of silver and copper of Ari zona, iu which the Arlvaca sliver min-s and niiny others I arc noted. An active commerce between Arizona and .Han Krancbco has already sprang up. and vessels are j constantly loaning at the hitter pert with gnoda and llolM foi the s. ttlemeiit- and mining compana* already established. Two steamers ply regularly ou tha Colorado, front the head or the Uulf of California ta Fort Yuma, at which nomt freight Is transferred to wagons and pm k mules tor the Interior The population of Arizona at th* present time Is about eight then and and rtpidly Increasing Tho great pro portion of American population is in tho centre of the Territory and tb?- Santa Cruz valley. Several mining com panies are In active operation ? the Arizona Copper Min ii. c Ccni|?ny, thi 0oi-..nia Mining Company, the Gila River Copper Minng Company near Fort Yuma, the Sof*>ri Silver Mining Compesiy . the flaoova Silver Mm -tig and Exploring Com ??ny, m ,ir Tuhac There are several < thcrs which have been entirely brok< n up by the attacks of the A|a be ludwns. These companies have had < every obstacle to surmount, and sro now looking, with the rest .if the people of the Territory, fur separata gov enmeat and pioiettion under the law. Hie authorities vh.ch pr> vc beyond a doubt the great mineral wealth of Jiis Territory . l>e-id> i the old M -xir-an records, ara Major Inaory and lion j j: Hartlett late t'nitod .wtatr? lioiinlary Commissioners. Oil. A H tirav, M^>r H'-mtaelmau Lieut I arkea, Ucut. Morony, A. H. . tan pi ? 11. i, .j . anc many others. It i* cancelled by persons acquainted with this Territory j that it coi.tsic* sulli lent agricultural re?mirci s to -i.sta.n the |s>pi>Iation of a flourishing mining State, iinl'tp- udent ot the mi xhauctibi* supplies of the neighboring Mexican prot ,liCe I ? titlaH numeroii-l) signed have l>een reeoivH by the Portmaster t.<n r^l, a?kir.g the i-tihlishment of I'ost < fTV ? s ii urini,? se< tsnut or the Territory, retiisms of tin- petqifc.' for aTert.'."!UI orgai . zation will b<> i?res?uite<i at the m \t sr> ?ion of Urngraa ? and peedy artion urge 1 to meet the exigeti' ,es or the i ase I learn* that the certlS cate of the delegate elect ? tjeut. Mowry -wtU be pre. m ntcd to the House and application mad. for the soat at the opening of Congrtf*. Tkratrtral and Mastrsl Alfklra. IbuutiWAT Th*?tth ?Mr Ituchan.in will this evening give his interprets t mi of Shakspere's great character of Maibeth. supported by Mr <?. W. t'larke, Mrs. Couway, and n?her favorite (erformer* Tho "Wandering Min strel" follows Nirlo's <iA*r r? ?TV Ravels are to appear in tha pleas ini hlbf li'aisa entitled iiw ? Hol<;?. r for Lave." and the gi.rgeoii^ M ens (lantomlme called ' llnrr is " t'abrlel goes through hia aakMishing tight rope I eats . between tho ntoaan, Roww.t ?Ttie grand nautical drama of ? Pnnl Jones, '? the excit iig romance ?tyle<l ' Oreen HusIm j," and the > uliar ullair ol the "fy .k Phantom" are un miueted for to night. Mr. Eiidy aad Mlsa St. Clair ba.'< t^?>d cliorac tens. Rt wro> a.--Mis? f'ttshman will give hef fit ?' r>?presenta tlon ol the'harai p i at Us wily t Ordinal Woi ey inshak sjiere' ? tragedy ot "Ksig Henry fill." this e?< n,ng Tlie aniusi tnetiis 1 1? e with the farce called "Your life's in ISMlgef '? W?ix.v -a"*.? The three very entertaining and highly '^iiccf ?> ml pieces ( ntitii d "Wan tod . a Widow, with limne. dlato Pwset-km, ' the ' Invisible Husband" and "I'l^clo 1 isrle," areoigsin on the pro<rrsnime for this evening Ijmsa Krkvk s ? rfce tlatterlng encooragemcnt h? stowi d Upon the brilliant spe?Ui'ie of th" ''M'a of loa" induces the directress to stlU keep it befor# lha people. Ihv i a-t < ompri ? s the trailing ulent of th>' coiO|>>uiy A VKKKas Mi -at N ? The comi' allttes di numin ?t?1 "ftossing the fine nisi the 'Irish Haymaker" are to be pafortoe?i this aKertosm, and tho isqmiar domestic, play oi th>' 'Hose of l enrl'h, c>r a uiotlicr s Prayer," in tho evening. UlV Cnnnrrr Woor>? .MiserwrtJ have made a de I rkled hit with th' ir ?? w fcrre, "Petof Pi|>er Poilge," which is again announced for to night. Th* Brvant nKoiirsispresi nt a m>l!tKilde of wh nisi' al b'jr> '|i;< - . sr i,|< iD'l dam ? ?, ln< luding their lat<'i t comi cality, the "Ortotsii Klilbiisters '? hWnwwswr's Mtvsruai s. at lhe Olympic, annoum e, among "ther gorsl tilings, the laughable burlesques enti ti< d Woman s I: ghts and the 1 Rival Iiarkios Tils Ks?.? K nrri'iT i?,? The paintings illiwtrative of the polar regions, togrthsr with various i unous article^ i proenred f r< ni the I *qudhai;l Indians, may bo seen at Implre Hall. TitAN*??iviNf) tH ( asm ia Friday, Wot. 17, hs* i^een ap|*>inted by the (.overnor t?encriil no a day of tliabkgiving and prajer in Canada. Hcw? from Yucatan. { NtOOKMH op TRK WAR OP H4CB8 ? TUB RRTOLtT- ! TIONIt-TB KOtTBn IT THK OOVKKNXKTM TKOOrd ? J TH? 0OCTUKN C0A8T I.INU> WITll IMtiUCUl- FRO- j CI,A,***'?II ?? THK OOVHRHOR. ttcayuoe, Not. 3.1 ?fTlM,00<'r NUr' < t.unmon, arrived this I V v"1 N??al, we have . wo weeks later advices i m 1 ucaua?u, Uio 14th ult. from Mcrida, the capital. . *J wcontouod, without any decided sue I

..r'.l 6 M*. though it would appear that tho ad !>?. ii i ? had bft'ii Hi robU*?l. Our pHpor^ ! are Hi] in the iuu-re?t of the I iH Th fl P3r,v- an'< their statements, pi rb.ip?-, niL.,i bo received with aome caution. ! u-v e ,^re ve 'horn, indo.><1, Camooachy itself i I'-lvi'ii/V ,-T'. '? a s,:*,u of" 8'(Bo. tho revolutionists I J i n Vi g, ufr0u' cv,'r> on tiie <>?? IU *ui,.'. ,,,Dtiuu*<? -till ?? hold the wlioio ' ML* IT ? ^ ,wr. " ^tguiia. the gove romeut lit of the f?i i ? i" '"Ti!10" l1"' l4,w" (IU U?u morn inc .,B,v J f l^.,!,:Ulj ?riut The u Ivauc i fleer ivrm ??. <? confession or tlu> commanding ? biImV rt SnSEi ZSEjT" We l0dl " iar?u wTr C'."i""U Uxro? otbcr r?p?r" from the ft lf /f "iii ratlin; liie auto? lul repulse of cf 1G0 men, on .he 8(1, ; the Heeond informing th? ^r^wn"(h,iri <an lMi b"1" ?P?t?od on tho limn <>ii the Willi 'lit* third detailing a ' eery blood v" en f.r,"V'r^': 1,,h 1,1 ** -1"' ^ra?.5 ii. ir U, ?n r',1'.WW engaged; whHt number of the mi \ iirivf ? i V ""oi me T1k> revolutionists wore j ?:u!g.^uXlur WUiU muuh totJ'L""n 41111 I , in) tlK"1 accesses, the Mtrida Otr,intiat St- ! , M>vcriini?iiiorgt.n,of the Hth ult says-? v1;:*:' ?>?""'--m lelt m th. i.,?d. It amount* .1 . IT u 1!u n' to Il',10i- ?*" '* *- we read of iu ?ls>s of ancient i.i wecc, and Yuu.t.n* 11, not only yet ou'.rr.r'';^ ^??'^.oi.t wm e^biwh ?i ?? lOiii ij?'h ot her | niicw I l.i- Kovei nniei i it- t-if, hi w ever, doe# not ueoui to feel thix if ot coiilldeme. A ('ftx-inmution Oy ?iov. Itirrer.i, in 1.1' Minte |M4,HT, f|?eukMt?f the sti i.utle as still a very ! AiiM.i.y Lihcr thing* he complains of the i ii n. un .-.- ?.l the It i n.,1 ?uveruui- ut, wh.ch hud not a* H i,, ken H.U.K w.th ? ..her ,?rly. i'he .im.Tnur intimates J ? .i * '"'te.d.111 to iiMhiiiii? .iieut..rial imwers. < niMi.o- 1 ... Kovirmiient, doubtle??, .iyin|iathise, with the i rexoiUiMiiifct^. | In the nu'atit .nie the Indian bai bur ians continue thoir ' n?'I>rrd(?ti<.Df; everywhere Among other*, U,e u.wu of I b.t'VV"va I. sacked', and a;i the inhabi | tiiulf, like 1 1?? e ol fekax, ma- sacred. " ihe ?ceno " savs j a |.m?oi,iiih?!..ii over the signature of a large number of liri^L i"1 Ml'ridu' "w iu< too horrible to describe, aud ha.s stri)? k wrror into th<- hearts m nil." RAVAGES ok T1IK INBIAWS? AI'PKAL OP TUB CITI Zh.N& OJ- JlKltlDA TO TlIK OO ViCitNMKNT? THK IV. DlAN HACK TO UK KXTEKMINATEJ). [hroni the New Orleans Picayune. Nov. 4 1 ? in;', our e> eiiinjj euitioij we have he.-u able to give i ur \ uciUan jin|>er.. a more Ihorou^li perusal. They cou uim, m ... tail, everything there written, especially of thn J?v?Kes ol til. Indian | lobulation. The sav.ig s ev?u thr. ati neil the capital of Meridu, the iuhabiUuU of which and ci tl:e vicinity, such as were not formally enrolled iu cirtv' ' hld"frJ;U?"1'4 "r a,,> w"> " <l>je. t t" aiiiiUry f ? tte< ted n i^rmanent organization for their bet , n.'iVi' ,iC?C; ' tti kU" r to ,lu' tiovemor of the ?'tate, ac quttinUug h m witii the Ktep thoy ha.1 taken and formally oHenng thur nervicer in c.-v-e oi need, the people of Meri du eraw a tuoct gioomy picture of the actual eOate of things in this di.;tructed country | ' ihe barbarian war , that consuming cancer of no many | jenrs standing in our State, has at length developed inti I i>ro|M>i t.ons mi trightiul and assumed un aspect .so tnrcat t nirg tl'iit , unless citizen* come up at once to her as-ist [ ttixc. i ucatan must toon be blotted out from the list of j civilised nations. The dreadful iackuig or tho u.wus of ; Chicinioiiot and Tckax, the horrors of which cannot b? described, has struck terror into tho hearts of all Tho people of the fiorrt and ?jwtorn districts are, in conse qiience, lleeiiig in every direction to escape death at tho hacUH oi thwe terocious Vandals, ana ancient towns, till fui*i^'ru> ? 6 4i' Moacc converted intofright Ihe people then proceed to speak more particularly of their own dangers. These Indians have gradually | heron.e better and better acquainted with the arts ol ties lein wurfaro during tho long and dIoikIv j t ri,f gl. between the races. They have at the same lime gii.wn lie .re and more i tinning, more barbarous and ! more ien? i..u?t they ? .si 1.1 not be watding in the will HOI w "Hid 't b? difficult for them to penHrato even to their ! ownhr. sid-. It wan but the purl of prudence, then at wtce to organize, aa they had done tor the defence of the eapita. ; while it was in any case the duty of a good citizen and lover of hu country to render it whatever aid was in M Wr"Wer' M terrible cr?W to the unhappy ponin ?fcii'lT- "D< e feplsd ui a more private note thank ! g the Meriuans for their prompt .md patriotic ac tion. so mm h to their credit in the presont state of atf.nrs and accepting their proffered service-., and subsequently inn genera! proclamation, in which he declared war to the t nilc apa.n.-t the barburious. Bct'oio (ornui!ly n*. u m . he had paid a personal vnit to the more thickly jsipulatod Indian districts, for the purine of better acquainting himself with their dtspoution and lav ll^'tio^rror lu'idv? 'Ua' te"u"u,UuB of ^??'^uhir war. "Ihe time had, indeed.. irrived for putting my plans into esecLtmu, when a civil war, originating in personal into - j t, broke out and deterre<i the action of the government <>f * Potion o: the very troops and pwiniaiy resources u^.n which it counted for its Urst : operatim*. Meanwhile tno horrible events at TeUx twk ' ??r<W iV KV*,"*al11 tn.v determination tu make | w ar on these barl ai .ans, without any holdiug up till tuev are drive11 to the coa?t and ihert exterminated." J , 7yy l'1 '"ur thouiiuid aidi.ional troops U therefore f riieri d , aud a forced loan of ?loo.wO decreed. As to tho *?? ,T;W.'h thinks he can get along with it without other pecuniary assistance than tl?- ordinary rev " fonntry. and other tri?>ps than those under ?-.i.n.and ?i Col. l-eraza. mm before . lunpea. h^mfthm I i. i h 'UHl ?long the sea coast between that city rated " <?rmen, (h.. r. voluti..n is n..w roncen C*" ??. *?????, Md as late as im ri i .ia !4. r v" t>florc ti*mpeachjr were ro iK- v!, . "v,'r""r "I??k* lo*s rontidcntiv. Havagos on lay^.rturu'l,i ,r"'lorH W"hlC- 110 ^ul>' knew which ? IVrt^es, from the rest of tho republic we receive no rt^w-tajire 1 ven our comnunicatMtts to the supreme government (at the city of Mexico) have not b.Jn _^.(,rr), rlsr>r"i1?Und mWry involves our reiatious w ith the federal power. It is far Xrnm my intonnon to r^rirj'iK *h*n,!"ll;n? >?' I attribute its negligence solely to the lamentable condition In which Itself ts tound vl. wJlr0'^ of t<ung? whlch paralyses. And jet, how is it pWflble to explain this proloog.vl ailenre Tor two whole months, in which the government of Yueatau TV .rwt'"<1 a message from the federal costal t" -iIkL !l w* suppose, the federal government wf hes the success of th. revolutionists, and that liov H^rredn hiMMlf doubUeM knows, though ho does not wish Political Intelligence Mum*.* or TUB Govmuioa or Oaonou.? ' The anminl me* ??gf < f Governor Johnson, of Georgia, Is mainly devoted U> Hate aflnirs. He recommends that the bank suapen sion* be dealt leniently with if they be found solvent, tail that a day be Uxed fur resumption. In regard to Internal Improvi ments, and with a view of connecting Augusta, Savsnnan and Brunswick with the Interior of the State, ha pnggests the loan of the credit of the commonwealth. The Governor forcibly urges ihe adoption of a bettor system of public school education, and closes with some temperate rc marks In rotation to U>e slavery agitation. but tit iutw* or th* Gov**?coaor IL*nns<n> ? ' The Hon. Ttxina* llolliday Hi< fcs, the Know Nothing Governorcloct of Maryland, will be Inaugurated at Annapulia, in pursu ance of the second article of the new constitution, on the < rotid Wrdni-sday of January next, and will hold his other fur the lam of frnr years. Ta* Kksth kt StJisrmMiir The contest for the ofBou of United t-tate* wenntor In Kentucky, to be tilled at the next session of the I.egtsl-Uure, In wUlch the (democrat* have a majority on Joint ballot, apj-e.-ir-i to lie botweon lion. James Guthrie, late Secretary of the Treasury, and I1i i) I inn Boj d, formerly Sp?*aker uf the Ho ..sc. The din Ctu-rion of the respective merits of the .-* two can.lhUWw is gelt ng quite animated in different par In of Ihe state. Htw Hr*vm? Three new (*atc* will apply for alraission Into the Union during the next se? ion of Otograsa, u> w-t: VinncsotA, Kansas anil (ir< goa. When these arc > laiWtfl the Dumber of f'laUw will bo thirty four, aii I the number ol Senators sixty eight. The Territories then left will be Washington, Nebraska, New Mexico, I'tah, ftokouh and Ar-.?>na. ka.\otn*AT?o* orftwsToaTooa*.? At a caucus of the d? mocratlc members of the legislature of <>rorgla, held 00 the flth inst, Hon. Robert Tontubs was r<' nominal'*! for tin Senate uf the United .^tate* for the l?-rm of six years from the 3d of March . 1S5$?, his term of offlo> expiring on that day. The Hsrmsn Horlety. TO TUK EIHTOR OF TUK ItfJULD. Ntw Yosx. *6 i.kksnwi t Pntsgr, Nov. 11, l*A7# An article appeared this ntornimr la yvaf paper alluding to a rccent meeting of this society, wh?- b it cdcuialod to mislead the public and injure the i.erituui Variety. fb? undersigned officers therefore request you to |iuhlinh the following corns lions.? 1. Th'' meeting on Monday was n"t called hy thr Second V.ee President "Ho l*?ten to an appeal IB behalf of tlie 1 cur,'' but an adjourded special in -ctnig, and Mither the rp.estion of the I residential ?sl:iry nor Uo apical f<?r Uk' poor formed aiiy |mrt of its object It wa< -imply lit M for ibr purj^r ot receiving th* draft of revised byo laws, prepared by ihe itmrdot llrertore. 'I The labors of the pri 'identml office having become so rtwrous. MAW three years ago. as to absorb tbo entire Mn<' of on set ivc num. tie riei e-isity of attaching 'i ??Ury to the i llii i been Mil ft Id lit , from the fact that no mem her could nflord to make the sacrifice of his entire time to Ihe coclet) The mea.- . re was resolved upon in gene ral meeting in I'ebfnafjr i <66, and anumber of individu als raised 'fie Hf? SSM sliry among Hiennelves. In general ? tlnn, HI fewiuirf, lUtj ihe experiment was ' i proved of, sfcd (be atxird} n* nlved to pay the salary In its cvrprrate ctpecity. It WMS held that tins wae nut "ill i iwt.iy the futiiis ol the and" !> . ' inasmuch as ih.< entire t.lfeu the PrcuhMt wa< voted to Hi- prevention of i t tr? <s ? nd consequent ehorge ttJWt the fun is, ami e*|i* rli nee ha- ;hown that this prevention is both I ?? ex|i.'ii ?i\ e end mora efficient thsn the < ure after di-ire-.* o, i urs. Hi. op n on mhaticed in the article tb?i the presMenMl I'fli. I is a sinecure charge upon the fimil ? Is aMMMM. Icr If it were a siueeur- it would not he dilUcull to flud geiitlrnn ii willing to accept it without rumiaieraiion ' HKRMAItM I'lrst Vine lt*sMent. j W1N0MDLLKII, Second Vice President I U. HocaotL, Hcvretary. Bmokws Oft a Tknant. ? A curuner'H jury wan ; eummotwri na Hfcturduv ui*lit hy r?.M PUrrr, K-<|. , of Central Kails, to inquire into the cm*vt> ol tiir death uf Urn. Bridget lifc-latyie, w/* of Mr. Patrick Mdntyr*, wln? dl*d to tbat tillage on Saturday HfWoaon. 14 mwn-i th a one Ultima* link. >? ten, the la:. ! lord of tho hauise occupied by Mr. Mclntyre, bud ai. opportunity to lot it to i titer jwr liee tor an advanced rent, iind wialiod to (p i htm out So 00 Monday of laM week he otnmenood i-oroe prut-ens to Ptt.oi:t' tlit tn out, which wtw continual uutil Saturday af ternoon, when Mm. Mrlntyre iln-d , il- some uliego, i'r.im tutfli* atioii V.'lieli lb* far|? !><?? Hiu*' known it l.trgf ni"l> co!l?s t??!, Hitil the |?'pu!ar feeling run mi Uigh agam-it l'mkertcn that if hit ha t not boon urro.-ted an t lodged m the Fum tucket bridewell la- would have exDorieh'jed tome . rough treatment. Mrs. Mclntyre loaves two or three i-lttl dan, and Ht the time of her thitU was well advance ( ui pregDHiwy . We have not heart] tin result of the inquest. ? frnriihtur Pout, S'f. It) ADVERTISEMENTS lEVKVKD EVERY BAT FKUSONAL. ARIES HEATH. \ > Inlnrmatlon wanted of hi* widow or c iiihtren, as tlicy w ill learn something to llicir advantage t>y applying at 81 and ti Uold niroel, New York. EVKKSON i CO. Donai.d mtrcE, who arrived here huom li vi rpool in ship Richard Robinson, nil SStth September IhnI and went from lhenc? to tin* Marine ltnnpii.il, will pl.<a?e 1 II at I'.rcwer A Caldwell'a nlllee, No. VS? ? ?t?t slip, atonce, where i< minnnlcalion Inn. '.i.s r? l.illon* awaits It. in. IK KL1ZA, WHO UVKI) WITH MRS. OH'.KIKN, IN Twemy tixth street, two ye >rs ago, will call at Buideed's drug more, in Third avenue, between Twenty tit'th an 1 Tw -n y-sixth streets, on Thursday or Friday, she will receive a iet er with money. INFORMATION WANT! IV? IK MR. DUNCAN, KROM Belfast, Irelnlid, via Glasgow . who calm- p-n- "nger 111 III termer hdlnburg, vvlil forw ird bin aUlrrsa to 11. O. J., No. 8 W cut street. New York, or 124 Union Htrcet, ilrookly n, be v III eonfer n favor. INFORMATION WANTED ? Of THOMAS lilNrS, HY Catharine. Any information of him will be thankfully n celled ut S14 West Tweuly -sixth strict, lo the care of W J i. In \Wutc. . I INFORMATION WANTED ? OK PETER HR ANE'JAN, I tailor, by bU nephew, Peter lirancgnn, from th ? pariah llallintalor.' nt tr Castlebar; nailed from Wcstport, county Miiyo. Ireiund. Scud his address to ihe nUirc ut the Cnminis IonerH of Fmigratiou, Woi-lh atreet. I KYI LEONARD LEWIS, WHO LEKT NEW YORK J .him- 10, l.-SI, iis a tic "k haml on hoard of a tuwbotl plying rtn llic North river? If lin will apply to K. I. , 1IU At Iantic Htret-t, houtb Urookly n, he will httiur of Koim-ilimy to hm advantage. it wrpri i> MiNiATiRK or an onlt cnn,t>, ^?i three y?'Hm old, painted on I v ? ry ; purph- velrot jacket f nil haii in rln?ii i?, in a cominnu <figu<-rreotype i- .se, w m tnkrn anmctlnie limt unmmer from No. '/til Hroa'dw iy. If the pertoa wl.n tof.lt It will r.'luru it, a liberal r. ward will be | nid and no iiucHlioun naked. TO TIIR COMMISSIONERS OK KMIORATION ? INKOR. m.ilion wanted of Sarah T)oudlo, who arrived in the t.hii> Vanguard. She m attppoaeil lo he iu Knudal!'n If land Hospi tal. If fihe will call at 89 We?i Nlnct?<*nth street *he will fjet f L'f> sent lo her from her brother in I llinnis. $2 15 ^ HKWUKIM. REWARD.? LOST ON MONDAY KYKNINO. FROM Waverley plHce lo Rro.i'lwny, and in a Itroa iway om nibus to VVallHck'x theatre, a Wfttcli key and a alone a. al en graved A. R., both uttachcd to a amuil gold chain. Apply at 16 W averley place. r REWARD.? LOST. ON TUESDAY EVENING. NOV. l) 1U, while paaalntc from thryaui! atreei, throucn Stan ton, down ihe Howery and t'halham atreet, a gold brae. -let. ' 1 he tinder will receive ihe above reward and aUo confer a Kieal favor lo ihe owner hy returning Ihe same lo Crooka' j Hotel, 84) thallium atreet. <hr- REWARD ? I.OST, OS MONDAY EVKNIN'l, NOV. ijlj 9. a gold locket, containing daguerraotypo likciieaae* if a lady and gentleman, while proceeding from I'ifly -third >ti eel and Third avenue to Twenty -first alreet and Heeoud avenue, and front there lo the City Hall and 2f?l Greenwich atreet. May have been lout in Th;rd avenue ears, 'l ue above reward will be paid by returning it to 261 Greenwich atreet. j <ji - REWARD.? LOUT, ON THE EVKNINtl OK THE luth inst., going from Four'.h street and Howrrv t > $25 Eighth atreet, Astorpiac% a pair of horse blankets, with let ter C marked on them. The above reward will be paid for j I ctr return If left at lh? atahle. No. 5 We?i Thlrleenui street. REWARD.? LoeT iKuli No. 16 WEST SEVEN teenlh si reel t ycst? rday afU-rnooii, a>i Rnglish black and Ian terrier. Had on red velvet collar with own. r'a name and j.ddrca*. The at. ore reward will be paid on returning him lo ?o 16 Went Seventeenth atrcct. ItEW ARII -STItAYEI) H'.tiM NO. til FRANKLIN tftj atreet, on Tuesday afternoon the lt>i h inal., a wlni? p.^sile slut, wiih bun eara, anawera to the name of K lossy. The above rrwaid will be paid to auy one who will return her to said premises. KKW \RIi ? STRAYED FROM HOME OR TI ES _ ilay, Ihe lyih lust., al sl.oiii 11 A . M , Mi'-ha-d Supple, an elderly man, about Ut> year* oi age, dark comulexiou and It i a y liair, wore a black cloth coal, Idaek cloth sat k overeoal, hlai k fell hsl ; about live f-?-l s,? lo. lies lo h?ith' All) in forn.at.on which may lend to his u lo-reahouls will be lliauk fully received, and llie abovr rewsi-d proiupily p i I by 1- tv iug information al 210 East Twcntteib street, eoi uer ol First avenue. I A REWARD.? LOST, A COLD III'NTIV; WATCH, j wi'h gold vest chain atraehed, ou Tudta it tfternoon, I in the tieighborhood of Ihe City Haii park. I ae above re i ward will he paid and no questions :utl>cd (Ita'AK sI'ENt'E, T, l?l\UI?n itfeet. I d>7f: REWARD WILL HE fit YEN FOR TUE ItRlLRN 4 ? I oflbe following .mil Its, taken Irom tW; ltro?.lway, on t ueaday, Nov. It), vu;? 1 gold wa'ch, enamnii 'd l ire; I diamond ring, large atxc, I enmeo pin, I pair earrings, 1 sold r>ln, I >'ol(i ring, I plain do., ihr. ?? atones, l do., marked L. J. tl . 1 minlalurr pin, lady 'a. tsuni) relic, pHinted iu style of Louis XVI, low Beck and powderi d, highly prized; i long gold t lisln, linked '? appear roiiBd; 1 walch cn.nu, ?? tuie style, mueh larger: 1 gold braeeM clasp. I engraved hand bracelet, large riie; I hair do., re,t stone, i hand ring, m trk.-d A II to t ' II : a? \i ral small ring* and pins As most of ill' si-ove are presents, th?-j are highly prized. The above reward Will be paid and no qut atlona ask. d It returned to th<- above pUc?. d-IAA REWARD WILL RE PAID FOR THE RE ?TIUU coveryof the diamond cross loai on Friday isst, bttween Broadway and ihe Bowt ry. or $6oto auy person vh > will give Information which may Lad lo ihe aameivatiii. Fawnhrokera and money lenders wtil tavor their tnierc.au by aW.ppIng property a t the above dew rii.Uou. If oiiei h<| I. J. (I'ltRlKN, 86 Bond street. POLITICAL. 1ST WAKH? A MKKT1NO Of TIIK PIR?T WARP PR mocratle ritih, will he hi l l at iheir headquarter*. No M tireenwi.h atrect. on Ihnrartay evening. November 12, at 7 o'clock My order of IIAN"lKI. HROPIIY I'real.lent JAMU UOHa.s. Vicr President. J/kUn? I.r?*T, Secretary. OI>. KIKTII A N II Rllill 1 II WARDS, A PI K >* II '?Til K 0 mcrahera of the Amerlran party belonging lo th* Tb r l, ? ifth MM Klghth ward round!*, ?n<t re?i<lint( In the Third A Mermanlc dlMrtrl (Wmodod by rbanil>er?i..re"i. Hroadway, fprin* aired anl North rlrrri. are immrd to rn-.'t in con Trntk>n at thP corner nf HrnadfTity nnl I.lapeuar.1 *tr.>rt <m 'Ihumday evening, No* IS. m 'half paat aeven o-, lock. to nominal* a eaiMltaate for Alderman, It be aiippoilod at lira . barter election In I'rrrtnh.T I.KVI KliW IMItKRH, I'Mrmiti f;Ttl AI.IIkKMANIi: IlWTRIi'T ? TIIK A.MKHICAN CON t) vaalMt, to nominate hit Al<l< Mum for tat* dlalrlal, will tin ft at Kprliig hir' et 1 1 all. INV taring atrect, I hi* (Tli'ira day> evening, No* 12, atSo'i lo<'k Kl.f.IRON HL'RH 'halrmnn. I/tin Itomuno niRTRurr-PAKTs op pip. 1U teentb anil >e*' nteen'.b ward*.? Members of UounetU 7 an<l I2re?ldlng in the di?trici boguded '<y llrmdway, fourteenth atrcet. avenue A and HouMon n'rcrt. arr request ed to meet ih. < (nnrataji) evening. ?t j,'| <? Iwk. at 1*7 M.wery for ilw purpiwe of nominating mi Alderman lly ffdiT ol th. A merle* n lieneral i oianiiilf*. 1 AT" AI.IiKRM AM'- DIRTRKT CONVENTION MKT AO at the Monument Hotel, and orgaaiaMl on 1 uca.Uf evening by electing Henry f?)n?r I lnirnntn, >ml N. Ilao oorh. Jr., Mai ralary. < nui^um' ballot Otteua < iirion. of thn Kineierutb *aid, receivi ,i ih* w h"l? auaabrr of tl>~ totoacaat unit waa duly declared ibe en ? ' i-t ?te ? lor Aldei 'nan of lb- ?!!? trl. l IIKNRY Pt'l.MKU, < l?*trin in. N Maarocw. Jr.. rrUrj . nril WARD.-TIIK DKMOC RATIO M.BCTOM Or lha t-evenieen'h ward arr requeued to meet hi Tbur* mi* finiim, Nov 12. ai ", >? MMM 1*1. mains lo lie Hi'.mii h nihil orgmunlWii at tHinth'*. eoro-'r of I Irnl avenue aun Kietcnib aiicet, an 1 bel'.ugtug to the t'oo(wr or ganization at .lark?on Hall. Ml I irat afmi" ? lor IhP purpoMl ? if t lining ilrU'iintrh to :lir hcTrral nmi rtiUona, |mr<a?ut to the rail at ib* tonrral < omntttec at I imtannv HmII. Jt>llN < <N HKANK, .1 W i M aM.KK, Mi Rhl.l.Y, H KKII.l.T, A KIMJKF, Delf al?a lo <i*a?ral Coinmltlpa. At" A RKRTINUnr TlilC AI.IIKRM AMI- itiN VKNTKlN of the K.kbtwtiili w*rd "f tin' rHy of N''?r York, In ac in . dai.cr ? ,ih ihp tmII ol :Iip Rppuliltmn D"nrral ri'intnll'nt at Uirir iiiona, W Kaat i-evaaternth ?trrrt, the rapntiltaaa brart'ittarirr* at thr wari. on mmlon nf Mr .liunn I hike, ,ta<ob II Valrntln? w?? unan:nn.ualy n<.m.na'p<l AMrrmaa of the Ki?li.n?nil' want RllHI.lV t'l'I.IIV, I hatruuui. John It AHii***rn, Hrrri-tarj NoTi mber II, IH67 Ciri v i,oi.nu>->TNKWKR ur nor. jupitkrs. k. / N ll? ???r to all tho?? tru# dpmopr.i * who lii-ard lb" mall i to<ja, aland^rlDg laugiwigi <>f m> rnrmin nba bUpk rrpub iK-ani. airaniat ?f, bpraiih** I lo|.| ih.-m \I*"i yi^ir upon Mo'int , Morrlis after being ralb d for by tbi< mri>tmg) to apruk ih? it u'b and nmblna bat lb* ti nth, tn ? unmt Juet and ihundrrliui ton e, wkaretipil thpy atoppi'd mi- tn my apf-ch, th*t I bnre ?i b r^a|ip' tfiilly rotffy, ?il ?nd all, lb?l I aenepl ibt* il?m ) rratlr nominal i ti and eleeuou a< Ald rtmtiot ih- fwi'lfih w. rtl. Pn-f II PITKR H k ? K R Drjiim KAii.-^ an iih; Arruu to ApJmNS f n aaiido Wood tm Mayor! Ooea b?- Hi t io?a Mia our pnriy (tn ?bl<h be < l?lma lo b* ncgi aa a MhmM or an autocratf la be an hnorM maa f _____ _____ DKMOCRATI0 N ATUR Al.ll ATKiN iV<MMITTIK~WnTL be In ??Hial?? In Ihe bark room of Tautvmui Hall e rrry uay. bi'tweeti the hi"ira of 10 o'clork A. M. and lo'elock r. M , till the amli da? o| No?eniber, i/>ft7. N. H ? t;it|a?n papara inual be taken oui leu daya b?-foi e the elprlloa dar. My oriler of Ibe committee, lbi tnaa Myrnea, Reniard Reuly. Mlihapl Tuoan y, A. Klknff. Waller R.^ieb NH'HOLAf SKAl.KI.sT, ( hAUmtn NaturallMtloB Comailttea. F- IRRT ALDKRMAN1C OISTRIfT -FOR thkinkor" mat in of ray friend* and tb? ??lert ?r* of ih? diatrint, I reepeettnlly announce ^hat T am n r*n<llilat?- f<.r re election aa Ald'rman of lb* ? irat Aldermanle -lia'rft. WM WII>tiN, Alderman Plrat ward. FMRST AU)K*MANIC I'IsTRIt'T.? A MKKTINU tip ' thr dcmoi ra'lr elector* nf tile Flrat Alderlnanli' dialrlet, will be held at the Plrat War MifflBe, M OfNBWlek alrect, on 1hnr?d?y e*fmng. No* I2 ai ', ^ o'clock, at the request of m <uj elector* ol ibe Plrat AW-tninnic dtatrtet RP.Pt ht.lrAfr NOMINATION KltlllTII AI.IIKKMANIO i iliatrirl.? At o meet, ng nf the Aldermanir pon*eaUnn, held No*. II Mr. Hntnni'l T McKlnnrr rec leed the naanl mi u* nominal on for Alderman of the ii'?:rlct ANIiRKW t.'RAPT, Chairman. T. J. Roanar*. Weerrtary. ItWP.I.KtH AtOKRMANK' IiIHTRH T ? POR TIIF IN lorms'ion c.f my frien-la and tl?e eleetora nf the dlntrtet. I reap) ctlully at. n. mi ce that I am n ranilld^le fur re election aa Ai<o rman of aald dlatrirt JAMKN It. STKKRH, Alderman of Rlatrentfa Ward. H nunc la. I. A K Ki t K K K IIOTP.I. -A PRONT PARISH AND t*. e.iroi.mi iit fnri hn! "i ? le f ? a ?tn ill fumili , K let with t '.arrt on i"rm? M and the tlmea, aU.. a few jrtngl* romriK for grnii^mrn, p^t* wwfc, Wo^lTS Mfdrftd iirauf. HI?A?KW)lK. /lORTI.ANDT KTRKF.T lloTP.Is \j N'o Jt< t'ortlanlt atreel Hoard rcdnrnd from ti to ?l fclper day. J. ri, KTK.i}0INi, Proprietor. TOAinAT, 419000 -WAKtKdT<?N IU?N n ^ M HT'lUiH <F44\r\J\J, on Improved etu.icuni.isi . r?*l -stale m Ibe Mn'.h virii, city cf New York, worth three tl?*.s the uouu Addrt? T. fl.. .fWly News offlo. nnn To ?>po? w a. ntrd ? on i^rB? AN0 mortgage on a Unit class brown atone h?u?r nesr Union plane, insurod lor $4,000, uow free ?nj d-ur title (indisputable Apply to 0. U. THOMPSON, toNasaat street. itlOA AAA ? THK ADVERTISER OKPERHFOR H U* V?v?vl/Ui a lirmt mortgage on valuable improve.) pre perty, worth over twice tlio amount, with a bond again** responsible party. AiMrru, wlih r>-?l name, II. s |. uo< 160 Herald office. Wo ngenl need apply. '? nnn TO lNVKST ?? the wkchake n? ?J"? )\f.\ t\1\' bonds and inorigages al a discount, in i-timi ot from ifAtttlO to 91,000 Will pufchise oue mortgaen ? ?10,<U0 or $lfi,IM0, nnl procure temporary loaus <>u iur? ;vi~o. ur 0 her brat claatt securities __ _ CHaK R. MILLKK. 14 Plna air?aL Any ?jo(>i? iionkst man who can loan ?i mor good security, can have it pe: maiient situation In a lipL pleasant I'ualiiihs. Salary |nuu, w; Ji bowd. Apply t. WHEKLKK A CO., 334 llnidmy, ri mn II IK VINO savinu* institution, NO. % ? alri , one diair from Creonwich. Interest at the rv?< wt (6) per cent on auma from $1 10 SAuti. Open datly trot 10 A. M to 2 1*. M, and un .Mondays, Thujsdays uud tiatm day* from 4 to 7 P- M WALTKR W tiONCKLIN, President. ViNPKRMLT l>. Buxton, Secretary NOT1CE.-A YOUNG WIDOW I.ADY AND 8KRYAN1 onl) . occupying a nice two story and attic liotiao w-al < i id near Broadway, and In tho vicinity of Bleecker rnrfi wishct. the advance of a small nmouti1 0' money, for wtileii large, uttel) turnlahed trout room, on iliu second fl ?or, wt he given to a lady and gentleman, with board for the lad oniy ; or the name would to? rented lo a gentleiusn Tli-s an opportunity seldom If ever offered, where all the freo lo snd i omforts of a plain, qulel and genteel homo cm be e juj ed. Please address, for oue week, Home, Broadway Po office. rAOiric mail htkam ship company, nkw yur; November (t, IS6t-The directors h ive this day declare < ui ot the proliia, a dividend of ten per cent, payable to U ctockboldera on an latter the 11th mat. The tranafui bo< will be doted until the l_th mat. By order, KKKDKRlv'K. UOKKMAN, flocroUir PENNSYLVANIA COLLRCTION8. M We are making collections iu all parts in Penn*ylv*r of hankatile %Dd miitm Ing piper, and : id retuil promptly ? New \ ork for the lame at tlje loweit ratet ! Particular atlention paid to the arrangement of cbuina pi ?, i duo. 1 We refer to Philadelphia merchnnlK generally. li A VIS A IIIDNRY, No. 25 South Third street. Pliilailelphlw F'QUONNOCK BANK, BRIDOKPORT.OT. -Till! NOT of th'.a bunk are redeemed at one pur cent ai tlw caeh.iu I and blinking office of i*KN I. K. MAM Kllltli, ICM Iti-oa.lw under the Museum: also, by Mesxra. WHITK, MORUIS.tt! ' brokers. '2l> Wall street, and by Meaark. M. h. LA WlirCNOI' j CO., bunkers, 102 Nassau street. WRltTKllN COL1.ICCTION8. ? VINOKNf' JI. tiOO' banker, Detroit, Michigan, will colloct In the oily 1 throughout the State, and remit promptly at currrnt ra Keters to htrachan A Kcott, New York: tid ward Mom* New Y?^rk. Dtiaoir, October 18, 1357 LOAN OKHf'KS. . _ A-l ?THIS OLD R8TA1ILIKIIKD HOITHK COVTINl , V-i? to II dTWJI e hbi rally on merchandise of all kill U. i oianiondp, wa'chea, jewelry, <Lc. Parties who desire to 1 I li/e on gtMNls tor short periods, w ould do well looalleNiwt I and hear the t>llers belore calling on him, as he feels I w ould call i.giiiu when liberal terms stul conildi nee u u-e. j J. MACDUKK, :ftfc Broad wa ! d>1 ?MONEY ADVANCED ON WATCH ICS, D1AMON ?IP1 . jewelry, pianos, aegari. furniture. Ac., In sums I* uppl'eautk, also perioual property of .cvitry deacrip 1 bought. Three private ollices lor the reception of Ladies i gentlemen Busings* confidential. Open It uin 6 A.M. to9 f Pawn tickets and old gold and allver bought. C. C CI, ARK A CO , Mt> Broadway, etmer of Prince utreet, brokfli TO fsu, out) TO LOAN 'ON WATCHES, DIAMON jewelry, h-unr + ilry g?x>-ls. and all kinds of p -rt. property, or hougfit and aold for cash. Men- haul, w who I clfste out their entire stock for cash nccouimud?<rd on s I notice. SccuritK a of all kinds negotiated by TIIOMPBO CO . brokers an.1 commission MnMOi, Mt Nassau, Mi i of Ann street, rooms No. 2 and 2>?, second floor. i d?1 -WK HAVE MONEY IN ANY AMOUNT ; V 1 ? To advance on tllsmonda, w atches, Ac. To ndvancc on planus, segars, dry goods, Ac. To advancv on household furniture, 4c. 'lo advance 011 merchandise of ail kinds. : THIS IS I11K OLDEST OPKIt'K IN- THIS ( JTT I J MACDl'KK, established IH4S, commission bouse. No I Broadway corner of Wi.lker street N. II. ? No coune> : with any other bouse. Private rooms. ! <Jil p\7 nnn Tn ^'nA1,' UK DIAMONDS, WATC1 : V-l*' ? ivvw jewelry, segsrs, furuituro, Ac . or the 1 touf;ht for the highest cash prices, by the well kt ISAACS I'fhee 1 1 Chambers street. N. B.? No bus; 1 transacted on Saiurdsys. ! -WONKY IXIANKD-ON WATCIIES, JEWELRT, t iv| monda snd all kinds of merchandise, or bought for j Parties can be dealt with strletly confidential, and not he enu ring a loan office. J. A II. I*. JACOBS, 407 BroaJw $1 TIIK TL'HF. RED IIOl'HK TROTTINU COUUMK. llARi.EM Monday, Kut, 10, will come off a rauo between a Lratcd walker and a fiu>l irmur, ilia man to walk ou< D'.ilf lo ihe marc a trotting one ratlc au.ltiUO yard*. itu 1 r< 1 lie malcli U for $250 a aide, aud will laki' plaoe from o'clock In the slteruooo. S. B.? Hccond ifnvr cai* p* house every ten minutes. WM A UltHW'N, I'lopne ITNION COCRHE, L. I? TROTTING, ON Fill J Nov. IX Hi lialf pas; 2 o'clock, a malcli lurfl mm heats, brat three In Ave, Id harness. Win. Whi-i'lan n b. ft. Jake Usklt y; Jacob I'lifer tismcs r. ft. Tacony KHAW * Will IK, Propriet ??? MM AND CAHIUAOKS. IPOR HALE? A HAY HORRR 15|< I1A.NDH HIGH, en years old, sounJ aud kin !, un'ralned, and very faal will he sold at ahmit ball hi* value, or rich, for h working home Apply at ltd Spring street. "LMIK MA1.K ? A MAY MARK. RIU1IT YEARS OIT Jl hand* high, kind iu all harness and the ajddlr, lr< stylish driver, of great endurance, fa*t irotler, wtrt sound, also a rockaway wagon and nam as, anld uget ?. par.de ua U?r- owner 4oes uot wi.?h to winter Ui'iu. at 161 Vsrick t'reet. Fnilt S A I.E ? HOItSKN AMI WAGONH. Hl.CIOffft. urns, Ac.? lUOof all kind* of earring. a, buggis* witnoua, Ac., new and aecund hand, 3U horses, ale.g&a a. r?? to be anld at a sacrifice lo auii the tim ?* at No. 1J ? street, Brooklyn FOK SALE? WARRANTED HOI ND AMi KIN pair i>f dark bay ccwh horsea, It;1-, hind* Uiftb. 7 year* old, with long, natural tails, wtlh superior p.?w action. Apply al ISA Jane otreet, below West. FOR HALR CHEAP.-A PONT BI'II.T SORRKI. IU flte vesr* ol.l, fourteen hinds h.gh, promttt and In harut-sa. an eicellent saddle horae, an.l warrants! and kind Can be seen at Powell's sialic*. 37 Heury near Fulton street. Brooklyn. Horses forhale.-apairof iiandhomk, i buy carriage horae* for sale; slao an elegant bar w;U he sold at a sscrincit. Apply at 73 liBlveralty plat, ner ot 1 htrtccnih streot. HORHKH-TIIR HCHHCR1BER II V - HtTPKK IOR hie fii.'Ct tninodalicin* for tb or 30 h.irae* at hi* Urn hiorrtsmwo. H. J. That number of h.>r?-s < an be ke winter Uithc heat of upland b.?y. Inquire al the Paci el, IJJ Urei iiwk h street. New York, ur of tlia subsrri Hie premises, Littleton. Morris couuty. New Jersey, tht a half mile* north of Morrlsiowu. t'.in^e seen l .i days at the Pacific llotel. GEORGE W. TANDERi> HORMEH WANTED -WANTED. A PAIR OF II rnaeh horses, king Ulia preferred. Also a pair . boraes, for a barouche. In eltliercaae must be MHtogll] snd well broke. Any gentleman having suuli mat t aalt pur. Ml r hy ad.lreiwi u?; II , Herald ofllce, statin est prire u: J psrtlrular*. Wanu-d, slso, an eip< | coaeoman. to go to a etty la Virginia. Horses w*ntri>? to kkki- Virtue winti a farmer in the country. be*t ot hay, ?'ablm2 A dr^*s Kllieri t aril. Baby low, L I, or Wixalhull k ? | Kront Ktrent, N. V., nr ? uther Howe, 180 Front *treci, " H' ORKK8 WANTEIV-TO KEEP ON A F \ KM. A mile* from iheclty, grate Ihem a few week* , and hay tb<- b*UD' e of the whiter Terms bit to f, per Addrt r* |i. W h., bok CI I'ost nOU'e. H?>RhhX KEPT? A FRW HtlRMKH WM.I. H mMtl on a (arm near the etty, to be kept for tl I let llay and stal.ie* gn.id Manufactory r-ference Apply lo8HlTt! A 8UAW, iU Waehtogv* tsrMk IMPORTANT TO BrTrifER* AND OROCKRY M soy man wishing to hare handsome gig or wagt n* ?Four year old Cansdlan ponies for asle, urn in t well matched, I4)n hands high, all stout built. A|>p ( berry street LIOIIT AND TWO HEATED ROCKAWAY W Al Open front. Suitable for one horse, second hand. Iiood condition Address M. l>. H , bo* No. U Flahkl ipg. Duchess connty. New York. SLRlUUa WANTED-WANTED, ONE t-H? IIT C lor 'wo or four persons, also, one for two. J a't tine lowest cash price, boi S.7V Poai oflce. "lJLr ANTED? A PAIR OP HORHKH. ROt'K A W A fT goo, sleigh, Ac., tn eichangi for up town lub prlsaa. Address M. T. R , boi 1.148 Pot ofcc.c WANTED- A PAIR OP YOt'NO. WELL MA powy bulH horses or mares, about 1( ?o 1S*< hai sn<l to Irot In .1 10 certainly, age not oeer seven ye t tall* preferred, alstt a pony alelgh tn good onler Pr be low for caah. Addrosa. aiaun* full parUculara, Jo .'?< Post ofllce. WANTED- A GOOD IIORHK. TOPWAHON AN nese, to be paid for In well secured *utek. Ad> bo* 144 Herald ofllce, Siatkig lowest caah price, or ft. ot tbeai. WANTKD rti Iirv-A TRUI'K AND TW(| /I horses, with harness, suitable tor heavy worv ' | at IM John street, up stairs FVRfmiUL l^t'RNITtTRE WANTED -ANY PERSON HAVP P follow me articles (nearly new) that they are t sell Cheap, can hear of s purchaser hy addressing II l,ttlfM?IMi this week.~Walnnt and titabngiti Hire fur two amall parlors, while china dinner an I b do* each large and sms II Ivory handled table kill piateil fork*, ami sundry kitchen qtensll* PARUlR Fl RMITllRE FOR MAl,K i HEAP KdR St IUI Molt Rtresla 'anal, in the rear. Th of the money market render* II necessary for theun.l to *. |l off h.s stock st the lowest price fall and re *at!*flcd FRKDNRIt E Iff DRNTIflmV. DENTIHTR*~t? J EA'il.KTt iN IIAH OH rhlo"iform which ran be titmlnlsten d in fill can. tire anfe'y. 1 eeth *et on *||ver. JtM on gold, $22 ??! co gum. ??! MatUfactlon gnHrantsed, or no charft- J llftvt, near Mrrcer, old number 74. Teeth extracted in ten he7onp?~ w the *llfthte*i pain, l.y my new snd original pr<? meting.) Ihla ailmlraltls system la practised by References given if r. unlred H t; Dl fclflN, 4?Canaltrtreel. new _W>MWlW>b L_ . ?J HINOINO MOCEIEll BIRDE and TWt ? ? ? d"g? fti Jt!,. 5he*p. ?( 147 Mott street, sc? rooai ho y