3 Aralık 1857 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

3 Aralık 1857 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 7763. MORNING EDITION-THURSDAY, DECEMBER 3, 1857. PRICE TWO CENTS. THREE DAYS LATER FROM EUROPE. ARRIVAL OF THE AMERICA AT HALIFAX. MORE COMMERCIAL FAILURES. * HE HOSEY PRESSURE UNABATED. TIE HOUSE OF GEORGE PEABODY k CO. lMsturtod Condition of the Manufac taring Districts* MCLdE DV COTTON AND BREADS TUFFS. CONSOLS 89 3-4 ? 90. REVOLUTIONARY MOVEMENTS IN SPAIN. Failure of Another Attempt to Launch the Leviathan, Ac., Mac., Ac. Tbe royal mail steamship America, from Liverpool at 11 o'clock on the morning of the 21>t alt. , arrived at Halifax at 6 o'clock yesterday morning. Tho Amorica sailed from Halifax for Boston at 9:30 A. M. yesterday. Weather skrady and calm. The intelligence from Europe is three days Liter than tbat by the Fulton and Kangaroo. The America brings about twenty (Ire thousand pounds sterling in specie. The news by this arrival, linaniuilly an<l commercially ?peaking, is highly Important and interesting. Several heavy failures had occurred in Kngland since the departure ol' the Fulton, besides a few of minor 'importance. In the Continental market* affairs were improving. Tbe political new s is of but little importance. tt e announced that the British government lias con eluded on agreement with the Au-triun authorities, that if the Utter will lay down a sub marine telegraph line between Hagusa and Alexandria the English government will nse that and no other in its communications with India, and will complete the telegraph from Suez to Kur rachee or Bombay. Tlie London Timet denounces the bargain. Tbe Liverpool cotton market early in thJ week exhi bited considerable buoyancy and a tendeucy towards an advance, which, however, was lost on Tuesday, tho market closing on that day at tbe prices quoted per Africa. Subsequently the market became very heavy and Inactive, the sales of the three days ending Friday reaching only about 6.500 bales, and the market closing dull at prices about Xd. a*d per lb. lower than on the previous Friday. The galea of the week were 20,000 bales. Wi Liverpool breadstuff's market was very dull, and prices of all descriptions had further slightly declined. Tbe IJverpool provision market was dull, and priced ?bow a downward tendeucy. Tbe recently reported advance in sugar had been lost, and prices closed at about the rates current at tho de parture of the Africa. Tbe advices from Manchester and the manufacturing dtotrtcU" generally were gloomy. Money was in active demand, bet without any chango in rates Consols closed for money at a W. Tbe Collins steamship Baltic arrived out at 10:30 on tho morning of the 18th. Hie steamship Jx-ou from New York bound for South ampton, put into Qneenftown on tho Iftth, short of coal THE FL1AKCIAL PAUC. IV ASUn of Ihf Ilooae at George Peabndy and Company, Ac. Tbe money premiere continued without eign of diminu tion, aHhoucb a somewhat better feeling bad sprung up. MrmrK. (icorge I'rabody b Co., one of the most omincn American houses in Ixindon, became temporarily ?m bar rawed, but received sorh prompt aid from tV> txuik ? understood to b?? the amount of nearly a million ?terltng? that all dUtJcultlee were removed. Their ability to ro on. with the atuiiebtnce extended them. was uitqueu Uamd. The I/mdon Tiwut of the 10th ult. remark* that It nadtsrrkxxl tluit the application which haa be*u made with iB the la?t few day* by a leadinr American house, to Um Rank of England for a Urge advance on security farnMbrd from the private resources of the Arm. hae been most satisfactorily met, and that all the aocommod* U<? required will bv fully grat ted. According to rumor, the requirements of the Arm ? quiwUon (one of the m.wt ?mint-ut in the American trade) were nearly a mui..>n ?Mr Imp and according to the Daily AVw?, the a* i;i wo received from the bank, alter a long deliberation oT tbe ilirertors, will, it is expe< ted. en i o llu> lit iu pr< minly to txunply with the condition* up< ii which the advance* ware mode. Tne U.ndon Tlm't of tho 'JOth Myg, we liav to ? n.r.i ri: tin statement made yesterday, th*t tbt advance required upon ample securities by an importai.t American boudc would be fully granted. The Daily Xrwi City Article, of Friday evening, nay* ? Tbe funds, after obtaining a rise uf \ per ceut higher, ctneed '? per r,-nt higle-r tt.an yesterday. L'p"ii the whole tile feeling in the mnnrv market w.ik to day rsahner and more satisfactory. The negotiations for af fording assttnuce to a icrnat and wealthy Amors an bouse with liabilito i estimated at more Uian two millions, w re to -ft ay satisfsrtor |y concluded The U ; ipor?ry 'mter raannicnt? of the Arm in question w?re eoi<-ly occasioned br the impossibility of procuring rennUamc* t rum Home at tbe 0r?t houses ui America FrovHe-i that no fresh im portart cane* of etiilmrra"? m-iil - < ur there i.? n ?' i^gx ~ i Una to hope that affair* will beeome more ehserful. We have received the following dcsinatch, addressed to an intinuite rricnd here of Messrs I'eabody H t>i , of I<on 4m>? IUutax, N P., Per 2?0 ^ P. M. We CAnnot gatlier more information th ui ih?t . .>nuine<t \m the de? pal I. already transmitted. whs h omhrv* everything contained in the I on. Inn Hi* name of Pealxnl) m u?t mentioned IU the Q. M Iiut Uie situ I *nit*niri?in firm leferred to i. thai of tieorge r*aU> ly b ft It is ui?W*l<??l tlwt Uie IWnk of KngUnd ha* prompt If r<~|?.|..l.'d i.. tie- r . ;.n.l ait. Mod Uieni ae--Un. i t" Uie eiU-nt uf unv mdu?n ?tei I it >k Tbe I?ndon Otnbr ol Friday, ray* ? Thrrr le n< ?r a much quieter feeling In city rlrrlee and the al> em . uf further c.-nitnere faii'irit iw?? i" have rmalr.l im rcwed confldem e. Most |?'r=onn are inclincrl to believe that the wort-t la over, and thv although an ocxmfUonal duuutermay o< rnr. On?e merrantlle flrnv. who tr-nnd th? m eK < s rtnli.irra>?' .1 u- en.u l< ! thr ? Ui> if frien.lx t<> . vtr ? lie tlo IIM. ' . . ? Tif fbrt Uiat a lory t*UiLlithm.~nl ' ?,! with th fin. t h<i> hy th* h,tr>l *<hirh hat fr-ymiM a trrnna fatlurr, ap| ? *r? to have pr'xlticad tnuch nail (fac tion ?cimi?n in nwtAt.F or rnc kkir r?ii.bo?p. There w v a meeting of the bon I holder* of the Erie Railroad un the 18th irnt. A resolution *?; adopted e* prying eonMenoe m the intrin?M value of the line, and foe the a|.po>ntm/nt of a oomniittee to raiee fuihacrlrtiotM ?f further ? up i*l, to prevent th. foreclosure of tho pro W mi?t ok mmrmwowfl, rrc. The list of failttrex wan aerlounly extended The fol towing new aurpetMiioM are announced ? F. Seidrklng % Son. In the Swedinh trade; liabilltio ?MM).noo sterling. A4 Ion. Smith * Co , in Uie tvnmnrk trude; llabilitiea AlM.ouo Owrieaen . Huffel A Co , general merrhanU? In oon?e qnenre of American dtlfie.ulU- ?? Itnhilitiea Xf-00,000 aler lb* IV?"rHlaen V Jolmttrm, merchant' . IHbllKIW Iborkli t by H Weusel*, corn importers; lUbilttiue ?40,- i 9W. Mee?r?. 3eott A To , of Qiieen town, have mmpo'idod , ??d their Intl., , are c?un at I .it from on.' to two bun dred tboimand po ind* sterling. "n We ln?adav, thelMli. the iippllratbHDt ?? the iVmUof ffoglai, t u>r diaeonnt rather Incrrasod than dimtnisUoJ. The prohahti.ty ?.f a further wlv.ince In tho hark rate wee dteeif wrt hnt the large gola arriralt were regarded ae likr ly to render eneh a ?tep nnneoeswry. WcfMidf w. re firm throtighoiitllo day. I)n Tlmrertey , the lutti . he jnatm ?a >?? there * is s de pld d nmenrt.tv nt in all mercantile quarl. rs. V ot a gtitgle frfilnre wae repotttd , and tome t-p- omU catutwtff aniH 7 mrc r.tuowy. 4 The pressure for money at U>? book ra undiminished; indeed, some authorities say It- was more intense than ever, but the meeting of the bunk directors broke ay without making any advance on the rates of discount. Loom on government socurrtios woru in demand at ten per cent. At Hamburg the rate of discount had receded to 8J?. Private letters from Paris describe a hotter feeling The American houses were beginning to get remittance!!, and the condition of the Bank of Franco was improving. The Paris correspondent of the London Putt says that several Parisian firms arc reported to have convoked their most important creditors to concur with them in the ne cessary means to prevent a public failure, and probably to come to a provisional suspension of payment. Thin means Of staving off difficulties will, the writer thinks, be generally accepted in France. At other Continental cities there are likewise signs of an approaching tendency to the revival of confidence. A large and very Influential meeting hud been held in Glasgow, for the purpose of expressing confidence in tb i Scotch banks. It was rosolvod to accept the notes of tho suspended banks as currency. The shipment of silver to the East by the mail of th 30th is only ?818,000. The stoppage of the Wolverhampton Bank cweed many failures in the iron districts, representing in the aggregate a large sum. The London Commercial Daily Lilt of Friday evening, 20th alt., nays: ? The discount m in some measure become more settled. The timely assi?tance afforded by the llank of England has arrested the distress which would otherwise have oc curred. We ?-annot quote rates lower. From ten to twelvo per cent continues to bo demanded. There is, however, a better feeling In all monetary departments, and good bills cease to be rejected. We confidently look forward to the day when confidence will be re-eotnbiishod. A prosecution commenced against certain money changers, had considerably check od the demand for gold at the Bank of France. A despatch from Marseilles Fays: ? Since tho publication of the decree authorizing the exportation of grain, tho im provement in the aspect of affurs has been maintained. There has heen a rise of three francs i'or the best qualities. Other goods are beginning to rally. At Madrid it was not considered likely that the financial crisis would affest Spain. The situation of the bank continued highly satisfactory. The price of wheat con tinued to give way. The advices from Bohemia are deplorable. Exchange was In favor of gold against bank notes, although secured by the State, at the rate of 11 to 12 per cent, and in favor of silver at the rale of 8 to 9 per cent. A Vienna letter of the 14th says The flnencial account* fTom the manufacturing districts were exceedingly afflict ing. The number of failures was enormous. No greater panic was ever known at Vienna. BV TELEGRAPH FROM LONDON TO LlVBffPOOL. I/OMDOlf, Nov. 21, 1867. The Time* City Article of Friday evening, the 20th, says: The funds have been very steady to day, ana have closed at an advance of }*' per cent. There have bora no further serious failures during the day, the only suaininsion mentioned being that of a firm of whose ultimate r tlvency there is apparently not tho slightest doubt A Anther I improvement in foreign exchanges, and the prospect of j about half a million in Australian gold being forthwith ' taken to the bank, and also of a considerable arrival by I tho Persia from New York, aro assisting to impart firm ness to foreign exchanges. This afternoon the rates tor Amsterdam and Hamburg were rather higher, but Paris was about the same, as at last post. About ?3&,000 of gold and coin was sold in tho bank to day. The *<is pension was announced on Friday of J K Thom*ou k Co., a firm largely engaged in the colonial trade, especially with the Cape of Good Hope. Their liabilities are supposed to amount to about ?200,000 to ?300,000. The rate of discount at Hamburg was again advanced from 8\ to 9>* per cent. Tim has partly been occ'wion ed by the apprehension of a large failure, which it is bo lieved will be found to have been averted. The Timet City Article gives the following account of the stale of the produce markets during the week The produce markets .which at the commencement <>f the week fhowed a slight tendency to improvement, have since relapced , in consequence of the ?xtreme prewnre for money, and the still unsatisfactory nature of tho Ameri can -.advice* Further heavy failures during nil tho early days of the week further increased the general feel ing Of distrust; hilt the ahsenoe of any fresh ditficultirs on Thursday and Friday bad some effect in restoring confl dunce. At Vienna there bas been a partial recovery in tho (undo, and the premium on gold has declined nearly one per cent. This lmpruvemint w attributable to tho official announcement of a considerable reduction in the Austrian military establishment. At Hamburg Messrs. t'lbmg k Cramer, engaged in the Swedish trade, have stopged payment, being involved in some of the embarrassments in I/tndon. In the Daily Sew* Ctty Article it m Mid that the nrpo tiatlou of bills uu the Continent was attended with <reat difficulty. The Timsi Oty Article, referring to the bank return*, point." out that while we have been increasing our pro mi<o> to pay in gold, the Mock of gold on which those promises were based hai- been steadily diminishing. All will that thin Inverse process must have certain 'imita. and that if those limits were reached national su.? jienaion would be the result, happily yet checked by the partial tendency to the revival of oonQdonce, The Daily AVici Oty Article describe* tho returns a* the most remarkable ever published. Tho bunks have m fringed ihe act to the extent of two millions, but to a eon slderable extent this Infringement Is more seeming than real <>( the two millions of n-w notce creab-d against government securities deposited iu the brat department ? ?1,14fl,lU tn note" and ?404.661 iu coin? making a total re?erve of ?1.6t'J.CRC remaining in the bank still; con seqnently ?he extent to which the public have actually trenched upon Uie new ftind of two million*, ao far as placed at their 'lis petal, u< really lew titan half a million. The ?W tll of coin withdrawn remains tn the country, being held in Scotland and Ireland. The bank appejrs to have sold a million of government securities in tho market. Sorrmm*. Nov. 20?1'. V. The town remains perfectly tranquil. The Mayor and magistrates have succeeded in preventing a meet ing of the operatives. Many came In from the country district*, but quietly dispersed. It was generally be lieved that npon the meeting being prevented tn the mar ket place, the men would awemblc tn Nottingham forest, and every precautionary me *nire was ttken to disperse any crowd Uiat might come together. In the country dis tricts the police were prrpared to act ai a moment's no tice. Temporary relief lias been afforded to a great many famines. The able bodied are not compelled to go into the workhouse, and they are employed tn constrnrting a new road t me of the rioters of Tuesday night bas been sentenced to six months' imprisonment Paws, Nov 20? Evening. The funds sre rather lower, The three per cents c!<?ed at Kef. 96c. ORKAT BRITAIN. A second attempt was made to launch the leviathan steamer fJreat Eastern, on November 19, but it proved a failure. It being found impossible to move her. The four hydraulic presses were brought to bear on the ship with full force, whlrh failing to start her, all hands wore set to work on the rapetan* and land purchase* to heave her off by chains, but one of the chains gave way, which put an end to the operations. The effort was not to regularly launch her, but to move the vessel some forty feet low t down. Another attempt will be made in a few dars with a for thrr improvement In appliances. The publi<- are now kept In ignorance as to the movements of those having the pupcrlntendcnce of launching her. The sinme-o Arr>a??od?r ha? been formally rccclvctl by Queen Victoria at Windsor < 4?Ile 'fotne riotous proceedings hid tnken place among the unemi toyed ?perativce at Nottingham. Tiey held a pub llc meeting .and ?he w lidiiws of some of the provii-oo shoj? were afterward broken < Any further rvetiucii hail been interdicted end sf?-< ial' constable* enrolled to preserve tin I?ar?. A submarine telegraph cable hal been laid between Cagliari slid Malta? n d.-tam e ot about ;KX) miles ? with perfect soccea*. Thi.< line will accelerate the receipt of the Irxlian r.ews by a day or two. FRANCE. The Pay* ernla n? the <1 dete^ce that had occurred at Shanghae hi twcri the (Vwsiil* of frame and the I'rrttod H tes, and that the affk r v. is or tr vial in.pirteneo, wt did not re?n't In any tnte.-rmdion of th' frit mil/ lelat oiia betwei n the two Consuls. WAIN. The Vadn.1 jonmtb "Ive 'ino r tail of a 'tT 'o e#ji?,b'tesn fot'Spl*! 1 y .1 -eovered st Hire ot.i r -y iy IhnMthe Tietnb 'r* t the , ?rty t? m Vrsnce were ennovrncU iti it, and ado th.i a .ot." - - us Oi?i?jl-N^v liuuUicrrnt- Abo wtw at UieU u4oi' af faint, ba<l been arreted Hint condemned to deuth; but itw execution wits postponed iu eoneequence of hid haviug offered to make dieckmures. f ITALY. Despatches from Turin announce that of sixty Ave defini tive election return* in Piedmont, foriy two are in favor of tbe ministers; three doubtful, and twenty clerical. l*rsnMONT, Nov. Id, 1857 Flections were known to the number of 184, of which 48 belong to the clerical party and extreme right, and thu remainder to the different shades of the liberal party. GERMANY. Tbe powder mills at Mayence, on tho Rhino, had explod ed . destroying a portion of tho tipper part of the city. Thirty persons were killed and nearly 600 wounded. Thp damage is estimated at ?80,000. PRUSSIA. Beuu.n, Nov. 18, 1857. It Is asserted that government will propose no new law of importance during tho coming session of the Chambers. Tbe ordinary budget, however, will contain a proposal for increasing the stipend of all public functionaries. RUS8IA. A great tiro happened at Bt Petersburg on the fitb ult. Many lives were lost. No particulars are given. The French journal, Monitrur qf the FUH, says that the Rueslun plenipotentiary announced at Shanghae that ha came to act in concert with the British and Frcnch ambas sadors, and that he entertained no doubt of their being re ceived at I'ckin. TURKEY. Tho Timet Paris correspondent writes that a difference is said to have arisen between Kngtand and Turkey on one band and Russia on tbe other, respecting tho trade and navigation of the Black Sea. This difference threatened to assume some importance, but the French and Prussian governments interposed, and suggested that a solution should be left to the Congress of Car is. The difference between the FYench Ambassador at Con stantinople nnd Redschid I'aclia, it was understood, had been reconciled. It w^s rumored that the prospect of an uuderstan ling on tbe question of the Principalities was all but certain, and that Reds-chid Pacha would offer no opposition to the plan of an administration union. In the meantime, the Principalities are becoming more and more agitated, and ultra radicals talked of establishing a provisional govern menu ? ARRIVAL OUT OF THE STEAMSHIP PERSIA. Halifax, I)jo. 2 ? 0 P. M. We learn. upon mnking special inquiry at the office of the Royal Mail Steamship Company in this city, that tho America, in coming out of IJverpool, posted the Persia ffiom New York on the lltli ult.) going in ? an important Ivt which the purser of the America carefully withheld from the agent of the Associated Cre^s this morning. COMMERCIAL INTELLIGENCE. LONDON MONKY VI A UK KT. Messrs. Baring Brothers quote money unchanged in rate, nnd still active. Bar silver, 6s. 1 t^d. , dollars, 4s. llf?d. Tlie bullion iu the bank hail decreased ?ft87.000 Consols for nu ney closed on Friday at 89^ a 90, and for the ac count, DO,1,'. AMKRKAN STOCKS. Bar rgs report the ssles unimportant. Beel k Co. re jiort ib<- market quiet, and all kinds slightly advanced. I\ S. Hues of 18?7-8 10ft a ? V. 8 Bonds of 18?8 10ft a ? Maryland Fives Bonds RH a 90 Massachusetts Fives, Bonds 96 a 98 Pennsylvania State Fives 71}^ a 72 Do. do. Fives Bonds, 1877 74 a 7ft Virgir.ia 6's, 188f 75 a 80 fk.. 5\s, 18?8 79 a si Illinois Central Shares discount 1.1 all no. do. r? nf mt 73 a 76 Mli higun Central 8's, I860 76 a HO Illinois Central Bonds, 1875 73 a ? Michigan Central Hliares 46 a Ml New York Central Shares 72 a 74 I>o. do. 7 's 88 a 90 Po. do. 6'g 76 a HO Frie Stock 10 a 16 Erie *'s Convertibles .16 a 40 To. Td ratge Bonds 6<i a 66 Po. Mnking Fund .18 a 4A l'enn. ?>ntral 6's.lst mtge 80 a 84 The I ondon papers of Friday report the only business done on the dty previous, as iu Illinois Central shares ai 18 pet oest discount. LtVKKPOOI. COTTON MAKKKT. The Brokers' Circular reports the tales of the week at ?0.03? bale*, including 8, 600 on speculation and 500 for export. The advancing tendency of the early part of the week was lost on Tuesday, tun! sulo-equeu'.ly the market became inactive and heavy, clc?inu very lull on Friday, with a declining tendency ut rates irregular, and nomi rally >$d. a \d. lower than tho?o of the previous week The sale- of Rn-lay were 2.000 bale*, including 500 for export. -The following are the authorised quotations ? AHir. Middling. Orleans 7 '.,d. ft Mobiles ?Kd a7*?'d. ?S'd. Uplands C\'d. a 7 d . 6>^d. Tlie stock in port was estimated at J26,000 balos, of which 158,000 were American. STATU or TRADE IN M ANCHRSTKR. The Manchester market sympathised with Liverpool, and tlie sales of goods were unimportant. There was no thing doing in the manufacturing districts generally. LIVERPOOL PRE A P8TVFF8 MARKET Rr. ??Utiil!- were all slightly lower lii-turs. Richard cod. k Co. quote flour very dull, and declined la. Fir.ee Tuesday. Wheat dull, and declined '!A a Sd , and in son e case* 4d a M CV>rn rery dull, and deoUoed is Western Canal flour, 24* a '24a M ; Philadelphia and Baltimore. Vie a ????* : Ohio, 27?. a 2Sn Red wheat. 6*. a r1.* #d. ; white. Ss. 6d. a In. Od. Mixed and yellow corn, 34a. 04. a 3A?. ; white, 4or. LIVCKPOOI. PHOVISIOV MARKET. Me?*rs. HikiiUi l, All jri A. Co Richardson, Pponce h Co.. Jhum* UiHecry, ami "th?r*. report beef heavy and *lightly lower. Pork dull, no salea. Bacon dull and ra ther easier l*rd heavy and nominal. Tallow? Sales unimportant and quotations nominal. l.ivFRPooi. frothce *areet. (From the Broker*' Circular 1 Ashe* dull: pott, 35s. Pd. a 3Hs . pearls, .17" a :w* Sngai o\>ene<l at a alight advance, but rKxwxl quiet. Coffce dull Rue heavy. Tea opened buoyant, but cloan l with little inquiry and prioc* weak Rosin dull common, 4* ii 4* ?<l Baltimore bark, A?. 9d. h 7*.; Philadelphia, *s. Pd Wb oil* dull: tpcrin freely offered at ?7ft a L" 7. I insect oil dull. Hr<irlt? turpentine dull at 34s Oct. a 3Mm, i.ivekpooi, khkioiit makkkt. Freight* were very dull, but rate* unchanged. In jia* i-enger* there was scarcely any thing doing. losdoh HAium [From Baring*' Circular. | Breadstuff" very dull; wheat inactive; Fnglwh wn.< 3a. a 4a. lower on the week. Corn wm not quoted Noth n,^ doing in sugar at the clo*-?*; the market opened at an au vanee of la a 2a , but it was all Writ, and the market rlnaed ouicl Coffee dull. Rice heavy. Fish oils nominal; ?perm, ?70. Unseed oil slightly lower; sales at Mb. Saltpetre slightly declined. Ton opened buoyant, hut ckwed at a decline of V* Tallow quiet; Petersburg, 47?. a 47* fl'l Spirit# of turpentine, 31a. a 31* fld. The l/>n don woo! pale* were rather I*** animated, but the pre vious reporled advance wax supported HAVRE MAREFTK. C'eek ending l%h ult ) les? 3..VX) hale* , stock, 70,000 do. New Orleans tr, t orrfinoirr, 10*f. Breadstuff* buoyant, and all qualttic. considerably advanced throughout Prance. Ashe* qu.et (Vffcc heavy, p-ovi* ton- tend downward Sugar heavy; yellow advanced considerably, bat closed with quotations barely maintained. Whaietx-oe nominal. Oils ? Salea unmiportant. PASHKNOERS BY THE AMERICA. Mr T*vU.r and l? l?, Mr Mi>ire ?nd daughter, Mr Smith and lady. IJeut Macrtgix. Captain l>unn. raptnln HrMm, Mr P*r*< a and (tmirhter. Capf Hunting, Mr Albert, lady and child. Mr l-ew<s and ladv. Hf?r< tlcrald. Page, K> hie. Chain hrrlaln. Slevta. WoKer*. Plater. Shierk, Tusr*. Klgee? John ?ion t'snn< n, Haayw, Chapman, Belhner, IW** PoweR, Hicg*. Tyhurat, Oram. Jones. llarland. liu*?ey. Kely. Wood, Mvpby. A portion of the report of the America'* new*, which left the New York office of the National lin? at 11 .36 A M. yeaterday. wa* received by the agent of the A**ocialo<l Pre** at New Orle?n# at 10 . TO o't lock, New Orl< aii? time. An a< knowledpmi nt of it* receipt wa* ran tved at New York at 11.60 A. M . only 15 minutes after the de?|?t<'h wan *ent U> Xiw OrleatM. The Condition of Culm. (From la Croim a. of New York, t?ee 2 ] We And the fallowing <ih*ervati'.n? in the Tb? importance of the new* which wo hare received from Ila vana I* *uch a* to ftwttfy on in devoting *ome tpace in our ioutnal of to day to *o pleasing and *ati*factory a subject. It appear* by these account* that there is at the present tw rr ent in Uii treasury of th< inland of Cuba a reserved ftind of *eve? million* and a half of dollar* If this tnfor tnstioti which we have received >a correc t, It would ap|*'ar that the worthy and eicellent (Jeneral who command* that Antllla ha* odered to the government of Queen laabella, that next year, provided nothing very unusual or extraor dlnary *hould occur to pre\ ent it, the treasury of Havana will have It in Its power lo *end to the peninsula of old Spain a *urplu* of twenty millions of dollar*, without at the wine time making any deduction from the asval and mp- ttant supplies regularly sent to the treasury of Madrid from the i*land. We need not expaCate upon the high Importance of an ! event of th.-< kind in the present condition of the Spanl*h exchequer. Here we see what sort of an answer Is given by the t aptn'n f.onersl ot Havana to all the various wen ation* wh eh I me heen heaped upon him Facts nuc.h as thi*. toreti cr w th others which we have before related, in referrti e to his | raiti eorthy a< ttvHv m the queetiou of M< Tien, arc sot;,, it t\ id?nce of tb? frwound wi??lom of her Majesty the yu' ". n refiwia/. under circnmstance* of *tich a critical nature, to retuov ? fj-om hla s.ltwlion a man Wh' < oaf able of rvkil wring *ucli important services to the n"ther cot.ntry. We d,ri' e lit.' fo'i.'w nt fVom th? ?, of M.vlrid ?ty lollcr* whi'h we have p'retred frr?n I or Ion we learn tt-at it 1* a ?nNH of efneral conver?nt on in 0 higher ! i 'rch - tin ie that 1*ah< Ha, the Queen of Spain will vry 1 pro'vi'ily pay a visit Meat ?pr'n* to Victoria, C Qne^n of | Migland. An evr rtsti?'h a* (his w fl nndoobte !|y j'rodnc ' | I ti\e n eat f iVr'ah'e Mnprseskiii <n l.ngian I Tt I* believed 1 tl at th!* jt d v iy it h*~ been brotiffM ab> at hvthe la.'e r-sld, lie. ef the Infanta of Ppain in <li?tcipita' sf'"iililthn , rrfr-t we ' are rceelved prov? m b? prema'ure and nn foe ' ' eh ve rrctived w from exctllont auth ? ' ADDITIONAL FROM MEXICO. Thf Htate of tfce Country ? A Npantih Eipe- ; dltton filling Out at Key WMt-UtTOln- : tkMiwiy Attempt at Poebla? Affair* at Cuer- i n?TM?? Th? Iiifomjietmry at Cumoiifort ? ; A Hon of Ittublde Propoud to Ltad ttu lie- . TOlatton-Cbancfi or Kant* Anna, Ac., Ac. j We bave received, partially, our flies from Mexico by i tbe steamer Tennessee, but whether it i* owing to the )?t?1 | management of tho New Orleans Post Offlcc, the incompc j tenlfarraoge meats of tbe I'osLnisster General for tbe ton- j veyance of the great Southern mail, or other causes, wo j bave no moan* of knowing. We copy frem the Mexican Extnu/rditury the following ! itema ? A negotiation is understood to be on foot between the ' government and several capitalists of this city fnr a largo : loan. We are tot advised whether it has yet been con summated. During the present week we have had plenty of stirring events to recosfl. The reactionists, as if by concerted ac tion, bave beet at work in all parts of the country, but up to the present |?our we have yet to learn of their meeting with anything but defeat. Kverywhere they have been timely arrested in their movements or have encountered de feat, if their conspirations Lad assumed the least threaten itig form. Tb?re seems to l>e a fatality connected with the schemes orihe reactionists that is only equalled by the good fortuife or goo.l management cf the government, as we may chotue lo call it. Both the fortune of the gov ernment and UM misfortunes of those who are scheming against it are qnexplainablo, unless we give an undu<? weight to tho piinaples that arn involved in tlie sirup file*' of this country The old belief that money is power uas to a great extant Wen belied by the success of the government over the anti government people. The anti government people have had the money; they have ha.) men. In fact, they have had all that a good cause and good leader* required to triumph. They have not tri umphed; and Iheir tracks of desolation over this coun try have done more to convincc tbe people of their im piety thun the llne>-t arguments and bent administration of the government could have done. The ro]iorts from Qticrutaro are highly satisfactory. Mejia seems to bave disserted tli ? Held entirely for tho ! present. The last news we have of liini he had Khot a man named Arteapa In the village of TequWqtna Jan. The new>= from Puebla is not the most satisfactory ; stilt we have sufficient guarantee in tho promptness of Governor Aiutriste that no fears need be entertniued of a successful revolution being started in that place. There is no questii u but tho spirit of revolution has yet a stronghold ui Puebla. The v\ ant of a discreet manager U) lead a revo lution leaves all chnncos of their tucceis for tho present out of the question. It a pears that lives that were lost on the morning of the Tlth were not shot by order of the Governor, "given after their arrest, but under orders given before the reactiona ries made any demonstrations. Tho liven were lost by arresting the reactionists in their attempt* to produce in subordination amongst tho soldiers. Th? prompt reply of Gov. Alatriste to the despatch of the President, ordering the suspension of further execution*, sajs most positively that no executions had taken place, and that Hie had been sacrificed by persons attacking the mart) Is. The news from Cucrnavaca is most satisfactory to tho government. Our correspondent tolls us that tho pronun ciados ran away without she. wing tight. Another report Is given that they were twice beaten. We may hourly expect news of importance froinTolu'-a, as that ptacc is in (lunger of being attacked by the disor derly. Yesterday morning this city was dimini?hed in ita popu lation to the number of twenty persons, who were. by orders of the government put on the r wut toward -i the coast. They tilled Ave coaches, and had au escort of fifty tnen. Their destination is not positively known. It in re

ported by some they aro to bo sent to Yucatan ? by others to the United Hutcs, and again that they ure to be detain ed in i'crote. The cause of this banishment has not yet j transpired, hut we have no doubt a few Uajfc will bring forth an official statement. The Sight say* the women of Monterey have petitioned Governor Vldaurri for the return of Hishop Verea. The Governor replied by promising this clemency, provided the women would guarantee* t'je law abiding behavior of tbe His hop. This was not done, and the bishop remains in exile. a SPANISH mni'inn kxpedttiov against hoi CO KITTING OUT AT k ICY WKKT. [From tho Mexican Extraordinary, Nov. 10.) letter* received by the last Tennessee strengthen the report.-" we received by way of Havana, that four sailing j vessels and one steamer were being titled out at Key West to o|?Tst<> against Mexico. Gen. Mmon is reported to be at the head of this movement, and men of all nationalities are enlisted in it. The repotted plan u to attack Mexico in two point*? etTsmp.ca and (fcinpeche, or some oth?r port in Yucatan. These are the reports, and wu give them tor what they may be worth. We hkvn long 'Jince been advis> d thnt Gen Min<>n was orvTsting in Havana to do something against Mexico, and for .-'until Anna. It may bo that the reports cc?ne from his fertile hrsln or from tliat of some one cMMCted with hiui. Our belief is thst tbe fleet will do nothing. One res?nn i? that the ste tra?r reported m belonging to this for mi liable fX|ieditiou is Uie Scottish Chief, an unsca worthy shell that started from New York to reach the GcaUa cualcvs river, but Has abandoned iu Key West. It l< quite likely trie balance of the expedition corresponds with tbe steamer TUB AITAIIt AT I't'Kttl.A. [Corrcapondencc of the Mexican Hxtraordinary ] llmu. Nov. ll,1Hi7. Thank* to Providence Mr city ha* ?aca|>ed being thl? day the acenn of much btaodahad ami diaorder. Far roine days It lia* been rumored U itwi- wr? on tbu eve of having another revolution Tim plan waa, Ui.it on the > ath? Ural being U>lle<J, the fahblc.al'tut w itli all the reactionist* concealed In the city, of whom there arc a great number, were to rite. and )n'utii"D of the trou|>a, who were bought DTir, >i i aw mate the Stutc fiovorni r and the prm-nwil men of hi* party, nark the city , an<l then retire out-ide to the open country, carr> Ing along with tliern the artillc ry. arm* and ammunition. ' The aergconta of the different rcgimenta of the National t-'uard discovered the plot to th< gov.-rnment, and were mat "uctcd to appear a." adherents and to a?t aa tf they were heart and aoul in the conaptracy. Thi? morning ?? appointed for the iiK?veroent At the hour S.M-d the eanhsnrlet simultaneously appeared at the pate* of the different barrack*. and w* re allowed MwM, when, inatead of re.-eivlng a friendly wWiome. aa exi**' t ed. they were made prisoners with tlie money on their persona, to di*tributc amongst thn noldier* The ordera W?ra to ihoot all th? ringleader*, hut f" -itio ci mmudcra, more merciful than other*, did not fulfil hi atrtu tu.na Two, who entered the cathedral, mrf three In Ihe ronvent of Santo liomititfo, were alMt Ml half |?irt three In the morntrifr nnd there are doubt- whether the other tlve will not r hare the aame fate. Thrae unfortunate* are inaignifirant p rrwinnfi in a an rial point of view, and have a? ted a* the lie-re t'<oir of in flncntial men, who liave more dk irction ilian valor. Th<#e t>li(ti and primmer* are all not<*d p*rlz.tna, how ever, and have Wen WHmM In former revolution.*. My oflicn H (imply to chronicle event*, not in comment ?fon pnlMeaJ oonirrencaa, fbr, although a Mciioan, I am t.o politician. What I iv rote yrm in my laat, relative t-> (Jen, |v>rtl1ta'? action at MOfNtlwcan. ha.- been fully confirmed. Had the commander of the lochia police cavalry chared the rebel* in Uvetr rear aa ordered, not one of them would imve em aped. Oen I %r til la baa a?at ?*ld ofll. er hillier a prisoner, accusing I. in of being ? ither a traitor or a ( i .ward . The pronunctado*. pftroufl to the execution*. *ackod the rU'ren in the villaga of Nopalucan, and hot the lirrt arjl second Alcaldes), n* al*o an officer of the Natlonnl i. uar d of I'orbla, whom they aurprutod with a small de tachmcnt. <i?n. I*nrtillabai sent ihe enrata here under arrest, for rt tnair.fr to a! olve his dying oldmr*. A partisan at the head ot 'JOti cavalry, aarked the village of ("hietla, distant t?. nty ono le.iguna aoutii of furbla . on the 7th mat. ITmitJi, Not. 11, 1?fc7. The rtty la quiet, and the reactions* hove got a fright th( y w.ll not eaaiiy (rat over. The priaonrra I ment, .ne<t In my lam have been r?|*i?i and will not ha Muriiled One <>f them ha* made important confess tou*. an I dia ) uvered th* whole plan. |J<'?e bill* aceepbd by the clergy having l>?. n f ?m<l an ? n*-t Uk^ pajierr of the rcMpirtturt, the WvlfMI ha?; laxueu a decree orderinK all renUt payable to the church to he delivered toto tfic !<lBte treaioiry, from whence the cerewary fundi" will be it cued for the expeu -cs of public wnrahip. and the maintenance of the monka and nnn^. Oen. I'ortilla entered the e?y yeater'ay with hi* ?nmll force, and I am told will leave to ni|fht In commmd of tioopvto he deopatrhed t? Malamoina l*i| .ir, ai|(lit??n li a?fiiia i!li-U>ut. where <{?-n. I'avon la kaaieged by the re actx.ntM lca.'er?, Verdtn and Najera, who are ?*id to b? at the head of 700 men. The Trait d'f'nim ha* Information that the perwux ahot M the affair at lochia were connacted irth <re|| known faniillee. Their death* had eanaed great vernation FROM rt KHKAVACA. [nnrrc'pondance of the Mexican Kxtrnordinary.] ?"r*ai*v*ra, Nov. II, lnfi7 The government tro?m* left hero ye?terday U> atta- k the protmni iad.ia nnder fwboa and Moreno. The (ironun dado* had aenl a challenge to the government troop* !?? meet them at Terra Itlanca. al>out eight league* from thla place, on the rtlrrct road to Acapnlco. The flgbt, there fore, should have taken place thla morning, aa the (fivern merit tr?*>l? encamped laat nigM at Hoclietej^c W?MI now hourly expecting n?wa of the reault. It muat have l?een a eevere flght. aa the pronuni lado? are reported to have 2, ?I0 men ? MO cavilry and (? nannoa The govern mi nt troop* have but cannon They are, however, of murh larger callhre. and will therefore bo quite equal, if not anpertor. in i flectlveneaa, to tha nine In the hand* of the pronunriadoa Be*lde* the government tri? |i* are comnmnded by two good officer* ? Rchii^aray and ?<#? grete A* I write all ktnda of rumor* are afloat One 1# to the effect that ibe prouunclaUi* have retreated, another la that they are now fighting, another, that t.lm prontnx udoa had attacked (.enerai I Aiigberg. who Is report" t ?n hla way from Toliic:i to )oln the government troei* here and still another, which l? general^ bolleved. that the pronttnet* adoa hava reaolvc-l to have a deapera.o butth to day or to morrow. lb re we have the trwn barricaded at all point* and a garrlaon of 400 met Wimtld the pronur -iadoa gain th ? victory we may po#i tbly ha enrned with t'?? . ' re?eocc tn thm pl*< ?? aga ii in a day <>r two at the heel* 1 1 il-o govern tnepi troop*. Nearly all the fam<1 ea have cleared out ft' >m t^i*. and 'iave taken refuge Ui Tlaltenajijio. about a laagat Infant Kvi rflhlnf her ? i* in a mate of wnfnaloo coni^qtMM lp < n thla tfal" of thlrt!"' 1 have r?;|y tnr?? hefhro tho clof 'ng of the miil to tafbrm ven that the |>ronnn -i:i>l<x>. after all their bfifglBk and ['4 rcatf, have ia the mtr t cowaniy nui> ?r i veke-; u? ,r traps ind ran away. An extraordinary has just arrived from the government ramp with this now* It m not known poaitivaly where Uwy have gone tr>, but it Is generally belWvcd they have gone against Toiuca. Hie Mmitor, in speaking of .things near Cuernav aea, taya that a messenger, IIRT(4 hern on Thurxilay from G? n. Ncgrr te, represents that the pronuncludoe wore dri v?-n away fiopi the hacienda of Pan Jone with great Ion*; (bat they went to Pan Gabriel, where tiiey were again hnH l<> Hy. and that they (the prouunciados) had taken the road to Igualtt. The Hrraldo says thut the price now a*ked for Buenros tro'a ransi >m in t *0,000. fhia m running up the valu-' of liia life with a vengeance. THK PICTATOR COMOKFOUT ANP TOK STATE OF TIIK mmmue. | HYom the Mexican Kxtraordinary, Nov. 1*2. | The granting of extraordinary power* to President Go menfort is the visual for an improvement m the condition of this for a long tirao unhappy country, [border* and discontents have sufficed to sustain In tne country many had elements, and the poverty of the national treasury has disabled the government from making any successful headway ?g?uist these caumw. Had as has been the hls toiy of Mexico for the pant few mouths, we conceive It to have been a real blessing. The rich on the haciendas, and in the towns and villages, who have heretofore been loo willing lo give aid and countenance U> revolutionary leader*-, have now fully learned that their generosity la n protection to them from tlie excetmea of unprincipled men. They have abundant proof In their pillaged hoaxes an lands, in their money stolon, in their credits destroyed, and in the ruin of their business, that it i? fully time t discourage the principle of revolution. They are force 1 to be friend* ot the existing government. Although the price at which this change in the feeling* of the men of weultli of Mexico lias been purchased, ia great, still we consider it < heap at any pi ice. Kuiu ha* rarely fallen on thore who have uot by director indirect means promoted r< volutiona; and they must wur be fully convinced thut ail hope* of recovering their losses rests with the suecera cf the present government. We therefore tind the nation at this moment on the eve of important changes. The people are preiwred, from various Cannes, to sustain a strong government. The I 'orgresa hns endowed President Onmonfort with powers tc make such a government as the nation requires. Hie money necessary for such a work will be forthcoming, and the President in now tile mun on whom rests great responsibility. l<ot all sustain him in his endeavors to ac quit himself nobly ; let those who have influence labor to the end that the measures necessary for promoting the prosperity of thin nation be adopted. Amongst those of llrst Importance, we consider iinmi gratlou holds tirst rank. The objection ol a disturbed con dition of the country is not sutticient ill itself to deter im migration to Mexico, provided a liberal hand wn? extend ed to strangers, and wise und safe laws made to secure i npital in its investment In Mexican soil, and in improve ments on that soil. This is but the work of a few days, and lik s Utopia will spring to life in the rich portions of Jalisco, Sinn lea and J^onora, on the Pacific, and in Tamau lipus and Vera Cruz, on the Gulf, colonies that will be at once prosperous and law abiding, and furuish good citi zens for Mexico. Their taxes could sustain a govern ment, and their commercial ideas would make then an impassable barrier between the disorderly and thieving portit-n and the honest and peaceable |?rtof the Mcxicau people. THr loan now proposed to be made is small. By the 30th of April ? the time fixed for the cessation of the i>ow eis graiifel to the President ? this sum will be gone, and then we shall be in no better position than a mouth since, unless there shall have been laid in the meantimo the foundations for future progress. We have, therefore, to urge it upon the President and those in influential |>osi tious, thut the question of immigration be looked into?not to bring an inferior or enslaved race hjre, but to make such laws as will protect men with money in coining to settle in Mexico. By this means we shall see the poor of Mexico rapidly ascending in the scale of improvement We believe that President Comonfort will give Ins en tire support to any plan by which foreigners can he in duced to come and settle here, and briup -v :th them their money, their industry and their improvements for ad vancing the country We believe he would give them every guarantee they could reqnire for their protection, ami would be rejoiced to know he hat on his soil many per ens born strangers who had espouse I the nationality of Mexico, and sworn to protect her Inviolate to the last W KAKNEMS OK COMONFOKT A RON OF ITl'KBIDK I'KO F08K1> KOU 1. KAr>ER AO A INST IIIM. [Corrwpondeiicu of the New Orleans Bee.] Mexido, Nov. V.I, 1K(>7. Mkk'-ks. Knnt'its ? The long exacted political revulsion has now arrived Our situation >s alarming U> the last degree. The reaction, so often subdued, and so ofteu for given, lias now assumed probations dangToti* to tlie sta bility ol the government. Th" defeat at J'lu'aulllo and tlie death ol Gen. Gonzales have proved tlie signal for this deplorable change in the iswition o! parties. The falla cious, Tacllla Ung and feeble policy of (V.montnrt has finally borne its fruit*. Not a single one of tho?? revolu tionary chiefs who now threaten him but lia : been three or four times in his power They have hoen emboldened | by impunity ; they have exhausted the resources of I the government by perpetual agitation, and they aru now ; uluiot-l iu a toB(1itl<? to dictate their own term*. The ! pre s* will keep >011 advised of the audacious robberies ! and si<.li?tlon* |x rpctrate rt hy these men. It m no longer a political struggle but an organised system of brigandage ' and plunder. I'rojsTty and individual security are alike ! in danger, and thia is the result o| Com.inlon'b misjudgod I clemeney. Mr. Comonffrt is a kind hearted a??d amiable man in I r r : ? life, but tliece iiuaiitiea are v?its- th.ui ur.' Iufs in I a go^Tnment which :;hould employ every i? iblc means I for Ihe ri rem rate n of a dtsoraaxilzed rV r!e. flu loc.ka *terr>nr.m and energy. and i* whollv unfitted for a i*mition which deuiande of him a dl?play or untiring rigor and de termination. Even now hu newly awakened sr verity m limited to the exile of twenty-ihrrn priaon^r* wiio have hern thricn fully of plots ami c<>o<pira i-?. Sor doea any uM belh v* that thi* pgr. r will !?<? of long dtirai.un. The real aevrrity dieplayed liy AlalrmU on Ihe aoaMtaa of the late cutbr? ak at l'uebla, has tartly, if not open ly d:aapprnved by the goverrmiert lu -I tort thr wi-ak net* of the administration I* palpable in rrcry movement and artion. Not only doea iu p?!e aiet inn id |?>li< y en courage the malcootenU, but it ilMroyii ihe aafldem of thr capitalist*, and tin* aggravates thr lunger of the posi tion Since the entrance of Mr I'nyno, js M.ni. trr of Ki nui c<*. he bax mailt- unparalleled ell'irta to procure re sourcea, but in vain. Thr moneyed men look to wcurtty, and lind none in a g"vernniciit ? Inch a c?? <i?atitnte of the Instinct of sell' prwerv a lion And herein Ilea the marrow of the prohlem. With money the revolution i an bv crushed ; without it, the government must suc cumb. The rrnctinnist* nre in wnnt of a louder. San la Anna In dlsta-teful to a large proportion of them (Jcn?ral Kala* thought of, but ha If lu exile. A uew i onibinatioii Im How spoken of, and proportion* have, It In mmkI , boon iu: cepteil by Auguatili llnrhide, eldest son of the great liberator Many a'Uw h nedit to this Intelligence I <-,?n not, however. ntnl'Tbiki' to confirm it. Should it prove true, I will furnish you in uiy next with an impartial sketch of the rm leader, who, by the way, in at pre*< i,t living tranquilly in Mu'ic. I ?*nd you ertrnctn trom Um 7rm: d f n??ti of ? l iter date than yout 'enular tiles. AS liRMR APrrAI- AOA1NPT THE Blt?T PATRIOTS *.r XVTNO THK t'Ol NTRT. 1 (Tram lateil! m I.e Trail d't'nkxi. of Mexico, Nov. 12, for tl.e S'kw Yokk Ht iuui.] fine of our <4??|?rarle? ? IK- NmiUw ? contari* iu it* j column* of yp-ti rday a report which we had already beard of. A 'rowing to thi<> rumor It would appear that ' Mr Miguel I erdo. of Trjada, h*? t>een appointed Minwi^r ' from Mr vtro at Carta, in p'ai e ot M iita/juahrl. who ha* i l>e? n dumi*srd. Ilevi nd all iloubt Mr. I erdo will br ahle | to rendrr very imj?rtan? services to hi* country m bt^ new employment. The po?t which he formerly occupied n- Militate r of finance ha* made him intimately araaaioted , with onr of the important leiturea of thr Spoawh Mexican ! (juwllon? we ra?-ao tliat of the ."|*jii"Ii Convention. Mr. ! 1 erdo way ale'1 a member of the Cabinet at the time of the ormrrrcir if the plorable evi nt? of Han Vtrente, when th've erent? wrre lotia and profoundly dlBCUKfed tn the (Ahmet and invrsttfntrd wtth the ir.r" t rarrftil atter.ti n. I!< *ide? all thic. Mr l<rrdn ha.- a name in Kurope to which hMiortcal recollectlor a are attach' d, and ha will be we| iv.med there with much rr?pert and honor, and received with ail thr applianw* of a well merited immoderation. Kill, however, we i.-.nnot believe that he will arrrpt thia ap|ointm< i>t un<1? r thr circnnatnMM of thriimia.and dm fin the lran?a< l,< n of th- eveala whir h are m>w liap |? nil * In Mexico. Ilia rame k a rallying point and hlamlard for the part) of I'roKreM, in the military p"l.cy of the rountry. Tlie of a regiment tnuat not tn tnkrn away from the legkin to wha li it lielong* The rauae of ilrmix rary . n- w threal"ne.| with a rea? tivn which la making a deaperatn "trug^lr, -tarrl* In KXld of all her friends and chan.p?oo?, and abov<? alt ?he *utid? in rir.il of h?T lradrr? Tin- e, tli refi're. night to devote tl ? n>*el\e? to thr ran?* ? thry belong tn It The future be|nr? u* la at tin- moment pregnant w th great and unrxprctrd . vrtita t'nder a rrrtnin and givrn ?i >te of tl.ii .t II ? .I?- <?' Mr I/>rdo *..uid be nri vr ally rai!?-d forth fn ru out of the ni"uthn of uien Tli:? wni'il |ir thr nrr. - ary ml r?'a*i liable roti-tr-pien ?? of event* m ar I.' hapi?n. ?an?i wh" h. i'r>>h?l>ly, ar- n"t v^rr far off from ue I?f Mr l^erdo himself ia lh<? man who iir?l engaged -erioi^lv . n Uie grent battle whi' h ti new hi irg fought, nanu ly . the halll" between the nation and the churrh It la absolutely ueeotwnry . therefore, that he a hoe Id ?tw-k to hla poet and keep hl? pla>e at thr hrad of thr combatant*, and that there in the front rank he xhould rithi r triumph with thr ronqurrora or peruih with Ihe conquered [from thr ?amr of Nov. 1i. J TIIR KXII.R*. The following, according to the Tirmpn, l? the ltt of pr ?? n> r who on FY May morning w< re t.?ken out of Jail to be C' li* ? y ed to \ era ( rn* for rxj?iri;iin n ? OMKmri.-MV N?1A*. (iuittan, (irdonex, Ovando, l^g ran?', ( alleja. 7 ri (ial Ioko Onovw* ? MM ltnrri.i, ivimimrrfi!, Soiorwino. l,mmt?A*T*C?no*ri? ?MM Cootrera*. Moreno, r. nu ? vn ?vt ? M Vrtr* ( arrnnwi ? MM Franc i?coO*tllloe? I/iredo. s *Ait*a>'> _ :.;M I'. reg< u. I'urai .tije la, Cc?p? r?, H. Jnllo Salnrar Kuec'a On tl*.? MM rabl<? .xa'arar. Agcue.p 1'edroKrlr Irtrhmi, ? ? Met a, I'ernal, I r ,, i IVr V Catnpo*. cure Bullon > iTw?rr? t>a i * Dirrrarios MM. laidoro labin, l/iren?> |i<>?, It iro Pena, Kranct ro li>nrrola, Angel Ar re, Pranri* ( vv i df : i T Romaic* Mxnael (iarcia, Prndenr.io I to n>c ? 1 ion io Yf a. An'lreu Itrnx. N. Ma?1raao. The 7' -K ill tatmK thai II ? nhovo hat |? not alto grtker << mpletr. CO) * in to ^ -He rf <> not know the uan.ta it th' "th< r individual- ?ho wrre Jrnt wIT at ii." ?ami I m' aithlli ?< wh-e nr.m - w> have hen pi', l-h. d We ?hall mi Iravor to aacrrtain whothi ) a.-' an I then inform onr rradee* ttnong the nime? not above given are thw of le i%in thro and dr f oydn,!#. M V? l ev. rri.i. * no had He?n nr >r d In b *ent a? ',v with th' others received orders to rcnui.n ji -t 4 We in - ojrnt i f <<? i.irture. A nf.irrh wa* made by the offloers of jwrtice In tho honaea of M lo.ej.h Rnta?l de ('** Iro, both Id Uw? rttij Ht Mexico, mIko In the country at Oovoacan. M. de CMr?v however, whh at a good die lance frotn the capital, c a? ? quebtlv it i? uot tu be wondered at that his arreet did mob take place. The house* of sevral ether pfrwoi were also entered nn<l searched. <m tin- allegation lhat on Tueeday erenrng Int-l tlie> had foi raed it plan of netting the political prison rr* in l a Merced at libei ty No cue, however, of the par ti < s nought U>r were to be Unmd. According to intelligence which wc have received, * ?MM MM* thai the | i (iv. n by the Twnpc ? doubly IMMMK Accord'iig 10 |j| own confession rt doea not (live the named of ail who were sent off, and In the Hot given ot thofc who are *aid to have bean sent off there aro Rome who i-till remain behind In prleon. It in much to bo desired that the government should aa speedily a? possible publish a true lint, In order to put an end to a multitude of false rumor*. [From the game. | We rend yesterday in the Mvttilrur a paragraph of si linen only, which fix liuee, however, apfieared to ue t si>eak an loud an h trumpet. If the remarlu contained in. the |?r?M<aph referred to emanate from our brother, tho editor liinuelf, wc diuiuot altogether approve of what he aaya. Hut if, on the other hand, the paragraph in que* lion is but the echo of opinions let tall m high quarter*, wo can only F?y that wc are extremely sorry tor it. We here present the paragraph in question : ? We believe that U. dc Al&tnxle is tho psr? who dw, tatcd thiK measure, vis., the transfer of all the revenue of the clergy of Pnehla to the public treasury, by virtue of the decree of the 11th. lie did this In tho ardor and enthusiasm of a very laudable zeal. But thai doea not niter tlie circumstance* or do away with tho fact that ho IruiihCendrd hie |iowers in ho doitiF- For the article I'iS of the cobnlllotiou coolers, specially and exclusively, np"u the federal authorities the power of intervening id the affair?1 of the clergy. Now, if the statement of thu paragraph la well fnigdml, il wax clearly the duty ol' the HU|ir?nei government Ur hnvo immediately ratitleit und confirmed this sort of UFurpution aliened to have been committed by the Uov ernor of I uebla on his own authority , and which he wan necessitated to do for the safety of the cause. Hut suc h la not the slalc of the case. There was no art of usurpation committed. All that M. Alalrutte did was to lake away from a number of obstinate conspirators the pecuniary resource* by means of which they fomented disorder nnd rebellion. Whether thetv auuspiratora wer<r civil or military men, or clerical or wiiat might be the source of iheir pecuniary mfWi has nothing at all to do with the matter. X o question arise* here, in fiii< h a transit Hon, as to the relation between tho church nnd the State The only question involved in that of main tabling public order and tranquillity. The Governor of I'uelila i- rcfljioiixible for tlie public tranquillity, and thorn cannot be nvjionsibiltty where there m no power nor free dom to act. Til K KTEAMMllPfc THE DEMOCRAT A ANDTIIKUt KIUMUIO. It is announced in one of the public journals, that them two national war steamers have been dismantled and con demned. They were both, it in said, eo rotten an to bo quite unserviceable. What a short life they have had The Democrat* only dates it* existence from the year 1H64. The City Government for 1K5H. Tlie result of the general election which took place loot November, and ot tlie charter election of last Tuesday, en ables uh to give, tbL' morning, a complete lint of tho per sons who will constitute the city government for lite year 1868. We give the names only of suc.h officer* a* have been elccted by the people. In the following list <iemo cratfl are in Koman and opposition m Italia i ? Mayor * Onni-1 K Tismanm. Comptroller Azariah C. Flagg. <>?r|)oration Counsel Richard llu?te?d. f'onnty Oerk Richard B. Connolly. l ily ln*i*>cU>r Gmrgt W. MnrUm. Recorder (ieorge <; Karnard. City Judge Abraham D. RusmoII. Iiixtrict Attorney I'eter II. Sweeney. Wirrogate Fdward C W?jt. Regicter ..William Miner. High Sheriff Jamr* C. Willett. IIIIAKU OK UO VKIINOKH. C. (}<*lfrey Cuntlier, R<n. F f'irulcnty, Ipaa?- Townsend, W T" /'incki ley, I*. O. Malonry, Wa.-kimjt/m.'imUk, Anthony 1'ugro. /?vu: H iHimr. Vacancy m place of I?. K. Ttemann. O. V Andertvn. BOARD OP nrPKHVIHOKS. Tlie next Board of Supervisors will consist of the follow ing named peroens. The names of the first sit having been elected, and lie remaining six having received next to tho highest number of votes, will, to meet the reqiiire nieuLs of tho law, be ap|ioiuted by the Mayor on or before the 24th inn. ? William M. Tweed, J-hn A Kmtuxiy, Isnac. Bell, Jr., Wm H. Stswart, Ut>b F. Purdy, Aug Weisrmaa, Walter Ria-.he, Orwm Hlunt, William C. Conner, Vtler I'. Vw>r\i *, John R. Brlggs. TKos B StiUmvm. BOARD OF ALDKKMKN. I fist Namet. Ihrm Scrvit*. 1 ? Michael Murray 1 Yuar. 2 ? John Clancy 2 M .1 ? Henry B. llolimire 1 ?? 4 ? Thomas Slovens 2 M f_ William Tmitrr 1 ? 6 ? Michael Tuomey 2 " 7?Gn-rpr &arr 1 " 8 ? Thcuiae W. Adams 2 14 0 ? J. IF. Rannry 1 ?? 10 ? Ms f.yno 2 ? 11? A*. Harrifm TUrA 1 ?? 12? F J A Ho?le 2 M 13? ITutrlr* I VHmat 1 ? 14 ? J. J. Itradlry 1 * 15 ? Jamet (horn 1 " 16? Tboma* M ? ^pedon 2 ?? 17 ? Jamn Darn 1 ? liemocrats 9 Opposition ft BOARD Did. 1_A J VcOrny, r Ukkfort, W W. JutllMID, kl l.ilmartm, IV Crawford, A. Mci.'arron, V? 4i<<irgo u. Cornell, A. Mullipan, II. T. Kbodmt, Kd. Unitollo, J. C, Priihti, John Van Tlbe. fw mortal* 'M'toaitiOtl Or COIKCI1.MJEN. DuL 3 ? 1 'Wt, Oeorm Hmt , >..*n W W /?? T-uriW, .?>' ymo?r .4 Hunre, Jim** I f 'VriM. 4? Cbarl*? II IImmwc)*, H. w Otn??, K W ?..iln n, Wil.jur, NuUi. , T A. Dnnn, H. Arrulariu* . I? ft BO4K0 or EDUCATION.* ibi< ?V>ard ifl composed (4? fori y four nvmliw Iwo fronr "a? h ward in th? c*f ;ij? i-rm 'if ??*!????? w lor Iwo jff?r?, and lb? tint*' oi om ra>-mt>rr fur <"?rh want "jrptrnw ?T<Vf fW. tnnn??d In a I *t ol Um> mrrubani cloct for Ibn yr?r 1S6*, m urar a* cimld bo i rcrutn*d laat ??mlng ? Haul 1 ? John O'Uradjr. Samu' I AuW. 2 ? J. I). Frmfh. Nitron. 3? H J. Cr?<?i?r. iiacmi .V. /s>r"mp*e. 4? TIk?. Fiin." raJd. Futrnr Hint-. 5 ? Jatnrt M fiitkill Wi.liam ii. Facrr. Jr. C ? Kir hard ll?rr y William tltclair. 7? fhinisl < ca*r William ?. 1-wrrd 1? Wn MnmtrUi J<.hn K l.fdrrkrr I ? ' Dn< K UtU!*r%Ur~r /'owl S lltinr* ?l< !?? H Clurl. 11? (Iw^r Wlnt? A*r?u R KTllln*. HtBiinrih. . i>|>|iu*itk>n. 1ft Ward. 15? Abrahvr V William* Jam? MacKran. 1.1 ~A fircmmrll. '??tialhan L -oiflald. 14 AndrffW L [lyrnr Anjlrew H. CrMB. 1 6 ? Kiehar^i Warren. fViutu f. HenetUet. lft- Hnh-rtA. A tutu William J. Hv-kftt. 11? ? I Wkiiu Kk har I C Frfioww. M--0 W /W-r? William II. Mat ton If ? R *r1*he IWmw )?r tmy 'JO ? 'Ilnrr H I *r Wiliutm MkiI.-iOi SI ? hifaylte Hun* try /< An fhivennrrt. Si - Joha Mm. Wm. It. Mdrriner. policy jr-aricic!'. Din. 1 ? J-imet ft If-M t? MalhowT Rr.nnan. 9 ? i "barman *ir<??rn?ll. 4- Hamihiu II* l-'imm K Mtrrr? A ? Kt> Hitr-I hell v |-MkWI Ownolly, tl ? Jt.kn V*u>. krnbuth civil, jrirriciat. Dift 1 Jrreminh iM'krrf. 1 - ("lurlm -wt>?ny William K ftmil A Jr 4 Wt/Utim H Pan CM S? Charts H smith, ft ? T J Foi ta. 7 Ttionian I'e Tim cowrrrT tw thic twkntt **co*d ward. imiii. vt?r? r?m tinniAi N-rholaK Vparrirt HW J. K fhamborlam ... *> I nn ? I Wil>f HI Chari? wilmou l.*TO jimw Walnh 4*1 Wm. H. Inakr 44ft Total y<*? rant 3.23(7 Captain Rjrixtcra at Tmimmmmy Hail. TO Til ft KMTOR or THB II KRAI I>. Ymir rrtmrW r wa? BwUkm In ?a;in?i that I referred w> Mnrfbal Ryndrrf TWday iirfnlnir. at T^unmany Flail, whftt, In an^wi-r to lb* qi:<*tlon of wvrral prr?o? In tbo rr<?ri? ' "KUr? arc Ihr t inted offV-lataT' I afi rw<-r*4? "Ar? I1i?t m lho unp rfll>? enemy," bo. 1 am ti.-< i f v in *a> ti.ai Marshal Rynd?r* fitppr>!U?d th?> d# mxrnlW nom tn* Tkt Mivi r, ? n.i dlfc-narippd ha lotf m ? ii.. taU-r of ihr drmorrnl" imrtJ fa'thiully at tho rerwt rlrtt ? ii To r rrjiorfr wn afc" B 'tilirti In Ajrhjjf that I *..,?< if.e tx>r?oit wiih wln ni -.h> Vt-jh^l h?d vi alWrca l; n. pint il I wi* ey< If d fmrn ib?> nail k< The Har ?lint and r >r<>li' barf bren ar^ualawd for a ion* time, a-?l iK.ihirii hnt tin- kin'l"l ftellnrr o*iat wtwn>n iv Wo had no a'.U-rrabon Wl" loaards ca?-h nthar but ruMif. nor *> I tsprllrd from Ifco hall r!rn?o mako the forr? i . n your nf*l iaauo A. J. CIUMKY. 4 t*c. TO TIIK KOITOK 01 rm MFRAI.D. N?w V 1. 1M7. V. r< p< it" *?? n f^rror "n aVi'oj: thai I '..*d an al trr. ?K' ? 'lil'r <1iM'i?o> al IttMmr.jr Rtii la?i mid. if, dr l tr.it h?" w >? pt.'.'.f I ? ? * r tli o )4aiWm I h.iTo ktx *i> t(r livl-i y a < a roc fctvu! dcrm r.it nr many ?? ? * ' *'** r 1 >?' mn-ipic ,.nt anxi KW'Hher at ?i> ' ni?? I ? '???rrrci i! -? an or ml VU KY.VDBW.