3 Aralık 1857 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 7

3 Aralık 1857 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 7
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JMUta AT AUCJTIOM. ALBERT H. WIOOLAT, AUCTIO N KKR ?OFF ICE NO. 4 Broad street. ? Regular daily sale of stocks and bonds.? ALBERT H NICOLAY will self this dsy, (Thursday,) at 11* o'clock, at We Merchants' Exchange? #18,000 l.? Crosse and Mil waukie KK 2d atfe 8 per Ot boafe 8,009 Memphis City 6 per ceut bonds. 6,000 North.' i o ludiaiia KK 1st mortgage bonds. 7,000 Breckenridge CAiuiel Coal certificates. 8,000 Camdeu aud Amboy RR 6 per cent bond? of 1833. 1,000 La Crosse and Mllwaukle KB con. 7 per cent bond. 1,000 Washington City unit Mining Co. 1*1 inige bonds. 1 000 8acrauienb> City water loan 10 per cent bond of I8fi6. l'lOT do. do. funded loan 10 per oent boud of 1875. 5 000 Terra Haute and Alton KK lat mine bonds. SOO aha Metropolitan Errand and Carrier Express Co. . .... ft 76 I .a Crosse and Mil waukie KK 100 75 Kerosene (las I.ight Co 25 100 Brunswick !<and Co 100 JOO Fox and Wisconsin Improvement Co 100 10 Trevorton Coal and Railroad Co 100 20 Tiorillitrd Fire Insurance Co 25 300 Firemen's Insurance ("to 70 Keckman Fire Insurance Co 25 10 Harmony Fire Insurance Co 50 10 Astor Fire Insurance Co ao 6 People's Fire Intnrance Co 50 10 St. Nicholas Fire Insurance Co 25 10 ArcUc Flrr Insurance Co 50 10 Excelsior Fire Insurance Co 50 20 Bull's Head Bank 25 20 Chatham Hank 2.% Securities received lu addlUou to the catalogue during every >B?le. Next regular sale to morrow (Friday), Pec. 4. Regular nuc<ion sales of slocks aud bonds, also business paper, every day at 12* o'clock, at the Merchants' Kxchange. Stocks anil bonda bought and sold at private sale and nt the Hoard o. Brokers on commission. Interest allowed on deposits, loan < negotiated and dividends collected. A large variety of stock* aud bonds constantly on hand at private sale. ALIiEKT II. NICOLAY, Stock Auctlone?r aud Banker. AUCTION NOTICE. ? JOHN E. VAN ANTWERP WILL ae.U, on Thursday, 3d. at 10 o'clock, at 216 Pearl street, <tn addition to the usual assortment of harpwarc,) by order of assignees, 96 cases American goods, consisting of Flrmer'a chisels, brass and iron screw hooka aud eyes, black rivets, ?nanure forks, meat mauls, iron picks, steel points, carry combs, copper rivets and burs, weft trimmers, family acales, one ease spring cutlery, plated spoons, meat cutters, screws, brushes. Ac.; also, 2 cases double guns. 100 pairs pistols, 20 casks wrought nails, English sale cards, knives and forks, Ac. Auction notice.? sewino machines ? hamuel OHWOOD A CO., Auotloneers, will sell this day, {Thursday), at 10* o'clock, at their store, 81 Nassau street, one Howe's patent sewing machine, one Avery's ditto. k UCTION NOTICE? J. BOO ART, AUCTIONEER.? BY ?/v 8. B(X1 ART.? Friday, Dec. 4, at 10 o'clock, at the Irving Jlouse, No. 599 Broadway, mortgage sale of hotel furniture, consisting of a large assort mt'til of parlor, bedroom, dining t-oom and kitchen furniture, rosewood suits, mahogany sofas, parlor chairs, mahogany rockers, mahogany dressing and glials bureaus, mahogany dining aud tea tables, marble top centre tables, damask and lace curtains, marble top enclosed ?wash-stand, toilet sets. Brussels, three ply and Ingrain car pets, large pier glasses, cutlery, china aud glassware, kittlieu Utensils, Ac., Ac. J01IN W. SOMKKINDYKE. Attorney for Mortgagee. Auction notice ? j. booart. auctioneer.-by 8. BO'JART. ? This day, at 10* o'clock, at the auction rooms, corner of Frankfort and William streets, mortgage ?ale of household furniture, consisting of mahogany sofas and Slots bedsteads, mahnganv bureaus, bookcase, carpets, chairs: stlso one of Singer's sewing machines, also a large lot of ladles' gaiters, men's hoots, woollen blankets, oillee desks, iron tale, stoves, Ac., Ac. L. H. Vl'I.TEK, Attorney for Mortgagee. Auction notice? peter parks, auctioneer? This day, at the salesroom 194 William street, household furniture, viz.. marble top bureaus, chairs, tables, oilcloth, Ac. Also, one large pier glass. 72x32. Also, six Iron bed steads. Also, a line ol oil paintings. Sale positive, for cash. Auction notice.? wm. wilde. auctioneer -hy BUSH A WILDE, this day, at lo* o'clock, at 12 North William street, sale of furniture? bookcases, desks, stoves, Ac.: an invoice of furs, men's and boys' boots and shoes, seve ral One gold and silver watches, plated ware, Ac. Auction notice.? gold and silver watches and gold jewelry. -WILLI AM TOPPING A CO., No. 9f Broadway, will Include in their sale of Friday. Dec. 4, a large and general assortment of English and Swiss gold and silver bunting snd open face lever, duplex. leplne and chro nometer watches. Also small watches for ladies, and Knglish linntlng levers and chronometers for gentlemen, and some diamond set watches. Also an assortment of diamond jewel rv. in gold settings, warranted aoltd 18 carats. N. B.? Every - tiling in the above Invoice will be warranted to correspond >vitli the description on the catalogue, and every article olTer *d will be positively sold without restriction or reserve. The Invoice will be soli{ ut 12 Auction palf. of household furniture Roscwood pianoforte, carpets, stoves, Ac. SAMUEL OSGOOD A CO., Auctioneers. ?Ill sell Uie entire furnltnrn, Ac., contained In their stores; si I so all fnn.lture now on storage, to pay expenses, Ac... (lilsdsy, Tbursdsy, Decembers, st lOVi o'clock, at 8' Nassau direct. In the assortment will be fonud three very tine rose ?wood parlor suits, oak snd enamelled chamber suits, two ma hogany extension tables, rosewood and mahogany dressing bureaus, washstands, two mahogany wardrobes, French, (lo thlr and Elizabethan bedsteads, rosewood and mahogany French secretsry book cases, new and second hand mahoga ny sofas snd sofa bedstesds; parlor, rocking and easy chairs; Turkish easy chairs and lOOlIM, hair in.HireKses. two rose ?w o,?d and two mahoganr msrble top etegeres, with mirror backs and door*, marble ? . >p centre and other tables, card tables, cottage bedsteads, lounge bedsteads, paillasses, blan k?i?. hat siands, towel racks, corner stands, book shelves, office chairs, Ac., Ac. Also, A quantity of good second hand furniture, consisting of bed steads, sofa bedsteads, bureaus, chair", washstands, velvet Slid Brussels tapestry carpets, several stores, Ac., which have been on storsge and not called for, sold to psy storage, Also, Foreclosure of chattel mortgage; One rosewood snnsre octave pianoforte with stool, Ac N. B ? The whole of this stock will be positively sold to Clear the su>re. Catalogues on morning of saie. AUSIONEK'S HALE (IF THK ENTIRE STOCK OF fashionable ready msde clothing and piece goods con tained In stole No !**? Klghth avenue, this day, Dec. S, at Id* o'clock, by A.M. CKLSTALAR, auctioneer-" Consisting In part of silk, satin, rlotb. easslmere and velvet vests, of the latest styles Slid patterns, c|. >ih, easslmere. pilot an 1 peter sAatn frock, sack, raglsa. dress, business and overcoats; tine black fancy and side stripe easslmere. doeskin, cloih and sa'l ?et pants, large lot of tailors' trimmings, linings, selesias. buttons sflks. Vesting", doesklna, casslmerea, gentlemen's i urn lahlag goods, Ac. By order of . J. F. FIKH8R. Asslgsee. i fWlKXri RAI.R OK OROCKR1RH?W 11,1.1 AM T ?/\ BOVM, liirtlMr'r. will sell at No. 914 Ninth avenue, on >'rld?y, 4'.h tiiar , at in1, o'clock, a freah stock <if groceries, "white and brown Ruitara. green and black tea*. ureen aud txirnt coffee*. butter in tuba and firklua. flour, apicea, candle*, ??'apt. Hecker'a good*, syrup* iu half btrrma b-'-f. htm. Ac .Aleo Uietliturea. scale*. Ice box, Ac. My ftleud* will here find a r ock worthy of attention. all put In (lure May laat. JOHN C MORRISON, K?| . Aa?lgtiec A WIOKKK'8 BALK Of A I.AROK STOCK OF RKAPY j\ made clothing and piece good*.? By A. M. CRIST ALA R, auctioneer. on Monday. f>cremb<'r7. at l?'li o'clock, at No. 308 Chatham street, constating In part of silk. aatln. cluth c.ia ?nroerc and velvet vesta. of a variety of at) lea and pattei na, cloth, easaimere. Dibit and petersham froefc, m>, rului, dreaa, bu?mca? and overcoat*. tine black doe-kin. cloth. ca* ?imere and aattnet pan'a; ahlruf, drawer*. ovcralla. rravata. handkerchief*. Ac.; cloths, c*K*imcre?. doeaktna. nlka, satins, lining*. atleaiaa. buttons. U immings, Ac , Ac. Bj order of ? S IV MOSS. Aaatgnee. BT JOSEPH HF.dF.V A N? FRIO AY, PKCF.MRRR 4. AT I0-S 0 clock A. M , at Ihe central *.ile?room. Wllloimhby, corner ol I'earl *tre*t, Brooklyn, a atnall nimntlly of fitrnl lure, In rood order. Aiao, a lot of clothing, kid glove*. crock cry, jewelry, Ac. *. I.EYT, AUCTIONEER. 72 WILMAM STREET Assignee sale of tirontc. parlan and fancy gmtd* ? C M. IiKTT will aril Krtdav, 4th Inat., al 10 o'clock, at X\ MaJdan lane witbant reserve, the most evten*lve and beat x? ?on men! of fa ucr aooda of all description* rU ? Klegaut lironrea. elegant clock*. warranted workmanahlp and beautl fill dastgn*; elegant parlan r >oda. mother of pearl, opera Slaaaea papier mache writing desk* and work b..n> Bnglub resaing caaea for ladies an I gentlemen. portemortBiea. veal ?nd sleeve button*, with a general asaortmm of perfumery, "warranted imported; several One oil paintings Purchaser* ?wiK attend, aa every article can and will be aold to highest ?Mlir. C^ONs'T Alll.F.'S P Al.F OF .TEWEt.RY J SAMI'Kl. <MK>OOf) A CO . aucMoner*. will *e|l th'adar. ?t US o'clock, at their atore. Ml NaMait atreri. by or ler of a ronaiablc, one gold watch, seventeen gold chain*. 12 g"M pencil cases 100 silver pencil eases, IQ brooches, Bit gold pflner ring* IS gold locketa. pocket ktilrea. Ac Term* t-a*h. Fp A T. H. RTI1KKCK, AUCTIONF.KR* ? AUCTION 'J. Notloe.? Aaalgtiee* tale of Toy* Fanay <?oo.!a. Ac . for tassh The subscriber will offer on Sa-irdsv, Decembar ft. at 1# o'clock. AM at V Maiden I.*na. np stair*. Nea York, ? large-and attractive assortment of Toy* Fancy Uo>.ta. Ac.. ?I public auction betn* part of the eiienaive %tock imoorted by Jolley A Tier*. ThU aale offer* greal Ind icemetiU to cijv ?Bd conntrr dealer* aboat ?elec?tng their holiday afock. a* !t laclodeo a eomple rartetr. N. B.? The particular attention nf the trade ta requeatoJ FJ?W. HKN, Aaaignee of Jolley A Tier*. Oaear Jolley A Oo . Wm M Tlrra A t o. InwAR nVuKVt ;k, a rcfio'f kfr bt r. a r ff RCTIKNCK.-Thla ria* and Frl lay. f>?c Sd and 4t|?, at 11 o'clock each d?y. at their aalearo^m. SS laaaan aireei, ooperb fani-T g'xala being the gooda not rcached on the cata logne at NlbloV together with ?>me attperb g<v*la from 'he name hoiiaea, romprlalng Kagntflornt French rnarb'e, bronie and gtlt dock* anaerb Herrea *nd Franchehlna raaea, clegaM fianan gronpa ami ?ia> ?ien??, browse Mofftliu and Irtff-' ? 1 flenrea. a'tpcrh Freach china dlntier and tea aeta. ele fant Rohemlan glaaa ware In greal Tarfeur. I'arl* tnttatc?1 oiea, magnificent *llrer plated tea aeta, waiter* of all aire*, urn*. Ac . alao one niagnlflcent tlreclan mm'ble ra?e, eiubt feet hl|(h. coat 9SU0 alao one a>iper1i marble KOm hi urn The above will be on eshlbltton on W?dne*da> . and wilt b? poat ttrely gold a* abore. jgl.Kii ANT FANCT~iOOr>S K A F. II HCIIRNCK On Thttrada.v and Friday, I>ecember3and 4, At \<\% o'clock each dav , Al Ihclr aalearoom. No ,U N'aaaatt alreet. One of the rtchaat aale* Kver oflcred. El.RO A NT CARVFH RO?F.WOOt> ANO MAIIOOASY fnrnltni*, made by Totiao, Rom, and Mrrcetn. abort time lniiae.? F. N ASH. auctioneer, will aoll this day. iTh'in?day,| at lil^ o'clock, by catalogue, the entire contenia of fb? large fonrnory dwelling Itotiae a|tuat?d ?t Al R'aat Sitteenth atreet near F?fU> arentie, oontalnlt|g attperb hotnelioltl rtirnlttire, of ar*t elaa* workmanahlp, m?de to order, and In excellent r n dl'lon Parlor furniture? rich relrct carpet*; three mti?i ii C*nt rngewood parlor *ult?. corcred In cleg ?nt aatln brocade; large eaay , V o'lalre and reception chaim to rni'.ch t wo r aewood rtcgerca. with tnarblc u pa and mirror dooigi and back*, lined with aatlu wood, TCry ex| einivcly carved, ele Rant roaewood centre, aide ?nd work tarilca; ladle*' roaewrv*! aecretarv, wlih mirror door lined alth aitln ?k?I, made te match the rosewood parlor furniture; ne-o-w <?l oo-ni r and muaic iiand* . aplendld 7 octave roaewood MI'ler preml'itn pianoforte richly Inlal l with pearl ami real pearl kcya, de cidedly one of the moat auperb tnatrntnenM ever made, rii hly amboaed cover and at'-al. French plute mirror*, expennlve laca and brocatel wlndt-w curtain*; also a great variety of All p?iot log* large *t*erlerant W rte, -orated china * >a -a, p .irlan and Chi neee figure*. tarentT one da) ormolu clock" togi-tber w*h many other co Ut mantel otngmert*; mahogany, black w al Out ami roaew ood cuahn n> 'H-haira, covered In hair cloth an 1 tnedallloii . rocking and cx*y cbalr*. aofa*. oak and walnut c\ tanMon talde*. rich china tea aeta. c>?t gUa* ware, comprialng ? full atMiorimeni. *ttrh t* tuiu'dera. wine*, rii mipn'in-a, <^b l"t*. celcrv g,ji?ae. btnter ?! ?b> a. lemonade*, pitch ???. alao, oatly Mirer war,-, elegant revolving caater*. wKh sfileridld cut bottl.-? *i-om-\ fork*, cake baakrta, tea ?er '?cea. aalvera lvnr***ttl< ! i*eri p tlea, rege table di*hea, amip tur.-, n*. Ac . al?o, ilia furniture of all the badronma, containing mahogany eiiahloned chur* elag.nt ??>?"od. mahogany and black walnut bc,lat<<a<la; pure batr roiH-wo.id and mabogant marble tail buraau*. wim ??ehatanda to trat. h th. I e ? ida decorated chl-v t<d let *eta, bedroom carpeta, mlrrora. toilei and work txMra. ele ii*1* p*n>"? and rod* ollelotha hall *tand?. Ac Hile po*ittre N B ? Fnmttnre ran l?e packed md shipped by an pawaneed peraon ai ihe a.ile, P ir'ic* In want of aoltd ro?e woo?i parlor fnrnltnre. of ihe mw etocntlre d' -rrlpttnn will ... I0 attend, a* e?erv *rtlcte will be *.<ld althotit reserve In conseiueneeofjhe family relinquishing hooaekeaplng C"?? * ? A V A 1 1 F A ft T roNRRB? S > ~ A ARO V **A jllj.rr n. nT ?.n rrM*T' l?rcemher 4 at IU o < l.iek, at Ihe aalearoom W < atlargtn et, by catalrgna, f..i . tah -t . pie and fanry dry gooil*. broadcloth*. eii*<imere? reatmp*, ?1ie< Ing*. FT. n }y** of rr ?dr mn<w rloih^ir. aeasonnhla good-. *l.,ai?. .. r.,,d.r- b ic;r A . tu?> ?ALU AT AUCTION. EH. LUDLOW. AUCTIONEER ? PEREMPTORY BALK OF KLKOAlfT ROSEWOOD, SATIN WOOD AND WALNUT KuKNITURK, ALL MADE BY O. PLATT, IN TWO BEST MANNER. AND IB IN PERFiCCT ORDER E. H. LUDLOW A CO. will sell at auction. ou Monday. De < ember 7. 1867, at 10^ o'clock, at 100 Fifth avenue, northeast i orner of Eighteenth street ? DRAW1NO ROOM. Klegsat furniture, constating of sofas, chair*. Ac.; cartel satin wissl, yellow embroidered cover*, heavy yellow satin brocatel cm tains, carved iialin woo<l centre and pier table*, mirrors in curved satin wood frames, superb Loals XIV. clock nnil csnilelabra* in gold and bronze, beautifully embroidered lire screens, Aubusson carpets, gUt chandeliers, with gold co lured shade* and bracket* to match. DININO ROOM. Elegantly carved sideboard, dining table, carved pedestal Sideboard, chair* In green morocco, carved eornli e*, suleudld engravings and mirrors in richly carved frames, all black walnut; bronze and gill chandeliers anl brackets, green bro catel curtains, antique clock, velvet tapestry carpet. PARLOR. Carved rosewood furniture, centre table, Aul>u*son carpet, elegant mantel mirror, green nnd silver white curtains, bronze and gold chandeliers, with ruby shades and brackets to match. LIBRARY. . Carved rosewood library table and other furniture ; pedes tal writing table, with drawer for Audubon's Birds; carved library arm chairs, carved pedestal and bronze statues, blue silk curtains; elegant bronze clock, the Tournament, figures to match; elegant bronze antique gas chandelier aud brack els, choice books; Persian velvet carpet, Ac., Ac. HAIO.. Elegant carved chairs snd table; prints in carved frames; carved walnut sofas. bronze ga* fixtures, Ac., Ac. CHAMBER, SECOND FLOOR Rlegsnt rosewood furniture en suite; Psyche glass, broca tel! curtains; marble top centre aud side tables; velvet and tapestry carpet*; mirrors iu rosewood aud gilt frames; gill clocks, rosewood toilet tables with marble top; table de nult, Ac., Ac. BOUDOIR. Rosewood furniture in rose colored brocatell ; rose colored curtains; mirrors In carved rosewood frames; Aubusson car pets, Ac. THIRD FLOOR. Klegant satin wood chamber furniture lu blue, en suite, ds. do. ; Hack oak In green do. ; rosewood in blue do. Hall? Inlsid rosewood Uble, sofas. Ac.; brocatel curtains, carved cornices, Ac., Ac. Spare Room? Rosewood canopy bedsteads; centre table, chairs, Psyche glass, sofas, Ac.; velvet tapestry carpeting, mirrors, Ac.. Ac. Catnlogues can b? had on Friday, and the furniture, Ac., sivn by permit on the Saturday previous to the sale, after 9 o'clock A. M. To be had at the office of the auctioneers, No. U Pine street. FLOWER ROOTS AT AUCTION.-KZRA LUDLOW, JR., A CO. will cortlnue to sell, at private sale, until Satur day, at 28 Pine street, double hyarinths at 4c efech; double anil single tulips 1c. ; crocus 30c per 100; narcissus 3c.; ane mones, iris, glodiNhf*. snow drops, each. The balance at 11 o'clock, at auction, 6th Inst. (GILBERTS. SAVAliK, AUCTIONEER? BY AARON A JT PA VAOE. on Friday, December 4, at 12 oVIork. at the salesrooms KS Cedar street, special sale of a large lot of very superior gold watches, from the most celebrated makers, to gether with a large lot of fine Jewelry, consisting of plus, earrings, finger rings, chain*. Ac., In great variety, being the stock of an importer closing business. GO. UORTON, AUCTIONEER-SALESROOM 76 OAR ? mine street, w ill sell, this day, at salesroom, at 2 o'clock, household furniture. < Groceries, rrandies, winks AMD seuars at auction ? Assignee's sale, by A. M. CRIMTALAK, auctioneer. 23 Bowery, on Friday. Dec. 4, at lo)i o'clock, consisting In part of 5 hhtls. molasses, 7 bbls. syrup, 15 bags coffee, sugars, teas, soap, 20 esses sperm snd mould candles, Hour, nc#. barley, indigo, and the usual assortment ot' groce rles; also27 bbls. cognas anl seignette brandies. 1H bbls. ma deira and port wines, 8 bbls. ruin, glu and aud whiskey, 118 cases brandy, Clare* and port wines; also liquors In casks, kegs, demijohns *nd bottles; counters, Mhclvlng, measures, ?ton futures, 1211.1100 Havana and domestic segars. This sale Is well worthy the attenttou of liquor, segar and grocery dealers. and w'lll positively be sold without reserve. By ol der of the assignee. Henry b. herts, jr.. auctioneer ?by iierts A MOSS.? Will sell, on Thursday, December 3, at UWj o'clock, at the salesrooms, No. Pine street t Receiver's site, by order of the Supreme Court', a large stock of made up fu^a comprising elegant mink, marten, Grecian, stone mar tenTil. It sable, French sable, Royal Ermine, river mink, mountain marten, Russian fitch, Siberian squirrel and other cloaks, rapes, tippet*, viciorines. talmas, mutts, null's, Ac ; al*<> a large lot of gentlemen's gloves, mufflers, coats, capes, sleigh and Isp robes. Ac . Ac tioods on view aud catalogues ruady on Wednesday, 2d iust. Henry b. hkrts. jr., auctioneer -by herts A MOSS? Assignee's sale of diamond jewelry, gold watches, Ac., on Friday, December 4, a* 10}? o'clock, at the salesrooms, No Pine street: being the entire stock of a Maiden lane importer; comprising In part massive diamond breastpins, rings, earring*, bracelet*. Ac ; also, a lol of English and Swiss gold watches, by most celebrated makers, gold jewelry in gseal variety, silver ware, fancy goods, Ac. Catalogues will be ready snd goods ou view early on morning of sale. Notice. ? As the sale is peremp tory, a deposit Will be required from all purchasers. Henry b herts. jr.. auctionekr.-by herts A MOSS ?Will sell at au'tlon, on Wednesday, December 2, at 11 o'clock, at No 9o Warren street. Sheriffs sale of looms, mschinery, headdresses vlvi^h, ribbons, fringes, t?>?eli, office furniture, Ac. By order of The above sale is further adjourned until this day, Thurs day, Dec. 3, at same time and place. J AS. 0. WII.LET, Sheriff. Henry b. herts. jr.. auctioneer-by hkrts a M< >SS? Will sell on Friday, Dec. 4, at 12 o'clock, at the salearoom No. a1-. I'lne street, Constable s sale of hoola and shoe*, trunks, clothing. Ac . comprising calf skin snd patent leather boots, shoes, slippers, trunks, hat boxes, coals, pants, veats, Ac., Ac. Also two iron safes, one lounge, Bv order of .IOHN II 1IILLIKR. Constable H ENRY B. HERTS, JH , AUCTIONEER. EI.Kl.ANT SLEIUH ROBES, This Day, At the salesrooms. No. 8)? Pine street At toe salesrooms, no. a-,, l ine siree: We will offerin the *ale of furs this day, the mast mag Oliirrnt assortment of robes ever offered at auction. One very elegsnt Polar bear robe, cost floo Several Hudson's Buy wolf robes, worth V?l to each. Sale positively, without reserve, by order of the Receiver. Henry h. leeds a co auctioneers? office No 2T*. Nassau street? Will sell at auction, on Thursday, Dec J. at 12 o'clock, in front of our store. No. ft Nassau street, a very stylish and beautiful bay mare. 6 years old, fast (roller, long tall, kind In every respect, Hamillonian breed. Sold for want of use. Henry h. lkroh a ro. ArcriojfEBiM-omric, H No. 23 Nassau street? will sell at auction, on Friday, December 4. at lt?*i o'clock, al the nales room No 2i Nassau atreet. A **lgnee a*le , Mdc a continuation of thesi ock hM en thr J7th, r.itiaiatitig of rich and valuable fancy furs. com priilUK *n elegant a*aortineai of Hudson Bay M.ble. mink marten. stone marten. Rusaian squirrel French sables, ermine, fl'rh marten, and other dew-rtptlon*. In mantel*. capes. tippets, circular*, vlclorlne*. ttitilh. euff*. gauntlet*. foot mu7?. A<\. In (treat variety Alw>. gentlemen* fur* In cap* collar* Kaimtlet* and coata. Also, aome \erv Hue dark miuk fur* and elegant aables of a beautiful description. The above good* are all of the bent qualities. manufar -lured by a noted Maiden lane furrier, and especially got up f.?r city retail trade They ?Ml I f sold at a great sacrifice. and pcr*nn* dealrous of par c haeing their fill* will do well U> attend thl* aale. a* such an opportunity la but seldom offere<l. Krerv article la warrauttil aa represented, and a dcpoall will be required. JMURIVUTY. ACtTTOKKKR? WIM. 8RI.I., THIS . day, at 173 Chatham square, at 104 o'clock, orer *?l p.ilr of blankets *li?hlly damaged. ?l*o, a general aa*ortment of furniture, mlrrora, carpet*, oil palnUug*, IlI'M ware, and a variety of fancy good* IARflK AUCTION HAM.-HKNRY T. LKKIM, A VC- I J ttoneer.? Positive aale of elegant carved rosewood parlor furniture, pianoforte, very finely Inlaid, full 7 octave; Kilt framed pier gla**e* and painting*. table cutlery, glaa* and plate* ware, on tbla dav. Doc. S. at 116 West Fifteenth a' reel, at 104 o'clock, without i?ny reaerve, rain or shine. Thoac in want of superior furniture, but little used, would do well to attend, aa every atttnle l? of the boat deacrlptlon, made nioatlv to order, and ennaUt* In part of one finely inlaid piano fore, 7 octave, warranted for t wo yearn, piano aiool and cover; several very valuable oil painting*, rich frame*. eieellent and choice aubjecta, parlor furniture, en suite, n* ? Two suits b?avlly carved roaewo?>.l, 7 ?"d #plecea covered wtthrtchcat aatln brocade; carved rosewood reception chaira. Voltaire chairs. In satin; tw o very large Freuch plate mirror*, guid frame*; Italian marble stand*. rosewood. marble top centre, side and ?<>fa tables, rwwimd etcgere and cahtneta. French plate door* and back*; large Dresden china vaeea and orna ment*. library book caae, candelabra, corner etegere*. Hug < liali Hruaeel* carpets. Ac . hall roae wood hat atand. oilcloth, ! **n,r carpi t rod* Bedroom* are furnished with inn rain and I three ply carpet*; eight pure curled hair tnallreaaca. aprtng 40. . solid r.-?# wood g..ihic bed*vead. marble top ilrevaing I", < reau*. wa*h*tand* t lack watnut RIlxAbethan. do . mahogany ! sofa bed*. snrlng ?eat chair*. ro>kers. easy chairs, mirrora, mantel clock* vases, toilet seta, Ncdi and nodding. Ac Mr I Pining room contains an eaten*i<>n table 16 feet l>ug. aofa, oak dining room chair*, mai hie lop oak buffet mirror hack; a Iver plaled ware, Ftench nh'na tea and brsakfa*t seta :?Mn cutlery, cut glaaa Ware, plated caateT. liquor aet*. Ac Per S'ns at a dl*tance ciyi rely r>n the furniture being equal to advertisement. Hold by order of assignees I ON FRIDAY (TO MORROW! OKC 4. AT hl^ OTI,OCR A M . el the alegani sandstone front private re?i linen I No. MM U est Twenty third sweet. near Ninth avenae. a.i ths rich and cooth g mda in *nd belonging to the bonne embracing a large assortment and great variety of Brat eia*a go?la ? 1 PANIRI, * HOrtlH. auctioneer. ojjee No 7H lleekman aireet. will sell aa above, without reaerve. to ihe high'-at bWl d?r. for caali. Hale poalilve No poatponemeni u any ae eount. i'aah depoalta raquired .if all parchaeera iModinitit be removed Immediately. In th" baaemeni are Wilton car pei? earved walnut ???!!. eiieneton tablo, bulTet and ehalra, ??de tab lea, Conehea clocka vaae* engravinqt *c . together wiih all the kt'ehen - 1 tanafla ehina tea and .inner ?ete ailver vaie. ivory cutlery, cut glaaaware, Ac. bolonging to the family. In the parlor* are rich H*is*liah velvet oarpeta and rug*, ihn e *<>lld r.-aawood ?u?a in rich damaak eoveringa, centre and *lde tablea. comer and wall ategerea, lace window aurWna, pier and oval glaaaea. aaav and raeepiloo chaira, w*k talila*. two elegant oil painting*, aaveral fine line en ?raving*, Dre*den chin* va?ea. br..n*e flgurea. clockaan.l atntualtc*. ga* flitnrea. one Ann toned roa<>wood 7 Octave piano, with *inol and cover, library and aaeraiary bookcaaea, n<aawond hall atands. Rngllah oil cloth. velvetMalr earpet and roda auperbly carved ro*ewo.n| and mahogany bedroom fur ??Hnre aa beiateada, hnreaua. warde^bna, 10 fine curled hair matlreaeea, bed*, blanket* and bedding, oarpeta. couehee, ?ofa* chair*, clock*, angravtnga. glaaaea. tahle cutlery, and k hint of other arliclaa to<i nnmerou* to mention, i'arlinen will be In attendance to remove or pack and ahip the g><od* SHROARS AT AUCTION^ k/.r a i,rni.ow a ro. wlH *ellat lhelr??!e*ro >m*. on Thursday. Dec 4 by order of (he aaalgnc ? 4t?M?i?Mmporte?l nejrar* of the following well know n brand* llenrv i'lay. Jntdter. Plrarro. Nebaatapool. Consolation, He tniraml*. in lm* to *ult purt liaaer*. The attention of iho trade Is solicited. milOH TKITCH, AKTIONKRR, HT"RF l? HPRI'CR 1 tireel -Hhcriir* sale of Ihe content* of ac...>per ahof, A' -On Thurwl-iy. December* |t?7, at 10 A M.attheaale* ti "m Ko. Id Hprnce atrcet, c.-naie'ing ot a large 'piantlty of P.U., barrels, boghead*, TMOR VFITt'H, AfCTIONRK R -HToRK NO. WHPRirrt ?treet? HherHTs ?ale of greenhnuae plania, Ac , thi? dae, (Thin adav.i lie. :i at to o'clock A. V at Kln.-abridee, eonstMMnf greeath.mae plnnt*. h <r*e. wagon, harnea*. A ? .IAMKH f. Wtl.l.KTT. Hherlff. rpiIOS. \ KITCII. Al't'TlONRFR HTt>RK, No HI HI'RI t'R I atreet.? Mortgiige aale of a large quantity of watches, Jewelry. Ac., this nay 'Thursdays Hecemner S. at 10 o'clock A M .at the *ale*room No 1? Hprttce atreet, c>n*i*tlng of gold and ailver watcho* jewelry, cravats, arm chair*. Ie<ks, tahlcs, li'liographlc prlnt?j?lcture?, clock, Ac Alao, all the right, lltleand Intercat of Kmll IwiKroreof. In and to a lot id jewelry held by him in pledge. The *ale wtll positively 1 ike place It STFRN, Att?>rney for Mor;gagee. W' ~P 'VKI.UIR AI't'TItiNFFR -nv MKI.I.OR A tv . 14/Otn en Tlmr*d?y and Friday, Dec S and ?, at lit', o'clock each day, at the *a|e*room IMHroadwga aaaignee's stleof over fiat (tOOt.f freali furs and *lelgh 1 oheg; the proper fi of a R road way fittrter, *old by order ol ,)<>*epb A, .lack *'.<n a**lgnee Frery lot will positively be *old without re serve, nnd will be warranted perfect and free from all Imper faction* conaiallng of Ru**lan sable cape* vletorlne*. ntnlh ?nd cittr*. In *et* to match; real mink, atone marten, filch. Rnnsian **ble, roval ermiae do. In sets; children * do In great variety, together with about 1l*1 elegant sleigh robe* of ute richest nencriptlsn We invite the attention of our nttme - is 'i 11 nd* to tj?e al-rve sale, and they ran rely open every lot put up Will be ?.ld positively *? *>'ove Descriptive en t*l< .cues ran br Ob' tiuctl at tUe'salegroora csrl) on niorattig MLBI AT AUCTION. TTTM. WITTERS, AUCTIONKKK-TO ALL WHOM IT TT m>; concern ?Whereas two horses, two net* of har ness, our milk wagon and one grocery wagon ha* been left with me, and noownerto be found, I will cause them to l>e sold ?I public auction, in front of the auction rowiiuof Win Witter*, auctioneer, 464 Canal sireet, on Friday , Uir ilk day of Decani ber, for storage and keep. E. SMITH. Livery .stable, North Moore street, near Hudson. HOUSES, ROOMS, Ac., TO LBT. ?JfkQ WAVERI.EY PLACE? TO LET. FRONT AND _1 V/O -and back parlors, furnished, without board; also, three fine room* on second story, likewise three room* on third floor, furnished or unfurnished. separate or together, as required; modern improvements in this house. Kent very low. For particulars apply on the premise*. _____ A BOARDING HOUSE TO LET-WEST OK RROAD wsy, below Canal street. Yearly rent $0011. furultiire as it is, everything for aale. Prioe $MHI. From 13 to 18 good payingboarders will remain. B. W. RICHARDS, 307 Broadway. A NICE STORE AND DWELLING TO LET-IN Broadway , in the vicinity of Union square. Yearly rent $71*); the dwelling part eight room*; the furn'.ture, from $250 to 9400, far sale, Possession Immediately. A HANDSOMELY FURNISHED HOUSE TO LBT-WEST of and near Broadway, below Canal street, everything lor housekeeping; rent $76 per month; possession lramrdi ?.fill the owner going to leave the city. Apply to B. W. RICHARDS, 307 Broadway. A FURNISHED FIRST CLASS HOUSE TO LET, IN Wavcrley place, a short distance from Broadway. Rent until May. $600. or would be leased for a longer terra Also a nice! v furnished three story house, nssr Eighth Javenue; everything for housekeeping, gas, chandeliers, baths, water closet, range, Ac. Rent until May, $320 B. W. RICH A It PS, 307 Broadway. Furnished house to let? to a family or a party of gentlemen, until May. Has the Improvements. Location near Blercker street. FurnMB rooms, for a faml ly aud gcntlemeu. in another house. Mlmrmx J. I.., Broad way l'o*t office, stating where an interview can be had. Rent will be moderate t<k a responsible party. Furnished house to let-in twenty second street, near Lexington avenue, to a private family only Three stories, twelve rooms, wtth the improvements, in per feet order. Apply al 58 East Twenty second street, from 1 to 2 o'clock. Rent Jfl.iWO Furnished house to let in west twelfth street ? Neatly slid fully furnished. Kent $100 per month. One in West Fifteenth street; one in Wavcrley place twenty rooms; one m Thirty flrst street. Apply to KNIOHT A CO., 493 Broadway. House to let.-tiie first clam beautifully located brown stone front house No. .134 Henry street, Brooklyn, will be let from now until the first ot May next to a reliable tenant for $'JSU, if applied lor immediately. Inquire of Mr. JOHN K. 1IOBA, 13a Fulton struct, New York, up stair*. Mansion hoitse hotel, Natchez.? for rent, I lie above uld established hotel, furnished For terms spply to C, IV LKVERICI1, 111 Peari street, or L. 11. MAK SHALL, Natchez. STORE TO LET-IN BROADWAY. NEARLY OPPOSITE the Broadway theatre. The store is well located for auy bu slues*, it being a good Maud, one of the best on Broadway. The store i* to let from now till May, on account of the owner going South. Inquire at the jewelry *tore, ;)?J7 Broadway. TO LET? THE SMALL, NEATLY FURNISHED BOOB Na. 3 Clark street. Inquire at 08 Sullivan sireet. TO LET-IN DEAN STREET, BROOKLYN, A REAL snug little brick house; ha* gas fixtures and water. It t* n good opportunity for a small family in want of a comforta hie house at a low rent. A lease given. Apply to Mr. I >OW N ES. 71 Atlantic street. TO LET? TO A VERY SMALL FAMILY, IN HOUSE NO S2 Urove street, three rooms on second floor, consisting of front psrlor. back room and bedroom, with pantries, all In good order and newly papered. Possession immediately. TO I.ET-THE SECOND STORY. CONTAINING SIX rooms of ? genteel house in Thirty third street, between Islington and Tlrird avenues; is occupied by a nice lamlly. Apply at 131 East Thirty fourth street, second bouse east of Third avenue. TO LET? THE LOWER PART OF HOUSE 01 WEST Twenty third sireet. between Sixth and Seventh avenues, h ith sll tlie'uiodern improvements; extra room if required; gas. hot aud cold water, bath loom, Ac.; Immediate posses sion given; rent moderate. Inquire of B. W. RUIHAKliS, tn Broadway. or on the premises. TO LOT-ON REASONABLE TERMS UNTIL MAY next, a lirst class, full sized four story brown alone house, completely furnished, and uesr Madison square. Ad dress A. C. B., Herald office. TO LET? NO. 421 NINTH AVENUE, A SPLENDID store and bssement; rent $iA> per month; profession at once; 4 2 feet deep, two show windows. Croton and gas. Coilll ters. shelving. Ac., Complete, tine business place. Apply to A. DAVIS. 1U> Ninth avenue, near Twenty seventh street. TO LET? A FLOOR, CONSISTING OF FOUR ROOMS snd a basement. In n genteel house, with all the modern improvements. The house is In good order, the family strict ly private, and a desirable location. Inquire at No. S3 Uenrv street. TO L ET? FURNISHED. A Sl'IT OF PARIjORS ON THE first floor; also the second and third Boors, together or separate, newly furnished; baths. gas, aud at low rents to suit ii.. times, and every accommodation. Apply at No. yLught sireet. ii< ar Canal street. TO LET, UP TOWN-A SUIT OF APARTMENTS, CON ststing of three rooms, In the upper part of a new house, containing the modern Improvement* Rent m.Mlerate to a small respectable family. Inquire at W West Forty fourth s'reel, corner of Sixth avetme, of K A TOVEY, in the drug store. TO LET OR Foil SALE? WITB FIXTURES COM plete for business, a Aral class restaurant and barroom MMki ?*ha i heai re The owner I* embarking in other business. Address Munroe. Herald oilier. TO LET OR LEASE-* HF. NEW MEDIUM SIZED HOUSE No. K! East Eighteenth street, near Broadway Kent $000. Furniture, carpets snd mirrors are uew, elegant and superior, including everything for Immediate occupancy, must be purahosed; price $2.3w, cost over $3,900. T> RENT? THE STORE AND BASEMENT OF HOUSE No. 4&3Hudson *lreet; will be altered and finished to *?tl tlie parties; five yeArs' lease will be given If reoolred, call and examine the premtnc*. Inquire of ROCK W Kl, I. * KKKT SAW. 31ft Itroada-ay. TO RKNT-A PRIVATE EAMH.T WII.L RENT PART of an excellent four nuwjr *tone front hon*e, Id the vlcinliy of Madlaon aonare, to rmipectable panic*, without children. Apply at Weal Twenty fourth atreet. HELP W ANTGD-MALB8. ^ V smart, Will man wanticd-in a light buainea*. aalary tS6j>er month; al*<> a Kmart, ac live man to travel; one haying *Vm will receive (aperm inent aluiafon for the winter, together with a liberal nalary and In tcre*t In the btiaine**. Apply at 16 Beekmau it., aeeood lluor, room No. t, after 9 A. M. AN ENTIRELY NEW WORK HY SI'llSfRIPTION - Oanv?*?er* will have an opportnnlijr aeldom to he met * lib for making money on a great work Indlaiienaahle to nil rlaitaca. now In oourae of publication in nutnbera by P. Ap (ileum A Co.. ami nearly rcmly Hpcrltnen* of Ihe work ran !>?? wen, ami the aithaprlpllon 1 1?? commenced at once. Apply lo J. 11. EOKP, No. 9 Appleton'a building, ,146 and Hi" Ilrondwuy BOY WANTED? IN \ WHOLESALE PRY WHIPS atorr, *alary fifty dollar* tliw drat year. Addrea* bo* 7il Post offlre. "DOT WANTED ? A RESPECT A III. I? ROY WANTED, TO J) attend |n a hoelery and rentlcmcn'a fttroUhtng atore; i>ne who reeidee with hi* parente preferred. Apply to Richard t!i een, 375 Canal, corner Liurco* at. TkRY tiOOPS SALESMAN W\NTEP IMMEDI ATELY? I' With lira' rlaaa rlty reference. Apply at 197 Spring *t., before 10 A. M. SAI.ESmXn ? WANTRP. A MAN TO SELL PURE apirit* and domeaiic llqoora. one who haa had )<>nire*p?> hear* and la acquaint* d In the trade, none other nerd apply. Addrea* Spirit*. Herald office \ VENTED- A YorNi I MAN 17 OR WYE VRS OK A<.E f f In a retail drug atore. mnaf have *omc knowledge of the bn*lnea* an I erme well re<'ommended. Apply to W J. Wataon. F artory vllle, Sinlen lalaiul \%"ASTK.P? TWO MR-T Cl.tSS I KV UOo|>* S W.IN f? men: nlao an active young man Apply at tl?e Men bant*' Clerk*' Reglatry nfljce, :M7 Hroadway, room No, 1 Situation* procured for respectable men. No rommiMiou charged in advance. Itoura, fto 5. UfANTED? FOt'R~ RAPID~COPYISTS towritk wrapper* and copy rorreapondence; wage* $12 per *cek Andre** for three day*, enclo*lag VI for a?ency rliarge*. atatlnc rraidrnce, Ac.. J. II., box 2/7 Colon auiiare Pnat office U'U.I M'.'.V K w \ N T Kit? A MAN #11' ? III ?f |y iinderainnda the boalneaa, to dig a well under the Kagle Itnlldlng*. eor?er of t'hryatle and Dclaneeyalreeta. Apply ?o .1 N llayward. on the premlaea. Friday, between 12 and 2 o'clock. WA>iT*n-A ,Ut OE tinon A DPRESS to attend ?T at Uold*mlth * wrlttqg academy Apply early Ihla day, with parent ur guardian, at the room*, TU llroadway Wanted-a yovni; man to assist in writino at ih" deak. moat come well recommended aa lo In legrlly Apply to John Ander*>n k < o,, l<?> Rroadway IIOI.l IM V PRESENTS. TREMRNPKM^> KAf'RIFIt'E ? P ANt'Y ARTICLES POR i he holtd.iya. l'ort< m?nnawa, bag*, relic alea, ptu^nmery, Ac., In every variety, ai whob aale oaly. by ? ? M IkNUiirr A CO ? Veaey ttreat. AAA EOREEITEP A NO NO rinRUE fM.ESS .1/1 FU cured ? l?f III'NTEI! S re.l drop WfW wnall aaea when r-'gnlar treatment and all other remedlea fall; etirea without dieting or reatrtctlon In th? habit* of the patient, curea Wlthotil the dlaguaUng ami alckcning effetca of all .Sber renn-diea, curea In new caaca In le?a th in *lv bo'ira curea without the drendful conaeotient elbyt* of mercury, bo' v" *e?vca the peculiarly valuable property of annihilating the rank and polannoua taint that the blood 1* ?nre to abaorn un leaa thl* remedy I* u?ed Thi* la a-hat I claim for It, ami what Another wlHaccompllah It* value In Mil* reapect haa become *o well known *>al ncientMic men. In every department of meolcal knowledge, begin to appreciate It. for hardly a week paean* that I am n<>' conaulte 1 driiggmt*. eh.-mi- a in I | h* ali In iia In r.-eni d to ?om>' pltlfn' pa'lent w h<1h*? e?h*u*ted Ihe whole field of the fae-iltv, and *t ill the dl*eaaa Will appear It I* tl a vial, and cannot he obtained genuine anywhere bill nl the old office. No 9 Itlvlaton it reel. Twenty (Ive year* e*lablt*hed Itook, itwt p*gea, JR cent*. Bewareof a handbill atatinp I have removed.

DM R WAWOli VAH EtlR A U>NH SERIES f>E YEAR# oonfltied hi* attention to certain dlaeaaea. In which ha haa treated not le<* than twenty thou*and ca?e* wliho it an In ?t*nceof failure The remedlea are mild, without Interrup tion to bu*lne?* or change of diet. Ilr. Wat eon i* In continued attendance from 7 In the morning nntll 9 at night, at hi* real dence M idfty llvel Walker atract. a few door* weat of Hroai way. The consulting rirnai are aeparatd. WA. \YATS0N M 11, Formerly Surgeon of the l<oek MoapltaL < 'OOPER. it HI'A NR~HTREKT,~IIAS ~FOR TIIR laat twenty a<? yeara conflned lo* practice to tie ft.tat ment of private (llaeaae* The victim* of nnnola. I c. nft.lenc# ran call on him with the certainty of being radically cured, t'harge* moderate. hR ~KO f R NHAt'll, FOR 12 YFARS ^ RUKnN IN TKR Hungarian army, h*a removed from RartfoH, I'mn , and opened an office for the practice of medieiii" nnd aur gery at 4* Third "treet, near Second avenue. Advice lo the poorgrati* l>ally from .1 lo 4 I* M. UlCORpTpRAtTn'R.-O. p. HAMMOND. M P.. PI PII, of Rlcord.of l**rla, (who I* the Mr*, living anrgeon fot diarftae*. kt>.. of the ?mal *y*tem.) and of 1 ,ife**,ir* Car no ch?n nnd MoM. of thl* city, may be ermeuhed In *;nr'l?h o? French, pereonally or by letter, at b'? office AI R'oedcet atreet. ea*t of Rromlway, from 8 to I, aixl fr^m S 10 8 o'clock |vtnlu|?, __ SHIPPIITC). IjIOE UTRSPOOL, -TH* UNITED BTATEt MAIL I: atCMnaUp ATtANTIC!, O. K.llridge commander, will depart wtth the tolled Slate* mails for Kurooe pwntirety on Saturday, Decemlwtr 6, at 13 o'clock, II., from Wbarth at tltt foot ?f Canal atrect. For froight or iiuilft, baring unequalled acoom iwttrt MiOM Iw elegance ana comfort, up ply to EDWARD K. COLLINS, M Wall street FuMn|fn will pleaae be on board Mil o'clock A M. All letters must pus through the Foat office; u; other* will be returned. Notice.- The steamer* of thla line hare improved water lit compartment*. No t-kucuse has been spared to make the steamer* of thla line in aU ri**peeu> a* good as new, and the thorough oxaml niitlon given them prove* their mode of atrueture yet un ?atialled. V B ? Ileresfler the regular built ahlpa (or thla Une will perioral the eullre aerrlce. THE BRITISH MOUTH AMERICAN ROYAL MAIL K^HMfTmhu'n . . . raom m* >ou ?o uraarooot Chief cabin paasage M Second cabin passage Ti _ ?Ro? sosto* to uraaeOL Chief oabta paaaage JIU) Second cabin passage M The ship* from Hostou call at Halifax. PERSIA, Oapt. Judklna. j CANADA, Oapt Lao*. ARABIA, Capt. J. aitoue. 1 AMKRICA. Capt. Wlokman. ARIA, Capt E. <J Lott I Nl AOARA. Oapt. Ryrle. AFRICA. Capt. Shannon. f EUROPA, Capt. J. Leitoh. These reasela carry a clear white light at maat-t ~ " on atarboard how; red on port bow. PERSIA, Judfcina, leaves N. York, Wednesday, Nov. H. CANADA, I<ang, " Boston, Wedneaday, War. UL ARABIA, Stone, ?? K. York, Wedneaday, Nor. K. N1AOAKA, Wlcknuut, " Boa ton, Wedneaday, Dm. S. AFRICA, Shannon, " N. Wrk, Wedneaday, Deo. ?. AMERICA, Lott, ?' Boston, Wedneaday. Deo. IA E0BOFA, Lelteh, " N. York. Wedneaday, Deo. M. Bertha not secured natU paid far. An eipertenced anrgeon on board. The oners of these ahlpa will not be aoooon table far gold, llioa, stiecli a of lading i expressed Fur freight or paaaage apply h R. OtfNABD, No. 4 Bowling Oreo*. The oaara of theae ahlpa will not be aoooon table far gold, sllrer, Mllon. specie, Jewelry, preetooa atoneaor metal*. ffIBB LIVERPOOL, NEW YORK AND PHILADELPHIA J. rtramship company's Clyde built Iron aerew steamships CfTY OF RALTIHORR, 2,J?7 ton*, Capt. R. Leltch. CWY OF WARUINUTON, l,!W)tons, Capt. P. C. Petrts. CETY or MANCHESTER, 3,109 toos, Capt. J. Kennedy. KANOAROO, I.K74 iona, Capt. Jeffrey. The undernoted or other roaael* are Intended to aall aa fal low*;? rnnw t.rrsRFOOL. Kangaroo, Wedneaday, Norembrr 18. City of Baltimore, Wednead*y, December 16. Ka?g*ro?, Wedneaday, January 1.1, 1HW rKix new tohk. Cltynf Washington, Thursday, November M. Kangaroo, Thursday. December 10. City of lialtlmore, lliuraday, January 7, 1868. Kangaroo, Thursday, February 4, IHSS. At 12 o'clock, noon. Rates of cabin paasage. --From New York and Philadelphia $7.Y Prom Liverpool. 21 guineas, 17 gttlnuaa andLlft guineas, according to the accommodation in the state room*, all having the hk me privilege in llie saloon. Including steward's fees. Third clans paanciiKera.? A limited number of third clasa passenger* will he taken and fettnd In as much ;>ro visions -im re<|uir?d. From Philadelphia and New York, Aid. From l^ir erpool, $45 These steamers are conatrueted with Improred water tight compartment*. Each vessel rarrirmin experienced |M|S0aj and ererr attention paid to the comfort and accommodaUun o< passengers. Drafik um Uiretpool from ?1 upward*. For freight or lumsaxe apply at tl?e office of the company. JOHN O. DAI.K. 1ft Broadway, New York Atfcnt, or WM. 1NMAN, 1 and 13, Towar Builduiga, Liverpool Ageut. For southakpton and havre.-th* hnttrd Slavs mall steamer Fill, TON, J. A. Wotton, enmnus der, will leave for Havre, touching at Southampton to land the mails and paaaengura. on Haturdar, Dec. 12. at 12 o'clock, from pier 37 North river, toot of Hnach street. Ptfce of pa? aage? first cabin 9U0, second cabin, 97i. Thla ahip lias tire water tight compartment* enclosing the engine*, so that In the event or a collision v stranding the water could not reach them, and the ptun| a being free to work the safety of the ver act and nasaengera wonld bi> secured. Baggage not wanted during Un- voyage should be sent on board the ilay l>ef'ore aailiog, marked "'be.ow." For freight or paaaage apply to W. X. DRAYTON, agent No. 7 llroadwar. N. H. -The ateamt;r Arago will lacceed the FulUin and sail January 9. STKAM TO LIVERPOOL FOR S30.-THE STKAMSIUP KAN<>AROO, Captain Jeffrey, will sail on Thurs-lay, Dec. 10. Fare in cabin, $7 ~>, third cabin. $.'?). including cisiked provihions. For pataage from or to Llvei ikhiI. apply to B. J. COKTIS A CO., 177 Broadway. FOR LIVl RPOOL? THE BLACK BALL LINE OF pneket ship riMKI.I A, Capt McOlll, now at anchor In the stream, will positively sail this morning. Boom for a few mure pasFcuger*. Apply U) JACOB WILSON, 10H South at. FOR CALIFORNIA? UNITED STATES MAIL LINK VIA Panama Railroad.? The United States Mall Sleamalnp Company will despa ch for Aspinwall on Saturday. Dec. 5. at 2 o'clock P. M., prec.sely, from nler foot of Warrnn street North river, the wel) known aud ra*t steamMh'p NORTHERN L1CHT, ('apt. K L. Tinklep tngh. Paasenger^and mall* will be forwarded liv I'a'Mtiiia Railroad, and oonncct at Panama ?|ih th" I'aciti* MatDtti amahiii Company'* magnificent *toi?m ship John L. Stephcna, R if. Pearson, commander, which wift be in readiness, and leave immediately for S in Kr tnclwo. The public are Informed that the Pacific Mill Steamship Company always hive one or more eitra steamers lying at Panama, ready for sea, to avoid ruy possible detention of iiasacngera or mala. For passage apply to I. W. RAY MOND, at the office ot the company, 177 Weat street, corner of Warren, New York. Regular L nlted States m ill steamer days, Mh and 20 th of each mouth. Australia pioneer line, extabi.ithed 13&2. Carrying the United States mails. Suiting regularly on the day advertised From pier 45Norih river. The new an J splcudi l A I clipper ship QENF.RAL CUBH1NO. 71W tons register, Benjamin P I>ow, master. Will be denpatched for Sydney direct, on Monday, 7'h Inst. Hiis room for three first cabin passengers, aud offers a must favorable opportunity to shippers, Kor freigln or passage apply to R. w! CAMERON, No. rt Bowling Oreen. Sight bills for aale and cash advances made on consign mi nts. Consignees in Australia, Wilkinson Bros A Co. Australia.? kanoaroo line -hiiip reinhard for Meltionrne, Ihls ship will proceed lo sea direct froui the ? harf at lOo'clock this (Thursday) morning. Pas senger* ts ill he on hoard at 9 o'clock, at pier ll)K.nt river. Two more passenger* can be taken. MAlt.I.ER, I.OKO A yl KREAC, 10H Wall street. F(Z?AZ?nL?Z" united minder, will eommene? rVre,.,,,,. 'r M'"l<wh. com December 1(1, end ? .ll fi? the alw.vc o.^TT Tl"lr?'ay. ceinhrr 12, at lio'clork ^ "at'irday, lie sow street North river f?r fn. Jtt /nit? ? ??* "r amenta. I.IVINtiSTtiN! CRfHujtRON^ ifoffTuKSi pul." POK NKW ORJ.KANH FB"M l,OUlSVIl,l,K ?THE itrlMr ROIIT. WARP, Silaa F Miller mutU r, will leatrr l.otila\lllr f"r Nrw OrleUTi* on Wedneaday evrnlna, the<hh prccmbcr. poaltively. Haaa.tfe can be aerurrd hy n I ilr?4t>?lnK Dw?mll A <'??.. amenta, Loutartlle, Kjr . or Uu nirant-l A Mellvaitie, 41 Water ?treat, N. Y. ?LldK SAVANNAH ANn Ft.ORIP A -THE STKVMS1MP F ALABAMA. <i R Hrlienrk. will leave on Saturday, 1W h, at S o'clork I* X . Trim ptrr No ? North liver Bill* of ladln; alcnrd piiIt "ii board. For triight or pumir apply SAMl'Kl. L M1TCHIIL, IS Rnxwlway Sir*tt?rt-? for Florida ronin-ct ta Ufa Ihe above, leaving tuvaiiunh every Mouduy, Wrdneaday and Friday. IjHlK NiiRKnI.K ANI? It It II M< IN I > III K I VIIKH P hintPH mall Mcnmahtp JAMKMToWN, t'aiil I'atiab, will lenvrntiMwIiinl.iv. fttfa Inat., *1 8 o'clock I* M . from pier 1.1 North river. She will arrive at Norfolk on Sunday afternoon, and ul Kli'hmonil on Monday morning I'aaarngrra fur tli" Mouth will ururrrd directly on l>y tlir great Miutbern mall lin?- Travrlb ra will And tfila the rhraprat. plrnaatitcet and In oat ripmlltloiia rout*. Hjaaarr and (are. including atair room, to Norfolk. (A; to Prteraburg and Richmond. $11), alaer nxrbnlf price. Apply to I.l'PI.AM A I'l.KAMANTH, No. i! Broadway. NHjOTICK.-roNHltlNRKN PRR MTKAWSHIP KANOA run from tJverpord are brrrbi ao'lflrd tltv ahe will dla frharfe under prurr.il ordrr on Friday. the 4th mat . at J o'clock A. M. All good* not perinm-d wi.l br arnt to iImi public atorr .IlillX |IAI<K, A|i nt. It Utni4?ay. Naw Yoaa. Pec 8, >W? Nl lllt O.. DIHB. WATfoN* NKW WORK.? "THR CAMS AKO fare " ? A MMpMa and paarMial trratiae on prematura fiikanattMl, wih l<?-al d. hi ity indored hy earl* in tiarnMlu*. nrrM or other aaaan* la wk?k the na'ure and elfrcta of th? Inaidj'.ua malady. i< *? hrr ?ith the treatment are fully ri pliiard. Iltnaira.<-d by aufweroua aoatontlnal piaina ani en ?ravlnga. ?ft "ti aevoral d,??a??a l'ri<? 91 ? o he had r>? the author, who mav be rnnauliad r mft letr ? If at U> lif y lit*) Walker atreet, a raw duora waat of Broadly. Dr. fOBnrrr n ni A*?T ktrfkt mkvrrrofthi H t'ollege of .?oirnrona, I > >f>d< >a . and the I nlvrrtlty of N*w York, may be mimM, Mkltallally. on drllcatc iIIvjmm, at bl? old ratablub-d Aire whrra all anfTering from the it* poeltion "I tuackn ran rail with the certainty tho roughly cured. DrTkT Ml ti v KFMiiVRP Mm PKIVATK MKIHIVAI, r..m?io4l?l Itr.imr atrerl, whara the unf"r' unair . ?a I call with conftdei,. r, and rertain'y of Inimrdlatr rellrf Muck raira aa arr grtirrally pronf>nn?ed aa 1v>pr!ca?!y lantral'la, el'ber fmm dla?- \?e of Improper metflrtnea, are war^ntvd M be apeedlly rvlorad DhSr R v . ' n! I' TIN A TIC'S rill'M' I- T'l > I*R plua ultra of vrnereal tnrdlelnaa. and hut re<|ulrea 19 I H I n wn to mert with unlvrraal approbation, and to a'amp Pr Ward a? the grrairat lirnefartor of the day l?r. War?l hrrrbv oflrra a rrwsr t of th.i??i to iny phy^Vtaa ?b'V af\rr a I r. | . r defnor?tritlon. ran rnrr private dlaraa^a vrlth e<|iwlly untlorm rrlrrlty. raer. aafmy and rhrapn.-aa Rrmembrr, ?11 ?e who hav.. brrn llncrrlnc for weeka. that hv ralllnit on l?r Ward, you iray In a few honra rnjov 'hr ple*?urr? iif I fr and Irrl "that Rirhard la himarlf attain " All hUhen? iliaappomtrd of a cure, rail on l?r Ward t'ure ruaraolird In a le w daya. Ilia monthlv frmalr pllla 91 per bo?. <>IBca ??9 < anal atraat, omcr of Hnnxlway. turtiRTArr mnoormT in thr Mrmn or mif 1 rtn# ? TRIOTM AR ? R?me are rani III ? unlea* tha enarac ln? of lha aaalt of the Paiant t>fDaa of Nn*land. tfc>< anala a t Rcole de Pharvnaetr da Carta, and the Imperial tVMIace at V leatia arf Aa?l upon aach wrappar and aniun.l aa?b a^L Triaamv No. I la the retnady for dabtll*. prematura 'Way, A< ita*tvl*or*'ln*noweraare ajiuvntaMna waa tn the da rlin? of Ilfr all phvateal ImpedlmenM vauiah Ilk" m**-- '.a fore lui Inlluenre. tVua rendertng I la aaa Invalaabla to lhaaa entarlac tha marrtale atat# TVtaamar Mo 1 anitraJr "radl ratea all tboae ifWirdara whlrh aoparta and aabaha nave aa I, nr be?n khnutht an aatldou fnr.to the mln of the haalth of a vaat portion or tbe population Trtaamar No S m the Ml Kuronean reinady for that rlaaa of dianrdara wbteh tha wnj llah phyatrlana treat with Bereary. to tha Inevtt^le d?atrn? Mon of the pattant'a eonetiitition, and whlrh all tha aaraanw rllla ta the work! aanaiH remova. Mold In tin i-aaaa. and dleV n ?? paratr <U>aiM. aa adwiinlaterrd t.jr Talpaa, 1*1 :? man. Ron*. Rlcord. Ar , Ae friar |A eark, or f"ir aaaea In tm? frr W whlrh a.ivc? is. and In ttff aaaaa. wharehy there l? a aa'in?cfR ^dd by *r R A. B A BRt?W, 1>T Prlnraa-rraV a frw blorka wrat of Rroail way. N*w York. Immediately na> rrrript of the amount l?r H. will forward the *? eaara oV| Trk-amar, and the larfr alt?a. earrtacr paid, thna ana.irinf fcnulne Raropean prroarwtiotw The $.1 raa-a alai> arm, b it r afr. - i ar ? agr i VtMnliatlona a* nan from 1 1 t V till 8 P M., and fr . m 4 till M P. M . at l#r Prince atrret. a few blorka wr?a of Broadway. l?o!d aJao by C. H RIN<?. IPI Hroa-lway Kl( X>R 0*R, VRI,PRaP'8T fiTTAl.R'B, ACTON'S, fTRI^ ln*'a and th.- private boapttal prirttrr of I'arta and l^>n don, hy Mr I AKViiNT Aa aomr nrr? in affllaird * o h dla eaaea of the aeiual ayatem may not he aware nf^te fact, ha takea thta method of Informing th<vn he ta the ?Ry jB-nduat* In tiila rltv wno la aminalvaly lreatin<r atd ctirtog #v>?r dla rn>ea and whoae ronnrrtlon with tha RuVip ran h-iaplMK en able* bim to adopt iha lataat and m iat radiea' treatment, mtr In* tha old rat and arvrreat raai-a, u Iti W Merrar ai??-et, rornar Kprtng. opp.wiltr the St. ,M. h. aa, -vi I'1 t M M The llorlor'a M.vtiral A'Marr and Varrlaee Huldr. n>-ar Ir pp.. I<*> n|rt?tre lll tatr.atbwia w-Tl It fivea all the ad vert ?av*f medlr In ea W? rommend l>r l^vm<atl to the af fii'trd ? t 'onrrwr dra Ktata liala, Htaaia Xaituuf, Day Book, Atlaa. Ac. Tmr m t rri *?it"orTpR-A R'X)* ??prrm!,t ro? tha married or thoaa about to marrv by Hr F. Holllek, the antbor and lecturer. One hundred and ninety alith edi tion Inat laanrd, 8rt? parea, well bonnl wltb atjlorad platan Prirejl PnhllahM by T. W. HTRONII, Naaaau atreai Nrw York city, who will aand It anywbera frte, |?y poat, oa rrcalrlnf one dollar and the ad lreaa Thl? hook flrra all the facta known rn thrae Imporiant l/^-lra p'alniv enourh f - ?P W) rndrralMMt acd yet atr^rt'y actmtjfr and frraf-nmeva* thr aiif htrat objrctlnn. Kvery adult pcrajo sboiM p aa< ia It -Rrdi^al jounMd, AMiTaBJUwm__ ?ti HI O'f O A B l>EN -TM'RSOAY KVBDflNO. WC<\ J. K K?i*>.d:nArr attracts- KIVK Hi ARJJ F AHRIFI. and AKTOINKeeR<**rtM4B?rtreort ?Kim ?uia, JKKOMK^KU MAKIKTTA *ah *T0urri0ns on the tiobt norc. Oi*nd ballet of 1*A<JC1TA. Tereaa Roll* Doora open at 6H ; 10 f?nim?not at 7 *. TlrkstK V OPffW bMW 3ft TCDl*. Kn.iar? All U?e taleut a I"*1"' entertainment. frtday-AU ujc ?~81,KClAL JJOTXOR TO KiMIIirK AM> I'mllCIPAIA OrfVHOO.JI iBKimiiiiHiirf with tuiraiTiiiiB re.jueat? from parent* and >" a At wh'rh All the ORIiRBRATKU RAVRL K AMI1.V iter ule.Ug^an^ofn.Ar^Tigrg ImV^TaN!) KrXTRAORr INART ENTKRT AINMKNT8. vu(Y.mKfl .t the **mp The entertainments will commence At ?????? Tickets for adults 2ft cents Children under 12 years tipper boics .jj - WAU.Af*K'S TI1KATRR. l>o<>ri open ?t 8 to commence at 7 Voiirili II I U III I if Mr t.ester's comic drama ot TWO TO * * [* ? ZS& iSf oom,,,u""H ln b . "CW T tt'RA KFENK'S THKATRF, 624 BROAT.W AT.-CNA LA?ATK?' HU^KHK-tiKKl* KNTHO^SM. th k mlor u-l OR A M< nUKR^PRA VER. Opart la. the Wild r lower ot M?*ioo Mr'Tle^^e Carlos. an adventurer Mr Mr TeflVnS S*rfbM wV ?" ' ?" ?* ?'.'?Mr Wheat lelgh Walomy chatm, ftti cenia each. cau *>? aeoured during t&a commcnca at 7* Precisely. academy OFMtrn^OBwnKmmR. Positively U.t "'^buton^of mMU K Third AppearAUce OVER A A N 1> HAI.I-RT. Suecl&l Notice.? On U?e nights ot 'the JwfwmMcj i af RO RKRT I.R I>IA BkE the curtain will rise at 7 K o dock pre eisely Poors open at ?H- <>l",r? eonelndea At 11. ?VlDA V Pec 4 ? l'*?i night (bulot.elol h KIUA1 ' ' ROBERT I.K DIAB .K Mad t.A II RAM UK. Mile l AlROIJ. 8lg BKiNARIM, dl? I.ABOChTTA, K CARL. KORMKh. A GR A N'T> BAUKT will he combined with Uto opera, In which tba popular 4an seuse, MU-K. TERE3A ROIX.A, i A h<r ? luirna de ballet will appear ill the Incidental and I'W'I'^VknkWanIV sn>:MnVstKNKS fttaitonrrv ntor?, 2<) W.'ill street. ^SSn^^ It7r wh'irhlt'hai' been ] > rodure.t and of the atyle ... which It ha. bnne?bT1c.^^r/^r.e.l that a. a whole the caa. ?f aU ti. rhMrACt^rrt prlDclp^l ftii'l H?ixiilar> ha* j ssr^!?sa time when "^'^^^^'^^'^JJ^^^I^^nVed'tlie ''nor die' fon'''o/ rA?rrsr?^.?^;is, ittn, ^matSe^'i^r^A-.. Marce.^J b-JJ, urwoilv ciiKfiffHl l tj?r |ftP2fJJ?ior of the Lou*loa tend the ..r-lucU.... ..? ' remunerauon. and mad; i'^M''Vf?i?ini'te'.rtD The 'f^rtanrt'" rinVn* "'''bu'i&jStt h.m r,r."et n.eiid?<t to the dtre.< u>r n\ n i. Robert. The lean Unpor ir<>m ft nrM i?i i , ^tt a h nr1m?? tenor, wio, future, and to M?nor 1-AW" *; K^.r " U) ?n1l.r,Hke a tin* a?1de hlA amour ?^pr?. ?rt not ? * a ^oul|_ wh(M WHrt have been aelected for tho :rr;;r$'yj?xJ'c5 iihistrtuni' t^iP- romnnuc *W?ry, n?*ux?na up n . . k nil?e eti "cene ?h.cb e.ae,.iuUo th. The air?TUtr. aUW>utth \h* iiwji ,nll.n,^fi ?,n Ukitit hr" n?' mllfmr beu?? "?!i tha' ln tWa ^porun -J?' r^CLrt le WabW m Kuror* f"r?i? a !??? 11 hu bJM! iB * ? durln# two conaw.itlre yeara; an l ?? eL'bT. him"" ' "h^P pan/ - ?..(l. II ha. co. ^ "the ' d ! rector'be tr* ."here will b. ,Wel T1IRF.K KI<ifT? Of ROMI?T I.K O^m-K- ^ ^ Pbould the* ' o.^Tan. I*di. ' I. I'a Itana .a In R?ypt. 1' ? nota will be iriTen tn raptil A 1? hi* eipect* ?Ion. Should he.l^we^r. DI>|ght< m )r^,whbh, ,^;h'.ht"thT^Three alre^ly Aire.wlU complete the number of forty, to wWli he la bound by hi* leaae Barm m s miceim -more (rnmarmiitK oe t*. n-atiitihl* ftin. TltinUf ?iWi'xi* at I o'clock. the v*ry pretty piecc ??nni l?-?1 TIIR WANPERIRU HOYS. Tin- fti nine x 7)4 o'cta-k. Ik* new ??u n M*nt eooea Inoltr, anii'n l>v 11 Watkln*. K*.i., anil 11! <mt rntlnf 'ha medical m.trTi'U m il!*d*y, entitled l.AI'UH AND tlRoW EaT.'oR THK gt'ACK MARTYR PrDrtni to whir* TIME TRIM A(?l. Uurn, Nr? Charle* Howard. The beau Uni Aipiarla, or Ocean unit Rlvtr Harden*, ui un t r?n?pU. mn Niiniln llififiy Enmity. Living N*rp*nt. *.? , in he *<?n M tt?ual Admittance V> centa, ehtldr*n under u-o. IS c*nu. BRYANT'S MIRRTRKIJI. Mei h.inlc*' 11*11 172 HroftdwAT, ahore Orand ?* r**t. OPE1* EVERY EVENINU pf'RIMt THE WEEK. Ano'bi r *r?mt prt grxmmr of nr w Hon** Pane**. Nolo*. H ut Inuiiix, I ..micalm**, I'Unijtllna t? *n** and pane** TDK KHAKRPILRIAN HE \PI ?OlH- TH E lit iRSK OI'ER A. Th, Threa Hunter*, JERRY, NEIL tod PAN HRYA.NT, la new acta Poor* open *1 (I. to mmmrnce at 1%. Ticket* 36 cent*. Kohert i.e. riARt.it.-i.ART *fmrr fRPT> hkk. The ml* i?f r*e*n*d ?*at* furl" ?irp'Wi prrferaunre* t'OMMKNt'ER THIH MORM.VO AT 9, ?i all ike ticket oOic**, UTAUMrKt THE ATRE.? MR RI.AKE'R ItRJfREIT. fl ?AlTRPAY l?E< 5 A KHinT WITH THE Et'RMY SPIRITS ? ho will combine in ihe two fine cntnwtlo a CI RR PnR THE HEA RTACHR end LAtMlH Willi* Vol CAN. to Ha pel mi l .Irivf **?? th* bin* dit U* >l B ? Th?' Km honk I* open THE Al'RORA RORRAt.I" AH EXIItHITEP I* Til* hEA OE ll'E at Uurt K**a*'? Theatre, I* on* of th* nrnet beautiful erenlc effect* c?*r produced upon the > tag. IMIAI.KKRU'R MATINEES. Tca>p?T ?m> Ehiimv, l>M * nan It Th* iml.ltr are r?i?Ti fully Inf irwd tha' Mr Tlulherf will |e??* K< w York at in* >'nd of ths* ninth Prior In In* deper litre Mr Thalb*r* will Hrr rWi> MATINEE M1HH AI.E* ANP TWO K.VEMNii COM KRW, on whlck ocfiailnn h* will make moat p<>altit rly L i farewptl ?ppxnran** In M*? York. rntoii to hii nartkTmc ro* tviiora on ih* ti i mln*itnn of hi* Hoii'h*rn lour Tli* M?lln>"-? Mii?lc ?l* will mk* i>l?**on Tl'RRPA Y and ERI PAY. P*r ijand tl Th* prlo*of ?dmi??lon ha? h**n n**<l at ?>.\E PUIXaK KAt'll Tlrk*'? U> he kad at r llr*'nln* n and of Mr Rruwn, ?es Ion of ilrw* rhnirh. M- T?? I.At'RA KEEJTRR PERS<??f ATm* OE OGARI TA. th. wr.d E!' .**r of M<-?lro, la ?CknoWMged b| *U l<> he ? rb*f d'?*urr* of dramatic art ("1A Rt. EdRMRS AM RERTRAM / for ???* l.AHT TIME 'hm on* I Tl * aal* of p*a'a for RnRERT I.R PI A BLR, ? tel. k will b? liven to morrow for th* la*' tlm* hut on*, n>*aaai'ta tin* aoaaiao iHOiiwi V"AtIOKAI. AfAPEKT Of pMfH!* JX BRITISH ART RXHIItfTTOff fOI*TIR[ RR OPKR. Rrnadwajr. <vim*r of T*ntk afreet. A im;* im B *i<nt?: TJORERT l.E HABLK-Wnlt BOUiA J\ in i he ItalM. R. iM rred *e*te to he bad at Ml tke three 1l*k"t ofR'~ THIR MoRRDIU AT f O'CLOOt THEATRK, nAI.IEA*. f? S. W?nt*4, a dramaii* eompanj- for ike ah r* i||"?tr* ?*% an ri<mmMirUi( lu Januafy. Addrt-ia Mr. 8otk*ra, Wal laok * theatre. At APEMY OE MfHir.-I'ARt. EORMER ??R.-hert le Planle w II he kit-en "n EiMaj, Pec. 4. fof the I.AHT TIME Rl'T P!*R Tke **4e of aaata ? ?mmi-nr** tkw morninj. at SlhelVa. JO Wallatrtrt. Brt'ialnc ? and tk* Arad?<ny tjTOt'K UROKRRf. t ITE VP r> Ri.AKK'h PrMltai Waliaok ? ik*aire, on SATt'RPAT niaM, and e*e a BROTHER rtlfP OI TWITTRO Pot, parqueti* and *ta!l rrrlp at par. Itooka often. THR ItREAKTIcl I P OE THE IIEI.P OE lit AT l<aura K*ene'?. I* one of tk?* nfUl Ikrlllmf picture* ?re? pre*enf?d In any theatre. Theatre" pittrrpro pa -wirr ktmreri?t7"h *V ln? taken a leaa>- i>f tk* Ptttahurn theatre, wtl' op*n It for-tram*fi*repr*?*niailonaon or ahoul P<-? ,4 star* and ni*?ih*ra of the nr?f*Mion wt*htnil to make *n?*?*m*u'? will plea** api.lw bt l*ti*r i > h. . r m*k" ?rfi'a ? T lARSt^il *h?ir1.?l a?*nt, t'kamh*r* atreet theatre, from whom fnll particular* may he l*arn*d N'iiu.or rau. roor- \wp~roKrgnT RAt.ooh Th'* macriftrant and farortle aaloon haa aidMW* a ri.mplete reltotaUon. and aapl*?idtd Boor ha* b??*i 'aid la wat and pollah*rf In the lat*?t and DM apprised ?lrl*. ** pramly for dan^f. Th* iadler parWwa, drawin* and d *?a ln* r? ni?ar*el**anily f.irni?had aid pn>?t dad with e?*ry comfort and conrenl?ncr The apacton* and *le**?t ?>ipi?ar ?aloon will accnmm'>1*te #nO*u**ta ai neiimn thec>i?tnn will he in* *r*ptlon*Me an<l af >rt w'!l. a* imial^a inade to inaurr the c>raf >rt and ronrenlen** r* Tiatt*"* The term* ar* now reduc*d In #r*ordar?* w"h :h*j ?-*?*?i' tlrr**. Enlt parMrular* on anp".c*1lct at tkei Or* of ffi lo ?'*ar ?*?. Hi. ? i way, from 9 A. a. aoi' i J r M . H ( ? , tOii1) u, l? AMTSKWTCNT*. [liADWAY 1MKA rRh K. A. Marshall ? -Hole I mm F B Oonway fitA#r Vui|? IjLMt night but two of MR. cHARLKH MATUKWB. TnoiuiniT ereem* Dec. 3, l"W7. To commence with 8her!d*n'? e< medy of the C R IT ? < v?a'*tul P1*,t4l'3r, | >"? Matbewa PRACTICAL MAN Cloudaley (hi* ortpinal ohanic'er1 Mr Charles Matbeww W ANDfcilNU MINaTRkL. Jem n.ic> Mr. W. Dhi4|) Bowery THFATRK ManAgnrand I'roprtetor Mr K lUAf I'Kiiica? lloit-H Mi l par<)u?tte 2ft rraU I'K 12 ceuta, Private boii"? and C3; Heats in private botes SO ma*. thciikii ? y d?t a 18 SPLENDID ACTS IN THE ARENA by SANDS, NATII ANS k CO 'S Oreat Triple Cirrus liuupeot American, French and Utf man arti .(?, pronounced the best In the wo: '?< BURTON'S NEW TMKATRK. IIRO A l)W A T. Mr. BURTON, Mr. BROCOIIAM. Mi ROORR3 ?an?m In nigtft. Thuraday- VANITY K A IK Messrs. Brougham, Burton, Mark Sunth. Mix llugbea, Mtaa Kusan Benin and Mrs ffm I! Smith In tha piece. YOtl'RK 8l'BK TO HK SHOT. Tom Tipper Mr. J. Roc era HAMLET TKA VESTIK Humlet, Mr. Brougham; Ghost, Mr. Burton, Ophelia, Marti Smith. WOOD'S BCTLDING8, BROADWAY, NEAR PRI MOW afreet. Henry Wood Proprietor OHO. CHRISTY A WOODS MINXTRELS Undrr the direction of 11. Wood .mil Ueo. Chrmty. Ethiopian Minstrelsy. Concluding with Blcekrr'a new far?. I'KTKK PII'KR PKPrRR POBGJC. Tlrketa 25 ceuia. Door* o|ieu at 6, to commence at 7% o'daek. National circus, 84 bowery. John Trvnu Manager tiKEAT SHORT FOR TDK LITTLE FOLKS. TMx evenlne, Tburnday, Bee. ,'t. firit appearance in Ihia oM# Of Mr. Donaldson, THE MAN MONK RT, In the comic nautical representation nf JACK ROW N HON AND Ills MONKEY ItVKldeK whK'lt will lie ntv*l\ sineee brilliant urm mvlaccaaa IN THE A REN A ? U PON THE GROUND. I v (he (ini'tt rider* and |mi| of the a<;c lioxes 2ft: Pit 12 cent* Afternoon performance Saturday. In preparation aauperb PANTOMIME? produced ou M day neil. Franklin museum. 127 grand strert, om door lrum Broadway. ? Open every AFTERNOON and evening, !? v Mndaine Wharf n'a troupe of Model Artistes, romprtaiag a troupe of TWENTY SEVKN YOUNG LADIES, who. for beauty and symmetry, of litfiire stand unrivaHirf. Admission? Orrheatra Heat*. 50 ceuta; boxes, 26 emits. Oar lain riaen at .1 in the afternoon and at J in the errntn#. E MPIRK UAU,. r,W IIROAOWAY. The nvunlticent tllual ration* of DR. KANE'S >rA.o ARCTIC YOYAOE3, with a dencrlptlve ierture by CHARLES tjATLKR, Fng , Tlie popular author und dramatiat. Krery erenlni; at 8 o'clock, and Wednesday and altertioouaat 3 o'clock. Aduifiaion 25 eenta. children half price. Madame madki.eine ckakveh JOmOM, Ptanial. from l/>ndoo andl'aiia, llesa to annuouri* that *he will K'?e a srand '?mieert, ON TI KSDAY. DEC H. AT NIBLO'8 SALOON, Awil?te.| hy Hevernl emlnen' artl*t* and a full orrheaink I nderthe direction of M r Theodori' Kilf 'ld Madame Ur a< ver will perform on thia ooraiiont? LUtz'a "Lea l'atlneura," for piano solo, LltoltTs third concerto :uvl Mi'iiilelwohu '? "Caprlcciv," with acromijaninient of Ik* ordh''->ti ? Ticket* with *e< iiri d *e?lK, $1 each, way he hud al C. BKK1 .-il Ntl'S mu?ic store, 701 llroadwajr. TXTALLACK * THEATRE ? BLAKK'8 ISFNEKIT. SATI RDAY NllillT. Dec 6. Iflnkr a* ou Rapid mid old Bonn* Two lull rnmi'dle* on the same niitht. hrililantly caal. iiox i aafe o|iin. THE THIRST FOR OOLD-THK PCRIIi) OF ITS AO <iulaiti?n ? (be fatal effteta of Ita misapplicaiion. are vi vidly portrayed In the SEA OF ICR, at Laura Keena'a. A (IK A ND CONCERT WILL KK GIVEN liY MMK N iV HI KN VII, I.E. Itaaialed by Motix RIVARDE, AI.AJMO, VILLA NOV A, and *everal other Artisl* from the Acadeuij of Music, at Do4 worlk'a S i i on, on TIII KHDAY, PEC 1. at H o'clock precisely. I'nmiiti<a) I' art Fik*t. 1. Concerto In la minor Hutnmal Veilumi de Hieiivlile iwnl th<- artlsta of the Academy 2. Arlade Luiak Miller (Nona. Alajmoi VeriM S. Return to Am rii a 'Mad de Itienvllle) I'e Blenvnl* I Arilli HrsWlMiitii Birardel. . Merradewui ? The Young Nun of Kehuliert, T??luo? . il >uni?4 Mail de Itienvllle, Nona. V|llan?'va and the artlala of the Asa demy Pakt Sri oan, 1. Concerto In O minor Mendelaaotai Mad. de llli'nvllle and 'be artlstaof tha Academy. 2. Aria. L i Trtivlata tMon*. Alajmoi VenM (I Chaeoae pMl S. < 1 The Tat iuirtiie. ?rta of th?- riilnnf Kiusmt f ;i. V anaUuee on tee aria oi tb* BUilae el Bebet . . .Duaaak Madame de HienTllle. 4 A rla of 7.?lre 'Moo* Itivarde . Mercadeot* i Trtoon the Mlaereraof tbaTroratore ... luic* Cithea ilor the piano, ortrue melodlum and tnolln i Mad. de llleiiville, Mona Vilianora and ibe anutu of tb? Aca demy. Mon? Willlpm I?r< ii?ler will preside at tha piano. Tt< Wei* tor *ale hy Hrluikerth A < o., JMMprtuic atreet, aad at Dodwurtb'a riaiooo, HtM ItriHtdway. NFW YORK, NOV T!. I\17. -CHARLES MACK AT, Ka?l ?Dear Sir? li wonld lie a raalti-r of much rraliD ration many ol our cllliens U> lie allowed the prtrileje af In irinx Ibe eoiirae of lecturra on Hie "National. Popular and Historical Nutigaai Ratlaad. Heo land and Irtlwi, recenll* di llrertd hy mn with *o much accepuiuce In Boston, and sf )uui engatf^fiienla will allow. W t e?|uest that you will aaat^a a period lor their deliver*. Your obedient serranta. John W Frsncts, Francis L. Ifawka, John M|relow, B J. I.o*ainK, Wm Y 1 1 ' 1 11K. Samuel B Rugglaa, Isaac Ferris. Krastus Brook*. Adsm Norrle Cliarlea Rdwarda. W C Pli kersfill, Ricbard Irvln Kdward Cunard, M II. Ortnoell, Caleb llarstnw. KdmMOd Baldwin. Charles I' lh?ly, H'-nry <i DcForairf, John II. UoiirlM, K M Archibald, H B M Consul lor New York. In ennnltaaee with the above Ba't-rtiig inviutlon. Mr. M Ai'K A Y ha* the pleasure in announce that hy arrangement with th* M 'rvhant* and^'lerk* l.i'irary AawaiaUon 1m> wtM ???diver the Ircturta referred to b"<b in New York and Bruofe TIIF WREN CHILDREN HKINO I.FFT BY W J N4 gle In destitule cin nm?tsnee*. Mr ll^nrr Wood hasgle en the use of the hall. 444 Broadway, for a banetlt, TllBI ilhur-davi RVRN1NO, Dee I Enierlmnmcnt* will consi*' of rnmedy, far'-e, atnglng aa4 dsnrtig. by ihr Wren J??eai)e Troime. alwi, nr*t appearaae* In New York oi the beautiful and Ufnnnallrd prlina donna, Ella M Wren. I'erfonnannag cimiiitanre at 7H Ailmtttaae* iBeeut* Bot odea open from lo A M IJttle Fred wren la all character* Mrrciiantw and rijCRur mhrart jumkm-ia. tlun l*clur'-? RATIONAL lol l I.Alt ANH H IhTORHAt. WiKIW OT KNOI.AN l>. M llTI.ARt) ANII IHKI.\NI>, In ihrt?- UuMwrm i. Ry CHARI.RR MAt'RAT, IX n. At Mnaart Hall. Hi *>?'? Hroadway, oppoalt* Hood ?t raat. Tin kaiur. Out l,lomur, IkM 7. and rii8MB?V, i*tr. Ma r.iiniiii iirlni; al * <? rlorh P M. Tii i.ru fur a 'it>sl?' adinlaaion in ihr mura* II 1 !? k< ??(<<? ih' adnlaaioa of a U It and ??-ntlrman .... IN TlitrU f if adailaaion to a ?tn*l? Ijrtiira M Foraalr tbe Library, V- ?? MTUllaai aMaal; C S Franeta M t'o , Mt Hrwla n , tiro Koiriad** A t'o . Ro 18 B?kinaw atr??t M ?!??? A Halat?-ad. JtAI InMWiTi T f trowm r*?r n-rct Hr.MKiinf aii>' ?'<??!? I? ?ir. ? ? dor Lnrkwoud A .""?a. 41 1 III , V II. Cr>mbf . .* William T?r Hr..?T Am ho is- mr rrrr m to ?r wtthm ar<l in thr sKA Of UK. at tianra K nwi') thratra m#R <*tl ARfRAT, THR JT?m,T i Rl.RBR ATRpT ?<?? - i>l j anil m<?t irrwi.? <-'.a^'lian <?? thr AMMM? ran a'age. I.atu.i jn*t ? >r?. In I \ *irtlliaot rn*a*< m< ?>< a* thr Wa'ru atrrri thrvra I'hlladr'phia.yf tw-nty f'<ir nl?Ma, will ..p. ii m l,ini?*ill? . Kratwrky <>a Monday. Ho* M. fm mil ?nu. hr?VRnKRi fl OANI'IMO Ar-ADKMIRA * WK4T POUft 1 tamih atr*?t. Raw V' rk. IBi'l n no utrrat Hr.-.fc : y n ?ra III W oprtt foriTUT J>nj ?rr InTltrd i>> V'rnl 'ha oprnt* g of Murd*; (tnlni >lal, IwtmMr ?. at ? P. M. THF KXIItnrTIOX or rjU!?TI>H?fi"BT MODRR!* A? uat? of thr fr'ii'-h arhooi. A' '!??? "14 Com R<?.m? H* MT Rroadway, Wit' remain op?n Mil fur<l?"f aotirr, fr M oBP M . tad fort* 7 ?" H* ?<*?<?( Ttia ca'lary l? ?#M lt*'ii?.l ?n.| aarmi^. H FRi iiWII A^f, fl^errtary. TIlR HI X or l< K HAS MICK!* PROROtfllORD IIT TUB ?raw ind p'lt !i-- I.I b# Ilia m ? parfW dramatic rapl^ ??ntati"ti rrrr witaaawl on thr S?* Turk aUfa. v*nAK-av>nn\v RRAnt?rn? - mr* frajcrr armw K KM Ml, K t,. anrf>nfi<-a lha' ?h? will fl?a a ronr* iif twrlra rradir'C* fr"m h!.*k?^?? ?. In ilw L>?tnr>- R *)? o( Um l nl*ar?i'f V- ti<-al ?' >l!r?a. In r.mrlaauth ?<-it to Um <>|i?r* Hmiaa W th 'h* ? trrp-irai nf nm* mnniltf In* in ?au bW' -k aflar lh? ?r?t ?a?k, ?f whlrh rtn? nnfi'a will M glttn, ha rra<tm?< aiilba >* Tua?'Uy, Thnrada* a*<J Ba'ur .l~) rTraUm ?<. kt?nin* ?i 8 . ? l.irk Tha ra*4ln|i ot lb* iirai w?k ?lll ha aalWInwa ? Tu^aitet araalna. IW S, Cj m ?<? lln?'. Tlmr?1*j ll?r 10. Richard lit , !*atar<tey t'">in?. I?ar It Umj Till. Tirferta fl aath. ran ha nhtalnad %i tha prlnrjpai Vaal* ?M hf?ik *ti>raa ?bi1 frmn Chaa. W Pnlman. Janitor of t*a tM l?*? A umai: B imbar "f t?aaon t?-k*ta, at $10 fur th? twH?w rradlnf ? ma) ha bad of Mr. Polmati rriiR tr*mtm* (R~i rTH* atrr mtiu. Rf ofr*ri> I y<anlKT avaning, 7tb m* . wllb Hallla X?. t'lalr Mr ?a4 Mrs rhmltc, Ar IrrparatorT meat in* ihm dajr, at IJ? riork. At Mr ln?a a. f.? Hroadway. W M fl.RMr.Xil 1/1?> BA<. FUR MaTh TUB -SAM* AH FkRO M fR?? J \l (. ??. r? W J -nan Hit* * and AmWann, ?H" " with iH t?r*| (1? ?, ii- fn Mit pm r' of tha rotin'ry \?y >?praaa. _ Any t?ar?r?fi do tha trlirk In ibraa aHanMa. Itr'Wt i?a pr./a?i? |W Addraaa Pr?if Manlrad. I'Ua hain (qnara M dim THE IALL ICAIORi ._.jlnj MR A?rTi>?ti<> W1U.OIVRA.IRAVI. rA*rr DRiwit and rlTtr at l,a A[ +? JH? ?r.><.lw?y to nl>bt. in>l h- will apara no axr-nw ' ' Jjl* uJf!2L?? gntM lit ih? citr T'rk?i? ?? b'? *caite?y. bii Bmadwaj . h*ml ?? i) it i it a in ks iii rrif?1*. onnK f iiAftf il/nt i iw, ?? " r^?MWK oinra, ,n.| ^ SU RS?r..r. ? rn" ?<|' " t 5 mflBn adwuj R>f?arlj m> OfRM MTWUIraw 4 a m tut r V ti . fSSfBH J9P onoi. n^a nrnnm RTTIil RAIt.R'* A f) ? RRPRKSR TRAIMM f?r a ia< aid Trr>? . rot pl4? W prln?lp*l atattona. naa ..5? i'l-h *.* ? V h' r<h;-i. fra'1. Iaa?? fhanhatM ..^? laP'dW# "%id 11* A M an 1 I ?# P M Mrw.wo-" A. P. SlItTH. mipartotaeiwH, N-^iwTiR* a?*t> nlirinf RATt ROAn. WlRtrn ARIIA.V'IKMRMT. rtmmtwinn dr.aa.lay, Roaam *mr ?. I?T n?m i at i a ntrof, coaaaa o? w?/t? iii> i<ni 9 JM A M Km 'rain for Albany, Mopplag at all m im aorth of Willlam?brld*a C it IV M * h'ta PIMM traina, atopplBf at allftattau*. I.RAT* TWUMIT AIXTfl !^RHRT J<W A. M Wi latn?hr?il?a train, ropjlnf at all atatlnw. II V A M. * wta r um tram. aU'i'v^* ? all ? a>-?a t.10 r M Wl'llamabrt-ita train, atop pin* a' all ?taton* gtltrH M> ' rVm iralu. ato| t'tnM at WtiliamhrMlpa aa4 Ml rtatlrna nor?h ____ tiitp M t'r-a^a Pa'l? tra'n r^n'nf at al' rat-ona ? A.' P M. WXi*?? '-11** tr? ? a-iv-r t ? a: al ?va?i WM, /. I AMl ilKLli. ii.; 'rut^UiCak