1 Ocak 1858 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 3

1 Ocak 1858 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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When Intelligence *u received that Stat* Anna was W creasing BrawW, Gen. Rusk hastened to ?en Houn ton. and by bis presence and counsel aided greatly ta the W success of the commander in-chiefs operations. At tbe ' passage ot tbe Bayou-that critical moment for tbe fate of the Texan forces- he distinguished himself greatly. After Uiu depai turo of Houston the command of the army was confided to Uusk, promoted to tbe ran* of Brigadier.Gene-' ral. In 1837 Gen. Kusk was elected a member of tbe Texan Congress, and in the following year hn was appoint?d Major-General, and soon after Chief Justice of ?b? republic. On tbe annexation of Tei is to the United States he was elected a member of tho Convention to frame a State constitution, and presided over the deliberations of that body. He ban Ihe bonor of being elected oue of tbe two IJret V in ted States Senators from Texas, and in I860 W4" re lecteo for six years from March, 1851. He took an acnve part in the debates of the Senate, and a* < hairman of the committee on Post Office* and I toad* aimui> ,iOjcO himself by tiw practical views and prompt perception of the difficulties of thn questions brought up tor discussion. Alter Mr. tiuchanan wok nominated tor the Presidency at the Cincinnati Convention, the delegates of the State of Maine nominated Mr. Rusk for Vice Preai dent. The chairman of the delegation from Texas, however, withdrew his name.... Prince Charles Honaparte, Prun e of Canino, oldest son of Princo l.ucien, brother of the first Napoleon, at liis rtaidonco in the Hue do Lille, in Paris, at the age of 64. He had married the Prmcees Ze aaidc, only daughter of Joseph Bonaparte, King of Spain. The deceased Prince had been a widower since 1854. He loaves eight children, of whom the eldest, Prince Joseph Lucieu Charles Bunapartc, serves in the army, and the second, Prince Iaiclen I<ouis Joseph, has ein-' braced the clerical profession lie is one of the Pope's chamberlains. Tli Prince of Canino was a distinguished tavatd. He was corresponding member of most of the learned academics of Europe and America, and his works on natural hibvory, and particularly ornithology, are sookea of as some of the most valuable contributions lo science....Thomas Rick, LL. D., F. R. A 3., the well known author of " The Christian Philosopher," and other kindred works, at Briughty Ferry, near Dundee, Scotland. He was born in the* Hilltown, Dundee, on the 241b November, 1774. As early as his ninth year he is said to have had his mind turned to astronomical studies by the appearance of a rermrkahlri meteor. For ten years he taught at Perth, wherehe wrote the " Christian Philosopher," which ran through several editions. The sue cess of that work induced him to resign his poeitiou as a teacher and retire to Brouglity Ferry, near Duudee, where, in 1827, and in the 63t year of his sge, he established himself, to the astonishment of the villagers at the time, who looked with wonder upon his observatory.,.. M.K. A. Delaur, an eminent wrter for the Iondon iimei, aged sixty four yours. AUGUST. 1 ?Hon. H I- Turncy, late United Stales Senator from Tennessee, at Winchester, Tenn., suddenly. He was a leading Southern democrat. Mr. Tirney was a self-made and self educated man In early lifehn was a tailor, but relinquished that occupation for the sttdy of the law, and being admitted to the bar, jiractiscd wlh ability and success He wan a delegate to the National Democratic Convention at Baltimore in 1H4R, and one of th* committee to which was referred the cases of contested setts. As usual, the State of New York had sent a double delation, and Mr. Turney suggested that all should be adapted, but that only the number of voles (30) to which the ttate was entitled, should be cast. This course was agreed ipou by the committee and atlirmed by the Convention, whereupon Mr. John Yan Huren and several of his friends seceueu from the Convention, au.l formed the new |>arty by which Martin \ an Buren was placed in nomination and Mr. Cass defeated. i 3.?Kugenn Sue, a celebrated French romance writer, aged 53 years, in Savoy. He was born In Paris, and at his baptism the Km press Josephine anil the Prince Kugcue Beauharrais officiated as sponsors. Having completed his preparatory education, he entered the army as a surgeeu. in which capacity he served in Spain in IH-J3, and was present at tiie storming of Cadiz and the capture of Tro eadero nud Tarda. The next year he entered into the naval service, and made several voyages to the West In dies In 1827 lie went to (Jreece, aud was present in ths battle of Navarino He then withdrew from the service, and devoted himself for a lime to the study of painting, especially of marine pieces. His first novel, written at the solicitation of his friends to embody his experience of travel in a book, was called "Keraoch, the nrate." It met w ith moderate success, and encouraged lum unmake further experiments with his i>en. ' Alar-Cull" apiiesred n 1831 and the 'rsiil?tin?tnJ?rr'' In 1R32. He then turned his hand to history, and wrote an account at the French navy under Louis XIV., which was published in Ave volumes in 1835-37. After on interval of about six years, during which be wrote several popular Actions, his fa mous ''Mysteries of Paris" was Issued from the press, and at oucn gave him a high rauk among modern French novelists. "The Wandering .lew," which was tirst pub hsbed in 1*46 produced a profound impression, wax wide ly rend, mid translated into several dillereut languages. This was followed by other works in the same vein, with decided socialistic tendencies. Inconsequence', tie * elected by the democratic socialist i>a??r ,u T8*l 1? fbe National Assembly, where an not much lUstinguicb t himself, f or bis part in the affair of December, 1561, he was hamrhed Trom <he country (Joolab Sing, ruler of Chshmere, at his capital, .lamon, in the Punjab territory of India age 1 70 years. Uoolab Sing was brother of Dyan Sing, who was the Prime Minister of the celebrated Itanjeet Mng, "the lion of Iohoro ' who died in 1889 At the close of the Sikh war, In H*M, the territory by the British government to Gnolab King, in consideration of seventy Ave lacs uf rupees (83.750,000), and Um jwrsentation uf annual girts (in the sha|>e of shawls, goats and horses), in acknowledgment of the British supremacy. Though an uneducated man, who commenced life, lute his brother, the accomplished 1'remier of Kanjoe.t Sing. as a common sowar, Goolab Sing possessed natural talents of a high order, and was sufficiently skilled as a warrior and a diplomatist to make him a dangerous cne my even to ihl British government Just before his death be agreed to loan to the Ihinjtb authorities 8-T.750.000 to enable them to prosecute the war upon the Sepoy rebels; and he also agreed to send a body of bis own troops to Bethl to assist the English lorces. lie left behind him a son?Ruubheer Ring?who, according to his wishes, as ended Ibe musnnd. 4 ?Hon James Cochran Dobbin, e* Secretary of the I'm ted States Navy, In Fayetteville, N. C., aged 43 yearn. Mr. Dobbin studied law at Kayettevllle. where ha in zed bis residence, and troon rose to ItsUaoUOB In his pro. feseion Me entered public life in 1845 aa a member of Congress, and after serving through his term refused a re election, on the gt mind of its interference with his pro rsaatonal pursuits. In 11148 lis accepted the nomination as a member of the House of Commons In the Slate legislature. and again sieved In the same body In 1850 In (lie ca parity of Speaker. He was elected a delegate to the Baltimore Convention in 1852, and was selected by the dele gallon of Nurlli Carolina as their Intermediary with the Convention. It was bis eloquent efforts which, after several ineffectual balloting*, concentrated the Southern vote and secured the nomination of Gen. I'ierce. Mo was again the same year elected a member of the House of Commons, and was the candidate of bis party fqithe seat of fniled Mates .*cuaU>r Owing to the evenfyMivided slate of parties there was no choice. Mr. Dobbin wee not an ambitious man, and so far from desiring or ospecting the poat to which be was appointed under the ad ministration of General Pterci, he was anxious that it should be conferred on another distinguish d North Oirolinian During bla tenure of office, however, no one could labor harder or more disinterest edly lo perform his duty to his country. t'uder hit rule the adminu-(ration of naval affairs was conduced with greater stristncaa and impartiality than under that of al most any of his predecessor* There were matters con peeled with the ntvv under the regime of Mr Dobbin that deserve attention and commendation. One waa the aid ha afforded Dr Kane In his last expedition; another waa the drapatch of fjeut Berry man to survey the great telegraph plateau, and the last?the last official act of bla life?was the selection of the steam frigates Niagara and 8usque hanna for the service of asaistlng in laying the submarine cable from Ireland lo Newfoundland. 8.?Right Rev. Dr. Bliaunficld, ex Bishop of I/indon at Ttieham England The [bebop was born in 1780, and waa educated at Trinity College, Cambridge, where he waa third wrangler and senior medallist In 180H. He became successively Archdeacon of Colcbestsr and rector of St Bntolpfa. Bishopagate. Bishop of Chester In 1824, and Bishop of london in 1838, He waa, moreover, provincial [Wan of Canterbury. Itoan of the Compel* Royal, rector of HVsi College, the East India College and Harrow School. His lordship was a ripe scholar, and known to the world of letters by his editions of " .Esehylus," and "Callimachua." lie waa also the author of a "Manual of Family Prayers." "lectures on the Acts of the Apisitis*," "der mons at St. Hotolpb, Rishnpegats." Arc d.?Hie widow of Koustan. tne well known Mameluke of the Emperor Napoleon I., at Versailles, at a very advanced age 11 ?|?r Marshall Hall, whose visit to America Is fresh In the recollection of multitudes, at Brighton. England. waa born in the year 17U0 His dlarovsrias have ma tonally modified tin- practice or medicine throughout *n etviltied nation*,.. Right Hon John Wilaon Croker, aged awvonty aeveo year*, in Kngiaud He wa* renowned Tor hi* ultra torvtsm, hhi horror "f the French revolution, and bte contribution* to the london Quart,r\y HrHrw Ilia torytam ?u of the densest, though It became somewhat moderated in hie laet day*. He waa for year* a member of parliament, and took a conspicuous part in fighting tho battle* <>f the torle* against the Reform bill. He i* re ported |0 have "aid thai he would never sit m a reformed Parliament, a declaration which the country bore with fortitude, aa It did hi* abaence from the House of Common*. He had considerable eipertence In official life. He waa l*ecretarv of the Admiralty during thoee timae when Kng land "ruled the wave. ' IMsrarM ia sup p wed to have given the idea of what Croker waa in the character of the Right Hon. Nicholas Rlghy, who rule ao oonapicuoua llgure In "Ooningsby." Id-?Franklin loiter, an eminent American oonnaellor, acholar and politician, ?t hia realdenoe in Boston Mr Dexter waa hern at Chartestnwn Massachusetts. an I waa a son of Samuel Hester, one of the com|*?triote of <ilia and Adams when they stirred up their feliow citiaeua to rentel the aggression* of the crown The son followed in hi* father * footsteps. and after graduating at Harvard In lil'i, commenced the practice of the law *t Boston. Al though Mr Itexter a* a poliUrian deeired Influence rather than place, yet he went through the old Boston course, nerved In the Common Council, in both branches of the Rtntr legislature and was nnoe f>i*trict Attorney of the I oiled Male* for Massachusetts Mr IVxler was one of the most eminent lawyer* of an eminent bar lu the great rase of Ihe Commonwealth against Knipp and other*, ehsrged with the mnrder of If hile at Salem, where Mr M'ehster led for the prosecution. Mr l>e*ter was Ike leader of His defence, and the giant* of the bar had an InteUoetna) struggle rarsly equalled. Mr I letter was a whig of Ihe old fashioned blur light school, 17?Nenora Petronn (larria de Uarrsra. wife of Ihe Pre nident of Ouatemala. Central America, t?f cnolora, la the Ity of Cuatemala 'A?Hon W. K. Vanable. 1'nlted Stales Mi?*ler to tin* tents la Central America, n Cuatemaia, of cholera 14.?Mortimer I Jving?lon. an eminent mer-hnnt of New York, In thi* city, aged fifty year* ...Prince Gregory ttluka. ex Hoapodar nf Moldavia, Turkey, committed sin ride He was the lite and soul of the nationsl imrty Jtl ?William Rawson. Treasurer ? the Anti Corn Iaw I e igue of England from It* formation, in FnglamJ Mrs .lelinsione. in Fdinburg, Reottand Rite wis for mnny years editor of lait'l Vogoriae. author of flan Albyn ' "Fiigaheth 4e Bruce' and other novels, and more lately of "Vsf.et Hamilton," "Ntghtg ?f Ihe Round Table" an t the vtr of* *t,'ile* pnbl hed aa "The Fdtnhnrg Tab s." ... General tsiu Mar be ?x i'rrgiUcut of Stui jjnivodor, of n cholera, about this day. General San Martin was a man who baa teaen an active part In Oentral American politics during a number of years. He was born in 1811, and from 1830 to 1842 Oiled various offices under government. In November, 1842, be headed a political movement and raised a small army, but did not gam his object ami was forsed to flee to fiouduras, where he was persecuted by the government. In 1844 he was permitted to return to his native land, and accompanied General Mulespiu with the army to Nicaragua, hut on tho country's proouuaaing against Malespin, ho loll him and joined the opposition party,aud during the war with Honduras made himself noted for bis courage and seal Under the Presidency of Sr. Agular be was Secretary of finance and War, and iu 1803 was elected President of the republic. 27.?Itufus Wlluiot Griewoli, 1>. I)., in New York, in the forty-third year of his age. Or. GriswoM ens luirn in Vermord, in the year 1810. llo published germona, hi ographion and gomo histories; and many of tug cotnpila lions have become highly popular. 28.?General Thomas Hutrhcggon, English army, in his 77th year. Tho General had seen considerable service. I He served in the Peninsula and France from March, 1813, lt> July, 1SH. and look purl id ine campaign in b-tgium in 1815, being at tli* lutU'e of Waterloo, and remaining in Frame with the arm; of occupation until Xovember, 1818. ;tl ? KP.zaheth Kenton, i/indon. Tho deceased w.u for nearly 40 years attached to tho household or the lato Wueen Dowager Adelaide, of England, aud wits present with that illustrious personage when she breathed her last. scrrnraiR. il.?Catharine Van Kenaeeiaer Cochrane, daughter of Major Geueral Schuyler, the revolutionary |<atriot, at Oswego, X. T. .-be was horn in Albany on the 20th o February, 1781. The infant years of Mrs. Cochrsne's lifj were parsed in Albany, sad during the period of the revolution she was exposed to the thrilling incident* of the Mohawk frontier In \"94 General Schuyler passed through the Oneida wilderness ti Oswego, then still ui occupation of a Ifntish garrison. His daughter accompanied him and shared in the adventures of what was then a difficult and romantic expedition. Kho married Major James Cochrane, the Surgeon-General of the revolutionary army, and with him and her family settled in Oswego In the year 182b. They cleared the forest for the habitation which, with her family, she continued to occupy to tho hour of har death ceneral and Mrs. Washington, James Van Kenstelaer and Margarita Schuyler were her sponsors in baptism. 4.? Hear Admiral James Wilkes Maurice, K. N., at Plymouth, Knglano, ngod eighty two years. Ho commanded the seamen and marines at the island of Anhoit, which he defended aguinsl the attack of 4,000 Panes in 1811, and which, at the time rendered his name famous for defeat ing that strong forre of the enemy, he and his men taking prisoners mure in uutuber than their owu strength of garrison. SCKtuT, fi.?Professor I.icbtcustcin, director of the Royal Zoological Museum at lierlm, Prussia, suddenly, at Kiel j i 11c was considered one of tho most learned zoologists in ' Kurope. He was a native of Hamburg, and laid the fouu <lutions of his scientific tame by bis travels in Southern Africa which at that time (the beginning of the present century; was almost a terra incognita as regards natural history, and from whence he brought home the must val cubic collections, which he spcul almost his whole life in arranging, classifying, describing and completing, lie had attained the 77th year of his ago. 9.?Admiral Sir William II Dillon, R. N. Paternally he was descended from l.ogon Delomc, or tho Valiant, son of O'Neill, Monarch of Ireland. Sir W. H. Dillon entered (be navy at a very early period of life. In 1798 he cooperated with the army at Wexford during the Irish rebellion, where he succeeded in arresting tlie Irish rebel chief. Bkallion. lie afterwards served on tho Jamaica station, assisted in the capture ot the corvette hi Ualgo, in sight or a Spanish line-ol battle ship and frigata, and also in the taking of la Diligentc, a French national brig, the I an/unci in. a Siwuimli armed packet, and several pri vaP ers of which he had the charge. In lutil he was present at the destruction of the British frigate Maleager, which had grounded in the Gulf of Mexico, and effected an exchange 01 a part of the crew who had boon taken prisoners. Aa senior Lieutenant of the Africaine, with a Kag of truce from lord Keith to the Hutch commodore Voiterbach, at He'.Teotsluys, he was m 1803 made prisoner, handed over to the Freu< it, and detained in captivity until Bcptcmber, 1807. In 1814 ho was appointed to the Horatio, and employed in escorting a ccuvoy to Newfoundland, protecting the whale u-hery of Greenland against the Americans, and cruising off the coast of France to intercept Bonaparte alter the tiattlo of Waterloo, and afterwards made voyages to China and India. 11?Job Mar on. a well ku<>wD RnglUh jockey, at Middlehatu. He won the St. Ivgtrtflree times in eight yeart, namely, in 1*43, on Nutwith; in 1847, on Van Tromp; and in 18&6, on Yolugeur. 17?lamia Garueray, a in trine painter, and the last sur- j vivor of the naval combat between the Frenrh brig-nfwar laConfltr.ee and. Jb? t we'??? his *"* 21.?Br.gadicr General Nicholson, of the Knglieh army in India, died of his wounds in the city of Delhi. General Nicholson wa? the son of a physician of the county of Dub lin. and nephew of Sir J. W. tlogg. Hart . of (he India House, who gave liim a direct appointment to the Bengal army in 1830. In thai year he became ensign in the 27tli regiment of Native lntauiry; saw active servra in Affgbanistan in 1H41-2, yrhere |tn taken prisouer at Ghuxneo during the BufleJ campaign, and only rescued by the arrival of sir K. sale and Sir G. Pollock. Ho was sub eequeutly employed with the army of the I'nnjah during 1848-9. whilst holding the post of Assistant to tha Kesi dent si lathore, Sir F. Oirrie. 11c was present ai the ac lions of Sadoolspore, Chtlianwallali and Guojerat, for which he had received the war medal w ith one clasp, and was raised by special brevet to the rank of Major im the breaking out of the mutinies he was entrusled with the command of a brigade, and gained a splendid victory in July last, near Delhi, over the rebels sent out to interrupt the siege train. Kbr this gallant achievement be had recently been created a Com | .anion of the Italh. lie wis only in his :iMn rear at the time ot hts death. 22.?M. Maaini. the patriotic Dictator of Venice when it was bvseigcd by the Auatrlans, and ('resident of the Venetian republic in IMA, at I'arie, aged flf.y three years. Sinclair, the vocalist, at Margate. Knglaud. Mr. Bin rlsir was born in Fdmburg ui the year 1790, and on the : 2oth of Bcptcmbor. 1811, made his first appearance on the i stage at t.ovcni i.irdcu, L-tuli-n. in llo- hsracier of l*>n Oirloe, in "The Duenna," and at once established himself : 8 H r*viTt?e wtm :ne puour 26 ? Geueral No ill, of the Kiigbrb army, killed at l ucknow. Indlp, fighting ttan sVjmy mutineer*. He waa born iu Uic veer 1S10. entered the Mm iraa army m ItOtt, and served in the first Burmese war, during which he was In the Ailjulent General's tiepartme nt. He subsequently wan III rtiiiiiiiaud HI III'' iwcorl "f III"' I'r.'p d'1,1 a< Nagpor* unit on the breaking out of thn war with Russia, in IH64, volunteered fur ai live iervlce,au<l bold a command Id tlia Turkish contingent Itetnrning to India, lie look cuininiuid of the let Kurot?an Kueilters. <>no of Itio moat splendid regimenta in Uie aervice, and ait noun aa Ibe mutiny bruke oat, waa entrusted wiui the rommanrt of a brigade Ho took part witb Huvelock in Uie capture uf Cawnpore. and oni readera will remember h:m aa the i.moral wbo furred the bigb caate lirahmina on their kneea to wipe up the blood tamed Dour uf Uie Cawnpore tragedy 30?( apt. K. .1. Carpenter, Royal Navy, m England. He entered the navy in 1HI8 under hta uncle, Sir Edward Berry. llie comiHUi on Id arms of NeIron He wa? employee on the North American. East and Went Induui aU tionn. on the coast ot Africa and In the Mediterranean, (in two occasions h< assisted in the rapture of piratiw oil Cub* and Coralea. R- turned his attention for tbe M|Mh years of hie bf< to tbe subject of screw prnpulnon. He look out two petente, under the ttr?t of wntrti he claimed to be Uie inventor or patentee of the ecrew pryj>eller used in the Royal navy. OCTOIIKR. PrwiuT, 4 ?lord FMr William, tn England, aged seven ty one years. He waa a leading politician for Orty years, and an ardent friend of civil and religions liberty. He waa among the ear beet of Parliamentary corn law reformers, hut he was strongly averse to the agitation of the Question of repeal as one of class lnlcmsu. maintaining always that that measure was demanded in the well understood interest rf the agriculturist. T.?lion, loots Mr lane in Baltimore city, aged 72 years. In the year I'M, being then only fourteen years of age, he served with great credit aa a midshipman on hoard the fi ?^tr Philadelphia, Uien on her flrat cruiee. He was admitted to the bar in latt^. and rapidly attained a high place in hm profession In the war of lilt be waa a volunteer to a company rntnmanded by CV?ar A. Rodney, wbo bad lieen the Attorney t.eneral of the t'nitod male* unnrr nr .irnerwn, wi m?r< urn w<< mv... ( pany U> the relief of Baltimore when it waa threatened by the British The great rapacities of Mr Mr lane now be ran to attract public, attention in another ?!ir?-< Uno, aud in 1 BIO he wm elected to the llnnee of Henreio nut. voe front lielaware. and so argcly had he won tlio confidence of hie con?titnente, that he remained a member of tliat body until 1827, when he waa rhoaen hy the legislature a Senator of the United State* In Mar, 1*.T. he wa* ap rtinted by IVwidenl Jackson to Im the Minlater of the niled Statea to tlreat Britain, wlioro he remained two yearn, and on htn return he waa called bjr the same Pre Idem to take a piaae In the Cabinet ae Secretary of the Treaaur? He nerved in thin place until 1MI, when he became Secretary of State, and in June, 18.'t4, he retired from political life In 1837, when the financial condition of the noantry required ha nerrtcea, Mr tl. lone wan pre railed upon |> accept the prealdency of the Baltimore and OUl Mffmd Onmp?y, aMi, MMtM to Maryland he dlncharrod the diltien of thin olI|pe until 1M7 In thin time be wan requested by J'realdent Polk to wenpy, during the pcndeO< y <g the Oregon negotiations, 'he minnlon to Kng land, and thin duty being acoompliahcd. be again returned to Maryland, Mr Mclane waa a chief actor mi all the great political erente which marked the first halt of thut century. He waa the companion, fellow laborer an I friend of thoec w ho bare, with ^m. won the remembrance of our country men as the -tauAion of America 0 ? l.irnt<'iianl Philip Salkeld, of the Bengal Engineer*, who recently displayed "#> daring and gallantry in firing the Kbglinh siege tram at the Canhnvre ga'e of lielhl He gradually atnik under the wound* which he receired nnthal <* * anion, and died at Itrlhi in the 27<h year of hi* age II# was born la England. lit) quitting Addiscomhe he went to the Royal Engineer eatab'lshmeut at Chaihain. where he remalne I for two yearn studying the theory of engineering and fortifl ttlon He quitted that inelitutinn in January, !*.*>, and arrived at Calcutta In the following June, when he Joined the <?>rpa "f *#" pera and miner* In June, la.vt, he * aclecteit to ofh elate *a ?tieutiveengineer at M< ernt, and in the fo'low trig November * ' transfi rreil to the eharg of the (Iran I Triiiik road, on whtclr he war continually employed down to Hecemher la t, when he anrreede1 to Hie office of eiecutlre enaiaoer of the Delhi division He joinn I the force before Delhi shortly after the death of fGeneral An pen, and Wj^aperiaMy thiuiked by (ieneral Sir Archdale Wilson fiuj| daring r tploll in Mowing o|>en the mere galr^^B operat"H er| i ?lly dilll uit anrl ilan. rA an 1 o ? i. '.i.nr i ?ar>d iui tlo? ",?>[ with in- AB si 10 Washington Parke Pus tin, the laat member oi Wiitdiiiigt|u s famllT. at Arlington, Virgin' i, after i? hrlcf il'r snj^e the 77th roar of hia age For several year* he lasfstood alone In his relation* to the Father of hi* Criintr*, at er armon*. with filial reverence ami alter lie*). to ill " (rate hia character. and from the r?-h *1oreaof tin* ucver ftuiiujj memory kPbrmg forward an autt'tai tr, NEW" YORK' HERALD,' EH bote to bit immortal worth. Born amid the great event* of the Revolution, by the death of hie father, (Col. CuslH, ef the army. ao<i a eon of Mrs. Washington by a former marriage.) a bleb occurred near the clone of the war, he found bis home during childhood nn>l youth at Mount Ver nou. where Lie manners were formed after the noblest models, arid from the great worthies of that period, frequent guests there, he received impressions of wisdom and patriotism that wen never effaced. Under the coun SCIN III miMUIIglOU UU Jlursuou Uln |.||??>| ?| n IMI r??, l*rinreton, and, when deprived by death of hi* great guide And father (And coon after of bis revered gran (mother), be devotedhimself Ui literary and agricultural pursuits on bin ample estate of Arlington, the girt, by will, of that lllu?trkui? ioaii No wan -'Al ly united in marriage to Miss Mary |e? Kltzhugh, of Virginia, a lady of unsurpassed exceMenc". Mr. CusUa wan distinguished by an or-giual genius for eloquence, poetry And the tlno arta, by a knowledge of history, particularly ton bistory of this country, for great power* of conversation, tor an ever ready and gecrroue hospitality. for Iclndneaa to the poor, for patriotism. for constancy 01 friendship, and for a more than niial devotion to tbe memory and character of Washington. Hie early speeches on tbe dealb of General I.ingon and the overthrow of Napoleon, were everywhere read and admirsd, even by those who dissented from the sentiments, lor the beauty of their conception and their impassioned eloquence.... Thomas Crawford, an eminent American sculptor, in London. He wad burn in New York in 1614, but resided in Rome, Italy, from 1834. Ho exe cuted busts of the late Commodore Null, Mr. Konyon, Sir diaries Vaugban, Joeioh Quincy, be. In 1839 be designed "Orpheus." the lluest production of bis obisel. Next followed "Cupid and Psyche," "Sappho," "Vesta," "Genius of Mir n," "Adam and Eve," "David before Saul," and a number of Scriptural bas reliefs. In 1865 bis fame as a sculptor, which was gradually developing, shone forth with redoubled lustre in the production of bis noble statue in bronze of Beethoven, which is deposited in the , Musk: Hail of Boston. Hut his greatest work was destined to be his last?the Washington Monument, ordered by the State of Virginia. 14.?Prince Mirza Bucktawur Shah, sun of tbe King of Delhi, Hhot by order of on English court martial at Delhi, India, for aiding the Sepoy mutiny.. .. I'rinre Mm Mendhoo. another son ol the King of Delhi, shot by English so) diers for a liko offence at Delhi. The two enter sons of the King, with bis grandfton, had been already executed. 127.?The Duchess de Nemours, daughter in-law of the late King I.ouh Philippe of France, suddenly, In England. The Duchess do Nemours wus a daughter of the Grand Duke Ferdinand of Saxe Goburg and Gottia, and was consequently cousin of her Majesty and the I'rince Consort of England. She was born in 181E2, and married in 1840 the Dune no Nemours, ny wnnm sne nan lour cu iureu?ui? Count d'l'u, the Duke d'A!ent;ou,the Princess Marguerite, and, after an interral of eleven yearn, the infant whoso birth preceded by only a few days the untimely decease of iltf mother. 29.?General Louis Eugene Ctvaignac, suddenly, of aneurism o( the heart, while shooting on the estate of M. Beaumont, in Surlhe, France. The General win horu in Paris, in lao'd, his father being the old Conventional ist. Inopinun.ho was a strong and consistent republican, but for a while?during the convulsions which iollowed the revolution of 184b?the dictator of France, llo greatly distinguished himself in the Algenuo war. In 1847 ho took the place of I tmorcicro in ttie command of tho pro vines of <>ran. which he retained until rai-ed by tho decree of tho provisional government of 18th to tho Governor Generalship of Algeria. During the short period in which ho held the government of Algerut, Cavaigonc distinguished himself by the firmness, prudence and judgment of bis administration. A decree of the provisional government in February, 1848, made bun General of Di vigion, and a second decree made bun Monster of War. He was subsequently appointed Dictator, with unlimited powers, eivil and military, but he laid down the dictatorship immediately alter he had pacified the capital. Ca vaignac was put forward as a candidate for tho Presidency of tho republic, and amongst the six4 candidates ran second to 1/mis Napoleon. In the e?n;< d'etat of December I/>uis Napoleon sent Cavaignac to Havre... .Count Giuseppe Sicrardl, In Turin, Italy. The Count was a distinguished jurist, and bad fur many years held some of the high est cttlcos in tho magistracy, lteforo 1848 Count Sircardt cfiecled im|mnanl legal reforms by advising his sove reign to abolish certain privileges nn<! immunities ol' the nobility anil of persons belnngitg In thn orders of knighthood. lint by his law fur the suppression of the eccle-iia*ttcal court*, which he carried through Parliament in l?4d. while holding the portfolio of the Ministry of (Jrace and Justice. be it best known. In 1K48 Count Siccardi was m' trusted by King Charles Albert with a special diplouiali,JJini>Muti to the Pope at Gaels, which was u<A suci cestui, h* its object wns to re erlabbah a friendly feeliug betw een the two government', without Piedmont sac nth. tng its Independence to Rome. 30.- James Moriisou,? ioudou merchant, near I/Midoit, aged sixty eight > ears lie was worth fJO.OUO.UOO. To s enormous wealth was the result of his own natural ?a gacity, perseverance and integrity After the close of the great continental wars, and the consequent rapid exton siou of population aud wealth, Mr Morrison was one the tirst I ngliah tradevi-?,ke~"~'""?"""*"'r~7'e *7*tem ol roam o?mjran rmrre departuro from the old exaction of [the highest prices. His m? principle was tlio substitution of the lowest remunerative scale of profit and a more | rapid circulation of capital, and the success of the experiment speedily created his preeminent Wholesale trade. "Small proiiLs aud quick returns'' was his motto. NOVEMBER. 2.?William E West, an eminent American pa,liter, m Nashville, Tennessee. Most of ha artist life was spent in Europe, where he stood at the head of his profession. Ho painted a portrait of lord Byron from life, wbicli is universally cuhceded to be the best one in existence, and which the artist sold for $'.\000 8 ? Mackay, the greatest actor of Bcotlanl. in Edinburg, about this day, aged seventy one years. Mr Mac.ksy was famous tor impersonation of the Scotch characters In tho Wavcrlcy novels, particularly of Itailite Ktool Jarvio in "Itob Roy," whom he presented to the entire sal, faction of Sir Walter Scott, who said that "it was the living Nicol Jarvte 11.?M. Abbatuccl, French Minister of Justice, in Paris m. addhucc! wi>: corn in i (irj, si anavn, in < or*;<?, auu was Mnmpwiilly Id hU sixty-sixth year In Tun*, 1*30, the deceased minister was* elected dopnty for Corsica After tin- revolution he was named President of ono of (he court* of law at Orleans. and afterwards funned part or the <>(>|NwilioD in the Chamber of Deputies under the government of loo is Philippe After the revolution of February he was elected deputy at Orleans, and he represented that city nt the Constituent and legiilattve Assemblies After the ltd of fie. emWr M. AbMlutci formed l?art of Ui?^Consu!iative Commission, and on the gad of January, lav.*, was nominated Minister of Justice. Ho had been Senator since fieeotnhsr, 1*68 Scmiiay, 16 --General Jamo* Hamilton, 1'. S A., lost by a steamboat collNon near New Orleans, when returuluy to Month Carolina from Berwick Hny.Texa* The General was one of the best known public men in the L'niled Males, and he was at the time of his death about s.ity five years of age Ho was a candidate Tm the chair In tbo Lnlted Stales Senate, left vacant by the death of Mr Hutler, of South Carolina, and was upon a visit to Texas for bu- n?ts purposes. His father was a member of the UrsfCouli rental Congress, and wrote the address to the British House or Commons protesting against the sump Art. Ills udcI?, Thoma? l.yni h, Jr . was'-ue of the sinners of the Declaration of Independence His father. Mitiur H-imil ton, served in the line of the Revolutionary army from the otlcupalKm of Dorchester H-u-hls by General Wash ington to the last gun fired during the war at Combabee Ferry The General served ma country taitbfully in fts army and the legislature. He porttemarly distinguished hm.-ell at the time of the negro-insurrection >f lfi.'J, nip ping a dangerous plot in .be ineoptlm, and sparing no exertions in bringing the guilty to execution, lie sernn 'e?l John Randolph in hi* duel with Henry Clay In 1M1 be went to Kngland and France a* the representative 'if the Texan government, and was Instrumental in the negotia Hons which resulted in the admission of that Mate to the I'd ton. He was called the 'Bayard" of the South J?.?George.R. f Hidden, late Consul of the Cnded Sute? in Cairo. Kgypt, at Fauaiua, N. G Mr Oliddou was a well known Egyptian scholar and author In 1MB, when Me hemet All initiated his plans for the material improvement of hgypt by me introduction or machinery, Mr ihmuw succeeded in impressing him with I In- greater skill of American mechanic* In this department. anil wax sent by (h<- I'arha to the I n uo.i sutc* to contract for rice, sugar and other mills. whib were subsequently put In now ful operation The races and iho civilisation of both cot ttnent* wore familiar to him lie baifcboan the gue?l of the Arab and Turk, bad tr*ver*ed IN- great d>werta, wan dcred over Palestine and M??opctainla. had l?een a reei drnt of fiforce, waa fairiiiar with every country in Kurope. and wn* a cosmopolitan in America. Before thpublication of hi* I ant work,11 Indigenous Race* of the Earth,*' Mr Glutdon accepted the poet of de)mly agent of the Honduras In ten* same Railway, in Honduraa. Central America. He waa on hia rcinm to the United State", on leave of ab?eoce, when he died. ]R ?William RanDey.a dhttingonhed American painter, iu Hoboken, N. J.. aged 46 year* IP? tdward Uitsgibhon, a celebrated new?paper wri ter, in tiondnn, aped .V4 year* Me waa known hj the alt nature "kphemega, in tfrff'l /.if' in l/md-nt Writing anonymously for upward* of twenty eight yeara. na Mr I ittgihhon did for the dally preaa. he wae only known to the public by hia flehing article* In H*U, by aoine fugitive piece* of gnuM merit, a* "I.uctd Intervale of a I noetic," ilia reviaed edition of Walton and Cotton, hia " Handbook to Angling," hia revision of a portion of Itiame a Cyclo po dia, and again to a eeetlon ef the public by the fine reviewing power* exhibited by him both in that journal and the tM.frrrr. and ae a theatrical critic, of the Wheat order. Mr. Kttggibbon waa born in Umorlck oounty, Ireland. US ?Cmnnto<l*e Foihall Alexander Parker, United State* Navy, In Philadelphia, at an advanced ag". Com modore Marker entered the navy January 1. Mm flrwf striking adventure waa hi* rapture, with the officer* and crew of the United Stale* brig Nautilus, by the Bri tlrh fleet, which afterward* chased and nearly ororbanled the frigate Constitution In comiwny with numerou* other priaoncnt of war he waa taken to Halifax, and there confined. Mb iiMnaitted * prisoner but a abort tunc, wlien he wa* exchange,|,_ m> received promotion. and waa ordered to the *1 top if war John Adam*. After a aorlc* of adventure* the eloop w?* chased by a B'ltiah fleet The *loop put into the l'rnob?cot. where the vessel was burned by the crew, to keep her frutn falling into the hands of the enemb lie wa* subsequently elevate! ta the command oMlie^aei India squadron Upon hit re turn from (Vina* he was ordered to the Bo"Pin Navy Yard, where he ociwrnandcd for three years and a half Poring ihat period he"was sent to Germany, at th* leetre of the German gt verntoett. who wittird .an American of llcer for the pnrp??e of organiglng the (lerritan navy. Havltg accomplished tbait.i** he returned, an I waa ma le Commander of tt,e IMutae Njuadron, from which h* wis i relieved in I'M.... Admiral ii????? ? p. h dtteman. k v.. in Vnflatid, aged *2 years. He eharad in nil \pt?un't fl?ht? ami Itfumpba. ? TtBt'FM HKK. 2.? Oewrnl MiaorRicki, formerly Governor of the Oraad Ihichy of Waraaw, and who served from 1*09 to ISIS tinder Napoleon 1 , in Uallicia. Dorm* the w ?r of 1H.11. lo which Poland took the Held airvnst Kna?la. the deceased 'greatly (ttatingutshed himaelf He Maided dor mmf year* |hi Pari*, and during hi* ?tay wo* Prtwtdenf of the Polish Tlgpmittee ^?christian Ranch, a famous German sculptor. at Prna <ler, ?Reit e ghty yrars f?e was horn at Aroison. in WH phnlia, .tannary 2, 1777. and after preliminary stud lee at Car; "1 and Rerlin, In 1707 wert to Room, wher he g% n? i thr frlendahlp of R.ron W< liato von t| troi*>' I' mod the aontotera Thor?wald?en and I'anot L'ndiqatti# guidance a?d iqUucuvc of such men he made great pr?griss m his IIDAY, JANUARY 1, 1858 ait, and previous to his return to Berlin, to 1811, ezeceted bust of Queen l?ui?a of Prussia. He was afterwards commissioned by Frederick William III. to erect a monument to the Queen. The monument U> Albert Purer at Nuremberg is ooe or his tlnest works. But his masterpiece is t^e monument te Frederick the Great, recently erected la Berlin. 4?Paint George Randolph, lost of tho lineage of the Randolphs of Roanuku. in Charlotte county, Va. Ho was nephew of the late John Randolph of Roanoke. 31?The following is a liet of missionaries known to have been killed since the commencement of the mutiny in India:? Rev. W. H. Haycoek....Cawupore Propag. Soc. Rev. H. Cockey Po Po. Rev. J. K. Freeman FuUeghur Am. Pros. Mia. Rev. P. E. CMiutibell.... Do I)o. Rev A. 0. Johnson IV) Do. Rev. It. Marmullin I>o Do. Rev. T. Maikay Delhi Bap. Mm. Soc.

Rev. A. R Hubbard Do Dropag. Soc. Rev. B. Sandys Do Do. Rev. K. Hunter Sealootc Scotch Kirk. Rev. J. Maccallum Shabjehaupore.. . Addil. Clergy. ladies and children killed?Mrs Haycock, btr* Cockey, Mrs. Freeman, Mrs Campbell, with two children, Mrs. Johnson, Mrs. Marmullin, Mrs Hunter, Mrs. Thompaou of Delhi, widow of the Rev. T. Thompson. Mix* Thompson. Mice Grace Thompson. pemohau. CnARI.F.Y?A LF.TTEB FOR YOU IN THE BROADway I'oat offloc. ANNIE. HKKKTNO I'ETKR HKNNINGFEN, FROM DUCHTES Sc.hleawigHnlatetn, Immigrated to New Orleana, heard of in St. i.ouir, and afterwards in New York, Is reipicsted to communicate wllb his aon llennlmr. Any Information re sper' ng the above named pa"y will be thanlLfully received by H. P. IJrnningren, care 01 Met urn. Jansaen A Co., Creawick, Colonic Victoria, a uairana. IK L. S. WATKINS IS IN TIIK CITY HE WTI.I, HEAR of something to hta advantage by applying at French's llutcl, between tae hour* ot 1:2 uud 12 o'clock, tlut day. INFORMATION WANTED?OK PATRICK BYRNE. A native of Kingstown, county Dublin, Ireland, alio left Now York in September, ISM, aiuf when last heard from wan in Scrnnton, l.urerne county, Pennsylvania. Any information' of bin whereabouts will lie thankfully received at S3 Monroe street. Philadelphia papers please copy. MARY BYRNE. I WILL HF.E YOU ON THE 1ST OK JANUARY. LAFRER. MR EMI, BRANPEIR PROFESSOR OK MUSIC, PRE. vented by Inrtlspoaltlon from making the customary New Year calls, begs leave to express herewith to his uu melons triends and patrons, as well as to his present and tor mer pupils, his best wishes fura happy new year. 28t) liowery. fTHE FRIENDS OR RELATIVES OK THE I,ATK NYE J Ball, Esq., attorney nt law, who may have old aeo.iirltiea which were in hm possession In his llfeiline, belonging to a 4-1 l**ni of IiIh, may UnJ it 'u llielr Interest to address L. L , boi No. 'J, 107 Philadelphia Post office, Peuu , giving a list of llit we. THE CHIEF ENrtlNEER Wll.l. HE HAPPY TO SRE HIS firemen Irienuson Now Year's day, at 108 Leonard street. 4IT11 ATiONM WANTKU-FBlHALBfl. ARKSPKCTAKI.E PROTESTANT OIRL WISHES A situation an chambermaid or nurse, and would bo willing to utafco herself useful. Apply at ft Card St., Brooklyn. A RESPECTABLE HEALTHY M A It It IF. I > WOMAN, with a'rush bread of milk, wants a baby to wot run e ai her own residence, UBi West did ?t, betwo.-n Dm aud 10'h avs. boat of references given. HOl'SEKHKPF.R - A TOCNU WIDOW LADY WISHES to keep hon?? for a gouilonian (a widower preferred). To a party keeping houae, or coutemplaiuig doing so, they will t.ndthlsnn excellent op p ?rtuntty Address KsmuriMn, Viiion square Post olllc>\ suiing particulars. L'nexcepliona ble reicrcuce given and required. 11 r ET Nl'RSK.?A KRhPKi TABLE HEALTHY WOMAN V? wanta a e- hi lit to nurse a' her residence; rsn give excel It nt reference. Apply at No. GZt Washington street, up stairs, hack room. TVTET NIRSE-WANTED BY A RESPF.t T A BLE MAR ff ned woman iScjtehi, with a lull breast of mils, a baby to wet nurse at her own residence; the beat of car-- will be taken of it; good reference can be given. Apply at IhCf ave. A, near I'Jth si., ton floor. Wf ANTED-A <1111.0 TO WF.T Nl'RSK. HY A RE Yv speclable married woman. Apply U? Mrs. Null, 1j0^ Raat fvtfi at. IITUATIOIVS WAIMTKO?W tl.ES. \YOt'NH UFVTLFMtN, AHOI'T LEA VINO FOR I'llbU, ISdl'SIIOIIS ol dbl onioa ,u?e ovBIBlwi'iBS III fill hi I or <11 y parties Who may have need ol hm services; best of references Adori f* A A II., rare of Abbott Bros , lit) N. stall st. X\TANTEI>?BY AN KNOLIHHVAN. A SITl'ATIO.N AS Yf waiter in a private family or ho*oi, or as porter lb the same Has not tioen long In'ihe country. Adores* K. 1J., rare Nr. Harlow, IDh av. and Alst street. Salesman-wanted, hy a tofn'i man, who bat a good trade, a situation In a tlrat class dri goods hmmr He?t <?t refrrtnc* giTeo. Addret* lor two a*ys hialrs* Uiuu, Herald office. HELPW^-ITSlIX-ltf \LK?. ~ WANTKP?A YOUNG MAN HAVING A THOROUGH knowledge nf saddlery linij carriag" hardware. and enmpiU-nl to solicit orders for a manufacturer Adiireaa, with name and whore last empl ivad. t">, ii p.i I - :l WANTKP?A Nl'MMKK OF ENTERPRISING YOUNG men 10 go South and Win:, to engage In a aroiuhie enterprise. Money advanced for paaknge and liberal inducements offered to the right kind of nu n Address, enclosing stamp fir return p ualwge, 8. H. L re*, 1M South 4th St., Philadelphia. Pa. fKTANTRO?A YOUNG MAN. WITH AHOUT9I30 I'ANII; ft mmt be e?rict|y honeai, <pi'ck to i"aen i mr?;?iin derate atlery will be paid, and manned aoi .rding Ml mam. Addreas K. L\, boi 131 Heraldoffice, stating where Ut be aeeti. -|irAN1RO- A MAN TO MANUFACTURE ATRKI. Yf sp I tigs for ladles'skirts. To a nonpatent |ier?<m I'**! wages wll be riven Inuulre on Saturday al the lumber yard Id INth al., between bin and Tib ava. "Yir A N7KP? A THOROUGH GROOM. TO TARE fr clarge of agentleman's s'ahle, in the enuntry, an Rug llsbmaunra Scotchman prrlcrred. Apply at M hi.huuge place, baaement office, on Al ,'auuary at 12o'elo~k. XWrAKTRP? AN OVSTKRM AN. ONK WHO IS WIU.ING M i? make litnw'i gonei all) naeful In a restaurant may apply id the Waverley, corner of Greenwich avenue and Utirlatomer atreet, on Saturday mornln(. \lrANTKP-A YOUNG MAN, WIIXINU TO MARK ft l.ltdaeir useful, In an In and out of doer hnalncaa. One baring li.ni ffiliMI to ?2l?t al hla roinminid .preferred l.lberal milsry plid. Ad Irene Hualnrss, atauon A., Post office. New York, adding place of Interview. _ IIk. I.I* WARrmiMm.MAbb.lf. A NUMBER or RKSPK< TAHI.R WOMEN WANTKP?TO All dlOrrent altuailona, mar for geeerel housework, bsBiberwork. Ae. To tb<>ae capable, gie?l situations are rr ?dy all md wage*. Impure al Ike Puniea<te'( Inatitiile and Home, A 1 lib al , Corner of fttb ate. nOUKKKEEI'ER W ANTKP-THE I,APT WHO RE plied to Mathews ailverilaeirenl for a bouaekeeper, will And an answer o bar Hole, addrnaid aa ahIt baa been unavoidably delayed. \?TANTIP?A FRKNUII PROTESTANT NURHK Ml ST t? nr |iim iMmnriia. MS Mil" to apaaa f.okii?h ? ? to be nndaratond. Uood city (flcrrnM required. Apply at h>i Wfn ^i?t nffft. from u A.M. until I P. M., on FfMay and Saturday, Jar 1 and 2. fVANTED-A WAITRESS AND SHtMSTRKSS A " perann who thoroughly undamUiula with. Apply on Saltrday. 2d, at *2 Ht Murk'a |>la?'e, after l(> o'clock. RPKdali MOTIC Kit. Am card.?the hon daniki. r tiemann, mayor elect, liar III a atamtl.-l hta acceptance of the uae ?if lb* IfntmfUnr'a Room, kindly tendered h ni bylhei'mnmon Conn ril Li re< elvo hla fallow ctttaena on Now Year a day, will t>n happy tnarail htmaalf of 'he opportunity lb in afforded bim of tr"t nut the cltitena on that day at the ? iky Hall, batwean the boom of 10 o i lock A. M and 2 I' M H. T. VALENTINE. flark Common Coun^l (KiNWK.NIi A ItI.E I.IItKR4LITY -NOME lll'NDRKD OR J mere of iba employee hclonglna to tha ti<?.khlndtnEegtAhfl li-hnant of K WA1.KRR a HOItB. 114 Kttltnn afreet. New Volt, wara nriwtited aaah with a chance In Kinney'a It ran' Atmrican girl bonk anlarprlaa, 29T Broadway. htn h gener" Ity night not to go nnt ottaad hy tha preaa In general Wa a tab K. W. A Sona a haptiy and proaparona naw year. N EW TORK TYPOORAPIIH Al. I RION-THE KR'IOlar monthly meeting of the aioee aoetety la porti oned tram Saturday, .Tan 2. to Hator.1?y, Jan 9 whan a full attend nr. -a la rcuueated. Hy order of tna I nlon. W H Mi M A NCR, Prealdent. Roar D. 'Dam, Rntnrdlng Secretary >TNM YORK TYPOURAPIIICA t'NION, NO. (I. JANC I ary I. 1a?; Tha t ..mmtilaa m Helot ni morrow #i*t?rday) aflarno<in, from 4 to * P. M , at l?T Kniton atraat. C. r TOWN, Chairman. N IW YtlRK El.OATINH DRY DOCK COMPANY. DBC 24, 1AA7?Tha annual election of mno Ctf a a org of tbla rumrany will ha bald on Monday, the 4tb day of January next, at th? Kaat Hr oalway Houaa, corner of Ptka airaet tod a.aat Broadway. The poll will open at 4 and oloee at bo'cloab P. M. H V. MAH'lN, Secretary. Off ICE OF THK NEW YORK OAfl I.IHITT COMPANY, DaaamJiar tl, IM7 ? The annual aleaaton for thirtean dt rem rt of Una company will be held on Monday, Ibelltbilay of January next, fr> m II to llo'rl cb AM. at the nOlcn. 174 1 intra atraet. Tha iranefer hook will henoaed fri?m the AM tnOatit till after the election Hy order, d. L. KVKRITT, Raierutary /irrirr ni- Tin- unirmiiv nairit a nivi t tut a ' Stone Dreaaiti* Company, foot ( ( ?? Twenty ninth #treet Thr miMl meeting of the atorkholdera of the ahore *nr will hi- hi Id at their oRco, mi W> dm # lay, Janitor* 1,1 Is&S. for iho election of nflVer# for the en#ntne year l*oL will rif optn fri m '.Mo II o'clock A V By order, AI.KXANIIhR MASTKRTON. i'maidenf. Nt ?r TOM, DM SI. I#A7 KmBFRT I,. CLARK K (LATE WITH It. W CLARK k p Rn-a >, collection hriknr. Hi lioun. Mo , will make eol|. rt i n? in Mlaaonri and adhiininii ""a'ea. and remit promptly. |h . c. bin time rti-hijilTPlj to vcthta ?>r*nch ?f bnalneaa. lor nlw i hi# nlnr turn ctpercnee In the ?oo?? sauking home yire# linn peculiar ad?ahta?'-a. VjTRANHfRS KFPI'UK MIIXtR, No I f. O (If- O, P - | l~ Ihenomhera of Htranmr#' Refute le?lte are hereby notified h> mi ci ?t their lodge room, No. Mh Itrowlway, on Holiday at I o'clock p M , to ?Mrn?l the fnn'Wal of brother ,l( hn II. Pal hi or. Per order. JOHN A Ttll.MIA*. N. IS. P. J B??cncii. Heeretery. CPP'IAl. NOTJCF--did BROADWAY -URN ri.RMRN'A t la-liionable fiirnl?htnt haraar LRWIH A iARAOORD i would announce to their patron# and the fihltr, thai their s ore hill he op?n "? New Year a day from suornefit } P M rpilF. P*l?KR?rOftRT> BROS f.RAVR Bo UTATR Til IT I in- li not ciamcrted with any one In any bnatneaa. in 'lie rny of Ni w Y'ork. at the preaent time J. I! HAHCtH'K. I ou COAT," COAL. COAL.-TUB ST'WAlRr*. AH HPO ceaanr m the late Arm of O'Neill A tl-iW #i.l continue thermal bu#liiraa at 'he old aland#, fo.it of Warren Street, Nof'h rver. foot of Potir'ecnth ?tree', Kant rite and V i ?4 We#i ThlrU w i ond #trec, and aolk : ? * eonttnu mow of 'he patr"r>a?e of hi* fr'enda and the pnhjle generally. I" all d ah m he <te*lrea to hive wtttalaciiOD h->ih in iiialltt and w k'M Ttltrs O'NKM.L >?w Tom, D??. It. iw; L rnanciil. d?7 nnn - stock or ukntukmen'S furnishing ?|> I tUUu, ponda on Hroadwav for *Ale or eachaiiKe for real bond* and mortgage*. ?lockaor bond* Aln? l-??r of *(ore for ?ale Apply to 0. A. I/OCKK, 61 Liberty atreet, corner of Nasaau atreet. d?Q nnn -A HRCOKD MORTOAOK ON FIFTH PRO tJ'C'*" Vr" " perty for aalr, at a very largo diacoiint, in ?n immediate pur ha*er Title perfect, and aeriirttjr ample. Call at 29 Wall aim t, room 2r. between 10 A M. and f, Vt Auditors offick, atiiknm county, oiiio Athene. Dec 21, II4B7.?lu conaeqtieuca of the failure of the Ohio Life Inanrance aud Troat Company, N?? York, die coupon* of I he Allien* county bond* taaund ?n the Marietta and Cincinnati Railroad Company, which are payable at he of flee of said company, will hereafter he paid a? tbia nttlee BROKEN RANKS.?HILTR ok ALL 1IROKEN BANKH bought at the highest rates, also all uncturmil iii.uey and foreign gold and silver coin*. JNO. HtlOPK. Money Broker, 472 Broadway CYHEMICAL BANK. NEW VORK, PEC a, ihw-thk J President anil Directors of this hai.k have this day de e)ared dividend of ilk (#) pur rent, payable stockholders on and after the 'id of January proituio. rtv order G. U. W1 LI.I A MS. Cashier. DIVIDEND NOTICE-MANHATTAN HAVINllS I mm tullon. 644 Broadway, corner of Hlencker alreel ?The Trustee* of ihie Inelitulion have ordered t' e. usual seinl annual dividend to be paid on nil ile|>oalie leulitled thereto), at the rale of nil per cent per iinnmii on all urns ol EMM and und? r. and five per cent on ?ums over $MKl nayable on the IXth day of January ueit. IMvidenda not called for will be credited, and draw interest aa principal. E. .1. BROWN, I'reaident. Pee 24,1867. A. A. Alvokp, Hetrc'ary. DIVIDEND?NOTH'E IS HEREBY OIVEN. TH \T THE Hanover f Ire Inmirunce t'ompany have declared a ?emianntial dividend of atx (6i per cent, payable at their olllce. No. 46 Wall street, on demaud. Hv order of the Directors. DOKA8 U 8TONE, Secretary. New York, Jan; 1, 1868. IRVlNfl RAVINtJS INSTITI'TION, NO. <M WARREN street, one door from Greenwich ? Interest al the rata of 6 six) per cent on sums from SI to SWXl AU nioiiev deposited on or before the 11th, will draw Interest from ihe ' ,t of .lanu ary. (ipen daily from 10 A. M. to 2 I'. M., and ou Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays from 4 to 7 P M WALTER W CONOKLIN, President. Taitwiimit L. Bvxtox, Slim ary. IOANH WANTED?OK $l2.t00 4 NO IMM, < >N FIRST J class elly property, worth double the amount wanted No agents treated with. Address A R S , box 1,1*9 Post olllce. MILWACRIK AND CHIC A HO (WISCONSIN LAKE Shore) Railroad Company, ntllre J| Nassau street, Near York, Dee. IK), 1*57 ?Coupons of Mllwaukte e"y Isolds. due Janusry 1, 1888, Issued to the (Ireen Bay. Mllwaukte and flu cago Railroad Company, will be paid on presentation at Una olllce, on ami after Ibis dale. C. E. BCOriRLD, Treasnrer. MTSSISSIPPI AND MISSOPRI RAILROAD COMPANY ?The coupons of the bonds of Ihts company doe 1st of January, ?111 be paid at the Corn Exchange tltink on anil after 2d of January. MECHANICS' AND TRADERS' HANK, JERSEY CITY, Dre. 2b, 1H4T.?A send annual dividend "I four per cent will be paid to the stockholders on and alter the lib January next 1 he transfer books will he cloaed from the lit to the 6lb of January next, Inclusive. J. H FOX, Cashier. MECHANICS' ANI> TRACERS' SAMN IS INSTITC lion, 482 (Jrand street, corner of Wl "t Dividend V> tiee ?Depositors are hereby uotltied that a semi annual dlvl (lend, at the rate of nix per rent per annum on all nunnnf Y50CI and under, and five per rent per annum on all mi 111* over 8MIH, which shall have been deposited at loam throe month* previous lo the I mi of January next, t\ ill be paid to detxmitora on and after Monday, January IS Intereat not called for w ill be carried to the credit m depositor* aa principal. VIKCHANICS' AND TRADERS' SAVINGS IN-1TIT1 ivl Hon?All money deposited on or before the Ifllli of Jan unry. IKSfl, will draw interest, from the 1st the bank Is open tor business on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and .Saturday. ALFRED T. CONKMN, President Jxwrs P. Haiumt, Secretary. Madison, fond DC lac and mtchioan utib road t'oinpany.?The coupons of the (arm mortgage t iuids of this company, due January I, 1H&S, will be paid at the Hroadway Itank on presentation on and atler January L New York, Dec. 27, 1867. H. L. R'tSE, President. VJEW YORK AND HARLEM RAILROAD COMPANY X\ Proposals for a loan ?In order to fund the floating debt of this company, amounting to nearly STAnjSM, a newlaauo of mortgage bonds to the extent of one million of dollars h is been decided ou by the Htaxcd of Directors, aa the best mote of redeeming the company from the embarrassments under which It labors by reason of the high rates of interest paid upon this debt. Subscriptions are aecerdlngly Invited from all holder* of the securities and slock of tins sompany fur the purcliase. of the bonds thus to be issued, redeemable in 'en years, and bearin* mo n per cent Interest, payable wmi annually To give to the holders of unscaured bonds and outstanding extension certificates the yrnfaWBiS in this loan . anbscrip lions, though solicited from au. will -she precedence id he following order ? First Prelerenee.?To the holders of the unsecured bonds of the rompnny. redeemable In IH.V, 1K',9, 1861. IWIT ami IK72 Second.- To lhe bidders of ouUlaudtng extension eerUfi rates. Third.?To the holders of preferred stuck. Fayltiknls lo be made ss bllows - Forty percent In raan and sixty per cent at par In the abore mentioned unsecured bonds. extension certificates or preferred stock at any time before the 1Mb day of January next. Any of the liabilities or acceptances of ihe company, whlrh are du?. and nonatiiuung a part of the floating debt, (it be received as cash These bonds will be secured by a mortgage on the whole road lie franchises, real ngtete and r,..!ing st.~ k. su'.jci l<? the first and second mortgages already given, but the niorl gage herein provided for will be a Aral Hen upon (lie exienaion erttflralcs to the amount of one million live hundred en.l twenty four tbouaand dollars, issued for the construction of fifty miles of the rosd from Dover Plains Ui i hathtm which scrtlftrates, now hypothecated as aecurtty for the dneung debt, are to be rrdeemt d by 'die Is af this I.tan Aa a further security to the purchasers of the new lionds, It ib tntrniieo mat uatuav a year ana it ne aet aaiu-. iproviue i thai aum ta earned oyer and above eipenaa* and Interval.) and employed Ui purrhaae In the mark*' each y earth- l.nnda ni thla laau?, anrh bouda to purehaaed to be immediately ean eellrd. Prranna wlaWn* to eubaerlbe to thla loan, or who a re into retted m tbe bonna nr atoek of the company, are fefarred to the company a ofllce. No. U line alreet. where a committee of the director* will be In auendanre daily from IS to IP. V , to ytre all rripilred Information reapeetlng the term* of 'h.> loan and the emdlUon of the company Hy order or the Board. ALLAN CAMPBELL, President. I'm aaaaa 4. IW XTOTTC* -THE INTEREST DUE UN 1ST JANUARY, AN IK6K. on the bonda of the rtly of Clarkavllle. Tenn., In favor of the Memphla. I larkaef le and LoiMIr Kulmad Company, will be paid ? and after that day at the Park Hank on presentation of the proper mupona CHARLES M TOjNO, Mayor OEEICR OF Mil W AUK IK AND SUPERIOR RAIfe road Company, 44 Kichange nlaee. New York Dee. IW7 ?The Interval (wmuona due Jan I, IHftS, on the tlr?' tnorl gage bond* of the Mllwankle and Superior Railroad Com patty will be paid on preernlaUun at their office 41 Eichauge pit' e, on and after Jan. 2. C. R. ALTON, Prraldent. The internet Citl PONSOr the BttNimftP CINCIN natl tlaa l.laht and Coke Company. due let January will be paid at the Bank of America. H. I. MILLER, President pro. tern The park hank dividrnd.-the president and dlrertera of thla hank have Utia lay declared a aero! an nual dividend of three per eenl. payable on and after the llth January nett. The tranafer book will heelow-d from the 4th |o the lith January. CtiAHLKS A MACY, tathier Naw Tonn. Dec 31,1?7. M>AW OFK1CK*. at -WE HAVE MONEY IN ANY amdcnt fill Til WliWMI NIMIM. ill? Mr To a pt t ark on via a of. aeoARt. nay uoona. Ac. To AUVA*?R on itoratmup reaatwaa Mr To apvaat k ot> aaai o ?*tu?v or au. aiaoa. ttiir is THE oldest OEEICR IN this t itt J. MAt'Dl'fP. established IS4S rommlaaton hoaae No M* Broadway, eorner of Walker street. N. B ?No connection with any other bnoee. Private rooms. Al to HD.mn To LOU on DTAkfOKIM, watoiiim, ?J*1 jaw*lr* allka. dry gtxda, and ail kinds of poraonal pro part* and rahnndlaa ri*n UahaU bought. J. H WII.T.IH A CO., Ml Naman traai. r.?.oi T Ail AAA ?THE HIIIHENT I'RIi E P A II) foK PAWN hi .kara Ha k a la at tha nM a*tabhaha t l.wn ifll'-a, Whl'a atraat. (Irat Uxor, r>?>m H?. J. All kind* of marrbandiaa bought, aobl and ri< liAngad VfONRT l.OANEH TO ANT AMtinRT ON wti.in.n i?l JawalrT. diamond*. ant) all kinds of marrhan-Haa r bought for aaah. Partlr* tan ba daalt with atrtrtly onnddan tlaliy, and oot ba aaan antaring a loan JAOOHK A CO., pr Hroadair PtrnffTHT, TEETH -I.APlEk' TEETII CMtANF.n SI ONI.T. BOX of pram mm tooth paata Ineltldnd Splendid artihela! aath. on gold, only 91 aarh Wondarfnl fPl'irtlta Hr. MAN SON'S "Amaru an Itantal Inatltnta,' No Alt Waal Thirty aarond atraat, naar Eight h at anna, UtOU RUTICK9. CIRC! IT COI'RT Of THE DISTRICT OP COM Mill A, for tha county of Waahington ? .lohn A. Itallay. A. C. WaaMitim and Elian M . hi* wira. and frank Monraand l-pira M.. hla wlfr. agaln*t Mary t'nrtla. Ilaorga Cnrna Sn*an Kd garton. Rohart T. Iluntar. t'nrtla fowlar. Htaphan M fowlar. Susan H Fowlar. franra* l> fowlar ; l.llbart and Mary, h'a wife, th*- widow and hair* of Edward Curt la daraaaai. and tha aa*aral ahlldran iwhoaa namaa ara unknown) of hi* bro thar. Joaapb W I'nrtta, daaaaaad, otbar of tha hair* at law of aid Ed ward Cnrti* and Paatd A Hall?In Cbau<-arr.-Tha bill In 'ba abora i-aoaa rUtta*. In *nb*tancp -That In IMOlh? rami lain*nt? wara tha ownar* of w|'iare No #71, In ihaalty of W??hing'on 'hat mid Hall wa* thatr agant and liimmay. ha* Ing thargr of tha *ama for thafn, wtih authority to *?ll 'ha *ma. that In S< ptanibar of that yaar ha rbprawniad to ? >m plain ants that hr had Bold tha mm a to mid Edward i'urtla, and ibay. hallavina tha mma to ha right, cnnflrmad tha bid'. and airaniad daadi to mid Curtt* for mi l noimra; that Hutf have racanll* dlwovarad thai, at tha tun" or mid i>ratan<W rata to aald Curt la. it waaundar* ood and agraad haiwaan him and aald Hall, that iba lattar wa? io ha half intaraatad In MM aqnara or In 'ba prnraada tharaof whanatar attarwarda r* old, that anld tatura M Moorawa* a minor at tha tlma ?ha a*i cutad bar *ald dand that mid Edward t'nrtla ha'h dap?rta<| ihl* Ufa. Inatng tha mid dafamlanla ahoarnamad ie?r?pt mid Hall hi* willow and halra ?i law. to whom tha mid agraa mrnt hatwaan mid Hall and thalr ancestor, In ralntlon l? 'ha dtrlalnn of mid a<|iiitra or tha proaaad* or pm?1t? tharaof. la wall known, that mid hair* and ?ald Hall ha*a raa-ntly of farrd antd or thnr intaraat tb"raln. fir aaia and 'ha aaid l>lll rharaaa thai tba aa4d aula nf uM ai|itnra w*a a frurf upon ihem and ha nhja. : of th. blll la m h?v na ??ina anl thr aaid daada ?at *nl > an<1 daalarad rnld. ih rnmplalnan'a In ramrn tha pnrrhaaa mnnar whi h ana pud t> bam MMl Uttrraat tbaraon and tha tati a.ainaa paid an l for aami'rh aa all lha daf ndanla ahorana-n l (aaaapl and llall and tha oihrr bnra of aaid F.dward furtla. nnkmiwd'n ?? i plalnanta. r? aM,. out of thla Olatrlrt m1 nnib'a and ba >0 th<'inrladla' ion of tha t'nuri |i y, th-raf , Ihia Wlb day l>rr?mtifr. |aft7. urlrfnl tha' nntlna of lha iihatanea and "b Jaet id aa id Mil ba (Iran in tba ?at<l nng n al dam dafandan?? abnrrnaina.l aad to Ibr nnkmiwn hnira of aaid Kdwafd Par 11a l>y raiiainn a anpy of ihla ordar In ba pnhllahnd In tlM National Imrlllf# ncrr, ml n'haMaw York Mi rald pohdahad '0 tba i lly of Maw York, wartnnr tb" aald defan lan'a and nn known hmra In appaar In tha f'ireoit t'nitrl nf tha Olafriet nf PMnmbtn, in narann nr br anlteifor, al ib ra'aa to ba hold fnr I ha aamr. in lha nfllra nf lha f'lark nf lha aaid f mr?. nn tha flrai Monday nf Ma*. IASA, and anawar lha ani l Mil. ntharwtaa that lha aamr Fill Va 'ah an fnr cimfaaand ayainat I bam- lha Ural nf anrh adrrrllaaini-nla in ba Inaartf' al I ?w four m m'ha bafnra lha nld day of appaaranaa. and in ha pnMHbad mra a waak fnr all amvraalrt waaka In aaid B'Wapapara Wy ordaf nf Iba OoMft. Taal JN?? A. RMITH, Clark. hhippivj! LHIK MimrOI.ll, PKTMRSHt R<? AMl> Rll'llMi 'MO ? r Tbr I"inn I F'aiafl mall anmmahlp .1 AMFJtToWM, fajtt. Pariah. will leave on Saturday, .fannary 1 at Jn'c!o-k I* m fi m niar U S 'ih rirrr bh- will arrira at Mnrf lk <n Fnn day ifieri . n.nnda'R hm ml on M.mday mnrn'ne Paa#*o ?rfa for lha Jb i'H will | rnr-al dtrar'lv nn by ha rraat Mon k arti mail lina Trdrall-ra will llnd bla lb- enawpaa nlaawint aa? and mnm'tpadiimi a r i'r Pi-a^y fara, n- 'idin* aiaiarnom, to Mnf rilk >a n Patara'mry and Hi hmimd. !'> iiarra#a h i if price Apply lo I.V 01.A M t rUt 1A A.MtS 31 Broadway. -. _ 3 nflPPino. NKW YORK A NO I.IVKHPOOT CNITED 8TATEH infill rtrainaril. t tn ?hii * roBoprmln* 'hi? Una *v ? Tli? aTLANTI? CftOlaln Mllrrr NMrtiiva. Tk* kal.ti ' naytuhi .lr?>>|,h ( omauwk Thr a oki ati? < npuuii l?rn?"? WVnt. allip?? intvliift lirt-ii 1'iiill I.y .'oinrftot ttlffttly tor jrnvirMri. Ml ?r?lr? f v*ry < .irn tin* barn taki-n ui llwrtr conmrin iinii. ?;mi iu 'In .r "u':ri ? . in" r- nrftflMh .??i>l peril, mill llirlr ac mncidHtlona f..r |i i-aerin-ra ed for elegance and mm Inrt The steamers of this due have improved watertight coml>nr<in -mn. ami no riper.ho hits been unarm! to iuak? ifaem all ue Ku.n1 .1* new. the tlmnniKb I'tnmlnauim given tbea proreg their mode of construction )et utteipialled. I'rirr .f p?aiu?gi. from New York 'o I.iverpool, In ftrat cabin, 9130. ill arcnnddo.,$'5 Krom Liverpool to .Vow York, 30am] 2n guliiena. An experienced surgeon .xtucbed to each ship. No benha cau be secured until paid for rHnri.~Ki> iutkh or ramme. raoa new roan *.,? mvehpool. Saturcuy, January Id. IW. Wednesday, Keiruary 3, 186ft. February IS, " " March S, ** March IS, " " March SI, "* " April 10, " " April 29, u " April 24. " " May 13, May 8, " May 29, m m. " May 22, " " June 9, " " Junn ft, 14 " June 23, " " June 19. " July S, " For freight or T"u?*ge apply in KDWaKIi K COLLI Nil. Nn. M Wall ntroet, N. Y. HHOWN. SHIPLEY A CO , Liverpool. H 11. WA1NWKIHHT A CO., Parle. Tin- .win ra of them* ahlpa will not bo accountable for (old, ellvi r, bullion, specie, jewelry, urccloiia atouea or melala, un leea bllle of lading are algned iberefor, and the value teereof expressed therein. T1IK llRITISH NORTH AMERICAN ROYAL MAIL, RTCAMNHIPH. rimn naw vohk to UTr.Krooi, Chief cabin paaeagc 9130 Nmd rabiu paaaagr .... 75 friih aoaxun to uvea rootChief I'abln paaanee $110 Second cabin passage 60 The fihip* from boatnn call at llailfai. AFRICA, Slutntiou, leave N York, Wedueaday, Dec. 9. AMERICA, LoU. " Itoalon, Wednesday, Dec. 18. KIKOI'A, Ie'llch, " N York Wednesday, llec. 23. CANADA. Lanf, " Boalnn, Wednewlay, Deo. 30. I'KKSIA. .Imtkina. " N York \A cdncsrlay, Jan. 11,18118. Nl All AHA. Wickman, " Hoainn. Wedncaday, Jan. 13.1868. AFRICA, Shannon, " N York. Wedueaday, Jan. 20, 1808. llcrtha not aecurcil until paid for. An experienced Burgeon on hoitrd. Tb?* uw tiers of Ib'-ee ships will not be accountable for gold, a liver, bullion apccte. jewelry, precious atone* or melala, uuleea bills of lading are signed therefor and the ralue thereof therelu expressed. F or freight or passage apply lo K. CIJNAKD, 4 Bowling Hreen. nn* T.IVKRPoni. THE rVITKD STATE? MAIL F steamship BALTIC1, J. J. ? instock. com Hinder, will depait, with the l otted Stale* mails for Kurope, positively on Fatorday, .Inn. 16, at 12O'clock M fr??m her berth ht the foot of i 'wiihi Hirer*. For freight or passage, having unequalled accommodations for elegance anil comfort, apply to Ki>W \KI> K roLLItfR. 86 Wall street. Passenger* will please he mi hoard hi II o'clock A M. All letters must pasa through the Pont office; any others will be returned. Nornr. The simmer* of thin line have improved water* tight rompnrtnientH, and no expense has been spar* d to make them all an good an new The thorough examination given thnii proves their mode of construction yet unequalled. , ("1 KEAT REDUCTION OF FARK fO RfJROPK. j fkom mw tokk to to new turk prow SOUTH* If PTOg, HA* MP. OR SOUTH.4 UPTOP, IMViU. OR Flrat cab In*? ****". fHO First rabin""""!1' $100 Hccond ra^iin ftO Second eahln 65 Steerage 3u Hteoragn 4U hi the Aral class paddla wheel Msuiimi ARTEL lortqm K. 1> Ludlow, eotnmander. and NOK 1 11 ST \ K, 2 fti*) tons. P. F r#fsTrs,connao^sr. loaall Yobs pier Pfo SXsrtkriver, n noon prectsely, carrying the t utted States mail, vtx:? UUTI nbu roai m in Til i " '' ke iii!! hen rur ill. T'l . ptoff ami rihimpn sorTHiarTow nut new torn. Arw! s.hum.iv Jib SIRnttird 1 si EH Wed y fH 24 North Star, *4" Feb. 2d | Ratur?!ay Mar. 20 | Wed'y War M These shMmsbtps touch at ll*vr?* Sperte delivered in l*ondun and Paris. For passage *?r freight apply to D. TOR* RaNCE, agent, No. ft Howling (Ireen. New York. F^IR FOPTHAMPTON AMI IIAVRF.?TUB UNITED Ma?r? man si en me r A ItAuO. II Lines commander, will leave tor Havre, louchtiiP at Southampton to land the maila mw%A r, ?. niun nn Saiunla v. .ianuarv 0. at 12 o'clock from pier No A* North river, foot of Iti arh nr??l. ri.ur or Klraf rahHi flSO ' iri <1*i 7A Tli*' atop h?a fit e wat. r tight eompartmenta encloaing tho miltin, ?o I hit In the event of collision or etrandlng th'' water could not reach them. and Hit pump" being free to work, the ??frly of the veaprl and paareugera would 1?o secured. Baa gage not wanted during the paaangc should ho aent on hoar 1 thedat hoforo aalling, mark'd 'below " For freight or paeaag* apply io W S. DRAYTON, Agent. No 7 Broadway. N H ?Tho steamer Fulton will auc.eed the Arago, and ami Fob. ?. TIIK STK.AMKK ARA'IO WILL RK K1VK HRKAPstuffs on freight, at stilling vessels rates. until Thursday, 7di ilist. Sllll-I HIS OK SI'Ki IK Wil l, n.KASK: NoTJi K THAT MM by Uio teasels of ll:l? I'uinpnnr fan now bo dour in N? w York and In Knalund on tho same term* aa by tho mull paddlr steamers T1IK l.lVKRPOfil., NKW YORK AND PHILADKI.PHIA NTh AMHIIP COMPANY flrdo-built Iron Merew Steamships CITY OK HM.T'MOKK 2.3A7 tniia, tap tain R. Lelteh. 'ITV OK W A*ll INtiToN, tl .'tMi uina, P r Prtrla. i ITY OK VAM IIKsTHt, J, |t? mna, .1 Kennedy. KANOAKOO. I.S74 tons. " J-ffrev The nndrriiottd or other veaaela ar? Intended lo aau aa follows ? mna iivraroni. K AN'ti AKOO Wednesday, ./an. IS, IMAK. raon new roan. KANGAROO Thursday. Fab. ?. 1W. At I'd o'clock, n.mn, from pier 44 N vrth rtv?r Rates of t alon Passage.?From New New and Philadelphia 97ft Kroui Liverpool, .'I nlnrw, 17 guineas attd IS guinea*, arcordlOH I"'be accoBnioda' "iia In the "tale room" ill having Ihe aarnc privilege In >1"' hwIooii Including ate ward a bin Third t'laea Paaae.ngrrt ? A llmiird irimher of third Mass passengers will he tak*n and found in a* mnrh provisions aa required. From Philadelphia and New York. IdU From lav. erpiHil. $4.1 These steamera are ronalrncled with Improved water tight compartmctila. Rarh veas.d Mirlea in eip. rlenced surgeon: and every att/btlnn paid to the comfort and arc >it>mo< UUon or passengers DraPa on Liverpool from ?1 itpwarda. For freight or passage apply ai the office of tha company JtillN ti. DAI.K, IS Hroadway. New York, Agent, or WM INN AN, I and ISTnw-r Hulldlngs, Liverpool, Agent. STKAAI HFTWRK.N NKW YORK AND OLABOOW ? KDlNHI'RfJ. :.>?! i'?. William Cttmming, "mmavider, NKW \ i >K K . I l?n t. ii,a. Itohrrt t'ralg commander, til,Ad HOW, IKK! tons. John Duncan, commander The illaagaw and New York Steamship t'ompaay Intend aailtnr ihcae new and powerful ateamera lrum New York to ulaagow diraci, aa followa ? ra?w arw votta, New York.. Saturday January 10 a?vrs or ri<a*nr Flralca'dn. f7ft, Ihlrd o.aas, found with eon It el proclaim,a, $,V An eiperlenced aurgsor, attached to ea, h a'eamer. For frelget or passage apply to JAMB" K A KMC KN, agent, 17 Broadway. New York city Mils or gold only rwceived for !??ir HI.AI'K MAM. LINK -KOR LIVERPOOL HAII* Til morrtiw at 12 o'elnrg.?'The clipper packet vbin.lAMh-4 Ft IKT KM. In , ran take a few more aerood ahin and steer a?e i>???>-hk>t? Apply nn bnord, pier XI Kaal river, or to JACOB WIlJIOH, lot* Hixilh 'reel. TfOR I IVKHPOfll. -KAHKI. A rilKHS I.I MR -ifa f favorite Parke! ship ANTARCTIC, i apt Kiooflnr. will Mil oil the ftih ot January. Hera.e.,mri la . ma Inr pmwn Itera who will he t?ben ' ??? r?i?i are iinanrpaaaad Apply <'ii board, pier It K.aai n?.r, or lo R J. COKTIHR < 0 , 17i hmHwty. FI^oR IIONil KOHO. HTMiJtPirRE *HD dHAMilfTAB. 1 ? Tbe AI clipper hark I.I'OV ATlR. Mwecnr. mamer. will toil nn Nktor lay fur the above poria. harm* ?i l-n lid acw mmodotl ma fur four m. ' pa-aeni(rri> Apple a' RIMPHON HKiiA.. I? Heaver all-wet TTRITRD HTATFK RATI. ATEAUHNIP TIVE POR II* 1/ >ana and Hew iirlanna-- un Saturday Jar X at 1 o elork I' M . from plerf"* of Warren a<re-t, Morlk rleer, the faat and favrlie eieatnah'p EMPIRE CITY, H P IrHfin, will aail aa Abo? I'ur-ac an ?er<ired at 'he ,.Ulce .J 'he line HMr| ?ni will ha ? ,pp: e.| ?,ih Mank f la of .ading nf thr form* atari ad by ike Itnr ? aytilicau >o at their olkre Ho other forma ?i*oed and no bill of ladlnc will b? mi'H after the l> ir d railing p.?r Ire.ghi T paaoag* apply al Ika af flea. Ho 177 Weat ?hi, mrnar of Warren " BOBBBTR, Aff?L T.TOB CALIRORHIA.?rHITKn HTAtHH MAlT. U**R r Til. Panama Ratlr ad?The Called k later Ma i kieam aklp 'an nan y will deapairk for Aeplnwall na Toa?lay, January V al 1 n'elnrk P M , preelaely fr?iw pier frv>l or warren air art, Nortk lirar, tke new and eleaant <ieaaakit> M"AEP TATt/^R, Captain John Me'lowan. Thia " earner n* hailll wnb wauw Ugh' bii khea.le and la fully equipped wl<h Ike Uateai and baat Inven'ina in ended to aeeqra aafety and anmfnrl u? Ike traveller I'aea. r , era and maiia will be for warded hy I'arama Kai * . I nenen at Panama W'\b tke paetfl. Hail kiwamablp ''o.npany'k magnificent aot-k p SnMiiR* R I. Whiting immarwlrr whteh will h> n readi nraa and Intra imfno.!ivelr for "-an Eranriaeo. Tin- i ikllr are Inl ormed that Ike Pacific Hail MraniMe i in par r ?'w*r? hat" -.n. r rn re . nr a .e?n . t ..r at Panama -.air k >r art I it anvp wa1hlrdei.iu. it f laaarr.gcra or mails, for paanag.- apilv to I W. RkTM<?Nl> alike fltr- of tkrr eeiriiranr. 177 Weal alree', corner of Warren. Hew Tor* Reif-iiar I tilled Plat, a mall au am t days, ilk and A oh of aark won ik. Ah l ?T*U.! A PIOHJCER T.IHF EST *HI.I'TTKD 1*61Corryng the T'nl e.| - ale- mail, milmg pokhl?ly on ikw day adver'laed from pier 11 V??< river The nnhln clipper aklp Tt IMKO, ;<? una re*later, A IHnnrmann. maalev. la now at her berth ready to receive rwpi. ami will poul tlrtly anil on Monday, Jan <-try II. She a'h'nly A I ahio loading and will he'ine lira to Mil direct for Melbourne Her naaacnger aeromrrodeilona are elegant and in nirpaane1, km Ini' < lonr i - I i>' n mol . mniodioo- ?ie ennu The ralea of pa?-a*e are the aame aa nharfed br Hain w A Co Mlark Hall l.lnn from Idrerponl. and are aa low aa can b? af forded rnnalaleni with ike reooiremen'a of paaacnaera. Thw prov alonaare aa heretofore, of 'be very b.'?i riuality The maanifleerl and A I clipper ahtp Mlnoeliaka, I.HWlnnj regl ter. Heiirkamn. eommander am -o|i 'he fnlako, at I wrt' have prompt deapateh frr Melhonrne and (tydnev Por frrlphi or pa??"*e apply on hoard, or ?o R W r*MER"H, Ho A Howlinc Ufeen Aisht bllla for aale ao.l eaak arljaneww made nn nonalfnm< nta. Conitgneek in AuAtmJtn, Meaam. n ?in- ii nr. - V^MI'STKAI.H -TNPRrftM>*\r I.IWR-THH RPT.lt*itlil AI rllpprr ahip R. M. TAI.Bl'T will hw dr?patrh?<1 Turf Wdlbonrnd on bA'urdar. .lanuarT Id Piwnpn at? rmiuMMrd in ptaminathlt thr only American nhip now loa.1 ln? for Melbourne Her are.immnrfalldna for pasawnRera in fnw in I wcoml rab n? eannoi be inrrnwrnl, Sh? will bo aocrreded by Ibe noblr clipper (Mp <?4 RAW ROVRR Pop fr??*hi or |'UM|n. ii low e*t?w. apDlr oo boar I, at ptrr I] Kurt rtrrr, or to UOOIlRVR, ARK Pl.t. A KI.I.IOT 1<? Pearl WrPri. or lo ? A IU.RR, I.ORH 1 ijl PRE At*. KM Wall Krnol. For itavawa a*p *rw out.rawr.?thr cwttpd P'?ir? mail ataaarr I'AIIAWHA. J H. Hnlkwh oowimindnr, will oommanee reeManf fretehl on Ratiirdar. Jut. 9, And M'l if We abor# porw on TnraJir. .Ilnurv IA Al It n'rloi* jirrrlwlj frrwn pier f..n?nf Rnboiann Atreet. WortS riror. rur fr?A| or piiM|.' Af>plT in ihe nyenia, 1,IVI|t<|. STOW, A Hi)., is Par* plaow FfOR J?A*A**AH A*n PI 'lRIPA-rnR STRAWRIfTP 1 Iaaaa t'rowell, will leave on Maiarday. Jan. I At Jn'Alneh P M, fr .m pier Wo 4 Worth rlAer BllW of lA<hn* alyned only on bowrd. Forfpetabt op pwoiwn ipbIt uiRAMl Kl. I.. HIT! IS KrwJ?Ajr Moimrn for rlorida rnMWI wlih Win Abort. >actn?r Savannah nrorj If iadar. Wednesday Mid Friday, r'fiR CHARI.VSTn* PLORTPA A WDMRMPHHLTEwW. r ? I'nllPd State* mail ?Mr wheel ?team*hip lino - The nov, mn?nifirrni and ?ery faetcoin* Ma .??hip W ASH V1LLE, L *. Wnrrnf. . or:mAnd?r. win I'Avr plop Wo 4 N-rth river, on Saturday,innerr 1 AiJo>i,*kP y preeteeiy. for freight *PP y ?* Nwrd, whrrt a I Mil* of lading will he ?i?n-l And fop pa?-?ye havinc m?*nlpronl arrnramo'laiHWt at ihe nRlrw i RrOFPORP TllKsTttM A m . ? Broadway The OloWiMa I art. Berry. will ?n<*eed ind leave >nlh?tordev, .Ian nary A The favorite ?tr im?ra ? arohna and Rverrlade mate regular trlpa 'o Florid* i.vcin.ctlng Willi the vitamer* frun Row Tor*. Thrmirh ' rket.i mar be had br arplvngaa aborr Thi i?b *rk?:? to KcinyhlA. T >nn. may a&o (? aa.l by an lyn>c M abo e.