27 Şubat 1858 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 7

27 Şubat 1858 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 7
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BALKS AT AUCTION. I A LMKRT H. NIOOI.AY. AUCTIONK?K,-RHOULAR A Astly ssle Of stocks and bonds. ?41.KKBT II NICO(a*tUr,U,)' *'l2* 0 clook' ?'lhe Mm" $4,000 Northern Indiana BB. (lioshen line) 1st mort. bonds. ?"!5? ?**!. *? . MllwaukM KK land grant 7 per ct. bds 5.?*C?eee!?bA Paluesvlll* and Ashtabula RK. 7 per ct. b*. AUlOOe eneMr Chicago KK 2d mort 7 oer cent fond. MO Union Mutual Insurance scrip of 1HW. '54 '46 end '67. . SU Western Marine Insurance scrip of 1H57 A200 Sun Bnlusl Ins. scrip of 1851, '43. '54, '46 aad '47. 300 slu. Hudson Btrer KK. (hypothecated), escn WOO uu. au. 100 75 Ohio and Mississippi RR 31) X iWen* M>d Chicago l.'nlon RR 10.1 10 Metropolitan Bank lot) IU-AM01 Eire Insurance Co 23 Securities received in addition 10 the regularly advertised 11m *T,*r' *'? Next regular aale on Monday. Regular Auction ealae of stocks, bond*. notes and other securities every W * UK o'clock, at the Mnrchaata' Kxuhange. Stocka and bond* bought and cold at private aale and at the Broken' Boe#d. Internet allowed on depoalta, loana negotiated and etrtdenda oollacted. A large variety of aecurtttna constantly W hand at private sale. aLHKaT h. nioolay, Stock Auctioneer and Banker, No, 4 Broad at. A UBRRT H. NICOLAY, AUCTIONEER.?POSITIVE JO. Maignee's aale -ALBERT 11. NICOLAY wilt aell on Tueaday, llarcht, at Uo'elerk, allhe Merchants' Exchange, the brown stonr house and lot known aa No 148 West Thirtysixth street; lot 20x9H 9, house 20x49, containing all the modem Improvements. >or further particulars apply to the auctioneer, No. 4 Broad street. By order of S. J. KNAPP. Assignee. Adrian h. muller, auctionebr-oppice k wall street ? Regular sale of stooks and bonds this day, at IRK o'clock, at the Merchants' Exchange, comprising Vlrfinla and Ohio State stocks. Irving, Pnrntx and Hank of New ork bank stocka, St. Mark's Eire Insurance stock; also 8to 11mgtoa Railroad and New York and Lackswuna Coal Co. AUCTION NOTICE.?LARGE SALE OP ELEOANT JX rosewood and mahogany parlor and bedroom furniture, Brussels earpets, Ac , Ac M. DOUOHTY, Auctioneer, Will sell; this day, at 10K o'clock, at salesroom 79 Nassau street, The entire furniture of a first clsss furnished residence, vie.;?Richly carved rosewood and mahogany parlor suites covered in hair cloth and brocalel; rosewood et.-geres, l/ook cases; marble top centre, pier and sofa tables, gilt frame pier and mantel mirrors, Brussels carpels, Ac. Bedroom Purniture?Mahogany and rosewood dressing bu reaua, wsshstands, toilet sets, bedsteads, Itair mattresses, feather beds, lounge beds mahogany aofss, chairs; also, one vosewood grand action pianoforte, suitable for concert room. Auction notice, -thos. bell, auctioneer, ano W. 8. THOMPSON.?This .lav, at 11 o'clock, will be continued. In the salesrooms, IS East Broadway, sale of furniture, dry goods, liquors, segars, hats, books, beds, mat tresses, Ac. Monday, at 10,o'clock. Bale of household furnl lure, at #S East Twenty tilth street, between Second and Third arenues. Tuesday, in our salesrooms, an extensive stock of valuable clothing. Auction salks-this aptrrnoon and evening. in our salesrooms. 347 Bowery, consisting of uew and second hand furniture, drv aoods. hosiery, cutlerv. fancy and stationery good* jewelry, boots und shoes, oil paintings and engravings, setters and choice wines. CKOMKLIRN A co., Auctioneers. Auction notice.-this evening, at an bowery, a large and selecl assortment of engravings, paintings and books Ac Now is the time for men of taste to decorate their dwelling* with the finished works of art. Sale will commence at 7 o'clock, and close at 10, when to the largest pur chaser in cash will on delivered an elegant sewing machine. Cloping out sale of watches and jewelry JOHN JACOBS, auctioneer ?I,. JACOBS A CO. will sell this day, February 27, at 407 Broad way, at 10>i, watches, j-welry, fancy goods, musical Instruments and California diamonds, consisting of studs, sleeve buttons, chains, seals, bracelets, rings, earrings, pins, locke.ts, watches, op.ra glasses, plated spoons, forks, casters and a \ariety of other goods. Watches at 12 o'clock. Liberal advancements made on consignments of goods. Edward schenck, auctioneer.?by e. a f. h. 8CHKNCK.?This day, at 11 o'clock, at their salesroom, US Nassautstreej, an Importer's stock of elegant 18 carat gold bunting and epen face detached and psteDt levers, by the best makers; diamond plus and rings Florentine and Roman mosaic, cameo, carbuncle, Florentine ennmel and other sets of bracelets, plna and earrings; vest, guard and chatelaine chains, sleeve buttons, stinia, and a tine assortment of o'.h?r line Jewelry, talo peremptory, for cash, hy order of the assignee. Auction notice.?assignees sale of gold and silver watches, diamond and other jewelry. SAMt'KI, OSGOOD A CO., auctioneers will sell at 81 Nas saw street, this day (Saturday), at 11 o'clock, a large quantity of gold and silver watches, diamond and other jewelry. Ac. l'articulars in catalogues. J. II. DEVON, Assignee. A UCTTON notice -imported 8eoars, stuffed f\ birds. Ac.?PETER parks, auctioneer?By W. 8. ISGRAUaM?Store l'Ji William Btreet-Thts day, at 101* o'clock, positive sale of Imported segars of various brands; a so a tme assortment of a!ulled game birds, in cases. Terms via C7 WELLES NICHOLS AUCTIONEER. T. EZRA LI PLOW. JR.. A CO., No. 28 Tine street, hold their regular aeini- weekly sale of wagons, harness, saddles, bridles, Ac., on Saturday, Feb. 27. at their salesrooms, at 12 o'clock. At 12', o clock a splendid MiVnImI ffrRV marp han<tn hic4i ?iro.t l?v iCWinftf* itnf nf M'-aaetiger mare. warranted kind In all harness, trots lit 2:W, good day and good track Also, one wagon, inule to order by 1) u?e n berry i Van Duter; harness, robes, blankets, Ac. HH. LEEDS, ArcnOKKgR-HAl.ESROCM 2S NAS. tutu street.?IIK.NKY II LEEDS A CO. Will sell at auction on Saturday. Keb. 27. at 10^ o'clock at the salesroom, 23 Nstiesu atreet, a targe Invoice of jewelry and #eg*rs. sold to pay advance# consisting of diamond hreastptn?, finger rings, fold pencil cases, gold loekeU, vest and guard chains, Id carat; fold bracelets. sleeve buttons, ladies' (old chatelaine*, ladles' jt'dj wau-hts. seal rt?vf-, plain and cha*e?l do. Also, ikcsl wi HW Imported and domestic sugars. conaisllntr of the followIn# brands. *ts Wig Wag, Rio Hondo. I.a Colon, La Real, Corona Ducal, K1 Divan, Dettl Ames and other favorite brands. J rod ast, AfTCTTONJtER. -BY B. BOOART?TCES. day, Harm a. loan, at ln)f o clock, at No. tit fourth ate BUS. U splendid rosewood pianos 0 to 7 oetarcs. double aod tingle, round turners, being lite balance of (he entire slock of the celebrated makara < tow a ihrUtopner. J AM km K. K VtLL Y, Assignee. JBOt.AKT, Al'CTIoNBKR-BY 8. BOO ART.?8ATCR day, t7tb Inst , ?i 10 o .-lock, si Ooold * Hotel, in Mount \ ernou Westchester county, by order of the Trusters of the vlllsfe, sbont M lot# for aaec**men'a for making plank sole walks la said village. JBOOABT. AnCTIMNKKR?BY 8 BOOART?STORE H> Ho. I Worth Wtlltam street ? By virtue of in order of the ftipreme Court of the rttate of New Vork mode an 1 entered on the 11th day of February, InM. I sh.?ll e?po#e to sale at public auction on the 2d day of March, at 12 o clock M. at the machine shop norner of Rlerenth avenue and Twenty nln'h street, tn the ctty of New York, the deem engine, bo,tar, pumps, shafting, belting, tnrnlng lathes, tools and all other articles mentioned tn a certain mortgage VMd tn the schedule thereto, executed by .loahtta lose to WIlIMm P. Formes, bearing date Oct. 8,1867. Dated New York, Feb. 24, I06i. J A8. B. BKN8KL, Attorney for Mortgagee. J BOO ART, ArCTTONKER?BY 8. BOOART-THIP day. et 10 o'clock, at tks corner of Sixth street and are utie C, Constable sal* of the stock and tlitureeof a liquor store. .Kit HARD CARPENTER, Constable. JW HI'NT. ACCTIONKER. . J.YV. HUNT will sell this day, Feh. 27, at 10 W o'clock, at the salesroom, No 86 Nassau street, a large and desirable assortment of Hecond band and new furniture, part of whlrh has been removed from Htaten Island for conreniettee or sale. Also, carpets, mirrors oilcloth, stores, oil paintings, fancy goods, crockery, glasaware. silver plated ware Ac . Ac. Rale without reserve. Catalog ..-a ready m-rning of sale JAMER O0I.R. AUCTIONEER -PEREMPTORY MAT E or 40 valuable lots In Seventh ward Brooklyn.?JAMKS t t'l.F A SON will sell on Tnralay March 2. at 12 o'clock, at the Merchants' Km hange, New York, 40 Ma annate on CiteBoa. t'ranklis and It ll rd avenues, and on Monroestreet. These lots are eligibly located on leading avenues, near railroads, and tltoge seeking investment will And this a rare op portuuPy. For mans and terms apply to the auctioneers, .'V19 fit I too street. Brooklyn. J MACKENZIE. AICTIOWEKR, WILL SELL THIS . dev. at 2 o clock, at WWIIudsnn atreet, a large assort menl of chamber, dining room and kitchen furniture. In good order, large pier and mantel mirrors, sofas, chair*, bookcase, g Ik itamsak curtains, tapestry. Ihreeply and other carpets. French and ro<i*K" becs'e?d?. fei bet and b-Jlmg. hair, husk and straw inattreaasa, extension table aod office desk, gas fixtures, marble top table, wardrobes, Ac. MAHOUANT, ROSEWOOD. A I. MAPI.*, AC., AT awotion.?A M CRIST Al tv. a, . mrsr. will tell on Mi oday. March 1. at |0tg o'rloek, at th? yarda of Messrs Hut s A Reharer. No. 141) Attorney a reef, a large and well selee'sd atoek, CoSBprlelng In part mahogany, rosewood, birda ??e maple aad ewdar planka hoards, logs and veneers Also. ?u citeasive aaaonmrnt of Newel's balusters, east r tops ?.l rantwers. together with a large assortment of other woods loo Bnmeroua to mention. The above goods are sold In oonse queasr of the dleeolulionof partnership of the above trm and we therefore Invite the attention of pianoforte, cabinet, desk, rltalr aad coffin makers and others, a# every lot will positively be aold wlihoui reaerve. I>AW NHROKKR S FAI.R.- W. N. l.KWIH A HON WII.J. | rtl ro iw ii, >1 Ho 'liml n? the corner i?f Co IrmMt and Broome atreet*. a?*n'a and vnmm'i clothing, bedding %nd other giant*. Ht order of C. ('Oil IN. Lirenae.1 Pawnbroker. l>KIF*H*TORT SALIC or VAI.CAIII.K PKOI'KRTY ON J. itcwnd Mtet. VIllhMbMI, by order of Ike Supreme 4 ourt ?tt tl| hr *<>ld el public auction, on Tne?l*y. March I, IMAM at 1?o'clock * . *' Montague Hall, Cnnrl etrcet, oppo rttr the Brooklyn cur 11*11. the valuable propertr on the nov iherly aide ef (?r?nd atreet between liweit atreet and > trahaa arenoe. fronting 1(10 fr?t on llrartd atreet. and ei I-Oillor ihiongh I" Pol* era alreei. comprtelng H full lol*. large re! innnde bouae. wing* on boik aide*, replete wtfh every eon venletice for a genteel fainllv realdewce. gee. An. Ar wilb rarrtage hotter and email dwelling on Power* atreet, being Ihe let* raeldeneeof J W. Burden, Kan late Coinptmller of ihe rtty The gronnda are atneked with valuable frnll and ahade tree*. ahruhhery. planta. An . Ar fttagea p%?* the door every few minute* A portion of the purebaae money may remain on bond and mortgage. RUtUU. W WRHTCOTT. AITCTIONKRR -OfPICR IAS Broadway. ??T*wa?Tt ArrTTow vain or giroteT goaawoon rtjawrTtrn*. R W. WKHTCOTT anelloneer for the ante of real eaiaie, Work* bond*. bmiaehnlrt furniture, Ar. will aell. rhla dav, (Saturday.! Feb. T. a! I0t< o'clock, the endre elegart furnltareoferery deecrljitlon and beautiful work* of art.Hhe property of .tared Vt M-ore. K*u t roftlakna 1 In the flee aUwy dwelling No |&2 Writ Twenty flral afreet near Seventh aredue. all made to order by R?th A Oel lamblt and In perfect orter. The linunc ron'ain* oeer air hundred Iota ol magnlfl rent meewood. oak ami aatln wood fnrnltiire. marble group*, bronrea. painting* Ac., *:l of rrhlcli will be peremptorily an d to the higheet bidder, and mtiat be rcntoTod in two day* from the botiac l'i act Iptlrr ratilognea will be at the honae on tl?a morning of aale, which will take place without regard to weather. , Parlor furniture conalata of Three elegant carved aulta of tmltd roaewood furnlltwe, one V which la covered In crlmann and maroon aatin, one full ault In pimaon and gold brocade, and one of nine piece* In allk I! In orJ*r; r%rr*?<l ci?ntr*. iofn %ti*1 pier table*. with marble tope: aolld rggewood Turklah and rereptlor chalra in tapeetry and **Mn; elegant carved 7 Octave rpeewraid pianoforte; velvet, Wlllon and Aim'nater carpet*; French muafa cabinet, I wo aplendtd marble lop roae wood etc pare* llnwl with aatln wood; ili large and elegant pier and mantel mliTora. with eomicea. alaba and brachet*. ailk and ..^Kvw*l.1^r^(! lfl <> AlirfAlna Pnrnna a).. I. _ .W 1 W _ rYrtwh.rwrrtnlro*, ,n holH worfc. roprrb palnttntfaon rnnv*M n't f'*" ^ *rn"P* *" ' ?tatH*ry, with a l?r<? and bratttlfuroollrotlnn of mantrl Tiwa ami union* parlor nmuimw rbandrlinra, An. rin**nt row wood rhamW fnmllnra. ?T drowui* t>urr*ua,e*rf*d hrdwrad*. wulwitxU, rnarwood armour, with pl*ia door*. wmmolM rmnrh not iac ctwlre, twrnty two (Inn htlr m*tir?tw?, Kn?ii?h MuntMi, yvcnrh ontuf??T?"r* maho?*ny fnrntturn In hair ninth not w tn. Intro. nhado* and larn curtain. to thirty window*, oral mirror*, lottn ""*. hmnm nionha, *n. Houd oah dinin* room fnmltnr*. Fitmainn dlnlna tahln. mwhlr top atdr board, oak rhalra, two amrriAty honiraana, *ift bMiltid, rirh rtlrrr wire of rtoy drarrtptl-m. ?nM h*n'1 B'1 doonraud rhino, ruby and " yatal rut ?l??o l?ory "?. "Ow rutlrry, with a Wn Himauty m* torouoBod, u>?ta4i?? toaxr*.*>, NE ^ _ SAIdPB AT AVOTIOW. Publc auction -a hood hobnk ano ii arnksh. Laving been rtuly advertued nod no owner appearing, will he ?.>1J to pay charges on Monday. March 1. at li 'clock, at OaTKIKI I>'S auction atablo No. SI Cruaby kaUeet, aloe, wolf and buffalo robe* and horse blankets. TH08. VMTCB. AUCTIONEER?8 a IJCRRO IMF NOS 10 and HiSoru-e street ?Sheriff's aale of mac.hlnerr, steam engine, bollera. shatung, A -On Saturday, Fe'i 27. ISad at 10 A M., at 77 West K rtletji street, consisting ?t ' team an glne. boiler, shaking, machinery of every description, Ac J AH. C W.'LkF.T, Sheriff. mUOH VBITCH AUCTIONEER?SALESROOMS NOS. 10 J anil 10 Spruce street.?Sheriffs sale of liquors, wines, bar and restaurant furniture. As.?Tbts day (Saturday Feb 77, 1H58, at 10 A M . at the salesrooms, Nos 1(1 and 1C spru-v street, consisting ot a large assortment of bar and restaurant furniture, tables, chairs, crockery, glassware, Ac.: also, wuies, brandies, champagne, segars, Ac , Ao " J AH. C. WIL1.KT, Sheriff. TH08. TEITCH. AtJCTIONEKR?8ALR8ROOMS NOS. 10 and 16 Spruce street.?Sheriff's rale of ready made clothing, cloths. caaelmnres. Testing*. Ac ?On Saturday, Feh. 77, at 10 A.M. at the salesroom* Nos. 10 anil 16 Spruce street, consisting of coats, pants. Tests, Ac.: also, cloths, casitmeres, vestlngs. Ac., Ac. jJaH. C. WILLKT, Shortg. TIIOR VKITril, AUCTIONEER SALESROOMS NOS. 10 sad 16 Spruce street.?Mortgage sale of hotel furniture, on account ot the former purchasers ? l his day (Saturday), Feb. 27, 1868 at 11 A. M., at 309 Fourth svenue, oonsiating of a general ssaoriment of hotel furniture, beds and bedding, csrpets, bureaus, cbalrs, Ac., Ac JOUN R. FAKKINUTON, Att'y for Mortgagee. THOS. VFTTOH, ACCTTONK.FR ?RAI.RSROOMS NOh. 10 sad 16 Spruce street.?Sheriff's sale of sewing machines this day. Saturday. Feb. 27. 1868, at 10 o'clock, at th- salesrooms Nos. lu and 16 Spruce street, six splendid sewing machines, made by a celebrated maker. WI6CKLLAMKOIS. J" AFINI HEAD OF HAIR.-THR INGREDIENTS FOB making the same eostlng only a fsw esola to make a large quantity.?Why pay ? dollar a bottle for hair dye that colors the skin as well as the hair, and also Injures the growth of the hair, when yon can obtain a good article that you know the Ingredients of, and esn make It yourself without any trouble or eipensef And If your hair has fallen out, either from disease or decay, Wilson's rsoipe for restoring the hair will prose a certain remedy. If your hair Is gray or turning gray, and you wtah to turn It to its original color, or If you wian to color your hair gradually to a black or brown, Wilson's recipe for dying the hair will effectually do the same without Injuring or oolorlng the akin. The advertiser discovered the above remedies accidentally, and he assures those who may be afflleted with lues of hair, Ac thai by following the simple printed directions sent to them that the remedies will be found efficacious in reproducing the hair, checking premature grayneas, strengthening weak hair and preventing Its falling out, as slso giving a fine glossy appearance to the hair. N. B. The advertiser wll! send the above recipes, postage freo, to any address In the United States on the receipt ot .VI cents In cash or postage stamps. The articles for making the entire preparation can be purchased In any drug store or market In the world for a few cants, which will make enough to last a month. The receipt when once purchased wnl save many dollars to the purchaser No trouble to make It. Address J AMES WILSON, .1116 ilracd street. New York. Write your address plain. It will be sent by return if post. CIONNERH' UNITED STATES TYPE FOUNDRY,. NOS ) 29, 31 and 33 Ittekman street. Now York.?The subscribers are prepared to furnish tvpe of aver? style sud sue. In t mall or large quantities. made *r >ia the best " nurd metal, for either cash or approved paper. They also furnish to order every article necessary for a complete printing < nice. A new s> eelnien of German printing types?being a seleoUoa of face* from their quarto edition?Is now ready for delivery. The type on which this paper la printed Is from the above foundry. JAMKI CONN Kit A SONS. (TACTION TO CONSUMERS OF KEROSENE OILS.?THE J public are hereby oaut'oned against various explosive compounds now being sold In this cltv and vicinity by unprincipled <leslwm.H* Kerose-.e oils The Kerosene OU Company hereby site notice that they will prosecute all parties selling spurious Imitations under the name of " Kerosene," (or tliolr Illegal i >eof the recognized trademark oi the. com puny. The name* of ihe authorized sub agents of the compauy can be obtained at the otbee of the Kerosene Oil Company, 90 Beaver street, New York. ClAPTAiN'S EXCHANGE HOTEL J ABEND KWSKN, Saturday February 27. 18S8. ARF.NSFF.LD A BODE. 8crvice at 7 o'clock Fire proof and water froof cement for roofing, cheap and durable Beat of eily references given, where w.rk has been done. Order* received iJ. 1JS warren alree: New York. J. WARD A CO., *302 Eighth avenue, between forty second and Forty third streets. POULTRY FOR HALE ?A FEW OF FIFTEEN DIFFF.. rent varieties of the choices' kinds of pore bred fowls. R SMITH, Uarteu Depot, llaneo, Ct REINTYBL'H NON EXPLOSIVE BURNING FLUID, the yeateat dlac very ever known. This fluid will not explode under any clrruutatanoca; ean be uned In any cemtr. re fluid lamp. Oitce ids eecood avenue, New York JINKS R FKTfRETCH. CULPIU R BATHS.?'THE ONLY ORIGINAL SULPHUR O baths in Ifct- United States, established In 1830 by I .outs J. Tiirolat. These celebrated oaths are given at No. 1 Carroll place, BIrecltr s'leet, corner Laurens. Till BOTANIC PHYSICIAN. AUTHOR OF THE MARriage almanajs, price only four poaiage stamps?Privste and confldent<al consultations from 8 told A M and from 4 to M p m., at 67 West Twenty seventh street. The Sixth avenue omnibuses and cars pats the bouse every twenty minutes MTANTED -THE MOST DESPERATE CARER OF INYv ttamini'ory and chronic rheumatism, paralysis.neura'gla. uttd all nervous diseases Persoos afflicted, by leaving their addre? wtlh Professor 8TKVKN8, No. 303 Broome streel. will be called upon without :ee. DHY UOOUK, dtC. 1 Q?Q -BPBIKO MANTILLAS. 1588. 1C JO. Oreat tndu -menu To euh and abort time buyers, At wholesale. The subscriber hu now prepared and la manufacturing dally a large and varied stock of the above goods, from the lowest prior.! to the moat costly article, which be offera for caab or aboi t credit, at Tmt Bbaixsst Smn* r>? Paorrr. Also, a line of Imported a telle shew la, differ! nf from any In lbs market. UNO Bl'I.PI.V, 961 Broadway. Continuation or Tint naln or Spring andu ammrr dry roods. My the assignees of O. B WILLI 5MS A CO., At 418 Broadway, corner of LLtpenard street, Comprising In part, Rich l>are*e?, barege rohea. leans ar-l organdies. Bilks and shawls. Idnen roods. Ac., Ae. At prlres fsr below the cost of production Furxishino ?ioons.-roR halk. a stock or rcRulahliiK goods aelectel for s Ural class Broadway trade. Can h. set n and particulars known by applying at No. 873 Broadway. Lai r and mummn curtains, kmhroidkriks, ac , cleaned and reflnlahed. al lite Long laland lara linlahiiig wurka. In a manner only attainable by skill, clear air. pure water, and gra.a bleaching .1A MKS ItKNNIK A CO , M4 Broadway, be, we.-n Houston ami Hleecker. SPRINO MANTILLAS. iHflfl. We are now read* to eibtblt to wholesale buyers ova spring importoUon and manufacture of Mantillas, circulars. Ac. We Incite special attention to our eiteaalve variety? Trench, chantllly and guipure, lace points, shawls, An , whlil we offsr at vary low prices. it. H MUJA A CO., 80 and 81 Chambers street, thrws doors from Broadway, <4 tales. SPRINO, 1888 BII4WI.S ANP MANTILLAS, at *Hot.a?ALa. We are BOW prepared Kl oiler a varied and eiienalr* stock of the above sr'ielea and Invlie the aiisntlon of .uiyera from all sections of the country. CM aRIJCM STKKKT A CO., <73 iiraeu my. Tub stork mo. ?> mowert wrn ro>llll KLT CLOCK OH CCTCHOAT, Feb. XT. THE QOOrW MUST RX SOLD. Hvi<'iw genuine bargalna, 'an tc bniiihi. Elegant black alike. at Tllerntc. Real rirnrb mrrmwi at K.O, rente. PUiO French deutlnea at 16 centa. worth 44 rente. Stella ahawta at frt v>, worth fft !W1 Blanket from $1 W to K per pair. I ewe ir uin? tf> per nair. Eabrnldertra. Jkr , ir djchost brothers. 3MU Bowery. COT A HTM KHM HIP SOTICKS Al TO ?.<**>-AN ACTIVE, XNRRflBTTC PKRSOM. 7*1 one who undemtanda veiling cnodc. ran hear of an icellent eltualon where the above amount ran be need afrit and moat profitable t h-trartrr of btutnraa (lmt claaa No egenu weed apnly. Addreea K A B . Herald ??. e. Atmn -A PARTNER WANTKO, TO TAKE THE XV Vw'l", tire rharce of an oyater and drtnktnr aalnon on one of the beet corner taornughf*re? .low ti town. the owner bring otherwise ngaged during the day. Apply to T. U A SF NET, corner t>f Pearl atrert and new Bowery. 4il ftO(i TO f A partner. with PI !M Ml the abnre amount in the produce and general rotnmlHaton bnatne.a Addreae, with real name. Produce, bo* IAI llerald ofllcit. $1 nnn TO ** 01,0 -A PARTNER WANTED IN THE ?PA?vr""\/ wbo'eaate produce and wttinlgflnn b.ia'neaa. In one of ike lergeal marketa In the city An energetic man ill h. -ok MUUR A BOCTHWtrK. ?4 Naftaan ?r**t. <fcl (WW) -A PARTRK1I WAffTKP TR ORF OF TVS PA moat money taakmi hiudnee*-* t? V?w Vir* an t b?"l i" II i? ? jeellen' comer liquet *<<>re Th* n?n T wlehe* a bono*-? man wl'h <h? ubn*e amount In both. Apply to T. OaFFRKY, corner of l'earl atreet ?n<l new Fowcry. <fc1 KAft ?WARTRn, AW KRTKRrRlSlRd t'AHT1 .tJtM". ner with the ahore mim In ea?h Th* wrller *'ll Inreet the Mm* amount, ftn>1 hi*'hp refu*al for few rtftj-ft cf one of the h.-at hiiftineM chance* In the country. Artrtreen It. P., Herald olBce. AO nnn ?* PARTRFR WANTFn "WTTH TRW ftho?* amount In e*?h, to Join gentleman well eftUhllfthert. In ?terra, eoitn lit* nary and ornament hunltifftft. The nnder*1gned * lah*? tbe above mim to put UP ft (Ire brlrk MnotaetnrT, heelde* 'h* ornament*; he nnoer einnda hoth. and la well located. Apply In the fvtorr, 1,194 llrnadway, R Y? A. TKI.I.lklt. PARTRF7R WARTKP?WITH A CASH rAPtTAlJ OF ftt.nwi to fit uOo. In a nianufArtnrlng and Importing totalni'M of four year*' mandtng The ojly object In ylew la to enlarge the bualneaa, which can be done *uc*ea?fiilly with *jm* additional mean*. The heat ot reference* gtren and raqnlrcd. Addree* P. A.. HeraH office wwmnwo. rnLARO*, ~WRTX TRAtSKO Itt.VCK RKWrOtTRO /X l*na no* lor hw, mt pimu? "w. "-?u ?? <o ur rWal utreet. & i.i, Tn*T?TOToi BRKF.rw or ntww for sai.r, awd A eioeb ?t ? FnlK.il ?tre*i?Boiler* infallible men** core ?ort He* *it?rmln?u.r (Ml cent* per bottle Breedln*, rrftUatn*. m*n*|oment, dt*e*e?? Ac ol do**. with ? tUnetrn trmlUvn*, i rloe fl. Cell *nd ** the Beotch deer hound*, the prtte bull do* of *11 Rrfltnd, Ac. RKWVRW. ^**0** CATTRKB BY TO* TI1UWCTA.I. PRWRTT** not nil dtannpenred yet. an I her* *U1I numemn* Inwsleeanf M(tn lh?t **<%M he dtapneert of #?en If *old *t 'ffur~" W TORS HSRALI), SAW ....mmm, i rjt sarnm ko ?rii a> .ju.-a> uiya *a.v. t'tirr'-j'* ffo? #bw tmctdutii.tai . chief oaoil i?uhur . jl>. beoond oabla pium ? .7* ruoa aoaroa to mtaaruotnxiof -*i. haooiiti gwhut paeaagn ix tbt ablpa from ' <> .ton eau at flallfaj c?'kk:,, ju.ctna tlx nana, o*pt, i^ug. ait arlx an. j ituma, america, oapt wicaa ui, ab1a, cape r. <j '.mo. nlauara.capi kyrtr. africa, cap'.. khancm, el'bopa,'/apt. j leu^h tbtww- t.'iuau oxrrj a ojnai wtuui light at aaaethoad ?r ob aurboard bow, red on p<at row akabia. xm?? leave* n york w ednaa-lay feb l" niaoak 4. wiofciuan. " hoaioo, wedaeaday fob. s4 africa shannon, " ft.york, wednreday, mtrr.u amkbica.liou. " buxton, wfflucsut minhl,. iuropa. t.rllob, " n york, wedoaajoy, maroh 17 canada, iad(, " hoh'oh. wortne?wj, jfxroh it bertha not arc a red antu paid for. au eiperteuoad aurgeon on board the owoara of the*, aklpa will not be aenoonlabie for gold. atwer bullion, apart., jcwa.ry proeloui^mooea or aetala. nn lea* bttla of lading are alrnad therefor and the tatua thnraef tharain eyraaaia. for freight or peaaac* apply to k od HA*!', nu. ? nowiuu; ureoo. Gbrat bbduution of park to bhkopb from tori to to saw roaa tuom (OOtBiiitni Hitmot MUTUiarroa, Huatoii UU. II11UI rimeabin tail Flrgt cabin .2ti?; fieouod cabin M bscond cabin lift ItWMI" ' SO Hieeerage S? la the Bret class paddle wheel etcmemp AK1KL, 2.0th)tone. 0. D Ludlow, commander, and NORTH UTAH. 2.SM1 tons, Rdward t'-ateudy , r, oniander, to aall from plei Mo 3 North titer, at noon precisely. oamytug the United Rtatee mail, vti ? uc ay* a aw rout ?oa ODTHavrToa, hates aaaaaa ram aotrrnAimoa mo south am ton. nil ?* roKi Artel. ttsiurday. March. 20. April 17. April 21. North SW, ' April. 17. May 14, May 19 These steamships touch at Havre, flueele delivered lu Lon dan and Farts. For psnage or freight apply to I). TORRANOB, Agent, No. 6 Bowling Green. New Yorfc. THRI.IfKRPOOL.NKW YORK AND PHILADltLPHIA Steamship Company's Clydu built Iron strew steamships CITY OF BaLTIMOHK. 2 3157 tons Capt U (e.luh CITY OF 1A AcHlNOTON, 2.9NOtons iipt. P.C Ketrie. * ITY OK MANOIIKSTKK, 2,119 tons Capl. .1 Kennedy K ANUAROO, 1,874 tuns I'apt. JeCrey. The underaoled or other vsesels are Intended to sail as fol lows:? FROM LITSKPOOt.. City of Washington Wednesday, February 10 Kangaroo " " 2t City of Baltimore " March 10 City of Washington H ? 24 And each alternate Wednesday, raon saw roan. City of Washington Thursday, March 4 Kangaroo " " IB Oily of Hal itnore " April 1 City of Washington " 19 And each all rnate Thursday, At 12 o'clock noon, from pter No 44 North rtrsr. Rates of cabin passage From New York and PUlladei pbis, 176 From Liverpool, 21 guineas, 17 guineas ami 15 guineas, according to the acrammodattons in the state rooms all hating the stun "privilege id the saloon, Including steward's fees. Third class passengers ?A limited number of thlr.1 class passengers will be takrn and found In as much provisions as required. From Philadelphia and New York, 230, (ruin Liverpool, 245. These steamers are constructed with Improved water ilgh' ooniperlineiita Kach vessel esrrles an eiperlenood surgeon and every attention paid to the comfort and accommodation of passengers. Drafts on I Ivorpnol from ?1 upwards. Hhippe'S of specie will please notice that Insurance ty the vessels of this < inpar.y can now be done In New York ai'd England on the same terms as bv the mall paddle steamer. For freight or passage apply at the othce of the company JOflN <4. HALF. 15 Broadway New York agent, or WM. 1NMAN, 1 and 13 Tower Buildings, Liverpool age FOB ROUTBAIBPTON AMD HAVKA-THB UNITE1 States mall sieamer AR AGO, D. Lines, comm.unlet will leave fortHavre, touching at HonthmmpPvi to laud tbo malls and passengers, on Saturday. March (I. at 12 o'clock, (rum plur 37 North river, root of Heaon street. This ship hut Qvo walw tight compartments enclosing the engines s . that in the event of collision or stranding the water could no', reach them and the rumps being free to work, the safety of the vessel and passengers would he secured. Baggage u 4 wanted durtny the voyage should be sent on board the day before Bulling marked below." For freight or passage apply to W P DRAYTON, agent, No. 7 Broadway. N. B ?Tli- steamer Fulton will succeed the Arago, and all April 2 I9TKAM TO SOUTHAMPTON AND H MRS?TDK MAO O nlfiout steamship V ANDKKBILT, 5,'JdBtoua, P. B. Le fevre. m ter, will sat! wuh the mails? raoa new roaa roa ruoa souIiiamton tan SOCTHAMrTOS AND UAVKI. IUVKI FOR SIT TOKK. Baturday April 10 Wednesday April 28 Saturday May 22 Wednesday June 9 Saturday July 3 Wedneedi y July 21 Free ef passage according to location of room. Ftrat i*&hin ftlial baiI ftrtt. *pronrt nhln ITd) ra.1 ft "f? Specie delivered la London and Parla. For passage aud freight <uv !y to D. TOBRANCK, agent. No. 6 Bowling greon. New York. THK HAMBl'RU MAII STKAMSHIP BORtTSSIA.rtPT. Trantmaiui, will will Morning, Marrh I, from the compane's pier, No. 21 North river, for Hamburg vlaHou'hamp ton, taking passengers tor Havre, Loudon, Southampton and Hamburg at nnllnrm rates. Flrat cabin $100 Second cabin R1V Steerage (V. 0. 11 RICHARD, BOAS *( ()., ISO Broadway. STEAM 10 liverpool FOR 9?.-THt STEAMRIITP CITY or WASHINGTON, Oapt. Pctr'.e will tail on Thursday. Marrh A Pin-wage !u cabin, 975; third class. 93u, lueludlug provisions. For passage apply to R J. CORTIB k CO., 177 Broadway. GLASGOW AND NEW YORK STEAMSHIP COMPANY'S lplendld and powerful steamer* sail as under:? raoa m* tobk. NEW YORK, McMillan. Saturday. March IT. at 12 noon. OLABOOW, Goodwin, Wednesday, March SI, do. EDINBURGH. Gumming, Wodneailay, April U, do. Rate* of passage ?Cal In. 975; third cla-t, round wlthooohed provlaloua, 93U. Fur freight or passage apply P> ROHKHT CRAIG, 17 Broadway. CHIPS FOR LIVERPOOL AND LONDON ?THE ('RLE braletl *hlp NEW WORLD, S.UUO Ion*, sail* for Liverpool this day. The packc ship LONDON, for Loudou. *ail* March 1. Fare?Second cabin, HU. steerage. 91H, and found. Panncngcr* brought out from England at low rate*. Apply to TllOB. C. Rim IIK hs Rot.th street. First packet for liykrpooi.-packkt ist March ?The celebrated clipper ?hip KNOTMION. Oapt. Hallctt. poittlv- j sails ss above. Fare in cabin 9?iv; *?--ou i cabin, 9?l a eer?ge 91H, and fo-ind la cookad provisions. For passage apply on hoard, pier 14 float river, or to TAPSCOTT A 00 , a' south street. New torx and ran f*anc;m?x> rteanrhif Una. via Panama Railroad.?The first claa* sm.niahip NORTHERN LIGHT ?.**>tons. K L.TIokslcaugh maste' will aall from pier S North river, on Wednesday, March Id, for ksplnwali, connecting wtth the Am class vwaciaht.- OBI RaBA, 1.601) toaa T. H Hlethen master, leering Han' Fran Cisco March 5. For paaaace and freight ay-ply only to D. T< tj&JtAJH'K agent. no. a nobwiu'B'D new tot*. >R HAVANA ANT? NKW OR1.RAVR.-THK TNTTRn f?t*1c? m?U steamship HLACK W A ft RI > K. J. W Smith, I'otninr.ndar will r? ncnr e receiving freight on Wedne* lay, Feb. 34, aud will Mil for the abore piwts on Saturday Fef> 27. M 12 o'clock presgscly. from pier foot of Robinson street, N. H. For freight or iimmii- Apply to the Agents, UVlNUHTON.CROrHKHotf M CO., 13 1'ark place. TTNlTKn RTtTFS MaII. RTRAMWIIll' MNKFOKItAl' mil* aikI New (irleAus.?On Thursday March 4. I'Vl. at 2 o'clock P. M.. from pier foot Of Wsrren street. North river, the fsst snd fsvorlte sM stnshlp KMI'IRK 01 f S', K 1*. Orlllln will sail as chore Passage can be secured at the ollice of the line. Rhippers will be supplied with blank bill* of lAdingof the forms signed by the line on applleailon si their offies. No other forms signed, snd no bill of lading will be elpni d after the hour of sailing For freight or pmsage apply at the ofllre, 177 West street, corner of Warren. M.O. ROBKRTrt, Agent. igtor t'ALlFORNI4.?HNTTKD rtatwt mati, I.1NK, r rit Panama Kailroftil The Vinle I State* Mall Btsaeshtt t 'nmp tny wi I despatch for Asiunwall, on Friday, March 4, lsftS. at 2 o'clock r M. precisely, from pier foot of W irren tieet North rlTer, the new and elegant st?ani?htpMf?SF.ft TaTIJiR. Csntsln .lohn MelJcwan This steamer Is built Wl'h wdter tl(Bt bulkheads, snd Is fnll) equipped with the latest and beat Inventions. intended to secure safety snd rum fort u> the traveller. Passengers and malls will be forwarded br Panama Railroad snd connect at Panama with the Pacific Mall btesmahlp t'ompany's magnificent steamship JOHN I,. RTKPHFNR,??comtnsoder. which will be In readiness snd leare Immediately for San Francisco. The public sra tn f hmm ' ihst the Pat M?l y. smahlp t'omoaur always bare one or more eitrs steamers lying at Panama ready for sea, 10 avoid any poaaihle demotion nt paascngrrs or mails. For pasaagi apply to I W RaVMONT?. at the office ? f the company. 177 West street corner of Wsrren. New Tork. Rcgu Ur Vnlted States malt steamer days, g.h and Ruth of each month. A^H'RTRAI.IA MOWERR URt KUT A HI.IHHICI) Il6i. tarry ii | Ibe I'm tad Stair* inAila. Rolling positively on tha day advnrtiaad. Packaufor March Tha flna Rawhitrvporl bnlll clipper ahlp t.V K A MJU tone rrgtster.) tbravar, w m?nil?r, T* now rapidly loading ai plar No. U haat rlrcr. and will havo prompt drapatrh for Melbourne direct. The wrll known clipper ablp t'AKKiNUTuN, (Tim toaa reenter) *<imiirr, master la now receiving cargo at pier 8 Hast rlvrr and helng p<Wlllvrly <r???>'l iw.i ihlrda foil, will bavn drapntcb ar above for Rydnev direct Tbrar rblpr havr rlrtanl accommodation* for both Ural and arcond rlaaa paaeengera For freight or paraair apply on board, or to R w i aMKRON, Km A Howling 'I'ran. Sight Mils for aalr. and caah advanraa made on eon?ignmanta Consignees tn Australia Meeara Wliklnvon Hrv thara A Co. FU 10R MFI.BOrRRX, AI'STRAWA.?KARdAR'O 1,1 RR. ?To aall positively on Thursday, Marsh 4 The c>K-ant and ctlrrmc A I r ;ippi r ?M; OCRAR ROVKR. M P. Pickering rommander, will ha despatched for Melhoarne dirart on Thursday nrrt A few disengaged berths la rr*i and ooad rahln ran ba secured by early application on board. ?' pier in Raat rlrar. or to MAll.l.KK. I.ORU A UCFRFAP, It* wall atraat. or OOOntTIC AKKRI.I. A MXtoT, HI6 Pearl atraov Forsavawah arp fi^irtha.?titk stramshtp Pl/tRir?jf. ('apt. laaar Crowrll, will laavaon Saturday, | TJtk February at 4 o'clock P. M . from pier Ro. 4 Rortb rlvrr. Hffla of lading aigm-d on hoard. Tor freight or passage apply , to 8 tMI'RI. T, MITCHIM, A SOR, Ro 13 Hro ,dway. Steam ! era for Florida ronnrrt with iba above, loaving Savannah rvery Monday, Wednesday and Friday, FOR t HARMCcVOR-fir* STRAMSHIF MUMl'TIIS. I Captain Henrge W. Wataon. will laara plar II Rorlh | rtvar, on Rnittrday, February *7. at 4 P M. precisely. Par , age fl.s with anparlor acromov. tatlona. Freight 8 rani* ' and III rcnta par foo4. Inanrancrja per cant effected at our e fflra. Apply to H. B. ORoMWfl.L, A CO., 131 Waahlngton atraat. ? For ciiari.kktor ari? rM>RtPA.-spt\ii wkkki.y i I'iMIWImwall a It wbaalsteamship Una The mag nltloont ad<1 Tory r*?i w"nit ? nnnip ncui n.i.r,, i. m Miurny. ooinmAndnr will lenro pior No. 4 Nnrtft rfter on RmnrnAy. Pob ft, nl 4 o'Block P M. t>rool?p|y. Por frolfht or pnnoAAO n. ply *o RPOPPl>R!?, TlI.KHToN A CO , *? ltroAdw*y The fhrortte Mcnmihlp J AMKrl ATMRR. I. c. Turgor, rommin'br, will imcrood And Icato on WcdnoedAr, March S Thronfb ticket* to PlorldA m?y bo hvt by Applying w nknr?. Tho Attention of ?hlpper? I* railed to the low rate of freight IM tbo ln?>iriuiro on the rame by tho nbnvo lino For norpoi.k a no Richmond.?thr rxtnn WAuamnli utoaaahip JAMRRTOWN. r*.,PnrUlt. trill lra*e on Mlnrdny. I?th in?tA-l, At S o'clock P M . from otor IS North rlror Obe will arrloo at Norfolk on Rnndav oner noon, An<t a' Richmond on Mnndtr morning. 1'aoA.ok-rn for tbo Soulh Will proi-Awd directly on by tho greet Son thorn m*ll lino Trnrolloni will find thl? Iho rhrapcnt. plotMnntoAt and moot orpodltloTjaft.iito. I'amac nnd fore, inelodlng oioto. room, to Norfolk, to. In PeterAi"ir? nnd Richmond, fit), MoorAgo. bAlf prltw Apply toLl'IH.AM A IM.RaRANTS. No .U HrnndwAy. vrf?ri(-Ali. PPRRONR ARF. RSutbtmFORSTnnm? 11 tohnrlmror trnut Any of tho crew of the Rrwiblp CITY OP WANHINtlTON, Potrlo m**tor. from Utrrpml, u no dob to of tMr nr>nirA<?ing will ho pAld by tho cAu'Aln or Mont JOHN (i. DAUC. Afoot, U 8roo?lW??. mw TtM, r**,m HRDAY, FERllUART 27, 1 KtOfPUU. ' Kit A'. NMI. t.ll .VI-HiV AFRICA?FOR I.TVKR|.n. i Ti., < HU ' *, v-ihAnnon l ommauder. will 8*11 tlW l\u: itl.J'f Ic. *1 Jfrnr) Clt>. with the mtlleend

I u..j?Mig i -for ,,n WednewUv, thr .VI Mtri li <*?? i . !!> < m ?rr r< <|uf I Uj be on board by W? o'clock. fhelCUKOI * will ?u. Oh 'b. 17ib , Haul, K Ci AAHD.No 4 Bowltnf Oreen. Ill ' I,IVKRK>| 1. I H K III. ACK KALX. UNK PAOKKT II p YOKK-IHKK. Cepi Brjeot, will niltfcUda*. Hoot, I i abln. iiNnu^e, fl); ?teer?ge, t!0 Applr on board, ! -l,,t Hock'naastreet or to JACOB WILSON. IWJUouUat. i V.H.KMAN* CAMPORVIA LINK FOB BAN FRANOI8 * ?^ailing regularly on advertised days ?Clipper of M'u I: y, Murch b, the very Hiiperlir clipper ship DltrBNDKit. K K. Kr?ldii?"i> (Vnimander. In now receiving her nargo h i n IA KttHl river, loot of Wall street This II ooe of Do i .'o McKay's celebrated rklppnr ihipi, aid hu bwD bttlll el in uHl; lor ibe Csilltirula auu China trade. Bbe boa recently ! 'i, piovtdi il with i full lull of pate of Improved ventilators, and therefore may be expect *d to land her cargo In better roDdliM.il Iban any vaseel loading now for the above port, cibi* Insures at ibe lowest rates, and will bsve prompt de rf ?tch m ebove For freight or passage having lupertor no n nimodeUone, spplv to WM T. ("Ill, KM AN A CO., BB Well airi et. Tontine Building. Agents at Ban Franetaeo, Mem. W in T Coleman A Co, SCTTON * CO.* DK8PATCH f.INK FOR BAR *RAN ciaoo? Clipper of Bator lav, March 1.V-I,oW*sl rate# and no detention.?The splendid A! Ural class eiinper ship 11A VII) CKOCKKTT. Bpencr. master, ta receiving her cargo at p>r 10 Ksst river, and will promptly salt aa above The established reputation of this favorite clipper for fast eel ling and good delivery of cargo, ta well known to all In the trade, bhl^pers wtU find her the most desirable conveyance now otlerliig BUTTON A CO., M Month street, corner of Wall. HPKCI ALBUyriCRA Abkuiont Issues ucttkrb of oKRprr To travellers, To nil parts of the worid.^^^ C1 ACTION.?I HKKEBY FORBID ALL PERSONS UBINQ ) (llruuken saw* > circular sswh, oblique for grooving, Ac , v ubctit a license from rae under the penalty of the law. Idee use for sale. By power of attorney. New York, Dec 14, 1SA7. WM. WKIWTKK, 121 Broadway. FiMRR BKICK AND TII,K WORKS, SALKll PROPO 1 rain will be received until the tweuUsth day of Mareb, 18A8, by the directors of the "llaywood Ktre Brick and TUe Manufacturing Company,'1 for h< renting or leasing fore term of years of the whole of the shops, sheds, kilns machinery, Ac. and dwellings, together with the digging, leave or pr.vilsge to use tu said factory on the premises, any of (he valuable clays sod send conveniently sluing of eighty acres. framing ou the Delaware river an.I I extei ding to ?>iBurlington turnpike, la situated about atj ' nillea above (lamden. New Icraey, anil nearly opposite to tho co J of Philadelphia. On thia property are large and almost inexhauaii jle beds of Die Neat ijiiAlfty of Itno clay, together with the several superior varieties of clay suitable to the in nufaelure of a litir potter), chin* - oneware, 'I... k ,*.1 ou w are, draining Hies, glove tiles, and also for terra cotla aud white bricks for building fronts. The clays lie in several dla Hurt veins, varying from H U> U feel in thickness. These clays are naturally of a while bioaaom, or blue black color, but they all burn to a white color Ills computed that llu re are nearly two million 'on*of these clays on th>- property. The varl-uea of ssinl over and underlying theae vein* ar' admi rably adapted to the uiannfacturp of lire br'rfca. sto?e and draining Plea The extensive workshop* <tc finished a few months ago, are erected in the immediate rtclntty of the opened veins, and from the advantage* thus adored a very exteiistia and prontable mnnu lactnrlng business ran be carried on in the most economical maimer There Is a new steam engine < <ht horse power, with the cylindrical holler and snaokn utside the building, cnpal'le of driving several pugging 1 a eruabing mil with sll requisite shafting, heiung, rheum pipe* lor beating the f bopg are placed along the There arc two kilns built, and the foundation lor a in Is laid Ki om 3 Utft to 5.ISS) tuns ol rWv could tie uially manufartun d at this estahlialimi nt. The value of clay delivered at a wharf tu Philadelphia, varies from f J fltl to $3 SVper ton. There is one vni lety said U) be fully w"fih $6 jier ton Ihere Is a One whart on the Delaware front at which vessels drawing ninety tons ran he loa led. from the workshops anil clay bank* a dow u grade railroad al 1,801) feet long has be?n subs ullslly bull*. wtsnding 'o this wharf (and ruuuieg under the Itamden and Am boy Railroad), so that lo?deil ears pas* down to the vessels by gravuy Pine w nod, hitumtuou* and authrnclte coal, etui he brought dtrent ii boats toibe a toirl at the cheapest rate*. Alto gether the property urtorila nspli n ltd and rare opportunity to i t terprtslng pnrstins ibttlro'i* of embarking In a business w bieh, IT prooei ly anil Jud elnu*l> managed, with an outlay of but a tuiill capital, cannot fail in be eminently profitable. Proposal.* w ill be received at the same tune for the sale of the exclusive mining or digging leave lor the exportation of Hiria> a and sand, Irrespective of the proposals for the renting cf the works as a'uii e* Per- ms desirous of further Information w ii p.ease mil at th mmary'i< On, oi aridraaaChairman ol hie-vlive Hoinmutee. care of Kingston Mi l'ay, Secretary . No. 427 Walnut afreet, below Fifth. Philadelphia. Phiuuxli-hia. Feb. 20. 1838. HMCOOI LOOOIi NO. 40. I. O. O.F.-THK MKM bees of Hancock Lodge No. 40. I. O O. F , are liereh* uo title, lo meet at Ihelr lolge room. Odd Fellows Hall, on Sim day 28th lest., at l>i o'clock P. M., for tha purpose Of paying if- las' tribute of respect to Brother John Vfcfllln'o-k. of Kensington lodge No. II of Philadelphia. The funeral will take place trotu fMd Fellows Hall. By order jAaxvlisil, Kec'y. WM. MURK, N. II, Masonic ionci.-m mkmhkrs of riAtt Lodge No 1114 F and A. M , are hereby nnllflcd to at tend a special mee tng ot asld lodge, at their room, Odd Feb lows' Hall, on Fun day the 2*th insi , at II o'clock A. M , for the piiriowe of paying Hie last sad tribute of respect to our late brother, 31 art"'n llill. Brethren of slater lodges are most respectfully invited to Join with in By order J. MiKanym, Secretary M. C. MORLANt), W M. MKTROPOI.TTAN POLICE Tbe Properly f'lerk, 413 Broome street, has reeenfly roreived tor Identlliralton a silver wstch and gal I ch?ln, a cane ol surgeon's Instrument*, a merino shawl, a box of ribbons, aa overcoat, a tub of butler, a keg of lard, and a pair of gas nippers. \rOTICK -TTTK ANNUAL HI. NOTION OF DIRKOTOKA IN In the New Tork and Virginia Steamship Oompany will he held at ikeiarnof the company, 32 Broadway, on Tuesday, March 2, between the aoure ol 12 aod 2 o'clock N. W. 1'IiKAHANTH, boretary. OfKH'K OF THK ILLINOIS CENTRAL RATI.ROAD I'nntpMT. Nrff York. Feb IS. WAN.? The animal meetInk of thi- *t"< khnldera of the Illinois Central Railroad Company, for UwdMlW of director* sod the Ira?kUim of any mlii i Miami*** ihm mar properly rnme before the meetinir, will be bald ?t the oOre of the company. In the city of Chicaun, 111., on Widuetiday. th? 17th day of March, ld?, at lotf n'r!?k A. If. The u-anster book* will be rloaad at the New York office on Ibe loth of \larrh. and reopened on the ZJtL By order of the Hoard of Directors. W. K. AONNKMAM, Secretary. RIWOYKn.-dOHRPB I.RK. PR APIS AND TAIUIR, Iv>e removed from No 9 Warren street to No. D Walker ?tract, one door went ef Broadway SNATJtP PROPOSAI* WT1.Ii RK RF.CNTVRT) UNTIL March 2, at the office of the Board of R<1 neat Ion, where p ana and specifications may be wen. for repairing Want School No 44, coraer of North Moore and Varlck streets .out also for reualrtng and fumuhink new f irnl'ore for the same. JAN. H DUBLIN A< \.t*i Broad ay, Chair , i JOHN IU?SSON,l?4 West street, SCom'tee. JAMKfl M. TUTHILL. 114 Warren atreet I THKMKMIHRS. IIIIMIIUHY MKM1IKR8 AND FRIKNPS of M ,iiren lloae t'ompany No At arc respectfully in tiled to mee' at the rarrtaRe honae no Ron lay, "JKUt mat , at 12 o'clock, to pay the l.iat and tribute of reaped to our late foreman, John Harney. rptMMANY HOf'IFTY OH COLt'MHlAN ORDER.?BRO 1 there. * regular meeting of the lua lluuon will be hel l In the cooncllI chamber of ibe great Wigwam, on Monday menink. the lat mutant, at half an hour after the set'ing of the son. Manhattan, aeaaon of snows. 2d moon, year of discovery .did. of iirlrperolencn b2, and of Inatltnilon <Vj. By order IIANIKI, K. DKI.AVAN. Urand HacUem. Ctiru <'. Cntt tw, Necretary. I/OAY tlKKH'KS. j?1 _t m Acnurr ? ot.n commihhion iioune, no. (J . 294 Broadway, la prepared to advance, or leiy at sight, any amminl of jewelry, watehea, diamond i. drv goods, lla v ,n* segsra. Bilks, larea. furniture, piano*. Ac.. A'-. Ladle* and kentlemen reuulrlnk temporary advances will meet with the aatne on liberal terms Having i-eeu e ? I or the lew ten year*, we refer to any ene who nun h?ve favored u* a Pit tbetr business, which t* eottdncieit conftdeni ally and promptly. J. MAt'DUfr, 9M Broadway, corner of Wslkrr street 1 TOM.A1 TO ANT AMOUNT LOAN IIP OB AOVANCBP on diamonds, watches jewelry, piano*, aewlng rnv hoiee and dry g'-nd* All kin.la of merchandise houkht and aold for eaah Private rooma JOMKPH WtiOD. Ja_, 947 Broadway, room No 1 |hl -NOVFY IilBRNAI.T.T ADVANOKIt Tf? LAP1EH glli and Kentlemen on diamonds. watehea jewelry, plan. ?, Ac. llu*ioe?a conlktenllal, rooms private. Broadway, corner of I'rlni e atreet. A. II. HILI.IN'lg A CO., formerly ('lurk A Uk 1 TO Am.uuo -xk.w woxRv okFot -o LK K'lRT a ij* | CO , m*?e liberal "*a|hjldrtnrft on diamond*. wait-he*, jrwrlry, piano*. bmiaebold fanltnn. *ewing mat-bin-*, li' 1'iom, *eg?r* *nd etery .lew riniion of peranoal property, or boo*hi for rMk llna-naae confidential. prtrate room*. O. UX fORT A CO., MB Urwaaeay. ]Tu~ RRATTY TO UHIT g??OII-xb IWO OX imamou<l*. wat.*>e* ami Jewelry, or buy them for caeh Par Up* if. *H wtth ?trlrtly rnntvier.tial and no aigoi Appertaining to the loan huatnena about tlm prein'*** California and "l-l t Id an l llvtr bought. and uncuiTent money b"egfi* and add at JiCOM' old e*t*lii*h-.| ?tore, U>7 Chatham atrent. Illgbed pnr* paid for foreign gold and Mirer coin. ?i to fan.on to loax ox wattmxh. di amoxiyx. T L jewelry. aegara, dry good*, and all ktnee of pereonal property *r bought and *nM for eaab. Merchant wiehlng to rJoaeiut thalr enure atoek for naMi aoeominidAied on ?nort 0,H?ee tw.ir olra ..f all klnda nagnUatad hr flloXPHOS k CO., broken and a >mmla*ton ov-rrb*nt* KB Xa*a?u. oorner of Am. *ira*V room* Xo. t and \ taeond door. (j.-i"rf> ?*nnnii,-x?w~xoxxT"n?rnr l-o r.x tort?a V1 CO. bare opened their naw eommxel'm h ?ie, at Wt lTro?dw*y, ?h*re I*, lie* and gentlemen re>)'ilrtng adf*n*?? for eh.-rt period* on diamond*. w*iehe*. jewelry, niaooe. honwlxild furniture, kti . kr . ran be aeonmmodated on the m"*t liberal terma at aight M# Broadway. Bu?lnea* prlrate. Al K n 1.RNT k CO , fM' ??V Ol ! "?? *nr a ?l | Bilk* and *11 kind* m- in' of money on X***ait *treei, J of property and diamond*, wabhe*. Room Xo. 7. | merehandlae, or buy Jewrlry, dry good*. I for r*?h 0?|4 -AN* AXOVXT Of XOWICT TO I.OtV dX OtlT. watehee. dlam tola, Jew. lry Be.. ?t the old e?tal Hiked and rell kaoWn offlr, *. Xtl Broadway, hunter of Worth etreeV, front roo?, *ee<.ad door. I TlfAYKK. MOXKT TiO A XXIV TO A XT AWOCXT, OX WATCH TB, diamond* and all klnda of merehandlao. or the name b-eight for e*?h Partle* ean be dealt with atrtelly ioiifMen tUlly ami notbeeeen entering a loan r>moa. L J AfH/IW * 00., general aaotiuaaura. <07 Broadway. \g~>XFT XOXFT XnXFT~f A* >RKT' tKKO To AP i*l ranee any amount of money on diamond*, wakbea, 1,e,lrr iilftnm. ,*f,rt ,|||1 rnlkti.ril, nf Aaacetr 111 ,n or bongMft* eMk The hlgbrat price paid for foreign geld and ffiKer. ol BR AlSTMVo neliange nud logo office, IkOH Homery. unuLU'mrmt. SITRF** rorRT - frrnnmw numr AfMrimT Firming Punean and 'leorge t?ngaa -In ptirauanre 'if mi order of thla honorable court, made In the chore entUad action, bearing .Jala the fifth day of January, ooe tho-itand rich' hnndred and fifty rlfhl, notfoe In herehr firm In all Ihe eredBoffi of Jnceyh MrWtirray. now or lata of Rnmhlyn. In the eonnt* of Rlnga and a tele nif Ifew York. merchant, 10 *P rear before ma. the undaralgnrd. referee la the chore en tilled aeiloa, at my office, lf?. in Broadway, In the etty of Hew Torh, on or h?*nre the twenty aeeond day of Kerch nail, and prore the demaoda or clmtna which they had againrt ihe raid .loeeyh BrWnrray on the aannnd day of lleoemhcr. one thonaand eight hnndred and fifty, whether dee on that day or to heeoaie an# (hereafter , and (hat In dafaull thereof they will he eirluded from the benefit of the fund erected anderlhe aaelgnmenl, atreuiad by the aald Jofeph AfcJInrmy to (he above named Fleming Dunean and fleorge lingan. on or ahont the day laatmantmaed, and ha barred from maintaining anr a. tl..n (here- on agalngtthe aald defendant* or either of them Paled Haw Torh, rtbfi, laaa fik* l? *A?W, Ut?n, 858. AMl'SKMKNTS. JPAIXArK'S TH&ATRK *? OHEAT TRIUMPH OF THE KKW PLAT The c-ooc lu.lln# lableitu prooouprrd by lite enllr preM THE ? INKHT KVKK KKEN ON TUK 8TAUK. KnfMement of M1SH AltNtOt KDHHHTAItM who will niiiirtftr as Jnaate Hrown In AN KNTIRKI.Y NRW AND ORIGINAL PLAT, In Ihree ?i U founded on tbr beautiful episode la the preaMl Indian war, and written by Mr. DION HOVMCICAULT, the author of "l-onilon A*aur*nre" who will appear In lh* play In thr character nf the Nana Sahib. In pursuing with fidelity thr promote matin to the pnhUa aa thr production 01 "the 1'oor of Mew York" to matntahi a atiroeaalon of new dramatic wrrka Illustrative of ronoiirrMt event* and aUnrdtng picture* of the ttmn*, the management prenenl " Jeaale Hrown, or the Relief of I.ueknow," aa a object of iinuatial Interest, both In It* emotional and patheti* character, and from the opportunity It aSord* of representing plrtorlally those scenes where Ihl* ureal struggle Is K'vtng on, and acquainting the audlense with detail* of costume, or manner* and of life in Hindu*Ian, which cannot be so readily r * agreeably teamed from any source a* from the stage TO NIGHT, AND KVICKY NIGHT DURING TIIK WKRK, will be performed the new and original drama, In three sot*. JRMfUK BROWN, on *h* nai.iKf or im aaear, written by Dton Hoarolcatilt, Mm., author of "London Amor nncc," "Old HeadAAnd Young Heart*." New winery by Meeara Riviere and laher wood. The Nana Sahib, Rush Of Btthoor Mr. D. HonreloauR, Aehmet, hi* vaikecl Mr. Groavenar. Randal McGregor, OapL In the 7Rlh Highlander*. Mr. Lester. flenrdle McGregor, hi* brother, Knsign In the 32d Regiment Mr. A. H. Davenport. Kcv. David Ulount, Chaplain to the 33d Regiment. Mr Hlafe* Nweenle, private 33d Regiment Mr. T. B.^fehnatom Caseldy, oorporaJ SZd Regiment .Mr. HIoom. Highlander* of the 7Mth Regiment. Soldier* of the 33d Regiment. Houbadar*. Sepoy*. Hindoo*. Uonfcahburdar, Feroaheo, and follower* of Nana Sahib. Amy Campbell Mr a Hocgr. Charlie and Kfflc. her children Master and Mm Reeve*. Jceaie Hrown, her servaut Ml** Agne* Robertesa. Alter MIm Mary tiannoa Who ho* kindly oouieuted to play this part at the requeat at the author. Mary MlwOrtoa. Ladle* amongst the besieged families. Act I ?P**c* Scene 1.?The Ittmc&lo. or country house of Mr*. ('Mam bell near I.ueknow, with distant view of the city and the Ooomtee river Blvtertt Home In India?Timn?Achmrt. the spy of the Nanasahlh - The *eum and the wave- Jessie Brown and her two lover* ?Tha foster alsler?The first g leant of war? Randal) McUrrgnr and tha Intercepted letter?The project of the Ka jal) of Hllhoor to surprise the Bungalo?The escape of the spy Mid the appearance of the Kev David Blount? Randal MTM the defence ot the tiuniralo to the chaplain Hia oon eienltnna scruples? A Struggle belweeu conscience and cmirsfe Heene 1-Eiterior of the Hungslo by Night?Tshe r wood < aaanlt'a dlaoovery?Hweenle reconnoitres?.1 mate and Haordie The fosuir brother and alater?The heart'* reproof?A tele of "Auld Lgug Hyne " Scene :t ?Mrs t'.ampboil'e chamber tn the Itungalo?Otatanl view of l.ncknow hy Night-The fort and the Hoomtee river ?The night of the outbreak?The terror of Amy?ftaiolal'e promise Ui rescue? "The Mnirc.gnr has glen hi* word, hele Ink it up"?The sudden appearance of the Naua Hahib?The child In peril?Jessie's rescue?The attack of the Hindoos, under Nana Nablh, upon the llongalo?The despatch- <1 cordis MeiVeyor'e first fight?"He blenches"?Jesale's prayer?The chaplain and Jessie recall the falling rosrage of the soldier? Rwreals siiluck and Jessie's sa? rifle#?The rose?Kweenlt escapes lac attempt to blow up the bridge -Oeordln fall*Ibe signal guns from Lueknuw?"(Jeordle McGregor Is not a cowsrd '" Act ii ? A esurl and hall within a Hindoo Temple In Teioknow?The prisoners?The massacre of Itawnpore?The divan cf the Nana?Ills attempt to make Urordiecounsel his broths* Randal to surrender?Jessie's view of the rasa?Her doom? (leordie yields in save h<T life?The latter ?Jeaate fears that (Jeordte will sign h?t Infamy?Dares not speak to him, hot rr. id'ec's how lo address bis heart?Through the melody sf auld Scotland, she idngs Uh, why left I my hamef whv did I cross 'be real Oh, why left 1 my hamIn the auld con3 ry, Ac The welcome visiters from the infernal regions?The mint siel countermine?4'assidv's tongue nearly loses hbn htg h< ad?The Nana and .leK*ie?"Oh. whpre have ye hern a' lbs day my buy .lammn"?The dark road of er-ape?The an derg "mud railroad itcmetiaieagood for white folk*?Kaiwtal and Blount and a (lag "f Irnre coma lo eirhange prisoner*? f b> cruelty nt the Nana?III* defence of the ravolt?Tha L'tteg i. I .idle Onordta attempt* to annum .le*aie'a ramp" at tha anorlflce of hi* Ufa?Tha vengeuui'H of tha Nana-"Swln* their bodies to tha minaret of tha Tamp la, lo-aide thalr tUg of Iftm"?iloilt ia despair. "Hang me to !"?HI* daalra "to bo cotintad tc"? Tha aeizitre of Arhmet?h Hlndni (Iny fawke?--lle la bound with tha cord* deatned lo OtaatttO derate?The eacape by lha mine?Tha aignal of tha cloak of tfja moarpia?Achmcl'* doom Art. III.?Tha Kesldentjr? Tha Redan?The fort forming tha out poHt work of tba Rcaldeney?Dawn of dty-I)laiaat View of tha Kncampmrnt nnd Trvnrhe* of tba Rabat Foroe? Rlvlara Tableau?Tha betle*?<l?Tha |%?t ration?No hope of relief? Jeaaie In diatrea* Tha attack and lha repulae?Tha biat hope gone?1 ha prayer of tha woman lo ba killed rather than tall into tha hand! of tb? Sepoy*?Tha terrible recollnn Uon of Cawnpora?Tba dmperate al'ornatlve?Sulfide befora dlahooor?Tha aoamy approaeh?The terrible defence of tha w oman and c hildren from the banda of the harlot riant -Jea ale a draam?"Naa. I'm nae dreamlit?It'a tbe slogan o' tba Highland*?Help! help! help! at laat"?The incredulity of tba nv n-The nearer approach of the fo >?"To lha gttna, mra. to the gttna?Another hour and are we all aaved"'?Thedlatani pibroch of the Sereuty eighth Highlander* la heard - 'Tha (' mphella are enmlng"?Han-lock foraea bia way lnb> the ally?"Should an Id ac'taalnlancc he forgot"?The column of tha Highland Infantry uarrtcs the Hadan and reacuea Ha bratra defender*. Tableau. Kntlrely new mnale baa b?en rompoeed for thta plooe, faelutllng a Scotch tnedley naerture by Mr. J. P. Cooke, wha ha* been engage<t to conduct. In the courae of th> play. Incidental to Ha action, MISS At INKS KOHKRTKON Will alnff anaicbaa of the following beautiful Scotch mek> die*:? "Aold l.ang Syne." "rharlle t* my Darling " ' tth, Why Left I my Hame!" "My Hoy Tammic." "Trkyer Aubl Cloak a boot Ye." "Aula Bnbtn tlray." The performance wl'1 conclude with a capital farce entitled bVt 1SK SW A1N8. Nonm ?On and after February 27. lb? doora will open al even, and the r urtain will rlae at half paat aeyen o clock. LACRA KFFNF'S NFW THRATRE AZt HROAPWAY. Mr BI'RN KTT. Stage Manager, reaneetfnlly announce* to bla frlrudit and the public In general that hot AN'NL'AI. IlKNKKIT take* place THIS (SATURDAY) FVKNIMO, FIR. J7. IW. wkm will be prc?ented ffor Ihe aceond lime) Mark Lemon'* original three act domeatle drama of MINI) YOUK OWN BUS I NICKS Mr. Odlman Mr Hornet! Mr. Yerdon Mr. Wbeailelgh Mr Smvihe Mr Jetferaon ttrgrare Mr Stoddart I Wearlc Mr. Martin Mowbray Mr. Duncan Fowlrr Mr. Din* Mr. Mornaou Mr. Otla I Buuard.... Mr. Brown Ktany Mi trleon. Mot* f.?ur* Kaenn Marfan Morrlaou Mm. T H . Jnhnatna Mr* Htnythe Ml** foaephine Manner* Mm 'Iraaper ... Ml** Mtller I Mlaa Trtckaey.. Mm Fhllllpa After which an original amoving akotch, entitled a STEAMBOAT DISASTER ON THK NORTH RfVRR; 0*. Mok* FKiuHTn.aKDTiia.a Hear Mr Griyga, a Souihalreel merchant.... Mr. Buriett Mr t'.ranger, a Wcat a'reel produce dewier Mr. Martin Simeon I ntper.. .Mr Peter a | Fhil Phir*tl> Mr. t.Tlne To conclude with the ticrurfatlt.glv tunny farce of MY NE1Q8 HOB'S WIFK. Mr. Rrown.... Mr .frfferunn I Mra Brown. .. Mm. Mndrtart Mr Smith....... Mr. Petern Mra. Smith Mm. Phliltoi Mr. Somerton Mr Btodifart Mra Somerfon Mi?* Wella M'?? POI.l.Y M A HSU *1.1 ?ill male her Oral appaaranon on MON IIA V KVKNINll NKXT Door* open at fl\i; u>ontnntenr.a al7X preclaaly. T> ARNI'M'R MOTRI'M-POBtTIVRI.T I XRT TIMKJ>Bthia (Mturday Feb. 27, nltermon at 2% u'rlifki -of the wficfln full* anrrraefiil American drama <>l fHK PJONKKK PATRIOT; On, Tin Mam or rue Wi> Path. Mra. t'harlea Howard aa l'lhrL Mr Waikina u Joeko Kreniti* at 7 o'clock. fATt'IURO AS IIKIRKS4, dance by Mite. H*loin-, and the CROHR OF HOLD The beautiful A'juarta, full "n* h ?li lltnrrd ol J. r. I>ONNK1-l-T. Yt-a ? TRNINUHAM, Ar , the grand Panopticon HtndVi, the llappe Faraby l.lvtng Herpei.i, Ac . A?.. In be ??# u unikl. Admtaalmi ffi bunU; children under ten, 15 red la. BRTAXT8' MTMRTRKF-F. Metbunira' llall, 47. Ilmedirnj, abo*<- i Irani etrent. ORAND ANNIVKRSABY WRKK. Triumphant ruereee?Pleaalng n<>ve|tlen? h..iaeaa becend wr<k and lenmriiae hit of the burleauun ot BRVANTH DbKAM OP HlloVBI.diT New annci. daarea, plantation f'tt??, anloa, c< >micalli lea, bo. WRVKH AT FHAt.ON'R. Poora open at A. to commence al 7 li o'olork Tlrkeia Zfl era la. Ki!?nlij, February 17?Finn Annual UINKKIT to DAM BRTAMT. (iRtNP VVTPA NIOHT. I 444 HlitiAPW 4 1, Hrwnterly I"br1*t* A Wood'*.) I, AST RlOrtf OF tHB BRA! DR. HVCK1.1TJI' 8KRKNAltK.au rwpeptfullT announce a tlRAND r?mTAl. NtOHT. fi*?n in rout) 1'ireot to the actlne naa?*i(er, Mr. R. B, WATKRMAI*. last nlcht of Mr. KPH. HORN, prrrtona 'n ht? departure fhr Roeton. who. on ibbf*?ae'on, will rtyp h aide ep Ruing Iprtnrr on WokfaN H Rli?HT? PANAMA RAII.RoAD and PAIMKTIi HAtXAP. RTRHOP and FWATRK Hf? K1.RT In tfcnlr ho?it'.l:nl hftfiAanlna. &r J. MUlLIuan and the whole "tar OoTnpaar. Mr MRRT SKIXT<>N, baring J oat arrived from New Origan*, ha* kindly roliatoer ed, and will apii-ar la TBI nwrri or olp tiroinia Tlrbeu will he limited to 'be rapacity of the hoonn. T.ltra luheta h?re been rr|W">l, and will be In attendance. TIM* (If OPRNINU. Doora open at AM; .'Tarmra at, H pwlaely. Admlaeton 16c. 1 \ON't forh*t ni* podworth band ball, at It Nlhlo'e Be una. Monde* night, Marcb 1. t/R A VKI.TN Mr**T*M Iff OR ANP ntrrkt, ONK DOrMI r from Kroadway Rfra rard. Ian day of the winter iku n Oraad attraction fbr one dar only NATCRDAY. FKH It, bolb In tbe afternoon and erenlnr, will be for tbe RKRRriT or thk m 1 NAHRR. on which oocaatnn a line bill will be atoen. Nearly onk im-nornd young latum* will appear In 'be af'ernoon ard erenlng. when aereral original plotnrea will be Int/odaW, amoii||? which will be found tbe "Maypole fiance." In whteh the ladlea wlH eaeeolaa ' Oian.l Mallei llirertianemenl." aomchln* RXTRA NOVKL AND ORIGINAL. Remember Hamrday. laatchance. Oram! combination of beanty. (1rrat COMBINATION O* MUSICAL TAI.RNY AT , T DoDWofiTH'B Maul Ball. Rlblo'e ftalooa. Monday night, March I. f of.A MONTr./. lJ Will aire her lecture nn ?he "Wl'aand Women of Pa eta," at the Hroobljro Ath?n?pnm, on Hat irday loalnf. feb. T. Lector* to commence at A o'clock. Arnw ttrnrtr HTlf.L i,?tt, amp cam br hap . a'I'odworth'a moale atore. ?m Broadway, for the great Voalcal Treat, glrcn bribe IIODWORTII Hand, at Nlhlr#'* Haloon. Mnndaj night, March 1. Dam rrtanti pan bryant pan uryant The ORIGINAL fBBRNCR OP Of.P TIBOlJflfT, ib hia inimitable Plantation Dance to tight. HRTANTR' MINBTBEIR-The ICS tRNCE'S BKNKPfT. (m TO TP* POPWORTII BANP BALL ANP PANCR t ihe popular <iandrtlle l.ea laoeler*. aeit Monday night. March I. ^'( TRK H j?*W NATIONAL THMATRH, PITTWRrRq. ?I11 wtoo h. on? of lh? WW* ntof Anl Ml4 ?r>n?mo<Hon? In tb? I nlom. ripuMt of bl-llnf lflrtl pommin. *n l will o\>i?b for it* am or mbonl lb* 1a? of April ?Ml. will b* trmmto'l with on ih<- hki llbnrml t#rm? Hrmbnrm at tho nrofrMinn trmtrlnf mnnmmtt win plnmwn Apply to t. 1 . fOUTCR. MAiiAgwr, rtttwi'irg. Pa. Tnrr wnn worn to ni.rnt T*r***i,vw a*i> rw mrnj run hwarmMtlwl by ?a<n? to thw podworiA Uab.1 HaII. ml Nlblo'i Rmloom. Mondwy night. Mat h 1. Nib!/>*~oibd??i~thw mttbftsenb: arml will b? I At fbr miMM. Iwtnrmtnp opwrwtt* al ArmamUo mtrruUnwiimili rt A?lW ahw onlyfor pmrWpw , tar* Afpiy MttoHa ? ** MiMiw. i>^i?llttl Mlf? 7 ANtHEMKm. A fAPRMT CF M!!Kir -R;,H*KT I.K PIAHI.K _t\ ].n>m* ?bi| fuie l>ir>"-'or .. .. (| n.au Tbia (ratunlaf) rrnuut a: M dn.iri open al 71* ?.K1 AM. f h<*Hi' Opera Kijrhl ?omi??|.>n U) Centa. 1 he Director, b?lDj[ determined to n-?*>r ut ib?- pa r*m? lh? Cheap 'ip< fa nig Ida attraction* c|i.ai ,n'Via* riven no there ular onthte. announce* (or am1 nr.'ay Iklrii per , rro tour a# kk.naM, oo winch occaaion MAPAM* D'AWURi I will make her flrat appearance aa Charlea the Fifth, i The othrr ride* by l.A tJIUNOB. MrtNARPI OAWIER AdmlaatosCU cenia; reaerred ieat? aceoU ritra, ampht theatre Vrcnti The Mir of reata for "Ernanl" commence* toj morning *?? on Monday? A ItOHHINI * N KKV1VAL. t list and poatu vrly onlj Olgbl of OTF.LLO I,A (IBA MOR, TlbtCHlNI, LAHOCXTTA, UAKOXR, CAUL FOKMKs. OTKT.I.O cannot be rrpMted until after 'he HPfWTKN.JITt The Mle of aeata for o.?min?Bcae OB Saturday To HoMCamnai - The Academy being re/ju'red for the ra hearaala of I he "HugueuoU," no Matinee can he given neit week Ihr. lubeerlbrn Are rinitled to an admbutou to Mill" liw'.ead of ihe Matinee THK K'bPKOIAL ATTENTION of the public Is oalled to the NIe AIkV4RTIRKMBNT I concerning the B L'Oli SNOTS. In ano'her golgiro n. On Tuc ?day 8?cond and ln?t cheep Operm"Bight. By geed rat feqiimt, L'lTALtANA IN AUittHt. Broadway thratkk. X a Marshall lab UMM (Aleootthe new Academy of Muila. lTllbwIetpbla.) Manager of the Analogical Department... .Mr. Van Ankjuth' Kqueatrtaa Manager J. ML rasa BKNKKIT OF KATON 8T0NE. Saturday evening Feb 7 LOOK OUT FOR FCN. Flrat night nf ATON STONKae Clown. EATON bTONF ? the Juggler of PekJn, KATON HtoMK'H rrc?t dog. fcprJrg, RATON 1-TONR In hla great aei, WITHOUT SADDLE OH HKIDLJC. Only night of W. B. DONALDSON, The celebrated NHmObM. I .ail night of CINDKKKU.A. Fire Clown* In the Arena i;in nr kzi.i.a will dp pennrmed ?rery nuctuwifini as turds y aflernoou Door* open si 1, perfonuanaea ouiumbm at 2 o'clock. Bowery theatre I .ft*iBB sort Manager Mr Kddr Pniua* ? Boiee and pari net, 2#ren(a, Pit, Urania, Private boies, M and $.'1, aesta in private hnira, 60 onota. MAMMOTH KNTRRfAINMKNT for Matuhiht Kvseintl, Pas 2T Thr ortgtr al drama of the OUNMAKRR op MOSCOW. Hnrln Mr Kddy I Vatdlmar R JoknaUM Paul Mrc Kid y I Conrado Fitzgerald Ht8 l?neT LKUrt. O'Ctllagban. Mr Bdde IlKOKKN RWuRll. Rl*<> >0 R. .lobnaloa BLACK Ki Kl> ?l nAN. with a great cat. Burton ? new theatric.?haturpay?a capital assortment of pieces Tha beautiful plrto,ial an.i high Iv laughablt drama of PARIH aMi 1.' >N CON, a Phi'.* ma* nlflcent panorama of ? sea voyage and aery ln.li.ooua litm drntabyland and water. Mr. Burton wtll p:?y hla original part or Thomiis Trot All the conpiny wll appear Tha farce of TliK HLKKCKMR hTRKKI BOARDING iltlllXR, drat and only Lute this aeaaou. Monday - Mr. and Mra. hi L. I avenport will appeir aa Hamlet and Ophelia. tWruOV'H BCILDINOB, BROADWAY, NEAR PRIINJh Henrv*Wond Proprtstpi " Ut?S> CHKIHTY * WOODS MIN3TBKLH. Under the direction of IT Wdod and Geo Christy. KXTlA revival. NEGRO VJNdTRKIMT. To conclude with Bleeksr's ion< hing drama of WltnTl.THK KKKNUILh. MONKRY, with now scenery, properties, Ac. W< (To, the menhey Oao OhrUtp t r?mli". aa overseer Geo Hotlaad TU hats 26 cents liters op en at 6, to commence at 7>{o'oloak_ IHtA NK UN Ml'BNWM, W ORANI) STREET, OMR ' door ir' fn Brondway.?Parlor entertain rents. Warm and comfortable. Every afternoon and avion*. Two per furmanee* dally, commencing at S o'clock In toe af'.urnoa* and at 1% lu the evening Stranaera and others will obnawt that the above la the only estahliahmeiu In thn United Sum where the mo0e1. artlnte8 are evblhUed?consisting of a company of young a'Uatea, numbering TWENTY SEVEN YOUNG LA HIM, who. for beauty and symmetry of ftirnre, stand unrivalled to the world. Four'een tableatti every afternoon and events# lhtfl weak tntrrvlileum several original clet.ires anaonawl oiIkto "The Three Uracea," "Venua Rising from the 8ml," "Happbo," Ac. Also, will appear, th? FKMALK OPfcRA TROPF*. composed 'if young Udy vocalists Al?o Mnna. tlregntre, fee strongest man Id the workl, with other entertainments. arary AFTXRMOuN ANl> NMIIT Admission -Orrbeetra d ata, ti) cents; hoxea. 2ft cents; private I oies 91 Notice..?(lala day?Last dap of the mwa Saturday, Feb 97. will be fur the ItKNKFIT DP TliK MANAUKK. an which occbiuiid a bill of Una en hp attraction'! w '.l be ogtsred. Nearly lt<0 young Ladles will appear, formlag a graad sluing IHltftl ACAHKMY OF MUMC.-THK OPK.RA. Hole Lear anil Ibrrctor B. Unman THK IIPHUKNOTrt. (to be produced In the month of March ) The "TTiiftirno a" ha* been In preparation for up ward* .1# three months. Over two hundred crraona are employed la getting thiH opera up. The llircctnr bellcrea 'hat through un remitting labor ou hut part and on that ?t the art lata and employe*, be will be able alrlctly to f itlfll the teuptiug promise* he la otit In thiH?nnounremrnt HYNOPS1H OF TliR MISE KN 8CF.NK. 1. Five new ?eene?. painted by Allegrl, t'alyo and Heiater. being orin< ipally coptoa ot tboae used tn Fart* at the Imperial Opera House. 2. About three hundred dresses, part of which have been made tn I'arla hv the coa'umcr of ineWrsnd < loera, the reat have been -manufactured here front original drawings they will eiarlly correal .ond to the epoch In which 'he. action tahaa place lift',Z) .1. A regular chorus' fseventy. Instead of the uiual namber of thirty live. 1. in the eonjuralton aceoe (In which the deatructlon of that Proteatanla ia plotted by the I '*i holies) an eitra rhorua of one hundred and thirty will be added-thua making the united fl oral fbrcw (Wo hundred s'r"eg, being the largest number ever employed In any Opera flovae of hump* or America. ft. The regular orchestra of sixty Instead of the usual num her r.t torts. to which will he added In the third act, when this I gneeu and ber ladies of bou<ir arrive ou horaeback, an rdra band of twenty. (I. A cast complete In every particular, comprising the lalenlaof La )rn ? g?.U Angri Rledeuberg. Tlberlui.tiseaier.Tsffsnelll, Kim'co Plkatjeaer Dnbreul, Broiler, Oehrleln, llarra toil and t'arl Formes, who will aiog the most Impo-tsnt part of Marcel, the Huguenot, which, jointly wdhihatof Kertraaa In 'Robert le Liable," la o n udered his greatest part MUHILLO'B celebrated Painting of the It'll.? PAJBII.T (bnlonalnif to ihr Hrrvoort family) la now on nrhildtkn ??ihn riNK ART UALI.KRT, :M Broadway. AiIdMa J> cec ai. QOCrlL A CIO. M. KNOmil.H, Dtractar (ARANP ROTHBK TO NIOITT AT MMK. SAI'VAORAC'R I llMiHlif Academy, ibtt Broadway, .>|>|.<mtn Hood ?ir>w?. A I thn farhTor.ahli' dann'a taught In twnim Irwoa* "l.n# I nnrlrra ' taught without rftra rhargn at thn r??n'u| practice. Rull orrheatrH and twnlro damwuaen. Tub kwrbncb or otn vib'sinny. daw hbyantm bknkkit. To night at MRYANTH' MTNSTRRTJ4, Mrcbaaici' Mall, 472 Broadway, taVBRTHOHY, TIIICJR W7VR8 AND HWBBTHRARTR, J a 111 of court* br ai Ihn grnat Mimical I'natlTal gi??n t'y tli.' DoDWORTII Hand, at dnlr annua! ball, M.. id?y n ;hf, M.irch I. U*M MARON AND THRO TIIOM VR' RKCOND CI.AMICAL M ATINKB will bn alrnn at RlMN'lt.KR TNI TITT'TB, PRION SyCAJlK, at 1 n'rlork o| b VTI RDAY, Rrb. 27. A ooartnt by llaydn. a trio by ltnethomn And ottetto by M> norlMohn will bn playnd Tlrkntabl. to bn lad at tbo muMe atorna of O. H-foal a*. Rcbartaahnrg A l.ula, Hrhubntih A Co.. and at tha door. Aorkat mas* mkkttno or iovth and bbautt. at lionWOHTH'8 Hand Ball, Nlbkr'a Hakwa, Mooaay might, Man h I. AfARP.-MR. Km. HORN BBUPWTrrU.T n?forma bia frtnnda taat hut laat ap|>?ar*n<-? la New Tor* UkM pla< Una (Raiordayi nvnmna, aa bn la aagagn.) to ap p.-ar la Bnnioo "I Monday, March 1, aad dor* But depart (ur California. aa rrroaao'ialy printed. JACK. WHRRR'B THAT lOMN' THAT'" BMTHII'fl rocnnt.at ihn Adnlpbt. i -nt li|i|n ore (van a la ihn etty, simpaon. Drat alolta. Yoanf Pa ita. lata of ibn Ttirkmh army, at tbn piano. Lota of other entertainment* Lwt'a go. HTTCHrrxRR RRBK t'ONrBRT* ARB rRoNOnNi'Bl* the meat anlnctintA# rtly. Ton caa aajoy thnwratl w.na and I.ailaknof ton eninhralnd alna vine. and Minions taal the ola Fountain has heart no noted tor the peat twenty >enra. 112 nf? <'naal inoi. HITCHCOCK'S HARRORIC MKFTIKd AT T1IK OLD fountain, from ebenranll purity floaa. Iff na# Canal at rent SSRTTMKVTAI. ARI? OOWIO BfROIRil. A moatdellghifnl entertainment ?rrrr Hatnrda y erenlng rhelr taben at no rlork. Hitcbouek will ting ? ? of hi* popular rootle .tonga. riwB art*. A~RARR l-HABt f! TO tltllK HORRT.-A RH.KRP1IJ rr'e* of painting* llluatraure nt the war in India to ha Bold rrrf reasonably. tbe prenent owner not haetnc time to alu-nd to na exhibition. AlJreaa lark* a. Herald oArw W1*M AID LKil OM. BRtTtBII BTAWDARD IIIR.-TmS I'KI.KIIR ATKP ARtlele oiperi'W 10 any tmporlad, ran lie ha I In raaka, r?a or drmtjohna of i'. W KMITH anle Importer, 1?A W%i?r aureV ?i-p- bottlen, SB ran ta. SAurai. *1.1.1*0*, Aiiiirr for wtt.ua* tourus* A on'a 14 In Our* aJa.-Por aale try Mm hogakeeil and gallon Tkln ale la Ike beet on draught la ihiaoonntry. Ainu, brand lea, wtnea. gina. An . the Aneal Importad ta thia market. In largo or amajl qnaMtlaa, at Mo. 7 Boatk William treat, ear Rearer ~7 MKDICAU " ~ 7 flOKRriiTATIORR ARM adticr AS VHV/kC-AT dr. 1 i itARRnWti it a m mi m y ..j i mi i fT M. Aundata eaeauted isr 1'rtnon atrnnt, a few hhmk* ml of Broadway, Raw York. DIt. WATROR, FORMBBLY RTRORnR TO THR I.OCK Hnaplta] may ha mnanltad, M heretofore. personally or t j let-#r. from a in th? morning to A at night. *t hla realdaaa*. M Walker etreet. ? r?w deora ?d of Hrondwny. nR. nCBOTR, F. F., CAR BR OORSn.TRD. * tanal. Office 120 WmI Fifteenth utreet, R. V _____ DR rOBBRTT MAT BR OORRVLTKP AT TIT* OFfrf* If Bonne ?treeV M. B Mee hia diploma ? ?emaer <w fc? Rew York UnlvtrMty. _____ nR POOFFR, 14' nt-ARR UTRRRT, HAA FOR THK la?i twenty ett y.ara devoted hie nltMUun wan < ">* practice. Conaultauona and advice aa a anal, daily, tnm 1 a. M. io n r. U. ^?_ Ot.n PR WARD WITH AOTRARA HhZ he eonanlted aa oaoal, heie een ? A " old eetahttakvd office Wt? anal atiwA**? Hrondway. __ UICORPB ADYIC* RT ?. t,ARtfO*?>..*FTHOW, phraletan and eorgeon, In ?M^7 MWwS/Sit preen! iff Mefeer etreet, eom-rj?f ?*"?a fr"**- ** *! Riehntan Hotel. from f to 1 and d *t> * F M.. Rn?Aya WWfH? rTtfcR OT P PR. wrvTFA ?OI*T*T 1 etrerlenee. ran ee cjnanUed, ^ ronftdenoe. r-m T A. M "Mil lit r. M., M 0?e? R? T'PH W"1 " tftMhfc?4 WRi