24 Temmuz 1860 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

24 Temmuz 1860 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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TH] ? llll , ? "WHOLE NO. 8720. . THE COMING REVOLUTION. i HIGHLY BPORTiHT FROM THE SOUTH fcofi'TQ Mani'eiUoes from Xfim. Keitt, of i tenth Carolina, and Yaieey, of ilafcama. ; Tb? Sooth Certain to Secede in the Event ' of Lincoln and Hamlin's Election. ! Preparatory Mov for the Organixa* tion of the 6uaU.ern Confederacy, JuM Im?) tfi LETTER FROM HON. L. M. KEITT. ff>om the Charle too '8 C ) Mercury, July 20 ] Vo MOHKR A. G. SiLUT, H altar El.Ufl 1ND OTHKM? Gmmmmit?I *mploy an early opportunity since my return from Washington uegivo yon, 1n com pi ianco with four request, my opinion of our policy in the present anjancture of political affairs. It la U fflcult to gropa er way along the entaoglementa and complications which thicken around on; and at bast we must alien appeal to conjecture. No one can fcrcace thn pre*tea shape which future deve'opements will tak"; ?<>r ran ocy one low tell to that extent probable party ambulations wlH be aBecten by the loose political ma terta) now drifting about. The whig party is dead; the American party Is dying; and In what condition is the democratic party? The lusty and vigorous energy which has hitherto signalised It is fast fhdlng away; but It Is renewing itself by beginning to appreciate the living, real and substantial issc :s of the present and futare, and is adapting its organization to meet them. Th? "irrepressible conflict,"so dogmatically announced by Mr Seward, and so enthusiastically approved by Mr. Lincoln, the present nominee of the black republican party for the Presidency, is now assuming a mora formidable shape, and 1s working oat its resnlln more swiftly than If It really existed in the economy of our political arrangements. It is founded In the speculations f fanciful theorists; it addresses itself to the vanities and pharasaica) assumptions of men who only rise from the dust uf traffic to mouth Insipid and Insane sentimentalities; and mom fatal than all. It Inflames a disoased conscience with lust of spoils and lust of puwur. Tu tho mtod of the North the theory of abolitionism?of the "Irrepressible conflict-'? is particularly striking; It Is esoteric; it gives a sensation of being in the secret that all the 8ootb, if not all the world, has been going wrong. Retrograde progress is far more exciting than real pragmas. In the latter the whole world marches together; In the former a fragment havo It all lv\ tknmAaVvoa Alt aeerts m-Vil.*Vi Visa onaa tuurn *?.-?** vie ted aa ft brutality, can never hope to recover lie greood again a a philosophy; but error ao easily takes a seer shape, and wears a new name, that tho world often ads its old enemy In a strange diaguiao. Thus, though abolitionism has been convicted of brutality and barbartty to tbe richest Islands of the wcrld, and of throwing thorn Into Jungles and depopulation, yet it now utalks befo-e us in the form of the "Irrepressible conflict," and challenges tbe ambition of tbe North, while it inflames Iter ese>Dce, which now seeks to wreak Its atonement for mercenary sordldnese upon tbe "gl'ttorlng generally tiee" of universal equality. In this way, and through the < mbined tnfluencet of vanity, speculation, amiltloo, eupidlty and conscience, tho "irropresalblo oonfllct,'' th'iugb artlflcial, unjust and Inhuman, u tost beootnng a ttvng sad 'errlb'e reality. Vnler tbe teachings of tho abolitionists tho North Is about to be consolidated against the South. It Is futile w deny, un'ess all the S'gns around us betray, that tbe fedrtal government is about to pass into tbe hands of the ?> verity sect ion, and thai all its powers will be used to rtppV, and ultimately to destroy, the Institution of siftvtry as it estate among ug. Neither to morrow, usr iM nest week, nor tbe next year, might tho Cogger be planted id the heart of the South; but, if she su emits to t ie sectional domination which la now threatened against her, tbia calamity will Inevitably befhll, unk rn tbe whole history of the wcrld bo reversed, an ! the essential principle of humanity be revolutionised. No pe. i>le can safely commit their rights and civilization to ? ttci custody of another and hostile community. und Ilia MM to deny that tbe North la to the South a beetllc community. A moment'* examination w'!l ehnw Hut thie I* no tinfound.-d ussertlon. Atrtezu .lavery ia embedded In the very foundation* of Sojthaew Industry an 1 society, and It cannot be or rturned without producing universal confu mio ?t the South Society would be dislocated, governa?-nt destroyed, and probably ruined aa eff.etually as If an earthquake hail buried, or a deluge submerged the soil. And yet, agamst ibis a) stem of lis very the Worth has wag -<i, and is still waging, an unsparing warfhrs. Its hterature baa libelled; tla pulpits have denounced, Its Putt/ Legislatures have Impaired it, although la dolug ho they atrui down a distinct article of tbe federal cengtltil- j too. And n?>w it ia wt>out to usurp tbo octnrvm govern- j tent, la order thg ?ore effvtually and rpeedlly to restrict, ] 0 cripple, and then extinguish it. I Of course I do not mean to imply hostility on the part , of all the people of the North. I recognize there many, i rmatr of the firmest friends of the cocstitntlon and Jus tire; but, ur fortunately, they are too flteble to control tbe j kgwlaiive action of their Stairs, or to put down riotOU* ] poufle a'*u of Southern property. However much, thin, ! tne r utli. ?ay admire the jatriotlsmof those at the North wUi rtmggls against fuia'ictem, and aUhoegh she may b wi.i oy to ?tcrtore much to aid them In their contest I * . two 'Mm its and tho ew rales if the constitution, yet ol ? cannot be blind to the fact that tho whole political organisation la in the hands of her foes; and she cannot j squander tier llhejtue in a fruit Man attempt to atd even I her ftlenJs. Tie South must accept the issues which has# been fore l upon her by Ui? North, sat she tnus1 awei '.Lehk steadily and boldly. What are these UsucsT ?ft?e are to hs triod In the ,o rum of conscience; others are 4.' be spe? Illy pr*?wj into rniiorceiueni and action. The f.rvt are?that slarery.se It exists anvng us, li a rr me tnat It Allis the tt'Cth with cruelty, immorality and barbarity that the Cag of tho ! republic ta dishonored by it, an I tliat thee who practice W are twowi ontlasrs. These Issues I w.U not now discuss; [ Jb? hosrever much they might excito .eaieic/ios And j h art bdSnlnge, to long as they are cou&ued to the j f..rum of conscience only, tb<y are not sufficient to dla | tutb our po meal relatione. Trie other tesues, and lb/we ? a hmh are to be pre#* ^d no to *? urtlon are?that ihn Mouth M *o inferior aerli n, thai ct meat be iniwle triba Ur? to the North, and that the po*r?r* irf the tinmnvut nuMt b? u?cd to dnetroy her turtttut'.n#, which v< <\ bt l of* 'I lor common encutcheon that theaeara the -Halt ict anl riUl l#*ie? presented |o the wua'ry by the Mtrk republican parlv u<> one can truthful./ deny. Tht* party, four y.cir* ago. in tta Oaieet.lion at I'll ladalpbia. declared thnt "faWyfumr and aiavery ware twin ft iua of barbarism, and rla uld be tmmedia'cly donicyed," and uj*>0 II.la I# no t th<u can.* wtb.u a ba r breadth of arli'tig the jtovirnm- ut. Mtuou then it baa tnereaerd In alrenftii lay after d .y, while the organiMlloo whlrh thro oppna* I It. and *? tmcg enough to match victory fr-m lit It rtcer muut>e, th'ja giving It an aim I certain rood tornerew the hlark republican |*rty m ftreaik-er to-duy than it har aver been berore. It now controls ?'i' c'.intial y the political organization of all the free Ntit ?, c*Ci pi Cbllf.irnla and Oregon. It la, toe. 10 tta 'lofii?? tin.* and principle*, in .re Imp .dent an I uggr.r-'vc , than It hae rvrr been before. tt u true, Mr. bee ard, the running artlAcer of u>e party. It nut Ita elrct-d ttamfard bear, r In the pr-eent ront. at. b?i Mv'ame pe Nrv.gne well *ay# ?"It !? n-t a'.wriva tte wnjc man who ntw the OT'-n and who eat* tba tirrad." Mr Reward * Intell-ct,cultivation and ambition, nmda blot to. rvni-T alive f..r the maare# of the blark repoMk*n party; and, trna to ibelr tnttibct#, tber aelrlet a man whiiao vu Rarity and Ignorance aflb-dod a guarantee thai he would b? tba me ra instrument of their will. j? l, .m...ti r.c If not diegurtlor. to are a party In thla conntrr putting >, forward a man for the Pre#!dcntlal chair, once oorup.ed by thaafnagton nod J.-IJbracti, wbone only a< i.n-rrm..I* bar# horn that he tplit a few hundred rati# In early life: and. at a later period. Tllliflod the armi>w of hi# eountrv while *lng ber ba ?MI on a fbreigti toil; and, to rrown all, rged one hundred dollar* a bight while advocating the prtnciptea of bin party, and hia own elalma lr. ita uomltiatwo for the high'Wt nffl.to the rift of lb? republic. But let na look to the late platform of the parly. Am If It lirunk from tb. * home ten arowal of Ita frml purp<w?n. It ? l?mfbt at (Quango to conceal Utum buiaalh dec.cltfol and *<? apuo phraaaoingy, and thereby add -d fraud to fknatl rwm. and mendacity to cunning. Rut. through the thin rwvaruig of deceitful worda, appear* the purp?M of Mi# ETNE" rty in kit Its Mines* and deformity. It reaffirms 'tva 'bwadclphia platform. j> which "slavery and polygamy" ire declared to l>* twin relics of tiubvlni), to be Peedtly deatroyed," and theu gam on ta further declare hat "freedom is ths normal condition of all Territories, )o matter how acquired or what may ho our condition when acquired. ' (I bare not the plat for in by me, but I (uote ite substance I It derlares that "freedom Is tha lorntal condition at evwry Territory," tnd that though ibe Institution of slavery may exist in it when t in acquired, yst, at tbo moment of acquisition, tnd by tbo act of acquisition, it is destroyed, tnd neither Congress nor Territorial legislatures, lor State Conventions, can retain or protect it, much lees Introduce It. According to ths principles of ; ill is party, eh .uld Cuba be acquired to morrow, by treaty 1 warms, or by both, although slavery ta deeply rooted \ throughout tts whole social and industrial system, it aaulu be extinguished. In abort, It declares that "all ! the territory of the United States must and shall bo froo I territory, no matter though it be slave territory wben icqutrod, end that every Mate admitted to to the Union ihali be a free Stale, no matter whether slavery exists in it or cot when It spplies for admission." In de :lartng thai tbe "no ma) condition of all territory : is free, and that nr-ith-r Congress nor Terrttorla | i-egielatures cor Stats Conventions can retain, protect or 1 intioduco slavery" It declares that the relation between master and slaro In the States of Florida, Alabama, Louisiana, T. xas, Miseiwippi, Arkansas Tennessee and Kenlochy is illegal and violative of tbe constitution, and that ihe slaves have a right to rise In Insurrection against their masters. What would havo been tbe course of this party had it beeu in power during the recent invasion of I'ii gtnia? Under tbe auspices of Lincoln and Mlddtngs and *.timer, apostles of confusion and enemies of peaceful tdvancment, It would neresaarily have sided with the iboiiticn traitors who had invaded that commonwealth. Shall we pcrm.t a party statnet with treusou, hideous with Insurrection and dripping with blood to occupy tbo fovernmentf H has been said that If the republican party succeeds in tbe pending Presidential election. It will succeed through Lbc forms of tbe constitution, and that we must wall lor in "overt act.'' It Is immaterial to a tree people whether they arc oppressed under the forms of a constitution >r over and against its forms; they resist oppression tpelf, and hot the form in which it comes. A irare people measure tyranny by principle, and not iy the weight of its Immediate blow, or by tbo guise n which it appears. What boots it to tbe South wbotber jcr foes despoil her through tbo perverted forms ef the ^institution, or over and against them? What boots it m the South whether her foe bo hypocrite or assassin, if icr life be the forfeit ? No; it concerns us llltlo whether he republican party gain power under the forms of tbe ^institution or uot, so long as tho possession and exsrolae if power by them will be our destruction. Shall we wait "or an " overt act "f Is not the acquisition of power by me section, through a sectional conspiracy against the ither, an " overt actIs not the organization of a par:y in one section, upon the avowed, absoluto and exclollve ground of warfkre upon another section, an " overt ict"? Is not the possession of tho government by one lection, with tbe declared purpose of wielding all Its lowers to destroy the property and uproot tne social drier of the other section, an " overt act'*? Is It no "overt ict ' to sec the government in tbe bands of tboso who will commit our honor, dignity and interest abroad to n let of Holy Willies and (irocn Acres, whose solo occuwion it will he to defame us, and with supple ministries s> Ingratiate themselves with fbreign aristocracies. Kill it be a sweet consolation to these philueo phtcal expectants ef " overt acts" to mo Mr. h,nicer Minister to England, that he may surround with liplomatic lustre the "famous shirt" which he wore when Mr Brooks chastised him Tor his Insolent slanders, and which, it is said, be recently carried, dabbled with rlood, "as a spectacle" to tho Duchess of Argyle when ibe invited him to dinner? Ho; 11 u mere jargon to talk ihout ' waiting J or overt acu." It it declaring that the only ifunt! the .South itrfU rtcognite it a cuff. The resolutions which wore lately adopted by the fenate deUse and declarl tbe rights of tbo South: and 'or any who support those resolutions to counsol subnetslion to the rule of a party which was organized and Is iow upheld only to deny and resist them, is to reduce he principles which they announced to drivelling, poor ind insipid dogmas. Mournful, too, will It be to see any on of the South advise her, In tbe halls of tbo governnent wlitoh she did so much to create, to endow with reasiirine, and to guard with flee ta and armies, to bow isr head In submission and sue for b?'r rights ?n forma aap-rit. Corporations mnr petition?Slates should teinnnd. Silken declamation and slack nerved rotes arc not enough to rcecuo popular liberhe from danger Liberty Is a serious game, to >? played out. as tbe Creek told tbe Pcralan, rith linlvee un<l batrbrts, and not with drawled pigrauis and soft petition*. The lowest s- ntiment of xuilempt which a freeman can feel, Is that sxeited by a wretched serf, who has been pot D tied and educated to a til senso of tbo degradation of b.s position, yet It with >ut manhood to do more than utter piteous lamentations, liberty, is every age, had her martyrs bt fire she enjoyHi her full, free worship. Wo have our h nored aeroll of mines, in whose deaths wo still live; hut we hold our IbertHe not alone bocause these mm lived its freemen, >r died as martyrs, hut became wo can ftsrr.ish many nore nun to llvo as tbey lived, and die an they died, clK'D the occasion arises. It ia vain to argue that (be republican party Toal.t bo liilodged from power after a single term In that term t would have Inflicted Irrrtmrable Injury upon the South >> o mbiiiing the majority section Into 3 unit against icr; by sowing divan n among ua. and by showing that < rtioml At nunatlon may be eserrtsod with impunity. Whenever the spirit of a people la degraded, their subju [atlou la inet liable. In all probability the black repuitiean party would be expelled from power after ft>ur years, localise |te lenders are Intent upon apoila, ami would soon luarrel . because the mind of tho North la not trained to lie higher reach's of goremment, and because ho party Itself is a conglomerate of different ird often opposing sentiment*. But, In obtaining power, t will have taught the North the seeret of QnoQuect, and >ur submission will make us its victim. No party?net ven the mm* tuUSU (Mtrty In trance?lias over been laser or more mongrel than is tlie republican party. It las uot courage enough to lift power above running, nor lignity sufficient to make ersn conquest respectable It ,.4* mft t ImM an office bnt to pollute it, nor guarded 1 treasury but to plunder it. Furrounded with ibo ghaut y traces of Its uninterrupted official corruption and soulatioc, It accepts no responsibility, while It renounce no aton> of power. Born of s drl veiling fiui a tar ism, It >ears co remorse for tlie post and no promise for the faure. In its prcMMt conspiracy agaiust the constitution ,ud tl.e right* of the Fcutb, its rtneen loader might apwal to it in the nervous and terrible words which Hallust a into the mcuib of Cataltnc, when he urges on his loaded followers in their attack upon the liberties and Minor of Rome:?A' nribu Jnmi inopia. fori* si a 'tenuis sola rrt i}>rs miil.'n osprrfor Fttmuiali-d by lust spoils aid power they drny the i"4p, r the w o the obligations ol the constitution, and defy truth and uetice. *i ipc IWUe nv* itc^T >n toe pending roMe". aT.vtod n.ly uin)?rary material tutor <ft*, W* Mouth nvi^ht afford n r.fard them w .ih |*rtial iiid!3? rtnec. Flcr re.?ou-cra jo m great and Uw clnncpli of be r powc t to complete, hat rbe could eafety go "n or.f!?'iJ.-tat i.g buiMinf up, anting, w.ldlng bern-ll dot fabric which to physical orce cpu.J break. but tht-ao .as ,?a eitawd beyuM pr?. ent matcr,a! rctulta, they retch up to the Tory oby*-u n government, and at the aame t;o.c towrh the found*ota of aitlelv, At Ifac North, jot , icent ta aipfx-iwd 0 be, aim net etitirely, the inalri.tnent of peoooal r*hia. tt Um Month, It la held to be, in a great d- ire#, the agent 1 propeMy. Thus, impulpuble thoorica of equality aro if* at the'North, and property to denied-and ooufticated he mitoi i-t it atanda m the way of mine abaurd dogma f personal right* In tbto way the cdurution of the forth dtirta her tote ? trnmulrn, and mukea her the i eat, bai reti arid deetructlve protestor of human equality ihtl ptrtTgnl rtfbtff Liberty there to mippuned to artoe ran wne pneumatic tieei.ee in the atmoapbrre, ii .m MM peculiar property in the dirt, and i< r < eal riglta arc liftftM m uncheelie<l ao4 llcva!>?? fupr?tracy. At tl?e North, jroternment to for he fugitive and vagrant individual man: at the Month, t l? cqi.nl1 y lor I be lamlly and the eommnnivr and to .allowed hy the htarllwtcne and altar. Hence it l? that he N'cth attack* elarery, though it to the oMert metltuiuB of property; though It eerwea to ua fled bed wltb bla< rioat d'gnlty: an*1 a whole train of retoarkaW-- lualgnia nd rt'nteriaV; and though carr\ w?g tlte toerh of rlvllb ati' ti and ataM. government, >; ttaa travelled, 1n atate, t ni century to ftnti.r? *tm'nnfMh 1 hy the legal rnnrdd f in.* Irirf.r ;t*. inu attended hy the great tru-l it iona f Litrarlty 1' tlierr d* at, "Irrfprcnalblc c<-nfl,ct" be w*?n the N'irth and thr Month. it ar>et ft to tl>e ratfltet g nit< all- n w.d .r.tell- rt of tl. pe?p,<> of the two per> i a. fn this cocf ict h i ua aec tlmt no injury to done to :a and oura. A:. ' h w etn the S uth he aaved fr m in'--try if the reiuh:k?u patty riccec'.i In the coming Prreidentlal eleelenf 1 ars-wtr, only by diaaolvitg tbo goTerwwent imredlktcly. If tbto r-f'T a-jfceola. leynlty to the ('moo ?U) l>e trrw- n to the M<" tb. And will tno Mouth be diupA-c the iaavse* *U the not dirmlr> the party aouto, and bu.l'l heraclf up Into one great unit fbr her lellverancl Will the magn flceut rii inerfin of the whig arty op.**# Iteelf to thto tr<wt achlevetnentf In <* day and *ctifT*tlca, the whig party arna he orderly a*?lr?t the prnyre#*tro ?. mct.t, and, bough II oeld^m won, it a'way*'"treated with* bold, ib aJy front to tb* foe. It Pf!d<m woo. bora one, unforjnatoly fcr tt. pTiunt knowledge * preaent power, and ' t* ktuwiedge w?> of the part It war ??ljrt,?t.r? re- I p.- t?b 'n> 'trob. oM roloe, old rwntinr fomented ft, iid made II, m a atirmig litre, a l/tuia (fuatorm paMy. a a'.l it* 'atr.ja.rtJi tt war report,Ha lit ooediirt. but tt jfTor. ores by 'I?aoc.\ rotated atiy IniMllHW or ir-ach of pnt'dtnl. It war a f.*#il eyrU-ro, Kid d* ad- ' 11. at. ?'(.r btona' petrtJM into apart of the ran**, let Me followira raUh the eptrtt of the protect, and march ahreaat with the tintra Will Utc American party rypoee iteolf to the dellmeranee of Ibr South? la It- tifai r y, blaejt republranfcwn twined lte itreagtb lntr wrakneea, It* ani'ti into dlword, ind Ita pb-ty irti hyper'ft. Through t- lot took at<at?'y at the Virth. n did ti'd diadaia fair- liood. and, it re (h obattnary at the flooti, It w^at 'on tr. eearch of freah iafortca**. *'s 1 It now irakc the ttonth i unit; nr will It dlrldc her. ar la "'It: ?Va emery mailer ran* ? Mb it' io<?t r Mrlfe, and amenr brooklet babbled of elvfl d * ordl WiU tt bow it* b'ad to a "rulfW tyranny," and aarrlflpe lie Manhood for a l ak :i which toad* ita eoemiM lb beartite. and rrtabea lieelf with diefavort WIB thi democratic party, which is now pae'lug through death int a new life, forfait pa*t h'-nr-a and future roall'lriiOe by a.ibm'lt.r* to a foal ueurjwflnn of the foreri.wem? Will M fold tie hand without a atrafglr. and ere the ftoath pot bee kin the North like a wham beeide a awnrd (tali?the one all pray the other all wapi.nl Will It eee oar ep lend id ayrtcm of gnrernaaeat, lib their eeparate law* and political amiagf*, fn*e I into one mmenee and incoherent mane, all equally dependent npoa the eommon central authority* I cannot b*ltern It. Why rot, then, a union of the Hruth. ft the aake of the fc>nthf" At the forth Owar ha* a parte, fompey ha* a , l?rty. but Ike tk-vtk baa ao pan/ tbtre. Tba pni W Y O MORNING EDITION?TUI party wblcb controlled the republic for eighty y* v Is broken mi<1 disrupted It kept the two seotio i part fiom the beginning of the present struggle, hut r bar Iteeif fallen to ptoccs in the conflict of principle; and the North and the South note Hand face to jure, whole rath u touching the hfted thuld with the point of the tproe Drum after dream bare floated before tie, and vanished nrvvr to return ; tlluston after Illusion have broken up and drifted away, and wo arc awakened to a conflict wblcb ear not be avoided without dishonor, and In wblcb we cannot be vanquished without ruin. Tbo Houtb now lauds upon tbo constitution, and her standard la in U.e bonds of Breckinridge and lane; lot her sons rally to it, and nnder It, move on to "Equality In tbo Union, or Independence out of It." But should tbo black republican party obtain power, stid the South remain passive?w bat tbenf While 1 Invrk-' co operation?while I appeal to tbo States around us to be true to their bonor?yet. If those fall, I will coumoot the State ale tie, if neceuary, and at all hazardt, to weed fr> m the fit ton, any fate is better than degradation and flow ronsumtnt tyranny. TUo ftderal governtn?n might bo (ibollahed to morrow, and tbo South would only know it through tbe removal of burthens and Urn wttb drawn) of oppression. Every volnmo of tbo Kedera Statutes might be burnt, and tba South would nevor know that an Injury bad been done to bcr. Her proteo tion corner from ber 8tute governments, and under these alone, If the I'mon were in ruins, the could achieve ber rafety and prosperity? She will meet tbo future with or panized governments, and not In a confused and chaotic condition. In my judgment, if the black republican party sueceeds in (Ac coming election, the Governor should immediately 01 lemblt the Legislature and [Aat tody should provide for a State Contention, which should protect Ike Stale from the dishonor of sul mission to black ropuHitan rule. Be lb re ho tribunal of tho world, and at the bar of history, tie rball Mand justified. Freedom Uvea much rr.oro in tho spirit of a people than In the (brme of a government. We shall recclvo tbo plaudits of brave I mm for preserving freedom, and not reproaches for shat tering a despotism. Senator Hammond, in bis unanawer able and consummate argument8 on tho admission of Kanras and "squatter sovereignty," has oxpotod tho reronrces and rights or tho South. Cpon both we may safely stand. This Vision is just as travellers tell u? many Eastern habitationt are: a palace to look upon; all fair on its ouuide, and presenting the appearance of a house that should last for generations; but the master puis his walking stick or his bool heel through the rafters, and he finds thai the white ants have eaten all the su&stcmce out of the timbers, and that all that he sees about him it a coating of paint. ukich an intrusive blew may disperse is* a cloud of dust The skirting boards have already perished, the rafters art now ready to tumble in. We of the Bouth have done everything to preserve tho Cnloa. We have yielded almost everything but our honors. Ul us yield that only as an enemy yields big banner. LAWRENCE M. KETIT. OtusctBrna C. H., Jnly 1#, 1M0 THE YANCEY MANIFESTO. The following Is the celebrated letter written by Mr. 1 W. I.. Yancey ^of Alabama, to Mr. Slaughter, of the some Stole:MovroovmiT, Juno 16, I860. I?ar Snt?Your kind favor of tho 16th is received. I hardly agree with you that a general movement can be made that will clear out the Augean stable. II the democracy were overthrown It would result In giving placo to a greater and hungrier swarm of Hies. The reme ty of tbe South :b act in snch a process; it Is In a diligent organization of her true men fur prompt resistance to tbe next aggression It must come in tbe nature or things. No national party can save us; no aectloM party con ever do it; but If we could do ns our fathers did?organ ixe committees of safety all over tho cotton States, and It is only In them that wc can hope for an effective movement?we shall Ore the Southern heart, Instruct the Beutbern mind, give courage to each other, and at the proper moment, by one organised, ooncerted action, wo can precipitate tbe cotton States into a revolution. Tho Idea has bet n shadowed forth In the South by Mr. RuAn, nil hi<f bite taken up and recommended in the Adrrrti ter I the Montgomery or (fan of Mr. Yancey] under the name of "The League of t inted Southerner*,*' who, keep, try up their old party relation* on all other question*, a 111 hold the Southern l*eu>'8 fMMM, and will tn'lui ore port lee. legia aturee and ktaU stni n. 1 have no time to enlarge, but to tuugoat merely. W. L. YANCEY. To Jan. S. Stan.imcK. News from TltantffSSi org UN JVAN COHHKHONTtENCR. Fax Jra* oai None*, June 2H, lKt'A Celehratirn of f?. Jvhn'i Day?PrtuAt /or JVeie Fort? D-jarture of fV.J Cauty/or fngland? Xatiya'ion qf the Rircr Sun Jeian?Opermtum$ mi the tVorad<~Oefu Rica in High iHidgecm, etc , etc. The Mnf'oe of thin town celebrated tholr anniversary (Saint John's Pay) on last Sunday, when an oration was delivered before the Lodge aUj invited guests by IV-1 Maeter T. J. Martin, Ewp On the following n.ght a *pl< 1 did ball a a? given by the Order, got up and conducted In a *tyle tt ut relive ted great credit upon the fraternity. A sumptuous supper was served by Major Jacob I'ttts, of the Star House, which ?m numerously attended, and adorned by the preeenee aiid talk-i of the ladu?, and, altogether, the occnckui wa* a mnrt delightful one. Tinl odge here, though email, l* an hitcrestli ? one, working in delightful harmony, and is <?>mi??d of the I., t to r of the town. Tlie present Worshipful Ma-der Is J. P. Fletcher, F>q., formerly from ymr eity. Conridernbki freight in arriving from the interior. Intended for New York, cotalitlr.gprincipally of hldis, ( deersklnt, rolkc, Brazil \?< -1 and ladlarubhcr. There m also a quantity ot Bro/I wn?l a.ready here awaiting i rbipn.icl to Europe. Trade, however, i* very dull, an I lk*M 4m sao Iwmes.lUtn ornsru./t . .f an ImnsMSiMial T> *. English achomer Parted arrive d from Jumaira a day or two since, and is hading with the remnants of things tvhk h once ! ? It i fi'd to ti r t.Ul Trai.nl Company, or the fllitoatrrs. Joe Seott snoots to bo the present nwo>r of this property, and ho ba < chartered the Rachel !< riifivrv it to Aspinwal). whence ho oar ship it to tho Sutra witho t rlskii pax irure from part** who might hare tho andvltj to t*U> re thrus hes rniukd to a share of tho n< r* Tbtro Is nothing from Ibo interior of oithor C?-eta | R;ra or N'w araf .a worthy of note fnlratl fleorge E Canty, of wh< tm y > have oft. ti hoard, and who ha- j Nrn tn'kiaa Trar it to tis hero, as well as to tho people of | tho Interior. for tho past several months, h-fr on tho last ! Engl jh mall tteiirt'r fi r hi gla..<l, lav lay a.r ..mp.isbr 1 rilling t? ward." < -h.Wishing a rente vrraa this Isthmus. H< ri ttirutd tr. n?icrt, hewrrcr. up to tho nx n.n.t of hia depi cture, that ho would. wlthm a f*w txtilM time, to to a Trar." t wL.cb thou'J o u.inr; (hvorably with that via AspinimiL ?ti< mpt1 - a!>o< t to ho made to improve the rlvrr Sir Ji.aa by tort. ? .nt" it n of the wafr wbieh t<iw flows down the (V.V>ra<l<> This morning Dob friar. Mrvtih r started for IbeG lorado, nor, mpar isd by two ri ?.( t'nt ore-noors. to i xnmine tho rltror at tho Colorado, ard tit wiit i r.rorssary U, bo done in tto prenlara. !t is believed that w ith tho 'extend it no* Of a small sum tho Nan J tun rIvor may he r< -1? rod to Its former capacity, aad rocrrqrrrtiy t r^tarhor otioo more permit the en trano inti it <f sr. . v, seels, Caj tain 11m to the contrary notw ithatnndlng. W. tare hod t? t y f, w Arrivals of merchant ve?ele lor cvcral month- . The s-l rei- .Iw hiih loaded here was tl( ' flirt !., r J. W. Org.'on of your port. A vessel id two fcr.ndrsd toi s wonkt fnd a fall freight ready for Now York tu?t at the pr< ?cnt time, and another of about the St.n.e t'11 igecculd he hwded (ur Isction. The only ship of war now here is lb r Rrltnr.nk- Majesty's steamer Gladiator, but others arc exacted within a few da) a. Fhipat. June 2P. 1W0 Information hf Just reacted here, from the interior, that the pererr men! of Nicaragua had derided npnn dam tcinp the CVk rado rlvrr at the prlct where it separates Iter if from toe Halt Jear. eighteen or twenty mike abpve thl? t. fi It a piopoerd to rmploy ?p?n this w?rk Uw Rtalo | r eoTiera and begin et-rratmtis Immediately. Onata P.; a ha\ b?c tre awsre of the Intention of Nmamrta in thta n alter. ha* wnt n cort* if engineers to the mouth of the Color lo. tJKl there <i< wn the roast towards Halt of etc, w th the view to And rut a harbor at urns point on the <o .-t from whk.b a rowd ran be construct. <i to Han Jtsr and hi- e set a(>ari ten thoi sand dollars to he given h at r t?< t v w Ih shall lx< ahle u> demons irate aati-fao t? riiy that sorb harbor rxl?ts, and tlm feasibility of build irf i f nvdtstwi'ri ,t ar I the e?| :*l. It Is like ? w oc.t?' vtfd ! hi d ft two <>ti the r >ast in lb* ov<nt <if ft ro- it Imthor N ;tig fr i.i.d, and do oth> r wonder P thinn herrtofoee nnlh'iitht of. f'oi=ta RlOB ti in high mi n'y In frnaaqornrr of t pr<t**t to < batr'M-t Ul? (Vlnr aitb"'.ffh aho ba? nam- Bvulf lb? i gbtaat na* i f lh< waiardnf tb? rtTrr, v I lharrforo r?nld rrr< r D<'ilanuic* from tlio rontrmplalad ofwraI "?( ' \ ' ? Tbart- w i ' ? nx-thlnt tr talk alwmt u thla <4U?rt*r for a time If notti.i.g alar raault*. P 8 ? Art* Italian bncro. wbn?8 bo<*1 to Innate at OkM, bap |n?t bran opanad for tha tranaartmr of bnaln ? * lib th< r tariff aril tha I'tirrhaaa of tba produrt* o fn ? ftn ribi'tvo aralo. Tba aaoota intra tatla ar< Maa?-a .lamaa Tbn?a? * Co.. ami at Ban Jnan ri?l Nr-tr Mr It Fqntrn CotrtU. Me t'Bitad Hiataa Cutsnx real Ajrnt at tbat port. ArrWala an4 Drpartarri. IMIVIL'. i >akii>rr ??? ?am-hip Karon?(' It flmnlo* ladr and 1 W .? r -r and fti.'v * v. Barrenly. Rla trp'r. Mr? WaVrr. rrd rMM. Mil ft A Y<>?n?. W?o rhllUran *r,d aarr ml ki I, Wlnt'*!i.' r* Mr? Jf .rr*. *X Hat*r?hnm. ladyandrMld * MMcrrlnt' *'?*'T.IO*'iHw?rt. alatar IM two rbll P ?' t. A itwba.O F .'wkwn, .1 L l"anJ, fl W Of loaril. IM IIiJ Mm A On kiln. M ?? J F Tf wn, M.*? <' R *trv&jr. V m Fr'*rt It l*rf. J ti Wi t' ikrr. J f Read ftt>d Ifcitj. J Fiw* r? aoi lady. k1* t#M?nin, Mm I KiWr, B II*-'fr'.dl. fi t n k VrMn*"ry. .1 M RaTx rta, K KoNa. I Btiia Mr Id-WM R R 'karda. MM .tot naon. Mr- WliUnrk, M ?? 7 8tn norm. Mm burarn, Mm 81.'.bar land. Mjn l?r?an* M ? M A I bow**, Mra If?tn?m>- and rbild. L A MMMtcr, It P Rdim natr - V m Pav. M n Mra T Dow* Torn, Mlaa Krrr.uo, L"'? William Kfiiou V. Mi rac. 8 Parte Mr Kannr-.. t W Via. W land, A f Krowntrf, I> Itoarian J B lAaihrn Mr Kl. ' tt. .'r. C I. Parkfoa. 1.8 Ilojl. Tttai Wbila. 8 WLaaabert Ml. tworbUdrrc and aerraat, and 17 in alteram. Par f?oaa-8"r; m?hl| Rcmmora?Alfrad I'miad aad My, V Rlr kr*t?, lady ar.d rhlld. Jobn A Rraa. iia ra?wro?Fktp Orrai 8*rnkttc?Mra n Tuaabar, 8r Jir.o?8bjt Marta?,t laawk'A J 18Mtk. W Arj'f. f | Marrt'^, Mlaa fTtanr, W Fat ara, Mr Brim. Art tawat wRrla Ambr'la?Ckj-t Aobn MfMakb; 0 Omrf?B | of Fmam KnaabCi and A?aa Flaurrra, of Mtoaraffna. 8r Pewia>.n frrr?Brit llrlan Jan*?J 0 Laaa, Mr Madrifa. | Traia UiAkaa?Brljr drmpb I ark- rapt .'oka Frttad. ilAAVAI-fttkr Baar> -Mode# MM VwtBfeWR^ rk:h 5SDAY, JULY 24, 1860. CUB SOUTHERN MILITARY QUESTS. Or>?4 HaMquct Given to tbe Navtimsh I Htpabilrati Rluta by ih? Voih City i ?Mid-Tb? Way Tbey Kred Hold In a In the M?lropolls?Tbc HnnqarUus Moll ?t Iks Metropolitan Hotel?The Frat*r (ligation of Northern and Moathern Cltlien | Soldiery?The K?g?Ur Toaata?Hpeeehe* I of the Hon. John McKion, Captain In. deraon, Mayor Wood, Hon. Win. p. Mtltea, of Georgia, Alexander Henrique* and Other*?Volnntcer Toaata, dr., d?., d?i \ Tbe ta?aol?h Republican ftue*, a lino ropreeen ? it i i'I uur ouuuiitu uiiifr u nuiuiury, uuw uu ? v?? i? mi clly, srt(tbe guests of one of the moat active and eiBoieu cltj military companies?tho NcwYorlt City Guard. I Rluea undoubtedly have been confirmed la th" be lief ero tine, tbut uotwltb"ouUlog any preju II i oe or doubte they may have heretofore entertained of the dcvoiedutiM of the N'o th to the Cuio'., and ite soundness on the |iulltical questions of the lay bare ero this bci u dispelled, and that the loud croak.-!** O' the abolition doctrine* and broggadncia of an irrepree iblo coo diet" between tbo North and South, \g a myth and a dt-lueicu, entertained only by a email body of fanatics. Tbc PavaiiDah Biuca were not called upon yesterday, tn ibeir military rapacity, to give our citizens a view of their adeplnet* in locltca, but found all their tin ? occu pled receiving the congratulations and b<*pitAliii>* of our citizens, who bavo shown a roost commendable spirit towards our Southern brethren. THE BANQt'KT LAST VIOHT. A grand complimentary dinner was given last rrenlng, In tbo splendid boequeitug ball of tho Melropollla i Hotel, Broadway, Li the Rarannab Rep iblican Bin* s, now on a brief visit to this city. Tbo distance travelled by the giwets at ibis time of tbo unsettled staioof tbe r mntry is frsught witb Interest to the Union, and created no small degree of cntbnsiasm. The hour died In tbo program mo of tbo proceedings was balf.psel seven o'clock, but It woe nearly eight o'clock befoyr tbe City Guard and their gueete arrived at tbe Metropolitan. Tie banquet ball was very gorgeously decorate I American flags were bung in graoefhl festoous aro iud tbe hall, and on either side the company flags of tho City Guard and Republican Blues. Dod worth's mammoth Band occupied a position at tho extreme end of the room, and enlivened tbo ecene with the popular musical s-loc tlons of the day. Tho banquet hall was most brilliantly Illuminated by four large chandeliers, and on tho sides of tbe rotm were brilliant gas jets, under which were mag nlflcent emhlamatlc representation* of the oats of arms of tbe States of tbo Union. Tho light of the gu brilliantly Illuminated the room. There were two lorig tables placed In a longitudinal position, extending the wb tie length of tbo room, and one soml circular one, at which the nromlnent eursts sat. were laid for two hundred and <n My guests. Ail of llieae tables wen) profusely orns " wonted with natural flowers, anl au Millions nam ber of the rout o.hasto and exquisite designs, appropriate to tho occasion, In confectionery, oaks work, sweetmeat?, &e\ TUs whole of tbe ori.a T mentation, as well as lite general arrange roan la, worn eondccted witb tUo utmost precision and order, and reflect the utmost rredit upon the officers of the M--t.opo litnullet. I and tbo Coroml .teo of arm geni-nt*?W rf. Draper W. Marchant. H- C- Jones, Lieut. F. L CUne, and C. E. E or roan, of tbe City Muard. Alter tbo hurts and their guests liad marched into the * b.iiuin t ball tbey wero promiscuously distributed at tho tables, and the rleganbwbtto coats of tbe City Ouard, with tbe elegant scarlet and gold trimrplngs and'noat, martial apiiaroi.ee of tbo dark blue coaU and silver trimmings of tbe rcuunriab Blues, fornird a most pleasing contrast. At the | riucipnl table Captain L/ivell, of IboCily Uuard, pn sided. On bur right rat Captain Anderson, of tho Savannah Blues- Lieutenant Web'), C'niteil Hates aim); Hon. Wm. P. EtilCt, of Georgia; Captain cctney, of sbo Ulucn, Hon. J >hu MeKeon, Judge Advixatfl l>cl.)on, of the Bin-s; 1-leut. Thomas, 01 the army; chaplain 8. u. Bak?r, Ninth regiment ro presenutiee ortho Arm cf Leavett, Tnlcr A: Co , of 'this city, and North, Sherman k Co. On tbo left of tho cbslr man wero Mayor Wood, Rev. W. H. Nlleg; Lieutenant WcKioboy, of tho Blues; Brlgalier General Wm. mil, Lieutenant White, of the Bluer; Lieutenant p Ranks, <v the City Guard; Col. D. F. Gregory. Jr , of the .Serond regt ment New Jersey Hato Milltlo; Lieuienai.t Colonel Eerrla, Ninth reg,mi l t; Mai. r B. D. I.rlnnell, Recond regiment New Jersey Hapi Uilttla; Councilman Lent and Co. W lYrkbam, Fsq. titer tbe command to bo seato J was gtvi u hy Captain ?!.?- ? ...? ?.?? "ti w |r?hw c"io ,1 n Mcfd, and a chary* m?dn with tbo vtynr of a MoUfertoo k aMark. waa noon made on tho ?no<l ibingu Th? folk winy if the bill of Atlr of tbo nccaakw, wtilrb H*akr for .u.<'lf, contiistiDg, aa it doea, of all tho dclloa c. a i f Uw ara* u-? l:< paruaviTART itftttT i? noao* o? toe atvaaaan'l i If m.n>ii(? ncti, r* the saw tore citt ?i?bd, afi | till EltKOmUTAE hotel. aoTDaY. JPIT 23, l**i socr. firtin Tiirtlo, "pricy WgrtaM#*. nit. I; Boiled Rn io xi. 1<.1 *st#r aauro, hroilrd MpanJan .Markrrrl, Me?ard? aao'O. boilep. i f tr I fc of Muit 'ti, caper aauco, chi^kroa, parrl. y?au-?, EOAfT. ftth- of Berf. Ham, Madrira aaora, l.atnb, mint aa'iMl, Chlckona, Kn*ii?b aatior. roio PUHE' v <J T rkrv * hjallry, Patina of Vral, wtih irnflea, r Let i tv.li.il, thnkcn 8a.ad. u tjrnur*. " TrndrrWhi rf Hn f. l#rd"t *l;h aprtns rriptal >a. j) Pii.Ui ! IjitP'i brra<1<-d, 'otnalo wi'ii*. R?*?tbr**d?. lafdad. wPh ff 'n pea? i? ko all Hlrrt? futoa Haward'i eewcoa in 11 *; t ff "el0?. Willi PtlTj-a. R. If < r>rpwiMf M Rleo. tammiuATOfi In S ft f!.i?ll f ral ?, frtrd i tain. I> Itn?f f'-Wt- it. lar<M d. muahraMB lane*. ' . A ?Sti bo; I ? , I IVti i.i .->tu I Van I, 'unit d, artih anutll loinauxa, d tnT II BcoUoB Wa*, rr U-oaL I> vuttaxll^. ai R< .Ird :.i t M lr \ Kfltth ?, Ma-V d Tnmipa. Mr hg Hi . v Rtrwfd T.miHiora, la Hot Ad Rtcr. .. i'attet. n I Rllrrd Arj' f". ' "hnmpaEn* l.-Dy, |s l| fh-rryPaB. Ra?pbrrry a.-rOunm, o. | V b> rt'vN rrj P V I horoialr KiW'V ! l'B"|*rd p'r*. M.camotn, ?' : pi n Puddina, Craua CaaJy, ? ( al inrt I'ud ltriC, Plnrappl? IfUf, , hi fb-.rkitli' (In -r. Oranai Halad, |> Ktiia frrirn.n, J"lty iRammxi?, r( I \? .la Kl*? * Rni? Altri 'tKlT, i , I?u' a Fan. y t'tkn. Mini PapilUar*. ' iiurat Ainor.V'aaUia laa rrram. w prTaarnTa. Ji 1'. <-alK/nt?? ir' 'ir.'Ad, OrlrnUl Tiwrr. cl T'tr.plr w h 'ho but of WaaUnR'ain. P'?liip rf the Pity Hoard. Rial or of thr f irannoh Rlora. (, Waab'na'.on M nnnirnl id Ki? Idl Vonuir ni nf Art and Rrlrnrii. w i. i drmh.l of War , Trn hy of itr l>,',oo Arma. Rjmbol of Fp.rudahlp. I Iron , Mormurnt of thr ?1:y fluarl, M II Urr' <Vmp of tho? Hy tJuard. r< f iiamEiir. _ Pi arV". Fl? P i*?. A'mon K ?fo?hno?r HrEpiW, fll R.<>?!? a. Ptnrapp'ra, Prunra. Fn?n?b WalnnW, 01 If flit?rt?, Frran l*ut?. ?. ' ? If funpfii, watrmialom. ri A'trr an-f lr j Ttlro Uad IxTi d'ne Hxs rdlhlra tuid Tiati? Adjeton W B. liraprr, rhairman of tb" fkmi mlti.r 1 f ArrangfiBPDU, of tbo City i.oard, announwl b< tbc f lkrarln | RMOPLAR TOAHT*. I * I 1 Tr fTdeW'M or me I mvoa rtatw. nnio-n ?u ? lug tor ? Hareh I d 2 1te f;o??"nor of the Mate of New Y..rlr. Vualc. 3 I vU Mill Ornml Wir, flel.l Hnott?The renTable Cl.tet ot Uir timltii Armj?helorei *i b' ?ne and r? p -pre 1' J AhtnAd may he long cotihnae t" Hit In* proud jw>- ? ?lt*nwtth terrrio blAretf ami glory la ku country. * Mu*lr *>f Ibe band. L i fur guoef?lb? Rat truth l>fub)|ein Blnea?the tr prcid !epr??*rU?lvn of tbe Southern chlenlry. their ad*?r.t ??n? lo re Ihr fragranec of oar cotinlry'g ret**;. W. al?a*i ?tll torr them at ot r countrymen u<t eaieem lli.fB ? > -ribem Is am* ilirtr a.liam-e "in not r<* a il?y bet * - tJi t ir e." Munlr?Rolil Soger IW.y r t Tie eitlea of Paeameh u<l V?w York?The meeting of U < It'iion lt d the City <1 trd, have produced on o(T ?P r ' f ? li > f IN V n ,'V well be bO'iv' We ?ill fo-ter 1< pit oh- rtrh it for our awn aakee nod Ibr Ibe f jnd of oar g coutUT. M?M. 6 T t nioft, h' -w Aril for er?.ft mnet and rhall Iw * [IW'Ol 7 7.' Free* ?Tree fr. m hrer tinner e?e tt forme the JJ tr<*goet 1 v,'A?rk.tu g.r?tiol.bg Uie rtghle end privileged * of arMum of fram^n. A tur rf regret from Col. M M Van Buren. of the *' \ r f'i T<nt, w.i read, r. u luillug with the Billowing " att meet lli) Hi' g '.*1 evn that I ght* And warm* otir mm una Itini! be 0' 1 more gl. o y AM tree than tl>e brilliancy, " frbrdeb.p And good feeling that rurrmind your beard ! tOBgbt The umrtg were re*podded to a* MIowa ? ChptAtc Am**.-' x, of the Savannah BlnM. tn re- , *p -st If' tbe fourth regi Iat U*?t, ?Ald ?Fellow enidkr* of the New Tf>rk City flnmrd?There Are new ' r mi *b*n feeling* *re go unetmng that it t* alnywt I imptwe'Mi U> give > Uirenen In language On thin cane ? Oil lew* * ? . d rerr.weet my lOAEk* better than I te> wi ritr I r*n tw We camo among yon mrAng-m; i we felt, bowerer, tbAt tro had a right tn romo to the < ? <! lr wbeh U.i bW < .t]pf t nr tbUMVA bad been mtngl'?i I tr 77TO to gAln lb I# Mr laid. At we AfipmActed your t rite we were met by yonr mmmlttee In a i kir.d j we:e<d??, ret we frit thai all rf ow w?iw 1 rr t ir ly Atneru an tawne, but that we am hro- t utrt. (CVcrf) W? w<rc bapf) ? kta aoc?lna tt ttH i ERA] ?n<1 bop* it will tend to strengthen the hoods of this gMittnus <Jui?o Our mingling together hue b'ought or i< km. w each other; *no i uimw that atr?ng prejiwlowe h*?r hern remtived, and the mi mhera of my cooim i'id have br, 1M b loo* upon tb? mdtvlduals of tho North as th.ir brother*. (applause ) w., ?rurt that this will A he but the b*|lniilb*; ?l ? Ih, S,uth has set tb? trample, showing to lbs North that w? r^ud vou as bo kM *11g U> the same hsppy land, we b,,p? ,mr hr?thors of lb? North wilt visit and fbow us that they re*?rd us a* brothers (Prolonged applause.) fellow auMlera,! will |tt?e vou the sentiment: The No ? Vort City iluard-lwiK'n T the Kepubnoen Blues cease to repaid you as their brothers, may our right hands forgot their cunning, (lb nlonged r.hr era.) Mayor Wood, In resporse to the fifth regular t x.ni, I] rgpir ss?d bis regret tb.t be was out in the city to wei : me th?'n) to the Fbtplro City. It gave him much pica one to meet the noble regiment on thopresent ocean) u He believed that tho eshlhttlon ?f good reeling enhlbttod u that occasion was an inden of tho feeling of New Y>rk :owords the whole Honth. Ue looked upon It that all ttat ] lad been board of the estrangement between llw North ii>rt the South bad no eiisteuoe In fart Hmso not ifer tat tons of feeling tended to bind v ffitlur In comoion brother ho ?f, and to Itcep us " < gether as t'DO people now and forever. I can only ay, in mj official capacity as Mayor of New York, that aptain Anderson. of the Slues, has fully deserved till the ioi ore that lave been shown to blm. New York, as the >r*at < etumercial rtty of the Union, has always a firiend y ?i (I ntti cti"i ate fer-llng inwards the North ar.d -<otitl?( il itic I trust thai when our young friends ?b?l return, h? y mill ull the a?n of itw Pouth that we are devoted o the Baton and constitution, and that whatever may ho _ ide we rha1! he found protecting the right, whether it ho " n hew Yoik or in aov ef the states of the South Ho 'loguenUy roiirlmiei with an appeal in favor of suppo*tiir round, conservative, Cnloo and national prloctidw dm r.narks were greeted throughout with loo t an'l on honaelic applause Hon. Ion* McKsom responded to the thir<l regular osrt Ho raid he felt great pleasure in being called upon o reply to the sentiment a blob had been proposed. He van dad to find that ao many friends were assembled ironed the social board this evening, and ho te't groat ride in bring allowed u? taho part in their festivities * do could not forget ihnt hia own father part.cipatod in i ar he war of 1(112. (Applause.) The hour was so late, md there were so many to speak, that ho felt he ought mt to intrude upon tho attention of iho andlonco. Thero ?ero n any things ho could say, but in default of time he 0j rould only remark 'bat union, fraternity and a determilation to maintain Uio right, would always lead to sue ess. ? Councilman lent, Corporal O. A. Mercer, of the Bluett, fc .leuteranl Webh, George W. i'cckham and several other ret tlrtr.en followed In eloquent ejieeches, reolete with w nlon and patriotic sentiments. The festivities were fe iept up to a late hour, and tbo company seemed to enjoy ktwdwi kwtHy, The members of the military companies?the guests of & b" City Guard? were In tho best of humors. They It ra'.li.'d jokes, made puns, and generally enjoyed thorn , . ? es. potne of tho members of tho Blurs were in the ?"?i i f spirits. They proposed a variety of toasts, most >f w hieh wero drunk with trial. Altogether the whole n iftair passed off with much satisfaction, and no nsio who slinevsed the proceedings could declare but that the sup- p ycr was a perfect success. 1 The Blues will he reviewed to day at half-past ten I'clock A. M , by the Mayor and Common Council, in front >1 the City Hall. Tbey have accepted the Invitation, aud ' a ill attend N'iblo's Garden this evening, accompanied by Tt he nty Guard, a, It was the origlral intention of the Blues fo return iome on Wednesday nest, but a strong desire now eslsts mong them, ar.d eagerly nnped for by our cltlscns, that be visit may be prolonged until Saturday nest. ha Capt. Anderson has received an Invitation from the . illltary of Boston to visit that city, but the urgency of 1 > early return to Savannah precludes the possibility of U acceptance. ?T OUB BAVANNATI COimKSPOXTIENrK. U1 SavamijUl, III., July 10,1M0. "he .VsvawnsA Military .Vet and tht Chicago Await*?Hit l: Iccptan-t nf tki Zouave Challmyt htj a '."eoryia Cons pat-y?Tht Hepulluan B'uet and their Ttnf to Xeui York? '>r</anit<iti' n of a Kcccptinn Battalion U) do the Hemots on tht H-turn time \J tht Bluet, ?fc. Tbo milliary men in Ibis section are in a perfect fever t tbo reading of your report of tho drill, Ac., of tho Chi- t?r ago Zouaves. Having s< wo craik companle* of our own, J" reare,|tko the New York people, much interested in anyb,D( which exhibits superior eve Hence in military Uc- ^ ea an,l on!, raws. I thaw A..I .vf (Ka B-AV I.U'itfl.iM if <i*. *r annab, wblcti precludes thepcmblUly of the ZouatMbl ending their lire of march ?o far South It is currently f" epnrted and believed hat tho Columbus tluard, of this 'tat*, have accepted the challenge ef Hit* celebrated dr|?, l> ind tho writer?'Who haa witnessed tbo drilling of tho '''4 iuurd?only hope* that, for tbo honor of Georgia, tbo oiitent will ho in New York. wi d rquad of tbo Republican Bb ev left f r your city on W| he 17tb, and arc to ho, white in Now York, in charge of be Cty fiuard: that they ?houid fall into tho bands of ta bi* enrp* ia indeed unfort ualo ft-r tho pious members of tl < bcPio." Tbe cart get away member* he.'J a meeting lost night ' nd elected a terr|x>r?ry organization, princi(wlly to a*- ?r irt in the reception of their oomra<t> s upon their return , rem your city; they will probably turnout over a bun- jj, red on that occasion. For the heneflt of tho absent memt ra of iho company I aend you a list of thd now of- w' cerr? a I Rkhard D. Gnerrard, Captain. William P. Mann, 1st l.lcul. want, John J. Jaekvn, 2d Ijeutenanl. " Edward P. Kempton, Ehtegn. gh Jno 0. Taylor, i*lSorg?ant. Hoeea4. Pail, inner, 2d Sergeant. F Alvtn N. Willi r, 3d gergcaut. re* Cba?. 0. Millar, 4th Sergeant. m? Filaa M. Folding, tlh Sergeant. Wm. F. Pbearcr,Cnlor Bearer. Our people expect yon to keep ;a ported on in i move- "? lent* of or* representatives. ( > " " 1 , . . I'ollre In1rllt|(rt>rr. 1 , Afottts* Pnoiumi Vrnnsit?a Wo?i* Tuimrmt natnm (|, r hkhiii-iumjik m F.wn w??.?About two o'clock . inday afternoon, James Berosfortb, <ui Irish laborer, ^ virg at So. 11 Washing! n 'tree', boat bis wife, Rrnlg t oresfbrth, in moat ah-irking manner, with an Iron book rit for hauling cotton bans. rt>o wm ronv -yed to p? ellevoe D<?piUtl, whore t la tho ,';ht gbe wilt die of her 6t 1 Juries Ueroeforih ws* arr'nfd hy ofiW-er Hymen, at lnll 2 llTfl *?l 4, {o ?bvin be staled thai be cummin .J tbe ' :t while iutotVSahvf. A*r*m or a Jawrstt mn Ek son tncrr.?Richard T. fro et.mg, a counsellor at law, eii art log notary for tlio Kr'ana' hank of tbiw oily, pr?frrr< <1 a r. m"ialnt against a wyer flamed laaae I. Tn> or, doing baaineaa at No. M ar' at) a .rctt, w vrni be chary a ?itti omltesslilif tflo 41, m'1 i the fellow.!'* manner ?Mr Denlng al' -yes Una on the m 1 mat be employed Tor lor to cohort two promwHory rdec, for I2..0 art KV)I 44 and al the time appointed for 1? delivery of the money Taylor aut-d that tbo DOtea id b< en prmerted, and ho would return tie tn Mr. I'Llnjr aoon after le?n>rd that MM f tie noire had been TI dlerlrd, arid n|? n raiting npori Taylor tho Uttor win.list the fart and ban ted him tW> of the amount em the ee of the note. Thtt r?at, it is alleged, b? NlML I natlce Brennan held tho accused In tuOO ts answe r tbo m to rye. Bsttiont Amur in Tint Pitth Wssd ? I/tal orenin* a ills t> 1 tr banco took pUrc at No. 16 Rrankliu atrert, during ,r bi b a woman, named t'atb- rlno Walsh. war arrloos!y;eut it i the bead with a glan bottle hy Th mas Dennis. Tho btr bunded woman war conveyed to the New York bo?pit-.l, wl ?U Denula and nne Marv bMlivati locked up to await tb?i "V" <sult of Catherine's Injuries. Molts Tsorstn os ni (Smut Haantav?John '.rant, a ^ reman on beard lbs (treat 1'aatrm, while IntosioaleJ ire ? Monday afternoon, undertook to disturb Mm religious *< ereisrs wbtcb wers being bald on tbo ship, but was ar ''' wted by lbs Ninth orec net poller and t?kcn befofo JuA- *| cc Connolly, who con milled him to answer. to to* tnrron or vn* nrnttp. I vrlrti jon to rorreet'be i, at In yr >r ia rroftV"dav ' t Wkn1!il>nf, nnwf n( O'trnItTTbmr Mr>r'' -w?*n> fli imrT'tif.l pn?r f * iii I r?" nine ?!lp The ft Id *ad rrap?.-1*h)r hnna* rnrner nf i>?k :.nd Ollrar-.root* m ,, roll tlx,VP, utl.l ?>u !??)* iruiaui "O 111 r IK VM?:.I|W ,, rftiiT. HWl'KI. ilRUWW. to m? rnro* na n?* huh.ii In your raper ' thai I km obarfod ml:h Min* "?)e of lb* trtt* tn a pr*!* fl*bh 1M? in ?!t? rether k i ' I ?? ' riwH ???r ll>? wiifr of Wittr and < *ih/ir|ne ?iip, Ik Hhool birtn* ?rjr lit.n* prnwn with r I ? ? on my w.r ya . wo. to ii v ?nrf>rlao I w?a taken to the ?uUon ho m a* ? r'prf k |kftii-'|'HLt la prl/? fifth), Of ahull I nn l.eri'eot!* ... iaoc*at Tilt'MAP PWKKNT. fc" Cltjr lkl?ll|(fiitr. v? PHWT^t* Or Mmp ?On Mcn<l?v, July Id. n<*r McUotiiIII*, on lb* IV-aVn ar?1 lindane Uallrood, Oik h<r?iw of n ^ irrlayr, driven by 1r Bayarl MIlllRkn, of V. w Or. aee, and onauiatnf beetdra h'tnre.f throe ladle* (Mrt. <1 ' lllllfkB kJi'1 the Mia".? Mr|?t>'\ of llnd*. r ). w*.k frui t, ( nd in tryltf to retrain th.rn. that sort K enan *i? t bii wn out w'th (feat violet. - TV wt'"ition Wl* a pi"! hi* our, but With rare pnaeno* of mind. one of the lliae* Molaae eolrid the r* n a ard en<p... fd n hnn* * , ho bora,a to I'.itid at a dlatanro of atwil a mi "from he and wbere the aertdint bad oro'tited. Mr MtH':-*n ? rae found to have lorn aererelr lr|nf*^, * at'lk* hni t ,., < unrated tba tb.irh to tl < tJ-trtb if aovernJ tn<h?a lln m, ran rimornJ without delay to the reuntrv arat of h'a nolo. Mr. Mrloco, Mluiater to M tiro, wtvrw ho w* , la (tod within a frw hour* by If J. M (hn)?h*n, of I?W York, who waa anmmonod by a l< lopraphtc liajwlob. ,f, ftcacrkn mow Daowarm. ? Ac tbo pMertirer* at the nt toamhoat Armenia worn kartof b< r on ta*t Saturday, bo fat* plank al'ppod from the pt*r, whon Mr* Parab ^ yacb and hot little aoa foil Into tbo wat?r fwatber with i Mr John I* Roanoti.a driver < ( ?n? of tbo Mo trope! I ua th Intel oo*rboa, a colorod man named Lilly, and an oinr<?a a naa, wboao oamo wo war* aaabto to aaoortaio. (Mrorra fr iardraar aad rtooman laatantly lowpad lain tbo wator < iftor ib?m, ai,d aftor am. ?t.ft: -ulty Mocw^oil la roarn- or nf thorn rrnwi a watry ?raro. Mr BonaHt In danirmia tb if rotaralo* tbo aSloort h? Ihaaka for the tallant eior tt if* a tbry mail a la aavia* him an wo II a* tbo other per- If >naa wbo wore pror p taiod lain tbo watar at lb* mum |>! ,Hb? wltb bUoaeif. ui LD. PRICE TWO CENTS: 1DDHI0HAL FROM EUROPE. rrival of tb? Jura af this Port aid the North Briton at 8t. Johns* WO DAVK LATER NEWS. uteresting Particulars of tho VWt of tha Prfnaa af WalM HE SIEGE OF MESSINA BY GARIBALDI. rhe Terrible MasAair?N of Cbrifttlans in Syria. iPCLEON DETER YEIED T6 KTBRFERF. rhe Zsflieb View of the African Slave Trade, Ac., Ac. Ac. THE 1EWI BY THE JtRA. Tbo fnnard rorew steamship Jura, Captain Moo.Lt*, bich railed from Urerpool on the afternoon of the lOib, id fr<.m Queenslown on tbo Uih Inst., arrived bora raterday ibis forenoon. Hte Prince of Wales embarked for Canal* on tbo 1Mb 'July. Telegraphic, news from Maples 1* of tbo 4th, and desrtbes tbe new constitution, of wbtrb an outline will bo mud among our lMhan intelligence, as a still born child, bleb Is looked upon by tbe people with utter tndlfrence. Tbern la a report current at Par* that Garibaldi baa Ml Imrelf in motion for attacking Messina. Tho latest rouble news from I'a'ermo of tbo It describe* a rartew eld by bim over bis 9.0C0 volunteers. It seems that there is to bo a second meeting of 6erlan sovereigns at Munich, but wbere thin t'me tbo Emir or of Austria will bold tbe place Oiled at Baden by the Tince Rfgent of Prussia. Further papers barn been lalJ before Parliament reacting Savoy and Vice and tbe interests of SwttserUiid. ie lost despatch, duted June 25, la by Lord John Russell, id Intimates tbe unwillingness of her Majesty's governon t to take pert In a eonforencn. The etate of Italy and tbo conduct of General Garibaldi ,d again been debated in the Howe of lord*. Lord Brougham, in tbo conrse of hut remark*, said bs rwight the constitution granted to Niplo* would be a eat failure, and bo hoped it would fad to Bave tbo de8tal>le tyrant of Naphw. In the House of Common* Lord F"rmoy had ftren noOe of a resolution declaring the action of the irds, in rejecting the bill for Ibe repeal of the papas du>s, an Innovation upon tbe right* of the Com more, and at it it incumbent on tbe Ho-.se to adopt m< atrarca for e restoratinn of its rights and privilege*. Mr. Gladstone bad also elated h* Lnh ntl -n to with? aw an amtnded reeolutlon In reference to tbe paper it ice, T*o additional failure* In the leather trvlo? Ridley it >ne, bide merchant*, Newcastle, and Parker k Co., niy boot contractor*, near Northampton?are an>unccd. Ridur k Co., leather Ibctor*, Parte, had alto ilcd. The new net to chock Rnglish Intolvcnt* from availing icn, solve* of tho Scotch Sequestration Court* became w on tho .Id Inst. In tho Central Criminal Chart, Wm. Macfkll, a law ritcr, living In IWwirk on the Tweed, w?* chtrgol Ith baring committed twrjuty hep.re the rarltameu ry Committee appointed to consider the afliir* of e Inst election (l r ttat town. Tho Jury were locked but about half put ten last night returned a verdict not guilty. Julius F. Calkins, the ehUf mate of the American Bhlp nry Clay. was charge,! before the lJverpo.il magistrate* i\i f intliriP lliP ili'lilh i?f ? I'ftTliiwtuL'.. naiL?- Km it age at the aide >if the Fbi|> upon which thu PorPrgueeij ie f Urdlug. The ovtdonm, boweve", not be.ng clear to Ibe intention of t'enlklna, whether it wn merely to re the dcrrarod "dockIng," or to drown h.'ui, and It [<oaring that be rendered all the aMlHlance he could to cue the rrin wlou in the water, the mugietratr* dieted the rare. 't i* eatd that the Pmperor of the Krenrh hat aolborljed > formation of a National Rifle tun latum like that in Kland. The perron under whneo direction It will bo cod in Mr. Julea ticrrard, the fkmoua linn killer. Hie .fo r"*l< uk' heve i*?u?d a greatflil addnta 0.1 lr departure from Ijigland for the bnepilailty ahowo. n.e author of the f romo murder remain* undwoarored e grratort eiertloe* are mak ng to unravel the myatoThe maglatrelee ?r? ptirvu ng an uatcnairo inr dlllvn. Mr Kent'a bouat hold Itue b< >>n examined. Tbo Idciice will be taken of every one ablo to giro the le#?t ftrmation tending t > lit mapictaa on any IndlvM.ah n,e Art rot tt ileal Royal Soet.t lie Kipoditina latvle.1 tu the Himalaya at Bilirao hi noon on Monday, 9th of y. [hefrbbv-'ar and OrientiJ C -mpary'a steamer nmtt, h^ho In avy portion of the IVtuUny and Medtbrrinean tin, art .ed at the Heedlea at u.ne n'ctjck tha tu.iij of the 11 ih jut. VMT OF THE rtnCE OF WILBM. lie l)< ps>l?re of the Prior* of Wain* for (aiiada. (Jfrrm tl r Wratnni kh'rtilnr Jnlv 9 J "vnv rtim^r "'n?tn"'? to tadkiun Tu< aday, inn 10th tbr appointed day. Tim bat report to that ? royal ymbt Vlrtorln ami Albert, with thn yomn m I Vrincr rl W.-ilr* will arrlre In thn HonnA, ao that tho mrc can join tl.n Hrro at at* o'clock hi ibn mornln", i that the rli'p r?i.l rail rhnrlly afterward* for Qtjrbov |? afiOrratoi I that lirr M?|r*|y will rtay Urn day, an I hi at M' aal K-'p-im be. *ir ("baric' 1 rrmanUe'a IV ?l !1 bn statlonM < if thn entrance In ih* HouimI, atil will rn tfito tan llu* throt ^h whmh the oiyal yacht will M. Tbr *m,bonl ftorpotoa, Pnrirr In thn Royal Albert a; pointed In rrrnmunirate between Kr*r Admiral 8lr rata* 8. !N?!< y, fhtri. (artier pott ?<1miral in atymrne i>f tbr cv>mn.nt |.t in Cbtef Vim ?. > al V r Arll.r r k ani Kamto U I* A \ tml .w'rn.rr1 .-if niarlr* 1 ri rnnnlV, K. C. B, 1 the wilt fiuvi y kit dtapaaahta men ! > licit Tt f Miyrr aid deputed jmrllon of the lor pe llnti of TVvot>|ort, rt<rut4 time |??riMil, will preaent addrrrr to the departing l^lfe and the Cornwall IIIIt ry Volunteer* have r*<?rd < fhria) perm tar ton to i-B?n; tr, < olet el Ti rter, roir irandirg Royal Arttllo. I Hy month. *111 rrieet a poaittnn for tni* demon, ration On I > -ird tbe llrro yrwterday, fWptain Heorgi I1*) i?' nr. f It . b< 'ltd Mr brood |? rant ah commo re of tl r ??< Msd i '?? The l(<ro will be aeeompanlril Cannd* by II rcrrw rf. am frigate Arladne, Jtl. Oapt. ward M. VaUit tart, ?hr arrow Irain aUtop My log i' d Con mi.i dog Charlre W Ifope, and the royal rl I l?Vori!f 1, MavltrOaorga fl. K Rower The yarht ,1 bi card by the ma<e o the eolony. a araiber of ehta brlnrgfrg to rarloua claba art ar arm bled ia tbo i rd nx following liar been lamed to memtxra of tt* Dn t.|?Tt Corporation ? Ti at (trra'a "rr?'W, Prvowmwt, Jnly , 1M0 ', *?- I am in-trw led by the Marr>r lo Inform you thai r< yal H ?T r e tl Prir t,f Wale* la "Trwvted lo prr. i d by water fr> m tbr talent Wight la H K. I tfero (rt II i g on N*rd lb'' Inller no the eraaing of Mooy. tlx ?tb trrt.. and tiklra bla dffwrtura Ibr <boada on ri; " rg of the loth Mir Roy al Ilighneae ha* been if i.i )j pierced in kittmat* thai hr will receive an adr from the Mayor and r<>r| orvt ">n 'horrid they dealro i r< at til ne or >K?rl ikl|i, M till be enable to land N voi f ort. t'nder there (irenn rianeea tbe Mayor dl? rrt ?' r> e?tlhB) the m? mbrraof the Town Ornmcd ! a <nr>lle nl lie I oui.cll < baoiber to morrow (rtalor> fit two I'. M , for tbe ptrrprae of agreeing to n rulla addrr*? V he prrrenlrd hy a deputation ooaaMing of Vayor, Rcr rder, Toa-n Derb, and eight member* of Cetint'il. Ti e admiral anperintenrtent baa kindly peoIMd to p'are a rhlp'a barge at tbe Mayor'* dlrpuaaJ. and e t fr.barkatlm will take j laee from the Quean'a atnlrn, au hotr of which notiee will he glren niowir wooi Com nr. tv?w? or*, ttir fellrrwiMlu the reply of hi* Royal Hlgha? lo tbd ldr?r? r f the CorperaMnn 'of rVvonport ? Wv May a rat' liimrro-l thank yoo warmly fbf .? addrere. Yen may well look bark with prid* that w? anynlirlrt* havr i n barked ow thoir great mlaalnw riti your thorra M rhall ant he my fbalt if I Ibtl to ?vey to per hr?lh'rn arm** the dilanlie the fbalwigw itertiaibed hy the Quern and the people of Rngland fbv ie ilearendaetr of Ibioe men and fer tbe roontrlea wblali i? y have fbunded I go to tbe great peaaeaatoaa ef tb? jeen in North amerlen with n llrelr anttolptlen ?f tt* raaore wbleb I be algbt of a noble land, great werkaeg tiure and I man fkli.and a grrerona and act lye M'PI?

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