20 Ağustos 1860 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 5

20 Ağustos 1860 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 5
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canals, if a fair policy bud been carrit'd out Notwithstanding the speed of the railroads the canals will always be great public highways for the conveyance of produce. When the two hundred ton boat* arc put on they will carry each as much as twenty railroad cars; and when steam is applied to them, as it soon will be, the speed will Le increased one third. These great public works, connecting with the ocean inland seas twelve hundred miles in length, are necestarily of vast importance to the commerce of the State; but they have been hitherto neglected and mismanaged so grossly that if the design was to ruin them nothing worse could have been done. They have been sacrificed to party |>oIitics, public plunder and the railroad power; otherwise they would now be bringing in a * ? ? ? ? ? ? 4A 4Kit C!ta4a !r\u . ?o<1 t V\A. ounusome rcvcuue iu iuo wm?K7j umivuu va Hiring a heavy burthen. NEWS FROM THE NATIONAL CAPITAL. OMclal Correspondence with the British Government Relative to the Slave and Coolie Trado?General William Walker and His Kxpedltlon to N Icaragaa, &? OCTICUL OOKKJBl-ONDT.M il v.TT1I TUX UTTUB i;0vxk3mk.Tt. Dkparton] or Statw, * 1 Wahiiisutos, August 10, I860- ) 8m?I have the honor to inform you that the des4?tch from Lord John Rosseil, dated the 11th of July, X9U0, which you read me, and a copy or which you left at this department, has been submitted to the I'residont, with its accompaniment of printed documents relative to the coolie trade. He haa (riven a most careful consideration to the three propositions which you have been ing true ted to make. It is unnecessary to express in reply the perfect agreement between this government on<l that of her Britannic Majesty in their estimate of the character of the Afriean slave trade. The action of tho govcrnOaent of the United States r.poa this subject has bean so long continued, so consistent, and ts so familiar to the civilized world, that 1 can properly refer to it as the Clearest and strongest manifestation of Us opinion, and I am instructed to any tbat the President learns with great pleasure from Lord John Russell's communication tbat her Britannic Majesty's government can at length see with satisfaction the happy result of its cllbrts and sacrifices in the cause of humanity, and that the steady diminution of this illegal traffic is accompanied by a corresponding development of honorable and lucrative commerce on the coast ol Africa, which promises In the course of years to extinguish the slave Irate in a must itloctuii manner. Hp retrreiM. however. thai this agreeable prospect has been overclouded by the fact, also communicated , that "this trade bu agiin inrrenned within the two last yam, and that preparations are being made "in the island of -Cuba" for the prosecution <>t the irate on a most extensive sea e, by means oi an association. This intelligence is believed to be well founded. The President has locg cbWiainnd the opinion that the African slave trade will never be suppressed whilst efforts for that pur|iose are confined to the pursuit aud capture of sla\trn between the coa?t of Africa ant the iaian l of Cuba. To effect anything positive or permanent the barraeoous on the African coast must be broken up, and the slavers prevented from landing their cargoes in Cuba, or, if landei, the elaves must be followed into the inte*ior and set free irom the purclu'-ers. Whenever her Britaunio Majesty's government snail think It profier in its discretion to enforce the pr?vif Ions of the treaty with Spun, referred to by l?rd Jonn Unwell?by which the Spanish crown undertook to abolish thr slave trade ami accepted a sum of ?400,000 to enable it th? more easily to do go? then, and not uutil then, in the President's opinion, will the African trade with the Island of Cuba bn a'xiluhed But with thi.- the government of the Lulled Stales has no right to iuterfere. WbHe, however, holding these general view-, the President cannr.t gire his asrint to ihe prop'isriou* which have been submitted to htm. Tor the following reasons, which I proceed to state in the order In which the propo sitlons have been made ? First. A systematic plan of cruising on the coart. This proposition would involve the necessity of a treaty with Spain to enable tho cruUero .?f th<- United Slate* to enter the waters of Cuba williiu a marlue league from shore. The Spanish government, so far from having given any Intltnalion that a violation of its sovereignty io this extent would be |>uimitted, has, ooly re cently, made the strongest complaint* to this gov-eminent against the cruisers of the United Stales, -upoo the all<?> d ground that they ha 1 captured slavers within Cuban waters. While, therefore. Great Brit kin has already acquired this rig tit hy treaty, the railed States do not possess It, and tbeir cruisers would, conaequantly, Rearrested in the pursuit ol slavers as soon as they entered Spanish Jurisdiction; whilst the cruisers sf <Jreal Britain and Sjiain could not ooly contmuo the pursuit until tbt alavea liad landed, but tould follow them into the Interior of the island. It is but proper, however, to say, that while the President does not suppose tb it the government of Spain would enter into an arrangement with the United States similar to its treaty with Orea Britain, he could not couscnt to aoy such arrangement, for II would violate the well established poi cy of thH country?not lo interfere In the domestic concerns of lorsign nations, nor to enter into alliance with foreign governments. This government haa maintained, and will continue to maintain, a naval forje in the neighborhood of Cuba for the enforcement of Its own law*. It will, to Um utmost exiwt oi its power, put down this abo mnable traffic, and capture all American vessels aid punish all American citizens engaged In it. The auco-ns which has already attended our efforts near the oiasts of Cuba prove that we hare done our duty In this res|*<cl, and this at an enormous expense, for the support of the rapture<* Africans, for their transportation back to Africa, and for the r liberal maintenance there during the period -of a year after their return Sec< nd The laws of registration and Inspection In the island of Cuba, by which Ihe employmeul of slaves imported contrary to law might be detected by the Spanish authorities. After what has been said, it Is unneceaoary to (tale that the governtueut of the United States could not ask Spain to pa*s such Iswi of registration. Rut If this were otherwise, It is quite cerium that such laws would have no practical cffoct For if "her Majesty's government are well aware that the price of sugar and the demand for labor afford the slave trader profits which euable bia to corrupt the authorities, whose duty It Is to thwart and defeat this criminal enterprise,''and if Joint stock companies are established at Havana for the pur<-o*e of pro teci:ting the African slave trade under the eye of the highest officials of the Island, and with perfect impuuity, It would be vain to expect the registrars throughout the oountry would counteract the policy of their superiors by faithfully performing their duty. Thtrd Apian of emigration rrom China, regulated by tbe ipDtl ?f I iropt an iiiIkm, la conjunction with the Chinese authorities It is ui>t |irobable that lord Juho Srssel! expectcd this govcrnm. nt to unite in forming #acb a p:aa of migration from China, for If he had ontertax.ed Ibis idv* be wonl-1 scarcely have omitted "Ihe agenta" of the I'nllod fiabs from any ptrtlcipa tlon In Its rsgntati.m Nor ran the President bare lb Ihe atiln iv*t? n of h?r Britannic IUi<*?ly'? government (bat the coolie trade can be put on aoy juch foot!of as will relieve it of those feat -ri* of fraud uil flotenoe which render the details of Its proaec'i tlon icarcdy leas horrible than those <>f the middle pisssge; and be in ot opinion that It would en-rt a most ds tetcrlous infiumoc upon every portion of this oouatry to import Into ll Chinese coolie* aa laborer*, In the SUtes, where the Institution of domestic slavery exists, thosr bcalben cooliea would U-w "ral.re the pcarcfnl, coctentcI vd ordery slaves, very many of whom are sincere Chris tiaM, Mid la the fr<-e ?t*t*s tl ey w..<n.? b- brought into competition with our own respectable and industrious la borera. whether of naive or furt'l|rn birth, who ooasti tot? to large a portion of oar boat ctlisrna I avail myself ni thin opportunity to renew to you, sir the aaauranee or my high c*-i.? IcrMion WD HtNHV TRE^OTr. Acting Secretary, to W Pot ?.iju? IavtM. | Ac. cvmaai. wai.naa *>r urn axn.i>moa to jnotaanra. The friends of (General Walker, supposed to bo In hii 'confidence here, bar* the gn stent fmit^k la the mew o tbe present expedition to Central America U it broadtj hinted that two rather noled > >>irnali?t- of this city, boll of whom are now absent, are connected with his opors llor.s It IS slao reported that his scheme ha* the appri batton of tbe Douglas men fViatb. If not of that g?ntli<inn tnmaelf. Walker's fores are bellerel lo be ftrorg cnotig to estaliliab a permanent government id Nicaragua. *rrot>rt*?jn ov iww Alexander W Bull, o< Michigan, has been appoint? Consul at Honolulu, and John A. Parker, of Vlrglnu Ootaul at lahaiaa, tbe former la the place of Mr. Prat auJ the latter la tbe place of Mr Chandler?both r< called. rotar* mawtia.. More army general court* marital than usual hare r ceutiy beea ordered In rar.oui parts of the countr] One will meet here on Ibe lltb of September. Tbe brig Dol|>bln. of the Braail station, has be? ordered bone, and will enter port at Norfolk Oar Waililagtnn i orrr ?pow?lenee. W*?ki.wto5(, Aug-isl 17,18H0 B? hSIMM Kn ?trfe for //^erd?Co ?01 John HutttlVt Coolie Ulitr- Cltmn,- fvr itfltr. A. Tbe President left Wssbington Ihfl ereu ng for Btdfor fie wss accompanied to the railroad depot by a few pr sonal fr .onda, aad waf r< > . t d with the m*t reapsctl salutations by the p< pl<\ who appreciate his dislike parade. Tbe letter of lord John R iasell oa the introduction coolies, which wa* communicated to our government I lord I,j' n?. la accorf'aii with his instruction*, has i eelred rrom the fecreivy of ?ate an ati?w?r, which Tantars lo aay, will cousl!t'-te one of the brightest p*g In the diplomatic history el Mr. Bin hanan adminlsti tlon H la a well e?t*t> M !" 1 lhat Hr at Rritnia E no match wltk tbs Called Mates In dipt nasal Is snrrsapi "tZ rl??or for TOTKir*'. wd tb* erf for o^ w. o*T?r ?t U> Wnr 'u: >' ->nj- ?'i > n. >r . t. ' tb?j mm bow. Offl<.e wck 'Z1lM * h ancient spirit of iudrpe-doui* which belooj d ta our | countrydicu bas died out If thf Pri jIJ?Dt ? r> to turn out his foe*?as I.iucoln will, i>h?>ul<i tie gel into power? . what a sweep there would be. Tht Ctit of Canlditill, In 1 ted Statci lommtMloiicr. CixcursATi, August 19, 1800. Ckuldweli, who was discharged by the police on the rendition of tb9 verdict of justifiable homicide by tbe i Coroner's inquest, ww rearrested last night aad hold to | bail for his reappearance to morrow. Brows was buried W-day. The Hrrnan Welcome Bwi'M, August 19,1860. I The Heesaa Welcome, which took place ywierday at North Chelsja, was quite successful. There were j# eight to ten thousand people present. Exhibitions in the "manly art" were given by McDonald and Cusick, Jones I and Price, and lastly, by Hccnan and Ottignon. Gilmore's Band furnished the music. With the exception of a few slight DkIiIs outside the enclosure, there was no disturbance. The town authorities did not interfere. S?v#r? Th under Storm at Newark. N hWARK, August 19, I860. A thunder storm of unusual severity passed over this City yesterday afternoou. A farmer named Mr. Curby, of Orange township, while mowing hay in the lower part of the city, was struck by Ughtnicg and killed instant!?. A young man named Stephrn Mcheon was also killed in a bouse In the Sixth ward. Six others were stunned and an old lady badly injured. Award of a Contract. LoroTiux, August 19, ISOO The Canal Commissioners have aw irded the contract for the enlargement of the I<oulsville and Portland ' WM and the building of new locks, to Theodore B. Barton it Co., tffcow York, theirs beirg the low eat and beat ot twenty six bids. Markets. Ntw Orlkams. August 18,1900. Cotton firm sales to day 000 bales, luctudicg 600 bales new, at 10'?e al0"4'c. for miidliog Sugar steady at 8>,'c. a Pc. for fair to fully fair. Freights?Cotton to Li verpoM 0 l?d a 9 32J. The rest of the market unchanged. BrTFAio, August 18?0 P. M, flour qu.et and unchanged. Wheat dull; sales 0,000 bushels red winter at 11 08 Corn dull; sal<B 30,000 bushels at tOc Other articles dull and unchanged. Ca na' freights unchanged. lake lmpor s?6 600 bbls. flour, 84 000 oushels wheat, 20.000 do corn, 13,000 do. oats. No returns came from tbe caual offlco. Oswmo, Augu?t 18, 1800. Flour steady st $5 2ft for extra State, but Rile* are confined to snull lot? W'beat|< HSicr salts la*t night, 7,000 buxhela No. 2 Chicago spring at $1 07. and 9,5l>0 bushels do., somewhat emntty. at tl. to day, 3.000 bushels No. 2 Chicago spring at 91 05. 3 300 bushels red winter Indiana at $1 12!4, and 6 200 bushels shite Southern Michictn at 81 18. Corn quiet: no sales Canal freights higher ?n grain, {Hour 30c., wheat 10c . and 9',c. on corn to New York. I Jike Imports?200 bbls flour, 69.600 bushels wheat, 38.400 bushel.- corn. Canal exports?100 bbls. Hour, ?8,000 bushels wheat, 42 :J00 bushels corn. Csucaoo, August 13?6 P. M. Flour dull, and 10c. a 16c lower. Wnoat dull, and 4c a 6c. lower, sales at 77n. for No. 2 spriny, snd 06c for No. 1 red, in store. Corn dull, and Sc. lower: sales 40.0(0 bushels at 38c., in store. Oats quiet, and lc. lower. Re ceipts?1 600 bbls flour, 170,000 bushels wheat, 109,000 bushels coin, 8,000 bushels oalts. Shipments?1,700 bbls. flour, 247,000 bushels wheat, IBS 000 bushels Corn, 11.600 but-hels otts. Freights Arm; Oc. on wheat to Buflklo. Sight exchange on New York >, per cent premium. Cincinnati, August 18, 1860 Flour unchanged, and demand limited. Whiskey firm atlT^'c Provision* quiet. Mess pork, $19 60 Money markst steady, and unchanged. Sight exchange on New York dull at >? per cent premium. Political Intelligence. Tir* Ri'kok o? ths Withdrawal ot baickuirnxjs.?Tte folic wing letter appears In tbe Washington Union:? National Iivotratic Ex. Co*. Kooiu, 1 Wakiimuton Cm*, O. C., August 17,1860. J The report of tbe withdrawal of Mr. Breckinridge la a pure invention, put tn clrcu ation for mischievous purposes. Tbe correspondence of this committor with Mr Itrecklnrldge'and bis friends In Kentucky requires at my hsnds this positive and authoritative denial. ISAAC I. STEVEN'S, Chairman. Lbttsk ntoK Old Abb's Ksxrss?A gentleman namel B. G. Wright, of Rural, Illinois, being a Utile anxious to Know now old iw ivooa od kh slavery question, wrote 1 htm a letter, propounding certain queuiona which might cry well have received prompt and direct answers But Instead of receiving the desired information, the following reply came by return mail ? gpniiKimtr, Illinois, June 8,1890. Tour letter to Hon. A. Lincoln, of May 29,and hy which ! Cu seek to obtain hia opinion on certain political polnta, 9 been reaeived. He baa received otbera of a similar character, but also a greater number or the exactly oppo- ' atta character, the latter ciaaa beaeee.h him to wrlta ! nothing whatever upon any point or political doctrine. They say hia poaitloca were well known Vhen be was ; nominated, an<i (bat lie must not u<<w embarrass the canvass by undertaking to shift or modify them. Ue ref reta . that be cannot oblige all. but you perceive that it is tm poMible lor him to do ao. JNU a. NlUHUl,?*t. Tua* Eukiio*?But few returns have been received of the late election in Texas. We dnd the following vote given for Attorney General in the Galveatou papers:? flourwy. drn\ McAdne, fljf ' Port Bend id 4 Galveatou 671 291 Grime* 264 284 Hum* es 423 I Walker 3W 271 I l*nn SO" 122 | Austin 44o 247 | Freetrtone & '>! 144 | Total 1891 1 Axka.var lurnos ?It appear* froa\ the Ar?auaa* papers that the raca for Governor, betwucti Jobr son, regular democrat, and KocU?-, Independent democrat, is exceedingly dmbtf.it. So far a* heart from. Rector is slightly ahead. Tliey arc both said to be Br. clstur*. Igc men. M in,an, ci ruccral, is b?lie\<-i to be c created for t..11 grew In tbe Flrat rtistr ct, by Jrm X. Qypert, l'iu>n. At th? last <tectlon Hlndman had over 15,000 majority, afatLsi a DoutkCil candidal*, however. Mr Hudmati .? the gentleman who ha.! the pi-raonal collision, d inn* the eetK'D of the Deiuviraiic National Uouventiun. with Xr Hooper. of Arkari.-.a*. In the i-'ccond district, Idwurd tv liantt, cli-roorrat, IS fWIM In Congrtim. Tbovslk i> * Rart hui.is Cosob**xojut. Cam'?Ttir biai k republlrars in I.awreuce coumy. Pi , wrr w> much dukatiaOrd with lIn? ; arl> uour.ualcm for GuBgn-sr, :a the Twenty t!i rd il striet, that they htre put forwari a nan (f :1kif own .a tlir person of ?sm'.iel Holstvia. Nuvimi - ton Cox Hi- - IS Pi nw.< ? ? ( rorjp ! n?her is tb? t nlOD CUiMalt, and IVn lamin T. Bigits is tbe deuosnUir uonjtire. for Congress in Delaware. job\ covom r?m *i>aii ? The republican conferees of tbe Nineteenth \l;*tt kl "f Pennsylvania bars :rnuin. , n .tod for C''>n;mM t!> H >n John O'rods, who had flvs vot?? an" Don. Iwrwlu I'ltelpa, of Armstrong, lour. The Utrte conferees f.-cm Westmoreland, one from fndiana , an i one ficin Armstrong voted for Covode. A l.ir.wr ?The I/miarliie Dtmorr0 oners a bet of ooe buoilrod dot',art to a tboit&nd lb.it tbe Bon .iobn C Br'fkirr dge 4c"? not run (or the t'reaiiet, y .1 No, rember nrtt ' A RlW linker Katrowl) Kmapra l.? n< hf 11,(4?Hr Milling of < rlmt. i The fy .icr (Michigan iortw|>iidnl of tb?-fVtroit Adtili t< ,1s a strat gc story 'if one Curies Rostwiek. 1 ?h'v t" that ('uco from New V'-rk near - ly eighteen m<ntlis Blue P.. stwick's reputed lath.r w.wi ? a retperub>?citlren , ? loiter, and was po*>c-ed of < n. siderable pt 'fWsl} Tliejour: man had btrmw quite " dissipated by b?s rrsldet c In llilw rity, and h;- father, bopir, lorcfoinn him. loduc-d him to remove to tli" W?st with hi Wife Among tin' Ural acj'muUno * be formed was that of Mr George W. Il.ijus llo In.m dlately be' cattr Intimate with the family, and waa |Uite maiked 10 1. b s all?-Iil: .11 til Mi IU>.? M. hi:I m- > :t n, n, father died, and lh? ym( atln wh;eh Mr Hiye fi ll for blm aflhrded biro a better opportunity to carry on the Intrlgus which he Lad oomaenord. I .i..illv mat;, rs r,'i< h< I sm-h 1 i?m that Mr H ,;e? could not -hut bis ere." to the TidrnctH of Infldel.t* ou tie part of his wife. ? ?bich wre ooLtinnally tlirust upon b m, and he I fnrb?de B.i-twt<k CDfriag me rimw int- t't'puh>iii..u r- ?.i* again and iiicaiu di?ro?ard"d, until th" ctlltei a I'-ok pirt Injured hujhan I atid threatened to lynch hi.3 betrayer <?n on? nrcaatOB ha ?u about t" wive a coat of tar mil fcathera, when Mrs Hayea walked over to the hotel where ho waa atayltg, and placed a pa r of l*d?l revolver* In hla lards, with which bo protected himtelf Thia do mooatralton frightened fVwtwirk away from Potter fbr several months, but on the ulfcht of the 3 t. Mr Hayes.on ' gctEg home from business, could find nothing of hla wife Ilia uster in law, In an*wer to hla qiieatlona, a*id that aha . had gone to bed tick with a headache. Mr llayea tiaally " pfj^red to po to bod himaelf. aid had retired to hia >r rcom for that pnrpoae when no tieard whiapar'ng in hi* jj wife'i apartment. He immediately went to the door of her room and demanded admittance. After aonte parley of the d?mr was opened, and Mr Hayet, looking under the bed, discovered Bnstwlck, who Immrdmtelv came out ?f frrm hla hiding place, and the two belabored Mr naycs with a chair until it waa broken to pi?c?a nis cr'^a " finally attracted the attention of lb* nakghbnrt and re- passers by, but B<>?twlrk managed to make good hid eg, . I cape before they could apprehend him. TV only article rea of rlothlng which the fugitive had on at the time aa* his ehlrt, but he managed to supply th" d?fc-rnrtea in hta 1* wardrobe and to escape arreat until the Wedne#*ay n,,**? ceeding, when the officers found him secreted. near Ana Arbor He waa returned ?o letter nett da;, and la do* re awtit'rg fr al rn rhergre of atea ilt and tot< ut to kil?, an and of a 'nltry. Mrs. Ha yea m held ?<l answer cm. ai !bt rltargn. rEW YORK IIERALD. MO Oraiuttlc and Hulttl Mature. Notwithstanding the goner*: eiodus to the watering j plaorc, the theatres and other placet of public amusement have done a very good business during thj woelfc. , Tbe la.-t bu bights or the Ravels, at the Winter Garden, drew lull houses; the Cirrus at Nlblo'l Garden has be?B well attended, and the run upon Laura Keene's theatre, where ''Our American Couain" continues his sArceJ, bai beeu even greater than ever. The greatest jam of the week, however, was on Thursday night, at Wnllack's theatre, when Mrs Klorenco ha<l a benefit. The popular amrduntie bad tho valuable assistance of her sister, Mrs. Barney Williams, and Mr. William* also appeared. The theatre was crowded ia every part, and hundreds were turned away from the doois. At the Bowi ry Uiea re Mr. Eddj has concluded a very succaesful cr.gBgrmrc.t. The eLterta:r mcnts oflrrcd for this evening include the following named ? lbe H inter Garden bas been leaned by Mr. J. H Ander. Ben, "the Wizard of the North," fot tho fortnight that intervene* between the present period and the beginning of the regular teuton, which will be icauguratcd by Mr. and Mrs. Barney Williams. Mr. Anderson is to well known to the American public that we hare no need to do more than to direct prblie attention to b:i somewhat elaboi ate announcements. It may be added, however, that be made the most favorable impression on the occasion of h'.s last Tls-.t to New York, eight years ago, and that he returns new with a vast amount of fresh material. collected in an extended tour over almost every part oi the habitable globe Mr. Anderson's entertain inoet will be found, we bare no doubt, among the molt agreeable of city eights. At Nlblo'a Garden, "Cinderella" will be given every night this week, with the uiuai performances in the arena, including Zoyara, James Robinson, the Hanion Brothers, Ac., 4c. At Wallace's, Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Florence will appear In ' Irish Assurance and Yankee Modesty" and "Working the Oracle." The engagement or these popular artists Is rapidly drawing to a close. At ths New Bowery theatre Mr. E Eddy has been engaged for three nights more. He will appear on this evening as Kafiaele in the play of the same name, and aa Joseph in "The Hebrew Son." The farce of "Hercules, K.ng of dubs," will be addfd. At Barnum's Museum, Bryants' Minstrels, Hooley & Campbell'* Minstrels (No. 686 Broadway), and the Palace Garden, citizens and strangers will And entertainments of a varied and pleasing character, the particulars whereof may be found in another part of this paper, ARTismr Movsxrvre ?Mr. Edwin Forrest wtll commence his professional tour at Baltimore, opening the season at the Holliday street theatre on the 27th instsit^Mr. Forrest will play Hamlet. Madame Bouchelle Wallace has taken op h?r residence In this city for the winter, and, when the season opens, will take pupils in vocal and Instrumental music. Madame Wallace is a good artist and a capable Instructor. Mr. Edwin ^Booth commences aa engagement at the Howard Athenaeum on September 8. Mrs. W. H. Leigh ton, a capital souhrette and s great favorite Id the West, is engaged at the Bowery theatre, to be opened for the season by Mr. George Wood about tho 26th instant. The Ravels commence a season at the Boston theatro next Monday evening. Messrs. JVheatley and Clarke will open the Arch street theatre, Philadelphia, this evening. Mr. John Brougham hss arrived in London, and will probably appear at the Haj market theatre. Mr. and Mrs. Bourclcault have also arrived In I, in don Mr. N'eafle Is en rmU<t for England. The Italian opera season at Covent Garden was closed on the 4tfc of August. The Su .day ; Tim't gives the following summary of the performances ? "Le Prophete" has been given 6even times, "Dinorah," bsvmi; "Les Huguenots," Ove; "U Trovatore," Ave; "Fidelio," fmir; "Don Giovanni," four; "I* Gaiz* La- I lira," four; "Orfeo e JCurldlc*," four; "Fra Piavolo," j fnur* VarnrltB ' ?hri*A- << Martha " thrM *'11 Rftf- I biere d! Sc'viglia," two; "Lucrezla Borgia," two; "Norma," twu; "I Purltani," oao; "Rigolotto," one. Tiere have been flftr lit operatic performances, sixteen operas bave been represented, and three of theae for the first time at tbe new theatre. The we!l known Itoslna Stul;?, the leanest queen of all Lea Reincs dc Cbyprr, tbe moat antique o( all Lea la voritrs, the meat jealnu* of all caotatrtce, who reined for so long a tline prima donna asnoluta at the Grand Imperial Opera Houae, and who, it ts said, was the cause ' why .lenny I Ia J would not appear on tbe French boards, baa cordescendod to accept a provincial engage meet, at : tbe iate of ?100 |*r mouth; It la true, the salted ?200. Time works wonders. Th? season at Her Majesty's the*- j tre cl(?e<l one week before that at Covent Garden. The last performance was fbr the benefit of Mils. Titlens. On the 1st <>f August a concert was given at the Surrey Gar d?'us, for tbe benefit of Kmc. Julllen. The following named artUts assisted?Madams Albom, Madame Gassier, Mile. P.irepa, Mile. Marie Brunettl, Miss Louisa V in log. Mrs. WVi.-s, W'M I ^ura Baiter, Miss Palmer, M1V. Knrlchetts CBmille. Miss Poole. MiaaKstc Ranoe, th Miarrs Rrougbam, M Gassier, Mr. Weiss, Mr. Wilbye Cooper, Mr leotard, Mr I'atey, Mr. Slma Reeves and Mirs Arabella Goddard. The audiesre numbered U,000 peihODi. Cltjr lauillfnrt. T?? Wiatber i> i*a Mnaoi-ous on St *i>at ?We wetC v.tiled attain yesterday by another hot day, with t!>f c 'rcury n tbe thermometer ranging somewhere In tbe r on of elf My six degrees In the shade Tbe streets of the i il) were In most excellent condition In regard to clesi linefe, from tbe manipulations of City Inspector Delevsn's ''brcom and hoc brigade," anlrd n.nterially by the vi cm me aho? v on Saturday afternoon, so tbut between ttu tv o ctuir, the poltfhed facv* ?( tbc cobble atooea era vialMr. Krc.m" early In the morning notll late at r ylit] tU? democratic portion of our population were mri?irf hither and hither?hieing away lo ibe maey M.burlan ritrrU for wbicb our city ii (ignally b.eat. The car*. uteaTuboalii, fi rry boa la mui other lo U gl. Bridge, llai t m. Platen bland, Yorkvillr, Hobaken and Stiti* n **re crowd*) during Ibe entlrc day. Central Pajk. loo. waa not Ix-blnd in partlr*. aad it la ran fully eat,matin that at leaat twenty tbouaand peraooa availed tl rtv.aeWra i1m*r>|r ibe Cool of the day of the ar-aroM ? ;* and eicellenl aceuery aflheded at that place. hr:rtr * o? a I.jm *t A ?Yrr W^tii Cnr Bwaiiijmmkm ? Ob ?aturday ni<rrirg la?t, Mm. laabellaTokey, % jutirnt at the water enre eftahlwhroenl of Pr. Rueaell T. Ira.!, No IS laigbt itreet, cvmmltted tuicide at that latabilrbflMot by tanging herrrir in her bedchamber. Con r er Jackm?n hf Id aa Inqueal en Um body of the docf?Md Jfalerday, alien Ptcpben H. T'ikey, the hoahvid of 'he dereaaed. d< (v?rd that hi* wife had for eight Dh iIIji prevoua to L? r death beea In a deapondtog Mate ef niltd. <a>.r"d by long continued lllaeaa, and bad fr?(|u< utl> tbrcatrrcd relf deatrorVoc Re left hee Tt* 111 en ~.iti:rday m -mrg ai.d prnciedcd lo hla place of hraif" and on retiming at aooa he fWcnd btrMt ride J l.y a c<rd atla<bt<T to a nail In the wall of Iba rem. dead Verdict accordingly. Ttc doreaaed waa tblrlv yean of age. I r*in ?r< m INji * *a ?Peter Young forty lira year* of are. a cat It* of Germany, died an Saturday laat at No. |(? Put atrrcl, from ibe effect of mjnriea recehrml by a fall on the 4th ir?t . wbile at work en tbo exterior of tba I uiM:rg at the corner of H?M*r and Canal atreeta. Onrorrr Jack "an held an it<|ii>?l ? a tke body of tba daoaaaed, a iheji.rj ret Lied a verutci according to the above Tan B*n*Mr*T Ar*o* Cam ?'win h Pawner, whoaa irml by Fire Martha! Baker. * few day* ago, wu notlaa* 11. It;" 11) iuir>, waaar m . U*1 i(in cm rwlurJay laat. *1 h J r< ''rce hi n*?r.tr- 'd alreet, ca a warrant charging h m ?Mh tr\t'vf fire |n h'a yrrm ? No. Rroadaay. on lliv iflili til Jtprtl iaat. Jtui.ce Kdly beld bim to ban 1a tbe >un> of tlQ CtO. Ayy ????*> cr Tti P>rti?? or Grrrwrw** Am Curat ?The tb.rteeatL HiBive raary of the batUea of C<?otreraa and Cbartjb'jace?two of Lboae brilliant bati lira dnrli'f tbe war wllb Mexico which abed foatre on H i Airrriran arm*, occ.jrn today?and will Ita^DaUbralrd In an appropriate maaoer by tbr Hcott I.lfe Onard, roa[. #r J entirely of men who wera paiticlpaata la tfcoae enrap'incrti, fy a parade ai. 1 exmralon va SI. [Ronan'* I Well, roabiaj. t nlted Ktatea ComnUalaMfa Cairt. Bv'ore C.eorge V. Belts. Eaq. jr?TiFU?t.r noMicmx vr kka. At < cm IA ?Wcphen tlea/y, charged with the fnarrtatf of tie ?hief awte of tba tblp ft atbaaiptnn, waa *m, I < harmed, t appcanrg tbat tbe kiUag waa dona In atlf 4aI .lepee Tba rrneli v of n?amen nod c (Heart in our imnU' tue nartaa la too fre<jM?>ntlj tbe tutoert af InrtatlcaAloo before tb? fedora! court* <*Tlcorr, **.well a* Muiora, most pay tbe panalty otu.e.r aruulity. i J.taiwrM r* Fwrnrn In ?A man nainid ' N illtrflr d, ronttwJ in the lan <>. She :iyvin?, ii< , waa tnkfa Tn m thfac on th? nv? lr.it and htiv NulUifc-ld 1 wat* undrr arrtat fr>r atea^a* borae* froin v> to MMiMea , wrrlli, of Sbelby Mr-ity,ami by bia conK**** (om tin* I preriona to hi* corflnrinect In the jail, be lmpllcat<.] F. | W. Baron, of rrincelown,but Bacor weiitioara to Pke'thy. [ rllle and awora h m clear The deceased belonged tr i It reao eonnty. It |? not known who hung b in The f lowing paper waa found uyon the body, plar <d It tbe aaiaifiaad, and erldently written in a d.at il*?<1 hanil-?"A Wr-rd to tl-.a Wlea and e?p?ellay to tho Tlcnw i thu rra Wo ihe Vigllence tinwimitiy ct Sixdby C" Tlua. ?r> brre by declare to awaid troblta nor Courta w lb at] more borw tbiarta, Marr C.t'ieiiB XDAY, Al'GUST 20, 1860. Interesting from Ailxuna. Ot'R 80KOITA COHKKSPOMIKNCK. Somojta Vaixmt, July 29,1*60 H.rniAt Massacre of the Americans? Excitement a'ld Frftabl? HfUiliat:cr. of the Americans, die. pay before yesterday word came to Fort Buchanan that three unofiendicg Amer.ca** h*d been murdered by 1 Mexicans at the San Podro mine, on the river San l'edro, thirty five miles cast of tbe fort. The names ot the unfortunate mca wrre as follows:? Frederick Brunckon, superintendent and miaing engineer; James Williams, machinist, aud John C Moss, ossayer and Brocltcr. These men were at the mine in charge of the various departments, having employed eleven men ud six women, Mexicans, from donora. Mr. W. M. Williams, bookkeeper, left tlie mine about eljht o'clock OB Monday, the 23d Inst., to visit Tort Buchanan for provisions, Uo had been gone only an hour or so, when Mr Brunckon went to one of the veins where ecme Mexicans were at work. About eleven o'clock tb* cook, one lwvta uoumrigger, a i.orman, trom Nouora, was sitting in (he kitchcn, when tiro Mexicans came in and asked permission to light their cigarittas, which was granted. As they stooped down to iho tire, Hoiintrtggcr beard a pinto! shot met outside the door?another and another. Ah he jumped np be was seized by the two men and held, lu a few mum en la another Mcxi.-an rushed in and t:iid "Let him go," "Let bim go," and turning 10 II , toid Uisn net to be afraid, that they knew him and he should not be hurt. The} then commcnced plundering the store and ^oiiae* and packing the goods, tcc , on ttio horses and mules When loaded down they had seven pack hoists, and taking B , they set out for the Sonora line, which was, only about forty miles distant. Bouutr-.gger testifies that tn looking arouud he Baw the dead h<w1 if 6 of Williams and M<*.-, but did not dare to day anything. About forty niiiva up the San Pedro the mur dcrcrs came to a Menlciii ranch, commonly called Fort I'edro. Here they retted, told the atory, cooked, and finally went on, leaving 3 No attempt ?aa made t > arreat them, althouch Kiiaa, Inspector General of Sonora, waa there with tome men. 11. walked to the nearest settlement, and gave the alarm. On Thursday evening, the ?flth. Wm. M. Williams, with cart load c f provisions, driven by two boys, reached the mine about midnight All unconscious of tbe dreadful fate of bis friends, he balloood, but received no answer. Opening the door of one beo?e. he lighted a

match, and there lay the cold and bloody body of bla cousin James. The two boys were no Itm torn- j fled, and taking mules flrom tbo team, all three left the place and gal lopped to the fort Ne*t inoruing Capt. Kwell sent a I..ty of Soldier* to bury the dead. They found Mr Itrunckon lying on hi* fane |n the shaft in the Cavelio vein, rubbed, tri^x-d of part of his clothing. and much e*teu liy coyote? Mr. Mojs lay portly on bis face near > ne of the houses, in the same condition Mr. Jam* s Williams lay on his back in the .-tore. All bad beenevidentl> shot and (tabbed In the back and killed Instantly. The store room had been gutted goods valued at over 000 taken, a ! tbe arms and ammunition, and the trunks broken open. The bodioe, torn by coyotes, were dreadful to look upon, and could only be distinguished by the bits of clothing left. UountiUger, on giving Information, wa- arrested and held at Caaa Blatca, four miles from the fort, and to lay a Lynch court assembled to consider hi* case and devise means or arreting the murderers. Col. Kdward K. Cross wa< chairman of the court, aud T. M. Turner Secretary, all the evitence relative to tbo afla?r was duly taken d>>wp, Including Bouutrigger"s slate men! lie *?f then lianued over to the commander of the fort for Ftf'e keeping, and this evniug a meeting will be held to consider the propriety of invading &>uora in purtuit of the a?a?sibt. Ten unoffending Americans have been thus massacred in cold blood by Mexican* during the past year, aud the day of sudden and awful veugcauce is at hand. Krrdrrick Brunrkon was a Prufian by birth, ao.-! after graduating at the mining school of Fryburg,eame to Ame- ' rieA over twenty years ago In his profession h? bad do equal la Ariiona, and by all was respected for liis goodness of heart and honorable quality* He came to Arfzcnn Ave years since, a pljneer iu the business of silver mining, and endured utanv hard pbipB aid privation*. Now, iu the full vigor of life, just ?s be began to rcalizr the hopes of early days, he is foully murdered lie baa tnauy warm friends iu the Stati-a, et-|n', ially in San Antonio and New York, for two yeari pa?l, until wlihm a few weeks he has been cine; rug; rrer of the Sonnr* Mining Company, aud contributed more than any other man to lie success. John C Moss. tie arsayer, was a talented young man from St. I/Oulf, where he was lately profeuaor of chemis try id one of the high schools tie had been in Ariaona only a short time. lie ban relative* in Philadelphia. Janus Wuljams was from Cairo, IU., where b>* leaves a wife and otc young child. He was a steady, induatrtout man The mall closing, I can seed do more particulars to-day. The excitement taioug our American population is fearful, and much todigcM.on is expressed towards t.enoral FJtaa that be did not arrest the murderer*. Niw York P?*t Oitut! ?The Post Office at Fire Talari, Suffolk county, New York, has been reestablished. The po?t offices at Pelham and Pine's Bridge, Westchester county, have been discontinued I Drawing* of France, Broudbenta A Co.'a De'awsre Lotteries:? t-In-11 CoiMTT?Cl^JS 1?7, Acco? 18. 1360. 67, 23, 6ti, 32, 30, 19, 5H, 44, 6f>, ?r?, 22, 6, 24. Grand Consolidaten I.ott**v Clam 40, aeou'r m, 1J?j. 20, 44, 6*, 4:., f. 18, 11. T8, :t. r>5. It, 25. FKANCR. BROADBKHTB k CO., Managers, Wilmington, Delaware. Drawinit of (ht Delaware State Lattc* rtaa?WoOD, ICDDY A CO., Managers of the HIUIiK. imnttxsr AND arviopsi stats totttriss. 1 slhwaks?kltsa Cl.ass . ?'(, a0gu3t 19, iw. 73, 62. 67. 14, 43. 15. 31, 70, 1. 32. 39, 21. Dblawakv?OI-*ks 9M, a rcrvi Irt, I SOU. 4f., C2, 54, Mi, 63 12, 21. 59. 35, 64, 44, 57, 20. Circulars senl free of ehsrre by adrtresslrg either to WOOD, 1PPY A ?;<>, W,im,nj(i. r), I?e!??*re. Or to wood. kddy a co , kl. Louie, Misaoarl. Oflltlal Drawing* of llmtgn, Da via A CO. a Consolidated lotteries of Georgia ? Class 413 Accvst la, 1jmj 12 , 21, 49, 75 , 60 . 62 , 43 , 65 . 2, 73. 42. 31. 50, 62. BODG&ri, DAY IB A CO.. Manaa r?. Macoo. Georgia. Hhlrta! HMrtall Bis Iter ?*. Made fn? the t*a< WnmmiUa and water twist nnslln. Depot UN i 'baikaai street, corner of Pearl. Brsoklya Pliotograj****.?Mlnlatare, . Cabinet, Imperial and Mfe Si/e. CHAK. H WILUAMHO*. tstabiubed 1561. J eara*)'i Gallery, 707 BHOAPWAT. fh' :r*r?f)h?, Irorytype*. Miniature* In Oil. and nacn*rr?ot)p?a. Ladd, WtkiUr 4Co'i Improved TifJU atltcb Sewm* Maahmna, at *0 Broadway. Orovtr A B?kfr'i FiUbraltd RoIhUm Fawln* Marbtnea. Ik* beat la um foe family ""Win*. 4? Broad way, Hew Turk, ud Ufl KulUm awr-i BnaAlyu. Wbtilir 4k WIImi'i Mewlag Matklnri, o4kc MS Broadway, >. T. Til* kNt NtaafktinrlnR aari Family Machine* ia Ike wurld, at 1 M BJKUkM A OO. a. 4&d lirnaJ l way. Htrtlaa'a Patcat Ckaaiploa Fire and i burglar proof Fafea, U1 Br? adway. corner cf Murray atrcrt. Maw Toi*. Hat Air faraart* and Por(akl? H?a(* 1 *i?-Tka beat and che*i ?-?< BA KTMCTT A LISUT. U6 Broadway. Caatra Lyrkoa dt Bwrdlak Paarb, r#!<>-?!i-l for 1U purity and ptrlocum. Depot M Wk.M tnr?k P. it Kootid D*mofra*)r.?Kvrry Malt hla man Waekerwoa n l'b"'n?rai b? 1 by IIOLMKR, 306 Broad way. Twenty four Portrait*, >1 latrkrlar'i Hl|i, Toapeea aad Hair 1)? hate naprnreaiwa aarpawine alt Mheea, natural and May. perfect fit. bo turmcc up brblnd. Co. Ik Boud me: Crlafadoro'a Hair Uje, WlRa and lo?? peaa. Tl? In the world ?l.<.:e**le and r?ui;, an<l lb# | ay* privately applied, MM BOM Reantlfal ConpUilaa,?l.alrd'a Mquld Pearl ha* aehlared a ralelrlty a* harlni no r^nal t haantl'yln* and *r?a*r?|n* tb?- cow>pi*ilnr and ablli Bnl , at all dn<#> (Ma Pntelpal deiw** TV and CW Broadway. Traiioi -Dr. Ma rah Contlnaet to Amiljr kl* ra Ileal e*uw Tro*a wtth aoc-ea* la tlie tre*Ma*at of nwrnlH. Tr?a*a * ?rpor?va. Mfcoulder llrace* Mnav*nalon Band?4#v allk ela*tlo M? < kln?* I'-elu. Hat) # Tnianea and all aurrKvJ a|.|> ianm at plied A .ady In attendance In Ihn :emaJ? 1* naomart Bo. 1 Va*-y a'-reet. Aau>r iloiMa, opp<?.l? M raiUKbunh. Alklatna'a farlalaa Tnolh Pasta Arvwata decay ul Teetli aad rleanwa Um in tl<orn< ably. At K aku* ?. Rilrlailaa aad Cholera Infantaaa ara rreallrn fearful Wort?Ilty. It la tfe* l?at>*n?t:i a d" ur # pa raaia to protne* Ifcelr rflaprlri ai?ir.>l lb?ae faUl <lla.r*?ra A liyly i*> "f Holloway'a Pilla and 'hntment will t-mt' ?ly ?*?rt tbto rranh NarrtH. Tjr??Firm* ?"D RatuMay, AufUit IB, at f?. SU^ben % , ClmrrD, ky ibe r?f. It. ( unoi.bif, m. h us to him ? A. Vim. Mk M OKrnikn, 41, Or>|i<t?bna fun p>mh> ropy McK???l/ikMU ?<>n W>dii??toy. t *. ?t Ilia r#wM*kc? "f Abram Van A?tyn?. H??jT?*ant KatJv, Oohinikla rountv, N Y.,by?bo r?t* J W>al??T Ourhart, I Mr Koxnri MiKwi>. "f Brnoklyi. N T , to Miu 1 izr.a 1< ?(.m ,o< Nnrnalk, <**> llrk'ji?iAv* ??to Wc 1i?aJay, AufiiM U>. at. tftn tfcurck of ib? Holy TrtBtty.to Jtrw>k>Tn. by Wif N. w Tajlor Ifc-M. Hj??? T b pbk* to fuxi M< jFajllarb, ' <??iijtb!*r "f lb r la M Col John Mcfarianr . ?/ HocUlrtou, Maw. HAixarr?C*?u?i? ? to ifcka < tl?, ? Suo4*y ** am. Julr R. at JWi-nd lb* h?? .lar*?i i MtlkrU Mr i. ?* K?>n?n to Mt?a V.umhi M. ?M? l mi. all nl Ihla cily ot??. I >nr?>%?On Himlay AngiaV M, C*TM?ir<? Ku** dm sh'er r>f Jarob and Aon Aiyrna, afrd '4 year" an-l 1 montb* i The rciatiTW and frtT?f? n? tk* familr ara n?r*"ir>ilty l lerlWd to attor.d tb? f'lnc^t, ihn fVon <av) art<"-n<? n. ai I ono o'rl. fV. from U??r?4ld?nc* of h?r i-areoU fll OrtM | ? ; b klreet. , ? On Pnnday. Ao*t ?l iv mint 1/>i uu, jnim f;t da .?lit?r of Kob?rt an<l K"?l? Fh i.dcU. af?d 8 m<>nthi f ?r ' 1V? da?a, Tiir r i? kkl ir] vtlUMi oMhe family art rf?p?c1 fully Invited to attend the funeral, tb s (Monday) a?t?rnqoa, at half past two, from the residence of h?r parents, lljuu.iUxi avenue, South Brooklyn. lialtimore pap< is pkase copy. Com*els ?On Sunday, August 13, CAnux.nn. daughter of J./tu una Margaret Co'JeLa, aged 9 months aci 26 dava. The funeral will take place tft?? (Monday) afternoon, at two o'clock from 120 Cannon straet Carkki ?On Sunday, August 19, Natoajt x. C<4K:;TX, la the 4Sib year of his age, Hit friends, those of the family, are invite! to a'* tend hie funeral, at tin uic residence, 3H6 West Twentieth troi t, on Wednesday afternoon,at (href o'clock, wifhoot further notice. Hla rcma.ua will l>e interred in OreeDwood Cemetery. Coiv ?In Williamsburg, on Saturday, Aurust 19, Vikt.inu Tmooofta, only child or CavUin P. Albert and Amanda t. Cole, aged 9 months and 20 days The ineudg and relatives or the family arc reapectfnllr IuvIUkI to attend the Tuneral on Tut-aday alturuoon, at one o'clocit, from the residence of her gran lfathcr William Mead, 36 South Kiurth street, % illiamsburg. ' Vii i>0SK> ?In Jersey Ctty, on Thursday, Au*u?t 9; 1j?ix_? Cckt:.i, aged 3 months and & days; and on Friday August 17, 1jO?ra:mi Amotom, aged 3 month* and U iVayV. ; twin children of Joaeph and Anna Maria Nan lx>rcn. ; Their remains were taken to Milestone, N. J., for isier- i nient. ^ I SumervilK 1*. J., pa|>er8 p!?as? cr*py. Pint ? At Wbit*- Plains, Weatehe*??r founty, on Satar- i day evening, August 18, Kuia, wife of James Dxk, u^ l i 64 >earn The frleuds of the family are Invited to attend the j fnn< ral. on this (Monday) forenoon, at Grace Church, . White Flaiuf*, at hsirpaat eleven o'clock Car* leave ! Twenty fixth etreet Station at quarter |*?t ten. K\xkktt ?In this city on FritJay evening, Auffiart IT, ! Pii,am LorwA, eldest daughter of Silas K. Everett. The frleuda of the family are hi v I ted to attend the j ruitbcr notice, from ?h? residence of her lather, No. 39 Wt;t Fifteenth street. Footk.?On Saturday morning, August M, Lrrr ton, j wife of E. Y. Foot*, ngsd :;i years and tf days. The friend* of the dually arc invited to attend the ftinsral at lob Fort Greene pticc. Brooklyn, this (Monday) aftornocn, at two o'clock, Iter remains wtll be taken to Greenwood CVtnetery fftr InU-rmont. K. B ?The Brooklyn R93U has the hour of the funeral at ten A. M., which la a mistake. It should be tiro P. M , as above. Gio\*k.? On Sunday. August 10, Mrs. CAr.iAiu.ii Gu>\*?, aged HA yearn and 5 gnor.ihs. The friends or the rsmlly anl tbcie of her aons, TI10mu, William and Charlos S. (Jlover, are respw-tfhliy invited to attend the funeral fror* the residence of her son, William Glover, Kifhty third street, between First avenue and avenue A, on Tuesday afternoon, at one o'clock. Ilcr remains will be taken to tlroeuw-ood tor interment. IJaca.v?On Saturday, August 1>>, 1'aviuck M Hagaw, ' the only son of Michael and Ellen Hagan, aged S years sad 4 monthB. The relatives and friends of the family are requested to attend the funeral, this (Monday) afternoon, at two o'clock, from the rcsidtuce of his parents, No. 202 East Forty eighth street. Hujjimj ?On Saturday, August 13, Mart J ass Houom, aged 1 year, 7 months and 2 days. The friends tf the latnlly are Invited to attend the funeral. from 96 Chrjstie street, this (Monday) morning. at ten o'clock. Kiawin ?On Sunday, August 19, Cathkrw* Kmrwtx aged 0 months. The luneral will take place from the residence of her parents, No 68 Wang in street, this (Monday) afternoon, at two o'clock. Otwego papers please copy. KimvaU' ?On Saturday, August 18; of consumption, Capt William K. Kim a'ii , aged (1 years, 7'months and U days. The" triendt and re'atives of the Stmily, also, the member! of Joppa I/>dge No 201 and Groonpoint lodge No. 403, are invitid to attend the funeral, from hN lau- residence, corner C'olyer an l Second atreeu, Grtcn^int, this (Monday) afternoon, at half past one o'clock. Ku:m ?At New burgh, on Friday, August 17, An.ivta Mkap, only daughter of Amos L. and Laura| fc. Keoler, agrd|2 yean, 11 months and 7 days. 1-A.MiBR*.? On Saturday, August 18. MirniAli. lu.vnat', a native of Fettard. county of Tipperary, Ireland. His fsaeral will take plsre this (Monday) afternoon. The relatives aud frieuds of the family are respectfully invited to attend, from hi* late residenoe, East New York. His remains will be taken to Calvcry Cemetery for Interment. LoniiJa ?On Saturday, August 19, Mrs.A** Loconuw, ! in the Tttth year of her age. lhe frienda aud acquaintances of the family are re- ; spcctfully invited to attend her funeral, trom tbe real deuce of ber son, .lames I>ougblin, 216 Bridge street, . uroofciyn, inm iwuuuay j mm i u uuu, ?v ??u u Mamo.v?Ou Thursday evening, August 16, In the 66th year of Inn afe, John I.. Mam>n, formerly one of the J villi C(* ot the Superior Court of the city of New York. Bin friends and the members of the bar are Invited to attiT.il the funeral, frctn the Mercer street frrsbytcnan (tank, this (Monday) afternoon, at four o'clock, wltho'.t further ;uvitatl?>n Mimas ?On Saturday morning, August 18. Mrs. Aw F.ijza GikthiDa. wife of Henry G. Miller, aged 11 yuars, T Malta aod 23 naya fie friends of the family are respectfully Invited to attend the funeral, from her late residence, 149 West Thirty first street, this (Monday) afternoon. at one o'clock. MciH'ioa;.i.?(>n Sunday, August 19, John, youngest son of Janiea atid Jane MU.k>ugsil, aged 8 mouths and 6 dais. The friends and relatives of tb? family sre respectfully Invited to attend the funeral, this (Monday) afternoon, at three o'clock, from the residenre of h's parcnU. Myrtlo avenue, h?it Brooklyn, between Walworth aud*Ktadford street*. Mokkow.?On Saturday. August 1', of choiern Infantum. .Tossrn i"?n*KM., only child of Henry and Antoinette Morrow. a#?l 19 mouths and 29 days. The friends and relative* of the family are Invited to attend the funeral, from the residence of his fslher, No. 91 West I -rty tilth strtet, this (Monday) afternoon, at three o'clook. Niino?!n this city, on Sunday morning. A :g?st 19, Ptsuuht T , only child of J. septi W. and Cornelia K Niblo, aged 1 year and 9 months. The relative* and frleni*? of the family are respectfully Invited in attend the funeral, fr-'in the residence of his parerts, No ao West Thirty flrst street. tbis<M>nday) morning. at ten o'clock, without farther Invitation. (t'ltsitxr.?(m Saturday, August 18, Uirnmn O'IUii.i r, aged !! > years, daughter of Kd srard O'Kelllv. native of Kcrtskoll, par.sn of Graeard,county I/mgford, Irelanl. The friend? of the family and thn'ne of her uncles, Flufli O'ltellly srd ;tev. Michaef U'lteilly, are requested to at tend the funeral, from th> residence of her mother, 260 | Division street, at two o'clock tb? (Monday) afternoon. J H. r n irt'vt will be interred in ?'*l?ary Ometery. Roi?n?s ?h ttii tit), oc Haturdav. Aupuat IH, Mrs ?l AKTlf % 1*1 Hir oiii jr?i vi in *?<*. Tbv tr tends of the tamily arc respectively milted to attend the funeral,from the re*idrr.roof bernon In law. Win. W. (thorn. 33S Rrrome atrpet. at ba'f p?t one o'elick tbta (Monday) afternoon. Hjuuy?<m Saturday, August 13, Caui.\blni Rh.l. v a#>-d M j e?r? Hor remain* will be taken to Calvary Oairt^ry for In tersvnt, tbls (Monday) afternoon, at twooYi?ick. from the of htr aflluted mother, No 2o0 IHtimon aueet Sny???H?rfd?iily, on Dundee, Aucu?t 19. Ar??i*ir>?. bflotnl wife of Pinna ft:npr, eld rat dauirhtt-r ot the late Cll. Km Koiryth, aged 1H ?< *??, tt months ?ud 1A days. Wo tovrd her? yr*. no tiinrw < an tell How much we laved her. our how wo!l? (io-l kiT*<l her, too. and thought 't b-Mt To >?k?- hor botnf to be ?t rr?! Tbe relaUvr* and friend* ( T the family, also tli<> irem her* of Culnnbia tetlr.e < < irpanv No It, arc reapertftitIt irTitfd tr> Hind the funeral, from her late re#ldeore, 177 Frai Itlln ilrtH, at t?o t'dork ou T<;r Jay afternoon S-tssswr ? <* fuoday. Ancuat 1?. Mast liujn sa, osljr (Im fbUT nf Kirhard and the lato Am k.hm t<U>os< it, ?f?t 2)?ai* f wot-lb* ai d 10 day* T*r relative* nod friend* of the family are rrupcrtftiPy invitc.t to attrnd thp fur.era). from tha rra-dnnr.' of her (?th*r, " ??. R*; M*tb avenue, tbta (Moa<i?v) ?a?i n.w.ti al i lire- ?'ol>?k Her remain* wiii be lakes to (irvrnwood for lote.^rot. Tawr -1* yatnrday, Anfufft 13. Xonnrj F> TmoT, (< SMaUpot, ?*<>.t 8 yeara, T month* avl 8 days. "Tie frt-fcrff of the family are rcsyselfutljr loritod to at tmd n.a funeral, ftom rhnirpaldmce of hi? parent* No . A. Tfcaa.ta ktretl, Uil* <Holiday) afU.uouo, at uo? o'clock, r.n^i piinn- ropy Taws aw* . ? On SaWrdav. Au?u A II, Ci camrrvrr. ?1 'aat rtavgjirr of Hi nry U and Umiaa H. Tnomfoon, sfod 14 y??r?, 7 month* an? "iH dxj* Ta* friend* of t.w fonnlv ara rr>ineat?d w> attend >h* f?i?ral. from ler father'* r?alrrce. No. S East Thirtyj Cearlb ?tr?et, o? Po?-?Jav aft?aao<?, at ono-o'clock. T'Utt ?On /fe^arday. Avp wl II. JnmaTliAr-,. a *U:re nf t)iirena conn'^r. Ireland, ajrtl Co year*, t> monU? and UKaya tbe ft lend* ij the fami!/- ara rr?prr?fnlijr InvMari to ftMend.th* fnajral, fr?m ldn.)*la re?ideace.Oif\oc, HlaU a Aland, thl? ('Jktti'luv) nfternona. at on* o'clock ft rani, v?ne?i ta pn^or* pleaae r ?ijr. J. Ttk?\ ?la tbl? city,(?a'urday. tafnat 1?, .aj???uJk. wife nf Hte;jwn 11. Tukufr, a(ed S3 ) ear*, * i-jotha W 11 ''?T?. tha rHairroa and fr.anla of tl* family arf oTltad to attrnd lha fnnrral, from th* of ?pf f?tl? ?, Willi tin Jaitx It. H tvarl Mri . t,, Br.. oo Tup*;**aflrrn.H.n, ( half paM two o'rlorl^ float.n and Portland paprr* plea** copy. MJMCBl.il A3 KOUn. i41 URJADWAT, AUD ALL UMOOOIS*. J. R STAfroRini OI.IV f TAR. W?>r* r>u-*T*a i? Tpml-m ItahaaVn* balaamlr vV>r? l-i Vn. icM lo irnni r..nl*ri ?j|fc lha liria* n>mhr?aN of |fe| Tnvi'tf. HvurcuiAL Tcin. *?n all ni AnCmu MM iM *KMiTi<ta aj mw? Dry 9<Ua nr opp^vMkm. and baal'.nr. U| Ilrrttatln* or lnW?m??ltno. 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